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File: 1490192604494.jpg (264.58 KB, 768x1024, 1487202941239.jpg)

No. 362065

Thread #1 >>>/snow/93507
Thread #2 >>>/snow/131172
Thread #3 >>>/snow/151227
Thread #4 >>>/snow/167361
Thread #5 >>>/snow/176096
Thread #6 >>>/pt/310703
Thread #7 >>>/pt/320406
Thread #8 >>>/pt/331309
Thread #9 >>>/pt/342518
Thread #10 >>>/pt/351721

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mariahmallad
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram / Snapchat: mariahmallad

The basics:
>body positive, but photoshops her body and wears shapewear/corsets constantly
>Proven through twitteraudit that she has bought at least 20k followers.
>laughably bad at making cosplays – if she's told they're bad, she falls back on her Samus costume and makes excuses for why she couldn't wear the new cosplay
>spends very little time and effort on each costume and then claims her money is "hard-earned"
>claims she cosplays because she's passionate about the characters and the hobby, but is only in it for the money
>does monthly "boudoir"/half-naked shoots to hide how shitty her costumes are
>thinks she's hot shit; delusional about her level of fame
>has to beg for money, con passes, etc. despite making over $6k per month on Patreon
>known to spend chunks of her Patreon income on fancy vacations and treating her friends while simultaneously half-assing all her cosplays
>pretends to have played/know about the series she cosplays from, despite evidence proving otherwise
>loiters around at booths during cons, pretending to have been invited as a guest

MooMoo admits to creating fetish and softcore material, but doesn't like it being called porn. Supposedly hasn't been sending out physical patreon rewards since last November.

No. 362069

The thread pic is too perfect.

What baffles me is that SSS is all about being "sex worker positive" and has even went out her way to tweet about how cosplayers should just admit that some photoshoots are glamour shots and not some "boudoir" sexy character shoot. Then Moomoo does exactly this.
I'll give her the benefit of the doubt that she's started to call them fetish etc but not calling it porn is kinda a slap in the face to SSS and her work.
idk, just my 2 cents.

No. 362079

Previous thread >>>/pt/356684

No. 362080

File: 1490196350659.png (1.56 MB, 1440x2186, 20170322_112505.png)


No. 362081

how does she think she's fooling anyone???????

No. 362083

It's a completely different picture, the tree has moved, her waist is bigger and her hand is in a completely different position.
Did she go back to the same tree without a corset?

No. 362084

u rite momo, in THIS picture you're just wearing some too small shapewear. unlike in the last one you're wearing a corset. got us good doe.

No. 362086

File: 1490197016120.jpg (64.24 KB, 623x667, IMG_ab3i6l.jpg)

Holy shit, you're right. This is so hysterical.

No. 362087

File: 1490198910033.gif (1.38 MB, 379x358, momocomparison.gif)

Yep, they're definitely different pictures.

No. 362090

Died at people thinking she actually lost weight in the last thread.



cmon fam

No. 362091

And people are eating up her lies. It's like she's incapable of actually telling the truth. Because you know if she was actually telling the truth she would have taken a picture in a sports bra.

No. 362093

well if shes not wearing a corset as she claims she used her patreon money to get lipo like an anon from the last thread suggested she do. there is no way she can lose that much weight that fast naturally. her shoot as Velma was not even that lost ago and she clearly has a thick waist in that one. same with her mei grope set.
if she really did get work done I have zero respect for her. you cant fake working out and endorse a product that is unhealthy only to get work done kek
so much for "body positivity"

No. 362094

i didn't know you had to contort your body into an inhuman shape and use photoshop in order for the tea to work. the more you know

No. 362101

She couldn't have gotten lipo and healed up enough to take pictures between her Velma shoot and now. She would at least still be swollen from it and twisting her body like that would be painful.

A sucker is born every minute and they're all lined up on her instagram.

No. 362109

She didn't get any work done, she just knows how to use editing apps and contort her body so she looks like she has shape

No. 362121

I think she's just reading the comments calling her fat and shooping more. She's still gaining weight she's just trying to hide it more. Think the previous thread must of pinched a nerve.

No. 362122

File: 1490204082986.png (115.33 KB, 640x747, IMG_8016.PNG)

"Don't read that stuff"

No. 362127

She posted pics of her rough housing on instagram a few weeks ago. No way she could have gotten lipo and then been practically wrestling. Her stomach was actually never that huge compared to how fat she got. The fat was mostly in her arms and thighs.

No. 362129

The issue is momo and many cosplayers think they're flat out better than sex workers even if they're doing the same shit. Speaking of SS momo totally ripped her "lewds not nudes" phrase and then made it pretty much shit on sex workers. Momo saying "lewds before nudes" is so fucking snobby.

No. 362131

Bitch please. You may say you don't read this but we all know you do. Stop trying to explain away your bullshit actions and tell the truth for once in your life for fuck's sake. It's so disingenuous and eating away the pain is detrimental to your health.

Also, telling your fan base to not read something is what scientologists do.
The Church of Moomoology

sage for dumb

No. 362135

And yet she reacts to everything that we say here lol get the fuck outta here with your lying, cottage cheese ass.

No. 362140

Lmao she really doesn't make it any better for herself she's clearly wearing one of those stretchy waist cinchers. While it may not be a corset it's definitely something holding in her stomach. She's obese in her Velma photos and her waistline suddenly decreased in size that quickly? She's a mess.

No. 362144

I love the comments that were like, "lol why would people think you're wearing a corset to work out." Because she didn't work out you fucking autists. Just because someone is wearing work out gear doesn't mean they actually worked out.

No. 362146

Her fans are truly pathetic and dense. Anyone can throw on some sportswear and hold some shit tea to advertise it for money without having to even go near a gym.

No. 362147

"Doing everything but being active in my active wear"

No. 362148

There are so many SJWs and fat fetishists in the comments. Never seen so many low lives trying to hand out asspats about how great and thicc she is at once. It's so fucking embarrassing.

No. 362151

I always have a giggle when I see Instahoes advertising whatever "Flat Tummy Tea" is en vogue right now, trying to convince their followers to buy $25 sacks of poop tea. If you really want laxative tea you can go to the Asian grocery store nearest to you and buy any sort of Dieter's Green Tea with Senna and Dandelion in it. Makes you shit like no tomorrow, and it's only like $3.

Also, it's obvious Momo is wearing shapewear in her pic. We've seen what your belly looks like uncovered, you fat sow.

No. 362153

Feels good that my poop art made it to thread pic whooo c':

Anyways I think Mariah won't cosplay the Moana fanmade armor, she'll probably use a " this isn't my culture " excuse since it's a very detailed/hard cosplay. Either that or she'll pay someone to make it for her, which is unlikely.

No. 362155

I was hoping it would - I was disappointed it didn't make thread #11 so I had to for #12
u deserve it anon-chan

No. 362158

Fuck dandelion tea. My mom tricked me into getting it one time because she heard it was good for women's health.

No. 362162

You know, she could also have taken those photos months ago. She tried to advertise that shitty tea a while back but quickly had to do clean up work after everyone (calmy) had pointed out that it was a scam on her IG. I think she took down the photo within a day or two?

Otherwise, I can't believe that's a recent photo. It's gotta be old.

No. 362188

I think it's an old photo, you can tell cause she said that the flowers bloomed on her tree and she took that selfie that was shared the last board.

No. 362194

It's not an old photo. Her nails are the same as her virgin killer Mei pics.

No. 362211

isn't it? the only issue i've heard with it is the increase in stomach acid causing bad heartburn in some people.

No. 362250


This was hilarious

No. 362252

File: 1490234828178.png (179.95 KB, 745x1090, IMG_6224.PNG)

She's really in sellout mode today.

No. 362254

>that fat blob over her hand

This sounds like a shitty infomercial, fake enthusiasm and all.

No. 362256

she looks like she's sucking in so hard here

No. 362257

That's because she is. She's sucking in so hard I can fucking feel it.

No. 362258

File: 1490236619811.jpg (30.47 KB, 400x378, moooooo.jpg)

like she's full on sucking in, on her tip toes and clinching that butt-hole soo tight when she let go she fucking nearly exploded.

gurl stop trying so hard it's too obvious it's not fun no more

No. 362259

File: 1490236689544.png (199.74 KB, 748x993, IMG_4845.PNG)

She loves it so much, she never advertises it while drinking it. She loves it so much, she just stands there in fitness clothing holding the product. She loves it so much, she didn't HAVE to take their money but she did anyways, instead of advertising it on her on free will.

No. 362260

"And isn't that we all strive for! To work and get paid to do it."

Blogger here, everyone serious about this kind of work knows that advertising these garbage products just make your followers not trust you.
I'm assuming she just took the money and doesn't really care.

No. 362261


Lol. Ah the days when you're young and can lose fifteen pounds in two weeks by starving yourself and shitting out your intestines. Moo, you need to learn how to eat healthy and exercise because this isn't gonna help you in the long run. Not only is yo yo dieting dangerous but the next time you gain weight you'll be gaining an additional ten pounds.

No. 362262

You know she only took the laxative tea and did nothing else on top of it, because she's lazy and doesn't know how to work for what she wants. She's probably dehydrated from all the water she lost.

No. 362263


Fifteen pounds in two weeks is not healthy weight loss. Damn this shit must've gotten to her, lol. I can imagine her crying in the bathroom scarfing her last bag of potato chips before barfing it all back up.

Healthy weight loss would be five pounds in two weeks. And that's by putting work in at the gym building muscle with cardio, you know, working out like you used to? Not drinking god knows what so you have diarrhea for a month. Good god.

Also both of those pictures are angles and lighting and how hard that bitch is sucking in is so hysterical I lost my shit when I saw it lmfao

No. 362264


Building muscle as in weight training plus cardio. Sorry.

No. 362265

Eh, She's pretty heavy. Fat people drop weight like crazy first.

No. 362267


Yah but not as much as that clearly over edited waist trainer picture

No. 362268

you realize she only posted the picture of her stomach showing, sucking in, edited, because people called her out and we did, as well?

Also, look how flabby that stomach is. She hasn't lost 15 lbs. It's just sucking in and editing.

No. 362269

do you think she's posting so much about this tea today because the company told her she had to make x amount of posts about it in x amount of time to get paid?

No. 362270


Really don't get where you're going with this. I'm saying she hasn't lost as much weight as the first black shirt photo. That was clearly photoshopped and over edited no way that fat cow lost that much weight in two weeks the shooping alone looks like she lost thirty pounds. Wasn't even referencing the other picture.


Now that you mention it I wonder if that's the case. She advertised it a month or two ago and never mentioned it again because people attacked her about it. Guess maybe the company wanted their money's worth though, haha. With the unprofessional way she dealt with it, (leaving pics until last minute and then saying the weight loss product she's advertising doesn't make you lose weight) just to save her "reputation", I highly doubt any other instagram companies would want to work with her again.

No. 362273

I'm surprised none of you have mentioned her throwing away the tea and like dumping it as a joke

No. 362274

Fat people are so delusional. She's sucking in as hard as she can…Still fat, Moomoo

No. 362275

File: 1490242225906.jpg (523.73 KB, 1063x1058, IMG_20170322_1.jpg)

No. 362276

You're only supposed to lose 2+ lbs a week… 15 in two weeks is not recommended because of it's dangerous in the long run for your body. She is a liar and a moron.

No. 362279

what the fuck

No. 362281

Now we have a visual of the shit that spews from her mouth.

No. 362286

File: 1490245271972.jpg (10.17 KB, 225x225, lim.jpg)


keking so hard at that pic that I have also lost 15 lbs! Magic!

Man, she's not only sucking in HARD, she also has all these marks around her belly because her cincher or corset or whatever is so tight right now since she gained so much lmao

Oh, Momo. Never change.

No. 362313

File: 1490250436311.jpg (102.54 KB, 977x1200, Q0iMZ7N.jpg)

literally the most unflattering pose
someone link some posing references…she looks like a granny whose back went out

No. 362314

Not to whiteknight but I was fat last year and when I started losing weight I was still flabby. You have to lose the fat before you start actually getting toned.

No. 362315

she is so ineloquent.

No. 362317

squints Trying to find her ass… maybe it's hiding behind her nose.

No. 362325

Her torso looks so short here because of how much she's arching her back and the way her jacket lays… This is just a bad pose all around.

No. 362330

Not true at all, it's possible to be fat and muscukar-ish at the same time. In fact, a lot of fatties who are not completely sedentary have really strong legs because they have to carry so much weight.

But if you starve/eat like shit during your weight loss phase you're obviously not going to gain any muscle mass.

No. 362334

Oh wow it's so painfully obvious she's sucking it in and choosing an angle to flatter herself. She's trying to sell it so aggressively that it doesn't even count as product placement or promotion, it's just straight out pushing a product.

No. 362336

Glad to see she hasn't changed. That passive-aggressive and patronizing "honey if u don't like it then leave lol kbye uwu!" retort shows the same sort of arrogance she displayed when she was replying to the first thread. Don't look for a job in marketing any time soon Moomoo.

No. 362355

only around 2lbs of FAT, she probably lost like 10lbs of water weight and thought she lost fat.

No. 362357

who even is this?

No. 362358

Motoko Kusanagi, apparently.

No. 362365

i don't even slightly believe she lost weight from this tea and working out because she was huge just a week or two ago in her Camilla. im convinced she had surgery

No. 362366

maybe she got a laser lipo, those can heal pretty quick and are really effective… just especulating

No. 362368


Seriously, who the fuck does she think she is kidding? It would literally be impossible to drop 15 lbs in two weeks unless you actually cut the fat off your body or it was literally falling out of your ass. It's so obvious she got buttmad at the comments here because all the comments on her insta were her usually "so thicc" and "I want to fuck you so badly" neckbeards and everything else was deleted. So all those negative comments about how fat she is and how she is obviously wearing a corset had to only come from here.

And even then, just look at her last set she released, the Velma one. She was fucking massive in that set and that was like what, a week ago if even? So it is really stupid of her trying to bullshit anyone into thinking she suddenly droppped 15 lbs since then. This is just her usual insecurities popping up where she wants everyone to like her and when she gets caught in her lies she chooses to double down instead of just telling the truth.

No. 362371

y'all she's sucking in and shooping the pic. she's not shelling out money for lipo if she can barely shell out for proper materials/makeup/sets for her photoshoots.

all that money goes to food and booze.

No. 362372

samefag but there's no weight loss to her legs or arms, she's lucky she doesn't hold a lot of fat on her face (which is why it looks so weird to me, small head huge body)she would have lost weight in spots OTHER than her stomach if she lost THAT much in two weeks

No. 362375

You would think for all the days she spends lounging around eating shit, she could probably go for a run or do some cardio like jesus Momo its not difficult.

No. 362391

It's called being lazy

No. 362393

Lol. I love how she is getting absolutely shit on in her comments. If it's not calling her a sell out, it's about how fat she is and how she is fooling no one with that corset. And of course she can't help but chimp out and respond to every comment.

No. 362409

Please tell me there are comments calling her out about sucking it in. It's sooo noticeable. We know you lurk here, Moomoo. Go to the fucking gym and lose all that fat. It's not that hard to spend at least an hour of your time since you are doing nothing.

No. 362411


There absolutely are. Pretty go check her before she deletes them.

No. 362414

Her sports bra might as well say "diabeetus" instead of adidas.

No. 362422

>makes 10k a month
>still needs to do shitty sponsorships

what the fuck mariah

No. 362425

She isn't doing it for the money silly anon, she's doing it because she likes the product sooo much and it's sooo much fun to work with a company!

What I don't understand is why a company shilling a weight loss product would partner with a morbidly obese chick who's still actively GAINING weight. Kinda goes against what you're trying to sell, no?

No. 362429

I haven't seen her chimp out in the before/ after photo, did she freak in the older posts? Caps pls, this is an image board after all

No. 362430

Because actually fit people know it's a scam.

No. 362434

nah i meant…is it moochelette? it didnt look like her is all

No. 362439

No. 362446

Read this to the tune of hotline bling for some reason

No. 362447

This is your fault because I'm doing it

No. 362448


Yup. She knows how full of shit she is and how she is fatter than she ever was so those are the comments she pays the most attention to. She keeps trying to hide it and give any excuses she can but at the end of the day it is because she refuses to put down the fork and go to the gym.

No. 362449

I think she deleted the comments because I just checked and they are nothing but thirsty neckbeard comments. Anyone got some caps?

No. 362461

No. 362475

Thank you, anon.

Seems like she's in full denial mode all over again. Who's surprised?

No. 362493


Didn't this happen last time she tried to shill for this company? Everyone called her out for being a sellout and how the tea was a scam then she got pissy and ran off with her tail between her legs.

No. 362520

Oh my God, it fits for real

No. 362532

>Prefiero la de antes
>Translation: I prefer what she used to look like before.


No. 362535

File: 1490307399341.png (1.31 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170323-181516.png)

Somehow this artist depicted her with a flat tummy.
(They seem to only draw the same body type, but y'know.)

No. 362542

They drew that same body type on momo's much thinner friend too.

No. 362547

Nothing about this says "Mariah" even though the artist says it's her. This could literally be any generic big breasted anime girl. And the eyes are red?

Poor Mariah is just a generic fat girl with no signature features or uniqueness.

No. 362548

This looks nothing like her. I would never be able to differentiate between this and done rando OC. they could have at least put her in a well known cosplay or something? Just makes me realize how basic Mariah is, she has no interesting features besides her ~thiccness~

No. 362549

This looks so generic it pains me.

No. 362551

Just continuing this thought and thinking of other coshoes/ gamer girls, they all have one or two features that let them stand out a bit. Jnig with her fried, blonde, scene hair, and heavy eye make up. Meg turney and get glasses and red hair. Suzy with her skunk hair and tragic eyeliner. Even sheena with her pink hair and murdercat. Mariah is a snooze fest.

No. 362552

File: 1490310020169.png (784.67 KB, 1080x1258, 20170323_185829.png)

No. 362553

Drama chan is back…

No. 362554


I don't even think this even supposed to be Momo. Maybe the artist just said it was just to kiss her ass. Seriously, it looks nothing like her, just a genetic big tit "thicc" anime girl.

No. 362556


It's he same as when fan artist draw Suzy as a generic rail thin supermodel with black hair and pale skin.

No. 362563

File: 1490310971087.png (52.5 KB, 630x429, IMG_1862.PNG)

Obviously instead of making cosplay this is what she wastes her time doing kek

No. 362565

My bad metric-anon here but how much do yall think Moochy and Moomoo weigh individually

No. 362572


Does she never realize how transparent she is? She thinks by talking about how "super obsessed" she is with something that it makes her a fan. Just like with Pokémon/Fire Emblem/etc.

No. 362596


She's 5'4", ain't she? She's easily 200 lbs +, which roughly puts her 5 points into obese territory

No. 362600

I have a friend that is the same height and looks to be the same size, she weighs 235lbs..

No. 362605

at least she's watched the movie, unlike with pokemon sun&moon

No. 362606

underrated post. amazing anon, had me a good laugh.


No. 362610

Lol glad to be of service

No. 362615

>those protruding nips
>that g-string
Jesus, it must be fucking weird to have a fanbase who sees you as a piece of meat, even if you provide lewds. A lot of other camgirls get more cutesy art.

No. 362617

Looks nothing like her. The artist isn't very good if all his work is generic. He did put her name to the right of it tho that's the only way I knew it really was her.

No. 362626

>> ever since you started gaining moo~

you ain't MAKIN the cosplays that we ask for, callin patreon white knights for support, finish it all on the hotel floor. mooching off some cosplayer we ain't never seen before ooooh~

No. 362634

File: 1490321089026.png (132.2 KB, 640x810, IMG_5352.PNG)

Her eyes do not look right here for some reason…

No. 362636

Every picture of her trying to be sexy just looks like she's mentally handicapped.

No. 362640

File: 1490322892716.png (1.24 MB, 1051x1330, 2017-03-23 21.34.59.png)

No. 362641

That's an improvement.

No. 362642

Small head on a big body and a fucking weird pose… well at least he got some things right about Moomoo.

No. 362648

She is truly following the steps of Pixyteri with the Shampoo cosplay.

No. 362652

how can she fucking, again and again, fail the ahegayo thing. Even if you google image it once, you can see it's supposed to be losing control due to throes of passion, not "saying aah". I suspect she is actually too shy/scared to make a passionate face. Doing porn type shots is fine as long as her self is buried down beneath goofy expressions. too vulnerable to show a feeling

No. 362657

File: 1490329532175.png (1.16 MB, 1080x1530, 20170324_002358.png)

She tweeted a picture of her Shampoo wig

No. 362658

I get what you're saying, I definitely think she thinks it's more of a "cum in my mouth/my face" face than what it actually is

No. 362659

get ready for some more ~ssssAAAAaaaAmmmMmEee bAaannnGs! aka the only style of bangs momo ever cuts on her wigs. I really wanna see a collage of all her cosplays with the same side swept bangs

No. 362668

File: 1490330818378.jpg (1.25 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170324_004203.jpg)

Best I could do at the moment anon

No. 362669

File: 1490331111362.jpg (3.41 MB, 3000x2399, moomoo.jpg)

here's the one from a few threads back

No. 362673

All of these faces look like she just farted

No. 362679

she has such a stereotypically persian nose job. it's really bad

No. 362680

you're saying you think this is the AFTER of a nose job?

