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File: 1485993009258.jpg (43.91 KB, 542x274, 1482633374824.jpg)

No. 243336

continuing from >>221185

>No one likes Chindy

>Scams art
>Cosplays are shite
>Hates on people for opinion

>Blake is cheating scum

>Posts pity posts about himself
>Even though he's not the victim
>Is pretending to be trans for attention

No. 243337

blake the flake lol

No. 243338

thought this was only ment to be about the chin ??

No. 243339

Chindy making a thread seeking attention again…

No. 243340

Sindy obvs made this one

No. 243342

TIL anyone with an issue with any other cosplayer aside from Sindy is automatically Sindy

your all two faced as fuck

No. 243344

and this depreciates the fact that Beks is worthless shit how exactly?

No. 243346

File: 1485993477391.png (380.51 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170201-235710.png)

Wow Sindy, get a grip. You're pretty fucking worse you piece of trash.

No. 243347


Sindy's literally made 2 posts within the hour calling Blake Flakey, then look how this new thread is titled.

Totes not Sindy

No. 243348

Sindy…fix your grammar..please..

No. 243349

Let's kick this off with a bang

Didn't blake Cheet on hayley too

No. 243350


No. 243351

this was hilarious, ty Sindy for the laugh

No. 243352

It doesn't because she is lmao
She sent her poor girlfriend home to Manchester at 10pm because she ice again country keep it in her pants

No. 243353

>copypaste from last thread

Beks is a disgusting cheating slag, she went to Japan once and thinks its her "2nd home", she constantly deletes instagram posts and has to make a damage controlling status 5 mins after about how 'sad' she is to try to come up with an excuse for deleting posts

Cheated on every single gf she had in the past, yet shares "inspirational quote" shit as if it means something when she's a fucking slag

Every time she does something bad, she needs to make a status to come up with an excuse

Cheated on gf? "Im so sad and troubled!!!!"

Wants uguu desu cute Jap bf? "I love Japan!!! my 2nd home!!!"

Deleted insta posts? "Are people ignoring me???"

This is all absolute proof she's a mentally fucked retard who needs an excuse every time she acts like a disgusting human being whilst in the mean time her band of tranny friends suck her ass off to make her "feel better"

Bottom line is, enough people know the truth about you Beks, you scummy fuck

No. 243354

Everyone is fucking sindy to you

Stop pointing it out
Nobody gives a shit

No. 243355

Can we just stick to this being about Sindy and stop slagging everyone else? Fucking get an actual life you complete tossers lmao pathetic

No. 243356

She didn't send her girlfriend home at 10pm.

No. 243357

I'm a real boy!

No. 243358


No. 243359

Aye she did. Lassie was crying on skype to all her mates on the bus and when she got home while Beks posted hidden statuses from her pity partying herself

No. 243360

Fun story
Kept crying a auchi that vicky and her pals hated her (after she cheated) they fucking new what she was all about too

No. 243361

I advise you lay low
You'll just get banned

No. 243364

>thread is literally titled about Beks
>whyz this about beks too xd?!?!111
>hurr pathetic!! xd lmao lol


No. 243365

She got on the bus the next day and she wasn't crying about it on skype.

No. 243366

She got absolutely bladdered at Dee-con last year and was eating the face off every male in the vicinity, including the Wooster. Girl can't hold her drink and uses it as an excuse for her disgusting behaviour

No. 243367

I mean Nikki just confirmed this as a lie, so nice try

No. 243372

For someone who spent so long slating lolcow and talking shit about Sindy sure seems happy with these threads now. Must be nice thinking she's managed to turn everything on someone else but whoever's whiteknighting for her will get bored eventually and then she'll be back to saying we're full of shit.

After it's all done at least Blake will still have friends, Sindy only has one really and I doubt that will last much longer if her mum has anything to say about it, even she can see how big of a piece of shit Sindy is.

No. 243373

Caitlin's mum is a cunt tho

No. 243376


Her argument was completely valid even if she is a cunt. If I was Caitlin's mum I wouldn't want her hanging out with a rabid bitch either that just causes shit for everyone around her

No. 243377

Nah what I was implying is because her mum is a cunt, she'll be used to toxicity. She'll see shit like this as 'normal' and try to rationalise it. Many people who are brought up with parents like that will then latch on to other emotionally damaged or toxic people as a coping mechanism.

It's a shame really.

No. 243395

It's no lie lol
She was doing it between phonecards to me

Blake blackmailed her to take it down

No. 243396

Second this

No. 243400

Nikki literally said this was a lie

No. 243406

It isn't
She took it back after being pressured

No. 243409

snorts well she'd have to get a partner in the first place in order to cheat on them.
Not that this makes Blake's actions any less deplorable. Geez. Whod've thought there'd be more than one awful person in a community? Wowie wow.

IIRC, the threads were originally Scottish cosplay general, it's just that Sindy dominated them.

No. 243411

No, I'm pretty sure it's a lie. Why would Nikki lie?

No. 243495

You need to get your shit together and leave blake alone. It petty that your still bringing him down the whole time while he is doing so well. No one needs fucking drama with you and you need to find something better to do with your time and move on. It's pathetic

No. 243533

Nikki has lied about loads of shit.

Right now it's probably just to cover her back from all the rabid Beks fanbois

No. 243535

>puts on male wig
omg my entire life has been a lie until now, I have always desired to have a 2 inch penis to jam up my fanboys buttocks. Oh my days yaoi is so hot why can't I be japanese xooxox

No. 243551

I mean, sure Blake has cheated, but Sindy defends a paedophile and puts the blame on the victim since they "should have known better". Yeah, right, a 14 year old should know better than to date and sleep with a 22 year old. Not the other way round.

No. 243558

File: 1486045465600.png (290.81 KB, 1227x2071, IMG_2021.PNG)

I love how she's such a big fan yet didn't know it was only in the cinema last night and this Saturday. Clearly isn't that fussed about it

No. 243562


Leave Flake alone when he's clearly doing everything for attention? It's hard, and no.

No. 243570

This thread is a mess.
There's no point in having a double thread if the two people are on different sides.
Now if you complain about Sindy, her whiteknights who are here will defend her, and if you complain about Blake, their whiteknights will defend them too.

Essentially you aren't going to be able to complain about one without the complainees of the other whiteknighting against you.

No. 243571



>sits back and enjoys chaotic creation

No. 243586

Seriously. Go fuck yourself, you don't know me, asshole. How would you know I was put on a bus at 10pm? When I was at Blake's house? Stop spreading bullshit about me when this is a sindy thread. Post about the chin, not my personal relationship from 2014.

No. 243589

you are all wankers full of shite bullying people 2 try mak yerselves look like big guys.. well guess what, you are all cowards maybe you shud go speak to them face 2 face instead of acting wide and hiding behind a pc.

No. 243591

Caitlins mum found the thread. Can smell the Buckfast from here

No. 243595


No. 243596

So Blake is Sindy?
Wtf is going on they look exactly the same…
Went back to previous threads and this is a true cluster fuck.

No. 243597

The Beks says she's 'having a friend clear out' but only removes about 30 people, most of which she was a spiteful jealous tranny cunt about

No. 243602

what is your problem?!!! ^
mr anon, come clean cause your so full of shit, you coward

No. 243603

Come say what you need to at my face!
you actually know fuck all.

No. 243605


At least if I had the guts I'd be coming up and saying it to your face.
wow, what's that you are so afraid my 'whiteknights' will come and save me?

you really must have no friends of your own.
I actually pitty you.

No. 243619

File: 1486058294533.gif (4.34 MB, 426x240, IMG_2177.GIF)

No. 243621

Fuck i and quit making this your only hurteing your self. I never made this so

No. 243623

stinky vaginea bhahahaha(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 243624

FUX ALL OF YOU hahhahaha im going crazy 😂😂😂😂

No. 243625


No. 243729

tfw Beks makes another status trying to "debunk" the 'lies' but just proves us right by showing how much of a triggered fucktard she is

Gotta damage control every single mistake she makes!!!!111 every mistake needs an excuse!!!111

No. 243748

know what am saying something

leave Blake alone hes my friend

i don't care what u all do to sindy don't give a shit lol she a attentions seeker

just stop with all hate on blake

i dunno why theirs a hate thing on 4chat i bet sindy made it for attention as all ways , sindy stop been so obsess over blake , just expect you not friends no more

No. 243760

Dumbass, don't actually use your name

No. 243764

pfft at lest i use my name not hind by Anonymous

you lot are all cowards

No. 243871

fuckkkk all of you go fukc away meet me irl then we talk fuck

No. 243873


No. 243875

poopy IN my diper

No. 243877

What is going on in this thread?

No. 243879

File: 1486099310145.jpg (31.39 KB, 250x250, IMG_8240.JPG)

macaronie an cheese

No. 243882

I liked these threads better when you Scottish idiots fought on facebook and someone posted them all here for us to laugh. Now it's just a fucking mess.

No. 243950

Are all Scottish folks like this online? This is like reading drunk texts.

No. 243956

No, sometimes you get stuff phonetically written in Scots but these idiots just can't spell
It's not like we have free education or anything

No. 243962

can confirm this is pretty much what my facebook feed looks like

No. 243975

Not for me. I run with the really nerdy gamer kids from uni tho. There isn't even the fuckload of drama like what apparently comes from the main cosplay group.
The lolita group is pretty chill too.
It's just the cosplayers, and it's just the ones who never finished past high school.

No. 243987

Fuck Blake. Why defend them when they're lying, cheating, attention seeking scum?

No. 243992

like i said before leave Blake alone

>>243987 hi sindy

No. 243997

Blake says he's above drama, makes a thread about sindy at the same time he's online here

No. 243999

What if Sindy and Blake are actually the same person

Or if blake is just another one of sindy's mental hallucinations?

No. 244001

Blake didn't made a thread

it be sindy making them for attention

sindy made new one today all about her

>>243999 wtf xD Blake not sindy
sindy and Blake are not friends , and sindy just obsesses with Blake wont leave him alone

No. 244003

One thread went up at 5.30 am
The other at 2.30 am

Sindy had been posting all day that day since 10pm
And had been posting today since 11 am

I'm not defending her, but unless she is getting no sleep thier is no way she can be online at such hours of the night.

Where as blake was not only awake at 5 am, but posting on this website.

It's so easy for you all to blame sindy because you think she is the only person blake has pissed off but you're wrong. He split the cosplay community against him last June when he and his friends were bullying another cosplayer

No. 244008

lol sindy on fb all night lol

Blake not been on this morning how i know

i was up same time lol

just stop blaming shit all on Blake you're all like sindy so obsess

wow >>244001 so you're stalking on blakes account obsess much

No. 244010

I'm on his friends list you retard
Most of us except sindy are

Removed 30 people but missed all the people who genuinly are sick of his shit.

Did you see that garbage on his cosplay page? Be what you are be who you are. But then posting on here COME AND SAY IT TO MY FACE!!11

You're little blake senpai is a shit talking drama loving cam whore.
And gets away with numerous bad behaviours because of asspater yes-man friends like you sucking his proverbial cock so he'll cosplay with you.

No. 244011


bravo been on his friends list end off today you don't like what u see unfriend him not hard

yes i did see on his cosplay page thanks

everyone on here is just to obsess you're all like sindy loving the drama

No. 244014

And you are on this site aswell, filling up his thread, making him look even worse. If you cared about your friend at all you wouldnt go fighting his battles because he's too much of a victim to do anything about it himself.

And you rush to slap bad things on sindy's name forgetting blakey senpai has done a lot worse to really sweet wonderful people

No. 244018

yea am on here well done

reason why as you lot are to obsess over blake leave him alone

am not ass what u think off me lol am here help friend

No. 244020

What is wrong with you're typing jesus christ I can't understand any of it


No. 244021


jfc sindy. At least make it less obvious next time you'll defend yourself.

No. 244024

wtf am not sindy lmfao

No. 244026

Post wasn't even directed at you. l2r

No. 244030

We're still playing this it's you Sindy bullshit?

No. 244033

Slams sindy constantly
Blake is openly here yet nobody cares because it's a shame111

No. 244034

Bet you are

No. 244036

File: 1486143577147.jpg (63.22 KB, 720x380, _20170203_173856.JPG)


No. 244037

>accused falsely of doing something

so she's denying cheating on all 3 of her known partners despite the overwhelming evidence and her own admittance in the case with Vikki

eat up all that bullshit, beks fanbois

No. 244038

hey sindy not to be a creep but sometimes i go to that park at garnethill where you did that pswg shoot and lay down on the stone bench thing and pretend I'm you and it fills me with a joy words can't begin to describe.
ik this sounds sarcastic but I rly admire u and think ur great keep doin you xxx ur gna make it sindo we r all gna make it

No. 244041

person that post about Blake yet again is sindy lol

she hiding

No. 244046


Says the girl who's Lying about her entire life history

No. 244048

It's OK to be a degenerate weeb
It's OK to mess partners arounf
It's OK to sexually exploit girls barley 18 (make YouTube channels, tie them to chairs)
It's OK to be a cunt to your closest friends
It's OK to hide status from partners shortly before ditching them

No. 244057

Im.. I'm literally speechless at this

No. 244060


I thought it was very beautifully written

No. 244062

i fucked sandy pop

No. 244063

File: 1486146760518.jpg (61.93 KB, 400x392, IMG_8249.JPG)

haahah pooopoo

No. 244065

Shh no you didn't

No. 244069


No. 244073

No. 244077

Hannah katy and beks are going to be the death of my sides

No. 244083

File: 1486147438305.png (459.89 KB, 720x768, tmp_2266-Screenshot_2017-02-02…)

It's not a phase mum

No. 244084

The fuck is going on with this thread?

No. 244089

Blakes autistic asspatter friends keep comming in and and ruining the thread

No. 244092

This thread was really funny until all the autism came in. It's so obviously Sindy making new threads every single time.

No. 244096

File: 1486148346841.png (371.46 KB, 715x803, tmp_2266-Screenshot_2017-02-03…)

Yeah it couldn't possibly be blake who was also up at 5am posting here

No. 244099

Nah, it's quite obvious it's her starting it and bringing people in. She's always spoken about select people on her Facebook and deleted half the statuses and then magically they've all appeared here. That would be a very strange co-incidence if it weren't her.

No. 244103

But you've accused sindy of making the other thread at 2.37am
And if she was on all day yesterday posting and all day today
What is she some kind of sleepless zombie

Stop lying for blake and hannah
Who btw do the exact same thing on facebook when nobody likes their posts

No. 244104

am not lying for Blake lolol

No. 244109

File: 1486149308529.jpg (1.24 MB, 985x1365, collage-1486149159596_mh148614…)

I made a thing.

(sage for no real contribution to thread)

No. 244110

I've not met any of these people besides Sindy herself, so they may as well be strangers to me. It's perfectly reasonable that she could have both started and have been posting here. The replies (bar the obvious spam) have been sporadic. I've heard multiple stories about Blake and think he's a scumbag, but it's funny how nothing was being said until Sindy brought up his name. Stop trying to defend her because you're embarrassing yourself anon.

No. 244111

I know Katy IRL and shes awful!I don't think anyone in the local community actually likes her…

No. 244112

What would sindy even gain lol
I've seen her typical tying fiasco on here and Facebook and unless this was put through some kind of autism filter it is nothing like sindy's speech


For a thread apparently made by sindy at 2 am. What has hannah been doing on it all night? How would she even know about it…

Unless :0

No. 244114


The people spamming here are katy hannah and blake

Just look at Blakes timeline and cosplay page

No. 244116

she's an attention seeker anon, she wants attention, why do you think she was always the one to come and keep the thread rolling when the milk dried up, it's pretty obvious, it'd be better to just let the asspaters and spammers shitpost amonsgt themselves and for everyone else to just leave

No. 244119

Well that's not true anon. What was posted was a screenshot of David green saying blake had told him sindy fancied him

Even if blake was right that was a major scumbag move in the end designed to hurt david

No. 244120

Go read her posts on the Jade profile and it'll make it obvious who's driving the threads lol

No. 244121

You're just salty tbh. Keep blaming sindy but even Blakes close friends are running out of patience now.

Being so hypocritical saying only sindy posts here when the thread is full of blake

No. 244123

Blake and hannah

No. 244127

Your vendetta is showing anon.

No. 244133

But the vendetta towards sindy is not showing?

I'm getting a little sick of people accusong sindy of a all the posting here when the person who made the thread and stole the immages was me

No. 244199

Honestly she jumps the fence so often it's embarrassing. One minute she's siding with Blake, shit talking Sindy, the next she's siding with Sindy, shit talking Blake.

No. 244207

She's currently on a rampage right now

Inb4 blake drops her ass

No. 244224

File: 1486162725292.png (40.75 KB, 507x256, tmp_2266-Screenshot_2017-02-03…)

So this is what david had to say to when sindy told him he she didn't fancie him like blake said

In the end blake is just a jealous cunt using people to make his own inner circle tighter

No. 244228


Can none of you lot spell? First sindy with "bullieng" and pitieng", now you with "fancie"?
Ya'll illiterate fucks

No. 244231

Never thought it was most likely the same anon? Okay.

No. 244266

Fancie is how Scottish slang people say it

Like aye and not yes

No. 244269

Not complaining about the word, rather the spelling.
Since it's spelt "fancy", not "fancie"

Hence the comparison to Sindy's "bullieng" instead of "bullying"

No. 244286

I'd argue it but this isn't a grammar thread

I can understand why idiots like katy aoba are sperging Mr poopoo and and shit but not that

No. 244474

Yep!Shes also horrible and complains about everything. Spends all her benefits on cosplay and gets annoyed really easily if people can't come out with her

No. 244484

She's boring now. She was more interesting when she was purring up pictures of her ass and tits and posing around, just boring now, who cares.

No. 244498

Katy or sindy?

No. 244500


What she been saying about blake behind his back!?

No. 244504


Katy is a terrible person, it's clear the person posting those Lolcow boards about sindy was her… because nobody else fucking talks like that except her. She private messaged me in chat last night saying that it wasn't her and that she never bitched about blake. But the only way she could have known about those things was if she was on this damn website since nobody would ever message her to involve her anyway!

She's a liar and a backstabber! She was also threatening blakes other friends last night too!

No. 244506

Beks is also scum though
She deleted 30 or so people from her Facebook, completely missing all the people who were posting about her on here, and then made a makeshift status saying I ended up removing people by accident

No hun the only accident you made was removing the wrong people because you thought >>244504
they were snitching on you. But here's hoping hey don't find that out… Beks only keeps people around if they are of use to her.

No. 244507

This has been discussed before further up, but nice attempt at a redirect.
Would like to further discuss the issues with Katy, considering everyone I know in the English community who know her all say the same thing - she's two faced and a backstabber who clings onto whoever gives her the slightest bit of attention.

The bitching about Blake happened a little over a year ago, I'll try to dig up screenshots of it.

No. 244508

You're doing gods work,anon

No. 244509

Hardly a redirect when the thread is literally called sindy and blake!

No. 244513

Insults sindy's chin
Blake has the same chin

No. 244521

u guys know this is sindy posting shit for other people hiding behind anonymous

>>244506 is sindy

No. 244523

Ivan used to be Joseph Jojo Vasquez, how interesting.

Been trying to bash Blake for over a year, only now it's semi coming to fruition because there was a slim opportunity?

No. 244525

why are u all sill making comments on this thread

get over it , this is what sindy wants you're giving it to her

wait so this could be all ivan doing then? jojo vasquez? wait i think know that person

No. 244526

I don't know too much about whats happened with Katy and Blake, I'd like info on that!

But what I do know is that she jumps onto whatever bandwagon there is for cosplaying, even if shes never watched the series. She'll buy cosplays and wear them once, then sell them for way more, she complains about every little thing that happens. She tried to fake making her own elsa cosplay for sunnycon 2014/15(??)
I'm pretty sure her only two friends are only there because of money!!

No. 244527

ma liking how this is all sindy xD

No. 244528

Sounds a lot like what Sindy does, too. They even have the same unfortunate face. Katy and Sindy clones of each other?

No. 244530

Probably! Neither of them can spell either… They're like twins

No. 244532

i know katy

end off today stop trash talking about her

she hates sindy as much as u guys do

u know one off these anonymous is sindy

sindy the worse at spelling lol

No. 244534

She hates Sindy as much as us but not too long ago she was all buddy-buddy with her and trash talking everyone else? Honestly, the girl flip flops so much, and so many of the English community confirm she's like that too.

No. 244535

File: 1486218340123.jpg (759.13 KB, 1080x1080, tmp_18368-IMG_20170204_142116_…)

See if you can tell which one is sindy and which one is blake kek

No. 244539

>>244532 she had reason for that it was not buddy-buddy lol

hi sindy posting photos again nice one

No. 244541

It's not that katy can't spell, she literally cannot for say words correctly

Says things like be tending, B cause, Biserk. Katy is on on a whole over level of incompetent

No. 244543

you only knew about that yesterday when you message katy she told me

so you are sindy or one off her friend that message katy yesterday

i know who u are now

No. 244545

I've known Katy for years, I've been friends with her on facebook for years too, Katy hasn't messaged me in over a year…

No. 244546


sure you do

No. 244547

It's maybe time to stop jumping to "everyone is Sindy" when it comes to bringing up issues with Katy. Seriously, you're beginning to look like a moron, because it's sorely obvious none of the posters currently are Sindy.
As much as I dislike the girl, that much is at least true. She's terrible at covering up her piss poor spelling and grammar, and everyone you've accused has had better spelling and grammar than she could ever dream of.

No. 244549

Seems kinda obvious you're Katy

Used to be big Hetalia fan, using Hetalia based email, searching "Hannah" on Facebook pulls up the old Katy Mami Aoba account, getting all defensive over any trash talking about Katy, issues with spelling and grammar similar to Katy's
Could go on

No. 244550

Sindy knows fuck all about katy anyway since katy has only ever been a cuck to her

No. 244551

I've been thinking that too, Its obvious

No. 244552

File: 1486220046238.png (952.9 KB, 720x1029, tmp_18368-Screenshot_2017-02-0…)

I think her name actually is hannah

No. 244553

When sindy's other two threads went up, the ones with shit for brains spelling. Hannah was right on them even though it had only been up for 5 minutes.

No. 244555

It's definitely not hannah banks, she is a lovey girl and would never do this. Katy s probably using her name to drop her in shit

No. 244557

It is katy aoba lol she samefagged on amber mclearys thread too

No. 244562

It is her, She has a new FB account though now

No. 244567

how do you know that they use her? do you know them in person?

No. 244570

Nice try at being anonymous but you forgot about your email

No. 244571

Yeah, I do know them all in person

No. 244572

Katy again

No. 244573

Can confirm someone at MCM saw Katy and Sindy walking arm in arm. If that isn't buddy-buddy, I don't know what is?

No. 244574

File: 1486222226949.png (160.61 KB, 720x1219, tmp_18368-Screenshot_2017-02-0…)

My sides

No. 244577

But that can't be right since sindy was fighting with her again shortly after deecon

No. 244578

Should clarify, not MCM 2016, but MCM 2015

No. 244579

Anon you have confused katy for caitlin
I saw caitlin trailing her around the con because she couldn't walk in her shoes

And yes they were arm in arm

No. 244580

Her fb is a goldmine! Its been featured on YGS multiple times!

