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File: 1491772259610.jpg (294.08 KB, 1024x1024, 1491627098996.jpg)

No. 367369

Thread #1 >>>/snow/93507
Thread #2 >>>/snow/131172
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Thread #5 >>>/snow/176096
Thread #6 >>>/pt/310703
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Thread #12 >>>/pt/362065

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mariahmallad
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram / Snapchat: mariahmallad

The basics:
>body positive, but photoshops her body and wears shapewear/corsets constantly
>Proven through twitteraudit that she has bought at least 20k followers.
>laughably bad at making cosplays – if she's told they're bad, she falls back on her Samus costume and makes excuses for why she couldn't wear the new cosplay
>spends very little time and effort on each costume and then claims her money is "hard-earned"
>claims she cosplays because she's passionate about the characters and the hobby, but is only in it for the money
>does monthly "boudoir"/half-naked shoots to hide how shitty her costumes are
>thinks she's hot shit; delusional about her level of fame
>has to beg for money, con passes, etc. despite making over $6k per month on Patreon
>known to spend chunks of her Patreon income on fancy vacations and treating her friends while simultaneously half-assing all her cosplays
>pretends to have played/know about the series she cosplays from, despite evidence proving otherwise
>loiters around at booths during cons, pretending to have been invited as a guest

Currently lives with another Las Vegas cosplayer, Vamplette (Collette), and they both do their photoshoots in the same unfurnished house. Claims to be losing weight but still wears shapewear and diets using FitTea/Flat Tummy Tea/etc. Came out as being a fetish model despite not really doing fetish photoshoots.

No. 367376

for the anon on the last thread, momo is jap for peach and she thinks she has a nice peach shaped ass. ? momokun ? ~*

No. 367380

The green text for "she falls back on her Samus costume" should be edited "Mei cosplay" because she is way to fat now to cosplay as Samus and she knows it.

No. 367381



She's already proven that she doesn't give a shit about any SJWs coming after her. Why not go for the trans community as well. She already thinks acting like a total lesbian towards her girl "friends" is a joke, might as well piss off the whole spectrum.

No. 367390

File: 1491777882075.png (1.77 MB, 1440x2067, 20170410_004317.png)

the comments are hilarious

No. 367391

File: 1491778051612.png (661.94 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170410-004602.png)

she even commented on it

No. 367392

File: 1491778314829.png (1001.83 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170410-005052.png)

this is honestly so embarrassing

No. 367393

File: 1491778345608.jpg (500.48 KB, 978x1430, Screenshot_20170409-184919.jpg)

Why the FUCK would she chose this picture??
I mean EWWW
Also 'like a mom' she only met her the first time during that one con did she not ?
Doubt they were really writing before

No. 367396

File: 1491778633056.png (66.78 KB, 640x583, IMG_2184.PNG)

She's only doing this because JNigs did. Granted Lucoa isn't a difficult costume, but she's sure to make it look like garbage.

No. 367399


Lol. She is trying to act like she doesn't care but we all know she is seething inside. And how pathetic is it that she went searching for it in get first place.

Also, looks like the post was deleted once she decided to show up.

No. 367400

Momo is extremely insecure. She keeps track of everything posted about her anywhere just about everyday. It's so fucking sad.

No. 367402

post is still up

No. 367404


And she either is always trying to act like she is in on the joke and doesn't care or she is chimping out and trying to sic her rabid white knights on people and complaining about drama.

No. 367406

File: 1491780797988.gif (1.63 MB, 360x270, 1482460259337.gif)

>"I don't even know who you are but that's nice."

No. 367407

File: 1491780913419.jpg (47.03 KB, 960x640, shammooo.jpg)

What kind of face is that? She looks like she has down syndrome.

Also, Shampoo boudoir set dropped. Who wants to take bets on how fast it gets leaked?

No. 367409

File: 1491781171753.png (85.89 KB, 1103x366, 9528949848.png)

How dense can you be.

No. 367411

File: 1491781592117.jpg (4.06 MB, 4912x7360, DSC_0993-Edit.jpg)


Can't say for certain how long it will take, but I will post them once they are available.

In the mean time, gaze your eyes on this number that was overlooked from her Virgin Killer Mei set. I know I'll be beating myself across head until I have detatched retinas to be able to unsee this.

No. 367412

Won't take long.

No. 367413

File: 1491781812220.png (143.81 KB, 720x663, Screenshot_2017-04-09-16-44-42…)

Omg I have a new flavour of the month cosplay! I'm gonna throw on some short shorts for a POV set and then ride the gravy train with a virgin killer set of the same character!!! Lolz ten grand for me this month I earned it!

No. 367414

the goggles.
they do nothing.

plz spoiler next time Anon because oh my god

No. 367416

File: 1491781956711.jpg (28.43 KB, 325x232, 1490732279524.jpg)

that dark blurry ass crack I dont even want to know what it looks like unedited

No. 367417

She's wants to cosplay Lucoa because Gabby did it as well

No. 367418


It's the only photo she has with her lmfaooooo

No. 367421

"It's super meta"

What does she even mean
Why is she using words that don't even fit in that context
It doesn't make you look smart or anime savvy it makes you look dumb

No. 367422

Why would she post that pic as a proof ugh. Also lol at the mom comment, makes jessiva sound old af

No. 367423


She always tries to act like she is super best friends with all the big names in cosplay and that she talks to them all the time when in reality she is a creepy stalker who follows them everywhere and tries to insert herself in their inner circle by kissing up to them and shoving her fat ass into their public pictures because they end up looking like the asshole if they turn her away.

No. 367425

She needs to wash her asscrack what the fuck.

No. 367427

Pro tip: shower after you poop before a shoot.

No. 367430

How the fuck is dragon maid meta

No. 367432

>>implying she knows what meta means

No. 367433

oh man awesome! she can totally borrow that gabby chicks full costume and wig!!!!!!!! lets take bets on how her horns will look. also inb4 shes all "big momma lucoa" who wants to take care of all her shota babbus~*

No. 367434


No. 367435

that blurry as fuck butt crack tho

No. 367436

Really not sure how she looks at her foundation lips and thinks they look okay! They are objectively ugly. Buy some lipstick Momo!

No. 367439

That brown butt crack proves she doesn't wipe properly or has terrible hygiene. That's disgusting and actually dirtier than chels.

No. 367441


One minute there's an airbrushed to hell and back Shampoo photo set, the next there's this disaster featuring a blurry, hairy and cellulite infested ass crack. Not a good look at all.

No. 367443

guys, this is the type of quality that gives her 15k a month dont forget

No. 367445

File: 1491785285609.jpg (Spoiler Image, 93.86 KB, 799x1200, C5t8YX2UoAAqr4l.jpg)


Haha I can guarantee she will either be borrowing Gabby's or Nana's shit. Nana Bear did one too and granted I'm not big on plus size cosplayers but I love her makeup here.

No. 367447

File: 1491785719022.jpg (Spoiler Image, 5.03 MB, 4912x7360, DSC_0940-Edit.jpg)

Is this supposed to be sexy? Because fucking ewww

No. 367448

>those upside-down lower eyelashes
God she's such a dumbass

Also wtf is going on with that piece of fat sticking out from her boob? She wasn't wearing a bra so how is it doing that? And her armpits look gross and discolored.

No. 367450

i think its the way shes trying to hold up her boob? either way, i think this could ALMOST possibly be semi passable if she didnt have her gross armpit

No. 367455

If you wear the incorrect bra size for an extended period of time it's possible for breast tissue to semi permanently migrate to the underarm area. We've seen her wearing bras way too small for a while.

No. 367458

File: 1491787027972.jpg (4.78 MB, 4912x7360, moo2.jpg)

No. 367464

Or if you're genetically prone to have what is called accessory/axillary mammary tissue too. But it should be a little higher touching the fold of her armpit with her body.

I think she's just fat and that isn't migrated boob fat lol

She was only blessed with not getting fat in her face. Such unfortunate bitch

No. 367467

>pit and ass staining

No. 367469

File: 1491791867049.jpg (1.09 MB, 2217x1368, PSSmile.jpg)

Wtf are all those blurry lines all around her mouth? Is her entire smile shooped on or something?
She needs to fire her editor ASAP.

No. 367470

the anon shooped the other picture ^^^ to make her look better, its not her editor

No. 367474

OH, I must be tired, totally didn't realize it wasn't the original version of the pic.

No. 367475

That hat. I'm DYING. Idk who she is but even that's probably something momo could do mildly better. I'd take worbla horns over THIS.

No. 367476

File: 1491792759324.jpg (168.91 KB, 720x960, IMG_2195.JPG)

Kek she had someone draw her a new one

No. 367477

This is what people think of when they see her??? This looks like a 13 year old girl's work. This is so juvenile.

No. 367478

Wtf!!! Was the original only posted here or did someone send it to her because why would she get someone else to redraw this???? Just ignore it omg that's so embarrassing

No. 367479

File: 1491793124921.jpg (75.52 KB, 500x650, 04a.jpg)

B-But she totally doesn't care about that anon's artwork, guys!

jfc how embarrassing

No. 367480

Original was honestly so much better just in art style alone. Wow

No. 367481

File: 1491793306304.gif (1.87 MB, 277x167, ohno.gif)

ok this is just pathetic

No. 367482

EWWWW she got makeup all over it. When she gonna throw that nasty thing away?

No. 367483

Ok this was my post and I'm an idiot - just scrolled up to see the answer woop

No. 367485

File: 1491793636112.jpg (946.91 KB, 2002x3000, 1491781592117_02.jpg)

I thought I could at least ease her buttcrack, make it less disgusting, but oh boy how wrong I was.
Hey moomoo, leave the raw here and maybe I can do something, but this shit is already so blurred…

No. 367487

the "love, not hate" piece of paper is killing me

No. 367488


Jfc how pathetic is she? Did she really force someone to draw another so that she doesn't look as gross as she actually is. Fucking really Moomoo? Bitch is seriously insecure. Newflash Moomoo, you ain't a "thicc " super model. You're just fat.

No. 367489

Did she ask someone to do this or did a fannof hers do it on their own to try to cheer her up?

No. 367490

after looking at all of these so many times I realize that they didn't even bother to put pillow cases on the pillow

No. 367491

Yes good shove Vamplette under the bed. Even Mariah's fans see her as nothing more than a side character.

No. 367492

Ngl I hate the hat, wig, and makeup. Boobs are 10/10 world class though

No. 367494

while her fans are at it, i hope they give a go to making the op picture look cute and flattering

No. 367504

Why did they give her Sonic the Hedgehog's color scheme

No. 367509

jfg I can't stop laughing. This ended my weekend on a high note.

No. 367510

File: 1491800733864.png (1.52 MB, 1246x740, lolmomokuntleftisbest.png)

LOL get real momokrustyface, you're the cow to the left, even if you lost weight you wouldn't be the right ever again.

No. 367511

This is by far one of the most exquisitely pathetic things I've ever seen in some time.

No. 367512


Lmfaoo this is hilarious MooMoo is such a sensitive little snowflake.

Question, did she repost this remake somewhere for you to have found it or was it left in a comment by a fan? Im not on her Facebook and I don't see it on any of her socials. If she reposted it that's really pathetic lmao.

No. 367519

Someone should find the copy cat and give them shit about copying another persons fan art.

No. 367520


Interesting. Samefag. Before I asked this question I looked for sauce on her Instagram, her Facebook, her Twitter, her Reddit and all of the comments on the facebook page that posted the original pic. I wanted so see the source. But I couldn't find it and now you won't answer me.

I smell MooMoo. But why would she benefit to posting that new picture here?

Is the picture in her mentions on Twitter and I'm just missing it? Because as of an hour ago even if she posted it just now, it was nowhere to be found.

No. 367525

"and now you won't answer me". give it a fucking second, christ. But yeah it's not on her facebook either so you might be onto something

No. 367527

File: 1491805816428.png (1.05 MB, 756x1120, moo.png)

Here, as far as I can see, she and Deeana aren't facebook friends. I'm assuming Deeana is just a fan that's ridiculously far up moomoo's ass.

No. 367530

It's normal for the skin between your buttcheeks to be dark. Or do ya'll think porn stars do anal bleaching for fun?

Moomoo is disgusting but a dark buttcrack isn't indicative of poor hygiene.

No. 367532


Awesome thanks that answers my question. I'm not Facebook friends with her and she limited her posts a few months ago after we were quoting her and posting screenshots on here.

No. 367535

You just answered yourself. Like if you have dark skin, your butt crack will be dark, and even some light skin people have darker skin color in between legs and butt crack.

Porn really ruined the normal diversity of colors in human bodies… nobody has perfect skin like porn stars.

No. 367538

Especially for someone as bloated Mariah it's inevitable to have hyper pigmentation where your chub rubs.

No. 367539

Jesus christ that's hilarious.

No. 367557

File: 1491823138818.jpg (65.25 KB, 370x285, 679f2a19bd5ae01169bd6c244b8688…)


Holy shit I cant believe she got some nobody to recreate it in her image. Jesus christ Momo you keep acting like you dont care but the minute someone implies your fat you fucking lose it. Remember guize shes a thicc princess

No. 367559

Did anyone else catch her calling herself moomoo in the recent post? Or how about the upcoming cow costume?

No. 367560


This will be Mariah soon. Her fans love seeing her get bigger and bigger, calling her thick and praising her 'curves'. She is OBESE for fuck sake and in such a short amount of time too.

No. 367561


i don't think she's as in control of her weight gain or as happy to gain as this woman though. this woman clearly has a fetish and/or a skewed perception of what will make her powerful and worthy. she's eating that much for a purpose. momo just feels like someone who has no willpower and stuffs her face, then regrets it and tries to hide her weight while riding the "body posi" bandwagon for brownie points.

No. 367565


Could you imagine Momo at that size still trying to cosplay Mei? I would probably die. If I am being accurate with predictions I reckon she will gain another 3-4 stone her die hard neckbeards will either leave for greener pastures or stay for the fat fetish. She will then realise she is too huge to cosplay and turn to porn.

No. 367570

She is too fat to cosplay, she just doesn't want to admit it. I'll post her shitty pics and comments here in a bit.

Especially the bit about the cow thing.

No. 367571

I'm surprised she hasn't used the classic, "I have thyroid problems!" As an excuse for her weight gain like Suzy.

No. 367572

This is not a joke. Momo has become so fat, you can't properly photoshop her thin anymore. She is lacking certain features right now. Like an armpit. Unless we start painting on anatomical parts on her, it's impossible to get her thin anymore. Sorry for the shit quality, but legit you can't make her thin anymore in photoshop without having to draw on.

No. 367574

I wish I had the unedited original. I'd like to take a crack, pun intended, at making it look acceptable.

Moomoo post the original here, we know you lurk.

No. 367575

File: 1491828673256.png (6.5 MB, 1600x2476, momosofat.png)

Forgot the pic.>>367572

No. 367576

how can she look at this picture where her thigh is consuming the entirety of her other leg and think haha my dudes this is definitely getting posted lol

No. 367577

mariah 'don't repost my shit respect artists' mallad getting someone to redraw someone else's work
sounds just like her 'girls have to stick together i'm profiting off an industry made by sex workers but fuck them am i right i just can't be friends with girls there's too much drama people think i act like a dude lol i'm so dirty'
girl just get your life together you're never going to be able to get a job again because when people google your name all they'll see is what a cunt you are plastered everywhere

No. 367581

Does she ever wash her fucking clothes? Why would you do a shoot with that fucking much foundation on the front of your shit?!

No. 367586

File: 1491832734123.jpeg (270.52 KB, 750x1250, image.jpeg)


No. 367588

Here is the latest press from Mariah regarding her future cosplay plans. as promised from

>So like I've mentioned before I'm going to be doing slightly smaller sets but more cosplays per month now and BTS work including videos :3 So I'm shooting the Boudoir set of Camilla later this week, ft. Ryoma.

>As some upcoming ideas, I'm thinking of Doing boudoir Ahri, 18, and a Cow girl… That's right… Get some MOOMOO Milk… heh… get it.. momo… moo… I'm stupid haha But I have a lot of idea's coming up and I'm really excited to also announce that my website will be launching at the start of May! As well as shirts being designed so I'm really excited to finally get actual merchandise and key chains as well!

Bad photos of shampoo to follow.

No. 367591

Momo can try doing "smaller" sets and get random schmucks to draw her, but it won't stop her weight gain and stress eating

No. 367592

Honestly I don't even know what you have to do to a wig to make it look this ratty. It looks like it's made of yarn.

No. 367593


Lol at her trying to "take back" Moomoo, as if she can spin it into something positive. People don't call you that as a term of endearment, it's meant to point out how you have ballooned to the size of a cow and how fat you are.

No. 367594

File: 1491834481921.jpg (Spoiler Image, 342.1 KB, 1728x2592, - TrashPoo - 1of3.jpg)

The set has some less than admirable pics, but I'm going to post three that I find particularly awful. Here is the first. As promised from here

No. 367595

File: 1491834499717.jpg (Spoiler Image, 203.87 KB, 1728x2592, - TrashPoo - 2of3.jpg)

No. 367596

File: 1491834580244.jpg (Spoiler Image, 323.57 KB, 1728x2592, - TrashPoo - 3of3.jpg)


If you want the rest pm on discord.

No. 367597

she was walking round a con looking like that… i cant, i just cant anymore

No. 367598

This is pure cringe. And people actually pay her for this?

No. 367599


Very attractive, much erotic.

FFS, Momo. You are better than this. Unlike many here, I could care less that you are doing these pictures, but holy shit. Do you think this is sexy or atractive or something? It's not.

No. 367600

>Those thighs
Dear. god. She needs to get a new editor.

No. 367601

That wig,
that pose,
that cosplay..

No. 367603

She also posted a cringey picture of her with the Camilla wig doing a "jojopose" while replying to a comment. Usual tryhard.

I'm howling. You can tell the original drawing got her MAD, not simply mad, MAD. Drawanon, where art thou? Be proud of yourself: you angered the cow.

I really like the face edit, anon. You made her pretty.

No. 367604

Oh god, why would she even allow these to go out in the set? With zero shooping and bad lighting they're just terrible quality. Then don't even get me started on her wig. Wtf? I do wonder which unlucky bastard had to stare into the frightening abyss of her ass crack while she smothered him.

No. 367606

Koreanbarbq had black pants on for his Ranma cosplay…

No. 367608


>I'm thinking of Doing boudoir Ahri


>Get some MOOMOO Milk… heh… get it.. momo… moo… I'm stupid haha

yes, yes you are.


no anon, don't beat yourself up. she is not better than this and to my knowledge has never been.

No. 367609

She's trying to reclaim the moomoo from us. We can't let this happen.

No. 367611

Those shampoo boudoir photos are so half assed. You can tell she just did them quickly in the hotel at wonder con and didnt even edit them in the slightest. I can't believe think this $50worth

No. 367612

Trust me they are heavily edited. they look that bad after all of the editing. I want to blame the photag as much as Mariah and her editor. The poses were bad, the editing is beyond subpar, and the photos are shit to begin with.

I can only imagine she paid the photag in underwhelming whale sex.

No. 367615

I love how the majority of this pic is thighs and not ass. How does she have such a Hank Hill ass for such a big girl?

No. 367616

As in Android 18?

No. 367617

That is correct.

No. 367619

Ahri… As in, League Ahri?
PLease for the love of god she better not touch my fucking league waifus. Bitch doesn't play League. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

No. 367620

I just threw up in my mouth a lil bit.

No. 367621

File: 1491839647034.jpg (71.25 KB, 600x450, absolutely disgusting.jpg)

So much is wrong with these but I can't help but to focus on the wig. The one bit Moomoo actually made and of course it's disgusting…

No. 367622


I think I'm going to be sick. Does she honestly think these are sexy? These look so fucking gross and cheap, like she did them last minute at the con paid her photographer with handjobs.

No. 367623

File: 1491840500721.png (186.49 KB, 600x878, IMG_7512.PNG)

Phew. At least the best dragon was spared from this.

No. 367624


But anon, Jessica is famous for those cosplays. If she does one that means she can be in the next cosplay group with her best frand u.u

Also I knew she was doing 18. I was the anon who mentioned she had someone make her a red ribbon patch and she @'ed someone who made it but she deleted it. I didn't screenshot but I can guarantee she's gonna tell people she made 18 all by herself and I wish I had the proof

No. 367625

I was right behind her at Wondercon I can assure everyone that this pic is shoooped. It honestly is, her thighs were full on dimples and squishy like cottage cheese. It's sad that this is what it looks like after a shop she is that huge.

No. 367627

Was she really wearing nothing underneath it? I'm surprised you dudnt get a flash if ass.

No. 367628

I know Kbqq has a bad rep in SolCal, but I think this guy deserves better. This is just cruel and unusual punishment

No. 367632

I highly doubt she watched this far

No. 367634


18 isn't even that hard to make? All of her clothes can be bought at the mall if she really needed to. The only thing she needs to make is the patch and she can't even do that??

Her flat ass is gonna look even wider with a denim skirt

No. 367645

honestly her knees freak me the fuck out here her legs are so nasty

No. 367646

Even the backs of her knees have love handles…

No. 367647

File: 1491848076597.jpg (122.42 KB, 425x933, anonib comments.jpg)

Lmao, this is one of the imageboards where people usually fap to her pics.

No. 367648

Yeah, the virgin killer sweater pics and most of the Shampoo pics have been horribly unflattering. I kind of wonder what she did to piss off the photographer, and why she saw fit to post them anyway, despite them objectively being pretty terrible.

No. 367649

They're turning on her. Good.

No. 367650

Can we give a shoutout to drawfag for being on fucking point with the cow cosplay prediction. That image is way too meta now.

No. 367651

I think she's the type of person who truly starts believing their delusions. People kept telling her how much of a hot thicc goddess she is (was) that she latched onto it and made sure to lap up praise of people saying that we're just haters and jealous. Despite us saying the same shit for a year now (she's turning into a land whale!), I think she might actually land herself back in reality and start trying to lose weight after seeing more of her fans criticize her growing mass.

No. 367652


Sonner or later it's going to start bleeding into her safe zones, her Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. She thinks that as long as she gets positive comments there then it means everyone loves her and nothing is wrong. Eventually those comments will find their way there and she won't be able to continue to deny it.

No. 367654

We could help with that.

No. 367657

Instead of losing weight by working out and diet watch her use her money to get surgery and then gain it all back again in a few months. Rinse and repeat.

No. 367660


I say let it happen naturally. It will be that much sweeter when she realizes that she can't blame this place and that her own fans realized how fat and gross she is.

No. 367661

Honestly I think it's the ass that's turning these dudes off.
She really doesn't know how to play her angles, never really has. These VK sweaters have always been kind of gross to me because the ass crack just looks like a plumbers crack no matter whos wearing it (imo) … so put those factors together and she just really made a bad choice with this set.
but this angle makes her ass really just look …….. big and not in a good way. looks like when ur fat aunt sits down and you can see her ass crack popping out of her pink Costco brand sweat pants. The only distinction between her ass and he back is the crack that looks like it goes on forever.

I honestly am starting to feel bad for her, you can see this is all getting to her … BUT if she stopped pretending like she didn't care and start to actually make efforts for improving, rather than just wearing shapewear and promoting poop tea… even trying harder on her cosplays… then maybe I'd actually feel guilty for being so harsh. However, I think she does need a bit of a wakeup call. she has potential to be cute, but her personality and overall lack of self care really shine thru

sage for rant wow

No. 367662

I'm fine with letting her neckbeards slowly turning on her.

No. 367667

It's already happened on Facebook quite a few times. And every now and then anime Twitter goes in on her.

No. 367669


Get your popcorn ready, because it's coming soon. She's fatter than she's ever been and all the comments are just making her want to eat more and continue to try to hide it with shapewear. She won't ever internalize any kind of criticism and instead will just attempt to use her white knight mob to silence anyone she doesn't like. And eventually those white knights will be repulsed by what a fat whale she has become.

