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File: 1493896291463.jpg (16.64 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

No. 304264[Reply]

Sere has a thread. The Gaijin Gyaru in Tokyo 2017 thread is all Jojo so I made a new one to talk about the mess that is Shiena.

If you don't already know: Shiena (real name Shannon Wong) is a Canadian gyaru living in Tokyo. She moved to Tokyo in 2010 (which is when the thread pic is from). Now…she's pushing 30, working illegally at a morning kyaba, and still trying to convince everyone she is the best/classiest human ever. In between those 7 years she lived in a shitty apartment with a gyaru named Ashley, joined a gal circle, got some old guy to pay her way through Vantan, had Sere support her, worked at some gal cafe, and insulted all the other gaijin gyaru.

She loves to delight everyone with her drama rants about how hard it is being as beautiful/curvy/smart/whatever as she is. That's great and all but she doesn't have the best grasp of English or Japanese so reading through them can be a bit tough.

If you want to reference something, post a screenshot for proof. It helps everyone out. Have fun!
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No. 337289

A bar can't give you more than a working holiday visa usually. Maybe it's because they market themselves as a cafe that they actually could sponsor a visa. I really don't know. But she definitely can't get a work visa from a kyaba and she doesn't have a student visa. Is she on a working holiday visa? No visa at all?

Since she started working morning kyaba originally, I suspect that she has no visa. Not really sure. She also works night kyaba now which makes me think she could have some kind of visa but it would have to be a spouse visa. Did she get married?

No. 337297

She would be required to live with her spouse if she had a spouse visa. With that said, a lot of girls don't do that and test their luck with immigration.

She obviously didn't marry anyone for their money or she wouldn't still be living in that shithole apartment. It also doesn't seem like she was ever pregnant.

No idea what why she changed her name on Facebook to Sasaki. Is it just part of her made-up Shiena identity? Maybe she did actually take her husband's last name. There isn't anyone with the same last name in her FB friend's list who could be her husband. That doesn't mean he doesn't exist though.

She is also still chasing after hosts and other guys who work in Kabukicho so she didn't marry for love. It could be that she married a customer from 10sion and that would explain her leaving? A lot of guys who go to those bars have fetishes.

Has anyone ever seen her on the street with a guy? I know someone posted a picture of a guy on here but she doesn't seem to be married to him, just liking all his stuff on IG.

She also chases after hosts. I don't know if she has anyone host friend's but she probably does. Maybe one of them married her for the visa.

No. 337299

No. 337303

No. her tumblr is https://ningyo-sekai.tumblr.com/ but she rarely uses it anymore.

No. 337421

Maybe she made her goal and someone adopted her

File: 1492457793640.jpg (479.57 KB, 960x960, instagrid_2017417213236174.jpg)

No. 293302[Reply]

What do you guys think about this "guy"? I mean, I saw some people dislike him too on other threads, so I tried to put this together.

Quick summary:
>popular spanish cosplayer and fakeboi, real name is Julia.
>Photoshop and makeup to hell and back, but he thinks ~he's the prettiest boi of them all~
>identifies as a "male" and "pansexual", will also pull the "omg look at me with a long wig, such an androgynous face, much look good!!" and not go full trans because it benefits him
>will search his tags a lot, often liking tweets that simply have his name on them
>calls himself professional cosplayer, but buys most of his stuff
>uses fangirls constantly, loves the attention

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 336497

File: 1497623765294.png (1015.85 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-06-16-10-35-01…)

Wow guys so much quirk!

Why does she always do this face? It's so fuckin ugly and literally no guy does it other than girls trying to be funny. She's such a fugly girl no wonder she wants to be a guy

No. 336902

File: 1497687246175.jpg (12.04 KB, 334x344, BKohSZhfoZ.JPG)

the fact that she's probably copying gehe (who does the muh quirky face thing quite often) makes this even more embarassing smh

No. 336910

I agree, looking at how much she's posted in gehe's pull thread talking shit it's pretty obvious she's jealous of gehe's fame.

No. 336916

It's to hide their weak, feminine jaw when they are not able to edit it.

Those bitches should just scissor each other to death already.

