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File: 1489726115042.jpg (28.78 KB, 480x360, Shoe0nHead.jpg)

No. 271163[Reply]

shoe0nhead/june lapine

25 year old compulsive meme-spouter, wannabe boxxy turned "redpilled" unfunny anti-feminist, alt-right scrotum sucker playing the ultimate "i'm not like other girls!!!" card





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No. 330859

Whoops, was responding to >>330730

No. 330999

Omg, he dresses awful.

No. 334256

>Black shirt to mask BO stains
>Waistcoat to cinch in the beer gut
>Pedo goatee
>Pants that give him thiccer hips than his girlfriend
>Wallet chain

There's something so undeniably pedo-vibes about Greg, and it has nothing to do with June (although her askfm where she mentions being okay with virped/lolicon was a dead giveaway).
It's like he wakes up everyday thinking to himself 'What can I wear that will make me look as obviously pedoish as possible?'

I remember June recently said that she wants to have Greg's babies. I truly fucking hope not. I wouldn't let that fedora within a hundred miles of any child.

No. 335772

>women are "conceited" for their physical preferences in a partner, but men simply "aren't into" them

No. 339357

Shoe is hated by actual hardcore right-wingers, that's the funniest thing about this.

She dated a black guy so she's as good as dead to them.

She's just in that camp of people who believe they are "the real liberals". Like Sargon of Akkad. Boring, generic people who only disagree with liberalism when it comes to feminism.

File: 1486068020260.jpg (76.61 KB, 490x491, IMG_1769.JPG)

No. 243674[Reply]

Old thread kicked, so new thread to discuss ana queens such as Alexys (jonzie08) and Ariana (arianamagro)

Remember not to discuss:


Or anyone associated with those people unless you want this thread banned again.

If linking someone unfamiliar, post clear reasons of why you think they are a snowflake or you may be banned.
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No. 339095


these videos both horrify and mesmerize me. what's her thinking behind this? like does she think her dances make her look like she has a normal relationship with food? she looks so disturbed wtf

No. 339303

Pretty sure she died. She was really addicted to social media and I don't think she'd just disappear like that.

No. 339304

File: 1498111541842.gif (8.73 MB, 384x480, ezgif-2-936af22950.gif)

No. 339310

I just had to follow her on instagram to cringefap and it's really worth it. Often, there is music playing while Paris "dances" and her moves don't go along with most of the songs. Makes it look like she has a seizure, it's so horrible

No. 339558

she probably has some other kind of neurological or psychological disorder too. It honestly looks like some bad case of ADHD or some anorexic OCD-ish kind of "I have to move all the time to burn every calorie I possibly can"

File: 1494043369256.jpg (175.74 KB, 960x1280, tp.jpg)

No. 305681[Reply]

Prev thread: >>66660
"goth" girl instagram/twitter personality

"model/dj" in the way that all girls with some IG following can get a gig every 2 months if they're in LA.

Used to be a club kid, doesn't seem to go to parties anymore. Most of the people she partied/associated with 3-4 years ago have expanded beyond internet fame, layla has notably not.

Burns through friends like it's nothing

Currently in a Very public on/off relationship with lil peep. As a result she's publicly hanging out with soundcloud frat boys. Some unclaimed but predominantly moneyposse, and horsehead of GBC. Still has amicable connections to the HAM crew.

Has mental breakdowns on every platform she uses regularly, lurks her thread on here.

Fashion/marketing school drop out.
Only noteable income seems to be her depop store where among overpriced embroidered hoodies she sells things like her broken off nails or your name written on her face
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No. 338973

ive been following her for a few years now and i wouldnt say she's a cow tbh. i mean she has a successful brand/depop shop and is living her life. i could be missing something about her, but on the surface she just seems like a ok person.

No. 339268

File: 1498100753425.png (492.86 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_1266.PNG)

Lolololol someone go kick her for me.

