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File: 1515043079695.png (375.29 KB, 642x579, Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 9.16…)

No. 479422

Margaret continues to live a hobo sex worker's existence in a student goshiwan in Seoul, surrounded by her hoard of cardboard boxes. A visa run to Okinawa in early December 2017 seems to indicate that she no longer has a proper student visa, and has returned to abusing back to back tourist visas.

Over the month of December, Margo once more began to ramp up her campaign about Venoos and her Evil Plan™. Late January 2018 will mark the second anniversary of Venus's escape from Mutti Margo, and of Margo's insane quest to find Venus, wear her skin, and finally show the world who the REAL VenusAnglic is.

While December 2016 marked Margo's last known attempt to break into Venus's apartment, December 2017 brought us increased rantings, and Margo can't decide if Venus is faking an illness for attention, of if she's being poisoned by Mana, so she claims both are true. Margo is furious that Venus isn't making videos any longer, as this means there's less money for Margo to covet. Margo considers Venus promising videos and not publishing them to be proof she's a psychopath.

Margaret is adamant that Venus will divorce Manaki in early 2018; if this doesn't happen, milk ought to flow as Margo copes with her fantasies not coming true.



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No. 479423

File: 1515043258759.png (26.71 KB, 302x143, Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 9.19…)

Did you know that Mensa Margo can predict anything, including her boyfriend Trump getting elected, and the stock market prices?

No. 479424

File: 1515043409089.png (25.3 KB, 300x111, Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 9.19…)

Who could possibly be lying? The mentally ill sex worker who never shuts up about different conspiracies, or the person who hasn't talked about any of this stale shit for two years?

No. 479425

File: 1515043552979.png (56.2 KB, 304x349, Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 9.21…)

Mags can't figure out the answer to her own conspiracy, so she wants her audience of crazies to do it for her.

Narc technique: sow endless seeds of doubt, but always in a way you can deny later; "I never said that was the truth, I only said MAYBE".

/slightly stale milk, the old thread was kaput and wanted to make a new one before she gets on a late night drunk rant again

No. 479426

File: 1515043617689.png (62.87 KB, 324x421, Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 9.19…)

Oh, last import from the old thread: Margo's claim that Venus is being poisoned

No. 479436

Best thing of 2018 so far: Margot coming out of the woodworks to bring some milk. Bless her crazy Lunatic heart.

No. 479458


Lol. This crazy loon would delete any sad post that Venus posted on instagram, so its no wonder that we've never seen or heard of her being sick. I even recall Margo posting pictures of what looked like Venus lying in bed crying hugging a stuffed animal, and just labelling it "tired".

Crazy bitch couldn't let V even have 5 mins to cry to herself.

No. 479468

>Manaki defended himself against me when I showed up uninvited to their house!
>My precious Weenos looked confused when I banged on the door trying to get in after making lies about her online!

No fucking shit, Marge. All her ridiculous stories is just her throwing shit at a wall to see what sticks. Is Venus a bully? Did she try to kill her mother? Did she get her intestines removed? Is she being poisoned? The truth is whatever Marge can force feed you into believing.

No. 479475

>I even recall Margo posting pictures of what looked like Venus lying in bed crying hugging a stuffed animal, and just labelling it "tired".

Which picture was it? I can't remember as I wasn't informed about Venus or Margo at this time.

No. 479477

>well happy new year
I laughed too hard at that..

No. 479478


Its was on and off while Venus was still with Margo. I do recall the most recent ones being while she was in Korea. You'd have to do some serious back tracking thru the threads to find them as most have been deleted. No doubt probably by Margo when people questioned if Venus was alright in them.

I hope for 2018 Venus does a tell all video. Burns this ham back to hell.

No. 479491

I couldn't find it. I looked on PULL. The Margo thread on lolcow started with the runaway, which I think, doesn't include the picture.

No. 479494

What do you mean by seeing what sticks? What Venus will admit to or what marg’s followers will believe? What would any of that even prove?

Trying to understand the crazy here

No. 479499

Not the person you asked, but I think they mean Margo comes up with a hundred different things to see what bad thing she can get people to believe about Venus.

