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File: 1507752457585.png (998.96 KB, 741x1105, 1507096659689.png)

No. 448466

Previous thread: >>443756

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mariahmallad
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram / Snapchat: mariahmallad
Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad
Reciepts (neither are current):

IG Stories Archive:

Google Drive:

The basics:
>”body positive”, but photoshops her body and wears shapewear/corsets constantly, resorted to getting liposuction to keep some semblance of figure (and failing miserably)
>Proven through twitteraudit that she has bought at least 20k followers.
>laughably bad at making cosplays – if she's told they're bad, she falls back on her Mei costume and makes excuses for why she couldn't wear the new cosplay
>spends very little time and effort on each costume and then claims her money is "hard-earned"
>does monthly "boudoir"/half-naked shoots to hide how shitty her costumes are
>thinks she's hot shit; delusional about her level of fame
>has to beg for money, con passes, etc. despite making over $10k per month on Patreon
>known to spend chunks of her Patreon income on fancy vacations, alcohol, drugs and treating her friends while simultaneously half-assing all her cosplays
>pretends to have played/know about the series she cosplays from, despite evidence proving otherwise
>loiters around at booths during cons, pretending to have been invited as a guest
>admitted to ghosting cons and tried to justify it as something “everyone” does
>lewded a dragon loli after people told her not to and massively backpedaled after she couldn't just laugh off the backlash
>had a major fallout with her boytoy KBBQ bc he didn’t want to fuck her, according to numerous rumors she threatened KBBQ with something that made him quit all social media in a second, then commissioned a piece from him
>constantly goes on pity party rants or videos, trying to make people feel bad for her about things that’s happening to her when she’s done the same
>goes off on social media tirades and then immediately back pedals

Highlights from the Last Thread:
>Got made fun in a video by a profilic youtuber, got mad about it and started making passive aggressive tweets about her followers not attacking the poster enough
>Threw KBBQ under the bus yet again, going on a public rant about how KBBQ allegedly talked shit about her, refusing to show her decisive proof…
>…WHILE still commissioning shit from him.
>Is currently licking the butthole of h3h3productions for some reason
>Almost made a classy sexy halloween set but had to trash it up with her trademark gaping mouth and groping tits motion
>Is basically ripping Mama Nigri off with her "Lewdsgiving" vs. Nigri's Hallewdween
>Still hasn't continued her "charity stream"

No. 448493

File: 1507756611960.png (323.65 KB, 1011x610, Screenshot 2017-10-11 at 2.16.…)

No. 448496

File: 1507756755010.png (22.17 KB, 427x163, Screenshot 2017-10-11 at 2.18.…)

Another person posted on her FB if she made anything and she proceeds to post the costumes she "made" including her BeeKeeper Mei items made by KBBQ and Keintastic.

No. 448498

Always has to mention going to that mythical gym.

No. 448503


>cycle money back into the community

lol most of her money gets cycled into the drug and alcohol market.

The problem is not that you pay people for commissions Moo. The problem is you walk around trying to hold yourself to a higher standard as a cosplayer, claim to be on the same level as Jnig and others you suck off, and have all of this free time you aren't using to send out rewards…. yet you barely make any of your cosplays. It's bad to the point you give yourself credit for "altering" a shirt.

No. 448504

File: 1507757344532.png (233.18 KB, 471x1031, lowtiergodnotoffendedright.png)

No. 448505

File: 1507757520620.png (87.21 KB, 489x600, Screenshot 2017-10-11 at 2.31.…)

No. 448512

File: 1507758129229.png (855.9 KB, 890x645, Screenshot 2017-10-11 at 2.41.…)

No. 448516

She commissions because she's LAZY not because she wants to put money back into the community. She couldn't care any less about other cosplayers or their crafts.

No. 448519

>back into the community
that's not how cosplay works. it's not a fucking church. she needs to just admit she sucks and is just doing this for $$. she's not a real cosplayer, and not cause she doesn't make stuff, because she's a lazy whore.

No. 448526

the goats know

No. 448530

File: 1507759307130.png (32.42 KB, 514x127, Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 5.58…)

she just deleted this tweet for some reason??

No. 448536

>>448530 what news could she POSSIBLY have that's worth this kind of reaction? She has literally no skills besides taking her clothes off for money. Anyone who sees her as a legit cosplayer must be blind.

No. 448538


Maybe Moo and Castlecosplay started dating. Jk That would be a major downgrade for him.

No. 448552

>I always thought she was a gay

Wow, bi erasure much, Moo? She's just playing up the lesbo card to get views. She doesn't give a shit about actual lgbtq people or even just fictional characters.

No. 448561

My guess is she somehow got invited as a guest somewhere or is doing a collab and the other party told her to remove the tweet because it hasn't been announced/made official yet. That'd be just like her to fuck something like that up.

No. 448589

Wow, Mariah, is this another Vice interview where you were asked literally one question?

No. 448593

Oh my god, she's got to be morbidly obese.

No. 448597

File: 1507762562062.png (406.21 KB, 520x607, Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 5.59…)

i respect the belly but her wig and skin looks like a fucking greasy mess.

No. 448600

What the fuck is this Very Hungry Caterpillar lookin stomach

No. 448603

So basically if I’ve read it right, since she got lipo in her stomach and immediately eating shit once again then any fat she gains go elsewhere? Which is causing her to look disproportionate right?

No. 448604

its just weird looking like they look hard. hard rolls

No. 448605

so… has she already given up trying to convince people she works out, and isnt obese because this photo ….

No. 448606

>gets lipo
>continues shit diet
>fat goes to thighs and arms for a bit
>fat goes back to belly making it a messy nightmare

No. 448608

i'm still confused as to how her bra looks both too big and too small at the same time. she probably has cutlets under there huh.

No. 448614

she will try boning? oh dear god

No. 448621

god this retard, natsuhi has a high-waist skirt not a seperate corset.

No. 448622

it's takano, not natsuhi

No. 448627

File: 1507765351619.jpg (18.16 KB, 480x360, hqdefault[1].jpg)

no it's not some idiot in the last thread said that, it's definitely natsuhi it even says in the screencaps moo posted.

No. 448628

You're fucking stupid

No. 448632

but what says in her screencap is takano you fucking iliterate shit

No. 448642

Technically that's still supporting her community!

No. 448651

This reminds of that whole saying of animals are a good judge of character, when they sense someone’s a good person they don’t mind people getting close to them that much
So the goats do know

No. 448660

File: 1507769886596.png (49.14 KB, 750x501, IMG_2808.PNG)

she liked this tweet (in response to her deleted omg!!!!!!!! tweet.) any guesses what she's iMpOrTaNt gUeSt for?

No. 448665

File: 1507770491178.jpg (16.04 KB, 711x400, Takano-miyo-takano-32011979-71…)


It's Takano you cuck

She's going to reuse that Shizuka wig calling it now

No. 448667

definitely. no ones tits naturally push together like that without having gross quad boob

No. 448686

She needs a larger band size and a smaller cup size. She thinks she has a slimmer torso and a larger bust size than she actually does. Little does she know, if she actually got a properly fitted bra she would look way better. Because at this time the ill-fitted bra just makes her look bigger than she is.

That's not to say she'll look 30 lb lighter or anything, but maybe 5% better.

No. 448713

The goats are more interested in the other girl than moo. Not surprised considering her awful treatment of animals in the past.

No. 448721

I would be so embarrassed by this photo if I was Moo. Not even one goat likes her lol

No. 448742

she paid 20$ to do this for charity with donny osmond. caesars ran this event, im sure she found out about it thru her dad kek

sage for uninteresting

No. 448744


No. 448746

File: 1507780513549.png (12.59 KB, 512x448, chun-li-family-man-e.png)

>does this look obese to you

No. 448759

>Why are moo's eyebrows the same for every character??? Has she ever successfully coloured in her eyebrows to suit the wig

No. 448762

File: 1507783892935.png (1.01 MB, 720x1189, 1506907748457.png)

I could be wrong but I think judging by the image and how she deleted this quickly it seems like there's more going on between her and her new fuckboi charlie since this was taken the night when they went to Vegas together.

No. 448765

No. 448766

>respect the belly

Fucking why though? It's disgusting. She looks like someone tried to stuff bleu cheese into a too-small tube.

No. 448767

iirc someone tweeted at her about "getting some" based on that and she replied that No, no one goes in her bed besides her cats, or something like that

No. 448774

*and half of Vegas.

No. 448776

nayrt but I too can respect the fact that she didn't blur it to hell to make it look thin and as if it lacks rolls. This natural belly stuff is what she SHOULD be doing if she wants to be an inspirational body positive cosplayer. Like, show off what this stuff really looks like and admit that "thicc" chicks look like this without corsets or spanx.

No. 448779

Oooh, now I understand. Not photoshopping the hell out of your body imperfections is respectable. I thought anon meant it was a good looking belly.

No. 448780

christ these threads are the only things that grow faster than her post-lipo weight gain and her increasingly shitty behavior

No. 448781

i refuse to believe she meant to post an un-edited flab roll

No. 448785

Still hiding those hammy arms though, mmh?

No. 448787

wouldn’t be the first time she lied

No. 448794

File: 1507792995987.jpg (250.35 KB, 1439x2264, tmp_25055-Screenshot_20171012-…)

Hey, remember her clothing brand? Me neither

No. 448796

true true

It is really odd that she was bragging about "flying him out" again for "more lewd photoshoots"…. I mean….. really inappropriate …. you could throw a rock and probably hit another male cosplayer willing to do this shit who doesn't already have a girlfriend…

No. 448805

File: 1507795355112.png (472.64 KB, 720x802, Screenshot_2017-10-12-00-59-36…)

No. 448806

File: 1507795406207.jpg (117.87 KB, 768x1024, IMG_20171012_005922.jpg)

Lightened for u

No. 448807



/seamstress fag

No. 448811

File: 1507795696803.png (1.12 MB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2017-10-12-01-04-25…)

She flipped it inside out instead of bias tape around the edges..or folding over the edges

No. 448812

…….is she drunk

No. 448813

It's gonna be awkwardly puffy

No. 448821


I know sewing and all can be difficult but. . How could you put that on the internet and not blink and eye?

No. 448827

I have a feeling she got overwhelmed with how long she was taking constructing it and wanted it done fast. Antares was with her last night but she was obviously distressed.

No. 448828

That is a legitimate way to construct a bodice… although you usually try to hide the boning channels in the lining and interlining rather than having crooked ass lines on the outside of the garment. It also requires you to iron it and it doesn't look like she clipped her corners or curves either.
Honestly I'd rather she just commissions instead of pretending to sew.

No. 448840

>Honestly I'd rather she just commissions instead of pretending to sew.

with momo u get both of those at the same time

No. 448884

File: 1507810846429.png (176.37 KB, 441x677, 1.png)

She goes to the gym 4 times a week and eats healthy my man, and believes she loves her body my dude.

No. 448885

File: 1507810879524.png (184.24 KB, 484x695, 2.png)

Posted this gem yesterday too.

No. 448886

is that shade at Nigri?
>people get boob jobs and promote body positivity

No. 448888

>I go to the gym 34 times a week

No. 448894

you can always tell when she’s triggered because she overuses “lol” and “dude” so much she sounds like a parody of herself.

No. 448895

File: 1507814253849.png (39.87 KB, 714x169, Capture _2017-10-12-09-06-28.p…)

I was on a video about some other cosplayer and stumbled upon this gem.

Also "I never eat out" how many insta stories are there of her eating out? Please. Lie better. And if she does eat a lot then its a lot of snack foods, because I can't imagine her taking the time to cook every meal to get that fat.

No. 448901

She has 3 videos of herself while driving and being distracted on twitter. I have tried to find how to report people who do this, she's a nightmare on the road and she's eventually going to get someone hurt. I'm amazed she hasn't been called out on it either.

No. 448902


If you’re going to lie Moomoo, at least be smart enough to not post proof all over Instagram. We can literally see you stuffing your fat face with food and alcohol. And maybe provide some proof of you actually going to the gym.

No. 448915

>body mod to give you bigger chest that people who know you will know was a boob job
>"body mod" to make it look like you got skinny that people probably won't notice
>the same


No. 448919

No moo, you cannot promote body positivity as a plus sized cosplayer by admitting you hate being plus sized (i know she's obese) and getting rid of your fat in areas men don't like. Body positivity is about loving -your- body, without feeling the need to drastically change it. It's not about being fat and hating skinny girls, or getting buttmad no one likes you, it's about just ignoring it and living for you. Hell, I don't get how moo can even promote body positivity in the first place, when all she does is cater to the gaze of men.

No. 448921

>photographers edit photos the way they want to

That's interesting since there are caps of her telling that one photog exactly what she wanted edited. Hmmmm…

No. 448925


Seriously, it’s becoming such a chore to keep up with all her lies. Literally everything that comes out of her mouth is either a lie or contradicts what she has said previously. Trying to promote body positivity yet getting lipo. Blaming photographers for editing photos at their discretion yet there being proof of her telling her photographer what parts she wants edited. She is just as a fake as they come.

No. 448929


She only posts pictures of her inside the gym bathroom and every now and then just sitting on a bench at the gym. With the amount of useless videos she posts you would think she would have at least one video in her story that has her lifting something… besides her shirt to show off her flabby abs.


She is going to keep on calling herself plus sized because that is all she can ever be. She clearly cannot be known for her craftsmanship. She isn't the first to do lewds. She is shit at promoting any other community. She probably knows her fans are a bunch of chubby chasers. It's so funny because when she gets caught for lying most of her "fans" are like "idgaf where's my nudes."

No. 448934

Just like to add that it’s also prohibited to take pictures inside eos fitness and Lvac changing rooms which chicks like moo ignore because they need their selfies. Women are nude or two in underwear changing in there 90% of the time

No. 448955

>>448759 you can find super old pics of her Sakura with colored brows in the cloud drive, I shared the image in a past thread because it was also something I was curious about. It was hauntingly bad yet she still had the balls to publicly call KBBQ blonde brows shit (caps in previous threads)

No. 448957


>gives cosplay advice to the guy who makes all of his shit AND her shit.

No. 448963

God I hate those stupid nails. They look like almonds glued onto her fingers from this angle.

No. 448964

did she sew over the boning oh…

No. 448984

I think she means fast food or places that have a drive-thru. Ive been like that for 3 years now. Only eat at sit-ins and even then I watch what I eat. That may be what shes doing.

No. 449004

This could have been avoided if she just googled "how to sew in boning", but alas.

No. 449008

Her consistent recording of herself singing and dancing while she’s driving actually REALLY grinds my gears. I looked into it as well and couldn’t find a good solution to report her, but I sincerely hope she gets pulled over for this shit sometime soon before she ends up killing someone.

No. 449023

this is honestly baffling me. how is she messing this up? i was able to do this shit right first try, no research, 4 years into cosplaying. she gets paid for this and can't even put a piece of boning in correctly? i don't understand how someone can be this dumb.

No. 449029

File: 1507838035376.png (389.54 KB, 609x666, life.png)

Does she even know what half of the Muslim words she uses means?

No. 449030

This is actually really funny and fits in a sarcastic way.

No. 449049

>did you guys forget I'm totally arab

No. 449053

she's being way too hasty. when i first started sewing i made the same mistake too by stitching too fast. honestly should be sewing at a snails pace since she probably doesnt have much skill or experience. surprised her friend teaching her to sew doesnt tell her this. or maybe she has and she's just ignoring it

No. 449054

She just creeps these threads and probably continues to do it because she knows it bothers us. Which is sad that she would continue something so dangerous to be unsuccessfully petty

No. 449058

>>449054 I highly doubt she's doing it to fuck with this thread, that's giving her way too much credit. She's probably done this her whole life. That being said, there are ways to report license plates obviously, but none of us would have that information. Her being such a hazard on the road is gross, I couldn't imagine seeing a news headline where this bitch caused a major accident or killed someone because she was too busy fucking with instagram stories or filming herself. If anything needs to be said about her behavior it's this.

No. 449062


She's been doing it before she's been called out about it. I think people started calling her out after the Justin rant. She strikes me as the type to text and drive and tweet and drive. I will be surprised if she has never been pulled over.

No. 449064


Even if she did get pulled over she’d make up some bullshit story about being pulled over for being Muslim and got called “terrorist” and “sand nigger” and that the officer sexually assaulted her, since she is in the business of lying to make herself look like the victim for sympathy.

No. 449070

Reminds me how a while back she was bragging about running 5 miles a day or something, wonder how that worked out
Maybe she's running on her arms since they've gotten to be the size of thighs

No. 449074

File: 1507846524543.png (1.13 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171012-151253.png)

No. 449075

What the fuck even is that facial expression

No. 449076

how can you possibly make a wig look like it has dandruff

No. 449077


She always hyperbolizes everything to give the illusion she works out and is healthy. Claiming to run 5mi, claiming to hike every morning after breakfast. Claims to go to the gym 3 times a week. Claims her “person trainer” said she was “absolutely crushing” her workouts. Says she only eats healthy.

And yet she still has the body of a potato and the damaged skin of a chain smoker of 20 years. If any of that shit was even remotely true then she wouldn’t look like a complete fucking mess.

No. 449081

File: 1507847138171.png (302.02 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171012-152405.png)

No. 449082

>MY friend, MINE!

also fuck she's quoting the worst made-for-tv halloween movie ever wtf.

No. 449083

The link is currently broken. Ill update with a new one.

No. 449084

yo fuck you hocus pocus is amazing.

No. 449095

The loose threads, illfittkng bra, ratty wig, weird bruise spot on her crotch…reeeeeeeee

No. 449096

no it's not. You just add the 'b' in dropbox.

No. 449100

No. 449104

File: 1507849909919.jpeg (1.6 MB, 1233x1823, C9F584A0-3B51-4821-A029-BA4AEB…)

What a high quality, well done set….
They all look like they were shot with an iPhone 5 and edited in vscocam. Professional.

No. 449105

The most irritating thing is her ill-fitting clothes. The stockings.. that bra..
Does she actually think a smaller bra will make her boobs look bigger? They'd look so better if she had a correct fitting pushup.
Is she just in denial of her size or is she reusing old shit that doesn't fit anymore?

No. 449110

Question. In these recent pics why is momos neck so skinny with no fat? Her neck reminds me of my grandma. Is it because she smokes cigs?

No. 449112

Long hair covering the sides.

Also, with the weight loss thing, if she is doing everything the right way she is losing about 4-6lbs a month. That's why she is still really fat you guys. If you take into account her starting in August like she said she did, that only maybe 13lbs total which explains why her arms are a little smaller and possibly her neck.

No. 449113

She doesn't know shit about set design and the photog also doesn't know shit because the lighting is trash. Sure go for a spooky, themed feel, but also learn how to put on some soft or filtered lighting so people can see the shit you "worked hard" on.

No. 449114

Its funny how she said her friend is branching out and how proud of her she was. Like.. What??

No. 449118

don't forget the lovely background with visible blinds.

No. 449124

Her set design is appropriate for a toddler. It's so irritating that this is the content she gives patrons. Like sure let your friend with shit skill shoot you for fun but not as content for people who pay you. Photog was so lazy. A day of tutorials and research could solve not knowing how to work a lighting set up. Tired of these cosplayers thinking they can just pick up a camera and do what their photographers do. It's so much harder and requires so much more dedication than what they'll ever know.

No. 449126

File: 1507852048571.jpg (26.85 KB, 400x400, 42_mVgDm_400x400.jpg)

She's sucking it in. i'm not sure how to describe it but she's sucking in her neck.

If you look at her twitter icon you can see her neck doesnt have that indent like it does in the other pictures from the very same set

At her size she could easily be loosing that much a week. She's supposedly been 'working our 3-4 times a week, running 5 miles etc' for months now and she looks just as big if not bigger than her chun li set. She looks good in her witch set cause it's her first time wearing shapewear in a costume in a while.

No. 449130

Hey, Jenna Marbles has the basketball game joke and moomoo tries to copy it with the gym joke that never gets to.

No. 449135

File: 1507852462681.jpg (80.51 KB, 500x375, 621.jpg)

If you are labeling yourself as a 'professional' cosplayer, then you should be making shit yourself. No one should be giving a glorified hobby where people dress as chinese cartoon characters money anyway BUT, if you're going to make a craft into a hobby, you should be doing 90% of the work yourself, which she doesn't.

She can't sew. She can't style or make wigs. Doesn't do prop work. Why can she even do?

No. 449138

Why not just call it peachy bat? Why Koumori? Why do they have to weeb it up?

No. 449139

No one who looks like that is HEALTHY. People need to stop. If you are going to the gym 3-4 days a week and eating right, you would not be a walking human zoidberg, moo. It's not physically possible to be eating right and working and still be obese. Stop lying.

No. 449142

It's already confirmed she tapes her face to look thinner. There are similar ways to tape your neck and a long wig hides the evidence pretty well.

No. 449144


I dont like her either, but calm down a little. People who eat healthy, regardless of going to the gym 4 or 7 times a week, don't just magically lose weight.

No. 449147

Yu right but she has been claiming this bullshit for months now. She should have lost some weight, instead she gained and sucked it out. Now she has ripples on her stomach.

