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File: 1492050671489.jpg (58.49 KB, 640x640, 17332515_1696323703717842_3373…)

No. 368757

The Ride Bum Edition!

Old one: >>>/pt/360570

>creater of the Poop Brooch
>bandwagon cosplayer
>genderfluid, bisexual, has a phobia of CIS men
>pathological liar
>produces horrible DeviantArt yaoi with incorrect anatomy
>stalker of cosplay groups
>makes copy cosplays of people that she hates to 'out-do them'
>has dragon spirit split personalities
>has a magical third eye with chakra reading abilities

>still claims autism as the reason for her behavior, bad job, and no life
>was going to move to DC, then to LA, has done neither and doesn't mention it anymore
>hosting panel at Momocon with no transportation
>caught in lies on FB about advocating duct tape for chest binding
>hosting cosplay picnic at Maymont in April, a dozen people estimated to show up
>still has no ride to her own picnic

No. 368766

The truth is OC would buy food for Ashley, would drive her places, and even got Ashley's hair cut into a nice style because Ashley had cut a lock of hair out and it stood straight up.
When getting Ashley's hair done, she also got some kind of hair treatment. In the end, OC had spent around 300 to 400 dollars on Ashley, in which Ashley did constantly promise to pay back.

OC asked for only 20 back, and Ashley threatened to call the police on her. When she did finally get the money, it was from Ashley's mom, who acted afraid of OC despite her having been over to the house multiple times.

I think Ashley told her mom OC would vandalize the house or something, something OC has no history of doing.

No. 368768

Remember to post social media links even if it's a thread continuation.

No. 368770

In reply to >>368469 from last thread.
I (sadly) live about 5 minutes away from Ash. There's no bus or anything like that that far on Hull, but I myself have taken Uber a few times from here, including to inner Richmond. So that is 100% an option. I am around the same age as her, and took uber alone. It's not expensive. She has no excuse.

For the record, she WOULD have to get a ride, Maymont is about a 30 minute drive with good traffic, and Richmond city area can be shitty.

No. 368774

File: 1492053515619.png (517.04 KB, 601x602, Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 11.1…)



Long her makes her look so much nicer, I wish she'd do something about her eyebrows

No. 368776

Honestly if she lost some weight and had normal eyebrows, she'd be decent. With the right make-up and hair, maybe even cute?

No. 368787

Don't forget braces.

No. 368790

File: 1492056157328.png (11.8 KB, 508x128, secretagentfarmerreportinglive…)

Missed me again bitch!

No. 368796


Bless you anon

No. 368801

So is she just going to monitor every little thing till the picnic??

No. 368809

File: 1492059476103.png (341.96 KB, 394x397, eh.png)

I dunno man…

No. 368810

She usually readds the purged friends anyways.

No. 368815


This is meant to be for her Belle cosplay but it's red ??

No. 368828

looks absolutely average. Would get one night standed at a bar.

No. 368830

Did she ever comment again after Kaylee called her out, or say anything about her removing Ash as a contact?

No. 368839

File: 1492069406121.png (39.57 KB, 445x397, 1b9bd7e4b2a1ff7c0d0c0f28ab8d11…)

Nope, just these people taking over for Ashley's lying ass in some fucked up SJW bullshit.

No. 368840

>publicly interrogate you

Bitch, Ashley lied to Kaylee's fucking face, repeatedly, and you're still going to defend her? It's not an interrogation. It was a very calm and civil calling-out of a piece of shit liar that just kept digging that hole deeper.

No. 368842

File: 1492070951586.jpg (17.61 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

Kaylee here.

I wanted to check the forums again and WOW people still can't believe she's a liar thought she did it?? People like that deserve to be tricked then.

I knew Ash for 7+ years. I met her through an abusive ex of mine. They were dating and he threatened to r*pe me while they were. I helped her out. I told her to get far away from him and been by her side after that and made sure she was okay even though it meant enduring verbal abuse from him after she left him I did that to get her out.

I've held long talks about her with her mom. I had stayed with her at Neko for one year and her mom told me she was happy Ash had met someone like me, and how she wanted Ash to be able to find friends to help her mature and grow up.

I feel like her mom is supporting her habit still in hope of that. Hoping her daughter will find someone to help fix her. Sadly a lot of people, close friends of mine as well, have tried their hardest to do so.

Ash if you're reading this don't ever try and contact me again. I hate liars and deceivers more than anyone else.

OH! I was the staffers she contacted to try and ban people from Katsu. Security isn't even my dept though. She also contacted me trying to become a 'cosplay guest' for Katsu to make said people she wanted to ban jealous. However I've since told them of her plans since I realized how awful she really is last night.

Ash you'll never be anything but a cosplay shit show. I told you several times to take a break from cosplay and focus on yourself. I tried to help you. So many have and you reject it.

You've made your own bed, and you see who I'm with now. I'll never ever let anyone hurt or lie to me like you have again.

No. 368850

lol why do people put up with asherbee? that's the better question

No. 368858

She's really shooting herself in the foot directing everyone she comes in contact to over here to see just how shitty she is. I'm glad you got out, Kaylee. She would've sucked you dry otherwise.

No. 368870

So, I take it you aren't going to the picnic on Saturday?

(Joking, joking) I am sorry you feel hurt; it's tough when you find out someone you thought you knew well and cared about is nothing at all like the person you thought they were.

No. 368873

File: 1492088699367.png (772.95 KB, 1037x1267, 2017-04-13 14.05.21.png)


No. 368878

Same an non as post above same fag.
It's really hard to believe that after that long of a friendship that Ash couldn't have just apologised for lying. It's like she's totally oblivious to how many people actually support her.

I see her fb and DA occasionally and she barely pulls 2 'likes/favourites' let alone the number of times she's asked questions and has received no reply.
It makes me wonder just how many people watch/like just to lurk.
It also makes me laugh at how deluded she is about how many fans she has. When in reality very few people pay attention to her online. I wonder if people are just overly nice about her cos play to her face then follow for giggles, it would explain so much

No. 368891

>that go on bullying forums and try to dig up dirt
ok this is so full of shit bc it implies that girl wasn't directed here by ashley herself like Um Fuckin Bitch kaylee literally looked at the most recent thread didn't dig up shit she just Looked because ash brought it up git gud with this flimsy attempt at hiding your coddling bullshit

No. 368921

File: 1492100609720.jpg (62.3 KB, 539x657, IMG_4868.JPG)

Brief dump incoming of Ash plotting "revenge" on Akane (Rose) by trying to get into conventions for free

No. 368922

File: 1492100625655.jpg (72.4 KB, 538x652, IMG_4869.JPG)

No. 368923

File: 1492100773744.jpg (67.25 KB, 538x655, IMG_4870.JPG)

Everyone is on their side because you've been outed as an abusive, bullying liar multiple times and tried to make yourself the victim. Meanwhile any time I've seen Akane go public about this she has screenshots and a very calm, dismissive manner about it and owns up to her wrongdoings. Imagine that

No. 368925

This is the definition of immature. She realized she was on the losing side and tried using her friend to get some petty revenge, instead of just walking away from the situation. I don't understand how anyone could stand being her friend for more than week– she blatantly uses and abuses people for her advantage. And then cries when people see right through her.

What a child.

No. 368937

your life is better now without her in it. Thanks for coming back

No. 368941

Why does she hate akane again? I want to make a permanent tumblr blog to save receipts of things ash has done. I would like it to be very little shit talk and just screenshots (like of the gorilla tape thing) and I'd like to know what ash did to rose.

No. 368942

It's back in the last two threads, but it's basically Ash lashing out in jealousy and trying to blame someone for all her misery. First it was 4chan, then OC, lolcow, Akane, Ty, and now it's a mix of Akane and lolcow

No. 368943

>I have this idea and I think it'll be amazing

She says this about all her ideas and they've either been done already, stolen from someobe, or just plain stupid. Imagine her thought process to "I can be a cosplay guest at a huge convention just to irritate someone. I'm that amazing."

No. 368945

I don't know if this is a good idea and if it isn't I'll delete it, but I thought this way people don't have to try to navigate through this "bully site" and can just find screenshots right there.

No. 368947

If you're putting in the time and effort to compile it together, I say bravo to you. We can include a link to it in future threads for reference.

No. 368951

I think it's a good idea. I haven't taken a look yet, but are you tagging them? It'll make things easier to find for reference, like Akane or Ty.

No. 368952

I'm wondering what else should be added. I don't want to include things like the poop brooch or other instances of her just being a failure at cosplaying, I want specifically her lying and otherwise being abusive. I know theres lots of testimony but I'm trying to find proof. I'm going to add her trying to be a guest at a con just to one up akane right now.

No. 368953

what is akane's tumblr btw?

No. 368961

Honestly it might be difficult for me to upkeep the receipt blog but I felt like a concise archive was necessary. Would anyone else here like to mod perhaps? Preferably one of the myriad people who know her irl.

No. 368972

Honestly, this is the best idea. I love the idea of having an archive of receipts specifically of her being abusive and lying. Don't forget all of her moronic little stories she makes up for attention, like the pokemonGO kids.

No. 368974

If anyone wants to help out with the receipt blog feel free to send a msg. I just opened the ask box but IM on tumblr would be better I think.

No. 368991

what's her tumblr?

No. 368994

No. 369001

Can we request receipts? I think it might be helpful to include the Akane and Asherbee story under the Akane Reaper tag. Right now it's just the conversation from >>368923 posted without much context at all.

No. 369009

I dont know the story, someone said akane posted receipts of what happened between them and I would post those if I could find them, and I asked what happened already and the only response was vague. In previous threads again all I saw was people calling akane her rival but I did not see any receipts of anything that happened between them. I will ask akane directly to send me what she has, I think

No. 369021

Akane is going to send me what she has now to post to the blog.

In other news, who else is excited for reports from the picnic. I can't wait.

No. 369054

basically ash weaseled her way into akane's cosplay group and continuously dropped the ball and fucked them over
akane tried to be nice asking her to pull her weight and constantly got ash shitting on her (while also sexually assaulting her fiance who's a cis male)
once akane finally had enough ash became pure vendetta chan and has yet to let it go often doing the same cosplays as akane and trying to spread shit about her because ?????? ash

No. 369056

samefag but also should include the picnic drama with all the shit she said about ty and directly telling people they're not welcome after saying it was a mistake for her to do that
i'm trying to think of other things like rn i can only think of her 'cutting' pictures and her constant fetishisation of lgbt people/pretending to be ~gay~ while she dick rides the cis men she's supposedly scared of
OH and the shit where she pretty much killed her cat by living in filth and never taking it to the vet

No. 369068

If you guys spam receipts I can post them tomorrow, I also have tons of stuff from akane in my inbox but I'll be out the rest of the night. I wish we had proof of what she apparently said to ty

No. 369077

All we have is her telling people face to face about ty i asked some of her old friends

No. 369081



I swear, people like this is one of the reasons why Ash does what she does cause they keep egging her to do this or that.

No. 369130

we don't have proof of what she said to him but we do have the deviantart posts she made about him claiming he has a restraining order against him amongst other questionable things

No. 369162


I just read this and if she kept her word about taking down then why is it still up?

No. 369166

File: 1492139256709.jpg (199.28 KB, 600x602, 20170413-206019765.jpg)

Buh, I wanted to give it a shot, too.

No. 369175

File: 1492140689064.png (63.05 KB, 890x278, Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 11.2…)

So she's had this planned for, what, a month (or more) now and she didn't know that there was an Easter Egg hunt the WEEKEND of Easter?

No. 369180

File: 1492141453694.png (264.3 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170413-234047.png)

Ok heres the thing in tys event he has those locations for his event

No. 369182

File: 1492141519716.jpg (178.28 KB, 1407x430, Screenshot_20170413-234124.jpg)

But here comes this cunt ashley teying to invade a space after making ty move his event there

No. 369183

I'm actually slightly annoyed that she's moving it last minute, because I really want to visit Maymont. I'll probably head on over to Maymont after mingling for a bit. But funny thing is, she's suggesting the clock tower in Byrd Park. Which is where Ty is having his cosplay event. I have a feeling Ash is choosing that location on purpose.

No. 369190

Same anon, same!

No. 369192

File: 1492144227979.jpg (337.8 KB, 1392x658, Screenshot_20170414-002716.jpg)

Haha ty found out asked around now she posted this

No. 369193


Wow, and here I thought you said you weren't going to post again Kaylee.
If you really were her friend for 7 years, then walk the fuck away. What's the point of posting shit here? It isn't going to be farming, it's just going to be you being salty as fuck over non-related matters.

No. 369195

more like emotional abuse victim for 7 years.

No. 369199

I'd be salty as fuck too if I was friends with that asshole for 7+ years. Give her a fucking break.

No. 369200

Stfu Andromeda

No. 369202

Yeah, you know where she learned it? Here. Because this is the only place she goes when she's not talking about herself of FB/IG/DA. Cunt never does ANY research regarding ANYTHING.

No. 369204

File: 1492146917829.png (46.08 KB, 750x381, IMG_4875.PNG)

Actually she may have learned about the egg hunt because this was posted on the event page. Chill, anon

No. 369205

Ah ok, I missed that.

sage for samefagging and taking that chill pill.

No. 369215

Maybe shes gonna bitch so much about the egg hunt and not having a ride she cancels her free food fest

No. 369245

She knows she's doing it on purpose too, probably has been checking his event page nonstop. She kept trying to push the clock tower relocation until finally out of nowhere she made up that excuse about "Well I've been told to stay where we are." via advice/information from literally no one in the event group.

It's tomorrow and she still doesn't have a ride?

No. 369246

I don't think she'll cancel at this point, because she's petty and wants to one up Ty. If there was no competing cosplay event going on, then I most definitely would have expected her to cancel out of anger.

No. 369284

So it might right on her shit show and she still has no ride lol. Maybe she can ask her dragons

No. 369367

How can she seriously expect people to cater to her by picking her up? How did she not plan ahead for this??

No. 369370

File: 1492205065319.jpg (238.83 KB, 780x1036, ef9ab860ca349c6d28c7e57a0d846a…)

please some farmer go to the picknick tomorrow and take pictures. im thirsty of milk.

No. 369388

Hello, I'm the anon who made the receipt blog. I've added all the receipts Akane had as well as proof of Ash using lolcow and advocating for use of it.

No. 369394

Best farmer.

I hope someone does go and documents it. It's bound to be a show.

No. 369432


It's strange, her voice doesn't sound how I would expect it to. I also don't think she got a pay raise I think she just wants to seem like she's "winning" since things are not really in her favor right now, and I know she's probably nervous about tomorrow.

No. 369437

A $2 pay raise isn't much to brag about, but when you're making minimum wage working part time like Ash? I think she just wants to have this image of being successful.

No. 369439

You know she's just lying again. She hasn't gotten a pay raise, especially a $2 jump. A fucking laser tag place won't be making hardly any money in this economy, and there's NO way they'd pay that much to someone like Ash just to set up an occasional kid's birthday party and eat their leftover cake (which she brags about). She's not the only employee and she's in the lowest rung job they have. She'll be making minimum wage until the day they fire her.

No. 369441


she doesn't sound like i expected either. she sounds like someone who has been smoking awhile

No. 369452

Any word on her ride for tomorrow? Im gonna love if she dosent get to go to her own event

No. 369458

It could just be she's been with them for six months with no major fuck ups. Some places in the States are like that; I started at $10 an hour and was given $12 hourly after I'd worked at my job for six months with a good record. Sage for no major contribution

No. 369464

I have a feeling she'll whine so much one of her parents will drive her there to get her out of their hair for a bit and so they don't have to deal with her tantrum.

No. 369478

Where she works is so dead, though. I can't imagine they make enough to pay anyone that much.

Ding ding this is the most likely answer.

No. 369495

A while back she posted she had permits and rented out space at maymont but she was so quick to try to change the event location.

No. 369523

Receipt blog anon again, I wanted to ask if anyone in this thread knows who "Styx" is. The person who Ash said was responsible for her soul rape, who she lived with in FL for a time. I really want to know what actually happened between them because Ash's story was so bizarre, but I have no idea where to find them.

No. 369526

Welp, today is the big day (and in fact it does look like rain weatherwise). I hope some farmer attends and delivers some milk to us. I also hope the people Ashley told not to come go anyway and have lots of fun.

No. 369527

I hope some wonderful farmers get to go.

No. 369530

A few of my friends are going to the picnic. I'll have them let me know if anything happened when they get back.

No. 369562

She probably has no idea how permits work or what they even are. I doubt her "event" will be big enough to require one, tbh.

No. 369563

Doing wonderous work, anon. I'm so excited.

No. 369644

It sounds like everything has been chill at the picnic.

No. 369662

Smallish update on picnic. She's so loud and won't shut up about herself. She also mixes plaster with a vibrator.

No. 369664


Well her voice has always been loud and obnoxious based on the videos she posts. And wtf?

No. 369665

Start recording, even if its just voice.

No. 369670

>She also mixes plaster with a vibrator.

Of course she does.

No. 369677

File: 1492288061361.gif (28.21 KB, 200x235, IMG_4895.GIF)

>mixes plaster with a vibrator
What the actual fuck

No. 369683

what? …what does that mean??

No. 369685

I would have to rip the audio from the video I have or it'll be obvious who I am. Ash had to introduce herself constantly, but she HAD to also include how she's the one running the picnic and the one who organized it. Oh yeah, she didn't bring everything.

No. 369686

Sorry, anything*

No. 369688

Of course. Wasn't she only responsible for utensils and plates?

No. 369695

Why would you mix plaster with a vibrator???

No. 369704

File: 1492294378710.jpg (309.97 KB, 1200x1600, IMG9528651.jpg)

There was too much butt crack the entire time that it had to memorialized.

No. 369705

Bless you anon

No. 369706

Zoom in for quality hair.

No. 369709


Of COURSE she had to be dressed as fucking Aoba. JFC WOMAN! You're a disgusting disgrace to the fandom.

No. 369710

File: 1492295285460.jpg (15.52 KB, 275x183, 1491970178199.jpg)

Oh Neptune.

(Please spill more beans)

No. 369746

Okay I'm home now from the event, me and my friends went to check it out to see what it was all about she was constantly yelling and introducing herself "hi this is my event ive been cosplsying for a while now and the awesome luka cospkayer" we ended up leaving her event and going to Ty's event which he end up having like 80 people there a few other people left her picnic also she was like crying a little bit

No. 369755

Oh God that sounds so glorious and beautiful.

No. 369757

The thing I don't understand, is if you know there is a whole group of people keeping track of every fuck up you make. Couldn't you at least wear pants that fit?

No. 369758


Ha! Good! Did you take some pictures??

No. 369772

grand canyon split wew

No. 369777

She talked about herself way too much. Had to announce she was gay and autistic. Constantly talked about her Princess Serenity costume. She proudly proclaimed that she found a vibrator at Goodwill and had to explain to the worker what it was. Her and some other girl talked about vibratory for a good while with little kids standing behind them. Just really fucking loud and exceptional. She said that haters make her famous. Some girl was telling her she didn't really know her and she seemed like a nice person and Ash was basically like "once you know my name you'll never forget it."

No. 369778


What a fucking cow!

No. 369785

Wew lad. Real question anymore pictures??

No. 369790

Who buys a vibrator at goodwill? She doesn't know where it could've been if it's already used. Please god don't tell me that it's a used one. How many people were there?

No. 369795

File: 1492303218309.jpg (10.04 MB, 5312x2988, 20170415_124645.jpg)

No. 369796

You know she's just making shit up again for shock value. It's against Goodwill's policies to sell sex toys, they can't even sell underwear. It's unsanitary and very risky. And, her story is invalid about the woman not knowing what it was. They have several staff members that process inventory into the building and then stock it on the shelves. She's lying out her ass once again with a sensationalized and made-up story to try and get people to gasp with interest, and then give her asspats for "discovering a new method" of working with some material.

No. 369801


She better not being getting into Voltron.

No. 369802

Oh god that bloated gut of hers just thrust the fuck out…

No. 369808


Is that blue thing down near her jacket the vibrator??

No. 369815

No. 369824

No looks more like those bubble wands you can get at Walmart for a dollar.

No. 369843

Oh definitely. Every time she spoke, it was with the purpose of "everyone pay attention me!" When people showed up with food and told everyone what they brought, she had to be like "oh yeah I was going to make that!" Sure, Ash.

No. 369848

File: 1492307581663.gif (720.08 KB, 324x243, sad.gif)

im disappointed. I hoped the picnic would be milkier.

No. 369849


Lol I thought it was going to taken place in the Japanese Garden? That looks like a corner of the garden where its not even themed.

No. 369850

File: 1492307738250.jpg (Spoiler Image, 56.24 KB, 564x765, a939f035318fe7cdcc869d72bc4f15…)

fucking pathetic….. like…… wow…..what a joke of a picknick.

also she has the spongebob syndrome. fat torst - not so fat legs/nonexistent ass.

No. 369855

It was right beside the Japanese garden is some open space since there were so many people there today.

Sorry, no huge chimp out sessions unless I missed them. I really would have loved if Ty's group had come over. It seemed like they had fun. Too bad they basically got guilted out of hosting there's in a beautiful gardens.

No. 369861

You're 100% correct. I've worked in a good will warehouse. There are so many workers and many times items go through three or more employees hands. There is no way in hell a vibrator got through multiple hands without someone noticing it was a vibrator.

Unless it was an odd shaped one, in switch case she wouldn't be using it to stir anything. And even then, it'd have to be pretty out there looking.

No. 369900

I can totally see her mistaking one of those questionably shaped back or neck massagers for a vibrator.

No. 369928

Even if it were really out there looking, the employees would still have to figure out what it was in order to sell it so that they could mark and price it appropriately. She's so full of shit it physically hurts me with how frustrating it is.

No. 369938

File: 1492320790232.png (16.72 KB, 507x179, lolno.png)

WOW! A whole 30 people! Somehow I still don't even believe that. And I don't believe anyone was asking for pictures with Ashley at all. Can anyone confirm? Because all I picture is her alone and shouting trying to get people to notice her.

>seems the screencapping has stopped

lol let's just fix that shall we?

