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File: 1515441324448.png (2.8 MB, 1440x2880, 1515271145385.png)

No. 480001

Also known as angelhair1996, howl1996, junkhun, funeralhome420
IG: https://www.instagram.com/funeral1996/
tumblrs: http://www.funeral1996.tumblr.com [new]
https://angelhair1996.tumblr.com/ [old]

>previously also known as howl1996, junkhun and funeralhome420

>21 yr old heroin addict, scammer, liar, thief
>Begs people for money online to buy drugs under the guise of it being for food/medication/rent/necessities
>Refuses to get a job or do anything productive
>Gets by acting like a lost soul online
>Has every mental/physical illness under the sun
>She started dating her 35 year old boyfriend before she was 18, calls him daddy
>has a following of impressionable young girls who shes convinced to 'help her' during this 'tough time' in her life.
>romanticizes the hell out of her nasty addiction but rants on the internet how vile it is to do so
>"i'm not trying to be courtney love!"
>tries to be exactly like courtney love
>loves to share her filthy life on the internet, including awful photos of her cats laying in filth and used needles
>sqandered a large inheritance from her grandmother within a year
>visible arm infections
>Lurch deleted facebook after "tessa" came forward with him attempting to seduce hem but still uses messenger according to last update
>always "short on rent" or otherwise in need of donations
>overdosed on heroin, didn't encourage her to get clean

newest milk:
>Luna and Lurch tripped on acid >>470758 then went and bothered Luna's mother.
>Lurch was "robbed" by three guys "kicking the shit out of him" on Christmas eve >>478003
>Forensic pathologist anon says that's bullshit >>479449
>Roger went to hospital again >>479301
>Inexplicably had a lot of money over the Christmas period, buying lots of takeout and dumb shit.
>Failed at dyeing her hair.
>Gross nail cuticles and dumb tumblr accessories
>Suddenly has ~$500 worth of Oxy she got somewhere for free??

one >>>/snow/55077
two >>>/snow/171004
three >>>/snow/190985
four >>>/snow/220048
five >>>/snow/254820
six >>>/snow/276683
seven >>>/snow/292881
eight >>>/snow/305217
nine >>>/snow/320166
ten >>394258
eleven >>403302
twelve >>414017
thirteen >>428358
fourteen >>452611
fifteen >>468770

No. 480053

For the anons who are in groups with Tuna, has she been mentioning that she's a "recovering heroin addict" as of late or nah?

No. 480055

Sounds like a reach but it could be true. But if she has stopped using heroin she's still for sure still smoking crack/meth whatever. And she's always been pretty open about all the benzos and other pills shes abused even before the heroin.

No. 480056


not a reach, there was a screencap a few threads back and it was either a comment or a post on a facebook group in which she used the terminology "recovering addict", I'm too lazy to find the actual cap sorry anon

No. 480057

I saw another anon mention it could be Roger's pain pills, and I was thinking that all along. The poor dude gets out of the hospital and already his pills have been stolen. That's fucking abuse.

No. 480058

I'm not very educated on this kind of thing but if Roger has heart failure can he take certain pain meds?

No. 480072

For what its worth.. I think that pic of those oxys are somewhat old, and she just posted it now. She had brown nails in the oxy-pic and her most recent selfies she has blue nails.

No. 480095

heart problems are potential side effects but this is usually from heavy opiate abuse. not sure if they would've prescribed oxy

when people say "recovering addict" they can still be using, just attempting to get clean. she can be trying to taper, or even trying to cold turkey but not managing it for very long. as long as she's trying, it's technically "recovering", like with many mental illnesses. i don't really blame her for having such a hard time getting off it, heroin is considered the most addictive drug for a reason. she really does need professional help though, she doesnt have a chance of recovering when she's not actively working on her bpd symptoms either

No. 480110

going off heroin makes you sick so she likely doesn't want to deal.

No. 480111

I think she sold her iPhone for the oxy pills.

No. 480117

File: 1515522977297.png (1.91 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-09-12-31-58…)

No. 480121

ya i know i meant if she's calling herself a recovering addict she's probably trying to get off, feels the withdrawals and cravings,
and relapses. over and over and over. very common

as another anon pointed out, different nail color. looks like a nail color from 1 month ago

No. 480122

Fuck she looks taxidermed. Like those preserved corpses or pics from copypastas.

No. 480142

Most programs say after 30-60 day sobriety you reach your first milestone in recovery. She has not gone 30 days sober (or at least it doesn't seem like she has) therefore she not even close to being able to call herself "a recovering heroin addict".

No. 480144



In a lot of programs, it isn't until you actually graduate and complete the program that you can actually say "I'm a recovering heroin addict" because you've gone thru the steps to stay clean.
Btw is she even attending an addiction program atm?

No. 480147

nobody said she was attending a recovery program, she did group therapy at a hospital for her BPD for a hot minute.

what i meant to ask is if she is continuing to try and SAY that she's "recovering" in all of her little facebook support networks.. I am basically fishing for new milk from all the Tuna anons that are with her in unrelated FB groups.

