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File: 1459229222625.jpg (64.86 KB, 400x533, tumblr_nknyc4xwBG1qj7gcwo1_400…)

No. 112039

Last things going on the thread:

>Currently trying to find out about whether Gee is a real person or not

>finding new clues about any friends/mutuals of Soren

>also in the searh of any information that can bring light to the whole situation

last thread: >>>/snow/101679

No. 112041

I'm still laughing about the photo of Gerard "Gee" Realperson posted >>>/snow/112018

Come on now.

No. 112042

OT but he looks ugly.. and also permanently 12

No. 112046

I couldn't find anything regarding "Gee". I'd love to see the photos they supposedly have together

No. 112049


Wait telling of what?

No. 112055

If someone tells me what I should say I'll message the sister and see where that goes.

No. 112057

Looking at this and sirens neck rolls etc I wonder if he wasn't just a Lil fatty who needed gyno surgery or something

Weird they wouldn't fix nip placement even then tho

No. 112060

what a wild ride this is going to be if gee ends up being a creation of Soren.

No. 112061

I would say something along the lines of,
"Hey, I know you don't know me, but there's a lot of concerning things going on regarding your brother that I think you should know about. He's been involving random strangers in this extremely intense story of abuse and has hurt a lot of people in the process, and has even gone so far as to look up CP and give legitimate links to illegal things to try and back up his claims. He's also been using a lot of photos of people online and claiming that they're his friends, including a girl named Ginger Bronson. Hundreds of strangers are very worried for you and your family and I think this should be looked into" or something like that. We have to remember to be gentle with her because she might not even have any idea this is going on

No. 112062

Also I'd say "I can link you to his story but be warned it's extremely graphic" because we probably don't want to link his trauma narrative to her right away…or idk do what you want. Maybe she should see it. I don't want her to block you though

No. 112063

There's no way in fuck the family doesn't know about this BS if real Sam's family hired a flippin' lawyer against soren's weird slander

Stop trying to contact people in cow's lives you faggots

No. 112064

Soren's been doing this for years, he probably talked his family out of it because he knows his way around it. If it wasn't for the fact that he's actually probably looked up CP I wouldn't care about contacting authorities or people close to him at all. But this goes beyond "lol look at this fuckin moron on the internet trying to fool everyone with this crazy story". I seriously think something should be done, he's involving innocent people and pinning their name on something fucked up and extremely illegal.

No. 112069

It is, you could tell by the hair texture and the curve of the nose that isn't covered even if his hands weren't completely recognizable

No. 112070

I'm not sure what you're asking here

No. 112071

Yeah he's gotta be made up, he probably only recently confessed as "Gee" that Soren's not actually dead because he realized we were talking him into a corner and needed to make it look like one of his "friends" is actually starting to believe he's been making all this shit up. It'd be too unbelievable otherwise if all of his friends just blindly followed him. Jem seems pretty real so far though…her blog is very different than anything Soren would post I think. Also, not sure if this is general knowledge but I found out Jensen is Jem's boyfriend. Has he played a part in any of this? He's one of the 6 friends added on Soren's fake "Stanley" facebook I posted in the previous thread.

No. 112072

Looking back on zero's tumblr she made a post about a best friend and tagged it as "gzee", could it be a typo for gee? like could she unknowingly still be communicating with soren?

No. 112073

I'm not sure, tbh I wouldn't believe that any of Soren's friends are real until proved otherwise.

This whole thing could have started as a roleplay, but then turned into a whole mess. It's easy af to create tons of emails and tumblrs, if he's interested in writing or uses roleplaying it wouldn't take much effort on his part to come up with all these personalities.

No. 112076

Not to mention all these kids have anime names lmao there's definitely a pattern here

No. 112098

Someone in the last thread posted (and then deleted) speculation that Soren is older than they pretend to be. It reminded me of the Czech woman pretending to be a 13 year old boy when she was captured in Norway years back.

I'm having trouble locating details of the child abuse case but IIRC this woman fled the Czech Republic when neighbours caught something disturbing over a wireless baby video monitor and went to the police.

No. 112158

i'm a bit late on this but
see i said this in the last thread (>>105885
>>105894) and y'all disagreed with me but i stand by it. if old mate gerard isn't fake i'll eat my shoe.

No. 112161

if gee is fake then it's only been very recently that soren started taking him.

No. 112163

File: 1459251559963.png (5.82 KB, 549x131, 3b2a8c4e56dd3816e336794ec92a62…)

How many times will we have to establish that Soren Hayes is his legal name?

I'm honestly tempted to do this. Soren is sick and I do want to see him face some real repercussions. Though thinking about that, I do wonder how serious Sam's legal situation with him was and the outcome, if it's been settled already. Not sure if anything was specified other than lawyers were involved.

What was this about, if I may ask?

This. Whatever if you want to contact the school or authorities, but the family must already know.

… What?

Also, this post isn't super important, but I thought it was funny as fuck.

No. 112173

File: 1459252300738.jpg (149.62 KB, 640x1136, tmp_30972-74e31ae7-b808-4372-8…)

well I fucked up that sentence. I think what I meant was that I don't think gee was always fake, assuming he isn't real. at least when he was using the inkbats url he seemed pretty popular in the mcr fandom. it looks like he interacted with a lot of people, sent them physical gifts, posted art, he had a good handful of fans who made fanart of him too. it all just seems more involved than what we've seen soren do with other blogs/pages he's made of fake people.

I've been trying to find more pictures of gee but it's been hard.

No. 112176

Not super convinced yet of the Gee fake theory, but it does match up, at least a bit. Soren was involved in the MCR fandom, a campaign about one of his characters was even made. Someone in the last thread did also post letters they received from him, which included physical gifts of candy and clothes.

No. 112177

>What was this about, if I may ask?
If I remember well, the fact that the Marley facebook might be another sockpuppet account.

No. 112178

Don't see what's so fucked up about it if that's what it was. We are talking about Soren.

No. 112179

that deleted post was about what >>112098 said, I think.

No. 112180

I see. Wish I had gotten to read it in that case, it does seem rather likely.

No. 112187

Yep it was essentially that, someone said 'on the topic of his age and gener reassignment surgery it is possible that he got all this done because he's older than he's saying and hiding the fact that he's a pedophile'. something along those lines

No. 112188

.. gender*

No. 112189

MFW Soren is probably a creepy 30 year old midget

No. 112190

Wait, though. Wasn't he listed as an alumni to be graduating this year? How would that work, then?

No. 112200

I've been talking to one of his old friends on tumblr, she told me she made that profile trying to find yearbook photos of him

No. 112212

This is so OT, but I was feeling pretty damn ugly until I saw this thread. At least I don't look like this ginger bronson fanboy.

The sad part is that he'd look normal if he cleaned up and got rid of the emo.

No. 112214

I just did some heavy lurking (read, back into 2010) and am wondering how we came to the conclusion Marley is his mother? Cause as far as I see everything points to her being their older sibling.

No. 112215

Link to an actual page and not screenshots of this?

No. 112216

Found another sockpuppet account:


Also: I found this?


Since it is Sora, it could be Soren, but why is his father (???, probably sockpuppet anyways) recorded as "Married to"?


No. 112217

No. 112220

Is he from Seattle?

Sorry, don't want to comb through old thread

No. 112221

could you people post fewer links and more screenshots? this is an imageboard.

No. 112224

But it's easier to link if you've to show more + people need to investigate together, so I don't see where a link is beneficial at all… ^^"

Like, someone could find something via the links that are given?

Just imo.

No. 112226

You could post a link and a screenshot but I've had enough of clicking through deleted tumblr blogs during the last thread.

No. 112227

File: 1459259960243.png (45.86 KB, 744x304, Unbenannt.png)

A little question: Was Sorens real name Pryia or does he have another sister? But I think it is kind of odd, because to me it seems like Soren refered to himself as a male pretty early and this guy talks about Marleys Sisters?

No. 112229

Should be Priya, not Pryia. This man's typing is atrocious.

Soren mentioned having two sisters: Anjali and Jim/Marley's biological daughter.

No. 112230


Soren said he had two sisters, IIRC.


Yes, but he lives in San Diego now.


He may have deleted the posts but on his Facebook, he referred to her as 'mom' several times and she replied to his posts. She seems too old to be his sibling, anyways imo.


Yeah, that could still be Soren in that picture, I think. Covering up most of his face in the pictures we've seen of him is pretty shady.

But if that's true, who did Gee's drawings? Soren? Did he commission someone and say "Gee" drew it?

That just leaves more questions than answers.

No. 112231


Sorry I was half asleep when I asked that, you said something about the fact there's no nipple healing or something what did you mean? Like that he's healing or…

No. 112233

If that's Gee then Soren is a massive narcissist.

No. 112234


One is Marley and the other one is Anjali, because as far as I know Marley is Jims daughter.

I was just confused because Soren said that he was felt male really early but Jim refers to him as Priya. OR there is another sibiling?

There is one profil of a female Priya Hayes but everything is privat, so I can't see anything at all.

I guess that's a dead end, too…

No. 112235

Soren is Priya.

No. 112236

So at least that seems to be true? Wow… some truth out of his mouth…

No. 112238

File: 1459261858562.jpg (136.99 KB, 640x1136, tmp_5863-e1891620-2924-43e5-8c…)

somewhere in the last thread it was mentioned that soren just stole art from someone and said it was done by sam (I think? or maybe one of his other fake friends)

but some of these people had gee's art printed out and on their walls and it was all mcr related so I would image if soren stole it people would know. there's a bunch of posts in the inkbats tag about how much some people hated gee and I'd find it kind of hard to imagine tumblr NOT going out of their way to try and prove he stole art to justify getting other people to hate him too.

gee is probably just a shitty enabler of sorens behavior

No. 112244

Not sure what you're saying. Trans people say that they feel like they are the opposite biological sex since early on, but that doesn't mean that others around them will treat them as their identified sex.

No. 112256

Hey friends, i think we're going waaay off the track of this topic. I really think Soren is just a kid and Garry (the correct name of Gee) is real. If you search the tags "shyfawn" on tumblr you can see some tagged pictures of Soren's friends with him, also if you search "inkbats" you can find pictures of him with other people. I don't want to say the tumblr users of those people wo are friends with them because i feel they are going to be affected even if they're don't have anything to do with this.