Like from the first day, when she threw out "VENOOS IS ALCOHOLIC AUTISTIC ANOREXIC PSYCHOPATHIC VIOLENT PUPPY KILLING MOTHER HATER THEIF HUSBAND CHEATER VISA SLUT ASEXUAL!" She threw anything at her audience, trying to cover every negative base as punishment for Venus leaving to live with her husband, and taking her earning powers with her. Narcs pepper spray you with accusations and negative insults, hoping you'll respond to one of them, and then they'll pounce on that bit of attention and attack you for it.

Margo has thrown everything she can think of at Venus to ruin her reputation. What Margo settled on as the story that got her the most attention, was Venus "stealing" money, the channel and her personal belongings from Margo; Venus "cheating"; and Venus "abandoning me to homelessness". The secondary stories Margo uses is that Venus makes up her illnesses, or is being held hostage in some way by Manaki. The rest of the garbage she spewed out on day one didn't resonate enough with Margo's audience, so she runs with what does get her a small amount of attention.

No. 479530

Yeah, what I mean by "seeing what sticks" is what Marge can get people to believe.

No. 479548

I haven’t kept up with Margo in forever. I’m just wondering, is the overall consensus that she’s just insanely jealous of Venus or that she has some sort of mental issue? I’m genuinely curious as to how a mom can be this extreme and go so far to defame their own child.

No. 479551

Both actually. Most anons think she has narcissistic personality disorder or a similar problem, which leads her to see her child as property/an extension of herself and be insanely jealous of anything she has that Margo doesn't (youth, attractiveness, attention, Internet presence, a devoted partner etc.) To Margo, Venus is not supposed to have these for herself because she's a tool to provide them for her mom, out of gratefulness that Margo gave birth to her and raised her. But instead she ditched her and is acting like an individual, so Margo is off the rails living in a perennial tantrum like a 3 year old denied a toy.

No. 479552


Thanks for sharing, really interesting read. I remember one time Margo was claiming how she was a beautiful doll just like Venus back in the day except they didn’t have cameras. Her tone made it sound as if she was apparently even prettier. Smh…

No. 479565

File: 1515150484434.jpg (235.39 KB, 1242x1129, 4Z5kDZ8.jpg)

Typical Margaret supporter, who thinks everything Margaret has done is perfectly normal. So what kind of “mommy” is this girl? The type that posts a collage of her fresh self-harm cuts with the caption “What you’ve done to me”. I guess TW if you decide to click her profile.

All of Margaret’s supporters are screwed up people who romanticize stalking the one you (supposedly)love and blame others for their own abusive behavior.

No. 479570

let's all take a moment to let it sink in that this is an adult woman

she belongs in a mental asylum

No. 479579

File: 1515170884667.png (1.35 MB, 1000x550, 9LFTD2p.png)

She's more than likely got mental issues. She went from one of those pageant moms to basically exploiting her daughter for money. She saw Venus as at least being her cash cow (since she admitted in an interview she wanted them to live off Venus's earnings) and if she's as crazy as some of us think, she sees Venus as being an extension of herself.

She's worn Venus's clothes, tried to make herself the face of the Venus Angelic empire, called herself the real Venus Angelic, etc.

Whatever it may be, she definitely can't handle Venus being independent. If she can't have Venus then she'll ruin Venus until she comes crawling back.

No. 479591

File: 1515180332338.gif (864.63 KB, 450x242, e230a3431ea99ddfec3cdb57b647f6…)

It's basically an IRL Perfect Blue.

No. 479600

kek she's insane. Margo has been ugly since forever, there were a childhood pic of her and one of her sisters floating somewhere in the past threads and has same buttface minus a couple of wrinkles.

No. 479606

File: 1515189656127.png (564.81 KB, 600x389, Untitled.png)


and Zsu is such a fabulous contrast.

No. 479608

it's really amazing to look at old photos of venus and realize how terrible she looked when maggot controlled her. she really did make her into a mini-maggot.

No. 479609

File: 1515189880298.png (442.86 KB, 597x420, ha.png)


although I am fond of this subtle Ferenc burn.

No. 479637


No wonder why margo is so bitter about everything. Looks aside, each one achieved something meaningful in their lives instead leeching someone else off.

