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File: 1485535718027.jpg (406.67 KB, 1081x1920, 1484814358404.jpg)

No. 240761[Reply]

Last thread reached the bump limit. >>103206

What's happened so far

>Posted a wall of text bashing Amina in Micky's thread

>Made a tumblr blog to try and make Amina look bad

>Posted said blog on her own thread

>Got caught red handed shitting on her sister and creating the fake Amina blog in her thread when the Admin revealed which posts were hers

>Was kicked out of her mother's house when her sister told their mom about her nsfw blog

>After moving into her Grandma's broom closet her delusion of grandeur got worse

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No. 427028

holy fuck her tits are saggy

No. 427038

It's like they're trying to escape her body.

No. 427042


Bitch please

No. 427047

File: 1511001284855.jpeg (47.43 KB, 640x793, 44BE611D-C7A4-47EF-B69E-70B603…)

Her new blog link…
I’m not sure why she keeps sending herself unnatural asks in Japanese. It’s pretty obvious a native speaker didn’t write the questions.

No. 427049

The second one literally says “Anata wa gravure moderu desuka?” “Are you a gravure model?”
She did a porn so why would anyone ask that? Shouldn’t they ask if she’s a porn star? The Japanese asks never include anything above a 2nd grade writing level. I really don’t understand the point of roleplaying that you have Japanese followers. I know she only sent that AV company an email asking to shoot with them after Aminyan did her gravure dvd, like it was immediately after. But if she’s trying to be a porn star/escort what’s the point of pretending to be an aidoru in Nippon?

File: 1499123216285.png (Spoiler Image, 798.35 KB, 942x542, krissyv.png)

No. 345800[Reply]

How's Krissy still relevant in the community? Looks like she's been rolling with a new crew and burning bridges.
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No. 424944

File: 1510792578584.png (4.35 MB, 1125x2001, IMG_8117.PNG)

No. 425118


Damn, how many chins can a person have?!?

No. 426631

File: 1510951396418.png (186.17 KB, 1125x1657, IMG_8121.PNG)

Her ass is sad.

No. 426931

At least her ass is better than those tragic titties

No. 427040

File: 1510999959766.png (1.06 MB, 720x960, babymama.png)

- She does not know who the father is.
- She's told the guys she thinks might be the dad, and they're s h a k i n g
- Over 3 months pregnant
- Lied about who she's fucked for attention. When those people confronted her, she claimed she was "sabotaged."
- Literally considered poison to the entire Smash Bros community, one of the reasons is because she's a lying whore.
- Still proudly flaunts being a slut but calls it being "sexually free"

Look at her recent belly pics, guys. That's a baby.

File: 1480129847916.jpg (145.57 KB, 500x333, jess.jpg)

No. 204019[Reply]

Jessica Celebra aka Jessica Rosa is a narcissistic 20-something-year-old rich white girl who is well-known on Tumblr for her sad babydoll nymphet photography & clothing, and reselling used clothing originally bought at thrift stores for $50 each; also notorious for throwing paranoid fits and deleting her blog every 2 months & coming back a week later with a new name and persona (but never fails to come off as holier-than-thou).

She thinks anyone who takes photos of pink things & buildings with a film camera and posts them to Tumblr is copying her & has thrown several fits about it; at one point she (a grown woman) publicly bullied a 16-year-old girl (with aspergers syndrome, no less) for such.

Originally known in around 2012 for her blogspot, The Tragic Sense, and her Lookbook (both no longer accessible) where she posted her faded film photography and outfits.

Jess moved to tumblr in ~2013 and gained popularity under her first url, dollgraves, assumed a sweet fragile nymphet uwu persona, and deleted her blog in (I think) 2014.
Remade her blog under the url ghostbabygirl not long after, but threw a fit because everyone was copying her and only she can take faded film photos of her masturbating in a tutu and bloody panties :(
Deleted again in 2015, came back as Jess Woods (url jess-woods); photography consisted of more greenery but was mostly the same.
Deleted once again mid-2016.

