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File: 1489866988114.png (6.11 MB, 1536x2048, 1489849986316.png)

No. 272285

Unless you're a newfag, you know the drill already.

Continuing on from >>>/snow/243336

No. 272305

I love this edit and whoever made it

No. 272317

Do we have any progress with new milk?

No. 272325

File: 1489870466023.jpg (35.35 KB, 480x476, 17264621_687916714725431_84802…)

A friend of yours, Sindy?

No. 272349



No. 272379

actually sick in the brain

No. 272464

File: 1489877930618.jpg (86.93 KB, 540x960, IMG_1564.JPG)

Here's the persons actual name. Maybe they're in another thread? If not, we could always do some digging and start a new one.

No. 272468

File: 1489878019550.jpg (79.01 KB, 540x960, IMG_1565.JPG)

Oh my.

No. 272470

File: 1489878069118.jpg (73.42 KB, 582x960, IMG_1567.JPG)

What the actual fuck

No. 272480

link to her fb please, can't find it myself for some reason

No. 272482

is this bitch in Scotland??

No. 272492

Nope, Doncaster

Doesn't have anything to do with Sindy or the Scottish Cosplay community, can we stay on track?

No. 272502

File: 1489879347050.png (1.68 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_1573.PNG)

Apparently her account was hacked, but absolutely no one is buying it and she keeps spamming tagged statuses with someone's YouTube channel.

No. 272508

No. 272516

of course she's a reddit mod

No. 272517

Continued on >>272514

No. 272552

File: 1489880800469.png (14.42 KB, 487x260, Untitled.png)

She's still commenting on Obayed's boycott post.

No. 272553

File: 1489880820859.png (10.11 KB, 443x157, 2.png)

Losing an argument so resorts to petty insults

No. 272564

Are these posts private? I cant see them on her profile.

No. 272568

>She's still commenting on Obayed's boycott post

Ergo, they aren't on her profile

No. 272569

File: 1489881389867.png (182.89 KB, 1536x865, IMG_1593.PNG)

Which tantrum would that be?

No. 272573

Too many to choose from

No. 272786

Her recent ones were involving Towers. Are you new here to ask that?

No. 273059


Still defending that pedo?

No. 273077

File: 1489948727978.jpg (128.92 KB, 1024x1024, IMG_1604.JPG)

I take it these posts are related.

So much for no drama.

No. 273132

Made friends with his mugger and got to hear him rapping?


No. 273145

Obayed is just as cringey if not more so than Sindy herself honestly

No. 273152

I only really know Phospero and Kimmi from the cosplay scene in Glasgow. I know OF Sindy and love to keep abreast of the cringe drama though.

Obayed worth keeping an eye on?

No. 273154

Obayed is just a troll? He doesn't really cause much drama, just comments and shitposts about it?

No. 273185

Obayed is pretty chill from my interactions with him, he's a prolific shitposter but one on one he's a good lad.

No. 273191

Anyone give me the low down on the main players of this clown fiesta?

As I said before I know Phos and Kimmi. I know a fair bit about Sindy as well.

Who is Blake? That name jumps up a lot.

Connor? I see this name every now and then (usually from Sindy)

Anyone else I should know about to get the best understanding?

No. 273198

So you know of Kimi and her boyfriend Calum, but not Blake and Connor? Seems legit

Try the older threads, or ask your buddies.

No. 273204


I knew them from 1levelup not from cosplay.

I don't really keep in contact with them nowadays. Was never really close to Kimmi and Phos dropped off the face of the earth.

No. 273206

Lurk before commenting next time, bro
Read older threads to catch yourself up.

No. 273220

After reading this I just scrolled through the catalog, saw this >>>/snow/112039 and thought it was Obayed.

keks were had.

No. 273229

we're not your personal data providers, stop being so fucking lazy and skim through previous threads or ask literally anyone in the cosplay scene for a brief overview

No. 273236


Whoa, chill.

I can read through it all at some point. Was just looking for a TL;DR

I don't talk to anyone in the cosplay scene at all. Just enjoying the milk.

No. 273358

File: 1489977820511.png (213.82 KB, 1343x1139, IMG_1616.PNG)

Oh my.

Empty threats again.

Imagine it came out that he groomed her and she's now a scout for potential victims.

Might get some milk from this if it goes any further than a vague fb post/rant.

No. 273510

File: 1489994919445.png (391.8 KB, 1439x1854, 20170320_072235.png)

So openly admitting intent of animal theft. You know that's a crime yes? Regardless of whether or not the animal is at risk. You contact the appropriate channels and report it, you don't just steal it.
Cats go outside and become little arseholes when they want back in. My cat goes out during the night via his catflap but insists on clawing at my door and jumping up to hit the letterbox to get back in, all whilst wailing like a banshee. Gonna steal my cat too Jennifer?

No. 273511

File: 1489994956916.png (378.02 KB, 1439x2185, 20170320_072217.png)

Other screenshot

No. 273525

They just don't want to admit to you that they themselves have no idea what is going on either. Any semblance of milk in these threads is ruined by the fact it's just 4 lonely posters sperging at each other on repeat, what a waste

No. 273567

Surely if that got reported to the rspca then they'd look into her own cat as well? Could be an idea

No. 273568

She's still taking Towers' word that he isn't being investigated as gospel, when in fact, he's the one lying.
He was never given a police incident number (funny, Sindy was giving fake ones out to people like candy, screenshots are in the old thread), and if he doesn't have a PIN, they aren't going to be able to tell him if he's being investigated or not.

All the people I've spoken to who are involved have said the investigation is still ongoing. That's four different people to Sindys one. But of course, Sindy will say they're all liars, right? Four people, who ha e access to a legitimate police incident number, who are victims who gave evidence, all liars, right?

No. 273572

File: 1490008101073.png (95.44 KB, 1242x632, IMG_1617.PNG)

In regards to this >>273358

Isn't towers like, 34 or something? And do his activities not span back to about 10 or so years ago? 10 or so years ago you were under 16, you can be groomed at pretty much a any age since it's a process to exploit someone and make them think it's okay, though it most likely heard of in regards to pedophelia.

No. 273573


Exactly, that's why everyone is calling her out on her bullshit and why she always says people are bullying Towers and herself, because he has no real argument or facts to back up anything that ever spills out her crooked, bacteria infested trap she calls a mouth.

No. 273574


some animals are on specialised diets and will become sick if given anything else, may be prone to obesity, and will just make the cat more likely to refuse to go home because your stupid scummy ass is feeding it

No. 273577


> unless Michael is lying about his age

What? You can groom anyone, doesn't matter what age you are? Or is there a strict definition that I don't know about?

>I mean I know I look good for my age but I'm not under 20

What is this sentence even about?
1) you're 25, you're supposed to look young and healthy, which you don't. You look older than most 30 year old smokers.
2) so, if you're over 20, you can't be groomed? That's news to me.

No. 273579


Not to mention the cat could have allergies to certain things in certain foods. Plus she feed her own cat purina which is ppossibly the worst brand to feed your cat, it's full of shit.
If she's that worried she would phone the SSPCA, no matter what her neighbors are like. And if they're the violent type, why would she move in next to them, anyway? Considering how she views herself as irresistibly sexy and of course, she is a vulnerable person cause "muh scoliosis"

No. 273587

Had a quick read through previous threads and wow.


Honestly, the amount of these threads that exist about you online from a simple google search is astounding. What's even more astounding is that people actually still believe your lies.

I know she stalked a guy in college. Saw it myself, but I'd like a little more detail on the sexual assault she carried out? Or was she lying about someone in college sexually assaulting her, or someone else?

Saging cos I'm just being nosey and couldn't find anything else about the sexual harassment/assault.

No. 273589

File: 1490010748927.png (449.82 KB, 1981x1240, IMG_1612.PNG)

The link isn't going to the right thread, pic is the reply i was talking about.

No. 273592

File: 1490011423981.jpg (101.85 KB, 960x1280, 17097298_620056241517307_14597…)

Iirc she had a disagreement with a guy, he made lewd insult towards her and she cried sexual assault.
The consistent hyperbole from this girl makes me think her alleged grooming when she was 12/14/Whatever age she's now decided was a guy on Bebo saying "ASL?".

Also looking young? This is the face of a 40 a day smoker, not of a 25 year old girl. You even have the sagging neck vagina some elderly women get (obvious in other photos)

No. 273594


Jesus. Well, I kinda kept to myself in college so I didn't know about a lot of the drama. I knew she was an attention whore but my god. The only reason I looked her up after this long is because she came up in conversation with an old college buddy. She threw a fit in class cos one of the girls said she made a meme. Like actually screamed. And I'm pretty sure there was some sort of stink about she was telling people a girl in the class told her she was sexually assaulted by a lecturer. Nothing actually came of that, though, I'm sure.

No. 273598


Her face looks like one of those preserved mummy people they find occasionally. Or like a severely anorexic person, even tho she's not.

It's bad.

No. 273611

File: 1490014453727.jpg (38.77 KB, 615x410, IMG_2557.JPG)

No. 273637

Yep, feeding a cat a brand it's not used to will result in the stomach being unable to digest it and basically throw it right back up. Sindy's a fucking idiot and knows nothing about basic pet care

No. 273719


Quite clearly this specimen has been on the receiving end of a crackpipe.

No. 273752

DeeCon is coming up and i'm entering the masq with some friends. I just can't get over the fact Beks got invited to be a judge when she has fuck all experience of crafting or judging. Does anyone else honestly think it's just away to be a complete shitshow? Like I'm probably just gonna be holding back laughter when she asks about my cosplay. Also, bets on Sindy still turning up with her lapdog. She's not gonna miss out on any opportunity to go and attention seek.

No. 273757

As stated both by Deecon in their announcement and discussed in the last thread, she's a judge because of her performance experience and that she's won competitions for it. Her sewing and crafting is absolutely awful (that mangled hand thing for Parasyte always gets me) but they've never said they picked her for that (nonexistent) skillset

No. 273758

Your hateboner for Blake must be so strong that you failed to see that they're no longer the topic of this thread. Try again. It was explained multiple times in the previous thread that they were chosen for "performance".
Plus, you won't even be judged in the masquerade, because it's just a showcase.

No. 273759

File: 1490038018613.png (23.19 KB, 508x363, Untitled.png)

I mean as shit as MCM's actually are, I doubt they need learn from other anime conventions, considering they get thousands of guests attending them.

No. 273761

There's no new milk about Blake, just petty weebs with unsatiated hateboners rehashing the same old shit. Either come up with new milk or get over it.

No. 273764


TBH it looks like the milk has dried up on both sides. Shame.

No. 273767

There was never any real milk. I don't see why someone has a "hateboner" for having an opinion on a judge.

This is almost the same dumb argument as the people who get salted about the guest choices. MCM was never centred around cosplay in the first place. I'd argue that there's never been much point in them putting on the cosplay events at Glasgow, because there's barely any interest.

No. 273778

Where's all the good milk at?
The age of Sindy may actually be drying up.

No. 273779

Give it a few days, milk will return. Next post someone makes about Towers being a pedo, she'll be sperging her eyeballs out over that

No. 273795

File: 1490042495275.png (201.49 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2560.PNG)

Anyone know what she's done besides the towers tantrums?

No. 273797

File: 1490042614233.png (236.97 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2561.PNG)

No. 273798

File: 1490042717686.png (1.46 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2558.PNG)

Also found this in regards to towers

No. 273811

Literally read any of the previous threads there's at least 6 of them iirc

No. 273816

read the other threads newfag

No. 273820

Just curious since it's a recent post?

No. 273883

Sindy will boycott show masters events when she sees that Mike sempia has been banned from them all for being a filthy scummy fuck.

No. 273884

You know fine well Sindys drama, shut up.

No. 274188

Show masters events are just as shit and with as little to do. Sindy last attended a show masters event in 2015

No. 274193

File: 1490103194050.png (124.57 KB, 1439x775, 20170321_125141.png)

However will all 2 people who like or comment on your content cope

No. 274194

File: 1490103458454.png (43.35 KB, 504x541, Untitled.png)

Sounds like she's being overly dramatic about all this.

No. 274203

Not being able to perceive sarcasm is a sign of autism you know

No. 274204

Considering even one of the comments say she's being dramatic, they must be autistic too by your standards.

Understood it was sarcasm, still overly dramatic.

No. 274205

I'm actually pissing myself
the R word
Kinda retarded to make an aimed status about her and caitlin in a group they never even wanted to join.

No. 274206

They probably are autistic as well.
I mean if she's using sarcasm and it sounds overly dramatic then that's because it's mother funking supposed to. Get off the Internet if you don't understand Sarcasm

No. 274210

File: 1490105720234.jpg (14.47 KB, 500x261, Why-Is-The-Rum-Gone.jpg)

Where has the milk gone

No. 274211

Sorry I can't resist
How does a cat go under a bath…?

No. 274212

You appear to be mistaking sarcasm for hyperbole.
Before calling someone autistic make sure you're using the correct word first.

No. 274217

File: 1490106684439.png (111.99 KB, 720x476, Screenshot_2017-03-21-14-30-00…)



Also lol

No. 274228

>no data

yet can still continue to post despite having no wifi or data?

No. 274237


No. 274256

>cat continues to show distress and fear toward her
>nahh the old owner was the abusive one i am the perfect cat owner

anyone report her yet?

No. 274268

I really hope so. Also last owner was so abusive yet she's apparently been looking to adopt a cat from cats protection? Surely if she was abusive they'd straight up tell her no. Funny that. Not sure how true it is but a friend mentioned it to me when I asked if they thought she'd continue to bother with sindy

No. 274297

Emma is so transparent. All that arguing and screaming over a cat she wanted back yeto gives up after 3 days. Now trying to adopt another 1 (couldn't have been an adult that's been abused) (maybe because she wouldn't get away with neglecting/ditching it) just shows this was Nothing more than a failed attempt tto get a cat without paying £50 donation

No. 274299

None of this is milk.

Waay Sindy's internet infamy will soon end.

No. 274311

Actually she's been looking to adopt for a while then she seen what was happening with her previous cat and as she's only allowed one pet wanted to make sure she was priority and would be safe. Your brother told her that while you're an idiot he believed the cat would be safe so she accepted that and let it drop. Also remember she has a full time job so money wouldn't be an issue. Nice try tho sindy

No. 274312

Salt salt baby

No. 274328


the sodium levels in this comment are off the charts lel still bitter and trying to convince the world Emma is evil and you're an innocent victim? I think you need a new routine.
Or just give up and let these threads die.
But I won't hold my breath.

No. 274348

Give it up you ugly delusional cunt, you're not going to convince people to stop talking about your high octane autism until you stop acting like a shitstain.

No. 274429

Considering my comments is just "salt salt baby" i would consider sodium to be, indeed, part of my comment.
Also dunno what exactly youre referring to with my comment.

No. 274432

A little "Wolfe" told me who this is.
Oooooo gurl.

No. 274765

Looks like ALcon is a no-go until 2018, now.
I wonder how Sindy Pop is gonna do having to wait another whole year to meet Michael senpai

No. 275004

Alcon is still happening, what are you talking about?

GAGC isn't happening, because of "poor ticket sales" (what was Sindy saying last thread? How 200 people were loads/successful for a convention? Obviously not…)

Actually read up on what you're talking about before you spout nonsense, anon.

No. 275047

I'm hearing on the grapevine towers is to sue

No. 275090

Good for him, he should remember that if he chooses to, he has burden of proof, meaning he has to prove what Baker and the girls who gave evidence said is false. So, he needs to prove he isn't a dirty paedo. But honestly he should have waited until the case was genuinely closed with him found totally innocent before thinking about suing, not midway though an investigation.

Sage because it isn't about Chindy

No. 275128

Anyone can sue anyone for anything. It's winning that's actually the difficult part. He's such a goddamn idiot.

No. 276655

File: 1490397677100.jpg (106.63 KB, 919x559, funtimes.JPG)

we missed these fun times on insta

No. 276657


sauce for more cringetier pics of hamplanet and co

No. 276662

also sindy's - https://www.instagram.com/sindy_pop/

10/10 photoshopping skills on here

No. 276664

File: 1490398043438.jpg (68.51 KB, 811x521, no.JPG)

she's…she's 25???

No. 276767

Seriously, is she and PeacockFeather long lost twin sisters?

No. 277150


Does she have herpes?

No. 277180

File: 1490471342411.jpg (68.15 KB, 810x1069, 17545394_414061815653087_24582…)

The meitu abuse has made her face transcend into uncanny valley territory. The blur is so unnatural it's eerie

No. 277185

is this abomination supposed to be Cloud's drag outfit from FFVII? It's fucking awful jfc.

No. 277229

All that benefit money and she honestly couldn't afford to buy braided pigtails that don't look like they came from a poundshop.

No. 277316

How photoshopped is her face :|

No. 277317


learn how to do them for fucks sake

Caitlin is just as bad but ughhh my pet peeve is overgrown messy eyebrows

No. 277322

all those stray pieces of hair , its so uneven and looks like a joke shop wig. ew

No. 277367


I thought she was confident in how good she looks?
Why has she all of a sudden started shopping her face like that?
That's not even her face anymore.
This is the ultimate vatfish.
Like that guy who thought he was in an online relationship with Katy Perry.
She's catfishing herself.

No. 277371

Catfishing herself and all her "fans" who think she genuinely looks like that. Don't really have an issue with shopping in general, just don't try and pretend that's how you actually look all the time (like when she reposted a picture of her that had been used here on her cosplay page and her fans thought it had been shopped to make her look bad. No, she looks like that in person too, unfortunately)

No. 277376

File: 1490490136195.png (15.26 KB, 469x285, screenshot1.png)

Samefag, was gonna screenshot it as proof but seems like it disappeared. On another note though, girl who hates alcohol and drunks is planning on going to a convention where alcohol and being drunk is a pretty large part of the happenings (also paedo-con). Same girl complains about the price of MCM tables but is willing to fork out for one at this convention? The proverbial dicksucking of Mike Towers she does is astounding.

No. 277385

She's away in London for a concert and a convention, who is looking after the cat?

No. 277414

i can't believe for a second that she would be willing to drop at least £60 (iirc) on a table because wasn't she bitching about deecon tables being too expensive after they rejected her application?

No. 277532

She's most likely dumped the cat back at her mums. Poor thing will have been trying to get settled in her new place and now this

No. 277537

There's multiple horses in this pic, look at her goddamn teeth

No. 277676

Is Alcon not the convention Karli and co go to each year? How is Sindy hoping thats going to go? Also, Its nickname isn't Alcoholcon for nothing.
Shes going just for mike sempai who wont be there now.

No. 277921

How are YOU hoping it's going to go. We go deecon/mcm/raicon/ and never go near each other. What do you think would happen.

I mean are you threatening me with her or something, cause I know a guy who knows a guy :)

No. 277965


Are you serious? People actually think she looks like that and the original photos are shopped to make her look bad? What planet are these people living on? All they need to do is scroll through her pictures to a few months ago and they'll see her real face.
As someone who's met her in person, if any of her fans are reading this, I promise you, she's got a face like a skelped arse.

No. 278379

File: 1490622706020.png (59.74 KB, 504x712, screenshot3.png)

Literally no one said you couldn't go because people you don't like who don't care about you enough to bother with your bullshit are going.

No one's even looked at you sideways in 4 years? You haven't even been in the cosplay community for 4 years, or so you claim yourself in other posts, and yet pretty sure you've turned tail over people so much as being near you at a convention before. It's been discussed in previous threads to death.

Also, lol, you think Mike sees you as family? How fucking delusional are you? What, did he tell you that himself? What a gullible tit you are.

No. 278381

Also samefag, but that last comment makes me laugh, considering they're making it in relation to other people but it defines Sindy to a T.
She's so good at tossing threats and acting big online, even going as far as to say she's going to sue people or get the police involved, but never actually follows through with what she says.

How ironic when your friend tries to support you with saying everyone else is a keyboard warrior, when you're the biggest keyboard warrior of them all.

No. 278448

Well I'm sure a lot of people want to see you getting your head kicked in, regardless who it's from.
And I'm pretty sure if you mean Karli, she doesn't attend raicon because she thinks it's boring as all sin, and me personally, I have seen her confront you at least 3 times ,and not just her,but others too.

And I suppose on an ANONYMOUS forum I can threaten whoever with whoever or whatever I want, doesn't affect me or her, and you know a guy who knows a guy?
Okay ,well, I showed her that comment and she just laughed and said she's waiting for whatever empty threat you have this time or "whoever" this person is, but she doubts it's going to happen, because youre full of shit,like the fake police incident number you gave,which is a big no no sindy.

I love how you start frothing at the mouth whenever Karli is mentioned and have to try and bulk yourself up on social media.
You really are scared and intimidated by her, huh?

And I have a screen shot from Mike Towers HIMSELF dogging Sindy and saying she's nothing to him and he's embarassed by her.

No. 278451

Ooh boy that'd be a lovely screenshot to see.

By saying she "knows a guy who knows a guy", she probably just means Mike. But I mean, that screenshot would just prove he thinks nothing of her, and just because she "knows" him doesn't give her the slightest bit of power.

No. 278470

File: 1490634098806.png (413.24 KB, 452x554, hypocrisy.png)

Whines about people taking "creep shots" of her at a nightclub event.
Takes creep shots of a complete stranger on her way home.

Hypocrisy much?

No. 278482


Samefagging to beg for this screenshot. It'd be hella tasty milk.

I don't think she gets how to be a human. She's so contradictory to herself and always points out her insecurities with other people. She'll try and take the piss out of someone for a flaw but she always sounds like she's describing herself more than anyone else.

No. 278484

I don't think you understand what samefagging means but OK?

No. 278529

I can only give this one, as the other has stuff in it that would give me away, and a few other things.

No. 278530

File: 1490640892902.png (40.7 KB, 637x344, IMG_3479.PNG)

Samefag, photo didn't attach.

No. 278533

so much for Sindy and him being "super good friends" then huh, hes basically said shes not a associated with him.
Mike sempai doesn't even want her.

No. 278605

TFW not even a pedo who everyone despises wants anything to do with you

No. 278609

I'm absolutely dying at this. Especially because she's sperging on cgl, making up shit about Alex being in gay gang bangs in the name of Towers.

No. 278611

Nah, that anon isn't incoherent and fucking retarded enough to be Chindy.

No. 278615

Sindy has proved in several posts on this thread and the last that she can be coherent when she wants to be.
And whilst I'm putting my money on it actually being one of Tower's monkeys who posted it, can't deny Sindy could have posted it too to get in his good books.

No. 278633

File: 1490650257986.png (135.84 KB, 720x1004, Screenshot_2017-03-27-22-27-55…)

No. 278634

File: 1490650340485.png (79.94 KB, 720x575, Screenshot_2017-03-27-22-28-03…)

I don't think you guys quite get it yet

No. 278635

File: 1490650379849.png (74.41 KB, 720x547, Screenshot_2017-03-27-22-29-54…)


No. 278636

You seem so very desperate to prove Mike actually likes you, and yet none of those screenshots show it. You can be nice to someone and not like or dislike them, it's called being polite. Plus, for all you know he could easily be lying to you because you're easy and gullible, and are going to believe every damn thing he says.

No. 278637


God you sound salty. I'm not personally allied with him either. He's 34 for Christs sake. I just want to enjoy alcon to the fullest.

But we seam to have some kind of mutual alliance going on. All be it mild

No. 278639

>enjoy alcon to the fullest

Except you harp on about how shitty KitaCon is because of all the drunks who attend it, yet you want to go and enjoy a convention that is literally nicknamed "AlcoholCon".
It's dubbed that for a reason, you know.

No. 278642

If anybody is gullible it's you first assuming I am. You message him bleeding sindys bad yet slam him here too.