As for Gee's Tumblr popularity, i know it was legit, and he didn't stole any art, he made it himself. His most recent blog (which is deleted now) had more art not involving MCR. He was tumblr famous because well, he liked MCR (a huge fandom between 2008-2012) and posted art related to them (mostly "Revenge era") plus he rarely took photos of himself and he was considered a Gerard Way lookalike and a "mysterious" boy (yeah, he didn't show all his face but he was good-looking??)and he called himself Gee. So be it.

I know this is not related but i had a crush on Garry way before this Soren stuff, and it faded because at some point he got really self-involved in my opinion.

No. 112270

How about you post the pictures rather than telling us to search a tag? :)

No. 112332

No, it wasn't about the Marley account. I said something along the lines of "Maybe he's using old photos of himself and pretending to be younger than he is to not get caught as a pedophile". Because he says he's 17 right?

No. 112341

Sorry for the delay, it seems one of Soren's closer friends deleted all of his photos with him, but i was still able to find some of Gee with another tumblr user, plus some of Gee alone





I'm aware some of these are super edited. I'll bring more pictures as i keep finding them.

No. 112345

OH he's a fakeboi too. Makes more sense.

No. 112360

It's a shame that no one took any screenshots to Gee's tumblr blog too. He had lots of pictures that would help a lot.

No. 112387

Is that Jem with him in those photos?

No. 112388

dat grease and pudge

No. 112395

I haven't finished reading through the first thread yet, but this whole "Gerard Way lookalike uwu" thing makes me sick to my stomach. Just another reason why the kids in the MCR fandom are all 13 year old weirdos who spoil everything they touch. Can't enjoy anything anymore without tumblr ruining it.

No. 112398

The sister Anjali looked at my message but didn't respond, so i'm guessing we can't go much further with the family

No. 112403

Hm. She's probably confused. I wouldn't be surprised if she doesn't respond but at least she's aware. I wonder if she'll confront the mom or Soren about it(assuming she doesn't already know)

No. 112419


I know, i personally was more drawn to Gee because of his drawings, not because of his appeareance, but it seems he had several fangirls on tumblr that went "omg a young Gerard Way !!!1!! he's so cute awawaw<3 luv him so brutal" That stills creeps me out.

No. 112421

This is so obviously fake…what the fuck.

No. 112423

A lot of the older fans from the early 2000s are normal, but anyone born after 2000 just getting into them now are all idiots. Makes no sense to get a obessed with a band that broke up years ago, when you werent there and not able to attend any of their live shows.

No. 112425

Getting real sick of fakebois

No. 112426

They're all fat.

No. 112462

>Makes no sense to get a obessed with a band that broke up years ago, when you werent there and not able to attend any of their live shows.
I agree that fans are annoying and I think mcr has shit music, but that's a stupid mentality. Music is music no matter what time it came out. If you really like a band and connect with the music you shouldn't stop just because they're not together anymore.

No. 112465

Totally agree. I'm still a fan of them even if they're not together.(the fanbase is mostly shitty but eh) There's people who is fan of Nirvana, The Doors, The Beatles. If the statement "Makes no sense to get a obessed with a band that broke up years ago, when you werent there and not able to attend any of their live shows." was truth then no one of the mentioned artists would have fans.

btw something off topic and returning to Soren/Gee stuff: I was snooping on tumblr and i found no fucking pictures of those two together. They were deleted when Gee's blog (frm24c.tumblr.com) was. I was hoping someone reblogged those but it seems no one did. However they are some blogs that still have pictures of them separately because of the reblogs, so you can see they're completely different people.

No. 112466

112238 is just soren all overexposed to look white. take a look at those self harm scars that match sorens.. you can barely see them because its so overexposed but theyre def there heh heh heh

No. 112467

I agree with you but I get the impression that the younger MCR fans (like this Soren twat) aren't into the music so much as the community/sense of belonging that doesn't really have anything to do with the music.

No. 112474

File: 1459286959934.png (16.54 KB, 643x219, gkjhghgl.png)


No. 112475

It's like he's taunting us.

No. 112482

Exactly, just getting off on the attention at this point.

No. 112483

I just fucking hate the kid at this point. He's a sicko too busy fixating on a fictional past to actually work towards any sort of future.

Fuck this kid. Fuck his perverted fucking lies, and especially fuck the fact that he's filling to ruin a perfectly promising life by trying to be as fucked up and mentally ill as person.

Well done, Soren. You're ill. So what?

No. 112488

We have no clue where Gee is, if he cares or not about all this fucking mess, no response from Soren's family and he's still mocking us. He's enjoying the fact that he ruined several lifes with his false statements and i feel so angry with the fact that we still have to wait a little to do shit.

No. 112489

It's okay though, Anon. No matter what happens- people will realise how shitty he is.

This bizarre internet trail of lies will follow him. People will find out. Friends will talk, potential employers will stumble across him and rethink his application. It doesn't just go away. He need to face up to what he's done and be the man he fantasises about being.

No. 112492

I'm going to post something fairly important, is there a way to add more than one image or do I have to edit it together? (My skills are horrible… tho)

No. 112494


Use Imgur.

No. 112495

Thanks friend, I'm sure this is not going to stay without consequences. I hope everyone affected by him can find peace.

It depends Anon, if you have the url as i did with Gee's pictures you can post several that way, if not you have to edit all together or use Imgur.

No. 112496

Okay, sorry. It may take a while, I'm really not fooling you, it's just that I'm not good with being fast when it comes to screenshots. I don't want to sound like a special snowflake, but it would also be nice if no one would mock me for me awkward english afterwards…

No. 112499

It's okay! You don't have to apologize, I really appreciate the fact that you're going to share something with us. I'm not a native speaker so don't worry about me mocking you either. (even if i were i wouldn't do it)

No. 112500

We don't make fun of our own, especially when it's something as silly as a little English over the Internet

No. 112511

There you go. http://imgur.com/a/rMLe5

1. I gave away some of my personal information to gain trust. I don't want to come off as anon with no face and I didn't want her to believe that I'm a liar. Just if it sounds fishy to you, that I talk so open.

2. I really believe that she's a legit person. She has many contacts that know her personally and of course it could be, that Soren made all those accounts up… but well, he needs to make tons of thousands then…

3. At the end I only wrote "Thank you, that's a big help!", so I didn't bother taking a screenshot. The last massage was around 15 minutes ago.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 112512

Ah and of course I was misinformed. I apologized, I didn't see that there was a new thread and believed that Marley was his mother, not his sister.

No. 112515

Well now we know that his family is aware of his behavior.

No. 112516

You definitely scored a big one here. If we try to find more information about the topic plus start filing reports, we can seriously do something more. Thank you for doing this Anon.

No. 112520

File: 1459291986163.png (419.65 KB, 553x526, 1398469380402.png)

>mfw Soren is about to get v&
feels pretty good

No. 112522

Especially after this last anon, I'm just super impressed with how far we've come tackling this cow in two threads. I'm the anon who found the Amazon wish list and it's just really blown up from there. A+ work so far team

No. 112524

samefag, but it does suck that his own family agrees that the only thing that could stop him is jail time.

No. 112525

File: 1459292424396.jpg (90.63 KB, 500x375, chillkitty.jpg)

based anon!

No. 112526

Damn, they know about the CP?

No. 112528


Wait so now what? Do we file a police report? Has he actually broken laws that we can genuinely report, that we have substantial evidence to back up?

I know we can take a guess that he's watched CP but we can't prove it, you'd need solid evidence in order to file a report that the police are going to take seriously. Can't just say "oh well he pretended to be dead on the internet and lied about his past" because so far that's all he has really done, that we have genuine proof of.

No. 112533

You can be charged for catfishing, I think that's a good basis.

Think very seriously before bringing police into this, it's past being a game at that point and if he is innocent and just messed up…you could fuck up some kids life just because he wants to be edgy.

If I were you I'd talk to the sister again or try to reach the mother so you can encourage treatment options. Other than that, I'd wait for some concrete proof.

No. 112534


If they do this case is even more infuriating because there was such a long time when Soren acted freely and their family couldn't stop him.

You have a point there. Although we made a lot of progress in two threads i still think there's a lot to do and more information to milk. We are lacking solid evidence of the CP, we can't refer to Gee (he's the only one of his friends who seemed more interested/emotionally more stable to give info but we don't have a way to contact him + zero and jem are really distressed atm to make them any questions.) and as you said, we can't just file in the report now because it'll be too drastical.

No. 112535

I know getting the police involved is a big step but I think Soren crossed past just wanting to be edgey once he carved FUCKMEAT into his arm

No. 112537

Don't worry, until now I only asked if there is a possibility to do something. There are something we can do even from afar (at least from germany, because I couldn't ask in japan… I really want to stay here and that's why I can't ask for help here).

If he says he has connections to a child porn ring THAT is enough to get investigation going, even if it is just a call that scares him. They won't squad his house or anything.
Catfishing is another thing, but as far as I understand only persons involved (like Sam or maybe Ginger Bronson) could file in that report, so that's out of question.

And last but not least: If there is a chance of him hurting himself or others, we can get the police involved. Again, maybe just a call or something.

I won't do that, because I don't want to cause any trouble. But if he doesn't change his attitude he needs to calculate that someone MIGHT get him into trouble.

No. 112538


No. 112540

That show is all actors, sorry to have to let you know lol

Besides, he'd be too unstable

No. 112541


Yeh I was gonna say, cat fishing can only be reported by Sam, Ginger, someone directly affected by it (Gee, Zero, Gem) - the people who have been emotionally affected, financially affected etc.

If a child ring is mentioned and it comes to light that he has watched CP then he could genuinely be put away. I have no troubles with that but as everyone who directly knows him in real life (Sam, Marley) has said, he is very sick. I'm not trying to defend a paedophile but if he is as messed up as they say then maybe being behind bars isn't a good thing.

No. 112542

so now what do we do?

No. 112554

I'm pretty sure Soren's birth name is Priya as other anons said. It's extremely unlikely that Soren came out as young as he claimed he did + this guy might be not accepting of Soren's transition or is clueless about that stuff.

No. 112557

File: 1459295275743.png (47.48 KB, 389x500, 01.png)

I'm talking to Marley right now. I DID NOT show her this thread, because I don't think she has to see all of this, but I showed her some of the clearer evidence that he is in trouble (Like the chat with Sam, some of his archived posts that weren't too brutal). I said, that he also shows off his scars, often talks about killing himself, faked his suicde, but neither did I show her the pics of the scars, nor did I link the trauma…

No. 112558

Fuck you guys are such retards

Stop interfering with the cow

You know it isn't a 'pedo' or 'dangerously hoarding cp' - you're making up excuses to get involved in something you don't need to get involved in

Can't get past how fucking stupid you people act. Has to be primarily the same couple of anons who keep deciding each flake/cow is their duty to report under the guise of morals

The average 4chan user is a bigger pedo/harm than this stain

Fuck you guys, I wish admin would make your retardation a bannable offense

No. 112559

Yeah, and someone who throws shit at people because he doesn't agree with the concerns of other people is such an intelligent person.

