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File: 1491978210804.png (72.58 KB, 908x213, Screen Shot 2017-04-11 at 11.2…)

No. 289719

last thread: >>200110

incel: involuntary celibate, dudes who, depsite wanting love and sex, can't get any for reasons that are beyond them.

also let's open this thread up to other people in the whiny piss baby section of the manosphere, aka /r/mgtow and /r/hapas (i know it had a thread, but it flopped).

subs to get milk/screencaps from:

if an incel or anyone from this circle of fuck comes, do not reply to them

No. 289729

It's like a twisted version of Tumblr's oppression Olympics.

No. 289746

Well the Irish were oppressed in many ways, but him being a pasty little bitch is not one of them my god

No. 289751

As an entirely Irish girl let me assure you fucking nobody here thinks that way,what a pissbaby, I have secondhand embarrassment

No. 289755

File: 1491991683459.png (35.18 KB, 369x236, 2017-04-12 06.05.55.png)

An incel convinced a friend to fuck him. But now his madonna-whore complex is showing.

No. 289760

An incel explains why he only likes virgins: https://www.reddit.com/r/Incels/comments/63gjw1/this_is_why_incelvirgin_men_want_a_virgin_female/ it is very long, so I will quote the best parts:

>Exclusivity. Fucking exclusivity. What is the point in having a relationship with a female who has opened her legs to scores of different men? All this says is that she has low standards, and that the only reason you're getting laid is because of this female's low standards or momentary desperation.

>Where is the intimacy in a relationship if the female has swallowed the semen of a dozen men before you've even kissed her?

>Allow me to illustrate: imagine you live in a society where owning a certain crystal is of immense social importance. If you own this crystal, you want to tell people about it, they will be happy that you have it, and they will desire it themselves because it's so rare and valuable. You following?

>Now imagine such a society in which suddenly everybody has the crystal. It would lose all meaning and value. It's not exclusive any more. Everybody has the crystal. So what? If everybody's special, then nobody is special, because concerns pertaining to value are relative to demand and availability.

>Replace the crystal with a significant other. If your significant other has fucked scores of other men before, what's the point? She knows what it's like to fuck other (and better) men. Other men know what it's like to share the most intimate thing two people can share together. If she's shared such an intimate thing with so many people, how can you say it's valuable or meaningful any more? What's so valuable or meaningful if she'll just fuck anything?

Tl;Dr keep your jack off crystals too yourself

No. 289761

No. 289768

Ireland and Irish people have had it a lot, lot worse in the past. If this had been written 100+ years ago then I would take him more seriously. As is, it just reeks of self-defeatism and excuse-making.

No. 289794

I don't get how incels can balance this belief of women as "used up" (or becoming magically "roastie") after sex with their same belief that a women just opens their legs and does nothing. If the woman is so passive aside from being a slave to chad's cock, how it their fault and not the man? But it's still women's fault that incels are somehow slaves to pussy? How come a man's dick doesn't get 'used up'?
I wonder if things would be different if they came from families where their parents joked about their former highschool relationships or whatever. But then I remember that r9k thinking is a plague defying all rational explanation like >>288632

Wow it's almost like attaining consensual sex won't magically fix him after all whodathunkit

No. 289798

I don't understand where the dichotomy of virgin/slut comes from. What do they think of women who have only had sex within relationships? What about a widow who only ever had sex with her husband? His weird magical crystal world analogy also cements this weird dichotomy that either a woman has never had sex or has had sex with literally everybody.

No. 289802

Wow this is really triggering. I'm guessing by "Irish" he means "Irish-American". Would it kill these people to open a history book?

Surely this is bait? It has to be bait, right?

No. 289807

File: 1492001716304.png (353.79 KB, 1242x1280, IMG_4301.PNG)

turns out this post is about /u/iamhopeless265 who, despite looking like your average scene kid was convinced he was ugly lol

No. 289812

thegambler isn't an incel, just insane. but anyway he just made a post that's a follow up because he doesn't know what to do during sex lol

No. 289820

It's how some people negotiate sexuality, I think. I don't think it has anything to do with women at all, but with a lack of sexually and emotionally mature male role models, leading to externalising integral parts of one's personality: the fear of being transformed, the fear of leaving behind their idiotic infancy, the fear of failure. It's Jungian.

No. 289878

Wouldn't it just benefit all of them then if they just removed themselves from the genepool? I mean, once they've slept with the idea of their "perfect woman" themselves; those perfect women would be "tainted and used" for life after that anyway, right?

They're not going to be wanted by other incels because they've already been "used" by their logic, their fucked up mindset GUARANTEES that any relationship won't ever last… so shouldn't they be doing the world a favor and kill themselves considering they're fucking up the chances of other incels from ever getting their perfect woman by taking their virginities for themselves to begin with?

Just a thought.

No. 289881

File: 1492012914856.jpg (71.5 KB, 480x506, jerk-off-crystal-for-bros-1407…)

>>Tl;Dr keep your jack off crystals to yourself

No. 289912

File: 1492016772555.png (58.77 KB, 931x169, Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 10.0…)

women don't sneeze

No. 289928

The way he's wording it though leads me to believe he's one of those nasty pieces of shit that inhale and gargle their own snot after sneezing in front of everyone, and expects everyone not to be repulsed by it.

No. 289929

What disgusts me worst about this attitude is they apply this same (completely flawed) logic to rape victims.

Holy shit.

No. 289934

For people with such low self esteem, they sure think that everyone notices them. Like, no one gives a shit if you sneeze. No one gives a shit at all.

A bunch of them have turned on /u/iamhopeless since he isn't an incel anymore. They can't even be happy for their "friends"

No. 289968

File: 1492023561342.png (82.16 KB, 777x359, Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 11.5…)

hey what's up /u/basedtruecel and /u/throwaway34642665941, how are you guys doing?

No. 289976

For those who were asking last thread - fisherkek looks like a normal guy, I thought he was kinda attractive. Tired eyes / messy hair / the full paranoid "I haven't went outside in months" incel set. I don't wanna post pics tho because I don't wanna face the autism if he finds out

No. 289984

Let the double standards begin
>Literally any woman will do, I'm subhuman!
>But not those fat whale gamer reddit users on lolcow amirite boiz

He'll find out either way, those guys have nothing better to do than google their usernames and eventually start trying to 'raid' us when the above post catches on some more

No. 289997

They're late to the party. Some of their subreddit already tried "raiding" here back during the first thread, but instead of "raiding" here; they were desperately trying to pick up random farmers.

No. 290676

File: 1492121386489.png (19.02 KB, 368x159, 2017-04-13 17.58.08.png)

Apparently another incel has been permabanned for inciting violence

No. 290677

File: 1492121428433.png (42.93 KB, 368x246, 2017-04-13 18.05.41.png)

>I'm bedazzled

No. 290678

Tbh they have a tendency of being cripplingly ugly

No. 290680

File: 1492122166957.png (63.81 KB, 365x446, 2017-04-13 18.19.44.png)

>tricksy women…using makeup to hide their skull shapes

No. 290682

File: 1492122451218.png (125.37 KB, 983x387, Screen Shot 2017-04-13 at 3.26…)

another "women have no hobbies!!!" post

seriously, when are they going to realize that that this is just going to keep happening, but they often blame it on them being incel

No. 290755

This moron thinking Bodies that arent done growing are more fertile than adults lmao, disgusting pedos everywhere i swear

No. 291361

their delusion amazes me

No. 291394

I'm still not seeing the irony or whatever about using social media, and not centering one's life around sex. But whatever they need to tell themselves.

No. 291488

>>When did you last see a young woman in the library reading a book?
>>Pretending as if he leaves the house that often to make said observation
And how does he find out about Syria? What are the chances its via Reddit? Those who never leave their glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

No. 291501

He acts as if he knows a lot about the behavior of women on social media for someone who claims to be above spending significant time on social media.

No. 291502

What's with the obsession with r/incels? - an r/incels user(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 291506

>Imagine owning a crystal absolutely no one one want. No one even seems to want to glance at a crystal. They all seem almost disgusted by the crystal. They'll go out of their way to escape its presence.
Thanks to this incredible crystal allegory, I now know how being an incel is.

No. 291508

ban_collector explains why he hates women:

>A mouse will hate the cat that tears it's body apart, a penguin cuck will hate the stronger male that steals it's woman and home, and for human males in the 1st world, the force determining if they can reproduce or not is nearly always the preferences and high standards of women.

>women completely choose whether they want to reproduce because dick is so cheap and abundant.

>Some will also say you can't hate someone for inaction, only for action. First of all this is obviously not true, someone intentionally choosing not to save your life is worthy of being hated. Second, this is not inaction on women's part. They are not just sitting around being celibate, they are actively choosing to share the top men and actively forcing sub Chad men into involuntary celibacy or cuckoldry with their hypergamy.

>An incel should hate women as much as he would hate a murderer in the process of killing him, or a cancer eating away at his body.


No. 291510

Another incel apparently got banned but made an alt:

>/u/Le_0ctopu5 is /u/chillenyo. Stop ban evading, faggot. Get a life.

>Make me a mod, cucks. I'll ban all future /u/chillenyo alts and I'll ban /u/PorgiAmor. /u/VinylHorror can attest to my ability to sniff out alts (Hi, Kyle, it's jusburself).


No. 291512


chillenyo is a pos

No. 291513

File: 1492176832033.jpg (122.75 KB, 640x570, the dark crystal.jpg)

No. 291516

File: 1492177236322.png (118.59 KB, 368x834, 2017-04-14 09.37.15.png)

Asking the real questions: https://www.reddit.com/r/Incels/comments/65bo6w/how_the_hell_do_men_even_maintain_a_relationship/

This list is as hilarious as it is delusional.

No. 291552

>>When did you last see a young woman in the library reading a book?

When was the last time he left his mother's basement to go and find out if they are or not?

He's defeating his own argument by posting his thoughts about "teh wimmens" on Reddit in the first place, what a hypocrite.

No. 291554

>>Never show her too much love and respect.

Well that's your fucking problem right there to begin with…

>>Be aggressive and abusive to her to keep her interested.

Holy shit… why are they so incredibly retarded?!

>>How are they doing it?

…probably by not being a willingly abusive piece of shit?!

Someone please release them from their misery, let the kiss of sweet death take them already.

No. 291571

wait are they bragging about knowing kyle's alt? it's not hard considering if you've talked to him for like one minute you would know it's him. it's not like he tries to keep it secret or anything

No. 291572

They also haven't wonder why, if women apparently hate respect and love, then why don't they go after incels? Incels openly hate women, and talk about how they want to abuse them. So why aren't women flocking to incels?

No. 291573

File: 1492186063567.png (39.25 KB, 384x257, 2017-04-14 12.03.27.png)

Gambler (who didn't have sex with his friend) has cracked the code to pity sex

No. 291574

I'm very surprised that he hasn't been full doxxed yet

No. 291578

File: 1492187152599.png (287.98 KB, 1242x1114, IMG_4307.PNG)

incel compares himself to jews and calls women hitler. literally. despite there being no systemstic culling of incels

he has no irl friends, barely can keep a job, and is incredibly mentally unstable. and despite all of that he's one of the more sane incel posters. doxing him would be pointless

No. 291584

>march us into the showers
>into the showers

I get it but it's still a poor choice of wording considering…

No. 291588

The Cult of Chad… Chad knows and sees all, he's stealing all the women, he's so hot but so dumb, Goddamn you Chad, we all want to be cucked by Chad.

That's all I ever hear out of them, thats some deep homosexual repressed envy and desire there, if only they could become Chadâ„¢.

No. 291590

>march us into the showers
No wonder, considering their personal hygiene habits

No. 291602

>incels are actually the ones that have a variety of interests outside sex

Such varied interests as constantly posting on reddit, standing in front of the mirror chanting 'I AM UGLY,' stalking girls, posting on reddit, jerking it to pure virginal waifus, obsessing about how all women are evil whores, obsessing about how all non-incel men are evil Chads, posting on reddit, looking up plastic surgeons, playing vidya, REEEEing about muh vidya being destroyed by evil SJWs, and have I mentioned posting on reddit?

>gaming, reading, learning, gym, collecting things, fishig, etc

All of which women do. And women read more than men do.