No. 369939

I imagine 2 different things:
1. There was not food left over because this pig inhaled it all.
or 2. There was in fact a little left over and she took it home with her.

No. 369942

Please and thank you.

No. 369958

nothing is safe, anon.

No. 369997

Dud everyone seriously sit on the ground like heathens? This is why I bring a beach towel at the very least.

I don't even know Ty but I'm glad he had such a good turn out. I saw a few people posting to both groups so I figured a couple planned to bail for Ty's if Ash ruined hers. Which she did.

She would do all thus. That's partially why everyone I know can't stand her. She's just too smug about herself.

No. 370039

She had maybe a solid 20 people show. The only person I saw interested in what was going on was some older lady near the start of the picnic asking Ash about it. And she was explaining who she was dressed up as.

Eh, sitting on the ground isn't all that bad. People did bring blankets, but there was plenty of nice plush grass to sit in. Ash just happened to sit in a really barren spot with a bunch of crushed dry foliage and leaves. All the shit on the ground got stuck to her leggings.

No. 370048

File: 1492355971973.jpg (449.41 KB, 1419x1155, Screenshot_20170416-111401.jpg)

To be honest it started as 20 people buly the middle of the evnt it was like 8 people left ahe scared everyone to tys picnic and it was funny

No. 370049

File: 1492356070651.jpg (917.07 KB, 1410x826, Screenshot_20170416-104722.jpg)

Ty had a shit ton of people go to his event evone said thay had fun and the people eho excaped from ashleys cow fest said i was super boring

No. 370063

I had taken notes on my phone on shit that was happening and of course my dumb ass forgot to save it.

Ash (loudly) had to tell everyone about the other picnic and how "so many people came to her" about how they were worried about Ty being there because he's dangerous. At this point in time, most everyone who was going to show up was already there. Looking around to everyone, everyone had a puzzled expression about what the fuck she was talking about and it was clear that none of them were one of those people worried about Ty. Of course, we all know it's just Ash who doesn't like him and being petty.

In fact, I'm pretty sure most of the people there were not friends with Ash. There was maybe 3 or 4 people that engaged with her. Everyone else seemed to keep to themselves or with whoever they came with. It was actually kind of awkward. If you look at Ty's picnic pictures, everyone seems to be really engaging with everyone else.

No. 370065

Same fag here. She was also talking about cosplaying multiple characters from Avatar, The Last Airbender. It seems the only character that will be safe from Ash's grubby little paws is Aang, because her excuse is that he's too tiny for her to cosplay.

No. 370068

so she cares about height but not weight? kek

No. 370075

I'm even surprised 30 people showed up. Ngl

No. 370086

They showed up to see the shitshow then got bored and left

No. 370091

5 photographers at Ty's event? 7 for the people without the photographers bag. I don't know about her event but Ty's looks like a success if photographers came out for the cosplayers.

No. 370210

File: 1492383849057.jpg (53.28 KB, 500x647, 44407189.jpg)

i feel the same way too. beautiful poetic justice, even if it's in a small way :D

No. 370256

Looks like our milky princess went on another "friend purge" kek.

No. 370263

File: 1492391331038.png (403.02 KB, 1440x1769, 20170416_210823.png)

No. 370266

File: 1492391454121.png (81.52 KB, 510x736, nowwithmorecomments.png)

Wait Anon, you forgot some of the best parts!

No. 370268

This just keeps getting better and better! Keep the milk flowing!

No. 370269

File: 1492391562377.gif (480 KB, 499x374, yum.gif)

I hope you're someone she would never expect, so you won't be included in one of the "friend purges" But these are caps.. So I guess she's going to court now to demand lolcow be DESTROYED

No. 370276

sage for samefag as >>370266 but I feel like she might be catching onto me now lol

No. 370283

Her caps are the milkiest, I don't want to lose them :(

No. 370284

The real question is, who would ever want to keep up with what she's doing at all apart from farmers? I don't think Ash realizes just how many of her "friends" are only there for the milk, not because they think she's so amazing.

No. 370315

It's a glorious day, farmers. Someone please make her threat into a banner.

No. 370337

File: 1492396166433.jpg (324.93 KB, 506x631, 1488937083997.jpg)

lmao does she think she can just personally ask the supreme court to stop the internet bullies, i cant

No. 370362

No you dumb bitch that's because you lied to the con staff about your damn slides and be such a petty bitch towards other people by making sure that you are a con guest just to make them feel jealous. YOU DID THIS TO YOURSELF!

No. 370366


You'd think at this point she would take a step back and wonder what she's done to cross so many people that she can't even purge them all from her friend list despite about 3-4(?) tries in the past month.

But no, not Ash. She blames it on the "mob mentality" and threatens legal action. Never change, Ash.

Also lmao has threatening legal action ever actually worked for a cow? Almost every single one of them tries it. You'd think they'd catch on. Especially someone like Ash who has already tried getting her ED page taken down with no success.

No. 370369

What I never can seem to understand is how this bitch is such a horrible, petty, jealous, revenge oriented person, that she thinks it's ok for her to do shady shit to get revenge on people she doesn't like, and the moment she's called on it or someone does something even remotely petty to her in return, she explodes. Like, she thinks its ok and will brag and will try and get people on her side and turn them against other people she's targeting. She thinks it's ok when SHE does petty revenge shit. Each and every time. Why? Why is it okay for her to be shitty to other people, but the second they lash back, it's the end of the world and she's the most helpless victim who has NEVER done ANYTHING wrong.

No. 370370


If she just wised up, changed her ways, and stopped being this awful to people, she wouldn't be here.


No. 370372

I rember some spiderman codplayer at tys event asked what was her problem and some guy with a huge sword and orange wig pulled up the site and started talking about it and sharing the link. Alot of people thanked him

No. 370374

Bless that man. Maybe they'll avoid getting sucked into her shit. Avoidance is the best policy.

No. 370376

I really don't know. The better question is how she would rather piss her life away with a hobby that she's not willing to improve on and for her to have many people turn their backs on her when she does shitty things to them. I have the same thing she has and I don't even have a car or a full time job yet. But at least I have a drivers permit and work 6 days a week for 27 hours while I have the time to apply for better jobs and I don't spend the majority of my money towards cons that is far beyond my reach since I'm saving it just in case and have better things to spend on. Because of people like her I rather not disclose my disorder since people will assume I act like this child who doesn't act like an adult. People like her actually encourage me to push myself harder so I wont end up like her.

Sage for obvious reason.

No. 370380

File: 1492400042604.png (19.27 KB, 390x470, rofl.png)

My boyfriend is a lawyer and knows nothing about lolcow, but after this particular FB post I knew that I just had to introduce him to this thread. After giving him a solid glimpse into the horror that is Ash's life, I showed him this cap.

He's laughing so hard that he's crying at the thought of Ash thinking 1. that she can just fucking waltz up to SCOTUS with a personal issue and 2. that SCOTUS is the driving force behind Internet privacy laws

fucking kek 10/10

sage bc blogpost and no1cares but jesus fuck my sides

No. 370381

File: 1492400052414.jpg (12.54 KB, 500x385, bigboss-smile.jpg)

You're doing God's work, good farmers.

No. 370382

sorry sage for samefag as >>370380
but thank you farmers for this milk. May the universe bless you with nothing but good fortune.

No. 370399

File: 1492401913736.png (36.67 KB, 300x100, ashbanner.png)

Here, have a little thank you for all this fantastic milk.

I was about to head to bed but saw this suggestion and had to whip something up. Anyone is welcome to submit it (or remake it/make a better one) if they'd like!

No. 370406

Farmer here. I'm still on her friends list why? Because entertainment that's why. Otherwise I'd block her ass

No. 370407

Mmmm i love a nice glass of milk before bed

No. 370410


No, no one wants to ask your side cause you'll straight up lie. I mean, look what you did to Kaylee. You fucking lied about the gorilla tape thing and you lied about that fake college fund. I mean, no one wants to message you cause you're the one who will not fess up and tell the truth.

No. 370414

File: 1492404866830.png (159.61 KB, 750x1173, IMG_1307.PNG)

Who goes to IHOP looking like this??

No. 370416

People with no shame

No. 370419

Same here!

No. 370422

>ED article
I went looking for this and couldn't find it. Is it under something other than ash?

No. 370423

No. 370424

Bless you

No. 370474

don't worry ash they regret the day they met you too

No. 370505

I hate her stupid smug face so much. It's so punchable. Just the way she had her lips sucked into her mouth look so ridiculous

No. 370507

It looks like she's halting her friends list purge because at the rate she's going she'll delete everyone since she can't seem to pin point the leak.

Two days after the picnic and I can still hear her grating voice. So I will admit, when I first first arrived she didn't seem THAT bad and I actually felt a little sorry for her. But her constant smugness, proclaiming haters make her famous, and smack talking Ty made any pity I had for disappear.

Sage for no real update.

No. 370520

So are lee and josh the other guys she said shes madly in Love with? Because the last picnic she went to she talked nothing but shit about lee and hows he went to jail for stealing shit from gamestop and selling it back to them

No. 370522

You know what, she will never pinpoint the leak. There's more than one farmer in her friendlist, and I believe it's also people close to her that actually are there just for milk.
The only negative side in this is that knowing that she's been capped, Ash could restrain herself from sperging so we could have less milk for a while. Obviously I hope this won't happen, stay mad Ash

No. 370523

*that she's being

No. 370529

I like how she's losing her shit over her statuses being capped and hasn't chimped out over someone taking a picture of her ass crack. I guess she hates caps because it immortalizes her lies.

No. 370530

Bless you. I hope you posted this on the banner thread. It'd be nice to check pt in the morning and see she's finally made it to the top just like she's always wanted.

No. 370568

File: 1492440758673.jpg (16.95 KB, 241x209, IMG_4915.JPG)

Much as I dislike Ash, I've started to notice Ty Kingsberry is just as bad if not worse since he basically gets obsessively fixated on someone if they even just disagree with him on something.
I lurked around the online community a bit after watching his behavior at the picnic (he just HAD to show anyone in cosplay this site and wouldn't shut up about Ash either) and found several people who confirmed he's been banned from some of the Virginia cons and night clubs for harassment and has at least two restraining orders against him. Respectfully I'd rather not give names since we know he reads/posts here, but dude could seriously have a thread in /snow/ and I may make it if the people I talked to are willing to share conversation caps with me.
Sage for only semi-related to Ash.

No. 370577

Yes please.

No. 370578

I mean ive been friends with him for a few years and gets his share of drama but not as bad as ashley but i dont hes gonna be butt hurt as much as ashley he might not even care

No. 370581

I have a serious question btw what happened with momocon is that still a thing or did i miss something?

No. 370582

We don't discuss people because we want them to care or notice us, duh

No. 370584

No news on Momocon yet, we'll likely know something as it gets closer.

No. 370586

Ok thank you, i was reading the cosplay picnic stuff i went to both and this guy Marshall was sending the link to people (how i got here) and i remember hearing about momocon

No. 370589

Following up, if anyone from here has anything to share, I'll give you my throwaway Facebook I'm using to talk to the other cosplayers so you can send your stories and screenshots to for the thread.

No. 370600

Farmers can have more than one cow, Tyquwan

No. 370603

There was a few other people talking about her at tys event.

No. 370604

They're not the ones making themselves attention-whores, Tyquwan, but feel free to throw them under the bus like the coward you are

No. 370605

I dont think hes read the updates yet after the big one

No. 370606

Point is you're extremely obvious with your hate-boner for Ash. Marshall talked shit? Kudos, so did several others, and he and plenty more had a lot to say about you at Ash's event to. You're both disliked in the community for various shit you've done, you're just as much a cow as Ash is.

No. 370608

File: 1492445429538.png (83.63 KB, 574x687, IMG_4918.PNG)

Care to elaborate while you're here, Tyquwan?

No. 370611

This is why I stay out of this stuff. I don't know ash well but I have seen some of the posts she has made

No. 370612

Make a new thread. You're making ash look better by discrediting ty so do it somewhere else.
>>inb4 HI TY
hi ash?

No. 370613

This isn't ty btw. This is someone who also attended the event

No. 370614

Prove it i hit a link cosplayer wjth my guitar for a battle photo shoot i have proof of this, the other stuff is a lie. If i almost got arrested at the event it might be the skull mask and contacts at a public park. If you do wanna attack me or call me a coward do so to my face. You clealry care about me enough to hate me. Now go make a page instead of cloging up here

No. 370616

I'm still compiling stuff to start a thread, but I'll cease for now. Ash is still shitty, but Tyquwan is just as shitty.

No. 370617

This is pointless for me to try to voice my opinion.

No. 370620

I suggest readying your counter-evidence to post the moment your thread goes up. I don't know if you are or are not a cow but the last thing any farmer here needs is Ash's ugly, smug little fat face screeching I TOLD U SO!!!!!
However I hope she mentions your thread so I have further receipts of her advocating for lolcow as long as it's against someone she doesn't like.
I really wish >>370616 hadn't decided to shit up this thread. I can't help but think you have some tie to Ash, since you called out Ty for his "hate boner" for her.

No. 370621

To be fair, Virginia is strict about masks on in public.

No. 370625

I cap Ash's Facebook, so I guess that could be a connection. I dislike Ash just as much, I just find it funny Ty comes here trying to stir shit and can confirm all he wanted to talk about was Ash at his picnic while he advocates against bullying in the cosplay community.

No. 370626

He told me about stuff like that but since ashley was being a dick to everyone just tends to ignore her

No. 370627

I guess thats very true, but isn't Ash kind of a special case? If it were just a matter of "she's ugly and has shit cosplays" then I would perceive that as bullying. But Ash is a liar and a disgusting person. Her faults go beyond just stupid petty bullshit, I don't know.

No. 370629

Same gmfag i known ty for a while and ty if you are reading this you need to take a look at yourself and grow as a person. I dont wanna attack you i wanna help you before you end up like ashley or worse

No. 370631

Sage your irrelevant posts and message him if you want to help him. This isn't the place for it.

No. 370632

Im sorry i didnt know, i just dont want him to end upke ashley but ill message him about maybe taking a break on things and try to slow down, wish me luck

No. 370633

What about the other person who ran tys event.

No. 370634

Jessica i think she created the event when ashley went on a "you cant go to my event " rampage and messaged people. I know she helps ty deal with his mental and other helth stuff shes been his friend for a while if anyone knows stuff about him she dose

No. 370635

Sage goes in the email field.

No. 370636

I can tell Ty wrote this because of the spelling errors.

No. 370637

Honestly, I noticed Ty was a cow himself when the whole picnic drama was starting out. He's pathetic to keep focusing on Ash when he should have moved on to. They're both sad cows.

(Sage for OT but I love you K-ON pic so much)

No. 370638

seriously, just wait until you make your own thread and take your ty sperging there. no one here cares

No. 370643

Do you think the event would have been different if she ran it

No. 370644

All of you go away this isn't about that Ty person.

No. 370645

I'm just wondering that's all

No. 370646

File: 1492449082343.jpg (38.95 KB, 600x500, 1487871807925.jpg)

I read this thread before going to bed last night and had a vivid dream I was back in college in an auditorium and Ash was sitting next to me. I was texting a friend than THE Ashley was next to me in class and she saw and then kinda awkwardly tilted to the side to kick me in the face with what I remember was a very muddy shoe. I woke up because it actually hurt but I think it just was my dog moving around next to my head.

No. 370647

I'm not the person making the ty thread. It's just obviously him because he can't spell. Get over it.

No. 370648

Maybe if she ran it yes maybe not alot of people would have come to take photos but she would have tried

No. 370654

File: 1492449450562.jpg (452.92 KB, 1436x1137, Screenshot_20170417-131531.jpg)

This is my last post on the subject of Ty (im sorry) i wanna know the person who talked to him

No. 370657

No one. He just read >>370629

No. 370659

Oh nevermind

No. 370661

Good for him on trying to get better, but I never understood the whole "I'm going to take a break from cosplay" shit. It's a hobby on dressing up. How did you allow yourself to become so engrossed in it to begin with and allowed pettiness from other people playing dress up affect you. Isn't he also like 30? I love cosplay drama because it's so stupid.

No. 370665

I guess because the cosplay drama is too much idk. I dont wanna sound racist but maybe drama is harder for black people (i dont cosplay)

No. 370666

One of the reasons why Ty is better than Ash

Enough of him though and back to the shit show that is the dragon spirit queen herself.

No. 370670

Any more of her dragon art?

No. 370674

But you do sound racist, newfag.

If you look at half of the threads on here about cosplayers, there's always drama surrounding them. It seems to come with the territory.

No. 370703

Lord, it's pathetic how sad the cosplay community has fallen. He's no better than Ash's dumb ass.

No. 370712

I think that's why Jessica stays out of the drama

No. 370719

I'm actually shocked that noone has chronicled her dragon-sonas yet

No. 371486

Was this Marshall a pretty large dude? If so, he also has a cringy past and I find it hilarious if he lurks here.

Either way, both picnics sound like a couple of messes. I just wish Ash's had more milk. Do you think she'd even care if people saw her buttcrack?

No. 371497

>some guy with a huge sword and orange wig

bless you, ichigo kurosaki

No. 371508

>I dont wanna sound racist but maybe drama is harder for black people (i dont cosplay)
what does that even mean

since he lurks here he may just be trying to avoid having a thread created about him by posting this, which is understandable I guess. tbh he seemed sketchy from the start to me. he accused ash of being racist, but did he ever provide any proof?

No. 371532

It would funny if he's just asking ash about ty and they both just screen cap each other

No. 371540

Ty deserves his own thread, he's a cow for sure. I used to be his friend but I found 90% of the shit that came out of his mouth extremely hard to believe. He is a pathological liar and got kicked out of Fallout for a situation regarding theft (like some credit card shit) and then he got a friend of mine kicked out of 25 Watt by spreading a lie that he was a rapist or something, just purely out of butthurt. He's a crazy motherfucker.

No. 371550

I thought we all decided to drop that in here and just keep it at ash

No. 371553

sage goes in the email field. make a new thread and seriously shut up about ty in this thread.

No. 371556

For those wanting a Ty thread, please direct your stories and caps to this Facebook and I'll begin compiling to get things started:

No. 371560

Lol that hannah chick from youtube?

No. 371561

It's a fake Facebook, obviously not going to give a real one

No. 371563

Well i know that, I came for ash milk i still know her

No. 371571

File: 1492470020600.png (33.53 KB, 1366x610, Untitled.png)

Afraid of something, Ty? If all the stories are lies, what do you have to hide? The thread is happening anyway, I've already saved several messages form the community I got before I shared the Facebook here. You're too obvious.

No. 371574

Can we get back to the dragon queen now?

No. 371575

It's almost like someone wants to direct discussion away from Ash.

No. 371576

Maybe its someone who likes her and feels bad for her

No. 371577

Stop derailing the thread.

No. 371579

I really think it's only one person who is insistent that we talk about Ty instead. Maybe that was Ash's tactic since she knows she can't "DESTROY LOLCOW!!" perhaps one of her friends is trying to shift the discussion instead.

No. 371581

Well they fell for her trap lol

No. 371582

Please direct the Ty discussion to his new thread in /snow/

No. 371593

In other news, I've heard through the grape vine that Ashley is going to attempt to find her leak by making FB posts that are made specifically to bait screencaps for lolcow each with a certain target audience that will appear different to different handfuls of people. Be careful, farmers.

No. 371594


Yep. That would be the one.

Also probably not. Be glad it was just her asscrack and not a diaper.

No. 371596

How can she possibly make bait that's more cringe than her actual self? One of her other brilliant plans I imagine.

No. 371599

this is actually a smart idea for once gj ash it only took you burning bridges with people who had no idea why you suddenly purged them

No. 371601


i'm assuming she's going to make filters so check the privacy settings for each post before screencapping, if it's filtered/custom settings it might be a trap

No. 371603

I was wondering if she would try this

this'll be interesting

No. 371611


I feel like we are just giving her ideas, no way is she smart enough to come up with this kind of idea.

No. 371616


I would just look at the symbol up top. If it's a gear, we know she customized it. But it's gonna take her a VERY long time to get through all 103 friends with 103 statuses to figure out who's screen capping her.

No. 371634

File: 1492476253906.png (93.01 KB, 744x452, IMG_3779.PNG)

Totally didn't come up with it on her own guys.

No. 371677

"exclude them"

I've noticed this with several cows, you catch them in their bullshit and they scream "ur a booly!! im going 2 the police!!"

Good luck with that lmfao.

No. 371686

Thanks for the warning.

No. 371770

Seconding this as I heard the same

No. 371771


I can't/won't say. But this isn't my first rodeo.

No. 371778

File: 1492490041429.jpg (519.52 KB, 1439x1393, Screenshot_20170418-002809.jpg)

No. 371782

"I'm sorry that nothing is my fault, every bad thing I've done is because of someone else."

No. 371793


It sounds like she's actually apologizing. Maybe she will finally grow up.

No. 371795


Let's hope. But she still needs to learn that responsibilities are more important than cosplays/conventions. Here she is STILL trying to go to Momocon when she could've used most oof that plane, badge, hotel, food, merchandise money for her teeth, a car, down payment on an apartment.

No. 371801

Don't get ahead of yourself. Remember she made this post after Ty. So only time will tell.

No. 371803

It's pretty obvious that she only did this because Ty did.

No. 371806

Copy pasta Ty much? No one believes you Ash. Nice bait though.

No. 371807

She posted that status 3 days ago, before anyone here gave any fucks about Ty. Calm your tits.

No. 371821

Farmer here. For those farming could you block out the names of commenters on Ash's page? Some of us are on there. Thx

No. 371884

The gear only shows up for your own statuses. Everybody will just see "public" or "friends/friends of friends/friends tagged/etc"– same thing if you're on someone's "restricted" list

No. 371893

No it doesn't. Her admitting she's a liar to her friends, admitting what she's lied about and apologizing to her parents for lying about them abusing her would be "really apologizing" . "srry if I did smth bad but it probably wasn't my fault" isn't an apology.