No. 112562

piss off, autism-o.

No. 112563


Link her that trauma bs. Give her fair warning about how horrible it is so she can choose to skip if she thinks she can't stomach it. But maybe this is harsh enough to make the parents realize just HOW messed up Soren is, if Marley can show them that.

No. 112564


Don't link her the trauma narrative - maybe link her to a PULL forum where they're not /as/ harsh as here? I'm pretty sure they had a thread for him

No. 112565

His trauma narrative is posted there as well, tho.

No. 112566

File: 1459296569059.png (76.93 KB, 387x917, 01.png)

No. 112567

I agree, but at this point I've just accepted it. Nosy moralfags are part of the show for me.
I'm not even mad anymore. This is what happens when someone goes full retard on the internet and triggers people. They call the authorities for the sake of their own conscience, even if it's pointless.
It's the circle of life, anon.

No. 112569

This might be a really stupid question, but as someone who has not been following this drama closely: have things been (for the most part) restricted to just internet shenanigans, aside from his physical self-harm obviously, or has he actually been pulling shit IRL?

No. 112570

Linking her to PULL is a really terrible idea.

No. 112571

I kinda agree with you, buuuut…
>You know it isn't a 'pedo' or 'dangerously hoarding cp'

It is absolutely obsessed with CP. You would have to be blind not to notice.

No. 112572

She asked for the thread or where anon's getting all this, it's better than linking her to here.

No. 112573

"He has no contact with children"

Well, it seems like they know that his behaviour is out of question?

No. 112574

i almost can't believe this is what's behind that laughably fake trauma story. like it's not just common or garden attention seeking.

No. 112575

I guess gee was right when he said Soren was a ~dangerous person

No. 112576

He vandalized a school for the sake of his narrative, ruined the life of irl Sam, drove some of his internet friends to an emotional breakdown, contacted minors via tumblr who trusted him to spend time with them and send them stuff…

No. 112578

Yeah did Anon link her to things or did she just outright say, Soren isn't allowed near kids? Because it's really really worrying more than I initially thought if his own family are denying him access to children.

Like I know it's "not that deep" but it is seems like from this little convo with his sister he's genuinely so fucked up. Why is he still allowed the internet?

No. 112579


>contacted minors via tumblr who trusted him to spend time with them and send them stuff…

On this note, who knows if he hasn't solicited questionable content from minors.

No. 112581

Yup. He's been 'in love' and in some kind of relationship with people on tumblr, so it's completely possible he owns photos of them, and being all under 18 that is technically cp

No. 112583


This should be the main trail anons should follow to potentially find something to implicate.

No. 112585

Until this point I only linked her to the pictures of Sams chat (I reuploaded them, to save her from this thread) and his fake suicide note of "his brother". So, I did not imply that he is a danger for kids.

No. 112586

the only person on tumblr i can seem to find that was in something with him and actually met him irl is riddertxt or whatever their url is, and they're not talking about any of this

No. 112587


I was hoping to find pictures of riddlertxt and Soren but he deleted them and seems reluctant to talk. My only hope at this point honestly is Gee but he fucking vanished.

No. 112589


So she outright thinks that her brother is a danger to children?? Without prompt?

That's the most horrible thing that's come out of this whole scenario - it means he's genuinely got more problems than we originally thought. Like yeah sure we were all kind of like hm maybe watched CP but this means he's done something in real life to make his family decide not to let him near kids..

I was against it completely but maybe linking her the trauma narrative is a good idea? Like it would most likely put things in proportion for them.


I have no idea, but surely that'd be the first thing you would atleast monitor or remove from the situation completely.

No. 112590

File: 1459297799369.png (692.15 KB, 652x641, kjsdfgbkjlsfdg.png)

here ya go

No. 112595

there are so many things wrong here

No. 112596

i remember seeing that picture before and thinking "that's the person who says he was a preteen child porn starlet?"

No. 112597

I fucking love you anon. Knowing that Soren is not an innocent CSA victim makes this post creepy as hell.

Btw does anyone know if there's a place where we can view a cached copy of Soren's blog that it's not a screenshot? I tried in waybackmachine but there's nothing.

No. 112601

An anon here commented that Soren was obv lying about being a top CP star, because he is fug and pedos have standards, and that he would have been sent straight to the snuff department.

I laughed and yes I feel bad about it.

No. 112603

i know. the amount of alogging on this website is insane. half of the board is weird tumblr/pull sjw-types who have 0 understanding of lolcows or board culture.

No. 112604

Or maybe they don't care about your "culture" because they have their own mind?

Someone said it before, even though the context wasn't like this: We're not all alike, we're not the same mind. Our concerns may differ. Deal with it or continue bitching on.

No. 112605

for anyone wanting to go to authorities for something, show them this. >>104696
he implied he knew this missing girl in this trafficking ring, should be enough since he mentioned a real person?

No. 112606

Have you noticed the incredibly recent influx of nobody (or one very busy bee) knowing how to sage? I've seen a lot of sage sage but my favorite is the retard that thought constantly putting "sage for OT" at the end of every sentence was how you do it. Amazing.

No. 112607

maybe you could link her to the exposing soren blog someone made on tumblr? it covers a lot of what he's done, and it's lighter reading than this thread or the previous one

No. 112609

Marley wanted to have the trauma narrative, to send it to her parents (they are defending him) and the counselor he's seeing. I asked several times, if she really wanted to and warned her that it is graphic.


(Cut the last sentence, it finished "needs help")

No. 112610

alright i know we've mostly moved on from this discussion but i'm 100% sure gee is a real person. he had a girlfriend for a while whom i was friends with on tumblr. her name is parrish and her blog is sangomancer.tumblr.com. her blog isn't a sock puppet, and she has no affiliation w/ soren. either way, gee posted pictures of himself before their first date, and later some pictures he took of her on a rooftop. there's no way soren could have fucking posed as a white kid for an entire relationship with a girl.

No. 112611


lmao i never doubted that Gee was a real person, he totally is. He had a brief relationship with parrish as you said, and since we can say names here, he was also friends with milqueteeth, dear-monday, fangoriaaa, mychemicaldoodle, nonangelic and tons of people. He actually went to irl meetings with some of them and such.

No. 112612

I usually hate moralfags but god, the milk is overflowing now. I hope his parents stop defending him and get him some more help or something.

Also, this is kinda unrelated but I remember Soren once said that he and Sam did drugs with Sky Ferreira at a party in Seattle. I'm not sure if it's archived but I bet he's lying and that seems like such a weird thing to lie about.

No. 112616

>he and Sam did drugs with Sky Ferreira at a party in Seattle

That would require him to leave his bedroom and gain some social skills kek

No. 112619

Gee doesn't look white imo, white people don't have that hair texture of skin tone

No. 112623

OT but soren should get his thyroid checked out. shit looks swollen as hell and would explain the awkward chub.

No. 112624

I love people on here complaining about how contacting and interacting goes against the "board culture" or whatever, as if 4chan and all of it's many, many offshoots haven't been actively acting as vigilanties for years. I've been in threads where they've fucking solved murders, tracked down animal abusers, and yes, even pedophiles. It's really not this weird uncommon thing for people to want to…yaknow…do the right thing every once and a while?

No. 112626

>white people don't have that hair texture

Wat? You can barely make it out

Though I assume he's a white-mexican mix

No. 112627

Please explain the situation here and why contacting the police, or other people, is "the right thing".

I'm not going to read through two threads full of trifle.

If I'm understanding correctly, there's evidence that he supposedly possesses child porn? What is this evidence?

No. 112628

This shit show is no where near that level

The anons here are exaggerating/grasping at straws as to what this tard has even actually done

No. 112629

I work in a salon, but I figured it's easy to tell it's not white people hair

No. 112630

There's no evidence what so ever, they're all just speculating/making assumptions based on 3edgy6me tumblr fables this flake has made up

No. 112634

his family was already contacted so i think it should be up to them to make the decision to talk to police.

No. 112635

Police does seem extreme, I don't think there's enough evidence, but I absolutely think the parents should know. We know he's hurt himself, and that's scary enough. I do feel better now that we know his family is helping him get treatment though.

While I agree the police is an extreme measure and some things are being blown out of proportion, I just wanted to say that not contacting people because it's not 'board culture' is a really lame excuse because that's never been part of 'board culture'-which has always done stuff like this.

No. 112636

we can't contact the police with no information, the only thing we could do now was telling people interested in the thread that he's a scumbag plus notifying the family abt his behavior. We are stirring shit that we already reviewed. Until no one comes with more information that's it.

No. 112639

I see that. But can someone summarize the offenses this individual is believed to have committed?

From what I see so far, he's written some likely fictional but strange tumblr fantasy stories. What is the evidence for any other behavior?

The only other serious claim I could find in this thread - and there may be more that I've missed - is:

>contacted minors via tumblr who trusted him to spend time with them and send them stuff…

Could someone link evidence of that, and elaborate?

I see some things about him being an asshole to his friends or vandalizing a school or something, but those seem too trivial to even be worth discussing as being deserving of familial or police contact. Unless there's something I'm missing there.

>We know he's hurt himself, and that's scary enough. I do feel better now that we know his family is helping him get treatment though.

So this is purely a matter of "helping him", huh?

No. 112640

In his abuse narrative he included screenshots of comments on child porn that he and 'sam' were in together, but no one knows for sure if he sought out the videos and watched them to make the comments himself or photoshopped the screenshot. there is no solid evidence that he has watched or owns any child porn. also, since his age isn't actually known but from previous claims he's not yet 18 so i don't feel like 'contacting minors' is accurate in the implication that he did it in a predatory way

No. 112642

I personally feel that way to an extent, but considering all the minors he's interacted with and all the information he seems to know about CP, I honestly don't see the negative effects of getting his parents involved. If he gets inpatient, great. Either way, there's some obvious psychological issues, and it's best if we help nip it in the butt so no one else gets hurt.