And learning? LEARNING??? Hold up, does this retard think women don't ever want to learn? He later whines about women talking about Syria. Are we just robots that echo, word for word, everything we read/hear about Syria, wholly because someone on FB mentioned it? There are women that are freaking scholars on Syria. Damn, I suppose those dumb hos must have a FB feed full of Syria stuff, since their tiny wittle lady brains led them to spend decades learning about, doing independent investigation on, and disseminating their knowledge about Syria.

>every woman you see is attached to her phone

I guess all those guys I see staring down at their phones are actually uggo women.

>When did you last see a young woman at the library reading a book?

Every single time I go to the library, which I do roughly every 3 weeks, most of the people there are women, and young women always outnumber young men. And when I do see a young man, he's usually sitting at a table, obviously studying, not reading because he enjoys it.

>When did you last see a young woman having a debate on some intellectual interest in some issue not promoted to them via social media?

How does he even know where they learn about these issues?

And how does he think most people find topics about which to debate? They learn about it from other people with whom they interact. Back in the day, it went by word of mouth. Now we're able to share it widely via social media. He's basically crying because human beings interact with one another and topics that come up a lot are, uh, more likely to come up a lot.

And this isn't confined to women at all.

>What does a woman do when she's bored? Go on social media and tell everyone she's "soooo booooooooorrrrrred"


>If a woman shares a meme that uses hip hop slang, it's not because she knows about hip hop music and slang it's because her girlies on snapchat reflected its popularity.

Female hip hop artists don't real.
Women that grew up in the hood don't real.
Male wiggers don't real.
Suburban white boys using hip hop slang that they copped off social media don't real.

>Women seem to be incapable of any kind of critical thinking

Unlike psychic-cel here, who always knows what women are doing when on their phones, and how women learn about things, and what happens in the libraries he has obviously never been to.

>or any interest outside of being on their phone yet they have the audacity to accuse incels of having a one track mind about sex.

Says the incel who is proud to have a two track mind, one which is about sex, and the other which is about insane, flatly incorrect beliefs about women.

Ngl, dude got me assblasted. Saging for rant.

>thinks relationships, which he has no personal experience with, are impossibly difficult to maintain
>sees tons of relationships being maintained
>can't figure out why
>fails to consider the possibility that he's wrong about how relationships work

No. 291741

This is how he describes his "resistance" to the Nazis 2.0 (aka women):

>Our resistance is of an intellectual kind. We can't march in the streets like women. We're too oppressed a group to get away with that. That's a good indicator of true oppression: can you speak out? Then your oppression is not of so severe a kind.

>Instead, our resistance exists in a continued passing-on, a brave vocalisation of the truths about women and inceldom. Such statements that normies refuse to speak in fear of being rejected by their dream Stacey. We have nothing left to lose; we may as well keep digging and spread the truth for as long as we're still allowed.

So…complaining about women on the internet is apparently the solution.

No. 291765

If only they could accept their own masculinity and not rely on projecting.

No. 291768

I've changed my mind. At least they don't get to reproduce. I hope life keeps on burning them into suicide.

No. 291829

This is hilarious. Thanks for sharing these delusional caps, anon. Always nice to have a good laugh at the expense of the cringy crazies out there. Think he even realises women don't give a crap about his "hate", kek?

No. 291904

Maybe because most male models aren't hebephiles, unlike yourself.

I'm not convinced this one has ever left his house and actually seen a woman in the wild.

No. 291907

I'm surprised some of them haven't murdered a "Chad" and worn his skin at this point.

No. 291973

Here's a good one: an incel is upset and confused that single mothers don't want to date him. He assumed, that they would be an easy source for sex:

>After having zero luck with younger childless women i decided to message some decent looking single mothers 25-35 age range on dating sites thinking because they have some baggage and drama with them and are a bit worn out they'd be easier but no. Not only are these women not easier they are the most demanding and arrogant sounding females out there.

>They post "my kids are my world" "my daughter = my world" etc and then precede to describe how they only want a perfect man, and how only the perfect male model will do.

>Seriously. These women are carrying 2-3 kids, drama, and baby daddy baggage everywhere they go for the rest of their life yet they seem even more picky and choosey than the average Stacey is.

>lol, so after years of advertising themselves to every 'badboy' and drug dealer on the block to the point of getting knocked up several times they all of a sudden feel they DESERVE the right to a 'well adjusted' man?

No. 291977

File: 1492247047035.jpg (19.53 KB, 400x400, 65745267.jpg)

>lol, so after years of advertising themselves to every 'badboy' and drug dealer on the block to the point of getting knocked up several times they all of a sudden feel they DESERVE the right to a 'well adjusted' man?

so after years spent in their basement, looking shit, furiously hating women and circlejerking with other disgusting lowlife losers, incels think they deserve a "decent looking" woman? (any woman?)

They also accuse women of playing the victim, while they think they are the biggest victims in the freaking omniverse. I love it

No. 291979

>Yeah, I got two kids, better bring home a weird creeper who only ever touched Loli dakimakuras.

No. 291996

>She knows what it's like to fuck other (and better) men
>(and better)

No. 292006

Please post, I have a huge boner for losers

No. 292050

Of course single mothers of any caliber are going to want a well-adjusted man, they have to trust this man around their kids. Most of them are not going to risk the safety of their kids.

No. 292097

>>Nasty little incel with pedophilic tendencies tries hooking up with mature attractive women with children.

Yeah, there's probably a bunch of reasons why they're not completely desperate for any greasy dick that comes along.

Why are they so surprised that women can suss them out just by talking to them for a couple of minutes?

No. 292283

>a penguin cuck

No. 292338

You must post the picture! You must!

No. 293802

The latest hot take: "is inceldom sexual abuse?"


>Inceldom is sexual abuse. I'm not saying that all women, individually, are sexual abusers per se (although many clearly are).

>Society itself, which is created by and indulged in by normies and females, sexually abuses ugly/autistic men.

>Look at music, clubs, "hook up" culture, the fact nobody cares that their wife has slept with 300 Chads before, etc. It's just SEX SEX SEX SEX and SEX shoved in everybody's faces every time we listen to the radio, watch TV or see a movie, or see an advert.

>It's like an obese, overfed Westerner going to Ethiopia and parading around with vast, vast quantities of food which 1) he doesn't share with the starving Ethiopians and 2) he doesn't even eat it all himself; he throws away what he doesn't eat because he doesn't want the starving Ethiopians to have it.

>Normie society psychologically tortures ugly and autistic men on a sexual level by shoving sexuality in their faces but consciously and deliberately denying them any participation in it due to obscenely arbitrary standards they set, as well as a grievously flawed sexual marketplace in which women have all the power

Tl;Dr stop abusing me by not fucking me

No. 293809

File: 1492500655086.png (105.15 KB, 326x702, 2017-04-18 03.25.59.png)

Finally, an incel comes up with a solution: https://www.reddit.com/r/Incels/comments/660uuy/incel_theory_hitots_hypothetical_system_for/

>Let me preface that this system would require a violent incel revolution followed by a brutal totalitarian regime, however I consider that a small price to pay to solve the problem of inceldom.

>No one gets left out, everyone is matched fairly to their approximate looksmax, everyone is happy (except femoids and Chads, but fuck them)

So, a main gripe seems to be people dating outside of their "looksmatch". But who decides the hotness ratings? What if i find someone hot, and another chick thinks he is ugly?

No. 293811

File: 1492501129326.png (73.8 KB, 333x583, 2017-04-18 03.36.35.png)

Troll or no troll?

No. 293826

>lack of sexual contact is sexual abuse

And yet they say we lack critical thinking skills.

No. 293833


Definitely a troll.

No. 293834

knowing incels, everything's possible.
I wonder if he knows that a corpse isn't like a sleeping beauty, only minus she's a bit cold? It's livid (at best), smells like hell, leaks substances, makes sounds and releases gases.
Very sexy, right, Alia Harkonnen? Great to cuddle

No. 293879

I'll never understand why that meme is so longlasting despite just being completely untrue.

Or why people on this sub are incapable of understaning the amount of work that goes into the photos of models that they obsess over, and that they don't look that good when they get up in the morning.

No. 293884

I think part of their problem is that they see things so black-and-white. You're either a model, or a "subhuman", a chad or an incel.

So if a model looks good in a pic, then they probably assume that the model looks good all the time.

They think like 5 year olds.

No. 293891

I just don't get how they can obsess over models so much and lack even a basic knowledge of how modelling works.

I've seen people claim that there's no real editing on them, one guy claimed that life is unfair because Jeremy Meeks is a model and "models aren't supposed to have tattoos", a blackpill comic (that I really hope was a troll) saying that models earn more than doctors, all sorts of shit. Considering how many models have said they have huge self image issues because they compare themselves to the professionally taken shots and can never live up to it, you'd think they'd understand that it's not reality.

I just don't get how you can spend so much time thinking about something and still know nothing about it.

No. 293896

I don't think that they think about that stuff at all. No joke, I saw a post there when I was lurking, that was complaining about "genetic dimorphism", using two pics of different guys as proof. One pic was of a regular, kind of overweight guy in a fedora, and the other looked like a male model. I think they truly think that life is "unfair", based on a loose understanding of genetics. But they don't think past the first layer of their theories. I'm sure there are biographies out there about male models, and how their lives aren't all sunshine and roses. But the incels will never read them. It doesn't validate their ideas, like a red pill comic would.

I also saw a thread talking about how short women shouldnt have kids, because they will choose short men/ pass on their "short genes". But…this confused me, because I thought women only wanted tall chads? And yet, the thread was all "omg great observation !" And people agreeing with the OP.

No. 293898


Or sometimes they will just find random pictures, create a narrative about them, and work themselves into a tizzy.

Like, try saw this picture, and are convinced that the "Chad" is "sharing" his "Stacey".

No. 293899

No. 293922

There's tonnes of info about models out there that support that, you're right, mental illness is massively common for models of any sort, yet they just assume their lives are perfect, it's bizarre.

You'd think they'd at least try to pick two slightly comparable photos, instead of a terrible photo of a guy looking down while on a train with a professionally doctored image that looks like it was taken out of a catalogue.

This is just strange to me honestly, bordering on fetishistic. Surely the obvious assumption there is she's dating the guy in red, and the football guy was just being a good dude and helped her get up onto the ledge?

Not some weird fantasy where he's passing her off to the next chad?

No. 294220

File: 1492560930246.png (141.12 KB, 909x452, Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 5.13…)

beingahero/pqwer is back. and still a delusional weeb who thinks he understands japan.

i.e blaming a problem japan knows and recognizes on western feminism

No. 294232

Didn't you know that all of Japans social issues are because of women, and not the insane amounts of social pressure and mental illness?

It's kind of sad that they're trying to turn what's a huge issue from a really troubled population into some great enlightenment, they're not becoming monks or some shit.

No. 294424

File: 1492593117428.png (73.95 KB, 327x511, 2017-04-19 05.09.17.png)

This one knows that he's spouting off bullshit that will draw negative attention to his sub, but still wants to ask "if sluts can be raped"

No. 294431

File: 1492593392889.png (51.95 KB, 440x252, 2017-04-19 05.13.38.png)

Okay, this guy is hilarious.

He is upset that some random chick is selling masturbation vids on the internet. And apparently, he doesn't know the difference between masturbation and sex.

No. 294439


>fat whores

>shallow bitches


No. 294442

>"why won't anyone fuck me?"

No. 294450

>>thinks women who post videos online of them using sex toys is doing so to mock them specifically

But you know women should want to be with self-centred, autistic virgins who haven't a fucking clue how to please a women over using sex toys that can get the job done effectively.

No. 294553

File: 1492615241025.png (95.9 KB, 341x646, 2017-04-19 11.15.44.png)

Here's another great example of incels seeing random people, imagining their life stories, and getting upset about it.

These guys must be able to read minds if they can tell who is a single mother in a crowd.

No. 294639

Also how is someone a single mother if he's complaining that they've got a partner?

No. 294648

>Calls women fat whores
>Wonders why they won't fuck him

Also if anyone remotely fat wanted to fuck him you know he'd call her disgusting because he has "standards".

No. 294658

Aww. No one ever tells him 'Bless you'?

No. 294925

good old incel psychic powers, letting him know this woman who has a partner is clearly a single mom and that the partner is definitely not the father. if he gets any better at paternity-by-psychic, maury's got competition

No. 295077

>normies are born being squeezed through the vagina which constricts the bay's airflow and causes minor to severe brain damage. Incels did not have to experience this and thus are harder to mold by the degenerate society.

