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File: 1480135104559.jpg (169.47 KB, 750x1182, IMG_2348.JPG)

No. 204056

Not sure if anyone has posted about shay-gnar yet, but she is a special kind of annoying.
> says she is a rape victim but works through her trauma via rape fantasies?
> calls it "consensual non consent"
> when someone calls her out on her hipocrasy or her vile and degrading captions, she loses her shit and has a "my blog, my rules" fit

I hesitate to even post her here because I don't want to drive traffic to her blog. She is constantly on my feed even though I don't follow her, I don't understand the hype. Her blog is full of obvious tacky pandering to dd/lg bloggers and her photos all look the same.

Also claimed to have an ED way back in the day but seems to have abandoned that, or stopped mentioning it. IME it seems like girls with EDs never stop talking about them?

No. 204057

Links? Screencaps??? Anything??? Cmon guys seriously. Put more effort into this shit.

No. 204063

rape fantasies are fucked up and immoral but it definitely happens when one has been raped. it's like how people who were raped/abused use BDSM to relive the trauma in a way that they are able to control and enjoy. there are debates on whether or not it's healthy but i don't see how it could be.
anyway learn to make a thread before you do

No. 204070

> says she is a rape victim but works through her trauma via rape fantasies?

This is a very common fantasy among both rape victims and non-rape victims actually. Lrgit google it.
> calls it "consensual non consent"
That's what it's called. Think of it more like "planned" surprise rough sex. It's mostly roleplay.
When people tak about it, they don't usually mean they LITERALLY fantasize about actual rape.

Don't know who she is, but she doesn't seem interesting enough to have on here. The dd/lg is always cringe though.

I'm more bothered by the cheap asf skirt

No. 204073

she has the face of a used up white trash mom, why do all of these DDLG girls look so old? sage tho because she just seems like a typical tumblr camwhore

No. 204077

File: 1480138600801.jpg (149.34 KB, 750x1184, IMG_2349.JPG)

I was waiting to see if this was a duplicate of a previous thread. I can get screencaps, her blog is shay-gnar.tumblr.com

No. 204078

File: 1480138635523.jpg (216.18 KB, 750x1182, IMG_2353.JPG)

No. 204080

it's dangerous to normalize and encourage young girls posting online literally asking for rape, like violent assault. there are people/girls who are dumb and impressionable and think that's cute/cool, or guys who think it's okay to harass or do worse to girls bc they see those posts and take them seriously

She puts a disclaimer on it to avoid getting her blog terminated, but that's the same as anas putting "I don't promote eating disorders" in their blog description. She's definitely a cow

No. 204082

I'm not saying this girl is fine, don't really carebut OP makes it sound like rape fantasies are some unknown abnormal thing, especially if she specifies "consensual non consent" which is a thing

I mean it's a fetish blog right? I don't see anything that makes her stand out as a cow.
Like does she harass people herself or incite people to harass others? Does she have some really fucked up beliefs ala onion's version of being a feminist

No. 204087

sage because i agree she doesn't seem to be a cow

but just because she's a rape victim doesn't mean everyone who follows her is a rape victim, or even a woman. the reality is that most of the people following her are rapists who get off on the idea of raping women and that's all her blog is doing is getting them off lmao. great that rape fantasies help her cope. but that's what her brain and imagination are for? what her right hand and bedroom are for? that doesn't mean she has to make a blog that only serves people like her rapist.

this goes for ddlg blogs too. i understand child sexual abuse survivors will be into that as a way to cope. but what the fuck is the excuse for the daddy?? making a blog about it only starts a culture and a community for it where pedophiles and rapists can feel accepted.

it's reckless for her to make a fetish blog about rape because rape isn't a fetish, basically.

No. 204104

I get using the fantasy as a coping mechanism and she certainly isn't the only ddlg blog on tumblr. my biggest issue with her is the cringey, somehow even more attention seeking than normal way that she goes about it. I'll find some more links and screencaps of what I mean but if you're on tumblr and even a couple of the blogs you follow follow her, you'll know what I mean, your dash is likely full of her like mine. And people whiteknight her like crazy for defending rape basically. idgi why do ppl defend her?

No. 204105

File: 1480145812995.jpg (198.53 KB, 750x1172, IMG_2360.JPG)

No. 204106

File: 1480146029064.jpg (89.47 KB, 750x652, IMG_2361.JPG)

No. 204107

File: 1480146270173.jpg (Spoiler Image, 132.5 KB, 750x1124, IMG_2362.JPG)

No. 204124


No. 204129

One of the people I follow constantly reblogs her. She seems really annoying from her videos. Not to mention the only reason she is popular is because she smokes weed, sells her nudes and is into daddydom - all the popular crap on tumblr.

But I have to agree, she's no cow.

No. 204135

Woooooooooooow. You clearly have no experience with sexual abuse, please shut the fuck up and never try to police victims again.

No. 204142

Stop talking like a dumblr faggot. If you have a point make it. Present your arguments and disagreements rationally like a normal human being. This is lolcow dot farm there's a level of standard here we like to uphold. Kek

No. 204157

Who cares what fetishes people have? Is she a train wreck otherwise? What shit has she gotten into with other users? Is she fat? Is she dirty? Is her makeup a nightmare?
I'm getting really fucking tired of a certain type of Tumblr crowd just coming here to post about people they find ~*problematic*~ who are actually quite mundane and lackluster.

No. 204159

I don't think she deserves her own thread, but there is a general camwhore thread. People mostly talk shit on Meg (with good reason, the absolute mong.) >>132762

She annoys me too, anon, but a lot of the tumblr girls do.

No. 204166


No. 206685

"kick me in the ribs"
nobody asks for that. ever.

No. 221646

I knew this girl personally in HS and let me tell you; she's even worse in person. She thinks she's queen of the fucking world; that aint even a persona. That's just how she legitimately is.

Would straight up call teachers 'ugly cunts' right to their faces, told the sweetest old women of a teacher to go "fuck off and die of cancer", and had come to school on may occasions with a huge tank top on, with no bra, and no nipple pasties. Girl would lean over everything and every table just so people could get a glimpse of her tits. That's how fucking desperate she is for attention.

She's a little whore too; slept around with quite literally everyone; but claims she was/is a lesbian all while dating and fucking multiple guys a day… 10/10

Also came to classes stoned out of her mind every day. Never didn't smell like weed.

If that doesn't make this cunt a cow I don't know what does. She's fucking problematic as hell and has major issues regarding the treatment of her followers and the people around her in general. Legit thinks she's a queen.

Queen cunt maybe. 10/10 wouldn't touch ever again.

No. 221650

?? Why does it matter if shes fat or not?

No. 221657

Fucking newfag. We don't support fatties here, look at any other thread.

I would believe this but >call teachers 'ugly cunts' right to their faces, told the sweetest old women of a teacher to go "fuck off and die of cancer", really?

No. 221663

Oh i forgot this forum is for pathetic people who shame people for not looking the way you want them to. For a second i thought you actually focus on caling people out on doing shitty things and being horrible people. But naaaah.

No. 221664

You know what they say ~*ugly on the inside ugly on the outside~*

No. 221665


Fuck off back to Tumblr fattie, sorry no one cares about a cow's self inflicted diseases and awful habits

No. 221672

Im actually underweight but okay. And well not all diseases that make you fat are self inflicted? Are you ok? And fat doesnt always mean bad habits? Simple google search could tell you that?

No. 221707

Why do all these people keep getting separate threads about them?! There's a dd/lg/kinkster thread for a reason. Not every kinkster needs their own separate thread, especially when all these bitches post/do the same exact thing.

No. 221725


Her boyfriend dumped her a few weeks ago and she's planning on meeting new men from tumblr already. Also whenever anybody asks her about it she'll reply along the lines of "fuck you don't ask me about it". Bitch if you post every detail of your personal life online for attention then attention is what you're going to get lol

Of course if you pay her compliments she's more than happy to accept those lmao

No. 221727

File: 1482730181041.png (116.07 KB, 750x782, IMG_2671.PNG)

Calls herself the kink queen lmao

No. 221826

Can you read? It was anon who called her a kink queen. She didnt do it herself.

No. 222227

File: 1482797649700.png (59.65 KB, 747x507, IMG_2679.PNG)


She isn't even old enough to legally drink lol

No. 222392

I'm legit not even exaggerating or lying here. She had so many damn in-house suspensions and legit like week long suspensions that I'm surprised she wasn't expelled.

I'm being true here man; had her in 4 of my classes Junior and senior year of HS and I witnessed at least 5 separate occasions where she was told to go down to the principal's office due to something she said to the teacher, and instead she'd say something along the lines of "No you fucking cunt I will not go down to the principal's office. Why don't you get off your fat old ass and take me down yourself? Cmon, make me."

She's a fucking troll and I don't think anyone in her life would be upset if she was found in a dumpster someday with a bunch of needles stuck in her harm.

Like for real.

No. 222393

and by troll I mean an ugly little bitch who needs to be thrown in a fucking asylum.

No. 222439

She was planning on it when they were still together and claimed they both agreed on an open relationship, except that he wasn't going to see anybody else. He dumped her soon after.

I find her absolutely obnoxious, I don't know if she belongs here either. She's a huge bitch to anyone who even slightly doesn't kiss her ass or call her baby princess or what the fuck ever. On cam, she used to whine that nobody tipped her even though she stayed fully dressed regardless and sat on her ass and did absolutely nothing except listen to lana del rey and occasionally paddle her own ass (lmao)

No. 222441

So she cheated on her boyfriend the entire time they were together? (in high school?)

No. 222442

samefag, sorry needed to add one thing.

She also says if you don't like her blog don't fucking look or whatever. And she gets mad if someone reblogs one of her text posts and "derails" them. Yet she does the same thing all the time and sics her rabid followers onto people who disagree with her.

In one instance I remember, this one girl posted an article she didn't even write about mental illness and wrote something underneath it about how it helped her cope or whatever. I think the title of the article was something like "stop whoring out your mental illness." And here comes shay-gnar to DERAIL the post and make it about herself and how no one should use the word "whore." And then her follows proceeded to attack the girl over the title of an article she didn't even fucking write.

No. 222479

Oh my GOD yes. She was known for selling her cooch for weed.

Again, I have no reason to lie about this. Just found out she had this blog like a month ago from a friend from back in HS and it just solidified all the awful shit we already assumed she did behind closed doors.

She needs therapy and parents who should of hit her when she was young. lol

No. 222492


Go on give us her real name then

No. 222519

I'm not even that anon and I know her real name. It isn't hard to find.

No. 222572


Her name is Shayna Clifford. Her ex boyfriend is Connor Quinn.

No. 222639

lol she looks like a shayna. total southern white trash name

No. 222653


It is just me or does she look like she has some kind of disability?

No. 222657

It's the dumb poses and facial expressions she does. She tries really hard to be sexy and it ends up looking like…that.

No. 222658

File: 1482861764060.jpg (85.25 KB, 675x1200, CtFPLNwXgAAytml.jpg)

No. 222665

File: 1482862616138.png (127.66 KB, 750x890, IMG_2686.PNG)

What's with the tongue lmao

No. 222676

Her makeup always looks terrible too. If you go way back on her tumblr her wings were fucking ridiculous.

This chick has major unwarranted self importance. She claims if Jim Morrison was still alive he would be in love with her and write songs about her. She also wants to be a model and is under the impression she would be successful enough to be a VS angel because she's "so cute", so she apparently has no idea what it takes to actually be a model and also thinks she's way cuter than she is.

No. 222681

What's with her entire face tbh

I just really hate her makeup or the lack of it? Sometimes she looks dirty/cakey in pictures

honestly I think she might just puts on some eyeliner, mascara and thats it?

No. 222683

File: 1482865656028.png (95.12 KB, 750x637, IMG_2687.PNG)


There's around half a bottle of highlighter on that shiny ass face.

No. 222690

it's always the same pose: show a little bit of her tits and spread legs.

No. 222692

All annoyingness/immaturity/cringe aside, I feel bad for her because you can tell she doesn't have a life outside of Tumblr. She obviously doesn't want a "real job" but it would be good for her to get out of the house, meet people, exc. There's nothing wrong with camming but if you have nothing else going on I can see how it could potentially get lonely/depressing.

Like she lives in this online echo chamber of impressionable young girls and creeps who call her their queen and blow smoke up her ass - whenever she has to leave that it's going to be a rude awakening.

No. 222696

I have a feeling she has saggy tits or weird nips if she covers like tht

No. 222698

File: 1482867318718.png (63.5 KB, 750x486, IMG_2688.PNG)


I'm not sure if her facial expression makes her look retarded or if she's just trying too hard to breathe in.

No. 222700

All that highlighter makes it look like she just did a line of coke.

No. 222702

File: 1482867637772.png (166.98 KB, 750x1156, IMG_2693.PNG)


With this attitude I doubt she'll ever change. She sounds as if she's going to be freeloader all of her life.

No. 222719

I hate the way this bitch covers her tits like she covers them with her hands but somehow he nipples always end up sticking out from between her fingers. Either cover them up or don't. Jesus.

No. 222725

Pretty sure someone tipped the cow.

No. 222730

Ugh you're right. I forgot about recently when she ha d some kind of damage to her car/car trouble and she asked for donations. Not even a day later she posted that she had bought some lingerie online to 'treat herself.'

That's really shitty behavior. Bitch car repair is what YOUR income is for. Even if you didn't have enough to pay for it in total, put your precious lingerie money towards the repairs so that other people don't have to donate so much to someone who doesn't even give anything in return. She's probably an ungrateful bitch too.

No. 222731

Yeah she has a text post about an anon sending her a thread. Tantrum and rabid followers incoming.

No. 222733


It won't be long until she's throwing a shitfit about how life is so unfair and she's a victim and we all need to leave her alone.

No. 222737

she's a precious bby angel she can't do anything wrong<3

If even half of what high school anon upthread said was true, she's a fucking horrid human being. If you don't treat others with basic respect don't expect to get any.

No. 222738

This bitch is from my state (MA). I followed her 2 years ago when she was under 18, and just posted weed pics (I used to be really into looking at other people's glass, ok, and it was neat seeing photos from a "Tumblr popular" chick in my area) and watched her awful transformation into whatever the hell she is now. I have her personal Facebook, along with some of her closest friends if anyone wants them. She destroyed her relationship with her own mother, and cried abuse, all because after high school all shayna wanted to do was smoke weed, take psychedelics, and so "sex shows". Sounds like she just wanted what's best for her daughter, but that's not how "the queen" sees it. She is a literal monster I have so many stories about her I don't even know where to begin….

No. 222739


Correct. Not once have I seen her show decency towards another person if it doesn't benefit herself. Just another dumb cunt that thinks they're above everybody else because they can take their clothes off.

No. 222740

okaay, she might be a shitty person, I don't know her, but I don't understand how you can say she's ugly. She is very attractive.

No. 222741

She's average at best in my opinion, but of course everyone is attracted to different things. And her personality sure as fuck doesn't help.

No. 222742


Feel free to share any milk you have. This thread is flowing.

No. 222743

Samefag, but another key point: SHE WAS NEVER RAPED OR SEXUALLY ABUSED. The whole thing is a farce and I'll dig up the proof. I was going to make my own thread about her, but someone best me to it! Her milk flow was absolutely constant, I doubt much has changed

No. 222744

dude post some if you ever have the time.

yeah everything she posts about her mom on tumblr is supposed to suggest she's some abusive cruel bitch but it actually sounds like she's trying to help. She's lived life, she knows how this shit is going to end lmao. Shayna thinks she knows everything and is set for life and she doesn't even have any life experience yet.

No. 222745

How can you know she wasn't? Unless you have proof of her saying that it's kinda a stupid assumption.

No. 222747


I always had a feeling that she was lying about this. Can you share the proof?

No. 222748

I'm not sure if you're the same anon who went to high school with her, but do you happen to know if Connor knew about all the alleged cheating? He seemed really nice and down to Earth so I feel terrible for him if everybody else knew except for him.

No. 222750

honestly id like to see some proof because i have a hard time believing random anon but thats me…

No. 222752

No, you're right. That's why I said alleged.

If they have proof it will be really interesting but these are all things that seem difficult/impossible to prove unless theres some kind of fucked up paper trail.

No. 222759

You're right. But I have a feeling they know all this from rumors which are very often bullshit. They could at least prove they really went to school with her though.

No. 222768


She claims her dad is happy with her being a cam girl but I know who her dad is and I can tell you that he wouldn't be ok with this.

No. 222770

she looks like a blond amy winehouse

i don't think she's attractive, but i don't think she's ugly either. she's just… there. in some pics she looks grotesque, in others she's ok

No. 222773

Youre right, I think she would really benefit from darker hair too– she'd look more Amy Winehouse trashy as opposed to bleach blond Walmart trashy.

No. 222798

MA anon here. I'm not the one who went to school with her, but I'm the one with proof about her faking the sexual assault. I made a profile to troll her and her greedy tumblr friends by pretending to be a sugar daddy to "sponsor three lucky girls". Of course she was quick to message me and she went in depth about how she was never raped or assaulted, she just said that's how she justifies her dd/lg kink so she doesn't get any flack from her followers. I've upgraded my laptop since then but I'm sure all my chat logs/screen shots are right where I left them on my old device. I'll post everything I have asap (I never knew this info would go to good use, glad it finally can be!)

No. 222799

Sage for samefag but the chats are from about 10 months ago (if that's even relevant)

No. 222808

Holy shit, please post them soon. That sounds like some delicious milk and creative trolling of tumblr whores.

No. 222810

wtf. i hope you find them because if you're not bullshitting (not saying you are, just being cautious), she doesn't deserve a fucking cent from her followers who may be actual rape victims themselves.

No. 222812


If you could share this proof I think it'd be enough to bring her down a peg or two.

No. 222817

File: 1482886116327.jpg (84.05 KB, 640x449, IMG_2696.JPG)


Children's panties and back fat. Nice.

No. 222820

I understand the skepticism. I'm currently booting up my old laptop as we speak. If you go back far enough on her page, you'll see some of my interactions with her (as well as thcolleen, psychedelic-freak-out, kawaiidabber etc) I went under the pseudonym "Burke R"

No. 222821

lmao please don't tell me Colleen played into this shit too? She actually seemed cool.

No. 222823

A week or so ago she posted that she wanted to buy a strap on for her "stuffies."

I can't find the post now (good for me tbh) but what the fuck. JUST

No. 222827

One last samefag before I put my money where my mouth is; before anyone calls me creepy or questions why I trolled her for information, I was sexually assaulted as a teen and the way she addressed her alleged "assault" yet never went into detail (which is entirely ok, but if you're not willing to talk about it, why mention it at all?) Was so dodgy, I wanted to dig for information/call her bluff. I ended communication after I got my answer, and I assume she moved onto the next sucker. This girl is fucking twisted.

No. 222830

That is the most hideous comforter I've ever seen. Wow. At least buy some cute kawaii shit

No. 222833

i can guarantee you no one here put too much thought into how or why you have the milk, just that you are the milkman delivering it. you're good.

No. 222839

Oh my god now she's getting butt hurt about ddlg members reblogging her shit saying don't push your daddy kink onto me. BITCH THATS THE FOUNDATION OF YOUR ENTIRE BLOG. you self admittedly have a daddy kink.

Fuck that. Absolutely unbelievable.

No. 222844

File: 1482888888163.png (134.99 KB, 694x553, Screen Shot 2016-12-27 at 7.34…)

No. 222992


Only until a few days ago she identified as a little who was into ddlg and now she is holier than thou and treating people like shit because they don't know she changes her identity more than she changes her socks. She's pathetic.

No. 223007

Her arguments are dumb but she isaid right. She is not part of ddlg (anymore) so it is disrespectful to put ddlg related captions on her photos. Like I think it's stupid to talk under someone photo to another person. There is an option where you can send a photo to another person and if she doesn't address the problem when it happens to her people will carry on doing it to other people who might get upset by it so this isn't really that stupid. (It's very popular on tumblr to look out for other girls now)

No. 223009

File: 1482929212713.png (15.75 KB, 270x141, Screen Shot 2016-12-28 at 7.41…)

I have been waiting for someone to make a thread on this chick for months oh my GOD she grinds my gears

Okay, first of all, she stopped smoking weed because she claims to have gotten sick from smoking too much weed and because she's now in a bdsm relationship with this "Big Man" (implied to be a creepy anon bdsm blogger named spankingandsodomy), who appears just after she hit on this 41 year old man who was watching her roll joints in a parking lot, after getting dumped by Connor after four years because she was too into ddlg/kink and he's kinky too, since she openly admitted that he fingered her in the woods to get her to stop taking photos of them together, it's just he's more normal and into vegan lifestyles and fitness and he ran a decent blog before her followers ran him off tumblr.

But then she constantly reblogs her most popular images, gifs, and videos of her smoking weed so she can keep the likes in circulation. Also, she's in this weird sexual-ish type friendship with a blogger named Robin/weed-breath who's another ddlg girl with a diaper fetish who also has a boyfriend (Kevin/the-mx) and on Robin's blog, there are videos of Shayna smoking weed and taking dabs? Hypocrite.

She admittedly has zero friends in real life and barely has any friends on the internet for that matter, save for Robin and thcolleen. And if the MA anon is true, then her claims of shaving her head bald after said sexual assault went out the window too.

Also, for the longest time, she talked about how unashamedly hairy her pussy was and she told off a lot of dudes for telling her to shave it and a lot of her followers felt empowered by it but because of said "Big Man", she's shaving it all off.

For extra lulz:
1) after Connor dumped her and kept their home and their cat while she moved back in with her dad, who has no idea how his 19 year old daughter makes money on the internet.
2) one of her followers linked her this thread I think (pic related) so it's safe to say she's lurking and will most likely start posting. (I say that I think so because there are other threads about her, but most of them are just thirsty boys trying to get into her private blog without paying for it.)

sage because blogpost
(i really don't like her so I feel much better posting all of this lol)

No. 223015

File: 1482930419877.png (1.52 MB, 1359x723, 15 year old trainwreck.png)


I was going to call bullshit on all of this but then I saw what she looked like back in the day and she honestly looks like the type of person who would do all of that.