I know a lot of people think it's meddling, and while I do agree police is too much, we live in a culture that repeatedly ignores mental health issues and cries for help until it's too late. Until someone is stabbed, someone is molested, etc, etc. I think of that one famous tumblr post about the girl who said she was going to commit a school stabbing…and she did. And no one stopped it even though she posted publicly about it. Not her classmates, not a concerned browser, no one.

I think for once we're seeing the warning signs of someone who is dangerous to himself and other people, and reaching out to someone who could help him before things get worse. I think we should leave it as it now, and hope it gets handled, but still keep an eye out for any other signs that he could be a danger. Just my thoughts though, I don't expect everyone to agree.

No. 112644

Also as mentioned earlier in this thread, he claims to know of at least two real missing girls that were in this child sex ring. He used someone's real name as a predator, sam's father. In my opinion if he wants to tell a story like that he should face the consequences of it, such as child abuse investigators interviewing him about this abuse ring. They'd want names of people involved in something as big as that. Even if it's false.

No. 112648

After reading many of the things he's written, I'm going to have to agree with this anon:

>What makes you think those posts are convincing? They're really over the top. "turned into fuckmeat" "skull fucking is the best" give me a break. It sounds nothing like real pedos and everything like a teenager trying to be edgy

Seems like a dumb kid with an overactive imagination.

>he claims to know of at least two real missing girls that were in this child sex ring.


He's an obvious bullshit artist. Even if it may be possible that he did suffer some form of child abuse, 99% or more of what he's written is clearly fiction.

>In my opinion if he wants to tell a story like that he should face the consequences of it

I can't disagree with that. However, lolcow is definitely not a place for tumblr users (most of whom are probably just as underage as he is) to form moralistic vigilante militias.

I am not necessarily against vigilantism or group investigations; it's been done on this site before. However, I do not yet see any evidence that it is warranted here.

>He used someone's real name as a predator, sam's father.

Who is Sam? How did Sam react to this? Is Sam's father aware? Did anyone actually believe these claims? Could someone link to where he named him?

If he's falsely and publicly naming people as pedophiles, that changes the situation a little.

No. 112649


I think the only bit of evidence in regards to children that is of any importance is the fact his apparent sister said, unprompted, that he has no contact with children. So whatever speculations we have are just that, but I'd assume from that that they're true. We don't know anything for sure other than he's a seriously fucked up kid and his family are seeking help for him. I think that's all anyone here could and should do, and going beyond that is overstepping sooo many boundaries.

No. 112650

Sam is someone he knew in person who was contacted and said she was aware of everything. He used her name and photos of a girl named Kayla day as his friend: >>104500
Sam said lawyers were involved but nothing really more than that.
He used her fathers name Brian in the big abuse story: http://archive.is/pvovF

No. 112651

>is the fact his apparent sister said, unprompted, that he has no contact with children

>"Luckily we don't keep guns in the house and he has no contact with children."

I didn't interpret that as "we forbid him from being near children". Just that he doesn't interact with children, to their knowledge, and so wouldn't have a way to harm them. It seemed to be related to the comment that he also can't access guns.

It's plausible she did mean they don't let him near children, but I feel she would've elaborated a little if that were the case.

No. 112652


Yeah I took it to mean that he had no way to harm them too but it was just the fact that, according to the anon, concerns about him having CP and being some form of paedophile wasn't actually mentioned. She was the one who brought up children. I took the gun thing as him being able to hurt himself but got really confused by the children bit.

No. 112655

Anon did actually mention that he could have connections to CP in the imgur album. However, I still think it's weird that she worded it like that. How could she know he has no contact with children, if he still has internet access?

No. 112656

She's been sent other messages with the context of child abuse, this is just the first she has conversed with

So to assume she's not speaking with those in mind and it's completely unprompted seems like a stretch

No. 112657


Ohhh I didn't see that bit, when I asked the anon that posted just said he had only mentioned his brother's suicide and the pictures of Sam's chat, my bad.

My point's kind of irrelevant now oops

No. 112664


She brought up CP first (in what seems like a threatening manner), and then the sister replied he has no contact with children.

Especially for people who don't use the Internet a lot, they equate contact with in-person contact. I don't see the remark as weird.

The concerning part is her belief he may harm someone, but who knows if she's basing that on anything real or… random Internet people contacting her telling her what her brother's supposedly done.

>He used her fathers name Brian in the big abuse story: http://archive.is/pvovF

As far as I can tell, this seems to be the worst thing he's done by far. Slandering other people to fuel his fantasy.

Due to the way >>112511 dramatically sensationalized the matter when contacting his sister (hilariously also not doing enough research to realize it's his sister, not his mother), she is permanently banned for violating global rule 6.

Don't use lolcow as a platform for vendettas or "moral crusades". Don't contact people, or their families, or police without an extremely good reason.

Anyone contacting his family, or others, about allegedly possessing CP despite no actual evidence will be banned and publicly exposed. If it's just about his false accusations aimed at other people, then do whatever you want.

No. 112665

The only real evidence that he's looked at child porn isn't even /real/ evidence. More just speculation. But Soren wrote in his fake HiddenWiki kanga.avi which is a real, legitimate CP video, which is actually listed in the HiddenWiki. The description is that of a girl aged 1-3. Now either Soren watched kanga.avi or he's browsed Child Lover forums who discussed CP and named it themselves. It's not as though it's an infamous video that people known about like 1 icepick 1 lunatic or whatever the fuck that gore video was called. He's had to have browsed CP, he's had to have.

No. 112667

We only have speculative claims. We have nothing to accuse him, and even the people directly affected by his fantasies seem to be accustomed to his behavior/don't care enough/have no intentions to expose him because they know it's no use if there's nothing else to work with.

No. 112672

He used a real man's name in a story claiming this main abused him and others to the point he got Stockholm. I'm pretty sure he would want to know that there's an incredibly vulgar and horrible story about him abusing kids and do something about it. It should be up to him and Soren's family on where to take it from there, I think the only thing left anyone can do is talk to Sam again or Brian himself to see if they're fully aware of what exactly Soren said, I feel like they're not considering how.. simple? her response was.

No. 112679

File: 1459311791429.png (42.94 KB, 881x315, 1457980458268.png)


I agree with Admin. We don't have any actual proof of Soren having CP and calling the police seems way too extreme and unnecessary.

Besides, real Sam's family already addressed it. This is the screenshot from the last thread proving it.

There's nothing we can really do but sit back and watch this trainwreck.

No. 112702

I hope the sister gets in contact with people quickly enough that he doesn't lurk here and do something to himself.

No. 112787

hahaha astley's fucking mug.
thank you anon, i needed that laugh.

No. 112803

Eh, moral milk is better than no milk. But I agree that getting police involved is too much, if the family think it's necessary then they now have all the "evidence" that we do.

No. 112809

Well… that was a lot of new milk. A ton of people even warned not to contact the fucking sister, and especially not to link her to the trauma narrative. Fucking hilarious, though. Man.


The art that Soren claimed was done by Sam wasn't Gee's. Don't remember who and don't care enough to go through the old post, but some of it belonged to random people and some belonged to Ginger I believe.

I thought his name was Gerard?

This. Christ, it's not hard. If you find something just tell us instead of being sketchy about it.

I see… Damn, that is fucked up. I hope that's not the case.

No. 112812

May be worth noting, may end up not being shit, but Soren's last blog update was twelve hours ago, which seems to be before anon brought this shit to his sister. Wonder if anything's happened with him. I'll keep an eye out as usual.

No. 112838

The only worthwhile information we could have got from soren's sister would have been his true age which would’ve put a lot of things he's done into perspective. Either he's a stupid, sick teenager with a livid fantasy or he's an adult with dangerous tendencies. But it's too late for that now. It was pretty fucked up to upload all the screenshots of what his sister said. Soren probably lurks here and he might use that against her. If it even was his sister and not a sock puppet account of his.

Is there any other way to find out his age?

No. 112842

Not sure about his age, but the sister consented to the anon sharing screenshots. Her problem. If she couldn't deal with it she shouldn't have said it was alright.

No. 112846

all right, I didn't see that. then it's indeed her problem.

No. 112871

everyone is saying not to contact police or whatever, and i agree too but if somebody wants to they can and we can't stop them, so?

No. 112884

>if somebody wants to they can

And look like a retard who has nothing more than some he said she said bs

Good luck with that

It's so obvious reading this thread which posters came here from places like IG/tumblr kek

No. 112886

i'm not here from tumblr or instagram, i'm just saying that nobody has any control over what anyone else does, so if somebody were to contact the police about soren they could do so, regardless of people in this thread telling them not to? chill.

No. 112891

OK PULL, just remember to post here when you do it so

>Anyone contacting his family, or others, about allegedly possessing CP despite no actual evidence will be banned and publicly exposed

Can be enforced and we don't have to deal with this kind of dumb on lolcow anymore

No. 112894

lol you need to get off your high horse. i'm not going to the police about soren, it's pointless and like you said there's no proof. EVEN SO nobody can stop anyone else from doing it. banning someone doesn't mean they won't do it. what's so hard to grasp about that? people on here take this website so seriously. we're all just here to gossip and bitch, nobody is better than anyone else. get over yourself.

No. 112904

Don't worry, I realized you didn't grasp the concept of user enforced board culture when I pointed out where you came from. No need to start an equality speech. ;^) you should've lurked more

No. 113072

i can feel this person adjusting their fedora all the way across the world

No. 113102

No. 113103

I agree completely.

No. 113229

savage but still laughed

No. 113377

Soren is back on tumblr so I guess the family didn't do much lol.

No. 113379

Literally half of my hairs deadass fell out of scalp just now

No. 113386

Wise words Admin.

In real life, if you personally suspect someone you know of has CP in their possession, it's okay for you to report it to the relevant police in that area. No-one should have to decide or debate that. It doesn't take agreement on a forum, it's just a personal, ethical choice for a human to make. Do it or don't. Don't plan it or brag about it here.

While the material itself is really troubling, much of the "case" you guys are building here is fiction. Real children are being abused and need help; you are proposing to waste police / FBI time looking into some fanciful tumblr posts and chasing claims you already think are fake.

Acquaint yourself with what is a real crime (possession of CP; evidence of grooming a child for sexual purposes) and what is not a crime (bullshitting on the internet, liking horrible things).

Sort your heads out, because right now you're a collective mess. Snap out of it. This shit is triggering as fuck, I get it. Don't let yourself be triggered into collective stupidity.

Many threads that pat themselves on the back for closing a pedophile case actually did nothing except express outrage. Kiwifarms > Nick Bates being an excellent example of this collective delusion.

