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File: 1490054741411.png (439.37 KB, 503x593, classy toopooh.png)

No. 273904

for all the wannabe-ghetto thots who parade around insta like they're hard when they live off mommy and daddy and would be torn to shreds on the actual streets.

starting with queen stanky pussy, toopoor.

No. 273905

also i know TP already has her own thread so this can just be about general dramawhore thots on insta. i don't know too many others by name so feel free to post whoevre

No. 273908

File: 1490055092461.png (631.45 KB, 479x594, who.png)

tp keeps posing with this chick hotelshrimp and she has a bizarrely misshapen ogre-like face just like her

No. 273912

File: 1490055302495.png (631.53 KB, 594x596, inbred.png)

kreayshawn, another of tp's bffs. ugly white girl who likes to use the n-word in her shitty rap songs.

No. 273952

Oh fuck, she looks like kiki with a smaller nose

No. 273957

And better lips than Kiki.

No. 273965

I still follow kreayshawn from her one hit wonder days and I'm really too lazy to hit unfollow on insta. all awful fashion aside she seems pretty decent and loves/actually takes care of her kid. only really drinks and smokes weed.

No. 273985

queen stanky pussy lmaooooooooo

No. 274094

I love kreayshawn tbh

No. 274427

File: 1490130249650.png (1.48 MB, 1866x1190, Screen Shot 2017-03-21 at 21.0…)

why does she repulse me so much more than the rest? is it the lips? the body? the personality? the shitty dj sets? i can't tell

No. 274434

Jfc, she looks like a goddamn wendigo. Those sad little booty cheeks could probably chisel through stone.

No. 274477

File: 1490134741209.png (585.2 KB, 840x589, fds.png)


does this yt seriously think that shit is smth to brag about listening to

she looks a little inbred though, kinda like the rest of these girls

No. 274509

omg important question
There were two girls, a blonde and a brunette who used to date and were part of this LA trash clique, hollixquinn and all that. Brunette was addicted to xan and kind of looks like a young Joan Jett, the blonde one is complete weeb trash, fetishizes lolis to hell and back and loves Rillakuma. They used to post pictures of Vanilla and Chocola and say it was them. While they were a couple, they had an instagram account just for their cute uguu pics. They broke it off and used IG to be petty and comment petty shit on each other's posts afterwards. Brunette left LA and started to date a drug dealer(and boast about it), blonde moved on and started to date a hispanic pseudo-photographer hipster-weeb hybrid. ANY OF YOU KNOW THEIR WHEREABOUTS? CURRENT TEA??? they were hilarious. I lost my IG account a year ago and couldn't remember their @s

bonus point if you guys also know about:

-fat stoner with saggy tits the brunette gal had major beef with, she a cheater
-ana girl with alpine cheekbones, also a xan addict who left her abusive home to get shelter in her cheating and abusive bf's home to be kicked out 1 day later, to wander around(and be kicked out of)mcdonalds regularly. begged for follower's paypal cash, said everyfuckingday that she would OD.

No. 274858

>fat stoner with saggy tits
could be paige/angelicexpression on tumblr? her url used to be amphetamineangel and she was involved in all the athena drama when she passed away because i guess they were close. i know she had beef with holli and @poutybrat on ig and a lot of these girls

No. 274869

>she looks like a goddamn wendigo
not sure if the sound i just made is better classed as a laugh or a bark but it hurt

No. 274938

File: 1490167408503.jpg (55.4 KB, 500x500, 05278729-F059-4833-A791-E8D903…)

tbh everything about lilithlevisis is cringey as FUCK to me, especially her ever-changing waist to ass ratio that she tries to 'justify' with really short video clips. she had a pull thread that went more in-depth but god i can't believe how obvious some of the pictures were like her fans must be so dense

on that note i kinda miss holli quinn's internet presence it was a lot more obnoxious and milky

No. 274939

File: 1490167690215.png (587.63 KB, 872x562, comm.png)

communi.cator AKA Mia Kerin on IG is a whole new level of ghetto edgelord. She posts weird ass videos of her dancing in her underwear, and people think its art for some reason.