No. 223025

Where does it say she's shaving it because of this guy? She answered an ask saying she wants to be a bear dolly and isn't that the aesthetic she's going for by her ownoygh choice?

No. 223026


I think we all know she's doing it for him. He appearnely likes his girls shaved, she was completely against shaving hers, got involved with him and now she's doing it. It's not rocket science.

No. 223029

File: 1482933513047.png (130.3 KB, 750x845, IMG_2698.PNG)


She reblogs rape scenes and blames people for being triggered with no sympathy or remorse. She's nothing but an immature little girl who can't stand when anybody disagrees with anything she says/does. No wonder she doesn't have any friends.

No. 223031

I'm surprised she hasn't been covered sooner. She is a cow with so much milk, it's unreal.

No. 223037


This post has now been deleted from her blog lmao

No. 223039

File: 1482935311221.png (36.99 KB, 455x143, Screen Shot 2016-12-28 at 9.21…)


she used to be a simple weed blogger and then when she came out as a cam girl, she slowly transitioned into a ddlg blogger and started posting shit like this and "fill my sippy cup with juice and roofies" type of shit and expected her followers (and Connor, for that matter) to be okay with it and when people politely asked to atleast tag her rape fantasies and pictures of girls pissing themselves, then she and her followers would crucify them for not being okay with it and she would block them.

No. 223041


lol she lurks this thread now after a follower possibly linked it to her

watch as her blog probably goes private

No. 223044


I'm surprised she hasn't thrown a shit fit abort how everybody is bullying her and how we all need to leave her alone.

No. 223045


She couldn't have a completely private blog because who could she beg to give her money if everything was private?

No. 223047

lol after >>222738 mentioned her personal facebook, i'll admit i've been trying to find it under her name or maybe she'd still be friends with Connor
but since she lurks, she must've changed her name because I can't find it under her real name anymore kek

No. 223092

Hey MA anon, where'd you go?

No. 223097

>thinks this board is tumblr callout bullshit

Pls go to PULL or w/e, are you lost? You're gonna get your buttery feefees hurt here, fatty. Go be a moralfag elsewhere.

No. 223103


I know her brother Ryan and I can say that their family life isn't as much of a shitstorm as Shayna pretends it is. She's a spoilt little bitch who doesn't get her own way from her parents and claims it's abuse.

No. 223106

File: 1482945263258.png (121.5 KB, 749x1081, IMG_2699.PNG)


Except when she doesn't agree with something it warrants a huge callout post about how everybody's being unfair towards her that encourages her followers to become involved.

No. 223109

She tries to play like she's so sweet and innocent and she's such a raging cunt lol

She's so used to have her ass kissed that anything less than worship and praise is a fucking personal attack and everyone is a cunt but her!!11

Hey Shayna, since you're reading this, have some personal accountability and grow the fuck up. You are EXTREMELY immature and it's sad to watch. Also get some new poses.

No. 223110

She would have to spend her own money…omg can you imagine? How terrible!

No. 223111


holy shit I think I found him.
He has Shayna in his profile picture.

And I think I found her facebook but she still has brown hair so I don't think it's an active one.

Hey Shay, I get spankingandsodomy wants you to be a barbie doll but blonde hair ages the shit out of your face. Go brunette again.

No. 223112


lol if you look far back on her blog enough you can find videos of her talking in a deep stoner voice and then she suddenly talking really high pitched and "cutesy".

She's such a tryhard fake who pretends to be ~so real and relatable~
It's painful.

I hope MA Anon is real and comes back with the screenshots. I kind of can't wait to see her fall from grace.

Maybe then, she'll get up off her ass and get a fucking job that doesn't include taking mediocre nudes and low quality videos of her drooling on herself.

No. 223115

dude on cam the voice change used to be so disturbing. She would suddenly go into the baby voice and it was so fake and transparent. And then if someone in the chat said something she didn't like she would immediately go back to her normal voice and attempt to tell them off but she always sounds like such a fake hard dumbass so whatever.

Would it be hard for her to get a job, you think? I know some people say camming can ruin your future prospects but I'm not sure. She has some humiliating dumb shit floating around out there. And she always says "if someone doesn't want to hire me because I posted nudes I don't want to work for them anyway"

Ok well when you have actual bills you have to pay and the donations stop rolling in you can't be picky, dumbfuck.

No. 223119


I don't think being a cam model would ruin her prospects,
but the "rape me daddy"/"beat me across the face"/"spike my sippy cup"/lying about being raped (if MA anon is telling the truth) bullshit would definitely fuck her chances up for anything.

There's also the fact that she barely graduated from high school, despite skipping school to smoke weed and do shrooms with psychedelic-freak-out and I don't think she actually has any talents or skills that could qualify her for a well paying job.

You can't live with daddy forever, Shayna. You're 19 years old. The spoiled brat act only goes as far as 17, at the most.

No. 223122


Does anybody know who this spankingsandsodomy guy is? Are him and Shayna a thing? It didn't take long for her to get over Connor.

No. 223129

File: 1482948886470.png (49.98 KB, 564x257, ew.png)


Nothing's been outright said, but it's implied they've been a thing since he replied to one of Shayna's posts on her second blog and she's mutuals with his girlfriend, iirc.
Plus, one of the texts she posted from "Big Man" is written the exact same way that spankingsandsodomy talks. (pic related)

He's just your typical anonymous bdsm blogger who reposts mainly white females getting abused and asking for daddy to piss in their bathwater and he constantly refers to his girlfriend as a cunt while she reblogs grotesque pictures of women getting feet and lit tea candles shoved in their vaginas.

(repost bc I replied to the wrong post)

No. 223212

File: 1482958989681.png (90.38 KB, 744x824, IMG_2704.PNG)

A screenshot from the blog of spankingsandsodomy's current girlfriend. Isn't it funny how shay-gnar posts more about him and suddenly she goes "MIA". Does Shayna have no morals at all or does she just not care as long as she gets what she wants?

No. 223216

If he is who I think he is (and I'm 99% he is), he was/is friends with tinydoll irl. I think he used to be in a relationship with her? And I'm pretty sure tinydoll is friends with shay-grar too. It's like a kinky version of Sister Wives.

No. 223221


Judging by tinydolls blog recently she's not interacting with/involving herself with anybody. Spankingsandsodomy appears to reblog from her a lot but I'm not sure it's mutual. I've never seen her interact with Shayna either so I'm assuming your information about them being friends is incorrect.

No. 223234

File: 1482961794741.png (21.34 KB, 726x375, tinyshay.png)

No, her and spankingandsodomy are defintley mutuals. She's posted screenshots of texts they've sent to each other. And is you search 'tinydoll' on his blog, you can see him reblog posts where she talked about her. http://archive.is/aIvrf

And tinydoll and Shay have definitely interacted, and iirc, Shay has sent nudes to tinydoll's "daddy". http://archive.is/dQutk

No. 223243

File: 1482962473220.png (74.87 KB, 750x865, IMG_2705.PNG)


One ask over a month ago (look at the date) doesn't equal frienda. There are no other interactions of any kind between the two.

No. 223249

File: 1482963050606.png (39.43 KB, 750x420, IMG_2706.PNG)


Ask and you shall receive.

No. 223251

I hope MA anon comes through…

No. 223259


The shitstorm she's causing on her blog right now between herself and the ddlg community (who she was a part of until like two days ago) is hilarious. She tries too hard.

No. 223261

File: 1482964329597.png (122.96 KB, 750x1052, IMG_2708.PNG)


Even more proof that she's a hypocritical cunt.

No. 223284

newfag but what does the "MA" mean in MA anon?

No. 223285

File: 1482966948645.png (190.66 KB, 750x847, IMG_2709.PNG)

That was easier than expected.

No. 223329

Watch as the white knights flood the thread

No. 223331


MA is the abbreviation for Massachusetts, the state Shayna lives in.

LOL and her fee fees are hurt
and how is she going to make a living if she's not constantly pimping her private blog or MFC on her blog? Interesting…

No. 223343


And then she'll be back to tell everybody how in love she is with her new "daddy" even though her and Connor only broke up two weeks ago lmao

No. 223357

File: 1482971840654.png (29.48 KB, 546x176, Screen Shot 2016-12-28 at 6.48…)

No one on this thread is threatening her or blackmailing her? Unless she's receiving threats in her ask box, she's being incredibly dramatic and needs to grow up.

Let's be real though: this sabbatical is only going to last until after she visits "Big Man".

(deleted and reposted because I put up the wrong screenshot from her blog)

No. 223372

I've seen her say this numerous times in the past year. She always comes back. With Tumblr asskissing she has nothing because nobody will put up with her narcissistic bullshit in real life.

What a whiny little bitch

No. 223374

Samefag, sorry, but nobody in this thread is even threatening her. Just calling her out on her bullshit. It's pretty tame.

And I doubt anyone would go post shit in her ask box because we don't want to tip the cow. She's a dumbass.

No. 223375


And without Tumblr's array of creepy men she has no source of income because she's not "so obsessed with earning money and likes to be just given it". She'll never get a job or make anything of herself. She'll be back.

No. 223376

She claims to be able to support herself with all her cam money and yet she lives with her father whom she hates. Not that there's anything wrong with living with your parents - but she sure brags about having money to blow.

Only in lingerie and "stuffies" I guess.

No. 223392

MA anon here. Didn't want to post until I can deliver the milk, still haven't found the old convos but still digging! I'm really kicking myself now for not being able to find it, but I swear on everything I love she admitted this to me (or sugar daddy, "burke") though that's just my word. I haven't sent her anything lately, I have a strong inkling she found this thread, saw that I have proof she is faking being a victim of sexual assault, and is absolutely shitting bricks for when I post the evidence.

Since we all know you're reading this Shayna Clifford, I'm giving you this one chance to come clean to your followers AND your family. About everything. Take this opportunity while you still have a shred of dignity left. I live like 30 minutes from you, I'd be more than happy to buy you a coffee and give you some print outs of mental health specialists in our area because you desperately need some counseling. DO NOT meet with that 41 year old man in two weeks! Engaging in light BDSM with your ex teenage "daddy" is absolutely nothing compared to what you will experience with a well seasoned sadist! You will absolutely get hurt, and I know for a fact you won't let your dad or anyone else know of your exact whereabouts which makes you that much more vulnerable! Get your head out of your fucking arse before it's too late! You may be a huge cunt, liar, manipulator, and mega attention whore, but I don't want to see you get hurt. Tell your dad what you've been up to online. Mend things with your mom. Get a job/learn a trade!!! Fucking respect yourself. I understand attention can be addicting to people like you, but I can absolutely assure you this is the wrong kind, and your online shenanigans will haunt you for the rest of your life if you continue. It's time to stop.

No. 223400


one of her followers linked her to the thread most likely based on this picture >>223009
no one would try to tip the cow

Sorry if I sound skeptical (i'm a frequenter of the Onision thread and we just dealt with an anon who claimed they had milk and they were just a troll) but if you truly have the screenshots, then she most likely left her blog and shut down her ask because she didn't want to deal with the shit that she admitted to you, under the guise of being threatened and blackmailed and on the verge of suicide.

>DO NOT meet with that 41 year old man in two weeks

wait there's ANOTHER 41 year old?? Okay this is alarming…she's only 19. What the hell is running through this kid's head?

No. 223410

This is why I'm suspicious of shayna as well. I think she would have linked the thread on her tumblr so that people could come here and defend her? But she wouldn't do that if everything here is true and it would expose her

Or maybe I'm way off/thinking too much.

No. 223414

too long to screenshot, but I did archive it, just in case she deleted her blog: http://archive.is/c5vTq

It's the post where Shayna claims she was raped at the age of 15, which is when she first opened her blog. She also claimed that she shaved her head because of it too and said that it was at a time where she didn't take pictures: https://archive.is/IOy6d

but if you look at her blog here >>223015 and her instagram, there are plenty of pictures of her with long brown hair, some of them even with Connor as that would've been the beginning of their relationship. (I wonder if Connor knows about this, honestly…)

no, that's a valid point. if she had nothing to hide, she would link the thread and laugh at it but instead, she goes quiet, lurks the thread, and then takes a break from her blog.

It's thoughts like that and the reasoning above that make me think that MA anon may be telling the truth
(I still have a bit of skepticism though, just in case.)

No. 223417


Well done. All of your theories make sense compared to hers, which make no sense at all. It's obviously bullshit. She was never raped or abused, she just wants people's sympathy and money.

No. 223424

The ONLY reason why I would think Shayna is actually telling the truth is that Connor would know if it was true or not, right? They already were together or were very close at that time (I think). Unless he's just complicit in her very harmful lies and watched his girlfriend make up rape stories on the internet? But that is too fucked up for me to comprehend.

She never even mentioned that story at the beginning of her "DDLG" bullshit. Which seems a little fishy to me too, but that can just be written off as not wanting to share something so personal on the internet. But she shares everything else so…

Other than that, I'm willing to believe that MA anon is telling the truth and hope she/he can post the screenshots if they can find them!

No. 223426

File: 1482979595894.png (17.38 KB, 282x142, Screen Shot 2016-12-28 at 8.45…)

Lmao that archive opens right up to my favorite post of all time. I can't even emotionally handle the thought of this.

Shayna please don't leave. I need access to your fuckery.

No. 223626

File: 1482999475628.png (1.1 MB, 1433x692, December 6th weed posts.png)

(theory anon here)

Another thing is that in 2012, Shay turned 15 around June 20th/July 22nd(she always talks about being a Cancer) and her earliest blog posts are around December 6th (picture related) and her earliest selfie on that blog was posted on December 20th: https://archive.is/eh6mO

Meaning she would've had to had undergone her sexual assault and shaved her head within at the very least six months and at the very most five months. Even if you grow your hair out very fast, that's just too fast. I'm 85% sure she's lying. (Giving her some breathing room, just in case she is telling the truth.)

>The ONLY reason why I would think Shayna is actually telling the truth is that Connor would know if it was true or not, right? They already were together or were very close at that time (I think).

That's the thing: Connor or her brother Ryan are probably the only ones who can truly corroborate this, Ryan being her brother and Connor having been her boyfriend from 2012-2016 and her friend for longer than 2012 possibly.

>She never even mentioned that story at the beginning of her "DDLG" bullshit.

True. The rape post was nine months ago, so around March-ish and I'm looking through her blog and I don't see any hints of the ddlg takeover before January 2016.
And whilst it can be written off as not wanting to share something incredibly personal, MA Anon claimed that Shayna only allegedly made up her rape to justify her ddlg/knifeplay/rape fantasy bs, so it's possible that she transitioned into blogging about it then she was questioned by her followers and made up the story on the spot with some real elements (her kinks, her parents' divorce)

NGL though, I love how every time I look at her blog, her queue posts a picture of her sticking out her mediocre ass and suddenly that picture is gone KEK
She's going the extra mile, which only makes me think MA anon and the HS anon may be the real deal.

No. 223629

All great points and nice detective work, anon. She is going the extra mile and I think it's hilarious that she obviously can't bear to delete her blog completely…."I truly hate this site" then delete it?? Oh wait without it you are nothing.

And fuck I hate the ass shots. It's clear that's the only pose she can do where it looks like she has a "tumblr ass". She's so unsexy I can't believe she makes any money doing what she does, but to each his own.

No. 223675


It's hilarious but unsurprising how she won't direct her followers to this thread. That screams guilty to me from somebody who loves nothing more than trying to cause drama and play the victim card so that her followers can stick up for her and give her attention and sympathy. There's a reason she's hiding this thread.

No. 223689

i wonder how she is going to handle her private blog. doubt she would delete it because she needs a job where she doesn't have to actually work lol. But how is she going to advertise/bring in new customers?

I never understood her one time payment set up. I feel as though eventually the well of people who want to pay to see a mediocre cam model fuck herself in sole Amazon.com lingerie would dry up and the money would stop rolling in.

No. 223698

If she's avoiding her blog, then she might be avoiding her private blog too. I think when the money dries up, she'll either try to come back or she'll rely on "Big Man" for money, if she isn't putting herself in danger by meeting an anon on tumblr. there's no way her royal laziness is getting an actual job.

Seriously, she may be 19 but why isn't her dad stepping in, to be honest?
Where the hell are her parents?

No. 223700

File: 1483024195983.png (Spoiler Image, 215.58 KB, 414x383, no thank you.png)


from Robyn/weed-breath's ddlg side blog

look at that flat ass.
totally worth paying 15+ dollars (or any dollar amount on mfc) to see her shove dildos shaped like tentacles and other random objects into it, am i right?

(forgot to spoiler because no one wants to see that shit ew)

No. 223702

Wow, now that's a seriously flat ass

She does nothing all day, she could try to do a few squats

No. 223703

File: 1483024754858.png (Spoiler Image, 257.95 KB, 418x399, Shay teacups.png)

I wonder if her dad knows that this is what his 19 year old daughter drove to New Hampshire for. To get drunk, put teacups on her tits, take dabs and have sex with her friends.

If it was my kid, I'd give her an ultimatum to cut the shit out before she ruins her life or kick her out.

No. 223706

File: 1483025681224.jpg (4.83 KB, 321x272, BYBB0cqCcAEHHms.jpg)

Total Hank Hill ass

No. 223734

How has her dad not noticed any of this going on? Jfc.

No. 223743

I think she said he does know but he doesn't care as long as she pays her bills.

Anyone found her new blog yet?

No. 223748


Judging by his Facebook he doesn't seem like the kind of dad who would support his daughter being a cheap whore, junkie and alcoholic in her bedroom at his home. She's obviously just skilled in manipulation and deception.

No. 223752

Ah sorry I thought I saw her say that once.

Honestly he must be blind if he doesn't know she's doing that under his own roof. And I wonder if he talks to her mom at all? Because she definitely knows and doesn't approve.

No. 223755


I think we all know now that just because she says something doesn't make it true.

No. 223760


That was made very clear when she tried to pull that open relationship bs on Connor so that she could meet up with creeps on tumblr
and then say that Connor was the one who decided on that, only for him not to flirt or date around like she was and then dump her shortly afterwards.


If she made a new blog, she probably told no one about or at least, password protected it and sent Colleen, Robyn, and a few loyal brownnosers the link.

Here's to hoping MA anon finds the screenshots/chat logs…

No. 224131

Hey, just the MA anon that told the school stories.

Has anyone found her new blog? Would be interesting to know what's going on over there.

I can't believe that she lied about that rape shit; that's bad even for her. I really hope the other MA anon can find those chatlogs so we can expose her for what she really is to the rest of her followers and shit.

She needs to get off her ass and get a real job and fix up her broken ass life. Maybe this'll be just the kick in the ass that'll get her to do so.

No. 224156

hey there! No one's found it yet. I know I've been looking for it through Robyn and Colleen's blogs
especially Colleen because she's dating or at the very least is very close with Jess/psychedelic-freak-out's ex aka Cameron Quinn, Connor's brother.

I wonder if any MA anons who know Ryan, Connor, or Cameron had thought to let them know about this and ask if Shayna's telling the truth. If the other MA anon doesn't come through with the chat logs, they'd be the only other ones to either say that she's lying or not. Or would that be considered tipping the cow? (not a newfag, it's just very, VERY early in the morning)

No. 224161


but there is a chance that she was bluffing about the blog change

because too many times I see her queue going off and then the pictures of herself that she keeps on queue disappear from her blog.

But this could also be because her private blog is a sideblog connected to her main one and she maintains it and needs to keep people satisfied with videos of her flat ass placed next to a bottle of fireball.

No. 224230


This post has now been removed from her blog. I guess two days without attention from creeps on tumblr was too much for her and she's back.

No. 224250

She deleted all the posts about leaving and her picture that had all of the reblogs debating the ddlg thing.

Two days. Her temper tantrum lasted for two days. Is this chick for real? Or did her funds get too low?

No. 224266

File: 1483120220675.png (116.08 KB, 750x1121, IMG_2727.PNG)


And now she's back to reblogging her gross pictures.

Raise your hand if you think the whole "I'm deleting my blog" thing was just another way to get sympathy and attention.

No. 224273

that's probably her queue
but i'm still raising my hand.

She could never leave. She needs her 80k+ followers to give her money and buy things on amazon like eight dollar hair clips
(i'm not joking either. take a look at her wishlist page)

No. 224285

Why u h8 so much on her shes the godes and she saved my live she helped me when iwas addicted dto meth she talked me out of meth and now i work hard and have good live and she have the most beautiful eyes and i love ehr and ur pricks jeaous cuz u cant even find a job or a gf or a bf and all u ahve is ur hand to masterbate and u r all kids and u have issues with ur head u spastic kiddos saddos. go and hate me but shes magical and she can heal ppeoples mind with just her facec and she inspire me to love my life the way it is and to ignore h8ters and ur all haters. u cant see the magic in godes peopel and I feel sry for uall. go get raped bc maybe then ull know how it is and stop h8ting. i know her irl and now that i founded the blog i think she is even better bc shes a strong women and ur just pathetic asswipes. i dont like u and u deserve to suck off a dog. nasty skid marks. u dont know her u dont talk shit bout her. go find ur mamsa adn cry to her bout ur sad live and sad self esteem issues. i bet u all r ugly urself and before u say im lying POST UR OWN PICS and lets see if u all are super attractive if ur not then stop satying shit. You call her bully and bitchy but you all do same thing as her, saying bullshit bout other people. Hypocrites. :–)))))))))))))))))) AWWWWWWWW SO SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD :-))))))))))))))))))

No. 224302

Enjoy the ban

No. 224303


No. 224305


No. 224307


Shayna, is that you?
Get a fucking job and quit lying about getting raped to justify your kinks.

No. 224308

I wish I was her shes so hot :( Im not her though.

No. 224311


Whatever you say, Shartna.
Enjoy your ban.
And do some squats to fix that flat ass of yours.

No. 224312


No. 224313

are you serious? haha it's an obvious troll

No. 224314

excuse me? im not a troll. shay is my queen she saved me u know nothing.

No. 224316

how nice that shay-gnat helped you get your life together when she can't even fix her own.

if you're gonna troll, it's more fun for us if you do it subtly.

No. 224318

Im not a troll. UR ALL WRONG BOBUT HER shes sween and nice sand u need to get your lifes FIXED. All u do is complain bout people u dont know.