No. 113393

wow anon some great points you made there !!!!!!!!!!!

No. 113400

thanks anon

No. 113441

I'm assuming that since he's obviously at risk of harming himself the parents and therapist want to go about it gently so he doesn't do something stupid. Since the anon that talked to the sister is banned I doubt we'll really know anything from here. He'll either disappear from the internet or keep up his tumblr and story, who knows. >>112672
Who's gonna try contacting Sam's dad then?

No. 113456

What the fuck would contacting Sam's dad solve? Soren's already been put in a lawsuit for his shitty fanfic, so there's no reason to assume he doesn't know.

No. 113487

>I thought his name is Gerard?

Gerard Way is the name of the lead singer of MCR (not a band anymore though.) Looks like "Garry" has taken on that man's persona from 2004 for tumblr points, and taken to calling himself "Gee." Or at least that's what I got out of it.
Kinda weird, desu.

No. 114097

File: 1459552229202.png (67.62 KB, 547x254, 04e0f417d65fe9163c24c76a2a4884…)

This girl is a goddamn weeb tho

No. 114102


you're such a goddamn sjw.

No. 114122

tha saggy tits

No. 114133


hi kiki u hamconstellation.

No. 114153


gorgeous potato nose u swine

No. 114339

god i LITTERLY hope this girl gets maimed by wolves!

No. 114340

mp deected, hun

No. 115026

File: 1459806897764.png (27.99 KB, 736x221, Skjermbilde 2016-04-03 kl. 23.…)

so sam is gay now?

No. 115027

File: 1459807037037.png (21.29 KB, 715x199, lol.png)

cant even post the right screenshot i´m fucking stupid

No. 115051

That's okay anon, that first screenshot is fucking infuriating

No. 115052

I think it's the sorta gay bullshit that tumblr kids buy into. I mean, Soren was originally a chick too, so there's that.

Not that Sam even fucking exists. Soren, get help, man.

No. 115129

Well, Soren just seems to LOVE throwing the word fag/faggot around so I'm sure it was just some idiotic attempt at a joke.

No. 115130

He def meant it in the lol ur gay way not a serious way

No. 115165

But guys were getting too caught up on this because sam isn't gay because sam isn't real.

No. 115246

amen thread is getting slow

No. 115248

i don't think we'll get anything else unless we have someone on the inside. he's still posting the same bullshit, yeah? so writing to his family didn't end up being super fruitful.

would it be a bad idea to try and "befriend" him? i don't know how easily he'd open up but fuuuuuck i want more dirt. i, in fact, LOVE dirt

No. 115251

Be prepared for bad Ginger Bronson impressions and creepy messages

No. 115733

honestly i´m just waiting for someone to get on the inside. i have a ~uwu tell me how you would kill me <3~blog and i´ve had it for a while maybe i can use that and try to message him? bc fuck this is too fun

No. 115802

also loving this concept because we know he's reading this and will now be super paranoid of making new internet friends

No. 116006

lol true!

No. 116034

>new internet friends
Like he's capable of making any friends IRL?

No. 116037

oh it'd be so much fun if someone actually befriended him, i want more soren dirt. i'd do it myself but i'd have to make a new blog since my current one wouldn't really convince him about my sincereness and i don't think he'd befriend anyone with a relatively new blog at this point, as he probably lurks this thread and all.

No. 116044

i feel like irl he´s super clingy and obnoxious and just embarrassing to be around, which is why his whole internet-persona-traumatized-victim is so over the top. it´s the only way people will find him interesting and talk to him/befriend him.

No. 116052

His leaked messages to "friends" are also creepy/desperate sounding as hell.

No. 116079

this girl just plagiarised some of soren's trauma story: http://deadgirldying.tumblr.com/post/142364359785/when-i-was-in-third-grade-i-went-to-a-small

i used to like this girl but how fucking dumb do you have to be???

No. 116085

Lmao this isn't even plagiarized, it's outright copy-pasted. She literally just reposted it. Embarrassing.

No. 116086

the tags are
#writing #repost #story

so i'm pretty sure she's not trying to say that it's her story with a tag that says repost

No. 116088

Didn't see the tags. I feel stupid now, but that's a relief. I don't want to believe anyone is THAT far gone.

No. 116090

no, there are lines like "i didn’t try to approach the wolf girl, the stupid girl who rubbed people’s shirts against her face" that didn't appear in soren's original post. ditto "causing her to blink at the speed of butterfly wings", ditto "leaving the wolf girl alone in the bathroom with her petty excuse for a suicide attempt". she's copied the original paragraph, fiddled with it and reposted it as if it was her own story.

No. 116091

No, sorry.
Soren's rewritten it a couple of times, the butterfly thing was on one of his posts before the entire blog was deleted.
Unfortunately, I don't think any of those posts were reblogged they were just liked - even if a blog is deleted if the posts are reblogged they're still visible.
man it would have been smart if someone reblogged them

No. 116151

he´s the kid in class no body talks to so you pity him and try to be kind to him and before you know it your his best friend and the only way to get rid of his intense ass is to just completely shut him out. been there done that. don´t feed stray dogs lol

No. 116181

That got deleted, did someone call her out on it or something?

No. 116245

File: 1460003834090.jpg (11.52 KB, 305x165, aaa.jpg)

>don't feed stray dogs

brutal, I'm using that kek

No. 116496

Seconding this love the line

No. 125620

Any updates on this shitstain?

No. 125659

god i wish, but he hasn't really been online a lot the last few days

No. 125688

Not really news, but I read this thread and the old thread all the way through about a week ago, and then yesterday soren liked one of my mixes on 8tracks. Real mindfuck when I realized who it was. Of course it was the mix with Courtney Love on the cover.

No. 125698

File: 1461872118553.png (8.24 KB, 553x218, lmaoo.png)

>literal pedophile who lies about being the victim of a child pornography ring and steals other people's photos + impersonates them complains about a musician's aesthetic being creepy and unsettling

No. 125699

File: 1461872178658.png (8.96 KB, 553x186, lmaoo.png)

More bitching.

No. 125706

He's such a dick.

No. 126753

has anyone found Gee's new tumblr since he deleted or has he not returned yet?

No. 127864

i wonder why the fuck soren's suddenly so into serial killers? i remember on his old blog he complained about people idolizing serial killers because he was "almost killed by one as a kid and it's not funny or edgy!1!", like, i know he's full of shit but how does that fit into his image?

No. 127910


He's not wrong there. This site is filled with exactly the people he's talking about

No. 127930

>mocking a pathetic person makes you more pathetic than that pathetic person

No. 127937

Doesn't look like he faced any consequences, from what everyone is saying he's allowed on the internet still.
Possibly changing to a new persona, >>127864

No. 128027

File: 1462487267196.png (565.36 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

I used to follow him on the app Depop just because keks and I noticed he changed his name on there to "Max" recently.

No. 128070

Edgelord serial killer fanboy persona incoming? I wonder how his characters will fit into all this?

No. 128080

>I'm not taking this shirt off until mcr gets back together
Its like a museum of autism.

No. 128098

He has a new Instagram but he blocked me on both my accounts when I tried to follow him and I couldn't figure out the password. Account is maimtorturekill

No. 128100


Thanks for the info. I tried logging into his account with 'courtneylove' since that was the password on one of his blogs but no luck.

His 8tracks account is in his bio (http://8tracks.com/cloud-strife-xiii/), lol @ the columbine mix.

In other news, he's still reblogging posts and tagging them with 'doll', 'bear', and 'vulture'. Ugh.

No. 128284

File: 1462593322469.png (121.49 KB, 1171x614, 6GVFaLF.png)

I'm not sure if anyone has mention SRA (satanic ritual abuse) in relation to Soren yet, but I'm 99% sure that is where he came up with the inspiration for his stories (at least, partially).

I've been researching it out of curiosity and many of the alleged victims' stories match Soren's. Here's an example from an article about it; "A young girl is ritually tortured to deliberately produce a “wolf personality”. Sound familiar?

I really think that Soren got the ideas for his stories from reading about SRA and watching/reading about child porn. Maybe I'm just a conspiratard.

No. 128290

Good luck wearing the same shirt for the rest of your life, bud

No. 128823

So the tumblr injuredfawnprince was getting tons of asks saying "i know you're soren" etc, and they just changed their url to childembryo. can we say for sure that it is another soren blog then?

No. 128832

File: 1462766665352.png (302.13 KB, 511x580, 6Cej3bg.png)

Hm, this is weird. That blog has been around since August and they frequently use the tags "chloe", "teegs", "kal", "rob", and "trinity of the damned". I recall Soren using "trinity of the damned" before to refer to him, Sam, and Danny - I think?

Regardless, I don't think that is Soren. They frequently themselves as a girl and someone named Russ with a diffrent story than any of Soren's. Plus, they posted this. I think that person also runs the blog genderabused.

Who knows - all these weird ~hurt lil baby~ blogs are like carbon copies of each other.

No. 128856

File: 1462772470167.png (2.26 KB, 275x68, KSJDNFksjdfn.png)

"I'm not white" though? That person in that photo looks pretty white to me.
Also, this blog using Soren's old url reblogs a LOT of Soren's old posts. idk it seems very strange to me

No. 128857

Nah, just hispanic trying to be ~goth~.

No. 128902

File: 1462804774110.jpeg (158.33 KB, 640x854, image.jpeg)

Soren posted this about (I'm assuming) Gee.

No. 128910

they're called blaize and i'm 90% sure they're australian. i know their "trauma narrative" and it's nowhere near as over the top and graphic as soren's. russ is their abusive step-dad.

No. 128976

What's the URL?

No. 128981

used to be injuredfawnprince, now it's childembryo

No. 128985

>i want to die all the time

Why would you put this on your fucking Depop profile lol. A secondhand store is not the place for ~aesthetic~

No. 128986

so many ampersands it could be one of those tacky Helvetica list t-shirts

No. 128996

I meant the person with Soren's old URL?

No. 129011

jfc this kid is so unfortunate looking.

No. 129395

File: 1462957556042.png (117.26 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

He changed his Instagram name and 8tracks name.

No. 129446


>stop trying to follow me faggot

Kek. I guess he's still reading this thread.

No. 130596

File: 1463267770408.jpeg (61.18 KB, 640x446, image.jpeg)

kek his description. so much angst

No. 132038

File: 1463605513817.jpg (44.57 KB, 500x375, tumblr_inline_nfxraswHWp1qix2y…)

Ow the edge.

Any updates on Soren? I wonder how he'll edit his ~trauma narrative~ next?