I'll make sure he's aware of snakes though

No. 278646

I never messaged him you tit. Someone else might have, but you're directing your "snake" comment at the wrong anon.
But of course we're all just one person in your mind, right?

No. 278647

Lol the problem with kita is the people not the esposure. Alcon is bigger with better guests and I think a family event till 5?

Kita is just a joke. But alcohol isn't the problem. It's the people who abuse it , which seams constant at kita

No. 278650

>>hates partycon where people just party, drunk and sober, because there's too many drunk people
>>wants to go to ALcoholCon where most attendees only go for the discounted booze and to get rat arsed
>>Used to enjoy Deecon before being told you couldn't deal despite the fact most attendees are drunk by lunchtime and only go for the student union drinks prices (£1 per shot yes please)

>>McGoogan logic

No. 278652

Alcon is 18+ you tit

No. 278653

Alcon is 18+, has been since 2013, and before then it was 16+. So no, definitely not a "family event".

And the exact same happens at Alcon. People abusing the alcohol. OK a lot of it happens in the dorms and on the quad, but it still happens. Most people start drinking between 10am and 11am.

No. 278654

Right but I'm not around those people? I'll be at panels and vendoring. Alcon is obviously big so they'll be avoidable. But it depends on if the ppl are ok ppl or not

No. 278656

>>Better guests
Little Kuriboh every year without fail (does anyone still find him funny?) and a bunch of nobody cosplayers.
And the only sober people at alcon are a minority of staff. The staff are usually drunk by noon too

No. 278658

And in my experience of deecon it's only about 100 max who get shit faced as throughout the day it's pretty chilled. No drinks or scummy behaviour.

No. 278660

As I've never met him and would love to and yes find his content still funny/satisfying yea he's defo worth going for. And all the workshops

No. 278661

Calls themay nobody's yet when were you last invited. Don't confuse who is worthless here. It's you not them

No. 278662

Those people will be at panels, and around your table if you're vendoring. Alcon isn't as "big" as you think it is. Two buildings, one is the bar where some panels and stage events happen, the other is Queens, where everything else happens.
What about late night panels you'd want to attend? I know LK has done several in the past, where he has gotten drunk before.
Although, assuming he is still planning on going after all this. I can bet Brentalfloss sure isnt, for a number of reasons.

No. 278663

I mean to Mike, any support is welcome, so him "reassuring" Sindy just means hes using her more.
Sad really.

No. 278664

File: 1490651723303.png (154.66 KB, 1439x1536, 20170327_225212.png)

>>obviously big
>>only 224 places paid and >600 available (>1000 if we include non paid)
>>Kitacon, Amecon, Ayacon, Auchinawa and Minamicon regularly sell out instantly. Waiting list because of so many registrations. Very few waiting list cycles. 1000 places at Kitacon sold in less than an hour with the waiting list so full it had to be closed

But tell me again how big Alcon is

No. 278665

Nor any previous good guests for that matter.
People are only going now to see friends and get shit faced on cheap booze.

No. 278666

Bandursnatch are pretty much nobodies, Parlé aren't a thing anymore so won't be there, don't recall who any of the other guests are.

No. 278667

Shes never been to Alcon , has she? It really isnt this grand huge convention.

No. 278668

He already knows I offer him nothing except tickets but even without his friendship I was always gona go.

I had always wanted to go to alcon, and what with mcm being a shitfest it's looking more promising.

Other than sold tickets he doesn't benifit from me as u can see by ambrelia begging him to loose me. Quite sad tbh

No. 278669

>>implying I cosplay with any level of seriousness.
Fun fact, people can attend conventions and either not care about cosplay competitions or shock! Not cosplay at all! Who knew

No. 278671

That wasnt Ambrellia who got that SS btw.

No. 278672

And talk shit about those who do.

Fun fact theirs a name for those kinds of people

On yea
Fat bitches

No. 278673

I know at least 50 people who registered and hadn't paid before the drama happened, and are now waiting for the cut off date for it to automatic unregister them. And several more who are in the process of trying to get refunds.

It rarely hits maximum numbers, even less likely to now the rumours have basically been confirmed true.

No. 278674

No but she sent the messages. Which is all I needed to know

No. 278675

Isn't your ex best friend a "fat bitch". And yet we weren't allowed to shame her? The hypocrisy never ends

No. 278676

Also related to another comment made here. Sindy did you actually leave your cat alone for the whole weekend?

No. 278677

McGoogan logic. If you don't want to win WCS you're a fat bitch.
Poor little Caitlin will be crushed. With her bought cosplays she obviously doesn't take the hobby as seriously as lord and savior Jennifer, forever condemning her to "Fat Bitch" Status

No. 278678

According to towers * compactly for 1400, usually sells out, this year expecting 1000. Slow recovery but it is recovering

But I never said alot of people go. It said the venue was big. And 2 buildings is by mthe standards… big… so I'll be fine. But again I don't have an issue with people drinking just those few people who set out to destroy their livers and clog up NHS beds

No. 278680

Caitlin doesn't jurge people who wear handmade. She isn't a bitch that walks around during thinking she's better. And neither do I. I love all cosplayers bought or made. As I do both. I called you fat bitches because you're so misenable in your own lives you drag others who achieve more down to your pathetic level

You think I actually bigger than you but really you just fall way below human standards

No. 278682

That one wasnt from her.

No. 278683

Two buildings, one of which is the size of one level at DeeCon, the other is a lecture building with maybe 6 or 7 rooms available, and only one of them is actually a lecture hall.
Actually, I think RaiCon is bigger in terms of venue size.

No. 278684

Iv been to Alcon past….8 years? And its never sold out.

No. 278685

If I did that how would she eat.
You're so concerned with things that aren't yours. Is it because your own life haso nothing. Call sspca is you're so concerned. But you don't give a shit really do you.

No. 278686

Then fb is a liar

*1 MARCH 10:25

Ambrelia Akkertrad
hi, I was speaking to sean and a few others about all this crap going on…… certainly got your hands full.
I just wanted to say that Jennifer isn't a good person to have, and I actually found more "dirt" out about you through her, and she's making your whole situation worse .
Just a bit of advice, as this is going to stressful enough for you i imagine, and she isn't a good ally to have.
Thanks for the heads up. To be 100% clear which Jennifer?
Ambrelia Akkertrad
Sorry if this comes as unwelcome, but it is genuinely just my concern as I dont know if all these claims are true or not (I would hope not and believe innocent until guilty) and if they are untrue, then she is only making your whole thing worse, and not better.
Her name on here is Sindy, she has been in the public eye for a while, and to be rather honest with you, its how the majority of cosplay groups in Ayr , Aberdeen and around those areas heard about this, by her and the huge arguments she's causing.
Yeah I'm not allied with her she's doing this off her own back I already advised her she may wanna cool it
I appreciate the heads up
Ambrelia Akkertrad
I assumed so, she is known to do this, im just concerned she would make it worse because she's making jokes like "im 15 not 13 it's all good" and to her she's helping, but as you can imagine, its not.

All ill warn you after this is if you say something she doesn't like, be prepared for her to turn on you and have a meltdown and have the biggest grudge ever.

I hope all this gets sorted for you however, it must be stressful for you
Ambrelia Akkertrad
Aswell as her implying you are what the rumours say are true to make herself look better , how she can defend herself against a "peado "

No. 278687

Yet one building is dedicated to drinking?

Also you say they're clogging up NHS beds, yet no fatalities related to alcohol have ever occurred at Alcon, and you would be more the leech than those anyway, given your…….status.

No. 278688

Except two months ago you shit all over people who buy props and don't make them out of popsicle sticks and paper, you've publicly bitched about how people who make armor are vastly superior and that people who don't learn to make it are lazy and also made snide comments regarding bought cosplays. All the receipts are in your previous threads if you care to look and refresh yourself on your embarrassing antics

No. 278689

How would u ever know if it sold out or not

No. 278690

It will literally say on the sign up website if it sold out or not.

No. 278691

Yeah that was her.

But this wasn't from her. Understand that means that it's NOT just her , so he's pulling the wool over your eyes.

Are you that gullible? Good lord.

No. 278693

I said I thought spending 200 on a proper was lazy and pointless. And paper swords are still functional and sturdy. Mine never snap

No. 278694

This literally proves nothing? It's not a screenshot? You could have easily changed the names around to try and prove your argument?

No. 278695

Considering Mike constantly peddles updates over several social media platforms……. we would know, plus the big "SOLD OUT" on the website would be a dead giveaway. which has never happened.

No. 278697

You have to be retarded. The public registration page was posted literally 17 minutes ago

No. 278698

Why would I care enough

No. 278699

Do we have to pull up the screenshot to jog your lying memory?

No. 278700

But yours look like shit.

No. 278701

Because you have done it in the past, even going as far to edit actual images.

No. 278702

Not snapping is not a sign of good quality. Your props are uneven, rushed and badly painted. At least with proper materials like cheap balsa wood you can sand, smooth and prime. Your props look like a primary 4's art project

No. 278703

More concerned that you're actually looking after another life when you can't take care or your own. Let me guess, you pawned her back to your mum to look after furthermore confusing the poor thing?

No. 278704

I don't care who posted it is care who sent the messages

Well I don't know but I did before I saw it was her. How sad to beg a guy you think is a pedo to not associate with me.

That's so pathetic and desperate

No. 278705

How many times have you been banned from here? You are obsessed good lord.

Also im betting on a fight going down outside the venues. Always happens, because venues are so far apart in darker areas with no security and barely any people.

No. 278706

In you're opinion. But i never said I was a pro. I'm still learning.

No. 278707

Its not really a beg its a head up, which he said himself , so are you saying Mike is lying about that? tut tut

No. 278708

That's pathetic that people would stoop so low. This fiasco almost got people banned from nanashi.

But hey. At least I'm not stupI'd enough to throw a first punch

No. 278710

I doubt Karli is even going to Alcon this year tbh. Pretty sure she commented on the AnimeLeague post that was addressing the outing of rumours as "drama", saying if it dispelled the notion it was all drama, she was going to give her proof of Towers being a paedo, since the police already had it?

Although chances are the comment got deleted and she was banned from the page to keep up appearances.

No. 278711

File: 1490653235155.jpg (811.51 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170327_231844.jpg)

>>in your opinion

Nah the proof is there. An artist who can't even paint in the lines

No. 278712

More like not brace enough to through any punches. If someone did hit you you'd just cry like a little bitch

No. 278713

But you attacked people before.
And really wouldn't matter if you threw the first punch or not. What you gonna do? Report one of the 100 deadpools? or whatever is popular at the time.

Just saying it happens and im sure it will again this year.

No. 278714

Bzzzt, wrong, no one "almost got banned" from Nanashi. Apart from you, of course.

No. 278716

Like I did when I left deecon covered In blood I took from a concrete floor? >>278713

I feel legitimately sorry for anybody who tries to hit me.

No. 278719

That's hilarious

I've never attacked a person in my life. And I had I would have stopped thier. I'd have punched alot if cunts by now. So that's obviously bs

No. 278720

Did you even see the state your face was in after Dee Con? Oh wait you got that from "falling"

No. 278721

Exactly. The organiser basically said "if anyone, Sindy or third party, doesn't leave their shit at the door and starts stuff in the club, I'll see to it that security puts you all out and you'll be banned".
That's a general warning of rules. Not a banning

No. 278722

I don't.

No. 278723

She'll probably just lie and say some random person tried to assault her like she did at both RaiCon and the last Seoul Rush she attended. Only after the fact though, never reporting them when it happened. One of them wasn't even event she claimed they attacked her at.

No. 278724

I don't belive voilance fixes things. So why would I restore to it. Sometimes you literally can't punch the stupid out of people like you

No. 278725

Yet you have threatened it several times, attacked people , and tried to get others to fight on your behalf.

No. 278726

Yet it was xanders friends who dropped him in it. Licky David doesn't know it went on. As for Emma. Meh. She clearly learned after it wat a fool she looked
Running and crying she did nothing. Girl is still too young and senseless

No. 278727

Who have I attacked

No. 278728

I mean for arguments sake, you can hit your forehead and end up with a black eye due to the way blood pools and what not. The "broken" arm she claimed to have afterwards, could have been down to it, if it was ever actually broken. But it wasn't.

No. 278729


Before insulting the intelligence of others, ensure you aren't a 25 year old with the spelling and grammar of a 6 year old who took 6 years to do a 2 year qualification and still flunked out.

No. 278730


The rotary cuff tore. I never said I broke my arm.

No. 278732

Xander wasn't at that Seoul Rush, and he DOES know you tried to claim Xander attacked you. People told him.
As for Emma, girl bumped into you at an afterparty, by accident. She was trying to avoid you and your bullshit all night. And considering you were standing still for the majority of the night, it was your job to ensure you didn't get bumped into. "Running and crying she did nothing" except she wasn't running and crying? You're trying to start drama over someone accidentally bumping into you, gosh!

No. 278733

Would that be your rotator cuff? So much for advanced medical knowledge

No. 278734

I was in a space with nobody at it
She gave me evils all night

Lol it was no accident.
And like said it was xanders friends on the other thread who said it was him originally. It's thier fault he's in shit rly

No. 278735


I think it's rotary but same idea
Let's be honest though. You didn't know what that was till you googled it just now

No. 278736

I hope she goes. I see her each year and its always fun, don't get to see each other normally due to work/distance.

No. 278737

Give it up, she wasn't anywhere near you the whole night. Just like the evils you were shooting at the conga line at the end of the night though? Hard to miss.

No. 278738

Take it up with her. When did this place become a fucking group chat

No. 278739

I was watching caitlin at it. Nobody else. You're paranoid anon

No. 278740

No. 278741

Not that I should dignify you with a response but no Sindy, there are people out there who know the difference between tendons in a shoulder and a brand of watch

No. 278742

Its hard to miss her but your eyes were no where near her.

No. 278743

File: 1490654340152.png (14.98 KB, 504x189, 1.png)

Maybe not actual attacking, but the threat of a fight.

No. 278744

Wasn't even in the conga line, you were glaring at it in general, not at Caitlin. Unless you were glaring at your ex-best friend for ditching you to have more fun in a conga line?

No. 278745

I really don't understand why you lot come here still. Like when Emma lunged at me. And this. Is it revenge for beks? Like do you think that's what she wants. I mean if it is then she's just as sad but the beks I know is above this.
Gem told me her disappointment in Katy aoba when she went around saying I got sindy banned ect

I hope you don't think you are defending her as good mates. She'd be ashamed of you if she knew you really. I know because. It was once me in Emmas spot.

She's welcome to her now tho

No. 278748


April 2014

Didn't have any enemies at that point but ok

No. 278749

According to a lot of old posts you did. Roberto, Holly, a bunch of other people.

No. 278750

You have low standards of what you think a glare is if you think watching is glaring.

No. 278752

Who tf is Roberto lol
Also it was 2013 hoLly shafted me. By April I was past her

No. 278753

Well we know you have a horrible resting melt face, that alone is unsightly enough.
Like quasimodo lingering in the shadows.

No. 278754

You mean they same thing did at the Winter Rai Con after party?
her and pop sat onn the floor and Caitlin ditched her to join the dance circle full of people Sindy has hate boners for.
Seems when actual fun is offered Caitlin is quick to leave.

you did however claim you would be never be able to draw ever again and that your career was ruined.

No. 278755


I told her caitlin to go out and forget me. I had backache both times and couldn't dance much

And hey I read online that it can net heal but mine recovered fully after 4 months

No. 278757

Just clarifying that if I catch anyone hurting Emma, I'll personally deck them. :) Leave her name out of things.

No. 278760

Nobody cares about you're shitty friends

No. 278761

God this thread is like a weight watchers meeting of grumpy bitches complaining about others complaining about me

No. 278762

Clearly you do considering you keep mentioning her name and trying to start drama. You start shit with her again and I'll fucking rip what little dye damaged hair you have left out of your head. Watch your back at the next few cons. Same goes for anyone else who thinks they can be a cunt and get away with it. :)

No. 278763

Also why do you guys keep trying to drag Raicon, mcm and other cons into drama. Like messaging Raicon the week before demanding they ban me.

You know how much stress that causes them? You know how much they lost out on because of my table drama. Trust me you aren't helping anybody

No. 278765

Yes yea heard it before. If you have an issue with me try starting with me in person. Show everybody what a scummy violent price of shit excuse for a con go-er you really are

No. 278766

BTW I know how to get out of a hair lock. It's a really ameture move that cowards and rapists use

No. 278767

I barely go to cons. No skin off my nose what people think of me. Do yourself a favour and shut your fucking mouth so people don't have to look at your crack-addict teeth, you fucking Chernobyl mutated fucking parasite.

No. 278769

Or what. You gona r grab my hair at the few cons you go to because of a friend that people don't give a fuck about.

Go sort your rabies out hun

No. 278771

yet your still here?

No. 278774

Won't be so wide when you're crying on the news feed when someone fucking cracks that thick skull of yours open. Quit while you're ahead.

No. 278776

Lol you won't be going to anymore cons if you try that shit. You'll also be smoking your meth from a cell for 6 month. Man you sound so desirable

No. 278777

Should probably have made that "Quit while you're behind".

No. 278779


If I had a thick skill that would logically protect me?

Man you sound so poor at fitting by these descriptions of your half asked threats

No. 278781

Now, unlike you, I'm actually educated and have to attend uni tomorrow, so I'm going to bed. But go ahead and keep talking shit about Emma. See where it fucking gets you, Peter-burns looking slut.

No. 278783


watch your back at cons
doesn't go to cons
probably never through a punchanged in your life
security at every door

Who am i to interfere with Natural Selection

No. 278784

If I gave enough of a shit about some 18 year old who's so far up beks ass she's actually white Knighting her at cons, I'm sure I'd happily continue on.

No. 278785

But you are continuing on. You're still here, commenting, aren't you?

No. 278787

Let me guess you're an art student lol. I hate when genuinely well educated people let themselves go like this.

No. 278789


You attacked Holly in college. You've went for people in public. You're like a rabid fucking wild animal.

No. 278791


LOL you're an art student and you're anything but well educated.
Fucking moron.

No. 278792

Two completely separate anonymous people talking on the feed. I'm the student from before; and I study medicine actually, but I'm sure my art would be better than yours anyway. A subject too complex for your simple mind. (Okay, now I'm off to bed.)

No. 278793

God who told you that one? After I found out she was with Kevin I never saw her again tI'll last year.

I was out of college by the time Kevin was with her.

Sorry anon. You're being lied to

No. 278794

You study medicine yet you're a voilant mess. God holby city has nothing on you

No. 278795

Argue when you can spell properly.

No. 278796

Say you hit me

The what
It won't make you right
It wont make you better than me
It won't make others like you

Haven't you noticed by now. People have lines. Look how passed off they got at the photo-stalking
Look how they behaved about the nanashi roasting thing.

They know that this is bulling and they will turn on you eventually. But by all means. Cross the line and walk that path and all its consequences

But you can kiss goodbye to the doctor/nurse/lab scientist degree when you do. All because of 1 person that you're apparently so better than.

No. 278797

Actually I know a lot about medicine. Try me. I just can't deal with blood hence can't study it

No. 278798

People got upset at someone taking a creep shot of you, but you're allowed to take creep shots of strangers? Man they must be bigger hypocrites than you. Or they're asspatters. Same difference.

Again, it's not illegal to take a picture of someone in public without their permission. It might be considered creepy, but if you're allowed to do it, why can't other people?

No. 278799


No. 278800

Explains why you were spouting transphobic bullshit to someone saying that if they got a sex change (FtM) they were more likely to get cancer, when the opposite is actually true.

You don't know jack shit about medicine, Jenny.

No. 278801

I said if she asked the NHS to remove her ovaries before 50 she was in the eyes of the NHS aTrust to much risk of heart problems cancer stroke

Look it up
Not my fault she didn't like what she heard

No. 278802

It was because of the context.

No. 278803

i never post in these threads but seriously, sindy, da fuck do you even get out of all this ban evading and shit? is your life that boring when you aren't saving lives as the crimson chin? idgi

No. 278805

How tight assed do you have to be if you think that's tansphobic lol.

Saying you're all mentally fucking I'll is transphobic

No. 278809

Thing is, Jenny, I did look it up, that's how I can say you were spouting utter bullshit.

Your claim doesn't explain the hysterectomies women under the age of 50 get on the NHS, typically after having just given birth. Heck my mum got one and she was in her 40s.

No. 278810

Using "she" to refer to someone who has transitioned? Seems pretty transphobic to me.

No. 278811

Isn't the screenshot this is in relation to in a previous thread? Could drag it back up?

Actually, could drag the posts where she claimed to possibly have type 1 diabetes, among a plethora of other things, and the subsequent posts from other anons debunking her claims.

No. 278830

The first screenshot you mentioned is >>>/snow/235344

The ones where she's claiming x different things are

And the ones calling her out on her bullshit are

No. 279147

The fact that she had claimed to suffer from anxiety (yet never mentioned it again) despite also saying at one point that anxiety and depression "aren't real" is just an insult to those who suffer from it. I know plenty of people who suffer from both but still go out and work a full time job, sure they may not do much out with that job because of these illnesses but they still try their damn best and know what's important

No. 279150

Also, as someone who HAS anxiety disorder, you dont want attention to yourself like she does.
Im calling BS

No. 279157

Exactly I suffer myself and it's the last thing you would want!

No. 279179

She just talks BS. She doesn't have anxiety, she THRIVES on any kind of attention and if it isnt good attention then she will do anything, good or bad.

No. 279182


I don't think she can wrap her tiny little peabrain around anything we are saying, or just doesn't want to.
Maybe stopping this thread would be a good idea. Her fans will eventually see what she's like, she'll slip up somehow and let's face it, any friends or fans she has now that refuse to believe anything on these threads, is either extremely closed-minded or part vegetable.

What's the point in this, really?

No. 279183

It's an excuse benefit frauds use because you don't get assessed by a doctor, and it's easy to say you have debilitating anxiety to someone who isn't specially trained to know that you're talking shite.
Considering the context was her saying her anxiety was the reason she was on benefits, seems likely, considering anxiety so debilitating that you can't work, would also be so debilitating you wouldn't even go outside.

No. 279184

Or, maybe we keep this thread up to document her bullshit, otherwise she'll keep turning round with "I didn't do/say that". There is reason behind them coming back, plus every time she comes back here after ban evading to defend herself she just makes it worse for herself by contradicting an earlier statement or claim.

No. 279187

Hey, Xanders friends might have said it, but you should have taken a second to realise Xander wasn't even at the event to "trip you up the stairs" in the first place. Meaning either someone else did, and you didn't report them, or you're a filthy liar. Although you'll insist you aren't lying because "Aries don't lie", right?

No. 279189

File: 1490703119392.jpg (35.84 KB, 650x944, 16649017_1729548633932522_1393…)

She needs to learn how to use Meitu. She wouldn't get as much shit for touching up pictures if she didn't completely change her face. We all touch up photos for instagram but at least the end result somewhat resembles the original.
Pic is what Sindy does with Meitu and thinks she's fooling anyones (your edit resembles that guy who lost half his head to a shot gun)

No. 279190

File: 1490703253054.jpg (1.21 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170328_130841.jpg)

And here's 5 minutes in Meitu.
Sindy has an unfortunate face shape with minimal cheek bones, thin lips and large chin but with well applied makeup (not in pictures case) and the correct angles, she can look somewhat passable.

No. 279202

The second one looks too uncanny valley, it's creeping me out.
Better make up in general would probably help her. A shiny lip gloss to make her lips look fuller, contouring, there are plenty of tutorials that would help. And it would look less like uncanny valley than straight up editing her photos.