Jess's current blog is moonprincessjess.tumblr.com where she now assumes the name Jessica Rosa & posts photos of city buildings, chandeliers, and vegan fairy DIY rose baths and lavender teas.

Links -
Blogspot: thetragicsense.blogspot.com (now defunct & inaccessible)
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 423226

Thank you !!

No. 426651

File: 1510953202333.jpg (23.26 KB, 736x561, RbEjxrn.jpg)

I get that we're all burnt over how Jess lies, but it's really harmful to accuse someone of not being anorexic.

Especially someone in Jess's position, and especially for the people who look up to her. I used to frequent those "pro-ana" forums and I posted her pics because I was sick.

One of the things that you don't do to someone who has an ED or is recovered is talk about how healthy they're looking, even if you mean well. Talking about how her "legs look rather thick" these days, or how she didn't ever look SICK ENOUGH to be anorexic is fucked up, and if she frequents these forums, triggering.

No. 426682

File: 1510955433532.jpeg (168.71 KB, 1200x800, EAF9548E-DDD1-4C4E-B9BA-A6B62B…)

At least try to assimilate.

No. 426695


I mean the namefag is right, but, when have we ever cared about feelings on this website? It's lolcow. Go bitch or go home.

No. 427034

>>426651 go back to pull

File: 1492068802184.png (390 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2017-04-13-16-32-51…)

No. 290408[Reply]

dumped two babies in australia abd japan to become number one prostitute of kabukicho.

Continually threatened ex husband and any women imvolved with him on social media.

Doxxed numerous people who she claimed where after her and repprting her to Japanese immigration

Failed to become kabukicho number one host so went on to release not one but two grotesque AV porn where you can see just how haggerd splochy arsed she is and her terrible botched tits.

Has been on the downlow since losing her spouse visa from ex husband now in limbo jumping from japan to australia or korea every three months.

Illegally working at ginza hostess club hiding her shit tattoos

Seems to have found new man magnet in ugly designer … yet residential buddy boy toy pchan is still living in together in shinokubo rat den.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 425475

Doesn’t look like it from the site.

No. 426497

Link to the website please

No. 426539

No. 426855

To be honest this club seems super sketchy. Usually even the health clubs take own photos of their recruits, but here most of the girls who have a photo on their profile are selfies. Only one girl has a professional set which is uploaded in a super low quality. Also most of them have no 3 size data and over 50% don't even have a photo at all. So it might well be that they have some other foreigners there too.

No. 427026

A girl from Lugano works there. I bet Shiena works there too.

File: 1510094315235.gif (2.44 MB, 480x270, sw1zrQC.gif)

No. 417732[Reply]

LIVE THREAD: https://temp.lolcow.farm/b/18076

Social Repose is an emo/goth youtube musician with almost 1 million subs.

He's been mentioned in Onision threads for their ongoing feud. Dated Ayalla (the best friend of Onision's failed polyamory girlfriend, Billie) and cheated on her repeatedly, causing Onision to go on plenty of spergout rants about how monstrous cheaters are to get Ayalla on his good side.
When Richie started dating youtuber Jaclyn Glenn, Onision warned her multiple times she'd be cheated on as well. It has recently come out that Richie has indeed cheated on Jaclyn for the entire duration of their relationship, citing a fear of commitment and the relationship moving too fast even though he previously had a commitment ceremony with her in Las Vegas, then gave her a real ring and started calling her wife instead of girlfriend.

>dates a girl named Lexi for 2 months, they break up

>dates Ayalla, 19
>cheated multiple times, asking random people on FB for hookups
>they break up
>continues to make "ex-gf" videos with Ayalla and plans to have her act the main role in a music video for a song he wrote about their relationship
>meets Jaclyn, 29
>asks Jaclyn to be in the video in Ayalla's place
>adopts Ayalla's chosen nickname "Empress" as his album title and Twitter name out of pettiness/muh artistic intent
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
816 posts and 117 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 427012

Jaclyn's on younow now. She's not talking much about SR but she is answering a few questions. She said the other girl in the Empress video wasn't one of the girls he cheated with (lucky girl), her tests came back clean, she's taking Lexapro, and he hasn't reached out to her.