No. 337375

If this is referencing the pull thread where they were pretending to be a "friend" of theirs I dont think that info holds any water… considering how much they've lied about various other things on that thread and geheichous…

File: 1486693677879.jpg (97.87 KB, 900x900, photo.jpg)

No. 248300[Reply]

ThriftThick is a mostly beauty related YouTuber. She started off by making video about her thrift store finds/OOTD (hence her user) but switched over to makeup product reviews a few years ago. Since she is constantly the subject of drama within the beauty community. This includes:
-The infamous Tati Westbrook drama: https://www.reddit.com/r/BeautyGuruChat/comments/4rtwfv/cassie_thirftthick_calls_out_tati_on_ditching_her/
-Constantly gets makeup sent to her by her fans because she claims to be "drowned in student loans", but says "haters make her bank a happy place: https://i.redditmedia.com/TtNncQlD7gSzMQpfLAtI_w5L27Pske2DslM37kU8W5w.jpg?w=685&s=3cb4490a184f9fb4628ce7ac9021e893
-Also acts entitled/ungrateful when sent stuff, such as claiming a fan sent her a fake lipstick: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZur16CKvbs
As of right now, Cassie is starting down the road of Mukbangs.
YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/thriftthick/
TWITTER: twitter.com/ThriftThick
INSTAGRAM: instagram.com/thriftthick
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No. 293761

>she went back to living with her parents, watch her videos. she said she couldn't afford to leave on her own >>258807 and in this video she's even talking to her mom (offcamera) because she's back to living with them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3irwHw65YWg&t=604s [DL][Archived Copy] . she's close friends with her dad's wife or something its creepy.

No, in that pity me video she's saying she had to go back and live with her Dad which was sooooo hard, which she did, then she moved out in September to the apartment she's in now. Her mom visits regularly because she hangs out with her lots (she even says in recent vids shes going to visit her mom for trash TV night) and her mom was in one video recently, but she doesn't live with her. Her step-dad has major cat allergies and she doesn't get along with him. She's living on her own now. Honestly.

This is how it was:

Lived in Boston on her own (not sure where she lived prior)
Finished Art School, moved in with Dad. Bathroom checkins
September 2016 she gets a new kitten and moves out of her Dad's place to be on her own, stops doing bathroom checkins when she gets new lights, and she's lived in that place ever since.


You can tell it's a bot doing it because of how irrelevant the places it's posted and the general copy & paste nature. That and on her Social Blade she gets a spike in subs around this time.

No. 293966

Oh forgot to add on my last post - Her Mom has a property job and has plenty of money and a big house, her step dad is a dentist and I can't remember what her Dad does, but I believe he is loaded too. I believe she is the typical rich spoilt kid who doesn't like to spend her own money and is greedy. You know like when homeless people who have got nothing are the most kind and generous? You'll find richer people tend to be the opposite, greedy money grubbing assholes.

She's a complete grifter, convinced her fans that she is poor and struggling by only showing a portion of her apartment and only showing a dingy grubby couch and acting like she couldn't afford to take her cat to the vet. Please. Have you noticed how she is very zoomed in in her videos? She doesn't want to show all the expensive things and her hoard of makeup she's grifted from people. Her rent price is apparently $2k a month. Bitch ain't struggling.

Oh and in her last live chat someone with terminal cancer donated money to her…

She can afford it, makeup can be written off as an expense, and her relatives would throw the money her way since she's their special little snowflake.

She's just a disgusting rich entitled brat who thinks the world owes her a favour.

No. 294234

That same cancer person just sent Cassie some makeup to review…

No shame from this hambeast.

No. 336542

anybody follow her on twitter because she keeps crying on it about people apparently ruining her life by spreading personal info (not sure how true) and being mean to her on the internet. Her followers are starting to turn on her in the comments because she is being a thin-skinned crybaby and it is pretty pathetic to watch

No. 336956

caps? I want to see her followers turning on her, this girl is too much.

File: 1486675925829.jpg (185.11 KB, 1080x1080, 17IcuRV.jpg)

No. 248130[Reply]

A bit of a vintage snowflake, but she used to be pretty popular and there's new milk, so fresh thread?

Lexi used to be efamous for being a scene queen and then a glittery pink pony princess. In 2013(?), her boyfriend shot himself after failing to convince her to commit to a suicide pact. joinmeindeath.mp3
She's into dd/lg and sex work nowadays.