No. 367670

I didnt even know you could get cellulite on a calf…. WTF lol. I get that people in all day and ages fuck hideous women for money but like come on this is 2017 haha

No. 367673

Noticing Nigri likes more and more of Momo's Instagram pics these days. Hoping she stops giving her attention, it's only making her attitude worse when infamous 'mom' has her back.

No. 367674

Ya know, typically I would find Koreanbarbq attractive. But just knowing that he tapped that sloppy ass causes me to gag the second he's mentioned.

No. 367675

I think its pretty safe to say that they fucked after this shoot.

No. 367676

I wish I could try to edit those into making her thin but as some other anon pointed out, that is barely possible by now. I try to at least make it a little less… gross.

No. 367678

godDAMMIT moomoo. this isn't sexy. this is just trashy. these photos look slapped together and cheap. have some self respect for the love of god.

i feel you. i get second hand embarrassment for momo and hope she can pull out of it but then i remember the four zeroes in them Patreon bucks and i feel less bad.

No. 367679


You could say that after every shoot. Since she is according to her "such a dude that she probably should have been born a guy lol", then she obviously must be horny all the time like she thinks all guys are. All the groping and touching must completely put her over the edge sincebits probably the only action she gets since no guy would put his dick anywhere near her unless she was paying for it.

No. 367681

I mean if you're a fat fetishist who loves cosplay then she is your dream. Maybe that is the secret about kkbq.

No. 367682

File: 1491853951217.jpg (223.32 KB, 972x1007, 1491834580244 (1)-1-1.jpg)

UGH I can smell them from here

No. 367683

OMG. they missed a hair during the editing. oh no, I'm going to be sick.

No. 367685


Must smell like feet wrapped in burnt leathery bacon

No. 367686

To simulate smell, go buy tuna sandwich from subway. Unwrap then place whole sub in microwave. Microwave on high for 60 seconds. Open microwave door and waft odor to face. Get bucket to clean vomit and you're all done.

No. 367687

Okay not to sound like a total asshole about this pic but her fucking legs look like a cutters legs… like holy shit girl how do you allow this to happen to yourself???

Also seriously what is it with fatter girls or average girls obsessed with doing Ahri??? Every person that doesn't know league cosplays or knows of ahri , myself included with only knowing of ahri bcus of often she's done

No. 367690

But haven't most of KBBQ's exes been pretty regular size? I have no idea what he sees in her but he is the only one at this point that keeps coming back.

No. 367691


If eating wasn't her sole outlet, then I wouldn't be surprised if Moomoo was a cutter. She wants to pretend like nothing ever bothers her and tries to laugh off everything, but she more than likely cries while stuffing her face after reading the comments and if she is feeling really triggered then I wouldn't be shocked if she went to cutting.

No. 367693

Lord, imagine being the editor and having to zoom in extra close to Mariah's vag area to remove pussy hairs.

No. 367695

Or ya know, you could wax before a shoot like this.

No. 367696

No, actually it's better this way. Nigri notices Moomoo→Moomoo starts being smug and shows her true colors→More people turn on her

No. 367698

I guess he does get to piggyback off the followers when she tags him, but one would think no amount of fame is worth the shame.

No. 367699


It's more like Nigri is covering her ass publicly than actually being her friend. If she doesn't, she'll have to deal with Moomoo's angry neckbeard mob. So she gives her photos a like to give the illusion of supporting her. The second Moomoo goes nuclear, she's going to nope the fuck out.

No. 367703


Nigri literally just tolerates her for the sake of keeping her happy. We all know she annoys the fuck out of her at conventions. Like that one person nobody wants around or to speak with, but you deal with them anyway to keep the peace hoping they'll back away eventually.

No. 367709

She's too vain to ever be a cutter. I know that sounds kind of ridiculous, but I can't see her ever permanently disfiguring her body in a way that's immediately visible. The weight gain is slow and steady, which is why she's able to ignore it for the most part.

No. 367713

That's far away from a cutters leg though. That's just plain old cellulitis.

No. 367722

How does she live in the city of high dollar escorts and primetime strippers, and not just kill herself? She was average when thin, and now she's a disgusting cow. How the fuck hasn't she thrown herself in front of a car?

No. 367726


Because neckbeards continue to shower her with "you're my thicc waifu" compliments in hopes that she will want to fuck them because she is the only type of girl who pays attention to them.

No. 367728

What's weird to me is the normal low self-esteem "one of the guys" fat cosplayers usually are isolated to the local/high school anime club orbit and never leaks from there. How did she leak into patreon money with the same gimmick?

No. 367733


Probably saw that girls were making money on cosplay on Patreon, and that the most popular were video game and anime cosplay, saw that she could fake being into it and slutting them up to attract the especially horny neckbeards, then decided to throw her hat in the ring

No. 367737

she wasn't always fat, anon. she used to have a nice body when she was just slightly chubby.

No. 367742

For all we know jnig may not even handle the bulk of her social media. She may pay someone to like random posts for her for publicity sake.

No. 367744

At this point I honestly think her early Samus cosplay days was her best look. Even though she wore shapewear then like she still does now, she looked healthier. Now she's spiralled out of control and does a lot more to hide her weight gain like airbrushing. It's just getting worse.

No. 367749

File: 1491866899500.jpg (74.21 KB, 958x640, moo.jpg)

I was just looking at her old Samus pictures and it hit me how far she's spiraled. She's doubled in size and even her skin looks less healthy. Even if she just took like a 45 minute walk per day and cut some junk food, I bet she'd see really good improvement in her overall appearance.

No. 367757

File: 1491868866764.png (611.85 KB, 656x598, moo.png)

She's in Arizona right now with jnig, ryan, and itsrainingneon

No. 367758

I wonder if they're gonna do a cringe worthy shoot together.

No. 367759

I remember when this set was first posted here and we still called her fucking fat back then lmao

No. 367760

I have a friend who is mildly close with Jessica/ Ryan and I'm hoping she somehow crosses paths with Mariah and spills the tea.

No. 367762


Why do I feel like she is going to get shit faced drunk and make an ass of herself to impress her "mom"?

No. 367764

wait, because 3 out of 5 of them are girls? god I can't stand girls like this

No. 367765


"lol I totally should have been born a dude. lol I love tits and asses and talking about how much I like sex just like all you guys. I'm totally not like all those other girls lol"

She's like all the other cringey fat anime club girls.

No. 367766

This annoys me. Of all the cosplay girls jnig can support she chooses the most talentless, fucked up, one of them all.

No. 367772

This bitch knows none of this is true.

No. 367773

What the fuck Dee. Stay away from that cow.

No. 367775

>"I'm not like those other gurls. tee hee"

No. 367778


Lol in her Instagram story she said she was going to Arizona to help that Deanna girl who drew the picture for her move there. I guess because she knew Jess was down there right now for a con or whatever she had ulterior motives.

No. 367781

Jessica lives in Arizona

No. 367782

two different people. DeAnna is itsrainingneon, the one that is moving into Arizona. One of moo's fans, Deeana, drew the picture

No. 367784

idk why but I'm even more grossed out now knowing she smokes

No. 367785


Oh, kay I thought it was the other Deanna. Guess she really is rubbing shoulders with the cosplay elites eh?

Lol, that's a dig by the way consider she called herself an anitwitter higher up before.

No. 367786

It's not like Jessica is a big deal anymore, she's actually on her way out and is no longer that popular, she's admitted she's only cosplaying for money to people she parties with. T

No. 367787

Jessica is fb friends with moomoo, moomoo must of given a shitload of money to Ryan to fund this friendship on twitch.

No. 367788

She always cosplayed for money though.

No. 367790

If Nigri is gonna be friends with Moomoo the least she could do is try to mentor her into being less shit. It is really weird how much she is kissing Moomoo's flat unwashed ass.

No. 367791


If she claims that she is like her "Mom", then the least she could do is teach her to not be a fat piece of shit.

No. 367792

I second this. Say what you want about Jnig's personality and cosplays but that girl works out like a beast. It wouldn't kill Momo to do one fucking sit up.

No. 367793


I honestly think it's because of relevancy. She sees MooMoo making 15k and she's fat as fuck and she can't figure out why, and if you haven't noticed JNigs Velma and Tracer boudoir sets were a little bit more racier and raunchy than usual. Like Jessica is face down ass up in an orange g string shaking that booty. She's trying to stay relevant so neckbeards pay that $$$ and I guess she's finally realizing that Patreon thots are making money and are popular regardless of how fat or ugly they are.

>Inb4 "only Loonie says Patreon thots" no. All these Patreon chicks are thots full metal ifrit Kayyybear Krissy victory sssuccubus doublemaximus sierra thorne they're all half naked or naked for that neckbeard $$$

Patreon is becoming the new go to job for sloots. I hope it dies down soon though because I don't want to see decent cosplayers having to sell out and be naked to stay relevant.

No. 367798

I think the cosplay thot Patreon gimmick is going to die out in 5-10 years due to the market being completely saturated at that point. Then these people realize in their late 20's to early 30's how much they fucked over their lives when they can't get hired outside of fast food, retail, or porn because they were too stupid by attaching their real life names to these pictures. And since these people are starting younger, you know they're not going to be responsible with money so even if they're making a decent chunk of money they're going to end up blowing all of it on fancy things and vacations.

No. 367799

I'm last thread's thread pic artist & lmao moomoo acknowledged my shit art. I'm being blessed with the milk.

No. 367801


Well that's the thing is most of these girls are young and single and they just want to find their lifestyle but honestly if I had the opportunity I would save that shit or invest it lol. I'm not even as old as I sound but I know that money won't last forever.

Sage for blog post.

No. 367802

No. 367803

File: 1491877908190.jpg (54.05 KB, 600x315, IMG_1345.JPG)

>I'm not Loonie
>mentions the same girls loonie has been sperging over for months even though no one brought them up in this thread

No. 367808

in the last thread people were saying that nomisphotos is the one who did the Shampoo set with her. kbbq probs finally got sick of her weight gain or Moomoo wanted new korean ching chong dong.

No. 367810

She wants some of that ching changer ninjer dagger

No. 367813


Surprising no one, the fat, cringey anime club girl is only into Asian fuckbois who she never has a chance with.

No. 367815


Lol fuck off tinfoil hat chan. Loonie has been inactive for god knows how long. She's never mentioned full metal ifrit or that double maximus girl those are just people I've seen retweeted on sssuccubus' timeline.

No. 367816


As promised, her full Shampoo set is now on the drive. Those with weak constitutions are advised to look away.

No. 367817

Looking at her Samus stuff vs her Shampoo is disheartening. Her Samus was shitty but at least she was able to smile and do some alright posing. Her current "work" is just disgusting and half-assed.

No. 367818

Why are you watching sssuccubus's twitter and mentioning her and her friends here? Seems like some Lunacy to me.

No. 367820

Just some fag with a vendetta against sss who keeps showing up. Report for derailing and ignore.

No. 367822

I cannot believe people pay $20 a month for this. Like, even getting past her shit body, this pictures are just boring, uninspired, and barely lewd.

No. 367823

Correction. It's $50 a month

No. 367825


for this?? eecchhhh

I didn't realize she'd done Bunnysuit!Bulma already– 18 is doomed

why does she have to touch things I like

No. 367827

File: 1491885855659.jpg (866.36 KB, 854x1280, 17-04-11-00-18-21-151_deco.jpg)

It's so confusing because it's really not that hard to put in a little effort with your work, Momo.

No. 367828

File: 1491885916380.jpg (951.81 KB, 960x1280, Photo Mar 11, 11 50 33 PM.jpg)

holy fuck how long ago was this?? That VK sweater has been through a LOT

No. 367829

File: 1491886222087.png (291.7 KB, 743x1061, IMG_4936.PNG)

She has a serious case of same-face. No cute flirty smiles, no coyness, nothing cute or even sexy about what she is doing. She's literally doing the bare minimum effort.

House wives who pay photographers for boudoir shoots look better than her.

No. 367832

if u can jerk off to this u might be a necrophiliac

No. 367834

File: 1491888894545.jpg (7.73 MB, 3089x4450, shampoo15.jpg)

The fucking ham fingers and the guys pubes, why

No. 367836

Her face looks so fucking weird in this. Especially her eyes.

No. 367839

How come moomookunt doesn't work with lxmduo or magliris anymore?

No. 367841

File: 1491892052020.jpg (634.08 KB, 769x1373, Screenshot_20170411-022406.jpg)

This wig ew
I mean I understand if your wig doesn't look good in Con pictures all the time but come one at least in a actual shooting especially when people are paying for this shit

No. 367848

File: 1491896119719.jpg (47.6 KB, 432x498, evuhdfrdnlqiskedjkssqectoubsyn…)

Can someone fill me in on Koreanbarbq guy? What's his bad rep besides those gross groping photos w/ moomoo?

No. 367849

She smokes? Cigarettes or weed?

No. 367851

she legit looks wasted

No. 367852

If you look at the front seam and the shiny material in >>367596 to Kbbq's Ranma costume, it's pretty much identical. I'm 99.9% sure that while nomisphotos shot the photos, it's actually kbbq wedged between her ass and the mattress her.

sage for mild irrelevancy

No. 367853

File: 1491897748994.jpg (Spoiler Image, 85.41 KB, 333x500, IMG_3423.JPG)

As much as I wish that nomisphotos was getting cucked, I don't think so. Kbbq has that yellow ribbon on his pants and the pants in the photos seem like sweatpants or work out shorts.

No. 367855


No doubt in return for going to cons with Momo to do 'couple cosplays' and photoshoots he's still fucking her. Give it a few weeks or months and she'll be back to having a meltdown on Twitter about how shit her love life is.

No. 367857

File: 1491901302803.jpg (77.88 KB, 960x960, 17424681_795888810564890_25886…)

Noticed that both KBBQ and Vamplette also did VK sweater sets too. Okay, stick with me here.

What are the odds it's the same sweater in all three photosets?

No. 367860

Vamp would have to wear it first since Moomoo would stretch it out somehow.

No. 367866

Uuhh there's a lot of he said she said about him, I've had a personal experience with him and he's pretty much a fuckboi and kinda crude, and was overly touchy with me and it was really weird and gross lol
>> did the whole let's play 21 questions >>what's ur favorite color?
>>are you a virgin??
lol but idk a lot of my friends in cos community say he's a huge creep and preys on girls but who fucking knows!! There's not much proof of him out there doing that unfortunately.. but idk I don't doubt since he orbits around moomoo gravitational force
>>saged for slight ot

No. 367867

File: 1491909743550.jpg (27.02 KB, 550x573, DSC01175-e1461329288803.jpg)

In about 1 ½ years, momo has gained around 80lbs. She has gone from kinda chubby to a fullblown whale.
80 * 3500 = 280k

280k/547.5d = 511.41cal EXTRA everyday to keep up the weight gain. Ironically fat people have the fastest metabolism, since the energy it takes to lug them around speeds up the metabolism. This means with every 10 pounds she has gained, the 511 has a n+1 component.
At 5'3/4 and 120lbs her BMR was 1374. With the Harris Benedict formula we can determine she has had to eat ~1890 calories to maintain that weight. (This assumes she basically doesn't move ever, the calories would go up a lot if she moved.)

This means she had to eat 2400 calories at that point to start her weight gain.
130lbs = 2460cal
140lbs = 2521cal
150lbs =2580cal
160lbs = 2639 cal
170lbs =2700cal
180lbs = 2760cal
190lbs = 2818cal
This is all assuming she barely moves. Currently for her to MAINTAIN her weight, she has to eat 2368calories. That's about the same of her original weightgain calories at 120lbs, 2400cal.

If Momo moves at all, she needs to eat 3094calories EVERY DAY to keep this up. As a comparison, Jon Call (pic related) eats 3400calories at 5'11 and 245lbs to maintain his frame.
Momo get a fucking grip.

No. 367869

Please calculate her macros that she needs to eat. Maybe she will try to diet if someone gives her all the calculations since she is a lazy lard ass.

But I highly doubt much that even with all her diet posted for her to lose weight that she would follow. Easier to spend money with crappy lingerie and Doritos than trying to be healthy.

No. 367872

When a man straight up insults her
>lmao I actually love this lol look at me being a good sport my dudes lmao this is awesome

When a woman makes any kind of comment that's not kissing her ass
>ugh I hate drama us girls should support each other why can't we just have fun ugh lmao (neckbeards, attack!)

No. 367873

Cigarettes, you could see yesterday in her insta story.

No. 367874

i was expecting it to be ramp up in gross but i'm more like what the actual fuck over how it's only 9 photos and some of them were posted on social media how do her neckbeards not realise what a scam her shit you can't even say she does quantity over quality because she does neither

No. 367875

lol woops didn't see the rest but may as well just be 9 with how they're so same face same pose cut and paste from all her other sets and with terrible inconsistent editing like
moomoo you can't just edit for posting on your social media to try and draw in idiot neckbeards and then half ass all the others it's so inconsistent and just a terrible business practice when you're trying to sell these shit sets

No. 367876

If you have the time, this is a semi pertinent read about immense weight gain and loss: https://www.nytimes.com/2016/05/02/health/biggest-loser-weight-loss.html

The article details the struggles of contestants to not gain after the show is over; researchers discovered that their bodies had a lower metabolism than the average person of the same size (up to 800 cals/day in difference) and that all except one ended up gaining to some extent except two (one of whom had gastric bypass surgery, the other acts as a sole caretaker).

Even if she does end up losing weight, she'll have to continuously put in effort afterwards to maintain that loss. Why do that when you can be a ~*bodypos HAES fetish model*~ though?

No. 367882

You virgins need to stop talking already. This girl is beautiful and shame on all you for judging someone. Nobody judges you for beating off to a sears catalog lol.

No. 367885

what good's white knighting going to do on an anon forum. she's not gonna go oh anon thank you for this and drop to her knees (if she even can) and suck your dick.

No. 367886

She hasn't had knees since mid 2015.

No. 367887

Momo is a scam artist preying on your white knight sentiments, while sucking you dry financially. She's never going to fuck you. The pictures she takes aren't for you, their to get your money. She does low tier cosplay with as minimal effort required so she can maintain her lifestyle. If you truly want to help her, stop funneling her money till she gets help for her unhealthy lifestyle.

No. 367894

If looking like an obese turtle is beautiful then ya, she is :)

No. 367898

Apex kek.

No. 367902

But anon! Her sets will have less photos, but she'll be doing more sets per month from now on!!!

No. 367903

bait is weak

No. 367904

In this pic she looks like she has a Leafy tier weak chin

No. 367905


That is not a sexy guy stomach, regardless of what Mariah is doing there. I don't know, maybe he is relateable to her followers or something.

No. 367909

File: 1491921119684.jpg (2.26 MB, 4000x3000, shampoo8[2].jpg)

As I edited this I was appalled by the fact that she has no lips whatsoever. I was also going to fix her nails but got lazy.

No. 367915

I've really noticed recently KBBQ doesn't post anything with her in it anymore. The only ranma post he did was with SSS. The last time he posted anything was with his Jack and her Mei. Idk, I feel like he's embarrassed to be associated with her online.

((maybe a way to fix that is stop hanging out w her))

sorry for sage just looks like her friends dont even wanna be her friends anymore

No. 367920

He looks really embarassed in the video that stella chu posted of them in her vlog, and starts rolling his eyes just before momo started spouting her trashy "chinese"

No. 367923

Asian people are way too polite for their own good, that shit would've made me livid. If someone walked up to her and started babbling Arabic at her. We'd never hear the end of it.

No. 367927

>tfw the mcdonald's ice cream machine is broken

No. 367929

>airbrush the fuck out of her eyes
>"the guys stomach looks alright lol lets leave that as is lol"

No. 367934

Don't know him personally but he follows a cosplayer I know who's pretty lulzy herself
>is NEET and claims abuse when her parents get upset at her for doing nothing
>depresseion that disappears around cons
>ED and gender dysphoria but posts revealing pictures of how she has a "great ass"
>constantly threatens suicide to guilt trip her friends to buy her things
He just likes being around dramawhores

No. 367947

that is one unattractive stomach. Moomoo's last ex was so ripped. her standards are really going down.

No. 367949

Seems like now all she cares about is if they're asian

No. 367951

Nomisphotos is wasting his talent being around her. he has a lot great quality photography on his instagram. but instead he's trapped by momo's fantasy of wanting an asian fuccboi photographer in her back pocket.

No. 367952

send her your resume and this attatched

No. 367953

Shes got to fuck or give great head or something to keep them around. She looks awful, so she has to have something to get them to stay.

No. 367954

Its so that the gross neckbeard that follow her can better insert themselves into the pic

No. 367956

I really don't get that mentality. I'd rather see her get fucked good than insert myself in there. Nothing turns me harder than a shitty male actor.

No. 367957

probs gives good head, likes a good suck

No. 367959

No. 367965

Do you think shes just buying him stuff? I guess it makes sense since that's what she does with her money for other cosplayers.

No. 367978

Probably pays for travel, con tickets and their photoshoots. She splashes out on anyone who's her 'friend' or a fuckboi she likes to keep close. It makes her look great and generous for being so thoughtful.

No. 367981

File: 1491933694850.jpg (7.14 KB, 480x360, mystery.jpg)

Maybe she pays them… Maybe it's where her Patreon money actually goes. It's a mystery.

No. 367983

No. 367986


She'll read these in no time and then have a meltdown anti-hater fiesta on Twitter, waiting for it.

No. 367987

To be fair those beta boys shit talk even attractive women. There is no pleasing the eternal virgins prostrating as cool guyz

No. 367989

Except if she has a penis.

No. 367990


Lol damn. She is getting completely roasted. Incoming Twitter meltdown about "hating drama" and "only preach positivity"

No. 367992

Probably because he isn't getting the fame and glory he thought he would through association?

No. 367993

There are no group photos with moo and the other cosplayers she did the ranma group. She probably went galavanting off for attention and left her friends for more popular cosplayers

No. 367996

I find it funny how every time MooMoo goes and hangs out with some of her cosplayer friends a white knight shows up in the feed. Sometimes I wonder if despite how much she says she doesn't care, lolcow just manages to come out of her mouth in every conversation.

Considering most cosplayers love drama I think they look this up out of curiosity and either decide to troll or actually feel sorry for her because of all the shittalk that goes on.

Last epic white knight we had was during one of the conventions where she was with a big group and she wore Silk and Gabby was there it was a long time ago but that's all I remember lol. She was posting videos of herself drunk in a casino?

Sage becaues I'm just assuming shit. Not like Jessica or Ryan or Deanna have better things to do with their lives…

No. 367998


That's the thing though even if they arent whiteknighting her here I think she brings it up just to get reassurance and asspats, like a "victim mentality" she talks about it and then her asskissers are all "don't worry about it hun you're so great they're just jealous". At this point I think she's extremely insecure and needs validation 24/7 which also gets old real fast.

No. 368000

No. 368001

Lol MooMoo got her anon-ib thread taken down again because they posted her sets on Mega and then started making fun of her VK shoot.

No. 368002

I think it's funny how rn she's trying to get as many photos and videos posted with Jnig and all of them where as I don't think (from what I've seen) they've posted anything about her in the slightest

No. 368006


Anytime Momo is leeching off Nigri, Nigri never actually posts anything at all. Maybe a few likes, retweets and comments but as far as pictures go, nothing lol.

No. 368007


I think she posted once with Momo in it, I believe it was the Overwatch group shot

No. 368008


And even in that photo it looked like she shoved her way into the group to make sure she was in all her pictures like the insecure cow that she is.

No. 368009




/r/Kappas been hating on her since before she got super fat too. But it's nice to know that people have been with us since the beginning and know she's never actually been super fit she just really knew how to use her angles. Now she's so fat no angle can save that disaster lmao.