No. 449148


People who eat healthy and work out 3-4 times a week for 3 months do and should lose weight. She has been claiming that she has a trainer since about July. whether she lives a healthier life style or not, I don't care. But if you're going to try and make it look like you are but not really doing it, it just comes off as obnoxious. With the fact that she confirmed her lipo I wouldn't be surprised if she had another round done in July since she's trying so hard to push that she's been living healthier.

No. 449150

>glorified hobby where people dress as chinese cartoon characters

Chinese characters? Are you one of those people who sees any Asian and call them All Chinese?

sage for nitpicking

No. 449152

I couldn’t agree any more. Eating healthy meals, very portioned 5 to 6 times a day to keep your metabolism running, working out 3-4 times a week, with the amount of cardio she says she does, anyone could lose weight. She probably only have 2 or 3 giant meals filled with bad shit every day, plus her drugs and booze. Booze is the worst thing when you want to lose body fat. It is proven scientifically that can delay fat loss for 2 weeks because your body takes priority in fixing the hell it creates in it first.

No. 449155

tbh i would be fine if she didnt make ANYTHING she wore personally.

My issue before is she acted like she made everything and only when people started calling her out on stuff she provably didn't make and now she's over compensating to be like "Look my dudes i totally give credit all the time. I'm so loving and constantly giving back to the cosplay community my dudes'

No. 449159

File: 1507854253714.png (384.03 KB, 608x249, c9f38a2f771766190cfe951daa3cc8…)

This is what they're talking about. you cant tape the middle of your neck to look like that and note how in the middle picture she doesnt have that neck cave.

She's sucking it in/flexing it/however you want to refer to it

No. 449161

Because "Peachy Bat" sounds fucking retarded lol.
I do agree that weebing it up was unnecessary though especially since neither Vamp nor Moo give a shit about anime or even cosplay from it all that much.
Vampeachy could've been cute if they really insist on bashing their names together.

No. 449174


Not that anon it's a fucking joke newfriend.

No. 449177

File: 1507855045683.jpg (347.63 KB, 719x1080, IMG_20171012_153139_mr15078480…)

Posted in the last thread by mistake but I forgot how fun she is to edit

No. 449179

File: 1507855145667.png (93.72 KB, 804x524, Screenshot 2017-10-12 at 5.35.…)

How much are people paying for this? This is definitely not 20 dollars plus. It's too dark, the poses are awkward and there's no effort…

No. 449184

File: 1507855313085.png (212.74 KB, 393x589, Screenshot 2017-10-12 at 5.40.…)

this shoot has 0 warmth and everyone looks dead, even stellachu

No. 449193

for selfies, sure

No. 449195

how can every one of the delivery men across the country all be fucking up?

No. 449206

again, it kills me how she won't brush her wig. she was sooooo honored to be apart of this and taking it soo seriously but it's even clearer how much of an amatuer she really is when you put her next to two whatever……competent cosplayers she always looks the SHITTIEST

No. 449210


the old wicke bra is looking worn and faded


disagree. i enjoy cosplaying and i commission most of what i wear because i have no talent when it comes to sewing. i go to different people for parts of the cosplay and i credit them accordingly. i enjoy dressing up, not sewing. models don't wear their own clothes and designers don't model their designs. same goes for cosplay.

No. 449215

How you cosplay has nothing to do with how Moo is fucking up as a "professional." People don't expect her to make 100% of what she wears. They only expect: 1. better quality out of paid cosplay content, 2. improvement in skill/technique, 3. proper attribution when pieces are commissioned. None of which Moo has shown.

As if people who cosplay love sewing and crafting. Not everyone starts out good, but either they get better or they pay someone to do the work for them.

Also see discussion on cosplay vs. modeling but I have no horse in this race so shutting up.

No. 449218


agreed, was only responding to anon's comment that she should be expected to make 90% of what she wears

No. 449221

File: 1507858377159.jpg (16.81 MB, 8256x5504, _MHW2941_1.jpg)

What is this pose

No. 449226

insecure whale between 2 non whales

No. 449233

That's the "let me press my fat sacks together to make them look rounder" pose

No. 449236

it's like a half-assed 'we can do it' pose

No. 449243


>Stella's thoughts

I cannot believe I had to work out and learn good crafting to get to where I am and that whale thinks she is in the same category as me.

>Antares' thoughts

Going to keep taking that whale's money until I can milk her for everything she's got.

No. 449245

>20+ tier
She actually thinks these are worth $20?
This was the best she's looked in a long time but it's by far the shittiest photo/set quality I think I've seen pushed through her Patreon. You'd think if she was willing to fly out to Cali to take photos on just another hotel room bed that she would take her fall themed costumes and go to a super pretty forest with all of the leaves and such? She's probably worried about hiking and shit.
It's always something with her.

No. 449246

Her poses are still because she is pulling her arms as close to her body as possible to hide fat and squish her books "if I show my boobs they wont focus on my fat"

She is quickly getting to that point where shape wear can't hide how big she is getting. She isn't losing, it's so obvious she's gaining. We could never ruin her career. She is self destructing on her own. The only reason people follow her is sex appeal. Keep eating Momo

No. 449247

File: 1507860885161.jpg (37.2 KB, 480x480, IMG_0992.JPG)

Heh. You right.

No. 449252

"My name's Mariah I'm 177 pounds and a Muslim and I'm going to the gym tomORROOWWWW"

No. 449256

File: 1507862031999.png (895.92 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2017-10-12-19-29-15…)

Shooting Gabby's illfitting Dragon Crown cosplay

No. 449257

File: 1507862063561.png (975.79 KB, 720x1141, Screenshot_2017-10-12-19-30-52…)

No. 449258

File: 1507862362228.png (1.46 MB, 750x1334, IMG_8056.PNG)

No. 449259

You realize that is from sucking in your abdomen, right? That flexing makes your neck look wider than it actually is, not thinner. She is either taping in the back of her neck to stretch the fat/loose skin back(it would leave no hollow spot in her throat, like the photo in the center) or doing the basic "giraffe" of just extending your chin and straightening your back and neck. You'd be amazed what good posture can do for you.

No. 449261

Wait hold the phone did FUNimation really pay her to promote the DVDs?

Or is she just pretending to be some kind of sponsor in that Instagram post?

No. 449265

Wtf bruh why so much shade for Hocus Pocus?!??!!

No. 449270

File: 1507863398747.png (207.4 KB, 700x1244, IMG_2950.PNG)

No. 449272

That makes the feel team look like a bunch of liars.

No. 449274

File: 1507863779501.png (1.6 MB, 1366x768, momo_video.png)

Did anyone watch this video? She gets closer and closer to porn, I swear.

Hocus Pocus is amazing, how dare you

No. 449276

A HUGE bunch of liars……..wow. Is someone going to re-ask them about wtf is going on lol because weeks ago they literally claimed she wasn't affiliated with them…like wtf.

No. 449277

File: 1507864011968.jpg (Spoiler Image, 17.36 MB, 8256x5504, _MHW2928_1.jpg)

No. 449279

the evaded the question by stating she was not a 'sponsored athlete'.

No. 449280

well someone should ask why they even fuck with her at all because this is ridiculously hypocritical
also what the hell is this her underwear doesn't match and she looks like she had her soul stolen by the devil himself

No. 449281


jesus christ there's such a laughably huge difference in quality between momo and the other 2

No. 449284

aside from being actually attractive? hell yeah you're right
record scratch freeze frame Yup, that's me. You're probably wondering why the hell I look this crazy between these two normal looking women.

No. 449285

>>449274 that is the trashiest thing…good lord do these girls have any self respect? Her boobs look fucking disgusting doing that.

No. 449289


So they still choose to associate with her even though she lied about getting lipo and edits all her photos?

Fuck these people then. Fuck them and their bullshit about how “Our girls don’t edit their photos” bullshit. All they have proven is it’s about money. Moomoo is a big name they can leech from. That’s all that matters.

No. 449296

some funimation rep did shit for an anime, which is probably the reason its branded

No. 449299

Good god what the fuck does she do with wigs to make them look so greasy and ratty

No. 449302

This is embarassing to look at (for Momo, obv)

No. 449303

That bra is clinging onto dear life. That's horrific, its easily several sizes far too small in the band. I can't imagine how messed up her back must feel wearing that.

No. 449308


She's probably pushing her neck super forward to get rid of her double chin and give the illusion she has a neck.

You can notice it in her other photos also. Common trick for fat faced peeps.

No. 449309

Really not surprised to see Antares cozying up to moo. She's definitely the kind of person who uses people to get what they want. Not sure why Stella got involved in this though.

If that was me I'd be like no thanks that girls hideous.

No. 449312

File: 1507867210869.jpg (498.98 KB, 2896x2896, 20171012_225836.jpg)

She can't tell the difference between red and orange

No. 449315

File: 1507867366440.jpg (Spoiler Image, 82.04 KB, 1200x661, C0p4WbBUkAAszh7[1].jpg)


it was barely holding together when she was cosplaying wicke, now she's doubled in size.

No. 449316

File: 1507867463822.jpg (395.96 KB, 2896x2896, 20171012_230303.jpg)

Her canon underwear are lacy pink btw top&bottom

No. 449318

Holy shit they lied like crazy. What terrible fucking business. Is anyone going to contact them about it?

No. 449321

Funimation doesn’t pay. They give free box sets or event access as payment. Chances are moos “payment” was her free ticket to the movie that night

No. 449323

The two beside her are matching and you have this fat, mix-matched pancake tiddie'd, expressionless, nappy wigged bimbo in the middle. With the shirt open, it gives her absolutely no waist at all and makes her look like a square-bodied lump of a mess. Her tits look as sad as that wig.

No. 449324

This looks like an expectation vs reality comparison.

No. 449327

Holy shit, that is some of the worst sewing i've ever seen. Nothing is accurate. The cuffs aren't even cuffs… And that ratty ass wig. Moo is ratchet as fuck.

No. 449328

Go back to school, summerfag.

No. 449329

you also don't go on patreon and beg neckbeards for money, lie through your teeth and make 10k a month for a hobby that is slowly getting taken over by fat cows and washed up women who couldnt make it into porn.

I've been cosplaying for 10 years now. You don't have to sew to enjoy cosplay, but it's a hobby. Don't call yourself a 'professional' if you won't sew a stitch.

No. 449330

her face and pose here is absolutely infuriating, i'm honestly getting convinced that she isn't trying anymore

No. 449332

I'm honestly surprised Mooriah hasn't tried to play the eating disorder card yet, especially with all the defensiveness about her weight/body.

No. 449336

File: 1507871772498.png (25.93 KB, 165x98, IMG_0993.PNG)

Funimation what the fuck are you doing?

No. 449339

File: 1507872317693.png (1.07 MB, 720x1015, fuckupmoomoo.png)

More talk in discord on her rewards not being sent out https://imgur.com/a/DeVgK

No. 449341

Holy shit they're turning on her

No. 449345

this. i already fucking said this but no, everyone assumed since these girls are 'big names' that they'd get paid in something other than funimation's branding. but fuck, i guess cosplayers are srs bzns cause they make more money than you guys, even when a multimillion dollar company is involved. kay.

yes i mad.

No. 449346

I mean, when they're making thousands a month, people are probably wondering why they would do it for free. Not realizing that it's free exposure and then they can reuse the pictures for their patreon.
They probably got reimbursed for the cost of the costume pieces and are getting flown out to Texas for the event.

No. 449348

yes, but say, a con is going to do that, and a con isn't a huge multinational company.

No. 449352

File: 1507874416673.png (223.21 KB, 1209x1843, IMG_5358.PNG)

It always drives me nuts when people quote 10k, when I KNOW she makes WAY more.
Graphtreon puts her at this.
I have a Patreon. and I make the very highest end of their estimate for me.

No. 449359

She can't even copy & paste a URL correctly

No. 449361

>makes red wig orange
>makes orange tie red

I can't even laugh anymore it's just wheezing with tears streaming down my face

No. 449362

Even antares looks awful

wtf is that unhemmed top?
and those…cardboard wings where you can literally see the hotglue

The ONLY person who looks good is the actual professional, Stella

I hope Rojas gets so much backlash for this

No. 449364

She needs to get a new fucking bra. It irks me so much how she keeps reusing this and the black one over and over again.

>Guys the set design is by ME!!
>it's a couple of dinghy see-through sheets in front of blinds and the cheapest halloween light strings you could get with some pumpkins thrown on the floor
yeah real artistic

Every single photo fro this shoot looks like garbage. If this was a promotional shoot, the photographer should be fired immediately. And momo you really need to fucking stop doing that wide-eyed expression, it makes you look creepy as hell.

No. 449368

File: 1507876661847.jpg (798.55 KB, 1440x2069, tmp_14073-Screenshot_20171012-…)


No. 449370

always sunny in Philadelphia reference

No. 449371

It's meant to be an Always Sunny reference because ~so quirky teehee~

No. 449373


Holy shit someone needs to call them out on Twitter or a public FB post

Out those greedy rats

No. 449377


That whole set looked like a random just picked 3 girls off the street and decided to do a photoshoot in the basement with no windows and used a bed sheet as the background. No props just..nothing. The set was bland, the girls ( Moomoo x10 ) looked flat and boring, the school uniforms looked like they bought that shit off ebay, stella was ok. Anterass or ant face whatever was just…disappointing and Moo of course just looked like an out of place blob.

No. 449378

Holy shiittt the quality difference between Moos wig and Stella's wig is astronomical.

Also I actually just really like whatever wig Stella got, will have to stalk her to find her source, the fibres look soft.

No. 449381

As a cosplayer how in the fuck can you have your wig be so perfect like that despite wearing it most of the day?

No. 449382

Fibers…also olive oil spray, silicone spray, etc.

No. 449385

Damn, the difference in wigs alone is staggering.

No. 449387

Looking back 5 years ago with the whole outrage of cosplayers like Nigri trying to sexy up every cosplay I always say to myself that this shit can't get any worse. But now looking at the Lewd Patreon girls and videos like this we have lower the bar.

No. 449399


more like "thot law" amirite

No. 449400

the photographer is only the most overrated cosplay photographer martin wong. I mean typically he has okay work since he uses the same formula for everyone. Except it doesnt work on moo

No. 449401

You really gotta hide yourself better xiv/shane. Like… Really better. Im glad you're dumping this stuff from it though because Im too lazy lately to bother. Why not add that she was giving tips to her people about weed too.

No. 449413

Didn't someone post a ranking for 'cospaly creating" patreond where everyone was listed. Nigri was on first place and someone (forgot who sorry) was right above Momo and she had her monthly pay revealed and 'only' got around 10 k.
Which basically confirmed that Momo has to get less than that person.
Sorry I don't have the picture but maybed said anon can post it again.

No. 449415

File: 1507887592925.png (185.86 KB, 1094x643, Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 10.3…)

Different anon but here you go. Though this still doesn't confirm she gets less than the person in 2nd place.

If you were to scroll down on the site, Sheena who is no.35 and Rickachuu who is no.41 are both earning over $1000 more than the person currently in the no.26 spot.

No. 449416

It's all nsfw lmao

I think this is sorted by number of patrons though not earnings?

No. 449417

Same anon sorry. Adding to this, 1800 out of Danielle's almost 2400 are only giving $1 because Danielle actually provides content for a $1 pledge unlike Momo. To get the same amount of content from Momo you have to give around $10.

Yes, by patrons.

No. 449429

File: 1507897954251.png (82.09 KB, 600x379, blizz.png)

No roadhog? What the hell is she still going to blizzcon for then?

No. 449435


My assumption is she "doesn't have the time for it" being busy with her patreon and her business and all. My other guess would be she got asked to guest at a con and wants to wear it to that one.

No. 449437

Oooooor if moo is truly is predictable as she is it could be a possible round of lipo?? Remember how she was during colossal con with her gym bod

No. 449441

what better way to deal with fucking up your lipo than getting more lipo.

No. 449445

This seems more likely. She's been mentioning the gym again lately. (But no sweaty post workout gym selfies. Gee, I wonder why?) God knows why she's still trying to pass off lipo as workingout even after being found out. She has no shame.

No. 449455

She obviously is going just for appearences. She never give a single shit about any Blizzard games. All this shit about loving Mei and Overwatch is only because the game is so popular right now. It's another flavor of the week. If OW hype started to die down I guarentee she would never mention anything Blizzard related again.

No. 449458

Yup, just like when Pokemon Sun&Moon came out and she did Wicke. She was all over it, and then suddenly nothing. She hasn't even mentioned the new games coming out. She's so transparent.

No. 449465

File: 1507905531954.png (Spoiler Image, 1.65 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171013-073733.png)

No. 449467

this is probably the most dead i’ve seen her eyes to be

No. 449472

Its like looking at a reanimated corpse. There's just life left in there.

No. 449476

blow. up. doll.

No. 449478

I do want to say though, that this guy DOES look better in POV than KBBQ did. Just the POV thing is disgusting to begin with.

No. 449480

Like I know it's "just a photoshoot" but god I would be so upset if my boyfriend flew out to shoot THIS with some patreon thot with an already shitty reputation

No. 449482

>>449465 She looks like such a cheap whore in this picture, good lord. Disgusting that he has a girlfriend too, would love for said girlfriend to see all these photos and see what happens with Moo then. She's disgusting

No. 449483

she probably doesn't even watch always sunny because it's too "offensive uwu"

No. 449486


No. 449488


The new guy definitely looks more into it but you can still see the disgust in his face. There is no way Castle's girlfriend will not know what he is doing with Moo. It makes me wonder if his girlfriend even cares?

No. 449493

it just started airing on viceland channel. maybe she just found out what it is and has never seen it before lol

No. 449494

this wig looks so disgusting and so does the entire pose of both??? like why are his hands on BOTH shoulders lol wtf is supposed to be sexy about this

No. 449495

yeah yeah–the second mac gets fat moomoo is going to pull the: "he's proud of his body and they're fatshaming by making fun of him!"

no one makes that face when they're having sex, moomoo.

No. 449497

She already made the “I’M JUST CULTIVATING MASS” joke on her Twitter the other day.

No. 449498

File: 1507912742297.jpg (426.82 KB, 1059x1628, Screenshot_20171013-123657.jpg)

Ignore the pink hair, contacts and makeup for a moment this is the face of an overtired 40-something mom asking her son to find her cigs

No. 449499

He has better looking hands I guess?
Some people are just gross and it doesn't matter to them. She may just not care he bf is groping a cow on camera. Unless it's obvious Moo is trying to purposely shit up his relationship outside the POV shoots it's ot.

No. 449506

File: 1507913777288.jpg (17.62 KB, 210x240, spike-the-land-before-time-iv-…)

No. 449509

File: 1507914173179.png (87.44 KB, 228x275, 1503259262972.png)

Hoo boi, can't wait for the whole set to come out. It's gonna be a huge mess, I love it.

No. 449510

Okay, seriously. I know some of you probably have short relationships or are insecure in them, but as someone who is familiar with stuff like this, it isn't that big of a deal. Its no different from movie stars doing sex scenes in non-porn or even yes porn related content. Its not that big of a deal and his girlfriend might be secure enough and trusting enough to know that he wouldn't actually do anything with her. Can we seriously just shut up about how she might feel now? Holy shit. Also, Moo is paying for his plane rides out. Pay for my everything and fuck, Id be in a POV with her. If someone if tossing you free money just to be hands and legs in a damn photoshoot, hell yeah Id do it or let my boyfriend even do it.

No. 449512

>both shoulders

…Anon.. Have you ever had sex before?

No. 449513

It would look way less stiff and way more natural/in motion if he had one hand on a shoulder and the other at her panties as if he were holding her and in the process of taking them off. It makes no sense that they would be mid-sex since we can see she has panties on.

I mean yeah you can push them aside and put your dick in but this photo is still stiff garbage.

No. 449515

Watch the hentai.

No. 449519

>>449510 As long as money is involved you're willing to whore yourself and your BF out for a dumb cow, check.

No. 449520

it's okay to be a cuck, anon, but don't try and pretend it's the norm

No. 449525

You know what happened between her and KBBQ so our guess is that she wants him more than a cosplay partner. Just check out the Vegas photo of those two.

No. 449528

please respect yourself

No. 449530

get out you polyamorous retard

No. 449535

> would do porn for money
> assumes those who wouldn't are insecure

No. 449538

moo is not a hollywood star though, and her friend isn't an actor, and it's not a sex scene in a movie, it's a shitty pov fake porn venture that only benefits moo in the end. even if he got flown out on her dime, and got booze, and maybe even got paid a small sum (which is nothing compared to the pay and royalties actors get) it is not comparable to acting, even in straight up porn. and no, there's nothing wrong with not wanting your SO to be in a photo with someone pretending to have sex, especially when it's not a big professional shoot, and instead a gross intimate one where moo has picked a random non-actor to fake fuck her. i don't think that not letting your SO do that makes you insecure, especially given who moo is and how she acts. if they're in an open relationship, fine, but it's still gross until we know for sure, cause it's gross by itself anyway since moo is involved.

No. 449546

Yea, we really can't make any assumptions yet. Just wait. If there is milk it will flow.

I'm all ready expecting she is eventually going to shit it up and it will be the KBBQ drama all over again.

