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Last Updated: April 27, 2016

Updates to rules can be viewed at >>>/meta/1014

Global Rules

Global rules are the only hard rules. Violating any of these rules may result in post deletion or a ban.

By violating a global rule, you also waive your right to anonymity and the privacy of reports you send.

  1. Do not say, do, or threaten to do anything illegal under international or United States law.
  2. Do not post sexually suggestive 2D or 3D images of minors, or any other image that could be construed as serving to appeal to pedophiles, even if the images are not technically illegal in the US. This obviously means no nude images of people under 18, and also includes clothed "child models", and nude or clothed "loli" and "shota".
  3. Do not post images of human or animal gore. Relevant non-gore graphic images can be posted, but spoiler them.
  4. Do not spam or flood any board or thread. This means repeated contentless or identical posts that add nothing to a discussion.
  5. Do not try to evade bans or intentionally deceive or manipulate lolcowchan staff.
  6. Do not report an alleged serious rule violation you yourself have been extremely and hypocritically guilty of.
  7. Do not try to use lolcowchan as your personal army. Don't make threads because of empty vendettas towards people you know.
  8. Do not make any threats or harmful actions towards the website or its staff or users, including attempts at "hacking", flooding, raiding, DDoSing, or getting the site shut down. This also includes attempts to get other people to help with those things.
  9. Do not post threads about yourself in /pt/ or /snow/. Do not deceptively post about yourself in existing /pt/ or /snow/ threads as a way of attracting attention.
  10. Do not post vendetta threads in the direct or indirect guise of a self-post, by impersonating someone you have a grudge against.
  11. Do not namefag or tripfag without a very good reason. Do not avatarfag. Use the name field only if your identity is very relevant to the thread, you are consistently providing new, accurate information, and you risk impersonation.
  12. You must be at least 18 years old to browse or post. Users may also be banned for posting in a very immature manner.

Board Guidelines

/pt/ ([p]ixy[t]eri / lolcow general)

Discuss lolcows. Anything that's considerably off-topic may be moved to /b/. Any threads that do not meet lolcow standards may be moved to /snow/.

If you are posting a new thread about someone who isn't widely known, and there are no previous threads about this person, then in the OP you need to include an explanation of why you consider them to be a lolcow. You should include links, pictures, videos, screenshots, quotes, or other evidence. If you do not do this, or if lolcow staff deems your evidence insufficient, incorrect, or irrelevant, then your thread will likely be moved to /snow/.

Threads about well-known figures who have been discussed heavily in the past but may not currently be considered lolcows, such as Dakota, may be posted in some cases. This typically only applies to people near-universally known to communities like ours.

Consistently off-topic or extremely irritating posts may result in a warning or short ban, and repeat offenders may receive a long or permanent ban from /pt/. In the event that you are banned from /pt/, you are advised to only post in /b/.

Also, lèse-majesté is strictly forbidden. Don't insult the queen. The board is called /pt/ for a reason.

/snow/ (flakes & mistakes)

Discuss people who act like special snowflakes, along with other people who are not deserving of a thread (mistakes of threads). Threads that do not belong in /pt/ are moved here. Some threads will be about snowflakes, some will just be bad threads which have been moved for any number of reasons.

/g/ (/g/irl talk)

/g/ is for on-topic discussion of the following subjects:

Posts should generally be serious and not overly inflammatory. Race-related discussion is universally banned with no exceptions, as is aggressive or excessive trolling.

If you plan on making a thread to discuss a contentious issue, or to criticize a person, community, place, issue, or subject, it should go in /b/ or /pt/, not /g/. Threads should generally be neutral or positive in nature.

/ot/ (off-topic)

Discuss anything and everything. Threads about specific people likely belong in /pt/ or /snow/. Makeup, clothing, and /cgl/ discussion belongs in /g/. Certain kinds of threads, like robot and pony ones, have restrictions.

/meta/ (site discussion)

Discuss all issues relating to lolcow.farm itself. Please keep things on-topic.

