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File: 1489170873921.jpg (94.79 KB, 1200x630, jess.jpg)

No. 266984[Reply]

I haven't been able to find a thread on Jess and I hate to be the bitch who's like "HURR CANT BELEVE DER ISNT THREAD ON THIS PERSON!" but.. yeah I really can't believe it.

Jess is 21 I believe, an age-player, ABDL and a "little".

She has been on YouTube for a while and goes by BinkiePrincess.
Link to channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXjq-XsenvGBgzao7rFvU4Q

She blew up a little after Barcroft made a documentary about her for their Extreme Love series focusing on the fact she's an adult baby (and the fact that her bf looks like he wants to kill himself)
Doc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iA5OzZ4sSMQ

She came out with a 20+ minute rebuttal to the documentary saying they portrayed her incorrectly and basically bitching that people disagree with her lifestyle.

She made a massive point before of saying there was nothing sexual about her ageplay, but recently started making ageplay porn with her bf and a few others, this can be seen on clips4sale but she recently made her own website for it.

I'm talking masturbating in a diaper she has pissed in, giving her bf a handjob while he pretends to be a teddybear, "daddy gives me cummies" type thing.
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No. 338561

File: 1497998746928.jpg (1.13 MB, 1564x1564, 1493841834428.jpg)

>"My Daddy is the strongest and most supportive male role in my life, therefore I am choosing to dedicate this day to him."

that dude seems like some dweeby teenager just going through puberty though, jfc

No. 338796

>unless she´s retarded

she describes herself as "Abdl/Ddlg/Pet"

No. 340220

No. 340353

I don't know if this is more sad or anger inducing. Can't you leave Father's day alone?

The legs on that guy, though. lmao.

No. 341378

File: 1458674668928.jpg (49.07 KB, 500x484, tumblr_inline_n98xxsV6cC1sw5w6…)

No. 109130[Reply]

For mocking the luls that are Internet Multiples, aka people who heard about Dissociative Identity Disorder and thought it'd be totally kewlsies to have the entire cast of Inception living in their head.
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No. 339126

It's definitely possible, he gets mean when he gets mad and the people who are closer to him seem to get it even worse, but imo he probably is also actually suicidal. Whether he uses that as leverage, I'm guessing probably, but honestly, genuine pity is also probably involved. I remember him talking earlier this year about a vague "really deep wound" that he had to go to the ER to get sutured, so who knows. Seeing him acting pathetic, actually IN the hospital… I'm sure he must milk that. He posted a picture from the ER once and then deleted it, probably because nobody other than wally bit the bait.

It also almost seems like a symbiotic thing to me… wally keeps talking about feeling useless, and remy does demand a lot of help (except the mental help he desperately needs). Wally might choose to keep him around, in the apartment remy doesn't pay a penny for, to feel like he's helping someone, whether or not remy manipulates him on top of that.

No. 339544


What if Wally keeps saying he feels useless because Aiden makes them feel that way? Or tells them that to make them stay and try harder to help him? Aiden would be benefitting from someone that works a full time job to support two people plus whatever pets they have without lifting a finger.

Hol says that Aiden never helps out with the animals. Is it fair to also call Wally an "animal abuser" if the one, manipulative, mean boyfriend isn't helping with anything at all?

No. 341244

File: 1498422422474.png (572.34 KB, 640x1136, IMG_8556.PNG)

Koujaku - Host. He/Him pronouns. 17 (born February of 2000), ages with body, since it is his. Many kintypes, main kintype is Koujaku from DMMD. Also goes by the name Jace Blackblood.

Mizuki - Second main fronter. 17, ages with body. Birthday(game/anime canon): March 7th . He/Him pronouns.
Some kintypes. Is literally Mizuki from DMMD. Does not like being called a fictive.

Ross - First headmate in the system who actually introduced himself as a headmate. Protector. 28, ages with body, despite being older than the body. He/Him pronouns. Anthropomorphic maned wolf with a robotic arm.

Yazoo - Protector. Age uncertain. He/Him pronouns, fictive of Yazoo from Final Fantasy.

Scourge - He/Him pronouns. Fictive of Scourge from warriors. Takes on human, anthro, or full cat appearance.

Brooklyn - fictive of Brooklyn Masefield from Beyblade G-Revolution. Has a subsystem that consists of one member named Zeus, who is a humanized version of Brooklyn’s bit beast.