No. 449555


Actually I think the editing on this pic is really well done. Her airbrushing is comparable to mama Nigris standard. She almost LOOKS like a cartoon character.

But the guy in the background doesn't look amused, haha. The mouth says it all lol. Maybe he was concentrating.

To anons who state this is wrong or going to ruin a relationship, I agree with >>449510 there's not really anything wrong with it unless behind the scenes she was wiggling his butt on his crotch or something trying to turn him on. Then it's wrong. But photos are just photos.

No. 449564

File: 1507923865825.png (64.29 KB, 640x522, IMG_4484.PNG)

>crotch bruise
>Martin Wong
>timing of this tweet/photos being released

Hmm… I wonder

No. 449571

I think it goes along with the moo hate even if unfounded. Either she finds a pov person who is single and speculated to be a fuckfriend (whether or not it's true), or someone in a relationship and speculation is that she's a homewrecker.

Idk insecurity or not, if pov boy is only doing it for the money (which I doubt is worth it), wouldn't the gf at least be fine since moo is not real competition?

(Unless something happens for real in which case will we even be surprised, trash hangs with trash)

No. 449572


Martin is a fuckin leech. He would never dare to call out Moo in public because he knows that's one less teat to suckle on. But I can imagine him calling her out once he realizes how much even the famous people hate her.

No. 449574

We saw images/videos of Momo during that shoot on instagram though. She didn't have any new marks.

No. 449576

Nah she can hide them in her rolls

No. 449580

Doesn't she take all of her pics on beautycam? That would've gotten rid of them

No. 449582

well if it was that specific shoot first of all, there's a 1 in 3 chance it was Moo, right ?

No. 449587

Dear christ this is just ridiculous. Her expression is so unflattering and the edits at the corners of her mouth look unnatural, there's a weird blotch of different-coloured skin on her cheek, the wig is ratty and her saggy tits are spilling out of the bra. I pity the person who had to edit this atrocity.

jesus just fuck off

I doubt he's talking about moomers because as far as we know nobody in their right mind would bang her, let alone give her hickeys. It was probably one of the other hoes in the shoot.

No. 449589

so what shes a fucking photographer now? Good lord.

Also kek at her hammy ass mom legs

No. 449591

File: 1507928409215.jpg (Spoiler Image, 702.75 KB, 1080x1920, moomooshoop.jpg)

That was fun

No. 449593

File: 1507929762732.png (992.94 KB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2017-10-13-14-20-01…)

No. 449595

File: 1507930260115.jpg (500.16 KB, 1779x2048, IMG_20171013_142824.jpg)

Sage for Gabby but this picture she took of her looks bad.

No. 449597

What did you change??? I can't spot the difference ?

No. 449602

Take this to snow idiot.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 449605

Momo took the picture i think.
I think anon is pointing out what a shit photographer momo is

No. 449606

this comment made me actually laugh out loud

No. 449607

I guess Moomoo thought that just because her fupa hangs out that her friend's fupa should too.

No. 449610

this editing is absolutely atrocious dear lord

No. 449616

wtf is that random chiffon on the wall? why is it there? what kind of setting is this

No. 449621

lol I credit the master set designer, Moo

No. 449626

Now, imagine how much Moo would freak out if this girl didn't credit her for her photos. Side note, those boobs look awful, holy shit they're basically horizontal slabs.

No. 449636

Not to insult this particular girl, but this is why I hate cosplay modeling garbage. These are below average looking girls with no modeling skills. I know they pout in front of mirrors and think they can model, but you have to have certain angles that are camera friendly and being to pose with your body and face in a dynamic fashion. Momo stuff is so embarrassing to look at it because it's as low rent as you can get.

No. 449637

No. 449639

File: 1507936032270.png (937.98 KB, 720x1191, Screenshot_2017-10-13-16-04-32…)

No. 449640

File: 1507936095391.png (985.34 KB, 720x1190, Screenshot_2017-10-13-16-04-50…)

No. 449642

The character is suppose to have crazy torpedo boobs. But sweet Jesus, you can see all the under wire in that bra and it looks AWEFUL.

Wth is that expression? Moo, I know you low key hate all your "friends" just as much as they do you but it's a photogs job to make the subject look appealing. Not look like garbage.

No. 449644

File: 1507936385194.jpg (152.74 KB, 1024x664, c83.jpg)

New group Cosplay lol

No. 449645

File: 1507936661089.png (1.02 MB, 720x1185, Screenshot_2017-10-13-16-14-27…)

You have high expectations. They both had this as their "set"for her costume

No. 449647

Don't tell me Moo plans on being the extremely muscular one.

No. 449657

What the fuck is this anatomy? The artist needs help

No. 449658

Okay….. for once her wig looks amazing. Anyone know where it's from? /sage

No. 449659

File: 1507938278278.jpg (540.22 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20171013_164214.jpg)

No. 449660

File: 1507938308410.jpg (449.83 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20171013_164218.jpg)

No. 449661

File: 1507938469356.png (932.23 KB, 720x1191, Screenshot_2017-10-13-16-45-59…)

Taped her face again

No. 449663

are you blind?

No. 449665

oh, someone brought their mom to the ren faire

No. 449669

Moo isn't in that photo.

No. 449670

Please. Compare to this >>449591 and tell me it's not much better. We don't have to bash the cow in every little thing she does, she's still a cow.

No. 449671

kinda looks like Mads Mikkelsen. You can decide if thats a good thing or bad thing.

Speaking as someone who has a somewhat chubby girlfriend, it takes a fair bit of work to give hickies on thicker skin, I doubt anyone who would bother getting with moo would be bothered putting the effort in.

Does she even HAVE anyone right now who would be fucking her?

No. 449672

File: 1507939814140.jpg (190.91 KB, 1200x672, LvU0zFB.jpg)

Sorry to art sperg but George Kamitani knows his shit (he's from the classic Capcom era of artists). He just stylizes the shit out of anatomy and proportions (for literally every subject, human or not) now that he's got his own game developing company. Not that his style is objectively appealing or anything but it's intentional.

I don't hate this look on her, even if it's sloppy (she didn't even hem that vest, wtf). Maybe I'm desensitized by that Funimation promoted cosplay, though. Did she credit a propmaker for the horns or were they just store bought?

No. 449673

better doesn't mean good.

No. 449674

fatties suddenly have thick skin what??

No. 449675

As a chubbier girl, it has nothing to do with weight and more to do with how sensitive someone's skin is. You could be full muscle and get hickeys easily. Be fat as hell and get them easily. You could be really thin and not get one at all. It really has nothing to do with how big or small someone is but how quick they are to bruise, how thin their skin is, how sensitive their skin is.. Its about the skin.

No. 449676

Subjective. I think brown long hair suits her way more than that bleached mess she currently has, she should have stuck to her original hair color from before she started spiraling down.

No. 449677

My bad, my girl must have thick skin. I'm pretty scrawny and I hickey pretty easily so I thought it was more to do with fat storage and fat cell size.
sage for my ignorance.

No. 449691

why not, thats how she dealt with the first round

No. 449692

WAIT thats supposed to look like sex? AHAHAHA

good thing she has a bunch of dumb neckbeard virgins paying for this shit then, i guess

her eyes freak me out in that photo

No. 449693

They literally posted a Snapchat or whatever saying "when we gettin married tho"

No. 449695

File: 1507944669931.jpeg (110.78 KB, 640x971, image.jpeg)

No. 449697


I was just about to ask for proof behind the claim >>449693 was making heh

this is absolutely disgusting though

No. 449699

File: 1507944856010.jpg (Spoiler Image, 922.49 KB, 2025x1392, 45c.jpg)

i dont think you should blame it all on the model, the photographer should know their shit as well

but its moo who took it so lmao throw all that out the window

No. 449702

Thank you, my computer is crap and i couldn't remember if it was one or two threads back

No. 449707

Not sure if Gabby does this face all the time or its something to do with Mariah's terrible photog skills, but she seriously looks like half of her face is paralyzed.

No. 449711

She looks 40.. Momo did an awful job. The editing made her look so much older.

No. 449714

are you a child? the idea is that he's nailing her from behind. she's trash but at least he's better looking than KBBQ..i guess.

No. 449715

>She looks 40
Which reminds me, sorry for asking for probably the billionth time, but how old is Moo again? 22…? Maybe it's the utter disbelief that keeps making me forget lol.

No. 449718

I was talking about Gabby. Not Moo. The way Moo shot this and edited it made Gabby look old as hell.

No. 449723

are you fucking blind at how stiff and unnatural they both look in this pose? and he’s bc not that handsome at all. you must have low standards for attractiveness. i agree with >>449513. a grip on the waist or ass or something would’ve looked a little better in this travesty but he already looks disgusted he probably couldn’t lol

No. 449725

File: 1507950735023.png (487.57 KB, 587x666, lewdstocking.png)

Well, Moo is "inspiring" girls to post "lewds" of characters, as in a random fucking pair of underwear with a wig. Good job promoting random girls to take off their clothes for attention. The fact this girl calls this cosplay is disgusting, but the fact that Moo retweets it and promotes it is even worse. She sure is a beacon of light in the cosplay community.

No. 449726

Aaah, my bad! I hadn't been paying attention to the what you were relying to beforehand, my mistake.

No. 449730

Both of you just shut up already. The character does that, with the cow's underwear on, in the hentai. Basically like sizing her up and feeling her. The character is also not supposed to be good looking because just like any other hentai, he's supposed to be bland as hell so males can see themselves in the position.

No. 449737

>supposedly has a girlfriend
>said girl friend is okay with this
Are we counting body pillows as girlfriends now??? I cannot imagine anyone with a pulse would possibly be okay with their SO doing this type of shit with some patreon thot.

No. 449739

Yuck. Looks like she has Sailor Starlight pants.
It fits right in with Moomoo - take lingerie that doesn’t fit the character and slap a wig on it.

No. 449742

when did he say his gf wason with this?

No. 449743

*ok typo ah

No. 449747

are we sure this isn't satire?

No. 449753

moo just turned 22, yes

No. 449754

try to keep up anon, his gf was already found on insta and fb

No. 449768

File: 1507956421652.jpg (153.75 KB, 1306x1470, IMG_0129.JPG)

I just see udders.

No. 449779

Spoiler shit like this.

No. 449783

well to be fair that kind of is what they are but I mean anyway

No. 449798

File: 1507964956773.png (612.38 KB, 422x750, patreon1.png)

>Hey guys! Today was ren fair! I did my genderbent Beast cosplay there and had so much fun! At night we went to the strip and shot at the Venition to get that Victorian feel. I'm so excited. This was just a fun little project for myself and you guys. Tomorrow I'll be doing something a little… more… revealing… your only hint is….WAAAAHHH!

No. 449800

>genderbent Beast cosplay

oh… thats what it was….

No. 449802

Jfc she's an idiot.

No. 449804


her teeth look awful in every pic

No. 449807

shes trying to make her stupid sexy fish face but the teeth are in the way

she looks like a retard. without teeth it would look nicer.

No. 449808


i don't think she's trying to make her normal sexy face, she just can't close her mouth so she's trying to work with what she's done to herself. the idiot gave herself an underbite. she looks like she just got her wisdom teeth pulled out

No. 449811

Either she's learning or hired someone because her eye makeup has shown great improvement lately. I'm curious, apparently cosplayers get huffy if people don't/can't recognize who they are supposed to be. How many people at that fair do you think could actually tell what she was? Did the number of people asking annoy her or just inflate that ego? Anyone even bother to go up to her at all? Bets she's lewding this tomorrow?

No. 449813

File: 1507968197561.png (111.53 KB, 720x466, Screenshot_2017-10-14-01-00-37…)

No. 449823

WOW 101k! what a nice milestone for her

to be re-audited

No. 449826

File: 1507970277232.jpg (1.06 MB, 1177x1761, 20171013_230724.jpg)

I got a photo with moo in the wild

No. 449832

This thing is bullshit just so you know. I have 22 people following me. All legit people [my friends because Im not active at all]. Apparently, 3 of those people are fake accounts. The audit system doesn't work properly and counts inactive users as 'fake'. If you aren't active for more than a few months, you're a 'fake' follower, so lets stop using this because it's clearly bugged with its algorithm.

No. 449843

Did she forget the entire movie is in France oooorrrrrrr

No. 449879


No. 449880

Oh, this was suppose to be Beast? Thats awkward, I just figured it was a random demon costume thing…

No. 449884

This is probably the best looking wig she's ever worn. The lace is well positioned for once, the wig doesn't look ratty and doesn't have dandruff (yet).

No. 449895

Did she… just stick that horn headband on over her wig? Every cosplayer down to the shittiest Homestuck knows you're supposed to cut slits in the wig, put the headband on, and then stick the horns through the holes in the wig. Holy shit, she's so lazy. (And I'm not even gonna bother sperging out about how her supposed female beast is just a woman with horns. No facial fur or claws or anything else cuz nobody has time to read me sperging on this dumb double standard of cosplay where every genderbent female version has to be attractive. Such a good role model, wow.)

She cant even use the excuse that she wants to reuse the wig cuz we know she trashes every wig she owns anyway and she's rich.

No. 449909

If she's so rich, how come every time I scroll past this thread her house is barren w/ 0 furniture? And no judgement, buying your own furniture is a big deal and a huge accomplishment as an established adult. Assumimg it ain't ikea or target

Cleaners in this thread I guess

No. 449911


she doesn't have furniture because she spends all her money on booze, drugs, and food instead. who needs furniture when you're always out partying anyway.

recently she finally bought a shitty cheap tv stand and made a passive aggressive post about it because people were hounding on her to get one.

No. 449914

>she doesn't have furniture because she spends all her money on booze, drugs, and food instead.

Uhh, rich people can afford all of that and furniture. What does rich mean to you? Drugs aren't that expensive if you do it right. If you're a girl and you're paying for all your drugs you're doing it wrong. People <Men> should be paying you to do drugs and party with em not the other way around. Take notes farmers

>who needs furniture when you're always out partying anyway.

See my post above.

Cleaners ITT

No. 449916

>genderbend Beast cosplay

Oh, go fuck yourself, Mariah!

No. 449919


Agreed. Just because she's spending money on LOLOMG DRUGS ALCOHOL FOOD, that could be like what? $500-$550 a week max if she's PUSHING it?

No. 449924

tinfoil anon here again, but i feel like it's very possible she bought some of her own patreon spots just like she bought her ig likes. she could even just be making fake accounts and using the same payment account. if not, she's likely funneling it into a chinese company making fake accounts to 'pay' her her own money back with a premium. it would explain why she lives like she's poor since she seemingly spends so little on shit she likes.

No. 449926

I've seen better cosplayers who did this. Everything looks sloppy and that fabric is CHEAP. Ugh, but i guess neckbeards will still throw money at these glorified whores.

No. 449928

…How is this kink shaming? Just don't be a disgusting whore.

No. 449930

I thought Jnig and Yaya were the lowest bar set, but damn.. We really have gotten so bad. So many new 'cosplayers are immediately going into sexy cosplay and soft corn porn.' I hate anyone who looks up to Moo. It's awful.

No. 449932

Ew, but isn't he already dating someone else?? He's scum

No. 449935


that is exactly what everyone who knows about this is deriding him for–of course, Moomoo is probably a better match for him than his current girlfriend, if I'm being honest. scum attracts scum, after all

No. 449937

That is possible yes, but it VERY easy to tell when someone has bough fake accounts, mariah for example.

I have 30k followers on twit. When I used that program it detected 6% of them were fake accounts, which is normal.

When you audit someone like mariah whose is 50/50 you know she obviously bough fake accounts.

No. 449951

since she buys fakes on all her other soc media it's hard to see why patreon's any different. she's too egotistical not to flaunt, but she obvs has nothing -to- flaunt.

No. 449954

seconding this. even if you look at people like egoraptor and markiplier who have hundreds of thousands to millions of followers they're closer to 70% where as momo is under 50%
But also momo's 'bought followers' are obvious because of her pull at cons. Remember the meetup she had at AX (outside of the event she did) where no one showed up. The general proof is how many people you see actually posting pictures with her.

If you compare her with people who have even less than half of her following you see more people tweeting about 'omg i was able to meet So-and-so!!!' than her. even when she had booth space she barely gets stopped for pictures. I dont think it's tinfoiling to assume she's been buying followers all along since it was pretty obvious that she had been paying people to write articles about her in her 'thicc samus' days, Remember the article that claimed that her friends and followers called her 'bodysuit-senpai'?

No. 449958

File: 1508005723255.png (77.55 KB, 738x1027, IMG_2797.PNG)

No. 449959

good to see now she's trying to copy BunnyAyumi although i cant wait to see her jump on this weird Mavis bandwagon that's been going on.

No. 449962

wong is esl

No. 449963


Those poor hair follicles

No. 449964

it makes sense why she's poor. she's wasting the money she has for more pull for her image, but likely not getting more money from it.

No. 449965

Why do they all cosplay the same characters? You would think it would make more sense to do something different

No. 449966

How does the GF not catch on to this? Was he blocking her or something? I know snapchat the messages only last a second but someone can be able to save the image for evidence. Girl check your BF's social media for christ sake!

No. 449967

and why is it always wario or waluigi? i know they're a meme but nintendo/the mario series has so many other good characters what you could "lewd" (and not just peach, daisy or rosalina, someone should try wendy for a change)

No. 449971

File: 1508007543272.png (41.78 KB, 180x209, 180px-PMCS_Wendy[1].png)


… are you suggesting mariah lewd up a pink turtle

No. 449973

suggesting anyone to be more creative. you could create a cute gijinka of her if you tried

No. 449974

the stupid open mouth face she does would be appropriate in this costume atleast

No. 449976

Some of the most damaged hair I've seen. Usually people cut their hair that short for it to be healthy again. Gonna be awhile before that damage is undone

No. 449977

File: 1508008199028.png (Spoiler Image, 898.55 KB, 750x750, wario.png)

You guys ready for this?!

No. 449980


Hmm. This is giving me serious BunnyAyumi vibes. Especially that pose on the left..

No. 449983

File: 1508008652404.jpg (20.7 KB, 303x315, ngbbs43c85567bc2f5[1].jpg)


wario has purple overalls not blue. those are mario/luigi's overalls. this is so fucking lazy

No. 449984

Some of the trashiest, laziest shit i've seen her do

No. 449986

>every momo set, every momo thread

No. 449987

File: 1508008810074.jpeg (47.18 KB, 480x480, C2601514-DBB3-4AE6-84F4-17E60A…)

How many more Halloween store lewd shoots do you think we're going to see in the next few weeks? This is peak lazy, and it looks awful.

I have no doubt she's trying to channel Bunny, at least lowkey. She's everything Momo wishes she could be. She's cute, makes good money, and is fairly well-liked in the cosplay community despite doing the same thing Moo does, because she actually puts effort into her cosplays and outfits. She wears things that fit and flatter her and actually tries with details like wigs and makeup. Sage because I don't want to seem like a WK, I just genuinely can believe that Moo is jealous of her and only wishes she had the same appeal.

No. 449988

It's the overalls that are purple, not the bra Mariah, I thought you're oh so professional and ~accurate~

No. 449989

I think she's also copying that Anya chick. She did a sexy waluigi recently

No. 449991

Yup Anya's Waluigi went viral and she wants to go viral too

She's so desperate for attention

No. 449993

Fuck. Even Envy's from two years ago was more accurate and that is saying a lot for how trashy she is and how she actually has done porn. Moo, come on. I know its sooo accessible to get stuff right now, but you should be planning this stuff out months in advance if all you are going to do is buy thugs. Order months ahead of time so its accurate. Fuck. I wouldn't want her to come to Game Nest if I worked there and saw how inaccurate she was for a character with only 4 fucking colors that are basically color blocked.

No. 450000

…at least she has a new bra..? Not gonna lie, she's just being a trashy hoe with the most unimaginative cosplay ever. Everyone has fucking done the sexy Mario/Luigi/Wario/Waluigi/Toad bullshit.

No. 450004

It's her htod bra isn't it? She's going to use it to death like the ck set

No. 450007

File: 1508012444452.png (1.16 MB, 720x1181, Screenshot_2017-10-14-13-18-35…)

No. 450009

File: 1508012575085.jpg (202.57 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_20171014_132202.jpg)

>hearts over reduction scar

No. 450010

File: 1508012635299.png (159.68 KB, 720x703, Screenshot_2017-10-14-13-21-53…)

No. 450011


No. 450014


Honestly starting to believe she does this on purpose for some bizarre reason

No. 450018

oh fuck completely off mariah. do something of substance for once, you worm.

No. 450022


I'm convinced she's trying to trigger more "haters" in the hopes of spawning a new army of white knights as well. Remember, bad attention is still attention. And moomoo fucking feeds off it

No. 450023


I’ve said this many times. Negative attention is still attention. And she thrives on that. That’s why she does this on purpose, to piss people off, it gets more clicks, comments, shares. But it’s still publicity. Bonus point, she looks like a victim.

No. 450026

File: 1508014905199.png (3.71 MB, 2273x1354, 234234.png)


she mentioned her nose prosthetic not coming in on time so she's definitely trying to copy

No. 450029

like this bitch could ever play cuphead, i'm laugh.