No. 479640

File: 1515203985558.png (637.4 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171221-153311.png)

Venus' old pictures terrify me, thinking what she could have been

No. 479642

File: 1515204088989.png (686.26 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171221-153149.png)

Another one for no reason

No. 479643

Man those days were awful. She either looked like a mini-Margaret or a cheap hooker in the clothes that got bought for her.

No. 479658

maggro’s always had the face of a nasty sneaky ferret, even as a kid.

No. 479665

New video from everyone's favourite neurotic swamp hag.

No. 479666

Is she in a closet?

No. 479667

Why the fuck is she DEFENDING Paul Logan? Holy shit I would have had sympathy points for her but now it's just reaffirming how much of a lack of a moral compass she has

No. 479668

But she's a COMEDIANT!

No. 479669

Excuse my ignorance, now I just realized she tried to make this "satirical", which I still wasn't able to detect because I did not find her humor funny at all. I don't know if she's just doing this so people could flame her or just find her humour edgy but this is horrible content.

Either way this is a mess. Also, is she in a closet?

No. 479671

File: 1515220591895.png (61.71 KB, 1880x148, Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 1.35…)

Here's a hooktube link if you want to watch without giving her views:

Video description:

>Please have some empathy with Logan Paul while in Aokigahara. Every human has reasons and goals. Some people have wrong reasons and wrong goals. List 5 reasons why Paul Logan can be understood.

>There is a thing we must wonder, if it was suicide or murder. Near the parking lot, the to-be dead person hang himself shortly after arrival. On a spot where he could have been seen during business hours. Time is money, let's make it quick and not search long. Pillows are handy, but Logan Paul did not sleep in the forest Aokigahara. Why carry pillows if you don't sleep, bro? Rucksack was near the dead body. The suicide person was young. His feet touch the ground, hanging was determined yet the spot, timing and style of hanging looked interruptible, undetermined. He could have been hung after being suffocated by pillows. He did this this morning, Logan Paul says. That means the person had to sleep overnight near Aokigahara or arrive by car as Aokigahara Suicide Forest is in the countyside beside Mount Fuji. This is just a playful, entertaining, parody, educational and satirical idea of a youtuber, me. I studied psychology, radiology, information science and interested in criminal / forensic investigations.

>1) Logan Paul is not a weeaboo.

>2) Logan Paul is a journalist.
>3) Logan Paul is a comedian.
>4) Logan Paul might have been under shock in Aokigahara Suicide Forest
>5) Pewdiepie says Logan Paul is a sociopath, it could be true

>I'm sure though that the guy who killed himself would kill himself again after seeing Paul's vlog.

No. 479676

Wow! Why am I not surprised she's defending him?
But Logan Paul a journalist? Seriously?!

She's probably squatting that closed gym she instagrammed once.

No. 479677

edgelord + hoping senpai notices her

No. 479684

File: 1515234977444.jpg (143.49 KB, 1024x576, Dracula_Bram.jpg)

Maggot on her wedding day

No. 479720


Why you don't hate Logan Paul
1. He's not a weeb and sucking japan's dick. If he was you'd say he was culturally appropriating Japanese shit. But Japan hates outsiders so… there's no way for him to win? Might as well be a cunt about it I guess is her point?

2. The journalist thing… I guess she's saying that journalists show suffering and so since he showed a dead body he must be a journalist. But then says that journalists are respectful and don't put themselves in the center of the video? I guess this is the joke?

3. Comedians make you laugh because they are gross, inappropriate, provocative and dumb. I don't understand what she's saying about 'the truth being funny because you don't want to accept the truth.' Like I think she needs a little bit more workshopping with this line…

4. Maybe Logan Paul didn't realize it was a working suicide forest and not just a tourist attraction. Then she does some weird equivocation about how the suicide guy wasn't a good suicide so maybe it wasn't real.

5.PewdiePie says Logan Paul is a sociopath and the guy would have actually killed himself if he saw the video.

No. 479721

Is it just me or is her affect really weird in this video?

I can't tell if she has an axe to grind or miserable bitch is just her base setting.

No. 479722

File: 1515268223310.png (73.22 KB, 924x417, 1234.png)

A weird thing is that she basically reposted part of the video description as a comment under the video. Does she usually do this?

No. 479723

File: 1515268243278.png (94.57 KB, 692x850, 1235.png)

No. 479732

>if it was suicide or murder

I really was expecting a Venus jab in this description.