Leaks - fictive of Leaks from Lamento Beyond the Void. He/Him pronouns. Does not age. Protector.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.

No. 341372

File: 1498437272613.jpg (775.22 KB, 2048x2048, 8C7CCE3E-4A5C-41D1-9791-CF45E8…)

No. 341634


so some dumbass parents are taking their child who's playing pretend serious as a TEWTELLY YOUNEEK BEING. we're fucked.

i'm also curious about how a bunch of spergy middle-school kids can come up, distribute and consistently use this many complex-sounding terms for their online playing pretend bullshit.

File: 1444325956874.png (439.32 KB, 980x528, MARRIAGE DESU.png)

No. 40381[Reply]

Meet Idol Aiya. She's been my personal Las Vegas lolcow for a while, along with Isaki, but I figured I should share since you guys might find her interesting.

>like 27, acts the same as she did in middle school

>thinks she's an idol, tons of lulsy videos to go with it
>mediocre/bad cosplay
>considers herself an inspiration to others and will tell you all about her fanbase in person
>went to conventions instead of seeing her dying father
>is currently pregnant and naming her kid after sailor moon
>boyfriend cheated on her so she decided to force him into marriage

Personal Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BloodshotBarbie
"Idol" Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/idolaiya
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/IdolAiya/feed
Tumblr: http://idolaiya.tumblr.com/
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No. 265750

I don't really know this girl but can someone tell me how she can afford a Nintendo Switch despite not working full time and constantly bitching about not having money.

At least she finally got a job

No. 270666

Well, what else is she going to spend those welfare checks on?

No. 270808

I would say her kid, but I'm pretty sure grandma is paying for 90% of that child's actual care.

No. 341328

Oh gosh here we go again

No. 341337

Crying homeless AGAIN. Whatever you do don't give the liar any money. She must have done something stupid again. I Seen her here in Vegas last month and it was comedy just watching her think she was all that. Ha ha. Delusional is all I can say. Stay in California

No. 286955[Reply]

So what do you guys think about this cow?
>21 year old "freelancer" (lives at home with her mother and runs an online shop selling ugly art)
>Salty Youtube fujoshi artist that claims that her art is superior because she went to art school
>Constantly preaches that art takes hard work, claims to always practice and study but her art hasn't improved in over two years
>Whines about being a starving artist with no money, yet has enough money to buy a new Mac computer and a Cintiq tablet within the same week (both things cost at least 2000 dollars)
>When faced with genuine criticism, she replies with "it's my style hurrr get over it!!"
>Whines about nobody buying from her online store, but when people do, she whines about having to package and ship off her items
>Slowly starting to pander to the Heathers/Hamilton crowd to get more Youtube $$$
>Generally insufferable and shitty person
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No. 340984

File: 1498372791504.jpg (519.43 KB, 1280x1051, tumblr_os31ncEfzS1t1hwwoo1_128…)

Holly deleted all of her tumblr posts and replaced it with these weird aesthetic templates to feature her art.
I cant get over how ugly and cheesy these templates are. sure whatever use these ugly things for one or two drawings but not every single one. She keeps using the same templates but changes the background colors or object placement.
looks like shes gonna keep this aesthetic for awhile:
"hope you guys appreciate the aesthetic I’m going for"

No. 340994


Wait… What?

At first I thought it was kinda neat, but then I noticed that it's all digital? And it became weird and repetitive really fast.

Oh well. At least she's not being a mega-bitch as usual.

What about her contest, tho? Did she anounce the winners?

No. 340997

Honestly, this looks a lot better than her art on it's own. Is it seriously all digital though? Super weird and definitely makes it lose it's charm. I can appreciate the aesthetic layouts, but it's just kind of awkward if it's all faked.

No. 340999

I wonder if the criticism of her crappy personality has finally gotten to her and she's starting to shape up. She's probably too proud to admit it. Either way, her art is still awkward and ugly.

No. 341319

I can't decide if the NSFW is funny or just sad. They all look like they have special needs.

No. 22923[Reply]

Autumn Asphodel is a goth trans youtuber who claims to have extreme multiple personality disorder and DID. Her videos are a wild ride into a world of crazy.
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No. 328144


It's not an attic apartment.
It's her room in her grandmothers house.

No. 328331

thats actually even worse

No. 341304

he says he had a speech impediment as a child, between his r's and l's mostly if i recall correctly. you can tell if you listen out for it.

his voice captivates me tho, for some reason i assumed he was from a non english speaking country when i first found him.