No. 450038

Yup. I believe it. You can also tell some of her porn shoots happen around rent time.

Do you really have to buy fake followers to be successful on patreon? Like twitter, ig I get it. But for Patreon if someone is already ranked so high wouldn't people feel less inclined to donate to them?

No. 450046

As a person who recently got into cuphead I say fuck to the no!!

No. 450048

File: 1508016602621.png (Spoiler Image, 2.68 MB, 1242x2208, DD9D02C3-F525-4DFC-BCAE-ACE51B…)

No. 450050

File: 1508016633912.png (Spoiler Image, 389.77 KB, 1242x2208, 6D990D8C-4903-4903-BB24-D67042…)

No. 450052

Everyone I've known ever who has cosplayed Wario has at least gone the route of using fabric dye to make the overalls lavender/purple. This lazy fucking cunt!

No. 450056

This again shows moo can't help herself. Her cosplay of wario, she's honestly trying to appear sexy. Meanwhile, the waluigi one is obviously a funny joke, that girl has no issue wearing unflattering face parts.

Moo can never take herself not seriously. Even when she's doing something as 'wacky' as wario, she has to try an make herself look 'attractive'. Its sad.

No. 450068


Jesus Christ, when will you dumbshits learn that the more you say "no moo don't do it!!!" the more likely she is to do it? her whole shtick is to get a reaction and the more you react the more pleasure she derives from it.

No. 450072


this. while I fully understand how you all feel, the least you can do is keep it to yourselves so you're not unintentionally prompting her to go through with it anyway

No. 450076

She’s probably saying this for attention after Moderatly Okay cos made a video about not leading cuphead

No. 450078

Agreed. Jnig pulled the same tactic. Learn from the cows and their behavior. let's not encourage them.

No. 450079

Pewdiepie has also been talking about it a lot
she's so fucking transparent

No. 450080



No. 450082


Just think, you can appreciate your own or others cosplays so much more in comparison. Be the "expectation" to Moo's "reality"

No. 450083

whoops forgot to sage

No. 450084

File: 1508018456072.png (1.2 MB, 1242x2208, 5E34E90E-FD6F-4844-9C69-0945BC…)

No. 450088

i remember when he sort of used to defend her but then he realized she is shit. i feel sorry for him now, having to deal with this retarded whale.

No. 450089

File: 1508018652354.jpg (83.79 KB, 1200x1200, s-l1600[1].jpg)

No. 450100

wait, im lost, what has Pewdiepie been talking about?

No. 450101

File: 1508019659641.png (14.73 KB, 576x165, savage.PNG)

No. 450102

Sorry! about Cuphead. I should've been more clear.

No. 450116

why am i not surprised she just bought a knockoff mario costume, switched the shirt for a yellow one and didnt even bother to check her accuracy. She could have at least worn a fake mustache to play up the "wario" feature. If it wasnt for the hat with a ductaped W on it, I wouldnt have recognized this.

No. 450123

Well you know what that's kinda what you get when you pretend to ass kiss someone you don't know for their follower count. He can have fun with that now.

No. 450126

You're making me miss DrawAnon even more! Come back to us!

No. 450130


It's fucking disgusting what cosplay has become. It was so much better years ago when everyone would just cosplay whatever they want and didn't care how terrible the quality was. Hell, I appreciate that in recent times people's crafting got better and people make very accurate and intricate cosplays. What I hate is this attention seeking culture that cosplay has become. People who were famous and well known were people who stood out from the rest with how much work they would put in. They were people other people wanted to learn from. Now it's about who can fucking get attention by "lewding" cosplays. Take kawaiibro for example. His skills are low tier just like Moo's but he gained popularity because he just does sexy shit. It's disappointing. All it does is encourage more people to do it. In a few more years craftsmanship will be nothing more than an ancient myth. Why did I take the time to attend sewing classes if all I had to do was wear a bikini you know?

No. 450131

She's more of a keg than a cup.

No. 450134

Doesn't seems gender bent at all, kek

No. 450135

If she decides to do cuphead, it's going to look soooo bad. I can't wait to see another train wreck!

No. 450139

File: 1508024057473.jpg (419.53 KB, 929x1148, Cs8w7CA.jpg)

This is more of a sexy Minion cosplay than anything else

No. 450140

Wow, such a picky girl wish such an eye for the detail!!

No. 450142

File: 1508024262178.png (10.41 KB, 214x201, vomura.png)

I wish you'd spoilered that shit… jesus fucking christ

No. 450145

>soft corn porn


No. 450146

lol dont give her any more idea's.

also….why? why would anyone draw that?!

No. 450154


It's so disappointing that now all that most 'cosplayers' care about is being a slut, not even crafting/sewing. People like Jnig and Moo will start a chain reaction of whores buying cheap costumes and just getting half naked in public for money. I want to go back to 2005 before it went downhill.

No. 450155

Pretty sure thats Shadman, and he just does anything for shock value so edgy weebs praise him for it

No. 450156

Mobile autocorrect. rofl. Sorry about that.

>soft corn porn

Let's not give Moo any ideas.

No. 450157

yikes. Imagine having all this imaginary fame… paying for fake followers and likes. Looking at other cosplayers and still not having the more legit following they have and yet there’s a “hate site” constantly calling you out on your shit and lies. Why keep going like this? lol

No. 450159

File: 1508026243471.gif (6.35 MB, 320x427, calamaria.gif)

I don't get why she would do Cuphead when she could do Cala Maria and be able to look more lewd while still being relevant to the current Big Thing

No. 450161

File: 1508026535818.jpeg (225.37 KB, 750x781, D68536BE-C4D9-436E-857F-D7CCC4…)

No. 450162

because she doesn't actually know anything about the game aside from the main character

No. 450164

she probably just bought like some straws and she already has a bikini

No. 450167

do you guys wanna bet it's a slutty Mickey Mouse costume that she'll just minus the ears on?

No. 450170

literally no one wants this. i get that she's only cosplaying this cause she wants to bandwagon on the 'meme game of the year' but a grown "women" cosplaying as a "sexy" version of what are essentially the bg characters on treasure island from pinocchio is fucking dumb. also we all know it's just gonna be mickey mouse shorts and hands and like no bra or something. how can she make the 'cup' part?

No. 450171

obviously because she hasnt even played it lol

No. 450172

whenever i see shit like this i think back on her "weh weh no one takes me seriously, everyone only likes my lood shit" post and sigh.

No. 450187

because she didn't know about her. now she knows. moo i hope you try her, i can't wait to see how the hair and the tail will look

No. 450191

File: 1508029827654.jpg (25.38 KB, 236x524, 7ef61187970cf871aab0e1cec3130c…)

No. 450195

File: 1508030291331.png (275.94 KB, 1280x720, 6d5.png)

I feel like she does this for herself to get a reaction but if she wastes time on last minute cosplays, she'll further compromise her actual patreon sets.

She could be adding more quality to the sets by experimenting with different sets (there's a cosplay set studio in Cali now), new photographers, new equipment and practice new forms of costume construction. Hiring a slave to mail out her BACKED UP, NOT MAILED SETS would be my priority but I'm not Mariah.

No. 450217

if she cut it she wouldnt be able to reuse it until it was beyond trash

No. 450221

she was bragging about spending 500 on two items from walmart or some other garbage shit

No. 450233

File: 1508035219838.jpg (97.48 KB, 1280x720, 5c1f369c71a237d963621b632c92bd…)

Sometimes I feel like her biggest fans are us, second to guys who jerk off to her, of course.

No. 450238

yeah she recently bought a purple bra, theres no way this isnt the same one we've already seen

No. 450239

As many as she can possibly handle. I bet she's super hyped to be able to buy costumes in bulk at a lower rate than commissions. Plus using branded trash probably makes her feel she's more "authentic".

No. 450242


It's a completely different bra. All you have to do is literally scroll up this thread to see that they look nothing alike.
It's literally right here jfc

No. 450244

she can use her dragon lube for the milk/drink in their head

this suggestion is free moo, next time im charging

No. 450245

she gonna re-use the blue overalls.

No. 450264

File: 1508043053559.png (164.94 KB, 750x1334, 177D6BD2-442E-427D-A088-F5ECBE…)

People are really not happy about this at all. I’m even seeing people on my fb timeline talking about it. I guess she really doesn’t care whether the attention she gets is good or bad.

No. 450282

All the replies too are pointing out her hypocrisy. It's hilarious and moo knows she can't "win" against him if she goes on a sperg to make the neckbeards try to go after him. This is why more prominent figures don't have anything to lose against this cow and should go forward with calling out her kind of shit behavior.

No. 450283

it’s kanna all over again.

No. 450285


Rule 34

No. 450289

I want those panties so I can be Sera Star Healer!(no1curr)

No. 450290

File: 1508048780641.png (194.68 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-10-14-23-19-29…)

But then you get people like this, trying to redefine cosplay to suck mariah's dick. Half her "fans" are just people trying to "promote" body positivity and it makes everyone on both sides look terrible.

No. 450292

File: 1508048939183.jpg (263.46 KB, 1224x1024, dead.jpg)

No. 450293

>sexualizing a cup

No. 450294

oh god, this guy is a fucking cow in of himself for being a groomer. of COURSE he'd defend her.
sage for unrelated complaining lmao.

No. 450295

File: 1508049313503.png (1.4 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6020.PNG)

>Jessica with a junkrat tire

Well now we know why she got that roadhog mask

What a fucking fame hungry leach

No. 450297

tony looks like he has to go to bed early so he can be at high school on time ffs

im not even surprised with her

No. 450298

What does this have to do with Moo?

No. 450299

File: 1508049739265.jpg (248.54 KB, 720x751, Screenshot_20171014-233125.jpg)

She's literally only doing this to get people riled up because she knows it's the only way she'll get attention. I guess she's aware her cosplay skills are non-existent so she's gotta stay relevant somehow. Sad that it's at the expense of characters people love (and literal child characters like Cuphead and Kanna)

No. 450301

Jessica had started this costume months ago. I think it was AX or some other big con she originally planned on getting it done for and momo said she commissioned the roadhog mask from before her and KBBQ had a falling out. I think she just has the world's worst timing since she said she had 'postponed' roadhog til later on (but she has time to throw together Beast, Wario, and now cuphead cause she's stupid)

because momo is planning on doing roadhog and now it seems like she's just doing it so she can claim she's totally cosplaying her her idol nigri

No. 450303

>and momo said she commissioned the roadhog mask from before her and KBBQ had a falling out
do you actually believe her? holy shit you naive

No. 450305

File: 1508050052934.png (51.44 KB, 512x512, 1465675108919.png)

Try lewding having a simple job that doesn't involve being a trashy thot you fucking stupid cow.

No. 450306

so i tried to get a picture of her tonight but literally every girl under 18 had her horns so it was hard.

No. 450307

Someone needs to recommend lewd Yoshi or Kirby. Those are more in line with her body type.

Mmmm lewd Jigglypuff

No. 450311

There was no proof before this recent picture of the tire that Jess was working on junkrat. I think Momo commissioned it back when JNig was first working on it.

It makes more sense to her M.O. than her doing roadhog when jnig wasnt talking about or working on junkrat. Also if she knew jessica was getting junkrat done now why would she have said she wasnt gonna work on it until some time between November and January.

No. 450313

File: 1508051273311.png (116.61 KB, 750x1265, IMG_6021.PNG)

I love how she was bragging about her ~perfect etsy horns~ when they're literally these painted brown

No. 450315


She's her "MAAMMM" so what probably happened is she found out that jnig was planning a junkrat cosplay sometime ago and just obnoxiously inserted herself into nigri's plans.

That sounds more likely.

No. 450316

File: 1508051736862.png (685 KB, 713x992, Screenshot_2017-10-15-00-11-58…)

No. 450317

File: 1508051885161.jpg (220.12 KB, 1366x2048, IMG_20171015_001725.jpg)

No. 450318

Hate these dumb lenses.

No. 450319


No. 450324

Every girl on girl shoot she does has both women staring directly at the camera. It always looks so forced and unappealing.

Also the other girl in this one - her face looks super awkward. Either badly shooped or just really unflattering lighting? But at least she's not as deer-in-headlights as Moo.

No. 450325

i just cant deal with vamp garters. they are those cheap knock offs from creepyyeha.

sage for nitpicking

No. 450326

A few threads ago, someone posted their texts with david and he said what commission stuff he had for her at the time. It was Ana and the Mei neck piece. I dont believe he mentioned roadhog stuff at all, so Im pretty sure she'd had to have commissioned it later

No. 450327

She has an unfortunate face in general, but moos arm looks like a blurred mess

No. 450329

Her crotch is so blown out and blurred. Jesus.. The editing isn't subtle.

No. 450330

The fupa retracted magically

No. 450332

Kek at Momos hair sticking out from her wig near the start of her bangs.

No. 450335

I wouldn't put it past Moo to start pestering David for the Roadhog mask the second she caught wind of Jnig making Junkrat. I really can't think of any other reason for wanting to cosplay Roadhog other than to weasel her way into all her cosplay mama's photoshoots. Moo it too thirsty and it's just too much of a coincidence they both happen to be making cosplays of the Junker duo at the same time.

And we already know she's got KBBQ going awol for something. She could be using the same leverage to get him to take on more commissions from her.

No. 450339

Sweet sweet anon jess had been hyping junkrat since earlier this year and she always says she wants to do really good on it and puts it off
She’ll only post pics of the bear trap or like the camo shorts but then nothing, I’d love to see her moo weasel her way in this ow shit again like she did at Katsu when she finally was able to lick nigris ass in person with her Reinhardt and mei
I can’t believe that’s where it all started and her ego got even fucking bigger just like her body

No. 450340

Why would momo say she's not taking Roadhog to blizzcon if the only reason she was doing it was to leech off of her? That's really her only opportunity to wear it with her precious mom?

No. 450341

She said she was needed in some other cosplay group or event so she dropped Roadhog apparently

No. 450344

File: 1508056531944.png (517.67 KB, 750x501, another.png)

>Here's a shot from my HOTD shoot! We did some BEAUTIFUL boudoir and some gorey bloody stuff as well. Gotta have both you know (;

Gotta have both to make money.

No. 450347

Holy shit you can actually see her mound

No. 450349

the random loose threads on the underwear, the weird editing so its unclear if thats her vag or her gut, the pillow strategically hiding her linebacker shoulders…
nice Moo

No. 450352

File: 1508057245124.jpg (193.03 KB, 1241x1397, IMG_20171015_014428.jpg)

No. 450355

Too bad that pillow doesn't have a case on it and looks ratty compared to the rest of the 'scene'. Like.. How do you miss that, but have all the other linens picked out like that.

No. 450358

i give it another month or two before we start seeing her vagina.

No. 450359

I dont think women should really shave their velur hair, but Moo seriously should. That probably won't make her makeup look any clearer or smooth though.

No. 450360

Why isn't she even wearing makeup for this..?

No. 450361

vamp's weight fluctuates like fucking crazy, good lord. that shit is not healthy.

also have either of these girls ever seen blood in their life.

No. 450364

She is. She just sucks with normal makeup and can't do any natural makeup without even that looking cakey. You can see how caked on it is.

No. 450366

File: 1508059762618.png (344.88 KB, 952x614, Screenshot 2017-10-15 at 2.29.…)

No. 450368

File: 1508060011888.png (276.77 KB, 495x540, Screenshot 2017-10-15 at 2.30.…)

No. 450369

File: 1508060058240.png (31.08 KB, 482x222, Screenshot 2017-10-15 at 2.32.…)

someone talking about her instastory, which she reposted on FB

No. 450370

beauty cam is working overtime

No. 450372

File: 1508061852002.png (23.55 KB, 479x147, Screenshot 2017-10-15 at 3.02.…)

mooriah putting money into costume stores' and chinese seller's hands IMPOVING DA COSPRAY COMMUNITY

the answer is no, Mariah, you did not make anything.

No. 450375

File: 1508061982148.png (22.02 KB, 469x147, Screenshot 2017-10-15 at 3.05.…)

No. 450376

File: 1508062159353.png (349.11 KB, 720x817, Screenshot_2017-10-15-03-07-34…)

No. 450377

File: 1508062605097.png (46.63 KB, 637x314, Backlash.PNG)

No. 450378

File: 1508063185469.png (369.53 KB, 720x915, Screenshot_2017-10-15-03-23-55…)

No. 450379

File: 1508063232884.png (84.18 KB, 720x530, Screenshot_2017-10-15-03-24-51…)

The haturz not getting to her tonight amirite

No. 450380

Another claim to add to the list

No. 450381

File: 1508063479381.png (214.39 KB, 720x779, Screenshot_2017-10-15-03-30-05…)

No. 450382

Someone needs to press her about the charity stream. She needs to donate that money and there needs to be a receipt with proof.

No. 450384

Is she high and tweeting tonight or just being stupid like always? She's trying so hard to put on this 'tough bitch' act right now it's too hilarious.

This chick seriously never left high school.

No. 450386

File: 1508064832410.png (453.56 KB, 720x762, Screenshot_2017-10-15-03-50-01…)

Its 3 am Moo you should've been asleep hours ago

No. 450387

It's by Shadman… of course he would do something like this.

No. 450392

File: 1508065999890.png (179.64 KB, 720x870, Screenshot_2017-10-15-04-10-57…)

No. 450393

File: 1508066094053.png (159.06 KB, 720x952, Screenshot_2017-10-15-04-11-18…)

No. 450395

Is she seriously on drugs again? She always goes on these psychotic twitter breakdowns spanning multiple tweets and then makes a half-assed schmaltzy ~I wish we could all be happy~ apology. At least an increasing amount of people are calling her out for repeating the same goddamn behavioral pattern over and over again.

No. 450399

File: 1508068172976.jpeg (333.31 KB, 750x934, D6CF63CA-2F79-4245-BDDD-CF81F6…)


No. 450400

File: 1508068196073.jpeg (332.82 KB, 750x940, DE6D25B4-9A90-4638-B28D-3D17A7…)


No. 450401

File: 1508068244899.jpeg (344.52 KB, 750x1150, A4E7B7BE-DFB8-4987-A5A9-1539FE…)

No. 450405

and this my friends, is exactly why everyone hates Mariah. If you're new here and think all we do is call her fat and make fun of her appearance you're wrong. Almost everyone who posts or lurks regularly knows Mariah's disgusting attitude towards everything. Including her fan, pareton supporters and "friends".

She is a horrible toxic "woman"
Inb4 mental breakdown in a few days because of haturz calling her out on her sarcastic, horrible attitude because she thinks being a "troll" in 2017 is funny.

No. 450410


loool it's Beardson Beardly! It's about time his brand of Thot Patrol reaches Moo

No. 450414

File: 1508070963870.jpg (239.01 KB, 790x1818, Beardson on momo.jpg)


OT but funny

No. 450415


Fucking this. It's Mid-october, no Bee Keeper Mei photos. She hasn't once said anything about the 800 she earned on her "charity stream". This bitch is so focused on pissing people off and stirring the pot she couldn't give 2 shits about donating her money or how much of a fit she threw over the hurricane relief. Bitch where are those prints??

No. 450426

Took theater for 5 years but when in costume for Mei all she could do is look stupid and say "ching chong" I call bullshit

No. 450428

nah that's just fat

No. 450429

I love how you can compare here the size of Moo's arm with Vamp's thigh.

Also, something I wanted to comment that I remembered by seeing the size of her tits here, I always cringe when she talks about her breast reduction and people are like "WOW, YOUR TITZ WERE BIGGER BEFURRR?!" and she never clears that her tits were smaller than they are now when she got the reduction cause she's now way more fat than she was by the time she got the reduction so people think that she was some kind of animu goddess with the biggest tits omg, but suffering back pains boohoo.

She is now a lot fatter than the "fat nerdy girl" of high school that she was so proud to leave behind to be a "grown up 'sexy' nerdy women"… The only reason she looks """"better"""" than the "fat nerdy girl" is because of the lipo, that's why she doesn't have a big hanging fupa and she has sort of a waist.*


No. 450431

Fucking ratty wig (that doesn's looks anythig like the character's hair in the shape nor in the color).

No. 450433

>the only thing I really made was the "cloak"
>I just asked Collette to cut a line in the fabric

nigga wat, she is clearly unable to say that she didn't a shit of a costume. That's why in the few pictures she put the credits she has to always say something like "shitty part of the costume and the whole other shitty part MADE ALL BY ME!!" (as if they are the most important parts of the costume).

No. 450437

Vamp is giving me Lurch vibes

No. 450438

It seems that when she says "be kind to others" it just means "be kind to me while I got the worst attitude ever!"

No. 450440

How does her taking theatre have anything to do with her making a basic concerned face?

No. 450441

Seriously though, she was sooo passionate about Las Vegas but now as soon as news has quieted down she's stopped screeching about it and hasn't done another stream. She's "too busy" going to the fucking Halloween store and taking photos in her house and if she ever does find time again it's going to be too late because no one will care by then. Just like with her Mei photos.

No. 450443

I just started reading this thread about a week ago and I’m finally all caught up, I’ve been in the cosplay community for a very long time in my life and holy shit I’ve never seen anyone so disgusting and unprofessional in my life, she’s worse than the 12 year old that parade around conventions. Honestly I want someone to befriend her just so they can out all her mistakes instead of backing her up constantly, the grind circle and everything is so pathetic.