No. 480177

Beyond that you can’t even say she’s sober from one substance since she abuses others to deal with the effects of being sober. Even if she does get off heroin (possibly crack too) I don’t think she’ll ever live “sober” in the fullest terms.

Back when some of us were all concerned about Rogers safety because of those horrible photos of him I kinda assumed that Mathew and Luna were probably abusing /negelecting him to not only get donations but leech off of whatever pain medication/resources he’s given by the hospital. He might not even have a heart condition have we seen any proof of that? That might just be some bogus lie she told to get more donations or to make an excuse as to why he’s in the hospital so much.
I don’t really know the ins and out of medical protocol, but wouldn’t they take notice of an older patient who has a bad heart and is being carted off to the ER fairly often and start considering if he can take care of himself properly? What if he’s just regular old and they just don’t look after him so they can steal his pain medication? Lots of tinfoiling here sorry.

No. 480185

I always assumed she only labelled herself as a recovering addict was so she could avoid judgement and criticism from others in those groups

No. 480193

She's a polysubstance abuser sure but heroin is so extremely addictive and dangerous and it's a much better idea to transfer and get hooked on something other than that (not crack but you get my point)… There's lots of people out there who only sober up from a couple of drugs that are the most harmful to them. She can't do shit about her issues if she's on heroin, but she doesn't have to be 1000% sober to start tackling that desire to be high all the time and fill the void

Yeah I think so too, lots of "recovery" accounts on insta are not recovering whatsoever and just say that so they don't get reported or to fit in with other recovery accounts

No. 480205

File: 1515607770727.png (1.69 MB, 1080x1416, 20180109_211218.png)

No. 480207

File: 1515607889117.png (2.18 MB, 1080x1433, 20180109_211308.png)

No. 480209

File: 1515608000419.png (2.08 MB, 1080x1429, 20180109_211254.png)

No. 480210

File: 1515608126200.png (2.45 MB, 1080x1397, 20180109_211237.png)

No. 480211

I regret that this didn't become the new OP pic lmao, this is fucking hilarious. She's literally fucking dead in this I swear hahahaha

No. 480227

she's definitely tweaking on something in these last few photos…

No. 480228

probably the oxys she posted and deleted.. her nails look like she painted grey over brown so I don't think the anon that said its an old picture because her nail color is different is correct.

No. 480243

That's not tweaking, bitch is off her tits on painkillers. Definitely a downer and not an upper. The first image of her mouth agape, her eyes are more pinned than the second one.

She took a lot of painkillers and did her makeup like a fucking TODDLER lmao. Seriously, what the FUCK is that eye makeup? It looks like a child drew on her while she was nodded out.

No. 480251

normal to high doses of opiates make your eyes really really pinned though like tiny dots, yeah she has a tolerance but she looks pretty fucked there (so i assume really high on something). if it's oxys i dont get why her pupils are that big

No. 480260


What a sad pair of boobs.

No. 480261

Oh god, she looks like one of her drawings. Fucking awful.

No. 480262

the oxy pic is obviously old. the nails she has on currently are shorter rounded silver/chrome nails (they look like the limecrime stick ons actually), her last were pointy and blue, and the nails in the oxy pic are pointy and nude. you can even see in the oxy pic that the end of the nude nail is chipped and theres no blue underneath.

i bet you she's fucked up on ambien. she always posts these weird as fuck unflattering sexual pictures when she takes them. would also explain why shes obviously on a downer but her eyes arent pinned.

No. 480265

Looks like she got her fix and finally felt 'so in love' with Lurch enough to be momentarily not sex repulsed.

No. 480270

Isn't this an injection mark? I've seen tons of those on arms and thighs and it has this weird bruise / hickey pattern. Never seen one on the neck tho so not sure

No. 480274

looks more like a hickey, but check out the line of injection marks on her hands in this photo:

No. 480276

this black muumuu shit doesn't even fit her, that poor button is holding on for life

No. 480292

File: 1515637205107.png (2.17 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-10-20-18-57…)

No. 480293

File: 1515637228078.png (2.11 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-10-20-19-03…)

No. 480294

File: 1515637251256.png (2.52 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-10-20-19-07…)

No. 480296

the thing that really drives me berserk is that almost every third or fourth pic she's just drowning in STUFF
i thought I was a hoarder but jesus fucking christ

No. 480300

Holy shit she looks like she rolled around in 3 week old raver trash

No. 480315

ugh is that a giant areola i see

No. 480322

and i thought i had big areolas.. shes rich and the surgery to reduce the size isnt that bad why doesnt she do that? it doesnt leave big scars like a breastlift would

No. 480327


>she's rich

Sage and lurk moar, anon.

No. 480337

lmao, shit does leave scars too. noticeable skin dif at the least. what planet are you from?