No. 368010

Honestly it's not like Moomoo's upstaging JNig. She's nowhere near her levels of popularity since Moomoo's only claim to fame is being the fat Samus and that's what she's best known as. JNig's only being nice to her because JNig plays people well and if she's taking the role of a ~cosplay senpai~ she's only keeping Moomoo from climbing to her level. Instead of being a rival, be a role model and the mom figure. However I do agree that JNig is losing popularity now but I think it's because the general consensus regarding Patreon cosplayer sluts is slowly shifting to "we don't want to give money to these dollar gobbling drama queens anymore". At least I hope so.

Oh man they're ripping into her hard.

No. 368031

I just think she's a really easy lay tbh. And just not the kind of woman that has sex because she just wants to have sex, but because she has no self esteem and will do anything to keep a guy interested. Fuckbois knows this, so they always keep these type of girls around even if they're not that into them.

No. 368033

She won't give a shit since its guys roasting it. But if it was women she'd flip her shit

No. 368037

File: 1491949604918.gif (1.19 MB, 498x280, tenor.gif)

girl should be happy people still even want to know who she is

No. 368041


True. Guys can say whatever the fuck they want about her and she'll try to act like she is in on the joke and "like one of the guys". But the second another girl comments, not even an insult, she'll chimp out and send her white knight mob after her despite her "us girls need to stick together" bullshit.

No. 368044

anon, what is this gif from? thanks and sorry for autism

No. 368047

Sakamoto Desu Ka

No. 368048

No. 368053

No. 368056

File: 1491955606328.png (77.47 KB, 720x581, Screenshot_2017-04-11-17-03-10…)

Sorry but this is creepy.

First off there's no one in Arizona but Deanna and Jessica your family isn't there and none of your shitty dickrider friends live there so why?

Oh yah. Because you're Jessicas number one stalker friend who just wanna be best friends in the whole wide world and you wanna live next to her so you gais can be one big cosplay family!

Lmfao is she goes through with this that's just creepy I don't care.

No. 368059

It would be hilarious if Momo moved nearby then Jessica decided to move away. Doubt it would happen since Jessica just bought a house. I'm thinking Momo wants to move because she has such a bad rep in her area.

No. 368062


This is seriously some creepy stalker shit. Get out while you can Jessica:

No. 368067

File: 1491959258559.png (270.92 KB, 1242x1061, IMG_6073.PNG)

But anon; she's moving to be with all her tons of friends that live there that she cares about so much.

Aka to stalk Jessica.

No. 368071

Wtf didn't she just buy a house? Or rented it ?
Like that would be super shitty to Colette if she actually goes through with it

No. 368072

as if she cares about colette now that jnigs acknowledges her existence

No. 368074

ok but this girls is right, Arizona people are fucking nuts. Jnig definitely is enough motivation for her to move there.

At least Momo will fit in with all the shitty people

No. 368097

Momo is so fucking stupid if she thinks this is a long term thing that'll pan out.

>move near cosplay friends I LOOOOVE so much!!!

Because they're a) so super close to you and b) cosplay is something you'll be doing forever, right? Like the ties that bind you together aren't cosplay alone? What about actually trying to work towards a real, sustainable career and a family in a place you enjoy beyond LOLZ all the cosplay people I can use to climb to more fame and get drunk with are here xD

She's so immature it's sad.

No. 368121


I say let her dumb ass learn the hard way. Jessica will drop her ass the second she starts any of her drama bullshit.

No. 368135

This is undoubtedly just to stalk Jnig. Everyone in AZ is desperately trying to get out. It really is a shit hole.

No. 368177

To Mariah's Vegas "best friends" ouch. Guess you guys aren't useful enough to her she wants to be with her 'mom' now that they have met twice. Buh bye Collette.

No. 368181

File: 1491969914102.jpg (115.11 KB, 505x837, ss (2017-04-11 at 09.04.46).jp…)

No. 368183

File: 1491970178199.jpg (15.64 KB, 275x183, 1450069100254.jpg)

that sausage leg

No. 368184

I really hate this cosplay. It doesn't fit the character at all. Like, I understand it's suppose to be her ship, but other than that, she would be better off doing a Victorian dress than this. But this is Moomoo after all..

No. 368185

There's no way she could have made anything but this "kimono", it's probably the simplest design she could have picked and it still looks awful

No. 368193

God seriously, okay lol @ this but I remember seeing a doujin that got really popular when fates came out and it had each hoshido sibling marry the nohr sibling and in that iirc they had two style of weddings?? Like they did the traditional feudal marriage and European style wedding
Idfg why moomoo thought kimono = traditional emperor/ress clothing in Japan ?? Also lmfao at that strategically placed fan but yet her fupa still peeks out
Also how does her fucking legs have fat rolls?? How is that possible?? My brother is on the heavier side and he doesn't even have that!! (But I guess cause he actually walks to places other than going inside the fast food restaurant cause the drive thru is closed)

No. 368197

Wear. Underwear. Seriously.

No. 368216

She's supposed to be an empress but looks more like a traditional prostitute imo

No. 368219

When she first made that outfit I thought it was supposed to be a silk bathrobe for a Camilla in bed type of photoshoot. Until now I had no idea it's supposed to be a kimono lel

No. 368220

Looking back at her DVa photoshoot, she used to have a professional studio take her pics. She is so cheap that she'd rather use some shitty camera and no editing now

No. 368223

I like the idea of "what if these characters switched places" or whatever
Like I like the thought of Hoshido Camilla or Nohr Ryoma etc.
But she did it so shittily and cheap
I feel like Camilla would look more like something Hana wears

No. 368224

I bet we'll see a variety of shit virgin killer sweater shoots, Nigri looks to have done a Camilla one so I'm sure Momo will leech on to her idol even more and do the same thing for having the same taste in Fire Emblem characters.

No. 368229

It looks like sleep wear. If she was going for royalty she shouldn't have gone so basic. Traditionally, Japanese royals have way more layers, are fully covered up, everything is symmetrical and full of color and textures. She could have used that as inspiration to fit the FE universe instead of making the costume look like it's one of those off the rack $50 Halloween costumes

No. 368232

I'm guilty of liking the AU possibilities too, hell tbh I would have loved a sluttified Camilla falcon knight outfit but nope, Momo just has to always go for lowest common denominator trash.

No. 368236

she needs to stop w this leg pose no one wants to see your musty vagina moomoo

No. 368238

She claims to have worn underwear but this legit looks like she went commando.

No. 368239

samefag but also
>visible puckered seams all over her shitty cheap satin fabric
>wig barely styled so she has to hold it
>wrong colour contacts
>right over left 'kimono'
>terrible posing both w body and face
>'professional' making 15~k a month
you would think quality control would be a must in her situation but Nah

No. 368241

Christ, look at her feet, especially her right foot. Her instep is so puffy that she has a foot muffin top in those shoes. You can also see the imprint of her toes clearly, like she's crammed into the shoes. They could be glove leather that hugs the feet but they seem to have too much of a gloss to be glove leather.

She's so fat her feet are fat.

No. 368253

That looks nothing at all like either noble/royal finery, and it's wrapped incorrectly.

Come on Mariah. This could have been really cool and fun if you had done a little tesearch. Like 10 minutes or less, seriously. I am not even a cosfag (although I am a clothing/sewing fag). Just so you know, your "kimono" is wrapped as if you are the guest of honor at a funeral.

No. 368260

Off topic but every time I need motivation to lose weight I look at her photos cause we're similar heights/weights and even similar body types(fat thighs w/ large busts)…

No. 368261

Samefag but thank god I don't have her butterface at least

No. 368269

File: 1492009694889.gif (982.06 KB, 390x259, hg.gif)

Good for you. Maybe you should start a Patreon.

No. 368275

it's really funny that she looks up to Jnig so much but doesn't follow the quality control Jnig has with her cosplays. momo should really stop making cosplays last minute in her hotel room and such. according to the anon here she doesn't even send in her patreon rewards on time. what could be keeping her so busy that she cannot work on cosplays months ahead?

No. 368277

>Quality control

No. 368281

Hey now, at least Momo's the inspiration for her weight loss.

No. 368289

File: 1492015064369.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 3.21 MB, 3456x5184, shampoo16-01.jpeg)

No. 368295

This looks awful. Tiny flat butt cheeks wedged between giant flabby thighs and back fat. I can't imagine how much worse it is when it's not completely washed out white and airbrushed to death.

No. 368307

the anon brightened it up so you can see whats supposed to be going on, see earlier for the original which has just an ominous black crevasse

No. 368308

Her knickers have a million folds from where her thighs crushed them into her ass crack

No. 368309

I found this video where she's being groped

No. 368317

I've always thought Jessica was immature but seeing her on moomoos ig story just reinforces how fucking disgusting and immature she is. Moomoo acts the exact fucking way, shoving food in your gob In you mouth than growling at the camera is just fucking gross. Yet these bitches make money on patreon for nothing, well in Jessica's case, she bought boobs than got famous.

No. 368322

Wtf is in the middle of her crotch???

No. 368330

The lighting fix really does make it look better but now we can see why they were trying to hide it so much. Now it just looks like her labia are trying to consume her thong as opposed to her shitting out a void.

No. 368336

I always laugh at this one because she did so much reaching to make it "fit" the character but in fact she only did this because a kimono is the only thing she can sew on her own (since she made two before)

It's just embarrassing because she tried to make Camilla's armor in like a week, wasted all that time and material for something that was only wearable with binder clips for an hour tops, and got frustrated and did a cop out with something she already knew how to make and has no intention to improve or learn valuable new skills. She makes fucking 10k a month, there is no valid excuse to look like shit anymore. Just get your shit commissioned if you are too retarded to make it yourself moomoo.

No. 368337

Not only is this just awful, but Ranma1/2 is pretty old, it's not very current?? I don't know why people would want to see a Shampoo POV (not including the fat fetish crowd)

No. 368340

pretty sure she's doing it to one up another cosplayer - i think i saw an anon post that yaya has done shampoo so it wouldn't surprise me if moomoo saw how badly her camilla came out even without the comparison to yaya and wanted to prove she was as good if not better than yaya
suffice to say she failed

No. 368356


>and did a cop out with something she already knew how to make and has no intention to improve or learn valuable new skills

Yeah, this one really bugs me, because, like I said, she could have made something really awesome with that idea– and I think it's a neat idea– and that's what she came up with. Cop out doesn't begin to describe it.

No. 368369

File: 1492029885474.png (56.95 KB, 1242x307, IMG_2488.PNG)

There was a comment on her Shampoo sets asking her to not sexualize underaged characters so much and she responded with this. Fucking gross, she even thinks like a neckbeard.

No. 368370

File: 1492030265959.png (555.16 KB, 586x786, momodrunk.png)

This doesn't come as a surprise.

No. 368371

This looks like a $5 strung out prostitute attempting to dress up as an anime character because her client suggested it. That wig looks like she dumpster dived for it.

No. 368373

it's fine loonie…you haven't been relevant for years anyways. stick to the thread material, this thread isn't about any of those chicks, and sssuccubus doesn't advertise herself as a cosplayer anyways so stop even bringing her up in comparison just because she sells herself as a sex worker and yet her cosplays are STILL better than yours or moomoos

No. 368374

Its like people who sexualize Kanna from that dragon maid show
The kid is in 3rd grade wtf. Mariah almost cosplayed her too cause "THICC" but decided to do lucuoa or whatever instead

No. 368375

i'm bummed. i actually really like deanna davis. i am sad she supports this shitty excuse of a cosplayer. i'm even more upset moomoo can't take a fucking hint from these people and actually learn something to better her brand…even if jess is shady she at least knows how to work the public and stay out of basic drama…moo can still learn craft tips from ryan and deanna…

No. 368376

i find it weird that all these people are like…27-30 partying with a 22 year old…

No. 368377

that shit bums me out. also sick of seeing fat lucoa cosplays since she is not fat or thicc she just has huge tits…

No. 368382

I don't understand how she can feel this way as an adult. Of course, the character is fictional, but her way of justifying her ugly photoshoot is fucked up. Just do boudoir shoots of legal characters, that's all! It's that easy. She doesn't seem to want to waste her time on costumes she can't turn into a boudoir/~cute anal fingering~ set, I guess.

No. 368383

lol this makes nigri look like a goddess compared to the hambeast

No. 368400

What were you trying to achieve with this? Vomit?

No. 368401

File: 1492032601765.png (171.23 KB, 500x910, you-did-a-hol-alcohol-award-wo…)

>hi im drunk

No. 368404


Christ this is so pathetic. Pretending to be drunk or drunk texting on Twitter isn't cute its a scream for "LOOK AT ME IM INTERESTING I DO COOL THINGS LIKE GET DRUNK"

This is so immature. She's trying so hard to rub it in everyone's faces "I'm friends with Nigri so your opinion doesn't matter, all my friends can suck it be jelly."

It's not even a jealous sperg it's just that she's so pathetic she needs this. Most normal people who aren't desperate for attention and validation would keep that stuff private.

I'm kind of hoping that this is Jessica's way of trying to publicly sabotage this girl, haha. Make her do something she will really regret or say something really stupid and post it online. But I dunno if Jess is a mean girl like that or not. There's always speculation but no proof.

No. 368406

File: 1492033097953.png (171.44 KB, 720x774, Screenshot_2017-04-12-14-36-12…)


I had a really epic rant and then I realized MooMoo isn't the only one in the wrong lol. Nigri sweetheart you're thirty this is frat house sorority shit girl.

No. 368412


This is just too damn pathetic. She is trying so hard to be like "I'm super best friends with Jessica Nigri so all you jealous haters can go suck it! I'm not as pathetic and toxic as you losers say I am!" Like it somehow doesn't make her an obvious leech and borderline stalker since she wants to constantly be photographed with her to make it look like they spend every day with each other. And watch as the second she gets into her usual drama bullshit and try to drag Nigri into it, she will instantly drop her fat ass.

No. 368420

It's honestly great how one sided it is. I can't stand Jess but it's really funny to see all these cosplayers fawn over her when she barely gives them the time of day.

No. 368424

I almost feel like Jessica feels really sorry for Momo so she puts up with her.

No. 368425


It kind of reminds me of Chel and Shadman, where she is on his dick everyday, stalks and comments on all his social media outlets and wants everyone to believe that they are best friends while he just ignores her and all her bullshit.

No. 368427


She even makes cringey sexual comments towards him as well.

No. 368428

It's interesting how much Mariah is posting pictures of Jessica and how obvious it is that she's blatantly trying to use her and show off. Mariah never shows this much of her friends. Like did she even post anything for Collette or Gabbys birthdays? Nah bro but hey I hung out with Jessica once and it was the MOST LIFE CHANGING AND LOVING EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE BYE COLLETTE IM MOVING HERE TO BE WITH MY MOM. FRIENDS WHAT? NOPE JESSICA IS MY ONLY FRIEND I AM SUCH A GOOD PERSON AND COSPLAYER. SO IMPORTANT.

No. 368429


She thinks she's finally made it into Nigri's inner circle and will now be made into a super famous cosplayer for being associated with her. But she still has shit tier craftsmanship and is still a fat, thin skinned drama cow who gets into fights on Twitter on a weekly basis. And no amount of "But Jessica Nigri is totally like my mom" will change that. People will still point out how shit her cosplays are, how fat she has gotten, how trashy she acts and she is a retard if she suddenly thinks that she won't have to work any more (As if she did any in the first place) just because she thinks she is friends with her.

No. 368433

It's becoming more and more apparent though that Mariah's Patreon money is going towards booze and fast food. She probably bought all of them taco Bell to impress them lol. And yes I know it was taco Bell because I'm a fatass and I love crunch wrap supremes.

I'm gonna make an analogy, for anyone who's never watched American dad that's okay I'll explain it. There's an episode where Stan meets a girl on spring break and they party and have fun for the whole week and she goes back to college. Stan doesn't understand that college girls don't party all the time so when he shows up at her university he's wearing board shorts and being really loud and obnoxious and embarrassing, and the girl begs him to stop because it's sad and weird.

MooMoo is Stan. MooMoo doesn't understand that cosplayers and normal people don't party 24/7.

When I saw Ryan in the background eating his veggie taco it screamed volumes about their lifestyle. They don't want to sit around and get drunk and eat bad food all the time, and if Moo moved there I think eventually Jess would avoid her.

No. 368434


To add to that she called Ryan a lil bitch because he was eating a veggie taco. Yah he's a lil bitch because he doesn't want to eat artery clogging shit okay.

No. 368436

Sage for off topic but this is honestly baffling. Ss focuses on sex work and yet her Ranma cosplay was spot on while momo's shampoo was not only non-canon but horribly constructed and loonie poorly photoshops entire cosplays and wears the cheapest yandy lingerie. I've also seen straight up cam girls making porn with better cosplays.

No. 368437

Yeah you're so right. There's hardly any photos of her from wondercon with her friends she planned a group cosplay with but she spends a few hours with Jnig and we see 100 IG stories and 2000 photos.

No. 368438

File: 1492036336611.jpg (34.99 KB, 306x211, 1463072337019.jpg)

yeah it's really obvious the biggest reason she's gaining weight so fast is because she's drinking + eating shit food all day. Some people don't realize how insanely quickly drinking alcohol can fatten you up, especially if she's drinking stuff like beer because 'hur hur I'm ONE OF THE BOIS' tier bs that she regurgitates constantly.

It's so obvious and 'sad' that she probably drinks because she feels like shit that she's a fat blimp now with basically zero real friends. No amount of "I'M SO HAPPY" and "I'M JUST HAVING FUN" hides that crap moomookunt.

No. 368439


That is so right. She is like every idiot teenager who thinks being an adult means you get to get shit faced drunk and party all night and nothing else. I guarantee Nigri would get sick of her shit after month if she moved near her. She doesn't want to get drunk and eat like shit every night Moomoo, she is actually somewhat grown the fuck up.

No. 368440

I honestly would feel bad for colette if Mariah fucks off to Arizona and leaves her with a house she probably can't afford on her own.

No. 368442


She thinks that just because she was in a few photos with her she can tell everyone else to go fuck off because "Mom" finally talked to her and is going through make her a super famous and popular cosplayer.

No. 368443

Honestly from the stories I have heard about Ryan, I can't imagine him even wanting to spend time with someone like Mariah.

No. 368444

>Colette who dat the girl who I let pose with me oh well

Don't think there's room in Moomoo's head for that kind of concern.

No. 368446


He probably puts up with her shit publicly to avoid any kind of drama while behind closed doors he talks shit about and laughs at her.

No. 368448

This is honestly what I figured, but he also talks with her online and shit doesn't he? Wasn't he the one that pretty much introduced her to Jnig because Moomoo slithered her way into his stream?

No. 368450


It was a matter of timing though. She probably religiously stalked his Twitch stream and when she found out he was fundraising jumped all over it.

I think the only reason he had to talk to her and introduce JNig to her was because of how much money she gave him.

Money doesn't buy friends but in this case it did I guess lol.

No. 368451

Vamplette and gabby are like useless npcs to momo, nigri is the main heroine of momos story

Honestly I wouldn't feel bad for vamplette, as she's not very noteworthy other than her nose and I guess that video she made complaining about being stalked

No. 368452


That video was the most attention she has ever gotten and even then that only lasted for a few days since everyone knew she was full of shit and only desperate neckbeards were defending her.

No. 368458

>the butthole tweet has the most likes and retweets

Oh man, I don't even want to know what the comments look like

Yeah, all Vamplette wanted to do was make as much money as Momo

No. 368460

Saying someone not that much older than you is like a mother to you comes off so fucking cunty, I'd just assume it's a dig at me. Why anyone deals with Moocow at all I'll never comprehend.

No. 368482

They're trying to replace 'senpai' with 'mom' now, it's kinda dumb as shit.

No. 368485


It's extra cringey is more like it

No. 368488

honestly I've seen Jess give more attention to Kaybear without Kay even trying vs Moo

No. 368489

also I thought Jess was also veg now since like a few months into dating Ryan…does she think Jess will like her more cuz she insults her bf? that's the most retarded logic I ever heard, and Ryan has straight up admitted on his stream he is not into that weeaboo shit which is all Moo has going for her personality wise

No. 368490

…you actually watch cuckboys stream? Love yourself

No. 368492

If you see nigris instagram stories, she hikes often and exercises. Sitting and boozing around often would cause her to lose her figure. She would either have to do it sparingly or exercise enough to counterbalance the extra calories but that would take time away from cosplay crafting. If Momo expects nigiri to constantly drink and party, that expectation may be over real quick.

No. 368747

christ she's retarded
This bro shit she pulls is atrocious and so unattractive lmao referring to vamp as "nobody messes with my girl", guzzling alcohol at cons, dressing like an anime fuccboi and screaming racist shit into a megaphone and now calling ryan names bc he doesn't eat meat.

No. 368750

Throwback to that panel about "strong women in pop culture" and not only did MooMoo think the panel was about "strong women in cosplay" (so self absorbed) but the panel mostly talked about comics and other stuff and all she talked about was anime and characters she cosplayed

Ryan isn't into weeaboo shit and that's all she is. She's so… Ugh

No. 368791

What's most interesting to me is that Wondercon is one of the bigger cons. Top 5 in SoCal. She brought two cosplays: one a friend made for her, another she made overnight.

As a "professional" cosplayer, as she has dubbed herself - Why didn't she have 3 cosplays, one for each day as 99% of professional cosplayers do for big con? Also why work last minute? Her last con was what? Katsucon in February? So you had almost two months and this is what you came up with? What are you doing everyday? This is your career field, you need to be constantly working, and coming up with costumes to attend cons and shoots, especially bigger cons.

No. 368794

Also I realized she blows up a lot of people for a short period of time then disappears on them completely. Yet says how she hates "being used."

There's so many cosplayers she use to blow up but now it's quiet. Tasha, Gabby, Nana, David, Nathan, her ex. I feel like she's only nice to them for a period, makes herself look good, then forgets about them because she's not genuine.

I wish people would see that and not let that happen. Also, strangely enough, she talks about being extra nice toward Colette always right before getting Nigris attention. Like she's showing off how nice of a friend she is.

Her patterns are obvious, and I hope one of her friends is brave enough at one point to put that out there and expose her fake personality.

Can't scroll up to add more name but Krissy, Kay, SSS?

No. 368795

Each person she sucked up to was for a reason. Tasha because she can actually make costumes, nathan for his armor making, kbbq for his costume and armor making and to do her grope sets, nana to get the BBW/thicc niche, kay because she knows Jnig, SSS because other than Jnig she's the highest paid patreon girl and started the whole "lewd" patreon trend. Momo is a huge user and fame climber.

No. 368803

File: 1492058354919.jpg (53.9 KB, 960x540, 16266017_639953612877692_43142…)

I don't think he's banging her tbh. She's probably paying the dude. He's pretty average looking, but he's easily out of her league. Only think Mariah has is $$$.

Good god, that is one incredibly hammy leg, there's literally no definition where her knee should be.

Also, has anyone else ever noticed how she has those dark/scaly dry patches on her elbows? Come on momo, take care of yourself.

No. 368816

lmao this was my exact thought when I saw that cap, like is she fucking 15 or something

this is way too accurate

No. 368818

What really makes me angry she doesn't know anything about Metroid! Not even what's her "favorite game " in the franchise!

No. 368825

your right he is out of her league but she paid the guy to grope her. maybe she paid the guy to have sex with her too.
he seems like a guy with low self esteem so I would not be surprised if hes all over her.