No. 224320

i've had enough interactions with her to know that she is not 'sween' or nice lmao. She's a straight bitch.

No. 224321


No. 224328

File: 1483126678660.png (39.5 KB, 500x476, IMG_1504.PNG)


No. 224334

"Does" typos

No. 224335

Why would I pay attention to how I type when I talk to idiots anyway?

No. 224342


Wow, you're not even trying, are you?
Go fap to Shayna's low quality private blog and keep pretending like she isn't a piece of trash.

No. 224348

How can I fap if I'm a girl? You make no sense you sad fatty.

No. 224353

This troll is just like the Babadook.
It'll stop existing when we stop acknowledging it.
Farmhands will ban it soon anyway.

For now, all we can wait for is MA anon. It's making me nervous.

No. 224357

What's her dad's Facebook? I want to see the stuff he posts…

No. 224362

Thats kinda sad that you care about a stranger so much that it affects you so much LOL
That's called stalking.

No. 224368

MA anon, can you share the tumblr URL that you used for "Burke"? Is it still active?

No. 224371


Not that anon, but I'm sure if you find Ryan's facebook, you'll find their dad on it.

You'll know you'll have found Ryan because Shayna's in his profile picture wearing a helmet.

No. 224380

it's like a drunk 13 year old wrote this.

No. 224382

And your website looks like its full of insecure 14 y/o fatties

No. 224392

File: 1483128957489.png (48.46 KB, 406x271, hypocrisy much?.png)

LOL an anon on Robyn's blog called out the fact that Shayna claimed to have Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome but took pictures and videos with Robyn smoking weed and taking dabs.

Long story short, CHS is arare illness when you get nauseous and vomit so much as a result of heavy weed consumption. No matter if you smoke flower or dab on the oil, it's all the same (in fact, most people thought it actually came from taking dabs) and they're all still toxic to her body.

Either she's an idiot or she's lying and Robyn's in on it.

No. 224396

File: 1483129054472.png (67.45 KB, 403x415, shut up and kiss shayna's ass …)

No. 224398

did she claim to have this just after the front page news story on msn and other sites recently, about this very unknown thing?

No. 224402

File: 1483129239330.png (560.28 KB, 720x1280, 2016-03-31 19.44.49.png)

All hail the qw33n!

No. 224405


I'd need to check her blog, to be honest, but she did mention this some time in November, I think?
Shayna claimed that she got incredibly sick this summer and had to be hospitalized as a result.


So, on top of being a major cunt, a liar, and a lazy 19 year old with an inflated ego, she also doesn't wipe? Why is the area around her asshole so brown? Ew.

No. 224407

File: 1483129542678.png (Spoiler Image, 211.25 KB, 402x315, hank hill had a sex change.png)


aw look
she has to bend down just to hide her flat ass.

don't worry.
here's a proper picture of your "qu33n".

No. 224409

Its an obvious shitty photoshop and the brown spots are edited? Are you retarded?

No. 224413

you complain about her "flat" ass but you wouldn't think twice if you had a chance to touch it irl. LOL

No. 224414

wtf is this shitty photoshop? you think you're funny? It's irrelevant and dumb.

No. 224416


She mentioned this three weeks ago actually (http://archive.is/oW386). I don't know when it was on the front page of MSN though.

No. 224418

its actually really nice of her to explain it in so much detail and raise awarness no matter if shes lying or not. It is really dangerous illness and she could just reply with the name.

No. 224423

oh okay, cool. would've been shitty otherwise.

it was on msn yesterday as a main blurb; focused on Colorado ER visits doubling in the past 3 years.

No. 224429

I'm currently trying to find the post, but she also at point said she was quitting smoking because the "Big Man" wanted her to.

Which kind of makes sense, because when she got sick the first time she started smoking not even a month later and continued to and now she suddenly stops again. I find it hard to believe she suddenly became responsible and took charge of her health.

No. 224430

Is his name Shaun?

No. 224431

File: 1483131033279.png (23.54 KB, 564x220, Screen Shot 2016-12-30 at 2.50…)

Samefag - Spoke too soon. I found it.

No. 224435

Maybe he told her to stop because it wasn't good for her because of the illness? Since she knew about it already and carried on smoking? After all he doesn't want her to get more ill before they meet irl.

No. 224438

He doesn't sound like the kind of guy who cares about his 'cunts' health. It sounds controlling to me. He doesn't want her to smoke or have a bush, she doesn't smoke and shaves her bush.

You may be right, I just don't think so with everything I've seen so far.

No. 224442

If she got ill and end up in hospital it wouldn't be beneficial for him would it?

No. 224445

No it wouldn't. But it's just my opinion that I doubt that's why he doesn't want her to smoke. Personally I see it as controlling. But I've dated a guy like that so I may be thinking too much into it.

No. 224447

It is a bit controlling. If what I said is right it still is controlling. And now I'm not trying to defend her but like with tinydoll it might be a part of a kink? I'm not sure but I know her boyfriend and that other guy shes fucking are EXTREMALY controlling but she says it turns her on and that's why they do that so maybe Shay is trying to be like them?

No. 224456

Pretty sure Shayna says that's part of her kink as well.

I just think it's funny she bends so much for a dude she hasn't even met. She had an entire blog/personality built off being a ~stoner chick~ to the point where she wouldn't even stick to quitting when she got sick. Created the "bush baby cult" and said she loved her bush and it made her confident. This guy comes around, hasn't even met him yet, and all these things have changed.

No. 224459

She's probably just in love which is really sad. When vulnerable people are in love that's what happens. They get into stupid sitations with stupid people.

No. 224484


Surely she's not in love. She's never met this man and her and Connor only broke up two weeks ago. I'm sure even she's not that fucking desperate.

No. 224488

Still possible to fall in love with people you only talk to online though.

No. 224494


Not people you've just met on Tumblr two weeks after breaking up with someone you've been with for four years, though.

(I mean, not unless you're Onision, but that's another story.)

No. 224506

People tend to be vulnerable after break ups and get attached to people quicker, especially young people, and think its love and devote themselves to them. Especially people with low self esteem, which I feel Shay is since she's craving attentions and compliments so much.

No. 225156

File: 1483222459146.png (110.84 KB, 750x803, IMG_2737.PNG)

There goes the theory that she'd get off her lazy flat ass and her a job lmao

No. 225963

File: 1483318923788.jpg (394.84 KB, 960x1280, 140fe8e1-f226-4061-8662-f81648…)

Looks like Shay is now into puppy play? Some poor sucker bought her that pink dog cage (and everything else she's wearing). So much for her hiatus! Right back to her depraved self.

No. 225974

>those dirty ass socks

fucking gross

No. 225979

File: 1483319154284.jpg (37.39 KB, 495x500, 9eacdd4c-5556-4757-a9c6-e9bd2c…)

Also, check out them dirty socks! #suchaprincess

No. 226018

gotta get as many kinks in one pic as possible

No. 226144

Is it too quick to say maybe MA anon wasn't able to find the screenshots or was making it up?

No. 226319


Ok but why isn't her dad questioning why she has a pink dog cage?

No. 226320

File: 1483364088695.png (144.7 KB, 750x1042, IMG_2755.PNG)


Those pimples on her chest.. gross!

No. 226326


New fav

No. 226352

>Dry ass lips
>Foundation clearly caked (you coulda just used a filter jesus)
>love me some discolored teeth
>oh yeah ebay lashes get me goin'
>mmmmh party city wig that makes your skin look yellow in comparisonnnn

No. 226379


You forgot highlighter that makes it look like she's using her nose to help land a plane

No. 226421

you can tell just by the way she does her eyeliner that she's a cunt

No. 226521

They're beauty spots hahaha

No. 226621

The big blotchy red on towards the bottom left included?

No. 226648

To be honest, I've got to agree, they look like beauty marks or freckles/moles.

No. 226656

>beauty spots

No. 226737


That red thing is not a beauty spot lmao

No. 226742

>>226737 yeah but just one little pimple doesn't look gross. It's normals girls get pimples often throughout their lifes due to hormones and it's not something that should be considered "gross".
>>226656 it's the same thing…

No. 226755


Alright Shayna. Calm your tits. If you want to call your pimples beauty spots that's what we'll go with.

No. 226818

euphemisms are dumb, call em what they are.

No. 226868

File: 1483472397819.png (135.43 KB, 750x1056, IMG_2767.PNG)

Yeah we sure as hell missed that clump of eyelash glue on your eye I'm so happy you decided to post it

No. 226911

I agree. It isn't like her body is covered in pimples. Shit happens. It's pretty normal.

Serious question since a lot of people here don't like Photoshop.
Would you rather someone edit out their skin imperfections or leave them to show it's normal?

No. 226915

She's actually super stuck up her own ass in her ask answers sometimes and it's what made me unfollow her. You'd ask her a plain simple genuine question and it was all sass and asshole replies.

No. 226925


She's probably one of the rudest, entitled cunts on tumblr and that's saying something. She's a stuck up bitch who talks to everybody like shit but demands love and respect and throws a shit fit when she gets anything less. I have no idea why she's gotten away with it for so long.

No. 226939

>And so her saga continues, not understanding that filters would benefit her cause nobody is into looking at a highlighter that lihtuhrally highlights nothing but how bumpy her skin is…

No. 227041

the thing about the ~stoner community~ on tumblr too is that they're all hippies who try to maintain a golden rule ecosystem of sorts, at least that's how it was in 2012-2013 when I was more active in it. in general most of the bloggers in that circle don't usually let someone be openly rude to their followers, act like a total brat all the time, etc. someone makes a master post about that person usually, and it would blow up and no one would follow them anymore. eventually they would reform and apologize or leave forever. this happened consistently from what I remember.

shayna was the one exception. there might be more girls like her around now, but I remember her being the ONLY one who I had to follow then eventually unfollow 3-4 times because she was so annoying, narcissistic, rude, and eventually just crass/slutty in a weird incredibly unappealing way

No. 227353

File: 1483542761930.png (388.87 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170104-160803.png)

Is this her or am I seeing things?

No. 227357

no, similar crusty Tumblr pothead & a convincing knockoff but not her

No. 227379


Why the fuck won't they just dye their hair?

No. 228004

Dark roots is actually a thing and lots of people like it and do it so probably that's why.

No. 228027

File: 1483644962770.png (190.27 KB, 750x1170, IMG_2783.PNG)

Her 'overflowing confidence and beautiful body' are only part of the package although her body is the only thing she has to use to get money from perverts.

Brings her mother up whenever somebody says anything remotely negative towards her lifestyle even though her mother was probably just trying to be a mother and protect her daughter from becoming what she has.

No. 228058

Sage for blog post but I was a victim of gang-rape and had horrendously brutal rape fantasies for years afterwards to try and "normalise" it in my head (thank fuck I didn't have Tumblr then) but people who've never been raped who profess to be into it… like what the fuck. Get a grip you attention-seeking freak.

No. 228079

any news from MA Anon who said they had screenshots?

No. 228477

File: 1483696694126.png (92.51 KB, 739x741, IMG_2792.PNG)

The sale of my private blog is doing ""so well"" that I'm going to leave it at a discounted rate even though I'm a money hungry skank.

And please send me more money even though I've done nothing to earn or deserve it.

No. 228523

She's such a piece of shit and its obvious nobody is buying her private blog which is why she's having to keep it at a low price

No. 228657

she does everything wrong. guys don't like arrogance and being a cunt, they like sweet and gentle girls who use lots of emoticons and shit. what a bad business model

No. 228667


She's not even a business model, or any kind of model as she likes to think. She's just a dumb naive girl who's too stuck up to get a real job and expects everybody else to pay for her.

No. 228682

different definition of model, anon, but yeah i've sold nudes before and she has no idea how to talk to customers. she is way too much of a bitch, and it's completely unappealing. at least fake it, damn

No. 229272

File: 1483820067144.png (166.87 KB, 750x1206, IMG_2832.PNG)

She must think she's so edgy because she has the same half drunk bottle of wine in every picture she posts.

No. 229286

I noticed that too. But we all need to know she drinks guise!!! She would also benefit from a little bit of exercise damn

No. 229288

File: 1483821778207.png (87.32 KB, 750x757, IMG_2833.PNG)


Have you already forgotten that she's a gym bunny now lmao

No. 229290

one, you didn't sage.

two, we don't know for sure if she said that she had never been raped. MA Anon (>>222798 and >>222820 and >>222827 and >>223392) claimed to have screenshots of her telling them that she lied about it to justify her rape fantasies, but it's been almost two weeks and they still haven't posted proof…

While there is evidence to back MA Anon up and they may legitimately have/had screenshots, there seems to be no mentions of "Burke" or "Burke R" on both Colleen and Shayna's blogs or if you google their blog handles and the fake name they used so MA Anon could've also been a troll with fake milk.

No. 229293

Never noticed until now but she has really awkward narrow hips and that awkward pigeon-toed pose makes it even worse. She looks like Himeka lmao.

No. 229316


Does she think that if she hides herself in a purple velvet tent then her father won't find out what a disgusting and pathetic whore his daughter is being under his roof?

No. 229325

ugly body

No. 229335


Probably didn't even go to the gym but just wanted to dress up and take another low quality picture for attention

No. 229923

File: 1483900748435.jpg (191.35 KB, 669x1323, IMG_2849.JPG)

What the fuck is this outfit even supposed to be? A tied up ham?

No. 230362

File: 1483966065915.png (233.47 KB, 737x1204, IMG_2859.PNG)

Reblogging her fake rape story for attention.

No. 230506

File: 1483997818815.png (29.66 KB, 750x395, IMG_2921.PNG)

She's getting desperate now.

No. 230507

File: 1483997858040.png (121.88 KB, 750x1056, IMG_2922.PNG)

But then she posts that flat ass. Who the fuck is going to want to pay for that?

No. 230570

Only her obsessive fans. But eventually, they will all have purchased her private blog already. And then what? It seems like a really bad business plan that she didn't think through at all. She obviously has no long term ideas here.

Shouldn't she make her private blog some kind of monthly payment? Or renewable every year? Anything to keep that $15/sub rolling in.

No. 230580

Tbh, I think her body is pretty alright, but her face is legit busted. Her whole aesthetic is pretty gross and played out too.

No. 230591

File: 1484010269835.png (36.83 KB, 532x250, yeah sure ok.png)


She has 80k+ followers, and even with spam blogs, she'd still have a good chunk of chumps to drink her kool-aid.

Plus, now she has "Big Man" so it's safe to safe she has a sugar daddy now. (pic related)

No. 230593

File: 1484010368972.png (415.71 KB, 518x577, shartna clifford.png)

Jesus, she's got the face of a 38 year old chainsmoking mother of three and she's only 19.

No. 230595

File: 1484010852321.png (308.19 KB, 521x428, are you serious.png)


doublepost but

apparently "Big Man" has her sleeping in that dog cage that's been in her newer pictures…

can someone explain to me again how her dad knows NOTHING?

No. 230601

What the actual fuck…

She has a whole blogpost excuse as to why she has rape fantasies…so what is her reasoning for this? How does one get into 'puppy play.' Someone who is into it please tell me how this is sexy in any way.

No. 230605


the petplay is yet another facet of D/s play
(His perfect slave dolly puppy princess kitten who lives in a cage and speaks/eats/takes a piss when he allows her to)

and she has a degradation kink, which is where her "call me a dumb baby and beat a across the face" shit came from so it works with that, i guess.

No. 230613

File: 1484013872024.png (92.84 KB, 750x1073, IMG_2936.PNG)

She's obviously getting desperate. Maybe soon she'll get a real job but I doubt it.

No. 230615

Ugh I knew a girl like that on MFC. Sat around in nasty clothes and complained no one showered her in money. Are all feckin cam girls like that?

No. 230622


No actually. Most camgirls are quite professional and know what to actually do

but of course, there's shitlords like Shayna who thinks all it consists of is taking shitty iphone nudes in front of a bedsheet with a flat ass, a prop bottle of fireball, and sitting on MFC in a mass produced costume bought off amazon, paddling yourself half-assedly and whining until someone tips you just so you can shut the hell up.

No. 230645

Even one of her viewers once tried to give her an idea for a game to play with everyone in her chat and she was such a whiny bitch about it. They were clearly just trying to help make her stream more interesting and interactive and she was like I don't know how to make cards this is too confusing.

She should really take notes from other cam girls on how to make this a lucrative career if she refuses to do anything else.

No. 230730

Honestly she's just lazy. She'll never get a real job and has stated several times that she's not interested in ever working. She expects people to give her everything because she takes low quality nudes on her phone and she throws a tantrum whenever anybody can see through her bullshit.

No. 230731


I doubt she'll even make camming an actual career because she's just too lazy and expects everything for nothing.

No. 230818

File: 1484064402626.png (45.72 KB, 750x644, IMG_2946.PNG)

This is laughable now.

No. 230831

Lol looks like her funds are drying up. Should have came up with a better business plan and changed that shitty attitude, Shartna. I wonder if she still plans on meeting up with "Big Man" soon, as much as I'm opposed to tipping cows I kinda wish someone would let her dad know what the fuck his depraved skank of a daughter is up to, and the danger she's putting herself in ie: literally asking for rape and meeting up with sadistic anonymous strangers (obviously not going to cow tip, js). She used to be a waitress, but "quit" after a few months because it was "sooooo hard", how is that harder than being forced to sleep in a cage? As much as I'd like to feel sympathy for this girl, she did ALL of this to herself, and is such an insufferable cunt I wouldn't bat an eye if she turned up missing after her meet-up. Sucks to suck. I just feel bad for her family, think of the humiliation they must feel. Yikes

No. 230837


Maybe MA Anon made good on their threat here >>223392 and told her family and now she's hard up for cash because of her dad or something

No. 230840

File: 1484068294498.png (Spoiler Image, 57.08 KB, 255x132, 1480941728337-1.png)

Spoiler for absolute vag horror. But why???

No. 230844

File: 1484068453861.png (61.04 KB, 144x255, 1482262315456-1.png)

Samefag, but jess is camming too? There's other career options jeez

No. 230850


That is fucking horrifying. I need to scrub my eyes.

No. 230858


Surely her dad doesn't know that she's off to meet an old man from the internet who claims to be a sadist. I'm sure she's going to meet him this week.

No. 230862

I wonder if she knows all her shows can be seen here: http://camgirl.gallery/search/images/?q=Dumbkitten&page=1

No. 230863


Yeah, there was an anon who got on her case for being a cam model just like Shart-Gnar and she was like "ummmm we are two different people????"

However, she's more classy and less desperate (and less of a huge cunt) so I don't think she's a problem.


I don't think anyone outside of the internet knows about Shayna meeting this stranger, which will fuck her shit up if "Big Man" turns out to be more than she can handle.

This is how those Lifetime movies about missing girls start out.

Also, apparently she's okay with 41 year old creeps because she dated a 36 year old when she was 15 (the same age she claims she was raped at…hm.)

No. 230864


the thumbnails look so fucking boring. It looks like she sits there and makes faces to look cute and smokes.

No. 230868

there's more under her new cam name

I say "new" because her puppy cage is in the background.

No. 230870


Somebody should send these to her dad so he knows what she's getting up to since she moved back in with him.

No. 230874

File: 1484072697802.jpg (Spoiler Image, 27.42 KB, 312x257, IMG_2947.JPG)

Those belly rolls and that pussy. Not to forget the half drank bottle of wine she's had for about a year lmao

No. 230876


No. 230880

File: 1484074131259.png (Spoiler Image, 906.88 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170110-134741.png)

Top kek

No. 230891

File: 1484076299700.png (162.37 KB, 750x1124, IMG_2951.PNG)

It looks like she's in serious pain here. Is this what's supposed to be sexy?

No. 230900


I think that'd be tipping the cow and forcing milk.

Being in pain is supposed to be her thing, i.e. the "beat me across the face"/"kick me in the ribs daddy" shit

No. 230903

File: 1484077277843.jpg (Spoiler Image, 159.24 KB, 1280x658, 1480242818595-1.jpg)


Found more through this forum thread of people trying to get into her private blog: http://camgirl.gallery/search/images/?q=dumblilkitten

Imagine if someone sent this to her family. She'd be in such deep shit.

No. 230905


She already knows about this thread. Somebody tipped her a while ago.

No. 230906

She knows, but wouldn't it still count if someone tipped off her dad or family members or Connor?

No. 230909

you don't have to be bald, but that looks like maintenance/grooming issues.
at least trim? it's all matty and squick.

No. 230912


she waxed it off for "Big Man" and plans to keep it that way for a while so that she can stay "a bald lil dolly".

No. 230913

File: 1484078346458.png (403.68 KB, 1378x721, shayna mfc.png)

her profile page on MFC.
That bio is literally the most obnoxious, head-up-ass trash i've ever read.

And those TAGS.

No. 230917

File: 1484078637432.png (177.31 KB, 1379x596, shayna mfc2.png)


Also, it looks like when her dad's asleep/at work, she puts on shows in her cage.

No. 230932

nah. Maybe its just me but no matter how shitty a cow is. That is fucking low. Grow up

No. 230935

She's definitely lying about her age to play up the teen-pedo act. She's likely older, like 25 lol

No. 230943

her face is so crusty she's not gonna get any ephebophiles looking at her when she looks like a try-hard 'hot' soccer mom

No. 230949

No, she really is 19. I've been following her for years and saw her graduation posts. She just looks haggard AF

No. 230952

As an alcoholic that bottle of wine triggers me. Put your bitch ass Stella Rosa from Wal-Mart in the fucking fridge for later. Goddamn.

No. 230957


if it's not that, then it's a bottle of Fireball or some Sutter Home pink moscato. Ugh…

No. 230960

well then she has to be doing hard drugs and drinking/smoking like crazy

No. 230976

File: 1484085825583.png (131.71 KB, 750x985, IMG_2962.PNG)

That time she pretended she was actually drinking the fireball but that cap was still on lmao

No. 230988

I've never smoked anything with any regularity, but could daily pot smoking fuck your skin up in the way that cigarettes do?

(But even then, I feel like she's too young for that. It usually takes much longer for your skin to show signs of smoking imo). I wonder if she just doesn't sleep/doesn't drink enough water.