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No. 336918


No. 336920

Literally looks like a childs drawing, the attempt at blending the colours on the flower petals is horrendous

No. 337000

what the fuck. sorry matt at trader bobs, keep practicing on pig skin because this is abhorrent

No. 337030

I never knew inna was internet famous, but she was kind of a crusty union square burnout regular for a while
https://vimeo.com/33575980 this is getting me v nostalgic for 2009

No. 337164

I wouldn't be able to sleep if I knew I scarred someone with something like this. Thankfully tattoos can be removed nowadays, but still.

File: 1497647931728.jpg (57.2 KB, 960x959, 12742444_1711705639042602_5953…)

No. 336674[Reply]

>always asking for money
>leeches off of people
>has a chaturbate

does anyone have more on her
(also yes shes over 18)
https://twitter.com/imoutofever?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 336682

smells like selfpost.

No. 336743

>does anyone have more on her

no, kill yourself

No. 336818

another poorly executed vendetta post

File: 1490309681296.jpg (51.39 KB, 600x829, Cd4l7KOUYAAab3J.jpg)

No. 276054[Reply]

last thread: >>45564
first thread: >>59715

this is where we post cringey fakebois who may or may not deserve their own threads.

for those who don't know, fakebois are girls who pretend to be boys for attention (either as transmen or biological males, usually the former). these girls are not really transgender because they experience little or no gender dysphoria and usually don't transition, although some of them take hormones and later regret it.

starting off with the cringiest fakeboi of the new year, milo stewart! you can catch a glimpse of her insanity here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5Brqo0vSNE
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No. 335690

Old post I know, but did you really mean to type pic instead of piv; As in, penis-in-cunt? I hope it was a typo because if not, man, you sound real bitter.

No. 336787

File: 1497666943124.jpg (86.7 KB, 822x735, Capture.JPG)

How do these fucks expect anyone to take them seriously? and nice photoshop on your eyes there, Zell.

No. 336808

Her whole face is shooped into a triangle shape mask…

No. 337042

lol I remember when Zell photoshopped themselves to look like another fake boi (Mikahel or whatever her name is) and Kahel called her out for it. It's obvious she photoshops her eyes to look~kawaii japanese desu~

No. 337196

lol got screen caps?

File: 1497453750902.png (2.89 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_1745.PNG)

No. 335505[Reply]

>religiously blackfaces
>posted a picture of her mother who also black faces
>posted a picture of a Chinese child and said it was her (fucking kek) when she's white as shit
>maintains that she's Filipino so it's okay but is actually white as a toilet
>has a chubby ugly face that she shoops
>black bf of course
>appalling skin
>dresses up as other races too I.e. Hispanic, Japanese
>Kekworthy cow (Read the stickied post.)
44 posts and 5 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 336784

this, please

No. 336837

What makes me uncomfortable is the amount of other black girls coming out and pretending they are racial experts on ALL ethnicities just because they use google. They think they police culture in the same way that fat white women in horned glasses think they police trans rights. They go on autistic rants about other races from what they've learned on wiki, and are the very first to say "you can't be ___ because you don't have feature x, y, or z" which is racist in itself–you don't have these stereotypical features therefore you have to be white no matter what. The amount of racial tension they are creating on their own with hate and bitterness is becoming ridiculous. Ain't nobody ever gonna wanna like us again if this continues down the same path.

I agree because here I am taking the bait. This is giving me a headache. Lolcow has been overrun with race politics in these past few months and it's all too transparent to me what demographic is causing this lol.

No. 336866

>it's all too transparent to me what demographic is causing this lol
yeah, fucking you for example. how can you agree with me and add fuel to the fire in the same post?

No. 336915

WTF, can we get a perma ban on all the bernie nuts who hate whitey

No. 337118

…I think you got a little assblasted triggered. The demographic I was referring to is tumblrtards that want to turn everything into racial conflict even when it has nothing to do with that?????(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

File: 1497643831685.jpg (39.35 KB, 720x938, 2.jpg)

No. 336618[Reply]

Since incels were banned, I present another untapped resource.

A lot of people have become self-aware of what happens when you post stupid shit online. A large section of Indian men have not, they will send the most gruesome and hilarious posts to women for no reason. They do legit think that western women are whores and will have sex with them if they ask, and will send nudes if they ask a woman to show "verginer".

What qualifies as Pajeet posting? For example,
>india is superpower by 2040
>show vargina
>hi I love you
>u whore dont insult india ill rape your mum!

