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File: 1487265303385.jpg (55.05 KB, 500x491, tumblr_oldjzborfl1w2v0gzo1_500…)

No. 252726[Reply]

Second thread dedicated to all of the sad bbydoll nymphet angel uwu girls who idolize Nicole Dollanganger.

Some reoccurring faces include:
Millie DollGraves, Patience Kingsley, Tina Flores, Robyn Violet, Alice Snow and many many more.

We're even discovering that some of the more "famous" calves have their own calves. When will it end? And when will Patience stop drawing her eyebrows like that?

>>>/snow/198225 < Old thread
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No. 334594

File: 1497307693889.jpg (27.06 KB, 522x187, blehp.JPG)

I don't think so, she posted pic related just a bit before the photo you posted. Or… maybe she met more of Nicole's calves at the DA concert and has been reinspired? Who knows.

I hope that stupid gas mask of hers doesn't contain asbestos. Somebody should send her an ask and see if it's an actual vintage gas mask.

No. 334876

Looks like a fairly modern Israeli gasmask tbh. I work at a place that does military surplus and ours look very similar. Wouldn't put it past her to bs about it being vintage however.

No. 337884

File: 1497878585887.png (100.17 KB, 750x1034, IMG_1032.PNG)

Patience and Millie got confronted by the cops, probably for taking pictures with fake guns at 4 am. Should have at least been given tickets, but I'm sure they would have loved the edge points.

No. 338139

I'm really glad she's over that phase. Her boyfriend seemed like a disgusting controlling creep and was very into ageplay. I remember she used to post edgelordy pictures of her cuts (she let him cut her) and petechiae after her he had choked her and stuff.

I was briefly into this aesthetic a few years back and was actually going to buy an item from her store, but then I remembered her bf was also unemployed and she'd probably be sharing the money with him. Like hell no, I'm not handing over my hard earned cash to some gross daddy dom white boy who likes to slash his girlfriend's wrists lmao.

At the same time I don't really have much sympathy for her stupidity. She pretty much brought it on herself when she started sexualizing that shit.

No. 338204

lol I have the same exact mask, found it at goodwill in the Halloween section. It's definitely not vintage

File: 1495874393346.png (135.78 KB, 467x348, fuckyouguysimgoinghome.png)

No. 322745[Reply]

So why does Joy Sparkle BS keep getting SO MUCH hate despite her constant claims she's completely innocent and the big bad internet haterz are just children picking on her for no reason? Most of it has to do with her constant lies, the hypocritical way she says one thing and does another and the abysmal way she treats people who are no longer useful to her. The anons in this thread have very valid reasons for criticizing her and back it up with proof. If you are new please read the first 5 threads before you post:

#1 >>>/snow/246848
#2 >>>/snow/278466
#3 >>>/snow/285785
#4 >>>/snow/304769
#5 >>>/snow/312880

We don't support unsubstantiated rumors so be prepared to give evidence of anything you claim is truth or you'll get called out like the moron you are….and remember to sage if your post has no milk ya dipshits.
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No. 338195

pretty much

No. 338196

they are literally just rewarding someone for having a public meltdown. it's so perverse.

No. 338197


Thread has exceeded 1200 posts and is about to be locked! Please create a new thread and post a link to it.

No. 338198


Ok, I'll explain this really slowly.

He would be a hypocrite if he was doing what he was doing BECAUSE you're female. But, history has shown, he's an equal opportunity insufferable cunt.

You expecting him to handle you with kid gloves because you have a hoohaa is the very thing you're rallying against. Fucktard.

No. 338200

Thread #7 is up. Continue the discussion there when this thread locks.


File: 1477721795064.png (5.33 KB, 605x62, paranoia.png)

No. 190148[Reply]

Keith (aka: d0ntstandsoclosetome) is a 60 year old, Anti-Onision blogger from Tumblrland who just can't grasp how exposé journalism works.


>>Has a history of making claims with no evidence, an example is regarding Onision's military discharge. He went on and on about proof that he couldn't even legally obtain, so he's known to talk out of his ass on a regular basis.

>>He's also a massive backpeddler and will pull the victim card if you call him out on his shit.

>>He's seriously obsessed with the sex lives of the women that associate (directly or indirectly) with Onision.

>>He's been known to directly contact the friends and the extended families of those women or their peers to express his distaste of their shenanigans to explicit detail.

>>He's just as fucking creepy as Onision when it comes to talking about women on the LGBT spectrum, it's very possible that he projects as much as Onision does regarding his opinions.

>>May have more in common with Onision than he's actually aware of.

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 269118

Wow, I'm not sure what to make of all that… I only started observing his bullshit about a year after his marriage to Lainey; so I've only just heard of this now…

But considering he's been openly predatory around underaged girls and teens since last year (excluding Shiloh, AJ, Lainey, Billie and Sarah just for a moment) - maybe the radio silence of those past events has made him feel invulnerable to any legal action ever being taken against him… like he feels he'll never be caught and so he can do as he pleases.