No. 132039

File: 1463605635473.png (12.44 KB, 562x202, laksjd.png)

I feel like this is as close as we might come to getting any sort of 'confession' out of him

No. 132145

inb4 edgy.
i'd like to crush his happiness.

No. 132251

the people who still stuck by him are fucking retards. if my friend were to pull this shit on me, i'd be out of there in an instant.

No. 132979

If he regrets the shit he's done so much, why doesn't he drop the fake rape story already and blog about his real friends or something

No. 132995

>real friends

No. 133390

No. 133488

oh, do you think ponticellopress might be gee? he had ponticell0 as an url before and the art that has been posted looks very much like his style.

No. 133599

I'm 100% sure ponticellopress is Gerry, that's definitely his art and one photo is tagged "Portland."

No. 133888

he's obviously lying. as if soren could make real friends lmao

No. 134002


Wonder who this is about. Also I love the fact that he's admitting he's fake as fuck.

No. 134006

File: 1464152976782.jpg (71.57 KB, 573x335, soren look at me i'm so angry …)

Learn to screenshot please. Not everyone has a Tumblr, and those who do, don't necessarily want to log into it for this kid.

No. 134010

I think hes talking about his old "best friend", Garry. this kids so pathetic

No. 134037

>at least i dont crawl back to a group of melodramatic teenagers on the internet that i was talking shit about not two days before.
Lmao yes you do

No. 134045

is he literally 12?? this is so embarrassing to read

No. 135031

File: 1464421312221.png (32.16 KB, 625x332, juststop.png)


No. 135032

File: 1464421554453.png (36.58 KB, 625x402, lololol.png)

No. 135042

I like how he kind of tip toes around what he did, but is too much of a pussy to actually admit it.

Why the fuck is an actual pedophile who lies about being kidnapped/trafficked/raped by several groups of men hosting a trauma group?

No. 135096

There is no trauma group, guys. This kid lies about EVERYTHING.

No. 136128

"there are so many things that make me want to scream. trauma has become an aesthetic. suicide & self harm has become an aesthetic. psychosis & mental illness in general has become an aesthetic. drug abuse is an aesthetic. being Fucked Up is an aesthetic"
lmao but this is coming from the person who wrote an extremely detailed fake story about being sold into child prostitution so…

No. 136866

File: 1464948131307.png (37.31 KB, 572x431, ugh.png)

soren isn't as sorry as we thought he was, he still claims to have been abused, and the inconsistencies in his story just come from not being able to remember correctly~~~
the friends who left him after he manipulated them for years are also bad friends and to blame for the whole thing..
and he also has did now.

No. 136909

I like how his tags on that post (that refer to having a "host part") imply he's pulling multiple personality disorder bullshit now.

No. 137292

File: 1465076583000.png (13.95 KB, 638x146, dfgs.png)

coming from a kid who lied about being fucked by some girl's father

No. 137322

Why does he feel the need to make EVERYTHING about his fake incest and abuse ffs

No. 137409

>#my host part feels so so so much love for my friends
>host part
Holy fuck. Is he going to pretend he has DID from now on?

No. 137496

File: 1465152220838.jpeg (60.48 KB, 640x1136, image.jpeg)

Tried to follow Soren on Instagram and this is what happened lmao…

No. 137521

File: 1465156471971.jpg (155.61 KB, 540x534, tumblr_o892ozZ9sp1v1p4xxo1_540…)

This kid is literally like a sixth grader that's trying too hard to be edgy

No. 137738

I saw Soren's instagram before he made it private and it was pretty bland/boring actually

No. 137743

Can you give any examples? Any mentions of his 'friends'?

No. 138029

File: 1465312362845.png (1.07 MB, 640x1136, image.png)

Soren's new profile picture on facebook

No. 138092

ow the edge

No. 138110

Someone needs to keep an eye on this psycho in the making.

No. 138112

How old is Soren?

No. 138114

I read through both the last thread and this thread a few weeks ago and man, what a fucking trip. This is probably one of the best lolcows on this site, it's too bad about the tumblr kids invading the threads and people trying to "out" Soren and making him go private.

Also his sister admitting he has problems that his family won't help. It keeps going on and on. At this point I don't think there's any milk left but 10/10 would read again.

No. 138118

He has such an unfortunate face, wow.

Also I know it's not pictured here but what's up with his neck?

No. 138119

Agreed. Definitely some of the most interesting but also horrifying milk we've had. What a mess

No. 138123

Is his eyes edited or something?It looks unsettling af…

No. 138130

He wears circle lenses quite often (or at least used to) which are essentially contact lenses that make your eyes look bigger/more "doll-like"

No. 138131

IIRC, he's 18 and turning 19 in September? I think.

No. 138139

Overweight + hyperpigmentation = ugly neck rolls.

No. 138301

I'm not sure how to really use this site yet but on instagram he mostly just interacted with Jem or whatever that kids name is and posted pictures of things without captions as far as I can remember

No. 138663

You remember correctly.

No. 138750

File: 1465539772088.png (88.13 KB, 546x847, kjldfng.png)

only thing left on this is a confession that his story is entirely copied/lies, but i doubt that's going to happen, so this is probably the conclusion to all this bullshit.

No. 138758

I like how he's trying to subtly convince anyone who's reading that it was just "his reality" and that his memories are just "jumbled", not that he put time and effort into writing this made-up shit about doing drugs at 9 years old, watching young girls get tortured/brutally raped, and making flower crowns to the point of literally fabricating CP video comments/Wikipedia pages.
Anyone who lies this hard to the point of using other people's identities and claiming they're trans teens who committed suicide or mass rape victims who became prostitutes is undeserving of friends, yes. This isn't the same as "My dad works at Nintendo".

No. 138777

Soren, if you really apologized to everyone who deserved an apology, that would include apologizing to the actual Sam and her family. You know, the people who were affected by your sick fantasies in real life.

You act like you stopped lying, but you're just making up even more lies - now, you're lying about having DID, "my memories are so jumbled", "reciting my own reality". You deliberately wrote detailed rape and murder fantasies of a real person and shared those with all of your followers for years, it wasn't just a "jumbled memory".

If nobody realized that he was lying or didn't call him out, it's guaranteed that he would still be writing those disgusting fantasies and probably getting off to them.

(Also, Soren, remember those actual missing girls who you said - in graphic detail - were raped and murdered? They or their families deserve an apology too, you sick fuck.)

No. 138778

lmao what a douche

>pretended to be a product of a kidnapping and CP

>pretended that a lot of people sexually abused him
>pretended people killed themselves
"guys it was a lie fucking chill and get over it"

No. 138780

I'm happy sirens ugliness is on the outside too. Like I'm glad for all the disgusting and terrible things he's done, he gets to live his life being so hideous lmao

No. 138781

Soren* mobile

No. 138784

Debated about writing this for a while, because not really sure I want to help him out even a little bit.
But Soren, you should really go see a Doctor like I mean a pyshicial check up.
Your neck doesn't look normal, it looks swollen. The folds in it are dark.
Yes Soren does have weight, but not enough for his neck to bulge out like that.
You could have a thyroid condition, cancer, obesity.
I would go tell your parents to take you to get a blood test and see how all your counts are doing, because that's seriously not normal. idk if it was just that one picture but it was awful.

didn't want to post it bc I don't want you to use it and further victimize yourself, boohoo I was assaulted and have a terminal illness
but I am actually concerned and horrified

No. 138788

i mean sure the dude's a compulsive liar, an abuser, a predator, generally an asshole and a pedophile but god i just. that neck. i wonder if there's mold growing in there

No. 138789

Same. Some people deserve their fate.

No. 138791

it's punishment for being a literal stain on society

he's only saying all this because he finally got called out and everyone hates him. he needs to close his laptop and focus on real life, get some help, change his name and his look or w.e. it's embarrassing that he's back pedaling trying to claim his memories are jumbled and his reality is different from actual reality. stop it. you lied, knowing completely that you were lying. shut up

No. 138869

Has anyone tried contacting Gee's new blog?

No. 138878

He's genuinely one of the most foul human beings I've ever had an interaction with. Like, he's beyond the realm of a lolcow. Evil fucking cretin.

No. 138879

Maybe I'm too curious. But he and his (bio?) sister are adopted, so I wonder what happened earlier on in his life that might have resulted in such a screwed up foul human being.

No. 138889

He said on hurtc0re that his mother was from some third-world country (Ethiopia, I think) and was completely illiterate and had him when she was 15, I think he also said that she had AIDS or was HIV+ or something. Who knows if that was even true, though.

No. 138895

lol wat? he is ethnically Indian. now i really want to know how badly his shit was screwed up for him to lie about his bio momma.

No. 139020

File: 1465650570123.png (119.87 KB, 455x810, btfo.png)

Soren posted this from his deviantART. His response:
>when did my dad rape my sister jesus christ dude i didnt know that. that is fucked up why didnt she tell me. oh my god she had his kid too damn my family hides things so well
>#where r u faggots even getting ur info anymore holy shit im laughing #i love u guys pls never stop being u

No. 139029

don't do that, we can't get anything more out of gee. we know most of Soren's bullshit already.

No. 139030

I wonder if that was that an old "trauma story" he told? and now he's denying it?

No. 139052

File: 1465667583739.png (16.71 KB, 656x169, gkl.png)

No. 139056

If this was any of you, stop it. Don't directly interact with Soren, he's a pathological liar and there's no point. Just watch from afar, don't go tipping cows.

No. 139132

I think he sent the question to himself.

No. 139373

This guy kind of looks like that dude who killed his parents and went to an anime con

No. 145941

File: 1466455362771.png (79.66 KB, 736x587, WOW.png)

okay wow this is so weird but that fairywomb chick from >>144493 who asks kayla what's wrong has a typical ~hurt sad lolita bbydoll~ tumblr (nothing new here) but i looked her up and turns out she's some girl called Tayma Martins who's written what appears to be a poetry book called 'Fairytales for Lost Girls' (which again, appears to be pretty cliche and nothing special), but lmao i get to the customer reviews and i find a 2-star review by "Fawn", aka Soren Daniel Hayes. It's pretty funny in the light of his actions, like "be able to take some criticism" dude, you're the person who faked a suicide attempt when you got called out for lying about child abuse and all that mess, and "cliche concepts & aesthetics" which is prob true but holy shit if soren wasn't the walking personification of tumblr before he got exposed.