The latest incel theory about their situation: https://www.reddit.com/r/Incels/comments/66f62t/theory_incels_are_born_csection/

It probably has something to do with their obsession with "passing on their genes" and/or their theory that women trick men into raising kids who aren't theirs.

No. 295096

Plot twist:
C-section babies are, for whatever circumstance, unable to be delivered via vaginal birth. In the old days of natural selection, babies that could not be delivered usually died in utero and also caused the deaths of their birthmothers in the process. Thus any bad or unusual genes were ended then and there.

Because of medical advancements, an incel is born when he should not have been. The incel should have died as nature intended.
Incels are walking ghosts who are not supposed to be alive, hence they never fit in with society.

No. 295122

Can't tell if incel, or just perfect sarcasm

No. 295248

File: 1492707928445.png (38.96 KB, 874x133, Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 10.0…)

some light dramatics from the sub.

where does this person live? a 50s sitcom where they also call people with glasses "four eyes"?

No. 295284

lel does he go to 'the clubs?'

No. 295287

>when you're so much of a failure you didn't even get to touch your own mother's vagina

No. 296501

File: 1492848122237.png (45.1 KB, 334x314, 2017-04-22 03.55.34.png)

Incels lament the idea of their nonexistent daughters having a sex life.

From the comments:
>You need to have EXTREME luck, and a 10/10 relationships with her WHILE being assertive starting from childhood in the fact that engaging in that behavior would destroy you inside. Ultimately you have to hope she will have enough respect for you to resist because the temptations will be ever present.
>Not a easy or common thing and still will more than likely blow up In your face after a hybrid SENSAchad opens up to her and she is overcome with "emotion" from such a "vulnerable" and "sensitive" guy forgetting all the times u said it would kill you to have her do that. Forgetting all the sacrifices you made because you were confident she would never betray you. Forgetting how you told her that you could see past and help her recover from anything as long as she doesn't do this one thing.
>If I ever broke out of this and had a daughter only to hear she's been skipping around the fuckin town. I can't even think of anything to type to describe the absolute devastation/betrayal/embarrassment. Imagine 18 years of work and advice just completely disregarded.

No. 296541

Why is a betrayal if their hypothetical daughter have sex? Do they wanna bang them so they feel cheated on?

Also why do they care, aint like they will ever breed.

No. 296554

And in this day and age, not everyone wants to get married and therefore never do. Period. There's a reason marriage isn't mandatory, but he's too blinded by his own bullshit to figure it out.

Because non-manly men did not exist before feminism?

Imagine lacking this much self-awareness that he thinks his unresearched, uninformed sorry excuse of sociological observations are remotely valid or relevant given his struggles to function well in society are so severe that he's still an incel. And this goes for every incel on that reddit who keep pushing this nonsense.

No. 296691

Yet somehow I doubt they'd care if a hypothetical male child of theirs somehow became a Chad.

No. 296958

File: 1492914970199.png (47.82 KB, 823x171, Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 7.22…)

lol so, /u/vegeta_da_prince wandered out of the echo chamber and posted on /r/short about getting a leg lengthening surgery.

now, /r/short is just as much of a toxic circle jerk as /r/incels, but they instantly call him out.

he then made it to srd and /r/drama because of how ridiculous he's acting


No. 297053

File: 1492927708282.gif (3.91 MB, 313x250, lol.gif)

No. 298027

File: 1493036688529.png (254.82 KB, 1242x1061, IMG_4323.PNG)

lol holy shit user-n-me is back and still complaining about high school and college despite it having been at least ten years ago

No. 298043

>if I say I want to be xyz height, they'll make me xyz height

This guy is going to get scammed hard. The first doctor who is like "I promise you will be 6 feet tall or above" will get all of his money

No. 298047

File: 1493043783352.png (8.16 KB, 869x111, height.png)

kek. but of course they will all be a bunch of chads when he rants about this to someone

No. 298464

File: 1493093981114.gif (1.83 MB, 500x280, n0xHORz5gp904.gif)

Imagine all the milk when he's broke and still incel though.

No. 298503

>somehow knows all the details of the sex lives of all women
>is worried about keeping his daughter a chaste little angel but puts no thought toward keeping his hypothetical son from being a piece of shit that sees women as nothing more than fucktoys

>commenters unwittingly make it clear that they believe they should be the only ones allowed to have sex with any woman, including their own daughters

>commenters fear being cucked by their daughters' boyfriends

No. 298563

Uh oh: the less popular, but more extreme sub /r/incel has been banned.

>They got banned for sticking a pro-r ape thread, ignoring reports on a doxxing thread then user pinging the doxxed user to see it (which caused her to delete her account) and sticking a thread in support of ISIS.


Allegedly, the mods of /r/incel were also banned for inciting violence.

No. 298567

File: 1493115547692.png (78.81 KB, 338x527, 2017-04-25 06.11.16.png)

I'm starting to notice a real pattern with incels getting themselves worked up over the imagined life stories of strangers. Here is another one who saw a cute girl, but then got himself into a tizzy by thinking of her career as a camgirl.

No. 298586

File: 1493119058135.png (141.8 KB, 331x878, 2017-04-25 07.15.39.png)

Okay, I think FBIncel is back: https://www.reddit.com/user/IncelThrow0098

Tl;Dr FBIncel gained notoriety by posting so many aggressive threats towards women, that he was reported to the FBI, and became paranoid about being thrown in jail:

Similarities include: alienating the sister. She locked him because he frequently unloads his anger on her, and said he would commit a mass shooting. Posting direct death or rape threats to people who disagree with him. Fear of going to jail/being reported to the authorities. Complaining about his lazy eye.

Part 1 of his recent family troubles

No. 298587

File: 1493119222235.png (82.79 KB, 333x521, 2017-04-25 07.17.26.png)

Other similarities: the need for his sister to be available to him at all times, threatening suicide at the drop of a hat, and posting about his problems in extreme detail all over reddit

No. 298594

File: 1493119788277.png (64.38 KB, 357x378, 2017-04-25 07.22.44.png)

His sister's final straw seems to be that he took money from a shared PayPal to buy a clock.

His solution: become addicted to heroin

No. 298611

I know nothing about this guy, but I don't think that resorting to increased drug use is really that uncommon for people who have a problem already, or that extreme.

Kind of just seems sad fromm what he put here, even if he clearly has more issues than that, situations like this just seem more like a mentally ill person than the classic incel stuff.

Was this the guy that threatened to attack his sister or something similar though?

No. 298612

No. 298616

I'd also have more sympathy if he wasn't so loose with the rape, death, and suicide threats:

>I hope you fucking get killed.

>You're a woman aren't you? Let me guess, you're also a feminist. You're fucking cancer and I hope you get raped.
>I might as well kill myself because no one would mourn me.
>I fucked up my life and dropped out of college, now I regret doing so. Therefore, I hate women. No woman will ever settle down with me :(
>Which is why I fucking hate women. They are all fucking scumbag whores and I wish death on all of them. No woman will give me the time of day because of my height

No. 299283

>I want to see my sister again! Let's threaten suicide!

Pathetic. Maybe try apologizing or something. Oh wait, you're a cancer on all humanity and won't do that.

No. 299302


At first I was like "oh, that sucks, he's addicted to Opana and it ruined his life"…but then I see the main problem here is that he stole money not for drugs, but for a CLOCK on Ebay. Is this guy shitting me? That is some serious autism. I have no sympathy.

Also he says he's "not even a heavy opiate user" which means he probably uses several times a week and is already headed to full blown addiction.

No. 303004

File: 1493760959217.png (96.76 KB, 430x471, 2017-05-02 17.32.19.png)

/r/incels is public again, and the crazy is flowing freely

No. 303131

File: 1493772328785.jpg (17.02 KB, 400x285, letdown.jpg)

I don't even get what this one is trying to say.

No. 303269

File: 1493790955930.png (129.85 KB, 897x345, Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 10.5…)

incel claims that chad sexed a woman so hard that he caused internal bleeding

No. 303359

How would that even work? Does the ~chad have a dick with a sharpened tip? Is the dick so long, it caused the internal bleeding????

Lbr this guy is probably subtling mocking the incel being like "ya bro, I gave her internal bleeding lol" while thinking "this loser will believe anything"

No. 303361

Their paranoia is growing:

>I lurk around r/thebluepill, r/cringeanarchy, r/justneckbeardthings, r/niceguys and other hate subreddits to monitor what they say about incels. I often see calls for violence against you in comments and some even say you should be shot dead. These guys want to murder you for being virgins. Some comments are deleted by the mods but a lot of them (especially on r/cringeanarchy) are not and those get a lot of upvotes. If you lurk those subreddits, keep your eye out for calls of violence and report them to the Reddit Admins.


No. 303362

Ot but you can actually bleed from sex, but it normally means you went too hard with no foreplay, something like vaginisumus or even a few different STDs

No. 303364

Oh I know. But that isn't "internal bleeding". What you are describing are things like bleeding from cuts or irritations due to lack of lubrication or a preexisting condition.

No. 303365

File: 1493807051767.jpg (193.58 KB, 616x767, lHTv3cop7v36mHopO7Dl1Ed_-v3RMn…)

Omfg they posted a "guide" to how women rate men, and of course it is fucking insane


No. 303393

This shit reads like a 7th grader's crappy fanfiction of how he thinks high school will be.
>the pinnical of mankind

No. 303395

For someone to create such a squewered view of what women find attractive is beyond fucked up this is legit disturbing knowing some people take this shit seriously.

Ik it's a meme but some of these real photos some are models but some look real, knowing that a photo of myself is being used in some fucked up meme of what is "genetically superior" is messed up.

Also noticed only white men kek.

No. 303398

tfw you dont find any of these men attractive…

No. 303404

that "Slayer" one are just random male models lmao

No. 303405

A what now

No. 303410

I…I think I know one of the guys in the "normie" pictures. I hope I'm wrong

And all of the models are ugly af

No. 303733

An incel confesses to jerking off in public: https://www.reddit.com/r/Incels/comments/68zi98/i_have_resorted_to_public_masturbation_for_a/

>At some point, I don't even remember really when, I just decided, "Fuck it" and I began to jack off in class. There was this girl in my Algebra class, fuck, she was so fucking hot. She long blond hair and smooth skin with these eyes that just had a hunger in them. I wanted to fuck her so hard and I would jack off to her a lot. I knew I didn't have a chance with her.

>I never actually take my dick out. I usually wear sweat pants and I can just sort of rub my dick against my leg, kind of squeezing it between an open palm and my leg until I cum. I can only do it when my dick is on the left side of my pants and with my right hand.

>God, I always told myself it was just a phase, I ended up going to a public high school and I didn't stop, it just became much more frequent and intense. These girls were much more mature and developed and dressed a lot more skimpy than the private school would ever allow. My god, it was like heaven for my dick, but I was still just an incel, bound to imagine and get pleasure from the sensation, fuck.

>At this point, I don't even feel shame anymore, I haven't been caught once, I'm convinced I may never get caught. I've kept doing it past high school. One time, I was at the library and I saw a moderately attractive girl and I didn't even think about it, I just sat down near her and began to jack off under the table. I didn't even feel any guilt or caution, I just did it.

>I don't think I even have a choice anymore, I am convinced if I wasn't able to do this I would literally pick up girls and just start fucking them right then and there. I know that sounds horrible, but it's my honest feelings.

So fucking disgusting

No. 303738

File: 1493847717157.png (202.31 KB, 680x674, horrifying.png)

I'm torn between disgust and laughter at how pathetic this waste of air is.

No. 303740

He goes on for like 7 paragraphs at the link.

He doesn't even care that his sweatpants get a big nasty cum stain. He is still jerking it in public. I can't wait for him to get caught.

No. 303815

I'm fairly certain some one has noticed at one point but didn't say anything to his face and just left after that horror dawned on them.