No. 274943

she's a qt tbh

No. 275018

I swear all of these insta girls start to look alike

No. 275023

I wouldn't say she has that trashy "ghetto" aesthetic these other girls have but she is your typical tryhard creative.

I feel like her actual content has become more trashy in the past few months though.

No. 275031

Damn, haven't followed her in a while, she looks rough! How old is she now?

No. 275039

She is (was?) dating Richard Kern who is a pervy NYC photographer and is like 70 yrs old

No. 275040

Nightcoregirl's dad is Jim Prentice, the former premier of Alberta who died in a plane crash.

Tbh I feel jealous that she can move from Mexico City to Berlin like it's nothing, but she also wasted away whatever opportunities having a politician dad offered.

No. 275042

Mia is smart and not problematic, she was apparently diagnosed with Aspergers (lol).

I do take issue with the fact that she claims to hate drugs but was consistently on Xanax and other shit like 4 years ago?

No. 275093

She strikes me as the type of person that when asked what she loves about her 70 yrs old boyfriend will say "his soul"

No. 275098

tp … makes me feel like she was called TOILET PAPER WHICH IS AMAZING

No. 275103

She actually never said the n word in any of her songs, it was v-nasty who did that and people just get them mixed up. Unless she did something new that I missed. Kreayshawn is a pretty decent person. And she actually grew up in the hood, in near squalor. She has video proof on her YouTube channel, I'm not sure if it's still there. She briefly went to school in my hometown and I know a lot of people who remember her. She is also half Mongolian, so not all white.

No. 275172

Calling normal looking white girls ugly, ogre-like, and inbred-looking smells really fishy regardless of how stupid they are. The salt.

No. 275188

Were you posted in here, anon?

No. 275236

Lol she is a hypocrite.
She made fun of people who took her Instagram seriously because she used it to exhibit a "fake persona" for the sake of art.
Unfortunately it seems Instagram has consumed her entire life and she has lost her sense of direction.

No. 275568

people getting sober is a thing anon

No. 275817

Smart she may be but posting videos of herself sucking on someone's old man foot and urinating would suggest otherwise. I remember a few years ago that wannabe J-idol Yukapon got fire for posting a pee vid. Now it's so artistic, aesthetic and quirky uwu. A lot of people I follow also follow her so her posts never fail to pop up, ijdg the appeal.

No. 275848


Chick who got arrested awhile back in FL, couldn't find normal jobs so she moved to Thailand to be a "sex worker." Her instagram stories are some of the most cringe-worthy attempts at being sexy. Kind of boring overall but she clearly lives off her parents money.

No. 275944

How is that fishy?

Some of them have neanderthal heads too like hotelshrimp, lookin like a Hartley hooligan

No. 276006

No that's TP

No. 276549


pretty sure the second one is referring to natalia /paintdeath
she doesnt do much anymore tbh

No. 276566

Ugly, ogre-like inbred detected

No. 276569

I like her. I don't think she ever said the n word in a song?

No. 276570

she hasn't.

No. 276612

File: 1490392988224.png (1.47 MB, 1440x2073, Screenshot_2017-03-24-16-49-14…)

anyone know if yungelita's done anything milky? she posts some embarrassing, edgy nudes/videos of her dancing with knives and sometimes she posts gore on her story.

Also, why does she have so many followers? Just the ~pale, lolita~ aesthetic? She's the epitome of a butterface, plus her tits are weird

No. 276615

She has so many followers because most of her pictures are of her practically naked. Vast majority of her followers are definitely creepy dudes whacking it to her underwear photos

No. 276617

Her answers to her asks on tumblr are embarrassing as hell. And apparently she is just another regularly ass american girl pretending to be russian/east european.