>my psychopath daughter is strong to lift an adult man and do such thing

No. 479786

>and my son in law is poisoning her. But the fact is…Venus once chased me around the house with a chainsaw when she was 2 yr old. She wants me dead.

No. 479842

File: 1515341032908.png (654.73 KB, 1920x959, screencapture-instagram-p-Bdo0…)

marg met some famous korean body builder

i think he might have something to do with the gym she posted before, but idk?

No. 479843

File: 1515341124451.png (656.81 KB, 1920x920, screencapture-instagram-p-Bdpt…)

maybe it's a gym opening event or something?


with your chunky body? i don't think so, marg

No. 479845

File: 1515341314773.png (755.56 KB, 1920x920, screencapture-instagram-p-Bdpw…)

No. 479846

File: 1515341338285.png (637.8 KB, 1920x920, screencapture-instagram-p-Bdpw…)

No. 479847

File: 1515341440047.png (727.78 KB, 1920x920, screencapture-instagram-p-Bdo9…)

from the bodybuilders' insta; margo left a comment on it:

"margaretpalermoKk I’m there @margaretpalermo Nice to meet you ?"

No. 479848

>that pose
>those suspenders

No. 479855

Look at her sponging drinks again. She's a real pro.

No. 479870

So much second-hand embarrassment here; she’s 20 years older than all these people she’s posing with and thirsting after. What a pathetic old fame whore.

No. 479871

I know this could have been a public event. But it really looked like she wandered in and started touching some poor body builder in a personal manner to pretend she knows him. Poor guy looks like he's just tolerating her

No. 479872

Looks like she's trying to be 'manager' to someone else. She tried the same thing with her Hello Kitty AirBnB hostess.

No. 479880


You're not the only one thinking so, the Korean comments are mentioning her "bad hand" and "chest touch" as well.

No. 479887

File: 1515367434953.jpg (Spoiler Image, 186.72 KB, 1242x1874, LHgkS3G.jpg)

Wearing Venus’ clothes again. Why would you want to wear something that was worn by your psychopathic, bulimic potential murderer? lol

No. 479893

Nice catch! Wearing clothes from the Seoul hoard again. Funny how she could never wear any of the things she purportedly brought with her to Tokyo for Venus, and instead could only fence belongings once she had access to the Tokyo storage she was supposed to be emptying. And still somehow had 17 boxes of random hoard left.

No. 479894

After years of living in Asia, Mags still has zero sense of what behavior is considered rude or inappropriate (in addition to being unable to speak either Japanese or Korean fluently).

And good god what she must look like before the editing - they even advertised the photo editor on the post.

No. 479928

I know nitpicking but #fitgirls
Margos thighs being 3 times the size of all the other girls.. Being in Asia where most people have fit figures, and posing with girls who look like models doesn't do her any favors.

No. 479929

excuse you margaret is a beautiful jung fräulein

at this point the poor guy probably was wondering why they let this bitch in

No. 479935

It's a horrible B horror movie
>Chulsoon thought he was big and strong enough to take care of any problem.
>Little did he know the horror he let into his gym.
>He gave attention to a desperate, skinwalking, malignant narc, kappa who was in desperate need for narc fuel.
>She came to find new victims to manage. She stayed for the free booze.
>Will Chulsoon be able to exorcise his gym? How far into her 40's will Margo keep going with the Kawaii crap? What sort of lies will she come up with next?
>Stay tuned as the story unfolds on Instagram.

No. 479949


This is beautiful

No. 479950

Gonna translate his discription:

>My bros didn't come;; Israel, Hungary, Russia .. Insta(gram) is scary

#strong women from the early rush #they drink really well

No. 479958

File: 1515422780581.png (217.57 KB, 311x423, Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 9.39…)


Did.. Did he edit this to make Margo look younger or at least slap 10 filters on it ? Her face looks more v-line shaped and and everything is very blurred on Margo's face. Like he felt ashamed for letting a 40 yr old women touch him and sit so close.

No. 479959


sorry to samefag, I didn't notice this till after posting the picture.. But is that loose hanging skin on Margo's arm ?

No. 479960

it's me or the photoset was deleted?

No. 479961

No, it's from the bodybuilders' IG, not margos.