No. 427023

I'm going to correct you, she said she has NOT had her STD tests come back yet. She gotten them done one Tuesday, but hasn't gotten the results back yet. I think you misheard her on that one. But everything else you said was correct.

No. 427024

Sorry about that, I must have misheard (was switching between Jaclyn's stream and another cows).

No. 427094

I seriously was never ever so disgusted by a cow. now his filthy pride shit makes much more sense

No. 427102

He's fucking disgusting wtf are these women thinking lol does being slightly famous on You Tube make the stink okay, attractive even?

File: 1507844236717.jpg (30.31 KB, 400x400, fqytnMFR_400x400.jpg)

No. 402703[Reply]

>Very popular cosplayer and cam girl
>Under fire for having a 16 year old girlfriend & exposing her to the 18+ community
>Lana and her members have tagged the 16 year in hentai, and constantly make inappropriate jokes to the 16 year old
> It has come out recently Lana is 24 not 21.
> Lana's member and friends defend her actions and bullies anyone who question her.
>Being called out for having playgrounds/children in the background of her public masterbation videos. After much outrage Manyvids gave Lana a slap on the hand but no real punishment happened
>NBC Left Field did a news story about her but missed some major points.

Social Media:
162 posts and 50 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 420492

Eevee here,

I don’t know who is saying I said those two were “married”. This is misinformation and whoever is saying this is looking to cause problems.

This kind of misinformation people like to spread around has had serious consequences for me, including them leaking my full name, because they insist that I said things like this, which I have not.

I cannot confirm or deny anything that anyone comes to me with asking me. I have no direct proof or knowledge of anything. Please stop telling everyone I said things I did not I value my personal safety. Also, there is no need to have even said “Eevee said this” on an anonymous board that’s so silly.

No. 420667

sorry about that, (granted I wasn't one of them)

Back to topic,(directed to everyone on the board) but with Lana doing 24 hour streams, is it more just to avoid the internet drama, and how she and vero don't flirt with each other anymore. She makes jokes about being a pedophile (which technically she won't be), and Infinite "Bad Shonen Hair Day" Loaded acting like age doesn't matter with the "I don't care about age I care about ur BRAIN" tweet.

No. 426228

Hello everyone. Someone who used to know Bloodcalibur/Terence Sanchez / Eightloaded / Infiniteloaded here a few years back here with some more info for you, but I can't be bothered to go and search for evidence so feel free to think I'm making it up.

He has dated a series of women, all online before meeting in person and then dating in person or long distance first (he can't get a woman in person and never has). The order was Amanda, Jessica, Jillian (he called her Jilly), Bianca (Lana), and then most recently Veronica and he claimed to be dating Jilly's sister as well.

He dated all of these women except Amanda who was older than him when they were young and <18. He certainly grooms them. Bianca and Jilly were both 14-15 when he started dating them.

That Ontario post was him trying to visit one of the other above girls, I can't recall who these days but pre-Bianca and Jilly days. Good digging though.

As you all suspect, him and Bianca are in a long-term husband/wife relationship and she moved straight from Montreal to be with him in NYC. This is a ruse to make her appear to be a lesbian for her camming fanbase. He also has used multiple programs to springboard her to success in camming by tipping - at one point, he was 5 of the personalities and her biggest tipper on manyvids. He also encouraged her to camgirl at the start of her camming career. She definitely did not start camming 'right' when she was 18, how funny that people actually believe that trife.

You are correct that Bianca's username on that anime website was biiitchsticks. They were in a three-way relationship with Jilly/Bianca/Terence at the time. Jilly has since stopped communicating frequently with Terence.