No. 480362


no way anon, she's *~~ suffering from severe dissociation real bad rn uwu~~*

No. 480373

Looks like Ash/Axel/whatever gave Luna a makeover lol.

No. 480419

File: 1515695678976.jpg (116.1 KB, 640x852, IMG_5694.JPG)

She posted this on her tumblr

No. 480420

what kind of nutball gets areola surgery anyway? wtf?

get out of the thread.

No. 480424


The backgrounds of these pictures are tragic. Mounds of just… stuff and junk.

No. 480447

She looks so squishy….

No. 480450

What are those lines on her stomach?

No. 480458

stretchmarks, anon

No. 480461

sorry meant on her dads side they have money and she got her inheritance years ago. also they leave discoloration scars but they can just be covered up with a tattoo to match your areola color. i mean she HAD all that money but did nothing with it and yet shes always complained about her breasts/areola size. not that this matters now but its a pretty easy/cheap cosmetic surgery. sage for ot though

No. 480465

when has she complained about her areola size, wtf? I think she's ok with them, Chief helps her love her big areolas.

No. 480477

She just complains about her far apart fried-egg tits, anon.

No. 480494


the backgrounds of luna's photos are my favourite part. they make me think of those paintings that are so intricate that you can discover new hidden details even after hours of studying them.

except with luna it's like, what is the strange filthy shit in the back? what's that 5 foot tall pile of ~stuff~ actually made from? what room are you standing in?

it's fascinating and revolting, I love it. I wish she would make a house tour vid, i'd be so here for that.

No. 480495

i actually forgot her name was luna not tuna kek

No. 480499

File: 1515723456145.png (9.58 KB, 528x175, plshelptunabuymoretakeoutandox…)

first encounter of tuna shit in the wild, posted by one of her "best friends" on tumblr

No. 480500

Oh shit does that mean her time of free rent is up?

No. 480501

File: 1515723852956.png (3.41 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-11-20-23-03…)

No. 480502

File: 1515723876949.png (1.94 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2018-01-11-20-23-13…)

poor guy

No. 480503

lol posted my caps before i saw this. it doesn't look like roger is in hospice here. unless it's an old pic?

No. 480505

Where does her username "angelhair" come from? Nirvana?

saged for ot

No. 480508

yeah, it's from heart-shaped box (because luna's entire personality revolves around a band from before she was even born)

No. 480517

Its sad to hear about Roger. Atleast he'll get good care in hospice and finally be comfortable.

It'll be interesting to see if tuna n lurch are still gonna be able to afford his apartment and their drugs without his money.

No. 480518

File: 1515728148095.jpg (98.42 KB, 540x579, mark kenly domino tan fw16.jpg)

tinfoil but this photo is making the rounds on a lot of weird sadgirl blogs luna would probably follow, and if she was high then i can definitely see her looking at it, thinking "I CAN PULL THIS OFF" and then doing… that to her face

No. 480519

is that where they get their drug (dope) money?

she's been using for what, a few years now? so her tolerance is obviously very high, she's probably using at least half a gram a day (if she's using daily). let's say at least nearly $100 per day. and this isn't counting other drugs. she's obviously not making that much from her shitty art and scamming. I know some high functioning addicts who spend double that but they hold good jobs so it shocks me that there's .. low functioning addicts who arent prostitutes or whatever. Heroin is expensive as fuck. Sorry if this has been covered before

No. 480525

This is three different sob stories rolled up into one paragraph. How did her friend not question that shit?

No. 480528

Which of her "friends" posted that? Has it gotten any reblogs?

No. 480530

some 20 y/o guy called johnny posted it on his green day sideblog and it has nearly 200 notes so far. one of my mutuals reblogged it and i saw the name and thought i was having a stroke

No. 480534

I went to her facebook to see if she posted anything about Roger but she unfriended me.

No. 480535

she probably cleaned out her social media this time before starting her ebegging campaign to try and minimize the amount of people who are in the know about her lies. /tinfoil

No. 480538

How did they manage to make poor Rogers death somehow about tuna and lurch?? How much could it POSSIBLY cost to take the train/bus to the hospital and back? This phrasing also makes it seem like once he’s in hospice/out of the hospital they’re going to abandon him. Seriously I feel so fucking bad for roger. Like other anon said, at least he’ll be more comfortable than he has been in a while in hospice - and safely away from the junkie assholes.

No. 480539

It’s a good thing he’s on hospice otherwise I would be willing to bet he would die and they live with his rotting corpse.

No. 480540

100%. Also I would legit believe tuna would take pics of his corpse in some way to post on social media.

No. 480542

Nothing would be grungier than that for her.
I can already see the 3deep5me captions.

Goddamn it, Luna. Leave the pure grandpa alone so he can enjoy his life at the hospice.