No. 450445

I lol'd at this.

Anyway, for the millionth time, please let's not get mad at her lewding this or that. Mariah said it herself: people getting angry at her and saying "NO don't you dare lewding X" make her want to lewd/cosplay X. When you do it, you're basically feeding her. Don't feed the troll.

No. 450446

someone should really bring this up paired with the fact that she isn't too busy to attempt to (even jokingly with the binkini shirt) do more last minute cosplays. If she's sooo busy and working on cosplays all the time she can easily stream on twitch irl like she has before and receive donations that way (again like she has before)

No. 450447

"Run. Hide. They will find you." -twitter caption
Bitch what. HotD zombies are fucking blind and slow, probably the best zombies to damn hide from.

No. 450448

atleast this time people are using the 'they're kids' excuse, despite not knowing the age. but it's really just a 'stop bandwagon jumping' excuse.

tbh moo is everything wrong with cosplay balled up into one. fake body acceptance, bandwagon jumping, lewd shit, attention whoring, bullying, inaccurate bought cosplay, self-righteousness, waifushit, neckbeard baiting. did i miss anything? i'm sure i did. bits and pieces of that are enough to turn people away from cosplay, but moo's shit attitude and shit 'cosplaying' (not sure why we call her that) leaves a bad taste in anyone's mouth, anyone who's not just looking for profit anyways.

No. 450452

Elitism (even though she isn't an elite), taking credit for others' work, and never keeping a single promise. Before you rant about the last part Moo, post a link to your charity Bee Mei prints

No. 450455

I'm genuinely curious how many cosplayers are actually in it for the internet attention or just for the sake of going to conventions and having fun with their friends. Moo is apart of the "cosplay community" for those who choose to pay attention to it. She is disgusting and what is wrong with mainstream cosplay, but I really hope that there are people who go and have no idea or care who she is. No one in the professional world is ever going to take her seriously, and her time is eventually going to run out once the next "hot, basic cosplay bitch" shows up to dethrone her. Better get that resume going Moo.

No. 450456

How long before her "I'll lewd every character you love" shit gets old and she has to resort to spreading her 300 pound asscheeks just to make as much on patreon as she was making before? I can't wait to see her go the chelhellbunny route. Mariah pls, you know you want to show us your skidmarks in 1080p

No. 450458

whats velur hair i'm lost

No. 450460

i think anon meant vellus hair, which is the peach fuzz on your face. since moo is italian/arab/not white hers is dark and visible with her makeup.

No. 450461

Anon was meaning the invisible hair everyone has on their face. You can only see it under certain lightings, but with caked makeup on it will be more visible and will make the already cakey makeup look more cakey

No. 450468

Don't forget the scamming people for money, compulsive lying and riding on other people's coattails.

To be honest I hope she has more of these retarded meltdowns and keeps revealing her ugly side (paying attention to trolls, baiting them and lewding shit) since she has zero impulse control. I really do. Because eventually she'll get competition when some younger, more attractive girl comes up and does what she does but with more understanding of how communication works and actually delivers her patreon content and interacts with her fans. And when that happens, even her neckbeard army will see the contrast and switch over to the newcomer, leaving Moo alone with no support. After that she'll be 20-something with no job experience, no actual education and with her real name attached to pictures of fake cum dripping down her cow tits and fake fucking her from behind. At this point I don't want her to straighten up and fix her act, I WANT to see her crash and burn to be an example to the up&coming costhots.

No. 450479


Well someone has to keep making her cosplays for her because we all know she won't take the time to do it herself. It's the definition of lazy. There are endless tutorials online for cosplay making. It's not like she has to hire a teacher.

No. 450489

Lol, she's trying to pretend like her admitting to liposuction wasn't her running away from the internet and then crying like a bitch and blaming it on ~societal pressures~. We're not all braindead idiots who forget anything that happened more than a week ago, Mariah. Hey, whatever happened to the save the bees chairty, the Harvey charity, and the Vegas shooting chairty?

Again trying to act like she's tough shit but can't even handle people making fun of her without claming she's receiving legitimate death threats. Also, nobody even cares about her sexualizing these characters that much. She's so boring lately, this ~i'm so edgy for showing my tits~ thing is so 2003 Myspace.

No. 450490

I mean moo has been known to steal ideas from her "friends" so this doesnt surprise me. It's especially convenient for momo since this bunny ayumi girl is way less popular and only relevant because she's most likely fucking susu. They've gone to a bunch of cons together and post a lot of photos hanging out. And since bunny is way less known if she tries to say anything she will look like the bad guy.

No. 450501

File: 1508097102328.gif (459.06 KB, 256x144, 1430279386869.gif)

They both look freakin awful and nothing like the characters they're cosplaying.

No. 450504

This was really satisfying to read, Anon, thanks. I agree completely

No. 450507

man, moo's so pathetic.

no moo, no one hates you for being fat, you hate you for being fat. everyone actually liked you for being fat because you were supposed to be a body-positive, gives no fucks, gym going, haes type, buuuut you fucked that up because you hate yourself so much. your self-loathing is going to ruin you.

No. 450513

She's not too busy to spend a whole day at the Ren Faire

No. 450524

much less a ren fair where she's not even being paid to dress up and she could be using that time to work on things for her paying customers

No. 450525

depression is a hell of a drug. her day seems to go like this:

>sleep until 5pm

>wake up and eat
>obsess over "haters" comments from earlier while she was sleeping
>probably browse her thread
>car vlog while she drives to get food/booze
>tons of twitter replies to troll and hate comments
>drinking and eating
>obsessing over shit until early morning
>sleep at 3am

you can add in stuff like mailing prints, doing a photo shoot and random seemingly coke-fueled rants a few days a month into that, but yeah, depression hard.

also she needs to fucking git gud at mailing shit out, it's so easy. you can literally order free usps flat rate bubble mailers from their site, and they ship them for free, and you can print out the mailing labels from their site as well. she just needs those and the cardboard sleeves and then all she needs to do is drop them at the post office instead of literally blaming everyone else for her incompetence. i have an etsy and somehow manage to mail out fragile jewelry without anything going wrong even 5% of the time. yet she's having issues like 75% of the time.

No. 450526

goood lord, i kind of hope that girl on the left doesnt actually look like that irl jesus cocksucking christ

No. 450531

unfortunately vamp is fug, anon. she's got horse face.

No. 450533



No. 450534

File: 1508103878896.png (1.41 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2798.PNG)

No. 450536


She got the Nigri forehead, aka the receding hairline

No. 450537

AS far as the sleeping goes, she admitted in the discord chat that she uses weed to keep herself awake at all hours which is why her sleep schedule is so fucked. She was also trying to give people advise on how to use weed and different kinds as if she were some fucking doctor.

No. 450538

File: 1508104373322.jpeg (311.78 KB, 1226x1495, 4FF6988B-2799-489D-B919-688C31…)

By this point, the tragedy has been cleared, the area cleaned, the victims taken care of, the funerals already done. Why would you wait when time is of the essence? How hard is it to pop a stream for an hour or two? I mean clearly she had time, there were multiple rants on twitter, IG stories, goat yoga etc

No. 450545

Are you sure she's not using weed laced with something else? Because I use weed to aid with falling alseep, what the hell

No. 450546

She gained 200 patrons due to her poorly wording how she's going to donate proceeds from her bikini bee mei, and even after all that, she still hasn't put the ACTUAL charity prints on her website yet

It's 1 giant fraud act and she pulled the wool over people's eyes to get more patrons and money for herself

She's despicable

No. 450551

Does she own any other wigs…? This looks like the wig she used for HotD, but it also looks like her Samus wig. Are they different or does she just keep reusing the same one?

No. 450552

i legitimately thought this was a samus shoot because it's all the exact same vague, no effort shit as usual along with her million year old samus wig

No. 450556

File: 1508107102995.png (1.72 MB, 750x1334, B651DE95-980C-4EEA-9286-7E6071…)


No. 450557


" After creating a Patreon page, any Creator caught in the act or convicted of making credible violent threats, committing violent crimes, malicious doxing, coordinating nonviolent harm such as fraud, or encouraging others to do the aforementioned harmful activities may be banned from using Patreon."

It's time to take action. She is cherry picking projects while promoting "charity" streams then burying them under the rug when she has money in her pockets. she is not delivering her prints either. Lets start gathering information and submit individual reports.

No. 450560

guess she forgot to tape her face KEK
Still, there's no reason her face should have this many wrinkles at fucking 22 years of age.

No. 450565

which one of those violations do you say she's guilty of though? she's a massive cow but you're really reaching here. patreon isn't going to give a shit. she's unethical af, and that's about it.

No. 450566

Different anon but definitely fraud

No. 450568

my mom looks younger than her and she's over 60. fucking yikes.

No. 450569

Also different anon, but I’m definitely going to agree with fraud here. Considering she basically scammed people into subscribing to her patreon for those charity beekeeper Mei prints and still hasn’t even uploaded them.

No. 450571

Dude, Riska, post all the shit happening in the discord. I can't where I am, but holy shit. This dude going OFF is fuckign great. I was wondering when someone would freak the fuck out.

No. 450573

Fraud. She isn't delivering on her prints she's been trying to deliver on Patreon through their services.

Also the charity stream/Beekini Mei business.

No. 450574

Is there any proof that she is actually just 22? Because what the hell

No. 450575

File: 1508110203033.png (16.54 KB, 885x437, two seconds.png)

This took 2 seconds. Everyone go do it. Seriously. However, maybe Im the only one who can, but if you want links as 'evidence' (especially about simulated porn which is NOT allowed on patreon), let me know. I can give you the links. You have to show that it is posted through patreon.

No. 450576

File: 1508110303343.png (24.74 KB, 780x97, Screenshot 2017-10-15 at 4.31.…)


No. 450577

idk whats going on (not in her discord) but someone PLEASE post caps before his messages inevitably get removed

No. 450578

Its a shit show. This Denzien guy is trying so hard to white knight.

No. 450579

>>450576 Yes we need context!! The replies to the rant arent doing any good! We need the rant itself!

No. 450580

I understand not wanting to back out after all the money they've thrown at her, but they're not even getting all of their prints? whats the point in feeding her anymore if theres nothing they get in return? and her promises of shipping everything out on time just keep falling flat. jesus neckbeards are pathetic

No. 450583

Its so pathetic to watch. You're right. The person freaking out is making all those points. I wouldn't doubt they've seen these threads or if last night on Twitter might've been their straw.

No. 450584

Yo Ace, if its you, like one of the henry guy's posts. Ill direct message you.

No. 450586

Someone should tweet out her Discord and really fuck this up.

No. 450587

Anyone want to finish compiling the recent ones after this point? I'm leaving home and can't finish this.

Discordgate part 1 https://imgur.com/a/Yaf4T

No. 450589

File: 1508111368497.png (55.33 KB, 623x462, areyou.png)

Just so far

No. 450591

her hair is like an antenna

the editor somehow made vamp even uglier

No. 450592

File: 1508111998510.png (538.81 KB, 720x819, Screenshot_2017-10-15-16-58-21…)

No. 450593

File: 1508112010604.png (9.24 KB, 611x85, faggt.png)

This is her fanbase.

No. 450594

wait what? how come they don't alow porn if there are a lot of girls who post nude shoots? i'm really confused

No. 450595

sorry for samefagging but i suppose is the act of simulating sex they don't allow and that not every nude pic is porn

No. 450597

Wow, her fans are actually morons. It makes so much sense now

No. 450598

yo moo nice beauty cam and eyebrow over your hair

No. 450600

At least she is wearing her age?

No. 450602

someone did a very detailed report on Joy for the same thing. patreon doesn't really care, because they're getting a cut. the only cowlike person I have seen get their patreon pulled had fraud convictions in their past, which is definitively against the rules.

No. 450605

Is that castlecosplay or some other fuckboi??? He looks like communismkills
And honestly just keep the screens of her putting off the charity stuff time and time again and if it’s the end of October and she still hasn’t done shit blow her up everywhere eventually people will notice even if she tries to block you
Hell even like reach out to that stepunnay (sp?) girl she was talking about remembering dragging moomoo the other day

No. 450610

I pledged 20 bucks to join the her discord. And uh, there's no link to it? Do I have to wait for her to invite me?

No. 450612

File: 1508114297958.jpg (349.3 KB, 1059x1141, Screenshot_20171015-203136.jpg)

No. 450614

Please post links anon

No. 450627


Report a campaign is through google docs. Even if patreon doesn't do anything, it never hurts to just submit something and try, or get them to notice her shit.

If October comes and goes, people DESERVE a right to know where their money is going.

No. 450630

File: 1508117872428.png (1.82 MB, 750x1334, 2784D36E-FEBD-4722-BF64-B7CFDD…)

“Oh, that was my vagina!”

No. 450637

she shooped her eye off the side of her face?? It’s floating in space…????

No. 450638

oh my god it is
i'm laughing so hard

No. 450639

File: 1508120892204.jpg (79.57 KB, 689x440, 18557415_1477019199032240_5608…)

No. 450640

File: 1508121257133.jpg (Spoiler Image, 276.01 KB, 960x960, pic_43_big.jpg)

this isn't real, right?

No. 450641

naahhh looks really shooped, especially the crack

No. 450643

File: 1508121424946.jpg (112.28 KB, 1080x1080, e7e06291bb4d87eebb91e9f4abd880…)

Google is your friend

No. 450645

The areolas are mirrored too, this is an obvious shop.

No. 450647

When it says to attach proof, attach any of these links (yes, I know you can't see them, but Patreon can and they need to see it is being distributed through them).



No. 450650

Goodness she is so ugly sometimes, she really did a number on herself.

Also has anyone noticed how she isn't posting as much drinking/partying/eating on her insta stories?

No. 450651

File: 1508123603749.png (554.97 KB, 574x667, bee.png)

She just retweeted her bee-kini mei photos, is she that fucking dense?

No. 450652

can someone please put the new sets into the gdrive?

No. 450654

wasn't she saying she was gonna take the prints out completely for her $50 tier while she got caught up with shipping for the previous months? because it still says the $50 tier gets a personalized print

watch new patrons come in on that tier expecting a print and not getting it because she was supposed to take out that reward until she was caught up

No. 450656

File: 1508124100137.jpg (Spoiler Image, 33.84 KB, 720x720, momokun_lJttocS.jpg)

No. 450662

File: 1508125305569.png (1010.43 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2017-10-15-20-21-54…)

No. 450663

those lips damn
kissing her would feel so much like kissing a 70 year old woman

No. 450665

File: 1508125551577.jpg (Spoiler Image, 301.9 KB, 2896x2896, 20171015_224203.jpg)

No. 450666

File: 1508125572273.jpg (Spoiler Image, 361.45 KB, 2896x2896, 20171015_224323.jpg)

No. 450667

This wasn't any time recently lol. She's actually not all lumpy.

No. 450668

what a fucking slut

No. 450669


These have been posted a million times, and literally all you have to do is google "momokun nudes" and they come up. Stop posting these, they're old and off topic.

No. 450670


These are just a few years apart right? She should be the poster icon for never doing drugs. She can scare a lot of people straight

No. 450671

Doesn't slut imply that she's actually having sex

No. 450672

who was “daddy”? lol

No. 450674

Her eyebrows looked good here tho, what happened.

No. 450675

I bet one of those loser cosplay weirdos got to her. they slob over EVERYTHING she does

No. 450677

File: 1508126775592.webm (1.32 MB, 224x400, 22544970_391825747901723_92513…)

Her facial expressions are so damn gross, she just looks smelly

No. 450678

File: 1508126836520.png (30.19 KB, 476x330, ,dtu,t.PNG)

No. 450679

File: 1508126871680.png (15.16 KB, 475x164, ,dtyu,t.PNG)


No. 450683

She’s such a salty, fat bitch.

No. 450691

thanks for all these! i submitted a report as well.

No. 450694

It's actually her ex, Eric. The guy who cosplayed that Ban she styled the wig for. Interesting she keeps him around…

No. 450695

That's the dude she dumped to follow this shit career. He is also the reason why she was in shape in the first place but afterwards, well you can see for yourself.

No. 450696

Is Eric Maroon Cosplay? Or is that someone else?

No. 450697

No. 450698


lmao okay moo, your eyebrows TOTALLY are transparent under your hair. How can you be THIS lazy on even the most basic ps app? Do you even have one ounce of giving a shit about how dumb you look? jfc

No. 450701

thats probably the look she was going for

dont forget she "made" the underwear my dudes!

No. 450704

File: 1508136416679.png (225.13 KB, 720x886, Screenshot_2017-10-15-23-42-53…)


No. 450706

File: 1508136509674.png (368.24 KB, 720x925, Screenshot_2017-10-15-23-43-40…)


No. 450708


oh Alex…you ain't see nothin' yet

No. 450709

>charity can wait

holy shit moo

No. 450710

Enough mutuals or friends of friends who went to high school with her to confirm age is legit, imo

No. 450712

File: 1508137153306.png (61.74 KB, 250x273, Tm_pc_cas.png)

im fucking dying you guys he looks almost as fucked up as the original character art/moos fucked up lipo mishmash body

also i think the cam worked on his body more than hers

No. 450714

>ck sports bra


No. 450715

File: 1508137474930.png (124.67 KB, 750x1021, IMG_6024.PNG)

She just got called out by one of her followers

No. 450717

fucking lol. remember all the wks whining that we were being too harsh on her for not donating yet?

moo is a terrible person. the end.

No. 450718

File: 1508137752765.png (115.43 KB, 750x917, IMG_6026.PNG)

>that retweet

I'm glad he quickly learned her true colors

No. 450719

File: 1508137765580.png (563.87 KB, 720x1300, momokundoesntresearch.png)

sage for autism but Momo should learn to read before she assumes something and attempts to rewrite meanings..

No. 450721

File: 1508138230549.png (551.31 KB, 720x938, Screenshot_2017-10-16-00-13-12…)

She was butthurt and posted a clip they took earlier at the shoot saying everyone was calling her Genji lol

No. 450722

Charity can wait because her shitting out a bunch of half assed “cosplays” is getting her more attention than charity could right now lol

No. 450725

Why the fuck is she even trying to be a smartass when didn’t even know what “cool colors” are

No. 450726

File: 1508139557502.png (298.25 KB, 464x844, sheneedssomemilk.PNG)

It truly takes great talent to be a fat bully

No. 450728

File: 1508140375087.png (733.86 KB, 1080x1920, 20171016_034843.png)

she's made her way onto my facebook feed, this lewd cuphead thing is bringing in a lot of hate for moo. just about all of the comments on the original post are hateful towards her. begone thot

No. 450729

it takes talent to kiss your own ass that hard. wow. So insecure.

>the mask which is a normal ONI mask

damn still mad

No. 450730

File: 1508140615812.jpg (57.08 KB, 500x751, random takano cosplayer.jpg)

>not popular
>won't get me attention like taking off my clothes
>not telling the photog anything about the character till driving to location?????


Oh Mariah. Che nessuno ricordi il tuo nome, bitch.

No. 450731

File: 1508140635971.png (444.98 KB, 720x778, Screenshot_2017-10-16-00-51-59…)


No. 450732

Hope none of her fans were interested in this shit, since she's ruined a major plot point.

No. 450733

File: 1508140732885.png (368.44 KB, 720x925, Screenshot_2017-10-16-00-52-52…)

No. 450734

my phone won’t even let me type m a s a c u r e without autocorrecting

don’t blame your phone moo you’re just a retard

No. 450735

File: 1508140962599.png (1.11 MB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2017-10-16-01-00-35…)


No. 450736

File: 1508141032952.png (1.26 MB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2017-10-16-01-00-17…)

Changed "bodice" to corset lol

No. 450737

another BITCH BOY rant incoming?
losing her shit over something so small and stupid…

No. 450738

Noble? Does she mean nobel?

Can she not spell anything?

No. 450739

File: 1508141364378.png (604.51 KB, 720x829, Screenshot_2017-10-16-01-07-11…)


No. 450741

>Higurashi is not popular
Top kek

I cannot wait to see this. It's going to be fucking TRAGIC.

No. 450743

Not everyone is aware on Japanese theatre so how would they know it's a Noh mask?? Why does she have to be a huge cunt about it, she could've just said "I got the mask on eBay" instead of this sperg about the 'difference'between Genji's mask and a Noh mask. Sage for OT

No. 450744

because she is a cunt. she always has been, this is why people don't like her.

No. 450745

the best part is after her bitchy reply she got called out for it actually being listed as a genji mask

No. 450746

File: 1508144327173.png (253.5 KB, 720x581, Screenshot_2017-10-16-01-56-51…)

No. 450747

just skip the beauty filter you stunned cunt. your bags will suffice.