No. 371971

Nope, I see some of my friends posting with a gear instead of the friend symbol. You can totally see when someone makes custom privacy settings

No. 372059

This. It's fucking disgusting and I hate her bullshit. It's fake as fuck. Grow the fuck up, Ashley. ACTUALLY apologize without pushing blame onto someone else for your bullshit. People will actually be thankful for it.

No. 372091

File: 1492546921831.jpg (167.72 KB, 1379x562, Screenshot_20170418-003207.jpg)

No. 372092

File: 1492546977224.jpg (225.45 KB, 1434x595, Screenshot_20170418-002713.jpg)

No. 372101

You know she didn't think of it on her own lol one of her friends probably thought it up for her.

No. 372103

This sounds like one of those statuses.

Do you think she'll actually do it? I doubt it. She can't stop bitching about lolcow. This is probably a false flag. Well, if she's smart enough to do that. I feel like someone is coaching her behind the scenes.

No. 372107

Weird how your life sucks even when mercury is not in retrograde. Also stop pretending to know anything about astrology or wicca.

No. 372109

>noone left to blame
>blame actual fucking planets

No. 372110

I also strongly think some do-gooder is trying to give her pointers probably because they understand she is too stupid to come up with anything on her own.

No. 372113

What kind of retard actually believes that?

No. 372224

100% she realized it was going to be a slight inconvenience and gave up

No. 372229

I don't think she'll change, she's an adult who is stuck with a child like mentality. This cycle is never ending, utilize she owns up to her mistakes she's not going to do a 360 change anytime soon. She won't do simple adult things like take a bus when needing a ride, cook her own food, clean up after herself, self care etc this list goes on.

No. 372278


no, YOU are the reason why your life sucks at this point. fuck you, ashley.

No. 372398

"I'm sorry if I hurt anyone!"

Except Akane, her fiance, Kaylee, and any other person who's tried to help you. Yeah right Asshat.

No. 372564

And if you were REALLY HONESTLY SORRY, Ash, you would contact every single one of the people you hurt, lied to, bashed and mistreated.

But as we all know, people don't have to accept your apologies. I'm sure you've hurt some people enough for them to do that.

No. 372586

if "transracial" becomes a thing, i wonder if Miranda will jump on it

No. 372595


wrong thread, anon. good point though.

No. 372598

fuck, sorry

No. 372600

b-but anon if she contacted Everyone she hurt she'd be there for a while and something something autism lgbt that's why she can't uwu

No. 372845


I mean if she was actually sincere she would quit bashing her parents to.

No. 372861

Don't know about Miranda, but I guarantee you Ashley would be on that banwagon so fast. Didn't she claim before that she's part Cherokee or some shit?

No. 372862


Ever since her obsession with DMMD yup.

No. 372864

>b-but anon if she contacted Everyone she hurt she'd be there for a while and something something autism lgbt that's why she can't uwu

Don't forget that her parents would stop her and that her chakra sensing third eye is too inflamed to see and her dragon spirits won't allow it or they'll soul rape her.

No. 372869

Of course, because she wants to identify with Mink and have some other special snowflake attribute for gaining attention.

No. 372871


Yup, that's about all I got out of her thinking she THINKS she's part cherokee

No. 372881

She can try to apologize but how much does anyone want to bet most of them wouldn't accept her apology? Because she can't be sincere.
Ash, if you're still ghosting this form you need to take a step back and take a damn long look at yourself. We aren't just here to troll you. Most of these people have been hurt by you and don't want others to get caught up in your bullshit.
And to be honest, I get a little bit of joy seeing how these forms grow because no one here is blinded anymore.

No. 372925

File: 1492643791227.jpg (994.21 KB, 1293x2192, 17-04-19-19-10-42-192_deco.jpg)

No. 372926

File: 1492643850063.jpg (712.62 KB, 1266x2104, 17-04-19-19-13-52-674_deco.jpg)

No. 372927

File: 1492643891390.jpg (531.19 KB, 1277x1390, 17-04-19-19-14-26-368_deco.jpg)

Milk delivery

No. 372929


Holyshit! What status did this blow up in??

No. 372930

TONY GOING IN HOLY SHIT we've seen him a few times before and he's called out ash once or twice but never to this extent
he's supposed to be a gigantic douche but for once i'm living for what he's doing

No. 372932


I wanna know what tipped him off

No. 372933

Thank you for the milk anon! Any chance we can see the status that started this/her implied threat joke, though?

No. 372935


Is she really going through that whole "DONT USE MY FULL NAME" fit?? You're name is fucking ashley. Not Ash or Axel. WTF ASHLEY!

No. 372945

It's amazing how this isn't the first time Tony has gone against the Ashley overlord but she always let's him stay friended. Considering he's trans we all know why that is.

No. 372959

File: 1492646220099.jpg (1.06 MB, 1436x2028, Screenshot_20170419-195315.jpg)

Sorry, how could I have forgotten?


No. 372963

File: 1492646351149.jpg (755.11 KB, 1440x2560, 17-04-19-19-54-54-589_deco.jpg)

No. 372964

File: 1492646393046.jpg (814.88 KB, 1440x2560, 17-04-19-19-55-17-742_deco.jpg)


The concluding and origin bullshit

No. 372970

Her hairstyle is indeed horrendous but I'm still confused as to what the fuck caused this Tony guy to lose his shit so hard?

No. 372971


About time someone said it. Her hair is atrocious and she wonders why no one professional will hire her. Appearance is everything Ashley.

No. 372974

How does she not feel embarrassed going out in public with her hair and eyebrows the way they are honestly.

Maybe this has been a long time coming. I know if I were "friends" with ash my frustration would probably topple at some point and I would chimp out on her like this.

No. 372979

I Was friends with Tony before they became Tony, they've always been a bit picky against Ash, I don't know why we grew apart. ANYWAY- Tony is indeed a cosmetologist who does indeed know their shit. However I'm confused too? What happened that stirred this? Seems like a lot for just a picture.

No. 372986

While Ash is typically unbearable and her hair is atrocious, Tony sperged out pretty hard over almost nothing.

No. 372988

Picture anon here. Honestly there was so real explanation for it. It really happened so out of the blue like that.

No. 373007

I'm chuckling to myself in the dark. He just SNAPPED. One more picture of her hair and face pushed him over the edge.

No. 373031

This Tony guy makes Ash look sane and reasonable in comparison

No. 373067

Looking at Ashley would make anyone snap.

No. 373080

File: 1492660619072.png (142.11 KB, 458x1376, chimpout.png)

Here's a missing piece of the puzzle for you other farmers out there.

Apparently what happened was Ashley set off Tony's fit with the "don't you dare" comment, supposedly due to PTSD.

No. 373087

i saw this unfold earlier as well, that tony guy just fucking LOST IT over nothing. PTSD or not lol, it was clearly a joke among friends that he kinda made an ass out of himself about. sage for no real contribution

No. 373089


This is one of the few reasons why Ashley is blaming her illnesses. It's cause of people/friends like this, she takes after them and does the exact same thing to other people.

No. 373091

It wouldn't be so exhausting to have friends like that

No. 373092

Unless he's trolling her by giving her a taste of her own medicine.

No. 373094

By no means ami excusing Ash's behavior, but I honestly believe there'd be improvements if she and her parents got help and medication. Her mom is diagnosed bi-polar and her dad has major anger issues and a gambling addiction, but they both think therapy and medication is bullshit, so of course Ash's issues will go untreated while she's on her family's insurance and relies on them for transportation.

No. 373134

I must have missed that part while capping, thanks, Anon!

No. 373135

honestly? imho that goes a little too far.

"oh ma gerd you cant say 'dont you dare' because it is triggering my ptsd"


like if youre triggered by that you might not want to use the internet and go inpatient?

i despise that trigger argument.

No. 373145

Maybe the crazy of Ash infected Tony?

No. 373174

File: 1492681820895.png (365.36 KB, 960x568, 18035762_10213210361203179_668…)

Interesting developments, lol

No. 373177

Uh for once Ashley tries to diffuse the situation in a mature way and her friend is a being a complete dick. Not that he's wrong butttt ….

No. 373198

"That poor kid has been through so much" lol nope.
This is what people should be saying on Ashley's "apology" as well.

No. 373223

tbh tony seems super hairtrigger to me like
i fully understand being triggered by words from ptsd bc i get that too but it's like Yikes if you know something like that will get such a severe reaction you need to start challenging it so you don't go aggro on every person you meet who has no idea about your past
like damn tony i understand the reaction especially if you had just told ash about your trauma a few days before but like people forget? you can't go 0-100 like that people can't always walk on eggshells with you you need to work your shit out hardcore god damn

No. 373227

Any update on beauty school?

No. 373238

Full of lies and hate?! We screencap what she says. Oh wait, that must be the lies and hate that he meant.

No. 373285

>gets triggered by a friend saying "Don't you dare" and goes on bawling about how he felt "violated" and "threatened"
>Tells other people to grow up
Lmao, whoever this guy is

No. 373328

Oh anon, that was so two weeks ago. She's long since forgotten about it.

No. 373350

That's the one thing I will never understand. Every single person siding with Ashley, and Ashley herself, claim that this site and the threads about her are full of nothing but lies.

How is it "full of lies" if everything is literally just a screencap of things Ashley herself has said??

Literally the only lies here are the ones Ashley herself is spitting out! Is that what you people mean?! It drives me insane how willfully blind people are! If you people keep babying this lying asshole, she's going to continue treating everyone like shit and walking all over them! Wake up! Call her on her shit so she can IMPROVE AS A PERSON!!!

No. 373354

this tbh, when anon posted the missing piece, I was honestly surprised the "argument" could get even spergier than it already had. those words get used in a non threatening/joking context almost constantly lol, is he just going to try to avoid hearing them for the rest of his life?

No. 373378

this Tony guy sounds like a cow himself tbh

No. 373396

Cows are herd animals.

No. 373405

File: 1492721648291.png (697.35 KB, 937x598, Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 1.46…)

the lighting and green behind her makes her look like jared leto's joker

some other things: https://www.instagram.com/p/BS4-wg_geLm/?taken-by=axel_gears looks like the kitchen that had a tree go through it was fixed (something else that ash had happeen and then never mentioned again).

note that she calls it china when anyone with a brain can tell that that's not china. might not even be glass, looking at it.

No. 373472

bitch is so stupid like if you're so desperate for money for school and cons why are you buying stupid shit you don't need
even if it's like a dollar that's still a dollar you needed for something else

No. 373473

It was $40, which is still dumb as shit. Could have used that toward saving for a car, insurance, doctor, medication, school, a BETTER FUCKING HAIRCUT.

No. 373510

Regardless of whether the phrase "don't you dare" is considered an adequately cruel enough trigger by the farmers here, I'd say that Tony was in the right here. If I told a friend that a certain phrase could throw me into reliving traumatic memories and they said that phrase soon telling them, I would react like Tony, too.

It's not "out of the blue" when Tony told Ashley about this just the other night.

No. 373512

*soon after telling

(God-FUCKING-dammit, right after I told myself I would make any typing mistakes.)

No. 373520

That male is a pansy wet booger and should be medicated if such generic sayings gets him so triggerly. She was doing the right thing by apologizing but then he fucking throws it back and acts like he's on the moral high ground. Holy shit, can't make this up people!

No. 373525

> "The bowls are so deep I could make ramen and it would fit in there"

Or you know maybe make an actual meal

No. 373547

>Someday you're going to have to grow up, Ash., and learn to be an adult, not this child you pretend to be.

As much as I agree with the guy, it doesn't help that he had the most ridiculous meltdown over a Facebook comment. I wonder if this is one of the people who became her friend to 'help her.' If so he's definately not going to be doing much good, Jesus. Maybe this is why she's so fucked up; she's getting help from all the wrong people (Everyone with a hint of intellegence fled to lolcow). Maybe if thise people left her to her own devices she might actually mature.

No. 373595

>she's getting help from all the wrong people (Everyone with a hint of intellegence fled to lolcow). Maybe if thise people left her to her own devices she might actually mature.

Problem is, Anon, she refuses help from everyone and explodes the very moment she receives the slightest, most gently worded constructive criticism. If someone offers a suggestion or method that isn't given through direct constructive criticism, she makes up some bullshit excuse, typically involving her parents, about why she "can't" do some simple method, simply because she doesn't want to put in any actual work. Being left to her own devices, she would only get worse. In the end, it purely boils down to the fact that she utterly refuses to change because she wants to stay a baby forever and be spoiled, pampered and doted upon all while leeching money from her parents and grandfather until the end of time without any contribution to society.

No. 373700

the thing i don't understand is is that tony has bouts where he calls her out quite frequently and she tries to placate him over arguing with him
i have to wonder exactly what she wants from him that makes her go against her own grain so much even when he's the type that should make her sperg out regularly

No. 373744

He's her fetish. Real men are too scary, she's never seen with a woman that isn't a crossplayer fulfilling her OTP, FtM transfer are like her holy grail. Yaoi fuel without being an actual biological man and without all the illusions fading away from crossplayers after they've gotten out of their gear/makeup.

If Tony were one of the other biological women on her friends list they'd been blocked months if not years ago and turned into another victim story. If Tony were a biological man he wouldn't be on her friends list to begin with.

The only reason Ty isn't getting the same treatment of being allowed to get away with everything and Ash using their legal name against them is more than likely because Ash doesn't like non-white trans. She's never even had a tanned person in her self indulgent yaoi comics, much less a nonwhite.

Ty may be nearly as big a cow as Ash but I'm starting to think he was right about her being racist. Her family clearly is from her own tales.

No. 373892

File: 1492804793509.png (461.94 KB, 540x853, Screenshot_2017-04-21-15-49-56…)

No. 373939

>i have to wonder exactly what she wants from him

The dick.

No. 373941

>lampshade trim

No. 373945

But if he's ftm he has none…

No. 373947

That doesn't matter to her. She's thirst as fuck but only for FtM people.. or you know, dragons.

No. 373951

The blackheads on her chest tho…

No. 373952

File: 1492819311458.jpg (1.11 MB, 1431x2311, Screenshot_20170421-195933.jpg)

>part 1

No. 373953

File: 1492819358423.jpg (754.15 KB, 1436x1980, 17-04-21-20-00-36-880_deco.jpg)

>part 2

we'll see how this turns out.

No. 373954

Sure Jan.

No. 373955

They looked like freckles when I saw her in person.

No. 373956

For wanting to be the better person she still has a vindictive shitty attitude.

No. 373958

"I don't want to forgive them, let them suffer!!">>373953

No. 373960

What has always amused me about her mom at least, is she thinks she's a sassy black woman in a white body. I remember her bragging how the "other black women accepted" her.

And now Ashley believes she is a Native American. I'd say her family's views on race are quite warped.

No. 373967

>I'm going to stop playing the victim!
>No wonder people dislike me, I must look like an asshole!
>I don't think this person is sorry for what they did to me.
>I should press charges but I won't because I want to stay the victim and not him.

No. 373985

Yah, that didn't last long at all. Way to go Ash.

No. 374103

File: 1492862829627.png (540.31 KB, 539x648, NO.png)

So which character is she going to ruin now?

No. 374104

Hopefully shes just playing the game/ watching a walkthrough.

If she does, my vote is for Noctis or Prompto, but lets hope she doensn't

No. 374112

Probably Prompto. He's popular amongst the spergy tumblr crowd since he's a "SMOL INNOCENT BEAN"

No. 374119

Seriously do you work at all? She's up until 4am doing photoshoots and making costumes, she's on FB all day, and now this. She said she was cutting back on hours for beauty school but I'm wondering if they're doing a passive agressive firing by giving her less and less hours until she quits.

No. 374152

Why does she insist on posting the ugliest possible photos of herself I'm seriously confused. Is she really at the level of delusion that she thinks photos like this and op pic look good.

No. 374172

She does think that hair style looks good, she has flat out said so.

Apropos of nothing, I always find it kind of amusing when people take teary selfies and then post them to social media. Nothing says depth of feeling and emotion like take time out from your big emotional moment and staging a selfie.

No. 374231

Man, not trying to be 'ableist' or 'bigoted' or whatever, but never in my life have I ever seen a man break down on social media in that manner.

No. 374234

What the fuck are her eyebrows? Why the fuck did she just color only the fucked up little areas? And why does it look like she used retard strength jamming a soft, gooey substance onto her brows, and unevenly at that? The bags under her eyes make me sick, just look how low and pronounced they are. Seriously, bitch. Wash your fucking face, wash your fucking hair, get a real fucking haircut. You look like some bloated piece of white trash shit, the kind that slowly waddles out of a decrepit shack in a grease stained and ratty-holed moomoo to wander around on her caving in porch and waist high weeds to come talk with the film crew of Hoarders.

No. 374235

If I had one chance to look into the future, I would want to see Ashley's future. Even just a picture of how she turns out, especially after her parents pass away and she has no one left to leech off of.

No. 374238

She'll probably leech off her sister. The sister has expressed a desire to have her come out there and stay with her, in any case.

No. 374241

And then her sister "ruined it" by telling her mother and Ash hasn't mentioned it ever again. Odds are her sister only invited her to visit or stay temporarily and Ash thought it meant stay forever.

No. 374260

I never noticed until now but you're right, holy shit those eye bags. If she's really up all night like >>374119 says, she's going to look absolutely haggard by the time she's only 25 if she doesn't start hydrating and getting a decent amount of sleep.

No. 374275

She seriously is up all night. If you check timestamps on 3/4 of her posts they're all midnight or later and she recently got into a fight with her mother at like 1am and blogged about it until 4am.

No. 374276

File: 1492916456269.png (20.68 KB, 633x318, dietmountaindew.PNG)

Same anon as before but just saw this update. Her nocturnal habits, shit diet, and drinking nothing but diet mountain dew is doing her no favors.

No. 374277

File: 1492916528976.png (50.71 KB, 995x413, drama.PNG)

And comments on her picnic blog.

No. 374282

Bit of a petty tone on her end, but at least it was fairly civil and I don't doubt that's Tyquwan like she suspects. Guy doesn't know when to quit harassing people and that typing style gives him away.

No. 374283

>going to school
Bitch don't make me laugh.

No. 374285

>and that typing style gives him away.

On the contrary, it's not nearly as fucked up as Ty's normal writing, which has punctuation scattered in all the wrong spots and excessive typos. About all it has going for it is a moderate amount of bad grammar.

No. 374348

I haven't seen one photo from Ty's event that had more than 10-11 people in it. I wonder how many actually went? This is probably that psycho Ian or whatever his name is who was posting about getting violent with Ash before.

I wouldn't brag about 30 people though, there was at LEAST twice that many at the picnic last year and previously.

No. 374353

Yeah it seems like they both had boring events.

No. 374358

Sounds like an elementary school recess. It's all I can imagine.

No. 374435

well, where are the caps about her fight with her mom?

No. 374489

Last thread I think

No. 374560

Damn you're lazy, bruv.


No. 374652

Yall, I used to be friends with Tony. Then I saw someone made a status where they ranted about how people need to quit making statuses about such personal shit about their family issues, etc. Then Tony got so butthurt because he makes a hobby out of shit talking his mom on fb, that he started arguing in the comments and then he literally started saying "STOP GASLIGHTING AND EMOTIONALLY ABUSING ME." Lol bye. I got out of there so fast. Tony is a HUGE SJW. Ash has a lot of friends who can be just as crazy as she is. smdh

No. 374654

Cows are herd animals.

No. 374856

File: 1493003138723.png (13.72 KB, 504x138, 84766107f2d32f3030699c876be68e…)

No one wants to cosplay with you ever, Ashley. You're disgusting and manipulative.

Does this bitch even have a ride yet? Does anyone have news on her shitty panel?

No. 374950


She said she bought a plane ticket to get there. Ashley, I see you're still putting cons/cosplay before your responsibilities. You do realize a lot of people are judging you especially at Momocon.

No. 374982

How does she plan on getting to the con from the airport? You know she thinks she's "too good" to ride public transport (Marta, bus, taxi). Dear God I just hope she arrives at the airport and gets her piece of shit, stupid ass self stranded there because no one wants to get fucked over trying to give ride to the ungrateful bitch again, being promised gas money and getting none, and being expected to take her back to the airport again when it's time to leave.

No. 374984

That's like two hours of sitting in traffic going to and from the airport to the CNN Center to, isn't it? Sorry, don't know my way around Atlanta very well, only been there a few times. I just know that when I did go there for cons, the airport seemed really far away and the car ride to the conventions in downtown seemed really fucking long.

No. 375009

Didn't she say she couldn't go to the ball because it clashed with her panel?
Also, wtf is her Belle dress for if not the ball?

No. 375030

I've noticed she doesn't wear a lot of her handmade cosplay to cons, most get made to show off online, then forgotten.

The fact she wears mainly a bought cosplay (Aoba) has always seemed interesting to me. Like, deep down, she knows what she makes is shit.

No. 375097

She wants to get staff to change the time of her panel so she can go

No. 375125

File: 1493036069537.png (392.16 KB, 540x772, Screenshot_2017-04-24-08-12-13…)

Incoming Instagram updates.

No. 375126

File: 1493036096037.png (471.23 KB, 540x768, Screenshot_2017-04-24-08-12-09…)

No. 375127

File: 1493036135076.png (525.39 KB, 540x779, Screenshot_2017-04-24-08-12-03…)

How she thinks this even fits her…

No. 375128

File: 1493036168896.png (501.42 KB, 540x776, Screenshot_2017-04-24-08-11-56…)

Side view is even worse. Looks like it's going to fall right off.

No. 375129

File: 1493036542934.png (273.81 KB, 540x787, Screenshot_2017-04-24-08-20-20…)


No. 375140

This dress is a colossal waste of fabric and trim. It's like someone with no arms and no eyes made it.

No. 375142

How she even thinks it's "going well." I weep for that lace and that trim. This effort literally looks like something a first-time sew-er put together on one of those miniature sewing machines.

No. 375158

But.. This isn't what belles dress even looks like. In either film. Like not at all. How does she think this looks okay.

No. 375159

Samefag but I'm more than convinced its the dunning-kreugar effect, she seems like an example psychologists should use.

No. 375161

>recognize and acknowledge their own lack of skill only after they are exposed to training for that skill

I can really agree with this possibly being her issue because this last bit is so like her.

