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File: 1478808876614.jpg (476.21 KB, 861x546, image.jpg)

No. 196471[Reply]

This is a thread for snowflakes within the art community who exhibit snowflake behavior but not enough to have an entire thread dedicated to them. Similar to /cgl/ shit talk but without limits.

Previous artists discussed on lolcow
Sandy Kay//Skimlines >>>/snow/129162
Nozmo >>>/snow/106744
Emily Hu//barleytea >>>/snow/65138
Soo Jung//T1mco >>>/snow/78299
Kaoru Hasegawa >>>/snow/55067

Artist featured in OP is Susan Lau/@shattered_earth https://twitter.com/Shattered_Earth Confirmed chan lurker and angrier skimlines incarnate
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No. 341468

File: 1498448757240.jpg (38.69 KB, 595x450, DB0tMw_VwAAdT8G.jpg)

her apparel has the literal word "poop" on it, it really does belong in the garbage

No. 341481


How pathetic.

No. 341590

I don't get why this is such a big deal. Retired merch or merch that's too old or never sold usually is disposed of one way or another. I know plenty of people who throw away defective or leftover/old/retired prints. Prints usually sell for 10-15 a piece. It's her own stuff, she can do what she wants with it?

The way shes posting in order to justify herself isn't doing her any favors, but if i was her i would've never guessed how butthurt twitter got over this post.

No. 341593

she types like she's 13

No. 341597

It's more the fact that she's throwing away product that isn't cheap that can easily be given away in grab bags. There's physically nothing wrong with the product and it's ten times easier to giveaway charms than prints. I could maybe understand if they were bad quality or that old that her style has changed but doing this is pretty stupid. Taking a picture and posting it was even worse.

File: 1494971472576.png (561.97 KB, 800x914, 1494913379113.png)

No. 314257[Reply]

Bratty Tumblr pastel artist.
>special snowflake who gets extremely salty when people do anything less than kiss her ass when it comes to her 100% ORIGINAL DO NOT STEAL art
>very possessive about her generic Tumblr art style, accuses other people of copying her and sics her army of fans on them
>copied this very same art style from other people and has unapologetically ripped off entire OCs and character designs
>has 908249829482 OCs with Tumblr pronouns and edgy back stories
>romanticizes self-harm, sexual abuse, pedophilia, etc for her pastel goth ~*dolly*~ aesthetic
>suicide-baits and crytypes when people in her inner circle do/say things she doesn't like
>abuses her cats for fun
Tumblr: http://tearzah.tumblr.com/
Personal Tumblr (feat. heavily edited selfies): http://dollclaws.tumblr.com/
OC circlejerk Tumblr: http://ashkinoshita.tumblr.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dollieguts/
Deviantart: http://dollieguts.deviantart.com/?rnrd=202882
Receipts/Callout posts here (some of the grievances are a bit stupid because she primarily involves herself with other Tumblrinas):
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 341001

Does she have a piss fetish? She sure tweets about it a lot

No. 341052


No. 341406

i question why there is no ed article

No. 341577

just do a search of her feed, some of the hits are 'piss' used in different contexts, but a lot of them aren't


No. 341595

File: 1498472534962.png (242.69 KB, 1242x1888, IMG_4713.PNG)

File: 1490555093221.jpg (33.74 KB, 480x480, 10554270_1684095201834538_1959…)

No. 277783[Reply]

Kawaii loli nyanners copycat
>makes funny ironic embarrassing anime vids to pander to neckbeards
>fakes AND I MEAN FAKES a kawaii voice
>tries to act sexy uguu cute but ends up looking embarrassing
>wants to be a voice actress but can only do anime loli nasal voice
Youtube that she doesn't use: https://www.youtube.com/user/01VocaloidMikuChan/
http://www.metal-archives.com/artists/YurunyaPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 338365


she made a roast me thread on reddit and people are calling her out on her downzzzzz

No. 338381

File: 1497974520016.jpg (102.25 KB, 540x960, 11128634_1641492856086654_3873…)

I was a friend with one of her "besties" I'm not too sure what happened but they removed each other on facebook. I grabbed this photo a while ago.