No. 479962

File: 1515423858003.png (641.86 KB, 1366x647, screenshot-www.instagram.com 2…)

my bad, I thought it was on margo's.
but still, the pic seems gone from the bodybuilder's insta, there's only this one

No. 479967

File: 1515424536671.png (128.21 KB, 298x317, Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 10.0…)


Probably from all the negative comments about Margo touching him. I wonder if Margo will sperg about it, or can she even read Korean after all those lessons ?

Man, if the skin gets any looser on her arms she might just be able to fly.

No. 479968

huh, interesting.

I might as well translate his discription there as well:

I ran for 16 hours with no break.
I feared for my life.
Even with your busy schedule you found time to come, so I would like to say thank you to the people who made me fear for my life (/to the people who were threatening me).

#kleanfit #opening #thank you #elders and youngsters

No. 479969

No. 479971

Not all, there’s one still there. It’s the very last one if you scroll through all of them.
Also the event was the opening of a gym according to the guy’s instagram caption. Ol’ marge saw an opportunity for free drinks and slid right in, dressed like a 15-year old and probably creeping out everyone else there who look like they’re early twenties.

Her comments are gone though, lol.

No. 479979


What does he mean by " I feared for my life" ?

Is he referring to Margo with that ? ( Has she been stalking him during her downtime on social media ? )

No. 479980


Good God, I can only imagine how many times she harassed this dude to take some pictures. I feel sorry for everybody (specially him) that had to spend some time with her.

She prob couldn't stop telling him that she used to work as a fitness guru in London, that made videos about getting an anaconda ass in clubbing clothes and ratchet red wigs.


I love this

No. 479982

Nah,it has nothing to do with margo. I think he's talking about working hard in order to open his gym.

No. 479984


Just to add:
In the first picture he posted he joked about none of his friends coming and that's why he was hanging with foreign women who saw his invite to the opening on instagram.

He deleted that and posted some new pictures saying that he worked hard to open his gym and tanking his friends for the support.

No. 479989

thanks anon

>She prob couldn't stop telling him that she used to work as a fitness guru in London, that made videos about getting an anaconda ass in clubbing clothes and ratchet red wigs.


No. 480006

And the bodybuilder guy was totally hitting on her too (in her imagination.) Cause she’s such a hot young thing you know (also in her imagination/delusions.)

No. 480025

no no anon, he actually proposed to her. But Maggot ditched him because she's totally independient and doesn't want to live at expense of others~

No. 480059

File: 1515488014519.jpg (108.76 KB, 540x779, IMG_20180109_095212_972.JPG)

Nothing really new regarding the content.

No. 480061

File: 1515491269576.jpg (254.49 KB, 1242x1649, h8kILGC.jpg)

Also this^
Margaret surely met her narc supply quota today! Damn, her enablers can’t see their nose in front of their face. Yeah, Margaret’s insulted and belittled her adult daughter nonstop for nearly two years but (fucking grown up and independent) Venus needs to go back “home” to mommy until the end of time!

Manaki does not look or act like a human being? Wtf?

>extremely manipulative, persistent and with a hidden agenda.

Sounds like a certain vagabond we know. Lol. This bum projects SO HARD. And now she flipped again and Manaki is once again eeeevil. But who is more evil psychopath now: Venus or Manaki?

No. 480075

Crazy Marge can't decide whether Venus is the victim or even worse than Manaki. How can anyone possibly believe her when in the same sentence she can say "Venus is being used by Manaki, he's poisoning her.." and then "..but she's a cruel person, even more vile than he is!" and then top it off with "If she was back with me she would be healthy and loved by her mother!"

It just boggles the mind.

No. 480076

>she doesn't have any friends that's weird probably because of him

She didn't have any friends when she was with mommy dearest either. At least with Manaki she has someone roughly her age group who will take her on holiday and do silly videos with her. Marge just pimped her out and spent the cash on herself and her tacky overpriced purses.

No. 480081

why would venus want to steal your purse? it's not like you carried anything more valuable than toilet paper and a couple of candy wraps in it.

>Also I've never heard someone calling a husband boyfriend

Still better than getting pregnant to trap a man.