No. 279246

File: 1490713312298.png (313.81 KB, 1439x1074, 20170328_160000.png)

Why the fuck you lyin’?
Why you always lyin’?
Hmmmmm Oh my god
Stop fucking lying!

No. 279250

File: 1490713741192.png (288.85 KB, 620x372, e4a829e2-502a-42d4-898f-f31694…)

>I know a lot of these situations are down to drama in the comunity and many fueled by myself.
Fucking understatement of the century there and OH MY GOD, learn how to spell!

No. 279256

She edited it just to add the fact pictures were taken of her in an attempt to "stalk/harass" her, except it was pointed out to death in the previous thread that the person who took them likely turned up without knowing she was there, so "stalking" that is not. Harassment, it is not either. Nor is it illegal.

No. 279259

All she does at nanashi is sit and draw tho so??

No. 279279

I used to dance but my skills are rusty

No. 279280

But it's been proven she doesn't tho??

No. 279281

But what about muh scoliosis.
You can dance yet cant do even a part time call center job, or something that involves barely any movement?

No. 279282

She's a scrounger what do you expect. At least the other cringe lords like Blake has jobs.

No. 279287

"Proven" she doesn't? What proof is there?

No. 279295

Use your fucking eyes there's proof on this thread above and on others, dipstick

No. 279300

Not anymore she doesn't

No. 279301

also threatened to fight Natalie and Hollie last year, IIRC. Pretty sure Natalie posted a screenshot and the whole community laughed at you.

No. 279302

Yet she has still paid more back into the community than Sindy.
Please continue to drag Sindy down further thinking you're helping.

No. 279310

Her step mother hired her in a cafe half time minimum wage which she spent every spare penny on cosplay/cons

She would never be employed in the real world. And would never be able to care for herself with things like bills and responsibilities

No. 279311

She didn't even need to pay tax because her income was so low.

No. 279323

You don't know Blake, do you? Because if you did you would know the other jobs they done, and as someone who was close, Blake spent a lot on her digs and general life, and not cosplay.

I think you're confusing that statement with Sarah Gunn.

No. 279324

Yet still more than Sindy who scrounges

No. 279376

Would that be Sarah who's always been employed between Greggs/BearFactory/Tokyo Toys, moved across the country into her own apartment with her boyfriend and again, is still in full time employment and able to pay her bills and support her hobby?

Whereas Sindys CV is
"special skills: muh scoliosis
Previous employment: muh scoliosis
References: muh scoliosis"?

No. 279379

They have no education either. As for other jobs. Same old Gregs crap

No. 279429

This is the Sarah who previously did this, I mean if we're dogging Blake for it it's fair game for her as it would be same time frame.
You're hate boner is apparent.
Not like I'm friends with Sarah or anything, as you confused a few jobs there, and a few facts.
BTW not prev anon before anyone thinks that.
Sindy regardless who she's compared to, is scum and a scrounger so doesn't matter about anyone else really.

No. 279432

Blake and Sarah both are educated.
And doesn't matter what job Blake had.
It's still a job.

No. 279435

Man, it's clear to see sindy and her friends are here trying to dog other people. Can't throw others under the bus when sindy has done the exact same and worse.

No. 279438

You do know Sarah only achieved this recently so it's literally no comparison?

No. 279485

You keep calling it blake.
I thought it was Rebecca now

No. 279496

Pretty sure they said they didn't mind which one people used.

Looks like you're just nitpicking now because this thread was made Sindy only. There is genuinely no new milk regarding Blake, you're just rehashing the same old things in an attempt to fellate your hateboner towards them.

No. 279502

fellate ooh nice word usage

No. 279515

Clearly someone hasn't been keeping up with Blake and just wants to have a little bawww

No. 279516

Do you even know how to sage?

No. 279542

It's better than your attempt at saging

No. 279560

first time posting on here

but I honestly meant that was a nice word, don't see it used a lot. But feel free to take it as a random attack lol

No. 279583

Difficult to tell if people are being sarcastic or not from just text. You don't get the subtle nuances found in speech.

In the case of people on lolcow, it is often safer to assume things are being meant in a sarcastic tone.

No. 279894

But I have never tried to sage, so I didn't 'attempt' to sage, so I didn't fail.

Your logic is retarded, and you should feel bad.

No. 279895

Alright snowflake nobody cares if you're a newfag or not

No. 279897


well, Sindy's been gone for just over a day and you lulzy cows are turning on each other again


No. 279901

Yet you are also here, commenting, not saging.
Is this Sindy logic? I believe so. Cringe.

Also if you look above, there was milk, then some salty sindy symapthist tried to derail the thread. Didn't work evidently.

No. 279902

I mean, it's pretty calm here, no ones turning on anyone apart from the painfully obvious sindy sympathizers, and she's not been here for a day….. Your point is….what exactly?

No. 279904

Calling someone a snowflake and a newfag means that were turning on each other?
You're new here , aren't you?

No. 279906

Putting "sage" in the name box instead of the email box is "not attempting to sage" now? Unless you're not actually the anon that was being addressed and are being a complete moron. Try again.

I mean chances are Sindy got herself banned. Again. Which is a bummer, she always pours the best milk when she's trying to defend herself here.

No. 279908

if she was banned it would say 'this user was put out to pasture' wouldn't it?

No. 279911

Nope, not always. I recall seeing an explanation in another thread that is mainly put to accentuate the stupidest post that person made before getting banned, it isn't always put on people who are banned (otherwise, wouldn't it show up on every single post they made?)

Sage for off topic

No. 279915

the banning system on here is abysmal anyway. Change your IP address and you're back in. I can't believe people actually believe Sindy's bullshit posts when she says 'lol it's not me on lolcow, i'm banned!!' and then shows up hours later

No. 279928

I have never tried to sage, I think you have me confused with the anon who did try to do it and failed, try again and learn how to read.

No. 279929

Except, you responded to an anon who was responding to the anon failing at saging. Think you're the one who needs to learn how to read and try again

No. 279941

I was the anon responding to the anon who couldn't sage numbnuts. Again learn to read.

No. 279944

File: 1490797808774.png (43.96 KB, 689x615, 113253123.png)

No. 280192

What the fuck am I watching

No. 280316

The perfect way to get you to return.

No. 280518

Is she a trans woman or just really ugly ?

No. 280600

The latter - really fucking ugly

No. 281466

She looks….special. Was she born with a birth defect? Like she got hunchback lookn face

No. 281504

High quality roast right here

No. 281536

File: 1490957039673.png (111.47 KB, 622x1015, IMG_3497.PNG)

If she has only been there a little while, how could it come to that? unless she's bumped it for a while now.
Also watching Dave is enough that you need to pay.
Scrounging once again, and cant even afford to take care of herself.
I give her a few weeks before her place looks like a junkies squat den.

No. 281538

Quasimodo in the flesh, alive and well.

Seriously thought, thats unfortunate to have a face like that.

No. 281540

File: 1490957281155.jpg (112.15 KB, 886x479, IMG_3498.JPG)

I found this as I was doing a photo clear in my folders, saved it a while back.

Look at Sindys chin, it looks like you could fold it over her mouth.
It actually looks like someone shoved a bit of play dough on the bottom of her face.

Also, there's Blake, who (you can see) really doesn't have the same chin?
Like sindy could hold someones plate on hers, Blake looks pretty normal sized chin.

No. 281544

File: 1490957448045.jpg (40.63 KB, 371x393, IMG_3499.JPG)

Its like a plane landing strip

No. 281551

Nevermind Sindy's chin, look at David's fucking teeth

No. 281552

These are some ugly people

Your most well known cosplayers are fugly cunts, Scotland what the fuck is wrong with your cosplay community?

No. 281555

Unfortunetly, David isn't involved in this thread, so keep it Sindy related.
Bad teeth, and her chin. ouch.

No. 281556

I cant watch that movie anymore without changing "The bells" to "Muh scoliosis "

No. 281557

These 3 are essentially nobody's.
I could say the same about other cosplay communities, the English are way worse.

No. 281575

I mean Beks could post a status about complete random bullshit and get over 200 likes in a few hours, David too (when he's inserting himself in any drama/event that has nothing to do with him and HAS to post a status tooting his own horn)

also when they go to events they get mobbed by sweaty fanbois and the typical 2/10 female cosplayers

in comparison to other cosplayers, those who actually are good looking/pull off the characters well/excellent costumes, get completely disregarded/ignored because these drama hungry whores are too busy shitposting constantly

No. 281576

I mean his face is there, in this thread, therefore he is now involved but feel free to defend your cringey senpaii

No. 281589

But yet others faces were posted, same comments to them?
Not my sempai or anything, don't even know him, your hate boner is showing

No. 281593


Did you just asume reblakeahs gender

No. 281595

"also when they go to events they get mobbed by sweaty fanbois and the typical 2/10 female cosplayers"

This supposed to sound appealing?

No. 281670

They were talking about David, but seems you lack the reading comprehension to understand that.

No. 281673

They were referring to Beks and David. No one would swarm your stank ass.

No. 281675

File: 1490976498526.jpg (74.11 KB, 526x900, 17436042_417682405291028_36327…)

Well, she certainly looks like a guy in drag

No. 281680

I know you idiots you're talking as if they are better than me because they get swarmed by 2/10 weebs

You're only making me feel better abot my poor life choices

No. 281702

Anon from >>281670
Again, if you had the reading comprehension, you'd realise how false your claim is but sure. All I said was that the person you replied to was talking about David, not Blake.

No. 281707

what the fuck is this

this is NO WHERE near the original character design like

it looks like some random NPC whore you can't even interact with.

Just stay the hell away from the FF series, you ruin everything you touch

No. 281717

Long purple dress
Red belt
Spiky blonde hair

Honestly considering the original is a fucking 8x8 pixilated mess of fuck

I'd say you don't know shit about the Ff series. Fuck off with your salty vagina

No. 281728

>salty vagina

No. 281739


No. 281749

at least they get any attention.

No. 281757

The only thing you have right about the whole thing, is the blocky face.

No. 281762

googling 'Cloud Strife Wall Market/Honeybee Inn Cosplay' comes up with at least 20 examples of better looking girls in much more accurate, high quality outfits

you have no excuse. You're a shit cosplayer and have absolutely no personality beyond shit posting. You could die tomorrow and no one would bat an eye tbh because you are just that worthless.

No. 281799

She wouldn't even know it's from Wallmarket. She makes it abundantly clear she only knows shit about the game that's well known and hasn't played it or at least played beyond getting to the Shinra building. She never mentions any major events outwith the popular scenes (Sephiroth destruction of Nibelheim, the cross dressing scene amongst others) and doesn't appear to know anything about the remainder of the plot.

No. 281803

Didn't I already say I had played every part of 7 including before crisis, dirheumatoid and watched all extras like last order advent children and all 6 installments of on the way to a smile
I am fully up to date with the series events of 7, ty

No. 281806

If you knew shit about the game you'd know the two options for the dress are cotton,silk or satin with either a ruby, diamond or glass tiara. Nowhere in the game do you get crushed velvet or (more likely) velour dresses. Save that shit for Zap Brannigan

No. 281807

Funny that. Before Crisis was available only on Japanese cell phones in episodic format.

No. 281809

You also only could have watched one OVA of On the Way To A Smile as it was otherwise 6 short stories.

No. 281811

Before crisis is crisis core.
Last order was Japan only for a long time too

What you think I don't take an interest?

Take Kingdom heaths for example I was already aware of every installment of final mix (and final mix +) 10 years before those left Japan. As at that time we never
thought they would be released.

The tiara isn't in the game actually that's a fan thing. The only headpiece cloud gets is 2 Pigtails which you get from big brothers squatting challeng

And I chose velvet as it had the best shape, thickness, length, and colour.

Controll your autistic screeching

No. 281812

I watched all 6 of the YouTube commentarys telling the full story. Why are you weebs getting so defensive christ this is cringy

No. 281813

Get a hobby and stop trying to controll the fanbase. Half of the ff community don't even like 7

No. 281815

And that's where you're wrong. Before Crisis isn't Crisis Core. They overlap in some areas, but they aren't the same game. Crisis Core isn't a port. One takes place 6 years before the events of FF7, the other takes place 7 years before.

No. 281817

No. The tiara is available from the materia seller in the Wallmarket and is one of the items you require the Diamond one to be picked as Don Corneos date. It's been there since 1997. Buy him the cheapest drink in the Inn and you'll get glass tiara, middle expense one gets Ruby and most expensive gets Diamond.
It seems your knowledge of FF, like your medical knowledge, is lacking.
Last Order was a 45 minute DVD extra of the original release of Advent Children. Of course it was Japanese only for a while. It was the same extra with subs on the English release.
You're getting pulled up because you consistently claim to have knowledge on subjects but when you open your mouth about them you prove you know nothing.
Paganism, medical issues, video games.. Just a few things in the long list of things "Sindy totally knows everything about"

No. 281818

Exactly. CC follows Zack and the events leading up to the original. BC follows the original Turks, the coup against Shinra and explains how they all went into hiding and why there's only 3 left at the start of the original.

No. 281820

I mean, Crisis Core started development with plans to be a port, but once they decided Zack would be the main character, the plans were scrapped and it became it's own game.

No. 281821

I said I had played it to the end aLloyd further installments. Your just getting anal that I don't have enough a Wikipedia textbook knowledge of something. And considering the tiara wasnth mandatory. I never new about it. I'd still like some proof of that I'd could provide

And while before crisis may be a year off, it's still played in the game story. So I'm. Still aware of the events

I do not nor have ever claimed to have text book knowledge of either of thoservice subjects. Especially when neither of those things are black and white areas. God your so insecure

No. 281823

And yet somewhere amongst all this

I'm the bulling monster
Oh if only you could see what you've become.

No. 281824

>The tiara isn't in the game actually that's a fan thing

>considering the tiara wasnth mandatory

What a wonderful change of tune. You were sure enough to claim the tiara was just a fan thing before, why not just say you didn't know enough about it in the first place?

No. 281825

File: 1490991949578.jpg (55.79 KB, 488x588, meanwhile.JPG)

Meanwhile, the community's self appointed edgelord is on the hunt for magic mushrooms and spamming about pot. You scots really shit out some fine quality human beings.

No. 281826

File: 1490991977744.jpg (17.06 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

You'll probably accuse me of modding an IGN page from 2005 but here you go

Before Crisis isn't mentioned at all in the original story. There's literally no mention of Zirconiade WEAPON, Elfe/Veld/The original Turks and if you really were
>>fully up to date with the series events of 7, ty
Like you claim, you'd know how they explained why there's no mention in the original game.

Unless you're STILL getting it mixed-up with Crisis Core despite having it explained to you literally a few posts above

No. 281827

Sindy has reached ultimate weeb status and tries to understand Japanese through google translate, didn't u kno

No. 281828


She's just pulling information off the Final Fantasy fan-ran wikipedia aahahha it's so blatantly obvious

No. 281829

If only, but she'd need a Japanese phone, too, and to have visited Japan to actually get the phone in the first place, something about Japan not shipping working phones outside of the country?

No. 281830

Google translate is useful when nothing else is optional

No. 281832

There we go lads, from the horse's mouth itself

No. 281833

Literally no one gives a shit about Finn gtfo

No. 281834


No. 281835

It only worked on Japanese cell networks too. The faux-multiplayer relied on players of the same cell network being able to assist each other during missions

No. 281836

I'm times like this I'm glad I hate you all

No. 281841


Yet you're still here, making things worse for yourself (especially when you try to derail threads). And to go by your logic, if you "hate" us, you're just insanely jealous of us. All those shades of green don't suit you, Chindy. Go fuck yourself with a used toilet brush.

No. 281842

How can I argue with this logic ^

No. 281843

File: 1490992732140.jpeg (130.18 KB, 639x830, 1484530790019.jpeg)

>>I do not nor have ever claimed to have text book knowledge of either of thoservice subjects.
I direct your attention here
Where you claim to have such good medical knowledge you can advise preop transpeople on organ removal
Noone said you had textbook knowledge but you certainly like to act like you do

No. 281844


No one gives a shit about Finn. Fuck off elsewhere. Shrooms and pot aren't exactly worthy of milk status, either.

No. 281846

Heck they're not even "shrooms", just wild mushrooms from foraging. It's a thing people do. Just because they were an idiot and didn't identify them before picking them, doesn't mean they were looking for magic mushrooms (if they were they wouldn't be asking to identify them?)

Fail at a derail.

No. 281847

Oh wait I won't. I don't argue with 8 year olds or those with the same mental capacity

When you have some relevant criticism or genuine milk. Come back till then
Me not being an expert at 7
Isn't milk

I can almost feel the lifeless gasps of this thread crying out as it struggles for its final breaths

No. 281848

Can you explain what the purpose of picking random mushrooms in the wild is for when you are an edgy little teenager

and obviously it's to identify them so she doesn't kill herself (despite posting all those cringey suicide memes too rofl)

No. 281851

It's hilarious that she still actually tries to claim she's such a big fan of things yet when proved wrong still continues with her autistic screeching. Bet she's played every kingdom hearts game as well

No. 281852


) 3 years old
) taken out Of context
) how do you asume I act anything

God give me fucking patienice for these rediculous grudges

No. 281853

Didn't exactly fail at derailing since you're now all responding to it lol

No. 281856

This happened less than 6 months ago you utter tit

No. 281857


That's just ridiculous. The NHS will remove your womb for a multitude of reasons. The only way you'd really be rejected for a hysterectomy (usually in cases of gender reassignment) is if you're not mentally stable.
If you're gonna preach your amazing knowledge at least do a quick fucking internet search on the topic.


No. 281858

Get your own lines cringe lord

And hardly proven wrong I just didn't feel like acting like I was wikipedia jr

No. 281860

Foraging is a thing, you go out and pick wild produce to cook and eat. You're supposed to know what you're picking beforehand so you don't poison yourself.
I don't do it myself, but you can read up on it here: https://www.woodlandtrust.org.uk/visiting-woods/things-to-do/foraging/

No. 281862

….no.. it was 3 years ago

No. 281863

>>that's totally not a real thing ig
>>yes it is
>>well i didnt know about it but prove it!!!
>>Here's proof and a guide on how to do it
>>you didn't prove me wrong


No. 281864

Why would she, she has very good medical knowledge, remember?

No. 281867

so either way, she's an idiot, gotcha

No. 281868


What the fuck is "premature organ removal"?
Googled it and all I'm finding is spook and conspiracy pages claiming organ donors are still alive when their organs are removed.

No. 281869

God what a waste of human life you all are. If your going to hate someone with such menacing loathe… at least have a better fucking reason than being triggered because I get a few things wrong or don't say exactly what you want to hear.

Honestly such brats

No. 281871

That was the exact point I was making as seen in the second comment

No. 281873

Just flatline and do the Scottish community a favour. You're making us look worse

No. 281874

I don't see any commentary where you try to reason the purpose of the mushrooms, just snarky commentary ''facepalms'' for example

you're deluded.

No. 281875


Jesus fucking Christ you are dense.

You're a compulsive liar, you constantly stir up shite about folk, you've accused people or sexual assault and rape… and in your eyes the reason why these threads exist is "because I get a few things wrong or don't say exactly what you want to hear."

You've got all the charisma and charm of a sunbaked dog shite.

No. 281876

Be more creative with your attempts at insults.

And, it's not just a few things wrong, when you insist you know something and are therefore totally right, like always. You never actually admit you're wrong even after people call you out on it, until you feel you can use it as a victim card for "omg these people are bullying me because i got something wrong once".
You were told on the old thread why you were wrong about the womb removal thing, yet you continued to insist otherwise.

No. 281877

Sunbaked dog shites are probably more charismatic and charming, to be fair

No. 281878

File: 1490993575034.png (1.47 MB, 1439x2113, 20170331_214911.png)

That screenshot was taken when you said it.
Note the profile picture.
That's your profile picture from Nov 16. Hardly 3 years ago.
There's also the whole your Sindy Popz profile was only created in 2016 thing

No. 281879


I was raped / assaultlted

Jesus I'm sick ofor hearing this

No. 281880

You have a cheek to call yourself part of the Scottish community you absolute fucking repro. You're scum and everyone knows it, that's why you come here to comment on your own threads. Most people who aren't desperate drama thirsty cock-whores just ignore threads and let them die instead of pitching in every now and then to keep them going. Or making the threads themselves.

No. 281881

You accused that Craig guy of it, I'm pretty sure I still have the screenshots somewhere

No. 281882

So you admit you were lying about being groomed and assaulted by a sexual predator when you were 12 then?

No. 281883

Trust me it was 3 years ago.

No. 281885


No? That's grooming. Not rape/assault

And we I recall the comment

did people see your vagina

Yea.. gcg admin everyone

No. 281886

>evidence shows otherwise
>"trust me it was 3 years ago"

I think I'll go with the evidence, thanks. You aren't exactly the trustworthy type.

No. 281887


You also accused your ex boyfriend of raping you, too. There's been multiple reports of you claiming you were raped or assaulted.

No. 281888

Anyway this is boring
I have better stuff to waste mental thought on


No. 281889

No I didn't
Evidence plz

No. 281890


Jesus, you really don't see the hypocrisy in everything that spills out your putrid mouth, do you?

No. 281891

File: 1490993965726.png (1.26 MB, 1439x2279, 20170331_215808.png)

Exhibit 2. If you scroll to the bottom of the Sindy Popz page it tells you the year the account was made. You'll note you can't scroll any further than 2016. 1 year ago.

No. 281892

I don't see why you're so obsessed with it. The inability to let things go and move on with your lives instead of constantly obsessing is way more disturbing

No. 281893

File: 1490994127397.png (95.15 KB, 1439x2219, 20170331_215740.png)

Exhibit 3. If we go to her origin Sindy Pop page, you'll note we can scroll back quite a number of years to the creation of the page.

The screenshotted comment was made on the 1 year old Sindy Popz page (as proven in both screen shots prior), I think we can safely assume either Sindy is lying or has no sense of time (which she's proven in other threads too tbqh)

No. 281894

Considering you can't let anything go yourself, the hypocrisy is again rife. Anything ever comes up, you always rush to jump on the same people to blame. You can't let your disdain for Blake or Emma or anyone in the K-Pop scene go, either.
Pot, kettle, black.

No. 281895


How's about you give us evidence of all your claims, then?

-being groomed at 12
-mike towers isn't a pedo
-you didn't trace anything ever
-inability to work

Don't go demanding proof and evidence if you're never willing to provide any yourself, to back up your claims.

No. 281896

You didn't even last a minute before coming back I'm dying

No. 281898

It is not your concern. Learn this

No. 281900

Emma showed up here
I really don't care for alex or lauren

I'm not the one who mentions beks.

No. 281901


Jesus Christ your stupidity knows no end.

No. 281902

Considering its taxpayers money that you're scrounging off of, yes, it's everyone's fucking concern if they work hard for their money for it to go to a waste of space like you.

No. 281903

It really isn't your problem.

No. 281912

When did she show up here?

No. 281927


She showed up in the last thread.

No. 281938

>picking mushrooms is now considered milk
>sad times

No. 281950

Aside from Sindy, this community is actually pretty tame. It's just indirect statuses and edge'y posts.

I hear Germany's community is insane

No. 281959

>suggesting Sindy isn't tame

She's literally just some 20 year old dying junkie with mental health problems. People will laugh or get offended at everything and anything she does. The Scottish community is honestly a joke, and not a funny one.

No. 281982

April fools mofo's.

No. 281983

Wonder if Sindy will assume the thread has been completely deleted when it redirects to PULL?

No. 282026

Most likely. I hope she does, then she might stop splerging on these threads and let them die in peace.
#1 Supporter of: Yaoi and all things slashy & perverted.