No. 338383

wow her post history on that account… yikes

No. 338386


lmao that doesn't look remotely like her

No. 341588

I don't think that's her bc yuru has short black hair and different glasses? also yuru's hair has always been super thin there's no way she could curl it like that

File: 1497932669019.png (979.25 KB, 890x1271, joysparklebsing.png)

No. 338199[Reply]

In Joy’s last thread #6 we again saw the highs and lows of Joy’s attention whoring hypocritical pathological lying self and her illogical & erratic behavior
• Involved in multiple dramas involving pedophiles in some way
• Went on Andy Warski’s podcast to answer to allegations she was talking shit about him but Andy dropped the ball by not fully researching her controversies so he ended up only asking easy softball questions. She claims she didn’t realize releasing up to 12 videos a day is spammy until Andy pointed it out…even though MrRepzion and Mundane Matt had called her out for it beforehand.
• Made fun of CopperCab’s lisp and stutter but went on his livestream to apologize & ended up “befriending” him…now she will drop everything including prescheduled charity fundraisers & paid Patreon streams by faking “illness stuff” in order to livestream with Coppercab for hours.
• She had an epic meltdown berating the manager of a car dealership because she expected them to give her a brand new car for free or fix her out of warranty car for free
• Onision threatened to sue her if she wouldn't debate him. At first she refused but now it appears she is insisting he do it on her terms on her YouTube livestream.
• Joy accused The Vegan Cheetah of calling her friend with cerebral palsy a retard twice because he referred to her stream being full of “pedos and retards”
• Livestreamed with Anna Scanlon, the person suing The Vegan Cheetah for slander. After Anna mentioned inflammation of the heart caused chest pains Joy immediately incorporated this as part of her own symptoms even though she had never mentioned inflammation before
• Joy brought attention to Rose’s gofundme in hopes of garnering more donations but instead, people took a closer look at its inconsistencies because Joy couldn’t give any straight answers about the situation
• Went from claiming she was “almost” raped in France by Islamic extremists to saying she was actually raped when she needed a defense for making a rape joke on Twitter that offended an actual rape victim
• Her claims of being “homeless” many times and living in trailer parks & ghettos were found to be giant exaggerations…while she may have lived in her car for 2 weeks while still employed, it was revealed that she grew up middle class and considers living in a house but not paying her own rent = homeless
• Her claims about her mother “not caring if she lived Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 341571

Great video btw I am fucking shocked I thought it was 100 too so all in all including streams its easily 200.


No. 341573

Just remember she tags totally unrelated videos (like the Austin ones) with Onision for those sweet, sweet clicks.
This number is probably a _little_ off, but not by much. You'd get a more accurate number by scrolling and manually counting all her videos with "Onision" in the title, but even then, she has deleted some, apparently. Who knows the real number.

No. 341574

Damn Andy slung some shade there, it feels like it. Well he just got excommunicated from the cult of Joysous

No. 341576

I looked 2 days back she has deleted at least 30 onision videos from the early days

No. 341609

File: 1498474728370.jpg (28.42 KB, 554x167, dUnsbkjn.jpg)

I have seen several comments on her new videos calling her a "hero" but this goes too far.
Someone save these people from themselves.

File: 1491614207391.png (2.77 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-04-07-18-14-07…)

No. 286724[Reply]

Jen Sutton.. Salem tranny chaser finally marries a tranny child. Goal accomplished(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)
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No. 286727

File: 1491614461801.png (1.26 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-04-07-18-18-41…)

Aww such a beautiful wedding cake you two!
Jen.. you better not squish your new trannytoy.

No. 286736

wtf is this thread

No. 286747

This is what happens when crazy schitzo meets your daughter and convinces her she is a boy.. and then marries her.

No. 341572

Whoever posted this needs to be ended.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 341583

that's not nice, Cindy.

File: 1497182050829.png (461.17 KB, 613x305, where in the world is mike tow…)

No. 333727[Reply]


Thread for Mike Towers, a notorious cow on the con scene, also features some in Sindy's thread: >>>/snow/272285

Claims to fame:
>runs AnimeLeague, a cringey weebfest forums, and equally cringey cons which feature cosplay slave auctions, deplorable hygiene and public makeouts between obeasts in cat ears
>advertised his cons as MCM-affiliated events on the MCM facebook page and subsequently received a lifetime ban from all MCM events in the UK
>has recently been accused of date rape and grooming underage girls, with evidence apparently being given to the police
>public clashes with MCM resident shitposter Obayed Khan, leading to Michael samefagging constantly on /cgl/ claiming that Obayed is a paedophile himself and threatening to 'see him at mcm' (which he is banned from)
>has used to cgl to try and spread rumours that Kita is cancelled and the MCM heads are under investigation for grooming and child abuse

There's a whole lot of milk here. Will add archive references next post
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No. 341091

Not salty just pointing out that Baker likes sticking his dick in crazy then sleeping with other crazy until it blows up in his face in a shower of drama.