>She will come back to you
As ifffff

No. 480082

>inb4 "They're poisoning each other!!!!1"

No. 480084

File: 1515505738607.jpg (22.95 KB, 520x250, 3cImQMY.jpg)

^I was reading this due to my own experience and this article describes Margo to a T. https://wehavekids.com/family-relationships/8-Signs-You-May-Have-a-Codependent-Parent
I guess calling her codependent, is a little kinder than raging narcissistic psycho.

Venus has been hanging out with a good amount of girls, plus Manaki’s female relatives, which is a great improvement over her life with her mother. In fact, Venus struggled a bit when Manaki asked her to make female friends. The person who forms no real connections with anybody is Margaret. Besides boyfriends and one night stands, has Margaret ever been seen with a regular friend? It’s like all her pictures are with randoms and uncomfortable kids.

No. 480134

This is from the last person who was Margo's friend >>283073

No. 480140

>Ive never heard of someone calling a husband boyfriend….

Maybe because Margo is 40s and only knows older people. I know a ton of people who accidentally call them their boyfriend or feel a bit strange because they recently got married after being together for 9 years, so theyre just so use to saying boyfriend. In venuses case as well as others case where they only get legally married to stay with their long term spouse when they get relocated for work but dont have a big party with family just yet, feel more comfortable still saying boyfriend.
Plus with venus, shes young and caters to young weebs so saying boyfriend is just more natural.

No. 480250

File: 1515623565634.jpg (84.76 KB, 540x803, IMG_20180110_233156_982.jpg)

No. 480257

Why does this nut think this is a good angle? She’s posted the exact same pic before so she obv. thinks it’s cute.
You could go spelunking in those nostrils. Gross.

No. 480272

Isn’t it sad that the only friend she had was simply someone who felt sorry for her? Like, nobody really likes Margaret for who she is. There are two groups of people who support her: 1) people with a savior complex who think their kindness and attention will make a difference in her miserable life and 2) People who project their issues with their own abusive/manipulative relationships onto Margaret’s situation and they literally replace the person who hurt them with Venus.

I don’t see anyone praising individual qualities she has or saying they relate to her beyond “I was a victim too!/ I wish my mom were still alive!” Oh, and random pervert guys.

I would be absolutely shocked if someone met her in real life, became friends and talked about hanging out and having NORMAL conversations with her. It’s like if she can’t hate on Venus or whine about her life, she has no reason to create lasting relationships.

No. 480389

It helps the app cover up her jowls.

No. 480552

File: 1515746927803.jpg (85.44 KB, 540x753, IMG_20180112_071710_027.jpg)

No. 480553

File: 1515746966222.jpg (88.35 KB, 540x744, IMG_20180112_071805_202.jpg)

No. 480554

File: 1515746984387.jpg (90.38 KB, 540x733, IMG_20180112_071736_149.jpg)

No. 480559

File: 1515750877720.png (170.52 KB, 442x265, psychopath.png)

No. 480568

>she's a psychopath
>Manaki made her into a sociopath

Given what you can find on Margaret's instagram in 5 minutes compared to what you can find on Venus's instagram in 5 minutes, it's obvious which one is mentally unstable.

No. 480573

I like how she's claiming Venus wants to deceive her fans when the letter probably said 'Look, you can talk shit if you want, I'm going to tell them my side of the story and then that will be it. I am not fighting about this with you. You are dead to me now.'

No. 480609

She’s projecting on the whole ‘narcissists can’t be fixed’ thing.

No. 480610

File: 1515780021936.jpg (21.54 KB, 351x351, nya.jpg)

Spoiler that shit jesus christ, where is that pic from anyway??

No. 480619

File: 1515785780327.jpg (60.58 KB, 540x675, IMG_20180112_203551_577.jpg)

To sum it up:
Margo's writing a book and Venus' hair is more important than her health…

My guess: that book will never be done or out to be read.

No. 480630


Welp, Venus' hair was the one aspect of Venus' looks that Margo was the most controlling over. It never actually seemed like V wanted blonde hair, seeing as she's been rocking dark hair since escaping Margoose.

No. 480632

Margo made Venus change her hair as often and as schizoid-like as Margo changes her own hair. It's pretty clear that Venus's personal hair preference is some shade of brown, with either extensions and highlights done by a professional, or just to use a wig and save both the money and damage that dye and extensions cause. Margo has had to take our her manic hair changing whims on herself in the last two years, which resulted in back to back home perhaps plus bleach on top of the perms. It's no wonder Margo's hair is roughly 4 inches long.