She claimed being a cosplayer made her superior to her beauty school classmates before she even enrolled. And didn't she go to a cosmetology college before then quit? She doesn't recognize her lack of skill because she can't even make it through training. She shuts down immediately when she starts to realize someone isn't doing a skill her way and she's not succeeding at it by her standards.

Anyone better than her offering help is shut down because she's superior in that skill and can't see that anyone else might be better.

Also explains why for costumes she can't follow the source material. Belle is fine as is but Ash is so skilled and amazing that her interpretation of Belle is superior and thus automatically the correct canon.

I just wonder if she's so into her own head that she sees a character in her own image from the beginning or just adds shit to the design along the way because she likes it better that way. Probably the first one.

No. 375183

Someone please frame this shit. Because this is Ashley to a fucking T. The gross part is, when she reads this, she'll be proud of it and start saying that her imaginary therapist who sees dragons too, told her that she has this condition and that she is a special snowflake who should be ~worshiped~ for her mental fuckups.

As for why she's fucking Belle up so much, I think it's that she's making her own SPECIAL and original design because A, she couldn't possibly make an actual and functional, fitting dress like a competent person, so she's trying to make her own original design to cover up the fact that she can't make shit that looks even remotely like the reference. And also B, she wants to try and catch the eye of some kind of fashion designer with her piece of shit so they will magically whisk her away to the fashion industry where she will have her own line of clothing and be praised and given money for no reason and every man and FTM will fall in love with her forever.

No. 375205

Speaking of fashion industry she did try to submit her dress designs to one of those fairytale inspired wedding gown designers fully expecting to be hired. Just like when she showed her yaoi to a Tokyopop artist to validate her own delusions of grandeur and they politely dismissed her and she took that as "Famous person said I should try this career instead, I'm twice as talented!!!"

No. 375210

Now if only she would truly except it and stop all together.


Lol, who does she think she is.

No. 375316

I wonder when she'll be done with her Twilight Princess Zelda. The last time I checked, looked like she made the armor with cardboard.

No. 375336

She forgot about it completely in wake of Belle and being far more popular that way.

No. 375418

File: 1493075184348.jpg (345.22 KB, 1413x1390, 17-04-24-15-22-08-719_deco.jpg)

No. 375419

File: 1493075356906.jpg (139.34 KB, 1398x611, Screenshot_20170424-190443.jpg)

No. 375426

File: 1493076092606.png (78.7 KB, 750x834, IMG_1419.PNG)

No. 375433

"topical concerns" ??

No. 375436

So does she have to return the badges?

No. 375437

Probably cause of the stupid shit she wrote in the panel. Like the blackface and duct tape. Looks like momocon got the emails other farmers sent.

No. 375439

File: 1493077495736.gif (1.78 MB, 500x375, ZjU513C.gif)


The old one… caught fire?? What did I miss

No. 375441

Honestly it's kind of comical how stupid she is, like she's a retard character from a sitcom or something.

No. 375442

or… they just wanted the slides beforehand like they want from everybody to proofread it and didnt found her 20 slides worthy.

No. 375443

Must've caught fire when her phone caught fire in that fire hazard of a room she has.

I sent the original email and never got a reply. I wonder if anyone else did but it looks like the message made it through. Considering she got a free badge through paneling they'll probably make her give it back.

No. 375455

God I can't wait for her tears once they take the badge back. Wew lad.

No. 375471


HA! GOOD! Looks like the staff listened to
our emails.

No. 375479

File: 1493083280764.png (230.5 KB, 750x1042, IMG_1430.PNG)

I have no words

No. 375480

File: 1493083321636.png (1.13 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1432.PNG)


No. 375482

File: 1493083364234.png (899.84 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1433.PNG)


No. 375484

File: 1493083414784.png (1.09 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1431.PNG)

……I guess that's the top???????

No. 375488

What a waste of materials. The use of that trim and lace legit makes me sad.

This also looks literally nothing like any of Belle's dresses, even if you kind of squint. She's doing the same exact same thing she does with everything else (aside from half-assing everything, which she also does), and making what she wants the character to be, rather than what it actually is.

No. 375493

File: 1493084366221.png (784.62 KB, 842x1096, 15_Belle.png)

This is just a heap of fabric loosely strung together that will be sitting in the corner collecting dust and cat piss in a week. can't wait to see her "photoshoot". It literally pisses me off that someone so fucking stupid would think she has the skill to create a gown like this, and worse she's delusional enough to think this looks good.

No. 375494

Not to be rude but if u scroll up people have already posted these and discussed that it looks nothing like belle because it's her "interperitation" etc …. still shit tho. Like that "fine detailing?" Oh god.

No. 375496

IMO there is absolutely doing nothing wrong with making your own take on a character/costume etc, IF it's done well and is still recognizable as the character

No. 375498

I love how she seems to think "fine detailing" is wrapping one string of beaded trim weirdly around the thigh area of the dress.

No. 375503

File: 1493084840119.jpg (1022.75 KB, 2000x700, IMG_4993.JPG)

Oh look, Firefly Path did a similar design before…Always 100% original, Ash

No. 375504

lmao… it looks like a hot-air balloon or parachute that was just ruffled together after landing……. and hold together with a ribbon. :/

No. 375505

oh lurdy… even taylor r half-assed it better…

No. 375528

Oh my God. You're right. This is exactly what she's trying to rip off. Look at the red flowers sloppily glued onto her attempt at a dress. The shitty necklace pendent tacked onto it. The disgusting attempt at the ruffles and giant quantity. The junky appliques hot glued on. It's fucked up. Stop fucking ripping people off, Ashley. You are the biggest piece of shit, and never have a single idea of your own. You're a fucking thief is what you are. A thief of designs, a thief of ideas, a thief of art, a thief of others' good will, a thief of events, a thief of attention, of others things like wigs and shoes, a thief of room funds, a thief life experiences and mental illnesses.

Stop being a fucking thief, Ashley.

No. 375529

jesus, that one is also a disgusting monstrosity.

No. 375530

File: 1493091247799.jpg (192.64 KB, 1406x624, Screenshot_20170424-233314.jpg)

Bitch, what shape are you talking about?

No. 375533


I'm confused, you don't have a shape. Bitch have you seen yourself in your disgusting prego BDSM Aoba pics??

No. 375534

Round is a shape

No. 375545

you mean refrigerator

No. 375558

No, refrigerator suggests some flat surfaces. Beach ball, more like. Or a balloon filled with butter and ping pong balls.

No. 375568

File: 1493098007123.jpg (863.18 KB, 4032x2115, IMG_4996.JPG)

Looked her up through mutual of a mutual out of curiosity, not surprised she's only played as Tracer because she's ~so gay~, but only 12 minutes played? I guess that's considered enough to claim she's "totally into Overwatch" when she eventually cosplays Mei or something. Hopefully she doesn't cosplay Tracer, can you imagine?

No. 375609

why she want a beast so badly?
girl stop shaving your beard and shoop yourself in to your belle pics and u set

No. 375617

She wants to fall in love/get laid by wished Beast cosplayer. I have this feeling she believes finding the perfect Beast (or the male of whichever couple she's currently bandwagoning) cosplayer will cause some epic love story/ROM com/shoujo manga shit to go down.

No. 375626

File: 1493110091114.png (36.27 KB, 750x337, IMG_3819.PNG)

No. 375666

Wait, holy shit. I'm >>375205 and that's the exact shop she was trying to send her dress designs too! No wonder! She even copied them right down to the gem on the front of the dress!

No. 375669

File: 1493118448699.png (64.86 KB, 565x328, 1.PNG)

No. 375677

i'm guessing this is tony again
and she's right back to being short and snappy at people trying to help her lmao

No. 375684

Yeah that's him. But she still did exactly what he told her to do because >>375418 says she's remaking it. Anyone else would be blocked immediately. She must want the D badly.

No. 375686

You know if anything it will be Genji or Hanzo because they're usually shipped with Mcree and have spirit dragons. She can make them into her weird uke boy fantasy and warp Mcree into a rapey seme or some shit like that.

No. 375688

Why anon? Why did you have to get that into my head?

No. 375696

Responsibilities ash. Where is it?

No. 375700

Do we know what panels she wants to do for AUSA? Or is it more of the same?

No. 375713


The convention isn't until December. Are they even taking panels so early? I wonder if she's spent all her college money yet on this. She's starting in May.

No. 375748

File: 1493132135105.png (28.32 KB, 540x124, Screenshot_2017-04-25-10-53-20…)

Incoming milk!

No. 375753

>I do a LOT of work at my job! I just got $200 in tips. Yeah I shared it with my coworkers but that's fine! Our boss takes the money and buys us all pizza! THAT MAKES ME A GOOD EMPLOYEE!!!

I'm fucking dying. I'm the only viewer in her livestream and she's singing along to Ninja Sex Party and yelling about being accused of stealing the Belle dress design. I've stopped replying but she's still yelling in between hand sewing.

No. 375756

File: 1493132688378.png (468.77 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-04-25-10-59-18…)

That Trump face. Wish I could record this.

No. 375757

File: 1493132729981.jpg (216.95 KB, 1427x581, Screenshot_20170425-110211.jpg)

Where do these delusions that she'll even gather enough people to run this come from???

No. 375758

File: 1493132821371.png (423.7 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-04-25-10-58-44…)

God it's so hard to listen to her voice. No wonder she sends voice clips to everyone to torture them.

No. 375762

File: 1493133090513.png (276.75 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-04-25-11-08-36…)

She gave up after 5 minutes when I was the only one to show up. All she did was rant that "No one showed up because it's 11am and everyone has work! I just had the day off!!"
Then why go live to begin with?

Claims she didn't steal the Belle design because she loves that brand and some shit about being too poor to make a dress that big. Kept ranting about haters as usual but when I stopped responding she'd keep trying to get me to comment so she definitely loves the attention.

No. 375765

…But Ash… you look like the Beast.

Oh fucking lord, those threads. Threads everywhere. Random lace patches appliques hanging off everywhere.

Aaand who's going to pay for this venue?

No. 375766

>yelling about being accused of stealing the Belle dress design.
She lurks here so much and sees everything, and yet refuses to change how she treats people and behaves. It's so funny to me, just watching her make excuses again and again and again, and blaming everyone but herself for her fucking up.

No. 375769

There's absolutely no way she'll get that kind of attendance. She needs to host smaller, better planned events to raise money for the main event first. Talk to local bars or hangouts and see if they'll allow a fundraising event. Ask for $5 entry fees or have a raffle. Promote the main event. Hold a larger fundraising event the next go around, etc. It'll give her a more realistic idea of how many people will show. Make a Facebook page and event. She needs to take the any steps to get to the end game. She'll also need to get over what vendettas she has with the local cosplayers because they will talk and keep potential attendees from going.

No. 375770

File: 1493133783257.jpg (9.85 KB, 245x206, ashley as a dog.jpg)

>…But Ash… you look like the Beast.

You know damn well she doesn't even look a quarter that good. She looks more like one of those "ugly dogs", but violently obese. Look, they have the same teeth.

No. 375772

File: 1493133806163.png (798.51 KB, 912x590, dress.PNG)

No. 375774

She moved the live stream to Facebook now. I get notifications every time she goes live and I swear I never see more than 1 person join. Aside from some of us being at work, I'm sure the majority just don't want to sit and watch her parrot awkward jokes and beg for attention while kissing her own ass. Anyone who's Skyped with her can attest to how unbearable she is, the conversation is always focused on Ash and she just pretends to be listening to you before jumping back to whatever she wants to talk about involving herself. She's an overgrown child.

No. 375775

it looks like she's spilling out of the top and has four tits going on. Nice udders, cow.

No. 375776

This. All of this. I can't stand Skyping with her because everything is about her and it's eternally one sided. It doesn't matter how you feel or what you're doing. Only she matters.

No. 375777

LOL that huge rumple on the left and the straining, shredded top that looks like it's being torn in half by the Hulk. I love how limp the dress is, too.

No. 375779


Samefag here.

And if she's serious about this, she absolutely needs a treasurer. Somebody else needs to be in charge of the money or she'll blow it on her cosplays and travel expenses. It's also getting to late in the year. She should spend this year marketing. Since shes so adamant on going to cons, she should get a vendor table and hand out pamphlets and have a donation jar. Someone should also be in charge of handling the venue since she'll clearly go for the biggest possible. There are so many beautiful venues in Virginia that would be appropriate for a masquerade. A nice winery would be perfect. Instead she'll probably pick some bingo hall because it'll house more people even though she'll likely have an attendance of 50, at best. Unless she let's other people do all the important work.

No. 375780

She's like that with literally all her friends, it's no wonder no one wants to hang out with her for long. She never thanks you for advice, for staying up at ungodly hours with her while she baws about her parents or lolcow or being unable to move out, for sending her helpful links specifically for helping autistic adults that would help her move out if she would just fucking fill out the goddamn paperwork! Anyone here who is lurking with the intention to help Ash, you have my sympathies because it's fucking exhausting and infuriating because she absolutely never takes your advice and never will.

No. 375784


I don't understand why she constructed this dress this way. The bodice on that type of garment is supposed to be a separate piece, as is the underskirt (if she has an underskirt for this). If she had constructed it the way it was supposed to be, it would hang a lot better since the weight of the skirt wouldn't be pulling at it. I mean, I know she fucks it all up anyway, and again the use of lace and trim in this dress is literally paining me, but there's a reason those types of dresses were constructed the way they were.

Sorry, this has just been really bugging me every time I see her new pics of this dress.

No. 375787

She's got every excuse under the sun for why she can't fill out something for help. Most of the time it's blaming her dad which is ridiculous because if anyone wants her gone it's him.

No. 375788

Facebook livestream update: she's singing along with the Hamilton soundtrack and looks like she's going to cry every time she looks at the camera and sees only one person is watching. I think she keeps wishing it'll be like the live streams popular cosplayers do, with fans flooding them with admiration and questions for them to answer while they work and hours of jokes and fun. But she fails to realize she's not popular in any sense. Infamous, sure, but in a way that no one likes her.

No. 375792

I'm actually envious. I got to sit through NSP and her singing about dicks and acting dramatically. It was hard to watch.

If she wanted to actually get people to watch she wouldn't do it at 11am on a weekday and actually try to look nice for the camera and show what she's doing, not be braless with her wild mullet fumbling with someone in her lap out of sight.

No. 375794

But if you can see her sewing machine as she works, you can't see her! And that's the most important part! Me! Me!

No. 375796

File: 1493136236810.png (118.22 KB, 750x1109, IMG_4997.PNG)

Totally professional view setup for a stream. I'm assuming she's using her laptop camera since it keeps shaking.

No. 375798

Mate she's not even using a sewing machine. She's handsewing like it's 1605.

You think she's even wearing pants? She takes costests in her undies so I'd question.

>the alcoholic drink decor

Why is this whole fucking house decked out like Margarittaville? There's a tiki bar, empty bottles on display, flower leis in the bathrooms, and now this.

No. 375799

Her mom. She likes to dress up the house like a luau or some shit, I've always found it really tacky and it just screams "white trash that's never left hick-town."

No. 375800

If I had to guess, it's either her cosplay/safety 101 panel and perhaps a DMMD/yaoi panel.

No. 375804

File: 1493137011238.png (114.89 KB, 750x1117, IMG_4998.PNG)

Totally not lurking, guys! I changed the angle to show my sewing machine an hour into the stream because I wanted to!

No. 375808

Bitch you weren't even using a sewing machine before! You've been hand sewing since you started!

Can you fucking imagine her using this at 2am waking her parents up and then blaming them for getting upset?

No. 375810

She must be lurking here 24/7. that can't be good for her.

No. 375812

With how frequently she tells every one about this place she's got to be here every minute she's online.

No. 375817

File: 1493139362437.png (380.23 KB, 540x536, tumblr_mjs9p8MYSU1qh3rg5o1_540…)


Found what her dad needs instead of chaining and padlocking his icecream.

No. 375822

her fat ass would try and cut the bottom off to eat it.

No. 375869

File: 1493145897058.png (121.88 KB, 750x797, IMG_1452.PNG)


No. 375871

File: 1493145944684.png (60.84 KB, 750x521, IMG_1453.PNG)


No. 375874

File: 1493145982457.png (145.45 KB, 750x907, IMG_1454.PNG)


No. 375875

Poster here, Her friends are dumb….
This is not helping her get any better

No. 375882

She's only mad about this because she probably thought no one would catch on that she stole her ideas from firefly. Ashley not everyone is as stupid as your friends. Just saying "I made this cosplay inspired by this other one I saw" would be honest. Not "THIS IS MY TOTALLY ORIGINAL SPECIAL DESIGN"

No. 375893

Is she REALLY asking why she would steal from someone she idolizes? That's why she would! People copy those they aspire to become like all the time.

This bitch is dumb as fuck.

No. 375897

at least it actually looks like a dress.

>…But Ash… you look like the Beast.
exactly my thought lmao, she couldve tried half-assing that one, would at least have fitted her body and style.

so much more maturity in brain than ash and that in one single post… oh well

it actually looks better, but she should wear a corset under the bodice and also the top looks like it was ripped off or aggressively cut off with scissors.

>If she had constructed it the way it was supposed to be, it would hang a lot better since the weight of the skirt wouldn't be pulling at it.
ahh… i wondered why it looked so off. she shouldve just bought a bodysuit and gone from there.

No. 375899

>maturity in brain

No. 375911

File: 1493151230466.jpg (456.16 KB, 1088x1098, dresscompare.jpg)

Let's say Ash is telling the truth. Here's a side-by-side of the animated film, live action, Fireflypath, and hers.

Sorry for the huge size.

No. 375912


No. 375915

samefag but just adding this since the side-by-side is just so insanely obvious who she got inspired by.

Ash's dress:
>lace on bodice edge
>off the shoulder sleeves
>roses on skirt
>two tier, flower design on bottom tier
>decorative lace on bodice
>ballgown design

2017 dress:
>prom dress design
>painted details on tier bottoms
>tiers on hips
>ruffled? bodice
>on the shoulder sleeves

Original dress:
>off the shoulder sleeves
>pearl? gem on bodice
>no tier skirt
>sash fabric around skirt with pearls?
>ballgown design

Firefly Path dress:
>off the shoulder sleeves
>lace on bodice edge
>lace designs on bodice
>brooch on bodice
>two tier dress
>flower design on bottom tier
>roses on skirt
>ballgown design

No. 375916

I honestly don't see the resemblance besides them all being yellow ballroom gowns.

No. 375920

I'll give you that because with her shit skills it's hard to see what she was aiming for but to me it looks like she used the original movie as a base then stole extra stuff from FireflyPath like the underskirt being a decorative fabric, the brooch, the lace on the sleeves, and the roses on the bottom.

No. 375930

She clearly copied firefly and it wouldn't be a big deal if she would just stop lying.

No. 375946

Hahaha good! She was giving out irresponsible and dangerous info anyway.

No. 375948

holyshit. rofl

No. 375976

To be fair the parks dress has an overskirt that's got the pickups and then a layered decorative underskirt. I didn't see a Firefly Path rip off but that could also be because her skill level is so low that her best effort wouldn't look anywhere near something made by FP.

No. 375985

But she submitted panels for AUSA. I wonder if it's the same that she wanted to do for Momocon.

No. 375987

Everybody says they want Trashley to change, but then this lovely creamy source of milk will dry up! Personally, I hope TrAshley stays the same throughout her life, and the milk will flow forevermore. Hallelujah.

Also, I feel like the Momocon incident could have been avoided. Why would anyone who actually knows about Trash ask her to host a panel? Or is it just one of those "names in a hat" sort of scenario to keep everything egalitarian?

No. 375996

Well, she doesn't have any social life at all because she chases off with her shitty ways. So she has to be online ALL the time and looking at this place because it's all about her. She's getting attention around the clock. Maybe that's why she refuses to stop being a piece of shit. If she continues to be a piece of shit, then people will keep trying to help her correct it, keep screencapping her lies, and keep sharing her fucked up and disgusting pictures. She's so obsessed with herself, why would she ever look at anything else?

No. 375997

It's the same thing as "Well I don't get any positive attention so I'll take the bad kind because it's still all about me" mentality
Toxic as shit.

Ashley, you're a still a shit person. This whole series has gone from just poking fun at you to a gathering of everyone you ever hurt.

No. 375999

At first glance I thought this was the underside of the garment and figured "Well that doesn't look to bad, maybe she is getting bet-"
aw fuuuuuck whyyyyy

No. 376000

>Why would anyone who actually knows about Trash ask her to host a panel?

No one asked her, believe me. No one ever will. She just decided that was a great way to thrust herself into the spotlight.

No. 376001

>to a gathering of everyone you ever hurt.

I sure know that's why I'm here. I bet it's the same for most farmers. Ashley just can't stop fucking people over.

No. 376002

This exactly. Don't forget a note on one of her panel slides said "Be humble. Don't make it sound like it's all about you!"

No. 376007

Would be a shame if someone contacted AUSA to let them know one of their panelists was rejected by momocon for spreading dangerous info.

No. 376013

You can make a dress form out of a t shirt, tape and stuffing, lazy shit.

No. 376014

No. 376413


I just… I keep thinking of the one post where she said she described her self as part bara daddy and i'm praying that she does not do my Gladio.

No. 376532

she already has a pseudo mullet so she's practically halfway done with the cosplay

No. 376533


for one second i thought "what if i something i sewed turned out like this" and i legit felt like crying. this is how bad this dress is. it makes people sad by proxy.

sage for seamstress QQ.

No. 376589

Yeah didn't she say she was "nombinary" because some days she felt feminine and others like a bara daddy? I doubt she knows what bara means just like how she takes pride in calling herself "queer bait" without knowing that's an insult.

No. 376785

File: 1493234135655.png (540.2 KB, 540x782, Screenshot_2017-04-26-15-09-55…)

Is it really a photoshoot if you're out in your yard taking selfies in a cheap satin kimono you're wearing like a bathrobe? Hope her evil neighbors don't throw tomatoes at her again!!

No. 376786

File: 1493234168715.png (536.8 KB, 540x791, Screenshot_2017-04-26-15-10-00…)

No. 376792


God someone fucking tell her to STOP cosplaying from DMMD cause she's a shit ton of my friends who's into it.

