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File: 1489015682244.jpg (Spoiler Image, 436.36 KB, 1280x1920, tumblr_oi1j5oxqr51uvs1avo2_128…)

No. 265666

idk how to really start this since there are a lot of stoners on tumblr to mention here. I'll start with weed-breath since she is the one who bothers me the most.
> Is asexual
> Has a ddlg blog that has literal porn on it
> Attacks porn blogs when she literally runs one

No. 265670

omg I am gonna need some fucking bleach after seeing that image jesus christ! do they have herpes or something?

No. 265671

This picture is everything I hate about the tumblr community all rolled into one image.

No. 265672

No. 265673

oh lordy is that a skid mark on the girl with the pink underwear???? o_o

No. 265676

20 ~ New England ~ Forest Child & Lover of Earth and all her animals ~ Weedsexual ~ Art student ~ Film & handmade photography is my passion ~ (talk to me about anything photography. I'll geek out) ~ ~ ~Taken by @thc-mx ~ ~ ~
Search #mine for my content
Read my #faq before asking questions.

Could she be anymore full of herself?

No. 265677

>runs a porn blog
>blocks every porn blog who follows her
>is 'asexual' even though she doesn't know what the word even means
>calls the female body and her nudes "art and nothing less"
>no job because it gives her anxiety or some b/s
>shitty at art but in art school

No. 265680

File: 1489016192431.jpg (37.76 KB, 306x309, Capture.JPG)

But acting like you are a literal baby and being sexual is totally normal.

No. 265681

No. 265682

>"I do not experience sexual attraction"
>runs a porn blog
which is http://softpinkplush.tumblr.com/ btw

No. 265683

"I don't have sexual attraction" yet she runs a porn blog…. right

No. 265686

File: 1489016467429.jpg (Spoiler Image, 98 KB, 960x640, tumblr_ojvyziNbtW1v8x2oxo1_128…)

Her boobs are smaller than mine and sag so much… Holy shit.

No. 265687

and then there's
who actually somehow sells edibles/other weed products via tumblr? I don't get how her blog hasn't been shut down for that

No. 265689


Nah, its the label. Somebody doesn't know that you're supposed to cut the labels off lace/transparent clothing, otherwise it looks ridiculous.

No. 265690


Kawaiidabber also irritates me because she hits on so many other girls..If you love your gf that much why the fuck are you getting nudes from other girls?

No. 265691

Can we also discuss Neko-stoner? (tumblr being neko-stoner.tumblr.com) I haven't heard much about her yet she seems pretty insane

No. 265694

royallyoily also sent her toe to cummyeyelids
and godshideouscreation is another stoner who exchanges nudes for shitty amazon gifts

No. 265695

shay-gnar and her had some beef where she tried submitting to a blacklist blog saying shayna scammer her but was having a "mental episode" when she did it and admitted she was lying, then shays followers attacked her (of course) and she got suicidal (unsure how real it was) and deleted her blog

No. 265696

Thelittlefae is also a stoner who is a cam girl.

No. 265697

sorry shay-gnar is dumdolly* now

No. 265698

oh shit I almost forgot about that hot mess

No. 265700


Nah, neko-stoner is still there (only logged in users can see her blog) she apparently is going to rehab

No. 265701

ewww wtf she doesnt shave her fucking armpits omg wtfff and her boobs look all saggy like mom boobs eww so gross

No. 265702

They look smelly.

No. 265703

>blocks people who say hi how are you because they have their dick on their blog
yet her bf thx-mc/spacefordaddy posts nudes on his blog all the time, so why is she so against guys nudes?

No. 265704

The only stoner I don't mind is psychedelic-freak-out.

No. 265705

Are these two in a relationship?

No. 265707


Yet she's free to post her saggy ass tits?? no one wants to see that either LMAO

No. 265708

Weed-breath only claims to be with her 'daddy' although I've seen Shay and other people hit on her daddy before

No. 265709

File: 1489017290081.jpg (Spoiler Image, 238.94 KB, 1280x1150, tumblr_olrdptUkhn1va0iiwo1_128…)

This bitch has a dragon dildo….

No. 265710

weed-breath/softpinkplush is in a relationship with thc-mx/spacefordaddy if thats who you were referring to

No. 265712

thelittlefae definitely caters to some disgusting pedo-gamer niche

No. 265713

she's actually one of the more pleasant ones, but for a short period of time she was selling a snapchat and making videos with her "daddy", it only seemed like it lasted a few weeks or a month at tops though. She probably realized she was a lot better than that. She also works 2 jobs unlike all of these other girls who try to turn their blogs into their livelihood.

No. 265714

damn that armpit hair is just. so gross man.