No. 276621

Shes from Newfoundland which is an isolated province on the east coast of Canada lol

No. 276623

>>276570 >>276569

i think that anon might be confusing her with her (former) friends/white girl mob members lil debbie & v nasty

No. 276632

File: 1490395650340.png (808.22 KB, 1440x2473, Screenshot_2017-03-24-17-44-25…)

just found her old twitter, lmao this shit is even worse than Ginger

No. 276640

File: 1490396487430.png (1.58 MB, 1125x2001, IMG_1386.PNG)

@poutybrat definitely deserves to be here. Recently did a stint in rehab for her heroin addiction~ then got fat. Always screeching on IG about how she's a "healthy" weight now.

Literally doesn't appear to do anything with her life other than smoke pot and post her "artsy" shit on social media. Maybe does some "modelling" occasionally, but it's usually for some other edgy IG hoe, or one of those god awful tumblarina fashion brands.

No. 276645

Really? I didn't know she had drama I actually have a insta crush on her lol

No. 276659

File: 1490397785947.jpg (125.19 KB, 595x325, twins.jpg)

She looks like a trans Justin Long.

No. 276671

I love kreay, I listen to her podcast and she's so funny and cute. She doesn't deserve to be in this thread.

No. 276681

File: 1490399350083.jpg (44.83 KB, 400x400, IMG_3168.JPG)

Does anyone remember xanaxprincess aka Athena Baumeister? She was part of the hollixquinn crowd and she died of an overdose when she was only 16. She had a very wealthy dad and was in a couple low budget films. We were the same age and I looked up to her for some dumb reason.

No. 276687

What I hate hate the most about her death is how easily it could have been avoided.
I fucking hate the xanax/heroin chic culture that tumblr and instagram seemed to bring back from the 90s… it has taken many lives and ruined many others.
It's not cute, never will be.
It's sad and pathetic.

No. 276741

Her face kinda reminds me of Nicolas Cage

No. 276754


well, she is pro-pedophilia.

No. 276781

well yeah, but girls like that come a dime a dozen now. especially on tumblr/ig.

No. 276807

Yep, holli killed her by giving her either a bad shot or a too potent shot.

No. 276841

Where's the evidence of that cuz I've seen it mentioned several times but no proof

No. 276865

textbook definition of butterface
her real name is Emma Harvey and she goes by Elita Harkov lol

No. 276899

oh shit really? I'd love proof of this too if there is any. i remember finding out about athena like a few months ago and i had no idea she was actually friends with holli/ lilith/ all those instahoes. god i mean i hate their grimy look/ glamorizing trashy drug use/ rly obvious photoshopping but i didn't think they had milk beyond that

No. 276905

File: 1490423372622.jpg (246.8 KB, 1524x2339, IMG_3170.JPG)

I did a little digging and I found out her dad wrote this book, pretty ironic.

No. 276917

yeah her parents are both psychology professors so that makes her death all the more sad/ironic

No. 277195

pretty sure she modeled for limecrime and was in a melanie martinez music video, that could explain a lot of the follower count. i once saw another thread about her on some other website in which someone who claimed to know her irl said she got a tit job so maybe thats why, comparing older pictures to recent ones id believe it

No. 277202

half mongolian? i thought she was just russian-jewish, i remember her mentioning that a few times

No. 277205

Her and Ginger Bronson both had/have affluent psychologists for parents. Strange correlation.

No. 277208

File: 1490473271855.jpeg (42.35 KB, 225x400, tumblr_ob4cu4dXa41re9w8fo8_250…)

Found this on Tumblr.

No. 277209

File: 1490473286427.jpeg (94.71 KB, 423x750, tumblr_ob4cu4dXa41re9w8fo7_500…)

No. 277218

Who tf is Paige ?

No. 277234

No. 277240

File: 1490475259504.png (211.01 KB, 750x1193, IMG_2166.PNG)

Some basic bitch with 200 followers?

No. 277253

File: 1490476284424.jpeg (128.97 KB, 540x720, tumblr_n43wxmwEoN1rrtemvo1_540…)

She has lots of pictures with her and Athena, so I don't doubt they were friends.

No. 277254

File: 1490476674105.jpeg (30.65 KB, 350x538, Athena-Baumeister-001.jpeg)

Tbh the juxtaposition between the way she's portrayed in the press vs. the more "personal" photos of her from Tumblr is interesting. She looks so normal and healthy here.