No. 339275

I went to high school with her and shes very sweet and chill. Just focuses on her work and has had an notoriety in an article in Vogue and danced on stage for Marylin Manson. Sage bc no contribution except for being a successful and normal version of layla

No. 339279

Ok it was prob another girl then, I didn't know she danced for Marilyn Manson. tbh 80% of these internet girls(lol) are doing more for themselves with their notoriety/brands than layla.
She's stared going to events again tho idk if anyone's noticed

No. 339292

File: 1498107768069.png (4.07 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_1275.PNG)

what a fail

File: 1461720356283.jpg (53.92 KB, 500x500, avatars-000194587280-v5jxav-t5…)

No. 124865[Reply]

I get the point of Youtube is to post your opinion, make videos about your life, tutorials, etc. I swear though there are some annoying fucking channels out there. This thread is to talk about Youtubers we dislike. I am not even talking about big Youtubers but smaller Youtubers.

Stella Rae is the first Youtuber that comes to mind. She only has a little less than 150k subscribers, yet she has merch and two other channels. She seems like a self absorbed teenager cramming her views down people's throats

Who else comes to mind when it comes to youtubers?

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No. 338886

It's like a frathouse date-rape in song form.

No. 339073

I can't with this girl. she's mtf & has been on hormones for over a year (maybe closer to 2 years by now) but look at her. that forehead/head shape in general. that voice. that name - I can't imagine someone being like "hmm. Victoria Wiggins! that's it, that's my new name, it's perfect!"

No. 339094

She's getting FFS, though. And hormones don't change trans women's voices like they do to trans men. Idk, the only annoying thing I can see is that she makes those annoying slutty clickbait videos.

No. 339175

Looks like idubbbbz in the thumbnail.

No. 339532

Kek that was who immediately came to mind

File: 1460466485094.jpg (18.77 KB, 259x194, lasvegas.jpg)

No. 117928[Reply]

What happens is Vegas, goes on the internet.
Post about your favorite las vegas snowflake, the choices are endless!
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No. 335786

I've heard recently that Mariah Mendoza girl her and Sharon aren't close friends anymore but she's also flirting with Sharon's boyfriend isn't that suspicious much?

No. 336028

It would not surprise me if King Lin and Sean are close friends, but Sean is part of Mariah's clique so probably not

No. 337998

He left one attention whore for another.

No. 338377

File: 1497974340019.png (277.72 KB, 1242x2012, IMG_7966.PNG)

Nice job lewding up a child, Sharon.

No. 339034

wait Sean is friends with Mariah?

File: 1486965367428.jpg (175.44 KB, 640x480, 8f9f50edb922087e7da15c793ed41b…)

No. 250208[Reply]

Previous thread >>105430

8chan thread https://8ch.net/bannedcows/res/3.html

What You Need To Know

- Tried to get Tumblr to doxx a girl who opinion she disagreed with

-Obsessed with Amina and hates her guts

-Copies Himeka and Bibi to gain popularity

-Was in Special Ed, but has recently graduated

-Runs the Kawaii Black Girls like page on Facebook. ~#It now has its own forumミ★ It's been deleted
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 338619

of course. blur tool for days

No. 338620

I didn't expect her to have such a manly voice

No. 338623

at least she doesnt fake it like most KAWAII LOLI DESU weebs do

No. 338624

File: 1498008924468.png (113.29 KB, 732x663, IMG_0287.PNG)

No. 339009

So, Micky obviously broke the law because the way it's filmed is almost like a hidden cam deal. Smh

So Micky is happily with a guy who's physically and verbally abused his ex, was fucking his ex behind her back and also talked tons of shit about her to that same ex. Fucking hell, Micky is really fucking desperate.