No. 230990


She's admitted to doing shrooms, acid, molly, and coke before and she's a HUGE drinker.

No. 230992



No. 230993

i dont know? i guess it depends how. my bf smokes a lot and his skin is basically perfect

i think she must be doing hard drugs, like coke/meth/opiods, and drinking a lot, as well as smoking tobacco. a lot of tanning+no sunscreen too

but honestly it also looks like she has a lot of acne and caked makeup on, which can give an aged/dirty appearance and accentuate the damage she did to her skin.

No. 230999

Long time daily weed smoker here. I have not noticed my skin being more prone to break outs or any of the sort but I try to be clean as possible and never touch my face with my hands.

No. 231014


Yeah, I doubt weed would ever fuck up someone's face. Like the other anon said, hard drugs prob.

But idk I get really dirty vibes from her, like the type that doesn't wash makeup off their face at the end of the day type dirty.

No. 231025

I've been smoking pot for 7 years or so, I'm three years older than her and my skin/face look nothing like that. She must be on some crazy shit to not only look like that, but to sleep in a damn dog cage. Part of me really wants to feel bad for her. Jokes aside, there must be a lot of self-loathing behind the scenes. After all, she has a huge fetish for being used and degraded. Very misguided. Just… where are the parents? Positive role models? Anything?

No. 231029


Her parents are divorced, if that tells you anything…
She's made out her mom to be abusive, but according to previous anons (>>222738, >>222744) that claimed to know her in HS/claimed to live in central Massachusetts, her mom just wanted her to stay away from dumb shit but Shayna was just being a dickish piece of shit brat.

She claims to be closer to her dad, especially after moving back in with him after Connor dumped her, but part of me also says that it could be her playing up the "daddy" thing as well.

No. 231421

yoo how about spoiler?

No. 231427


welp i'm triggered

No. 231446

how is this a viable business model? 'buy my nudes!' but we've all seen your boobs/ass/cunt, what exactly am i getting for my money that i can't get for free?(shoved in my face unwantedly in fact)

No. 231461

Seriously. And they aren't even remotely artistic, high quality, or aesthetically pleasing. The poses are awkward and try hard, the facial expressions are….interesting. The lighting is abhorrent. Exc exc

No. 231499


As you asked: I used to like puppy play because it allowed me to disconnect from being actively involved in sex (dogs can't ask for what they want, have no real control, etc). It was a ~safe place~ for me when dealing with past sexual trauma.

Not that I think Shay-gnar likes it for that reason, but there's an explanation.

No. 231506

File: 1484171920233.png (20.19 KB, 331x242, Screen Shot 2017-01-11 at 4.54…)

Now this is just getting sad.
Get a fucking job, Shayna Clifford.

not that anon, but I can understand people getting into certain kinks and fetishes due to past traumas.

But the problem here is that Shay allegedly made up her own rape/sexual assault trauma so that her followers would stop kinkshaming/asking her about her sudden interests.

No. 231508

What was the image posted?

No. 231512


For sure, I've read the thread. OT, but tbh the fact that she feels she has to defend her kinks is just weird to me. Surely if you really believed in it or it was that intrinsic to who you were it wouldn't matter what people thought, whether it was to do with sexual trauma or not?

No. 231526

Alright spill. Who is http://lewdfanpics.tumblr.com lmao

No. 231533


an unspoilered screencap of Shay fucking herself and making a really stupid face.

No. 231536


>Love this set from the ever-enchanting @Shay-gnar !!


I wish I thought of this

No. 231570

Anyone know why Shayna's best friend Jess (psychedelic-freak-out) is sperging out on her tumblr? It seems she found this thread, but I don't think anyone said anything that bad about her? (Sorry for no screencaps, i cant take any on this device)

No. 231581


Shayna has a best friend? LOL that's rich

but no, I don't think anyone has said anything bad about her in this thread, so I don't think her posts are about this. Whatever she's going through sounds rough.

No. 231588


the set where her dog rolled through…wow.

No. 231589


but they also tagged "Shayna Clifford"

what?! i never saw that omg

No. 231610


No. 231847


…I don't think this is a page made by anons from here.

I think it's a legit fanpage made by someone who found the thread.

I only say so because all the pictures had her real name tagged in it but now the "Shayna Clifford" tag is gone.

sage for tinfoilhattery

No. 231849

File: 1484214083239.png (35.94 KB, 515x292, cheap nudes cheap chick.png)

yay more low quality nudes and videos of her choking on a comically large dildo in a dog cage in cheap quality amazon costumes and lingerie for 10 bucks through amazon giftcard!!!

also 10 bucks from 15? and wasn't it 20 before?
people must be losing interest in her pancake ass.

No. 231857


I'm sure it was 35 at one point lmao Her funds are drying up and she's getting desperate.

No. 231866

File: 1484217649332.png (44.63 KB, 750x423, IMG_3012.PNG)

Uh oh… is "Big Man" not paying enough attention to her already and they haven't even met yet?!

No. 231875

People are definitely losing interest. What a pity. Baring it all for 10 new perverts (assuming theres any left at this point) for a measly 100 amazon sheckles. I'm just getting out of bed to go to my job where I'll make that much by the end of the day, and no begging and degrading myself. What a concept! Shayna, get a job. Its much easier and profitable than whatever the hell you're currently doing.

No. 231880

shay-gnar sounds like an orc name…suits her

No. 231881


lol plot twist:
"Big Man" is another lolcow anon who's trying to get milk like MA anon claims they did

what ever happened to them anyway?

No. 232022

File: 1484244604391.png (29.9 KB, 750x317, IMG_3015.PNG)

And the desperation continues..

Does she really think she's going to get $100 for 5 low quality nudes and videos?

No. 232032

File: 1484245860854.png (80.24 KB, 750x626, IMG_3016.PNG)

Isn't she ashamed to be begging like this? It's so pathetic it's making me feel sorry for her. Why doesn't she just get a job and earn money like everybody else?

No. 232044

MA anon here. I posted in the discord chat earlier, I'll be posting there as there's info I don't want the cow to know.

No. 232049


Is there a way we can see what you posted?

No. 232054

when/what time did you post it? i can't find anything about shay in the discord

No. 232067

I posted around 7?am EST. Didn't announce anything, was told to wait for a mod to verify me or something? I've been waiting for anons interested in this thread to hit up the chat so I can dump some info. It may be a bit disappointing, but definitely worth saying/going into more detail that I'd rather not have Shayna know about.

No. 232068

Is it against the rules to post my discord chat handle?

No. 232076


I am also interested in what you have to say. Let us know how to view it when you're ready.

No. 232077


they're in the lolcow channel right now, while they're on break.

No. 232083


The general channel or?

No. 232084

To make everybody aware, I think Shayna has added a visitor tracker such as StatCounter to her tumblr. Stay safe everybody.

No. 232087

under "text channels"
the channel that says #lolcow

Yeah, she probably has, since she and her fans have been lurking the thread.

you can get past this with a proxy though, right?

No. 232088

You shouldn't be using lol cow if you don't know how to disable statcounter.

No. 232093

why tf is she so paranoid about what we or MA anon says? she tries too hard to defend herself but all she is trashy and trust us there's nothing we can find that Shay-gnar hasn't already revealed herself.

No. 232094


If what MA anon says is true though, that she has a lot to be paranoid about.

No. 232402

File: 1484306984418.png (117.95 KB, 750x1083, IMG_3029.PNG)

If she can't afford a wax anymore then her funds have definitely dried up. So desperate but so lazy. No ambition.

No. 232405

I thought she had to get a new phone though?


No. 232462

File: 1484321259632.png (37.51 KB, 750x336, IMG_3033.PNG)


For somebody who was begging for money last night because she couldn't afford a wax she sure did raise that money and manage to book an appointment pretty quickly..

No. 232468

Can she not just shave or use hair removal cream like most people? Or is she too poor for even that?

No. 232508

Can't she just get a fucking job?

No. 232513


It's funny that she deleted her post almost immediately after this post was made.

No. 232527

File: 1484331590790.jpg (Spoiler Image, 31.41 KB, 336x255, IMG_3062.JPG)

How could you take this seriously?

No. 232528

Seriously. And not just to make money and support herself either. Having a job and somewhere you have to go everyday and interact with others is good for you whether you realize it or not. She doesn't seem to have many friends IRL that she hangs out with often, she doesn't go to school, she probably just sits on her ass begging on tumblr all day and shopping for sex toys and lingerie on amazon. It's sad at this point.

She claims to be depressed and down all the time, but she doesn't do anything to help herself. It's just going to keep getting worse for her as she gets older and still has nothing going for her.

No. 232532

File: 1484332532509.png (159.78 KB, 750x1109, IMG_3063.PNG)


There's no way she's going to get a real job she's too stuck up and feels entitled to everything for nothing.

No. 232543

Except it's not getting you through life at all, dumbass. You brag about making tons of money because everyone wants to see you naked but then you turn around and don't even use your own "hard earned" cash to fix things like your car, your phone, exc. So what does YOUR money go to? Oh that's right, you buy ugly lingerie online to 'treat yourself.' Stop leeching off of generous people who have fallen for your bullshit.

You will never be able to move out, pay your own bills, maintain a decent savings account for the future, and so on because you're immature as fuck and don't actually make much of anything. Tumblr notoriety is all that matters to you.

No. 232559

This bitch still lives at home lmao and I bet her parents still pay for all her shit too

No. 232646

File: 1484347490954.png (31.41 KB, 265x241, mama clifford.png)

A post Shay made about her mother and her (justified) disapproval of her then 18 year old daughter being a sex worker.

If her mother isn't okay with it, why would her father be okay with it?

Sage bc it was from nine months ago

No. 232921


She's such an ungrateful little shit. I would be glad to get rid of her if she was my daughter and had this attitude.

No. 234711


her attitude is rotten and she has the face to match

No. 235083

File: 1484488504745.png (61.22 KB, 750x620, IMG_3122.PNG)

She's completely insufferable.

No. 236086

File: 1484667823287.png (93.19 KB, 720x998, 20170117_103702.png)

This is from that fan page posted earlier in the thread. Could some anon be trolling? Or is Shayna really dumb enough to try and "due" someone when she broadcasts her underage drinking, panhandling, implied pedophilia images, her nudes, and rape scenes/fantasies? All the while trying to hide all of this from her family? Top kek.

No. 236106

maybe i'm just a dumbass but what does 'due' mean in this context?

No. 236107

it's a typo. "Sue"

No. 236111

ohhh right right. thanks

Well, I would say that anon is either Shayna (does she know about the blog yet?) or one of Shayna's ass kissers. It would be humiliating as fuck to have to explain everything you did that lead up to this. But that's her fetish i guess.

No. 236130

to the best of my knowledge she is aware of this thread and the blog. What's she even planning on suing for? She doesn't have a leg to stand on imo

No. 236251


I think she's so self absorbed that she would check her tag regularly so she most definitely knows about the fan blog.

No. 236346

File: 1484701475970.png (Spoiler Image, 135.37 KB, 302x288, 20170117_181625.png)

"Puppy play"

No. 236347

File: 1484701499910.png (Spoiler Image, 181.23 KB, 534x288, 20170117_181559.png)

No. 236350

what the fuck


Tell me it doesn't escalate that far

No. 236352


Shayna isn't Whitney Wisconsin 2.0
Her dog just walked in during one of her cam shows

No. 236388

this girl has a big dog? guarantee one of her followers will try to get some bestiality video from her. the question isn't will she do it, but how much will they pay

No. 236477

Did MA anon share anything good in the chat? I know they probably won't want to share details here but I missed it :/

No. 236740

Looks like she had her fan blog deleted lmao

No. 236802


nope it's still up
under a different name though

No. 236848


No. 237118

File: 1484834698808.jpg (Spoiler Image, 71.27 KB, 692x302, IMG_3136.JPG)


No. 237134

She literally looks like a guy wearing a wig

No. 237172


What the fuck even is that face? Is that supposed to be sexy??

No. 237235

What has to go wrong in someone's life for them to not feel ashamed of sitting in a cage in their FATHER'S HOME broadcasting this on the internet?

If I was her dad i don't even know what the fuck i would say if i peeled back that sheet and saw…this.

No. 237243

i REALLY don't wanna thinking about it but if Shayna fucks a dog then she wins the internets. because i can't imagine any 'real' people with 'real' faces and 'real' lives (a cam-girl's whole schtick) to concede to such shame JUST TO HAVE GUYS WANK OVER YOU. why.

No. 237272


She just really hate her parents to do this to them and not even care.

No. 237826

She's started posting new pictures again. I guess she's gotten over the entire traumatic experience of the fake hate mail she was getting.

No. 238252

File: 1485086783956.png (38.79 KB, 750x308, IMG_3167.PNG)

Is she for real?

No. 238461

Why is such an average-to-ugly looking girl /so desperate/ to get into sex work / being a sugarbaby, to the point of degrading oneself so bad?
Not shaming sex workers, that's dandy if it works out. But if it doesn't because you're not what the market demands and you still need money, there are a lot of other ways to earn an income, like applying for a job maybe?
She's 19 so she probably has ingrained the millenial's popular belief of "you can be anything you want hurr durr!!1" (lol why would her dream job would be being a whore anyway? The ones at the bottom of the distribution got pretty shitty pay and living conditions…). Yet not everyone is suited for their ~~dream job~~ and you can always try to settle for a second or third best. Accepting that is a sign of maturity. I hope she grows the fuck up

No. 238505

She once posted that her dream job is to be a stripper in LA. If she thinks she's the cutest thing on earth she's in for a rude awakening when she gets here and sees how beautiful a lot of the girls are.

No. 238514

Yeah and even those girls get tons of plastic surgery to look better. This girl is delusional and should get a job. Like I get it, having a job is the worst idea in the world for a narcissist but it's better than ebegging.

No. 239257

File: 1485283030572.png (Spoiler Image, 119.64 KB, 750x1089, IMG_3186.PNG)

It's adorable how she thinks she's made it as a sex worker but still needs to beg people for money.

No. 239269

She's so amateur. Potato quality pics. I bet that's the same quality she sends the people who pay for the pics.

No. 239292

Wow Shayna! You shoved something up your ass! What an accomplishment. Keep up the good work.

No. 239399


There are people her age in College, out working, or exploring and all that fun shit but her only accomplishment she can brag about is shoving a plug up her ass and e-begging for money.

It's hilarious and pretty depressing at the same time.

No. 239820

File: 1485374554501.png (Spoiler Image, 595.97 KB, 422x750, IMG_1103.PNG)

holy shit, she's nasty af

look at her ugly yellow feet and ass zits, ewwww


No. 239821

She has shit stuck on the bottom of her feet as well does this ho ever bother to bathe before taking pics of herself

No. 239823

File: 1485375334567.png (Spoiler Image, 3.55 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1104.PNG)

these socks, eww!

No. 239825

If your body is your way of making money, at least put some effort into keeping yourself clean and nice looking. She sits at home all day, how hard can it be to take 40 minutes or less to make/apply a hair/face mask and other shit
Oh wait, I mentioned effort, there it is, the big problem.

No. 239826

I bet the crotch of her panties are encrusted with discharge bc she propbably doesn't even bother to wash those as well

No. 239829

Is she blind or something? This is disgusting.

No. 240238

File: 1485445422070.png (150.64 KB, 750x1065, IMG_3235.PNG)

She looks exhausted and has ugly baggy eyes and bad skin. She looks like an old, tired crack whore here.

No. 240279

I wonder how many people actually buy her stuff. She pretty much puts it all out there on her regular blog, and in addition to that it isn't great content to begin with and she's nothing special in the looks department, so I can't imagine many people do?

But then again, it's also pretty cheap and only a one time payment so I guess it isn't too far fetched to believe a lot of her followers can scrape $15 together just out of curiosity.

No. 240301


There can't be many people paying her because she's always, always begging for whatever anybody will throw at her.

No. 240870

File: 1485553490763.png (Spoiler Image, 199.57 KB, 748x1167, IMG_3278.PNG)

Dear lord.

No. 240967

Do some men really find this attractive and sexually arousing?

They are fascinating creatures.

No. 240969

Um yeah? Its not that surprising are you 12

No. 240983

Idk man I don't see how acting like a puppy is attractive to anyone. To each his own, but yeah it is kind of surprising to me.

No. 240992

you'll find ppl being 'sexually' attracted to anything, what you don't find as common is girls like Shay who overtly caters to any old 'fetish' for spare change.

as less and less ppl are willing to buy her content she is forcing herself to more and more 'deviant' antics

No. 241073

She would be rly cute if she didn't have the face of a who

No. 241173

She's just an ugly, low class skank who thinks she's something she's not. That's all there is to it.

No. 241181


I could be wrong but I just feel it's the way she would submit, like how a dog listens to it's owner would, that turns them on. I don't think barking makes any dick hard? I could be wrong. Sage for blogpost

No. 241537

File: 1485693336729.png (103.67 KB, 734x809, IMG_3293.PNG)

So if you don't like the trashy trailer skank look and attitude then you have bad eye sight and are a bad judge of character lollllllll ok then Shayna if it makes you feel better

No. 241571

File: 1485703753709.png (187.27 KB, 750x1076, IMG_3295.PNG)

That feeling when you try to squeeze yourself into literal children's panties and gain a muffin top.

No. 242552

File: 1485857334613.png (62.39 KB, 750x557, IMG_3310.PNG)

It's good to have some life goals.

No. 242554

Too ugly for LA.

No. 242570


>i cope using pedophilia play, cutting myself and rape to cope with my rape

bitch you need therapy not a fuckin blog.

No. 242573

No. 242597


are you twelve

No. 242680

Honestly depressing as fuck. I know some people have to strip to make ends meet and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but to have that be your one goal in life is sad. She doesn't have something she's passionate about that she can try and turn into a career? She just wants some old dude who could easily replace her when she gets older to pay her way in life?

And she realizes Morrison is fucking dead, right? This isn't the "land of the lizard king." For 95% of people, LA is not like some Lana Del Rey music video.

No. 243639

File: 1486062389487.png (Spoiler Image, 313.77 KB, 640x217, IMG_1229.PNG)

oh my gosh she's nasty af

No. 243642

What the fuck is that? A herpe sore? A chancre?

No. 243654

That looks infected

No. 243672


Eww, it looks an inflamed ass pimple. Herpes would happen around the labia.
Imagine getting an eyeful of that while getting your rocks off.

But that can't have been recent, judging by the background and the bush.
That must've been before Connor dumped her.

No. 243765

File: 1486080335927.png (149 KB, 750x1131, IMG_1240.PNG)


i literally threw up in my mouth
yellow scally TOOTSIES what the fuck

No. 243771


Dirty with chipped nail polish

oh my god, I can't handle this girl's bs.

No. 243775


i find solace in the face that there are people finding this unoffensive. i thought i was vile, turns out i ain't the worst yet ( ° ʖ °)

No. 243857

hooooollllly shit


that's worse than the faye reagan thing

No. 243881

Which Faye Reagan thing?

No. 243888

No. 243939

No. 243941

File: 1486117475810.gif (Spoiler Image, 3.99 MB, 324x179, Faye_warts.gif)

No. 243947

File: 1486119152856.gif (963.57 KB, 335x190, wJzFHMT.gif)

No. 244102

What even… is… that?

No. 244197

File: 1486158861124.png (78.83 KB, 750x620, IMG_3342.PNG)

She supposedly makes all of this money but a couple of weeks ago she couldn't afford to get a wax…

No. 244201


No. 244203


why is she begging than lmao

No. 244209

>whore yourself out for money while still young enough for the porn market
>self worth: temporary sex object, no further aspirations in life
>sleep in a dog cage so dirty, sexist men can jack off
>get several stds, weird growths in vag and asshole

I'd rather work minimum wage. Is she in denial?

No. 244384

this bitch literally lives in her father's house. but ok.

And sure Shayna, you say make more than a lot of people your age who work minimum wage jobs, but do you feel good about the work you do? Are you proud of yourself? Working towards any goals? Interact with a lot of other people you can learn things from? Everything I've seen screams no.

No. 244462

File: 1486197987052.png (115.35 KB, 749x1112, IMG_3343.PNG)

Normal kids her age hang out with their friends at the weekend and do fun stuff but here is Shayna who is spending her weekend alone, begging strangers online for a couple of dollars to watch her punch herself in the face. What a sad, unhappy life she must have. Where did it all go wrong?

No. 244472

Lmfao. Keep your day job honey. What a joke.

She needs to wake up and realize that prettier girls, LA wannabe model girls make what she makes on her best day x100. She is mediocre at a profession that is mediocre in nature. Lol

No. 244482

Lies! The "pink wine" will forever remain half drank and by her side.

No. 244559

Been following her on tumblr for a couple of years now. Her posts are absolute insipid garbage most of the time. The rest of the time they're rage inducing preachy garbage.
She looks extremely trashy, but for some reason that gets my dick harder.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 244667

File: 1486228942255.png (74.36 KB, 750x613, IMG_3349.PNG)

It must be hard if the only thing you have in life to make yourself feel better is random perverts on the internet watching you degrade yourself.

No. 244671

File: 1486229175212.jpg (Spoiler Image, 37.9 KB, 666x270, IMG_3350.JPG)

This show was around the time she was visiting Big Man. I think this is his room.

No. 244769

Are those warts or some other kind of STD? That shit is not normal.

No. 244785

I believe it's vestibular papillomatosis. It's not sexually transmitted or viral.

No. 244878

she's from MA right? i guess being slightly less ugly than the female population around her has made her delusional. she honestly believes her natural beauty is so stunning she can't brush her hair, or put a bit of lipstick on. if she moves to LA she's in for a rude awakening.

No. 245412

File: 1486322488953.png (8.31 KB, 478x274, shaysellingherself.png)

I'd believe this is a joke but it's Shay so I can't tell.

No. 246723

File: 1486500348702.png (110.86 KB, 750x819, IMG_3354.PNG)

Vomit inducing.

No. 246764

So she hates bathing and doesn't do it often? Ugh… gross.

No. 246793

nnnn explains all the scuzziness we see on her body

No. 246794

File: 1486511891711.jpg (258 KB, 1920x1079, barbies-little-sister.JPG)

why so many self-sent anons???