No. 277256

File: 1490476758262.jpeg (78.87 KB, 768x1024, tumblr_n547qhqlXd1rt0svfo1_128…)

Meanwhile on Tumblr

No. 277260

wait is that a thing now? since when is being a slav a good thing?

No. 277265

it's super popular to have a poorly translated name and google translate captions to go with their photoshopped jawline and lip injections. idk whether being slav is good or bad, rather its just ~exotic~ like when weebs are somehow half japanese

No. 277277

well yeah didn't they also not mention her cause of death in articles written about her?

No. 277325

Athena was an actress??

No. 277336

I guess people like her do tend to wear a lot of adidas, love knives (? b/c they're edgy & cool ?), and like looking/acting super trashy, which are all gopnik stereotypes.

No. 277551

People seem to think Russian girls have some sort of edge and mystery that most Western girls don't. In terms of yungelita, she seems to try to emulate Russian girls like @hofmanita and @lopholora

Some girls take it further than just edgy captions and "slav aesthetic" though, you probably already know about Sasha Vladimirovna/Jennifer Garcia.

No. 277732

She looks like a young Hillary Clinton. Sage because useless comment

No. 278845

File: 1490661391490.png (1.6 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2201.PNG)

lol what? Can't she just say she was lying? They can't take her unless they're committing her which means she had an episode wtf is this

No. 278862

>Sasha Vladimirovna/Jennifer Garcia
!!! Is that the girl with the cardboard box jaw and the fuck ugly baboon butt lips?? Whatever happened to her?

No. 278921

She has seemed to stop pretending to be Russian, has calmed down with the photoshop, dabbled in femdom/porn, still an attention whore.

The thread about her on PULL pretty much covers her every movement.

No. 279297

File: 1490719952759.png (288.85 KB, 1708x1460, A REAL PERSON.png)

Oh wow she's sperging over on PULL, talking about legal action too.

I wonder if she'll find this thread.

No. 279491

well a sperg from pull just cowtipped so it's only a matter of time

No. 279734

a few people in that thread were pointing out how much easier on people PULL tends to be compared to lolcow/ kiwifarms, and if she's losing it NOW then wait til she finds out she's been mentioned in like, at least three different threads on here. can't wait for her to stumble over here and yell about her big scary lawyer daddy

No. 279907

i don't know if she will tbh, she found PULL because it mentions her real name, Clare Buley
it shows up on the first page of the google results, this doesn't.. yet

No. 284149

I still remember when it happened 3 years ago.
You really shouldn't assume things like that. Her friends said it was a xanax/oxy od. She was addicted to xanax and cocaine, and regularly mixed a lot of different pills. I followed her blog before she passed and saw nothing about heroin.
When I followed her, she said her dad had a mistress who was nicer to her than he ever was. They had a lot of money and she moved to LA to do acting. When she was 14 she got raped/beaten many times by someone she worked with and he made her do shit like bring food her mom cooked for her to his house.
Athena was her best friend, unfortunately. Paige is a shitty tweaker, In/out of rehab, constantly on shit like heroin and xanax. Has all the qualities of an addict.

No. 298754


Untrue, EMS has no direct link to the hospital they are taking someone to, their only job is to get/convince/coerce the person they are dealing to go to the hospital. Actually she has the option to refuse to comply with EMS because they do not have the right take someone against their will unless the person is saying they are suicidal even if they are injuring themselves. Once she got the hospital she also had the option to refuse them admit her but she clearly didn't do that so now the state is going to charge her $5,000-7000 even if they just lectured her dumb ass for five minutes and let her go without rendering any services. Her parents will have to pay in full so it doesn't fuck up her ability to get health insurance for the rest of her life, they may not realize that tho unless someone close to the family is in healthcare. Ironically Im sure the person who called is another retarded rich tumblrina friend who thought they were genuinely helping her

No. 301942

omg aha i remember this girl from like 5 years ago on tumblr. she's a qt hapa who likes swans and david bowie and actually had a sense of fashion that looked classic and individual. i'm actually kind of sad to see all this 2edgy cam girl japanese loli porn aesthetic shit on her instagram. really thought she would lead a quiet life studying liberal arts or whatever

No. 308979

File: 1494409867689.png (1.69 MB, 1680x1196, Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 4.46…)

I'm genuinely surprised that out of this entire group, Too Poor is the one truly going the way of the cow. I was expecting it from this one, personally.