No. 362682

Her Lust and Sailor Mars pics look so so unfortunate in that little box…

No. 362683

yes. you see bad nosejobs like this ALL of the time in persian/arab communities. i'm positive it's a nosejob. the bridge is too high and straight. it's a dead giveaway. it's VERY common.

No. 362684

File: 1490334476197.jpg (51.52 KB, 634x344, 2E17EAF200000578-3303796-image…)

she probably had a pretty low tip, because they've rotated it WAY too much. part of why she looks like a stupid turtle.

take this picture. (first pic is post-nosejob, other pic is revision) these are stereotypical persian nosejobs. tip is too rotated to offset the often downward facing tips, the width is now incompatible with the length, which they often shorten. the bridge is too straight and high.

No. 362685

i should mention that the first picture looks more like mariah's. the tip is especially awkward, but they're both terrible because they're the exact same width from top to bottom. real noses often aren't the EXACT same width from bottom to top, like this. mariah's nose is the same way.

No. 362686

>first pic is post-nosejob

No. 362688

they're both post nosejob. the second picture was a revision of the first nosejob. what doesn't make sense to you about that?

No. 362692

File: 1490336141751.jpg (1.9 MB, 2048x2048, pixlr_20170323231439186.jpg)

I'm sorry but I can't unsee it…

No. 362693

mj looks more feminine to be fair

No. 362697

holy shit lmao

No. 362706

File: 1490340167870.png (699.25 KB, 1079x1428, 20170324_031634.png)

She retweeted this video she posted this back in 2015 and from the caption it sounds like she grouped herself in with white girls

No. 362709

No. 362719

I feel like everytime one of us anons does something to her photos she ends up getting it from "a fan" posting about it on twitter.

No. 362722

"a L" I wish this bitch would listen about taking English lessons.

No. 362724

She's been lurking since thread one and everyone knows it. She's only fooling herself at this point.

No. 362744

Holy shit she looks at least 1/3 of her current size in that video
Wtf how much did she gain

No. 362789


Fucking lord she is so cringey

No. 362790

File: 1490361739226.jpg (5.98 KB, 348x145, images.jpg)

It's pathetic that when she gets older and more saggy she'll have to get out and snag a commuting job. Or prostitute. Or fetish porn.

No. 362806

File: 1490364242614.jpg (40.39 KB, 400x399, IMG_2357.JPG)

Why can she never get the wig colors right jesus christ momo

No. 362810

Shampoo's hair is BLUE!!

I know, right? She is beyond amateur levels of cosplay. she literally doesn't care about the craftsmanship at all.

No. 362822

File: 1490366945342.png (395.73 KB, 720x711, Screenshot_2017-03-24-07-44-14…)

I just realized this is nit picky, but when she cosplayed Sakura a year and a half ago she captioned it "the slug princess" but Tsunade is the slug princess…Either she misinterpreted the manga wrong because Sakura is the slug princess's student, or this is just another example of her being a fake nerd. Sage for Naruto sperg

>Inb4 "wow you guys get butthurt over the simplest things chill my dudes lmao"

No. 362827

She's definitely a fake nerd. Anyone (even a casual naruto reader) would know Sakura was never referred to once as the slug princess.

No. 362828

She didn't have a nose job, anon. Hers is pretty potatoish when it's not shooped, and the turtle nostrils are just bad genetics. The best example is that picture posted on instagram some time ago by the girl who did her lashes extensions, it's in one of the threads.

No. 362832

File: 1490369580105.png (636.89 KB, 1032x568, wigWentThroughHellAndShitBack.…)

The wig already looks so ratty. At least the bangs are different, hah.

No. 362837

Oh MooMoo. I wish someone had the balls to tweet her a picture of her unedited, dime bag dented legs, not these photoshopped airbrushed to shit pictures. A lot of the girls using the hashtag had the guts to post pictures that weren't airbrushed and yah there's a lot of cellulite but at least they aren't lying to themselves or their followers…

Again, body positivity my ass. You don't even have the nuts to publish your flaws, when the whole point of the hashtag was to embrace curvy women even with flaws like cellulite.

No. 362838

File: 1490370909415.png (270.26 KB, 720x576, Screenshot_2017-03-24-08-50-29…)


Sorry forgot screencap

No. 362840

File: 1490371171462.jpg (Spoiler Image, 103.48 KB, 1000x1000, C7sfX0jVQAE4nb8.jpg)

girl nah

No. 362845

File: 1490372299868.png (504.32 KB, 640x1020, IMG_1868.PNG)

Moomoo what the fuck

No. 362846

File: 1490372354111.png (155.82 KB, 639x929, IMG_1869.PNG)

Sage for samefag but i'm glad someone at least said something.

No. 362847

File: 1490372390609.png (Spoiler Image, 583.42 KB, 505x993, Screenshot_2017-03-24-09-13-02…)


Lol aww keep letting her shitty blurring tool she uses lie to you.

No. 362848

File: 1490372457513.png (Spoiler Image, 478.13 KB, 534x940, Screenshot_2017-03-24-09-17-25…)


Again with these dumb white knights…Again it's called Photoshop sweetheart. Your body positive saviour is an avid user of it :)

No. 362850

What a fucking retard. No thought process or anything, not even common sense. This actually pisses me off because she didn't think about it one bit and only cared about ~muh memes~

No. 362857


sorry but i wasn't white knighting. i was literally saying "oh fuck no" to her attempting to show the masses that she has any semblance of an ass.

No. 362861


Oh my bad but still that pic was kind of going against my cellulite statement. Just blurred to perfection.

Honestly I think she's stopped trying to sell her ass because she knows it's flat, lol. Now it's all about them thighs and hips which I guess she's always had, but it's kind of a white girl thing (speaking from experience) wide child birthing hips and no booty is kind of a plague amongst white girls lol, even tho she's supposedly *~arabic~*~

No. 362862

I am probably close to moomoos weight (but i am a few inches taller) and i spend quite a bit of time between my job and gaming at home sitting on my ass and even my butt isnt as flat as hers

No. 362865

She can't even pull off having hips now unless she has shapewear on. But yes moomoo, you do indeed have thunder thighs.

No. 362866

Is she growing weed?
Unless you have a garden of some sort with a mite problem, there is no need to buy these.

No. 362870

File: 1490376383980.png (1.52 MB, 906x587, 1474077570389.png)

for the nosejob anon

No. 362873

It's become a meme because it's funny to buy 1500 lady bugs. Apparently.

No. 362881

This is so cruel :(

No. 362885

>Buying random fauna with no intention or understanding of proper care
>Decide to release them outside
Jesus, no wonder we have so many invasive species. It's because of fuck heads like her.

No. 362891

File: 1490379986146.png (190.19 KB, 1242x1021, IMG_2361.PNG)

She can't even take a compliment gracefully lol. Just has to assert her false sense of superiority over fake nerdy girls (when she is one herself)

No. 362892

File: 1490380066451.png (251.54 KB, 1242x1523, IMG_2363.PNG)

No. 362894

Jealous moo?

No. 362895

That literally looks nothing like Shampoo. She has very distinct soft fluffy big 90's bangs so what the fuck is she making those spikes for?

No. 362896

"Love bug" she's so fake it hurts.

No. 362897


Not to be that person but where I live we buy them by the hundreds because our vegetable and flower gradens are eaten alive by aphids if we don't have ladybugs to eat the aphids. Then again our climate promises they won't fry up like ladybug popcorn.

If it's a meme it's dumb ass kids who have no idea about things like home and gardening. Just like everything else on the internet lol.

No. 362898

She has such an unfortunate face. The only way to save it is extensive work on her nose at the very least and probably some cheek fillers to give her cheekbones some actual shape.

No. 362901

i bet it's because you can see Moochlette's fuckin camel toe jesus

No. 362909


Seriously. She can't ever just fuckin take a compliment. She always has to try to one up someone or make some stupid snide joke meant to insult the and make herself look better. No wonder she doesn't have any real friends.

No. 362911

Damn, I rarely comment like that on someone's appearance but she's ugly. That's the kind of face that you just can't save, it's an unfortunate bone structure. The face shape per se isn't bad, seems oval, she has nice skin and I like her smile… but damn @ those sunken eyes, eyebags, potato nose with turtle nostrils that is also 2km away from the mouth, flat philtrum and paper thin lips. Get a nose job and a permalip to begin, Moo. You have enough money to fix that face.

No. 362912

No. 362915

It's so boring and generic now. Literally same gimmeck of her "twerking" every time now. Vamplette doesn't grow before of her nose, she doesn't grow because she has no personality. Booooring.

No. 362916

Buying ladybugs like that is totally normal for gardens and such like you explained. However it's dumbasses like Mariah that do it to be funny that it's me off. You can't just but bugs and release them just anywhere, or any type of fauna or flora, and just assume they'd thrive.

No. 362921

LMFAO what a stupid ho. She looks like shes having a seizure.

No. 362922

She looks like a 14-year-old boy on the left, and like a 14-year-old boy with tacky false eyelashes on the right.

No. 362923

she looks 38 what are you talking about?
she's like what? 23 or something? god she's busted…

No. 362925


yep. ladybugs exist in desert cities, but bringing in that many without having a solid plan for a food source is fucking retarded.

No. 362926

File: 1490385548526.jpg (89.19 KB, 444x856, ss (2017-03-24 at 12.58.41).jp…)

No. 362928

Idk how she manages to look so badly photoshoped in all her photos but still have such an unflattering face. Why do they make so much effort on editing an already bad picture

No. 362929

Skin-wise she looks like a middle-aged mom of five, but she has the facial features of an awkward preteen boy. It's not a good look either way.

No. 362931

Neck up she looks like she's trans mtf.

No. 362935

She didnt watch the anime. Dark purple is the color they used for promo and magazines. Never the anime. She literally just googled it.

No. 362937

The fuck is going on in the chest area? It looks like she has four boobs?

No. 362938

OT but how would you even dispose that many bugs? If Momo doesn't cancel the order, is she just gonna toss the entire bag in the bin?

No. 362946

what did i just read

No. 362948

I'm assuming her plan was to just release them in her backyard and go ~so kawaiii~ as they flittered away and then died.

No. 362949

I'm curious to see how people replied in the comments

No. 362954


Cringe in its purest form my friend

No. 362955

File: 1490392311378.png (39.36 KB, 640x493, IMG_1872.PNG)

I went to look to see but it was up for an hour so far and this is all that's there so that was kind of hilarious that no one gives a shit.

No. 362962


No. 362963


She isn't nearly as popular as she thinks she is. Any time she gets her photos posted elsewhere it's just maybe 20 or so neckbeards talking about how much they want to fuck her and eventually people start pointing out how she is not "thicc" and just plain fat.

No. 362967

I wish they would purchase patterns this looks so bad

No. 362971

File: 1490396785396.jpg (69.7 KB, 500x375, IMG_1857.JPG)

To be fair Shampoos hair is pretty purple in the anime too. Not blue like other anons were saying

But never that dark like jfc

No. 362972

File: 1490397069385.jpg (153.52 KB, 575x393, IMG_1858.JPG)

She couldn't upstage Yaya's Camilla so she's trying to upstage her Shampoo now….?

No. 362975

it's like that shade of blue/purple that people will argue about until eternity

anyway not to derail but look at these bangs compared to moomoos hack job…. geeze….

No. 362976


tbf, rumiko's characters are infamous for her saw-blade style bangs. if mariah was going for that, the ends should at the very least be blunt instead of pointed.

No. 362977

This just screams eternally salty to me. Mariah clearly hates that Colette is thinner than her. What she posted is no way worse than what Mariah posts for free with her ~lewds~

No. 362983

File: 1490400239473.png (10.13 KB, 240x240, oyaaa.png)

I can't wait to see this trainwreck

No. 362991


No shit she just googled it. A few people she knows have all done the cosplay it's almost flavour of the month right now so she's gotta wear it to upstage all of them just to prove something to them like she can do it better. She's such an insecure backstabbing hoebag.

No. 363001

Moomoo and Phil are having a conversation about her ass on twitter at the moment and all her neckbeard fanboys are boosting her ego as usual

No. 363003

this is an image board. Wanna post caps?

No. 363005

File: 1490406251544.jpg (331.61 KB, 1029x1411, IMG_20170324_1.jpg)

Can we all agree that you're just a kiss ass and delusional?

No. 363006

File: 1490406257163.png (740.44 KB, 1080x1330, 20170324_214029.png)

No. 363007

File: 1490406316875.png (457.54 KB, 1079x1526, 20170324_214232.png)

No. 363010

i love that she has to physically manipulate her butt just to give impression that she has a 'thicc' one.

No. 363011

It's no worse than moo's "finger me senpai" softcore pornography. She's just burnt up that Collette actually looks good but if she tried to wear something like that she'd look like she was hulking out of her sausage casing.

No. 363012

I just wanted to say something, as someone who's gotten a reduction + had them fill out again. There is almost no way her tits are as round as she makes them seem, the T scars shape the tits into almost squares. Just keep this in mind, anons. I got mine done 6-7 years ago, along with a niplift (which they usually include for free) and I guarantee with how much weight she's put on recently that her tits have filled back out and turned to minecraft-esque blocktits, don't be fooled. Happens to most people who aren't done filling out/have hormone issues/get fat.

No. 363013

LMFAO minecraft block tiddies
Anyways I wonder how moomoo feels the phil basically friendzoned her, especially since she was gloating about how she helped him set up his twitter

No. 363014

Ok drama chan this isn't that interesting to warrant telling us about

No. 363019

Damn it was deleted what was it?

No. 363027

tweets about momo's butt. Nothing worth note, don't worry

No. 363029

What a terrible looking ass

No. 363065

yes. That's how it works with these kinds of sponsorship deals. They negotiate a certain number of posts over a certain timeframe, and how much they pay you is usually based on your follower count

No. 363074

Her bum looks so…..old? Saggy? It just looks wrong

No. 363087

I'll be at wondercon. Will report back if I encounter a wild moomoo

No. 363099

looks sad, like it just gave up on being an ass and the fat migrated to her thighs

No. 363104

Hey anons, Just here so say that I appreciate the effort you guys put into this, I myself just come here to peep her shit for free (wouldn't pay for this garbage anyway) and have a laugh at everyone just utterly ripping into her for every single flaw.

Note, I'm not white knighting, She's disgusting but porn is porn.

No. 363110


If all she is to you is fuck meat, then hey, whatever floats your boat. That's all she's really good for

No. 363114

Fucking hell forget camel toe thats a moose knuckle. Is her vag that hungry?!

No. 363117

File: 1490462194052.png (78.6 KB, 600x600, IMG_1573.PNG)

If you try to catch her make sure to use one of these

No. 363134

A Ranma 1/2 group would be more appropriate for AX than Wonder Con. I can't wait to see her salty face when everyone ignores her.

No. 363136

File: 1490473426199.jpg (20.6 KB, 225x225, imagesXYWG8ZS1.jpg)

No. 363140


Lol, she will just overhype all the photo opportunities she got with her neckbeards just like every other con. There are so many people at these conventions that one or two neckbeards are bound to have jerked off to her anon. She's always salty she just covers it up in obvious ways.

No. 363142


I'm sure all of her one fan will be excited to meet her. Outside of Vegas, no one gives a shit who she is.

No. 363182

She probably doesn't even know what this means

No. 363191

Isn't it funny how Antares cosplay used to talk sooooo much shit about momo, called her every bad name in the book, she talks shit about everyone but she went hard after moomoo, and now she is sucking Momos asshole so hard Because moomoo commissions from her and shares her profile, she's the second biggest mooch next to moochlette lmfao. You sure do know how to pick friends moomoo.

No. 363195

her shitty d.va cosplay still triggers me

No. 363199


D.va seems like a badge of honor for fat girl cosplayers

No. 363201


Holymoly, this looks so ratty. What the fuck. She hasn't even worn it out yet.

No. 363202

What the fuck is her deal? She's psychotic.

No. 363203

jfc she is fug as hell

No. 363204

I don't like Yaya as a person, but her wig looks fantastic, and her craftsmanship is top notch. Moomoo can't compete.

No. 363205

She has a flabby, flat ass and she's an obese whale. is this bitch blind?

No. 363206

File: 1490496011006.png (431.49 KB, 698x1023, Cammy_White_2.png)

Cammy's character has always been MUSCULAR. Just like Chun Li, she has gorgeous legs that are visibly muscular. I hate it so hard when fat bitches cosplay Cammy. Moomoo, you're disgusting.

No. 363222

Note how Stellachuu seems campy in the photos but directs the camera from Momo to her and Nigri.
Also she looked to the right of her at the Overwatch shoot when Momo was trying to face her

No. 363260


No. 363262

For anyone who doesn't want to sit through the whole video 4:56 is the Overwatch bit, 6:24 is the bit with them and Nigri.

No. 363264

Videos like this made me wish that my con life was this fun

No. 363284

Someone is currently helping MooMoo fit a dress together on her Instagram story. They pinned fabric on her and cut it to fit her. Kind of looks like they're doing most of the work. But I'm guessing she's going to say she made it all herself. Or forget to credit the person helping her.

No. 363287

File: 1490517616928.png (635.62 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-03-26-01-37-35…)


Dress in question is for Shampoo

No. 363291

"Working with"
Bitch, they're making the whole damn thing for you

No. 363313

Antares is just as dramatic and two faced and bitchy as Moomoo is so honestly they're good for each other. She loves to start shit and spread rumors about people and as soon as someone decides she's too toxic to be friends with, she spreads rumors about them and tries to ruin them socially.

No. 363337

Like I said in this post>>363191

She was talking so much shit! Than moo commissioned her for lala. Then hung out at otakon and moomoo shares her page and boom they're besties and Antares won't stop sucking up to her, it's embarrassing actually.

No. 363359

People have literally said that like three times dumbass

No. 363360

File: 1490550236929.png (1.65 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-03-26-10-39-26…)

God, I hope she wears pants under this to hide those cottage cheese thighs, but something tells me I'm asking for too much.

No. 363363

Hi Cat, stop promoting yourself because no one gives a shit.

No. 363368

Why would any cosplayer in vegas actually want to associate with moomoo? Everyone in town knows how fake she is, know that she is prone to drama, will take credit for your work unless she likes you, and absolutely WILL backstab you. I know a few followers on ig isn't worth her bullshit.

No. 363370

When does Shampoo wear a dress like this? It's the same color as the wig wtf???

No. 363371

Her kitchen counter top is TRIGGERING me. It's fucking gross

No. 363372

she looks like a hoarder

No. 363376

Holy shit she isn't just a cow, she's a fucking pig. That counter top is embarrassing.

No. 363381

Apparently this was at Antares' house, not Moomoo.

No. 363389

Any grown adult who lives like this needs help.

No. 363391

This…also why is she using fucking brocade for the mockup???

No. 363395

Lmfao she tilted the mirror so her legs will look skinnier
Did bot work

No. 363396

Muslin fabric is like 2.99 a yard and they are using brocade for a mock up. Professional cosplayer everyone. Makes 15 k a month, cannot afford furniture for her house, much less be bothered to buy muslin for mock ups.

No. 363406

Why is her dress purple…? Isn't Shampoos Chinese dress variant red?

No. 363410

You can get muslin at IKEA for like $1.99 a yard there's really no excuse for this

No. 363412

File: 1490563018158.png (494.91 KB, 720x1134, clip_now_20170326_171344.png)

Is she seriously comparing herself to Jessica?

No. 363413

But at joanns you can use a 50%-60% off coupon, which makes it just as cheap. But agreed, no excuse to have mock up fabric as it's readily available. Watch moomoo go but it now because she trolls here.

No. 363414

No excuse to not* have mock up fabric. Sorry. Spell check.

No. 363424

What is honestly the point of the mock up? She didn't use the right type of fabric, or even the right fucking color. All it ended up being was a waste of time and to brag that she had someone basically do it for her.

No. 363427

The point of a mockup is to get the right pattern and fit before using the correct fabric, so the color doesn't actually matter.

No. 363428

wow talk about narcissistic

No. 363431

Using fancy fabric for a mock up. Even fashion designers don't do that. They use cheap fabric or muslin. Unless she has 100yards of brocade lying around, it was a shitty idea and waste of a nice fabric.

Then again, I feel like she doesn't know what mock up means. She's probably just going to get the seams right then sew straight through to the finish and call it done.

No. 363436

Lol who the fuck are you to talk Moo?

No. 363442

Oh well definitely, the type of fabric she used was stupid and I don't understand why she didn't use muslin. I'm just saying, seems some of the anons don't get why she didn't use fabric that looks like the final product for the mock up.

No. 363471

still trying to suck up to her I see

No. 363519

This, I'm betting she's going to use this exact dress for her final cosplay

No. 363522


The worst part about this is the fact that if it were any other girl cosplaying Mei she would ignore them.

The context of this tweet was that Jess did a Mei and some guy was like "MooMoo did it better" and MooMoo went on this Twitter spree "why does it matter who does the same cosplays it's not a competition everyone is great"

But if it were ANYBODY else moo would completely ignore the situation, not even reply or favorite or respond to it at all, maybe even have a laugh and think to herself "yah I did do it better".
Just dick riding that cosplay fame

No. 363530

ngl, Jessica Nigiri looks so much better with brown hair.