Terence plays a lot of videogames, he was big into warcraft 3, world of warcraft, dota, league of legends are the most prominent since you can find old posts of him flaming/trolling on Blizzard forums. He is about 5ft tall tho, hence why he has to meet girls online.

Oh, Jilly used to go by mini_kitteh or mini_kitty if someone wants to go find that online. I believe the Jessica girl went under something like Soul.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 426980

>>426228 Weird guy. I'm wondering about how he sees the world, his upbringing, and how he ever manages to convince these girls to move to New York with him. Is there anything more that you could tell us about him?

No. 426998


Holy shit anon, you are amazing to confirm some of this. Just curious how do you know Terence is dating Veronica? Is there proof out there?

File: 1510704685188.jpg (261.25 KB, 705x700, kati.mashed.jpg)

No. 424115[Reply]

The gift that keeps on giving!

Joy/kati has claimed to have had a hard, horrible, abusive upbringing. Claiming that her parents were verbally and physically abusive. That her step-father's actions bordered on sexual abuse. Not only that, but she said she lived in "ghettos" and "trailer parks". If that wasn't bad enough, all her health issues that have plagued her since childhood, still haunt her today! Poor, poor, neglected, abused kati. Feelsbadman. Oh, wait! No it doesn't because it was all a lie! SURPRISE!
here's some highlights from the previous thread >>399109 :

>deleted her JoySparkleBS channel, claiming too much bullying & harassment, but was due to show analytics from do5 videos.

>still calling and texting rose, bio mom of do5 kids, reminding rose that she gave rose money and rose should be fucking greatful and should kiss her ass til the end of time.
>played peek-a-boo with her Twitter account a couple times, to get the joytards in a tizzy.
>joy and cultists drag shrubtime for (((lying))) & (((scamming))) people.
>"family" anons decide to join the discussion after fall out with shrubtime/alex/red towel head
>All namefagged post by "family" anons: >>415132 >>415237 >>415377 >>415407 >>415428 >>415432 >>415435 >>415498 >>415513 >>415517 Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
257 posts and 29 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 427071

Really, its not so much that its a story..its that Kati sees an opportunity or potentially emotionally vulnerable person and moves in to try and make a mark out of them. Its telling enough as to who she really is..but that she's looking for people with numbers is even more telling.

No. 427076


She's already burned Repzion and AndyWarski who are sort of in that group and not total tards like Jeff Holiday. I don't see her having an easy time among any "skeptic / anti-sjw" groups because they're not into malingerers who sit around bitching about their health.

No. 427078

Most of them openly despise her, I don't know what this anon is on about. I'm only peripherally aware of the community and even I've heard them tearing her apart. She doesn't appeal to anyone except the already mentally unwell. I think she's more likely to use her token minority friends to edge her way in to a different crowd, maybe use Cy to shoehorn her way into the trans/LGBT community?

No. 427095


I think it's more along the lines of trans/sexual identities being trendy among the younger crowd right now, and saying she's asexual makes them relate/like her better.

Could you really put it past Kati to pull a stunt like that?

No. 427097


Let's not kid ourselves - we know she's not going to be able to wait 'til June.

File: 1455129646665.jpg (45.46 KB, 502x600, albinwonderland.jpg)

No. 91208[Reply]

Angelina or albinwonderland is a Canadian vlogger who spoke a lot about feminist issues on Youtube. She used to date a sensible guy but ever since they broke up and she moved into a house with a trannie, she's gone full blown sjw.

226 posts and 20 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 405891

Yeaaaah, I'm thinking it's about her. People in the comments are asking too and there's someone going around defending ALB saying Stef said in a livestream the other day that they're still friends… yet they don't follow each other on any social media. Hmm.

I mean, anyone who has followed ALB for years would know she's a bit of a narc.

No. 405936

Nope lol.

No. 406626


re: narc–how so? Haven't followed her SUPER closely for a while, I'm curious.