No. 244581

Repeat, MCM 2015. And it's really hard to mistake the two. One is thin and has a face like Sindy's, the other is fat and does not have a face like Sindy's

No. 244582

That's the same convention sindy stayed with blake Emma amber and hannah right?

I mean it's possible that katy was bothering the group but I don't think sindy has ever been friendly with katy. I think like blake she just puts up with katy because they knight her.

No. 244583

What cosplay was sindy in?
To clarify what day it was

No. 244584

I don't think anybody can be friendly with katy. She spits when she talks, she embarrasses you in public, she snarls at people who don't like you.

You really would have to be desperate to associate with her

No. 244587

I really think people are just 'friends' with her for the money

No. 244588

i dont honestly see how all of this drama with Sindy has linked back to this katy or whatever. Also accusing someone of using people for money is kind of low.

No. 244590

File: 1486223303451.png (68.9 KB, 720x422, tmp_18368-Screenshot_2017-02-0…)

So sindy sent me this over pm

No. 244591

We aren't dragging her into it she has actively brought herself into this by using fake names, making threads and being an idiot accusing every anon of being sindy.

No. 244592

Somebody wanna search that email on facebook

No. 244594

Done, it brings you to 'Liu Bowen' an account with no pictures and 4 friends

No. 244601

Looks like either one of Katy s role playing friends or some other random aussie idiot anon who can't use lc properly

No. 244604

oh right i see, seems like alot of people are pulling into the drama for no reason tbh, seeing how sindy seems to attract a lot of attention.

No. 244611

These people were allways involved in drama. Katy is notorious for it. Blake has had mountain loads of drama since splitting wih sindy too. They just have asswipe friends who post about sindy and then get angry when one of their friends is posted

All of the Scottish cosplayers are cringe

No. 244615

yeah ive heard alot about the scottish cosplay community, it makes the actual decent cosplayers look bad.
Kind of wish the whole thing would blow over but it looks like sindy loves the attention shes getting.

No. 244618

It would blow over a lot easier if people like katy didn't make threads about sindy and ivan didn't make one on blake.

But considering all the people involved have appeared on this thread, clearly all of them are loving the attention.

No. 244621

Can clarify the day regardless of cosplay - it was the Saturday. So, Saturday of Glasgow MCM 2015.

And seriously, it's nigh impossible to mix Caitlin and Katy up based on appearance

No. 244623

Don't think it matters if they were buddies back then or not, all of them were friends.

what really matters is what was said by Katy after they all stopped being friends

No. 244631

Interesting how we call out Katy for hiding on this thread under the name "Hannah", and accuse her of bitching about Blake to Sindy, and the "Katy Mami Aoba" account just magically disappears?

Sounds like someone's feeling guilty

No. 244638

Sad attempt to prevent messages from being read? Hopefully anon already has screenshots

No. 244639

who's ivan?

yea that's true

No. 244640

Dunno exactly who Ivan is, only that their account used to be called Joseph Jojo Vasquez

No. 244643

She's had a new account for ages! Shall I post the name or?

No. 244644

I mean we all know the new account is Jethro Lenneor? It was posted in the previous thread because Sindy was bitching.

Just seems suspect that an account that had been sitting untouched for months would suddenly go ~poof~
Also seems kinda suspect that the status concerning Blake that Katy had posted on the Jethro account, which was there yesterday, is now gone too.

No. 244647

oh i see

No. 244648

ohh thank you! I didn't know that it had been posted before, but yeah that is odd

No. 244649


It's not odd at all. Katy removed the account so that any conversations with her where she bitched about blake would be impossible to source

No. 244652

She'd look less suspicious and less guilty if she just went back, found the stuff where she'd bitched, and deleted that, instead of all out deleting an account.

No. 244654

You can only delete it from one side. People who received the messages will still be able to see them even if you delete them

No. 244663

It wasn't messages though? It was mainly comments on posts? So, deleting the account or the individual comment would get rid of them. If she has bitched privately, she's screwed regardless

No. 244673

I'm a personal friend with that hannah and she wouldn't come on this form

No. 244676

Agreed she's clearly above this

No. 244678

Too many people are comming forward with information about her for it to just be a coincidence now.

No. 244682

File: 1486231021631.png (232.93 KB, 1242x1078, IMG_8291.PNG)

No. 244685

If this Ivan person is who I think they are, then everyone in the thread should just ignore them, because they are just one of Sindy's old whiteknighters trying to derail the thread with shit. I wouldn't be surprised if they're the one posting the spam, because they basically admitted to coming in and posting irrelevant bullshit. Lets keep on track of discussing the real issues of Sindy and Blake guys.

No. 244686

Such ass

No. 244687

Trying to eat my dinner, did not need to see that

No. 244688

trying to derail
Ivan has only mentioned blake in his posts


No. 244690

If anyone should be ignored in this thread it's katy. I saw we avoid her posts and continue where we left out

No. 244691

If anyone should be ignored in this thread it's katy. I saw we avoid her posts and continue where we left off

No. 244692

Ivan and Katy are both degenerates, lets agree and move on.

No. 244696

Returning to topic, what was the reason sindy and blake fell out last year

Or what is everyone's take on it

No. 244698

It was Caitlin she was with. Sindy was wearing her DMG cosplay and was walking around barefoot for half of the day. There were pointing and laughing at some of the more "questionable" cosplays but nothing more happened besides that.

MCM 2016 was where there was definitely some kind of drama going on. Katy was "singing" in the competition on the Sunday and Sindy and Caitlin were antagonising her from the audience. She flipped them the finger halfway through and random people were a bit confused as to what had happened. She then went home and threw a massive hissyfit on twitter about it, i'm sure the images are in another thread.

No. 244699

That wasn't katy singing

No. 244701

Because I, someone who knows what Caitlin looks like, got her mixed up with a skinny, unfortunately faced girl?
It was definitely Katy I saw Sindy with

No. 244702


It wasnt katy on stage, it was someone called Jem Lauren Hutchison or her other acc is like Lucem Imagay Hutchison.
Apparently the music was cut before she finihsed and Sindy and her friends were laughing so Jem flipped them off

No. 244703

It wasn't Katy singing, it was Jem.

Hence, I don't think >>244698 knows what they're talking about

No. 244704

I thought you said somebody else confirmed it

No. 244707

No they aren't wrong. Sindy was walking barefoot the con most of the day, and caitlin does walk arm in arm with her. I think people are mentally inserting katy into these events

No. 244726

So you're from the Scottish cosplayers community then?

Just you're Facebook says your Australian

No. 244727

Jem and Katy are both hamplanets, so easy mistake to make. The part about Sindy/Cait is right though. Sindy was wearing some AliExpress boots, so unsurprised she ended up barefoot. Brave soul considering how manky the floor is in the SECC.

Wait, are you trying to say this is Sindy that sent you this? Because she's got a Windows phone and messenger doesn't look this like. Smells like bullshit tbh.

No. 244730

File: 1486237106414.jpg (35.11 KB, 576x576, 14732276_129661824176263_18670…)

>Katy are both hamplanets,

Bear in mind Katy is the one in the greyish jumper, I'm not sure what your definition of hamplanet is? Girl is a twig

No. 244732

I'm not sure if they were trying to be sarcastic, because it was still bad either way. I just realised that Katy and myself have mutual friends and I am mildly embarrassed that I have any kind of connection to her. I can enquire and find out if she ever said anything about Blake.

No. 244734

Looks like an extra from labyrinth

No. 244735

Please do

No. 244736

File: 1486238083614.jpg (43.06 KB, 720x960, tmp_13494-FB_IMG_1486238003199…)

I fucking cant

No. 244738

I fort everyone stop talkig about katy

Why posting photos for?

No. 244740

Unless this is Ivan?

No. 244742

Unless you're Katy?

No. 244743

Welcome back katy

No. 244744

LOL she's a sly bitch, even started using anons email to hide her own

No. 244745

Nah its not

I fort this all about Blake and sindy

No. 244746

>I fort

Your words pain me so

No. 244747

Why the fuck you lyin'?

No. 244748

Am not lol xD

No. 244750

Honestly convinced at this point that Ivan, Hannah and Katy are all the same person just trying to stir the pot.

No. 244751

I have no idea who Ivan is

I know Ivan friends with sindy

No. 244754

I mean a thread for Katy can be made if you want, there's loads of milk about her that could be discussed.

Like the time she didn't want to pay for her share of a room at an MCM, or not getting someone even a cheap secret santa gift, making them the only person at the event who didn't get one, among other things

Ivan's typing/spelling is better than Katy's and their general location is too far from where Katy is. Katy and Hannah are very likely the same person, but Ivan is someone different

No. 244756


I dunno why so much drama tbh

No. 244758

Ivan isnt katy
Ivan has far to much hatred for blake to be katy

No. 244762

I'm certain "hannah" is Katy, because it's a funny coincidence that her favourite fandom is Hetalia and the email is just that.

Yeah, I think Katy should be in another thread. The Sindy milk has dried up right now, this shit doesn't even belong here.

No. 244767


You know katy will go and make blake and sindy threads to try and draw attention away from herself though

No. 244771

Whoever males thread please include the following

>> makes revenge threads

>> featured on numerous ygs boards for hilarious grammar
>> backstabber

I'd make it myself but I wouldn't do her justice

No. 244775

It's not because shes poor either, she's just selfish! I went to a con that she was at and she came up to my group asking for food/money for food.

No. 244776

Move this to to a new thread guys so we can get on discussing blake and sindy

No. 244837

I'f this isn't an admission by Katy I don't know what is

No. 244887

File: 1486250698368.png (77.31 KB, 720x319, tmp_21989-Screenshot_2017-02-0…)

I would normally not post about blake, however I too see the way he has changed into a detestable person since 2014

Itt: this person used to consider blake a cosplay idol like Aot of people. Threw it away for drama loving fujoshis

No. 245303

This is beautiful. Thank you, anon.

Sindy probably wrote this herself. lol.

No. 245319

errr… does she have some kind of a medical condition that affects her appearance?

No. 245394

Who you talkin bout? Sindy?
Cos she'll cry "muh scoliosis" for everything, but scoliosis doesn't do that.
That looks like just losing the genetic lottery bigly.

No. 245429

Where has she gone? Two days without any shitposting?

No. 245430

Probably got herself banned on all her accounts, tragically.

No. 245641

How the fuck do you even get banned from facebook? How awful does one have to be to get all her accounts banned?
Makes it really obvious that she's not the sweet innocent girl she's trying to convince us she is.
But sure. It's everyone else's fault that she has fallings out with people. Ok.

No. 245690

- katy aoba was bragging on chat she got her banned -

No. 245699

To be fair the entire Scottish cosplayers scene is full of terrible people.

Most of which are lying about their genders, wearing cosplays for attention and flooding the community with drama that has nothing to do with cosplay.

Can't blame sindy for it all when her first real friends in the cosplay community were blake and his awful crowd

No. 245713

File: 1486342661765.png (961.31 KB, 720x1127, tmp_22391-Screenshot_2017-02-0…)

She's been living on her instagram anon. Posts cosplay pictures every 5 minutes.

Bloody glad I don't follow her

No. 245729

Between the filters and the fact that her camera is a damn potato, she actually looks decent in this photo.

Kind of glad I never got involved then. The lolita comm seems really nice at least.

It's ok anon. I understand. I've got a few mutuals with Sindy too, but then I remember that those people are just generally nice people who try to be friendly to everyone and just haven't got a clue about all the drama that gets stirred.

No. 245819

What one? The one run by Fahr who's a German lolcow or the one run by a raging munchie? Both comms are filled with their share of awful people.

No. 245890

Agreed the lolita community in Scotland are some of the worst people. Same for the maid in Scotlands. Their just generally full of the cringiest the people you will ever meet.

No. 245892

This is literally the first picture that I've seen where she looks normal/cute

No. 245904

Amy lisica is just a terrible person in general

Sindy uploaded a convo between 2 or so years ago them where amy said she'd stab her in the part of her spine that had scoliosis and asked if it would paralyse her

Worst of it is, isn't she a nurse working under NHS… shouldn't she know that would likley paralyse a person….

No. 245905

Deleted my comment just as you replied cause I uploaded the wrong image but point still stands (having issue uploading the correct one on my POS phone).
Lassie is an absolute cunt who has no right insulting how anyone looks when her head to body proportions are of an anorexic funko pop.
She's just vile all over and even Sindy doesn't deserve those kinds of threats

No. 245906

File: 1486373487262.png (609.75 KB, 1439x1231, 20170206_090018.png)

Uploading the images separately since the collage seems to be the issue

No. 245907

File: 1486373505076.png (85.61 KB, 1439x306, 20170206_092451.png)

No. 245909

Funko pop
Cannot unsee* this

No. 245910

File: 1486374351462.jpg (36.4 KB, 480x480, 1389346_233151303520788_821608…)

Its an improvement on her Slenderman aesthetic to be brutally honest

No. 245911

Does she have anorexia?
even sindy who claims she's 14lbs underweight doesn't look like this

No. 245946

she makes no secret that she can't gain weight, she eats alot and posts about her weight gain and how happy it makes her. It's all on her facebook

No. 245947

if you are bad to her then she is bad to you from what i can see.
Sindy threatened her with all sorts of stuff before Amy had even spoke to her because she "broke beks heart"
When Sindy was full on in love with Beks/Blake she went around having vendettas against there ex's (Amy, Craig watson etc)

No. 246001

Sounds like you're white knighted her

and i thought sindy had been in love with David. She's hardly hungry for cock is she was after blake/beks

No. 246002


Or, get this, she was interested in both of them, just at different times?

No. 246003

But blake and David are totally different people?

Blake crush I can not only understand but but I can see looking back

But david who is a pretty shit cosplayer, extremely annoying, awkward and just uncomfortably buddy buddy with all the people who hate sindy would be the absolute worst and opposite choice….

Wtf.Wtf . is this Logic

No. 246005

Blake was buddy buddy with a lot of people who hated Sindy, but OK?

Also, another amazing concept, some people don't have "types" and just get feelings for whoever?

No. 246006

Her thing with Amy/Blake was 2-3 years ago. Her crush on David was last year. Do you actually read?

No. 246007

God what the hell would anyone see in blake or david

Cheating scumbag with with a bondage fetish's or socially awkward lerch with no real personality

No. 246008

Sindy has stated multiple times on facebook that she has a type…

Unlike blake who really does just fuck everyone

No. 246009

Wait that was the same time she did the Marie kinder cosplay with David

Is that the reason you think she had had a thing for david?

No. 246011

People who aren't Blake and Vikki also mentioned she had a crush on him, so it wasn't just because she did a group/pair cosplay with someone

No. 246013

File: 1486398994174.png (252.5 KB, 720x1280, tmp_5649-Screenshot_2017-02-02…)

Sindy wasn't talking to anybody besides caitlin back then though because she had been rejected by the cosplay community for the 20th time

So it can't be the case that sindy had told them about it
and judging from the message blake sent sindy. It really sounds like blake had a crush on David and was trying to push sindy out of the circle

No. 246015

How can bleks can anybody a user when she throws girlfriends away like old socks

No. 246069

Look at her badly edited photos on insta Sindy_Pop

No. 246086

That's generalising tbh. It's always the same people kicking up a fuss, 99% of people don't care about it. Even looking at the drama down South, Scotland is pretty insignificant besides a few names.

No. 246089

I think she's got someone else helping her make stuff because it's a suspicious jump in quality compared to what she was making literally months ago.

No. 246094

File: 1486411193505.png (603.34 KB, 595x595, jesuschrist.png)

because ears totally come out of your neck
fuck, the shoops are terrifying

No. 246096

Which ones would you say look like the quality jumped

No. 246103

Has she actually photoshopped her chin in one of her instagram posts? :|

No. 246104

Some not one

No. 246156

File: 1486420239066.png (1008.45 KB, 720x1280, tmp_2312-Screenshot_2017-02-06…)

The Facebook upload

No. 246167

do some fucking research farh doesn't run any coms in scotland, there's also like 4 coms now and most of them have pretty decent people

No. 246205


Are you following her on instagram?

No. 246215

Sage because possible derailment but I remember an incident where she made fun of schizophrenic people then when an actual schizophrenic person called her out on it she blocked them. I have minimal beef with the girl other than that but that gave me bad vibes about her for sure.

No. 246223

It still doesn't look great, but even compared to what she's sewn before, it looks at least far tidier.

No i'm not, I just popped on out of interest to see what she was actually posting, because it used to be really uninteresting vague posts about things she was "making".

No. 246302

she's shooped her chin so many times and it makes her head look abnormally small
doesn't help that she smooths out her whole face and filters or oversaturates the absolute life out of everything

No. 246443

To be fair you guys did try to shop other smaller at one point yourselves and failed horribly (well other anons)

No. 246502

Maybe her ears really do come out of her neck. Everything else about her seems deformed. :/


No. 246518

File: 1486479826141.png (1.03 MB, 720x1130, tmp_27798-Screenshot_2017-02-0…)

This is a goldmine

No. 246552

Her fucking profile pic tho kek.

No. 246555

Why the fuck is she posting all these weird shoops, does she not realise how awful they look?

No. 246658

They both look terrible on instagram tbh

No. 246659

File: 1486492001083.jpg (662.44 KB, 1080x1080, tmp_11554-IMG_20170207_182530-…)

Forgot to upload

No. 246690

Yeah but at least Blake somewhat resembles that IRL. They've not shopped their chin from Robbie Rotten to Gail Platt

No. 246691

Nice to see the bleks fanbois have returned trying to derail the thread again.

Look at the state of her lol and you're actually defending her
She's 24 not 14

No. 246693

Are you comparing her to robbie rotten then lmao
Fanboy 1/10

No. 246694

Christ if I looked like the first one I'd shop myself too

No. 246697

Nice try but I don't actually know either of them outwith this shite and occasionally spotting them at cons. Blake looks like a collosal weeb in the pic but at least when you see her IRL she's recognisable to her pictures.
Sindys unusually shaped chin and face is one of the first things you notice about her irl and if she thinks she's fulling anyone by shaving it off, she's sadly mistaken.
But I guess you can't see beyond whatever vendetta tinted glasses you're wearing if it's not directly insulting Blake.
Would it help if I said "Lololol Blake is yoo gee el why, so cringe!"? Would that make things more comprehensible?

No. 246703

This needs to be made into a banner somehow lmao

No. 246716

Their is a thread for these submissions

No. 246718

File: 1486499406710.png (992.97 KB, 720x717, tmp_21065-Screenshot_2017-02-0…)

You make it sound like that Was some kind of one off lol

No. 246754

Thats not derailing, thats a simple comment, shut up you salty child and get over your hateboner for Blake. Good lord you're cringe to keep harping on like that, are you the fanboy of people who make comments about Blake? Seriously.

No. 246755

Good lord, its cringeworthy when someone on the thread is known with a hateboner, get over yourself , you're embarrassing.

No. 246756

File: 1486506949404.png (80.47 KB, 640x1012, IMG_2881.PNG)

She has more than 1 IG.

No. 246758

Yet the sindy hateboner is OK?

No. 246759

File: 1486507190521.png (206.69 KB, 640x1077, IMG_2883.PNG)

it literally looks like she has a jagged chin

No. 246760

Any hate boner will be called out, same as when sindy posts with a hateboner.

No. 246761

File: 1486507266549.png (107.74 KB, 640x993, IMG_2882.PNG)

No. 246762

Ivan has a huge hateboner, more than normal with most with chindy.
All typing no proof and just is horribly salty.

No. 246763

Thread is literally titled sindy and blake
Suddenly fanbois defending the cheating scum and excess sindy slamming
somehow not derailing

No. 246767

Pretty sure the "cheating" was once, was only a kiss, and they told Vicky right away? And Vicky is pretty over it too, so I don't see why ya'll are getting hung up over someone else's relationship issues from three or so years ago?
This obsession over shit that happened years ago is fucking weird as fuck

No. 246771


ANONS complain sindy's chin is too big
Sindy shops chin
Anons complain sindy's chin is too small

Hateboner detected

No. 246772

Not a hateboner, its because the photoshop looks so fucking bad, get a grip and learn what a hateboner ACTUALLY is, okay? Okay.

No. 246773


If you can do better anon please do

No. 246775

Aw Sindy, I'm sorry using Blake as a decoy didn't work out perfectly for you. :(

No. 246777


Bets on this being the same anon lol

No. 246780

Wrong actually, how did you come to that conclusion then? Because they don't agree with you? Aww boohoo.

No. 246782

So the sindy milk has dried up and we are now resorting to mocking he photoshopping

Blessed are he desperate

No. 246785

It could just be people catching on to your obvious vendetta but sure, whatever floats your boat.

No. 246787

nice try but I'm the anon who posted >>246697
and >>246690
If you're going to call samefagging, at least be better at spotting it.

No. 246800

I wish I could find some of the screenshots from her old ig's because she had some hilarious shit on there

No. 246802

File: 1486513324786.png (716.4 KB, 812x599, kek.png)

I'm 100% banned entirely from lolcow guize, not still lurking at all!

No. 246865

That look fucking horrendous.

No. 247292

It's like she went for a 10 mile hike in those boots before taking the photo. It looks like there's a lot of cheap shiny coating peeling off, especially at the toes.

No. 247307

I love how she thinks she's gorgeous af, yet shops her chin in IG photos.

No. 247370

Don't think sindy has ever used ig until late last year….

No. 247395

She too ugly fro IG

No. 247402

I see Katys back

No. 247404

Am not Katy

No. 247405

Learn to speak cunt

No. 247407

Who u callen cunt

No. 247409


Show ur face if you're so big

No. 247414

She might break the site if she does.

No. 247426

If its anything like her speach then yea

No. 247435

Rip this thread

No. 247440

Rest in pieces

No. 247640

all of you r jsut faggots

No. 247644

You bumped your friend threat just to call us faggots

Rip you're parents dreams for you

No. 247653

ur dreams wear crushed years ago

No. 247660



Fuck right off, you illiterate little shit. No one wants to rise to your bait and no-one actually gives a shit to.

No. 247725

Welcome back my son

No. 247741

When I saw the last comment on the previous thread (Part 3) was a week old I thought there was a chance this entire thing has sizzled out only to find another thread to vent this unhealthy topic.

Just to clarify this I previously posted comments on the original thread along with Sindy Pop Part 2, asking to whom I assumed Sindy on why she does what she does with childish response. Since then I visited the related threads every so often out of curiosity only to find the community evolve from calling her out as a fraud, scrounging her social media pages to screen capture posts to the incident of someone stalking her at a night club (which should be the last straw) and finally the thread cannibalising on itself claiming each user is her. The whole thing has gotten beyond a joke and turned into one of the most pathetic topics to ever hit a forum.

Do not get a wrong for a second! Sindy is without a doubt one of the biggest disgraces to the Scottish pop culture community and has been caught many times tracing artwork, bulling minors, deceiving, performing racist acts and much more. Highlighting these misdeeds on someone like her has gone out of hand. Despite her nature; she is a creative type who rarely produces finished art or cosplay fashion with no Youtube and yet users are swarming over trying to turn her into the next “Chris Chan”.