No. 368836

File: 1492068000637.jpg (205.24 KB, 800x600, IMG_6945.JPG)

No. 368837


No. 368838

She still claims to be "THICC SAMUS" despite not cosplaying Samus for like a year? Plus her samus was shit, she looked nothing like her

No. 368841

File: 1492070723611.jpg (42.94 KB, 520x896, IMG_0858.JPG)

Plus she knows nothing about metroid! Who dark samus really is ( the metroid prime that absord samus suit in the and) what makes metroid so Good but I can list the things in Wikipedia!! Then why don't you do the Varia/power/light Suit?oh i forgot because this won't give you any money and it's to hard to make and you have to be patient..

No. 368843


She did fuck all for Colette's birthday weekend that happened to be Katsucon. Spent the majority of it chasing after Nigri and getting in her good books instead of focusing on her best friend. Think she posted a few pics up and Instagram stories of them out till around 6am one of the con nights together, but that's about it.

No. 368844

File: 1492071186654.jpg (64.28 KB, 600x600, IMG_4511.JPG)

Also the motoko cosplay is really badly made.. also this plastic gun!!I wouldn't have this much of a problem with both of them, I've there said "i don't know the character but I want money and be famous!" This would be some much better then this "I love character you guys!" "I do a sexy version of this so I don't have to waste so much money and fabric on this plus i get more attention!!11 lulz " i hate this so much

No. 368874

I think you're wildly underestimating just how much guys don't care as long as they get puss.

No. 368879

No. 368894

File: 1492093514396.png (Spoiler Image, 1.34 MB, 3456x4738, shampoo13.5.png)

I don't know for sure, but it looks like she didn't get to wear a corset for part of it, maybe because the dress was too tight/she didn't get measurements with the corset.
I traced one of her pictures and it is terrifying, but you can definitely see why she's 'lewds before newds'
I could see where her belly button was and how saggy her stomach is~
Viewer descresion is advised~

//Spoilered for sanity

No. 368895

this just reminded me of how we haven't seen a single thing about the guzma she was so parched over now that pokemon isn't one of the frontrunners in the cosplay scene again
moomoo is one shallow bitch hot damn

No. 368896

She looks like she's smuggling Mr. Potatohead under there.

btw your lines are very good.

No. 368900

Hey Anon good fucking job with that picture. Like God damn this looks great. Absolutely stellar lines.

No. 368907


I don't even know why trolls bother anymore. These are the stupidest attempts yet lol.

No. 368908

Oh shit, I love the gaps between her fake nails and actual nails. Good work, anon.

No. 368917

File: 1492098793612.png (Spoiler Image, 925.56 KB, 720x1024, Screenshot_2017-04-13-08-47-46…)


Kind of reminds me of this picture lol. She says she's dieting and exercising yet you can clearly see her tummy is just as big as it was here. It's so floppy lmao.

Keep stuffing your face moo then you can be a BBW model.

It's difficult because people like Penny Underbust get praised from being fat cows so I still don't think being BBW is gonna hurt her career or affect her earnings in any way.

I thought this shampoo shit would fuck with her earnings but graphtreon still says she makes 12k


"You aren't allowed to take away my epic drunk taco bell filled sleepover with Nigri reeeeee that's the best thing that's happened to me in years I'm gonna attempt to project reeeeee"

No. 368920


Thank you annons~

Definitely missing her patented corset in this pic too. People are so deluded thinking she actually has any shape (other then a bag of cookie dough)

No. 368944

Holy crap, that's a full-blown fupa.

No. 368946

Jesus christ look at that fuckin boiler hanging off of her.Why in gods name does this toad make so much money. She doesnt even have a shapely ass either. Just crisco thighs and a massive cheeseburger locker that make her shaped like a pare

sage for ranting and no contribution

No. 368949

she looks so downsy here jesus

No. 368950


God she looks like she has down syndrome now that her face is getting fat and round

No. 368956

It's one of her better skin reveal Lewds. Not sure what wizardry she worked to get her body to lie to people here. Her belly is still way too large here, but at least passable as BBW fetish model.

No. 368958

Goddamn she's gotten fat. I seriously don't understand how she's able to stuff that gut inside a waist cincher.

No. 368979


It makes me wonder if because her numbers aren't supposedly failing, that her fans are all BBW worshippers to begin with? I mean the girl still had rolls when she started out into the beginning. We all knew it, lol.

Either they were into fat chicks since the beginning or they're enduring the suffering in hopes she does a porno. But at that point would anybody actually watch the motion in the ocean?

I just picture her tits flopping and her gut flopping back and forth getting smashed, while every once in awhile it gets pinched enough that her cellulite shines through. So much jiggle fuckin everywhere man. Like I dunno just don't think it would be fappable. Then again neckbeards will jerk off to anything so who am I to judge lmfao

No. 368982

Well, every time she's talking about dieting or losing weight her fans will start wailing about how they like her fat better. So I think they're all chubby chasers to begin with.

No. 368993


She mostly only mentions dieting or losing weight to get asspats and not be seen as a lazy slob. And then the desperate neckbeards shower her with "But we like you thicc" comments and give her the illusion that she is perfect the way she is.

No. 368995

she was on my instagram suggestions yesterday. i checked her account for lulz and one out of every 7-8 comments was like "oh i want you to crush me with your fat thighs" lol. fetish model indeed.

sage for no contribution.

No. 368996

File: 1492116648507.png (Spoiler Image, 148.57 KB, 750x960, IMG_6524.PNG)

"Progress" Pics

No. 368999

Progressively sucking in more each photo is more like it momo

No. 369000

Lol, keeping lights off still shows hard you're sucking it in, MooMoo. And holy fuck, all that trash all over the place. But I guess she's where she belongs.

No. 369002

>the trashiness in the background
>very obviously sucking in

also her hair looks matted. disgusting

No. 369003

the room behind her is so gross

No. 369004

Whats with those spots on her lower stomach and thighs? Razor burn or acne?

No. 369005

File: 1492117355764.jpg (385.71 KB, 750x960, momolipo.jpg)

Nah, her gut was definitely bigger before. She has lipo scars.

Lipo incisions. Momo most definetly had lipo done.

No. 369006

Fuck, cleaning that room would be a workout. Take it where you can get it, Moomoo!

No. 369008

Indeed she was way bigger, just look at that trace from her shampoo pic >>368894

No. 369010


If this turns out to be true, then holy fuck Moomoo. You are confirmed filth. Too lazy of a cow to just exercise and diet so you just had the fat sucked out of you. And you know damn well she is going to end up putting all that weight back on after a month of pigging out and drinking.

No. 369011

Holy shit those shoulders. Bitch could play football.

No. 369012


Exactly. That Shampoo set was what, a few days ago? And she was as fat as ever in that set. It would be against the laws of physics that she suddenly dropped all that weight unless it was literally cut out of her body and people are complete retards if they think she shed all that weight simply by working out and dieting for a few days.

No. 369015

Also she has the money. She would never exercise when she has money to do a lipo every single month.

No. 369018

Anons were joking about her Patreon bux going to lipo but goddamn it's become reality. Watch her try to market some flat tummy product with this transformation.

No. 369022

Has anyone confronted her about getting liposuction? It's blatantly obvious she had it done because of those scars and is putting her weight loss down to good positive body working out magic which is the worst lie yet.

No. 369029

File: 1492119268353.jpg (528.31 KB, 1141x806, lipo2.jpg)

Lipo recovery takes time and youll have times when you bloat. She's had it over a month ago. 3 weeks ago she already had the liposcars. In Valentine set she had a fullblown fupa.

No. 369032


The nerve of posing with that fucking tea that she doesn't even drink and would rather take the easiest way out.

No. 369033

What's with the drop in size since the Shampoo candids and shoot, then? Not disbelieving you or anything. The discrepancy is just a little crazy.

No. 369034

So the reason she was so big during shampoo's shot is because she was bloated?

No. 369035

Maybe next time she can get lipo those overinflated arms. jfc

Also the most offensive thing about this picture is the fucking background

No. 369036

Yep, those are pretty obvious fresh lipo scars. Fucking shit Moomoo, getting lipo and advertising weight loss with a product placement? She's such a rotten lying cunt.

No. 369037

Wow she I guess that's why she decided to do these new pictures in the dark this time to try and hide it better

No. 369039

you bloat after lipo

No. 369041

If you check out Momo's Instagram story videos of her she's definitely had lipo. There's no way she looked like that a week ago.

No. 369043

I don't get why she didn't shop the scars tho. They are so easy.

No. 369045

Probably didn't notice they were visible. Nobody else noticed them before either.

No. 369046

File: 1492120005344.jpg (473.98 KB, 1225x843, lipo3.jpg)

This. You bloat after lipo, before the final shape starts to set in. Luckily someone on my feed had liked momo's private pic so I get to share this gem of a comparison.

The lines are in to prove the perspective and measurements are around the same. She has A CORSET ON THE RIGHT and still her waist is humongous compared to the left.

No. 369050

File: 1492120566615.png (158.54 KB, 1277x1260, momocunt.png)

Haha, great find, anon(s) who pointed out the lipp scars. kek

Someone on kiwi made this compilation of her posts on /cgl/ that I thought I should share here. Never fucking change, Moomookunt.

No. 369055

Wasn't made by kiwi, that compilation was posted here a few months ago. The farm is the original Moomoo cultivating place.

Anyway, "using my photos as an inspiration to lose weight", kek.

No. 369057

She should be honest about how she lost weight or say nothing at all. Getting lypo then claiming you lost weight with some tea that makes you shit a ton is really scummy.

No. 369058

ahh, sorry. I misunderstood the user who posted it, then.

sage for being retarded.

No. 369059

I wouldn't even care if she just owned up to it instead of pretending that she's actually working out

No. 369062

I don't think its lypo I just think it's Photoshop. The lines I think are just leftover Photoshop lines

No. 369063

Can you make a post with details and examples? I'd love to see it.

The right side under her arm looks straight up erased.

No. 369064

Know what is super disheartening. Working every fucking day to eat right and hitting the gym three times a week to keep and average weight, while this cow just uses her twat waffle body to mine money out of thirsty neckbeard and lipo away her bad choices.

Yeah. I'm out for blood. I want her to admit to her shitty shortcuts and bad Photoshop. Stop making these fake weight lost posts you rotten milk filled heifer.

No. 369065

So that's why she kept the lights turned off! She didn't want us to see her lip scars! Lmfao!

No. 369070


Don't worry. Since she obviously lurks here she will soon chimp out about the comments on social media and will scream about how she is "such a good person" and "you guys make up so many lies about me!"

No. 369071

Yeah going to jump on the lipo bandwagon now. Dayum momo dudnt know you were this lazy. Also you're so transparent, posting this after people noticed your gut.

And just so people realize, bloating might be why she looked hammy at wondercon, but don't forget she's still sucking in here. As well as arching her back and standing straight to hide the gut. Even after lipo she's still a chunky monkey. She probably went to a cheap ass Doctor.

No. 369072

What's with these cosplayers getting work done and not confessing to it? All it does is prove that they are all as shallows as their fan base

No. 369079


They manipulate their fans to think they're literally perfect in every way and an inspiration to all. Keeps them energised and hyped up so they'll believe anything their idols say or do. Momo's fans honestly think she put hard work into losing weight and looks even more like a 'goddess'. The comments on her latest IG image are stomach churning cringe. They're so fucking thick.

No. 369080


It's because they are huge fucking hypocrites. They scream about "body positivity" and "loving your curves" yet they obviously photoshop the hell out of their pictures, wear tons of shapewear or other waist thinners or in Moomoo's case, literally have all the fat sucked right out of their bodies. They can't stand on their moral high horse if they admit to any of that so they lie out their asses until itball blows up in their face because they are either to stupid or too immature to admit the truth.

No. 369082


Way to ruin your body with an ugly scar momo. All you had to do was get off your fat ass and work out

No. 369084


Not even going to subject myself to the comments since I know it will be a bunch of cringey neckbeards talking about how much they want to fuck her. And of course she will use it as validation for "See? I'm clearly not as toxic and cancerous as you all say I am! Everyone loves me and you haters are just jealous. Jessica Nigri is totally like my mom reeeeeeeee!"

No. 369087

We know she is just going g to eat junk food and sit on her as all day
The weight will pile back on again but thanks to the lip the fat will distribute unevenly and make her look like a lumpy mess. If you think she looked like shit at Wonder con just wait until 6 months from now.

No. 369100

I just think this reeee thing is cringier than anything I see on the internet.

(sage for autismo)

No. 369102

Those marks don't just indicate lipo. They're also similar to scars after a laparoscopy.
Y'all should just wait until there's a candid picture or video and see her weight. You know, where she can't photoshop.

No. 369103


There's already videos she's taken of herself on Insta in her story feed, not sure if you can shoop videos there or not, but she looks exactly the same.

No. 369105

I don't know, those scars are way too on point. Usually we have a lot of tinfoiling, but I think this is legit. And now we know where her money goes. Tons of food and lipo, what a life. I'm excited for this info to spread.

No. 369112

Hmm, are we sure we're not looking at some sort of mole? I can kind of see a dark mark in the Valentine set too

No. 369118

There's a lot of speculation about wether or not she's had LiPo and there's too many comments here to reply to about it but I don't think those are LiPo scars, I think the boning of her corset rubbed there too many times and it's just a mark.

As for the pictures its obvious she's doing every trick in the book to hide any flaws, the lighting and possibly Photoshop.

There is one more option. Cool sculpting is less invasive than LiPo where they use a laser to break up the fat on the surface of the body and literally takes no recovery time. Sessions are about 600$ a piece.

She's still a lazy cow, she's still stuffing her face with taco Bell, but it's possible it's not LiPo.

She still has no ass. Kek.

No. 369121

Of course after posting "bod progress" she pics up one of her leach friends and they go out for food. Moomookunt, eating soup is not healthy! Pho always me has like a days worth of sodium jackass!

No. 369123


Anon, this is an awful comparision pic.
Her body is 3/4 in the right and full profile on the left.

No. 369124

I'm not sure about the lipo myself either but corsets do not make those marks. If they did there's be a line going around where he corset ends, not in certain spots. Plus the boning in corsets are usually capped so they don't poke their way out of their channels. So I doubt those are corset marks.

No. 369126

File: 1492133525069.jpg (2.18 MB, 1732x1155, belly-fat.jpg)

I am not seeing what everyone else is seeing.

To me it just look like lines from being fat aka workout lines, like pic related.

Maybe I'm wrong, eh.

No. 369128

She did lose weight rapidly and the scars are really suspicious, but it's a dark picture and hard to say. I feel like the pics on here show it more than the pic on her Instagram so idek. Photoshop, yes. Seems a bit too quick for lipo though wouldn't she still be healing? I don't think she'd take pictures so quick either.

No. 369129

Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought most Dr's wouldn't do Lipo unless the patient was within the normal weight range to begin with

No. 369131

Trisha Paytas recently had lipo, too. I know everybody here is hellbent on saying Momo is as obese as obese can be, but she's really not too far gone for Lipo or Lapband and other procedures.

No. 369132

File: 1492134792269.png (28.91 KB, 1080x216, 20170413_215140.png)

Even if it's not true let's see if she will answer this comment
maybe she will make a giant post about it kek

No. 369133

I wonder if the doctors let her keep what they suck out, that way she can hand it back to her neck beards, since that's what they've paid for.

No. 369134

i love how dense her followers are that they think it's possible for someone to lose a large amount of weight from a single area that's really not how weight loss works lmao
also she's fortunate for her wide hips because the ~body positivity~ movement only likes you like that. god forbid you be top heavy (emphasis on heavy for moomoo)

No. 369135

If t was laparoscopic surgery there would be a scar in her belly button too. If she had any surgery for a medical condition don't you think she would have went on and on about going into surgery and asking for asspats?

No. 369145

off topic kind of but a small bowl of vegetarian pho is only about 500-600 calories. For eating out, it's not too bad as long as you eat sensibly the rest of the day.

But I know that Moomoo is surely getting an extra large bowl of steak pho with some egg rolls and wontons and a soda, so she can make it a huge calorie bomb.

No. 369146

File: 1492137721935.jpg (118.16 KB, 666x1288, IMG_5815.JPG)

>workout lines


No. 369167

It's not just the calorie intake, it's the sodium too. Sodium is what causes all the bloating and weight gain and you know she is inhaling that.

No. 369179

Yeah, I guess I was basing it off a "once in a while going out for a special occasion and getting a small bowl of soup with a higher amount of sodium than usual but still eating healthy the rest of the time" sort of lifestyle. But I'm sure momo hasn't gone a day without seeking out some sort of high sodium fast food "meal" that makes her permanently bloated. I mean, to balloon up that fast she has to be eating literal garbage and a ton of it.

No. 369197

Nah, I know the photog. He bought a bunch of them. Originally he offered to just wash the sweaters in between uses.

No. 369198

Those lines are from her sucking in her fat.

No. 369206

I'm 99.9% sure that those are lipo scars. It's not like she wears corsets on a daily basis. It would also explain the recent spike of her posting body progress pictures as well as her constant endorsement of Fit Tea, which she has never endorsed this heavily before. Also, there's a huge difference between her recent pictures and her Valentine's Day pictures. I have friends who work out and diet regularly and have a hard time losing that much weight as fast as her. Meanwhile, all she does is stuff her face with junk and alcohol. I ain't even mad if she got work done. I'm more mad that she's lying about it and making a mockery of people who actually put in effort to lose weight.

No. 369207

Hilarious tbh. No reason to get mad anons, let her throw all her patreon bux into disfiguring her body further. Lipo may be a quick fix, but without her actually fixing her horrible eating habits and working out, she's only going to keep piling on the weight. She can keep throwing cash into keeping her waist smaller, but those scars are going to pile up and be ugly, and her stumpy, hammy legs and arms are only getting thicker and thicker.

No. 369209

Yeah, I don't think those are lipo scars - her waist trainers are too small for her so they likely rub her raw and leave marks where they dig in when she sits down. She seems thinner in those pictures because she trimmed herself down. Look at the lines on her sides, especially the right side as you view it. It's not even competent shooping.

But the best way to know for sure is for some intrepid farmer to research pictures and what she was doing during the time people suspect she got lipo.

Because she would not have been able to hide it. Some common visible issues with lipo:

–Some people luck out and their brushing is minimal but most people have bruises that can last for months. Many times it takes two weeks or so just for the total amount of bruising to manifest. If she got so much removed that she looks this thin, she would have been covered in bruising that she lacks the cosmetic skills to cover.

–Compression garments are a must. Most docs recommend patients wear them 24 hours a day for three to six weeks after lipo, reducing to 12 hours a day for another three to six weeks. These aren't any bulkier than her waist trainers but if in some pics it's obvious she isn't wearing a cincher, it may be because she was in compression garments.

–You experience a pain afterward though that too is variable. Was there a period of time Momo claimed to be sick or injured to cover up post-lipo discomfort?

Seriously, I don't think she had lipo. Most doctors would look at her sudden weight gain and her youth and tell her to go exercise and lose weight. But who knows - there are cosmetic surgeons who will do whatever patients ask. But if her timeline shows the garments, bruising, and down time to recover, that is a better metric than the placement of those marks on her gut which could just as easily be the boning at the bottom of her cinchers digging into her skin.

No. 369212

She didn't get lips or anything, she's just spreading her legs out and sucking it in, most of her fat is in her legs and arms. Her stomach is only fat when she's crouching.

No. 369223

In this image >>369029 she clearly has fresh, still irritated and swollen scars. So it's new. We know moomoo well enough to say that if she had Laparoscopy she would've been all over the internet talking about it and milking attention and taking selfies from the hospital bed. Her sudden weight loss and the timeline adds up to her getting lipo'ed.

No. 369228

Y'all are so quick to give her followers shit for believing she lost all this weight but by assuming she got Lipo you guys are just as gullible
Its obviously photoshop, angles, and the marks are from her corsets which she has been wearing a lot. She is trying to waist train again but with shitty corsets so she is getting blisters from sitting and stuff. Its happened to me before, I wore a shitty corset one too many times and got blisters on my stomach and hips.
She is no different. While I think she needs Lipo, I know she can't afford it. She has been wasting her money too damn fast.

No. 369236


when i compare PT with momo, i can't believe people used to pick on her for being this size.

sage for good old days.

No. 369237

No. 369238


no, momo, you stupid fucking repsulsive cow. it's clearly lipo scars and the resemblance is uncanny. stop self projecting in an attempt to defend yourself when you're making 10-11k and more a month. you know you got the fat sucked out of you because you're too fucking lazy to put down the booze and the fork to lose weight.

No. 369253


I don't understand why people are making excuses for her. Her figure looks almost like what she had before she started piling on the pounds. She has the money to get lipo. Momo, an obnoxious cow who thinks the world revolves around her and thinks she's the best cosplayer ever, putting down the junk food & going to the gym? As fucking if.

No. 369255

File: 1492173613131.png (274.28 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-04-14-07-38-32…)

" My sister doesn't do porn cuz she isn't nasty."

No. 369256

File: 1492173727539.png (220.29 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-04-14-07-38-16…)

Momo if you don't like guys saying they want to fuck you and calling you a sex worker then don't like their responses.

No. 369259

This is the stupidity of this girl and the pathetic irony. Exclaims that her biggest fear is to dissapoint her Dad but goes out of her way to do over the top sex shit for guys who truly just want to stop beating around the bush and just do porn. Same excuse each time, " Well Nigri and other cosplayers do it." No they don't, they do boudoir never pretending to be almost blowing a dude. She's just gonna end up alone in that house where her "friends" will be gone and her family won't speak to her cuz she will cross the line

No. 369261


Not once has she addressed her fans about the vile comments she gets on photographs either. Preaching about positivity, being a strong woman in cosplay and how she'll fight any guy who harasses her in public but thinks it's perfectly acceptable to like & joke about neckbeard comments of fucking her in the ass and being crushed by her thighs. Most hypocritical cunt I've ever seen.

No. 369288

>tfw the mcdonald's ice cream machine works

No. 369298

Fucking gross. What other cosplayer would want to be talked to like this?
It's because she thinks just like them. She keeps that "sexual harrassment" is bad veil up so she doesn't get shamed to hell by the community, but her likes are full of nasty neckbeard comments. She thrives off of being their vile no-class "thicc slutty cosplay queen." Its disgusting to see all the hentai cowtit art depicting her tweeted at her and nasty comments calling her fat rolls beautiful and perfect and her just eating it all up.

No. 369300

she's also known to be overly sexual towards guys so it's like eh moomoo you may wanna look at your own actions when you condemn people crossing lines and boundaries in person
especially when your online persona is specifically tailored where gross dudebros think that's acceptable behaviour like. you built this disgusting community you're gonna have to lay down some rules because if they try shit on with you in person and you reject it they'll go full entitled shitstorm where you would have to apologise to keep your betas paying you for mediocre soft porn

No. 369325

Never would I thought I'd live to see the day and be able to say this but… Pixyteri actually did a better job and looked less disgusting as Shampoo pre-weight loss. Holy shit.

No. 369362

Her face and that guy's stomach is disgusting . wtf!!

No. 369363

underrated kek

No. 369368


Actually half the people here seem to think it's not LiPo and to be honest screaming "LIPO" is pretty cringey. Its a complete out in left field accusation.

Think about it, she's 21 years old. When I was 21 I could easily starve myself for two weeks and boom 20 pounds lost.

Doctor's don't just hand out LiPo to people that young unless it's a severe metabolism thing or she's like eighty pounds over weight. Like other anons have said, they would've told her to just lose weight.

There's all sorts of diet products and things to make you shit yourself and fire up your metabolism even tho it damages your body you still lose weight.

I think those are Shoop mistakes, most of the anons here think those are Shoop mistakes, I think she either starved herself or is taking something that's gonna harm her body in the long run.

Either way she's obviously not losing weight in a healthy way because those Shampoo sets werent that long ago.

But anyone screaming "REEE LIPO REEE" looks abosoloutely ridiculous.

Sage because y'all gonna think I'm MooMoo or one of her friends anyways and my point will probably go ignored.