No. 303969

File: 1493864741649.png (777.26 KB, 542x721, UPIjDNe.png)

so, the new thing to do now is post pics of your high school bullies

pic related, /u/bf8211's bully from highschool. story will be in next post

No. 303971

File: 1493864812154.png (61.28 KB, 900x245, Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 7.23…)

his story of his bully

No. 303976

File: 1493864937013.png (633.27 KB, 880x666, Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 7.27…)


this is thegambler's bully. also notice how gambler is now claiming he has gender dysphoria

No. 304006

File: 1493866685612.jpg (68.93 KB, 600x375, 39hf4ka.jpg)

That subreddit is filled with weebs who probably never washes or tries to improve themselves (a waste of effort, they say), instead they resort to hating on women and men who actually work on their lives to be successful. When I get down, I like to get on there to get a good laugh at how pathetic they are to the point where they legitmently think suicide is better than being a virgin at the age of 20 or higher.

No. 304772

File: 1493941883157.png (118.65 KB, 1002x359, Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 4.51…)

an incel expresses his desire to date a majority of the cows here lmao

No. 304782

All that whining, and he never even explained why he doesn't like women with careers.

No. 304783

File: 1493942470780.png (1.05 MB, 1381x641, 0CzwqWV.png)

WOW this guy, /u/sakegroup either is lying when he says he's an incel and is just doing this to troll. nothing in his posting history even hints at the insanity that other users have

probably because he feels inferior lol.

No. 304784

probably because they want someone who also has a career and he just wants to sit on his ass getting blowjobs during anime marathons while his parents give him an allowance

No. 304789


Here's some creepy shit: incels discuss what bothers them about a woman's sexual history. There are a lot of comments and fighting in that thread.

>She will have been with multiple other men while you were suffering. Even if you honestly don't care one bit-and you should care a lot- this creates a power dynamic that is almost impossible to overcome.

>You will never be her first. You will never be special. She will always have had some other guy to fill in those roles. She will always compare you to someone else.

>Sex is not degenerate if you've only ever had intimate experiences with each other. Such a relationship is the only one that means anything at all.

>If I had sex at a normal age, with another virgin woman, just once. I really wouldn't care at all anymore past that point about a womans past degenerate history. I would know I had that special moment once with someone, where we took each others virginities, and I could go on living life happily. Instead, I know that if I somehow manage to get sex, it would be with a hideous woman, who would be settling with me, whose been through hundreds of dick. For me, it would be the wonderful night I lost my virginity, for her it'd be an normal weekend.

>I want a virgin, preferably one who has never even fantasized about a male other than me. If she could be raised in total isolation with no knowledge that other men exist than me, that would be ideal. Something like a cult setup where I am presented as god with full rights to her pristine body.

>I shouldnt have to compete, if you are competing for a femoid you're already a cuck. She's judging, comparing and considering other sources of dick while you attempt to woo her. God you normans are such faggots. Why not skip the female and just go straight to rubbing your dicks against each other? Thats basically all you do anyway passing around these used cumdumps

No. 304794

>I want a virgin, preferably one who has never even fantasized about a male other than me. If she could be raised in total isolation with no knowledge that other men exist than me, that would be ideal. Something like a cult setup where I am presented as god with full rights to her pristine body.

Lmao I was basically this until a few years ago, when I married another virgin and I was still disappointed.

No. 304795

hoping he is doing some investigation for a buzzfeed article or something. If he exposes them it would be so nice.

No. 304842

What a transformation! Damn. This dude could have all the pussy he wants.

No. 304880

File: 1493950676488.gif (570.67 KB, 280x184, JjBqpIM.gif)

No. 304911

they really do have their own language wtf

No. 305003

Troll or not, they will turn on him for being attractive.

No. 305004

Damn, yeah, he's pretty cute. I don't regular this thread, but I had to see what all these responses were in regards to. I could see him being an incel, but he can break away from that pretty easily with the way he looks now.

No. 305724

File: 1494048657711.jpg (64.04 KB, 680x787, juicy.jpg)

>Lost his virginity around 13
I mean I doubt any of this is true but if that's the case the guy probably has a boatload of issues.
But they'd be disappointed if a woman just starfished, I'd bet. Stupid incels.
What a shame he's crazy. I too hope he's a troll. Pic somewhat related.

No. 305820

Did you know that you are commiting genocide by not having kids with incels???

I'm not going to cap it, because it is written in the most annoying way, but here are the juicy parts:

>I think it's uncontroversial to state that it is an act of genocide to sterilize a genetic group or otherwise prohibit its members from reproducing.

>So what do we make of the time-immemorial female policy to deny reproductive opportunities to those males who display genetic phenotypes such as facial asymmetry, physical unfitness and social retardation?

>according to genetic analysis, we have twice as many female ancestors as male; just forty percent of men reproduced compared to eighty percent of women. Thus, twenty billion men lived and died in romantic suffering and genetic bondage; denied the right to continue their lineage. A tragedy of inhuman proportions. As an aside: the death toll for the Holocaust? Twelve million.

If we were to develop a Standard Unit for genocide-toll, we might call it the Female and standardize it to the number of victims in the greatest genocide in human history - the incel shoah; 2.0*1010 victims

From the OP in the comments:
>Women have deprived me of the fundamental human rights necessary for a life worth living. Is it not murder when you lock somebody in a cage for years, starve and beat and torture them until they kill themselves? The emotional and social equivalents have happened to me, are still happening to me.

>Women are stealing my property through taxation.

No. 305821

That "Standard Unit" bullshit should be green text but I fucked it up

No. 305826

File: 1494060831626.png (32.42 KB, 366x183, 2017-05-06 04.50.43.png)

This one doesn't even understand that people go to /r/incels to laugh at them

No. 305829

File: 1494061116967.png (207.43 KB, 390x757, 2017-05-06 04.55.16.png)

In a deleted thread, and incel suggests Marc Lepine, the Ecole Polytechnique shooter, should be their mascot.

No. 305834

He looks best in the second and third pics
I'd hit that in a heartbeat. Hope he really is incel so I don't have to feel bad I'm not banging him while some other grill is.

No. 305836

These both look like guys I've dated……Neither are/were inches though, to my knowledge.

No. 305837


No. 305839

Which one? Third one with the glasses is pretty cute imo

No. 305877

First from the left. Still to chicken to ask him lol

No. 305960

I almost wish they'd spout that shit in public so a real genocide survivor would beat the shit out of them.

No. 306002

File: 1494095126791.png (333.59 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_4352.PNG)

people who have never even kissed a girl, let alone seen the opportunity to get married, talking about how marriage is bad

oh i am laffin

No. 306003

File: 1494095341512.png (298.66 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_4353.PNG)

btw alia is at it again with his "PARENTS SHOULD ENCOURAGE INCEST" schtick

No. 306024

Why on earth are they complaining about alimony when they are mostly neet shut-ins?

I hope to god Alia doesn't have a sister

No. 306220

Sometimes I can wrap my head around the fact that this is actually not just some high tier trolling.

No. 306424

That's literally always how it is with incels.

Post a shopped photo of some model and then go on about how looks bring success (while ignoring that full time models earn well below average wage on average) then use it to further your victim complex.

You'd think they'd at least branch out a bit with how the models they chose looked.

No. 306425

Yeah, this is absolutely unbelievable, the guy would be in fucking prison if this was the case.

Schools are insane about bullying, let alone bullying that results in physical violence, and they were back then too, there would have been criminal charges laid against him if literally any of those sob story things happened.

No. 306427

He sounds like that teenager that was on Dr Phil recently who molested his sister and said he "just wanted his needs met" and pretty much tried to brush off what he'd done by saying he couldn't control himself.

No. 306465

File: 1494160103024.png (383.06 KB, 835x653, Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 5.28…)

someone stop thegambler lmao

No. 306469

Thegambler is playing 4th dimensional trolling

No. 306498

File: 1494164028050.png (343.77 KB, 1234x1459, IMG_4354.PNG)

i'm including his comment just because it hilariously reflects back in his edit lol

No. 306507

>that's kinda gay

The first time I got a genuine laugh from /r/incels

No. 306511

File: 1494165543638.png (25.58 KB, 339x193, 2017-05-07 09.55.37.png)

>How dare you build robots?

What even the hell?

No. 306523

They probably mean sex robots and stuff

No. 306894

An incel catfishes a girl, and then records her reaction as she is stood up by him. He is like creeping around a Starbucks or some shit, and this girl doesn't even do anything. She looks around, goes to sit down and wait, and then leaves. He wanted to film her reaction when he "revealed" himself, but he chickened out.

http://sendvid.com/g5m71pyr part 1
http://sendvid.com/heml0h5r part 2

Not much happens in the videos, but the incels are very pleased by this caper:
>This is justice. Now this female has the smallest glimpse into the life of an incel.


No. 306904

Hahaha what a pussy. Girls get stood up too. She's probably not even upset

No. 306927

File: 1494204396186.jpg (275.52 KB, 1155x1508, cuck.jpg)

not from /r/incel, but another manifest of a great mind

No. 306934

Thank god the majority of them will never have kids. No normal human thinks like that. 'ANOTHER MAN WHO IS NOT ME GETS TO FUCK MY DAUGHTERS HOT BODY/TIGHT PUSSY!? UNFAIR!'

What a sicko.

No. 307125


Underrated post. Well said.

No. 307279

File: 1494255406012.gif (894.48 KB, 245x219, ok.gif)

This seems like an incel ranting about something really specific… How many people actually talk about sex robots in real life conversations?

No. 307286

>he gets to fuck her tight pussy every night

Let's pray to god this man never has a daughter jc

No. 307304


>so beta you can't even follow through on your own damn prank, sad.

No. 307306

none of the people there will that's the only bright side.

No. 307339

My mind didn't go to "sex robots" right away, but that makes the most sense. The way that post is written, it sounded like he was…making robots??? Idk.

/r/incels had an incredibly similar post recently, so that isn't a stretch.

No. 307352

File: 1494263575425.png (120.99 KB, 329x871, 2017-05-08 13.08.35.png)


This might be the longest post that I have ever seen on /r/incels. I'm going to post caps because it is so insane, it sounds like it was written by an alien.

No. 307353

File: 1494263610672.png (144.53 KB, 335x951, 2017-05-08 13.08.59.png)

Part 2

No. 307354

File: 1494263643422.png (137.31 KB, 351x891, 2017-05-08 13.09.27.png)

Part 3

No. 307356

File: 1494263721253.png (139.99 KB, 363x875, 2017-05-08 13.09.56.png)


In summary: no homo, but here is the geometry that a man's body needs to be attractive.

No. 307532

Shit like this is just tragic. It's clear most if not all these incels have serious body dysmorphia and are projecting. I can't really feel sorry for them with how much bile they spew but the ones who can afford it should really get out of the echo chamber and try therapy.

No. 307553

On top of that, he completely ignores individual differences in women's tastes.

And the idea that we judge men on their zygomatic bones or lower eyelid angle. It is all so weirdly specific to the smallest detail. Like…when I see a man, my vision doesn't turn into shit like the damn terminator, and I get a breakdown of his facial dimensions.

Even his Overwatch examples were bizzare. He describes the women's bodies as being varied, but ignores that same fact with the men. He only describes the men's faces (which look varied to me, but apparently are the exact same to him).

It is all so weird.

No. 307559

>low and prominent browbone

as onision can attest, this is NOT an attractive feature. and torb isn't a dwarf lmao.

No. 307615

Yeah, I don't get how he thinks that Reinhardt has the same face as Junkrat honestly, they differ pretty massively. Soldier 76 is balding, Roadhog is massively overweight and wearing a mask, young Genji skin doesn't follow those rules at all, only ones that do really are like the Commander Morrison skin and Hanzo.

I mean he's not exactly tall which is what I think he was referring to, but in the one skin you can see his face he doesn't look like that anyway, he's kind of fat almost.

Overwatch was probably the worst possible example he could have chosen.

No. 307652

File: 1494287857878.png (68.15 KB, 920x321, Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 4.54…)

so, an incel tried to troll a girl for being ugly, and got upset when she wasn't bothered and instead called him ugly in response

he's the same user who bragged about ~infiltrting~ FAWomen, after they locked it because of incels being obsessed with it

No. 307662

>to illustrate my point, here's a vidya game

this is where i lost it, fucking kek what a basement dweller

No. 307962

I honestly think it's pretty sad and pathetic this girl drove herself 100 miles to get fucked by some random Internet guy she never met. Complete autism-tier Stage 5 Clinger mode. Is she so inept and desperate that she can't find someone closer?

But it's still not cool of the guy to catfish her.

No. 307974

File: 1494316205681.gif (888.96 KB, 245x219, 944d91e2-4812-4b19-9e95-34b937…)

No. 308059

You're right, but I really doubt it's true that she drove that far.