No. 282118

This just gets better and better

No. 282186

Stop interfering with natural selection

No. 282196

You're apparently a wiccan yet, dont know what those mushrooms are and what they would be used for?
Okay retard.

No. 282206

Of course she doesn't. Just like everything else

No. 282208

Im not even Wiccan but I know those types of shrooms are used in the spring solstice for cleansing rituals.
No different from incense sticks.

No. 282209

I've lost faith in natural selection since it has allowed you to exist.

No. 282297

Pagan retard.

No. 282307

Pagan, Druid, Wiccan, Witch ect are all the same. Pagan is the religion, wiccan is the practise and how to address until known as other wise, or Wiccan is also used as the name for western communities.
Vegetarian [somewhat] - Dx: Social Anxiety/Depression/Bullimia - Pansexual - dd/lg - I like Offensive memes and Joji

No. 282457

Paganism is where most stem from. Wiccans only believe in 2 creator gods where as druids believe in many gods.

Druidism is mainly herb ology
Wicca is mainly festival celebrating and healing
And paganism is all of the above + other darker types of spell casting

That was amusing tho
"The color fades along the intervals I follow."

No. 282533

Paganism is the general term, it's the main "religion" so to speak.
Like Christianity and Judaism, both worship the same god but have different practices and/or beliefs. It's just that modern paganism is used for those who worship/respect nature, not "gods" like Christianity and other mainstream religions.
A quick wiki search would help in a discussion if you only had the brain and/or common sense to research.

No. 282553

You get a gold star for trying Sindy
Reasearch helps
"If your car skids into oncoming traffic, and you die listening to The Archies sing "Sugar Sugar" it's your own damn laziness." -Chuck Palahniuk, Rant

No. 282601

You absolute retard.
The thing about the religion is this; THERE IS NO GOD . So your waaaaaaaay wrong.
In wiccan, there is no god. We believe all is one and they are not a god, but a deity to guide us.
Its why so many people worship different deity's, you know sweet fuck all yet say you are one? Okay, this is just another one of those "look at me for attention im so speshul and different"

No. 282621

Wrong again. Wiccans are a separate religion that stem from paganism just like Christians not circumcising Thier babies.

While wicca may not see its creator gods as idols. The difference between it and paganism (at least, older paganism) is that pagans worshipped many gods ex. Odin, ra, zeus, tiamat, ishtar. Another reason that paganism is different is because 90% of Pagan gods were deionized in medieval Christianity

Best example being astaroph who was acruelly ishtar/isis…

And as demonology and luciferianism fascinate me. I choose to abandon wicca and it's pointless half assed beliefs and go to paganism. Why eat half the cake when the fUll is much benter -

No. 282657

Pagan is just an umbrella term, much like Christianity. All Wiccans are Pagan, but not all Pagans are Wiccan. A mirroring statement would be all Jehovah's Witnesses are Christian, but not all Christians are JW's?

No wonder the Pagan community hates you so much too

No. 282836


For one, you spelt Astaroth wrong.

None of what you've said is true (aside from some of the gods, astaroth was never Ishtar, he's most likely named after her) what fucking planet are you living on? Where are you getting this "information" and these "facts"? Animes with vague references?

No. 282844

Ishtar, ashtaroth

Names get currupted over time esp with religion. Best example is isis being called aset in origin. Or kishar being renamed to ashtar

Go read up on mesopatamian mythology Christ.

No. 282847

Actual die in a fire you fucking autistic, sentient shitepile.

No. 282879

More like names get "currupted" by your atrocious spelling. It almost offends my eyes to read it.

No. 282883

Samefag but, Ishtar and Astaroth aren't the same being. One is a Mesopotamian goddess of fertility and love, the other is the Great Duke of Hell. He might have been named after her, but they certainly aren't the same being.

And this is after "reading up on mesopatamian mythology" like you suggested.

No. 282903

Can you just stop? It's clear that you have no idea what you're talking about. You're barely fucking literate so I'm sure you've "read up on mespaptanian mithology", but didn't actually understand any of it.

No. 283152

Fake Pagans are the fucking worst, it's like a special snowflake badge, and this proves you're using that as a snowflake badge too.
Fuck off you mess.

No. 283164

Oh I forgot lolcow logic that every thing that makes a person unique and individual makes them a snowflake

NeXT you'll say I look bad just to be a snowflake or that I wrote my manga just to be a snowflake. .. come to think of it. Making LC boards and submitting - not a true ff7 fan because tiara - as milk. Is kind of crying out " help I need an army so it doesn't look like I'm obsessed"

How goes the towers crusade these days ;)

No. 283218

Everything about you is a snowflake,youre right there for once.

And the Towers crusade is going well, charges are going forward as we know, and everything you say like this does get reported to the police officers in charge as this as amounts against him you know
You're really not doing him any favours, like the others who thought making comments like that did.

No. 283219

You'r mange is cringe worthy,not snowflake worthy

No. 283266

Aren't they now being investigated for breaching data protection by releasing the details of one of the people who spoke out against them online?
Seems like Towers is just making the crusade against him worse by having his staff attack and harass guests and ex-attendees for speaking out against their shit.

No. 283278

they posted the guy's address/number onto cgl and are completely covering up Tower's naughty ways

also photoshopping people and their comments to make them seem like pedo-sympathisers when they're expressing their disgust

10/10 excellent, mature management. If you're not boycotting Al-Con already, the way the management are handling things like spanked children should really be making any potential customers run the fuck away>>283266

No. 283290

Links? I guess it's still thread relevant.

Also in regards to that the police are being showed my comments you really are special if you think that. Dragging me into it won't result in anything. The police would just see me as a crazy fangirl.. plus you could never prove anything said here is by me. Names are customisable heremail

Anddddd- even if you showed them my fb posts none if it directly relates to towers or whats being said.

Aaaaaaan- in regards to that data protection act. Considering I caught Alex harassing an ex lover of towers annnnd gloating at the fall of Glasgow agc. I'm amazed the police haven't picked his ass up for intimidating a witness

But then again if nobody had reported him then none of this would be investigated or still standing
And I've not seen any evidence he's been reported

No. 283309

Got any proof of your catching Alex harassing an ex lover of Towers?

No. 283315

That has nothing to do with the data protection act you nonce

No. 283365

You mean the Ex who is also putting in a statement against him? Well done sindy.

And you do know, that you saying all of this, would be took as evidence? Its easy to prove who has written what here; I mean, you've already tripped the links to track your IP, so its easy enough retard.
And your FB has been screen shotted and sent too, along with all your comments on other threads. See if im honest, you have probably fucked it more for him than he already did to himself in the first place.

Also, even if Alex did that….. Thats not a breach of DPA. DPA= Data Protection Act.

You cant "DPA" someone IRL you absolute fucking mongoloid.

And there's plenty of evidence, but of course, its not open to public in case Mike sees it, well, you should know this, since you were "apparently" raped/groomed (bullshit and all but we will humor you to make you feel better)

You are actually so slow in the brain its amusing.

No. 283449


Help me understand how anybody would care about me defending towers or what possible evidence it would be.. evidence that not everybody agrees towers is a pedo maybe

No. 283555

Well heckling and intimidating the witnesses by using him as a leverage which you have been can , has (and will) be used against him, so please continue, you clearly dont understand so keep digging the hole more

No. 283729

Who did I heckle lmao
And how pathetic to be intimidated by me a half pint cosplayer with a crippling spinal curvature.

And what when did I ever use him as leverage.

No. 283733

In 5 months when towers still isn't in jail. Will you still be pulling that under investigation card.

I feel sorry for half you. It's clear you are so lost in your life you think this is the best direction to go in.

No. 283735

Trust me, hen, everyone here is waiting for your fucked spine to cripple you to the point you can't splerg all over the internet anymore.
You're doing no one any favours. You're so dense.

No. 283737

Because you have such a brilliant life, full of potential and success.
Oh no, wait, you don't, because you're still here, on this thread, making things worse for yourself and those you're "defending".

No. 283761

File: 1491274000225.jpg (31.73 KB, 1280x724, zelda.jpg)


No. 284030

He could genuinely be under investigation in 5 months, if you'd been a genuine victim of a grooming case with multiple girls involved you'd know that these things take time.

Gonna add being groomed to the pile of lies you keep telling everyone, it's like the new "I was raped"

No. 284045

Knew a guy who was investigated after a stupid mistake involving a non password protected router and it took 3 years for it to reach a judge who decided to throw it out because the only evidence was that his router was used to purchase so traced the purchase to his address.
These things are not fast, Sindy please stop basing your knowledge CSI and police procedural shows and learn how the criminal justice system actually works. You repeatedly show that you have no idea what goes on with the law and justice proceedings of your country. You have a blatant lack of understanding of Scots law and how it differs to UK law, you think mean comments on anon image boards will get you 5years, you don't understand libel and slander, you don't understand international copyright and intellectual property law, you have no idea on proceedings for statutory rape, online grooming, paedophilia and hebephilia laws and it's all just more signs you're a clueless moron who left school with her highest grade a 4 (equivalent to a c- in England/US) and we know this as you openly bragged a few threads ago despite the fact most people commenting and mentioned and proven via their knowledge that they are in or have achieved further university level education

No. 284090

I thought you'd pull this one.
So many excuses but nothing but bloodlust. 10 years later half of you will still say he's being investigated. You aLl know by now nothing is happening and watching you delude yourselves into believing it's true. What are you even getting out of it.

According to towers he plans on posting a CbI or whatever its called check to probe he was never investigated. Yet it won't be enough. You're desperate, it's obvious. And tbh all you're doing is causing unnecessary drama. Seriously grow the fuck up and stop acting like school kids.

Eventually everybody will leave you because of this bullshit and youll wind up alone and banned from Al events, Gg.

Take that guy for example who started talking shit about towers at a geek meet. He was asked to leave and banned. He didn't come back a hero. Just an idiot who wasted hiso money/time for 4 seconds of attention. Pathetic

No. 284093

Rachel isn't involved in the towers stuff. Nor is she a witness, she's a clueless idiot who thinks that "me taking a photo in the same corner she's standing in is a crime" all the time she refused to step aside or even turn around, some bullshit about her ankle, yer after the pic she left ok that girl is mentally fucking I'll. Even her best friends were pissing themselves when she made it out like I'd raped her.

She's an idiot. And clearly you are too. But thanks for specifying what you're vendetta is about. Same old bs. I also love how she deleted that status about me bullying Lewis once people started comming forward about what he was really like on it. Looool

No. 284150

Having friends who were victims of his, who are able to ask the police about the investigation, means nothing is happening, right?
Everyone who provided evidence who I've spoken to saying that the investigation is still ongoing means nothing is happening, right?

Just because the investigation isn't being publicly aired and followed doesn't mean nothing is happening. Again, YOU should know this, since you claim to be a victim of grooming yourself, but nice avoidance technique on that one.

And you saying Towers is planning on proving he was never investigated, guess that can be passed on as evidence against him too. Whoops?

No. 284159

Typical Sindy, ignoring people asking for proof of her claims. Still want the proof of Baker harassing one of Towers ex lovers and how that's a breach of DPA.
Unless, of course, you don't have any and it was just a big lie?

No. 284169

well I mean how many years did it take for Jimmy Saville and Rolf Harris' victims to come forward, and how many years did it take for those cases to go forward (faster too than standard cases due to them being high profile citizens so a result would be needed faster)

our judicial system is shit as it is, it doesn't need little fannies like you trying to twist and manipulate the case through your blatant lies and rumour spreading

No. 284170

the fact that Towers has had ex gfs proves that females in the cosplay community have piss poor standards and will literally mob any dick because normal males in society are weirded out by them rofl

No. 284240

Only the desperate ones who want exposure for their shitty cosplays

No. 284244

Ex lovers, not ex gfs. Pretty sure he cheated on his last gf with one of the underage girls, and she left him afterwards. Hasn't had a legit gf since.

No. 284275

File: 1491335445088.jpg (41.9 KB, 503x402, ohsindy.JPG)

TFW Sindy thinks she's being clever (whilst trying to defend her pedo senpai - pretty sure she can get in legal trouble for trying to manipulate these things), but really she's been played like a damn fiddle

No. 284291

What did he tell me to do
I havent shared anything other than obayed original post and only as a warning that anybody who shared it would've got the boot from my wall.

And even at that nobody directly shared it off my feed

No. 284304

File: 1491339524319.png (322.46 KB, 351x529, sindyplz.png)

There is nothing unique about your style? It looks just like any other generic anime style most people draw. And your characters still suffer from same-face syndrome.

On another point, weren't you going off at people for using sperging a few months back because it was derived from aspergers, and that was a bad thing, and yet here you are using it yourself. Double standards as usual?

No. 284314

Hilarious, but that isn't even that good. Try realism, maybe? She's so sad

No. 284327

>how to recognise my art
it'll be traced

No. 284432

Well that wasn't hard to get a reaction lol.

Still pulling the traced shit with no evidence? Give it up. And when you say generic you realise that for anime/ manga to be considered such it actually has to fucking look like it. Hence why I formed my style around it.

And you wanna talk about realism. OK. That's a personal choice. If the anatomy is correct why should Thier be a problem. I'm a comic artist not a portrait painter.

Different types of art has different demands, but for the record i think my style is fairy realistic.

And same face syndrome lol please
Youve seen maybe 3 of my chatters tops. And if you overlap them all you'll see none look the same. Some have fuller lips or longer jaw. But then. That's more effort than the majority of shounen artists in the industry nowerdays

No. 284447

Just like it wasn't so hard to get a reaction from you?
Why do you still "care" about what "haters" think? (And don't say you don't care, you obviously do care enough to come defend your shitty art)

Don't need to see you "chatters", just need to see whichever character you draw, be it yours or not. They all have the same face. I mean you've uploaded three pieces of fan art all containing different characters today. Another one of an OC yesterday. Female characters have the same face, as do the male ones.

No. 284448

My offer for a draw off still stands, of you really think you're so much better

But half of you dont have the balls because you're either shit artists afraid of getting caught

No. 284452

File: 1491348304212.jpg (2.56 MB, 1819x2749, 20170404_193141-1.jpg)

Funny how can they have the same face when real people were referenced to create them.

And considering that 2B doesn't even have her fucking face shown. Let's talk about that retarded comment

No. 284454

I'm not even an artist and I could probably do better.

But the issue is, art is subjective. So what you think is "better" might not be what other people think is "better". So the point still stands, why are you still getting so triggered over haters?

No. 284459

Do better then
I'm waiting

Proof anons here are restarted right Thier. If art is subjective why is the its not realism hence it's bad argument being used

No. 284485

There are literally entire threads and a section on Encyclopedia Dramatica with your traced artwork placed a layer above the original artwork, proving you're a fucking thief

you're so deluded it's insane

No. 284490

It's why she doesn't post her artwork anywhere but FB, they'd suss her out instantly even on cancerous sites like deviantart

No. 284492

oh look, more traced artwork

i'm too lazy to go trepsing through google images or whatever site you found this from and traced from your computer screen but I'm sure whoever gathered the last collection of your traced fuckery will do it for me

No. 284639

File: 1491361429558.jpg (127.07 KB, 1448x2048, IMG_1715.JPG)

There's also a Facebook page dedicated to her, with screenshots of her admitting to someone that she traces.

Link; https://www.facebook.com/Sindy-Pop-1826052621041911/?ref=br_rs

Here's a few images from the page.

No. 284826

File: 1491383433320.jpg (1.67 MB, 3264x1836, FB_IMG_1491323982615.jpg)

Sorry nice try

No. 284827

File: 1491383483141.jpg (1.58 MB, 3264x1836, FB_IMG_1491313630471.jpg)

Better example

No. 284829

File: 1491383556191.jpg (1.68 MB, 3264x1836, FB_IMG_1491312566358.jpg)

No. 284831


This is fake sorry. I know the girl who made it she's the same one who went around saying I said my ex raped me.

She told holly and Holly told her to fuck off. Then she messaged me saying she was gona destroy holly. Girl is fucking mental

No. 284832

Actually I just keep on fb because I mostly go through groups ect. I'm done with deviant art because of all the weeaboos on it. Fb is my preferred audience

No. 284833

I mean of course this is yours. Main fact is breasts don't work like that, yet you managed with them in all those old drawings you used to sell. Your quality of art has dropped, assuming that was ever your art to begin with.

Nah, this isn't tracing, but more a pitiful attempt at trying to save your reputation by saying "hey look, I definitely don't trace now". Doesn't change the fact you did.

No. 284834

^ I live howith salty people here get.

Different woman have different breast sizes. Most anime girls have Hella unrealistic Tits so you can't say it's worse considering this was refd from a real woman

No. 284835

I mean Jesus Christ it's obviously fake

Everything is wrintended line for line one stop after the other

They're all so far apart it's obvious they were put it

Half my characters names are spelled wrong.

Profile pic from 2013 XD

No. 284836

File: 1491384837825.jpg (70.31 KB, 304x206, FB_IMG_1491384644944-1.jpg)

you managed with them before just fine

LOL are you sure

No. 284840

Lines for the breasts inside the window onpf the dress imply they'd be bigger than they are. If they're squished in tight, they'd at least be bulging out of the window. That's how breasts work.

No. 284842

Lol she's so fucking triggered over people criticising her artwork

No. 284846

Still ignoring those asking her for proof of Alex harassing people.

No proof, seems fake, Sindy y u lyin' ?

No. 284858

File: 1491389382123.png (213.56 KB, 1234x2019, IMG_0124.PNG)

No. 284859

File: 1491389427127.png (226.72 KB, 1218x1964, IMG_0123.PNG)

I've just seen these screenshots, what an absolute scumbag she is

No. 284863



Still believes these are real

No. 284864

I didn't post proof of the shut with Alex because it's on the girls timeline right now.

Just go onto her page and click the bit where she says she lied about towers abusing her

No. 284865

I'd redline it but my tablet is broken but here's a list of things that need improving

-torso shape is male. Inverted Dorito with broad shoulders. Women's torsos are much rounder and less wide.
-in order to see that much neck with that head angle, she'd need to have a broken neck or be partially decapitated. Necks are an extension of the spine and the vertebrate bend. The head would be hiding a lot of that when dipped down.
-yes women have one breast slightly bigger than the other but currently 2B is sitting with a B cup and an F cup. One breast takes up 3/4 of her torso.
-her breasts and hips are at a 45 degree left facing view and her waist has been drawn with a front facing view. In order to achieve that she'd require a broken back (or severely crippling scoliosis)
-her thighs and visible calf are both longer and wider than her entire body and not in a stylised way a la ScifiJackrabbit or Slugbox. It shows a lack of understanding of perspective.
-she has the wrist equivalent of cankles. No clear line between the flashier part of the forearm and the hand.

Before you can stylise and break the rules to draw in "your style", an artist requires basic skill in drawing human anatomy. That's why many popular manga style artists upload studies from life models, sketches practicing specific body parts drawn from models or their own hands for example.

No. 284867

Fleshier not flashier

No. 284868

It's caLled a push up bra you dense fuck.

And I get you don't know how to anatomy, but a girls Tits don't start at her waist. Itt: you can have a line between the waist and the breasts and it's anatomically correct

No. 284870

All of these points would be right were it not for the fact 2Bs dress covers most of those areas in such ways that it's hard to see them.

Bu-bu-bu 2 seconds ago it was traced! !

Now all of a sudden it's not davinchi level it's bad.

Shut up. Green isn't your colour

No. 284871

Also you're criticizing the unfinished base
Which looks very different from the final above


can I make a meme of this

No. 284872

I'm a completely different anon, I never once said it was traced. I tried offering constructive Criticism because I know how beneficial it is as an artist to receive constructive feedback from art peers to help you improve.

No. 284874

File: 1491390832280.jpg (62.9 KB, 953x1440, 17545168_420487938343808_61056…)

These issues are still there in the final version therefore the critique still applies

No. 284875

I really don't see these issues ;)

No. 284876

Because you've never taken the time to actually study the human form,done any form of life study because you "don't want to draw realistically" and are of the impression anatomical errors can be explained away by "its my style", pretty much like most teenage beginner artists on deviantart

No. 284877

Which girl? What's her name?

No. 284878

Wrong actually I've done life drawing in 3 of the art courses I sat

And I passed all of those classes too. I was also accepted for Hnc fine art before I found out I had scoliosis hence why I left

No. 284879

Annie or something.

No. 284880

Despite the fact it took you what, 5 years to complete and NC course, which is lower than a HNC, when both those courses are supposed to be sat in one year.

But this was discussed to death on the very old threads

No. 284881

"Annie or something"?
I mean if it's on the girls page and you've seen it you should know the name more than just "Annie or something"

Confirmed lying.

No. 284885

Her neck is facing straight on despite the fact her head is facing a distinct angle to the right. Her neck would be bent, which would reflect in the folds of the clothing, there would be creases in the skin of the neck too and a lot of what is visible wouldn't be visible. That's just one more expansive explanation of the list from above.

Her shoulders are too wide, broad and squared off for a female body (and no, it's not a result of the dress shape). That's male shoulders you've drawn.
With her arm raised like that, the left breast would be raised too as the muscle tissue of the breast connects to the arm pit and upper torso area, the stretch up would affect all the muscles connected in that area. Anatomy 101.

The left breast is significantly smaller than the oblong right breast and its not a perspective issue.

She has no ribcage. A girl of that size and weight, with no fat padding it and disguising it, would have an identifiable jut from her rib cage under her breast and not just straight into how a newbie to art draws a waist (2 inward curves).

For being sat at a 45 degree angle, she has a forward facing waist. Two inward curves, that's it. At that angle and with the right arm positioned how it is, the side of the torso should be visible thus a different outline to the waist area. This is commonly known as broken back poses in the comic community

Her left leg isn't coming from her hip but rather her vaginal area.

Her waist is too short and her hip area too long .

Again you've got no clear distinction from forearm to hand resulting in a cankle effect and you've apparently forgone drawing fingers entirely and 2Bs sword is fused to her palm.

No. 284887

File: 1491392383629.jpg (45.02 KB, 245x271, 20170405_123644.jpg)

Official art at the same angle you've drawn at. Look at how much of the side is visible. Look at the definition of the ribcage before smoothly scaling into the waist.
You might have taken life drawing class but it's evident you didn't learn anything from it

No. 284899

That's nowhere near the same angle jfc

No. 284900

3 years to complete an Hnc you mean and that was because one was graphics so required a level 6 even tho i had a 5/6 in A&D

No. 284901

Official art
Drawing is completely wrong

No dress
No band
Breats don't do that
Wtf feathers

That's not official art mate

No. 284905

File: 1491394843549.jpg (181.28 KB, 546x500, 20170405_131741.jpg)

Torsos both drawn at a 3/4 view to the left? Yep.
Or do you think angle means pose?

HNC is equivalent to Intermediate 2/Higher, something sat by 16 year old high school students.
Most people leave with an HNC after 1 year, they handhold you through it and you have to be exceptionally bad to fail.
Ok i made an error (see, people can make mistakes, own them and not come across as fools. You should try it) , not official, but that os how breasts work. They're tear shaped and weighted at the bottom.
She is wearing a dress but since you're only seeing the upper torso you won't see the skirt part. Are you honestly this dense or is it an act?
>>WTF feathers
Except her dress does have feathered sleeves

No. 284906

File: 1491394878615.png (770.31 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-04-05-13-17-56…)


Nvm it's just doday concept that's totally off the cgi

No. 284907

File: 1491394968699.jpeg (79.75 KB, 680x1270, image.jpeg)

Band is hidden due to angle
Image is cropped, so obv no dress u moron

Feathers? Guess this official art by Yoshida Akihiko isn't official art because there are feathers?