This is really interesting, I'd say cross-post our posts to the main Onision thread; but without screenshots and proof of those past accusations made towards him… it's not going to go very far.

And with EO and most likely Venitaspeaks being very hushhush in regards to the details, I don't think we're ever going to see what comes of it, which is unfortunate.

No. 269126

I mean Venita was a pretty big attention whore, she got her fat surgically removed and made a post about it almost daily. I think she used Greg's shenanigans as a way to pull people to her blog, but that's just personal opinion.

Take everything posted about the -unspeakable thing- with a huge grain of salt because no proof has been released. Not even a set court date. Everyone has pretty much forgotten about it, and I think that's what Venita hopes for, truly.

No. 269132

Yeah, I'm also taking into consideration that Stevie is prone to baiting her readers with undisclosed information on the regular as well.

What a shitshow though.

No. 336677

File: 1497648074635.png (176.38 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4419.PNG)

Found something pretty lulzy today.

Necroing dis shit yo

No. 338115

what did I just read

File: 1497567397931.jpg (48.26 KB, 778x720, emm.jpg)

No. 336086[Reply]

Think it's about time for a thread about everyone's favourite e-girl, Emiru.The live in fuck toy and teenage sugar baby of pro lol player Dyrus.

Moved in with Dyrus after a few months of meeting and shortly after high school grad, also never met in person before the move.

Shit at league and says she works hard
Even though she leeches and games

Loves to humble brag about "muh toned abs and body" and about how much junk food she supposedly eats

Collegehumor adds her to their article; list of humblebragers are full of shit
She freaks out and says that fat people are jealous of her physique
Sends wks to attack collegehumor

Constantly denies that Dyrus is her sugar daddy despite being attracted to him because of money and for dyrus her looks

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 339373

somewhat newfag but I do feel like this thread should be autosaged cause I've yet to see any milk on her even outside of this site

on the other hand watching the nitpicking was interesting since emiru's entire gimmick is presenting herself as perfection topkek

No. 339451

File: 1498142626532.png (84.2 KB, 720x464, 24413550uz9p0u.png)

Her fans were just as confused

>>339373 ya I agree too

No. 339523

Is there a "twitch whore sperg" sperg? Why are you guys scrolling past all the threads above this one just to bitch about it when it had already been heavily commented on and a farmhand has already taken steps to remedy the situation? The point of saging is so you can easily tell that there is no new interesting posts at a glance. You guys are going out of your way to come here and complain there's nothing interesting when it hasn't been bumped for a while now.

No. 339536


I don't get it either why they are coming back to sperg and bitch about a sperg anon that is already dealt with, why are they so butt hurt? My guess is that they are either fans of Emily or Emily herself, idk. Talk about the irony. Anons bitching about petty posts yet they are being petty as well. I don't think the list is exaggerated as the petty anons say it is. There is plenty of proof in the old thread, if anyone even followed it that is..

No. 339616

lmao triggered, your fee fees are hurt, get off the internet

File: 1459229222625.jpg (64.86 KB, 400x533, tumblr_nknyc4xwBG1qj7gcwo1_400…)

No. 112039[Reply]

Last things going on the thread:

>Currently trying to find out about whether Gee is a real person or not

>finding new clues about any friends/mutuals of Soren

>also in the searh of any information that can bring light to the whole situation

last thread: >>>/snow/101679
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No. 337711

File: 1497834210055.png (415.15 KB, 1029x576, Screenshot 2017-06-18 at 8.00.…)

He changed his name back on facebook.

No. 337716

>"i love dying and being dead"
i wish he fucking would kill himself already

No. 337759

Soren is biologically a girl correct?

No. 337763

No. 337881

What's with tumblrinas telling everyone about their 10383802 mental illnesses. That's private stuff. No one has to know about your illnesses over the internet. If your illnesses prevent you from selling shit then maybe you shouldn't be selling shit on Depop.

File: 1495559293290.png (1.91 MB, 1180x1188, Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 9.43…)

No. 319841[Reply]

This is a thread for "Artsy" twitter hoes.

Let's start off with @slaylonie (pictured) who is a Bipolar BPD Polynor knockoff artist who has been recently hitting fame with her colorful au naturale body hair landing her interviews with popular media sites.

She's best friends with Esme or @mycatismean who is a 18 yr old BPD polyamorous twitter hoe who posts pics of her with cum on her face and has a new "lover" every other day. She sells nudes to fund her "creative ideas" which are all knock off ideas from other artists and steals makeup to sell on Depop.
16 posts and 4 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 330013

>5k insta followers

why do you care about a literal nobody and why should we care? This belongs in a personal lolcow thread

No. 333235

The thread is for twitter and they have 28.k and 15.7k followers. the slaylonie girl has been on magazines

No. 333320

O m g.

I came across this vile individual a few years back online via some stupid post on Facebook. They are a real Cunt.
Serious attitude and behavioural issues. Nasty, really nasty. Not a redeeming feature about them.
And damnnn, she looks like a mighty ugly cunt. Didn't have the fucked up left lazy eye last time I seen her picture lmao

No. 333322

'Cause she's a crusty kind of hoe. That's why lol

No. 337811

when is slaylonie going to address the underage videos of her sucking dick

File: 1460663346283.png (150.61 KB, 276x300, egsdge.png)

No. 119682[Reply]

Thread in pt is at limit, and she probably belongs in snow anyway.