No. 341306

not sure why you necro'd this thread except im not tottally mad because i have been wondering if there was a thread on this person but never searched so thanks i guess?

No. 341381

god damn it i'm sorry, that was me. i just love gossiping about him too much.

File: 1480632348714.jpg (1.58 MB, 3992x2467, anuglycollage.jpg)

No. 207219[Reply]

Please post about pathetic, cringey cosplay bitches here!

Meg Turney

>Super cringey man-faced "cosplayer".

>Her cosplays are all shit even though she has been at it for at least 10 years.
>Meg is almost 30 at this point and is aging like old milk so she rakes in money showing her tits and ass on Patreon.
>Meg is truly in love with her ass and herself. She constantly posts in her own subreddit (plus main ones) and says some stupid shit. Gets offended over literally anything.
>She was on Sourcefed and involved with Rooster teeth because of her bf Gavin.
>Meg left SF and RT due to no one liking her annoying, grating voice and obnoxious personality. However, Meg claims it was because her modelling career decisions conflicted with Rooster Teeth policies. Which basically means she chose boudoir photo shoots and beta bucks over RT. (We all know it's because you sucked at your job, Meg)
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 341255


damn those are some unfortunate pancake tits

No. 341262

They're not even saggy

No. 341268

File: 1498424489651.jpg (Spoiler Image, 75.16 KB, 700x933, RJjm75w.jpg)

No. 341283

Is that a proposal?

No. 341288

File: 1498425972274.png (1.05 MB, 1600x900, arfeat.png)

probably not, considering Trump doesn't support eliminating the age of consent

>hey kid, wanna /ss/?

File: 1479673973304.jpg (74.24 KB, 539x960, 15178126_175623872902899_31025…)

No. 201838[Reply]

There was a thread about mookichan before, but it seems to have 404'd.

Last time, she was selling overpriced and low quality photosets, much to the dismay of her past boyfriend, criminon. The thread was mainly people trying to find her nudes for free, but later on uncovered some unknown truths about Maki through a friend of hers that posted on the thread.

We know that she has a drug and alcohol issue that has worsened since the passing of her father, and this may or may not be the reason for her rocky relationship with her friends and family.

Fast forwards a couple months, and now she has broken up with criminon, and immediately started posting about her new scene boyfriend. Because of the breakup, she is also homeless now and couch surfing from friend to friend.

To raise money to move in with her new boyfriend, she has been selling her photosets even more, and even doing camshows for people. Unfortunately, being under the influence doesn't seem to help when you are trying to scam people. With a little math done, I've calculated she's made at least $2,000, and that number continues to rise. She always says she's just "a couple hundred dollars away from being able to pay her first month's rent!"

She posts pictures of herself still getting high, and even got a whole array of new facial piercings. I'm wondering if possibly some of her earnings have been going towards her bad habits?

Regardless, as much of a lolcow or a special snowflake she is, I have tried to reach out to her mother. Unfortunately , she doesn't seem to check facebook too often. I can provide screenshots of that as well.

783 posts and 223 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 341130

I'm guessing he died of an OD and yet these assholes will still continue to shoot up k and heroin every weekend. I highly doubt he was her bf since these fucking kids are so drugged up all the time they think that anyone they spend more than a week with is "tru luv <3" Why was she out of state if she has no money to return? Fucking her 'daddy' again that she bragged about on her tumblr?

No. 341211

I'm so disgusted that that horrible bitch actually got $600 in only two days when there's people dying of things out of their control, not just shit like drugs. Whatever. if he died of an OD,they should take it as a HINT or else they'll just end up like him

No. 341230


donny just say you want to fuck her.

like c'mon, she didn't went into details at all, i've read sadder tweets.

No. 341235


>Plus always making out with maki doesn't help her case

right? i don't know would be more annoying, if she lied about dating the dude or if she was really dating the dude but kissing Maki just for the atttention of straight guys. patheeetic

No. 341241

Was that really the best pic she had of them together? For apparently three years? I thought "maybe long distance?" But she has money to travel,more than most people do so that can't be it so what even? She has more convincing couple-like pictures with maki lol
And seriously, posting/trying to sell nudes and constantly kissing maki. Being desperate on tumblr. Now she's had a bf for three years?? Who suddenly dies?? What lol?