No. 284908

File: 1491395052133.jpg (67.06 KB, 950x400, breast-anatomy.jpg)

Here have some human anatomy to teach you that breasts aren't circles

No. 284909

most people leave after 1 year

Yea 6th years
I left school at 16 and I don't know how you managed to get your education system so mixed up but you do not sit Hnc standard aRte at S4

Considering I got a 2 in art 4th year if that was your logic I'd have gotten right into the Hnc a&D but yore sadly wrong as usual.

Not all of us were blessed with nice enough schools to make us want to stay till 6th year. Plus college offered more money

No. 284910

File: 1491395130991.jpg (313.09 KB, 1500x991, stock-photo-female-muscle-anat…)

Game screenshots are also dodgy and not official cause feathers too

Have some more anatomy studies to teach you how breast and arm muscles connect

No. 284911

I see that and raise you one >Jessica nigri <

No. 284912

Nigri has had two boob jobs so

No. 284913

S3-4 sit Intermediate 2 (National 5's) these days as it was deemed easy enough but a slight more challenge than standard grade.
S3-4 are generally 14-15 year old.
You can leave at 16 and most go on to do Nq or HNC instead of Highers because it's easier but still gives you the qualification equivalent of a pat on the back for employers.
HNC and NQ (Higher National Certification and National Qualification) are entry level college courses, equivalent of the Intermediate 2 and some Higher level work learned in 5/6th year.

Following on after a year, if you pass your HNC, you can carry on to HND (higher national diploma), equivalent to the first two years of university (commonly referred to as the high school revision year for anyone who has attended).
After you've completed that, with a good enough grade you can enter 3rd year of university and graduate. It's a good route for people who didn't achieve all the results they need for university or who wanted a gradual phase in to university life as unlike high school and college, you're thrown in the deep end and lecturers don't hold your hand. I know all this as due to a crippling anxiety disorder and being on the autism spectrum this is the route I took and graduated with honours a Bsc course.

The vast majority of school leavers at 16 who go on to college leave with a qualification of some form within two years. You, 5 years later on an entry level course, have nothing to show for it

No. 284914

Imagine that. Someone who has had breast augmentation to change their breasts doesn't have natural looking breasts.

No. 284916

I think HNC is actually the equivalent of Advanced Highers but the point still stands, it shouldn't take three years to complete a course that should be done in one year.

No. 284919

2? Where'd you learn that lmao.

Even so thats what massive Tits look like.

No. 284920

Jesus you dense motherfucker?

I had to do nc and nq before getting in. But I passed them 1 year after the other

I left with 11/12 hnc units because I didn't wanna hnc vis com, I wanted fine art

No. 284921

I mean there is a thread about Nigri on here, plus her breasts got bigger at first and her fans at the time put it down to the "magic of push up bras", and the second time they were noticeably bigger even without a bra. You were still her fan at the time, pretty sure you argued then that they were natural.

No. 284924

Youre kinda just confirming what I just said.

At 16 I sat a nc art and design then progressed to nq lvl 6 as Thier was no 5/6

After I passed that I applied for ayr and was told I needed a 5/6 again because I had changed into graphics.
Then I passed that and did my hnc

Where do you get 5 years and where d you get nothing to show for it.

I could start hnc fine art tomorrow and pass it by the end of next year were it not for my back

So shutit

No. 284925

I can double my breast size too… it's called stuffing

No. 284928

Stuffing looks different from sticking silicon in your breast. Still defending that they're real though…a bit of fan still resides in you.

No. 284929

You call me the dense motherfucker but if you actually read my post you'd see I entered HNC straight away at age 16 after leaving school, knowing that I wouldn't be able to cope with school life and being flung in the deepend of university if I'd done the 5th/6th yea/university route so….
And most 16 year olds enter HNC with no issue. It's why many 20-somethings complain about feeling old in a class of school age teens.

The point is after 5 years most 16 year olds who've entered HNC usually have a follow on HND and a job or have attended university.
After 5 years of attendance they're not sitting solely on an HNC

Having looked at the course requirements for Ayr College they require a 1 year NQ for people who didn't get a C in Higher Art.
Again, 1 year of NQ and 1 Year of HNC means a 2 year study period, still not 5

No. 284932

HNC is the equivalent of advanced higher, you pleb. Int 2 is also below Higher in education level. Research your shit before trying to sound smart.


No. 284934

ITT; people pretending they know shit in order to have one up on Sindy when reality, they are all equally as thick

No. 284936

Thanks for the correction. It's been a while since I left school so some equivalents got mixed up.
The point still stands though that even with sitting an NQ (and if we believe her, a second NQ in the same thing), that's a maximum of 3 years study.

No. 284938

Please quote where it was stated that Int 2 was more advanced?
And read >>284936

ITT: Sindy believes boobs are circles, claims official character design is wrong and takes half a decade to do a qualification that would take 2 years max but still pretends to be intelligent or skilled

No. 284949

I assume placing higher and Int 2 together with only / between them was the anon suggesting both grades were equivalent

No. 284971

File: 1491406312760.png (360.05 KB, 504x916, ordifferentanons.png)

As usual, Sindy, you assume all anons are the same person. Can confirm whilst I am >>284833, one of the anons you're referring to, I'm not >>284492.

But you keep telling yourself that to push a false narrative.

No. 284976

Maria is a cuck

No. 284977

I mean this doesn't prove that she didn't trace at all. It's just blue lines where she originally traced the artwork and then filled it in with black ink/lines afterward to define it.

I hate people. Especially her.

No. 284991

So build up is now not proof.

I really can't win with you pLebians can I lol

No. 284992

What's she done to you?

No. 284998

Isn't int 2 a really really low level? Either that or the other way around? I know the level I sat was NC and I know that was the result of a 2 on art. Now normally It takes 1 year to progress onto Hnc for your sitting a 5/6 course however because colleges like to rope you in a lot of courses are actually 5 then 5/6 this happened with me during the transaction to vis com

My art and design was a 5/6 meaning most were 5s and some were awarded 6s. Now I after I passed those I was told that Jameswatt as it was known then. Would allow me immediate progression to Hnc. But when I learned ayr campus had different courses in art I went Thier because the vis com side was tailored to illustration

And I went having applied for an Hnc. After my interview is was told that in order to qualify for Hnc I needed more level 6s in units from the same criteria. Ie, graphics ect, things I didn't learn in art and design.

So I did that course and noticed next to no difference in difficulty more.of the same shit and breifs I could finished in 30 hours at home

After I progressed to Hnc visit come I became sick of the lectures looking down at me for drawing Japanese style works for comic class ( yet they never bothered holly about it)

And I told them I wacted to go to fine art instead. They told me I'd only be allowed to do.fine art if I failed this current Hnc ( 1 per person or some shit)

So I quit in may

It still took me 3 years as I still progressed 1 after the other

No. 285000

Go get some proof you fucking rejecg

No. 285002

Scratch that, a level 6 is a Higher. Them telling you that you should have more 6s means they wanted you to have Highers, not Int2s, which is why you were made to do a level lower than HNC.

No. 285004

File: 1491410977814.png (93.16 KB, 768x1024, image.png)

Forgot to add related image

No. 285012

ooft, you hit a sore spot there anon, since she sperged at you twice

also lol at her picking up insults and phrases in these threads like a 3 year old hearing them for the first time. You really are a joke Jennifer.

No. 285028

Which I did without dispute and passed.

Would you like a hit beverage while you tour the Scottish education system

No. 285029

You wish. Just pointing out how ridiculous that comment even was.

Proof or gfto

No. 285031

Yea it's the other way around then I went straight into an int2/3 some were 6s most were 5s.

And considering that was the first course I ever got into. I did ok. I mean caitlin has had to do access 3 and up so the argument I'm somehow a worser artist because I started at the bottom of the barrel is shit. I started at the top of the bottom of the barrel


No. 285032

I still think you should vs draw me and have it decided Thier who is superior

No. 285033

Int3? What are you on? No such thing

No. 285034

You got in on Standard Grade 5s and 6s (Foundation, lowest level) to an Intermediate course (probably Int1).

This has been pointed out on the old threads before, people have said the same things, but your excuses have changed over time.

No. 285035

Girl still doesn't understand Scottish schooling system

No. 285038

File: 1491414082124.png (165.75 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-04-05-18-41-05…)

Access 3

No. 285040

You said Int 3 tho.

So, foundation level, the stupidly easy level?

No. 285045

No I said int 3 because it was a majority 5 with some 6s, int3 was a generalisation of the 2. Clearly youre unable to brain

No. 285047

The stupidly easy level clearly because it's considered level 5 here but oh I guess that makes the 4 below it vegetable level easy lol.

No. 285049

I'm still waiting for you're art qualifications

No. 285058

Foundation is considered Level 3, not a Level 5, u moron

No. 285060

yeah, gonna get myself some NCs in art like JenJen, sooooo many career prospects with that eye roll

No. 285064

Got an A in Int2 art, but I dropped the subject to focus on science. Also because half the course was analysing some other piece of art and writing about how the artist felt when they produced the work, and what the colours meant, and all that bullshit.

No. 285066

Samefag but to point out my high school for whatever reason never offered Standard Grade art, it was either Int1 or Int2.

No. 285101

You mean theory? Something mandatory in art progression.


No. 285102

Neither did mine.
So your level 5
So you have no art experience

So basically none of you have anything better? Brilliant

And who do you think draws up those app pictures, concepts games or character designs, illustratso comics or makes logos. Plenty of work in the industry but some fucking skill helps

No. 285107

No, I formally studied to Level 5. Whilst I did go on to study sciences, I kept up my art as a hobby, since theory was never my thing. I don't intend to go back and get graded on how much my art might have improved or regressed over the years, though.

No. 285108

Also considering you obviously failed theory you would never passed higher anyway.

No. 285109

Right. .. and what makes you think you have the right to judge the skills of a level 7?

Or did you forget I had that

No. 285110

Whoever said I failed theory? I said I got an A in Int2, I can't have failed theory and got that. I also said I thought theory was bullshit, not that I was bad at it.
Lol try harder next time

No. 285111

BasicaLly you just don't want any form of criticism. I mean at that rate you will never improve or sell well. If you attempt to sell

No. 285112

Probably the same thing that makes you think you have the right to judge the knowledge of med students and law students and the like?

No. 285113

Pot, kettle, black.

No. 285114

It's hardly bullshit, you're most likely bad at it because you don't understand how to complete the unit.

The importance in it is the importance of artistic expression. Art movements and a whole bunch of other shit. Way out my range to break it down. But from the assignment I did it's basically about influence/ colour thoery

No. 285115

I don't think that lol. Though I find it questionable an NHS nurse would spend her time bullying on a thread.

No. 285116

File: 1491421644192.jpg (16.29 KB, 200x329, sonichu.jpg)

You were given constructive criticism and completely ignored it with
>>I really don't see these issues ;)
Chris-Chan didn't see any of the issues with Sonichu but that doesn't make him good at art

No. 285117

I'll acceat criteria only when it's constructive, and usually only from somebody equally as qualified

No. 285118

I still passed with an A without trying and bullshitting the theory.

You genuinely are so triggered by people critcising your art. You imply I can't judge you for studying to a lower level than you, but what about people who never formally studied art who are potentially concept artists for games, etc? They can't judge you either because they're basically a "Level 0" and you're a "Level 7"?

No. 285119

Med student, not NHS nurse. God at least try to seem like you've got some level of reading comprehension

No. 285121

Those issues genuinely weren't bad and didn't effect the quality of my art. Nor did you have the place to make them. I question what you really know about anatomy, form, proportion and dynamics. Probably nothing. But euhhh I'm good because it's my hobby, lel.

And your seriously comparing this to that. Pretty sure you need to be 18 to be on this site>>284874

No. 285122

>>285107 and >>285116 aren't the same anons you fucking nonce

No. 285123

You passed a basic level unit. I drew a Fucking awful picture with the wrong colours and got a pass.

You don't need to be good at art to pass it in school you just need to know how to draw. You'd get your ass hung out to draw the minute you started higher. And as somebody who's been tutored by professional art lecturers. I think I know who's advice matters more.

Go back to school child

No. 285124

Wasn't referring to you. Nice to know your still salty that I don't agree transsexualism is a real condition

No. 285126

Think you have the wrong person, but hey, that's always the case for you and this thread

No. 285127

Well except maybe a mental illness. And wat level student are you? I mean how much medical knowledge do you really have considering it takes 7 years to pass med scholl

No. 285128

your daddy President Trump has no qualifications to be a politician nor President of the US, yet you claim unless someone has a qualification in something they can't criticize you with your pathetic NC

No. 285129

Well except maybe a mental illness. And wat level student are you? I mean how much medical knowledge do you really have considering it takes 7 years to pass med scholl

No. 285130

she probably has better medical knowledge than your 'gud medical knowledge' lel

No. 285131

Neither did Ronald regan and I'm pretty sure he achieved great things.

Back to the south you degenerate

No. 285132

She probably doesn't know shit

No. 285133

Basically i'm better than all of you

No. 285134

3rd year med student, and it only takes 4 years to pass med school. It takes 7 years to become a doctor, sure, but three of those years are residency after graduating.

Considering I was one of the people correcting your bullshit on removing the womb, yes, pretty sure I do know more than you.

No. 285135


When you're elected president it's because of a democratic voteam, it's what people want. Education Thier doesn't matter because surrounded and educated by people who are qualified. Nice try

No. 285138

Not exactly democratic when the popular vote (more people) voted Clinton. But keep on trundling along.

What other alt-right views do you have may I ask? Considering you're on that scale of the political spectrum, yet are dependent on benefits - a left wing contribution

No. 285139

More people voted for Clinton to win though, the electoral college isn't exactly democratic. So, going by majorities, the people wanted Clinton.
Also considering he elected a woman who was unqualified to be head of education, surrounded by educated people doesn't sound right?

No. 285141

oh boy here comes Sindy with her 'gud' political knowledge now

No. 285142

Actually almost you did was corroborate what I said that removing organs prematurely is a decision the NHS takes very seriously and will not carry out on a mentally unstable person.

Tbh it's a disgrace how much money and opirating beds get wasted on people having social media identity crisis

No. 285143

File: 1491422721669.jpg (12.94 KB, 547x480, HMYM.jpg)

No. 285144

Too bad, if you don't like your voting system vote to change it.

No. 285147

That's not how it works

No. 285150

I'm actually a far left snp voter. However it's obvious how detestable and currupted clinton is. Had she not rigged the NYC elections I'd have fully supported bernie

No. 285152


Funny the UK had the same system before we voted to change it

You have a representative
Go speak to them

No. 285154

I mean Trump's entire team was(is) being paid by Russia and is still under investigation by the FBI, but tell me how a couple of stray emails really rustled your jimmies

No. 285155

typical pathetic response when someone is uninformed in the topic being discussed

"lul just, yknow, change it yhh"

No. 285156

Because war with Russia is way better than a waLl

OK lol

No. 285157

Didn't the Vice President do the exact same thing Hillary did once he was in office?

No. 285159

No. 285160

Russia's also involving themselves in France's upcoming election, too.

No. 285162

There's also the fact Trump was bought by Russia in this little scandal, too…


No. 285163

Sindy is probably currently imploding due to the fact her precious Trump is just as corrupt, if even more so, than Clinton lmao

No. 285164

hyperbole example not a comparison. Again, you lack reading comprehension.

They did affect the quality of your art because 2B currently has a leg emerging out of her vagina.
You question what anon knows about anatomy, form, proportion and dynamics when they gave detailed descriptions in a constructive and diplomatic manner, explaning what the issues were, how they affected the drawing and also provided examples on how to improve one aspect (namely the breasts), which you dismissed by saying that it doesn't count because Jessica Nigri has balloon tits therefore real tits look like that.
You know what I'm going to red-line the anatomical errors myself when I get time.

No. 285169

>more money

Aye it's all about scamming all that sweet local government moolah for the Sinders.

No. 285192

What the fuck is this comment even about.
You literally said someone has to be as qualified or more so than you to judge your art, yet you contradict that in the most ridiculous way by saying you can pass art as a subject in education, even if you're shit at it and in doing so, you agreed with the previous anon who keeps up with their art as a hobby… your stupidity is fucking mind blowing.
Also, I have an HND and have paid work doing commissions and have created logos for events and companies, I also had the best fine art project in my class, as well as fashion design, your work is utter shit and you refuse to improve. What is even the point of this?

No. 285194

File: 1491427073442.png (98.12 KB, 500x300, IMG_0087.PNG)

You have to be one of the more retarded cows we have and I thank you for it

No. 285196

Why is politics even being discussed? What's the point? We all know this cow is a fucking retard, high chances are everything you're saying isn't being taken in, and if it is it's being churned around and spat out. Is there even a point to this thread anymore? There's so much evidence against her that anyone who doesn't believe it is an utter moron and deserves whatever flack they get from this dweeb.

No. 285204

I don't see why anyone even bothers debating with Quasimodo here. It's such a pointless effort. Her delusion runs so deep it's become actual fact in her mind.

No. 285215

She's too far gone, now. Too deluded and stubborn to see anything past her reflection in the mirror.

No. 285221

Sick curiosity or masochism I assume

No. 285283

File: 1491437818989.jpg (75 KB, 900x461, IMG_2609.JPG)

No. 285319

You never passed HNC though so you're not a "level 7"

No. 285718

Sindy are you retarded?? Like do you actually have some sort of mental condition because I honestly fail to believe you're a normal functioning human being; you're far too deluded and bad at spelling.

No. 285753

File: 1491510548132.jpg (2.5 MB, 1836x2534, 20170406_162858-1.jpg)

Anybody know what she's traced this from

No. 285754

Anatomy is too broken for it to be traced

No. 285776

Why does it look so frankensteined together? The individual body parts aren't bad, but together they look very off

No. 285781


When caught, tracers usually move on to frankendolling different images to produce a pose. Unfortunately for them it's easy to tell as you get disjointed and out of perspective like above.

Again, the left hand side leg is emerging from the centre of the vagina and not a natural progression from waist to hip to thigh whilst the right is emerging from the ether apparently.
Sri drawing a masculine upper torso with the broad square shoulders and squared off shape than a feminine curved shape and if you were to straighten that left hand side arm out, she'd be an orangutang with the length of it

No. 285782

>>still not sri

No. 285786

Most artists do that with referencing multiple different poses.

No. 285790

Yes, referencing to learn how that particular body part works and connects in correlation to the rest of the body. Referencing is a legitimate learning technique when looking at models and photos of the object as they appear in real life.
Frankendolling is taking multiple artists work, usually doll bases, and stitching them together. Eg the legs from one, torso and head from another and so on. The result is a disjointed mess of anatomy so not only do the individual pieces making it up not match but you'll also be taking on the other artists mistakes.

Case in point that the legs are quite clearly too far to the right side of the image resulting in a leg emerging from the centre of the body and another emerging from the air beside the body.

No. 285792

That seems like a really cheep way to get out of admitting she doesn't trace them

Theirs literally a post on her cosplay page saying Theyre cosplay sketches, and asking for people to submit pics.

Not a knight just think that's really transparent anon.

No. 285793

To follow on, a good video showing practical use of reference in art and how it's not to copy like for like.

No. 285795

Sindy plz, learn your theirs, they'res and theres before trying to comment. And cheap vs cheep.

No. 285800

I'm a different anon to the trace anon. Frankendolling isn't just for tracing but also a way to copy other artists work without getting caught (copying and tracing aren't one and the same). Rather I've been saying that she's incorrectly referencing and eyeballing stuff to produce incorrect anatomy.
If she just stopped being lazy and spent even half an hour a day before drawing to do some life studies of free to use stock models and not other artists work, she'd see a significant improvement in her skill and people wouldn't be able to still throw the tracing thing at her.
There's no denying she didn't used to trace: lines match too perfectly to be eyeballed and there's also the whole copyright thing of reproducing another artists work but she does have potential if she'd just actually take the time to learn and understand that you can't just master something instantly and that you're only cheating yourself if you take the easy cheat route.

No. 285801

>>sorry I didn't realise it wouldn't delete the YouTube link before I posted again. Ignore the double video post

No. 285862

Going by her recent posts screenshotting the comments on here to post on her Facebook (but oh how she hates drama, right?), seems she's still triggered by people critiquing her work and pointing out she could be genuinely good at art if she actually tried and studied anatomy.

I'd red-line the errors myself if I had the time.

No. 285954

Man in drag.

No. 285955

Oooo I've heard of her, she's the one who is autistic and went crazy over Deecon. The infamous art theif tracer

No. 285974

File: 1491543649079.jpg (112 KB, 960x628, yzYpVzP.jpg)


Oh hey, she's tracing another cosplayer.
Misa something. chiang or something like that.

No. 285979

File: 1491543826445.jpg (168.32 KB, 627x1024, wlK0m4x.jpg)

No. 285984

Oh that's the misa cosplayer who photoshop 90% of her body
Cindy could not even find a actual life reference of a non photoshop person to use a pose for art

No. 286027

Why am I not surpirsed? After all, she didn't live draw either of these, and it's easy to build as "base" body from one that already exists. Chances are the build up stuff she does is just different stages of tracing.

No. 286031


They arent traced, do an overlay.

You guys really are running out of shit to throw aren't you. 5 minutest ago it was obviously frankendolled, then you told me I needed to reference real people. Then you say it's incorrect

I do just that and now it must be traced. You're full of shit.

No. 286032

Thanks for the name I had been wanting to follow her

No. 286037

Different anons
Considering the hip area is as broken as your drawing for the Kirin girl, what was once Frankendolling could easily be tracing. Opinions can't change once more evidence comes fo light?

No. 286039

HOLY shit this cosplayer is goals. Unlike Jessica or yaya she actually knows how to look like the character. I didn't even realise these were the same person.

And for 1 I don't think she is shopping as judging by the mirror selfie her face actually is that shape. And evenn if she was she's getting work out if it. Vogue photoshops it's models, hair adverts use extensions. Nobody has the real level of beauty needed to compete wit has the trolls online nowerdays so of course alother of its fake.

And half of you. Given the chance would happily take their place. So again just vendetta

No. 286040

nothing is traced

No. 286041


Also we done making yourselves look like hypocritical bithese once again

Not traced - broken anatomy - needs life model

Life model - same anatomy - must be traced


No. 286045

Also this took 7 hours because of detail. I could never have live drawn it.

Plus I don't have anything to hold my phone up anymore to record it with. The manga pile I balanced it on is at home

No. 286047

>seven hours
Are you serious

No. 286051


Comparing these two, at one point, the back foot, line of skirt and front leg match perfectly aside from your more angular version of the knee.

Moved it and the waist, breasts and back knee match up perfectly, even down to the bottom line on the window of the dress.

Move it again, arm holding sword and the majority of the sword, aside from where you made yours curve at the bottom, match perfectly.

A small rotation and the face lines up perfectly too, including the nose and mouth.

That's what a previous anon meant by Frankendolling. Everything matches perfectly, but it's all been moved about slightly so it isn't a perfect match from just a normal overlay.

(I quoted the wrong number the first time)

No. 286052

Then all you can prove is that the anatomy is correct. You are deluding yourselves I'd you think it's traced and threal fact no overlay is submitied again proves you don't want to admit it

But let me ask you this. If from my live drawings, you could see it drawn up from nothing.

Why in he'll would I every start tracing, or frankendolled now. This is just desperation, it's getting obvious and sad. You will go to the end of the earth and backiss with excuses and yet half of you have already said it's clearly mine because breast,leg,neck

Give it up. It's getting old.

No. 286053

Well probably 4 if you don't count all the adult life I have to partake in.

But yeah these are A3 so they are really big sketches. The detail on them can be as fine as a pin head so it can take 3-4 from build up to finish.