Providing links is hard, since all you need to do is go to any Indian FB-site or Indian reddit and start digging
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
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No. 336624

File: 1497643930416.jpg (31.96 KB, 540x960, 5.jpg)

No. 336631

File: 1497644302458.png (9.13 KB, 465x51, 11.png)

No. 336635

File: 1497644401296.png (112.27 KB, 477x810, 12.png)

No. 336638

off topic but why were incels banned??

No. 336639

Shit thread, doesn't belong in /snow/, no race baiting, etc etc etc

File: 1496232919211.jpg (140.3 KB, 1200x1200, lily 2.jpg)

No. 326094[Reply]

Old threads

Yuri Kim also known as Lilypichu, Lily Ki and lilyraichu is a 26 year old korean American known for making mediocre lol videos and showcasing her fake loli voice. She is obsessed with appearing as a sweet innocent little girl, basically she wants people to believe that she is a pristine anime girl. Pushes loli agenda because pedos and weebs are the only thing that gives her attention. Lily is also joined by her band of wks that shit up any board or forum that says anything about their sweet goddessu.
With now hsgg not taking her shit anyone broke up with her and kicked her out.

>lurks here despite saying she doesn't check hate forums and doesn't care

>sent nudes out to guys before yt fame
>fake shy
>cheated on bf
>physical assaulted someone at anime north
Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
269 posts and 56 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 338596

kek lily chill out, you're not being kawaii

why are you so mad at being found out lily? isn't this what you wanted kek

No. 339732

File: 1498178376156.jpg (86.03 KB, 1024x768, DCfmMSdVwAAACOU (1).jpg)

How many guys has been to Lily's room at this point? Kek

No. 339734

File: 1498178628500.png (279.07 KB, 720x633, Screenshot_2017-06-22-20-41-40…)

Not accurate. Missing wonky fake chin

No. 339735

File: 1498178727610.jpg (267.76 KB, 854x1200, DCgGFkUUIAADWnE (1).jpg)

Pretty funny how Lily still obsessively checks her own forum and talks shit about herself LMAO
Good luck on your shitty 1999 tier phone game.

No. 339736

File: 1498178749422.jpg (106.62 KB, 760x688, DCc_KGvUQAECw-L (1).jpg)

File: 1476824350358.jpg (328.94 KB, 1920x1439, self important tears.jpg)

No. 185566[Reply]

Hey farmers, I wanted to know your opinions on Manlytears/Britbongreturns/Dominic Vanner. I got linked to a thread about him on 8chan's /cow/ (which in turn had links to two previous threads about him).

Some points about him
>Lied about creating the forever alone and ralph pls go memes
>got banned from both twitch and hitbox and now uses his current streaming platform (stream.me) to spitefully harass twitch and hitbox users
>has a creepy obsession with cuckoldry to the point that he'll harass popular hitbox streamer grossiegore over his relationship problems
>has relationship problems of his own (wanted to write an encyclopedia dramatica page on his ex-girlfriend and currently has a girl trapped in an abusive relationship with him)
>claims to troll second life when in fact he buries himself in second life drama, often becoming a cow in his own right

Here's the /cow/ thread and the OP's copypasta (I fixed up the links to the previous threads so they link properly)


Britbongreturns/Manlytears thread 3: Mad Manlet Rising Edition

Post too long. Click here to view the full text.
615 posts and 74 image replies omitted. Click reply to view.

No. 332018

File: 1497039219675.png (40.51 KB, 617x696, uber samefag.png)

They will. That lawsuit they're facing has no real ground to stand on. Meanwhile, midget tears is talking to himself (through the use of twitter sockpuppetry/samefagging) on twitter

No. 332055

No. 335624

Wew. Just how many sockpuppets does this guy have? You know someone has hit rock bottom when they're literally talking to themselves through sockpuppets on social media. Or maybe he just suffers from multiple personality disorder and he projects it through his sockpuppetry

No. 336502

>U deserve it
God I can just imagine manlet tears in real life talking to an actual sockpuppet he puts on his hand when he needs validation and no one online will give it to him. One he crafted from one of the crusty socks he beats off into

No. 336597

Looks to be true that MT has no real friends since they're all sockpuppets. Maybe the "girlfriend" he says he stole from Kopy is just another sockpuppet of MT's and he was just weirdly catfishing Kopy the whole time

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