No. 480545

poor roger, but wow @ using his imminent death as a sob story

No. 480555

This post says Roger went into hospital for his heart problem 'a few days ago' but I'm sure that isn't the case.. Hasn't it been at least a couple weeks since Luna posted the pictures of the ambulance and posted some self-pitying photos? And anons recently wondered if he'd come home or not because she never mentioned it. So I'm guessing he's been in hospital this whole time and Luna hasn't mentioned him once.. Proof she just uses Roger and his situation to garner sympathy and manipulate others into giving her money and things.

No. 480558

her ambulance photo was 9 days ago and that tumblr post was made on the 9th so they're within a week of each other.

No. 480566

File: 1515756380583.png (787.02 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-01-12-17-53-32…)

No. 480567

File: 1515756407413.png (1.57 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-01-12-17-53-36…)

No. 480569

what…is this real? is this the most borderline thing ever

No. 480570

>My meal ticket is dying but I feel sexy so give me attention!! I mean you can have feelings to but only after you praise me, also in case you forgot someone I use is dying but whatever, ME!

Someone needs to give her a punch to the face. She steals from a sick old man, neglects his health and uses his illnesses to get attention for herself, and now she can't even let him die in peace without mentioning it in context with her 'sexy' selfies.

No. 480576

Man I feel like a cynical asshole, but I'm kinda glad Roger's dying sooner, rather than later. Well, relieved I suppose - nobody deserves to live like that, and it will give Lurch and Luna a real kick up the backside.

So what's this mean for them? The guy who pays rent is going to be gone in a few weeks. Hooking to make up the rent? Not paying the rent and living under a bridge in 6 months? Lurch stealing shit and ending up in jail?

2018 is going to be a dark year for these smack rats, their meal ticket they've been riding for years is gone. I for one fucking welcome it, Karma's a bitch and Tuna's gonna feel its wrath.

No. 480582

>if I admit why I'm doing something shitty it makes it more okay
Nope, still an asshole.

No. 480587

At least Roger and presumably Roger's room doesn't seem to have the same kind of horrifying filth layer than Tuna and her room have.
At the same time, thank god he didn't wind up in a hospice at home arrangement.

No. 480589

There are needles on the wall behind him….

No. 480590

where? all i can see are cables on the wall and some boxes on the windowsill.

No. 480591

>>visit before he dies
>>get something to eat

If Roger is expected to die soon, why does it sound like they will visit once and then go?

Also, am I the only one disgusted by the food begging immediately after mentioning her father in law is dying?

Like…what about some comfort foods for Rodger or just something that’s not always for Luna and Lurch.

Wow…just wow.

No. 480592

this is WAAAY more histrionic . bpds are usually ashamed of asking for validation directly

No. 480594

don't they usually send you home for hospice?

No. 480595

I think it depends. My dad was at a center where they did hospice for his particular issue. But he was there for only a few days. Maybe if it will be for longer term they send you home? Not sure about that.

No. 480596


There's different types of hospice care. One of them is inpatient hospice where the patient stays at a facility. Home hospice requires a hospice nurse to come in x times a,week. Do you think that anyone will let Roger go home once hospice staff arrive to set up equipment and make a care plan for him? Hell nawh.

No. 480597

File: 1515769592307.png (95.8 KB, 354x292, maybe.png)

I'm less certain they're needles now, but they REALLY look like a syringe with a plunger. Top left of this shitty mspaint crop.

No. 480600


Cables and wires.

No. 480601


And pilfering his Social Security check for years while he mummifies.

No. 480608

Godspeed Roger, you deserved a lot better at the end of your life than Luna and Matthew. Hope your exit is peaceful and painless.

No. 480623

Basically what the second farmer said. It's cables going through holes in the walls. probably for the TV or internet depending on how hold their stuff is.

No. 480629

I would unironically send Roger a gift. Maybe some comfort food and flowers. Wish there was a way to get things through to him without the two junkheads grabbing it for themselves.

No. 480645

True tho I wonder if we can somehow get his address at the hospice place…

No. 480646

File: 1515799957330.png (21.08 KB, 483x117, Screenshot 2018-01-12 at 6.30.…)

update on roger from one of her bpd groups

No. 480650

I wonder how tuna would react if people would start asking if they could send money directly to Rogers account.

No. 480659

pretty easy to guess, she'd just insist that it needed to be sent to her or ignore it.
sage your shit.

No. 480665

I feel really sad for Roger, who knows what sort of shit that poor old man's had to put up with those two saddos living with him.

I know functioning addicts with many years h use, they even work full time jobs and nobody knows what they take and I also know the kind of addict who would see no point in using if the world didn't know about it - like Luna. They're pathetic

No. 480674


Can someone figure this out? I'd like to anonymously send him something sweet, too. Reading about him in this thread has actually broken my heart.

No. 480676

Anon, he is dying, he doesn't need money or food or material goods. Don't be such a bleeding heart rookie, Tuna would end up stealing it all anyway.

No. 480678

As much as I want Roger to have some happiness in his life, this anon is right. One of Roger's friends already sent over a huge collection of bedding and stuff for Roger and Tuna stole most of it for herself.