No. 286054


the evidence is literally right there. If you twats are STILL debating this with her (while she desperately tries to lie as usual) then you're all fucking imbeciles.

Stop feeding her attention and let her crawl into a pit and starve from lack of drama. Anyone who chooses to be her friend after all this fuckery has been made public is also a total moron. Thread is dead.

No. 286056

>But let me ask you this. If from my live drawings, you could see it drawn up from nothing.
>Why in he'll would I every start tracing, or frankendolled now.

Probably because it's easier, quicker, and less hassle than having to live-draw everything. So long as it doesn't match from a quick overlay, you could probably get away with it unless someone actually took the time to overlay each part to check for Frankendolling.

>Give it up. It's getting old

If you're so triggered by us criticising your work and calling you out on your tracing, why do you still check here, and screenshot it to post on your Facebook? I thought you were above all the drama, and it was only ever other people dragging you into it. Or at least that's what you told all your friends, right?

No. 286057

That isnt evidence that's a pissing poor excuse and a final screech for vendetta. Agreed this thread is dead. But really going as far as to lie about work being fake. You're making it easier for people to come back to my side by showing how utterly full of shit you are.

No. 286058

Thread is dead but you keep coming back to defend yourself when people post in it. You're the one keeping it alive by having a hissy fit every time someone brings up your artwork or something to do with Towers.

No. 286060

But if I frankendolled it.

Every single part would line up perfectly and the Base artwork I submitted would be obsolete

And I post these to fb so people can watch your flailing excuses and autistic screeching.

No. 286061

Well considering that's all people really have to talk about on here I think you mean I come back when somebody says somethings that's obviously bullshit and toxic to the public

No. 286063


Yea 7 hours is a lot quicker.

Browse if I had traced this 0-finish would be an hours tops. It's far from quicker

No. 286101

File: 1491570374906.jpg (31.12 KB, 319x720, FB_IMG_1491569683260.jpg)


No. 286108

Seems you missed the bit about frankendoll tracing. Selective reading must be a fun trait to have.

No. 286111

Seams you're blind. Frankendolled still wouldnt fit the overlay nor would the final product be the same as the finished picture.

Lineart of base is above ^

No. 286121

If I were still on my computer I'd post my overlays showing where everything lines up. Later, though.

No. 286154

Please do. But don't size lines to make them fit. Otherwise a you are doing is resizing individual body parts to force them to fit the shape.

Not that it would still work and it will still be hilarious to watch you try and pull this out your ass

No. 286232


Even just doing this you've proven that you have no idea what anatomy should look like. If your "fan art" version of these photos are that badly done and it's an actual human you're drawing from, you clearly lack perspective.
If you're just frankendolling to "prove" your artwork isn't traced, you're making yourself look like a worse artist since it's sooo bad and just proving previous work was, since it was more anatomically correct.

No. 286241

yeah aside from the shading this is shite. The clothing wrinkles make no godamn sense, no feet or hands (gee wonder why), Torso doesn't align with hips and legs, forearms aren't suppose to bend … this is trash and obviously something she made herself. The only good thing about this is where she placed the shadows … even though the lines she worked around were fucked from the start.

No. 286249

I know lolcow goes fast and things change quite frequently … but it comforts me to know that sindy replying to a "dead thread" about herself will never change. I bet you have 9 "love my haters" shirts. People overcompensating for lack of confidence is the funniest shit to me.

No. 286251


Even then, some parts of that specific drawing are traced, Just figuring out how much of it matches up with the cosplay image.
Either way she's still terrible at anatomy. Always has been. Never actually started a drawing from blank paper in college, she was always working on something from home.
I think the topic has been discussed to absolute death, there's barely a point anymore, she'll get caught by authorities for this and have to face the consequences of her actions. It's probably best to just starve her for attention until she's forgotten about. People like her at her age tend not to change. She has no healthy boundaries with herself, never mind anyone else, hence why she feels like it's okay to be the way she is. Delusional and unwanted by anyone.

No. 286288

Explain fine art class then and how I passed both years?

Those classes have you draw live models in front of the lectures 2-3 times per session.

And considering the brief we got were handed out 1 class after the other how could I start them from home. I started them in class and finished them at home as I never got anything finished in class because my table was too noisy

No. 286307

File: 1491595920110.jpg (196.68 KB, 608x686, goMeirongTemp_mr1491595772493.…)

And could you stop with this
Sindy was the only bitch in the class shit.
Even your precious holly senpai hated you all to the point of wanting to leave. As well as David, andrew, and everybody else at our table.

Not to mention what you cunts did to poor kyle. Every last 1 of you was fucking toxic.

No. 286310

File: 1491595968225.jpg (50.11 KB, 608x168, Screenshot_2017-04-07-21-04-57…)

No. 286311

File: 1491596019786.jpg (133.61 KB, 604x371, goMeihuaTemp_mh1491595623162.j…)

No. 286318


Why are you even bringing other people from your class into it? It's nothing to do with them, we're talking about how you're a shit artist.

No. 286321

m8 why are you blurring out your shit and those obvious crops to make yourself look good lmao

No. 286322

Sindy I'm a huge fan, will you be at Dee-Con tomorrow so I can get an autograph on one of your prints please??

No. 286323


Another good point, anon.

No. 286325

Also I'm pretty sure I know who this is now

Narrowed it down to 3 people and every single one of those were people were more hated in that class than me

1 girl was so depressing and awkward that nobody spoke to her except blair and even then behind her back he said he hated her.

I was really lucky to get the table/ group I got. David was hilarious and absolutely fucking georgous
Andrew was a great rival
Holly taught me so much and I truly found a sibling in her.
Mathew was brilliant.
And wishal was a blessing on this dark and wretched world XD

The other table was Blair and samanth as table whigh is the equivalent to the stuck up attitude of the Glasgow kpop community

And the table behind them adjancent to me was all the wanna be graphic designers with no concept or arustic expression
In front of us was the tablend where the equivalent of the mean girl sat. Everybody in the glass hated them.

Our table/squad were the group who wanted to get into game design concept, manga/comics/ and app artwork. And all of them bar me and holly managed to achieve bigger and better things after leaving hnc.

No. 286327


If you're so sure, why not share with the group?

No. 286328

Nah, deacon tables cost too much. If you message me on fb I can send you signed stuff.

No. 286331

You can't make blanket statements like 'everyone hated them' 'they were more hated than me' you fuckwit. Do you have ESP and can tell what other people were actually thinking? Or is this another of your delusions to cope with the fact your entire class despised your very existence, by claiming others were more or less liked than you. Lol. This is the kind of shit a 13 year old schoolgirl would write. Grow the fuck up lol

No. 286332

Cause you'll just deny it like a pathetic little bottom feeder. Know that nobody in that class wasn't without a level of cringe. Blair group being the worst.

No. 286333

You may be indifferent to the concept here. But we as a class spoke. Gossiping traveled.

Blair-holly : I hate so and so , Holly to table Blair said this:

Shit got around. Mostly cause the class believed that nice girl a time holly all ways and still all ways puts on

Lel she was the biggest bitches of them all besides myself

No. 286334


>Narrowed it down to 3 people and every single one of those were people were more hated in that class than me

Who are these people you speak of?

>David was hilarious and absolutely fucking georgous

Aren't you a lesbian?

No. 286336


Please tell me where you pulled that out your ass XD

No. 286338


If you're referring to the lesbian comment, aren't you the one who said it in the first place?

No. 286340

Maybe 3 years ago when I was crushing on beks. I don't indenotify as any sexuality and choose a person by their personality. Hence why my thing for flake didn't last

No. 286341


Fair enough, but you've just proved I didn't pull that out my ass.

No. 286343

If you've ever spent 5 seconds around me you'd know I like guys.

Considering I allways make comments at cons or at meets.

No. 286345


Considering you've went out of your way to inform people that cock disgusts you, can you blame anyone for assuming you don't like guys?

No. 286352

It does. Allways has. But I think a lot of woman prefere not to look

No. 286357


Your logic blows my fucking mind.
I'm attracted to men but penis disgusts me and i can't even look at it.
If you can't even look at it, how do you have sex?
Speaking from a straight woman's point of view, if you can't look at a penis, there's something wrong there. If it disgusts you, how can you be sexually attracted to men?

No. 286406

You literally told David you only liked girls as an excuse for not liking him

No. 286415

File: 1491602513547.png (47.25 KB, 224x275, 1485986991907.png)

Screenshot posted two threads ago.

No. 286417

I never told David anything. He never asked me out and I never asked him out. I mentioned to him at the time 2014) - 2015) I was into beks

Relax.hun. I'm not after him you can have him

No. 286419

I'm into woman aswell) hence the beks shit) but I just wasn't sexuality attracted to David.

If he's your thing go ahead

No. 286422

File: 1491602751499.jpg (21.01 KB, 480x453, FB_IMG_1491580172865.jpg)

Imagine this

There's more to a guy than just his dick

No. 286428


Imagine this;
You get a boyfriend, he has a penis, after a while he asks for sex, what do you say? "Penis disgusts me, I'm not touching or looking at it" - end of relationship because you sound like a lesbian in denial.

No. 286429


I've already been with a guy once. Maybe your not used to guys who give a fuck about what you want Bus typically the guy waits for his girl friend to be ready for such things

Some of us weren't born with our legs spread wide sadly

No. 286432

Also same guy who apparently raped you but you're a virgin?

No. 286466

I keep saying I never said he raped me and asking for information as to where that even came from

No. 286469

It was provided prev and even screen shots saying you lied about the trial against the other men, you filthy disgusting pig.

No. 286471

File: 1491606638316.png (3.99 KB, 410x31, 0000000.png)

for someone with 10 years of experience she sure isn't good at drawing…

No. 286474


It was one guy and those screenshots were fabdicated by a mentally ill girl who's been stalking me and my friends on multiple social media social including but not limited too

Pretending to be a boy and asking me out
Harassing my friend while I wasn't speaking to her
Raising armies at college despite it being me that got her sorry ass accepted into the cours

She has anorexia and paranoid skitzofrenia. She makes stuff up all the time and believes it True. She even tried to tell me Blair from college tried to rape her at the cinema after college

No. 286475

It's probably better than your shit art any day

No. 286476

Oh and yes she refuses to take her Meds and flushes them down the toilet because they are making her skin ich.

I stopped talking to her 5 years ago when the alarm bells wouldn't stop going off

No. 286479

The last time she messaged me was about 6 or 7 months ago some vendetta against holly because holly didn't belive her lies about Kevin trying to rape me. Then she messaged me saying she was gona destroy hoLlys

She's fucking nuts lol

No. 286480


Right, hen, you need to seriously stop throwing names around especially when there's shit like " tried to tell me Blair from college tried to rape her at the cinema". Do you have any idea who actually sees this thread and how much damage you can do to someone's life by saying this?
Even if it's not you that's made these allegations, you're still using these people's names in extremely unsavoury contexts. You need to sort your life out, let these threads die and stop being a horrible person.

And why are you so quick to name people like Holly, David, Andrew and Blair, but you refuse to name these people you're accusing for making these allegations?

No. 286482

I don't give a fuck lol. Don't post shit about me if you don't want to receive mates caught up in it. Your just sca red those people will ditch your sorry ass for your shitty behavour. And I don't need to name names. If you were at college with me you'll know exactly who I mean.

Ido rather not name her and have her go on another craze mission to harass me and hoLlys again.

No. 286483

Stop being a horrible person

You $@' who can't even draw /ミ★/ liar /ミ★/

Yea I'm totaLly the horrible person. Go look in the fucking mirror sweety do something proactive with your fucking time

No. 286484

Who even said these people were my friends? You're so quick to bring people into this thread when it's absolutely nothing about them. You'll name random people and say they've all done horrible things in hopes of moving the attention away from yourself, no one is falling for that shit. Stop.
And if you wanted people to believe you, you'd name these people and show proof instead of just bringing accusations and hearsay to the table.

No. 286662

Youre getting despectate again lol

You brought college into this when you or whoever it was said the college work I did was at home.

I didn't badmouth David, andrew,holly or even Blair. I just mentioned what place in our class they had and what the people at my table thought of them, and how you or whatever anon had absolutely no place in it.

I'm not really trying to draw away from myself as more point out the hypocrisy of the college anon who thinks they were well liked in the class. After David Andrew and Mathew left the class went to shit and wasn't worth going too. Even holly and Kyle told me it was filled with viscous snames making up lies to try and get them kicked out. Fucking glad I quit lol

No. 286663


Please point out where this college anon said they were well liked?

No. 286664

And I guess now you know what kind of damage your own lies about me can cause. This is what happens when you play with the big girls hun you get put down where you belong.

No. 286665

Then need I even continue lol. Obviously if we're judging people by how liked the are then this cow is clearly not better than myself. And thus has no right to spout untrue shit about me.

No. 286666


And by saying Holly was the biggest bitch in college besides yourself, is badmouthing. Saying that Holly, David, Andrew and "everyone" at your table hated everyone in the class to the point of wanting to leave, is making them look like horrible people.
That's badmouthing.

No. 286668


Hi Jenny. This is David from college. Yeah you remember me well I'm sure since you apparently found me "absolutely fucking gorgeous". I ended up on this site through, let's call it a little misadventure. Thought I'd drop in to warn you of a couple of wee things. I came to tell you that you have absolutely no fucking right to speak for me in regards to how I felt about the people in our class. The fact is Jenny, there were a couple of faces I didn't quite connect or get on with as well as others but for the most part of it, I thought everyone was pretty fucking sound. The fact that you feel the need to tell me who I hated really irks me to my bones. You obviously don't have a fucking clue do you? The reason I left college was due to ill health and the fact I received an unconditional offer from university, and it saved me a shitload of money travelling from Glasgow every day. Not once did I claim I hated anyone in that class to the point of wanting to leave the course. How fucking dare you make an accusation like that. Yeah sure you might have had a crush on me, but apart from that you obviously know fuck all else about me.

Also I should warn you that if you continue mentioning me or the names of people from our course, in ANY capacity, I will PERSONALLY make sure every one of them is informed of it, and that the 7 circles of hell are brought down upon your head.

Seriously, I've been reading about this shit from you for a while now, and I think it's well overdue that you take a good, long, hard look at yourself and grow up. Nobody likes a 25 year old 5 year old, it's just fucking pathetic.

And finally I should assure you that this is the real David Glass from college, not someone else posting on my behalf. I don't need someone else's words to tell you the truth about what I think of you.

No. 286702

File: 1491612057106.jpg (17.21 KB, 500x344, 56895071.jpg)

Proved to be a liar once again.

No. 286815

I don't know if you knew this sindy … but the only thing you need to do in an art class is show up and do all the assignments as best as you can. Being a good artist has nothing to do with what grade you get or whether you pass. That's why having an art degree is bullshit. I have taken maybe 20 different fin arts classes and I've seen people draw like a 4th grader and pass everytime. they might as well handed you a golden star with those classes.

Maybe if you were actually paying attention to the techniques your teachers were trying to tell you instead of … oh i dunno … getting wrapped up in all this he said she said drama at your table, maybe you would have left those art classes with more that just the gold star stickers they were worth.

No. 286831

I never said you hated anybody I just said people at our table had opinions on the rest of the class. And that in my opinion the rest of the class were utter fucking cunts, which became apparent when hnd started.

It's not my intention or interest to drag people from college here into things but I will not however tolerate 1 former student bad mouthing me when they themselves were just as disliked by the class.

And haven't people lied about names on thisale thread before? I got a message from holly last year assuring me she never wrote anything here about me despite somebody with her name commenting.

If this is the real davideal, then I wish you luck. But know I am not bad mouthing you or anybody at our table. Just pointed out that we as a table talked. And had people we didn't like.

I am fairly sure the person on here who has an issue with me I'd probably the same one who put hoLlys art all over 4chan. I feel it's within order to inform this thread of what kind of person they were.

No. 286832

What would give you the impression I wasn't paying attention. I passed my units when they were handed to me. Take life drawing. Each new class we were given a new subject material to work from. Had I not been paying attention to the techniques, I'd have not passed that class. Once again you know nothing.

The in class drama never really amounted to anything. Nobody was psyivslly arguing. And the hypocrisy of that on a site literally consisting of he said she said is fucking hilarious

No. 286833

The only drama that really happened in college was because of her. But you've made excellent points.
You don't need to be good at it. Fine art is an easy way for lazy fucks to get an extra qualification or degree.

No. 286835

Actually that fat bitch alana was the one who instigated the majority of it. She was always dropting snide comments everywhere and making it her business to hAve people dislike her.

And I'm pretty sure at Hnc level you need to show an ability to perform in class. Fine art wasn't a Fucking easy set of classes and half the class struggled greatly in it

No. 286837

You've basically just described yourself there and here you go again bringing people that don't belong in this thread, into it to try and make yourself look better.
And see while we're at it, is there anyone else you disliked in that class that you'd like to mention?
And I can confirm that I am the same anon you think is the one that spread Holly's art on 4chan. I'm not the same person, but good luck next time.

No. 286842


It just shows what you as a class were like. This whole vandetta against me you have is completely miss informed and 1 sided. Our class was 5 years ago yet you hold a grudge for absolutely no reason other than.. I didn't like you. Get a life. Theirs worse things in life and youre clearly too spoiled to see what a real vendetta should be. This sad attempt at character deformation is nothing more and deep down nobody here cares about what you say and knows you contribute nothing to thread of value

No. 286851

> I didn't say you hated anyone
>it's not my intention or interest to drag people from college here into things

> Even your precious holly senpai hated you all the point of wanting to leave. As well as David, andrew, and everybody else at our table.

Let's see how many names have popped up since >>286307 when they weren't even part of the topic beforehand;


That one one hella backtrack. Not one of the people from college were part of the topic of this thread but you decided to start bringing them up with your
"and can you stop with this
Sindy was the only bitch in the class shit" when your college class or the fact you were a horrible person in it, weren't even mentioned.

But at least we know how your college David senpai feels about you. Further proving our point no one liked you. Wether there were people least liked than you, isn't the point, and there probably were people just as or more disliked than you, but it still doesn't change the fact no one liked you and just put up with you for the sake of staying in college an educating themselves.

No. 286853

File: 1491642815096.jpg (26.54 KB, 720x404, FB_IMG_1491419163854.jpg)

Let's review this thread shall we

Towers drama - over
Trace artist drama - over
Bad cosplayer drama -over

I mean seriously what else do you have left to lie about other than the kind of student I was 5/6 years ago. And to go crying to old class mates sindys shit talking you.

What was the reason half if you hated me for in the first place? Ohh yea my first ever cosplay was bad (yea that's kinda a given )

Half if you don't even have the balls to cosplay or support those who do.

Then you hate me because of shit with Karli, the self informed cringe lord who went out of her way to harass me and is still to this day begging Me to unblock her

You guys have nothing
You even resort to bullying caitlin or whoever my next friend is just to try to keep this vandetta going.

I'm starting to think now that the only person really feeding this is myself now, despite doing my best to put bullshit right especially with how I'll informed you are.

So from right now I won't be acTiverton on this thread any longer and instead you can all starve. Don't bother adding me either because I won't be accepting unless I know we will speak in person.

I admit in replying to this garbage for the last 4 years I haven't done myself favours
I allways thought that I could explain or atleast, reason with you. But most of you are beyond it.
You think people owe you something, and actively set out to degrade anybody who achieves any level of Internet notoriety.

So many threads on here dedicated to harassing genuinely nice cosplayers/youtubers who have never wronged you

Half if the Glasgow cosplay community has already been on this place and still is. That beks thread was your own fault when you started bringing up my friendship with them. Guess you thought they were safe

Keep this up and continue. But people are getting bored, you have nothing left. It truly is 4 lonely little anons grasping at straws now.

And as the drama with towers is all but over. I think I'll leave at that. Thier is no drama anymore on any side. You have nothing left.
You can't even slam me a tracer anymore without lying through ur ass,
And when you all find yourselves posted here or mentioned here, don't blame me. It's not within my interest to make boards about people I don't even see in person.

Enjoy your sad drama filled lives, and whatever level of friendshiP you delude yourselves into believing is real.

and know to the names of the people who were mentioned ed in my hNC class. That I am genuinly sorry you had to be tangled up in it. Perhaps the person doing this really has nothing better to do. If all goes normally you shouldn't hear from me again. I wish you luck in any endeavours you may take in.

Bye bye snowflakes

No. 286889


>Bye bye Snowflakes

>Will probably spam her own thread again in 5 hours

No. 286913

Apparently Sindy is at Deecon

No. 286917

What's she cosplaying I'll look out for her and post updates

No. 286919

Apparently in an ugly cheap pink Lolita dress

No. 286921

Sindy ;
Cash Karli outside how bout dat

No. 286930

Does she even wear lolita anymore


No. 286987


Seriously? Just let her shitty internet persona die, please.

No. 286988

And start fucking saging if you're not going to drop this shit. No one else wants to see it.

No. 287065

File: 1491675688785.png (183.94 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-04-08-19-20-31…)

I know I said I wouldn't come back but I just wanted you to know I'm pissing myself at this

Why would you wanna go to a con for you think the orginizer is a pedo.

No. 287080

You were almost dead on with that one anon.

>"Towers Drama is over there's no point to this thread"

>posts a screenshot of Towers the mega pedo about a girl she apparently doesn't care about

No. 287081

Michael saying he doesn't associate with Sindy/talk to her and this comes out

they're probably swapping pics of kiddies together like the freaks they are

No. 287305

Karli isn't one of mikes exes first off, I just asked her and she said no, that she cut that shit off before it started because he was controlling and manipulative, and she did send an email asking if she was banned, for what reason, because she hasn't done anything public , so this would make them look even worse.

So you're just making it look petty as fuck, not her.

No. 287306

She has a vendetta against you?
Lol, you're the one always talking about her, to be frank it's rather creepy how much you obsess over the girl.

No. 287311

Also she has evidence in messenger, I seen it today (Deecon) when I asked, and I scrolled through it myself on her phone. Good job making you both seem like you're stalking Karli.

No. 287312

Sending Karli this to send to the police , as this is pretty much great evidence of Mike asking about one of the people he is supposed to leave alone, like the others.

Thanks Sindy.

No. 287314

Also, didn't Mike step down with most of the cons? Doesn't this mean it's fraud as on the public pages it states another name

No. 287472


Jesus fucking Christ karli if youre going to samefag at least fucking sage that shit. Nobody else gives a flying fUck about the 3 of you

No. 287478

More delusions on karlis part in see… I used to take this person seriously but not after what I've learned about her. Somebody about her apparently award winning cosplay being utter shit failures that she doesn't have the figure to pull off.

I think the funniest part is that somebody could threaten me with a person who's banned the same convention permanently. I guess that's a shame considering it's the con you go to EVERY YEAR. ;'( icri for you.

But don't worry, you won't miss any of the con really.


No. 287486

It's not Karli, but try and place blame elsewhere.

No. 287489

Award winning cosplay?
Karli doesn't enter competitions, so that's wrong, and shit cosplays? I'm sorry have you seen yourself? You really have a cheek to try and shit over anyone's cosplay when you look like the ugly hunchback. Also, her figure? She hasn't changed much in the past 4-5 years bar loosing weight, her "figure" has always been the same, and I seen her yesterday and she looks amazing, so we know for a fact, you're talking shit, but know I know how to annoy you;

Just mention Karlis name, and you start autistic screeching.

And if she's banned she doesn't care, we all had a pretty big laugh about it, and she showed people how petty it was, so all Mike is doing is giving her more evidence to show what pricks they all are.

Also she is still going to Leicester. So you'll still see her down there, don't worry, we all know now you have a huge crush on her , and any mention of her sends you into a rage.

No. 287490

Kek so much for "not replying" anymore. A mention of Karli and she looses her shit, obsessed much?