They maybe consenting but it's not much better when you're his friend and constantly having to deal with fall out.

No. 341107

This sounds milky as hell. Any good stories? Names not necessary if they're your friends.

No. 341137

He once sent me a snapchat saying he got laid. Wouldn't tell who it was just "you don't know her" turns out it was his ex who he was leading on again. While he was still sticking it in his ex before her. Obviously they eventually both found out but watching him squirm and lie was cringe and entertaining both at the same time.

No. 341367

Is this the time Alex filmed his gangbang with several people and put it up on pornhub? Wasn't it taken down after one of them complained? If not can someone provide the link? Cheers.

No. 341570

I didn't know about this, anyone got more information on this?

File: 1493896291463.jpg (16.64 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

No. 304264[Reply]

Sere has a thread. The Gaijin Gyaru in Tokyo 2017 thread is all Jojo so I made a new one to talk about the mess that is Shiena.

If you don't already know: Shiena (real name Shannon Wong) is a Canadian gyaru living in Tokyo. She moved to Tokyo in 2010 (which is when the thread pic is from). Now…she's pushing 30, working illegally at a morning kyaba, and still trying to convince everyone she is the best/classiest human ever. In between those 7 years she lived in a shitty apartment with a gyaru named Ashley, joined a gal circle, got some old guy to pay her way through Vantan, had Sere support her, worked at some gal cafe, and insulted all the other gaijin gyaru.

She loves to delight everyone with her drama rants about how hard it is being as beautiful/curvy/smart/whatever as she is. That's great and all but she doesn't have the best grasp of English or Japanese so reading through them can be a bit tough.

If you want to reference something, post a screenshot for proof. It helps everyone out. Have fun!
394 posts and 23 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 341536

People reported Sere. No harm done if everything with her is legit.

No. 341548

You're obsessed. This is beyond a jealous vendetta, get a grip.

No. 341549

Hi, shiena

No. 341550

I hope everything is fine with Shiena's visa. She has done a lot of shady stuff to stay in Japan all this time. Maybe she's finally secured her life there.

No. 341556

I'm not Shiena, I just think it's sad you're getting this obsessed with someone's life to the point of reporting them without any evidence.

File: 1497569018355.png (354.61 KB, 699x437, egirls.png)

No. 336110[Reply]

old thread >>139506

New thread for lol streamer girls that suffer with the "give me attention disorder".
there are a new wave of streamers and with the old thread, half of the topics are not relevant anymore. Usually these girls will cater to specific audiences of wks in the making and autistic kids. They usually come in packs and are either wannabe loli kids (ex. LilyPichu) or wannabe instagram hoes (ex. Pokimane, Emiru) and the leftovers are usually "bros" who are actually sluts in disguise.

These girls are very money and fame hungry. Often attracted to popular streamers or pro players.

e-thot pack


>excessive makeup
>usually has a fake voice
>takes lots of photoshopped and filtered selfies
>terrible at the game and gets carried
>mid or support mains
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 341420


pretty sure she makes up 98% of the people who say she "looks like cinematic ahri!!!1!1!11"

No. 341421


i knew emiru lurked on these forums but i didn't think she would actually come whiteknight herself

No. 341422


Emi you're the most basic boring bitch on lolcow, please do us all a favor and stop talking about yourself because nobody fucking care.

No. 341555

File: 1498459656733.jpg (59.51 KB, 849x476, DA2XVdIVoAERj22.jpg)

former underage /b/ camwhore Gamecatt aka Zune Chan

likes to pretend that her stint on myfreecams didn't happen and that all of her nudes are illegal

ebegged her way into a $3000 gaming rig

all she does is play Hearthstone and wear tank tops


No. 341565

I respect the hustle. Lmao

File: 1493767937291.jpg (244.22 KB, 1200x1200, faith_goldy_and_lauren_souther…)

No. 303084[Reply]

Discussion of lulzy alt. right snowflakes who don't have their own thread.

shoe0nhead/June Lapine's thread: >>>/snow/271163

Blaire White's thread: >>>/snow/192045

communismkills thread:
370 posts and 78 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 341529


Goddamn, I fucking lol'd at that one. Like I always say, if it wasn't so tragic, it'd be hilarious.