No. 376823


She needs to stop making guy characters look like girls like her prego aoba and this character unless she's genderbending which I doubt she ever does.

No. 376834

She literally claimed to be intersex. Which she isn't. Aka having male and female parts, also sterile/infertile.
She's a girl. You're a girl Ashley. A girl, biological through and through.
You. Are. A. Girl. Ashley Bennet.

Also you never respected Ren's pronouns and continued to call them by their old name. You never apologized for that shit.

No. 376851

File: 1493240812458.jpg (76.89 KB, 540x540, tumblr_op188xpxnJ1rwdig0o1_540…)

Took my wig off since we’re done with the shoot and can I say how much I love Kay Von d’s liner? #katvond #cosplay #benishiguredmmd

So she begged someone to drive her to who knows where just so she could take selfies in a flesh colored shirt, a black binder, and a cheap kimono all while looking so damned smug. This burns my biscuits like nothing else she's done lately.

No. 376854

Who the fuck gave her the ride????

Unless it was mommy or daddy

No. 376856


Either them or her older sister

No. 376895

File: 1493246429377.gif (471.17 KB, 215x211, dis-gunna-be-good.gif)

Would be a shame indeed, anon.

No. 376899

This is what kills me. How does someone get off looking that smug when they are literal trash?

No. 376905

File: 1493246938772.jpg (421.03 KB, 1048x827, Screenshot_20170426-184542.jpg)

Watch out! We got Bad Ash over here. Bad is right! She literally decided to go and make another page.

No. 376910

You deserve it for being fujoshi trash

No. 376914

thank you for saying what I think anytime I see dmmd cosplayers come in here shaming ash when they're just like her lmao?

No. 376940

Of course she's gender fluid, 95.5% of cosplayers or fandom artists these days pretend to be trans lol

No. 376968

Why would she even need one cosplay page, let alone two??

No. 376969

File: 1493252408735.png (94.82 KB, 640x530, IMG_7829.PNG)


Oops. Ash the unoriginal strikes again!

No. 376970

Damn, she seriously does not have the ability to think for herself, does she?

No. 376976

Why does she keep calling herself a badass when she's a literal pissbaby

No. 376999


You do realize not every DMMD cosplayer is like her. She's literal trash in general.

No. 377018

who labels themselves as "panelist" and "guest"?

shameless. also that banner makes me want to tear out my eyes

No. 377033

She is seriously trying to market off everyone, isn't she? Probably hoping people looking for the more famous cosplayer will stumble on her by mistake and be wowed by her skills and talent.

>leaving your gmail

No. 377070

File: 1493259450653.jpg (244.36 KB, 1365x2048, FB_IMG_1493259373465.jpg)


No. 377108

Leave poor Maymont alone.

No. 377128

Akane's been posting kimono shoots at the Japanese Gardens at Maymont lately, of course Ash has to rush over there to take some too.

No. 377144


Well that makes sense.

No. 377155

That person behind TrAsh looks like they're trying to not burst out laughing.

No. 377246

kek at random woman in background
also ash is doing a pose that looks like she's supposed to be holding a parasol like standard anime pose but she just
doesn't have one?????

No. 377298

>cheap ass kimono not even worn correctly
For fucks sakes, Ashley. It takes 5 seconds on Google to know how to put one on. She's probably wear jeans and ratty sneakers underneath as well to match her ratty wig.

Really? Explains everything then. Ash didn't even have a kimono in her design for the character to begin with but then suddenly decided to toss on the only one she owns and rush out into public for photos. Unoriginal as always, Ashley.

No. 377317

Ash… If you are going to do a photoshoot… IS IT TOO FUCKING MUCH TO PREP DECENTLY FIRST?!

That kimono is FULL of wrinkles. Your wig looks like a rat's nest. The makeup looks like you took magic marker to your face.
3/4 turn pose for your body type makes you look much bigger than you really are. Also, we can't see the details of the obi or the Kimono (how much you want to bet she put the panels on wrong?)
Posing with props make the image more interesting (even just a flower would be cute)
That camera is shit. Focus is horrible. And I'm pretty sure it'd better to take pictures WITHOUT other people in the background that don't belong.

And lastly…. No they don't think you look cute.

No. 377322

She did put the panels on wrong (right over left judging by how the right side is drooping more) and they're situated together right at the obi to make room for the necklace instead of doing it properly and draping the necklace over it. She probably thought she could just take this and turn it into a men's yukata but this is the same chick who drew a cheongsam/qipao and called it a kimono.

Just noticed in the back it's bunched up above her ass and showing off her pants as well.

No. 377323


Only difference is she was payed to do that shoot. Ash just begged someone to take photos of her. Honestly. I'm getting tired of ash ripping people off.

She will never leave Maymont alone until they kick her out.

I feel for you anon. You sound like you know a shot ton about photography. But I gotta say the person in the background and ashes inability to anything worthy of a slightly decent photo just sums her up pretty well.

No. 377326


Of course she did it wrong. Probubly doesn't even know what it means. Let me sum it up. Well Ash who's funeral is it? Couldn't be your dignity that dies years ago.

No. 377328


Her face looks like she just smelled a dead fish. It's unnatural. I can't stop laughing at it.

No. 377329

blatantly a cheap ass bathrobe with kimono sleeves that's she's trying to pass off as legit

No. 377330

TBH, I am not a photographer but when I did photo shoots, I asked questions and read tutorials on good, natural poses. Poses that fit the character and such. How to play to the surroundings for great shots. And a major thing is to not have people in the background of your shots that do not belong. Like the public.

It pays to be nice to photographers. I have the great pleasure of being friends with quite a few around my area. They are a wealth of knowledge from the other side of the lens.

No. 377338

File: 1493296961605.png (333.86 KB, 540x609, IMG_7831.PNG)


No anon. Her face looks like this.

No. 377339


No. 377360

Is she supposed to be any particular character in these pics?

That "kimono" just makes me sigh. She kind of reminds me of Mariah in some ways. Some of her ideas aren't horrible, but the complete lack of research, care and taste ruins it.

No. 377379

Not to mention its one of those "fake" kimonos. Real ones don't use super shiny af fabric and have printed geishas on it.

No. 377381

She's supposed to be Beni from Dramatically Murder but honestly she looks like someone who just dyed their hair and got out of the shower, slapped on a bathrobe and decided to put make-up on her checks.

No. 377413


>She's supposed to be Beni from Dramatically Murder

Thanks for deciphering this for me. But isn't Beni a bird? I suppose this is another example of her doing what she thinks the character should be in her head, rather than what it is.

No. 377445

iirc she's cosplaying someone elses design of Beni as a human. I'm really sick of her blatantly cosplaying other peoples shit.

No. 377458


I'm not familiar with dramatically murder but I thought this character was human! What design is she ripping off? Can we get a photo?

No. 377461

File: 1493316771317.png (373.23 KB, 500x584, large.png)


The thing about the DMMD human designs is that there aren't any official ones, but they are all pretty similar. From the cheek designs and whatnot I see the most similarities in a series of photos where this one bird is shipped with… another fucking bird.

Just with added longer hair because fucking why not.

No. 377465

How long until she's reusing that bathrobe to do some sort of male geisha Aoba?

No. 377483

She has a different one for that. It's got tiny maple leaf print on it and is blue iirc.

No. 377484

seriously? Christ. Only seen that Vocaloid one she made recently. I wish she'd just let Aoba die. He's suffered enough.

No. 377513

File: 1493325175414.png (183.28 KB, 752x1063, into_the_darkwoods_2_pg_4_by_a…)

Her comic updated. Not sure how recent it is.

No. 377515


I kind of love this comic. It is like the all the worst tropes of yaoi in condensed, hilarious form. (This is actually from a couple of weeks ago, so I am looking forward to the next update of the rapey adventures of Seme-sama and Uke-kun. )

No. 377519


You know. If it had (THIS IS SATIRE) on the front page, and was made to be an insult to bad yaoi then I may actually pay attention to it. I like it when people make fun of things that are taken to seriously.

However she 100% believes her stuff is good and is as serious about it as it gets. Which makes it all to cringe worthy. Like this is bad. It's obviously bad. But she things she tube queen of yaoi.

No. 377568

What the fuck— it's a cheap $5 robe. I don't understand how she told this was okay. It's beyond inaccurate, even for a human version of an allmate. Koujaku's allmate would never wear something so heinous.

No. 377624

No. 377625

any theories on why she locked her instagram?

No. 377632

She lurks here and has seen us capping it. Has 200 followers though so we'll still cap.

No. 377633

File: 1493339465353.png (446.39 KB, 548x615, seeashwecancapthistoo.PNG)

She didn't want us to see her magic eyebrow trick. First she makes them disappear and then reappear.

No. 377638

Looking through her followers I recognized some people who follow the receipt blog <3 Good.

No. 377656


her makeup is always so triggering. how can someone be so unaware of how awful their makeup looks

No. 377661

File: 1493341572902.gif (996.03 KB, 500x209, tumblr_maf1wdm3rm1qefuuio1_500…)

No. 377680

>my eyebrows are so on point
oh my fucking god, she really is beyond salvation isn't she?

No. 377817

File: 1493354949257.png (50.82 KB, 662x408, WhoSaidShedNeverAmountToAnythi…)

I'm so proud!

No. 377859

This is completely useless info, but I'm catching up with all the ash threads since I've been out of the loop for a while, but if anyone is ever wondering why Ash's eyeliner always looks like shit and thick as hell, its because they use Nyx's super fat eye marker.

No. 377920

Anon, she could be using the top of the line shit and her eyeliner would still look big and chunky. She doesn't know how to wing, and she refuses to learn to better herself. Thats why YouTube videos on how to do winged eyeliner exists, but she hates to accept that she's any less than perfect at things and refuses to learn better techniques

No. 377935

It's so nice to see our Poop Princess get the recognition she wants.

She spends all her cash on top of the line stuff (Kat von D especially) and then just slathers makeup on a pig with it. Some how she thinks just owning high quality namebrand means the product can apply itself on its own and look like the ads do.

No. 377936

File: 1493382252752.png (217.97 KB, 829x532, ohno.PNG)

samefag but I just checked her Insta. I'm so sorry everyone.

No. 377939

File: 1493382416114.jpg (25.87 KB, 400x432, 1950s-saddle-shoes-new-400x432…)

I didn't know what 'saddle shoes' were so I googled and I have no idea how Tracer's shoes translate to this. Then again I don't Overwatch much or understand Ash's third-eye for fashion.

No. 377942

Yeah, she gets fixated on the weirdest details. I'd honestly love to know what process in her mind makes her think saddle shoes are a good idea for Tracer. I mean, that's a good enough reason I guess– creativity is its own reward– but why saddle shoes and white belt in particular?

No. 377943

Who knows in her mind. I just want to know who she stole her figure base from. She didn't even try to make it look like Tracer's hand was in her pocket, she just cut the bases' entire hand off at the wrist and even then the only way it'd fit in that small of a space would be if there was nothing but an amputated stump to begin with.

>tfw you don't even art but know arms aren't supposed to reach down to the knees

No. 377964

i think she's trying to do like 1960s lesbian look with it it wouldn't surprise me if there's someone somewhere who came up with these ideas first and she's doing the same shit she always does by ripping it off and making it seem like she thought it up lol

No. 377987

File: 1493391230697.jpg (341.42 KB, 1080x1920, 2017-04-28 15.53.12.jpg)

No. 377988

File: 1493391491257.jpg (14.21 KB, 490x166, 35432.jpg)

that was my first thought because when i tried looking ash up, I only was able to find the page of that other girl.

She must have been aware of that somehow?

No. 377992

File: 1493392227866.png (14.78 KB, 501x101, 1.PNG)

No. 377998


And by so much she means none of it.

No. 378000


>>376969 anon pointed this out all ready.

No. 378001

I didn't even know she'd done her taxes since last I heard her evil parents wouldn't hand over her W-2's and she was magically incapable of getting another copy.

No. 378032

>she hates to accept that she's any less than perfect at things and refuses to learn better techniques
One more time for the people in the back.

Someone please add this to the General Bio section of her next thread in the future.

No. 378037

File: 1493402256964.jpg (178.75 KB, 978x765, Screenshot_20170428-135634.jpg)

This about bio though!

No. 378040

>super cool
you know saying something over and over doesn't make it true
>level 22
just say you're 22 years old good lord
>super gay
so that's why you go after cis men all the time right?
>cosplaying 8 years
and yet every cosplay she makes looks like a first attempt at cosplaying
>you guys get the pun right?
it's not difficult or clever ashley if someone didn't get the pun that'd be legitimately concerning

No. 378060

She doesn't do her own taxes, her parents claim her and do everything for her because Ashley is utterly incapable of doing anything herself.

Stop. Fucking. Lying. Ashley.
It pisses me the fuck off to no end how she keeps claiming left and right that she's suddenly ending up with all of this money. Unrealistically huge tips (no one in their life would leave a $40 tip for a loud, obnoxious pig that looks like the human incarnation of a trailer park dumpster; let alone a $200 tip she's claimed to have gotten recently), staggering pay raises in a place that does hardly any business to begin with and that she works almost no hours in, mystery college funds that she suddenly never talks about anymore, and now a second refund after she's already gotten her returns and blew them on convention bullshit.

No. 378062

This is so disgustingly cringy. How is she perpetually stuck in the mindset and behaviors of a 14-year-old super weeb? It's infuriating. Grow the fuck up, Ashley.

No. 378090

Haha, yeah. How it's supposed to be: elbows rest near the waist, wrists rest at the crotch, and fingertips rest at mid-thigh. How Ash does it: elbows at hips and fingertips at knee. Really messed up there.

No. 378116

File: 1493409337734.jpg (1.97 MB, 1436x2125, Screenshot_20170428-155253.jpg)

No. 378127

"This is my sad yellow cake look."

No. 378129

It doesn't even cover the white hoop skirt kek

No. 378138


She doesn't even credit her photographers, hell not even herself. Who takes all of these pics?

No. 378145

>couldn't be assed to stand on the lawn
>dress hems aren't the same lengths
>tits about to pop out if she drops her arms
>holding the bodice in place
>top says parachute
>bottom says your granny's antique chair

This is the hottest of messes.

No. 378169

Kek, to bad she'll never be as cute as Frenchy.

No. 378181

>Super cool cosplayer

What kind of self-centered, egotistical narcissist refers to themselves as "super cool"?

No. 378183

I love her "indigestion" pose. She looks like she just got a cramp and is about to shit herself. Maybe she'll make another poop brooch.

No. 378184

>She doesn't even credit her photographers
probably because they BEG her not to. No one wants to be associated with that.

No. 378190

Are we not gonna talk about how that isn't Belle's hair like at all.

No. 378192

Tinfoil hat but its weird she gave belle almost the same hair as her cosplay of whelp iirc. Her OC who she wishes she could be. She probably thinks shes belle, quirky girl different from everyone so much better than everyone who gets whisked away into a world of magic and sad princes.

No. 378198

the thing that gets me is this could actually be good if it just wasn't ash who made it
like if it were tailored/hemmed well she could've actually looked pretty for once because this wig is the only one i've seen that's actually flattered her (tho honestly it could be because it's from far away lmao)

No. 378211

Shes one squat away from Pixy-sama pose.

No. 378378


it looks good at first glance from the thumbnail but then you zoom in and the longer you look at it the worse it gets

No. 378457

How did she make the cutest girl in Overwatch look like lena dunham?

No. 378459

I'm triggered that the yellows don't go well with one another along with the color of the wig.

She should have taken the picture closer to the house because the road kind of ruins the picture (besides she, herself, ruining it all on her own).

No. 378505

I don't understand why the fuck you would even use brocade for an under layer. And can't even be bothered to hem it even remotely close to the same length. So much mo way wasted on this fabric only to end up a hot mess… but what else was I really expecting.

No. 378506

It took me three days to finally catch up through all of these ash threads and holy fucking shit. I've been out of the loop since her threads began dying off on cgl years ago and was alerted in another thread that she is in fact still doing this shit. What I'm about to say is completely useless so feel free to skip over it.

Earlier I posted that ash must use the shitty nyx super fat eyeliner and that's why it looks bad, but then people said she could be layering it. When catching up with this thread I saw her say she was using katvond's. Take it away from her is shes gonna do it that shitty

In the previous thread she was talking about twin dragon ocs that were born two days apart. She likely took this from Diabolik Lovers, where the triplets Ayato, Laito, and Kanato, are all born three days apart. Despite them being triplets. And yet theyre still triplets despite looking nothing alike.

I'm mad as hell despite not having money shes going to all these cons somehow anyways. I've had to cancel the last 4 katsucons I was supposed to go to because a life event popped up.
Finally if she ever does Yui again I'm almost tempted to bring mine as well just to see how she reacts to someone else doing Yui.
>inb4 "I'm the REAL YUI bc I was abused"

No. 378585

File: 1493468899513.png (840.21 KB, 834x536, backatthemaymontagain.PNG)

Welcome back to the never ending madness, my friend.

dumping caps from her locked insta

No. 378586

File: 1493468962938.png (768.41 KB, 837x534, cryptidsighting.PNG)

No. 378587

File: 1493469048208.png (843.91 KB, 831x536, justthinkingboutdrowning.PNG)

No. 378588

File: 1493469240394.png (805.01 KB, 835x541, Xmarksthespot.PNG)

That poor fucked up bodice.

No. 378590


Why is that wig red?!? Bells hair is a deep brown.

No. 378591

Because Ash's third eye sees color differently than you and I. She can't help but have a superior supernatural color spectrum of vision and realizes that Belle's hair was never brown like we all knew it but a cascade of reds we mortals with our weak eyes couldn't see.

No. 378592

it's telling in these that all the best shots are taken from a distance away kek it looks fine at a distance then you look closer and you're like oh fuck no
because Ash's version of Belle obvs~

No. 378595

This dress is terribly tragic, but I will say that shade of red hair in the wig looks pretty nice on her. Also that length looks pretty nice on her. Pay attention Ashley: you look more than decent with that hairstyle and that hair color.

That dress is terrible though, and is physically painful for anyone who knows anything at all about sewing and garment construction to see. It's a terrible waste of materials and supposedly non-existent money, but it's been mentioned before, so.

No. 378596

File: 1493473190294.jpg (660.19 KB, 2048x1455, 18209198_1895680093791019_3965…)

No. 378597


Who is that supposed to be?

Also: More is not better, Ashley.

No. 378603

Good lord it's like a psychedelic poster with a pile of shit in the middle. That guy's knee is not supposed to be hip high, Ashley.

No. 378637

… Is that a weed kimono on the darker guy?

No. 378638

I just noticed the pot leaves LOL.

No. 378652

Visual overload. You pay more attention to all those flowers she obviously went trigger happy with… Then you get down to the bottom and… Disappointment.
Much like her existence.

No. 378694

Nothing triggers me more than that completely useless, out of place string of trim strung way too tight around the thigh area. It would have looked much better without that stupid thing. Still would have looked like shit, but better.

No. 378696

Why is the hair red? Why is her dress orange? Because Ashley doesn't give a fucking shit and any piece of shit is good enough for the Queen of Shit.

No. 378700

I was quite surprised Ash is still active myself (I remember her on the cgl threads too.) She has somehow gotten worse at cosplay and become an even shittier person. It's a wild ride, anon!! Buckle up.

No. 378701

Her dress has no shape to it. I mean, she is a blob, but still. there is no underwire in that bodice or boning, is there? She's so terrible. Also, why is her wig red when Belle clearly has dark brown hair??

No. 378768

Those are that super generic "leaf" stamp in photoshop

No. 378783

This pic is so horrible. What is this photo shoot supposed to be? I am still struggling with her level of delusion.

No. 378790

2nd DramaAlert video!

Makes a jab at Trash at the end.

No. 378792


Oops, wrong thread!

No. 378821

I want keemstar to cover ash

No. 378829

Ash's only experience with video is her crappy CMV's and the time she was on the local news whining to reporters about how the airline lost part of her costumes.

No. 378833


This makes me mad af. Like she has an amazing backdrop but like her cosplay is 10000000/10 shit.

No. 378882

And last I looked for that news video, it was gone. Only the written article remains.

No. 378885


I'm still so pissed at the fact that she literally called the news up for some shitty lost wigs/costumes. They aren't even important and I bet more than half the in her area who saw that probably thinks she's a fucking idiot. If it was perhaps something life threatening then perhaps but to get all upset over some shitty cosplays?? THIS BITCH!

No. 378952

But they saved her liiiiiiife!!
She lives con to con (in both senses of the word) because she has no life. This is the only thing that gets her attention and feeds her ego. She'd sooner go into debt until she's 85 to fund her shitshow of self-importance while going to school than do the right thing and focus on school. But hey, then again she's a cosplayer so she's way more talented at doing hair than even the instructor! They should just let Ashley teach the class.

No. 378975

Besides the sloppy application, I think she actually looks quite normal here…

No. 378982


Yeah, I was thinking this pic wasn't too terrible. I think that red wig and hairstyle look pretty nice on her as well (this picture she has her same shitty half-assed mullet or whatever the fuck that monstrosity is).

No. 379086

File: 1493584543195.png (18.91 KB, 647x297, poll.PNG)

No. 379088

File: 1493584688477.png (94.73 KB, 585x587, daupdate.PNG)

Has she updated her DA profile as well?

No. 379091

File: 1493584853719.png (302.68 KB, 415x627, dragonsmaybe.PNG)

No wonder Ash entertains Tony's shit. They're both lolcows with multiple personalities. Long lost dragon cousins maybe?

No. 379106


I love you, anon.

No. 379141

Ash and Tony also claim they exorcised a demon from Tony and that there's a spirit portal in Ash's backyard or something, they're both either legit crazy or just want to be the specialist special snowflake.

No. 379144

My vote's on crazy because now i'm wondering if one of Tony's alternate selves is Tony Stark. Explains a lot.

No. 379148

Nah, RDJ's Tony Stark seems to be a favorite amoung fakebois to emulate, I'm sure it's more a snowflake thing. I don't think either of them honestly believe the shit they spew about alters and spirits and shit, they just want to seem interesting because they have little to nothing to offer in terms of looks or personality.