Soft Rules

These rules are less well-defined, and may or may not result in a ban for violating them.

Race Discussions

Discussions of race and ethnicity are banned in /pt/ unless the posts are 1) very relevant to the thread and the discussion, 2) not overly hostile, inflammatory, accusatory, or targeted at other posters, and 3) as objective as possible. Even in those cases, such posts should be made infrequently, and you should not post about it in a particular thread multiple times over short periods. This also applies to blanket stereotypes suggesting that a certain culture or nation is inferior or superior.

This does not apply to mere use of controversial language, so long as the language is obviously not intended to make a racial statement.

Race discussions are also universally banned in /g/ (no exceptions). /b/ threads specific to racial discussions may be made, but race-related posts are generally disallowed in unrelated /b/ threads, especially if they're derailing the thread.

Please read >>>1054 for more details about this rule.

Off-Topic Threads and Posts

Off-topic threads or posts in /pt/ or /g/ may be moved to /b/.

Graphic Content

Content that involves minor gore or extreme pornography may be posted if it is relevant to a discussion. In such a case, it is recommended that you spoiler the image and add a warning in your post stating what the content is. If you don't, staff may spoiler the image and edit your post to say so.

All users have the ability to hide threads and images. If you find an image too graphic or gross for you personally, but it doesn't violate any of the rules, consider hiding the image before reporting it. Only report the image if it appears to be posted purely for grotesque shock value, or is particularly revolting and is deserving of being spoilered so it does not gross out other users.

Any gore posted purely for the shock factor will very likely be deleted.

Is everything else really allowed?

Yes. This means the following things are permitted:

In case someone is just skimming, I'll repeat: these things are all allowed.

lolcowchan staff may not necessarily agree with or like the content, or may even hate it and find it very distasteful, but we will remain completely neutral regardless.

Do not report things that fall under that list unless they also violate one of the global rules. We may respond to your report but we will not delete the reported thread or post.

This is a website for open and anonymous discussion. Nothing will be removed just because it is offensive or irritating to you or others.

No IP addresses or personal information of posters, or presence or lack of presence of samefagging will ever be revealed by staff. Keep in mind that this privilege may be voided at any time if you break a global rule or frequently break non-global rules, however.

Exceptions to the above

Exceptions to this permissive policy include the following:


Do not report a thread or post with the expectation of it being deleted unless it violates one of the rules. Note: Talking shit about you, calling you names, or screenshotting your social media pages is not stalking, is not against the rules, and is not illegal.

Filing frivolous reports, or filing reports after being warned to stop, may result in a ban, and may also result in your report being called out if it is particularly frivolous.

You may use the reporting system as a method to communicate with or ask questions of lolcowchan staff. You can consider reports as a type of private messaging system. However, anything longer than a few sentences should probably be sent via email instead.

All reports and communication to staff will stay anonymous. Staff will never reveal the identity, IP address, or full report message of anyone who files a report, even a report of something that does not violate the rules. The only exception is those who file numerous or extremely frivolous or deceptive reports, or anyone who has lost their privilege of anonymity by violating one of the global rules.

Staff does reserve the right to occasionally publicly reveal that a particular thread or post was reported and to possibly give a vague description of the report reason, without mentioning who reported it. Other than that, you can consider reports to be private and anonymous if you have followed all the guidelines.


The rules may be modified at any time. The admin reserves the right to retroactively take action based on new rules that are added. This means if a new rule is added and you violated that rule before it was added, you can still be moderated for it, though potentially with more leniency.

I do not intend on abusing this policy. It will only take effect when someone, for example, finds a loophole and posts something that clearly breaks the spirit but not the letter of the rules. The rules change very infrequently and I intend to retain an extremely relaxed moderation policy, so this caveat should not pose any issues to most posters.


You can contact the administrator at lolcow.farm@gmail.com for any questions, suggestions, or comments. Requests to take moderative action should go through the report system, not email.