No. 369371

>or she's like eighty pounds over weight.

son she's like 100 lbs overweight

No. 369373

this legit makes me so angry. What a cunt.

No. 369374

Kek. I agree she is well over 100lbs overweight. She lives in CA right? I wouldn't doubt she found a plastic surgeon who she gave enough money to to have lipo done.

No. 369375

she's posted a lot of pictures of her drinking alcohol and eating out with friends so that's quite a poor attempt at starving herself imo

No. 369376

samefag but also diagnosed anachan you don't lose weight that fast from a single place w starving
weight loss from a single targetted area is Extremely Unlikely and to drop a large amount of weight that fast (especially at her weight) would cause some major excess skin

No. 369378

Only stupid morons get lipo done when they can easily just diet and exercise.. Well, hope she blows up again and ruins her body for good.

No. 369379

Haha, well it's nice to know we can actually debate it civilly unlike whoever this was >>369238

But >>369376 I dunno maybe that one shampoo picture just had bad folds on her dress or something? I'm not sure but it feels like the LiPo thing is just really discrediting and even though people already laugh at this Lolcow stuff this just feels a little bit of a hard reach.

I've mentioned laser treatment yesterday and trust me that takes off ten to fifteen pounds in one treatment alone and people insist those are LiPo scars but photo apps add weird lines in places you're trying to Shoop all the time.

I'm not ana anymore but yah it was something I was capable of because I yo yo dieted a lot.

I'm just saying, weight loss technology has come a long way from LiPo. I don't think she would cut her body open and have the fat sucked out of her when she's only 21 years old.

I dunno, I'd just like to see solid proof before I believe it.

No. 369380


Samefag but when I was 18 I was 180 and managed to starve myself down to 156 and had no excess skin because I was 18. And I wasn't 400 pounds. Excess skin only happens from a dramatic loss like I said 80 to 100 pounds.

No. 369381

i lost four stone, so like 56lb and i deffo got loose skin from it. the weight that's gone from her and the lack of looseness and those marks indicate lipo to me but hey ho, we'll only know if someone confirms

No. 369382

It doesn't matter what we speculate on here I have a hunch it was bad shoop and the only proof we will have is her corset and chubby cankles at colossal con.

If she's still that skinny I dunno, lipo, whatever.

Bitch should really learn to cover her tracks and post before and afters or do an active weight loss story with her followers because it seems like anyone can just accuse anybody these days of God knows what.

I saw the instagram stories of her and Nigri hiking and she seemed to be able to hike with them and wasn't out of breath like a fatass. Who knows man.

No. 369383

Chatted up some people in her inner circle, it's fully confirmed that moo got liposuction

No. 369384

there's doctor's out there that don't give a fuck they just want money. Haven't you seen botched? and all those nasty fake butts and lumpy breasts walking around lately? It wouldn't be that hard to find someone to suck your fat out if you had the cash, regardless of age.

It may not be Lipo but those aren't from Laparoscopic surgery either, that kind of surgery uses 4-5 small incisions (much smaller than pictured) and even if the surgery location was that low the scars would be more centralized.

To me they just look like bigger stretch marks that some people get depending on their skin tone and the location on their body. but who knows

No. 369385


Convinced she's gotten lipo because everything looks too 'sculpted'. She was very overweight and you can see it in her Shampoo boudoir shots and Virgin Killer Sweater Mei shots, but then suddenly she looks like how she did as 'Thicc Samus' in both her IG photos and videos? Exercising and dieting doesn't bring in results like that so quickly. Plus it's Momo who's notorious for lying and being a shit person all around, she'll only work out if it involves a fuckboi friend who's a fitness junkie or her famous cosplay friends.

No. 369386

This. I don't know why there's a couple of posters desperately denying she's had lipo even though the hard evidence adds up and if >>369383 is for real there's confirmation. I guess Mariah is trying to do damage control here. You don't suddenly drop 20 pounds from your waist while your arms and thighs stay fat.

No. 369389

it's a stretch i know, but you got any proof?

No. 369390


Same. One anon with no screencaps is enough for me to believe it.

I'm tired of "I don't want to risk revealing my identity."

No. 369391


*Isn't sorry

No. 369396

Despite no proof, I really hope it's lipo because doesn't that fuck up your fat distribution if you gain the weight back?

No. 369398

File: 1492213354518.jpg (333.97 KB, 1500x1500, 1492213106699.jpg)

Meanwhile, in old tweets from MooMoos cringey Twitter, she calls her mom a cheap bitch for not buying her a car and saying she likes her dad better, and admits to being Italian because her nose is ugly.

It's not the best quality because I didn't really care about the editing part.

Goddamn. Why don't you use tweet delete lmfao.

No. 369400

lmao goddamn what a brat. Her parents definitely didn't raise her right.

No. 369401


Well it's so funny because that whole "lift women up" bullshit she spews meanwhile every other word for female on her Twitter a few years ago was bitch and cunt lol and she was always getting into fights with chicks. I just hope her mom sees that little gem I posted there.

"No wonder I like dad better cheap bitch" lmfaoo

No. 369402


Samefag here. I just think you grow up and are raised with the whole "love everyone lift people up mentality". You don't just adopt it a few years later unless she went through some shit and is genuinely trying to better herself. Also those people never have to shove it down other people's throats, you know? It feels like she just adopted the mentality as a way to get in with the popular female cosplayers.

She threw shade on her Instagram story this morning about people who bond over pathetic things which sounded like an attack on Lolcow but the way she said it, you could just tell she still has a mean malicious streak she just tries to hide really well.

No. 369405

I thought these tweets were going to be a reach in terms of age, until I realized some of them are only two years old. Damn, she's really tried to tone down the acidity of her personality since then but I don't think it's working…

Also, I don't really mind that she lied about being Italian. Maybe it's because a lot of people of my ethnicity are also prone to pretending to be another because of shame? I'm very bothered by her bringing up her Arabness for attention and not giving a shit about other minorities getting shit on, though.

No. 369406


Fuck me she hasn't changed at all. Her parents need to step back and realise what sort of cunt they've created. I'm sure she's making her dad proud now though with her new trashy cosplay career.

No. 369408


Exactly. You don't go from being this messed up to being a total self proclaimed saint in a year, sorry.

No. 369409

>u have no idea who u are who u r messing with
moomoo showing the same amount of quality control for her tweets when she was 18 as she does for her cosplay now

No. 369410


Wow. So she's always been a trashy cunt.

No. 369411

Should archive these before she lurks and deletes.

No. 369412

File: 1492215205101.png (158.24 KB, 749x1101, IMG_6973.PNG)

Aside from the lipo debate her thirst for phil is so fucking hilarious

Also yeah I don't understand why some people don't see how fucking toxic moomoo is, like there's a reason why all the drama stems from her majority of the time

No. 369413

I laughed so fucking hard reading that line. Empty threats and no action taken unless it involves her white knights. She'd never confront anyone on her own, she's too insecure lmao.

No. 369414

I'm sad to see Phil comments on her posts more now. Really didn't want to see him get involved with her, he's too talented for her shit. Her thirst is really embarrassing.

No. 369415


I've done my part but if anyone wants a go all you have to do is look up Mariahmallad and any offensive words you want and you'll find a gold mine. I don't think she will delete because there's too many tweets she has RTD from her cosplays. That's more important to her.

Honestly I get bored and look up "Mariahmallad" and "bitch" in Twitter search to find other people's roasts but if you scroll a little further past the last year you'll find gems like this.

No. 369416

and here we have the boy toy of the month
now we only have to take on bets about whether she's using him bc she's 'thirsty' for a character he cosplays (that just happens to be from something recently popular in fandom scene) or for his following

No. 369417

I know she's probably like 17~ in these, but damn. She comes off so goddamn entitled in the car tweet.

No. 369418

Her new personality honestly reminds me of Kiki's whole ~mother moogle empath~ thing. Its so obviously a lie to try and cover up her actual, spoiled rotten, cuntrag, personality.

No. 369422

I see you follow kawaiibrocosplay. Good taste. These fine men need to stay away from moo.

No. 369423

Does Phil have crafting/sewing abilities? David was pretty capable in both even though his following isn't nearly as big as hers.

No. 369424

File: 1492216538026.jpg (351.54 KB, 1500x1500, 1492216435320.jpg)


Last one from me haha. Bottom left is body shaming fat girls and bottom right is racist :D good for you moomoo

No. 369425

damn. its like she just learned what the word "cunt" is

No. 369427

So is she Italian or ""Arabic""?

No. 369428

so do Moomoos boobs not count anymore?

No. 369429

File: 1492216933662.jpg (62.99 KB, 400x366, Ow_the_edge.jpg)

No. 369430

Anon bless you for having the patience to find this shit. She's far more trashier than I thought.

No. 369436

Right?? Especially since she had the reduction for the grow in size is because of her massive weight gain

Also I wonder if she purposely thirsts for boys pubically is to make kbbq jealous or something?

No. 369438

Wow. What a piece of shit you are Momo. Anyone who tweets shooting someone in the head needs help.

No. 369440

Well, duh.

No. 369448

Lawl, I'm not moo
Im just saying I'm not retarded enough to believe she lost weight
She is obviously the same fat cow she was 2 weeks ago.

No. 369453

Moomoo is never gonna lose weight permanently, she just gains it too quickly. Eventually even lipo won't work because she'll gain ten pounds on the car ride home

No. 369459

File: 1492227544712.jpg (65.35 KB, 736x1104, 1263197327bc79982aa0555b4793ab…)

So she eats her feelings away, gains like 20 a month then gets lipo? Wont that kinda cycle be horrid for her in the end? Is that why her body looks like cottage cheese?

Also same anon who posted the guy in the virgin killer sweater. If she is gunna cosplay lucoa another guy has both her and Jessica beat. Watch her post this guy too and keep provin she watches this board like a hawk.

No. 369472

That's a man? So is he wearing a chest plate or what? How did he get those great tits?

No. 369474

File: 1492231968366.png (313.56 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-04-14-21-50-49…)

LMFAO the betas are getting salty she keeps getting their threads deleted. They'll turn around soon enough now that she's not a whale and go back to calling her a goddess tho.

No. 369475

look at the shape, are you serious? it's a bit of forced cleavage plus tons of padding sitting way too low.

No. 369480


I heard that cosplayer only set their profile to male and bought fake boobs so she wouldn't get sexually harassed. But it back fired when an article was written about her being the best trap and still got sexually harassed.

No. 369482

God, when will people just avoid her ass already? It just brings their own reputation down to hang out with this whore.
I literally want Zayn to hang out with Mariah at this point because he's such an annoying dudebro in my community. He's sooo arrogant too.

No. 369484

Who is zayn?

No. 369488

File: 1492234698892.png (1.23 MB, 750x1334, IMG_8201.PNG)

This shit along side with beer? And she wants people to believe she WORKED for her body? Kek

No. 369489


And to the anon that asked if I followed him, I don't, guys usually like that in the cos community skeeve me out lol

No. 369492

What's wrong with him?

No. 369494

you're fucking stupid.

No. 369497

Holy shit I don't care that she was only 18 at this time, that should be old enough not to be an obnoxious, trashy brat like this. Has anyone else noted that she's super aggressive towards other women in these just like she is now?

No. 369503

Does anyone else feel really bad for her after seeing this? I mean, it must be so lonely to hate fellow women this much. She must be so insecure, so fucking sad. I wish I could so something to help her…

No. 369505

It's not even being old enough to know better, but it's only a few years old. No way she had some life changing experience and matured so much past it in such a short time.

No. 369511

Yeah I def felt the same.

Albeit I feel bad for her for having 0 self-esteem I find it funny that the person who posted all that edgy hateful shit on their twitter calls herself "a good person".

It's hysterical, really

No. 369513

So weird I keep seeing this guy related to Momo. Had him in one of my college courses. Small world.

No. 369516

That's a woman, she just set her profile to male so she wouldn't get harassed by thirsty betas.

No. 369518

What a dumb cunt. they deserved it then

No. 369521

Italians don't look like turtles Momo. Anyway, nice to see that the latest cunty tweets date back to only summer 2015, that's not much time ago. The only difference is that now she tries to cover her tracks by being publicly "nice" and praising positivity, but as soon as someone (see: a girl) says something non-praising about her you can see the shitty cover crack again and Momo showing her true colors, just like when she wrote on here.

Isn't Phil gay? Also he's much more popular than her, so he doesn't need her.

Arabic, just that now she knows she can milk her heritage for oppression points.

Nah, she doesn't deserve compassion. I mean, she could use some of that Patreon money for a good therapist in order to overcome her hate, but you know she won't.

No. 369528

Ok, because I am Middle Eastern (Lebanese) and nobody I know ever refers to themselves straight up as Arab. People always just say what their ethnicity is. In terms of cosplay, I know of a few cosplayers that are different Middle Eastern ethnicities and nobody puts it in their description like that. The only one I can think of is maybe Mangoecos, who is Turkish.

A side note is that the Christian Lebanese community in the US is way tighter with the Greeks and Armenians imo and the anti-muslim sentiment can get pretty high

No. 369560

File: 1492277188124.png (102.01 KB, 611x934, IMG_4544.PNG)

More like she's just to wide for the towels to actually wrap.

No. 369564

I know she wants this image to give people boners but all I can focus on is her big, meaty arm.

No. 369565

Does she think this is sexy at all?

No. 369579

File: 1492278799229.jpg (58.86 KB, 634x352, moomoo at her next convention.…)

Mariah you'd better start working on that obeast body because people only pay to see hippos at a zoo.

No. 369587


And yet this dumb bitch wonders why men don't respect her and treat her like fuck meat. Maybe if you didn't post photos like this and act like a trashy cum dumpster online for attention from horny neckbeards you might actually be respected.

No. 369589


Seconding that. Also M.E., and I don't put it on display.

I wish someone would roast this girl, she needs a large helping of humble pie.

Went back to her Twitter, wrote her handle and bitch in the search, she's been tweeting that she's going to be famous for a few years now. The leaked nudes were also on purpose, people slammed her for doing it because of fame. Also she something about her being on steroids. She is going back and deleting so I would look soon. Didn't screenshot because there's so many.

No. 369597

Love how the towels are big enough to wrap around her belly and ass but apparently only just big enough to cover her nipples. I'm sure you it was big enough to cover her tits. At least be honest with your thirst trap pics, Mariah.

No. 369601


Ew momo's shoulders are so bulky

No. 369613

LMFAO IM LITERALLY CRYING this is the anon who posted the highlights of moo's old tweets, bitch really did go back AND DELETE EVERYTHING LMFAOOOO you obese lurkin ugly cunt I really can't stand you special ass snowflake bitches

"No one listens to Elvis anymore do they I'm an old soul I wanna be respected" ass bitch GAWD I really can't stand you

Ugly manipulative loser. Literally the ugliest bitch without makeup you know that? Put it on for all these neckbeards to jerk off to but at the end of the day when you take it off you're a beady eyed big nosed motherfucker

Sorry guys I'm having a bad morning lol.

MooMoo, quit lurking and go book some lip fillers while you're at your follow up appointment with doctor lipo.

No. 369617

File: 1492282408281.png (131.29 KB, 720x546, Screenshot_2017-04-15-11-48-07…)


You know Moo, the fact that you lurker here and then went and did that proves you still care too much what people think. It's great. I hope it eats you alive.

Anyways, all I got left out of the carnage of what she did was people quoting her tweets in arguments with her. Other anon was right she always talked about being internet famous haha. She wants to be special and loved so bad too bad daddy doesn't love you too.

No. 369627

I can't delete what I said and saying the word "cunt" was going too low and stooping to her level. But I don't take back what I said about her being ugly.

I'm gonna be really poetic and cheesy here but I mean it.

She's ugly on the inside too and I wish people could see that but she's too good with slathering concealer on her plastic ass soul.

At the end of the day, I still have screenshots, at the end of the day, your worst tweets are here for everyone to see. Hope your mom gets curious one day.

No. 369647


I say tweet the screenshots at her. Let her know that people can still see what a shitty person she is.

No. 369663

The greatest feeling is to know she lurks here and reads all the posts we write about her. I really hope each and every reply to these threads strikes a chord with you Moomoo and eventually you learn your fucking lesson. Your Patreon bucks will only last for so long and the guys supporting the constantly oversaturating cosplay slut market will dry up eventually. Have fun having your nudes and fetish porn attached to your name for the rest of your life.

No. 369672

Honestly, since it's more or less confirmed that she still lurks here, i hope she reads this.
Momo, just pull yourself together, take some time off and improve your cosplay skills, look up on posing and modeling so you don't look so odd in pictures (im talking about facial expressions). Workout and improve your diet, also create a private twitter account for when you need to vent about stuff to prevent drama around you, it doesn't help your image one bit.
Seriously, you can make yourself better with time and people will eventually stop roasting you, you just need some effort in is all.

No. 369673

I don't think it's an issue so much of putting it on display- a lot of girls I know do it because of cultural pride or because people are always asking "what they are"- as much as it's weird terminology and reeks of somebody making shit up

No. 369674


To add:
And work on the erotic poses too. The most beautiful woman in the world would have looked horrible in the Shampoo shots.

I don't care what you look like, and I don't know you so I don't care about your personality. I guess in terms of you, what I do see is a possibility of talent and good ideas being trashed due to tastelessness and carelessness. Seriously, those and the Wedding Camilla ones were terrible, and whatever the complete opposite of sexy is. If you want to make erotic cosplay photos, then Godspeed. But they should actually be erotic.

No. 369675

Took the words out of my mouth anon, i was about to post that as a cont to my other post.
I feel like she has so many resources to make herself good. A bunch of cosplayers to learn from and an abundance of photographers who seem to be happy to work with her (not sure if they're all paid or not)
It's like shes so close yet so far away from going being an "okay" cosplayer.

No. 369682

Still hasn't said shit about bunny Camilla or armoured Moana. Just more promises she won't give to her 12k patrons.


She doesn't want to pull herself together because she's too busy taking road trips to get drunk and party with friends. And all of those moochers lift her up and tell her she's the best because they're using her for a good time, which she gives to them.

She's surrounded by people on the left telling her she's terrible and ugly and fat, and people on the right tell her she's the greatest don't stop because we get free shit.

The person who "chatted up an inner circle friend" I hope you used a throw away because chances are you were baited and they told her who you were.

I admit to lurking too much, but if you see the people she hangs around with you can tell they aren't nice people. They act nice and play the victims every now and again, but they aren't nice. They love the drama too. It's what you get with insecure nerdy girls. Everyone's a backstabber.

I dunno, I think it's wasting energy hating on girls like this. Like I've said before she's not famous she's just neckbeard famous. Yah we want her to change but she won't, and it will bite her in the ass later.

I've been here since thread one and it's gotten so repetitive and boring, lol. She's just a cow who thinks she's important. Let her get old and dried up.

No. 369684

She's not going to make the Moana or the bunny suit Camilla. They would require too much effort and they're too hard for her to make so she's keeping her mouth shut about them. Honestly I just think the Patreons want the porn shots and don't give a shit about if she's in cosplay or not. She should just drop the cosplay aspect and stick to making porn as herself.

No. 369701

Now you're just being as cringy as her.

No. 369703

File: 1492294326555.png (94.73 KB, 760x394, moo.png)

It looks like chasing after Simon didn't work out

No. 369724


Ugh, so much second hand embarrassment.

No. 369737

File: 1492298217942.png (1.02 MB, 640x1136, IMG_8021.PNG)

This bitch really needs to buy herself a new pair of shoes they look so worn out. Like how can you buy expensive materials to make atrocious cosplays but keep wearing the same raggedy ass slip on gross

No. 369738

She has ragged shoes and no furniture in her house. The fuck is happening to all her patreon bucks?

No. 369761


All these bullshit empty threats. Everyone knows she won't do shit unless she has her neckbeard mob ready to attack on her behalf. She always tries to act like she is this tough, "don't fuck with me or my friends" hardcore bitch, but she is such a chicken shit who turns tail and runs the second someone calls her out. And if you happen to roast her she just posts her doing retarded Jojo poses and acts like that means she totally owned you instead having an actual comeback.

No. 369762


Holy shit, I'm shocked she's not wearing those black leggings

No. 369765

Even her knees have double chins.

No. 369766


She needs to stop wearing leggings as pants, nobody wants to see that amount of skin tight cellulite. Her legs look awful.

No. 369770

Do you think she even owns a pair of jeans?

No. 369774


I'm sure any pair of jeans on her would look like mom jeans, so she avoids wearing them.

No. 369781

But boobs on fat girls don't count remember moomoo

No. 369791


Nah, she wants to look 'thicc' and curvy for her fans. Leggings are the cheap and comfortable way of highlighting every bit of her. Speaking of that-https://twitter.com/mariahmallad/status/853368743375675392

Her ego is just increasing daily.

No. 369794


No. 369797

File: 1492303263892.jpg (89.23 KB, 475x847, C9fGWFxUIAE4FwD.jpg)

Oh god she looks so frumpy and gross

No. 369799

Ot but everyone throughout the momo threads has given lots of really good cosplay advice Sonia there a general cosplay advice thread on lolcow? I can't seem to find one

No. 369800

Make a general cosplay thread in /ot/ or /g/?

No. 369810

Made one

No. 369812

No. 369814

I seriously don't understand where all her money is going when her cosplays are so shit

No. 369818

It's like all her money goes the the "lavish" life style she's trying to live; with a new place, constantly posting expensive food pics, travel, lipo, etc etc.

No. 369822


Her wardrobe outside of cosplay is equally as shit. She wears the same stuff every time. It's going somewhere and definitely not either of those two.

No. 369833


Why though? Thought you were a saint, don't believe in dragging other people down, no matter what? A good person who believed in karma wouldn't even think about making a vindictive post like that. They'd just let it the fuck go.

The people moo hangs out with are all bad people and what others say about them speaks volumes but she ignores it all because losers attract losers and they all circle jerk about how "cool" they are.

Get out of high school girl

No. 369840

do the google search method…loonie did that same things with her tweets and i found them instantly even after she deleted them just by typing the quote i remembered reading from her tweets in search

No. 369841

is she just constantly fucking eating like every candid she is stuffing her face

No. 369904

Momo for the love of god
If you are getting the fat sucked from your stomach think of your heart. You're not immune to diseases.

Or at least get the fat sucked from your arms

No. 369905

And her legs! They look like overstuffed sausages for christs sake.

No. 369906


She will never do her butt or legs. She already suffers from a flat ass and she thinks it makes her look thick.

She could fix the flat butt issue if she worked out for more than 10 minutes and not sit down for the rest of the day


No. 369910


Food and booze. She probably eats out for every meal

No. 369911


But even her neckbeards are starting to dislike her thighs.

No. 369941

Are you serious? She's reached the point where she has NO KNEES. I can't be the only one repulsed by this. Unless all her neckbeards want her to appear on my 600lb life.

No. 369946

that poor girl lost all the weight anon.

No. 369950


I bought that shirt for my best friend a few chrismases ago and I'm fuckin annoyed seeing this bitch in it. fuck off with your tryhard bullshit
>sage bc no1curr

No. 369960

but anon she is just like the guys!! she likes DBZ and TFS!! No girls like that!!!!

sage for extreme sarcasm

No. 369963

LOL it's obvious she's wearing the long short shapewear, she even blurred the area above her knees to hide it on the second pic.

You can see the outline on both of them if you look carefully.

No. 369987


Noticed the outline too, it's not far from above the knee. She can try and cover up all she wants but she's still very overweight. As she loves to lurk here, stop boasting about body positivity when you hide your flab in every way possible Momo, it's not working.

No. 369992

File: 1492336516987.jpg (365.9 KB, 883x909, cMUf6e8.jpg)


It's not shapewear, that's her liposuction bodygarment. Thanks guys! Now I see it too. This is more proof that Momo had liposuction, why else would she wear day to day a compression shapewear?