No. 341530


I don't mean republicans. I mean actual fascists, Neo-Nazis, etc.

I remember reading an article from a site run by those types that shat all over Spencer, etc - calling them out on their moral failings and what not. If I find it again, I'll post it here.


It is. However, my point was that the alt-right are nothing more than rejects even to those who style they appropriate. They desperately want to be seen as the vanguard of a new reich, but the real devotees to this shit hate their guts.

No. 341544

>"Has a bunch of…researcher's..data"

Such eloquence lol.

No. 341546

File: 1498457553918.png (52.13 KB, 566x577, free_speech.png)

>>341341 >>341371
Relevant xkcd

I really wish I could show this to every redpiller

No. 341585

They know, they just don't care.
Case in point, a black university professor was just fired for calling white people "sensitive" on live TV. You'll find that the alt-right comments this exact sentiment on every mention of this story.

Everybody's biased, and everybody only uses logic when it fits their narrative, myself and everybody else on this site included. The alt-right and the alt-left are two sides of the same coin.
There are only 2 reasons why I dislike the alt-right more; I disagree with their politics even more, and they're huge hypocrites for "calling out" the "SJWs" for doing the same shit they're doing.

File: 1493412381795.jpg (60.47 KB, 460x480, 63951b0e4e109bae0e2802535efb79…)

No. 300611[Reply]

Over-The-Top Spoonies/Munchausen By Internet Attention Whores General #4
Previous Thread: >>>/snow/237479

Discuss people who feign or exaggerate chronic illnesses and medical crises for attention and asspats online. Previous topic focused primarily on Instagram accounts, but posts from blogs and other social media sites are admissible.

Some of the more notable cows from the previous threads:
LifeUndiagnosedd, aka Hypermobilegeek on IG (and a shit ton more accounts). Robyn Brown is the milkiest munchiechan we've ever seen ("Kadeelyn on steroids" as another anon put it) and has her own threads now (original: >>197138 ).
MyLifeStruggles on IG
JourneyToEmma on IG
Jonzie08 on IG

What Is A "Spoonie"?
People who identify as 'Spoonies' are referencing 'The Spoon Theory,' written by a woman with lupus to explain the chronic illness experience to a healthy friend who asked her what it really feels like to live with her medical problems.
The 'Spoonie' Community is, in general, a legitimate supportive network for people dealing with chronic illness. In recent years, however, it has become polluted with SJW types and has attracted a new breed of attention-seeking catfish: people who lie about, fake having, and/or exaggerate existing medical problems and crises for no benefit other than to garner attention.
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
815 posts and 174 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 341602


My psych is not necessarily up to date but body focused repetitive whatevers are symptoms of OCD, not a separate illness. Also, any non-medical patient who knows the Latin term for compulsive nose picking is a big fucking red flag for Munchy.

No. 341603



Mainstay therapy for FND is reassuring patient that they will recover. I've trained in the UK and I've done enough neurology to know the last FY1 knows not to give a prognosis, least of all an adverse one, to an FND patient.

Where FND is genuine, it often takes the form of a self-fulfilling prophecy. The patient's outcome is contingent on whether they're treated as a recoverable case.

What puzzles me more is who greenlit hormone treatment for someone with this extensive a health history, esp. where there is such a significant mental component.

No. 341604


We did that until we saw a few assholes taking scopolamine or propantheline to slow their gastric transit so now if the case is even slightly Munchie-suspicious, we give them the fancy observation room where we can check on them.

No. 341610


The things these people will do for false test results are truly shocking g. I knew a girl that used to go on fastfood binges, stopped taking laxatives and drastically upped her opioids just so the tests would come back positive.

They only see a feeding tube as a reason for more pity points. They don't care about all the bad sides.

No. 341611


And Jesus, the prep. For months, they collect tubie pads. God damned tubie pads. And cute heart shaped NG/J stickers. There are plain bland tubie pads for adults, but they must have the cute ones designed for kids because muh aesthetic. I've once come across a cow who posted about going to shop for new makeup to go with her tube. It's like it's a fashion accessory cum status symbol, indicating you're now Big League Sick.

These people fuck me off.

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