No. 450748

…I don’t think smoking anything will physically change the slope/angle of your eyes and eyelids…. Wtf is she on

No. 450749

File: 1508144716951.png (406.77 KB, 890x611, Screenshot 2017-10-16 at 2.04.…)

No. 450751

>more spoilers

No. 450752

She means being high

No. 450753

File: 1508144874009.png (322.97 KB, 374x660, Screenshot 2017-10-16 at 2.07.…)

No. 450754

File: 1508145033271.png (110.85 KB, 486x544, Screenshot 2017-10-16 at 2.09.…)

No. 450755

File: 1508145254653.png (391.59 KB, 872x541, Screenshot 2017-10-16 at 2.13.…)

No. 450756

nice genji mask

No. 450758

File: 1508148510562.png (161.96 KB, 720x939, Screenshot_2017-10-16-02-01-05…)

Dash commented that she was beautiful and her sister commented

No. 450765

Why the hell would a traditional oni mask have that metallic detail around the horns anyway

No. 450768

"Wario is a boi so it funneh cuz I girl and have bob."
What the hell, is she actually a twelve year old stuck in the body of a sixty year old? How is that funny? Most female cosplayers crossplay at some point. Is she saying all those people are just jokes? What a dick.

Why can't she obsess over being a good person or her cosplay's quality or something? Why does she always have to get hung up on tiny shit and blow it out of proportion. Just admit you bought the cheapest shit on ebay without looking at it for more than a second.

No. 450770

See? That's something I hate about her that she never fails to do it everytime: when she makes something of a costume she always point it like the biggest thing.

Here she could not say "bodice by me", no, she had to say "FULLY BONED AND LINED BY ME!" omg, she is so talented!!! -.-'

No. 450771

File: 1508154522515.png (72.08 KB, 553x524, Screen Shot 2017-10-16 at 7.46…)

I would put the Autumn Witch up but it seems she can't even share a simple dropbox link

No. 450773

fucking spastic

No. 450775

No. 450778

Jesus they're so fucking dark. Her skin looks like mud

No. 450783

Why in the world would anyone pay legit money for this shit? The quality is horrible and if you're that desperate for fap material there's so many beautiful people out there, why choose Mariah?

No. 450785

>>450775 Heres's what I don't understand. She posts half of these photos on social media all the time, so basically people are getting them for free, and yet they're included in a drop box for people to pay for? Anyone can just download them from her facebook and twitter. Are people really that stupid?

No. 450787

Those veiny tits.
What the fuck is wrong with the lighting, you don't fucking make a low exposure photo if you want it to look spooky, instead it just looks like shit lighting, which it obviously was.

You can't even see her face in most of them.

Although that's probably a good thing.

No. 450790


Moo is the world's biggest idiot. The problem is not that the mask is from eBay. Why the fuck would people care you got a mask from eBay? Everyone knows you don't make shit. The problem is you bought a mask that is obviously supposed to be a knockoff of Genji's. There is literal proof. Your fans and others who know you are not idiots. They know what an oni mask is.

Her constantly saying it isn't a Genji mask proved to me that she lacks any sense of detail. Explains why she lacks the skills to make any cosplay and when she does it is wrong and incorrect. For fucks sakes Moo, the masks look 90% identical. You bought a cheap knockoff of Genji's oni mask. Just admit it and get over it. No one needs a history lesson from someone who cannot spell "massacre".

No. 450794

It looks like she used some makeup app like Youcam and shooped eyeshadow on, that's now floating in space on her right eye. It's atrocious

No. 450796

I think she used like a clone effect or something because her eyes must have been crooked or something.

Fuck me though, how can you not see that. Is she that retarded?

No. 450801

The worst part is that the other masks that she's using as 'proof' that it's NOT GENJI look nothing like the damn genji mask. Also what the hell did she use it for anyway? The only mask I remember anyone having is Rika having a kitsune mask but I haven't played it in a while either.

No. 450802

File: 1508165918082.jpg (460.29 KB, 2048x2048, EC633F51-7503-4ECB-B704-302743…)

Had to jack up the exposure to underline the complete lack of ass (yet her arms keep expanding like tree trunks)

No. 450803

I was really late to the moomoo bandwagon so I never got to see her stories on ig of her partying and drinking etc.

Does anyone have screenshots of that shit?

No. 450804

this same post came on my feed too anon. facebook is having a fit

No. 450805

Is this suppose to be for Halloween, why did they shoot it so late??? Its going to be a haphazard mess

No. 450806

File: 1508166701748.jpg (28.55 KB, 500x470, IMG_20171013_192337.jpg)

I started the vn for spooky Halloween time. Fuck me.
sage for whining but fuck off moo

No. 450807

This "set" looks awful. The fact you can see the blinds in the back in every shot is embarrassing. The lighting is terrible. I get that they were trying for a spooky lighting thing, but it seems like the only lighting they're using is the string of lights in the back and possibly natural dusk light coming from a window and maybe a reflector. The framing is shit too. The only decent ones are the ones she already posted to SM lmao

No. 450808

Hey, they shaved off her fupa.

No. 450813

Damn, did they have an official falling out or what?

No. 450815


Everyone these days seems to be some upcoming pro photographer in the cosplay scene. These are badly done and the set is a disaster. Whoever took the photographs has no knowledge of how lighting or how their lense works.

No. 450816


It's obvious by now that she's not above lying so she could've just made up something like "I used a Genji mask to show my love for Overwatch my dudes." At least then she could have kept her dignity instead of her losing more credibility.

She seems to have a hard time admitting she is wrong. It's quite fun to see her trying to explain herself and watch her mental gymnastics unfold.

No. 450820

File: 1508169906683.png (257.62 KB, 1242x2074, IMG_1885.PNG)

When you finally realize your father is disappointed in you, you eventually push away everyone close to you, liposuctioning your way to being 'healthy' is not working, and you resort to taking advantage of famous cosplayers and using your body for fame.

No. 450821

It seems to me like he just got sick of putting up with her. He used to be friendly and sort of defend her, but I think her purposefully choosing to lewd cuphead when he talked very clearly about requesting people don't do that set him over the "fuck it" edge. People who used to believe in her despite the drama are slowly falling away.

No. 450823

Honestly she looks great in these photos. The definition of curvy and a little thick. How the FUCK did she just blow up like a balloon and ruin her body??? If she wasn't a terrible, autistic person on the inside with this body, there wouldn't be 33 threads worth of farmers tearing into her. Jesus momo….

No. 450824

How she's even getting so butthurt over the mask is ridiculous. Of all the stupid shit she could be offended by.

No. 450825

I know. That doesn’t magically change the shape of your eye.

No. 450826

oh my fucking god anon, it's a joke. you ever seen a stoner?

No. 450827

She also didn't care about her eyebrow floating above her hair in two photos, so apparently not. Jeez, most girls use editing apps now and it's nbd but they try to be a little more subtle about it at least.

No. 450829

tfw she doesn't look that bad in this photo upon first glance, but she begins to look worse the more you look at her

No. 450830


She's a toxic time bomb and if you're smart you wouldn't want to associate with her for long. She's wronged so many that she associated with. The people who ride her dick either don't know her well and the drama that follows her, or are so desperate for fame they clutch onto her as long as possible. Not even her cosmom Jessica Nigri wants to work with her directly. Have you seen them doing a full on photo shoot together? Of course not. I'm curious as to see how much longer Vamp can put up with her before they have a massive falling out.

No. 450832

I remember in an older thread someone mentioned her probably having borderline personality disorder, and I thought they were being a bit much. But since then, god damn this bitch is such a perfect example of letting bpd get the best of you. Don't want to blame the illness either cause Ive found ways of handling bpd without acting like a major cunt.

No. 450839

No she says she's bipolar, not bpd

She mentioned it in her huge ~that girl from high school grew up~ post from waaaay back

No. 450841

I think Jess is smart enough to know that Mariah's rep in the cosplay community is toxic. Legitimate toxic, not just meme toxic. If Jess did an actual colab with Mariah, Jess would get so much heat for it and for the most part tries to distance herself from any drama within the community, at least publicly. It wouldn't be worth the hassle. Which I'm sure makes Mariah froth at the mouth.

No. 450842


Didn't she also post about having some mental illness before? She needs to stay on her meds. Alcohol and weed isn't the best option if it's true.

No. 450857


Moo probably bugs the fuck out of Jnig into collaborating with her but Jnig looks like the type to make fake plans with her like "oh yeah we will totally do that" and then hope Moo forgets about it. If Jnig ever flat out told her "no" I'm sure Moo will go on a twitter rampage about how Jnig fat shamed her or whatever. I actually want to see a twitter war between the two and watch the cow get slaughtered by her momma.

No. 450860

Nah, Mariah would never have the balls to publicly attack Jess. Jessica herself has said she has no ill will towards Mariah because she always treats her so nicely, but the only reason Mariah treats her nicely is because its Jessica fucking Nigri. Anyone who Mariah deems "unworthy" gets treated like shit (ie: Nanabear). Mariah would just keep sucking her ass in hopes she could taste a trickle of her shit.

No. 450861

I wouldn't doubt she has bpd or bipolar, since bpd still gets misdiagnosed as bipolar and vice versa. Just seems plausible because she can't keep people in her life and she's desperate to keep people around her, including her fans, while still managing to fuck up. She always has a string of shit cosplays then it seems like she realizes that people think they're shit so she pulls out some "obscure" anime cosplay to try and bring back her cred as a weeb girl to prove she's a geeky. Then she gets on the super defensive when people call her out on her obscure anime fuck ups. We can all agree that she's not lying about a mental illness because no sane person acts like this.

No. 450862

I agree with this. That shoot from Funimation (which was shady because funimation still has to post anything about it) is funny cause Stella Chuu only posted selfies from it and no group photos from the shoot, selfies they took, etc. I think Stella knows what's up tbh.

No. 450863

She's likely on an antidepressant or mood stabilizer, or should be. Not sure if she ever talked about having anxiety or not, because that's a xanax prescription and popping a few more than you need of those can get you pretty fucked up. But I feel like her behavior now is someone who isn't medicated.

No. 450864

Stella posted pics from the BNH cheerleader shoot group selfies and whatnot instantly but I just checked again and still nothing from the funimation shoot. Just a photo of herself, which I don't blame her at all for avoiding that whole mess.

No. 450870

File: 1508178674941.jpg (18.53 KB, 632x451, Screenshot_2.jpg)

>higurashi is not a popular anime/manga

bitch what?

No. 450872

you know momo always wants to support underground anime and indie games! nobody had heard of overwatch from small publisher blizzard until she put it on the map!

No. 450874

funny thing is takano NEVER aimed for a nobel holy shit. her aim was always having her gradfather work recognized/accepted

beaceuse that is indeed a genji mask. she didn't even look (or didn't knew) how a normal one would look

No. 450875

this is another case of 'she watched the anime but is pretending she played the vn'. she did the same thing with umineko, but atleast the higurashi anime wasn't a failed mess…also sorry for sperging about umineko, but man, moo probably has literally no idea what umineko is even slightly about and that makes me so angry.

No. 450878

Nope. She just goes to wikis and reads plot and character pages and acts like she's been there since day one. It'll be okay though, anon. We can all laugh at her terrible representation of Beato if that's what she chooses to do.

No. 450879

I kinda almost believe that she is bipolar, cause the way she goes so fast between being a sensitive cry baby plz be nice to others and being a dick fuck you lol… But I mostly believe that she is just plain shitty with a shitty attitude…

No. 450882

It explains all the dropped projects and charity things she just randomly stops. In manic episodes it'd be easy for her to think that she can raise money and sell prints for charity but then when she comes down from mania just gets overwhelmed with the project and what she promised people. I'm inclined to think it's not bipolar though because we've only seen manic moo and not really a depressed moo, she'll get sad for like half a day or maybe a day but then she's back to herself. Where in bipolar there should be depressive episodes that last atleast a week.

No. 450883


Moo: omg guyz I love my mommas Stella and Jnig!!! They totally want to work with me. Why would Stella shoot with me if she didn't like me????? We are all totally best friends!!! They love me. They said so!!!!!

Stella and Jnig: How do we let her down gently?

No. 450884


I would say it simply has more to do with her immaturity. She is like a child who never learned to take responsibility for her actions. She always has some bullshit excuse to absolve herself of any blame and thinks that if she ignores a problem enough it will go away. I haven’t seen shit like this since I was in elementary school, afraid of getting in trouble with my parents so I made up some lie to make it seem like it wasn’t my fault. And every single time my parents could see right through it and called me on my shit.

Considering Moomoo’s relationship with her mom, it seems obvious that she was constantly coddled and babied and always had her bullshit excused, so she never learned to grow the fuck up and take responsibility. Even if her dad was a total meathead and tried to force her into sports to “toughen her up”, if her mom is undoing all that shit by babying her then it obviously wasn’t going to stick.

So pinning this on a mental disorder lets her of the hook again. At some point she has to be held responsible for her own actions and you can just keep offering up excuses for her because it will only incentive her to keep doing it because she thinks she is getting away with it.

No. 450885


Based on her old tweets about wishing her mom dead and calling her a terrible mom, it looks like her mom only recently started kissing Mooriah's ass. I can assume it is because she is making decent money and wants to use her to pay bills.

No. 450891


Awaiting the day JNig just flat out pushes Moomoo to the side and makes the bitch wake up from her dream of being cosfamous best buddies forever because it'll never happen.

No. 450892

because of course those are legit. come on, anon, she likely just did that to be cool and edgy cause she was still technically a teen. she 180'd so hard on that shit only a few years after, plus we have no evidence her mom was ever mean to her.y

No. 450906

>I kinda almost believe that she is bipolar, cause the way she goes so fast between being a sensitive cry baby plz be nice to others and being a dick fuck you

That's not bipolar.

1. Most bipolar people will have no more than 4 episodes in an entire YEAR, though severe rapid cycling isn't unheard of. However, rapid cycling is almost always trasitory; the longer a person is seemingly rapid cycling, the more likely it is that their moodiness has nothing to do with bipolar disorder.

2. There are two specific 'poles' in bipolar - depression and mania. Simply swinging from one emotion to another (in this case, from "sensitive cry baby" to "dick") isn't bipolar. It's just emotional instability.

No. 450910

More like she browses the tvtropes pages.

No. 450912

yes, thats more bdp but i doubt she has it

No. 450915


Mental disorder or not we have to stop giving her excuses. There is no excuse for being a lazy, evil, terrible human being. If she really had a mental disorder and if she was a repsonsible human being she would have gotten help for it by now instead of spending her days sleeping until 5pm and spending her money on partying. She's like 23 now. She is an adult.

No. 450921

did you even read her tweet

No. 450923

Yes. She suggested smoking pot would make her eyes “droopy” like the image she posted. Of course it doesn’t do that. She’s a retard making a retarded joke because she needs to mention pot for the lel IM COOL I SMOKE points

No. 450924

im loving this coke fueled twitter rant about Higurashi

No. 450931

Yes, she has no excuse. I was just pointing the fact that she changes so quickly her point of view (which it stays in shitty attitude mode most of the times)… I don't know why her so called fans are unable to see that. Clearly she is just a liar and a big hypocrite.

No. 450946


Her fans are entwined in her narcissistic web. Momo is the worst one I've seen in a while and the fact she makes profit from gullible & brainwashed fans and gets what she wants from everyone willing to actually work with her says it all.

No. 450949

File: 1508191418974.png (1015.87 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2017-10-16-14-59-24…)

Nice, another plaid shirt to wear for weeks

No. 450952

File: 1508191732162.jpg (115.37 KB, 595x808, 45465456.jpg)

but my dude she totally knew all that info she didn't go to any wikis!!

No. 450954

File: 1508191999704.png (475.36 KB, 720x953, Screenshot_2017-10-16-15-08-00…)

I like how this mask doesnt even look close to the Genjis (obviously) and she's still having a shitfit lol

No. 450955

I hate how she always. Types incomplete sentences. Like this. It's very annoying and. Stupid.

No. 450959

File: 1508192494844.png (481.13 KB, 680x777, received_10155741496614376.png)

my dude

No. 450971

Someone was saying in the last thread that Martin was putting all these pics with Stella in his Instagram story with no trace of Moo in sight. I wonder if disliking her was an elephant in the room for them

No. 450975

i like how no one asks, and no one cares but she keeps going to prove she knows all the anime knowledge and shes the most weebiest out of all the girls

No. 450992

I thought oni were ogres and demons were something else

No. 450994



No. 450995

>some people asked

sure, moo. i really do love how she keeps trying to defend herself about buying the oni genji knockoff mask. she's already repeatedly proven that she knows absolutely nothing about Japanese culture (or Chinese culture, for that matter). in a google search for "oni mask," every single result that looks like the mask she bought mentions Genji in the info. how could she possibly be stupid and/or blind enough to not make the connection? honestly, she's just baffling sometimes.

No. 450996

Oni (鬼) are a kind of yōkai from Japanese folklore, variously translated as demons, devils, ogres, or trolls

No. 450997


The funny part is I would have been okay with the reason for her using the mask being that she likes Overwatch and she happened to be needing an oni mask anyways. So two birds with one stone. But her trying to seem like an intellectual and trying to deny the obvious is just sad. She does not know when to just admit her mistakes.

No. 451011

File: 1508198630104.png (94.49 KB, 750x610, IMG_2856.PNG)

if my eyes could roll any harder…hurrdurr

No. 451019

What is funny to me is out of all the oni mask designs she chooses the one that Genji uses. She is only being aggressive because she didn't know about Genji's oni mask until people brought it up. So now if she wears it people are going to assume she is doing a slutty version of genji.

No. 451052

File: 1508202448383.jpg (27.78 KB, 400x400, oyashirosama_meme_by_darkknigh…)

funny thing again, hanyuu is some sort of oni but the potrayal she talked about was hanyuu instance as a god

does this bitch know that hanyuu is actually a piece of trash and basically the reason for bernkastel to exist?

No. 451056


She did it to herself. She took so much pride in lewding everything that now whatever she cosplays everyone expects her to lewd it. Usually people's cosplay quality go up the long they cosplay but it's downhill for her.

No. 451059

She reminds me of those entitled girls who doesn't work a day in their lives and always get away with murder since their mommy/daddy's little girl. This woman doesn't realize that putting her real name with the shit she does on social media will not get her anywhere in life since professional people are looking for people with professional attitudes. For a 22 year old she doesn't know shit about being an adult as she's just a big kid where everything is handed to her on a silver platter and she doesn't need to lift a finger to make herself useful. The money could be spent on making her cosplays better with better tools with a bigger studio or actual adult things but nope she rather party, get high, and fight with everyone on the internet instead of taking criticism with grace. People would die to have her life and they'd probably never take advantage of it by actually contributing to their audience and build themselves unlike Moo as not only they'll reach the neckbeard audiences but they will also be reaching those who actually want to better themselves in cosplay by learning from the masters. Seriously I just don't understand how life works.(learn 2 sage)

No. 451078

File: 1508204681474.png (669.94 KB, 720x895, Screenshot_2017-10-16-18-42-10…)

No. 451079

But anon, she worked at a coffee shop for a few months. It was traumatic for her to work even though she did shit there and was late every day.
I remember her sob story working there, she shat on everyone there and made fun of them but claimed that the day she was fired they gave her gifts and threw a party. She's so bad at lying man

No. 451081

File: 1508204924331.png (180.33 KB, 750x1334, 570372B4-8C73-4397-91F5-C07FA5…)

No. 451084

Stop lying dude. You've been dodging the questions regarding to the photos for months. Own up to your shit and stop making excuses.

No. 451086

Why is she acting like such a retard by putting “oni” in all caps everytime she mentions the word. Pretentiousness just oozes out of her fat ass.

No. 451088

File: 1508205898535.png (938.98 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2017-10-16-19-03-01…)

She bought a dress and actual syringes

No. 451089

File: 1508205973705.png (867.87 KB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2017-10-16-19-02-36…)

"I made this"

No. 451093

Y'all should have never complimented that wig. She's going to wear it to death.

No. 451096

its been years since i read the manga so… does takano really wear that at some point?

No. 451097

I wouldnt be surprised if its that Samus / HSOTD wig again.

No. 451099

I thought maybe you were exaggerating the “I made this” so I went and checked and she literally said “I made this” three times in a row I’m fucking dead.

No. 451102

No. 451103

fucking cringe…

No. 451104

There's no KBBQ's name in there as well so I doubt it.

No. 451105

She posted manga pictures when she was first planning this asking people what color they think it would be (it should be scrubby mint blue like people told her or white.) too lazy to go back and look but she did have the caps of it so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 451108

I know she has accused deluca before but I don’t know the other 2?

haha true
but does she have enough awareness to realize that would be too obvious?

No. 451113

really? she could have atleast ironed the sheets, jesus. this looks like total ass. is she really proud of this stuff? i can't believe she seriously is happy about this mess. also she's totally going to make this lewd.

No. 451115

File: 1508207950098.png (905.13 KB, 720x1031, Screenshot_2017-10-16-19-36-18…)

Obvious stache and chin ripple

No. 451116

File: 1508208014220.png (855.67 KB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2017-10-16-19-36-27…)

No. 451117

Id like to know more about her time actually working (or she was supposed to be at least). Was it Starbucks? I don’t know what working there is like but don’t you have to memorize quite a bit of stuff and work pretty quickly…?
Well I mean, if she was fired anyway… lol

No. 451118

….can we report this

No. 451126

How fucking insensitive of her to post this kind of crap especially after what happened in Vegas. Like, holy shit, is she out of touch with reality? I honestly don't even care if it has to do with some anime, I don't think anyone in their right mind would post something as trashy as "thinking about killing children"…

Goddammit Moo, get help.