People don't generally bother if someone is so far away like that.

No. 308205

Tbf we weren't exactly given info about how long they were in contact before this meeting/failed prank was arranged. Also you're assuming he's telling the truth about her being there because of him and her driving 100 miles just to see him (she could've been there to meet someone else entirely unrelated to the situation, she could've driven 2 miles to that Starbucks but the milage was lied about for effect to increase Reddit karma). There's no messages/receipts to back up what he's claiming so no need to fall for that backstory so easily (incels have a warped sense of reality: why would you take their word on it point blank?). Anyway, let's say everything he said in the post is true: even if they were in contact over several weeks or months, I could understand why she would and wouldn't fault her or call her clingy. But the guy is a grade A piece of shit for catfishing her like that, for standing her up, for video recording her while she's being stood up and for posting it online for thousands to laugh at. Even if she only started talking to him the day before, none of it excuses what he did nor does it change how much of a piece of shit he is.

No. 308232

File: 1494349972800.jpg (206.9 KB, 640x574, d6S3HCK.jpg)

Not involved with that discussion, but I found a picture he posted of the guy he's using.

Source is from a deleted comment in his overview here, so you can't see it in the original thread but can in his user profile.


I really don't think any of this is true at all, but I figured it's interesting that he used this guy as a chad instead of the look they normally obsess over a bit toned down (a literal model, or the photos you're going to be able to get of that model which will be posed and shopped to hell and back doesn't really work).

No. 308284

File: 1494351799897.png (160.61 KB, 890x451, Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 10.4…)

/u/bf8211 asked out a complete stranger, considered that she would be okay with it since she sat in front of him

she rejected him and he doesn't get it

No. 308345

>ugly, socially retarded male sitting behind girl for months, presumably without ever saying a word, randomly starts giving awkward generic compliments, immediately followed by asking her out on the spot.
>she gets creeped out and moves seats
>complains that she didn't treat him like a fucking human being


No. 308408

the thing is he isn't even ugly lol. his pic was posted in the first thread

No. 308439

So these alleged "experts" in the "female nature" think that women, who are apparently super horny sluts all the time (for chad), will communicate interest through…sitting near a man?

I thought we were all diabolical sex beasts, and the best "clue" he stuck to was sitting near him?

No. 308450

File: 1494362528240.png (17.81 KB, 379x105, 2017-05-09 16.38.39.png)

An incel is wondering if it is illegal to catfish an underage girl, and have her travel across state lines to meet him:


No. 308461

lmao i love the smell of kidnapping charges

No. 308624

Yes, incel, yes it is.

No. 308716

i always avoided these threads because i thought it would just be full of sexist comments. but i have literally spent the past 4 hours reading all these threads on the incels. and i'm so glad i learned THIS is what is really behind misogynistic men. sad, desperate, depressed, self-loathing losers. even reading their rape/slave trade fantasies posts later on didn't bother me now knowing where this is all coming from.

No. 308775

I'm the same anon.
I hate reading these, but on the other hand, I like knowing exactly what kind dreg is out there and how it thinks. Makes me feel a bit more enlightened in a way..>>308716

No. 308835

File: 1494386343834.png (105.88 KB, 916x278, Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 8.18…)

lmao, /r/mgtow is jUST as laughable as /r/incels

No. 308942

why are they so obsessed with reproduction

No. 308981

the only cute dudes are the "normie" dudes

No. 308998

>If I had sex at a normal age, with another virgin woman, just once. I really wouldn't care at all anymore past that point about a womans past degenerate history. I would know I had that special moment once with someone, where we took each others virginities, and I could go on living life happily.

Holy HELL this made chills go up my spine and made me irrationally angry. The most incel-type guy I ever dated (he would often say many things that sound like they came out of this thread, I'd be 100% convinced but I don't think incels were a thing pre-2010?) was also the guy I lost my virginity to, and he was a virgin as well. I really hope he doesn't have some nasty weird fantasy in his head like this. Sage for angry blogpost

No. 309309

third and fourth picture are A+

i hate how they fetishize virginity and i'm a virgin. reading their shit how you lose value if you ever have sex etc. makes me want to never get in a relationship

No. 309380

Someone please draw this imaginary sexy 10/10
Sounds like a Neanderthal to me lol

No. 309583

Don't be afraid, anon. There are plenty of people not like this. They want you afraid to ever have a relationship so they can prey on you.

No. 309588

Agreed. I'm a virgin in my 20s with little to no experience with men (i know, i know.) And seeing the way these guys think and how they view women makes me feel sad and worried that I'll never be able to find a relationship that is based off of equal love and respect. I know incels don't represent all or even most men, but it still scares me a little how many men believe in more tame versions of this, or how many seem to be turning to MGTOW for negative reasons, not just because they want to.

No. 309767

Well, looks like a bunch of incels posted their face on the subreddit, trying to take it back from the normies kek
Most don't even look bad, they're all just a bunch of fucking autists. Looks like their having some kind of retarded ugly contest. I don't even know why I expect anything else from these idiots.
Not all that milky, just found it interesting.

No. 309843

weak-minded and shit taste.

No. 309952

This is a constant pattern with incels, they post pictures of themselves and most of them aren't horribly ugly. They just have dysmorphia and absolutely vile personalities.

No. 309964

File: 1494483063205.jpg (101.53 KB, 1080x1920, qk2ctMX.jpg)

time to dump pics of the idiots since they're comfortbale doing it themselves. i'm only going to post pics of the regulars

/u/educatingidiotfans, and how he describes himself
>no jawline(beard is cope) neutral canthal tilt, eye area subhuman, hairline receding, hair thinning, weak recessed chin. No, this is not a joke. I am not attractive enough to any female to have sex with or date. Hence why I am a truecel. My personality is fine btw. It is VERY funny how normies think its okay to mock our personalities(without ever having met us) but are afraid to speak truth of our face.

No. 309965

File: 1494483356062.png (6.14 MB, 2382x1783, 3vQjN2.png)

/u/knajjd11, he's 5'2" and 20. he is conivnced that he's deformed and ugly

No. 309966

I would rather DIE a virgin than be in a relationship w/ someone w/ such a toxic view of women

we're all just people in the end

No. 309967

File: 1494483469351.jpg (104.02 KB, 1024x576, Y8Gwz0kujchamyxfXHPUxTZo7GwGJi…)

/sanino1997, aka canino1997. he's lost a bunch of weight from the last pics he's posted. maybe he's actually taking ldar seriously and still believing he can't leave turkey

No. 309968

Wtf?! Physically, he is not bad looking at all. It's his fucking creepy and pathetic aura. He could look like a movie star and his atmosphere would still the same. That's most of these guys. The vibes they give off instinctually make females want to escape.

No. 309969

File: 1494483692833.jpg (343.19 KB, 1936x1936, jiFkHHV.jpg)

not really a regular, but i had to post /u/no_one_before_me's pic, because i can't help but laugh at him holding on to his last bit of hair

just shave your head and let it go

No. 309971

What the hell? This guy is fucking adorable, i feel like if he went to a con and cosplayed any semi-popular character and didn't act like an asshole he'd have at least a couple girls wanting to ride his cock, however small

No. 309973

eugh that fivehead

sociopath twink look, maybe he's in the closet like the rest of these incels bc that would suit him

No. 309980

>weak chin

I am not seeing that. Like…the knife is kind of distracting, but this guy has a perfectly normal face.

No. 309982

File: 1494484711232.jpg (54 KB, 640x480, 1478532360906.jpg)

for reference, this is canino ~6 months ago

No. 309984

homeboy is delusional, all these guys are delusional, none of them are fucking gargoyles they're not even below average looks wise

the fact that these guys look like this tells me it's gotta be there personalty that's shit because I know plenty of girls with uglier guys who aren't even rich but they're genuinely nice human beings

No. 309987

I want to bully him.

No. 309995

Twinks are my type, I'd be down to hammer him. But that's probably not the kind of sex he wants kek

No. 310021

and probably has a REEE NO GIRL WANTS MANLET complex over it

No. 310043

He honestly looks a lot better here, a bit of a fringe suits him well. His face in the other one is good, he's just got a wide forehead, which as far as bad facial features go is honestly not bad to have because it's so damn easily covered up.

Seriously none of these guys look bad at all, and >>309969 is pretty clearly not a bad looking guy, though I agree he should shave his head, it would probably suit him well based on that photo.

No. 310058

he's actually cute in the face. but 5'2 on a male is a death sentence. 0/10 would snort if hit on by him.

perfectly normie looking to me. a selfie holding a knife to his neck followed by "my personality is fine btw", is questionable tho. 2/10, dude's probably scary irl.

he looks really skinny and has a long head. not hideous, but like.. 2/10 just not my type. he does look better with a bigger afro tho.

i actually find this one attractive. he probably radiates crazy if he considers himself an incel. 6/10.

the hipster look suits him a lot, but still not my type, 3/10.

post more picssss

No. 310060

The one you rated the highest is by far the ugliest dude in my opinion.

5'2 isn't a death sentence if they have a charming personality, Which if someone is on /r/incel they clearly do not possess

No. 310062

Rating people like >>304783 a fucking 3/10 makes me think you're just incredibly young honestly, or an incel baiting (more likely based on how you said "5'2 on a male is a death sentence", which is shit they post all the time in those exact words).

Either way, go away please.

In case neither is true though, you get that 5/10 is average, right? It's not a scale that starts at 0.

No. 310065

sorry i should have followed all of those with "imo".

No. 310066

Still doesn't change that the only people I've heard say "5'2 is a death sentence for males" is incels and robots, or people baiting as one of them.

Like, you say someone looks normal and then rate them 2/10?

No. 310068

I guess their fears are true then? there really are females who agree on that. Clearly some (like the anon before) doesn't mind as long as they have a good personality. But I still would.

2/10 guy wasn't based solely on his looks. low score because he's probably scary.

No. 310073

I'm sure it's a dealbreaker for plenty of women out there, I'm just saying that you're not one of them.

No. 310098

File: 1494507579049.jpg (113.91 KB, 608x1080, 44b17c9c75.jpg)

/u/irrelevantcel dropped a pic as well

No. 310101

wow he's really cute actually sad

No. 310104

File: 1494508203193.png (46.79 KB, 931x145, Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 6.05…)

completely sane and totally mentally stable, /u/Know_What_Fvck_This has admitted to dropping acid several times and is thinking of mixing acid with weed.

if there's one thing that people who suffer from severe depression, paranoia, and anxiety should do, it's acid. multiple times


No. 310107

File: 1494511386062.jpg (17.52 KB, 480x480, 7aac0f27aaeec22e2b63da7cd9d462…)

You sound like a robot tbh

No. 310164

File: 1494527522021.png (42.67 KB, 591x238, Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 8.27…)

can't even read comments on Ted talks w/ out heaving

No. 310170

take the jew fro, hit the gym. boom. instantly attractive. but lifting weights is too oppressive for incels, it's just not fair!!!

No. 310186

FA Women is full of lolcows tho

No. 310193

God, he's cute. I don't even care that he's 5'2. It's just a pity that he's certifiably fucking crazy and probably has the personality of a filled garbage can on a hot day.
I wonder if this is how guys who see tattoos/piercings/unnaturally colored hair on girls and immediately think "daddy issues, BPD, she's crazy stay away RED FLAG" feel?

No. 310217

the sub went private because incels and foreverunwanted were obsessed with the sub and kept brigadier it constantly with their "women can't be lonely!!!" shit

no one actually cares about them other than incels, so incel plz go

No. 310280

Lol that thread is filled with crazy. Some of the dudes there are actually like 6 or 7/10 in my opinion but there are definitely a few that are cringe just to look at.

No. 310302

How do you know I have a terrible personality if you have never met me on person? I've yet to see you bluepill types be able to answer this. Is online diagnosis now a thing?

You use the typical "hes not that bad" line of logic, but lets say you thought I had a great personality, would any of you landwhales sleep with me? The answer of course is no, because even if I agreed I was "average"(im not) average simply isnt good enough anymore, not even for shut in obese women that hang out here.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 310303

File: 1494538915367.jpg (4.53 KB, 200x200, lowqualitybait.jpg)

No. 310305


Well memed xDxDxD

No. 310322

I find this hot. Just imagine how bad his autism must be if women run away from him irl.