Pretending for a moment this site isn’t made to bully others online and give it a politically correct description as “guiding the uniquely misfortunate”, if someone were to be the target of a thread then they would see what the posts have to say and notice they’re faults. When they see what they have been doing wrong with (insert here) they would take on the advice, try to change for the better or ignore it all the while trying to avoid being part of a discussion like this and yet Sindy never learns. If anything this attention is what she wants.

She has proven time again even though she rarely posts under her name these days; she still hooked on seeing what drama is being created in the thread inspired by her. It has taken god knows how many threads dedicated to her for users to realise this and yet this one I’m posting to is less than a week old. The chance these threads were created by someone outside the United Kingdom is incredibly slim and appears to be made by those who have a personal grudge against her with the continuous name throwing of those with little to no ground on the internet besides Facebook.

If one of those recurring users wants to spread the word how rotten she is then you already succeeded and more, if she ever wanted to make a career out of herself or even be employed it only takes a quick Google search to find these threads and all the pages displaying her shame. Anyone of the creative community and the general population can find out what she is like and yet the threads keep coming, those who continue to post most know this is no longer a warning but instead feeding her self esteem. Her multiple Facebook pages constantly post about all the attention she is receiving and she is eating it up, for crying out loud this is the same person who revealed her real name and personal phone number and home address to the world!!

The question is “Why continue?”
Anyone with access to the internet can see what kind of scum she is and her activity recently is nothing but sour comments so why dwell on her? Why bother commenting on a thread about a Scottish cosplayer who is trash but has become old news? If you have personal problems with her and want to talk to someone about it then try speaking to someone without a computer. If users start to ignore her then all new interest in her will die and if it turns out the recent posts were conjured by her then let her create the majority of the comments about herself until the site realises what she’s doing and gets kicked off.

I’ve written under 800 words fuelled by my dislike of her and truly want this to be one of the last posts towards her and hopefully this doesn’t go to waste. Or do what you want; I’m not your mother.

No. 247742

TL;DR version: If you stop talking about Sindy Pop, she’ll hate it and go away!!

No. 247798

Yeah, ignoring her doesn't work, because she just resorts to directly attacking people when everyone else stops giving a shit. It's just that half the people who are "victim" to it are too wuss to actually report her to the proper authorities.

No. 247891

It's clear just how triggered she's got all of you

I mean she literally just posts 1 snippet of this place in her feed and you are all over all over it like wild dogs

Can you not see now touch are creating exactly he kind of environment that sindy flourishes on. The constant negative attention this place produces means that if anybody actually looks here all they see is People being a cunt to her

seriously good luck trying to ruin her I feel like you really zhould have waited until late she had a bigger following before you cock blocked her from the comunity. Because one with nothing can loose nothing

No. 248083

Half a dozen people posting the same salt over and over doesn't correspond to the community being "triggered". Take your whiteknighting off of this board, do you realise where you are lmao.

No. 248119

You're 4 boards to late to be calling anybody a knight

We want milk and is gone
Post reaks of obvious self post on blake or sindy's parts.

Anons should just x lose this worthless thread that consists of anons fighting each other

No. 248121

>calling threads boards
>can't even sage

I don't necessarily disagree but you aren't making a good case here.

No. 248199

How much of a hate boner do you need your have to still be bumping this thread

No. 248294

The newfag here >>248119

No. 249048


No. 249055

You bumped the thread just to complain about lack of milk? Sage that shit, newfag

No. 249095

Not newfag, such a lame insult, deliberately bumped, but boy you replied quick.
Learn how to not bite, normie

No. 249096

Thread was bumped and seen this.
Why are so angry about it? smh

No. 249124

Sindy's Facebook is public, if you want new milk, provide it yourself?

No. 249205

The only "milk" is her chin-shooping all of her photos on Instagram and it's not really worthy of talking about, just cringy as fuck.

No. 249210

Only one is the others Isnt, are you new to chindys shit? seems so.

No. 249251

The main account she's actually posting on is public, the other two she's still banned from.

Not new to this shit, actually "old" to it, if anything.

No. 249266

File: 1486854542183.png (833.41 KB, 720x1032, tmp_25255-Screenshot_2017-02-1…)

You could rip into the dmg cosplay she's making

No. 249687

This honestly looks tacky as fuck. If I saw this and never knew it was hers, i'd still feel the same way. Why do people choose horrible fabrics for things when they obviously just look bad?

No. 249690

File: 1486925635101.png (41.17 KB, 508x587, sindy.png)

I mean, this here is exactly the reason that everyone is sitting laughing at her in the first place. The thing is, you haven't changed, you're still the same old hypocritical piece of shit that you have always been. Oh yeah, talk about how you're so above everyone else when you consistently make dark jokes about people with health conditions and freely talk about how people have autism. Also, why post a short stories worth trying to justify yourself if you care that little about the thread. Don't try and act as if you're high and mighty when you're arguably just as bad as the worst posters in this thread, buddy.

No. 249799

I assume it was sindy posting to bump the thread back up.
Jesus girl needs to get help.

No. 249951

File: 1486941371140.png (967.73 KB, 720x867, tmp_7202-Screenshot_2017-02-12…)


Considering dark magician girl is rebound for how badly she is cosplayed
I'd say this is one of the better ones

No. 249955

Are. ..you basically admitting to not liking sindy's stuff just because it's sindy's?

Anon you are comming across more hateboner-vendetta fuelled the more you post

No. 249960

Seems like the point flew way over your head anon.

That's the opposite of what >>249687 said but OK, hateboner it is?

No. 250115

Wow…this is THE worst dark magician cosplay I have ever seen. It literally made me sick to my stomach. Can't wait to see sindy's weird body in them.

Please learn to sage you retard.

No. 250145

File: 1486956156622.png (288.64 KB, 470x511, insecuremuch.png)

This along with the constant photoshopping of her chin screams insecure. She's so seemingly bothered by the thread that she's seeking validation from other people who she knows will give her asspats.

No. 250338

Maybe she's just writing it to trigger you

No. 250340

A cosplay dress made you sick to your stomach? But you can't wait to see it worn

Again anon you really do sound like your harbouring a hateboner.
If a cosplay made you sick surley you would sooner never set eyes on it again.

No. 250342

File: 1486979817506.jpg (512.78 KB, 546x930, tmp_19505-20170212_174610_mh14…)

And since you wanted to see it worn

No. 250367

It's bad but it's by no means awful. For some constructive criticism which I think is only fair, you've got a good pattern and figured out the construction well but the seams are quite sloppy and could use some practice with hemming properly, the foam elements could be cut better: I'd invest in a dremel and craft knife for smoother finishes. Also the fabric choice is quite inappropriate. A nice blue duchess satin would have been a better choice.

No. 250384

That isn't what triggering is anon, learn that shit

No. 250385

Not really? Man, its funny that your trying to be even with this, she's a mess, and if you dont like people talking about it, then don't look, get off the boards, play a game.
Smh, you sound like sindys whiteknight.

No. 250386

She has chicken legs ew

No. 250394

I'm still in shock that the photo on the left is her.
So much photoshop. Wow.

No. 250398

File: 1486994246714.png (590.86 KB, 720x716, tmp_6925-Screenshot_2017-02-12…)

The only one was made from Blue gabardine but most people criticised as being to far from the originals shiny design

No. 250402

At this point you're just firing insults in any directions you can

You look desperate and the way you attack any anon who does agree makes it brutally obvious that you're insecure about this thread

perhaps you know it and the stuff said on it are utter garbage

I'm sick of seeing sindy threads appear on here when the entire thing is literally just people getting triggered at her Facebook posts

Yea ok she shops her chin but Alot of cosplayers photoshop themselves to look more like character, thiers even a thread or 2 on 4chan dedicated to how to do it right.

Itt: bullshit thread derailed from blake back to sindy because obvious vendetta but the contents just feature whiney little snowfsnowflakes fighting with each other over whether or not the board is worthless

maybe you're the cosplay ones that should go play a game, work on your shitty cosplays or just get a fucking life

Thier are far worse than sindy to come out of Scottish cosplay

Laurel Kimberly blake amy lisica kyhari are just to name name a few

No. 250417

Thread derailed from Blake to Sindy when the thread is supposed to be about them both? Don't see how that is derailing? There isn't any milk on Blakes side of things, so why not talk about obviously super insecure, needs validation Sindy instead?

No. 250433

The more you post about how sick you are of seeing X thread, the more people are likely to keep it alive. If you're that triggered by her thread, then don't look at it.

No. 250434

That's not what triggered means

No. 250467

I'm that anon and this is the first time I've made a post in this thread. I've been lurking enough to see that she's a cow. She's a mess. You're obviously the one who's getting triggered by her threads being here. Maybe you got a sindy boner.

>If a cosplay made you sick surley you would sooner never set eyes on it again
Do you know what exaggerating is?? Are you you retarded??

No. 250494

Smooth anon

No. 250535

Anon from >>249687 here. If you had any kind of reading comprehension, you'd realise that it's not a personal comment towards her at all. I implied that it's bad no matter who made it.

You're not trying very hard, anon. Your whiteknight is showing, even if you're not intentionally trying. You can sit and name-drop all you want, but Sindy is in her own category altogether. These people might be cringe at times, but at least they're not toxic.

No. 250897

Oh dear, the only one triggered here seems to be you.
If you're fed up of it, stop looking and commenting, no ones going to stop because a random anon who thinks they're speaking the truth starts trying to take a moral high ground, when in fact looks like you're defending her.
Fuck off lol

No. 250898

All those people you have listed are better cosplayers than Sindy.

Also, I find this funny all these names are recently people involved in drama……. hate boner much?
You're pathetic, stop trying to derail the thread when its about Blake and Sindy, if you want to talk about Sarah ,laurel , Kimmie or Licasa make another board.
But wait, you dont want to, you would rather band wagon on a board and insult them, but yet you want people to back off from sindy?
Hmmmmm no.

No. 250899

File: 1487073524562.jpg (137.89 KB, 2048x1152, IMG_2945.JPG)

>wants people to leave sindy alone because were mean bullies
> is being triggered by this board
> "but guys what about /namedrops/"

Anyone else but Sindy, hm? Pathetic, and really embarrassing, gtfo anon.

No. 250901

Hi Sindy, its clear with the names who this is.

No. 250905

File: 1487074137320.gif (1.66 MB, 391x337, IMG_2946.GIF)

No. 250909

The people listed haven't actually been involved in any recent drama. Old Sindy drama, sure. New drama, aside from Amy involving herself in a different batch of drama to the Sindy stuff, none of them have been involved in any of it.

So, definitely a hateboner.

No. 252907

Blake the Flake has been announced as a DeeCon contest judge, is this a fucking bad joke?

No. 252925

Good god, Sindy, is English really your first language?

No. 252937

I wish it was. What makes them qualified in anyway to judge anyone for anything? Buys most of their cosplay and anything they attempt to make looks like shit even after years of trying, literally no talent for anything.

I don't understand why they were chosen, would nobody else do the job for free or something?

No. 253269

They literally have no right whatsoever ever to judge cosplayers
They have never crafted anything and thier cosplays have been going downhill since 2015

I'm glad I'm not the only one angry about this. Just another good reason to avoid this con

Feels like deecon are giving her ass pats because she's a long time guest. But they lied on half of her information. For 1 she hasn't wone tuns of competitions. She's wone about 3 at most AND NONE of them were based on her crafting skill.

Honestly she'll just spend the entire con hav ingredients the genuinly skilled judges wipe her ass

No. 253288

Went from they to she, keep your pronoun game the same. For a second I thought you'd jumped onto a different person.

>con hav ingredients

I don't even know what that last one is supposed to be or mean. It literally makes no sense, even in the context of the full sentence.
Hateboner and poor English skills galore, reeks of Chin. At the very least, the consistency of wrongly spelling and using thier points to this being the same anon as >>250402

Funny to see none of you are voicing your discontent publicly on the announcement post. You dislike it so much and think there's no point, comment that there, maybe you'll get a response from DeeCon regarding why they chose Blake as a judge.

No. 253333

Expressing dislike on the post would give our anonymity away you fucking spoon.

Plus deecon would just take the comment down, ban the user from the con then continue to pat her ass.

I'll stick to posting my digest here nice fuckig try at white knightig though

No. 253346

File: 1487350612600.png (229.45 KB, 1439x1514, 20170217_165013.png)

>>For 1 she hasn't wone tuns of competitions. She's wone about 3 at most AND NONE of them were based on her crafting skill.

Please enlighten to me where Deecon said they'd won their competitions on crafting skill opposed to performance wins.

Blake might buy a lot of cosplays but they do know a bit about performance and have more experience in that side of things compared to other local cosplayers.

I do find it curious that approximately the same time as it was posted here, Sindy posts publicly on her Facebook complaining "Flake" was a judge.

They're both embarrassing but Sindy always manages to come across worse in any comparative situation.

No. 253348

Implying a convention will ban you for just voicing discontent at their decisions seems like you think the convention is unprofessional in that aspect.
Maybe you have an unreasonable hateboner for the convention too.

The funny thing is, Blake doesn't even hate Sindy? It's more disappointment and annoyance? Whereas Sindy can't get over shit and full on hates Blake. Like, get over it, move on, be an adult instead of being petty and whining like a child.

No. 253356

Derailing galore
This page was dead for 3 days because nobody cared yet the minute blake milk happens it must be sindy
You constantly give her the credit for an opinion shared by many people

Flakey blakey is genuinly not fit to judge and using the THE WONE A FEW SKITS as an excuse is futile as sindy has stated several times she's also wone prizes for her actual crafting ability.

So as usual there is no blake is better in comparison. Both are on the exact same level on difference is sindy has been cosplaying less time and caught up to blakes skill level if not surpassed it in only 2 years where as blake took 6 years.

I'm not a sindy knigt or even a fan but I honestly belive it us utter shit when people say blake is better
Thiers more than enough evifence they are on the same level

No. 253362

At least sindy attempts to make her Props and cosplays. What does flake do. Sit and bitch about the next teen angst mental crisis

She has so little investment in cosplaying and trying to learn that that is why she is not fit to be a judge

No. 253367

Do you even know what derailing is? Derailing would be the discussion about Katy that happened near the threads start. This isn't derailing.

No. 253380

Stepiping in here to voice my actual opinion and not ones I've been accused of countlessly

At the end of the day the only reason blake was invited is because this is clearly some kind of personality contest.

Deecon is a poor pathetic excuse for a convention anyway. How old is it? 6? And yet never has it had a guest or anything it's only now charging tickets and getting it's shit together. Raicon has been around for 1 year and allready its had offers from big guets in the american scene

I let this blake nonsense slide past me because deecon really isn't worth even looking sideways at. Neither are blakes half assed China bout cosplays and bin bag Props

No. 253390

Or is it rebekkah now
Girl changes her names faster than Scottish weather

No. 253403

Crafting isnt the only element to cospalying, it's possible Blake was picked because of their performance skills and wins from that, like mentioned in >>253346

Convenient ignoring of a genuine point in favour of hateboners.

No. 253408

Samefagging, I'm also like, 99% sure they've got more than one judge this year, so it's likely another of the judges will be good at crafting or something?

No. 253413

She was picked to piss me off lol

And that's why I won't give them the satisfaction. I do feel sorry for genuinly skilled people entering though. I could think of a billion better Scottish cosplayers more fit for the job

No. 253414

I hear Chindy is banned from Dee-con this year..

No. 253419

You have shitty hearing then lplease
Though honestly i reaLly couldn't give a fuck if I was

Why do you think I openly talk about what a steamig pile of shit this years committee has become

Considering it's latest guest wanted to cash me outside a deecon
It's obvious this shit fest is better see from afar

Have fun kiddies

No. 253421

I'll send a post card from ECC

No. 253422

Deecon is a student fundraiser, it is not in the same vein as conventions like Rai-con, Amecon or even MCM because it's not marketed as such. It is a yearly event run by Dundee University animation students to raise funds for their end of year showcase. All funds from tables, after party tickets, tshirt sales and now entry tickets go purely towards venue hire and the aforementioned showcase. This is well known to anyone who opts to pay a blind bit of attention to the convention. So not having big name guests is not a priority to them, raising funds is their goal. That's why the staff changes on a yearly basis.
If anyone actually reads the screencap just above, they clearly say Blake is one of 3 judges, the other two soon to be announced. Blake is probably being picked as someone with experience in performance. Other than Dommy and DJ Nanashi, no one on this year's committee or staff has anything to do with the Scottish cosplay scene: they're just animation students trying to raise money and could care less about the petty drama in the scene. Sindy, don't be so arrogant to assume any of them care about you enough or even know who you are to pick guests and judges based on who you dislike.

No. 253425

The salt is real lmao
Bitch just get a grip, you're not that great and no one wants you at Dee con or any con. You're a fucking disgrace and you need to sort your fucking attitude and face out you fucking weapon. You're just a terrible person and your cosplays are shit.

No. 253435

Lol what are deecon originizers even doing on this cest-hole

The fact you have to defend you're shit tier con and it's shit tier guests shows what a joke you all are. Have fun being the Scottish equivalent to kita. I'll spare a thought at digi next weekend
A real con –

No. 253438

People pointing out your ignorance towards DeeCon are organisers now? Wow I never knew I was a final year student at that University. That's news to me!

Get a grip, you fucking mong

No. 253440

Flake brought any hatred I have for her entirely upon herself when she went to David and told him untrue garbage about my platonic friendship with him. If anybodys salty it's her. Jealous of David and me yet this was the same person who said he was spinless and that he was leaving her for better friends..

No. 253441

God are you like the only anon on this place.

Lol hateboner for me is real. You know my Facebook if you ever wanna grow a pair of balls and say it to my face.

I've already said what I think about the snowflake to her face…book…

No. 253443

Just 'cause people are saging doesn't mean it's all one person. Lol get a fucking grip

No. 253444

People keep talking as if I'm mad I'm not her friend anymore or something

Do your what being friends with her was like?
Twice I got her presents and never once did she get me anything. Tried to blackmail me with the mcm hotels yet spend every second away from me bitching about me with the rottweiler

At cons all she does is moan and complain that they're not this or that enough yet comes back on the Sunday because #weebz

every weekend I went out with her to hang out yet the 1 time I was too sick to go out with her new david i was made to feel like shit.
Thiers a billion and 1 things I could tell you about what a shitty friends blake was to me. But she already knows it.

Her friend sayed to me a few weeks ago we could all be friends again one day and I'm sitting here thinking this is literally a choice between getting cancer and surviving it.

That person is a terrible excuse to cosplay. I was contact lying made to feel like I had to allways be elite tier when I was part of that group. Because that fool actualy thinks she's on the same tier as say leo or another similar cosplayer.

Blake and her whole crew of asswipers are nothigh but a joke. I know what she's really like and I know that I chose to leave that friendship and I would never go back to it. The lot of them are toxic drama lovers.

No. 253445

And as for this you love david shit. The person I had feelings for was allways her. But I never told her because every time I wanTed to she showed me just what kind of a selfish asshole she was.

In the end I walked away from her and my feelings for her because I knew I was better off

No. 253446

Nothing to do with Deecon other than attending it so yeah, nice try. What has Kita got to do with anything? Other than being a popular con where tickets sell out in less than hour. If you're on your anti alcohol rant, all the ambulance stories are exaggerated and spread by people who never attend. One ambulance for a legit medical concern and a paramedic for someone who drank too quickly do not a bad con make. The issues with the Hilton were numerous and got worse each year and were mostly caused by Hilton guests and security not understanding conventions and making life difficult for people (I got stopped and scolded by security for bringing outside food in this year. I was carrying a pizza from the Hilton restaurant in a Hilton branded box which apparently is completely mistakable with Dominoes).

No. 253448

The general attitude of the people who go are the problem.

No. 253449

Enjoyment and not taking cosplay as a life changing experience are now negative traits? Not everyone cares as much about costumes as you do. And don't deny it. Every other post is about cosplay with you. You literally have nothing else in your life

No. 253450

The tickets only sell out because people jump at the chance to go back to a con where liver toxification is practically encouraged. It's full of 25 year olds who act 13. I'm sad that I actually had to choose between being surrounded by cancer or meetig ryokos va. But I'm sure other opportunities with arise.

No. 253451

I have my manga.
I often overlooked dedicate myself to a cosplay project and wind up neglecting my comic.

But I will be making more efforts this year to prevent that.

No. 253452

General attitude?
I'd say a good deal of the people who go to the likes of Kita are cosplayers from England who you've never met.

I know plenty of people who go and don't drink. Also a lot of them are older than 25, but OK. And Kita is tame by party convention standards. People also jump because it's a convention, they get to chill with friends again. Alcohol has little to do with it.

No. 253453


That may be the case I take it more seriously than another. But isn't that exactly the reason why a half assed joke cosplayer judging people who genuinly are dedicated to it is outrageous? It doesn't surprise me others are angry about it too.

No. 253454

I can confirm this as a teetotal Kita attendee, most are social drinkers. But as with most of Sindys hyperbolic black and white views of the world, you either drink till your liver gives out or you don't drink at all: there's no in between with this girl.
Same with her hate boners: you agree with what someone says once and you're one of their stans, you disagree with something she says and you have a lifelong vendetta against her.
I feel little for either of the subjects of this thread. I don't like nor hate. Mostly pity

No. 253455

You may be right. But unfortunately the only people attending Kita I've ever met or spoken to online tend to be the cancers who go to liver purge. And it's not like it's 1 or 3 people I'm in a few of the groups.

No. 253456


And here I was thinking Sindy was banned. Oh well

Advice for you, Sinds, get over it, and get over this thread. Move on with your life, become a better person, forgive and forget. Don't fester in a pool of hatred and be stuck in the past.
You're just making yourself look pettier by the second.

And as people have stated before on the fact of Blake judging, they were likely picked based on PERFORMANCE skills, not crafting. You keep ignoring that point, conveniently

No. 253457

It was basically implicitly stated that's why as you'll see here>>253346

No. 253459

I'm not igoring it just not adress it. Would you like me to now? OK. What right does a stage clown have to judget those who are more interested in the crafting area.. zero.
The really could have done better. Or maybe not.

Sindy is never banned lol I'm smarter than you think.
And wow some lposer who hides anon pitties me but nobody else ironically.

I think I'll get by. And trust me. Engaging on this thread doesn't damper my life or potential one drop. This site might be aids but that doesn't mean I'll get it just from posting on here

No. 253462

Concept that DeeCon's masquerade isn't just about the crafting aspect? It's a mixture of making the cosplay, and the performance, so I'm pretty sure Blake has a right to judge based on that?

No. 253463

Anyway I've said all I need to say you're all free to argue amounest yourselves

But when I have something to say on here I'll say it as me. Stop assuming every anon is me.

No. 253465

Not really she's not that great a performer either
David is better by a mile

No. 253468

I have a feeling whoever "Ivan" is is probably lurking around here, so

Funny how you deleted the account so soon, after using it for griefing someone for over a year. And also after someone worked out the IP for it, too. Bummer

No. 253479

I asked a couple of people (I'm not from the area and have only been attending since 2015) and deecon has been running longer than 6 years and the people I asked said they've had other guest judges from the community than just blake
the only reason they started ticketing it was to pay hire for the extra buildings as more guests means less space means fire hazard

No. 253489

>Twice I got her presents and never once did she get me anything.