No. 480636

No. 480640


Wouldnt be surprised if she were in a closet. I remember she made some demon summoning video with her sitting on the closet floor in the dark with candles lit. I think it was a call to Cthulhu or some shit. I think it was a video from 3 yrs ago. Looks like she took it down.
Did anyone else see that weird ass shit?

No. 480666

Can't forget that one, unfortunately.

No. 480677

>her hair is like a series of accidents
Says the woman who home-permed her hair TWICE.

No. 480680


I remember there was a while not long after Venus escaped when her hair looked very greasy in her photos, and she confirmed that she was having to coat it heavily with hair oil to try and restore some moisture and condition to it. I think Margo's home bleach/dye jobs really messed up Venus' hair for a while.

No. 480701

that's anything but relaxing
btw fitting trips

No. 480931

I'm disappointed that she hasn't ranted about Venus's newest post yet.

No. 480944

Don't forget the dreads. Actually, i think it's impossible to ever forget the dreads…

No. 481021


Any ideas why it was removed?

No. 481032

Copyright infringement or some other action by Logan paul? Although it’s hard to see why they’d bother with a nobody like marge who gets maybe 2K views per video.

No. 481270

File: 1516181953922.jpg (205.48 KB, 1168x754, Margo1701.jpg)

and she's back to selling stuff via her own and venus' homepage…

No. 481271

How's she selling shit she picked up in Okinawa?

She sells she shit by the seashore,
sea shore shells sells she,
and the sea shells she sells on the sea shore are from a visa trip,
Are sea shore outcalls massage.

No. 481275

kek, both http://venusangelic.com and http://margaretpalermo.com say at the bottom that they were designed by Margaret Palermo, but Venus's site is actually a WordPress theme by Themeco [https://theme.co/x/] and Marge's is by pipdig [https://www.pipdig.co/shop/wordpress-theme-culture-shock/].

As a web developer, this kind of little shit drives me nuts.

No. 481277

File: 1516185178180.jpg (16.2 KB, 271x379, 13532990_977978528984175_88400…)

Anyone wanna grab the iconic Panis Angelicus dress? Now's your chance—a steal at only $24.95!

No. 481292

Before she would re-sell cheap Chinese/Korean merch. Now its back to selling her last crap. Sad really, wonder when she breaks.

No. 481303


feel free to mock me for this, but unless you don't know or can forget that it's made by margo, it's not a very bad "creepy-unexplained thing happening" video.

No. 481325


Using the name of the “psychopath daughter that wants to kill her but it’s being poisoned by her psychopath husband/boyfriend” so daintily and unashamed. This woman is such a huge wtf.

No. 481335

I actually agree. If youre into Cthulhu or chaos magick then this video really isnt that bad.

No. 481370

The jewelry listed there looks so dirty and I'm 100% sure that the clothes are not any better, all must smell like armpit.

No. 481372

File: 1516214514521.png (150.05 KB, 1366x647, canyoufuckingnot.png)


No. 481375

What in living hell is that thing?

This narc specimen won’t ever stop to amuse me (and creep the fuck out of me). Ever.

No. 481465

That would be two years old cake decorationsade by Venus under Margo's supervision, which Mags chuckled in one of her million boxes of hoard when she closed up their Seoul rental, instead of throwing it away like any more.all sensible person. Oh, and she paid to store it someplace for all that time, then blamed Venus for her shit decision making skill. And now she's trying to hock a finished DIY kit of mouldy paper and plastic on stale cupcakes for full price.

I can only imagine what random crap she left in Tokyo and the Netherlands, since her Seoul and OTHER Tokyo "proofs" turned out to be garbage no sane person would box up and pay to store.

No. 481476

but it was “made by VENUS” though, so
def. worth every penny

No. 481497

B-but anon, all that junk are invaluable memories and more important, PROOFS of Venus psychopathy and that Venus is evil and was never abused ever kek

I wonder who would buy that crap.

No. 481500

So far no one has bought anything.
I’m waiting for someone to grab that used bellybutton piercing though. Straight from her crusty navel to your front door for just $179 plus $28.75 shipping, who could resist?
(shipping is more than most of her items cost, btw. lol)

No. 481598

A farmer bought something of hers before so us, apparently.