File: 1461827686259.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 553.83 KB, 2553x1913, image.jpeg)

No. 125476[Reply]

This is about Shani Lynn Ward aka Piinkglass aka Mahoushani
A lot of people want a thread about her.
- Doing porn and hostessing illegally in Shinjuku
Porn: http://video.fc2.com/a/content/20160225VEebRf1e/
- "dating" a 60 year old married man
- 25 years old but has been on different student and tourist visas in Japan for 5 years. Has no real life goals. Super delusional
- Steals. Stolen from her mentally ill bestie and stole from Japanese Walmart Donkihote
- Addicted to Hosts
- Comes here to white knight herself/talk shit about everyone else
- 178cm 90kgbut uses her prostitution money for Japnese burando made for girls half her height and a fourth her weight.
Blog Mahoushani.tumblr.com
BunkyoDreaming on blogspot
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No. 338250

She lurks here to white knight her and Katie and talk shit about other weebs. She's toxic as hell

No. 338510

what's the name of her AV? video was taken down

No. 338526

javs mainly have code names, the name is the one on the archived version so
FC2 PPV 448939
google that, don't wanna link in case the one I found gets removed

No. 338706

Her insta has been private for like a year now

No. 338969

Thanks anon!

File: 1493767937291.jpg (244.22 KB, 1200x1200, faith_goldy_and_lauren_souther…)

No. 303084[Reply]

Discussion of lulzy alt. right snowflakes who don't have their own thread.

shoe0nhead/June Lapine's thread: >>>/snow/271163

Blaire White's thread: >>>/snow/192045

communismkills thread:
320 posts and 69 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 338925

I was referring more to her mom and dad tbh

No. 338927

Not comparable in scale or frequency, but related in a way. If the perpetrator did it as a sort of revenge attack against Muslims in general after the recent larger-scale attacks in Europe, then I would say that this event belongs in the same conversation.

No. 338959

Definitely related, but using it to push the whole "white terrorism is just as much of a problem!" angle is just as much of a purposeful obfuscation as calling the IRA (a Marxist-terror group) "Catholic Terrorists" in some vain attempt to create equivalence.

No. 338972

The point of my original post >>338439
wasn't to create equivalence, just to express that I was surprised they didn't mention it at all. I doubt and don't expect them to push an angle about white terrorism being a widespread problem, but I can imagine other points of discussion that they could have brought up. Again they aren't obligated to, I was just personally surprised that they didn't comment at all. And the only reason I think that is because I think the event is related to, and most likely a twisted result of, Islamic terrorism in Europe, which is something that Lauren and the rest of them are very very vocal about.

No. 339117

Yeah I guess I could see the "look at the endless ethnic conflict diversity creates" angle

File: 1471307415461.jpg (60.22 KB, 960x720, 13925338_656326001192944_78042…)

No. 166021[Reply]

Angi Viper is a cosplayer from California who thinks she's going to be famous despite the fact that she looks like a horse and goes through friends faster than a fat kid through a cake.
Highlights include:
-making out with other cosplayers for pictures despite being in a long term relationship because she considers her cosplay persona to be a separate person
-acting cos positive while actually bullying anyone who doesn't suck up to her
-publicly calling out anyone who leaves a negative comment on her Facebook or instagram
-claiming credit for costumes that were made at least in part by other people

9 posts and 3 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 166159

She was brought up in the moomoo thread someone said 'if u wanna talk about her make a thread'

No. 310655

I wonder why she got fired from the podcast she was on.


No. 338630


So maybe you wanna grow some balls and take these issues with me up personally instead of making up lies and attempting to defame me? (PS cows are adorable so thank you for relating me to one <3)

No. 338684

you literally just necro'd a thread that was completely fucking inactive. No one gives a shit about you; you're not even interesting enough to warrant more than twenty posts here. kys.

No. 338883

isn't this the chick that was with gross gore (ali) ?(sage this)

File: 1490052417708.png (230.85 KB, 500x911, IMG_3229.PNG)

No. 274972[Reply]

Anyone knows what is going on with her? It's like she just disappeared(shit thread)
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No. 287446

So whats her snapchat now?

No. 287452

Learn how to read anon

No. 337891

She's not dead, she was just on live stream on this app called Meetme and she's in Houston Texas staying at some hotel off 45 lmao

No. 338810

Her new insta is whoami2k today's her 17th birthday and she still is a sex worker

No. 338830

i remember following this bullshit on facebook. the last time her snapchat blew up (the story from OP's image), she claimed several times that she was already 17. i seem to recall someone finding out that her age was closer to 20. it's just a scheme to get more business

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