No. 369995

File: 1492337648063.jpg (256.28 KB, 1088x850, momoloool.jpg)

in case anyone has trouble seeing it, the shapewear/bodygarment is in red. The yellow square is where it's noticeable she blurred. Compare to original pictures and you can see the indentations.

No. 370009

Haha, as if Moomoo isn't the kind of girl who, if she's cheated on, blames everything on the other woman and continues throwing herself at the cheater. She lets men say and do whatever they want to her but if another woman so much as points out her wig is inaccurate she flips her shit. Sisterhood my ass.

No. 370010

>i'm not gonna come at you loud and in your face. i'm gonna think about it
bitch when? you always speak first think later that's why you get so much drama coming your way because you Never Think

No. 370014


She talks like she's street wise and from the 'hood'. The cow would have a nervous breakdown if she was approached in public while on her own. The only person who's going to get bit back hard is herself for diving deeper into the unnecessary drama pool. You're not capable of shit Momo, sit down and keep quiet, embarrassing waste of space.

No. 370017

A good example of Momo not changing and there being proof is her awful behavior caught on camera towards that D.va cosplayer who she blew off. When she was called out on it, her "apology" was basically saying it was the other girl's fault for bothering her while she was hanging out with her friends.

No. 370018


Glad the footage is still available on Youtube after the guy who filmed it obviously got pressured into deleting the original footage and edited it for the reupload to make Momo look like a cosplay saint.

No. 370019

I'd be so uncomfortable to wear shapewear 24/7. That shit just is not comfy and most people only wear it every once in awhile. Not every single day.

No. 370022


Standing next to the other guy she looks so damn whale-like. I know there are lipo rumours but damn just thinking about all the saggy cellulite under those leggings makes me ill.

No. 370029


Is the guy standing next to her a new fuckboi of the month? He's appearing in her videos lately, but then again so is BBQ. Azn fever hit her hard.

No. 370034

every time i see this picture i keep thinking it looks like she pissed herself bc of the shadow on her crotch

No. 370038

Lmao I bet she has rampant yeast infections since she wears such tightly-constricting shapewear on her crotch every single day

No. 370040

I feel so bad for her joints and the person that will eventually have to listen to her talk about them. "my knees are sore all the time, I can't figure out why this is happening to me so young????"

No. 370041


As gross as that is, that most likely happens. Shapewear does the job when you want to appear slimmer temporarily, but Momo needs to realise it'll fuck her over eventually if she keeps it up by wearing it everyday to look more appealing. She clearly wears shapewear that is too small for her as she has odd lumps and bumps everywhere.

No. 370045

Seriously, why does she think this looks good? Her legs look like a mushroom cloud with a sudden explosion of fat.

No. 370062


Does anyone have a link to this ?

No. 370067

Its either in thread 9 or 10, someone anon giffed and another downloaded the original video before the guy edited it and removed moos part out

No. 370073

File: 1492357497130.png (163.27 KB, 880x520, 1486519307621.png)

No. 370080

I bet she wears those all the time because her feet are sore/swollen from her poor diet and obesity. Another anon pointed out how swollen her feet looked in some if her shampoo shots, she literally had foot muffin top.

Moo should do us all a favor and stick with the black leggings. The lighter color only highlights every bump and crease.

No. 370084

Honestly, that's not as bad as I was expecting. If she kept getting pulled aside for photos while trying to talk to her friends I can see how it could be frustrating for her. The ching chong thing on the other hand… What the hell

Anyways, tfw fatties are making $15k a month for doing nothing…This is the kind of shit that makes me want to get into camming at times

No. 370090

File: 1492360535193.gif (3.13 MB, 275x155, 1485993928148.gif)

She wasn't being ambushed by people. Literally one girl came up to her to ask for a picture and then complimented Mariah on her Mei and Mariah was having none of it.

No. 370093

How can you guys being suddenly saying she got lipo and shit? She was JUST at a con where she was still fat as hell, and then like a week later she posts an obviously manipulated and blurred selfie and suddenly it's "her shape settling" from lipo? Not to mention these other recent candids of her looking like her ol fat self.

She always manages to angle/pose/meitu her selfies into looking semi-normal. I don't think that's changed.

No. 370094

Thing is, she wants to be a public figure and she's in cosplay. Of course people are going to stop and ask for her picture. The abrupt, "yeah" and turning around while someone was being nice to her is really fucking shitty. It doesn't take any effort to say, "thank you for asking for my picture, I need to get back my friends" and just being friendly in general. But that concept is foreign to Momo when she thinks no one is paying attention, especially to other women.

No. 370096


Not to mention she posted about not seeing her friends often, which by that are the ones in the video, when really she sees them regularly as we can tell from her latest adventures out in Instagram stories. The cunt couldn't be bothered to engage with the fellow Overwatch cosplayer who was beneath her, if it was someone well known she'd be all over them like a rash as she was at Katsucon with Nigri/Stell Chuu''s group. She got caught acting like her true self and that's what truly pissed her off.

No. 370107

"Because I wasn't talkive and gushing all over her. That's fake." Idk, that sentence right there just screams the word cunt. You know that D.va cosplayer made her cosplay while Moomoo just bought hers and calls it her own without giving credit. She is a total bitch say that "well, it's not my fault! I was in a conversation! The D.va cosplay was rude to interrupt me! I am the victim here!" Fuck off. You ain't that special. At least have a small conversation with the girl if you are sooooo popular. Sage for the rant. Moomoo is just fucking trash to the cosplay community to be treating that girl like that.

No. 370108

Tbh you'd make way less money wrecking your holes as a cam girl than momo does on patreon doing softcore

No. 370109

I read this in a valley girl voice in my head, so I decided to record it.

No. 370112


She's always braggIng about how popular she is and how she gets to meet and take pictures with so many fans. Only for us to find out that maybe only one or two people actually asked for a photo of her and most of the time it's a group shot anyways.

She swears up and down that she is this big name in cosplaying that everyone knows and wants to be friends with when really she is a cancer in the community that highlights everything wrong with cosplay right now. It honestly makes her just look pathetic and no amount of "But Jessica Nigri is totally like my mom. Aren't you jealous?" will change that. And you know if that D.Va cosplayer was someone like Nigri who has a huge following she'd be all over her trying to act like they were best friends and be in all her photos like she does with Nigri. But because she thinks she's beneath her she just wanted to be done with her as soon as possible, revealing her true self.

No. 370113


Lmao anon this is how she talks as well, add in a few bros and dudes and we're all set.

No. 370120

Hahaha the funny thing is, she talks exactly like this

No. 370129

Agreed. The timeline doesn't make any sense at all. That pic just looked like fat girl selfie angles in a dark room with bad shop to me, honestly. I thought the scars on her stomach looked more like marks from the boning of her corset too imo. Wouldn't be surprised at all with how often she wears her clearly too small shapewear if they gave her scars.

No. 370130

Take a good look at the early threads of momo, you'll see her claims of having partnerships with ign and the like lol, or the last time she wore the samus costume

No. 370131


Lmao If she was actually with ign they totally dumped her for being too fat.

No. 370132

Like I said before she is trying to "waist train" with shitty cheap corsets
You can see where it stops on her lumpy ass body. Spanks and shitty corsets to look thinner. Why do you think she is suddenly posting candies everyday? Its to try and prove she "lost weight" cause she lurks here. There is a slight possibility its Lipo but momo can't afford that. She wastes all of her money. Not only that, but she is too much of a pussy to deal with the pain she might get. Lets not kid ourselves. Her getting Lipo is already WAY MORE credit than she deserves. That's too much time and effort for her. Its angles, shitty Photoshop, and shapewear

No. 370135

THANK YOU to the anons who share my same opinion lol. I've been getting shit on for firmly denying it's lipo and people are calling me stupid and retarded. Its not lipo.

Only reason I've been "denying it and giving her so many excuses" is because again that shit is so far out in left field. People are no doubt laughing about how absurd those claims are.

Those are shoop mistakes or corset boning rubbing into her waist.

Like I said, we will see at the next con wether or not it's a lie and I hope one of you anons can bless with a non photoshopped candid because I don't live anywhere near there lmao.

No. 370138

I truly don't think it's lip, when she posed in her underwear she was spreading her legs and crouching while sucking in her stomach. With how much liquor and fast food she consumes she wouldn't qualify for surgeries, despite what people think there is a strict diet to follow for surgeries.

just bringing this up, she drinks and parties so much. She once made a joke about having to reach for something under her bed with an empty tequila bottle, you suppose she's an alcoholic? Her face and body is certainly turning into that of a person with a drinking problem.

No. 370139

the scars are more than enough proof. you can blame corsets and waist trainers but people are bringing in her shirtless pictures as proof. you are required to wear waist trainers and other tight compressors after surgery. look it up. so the marks that she has from wearing them would make sense along with the scars she forgot to hide. an anon on here even claims to have confirmed with people within her circle that she did. she clearly lost a lot of fast around the waist but is it not fishy that for some reason her arms and face seem to have lost nothing at all? she claims that it is working out. however she has not posted any pictures of her at the gym and it is mostly her in the bathroom and holding up a bag of that tea she claims to be using. her valentines shoot was the only time she has not worn a corset in photos until recently. this would mean that she had surgery done around that time. that would mean that it has been about two months which explains the lack of bruising and such recently and of course the sudden spike in shirtless photos.

No. 370147

Nonnie you are reaching so hard. I'd like to believe that the anon who confirmed had proof, this is an image board after all. Also you do have to follow a certain diet to keep getting surgeries, eating all that crap would delay that happening, you can't just get lipo than go back to binge drinking and eating. That could cause a heart attack. That would be a lawsuit waiting to happen.

No. 370159

Physicians are only required to advise you and inform you of what you do after surgeries. After that it's your choice whether or not you follow that advise. This is Moomoo we are talking about.

No. 370164

Momo posted photos back from her Bunny Bulma shoot on her social media and not something new for Easter which isn't helping her case. She actually looked healthy then compared to now.

No. 370165

I think a lot of the puffiness is from the drinking. Moomookunt probably is an alcoholic, her looks are already going, last year she was actually pretty now her outside matches her insides. Ugly.

No. 370166

That Bulma is a different person. I just can't even comprehend right now that those are the same human.

No. 370167

How can someone destroy themselves physically so hard in less than a year????

No. 370168


It's actually quite disturbing tbh. She looked like this in April of only just last year when she was making the costume.

No. 370181

She seriously needs to drop the cosplay bit for about 6 months and get her ass in serious workout mode. Her lifestyle is going to kill her before she's 30.

No. 370183

I lol'd. Good job, Anon!

No. 370186

File: 1492377416640.png (438.44 KB, 723x509, momobulma.PNG)

i just hate that she never gets the bangs right on her wigs

No. 370187

This sorry ass "apology" triggers me every time.

No. 370189


Seriously she's going to ruin her health badly if she keeps it up. This new lifestyle of hers is poison, but she doesn't care because she's 'famous' afterall and makes big money. Trying to convince her to lead a healthier life is like talking to a brick wall and you're a hater in her books for even mentioning weight loss.

No. 370191

This another reason why the lipo is so plausible. She wears Wal-mart shit tier clothing and has a house devoid of furniture. Momo comes off as a complete spoiled cunt so I doubt she has any financial responsibilities outside of her rent. Even with bills and overspending on Yaya Han fabric it wouldn't add up to 10k a month. Momo also doesn't come off as the type of person who plans for the future so I don't think she's investing it, so has to be going to lipo.

No. 370194

She could have been hit hard for taxes. She made, what? 100,000 grand in 2016? Pretty sure she has to pay, especially since she can't put on her families form as a dependent anymore.

No. 370198

it's absolute insanity that this was just a year ago she actually looks like someone in her 20s here and not a housewife desperately trying to get people to jack off to her because her husband won't anymore
also me too about her lazy af wig styling she just can't get anything right

No. 370207

She's never been great at cutting a wig all of her sets have shoddy wig jobs. All he is good at is putting on makeup and clothes. Everythig else related to costuming and cosplay is well above her ability.

No. 370212

Until Momo is noticeably thinner in a candid or con pic can you guys chill out insisting it's lipo? We literally have no proof aside from a shitty, obviously shooped selfie where her chub rub looks like lipo scars. She's still fucking fat in recent pics. And Momo has been making thousands a month for awhile now and we've seen no evidence of where it goes, she's only gotten fatter - but suddenly all this missing money has been going to lipo? Yet she's still fat.

No. 370215

Starting to believe we are on to something and insiders are trying to throw us off the case.

No. 370218

you forgot your tinfoil hat, anon. I want to believe it's lipo, I really do. But liposuction is not a minor surgery in the slightest, and the way moo has been acting doesn't seem to allow for recovery from a reasonably serious surgery. there's a good chance that the one photo that shows her "lipo" scars is just a combo of weird shoop, compression garments temporarily squishing her fat, and posing correctly.
God I wish it was lipo, though

No. 370230

I love all the delusional comments congratulating her for losing weight lmao. Her fans are fucking morons

No. 370236

File: 1492390171585.png (978.74 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3257.PNG)

She just started a live video and flashed her tits

No. 370237

File: 1492390190356.png (849.48 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3256.PNG)

No. 370238

She's doing her make up in it

No. 370239

She looks like shit! Look at how dirty that hoodie is. Set your foundation, nasty bitch.

No. 370240

Now she's saying how she's Arabic

No. 370241

And she's explain Arabic words like sito

No. 370242

I'm she flashed her tits like less than a minute in I can't believe it

No. 370243

She looks so bad and her make looks cakey even though she's only just putting it on

No. 370244

File: 1492390515701.png (1.08 MB, 640x1136, IMG_3258.PNG)

Did she put her eye make up on before her foundation!?

No. 370245

They guy she's seeing was cheating on her with another girl and she took the other girl out to lunch wtf?

No. 370246

Serious dip in views so quick. Must be so cringey to watch.

No. 370247

File: 1492390680193.png (1.15 MB, 640x1136, IMG_3259.PNG)

This Pepe guy keeps asking her what her bra size is :/

No. 370248

Who cares?

No. 370249

It is her voice alone is bad

No. 370250

Mariah is live on insta ATM. Her eyes look so fucking puffy. She legit might be an alcoholic. I remember my dad got super bloated in the face before his liver blew up. So inb4 her liver explodes.

No. 370251

That would explain why her makeup looks bad all the time

No. 370252

The comments are cringe af

No. 370253

File: 1492390881818.png (970 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3260.PNG)

No. 370254

File: 1492390944831.png (1.06 MB, 640x1136, IMG_3261.PNG)

No. 370255


It's actually common to put on eye makeup before foundation(it comes down to personal preference), but she just sucks at makeup. I know it's sad so many times, but she looks so old. She looks and acts like women who had kids too young but they try really hard to be the cool mom.

No. 370257

File: 1492391079520.png (1.08 MB, 640x1136, IMG_3262.PNG)

That Pepe guy has asked her about 10 times what size her breasts are kek

No. 370258

People have been asking her how much she makes but she hasn't answered

No. 370261

Why does it seem like she has so many Indian fans?

No. 370262

Im more shocked she would just flash her shapewear like that. Specially after insisting she doesnt wear it. You can clearly see it!

No. 370264

I have so much second hand embarrassment for her that the only people who find her remotely attractive are your typical basement dwelling, dorito covered virgins. She thinks she's hot shit, when in reality the people she appeals to have the lowest standards.

No. 370265

Did she show actual tit or was it just more bra and cleavage that she shoves into the camera?

No. 370270

I know I'm shocked about that too fam

No. 370271

Bra and cleavage plus shape wear

No. 370272

It's because her fans are too ignorant to know what shapewear looks like.

No. 370273

That sounds awful. Why would anyone want to see that shit?

No. 370274

Ew. She looks like Leafy here

No. 370285

Wtf is that shapewear tho. It looks like straight up bandages.

No. 370286

File: 1492393233712.jpg (79.6 KB, 807x900, bqU3VKd.jpg)

nice surgical shapewear for your liposuction aftercare, moomoo

No. 370289

So this basically confirms lipo? Now we can stop with this lipo vs. non-lipo war?

No. 370292

Shit, I doubted it before, but I'm convinced now. How long will it last though?

No. 370297

Sums up why she has no convention plans atm too, she needs to heal properly from lipo if she got it done and can't be rushing off to cons every other weekend.

No. 370301

oh shit the resemblance is uncanny. there's no way that is just a coincidence.

No. 370306


She didn't answer very many questions, and it seemed like she ignored a lot of them in favor of talking about her makeup application even though most of the people commenting were neckbeard fanboys.

Apparently Halo is one of her favorite video game soundtracks. "I love boooobs. Putting my face in boobs. Touching boobs. But that doesn't mean I don't love butts too." "I love it when people call me Mommy, nyehehehh." Most of the viewer interaction was her making kissy faces. I've never, ever heard her speak eloquently. She just rushes out her sentences with no thought, just like her cosplays.

No. 370310

I mean she is quite dumb. She is every white trash girl out there, but she just happen to hit a weird niche at the right time.

No. 370319

File: 1492395021976.jpeg (34.22 KB, 640x480, 555E4CAC-9E4E-4D85-88FA-33DE29…)

tbh it legit kinda looks like bandages … like surgical, tightly-wound bandages that work as a compressor or a binder? it also reminds me of those postpartum belly bands that mothers wear after pregnancy for speeding up weight loss and reduce swelling

No. 370322

yep if anyone doubted it earlier thinking it was just shapewear, it's super obvious it isn't now.

You don't wear compression shirts like that for slimmer looks. It's pretty much only for swelling/fluids.

No. 370331

it would make for terrible shapewear since all these straps would be highly visible through tight clothing. shapewear is as seamless as possible. definitely post-surgery garment.

No. 370332

I was one of those that wasn't convinced about lipo but yeah. She outed herself here. Who the fuck flashes their bandages like that? She must have an in of 20.

No. 370334

File: 1492395824144.jpg (46.25 KB, 750x750, rBVaGVXbxsOAU6RoAACrMxwJUk8230…)

That's just a regular waist trainer, specifically a Miss Belt which you can get at the Walmarts here in Vegas. The shape of where the velcro overlaps and the elastic bands are the same. I also know this because I own one and yeah they really do pull your waist for that hourglass look.

No. 370335

A note on the lipo thing. Everyone here knows Momo lurks. If it wasn't lipo, she would have quickly posted about it and denied it. She avoids answering questions when there are people out there who know the truth and could possibly out her.

No. 370345

these don't look alike at all if you really look at the bands around her back.

No. 370347

Hers looks just like this one as the upper bandages are positioned similar to how they look as she was flashing her chest.

No. 370352

They don't look the same to me at all. I've seen pictures of other women wearing these and they look nothing like that MooMoo was wearing in that video.

No. 370355


No. 370358

My first thought was shit, did she gain so much wait that she had to use ace bandages to hold her waist trainer? She is on the cheap side so…

No. 370359


No. 370367

Food anon. It's all going to food.

No. 370371

Her body language is so bad. It screams she didn't give a shit about the woman who complimented her. Moomoo is such a cunt.

No. 370373

jfc she looks vile here

No. 370378


Holy shit right? Double chin from hell lmao. Proves the contour and myspance angles theory lol.

No. 370383

No. 370385

What a fucking bitch. At least try to show a veneer of politeness you fucking cow.

No. 370387

You'd figure with how money hungry she is she would have started a SUPE app account by now. Charge people to interact with her instead of free Instagram considering all the fitness models on there are doing it. I know Looney got kicked off for being naked lol.

No. 370392

I know she's got makeup on here that makes her eyes look worse but they are still bugging out. Could be she has a thyroid problem? That would explain her rapid ballooning also. I'm not white-knighting by the way, I am #teamlipo.

No. 370397

File: 1492401563222.jpg (52.35 KB, 749x402, moo.jpg)

they don't look the same in the slightest.

No. 370402

File: 1492402851502.jpg (19.07 KB, 480x360, missbelt.jpg)

Here's somewhere wearing the Miss Belt. Looks pretty similar to what Moo is wearing to me.
It's got the round part in the middle, under the 2 side straps. This Lipo shit is such a reach.

No. 370403

* someone, sage for fucking illiterate

No. 370405

This is exactly what it is. You can see theyre identical if you look past the text. Has the same curved belt thing below the 2 square velcro pieces.

I wonder if you guys will still be insisting it's lipo when she's gained another 20lbs a month from now or still insisting her "shape hasn't settled" lmfao

No. 370421

MooMoo just admit it you're not fooling anyone.

No. 370425

File: 1492407973282.jpg (107.99 KB, 534x820, mad.jpg)


No. 370431


Her face bothered me before but goddamn she looks like some soulless demon here.

No. 370435

She's gaining so much her face is starting to get the lard.

No. 370437


Safe for baiting

No. 370438

damn i mean granted she's sitting down so i get it but also that stomach even with whatever's compressing it is rotund af

No. 370440

Anon and I confirmed to believe leafy is actually moomoo and I fucking hate how alike they look lmfao someone should shop leafys face onto a moomoo cos and see if there's a difference lmao

No. 370447

File: 1492411982186.png (687.62 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4548.PNG)

Are they finally doing porn? Patreon dipped so hard this month that she has to do another slut Camilla with David the sellout

No. 370448

File: 1492412029627.png (Spoiler Image, 622.72 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4549.PNG)

Hate how she treats Camilla

No. 370453

That light eyeshadow isn't helping her at all.

No. 370454


So another slutty groping set incoming?

No. 370456

Hello darkness my old friend

No. 370458

Other features and weight gain aside, it's her eyes that really fuck up her face. Circle lenses only make it worse. She looks like a sloth.

No. 370469

All of this, I don't understand why people are so desperate to deny that she's had lipo. She's suddenly posting bare midriff shoots that she hasn't done since last summer and she's only lost weight from around her waist while keeping the fat elsewhere.

I have to wonder if she pays him for appearing in her groping sets and taking photos and helping out with her costumes. Would he really do this all out of good will to help her make over 10k on Patreon?

No. 370470

Go post deets in the Loonie thread?
It's been too dry lately

No. 370471

When you use a lot of alcohol you can swell up like a balloon in a short amount of time. In her Mei shoots she seemed to have a very bloated gut so I'm guessing it's that.

No. 370476

also idk why she would wear shapewear when just simply doing her makeup if it wasn't for a specific reason and afaik she was only just streaming
like that's a bit far on the self hatred scale if you can't do a menial task without needing to look thinner than you are

No. 370478

File: 1492423545462.gif (790.3 KB, 379x400, IMG_1502.GIF)

It's ya gurl momocunt

No. 370480

the soul, her's AND mine, are gone

No. 370482

Ugly on the inside and the outside. Neckbeards only care about the lower half of her body so probably don't pay attention to her face.

No. 370483


She reminds me so much of Yoda. Also Momo if you cant see that your are clearly deteriorating more by the day, this gif should prove it you look like a chubby corpse.

No. 370486

his smile and optimism: gone.

No. 370500

Oh jesus, it's finally happening. She's selling out. In the year of our Lord 2017.

I think they should just drop this friends with benefits act and be a legit couple now. No one in the cosplay comm will be willing to drunk make out with let alone fuck David after this. Just except your fate man.

No. 370504

File: 1492433889216.png (728.12 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5716.PNG)

No, we don't.
Is she really showing her boobs this time around? Man, desperate af for that cash.

No. 370506

That fucking line below her tits, what the fuck is that? Hardcore bruising

No. 370508


Nah there's no point. Anytime someone posts anything Loonie or that neckbeard comes in and trolls so hard it's just a waste of time lol.

Daily reminder that lipo is still a reach especially since you can see the indent of a fat roll in >>370504

Like another anon said if she did that she would be denying it so hard like every other truth we uncovered about her kek. Remember when someone called her out on wearing a corset for the fittea ad and she posted an obviously different picture without corset?