No. 451128

reminds me of that skylar girl posting about peeing on children

then again she wasn’t making any big deal about a urine related tragedy a week or so before

No. 451129

File: 1508209320875.png (306.36 KB, 720x933, Screenshot_2017-10-16-19-59-34…)

No. 451130

File: 1508209351079.jpg (140.29 KB, 720x1189, PicsArt_10-16-01.13.36.jpg)

No. 451131

File: 1508209527318.png (73.54 KB, 200x249, 200px-King-Zora-Medium.png)

The only Zelda character Mariah is fit to "cosplay"…

No. 451133

She's doing a pretty good impression of the mirror shield from Majora's Mask here

No. 451134

File: 1508210295928.png (78.56 KB, 250x250, EEACCB52-5671-46CA-BC2D-08B04B…)

No. 451135

Read the fucking OP

No. 451136

>I'm curious as to see how much longer Vamp can put up with her before they have a massive falling out.

Vamp will be her friend until she finds someone else to pay the bills, or Moo stops paying them.

No. 451137

There is no context given, so yes. Even if nothing hard happens, something that can inconvenience her probably will.

No. 451139

But she's totally arabic which means shes obviously perfectly suited to Gerudo and she is just so thicc like the Gerudo obviously

No. 451140


So glad she didn't cosplay mipha back when kbbq did his zora armor Link. He was obsessed with mipha. Probably would've used a cheap spandex suit.

No. 451146

File: 1508213319102.png (154.38 KB, 750x1334, 5A9BA77F-8628-4D6B-96FD-50B4E2…)

Why does she keep telling everyone who calls her out that they’re going to “love” her lewd cuphead? Either she’s going to do something really cringey and think it’s funny when it actually isn’t at all, or she’s just being a bitch to everyone

No. 451148

Because she's doing it "funny" lewd with one of those printed bikini shirts, she thinks she's ~trolling everyone hue hue hue

No. 451153

File: 1508214181422.png (1.67 MB, 750x1334, 2DCF0154-9A54-4DBA-8BC6-9EA0C2…)

She’s taking the whole h3h3 fupa joke way too far. Jk she’s just horribly misshapen what a shame

No. 451154

Everyone is upset about lewding cuphead cuz when a new game comes up people draw porn and lewd it for attention. Cup head is just a cup and confirmed to be just a child at that. Then again people lewd up ponies and skeletons. But that isn't the point. Again without checking she's lewding another child.

No. 451155

everyone wave and say hi to moo

No. 451156

im fucking howling look at her thighs in relation to her feet

her body is so fucked up from lipo her lower half looks like a satyr’s LMAO

No. 451163

I don't know about y'all, but i'm excited to see this Higurashi video. Momo is gonna be so bad in it and i'm excited to see it

No. 451166

She is still in denial that lipo suction will fix everything. Her arms and legs are that of an obese person, her belly is slowly catching up even with removing the fat cells. The ones she has is just swelling up more and more, causing the cottage cheese body and weird lumps.

No. 451167

I’m still not over how bizarre that yoko video was. Another anon described it as seeing a turd in HD or something like that, idk, they made more sense and I felt it lol

No. 451175

File: 1508216186913.png (901.54 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2017-10-16-21-52-10…)

Aw anon beat me

No. 451177

File: 1508216235689.png (800.33 KB, 720x1170, Screenshot_2017-10-16-21-51-56…)

No. 451178

Oh my
Shes fuckin holding in her jowls with her fingers and is trying to disguise it as some ~totally not awkward at all~ pose. She looks like she did it in a panic (aaaaah i didnt bring my tape, i CANNOT let them in on the secret of my fat and sagging face!)

No. 451180


I recognize that shit anywhere from Suzy constantly doing it in photos. Bitch is trying to hide her triple chins.

No. 451181

oh my god her legs…
thank you moo I’m going to stop procrastinating and get to my workout right now because I never want to look like this

No. 451182

File: 1508216493979.png (1.06 MB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2017-10-16-21-59-30…)

No. 451183

Her thigh fat sticks out more than her actual ass. It's amazing

No. 451184

>>will you marry me
That mess though. NG :/

No. 451188

she said lipo makes you gain weight kek

No. 451189

He told me that she offered to do it and he said no. Repeatedly.

But idk if that's true since he's a lying scumbag too

No. 451197

I remember she had to delete comments all day with people throwing facts in her face

No. 451199

Momo just went through and kicked a bunch of subscribers out of her Discord because her bitch ass didn't like people asking where their shit is. What a petty mother fucking cunt. Seriously.

No. 451201

I feel it's more likely she's paranoid. And the fact you didn't say you were kicked is going to add to it. hahaha.

No. 451202

No, I was one of them. I am seriously about to post this fucking link everywhere and hope the room fills up with tons of people.

No. 451203

Her logic probably is "I don't need those fans anyway. So what if I'm losing some $50 tier patron. I have hundreds more~"

No. 451204


Saging from now on for this, but I made a new account and everything and its just gone. The server is GONE.

No. 451206

Thats so unprofessional. You have people asking where their prints are, wondering why they should bother being patreons when they aren't getting their content and the content they get, about 8/12 of those sets are already published to other sources online.

Yo, discord anons. I was HarrydelosFruit. Who were you guys? Not like it matters at this point anymore. Really disappointed my rant didn't set more people off yesterday, but boy was it interesting to see the massive cucks and people saying she should keep the donations people gave to her during streams.

No. 451208

God I hope it rains milk tonight.

No. 451209

Wow. Call her out on social media. I can't believe she did that.

No. 451210

haha wait wut? She was getting messages like this for months? Why did she crack now? Maybe she isn't worried about losing those paetrons? I mean surely a few will not support her. Honestly she might only lose 1 k a month so all she would really have to do is stop treating her friends.

No. 451211

I think its because of my rant yesterday. One of the dudes who was defending her actually cracked a few minutes ago and agreed with a lot of stuff said.

No. 451212

Maybe if she loses like 2-4k patrons she might cry and say "sorry" since that would ruin her current life style.

No. 451213

Mariah is the kind of person who would refuse to send out rewards to those who cancelled being Patrons. I truly believe that is why these men stick around.

No. 451214

>anon says they’re gonna post the link
>discord deleted

why are you doing checking this thread every 5 seconds when you’re ~soOoOoO busy~?

No. 451215

Mannnnnnnnnn I can't imagine the backed in the corner anxiety she must be happening right now. Karma is a bitch, boy.

No. 451218

Discord isn't fun when the whole group is demanding for content they paid for

No. 451220

Give it a try. It's no secret, the link has been posted before

No. 451223

No, she completely deleted her Discord. Its GONE. No link works and its not just a single account banned. You can create a whole new account and all and the link still won't work.

No. 451224


Why do they even pay for shit that she leaks herself? Her photos aren't even that great. It's just her in a discount sale costume while either posing awkwardly or getting fingered.

No. 451225

File: 1508220828088.png (34.1 KB, 583x532, cunt.png)

No. 451227

wait, you have to pledge 20 dollars for full access to the discord? Is she going to remove that tier or what?
When you're a fan having a physical item in your hand means the world to you.

No. 451228

Everyone should go in and report that image >>451116. I just did. Seriously. We might be able to get her account frozen or something depending on how many flagged images she has been sticken with at this point.

No. 451229

File: 1508221306841.png (99.67 KB, 539x361, Screenshot 2017-10-16 at 11.21…)

No. 451230

File: 1508221378053.png (1.02 MB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2017-10-16-23-19-06…)

No. 451231

I bet she won't even remake the discord that or she will follow the advice I gave before which was that she needs to send out the invite code to everyone on that tier so she knows they are legit patreons. That still doesn't have anything to do with deleting it because people were expressing where their prints are, why nothing they send gets a response unless you are a hater. Questions with legit answers needed. Why are you posting 8/12 images on social media and then Patreon gets only 4 exclusive prints. Probably because thousands of likes and comments isn't the same as only 25 likes on Patreon. Must suck knowing almost everything Jessica puts out on Patreon gets massive amounts of likes and comments whereas Moo is lucky to get 20 likes and max of 6 comments.

No. 451232

File: 1508221538087.png (40.88 KB, 592x554, discord.png)

No. 451235

Is that just now?

No. 451236

No. this has been up since

>Mariah Mallad

>Jul 11 at 9:32pm

No. 451237


Bet she's going to "assume" anyone asking where their prints are are not her actual patrons. I understand her paranoia but whether it's fake patrons or real ones it's no secret she hasn't been sending rewards out on time. It's not fair that all she can do is give bullshit reasons like "the mailman sucks at his job" or whatever.

No. 451243

I did.
idk if it will do anything, it’s just a story post anyway…

…wait a minute… if that’s all the activity she gets… isn’t that a little suspicious? and furthering the idea that maybe she’s buying fake pledges?

No. 451247

samefag but it’s like when you see someone with an Instagram account that has a very disproportionate amount of followers in relation to likes/comments. At that point you know a good amount of the followers were bought.

No. 451249

It was talked about a few months ago that she is a few of her own pledges and some of her friends pledge to her in exchange she pledges the same amount. The idea is if people see she is worth something, they are more willing to pay 50+ a month

No. 451251

Either she deleted it or IG did due to reports, but its gone now.

No. 451256

File: 1508224125778.png (187.83 KB, 479x378, Screenshot 2017-10-17 at 12.07…)

I don't know why anon is saying it's dead but she just posted this

No. 451258

File: 1508224161747.png (86.26 KB, 299x354, Screenshot 2017-10-17 at 12.07…)

No. 451261

it may be she kicked everyone out as punishment and plans on sending the code to everyone… that or she set it to private and is pretending people are allowed in

No. 451264

Why doesn't she @everyone to ping them about her posts? Even in the small-time discord chats I'm in, the efamous people do this.

I can't wait to see her do it now that I've said it.

No. 451265

After I reported it I couldn't see it anymore, wasn't sure if you're just blocked from seeing it after reporting or if I happened to be the final strike.

No. 451267

It's still there for me. Insta makes things disappear for you if you report it or click that you aren't interested.

No. 451269

File: 1508224982687.png (4.37 MB, 1600x2844, takano.png)


No. 451270

File: 1508224996549.png (55.07 KB, 769x348, whats up bitch.png)

No. 451277

File: 1508225416400.png (24.41 KB, 463x170, Screenshot 2017-10-17 at 12.29…)

The new "those thighs aren't innocent"

No. 451280

File: 1508225563256.png (34.14 KB, 477x272, Screenshot 2017-10-17 at 12.29…)

No. 451281

Whenever she says she isn't going to lewd something she lewds it

No. 451285

Not to defend Moo but she is right, in the OVAs they are thoroughly lewded. Also every other fan of Higurashi lewds Hanyuu and Rika, it wouldnt be exclusive to her. They just dont want her cosplaying and lewding them because she is not a petite qt.

No. 451286

I hopped onto IG just to report it

No. 451287

File: 1508229480681.png (842.75 KB, 720x1042, Screenshot_2017-10-17-01-34-39…)

No. 451292

File: 1508232657642.png (1.15 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171017-022922.png)

No. 451293

File: 1508232683455.png (1.05 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171017-022914.png)

No. 451295

File: 1508233017504.png (73.9 KB, 720x485, Screenshot_2017-10-17-02-34-09…)

No. 451296

File: 1508233165295.jpg (35.01 KB, 600x400, courage-the-cowardly-dog-perfe…)

Magliris doesn't know how to edit for shit how embarassing her face looks like this dude

No. 451297

have u considered doing your actual work and sending rewards, stupid cow

No. 451301

File: 1508234626907.png (38.54 KB, 640x221, IMG_2431.PNG)

Lol what

No. 451302

you're wrong. You can have manic episodes more times than that a year. I know from my psychiatrist asking about my mania every two months. She's swinging from high to low, with the term "bipolar" meaning just that. Her low periods (the fucking flannel rag and nappy will she was wearing) are very apparent. She DID also say that she was diagnosed as bipolar, but refused to take her medication.
The way she is acting out just screams bipolar. I get it. But again, no this is no justification for being an asshole, talking down to people, screwing people over. That's just bad character. So completely needy of attention. No I'm not diagnosing her, I'm just aware of what's up. This is not a blog post, it's a perspective.

No. 451304

This face is horrendous

No. 451305

That's worth reporting to Patreon, what a fucking loser. Instead of shooting these tacky Halloween shoots all month she should have focused on getting up to date with her tier rewards.

No. 451310


she looks high as fuck

No. 451311

>You can have manic episodes more times than that a year

Hence why I said >Most bipolar people will have no more than 4 episodes in an entire YEAR, though severe rapid cycling isn't unheard of.

There's a common misconception that bipolar means being extremely emotionally unstable all the time. In reality, episodes are usually fairly long and spaced out. Not always, but usually. Certainly far more often than most people think.

>Her low periods (the fucking flannel rag and nappy will she was wearing) are very apparent

She dresses like shit when she's not slutting it up because she's a lazy cow.

>She DID also say that she was diagnosed as bipolar


Look, Moomoo's self esteem has to be all over the place right now. On the one hand, she's making bank via Patreon because so many dudes think she's a goddess. She's been treated like a legit cosplayer in the community. She's rubbed elbows with JNig, who's one of the most well-known costhots out there. That's got to have her feeling great about herself. But on the other hand, she's bombarded by hate from people like us. Her shit personality, obesity, and lack of cosplay skills are constantly derided. Plus I really doubt she's happy with her body.

Throw in some intoxicants, her young age, and the fact that she only recently moved out of her parents' home, and it's no wonder that she's spazzing.

>But again, no this is no justification for being an asshole

Agreed 100%. Even if she is bipolar - and I don't know, maybe she is - the fact remains that she's already a total prick, plain and simple.

No. 451313


So because her patrons, the people who actually pay her bills, had the balls to call her out and demand to know where the shit they paid for is and where their money is going for the “charity” she claimed she was donating to, she decides to take her ball and go home.

And yet this bitch still doesn’t understand why she isn’t treated as a professional.

No. 451314

the proof was posted like two threads ago or something, and is over a year old, and everyone here just said she was lying anyways

No. 451315

In the last one or two threads Mariah made a post on Facebook going on about being the bullied nerd kid or some shit and talking about her having Bipolar

No. 451317

Her look is so blank and emotionless. Whatever she's doing to herself is fully showing now. Hopefully she'll hit a breaking point soon and knock this shit off and get help. She's far too young and immature for any of this.

No. 451320

I know this has been mentioned, but what the fuck did she do to the hairline of that wig. it looks like she put it through the dishwasher. RIP wig, we hardly knew ye.

No. 451322

She absolutely did not make that dress lmao. One, we would have seen progress pictures of it. She took multiple pictures altering a pair of underwear, and days worth of her working on that corset thing, and yet we have none of her making a dress? Please. And look at those seams (darts? I don't know sewing). Compared to how she was sewing literally days ago it's too clean. She's fulla shit as always.

No. 451323

Trips to the Halloween store don't count, Mariah.

No. 451329

File: 1508246906467.jpg (86.98 KB, 978x363, Screenshot_20171017-092130.jpg)

someone actually pointed out that her eyebrows were visible over her hair in her Takano pictures and she tried to play it off as she didn't know about it and thinks it makes her look "more anime". I hope she doesn't start doing this to try and make herself "look anime"…

No. 451335

wait what are you talking about? I'm in the discord right now.

No. 451336

File: 1508251262382.jpg (40.55 KB, 500x375, 1506618406372.jpg)

That wig is just crusty. How hard is it to part a wig, Mariah? And then that dead edited face and gross veiny body. I don't understand why the neckbeards stick with her. There must be more attractive girls who charge less for their Patreon content.

No. 451338

Honestly veins on breasts can be hereditary and the fact that people on this thread constantly point that out is sad. Yeah she's a bad cosplayer and terrible person but this flaw is not her fault. Big busted (non boob job) ladies usually have this problem regardless of weight.

No. 451340

It's not just her breasts this time though, it's all over her arms too.

No. 451342

Her one big boob vein is an eye sore. She edits the fuck out of her whole body, I don't get why she doesn't edit the vein. Does she not know how? I assume everyone else is shocked by it, or whatever words you want to use, for the same reason.

No. 451345

It bans IP. I see now. She seriously deleted all those messages from last night and kicked all the ones asking. What a fucking cunt. No tact at all.

No. 451346


I agree. Sick of people turning into screeching autistics over a damn boob vein. Focus on the terrible shit she has actually done. Of all the things they keep screeching about it is easily the most retarded and insignificant.

No. 451347


what fucking year are we in moo

No. 451349

Too right. Her lack of being a professional on Patreon and blatantly scamming her patrons who have been asking for their rewards and special perks for MONTHS is far more important than a titty vein at this point.

No. 451356

What is that white thing on the inside of her collar? Is it a tag or is it some interfacing or something similar?
I'm thinking once again she's saying she made something when she actually just altered it.

No. 451357

I don't think its a tag, it would be weird to have it on the side like that. And just judging by the quality it looks like something she made. Could just be something she used to keep the collar up.

No. 451365

Isn't this a meat injector? Even if she's going inject some preservatives into her sorry ass I guess it's too late for her.

No. 451369

I thought people established this with Momo, but wearing a wig doesn't count as cosplay. So what cosplays is she talking about?

No. 451380

when will she learn how blood splatters work?

ah yes let cut her some slack because everyone did it already right?

oh god i still can't remember this. who is she dissecting? sage for ot

No. 451394

God she is so heavily shooped in the face that her face looks creepy. Your fucking jaw and cheeks aren't that thin girl. You're not fooling anyone with that shit stop shooping yourself like that you just look rediculous and not hot.

No. 451415

Is that you, grandma?

No. 451432

File: 1508271652393.jpeg (290.35 KB, 2048x1366, 521B6E40-D698-4E05-9113-CAD167…)

I’m sorry

No. 451433

File: 1508271667294.jpeg (453.42 KB, 1366x2048, AF1D0319-1EBA-4284-954B-61DC34…)

No. 451434


Woah, he's actually grabbing them…

No. 451437

File: 1508271863159.jpeg (169.09 KB, 750x990, 63C499E2-836D-4D19-9C28-A86191…)


No. 451438

File: 1508271879508.jpeg (77.1 KB, 750x517, 7A21E0CC-8708-4711-898C-57263E…)


No. 451439

File: 1508271898496.jpeg (172.06 KB, 750x991, 3BED827C-A402-4815-8325-E878DC…)


No. 451440

File: 1508271920012.jpeg (196.03 KB, 750x947, DFB52542-5E4F-43A2-B38B-A677C7…)


No. 451441

File: 1508271940732.jpeg (304.47 KB, 750x794, 5710380C-15EC-49F8-B494-B01D32…)


No. 451443

you mean lolcow?

No. 451444

Holy shit, if your scalp is literally turning crusty and causing you real pain, you need to see a dermatologist and stop dyeing your hair every two god damn weeks. And maybe when you accidentally dye your hair purple, don’t dye it back the same fucking day. That skylardidit girl who does her hair fucking sucks if this is what’s happening to her damn head and she should feel bad.

No. 451446

So Moo is bi/pan? Can't remember this coming up much.

No. 451447

My guess is no, she’s just pandering to her audience. Pretending to be bisexual will make dudes even thirstier and make her seem available to lesbians and bi women

No. 451448

her complaining about being 'insecure about how big her boobs are' is such nonsense.

Momo we damn well know your tits are small. Sports bras do not magically make a D cup look like a B. If you were insecure about their size you wouldnt wear padded bras or have them actively be the highlight of EVERY shoot you do.

This actively disgusts me because it's the shittiest 'humble brag' ever especially since there are girls who actively have like Jcups on a size 3 body. Momo does not even have boobs that are as big as her fat hips

She claimed that she was dating vamp a while back

No. 451449

File: 1508272690953.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 608.03 KB, 750x1134, C7AEF101-CAA3-4CE9-8C47-5D1574…)

No. 451451

Her boobs are at most a D cup but i'm willing to bet they're a C because of her immense band size

No. 451453

Stop saying "actively" you sound like Greg.

No. 451454


Bullshit. Her current linebacker shoulders are most likely the result of getting lipo and continuing to gain weight. It's obvious in pictures of her from last year alone that she has been gaining weight in that area. Her high school pictures are proof that she did not always have super disproportionate shoulders.

Also she is the last person to talk about conquering insecurities. Moomoo…. you got lipo girl. That discredits you from trying to be the ambassador of loving personal imperfections. Even worse is that you continuously overshop and airbrush your photos. Great, you admitted your flaws but it's obvious you're only doing it for attention and for asspats so you don't feel like shit. If this is how you cope with being a piece of shit, it's going to suck hard for you when you lose all of your patrons and fall into obscurity.

No. 451455

Omg, she has fucking chemical burns. Legit. Gosh I almost feel sorry for her cause she clearly knows nothing about hair.

No. 451456

I know we know she fucked up her hair and scalp but I personally can't fathom how bad it must be to cause her so much pain? not blogging but I've been platinum blonde for years and i thought I knew painful hair could be. How has her scalp not healed yet?