No. 480683

My god it’s finally happening? This is the first time I’ve seen a full photo of Roger and of course like everyone predicted it’s because he’s dying. It may be cynical to say, but death is better than than where he is now with those greedy bastards.

I hope he has other people close to him like the lady who donated pillows/sheets who can directly give him comfort during his last days. I wish I could send him something comforting. I wish people in her social media could see through her fucking degeneracy to have save that old man the trouble of spending his last months in that dirty drug den.

No. 480685

I guess the only bright side is if he’s in hospice he’ll be surrounded by caring individuals that will probably treat him better than his own son. They’ll keep him clean,fed, and manage his pain until he goes.

No. 480704

What's gonna happen to Luna and Chief once Roger dies? How are they going to make rent?

No. 480708

According to Lurch, they're going to live like kings on his inheritance.

No. 480709

tuna will go back to e-begging on a daily basis and matthew will probably start selling dope.

No. 480711

Yeah functional dope addicts are pretty common, tbh its hard to imagine someone being a job-less addict like luna (and not even beong a prostitute or whatever), dope is expensive as fuck. I can't imagine that she makes enough money from her shit art and ebegging for over a hundred dollars a day. And then there's rent and food and shit. She's getting by pretty well for someone who freaked out bc ~poor~ when she lost her phone lol

No. 480738

>Roger's inheritance.
If this exists I'll be heartbroken. The guy was living in squalor just so he could leave his junkie son something.

totally off topic but do we know anything about Lurch's mom?

No. 480746

Honestly, I hope Roger has a peaceful death.
And I can't wait to see two retards starving and drowning in their own filth. Maybe that will finally make Luna wake the fuck up and leave Chief and get clean.

No. 480749

I don't think she'll ever leave him. Her head is too far up his asshole, to be honest.

No. 480758

I think luna is just going to end up killing herself thru her drug use, I mean I feel like that's an obvious statement but I don't see her being a lifelong junkie like lurch

No. 480763

This thread inspired me to detail clean the baseboards in my apartment. Thanks, tuna.

No. 480780

Has anyone seen the documentary Dope Sick Love? It'a about two homeless NYC couples that are heroin addicts.

Tuna and Lurch are probably going to end up that way.

No. 480784

File: 1515896896637.png (3.04 MB, 1394x2166, Screenshot_2018-01-13-20-26-33…)

Looks like she's already taken over Rogers area of the house ?

No. 480786

>once he’s in hospice/out of the hospital they’re going to abandon him
Well, when someone is admitted to hospice, they usually die there. A patient doesn't go into hospice until their provider has deemed them to have less than six months to live.

>why does it sound like they will visit once and then go?
Because that is exactly the kind of people tuna and lurch are. She'll post pictures for the whole adventure, sob about how much she'll miss Roger and how she loves him, then never bring it up until he dies. Or she'll post every single day that she's visiting him to remind everyone that she's still the one suffering and needs money/food/validation.

No. 480788

Seems like it. Those aren't her bedroom walls. What a sick piece of shit.. Oh my god.
Its like
>poor poor me, my "father in law" is dying im sOoOoOo sad but Heyy guiz look what I did! Took over his area of the house already and now I have a new stop to get high, cake on makeup, and try to scam kids online. Ain't it cute.
Disgusting. A new low.

No. 480791

100% have done this after looking at this thread

Sage for no contribution

No. 480792

File: 1515897922289.png (944.77 KB, 706x826, sackofshit.png)

>roger is dying hes like my dad I love him so much uwu look at my hickey

No. 480793

omg someone on her insta please ask her wtf shes doing, this is vile

No. 480795

>clean walls
>single bed
>decent furniture not covered in filth

Yeah she's definitely taken over Roger's room. What an absolute piece of shit that sobbed online about him going to die but couldn't wait to take over everything he owned for herself.

No. 480796

narc confirmed, her way of 'coping' with this loss is taking solace at all of the new 'stuff' she can call her own now. disgusting.

No. 480797

seriously this what the FUCK.

No. 480801

This smelly brat always reminds us of why she's in pt.

No. 480802

Luna is absolutely obsessed with Things. it's all she talks about. I rarely see her go a day without posting a picture of some random shit she has laying around her house, and even her selfies usually feature her holding some trinket. Her life revolves around accumulating more things and everything that happens to her is a new opportunity to do so.

No. 480808

Cant wait to see how this inheritance shit pans out. Is it real, if it is how quickly will lurch/luna blow through it? How high will their opiate tolerance be before everything comes crashing down rent/money wise?
And if it isnt real how in hell are they going to afford rent.

No. 480811

I have nothing more to add than the same "what the fuck" response from other anons, but seriously

Doing this within a matter of days is disgusting and a showcase of her true selfish character, but how does she rationalize posting this on her Instagram? I don't assume she posted "uwu made another space for myself in Roger's room" but some of her followers must've pieced it together if we are.