No. 363531

You don't use brocade for a mock up. what the actual fuck

No. 363533

They both look hideous. Mei's supposed to be cute.

No. 363535

putting a bet on this too, plus the shittiest part will be whatever details she slaps on

No. 363537

Yea that's no mock up that's probably going to be the final dress.

No. 363555

It most likely is going to be the final result of the cosplay, considering Wondercon is less than week away. Why does she always choose to make her cosplays last minute?? It's like she does it on purpose so she has an excuse for them to look so trashy and rushed smh

No. 363562

File: 1490595578044.jpg (29.69 KB, 476x405, 6199ed306073cfd61c5add37d3896f…)

I'm calling it now, she's going to attempt to recreate this pose and slap around in her disgusting moccasins instead of proper shoes.

No. 363564

Imagining how Momo's going to contort her industrial corset restrained body into recreating that pose is killing me already.

No. 363565

Shampoo wears a cheongsam…why didn't moomoo just buy one online??? It's not like they are hard to find.

No. 363568

Do they make cheongsam in XXL?

No. 363571

Actually someone commented on Jessica's post saying how Mariah's gunna be out of a job now

No. 363574

File: 1490598111371.png (180.24 KB, 720x626, Screenshot_2017-03-27-00-00-27…)



No. 363576

She'd probably be a 6XL in Chinese sizing.

No. 363581

File: 1490601771363.jpg (40.54 KB, 480x720, 17554104_1040138662797749_5025…)

her socks are rolling down
why wouldn't you pull them up for the photo?

No. 363582


Because she's so fat that if she rolls them up they're gonna cut into her thighs so hard she'll have muffin top on her kneecaps lmfao. That's why we were cringing at the Velma set same thing.

No. 363590

File: 1490612411042.png (226.42 KB, 737x1207, IMG_2390.PNG)

She is barely getting furniture after how long of moving in?

No. 363591

(Samefag) also looks like she will be doing a Shampoo shoot as we all thought she would..

No. 363602

she legit looks like she has downs here. the eyes, the tongue, the stocky, fat body… would not at all look out of place on a special ed bus.

No. 363603

I still can't get over the fact she looks like itsleafy…. also how tacky is it to furnish your entire home in tacky cheap *~*japanese*~* furniture because apparently folding screen = japanese now????? God it reminds me of Collin Farrell's character in horrible bosses and now he's obsessed with "Japanese" furniture lol it's always tied to creepy or skeezy guys
>>sage for slight ot

No. 363604

File: 1490624042183.png (179.97 KB, 750x924, IMG_6666.PNG)

Why would she upload this?? She looks like a fucking linebacker

No. 363606

> tfw I actually like those japanese screens

No. 363608

She makes 15k+ and she's bragging about how she got the screen for cheap…?

No. 363609

I can't help but think every time she mentions vamplette in her posts, vamplette is just part of the background

No. 363610

Maybe the manlets are into it. I wonder if the guys who jerk to her imagine her overpowering tf out of them like being double their size. Seems neckbeardy enough. I like butch women and I was almost kinda into this photo, her face doesn't look strained or anything, I wonder if it really was easy for her to carry the squirt.

No. 363611

You shouldn't feel bad. Having pieces from different countries (though paper screens aren't exclusively Japanese) is nice and makes the home unique. It's cringey when weebs want to furnish their home with all things Japanese, yet it's all cheap Asian looking shit from the Chinese market. Which is probably what's going to happen with Momo and Vamplette.

No. 363615

Honestly compared to other content creators she doesn't make that much. Her only source is patreon, that's it, which can fluctuate so much. She isn't good enough to make money on her actual cosplaying (getting paid to go to events, guesting at cons, commissioning, etc.) so she's going to be fucked when the next new thing comes along.

No. 363622


Absolutely. Unless she finds a secondary source of income, she is either going to go broke, stripping or doing porn (Even more than she already does) in the probably the next 2 to 3 years. She isn't paid to do cons, she isn't paid to make costumes, she doesn't stream anything. She is just banking on hoping that lonely virgin neckbeards will want to keep jacking off to her and be stupid enough to pay for it.

No. 363626

Well at least its kind of a fun photo, better than her flabby lingerie porn

No. 363627

Um most strip clubs have standards. Especially Vegas ones

No. 363631


My bad. She is clearly too fat for stripping. She's more fit for prostitution than anything else. She has no others skills other than taking her clothes off for anyone who is willing to pay her.

No. 363650

There's gotta be at least 1 or 2 shitty strip clubs in Vegas that'll hire anyone, even those that look even worse than Mariah.

No. 363651

How does she look so much cuter out of cosplay than in it? She's literally paid to be cute/sexy and yet manages to fuck that up while looking relatively okay in regular clothes.

No. 363656

Bad makeup, poorly styled wigs and ill fitting cheaply made costumes ruin any bit of attractiveness she has.

No. 363657


She's finally taking note on buying more furniture for their empty house as all their time goes on cosplay rather than being actual adults & making their place an actual home. It sure got posted a lot on here on how empty it was, everything that's talked about she's taken action on lately.

No. 363661


Whenever she is responding to "negative comments", it's usually stuff that is said here, as it's the only place where she can't delete or block people who aren't kissing her ass and telling her how great she is. Which just makes her even sadder and pathetic because she thinks no one knows that she lurks here.

Which is funny because even her "friends" (and I use that term loosely), have told her to stop responding to those types of comments. And despite all her bullshit about how "I don't care what you guys say lol" or "I only pay attention to positivity lol", at the end of the day she still finds herself here, stalking the comments for anything said about her because she is such an attention whore and can't handle anyone not liking her and kissing her flabby, bloated ass.

No. 363665


lmao i live in vegas and LET ME TELL YOU there are some shitty, sketchy little strip clubs that would absolutely take her. i don't know if you guys realize this, but girls pay for their spot, and hope to recoup their investment by making more than they put into it - that's the standard, though some take their cut at the end of the night out of your earnings instead. especially the ones that are just a tiny little room of a building with a super nondescript sign that barely says "gentleman's club" in tiny font at the bottom… no way she'd get into someplace like the spearmint rhino or sapphires or little darlings, but there's seedy clubs that'll take any bitch willing to get her titties out

she'd def be regaled to like a wednesday morning unless she got her ass back in shape and it'd be hilarious to see her toddling around in a cheap corset with those fried eggs flopping over the top but if she's willing to front the fee….

No. 363666

They will hire her if she's an "extras" type of girl

No. 363667

Everyone knows you pay a cover fee to dance. But cool story, thanks​

No. 363672

apparently >>363666 and >>363650 didn't seem to considering they were referring to 'hire' like the strip clubs won't take basically any girl who'll pay the fee for it, but thanks for the free salt. let me guess, you tried to strip once and couldn't recoup your money with your zoidberg body? kek

No. 363681

>I'm totally such a weeb guys lol just like you dudes lmao (gimme your money)

No. 363683

Surprised she hasn't changed her Patreon goal to something new that won't ever happen just like her previous goals. It's been stuck at that groping set and 12 month calendar thing for a while now.

No. 363692

Despite the fact she did achieve her 15k for a few months, and then dropped way down. To me that means she should still do a calender, but we know she won't. She hasn't come through on any one of her goals.

No. 363700


Shouldn't there be some sort of legal ramifications for not doing any of the shit she promised? Or is it one of those "Tough shit. She has your money now" type things

No. 363701

p much
I remember an anon saying that Patreon rewards are meant to be seen as a bonus as you're really there to support the creators

No. 363710


So she could literally just never release a single piece of content and say "Eat shit, I already got your money. Fuck off". And people still pay to see pics of this trashy land whale?

No. 363724

She's at 685 patrons right now but I don't see the money amount. Can any anons compare this with her numbers in the past?

No. 363727

She's at 97% to 15k so she's probably around to 14k

No. 363775

Not white-knighting her, but stuff like bamboo screens is cosmetic junk, and I think it's better for her to take time, rather than rush into it and start hording even more useless bs.

No. 363777


Fuck, I grew up watching/reading pretty much all Rumiko Takahashi and I had been pretty stoked at the relative low-keyness of the gagfandomgag…and then now the 99 cents cosplayers are riding the bandwagon…and Moo is cosplaying one of my favorite characters of all time. Sigh.

If they do some shitty ass Ah! My Goddess cosplay I'm going stab my finger with a needle.

No. 363818

Yeah but she's already made it look like a hoarders dream with all her trash everywhere so if anything the cheap *~*japanese*~* furniture will make it look even cluttered and cheap

No. 363821

Maybe she plans on hiding her mess behind the screen when she starts taking progress shots lol

No. 363843

File: 1490706423138.png (946.01 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1916.PNG)

She has no shame
Now that she's riding the Moana bandwagon it's time fetishize Hawaiian men. Sorry East Asian dudes, Momo has a ~new type~

No. 363846

For them, nothing of value was lost.

I love when she gets sappy, romantic, and inevitably salty when her love interests don't reciprocate her feelings. It's almost like she craves a serious relationship, but doesn't understand that any self respecting man will want to commit to her. She's probably also the type to lock down her man, saying he can't talk to other women, but it's okay when she fawns over other dudes "because it's her job." She's the type to want to have her cake and eat at it too, metaphorically and literally.

No. 363848

…man won't want to commit to her.*

No. 363859


It's so funny watching this desperate cow whine over being single, chasing after guys who clearly aren't interested in her. It's so obvious she is desperate to be in a relationship, yet she is too self absorbed to realize that no man with a functioning brain stem or any modicum of self respect would want to put up with her and her bullshit. She is absolutely the type of girl who would forbid you from even talking to other girls and would constantly accuse you of cheating on her. All the while being a massive hypocrite who flirts with any guy who gives her any attention.

No. 363861

That shampoo cosplay reminds me of the Chinese New year Mei she said she'd do. She posted a pic of the fabric she bought too and how """hype"""" she was lol what ever isn't relevant isn't worth her time at all apparently.

No. 363864

I think she dumped the Mei because 1) one skin was leaked for Mei but she ended up getting two lunar new year skins both of which were too complicated for her 2) it ended up being a pants suit instead of a ~*slutty Chinese dress which isn't as sexy for the neck beards

No. 363883

Also, I think she dumped it because other people finished theirs before her so she couldn't be "First!!" anymore

No. 363887

I swear she doesn't even like Mei. "Over 100 hours" of playing her and she still can't get Mei's fucking poses right? Come on.

No. 363889

Even better is that playoverwatch only shows she has 50 hours. She'll lie about anything for nerd cred.

No. 363896

Pretty much this. Even with her lewds, she goes straight to trashy cum slut for posing instead of trying to incorporate the character's personality. Mei is shy and more on the innocent side, not some freaky skank.

No. 363988

File: 1490754064914.png (52.09 KB, 749x438, IMG_6251.PNG)

"Haters don't bother me though lol. Just chill my dudes and be positive."

Stop bringing up drama if you want drama to be away from you.

No. 363990


If you don't want to hear it then stop looking for it you dumb cow.

No. 364000

Do people actually even talk about her outside of lolcow and kiwi?

No. 364001

I wish the PULL thread were more active

No. 364002

She has an awful reputation in Socal

No. 364006

talk shit get hit

No. 364018

I've heard that her and a lot of the people she hang around just have a bad rep at SoCal cons

No. 364020

I'm from SoCal but I never really go near her. What's said about her cause I'd love to know more about the scene here and how they feel.

No. 364035

File: 1490766431276.jpg (17.46 KB, 320x180, banner-heroes-320x180.jpg)

You think Moo moo is going to attempt to make this? It's from the Easter event and its especially a bunny suit so I won't be surprised if she's wheezing heavily and will grub all over this

No. 364036

File: 1490766468444.jpg (55.6 KB, 552x960, FB_IMG_1490766311932.jpg)

Full body outfit

No. 364039

She lurks here don't give her any ideas!

No. 364050

ngl i kinda hope she will. it'd be the worst one yet.

No. 364052

That's prime corset and shapewear territory right there

No. 364058

Nah, moomoo would have backfat just flopping all over the place, especially with shapewear.

No. 364064

Last time she did a similar costume (lilith) she had to do t-Rex arms to keep her shit up.

No. 364068

She doesn't know how to put boning into corsets or have them fit appropriately so all her shit turns out to such a hot mess

No. 364079

Which there is no excuse. Instead of lounging around and feeding, she could teach herself with the plethora of corset tutorials on the internet

No. 364098

I don't think she will. She doesn't play FE so why would she want to cosplay something from Heroes? But then again, she will say "omg! This just came out and I can't wait to cosplay it!" Like she always does

No. 364114

She's cosplayed this character before and this is an excuse to reuse her wig with a canon bunny suit. I would be surprised if she doesn't at least claim she'll do it.

No. 364127

But remember warping worbla Camilla at e2 con (I think that was the name of it idk can't remember) and how it was literally falling apart and being held by safety pins that looked like binder clips lol I can only imagine the monstrosity of Easter Camilla would look like, especially she's ballooned more since Lilith

No. 364139


She'll do like she always does. Say that she'll do it, talk about how hype she is to do it only to end up trying to finish it last minute in her hotel room then give up because it was too hard and beg for asspats from her her followers because "I really wanted to get this one right you guys". And if she does actually make it, it'll obviously look shitty and she'll only wear it for an hour either because it is literally falling apart or that no one wanted a picture with her because no one gives a shit who she is.

No. 364148

She still hasn't announced a Patreon set for April wonder if she's just gonna rewear another costume release it a month late and just slap pov on it. Must unoriginal modeling ever.

No. 364150


If we're going by that it will probably end up being a "cute Velma groping POV" set

No. 364158

It's probably going to be shampoo dince kbbq is going to be ranma

No. 364161

I would pay to see her NOT make that set. Or any other POV set for than matter.

No. 364165

Vamplette has a POV tier now too. Someone should post Mariah and her friends Patreon rewards and show how they really are all the same

No. 364168

To a degree, I don't really blame her. Girl clearly has talent a love towards crafting, but makes such a measly amount compared to Momo. So why put forth effort if the only way she's going to get recognition is lowering herself to Momo's standards

No. 364176

People always talk about how skilled Vamplette is but in comparison to most Cosplayers even in just Vegas alone she is sloppy and boring. She only looks good next to Momo cause Momo is so absurdly bad. I actually dislike Vamplette more than momo. She's always just gonna me Momo's shadow and she's proud of that? Gross.

No. 364177


Exactly. Everyone is always like "Well at least she has talent, unlike Momo". Well anyone could look better when compared to her so that's not exactly any kind of endorsement. And if she is enough of a dumb bitch to actually stay friends with Momo and put up with her shit, them she is just as fucking bad. She isn't better because "Oh, well she is only friends with Momo to leech off her fame", it just makes her pathetic.

No. 364197

Preeeaaacchh! Also there is a reason why she is mentioned here more than any other of Mariah's "friends" she's seriously the worst. Terrible, boring, and bland shit stain. They deserve each other.

No. 364210

Susu is going as female Ranma so maybe her and Momo will do a set together?

No. 364215

That would be a huge mistake.

No. 364218

Another reason she's mentioned is cause of her honker

No. 364225

At that point they should check out someone else's patreon since one of moo's friends is doing Velma for April's patreon set

No. 364241

no WAY she'd stand shoulder to shoulder with someone as actually curvy as susu. momo looks shit enough as she is, but susu's body is goddamn glorious even without that overstuffed garbage bag for contrast

No. 364243

That ain't happening she would look so much worse compared to Susu. If she did a set with someone she would make sure she isn't the worse of the 2.

No. 364244

She has cosplayed with Vamplett though and even though Vamp's face isn't the best she does have a really nice body. Weren't momo and vamp doing a set?

No. 364249

They have done sets on Momo's patreon before and every single shot Vamp was in, she looked god awful. Even being skinny and next to Mariah, she still looked horrendous.

No. 364251


You're joking right? She still looked like an ugly hag even compared to Moomoo. Seriously, what is it with people trying to defend her?

No. 364257

because she picks vamp's worst shots and vamp is too much of a wussy to do anything about it. also maybe she hopes vamp's nose takes up enough of the frame to block out some of her flaws

No. 364263

I would 100% believe this. I'm sure Mariah only chooses photos she looks OK in without any consideration for trying to find flattering photos of Vamp. I also think she probably touches herself up to hell and back with photoshop and leaves Vamp untouched.

No. 364296

Pretty much

No. 364308

No. 364311

It's kind of amazing how she always manages to be the most annoying tryhard in a room full of annoying tryhards.

Also she officially has no neck.

No. 364312

In a room full of no cosplayers *still calls herself "Momokun bitch" that's really all she is isn't she? No personality outside of her delusional "cosfame" pretty fucking pathetic if you ask me. Does anyone else even do this???? No. No they dont. Only Mariah could be this narcissistic and trashy.

No. 364317


Well that certainly was some cringey tryhard shit

No. 364318


And of course it wouldn't be Moomoo if she wasn't pigging out and getting completely trashed. And of course she'll deflect that with "you're so pathetic. I'm just having fun with my friends dude lol"

No. 364320

shes like that kid who acts way more drunk than they are and uses it as an excuse to be more obnoxious

No. 364324


Exactly. She is the type to go around shouting "I'M SO DRUNK LOL" in everyone's faces and being a total creep by hitting on every dude in the room after one beer. She clearly doesn't know how to act in public when there is alcohol involved, nor does it seem like she drinks responsibly. She is absolutely the kind to drink until she gets completely trashed and not just to get a buzz. It's that kind of irresponsibility that leads to guys thinking it's ok to be inappropriate with her at parties. She gets blackout drunk, which leads to her acting like a drunk slut, which leads to guys getting more handsy with her. But she thinks it's a license to act like a loud, obnoxious, annoying, trashy slut.

No. 364327

I'm secretly wanting to do some of the same cosplays as MooMoo because I'm similar in size but been making or commissioning kick ass costumes. Like if I did that and pulled it off better I wonder how'd she take it

No. 364333

>similar in size
Anon love yourself and get your priorities in order.

No. 364350

What bothers me is that is a party and everyone dressed up a little bit but she just looks like she just woke up. 0 fashion sense.

No. 364353

Okay sorry ot but does anyone know what camera they're using?? I've been looking for one like that
But holy shit her fucking voice and screams in this are so annoying like she's really the living embodiment of a teenage girl going out the first time being fucking annoying and screaming at Starbucks because omg so gud

No. 364355


Being similar to her size is nothing to be proud of. Instead of spending money on costumes spend money on going to the gym. No one needs to be her size, its not a good thing.

No. 364360

You sound really pathetic

No. 364364


Seriously, go to a gym. Being her size is nothing to be happy about

No. 364368

Seriously anon, you do not want to compare yourself to her. You are so much better than that. Get healthy and learn to love yourself for who you are.

I wouldn't even bother trying to spite her with better cosplays. It just puts you on the same low level as her.

No. 364386

File: 1490887624229.png (113.9 KB, 750x1026, IMG_2392.PNG)

Is this normal??? I never heard of this. I always just use nail polish or fabric fray liquid to not let my fabric fray

No. 364387

and if you can't see, she is using a lighter to get rid of her frays

No. 364388

Good lord, she's an idiot. This would only work on non-natural fibers. Try doing this with a natural fabric and you'll burn your house down.

No. 364389

good lord, why is it so crumpled? please tell me this isn't for Tharja
not my waifu
not like this

No. 364391

She said in one of her answers in the comments it's Camille in her own adaptation. Get ready for some lulz

No. 364392


nothing hides fat quite like a big cloak

No. 364393

in fairness i've burnt snags off with a lighter, i wouldn't say it was sure fire though or recommend it

No. 364395

File: 1490889530095.jpg (19.72 KB, 640x357, bb_fucksupcon.jpg)

>15k but she can't afford interfacing, a multi-setting iron you can get for 8-10 bucks, fray check, time to adjust your settings on your sewing machine because you stitches are crumpling your fabric, research time so you can complete costumes with the quality and patience for someone who gave you that 15k

No. 364397

She's burning the edges off because she doesn't own and doesn't know how to use a serger. She can buy a fucking Bernina sewing machine but won't invest in a serger, which would actually make edges look a lot cleaner and would be safer to use.

No. 364398

I mean you can burn the edges of non-natural fabric but I don't like it because it makes it uneven and if you do it too much it actually make black clumps/burnt edges.
Serger is much better. Sage but recommendation?

No. 364403

She actually has a serger she just doesn't know how to use it

No. 364404


Pretty much all of that money goes towards pigging out on expensive dinners and getting shitfaced drunk with her friends.

No. 364405

I do this but very rarely and it depends on the fabric. Usually it's just to seal a seam or edge I may have missed otherwise doing it on fabric can cause harsh, itchy edges depending on where it lays.

Get a fuCKING SERGER. It's $150 for a cheapo. I had no clue how to use mine when I got it but bless YouTube videos up the wazoo.

No. 364409

I think the most annoying thing is that she describes it like its some secret l33t cosplayer hack, when in actuality people only use this when they're desperate and its never recommended over products that are designed to get rid of frays.


No. 364411

File: 1490895049991.jpg (300.97 KB, 1500x1500, 1490894766869.jpg)

Goddamn her neckbeards make me cringe so hard lmao.