No. 379232

>I'd need to be comfortable with my subjects for this

Ash you like Diabolik Lovers don't even start with this shit

No. 379242

Sage your shit.

Huh, she forgot to add "None" as an option.

No. 379281

Lmao I remember back when Tony's name was Gwynne before he was trans and he constantly claimed to communicate with gods and goddesses, like having casual conversations with them like their voices were in his head.

No. 379304

Tony x Ash
TY x Ash

No. 379319

It's no wonder Ashley wants Tony so bad. They pull a lot of the same shit. What makes me wonder now, is Ashley imitating Tony's alternate personality bullshit with her own brand of special snowflake third eye and having soul raping alternate personality spirit dragons rubbing their tails up her legs suggestively and seeing people's auras, or did she rip that fantasy from someone else? It feels like she emulates this Tony person a lot, such as claiming alternate personalities, and the irrational violent outbursts.

No. 379352

to be fair, her story was actually a perfect fit for the segment (i live in the same area). Basically anytime you have an issue like lost luggage, or being overcharged by your cable company where the company does the usual dodging and avoidance techniques and you can't get help, you call the news people and they send out one of the reporters to dig up info/find out what's going on so they can have a little 5 minute segment of not HORRIBLE stuff but shit every day people can relate to that they can air on slow news days.

I was actually thrilled to see the news segment because how many people on this site can claim they've witnessed one of these cows on actual legit tv/news/etc. and stuff xD

sage for putting my two cents in(xD)

No. 379368

My money's on her trying to be outlandish to get senpai's attentions/affections. She steals ideas/stories from everyone she latches on to and she lets Tony get away with critique murder. How much of this madness is her own insanity and how much is trying to woo Tony with her special snowflake chakra is debatable.

No. 379496

Can you imagine if they actually did get together? It would be like Christmas! So much screaming and fighting and battling for snowflake supremacy with their alternate personalities. I love it.

No. 379541

File: 1493662610803.png (395.43 KB, 540x779, Screenshot_2017-05-01-14-13-08…)

What did she even do last week?

No. 379546

we like XD-chan.

No. 379548

god i wish i only worked 2 days a week and went to a fake beauty school so that i could actually enjoy a bath bomb.

sage because i'm saltier than the dead sea

No. 379550

Sad thing is I don't think she's even going to beauty school. She said she was going the end of May but hasn't said a word about paying tuition or buying supplies.

No. 379557

ugh. ash just pisses me off so much. she works twice a week, doesn't go to school, but acts like she has the hardest most tragic life of them all.

bitch i wish i could un around doing nothing but going to cons and funding my mediocre pursuits on my parents money. like i'm jealous of her in that sense

but she's going to take me saying that i'm jealous of her and that lolcow is just filled with jealouz haterz

No. 379606

Same dude. Sorry to be OT but I would be lucky to get two days off a week from work and school. I wish I had the time she does to work on my hobbies and other interests. I wish my parents would accept beauty school in place of a degree. I wish I didn't have to work a full time job at the same time I go to school full time too just to support myself so I'm not a burden on my parents.

Ash has a crazy good life for being 22 and I have no idea how she can delude herself into believing she works hard for any of it.

No. 379630

nice blog!

No. 379638


Better than that she's working two days a week, going to school, and still going to 5-6 cons a year and making cosplays at 2am. She acted so fucking offended at the mere suggestion she give up conventions during the school year.

No. 379705

i wouldn't be surprised if she's choosing her cosplay over school.

beauty school would actually be really good for her, probably teach her a thing or two….

sage for being hopeful

No. 379769

Last I heard she wasn't going and dropped the idea because her dad wouldn't sign himself away into further debt on any FAFSA paperwork.

No. 379773

File: 1493704037010.png (15.74 KB, 508x189, IMarriedADragon.png)

I made the nastiest snort. Bitch no one wants your disgusting eternal child, mullet havin ass. No one wants to be near your sickeningly unwashed body, let alone hold or fuck that. The thought alone makes me retch. Ashley, you'll never be able to have a relationship of get married because you are a complete piece of shit who uses and manipulates people with your bullshit. You just want to marry someone so they can't run away easily, and so you can leech off of their money after your parents die. You're so fucked in the head. Get your fucking shit together and stop mooching off of others. You're the worst kind of fucking burden, and never even grateful for the help you receive.

No. 379775

File: 1493704469280.png (15.43 KB, 511x162, whynotjustburnyourmoneyinstead…)

And then there's this. Who wants to bet that she wants a 3D printer just because she thinks she'll be able to magically press a button and out pops a perfect cosplay item with zero need for skill? Not only would it be a huge waste of money that she SHOULD be using to save for a car, get her nasty teeth fixed, stop leeching off of her parents and whatever other responsible adult things she refuses to acknowledge, but I would laugh my fucking ass off when she fucks the whole thing up because she can't make anything in the software and the machine literally can't comprehend what she wants it to do. She'd be lucky if it even shat out another poop brooch 2.0

No. 379779

File: 1493704720561.jpg (18.58 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

No. 379780

>Yesterday at 1:35am

Who wants to bet her loud, dumb ass has that volume cranked way the fuck up, and her poor parents are forced to listen to that shit while they're trying to sleep.

No. 379782


i kind of want to see ash get married to see the disaster of her cosplay wedding. i wanna see her home made wedding dress

No. 379830

>implying she won't marry in aoba cosplay

No. 379835

She's not even been in a relationship so who the fuck does she think is going to marry her in the next 8 years?
One more thing to waste all her money on. I think she actually enjoys being broke and having an excuse to live at home so she can get pity points.

No. 379838

A 3d Printer? Bitch, your parents can barely afford to feed all of you with all the money you take from them.
A decent printer is at LEAST $600. And then after the print is done, there are touchups and other stuff that needs to be done. My love and I have a printer and it can be a nightmare to maintain.

No. 379849

>>Bitch, your parents can barely afford to feed all of you with all the money you take from them.
>>all of you


No. 379885

File: 1493739677007.jpg (947.63 KB, 1384x1989, Screenshot_20170502-113927.jpg)

No. 379890


It's gotta be Sarah from Labyrinth. Huh and she said she was gonna drop that cosplay forever.

No. 379899

Here we go again.

Think she'll suckered someone into being her Jareth again?

No. 379906


There will always be people cosplay this way better than you ash.

But why would she remake it when the one her grandmother made/gave you looked decent? You know? The one you entered into Raven con saying you made it then bragged about winning for something you didn't fully make?

Yeah. Stop with Sarah. You will never be her, and the what 3? Jareth you have already creeped TF out will not come back and rub their bulges all over you.

No. 379944

I dunno. Wasn't long ago she said she was redoing Serenity (Sailor Moon), so I think it may be for that.

No. 379952

Would that qualify as "old" though?

No. 379976

You know, for all the shit this dress gets, this is by far the best I've seen her. For once, I don't want to tear my eyes out and that hair colour and style really suits her. If you don't look closely, it looks almost nice (though she owes most of that to the photographer/scenery)
So if you're reading this, well done Ash, I think you're improving. Now try not being a complete toxic shitstain of a person.

No. 379985

With that fabric though? Plus I think she had already posted remaking Serenity in the last few months before tossing it into the void where all the other costumes go.

No. 379991

If it's Sarah I'm going to throw something. I've been studying that movie, loving that dress since it came out. There is NOTHING with that kind of pattern on Sarah's dress ANYWHERE. It's organza, sheer, pearlized fabric and heavy white satin all the way around with those huge 80's mutton chop sleeves.

I'ma burn something if she uses that damn fabric for that gown.

No. 379997

wow just like chris chan saying he wanted to be married by 30. She IS the female chris chan its uncanny.

No. 380031

I found a cosplay dating site that ash is on but you have to be a member to view the pics. Maybe I missed it before but I have not seen this posted in the threads. Some of the pics show cosplays with white fabric, maybe it's one of those. Does anybody want to take one for the team and sign up to share the pics?


No. 380035

Says she hasn't been active in more than three months but I'll sign up just to see. Wonder how many other sites she's on. Imagine finding her on one by accident as a legit match.

No. 380040

File: 1493771576617.png (71.66 KB, 751x550, Ash1.PNG)

Samefag but there's not much to share. She signed up, joined some cosplay groups, dumped some pics, and then stopped using the site.

Her profile about herself is ridiculous though. Incoming cap dump.

No. 380041

File: 1493771596140.png (53.27 KB, 716x529, Ash2.PNG)

No. 380042

File: 1493771611419.png (43.09 KB, 781x505, Ash3.PNG)

No. 380043

File: 1493771660209.png (358.02 KB, 824x451, Ash4.PNG)

And the pics farmer requested. It's all stuff she's posted elsewhere so I won't bother with dumping them one by one.

No. 380044

Getting a good laugh at 'Body Type' and 'Socially, I am'.

No. 380046

>with that gut
try again ash

No. 380051

I got a bigger laugh out of:
>Female, Not Sure, Transgender-FtM
>Gay, Lesbian, Pansexual

Ash, these things don't match up at all. That's not how it works. You can't be a man-hating lesbian, willing to have sex with ANY gender, and be a straight transman all in the same go.

No. 380058

File: 1493773417582.jpg (81.74 KB, 1024x768, ohlord.jpg)

Yeah, I think she has to be over 200 pounds. She should really do something about that.

No. 380063

File: 1493775296272.jpg (606.62 KB, 1049x1528, Screenshot_20170502-212135.jpg)

I can't wait til she screws this third Aoba wig up. Good lord!

No. 380069

so she works at laser quest then huh

No. 380076


You must be new here.

No. 380077

I knew she worked at a laser game place, but I never paid attention to which one.

No. 380080

Lol did she just say she is HIV+? wut?

No. 380083

samefag ugh

Ah I am an idiot. Weird she actually has dealbreakers. lol



why am I laughing so hard??

No. 380108

It's under "Deal Breakers"

Honestly looking at the whole profile, it seems less like stuff she typed out and more like auto-filled stuff? Like maybe there's lists you choose from and she just clicked on every fucking option there was to sound cool and appealing to people??

No. 380110

>individuality: nickelback fan

i'm dying holy shit

No. 380116

Shit that computer generated person looks like it's in better shape than Ashley does. Ashley just lets all that shit flop and roll out over her belt and pants, fucking gross.

No. 380120

>I can't wait til she screws this third Aoba wig up. Good lord!

I don't even give it a week. Ashley, when you read this, please just fucking take care of your wigs and stop trashing them.

No. 380123

Yeah, it looks like she just picked from a list of things. Fencing? Rock climbing? Skiing? Lol bitch where? Fucking show me.

No. 380172

I think she meant people putting up a fence to keep her out, having to climb over her lumpy mountain of a stomach to get away, and those skiing away from her while she chases them.

No. 380193

File: 1493789806110.jpg (908.58 KB, 1417x1891, Screenshot_20170503-013547.jpg)


No. 380203

It doesn't matter how nice you try to package shit, it will still be shit.

No. 380205

this ACTUALLY isn't a bad look for her. maybe throw in some longer bangs or something

No. 380206

I mean it looks a lot better than that shaved mullet shit

No. 380210

So true annon

No. 380211

She just needs to grow out the shaved parts and get some bangs and she'd look like an average fatty instead of whatever the hell that was going on before.

No. 380237

File: 1493793726063.jpg (267.64 KB, 1152x864, IMG_1543.JPG)

I will never join this fandom

No. 380238

File: 1493793797187.jpg (259.28 KB, 1152x864, IMG_1545.JPG)

Looking at her old stuff is like looking at her new stuff,nothing changes

No. 380240

File: 1493793920834.jpg (26.18 KB, 640x348, 1leKdcQA.jpg)

>that trip bursting out of their vest and pants

No. 380243

What is this fandom…?!

No. 380245

holy shit guy GET PANTS IN YOUR SIZE

No. 380251

File: 1493795673063.jpg (23.7 KB, 170x472, Dramatical-Murder-DMMD-Virus-T…)



No. 380258

This whole damn photo is a fucking mess, why are they all so BAD


No Aoba even LOOKS like him besides the wigs!!

No. 380260

Sorry to samefag, but I just noticed her badge, which was the Neko one in '15. I thought she had the jacket already then?

No. 380264

This fandom attracts so many landwhales.

No. 380279

willing to bet ashley has done a grand total of 10 minutes of any sport listed there

No. 380299

> "nombinary"
what a fitting freudian slip

No. 380316


Nope, she started cosplaying Aoba at Neko 2015 and then the Neko after that, she got the jacket. This is also one of the reasons why I have to hide friends who cosplay Trip and Virus. She clings to them like glue as you can see.

No. 380318


I was going to say about the Aoba's. Why is one wearing a cardigan and why is another wearing a pink jacket?? I don't fucking get it?? Is Aoba's outfit really that expensive?

No. 380319

the Aoba's are doing different versions. cardigan Aoba seems to be doing Mink's good end and the other one is Sly Blue who is like a part of Aoba's mind he doesn't know about

No. 380322

You know, out of all the shit on this, I think "Introvert, Extrovert" actually annoys me most. Why don't people learn what those terms mean, it doesn't mean "Oh I'm shy sometimes but chatty other times so I'm both lol"

No. 380324

It pretty much sums up the problem with the transtrender approach to sexuality/gender, right?
Gotta collect all the labels to be the most unique!

No. 380326

Looks like her eyebrows are coming back in too, hopefully soon I'll no longer cringe everytime I see them

No. 380331

At least those aobas are doing official outfits but Ashley though. Wtf is that?

No. 380337

It seems most degenerate fujioshi boy on boy rape fetishists are fat/dumpy? Every one I've ever known irl was either a landwhale or just ugly in general. I wonder why that is.

No. 380353

Unable to get a boyfriend/even have a man look their way, so they turn to the magical world of pretty boy gay anime violent sex to vent and cope. There they find similar harpies giving them pats on the back for liking that shit, so they never see a reason to improve themselves.

No. 380404

And god help you if you're a fellow female crossplaying the other half of their OTP and refuse to pose or do fanservice with them.

No. 380410

How many people in this photo are actual men? I actually can't tell.

I mean, fit aside, it seems like the most accurate cosplay of the lot

No. 380419

File: 1493842090224.png (154.92 KB, 375x313, 20170503_160744.png)

>tfw the mac and cheese comes out just right

No. 380432

Did anyone see her disgusting Yui vid on instagram? Watch out guys! She's going out and taking Yui photos this time. God damn she has a shit ton of time off. Then again, that's what working 2 days at laser quest does to you. Plus penny pinches off of her parents.

No. 380449

>gay, lesbian, pansexual

doesn't that contradict itself?

No. 380450


She's dumb. She thinks she's trans too. She doesn't know anything about sexuality.

No. 380457

While I am can't be totally certain about the blob in the tiny pants and vest, it's safe to assume they're all women.

No. 380489

File: 1493854256689.png (163.61 KB, 749x1172, IMG_5038.PNG)

Ash vehemently claims to hate dating sim/harem games, and yet…

No. 380520

No. 380538

File: 1493864562186.png (610.94 KB, 688x462, thatface.PNG)

Different farmer but here you go. I'm reluctant to transcribe the video right before bed though. I'd like to actually sleep without raging for a half hour.

No. 380539

File: 1493864692043.png (854.12 KB, 924x594, yui1.PNG)

No. 380540

File: 1493864730559.png (816.34 KB, 919x602, yui2.PNG)

No. 380580

If her and her weeaboo friends shows up at Busch Gardens in cosplay, they're all gonna get kicked out. Info source from someone I know who worked for Busch Gardens.

No. 380581

File: 1493872983779.jpg (22.71 KB, 500x301, Tumblr_md1ijyRxdw1qieyopo1_500…)

She got some grinch lips there

No. 380599


she looks like a mtf trans who hasn't quite learned how to do her makeup or style herself yet.

No. 380641

She's actually pretty with blonde hair, but her eyebrows are too dark

No. 380649

She'll never change her makeup routine though. Despite an entire case full of brandname makeup that's the only look she can produce. It's a shame.

No. 380686

File: 1493904478719.jpg (6.31 KB, 272x132, 456789.jpg)

or properly put on wigs
>that hair net

No. 380697

File: 1493908239895.png (25.06 KB, 1321x215, omg.PNG)


Back when she first started blowing up on/cgl/ her pics got posted in a crossplay advice thread (for men cosplaying female characters) and the results were…

No. 380698

File: 1493908301258.jpg (353.84 KB, 1365x840, 1346184635764.jpg)

& the picture in question

No. 380707

I'm laughing so hard because it looks better than her actual shit now. Is so fucking bad, but it's a different brand of bad. How does a person fuck up SO BAD, EVERY SINGLE TIME, and think they have the right to call themselves a "Special Effects Artist" or "Makeup Artist", on top of not receiving any training what so ever?

Take note, Ashley. No one likes someone trying to impersonate something they are not. You are a fucking laughing stock every single time you say that you "do special effects makeup". >>380540

No. 380718

File: 1493917567229.jpg (950.35 KB, 1409x2262, Screenshot_20170504-130241.jpg)

Aaaaand she butchered it more.

No. 380721

File: 1493917874861.jpg (997.08 KB, 1411x2404, Screenshot_20170504-130941.jpg)

It's actually called stimming, but ok fake-o.

No. 380726

Sometimes I wish I had the same amount of confidence as this asshole.

No. 380727

>claims to have SPD thats why she has to cut her hair
>can deal with having all that SHAVED HAIR ON HER NECK long enough to take a selfie
making me itch seeing that cut hair just sitting there

No. 380730


hi ash there is a way to do this while looking less ugly, it's called a pixie cut

No. 380732

at this point I think she'd be better off shaving it and starting again, or going to a decent hairdresser in 4-6 weeks and doing what >>380730 suggested. it's hideous.

No. 380734

Except you said before having your eyebrows look disgusting is so you can "make better ones" and you recommended all cosplayers use glue for their brows like you do and you said it makes it easier for you to wear wigs, you're just sick of being made fun of for how ugly they both look so you're claiming its autism. Also you don't stim so please stop trying to claim pity points when there are people who really do stim in public and get mocked for it. Ash is such a cunt.

No. 380736

Also people with trich pull out all of their eyebrows, not just enough so they are tiny dots, if that was true she would have no eyebrows at all. Also she can still "feel her hair" on the back of her neck or in things like >>380193

No. 380742

How the fuck can you style a mullet properly?

She looks like a fat, butch Joe Dirt.

No. 380759


Jesus Christ. No, no you do not "look damn good." FFS.

And your story is bullshit. Quit lying, for the love of God.

I wouldn't even care if you cut your hair in a stupid cut, although I think it is extremely socially limiting– you will not be able to get a decent job looking like that– and is an ugly cut on you, but your lying about the reason why and your "autism" and your "stemming" (ffs, it's "stimming," WHICH YOU WOULD KNOW IF YOU ACTUALLY DID IT) is pretty disgusting. And, since you supposedly care about that sort of thing, appropriative.

No. 380761


Omg it looks so much worse than it was. She is never gonna get a real job with a hair cut like that. Ashley, you should know that most jobs like beauty school will always look at your appearance and clearly you chose your own illnesses than making yourself look good.

No. 380767

Sage for ot but as a cosmetologist, she'll never make it. She won't even finish school let alone be able to take/pass her states licensing exam and it's the easiest thing ever. But yes, even in cosmetology classes you're judged and graded on your appearance because of how important it is for this job. You don't want someone touching your head if they look at hot mess. It shows not only do they not care enough about their own appearance, they're not going to care about yours.

Let's say she does manage to graduate and gets her cosmetology license and managed to get a job in a salon. She won't last a day. She won't be able to handle how rude and nasty people can get. I've had people yell and be mad at me for simply asking how they would like their hair done. She'll have a complete and mental breakdown. I can also see her doing what she wants to someones hair rather than listening to the client.

There's a lot more to it than just curling someones hair, like she seems to think it is. You have to actually be good and have talent to get anywhere in this field which means you'll have to take some harsh criticism, which she can't. At all. And as lazy as she is with everything, there's no way she's going to keep up her license in regarding to getting it updated every 2 years, plus the fees, plus however many further educational credit hours her state requires. So don't hold your breath on her ever being able to step foot in a salon to work, not even as a receptionist.

No. 380768

>shaved her own head
>hairs everywhere
>worst white trash hairstyle ever seen

I hope her work fires her. They have to have some sort of dress code.

No. 380772

I think Doing what a client wants and how they want it will be impossible for her. hair is one thing many many people are picky about, one minor mistake can cost u a client…

No. 380782

File: 1493933156919.jpg (76.38 KB, 864x864, 18198988_1473659932701676_8165…)

I always wanted to know if Ash was just copying this person (Pretty well known creature/toy artist, Remjie) when it came to her gross hairstyle.

I mean, even her eyebrows…

No. 380787

If hair touching your neck bothers you, why wouldn't you just wear it up in a bun then???

Also I actually have seen Ashley stim before. She wiggles her fingers together with her eyes shut. But I have seen her have hair that touched her neck and NEVER saw her rip any of the hair out. She does not stim with her hair. Never seen it.

No. 380806

>yes, that is a tailcoat and no, I'm not interested in doing a black butler cosplay

Bitch, you're too ugly for Sebastian anyway.

No. 380807

>Nickelback fan

fucking golden, anon

No. 380808

>Female…not sure.. umm trans??

I hate this trend. It needs to stop.

No. 380839

She's streaming on Instagram again. I can't be bothered to suffer through it though.

No. 380882

File: 1493950521336.jpg (75.83 KB, 1916x796, reaction.jpg)

How can she think that it looks good on her? She might as well shave her damn head since its going to look more horrible once the hair grows back.

Bullshit! Stop convince people that you're a snowflake in order to excuse your poor choices. You're totally doing this for cosplay.

No. 380901

She's so terrible at trying to look like a woman, I'm almost convinced she would look better as a man.

She might as well shave off all the hair and just wear a normal color wig full time, especially since wigs don't set off her sensory disorder, eh?

No. 380903

File: 1493955575228.png (1.61 MB, 1048x1549, 20170504_233729.png)

She butchered her new Aoba wig. JFC look how awful it looks.