No. 310327

I'm a sad incel. Would any farmers like to see my pics? I'm not that ugly.

No. 310336

nah i'm a girl. but the women there are definitely nuts or fug with high standards. obviously they're not as crazy as the incels but it's still funny to me. also a lot of them hate men.

No. 310482


This guy is so attractive! He's one of my fav incels definitively lol Love his damn eyes. Also I dig he's 5'2"

No. 310490

No. 310491

This is the only guy posted so far who is irredeemably ugly

No. 310511

All of these guys look good, at least by my normie standards and it's kinda pissing me off that they think they're irredeemably ugly. I wonder how many of them have BDD, or would be diagnosed with it if they went to a therapist.

Yes, show us.

No. 310531


Yeah, they all look pretty hot to me actually. If they weren't complete trash personality-wise they'd be a good pick. They must be really fucked socially irl too, their problem clearly isn't their physical appearance.

No. 310570

Yeah sure, I'm curious

No. 310759

Canino, if you're reading this (and I'm sure you will) grow your hair back out. It's really his best feature by far, which isn't to say he's very lacking in other departments. Old pic is quite do-able, imo. The obvious downward spiral would be pitiful if he wasn't a goblin on the inside.

No. 310791

Is his shirt covered in pubes? The fuck?
Such gross bathroom too ugh

No. 310830

None of these guys are ugly. First two just look like kids and third is just edgy. Incels, if you're reading this, women sense the crazy on you and back the fuck off. Get therapy and stop being so goddamn thirsty and maybe you'll be able to find a nice 5-7/10 girl.

No. 310835

This guy catfished another girl:


He is upping his game a little bit. This time, he sheepishly says to the girl "i-i catfished you" while she is in the middle of a phone call. Even when he tried to confirm it was her, I thought she didn't even hear him, because when he saw her she was talking on the phone.

Once she hangs up, and he says again "I catfished you", she starts to walk away, without saying anything.

It is kind of anticlimactic, but the incels are loving it. He says he is going to catfish another girl soon.

No. 310837

guys who include knives in their pics have major issues. unnecessarily rude dickheads who are controlling and have insecurity issues. red flag

No. 310839

File: 1494575439488.png (21.68 KB, 325x184, 2017-05-12 03.43.39.png)

This seems to suggest that the catfishing happened in WA, or the next one will be.

No. 310842

I'm cringing so hard I might throw up. These boys are so pathetic… It's starting to make me feel bad for them.

No. 310879

he can't even catfish people confidently and yet he's so damn proud of me it. this is sad

No. 310884

File: 1494582294239.png (203.57 KB, 1223x1124, IMG_4362.PNG)

bancollector and mental-out admit to regularly visiting the thread

everyone say hi to our incel visitors

No. 310888

File: 1494583582705.png (66.91 KB, 1224x385, IMG_4363.PNG)

he's also now in possession of cp from his catfishing. fucking kek

No. 310890

File: 1494583750409.jpg (73.89 KB, 1137x640, IMG_4364.JPG)

and ofc the idiot had pictures in his posting history. say hi to /u/drdolittle23

No. 310891

File: 1494583771097.jpg (190.99 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_4365.JPG)

No. 310901

File: 1494585789462.jpg (41.71 KB, 640x646, l7N3S6Z_d.jpg)

Ya I think this guy is from Washington. http://imgur.com/a/hfglx

No. 310922

kills me these guys get so mad at "chads" but in reality they try so fucking hard to be one

No. 310927

I just find it fascinating that they don't even seem to hate "chad" that much, they just envy him and want to be him. Yet they seem to absolutely hate women?
If you hate them so much and think so little of them then why do you care that they don't like you?

It all seems insane, it only makes sense to me if they're all closet gay.

Incels, give up on women, we don't want you anyway since you despise us so much, go to 4chan's /fit/ board and find yourself a nice gay chad or something, seriously.

No. 311066


He's not in WA, he's in Illinois he said it in his other post about making her travel 1600 miles or whatever. He has since deleted the comment.

I've been trying to track him down.

No. 311083


Miss fire, but I know what city he lives in now.

No. 311190

File: 1494613180874.jpg (20.04 KB, 480x270, mediocre.jpg)

Kek, this incel's attempt was so pathetic. Couldn't even manage smugness or confidence. Her just walking away was hilarious too, there was no better way for her to respond than to just leave his pathetic ass without even a reaction.

No. 311313

She barely even blinks an eye, and the guys at /r/incels are like "OHHH you got her good!!!"

She was probably disappointed, but you know that girl didn't lose any sleep over this.

No. 311344

He'd get so much play as a twink. He'd make a better tranny than most of the ones on that /b/ thread, shit.

No. 311473

File: 1494625984147.png (281.6 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_4368.PNG)

i can't crop this right now but holy shit

No. 311475

File: 1494626019937.jpg (118.5 KB, 1024x768, IMG_4369.JPG)

No. 311476

File: 1494626040562.jpg (Spoiler Image, 72.1 KB, 1024x768, IMG_4370.JPG)

No. 311486

File: 1494626613015.jpg (41.04 KB, 448x361, 1456349836852.jpg)

Burn the internet. Burn everything.

No. 311488

File: 1494626762038.gif (47.03 KB, 356x200, 200_s.gif)

i just …….

No. 311504

File: 1494627992335.jpg (9.09 KB, 200x210, 764645.jpg)

Incels really are the fucking scum of the earth.

No. 311507

File: 1494628323685.gif (995.14 KB, 500x389, 65465.gif)

holy fuck


No. 311508

File: 1494628400026.png (125.78 KB, 275x206, 1488154025555.png)

what the fuck

No. 311512

File: 1494628665401.gif (2.2 MB, 357x238, disgustingsamus.gif)

No. 311525

File: 1494630049071.jpg (23.22 KB, 652x315, 1494294041096.jpg)

I honestly hopes he gets salmonella in his cockhole if that's even possible

No. 311534

How did he reach the conclusion that being a 24 year old virgin is worse than fucking chicken carcasses? A virgin isn't an issue. A guy that fucks raw chicken is enough to make anybody run a mile.

>some semblance of a normal sex life

No wonder nobody will fuck this creepy loser if he actually thinks this is even CLOSE to normal.

No. 311537

Apparently it's a repost from robots but still, ew. Some guy fucked raw meat, just not the guy we thought.

No. 311543

Jfc just buy a sex toy

No. 311641

That would be hilarious and deserved.

No. 311659

File: 1494641781475.gif (587.06 KB, 360x202, tenor.gif)

No. 311674

File: 1494642976392.png (51.85 KB, 892x165, Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 7.32…)

aaand looks like reddit admins aren't cool with the catfishing

so lmao now the dude can't even brag about his pitiful catfishing, which effectively makes it even more pointless

No. 311982

Haha, is he 4'11"? Looks so tiny.

No. 312001

probably because they were trying to catfish minors

No. 312110

File: 1494701344614.jpg (83.07 KB, 640x640, skills.jpg)

i've witnessed some of the most homely men turn out to be highly sought after just by being modestly talented. these dudes aren't even trying.
if you want to make yourself more sexually marketable to women, chimping out in a community of male virgins is probably not a good way to do that. think of all the time they could have used learning new languages, instruments, or maybe just going fucking outside–all wasted in their cesspool of entitlement.

No. 312231

Oh no, he is still catfishing. Here is his latest video: http://sendvid.com/vjw7bjo3

This time, he is again upping his game. He walks up to the girl, and asks if she has a boyfriend. She says no. He asks "are you sure? Are you waiting for chad?" And starts to giggle. The girl just stands up and starts walking away, but he follows her. He says "I catfished you", and she threatens to pepper spray him, as she reaches the door. Then he says "I have your number" and she exits the building.

No. 312233

No. 312237

jfc how sad. also the girl threatening to pepper spray him that eventually this isn't going to end with the girl just walking away from him and he's going to do it to the wrong girl some day

No. 312241

also he's breaking the law in his state and washington by residing them without their permission kek


No. 312243

File: 1494712759167.jpg (26 KB, 400x400, uYfGv8SK_400x400.jpg)

what is his hairline? he looks like a lizard but not bad enough to have to resort to catfishing.

No. 312248

I think that is his catfishing pic. But I'm not sure.

The "I have your number" part kind of scared me. I wanted her to pepper spray him at that point.

No. 312267

This kid is straight up cute. I'm very short and if he could hold up a conversation in high school I would have dated him without hesitation. It sucks being 4'10" and trying to dance with a dude a foot taller than you. Sex with a dude more than a foot taller than you has logistic issues and brings home the notion of "forced perspective" in a way that is painful and unpleasant. I'm sure there are some teeny tiny size queens here who want a man with a penis as large as their forearm but there are plenty of us who went that route and see the advantages of a man closer to our own height.

Instead of inceldom this little dude needs to emulate successful short men. Prince was 5'3. Michael J Fox is 5'4. Daniel Radcliffe is 5'5. They represent a lot of variety in the way men behave and present themselves so it's not like there's one way to be cute, short and successful in life. It's sad that he has resigned himself to this loser life when he could very likely do pretty well for himself if he just stopped associating with losers.

But telling these dudes this is itself a losers bet. They're like that friend we all have who, when presented with a reasonable solution to her problem, will come up with a million reasons why they can't possible change what makes them unhappy.

Okay, as a person who cooks a lot, I can tell you that this dude is either a masochist or is faking this for attention because the skeletal structure inside a chicken cleaned and sold for cooking is going to catch him and wreck his shit thoroughly. He's essentially fucking the exposed rib cage and thoracic vertebrae and tearing his dick up every time. No condom is strong enough to protect him from sharp edges of exposed bones. Hoax, or a dude who really likes hurting himself. Either way that rough rider wang wrapper isn't going to be much use for him.

Thing is, this chick isn't that cute. Why didn't he approach her as himself? There is a very good chance she might have decided to go on a date with him. I know they all want supermodels but even then wouldn't it have made sense to catfish a really pretty, fit girl and then revel in the joy of making Stacy sad? Where's the glory in making a fat, unattractive woman uneasy? I don't understand his mission here.

No. 312270

This is something that's been driving me fucking nuts lately, you cannot watch a YT video about anything without guys bitching in the comments about women and dating and all their bullshit. Watching a movie clip, a tv show clip, stand up, let's play, there's always someone in the comments to bring gender politics into it. People used to complain about SJW comments everywhere and not being able to get away from it, but I barely ever had that problem and yet cant avoid these guys whatsoever. Any clip from a drama that shows a fictional female character in a slightly bad light instantly brings comments of 'typical woman behavior, no loyalty, can't trust them, stupid, useless, etc.' There's so much of this woman hating everywhere it shocks me. God help you if you see a clip where a man and woman fight, if the woman gets the shit slapped out of her they're practically cheering in the comments, talking about how women deserve to get it and how they would totally hit them if they were in the same situation.

I don't think of all men like this, but the fact that you can know see this stuff on any website instead of just contained on /r9k is just fucking depressing.

Sage because not exactly to do with incels.

No. 312294

it's definitely his catfishing picture lol. he did post those chad's pics (or someone similar looking) and say he wanted to look like him for real

also, dude got linked to /r/drama.

and then got linked to /r/subredditdrama (which is a round about way to link incel drama lol)


No. 312305

holy shit, just noticed that >>309965 is the freak who thinks women masturbate with tampons


No. 312326

>guy successfully gets girls to meet up with him
>laughs at his own jokes, insults them, harasses them and makes them leave

Why don't they understand that socially retarded shit like this is the reason they're alone? It's not that they're short, it's not that they're ugly, it's not that the chads are getting all the stacey pussy. It's that they have awful personalities and poor social skills.

No. 312360

really? that's sad… he's really fucking cute. not really into skinny guys, but his face is A+ imo

No. 312456

>Okay, as a person who cooks a lot, I can tell you that this dude is either a masochist or is faking this for attention because the skeletal structure inside a chicken cleaned and sold for cooking is going to catch him and wreck his shit thoroughly. He's essentially fucking the exposed rib cage and thoracic vertebrae and tearing his dick up every time. No condom is strong enough to protect him from sharp edges of exposed bones. Hoax, or a dude who really likes hurting himself. Either way that rough rider wang wrapper isn't going to be much use for him.

As a person who also cooks a lot, his dick is nowhere near big enough to catch onto anything, let's be real here.