No. 309005

>for that swimsuit

No. 309080

File: 1494423839287.png (1.48 MB, 1674x1186, Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 8.42…)

The comments are killing me.

No. 309086

I thought this girl was just fucked up from famous-dead-dead issues, but apparently he passed away less than a year ago, so I don't know what explains…this.

No. 309117

Wait what?

No. 309130


This woman's face and body scare me.

No. 309233

File: 1494431876942.png (554.95 KB, 861x603, sad trombone noise.png)

just added an extra ten kilos to my squat in memory of this girl's tiny sad ass

No. 309352

That ass looks weirdly edited

No. 309379

File: 1494443633419.jpg (5.45 KB, 224x224, dota.jpg)

>the tags on the bra

No. 310386

her father is Jim Prentice

No. 313341

File: 1494867359929.jpg (662.46 KB, 2048x2048, D80F6FA7-FAE9-4ECB-9CBB-971ABF…)

Watching Lauryn Lawler try to squirm into these girls' skinsuits is hilarious.

No. 313672

Ugh did she really copy the exact tattoo in the exact location?

Dumb idea, Lauryn. Sybil publicly sperged out on Holli for copying her spider tattoos like a year ago, and Holli already had social capital in that crowd. If you actually wanted to impress her, you just failed.

No. 314031

What is wrong with this girl? Serious question.

Every time I see her she's trying to jump onto someone else's identity. Reminds me of Mila Mortice. This shit doesn't seem normal.

No. 314068

funny you lot, my instagram account is private af lol obv someone associated with ngc crowd is posting about me on here, i have already given ncg praise on her tattoos before on twitter and the tattoo itself is getting covered up next week chill down bitches

No. 314074

>>Chill down bitches

Everyone is chill though? Except for you with "your" tattoo lmao

No. 314084

it's not a case of impressing anybody tbf, admittedly i do feel like having this tattoo was wrong for that reason because i have came past a couple of photos of ncg's tattoos on ig discovery before, theme wise i thought it would have been a good tattoo for this arm because idealistically i wanted HQ and the joker tatted there along with other joker-like characters i admire such as kefka but i have changed my plans on what i want tattooed there now… yes sounds hilarious but i like to see what goes with me or not and i have had many tattoos removed and covered up its no big deal and i am not trying to push her off the hill for "whos tatt is better" or get recognised by ncg, her tattoos are awesome and she is very pretty with a good talent in music but i do not follow her and in general she does not interest me….

i came here to check out embers thread and I whizzed past this one smirking at the photo of me in the bath lo, yeah i'm a little surprised to see myself back again but under a different thread insta-hoes…lmfao and getting spoke about on this forum again but whoever you may be that made these posts in defense for ngc i deeply apologise for her and whoever it offends.

and one more thing because i'm getting bored i'm not trying to get famous, i'm not trying to be "relevant"… that's why i post under a private control… but it doesn't matter because i am careful with who i chose to follow and already blocked a few suspects ahah…

No. 314090

No. 314099

tbh I don't know who you are, but your English/grammar is the most confusing thing ever.

No. 314101

yeah sorry i'm not fully english tbf :p

No. 314160

Don't kid yourself Lauryn, no one in her crew is paying that much attention to you. I posted you, and I have nothing to do with her.

No. 314192

Fair enough haha but I'm more concerned about you posting about me…. like I knew I had this coming and I should have been faster about deleting the image. I have already been booked for a cover up so why bring me up after people on this stating that it's pointless talking about me? I have sent an apology to Sybil and I am literally not trying to get fame or attention and you should obviously see that with my Instagram being private? I think you've made a shitty move by posting images that are supposed to be unseen to other websites, I stick on private just so my images don't end up anywhere to protect myself…. like aren't you aware of those terms?