No. 246843

Does she really think all the "lol ur dad fucked me" shit is clever or cute? She's been answering questions the same way for over a year. Get a new comeback Shayna.

No. 247294

Maybe the fact that she hates washing is why she has infected looking sores around her asshole.

No. 247340


those bruises…

No. 247658

File: 1486602987711.png (72.65 KB, 1114x343, -4.png)

Okay, so I spoke to MA Anon on Discord when they came on last month and I heard out what they had to say and they did confirm that Shayna and them were in contact, as well as in contact with other stoner girl blogs they liked to troll on tumblr with an account that they seemed to have lost.

Because they lost the troll account, they also lost the tumblr chatlogs where they spoke and Shayna allegedly admitted to faking her rape

BUT, not only did they find emails of Shay answering their tumblr inbox messages, I found proof through godshideouscreation's blog and a few asks that MA Anon sent her back when they were trolling people to hopefully give the allegations a leg to stand on.

I will post those caps the moment I get them from MA Anon and they may choose to go more into detail because they can tell the full story, but basically what they had to say confirms everything the HS Anons had to say: she had sex for drugs and cheated on Connor but covered it up by claiming rape.

No. 247659

File: 1486603007242.png (67.44 KB, 1103x458, 5.png)

No. 247662

File: 1486603064651.png (123.32 KB, 720x991, 12.png)


(sorry for the cap spam btw)

No. 247666

File: 1486603206292.png (251.17 KB, 597x713, 8.png)


(caps of godshideouscreation interacting with MA anon's lost account)

No. 247667

File: 1486603315696.png (38.16 KB, 545x272, 9.png)


(closeup of the ask to show you guys that the icon matches exactly what MA anon described the icon would look like)

No. 247668

File: 1486603340608.png (75.4 KB, 1129x457, 10.png)

No. 247669

File: 1486603399181.png (90.41 KB, 1125x521, 11.png)

No. 247670


the bright cherry red person is MA anon
and the brick brown color is me.

Sorry for not clarifying.

No. 247736

Holy shit. So she DID lie. What a low-life! As someone who has been sexually assaulted this makes me want to fucking puke

No. 247749

First off, thank you both for all the work you did to try and bring some proof to this thread.

Second, I can't believe she was fucking stupid enough to tell a random guy not the internet that she faked her fucking sexual assault as a cover for cheating on her boyfriend. Absolutely disgusting. And why you would think you can tell someone that and they won't be completely shocked and disgusted I don't even know. Fuck her.

No. 247775

Throw her in the trash

No. 247826

She needs to be officially outed on tumblr so all of her fans can see what she really is.

No. 248415


Her "fan page" found the link and posted it, so she or her fans will find it no doubt. LOL


No. 248625


Her fan page is moderated by users from here, it's not that they found the link.

No. 248628

File: 1486761257704.jpg (30.05 KB, 308x309, IMG_3395.JPG)


No. 248675

she always makes dumb faces, I can't stand her facial expressions ew

No. 248871

Watching her on cam is honestly hilarous. If someone tips her to "edge", before her vibrator starts touching her body she's already making that face and whimpering. It's so obviously fake and horribly acted.

Her entire shtick is creepier in video form too.

No. 248977

did u edit her mouth into a trapezoid??? holy facking shit

i'm so convinced this cunt is trying to score every depraved fetish on earth. stumbled upon feish tumblrs for 'dirty soles' once; is this cunt trying to crack that market also???

i forreal can't tell she edits her pics btw, she seems to put so much effort into looking like trailer trash; part of me can't tell if the crustiness is somehow shooped on

No. 249004

that's an "I'M POOPING" face if I've ever seen one

No. 249173

File: 1486841518904.png (149.04 KB, 750x1139, IMG_3399.PNG)

Ok but her skirt is obviously too tight for her.

No. 249182

all that yellow im screaming

No. 249364

God her face is terrible.

No. 249525

i really wanna see her go to la and be in for a rude awakening. living in bumfuck america where everyone's a fatty is disastrous to this girl's ego

No. 249613

File: 1486916131904.png (60.21 KB, 750x572, IMG_3400.PNG)

Had she actually just said that her mother is jealous because she's a porn princess? No wonder her mother hates her and left her.

No. 249706

…anon, I'm pretty positive she's being a sarcastic smartass.

Shayna's claimed that her mother was abusive (read: her mother wasn't okay with her 18 year old daughter doing online sex work) and has always preferred her father more, which she hypes up for the "customers". Shayna's also claimed that her father knows of what she does but I highly doubt that.

No. 250223

what happened w/ the fan page

No. 250459

Lol she must've had it deleted!! How pathetic

No. 250554

someone make a new one and expose her ass

No. 250575

it's still there? maybe u have to be logged on tumblr to view that blog?

No. 250588

No. its gone. Hate to say it but i guess majority rules that pedo-baiting is A-OK

No. 250612

damn I loved that blog, it need's to be brought back to put her on blast! she's a horrible role model for young impressionable girls.

No. 250617

>role model
>young impressionable girls
which is it, did you come here via tumblr or PULL?

No. 250672

oh ok I see, I can access this blog via app (0 new posts) but I can't via browser

No. 250806

still confused

No. 251161

nope, it's gone.
on browser and on the app.

Shayna or her followers must've reported the blog.

Quick–someone remake the blog.

No. 251183

File: 1487093964875.png (Spoiler Image, 317.16 KB, 576x571, but why though.png)

So, I guess recent Shayna did some bondage work with this photographer called theropegeek.

…is this supposed to be hot because I feel nauseated. There are more pictures on his and her blogs.

No. 251228

This is disgusting

No. 251237

so is she just like meeting up with random old guys and getting tied up all while they now she has some sick rape fantasy??? like ok your not asking for anything, whatever Shayana Clifford LOL.

No. 251238

And how did she get that other blog removed when all those pics were public? Like she really got tumblr to take them down?? has someone made another one yet because for real all her followrs should know the lier she is

No. 251244

hmm she deleted her facebook recently

No. 251249


Stop kink shaming

No. 251256

please, explan to me how anyone here is kink shaming? Wanting to be raped and kidnapped after lying about being raped, is sick, not a kink.

No. 251261

OH and she also got things removed from google lol

No. 251262

Like what things?

No. 251268

google shay-gnar, see at the bottom that google recently received a request to have some pages removed. Funny it probably happened at the same time she got the fan page removed. Sorry bebe, but this is what you get when you lie about BEING SEXUALLY ASSAULTED, and try to gain followers from that. Your shit WILL catch up to you, but honestly karma already hit you by making you look like a used up crackwhore by age 19. Like you go girl lol.

No. 251286

ya shes a real winner. Im just like waiting for the day she totally disappears off tumblr, because someone took her seriously on those rape/kidnap requests. Like your 19, and your putting it out there online for EVERYONE including perverts, murderers, ect; to see. Like do her parents know whats going on?? still dont understand how her dad doesnt know when she lives there. Like dear lord its cringe worthy.

No. 251338

File: 1487100978241.jpg (276.21 KB, 576x950, tumblr_oldf9nQnZ81s1f5meo1_128…)


No. 251341

someone should find her address and send thse to her dad. Like its honestly concerning. Shes fucking 19. and living with her parents.(brigading/harassment/personal army requests not allowed)

No. 251352

File: 1487101314244.png (21.08 KB, 490x136, shaygnat.png)

Wow. What a heartless, selfish fucking cunt.

No. 251360

File: 1487101474723.jpg (230.35 KB, 539x808, tumblr_oldf7f16UZ1s1f5meo1_540…)

No. 251396

5 Temi rd Hudson Massachusetts

No. 251401

File: 1487102353254.png (641.77 KB, 720x662, 5temird.png)

No. 251412

[LINK REMOVED BY STAFF](read the rules: don't post personal info of family members)

No. 251416

id take that pic down, she moved back home n doesnt live w/ her bf anymore anyways

No. 251420

new blog up

No. 251428

No. 251515

omgwtflolsmh on tumblr

No. 251519

ya but there's nothing??

No. 251521

idk submit sumthing(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 251713

has the anon who said they knew about her fabricating the whole sexual assault thing have any more updates?

No. 251995

File: 1487165662806.png (83.08 KB, 743x800, IMG_3412.PNG)

This speaks for itself.

No. 252187

File: 1487189801016.jpg (Spoiler Image, 332.34 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_ohkl90Yz1s1rmiw96o1_128…)

what is wrong with her tit… it looks like it's smeared in dirty finger prints

No. 252192

File: 1487190461294.jpg (8.36 KB, 131x28, shay gnaw.JPG)

veins??? it's still gross looking. that and her discoloured teeth also…
i'm surprised she makes any amount of money? from guys who are into filthy girls…

No. 252306

she has really unflattering body proportions. its especially noticable with the new pictures w/ ropegeek. she doesnt have the prettiest face either tho, she def only looks good in certain angles, especially with that man nose.

No. 252311


a bunch of her cam show caps still pop up if u google her handle.. what an idiot, who tf uses their real name in their sex show broadcasts. smh

No. 252340

what do you mean by unflattering body proportions… i may be blind-chan tho her body just looks unfit/flabby to me

No. 252365

she's gained a lot of weight tbh and for some reason only wears the same 3 things even tho she must have tons of garbage from amazon?? she just looks and seems so fucking grimy

No. 252517


she makes the most ridiculous faces when she cams. it is not sexy, or cute, it looks hilarious and i always bust out laughting when she makes them.
at least she finally wiped her lenses. i think she purposely smudges her cam with her greasiness and doesnt wipe it to hide the fact that theres bumps and little red pimple boils already comming in. she needs to shower n bathe or at least wash herself so her area doesnt get infected when she waxes. so gross!! maybe she was better off with the bush, it used to hide all that nasty shit. n thosee fat loose vag of hers geeeze -shudder-

No. 252940

File: 1487286911697.png (170.27 KB, 1440x1268, Screenshot_2017-02-16-17-02-45…)

she's seriously degrading jess now and can't even bother to address her like a fucking decent adult/friend/human. ive been able to halfway understand where she's been at, even sympathetic, but now I'm actually disappointed. what happened to women supporting women, shayna? dolly isnt gonna have anyone to play with her at this point. fake AND a cyber bully, that's cute.

I fucking love jess. she deserves to be protected at all costs.

No. 252943


I agree. Fuck Shayna. Jess deserves better.

No. 252947


Jess is also a million times prettier and generally better looking and cleaner looking than Shayna. I'm sure she's also a lot happier with her life and doesn't have to prostitute herself to random men for a little validation. Maybe Shayna is jealous of Jess.

No. 253004

Wait how do you know this is about Jess? I don't really follow her so I might be missing something.

And yeah…what DID happen to women supporting women when you will fuck someone's husband and say that it wasn't much of a marriage to begin with. Huh…

No. 253005

Samefag, sorry, but I also think that it is extremely telling that Shayna loses friends almost constantly. First Marisa, then Jess. She and Jess had a falling out a few months ago but it seems they repaired their friendship for a while (until now?)

I'm sure eventually Colleen will grow sick of her shit as well

No. 253012

File: 1487295498894.jpg (Spoiler Image, 49.9 KB, 337x600, lol.jpg)

Ahhh that ass! So flat but still a kind of lumpy photo. Lol how did she look at this and think it was ok for posting? Usually she can at least work the angles. Or, used to. Forgot about this girl for like a year and a half, I come here and wow. I did not expect to find out she behaves this way, she used to hide it better I guess? Well any jealousy I may have had in the past is gone now… just wow.

No. 253051

wow imagine what connor had to deal with. yikes!!!! i cant even… jesus

No. 253110

jess has a tattoo that says peace, love, and empathy and it's also her bio. shayna can't bother to be a direct bitch, so she went with a subtly different j name because she's oh so clever.

No. 253247


She's now deleted this post. What a cunt.

No. 253577


judge judy* like the show, shes saying how she's being judgemental

No. 253580

When she was with Connor she was actually looking pretty good. She looked clean - she took showers, shaved her vag, etc. And she was wearing normal clothes - not those awful tacky child-prostitute clothes.

What happened, shayna?

No. 253595

uhh no, she never looke clean, she never took showers, she never wore normal clothes. connor or not

No. 253603

she is bored with life and herself. what does she have to cry bout…only the things shes created herself. shes got 2 parents live in a very very nice house, vacations galore! she was never abused!!!!! im not sayinng just cuz u grew up w/ privelege doesnt mean u didnt have struggles, cuz im not saying that at all, she grew up w/ privelege AND didnt have any struggles aside from the the angsty teenage yrs we've gone thru.. her parents r divorced. & what? they are allowed to be happy as well expand their families and find love. boohoo for her?! shes self admitted that all she wants is attention, but making shit up isnt the way to go on about it, and when people call her out on it, the past seems too evolve to another story. ugh!! there are people who were raped, there are people who actually have been thru abuse, it is traumatic and painful. she contradicts herself so much its ridiculous. she has no one left in her life that she can call a friend. maybe she should look in the mirror. like thats gota be so sad. and money… what does she spend it on? cheap ass shit from amazon… like plz find something of quality!!! if not ur self, then at least not 1.99 lingerie or sex toys u dont even wash ever!!!!

No. 253605

File: 1487379191241.png (103.77 KB, 750x978, IMG_1472.PNG)

Okay so I did some deeper (?) research and ok, >>253595 you're right. Atleast she didn't show her stinky vag & crusty fungus feet.

ALSO: did anyone notice this huge wrinkle across her forehead?

She always making this stupid face: squinted eyes, raised eyebrows & open-mouth smile with tongue pushed against back of her teeth.

Poor Shayna, she's gonna have this wrinkle forever bc she's making this stupid face since ever.

No. 253607


she looks like a tranny

No. 253611

lmfao1!!… she called her old hairstyle "ombre" like wow lmfaoo so many lulzzz!

No. 253622

why the fuck does she name herself DOLLY? bitch ur name is asspimple trailer park redneck SHAYNA

No. 253625

She calls herself "Bambi Doll" now. I wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that Speck (aspeckamongdots on tumblr) used Bambi as her stage name/the name her sugar daddy called her.

I wouldn't be surprised if Shayna just wanted to be Speck in general. She used to be like the patron saint of tumblr stoner girls who beg for cash.

No. 253725

what happened with her & fishfcked does anyone kno? howd she loose all her friends

No. 253875

Not exactly sure, because Marisa was mature about it and didn't post details/refused to shit talk Shayna. All she said is that she has never had a friend treat her the way Shayna did.

No. 253927

File: 1487443417448.png (130.48 KB, 476x770, shay.png)

from fishfucked's blog archive, june 2016

No. 253949

Seems she lost all her friends simply because they go sick of her tacky and pathetic life.

No. 253969

File: 1487451709554.png (719.73 KB, 714x1084, 20170216_151512.png)

Being murdered is #goals? Careful what you wish for…

No. 253994

wow… she's the queen of taking things too far

No. 254172

the biggest LULZ is when she talks about how hard shes worked on herself. lmfao! id call her a butterface but shes got a weird body, and her face is really gross. my guy friend was like no wonder she has to whore herself out, shes not cute, she needs to be naked to get attention… and before i could even tell him she didnt used to act that way, he said 'or do some dumb shit like smoke weed n drugs and talk about sex.. typical ugly attention whore that needs a gimmick' OUCH!!!! but well said

No. 254176

honestly! her bread and butter are her looks but she doesn't brush her hair before she cams or even swipe on some lipstick. living around a bunch of below average girls made her think she's hot shit.

No. 254185

nah, cuz jess is cute, marissa is naturally gorgeous, and even colleen is pretty. shayna is grossssssssssss!!! shes like a 3 out of 10. and its tumblr compliments that have her ego inflated! she knows shes sub par!! thats the whole reason why her online life doesnt translate to her real life.. shes a frankencreation of inflated ego w/ no substance or depth, or even looks…. like shes got no talent… she could at least have looks, but she doesnt… shes grosss…… she knows she needs her shock value to even play in the field

No. 254188

this 'little' thing i got no prob w/.. but she is so ridiculous, its so laughable… i puke everytime she tries to act cute! like, girl, u look like a man, ur eyes arent pretty, u have a man nose, u have a pudgey chin/neck in ur rope photos, u have the worst stomach flab, ur pussy is covered in bumps and boils and ewww! ssoooo many people leave her cam chat when she comes close, cuzzz they can see her vagina is disgusting, loose lips and boils galore… FIX that!! and the way she lies about her height.. she says shes 5'3… ew no, girl, u are not 'smol' u are 5'5 ur fashion SUCKS., uve always looked cheap!! but her it matches ur personality..

No. 254324

Let's just face it. She's a disgusting piece of shit that believes she's not only superior to everybody else but is somehow entitled to be loved and given things by everybody else even though everybody actually just hates her.

No. 254325

>frankencreation of inflated ego
>she needs her shock value to even play in the field
I couldn't agree more, this is probably why she stuffs herself in a cage with a dog bone in her mouth. It's really abnormal behavior for an average girl like her to be so publicly broadcasting these disgusting behaviors. Honestly, she seems like a 50 year old pedophile trapped in a 19 year old girls body.

No. 254332

>Honestly, she seems like a 50 year old pedophile trapped in a 19 year old girls body.

I laughed way too hard at this, but its so true

No. 254355

File: 1487525718295.png (73.2 KB, 750x934, IMG_3452.PNG)

Actually Shayna you're not cute, you're just a desperate, smelly looking freeloader who has nothing to offer but pictures of her nasty, boil infested vagina that the entire world has seen anyway.

No. 254357

She's so delusional.. like why are people going to continue to send you money for nasty shit that they literally CANNOT escape because all her and her followers do is reblog the fuck out of her nasty naked self. Face is Shayna, your image is getting old and dried up. No matter how much you try to 'change' and 'work on' yourself, everyone has already seen all your goods and has no reason to pay for it :)

No. 254359

File: 1487527089560.jpg (30.94 KB, 308x309, IMG_3453.JPG)

Lol yeah she's so cute…

No. 254361

ugh the faces and noises she makes on cam haunt me

No. 254363

spoil those pics lol

No. 254367

Totally agree. And in her cam bio it says she's going to be a teenage barbie forever? Dude, you already are starting to look fucking washed up. You definitely do not have the youthful, innocent look that you try so hard to portray.

And her fashion freaks me out, because it's all basically clothing that caters to her fetish. I can't imagine her going to dinner with her family or going to the bank in that shit. So weird.

No. 254372

File: 1487528475021.png (936.49 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3456.PNG)


I'm not sure if this is classed as normal attire but at least she doesn't dress like a complete ho when she's with her family.

No. 254384

Am I the only one who thinks she looks like a certain proana that we may not speak of?

No. 254396

lol that was a cropped top that shows her disgustingly long torso that is now flabby as fuck.. so no, she cant even dress for her family, she wants attention anyway she can get

No. 254397

Also that pic is before she transitioned to trashy amazon kink queen, which started happening around september of 2016 if I'm correct

No. 254399

Can't find the picture she posted around Thanksgiving, but she wore a tight crop top with no bra and her nipples showing to her family's Thanksgiving dinner, hoping it would "distract them" from talking about the election.

No. 254404

File: 1487531029195.png (116.23 KB, 750x860, IMG_3459.PNG)


I think you mean these.

No. 254409

I'm really curious as to the nature of her relationship with her dad that has lead to these "daddy issues", I remember a long time ago her posting saying that he dad left them when she was younger or some bullshit like that, but she seems to have abandoned that story and her dads facebook seems like he's been around for most of her life

No. 254411

yes, thank you. Personally I think that's a little much for a fucking family dinner.

No. 254412


More than likely it was another one of her lies that she spins in order to gain sympathy from everybody while excusing her own shitty behavior

No. 254785

File: 1487608740621.jpg (77.16 KB, 308x426, 13267797_1057786520925937_6086…)


No. 254787

Oh god, what the hell - her head looks so small and that outfit….

No. 254790

Honestly though you can't blame her for that mindset, its the world we're living in and it just so happens she can profit for it.
Ya its shit that married men fuck teenaged money grabbing sluts but will it change? unlikely.

No. 254795


jfc she looks ridiculous here. she's an adult woman in shrunken children's clothing trying to look young. imagine how she's going to look when she's in her 30s…

No. 254805


She looks ridiculous everywhere.

No. 254807

yikes. where did you find this gem?

No. 254830

lol u can tell shes huge and gangly, not petite + short at all like she'd love to b

No. 254866

File: 1487617691439.jpg (102.9 KB, 561x377, dfdghdfh.jpg)

a few more

No. 254872

File: 1487617901412.jpg (64.64 KB, 684x513, tumblr_o3kwlcBQzR1tpxtb8o2_128…)

Her face looks so unfortunate in these, and her head is so small in comparison to her body. Or maybe just her neck is long? Pic related is all I see.

No. 254873

she didnt delete her fb, i can still see it

No. 254878

her stepsister is super ridiculously naturally classy-beautiful-model like gorgeous! i bet that doesnt help shayna either, lol, her daddys got a diff family n a super pretty daughter he spoils rotten n is actually going sumwhere in life! maybe thts why shayna wants other people daddys, cuz sum hott young thang has hers.. lulzzzz!!!

No. 254881

She reminds me of the spitter from l4d2 in these.

No. 254894

File: 1487619232856.jpg (155.83 KB, 747x475, spitter_-_black_friday_7239_3.…)

omfgggggg!! yes!! i am crying!

No. 254901

I can blame her. There's plenty of non married older men she drain money from. She doesn't have to assist some dick in cheating on his wife, and even worse, have such a heartless cruel attitude about it. And still harp on and on about how women have to support each other and look out for each other.

I hope one day, if she grows out of her selfish cunt phase and falls in love, it happens to her. And then she will know that pain. She won't be the "sexy" 19 year old forever. She's not always going to be what men seek out.

She cares about no one but herself. Fucking worthless.

No. 255382

pic of her stepsis?

No. 255504

File: 1487702254211.png (33.83 KB, 543x173, shayna logic.png)

…and begging people on the internet to buy you stuff constitutes as a job? I refuse to believe her dad is okay with this happening under his roof at all.

And I thought she quit because of her CHS and not because she didn't want to be "a pot smoking loser"? And yet, she reblogs her pot smoking posts? I smell a lie, honestly.