Also the pick is the most likely done as a joke by some robot on /r9k/

No. 312486

File: 1494740011578.png (39.05 KB, 502x186, 2017-05-14 01.30.15.png)

Okay, so the cops were called on the catfish guy, so he is allegedly "laying low" for now.

No. 312491

File: 1494740331882.jpg (56.21 KB, 640x810, oGkzaYG_d.jpg)

Despite this, he is still posting caps of his conversations with the girls he was catfishing, while posting about how scared he is to get caught at the same time.

>Well they pulled me aside, asked me if i did was true about the recording and i told them about the catfishing. Stupid me, i admitted to them about the catfishing and they told me to stop it. Even they agreed that catfishing isnt illegal. But if the cops tell me to do something im supposed to listen.

>I know just kinda sad so many wasted potential catfishes is pretty upsetting i didnt think that stupid bitch would call the cops

>Im about to switch to different locations actually. Police have different jurisdictions


No. 312493

>>Im about to switch to different locations actually. Police have different jurisdictions

no, he doesn't understand it is a state wide, illegal offense to record people without their consent. he can not record their audio and he certainly can't upload it.

>Well they pulled me aside, asked me if i did was true about the recording and i told them about the catfishing. Stupid me, i admitted to them about the catfishing and they told me to stop it. Even they agreed that catfishing isnt illegal.

idk how stupid he is, they're not concerned about the catfishing, they're concerned about the recording

No. 312497

I am not american, but I was wondering, when he said he is going to a different jurisdiction, does that mean that he is willing to go to a different state to keep this up? Or a different city?

No. 312506

he most likely means a different city, but it's a state wide law so he's not actually avoiding anything. recording audio without people's consent is illegal

No. 312517

File: 1494746066376.jpg (14.23 KB, 400x360, vlcsnap-00007.jpg)

>you're waiting for t-chad, right?

No. 312520

File: 1494748274313.gif (193.65 KB, 180x120, wtf001.gif)

>I would know by sticking a crochet needle inside their vagina and pushing it in as hard as I could. This is not to harm them, don't get me wrong. It's to check the hymen properly. You can tell in a single glance, too. If they're a roastie, they're not virgins.
holy shit

he's a red-pill incel, explains everything

No. 312525

File: 1494749341360.jpg (671.84 KB, 2988x5312, Dj6yGjl.jpg)

>Im a 25 yo Khhv

No. 312531

At least he got rid of the knife. But seriously, why can't any of these guys take a decent picture?

No. 312533

File: 1494752122547.jpg (193.33 KB, 546x768, 3OmTUgEszyZov1bcsoa_uzJ5_ltBHh…)

Here's a helpful chart that apparently explains attractiveness in men, from the incels.

This one has more variation than the others that I've seen, by it is still hilarious.

No. 312539

File: 1494753098571.gif (1.25 MB, 450x344, tenor.gif)

Waste of a family sized chicken if you ask me.

No. 312547

Did you miss the part where he says he cooks it? Waste not want not.

No. 312566

File: 1494758766193.png (14.07 KB, 324x139, 2017-05-14 06.41.39.png)

Apparently he is also using pics of a "Jeff Seid" to catfish. I looked him up, and he is a bodybuilder: https://jeffseid.com

No. 312572

How would a crochet needle prove the existance of a hymen? They're not that big. Even virgins have a hole. Not having a gap in your hymen when you reach menstruation age is a reason for surgery. Does he think it's just a solid wall or something?

The fact that he thinks she's mad because he wasn't Chad and not because he was a rude catfisher is laughable. You know if a girl catfished them they'd be threatening murder and shit.

Yeah, you can watch the most innocent videos but if they star a girl it doesn't take much scrolling to find something about what a bitch she is or something. And that's the nice videos. The really popular ones ALWAYS mention rape or violence at some point. I think the internet just makes them think they've got balls, I can't imagine they actually vocalise their thoughts irl because they'd have no friends at all.

No. 312585

Jeff Seid is also an old /fit/ meme for trying so fucking hard to be Zyzz.

I'm like 90% that girl knew she was probably walking into a catfish when she turned up, it's so obvious.

No. 312598

jeff pls go

No. 312605

This one is definitely better than most they post, but holy shit, why is it that literally all the 9 ones are in professionally taken, heavily edited photoshoots, and heaps of the rest are shitty selfies.

If you're going to compare looks, at least try to cut makeup and photoshop out of the equation, not even those models can compare to the way they look in those photos.

No. 312632

Jeff is a celebrity in the fitness field. Ironically, incels dont know that he started as a /fit/ shitposter autist. That's pretty funny, that they chose their "Chad" to be one of the most famous autists from 4chan.

No. 312634

Does anyone know where this 'lots of sex makes your labia larger' myth comes from? I can understand the misconception that a hole becomes loose after intercourse but I simply can't understand where this one comes from.

No. 312639

Am I the only one who thinks it's strange how they use the word "thinks she deserves"?

Like, from that girls perspective, a really attractive guy has started chatting to her on Tinder, they seem to get along and wants to meet up. How is that proof you think you deserve something, instead of just being interested at the opportunity that presented itself? It's not like she's turned down every guy until Jeff turned up.

No. 312684

Boys are idiots when it comes to vaginas.

No. 312688

These guys think women use tampons to masturbate. They aren't smart.

No. 312689

I know that but I see this myth spread everywhere and I can't understand where it comes from. Do these guys think sex involves pulling at the labia to stretch it?

No. 312690

I think they have a template in their minds, about what women like. The chick who he catfished hadn't mentioned anything about what she "deserved", and yet, incels think this must be why she was mad.

I think they sincerely believe their bullshit.

No. 312692

I think it is a leftover idea from "purity culture", mixed with misinformation from porn.

Like…if having sex with multiple partners "stretches" the labia, then what happens to women who have lots of sex, with one partner? They never go over this, because their crux of their theories is that sex makes women dirty. They ruin them self with their lust for chad.

Sprinkle some "b-but I always see pink, small labia" from porn on top, and BAM!

No. 312694

Surely vaginas in porn can't be their examples of what a 'pure' untouched girl's vagina looks like. They really do contradict their own values all of the time.

No. 312696

They say the pink, small labia pussies are "prime". So, they probably nationalize this by saying those labia will become "ruined" with time.

No. 312730

get the fuck off my sub already you roastie fucks(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 312770

File: 1494783765397.jpg (324.93 KB, 506x631, 1488937083997.jpg)

you're as powerless to make us leave as you are to make us fuck you, kek

No. 312783

I don't even think this is incel shit, this is normalfag virgin teenage boy shit. The sheer amount boys would go on about fanny flaps and roast beef at my highschool was insane. Then they'd complain about their gfs insisting on having the lights off, wont let them go down on them, etc. M8 it's because you insulted her genitals basically to her face. Something like ~70% of women have "Outie" vulvas, it's not even uncommon.

Incels never develop beyond teenage boys and that's why they're the worst.

No. 312799

File: 1494789343082.jpg (210.3 KB, 1920x1080, kneJ8bO.jpg)

probably because they think all pics of themselves are bad so why put any effort into it

looks like canino hopped on the knife train

No. 312859

File: 1494795085097.png (57.69 KB, 584x312, 2017-05-14 16.48.27.png)

Someone is looking to get banned

No. 312912

>>312533 key is that Slash with the 4s?

Potato face guy in the 4s is cute. He looks like he'd make you laugh in the pub, he may not have a prominent/dormant/thefuckthey'retalkingabout tilt but he doesn't look like he's the type to think a murder-suicide is a viable option either.

No. 313082

A) The average older woman has had more sex than the average younger woman.

B) The average older woman has a darker, saggier vulva than the average younger woman.

C) The average older woman has a looser vaginal canal than the average younger woman.

Idiots conclude that B and C are caused by A, probably thanks in large part to puritanical beliefs about sex. In actuality, B is the result of normal aging, and C is the result of being more relaxed during sex / muscle and elasticity loss due to age. "Roastie = slut" is as dumb as "Saggy balls = slut."

No. 313092

Adding to this, I feel like it's also because anything not "normal" (pink, hairless, innie) correlates to slut. Not like they have any experience with vaginas in the first place other than porn (which are all """normal""") so the second any girl shows a deviation from this normal, they jump to the worst conclusion, that she's a slut.

The irony, I know.

No. 313185

File: 1494846072455.png (36.39 KB, 307x241, 2017-05-15 06.56.31.png)

The catfishing incel allegedly asked a lawyer about his little scheme. Now, he is looking for ideas to stay within the law.

No. 313202

>saggy balls
I kind of want to make this a thing, except they would take it too seriously and drop TRUTHBOMBS about it not being factual, whilst still defending their roastie lore
Incels and Redpillers are the antithesis to fun

No. 313219

Still not legal though, shitty lawyer.
Defamation is filled, he's impersonating a public character and making false statements in his name. He's falsely suggesting that Jeff Seid is a lowlife. A tangible loss of reputation is fulfilled and he is breaking The Fraud Act of 2006 in the UK and USA Criminal impersonation.

>tfw incels ask an online lawyer line for law advice

No. 313304

not just an online lawyer, but fuckin truecelabode

he can't even go to /r/legaladvice for it lmao

No. 313378

There's also the problem of recording it if he's in a two-party consent state, but it sounds like whatever shitty lawyer he went to didn't tell him about that.

No. 313396

lol kek an incel went to japan and found out he's wasting his time there because he's (shockingly) not getting the attention of japanese woman


No. 313407

>I believed the hype about girls loving foreigners, so I wanted to meet some, but they don't. Most Japanese don't care. You may get a few looks because you're different in appearance but that's all. Now I'm just lost drifting in a sea of faces.

top kek!

No. 313880

Honestly, what did he expect would happen? That droves of women would come on to him in the streets?

He outright says he hasn't really done anything since he's been there, and yet is still surprised that he hasn't met people?

Fucking no-one just meets people just wandering around the streets, or very few and very rarely at least.

No. 313890

There's a subset of these loser men who make a fetish of Asian women as superior to Western women because they think they are more submissive, sexually controlled by parents and marriage minded. All red pill/incels who are white are white supremacists who consider Asian woman honorary whites while feeling superior to them.

So yes, I bet he expected gorgeous Japanese virgins to recognize his amazing white masculinity and leap into his arms the moment he stepped out of the airport. He never once expected that he would have to put in work or that Japanese women already have far superior choices in men than him.

No. 313913

I think r/hapas have a lot of r/Asianamaculinity LARPing as hapas.

No. 314121

Yes, probably, because he's a moron and believes those porn stereotypes about Japanese women like >>313890 said.

You know, if incels got off their asses, went to therapy for their porn addictions, misogyny, and body dysmorphia issues, maybe they'd actually be attractive to women.

No. 314443

File: 1494992861872.png (90.65 KB, 910x264, Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 8.47…)

let's talk about how someone said that they have fat earlobes

jfc these dudes are more critical of themselves than ana-chans

No. 314445

File: 1494992941614.png (45.24 KB, 618x317, Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 8.48…)

also, ryo considers being 6"1', havign a deep voice, and being white passing (he's white to begin with) as genetic flaws

No. 314453

haha this is pretty funny
>one eye 1.5mm higher than the other
my god this man is disfigured!

No. 314487

File: 1494999448144.png (260.31 KB, 808x667, Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 10.3…)

incel went to a nightclub and was SHOCKED that they didn't find his personality amazing.

at a nightclub

No. 314489

lel if that's disfigurement then why is Ryan Gosling 8/10 on >>312533

No. 314669

This one is honestly pretty funny to me.

He complains about a kind of rounded face, then says he's fat, complains about a monobrow that would take like fucking 10 minutes to fix, complains about his dick being slightly above average, complains about pubic hair that would take like once again 10 minutes to fix, complains that his shoulders are too wide somehow, his eyes being 1.5mm off, and being average height. The beard thing is even funnier to me, just don't grow a beard if it doesn't look good? Or grow a style that doesn't need to be a full on beard that covers your whole jaw and cheeks?

It's honestly so ridiculous that I have to assume it's a troll.

No. 314686

> lack of defined masculinity
> white passing (he's white to begin with)
> I am a lean tatted incel

Every post is funnier than the last.

No. 314801

No way. You're too funny.