"Omg I can't believe I have to do this but here's my stomach (with concealer and Photoshop blur on the apparent scars) see no lipo you guys are crazy the things you make up like lol."

No. 370510


It's a giant fat roll.

God, it's so obvious how gross her body is getting because of that unfortunate jawline she can't hide anymore lol.

Moocow gonna do porn to keep dem Patreon buxx daddy must be so proud.

No. 370512

File: 1492435008418.jpg (123.62 KB, 1200x1181, C9mXdbOUQAA3xS6.jpg)

Lol poor bastard, maybe she should do crushing porn too she could fit that niche well

Moo get off poor David he probably can't breathe lmao.

No. 370513

Jesus, even with the emojiis you can see how sad and flat her boobs are.

No. 370515

1) this shot is so awkward the body language looks so uncomfortable like
>moomoo doing t-rex arms
>dude holding her wrist and shoulder like wow how sexy
2) having rolls when lying down is really a feat moomoo good job? also her tits look so saggy i feel sorry for whoever pays for this because if this is them being hidden i don't want to see them exposed kek
also tfw this is the best her face has ever looked in one of her shots and it's still uninspiring girl get your life together

No. 370518

samefag as above but like
>her wig fibres are apparently so fried they can stand up now
>honest to god twice that dude's size
>a pose and background that could be interesting but she's got rigor mortis hands like who touches a person's face like that
>making the characters wear their headwear in bed because without it no one would know who you're supposed to be

No. 370521

File: 1492436415147.png (117.41 KB, 500x443, me_irl.png)

This is going to be the worst one yet, isn't it…

No. 370527

Hardcore jelly roles and bad lighting

No. 370533

Even with lipo she would still have some rolls. They can only suck so much fat out at once.

No. 370535

Please be courteous to your fellow farmers and use spoilers for this one guys. It's gonna be a shit show.

No. 370536

In two years at max we will see her on MFC. Camwhoring is all she could ever do at this point.

I still remember that anon who kept insisting that she's "clearly above average", lol.

No. 370542


well "better" is subjective. also please spoiler

No. 370544

File: 1492438329365.png (Spoiler Image, 621.58 KB, 570x715, - Its time to stop - .PNG)


Here is the better version

No. 370545

File: 1492438497836.png (Spoiler Image, 80.33 KB, 431x500, - Not bruising -.PNG)

Possible bruising? More confirmation of lipo? Could it also be skin rubbing? I don't know just posting the image.

No. 370546

saw that before and was wondering the same, but it could easily just be from her wearing shapewear as much as she does.

No. 370548

File: 1492438685459.png (Spoiler Image, 109.08 KB, 613x494, - its something - .PNG)

Not sure but I made it a bit brighter.

No. 370549

those file names lolol
yeah it looks like something. we'll see once she posts more, if she doesn't shop it out.

No. 370550

Oranges in a sock.

No. 370552

Some good that lipo is doing. Her rolls have actually gotten worse!

No. 370553

That thumb is so fucking gross. His hands are gross. Somehow, and don't get me wrong MooMoo is disgusting, somehow this groper upstages her with only his hand.

No. 370555

So to feed into lipo discourse uhhh does getting lipo give you excess loose skin after the surgery or do they do a skin pull for you after?? Or is that completely operation after????

No. 370556

To me it just looks like a fat roll in bad lighting.

No. 370558

Pretty sure excess skin removal is a completely different,costlier surgery.

No. 370559

It is indeed. Lipo+tummy tuck. Pretty standard procedures for wealthy housewives in the valley.

No. 370560

Legit question; do magliris (chick who shot Calvin Klein,shion, swimsuit Seamus) and lxm duo (couple that got her started) stop shooting with moomoo? lxm still shoots with gabby and tons of cosplayers, magliris haven't heard from them in awhile. Moomoo seems to go to California, get really good photographers, but do really shitty shoots.

This Alf guy does amazing photography, the hell is this crap with moomoo?

No. 370561

Why don't we ask him.

No. 370563

Do her neckbeards really want to see this kinda thing? Kinda takes away from the self inserting fantasy, doesn't it?

No. 370566

Yeah I followed his work and once that popped up I unfollowed him. Call me petty but sorry not sorry.

No. 370567

Wow "i love cosplay I don't get the hate!" THis is not cosplay anymore this is porn

No. 370569

It's a three person pov shoot but you're either being cucked or you're photographer corrin

No. 370571

File: 1492441168936.png (153.92 KB, 628x905, IMG_4550.PNG)

Seriously. Wtf is this set?! He actually does good worl!!!

No. 370579

>Moomoo seems to go to California, get really good photographers, but do really shitty shoots.

See, here's the thing, no matter how good the photographer is if they get Mariah to work with, it's gonna looks like shit. At least that's the pattern I've noticed.

I can imagine the photographers being like "I've worked so hard with such great cosplayers and now I'm stuck here making this semi nude whale look decent in that ratty ass wig—"

No. 370580

Imagine working with a fat, childish, loud obnoxious adult woman who can't take any criticism and is known to sperg out about people she doesn't like on her social media. Unfortunately her social media has quite the following of unemployed neckbeard whiteknights who jump their ladys defense. She makes crazy bucks and is the laziest fatass you've ever seen, most likely inhales twinkies on set. She can't pose and her ass isn't covered. So you're stuck there watching the cottage cheese ass jiggle as she waddles over with her ratty wig. Then she bends over and you can smell the curd of her vagina.

What do you do?

No. 370602

Kind if looks like start of new stretch marks and she's been scratching them causing them to rise and redden.

No. 370628

Isn't Sydney her sister? Did Moomoo really flash during a live video with her sister watching? lmfao so much for "my sister doesn't do porn cuz she isn't nasty"

No. 370642

My sister doesn't do porn went out the window when she did the whipped creme set. It was her full breasts with only the nipple slightly obscured by the whipped creme. She has done porn and that was it.

No. 370650

Spots from working out.

IIRC it was "my sister doesn't do porn because she isn't disgusting" which is worse than nasty imo, nasty can at least be used in a playful, teasing way.

No. 370656

File: 1492449522215.jpg (718.54 KB, 1440x1837, Screenshot_20170417-100650.jpg)

If there's other Vegas anons in the thread, LvlUP's Otaku Picnic is next weekend and Mariah is going to be there if you want to see a cow in person. She's also going to be at LvlUP and supposedly has a booth there. I'll try and get as many candid shots as I can.

No. 370663

This is so out of character btw
like Ryoma would never do that he is more like a awkward gentleman.
It would fit better if Camilla would hold his hands in my opinion

Just another proof that she has no idea of the characters or the game. I just hate ot when people like her are all like "i love game xy so much so I'm going to Cosplay the one with the biggest boobs" bitch we all know why you Cosplay her and it's not because you love the game or characters

No. 370664

Yey she crossed the obvious line to porn. Now she can't excuse her anymore like she did when she was indeed doing porn but wasn't naked.

No. 370667

So when are people going to start sending her father these shots? I want to see her life burn around her.

No. 370675

my fave part is them doing the classic trying to be poc by listing the tiny fractions of not white american you are like girl you have lebanese and that's really it a little french and 1/4 italian doesn't mean shit just suck it up that you're Actually American and not special lmao

No. 370676

No cow tipping, asshole

No. 370677

Lol I just noticed her comment.
>"Lebanese, 1/4 Italian and a little French"
And maybe 1/5 Cherokee and 1/6 Japanese, am I right

No. 370682

Don't tip, but if somebody is dying to do it, at least wait until she is doing hardcore porn. That ways she's in too deep.

No. 370683

His work is really great, especially for cosplay shoots. But I think the biggest (kek) problem with shooting Moomoo is that she always chooses terrible locations, and has abhorrent construction skills. Most people who cosplay get photoshoots done to showcase their cosplays in cool settings. Moomoo just wants fap material.

No. 370686

She uses her legal name and shares everything without a second thought. He'll find out without your help.

No. 370688

I'm not going to do it, but I know for a fact it can't be long before this gets back to him.

No. 370700

Her dad did find out right away about the wicke porndouir shoot. Since moomoos mom shares everything moomoo does on Facebook, family friends know and search periodically. So chances are dad already knows, since wicke is the reason she was forced to move out.

No. 370702

I didn't know about that. Is this chronicled somewhere?

No. 370705

The camilla set is going to be straight trash. I'm so excited to tear it to shreds.

No. 370709

It is kind of a shame, but i'm sure someone with so little self-respect must be depressed, as well as extremely fake (which could also cause self-loathing). Maybe she should get herself a therapist.

Sage for autismo

No. 370710

All 12 threads prior, there are screencaps of her mom sharing her pages and pictures on fb which I think is on number 7 or 8 thread. Also, moomoos own Twitter, sometime in January when the set was released and she reached 10 k she posted Elmo tweets about how she can't stop crying and how things have to change, but that on that on the bright side it could be for the better. Chances are she was told to move out or was kicked out of her family house, she was living there rent free so who knows what actually happened. She stopped tweeting about her dad around that month also and sucking up to her mom a lot lately. Given Moomoos bratty behavior from only 2014 it's not surprising that she goes to people that don't tell her to grow up.

No. 370717


I guess that's why she started calling Nigri her "Mom". It's so obvious that she refuses to grow the fuck up and stop acting like she is still in high school and wants to surround herself with people who won't tell her to grow up and allow her to act irresponsibly.

If Nigri was actually her mom, she'd tell her to fuck off and stop getting into fights on twitter every week, tell her to change her diet and stop being such a lazy fatass and actually work towards an actual career instead of debasing herself online for desperate neckbeards.

But no, she is just an echo chamber who will always tell her how nothing is ever her fault who will shield her from any critism and party, pig out and get drunk with her and amount to nothing more than a walking status symbol for her.

No. 370720

Americans are the only ones that do this shit and I can't wrap my mind around it. If you were born and raised in America your American my friend.

No. 370721

File: 1492457454549.jpg (Spoiler Image, 473.9 KB, 1280x986, tumblr_om97zzSvnN1ufodrso1_128…)

I was on tumblr last night and found this whilst browsing the 'before/after weight' tags. Clearly some people are more than happy with her gaining…

No. 370723

kek at how they kept her arms and face the same
we want you to be obese but not Too Obese we don't know how fat distribution works

No. 370724

Unfortunate for her, she never going to get fat shaped like that. Her fat is saggy and only going to make more rolls and dirtier ass crack.

No. 370725

I love how they used a part of her fat arm as "back fat" and photoshopped a skinny arm for her.

No. 370728

samefag but this picture of her explains why she has such a sad ass she has naturally small hips so she's actually top heavy
fat distribution is a right pos when you have small hips because it doesn't sit properly on it ever
also >>370725 i didn't even notice until you pointed it out that's fucking gold

No. 370729

kek the weird deviantart fetish neckbeards are getting to her
too bad she loves being treated like a piece of meat and would probably not find this disturbing

No. 370730

I have a vague memory that in one of these threads someone from momo's inner circle spilled the beans that her dad threw her out due to her porn shoots which is why she abruptly had to get an apartment of her own.

No. 370731

She was wearing an ill-fitted bra even when she wasn't morbidly obese. Doesn't she realize how distracting it is?

No. 371466


Oh boy, that's the park closest to me. I'll see if I can go snoop around.

I'll also be selling at LVL UP, so this should be interesting.

No. 371472

Poor girl is gaining too much weight. I feel for her. She needs to take a break, join a dieting subreddit, lose weight then take up exercising and go from there. She can easily get back to her old body by the end of the year if she does this and she won't look like a loose skin mess.

No. 371569

New thread?

No. 371585

MooMoo went and deleted all of the videos on her YouTube channel except three cosplay spotlights.

Even the big rant about people who dont like her.

No. 371590


Chel went and did the same thing when people were talking shit about her. They seriously are way too alike.

No. 371592

Noo the one of her crying in the car "I'm a good person"? Tell me somebody has it saved

No. 371610

The super depressing thing about this is if she just stayed this size and dud legit waist training she would probably have a banging body. But she's completely ahit in any Hope of that.

No. 371632

Damn, and we thought she was fat back then. She looks downright slim here compared to her current weight.

No. 371645


Reminds me of Data from TNG.

No. 371682

Different anon. I thought I ended up deleting it at first, but thankfully I saved it.

No. 371690


What did poor Data do to deserve that? Lol

No. 371695

Wow, this is a some solid work.

No. 371702

even if you're a good photographer, if you have to light, compose, and edit 60+ photos, you're gonna have to cut a lot of corners compared to ~artistic~ sets of a handful of shots you can really put your effort into.

No. 371711

File: 1492483043094.png (915.46 KB, 676x1647, why.png)

Wasn't ever going to post on here but since her older historys been mentioned in this thread figued I'd share this from a friend who used to rp on the same site as Mariah. Apparently she got banned for bullying (esp fat shaming) but her introduction thread was still in the archives with her others posts.

No. 371712

>Detroit Michigan

Fucking when bitch. Fucking. When.

No. 371713

File: 1492483489921.jpg (30 KB, 206x244, IMG_5927.JPG)

This is amazing anon

No. 371717

This makes complete sense.
As a Michigander, alot of the culture there has to do with Christianity of the bible thumper side. Girls can dress "slutty" at halloween but turn around talk shit about you even if you're remotely different. If she did live in Michigan, her parents are probably frugal as fuck and poor. If not, they work around the rich part of Detriot and shit on the poor people there.

No. 371718

Found the forum and reading some of her old posts. So far nothing notable except she was suicidal…? But other than that, your typical cringe weeb.

No. 371722

Samefag here.


Old photobucket (I never knew so sorry if old news).

No. 371724

Yeah it looks like a lot of her older/personal stuff was put in the archives but I can ask the person if they can pull more of it up.

No. 371726

I think I remember reading she was going to U of M? So not poor. Fellow MIanon here and it's not as bad as you make it seem. I guess it's location though.

No. 371727

Compiled a bunch of her edgy and informative facebook status as screencaps from 2011-2014, enjoy!

2011 http://imgur.com/a/r8lpW
2012 http://imgur.com/a/uhReN
2013 http://imgur.com/a/VFw7h
2014 http://imgur.com/a/sWgD0

No. 371729


Just to save you all the time, it's mostly selfies and anime/manga pics. With two porn gifs.

No. 371731

bless you anon

No. 371732

This shit is so embarrassing, but what's really embarrassing about them is that she didn't grow up from that attitude. She was 15 in 2011. If there was no indication what year or how old she was, I would have thought they were current. She was a brat then, and she's a brat now. Mariah, you need to learn humility.

No. 371734

>2011 and 12
jesus I know she's like 15 and 16 but the tryhard aggro is so cringy

I knew some sports girls who were like that, but they calmed down over time. I mean I guess she's cooled down a little, but it really isn't enough.

So really needs to pick up a sport again, she used to be pretty fit.

No. 371735

Depends on the area you're in. There are yuppie places, and redneck places, as well as liberal places. We also have the largest population of muslims in the country at Dearborn, just outside of Detroit. So its weird you say its so Christian.

I always thought she was from the Vegas area, but the cap says she's a sophomore in HS and I do remember reading she got a scholarship for her lacrosse at a 4 year University. Fucking blowing my mind that she could have been around where I live. But judging from how much of a spoiled cunt she was in those older caps I'm going to assume she lived in a well off neighborhood.

No. 371736

File: 1492486186775.png (232.24 KB, 480x439, IMG_0119.PNG)

Is that her on the left too?

No. 371738

File: 1492486410465.png (101.29 KB, 480x255, IMG_0120.PNG)

It is oh shit

No. 371739

File: 1492486440513.png (1.38 MB, 1334x1595, wow.png)

Ok so was able to harass friend enough to at least get some examples of the behavior that got her banned. Apparently the guy was her online ex and the thread was meant to originally be between him and his gf (the other chick)

No. 371740

File: 1492486441482.png (131.88 KB, 480x340, IMG_0121.PNG)

And her dad gave her shit for being fat

No. 371742

File: 1492486696648.png (697.94 KB, 656x1663, lol.png)

This was supposed to be her apology post for harassing the previous users into leaving.

No. 371743

File: 1492486793283.jpg (438.59 KB, 978x978, Screenshot_20170417-233215.jpg)

So weird seeing her like this.
Can't believe that this is the same girl. She is like the size of three normal people now. maybe she eats so much on hope of duplicating herself since she loves herself so much kek

No. 371745

File: 1492486878425.jpg (273.2 KB, 978x978, Screenshot_20170417-233250.jpg)

Another picture I found in the link the one anon posted. She was pretty thin. Srsly she was the size of one of her thighs now.

No. 371746

She was 16 here?? I knew some cringy weebs in my day but just from her writing style and petty "u jelly hunny???" shit I would've pegged her for 13 max. And she still sports that charming "lol b jealoussss!" attitude even 5 years later.

No. 371747


Can confirm that's where she's from I'm a little embarrassed to admit how far into her privacy I went but I googled her parents names when they were revealed in a previous thread and their relatives are all listed in Detroit. Didn't know if it was true or not but she just confirmed it with that intro.

No. 371748

For the most part I'd give people a pass for being cringey when they were a teenager, because God knows we all did dumb shit. But the fact she still acts like this now, at 21 years old, just proves how she hasn't grown or matured at all. She hides it better and is more passive aggressive about it, and is capable of playing the victim much better now. But she's still a spoiled, egotistical, cunt. That's all there is to it. That's all there is to HER. She has no substance. I'd feel bad if I didn't dislike her so much.

No. 371749

>if softball was easy they'd call it cheerleading

why must she piss EVERYONE off? I knew cheerleaders who'd actually kick her ass for that

sage for venting about a status from a 16-year old

No. 371751

hey she used to look human!

No. 371752

File: 1492487727678.png (45.02 KB, 590x258, 2pEQlkd.png)

Well we know which one she choose

No. 371753

>she likes her own posts

No. 371754

File: 1492488016948.jpg (46.51 KB, 255x275, 1460580576373.jpg)

>I hate Eminem, he's a white piece of shit
>Leave rap to Lil Wayne

No. 371755

File: 1492488196383.png (66.83 KB, 746x292, 2Qc6OBI.png)

>shes fat and disgusting

No. 371758

So she has a history of being fat. She's the type to gain weight easily if someone isnt shaming her (like her dad) or being active in sports. Momo is fucked.

No. 371759

Yet everywhere she goes she listens to eminems "shake dat ass for me"

No. 371761


She is literally describing herself. Like, holy shit.

No. 371762

Eminem has some pretty good music. She's invalidating him because he's white? Hmm, I didn't realize only black people were allowed into the genre of rap. Seems pretty racist to me, Moomoo

No. 371763

Lmaoooo anon you're right. This is so fucking funny someone should show this to her on twitter. Aside from no.3 who knew you'd describe your future self.


She's always been a cunt and she's never gonna change.

No. 371764

Being fat is a choice, but I find it ironic how she had SO many posts dedicated to working out and 'if you're on FB, you have time to go work out' stuff, and yet…well, look at her now.

No. 371765

File: 1492488761514.jpg (24.98 KB, 500x240, 4ccc4fd7de82e48d44f1749580dcbc…)

It's so sad to see how Momocow has become the person she never wanted to be. I just finished reading her old fb posts from 2011-2014 and she used to be so proud of her body, loved sports etc. Now she's just an big lazy whale who claims to love her body

No. 371766

>god quote
>inspirational quote
>god quote
>god quote:
>I'm fantastic and you should die

No. 371767

That's why I think religious people are the worst

No. 371768

File: 1492488953272.png (51.68 KB, 670x182, E36HE3W.png)

God this is all so hilarious to see. Momo is basically describing her future self right now.

No. 371769

File: 1492488999779.png (211.24 KB, 480x341, IMG_0122.PNG)

No. 371773


Holy shit her behaviour is so textbook. She's a spoiled brat, grows up spoiled and eats whatever she wants until her world class body builder dad starts fatshaming her and probably starts treating her like shit. Then he helps her lose the weight, and to manipulate her into staying skinny probably gasses up her ego tells her she's the best and that's why she was such an arrogant bitch.

Until she starts getting fat again and their family is going through a divorce and her dad is fatshaming her again so this time she chooses her mom who probably doesn't give a fuck how fat she gets.

I feel bad for her because what we tell her every day on this board is what her dad told her growing up and what he thinks now. Deep shit.

She definitely needs therapy because this is gonna wreck her. All these fat neckbeards telling her being overweight is okay and she's just happy to be accepted as her fat self, but she's gonna get sick and get diabetes and heart disease.

Sage for psychologist bullshit

No. 371774

well isn't that ironic

No. 371775

File: 1492489545713.png (947.47 KB, 670x1018, XIjgRLw.png)

I actually like this one

No. 371776

This was less than 3 years ago. Holyshit. How the tides have turned.

No. 371777

How dare you compare such a thing of pure beauty to Moomoo

No. 371779

Wow this just makes me sad. That was supposed to be a great turning point for her, and she's just come back full circle. Momo, you're still young, you can still make it. You've done it once, you can do it again.

No. 371781

File: 1492490218314.jpg (151.74 KB, 960x502, foreshadowing.jpg)

Remember who you are Momo

No. 371783

So she became everything she hates

No. 371784

File: 1492490349388.jpg (54.76 KB, 500x414, wtfmariah.jpg)

This was in there near the end. Such edge.

No. 371788

Wow after seeing all of this I wonder if Momo's dad knows how slutty these cosplay shoots get? Because if he's anything like she said if he found out i'm guessing he's gonna be absolutely livid.

This could explain why she's on her moms side. Just wow.

No. 371789


Please, I'd like to see 2016. I was someone she bullied hard last year.

No. 371802


Kek I know exactly which post was about me lmfaoo.

No. 371813

Obviously Momo's stagnated since early high school, but these archives make me sad, tbh. Maybe I'm projecting but it sounds like she had disordered thoughts about her body and weight, and it's just taken a reversal from fat to thin to fat, again.

Also another sad thing is seeing what she wished were her plans for the future (studying abroad, doing well in school, scholarships). She pretty much threw it all away for 15 minutes of fame through "fetish modeling" cosplay for neckbeards who want to see her balloon even more.

Momo's a jerk but she still has time to reorganize her life and do something with herself. It's sort of scary to see someone just abandon their prospects like this.

No. 371814

She looks cute here, I'm so confused-
She seemed so proud of her weightloss only to gain it all back

No. 371816

Not as much milk as I would have hoped for from 2016 http://imgur.com/a/AQau0

No. 371818

She seems like a narc to me. She only gets down on her looks when people aren't feeding her ego/to try to get asspats and attention. Now that she has a steady supply of thirsty neckbeards to gorge her ego on, she's gorging her physical body because she's a lazy glutton.

Personally, I'd feel kind of bad for her if she seemed like a decent person, but the archives show she's been shitty for as long as she's had an internet presence. I kind of look forward to the rise and fall of moo, once her patreon bux run dry and her body is wrecked permanently, what is the lazy cow going to do? She has no education, no experience outside of working at a starbucks short-term, and she has nudes and "lewds" all over the internet under her real name. She clearly has no long-term plan here.

No. 371819

I have a feeling those weirdos will find her hotter when she's "thicc"

No. 371820

File: 1492496378573.png (78.97 KB, 748x308, Mda541G.png)


No. 371822

File: 1492497497652.jpg (29.29 KB, 640x445, 487089_308422982584773_1680654…)

Looking at her older photos, do we know if she got a nose job? It just looks so big here. Her face freaks me out.

No. 371824

Nah, her face just got a bit fatter and she contours/shoops everything most of the time. There was a unedited photo from when she got lash extensions put in and she still has a potato nose.

This is gold considering how much fast food and carbs we've seen her eating.

No. 371828

Karma can do wondrous things

No. 371831

this, it's like 10 lbs. max, of course she's still going to look fat. what a waste of money if she did actually get lipo.