Old thread >>200212
Older thread >>94398

Recent news
>after LACE and Japangate, k8 leaves lolita dramatically because "western lolitas are meen!!1"
>goes larme
>suddenly wearing lolita again like no big deal
>she still can't color coordinate for shit
>k8 trying to crawl back to the comm she threw under the bus
408 posts and 55 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 336483

I want to like the left but the colour balance is all off. After so many years shouldn't she know you need to have the same colour on the top, in the middle, and on the bottom? She really should have either switched the lavender tea parties for sax or worn a lavender blouse.

Also, it's Kate, and she really should have stayed gone. No one wants you here, Kate!

No. 336749

Kate has a new job. It's her first job that is related to her degree. She's peddling fidgit spinners.

No. 336769

She claimed that outfit on the right was decora lol

No. 337693

What degree does she have?

No. 337735

i saw that and it's probably stuff that a company sent her for free, she has a marketing degree.

File: 1448691433553.jpg (90.33 KB, 600x408, raptor.jpg)

No. 65138[Reply]

Emily Hu aka avnp, averyniceprince, barleytea was a popular artist and internet celebrity for drawing fanart for the webcomic series Homestuck. She has been known to let her underage friend drink and black out during an anime con and documented via twitter.

Very recently outed as a serial cheater to all her romantic partners.

1064 posts and 356 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 337382

Is she still friends with Mookie?

No. 337384

I think they had a falling out because she kept getting compared to Mookie.

No. 337456

Do you think you could post them anon? Where they commissioned recently?

No. 337598

No, this was three years ago and one of is a recognizable OC of mine. Sorry!

No. 337610

I can't bring make up before and after screen caps but she is no longer friends with Finn's friends, who are regular east coast con artists.

She went to Youmacon last year but she only hung out with Tracey and this ugly Californian girl that she twitter rp'd with. She hasn't gone or applied to any other east coast cons because she has no one to room with(and she's cheap as hell to pay for one alone)

File: 1445909012582.jpg (22.32 KB, 320x320, kitty.jpg)

No. 51203[Reply]

This thread is to discuss hilarious Twitch.tv whores and their silly antics

This is one known as 'kittyplaysgames'

336 posts and 59 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 337481

I think the problem people have is with how she was handling the whole situation. It almost seems too silly to be true.


No. 337573

lol the people playing internet detective and finding her location on google maps is kinda scary tbh

No. 337580

Your niche audience would be expecting you to do something ageplayish if you're not showing T&A

No. 337628

I kind of think that being a cam whore and also streaming on twitch are synonymous with each other at this point. If you have any slight knowledge of gaming as a cam whore it's a given that you could use that to make some dough outside of squirting all over your webcam. Thirsty nerd boys are easier to rope in if you already have experience dealing with milking horny dudes of their cash in general.

No. 338033


no, she could be "the girl who wears frilly shit but swears like a sailor while playing".

File: 1480804975417.jpg (33.36 KB, 320x242, 2cnumb8.jpg)

No. 208060[Reply]

Alright, so I've seen this story mentioned a few times in The Hartley Hooligan's thread.

Having never heard about the case of Jaxon and his parents, I decided to look into this story. Whilst Gwen is delusional and misguided at best, the Buell's exploitation of their vegetative son is repulsive.

because me-not-speak-a de english so good, I'm just gonna post links and invite anons to contribute their opinion. I'm not a great journalistic writer, so I'd like to open up a discussion on the matter and hope someone here will take a cue and offer their 2-cents on the matter.

tl;dr for people who are also new to the case: two redneck american kids exploit their potato son (who appears to have NO quality of life) to buy jetskis, holidays and luxury lifestyle, all while under the guise (see: tax-evasive) of being a charitable foundation. I'm not even kidding;


FB page asking all the right questions:

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
151 posts and 15 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 331664

It's the occipital bun.

No. 333328

Usually the occipital bun is a big chunk of skull. What re your thoughts on his shard-like antennae??

No. 333330

I mean: you know what I'm talking about, right? There's the occipital bun. And then there is that strange, little pointy thing that sticks straight out from the back. Like a little shard.

No. 337566

I saw a news segment about a local high school football and cheerleading squad raising money for him and he cried a lot. His crying sounded even more unbearable than a normal kid's crying. It's a shame that that high schoolers couldn't raise money for people at a food bank or a homeless shelter but instead raised it for this wailing, seizing brainless vegetable who will probably be dead within a few years.

No. 337591

I'm with you anon.

Yeah, if the occipital bun is the rounded bit at the base of the back of the skull, what is the antennae-esque spike among the knobbly white
stuff towards the back of the skull? That's what I was referring to when I first asked. It's like the back top of his head is all folded or something. I'm not very good at explaining exactly what I mean though.

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