What was the caption?

No. 480813

To be honest I'm not mad about her moving into the area and using the things he left behind but it is kind of crass that she's already started decorating. This would also be the perfect time to do a deep clean of the house but we all know that will never happen.

No. 480815

I wonder if Luna's ever considered launching a YouTube or a Patreon.

I just want to see her do a house tour.

Plus if she decides to go that route, needing to buy a decent camera is a good excuse for begging for money.

>with Roger dead and gone, we may need to pitch towards rent now (my dad will cover the rest). the internet is the only way I can earn money due to my bum knee and junkie way. please donate for a camera and lighting so I can launch a beauty and a e s t h e t i c channel

No. 480818

I literally can’t deal with this. I wish someone would call her out. She already moved into his area of the house. This fucking cunt.

No. 480819

Well we’ll know if it’s really or not by the amount of frivolous shot she’ll buy.

No. 480820

No caption

No. 480835

h e ' s n o t d e a d y e t y o u c u n t

No. 480847

>that lovely clean wall

Just came to the realisation that since neither Lurch nor Luna clean…well, anything, really…poor Roger must have been keeping his space tidy even when he was ill. His good-for-nothing son and "daughter-in-law" couldn't even be arsed to help an old dying man do a little cleaning.

Not even going to touch how disgusting it is that Luna already took over his space. No words.

No. 480867

I came to the same conclusion. Even in >>480502 his bedding and clothes look clean while Tuna wallows around in clothes she hasn't washed in weeks. In the room picture the spare blanket and rug look clean as well, the furniture is dusted and even the carpet looks somewhat clean.

In constrast you can tell the blue blanket is tuna's and how grimey her pillows and plushies look compared to the rest of the room.

Roger obviously cleaned up after himself and tried to be independent because Luna and Lurch keep the rest of the house looking like pure filth, especially their room. It's hard to imagine this poor old man living with two junkies that sleep on blood stained sheets and piss into juice bottles out of laziness.

No. 480882

She also put the blanket that he was using on the floor to use as a carpet. It'll be dirty so quickly with her and the cats stepping on it etc. She's terrible.

No. 480946

I was ready to correct you and say that's definitely a rug because it looked like it had a thick carpet texture, and who would honestly put a blanket on the floor as a rug?
But I see it definitely looks like what he has on him in

Who purposely creates untidiness/mess…

No. 480952

i don't think that's the same blanket. the rug on the floor has a rug texture and a dark strip around the edges whereas the blanket looks soft and has a light edge. they're just a similar color

No. 480957

do you think Tuna and Lurch have already sold any valuables that Roger possessed? They probably are both fiending and want to find solace in a nice bag of H. Sage for speculation.

No. 480959

Its the same blanket. Blankets like that have reverse colors on the opposite side.

No. 480962

its definitely a blanket ive seen ones like that before

a man with bed sores and as weak as he was i seriously doubt he was washing walls and vacuuming, maybe its a tinfoil but i think whoever brought him a bunch of clean sheets mightve recently done a big clean for him. i remember her saying his bedroom is in the living room, and we have seen how disgusting their kitchen is. how could that old man possibly keep just the living room that clean?

No. 480964


Could Roger be receiving social security each month? If it is direct deposit, they won't be able to access it unless they have his debit card or his checkbook to forge checks. If it is a paper check they could forge his signature. Since he is elderly he may have Matthew listed as an authorised user.

When he dies in hospice his remains will go to the county coroner which will issue a death certificate, but I don't know how the notice of a person's death is communicated to Social Security. This is new territory for me to research.

Sage for thinking out loud.

No. 480969


His physician will issue a death certificate since he his hospice. A coroner/medical examiner is only needed in suspicious deaths, where cause of death is unknown, or there is no attending physician to sign a death certificate.

Bodies are not released to an individual. Rather any arrangements have to be made with a funeral home, who also notifies Social Security.

source: both parents and 3/4 grandparents died before I was 25. I had to deal with the arrangements for my parents. I live in Wisconsin tho. So state laws could be different.

No. 480980

tbh i think they would've done that ages ago.

No. 480992

>>Luna is absolutely obsessed with Things. it's all she talks about.

It's ironic that she is so materialistic but refuses to get a job or take care of the stuff she has.

No. 480993

Who the fuck uses a blanket as a rug? Omg…I also assumed it was a rug…

No. 480994

>>source: both parents and 3/4 grandparents died before I was 25. I had to deal with the arrangements for my parents. I live in Wisconsin tho. So state laws could be different.

Sorry to hear about that anon. :(

No. 480995

File: 1516021415970.png (2.02 MB, 1080x1103, 20180115_070217.png)

No. 481004

It's like the worlds most unappealing magic trick.

It's a shame though because you know shit like this would be popular on Tumblr with the alt-art crowd but Luna's too lazy and spoiled to even bother trying to set up herself as an artist on there even if she could rake in the money.