No. 371834

before enlarging the image, I thought that said "until you eeee trying"

No. 371839


omg same here, it looks like she made that picture herself too so humble

No. 371843


She definitely deleted posts. There were ones posted in forums way back with screenshots that aren't on that list. Thank you.

No. 371848

Cheerleading is one of the most difficult and dangerous sports lmfao

You don't even THROW in softball you just place the ball on a T and whack it off that you don't even have to aim

No. 371854

Good god, reading all this makes me think that I'd feel actually sorry for her if she showed signs of wanting to improve. Seeing her later posts only show that she recognized at some point that her behavior was pushing people away, but she merely adapted by trying to keep it on the downlow as soon as she realized that she could make money and people assumed that she was a likeable person just by judging her photos alone.

Considering how she seemed to be judged a lot in her personal life about her weight, she's really let herself go as a result of that poor adapting. It feels really Dorian Gray, since it's starting to show how she truly is the greedier and more desperate she tries to be relatable.

I think she's hid behind the, "I got bullied for loving anime and being a nerd" card that she thinks will continue to keep her from being put on the hot seat whenever she does something against her brand of, "cosplay positivity."

It really is sad to see though that she's since made no mentioning of wanting to do anything else in her life other than being cosfamous. I think she feels like she's made it and will be there forever really, and that's downright terrifying considering how it's barely been a year since she wore that Samus suit.

No. 371865

>I'm quite a deep intellectual person
>I'm often spend time thinking of how things could be improved
>reliable hard worker
>cool exterior
it's amazing how her delusional sense of self is a thing she never grew out of

No. 371867

oh my god the part where she's saying how her parents are sending her to japan and italy and they have loads of money
i can't even say moomoo was such an embarrassing teenager because she hasn't changed at all except for her age (and weight kek)

No. 371869

File: 1492508903161.png (506.99 KB, 727x429, ughhh.png)

Get ready guys..

No. 371871

It really bothers me that she's does her shit so fast? Like does a shoot and then within like two days releases it as if that was enough time to make sure all of the shots are interesting and of good quality.
This is why your shit sucks Mariah; you live a life of complete entitlement and 'I have to get what I want right now immediately' even if it means what you want is not as good as it should be.

No. 371873

It's likely that she's always been obsessed with instant gratification.

Oh lord that sleepy ass face and the same black thong. I feel so sorry for that floss.

No. 371880

she had quite a gut though.

No. 371881

why does she always look so sleepy

No. 371894

No. 371895

What do you mean? They pitch in softball, it's done underarm while baseball is overarm.
You're talking about T-ball, a game for little kids who can't hit the pitches yet.
(Whoops, sorry for the double (ot) post, mobile is screwing up with me right now )

No. 371900

She didn't want to to do any of that shit, lbr. She was lazy then, and she's lazy now. She just said all that to seem all ~pixie like~ like most 16 year old girls do. At the end of the day she wants to do as little work as possible and getting paid as much as possible.

No. 371903

Maybe her dad kicked her out because she gained so much weight, not that she was doing soft core porn now. Her dad seems like a real piece of work, and I think if she still was thin and doing this he wouldn't care.

No. 371908

>We're setting up a picture of a guy fucking me from behind but it's still not porn because I'm not disgusting! uwu

No. 371909

Daddy issues confirmed, she's seeking male validation by doing a ton of porn and acting like a gross pervert. I'd feel sorry for her if she wasn't such a selfish twat. But considering her track record with lying and the "ugh my mom is such a cheap bitch no wonder I like dad better!!" tweet, I'm tempted to call bullshit on this too.

No. 371911

File: 1492526821701.png (203.07 KB, 750x1069, IMG_2409.PNG)


No. 371916

her head and hands look so small on her body
also casually holding her robe closed so she doesn't flash people

No. 371917

It looks like he's holding a golden dong.

No. 371918

Gluten is natural it's not something companies add. These dumb gluten free bitches. Sage for rant

No. 371920

File: 1492528079590.png (50.93 KB, 900x180, potkettlepotkettle.png)

Can you upload it to yt?

This is hilarious. And her "I hate my parents" statuses are even worse than Asherbee's.
Also, pic related was particularly noteworthy

No. 371921

Mariah, you had drama issues then and you still have drama issues now. Are you too much of a narcissist to see that you're the common denominator?

No. 371922

File: 1492528905124.png (43.09 KB, 692x174, italianfrahwur.png)

"I have a strong personality"
It's funny, all the people who say this are usually chicken shits that act tough on words but run away crying in person.

Anyway, she was really obsessed with Italians wasn't she

No. 371927

File: 1492529461526.png (78.79 KB, 756x264, rH6FyG1.png)

Samefagging, more milky status

No. 371928

File: 1492529571751.png (45.3 KB, 714x186, 270z49X.png)

No. 371931

>she lost some weight
>became obsessed with workout and diets
>extremely prouf of herself
>then she let herself go
>became fucking obese
>muhhh body positivityyy!!1!
just sad

No. 371933

fuck man ,she isn't a very bright person considering her age

No. 371936

>>371933 Tbh people aren't bright at that age but it does take a special kind of stupid to be this stupid and blind to yourself.


Looks like she chooses flavor of the week and imprints herself onto it like ditto. Pretty sad honestly. It's hard to respect someone who will change as the wind blows.

No. 371940

In her old photo bucket there were pages of Jersey Shore gifs. The popularity of that show and her trash taste is probably what led to her trying to hype that she's soooo Italian.

No. 371941

holy shit lmao she's the worst attention whore ever

No. 371956

File: 1492533684970.png (474.26 KB, 555x400, - CinnaCum - .PNG)

Good news. Its officially porn now. I expect to see full tit in this one.

No. 371958

Whoa. Please tell me this is photoshopped, that she didn't just…

FFS, Mariah, this is porn. Straight up posing with cum - hopefully simulated - on your tits is porn.

No. 371959

Why are those moobs getting so veiny? and Judging from the picture title its cinnamon drizzle? or.. Jizzle. hehe

No. 371960

Its unedited, its wax not cum, but still its porn. Regardless of what the cum substance is it is still porn.

No. 371961

>- CinnaCum - .PNG

No. 371964

Waiting for her mom and sister to proudly share this on their facebook

No. 371965

She might as well have a dick in her mouth at this point. But you know "I don't do porn because I'm not gross uwu". Her mom must be so proud.

No. 371966

Have to admit though. The photag is on point with the edit though.

No. 371968

That's not how you do mental gymastics. You start slow with skin then pov then toys and BAM somehow you're a full fledged pornstar when you only wanted to be a cosplayer. Expect props and toys soon.
If she wanted to recover now it's a little too late to go back to respectable cosplaying. You can see she's thrown in the towel or two since she can't cover her body with one.

No. 371969


Yeah, this is full on porn now. No sense in denying it Moomoo.

No. 371972

Camilla doesn't deserve this :(

No. 371974

Even though she is my less favorite character in the game, you're right. She deserves better than this. Thanks to this cow

No. 371984

Can this be spoilered please? It's disgusting.

No. 371987

Camilla is such a sweet character, not a freaking cumdumpster like Mariah! Moomoo sto calling it cosplay you are a PORN MODEL you may not be getting full on penetrated on camera but you are simulating which is PORN not fetish modeling! You are the problem in cosplay, you are part of the problem why girls who cosplay are afraid of creepers, you use cosplay as subgenre for porn COSPLAY IS NOT PORN OR A FETISH! Go be a sex worker and leave our hobby alone! You are a piece of worthless trash and you will never be respected as anything more than a cumdumpster.

No. 371988

I'm not caller moomoo anymore just cumdumpster, let's face it it's more fitting, she wants to play out her daddy issues online and be treated like shit by men and label all this garbage as being a strong women in charge of sexuality? No, this bitch is a self loathing cumdumpster. A strong women in charge of her sexuality wouldn't destroy any future they had (a full scholarship to Michigan university) wouldn't give up on being an English teacher in Japan, just to be paid for this.

Hi cumdumpster if your reading!!! Mariah you are a shitstain on the community.

No. 371989

No. 371990

Haha, wow. She "loses" a bit of weight and suddenly her photos are the most sexual they've ever been.

Maybe I don't want MooMoo to keep being fat, the skinnier she gets the more desperate she is for guys to point out how hot she is now so she will do ANYTHING.

Poor poor MooMookun with her severe daddy issues didn't you know neckbeards don't validate who you are as a person you validate yourself, silly. But you have no self esteem to see that for yourself and it's great.

It's more entertaining than watching her stuff her face and cry.

No. 371992

But she fails to apologize for screaming CHING CHING CHONG out loud in that exact video?
She said herself in the comments section it was an INSIDE joke. Yeah k, racism is okay if it's a joke.

No. 371993

I don't think she actually knew what asexual is.
Bitch you can still be attracted to people just not in a sexual relationship. I think she meant aromantic.
Anyways look what she is now doing. Definitely still Asexual lol.
Bitch has always been an attention whore.

No. 371996

I am so mad. Fates does not deserve this. Why doesn't she choose actual hentai games. Why fates.

No. 371997

what if this is carefully photoshopped to get the neckbeards excited but its totally innocent?

Hmm rly makes you think

No. 372000

thats 100% it is. Its wax. Source: I am the photo

No. 372003

The word innocence cannot be applied to this photo shopped or unshopped. It does't make you think. You are thinking too hard on this one Anon. This is moomoo, simple stuff. Sex = money.

No. 372004

she's already done props anon but for the shoot that was to go on moochlette's patreon (she was wearing a cheap ass ballgag)

No. 372005

Oh spicy… but I mean other longer props. NSFW types ya know? Going full on porn soon. She keeps having to raise the bar, afterall she is selling what you can get for free online.

No. 372006

watch her do a simulated blowjob on a dildo and be like it's not porn if it's not with a real dick my dudes

No. 372008

Wait I'm confused sorry:

Did you photoshop the wax cum on her? Or did she post the photo like that already?

No. 372009

File: 1492539990514.gif (320.01 KB, 250x252, tumblr_oo5c0uEBZI1vccbgyo2_250…)

She looks like Aja

No. 372013

No that's 100% a photo she took. Source: I am the photo

No. 372014


You need to calm down. Let's put this into perspective.
The entire anime and anime gaming community is made up of extremely awkward people. There are a few normies who slip through the cracks but that's an exception that I'm not discussing here today.
Look at every cosplayer page. Sexual cosplayers and "innocent" cosplayers. Look at their fan base and the people who comment on them. They're ALL fuckin weirdos.
Cosplay has always been about bringing these weirdos anime waifus to life it has always been sexual. Even the fangirls enjoy when men cosplay feminine male characters because that's their sexual preference.
Women who are famous in cosplay understand that it's always been about sexuality. Even the non sexual ones like Riddle still have her tits out on display because that's what the industry is built on.
If cosplay was all about Bulmas mom jeans in DBZ or Bloodborne characters there wouldn't be a cosplay industry because the weirdos who fund it wouldn't give a damn.
I am not trying to victim shame. It is sad that neckbeards think cosplay is consent but the whole point is no normal guy who's not a creep is into that stuff anyways. (Again there are exceptions)
What I'm trying to say is this self righteous stuff that's been in the threads since day one isn't the reason I'm here. I just like watching a cow who thinks she's special because she drowns in neckbeard cum.
I cosplay as a hobby and the things I cosplay aren't the basic waifus like Cammy from Street fighter or anyone wearing a gstring as a battle suit. I cosplay whoever the fuck I want and I don't care that I don't get attention because I'm not here to get famous from it because I understand the industry is shallow. Also people aren't as creepy towards you when you cosplay something entirely non sexual like Merle from Escaflowne lol.
Just don't be mad about her getting all the attention and being famous if you're not willing to whip your own tiddies out because it's the only way the entire community of people who fund the industry are going to care about you.
People who's goal in life is to be noticed by thousands of neckbeards are just as shallow and they know it. She will never be more than cosplay famous.

I'm saging this because it will be ignored, people will get buttblasted and it will probably be pulled for derailing or whatever.

No. 372018


Damn that's a long ass blog post. Sorry guys, but I dunno I think the anger towards why she's famous and you're not is because you don't entirely understand what industry you're trying to be famous in.

It's shallow, and it's filled with people like her because they know they can bank off it while they're still young and decent looking.

No. 372019

Sorry you were born retarded anon

No. 372020

Sage for derailing

No. 372021

How dare you

No. 372027

Anon that's not really the issue. Sexuality has sold in EVERY aspect of selling anything. Cosplay, Streamers, Work, and all these industries work on the facade that it's not sexuality but the personality and work ethics. But to pass of your shit to be quality or outright deny what moomoo truly has become is what people are mad about. Everyone is a weirdo, just because you can hide it better doesn't mean you aren't.

This. She's swimming in the kiddy pool and thinks shes queen of the ocean. (No whale pun intended)

Like I said mental gymnastics. The one sport she's actually good at.

No. 372031

Cosplaying isn't abour being famous! News flash! Some people have REAL JOBS AND CAREERS they cosplay unwind and no bitch wearing a sexy costume doesn't mean I want a creeper assaulting me or getting hit on and sure as fuck doesn't mean I want a million likes! I cosplay because it's fun and because I want to unwind when I'm not at work. You have a warped sense.

No. 372045

I think it's even funnier becaue I did around 3 cosplays from hentai games and never ever thought about taking pics like this. Is so disgusting.

No. 372048

To be fair there isn't there a middle to this?
Why cosplay for yourself if some aspect of attention seeking wasn't involved. Doesn't it feel good to be praised by randos on quality and workmanship? Not necessarily for popularity but acknowledgement? Kinder people will go for the quality statements because that means more for them. 1 dollar is better than being thrown 100 pennies. If you're good sometimes you naturally get popular which isn't a good or bad thing for most.
OR you can be moomoo and skyrocket with guys just throwing fapped on pennies at her cleavage and sharing it with more neckbeards with more pennies. At that point are you even a cosplayer anymore?

"Sit on my face with those thighs and oh yea, nice robe."zips up
"I'm not doing porn"

For fucks sake, respect yourself moomoo.

Reminds me of how streaming is being ruined by camming.

No. 372055

Where was this posted?

No. 372057

it's not porn, it's just a cute cumming set uwu

No. 372061


No. 372064

Question: is that some sorta syrup or did KBBQ actually jizz on her boobs? (I'm guessing the latter)

Which leads to the next question, how the fuck can he get it up in the first place?

No. 372071

It was candle wax

No. 372073

File: 1492545515066.png (Spoiler Image, 281.38 KB, 506x678, - Daddy Doesnt Love me Anymore…)

No. 372083

You know we all made the daddy issues joke from thread one, but with all those fb leaks and her dad kicking her out. Moomoo get yourself a therapist!

No. 372093

i bet they used standard ass candles instead of ones made for wax play
she practically screams vanilla girl who wants to be seen as kinky by guys but would probably throw a bitch fit at rope burn from being tied up lmao

No. 372096

#1 whoever is treating the rope you are tied with is shit if you're getting rope burn, unless you are into it. Fuck that binder treat you god damned ropes.

#2 Non-sex candles melt at a much higher temperature and as such would burn like shit. Let hope she went to get sex candles otherwise props to her for loving the pain.

No. 372123

unedited raw my ass

No. 372128

At least it looks good compared to the last set

No. 372148

don't talk shit if you don't know bdsm - it's not always about pain especially if it's something that continues after sexytime. Rope burns and candle wax burns are no joke

No. 372151

So she literally started back at square one. Good going, you stupid bitch.

No. 372171

Lol there are plenty of non-bdsm candles that won't burn you. No need to nit pick her for something that irrelevant when there are lots of legit things to point out.

No. 372186

Thank you for spoilering, anon.

No. 372202

File: 1492554440590.png (59.13 KB, 629x508, IMG_2146.PNG)

This was her recent reply to a comment about her set being softcore porn. How many times does she have to passive aggressively use 'lol'?

No. 372203

Damn. That's some hardcore denial. I mean shit, there's plenty of porn that had stories attached to them. Like that million dollar pirates porn movie. But since everyone's in costume and there's a story it's not really porn anymore. Keep reaching for the stars, Mariah.

No. 372204

File: 1492554578717.png (1.02 MB, 720x1280, vURbm8u.png)

Was on IG but deleted shortly after

No. 372205


Here is a refresher on pornography.
printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity, intended to stimulate EROTIC rather than aesthetic or emotional feelings.

She's passing this off as aesthetic? Being half naked in a cosplay that barely makes sense and poorly made.

No. 372208

Moomoo stop. This isn't sexy.

No. 372209

If she cropped that photo at the bust line it'd be fine. She had to leave her lumpy stomach in there.

No. 372210

Yeah I just meant that her skin is not that smooth unedited. Bitch be lying.

No. 372212

Yeah she looks like a real doll. She's delusional as always.

No. 372213

How the fuck does wearing cosplaying and telling a story (lol ok) make it not porn? Has never seen an actual soft core porn movie? There are stories to those, and some porn people gasp costumes.

She is dumber than a bag of rocks.

No. 372215

good lordt, the wax is obviously suppose to represent a cumshot and even though its not cum the fact you're trying to pass it off is just amazing

No. 372220

File: 1492555476548.jpg (74.71 KB, 750x732, justkillmenow.jpg)

>drips white candle wax on boobs
>b-but it's not cum and it's not porn

fucking KEK this cunt

No. 372223


Of course Momo, wax drips that look like cum shots and POV photos of Camilla getting it from behind are totally telling a story. But it's not porn duuuuuudes!

Lmao what a mess.

No. 372226

File: 1492555854066.png (145.03 KB, 531x640, laugh-1.png)

>We're just telling a story! It's not porn!
>Even though I have pretend semen on my boobs!
Jesus christ it keeps getting better and better.

No. 372231

The batsman xxx porn was in cosplay, does it mean it's not porn? Mariah your in denial.

No. 372249

Hey Anon who draws all those pics? Can you draw a new one of this atrocious Camilla set and write: it's not porn if it's cosplay!

Just think that would be a riot

No. 372257

Yeah, World of Whorecraft wasn't porn, just cute girlies dressing up like elves! THEY ARENT DISGUSTING

The denial is INCREDIBLE

No. 372262

Yeah we gonna need a new piece of art for the next thread soon, come through draw fags. moomoo art always makes me laugh

No. 372268

I might have thrown up a little. This is disgusting. Stop ruining cosplay and good characters

No. 372277

>"cum" drizzled all over her tits

lol it's not porn lol

No. 372306


No. 372320

I want to try and whip up some art, can anyone find me that picture of her dad? Not the milk and cookies one but I know in a pst thread there were some other pics of him…or if anyone remembers the thread that'd be great 2

No. 372330

File: 1492561948723.png (602.61 KB, 960x404, timestheyareachangin.png)

i think the arms kind of make it look like shes taking a selfie from above

No. 372333

mods make this a header

No. 372334


She had to resort to doing this candle-jizz shit to make her "Camilla cosplay" stand out from the people who can actually craft her armor. Without much context this looks like a fat body positive tumblrina with purple hair.

How is this Camilla, really?

No. 372335

duh she wears the headwear for the whole shoot so you can tell that shes cumilla.

No. 372341


I just gotta buy a purple wig, wear her crown and that's a Camilla cosplay, right?

I'll just go get a weave and that should make me fucking Beyoncé then.

No. 372349

If she just learned how to pose and create good lewds she wouldnt need to have to go raunchier and raunchier each month to get pledges

No. 372356

Sorry you haven't worked out in your life and just buy movie stereotypes

No. 372357

buy into*

No. 372375

She looks like a Teletubby.

No. 372385

Keep telling yourself that, Mariah. Deep down you know the truth.

No. 372388

File: 1492570048644.png (537.53 KB, 662x1496, mariah.png)

just gonna leave these here

No. 372389

File: 1492570076390.png (372.45 KB, 660x1876, mariah2.png)

No. 372394


Girl has some deep rooted issues.

No. 372396

She seriously needs help. What happened to her love of softball?

No. 372402

I don't like Mariah, but y'all are so cruel to her. It's super clear homegirl has a lot of issues as it is, and she obviously comes lurking here…this can't possibly be easy to stomach. Do y'all feel better at night for wailing on some chick you ain't even met? I found this board amusing but damn, I hope none of you are treated the way you treat her.

No. 372404

Reading all of this combined with her rapid ballooning, I wouldn't be surprised to hear she has an eating disorder. She needs a therapist.

Of course, she probably won't get one because she either doesn't want to admit she has problems or she genuinely thinks she's the greatest thing to ever grace cosplay, ignoring that her costumes are shit and she's descending further and further into porn.

No. 372405

>telling a story
porn has great stories you know

No. 372407

Treat her like what? As far as I'm concerned, nobody on here actually goes after her. We talk shit about her on here and she could be none the wiser by not reading what a bunch of anonymous people think about her. She has issues, but she refuses to change.

No. 372408

File: 1492572442530.jpg (23.23 KB, 349x356, 1478300242249.jpg)

thank you for your input

No. 372409

Go write about this on your Tumblr blog.

No. 372416

Mariah has the option to ignore what's said about her, no one is holding a gun to her head and forcing her to read any of this. She has always been a hateful person and that's not aboutvto change anytime soon, we say shit because she's treated us like shit. She's treated characters that are very much loved like shit, treats an art form and hobby that helps people like shit, she only cares about herself and she lurks here because she's that self absorbed. Nothing that said here gets to her. She's a psychotic child who creates problems to entertain herself because she has little to no value in her own existence and doesn't think much of herself to begin with. Fixing any problems you have in life starts with you, it ends with you and it's up to you to change the path your on. She's had how many years and how many message boards devoted to proving what a self absorbed sociopath she is and changes nothing in her life??? She creates the chaos and the problems. We're just throwing our two cents in.

No. 372417

oh wow you are so right, i'ma change right now thank you so much anon you're the best!

No. 372418

not that same anon but you are literally being said stereotype right now.

No. 372421


Now I find it retarded when people take literal whos and make threads about them because you don't like their style. Like half of the threads in /snow/ for instance. Yawn.

Something is more pleasurable about humiliating someone who's a manipulative narcissist.

No. 372425

I've seen a couple of people actually dox cows here, though.

At least she's actually talking about Mariah.

No. 372426

They called the anon retarded for stating a sports-related fact that it's one of the most dangerous and difficult sports. It's likely that people who don't know that also don't work out

No. 372433

so i guess (?) she's doing this public whorish stuff to try to hurt her dad? because he set those high expectations and when she couldn't live up to them, in order not to feel true shame she had to convince herself, yeah i don't want HIS approval anyway… i hate him ha

No. 372438

File: 1492577337496.jpg (Spoiler Image, 206.81 KB, 900x506, Rance.jpg)

She's too full of herself
This dude has a more compelling story than the "epic" tale of Momo having someone finish on her chest

No. 372439

File: 1492577478098.png (66.78 KB, 615x75, 50a232e6213322c43008ddbbd4357b…)

holy shit

No. 372440

No wonder she was so bummed. Maybe your dad saw how lazy you were and tried to help but you complained?

No. 372441

File: 1492577895739.jpg (273.71 KB, 1936x1936, IMG_5013.JPG)

A comment on her "Camilla wax series" that momo liked.

It's lowkey porn my dudes. There's a difference lol

No. 372459

Sigmund Freud would have gone mad If he had had to analyze this child

No. 372470

Judging by those comments it doesn't sound like her father ever loved her, he just wanted an athlete to make him look good.

No. 372474

With how she's always described his mentality, he's always seemed like a douchey roid rager. Probably took a lot of his own anger out on her too. It's a sad case in that sense, esp with how his bad parenting's contributed to the warping of her own ideologies.

No. 372481

File: 1492583155268.gif (1.1 MB, 255x203, 1418670670078.gif)