Also I don't think she actually knows the bunny suit Camilla is out yet because she would have been sperging so hard about it. She will now though because someone tweeted her the picture a few hours ago. Fake ass bitch talking about how fire emblem is the best and she lives Camilla so much lol

No. 364412


That's all she is to them. Spank material. They'll just move on to something else when hey get bored of her.

No. 364414

LMAO ofc she'd make a literal bed sheet. Will cover up her fat really well. "But in losing weight my dudes!"

She is totally running out of ideas. Random Velma cosplay last month and now a random Camille "original design".

No. 364415

This is so generic. Why not add something to give it character, like a rose motif, or line the collar/sleeves with the triangle pattern from Camilla's chest plate? The only way you can tell this is supposed to be an FE cosplay is the Nohr insignia on the back, which will end up being covered by her wig anyway.

No. 364416

What is even her line up? This is all for Wondercon, right? Why didn't switch out the Camillia cosplay for a super hero cosplay? Thought Silk was her favorite.

No. 364420


It might as well be a nightie though. The material and everything, it's not much of a cosplay it literally looks like a Victoria's secret bathrobe and a nightgown.

If she actually looked up traditional kimonos and noticed the different textures and patterns that go into a kimono, stopped using that cheap looking shiny polyester blend material (there's lots of materials with different patterns and textures that mimic real silk she should probably google real silk lmfao. It's not as shiny.) and added the wraps and the obi it would look like an actual cosplay but this looks like she's just gonna walk around in her pajamas lol. No effort at all.


No. 364422

What a shower of cunts. Also the first (and last) time I heard moomoo's voice, does she always sound this special needs? Jesus.

No. 364423

moo moo reminds me of this

No. 364429

It would be so much better if she had just used a fabric with a texture of pattern. Its so flat like this
The idea she has is not bad, its just the execution that is dumb

No. 364430

get your pathetic "I want to wear her skin because I'm a terrible human being just like her but even more delusional" PULL tier ass out of here

honest to god does she really think this looks good enough to brag about in the internet?
THIS. Goddamnit she makes 15k a month and can't invest $200 in a fucking serger, a machine anyone even a non-cosplayer knows stops edge fraying.

No. 364444

Even if she wanted to be cheap(no excuse for her to be) there are still a lot of different ways to finish a seam, which doesn't involve fire. But as we all know, that requires effort and actually knowing how to sew in a straight line. Couldn't she have used pinking shears or is the fabric too slippery?

No. 364447

or, you know, she could have enclosed the seam with the binding like a person who actually knows how to make things and not have to worry about those pesky frays at all! christ she's a fucking disaster

No. 364449

OT but would any of the experienced sewing anons who are angered in this thread feel like giving some sewing advice in the sewing thread in /OT? Unlike Momo, I want clothing that lasts longer than an hour

sage for no relevancy aside slight shade

No. 364450

The sad this that she won't take any of this advice and use it to better her craft while lurking here. She'll instead whine to her followers about "hating drama and getting sick of hearing it" and just call everyone "jealous losers who have nothing better to do than hate on her"

No. 364458


There's so many ways to hem kimonos. How she's done it literally makes no sense. For someone who carries themselves as 'professional', her cosplay hack really isn't living up to standards when all the other pros can put together a costume with flawless seams in days. This project of hers is just a way to cover up the fact her actual Camilla failed not only one but twice so she can't be fucked to make the proper costume with care anymore. Now it's just a cheap satin boudoir mess of her own speshul original design.

No. 364463

Ummm, I thought this was only good for small things that you couldn't double hem, like the end of a ribbon?

She could easily double hem, French seam or Hong Kong seam her garments if she doesn't want to overlock them. Or run a zig zag stitch on the edge and then top stitch the hem in place. All are pretty basic and easy sewing techniques to do. She is just lazy.

No. 364475


She only pumps out shit throwaway costumes for a easy buck, that's all she cares about fully now is money and the amount of neckbeards willing to throw it at anything she wears.

No. 364477


That's because unfortunately with her and her neckbeards, anyone with a social media following that's smaller than hers, no matter how advanced their craft or how pretty they are, are automatically seen as jealous.

If it were someone like Jess Or Yaya or any of the other cosplayers who have like 100k followers who shit on her like this she would probably cry like a bitch but if you're beneath her on the followers line, you're a jealous loser.

Except for Luna. But the only reason she had the balls to stand up to Luna was because everyone else was shitting on her saying she was a terrible person. She was literally kissing her ass a week before Luna decided to make snide comments about "Patreon thots." MooMoo has no balls and only grows them when she gets a group mentality going for her, so she can convince herself she's in the right.

No. 364495

File: 1490919566740.png (213.26 KB, 750x982, IMG_2394.PNG)

Those arms…..also, I guess she got the color right this time for shampoo

No. 364496

Wow, her arm is huge! She's starting to get a double chin from the looks of that middle picture.

No. 364497

And people seriously think she has a small waist with those trunks for arms.

No. 364498

Lol at those frayed edges.

No. 364500

She said it was a mock up.

No. 364502


Holy fuck those arms

No. 364503

you know its not, itll be basically her final costume with some shitty trim or something

No. 364504

How many fucking mock ups are they gonna make and waste decent looking fabric LMFAO we know damn well this is the final product

No. 364505

>a mock-up
>the con starts tomorrow

Yeah, no, other than some last minute hotel "touch ups", this is her costume.

No. 364507

File: 1490921757071.jpg (76.8 KB, 600x904, szI7XUv.jpg)

that kimono looks so fucking shitty lmao remember when Nigri did this stupid ~azn aesthetics~ shit

No. 364509


Seriously, why the fuck is she always waiting to finish these last minute in her hotel room? I get that it's because she is a fat lazy cow who would rather pig out and get shitfaced drunk with her friends, but she has to realize by now that her cosplays will always suck ass if she keeps doing it this way.

Also, is she actually going to credit the artist or is she just going to let everyone assume she made it herself until she gets called out?

No. 364511

she's obviously not dedicating herself

No. 364512

I was going to say, this is in no way s mick up and momo will be wearing it this weekend as a complete design. Which is going to be embarrassingly funny.

No. 364515

It's worded weirdly, because a couple of sentences later she said it was complete. Also, why is there one sleeve or am I remembering Shampoo's outfit wrong?

No. 364518

I just googled her again (it's been a while since I read the manga) and there is no such Outfit

I also don't understand why she wouldn't make a more iconic outfit like her waitress or fighting outfit ?
But I guess she wants to be less mainstream ??

No. 364520

She has to pick the most revealing outfit, duh!

No. 364521


She has to pick the sluttiest one for all the neckbeards to fap to.

No. 364539

File: 1490931785016.png (43.56 KB, 621x378, nomomono.png)

No. 364542

File: 1490932162629.jpg (1.56 MB, 1600x900, 7b0e0c44-58af-4836-9855-e51497…)

No. 364547

Apparently she wants to do young Ana from Overwatch too.

No. 364548

If it's a mockup, they only sewed one sleeve in just to see if it fits right. You only need to make sure one fits because it'll be the same on both sides. No point sewing both on if it's not the final thing.

No. 364551

File: 1490935149006.gif (443.65 KB, 400x225, 1487180340165.gif)

Well fuck…I'm not surprised.

No. 364552


She said "Here's how the mock up…came out" as in the red fabric is the final dress based on the mock up pattern they used. She did word it pretty awkwardly, though.

No. 364557

She doesn't even play FE heroes or any other fire emblem beside conquest
It's stupid in the first place to only play conquest. You won't understand everything if you don't play all three games

No. 364561

Young Ana? Oh god that would be a fucking train wreck. Hopefully she doesn't do a porn shoot for that.

No. 364566


Good god I dont want to see that hot mess. And of course she'll just do a shitty POV boudoir set after she completely fails at it.

No. 364570

Tbh I don't think Mariah has even touched a game in months. She never even talked about playing Pokemon Sun and Moon she just talked about fucking Guzma but didn't even know anything about him. Like how him and Wicke are bff's even though they've never met.

No. 364572

I wonder if she's ever even beaten a game or if she just watched a popular YouTubers stream. Or I wonder when the last time she fully watched an anime was. What a sad pathetic life where the only thing you are passionate about is yourself.

No. 364584

She didn't even play conquest, her friend told her the story line. The text trail was posted a few threads backs proving so.

No. 364627

File: 1490948084042.jpg (298.06 KB, 576x856, Screenshot_2017-03-31-09-05-05…)

Momo really is a shit seamstress. Most of us noticed how badly the thread was pulling on the kimono while she demonstrated her burning of the frays, which is no wonder they looked so bad because she doesn't know how to care for her sewing machine at all. Her Instagram story made me cringe. She went back to her old sewing machine after the Bernina started chewing up fabric. It'll break completely in no time. Useless cunt.

No. 364632

File: 1490949093911.jpg (14 KB, 500x359, scullydisapproves.jpg)

>She never even talked about playing Pokemon Sun and Moon she just talked about fucking Guzma but didn't even know anything about him. Like how him and Wicke are bff's even though they've never met.

this shit still makes me salty, she constantly bragged about how much she loved Guzma and yet made 0 effort to know anything about him or the game, the whole Wicke x Guzma thing made it obvious she didn't know what the fuck was going on.

No. 364661

And she only got the Bernina because it's what Yaya uses because she thinks it's the machine that produces quality and not the user. I will readily admit the only thing of Momo that I'm jealous of is that plethora of free time she has that could be using to advance her skill, which she wastes.

No. 364663

god she doesn't even know how to adjust tension

No. 364665

No. 364666

Holyshit, her arms are like beef cakes. She'll be morbidly obese in no time.

No. 364667

….Why…Why is this bitch so dumb?

No. 364670

God pls no I love Ana so much and she is definitely not a character to slut it up with

No. 364677

God that looks worse than vamplette's nose

No. 364679

This is something that aggravates the fuck out of me with be to no end. She does urbanity video games and anime bathe only time she ever mentions an anime is when it's already got hype going on for it, same with games. But you know she gives no shits about gaming because there's been do many amazing shut released already in 2017 and she has said nothing about them

No. 364680


That's not a Bernina it's a singer. It's an old one vamplette uses, it's a black slick singer. quit reaching. Momos dumbass wouldn't even know where to actually buy a bernina.

No. 364688

Bitch probably doesn't even realize that she can play BOTW on her WiiU. Doesn't matter though cause it's not like she games anyway. Such a sad existince having to be fake all the time. What goes through your head when you read comments like this moomoo? Do you lie to yourself too? "Oh lolcow is just drama nothing is true" there is more truth here than anything else in your god damn life. Your friends and fans hate you Collette included and it's your fault.

No. 364692

God, I fucking hope not…well, maybe. I would love to see her Ana cosplays as a hot mess.

Sage for ot, but I do plan to cosplay Captain Amari this year for AX, so if she decides to do so, it would be great to see that train wreck

No. 364697

Not sure if the tangled messed came from the Bernina, but I thought she did buy one. It was discussed in the previous thread because it was during her Yaya ass kissing phase prior to Katsu.

No. 364700

Sorry for being off topic, but would you try decreasing or increasting tension when that happens? I have a cheap Singer machine that does this and skips stiches a lot. I'm no expert seamstress but can't say I've had the same experience with other machines…

No. 364701


I was gonna say. She could always go back to the dealer where she bought it, and I bet they'd be thrilled to give her some pointers. I love chatting up the ladies at my dealership. They always have pointers and tips to solve any problems with my machine or technique.

No. 364702

She doesn't own a bernina if she had one she would have been posting about it non stop.

No. 364706

I was thinking the same. It looks like a tension issue. Usually when thread gets eaten up like that I'll rethread, check the bobbin, clean the machine, then use a scrap piece of fabric to ensure that it doesn't eat up my costume. Letting it run for THAT long though? Holy crap. Makes me think she wasn't paying attention while she was sewing.

No. 364707

Yeah, usually that helps immensley. Often too if you're using the wrong type of thread or needle size for fabric etc it can do that. I had it happen to me when I was seeing a leather skirt for a cosplay, and I had to up the thickness of my needle and lower the tension constantly until I finally got it right.
My friend had the same issue when she was using a thicker thread than her old ass machine could handle.

Sage for ot and blogpost

No. 364708

It almost looks like it's also done impatiently. Like she stomped on the peddle and fed it through has fast as she could. All of her lines she's also sewn have been so ridiculously uneven and all over the place.

No. 364719

>>364680 >>364702

My bad, I do remember Momo talking about getting that machine a while back when she went through her phase of trying to get Yaya Han's attention. That Singer looks really nice tbh.

No. 364722

Were her Camilla and Shampoo cosplay made for Wondercon? Because from the quick look it looks more like western comic, series and animation based convention than anime.

No. 364724

Wondercon is more of a comic book convention than an anime convention

No. 364725

File: 1490991330837.jpg (201.51 KB, 1280x960, IMG_0404.JPG)

No sign of Mariah yet

No. 364726

I see. I think a con that is based on anime and manga would be better for those kind of cosplays, but there is no rules that your cosplay must be western to attend Wondercon or anything.

No. 364727

Kodachi cosplayer looks pretty.

No. 364728

File: 1490992791400.png (636.58 KB, 523x703, ranma.png)

Moomoos face..

No. 364729

That wig is so awful.

No. 364730

File: 1490993082066.jpg (133.43 KB, 960x960, IMG_20170331_164244.jpg)

I feel like she used the blur tool on her face, and slimmed it.
The wig looks ratty

No. 364731

File: 1490993169036.png (85.89 KB, 553x490, deformedwalrusfin.png)

okay but we just talk about that fact she has no wrist anymoe

No. 364732

Sage for not momo related but holy fuck that ranma is so cute and that kodachi is perfect

No. 364733

You can see the got to be glued hairspray on the bangs like that's so gross. Looks so crusty.

No. 364734

goddamn that is an unflattering picture

why are her nails black? what is wrong with her wig? isn't shampoo supposed to have like red eyeshadow/eyeliner?

No. 364736

If i was her I would stop taking pics near SSS, it makes her look even more huge next to someone so small

No. 364737

File: 1490993589852.jpg (121.87 KB, 947x959, IMG_20170331_165234.jpg)

No. 364738

File: 1490993714531.png (251.53 KB, 328x326, really.png)

come on momo.

No. 364739

Seriously she looks nothing like Shampoo. That ratty wig's shape and color is all fucked up and it looks like it was ran over by a fucking 12 wheeler. Also Shampoo has magenta eyes, not red.

No. 364740

Jezus! She looks so fucking bad compared to SSS and Tasha. It's like putting a dog turd next to 2 bricks of solid gold. Also what face is she trying to do? It looks like she is having a stroke.

No. 364741

File: 1490994135483.png (545.71 KB, 1280x720, prisonmehface.png)

No. 364742

yes it's tension but also your needle most likely. you need the correct needle for the fabric type (eg. a ballpoint on stretch, universal for most others, or heavy duty on denim) and it needs to be sharp and new. so swap your needle out before you try anything else. then take a little scrap of your chosen fabric for the project and double it over, this will be your tester. double-check your machine is properly threaded at every stage, then do some slow and fast tests on the scrap piece. tweak the tension (usually a numbered nob) a little bit then tweak some more. the stitches should be flat and even, not tight and not baggy on any of the two side (check both sides each time). it's not the machine you have, it's knowing how to use it. sage for sewing OT.

No. 364743

I love how effortlessly pretty and relaxed Tasha is, while right next to her Moomoo has to pull the "sexy" face to look "appealing" and still looks awful.

No. 364744

did she really get her nails done with the Chanel logo on them? did we suddenly just time warped to 2007 or something?

No. 364745

her ham beast of a arm at the bottom doe

No. 364748

How else is she supposed to convince people she has class?

No. 364749


No. 364755

File: 1490997292781.jpg (51.81 KB, 403x448, 1489431560013.jpg)

She looks even worse with those two next to her

No. 364760

as expected, Mariah looks like hot fucking garbage. congrats, you've done it again. >>364725Collette looks like she has a thyroid issue lol, her eyes are bulging out of her face and it's creepy.

No. 364761

KEEKS? DAT YOU?Oh nvm. It's a new avatar/signature thing. Boo

No. 364763

>>364737her ratty ass wig and grown-out nails trigger me so hard

No. 364774

Please tell me this is an April fools joke

No. 364775

Her dress doesn't look as bad as I thought it would
But then again she probably didn't even help lol

No. 364778

File: 1491003726014.png (1.5 MB, 1440x1146, Screenshot_2017-03-31-19-39-45…)

Is proud of herself for achieving the most basic of skills in sewing.

No. 364779

At least she is finally improving lol
took her how long ? 2 years ? Congratulations momoooo

No. 364788

Vamp probably did it for her and she passed it off as her being the one who did it

No. 364796

File: 1491009582097.jpg (40.84 KB, 282x607, IMG_4489.JPG)

She is so huge

No. 364799

What's going on with the back of her knees?

No. 364800

the fat

No. 364803


Good fucking lord those thighs. I think I'm going to barf

No. 364805

look at those pronounced lines on the back of her overstuffed knees, kek
also how can she be wearing heels and still have zero calf definition holy shit

No. 364808

It looks like she's farting on poor SSS.

No. 364810

I can't believe she actually went out in public in this. the dress is so short, I can only imagine people got a view of her ass/ vag at sone point

No. 364823


I wouldn't be surprised if people were totally grossed out by her and making fun of her behind her back. She looks so cheap and slutty.

No. 364826


But of course, knowing her, that's exactly what she wants. For all the neckbeards and perverts trying to check her out and totally drooling over her and for all the other girls to be jealous of the attention she gets.

No. 364831

File: 1491017981066.jpg (233.78 KB, 1200x900, OwDPiJ9.jpg)

When they took this, were they with Momo?

No. 364834

I'm sure she's already fucked off from her ranma group to get drunk and schmooze with whatever popular Internet personality she can find.

No. 364836

Also she made another set for Shampoo. You're welcome. https://www.instagram.com/p/BSUwRHDlpI-/

No. 364839

god, yeah. she looks just like those chubby girls waddling around at every con in super skimpy outfits who shout all the time and give random cosplayers unsolicited sweaty hugs

No. 364840


I'm sure she'll look just as gross and hammy as she did in her Velma set. Can't wait to see that train wreck. I'm sure it will be posted on the google drive like all her other shit.


She probably gave up wearing it after an hour when she realized no one wanted a picture with her because either no one gives a shit about her, or they know how toxic and radioactive she is so they don't want to associate with her. She'll spend the rest of the con getting shitfaced drunk and kissing the ass of the most popular Internet personalities there and try to weasel her way into being friends with them.

No. 364846


LMAO she's staring into the phone screen to make sure SSS takes the right angled pictures lol "don't publish that one!" I can only imagine how picky she is.


Nah she fucked off to do a "boudoir themed" shoot of Shampoo. It's on her Instagram.

No. 364850

Considering how fast she's gaining the weight, how long until even her neckbeards get sick of her?

No. 364851

fucking gross!

No. 364853

it'll be when she develops chins she can't hide with photoshop

No. 364854


When the obvious rolls and triple chins come in that she can't hide with blatant photoshop. Her arms are already hammy as fuck and her thighs are enormous gross looking so she is well in her way there. Her only saving grace is that it at least doesn't show up in her face and neck as much which is why guys still find her jerk off worthy. As soon as the face goes they will move on to someone else.

No. 364857

One other thing to bear in mind is if you keep getting bunched up or skipping stitches, if all the usual tricks don't work (making sure you have a new needle, right kind of needle, adjusting tension, etc) rethread the needle while the pressed foot is up.

I could not get my new Brother HC1850 to sew for shit and was close to sending it back when I found that tip online. No one had ever taught me to thread the needle with the presser foot up but it makes all the difference with tension and basic stitch problems.

sage for shitting up the thread with sewing stuff
The rewards of tolerance are treachery and betrayal.

No. 364859

File: 1491022796107.png (167.06 KB, 750x683, IMG_3586.PNG)

I crept momos tagged pics on IG but couldnt find anything from wondercon. Looking through vamplette, tasha and susu's I found these

No. 364860

File: 1491022834553.png (191.59 KB, 750x733, IMG_3585.PNG)

No. 364862


Fucking lord. Her kneecaps are completely nonexistent

No. 364863

File: 1491023034548.png (225.15 KB, 750x697, IMG_3584.PNG)

No. 364864

Christ, how can she look in the mirror and be okay with what she sees. She gone from Shampoo to Shamu. Momo, is money really worth your health?

No. 364866


This isn't "thicc" or sexy. She is just plain fat. Seriously Moomoo, put down the fork and go to he gym. How can you honestly be happy looking like that?

No. 364871

It's funny susu only started cosplaying this year or last year right??? And look how good she looks to moomoo when she's been doing it almost the same amount of time and susu doesn't really market herself as a cosplayer does she??
She's such a shitty shampoo, hell even Vampy was a cute shampoo too!!
It's funny comparing everyone's wigs to hers, idg why they didn't assign one person to do the wigs, cause usually when I do group cosplays with friends and were local we usually assign a certain role to someone so we all look consistent and the look flows through the group
>>sage for slight ot

No. 364874

Moomoo should've just cosplayed the panda from the show. All she needed was some ears and body paint and it could've been one of her most accurate cosplays

No. 364875

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn Shampoop is looking hella rough

No. 364877

don't think i've seen her cosplay something that showed off her bare legs since diane, when she was much thinner. i'd say i'm genuinely shocked that she felt comfortable enough to go out in public like this but she doesn't really look nearly as confident as she does wearing her spandex suits and all.