No. 287492

Look at this autistic screeching, just mention Karli

No. 287501

Are you on the rag about Karli? Because it's unnatural how obsessed with her you are.

No. 287502

I'm p sure she hasn't entered any competitions in the past 3 years because she just prefers to have fun and see people now? I've seen most of her cosplays IRL, none of them have been bad, so unless you can tell us which one this apparently is, then it's bullshit.

No. 287505

File: 1491736397094.jpeg (22.46 KB, 500x500, top.jpeg)

>says she's leaving thread
>back 8 hours later
>then says she's only back to post screenshot of her having fun talks with her pedo senpai
>is still in thread hours later ree'ing over Karli like an autistic fuck

No. 287509

I do like how you're more obsessed with some girl who occasionally hangs around the cosplay scene and at most has a few drinks and a smoke, while completely ghosting the fact that the guy you're chatting away with and sucking up his ass SEXUALLY ABUSED AND ASSAULTED MULTIPLE UNDERAGE FEMALES. There are over 20 cases the police now have, aside from the girls Mike has harassed and threatened into silence, and yet you think he's a great guy??

Anyone with a shred of decency in their body would at the very least disassociate themselves with Towers and keep their personal thoughts on the matter on the down low. You however Jennifer are the scum of the earth and physically need drama to survive elsewise you sink into that bottomless depression you have upon the realisation that honestly, no one would actually give a damn if you died tomorrow. There's no love in your life, only hate and autistic screeching.

No. 287510

Adding that, if you were sexually abused as a child, what this boy did to his victims should make you physically sick and completely repulsed by him and avoid him at all costs. So yeah, you're a liar. A twisted little schemer who has to make lie upon lie to have some sort of pity trope in order to get that juicy attention you are so desperate for.

No. 287511

The hateboner is strong

No. 287516


Oops, deleted it to fix bad wording.

But yeah, screenshots of her saying she exaggerated what happened to her for the compensation.
Why does that not surprise me?

No. 287518


Oh look, if you look at the screen shot, she CTRL+F JUST for Karli's name on the thread.
Obsessed, I feel sorry for her having a rabid coke gremlin always heavy breathing and screeing over her.

No. 287633

She only sent an email yesterday, yet has said for….. weeks she's had evidence.
I like how you're trying to make her out to be a petty cunt, well done Einstein for the smarts

No. 287766

Why the he'll does she care if she's banned if she thinks the guy running event is a pedo kiddy fiddler.

She's clearly an idiot who doesn't think her actions on Facebook will come back and bite her in the ass. Anobody who shit talks towers like that is gonna get banned from his events until he decides to unban them. ( which he wont)

No. 287776

Pretty sure there'll be no one left to ban if a- he bans all the girls he's fiddled over the years and b- no one goes to al-con due to the fact that the owner is a kiddy fiddler.

Seriously though why are you sucking up to all these pedophiles? Lucien, Towers, etc. if you were abused as a kid? Do you have some twisted fetish from it all? In which case I'd advise you seek therapy immediately

No. 287778

Well, considering Towers has apparently stepped down (as shown in prev, unless he's doing fraud) it shouldn't matter if she was to go or not, and she was curios to see if they were that petty, which it's becoming more and more apparent they are (Thanks for your SS , it makes him look even pettier)
And even on her fb, the post she made said "I'm not going to openly talk about my experiences" which she hasn't, so I don't see anything she has said to be an attack on him, she's not openly said anything about him.

She's barely an idiot considering her Facebook is private, unless your stalking her again? Wouldn't surprise me, it's sickening how infatuated you are with her.

No. 287780

Waawaa Karli is bad for no reason waawaa towers please notice me

No. 287784

The salt from you is faboulously tragic.

No. 287785

I think it's more because no one else wants anything to do with her , she's trying to appeal to those who are just as hated and disgusting as herself to make herself feel better

No. 287786

This thread is an absolute mess. Why has no one gone to the police about her? Surely they'd lock her up on the grounds she's unfit to be in the public?

No. 287789

And why has no one tried for a restraining order? A few people are clearly in need of it.

No. 287790

Can the two of you tumors learn to sage if you're going to sperg the fuck out in this thread? Stop fucking samefagging. Oh my god, you're both horrible.

No. 287804

Not same anons, baw some more, but since you're so triggered by it, there you go snowflake.

No. 287810

Didn't you say you were coming back JUST to show the SS?
You didn't even last 2 days, still as thirsty as ever

No. 287815


My fucking god, I have never seen weaponized autism in it's most pure and dangerous state before. It's toxicity is almost mesmerizing.

No. 287827

I mean that definition Sindy already has covered, you're so triggered it's funny

No. 288833

Could not agree more.
Karli, if you see this, or I hope/know someone will tell her; For your own sake, try and see where you can go with a restraining order against Sindy. It's actually alarming how obsessed with you she is, and has been in the past.

No. 288948


It might teach her a lesson. She's been getting away with this stuff for too long.

No. 289148


You can't file restraints against people on the Internet talking about you. By the looks of it towers instigated that conversation. If sindy has karli blocked on all forms of social media and makes no effort to harass her in person or online. The only thing you could get would be a silencing order. Which is an infringement in freedom of speech.

I've also seen people continously threaten sindy with Karli at this con or that con. If you even tried to tell the people you wanted her to stay away from you you'd get your own sorry end in bother for saying things like *she'll still be in (whatever town alcon is in) and will see you around. Plus karli has actively messaged the girls mother brother and his ex. Honestly if anybody needs a restraining order it's you you fucking autistic sperg.

No. 289160

learn to sage fucknut.
No one has ever used Karli as a threat to sindy, if so, evidence.

Sindy has bothered Karli for the past 4 years and going as far as to follow her around over the space of 7 events and conventions, threatened her with violence, has contacted her family (Karli has only contacted Sindys mum , no one else, and it was to let her know Sindy put up a screen shot with her number , so no one else , well done trying to blame her for shit she didnt do)
Sindy unblocks her when she wants to start, but also stalks Karlis other social media accounts with fake accounts, this has been shown.

Clearly, you also have a hateboner for Karli, if you didnt, you would know all these things because its clear you know nothing with the autistic screeching.

No wonder with mongos like you sperging this shit, Glasgow cosplays are seen as jokes.

No. 289183

This thread is about Sindy, not Karli.
Keep it on track.

No. 289185

Karli has only messaged the mum, not the others, stop trying to blame others for something they haven't done.

No. 289189

That isn't what freedom of speech is, gosh. It only means the government can't censor you for speaking out against them.
If silence and gag orders were a breach of freedom of speech they wouldn't exist to be given out?

No. 289192

Using * instead of " for a quotation, Sindy try harder next time.

No. 289207

Hi Sindy.

No. 289406

3 years to complete a HNC?!
How is it even possible to fail so badly?

No. 289415

It's possible to leave school in Scotland at 15, get a HNC by 16 then get a HND by 17.
You just didn't try hard enough.

No. 289882

File: 1492013077030.png (80.1 KB, 636x910, IMG_3571.PNG)

She doesn't trace guys obviously you have no proof

No. 289883

File: 1492013113091.png (122 KB, 637x853, IMG_3572.PNG)

She doesn't trace, there's no proof, its all baseless of course

No. 289900

File: 1492015197360.jpg (3.11 MB, 1069x6277, 20170412_162419.jpg)

Sorry for the huge image but she deleted this as soon as she realised people were calling her out on her severe lack of understanding of mental health issues and also her complete inability to empathise with people

No. 289904

File: 1492015537180.jpg (93.79 KB, 480x640, 17909335_1511106948940358_1744…)

It's a shitty screenshot, but this is what the replies were to that last comment. (I can't take screencaps with my laptop so)

No. 289914

Bit sindy, you sympathize with pedos

No. 289915

File: 1492017508902.jpg (83.37 KB, 688x688, IMG_3569.JPG)

Does she think the shoop is better? Cause it really does make her look way worse.

No. 289916

File: 1492017706757.png (78.18 KB, 640x604, IMG_3573.PNG)

This just screams salt because they aren't liking her stuff.

And yet she's said prev that shes wearing certain things for attention, so she wants attention, but wants it to be shes pretty and popular enough to get it without asking?

Jesus, twisted and demented clearly.

No. 289917

As someone who is pro-choice, she is pulling every disgusting trope out of the books to argue against suicide

Suicide is a highly personal decision and in fact, it takes a lot of guts to say 'this world just isn't for me'. That crap she's spouting 'oh boohoo what about your family, how can you be so selfish' - what's selfish is to demand another live an intolerable existence, just to spare friends, family and enemies a moment of heart searching. What's selfish is to force someone to keep living a life that they had no choice of being born into and to live in absolute misery or agony every day because humans consider themselves such great creatures, yet euthanize animals on a whim.

And don't even get me started about talking to therapists or doctors about your inner turmoil. They'll throw you into a secure unit as soon as you give indication that you are not going to keep living a wasteful life, force pills down your throat, and throw you right back out there to work for the rest of your life, all while having to pay the bills they charged you for their 'care'.

No. 289918

We no longer have agency over our own lives.

No. 289919

She's honestly a sociopath. JFC

No. 289932


Generally accepted criteria for diagnosis of a sociopathic personalit; like with all personality disorders you don't need to fit every criteria but meet a majority

>>Glibness and Superficial Charm, Manipulative and Conning

They never recognize the rights of others and see their self-serving behaviors as permissible. They appear to be charming, yet are covertly hostile and domineering, seeing their victim as merely an instrument to be used. They may dominate and humiliate their victims.

Mostly agree but she's far from charming

>>Grandiose Sense of Self

Feels entitled to certain things as "their right."
I don't think I have to explain

>>Pathological Lying

Has no problem lying coolly and easily and it is almost impossible for them to be truthful on a consistent basis. Can create, and get caught up in, a complex belief about their own powers and abilities. Extremely convincing and even able to pass lie detector tests.
Rape, grooming, assault, bullying, abilities, qualifications and knowledge

>>Lack of Remorse, Shame or Guilt

A deep seated rage, which is split off and repressed, is at their core. Does not see others around them as people, but only as targets and opportunities. Instead of friends, they have victims and accomplices who end up as victims. The end always justifies the means and they let nothing stand in their way.

Almost everything she's done over the last few years has backed this up. No remorse for threats of throwing bleach at people, no remorse for sharing people's intimate secrets publicly, no remorse for supporting pedophiles, no sign of guilt when she attacks the wrong person or innocent bystanders. I could go on

>>Shallow Emotions

When they show what seems to be warmth, joy, love and compassion it is more feigned than experienced and serves an ulterior motive. Outraged by insignificant matters, yet remaining unmoved and cold by what would upset a normal person. Since they are not genuine, neither are their promises.

Again, too many to list

>>Incapacity for Love

She literally has no one in her life and its mostly her selfish acts that have pushed people away. She is incapable of loving others as if she was, she'd fight for her family and friendships instead of burning all bridges as soon as things don't go her way

>>Need for Stimulation

Living on the edge. Verbal outbursts and physical punishments are normal. Promiscuity and gambling are common.

I guess her frequent sperging could fit here but I personally think that it's reaching

>>Callousness/Lack of Empathy

Unable to empathize with the pain of their victims, having only contempt for others' feelings of distress and readily taking advantage of them.

Above example is only one of many. There are too many examples to list

>>Poor Behavioral Controls/Impulsive Nature

Rage and abuse, alternating with small expressions of love and approval produce an addictive cycle for abuser and abused, as well as creating hopelessness in the victim. Believe they are all-powerful, all-knowing, entitled to every wish, no sense of personal boundaries, no concern for their impact on others.

Incapable of leaving these threads alone Nd insists on days of sperging rage. Venom fuelled vaguebooking when wronged. Tried to buy people's friendships with gifts then lashed out when it wasn't reciprocated

>>Early Behavior Problems/Juvenile Delinquency

Usually has a history of behavioral and academic difficulties, yet "gets by" by conning others. Problems in making and keeping friends; aberrant behaviors such as cruelty to people or animals, stealing, etc.

Claimed she didn't do well at school due to poor attendance: due to behavior problems perhaps?
She cycles through friends more often than the seasons with only Lauren and Caitlin left being friends and not acquaintances after a string including Holly, Karli, Beks, Jem etc
Her cat running away from her, giving it improper food and leaving it to flit to conventions when it's obviously stressed


Not concerned about wrecking others' lives and dreams. Oblivious or indifferent to the devastation they cause. Does not accept blame themselves, but blames others, even for acts they obviously committed.

I think this one speaks for itself. The thread she created two threads prior to this is one example. The endless deflecting to numerous uninvolved parties

>>Promiscuous Sexual Behavior/Infidelity

Promiscuity, child sexual abuse, rape and sexual acting out of all sorts.

She's promiscuous in the sense she frequently chooses characters to cosplay with the least amount of clothing, posts partially or mostly nude pictures of herself online but she does make a big show of letting people know she's a virgin and is very against the idea of people having intercourse for pleasure

>>Lack of Realistic Life Plan/Parasitic Lifestyle

Tends to move around a lot or makes all encompassing promises for the future, poor work ethic but exploits others effectively.

Mangaka, a passing phase on applying for fashion school (in prior threads), cosplay commission artist. Parasitic of government bodies and leeching funds from tax payer is reaching I think

>>Criminal or Entrepreneurial Versatility

Changes their image as needed to avoid prosecution. Changes life story readily.

Open to interpretation

No. 289942


Wow, it's shocking how many people really buy into that ice queen thing.

Just shows you don't know me at all. And instead know only the me I allow you to know/see. Those who are my truest closest friends know exactly what kind of person I am.

Well done for biting all the bait and provide just how unintelligent you truly are.
If you ever take time to really study a person on what they are thinking feeling in siterations. You might come to better conclusions about them and be some what more skilled at making judgments about them. One cannot judge another just by drama. If they do. It's not hard to understand why they would come to the conclusion that side of them is all they are.

No. 289945

She's not a sociopath. She's just retarded, so everything about her, including her emotions, are at a lower level.

No. 289946

File: 1492022221141.jpg (4.34 KB, 240x181, FB_IMG_1491729799623.jpg)


^ this is advanced stupidity

No. 289955

>>If you ever take time to really study a person on what they are thinking feeling in siterations. You might come to better conclusions about them and be some what more skilled at making judgments about them.

To the replies you got to this >>289900

No. 289961


This is a little different Ryan, the difference being I'm not about to kill myself. I never claimed to judge what kind of personalities those people had, only that Thier is simply no excuse for it.

It's a little different if you're judging a person's actions to conclude what kind of person they may be.

Go take your salty ass back to you miserable boating life.
Oh and congrats you just earned that block x

No. 289964

File: 1492023276924.jpg (33.3 KB, 482x339, 0f622811cf02a51e26d767dcec5550…)

Congrats on adding another completely random name to your list of people you think are talking to you but as per usual, you're wrong

No. 289967

File: 1492023447484.jpg (19.88 KB, 514x535, FB_IMG_1491386216567.jpg)


Figured. I still best money the last 8 samefags were him. Vendata felt real. No regrets

No. 289990

very much wrong but its funny watching you sperg trying to get it right

No. 289991

Also, wernt you done? I know your spine is fucked, but you would think as floppy as it is you would stick to what you say.

Or not because you're pretty weak like that.

No. 290002

true friends like Caitlin

ohwait, that went down the drain, didn't it? let's face it - you're incapable of keeping friendships for any longer than a few months at most due to your blatant toxicity and drama craving nature

No. 290014

Oh Sindy, if only you knew how many people are laughing at you.

No. 290032

Do you need to go back to school to properly spell? I think you should.

No. 290033


Ughhhh… when
Were spending the weekend in Glasgow for my birthday

She stayed at my house last week
When lol

No. 290035

Obviously Sindy has forgotten whatever it was Caitlin did to wrong her and make Sindy revoke her "right" to be her "best friend"

No. 290038


yer just pulling shit outta yer arse at this rate tbh. we're still friends, otherwise we wouldnt of planned a weekend away in glasgow.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 290039

I've been friends with caitlin, Lauren, David, h&d, and kerr for like 3 years now.

I lost the rag with beks because of her constant moaning and self loathing, Gemma and I fell out over Andrew but we speak now because I was right about him.. I thinjust other than the old crue I haven't lost anybody lol. Those guys were toxic. They made me push caitlin away because they found her autism annoying or invading. In the end beks showed what a brat she is. I waliked away gladly.

No. 290040

My god seriously. This is what your problem is? Because I called Lauren my best ie 2.months ago. Jesus Christ Lauren is like a sister to me. Her age has alot to do with the regard I hold her in. Caitlin and Lauren are both significant to me

No. 290042

Isnt your mummy gonna scold you again? Run along child

No. 290046

Sperging at its finest

No. 290047

my mother has no say in who im friends with.

No. 290048

Here we go again bullying people because they are my friends
Keep it up
Show everybody what a terrible person I am

Even the mirrors in your room crack at the hypocritic reflection of you

No. 290049

Seams the

No. 290050

No but she does have a say in you using the internet and whatnot, since you live under her roof. Just because you're 18 now doesn't mean she can't ground you, or better yet, straight up turf you out.

No. 290052

File: 1492031923471.jpg (15.74 KB, 480x360, FB_IMG_1491758408600.jpg)

Mask is off now eh
Nice bait

No. 290053

lmao no she doesnt XD i live with my dad. nice try tho.

No. 290054

Caitlin send me forth the most epic of picard facepalms(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 290060

Even if you live with your dad your mother still (by law) have a say.
Are you retarded?

No. 290061

This thread is an autistic fucking mess and its only alive because the cow keeps bumping it herself.

No. 290062

bawww bawww bullying nobody cares , next sperg, that ones boring now

No. 290065

Clearly she needs attention, and this is the only place her and the hamplanet will get it.

No. 290066

Pretty sure if he was told you were doing activities such as this which your mother previously stopped you from doing, he would stop you aswell, because nobody wants their child to turn out like Sindy, as said by even her own mother , brother and old friends. Sad really.

No. 290072

are you? again she has no say or control on my life or internet usage. especially since im 18 now. what i do is my choices.

>>290066 actually i have told him but he chooses to stay out of it, as its just petty bitchyness that goes on here. my mother didnt stop me from anything lol.

No. 290079

maybe want to rethink that due to the fact that you live with your mother and rely on her to keep your fat existence going, keep up that attitude and you can join Jennifer in her shithole

No. 290082

fact? I DONT LIVE WITH MY MOTHER. good lord you guys are dense as fuck.

No. 290085

File: 1492033834671.jpg (25.27 KB, 311x311, 60103949.jpg)

No. 290089

Clearly the only stupid bitch is you triple-chinderella and quasimodo, I would say sit down and shut up but you clearly don't need to sit down on your fat ass anymore than you already do.

No. 290091

I hope your mom disconnects your WiFi.

No. 290093

Since I don't live with my mum, that won't happen. Lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 290148

Well won't need to disconnect the WiFi now.

No. 290149

Ooh fat related insults that really showed me, NOT! lmao ?(?)

No. 290156

Clearly they do when you cry about it and quasimodo tries to use that against people , away take your chins for a walk

No. 290159

Crying emojis? Oh dear, you're almost as bad as that half baked college mother who commented that one time trying to defend Jabba and chindy

No. 290440

Guessing crying emoji was actually Caitlin herself ban evading. And also not realising no emojis on an imageboard?

No. 291462

File: 1492164927526.png (89.26 KB, 632x706, IMG_3591.PNG)

Not entirely related, but i thought she was leaving cosplay.
I'm disappointed she isn't now, along with the snowflake Amy is now.

No. 291476


This has fuck all to do with this thread.

No. 291485

Well no shit, they said that.

No. 291596

Hopefully she can put money into getting a gym membership

No. 292004

File: 1492255284979.png (174.04 KB, 1439x970, 20170415_121908.png)

>>why isn't there more fanservice of a 15 year old boy

Seems she's a Hebephile just like her buddies Paul and Towers

No. 292275

Anyone see what she wore to the Tokyo toys birthday thing?

No. 292402

No. 292532

You know there's no going back once you end up there.
Hey Sindy, you're becoming famous like you wanted, not for the right reasons, however.

No. 292569

File: 1492344755548.jpg (77.77 KB, 539x960, IMG_3597.JPG)

Thanks Kiwifarms for reminding me this existed along with other ones she posted trying to show shes attractive.
What self respecting person posts this shit online?

No. 292662

File: 1492367079430.jpg (1.55 MB, 2560x1920, IMG_3596.JPG)

No. 292663

She's so stiff. Relax, Sindy. Jesus.

No. 292664

Sort of looks like how I imagine Mira would have been if her eyes weren't so droopy.

No. 292665

Ah, the selfies she took before she started shaving her chin off via editing. Should be convincing enough proof to anyone delusional to believe she doesn't shop, to make them realise she does.

No. 292733


The fact that they're all still readily available on all her Facebook profiles is what gets me. She said she just shops for cosplay but all her recent ones are shopped.
Not to mention it makes it much easier to tell she's lying about "much scoliosis" since it's not difficult to twist your body to that angle, and the angle she's got in >>292569
is almost totally different to any other angles she's got in some of her other photos.

No. 292741


And she has the audacity to slut shame other girls who pose in their undies

No. 292764

File: 1492379102279.jpg (86.89 KB, 539x960, IMG_3601.JPG)

Look at that chin , christ

No. 292767

File: 1492379240359.jpg (83.01 KB, 720x960, IMG_3600.JPG)

Sorry Jennifer, we know you get salty over it, but you got a fupa and this shows it more.

No. 292770

I'm more distracted by that room than that chin. I can almost smell the foostiness of it

No. 292775

Her tits look so depressed in that vest.
Another topic for her disability application.

No. 292801

File: 1492384074815.jpg (64.2 KB, 358x720, IMG_3604.JPG)

Store bought and still unfitted and looks like a velvet sack

No. 292802

File: 1492384094277.jpg (64.98 KB, 450x720, IMG_3605.JPG)

No. 292834

Yikes. She looks like she shoots a lot of heroin.
The girl is pretty unfortunate in the facial aspect.

No. 293061


She's at a fucking event and she didn't even bother to wash her hair! That's given me the serious boak. I can't stand it when people go out in public with foosty, unkempt hair! And that outfit is ridiculously bad. Does she not know what size she is or does she deliberately buy bigger clothes to make herself look smaller?

No. 293076

It's like her Ryuko cosplay, she bought it in and it was badly fitted, and she made it worse trying to "fit" it.
I assume she tries to save money by buying the base cosplay then tries to tweak it herself.

No. 293077

To be fair, its most likely because she cant even afford to pay her water bills, but if that's the case, don't attend public meets if you cant even abide by basic hygiene ? Nasty grotty cow she is.

No. 293086

File: 1492429115339.jpg (95.47 KB, 960x540, IMG_3608.JPG)

Look at the back folds in the mirror, good god

No. 293087

File: 1492429423405.jpg (22.85 KB, 241x377, IMG_3609.JPG)

Sindy has never done that what are you talking about /sarcasm

No. 293089

File: 1492429459173.jpg (52.99 KB, 480x640, IMG_3610.JPG)

She's never posed in a provocative manner to get attention

No. 293090

File: 1492429478413.jpg (84.45 KB, 480x640, IMG_3611.JPG)


No. 293091

File: 1492429658734.jpg (481.33 KB, 908x2024, IMG_3614.JPG)

And then who can forget these train wrecks? Clearly, she is just trying to show her towel off.

No. 293092

File: 1492429736732.jpg (27.4 KB, 223x600, IMG_3613.JPG)

Still can't help but laugh at the sad saggy tits, she has actual granny knockers.

No. 293094

No amount of photoshop can hide that chin, she could climb mountains with it.