File: 1454694023280.jpg (72.38 KB, 600x495, Lexxy.jpg)

No. 89782[Reply]

Not entirely sure if this girl qualifies as a snowflake/potential lolcow but she strikes me as an attention whore for sure.
In her most recent video on YouTube she claims that doing porn has improved her life so much and then goes on to complain about people who (mostly on the internet) slut-shame her.
She had a couple of girls sending her tweets and nudes to her job/family and gets pissed off when her followers tell her that it might not be a good idea to post nudes online and have your 'porn alter ego' connected to your regular social media profiles.
She is also currently trying to get into the actual porn industry, so far she has only been posting videos of herself masturbating and stuff on ManyVids.
Also claims to work out a lot but looks really flabby in her porn videos. Probably edits her nudes quite a bit.
Furthermore she's a SJW.

Her profiles:

Her porn stuff:
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 341128

File: 1498405959259.gif (982.65 KB, 500x364, ok1.gif)

…It's literally just an "okay" symbol, you're reading too far into it. At least post a fucking time stamp and link next time so I don't have to watch an 11 minute video of her awkwardly spazzing out to find what you're talking about. She's a massive weeb and that hand gesture is a pretty common pose in anime/japanese culture besides the peace sign.

No. 341217

It used to be the okay-symbol, but now in 2017 it means White Power.

No. 341227

I don't wanna give her views

No. 341253

It fucking doesn't! 4chan made this up to see how many dumb fucks actually believe this shit smh

No. 341259


What's it like to be literally retarded???

File: 1426015285992.jpg (71.32 KB, 640x640, leaguewhore.jpg)

No. 13880[Reply]

Can we have a league of legends whore thread

There seems to be so many of these girls who whore themselves out to the league fanbase (particularly league idk why, but it attracts weeb gamer gurl attention whores alot )

I.E https://instagram.com/kuraichu


Annedere is in the picture
190 posts and 44 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 328363

File: 1496492923860.png (449.38 KB, 800x400, lilypichurealchange.png)

Lilypichu: Before/after she discovered circle lenses XD(Necromancy)

No. 338631

Delete this. Loda is cute sexy boy.(necromancy)

No. 338812

I know she clearly stuffed it, but not amount of stuff can put that much cleavage on supposed mosquito bites, unless she's painting on cleavage and boob fat, I have C boobs and I can't even make myself look like I have that much cleavage no matter how much I stuff and press them together

No. 338814

>replying to a 2-year old comment

No. 341147

My guess is that you just have weird tits. Iam able to do that with a B cup. And even with an A cup a while back.

File: 1461720356283.jpg (53.92 KB, 500x500, avatars-000194587280-v5jxav-t5…)

No. 124865[Reply]

I get the point of Youtube is to post your opinion, make videos about your life, tutorials, etc. I swear though there are some annoying fucking channels out there. This thread is to talk about Youtubers we dislike. I am not even talking about big Youtubers but smaller Youtubers.

Stella Rae is the first Youtuber that comes to mind. She only has a little less than 150k subscribers, yet she has merch and two other channels. She seems like a self absorbed teenager cramming her views down people's throats

Who else comes to mind when it comes to youtubers?

116 posts and 17 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 340286

omg i hate youtubers (and people in general) who talk like this. you can tell they're super up their ass about how clever and funny they are. you're not funny lmao.

No. 340827

especially considering how…ugly his art is. there's nothing special about it, it's the typical bushy-eyebrowed, red-nosed, big-lipped tumblr tranny art. it's actual shit.

No. 341018

Lmao, what is wrong with those eyebrows? The way he talks and how his videos are edited is fucking irritating, plus their lame ass 2014 tumblr fashion sense.

No. 341023

This is super petty but these *~tumblr aesthetic~* type youtubers annoy me so much.

They all talk in this monotone voice and keep all their "mistakes" in (for example in the linked video she used a take in which she struggled to form a sentence? just record it a second time tf, and she keeps these parts of her fiddling with her camera? CUT THEM OUT you obviously know how to edit so why leave them in??)

Some other youtubers that annoy me in this way are Janna Tew (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t7OPGGn6hTI&t=45s), Conan Grey (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1maYsGzUaM) and the first person who I ever saw that made videos in this style… Emily Lee, ugh (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIbGMml8KuA)

No. 341145

omg emily lee annoys me sooo much. she's always so catty in her videos too while preaching ~posivity~ lol

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