No. 481015

Her art just reaches a new milestone in ugliness with each iteration, huh.

No. 481022

how long has she been drawing for? i'm like, shocked that her art is this bad. i can't imagine she means it to look so bad. looks like something a 12 year old could draw easy, there's nothing original or creative here, coloring is attrocious. this might make a decent coffee placemat at a dollar store but that's it! i'd vomit if someone buys this for over $2

how can she never improve?

No. 481023

This is new!? I swear she drew the same exact thing a few months ago. I thought it was the same one until I seen 2018 on the bottom.
She needs to come up with some new ideas lol. She's so uncreative…

No. 481025

My skin crawled thinking of this even though it's obvious but.. Y'all know how Luna likes to sob and complain over every minor inconvenience? I'm very sure she never ONCE has complained nor posted about anything related to doing her laundry. If anyone can find it ill be shocked. Imagine the fucking STENCH of overused, never washed clothing in that house.
She's also stopped posting about how "nice and fresh" She feels after a shower. She has me ready to gag.

No. 481027

luna buys/"finds" some new grandma bullshit whenever she spills juice all over her clothes in lieu of laundry. too lazy to find the pic but in an old thread you could see a fucking aggro crag of disgusting clothes piled in the corner.

No. 481029

I think she used to do her laundry at her dad's apt but has probably not washed an article of clothing since she stopped going there regularly lmao

No. 481045

idk if she can do better necessarily, but i do think that the ugliness is /partially/ intentional. she's said she's inspired by daniel johnston's art, which if you look at it, looks a bit like hers in that it doesn't look very anatomically/technically accurate/sometimes looks like something a 12 year old would draw.

No. 481048

kek aggro crag ily anon

No. 481052

>aggro crag of disgusting clothes
Wouldn't climb that for a fucking trophy, that's for damn sure.

No. 481056

she's literally draws animal crossing characters on drugs, anon. stop comparing her to legitimate artists

No. 481057

just googled him, waaaaay better. he has that 12 y/o style but luna's actually looks like a 12 yr old could draw it

No. 481077

When my mom died Social Security froze access to her account real quick. She died on the 2nd of the month, on the 3rd (her payday) there was no check in her account.

No. 481083

>what kind of nutball gets areola surgery anyway? wtf?
people who have hideous areolas like she does? I agree luna is crazy but if she got areola surgery it would be one of the least crazy things she did

No. 481089

awe yay areola anon is back /sarcasm

No. 481092

wym? this is the first I posted to a luna thread in months

No. 481098

I was going to say she draws older and dirtier animal crossing characters but animal crossing characters on drugs fits perfectly.
Its the fact that all of her shit looks exactly the same that makes her look unskilled. No real variant in subject matter, she relies on the same few color combinations that "work" (dont look atrocious.)
And honestly i had no idea what i was looking at with her last piece until the anon made the disgusting magic trick comment.

No. 481103

i'm not saying that he's as bad as her (or that he's bad) i'm saying she literally has a tattoo of his art on her arm and is has straight up said she's inspired by his art ykwim? i just mean i think she's going for that kind of style, and i think she misunderstands that kind of art as not requiring any effort, sorry for the miscommunication.

No. 481118

This. She needs to learn that having a personal style or doing a set of pieces exploring a theme != everything she draws looking the same. She could develop a style with time and practise but I suppose that would take too much work for her, wouldn't it…

No. 481119

There isn’t any massive inheritance from roger. You’re all talking about when lurch was chatting that chick up, he talked about a massive inheritance from his GRANDMOTHER and that he couldn’t do anything to upset her or she would cut him out of her will.

No. 481120

Has Lurches mom ever been mentioned? Like at all?

No. 481131

I've wondered about that. Is she dead or something? Or is she an Evil Mom to go with Luna's Evil Dad?

No. 481166

File: 1516137238518.png (413.03 KB, 368x598, 1464128839995.png)

honestly tunas art used to be a lot more detailed, thats what drugs do ig

No. 481167

tbh theres lots of drug users with really good art. lots of awesome psychedelic inspired art. luna just got lazy lmao

No. 481182

she actually put effort in and built a decent amount of skill when she was still in highschool before she started doing heroin. after heroin and lurch she found she could just half ass scribble tumblr art and tumblr kids would buy it (she charges 40-60$ for a marker drawing)
seeing her highschool art is a big reason why i lose my temper so bad seeing her recent trash art, she doesnt even make effort to write "baby" clearly

No. 481185

File: 1516147144767.jpg (42.12 KB, 500x500, b201a21ba185fb456d622e5c33cffc…)

I was trying to find some of Tuna's older art and came across this. JFC, heroin is one hell of a drug.

No. 481191

This is just straight-up EVIL. Who the fuck would do this to the space of a dying relative who in addition kept your junkie NEET asses alive for years!? What the actual fuck!?