No. 380904

>still working on a lying my wig for aoba but he's coming along slowly
that sentence sure was…something

No. 380915

Noticed the receipts tumblr says "removed", did anon give up, or did it get axed?

No. 380939

So awful it's hilarious. Looks like she just used regular house scissors and chopped that shit without any attempts to thin or make it look natural in any way. And why is it so clumpy? The fuck product did she put in that (besides cat piss)? It doesn't even look remotely like Aoba, and the roundness is astonishing. It's so fucked up, my sides hurt!

No. 380940

>(besides cat piss)

No. 380960

she looks like she's ready to fuck her cousin

No. 381003


so much money was wasted on clothes, wigs and makeup, when it should have been wasted on a better diet. smh so sad.

No. 381007

I have spd but like… wtf
not quite how it works you can just… pull it out of your face..

No. 381037

File: 1493984560873.png (672.21 KB, 923x583, newcos.PNG)

She changed her FB name for the third time as well.

No. 381051

I'm sure blood relation wouldn't prevent her desperation if she had one willing

No. 381053

Someone convince her to get twitter and tweet retarded sjw rehash at trump well she's ignored

No. 381094

File: 1493995790133.png (179.03 KB, 599x304, graphic_design_is_my_passion.p…)

No. 381163

>Did you guys know i have a new cosplay page? You should totally go like it!

What a pathetic cry for attention, telling people to go like her page. Ashley, if people like it, they will like it. Don't force that trash down people's throats and tell them they should go like it. That just makes people less willing to do so. You're such a needy piece of shit. Stop trying to always place yourself at the center of everyone's attention, and maybe they wouldn't think you were such a fucking cunt.

No. 381247

I am laughing so hard I'm crying.

No. 381385

File: 1494035363542.png (659.95 KB, 937x602, Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 6.44…)


this wig doesn't actually look bad on her but it's time for her to butcher it and then continue butchering her real hair

No. 381395

File: 1494036671513.png (147.77 KB, 750x1105, IMG_5061.PNG)

More money spent on shit she doesn't need. She can't cook, wtf is she going to even use the bento for? Not to mention she doesn't even work a job that gives her a lunch break to use it for, the poor thing is just going to collect dust and grime when it's inevitably lost in the landfill of her bedroom.

No. 381399

she actually looks kind of cute and normal here.

No. 381401

Are those rags her bed sheets?

No. 381405

Oh fuck, it looks like that might be her duvet? Like its ripped through and you can see the inside stuffing! I'm legit so fucking disgusted by this.

No. 381446

I was thinking the exact same thing. It's so fucking ratty and disgusting. Which, all in all, is actually fitting for her. What I don't get is why she's always trying to get people to come over to her house. How the fuck can she be okay with this? How can she be okay with other people seeing the filthy, horrifying conditions she lives in and not feel embarrassed? She literally cannot blame her parents for this one, because she has squalled on multiple occasions how she flips out on her mom for so much as washing her clothes, let alone trying to pick anything up (despite it being her parents' house in which she pays zero rent or contribution). I'm just so blown away by every picture I see of her fucking landfill of a room. What if someone did come over and spent the night? Would she throw this ratty nasty blanket over them and make them sleep on the catpiss floor you can't see beneath the trash and makeup? That pig sty warrants a tetanus shot just looking at it! That, or she'd try and make them sleep with her in the bed so she could sexually harass them and later claim that they raped her when the person rebuffed her advances completely. How the fuck does a blanket even get that way? What the fuck was she doing on it? I'm just so fucking triggered by every fucking inch of her room that I ever see!

No. 381448

File: 1494043564007.png (139.37 KB, 750x1128, IMG_1566.PNG)

No. 381450

File: 1494043848991.png (117.76 KB, 750x659, IMG_1567.PNG)

No. 381451

File: 1494043874878.png (73.5 KB, 750x644, IMG_1568.PNG)

No. 381456

that is 100% a regular quilt, I have two of them almost 20 years old which look almost identical, sadly

I exclude them from photos though, can't make that shit look good

No. 381475


Hahaha whoever asked about her P.O. box was probably a troll. That's honestly the only fans she has.

No. 381496

Ash is mentally retarded, right? I mean, she seriously has intellectual difficulties, doesn't she? She has to. That's the only reason she would do this to herself, think it looks good, then photograph it while throwing a smug smirk that indicates she is very pleased with herself.

She looks like she needs to be in a supervised home. Feed a toddler a packet of Skittles and it could slash out a better hairstyle with a serrated steak knife.

No. 381518


Anon wants to know what's got the queen of poop broach so upset. Sounds like someone she hates us doing pretty good and she's "pissed off" about it.

No. 381533

I kind of wonder that too, but then I figured someone probably told her her hair looks reaaly stupid, and not totally awesome at all.

No. 381534

I'll take "Things That Never Happened" for $1,000, Alex!

No. 381536


Sage for frugal practicality.

No. 381571


Smh I just said this a few days back >>380326

Why are you doing this to us Ash?

No. 381573

How can she be so shit at sorting out her appearance?
Seriously, I'm a goddamn mess of a person, can still barely colour in within the lines and have a tendency to be a total slob, and even I've figured out how to do my makeup properly over the last couple of years. It'd be okay if she was new to it, but how is she still this bad? Is she doing this on purpose? Is there a mental disorder that makes you proudly show off what a disaster you are?

Sage for kinda diary post

No. 381576

you forgot to actually sage.

No. 381578

I'm surprised she's that honest about most everything she does being an impulse that she regrets/forgets about later.

No. 381646

File: 1494110647104.png (82.69 KB, 750x697, IMG_5066.PNG)

This from the person who has bragged about having a conceal/carry license and knowing where her parents keep their gun. Which is it, Ash?

No. 381664

How exactly does this save her?

No. 381672

Maybe now she can telepathically communicate with her cat and he told her that her parents are going to shoot her

No. 381677

File: 1494114217770.jpg (73.73 KB, 395x395, a2e.jpg)

No. 381680

talk shit, get hit

No. 381691

Why is she even in their room to begin with? In her cat stalking videos she's constantly going in and out of their bedroom to film.

Who doesn't respect their parent's private space like that?

No. 381701

why won't she leave the cat alone, as well? it's clear the cat doesn't want to be near her when she's doing shit if she always has to go to get it

No. 381706

Her instagram lately is nothing but photos of that cat. She's borderline obsessed with Toby and most of her videos have her calling for him at least once.

No. 381718

File: 1494122215368.png (136.88 KB, 749x1104, IMG_5067.PNG)

Now it's gone. Anyone catch if there was a chimpout in the comments, or did she just delete because no one gave a fuck?

No. 381722

>mc from mystic messenger
pls no ash

No. 381753

File: 1494128372921.png (237.23 KB, 750x958, IMG_1573.PNG)

Which one is new???

No. 381754

Left one?

No. 381765

Jesus fucking hell, did a blind cripple with Parkinson's draw this or what?

No. 381775

Ash don't you dare fucking ruin Megamind

No. 381782

p sure it's the one on the right. she uses that cherry blossom chain brush now

No. 381784

I found a "massager" being sold at Goodwill once in the hair appliances area, a steal at only 4.99. My Goodwills also sell underwear, lingerie, and bras, so ymmv

No. 381785

File: 1494140385560.jpg (97.28 KB, 680x680, IMG_5071.JPG)

Why the absolute fuck would you buy that shit second-hand?!

No. 381827

File: 1494156326790.png (515.6 KB, 672x571, wtfisthat.PNG)

I have no idea what this is supposed to be.

No. 381828

Looks like sleeve and bodice of Sarah's ballroom dress? I think there was some speculation about that, looks like that's probably correct.

Ashley's treatment of lace makes me really sad.

No. 381846

>secret remake
is it really a secret if you're posting pictures of you remaking it ashley

No. 381852

Fucking kek I agree anon

No. 381858

Let's have a moment of silence for those fabrics, holy shit.

No. 381859


And a moment of silence for another character she's going to butcher. Seriously Ashley stop it hurts.

No. 381863

gag that off-white lace with the bright white fabric

No. 381980

if shes doing the labyrinth ball scene dress again i will lose my shit

look at that lace ripped straight off a 90 old lady's curtains, and the un-matching taffeta sleeves… the threads hanging from her side are not unexpected.

i am angered

No. 382013

Server says it's the labyrinth ball seen dress.

Please proceed to loosing your shit.

No. 382019


No. 382064

A friend of mine made it too and Ash was friends with her. There's a theme here.

No. 382067

File: 1494212483040.png (485.37 KB, 540x852, Screenshot_2017-05-07-22-59-00…)

This can't be Sarah.. can it?

No. 382068

File: 1494212512354.png (424.49 KB, 540x853, Screenshot_2017-05-07-22-59-04…)

No. 382069

File: 1494212533482.png (419.94 KB, 540x856, Screenshot_2017-05-07-22-59-12…)

No. 382071

I love plastic wrap ballgowns

No. 382083

Oooohhhh nooooo here we go again

No. 382084

Everything about this is so fucking horrible that I just can't help myself but to laugh. Normally I'd feel bad and wouldn't laugh at someone for making shit like this, but since Ashley is a piece of shit and literally cannot accept even the gentlest and smallest piece of constructive criticism, I don't give a fuck. This is horrible. From the cream lace and the white fabric, to the fucked up seams, the tugging, the partially seethrough material and what in the fuck is even going on with the bodice I don't even know. How can she possibly think this looks go? If she just took her fucking time for once and did it slowly, made sure everything was right, it would probably look good. But no, she rushes everything and slobs the fucking shit out of it. I'm so fucking triggered. She thinks everything is perfect on the first go and will never try to fix something she fucked up. I bet she's never seen a seam ripper in her life. The only seams she's ever ripped are from when her disgusting pig body can't be contained.

No. 382086

>the partially seethrough material
You know she's incapable of applying the effort to line something.

>The only seams she's ever ripped are from when her disgusting pig body can't be contained.


No. 382099


No. 382103

File: 1494225847355.jpg (40.22 KB, 639x424, C7S0ouqVAAANACj.jpg)

No. 382108

>tfw I just picked up the sheer holographic fabric for part of my own cosplay
kill me please I can't unsee this but it actually works for mine ugh

No. 382140

File: 1494245373173.png (419.41 KB, 540x777, Screenshot_2017-05-08-08-07-11…)

Is it supposed to be see through?

No. 382143

im a fan of that giant gap between the lace on the sleeve and the bodice part. we know she is not gonna bother to fix it either. also, loose threads galore

No. 382144

>middle finger
how appropriate for such a shitty dress

No. 382146


I don't think the boddess and sleeves are supposed to FALL OFF YOU ASH. GOD THIS MAKES ME RAGE.

No. 382213

Did… did she fucking use lining fabric for the outside of her bodice? Those panels are so transparent and thin, I can't think of what else it might be except maybe chiffon?

No. 382219

The color difference between the lace and the material is just so drastic, that it made me think back to her Belle fiasco with the materials that are super off and the hair color so unlike Belle. I'm starting to wonder if this cunt is just picking up anything and saying "good enough", or if she's fucking colorblind because how can she actually think this IS "good enough" unless she can't even fucking see it.

Now I'll bet every last one of you money that she'll read this and within the week, she'll be claiming "Oh my God guys! My imaginary doctor said I'm partly colorblind! Isn't that such a special snowflake thing to be!? Please pity me immediately and give me credit and praise for making it this far in life with such a crippling disability! Wahhh give me everything I want on a platter because I can't fully see color!"

No. 382230

If it's not lining fabric it's quilting fabric which is cheap and seethrough

No. 382231

It looks like it might be Casa satin… it's pretty thin but is actually pretty nice if you know, line things so they're not see through. But then again apparently Ash can't figure out that one layer of white fabric isn't enough.
Honestly I'm more bothered by the random center front dart that she did instead of taking it in from the sides. How lazy can you get?

No. 382235

>How lazy can you get?

You know, I actually wonder that. I wonder what her true limit of laziness is.

No. 382336

Is she literally wearing bath curtains?? what is happening here?

No. 382344

Might as well be with how poorly she treats fabric

No. 382408

File: 1494301650651.png (Spoiler Image, 703.67 KB, 636x950, HERFUCKINGNIPPLE.png)

Is that fucking chest hair stubble where her cleavage would be if she wasn't going all pancake titty at the moment? What is the hell is going on with every seam here? Each one looks like it has a different problem! What in the fuck is happening to the sleeve on the left and the nicotine lace being pulled over with a hole under it? And jfc that material is WAY too dangerously seethrough. I pray she does something about it. No one wants a repeat of that shit that happened with the Serenity(?) dress and the nipslip, or the equivalent of a wet t-shirt.

No. 382525

It's probably either that or blackheads. She's never been a paragon of cleanliness and it's very unlikely she ever will be.

No. 382532

I'm guessing blackheads too.

No. 382559

As someone who used to be a disgusting uncleanly fuck in 6th grade, I can confirm those are definitely black heads. Seeing those things there back then is what sent me into hardcore clean - I can never have another zit or blackhead on my skin again mode.

It's most likely worse inbetween her breasts, so be happy we're not seeing that.

No. 382568

File: 1494351491151.jpeg (57.51 KB, 700x424, cushings-syndrome.jpeg)

That looks like Cushing's Syndrome, which now that I think about it, Ash has quite a few traits of Cushing's. Could just be a hormonal imbalance though.

No. 382578

Shit, you're right. She does seem to fit a lot of the criteria. Now I'm curious. I would love to hear what a doctor would diagnose her with if anything, if she actually went to see one that wasn't a dragon-seeing imaginary therapist.

inb4 Ashley suddenly starts claiming she has Cushing's and using it as an excuse to be a slob blob.

No. 382630

File: 1494364519567.png (872.64 KB, 937x599, Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 2.12…)

ash's newest OC


also the person commenting, their cosplay and art is 100x better than Ash's lol

No. 382638

File: 1494365116824.jpg (144.27 KB, 640x960, 1431231008569.jpg)

going through her old threads and LMAO at her claiming she had PCOS

what happened there, Ash?

No. 382643

i hope to god almighty she refers to him as momokun it'd make my day

No. 382644

This'll explain her 'my cyst burst at work' claim from a while ago
Ashley keeping up better continuity than most TV shows

No. 382662

Ruptured cysts must be taken care of by a doctor. A cyst can be a sack of puss or infection. What happens when one bursts? Shit everywhere inside you. Making you sick and could very well kill you.

"Cyst burst at work" My ass. I've got those fuckers and it's hard as SHIT to keep them under control even with medication

No. 382663

File: 1494372123438.png (585.48 KB, 921x548, makingOnisionproud.PNG)

Dropping some Insta posts.

Considering all I see her drink is Mountain Dew, I really doubt she's suddenly drinking Fiji. She just saw it becoming trendy and begged her mom to buy some.

No. 382664

File: 1494372153963.png (533.59 KB, 921x500, whatisthis.PNG)

No. 382665

File: 1494372166727.png (161.67 KB, 921x532, amino.PNG)

No. 382666

File: 1494372236646.png (688.72 KB, 928x588, confirmed.PNG)

Yep she's making a shit version of Sarah.

No. 382692

File: 1494378806206.jpg (67.46 KB, 540x540, tumblr_opplx0gyqO1rwdig0o1_540…)

Another update

No. 382714

didn't someone else make her first sarah cosplay?
so is it really even a remake ?

No. 382769

File: 1494390933728.jpeg (50.83 KB, 640x640, 18380091_430099804033531_43960…)

oh no! what is you doin baby??

No. 382770

File: 1494390957533.jpeg (50.12 KB, 640x640, 18299729_452211141786545_41664…)

>Well all that's left is to make the under garments and to style the wig. Ah she's gonna look so nice.

on what planet is this finished, baby??

No. 382785


No. 382818

It makes me so fucking angry because she's adding all these little things to the dress THAT DON'T EVEN GO THERE. YOU NEVER SEE A FUCKING BUTTERFLY IN LABYRINTH.
Those embellishments are unnecessary, especially the roses. Yellow on white makes the white seem dirty

No. 382819

what is she doing WHAT IS SHE DOING I'm so fucking triggered by that dress.

No. 382821

File: 1494411669358.jpeg (188.39 KB, 1007x635, seemslegit.jpeg)

Her grandmother? made it for her so I'm not sure why she's "remaking" it unless my suspicions are true and she basically crams all her costumes into a corner somewhere for them to get dirty and stained with cat markings. That's what she does to her wigs. Her Sarah wig is in the background of some of her room photos looking like a rats nest in her window.

No. 382822

I wish I was kidding when I say I actually saw clothes, including a cosplay she made, balled up and squished between her wall and door. If I hadn't known the colors of the cosplay, I wouldn't even know what the shitty wrinkly ball was. I'm pretty sure she drops anything she's done with on the floor, they get lost in the mess and she forgets them.

No. 382823

File: 1494412655204.png (525.92 KB, 542x575, cap.PNG)

Why you lurking, Ashley? Thought you said you didn't pay any attention to the haters and now you're taking skincare tips from us.

No. 382827

oh my god seeing the side by side of her dress vs the original is sad the quality difference is astounding
just using brocade and shitty rhinestones won't get you to the ornate level of sarah's ballgown ashley

No. 382830


No. 382844

Her grandmother never made her the dress, it just happened to be a dress she owned that was given to Ash when she died. I'm sure it's been ruined by now, hence the "remake."

No. 382848


Hey she still used it in a competition saying she made it so at least she's keeping up with the lie by saying it's a "remake".

No. 382899

holy fuck her hair. Now that she shaved the sides all the volume is just at the top front of her head giving her the most X-treme female mullet.

All she does it waste her money on cheap wigs, I'm surprised she hasn't just shaved her head entirely and wearing wigs everyday. I would rather slash and burn my hair and wear cheap wigs on the reg then wake up to that shit.

No. 382901

> un-hemmed lace just hanging off the sleeve
> lopsided silhouette
> No hooped underskirt mentioned at all
> dollar store bling hot glued to a thin cheap transparent cotton bodice

I have never seen a dress so perfectly embody the phrase "Dear god kill me now."

No. 382924

Too bad it's the only way she'd have won. None of her outfits now would win her anything.

No. 382952

Clearly she's not bothered about anything on the dress looking "dirty", or she never would have added that antique colored lace. She really has no eye for the craft at all.

No. 382957

File: 1494445913909.png (617.12 KB, 924x590, killme.PNG)

Thank goodness her Instagram isn't locked down so I can just link instead of transcribe.


>Up here I used some refurbished lace from an old wedding gown a friend gave me

So basically nothing could be saved from her original dress aside from the nasty unwashed lace so she took that instead?

No. 383006

her voice always confuses me…. she could be a podcaster or radio host. if you don't see her face or know her back story I find it pretty engaging.
saged because im scared of the hate this might recieve lmao

No. 383008

Maybe if she learned proper grammar, timing and not use "uuuuuum" all the time.

Sad thing is, this girl can improve if she wished. But she's chased off all the help and people that cared about her. Now the only ones left are the ones who kiss her ass and enable her to be such shit.

No. 383075

File: 1494474389776.jpg (538.96 KB, 1034x1516, Screenshot_20170510-233504.jpg)

SHE'S STILL GOING TO MOMOCON YOU GUYS! I can't wait to see more prego cat piss smelly Aoba pics.

No. 383099

>Sad thing is, this girl can improve if she wished. But she's chased off all the help and people that cared about her.

That really is the sad thing. She could improve in a lot of ways, but she never will purely for the fact that she refuses too, because she already sees herself and her shitshow as perfect. She refuses even the nicest constructive criticism, tutorials, and advice, and instead only wants things her own way and only sees her insane or stolen ideas as brilliant moneymaking schemes until they inevitably flop and she pretends she never went down that road. She has the potential to be good and look good, but she would rather stay a dirty, whiny child forever, leeching off of her parents and others, lashing out at everyone who doesn't agree with her, and shitting all over everyone while eternally playing the victim. As one of the people who was tricked and tried to help her in the past, I have zero sympathy for her anymore. You can't help but give up when the bitch is drowning in her own shit and wants everyone else to pull her fatass out while she doesn't lift a finger. Fuck you, Ashley. Enjoy parading around in your disgusting, fucked up dress and mangled wig while everyone cringes at you.

No. 383100

Oh man! I am definitely going to have to do some recon!

No. 383159

For real.
She has a few creative hobbies which she's had total dedication to for years. Art, cosplay and sewing could have pulled in so much cash and attention by now if she'd improved on a normal curve over that time. She's not fundamentally ugly either, just one of those people who really needs the right styling. She has the advantage of having a lot of time and money to toss around.

The one and only reason she isn't the cute, popular, talented person of her own imaginings is her own decade-long shitstorm of nasty attitude, laziness and refusal to take advice or look critically at herself.
I can absolutely see why people end up falling into the trap of trying to help her, because the workings are all there and if you chipped away the thick outer layer of bullshit she could really get on the right track. But I guess that thick outer layer of bullshit is also a nice little shell that protects her from reality and it ain't going anywhere if she has something to say about it.
110% lost cause.

Sage for taking this shit a bit too seriously

No. 383168

>not fundamentally ugly either
this is what really bothers me too - all of her aesthetic problems are completely fixable like
>get hair cut and fix teeth
>learn to sew and style properly
>lose weight
not to mention her personality problems too like every single one of her complaints Can be fixed she's just too lazy to even try and it bothers me so much

No. 383214

Above all else, her personality is her absolute worst quality. If she wasn't such a self-centered, delusional, aggressive piece of shit with this idea that she is completely perfect, famous, and the envy of all, then maybe people could stand to be around her and help her better herself. But no, sadly she'd rather just scream and chimp out at the slightest criticism and punch better cosplayers in the face or try to "outdo" them with her shitty Chinese knockoff cosplays because she can't even make something herself.

No. 383227

So she had to buy her own pass since Momocon cancelled her panel? She'll be at the formal dressed as Sarah probably so she'll be easy to spot.

No. 383252

Well, called it. She's talking about doing an Overwatch cosplay now. Here's hoping she stays a million miles away from the popular gay pairings.