Just because you decided to get a friend a gift does not in any way make them obligated to get you a gift in return. And getting hung up over that fact makes you fucking petty.

No. 253491

DeeCon has had multiple guests since the start. It's a fundraiser for DoJ, not a normal con. Try harder next time.

No. 253493

Hey Jenny, so much for being permanently banned from lolcow then. Keep up the salt, it's delicious.

No. 253499

David and caitlin get me gifts and I never ask. Because they're really Friends. And not selfish fakeboys

No. 253502

Friends arent obligated to get other friends gifts though. Not everyone has the money. Whether you ask them to or not, they aren't obligated to do it.

I dont see how that is so hard to understand but then you're a special sort of stupid.

No. 253517

Chindy you need to get a fucking grip. Blake stood by you when no one else did and tried her best, she put up with your shite for too long as did many others. All you did was bring them down and make them feel bad about themselves. You always put her down about her cosplaying, basically putting her down for doing something she loves. Friends fucking help you and support you not make you feel worthless. You're a fucking shitty person, a bad friend even to Caitlin but she's too fucking blind you see it. Don't fucking play victim when you're just a fucking bully. And you fucking moan about cosplayers being shitty.. have you fucking seen your cosplays? At least the likes of Jessica Nigri and Yaya Han actually look appealing. You look like you've been whacked I'm the face 50 times with a shovel. And your fucking instagram is a mess, I love how you badly edit your chin so it doesn't look squint. Learn how to edit your photos properly you fucking ugly cunt.

No. 253529

You learn how to anon first how bow dah

No. 253534

J nigger and yaya shop themselves too lol

Jessica abuses cosplay for sexy and men for crafting experience Lyes and steals other peoples desigs
Haha has the funking audacity to call herself a cosplay queen she's literally a leather bag clinging onto something thats sick of her.

I may have idolised these people 2 or 3 years ago. But thats because I was so new to the scene in didn't know what a good cosplayer was. Same reason I thought blake was a good cosplayer. And I allways told her I loved how she did this or that. The 1 time I said I didn't like what she did was the way she styled her Yato wig. And I even said she could help by just referencing other cosplayers. And she agreed saying that was good advice, and looked up some cosplayers. Hoenstly how that self obsessed weeb thinks I ever put her down during our friendship is beyond me. But blake is pretty insecure so she would come to that conclusion

Or mayear she just decided to fabricate intentions in her head so that ditching me would feel easier.

And as for stood by me. Alot of people. She was nothigh special. Her friends and the people bothering me constantly pushed her around forcing her to take sides. They made her hate them. Not me.

I was allways trying to help blake be a better cosplayer and support her. But around 2015 she stared turned into the kind of person who only wanted praise. And I was the only 1 with the balls the say it.. to her face. Others agree with me. Even her close friends. But theye won't say it cause they don't wanna wind up like me

No. 253535

Nobody is obliged
But that's what friends do.
Express friendship in a way that people remember.
She never got me a card or anything
Infant she didn't even know it was comming up on my birthday until late fb told her. She got her other friends presents. Clearly I was never one and just a person She had tried to avoid.

She should have had the balls to admit I was nothing to her instead of stringing me along waiting for me to wise up(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 253589

Not gonna lie here, I honestly couldn't care less who the judges are. It's not as if DeeCon has some big prestigious competition anyway. It's honestly not serious at all. I expect they will announce some other cosplayers who are more focused on the crafting part. I find it hilarious that Jenny actually thinks the choice has been made to "spite" her, y'know other than Blake being quite well known in the community and having been cosplaying for a long time now.

Wait a minute. Didn't you spent the last 3 years talking about how great DeeCon was and how well your table went at it? Until you got declined for a table this year and you decided that you were going to throw your toys out of the pram like a child and talk shit about it for no reason? It's hilarious how far you've gone to actually delete every piece of evidence relating to how much you enjoyed DeeCon in the past, including a positive 5 star review you'd left on their event page a week before the "table drama" happened. Everytime you open your mouth to talk down this con, you just embarrass yourself more and more, and show a complete lack of understanding that DeeCon isn't run the same way as other cons.

No. 253693

She seems to be doing the same kind of thing with Nanashi/Seoul Rush though. Was fine with it for ages, then suddenly "it's too loud", when the volume likely hasn't changed at all.

No. 253698

Sindy has bragged about changing IPs to evade ban in the past. Something about how it's so easy a child could do it. Homegirl's obsessed with this site.

>What right does a stage clown have to judget those who are more interested in the crafting area..
Because you've never bought a cosplay or components of cosplay ever and everything you've ever done has been lovingly handmade by you. Ok. Playing the character is a huge part of the game too though. Some people can't sew. You should be aware of this.

She totally did lol. It's only a shit con now because she can't sell her traces there.

No. 253827

Love how she says anyone with an issue should speak to her through her facebook, yet she blocks people who she knows she wouldn't have a chance against

No. 253832

Anon from >>253456
Was being slightly sarcastic about the banned comment, I know she's bragged about being able to ban evade before. It was more, she goes on about how it "couldn't be her posting" because she's "banned". Which she#s just proved wrong. The question is, how long has she been "unbanned", and how many of the things posted here by an "anonymous" have actually been her.

No. 253836

Eheheh sorry sarcasm doesn't come across well online. I getcha.
I wanna say a lot of "anonymous" is actually her bumping her own thread, but that's me being optimistic hoping that most people haven't got the same pisspoor spelling and grammar that she does.
There are quite a few posts from when she was "banned" and claiming not to be able to access that have similar writing patterns to hers idk.
Sage cos this is my "I just woke up!" conspiracy theory lol.

No. 253861

You express friendship through other ways than just getting gifts, gosh.
One would assume, like mentioned here >>253517, that Blake sticking by you when everyone told them what a shitty person you were, and cutting themselves off from a lot of people who insisted the two of you stopped being friends would be an expression of friendship you'd remember. Obviously not, though. I never get my friends gifts, must be a bad friend because I'm not expressing my friendship in a way they'll remember, whoops.
Plus, you admitted you used to have feelings for Blake, you sure you weren't trying to but their love with your gifts?

As for not remembering or knowing your birthday, don't expect everyone to remember every single one of their friend's birthdays. I don't remember the birthday of my best friend who I've known since P1, doesn't mean they aren't important to me, or aren't my friend.

God you're so hung up on not getting gifts from someone who wasn't obliged to give you gifts in the first place, it's unreal

No. 254864

Damn even Sindy on point about Beks faking the 'i'm a real boy' shit for asspats because being a special snowflake in the cosplay community will get you 100s more disgusting weebs worshiping your scrawny ass

No. 254871

Rebecca can't act for shit and just sperges out all over the place in her shit outfits, though it's hilarious watching her get piss faced at after parties and tongue every male who is within 4 feet of her

Beks x Henry Woo OTP

No. 254974

File: 1487629578905.jpg (66.82 KB, 544x960, whatthefuck.jpg)

Looking forward to getting a commission from Sindy soon, cannot fault this stunning work, she's just getting better and better, if you think otherwise then you're just a hater xoxox

No. 254978

What even is that made out of? And whose tinyass head will that chain fit? So many questions

No. 255001

She's posted about Eric Stuart accepting her friend request, I feel sorry for the guy having to have her on his timeline. Wonder how long that will last

No. 255140

File: 1487646689549.jpg (44.12 KB, 183x275, 1487514726283.jpg)

Damn, chindy is on a shitty yugioh cosplay streak. She could be friends with pt.

No. 255186

I'm hoping it's actually a long chain and the millennium puzzle or w/e it's called is huge like in the 'toon, but that would mean all that dust on the carpet is huge too.
Please hoover, Sindy. Please. That is some grossass carpet. It's not like you have a job or school obligations or anything like that (hell, even people who work or study can manage) so pls take some time to clean yr house.

No. 255191

File: 1487650484531.jpg (116.49 KB, 720x960, tumblr_ol5sq4FUHt1v0ovb2o1_128…)

even this soap for kids looks better than that

No. 255444

Ironically it's made out of worbla. You know that material she talked about hating for weeks?

No. 255565

Don't even fucking joke about thqt anon. Henry and David are the only 2 people in this scene she hasn't had her tongue down

No. 255573

Give it up anon
Sindy will never be worthy of pt

No. 256022

No. 256031

It's obvious which art she's traced because it's far tidier than this.

No. 256032

Baring in mind none if these go past sketch Art
And we'll. . It's meant to be sketchy

Another live but is out of focus

No. 256191

Nah can confirm she tongued the woo at dee con two years ago

No. 256474

File: 1487843422602.jpg (29.47 KB, 640x478, 1x01-Cartman-Gets-an-Anal-Prob…)

What is up with her shoving her tongue down everything that talks back to her

I honestly thought Henry was better than that even by Henry's patheticly low standards

No. 256476

File: 1487844472655.jpg (645.31 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20170212_235040.jpg)

LOL I love watching how delusional people get about sindy's cosplays.
She posts up 1 aspect of her cosplay that doesn't involve the clothing or wig just the pendant and already you are having hopes it will be as bad as this. I'm not knighting her by any stretch of the imagination but it's really not like sindy's cosplays are as horrificly bad as people here want them to be.

Pic related of cosplays sindy has done with
*wig styled correctly
*correct makeup
*correctlying wearing it

I honestly think the anons are clutching at the old 2014 threads hoping all sindy's cosplays will look like that; sometimes blatantly lying about how bad one of her cosplays is just to try and get attention.

No. 256479

This is the real fucking tragedy of Scottish cosplay. Refused to wear a wig for first 3 years. Now finally wearing them refuses to style them or wear makeup

Henry and David are awful cosplayers who make male cosplayers look shit by refusing to shave, wear foundation and eyeliner and style correctly. Some of thier cosplays are literally rags hanging off them

But people seem to like them and make excuses for them because "own thier such nice people"

Henry is a narcissistic asshole who acts like top shit all the fucking time, even referring to himself as a "legend" and puts other cosplayers down by "refusing to take photos with them in it, cropping them out of a group photo, tagging everyone except said pension, telling girls they "can't cosplay guys" I went to a meet once he didn't invite me to and after me being there for 3 hours he turned around and said that he "wasn't going to bother asking me to leave because he's better than that" nothing prompted him to say it… there was no prior conversation he just said it for no fucking reason and I've met tuns of cosplayers who have been treated equally as bad by him.

David is also not a nice a person as he thinks he is. He often says things about people behind there back as I have been both witness to it and had him do it to me. He also acts like a smug bustard in cosplay when in reality he Henry and Scott are all terrible at cosplaying

But like I said people seem to excuse their shitty attitudes because "they are allways so nice" I think you mean "allways sympathy seeking on facebook" probably the same cancer that got beks so many fan boys

No. 256481

File: 1487846660584.jpg (641.41 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20170223_102311.jpg)

Henrys fabulous cosplays

No. 256587

She posted a picture of her wig for the Yugi cosplay and it looked awful anyway. Dunno if she removed it, it was on her personal Facebook.

Your "pic related" doesn't exactly show off each cosplay individually well, so I'll point out:
-Asuna doesn't have a block fringe, so technically her wig isn't styled correctly
-Dark Magician Girl's hair is not wavy, and does not sit like a "normal" wig or hair would. That wig wasn't even styled to begin with.
-Sindy didn't style her Ryuko wig, apparently, it was Caitlin, and regardless, it was a mess. Not to mention the rest of the mess that Ryuko was in general.
-Pretty sure she used the same wig for Panty and DMG, and it also looked a huge mess in most of the photos she posted of it.

Plus, her "correct makeup" is just your basic foundation and eyeliner, with a bit of gloss/lipstick if any. There's no contouring, the eyeliner is applied way too thick, and the wings don't suit the shape of her eye, it makes the droop and look dumb.

Not that I totally disagree with some of the stuff in this, but it stinks of samefagging.

No. 256594

Henry is pathetic as it comes, posting shit on his fb about how glorious he is and fucking 'woo-con' - at this point he's a huge joke among the male cosplayers.

But then it seems the cringier you are, the more popular you become in the UK cosplay communities

No. 256598

I have literally had people ignore me at cons and meet ups. I generally put it down to peoples social awkwardness. Though I have never found it a warm community especially as a newcomer to the cosplay scene.

all this stuff on here, makes me want to go out even less to meets, etc.

cause I end up just feeling like a spare prick, I thought it would be good to get involved, meet folk and make outfits with folk but it seems people are happy to show up in terrible outfits, cause it's all about the being seen. Which annoys me when it comes to small cons, I know not everyone has alot of money, but if its a community people care about so much, help others out if you can't buy peoples things at cons, etc.

asides that people need to put their ego aside, it's suppose to be fun and enjoyable, people need to take criticism and learn from it, it's how we grow and become functional adults.

No. 256601

b-but 'i'm the legendary asian so all cosplay looks great on me'

pal you're some filthy weeb who looks like you've been snorting lines in the queues at MCM, get a grip

No. 256604

How to become popular in Scottish cosplay community 101

> Claim you have a mental illness, either autism or some other shit that isn't physical, asspats will flow in

> Spam your facebook newsfeed with cringe statuses and photos of the most popular recent anime - yuri on ice for example
> Pretend you're actually a boy like Lisa or Beks and get pu$$y, proceed to cheat on said girls but don't worry about that, no one will care because you'll be the poor confused transgender
> run around screaming like a toddler in china town and every held meet. Attend every single meet. Get on benefits if you need money, £200+ a month will be more than enough to get you to glasgow each weekend
> be either extremely bland looking or ugly as fuck. Hot girls do not exist in this community. Males are all cucks too.
> Post attention seeking statuses crying about your average life and ignore every person who offers advice or pities you. You can go an extra further like Stalker Stanley and spam message everyone in your friend list for attention, then fuck off for a couple days. Repeat as necessary.
> Profit

No. 256611

Who is Lisa?
Is that a new name getting dropped into this thread now or have I just missed it being mentioned before now.

No. 256613

The only Lisa I know of in the community is Lisa Moriyama (not her actual surname, but hey)
Don't think they've ever pretended to be a boy though, so I doubt it's them.

New name drop then?


> Claim you have a mental illness, either autism or some other shit that isn't physical, asspats will flow in

Or you can be Eli and claim to have almost every illness under the sun.

No. 256632

Eli is a mess

No. 256648

Eli is definitely a topic for discussion here

No. 256651

He's been/being discussed on the Munchausen's thread, so more discussion here is probably unnecessary

Unless there is drama outwith his lying about illnesses

No. 256661

Could discuss his wee army of whiteknights who eat up all the bullshit he spews?

No. 256662

The girl/guy/whatever the fuck they are now that was dating Phoebe before that hot mess of a relationship fell apart

No. 256679

And now it's a question of which Phoebe you're talking about.

No. 256709

Only one I can think of is Phoebe Mcbride, who dated Evan Bradley (was her name Lisa?)

No. 256726

Now that I think about it, that does seem familiar

But I don't think they're "pretending" like the anon from >>256604 suggests. Getting reassignment surgery and also hormone treatment is a nightmare in Scotland, had a friend who was trying for at least three years and got nowhere.

Seems more like the anon has an unreasonable hateboner for everyone even semi-popular in the community.

No. 256733

Please don't drag even more people into this pointless drama. Evan has nothing to do with this

No. 256741

Not unreasonable by any standards
While evan is a genuinly nice person who really does desire to be a man psyically

Other messes in the community like beks, lucem, eli, Alex (?) Really are as bad as the above anon said. And most of them are just milking the attention

No. 256742

Just stop talking shit about people. It's horrible. What have they all done to you? Probably nothing. Leave them alone.

No. 256826

Evidently it is an unreasonable hateboner if they're including a genuinely nice person in it. But those are your words, anon.

No. 256916

Yes but their point is still the same all be it the person they used was not…

No. 256924

No. 256928

Hi, AJ here. Some of you may know me, some may not. I'm a fairly quiet person and I'm quite new to the community. However, what I'm seeing here is genuine cancer. I've introduced myself because I refuse to go anonymously on a site that's made to harass and bully people.

If you have a problem with someone, don't be fucking pathetic and hide behind a screen, actually say something to their face.

I have a problem with this thread because no matter how shitty a person is, they don't deserve this. It's wrong. The cosplay community is supposed to be filled with people who are accepting and kind. The worst part is, no one can say anything against it because they're called a 'white knight', well I personally don't give a fuck what you think of me, because none of you would ever say it to my face.

However, don't start dragging people I know into this when it has nothing to do with them. Realise that your words and your actions can have a severe impact on others.

You all just need to grow up a little. It's the 21st century. Transphobia, homophobia, bullying in general shouldn't be a fucking thing. Ugh.

No. 256932

Welcome to the Internet buddy.

No. 256968

What's their point then? Because it looks like they have a hateboner for anyone who is trans or nonbinary, by assuming they're all "pretending", even including someone who is genuinely not pretending in their point.

You seems to be defending them a little too much, but here's an idea - unless you're any of the people listed, you don't know the level of dysphoria they actually go through, and hating them over it just comes off as transphobic.

No. 257041

File: 1487953646292.jpg (10.04 KB, 241x231, 1487203452622.jpg)

LOL AJ I know from experience how much of a fight hungry cunt you and your lot are

You guys are the reason no trans people in this community are respected. Keking all the way to the bank with your I'm a nice person and love all cosplayers crap.

No. 257043

I love when they say " I have nothing to do with this place and have never posted in it" but he minute they or their friends are mentioned theye suddenly appear in a flash.. what is there a fucking bat signal on your pc telling you to come save the cows…

I wouldn't be surprised if every single memeber of Scottish cosplay was not only "on this site" but "posting anonymouslyour in it"

You all so fuckingl rightous but let people stalk and take pics of sindy because "hur hur we all hate her anyway"

No. 257049

You all seem so hung up on "stalking", it seems just showing up at the same place as someone you don't like, whether you know they're going to be there or not, is considered stalking? Wow, going to a meet up must mean we're all stalking each other now, what a crime!

Also, taking pictures of people in a public place isn't a crime either. You have no expectation of privacy in a public place, you're constantly being filmed by CCTV anyway. So where is the issue other than you're on Sindy's side and it bothers you that someone just happened to turn up to the same event as her, potentially without knowing she was there, and took a picture of her, legally, because someone on the thread wanted one?

No. 257065

Anon it's more the fact that you lot took photos of the girl in an obvious creep shot, rather than just go up and say 'hey can we have a pic together' like a normal person. Then again if you had done that, you would've revealed your identity and lost your glorious anon status you're all currently whinging about on facebook - guess what, cows, YOU are the ones posting on here anon. You're all such amazing 'friends' yet it's so painfully obvious you are all bitching about each other on here because none of you have the balls to just tell each other your fucking issues

No. 257068

Can't be worse than Kerr's creepy upskirt shots he's taken of girls, but according to Sindy, he did nothing wrong, so

No. 257074

AJ again. If someone has an issue with me, say it to my face or over Facebook. Don't hide behind an anonymous feed, otherwise? I'll just laugh at the fact you're too frightened and won't take you seriously.

No. 257081


No. 257086

How about we all just not continue to post on this ridiculous thread? It's honestly bang out of order.

AJ hasn't even done anything, he's only just joined the community so don't give me your crap, whoever you are.

No. 257089

who the fuck even are you and why are you so pretentious to assume that you are even worth speaking about if you've just joined

unless you have a dirty ass past and don't want people finding out.. hmm

No. 257094

Fuck off you attention hungry cunt

No. 257095

10/10 beautiful post

you could also add that if you're a dude, it doesn't matter if you're ugly as fuck or not, all the girls will swarm you because they're all awkward mongos rejected by society so have no way of getting dick except from the cucks. Just throw on a shit wig and watch the bitches swarm

No. 257838

Christ this has gone down hill

No. 257947

File: 1488055499796.jpeg (18.23 KB, 350x270, canyoufuckingnot.jpeg)

Nobody gives a shit, friend.

No. 257951

Im laughing more at AJ and these people trying to stop the "bad cows!!!"
Seriously if you don't like it, block the page

No. 258014


Its a purge

No. 258016

Anyone got milk from Nanashi?

No. 258017


Sindy was at digicon
Anybody got any milk from that

No. 258018

She made a live video talking about it(Public btw). It might just be me, but she sounded sort of drunk. Or is that just the way she normally speaks?

No. 258033

Did anyone else notice how she apologised for her cleavage yet after that it looks like she's actually trying to pull her outfit down to get them out? Also what was with her mouth?

No. 258053

She doesn't drink

No. 258075

People got kicked out apparently

No. 258076

Sindy always talks with slurred speech, it's something she's very insecure about actually

No. 258134

It's part of her low IQ.

No. 258480

Who and why

No. 258585

One person got kicked out of Nanashi for being too drunk. That's all.

No. 258699


What who

No. 258717

File: 1488138770031.jpg (321.16 KB, 720x697, FB_IMG_1488101266004_mr1488101…)

How do you even know this?

And this was her dark magician girl cosplay

No. 258736

Can confirm having met her last year, she does have a pretty "slurred" voice. Not to the point where she sounds like she's got an issue, more just lazy speech. Also, this costume honestly looks cringe as fuck, why on earth did she pick that shiny fabric?

No. 258738

…because people have actually talked to her in real life and don't just shitpost on here over her facebook posts, anon?

man you fucking dumb

No. 258771

Pretty sure they go by Finn?

No. 258851

Wow that's depressing
This community is so cringe

No. 258864

One person gets drunk and that's cringe? Wow

No. 258866

I think it's more the fact they couldn't handle their alcohol and got kicked out of a nightclub… which is pretty trashy in itself

then again, no one is 'perfect' but the community is so small, any slight misdeed or behaviour that is considered 'naughty' will result in disapproval from the senpais and their hivemind of followers.

No. 258871

Beks has still don't worse and she gets away Scott free cause she is senpai husbando bish

No. 258872

Most of the main community don't give a shit if people get drunk to the point they get kicked out of places. Most of us have gotten similarly drunk at least once, and it's a lesson for future.

Probably just salty they got drunk in general, and that the community isn't shunning them for it.

No. 258910

Exactly, Beks is kawaii senpai chan who all the weebs aspire to me - a trashy slut who cheats on all her partners, gets excessively drunk and uses alcohol as an excuse for atrocious behaviour (fyi beks, since you're reading this thread like the attention hungry cunt you are, it's not), shitposts constantly animes she doesn't even like because MUH FANS, bitches about everyone and I mean EVERYONE being close friends with this girl was a living nightmare and I am glad I am away from her.

No. 258911

should say 'aspire to be' *

also add she runs around screeching and just is in general an autistic mess of a person

No. 258912

is AJ another one of these faggots who is pretending to be a boi for that sweet succulent attention or what

No. 258916

Sindy currently sperging out on facebook over a couple of girls

No. 258919

Random, pics?

No. 258921


Yes yes and God Fucking yes that's why I blocked her

No. 259410

Lmao no. AJ is trans. Stop fucking assuming everyone in the community who says they are trans, are doing it for attention. They aren't. They are trans, and being trans isn't easy. They don't put themselves through dysphoria for attention. Fuck sake anon, grow up.

No. 259573


Or we could just call them for what the are - mentally ill

Beks has anorexia ontop of gende dysphoria, agoraphobia and depression. Not to mention the obviously missed autism.