No. 364878

File: 1491025663614.png (471.08 KB, 408x461, zz.png)

Not a perfect side by side comparison but you can definitely see the difference in her wrist and arm

No. 364882

Her thighs must be chafing something terrible. Why wouldn't she at least wear tights?

Also I don't know Ranma very well but does Shampoo wear wedge heels like that? I thought she'd at least have similar shoes like everyone in >>364859.

No. 364883


She isn't really posing. It's more like she is hoping that no one notices how much weight she has put on. She is posing more inward and self conscious rather than outward and more confident. If she was happy with how she looked and didn't care, she'd be doing those retarded poses that she does. But she knows how fat she is and she is probably just now realizing how unflattering her cosplay is to her body so she is shuttering into herself and hoping no one notices. I bet she is going crazy thinking about how everyone is snidely talking about how fat she is and how gross she looks.

No. 364884

Nope, Shampoo wears red flats. I'm assuming she's wearing the wedges to try and give some definition to her non existent ass.

No. 364885


Susu looks so tiny besides Momo. One of Momo's thighs feels like two of Susu's legs.

Also the Kodachi cosplayer is very cute

No. 364887


And Susu is only like two inches short

No. 364888

I'm so shocked by how small SSS looks, weight aside. I thought she was taller because of her proportions.

Anyway, >>364878, man, Momo actually looks really cute on the left. She's an ass, but I hope she learns to shape up soon. There's only so much time she can recover physically and financially at her peak.

No. 364897

Not to whiteknight but I think she's just really small in general. Look at her hands and feet.
Anyway why do momos friends let her walk out with that wig?

No. 364898

Ugh kill it with fire!!! Why did she think it was a good idea to show off her fat legs?

No. 364901

Holy Susu is tiny lol

Creeped Momo's IG story, koreanbbq is staying over and she's being drunk and gross trying to cuddle up next to him and hug him, he's just not having it lol. Is it because she's twice the size since the last time you porked her? Lmao

No. 364904

I'm starting to wonder if she just embraced her gross lifestyle.

I've been seeing a lot of stuff where she is being overtly sexual towards girls and always being that drunk girl and awkwardly hitting on dudes for the lulz, and that birthday party she went to where she literally came across as a manly lesbian. I think she's just embracing her gross ugly side.

I'm wondering if it's to make girls like us not hate her anymore because she comes across as totally none threatening, I dunno. I dunno where I'm going with this.

Seems to me she is comfortable being that fat.

No. 364917

You know, I gotta give it to her that she cosplays skinny and good looking characters despite being obese and goes public in these cosplay and not apparently giving a fuck about it. However, that still doesn't overwrite the fact that she is obese and that is becoming a threat to her in long run if she doesn't do anything about it.

No. 364922

this makes me so sad, shes literally becoming a weight gain fetishist's wet dream
"If your car skids into oncoming traffic, and you die listening to The Archies sing "Sugar Sugar" it's your own damn laziness." -Chuck Palahniuk, Rant

No. 364926

she probably couldn't easily find any that fit kek

No. 364929

Don't feel bad for her. She is doing this to herself. She isn't some poor girl that needs saving. Let's remember that everything she does she is 100% proud of.

No. 364932

She looks sooo unimpressed and unenthusiastic

No. 364933

She realizes that this gets her the most attention, she's going with it. It's pretty gross, and I don't even feel sorry for her. She wanted this. She wanted all the attention that came with it, and now she'll crash and burn.

No. 364934

Holy shit, is that really SSS? Is she seriously that tiny? Moomoo looks like a bowling ball next to her. They should have swapped cosplays, but you know how pathetic and attention needy Moomoo is.

No. 364948


Lol saw that too. It is so obvious he doesn't want his dick anywhere near that land whale. She's trying to be overtly sexual with him and trying to touch and cuddle him and he is just like "Nope". Does she really never see how desperate she looks. She's like every other fat girl who thinks that by acting like a sexual deviant means that guys will totally want to them.

No. 364968

File: 1491064246835.png (75.8 KB, 720x405, Screenshot_20170401-182626.png)

Moo what about ur Moana? Don't bring more attention to this character if you're not gonna shit out ur crappy cos

No. 364969

File: 1491064326925.jpg (592.75 KB, 2048x1365, IMG_6947.JPG)

Ahahahahah holy fucking shit. She can not look good in any photos. Look at SSS compared to her jesus.
"Can I be your favorite toy? Play with me, and be too rough. I want you to break me."

No. 364970

File: 1491064571400.png (1.49 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6933.PNG)

Also Screen from Tasha Leigh's (Kodachi) snapchat.

I have zero idea why SSS and TL hangout with Momo, both are incredibly talented and incredibly good looking cosplayers. Perhaps they're just using Momo as the ugly friend so they can look better or Momo pays for their hotels and shit with her infinate patreon dollars.

No. 364972

Susu and Koreanbbq actually look really nice and are both wearing canon outfits. Their wigs and makeup look well done. Momo has talented friends that can help her so why does she look so unpolished?

No. 364973


Fucking ewww. She is definitely the ugly girl they keep around to make them look better by comparison. She pays for their hotel rooms and dinner, they let her think they are actually friends with her so she doesn't feel as pathetic.

No. 364974

We can see her working on that hellish bod …
I think they are still rooting for her to turn her cosplay around and don't want to abandon her even though she sucks because that's this friendship thing I guess
LGBT actually stands for
Let's Get down to Business
To defeat the huns

No. 364975

side note, is Susu married?

No. 364976

File: 1491065894981.jpg (120.82 KB, 800x1200, C8VswKbUMAAQbA6.jpg)

Another Shampoo at the con. Should've ironed that top but the wig is much nicer

About Susu's height: she's 1,57m / 5'1 according to her twitter

No. 364977

The wig is nicer than Momo's but that costume is just as much of a hot mess as hers.

No. 364978

This honestly looks like some found footage shit. Do better, Moomoo. All that ego and nothing to back it up, smh.

No. 364980

I don't know why so many people put Vampy and SSS over Moomoo when they're just as despicable as she is, only they're not fat. Vampy's costumes are NOT well constructed and she doesn't have talent, she's a trashy mooching hoe and relies on her "twerking" like Moomoo does on her "thicc" factory. SSS only has a kickass body with an average face and that's about it, she's just as laughably slutty and arrogant with her "lewds before nudes" attitude while posing basically nude. Keep in mind that both of these girls consistently hang around with Moomoo while other people gravitate away so they must be just as toxic of a person as Moomoo is.

But it's understandable that they look like cosplay goddesses when compared to Moomoo, but it really doesn't take that much effort to beat her in looks and skill.

No. 364981


She seriously has to have noticed how fat she has gotten. No amount of denial can hide that. Her arms and thighs are enormous and hammy and she has a noticeable gut. Like, come on Moomoo this is just sad.

No. 364982

I guess you're right, the wig and ribbons are also skewed / off

sage for OT

No. 364983

Yeah that's a total reach considering susu supports other sex workers and calls herself one. The one that says "lewds before nudes" is momo. As for Vampy I assume you mean Vamplettes and her costumes vary between terrible and well constructed which is weird and she definetly does mooch off momo. Still has no wheare near the drama momo does though. Anyway next time sage your bullshit.
Never underestimate ones ability to control the elements. You will be surprised how the tides can turn.

No. 364984

I disagree. SS has only made a few costumes and they're already legions better than anything Momo has made. Secondly, SS doesn't skirt around the fact that she makes incredibly suggestive images.
Momo acts like a bitch about everything whilst SS is more quiet about drama.

No. 364987

I think anon means the "no nudes, just lewds" phrase on her website.

Idk I have a feeling this anon has a hateboner for sex worker cosplayers. A few anons or one keep going on about how slutty SSS is. I personally don't agree but if they don't like sex workers in their cos, meh…

sage for OT

No. 364988

I agree. It seems like they might be drama-chan who keeps posting screen caps of Susu's tweets and saying that it's shade to momo and that she totally hates momo. That paragraph had the same type of reaching and fabricated crap.

No. 364991

Now THIS is reaching.

No. 364994

The funny thing about this new layout is that I can tell you're the same person who posted this >>364980

No. 364995

I think it changes every time doesn't it?

No. 364996

Oops I'm still Jackal Elk so I guess not.
Who are you when no one is watching?

No. 365005

She looks like their mother.

No. 365006

Oh no, sss totally hates momo and is disgusted by her same with Tasha, (remember when Tasha and Gabby tweeted shit about Mariah in the previous threads?) But SSS is professional about it and plays along.

No. 365008

Uhhh well when I mentioned vampy in my post about her shampoo I meant VampyBitMe lmao
I do think susu does shade moomoo a lot but then she also wasn't afraid to tell her to stop talking about the drama when moomoo when on her 500th rant about the haters again so who knows!!!
It's amazing that moomoo went out thinking she look good as shampoo knowing how fucking ill fitting that dress was… does anyone know who she's wearing today??

No. 365014

If she does go out it won't be until at least 2. The party life is strong in this one.

No. 365016

24% dip on patreon and counting. This shampoo costume and her huge weight gain must of put then off this month, if you were at Wondercon and happened upon her what was the reaction towards her?

No. 365018

To be fair this could also be in-character since this is the way Shampoo acts and Ranma is like "go away"

No. 365019

So is that Koreanbarbq still Momo's fuck buddy or what? She seems keeps him close when it's only relevant for cosplay purposes.

No. 365022


Since when has Moomoo ever been "in-character" when posing? Look at her Mei for fucks sake. This is nothing more than her being acutely aware of how fat and dumpy she looks and hoping no one notices by posing more inwardly.

No. 365028

Maaaaaan, her outfit could be really improved by a simple pair of beige tights. Shame that she chopped up her wig so badly.

No. 365030

Patreon drops at the beginning of the month don't really mean anything since there's usually a big drop from people whose pledges don't automatically re-subscribe each month.

No. 365035

File: 1491080911168.png (565.32 KB, 720x992, Screenshot_20170401-230625.png)

Camilla today 44 min ago

No. 365036

Samefag, but I peeped her story and her wig seems to look better this time. Her face doesn't look lost in it and I think the make-up is more flattering. That's something…

No. 365040

She actually looks pretty decent here when she's got a flattering lip gloss on, her wig is tamed, she's not making a tryhard face, and we can't see that dumpy body of hers.

Speaking of which, anyone else feel like she's the same size as Chellhellbunny at this point? They both have the same gross looking ass and thighs now that's for sure.
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No. 365043

File: 1491082630566.png (461.42 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4494.PNG)

She's much bigger than chel. With these eating habits she'll be mama June before the surgery by the end of this he year.

No. 365044

About damn time she looks decent though after what she delivered recently. Even she must feel bad with how she looked yesterday. Calling it there will be photo spam with today's footage while the con footage of Shampoo will be neglected due to atrociousness

No. 365045

Anyone else betting that Shampoo will forever be lost in the pile of reject costumes in her closet.

No. 365046


I would say they are about as equally as fat. Except Chel's tits look like fried eggs and her ass is as flat as a board. Momo seems to have at least lucked out when it comes to her tits. Her ass isn't great, but it's better than Chel's pancake pothole ass.

No. 365051

I'm wondering if she will get so big shes gonna need an electric wheelchair to scoot her around. That would be something else.

No. 365060

>susu only did this group cosplay so people would compare her to mariah and make mariah look bad


No. 365061


i know it's been said before that she gives of PT vibes but she REALLY gives off PT vibes dressed as shampoo
"If I am not who you say I am, you are not what you think you are." -James Baldwin

No. 365062

I will always respect SSS over any of the other coshoes because she is completely aware what she does is sex work, and markets herself as a sex worker first and a cosplayer second. She doesn't think she's God's gift to the cosplay world because she takes sexy lewds, unlike most of the coshoes out there

No. 365063

I feel like if Momo can't even make a fucking bedsheet draped over her look good, then there would be no helping the girl.

No. 365065

File: 1491086734708.jpg (5.84 MB, 5000x5000, pixlr.jpg)

Who wore it better?

No. 365066

PT of course!

No. 365067

Pt's wig is 100x better

No. 365068

Even the pose is better. PT puts way more life into her poses than Moomoo.

No. 365071

File: 1491088116100.gif (1.7 MB, 500x375, Shampoo_珊璞_Shampu_Nikholo_Ranm…)

Why does it look dark purple here then? It's a legit question, I've never watched it.

No. 365072

It's nighttime on the gif you picked, that's why it's darker.

No. 365073

File: 1491088756954.png (33.16 KB, 332x268, 1489264922543.png)

>when PT's cosplay is better than yours

No. 365074

Pt <3 Her skin looks really nice in this picture btw, and the purple hair kind of suits her?
Always reach for the stars, because even if you miss you'll be miles away from me with your motivational bullshit.

No. 365075

stellachuu is so disgusting…

No. 365078

Also, it wasn't uncommon for older anime to use purple or dark blue hair to represent black.

No. 365090

File: 1491094436049.png (198.23 KB, 640x796, IMG_4495.PNG)

All that photoshop to hide her cellulite.

No. 365092

Her face looks good here, but man… I still don't understand this alt. costume at all.

No. 365093

She's blurred so much she just looks like a realdoll

No. 365095

The look would be better than usual but dear Lord, I did not want to see so far up her inner thigh … and why show off that enormous thigh anyway, it looks scary. This could've been so nice. She tries to emulate her Higurashi shoot poses but that was different and a proper, longer shoot where you can cherry-pick from the results. This looks like a wardrobe malfunction

No. 365096

File: 1491095670437.png (231.11 KB, 316x323, ohno.PNG)

pls tell me she's wearing nude underwear

No. 365097

I just noticed that, too.
Either she's wearing a suit or panty that's super slim and higher on the waist or she is nude bottom-half ………..

No. 365098

For the sake of all the eyes and noses at that con, I hope she is wearing underwear. Especially after the sweat kicks in.

No. 365100

File: 1491096801148.jpg (82.09 KB, 652x666, CtGMPbWUkAA2HJm.jpg)

I don't think we've ever seen that much of her crotch? Usually this part is always covered. I looked at some of her photos and pic is the most extreme I found

Pic for comparison

No. 365103

lel she blurred out her knees

No. 365105


So much shooping. She isn't fooling anyone. So all that cellulite just suddenly disappeared Moomoo?

No. 365110

it didn't even look like she had on undies for shampoo so ….

No. 365128

TBH I thought she was wearing dance tights, but then I looked again and holy shit Moomoo, you are really trying, aren't you? We all know you lurk here. Get a fucking gym membership, stop eating junk food, and get your life in order. You are a fucking balloon!

No. 365130

File: 1491102649799.png (25.79 KB, 720x157, Screenshot_20170402-050806.png)

No. 365134

So she can wear tights for Camilla but not for Shampoo? Someone's been reading the thread

No. 365138

That one cosplayer is so tiny compared to our cow holy shit

No. 365143

How the fuck do you forget to put on black underwear?

No. 365147


Seriously, who the fuck is she talking to other than the people in this thread. How about you make it not so obvious that you lurk here Moomoo.

No. 365152

She was receiving a lot of pervy comments on ig

No. 365154

I don't think she wants those people to calm down.

No. 365157

you know, youre right. i dont think she wants them to calm down one bit

No. 365161

If they're implying she does not wear underwear and she has to clarify it for the rest of her followers… She may think of the board, too, but this is not just about lc, tinfoil hats. If a hundred commenters were so pervy to say they saw her suck dick behind the con building, she'd have to respond, too. Not a matter of calming her fan's perviness down but clarifying things her pervy fans point out. She clearly does not want anyone to believe she skipped on the underwear.
You can keep the rewards, I'd just as soon stay sick - The Cramps, "Bikini Girls With Machine Guns"

No. 365163

you kinda wonder why, because believing she wasn't wearing any underwear when they spoke to her might actually encourage some fans to interact with her, since all her fans are gross and creepy like that

No. 365167


Because to her, not wearing underwear makes her look like a trashy slut who will fuck anything that moves. In her head, the type of girls who don't wear underwear in public are the type who give sex up to anyone that asks. And as we all know, she doesn't want anyone to ever think that what she does is porn or that she is a sex worker.

No. 365169

She's just a hypocrite. Or a hippo-crite.
Instead of making sure to have a functioning wardrobe that doesn't raise questions if she's wearing underwear or not, she just tells her followers to calm down when they're wondering.
I understand it in this case tho that she wanted to clarify. Not because she is a slut-shamer. It would be gross not to wear underwear under this specific, revealing attire at a normal con. It would be indecent and that's why I get she edited the caption
You can keep the rewards, I'd just as soon stay sick - The Cramps, "Bikini Girls With Machine Guns"

No. 365189

File: 1491133595501.jpg (153.46 KB, 540x960, IMG_2045.JPG)

"We did the thing today. Very proud of these original designs. And even more impressed we both did them in less than 12 hours lol

Thank you so much to everyone I was honestly super worried people wouldn't like the cosplay cause it's different and because it wasn't too recognizable…. but everyone was so awesome and made me feel like all the work I put into this was worth so thank you it made today really special for me. (:"

No. 365198

hoping this is flipped and she's not one of the many dumbasses in cosplay who wear kimonos right over left

No. 365202

>did it in less than 12 hours!
>the work i put into it~

bitch which one is it.

No. 365209

I always shipped Ryoma/Camilla for the sake of having all cross-kingdom supports in Revelation, so imo it looks a lot better now that she's with a Ryoma. Without Ryoma though it'd be just another unrecognizable Mewtwo kimono gijinka.

No. 365215

I can sort of see the edge of her underwear, it just got lost in all the blurring.

No. 365217

Did anyone at the con even take her photo? I tried to find photos of her Camilla but I couldn't find anything on boards, twitter or IG
"Can I be your favorite toy? Play with me, and be too rough. I want you to break me."

No. 365218


Doubtful. How many times has she bragged about "everyone loving her cosplay" and "meeting so many fans and taking so many pictures" only to find out no one really gave a shit and she stopped wearing it after about an hour.

No. 365220

I couldn't find any either, and I really wanted to see a candid Camilla

No. 365225


Oh look momo spouting out shitty Chinese again (2:40)

No. 365227

Cosplay girls are so fake it hurts.

No. 365302

I honestly think she'll run into problems if she chooses to go through with that Moana armor cosplay… not just because she'll probably make it terribly, but because all of the Moana cosplayers I saw this weekend (and I managed to see 7 or 8) were actually poc. They might not've been Hawaiian but you could tell that they definitely were not white (or white passing) and used their natural hair… so I am morbidly curious about Momo's follow through with this.

No. 365303

>"yes, speak my language"
>momos face when she switches to "oh d-did i say it correctly?" damage control

No. 365336


I love how she's mid tongue-flick on Stella's face when she says that. Tee hee she's so quirky and kind of a lesbo she's SO KAWAII

No. 365360

Yaya Han has cosplay plans for the bunny suit Camilla…

No. 365363


Can't wait as we know it'll look far better than anything Momo has done for Camilla so far. Ever since she failed on her costume again when Yaya debuted hers she's remained quiet and is no longer licking her ass when it comes to this character. Usually we'd see her all over her 'idol' about her cosplay ideas but nothing so far about the Easter version.

No. 365389

File: 1491214402213.jpg (295.96 KB, 720x960, IMG_6763.JPG)

No. 365402

Does Momo do his makeup too? His contour is always as harsh and awful as her's.

No. 365426

He looks like one of those men that regret their marriage

No. 365430

Are there no photos of all of them together as the ranma group?

No. 365434

No that's usually how asian or crossplayers do their makeup. They do really intense contour to change their face. Etc.

No. 365437

the linebacker comment…ouch

No. 365438

File: 1491241314907.png (592.38 KB, 894x624, ouch.png)

dropped pic?

No. 365439

They are both such twisted and gross people

No. 365440

Mariah probably ditched them to hang out with more popular Cosplayers like Stella and Holly just like she did at Katsucon.

No. 365444


Either she obviously shooped or that corset is really doing a number on her. Does she really think she is fooling anyone? So your waist all of a sudden got that small Moomoo?

No. 365445

That is the face of a defeated man

No. 365446

She's probably wearing tons of shapewear to hide that gut

No. 365451

Is no one gonna mention those ugly fucking loafers holy shit, moomoo… I thought the Chanel brand on your nail was cheap and tacky but those shoes…15k for you to look like a homeless weeaboo how great

No. 365456

God I'm so glad someone else noticed how fucking tacky and trashy that Chanel brand logo looked. Only people who have literally no sense of fashion think plastering brand logos on them fixes the issue.

No. 365463

Moochlette looks like a tranny in this pic

No. 365464

To be fair, she looks like a tranny in every pic.

No. 365465

True. She really needs to either get her nose fixed or a different style.

No. 365488

That waist to thigh ratio is disgusting. Who does she think she's fooling?

No. 365489

Seriously, she looks like someone's squeezing her waist and everything is popping out at the ends
but her ass is still flat

No. 365495


Its a crime against nature to be that fat but have no ass. She's an anomaly.