No. 145964

While I'll agree that the writing style of the review is similar to some of his rants and such that I've read before, fawns are a popular tumblr aesthetic as sorts. Do you have any other actual proof that this IS Soren?

No. 146236

File: 1466535412591.png (139.19 KB, 1100x540, Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 2.44…)

Different anon, but I was curious about that as well. I looked up the book and found the "fawn" user's review, which led to their account. The profile picture was what stuck out to me. I figured that the character was either from an anime or a video game but given the fact that I don't watch or play either, I wasn't sure. I reverse searched the image on google, and take a guess as to who it was. None other than Sora from Kingdom Hearts, aka the character that Soren loved so much that he chose to change his name to a name that was a homage to that exact same character. How strange. I'd bet my life that it was our very own Soren Hayes who left that lovely review.

No. 146298

File: 1466543406923.png (41.6 KB, 1170x404, wishlist.png)

Also, if you go and click on that wishlist, it says that it belongs to someone called "Soren Daniel Hayes" so i'm p. sure it's him.

No. 146302

The updated Amazon wishlist was how we found out they were definitely 110% still alive in the first place anon. big whoop

No. 146303

Still, it's a pretty interesting coincidence that someone on Kayla's twitter happened to have some sort of connection to Soren. The Amazon wishlist in itself is uninteresting though.

No. 149361

File: 1467243523663.png (30.39 KB, 649x438, ujh.png)

the fuck?

No. 149494

now i really wanna know who that teethsoup person is. is it that max person soren has been talking about recently?

No. 149515

He just can't stop lying, can he? I highly doubt that he's even see heroin irl, much less od'd it.

Also, for being a "trans man", Soren sure doesn't mind being called 'babygirl'. Maybe he's finally accepting that he's just a very ugly and fat woman.

No. 149575

File: 1467308634246.jpg (34.19 KB, 720x478, 1450313904435.jpg)

Okay, first of all, lemme just say that I've read through all this stuff. I honestly came across it out of curiosity when I looked up Soren, Bambi, Cherry.

I read the trauma narrative months ago and even after browsing 4chan for a few years now it was still pretty terrifying to read, especially when getting to the part about Kayla. That's my daughter's name. I'm amazed I made it through the whole thing.

Also to make it clear, I do not use Tumblr and embarrassingly enough don't even know how really. I actually started a thread months back when I read the narrative (it shouldn't even be called that because it's obviously fake) on /x/ about it and was trying to debunk it then, but we never made it this far or in depth, so this whole thing has been interesting to watch it all play out.

I believe that getting this pathetic fuck's family involved was the right thing to do because you guys are right, he may very well hurt someone. I could give a fuck less if he hurts himself however. After all the people he's hurt he kind of deserves it.

It absolutely infuriates me to no end that he constantly whines about people who talk about him acting as victims when no one is better at playing that fucking role than himself. Sick isn't even a good enough word for whatever he is.

I also don't believe that he's suffered much real life trauma to be honest. I believe that he's some fuckboi that grew up in a middle class family and couldn't easily make friends (not surprising) because he was too fucking cringeworthy, so he came of with this twisted narrative for attention (I know it's obvious.) The only credit I could ever give this child is that if he learned how to spell properly and use proper punctuation and such, he could actually have a chance at being a writer. Too bad he won't lay off the lies of being trafficked and abused long enough to do so.

Soren, I know you frequent this thread and all I have to say is grow the fuck up and do something with your life if you refuse to kill yourself. Get a fucking job and go to school.

No. 149670

the person behind the blog teethsoup is named shea. no idea who this max person soren's been talking about.

also find it interesting that he accepts being called babygirl, seeing that he would normally pull a hissy fit when referred to anything remotely feminine.