No. 481618

I really want to buy this so I can parade around my house and sing the Venus came from my uterus song.
This is something much more than just a dress.
This dress is an amulet.

No. 481622

File: 1516291275873.png (137.91 KB, 1366x647, canyoufuckingnot2.png)

I'd buy this masterpiece instead

No. 481625

I was literally just about to post this pic.
Margo could at least got a cheap dollar store frame to put it in. Cut off the ragged edges or something. Laminate it. Fucking anything. Just make the fucking art presentable at least. This drives me crazy as an artist. I could go on and on about whats wrong here.

No. 481627


Same thing with the cupcakes. Margo coudlve used a display case like the one they keep bug specimens in…instead of just selling some loose old ass cupcakes.

No. 481628


i'd like you remind you to that you're talking about a lunatic who claims that her daughter is a psychopat who's trying to kill her while simultaneously trying to cash in on her e-fame by selling literal trash her daughter left behind while she was running away from her.

No. 481632

Don’t forget the nutcase is selling these items from a website named Venusangelic.com and her SM bios all describe herself as “the real mom of Venus Angelic.” Trying to destroy her daughter while simultaneously cashing in on her name is the ultimate in sick fuckery.

No. 481633

Even a lunatic trying to make money should know how to make a product somewhat visually presentable. She obviously takes pride in "designing" her website and making it presentable. Whats hard about laminating some paper?

No. 481639

This really creeps me out. Selling off random remnants of your daughter’s childhood, even unfinished sketches. What next? Her baby photos? A lock of her hair? Her birth certificate?

No. 481643

Yeah she cashes in on the photos too.
She gives access to some old pics and "physical momentos" on her website if you donate to her storage issue.
I kinda wanna give her $1 so I can access the curiosities.

No. 481644

Do it Anon! And make sure to post the pictures here.

No. 481645

>gives access to some old pics and "physical momentos" on her website if you donate
I took that to mean IF she raised the $$ to get the storage contents shipped to her, then those who donated would get access to the stuff.

No. 481650

… you know what that drawing tells me?
That margo has been hoarding Venus' life and keeping treasure troves here and there because she thought it would be collectible.

This bitch thought her crotch fruit was destined to be the next international icon because of her parenting. Fucking Picasso's childhood sketch books right there.

No. 481652

After reading this off her website, I believe you are right.

"How can people help?
- People can help by donating the amount for the TRANSPORT of the belongings. The Transport of 12m3 costs 3800USD. If less or more, it will go into paying storage warehouse fees both before and after arrival of the boxes. I put my own money into it. I will publish all photos to prove the true life story.

How will you thank to the people?
Everyone who donates will have access to all photos and even to physical mementos."

No. 481666

Yes and since she raised a grand total of $35 (I think) that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

No. 481674

What if we promoted her website to so we can get quicker access to those pics? evil hand rubbing

No. 481688

How about no, let’s not.

No. 481689

… such a devious plan, anon, to send thousands of dollars to a hobo sex worker whose life ambition is to capture her daughter and wear her skin. Truly this would be the greatest troll ever.

Margo will eventually pay for the shipping herself because she's that crazy, or she'll get booted from Korea and have to slink back to Europe, and show everyone her garbage "proofs" then. Giving Mags cash to be sad and hilarious is like giving Chris-Chan money to "troll" him.

No. 481691


I'd rather her storage shit to stay where it is and rot. What if it has some serious diaries or hurtful things of Venus' ? I'd rather not see Margo have the luxury of using anything of Venus' belongings to profit from or use as slander.

No. 481730

I really hope Venus destroyed and personal journals. It’s really sickening to imagine how Margaret would jump at the chance to publish humiliating or disturbing entries.

No. 481737

No. 481758

>Just make the fucking art presentable at least. This drives me crazy as an artist.
are you for real? that's taking this 4 minute scribble way too seriously. it's not even a "bad drawing", it's just Venus scratching on notebook with a pencil out of pure boredom, not even caring what she's doing. If somebody spends $25 it'll probably be to shove it up their assholes from how obsessed they would have to be with Venus to buy that.

No. 481777

> If somebody spends $25
Don’t forget the $26.75 shipping.

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