No. 383262

File: 1494542707725.png (600.34 KB, 656x575, cap..PNG)

She tossed some more of Margaret Palermo endorsed Swavorski crystals onto it and called it done. She has a wig but it's probably so ruined by now she's just tossed it out. Either that or she's so hoarded in her room she can't find it.

No. 383265

File: 1494543066833.png (535.06 KB, 540x960, 1481822000721.png)

Found her Sarah wig and the headdress but suddenly she needs both. Yeah, she definitely lost it in the hoard since this pic is 4 months old.

No. 383284


Not going to lie… I thought it was a bedazzled pale asshole.

No. 383285

holy fuck is that really her sarah wig? it literally looks like it's for mink from dmmd it's so dreaded

No. 383289


It's in the window sill.

No. 383317

oh boy can't wait to see what a mess it'll be

people are recommending Tracer and Widowmaker and I want to see how baf she'd fuck over both

No. 383318

Ovarian cysts can rupture with no issue.

Source: I have them and was sent away from the OBG saying nothing was wrong with them rupturing. It's if they don't and grow to large. Then they need to do something about it.

No. 383327

pls god no

No. 383370

if she does widowmaker i'll cry and i haven't yet decided if it will be at the hilarity of her doing the sexiest and most slender girl in the game or just out of plain disgust and despair

No. 383379

File: 1494592914916.jpg (81.87 KB, 1168x551, widowmaker.JPG)


i'd like to think this is a veiled insult.

No. 383381

I bet she would. Oh god I want her to do the Odette or Odile skins, those are hideous to begin with, hers would be worse

No. 383383

Sadly doubtful, Instagram has a lot of spam tied to specific tags, it happens all the time with especially popular tags.

No. 383388

Though to be fair a lot of those types of pages all but auto-respond to anything in their tag. My entire Overwatch cosplay group gets comments and likes from pages like that regularly and we're pretty varied in complexity, skill level, and number of likes.

No. 383399

>nobody suggested Roadhog

I feel like she'll try Hanzo or D.Va. Widowmaker or Tracer would be fucking hilarious though. does she even play this game? if she's deep into the fandom she might go for gay ships but idk, mchanzo gets a lot of the attention so maybe she'll do Mccree too. it'd be easy for her to not try very hard, but she'll fuck up no matter what she does. she won't do reaper or 76 obv, but they're the only other "popular" gay ship I can think of.

sage for slight fujoshit sperging

No. 383404

File: 1494605825848.jpg (137.46 KB, 540x540, tumblr_optu7pb9X41rwdig0o1_540…)

If any one is going to Momo please take pics.

No. 383437


I suppose those are her chosen cosplays for the con? I guess no amount of disgust will persuade her not not do DMMD, esp Aoba. Doesnt look like Sarah is on there, though.

No. 383443

File: 1494612210768.png (54.05 KB, 1080x300, 20170512_110152.png)

I guess she's chosen already. Sombra's design is pretty complicated; she's gonna fuck it u0 so darn bad

No. 383462

All those for Momo? Is that amount of cosplay normal? It feels like she's going to be spending a lot of time in the room just changing

No. 383464

Lmao this, I remember rooming with friends who would bring 7 or 8 cosplays, 2 of which would still need to be finished in the room. They'd spend the whole time sewing and running to photo shoots, and the room was a shithole in minutes thanks to them. I have a feeling Ash is like this.

Sage for con blog

No. 383466

I know three maybe four is standard depending on how many days the con lasts and if there's a special event like a tea party or ball type thing. I do also know people who have been able to manage two in a day, changing while they eat lunch or before a photoshoot.
I guess that would depend on how quickly one can get out of one cosplay and into another though, and I'd imagine Ash can't move her lazy ass that quickly or she's so simple she'd get distracted as all fuck by the shiny shit she adds.

sage for kind of con blog

No. 383514

She's posted pics from conventions before where her stuff is just strewn everywhere.

No. 383517

Well, that explains why she was harassing Sombras at Katsucon.

No. 383520

i would pay to fly my ass off to whatever con she would be going to, get a hotel room, and just sit in the convention area and wait to see her if she ever cosplayed d.va

No. 383544

Please let her rest already, she's already gone through enough Ashley.

No. 383670

>I have a feeling Ash is like this.

I can confirm that she exactly like this. Also imagine her trashed makeup scattered all over the place, balls and clumps of wig hair, and pieces of food. I've been there. I've seen it first hand. And if you think she shuts up at night when people are trying to sleep, think again.

No. 383672

Didn't someone look on her Steam or whatever and took a screenshot that she'd literally only played for 5 minutes?

No. 383697

So she's definitely the sort that thinks because she reserved the room she has a right to every space in it even if you paid to be there. Wonderful.

No. 383717

Have any other stories about being within her space?

No. 383730

Well, she needs to take hair tips from us, shave her gross head and start over.

No. 383742

I'm not surprised at her. Can't believe this bitch is over 21 and still acts like she's 14.

No. 383986


Farmer from >>383670 again. Yes, it's really worse than I can possibly describe. The smell of her luggage is awful like mildew, pee, and sweat. She never bathed once the whole weekend, which was the worst of all. I'm not sure she even used deodorant. As soon as she gets in the room, she drags all of her cosplays out of her luggage and throws them all over the beds, floor, and every available surface, leaving no room for anyone else's things and stinking up the bedding. Her trashed and crumbling makeup is always strewn everywhere, and I'm pretty suspicious that she steals other peoples' makeup if she thinks they won't notice. I had a few things mysteriously go "missing" after my misfortune of staying with her. I want to say that I would try and room with her again for evidence, but I don't ever want to go through that weekend in hell again. She also snores like a tractor, so even when she finally does go to sleep, you're still getting no peace. She's loud as shit and wants to keep everyone else awake while she's awake. If you have food, she'll beg you for it until you give her some like a damn dog. If you have the misfortune of being in her vicinity when she wants to eat out somewhere, she will stiff you with the fucking bill. I'm actually not the only person this has happened to, and can confirm at least two others. She'll say she left her money somewhere, or her most common excuse for everything, that her card isn't working and she says she'll pay you back. HA! Never happens. She will do this for room charges, too. So anyone who's thinking of rooming with her for lulz and evidence, be warned and lock your shit.

No. 383992

I will never in my life understand girls with bad hygiene. Like, how do you live? If I go without a shower for 2 days, I feel grimy as hell. I always shower at cons too (every night) because it gets musty in the room if you don't, not to mention your costumes get dank. Her entire house must smell awful. Did her parents teach her nothing?

I cannot imagine rooming with someone like that. Thanks for the info, anon.

No. 384001

>Did her parents teach her nothing?
I think they tried desperately, but she's just so damn pigheaded and stuck in her eternal child mindset that she just refused to learn anything. She pulls with them the shame shit she pulls with everyone else: at the slightest critique or instruction, she chimps the fuck out, screaming and crying and kicking, and refuses any advice or suggestion whatsoever. Have you seen how she treats her parents? It's a nightmare, and I feel bad for them. They're tacky and far from great, but being family with Ashley would drive anyone to insanity.

The worst con experiences of my life all have Ashley at the center. She's ruined so much stuff for me and I would love to say more, but I'm trying to remain out of her radar for a while longer.

No. 384043

File: 1494739489316.jpg (1.09 MB, 1434x2201, Screenshot_20170514-012345.jpg)

No. 384046

File: 1494740758575.jpg (21.61 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

That……… hairline…………………..

No. 384050

File: 1494741991857.jpg (88.88 KB, 640x960, likemotherlikedaughter.jpg)

No. 384060


No. 384072

At least her mom here is being silly on purpose. Ashley is serious as a heart attack about her horrible stylings.

No. 384078

Her confidence makes zero sense to me.

No. 384084

File: 1494753497468.jpg (58.48 KB, 640x440, 130725-beth-dog-bounty-hunter1…)


sarah is lookin like dog the bounty hunter and his wife had an ugly dark-haired child

No. 384101

What IS IT with cows and lack of hygiene? Ash, Charms, Luna Slater, Shaygnar, everyone says Vicky Shingles stinks, and even our queen Pixyteri has said she doesn't like to shower or brush her teeth. It's like the chicken and the egg: Does being a cow make you a stinky slob, or vice versa?

No. 384103

My worst fears confirmed. I just can't believe she has the audacity to try and stick someone with her food bill. Fuck that bitch.

No. 384123

I was scrolling and saw this, I thought this was a fat man in a wig.

No. 384130

Labyrinth nerd back again… This makes me SO mad. Sarah's hair isn't a tangled mess, it is curled and fluffed all 80s style.

This is a fucking rat's nest.

No. 384143

File: 1494786752108.png (439.54 KB, 540x850, Screenshot_2017-05-14-10-10-27…)

Is he the worst most abusive dad ever who's making you want to kill yourself or the coolest chills dad ever? Make up your damn mind.

No. 384145

File: 1494786888110.png (477.78 KB, 927x601, Capture.PNG)

Who fucking impulse buys contacts from a beauty supply shop? Enjoy going blind Ashley.

No. 384146

File: 1494787005970.png (709.09 KB, 922x526, Capture1.PNG)

>on some really good placebos
>really good placebos

No. 384163

File: 1494788925109.png (389.67 KB, 626x309, bad wig.PNG)


all things considered the wig is better than it was out of the package. it's no sarah, but she went from tommy wiseau to trailer park mom which is a slight improvement.

No. 384168

She is confirmed for retarded…

>buying cheap contacts at a random shop

>heey guyz, i'm high off these placebos! haha boobs!1


No. 384176

Eh, I'd believe it. It would explain why she looks so Cushing's-y. Dark facial hair and excess body fat.

No. 384182

she looks like fucking divine playing dawn davenport in female trouble

No. 384188


She looks like she has Hook's wig from Peter Pan.

No. 384196

File: 1494795657404.png (615.38 KB, 745x576, Capture.PNG)

Color me fucking surprised.

No. 384219

Olive Garden? big fucking spender.

Also, is she wearing only lipstick with…no foundation and no other makeup? Who does that??

No. 384220

>Mother's day

Why doesn't she take a photo with her mom then?

No. 384235

She acts so smug about it too. "Yeah look at me, taking my mom out to a restaurant that isn't Cracker Barrel for once and I'M paying for it. I'm great aren't I?" Bitch your parents buy all your meals and you throw a fit when they want to go eat without you.

No. 384236

Smee and Hook had a mpreg baby. Hook's hair and Smee's face.

No. 384264

actual question: is it really strange to wear only lipstick without any other makeup?

I only wear lipstick because I don't like applying makeup so I often don't wear anything other than the stuff on my lips.

No. 384276

Sage for OT but it is strange if it's like matte or cream, but lip gloss or tint, it's fine. I dunno… it makes no sense to me personally. At least the cow can apply some bb cream or something.

No. 384278

She has no idea what BB cream is. If it's not a cakey foundation she doesn't use it.

No. 384317

She's playing a shitty Japanese mmo called "onigiri" on the Xbox. It already advertises the game to have big titty bitches in it. No clue why is she acting all surprised.

No. 384330

File: 1494824082290.jpg (361.97 KB, 978x1205, Screenshot_20170515-005226.jpg)

This is Kagome's skirt? Wtf?

No. 384332

File: 1494824299609.jpg (561.51 KB, 977x1208, Screenshot_20170515-005311.jpg)


To the Inuyasha cosplayers who are going to Momocon, watch out for this cow. This Kagome cosplayer is gonna make herself known that she's the best, just like Aoba. It's ironic considering she never said she was bringing Kagome.

No. 384339

If you have good skin and are otherwise normal in appearance, it's not strange at all. The problem with Ash wearing bright red lipstick without also using some sort of foundation or BB cream and some light eyeliner and mascara is that she looks like a mental patient with that haircut, her eyebrows and her general mode of dress. If you're well-groomed and take care of yourself you can pull off almost any look. That red lipstick on Ash just makes her look even more demented.

No. 384348

I laughed at this shit.
She does look batshit insane with the bright red lipstick and that terrible haircut. Olive Garden is pretty nice to take your mother out for Mother's Day. No one has to be super fancy, I'm just hoping she actually did pay for the dinner, and also kind of hope she took photos of her mom and gave her other gifts. for all we know, the dinner is just to feed herself, and bringing mom along is just to say "hey I took mom out", her taking a photo of just herself at the Olive Garden (instead of one with mom or of mom) speaks volumes. She's self centered as fuck and want asspats.

No. 384351

I do. I never thought there was anything wrong with it. And there is no way I'm waking up early to do a full face of makeup for work.

No. 384353

I know she's bad at pleating, but damn. Soft floaty fabric never works for school skirts - plain cotton holds pleats, looks good in cosplays, comes in every color under the sun and is dirt cheap. What the hell is this. Lern2fabric, Ash.

No. 384434

I hate how she smiles. It's always so smug looking.

No. 384437

Samefag as above, but is there a reason why she's cosplaying Kagome. Supposedly there's a group Inu Yasha cosplay, but is it with people she knows, as a vendetta, or is just completely inserting herself into a random person's cosplay group?

No. 384443

i have no idea but i wouldn't put it past ash for it to be all of the above

No. 384485

Because her new cosplay senpai is cosplaying Inuyasha.

No. 384524

File: 1494885924868.png (103.52 KB, 750x746, IMG_5104.PNG)

Aside from her crush, it's also because it's apparently popular again, and we all know Ash loves a good bandwagon to get attention.

No. 384525

File: 1494886047534.jpg (18.08 KB, 400x270, 15621783_1273767806027632_2511…)

>my hips will not be lying
god save momocon

No. 384546


Who's her cosplay sempai again? She follows so many of my friends who cosplay Inuyasha. I feel sorry for the ones going to Momocon.

No. 384547


She's bringing 9 cosplays to Momocon! 9 FUCKING COSPLAYS! WTH?!

No. 384556

>"I narrowed it down guys!"
>"I won't change it again I swear!"
kek bet you she'll change it at least once more before the weekend.
Rolls and huge, bloated, sagging gut are not curves, Ashley. Not even a single part of your body is incapable of lying, and your waist doesn't exist, even with a corset.

No. 384558

File: 1494892937995.png (16.47 KB, 1070x209, ashley.png)

I wish I could see an image of the body she THINKS she has in that delusional fucking brain of hers. I just can't even fathom it. Sad thing is, if she just set herself to it with all that free time she has, she has the potential to look good even if she was like, 165lbs. Instead she'd rather be like 250lbs or what the fuck ever and look like a bloated dog carcass on the side of the highway because the dragons say she's already ~perfect~.

No. 384563

File: 1494893741180.jpg (105.28 KB, 400x359, IMG_5107.JPG)

Just imagine all those rolls in this flute dress, farmers…(couldn't find a better image of the dress, forgive me)

No. 384564

Gonna vomit.

No. 384584

File: 1494898753749.jpg (95.62 KB, 720x960, IMG_5108.JPG)

Why imagine when we have this to show us what to expect

No. 384587

Same person she got the gorilla tape suggestion from, Sparrow Moose.

No. 384618

Christ, I don't know what's worse, looking like Ash's hot mess and being next to somebody who looks like they put effort into their style and dress or being the other girl and having someone like Ash shit up your picture.

No. 384638

File: 1494913718297.jpg (473.74 KB, 1042x1595, Screenshot_20170516-014707.jpg)

Anyone gonna give her some helpful advice during her ask event.

No. 384640

She actually doesn't look all that awful here for once.

No. 384645

Kill me.

No. 384660

How is she going to fit all those poofy things in her suitcase for the plane?

No. 384678

oh no
I'm wearing an InuYasha costume.

No. 384682

You know what to do. Take pics with her for us.

No. 384692


You're joking right? Her hair still looks like shit. It looks like it hasn't been washed in days.

No. 384694


It looks like she pulled her mullet forward over hear head so she appears to have somewhat normal hair. Kind of like a combover. Which kind of begs the question of why, if she is going to do that, she just doesn't let it grow and then she doesn't have to do dumb shit like combing her mullet forward so it looks like she has normal hair.

No. 384728

Does she actually go by Axel now?

No. 384787


Oh yeah. She's been going by that name for awhile. But I still call her Ashley cause she only uses that name cause she thinks she's male and decides to use a male name for her transtrending act.

No. 384790


This video was hilarious cause near the end she was getting all infoy about her stupid Ask Axel questions til the video ended on the middle of her sentence.

No. 384885

File: 1494976836316.jpg (214.07 KB, 1440x665, Screenshot_20170516-191704.jpg)

No. 384888

File: 1494977107375.gif (532.29 KB, 320x240, 165.gif)

No. 384906

Just got through reading all of Ashley's threads and… wow. Now I actually feel motivated to take up cosplay, just to see if I, with <1 year of sewing experience, could make something better than what someone who supposedly has been cosplaying for 8 years manages to shit out…

No. 384909

placing my bets on her making a status begging someone to be widowmaker's husband sometime within the next two months
>in depth
ok but how are you even gonna do half the shit from overwatch or even find settings to suit them like. this requires professional level shit and we all know that's way out of your league

No. 384915

Most of the Overwatch cosplayers she knows/was friends with got sick of her bullshit and can't stand her, also if what I've heard from some of them is anything to go by, her name is already a joke in the GA, NC, and VA Overwatch communities because they've warned people about her.

No. 385048


OT but i also wear lipstick without a full face of makeup. i don't have shit skin or a smug puncheable face like Ashley though. and i know to put some fucking mascara on to balance out my clown mouth. ergh.

sage for gb2 makeup thread.(blog)

No. 385371

What the hell does she even mean by this??

No. 385375

Some stupid ass project that she'll destroy money and resources for before remotely getting it started.

No. 385686

File: 1495161138010.png (192.26 KB, 504x815, 126d279084b6de86c16b76a3cd0e05…)

>Their room is a disaster, help them clean up.
>Do their laundry for them.

Literally two things Ashley SCREAMS about when someone (her mom mostly) tries to do to help.

Ashley, you just want someone to fucking take care of you and do everything for you, feed you, clean up after you, etc. Shut the fuck up you lazy, piece of shit pig.

No. 385688

File: 1495161277691.png (12.93 KB, 504x111, iwouldratherbarf1.png)

No. 385689

File: 1495161292209.png (339.54 KB, 509x820, iwouldratherbarf2.png)

No. 385690

File: 1495161313804.png (445.2 KB, 565x903, iwouldratherbarf3.png)

No. 385691

File: 1495161401057.png (18.65 KB, 507x211, praisebe.png)

Good news for Labyrinth lovers! I bet she put the dress on and ripped the seams or fucked that wig up so bad she can't wear it lol.

No. 385693

File: 1495161486213.png (30.47 KB, 509x433, yourdrawingsdesroyedit.png)


No. 385695

File: 1495161549868.png (362.06 KB, 511x647, greasemachine.png)

Some things never ever change. And just look at all that grease. I bet she hasn't washed her hair once since before this picture.

No. 385709

This really pisses me off. I have depression too, but I would never expect anyone to do any of that shit for me. Nobody owes you that, and t is your responsibility to take basic care of yourself, even on your bad days. Being depressed does not entitle you to be a lazy sack of shit leeching off of others like a goddamn motherfucking parasite. Like the millions of other people in the world dealing with depression, you get help. Actual psychological help and medication, not your parents doing shit for you that you should be perfectly capable of doing yourself if you're an adult.

No. 385725

i'm pleasantly surprised that she realizes her work is worth at max 1$

i'm still forever baffled how she thinks any of those are good enough to use as representative examples of her work. i don't understand how she thinks any of those are good in the first place. her eyes and her asshole must be reversed

No. 385745

Nice mustache.

No. 385780

Lmao I'm going to commission her

No. 385806

What does she play on? I wanna see if I run into her lol

No. 385808

Holy fuck with prices like that I wanna commission a whole boat load of stupid shit, just to have for posterity.

No. 385859

please make her draw lolcow-chan (without telling her it's lolcow-chan)

No. 385910

I hope that people who think real artists prices are too high commission her, realize that if you pay shit prices you get shit, and start appreciating professionals. Shitty artists who charge just some dollars should burn in hell. /edge

No. 385919

No. 385920

Sage for blog, but I can kind of see what the post is trying to say in the sense of maybe if you're dating/married to someone with depression. My partner and I both work full time, but on days I'm completely drained he'll take care of a few household chores I usually do.
But in Ash's case, you're on point. Her parents already do everything for her, the only space she's required to care for is her bedroom and we've all seen what a nightmare that is. That's not depression, that's years of being too lazy and disgusting to take care of your shithole.

No. 385943

File: 1495220067323.jpg (975.81 KB, 1400x1972, Screenshot_20170519-145233.jpg)

No. 385947

this af
reading this list i was super disgusted because if anyone tried to do that for me i'd bitch them out for invading my space lmao? it's so coddling to me like no i know my space is gross but don't fucking touch it? that's My Space and i'll deal with it myself god damn
sage for somewhat ot but ash blatantly just wants this bc she's a lazy pos who doesn't want to change as a depressed person you have to accept your space is shitty and either live in it and keep it to your damn self or change it it's no one else's business or burden

No. 385977

Exactly this. Even if I was at a very fucking low point I would be extremely embarrassed to even entertain the thought of someone else doing my shit for me and treating me like a fucking toddler. Like where is her sense of personal responsibility? I can't comprehend how being 22 fucking years old and not being able to drive, cook, clean, do laundry, or go to school on a consistent basis or work a full time job doesn't make Ashley feel the slightest bit ashamed of herself. Like ffs I'm more independent at age 19 than she currently is at age 22.
Sage for angry rant

No. 385980

Why tf does the mat in front of her toilet look so dirty though?

No. 385997

Bad aim?

No. 386012

Because literally everything of hers is filthy, disgusting, and unwashed.

No. 386028

File: 1495236188503.png (753.58 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0260.PNG)

Those dark circles under her eyes though. Maybe you should try and work on getting adequate sleep before drinking tons of coffee if you're all concerned about "muh mental haylth"

No. 386086


Awww the poor little 22 year old got treated to a cheap mocha Starbucks drink. Can you guys tell I'm excited to see more of her Momocon selfies with those circles??

No. 386097

File: 1495251700466.png (1.06 MB, 640x1136, IMG_0261.PNG)