No. 365496

A lot of people like a small waist and large thighs. And whenever something gets trendy people overdo it until it looks grotesque.

No. 365498


Watch her take a second close up picture and be like "Not wearing a corset or shapewear dudes. The lies you guys make up about me lol"

No. 365499

It's so overdone to the point that one of her thighs looks damn near thicker than her waist.
How did she post this thinking that looked good?

No. 365508

Maybe her waist actually got smaller afrer wearing these corsets/waist thingies for such a long time
I don't know if that's possible in like a year or 2 ?

No. 365511

Pardon had to del a typo
>How does she breathe? She looks so uncomfortable

I agree and I think it's possible to shrink your waist in that time

No. 365515

i like how's she's too fat to wear anything confidently other than musty black leggings and t shirts.

No. 365516

Nothing has changed except shop, angles and shapewear. You can see her true box shape here just the day before. >>364859

No. 365517


Has she ever worn a crop top? She's always complaining about how hot it is at cons during the summer but of course it would be when she's wearing tight and uncomfortable shape wear under not light and airy cosplays.

No. 365518


Those leggings must stink to high heaven considering how much wears them. I don't think she has been photographed wearing anything else when she isn't in cosplay. It probably because her lard ass can't fit into anything else comfortably or it will betray how much of a land whale she has become that she is desperately trying to hide.

No. 365534

Moomoo's wig is soooo chopped and ratty. She looks nothing like shampoo..

No. 365536


She's totally lurking. rofl

No. 365556

No. 365557

File: 1491275446705.jpg (70.91 KB, 749x735, C8hNFDPVwAAXvih.jpg)

God she looks like she's forty lmfaooo

No. 365561


Fucking lord she looks like a grandma. And she isn't even fucking close to 30. Seriously, this should be a wake up call Moomoo.

No. 365562

File: 1491276901738.jpg (185.32 KB, 898x1024, 9b6c2f5b6a78ee5f3340c83621dd08…)

If she ever got extreme lip filler, she'd look just like Big Ang…

No. 365563

In the back of one of the Camilla hotel shots you can see it on a wig head kinda thrown in the background and it looks like it's begging for death

No. 365564

File: 1491277123913.png (48.05 KB, 750x798, IMG_9933.PNG)

this picture

No. 365565

momo is NOT someone who benefits from natural light from above. ick

No. 365566

She's going to have killer jowels in a couple years

No. 365568

Why can't cosplay photogs use lighting equipment

No. 365570

File: 1491278907585.png (Spoiler Image, 150.04 KB, 773x969, IMG_2762.PNG)

No. 365571


The comment about the linebacker killed me. I wasn't ready. It's so honest.

No. 365573

Thank you for pointing that comment out. Fucking savage.

No. 365574

File: 1491280140832.png (623.61 KB, 717x1024, Capture _2017-04-03-21-24-47.p…)

How fucking embarrassing
Momo's "friend" shot Velma at the same exact place and I cannot believe the difference in quality (in terms of costume, pose,etc)

Its a shame this chick is also a cow but wow, moo. Way to be upstaged by a nobody you pity friended

No. 365575

So it's doing bunny Camilla…I refer to MooMoo as it now because in the reveal video on Twitter moomoo..Just really looks like a raging gross neckbeard lol. I dunno why its trying to make that a thing but it looks like and acts like a dude.

No. 365576

Autism knows no gender.

No. 365577

you can stop posting now.

No. 365579

She looks like a 45 year old mom who's taking "sexy" photos for her 50 year old husband that got into his weeb stage late.

No. 365581

Not sure if you've noticed but arabs generally age the worst out of any race. The guys look like 60 years old at 40 and the women look like grandmothers at 25.

No. 365583

3 gems and moomoo, the rock https://www.instagram.com/p/BSc1rsildoQ/

No. 365587

Midna_ash is a thing on her own but jfc moomoo ur group is doing cutesy poses and ur the one that has to try and upstage them by doing the most basic of jojo poses

No. 365596

How is this chick a cow?

No. 365598


No. 365603

No it's true. A lot of them also enter puberty a lot earlier than let's say europeans. There are literally 12 yo with beards and on top of that are typical arab features like a stronger nose with dark deep set eyes, that moomoo also has, incredibly aging.

No. 365607

Saw Momo and Colette at WonderCon. Both are much shorter and stumpier than I thought.

No. 365610


Because this photo absolutely called for a retarded jojo pose, Moomoo. No matter how much you do those stupid poses, it doesn't make you an actual fan and people can still see through your bullshit.

No. 365613

Don't call her The Rock that is very insulting to Dwayne Johnson! Also I like how her friends are just doing normal poses and she tries to fucking be all try hard and do a Jojo pose. Seriously fuck off, Moomoo even trying to steal attention in group photos with friends.

No. 365619

I know 30 y.o. women looking younger and fresher than Moomoo.

No. 365621


She's obviously incredibly insecure and desperately needs to be the center of attention no matter what.

No. 365623

Her patreon is losing money now right? It looked to be that she lost some subs, but of course that could be the single sub users not yet re subbing.

She needs to admit that shes shit, values her quality way too high, and just do full porn cosplay if she is going to keep at it. Shes not on any level of high quality cosplay wonderCON proved that.

There are tons of no names with access to a community 3d printer and a babys first sewing kit that out costume her.

Not sure why, but I'm legit mad at her making so much fucking money. Someone tell me a good patreon cosplayer I'm donating to them.

No. 365627

File: 1491315326532.png (42.44 KB, 545x750, IMG_6620.PNG)

It's the beginning of the month. It'll bounce back up during the month once she releases her April set. It's been like this since December.

No. 365631

File: 1491317334044.jpg (575.13 KB, 2000x1333, IMG_3817.JPG)

No. 365634

I'm surprised she doesn't speak Mandarin, what with how many Chins she has

No. 365635

File: 1491318836454.png (68.46 KB, 750x498, IMG_9928.PNG)

No. 365652

File: 1491324066250.jpg (41.65 KB, 184x724, mariah's fan.jpg)

No. 365653

I'm honestly just in it now to watch her get fat. I want her to become the rotten blueberry she truly is

No. 365654

At least he's honest.

No. 365655


She's basically one belly stuffing video away to finally fulfilling her subs desires

No. 365657

She's fat like Mariah

No. 365658

>her fans are feeders
Can't say I'm surprised

No. 365660


Anyway to confirm without giving her money on patreon?

No. 365665

Momo's thigh is as big as that Ranma's waist.

No. 365673

fucking kek

she made a big mistake standing next to susu ever, wow…

No. 365675

File: 1491332105328.jpg (113.72 KB, 730x960, IMG_3820.JPG)

Momo just posted this to facebook saying it's going to be a shirt. Wow…

No. 365679

Putting aside the subject matter for a second to say that this art is shit. She makes what, 15k a month and can't commission someone decent? Yikes!

No. 365680

What's worse if she doesn't give the artist a percentage of profits made. She's using their design and unless they sold the design to her, it's only fair to do so.

No. 365681

File: 1491333288047.png (71.81 KB, 750x826, IMG_3821.PNG)

She makes 15k and couldnt commission better art or get her own fucking slogan??

No. 365682

>Lewds not nudes
Does she realise that lewd has more negative connotations than nude does? Every time she hops aboard the "lewds not nudes" train she also comes like she has this "I'm not naked so it's better" thinking, so it's strange that she'd use a word like that.

She seems to think her photos are inherently classier than others just because she's wearing more clothes but her porny clothed shoots aren't better than well-shot nude photos.

sage for boring pet peeve

No. 365684

It's way more triggering when you realize she ripped the phrase from an actual sex worker who supports both nude and non nude models and turned it into some snobby jab and women who go nude. >>365681

No. 365686

Are you asking for her lewds/nudes or whatever? Or jsut for a comparison between her and momo?

No. 365687

At least Sheena sells shit based off of, you know, her.

This is literally just a lewd Mei from Overwatch and that's the only things fans of the games will see. Not Momo.

I hope Blizzard tells them to knock it off if she really does try to sell this.

No. 365690


Both is good.

No. 365691


Unfortunately that is unlikely. Suzy did something similar with a shirt she was selling that was a blatant ripoff of D.Va's logo that she kept screaming about how it was ok because "it was a parody" and didn't see any repercussions from Blizzard. So it's even less likely they would shut Moomoo down. Although I can't imagine they would even sell well since she is an even bigger no name than Suzy and doesn't have the Game Grumps brand to leech from.


It makes her even more trashier since she also preaches the "Us girls need to stick together and stop trying to tear each other down" bullshit. She somehow thinks she is better than all those girls because she doesn't display her land whale body for everyone to see even though her photos are just as explicit and sexually suggestive. She is a complete retard if she thinks that just because she doesn't show her tits and pussy or having sex it means that what she is doing doesn't count as sex work.

No. 365693

The shirt is going to sell amongst the neckbeards you guys know this. It's kind of impossible to get her to stop or tear her down at this point because there's an army of 60 thousand neckbeards behind her. Even if each neckbeard gave her a buck a month they'd be giving her 60k a month. She has too many gross fans to support her and unfortunately it probably won't go away because look at Chelhellbunny. She's fat and disgusting and still makes a living off of neckbeards who like to see her dirty asshole. I dunno I would love more than anything to see a piece of shit like Mariah break down and finally go away but she's got so much support from so many losers on the internet.

No. 365694


That's why I think Pixyteri went away was because she didn't have the huge cult following like MooMoo does to outweigh all the negatives people who attack her.

The only way these jerks are going to turn their back on this bitch is if someone has a video of her saying "ew omg my fans are so gross and desperate but they give me money". I don't even think a sex tape will ruin her career because that's what these fuckheads want. If anything it will get her more famous.

No. 365696

Actually chel did it for free and still does it for free.

No. 365699

She literally has a photo of her tits with whipped cream. How is that not just as bad as fully nude. The only difference is a fucking nipple.

No. 365701

File: 1491337750868.png (160.75 KB, 720x755, Screenshot_2017-04-04-13-22-51…)


Actually another way to make her stop is to make her lonely at the top with no real friends who actually have her back. I think she's almost there.

I dunno why Tasha and susu try to be friends with her still, she's such a rude bitch lol.

Anyone notice Colette has been pushed into the background lately as just her sad side lackey? That shit breeds contempt

No. 365703

"I'm better than X cosplayer because I refuse to be fully nude." -Momo

"Look at my nipples covered in whipped creme" - also momo

No. 365705

In before her inevitable chimping out when people start giving her shit for tweeting that.

No. 365707

isn't s good portion of her fanbase the body positivity sjw type to begin with? i'm sure they're not the ones paying for her softcore cute groping sets, but it seems real dumb to try and alienate yourself from a demographic of your fanbase

No. 365708


A large portion of that 60k aren't even real followers. It's more like 20k. And even that 20k isn't all donating to her. So her shirts would sell like shit because maybe only 75-100, if we're being generous, would actually buy them. But at least she isn't a complete retard like Chel and actually charged money for her gross pics. I Chel isn't exactly a great model since just like Moomoo, she has more haters than fans except she deleted and blocks anyone who says something about her that isn't kissing her ass.


Ohhh. I smell a total chimp out coming on. She is practically inviting the SJWs to come in to shit on her. This should be fun.

No. 365712

Wasnt she all for body positivity and sjw shit before? Now she wants that fuckboy demographic I guess.

No. 365714


SJWs will eat each other alive when given the chance. They constantly try to out virtue signal each other and if someone says anything that can even be slightly seen as excluding or insulting a group of people they drag you out into the streets and shame you into never speaking again. And Moomoo just rung the proverbial bell by not only shaming a group of people, but also daring the SJWs to come at her because "fuck them and their feelings".

No. 365715

File: 1491340029976.jpg (173.97 KB, 720x1081, Collage 2017-04-04 13_40_48.jp…)

I mean here is a comparison of the two
I can't get any good photos of her body that really show it off I guess? She is like, the same size if not bigger than moomoo but she has a smaller waist a big ass
My friend is one of her patrons

No. 365717


Jesse christ. Moomoo thighs make me want to barf whenever I see them. So fucking hammy and gross.

No. 365718


She looks leagues better than momo in terms of quality cosplay.

Any chance your friend can hit me with a dropbox or mega?

No. 365719


the fat ate her knees ages ago

No. 365723

I hate when you thirsty neckbeards worm your way into our threads. Go back to 4chan and beg for patreon nudes there.

No. 365724


i know we've been over this, but not only is the long wig not accurate, but it's ratty and gross looking. jfc moomoo. coldn't handle a short wig? her face is dumb, her costume is shit and her legs are gross even with the shoop.
i also think she's kind of a susu rip off. i think it works in susu's case because she admits it's sex work but she has no interest in showing her nips or vag. thought lots of her bikini pictures have come close to it these days i can respect that being her motto. moomoo just took it and tries to make it her own while trying so say she's better than other girls by not showing her ugly bod

No. 365728

Says the girl who leaked her own nudes.

No. 365730

File: 1491341042926.jpg (144.23 KB, 640x852, IMG_7951.JPG)

So a friend of mine took some photos of her in her Camilla kimono. Even though they came out blurry you can still tell how bad the kimono looked when she wasn't flashing her vag and hamhawk leg out

No. 365732

That fabric is cheap Halloween costume-tier.

No. 365735

It's even more ironic since we got her nudes before she started doing the whole patreon thing. Maybe that's why she didn't completely go with the "lewds before nudes" slogan because she knew she sounded like a fucking hypocrite.

No. 365737

I just realized that the whole Fire Emblem kimono thing with KBBQ was suppose to be like a wedding between the two characters. Which just makes the whole situation awkward when Mariah was chimping out about KBBQ weeks before on Twitter

No. 365741

I've only been passively skimming these threads but does kbbq have any milk on him? He looks pretty qt.

No. 365743

He supposedly is going into the military so he can gain citizenship since he's undocumented, but lately he's doing momoish things like virgin killer sweater. So it's likely not working out.

No. 365756

Were you one of the fat, poor fucks who wished they were one of the cool 90s/00s kids in school?

No. 365758

that is bait, don't fall for it ya dumb-dumb

No. 365762

I just wanted to have fun with it. It'll be banned soon anyways
Maybe their a pedophile because their love for Bratz is kind of creepy

No. 365793

I like how Moomoo's Velma looks like A dollar store knock off type while the other girl looks amazing.

And she looks like she has no clue what the magnifying glass is actually used for

No. 365806


Because everyone was clearly begging to see a close up of that disgusting maw of a pussy and those hammy thighs and knees.

No. 365811

This bitch.
I'm glad Tasha was able to speak up. Fuck Momo, seriously.

No. 365826

File: 1491357816223.png (351.34 KB, 1242x1768, IMG_2414.PNG)

She essentially sicced her neckbeards onto Tasha for calling her out too. What a fucking cunt, holy shit. I hope they drop her ass.

No. 365829

What a fucking cunt… how do people not see or realize how fucking toxic moomoo is??? Like didn't they just cosplay together a couple days ago?? Is she jealous of Tasha and how she could possibly have gotten along better with other people??

No. 365832

Wtf momo could have at least said something to shut them up. Are her and tasha not talking anymore? Momo has me blocked so I cant see if they still follow each other

No. 365834

>all these fat cows cosplaying Velma

What did she ever do to suffer this fate?

No. 365836

File: 1491359689487.gif (139.87 KB, 379x440, 1476402029987.gif)

kek that didn't take long, I bet momo is jelly that Tasha is better looking than her. SSS and Tasha need to dump her ass, it's clear Momo is a shit person and thinks she's better than them

No. 365839

They both look awful. One just has a more accurate wig.

No. 365841

They still follow each other.

I feel like Tasha and SSS are only with her to idk..take her fans away. Tbqh if I was a person supporting someone like Momo and see her hanging out with people like Tasha and SSS, I'll drop her ass in an instant and go support them instead.

No. 365843

You know how ever friend group has a big bitch that people hangout with even tho no one likes her. That's MooMoo's role in the group.

No. 365844

SSS and Tasha both seem like reasonable people, it honestly just makes me think less of them tbh. Momo is a cancer in the community, I don't understand why people lick herbass so much.

No. 365846


This bitch is so fucking trashy. She practically breathes toxicity yet every week she complains about hating drama and getting sick of hearing it. I'm sure that even her own "friends" are sick of her bullshit by this point.

No. 365847

File: 1491360863542.png (432.37 KB, 1440x1558, Screenshot_2017-04-04-22-51-26…)

No. 365856

Sss has more patrons than momo and makes more but ok lol. Seems more like defending tasha from the whiteknights which momo should be doing since it's her fault they're showing up

No. 365858

That was also my thought. Poor Tasha.

No. 365860

She litterally has double the patrons moo has with half the fanbase.

No. 365861

>non-ironic use of sjw

oh boy, wait until she finds out that those "sjws" will go above and beyond to support their faves financially while the fuckboys she wants to cater to will just move on

No. 365870

Maybe SSS stays around Moomoo to get more patrons or to steal hers away? I wouldn't have heard about her if it weren't for the mess that is Moomoo. I don't know why anybody would want to cosplay with her or be seen with her in public at all besides just to look good by comparison

No. 365875

They cater to two different demographics though. Momo's fans obviously like fat girls, not thin ones. Look how many comments she gets begging her to stay fat whenever she posts about working out or losing weight.

No. 365879

Just checked graph and though ss has double the patrons, mariah makes 2k more per month. Probably because she charges $50 vs ss who charges $20. Sage for autism.

No. 365888

Moomoo does fake numbers and doesn't honor the pledges

No. 365895

SS and Tasha just need to dump Moo.
I just want someone to post Moomoo's nudes in the thread so she can shut her ass up over this *~*~*~*~Lews Not Nudes*~*~*~*~ bullshit

No. 365908

SSS and Bulma cosplay friend featured in this

No. 365913

Um ok? They arent cows and the thread isnt about them.

No. 365914

Honestly why does SSS keep defending Moomoo all the time? There MUST be something she's gaining from her to be this goddamn forgiving.

No. 365915

That was defending tasha. The whiteknight faggot was calling her salty. what i want to know is why sss keeps getting brought up when there's no milk. All people mention is that she's momo's friend.

No. 365917

File: 1491370386616.jpg (122.44 KB, 1024x682, Op8DMbX.jpg)

No. 365918

Whas with the apron?

No. 365920

File: 1491370783292.jpg (131.65 KB, 1080x1350, w2r7t2J.jpg)

No. 365921

dear fucking lord … she seriously didn't even consider wearing shapewear tights? At the very least not to hide her lumpy malformed thighs, but to cover her disgusting fanny. It looks like she's just wearing a shirt. I understand the characters dress is short, but when you are fat you add some length so your vag isn't just hangin out in public. Fuck she looks so ratty.

microtriggered at cosplayers that don't add volume to shampoo wigs. She has large bouncy hair, not some sad wet noodle hanging from a mess of bells.

No. 365925

Shampoo works in a raman restaurant and wears on in the anime/manga frequently.
I don't understand the people who don't have the courtesy to wear dance tights. No one wants to see your pale cottage cheese thighs.


No. 365927

this shot did not do her any favors…why do chicks widen their eyes like this to make their eyes bigger it makes her look psycho

No. 365930

kek her elbows are starting to disappear

No. 365933

So shes now on the witch hunt for a guy who video taped Collette's ass at wondercon

No. 365937


Fucking lord that face is the stuff of nightmares

No. 365938


All that money and momo couldn't hire a better artist? This looks like shit

No. 365940


She is such a fucking coward. She is always looking to dogpile and brigade whenever she has a raging mob behind her who won't disagree with her out of fear of being lumped in with the ones she is going after. Now all of a sudden she wants be all "Cosplay doesn't equal consent!" and "This is beyond not cool and totally creepy!" when there are guys who will literally tell her how much they want to jerk off on her and describe all the sexually explicit things they want to do her and she acts like a trashy slut who enjoys that kind of talk. Yet this is straw that broke the camel's back Moomoo? And now her and her leech Colette are mass retweeting everyone in an attempt to get the guy arrested or some retarded shit that they think will actually work. Maybe if you and your parasite leech didn't act like sex obsessed sluts then you wouldn't invite that kind of behavior. But please, continue to act like trashy hoes on Twitter and then complain about being treated like fuck meat.

This is no different than her "I will lay your ass out if you touch me without my consent" wannabe tough talk like she will actually do something. But she is somehow free to get completely shitfaced drunk and touch you inappropriately because "lol who wouldn't want me all over them?"

No. 365941

File: 1491377290200.jpg (211.68 KB, 960x1199, C4Qu80tUoAAWnys.jpg)

Okay but can we just pls compare VampyBitMe's Shampoo compared to Momo's? Like the wig itself is such a HUGE difference

No. 365943

She fucking took it down after the video was taken down…wow what a fucking coward

No. 365944


She always tries to act like the big, bad "don't fuck with me or my friends" type, but at the end of the day she never does shit because she is such a no name that no one gives a shit after about 15 mins or people see her for the drama whore lolcow that she is.

Someone who is widely considered as one of the biggest cancers in the cosplay community is trying to get people to brigade for one of her shitty friends? Fuck out of here with that shit.