No. 149717


>heroin overdose


No. 149964

~~~~mystic damaged youth & shiet~~~~

No. 149968

Such a punchable face.

No. 157223

>Anonymous asked: we know you killed Soren. we know you're running gore-philic. we know you're Soren's abuser. you stupid piece of shit we know this whole thing is a cover up. we know everything. #standwithsoren

tumblr troll or soren or both whatcha guys think

No. 157224

No. 157442

i used to be a friend & mutual of soren's. i followed his private instagram and had the p/w to his private blog & saw sam's "selfies" before he deleted them from his blog. i always knew he was lying, i just didnt know how to come forward with it…he's a very sick individual.

No. 157551

I'm honestly shocked this kid hasn't been assaulted yes

No. 159428

so are we done with this then?

No. 160474

i wish there was some more milk. i'm still waiting for him to post a new trauma narrative to fit his new persona or something but he's been really inactive lately.

No. 160492

File: 1469606126314.png (260.74 KB, 515x577, kh.png)

Not really milk but he got a Kingdom Hearts tattoo. Pure autism.

No. 160551

Around two years ago I remember that his friend gee tagged Soren in a post about /b/ but I don't have any screenshots unfortunately but is this even a surprise haha

No. 160641


That looks so cheap.
Why do all the freaks like Kingdom Hearts so much

No. 160802

i'm surprised he's even got skin left that isn't covered in scars

No. 160824

Epic Anime Super Kids in kinky dress + Disney Cartoons = Autism Magnet

No. 160890

that was wild from start to finish, I can't believe I had to read all of soren's bullshit with my own eyes

No. 162575

File: 1470154660296.png (10.76 KB, 517x95, lol.png)

soren is now getting treated for his non-existent heroin addiction. top kek.

No. 163939

File: 1470609451600.jpeg (28.91 KB, 750x266, image.jpeg)

No. 163949

I believe it; only because that is really quite an embarrassing thing to want to show off. What a silly way to react to a celebrity. The thought of Lol Tolhurst, who has not really been associated with The Cure for a long time, and is quite old and known to be a bit nasty and thoughtless, squirming trying to think of something pleasant to say to make Soren and his edgy writing go away, makes me queasy.

No. 163952

No more itchiness or sleepy eyes? That's what he's concerned about? Lol this kid has never touched an opiate stronger than a 5mg Vicodin

No. 168906

Nah, Gee's a real person, he use to post videos and audio posts on his very old tumblr url (inkbats)

No. 173102

File: 1473592475857.png (21.12 KB, 565x93, Screen Shot 2016-09-11 at 11.1…)

Now he's pretending to have DID. Everyone called this like months ago lmao.

No. 173104

Permalink for posterity's sake.
>#p #n #now im seeing a therapist that specializes in ritualistic abuse which is Cool

No. 173190

Only a matter of time until he names his alters and starts signing off with a different name every time he posts. kek

No. 173369

lmfao I'm 100% sure he claimed to have it when he ran his old blog because he's how I learned about it.

No. 173548


"ritualistic abuse"
I wanna see what story this piece of shit starts selling now.

No. 254375

found his new blog: brokenboys.tumblr.com

No. 254392

File: 1487529858247.jpg (34.04 KB, 400x225, tumblr_o7nfj5m9Ib1up6dt0o1_400…)

This isn't the same person, anon…

No. 254394

File: 1487530195287.jpg (38.13 KB, 526x596, sorennew.jpg)

That isn't, but this is his new facebook - https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010842918923&fref=ts

he's going by "Stanley Mars'' now because I guess he's smart enough to know to use a different name. I don't know if he is anymore but he was friends with all of his old friends on there like gem.

No. 256452

I wonder if he's embarrassed of all this shit.

No. 256547

i doubt he has any capacity for embarrassment considering he's apparently viewed real child porn, harassed normal people and pretended they were child rapists, murderers and traffickers, and broke into a middle school and vandalised it with child rape phrases for the #aesthetic. he's shameless.

No. 256781

OT But this is so triggering to me because I used to dress like this when I was 14, & I was also his level of chubbiness & just seeing it on someone his age is really pathetic and scary. Honestly he will regret this phase so bad.

No. 256838

As a CSA survivor, all of this was very hard to read, but I wanted to know if he got his comeuppance, but obviously not. I looked through the archive of his old blog, and saw a disturbing picture of a child with some sort of mask on and her arms possibly tied up? I think he originally posted that himself and it looks to me like it could be a screen shot from videod abuse, it reminds me of files police showed me of my own abuse. I really do think he's a sick pedofiles and it terrifies me that he still walks around unabashedly, with no retribution. It makes me feel sick. It took me a few days to get through everything and it's been on my mind constantly I just can't believe how disturbed his mind must be. I hope he gets proper help or arrested or something idek.

No. 256841

Samefag, I just realised the main thing I came here to say is that as a huge MCR and kingdom hearts fan….. FUCKING RUINED. Thanks for that dickwad. I think I'm going to try and forget I ever read any of this.

No. 257309


oh fuck off, they broke up years ago let us leave with our deleted livejournals in peace.

No. 257465

>telling a 10 month old post to fuck off

No. 268664

i think what really freaks me out about soren are those photos he posted on his old blog. he had one of the locket with "shiloh's tissue" in it and one of blonde hair strands that he claimed to have belonged to kayley. like, where the fuck did he get that blonde hair from? he's such a freak lol i could kick myself for not having saved those pictures. also where tf is soren i can't belive someone so hungry for attention could just disappear off the internet forever.

No. 269331

You can find those posts still, in the archive of his old blog. As far as the hair goes, my guess is it could easily be from a wig.

No. 273155

Any news about Soren? I found his threads so late and am strangely fascinated. Has he really disappeared?

No. 273156

Which blog are you referring to? It seems he's had so many.

No. 273571

I'm pretty sure it was on sicklefawn!

Also, I just looked up the exposingsoren tumblr and it looks like they must have deleted (or changed their URL) anybody know what's up with that?
Also, Soren hasn't been active on Tumblr in a few months which is making me think perhaps he has made a new tumblr and just abandoned that account?

No. 275332

I'm sure he's out there somewhere. It seems unlikely for him to just completely delete himself from the internet when he's so desperate for attention. The detectives in this thread need to come back, I need some new milk from him

No. 275365

He's not doing much honestly, his blog has been silent for awhile and he's changed all of his social media so people lost him.
thats his blog


^^was keeping the most tabs by collecting stuff from here, but even they admit Sorens been quiet so..

No. 279867

blaze childembryo claims that soren is sending them hate

No. 280319

File: 1490836346813.png (31 KB, 633x345, IMG_4694.PNG)

No. 280322

File: 1490836500627.png (7.19 KB, 468x105, childembryo.png)

i've never really seen anyone call what happened to them "a trauma narrative" except soren.

No. 280326

File: 1490836691194.png (6.23 KB, 471x84, childembryo 2.png)

No. 281356

I've directly spoken with childembryo before and I can confirm that they are a legit person/not Soren or related to or affiliated with him in any way. I think people on tumblr started calling it a trauma narrative after Soren posted his but trauma narratives are also sort of a thing in therapy. Basically all it means is a recount/statement of the trauma you went through. Unfortunately, loads of traumetized people on tumblr get harassed with people demanding to know their past trauma so the anons are probably legit.

No. 282198

the only social media account soren still appears to be active on is depop. he posted something 6 days ago.

No. 283233

I just went through all the threads over 3 days. What a wild ride. Goddamn this dude is seriously whacked.

No. 283339

Soren has deleted his blog. I have a strong feeling he must have a new blog, though based on his past history and all.

No. 283343

this dumbass is still around? christ

No. 283372

apparently so,

No. 283420

If anyone remembers his friends' URLs, you can check their blogs to see if they reblogged anything from someone that might be him.

No. 286763

Soren Hayes lives at 4996 Dunsmir Commons in Fremont, California.

No. 286764


did you find his new blog somehow?

No. 286977

no, i just have his address. i'm curious where he lives but i can't see it on streetview.

No. 289673

This may be old news, but I don't think I've seen it posted. I came across Soren's Pinterest account when going through suggested pins just now. Doesn't look like he's been active in about a month, though I didn't dig too far.

No. 289681

this is so fucking crazy and scary because i live literally right next to him.
i guess they moved here recently?? we have a housing market boom rn, lots of new houses going up for bs prices, a lot of people buying though
but remember someone noted in a previous thread he used to live in SD

scary literally how close he is
because he's off his rocker in a sick disgusting way
i hope i never see him in public because then i would know who he is and what lies he's said
and as someone who's literally lived a life of child abuse, to make up such a crazy story for sympathy is disgusting

No. 289742

This is the third time in a couple weeks or so I've seen someone claiming to live literally 'next door to' or in the same town as a cow/snowflake, and all the posts are typed in a similar way.

No. 289853

no lmao
i live near the elementary school
he's like a ten minute walk away or a two minute drive

No. 289911

doesn't ginger live in california too?

lol if he moved from san diego just to stalk her

No. 290015

i don't read up on ginger so idk lmao
i've skimmed her thread but she seemed like a weird new yorker or something

fremont is a pretty small city or town w/e you wanna call it
there's a target on fremont blvd. i don't work there but like a lot of people i shop there
hope i never see him in certain places
or even at the elementary school
the school is attached to a huge park, with a baseball field
when i attended the school as a kid, you're not allowed to walk too far into it, the yard duties pull you back and yell at you. there's people who will hang out and go for runs there
hope he doesn't hang around there he's sketchy af

No. 290028

same anon but kind of want to point out how much money his parents must make earn or have in stock
when i say the housing market went up, i'm not kidding
they're building a lot of new houses out here but space is extremely limited
bc there's no space, they have to build up, and keep the houses attached
so you're attached to your neighbor living in a three story home
the houses have about 3-4 bedrooms and a 1-2 car garage they're selling for 1million

bc the new houses everyone else's houses kinda went up too, for some reason living in fremont is in demand
and our schools aren't great so i guess it's bc we're in the middle of a lot of freeways so it makes it easy to commute

the houses he's living in seem to be 2 story with 3-4 bedroom too, and they're actually not attatched
my mom was looking for something during the summer, wanted to upgrade and shit
welp she kinda can't
every house or attatched home here is easily going for 800k to 1mill
and that's not talking about the new ones being built, the ones like where soren lives that have been here for some years

i'm not sure if his family knows how much help he needs
but they can definitely afford to get him some fucking help and i don't see why they don't try more serious methods
i'm sure a therapist is fine for a lot of people but he seems so delusiona and like weirdly into himself that he needs medication or idk some kind of camp

it's crazy af to live like right next to him
gives serious meaning to becareful what you post online because maybe there's other farmers in fremont or like union city that have the potential to see him in a public place and just know who he is

No. 291542

pretty unimportant but i randomly found soren on pininterest lol he has a board called i <3 being mentally ill

No. 292804

No. 292979

That's the board. He also has one dedicated to that character in his sick CP fanfic he stole Ginger Bronson's photos for. Here's his profile:

No. 293156


thanks, friend

No. 330555

File: 1496807868313.png (767.67 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0908.PNG)

Soren's new post on depop. Saged for lack of milk/information.

No. 330556

File: 1496807951551.png (191.81 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0909.PNG)

So he is now claiming he has DID.

No. 334226

ive known about soren since 2014 and im glad that these threads exist because hes such a liar and it wont surprise me that hes a pedo. he needs to be locked up.

No. 334268

>ptsd from ritual abuse as a kid

Soren, don't lie, the only reason you even know ritual abuse exists is because someone in one of your threads pointed out that all your bs falls in line with it. AND RITUAL ABUSE ISN'T EVEN REAL, you're saying you have ptsd over a scaremongering tactic that never actually existed and was before your time, anyways.

>recovering heroin addict

Yeah, okay. Go shack up with Luna, maybe she'll be your next Sam.

No. 334272

Def edited that face.
I'm getting irrationally angry about everything in his post it's annoying but he needs something bad actually to happen to him.

No. 334310

Seeing boys with long fingernails grosses me out so much.

No. 334327

I'm kind of glad he has the appearance he does.
Some people deserve to be ugly their whole lives.

No. 334797

the one thing i still dont get is how dumb could his "friends" be that they didnt figure out sam was not real. He used Ginger's pics mainly for "sam" and yet they never caught on lol.

No. 334819

File: 1497331778020.png (942.48 KB, 1080x1847, Screenshot_2017-06-12-22-26-32…)

No. 334820

File: 1497331829862.png (956.65 KB, 1080x1851, Screenshot_2017-06-12-22-26-36…)

No. 334821

File: 1497331870493.png (949.47 KB, 1080x1845, Screenshot_2017-06-12-22-26-39…)

No. 334822

File: 1497331895745.png (906.99 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_2017-06-12-22-26-42…)

No. 334855

>>334820 "I never thought i'd find people worse then me", soren, bitch we never wrote a fucking long ass child porn fan fiction that included a girl you stalked and knew in real life eating her own clit and little girls getting penetrated and killed by guns(amongst other worse things). Hes done some serious shit and obviously what goes around comes around and myself and many others have watched him throw this stupid childish delusion around for a number of years that a 6ft tall courtney love wanna be, a blonde toddler and a paint huffing trans boy was all damn real! he caused damage to actual peoples lives(ie the real Sam) and he just goes along playing the damn victim. Glad hes getting therapy and so is his family but with his attitude he hasnt changed one bit. I think he needs to be admitted to a psychward and just stay there until he matures and understands actions have consequences, and carrying on a child porn fantasy for 4+ years is nothing to just go "lol sorry" about. Fuck you Soren, just fuck that kid. Apparently exposing peoples child porn fantasy's is a "shitty thing to do" lol.

No. 334860

I think in the old thread someone mentioned that when they tried to call him out on some inconsistencies he would get really difficult, most of the kids he was friends with where actually just kids (gee his "best friend" only graduated high school last year iirc for example of the age group) when you're that young you can get fooled easily or not really not how to stand your ground when you think something's off especially when it's a friend.

No. 334862

I'm not the most in the know person but I thought subs were the standard treatment for opiates now a days?

Come on Soren, all you gotta do to have a believable story is lurk those drug tumblrs like you did the survivor networks.

No. 334888

gotta love his/her spergs. And guys, don't be too worried about
>muh parents don't believe u!!!
Pretty sure it's just manipulation to make us feel like we haven't achieved anything. IRL he probably got a good beating. His sister seemed really serious about it, so no, you disgusting piece of filth, we won't buy your cute story. Oh but I'm sure you're going to therapy. Your mom makes sure to drag your lying attention seeking ass there, because the other option is a looney bin.
Also writing about your 329349234 mental illnesses on depop… lmao

No. 334939

if he really lives off social security money, it's probably because his parents kicked him out because they realized what a sick piece of shit he is. they're probably wishing they had never adopted him.

No. 334948

Yep, I definitely would purchase something from someone talking like this on their depop

No. 334950

>"dickless assholes"
>"diseased cunts"
pick one, soren. side-note, i still follow that one kid that was his "best friend" on tumblr and that tried to be the courtney love character for awhile. i wonder if she'll ever live that one down.
aww, on tumblr this sperg's rant would've gotten at least 2 notes back in the day when people actually believed him.

No. 334962

>you're like the epitome of the 3rd grade playground bully who everyone is afraid of but who gets beat by their mom at home.
Watch this be Soren's new backstory for his next child rape saga. :~)
If he's telling the truth about his family reading all of of this and "not believing any of it", either they're deep in denial or really fucking dumb. Hope they don't lie awake at night wondering what the fuck they adopted.
I hope someone confronts him IRL one day and watches him squirm as he tries to deny everything. I hope it's a tall blonde chick (or some other variation of 2014 Ginger Bronson lookalike and/or "Sam" ideation) who does it, too, for added suffering on his part.

No. 334973

is it really easier to continue denying all the shit that he's done as opposed to just owning up to it, apologizing and letting it die? is he that devoid of a personality that he has to continue this disgusting victim charade just to come off as remotely interesting?

No. 335079

Do you mean zero?
>is he that devoid of a personality that he has to continue this disgusting victim charade just to come off as remotely interesting?
Yes. He literally has no other personality despite being incredibly insulting and unpleasant while using mental illness as a crutch. Other than that he talks and acts like a 12 year old weeb in a harmony korine film.

No. 337711

File: 1497834210055.png (415.15 KB, 1029x576, Screenshot 2017-06-18 at 8.00.…)

He changed his name back on facebook.

No. 337716

>"i love dying and being dead"
i wish he fucking would kill himself already

No. 337759

Soren is biologically a girl correct?

No. 337763

No. 337881

What's with tumblrinas telling everyone about their 10383802 mental illnesses. That's private stuff. No one has to know about your illnesses over the internet. If your illnesses prevent you from selling shit then maybe you shouldn't be selling shit on Depop.

No. 369450

File: 1502301242281.png (72.86 KB, 640x549, IMG_1347.PNG)

Checked up on his Depop account and kek

No. 369472

when you want takeout for dinner but your mum says she brought a frozen pizza home from the store

No. 369488

meme it

No. 371189

File: 1502536788578.png (82.89 KB, 714x282, Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 9.18…)


No. 371238

the fact that she's attentionwhoring on depop is makin me laugh so much. Such a low point, delicious.

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