No. 265717

I don't understand how they all claim to have 'anxiety' to the point where they do camming instead of working. You would figure that would harm their anxiety more being judged on your appearance

No. 265727

She also wears the most oversized septum ring ever

No. 265729

Lol right like shouldn't you be anxious about people saving your nudes and cam shows and them coming back to bite you in the ass?

No. 265730


No one forget this gem…. Please be warned her tumblr is nasty as fuck… yet another wanna be cam girl

No. 265731

That header image makes me wanna barf

No. 265733

Seriously…looking at these girls makes me so fucking itchy, they look they've never taken a bath.

No. 265737

her…toe? is that a typo or am i misunderstanding? like irl or a picture or…

No. 265738

No. 265741

Sadly it is not a typo, she's making it into a necklace or something else gross like thAt

No. 265744

Same. I also really liked thcolleen even though she isn't really active anymore. I never understood how either of them tolerated Shayna, as they both seem much more down to earth and sweet and don't fall into the typical tumblr bullshit.

No. 265747

I run a stoner blog and honestly 90% of the stoners there are so full of themselves it is unreal. Also the fact that half of them turn to ddlg blogs and are confused when their followers get pissed at them

No. 265752

Neither of them are friends wth her anymore even though she claims her and Colleen are still bff's

No. 265754

Haha, and they only turn into these porn blogs to try to attract creepy guys to buy them lingerie off their wishlist. And then the post pics in the lingire and are all "don't be creepy about this naked pic of me it's just because it's from my wishlist!!!" (astr0zombies is who I'm thinking about in this particular case)

No. 265756

Colleen is no longer friends with her? I don't doubt it, but how do you know for sure?

No. 265779

What happened between her and the magicalmysticalwonders? They were like best friends but had some sort of falling out?

No. 265793

What's ddlg?

No. 265794


Colleen moved awhile back and said she wouldn't have a lot of internet(I think that's why she isn't active) so I believe Shay just stopped talking to Colleen since Colleen is actually doing something with her life

No. 265796

Sin…. Basically it is (I believe so) Dom Daddy/ Little Girl. Basically two adults in a relationship where one acts like a total baby and the other acts like a parent. Gets pretty messy because it is often sexual and gross

No. 265798

File: 1489025213435.png (34.63 KB, 402x216, Screen Shot 2017-03-08 at 9.06…)

well that didn't take long at all
Hi Robyn

No. 265800

"how does anyone even have the time"
lol how does anyone have the time to spend on tumblr? please bitch.

No. 265855


how long will it be before she sends her fans to harass this thread lmao Hi Robyn!

No. 265883


oh wow, i followed this chick over 2 years ago back when she was just about weed and pokemon. i didnt talk to her but she seemed ok. i unfollowed though because weed blogs are pretty annoying and all generic, probably around the time when she started getting into nsfw stuff and buying those ugly cheap tacky looking wigs. stop getting china shit from amazon girl you look trashy

No. 265886


My boyfriend called her kneebutt

No. 265960

Why have they both got loads of zits on their asses?

No. 265961

(Check those Satanic trips woah!!!11)

No. 265977

Just going on the stretchmark, aerolas, and the overall deflated appearance I'd wager that at one point she was really fat and lost the weight.

No. 266007


She's still kinda fat.

No. 266036

Honestly I don't think she'll link them here. There's a thread about her beloved shayna ripping her to pieces, no way she'd direct traffic to that.

No. 266115

Or they will and she'll just bitch about it on her blog. Both Shayna and Robyn are disgusting people for sexualizing children things.

No. 266240

? link plz?

birds of a feather type deal on both. smh…

No. 266247



No. 266290

It's at the top of the catalog

No. 266356


really sad, cuz she lost both her bf n weed. and its mortifying to watch , but hey she tried.

No. 266367

>as long as i've brushed my teeth

Hell, I guess we're all asexuals, then.

No. 266368

File: 1489101167784.png (55.4 KB, 750x542, IMG_3231.PNG)

Drooped pic

No. 266381

She just wants to feel special at this point

No. 266383


She used to be really chill until this whole ddlg shit happened

No. 266443

the different between her normal voice and her fake 12 year old voice she uses on cam is disturbing

No. 266444

I used to really enjoy her before all that, now she's just gross tbh

No. 266446

Like the people wearing diapers and pacifiers? Eww wth

No. 266600


Yep… Basically human babies

No. 266602

omg I meant adult

No. 267012

File: 1489173591996.jpg (36.68 KB, 501x513, Capture.JPG)

No. 396882

Weed-breath/softpinkplush is so try hard and jumps on Shaynas dick so hard but it's obvious her "best friend" doesn't give a fuck about that fat freak

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