No. 255518

I've been thinking the same thing, anon. There's just something about her face and the way she smiles.

No. 255599

File: 1487713660101.png (124.86 KB, 750x885, IMG_3476.PNG)

Do we think she's finally realising that she looks like an old, washed up hag?

No. 255625

Well at least we know she's not entirely delusional.

No. 255627

her body is her source of income, but she cannot even maintain proper hygiene

she thinks she's some kind of internet porn princess babygirl, but she's just nasty redneck gremlin ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

and I feel sorry for her dad, imagine how he feels knowing that his daughter is cheap cam whore & she does this shit under his roof

No. 255718

File: 1487730549255.png (155.6 KB, 750x1109, IMG_3478.PNG)

Except she's never actually been raped or abused lmao

No. 255783

lol I can't help but wonder how much she really makes off of her "brand" as she loves to call it.I just don't get how you could live with lying and glorifying abuse and pedophilia for a measly, what, $200 a week? Get a desk job and grow up.

No. 255787

Same day, I actually take that back, she probably makes $200 a month at most.

No. 255788

Samefag** fucking autocorrect

No. 255796

Honestly some of those cam girls seem to actually make a really good living off of what they do. But instead of taking that opportunity and saving money, she half asses everything and doesn't put any work into her "job." Plus any money she makes she seems to blow on stupid "little girl" clothes, sex toys, or props for her fucking puppy cage.

Yet she loves to brag about how she makes sooo much money and supports herself. She clearly doesn't. Or else she would have some self respect and not beg for donations. She's stupid as fuck and immature.

No. 255798


no wonder she hates jess n was just talking shit. jess is younger, smaller, prettier, & thinner.. lol shaynas even said, she loves takin pics w/ colleen cuz shes so giant n makes her feel 'smol' lmfao

No. 255806

She shouldn't love taking pics with Colleen because Colleen is fucking stunning lol

No. 255848


She has now removed this post. What a shock.

No. 256066

File: 1487794345859.png (119.56 KB, 750x892, IMG_3486.PNG)

Is this supposed to be sexy or am I missing something?

No. 256074


>she looks like a corpse.

necrophiliacs could get into this

No. 256079


Please someone shoop her as a giraffe topkek

No. 256803

File: 1487900905055.png (77.02 KB, 750x540, IMG_3488.PNG)

When you ask your underaged brother to find something in a place you keep butt plugs. What the fuck?

No. 256819

She's a total pedo

No. 256917

File: 1487927488925.png (109.89 KB, 750x1022, IMG_3490.PNG)

She makes this post although she not only cheated on Connor and pretended she was raped but has made posts saying she'll help old men to cheat on their wives because that's their problem and not hers. She's such a fucking loser.

No. 256939

She's got a point though.

No. 257046

Maybe it wasn't much of a marriage to the husband, but it could be important to the wife. She doesn't fucking know shit.

No. 257154

File: 1487969603681.png (1.3 MB, 1440x1191, 20170224_144849.png)

Whats with this dumb ass face she keeps making in all her pictures??

No. 257442

Why would she willingly post that? It's like one of those pictures people take at parties when you aren't ready and you're mid sentence. Except she has a choice.

No. 257452

I'd bet she thinks it makes her look "innocent" and childish.

No. 257553

If im being honest it looks like shes mid sneeze and its fucking hilarious

No. 259751

File: 1488222781593.png (236.74 KB, 750x1291, IMG_3514.PNG)

A girl is making suicidal posts because of Shayna and this is her response.

No. 259796

is this a Twin Peaks reference?

does she know what Twin Peaks is?

No. 259809

Because of Shayna? What happened?

No. 260267

where does she even get such ill-fitting tops??!
i'm… asking for a friend

No. 260323

her blog is neko-stoner (one of the dashboard blogs tho)
allegedly during a mental episode (I think of BPD? not 100% sure) this girl submitted to some sex worker blocklist blog saying that she had paid Shayna for a bunch of content and never got it, and then was blocked afterwards. The SW blog posted it, Shayna replied, and the apparently neko-stoner admitted she made it all up during an episode to be hateful towards Shayna, but Shaynas followers wont leave her alone now so she made multiple suicidal posts. A few hours later her boyfriend wrote on her blog saying she was in bad condition in the hospital. Shayna made no comment on this last time I checked.

Not sure how true any of this is but, that's what went down so far.

No. 260353


Shayna made posts saying that everybody should block this girl and should not support her or buy anything from her (surely she knows how damaging this could be seeing as her entire income is from creeps buying things from her). She's also playing the victim card extremely well (even though it was literally one anonymous ask the girl sent and even though she has apologized a thousand times).

No. 260473

neko-stoner is just another attention-seeking cow using her ""mental illness"" as an excuse to be a vindictive bitch. when that didn't work in her favor, she pretended to commit suicide & is now in "critical condition" according to her boyfriend via tumblr

i wouldn't take this fat retard seriously, she deserves a thread tbh

No. 260571

Yeah tbh Shayna is a raging cunt but what neko-stoner did is also fucked up. Shayna knows what posting publicly about this will cause her followers to do to the girl, she doesn't care, which is the only wrong thing i think she did in this situation. Just clear your name and be done with it.

No. 260787

very true. it all seems over the top and dramatic.

No. 262147

File: 1488479402640.png (177.36 KB, 750x1062, IMG_3519.PNG)

She's fighting with a child sexual abuse survivor about how her kink of pretending to be a child in order to seduce old men is valid lmao

No. 262154

I follow feverbl1ster and she's underage so it's weird for shay to even be arguing with her when there's a hundred different anti-ddlg people who are adults. Someone actually sent feverbl1ster a message saying that shay-gnar lied about being raped but she was needlessly respectful and said that she wouldn't want to believe she was lying about being raped in case she actually was (she wasn't).

By the way, does anyone know if Shayna checks this thread? I hope she does and is bitter about it.

No. 262156

"I cope with my trauma by reliving it every day!"

No. 262213

The thing about Shayna is her fake assault took place when she was 15/16, yet to cope she presents herself as a toddler? What??

No. 262214

Sage for OT but feverbl1ster reminds me a lot of Soren, tragic backstory and Courtney Love obsession to boot, although that might just be what all the damanged kids on Tumblr like?

No. 262232

File: 1488488514885.png (Spoiler Image, 153.85 KB, 750x1173, IMG_3525.PNG)

Feverbl1ster is now getting inundated with hate mail from Shayna's pedophile ddlg followers which is unsurprising. Can we all just take a moment to laugh at how her skin is getting so much worse with all of those lumps on her forehead and red pimples on her chest?

No. 262299

She actually looks better with falsies and no liner. That being said, I find this girl physically repulsive at this point. It's so true that when someone has an ugly personality it starts to reflect on their physical appearance. She's fucking nasty

No. 262580

File: 1488546174447.png (176.35 KB, 750x1173, IMG_3533.PNG)

Honestly I'm not too sure what to say about this

No. 262753

Interesting. This guy was in her cam room the other night saying he wished he had enough money to buy her things and be her sugar daddy basically but he lives in Indiana. Shayna said it doesn't matter where you are if you have money I will go there lmao

these people man…

No. 262766

wtf her nipples are so different from each other how

No. 263017

File: 1488603064341.jpg (Spoiler Image, 199.66 KB, 1200x901, C4wj4x1XUAQ_ff3.jpg)

I DO NOT understand how she looks this haggard at 19. It makes her little girl schtick that much more uncomfortable.

No. 263039

If nothing changes, there will be no stability in her life. She doesn't know how to survive on her own, which means she will rely on men to support her…and she seems to cater to a certain type of man. She's effectively looking to attract men at least twice her age who are interested in beating her. Her life is a mess and this is just the beginning.

No. 263047


Gross, she looks like my bitchy grandmother. I can't unsee this-
Even those veins showing up near her odd nipples freak me out-

No. 263074

File: 1488621374203.jpg (28.48 KB, 313x309, IMG_3540.JPG)

She really is just fucking repulsive. Look at that skin and those baggy eyes. Nobody's going to want a sugar baby that can't even look half pretty. Fucking gross. She makes me feel nauseous.

No. 263076

Her breasts are the least offensive thing about her appearance for me tbh. How did she get so wrinkly? Jesus.

No. 263077


Years of alcohol abuse, drug abuse and lying. All at the ripe age of 19.

No. 263092

File: 1488627773211.jpg (52.7 KB, 700x549, IMG_0485.JPG)

Jesus fucking christ her veiny tits gave me the heebie jeebies

No. 263106

looks like she drinks and smokes too much. twice-weekly exfoliating and heavy moisturizer could save her, but she won't.

No. 263109


She doesn't even shower so she's definitely not going to moisturise.

No. 263193

Apparently Shayna is now living in an apartment with people she met online… and she very openly told them about her "sex dungeon" of a room as she loves to call it. Can't help but wonder if she's living with a bunch of old men kek

No. 263206

File: 1488645369743.png (69.69 KB, 750x421, IMG_3556.PNG)

For somebody who laughs at and deletes those messages she sure seems bothered by them.

No. 263246

I just really fucking hate this girl and hope that something bad happens to her and she decides to sort out her life tbh

No. 263305

File: 1488657598426.png (747.09 KB, 720x995, 20170304_145714.png)

Oh god, why did i zoom in….

No. 263309

File: 1488658096996.png (304.36 KB, 500x374, IMG_3557.PNG)


Am I the only one that sees it?

No. 263322

Dobby is a free elf

No. 263327

They even almost have the same nose lol

The only clean thing in this picture is her eye makeup it seems
How can someone look this dirty at 19?
Also, the brows, can't she see the front parts are different length and all?

No. 263340

that's what happens when you eat like shit, do a bunch of drugs, drink a lot, never get any sleep, never get any exercise, wear shitty makeup and don't take it off at night, don't use any skincare products and likely never wears sunscreen.

No. 263352


You forgot never showers.

No. 263392

File: 1488666871346.jpg (Spoiler Image, 34.17 KB, 356x309, IMG_3559.JPG)

Her parents must be so proud lmao

No. 263413

File: 1488669249293.jpg (59.24 KB, 622x467, DSJKFSD.jpg)

sorry not sorry lol

No. 263441


I choked on my drink hahaha

No. 263445

File: 1488671456339.png (119.36 KB, 750x1288, IMG_3560.PNG)


And she's gone. Until her money runs out and she has to start begging people to buy her things again.

No. 263448

File: 1488671770850.png (140.69 KB, 750x1286, IMG_3561.PNG)

Actually nope. She just changed her URL to dumdolly.

No. 263450

File: 1488672046186.png (52.64 KB, 750x433, IMG_3562.PNG)

I wonder what's spooked her into changing her infamous brand lmao brand

No. 263559

She lurks this thread 24/7, maybe she took our advice. Hi Shaygnat cliffart!

No. 263712

maybe that's why she moved into her own apartment, she realized how sick and twisted it was to be performing her pedo shows in her dads house

No. 263715

Her lil bit she always reblogs in attempt to justify her weird kinks bugs me and has too many holes in it to count

No. 263729


It's all bullshit. She just uses that post to gain sympathy and attention and to excuse her shitty personality. We all know the truth.

No. 263732

For somebody who claims to be making bank and have this n that, why does she wear the same shit?
Does her closet only consist of two hair accessories, one pair of knee high socks and like three knock off american apparel tennis skirts??? (Also when shes not topless she has one and a half kiddie tee's)
I mean shit i think shes worn the same pair of lashes for a year lmao and the make up looks like some prime drugstore tier liquid cake in shade dead.
Way 2 go Shay Gnarly.

No. 263806

File: 1488738143722.png (116.9 KB, 749x990, IMG_3568.PNG)

It's funny how everybody has completely valid arguments as to why she's a complete piece of shit and a waste of space but she only ever has the same "moms basement Dorito dust fingers" comeback for literally every single person.

No. 263808

that is so suspiciously specific she's so projecting, no?

No. 263813

>"guuuuysss pls help me out!"
begs the same bitch who brags about how much more money she makes than anyone else kek

No. 263815

But it's those "moms basement Dorito dust fingers" who buy you shit, lmao She's basically insulting her own audience

And this

No. 263838


She's really the most stuck up, ungrateful, entitled whore that I've seen on that website and that's saying something.

No. 263868

File: 1488744931167.png (165.3 KB, 750x1059, IMG_3571.PNG)

Yes, exposing and causing concern to complete strangers because it's "ur kink" isn't disgusting at all.

No. 263885

But what are her eyebrows from this angle

No. 263887

A tragedy, just like the rest of her life.

No. 263948

File: 1488753022849.jpg (121.67 KB, 540x719, IMG_3572.JPG)


No. 263954

She can do eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, falsies and mascara but is too above some liquid foundation to cover that up?

Oh right, attentionwhore. Nvm. She looks like a meth head who had a go with someone at the crackhouse.

No. 263960


How come she has a noticable bruise in the first picture but not in this one?

No. 263965


She also has a booger.

No. 263973

Do you guys believe that she actually moved out? I'm kind of shocked that she can afford it

No. 263998

me too but her posts do appear to be from a different room, TBH I believe she's found a creepy old guy off of craigslist to live with for free in exchange for rimjobs

Also she appears to have deleted her instagram. Seems like shes trying to scrub as much of "shayna" as she can and replace it with "dolly" - we already know all about you, Shayna Clifford.

No. 264164


She's made her old Facebook private too. I doubt she can afford to rent anywhere but people from tumblr (more than likely a man or Big Man) have probably given her a room for a while in exchange for sexual favours.

No. 264981

sooooooooooooo shes done with tumblr now?

No. 264984

oh man. look at all those lines on her neck. jfc

No. 264985

No she's still there @dumdolly

No. 265003

File: 1488929243702.png (67.78 KB, 750x672, IMG_3585.PNG)

And she done such a great job at pretending she was done with weed.

No. 265016

File: 1488930728667.jpg (129 KB, 750x1156, IMG_2800.JPG)

it's pretty hard to believe..

lol imagine her just…. in an empty apartment alone, filming her content, having random Craigslist dudes over to have sex with her, no job or friends or non sexual stimulation or development of social skills… that's her whole life :/ how sad

also someone asked her on her new blog if she was shay-nar and she said no lmao ok shayna

who tipped her off about the thread?

No. 265140

File: 1488941271055.png (19.54 KB, 344x175, Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 9.46…)

you can now add to that smoking weed that people on tumblr pay for. funny how a few weeks ago she was making posts about jess being a pot smoking loser, and a few months ago she kept posting about her weed smoking illness, basically screaming for attention. she is over the top obnoxious.

No. 265145

someone on tumblr told her about it a while ago

No. 265248


this fucking shit!

holy fuck… i dismissed everything else said here about her body cos she isnt fat (lmao please), her skin is really not that bad & i know this is lolcow but she is really not bad looking i feel like people on here shit on others appearance for absolutely no reason at times simply for probably not being able to handle looking at themselves in the mirror but….

this fucking shit….

fucking good bye what the fuck is this bitch doing posting a video with whatever that medical attention needing shit is

No. 265338


Go home.

No. 265375

File: 1488977339857.jpg (49.23 KB, 604x404, IMG_3937.JPG)

No. 265407


How can you say that as a 19 year old girl it's normal to have such dry, wrinkled skin on her face, calloused feet, boils around her anus and weird red pimples all over her chest? She looks awful for her age and would pass better for a 40something year old crack whore who dresses in cheap thrift store teenage clothing in a poor attempt to look younger.

No. 265409

File: 1488984769320.gif (61.22 KB, 300x351, uhh.gif)

>her skin is really not that bad
>she is really not bad looking
Are you from a land of ogres or something?

No. 265425

File: 1488986693165.png (690.75 KB, 837x816, Screenshot_2017-03-08-09-06-03…)

>"her skin is really not that bad"
>that rough ass forehead
>that rough ass face
>that rough ass everything

No. 265437

Sheeit. Sage for blog post, but Ive been smoking cigarettes for nearly a decade and drinking daily for years. Despite being way older, I look like a spring chicken in comparison.
Shay-gnar? More like Shay Gnarly.

No. 265483

Hi five anon, me too plus im 31 and still get carded at clubs haha

No. 265491

File: 1488996890718.png (2.01 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1999.PNG)

what the fuck is going on with her face?

No. 265508

it's the facial expression that makes her look worse

Why isn't she at least using filters? It would improve her skin at least 30% because ypu wouldn't see how rough it really is

No. 265516

Most likely because she's lazy as fuck. Can't even put effort into looking her best, which is part of her job.

No. 265551

Didn't she try selling bras at some point? Whatever happened to that?

No. 265562

god, what could even improve her looks at this point?

No. 265568


Honestly if she cleaned herself regularly (wash face at least once a day, shit like that, showered), stopped wearing makeup (because all the foundation and lack of showering / washing face is just making her face worse. She should go on walks or some shit to get some form of exercise.

No. 265586

Not as easy as selling yourself

No. 265589


Lmao she can't even sell herself. I'm honestly convinced she maybe makes 50 dollars if even that. She doesn't even put as much effort into it like I see other girls do. I'm honestly betting she's gonna start doing things like bratgrrrrl2 since she is trying so hard to act like her

No. 265597

Every time I catch her on cam, I never really see her make more than 200 tokens per night. Does anyone know how much $$ that translates to? It doesn't seem like much.

Add to that her private blog and snapchat sales, which I still think will plateau eventually, but I still don't think she's doing as well as she tries to portray.

No. 265606


No. 265617

Haha yeah, I think 1 token is like 0.05 for the model. And she always does stuff for really cheap. Like, punches herself in the face for ten tokens.

No. 265620

File: 1489012587694.png (1.98 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2007.PNG)

guys I think she's not going to exfoliate and clean herself ew

No. 265624


omg she's definitely reading here

what the actual fuck kind of reaction is that? accepting and loving your flaws… omg this is worse than fat acceptance. WASH YOURSELF

200 tokens is only $10 for the model. She's making $10 a night. dear god that's sad. but I mean what can you expect from someone willing to punch herself in the face for 50 cents? >>265617 you'd have to pay the dumbass at your high school lunch table more to do shit like that

No. 265627

She has acne because she never washes her face lol I had bad acne for the same reason when I was in High School. Now I have clear skin because I'm not nasty anymore and clean myself

No. 265630

Normally I'd say it's mean to tell someone with acne to just wash their faces because some people just have hormonal acne and literally need to go on oral medication to clear it up

but it's clear that shay is just filthy

No. 265634


Like, It is clear she has acne because she never washes her foundation off. My brother suffered from acne and he even says hers looks like it is due from the makeup. I doubt she checks her makeup expiration dates.

No. 265635

File: 1489013637812.png (Spoiler Image, 1.19 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0432.PNG)

You forgot the worst part, the photo showcasing all her flaws

No. 265636

Her one nipple is like 3x the size of the other and her chest looks like a senior citizens with all those sun spots and whatnot

No. 265639

>Love yourself
>beat me
>pay me to punch myself
>rape me
>kick me in the ribs daddy


No. 265640

People pay to see this….

Also, what is with the black/brown shit on her chest? It looks like dirt.

No. 265641

I honestly thought her nipples were erect all the time which is why they are pointy… Holy shit are they actually like that all the time….

No. 265642

I bet her face is so nasty because she doesn't clean her hands after fucking with her herself for change on cam. She's fucking groddy

No. 265643


Apparently she's also back to smoking weed because people have offered to buy her some for "special videos". Girl…. I thought weed made you sick???

No. 265644

She reblogs her old smoking pics "where are these coming from idgi", does she really think just because she deletes her OP the post is gone forever? Kek she obviously doesn't know how the internet or tumblr works.

No. 265645


No. 265646

Leftover shit from the dump some 60 y/o took on her last night for $15

No. 265647

File: 1489014037087.jpg (18.06 KB, 425x280, Shaysrightnip.jpg)

She always says her right nipple is insanely sensitive. Probably because it's a literal clam neck

No. 265648

Does anyone know what happened with her and Kawaiidabber? I'm mutuals with Kawaiidabber and she seems to dislike Shay, but wont talk about it due to the fact she doesn't want drama.

No. 265650

guys imagine the smell of her body & hair
i bet she stinks like garlic, like 2 weeks old armpit sweat

No. 265651

Maybe it's because kawaiidabber has started trying to get into tumblr sexwork and it's competition?

No. 265652

Hahahaha that's exactly what it looks like

No. 265653

Samefag but fucked up sage because on mobile my bad

No. 265654

Kawaiidabber used to have multiple public falling outs with friends back when she was Thestonersage, maybe she's calmed down on the drama and their huge egos just collided. Shay turned from edgy teen bitch to a completely sick insufferable cunt. Her friends are dropping like flies and I don't blame anyone for distancing themselves from her. Also, the proven fake rape allegations.

No. 265655

Top kek

No. 265657

What really pisses me off is how she's totally for "women" and shit but admits she would sleep with a married man. I hope she does sleep with a married man and gets her teeth knocked out by the wife.

No. 265659

Kawaiidabber honestly pisses me off so much
>isn't even kawaii
>originally set up her snapchat for $40 a month, now sells it for only $10
>calls selling said Snapchat her "job"
>set up a gofundme because her and her gf we're going to be homeless
>posts videos on tumblr and insta of her taking almost .5g dabs (~$20 worth in 1 hit)

Like maybe if you're on the verge of homelessness you should apply for a REAL job and cut back on the weed?

Weed breath is another cringy one of shays friends.
>claims to be asexual
>runs a dd/lg blog where she posts nudes of her and her bf (and her and shayna)
>kisses shaynas ass like no other, is really just trying to copy her
>also doesn't have a job
>somehow manages to post new videos of her smoking weed everyday

No. 265660

Kawaiidabber and weed breath honestly both deserve threads about them. Weed-breath is worst because she snaps at porn blogs for following her when she literally runs one herself. Why don't these "stoner" girls love themselves? lol

No. 265661

Someone make a general stoner bloggers thread please. I would but I'm on mobile

No. 265662


I got this hold up

No. 265663

probably just smells like rotten grease, I doubt she's healthy enough to eat anything with actual spices in it

No. 265665

Yes please do and link it here so we can discuss these pieces of dirt

No. 265667

Kek she always freaks out over porn blogs, but she runs one, her "daddy" and best friend all have one too? Hypocritical. Who do you think all of your followers are? People with porn blogs.