And again, Collette clutching her pearls and trying to act all offended and play the victim when she literally has a patreon that largely revolves around people paying for her shitty "twerking"? Like get the fuck out with that shit. You and Moomoo act like trashy cosplay sluts then get all buttmad when people treat you like the fuck meat that you sell yourselves as.

No. 365946

Is that the beginning of Acanthosis Nigricans on her elbows?

No. 365947

File: 1491378725847.jpg (91.46 KB, 655x349, DSCN8330.jpg)

No. 365949

No matter how trashy or slutty they may act Cosplay is never consent though. I understand why their "omg someone's following me around with a cam HOW CREEPY!" attitude seems fake af tho. Still, collete definitely has every right to be upset lol

No. 365952


It's the same as "talk shit, get hit"

You want to sell yourself as a "thicc sex goddess" or a "twerk queen"? Well this is the type of shit you invite especially if you do literally nothing to curtail the comments to the point of being seen as embracing them. All you're doing is incentivizing assholes to treat you like the fuck meat that you sell yourself as because according to the comments, it's fair game with you.

It would be one thing if this was some run of the mill, no name cosplayer with no type of following. But these are two known cosplayers (One of whom is largely seen as a cancerous drama whore) whose main selling point is "thicc sex goddess who will make all your nerd fantasies come true".

No. 365953

I'm not digging the other girl but Momo looks worse even with high heels whereas the other one has flats. That's sad.

No. 365957

They're both retarded tbh.

Like the anon above me said, cosplay is not consent, and even if you are a cosplayhoe who sells pictures of her ass on the internet, you are not someone else's property and deserve to be left alone if you're not comfortable. You sell a product and they buy it, yes. That doesn't mean you owe them anything else though. Men who think it's okay to do X to you because you're in cosplay/dressed a certain way are creeps and deserve to be called out. This neckbeard is no exception.

On the other hand, as a woman you have to understand that you cannot expect every man to be a good guy, and you have to develop a certain amount of common sense as to not purposely put yourself in awkward or dangerous situations. These cosplayhos constantly do just that. They sell their tits and asses (indirectly), make lewd comments all the time ("Lol I watched hentai all day long. Check out this ahegao selfie I took.") and actively encourage their male fanbase to be creepy af to them, because that's how you gain popularity and make more cash. Of course some autistic neckbeards are not going to understand that the fake sense of intimacy created on the internet is really just that - fake, and doesn't apply irl. Just like this particular individual: "Wtf I paid $5 to see your ass whenever I want to, why can't I see it now?!?"

No. 365959

Yeah but like let's look at it like the susu's fans from what I've seen, seem pretty tame and she seems to have a good grip on how they should behave vs. moomoo who fucking acts like she's not doing porn yet people keep urging her to do so, leaked her own fucking nudes and still acts like she's above sex work, when she is indeed doing sex work, she's also the type to be all over kbbq's dick whenever he's around and then shits all over him when he's talking to a much prettier girl, now I wholeheartedly agree cosplay isn't consent, but moomoo only ducking cares about that shit when it only effects HER and ONLY HER, like where was she when the fucking creep from touhou con was taking inappropriate pics of minors or that one guy that recently got arrested with the ugly ass bowl cut for forcing minors and adults to do inappropriate photos, like hell the list goes on, I think that's why some anons are taking her "witch hunt" with a grain of salt because moomoo could give a shit about her friends or "girls" when they're being harassed
Like shit u could be a stripper but that doesn't mean people should treat you like an object at or outside of work
But yeah moomoo is fucking full of shit

No. 365960

For real like vampys shampoo is miles and miles better than moomoos cowpoo

No. 365961

This is extremely off topic, I know, but I don't know where else I should ask: Is there a Google Drive of SSS Patron pictures?

No. 365967

He took it down because she asked him to, but Moomoo won't shut up about it.

He says that he had permission, and I believe it, but the video is gone anyway. Moo is so thirsty for drama, jfc.

No. 365968

her eyes have to have been edited even with her shitty circle lenses they stand out way too much in this picture

No. 365977

If you're going to jack off to her the least you could do is pay the woman a little, without patrons there shan't be Patreon shoots :^)

No. 365979

Just go buy one of her photosets they are only 10$. Also she makes quality stuff unlike Moomoo.

No. 365987

What does she do to these wigs to make them look so bad?

No. 365989


Either it was poorly transported, or she cut it without having it on a head first.

No. 365991

Moomoo is full of shit and can go get fucked with this witch hunt she is trying to go on. She only gives a shit when this type of stuff affects her and only her and only when she has an angry mob backing her ready to do her bidding because she is such a huge coward. Any other time she is ususally being a huge drama cow who couldn't give two fucks about any other women.

The person she is trying to go after is the exact type of lonely virgin that she caters her "work" to. The ones she builds up in their heads as her being their "thicc sex goddess girlfriend who like all the nerdy and geeky things he does" and does nothing to make them think otherwise because that would mean losing out on precious dollars.

This isn't about her trying to protect her "friends", or in Colette's case, a leech who rides her coat tails, its about her trying to prove to everyone that she is "such a good person who only preaches positivity and is such a good force in the cosplay community" and not the cancerous drama cow who complains about drama every week and is constantly throwing shade at other women, thinking that she is so above them because she doesn't take off her clothes. This all could have been handled behind closed doors with private messages but her and Collete had to drag this out in public for everyone to see because Moomoo constantly needs the attention on her and wants to pretend like she actually gives a shit.

No. 365992

I feel like this cosplay would have looked better the other way around. And that dress Momo is wearing looks wayyy to short

No. 365994

Well good news if you liked her shitty shampoo cosplay, shes doing a lewd set of it. OH fucking joy.

No. 365996


So you mean I get to see her shitty cosplay and gross hammy, cottage cheese thighs from multiple angles in shitty poses? Oh joy.

No. 365998

Hey now. There won't be any cottage cheese! She'll make sure to abuse the blur tool.

No. 365999

It still shows through the blur.

No. 366000

Wasn't this bitch just putting down women who do nudes the other day?

No. 366001

If she kept her nose out of drama, I might be able to enjoy her weight gain as a fetish, but she just can't seem to do that.

No. 366002


Yep. She went all "fuck SJWs. I won't tiptoe around their feels. Lewds before nudes bros" Almost all the time she is throwing shade at other women like she is so much better than them because she doesn't take off her clothes for the world to see her flabby 40 year old man body. Now she wants to pull that "us girls need to stick together and look out for one another" bullshit.

No. 366004

This is also the same girl that leaked her own nudes to get Twitter famous, but at the same time puts other women down who pose nude.

No. 366006

Why are the people ITT so aggressively defensive when people say anything about SSS? That tweet screencap looked like she's defending Mariah at a first glance.

Jesus christ that's so horrifying I don't get how she thought it's worth putting online. That face and those demon eyes are terrifying. And fix that fucking rat's nest of a wig.

Yeah she NEVER calls out the guys leaving disgusting comments on her pics. They could literally be talking about how they want to "fuck that thicc whore ass and cum all over it" and she'd do nothing. She's one of the reasons guys think cosplaying girls are nothing but sex-starved sluts so you'd think she'd take a bit more responsibility than just when it's convenient for her.

No. 366008

defending mariah from what? Her OWN whiteknights? If you're wrong people will correct you here. You're taking it too hard.

You're right about that horrid wig and demon eyes though. Momo has a really bad eye for designing costumes. She always chooses shit fabrics, wrong colors and ratty wigs.
In regards to your comment about dudes thinking cosplayers are "sex starved sluts" litterally no one actually thinks that. Those beta boys just use the "well look how she's dressed" or any excuse they can to harass women. Even cosplayers line AnzuJamu who don't do anything sexual get sexualized and stalked by 4chan creeps.

No. 366009

I have no idea why Momo and all the other cosplaywhores think they're so much better than sex workers. They literally do softcore porn, the only difference is that they do it while wearing a pink wig. And yet they're all so fucking arrogant towards other internet hoes who at least have the self-awareness to admit that they're hoes.

It's like they need the self-esteem boost of being perfect unreachable animu goddesses everyone faps to and fantasizes about, but at the same time they do not want to accept the reality of them making a living by selling their bodies to a bunch of unwashed neckbeards. They're all so delusional.

No. 366010


She practically feeds off of drama like a cow. Every week she is bitching about "hating drama and doesn't want to hear it", yet she is constantly the source of it. The only time she doesn't hate it is when it's not her that is being publicly raked through the coals. And she is always looking to shift focus away from her when she is getting too much heat. She throws Tasha under the bus with her "Fuck SJWs. I don't care about their feels. Lewds before nudes bros!", she gets shit for that, then she immediately tries to shift the focus to "Go at this creep who was filming my friend's ass! Fuck that guy amirite? Us girls needs to stick together!"

No. 366011

I think it has something to do with seeming "attainable" to the neckbeards who pay their bills. If they don't call themselves sex workers then the neckbeards will think they have a chance, not like the porn stars which look like the unattainable women that snub and make fun of them~

No. 366012

That kind of makes sense. Kind of like the idea that if they attend the conventions the cosplayers are just attendees like them. Somehow that makes them more approachable than say a pornstar at a signing.

No. 366014


Yup. The pretty much sell themselves as your "perfect, thicc, sex goddess, animu girlfriend who likes all the nerdy and geeky things you like, who you totally have a shot with because we like the same things and I'm not like all those other mean girls who make fun of you for being a nerdy loser and won't give you the time of day".

No. 366015

What a huge surprise! It's not like she can't do one cosplay without making a lewd set of it. It always seems like a "well since I'm in the costume right now, just take some shitty photos of me in the hotel room lol".
I mean besides the ships cosplay(still made it slutty too) has she done a proper photoshoot just to you know, have an accurate nice photo taken of her cosplay? It really shows she only does this to please her neck beard following. Not because she loves the character or she just enjoys the act of cosplaying. She should be paying for a good photoshoot for 15k, it's odd to me her followers are okay with getting actual shit for their money. There's other fat cosplayers who give a shit and are probably hotter.
Ended up ranting more than I meant to, it just bothers me.

I don't know about that, isn't a big stereotype of women cosplayers where people think they are 'easy'?
Maybe I've talked to or overheard just generally shitty people. Especially now with all these patreon type cosplayers.

No. 366016

Ships = Shion

No. 366017

In your honest opinion who are the other fat cosplayers who give a shit?

No. 366018


And yet in the same breath she will be like "Us girls need to stick together and stop trying to compare each other and tear each other down". She acts like she is so much better than the girls who do nudes right up until she catches shit for it and immediately chains her tune to "We need to stop letting these men compare us to each other! It's not a competition! Gurl power!"

No. 366020

Honestly I can't think of one, I Just thought there had to be at least one.. Maybe then that's why they don't care about throwing their money into a trash can.

No. 366021

Her ham arms, jfc

No. 366022

I don't care for vampy as a person, but that wig is astounding. It's so neat and clean compared to Moomoo's birdsnest.

No. 366023

Haha, vamplette playing that victim card. ahhh the irony. Bitch, don't play

No. 366024

Please, if you are exposing your ass for patreons , you don't get to act all dignified and classy when someone films it in a public convention. that's bullshit. Stop.

No. 366026


Exactly. You can't act all offended and outraged while in the same breath you'll say "Make sure to donate to my patreon, where you'll get to see me shake my ass while dressed as your favorite characters."

No. 366033

You sound like neckbeards.
Her consenting to filming a video shaking her ass and being aware that she is getting filmed is different than someone following her around without her knowing creep-shotting her. Are you really that dense? What will you say next? That sex workers can't get raped because they have sex for cash? fuck off.

No. 366036

I'm sorry, but that is wrong. Just because I enjoy wearing a costume doesn't give anyone the right to come snap photos of me without asking first.

I do not get how anyone could think that being pervy is okay as long as she is a cosplayer, or has a patreon, or is a slut online.

No. 366037

That's a good point, but camgirls and other internet (attention) whores who openly admit that they're whores sometimes have a huge following too, so I don't think it would turn off their fanbase. After all, they're mostly there to fap and don't really care about anything beyond the shallowest aspects of their personalities (likes to undress, watch animu and play vidya). It's not like they compare to perfect porn stars who make six figures by getting fucked. They're just chicks, regular chicks, whoring themselves out.

I genuinely think they do not want to accept the reality of them being whores, that's why they get so triggered every time someone calls them a whore.

No. 366041

Learn to sage and go to tumblr.

Vamplette and Moomoo are completely naive and retarded if they thought that what they do wouldn't bring them attention like that. It's one of the consequences for showing your tits and ass to a horde of chubby chasers and incels.

No. 366042


Because "whore" to them means "like those trashy sluts in porn who get fucked on camera". Despite what they are doing being almost close to porn, they want to be disassociated from it as much as possible because being thought of as no different than a porn actor makes them feel like slut trash.

No. 366044

That's so behind the times. Whores are brave/strong/oppressed nowadays and everyone loves them because it's empowering to make money off men's hornyness.

I have more respect for actual hoes because at least they're like yea I fuck people for a living deal with it.

No. 366045

It isn't ok and creeps like this often do this to girls who aren't in super revealing costumes just because they find them attractive.

However, the entire situation could have been handled better and was blown wsy out of proportion.

No. 366046

Lol what porn star nets 6 figures besides the small handful that got famous like sasha grey, mia khalifa and jenna jameson? Porn stars make even less than momo per month

No. 366047

Sorry, but if you are presenting yourself as a slut or camgirl or whatever, certain types of people are going to think of you a certain way. I grew up with reputation and if you are shaking your ass online for views (and money) you are a slut who cannot complain if someone records your ass. Especially since I do believe she gave the guy at the con permission then suddenly wanted victim points and backed down.

No. 366048

honestly a high end stripper probably makes more than most porn stars compared to how much more effort pornstars have to put in to make their money

No. 366049

File: 1491412886041.jpg (135.27 KB, 800x1200, pancakes for breakfast.jpg)

Ok not refuting your point but for clarification wasnt she wearing this? Like if a guy was following her around would the shots be that different to the ones she posed for? (I cant see the vid but going from her twitter this is the impression i got)

saged just in case

No. 366050

I know porn stars aren't as glamorous as people would like to think, but anon was talking about unattainable ones so I figured they were talking about the elite and ran with it for the sake of the argument.

My point was that the average chick with a mfc account does not compare to a porn goddess either so I disagree that admitting you're a slut makes you less attainable.

No. 366051

Lord, her face is so unfortunate.

No. 366052

Truly it is

No. 366053

She looks like a cartoon witch

No. 366054

I bet she can smell colors

No. 366055


"Be sure to donate to my patreon this month to see me twerk in this costume."

No. 366057


That ass aint bad. I'd watch it as long as I don't have to see her nose.

No. 366058

I actually thought it was InuAshley for a moment before I remembered what thread I was in.

No. 366063

anyone have her patreon vids

No. 366064

Stop begging for vids. If you are desperate enough to beg, have the decency to toss money into her agape anal cavity.

No. 366065

ok, anyone have her patreon vids(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 366068

Most posters here are women and don't have collections of these ugly skanks at the ready on our hard drives, sorry. isn't the internet filled with free pron to jack your chode to? why would you want to see more of these clowns? lol

No. 366069


Ignore the neckbeard fap bait and it will go away.

No. 366070

No. 366071

>Most posters here are women and don't have collections of these ugly skanks
lmao, stop deluding yourself. I skim these threads and ALWAYS find links to google drives/mega uploads for all of these patreon girls.

No. 366073

Use google or anon-ib

Sage for helping this anon out

No. 366078


She is too far gone to ever go back. She sells herself as this "thicc, sex goddess who will fuck your brains out and chat about all the nerdy and geeky stuff you are into". If she goes back on that, then she gets accused of being a stuck up bitch who thinks she is too good for everyone. One of her biggest selling points is that she gives the illusion of being "attainable", that guys actually have a shot with her and that she won't just laugh them off and never give them the time of day. Her patreon bucks would sink even faster than they do now especially since her pics get released for free after a few days after she posts them.

No. 366079

File: 1491417175699.png (4.37 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_5373.PNG)

Time for Jnig to cash in on Velma lewds I wonder how much momo is going to lick her asshole over how good it is

No. 366080

It must be Velma season.

No. 366086

why DID Velma of all things become the flavor of the month? I could understand if it was october

No. 366088

I agree Velma is def an autumn. I figured quetz would have been the flavor since that is all jean shorts and a wig/hat.

No. 366089

File: 1491419920342.png (172.82 KB, 750x1082, IMG_6365.PNG)

The air brush is becoming more and more apparent

No. 366090

This is probably a stupid nitpick but the guys she does grope sets with have the ugliest fucking hands.

No. 366091


And of course Moomoo will try to take credit for it like "I did it first! Everyone is just copying me!". Right up until she gets called out and people start to point out how gross and hammy she oooks in hers. Then she'll be like "It's not a competition dudes lol. Comparing cosplays is what wrong with the community. Us girls need to stick together #gurlpower"

No. 366092


So all that gross cellulite just disappeared after 2 days Moomoo? Who the fuck do you think you are kidding?

No. 366093

What is with the Velma hype lately? Did I miss something here.

No. 366094

Lordt, the airbrushing. Is that the only kind of editing she knows how to do? Wait, never mind, I see she tried to brighten her dead as fuck eyes as well.

No. 366096

Oh boy this going to be really fucking bad. I think it's going to be her worse shoot yet.

No. 366097

I can't speak for everyone who did it, but I know that other Velma (sierra) did it because she finally got her glasses I guess. According to her twitter and public facebook posts she finally got glasses and was obsessed with Scooby Doo so she took advantage of having glasses. And from one of my Vegas friends (its a rumor) I heard moomoo did Velma because sierra was planning on doing it and shooting it in Vegas with one of Moomoos photog friends. Moomoo probably heard about it from said photog friend and thought she had to do it first so it would look like sierra is copying her again. Which would explain the lazy unplanned shitty costume and lack of wig.
But again, this was just a rumor I heard from someone who knows Mariah. It could be a lie but I seriously doubt it.

No. 366098

I think it's KBBQ again judging by the skin tone.

No. 366100

Look at the fingers. Kbbq has sausage fingers. It's a diff guy.

No. 366101

Way too dark to be Kbbq

No. 366104

I'm sorry but a Shampoo groping set? that pisses me off. Can she not sexualize a 16 year old anime character?

No. 366106

Her eyes look so fake. Thats not even mentioning the fake ass looking skin. Moreover you can really see how high her stomach is pushing out when she lays flat. Unless its a function of perspective, it looks like her stomach is the highest point on her body including her tits.

No. 366108

> that thigh

her weird ass proportions here remind me of victoria campbell's shooping >>>/snow/21084

No. 366111

Not trying to say you're wrong, but do we know any other tan/dark guys that would do this for Momo?

No. 366113

File: 1491423728767.jpg (224.99 KB, 1200x1200, C8g2DCJXcAArAul.jpg)

Well you may not get that wish, but maybe its distracting enough in this pic for you not to notice?


No. 366114

She looks really fat and flabby here in the mid section. I don't think she's wearing shapewear here

No. 366115

Her profile is hideous and she has a mom butt in that thong

No. 366116

It's not the first time she makes porn sets of an underage character though.

No. 366117

Completely agree here. This is the, for the lack of a better phrase, un-wrapped version of momo. Maybe this is the first step of her admitting to her fatness.

No. 366118

How does her face remain so thin, while the rest of her fills up like the discarded socks of her fanbase?

No. 366129

File: 1491425812440.jpg (81.05 KB, 800x451, History_AH_Great_Wall_From_Spa…)


If she put as much effort into shooping the cellulite on her legs as she did her entire face; she'd have jogged to the Great Wall of China by now.

No. 366133

Oh my god it's not a real person. Can you stop with the SJW shit over cartoons? The age is the least of the issues with this abomination.

No. 366137

>airbrushes the fuck out of Momo
>doesn't even bother fixing up the shitty background

Considering this set will probably have 30-50 shitty photos of the same pose/environment, I hope she's PAYING her photographer well for editing her skin (assuming they're doing this for every photo). If not she's scamming the fuck out of them.

No. 366139

The real question is if that background is the bed without sheets, and if so was she a cunt or did she out them back on after she was done?

No. 366144


uncanny valley

No. 366146

I'm sorry but a Shampoo groping set? that pisses me off. Can she not sexualize a 16 year old anime character?

it's kinda hard not to when the person we're talking about here is well known for dressing up and representing fictional characters

No. 366147

Whatever you say anon, I mean where is your proof?

No. 366148


"But please don't film my ass without me knowing. I'm so innocent and precious. By the way, please donate to my pateron this month to see this ass twerking while dressed as one of your favorite characters. And by all means, please continue to talk about the vulgar and sexual things you want to do to me".

No. 366150

Vamplette and Momo are both SO unattractive.

No. 366151

She looks pregnant in this photo. And the whole shopping the face, jfc..

No. 366152

File: 1491429615725.png (257.6 KB, 1242x1789, IMG_2418.PNG)

I love it when cows collide

No. 366155

You would die, Sheena. She would sit on you. It'll be the SSS and Mariah side by side thing again. Sheena is bony as fuck and Momo is soon going to be on My 600lb Life at this rate. Standing next to a skeleton will only make her look more fat.

At least they'll have wonky proportions together.