No. 293095

File: 1492429922276.jpg (127.26 KB, 720x960, IMG_3615.JPG)

She's backwards as fuck.

No. 293096

File: 1492429999881.jpg (463.92 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_3616.JPG)

No. 293112

She can say that we're jealous all she wants but I'd rather remain 145lbs with my boobs still perky than 95lbs with my tits at my knees

No. 293124

Fully agree, I'm skinny but I would actually hate myself if I looked like the malnourished junkie type of skinny she does.

No. 293125

LMFAO, She's trying to make them look bigger by pulling them together and it just looks like sacks of sand hanging from her chest , proper granny bangers there.
Is she in her 30s?

No. 293127

Someone take pity on this cow and buy her a decent bra , its clear she cant even afford a cheap £3 asda one.

No. 293132

Caitlin is truly a disgusting sack of flesh. No wonder she has no friends aside from Sindy Senpai

No. 293134

Her bras are from Primark and her mum used to buy them for her
Kinda clear they never properly fit her and as a result, saggy tits happened

No. 293151

What's her excuse now she lives by herself? She obviously think she looks good, if I went home with a girl and she looked like that with the shitty underwear I would feel catfished.

No. 293270


I wouldn't even go home with something that looked like that.
As someone who's met her in person, she looks exactly the same but without the odd angles she poses in for "muh scoliosis". She's rank in all the senses. She used to scrape her fingers through her hair and you could hear it snapping and her fingers would constantly get caught in it. She truly is disgusting. She definitely looks older than 25. She looks like my ex's malnourished mother at 50, who'd smoked since she was 13 and barely ate. She's got that African kid swollen stomach thing going on.

No. 293276

File: 1492455137725.jpg (506.57 KB, 1150x2048, IMG_3612.JPG)

Those bad patches aswell

No. 293290


I honestly don't know why she thinks she's even presentable, nevermind "beautiful" or "desirable". I've known a few desperate men that said they wouldn't go near that.

No. 293323

That time she wore chopsticks in her greasy hair then took them to eat a cake with, then licked them "clean" and put them back in her hair.

Remembering that gives me the heavy boke.

No. 293336

She has dandruff too, wouldn't that mean dead skin flake cake? Sweet lord

No. 293354


Bitch should just post her nudes to some sleazy website, get addicted to crack and OD.

No. 293364

That would be wishful thinking, she isn't pretty enough even for the junkies to spare 5p on her, nevermind anyone to pay her for her nudes.

No. 293368

Does anyone know where she regularly (if she has a regular place, that is) stays in Glasgow when she visits for cons? A bit worried considering she's staying within walking distance away from a close friend (that' she stalked in college).

No. 293384

Eurohostel maybe? seems like the only place she could afford. That or she's skeeving off Caitlin's pocket money

No. 293392

The only euro hostel is in the city centre, her current picture is The Royaume BnB on Victoria Road.

No. 293817


We don't usually get a hotell for Glasgow events except raicon. But because we loved the royaume so much we may make that our regular. Just depends on prices/distance

No. 293820

I'm really not interested in him lol. And I never was. Aren't you stalking me by wanting to know what places I'm staying at?
Not that I care.
But sadly we won't be in Glasgow for cons till raicon.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 293823

Why don't you do it, you clearly want it more

No. 293827

Oh great, it's back.
You were interested in him, you followed him around like a little puppy dog. The only reason you're saying that now is because he quite clearly doesn't give a shit about you >>286668 and will report you to the police if you go anywhere near him, which he's openly said.

No. 293838

We dont need to when you're so pathetically thirsty you put them up on FB to try and get asspats

No. 293839

Shut up your fanny is mad quivering for him, you are actually such a creep, literally like the girl in school who would sit and bark and meow at people and hiss at them, freak.

No. 293840

File: 1492508160100.png (76.67 KB, 640x800, IMG_3629.PNG)

Oh here we go with the elitism , clearly no one else can cosplay from the series.

No. 293841

File: 1492508203386.jpg (204.47 KB, 622x787, IMG_3607.JPG)

What an actual train wreck.
I genuinely would mistake you for a homeless crack head.

No. 293842

File: 1492508577998.png (118.67 KB, 640x839, IMG_3630.PNG)

Pretty sure its the Dalmeny Hotel.

Also the place looks like a squat with all the mismatch, its not nice at all.

No. 293856


It's definitely the Royaume BnB. It's the star bar that's across from it.

No. 293857

No. 293865

We stayed there and it was tacky as fuck. Booked out and went elsewhere for our stay.

No. 293873

File: 1492516885201.png (493.58 KB, 394x628, Untitled.png)

>>Has never played the original FFXIV, A Realm Reborn or Heavensward
>>Cosplaying Miqo'te in their scantily clad default outfit
>>But I never do anything for the sexual attention

No. 293874

Jfc it's like a 4 year old child scrawled out these rooms and they were brought into existence… so damn tacky. What are those carpets? what are those tiles?? the bathroom is green and blue ahahha

No. 293876

she will use the best, highest quality fabric of course /s

No. 293877

Okaysohe is doing this one just for attention, its pretty clear.

But I hope she does it, because i know shes going to look an absolute riot. I can have a laugh at her , this cow never stops.

No. 293887


It looks hideous. I had a look through it and wanted to claw my eyes out. What's with all the tiling?

No. 293888

quality street wrappers don't count

No. 293990

File: 1492535903472.png (89.04 KB, 1439x427, 20170418_181301.png)

>>gonna make this
>>lolno I'm making "inspired" versions

Either learn about the source and make one of the literal hundreds of armor and gear sets in the game or just admit you're doing it for the attention.

I have a lot of friends who are hard core into their FFXIV and the thing about the community is… It's very friendly and welcoming for veteran raiders and newcomers but posers and people pretending to like the content for the kudos and attention the cosplays bring are called out quickly. The community is fairly scathing when you make a complete tit of yourself. Which Sindy will do as soon as she opens her mouth

No. 293995

This really doesn't surprise me at all. I bet she won't even make it in the end. How many cosplays has she even done recently? For someone who wants to be cosfamous she's absolutely shit at actually working. Seems to be going down the JNig route despite claiming how much she hates her. How hilarious.

No. 294025

JNig is atleast attractive and has nice assets. Sindy has nothing redeeming about her.

No. 294805

File: 1492642825603.png (134.86 KB, 640x969, IMG_3638.PNG)

old but recently seen, she has never threatened anyone , are you sure?

No. 294806

File: 1492642887081.png (53.5 KB, 640x607, IMG_3636.PNG)

Need for backup?

No. 294809

File: 1492642993006.png (44.15 KB, 640x756, IMG_3635.PNG)

No. 294835

No. 294886

I was hopeful of new milk and all I get is stuff that was gone over in the last thread.

Newfags need to learn to lurk.

No. 294938


At least there's more people coming to the realisation that Sindy is in fact a humungous cunt. She's doing all the work for us.

No. 295027

I still can't get over her face. It looks like she's been run over by an automobile

No. 295301

Sage for kinda old, but whoever has recently edited the ED page has made it top notch.

No. 295471


You're welcome.

No. 295780

File: 1492772367099.png (90.2 KB, 626x848, IMG_3648.PNG)

I wonder who this is directed at then?
I assume that scraggy Sarah gunn

No. 295784

I thought that too when I saw it. Since she has such a hateboner for the lass.

No. 296183

The part I find the funniest is that Sarah has done plenty of other cosplays. Who cares if she keeps reposting her Jinx, at least she's not shitting on other cosplays unlike Sandy Crap.

No. 298651

File: 1493132589888.png (204.97 KB, 640x987, IMG_3672.PNG)

1/3 is she becoming self aware or is this more ass pats?

No. 298652

File: 1493132613360.png (198.37 KB, 640x978, IMG_3673.PNG)

No. 298653

File: 1493132640547.png (171 KB, 640x1002, IMG_3674.PNG)

No. 298655

After all that long winded word vomit shes still playing victim and not accepting half the shit she has done.
She involves herself in drama and drags people in, cunt.

No. 298965

File: 1493172127002.jpg (30.02 KB, 600x909, d63.jpg)


inb4 she comes back to shit up the thread/respond to all these posts via facebook

No. 299152

Nanashi is this weekend so chances are she'll throw hissy fits then. I got a bet down that she asks for the music to be turned down again.

No. 302316

Any milk, anon?

No. 307504

File: 1494274223095.jpg (184.89 KB, 714x960, wat.jpg)

Sage to not necro thread, because not 100% milk, but what the fuck is this? Has she finally become to triggered by everyone calling out her tracing that she's actually tried to draw something from scratch? He looks like he has microcephaly…

No. 307647

File: 1494287448083.png (134.99 KB, 637x888, IMG_3785.PNG)

Ah, so no wonder she traces.

No. 307706

Is that supposed to be Rikku behind him at the top? It offends my eyes.

And she wants to sell shit like this at conventions?

No. 308020

Why does he have shiny nipples? Is it Kill La Kill style or something?

No. 308022

File: 1494327047293.png (105.22 KB, 627x716, IMG_3786.PNG)

"scrapping old artwork"
She means removing her traced art work, right? I can never understand how an "artist" can be content with tracing someone else's work.

No. 308064

So..even though shes showed progression, showed step by steps, ya'all still on about she traces?
And heck why cant she sell at cons? Ive seen worst art sell. Its all open to interpretation..who you guys to judge? O..o these types of threads are cruel..

No. 308080

Are you new here? No one said she traced these, quite the opposite , saying its a distinct difference from her traced work?
Are you trying to throw her back under the bus because youre the only one saying she traced that?

No. 308081

She can't sell at cons because she was caught out tracing big time. Newfag

No. 308082

We can judge when its blatent traces of not only artwork, but ACTUAL cosplayers, and you know, not like people pay money for art, why should anyone pay her for her shitty traces?
Are you retarded or can you just not read?

No. 308092

She was caught tracing, tried to claim her art wasn't traced but just "referenced" despite her art lining up with other artists work, and then half admitted she asked the original artists for permission, never got any, but decided to sell her trace/"referenced" art anyway.
But sure, she can sell other peoples art at conventions all she wants, no bother, not like she's breaching copyright by doing so.

Also anyone can show "step by steps" and have still traced, all you need to do is draw the body's "form", then draw the rest over it because "progression"

No. 308095

File: 1494339024255.png (546.3 KB, 768x1024, image.png)

I screencapped this earlier but didn't get round to posting it. Seems she deleted it in the interim though.

Looks like she's still lurking here though. You'd have assumed she'd have given up and moved on since it was dead for a fortnight but seems not.

No. 308149

Le sigh
Wow..legit calling people 'fags' retards' etc aint exactly mature..no wonder people hide their names..
And several people have posted that shes traced- just look at what people have replied to what i just put?
Why does it even bother you people? If youre actually trying to prove shes a tracer why not go onto a buyers aware group or put all evidence together
I do not understand this type of thing to rip apart people- is this fun to you?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 308215

You really must be a newfag because people did compile the evidence in previous threads.

>I do not understand this type of thing to rip apart people- is this fun to you?
Don't realise where you are, right? That's half the point of lolcow.
Although you're probably one of those people reacting to her making a post about a "new thread" being made about her.

No. 308217

Fuck off Caitlin

No. 308335

>no wonder people hide their names
I mean aside from the fact it's against the rules to namefag unless there's a point to it? God your newfag-ness is showing

No. 308365

>>go to a beware group and put all the evidence together

You mean like this? http://art-theft.tumblr.com/post/132128846218/sindy-pop

And that's not even up to date. Her most recent traces are overlayed, GIF-ed and proven in the previous thread

No. 308368

What areally you gona do when you run oit of lies to spread, when people stop caring. Get over this vandetta. It's pathetic. Are your own lives really so worthless nitpicking on whether or not my newest artwork has shiny nipped is the only thing worth doing.

Your out on your asses with nothing to show. Spread your little lies all you want. You'll never be able to back them up. And anybody stupid enough to act on them is just as pathetic.

I'm not banned from selling artwork at any con. Deecon is a failure for involving itself in drama and inviting hasbien guests. With that said. Enjoy your night

No. 308373

And now that my tripod has arrived. You're welcome to watch my live streams and YouTube uploads

However if you start shit on the comments section you will get blocked. Assuming you even have the balls to start shit

My next stream is tonight at 9pm gmt+0

No. 308394

Way to miss the point. No one said your new art is traced but it's fucking awful compared to the old traced stuff proving that you didn't just "heavily reference" as no one drops in artistic ability that much in a few months.
Like good for you for not tracing, I genuinely mean that, and i hope to see you improve but maybe learn to read before going on a defensive rant. And learn to sage to stop this shit bumping: that goes for all the shit posters and newfags

No. 308401

File: 1494359347825.jpg (3.55 MB, 2760x1542, 20170505_133111-1.jpg)

I'm at a genuine loss to see where my old artwork looked better. Perhaps you should do a comparison of your own before going on a defensive rant. My <2016 artwork was horrific and cringe worthy. I'd be ashamed to sell any of them with such poor quality.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 308409

File: 1494360224498.jpg (808.69 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170509_210229.jpg)

Anatomically they were superior and the faces didn't imply that characters had strokes or FAS. The KH characters eyes are melting off his face.
Your grasp on color theory and pallete choices have always been questionable however

No. 308477

File: 1494364376536.png (54.35 KB, 146x139, helpme.png)

He looks like he's internally screaming.

No. 308530

But we have evidence to backup each claim made however.
Sit down junkie , and here I thought you had changed, way to show us you have not.

No. 308533

So other venues claiming you banned, you are not? Okay child.

No. 308538

But you did get banned from selling at DeeCon, so don't talk shite.

Also, you seem to try and give across that you don't care about these "little lies" but you come rushing to defend yourself whenever they pop up. Half your fans probably don't know or care that this thread exists until you point it out and rant about it. Why not be the bigger person and grow up and move on from lurking on lolcow? Or are you that drama thirsty?

No. 308967

File: 1494407805806.jpg (22.63 KB, 129x134, 20170510_101506.jpg)

His smile and optimism, gone

No. 308976

Really? Name those venues.

No. 308977

Those faces are no bigger than 3 square cm.

Do you know how hard it is to add detail to something so miniature? Their I'S such a thing as digital touch up. But if you had the fucking brains and patience you'd know that >>308538
Deecon is a failure of a con. But we'll see what happens next year

No. 308982

File: 1494410405178.jpg (2.76 MB, 1755x2848, 20170404_014234-1.jpg)

Different people have different face shapes. Back when I still drew in animu style. That was the way I drew my eyes.

And tbh my following has doubled since 2015. So really if you're trying to say my old art Is superior. You'd be one of a short list of people who be preferring I copied and redraw everything. Talk about counterproductive/contradictive

At the end if the day, you don't buy my work. So it's nonly business of yours what I draw or how it looks. You're never going to buy my work or contribute back to me so what then is the point in giving a shit about your opinion.

You say I never change. But neither do you. And don't worry about cons. I have more than enough evidence the work in sell is legitimate. And Thier are ALOT of cons. Some of which the orginizers and in are friends (not just towers I have other contacts)

So don't worry your little heads about me selling. You'll probabbly be seeing me around at those cons that don't care what people on here think.

No. 308986

To be honest half of you were threatening to boycott Rc and Dc if I sold at it, saying it was a shit con. And owner of that convention saw that post.

No. 308990

>you can critique my work but if you aren't going to buy it I don't need to listen to your opinion

If you're only going to listen to the opinion of people who buy your art, you're never going to get better skill wise, and your customer base won't expand much past those already buying stuff.

No. 309003

Omg that left arm. I cant.

No. 309010

Deecon is a failure yet has been running for around 8 years or so? Okay Sindy, whatever you think, your pedo friends convention is more likely to fail than deecon, youre just salty you got banned and no one has been banned from deecon before, how embarassing.

No. 309011

The owner of the convention now has all the evidence that you trace, you talk badly about conventions and harass and bully others.
Have fun explaining that.

No. 309013

Why does it look so shit and off centre?

No. 309018

I hear she was supposed to be banned from selling at the 2016 DeeCon but signed up under a different name and the organisers didn't realise it was her until she paid for it, which by then they saw as being too late?

But way to commit fraud just to sell shitty traced artwork, no wonder you're outright banned from DeeCon

No. 309033

Heard this also, like the time she got Rachel and Rachels mum to have a stall and protect her.

No. 309034

They also seen you slagging their staff, harassing and bullying staff, telling lies about the convention, and your autistic screech fest that followed.
The only thing you showed them was how unstable you are to socialize with normal convention attenders.

No. 309035

Not just towers you have other contacts.
I didnt know having a pedo on your side was a good thing, social suicide.
Lack morals, and not to mention we all know you lied about the abuse you apparently endured, another munchie here.

No. 309047

doubled from 1 useless lolcow to 2, great job

No. 309270

>Deecon is a failure for involving itself in drama and inviting hasbien guests

Not sure what drama your referring to. Going to guess that you getting busted trying to sell traced artwork was the "drama". Maybe if you don't want organisers to see how much of an embarrassment you are then you should probably stop posting your shitshow of a life all over the internet. Also, you having a personal vendetta against a competition judge does not constitute "has been" guests. You are so deluded that it's unreal. Get a fucking grip.

No. 309324

Not to mention her newly found hate boner for Dommy

No. 309339

Is she mad Blake is moving up in the cosplay world and she got dropped like a pile of shit , or?
Because all I sense is jealousy that Blake is going further than her.

No. 309344

At least Blake wouldn't mark someone down on their cosplay just because they have a vendetta against them.
Although I can imagine Sindy doing just that, which says a lot

No. 309417

I can imagine Sindy throwing a fit and refusing to do anything if someone she disliked entered, what a catty petty cunt she is, Blake is professional regardless how you look at it. Sindy , however, is a stumbling bumbling mess of an adult. And I use the word adult very loosely

No. 309645

is there a chance she's schizophrenic?

No. 309754

I bet you Franken traced the face on this because it looks pretty nice but the boobs arms hand and torso are pretty terrible and don't match the face at all.. just stop lying to yourself

No. 310160

the only thing worse than Sindy's art is her face. She looks like a monkey with down syndrome

No. 310477

File: 1494551217766.png (52.5 KB, 508x626, ohboy.png)

I mean, Caitlin must've been a great friend to this "Calvin", misgendering them and using their deadname to refer to them, obviously making you do the same. Because that's what really good friends do, right?

Or maybe Alex was just sick of that shit and Finn wasn't involved in the matter.
I'm also pretty sure they were never invited along to that drinking session in the park, but instead just decided to stalk Finn and their friends there. But that isn't actually illegal? You can drink around minors so long as the minor doesn't drink/you don't give the minor a drink.

And let's not get into the mushroom bullshit again, we covered that before, it's you're problem you're too dense to read and understand what was said.

No. 310892

Shrooms eating junkie lord?

Jesus she has a cheek to talk, and again, if shes wiccan, she should know what those mushrooms were and should know they are not the edible shrooms you can get. Im on Finns list and the shrooms they collected are traditionally used in medicine.

Well done Sindy for showing what a fake wiccan you are, along with the audacity to call someone else a junkie when you look like a junkies carpet.

No. 310894

Ah sindy, we knew you couldn't keep
out of shit, the milky cow returns

No. 310896

But she exposed herself in front of children in a play park?
Finn didn't take any underager with them? I love how she screeches when someone says lies about her and gives out untrue facts yet she deems it perfectly acceptable to do so to others.

Also didn't sindy rip into Caitlin not too long ago? Because thats what friends do. How desperate is Caitlin to keep her around? Is it because shes just as disliked now?

No. 310921

File: 1494589257317.png (32.26 KB, 501x390, ohboyohboy.png)

Even more new milk from the cow, her reply to my earlier >>310477

Funny little thing to point out, Sindy. I'm not Finn. Finn blocked you. They can't take screenshots of your posts to put on lolcow. And sure, you could try and argue that they could have blocked you, then unblocked you to take the screenshots, but then, they'd still have you unblocked because Facebook has a system where you have to wait weeks before blocking someone after you've just unblocked them.

It's cute you're taking the word of a 16 year old as absolute truth, and aren't assuming they could be lying because they're salty at Finn. Kids do that shit.

Also, this is Caitlin's friend, supposedly (or, is it ex friend like you tried to say in the first post?), so why isn't she doing the ranting? Unless you're also friends with a 16 year old, in which case that really says a lot about your mental age. No self respecting 25 year old would genuinely want to be friends with someone almost a decade younger than them unless there is something wrong with them.

Still misgendering Alex though, what a good friend. Couldn't even get the name right until you were corrected by someone who isn't even friends with the kid. But continue, no wonder she went running to Finn complaining about how horrible you and Caitlin were to her, and how you treated her like shit.

And considering Alex did her own set of bitching about Caitlin, would think it's less Finn changed how Alex felt about Caitlin, and more Alex wanted someone to rant to about how shitty their other friends were. It's not Finn's fault Alex was an immature little fuck and can't handle rejection, so went crying back to the old friends they used to bitch about. Talk about two faced. Goes from bitching about how fat Caitlin is, and how Caitlin broke a bed when she stayed over, to "wah, wah, Finn's a big meanie who shit talked you guys". Sounds like the kid has problems

But again, I'm not Finn, they've still got you blocked. Nice try though. You're taking the word of a 16 year old who is apparently no longer Caitlin's friend but is friends enough to come running back crying to bitch about someone at face value, and immediately accusing the person they're bitching about of being a bad person, when, gasp the 16 year old might actually be lying to get back at someone.

No. 310935

File: 1494591530404.png (22.74 KB, 502x278, howmanyohboys.png)

It continues.
Just admit you love the drama, Sindy.

Still at it with the misgendering though, what a wonderful friend, no wonder she went bitching to other people about you guys. I do have screenshots of how obsessed the kid was with Finn, and the kind of stuff they said about Caitlin to them if you're desperate. I'll even admit, Finn knows who I am, I asked them to see some solid evidence and all that.

No. 310939

File: 1494591748855.jpg (28.63 KB, 634x502, 18447863_658176001054039_12243…)

Saging because they aren't totally relevant to Sindy herself, and also because of how many (don't wanna spam)


No. 310940

File: 1494591769723.jpg (14.89 KB, 640x248, 18492157_658175997720706_31732…)


No. 310941

File: 1494591787735.jpg (44.87 KB, 573x960, 18471290_658176011054038_32575…)


No. 310942

File: 1494591808952.jpg (41.29 KB, 540x960, 18470968_658176117720694_46375…)


No. 310943

File: 1494591832042.jpg (40.39 KB, 540x960, 18492911_658176114387361_12333…)


No. 310947

Ah Sindy , you never fail to let us down, and here I thought you grew up and changed. But youre still the same gullible pitiful cow as usual.

No. 310950

Coulda just ignored the issue and been like "ok sure, they're bitching about me, but I'm bigger than that and I don't care" and just moved on and not interacted with the drama, but no, Sindy has to call someone out based on the word of one person.

So much for all her old defenders saying Sindy didn't involve herself in drama, other people dragged her into it instead. Seems more like she jumped right into the deep end on her own this time.

No. 311239

File: 1494614725313.png (25.42 KB, 490x486, funny that....png)

Googling her quote came back with nothing so it seems like she pulled that bit out her ass. Always so salty about Obayed.

But it's funny, I looked up and compared his twitter, instagram, and even just his normal Facebook to yours, and he always has more followers than you on the respective platform. And more followers than your cosplay page each time.

No. 311308

File: 1494617777640.png (117.86 KB, 640x935, IMG_3835.PNG)

I just noticed….. in the first photo, why has she used a hair clip at her tits? Because the cosplay is too big and shes as flat as an indent?

No. 311310

File: 1494617808138.jpg (74.46 KB, 583x720, IMG_3836.JPG)