Most of the trans people in this community are just fucking crazy

No. 259603

Stop being so bloody condescending. Trans people are people like you and me. You should not try and separate them.
Also whoever mentioned Evan and AJ. Why? They have nothing to do with Sindy and Blake.

No. 259630

AJ brought itself in when it started shitposting for no fucking reason other than an obvious lust for attention

Also you all keep protesting 'wahh this is scottish cosplay, not just sindy' but when your cringeworthy buddies are highlighted, you all wet yourselves in anger

No. 259645

Haha whatever.
Honestly the only cringeworthy person on here is you, and anyone else who agrees with you.
How dare you call Evan and AJ cringeworthy. They are both extremely nice, genuine people.

No one is as bad as a certain new Scottish Cosplayer I could mention.

No. 259648

See this is why you are a pathetic mess
Sindy is a part of Scottish cosplay too whether you like it or not
And you can't just turn around and say leave the Scotties alone.. oh but fuck sindy

You deserve what you're getting right now lol you all a disgrace
To Scottish cosplayers

No. 259649

Mention them lol
What you holding back for

No. 259657

Seems like Sindy is currently trying to suck Tower's dick. Too bad for her she's way too old for his tastes.

But it fits, she's already defended one paedophile, and one guy who took upskirt shots of girls and also fully sexually assaulted others, why wouldn't she defend Towers to dick-sucking point?

No. 259660

context anon

No. 259662

learn to reply to comments you mongoloid

also since you're hiding behind anon anyway, you may as well name drop.

No. 259663

>then badmouths someone literally in the same comment

lol hypocritical cuck

No. 259667

Towers as in Mike Towers, the guy who runs the AnimeLeague conventions. Spoken about often on the Britfag section of CGL. Rumours have been circulating for a decade or so about him grooming minors, and some recent drama has had her basically sucking his proverbial dick to seem popular. Tower's recent posts on the matter have been made friends only, but I'm pretty sure they'll be on CGL already

No. 259674

Can we keep towers off this please. No derailing. Keep it sindy and beks

No. 259675

It was in relation to Sindy however, and her attempt to flirt/suck up to him to seem popular.

Thread has been derailed multiple times before, where were you to complain then?

No. 259677

Sindy has a habit of cossying up to people with power. My guess so desperate only doing this to try and be invited as a volunteer

No. 259700

get over it or gtfo

No. 259701

File: 1488216166018.jpg (85.21 KB, 1152x2048, FB_IMG_1488216041323.jpg)

Not my screenshot but holy fuck. Why does Sindy love blaming pedo victims so much?

No. 259707

File: 1488217443747.jpg (52.63 KB, 387x253, pedoenabler.jpg)

I honestly don't grasp this utter tools logic.
She's blatantly said "You shouldn't come forward as your mum will find out and stop you cosplaying"

No. 259717

File: 1488218874989.png (106.3 KB, 461x1328, 1.png)


Different anon, but she's fucking insane. "There's no proof", obviously there is if someone has gone to the police with it?
I know at least one girl who has proof of Mike's relations with her who is going to the police to make a statement about it, but that's not proof, right?

No. 259718

File: 1488218887211.png (75.45 KB, 466x742, 2.png)

No. 259749

delicious milk anon

is there any more?

No. 259769

File: 1488225217844.png (95.88 KB, 472x539, 3.png)

There was only this added on. Aside from that, there hasn't been anything else I can see of her publicly defending Towers, so unless she's posting things as "friends only" on her page…

No. 259785

Lol okay. I actually don't mind Sindy that much.
But anyways, it seems like you aren't from Scotland then?

Blair/Hitsu Cosplay. There you go.

Stop being so bloody condescending anon.

No. 259786

Blair from Bandursnatch? They aren't a "new Scottish cosplayer" by any means, but OK?

No. 259787

How come Sindy always shows up when drama is happening even when she's not involved? What does she do with her time other than waiting on something/someone to cry about?
I've said it before and i'll say it again, this girl has some serious mental issues and needs to be checked asap.

No. 259812

were your feelings hurt anon

best get off the internet then, or at least don't be a two faced little cunt and post shit about people in these threads yet act all upset when others are getting posted.

No. 259813

Blair is a disgrace to the cosplay community and to the human race in general.

No. 259843


This man is the owner of Anime League cons in the UK, has recently been arrested for allegations of grooming young girls at cons. Evidence has been put forward by a number of girls, supported by former workers at cons. Apparently this has been going on for years.

Who's sticking up for this creep in his latest status? Sindy Pop of course.

No. 259846

How do you know he's been arrested?

No. 259865

Blair is the worst. At least someone on here agrees with me.

No. 259868

What's Blair done? Just curious.

No. 259878

They emotionally abused AJ and Xander. Really horrible stuff happened but I don't the full extent of it but I've heard there was some deadnaming involved. They tried to mess up Evan and Penman's relationship by spreading vile lies. They claim they "own" their own dance studio which they don't. Pretty sure that would cost a fortune? They are also very manipulative. They cheated on Earl and are now dating Earl's best friend, from what I've heard.

No. 259889

File: 1488238403412.png (33.85 KB, 720x285, Screenshot_2017-02-27-23-31-39…)

He hasn't lol the anon is lying

No. 259906

I mean that's not something someone is really going to admit

also could be that he was taken in for questioning, rather than arrested?

No. 259907

If he was arrested they confiscate your cell

If he had been questioned itd mean they let him go because no evidence

No. 259911

you mean the same Earl that involved themselves with someone elses relationship and left with the female half of it. Top notch person there.
Im not saying Blair is perfect but if the cheating rumour came from Earl i would tend to ignore it. Honestly if they had cheated on Earl do you think Earls bf would give them the time of day.com

No. 259913

what the fuck are these shit names you degenerates are picking wtf 'Earl' 'Blair' lmfao get a grip

No. 259915

Nah they cheated on Earl with AJ.

No. 260117

He's not been arrested but the police have visited Alex and have started investigations and are contacting some of the people in the Facebook thread who opened up about his grooming and also encouraging people to come forward. I think the other anon misunderstood Alex saying that the police had visited.
Also it doesn't surprise me that Sindy has her chin up his arse. Girl is so starved for attention that she'll do anything: she's defended pedophiles before so of course she'll defend another who she believes has influence in the community. She doesn't realise that Towers is as big a joke in the UK scene as she is.

No. 260173

File: 1488278994855.jpeg (186.55 KB, 598x803, image.jpeg)

I don't even know where to begin with this.

The comment thread
has been deleted as far as I can see, so anything extra she might have said is gone.

But of course, we're all bullying poor wee Mike over the fact he's groomed and diddled kiddies, right?

No. 260179

Thier is no comments to delete. I'm the person who liked the post and nobody has commented on it

No. 260181

The linked comment thread was on one of Towers posts, not on Sindys.
So, yeah, the comments were deleted.

No. 260183

You know when you become notorious for defending pedophiles, you really should kill yourself

No. 260185

So let's get this straight. In the last year she has:
Defended Lewis, a man who said he was going to rape a girl
Defended Paul: a 22 year old who has sex with girls that have just hit puberty
Defended Mike Towers: a man who has had rumours of Hebephilia and grooming surrounding him for 15 years, who is actively banned from MCM and Showmasters events, who has at least a dozen girls coming forward in the last 24 hours with evidence he groomed them online and in one case, forced a 17 year old to sleep with him via intimidation and coercion and sat on Charity money for 6 months and only deposited it upon being questioned about it.

With the sliding scale she's going, this time next year she'll be defending Joseph Fritzl and claiming North Korea is just misunderstood because she too has been bullied because of cosplay

No. 260189

I haven't heard about this Lewis thing, tell me more

You should add she defended Kerr after he was thrown out of the DeeCon afterparty for sexually assaulting a girl, and I believe he was banned from the con too. He's also the one who took creepy up skirt shots of girls at other conventions.

No. 260195

if any cunt is interested, the ED is getting redone. Just make an account and use the 'preview' option to add stuff to it. Don't edit it and publish every 2 minutes or the mods will ban you and delete the page.


No. 260214

Why does nobody go to the police about connor and oil if they are pesos

And beks has been in a relationship with connor so that makes her even sicker

No. 260217

Afaik it took place on the MCM group about a year or so ago. He was thirsty for a Nigri-style girl who rejected him. My memory may be foggy but he either threatened to assault her physically or sexually; he's erased all the evidence on his profile where he was calling for everyone to pity him and it backfired.

>>no grammer, bad spelling and random mentions of people who haven't been brought up
Nice derailing Sindy by trying to drag Blake into it. Pesos are a defunct Spanish currency, I think you mean Pedophiles/Hebephiles.

No. 260222

If Blake didn't know "Connor" (who? No one mentioned him before, where's your context/proof) was a "peso" when they dated, then no, they aren't sick.

And if this Connor person was a paedo, wouldn't Blake have been too old for him to date, if not a victim themselves? Stinky hateboner if I ever did smell one.

No. 260235

File: 1488287246026.jpeg (33.98 KB, 598x318, image.jpeg)

She is lurking, so it's likely she's posting too. Dunno who else in the community is as illiterate as her.

No. 260255

think this relates to Connor Mcaspurren, the one fucking Emma Stanley

No. 260266

Emma was 16 when they started dating though? So whilst the relationship is kind of creepy from an age difference standpoint, it was never illegal?

No. 260270


what do the comments say anon

No. 260273

File: 1488293187799.png (71.76 KB, 453x459, comments.png)

No. 260285

This sub reddit though

No. 260289

right up there with /r/fatpeoplehate

No. 260290

he's so fucking fat and disgusting UGH chills run through my spine whenever I see his greasy fucking face

No. 260291

looking good so far, i rate 8/8

No. 260306

Ugh at least youre not friended with him he posts disgusting megame cringe level pics in his cosplays which usually wind up on 4chan

No. 260354

File: 1488300699334.png (663.49 KB, 1439x1253, 20170228_165106.png)

I think you mean once. By Sindy. As shown by the Windows file name that matches all her uploads here.

No. 260358


how the fuck does this guy have a gf

No. 260467

If you cared to search with more effort you'll find he's more well known than even sindy

No. 260468

He doesnt he lives alone with half naked pvc action figures

No. 260472

his fb says 'in a relationship'

No. 260476

So does one of Sindy's other accounts, doesn't mean it's true

No. 260479

It also says she

No. 260487

Sindy isn't even as 'infamous' as she claims to be on cgl. I lurk there regularly and she's been posted in bad cosplay threads over several years maybe a handful of times and spergs out at them. She's a joke and most of the search results on the archives involving her result in her own damn Shit posting

No. 260488

File: 1488309310739.jpg (69.34 KB, 720x1280, FB_IMG_1488309376995.jpg)

And cosplay girls on his wall

No. 260490

this and his cover photo… christ it's vile

how does he even have friends why the fuck would anyone associate with this hot mess

No. 260501

File: 1488309986836.png (428.21 KB, 600x780, hah.png)

>prints of eevee cosplay

No. 260503


You realise this guy is a huge troll, right? He wore the d.va suit to take the piss, I can't believe people still think he's genuine.

No. 260505

I still cannot find eeves cosplays anywhere

Need links

No. 260506

File: 1488310198631.jpg (42.28 KB, 720x480, FB_IMG_1488309240675.jpg)

You're telling me this isn't legit

No. 260507

get outta here lewis you fat fuck

No. 260508

This isn't the sub reddit you're looking for

No. 260509

Yeah, no one cares about her on /cgl/. I very rarely see her name mentioned, maybe a couple of times on the UK thread. She regularly tries to post people's photos and go to them for asspats as if she's "found it".

No. 260511

That only happened once with David
Hardly regular

No. 260524

File: 1488311085234.png (234.61 KB, 540x960, toomuchcred.png)

No. 260526

File: 1488311128448.png (120.79 KB, 540x960, what.png)

this whiteknight though commenting total bullshit in obvious attempt to get in her pants

10/10 the ED is perfectly on point

No. 260528

this thirsty cunt clearly didn't even read the article

'oh lol she was clearly drunk the whole time… over all these days/months/years.. so its ok xdddd'

No. 260539

"nothing out of the ordinary"

so tracing artwork to sell is ordinary
supporting a paedo is ordinary
harassing minors is ordinary

dude is either thirsty af and never read it, and is trying to get on her good side by supporting her (although, his talk of alcohol, Sindy abhors alcohol and people who drink it, so…), or he has no brain cells and did read it but didnt actually read read it.

No. 260546

someone write stuff for the article pls

No. 260578

I love how this all started because she took her panties off

No. 260581

Shows the fI'll cosplay community are autistic sperging asspatiers.
Blake cheats on countless people when drunk
Paul and Connor are pedos
Half of them are lying about beige trans

Girl takes her panties off - worst scum

No. 260584

I mean one person being shitty and being bitched about doesn't equate to =/= these other people are not equally as scummy

feel free to bitch about them anon and stop getting your panties in a twist if another cosplayer is the current topic ffs

No. 260763

I assume this is the paul that called himself Lucian La Crescent??? Who basically when people tried to stop one peado Andrew Haldane (that was fucking wild ride of drama) going after we phoebe she basically threw it all back at them and ran into the arms of Paul because older men are her fetish…despite her being under age and him being known for being a sex pest, knocking birds up and running away.
Or could it be paul from the old Kerd and Cosplay shop who then went to work for animeleague and starting abusing his position to hit on under age girls under the mighty wing of Towers.

No. 260786

Assuming it is the "Lucien" Paul, since he was the one who slept with Amelia when she was 14

No. 260793

Blake only cheated on one person when drunk -Vicky.

Sources/proof of the others? Or is one person now enough to be "countless"?

No. 260796

noooo fucking way he has prints of taryn LMFAO

No. 260889

What the hell's a "beige trans"?

And yeah sorry but taking yr panties off in a public park when there could've been children around is gross.

No. 260891

I mean there technically were children around, if you count the minors who were at the meet?

No. 261205

And, Sindys up to her usual "I'm against bullying (but I'm going to bully this person regardless)" on her Facebook.
Totally nice person for her new friends to see, showing her true colours, eh?

No. 261209

I don't get how you guys are so consumed with this person, there's got to be like 3 people itt max. Literally who cares? Cindy an Blake who? Where's the fucking receipts of milk?

Unfollow her on facebook, have a little giggle when you see her irl, whatever.

No. 261232

File: 1488374700250.jpg (48.9 KB, 477x367, wtf.JPG)

tfw the hamplanet tries to give guud cosplay advice

No. 261234

File: 1488374794241.jpg (84.37 KB, 861x960, raicon.jpg)

No. 261235

File: 1488374893585.jpg (19.39 KB, 486x139, riptable.JPG)

me thinks there needs to be mass complaints sent to Rai-Con to kick this cow from her table

No. 261236

File: 1488375074856.jpg (38.22 KB, 540x960, ohhhh.jpg)

Lewis confirmed for threatening girls with rape

tbh he probably couldn't even find his dick under all those fat folds tho

No. 261242

still ratchet. doesn't matter of the minors were part of the meetup or no. pants still got taken off in a public park.
And artwork got traced and resold as her own.
And meltdowns got happened when conventions wouldn't let her sell traced artwork.
And shit got stirred just because attention was needed.
And paedos got defended.
So yeah. Just an all around terrible person.

No. 261247

someone should forward that to the raicon event staff

No. 261250

they're in the mcm scotland group, they don't give a fuck because if they banned these filthy weebs they'd be losing £££

you all just gotta suck it up and accept being threatened with rapes/beatings

No. 261254

That's not what I meant, anon. The other anon mentioned there could have been kids around, I was simply clarifying that if you counted the minors at the meet as kids, there were kids around when she took her underwear off.

No. 261256

Lewis is English iirc, he's unlikely to attend RaiCon. No point banning him?

No. 261258

File: 1488378843006.png (219.71 KB, 1439x1113, 20170301_142943.png)

I wonder if the Chindersnatch will still be defending Mike once she learns that the case has officially been passed from local authorities to a higher CID thanks to numerous credible testimonies from victims of Towers and he is now being viewed and the investigated as a serious potential threat to underage girls

No. 261262

She'll still claim everyone's lying. Anything to support her Mikey-poo

No. 261264


this imbecile has snorted too much crack and has no braincells left

No. 261278

How can she joke about grooming someone when she claims to have been groomed herself? Ugh.
Has anyone actually called her a paedo on this thread or just a paedo apologist anyway? Her reading comprehension sucks.

No. 261286

Called her a sympathiser, never actually a paedo herself

No. 261301

Someone should tag or send all this to Caitlins mum. She's underage and her mum's already publicly said to Sindy that she doesn't want her near her daughter. Wonder how she'll feel that Caitlin is turning into mini-chin

No. 261308

Lol that's what I thought.
What an illiterate bitch.

No. 261312

File: 1488384720260.png (419.03 KB, 592x900, Screenshot_2017-03-01-15-43-58…)

No. 261314

gtfo out of here sympathiser

this is as bad as 'omg my little brother hacked me it rly wasn't me xooxox'

No. 261315

File: 1488384881739.jpg (91.9 KB, 485x570, plebians.JPG)

No. 261316

the gif replies are equally cringey

No. 261317

File: 1488385007645.png (157.47 KB, 1439x598, 20170301_161524.png)

Incident reports are standardised across the country you utter tit

No. 261318

Scott is crying about being bullied and how he Henry and David were blasted as a 'terrible cosplayers' in the comments too…

truth hurts doesn't it lad

No. 261319

Henry is a disgusting chink who thinks slapping a poorly-made wig on his unwashed head makes him a good cosplayer
Then he goes around saying how much of a "legend" he is to try to prove he's better than other people but in reality he's never used makeup, styled a wig or done something productive for his cosplays in his life
He should fuck off back to China and work in a slave factory with his inbred brothers and sisters so he can do something productive for once(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 261320

File: 1488385088336.jpg (47.29 KB, 435x282, lol.JPG)

you bitch about them all the time you thundercunt

No. 261322

>very hypocritical xDDDD ha ha yess!!!!

Cunt is so deep in her own lies
She uploaded a video of her Japan trip (which she thinks makes her better than other people) and it instantly got 5 dislikes so she disabled likes and said its because she "didnt care about likes"
but just 2 days before she was saying how she "finally reached 900 followers" on Instagram even though she uses an app to fake followers

No. 261324

I like how she and David both have this god complex where they have to stick their oar in any drama that is happening, whether or not they are involved

No. 261326

File: 1488385431756.jpg (37.51 KB, 471x265, scotpls.JPG)

Scott advocating for some good ol' capital punishment

No. 261328

Beks is literally going around commenting on half the comments in the big Facebook thread just to get some more attention

She always resorts to calling it 'jealousy' no matter what it is. If its a hater, they're automatically 'jealous' of her.

Projection is too obvious

No. 261330

She and Sindy bear a striking resemblance too, namely the fucked up chins, maybe they are paternal twins separated at birth

No. 261334

that would explain why they are so against each other, yet are just as deranged and retarded as each other

No. 261338

The only cosplay I see beks actually being good in is moonman


No. 261341

Rip my sides

No. 261342

File: 1488386100717.jpg (61.74 KB, 492x398, killyourself.JPG)

No. 261343

Beks comment/status structure guide:
1. Say something sympathy-seeking
2. Say your main point
3. Immediately change subject and act like a neutral middleman
4. Repeat your main point
5. Say some random "inspirational quote" to get some more pity
6. Call them jealous to project your own insecurity and jealousy

No. 261344

File: 1488386212203.jpg (73.1 KB, 956x959, neverforget.jpg)

this beast comes up to you at a con and tries to give you cosplay tips under the obvious guise of insults/abuse, what do you do?

No. 261345


Don't forget:
1. !!!!!!!!
2. xxxxxxx
3. Aha!!!

No. 261347

Don't forget thwe
I'm head weeb complex

No. 261348

This much salt

No. 261354

File: 1488387125068.png (863.81 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170301-165001.png)

No. 261361

File: 1488387382706.jpg (47.85 KB, 435x321, involved.JPG)

>never gets involved
>has to have a say in ALL drama/shitposts on everything whether or not it's to do with her or not

pick one cunt

No. 261367

This post reaks of cosplay messiah complex

No. 261368

does anyone have the screenshots of where people complained to Tommy and Rai-Con about Sindy's behaviour? Rai-Con is currently trying to bullshit their way out of it by claiming they knew nothing but this shit has been going on for years

No. 261370

File: 1488388015822.jpg (50.57 KB, 431x398, worshipingtime.JPG)

time to worship the cosplay messiah

No. 261377

"Unfortunately this is a outside Raicon incident and honestly have no intrest in getting involved outside of watching it"

No. 261378

Drama is stiupidddddd
Makes a status about it

Loosing your job
Then one step mommy chan gives you cause nobody will ever really employ you

No. 261385

i hate drama!!! fuck the haterzz!!!

>makes 10 statuses every time, just to damage control her insecurity that the truth is she's jealous of any cosplayer who's better than her

No. 261386

That's like saying 'this guy raped a kid in outside of a school environment, but because it wasn't in OUR school they can come on in'

these facebook attacks are a clear reflection of Sindy's character. By hosting a convention where vulnerable individuals will be, including people Sindy has threatened physical harm against and harasses continuously online, they are giving her a platform to continue and spread her hatred and toxicity. Yes the example used is extreme, but it's what I'm trying to put forward. By doing nothing, they are condoning this behaviour and putting their other guests, many of who are underage or vulnerable individuals, at risk.

No. 261390

File: 1488389374263.png (755.5 KB, 1439x1538, 20170301_172836.png)

Looks like someone's getting the boot!

No. 261395


It would just cause even more drama with towers though. All this has started because of sindy defending him and Lewis attacking her for it.

But I mean this is the guy who is a confirmed rapist. Think it's a bit of a joke raicon say they are above drama but are acting on it

No. 261399


That would be the case were it not for the fact 3 rations have passed and never had she done anything at them

They also just replied to her with her cosplay judgeing time which they wouldn't do were she given the boot

No. 261403

All they could do would be to ban her because some cringy weebs dont like her

I imagine that would split the community again

No. 261419

you mean upset her grand total of 4 friends

wow yes splitting the community in half 4 people = 50% of all scottish cosplayers

No. 261424

She should have been banned from multiple cons a long time ago. How long can any organiser possibly stand by their statements of making their event a "anti-bullying", "fun", "safe" environment when she is literally running her mouth about every cosplayer and organiser under the sun? Why does it make it ok for someone to spew this all over Facebook? Oh yeah, because they just want to turn a blind eye and be all "HURR ITS NOT IN THE CON GUIZE". This has gone well beyond some silly petty vendetta now. She's toxic as fuck ans i'm tired of organisers giving her a free ride because they're money-grabbing idiots.

No. 261453

Call me crazy but talking about con originizers that way isn't going to get them on side

A con only bans somebody who is a real danger
Like a pedo rapist ect. Sindy never does anything to people in and out of cons
Shenhasnt been banned because she poses No danger to the event.

Cons aren't personal armies and don't ban people because hur drama urhur

No. 261457

I'm going to guess you ignored the part where anon said cons are always talking about how they're a safe space? I agree with both sides and think it's difficult. But con organisers make themselves look like hypocrites by saying something and supporting another.