No. 314201

It's really weird how you seem to actively continue to lurk here after all this time.
PS: Does Sybil's asshole smell as good as Anca's did?

No. 314227

Let me just let you in on some true facts.
During the time when my awful experience of copying Dakota Rose all happened, I stupidly posted one of my pics on my Facebook for school friends with the watermark of my tumblr on there… then my tumblr and the old PULL got large insidight coming from the people who attended my high school… this invited active bullies from my school to bully and lurk on me….

When I got to know about lolcow however, I searched my full name on google and my thread on PT came up. Again, shit was happening between the Mila incident on ask.fm and it was linked to my Facebook and this enabled people from my city and high school to keep up to date with the new drama…. then my ex…. got to know all about this website and when he dumped me before prom he was lurking on these threads and he has admitted about shitposting….. I hope you understand how much this is a big deal to me… but I have recognised my ex's posts on my thread before because he is always tormenting me about the time I was gonna move to Finland, he even makes false Instagram accounts too and I can't stop him. I don't lurk on other threads I am literally paranoid of my ex posting personal information abour me….

No. 314261

then delete your instagram and start a new one without your number ("let people find me by my phone number" turned off), etc. attached to it and stop whining. it's always possible to start over completely, but you love the attention too much.

No. 314272

This, and learn to be your own person for once. This trend-surfing/copycat thing you do is absurd.

No. 314276

Girl you're white as mayo stop trying to be special. You're just inbred af.

No. 330941

File: 1496863296050.png (557.27 KB, 1280x720, dr.png)

Hells naw! You can't do that to my girl, Kreay. She's actually for real cool and doesn't deserve to be in this thread.

Maybe back in her one-hit wonder days when she let the fame get to her head, but she's way chill now.

No. 330953

you necro'd a thread just to sperg like this

No. 338519

Y'all are lame as fuck
And Holli needs to get her ass off this thread and stop posting convos we had because she's the most pathetic piece of shit I've ever had the displeasure of knowing

No. 338532

Good job putting your name and user on here for everyone to see! If you hadn't necroed this thread, nobody would care. Keep your goff drama to Insta unless it's related to Too Lame, thanks.

No. 338592

Obviously this shits still relevant if there was a reply like 2 hours after I posted it.
Seriously tho this whole thread is pure comedy. Thanks for da laughs

No. 338602

i like kreay too. happy to see her narrating a vice party legend recently. ;;

No. 338621

She's a good mom too, I think she quit her former party lifestyle for him.

No. 339657

I love when horserace girls starve themselves and adopt a ridiculous persona just to get laid omfg.

No. 339668

omfg why are you such a fucking dumb ass - how did you reason getting the tattoo in the first place? No one cares about you being weak and covering it up now and ~~~deeply apologizing to those it offends, no one cares. If you have the balls to be such a fucking desperate weirdo to directly copy someone's permanent tattoo you might as well run with it. Get some real help and log off.

And also just because tattoos are "no big deal" to you doesn't give you any right to rip off someone else's permanent body work that's on their own skin forever. That's not yours to take you stupid bitch.

No. 339671

>like I knew I had this coming

Just make your shit public and embrace it. You know this is the only place for you.

No. 339682

File a restraining order or something on your ex and go to therapy and get over all this shit. You did dumb shit on the internet, everyone does stupid things in high school, but you did do some ridiculous shit. Grow up and let it make you stronger and learn to laugh at it. Your ex is a little bitch, same with the bullies, and everyone on here is just looking for a laugh. You have an extremely obvious self esteem issue that will only get worse if you don't address it.

Stop blaming the internet for finding some dumb shit you chose to do publicly funny. This isn't our fault and you lurk here because you obviously find it funny when others do it too. Again you need to grow the fuck up and stop taking the internet so god damn seriously. Become a better person and go accomplish some shit, that's the only way anyone embraces you here. Toughen up.

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