She had some lulzy drama on her blog maybe a month or two back about her being asexual. She calls herself asexual but doesn't seem to really know the definition of it and got hella backlash and continued to be all "it means whatever I want it to mean!!! Sometimes I'm sexual and act like a child and call my bf daddy but sometimes it digusts me!!!"

No. 265669


>>>/snow/265666 here ya go. I just started off with weed-breath cause she bothers me the most lol

No. 265859

she has twitter now. I kinda feel like shes gonna turn into a Stormy/Kat situation.

No. 265871

Well she looks….not great in that first video.

No. 265954


What the actual fuck is that voice in the video?

No. 266037

She looks trash in everything she posted there so far. She literally chose her worst photos to advertise herself with haha

No. 266063

20 bucks says she was only getting sick from her disgusting bongwater

No. 266126

File: 1489076663648.png (156.56 KB, 750x1007, IMG_3596.PNG)

I'm laughing at how she posts this but a couple of weeks ago she said that everybody who is prettier, younger or thinner than her is a threat lmao

No. 266153

I'm laughing so hard! Acne is a skin disease, it's something that people treat by taking certain medication / use special skin care. Ingrown hairs can become infected, so good luck with painful red pimples. And calloused feet? Wait till your heels will crack and you won't be able to even walk! It's not an aesthetic or beauty standard things, it's taking care about your health!

No. 266234

File: 1489089399392.png (43.9 KB, 246x498, Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 2.56…)

>"talk about trying to attract pedos"

……but your whole life is dedicated to attracting pedos?

No. 266239

lmao no pedo wants to look at her old tired ass and disgusting wonky body

No. 266251

Plus i'm pretty sure if you go back in her archive there's photos of her underage.

I love how she acts all high and mighty by not adopting the "DDLG" label anymore because the community is toxic, but she doesn't the same exact shit they do. She just refuses to use the label.

Not to mention she used to be all about DDLG. But then all of a sudden its toxic, yet she changed nothing about her behavior. You are doing the EXACTY SAME thing Shayna.

No. 266284


Even her "give me sympathy" post about her "trauma" stated why she was so into ddlg and now suddenly she's not because she doesn't like the label lmao but I thought you were in to it because of your trauma not because of tumblr shayna?

No. 266288

bitch needs to get off her high horse. Throw her in the trash.

No. 266342

She has a major attitude with her "customers." I'm sure that will end well for her.

No. 266930


She is the trash.

No. 267463

File: 1489231438548.jpg (Spoiler Image, 71.48 KB, 375x750, IMG_3610.JPG)

Is this supposed to be cute?

No. 267466


god damn this bitch has like two expression and both of them only emphasize how haggard and old she looks for her age

also her hair is so fucking nasty
shit looks matted

No. 267610


No. 267611

I spy those twin stars sanrio shoes from dollskill that were on sale for 20/30 bucks bitch I see you
glad I didn't order those now

No. 267620

File: 1489258141227.jpg (21.3 KB, 414x640, arnold.jpg)

she looks like rimmer

No. 267626

Lord, she's so flabby!!! Stretch and tone girl!! (The shoes are cute, though I bet they already smell from her foot fungus). Yikes what a train wreck.

No. 267635

Jeez. I kind of get why she styles her hair like that but has she ever heard of a straightner? Maybe bangs as well. She could easily keep up this childish look without looking like she doesn't wash or brush her hair.

No. 267643


There's no look. She genuinely does not wash her hair (or her body for that matter) or brush it.

No. 267650

File: 1489264582589.png (15.04 KB, 251x167, Screen Shot 2017-03-11 at 12.3…)

Girl…no. There is nothing about you that suggests intelligence of any kind.

No. 267658


Calm down

No. 267709

please look at that clam neck nip and tell me it doesn't arouse hatred from you

No. 267757

I hope, for your mental health, you never watch a video of her during a cam session. She tugs on that thing and plays with it constantly. I almost understand your disgust after seeing watching that.

No. 267798

Should I dump some gif/clips of her punching herself in the face repeatedly for 50 cents? It's extremely lulzy!

No. 267805

yes lol

No. 267825


Please lmao

No. 268147

File: 1489329807770.jpg (Spoiler Image, 31.96 KB, 250x333, IMG_3619.JPG)

When she tries to squeeze herself into a cheap ass outfit that's way too small for her and the zipper doesn't even go half way because of her back fat lol

No. 268276

her shape and tits arent really all that bad its her fucking awful skin that sets everything off

No. 268281

Anon, come on. That's not back fat. Her frame is just much wider than what that size was made for.

No. 268288


yeah she is not fat (every lolcow gets called fat for some reason) she is just…. well what you can read on this thread

No. 268349

I think when people on here talk about how she's "fat" they're just saying she's untoned. She's clearly not overweight, but she could benefit from toning up (as can anyone.) It just becomes that much more obvious when because she's naked all the time and all of her flaws are hanging out there.

No. 268402


She might not be fat but she's definitely not thin or fit. She's just like a bag of terrible skin.

No. 269525

File: 1489507426716.png (104.87 KB, 750x1064, IMG_3629.PNG)

If she washed more than once a month and took care of her skin she wouldn't look so horrifying.

No. 269604

Seriously her makeup looks like she never washes it off, just cakes more on everyday

No. 269644

her ~vibe makes no sense lol. she's a cam girl who's a stoner, but she's also a fetish cammer (do pedos like stoners? "little"s are supposed to be childlike, and children don't smoke pot). she doesn't care at all about her brand since she changed urls. She's so obviously new and bad at what she does

No. 269958

File: 1489537852808.jpg (166.05 KB, 848x1200, bridget5.jpg)

She cant decide if she wants to be a Kendra or a Bridget.

No. 269965

man that was a fucking weird time

No. 269968

come thru

No. 269973

Dont leave us hanging

No. 270207

File: 1489603849877.png (200.25 KB, 750x1291, IMG_3639.PNG)

She's now claiming to be a Child Sex Abuse survivor lmao what the fuck how many more lies can she tell?

No. 270260

she's probably only saying that since she was under 18 when her 'rape' happened, therefore making her a 'child' in her eyes, since anyone under 18 is apparently a child according to Shayna…

No. 270339

File: 1489615627754.png (71.39 KB, 750x499, IMG_3642.PNG)

She's now trying to hide who she is although she's spent so long making her "brand" and whoring herself out using her real name. We still see you Shayna Clifford from MA, daughter of Shaun Clifford.

No. 270343


shes mentioned several times of child abuse from her mother. does anyone kno what happened? i remember her making a few posts how they never got along, n just constantly calling her mom a bitch but does anyone kno y she says that

No. 270429

There was no abuse. Her mother hating started after her parents parted ways and Shayna's only future goals were to do porn and drugs. Any mother would be against that for their teenage daughter, she's just a cunt.

No. 270452

This. This is looking like one of those situations where she will have no idea how right her parents were and how much they were trying to help her until it's too late. She has to find out the hard way.

No. 270546

Is this supposed to look cute and childlike? Or even feminine? She needs to learn some poses. This makes her look like a man. Narrow lower body, wide oddly muscular looking shoulders and back. Eugh

No. 270562


normally ppl do his BEFORE they plaster the webz with their crusty privates SHAYNA

No. 270568


"while i figure myself" How much untill she comes out as nonbinary?

No. 270631

I think she was trying to show off that she is boney and soooo smooooll… but it kind of comes across like she is trying.to flex her back muscles.

It is kind of like when she tries to makes faces that fit the mindless bimbo slut fetish but she ends up looking like she got distracted by something out of frame.

No. 270656

Fuck, I kept wiping my phone's screen thinking there was something gross on it, but it was just those marks around her shoulders.

No. 270933

File: 1489700860049.png (103.2 KB, 750x720, IMG_3643.PNG)

Why is she pretending that Connor doesn't hate her guts when everybody knows that he does?

No. 270936

shes on mfc rn (stupidbaby), she used to punch herself for 13 tokens now its up to 45. she def lurks here.

No. 270952

File: 1489701612336.png (Spoiler Image, 114.55 KB, 998x712, IMG_3654.PNG)


But she still looks like this so nobody's going to pay her because she's literally trailer trash lmao

No. 270955

File: 1489701638568.png (433.72 KB, 908x317, Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 5.58…)

>calling her customers dicks
>complaining that they dont tip enough

No. 270965

She's honestly so disgusting

No. 270971


She is slapping herself in the face for 20 tokens which roughly comes to around $2.

No. 271007

she tries to act like some experienced sex goddess but her sucking that dildo was comical. she clearly sucks at that

No. 271009

literally good luck getting a job for even minimum wage shay-nasty. I used to feel bad for her but that ship has sailed

No. 271039

File: 1489708647024.png (407.6 KB, 734x371, Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 4.55…)

Look I know everyone is into different shit, to each their own, but something about this really creeps me out. This fetfive dude is making her repeat everything she did in a private show as she looks down and acts all defeated lmao. And she has to sit with her hands behind her back with her legs open. I mean for fucks sake

No. 271048

What did she do?

No. 271051

File: 1489709814458.png (192.2 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0463.PNG)

Well that's not creepy at all

No. 271069

I know people can't really help their voices but she looks and sounds like the epitome of basic bitch. She always sounds like she's either trying too hard to a cool stoner chick or a innocent little girl and both are bad.


And is that really considered chugging…?

No. 271096

Looks like she is attracting some gorean weirdos. That could get entertaining.

No. 271097

Models only receive 5 cents per token, so she's slapping herself for $1

No. 271203

are you fucking kidding me in that video she looks 36

No. 271224

Oh my fucking lord, the cringe is so strong in this video

No. 271311


What the fuck is that video lmao I'm embarrassed for her

No. 271468

File: 1489776766658.jpg (355.79 KB, 1242x1722, triggerwarning.jpg)

So its okay for her to fetishize and sexualize childlike behavior but she also needs trigger warnings for posts discussing sexual abuse???? She's a giant contradiction.

No. 271472

The hypocrisy! Oh my Lord she is so dense… considering all the times she'd lash out at others (sometimes underage girls) for kindly asking her to put trigger warnings on her posts. Shayna, you are a joke.

No. 271631

File: 1489789109603.png (147.89 KB, 750x1111, IMG_3671.PNG)

Why on earth would anybody want to see her take a piss with the caption "baby"?

No. 271655

File: 1489791820548.png (Spoiler Image, 774.96 KB, 1236x737, omg.png)

looooseyy goosey

No. 271677

Ew @ that gaping ham wallet and ew @ the dudes in her chat. She's well on her way to fisting herself, calling it now.

No. 271688

those clown shoes are hideous

No. 271700

How ironic that one of her "daddies" probably said that to manipulate her

No. 271704


Girl, is that dry period blood? ew

No. 271717

Her asshole is terrifying me

No. 271728

is that a dildo or a prolapsed ass

if the latter, JFC

No. 271769

It was a buttplug lol.

On that day she was complaining that the pink dildo to her left was too big for her and she couldn't fit it lmao.

No. 272142

probably not news but yall seen this right? https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001019655088

No. 272261

File: 1489865159225.png (472.1 KB, 720x1058, 20170318_152413.png)

Okay Shayna. She was also 15 in this, same nasty forehead and dry lips

No. 272270

File: 1489865475311.png (592.3 KB, 720x723, 20170318_152844.png)

"Muh childhood was non-stop abuse! I hate my parents! They never did anything for me! Daddy wasn't there! Mom was an abusive cunt! My "fake" sexual assault! I'm the way I am because of how BAD I had it! Feel bad for me!!"

No. 272271

Exactly what I thought, she complains about having a shitty childhood but from the looks of things it's nonstop going out on holidays,riding on snowmobiles and eating at restaurants. Oh Shayna, you must have had such an AWFUL childhood.

No. 272347


Right around the time she was apparently raped and then shaved her head. Yeah, she sure does looks like she's just recovered from rape…

No. 272410

That's definitely the face of a girl who's been horribly abused and neglected by her parents.
Bitch please.

No. 272527

Wealth doesn't guarantee a happy childhood
But anyway
Shaydur is just another one of those poor little rich girls whom fantasize hardships, like ginger Bronson

No. 272576

God I recognised this dumb skank immediately.

I unfollowed her after her irritatingly sexual content got too much. I liked her girly aesthetic in the beginning but she is now into dd/lg shit, extremely self-obsessed, would reblog her own selfies every five minutes, and whinge about people not buying her nudes and sex tapes all the time.

I'm new to this forum and this is my first post, I couldn't help myself, this bitch annoys me so much and her hair looks crunchy

No. 272580


she's lifting them up so they don't sag lol

No. 272622


>Dirty panties

What's exactly her fanbase? She seems to want to attract the piss fetishists.

How much 'till she drinks pee on camera?

No. 272763

File: 1489892690583.jpg (Spoiler Image, 123.42 KB, 1175x750, tumblr_omzmyq0a471rmiw96o1_128…)

Why is she sucking in so much… Trying to play off as anorexic it seems.

No. 272799

Well she used to claim to have an eating issue, but she dropped that when she picked up this little girl punching herself in the face shtick.

No. 272920


How is this even the same person? Did she just eat a 5 course meal in the first picture, or did she not eat all day and then photoshop and suck in on the second picture?

I literally have no idea what size she is normally now

No. 272953


1. She's arching her back until it's about to break so that her ribs stick out.
2. She is sucking in so much she is about to pass out from lack of air.

Her natural body type is the chubby belly and severely untoned body that she can't hide when she's on cam and in her other pictures and videos.

No. 274450

File: 1490132681372.png (188.44 KB, 750x1193, IMG_3681.PNG)

That amount of highlighter makes her nose look about four times larger than it already is.

No. 274453

Her nose is giving me Margaret Palermo vibes.

No. 274462

How can she be this self absorbed while looking like that? I mean good for her i guess…

No. 274526

>"i'm truly perfect ok"


No. 274539

She looks like a crack whore that smells like ass.

No. 274573

Not sure about the first part, but the second part is highly likely seeing as she rarely showers.

No. 274667

Her hair looks like Berber carpet

No. 274668

everyone gets rolls when they sit, she is sucking in though

No. 274688


She also has a little chub when she's standing so what's your point about sitting?

No. 274704

not really, i think lolcow thinks any stomach that isnt a concave or exactly 180 degrees is chub, stomachs are supposed to be slightly rounded because theres organs in there, imo shes a good 10 lbs away from being chub

No. 274715

Good lord how did we ever find them attractive. They look like they smell like a damp ashtray and juicy couture perfume

No. 274719


Uh do you see how WIDE she is in the first picture I linked? I don't care about the roll, she's WIDE, and then in the second picture she looks thin. I know lying down makes you look thinner, but NOT that much thinner. She looks like she has a 32+ inch waist in the first pic and a 25 inch one in the second pic. Go look at skinny girls or models sitting, their waist doesn't become 7 inches WIDER even if they get a roll.

No. 274754


Go back to tumblr.

No. 275120

All of that highlighter makes her face look even greasier than normal. Yikes

No. 275201

File: 1490213934716.png (202.19 KB, 1233x1102, IMG_5318.PNG)

Someone has clearly been lurking.

No. 275208

Lul. This thread has only been active for 3 months.

No. 275213

hahahaha she thinks she's special

No. 275221

She's whining about possibly deleting her blog now lmao. But she doesn't care, right? She's perfect in every way and everyone else is just a hater!

No. 275270

kek she turned anon questions off and made her blog one of those dashboard only blogs

No. 275273

if she deletes her blog she will literally have nothing, so I doubt she will

No. 275279

What an empty threat. She won't do it bc if she does then she won't have anyone to beg for money. She's WAY to self absorbed to do that.

No. 275337

File: 1490223252719.png (179.18 KB, 750x1168, IMG_3689.PNG)

This is the funniest thing I've read in a while.

No. 275353

>devoting their entire life

No. 275354

Same girl who makes posts saying "is there anything more important in the world than giving me attention?"

You're getting the attention you deserve- shay-gnat!

No. 275363

Everyone enjoys a good train wreck.

Laughing at you takes about a minute of my day and then I enjoy the rest of my day not having to beg pedos for money or punch myself in the face for male validation while wearing panties made for a 9 year old.

No. 275383

She acts like because she spends all day on the internet, everybody else does.

No, Shayna, most people have jobs and school that require them to work instead of beg for shit or put in the bare minimum effort on cam for 2 hours every week. Some of us just so happen to love watching you crash and burn in our free time, seeing as you are a disgusting person.

No. 275385

I wish the forum post had like buttons

No. 275398

No. 275442

okay anachan, take it easy, we get it, she's a whale to you.

No. 275445

I'd like to know how she got someone to suspend her? Usually they only want to suspend fetlife "models," that always land on the front page. Honestly, I'm jealous, but it looks like she was struggling and it loosened the rope around her right tit, that's not gonna feel good later.

No. 275461

Why are there fatty chans on every post on lolcow suddenly? You're replying to a friggin 10+ day old comment just to call somebody an anachan. At least sage that shit.

No. 275484

Why does she look like a mantis bug though

No. 275499

A photographer that goes by theropegeek on tumblr suspended her. She calls him daddy, so I'm going to assume they have some kind of uh..relationship and it eventually led to pictures.

No. 275501

I bet she'll start having an ED again

No. 275508

Doubt she ever had one, she just wanted sympathy points.

No. 275789

File: 1490282852263.png (1.67 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3690.PNG)

I can't get over how bad her skin is.

No. 275810

HOW IS SHE 20!!??
ugh wash your fucking face please FUCK so triggered she looks 40

No. 275824

god her nose bothers me so much. it makes her look so dumb when she smiles.

why would she post this? she has full control over what she looks like to her customers, basically. and yet this is what she chooses to put out there?

No. 275859

File: 1490289043062.jpg (407.9 KB, 2048x2048, 4ED40C20-3BC2-4C73-9EBD-A31DDE…)


No. 275862

She looks like a bitchy Mexican grandma.

No. 275866

Hey now no reason to go insulting hatchet face.

No. 276105

I almost instinctively punched my computer screen spoiler that shit jesus lord almighty

No. 276367

Does anyone know how much money she makes (or doesn't make…) on cam? I can't imagine dudes paying much to see anything she's got.

No. 276376

super ot but like how can i prevent myself looking like this like premature aging??? fml her eyebags

No. 276387

go to /g/…

No. 276428

Sage goes in the email field friend

No. 276540

>you seem to love me more than anyone else
well, certainly people ITT are being more honest and giving her better advice than the 40 year old pedo creeps that enable the trainwreck that is her internet presence

No. 277258

Well her blog is back up already. Really can't live without that attention, huh shayna clifford?

No. 277304

same fag here
I never said she wasn't wide, her stomach looks a bit bloated if anything, look at girls with abs sitting it looks a lot like her stomach when she sits and she probably ate a lot before which could've added to it, if she was as chubby as everyone said then she wouldn't even look as thin as she did in the first place, her stomach in the sitting picture doesnt look 32 inches at all maybe 32, trust me I've been anorexic, fat, obese,fit, curvy and all inbetween,

No. 277315

I hate tumblr and I do think that it's ridiculous how there's fat acceptance but honestly it just seems like on here if a girl dares to have her stomach poke out a cm people act like shes a damn whale,its actually getting kind of annoying

is freelee a cow for getting bloated?

No. 277347


i actually agree w this. some farmers are hellbent on finding evidence that everyone they don't like is fat. they're scraping the barrel here.

not defending shay - if anything it's sad that she's the size she is and still can't make herself look half decent. she is unfortunate facially which is worse than a little fat tbh.

No. 277365

Personally I don't think she's fat, she just has an unfortunate body shape. Like she doesn't have much of a waist/hip difference, so that's why she appears "wide" in some photos. Her torso pretty much goes straight down. And she is probably too lazy to stop begging for shit and go work out, so she has no definition and that's what makes her appear "chubby", though she is still thin. Just no definition.

Just my opinion. As we've seen, plenty of people find her attractive. Even enough to pay to see her.

No. 277934

Whether she's fat or not she's still a haggard, disgusting looking piece of shit and nobody can deny that. People don't pay her for her looks, they pay her because she's cheap and will completely debase herself for a couple of dollars. Utterly classless.

No. 278417

sigh why doesn't a man just go on one of her shows and tip her to exfoliate, wash herself, maybe use a peppermint mask, scrub it all off and moisturise.

and file down her clam neck

No. 278681

lol she's been hiding her weird nip in pictures lately.

No. 278715

Which would lead me to believe she reads here. And yet she still won't take everyone's advice and take a nice hot shower, exfoliate, brush her hair, exc.

Or just fuck off altogether because she isn't the hot shit she thinks she is.

No. 278870

I can only imagine how bad her ear holes smell.

No. 279142


This makes me want to vomit.

No. 279239

File: 1490712003356.jpg (Spoiler Image, 244.01 KB, 471x248, BnDOwZV.jpg)

hiding her clam neck.
Also, why does she only wear the one pair of Hk underwear? Don't children underwear come in packs??

No. 279247

hiding that fucked up nipple too lol

No. 279264

Is she trying to be all demure and innocent now? Everyone already knows you as the cheap whore, Shayna. Go back to taking pictures in your cage.

No. 279327

What the fuck are those spikey ass teeth? Does the angle make them appear thinner or are they really that thin? It's like two little snake teeth.

No. 279480

That nipple though lmao

No. 280191

It's probably from all those dog toys she chews on

No. 280193

fucking kek

No. 280694

File: 1490881091289.jpg (296.56 KB, 719x1280, IMG_3257.JPG)

No. 280695

File: 1490881152310.jpg (219.13 KB, 750x1130, IMG_3258.JPG)

No. 280696

don't worry shaynasty, I'm pretty sure no one was going to mistake this for thinspo lol

No. 280794

File: 1490892968493.jpg (Spoiler Image, 175.69 KB, 719x1280, IMG_3761.JPG)

Dear lord.

No. 280795

File: 1490893064799.jpg (Spoiler Image, 82.71 KB, 421x750, 4VNb0kR.jpg)

LOL her tits and stomach roll make a face and its all I can see.