No. 261458

She poses No danger to the safety of the space. She's just a shitposter

No. 261461

The people here are the real cows and pose the real danger to any conventions safe sapace
You laugh at cosplays
Stalking them harass them. Half of you would be banned were you're anoninity disclosed

No. 261462

ok thanks for letting me know that like her i can just make any libelous remark about people and events that i want, as long as i call it shitposting

No. 261463

Hi Caitlyn/Sindy

No. 261464

She never said anything about cons and they won't go banning people because of opinnion
It's a free country

No. 261468

She's been talking shit about both DeeCon and RaiCon, not opinion, just pure slander and insulting the organisers and attendees, haha stay deluded

No. 261476

>literally rageposts about dee-con constantly

yeah she never bitches about cons ever

No. 261477

fuck off caitlin you fucking hamplanet

No. 261533

I want to know what the outcome of this is, because surely their only resolution is to stop her from attending or taking legal action against her?

No. 261534

'pls be nice sindy'


'o-oh okay–'

No. 261619

File: 1488406379666.png (340.02 KB, 488x538, 17093895_216360688839709_16709…)

Just in case you guys want a sweaty cosplay, hit chindy up

No. 261628

File: 1488407152847.png (192.36 KB, 1439x985, 20170301_222440.png)

Who wants to bet she was booted and is making herself the victim?

No. 261654

Fears for her safety at the convention, but she's still going to it. Makes sense, right?

No. 261666

so full of shit her eyes have turned brown

No. 261667

File: 1488409340945.png (165.42 KB, 720x795, Screenshot_2017-03-01-23-02-26…)

God I hate the way this guy allways tries to shove his shit cmvs down people's knecks

No. 261673



No. 261721

I love how you sit and judge people for not wearing make up for cosplays or making an effort yet look at the state of your make up. Also the fabric you used for your cosplay is cheap shit. You're nowhere near a profession so don't be the fucking Simon Cowell of cosplaying you fucking shovel. Your life is laughable. How do you even live with yourself everyday knowing everyone hates you and everything you love doing is fucking shit. You can't draw, you can't cosplay.. honestly. You're a waste of human life. I don't know why people get offended by what you say anymore because it's not like anything you say matters. You're nothing but a bully and a hypocrite. It might seem hypocritical me writing this because honestly you deserve all the hate. You're a fucking disgusting person. Everyone should just ignore your existence.
Shovel faced bitch.

No. 261730

Fuck off ambrelia

No. 261917

Funny how Sindys new reasoning for her not tracing is that the last three or four drawings she have done have been livestreamed.
Doesn't take into account the fact this streamed art doesn't look anything like he old art she's sold at conversions in the past, the stuff that was traced.
Basically it's a "I don't trace now so I've clearly never traced at all" bunch of bullshit.

No. 262019

Why would they boot her
You can't just revoke a table because of Facebook drama
Usually a con only revokes or denies stalls to peogle who have done something at the con

No. 262031

Maybe for tracing and art theft, like deecon did? That seems like a valid reason, and it's not like she would admit it.

No. 262048


I hate all of you filthy fucking children who can't spell a damn word or form a coherent sentence correctly.

Knowing this thread however, it's probably that cesspit Sindy anyway.

No. 262302

File: 1488495762246.png (90.7 KB, 720x896, Screenshot_2017-03-02-23-02-51…)


How much you betting anon

No. 262338

Unless you're Sindy, or someone involved with RaiCon, how'd you get the screenshot, anon?

And why'd the name change from "Sindy Pop" to "sindypop1"?

No. 262373

I don't understand. She threw a hissyfit a few months back and decided she was going to go to another con because RaiCon was shit and said she was cancelling her table. So why now has she suddenly decided this week that she's going to cancel. So much bullshit.

No. 262504

what does the rest of the reply from 'rai-con' say anon

No. 262558

Because as much as everyone calls Blake a "flake", Sindys the real flaky one here. Constantly saying she's going to do something then backing out or changing her mind, flip flopping constantly. I saw the post you're referring to, too. She was saying she was going to cancel her table so she could go to KupoCon and the FF concert on around the same time. Seems she never did, what a liar.

No. 262575

Not Ambrellia.
Also she's not real.

No. 262592


It is a legit email so worry not
In really have to thank you guys and the rest of the Tawt patroll. I had been struggling for months with Worthen or not to cancle the table

It's alot of money and because of digicon I had no time to make any painted prints. Or to finish my manga intime. So I would only have sketches I drew on the day. Because of recent drama surrounding me and towers I knew I'd never make any money from this table maybe about £20 tops. So I chose to do the intelligent thing which was to exploit this situition to get a full £45 refund.

Due to doncaster I am uttruly skint. So I needed money for tomorrow.

Understand raicon has already said they take nothing to do with drama unless it threatens the con in anyway way. And never did they suggest I revoke the table.

You guys did me a favour, got me myour table money back. And exposed ambrelia as a fraud.

Who needs to hire pis when I have you guys

No. 262595

Not explaining why the name on the email changed from Sindy Pop to sindypop1 though

Or showing the rest of the email from RaiCon

And believing one anon who says Ambrelia isn't real

Maybe you should've spent more time working on your manga instead of actively involving yourself in drama though? Or, finished your manga instead of making a new cosplay when you could've worn an older one for DigiCon?

No. 262599

Moore wants to wear shitty old cosplays. I wanted to be the best I could for the meet

I could never have had my manga finished anyways it takes months. I wanted to debuted with it. Bit it's hard to get finished. Now with Glasgow anime and gaming con it looks like once again cosplay is going to have to take priority

No. 262601

Stop defending paedophiles who molest underage girls you complete trainwreck of a person

No. 262602

I like how Sindy can type properly when she wants

confirmed for attention seeking whore

No. 262603

A cosplay worn once or twice is a shitty old cosplay?

No. 262607

File: 1488553767940.png (584.73 KB, 720x703, Screenshot_2017-03-03-15-08-35…)

When it looks like this yea
I told you they were typos

I mean look at this
The hat
The belt
The lack of life in the skirt
The huge gloves
The horrible fabric

God never again
Plus another girl at digicon has the exact same 1

No. 262609

File: 1488554152188.jpeg (53.91 KB, 640x1136, received_10155109313858593.jpe…)

Also, Sindy, whilst you're here, mind explaining why you gave a fake police incident number? Because, not Ambrelia, but I phoned up myself separately and was told the same thing - that it didn't exist.

No. 262611

Nice file name for your screenshot. Seems you've been posting here under anonymous for quite some time.

No. 262626

File: 1488556629327.png (1.77 MB, 1439x2050, 20170303_155449.png)

Looks like she's jumped from Windows phone to Samsung Galaxy S6. Expect the file names to be consistent with Android now making her harder to detect as it's a much more common device OS than Windows

No. 262633

Just compare file names and godawful spelling and you'll find her

No. 262638

>on benefits
>buying shitty cosplays and expensive phones

kill yourself

No. 262639


I like how she ignored/refused to address this

No. 262659

She's refusing to address a few things, must have a guilty streak.

No. 262684

I don't think buying a phone is the worst waste of benefits ever

No. 262698

You're full of shit. You booked a table for RaiCon months ago and have been claiming about how much better your "business" is going to become, yet you can't even do something as simple as have enough money to get prints. Lmao, more like you're fucking salty because you've been called out so many times now.

No. 262835

Had no money so created a load of drama in order to get her table refunded and have it look like she had no other choice so that they couldn't refuse. What a pathetic waste of space

No. 262855

late for the party but shit Lewis is such a creep. he also keeps telling people hes best friends with an overwatch cosplayer from germany or so, kissing her ass while she said she barely even knows him.
I don't know who's cringeworthier, he or sindy

No. 262971

File: 1488594300707.png (647.47 KB, 640x1136, IMG_9071.PNG)

Accurate representation of the cosplay community

No. 263115

File: 1488632854908.jpg (62.94 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1488632797417.jpg)

I bring new cringe

No. 263124

File: 1488634020377.jpeg (47.72 KB, 640x1136, received_779851095503863.jpeg)

If you think Sindy's bad… Her lapdog is even worse

No. 263125

File: 1488634039645.jpeg (50.72 KB, 640x1136, received_779851102170529.jpeg)

No. 263127

File: 1488634099054.jpeg (50.09 KB, 640x1136, received_779851088837197.jpeg)

No. 263133

I-is she special needs…?

No. 263134

No, just a fat abomination

No. 263141

her tits sag down to her knees oh my fucking god ahahhaha

and this bitch was harping on with Sindy trying to give others 'tips' on how to look good lol

No. 263147

I'm glad someone else thought this because I honestly thought anon was posting pictures of children with down syndrome before I opened them.

No. 263178

Holy shit they are some unattractive people. Looking like 50 year old meth grannies.

No. 263285

Has she went friends only again? Was interested to see what she had to say about Raicon

No. 263346

She got herself banned from the Sindy Pop account, she's on Sindy Popz now

No. 263348

Chindy Pop smells like farts

No. 263349

Kay is a butthead

No. 263378

Lol @emma donald bumping into her

No. 263498

Mitch really needs to fuck off jesus christ

No. 263638

Mich is the biggest embarrassment to the cosplayers here. Constantly running about like a fart in a trance with that disgusting fucking tail and scooter

No. 263654

File: 1488712148622.png (317.92 KB, 1439x1543, 20170305_110207.png)

>>defending a rapist

Has it been proven in a court of law? Could the girl have just said no? Has she maybe consented and is now blackmailing Lewis as she regrets it?

Why does a proven Hebephile with a reputation spanning at least a decade, with at least a dozen victims, who is currently being investigated by a CID taskforce get viewed as innocent til proven guilty in a court of law yet Lewis, who is creepy but the only damning evidence against him is a screenshot, should be hung drawn and quartered without question.

Answer: Towers currently runs a convention that the Pooper thinks she can ride the coat tails of now that she's fallen out of favour with Rai-con, Dee-con and MCM.

No. 263659

>reported to MCM and the police

Like when she "reported" that other lassie to the police and gave a fake incident number to try and back herself up?

Interesting how she still hasn't explained herself concerning that - was so quick to defend the email she posted and give a reason why she wasn't selling at Rai, but doesn't want to address the other things people have brought up? Stinks of cowardice.

No. 263671

File: 1488719302908.jpg (934.45 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170305_130551.jpg)

She deleted Caitlins mums comment. Wonder how long lapdog will be allowed to play with her little friend now. She's probably grounded!
25 years old and your only friends are a 17 year old mommas girls and thirsty incels

No. 263675

File: 1488720685188.png (539.29 KB, 705x1017, Screenshot_2017-03-05-13-27-53…)

Unrelated but wtf is this

No. 263681

Caitlin's 18 now but the point still stands I suppose

No. 263686

What happen to being a male

No. 263731

so fucking ugly good lord

No. 263766

Pretty sure that was an accident as it was a party, people are dancing.

But of course, Sindy's going to try and spin it like it was an attack on her, because she's got it out for Emma

No. 263822

Im sick of seeing their shitty SPG cosplay at every con I turn up to.

No. 263823

Different Mitch

No. 263841

Who saw them at RaiCon with the huge ass inflatable dolphin?
They're actually a human fire hazard.

No. 263895

sorry anon shite doesnae burn

No. 264152

nearly as bad as the shitty selfies Raiconsempai kept posting. nobody needs to see 100 blurry photos of the organizers drunk. wtf happened to the actually decent girl from last year with the ring light?
get it together raicon

No. 264711

Uh oh the fun police are here

No. 264715

File: 1488883826959.png (143.36 KB, 1390x446, 20170307_104838.png)

This is priceless, coming from the bint that claimed all the evidence and witness testimonies about Towers were fake, attention seeking or blackmailing him

No. 264731

If the evidence backs up her agenda, it's real. If it goes against her agenda, it's fake.

Sounding more and more like Trump every day

No. 265208

Make Cosplay Great Again

No. 265323

Well the guy did just become president.
And those are called tactics.

No. 265552

File: 1489005906672.jpg (35.53 KB, 640x640, vile.jpg)

No. 265553

looks like Emma stole both Eli and Connor's eyebrows

No. 265556

He does look like a prime kiddie snatcher

No. 265559

i can't tell what haircut is worse on connor honestly. i honestly think the long hair was better than the skinhead. regardless of hair, the teeth are enough to put anyone off.

No. 265591

snatchin yo jailbait daughters

No. 265593

she's so shit at makeup honestly

look through any of her unedited cosplay photos and she's a complete state. Can't even draw straight eyeliner or fill in an eyebrow without having a seizure ffs

No. 265633

File: 1489013556981.jpg (128.29 KB, 750x960, IMG_1707.JPG)

No. 265982

Why are we mentioning Emma stanley now
What has she got to do with this fucking board. Keep it on topic or make a new fucking thread

No. 266014

It's gone off topic several times now, why you only mad now Emma's been brought up?
Be mad every time, or don't complain when one of your buddies pops up

No. 266035

Yo. You guys like to think you're pretty smart. Talk me through the legalities and complications of doujis and crosover/doujis

No. 266045

Considering you have a severe lack of reading comprehension, fail to grasp even basic copyright and intellectual property laws and view tracing and redrawing others work in the same vein as referencing, noone is going to waste their breath on explaining things to you. Why don't you try reading and researching things for yourself for once: and no Wikipedia browsing does not count as research.

No. 266102

That involves effort. If you're so intelligent prove it and find me an acceptable source of information on the above criteria ^

No. 266105

File: 1489073770109.jpg (79.66 KB, 720x939, FB_IMG_1489073832488.jpg)

This thread

No. 266114

File: 1489074619917.jpg (1016.59 KB, 3056x3056, IMG_1431.JPG)


Anyone dumb enough to believe sindy does photoshop her photos of her instagram? How does this thing have followers?

No. 266116

You don't think other cosplayers like Nigri yaya and eelee do that

It's an essential tool for cosplay modeling

Gtf outa here with you're diversions because I ain't gona be here to pat your ass wen ur friend gets mentioned here

No. 266118

J nig doesn't entirely remove her crimson chin in her photoshops, you fucktard

No. 266120

You think Nigri photoshops the shape of her face? I've seen her videos and it's pretty much all just airbrushing.
You're literally changing the shape of your face. Sup wi that? You embarrassed cos you're not as perfect as you thought you were?

No. 266122

File: 1489075411812.jpg (829.54 KB, 3056x3056, IMG_1438.JPG)

The worst past is, she's kept all her old photos on her Facebook to make it easy for anyone to see.
And if the photos are edited the real cosplayers or the world tell you and give credit to their photographers and editors for doing it.

No. 266135

looks like an alien in the first pic

crack whore in the second

No. 266146

Well considering the photographer is caitlin I'm sure she doesn't give a fuck

No. 266168

File: 1489082573589.png (12.24 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_1436.PNG)

And if it's just for cosplaying, why are you editing all of your other pictures you post as well? Since you downloaded that weeabo wannabe photo editing app, you've edited all your photos lol.
She may be the photographer but you're the one editing all your photos to get rid of your disaster of a chin, shit skin, horrific complexion and cold dead eyes.
Go take a shower with actual soap and do something about that dead animal you call "hair".
You're an actual reprobate.

No. 266186


wtf is a mitch. please can you people pick better names

No. 266225

> reprobate
I feel like you don't actually know what this word means.

No. 266229

File: 1489088785700.png (35.24 KB, 626x470, ghghg.png)

I mean, going by the first definition, it definitely fits. Might be that you don't actually know what it means, anon?

No. 266232

File: 1489089118809.png (24.55 KB, 602x252, ghghg.png)

Samefagging from the previous post, but even UD gives a decent definition that fits in perfectly

No. 266278

File: 1489092392530.png (4.42 MB, 2048x1536, IMG_1469.PNG)


No. 266279

File: 1489092413184.png (993.41 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_1470.PNG)

No. 266280

File: 1489092538646.png (3.79 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_1468.PNG)

Yet she decides to buy the exact same costume and pose in a similar style to Nigri…
And she's got a cheek to talk about "whoring yourself out" when that's all she seems to be trying to do.

No. 266289

File: 1489093269699.jpg (167.32 KB, 1024x1024, IMG_1481.JPG)

Not whoring yourself out. Definitely not.

No. 266317

you come home at night and find this in your bed, what do anons

No. 266369

shotgun blast to the face - might fix it a bit

No. 266371

She needs plastic surgery so badly. She really should just blow whatever money she has on a chin and jaw reduction pronto.

No. 266374

File: 1489101758722.png (7.15 MB, 2048x1536, IMG_1441.PNG)

It gets better.

No. 266375

It's like seeing Peacockfeather's nudes all over again and she's not even nude in these.

No. 266380



I don't think I'll ever be okay with the images of her I've seen.
I also know a guy she stalked (quite literally) when she was in college. Poor guy was too nice to tell her to fuck off at first.
There was a story out years before I even really heard of sindypop, that she'd shit in someone's bath.

No. 266474

>when you're such a scrounger you can't even do your own research even though you've got nothing else to do with your life.

OMG she's like Raven where it's only ok if she does it. Brilliant.

No. 266568


It's always the same with her. Always has been for as long as I've unfortunately known of her existence. Everyone that's met her genuinely doesn't like her. It almost feels like your spine is trying to rip itself out of your back and run away screaming, all because of how cringey she looks and sounds. I'd rather listen to someone drag nails down a chalkboard.

No. 266749


No. 266754

Yo Sindy, if you want to pretend not to be you (given everything about you, I can't blame you), try activating spell check before posting.

No. 266774

Is this another meltdown? Brb getting my popcorn , her breakdowns are always hilarious

No. 266775

She shat in someones bath??

No. 266831

Watch out, chins about.

Looks like she can't handle it when people speak the truth. Yes, she has done many things to deserve this, including lying about being raped and sexually assaulted. She's a textbook narcissist. I don't know how some people can't see it. She uses people for her own personal gain, there's so much gas lighting everywhere.
Either that or she's just retarded on a phenomenal scale.


1) I doubt you'd even remember me
2) like you'd do anything about me anyway
3) this thread is gold
4) I sense butthurt

No. 266866

Yeah, I heard she shit in someone's bath at like, an after party or something? I heard it years ago when I was in school (a different school in a different council district, which makes it even better).
I can't remember exact details but it's something along the lines of her shitting in someone's bath at an after party (or something). I'm not a very reliable source, ik.

No. 266887

You literally stated the same thing in two separate sentences. Is this leafy?

No. 266888

Poor milk with no credible sources and total lack of reliability gtfo

No. 266899

is sindy even still alive?

No. 266907


Can confirm this rumour was spread. The only known witness was Emma Madden, the same girl who tried spreading the rumour during Sindy's college days. Funny thing is, no one actually cared enough about her or Sindy to listen to her.

No. 266917

Any way we can find out if this is true or not?

No. 266938


No. 266939

another useless whore from kilwinning?

No. 266946

File: 1489165453683.jpg (35.02 KB, 639x629, GiveItBackSindy.jpg)


Yup, one and the same. Another annoying cunt.

Also, why am I not surprised Leafy has been mentioned - Sindy stole his chin.

No. 266958

Looks like sindy has gone awol.
Unless she's set her fb to private again.

No. 266978

In relation to the whole shitting in the bath thing, sindy can't seem to take a shit without getting it on the toilet seat. She's manky as fuck, must've been dragged up from birth rather than being raised

No. 266992

She always looks greasy and scabby. Vile.

No. 267006

I remember once in college, someone in our class photoshopped her face onto Gollum's body and set it as the screensaver for all the laptops.
It fitter pretty well despite her massive chin.

No. 267594

File: 1489254884557.png (126.62 KB, 1439x668, 20170311_175249.png)

Superior intellect Sindy is bamboozled by TV

No. 267641

Sindy, you want to shove a fork into the electrical socket in your wall, I guarantee this will give you excellent reception and 1000 sky channels instantly

No. 267647

No. 268080

This has to be the worst troll since delete your system 32

No. 268081

Also the majority of forks are insulated with wood/plastic and the majority of electrical devices are charged guarded. Especially in the UK what with all the infants who have died doing it.

Probably an American anon. Such a backwards country. Everything from electricals to drinking water is unsafe just so the government can get health care money out of you

No. 268084

lmao the reason our teeth are so bad is because they dont flouridate the water in the UK. It is harder electrocute yourself on UK power sockets, but it still can be done. You just need to push up the protection on the earth line, if you push something into the top hole and one of the others, you'll get the same effect.

Nice off-topic hatred of America anon.

Back to Sindy. She's fucking retarded. There was a massive ad campaign years ago to inform people of the TV Digital Switchover. Yes, you need a box now, have done for at least five years.

No. 268085


Why you're a fucking redneck idiot

"If the fork tines enter both the Hot and Neutral slots of the outlet, or the Hot and the Ground slot, the fork will short that circuit, and the circuit breaker will pop, killing the current. No problem.
If the fork tines enter the Neutral and/or Ground slots, nothing will happen.
If the fork tines enter the hot slot and you are grounded, you will get a shock that will feel like a very strong "vibration" that comes from 60 hertz frequency of power (in some countries, 50 hertz).
The effect on your body of the shock depends on entry and exit points and your overall body conductivity. If you are holding the fork with your left hand, and you are grounded with your right hand, the shock will pass through the heart. Not good, but usually not fatal.
It is not voltage that kills you, it is current. For normal conditions (Dry skin, on dry floor) The current will be very low & easily survivable. If you have wet skin, and are standing in a puddle, you may have big problems"

Unless she was standing in water dripping wet ie; straight out a shower or if the house floosed then yea she's fried or if she uses her right hand as a curent circuit then she would have a cardiac arrest.

But the fucked up thing is that you hate this girl so much you'd wish her dead just to avoid her Facebook posts.

You have some real problem that you need to get looked at my friends.

No. 268090

Actually yes they do. Uk tap water has fluoride in it to improve dental hijene. And the uk have some of the cleanest whitest dentalk record, nice stereotyping their though.

Only problem with fLouride is that it isn't meant to be consumed. And as somebody who knows sindy I can tell you she only drinks bottled water.

And you don't need sky boxes if the satalite is already hooked up

No. 268098

To receive non-Freeview based services you need to be subscribed to a service such as Sky, BT or Virgin Media. Even if there's a dish mounted outside your property, it doesn't mean you are subscribed. You can have a Sky dish on the side of the house, a Sky set top box in one room and a Virgin TiVo in another and that still wouldn't mean you're subbed. You are only subbed to a service when you have taken a contract with the provider and pay them for it.
You need to pay for the service to be able to receive the signal and require one digital set top box per TV regardless of provider.

For freeview, you require a freeview set top box or a TV with an inbuilt digital tuner. You still require an aerial whether internal or external to be connected to the box in order to receive any form of signal. And again, you need one set top box receiver per TV.
Analogue TV providing channels 1-5 was phased out years ago.

No. 268132

ITT; anons arguing with each other because the milk has run dry

shows how pathetic you all are tbh.

No. 268133

learn to understand a joke before sperging out like a fucktard anon

No. 268134

Tfw Beks disables likes on all her videos because they get about 10 dislikes. Says it's because "I don't care about the haters!!!" then deactives her Facebook for attention and posts some bullshit about mental health on Instagram

What a pathetic existence

No. 268159

That was brought up last week. Either provide new milk, or admit it has run dry and you're just trying to push your hate vendetta to get the attention off Sindy

No. 268228


It's free view I'm getting. Not sure how. I have a satalite outside my house but no digibox receiver.