No. 481200

it honestly is a shame–she was such a pretty girl when she was younger and now she looks like a shot-out junkie. honestly i don't blame lurch either–she loves the heroin chic look.

No. 481206


No. 481207

She looks so good with black hair (and showering regularly helps too). She ruined herself for an ugly aesthetic.

No. 481210

File: 1516152328409.jpg (52.06 KB, 626x449, tuna.JPG)

Please survive cos someone needs to pay rent - disgusting

No. 481234

Imagine destroying your entire life for reblogs on tumblr.
Of course she's using Roger's terminal illness for aesthetic. It's clear how much she actually cares.

No. 481236

You "want him to survive" yet you immediately took over his bedroom/area of the house?
Hmmmm. Okay…

No. 481237

It takes a special kind of stupid to throw everything in life away just to be 'popular' online. Which she isn't even succeeding in.
It makes so much sense right? She's probably getting ready to hardcore fish for donations. I wonder if she'll ask for us to pay for his memorial.

No. 481306

File: 1516194627710.jpg (610.33 KB, 809x1301, Screenshot_20180117-230737.jpg)

Same concept, from back when she was flogging her 'art' on depop

No. 481348

$150!??!!!!!! Is this legit? Does someone actually buy this? I should start selling my paintings for like $5k if people are actually buying that crap for over $5. I'm shook

No. 481353

For $150 you can own this weird fucking image of an animal crossing lizard girl getting bloomed in the face by a floral porcupine with gumby legs!

No. 481381

lizard girl's nipple is falling off

No. 481388

Funeral homes help with that, most people use the $225 lump sum next of kin get after a loved one dies as a payment on the funeral.

And yeah its only one payment of $225 after someone dies.

No. 481392

I'm going full autismo with this tongue / teeth situation rrrrrreeee

No. 481401

She photodumped on her Tumblr… If anyones interested. There's even a video but I can't get it to play so Idk what it is.

No. 481404

File: 1516224101982.png (1012.17 KB, 720x1098, sad_about_roger.png)

Video is of her literally shuffling along on the sidewalk in an ugly outfit making really dumb faces at the camera.

No. 481405

File: 1516224796356.gif (5.35 MB, 320x240, giphy.gif)

Umm. She's kidding, right? She knows he's in hospice care and snatched up his room the moment he left. She knows the deal. Additionally, what the fuck are some cards and rocks going to do? This is just a show to her. She's going to build all this up so she can take in pity donations after Roger's gone. Luna and Lurch are the scummiest pieces of shit. Damn.

No. 481406

File: 1516225309250.gif (1.64 MB, 512x512, tumblr_p2px2aUIki1wyvcq4o1_540…)

wtf is this outfit.

No. 481440

It gets worse.. She wears it with that cheetah print Halloween costume jacket, and those ugly Grey knit ugg boots that look like slipper socks.

No. 481442

Her hands look a lot better now, unless she shoops them. But she wouldn't even show them before so I doubt it.

No. 481447

Because of the theories on this thread I'm getting Peter Coffin vibes from this gif

No. 481451

Holy shit seeing her in motion is even more alarming. What is this video.

No. 481454

it’s those fucking lifeless Coraline button eyes she has that enter her face into the uncanny valley. if she just learned how to properly do makeup for her eye shape she’d look actually human and somewhat alive. can’t say the same for the crack lip tho.

try covering her eyes with your finger and the rest of her face looks pretty normal, but cover everything but her eyes and it’s like the soul of one of the Hartley kids is trapped inside.

No. 481456

I saw it and her face is as retarded as her outfit. She always looks so…dumpy. And ffs she needs to change the way she does her eyeliner!

No. 481468

True, holy shit.

No. 481480

File: 1516238973852.jpg (124.87 KB, 640x852, IMG_5490.JPG)

No. 481483

wow she is aging fast. doesn't even look creepily young next to lurch anymore lol

No. 481556

She does her eye makeup like that on purpose. Im not sure why, but her eyes arent actually that round, she just does her makeup so it looks like she has downs syndrome

No. 481582

maybe her next ebegging angle will be she's developmentally disabled along with bpd, bipolar, etc etc

No. 481619

File: 1516289699284.png (1.27 MB, 640x1136, A249C114-DA91-47C3-BF07-9E93DC…)

Sage because not milk but how is she this filthy?! There’s literal brown dirt on her sleeve ffs

No. 481679

lol that hoodie is fucking mouldy! it's been sat somewhere damp for MONTHS, look at the discolouration all over it. Is she incapable of noticing filth now?

No. 481685


gag. she's so gross

No. 481686

Does heroin make you blind to filth? I bet it smells like swamp.

No. 481690

The cats (or Lurch) probably peed on it and it just festered in the clothes heap that serves as the litterbox.

No. 481783


don't be so rude anon, lurch is a classy guy. he doesn't piss on clothing, he pisses into orange juice cartons and leaves them dotted about the house for tuna to drink

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