No. 451461

Right on schedule she is doing her usual “Love yourself and all your flaws” bullshit. It usually comes right after everyone sees her being a cunt to everyone. She thinks that by saying all these things that it will now make her immune to criticism because she “owned up to it”. No, she is only doing this for ass pats and attention, so that now whenever someone tries to come at her with any of these insecurities her fans can say “She already owned up to that! Leave her alone!”

Also, you got lipo bitch. That immediately disqualifies you from ever speaking on “body positivity” or “loving your flaws”. Instead of doing any of that, you got lipo then tried to lie to everyone about it because deep down you hate how you look.

And guess what, that still doesn’t absolve you of any of the garbage tier shit you have done to people. Stealing money for charity. The bullying. The constant lying to everyone and trying to take credit for other people’s hard work. None of that shit goes away because you boohoo to everyone about your “flaws” for attention.

No. 451462

…and there goes the dynamite. I'm surprised that she's gonna release them despite there being chances of his gf seeing these photos.

No. 451465

Her fat head and no neck are hilarious. Bobblehead lookin ass.

No. 451466

but she is responsible for her own apperence and pain?
She burned her own scalp and her hair is falling out.
She got lipo, now all the fat is going to her shoulders
Her boobs aren't big compared to her body, she is humble bragging
her stretch marks are because she can't stop eating. She was pretty cute before, she was a stereotypical hot chick

No. 451468


Actually her head is disproportionally small to her body especially with the huge shoulders and chest, so it looks like she’s a pinhead

No. 451470

Hey momo stop using the same fucking chinese window sliding door shit for your backdrop. We know you arent smart, but try to change it up a bit

No. 451472


By now you should never expect her to take any sort of personal responsibility for anything. It’s always someone else fault according to her, with her favorite excuse being “societal pressures and expectations”. It’s not that she couldn’t stop stuffing her fat face and tried to fix it with lipo and then lying to everyone. It was “societal expectations that demand her to be a rail thin skinny bitch” and “unrealistic body types demanded by men for women”.

No. 451475

HEY anon! that Japanese screen is one of her 5 pieces of furniture that she actually owns. she does what she can!!!

No. 451478

File: 1508275519473.png (1.51 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171017-142218.png)

Shes 100% reading all this shit.

No. 451480

He has a girlfriend? What do you call a female cuck? Because no woman should be dating a man who is groping other women and taking PHOTOS to put online. wtf.. Wow.

No. 451483

Shut up about his girlfriend. Let them be stupid.

No. 451485

Put what if she doesn't know whats going on?

No. 451487

File: 1508276083390.jpg (17.9 KB, 240x240, 1430349081062.jpg)

>My shoulders have always been big. And ppl call them linebacker shoulders.

Bitch, hahaha. I see you're lurking here.

No. 451488


We already knew she reads everything here. But she sure as shit doesn’t actually listen. She just looks to take passive-aggressive potshots like this because “lol the haterz don’t git 2 me”.

No. 451496

>stretch marks from high school and college

we can see those fresh, angry red marks on your arms from recent weight gain. why lie about this.

No. 451497

>>451432 This is the perfect opportunity to post on twitter that he has a girlfriend with the provided caps, this could potentially start a shit storm and I'm stunned no one has done it yet

No. 451500

At first I thought this was a room in the "massage parlor" where she'll be working in 10 years.

No. 451501

Im actually thinking about letting the girlfriend know but I'm waiting until we get the goods from the photo shoot and include them with the snapchats that happened later that night. Especially with the one where she's in bed naked. But I wont tell her about lolcow since I don't want to tip the cow.

No. 451504

File: 1508278302408.png (97.99 KB, 782x533, Screenshot 2017-10-17 at 3.10.…)

No. 451506

File: 1508278378786.png (96.93 KB, 794x524, Screenshot 2017-10-17 at 3.10.…)

>And that just brings up the point, if an entire company can put off a game for 10 years, momo doesn't deserve to be crucified for taking a few months to ship things out by hand, her critics need to learn a thing or two about hard work.
> her critics need to learn a thing or two about hard work.

my sides

No. 451508

Waiting until you get the whole shoot is a good idea.

Other Patreon coshoes don't have a problem with delivering their rewards, only Moomoo. She does fuck all 24/7. She doesn't need "extra hands" she needs to use her own goddamn hands and get off of her lazy fat ass and do what she promised.

No. 451511


Woah woah woah, what snapchat with her naked in bed? Who's account was this on?

No. 451512

No. 451513


Ohhh, sorry, got thrown off by the word "snapchat", assumed it was something ese

No. 451530

File: 1508281530371.png (62.5 KB, 720x381, Screenshot_2017-10-17-16-03-22…)

Please don't shoot Higurashi

No. 451540

Wonder how that will turn out since it'll be on a school day.

No. 451541


Mooriah on twitter:
"Omg guyzzzzz!! So many people recognized who I am today. It feels so great knowing I have fans everywhere my dudes!"

No. 451543

Couldn't wait until Friday could you?

No. 451559

File: 1508286504214.png (1.17 MB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2017-10-17-17-26-12…)

Aaannd she's doing it

No. 451560

File: 1508286566807.png (866.79 KB, 720x1179, Screenshot_2017-10-17-17-25-59…)

No. 451567

Is her makeup fucked or did her face just become 500x worse the past few days? Because this just looks haggard and terrible

No. 451574

You know, this would be a great cosplay

No. 451575

File: 1508288520647.jpeg (34.35 KB, 451x567, 58D31E6F-9888-4DED-A4DD-36A9C4…)

Have we ever figured out if that's a moustache or does her makeup above her lip end up getting licked off a la Miley Cyrus? Because she always has that dark shadow there. It was super prominent in her MeMe photos.

Maybe she really has been having someone else do her makeup and she just had to do it herself today, or it could be the lighting, but comparing this to how she looked in her witch photos, yikes.

No. 451576

I would not be surprised if she lewded a dinosaur from a children’s series of movies

No. 451578

Her hairline is showing under her wig…

No. 451625

thanks anon. whomst the fuck would pay 20 dollars for this? the discord is boring as hell anyway

No. 451639

I don't even know which cosplay >>451292
>>451293 is. Looks like a generic thot with blonde wig, nothing identifible about it.

My guess is HOTD and only because that was the last recent one she did, and it's too early to slut up the Higurashi woman (but she will after the video obv)

No. 451642


I would be so livid if I was trying to study and this cunt was doing a photoshoot and being inevitably loud and distracting. That's the UNLV library and I'm honestly gonna be surprised if she didn't get kicked out since people get kicked out of there for as little as falling asleep in the chairs.

No. 451649

This is just a list of her flaws that she wants to get out there before some evil person (us) tells her loving fans

No. 451686


It’s just like when she tried to “take back” “Moomoo” and “Momokunt”. She thinks that by saying it first then it means we can’t use it against her anymore because she “owned up to it”. But watch her still get triggered when these flaws get thrown back in her face. Guarantee she’ll be like “I already said that about myself! Come up with something new lol”

No. 451711

File: 1508295810877.png (432.52 KB, 1057x444, i cant find the one i mean so …)

After seeing her from the back during that hiking(?) trip recently posted, I can no longer defend those as broad shoulders.

Even if they are, she's got a lot of broad meat on them making that argument moot.

No. 451730

paying for something and not receiving it = fine

an unreleased game where maybe investors are affected = HOW DARE YOU WRONG ME


No. 451735

do you think she just went there and did what she wanted, or did she actually ask permission/get a guest pass (my shit highschool had these, i dunno if this is a real thing - in school shooting america i assume it is)

No. 451744

File: 1508296718171.jpeg (18.29 KB, 511x369, 24924BFD-254D-4F79-B070-DF9EC5…)

what is that white thing showing through? i can’t tell if it’s whipped cream, a cloth, or something else.

No. 451752

It's a college, you wouldn't need a guest pass.

But I'm sure she probably just went on campus without permission.

No. 451756

Probably a bra to hold dem saggy ass titties up.

No. 451758

Hopefully it's latex gloves so he didn't catch any mad cow disease

No. 451762

It's the dude's hand, he's holding her breasts. I think he's wearing gloves.

No. 451791

yeah, it might be latex gloves because he's supposed to be "milking" her ugh. also could be a loophole in the girlfriends mind…it's a barrier he's not really touching her!

No. 451793


You can see his fingers though. Pretty sure she just put whipped cream all over her breasts and had him grope her.. Classy.

No. 451809

the cream is probably supposed to be the milk or whatever.

No. 451863

Has anyone noticed that most of the IG pics with her and charlie are gone? Its like they are doing damage control.

No. 451880

Lactating porn

Yayyyy thanks momo

No. 451891

yeah those are not “broad shoulders”
You can’t even tell what kind of structure her shoulders are with all that fat built up on top of them. God the bulges…

No. 451918

If either of you are women I'd highly recommend getting properly fitted for a bra, because Mariah is most definitely at LEAST a E cup, which isn't as big as people assume. It literally just means there is a 5" difference between your underbust(band size) and the fullest point of your breasts. Each cup size is +1". The excess fatty tissue she has spilling out by her armpits is just displaced breast tissue and is supposed to fit in with the bra cup. She would honestly look way better if she just got a properly fitted bra and didn't try to squeeze into the incorrect size to look more "anime."

No. 451945


You should look at the beekini mei or kanna pictures. Her recent sets only make her boobs look bigger because of padding. you can tell how small her boobs actually are when she's not padded to hell or letting them hang.

No. 451955

File: 1508304576498.png (140.35 KB, 1152x786, shion.png)

No. 451962

File: 1508304765112.jpg (28.81 KB, 704x396, snapshot20060529172743.jpg)

Just a reminder of what shion in that yukata looked like too.

No. 451963

File: 1508305053233.png (140.7 KB, 750x1024, IMG_6051.PNG)

Funimation put up the promo pics on Facebook and Twitter

Time to litter the comments and replies with proof of how awful moomoo is.

Eat shit, Justin Rojas.

No. 451964

absolutely nothing lewd or even sexual about this. She has to be totally delusional if she thinks what she did isn’t lewding it up.

No. 451968

is it even worth it
you could spam evidence of everything and still none of the dumbasses seem to know how to read

No. 451970

It is worth it IMO bc in this case the company has to care.

No. 451980

>Guys this is just photoshooting there's no reason for her girlfriend to be upset! He's just grabbing her bare tits and pretending to fuck her from behind!
I really, really hope the gf dumps this guy

>Bigger than I'd like them to be
Jesus Moo just lose the fucking weight, your tits are like 80% fat from gaining weight. She's just fishing for validation and compliments again. And Moo your looks are really the least of your problems, you should really be worried of your awful personality and mental issues.

This, in her pre-weight gain photos her body seems fine and average.

No. 451982

Pretty sure I remember her mentioning whipped cream? Gross.

No. 451984

The business has to deal with it, Moo can't just magically make it disappear.

No. 451985

Anon should've shut their mouth. On the other hand, anon probably already saved relevant pieces.

No. 451986

I think 2 threads there's another video where she seems high af and goes on about how this guy was hers or some shit like that but it's been deleted as well.

No. 451988

i really can't get over how she legit looks like someone's 40+ mom.

No. 451997

Mariah is responding to comments with her personal account.

No. 451999

I remember her seeming very manic but nothing about the guy being hers or whatever unless I missed it
and if it’s true that’s fucked and somebody better find it

No. 452000

File: 1508314918339.png (28.58 KB, 680x216, remember guys shes not white.p…)

How you gonna say this in here and not provide pics

No. 452001

File: 1508315063211.png (77.09 KB, 579x705, you are wrong my dude.png)

No. 452003

alright I dislike moo and I don’t care how white she really is or isn’t, it doesn’t make any difference with what a shit person she is but

fuck whatever self hating white weeb that is.
“Hikikomori hime” jesus girl get something legit to bitch about or just shut it.

No. 452004

File: 1508315185021.png (11.15 KB, 536x150, the elusive charity streams.pn…)

There's that fucking "my dude" shit again what is this fucking 2014

No. 452006

File: 1508315349361.jpg (59.48 KB, 471x313, 1.JPG)

Because it took me from that post till now to get to FB and get even one. My computer and internet are not good.

No. 452007

not every one is an lolcow scholar i dunno

No. 452018

File: 1508318281817.png (105.78 KB, 743x454, IMG_6054.PNG)

Bless Rachel lol

No. 452020

File: 1508318436415.png (104.72 KB, 720x445, Screenshot_2017-10-18-02-17-28…)

Instastory says she's in NY for Xmas and wants to do a meet up. She wants to buy everyone chicken nuggets and not gift them with their Patreon rewards apparently.

No. 452031

"sorry for ip banning you and not sending your rewards, but heres a coupon for chicken nuggets"

No. 452035

I can't be the only one who is bothered by the red blush on her nosetip that she does for EVERY CHARACTER? It suits Mei but that doesn't mean you should use it over and over again

No. 452040

File: 1508323261038.png (78.44 KB, 625x638, Stream.PNG)

No. 452041

File: 1508323429118.png (Spoiler Image, 2.1 MB, 1152x2048, i just wanna help out.png)

classic moo

No. 452050

File: 1508327604085.png (126.38 KB, 413x692, funimation.png)

She's super triggered over at the funimation page. Way to post how much money you donated again too Moo, what a fucking cow.

No. 452051

File: 1508327818284.png (119.29 KB, 431x651, funimation2.png)

and two.

No. 452053

hurricane money will be so helpful next month. and what about the begas shooting? oh nm youre just dreaming about killing kids tee hee

and moo, you stupid cow, i know you're reading this. you literally were like LOL LOW TIER GOD I HAVE MORE FOLLOWERS WHO CARES ABOUT U
look forward to that tweet being deleted in the next 24hrs

No. 452054

God she's so butthurt it's hilarious. Also glad to know she actually admits to doing drugs. And what hurricane relief prints, she has been "about to do that" for weeks now

No. 452057

File: 1508328633854.png (93.28 KB, 599x393, twitterrant.png)

Who else feels a sob story coming on? It's your own fucking fault Moo. If you just donated the money right away instead of waiting no one would fucking question you, but you have yet to do any of the BS you claimed. Your "own" money doesn't fucking count either when you flaunt it like a badge.

No. 452059

>prioritizing your shit cosplays and slutty photoshoots over ACTUALLY HELPING PEOPLE AND DOING CHARITY WORK
yes moo you are scum, there's just no way around it

No. 452060

File: 1508328964964.png (131.24 KB, 600x690, replies.png)


People aren't stupid either, her excuses are going to get old the more people hear them. Were getting to the end of October, what's her excuse going to be then?

No. 452061

she doesnt care.
the only thing she want is people to say: oh wow moo thats so nice. everyone should be like you.
but everyone is making fun of her because she's a fake whore :)

No. 452062

JFC look at those fucking stretch marks

God she's such a polluted cunt

No. 452063


Can someone please reply to her comment about where shes never bragged about followers. This bitch is delusional. Its funny to see her in a place where she cant delete comments

No. 452064

Does anyone see her end soon?
Like can anyone fortune farmer and forsee what might happen to her in 2018?
Realistically of course not just with the farmer mindset

No. 452066

>>452063 I was about to post this too, for those who claim it on the FB post, back it up! She has zero control over what's posted and said over there and I'm sure she's having a damn fit over it!

No. 452086

"Wahhh I've been so busy with cosplay"

>Prioritized shitty lewd one minute "cosplays" over charity

>Still hoarding the donations
>Nothing about the Beekini Mei prints
>Patreon rewards are still months late

Bitch you spend most of the time stuffing yourself while sperging online, busy WHERE
(soz for incorrect saging)

No. 452090

What about sharing the PM where she says all girls hate themselves.

No. 452093

Saging this. Just saw ethan post on nigiri tweets. Is this why momo is trying to get up his ass?

No. 452095


For fucks sake this could have all just been avoided if you just fucking donated the money Moomoo. You really expected to be able to just sit on that money and not have people come asking questions?

And stop fucking humble bragging the shooting. People are fucking dead, that’s all that should matter. Not how many or how bad it is compared to other shootings. And it’s disgusting that you keep bringing up the numbers every time people try to call you out for not sending off the donation money.

Fuck she is just human garbage.

No. 452098


Classic Moo. She makes a big deal about charity yet put them in the backseat for a lewd shoot she could do later on? The people you're trying so hard to help need help now. It's just so sad that she is picking fights with people in the comments. So professional. Funimation sure knows where to find "professionals."

No. 452101


Here’s the thing about charity: Don’t fucking commit to it if you don’t have the time!

If you are as busy as you claim you are Moomoo, then don’t promise thousands of dollars towards charity.

It’s so fucking obvious hat his was never about helping people. This was all about stroking her ego so that she could sit back and say “what a good person she is”. If this was really “your city” that you wanted to help then you wouldn’t toss aside an opportunity to help so that you can post pictures of some dude pretending to put his dick in you from behind.

No. 452102

File: 1508335845865.png (289.29 KB, 488x472, 1476572052510.png)

First of all Hanyuu is a demon goddess of Onigafuchi. Second, Hanyuu is not the cause why Bernkastel exists since Bernkastel was born from Rika's frustration so if you think Bernkastel being born is bad, you basically hate Rika and not Hanyuu because she could only let the hopelessness of repeating the time so many times and nothing be accomplished go away was when Bernkastel became another being. Bernkastel is a necessary evil. Rika was the one resetting the time, so Bernkastel is entirely her fault. If you are talking about the interactions of Featherine and Bernkastel in the game (Hanyuu and Rika, as you might know) then you are fucking retarded. Featherine's relationship with Bernkastel are basically of Master and Servant. Featherine calls Bernkastel her Miko several times. That means shit that Hanyuu created Bernkastel. Bernkastel is merely a form of Rika, Hanyuu's descendant, like Featherine is a form of Hanyuu, as it was speculated, Hanyuu is Featherine after her memory device is broken (Featherine's and Hanyuu's horns are supposed to be memory devices, Hanyuu's horn is cracked).
You should read the VNs before you spout shit, ape.
Sage for 07expansion autism

No. 452105

This post gave me autism holy shit

No. 452106

If you are that anon you are ignorant, go read the VNs
If not I know it's autistic and I'm sorry

No. 452107

Not to be mean or anything, but please don't shit up the thread with OT ryukishi-verse garbage.

No. 452109

Maybe it's because I'm not from the US but why the fuck does she say that she is Lebanese.
She is clearly American with lebaneae roots.
She has no idea about the culture over there nor their language so how can she say that she is Lebanese ?
This triggers me all the time when American say that they are French, German or whatever.
She has roots yes but once she steps into that country no one will say "yeah sure you're Lebanese the same as us" that's not how it works.

No. 452111

Why does she keep saying "my own money" like it's such an amazing thing? People assume it's your money. It shouldn't even need to be clarified.

No. 452112

Brace yourselves, she donated 2000 dollars to a charity relief once and now she's going to brag about it for the rest of her life. She will keep posting that one screencap every single time she will hold charity money for herself and people will question her about it.
Classy as always.

No. 452114

As an American who is 3rd generation on both sides, this bothers me a lot too. My full Swed dad who was born outside of the US barely considers himself Swed, even though his mom does. I feel like younger generations just want to be special.

No. 452115

File: 1508337948119.jpg (478.17 KB, 1419x1660, Screenshot_20171018-074449.jpg)

No. 452116

File: 1508338102753.jpg (841.84 KB, 1335x2339, Screenshot_20171018-074324.jpg)

No. 452117

This is a pretty common US thing for younger people to claim. Apparently living in the states isn't special enough.

No. 452118

>>452116 She is being torn to shreds and it's just glorious. The best part is she can't censor any of it b/c it's not on her own page. I can't imagine what kind of damage control she's going to try to do when she wakes up out of her up all night eating/drinking coma. I hope funimation is happy with the trash they associated themselves with.

No. 452123

File: 1508339996424.jpeg (33.93 KB, 750x184, 3EE6EDE3-D8CB-4DE6-9F45-18F122…)

i can’t wait for someone to post a screenshot of that twitter audit thing that shows how many followers she bought

No. 452126

I commented last night and woke up to see others commenting. Its funny cause apparently she's "going to school" for marketing and she talks so much shit on her social media like word travels fast.
Her footsteps are visible and no, Mariah, its not because you lewded anything. It's your attitude.

No. 452140

these were already posted

No. 452141

No. 452149


People who say "my own money" tend to do so to gain affirmation for what they did or because it was hard for them to part with the money. I would not be surprised if both of these reasons are why Moo has to keep pointing out it's her money.

She is straight up dumb. If the city means soooooo much to her why would she toss aside her stream for charity (to help her BELOVED city) for her greeeaaaatttttt Takano project? This is why people can't take you seriously Moo. Your actions show how you're not genuine about anything. I hope Funimation drops her ass.

No. 452152

It's not even "her own money" anyways, she's raising it. If it was from "her own money" she wouldn't be raising money to send, she's also only doing the streams because she sent 2K already to prove a point, then she streamed for 2K and stopped because she didn't loose out on anything. People who are helping with "their own money" have to set money aside. She is trying to raise money for charity, which is fine, but it's not "her own money" because the people who donate to her charity streams aren't doing it for her, they're doing it to donate.

No. 452153

sorry on mobile.