I just brought my lg TV over and auto tuned it.

Found over 200 channels not costing me a penny(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 268244

most tvs come with freeview pre-installed
just pay your television licence and you're fine lol

No. 268306

"hijene" hi sindy

No. 268308

Is that because you're too poor to afford it?

No. 268331

Well I am living off 123 a week

Shopping is around 35
Gas and electric is 10 each
Catford is around 5
Then say a mega rider for 10 untill my pip comes through
London now 2 weeks costing a base of 200

That and the fact this flat is a temporary lease yea. Getting sky is a bad idea. Same with ints

Nice pathetic try at a dig tho

No. 268335

Oh I forgot all my monthly direct debits

Wwf for 6
Sspcan for 4
Rs for 11
Mobile is 8

Call it 30
Averaging to about 5 extra a week

No. 268338

Oh wow are you living alone now? Legitimately good luck. I don't mean it maliciously but maybe living on your own and dealing with bills and other responsibilities might teach you a bit of life experience and broaden your horizons in regards to treating people in future.

No. 268355

I have lived on my own before I have never had problems with money or responsiblities. Except maybe my cats saftey and house maintenance

You need to learn to look after you're own life by living alone.
As long as incomeasy keeps comming in i should be fine

( when I was with my mother i payed all my own things like food, rent ect, you don't like with uregards mother till 25 and not learn a few things. She used go go on 14 day holidays leaving me with the house)

No. 268357

And I treat people just fine lol. If you talk shit about me you will get it back. Beks is a brilliant example. If she hadn't opened her mouth to David and told him utter bs lies I'd never have gotten back in contact with ivan.

Don't put you're hands in the fucking cage if you don't want it bitten off

No. 268398

what about cat litter

and vet bills if your cat gets sick

it's irresponsible as fuck owning a pet if you can barely afford to feed yourself tbh. You should be putting that 200 toward a savings fund for your cat and not throwing it away on dressing up like a gimp

No. 268401

Ivan as in the fake account, used to be "Joseph Jojo Vasquez" Ivan? The fake account that no longer exists? Whose IP locates them somewhere in Ayr? That Ivan?

No. 268403

Maybe you should give the cat up if you can't afford to keep her or look after her properly? I know who's cat it really is and how nuts she would go if anything ever happened to her. Maybe I should tell her about how often she's been going missing lately

No. 268443

File: 1489363533186.png (38.18 KB, 504x508, 111111.png)

According to a comment she made she isn't even allowed the cat in her new place, it's a "no pets allowed" thing.
And of course, she'd have known it was "no pets" upon signing the lease, meaning she put the cat through the stress and hassle of moving, despite knowing she isn't even allowed it in the place she's staying in.

No. 268527

She's a shitty human being. What else did you expect? For her to actually care about a life that isn't hers? Of course not!
also wouldn't get too comfortable around your neighbours. Someone might find out about "muh scoliosis" and rat on you.

No. 268635

As an animal lover I will be phoning the SSPCA to report her. Its not okay on the poor animal.

No. 268636

She got kicked out by her mother because of the recent issues, shes had enough of sindy once again.

No. 268643

Emma gave her up afierce passing her from pillar to post. After she broke up with my boyfriend she made no efforts to take her back. If she wanted her back now. She would have to take my mother to court

But she doesn't give a fuck about Leela anyway. She can't have her in her flat and it was left with her mother. Who moved since.

So please. Go tell the stupid bitch whatever you like. I could easily press charges for all the threats of voilance she's made to me and my brother could have her for wat she did to his face

No. 268645


The stupidly of you people astounds Me. I have around 60 a week spare for her toys litter and any vet bills she may need. She is regestured with a vet in Saltcoats aswell as my older cat ellie. She has a collar, a GPS tag. She doesnt get out without me around. And she wasn't getting out.

I thought she escaped cause I couldn't find her anywhere. And a cat came by myour door that looked exactly like her (at 8pm)

She showed up in my house at 4am. Turned out after I got a bell on her that she was hiding under the bath all this time. Which I have now banned her from.

She won't need litter for a long time as she still has 20kg worth left and a fresh lot.

All I need is to buy her some biscuits.
But please. Report me

For 1. You don't know my current adress
2 she's going bak to my mothers anyway where she will be able to go outside again.

How dare you call yourself animal lovers when you would sooner try to take a cat away from the only person who has ever loved and cared for her
Despite the scratches and the pooking

No. 268649

I also have 5 grand in savings if she ever needs an operation (tho the insurance should cover that)

And before you even start. Yes dwp knows I have it

No. 268651

Where are you even getting this from. If I was kicked out I'd have went right into a hostel not a fucking flat

I'm under 25 so it's obviously not a private flat.

No. 268655

Rat on me for what?
What could my scoliosis possible have to do with anything.
It doesn't effect my ability to get up and give the fucking cat some cat food

And it's not like I'm faking it. The x rays are right thier if doctors want to show them. And my surgeon and go have confirmed that the curve us causing to much pain to work with.

And I am still not a candidate for surgery as it would only reduce by 50 and surgery would be over 7 hour
And something about a nerve bundle

No. 268656

You know i only spend maybe £40 tops and month on cons or cosplay…

No. 268696

That's a different excuse from the one you posted on Facebook as to why you can't get surgery done. Get your story straight.

No. 268703

How can you say that you're the only person who has loved and cared for the cat? Emma absolutely adored her and was in bits when she had to find a new home for her, the only reason she didn't ask for leela back after her and your brother split up was because she didn't want to upset you and your mum. I've passed it on to her anyway so I don't know what she'll decided to do but at least she knows the cat isn't being cared for. Didn't your mum say to just get a kitten instead of worrying about the cat coming back? Yea seems like she'll be well looked after

No. 268704

Also the fact you think you could press charges on her is hilarious

No. 268718

Leela is back with my mother now and she has already said that if Emma ever comes near her she will case utter shit. She's far from pleased at what she did to my brother. Turfing him out on he street smashing his face in harassing me and then moving another man in 2 weeks later.

I don't understand why you are involving her and I when this has nothing to do with her. You'll only get Emma into a bad situation that she's better ofrom out of. Cause like I said it's in my mothers hands now

But even if Leela was with me. I've had the cat for nearly a year now.
I have bought her food cleaned her littler paid her vet bills.

Emma had her locked in a room all day and dumped her off at her mother's when she got her chance. She Brought the cat to our at 7 weeks and left me and my mum to look after her. She got a cat, seperated it from its mother, too young and now thinks she can stroll back in and just shove it in another random home. Leela isn't adoptable. She bites and scratches and most w people would by this point either put her down or declaw her. She destroys furniture and wallpaper even though she has 3 scratching posts. She only eats half her food and wastes the rest. She refuses to toiled train despite getting out 2-3 times a day.

Trust me Emma is working and cannot take Leela back. Nor is she mentally capable of dealing with her.

If she ever comes near me for any reason she will be reported. And I'm sure you as her friend
Will not be on best of terms of that ever happens.

She is a voilant, cannabis abuser with a history of domestic abuse


No. 268721

Oh what was my Facebook excuse that made it so different

I'mean not a candidate for a large number or reason

Depth of curvature
Age of scoliosis
Postition of nerve bundle
Surgery complications
No real benefits from having it doneasy
Rib grafting

Sorry you can't get you're way anon. But for the foreseeable next 20 or so years. I am not a candidate

No. 268722

>She bites and scratches
Most cats bite and scratch people when they're fed up with them, or when they're in a crazy mood. Cat owners know this, so someone adopting her wouldn't have her put down just because of biting and scratching. And I'm 99.99999% sure declawing is illegal in the UK anyway, under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

And most of the other issues you've described are your own fault, for not teaching her otherwise, if you've had her for a year. You should have toilet trained her. You should have told her off when she destroyed the furniture/wallpaper. There are cats like that in rescue centres all the time and they get rehomed. So your definition of "not adoptable" is a bit skewed, it seems.

No. 268725

It's amazing how much lies you actually spout. I've passed it on to her anyway and believe she's going to contact your brother about al of this

No. 268728

File: 1489410815344.png (236.29 KB, 496x1724, 1489153733874.png)

I'm not even a lurker on this thread, I usually lurk on the Munchausen's thread and the screenshot was posted there. Long fucking post you made.

No. 268729

Lol well if he tells her to fuck off don't come back to me.
My brother has nothing to do with me. Or emma

No. 268733

This corroborates what I said abovearlier anon

No. 268797

poor cat getting to eat nothing but shitty kibble which composed mainly of cereals

not like a hypercarnivore needs real good quality food with a high meat content lol you're a disgrace

No. 268798

I didn't realise under 25s couldn't get private let flats

owait, they can, you're just a scummy fuck who refuses to get a job and pay your own way in life

No. 268800

your cat is trashing the place because you have it on shit food (cereals make them hyper as fuck, they can't exert the energy) and have nothing for it to fucking do. House cats are a lot of work. It's undersocialised and bored out of its fucking mind, that's the only reason it's acting out. Either that or it simply does not like you.

You also can't toilet train a cat that is also going outside because it will either use outside, or the kitty litter. You're an abysmal pet owner lmao poor fucking animal.

No. 268801

ikr? I had a private let flat at 17, so it's not "obvious" that it wouldn't be a private let flat for her at 25

also the fact that a "landlord" came round, and not someone from the council, says that it IS a private let flat. gosh, girl is either talking shite, or doesn't know jack shit

No. 268807

Cat gets purina
Nice try

She acts out because her previous owner shoved her in a room with a rabbid mutt wandering the halls. Was locked in 18 hours a day eat and shit in the same room. She's still half feral and struggling to mix with other cats (my 10 year old ellie and caitlin's 2 year old, Wilbur



Council will only pay up to
271 rent
350 if over 25 ( much more applicable)
Private let's also don't allow pets.
And are usually shite houses in awful areas

Gg tho

No. 268809

im in a private let and my landlord knows I have like 7 animals rn. talking shite

No. 268810

It's up to the individual landlord and subject to the conditions of your home (furnishings ect)

No. 268812

I'd hoped to stay out of this childishness but I'm not having such complete lies said about myself. Let's start from the beginning.

I did not "turf your brother out" we talked, decided to end things and decided I would keep the flat as my mum was the guarantor. He then packed his stuff up over the next week and went back to his mums while he looked for somewhere else. I never smashed his face in. I also never harassed you, I called you out on your bullshit and you could barely say anything to me in person, online it's a different story as you feel brave. I never had another man moved in within two weeks, lucas and I decided to start going out a few weeks after Chris and I had split and the first thing I did was phone chris to make sure he would be ok with that and he was and said he was a good guy

Yes it's in your mothers hands now. I've spoken with chris who says your mum has thrown you out yet again and also that I shouldn't worry about the police as they seem to know you're mental already, his words

Now let's get on to leela. When I first got leela, on the 23rd June 2014, I was already still living with my mum. Leela was born on 23rd April 2014 so she was 2 months old when I first got her. Not 7 weeks. She stayed in my room for the majority of the first month or so so that we could slowly introduce her to my dog, who is not a rabid mutt so that there was no fighting as they didn't get along so great at first and from then she had the run of the house for the next 2 years. The first time she was brought to yours was when your mum went on holiday (September that year I believe) so she would've been 4/5 months old, not seven weeks, and it wasn't you and your mum who were left to look after her seeing as your mum was gone at that point. Chris wanted me to stay while your mum was gone as he had to look after the house and you and Ellie and I didn't want to leave leela that long so she came with me

Leela would never bite or scratch unless she was annoyed, which leads me to believe you have done nothing but torture the cat if that is how she is behaving. She was also perfectly toilet trained and always used her litter box which seems to be something else you've allowed to go to shit, literally. She also never destroyed any furniture or wallpaper and would use the scratching post I had for her

Yes I'm working, how is that supposed to stop me from taking care of her? If anything it makes me more capable. As for not being mentally capable of looking after her I think you need to look in the mirror on that one

Also funny how you were in one of my shops one day and I was nothing but civil towards you, informing you of the new final fantasy tcg and speaking about the yugioh sneak peak that had happened that day. That was the last time I spoke to you and you said absolutely nothing

On to the last part, I'm not a violent person, your brother and I had one fight during our relationship which got out of hand due to different circumstances. Something which we resolved between ourselves. I'm a cannabis abuser? I haven't touched the stuff since not long after your brother and I broke up as i used it as a way to de-stress and I've since found other methods. Also a history of domestic abuse? Perhaps if you mean towards myself then yes I suppose I do, I hit your brother once due to your mum telling me that he had hit her but sure I suppose that gives me a history of it

I never asked for leela back when chris and I broke up because I didn't want to upset you or your mum. I'm allowed a cat in my flat and is actually part of my lease agreement to have one. It also seems apparent that she is not being cared for as she should be with you

You can't even look after yourself never mind leela as well. Chris has said he doesn't think your mum would have any issue with me having her back, it's just down to wether or not you're selfish enough that you would actually make leela suffer just to try and prove a point

No. 268819

Arguing over flat
Calling animal welfare because owns cat

You guys really are desperate lol

No. 268820

Fuck off emma

No. 268822

No Jenny I won't. Not while you continue to spout such utter bullshit about me which isn't even remotely true and while you're torturing leela. She doesn't bite or scratch without being given a reason

No. 268823

You can still workout to ease the pain tho…

No. 268825

u tell that slag sin
no time to feed a cat or clean a litterbox when you're making award-winning cosplay

No. 268827

Regardless of what you have deluded yourself into believing you are not legally entitled to that cat back

My mother signed a document before I left home relinquishing ownership of her to me so unfortunately while Chris may think it's OK to give her to you. Neither me nor my mother are giving you that cat so you can pawn er off to strangers who don't know her or her temperaments.

And she still uses litter she just refused to use the grass.

I was civil to you because you started talking tof me out of nowhere in a shop. It doesn't mean I like you or don't think youre a crazy bitch. It means I wanted my ygo cards and to leave. After I got home in told Chris you were still bothering me.

You kept Leela with me knowing she was happy and better off without you
Then same reason I'm keeping her away from you

No. 268830

Yea apatently not. I did psyio for 6 months and it only made pain worse.

When my surgeon found out what psyical was making me Do he was furious

No. 268832

Yes you will or you will be made to.
She wasn't with you long enough to bite you

No. 268833

Jenny you're the only one deluded here. I'd like to see how you would try to make me. Also I had leela for 2 years, you've had her since around the end of May last year so 10 months. You know fuck all about her

No. 268834

File: 1489426555122.png (149.05 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-03-13-17-37-14…)

Here Emma
Sorry the feelings not mutual

No. 268835

A+ posting your mother's phone number for all to see!

No. 268837

Wat you gona do lol
Harass a 55 year old woman living on her own because you don't like her daughter. Wat you wanna go to fucking prison

No. 268839

I mean, I won't. But I cant vouch for every other anon who visits this thread, or even just sees the post.
And not everyone is from the UK. It'd be hard for police over in Scotland to send someone from the US to prison, right?

No. 268842

As long a you're here, honestly were you born with a genetic condition? Your face is just really off and weird, this is 100% serious question
Sage for irrelevance

No. 268843

Lol its called extradition

No. 268844

I could pick shit wrong with you're face too anon.

No. 268846

I'm still waiting to find out how you would make me fuck off Jenny? Also won't let this drop either and will get this sorted

No. 268847

Mine aren't as prominent chindy

No. 268849


You'd likey get reported to the US government by the uk justice system. Then youd be given a formal warning and if anything else happened a fine or order then a prison sentence ato which case the uk government would decide whether or not to extradite you here to face UK charges or have to sent down in the US courts.

Assuming you have autism or something similar you could plee and reduce you're sentence

No. 268858

That you can see

No. 268860

That's…odd. Somewhat. I also had to go, didn't help shit. Started working out on my own and improved. I have the same issue as you, slightly less bad in the upper part and exercise helped A LOT. Went from bodyweight to dumbells a few months ago.

The less you move the worse it will get, so good luck with that.

No. 268864

My situation seems to be that if in don't over use them it's not normally that painful. But the spine is extremely stiff and so.. it doest take much, even sitting wrong for 15 minutes can set it off.

When I got back from Manchester it hurt like fuck for 2 weeks. Couldn't even sleep with it. But the tolerance went up a little cause of the use you know

For me nothing relieves pain but heat and the pain I get from it when i get it is severe. Sometimes I can't life arms or hold myself up right. The muscles are working hard to support the frame you know.

I'm due another ex ray to asses if it's progressed, but surgeon says I really should not (no guarantee tho)
I've had this since around 14 he estimates but it got completly ignored by doctors and when I went to gp with pain he saw it and was furious it had been ignored as it was so deep and within 6 months I was at the surgeons office. 6.months later in started psyio and 6 months later i was advised to stop going. That was. .. 6 months ago… so I'll go back for my xray again. Praying it hasn't moved or that it's reduced

No. 268867

You're basically harassing me Emma. Youre friend called you in here and you acted on it
You have no links to me or my family and they want nothing to do with you. You have nothing to sort as You are simply the leftovers of my brothers relationship. And 3rd in a list of crazy bitches my brother has dragged into our house/lives
You never gave us a penny and stayed with us for months. Bullied and harassed me in front of my mother thinking she was OK with it. Nobody was.

All you are is a crazy ex looking to exceresize her vandetta in any way you can

I know where you work. It takes 1 call from me to the police and you'll be charged with harassment

No. 268906

Go ahead then. See how that works out for you :)

No. 268956

Purina is one of the worst brands in the market you mongoloid, the main components are cereals, rice, flour, meat derivatives (which btw, consists of shit like penises and hooves) and various other by-products.

please do continue trying to argue about this with a veterinary student -seeking to specialize in nutrition - it's honestly very funny. You're the exact type of owner we vets despise

No. 268958

also private let and have a bunch of pets, sindy's just talking shite as per usual

No. 268963

You should try to the best of your power to get your cat back. Call the SSPCA if needed, see what legal rights you have. At the very least get her out of the care of that psycho and into a shelter. Or better yet, get Sindy's brother to kick her door in and take the cat back by force if you are still on good terms. No creature deserves to suffer under this beast's 'care'.

No. 268965

10/10 amazing response to her correcting every bullshit lie you've spouted

you'd make an awful politician. Get back to sucking Trump's imaginary dick whilst pretending you have any intelligence whatsoever

No. 268967

>person tries to engage with you in a public environment because they know you

Sindy confirmed to be delusional

No. 268968

you know if your cat is constantly escaping, that tells you the cat doesn't want to be anywhere the fuck near you holy shit

how can you be so selfish as to force an animal to endure your presence when it clearly despises/is terrified of you

No. 268969

ring ring

hello yes is this the FBI there's a mean girl bullying my daughter on a site called lolcow pls help me

No. 268970

bitch is obsessed with autism good fucking god

No. 268972

if she bullied and harassed you in front of your mother for months, then you've got an issue with your mum (maybe she also thinks you're a complete scumbag and was just sitting back letting this random girl rip into you to save her some oxygen) lolol

No. 268973

fucking lol

No. 268977

File: 1489437485694.jpg (54.55 KB, 422x1078, 17218460_407435589649043_31529…)


>claims she has £5k savings

>also claims she never spends much more than £40 on cosplays/conventions
>starts a gofundme for other people to give her £200 so she can make another cosplay

Why don't you just use part of your apparent £5k savings instead of making other people pay for it?

No. 268982

What would you recommend then dear vet

No. 268984

I've been speaking with her brother today as we're still friends and he agrees with me and after seeing the stuff she has posted on here about me has agreed that Leela would be better off with me and that what she's said has been laughable. I'll find out what rights I have should she continue to object as it seems like she's done nothing but bring leela down as she was never like that before with me

No. 268986

1 that's illegal
2 that's illegal
3 he doesn't know where I live
4 he hates the bitch
5 that's illegal

You're the fucking psycho
Even if you found out my house it's alarmed so gg

No. 268991

Girl you literally don't get it
Leela and I live alone
Chris has no say in her care and neither do you. You have rights you relinquished them 10 months ago.

Any officer would tell you, you can't just demand a pet back because you broke up with ur ex.

Now if you don't shut up threatening me I might just pay the Irvine police branch a visit after my appointment tomorrow

No. 268993

Please do Jenny. If you're going to attempt to threaten me then at least follow through with it. I have absolutely nothing to be worried about :)

No. 268994

Also please tell me where I've threatened you?

No. 268997

Iff the cat was afraid of me she would run away. And emma knows this. My mother would not stand by if i was abusing her and considering she's been scratching us both for the last 10 months. It's kinda obvious she's an aggressive cat. But Emma would know this if she spent more than 15 minutes with her.

She hasn't been getting out.
She was hiding under the bath.
Something cats do on new homes.
Something she did wen Emma first dumped her at ours.

No. 269000

Maybe that time in my house
At which my mother can corroborate to asee a witness.

You shamed my bros face in unprovoked and the police were called. They have that shit on record

No. 269002

It's a fun raiser as my savings are bound up.

Nobody I's obliged to pledge and nobody is forced. It's pure choice

No. 269004

I had her for two years Jenny I know what she's like. Also even chris wouldn't agree with that story but nice try. Please do go to the police so I can have a good laugh, would you like my home and work address as well?

No. 269005

She tolerated it because Chris foolishly loved her. But behind closed doors she told me it was not acceptable

No. 269008

if you have 5k in savings i'm sure you can afford to get an actual consultation with a vet and not mooch for free things like you always do

No. 269011

Chances are her threats of going to the police are the typical empty threats she makes. After all, the last time she "went to the police" and came back with an incident number, it was confirmed fake by several people.
And several more people are still waiting on her to take them to court of go to the police like she claimed she was going to.
Big empty threats is all they ever are.

No. 269012

if your brother thinks what she's posted is bad but completely ignores the shite you've been sperging for the last 2 years, he's just as delusional as you

No. 269013

You arent really getting this sorted let me make it clear to you

When you give a pet up to a new home you loose the rights after a while. With the history of you pawning Leela off so much ( what is it.. 3 homes in 1 year?) And locking her in a room. Trust me you will never set foot near her again. And if you ever try to you will be restrained

I remember a conversation on facebook you had along the lines

I wanted to hit her but I new if i dud shed go to the police sok I tried to get her to hit me. But no. Youre clearly not a voilant person

No. 269014

TIL contacting sspca is illegal

you all can do some snooping, find out her address, then you'll find the landlord. Inform that she has the cat in the property. He'll kick her out if she doesnt get rid of it. We all know Sindy's a selfish cunt who'll put her own needs above an animal's tho so byebye pussy

No. 269015

No her brother thinks that what she's posted is out of order and doesn't agree with any of the sperging she has done :)

No. 269016

If your animal is truly human aggressive it needs to training and help from a qualified behaviourist and failing that be put to sleep

No. 269017

Two homes in 3 years and she was never locked in a room ^_^

No. 269018

so she put your brother's happiness over your mental wellbeing and happiness

your mom is just as much as a cunt as you lol

No. 269020

She isn't, she would only ever bite or scratch if being annoyed which is what leads me to believe she's done nothing but annoy her while she's had her as she was never aggressive without reason

No. 269026

File: 1489439706851.png (121.65 KB, 1242x750, IMG_2681.PNG)

Accuses someone else of locking cat in a room. Posts on facebook saying she tries to lock cat in room. Sindy logic

No. 269029

Let's just say I never grew up singing her praises and even caitlin has seen what she's like.