No. 416623


Niko: "She works SO HARD on her ASMR videos"

Like she opens boxes of shit people send her in front of the camera, what about that screams "hard"?

No. 426969

I'm interested too in hearing about why she would be called a narc, to me she seems like a very sensible and sweet person, at least in videos. Then again I have not followed her for a long time

File: 1508381228108.png (425.87 KB, 344x559, dontcringetoohard.PNG)

No. 405758[Reply]

Read the rules before commenting, especially 4 and 3.5b.

- Previously had a stoner blog known as shay-gnar and switched over to sex work when it became popular.
- Below average looking tumblr / camwhore.
- Got wasted on drugs and got caught cheating on her boyfriend and cried rape.
- Claims to be a CSA and rape survivor and uses dd/lg and rape fantasies to work through her trauma.
- Begs people online for money and gifts that she claims she is entitled to it because she's a porn star.
- Meets up with old men from tumblr for sex and films it.
- Whenever anybody disagrees with her she plays the victim card and throws a tantrum.
- Admittedly doesn't wash for weeks on end.
- Has made numerous racist jokes, including calling a jewish person "baby hitler", and making a parody of Trump's "grab me by the pussy" claiming it to be satire.
-Starts drama and throws a pity party when people call her on her shit

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
467 posts and 124 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 426262

The sores around her cooch….god damn. She should go to a dermatologist for something to help her skin heal during waxing or shavings. It's PAINFUL to look at. And foul looking.

No. 426706

File: 1510957327450.png (42.83 KB, 844x138, o ok.png)

Let me guess. It ends with her "cumming" using a wand.

No. 426962

She’s online right now and it’s horribly embarrassing. She’s got Christmas music blasting so loud you can’t hear her, she’s barely talking and when she does it’s so mumbled. She looks high as fuck too

No. 426963

She just turned down the music tho

No. 426981

god that sounds depressing.

File: 1503873222824.jpg (47.66 KB, 960x540, IMG_9628.JPG)

No. 381123[Reply]

Kelly Ronahan is a 34-year-old compulsive liar and malingering attention whore from Kelowna, Canada. She previously claimed to be a medical mystery, as doctors couldn't understand why her blood was magically disappearing, though she has recently revealed the cause was simply heavy menstruation due to uterine fibroids the whole time!

Chompy is a 4-year-old cat. He's Kelly's trusty companion, a talented mouser, and an overall fluffer mckitty witty cutie wootie meow meow~ He enjoys sleeping and nommin' on ankles. What a funny guy. Oh my~~~ Kitty~~~

Kelly's hobbies seem to include ballet, her cat Chompurrs (Chompy), auto-exsanguinating, and inducing allergic reactions.

The Dynamic Duo were originally mentioned in the Over-the-Top Spoonies and Munchausens by Internet threads.

Munchies 1: >>181656
Munchies 2: >>201162
Munchies 3: >>237479
Munchies 4: >>300611
Munchies 5: >>345089

It quickly became obvious that Kelly had been lurking and was revelling in the attention and pretending to be upset about it on her social media. She made several obvious self posts and was banned twice, and has since been communicating with the farm via Facebook and Instagram.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
973 posts and 125 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 426927

Anon, Is it factual that she isn't having transfusions? Are you local anon?

No. 426928


No. 426959

Please don’t lock the thread. This is literally the only place I’ve found in life that Kelly isn’t catered to and doesn’t just get away with everything. It’s vital to my sanity.

No. 426968

If this is your sanity you are screwed. Dream big bitch! No one can tell at all which posts are yours. Go back to the psych hospital and ask for a lobotomy, Then go fk Paul or LMW.

No. 427018

File: 1510995693423.gif (1.62 MB, 500x320, tumblr_nozd4xoCHR1r745vdo1_500…)


Lobotomy? Seriously? This isn't the 1950s, "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest,and none of the players in this bad telenovella live in an ex-Soviet Block country.

Better-up your common sense and powers of deduction, silly billy.

Sage for intense eye-rolling l.

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