No. 280804

goodness gracious she is dirty. shayna needs to learn how to use concealer. not that it would fix her, but it would be one small improvement. all i see are those chest zits (which is maybe a good thing, they are the less horrifying part of her body)

No. 280946

File: 1490904547489.png (732.01 KB, 421x750, IMG_3762.PNG)

She just looks like a gremlin. No wonder she has to do disgusting shit on cam for people to pay attention to her.

No. 280952

Good lord, she's botched. Her nose looks like Kabutops

No. 280959

Part of me thinks she wouldn't look so bad if she dressed her age and stopped forcing the little girl thing. She simply does not have the face for that. She isn't clean, young, or fresh looking enough. Her haggard ass face combined with cutesy clothes is very disturbing.

No. 281056

Her hair and face put me in mind of a young Sarah Jessica Parker, who was never drop dead gorgeous, but dressed her ass off and took such immaculate care of herself that she seemed drop dead gorgeous. Shay is such wasted potential imo. She could probably be quite striking if she wanted to be, but she's fixated on being cute, which she absolutely isn't.

No. 281121

her wrinkly forehead annoys me so much! and this stupid face she makes, like pushing her tongue against her teeth whilst smiling - this looks like she's retarded, not cute

No. 281125


i haven't been following this thread but saw this while scrolling and this picture legitimately freaked me out. why would someone post such a horrid picture of themselves? she looks like a house elf from harry potter

No. 281145

File: 1490918564978.png (1.16 MB, 719x1280, tumblr_odz5vadcL81rmiw96o1_128…)

This is the most pathetic and hilariously bad thing I've ever seen from her. She tries soooo hard and still doesn't have an iota of the sex appeal that some other girls on MFC have.

No. 281722

I have her categorized as a sociopath at this point

No. 281730


the mask makes it look like she's gonna rob me, not seduce me

No. 281736

Making dumb faces and sticking your ass out isn't seduction. She's just an awkward person. she's trying real/too hard to be "cute and sexy" tbh in some of her past photos she is real cute kind of. What happened?

No. 281905

she looks like an elderly lady on meth or something

No. 282115

hahahaha oh my god nailed it

No. 282232

File: 1491058744363.jpg (Spoiler Image, 88.47 KB, 422x750, IMG_3782.JPG)

Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse.

No. 282235

Even if that thing is washed that's disgusting

No. 282350

File: 1491080954029.jpg (7 KB, 161x161, Untitled.jpg)

Never underestimate ones ability to control the elements. You will be surprised how the tides can turn.

No. 282354

same anon, sorry I had to make that lmao. Forgot to spoiler but it's so cropped I doubt it matters
Never underestimate ones ability to control the elements. You will be surprised how the tides can turn.

No. 282454



No. 282485

That is fake I believe. I remember someone pointing that out to her and she said she never had a VF account.

No. 282521


Ah. I found it interesting because it listed her age as 22.
"And in the end, we were all just humans...
Drunk on the idea that love,
Only love,
Could heal our brokenness."
~ Scott F. Fitzgerald

No. 283551


Seriously who in their right mind would actually WANT to be this train wreck?

No. 284392

lmao this bitch turned off anon asks

No. 284520

On her tumblr she posted that she had to ship her dog cage to her new apartment, which would lead me to believe she moved far away from her parents? I wonder if that "Big Man" dude gave her a room in his house in exchange for her being his fuck toy basically? Didn't he live in Chicago or somewhere not local? I doubt she just moved in with friends. And don't see how she can afford it.

Also, does anyone know whatever happened with MA anon? Did they ever deliver anything?

No. 284889

That's the exact same thought I had last night. Her house also seems way too nice for something that her a 2 other girls (like she claims) share together. Look at the bathroom and the background in pics, it looks to me like its definitely an older persons house.

No. 284941

nope, MA anon was probably just shay. Just like how Jenna messaged her mom pretending to be someone else to deter attention

No. 285189

File: 1491426683183.jpg (32.72 KB, 307x436, Capture.JPG)

Says the basic white bitch herself

No. 285211

god she's fucking repulsive

No. 285237

I don't know if I buy that. Why would Shayna want people to think she faked her sexual assault? Her entire persona is built on that and getting sympathy.

Pot meet kettle, Shayna. You are the epitome of a basic white tumblr bitch who listened to too much lana del rey and now has an obnoxious ddlg fetish that no one wants to hear about. Trash.

No. 285339

Sometimes people fantasise to deal with traumatic experiences. Each to their own; there's no right or wrong way to deal with traumatic experiences, providing you don't go shooting up a school that is, if she wants to fantasise about rape to deal with her rape trauma, let her be. The last thing she needs is people shaming her for doing what she wants to do in life.

No. 285394

Well, she chooses to take it out of the bedroom and put it onto the internet, where people are inevitably going to comment on it. People are "shaming" her because she's a hypocritical, selfish cunt.

No. 285400

No. 285404

Head back to Tumblr.

No. 285419


>each to their own

shut the fuck up

No. 285459


She also begs strangers on the internet for money. Not sure how that fits into dealing with a rape trauma.

No. 285483


Hi Shayna. Nice of you to join us.

No. 285640

I'm MA anon, and definitely not Shayna. The only evidence I could provide was posted here from another anon who helped me work the story out on discord. I said what I had to say, provided the (limited) evidence I had, and have been silently lurking as it would only be my word against hers at this point (since that troll blog has long since been deleted).

No. 285644

Samefag, but since it's confirmed Shay lurks here I highly doubt she'll let it slip that her assault was faked ever again. She's too wrapped up in the delusion at this point.

No. 286107

File: 1491570676000.png (27.41 KB, 252x262, Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 9.09…)

>openly invites creepy men to abduct her
>dresses/acts like a sexualized little girl

yeah nothing wrong here Shayna, just working through your trauma!!

No. 286282

I just hate that she doesn't dye her roots lmao. Seriously honey, that look ain't cute.

No. 286292

please jesus we need the end times

No. 286294

yeah, especially not for the look she's going for

No. 286344

File: 1491597746685.png (59.11 KB, 750x498, IMG_3841.PNG)


Begs to be kidnapped from old men but needs pepper spray and a stun gun for protection..

No. 286362

Ugh I finally unfollowed this chick. Like many people I quite enjoyed her natural/edgy/cutesy stoner look, but now her blog is just… Yuck. I wish she'd just made a new blog so I could find her old pics, but I guess the reason why she didn't make a new blog was to trick people into continuing to follow her despite completely changing her blog.

No. 286363


This bitch is disgusting. Nothing says traumatized rape victim like kiddnapping and rape fantasies.

No. 286372

> get raped
> cope with your trauma by fantasizing of getting raped


No. 287521

It's not that uncommon I was molested in my sleep by a friends brother at a sleepover in middle school once and now I have "sleep assault" fantasies although I understand that these fantasies happen because I was molested so I've never even tried to act them out.

But the problem is she was never raped so not only is she plastering rape fantasies all over the internet she has no sane explanation as why she has them.(nice blog)

No. 288590

File: 1491849975308.jpeg (112.05 KB, 750x1000, C8vCLG_XkAEENBg.jpg-large.jpeg)

I think it's time to size up, Shay. Not a good look.

No. 288595

She looks like she could be Ke$ha's ugly twin.

No. 288597

So, I guess she shaves her pits and cooch without showering? Beat.

No. 288622

Her breast is literally under her armpit?

How did you come to that conclusion?

No. 288626


Slight blogpost but I'm a rape/childhood sexual assault victim and I have extremely violent sexual fantasies. HOWEVER, as I want to (and have been) dealing with my trauma for years, I put concerted effort into not indulging these fantasies and training myself to be aroused by healthy sexual activity.

Shay-gnar pisses me off because she acts like she's infallible because it's her "way of dealing with it". Child abusers are usually victims of abuse themselves, murderers have usually experienced cruelty in their lives… that doesn't make what they do okay. It makes them part of the problem.

No. 288742


Except there's nothing for her to deal with because she lied about being raped because she needs to play the sympathy card whenever she's called out for being a cunt.

No. 288750

Her face looks very mad that she's wearing makeup.. does she not realize how terrible wearing makeup everyday + not washing it off correctly gives you acne and wrinkles?? there's no reason to not be clean unless you're fucking homeless jfc

No. 288754

Her arm looks so huge and unfortunate at this angle

No. 289055

She would look better as a MILF than as a "little girl"
Like she could try on some elegant makeup and quality lingerie and capitalize on her mature looking face and body. The undersized kids clothes make her look like a homeless person that has nothing else to wear

No. 290240

File: 1492044932110.png (17.89 KB, 266x155, Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 8.54…)

She definitely moved in with "big man" or some other old creep.

No. 290524

The worst part is that I the largest size these pyjamas come in is 9-10 years old (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Barbie-Snuggle-Fit-Pyjamas-Girls-Barbie-PJs-Kids-Barbie-Pyjama-Set-NEW-/401213464853). Shay, honey, wear some proper fitting clothes for fucks sake.

No. 290600

File: 1492111512515.png (Spoiler Image, 247.22 KB, 487x365, Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 12.2…)

How sexy! She looks like fucking Golem.

No. 290661

Dude, spoiler that shit.

No. 291416

File: 1492152876799.png (Spoiler Image, 133.76 KB, 750x1278, IMG_3893.PNG)

That old haggard face makes me want to vomit.

No. 291472

Those lopsided titties

No. 291504

Acne, veins, wrinkles, yellow callouses on feet, clam neck nipple, stupid facial expressions, nasty teeth, boils and zits around vag and anus, ugly hair and lack of personal hygiene = Shayna Clifford aka shay gnar aka dumdolly

Everytime I look at her I throw up in my mouth a litte

No. 291567

File: 1492185416751.jpg (Spoiler Image, 201.77 KB, 719x1280, IMG_3894.JPG)

Honestly why is her skin just so, so disgusting? It's repulsive. Have a wash, Shayna.

No. 291620

Please, please spoiler. I was just scrolling past this thread and had to see this.

No. 291661

homegirl needs to get that body acne sorted out before she's left with even more scarring on her arse. soap is your friend, shayner.

No. 291665

File: 1492201249425.jpg (Spoiler Image, 40.85 KB, 364x790, put that thing back where it c…)

The irony is real…..

No. 292592

File: 1492351221088.png (184.61 KB, 750x1281, IMG_3919.PNG)

And here she goes again claiming to be a CSA survior.

No. 292643

Fucking kek she's so contradictory

No. 292715

Must be nice to just sit around complaining that there is a difference between age regression and "little space" constantly. Bitch who the fuck cares? this is like the seventh time i've seen her arguing with people about this. Read a fucking book or develop a hobby. Damn. Stupid cunt.

No. 292735


Honestly I think she just likes to bring it up so she can play the fake victim card when she's not getting enough attention from pedos.

No. 292784

File: 1492381341741.png (1.89 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0671.PNG)

So haggard

No. 292791

That dirtyass looking carrot

No. 292792

Is it possible to have that much makeup on yet still look so haggard and ugly? Fucking shit.

No. 292796

It makes her look worse because she can't apply makeup for shit. Her wings are practically touching her eyebrows and she puts way too much highlighter on her fugly ass nose which doesn't need any emphasizing.

No. 292818

That poor carrot. An African could have eaten it. Now it's doomed to a yeast monster.

No. 292883

File: 1492394845093.jpg (293.75 KB, 762x1024, IMG_0090.JPG)

>"I 'can' be sexual while in my little space. But my little space is not inherently sexual."
> "your little space is inherently sexual when you call it a little space."

>using the phrase "little space" is always inherently sexual, but my "little space" isn't sexual at all!!!!!111

…..gurrrrrll what? So contradictory. Unless she means "when I do it it's not always sexual, but when anyone else does it it's always automatically sexual" like the egotistical special snowflake she is.

She has NO IDEA what she is talking about and is figuratively blowing smoke out of her ass bc what she said is very confusing, wrong, & contradictory. Gurl just bc you show your tits and vag on the public internet and try to get moneys from pedos does NOT mean you know anything about psychology, trauma, or basically anything since she's a retard with no education and lies constantly about being a CSA survivor as a way to justify her shitty porn and appeal to tumblrinas. Just like every other Tumblr ddlg porn snowflake.

P.s. Why did shay use to say that she was straight up gay/lesbian and only liked girls? But like fucks dudes? Pic related

No. 292895

This all the way. Thank you anon for the child abuser/murderer correlation. Like if your gonna do ddlg porn, then just do it and own it, but don't make up a fake rape story to give you a full excuse to do and say whatever you want, fucking disgusting.

I am a trafficking survivor, if my therapist said "instead of doing intense therapy & learning coping mechanisms, you can post porn and rape stories online for money and that's just as good as therapy and will help you cope with the trauma" my head would do a full 360. Saged for blogpost.

No. 292897

she is so bad at being anything other than haggard. cute/sexy/pretty she can't do it and it's wild how bad she can make herself look. and she's only like 20, right??

No. 292908

99.9% sure this is fake. She claims to have never had a VF account when this was presented to her. Of course she could be lying, but I'm not sure why she would lie about that in particular, and she never claimed to be a lesbian on tumblr or anywhere else.

Plus she was with Connor for four or five years (I think) so she clearly isn't and if she ever claimed to be she's dumber than i thought.

No. 293033

File: 1492416062623.png (2.01 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3924.PNG)

She just looks so dirty. Have a wash, Shayna.

No. 293164

she could atleast remove that nasty acne & veins in photoshop but she's too lazy

shayna stinky yeast pwincess

No. 293173

Serious question here, does she use meth or anything like that? She looks exactly like how a user would generally look.

No. 293187

File: 1492445211375.jpg (111.53 KB, 1170x658, clifford_show.jpg)

sage for irrelevance but when i heard about her name being clifford i just thought it just suits her puppy play kind of degeneracy

No. 293208

No. 293315

Would make sense

No. 294175

File: 1492554703778.png (294.39 KB, 803x533, shaynac.png)

Do I really need to see this face six fucking times in a row?

No. 294192

File: 1492557523736.png (2.15 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0683.PNG)


No. 294194

File: 1492557574354.jpg (24.49 KB, 480x360, IMG_0684.JPG)

Sage for samefag but why in the world would you pose like that when you know you have no ass?

No. 294207

This bitch owns 60 different vagina pummelers but not a fucking brush

No. 294267

She obviously has inflated self worth and self image. She can't see how retarded she looks in half of her pictures, she can't see how basic her face is and how busted her body is. Either that or she just doesn't care

All the tumblr attention and girls calling her a "precious angel~~" is really going to fuck her over eventually when she realizes she isn't shit and she has nothing going for her. She refuses to give up her little schtick because she knows that's all she can do. She isn't intelligent, she isn't artistic, she isn't kind, sweet, or funny. She's trash.

No. 294371

Not a good look at all, however, I can't help but feel she doesn't look as filthy as usual. And I'm guessing it's because her nasty hair is covered.
I can understand not washing your hair everyday, but it looks like she lets her hair get greasy after a couple weeks and then just wets it in the shower without shampooing.

No. 294647

File: 1492624752549.png (18.35 KB, 251x185, Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 10.5…)

Says the girl who was bragging about sleeping with married men? What a hypocritical piece of shit.

Can't wait until she gets what is coming to her.

No. 294654

She's probably dating a married man ATM. He probably pays for her apartment

No. 294655

really? this guy has to be as nasty as she is

No. 294677

would make sense. that place looks way too nice for her to afford on her own. she's admitted to dating an older man, but I doubt she lives with him. she's barely spoken of her 'roommates' and theres no evidence anyone else lives with her. she also has someone taking her nasty photos for her, presumably married dude.

No. 295072

i almost tried to clean off my screen but……….that's just her. amazing.

No. 295159

File: 1492689137778.jpg (52.27 KB, 400x400, IMG_3930.JPG)


No. 295161


oh god brush your crusty ass teeth shayna ew

No. 295212

It's like if that girl from lazy town grew up to be a meth addict and prostitute.~aesthetic~

No. 295250

what the fuck she is doing with tongue, why is she always pushing it against her teeth lmao

No. 295257


No. 295268

File: 1492709774612.jpg (494.68 KB, 1500x1500, 1475605772490.jpg)

without glasses, from a distant she looked like one of those 4chin /b/ waifus like katya lischina, rose, miru, etc…

then I put my glasses on and saw some old ass haggard that looks like she just came out of prison for giving illegal abortions

No. 295273

File: 1492710970162.png (25.1 KB, 254x295, Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 10.5…)

Here's the original post.

No. 295274

File: 1492711002507.png (52.08 KB, 242x592, Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 10.5…)

And bonus: here begging for someone to use their earned money to buy her a new dog cage. a FUCKING dog cage.

No. 295289

Where's the source that she moved in with some weirdo from Chicago? Is that where she had her cage shipped? Also, she uses this cage? For herself??

No. 295292

they sure have a type

No. 295304

And low standards, crispy and ella seem actually rather cute, but some of these girls are kind of ugly or painfully average.

No. 295316

Oh no, sorry. I was that anon and I was just speculating. I'm not positive that she moved in with a weirdo, but she did have some guy she called "Big Man" and she went to visit him so I wasn't sure if she eventually moved in with him and he pays for everything. I'm also not positive where he lives.

She had her cage shipped to wherever she lives now, and yes she uses it for herself.

No. 295320

meh something about crispys face and hair bothers the fuck out of me, her eyes look so unnatural, shes either shooping or forcing them wide open

while some are cute af, they tend to have hideous personalities or starve themselves

their type just seems consistent with Large eyes, average or small nose, average sized pink lips, small chin, childlike cheeks, skinny petite body, and a background of mental issues and attention whoring, while there are some who have exceptions, for the most part its true

No. 295404

never ship without insurance

No. 295794

File: 1492774334591.png (217.43 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0687.PNG)

Kek wasn't she calling jess a pot smoking loser about a month ago? Shayna is so fake she can never pick a personality to stick with.

No. 295795

File: 1492774415982.png (289.67 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0688.PNG)

I just can't stop laughing at how dumb this bitch is. Watch the edge.

No. 295864

it was just speculation

No. 295865

How is a location speculation

No. 295867

Because for some reason I thought "Big Man" lived in Chicago. I never stated definitely that he did, I even said in the original post "doesn't he live in chicago?" because I knew he didn't live NEAR her.

I don't know where he lives, or where Shayna now lives. I was speculating.

No. 295870

Did she ever mention she was going to Chicago?

No. 295872

She mentioned she was going to visit Big Man, she never specified where. For some reason I thought he lived in Chicago. Period. I was speculating. I don't know why this is so hard for you to grasp?

Like sorry I brought up a random city.

No. 295875

Random city bullshit

No. 295877

Last time I'm going to bring this up in the thread, but literally go back and look at what I wrote originally. "Doesn't he live in Chicago or somewhere not local?" Meaning I don't know FOR SURE. FOR SOME REASON I thought that he lived in Chicago. I don't remember why. My mistake.

Assume that Shayna is not in Chicago, because there is no evidence to prove otherwise.

No. 295881

there was a weirdo who she referred to as daddy and he does live in Chicago.

No. 295977

I know she sometimes meets up for sex with an old dude called theropegeek who lives in New York I believe. I think she also calls him dad.

No. 295982

Her side blog for all ddlg and pedophilia enticing things is http://babiebarbiedoll.tumblr.com

No. 296038

dd/lg community consist of men who are not pedophiles. They're just "pretending" to be one. The knock the "kink" Bruhbruh. It's a serious lifestyle. Right?

No. 296046

File: 1492805707176.jpg (23.9 KB, 302x368, Capture.JPG)


No. 296047

Her face pretty much ruins that aesthetic right off the bat.

No. 296578

File: 1492869521435.jpg (79.18 KB, 421x750, IMG_4010.JPG)

Classy as ever.

No. 296583

File: 1492869900055.png (153.6 KB, 745x1293, IMG_4011.PNG)

Proof that babiebarbiedoll.tumblr.com is her disgusting side blog.

No. 296590

she looks a lot better with clothes on

No. 296611

She smokes cigs now? Oh damn her face is about to go downhill even faster

No. 296616

Omg I didn't realize until now
>my BABY bimbo aesthetic

No. 296762

lmao my haggard bimbo aesthetics

No. 296961

I think this was another one of her side blogs too but I guess she doesn't use it anymore.

No. 297031

Have you heard whay happened to eeveestevie? And what happened to onlinedork?

No. 297034

File: 1492924183394.png (443.11 KB, 653x477, aly.png)

No. 297180

shibari girl here, dont think theropegeek has sex with his clients. he does live in NY though.

No. 297182

No. 297191


I thought their relationship was more than just that of a client?

No. 297286

Nah she only like men who aren't "poor" and who don't put things in their butt

No. 297305


what does this have to do with anything

No. 297307

Do you know for sure that he doesn't mix business and pleasure? She calls him one of her daddies so I always kind of assumed. But she could also just be doing that for show on Tumblr.

I honestly think she doesn't have as many rich benefactors as she wants people to believe.

No. 297333


Definitely. Why else would she always be begging for the most basic shit? Surely if she had so many rich men throwing themselves at her crusty, dirty ass she wouldn't need to beg people for a couple of dollars.

No. 297335

File: 1492968343013.jpg (Spoiler Image, 78.92 KB, 421x750, IMG_4015.JPG)

Omg those feet and that face! Shayna Clifford have a wash for gods sake

No. 297349

Okay honestly what. How does she not see herself for what she really is? How can she look at her facial expression in this picture and think, "hey, I'll post this!"

This goes for almost every picture she posts. Most of them are gross.

No. 297351


holy crap, that yellow callus tho

No. 297354


samefag but honestly, there are peope who like her content and write compliments to her, I wonder are they blind or something? how she can have so many fans & followers, does nobody see how gross she is?

No. 297355


I feel like she's trying to do the sexy, sultry eyes half shut thing lmao

No. 297362


Ok. This is kind of not good in anyway what so ever. Why?

No. 297377


Actually he's a switch and she has no standards and most likely offers sexual favors as payment for him taking pictures of her. K bye.

No. 297379

Nah she doesn't like the switch type

No. 297381

She only likes mentally and financially stable "doms"

No. 297390


There was me thinking that she'd fuck anything and anybody for something free in return.