No. 269030

It's not hard to annoy an aggressive cat. Petting her rubbing her tummy even walking by her can cause her to lash out. She's overly aggressive with cats and strangers. But I would never put her down

No. 269031

1) what you are advising is stalking and it is a crime especially if it's done by a girl harassing my family

2) my landlord came by today and saw the bowl of water. Asked if I had a cat and said it was cool most people do and lied about it. Is an animal lover and is totally ok with it

No. 269032

She was never an aggressive cat before though and even Chris can back that up

No. 269034

If your cats getting lost in a house for 13 hours or more and causing you to spend the night trolling the streets looking for her. Then yea lock that thing in a roomg for 5 hours untill you can act accordingly

Difference between me and emma is in actualy let the poor thing out in the morning. And she hates the door shut. Because of the trama of Emma locking her in her room as a kitten

No. 269036

Lol she's fucking shredded his hands aswell.

No. 269040

This is a classic case of adoption regrets. Give up your kid cause you don't like or want it show up year later trying to disturb family happiness and child's routine because you have deluded yourself into believing they are in danger and that any arguments or outbursts are a sign of grave unhappiness.

I hope you will learn from this
Never give anything away that can think for itself.
And never get a pet/child that you cant care for long run

No. 269042

Oh and
Mother of the year
Your cat has sepiration anxiety because you either

Took her from the mother too young
Left her all alone too long

The vet said thats why she still suckles my blankets

No. 269046

I spent 5 days on a couch just to get a place Leela and I could go together

No. 269053

You gave Leela away at 2 so nice try. Don't even know her age

At 2 months you braught her to ours for around 2-4 weeks while you sat on you're ass getting high. Sometimes even trapping her in the room with it.

At 1 year you locked her in your own house 24/7 compeltly alone because of a dog you owned at your mother's. You could have avoided this by… not living at our house.

At 2 years you left your house and took her to the flat. You then gave her away to a couple within a month who gave her back because of furniture damage. The same reason you gave her away.

Then you called my mother and asked if we would take her, got Chris to drop her and her box off and just left her utterly alone. You didn't help her settle or evenot buy her food. And she spent 3 days in our house hiding from us alone and scared.

When you stared speaking at me in game you never even asked about her once.

In other words you are a shitty person who should never own pets. Ever

No. 269057

Let's get started on this one then shall we, yes she was two when I gave her to yous. I did say I had her for two years. She was born on 23rd April 2014 which is remembered as she shared a birthday with your brother

She was first brought to yours in September when she would've been 4/5 months old and she stayed for the week while your mum was away. No longer

She stayed in my room for the first month of having her at which time she would be allowed through the house during the day but would sleep in my room at night incase anything happened. After that she had the rule of the house and the dog was afraid of her if anything

She stayed with my mum when me and Chris got the flat, she stayed here for one night and then went back to my mums as I wasn't sure if she would settle and my sister missed her

She has never been given away to a couple? Fuck knows where you got that from but it's actually hilarious. She's also never damaged any furniture while I or my mum had her

When I found out my mum was needing to move and wouldn't be able to take her I knew she was gonna need rehomed and was in pieces at the though of it and after two or three weeks of wondering where she would go I asked Chris to speak to your mum to see if she would like her as then she would be with someone I knew

I didn't go to your house because I want nothing to do with you and didn't want to see you at all. It was hard enough knowing that Leela would be having to live with someone like yourself

I never asked you about her because I'm still friends with Chris and he would tell me about how she was getting on

Seriously though these lies you keep making up are absolutely hilarious. I'm really wondering where you got the idea she was given to a couple though, that's a new one

No. 269060

because sindy is a fucking massive hypocrite and projects all of her insecurities and issues onto other people because her ego cant deal with the fact she's a godawful human being

so by extension, her constantly sniping about this cat blaming its issues on the ex owner and all the 'issues' it has - it's Sindy putting herself in the other girl's shoes. Deflecting the blame and projecting her cruelty onto someone else.

Someone take her to the vet and get her pts, not the cat

No. 269061

File: 1489442728254.png (166.91 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-03-13-22-05-58…)

The only person lying here is you emma

You are literally Batshit insane and need help

No. 269063

We will see :)

No. 269066


No. 269067

- charge your phone
- stop posting your mother's contact details on a public forum you utter trainwreck
- can you cunts take this to facebook and stop filling up the thread with pointless back and forth 'oh noe i didn't do that, YOU did that' shite

No. 269069

It's on charge you twat look at the bar

No. 269072

nice deflect on the other points, whore

No. 269075

Lol ok whore because.. logic

Think up better insults they might actually hurt

No. 269076

This is funny, there is no proof this is even her mum. It could be Caitlin for all we know and Sindy ha sjust changed the number. Funny how Sindy has been kicked out but is still apparently on good enough terms to still be speaking to her mum? I'm calling bullshit.

No. 269083

someone call the number and find out

inb4 it's sindy using 2 separate phones

No. 269128

Screen shotted and sent to your mum. Not cool to show her number publicly.

No. 269355

You know every time you message her about me she tells the police

No. 269356


I don't quite think you girl get it. More reasons why I think you need mental help.

I'm a 25 year old girl living on her own with a cat and an steady income, my social life is mine and mine alone and crying wolf to mummy isn't going to get the effect desired.

What you think she will cut off contact with me and never seen me again, no that won't happen. She'll. Just reach a point where she can no longer be assed with any of you and got to the police (again) She has already showed them the message from karli and ambrelia and they have it noted. If you keep it up Emma and karli will likley wind up in the first line of investigation

So I mean. Message her by all means
But you'll only dig yourself a bigger hole

No. 269357

Who said I was kicked out lol.
How could I be in a flat if i was.
How could I have Leela with me

No. 269373

File: 1489490118811.png (323.29 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_2689.PNG)

No. 269374

Narcissistic personality disorder - research it.
After dealing with a narc for years, I can almost guarantee that's what you have, Jenny.
You'll think there's nothing wrong with yourself but you've got one of the most dangerous psychological disorders I've ever had the displeasure of dealing with.

No. 269386

File: 1489491492595.png (80.17 KB, 1366x467, IMG_1505.PNG)

I thought you weren't getting internet because you can't afford it?

No. 269392

20 a month is nothing

No. 269393

File: 1489491864575.png (271.36 KB, 1267x1536, IMG_1506.PNG)

And also, please do, because the world doesn't need anymore batshit crazy scum, especially none that's came from you.
Not that anyone would touch you with someone's else's dick, nevermind their own. That's why you come up with all these stories that you were raped and/or mollested/sexually assaulted. You cock-thirsty, disgusting little troll.

No. 269399

Lol ok. Well if you knew anything about mental illnesses you would know that they all manifest in different ways and effect people in different ways. No 2 peogle are the same with it.

Personally I've never been told I have it but aren't they saying trump has it? He's doing OK for himself

No. 269401

That's definitely it. That's why I'm a virgin at 25 with an ex who I refused to be sexual with

No. 269423

>virgin at 25

No. 269424

NPD manifests itself in different ways, you got;

Vulnerable Narcissists (VN's) (main type)
These people are generally very sensitive and tend to be quiet or shy by nature. Yet to disguise their chronic feelings of self-hatred and unworthiness, VN’s overcompensate by putting on a grandiose mask, seeking to merge their identities with other idealized people. VN’s have an unshakeable need to feel special about themselves and have little genuine regard for the feelings of others. VN’s are primarily motivated by fear of rejection and abandonment, thus don’t have the capacity to authentically love and care for others. Additionally, VN’s use emotional manipulation (such as shaming, guilt-tripping and gaslighting) to secure sympathy and attention from others. Their lives are fuelled by inferiority complexes which often stem from childhood mistreatment.

Invulnerable Narcissists (IN's) (main type)
These people reflect the traditional image of the narcissist: that of a highly self-confident person, cold and unempathetic person. IN’s, unlike VN’s, are thick-skinned and shamelessly seek for power, glory, recognition and pleasure. IN’s often suffer from god complexes, believing themselves to be far superior to everyone else – and they have a pathological need to make that known. Both types share similar traits such as using others to fuel their narcissistic delusions, blaming and criticizing, lack of empathy, unfaithfulness and the need for power.

The Amorous Narcissist. (Subtype)
Amorous Narcissists measure their self-worth and grandiosity by how many sexual conquests they have under their belt. This type of person is known for using his/her charm to ensnare others with flattery and gifts, but then quickly disposing of them once they become “boring” and when they have met the narcissists needs (often sexual or image/status orientated). Amorous Narcissists are the ultimate relationship con artists, “gold diggers” and heart-breakers. At first glance they appear highly attractive, alluring and amiable, but underneath they are only out to please and satiate their own needs and desires.

The Compensatory Narcissist. (Subtype)
Driven to compensate for past traumas, Compensatory Narcissists love creating larger-than-life illusions of themselves and their achievements. In order to regain power and control over their lives, this type of narcissist usually hunts out emotionally vulnerable people who will serve as the audience to their fabricated stage acts. In reality, this type of narcissist is extremely sensitive to criticism and will frequently look out for negative self-directed cues from others. Emotional abuse and manipulation is a common method of control used by this type.

The Elitist Narcissist. (Subtype)
This breed of person does anything to climb to the “top,” win and completely dominate others. Elitist narcissists are convinced that they are better than everyone else often due to their achievements or backgrounds (or simply the fact that they were born that way) and thus deserve special treatment. Their sense of entitlement bleeds into every area of life, from work to the family environment. Harboring a severely inflated self-image, Elitist narcissists are skilled self-promoters, braggers and one-uppers. They have a cut-throat need to be the “best” and prove themselves to be intellectually superior all the time and at all costs.

The Malignant Narcissist. (Subtype)
The behavior of malignant narcissists often overlaps with that of psychopaths and those with antisocial personality disorder. Malignant narcissists often have no regard or interest in moral vs. immoral behavior, and don’t feel remorse for their actions. This subgroup is characterized by an arrogant and inflated sense of self-worth that delights in “outsmarting” others. This type of narcissist can often be found in prisons, gangs and drug rehabilitation centers, although many manage to run afoul with the law.

Narcissists can be a combination of a main and subtype, I previously dealt with a Victim Narcissist, they use disabilities, previous traumas, deliberately make their illnesses worse or pretend they are or flat out pretend to have illnesses and past traumas altogether to manipulate others through gaining their sympathy.
You seem to be a combination if Invulnerable main and malignant subtype, but you can't quite manage it cos you're too stupid to come up with a lie that
1) makes sense and 2) can't be unravelled by your constant bullshitting. But that's based just on your behaviours I've witnessed in person and online.

Here's the website I used as a source for the information above, I've only recently taken an interest into studying narcs (the last few months) so I'm still learning. There's a plethora of information on them on the internet, anyone can find and access it.

So you definitely did lie all those times you said you were raped, then, aye? Or sexually abused/molested?
Not everyone in the world is as fucking dense as you, Sindy.

Yes, psychological and personality disorders do manifest themselves differently from person to person, but that's mainly in regards to treatment, medication and the original personality of the person. They all share the same traits/symptoms, (there has to be a certain number of traits/symptoms applicable to that person for diagnosis) not everyone has exactly the same ones but they share most of them. So yeah. Nice try.

Trump may or may not have NPD but that has absolutely nothing to do with you or this conversation.

No. 269425

>virgin at 25
? I thought you were raped?
Rape = penetration = no virginity.

No. 269427

your mum is wasting police time

no wonder your entire family is known as psychos in town lolol

No. 269430

When did I ever say that

No. 269431

It's up to police if they want to pass it on. It's still harassment

No. 269434

To be honest I and many other confident people can find a lotime of common traits here. The question is whethere or not this kind of thing is JUst part of who u are if it's a problem to live with

No. 269436

It's not harassment because she's defending herself after you brought her into whatever melodrama you've created in your mind and the police have no way to prove that it is actually her, since this is an anonymous site. But by all means, keep giving empty threats and spewing bullshit and pretending to know anything in general.
You're the cumshot your mum should have swallowed.

No. 269437

That being said much about what you know of me is : speculation and assumption

How do you know I'm an eccentric egotistical person
How do you know it's not a front.
How do you know I'm not the opposite

Confidence is just self projection after all

No. 269440

>>269434im not denying that everyone has narcissistic traits, just not everyone "suffers" (quoted because narcissists don't actually suffer in the conventional term when referring to mental illness/disorders) from narcissistic personality disorder. It can also be misdiagnosed as borderline personality disorder, psychosis and similar illnesses.
But that's exactly the type of thing a narcissist would say.
Unfortunately there's no cure or medication available (to my knowledge) for NPD, most narcissists don't think there's anything wrong with them, let alone if they've got NPD. It's not even something the narcissist has to deal with, it's everyone else that has to either learn to live with it or gtfo.

No. 269441

Pretty sure Scots Law has harassment down as feeling threatened or intimidated by the things sent, etc. So, unless you're saying your mum feels threatened by people informing her of your bullshit…
The bigger question then is why does she feel threatened by it?

No. 269442

Probably because of the onslaught of abuse her rabid daughter will unleash on her if she questions her about it, and she's just saying she feels threatened by these messages to keep her maniac daughter placid.

No. 269448


It's not specifically saying it, but
Saying you slept on a couch for 5 days whilst you tried to get a place for yourself (and the cat) pretty much heavily implies you were kicked out. Why else would you be couch surfing instead of sleeping in your own bed at your mums?

No. 269451

There's also the screenshot that was posted earlier that looks like her brother saying that she was kicked out? I think that's who it is anyway

No. 269452

Yup, that's what it looks like.

Pretty sure that number she's been posting is Caitlin's. Her little codependent will do anything master wishes.

No. 269453

Refer to >>269373 for the screenshot

No. 269468

Nah she actually seems silly enough to post her mums number on here. Afterall she doesn't seem to care about anyone but herself. Like with this cat thing the cat doesn't seem happy with her so I don't understand why she wouldn't give back to its previous owner

No. 269473

Maybe because she's an insufferable and selfish cow? She genuinely just seems to be using the cat to start drama. I doubt she can actually care for anything.

No. 269474

You don't exude confidence, hen.
You're a despicable, horrible, disgusting person through and through. You don't exude that you're a happy person because you intentionally start picking on people for no reason and you've got a stinking attitude towards everything.
You're a fraud right down to your "artwork" and everyone knows it.

No. 269478

She's even too embarrased to admit she got kicked out cant say I blame her tho

No. 269485

I don't blame her either. He own mother can't stand her.

No. 269486

Maybe it's just funnier watching you run around like walkers making assumptions left and right. Yes it's her number and it was posted here because Emma knows it. So it was posted as definitive proof

At the end of the day all you can do with it is harass my mother. And tbh I don't really care. She's been a shit mother to me my whole life and the cat that she wanted to give away 7 months ago and me will be better off

No. 269494

You cannot care for the cat and it's clear she's not happy with you. Are you really going to make the cat suffer just to try and cause drama and make a point? Give her back and stop this madness

No. 269550

Yes yes no and fuck off

No. 269554


If you have concerns report us to animal welfare. Maybe want to leave out the 10 a month I give them in charity money. Oh and be sure to ask them to file you're complaint under the "bitter ex category"

No. 269556

"Animal welfare" won't give a fuck if you give them money or not, if you're not looking after your animals.
Unless you think your donation money is actually bribery money?

No. 269561

It has a lot to do with their opinnion of you. Meanwhile people are actualy out Thier abusing animals battering them and not feeding them. Starving them for days on end and making them mentally ill.

You need to get a grip. We've been living alone less than a week with full supplies . You have none basis for your accusations

No. 269562

Hate to breaks this to emma dearest but my mother has left me in charge of both our cats for over 2 weeks. Look at all that abuse you didn't act on. Cause you're a shit person

No. 269568

It's so sad you would drag your old cat into these games Emma. Youre truely a disgusting childish selfish person. You have sat on your stoned arse for 9 months while I raised your cat out of depression anxiety and seperation distress. If I ever hear you come within 10 feet of this cat you'll be reported for everything you did to that animal.

And the fact you are a voilant person who abuses cannabis and alcohol. I don't why my brother still speaks to you. Clearly he's delusion about you're situation. I wonder if it's a front to shut you up. EventuLly he'll boot you out his life, it's not like his mates don't think youre a crazy bitch too.

My.mother has already told me she is scared you will be voilant with me. And that shows what kind of impression you have left on her

You start any shit with me legal or verbal and you will hang yourself by the same rope you have around my brother.

Take my advise and slink back to your hole.

No. 269569

Yer still a criminal for stealing someone's cat, doesn't matter if you donate money or not. If there's a case of animal abuse they have to investigate wether you donate to them or not. And a tenner a month? That'll fee one dog for like a week. Stfu and gtfo.
Just like your a benefit thief, no matter how many disabilities you claim to have, if you're fit to travel the country for some costume party, you're fit enough to sit at a desk.

No. 269572

Do you know what theft is?
When you are asked " do you want this cat?" And you reply yes

You are in a verbal contract of ownership. No theft has happened. Instead demanding a cat back you have no rights to is more like theft/abuse definitely criminal and tbh you have 0 custody

No. 269574

It's because of people.like you the Scottish government overhalled the people doing assesments. Because such claims are discrimination against disability and that's what scoriolis is.

But no. You know better than a the GPS in all the land

No. 269575


No. 269578

You claimed in the last thread that you didn't get your benefits based on your scoliosis though.

Make up your mind, which is it?

No. 269581

Not originally..I was originally.on them short term while I was under constant rigt side pain investigationso. That took 3 years to reach a diagnosis. After that my claim ended and I recently applied for a new one with all the current circumstances

No. 269585

And as a result of my scoliosis my social helper has adevised I apply for piP

Being on disability money doesn't mean you're under house arrest. That's against human rights. Alot of the money given to people on pip is designed to help them live thier lives fuller. Such as needing a taxi because you cant use a buss. Or buying a special bed because your spines fucked up.

You clearly don't understand benefits

No. 269717

What absolute bollocks. You're a scammer and you know it. If your condition was as bad as you claim, you would be in a fucking wheelchair.

No. 269729

That's a result of lower scoliosis you retard. Upper scoliosis doesn't prevent walking

No. 269741

No, it doesn't, and it doesn't stop anyone else who has it actually doing any work, either.
You're milking it or your doctor is shit/fed up of seeing your mush and decided "fuckit if this gets rid of her I'll gladly pay the taxes"

No. 269752

It must be pure shite having scoliosis knowing that yer spine is still in a better nick than yer face.

No. 269755

File: 1489524792098.jpg (46.15 KB, 600x632, ed7.jpg)

No. 269756

X-rays or it didn't happen.

No. 269760

Bitch got 99 problems but scoliosis ain't one.

No. 269763

This isn't murica anon. You don't just get given rays. And you're asking for confidential information

Why not go ask beks lol. She's actually seen it with her eyes

No. 269766

File: 1489525306318.jpg (709.29 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_20170302_001919.jpg)

Mate is so visible

No. 269771

If you're talking about that photoshop, then I agree, it's totes visible.
And yeah, you can get given X-rays, if you ask for them and you can view them online as well.

No. 269778

File: 1489526424617.jpg (119.51 KB, 960x720, IMG_124213.jpg)

Hahahaha, you must be fucking joking!

No. 269779

But you're not getting them as they are between me and my close circle.
So you can fuck off and belive what you want. And you can report them for lYing about it as many times as you want. But as you are wrong nothing will come off it. If you want to see it looks at my uneven shoulders and breasts.
It's as pain as day.

And the more you harp on that my lying the more people will be disgusted with you. As anybody who ever askes to see it will be shown in person. As it's obvious)

No. 269780


I was joking. Nice work falling for the bait now I have another excuse to purge. Nice to know you fucks are so desperate you'll leach onto my wall.

No. 269783

>post shows up on Facebook feed
>posts photo of it on lolcow
>sindy assumes someone is leeching on her wall

Joking about cat being taken away, what, for attention? So people can pat your ass over it? It only becomes "bait" when someone posts it on here.
Could just phone up your mum and find out? Or ask Emma to ask your brother to ask your mum?

No. 269784

Whats life like from the other side of the wall lmao

No. 269785

Hey the 3 of them can run around lke wankers after each other if they want. Not my problem now.

No. 269787

1) your profile is totally public, retard.
2) I'm guessing this was done by herself. I mean. Who doesn't screenshot things these days?
3) it's not bait if you posted it on another site, then posted it here yourself, moron.

No. 269788

I'm happy I got to exceresize you scum from my profile.

No. 269791


Sindy confirmed for retarded.

No. 269793

I'm too eloquent to be Sindy, so nah. Excuse for it being a photo, and not a screenshot? Screenshot key on my computer is broken, has been for some time.

Still wouldn't call it bait, it's pretty sick to lie about your cat essentially being stolen from you. Seems more like she's claiming it's bait to make her seem less like a total joke of a person.

No. 269794

>I'm happy I got to exceresize you scum from my profile.

Has the cheek to call other people "scum" after lying about being raped, being an animal abuser, pedo sympathiser, benefit thief, bully, causing shit wherever she goes and manipulating people.

No. 269795

Because you totes need to post bait on "friends only", right?

No. 269796

You're not to smart are you

No. 269797

If I feel the situation calls for it yes

No. 269798

Pass the salt anon

No. 269799

I've seen Sindy posting some correctly structured paragraphs and shit on fb tho. Can't trust her not to lie about being dyslexic (as she made everyone aware a few years ago).

And yeah, I think it was an attention post, or to have a reason to tell everyone she's "purging".
She should purge herself from her pathetic, slimey existence.

No. 269800

Doesn't matter who grabbed it point is they were booted off.

No. 269801

Her profile will be public again soon, either that or she'll jump to one of her neumerous accounts, cause, y'know, normal people with functioning brains don't have more than one active Facebook profile.

No. 269802

File: 1489527560371.jpg (23.89 KB, 481x637, FB_IMG_1489514965261.jpg)

Make me

No. 269803

Actually alot of people have back ups. Most of the people on my list have backedupp

No. 269806

Then parts I want shown public will be public. For now you'll have to scavenge around for new milk

Gl. Youre in for a dry spell bois

No. 269808

Maybe you could try not to get your profiles constantly banned and then you wouldn't need back ups? Although I suppose that would involve you being a decent person

No. 269809

Bzzt, sorry, wrong. Still on your account. At this point you're probably best just purging everyone and starting from the ground up. Who knows which one of your "friends" I am?

No. 269811

Did she even go to the police about that girl who was talking about the cat? Most likely not as she's all talk

No. 269812

Of course she didn't. She still hasn't gone to the police over the issue she had with Craig or the like, and I'm pretty sure a bunch of people are still waiting on her suing them like she claimed she would. Or hearing back from her "lawyers".

No. 269813

No, her brother said the police knows she's batshit crazy anyway. Plus she's got no grounds to report anything.

That's too much hassle for her, plus she adores and craves the attention from lolcow threads and Facebook, seeing as no one wants to actually be in her presence.

No. 269815

Someone who still has her should screenshot any posts relating to the cat