No. 366156


I love it when cows like Sheena, Moomoo as Suzy publicly ask who they should collaborate with because they know exactly how toxic and cancerous they are seen as in their communities and they have to publicly beg their followers into harassing people into working with them. No one is ever coming to them begging to work with them because they are such no names and even if they have some notoriety it is never good, as they are universally recognized as trashy dramacows who ruin friendships and actively make their communities worse.

No. 366157

Like I said it was just a rumor
And I can't have proof of a conversation I had IRL
Unless you're asking about the proof about sierra planning it vs Mariah doing it out of the blue? Cause that's easy to find

No. 366158

The photographer who shot it. He's kind of tan.

No. 366159

This is a bad picture. She looks like a stump, her fat is pushing way up and the photoshop is overdone and horrible. Momo is a fat midget.

No. 366161

File: 1491431955184.jpg (204.61 KB, 984x792, C8dGY_WUAAAIi7d.jpg)

I wonder if the person who does momo's pics also does colettes, she looks so different in these i didnt reconise her

No. 366162

File: 1491432016382.jpg (17.48 KB, 400x135, Blackfire3.jpg)


No. 366163

The mental gymnastics she goes through is insane.

No. 366165

File: 1491432216791.gif (1.76 MB, 320x256, tumblr_o26ja9wvY91tbcweeo1_400…)

Shampoo is one of my favorite Ranma characters from childhood. I hate this bitch SO much and really hope karma gets her really good in the end

No. 366168


It really is. She will literally do anything to avoid calling what she does porn and being labeled as a sex worker. If she did as much physical gymnastics as she does mental then maybe she wouldn't be such a land whale.

No. 366170

I love that as she slowly progresses to porn, 'fun groping sets' have evolved to stating what it really is. Except some of them aren't fetish and just low key soft core. Maybe in 3 months she'll come out and say she does soft core.

No. 366171

Moomoo just admit you do PORN!!!! Why is she so ashamed of being a sex worker? I don't get it stop lying to yourself you dumb cunt.

No. 366173


I see her completely nosediving into doing jerk off instruction, teasing, facesitting and small penis humiliation videos in a few years if she isn't 600 pounds by then.

No. 366175


Because according to her "It doesn't count as porn if I don't show my tits or pussy or film me having sex!"

No. 366183

No. 366189

File: 1491435976224.jpg (Spoiler Image, 54.3 KB, 720x960, 17457460_399545607085274_13766…)

Momo is going to do something like this pretty soon but because you can't see her privates she wont count it as porn

No. 366198


No. 366200


I don't think they speak English. Lemme translate for you.

"She wants to be a whore but not enough to disappoint her father. To her, as long as you can't see her nipples or her pussy or a clear shot of anything penetrating her she isn't a whore."

However technically she still is. She had a few nip slips and labia slips where that does not matter. Her dad doesn't support her being a slut as a professional career. The only people Momo is fooling is herself and her sister and mom.

The least she can do at this point is be a little classy with her being lewd. Not stick her ass out or open her mouth like a drunk collage chick and calling it art.

No. 366228

Did I miss something? I don't see the post your referencing.

No. 366234

>fetish modelling
Huh, she's getting closer to admitting it's porn. Color me surprised.

No. 366236


She'll be damned if she ever admits to what she does is porn

No. 366238

she looks pretty good in the candid there, well better than how she usually looks

No. 366245

It's Nomisphoto aka Simon Chae. He was going to do photography for this shoot based off of the earlier post listed here https://www.instagram.com/p/BSUwRHDlpI-/

No. 366246


Didn't know moomoo knew big words lol she comes off sounding un-educated with all those foul words leaving her gob. She needs to lay off the food she's built like a semi now.

No. 366249

Anyone have the video that the guy took down? I want to see if Camper's ass was really worth it.

No. 366255

I'm so sick of her groping sets

No. 366259

File: 1491455004470.jpg (74.34 KB, 333x500, RNyXcKv.jpg)

No. 366260

File: 1491455589460.png (92.38 KB, 500x476, howumanagedstar.png)

I have been trying to find more Wondercon photos of Momo and I have not seen ANY.
So if you were wondering, yes: I have been searching for 2 days since the con and have not seen more than what is already posted. Momo is full of shit if she thinks she's this popular. What's the matter? Being too careful, Momo, gives me motivation to find your shitty irl non-edited photos.

No. 366263

File: 1491456180097.jpg (776.57 KB, 720x1080, x3y7jJE.jpg)

No. 366264

File: 1491456227936.jpg (609.48 KB, 720x1080, 343XgvC.jpg)

No. 366271

that's a pretty good Mei, ngl

No. 366278

Yeah, the bought pieces are good.

Those boots are still shit and the lines on her leggings are still fucked.
Meh Mei imo

No. 366291

No. 366299

I feel you anon, I feel you so much….

No. 366300

jesus christ those fake freckles look like blackheads

No. 366302

Mooch should really keep the mask on…

No. 366303

how old is she? she looks 30 or something…

No. 366306

She is.

No. 366307

Her legs are so ridiculously massive…

No. 366373

Was going to say, the only good parts are the pieces she bought, which is mostly everything except the boots

No. 366396

File: 1491497583101.png (681.25 KB, 529x878, Screenshot_2017-04-05-23-46-38…)


Like I've said before, her face is thin because of angles, contouring and Photoshop. Let me tell you, contour in a dark room does wonders for a jawline. Being outside and having a camera pointed right at you instead of angled from above, however…

It's just another thing she's really good at lying about.

No. 366397

File: 1491497765557.png (65.01 KB, 720x440, Screenshot_2017-04-06-09-48-32…)

Bruh…this is gross. Sucking up to a LITERAL camwhore cosplayer because she has 100k followers. So thirsty for attention and befriending people who can give her more neckbeard dollars.

I hope this girl convinces you to become a camwhore. That would be it for me I wouldn't participate in the thread anymore I'd be so satisfied with how low she sinks.

No. 366398

Who cares if Lana is a cam girl? She doesn't pretend she isn't making porn. It's so stupid that momo would suck up to her after she came out with a shitty shirt ripping off another sex workers catchphrase to shit on girls who do nudes. "Lewds not nudes" says momo as she kisses ass to women who do nudity.

No. 366399

Jesus christ she's HUGE. She probably thought a kimono robe would hide all her fat but actually it just made her look like a goddamn fridge.

Imagine when she slowly sinks from this, finally reaching the point where she just says "you can't criticize my cosplay because I'm not a cosplayer I'm a porn model uwu" every time someone tells her how shitty her cosplay is.

No. 366400


So she'd pretty much be Chel then

No. 366401

are you serious? she really is 30 and act this way?

No. 366402

Those fraying ends…

No. 366403

How much of that is actual tit versus backfat or chest flab shoved into shapewear/bra?

No. 366405


There seems to be a lot of that going around with these cosplaywhores. They still act like they are in fucking high school and refuse to grow up.

No. 366406

Lmao I forgot about that sow. Chel's thread has been pretty dead for a while

No. 366408

cool baiting

No. 366410

Just got the thread poppin again. Forgot that bitch existed and went to her twitter to see her actung like a retard.

No. 366412

been laughing every now and again today at cowpoo. thank u anon

No. 366416

Sage for ot, but she is 21.

No. 366417

Mariah just recently turned 21
She did that 24hr drunk stream on her birthday cause she had nothing better to do on her 21st birthday

Both Gabby and Collette are older than her
Gabby is like 23 and Collette is almost 30
Tasha and Sierra are like her age though and they look 10 years younger than her

No. 366419

Not even editing and blur could hide those granny lines on her face.

No. 366422

Ew. Looks like you caught her ripping ass, and now she's embarrassed.

No. 366439

Other anon was right she does have her kimono wrapped the wrong way, unless she's implying she's dead inside. And jesus fucking christ even her cutting is terrible from how jagged those edges are. Like, Mariah are you just flat out drunk when you're working on your cosplays?

No. 366441

Not sewing a rolled hem is one thing

I've done that before on kimono sleeves because they're large and I'll admit I'm lazy (I go over with fray check though)

But the jagged cutting is just… how?
It takes 5 minutes to clean that up……..

No. 366452

The edit on her contacts is legitimately disturbing

No. 366494

File: 1491517750110.jpg (65.35 KB, 480x720, IMG_2119.JPG)

There's no words for how disgusting this photo is. I am honestly so curious how she could have thought this picture was flattering.

No. 366498

you're totally right anon, I don't even know how to start. maybe we should just start at the top and work our way down? why hasn't she bought correct color lenses yet???? THE oversharpen just makes it more obvious. you could fit two more lewds from better cosplay girls in the space her arm/thigh take up…ugh I just cannot

No. 366501

This is really creeping me the fuck out. Those dead eyes. JFC how does this not scare away people from pledging.

No. 366502

is she….looking at the camera? i literally cannot tell..

No. 366504

She looks like one of the Hartley hooligans

No. 366505

I think she was going for the "seductive looking up at you" type thing but because of her lenses you can't tell she's looking at (you) the camera and she just looks retarded.

No. 366509

Momo says she loves Mei and LOVES everything about her but gets her eye color wrong; the only time I've ever seen Mei with those color eyes are in SFM Porn vidoes (often with Soldier76 and other OW dudes) but they are always that shade of brown/yellow.

I wouldn't put it past her to watch these SFMs for 'ideas' for her lewd shoots thinking it's totally in character Mei.

idk I just noticed the eye color difference in a lot of the 3D models you can download.

No. 366513


At what point did she think this was sexy? Seriously, why do people pay for shorty photos of this hambeast? Especially if they are online for free not but days later.

No. 366514

Fucking Christ that arm

No. 366520

I am curious about what those lashes are..

No. 366527

It looks like one of those fisheye lens shoots. This is really not a good shot.

No. 366535

She probably thought it looked good because it hides her double chin

No. 366537

Also you can tell they used the blur tool on her face like crazy then sharpened it so it wouldn't look blurry.

No. 366550

Does she have a thing for Korean guys or just asians in general?

No. 366558

Ehhh I don't care that Lana Rain is a camwhore. I care that she's incredibly fucking elitist towards other cosplayers. She interviewed with Vice and gave herself huge asspats, saying "I'm so glad I got everyone into Nier and made it popular". Sounds just like MooMoo if you ask me. They'd be perfect for eachother. Before they go into a jealous rage over who's getting more neckbeard attention.

No. 366561

According to her she's attracted to Asians in general, but she only ever talks about east Asians (specifically Korean and Japanese).

No. 366569

Lol who? Which one is she talking about? Because either way, she sounds as fake as Moomoo.

No. 366580

Those arms… much flab

No. 366582

Okay is it just me or is Momo continuously putting on lower lashes upside down. They're supposed to curve DOWNwards not UPwards.

No. 366585

The next time she does an ahegao face can some please photoshop a dick in it since it looks like she's ready to swallow.

No. 366595

That's what she wants. Photoshop a turd in it instead.

No. 366601

Why does she always look like such a mouth breather? Her mouth is always open all derpy

No. 366607

File: 1491539089602.jpg (Spoiler Image, 178.91 KB, 480x720, lardass.jpg)

No. 366609

Lana Rain spams 4chan's /r/ and /b/ threads every day with a photo of her retard ahegao face and the caption "who is this". Been going on since mid 2016

No. 366610

File: 1491539351533.jpg (77.09 KB, 960x532, 17795802_10210053855277008_669…)


No. 366611


How long until she sees this and chimps out to her followers about it? Since she now all of a sudden doesn't want to be treated like fuck meat. She'll probably say something along the lines of "This is totally not cool dudes. I am fucking livid! I'm not and never will be a whore. Why does everyone try to tear each other down instead of lifting each other up? Just spread positivity"

No. 366613

but I only photoshopped in three penises, so she only looks like she's sexually adventurous and not a whore.

in all seriousness, I hope it doesn't take too long. Seeing her sperg out about the very image she creates for herself is hilarious.

No. 366614

A bit nitpicky, but I hate how Momo puts her captions in quotes so it seems like an actual quote by the character. If she didn't have the quotes around it to make it seem official, I'd be less peeved.

No. 366615


Since she obviously lurks here I'm sure it won't take long. It should be fun seeing her try to act like this isn't what she sells herself as and wants everyone to see her as.

No. 366616

I can't wait for her to freak out over the internet

No. 366617

File: 1491540154886.png (494.69 KB, 622x599, Capture.PNG)

Gee I wonder if there's a reason for this action…. :thinking:

No. 366620

I just don't understand. I don't have a problem with her selling provocative, sexualized pictures of herself, but why can't she admit that that's all she's doing? The dishonesty is what pisses me off the most about this cow.

Her cosplay/craftsmanship is terrible, but MooMoo acts as if it's the primary focus of her career. Seriously? Be honest with everyone.

No. 366621


Because she thinks being a whore is scummy and trashy and in all likelihood will cause her father to disown her since he clearly doesn't support what she does now. By saying it doesn't count as porn since she doesn't show tits, pussy or penetration it allows her to delude herself into thinking that she is at least still respectable and that daddy will still love her.

No. 366626

Damn, she was so mad that people saw the real her come out when she was a cunt to that nice D.Va cosplayer on video that she had go out of her way to complement a D.Va cosplayer on video to make her look good. Fucking kek.

No. 366628


But you'll force someone to delete the video where you were a total cunt to another D.Va cosplayer huh Moomoo. No wonder everyone thinks you are a cancer.

No. 366629

No. 366636

holyshit, she does.

No. 366644

File: 1491545374565.png (101.21 KB, 745x733, IMG_1128.PNG)

Taken from PULL

The sheer size difference is amazing

No. 366646

Still not over how cute her body was in the second pic tbh. She had a bit of definition and was only a bit pudgy. I'm so curious about what she eats and how much of it. I mean shit, he waist in the second pic is the size of one of her thighs in the last pic.

No. 366648

She probably eats take out and fast food with her cosplay money

No. 366649

link to the video please?

No. 366651

I especially like the Chanel motif - nice touch!

I always wonder about that, but I thought it might be on purpose because it looks more animu uwu, or something?

No. 366653


>Taken from PULL

>Something that was made here first

wew lads

No. 366657

File: 1491552914356.png (158.52 KB, 750x1040, IMG_4923.PNG)

The artist really captured her turtle mouth perfectly.

No. 366659

when the boobs are more carefully rendered than the face.

No. 366664

'i'd bring back mei' girl when did you ever discontinue mei you're making a shirt of 'you' as her (no one would even know it's you lbr sweatshirt)
as if she was ever going to put her cash cow out and honestly no one ever needs to see both of your sorry excuses for cosplays together

No. 366669

Her arms looking like my 70 year old grandma's.

No. 366672

all i see is kbbq's flabby arm. he's gotte chunky too, i wonder if they feed each other

No. 366673

He gets food and she gets to sleep with him it's a win win for both of them lmfao

No. 366674

File: 1491567440881.jpg (9.86 KB, 239x211, 1490304239830.jpg)

My sides anon, that mental image

No. 366686

This photo was from the last thread.. PULL didnt make it, summerfag

No. 366687

Haha, you are both amazing

No. 366694

Why is she trying so hard to milk this? https://youtu.be/QPzhhYBu-J8 -Vamplette making a "cosplay is not consent" video. I agree that cosplay is not consent, but her lack of personality is disturbing and the video was too cringey to watch more than a minute of. I'm getting major vibes that she's trying to market herself off what happened in a sad attempt to get more patrons or popular.

No. 366695

File: 1491577696384.jpg (797.43 KB, 980x1611, IMG_20170407_1.jpg)

Why is she trying so hard to milk this? Vamplette making a "cosplay is not consent" video. I agree that cosplay is not consent, but her lack of personality is disturbing and the video was too cringey to watch more than a minute of. I'm getting major vibes that she's trying to market herself off what happened in a sad attempt to get more patrons or popular.

No. 366697

Looks like a tranny attempting to get attention.

No. 366698

Can Moo take pity on her "best friend" already and get this girl some major facial reconstruction already? Because what the fuck.

No. 366700

[films in front of her only piece of furniture]

No. 366702

The person editing these needs to calm the fuck down with the eyes. Unnaturally big, shiny eyes only work in drawings.

No. 366704


She's clearly trying to milk this for attention and sympathy and she can go get fucked. This wasn't ever about feeling uncomfortable or harassed. Like her sleaze ball friend Moomoo, she wants to now suddenly feel offended and harassed when people act like gross perverts around her when it is clearly what she markets herself as and did nothing to stop people from thinking that. She is ok with people making perverted comments about her ass and making degrading sexual comments about the things they would do to her and people paying to see her shake her ass, but somehow this was crossing the line?

No. 366706

She fuckin buried herself here, when she started ranting about being a cosplayer and how every cosplay costs $300 to make like bitch! No they don't! I've seen people make cosplays for less than $100 and the look better than her stuff. Vamplette going on about her blood moon Diana was $300 but her fucking weapon isn't even beveled just blocky and finished in the hotel room AT katsucon! What in gods name made her Diana cosplay cost so much fucking money when the material for the prop should have been under $40 and you know this bitch has paint and tools at home!

No. 366709

Pretty much. I'm 3 minutes into her vid and she seems to be arguing with herself about why shes so offended by it. "yeah my ass is always out and i dont mind you filming it but i would like you to ask" tbh its hard to fucking avoid her ass when shes walking around like this >>366113

No. 366712

How comes she has a double chin?

No. 366714

This! It makes no sense! You can't exactly avoid it when it's hanging out. And, "I don't mind you filming it", "I would like you to ask", bitch you just said that you don't mind.

No. 366715


It's not even the bitching about how expensive her cosplay is that gets me (Although yes, she can also get fucked because of that too), it's the "You don't understand guys, I felt like this guy was clearly going to attack or rape me!" narrative she is trying to push. She's tying to make it seem like this guy had followed her into a back alley and was going to rape her. It was some dumb guy filming her at a public event. And guess what, I can guarantee that there were at the very least 10 other guys filming or snapping photos of you without you knowing. Because that is the nature of conventions like that. A bunch of sweaty, socially retarded people surrounded by attractive to moderately attractive women will cause things like that to happen. What you do is acknowledge it and move the fuck on, not make some sob story video acting like this guy was going to attack you if you didn't let him film you.

No. 366716

Also she seems to be getting the "cosplay is not consent thing" wrong. It started when pervs started groping cosplayers in certain costumes, not taking pics of them.

No. 366718

>A bunch of sweaty, socially retarded people surrounded by attractive to moderately attractive women

Maybe thats why she was so shocked :^)

No. 366719


Exactly. She would have a case if this guy was following her around and groping or touching her ass without her consent. That clearly is wrong and illegal. But she is trying to equate that to some dick with a camera filming her for a few seconds.

No. 366720

She's one of those idiots that buy worbla without knowing how to use it. "Hey look at me I'm a prof ssional cosplay because I use expensive materials!!" Like anon said it's possible to make cosplays for cheap. I assume she doesn't commission stuff like Moomoo. You really should not be spending a shit of money if you make the whole cosplay yourself. Her props and her armor ain't even that great. Where is all the money going because it sure ain't going towards the surgery she clearly needs.

No. 366721


OMG not only is this video cringeworthy but its totally milk worthy. Maybe we should save it before she deletes it.

No. 366722

She could use her own thread.

No. 366726

It's time

No. 366728

Didn't the guy comment and call her out that she knew he was following her?

I used to feel kind of bad for her, but not so much anymore.

No. 366730


Moomoo posted a screencap of her comment to be like "Look at the way he talked to her! You still think my ffriend is on the wrong? Attack him!"

The guy said she knew good and damn well he was following her and that if she didn't want to be filmed then she should have said something and called her out for tried to play the victim.

And again, this is a geek centered convention. He abosolutely wasn't the only one filming her. She is just trying to milk sympathy and extra patreon bucks for attention.

No. 366732

Taking consideration into how moomoo became well known (by spamming ALA and AX forums) she and moochlette always always always court drama, getting into fights with people to clean up the damn craft room when they were spamming the forums before patreon happened, to throwing huge tantrums on fb for not winning an award at otakon, these bitches will do anything to stay relevant and that especially includes making an incoherent rant on video; that rambles on and on about her ass which is hard to avoid in fucking public and doesn't even come close to defining the real meaning behind "cosplay is not consent" if anything it was just bad con etiquette here not straight up sexual harassment, I do think the guy that filmed did have permission but as soon as she saw the video and she found another platform for drama since the guy is well known. Still, the video follows more along a rant of her not being a real cosplayer. It's really calling out people who were calling her out and badly too.

Mooch and moomoo the number one vegas drama queens, THIS IS WHY VEGAS HATES YOU!!!

No. 366733

Ugh…I'm the video moochlette just did she announced that she and moomoo are cosplaying fucking Lucina and camillas easter skins despite NOT PLAYIMG FE HEROES!!!!

No. 366734


This is why the small amount of people that even know their names in the cosplay community think they are cancer. Any time you hear about drama in the cosplay world it's either about Moomoo or one of her leeches that she calls friends. This was clearly about getting attention and pity points so that people will pay more for her patreon.

No. 366740

File: 1491587175823.png (2.14 MB, 1920x1080, 00.png)

Never realized her teeth are so bad too

No. 366741

oh my god why

No. 366742


She's trying to pu