No. 314807

Because autism makes them unaware. Kinda like chrischan but less extreme

No. 314833

I so want someone to reverse catfish him. Like, pretend to go along with his little plan and then either insult/pepper spray him or press charges for being filmed without consent.

No. 314836

No. 314941

I was thinking as he was filming them sitting there being stood up.. some guy should walk up to her and be like hey baby wanna come with me? and she happily leaves with the guy.

No. 314950

Then post the footage to their subreddit and watch the autistic apocalypse

No. 315004

File: 1495065801212.jpg (424.06 KB, 1719x1342, HowsYakimaValley.jpg)


He's fishing three cities away now. Anyone got Tinder?

No. 315022

i've got tinder but idk if i wanna pay for tinder+ to change my location.

also he's paying for tinder plus just to catfish girls. how sad is this

No. 315076

today i witnessed an exchange that made me wonder how many incels go out and about

>university farmer's market

>girl next to me buying fruit
>random guy comes up
>starts "chatting her up" by interrogating her
>"do you go to school here?"
>"what year?"
>"what are you studying?"
>"where do you live?"
>girl laughs, says name of city
>he replies "that narrows it down", waits,
>"did you get my joke"

>ends up going "so i only came to talk to you and want to ask for your number"

>girl gives it to him bc he looks relatively normal

>mfw "incel" echoes in my brain

sage for blog

No. 315089

don't do this, he'll probably elliott rodger you.

No. 315128

I'm close… but not close enough. If he's hitting up the smaller towns, I'm sure he'll be in mine soon. I'll keep an eyeball out.

No. 315745

Surprised nobody posted this one. Delusional guy walks around talking about how fat girls only go for Chad, it's just insane to see this behaviour out in the wild.

No. 315953

As if he'd have the balls.

No. 315971

>why don't girls like normal guys

>missing all front teeth

No. 315986

File: 1495159221016.png (171.32 KB, 985x265, Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 6.58…)

can someone tell these people to grow up?

>Left me stranded in Anaheim, CA with no money or phone, no ride home, and no shirt during a trip I did with a club at school that he was also in (I had to walk 2 hours along a highway to get back to our hotel at like 11:00pm, the walk would have been twice as long but my friends got a taxi and just happened to drive by where I was walking.)

does bf8211 do anything other than lie? there's literally no way in hell that that would've happened on a school trip

No. 316132

lol his computer background is an anime version of him buhahhahahhaha.
> btw no need to click on the link just the thumbnail is worth the laugh

No. 316137

It's clear he has not idea what a personality is.

Also, shouldn't if be telling to these dudes that if they can't even make friends with their peers, then they probably don't have the personality to get a girlfriend either?

They all say they have no friends, and you can't blame that on An ugly face. It's because you are unlikeable. Maybe these guys should try to make actual friends with other humans before worrying about getting their dick wet.

No. 316143

i honestly can't with this dude. like on what planet do you get to complain about fat chicks when you don't have teeth.

like you lose the right to complain about anyone's appearance when you don't have fucking teeth

No. 316287

> walk 2 hours along a highway
Not possible in Anaheim.

This is one of the few incels that is clearly fucked up and he really has no right to comment on anyone's appearance. He's still as delusional as the rest though.

No. 316717

File: 1495222293442.png (49.96 KB, 443x228, 2017-05-19 15.28.46.png)

No. 316975

File: 1495246646193.gif (484.13 KB, 275x210, popcorn.gif)

I'm reading the comments and his reaction to them is hilarious.

No. 316980

>>If a subhuman guy as myself tries to befriend her
he aint wrong there

No. 316993

why the fuck do they think that it's acceptable and normal to mention sex in a conversation between two strangers? maybe they should pick up a book on "social norms" before attempting to talk to anyone

No. 317002

They'll swear til they're blue in the face that they are the nicest most sociable guys ever and it doesn't matter because of lookism. Besides they shouldn't have to have a conversation or anything the girl should just take a running leap onto their dicks like she would if he was chad.

You can't beat crazy with reason.

No. 317249


Another video from the autistic catfish, this one annoyed me in particular as she seems like a really sweet person and even fucking complimented him by saying he doesn't look bad after he'd catfished her, but of course these scumbags will still circlejerk around her cause "evil females!1"

No. 317421

File: 1495303853871.png (2.59 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_4384.PNG)

i genuinely can not imagine being such a loser that i continually keep posting pics of my bully from high school

No. 317422

File: 1495303933366.png (471.17 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_4385.PNG)

and his stories are so bs. someone broke your 4 thousand dollar bass guitar and absolutely nothing happened?

No. 317807

i'm really starting to think that this guy is just finding pictures of random attractive dudes with cute girlfriends and making this shit up

No. 317858

lol they're considering going private full time. too bad more than one approved submitted visits here.

No. 318296

that sounds more plausible than what they're spouting, although they do possess enough autism to stalk someone for years at a time

No. 318608

File: 1495424093658.png (37.85 KB, 361x640, I7q9KAll.png)

so an incel asked a girl out via instagram dms and got rejected.

he then proceeded to sperg and call her a whore and everything

No. 318611

File: 1495424191371.png (37.8 KB, 361x640, rEyvui0l.png)

No. 318612

File: 1495424219432.png (128.78 KB, 640x1136, nbbwzv4.png)

No. 318613

File: 1495424289233.png (127.26 KB, 640x1136, hsqgbWx.png)

>Edit: I thought this whore would be nice and respectable since she goes to Columbia. Guess I was wrong.
>I tend to avoid anyone above a 5 to date. But I made an exception for her since I thought she would be considerate and have morals.
>>OP, you have to hurt her in return. Please don't give up at this critical moment. Call her "unladylike" and allude to the possibility of that trait being the reason that she's been pumped and dumped in the past.

and naturally he got fucking wrekt lol

No. 318621

No. 318624

Griffin Mcelroy: the dark timeline

No. 318626

Not that I have much sympathy for incels, but her initial response was kind of harsh. Also the typing style and abuse of emojis is gross. Why would you even try for a girl like that? You'd have nothing in common. It's like he pursued this conversation so he'd have something to cap as proof about how awful women are.

No. 318630

agreed. she was hittin a hundred right off the bat

No. 318632

Right? If you have that many dudes lined up in your inbox, just ignore him or something. Granted, he's an incel with dishonorable intentions who likely predicted this response but it's not like she knew that. I actually pity dudes who have to date girls like this because it seems like a nightmare. He totally deserved every response after he kept pursuing the conversation, though.

No. 318646

doesn't seem like the account exists though

No. 318647

Those "dudes" are just as bad. It's not like anyone's forcing them to fw these idiots, they do it because they want to. They were made for eachother.

No. 318666

turbo kek

No. 318674

>I actually pity dudes who have to date girls like this

tbh there's no 'have to' involved, they date them because they enjoy it. and even the nicest chick has a breaking point when it comes to creeps. 100% she knew that this dude who's most likely been doing the one-hand clap to her profile pictures was only fishing for nudes. i don't blame her whatsoever for the way she reacted

are you the same anon as in the momo thread who got mad at the girl who called her out because she used language like this? or is there some kind of sudden widespread trend of pretending that this isn't a totally common way for young women in the US to speak lately?

>It's like he pursued this conversation so he'd have something to cap as proof about how awful women are.

i agree with this but wth is this getting judgmental about how a bitch types?

No. 318712

>but her initial response was kind of harsh

Nah, there's no saving oneself from the hurt fees of some incel cuck.
Ignore the message? He'd call her a stuck up cunt.
Respond to the message putting him down gently? He's say how she led him on and how she should've just been brutally honest off the bat.

The point is, women can't win against this type of person.

No. 318754

There's something about her writing style that screams "fake" to me. All of her "come backs" are basically incel talking points.

>I have dudes 10 times your face

>I wouldn't talk to you IRL
>stay in your league
>"just lmao"

Isn't the "social media slut" a common incel rant? The girl who "collects" followers, but would never talk to an incel IRL?

This whole convo seems a little too on-the-nose for me.

No. 318757

File: 1495445916408.png (13.18 KB, 350x130, 2017-05-22 05.34.38.png)

I just did some research, and it is fake. He deleted it after confronted.


>It is fake. He had a different post with a different girl but the same situation, but after I called him for being fake with proof, he deleted it.


No. 318758

File: 1495446240469.png (50.88 KB, 382x363, 2017-05-22 05.40.14.png)

The plot thickens! Allegedly, the username used for the fake convo is real, and now the girl is getting all kinds of nasty messages from incels

No. 318759

File: 1495446379628.png (128.69 KB, 499x626, 2017-05-22 05.44.14.png)

Allegedly, one of the girls in the pics from the incel post made an appearance

No. 318764

Do you think they'll ever become self aware? Or will they spend the rest of their lives coccooned in their hubris and comforting simplified ideas about women, when the harsh and scary truth is that we are just people. People just like them.

No. 318768

Oh no, even when confronted with the fact that these screencaps are fdake, many of them are too committed to the circle jerk to change their minds:

>I agree that these look fake, but let's not pretend that there aren't millions of women that are perfectly okay with insulting and degrading men because they know nothing will happen to them for it. Fuck, just right now there's a highly-voted post featuring a woman calling some guy a spic for daring to speak to her.

>Girls, for the most part, are cunts to those in the bottom of the social ladder. Even that one girl that you know that's known for being nice to everybody would probably be a cunt to a loser.

No. 318771

File: 1495448705837.png (21.18 KB, 364x150, 2017-05-22 06.22.16.png)

There are now rumors that h8celibate is a troll because of his fake posts…but not an incel troll…a "failed normie"

No. 318789

So fucking cute, I can't believe they're removing themselves from the gene pool solely because of the crazy

>Okay, as a person who cooks a lot…
This doesn't seem to be the case, but they do sell deboned chickens, which wouldn't cause any trouble whatsoever

No. 318795

I wonder what they think when they see us saying they're not ugly. Do they assume we're baiting them?

This is what he thinks a normal conversation is? I'm autistic as fuck and even I could do better

No. 318797

Someone is feeling edgy today!

>Yea I'm going to go on my day of retribution.

>All women are evil creatures. I'm going to escape inceldom by going on my day of retribution.

>Do you know her in real life? How did you meet? If you're ever ready to go on the day of retribution you can pm me. Or I can send you other means of messaging in case I lose this account


No. 318874

Not the same anon in the momo thread but if you type like that you sound like an idiot, I don't care how common.

No. 318882

>I wonder what they think when they see us saying they're not ugly. Do they assume we're baiting them?

They think we're fat legbeard roasty whores so they don't really care.

No. 318885


Did some incel fake this conversation because as a young woman in the US I have never seen a girl refer to someone as >bud

Also I've never seen emojis abused like that.

No. 318901

I've seen the emoji thing, I've got a couple friends that type like that. But yeah, the language used is pretty weird.

No. 318905

No. 319314

I remember this story, he also claimed that he got pushed down the stairs at school, teachers found out about it almost immediately and then nothing happened.

It's complete bullshit, it doesn't matter if you're rich or not, the teachers being able to keep their jobs means a hell of a lot more to them than how much money your daddy has.

Same with breaking a super expensive guitar, like, how the fuck would he even get his hands on it? If it was at school, once again, the school has to get involved.

No. 319331

File: 1495497417129.png (450.7 KB, 1242x1360, IMG_4389.PNG)

lol and here he is lying again about another bully

No. 319332

File: 1495497489490.png (199.97 KB, 1242x884, IMG_4390.PNG)

he's claiming that said bully destroyed his car in high school, the only one that he ever owned and that the reason he was bullied was because he was a poor minority (he's jewish) in one of the richest and whitest cities in america

No. 319334

File: 1495497583260.png (261.52 KB, 1242x846, IMG_4391.PNG)

flash forward to him saying that he beat up this chad at a music festival in london

so how did you afford to go to a music festival in london, and stay at the same hotel as him if you were poor and he was rich? and this happened when he was in high school too

No. 319341

I think you misread that anon.

He didn't just pay to go to a festival, he was playing at the festival, in summer break before senior year.

Definitely could tell this one was fake I think, I've only ever seen incels talk like that, but seriously, what the fuck is wrong with someone who does that?

Makes a fake account to pretend to be a hateful woman with the sole purpose of convincing other vulnerable young people to be even more scared and hateful towards women.

How the fuck can they act like normies are bad people and then go do shit like that?

No. 319489

this smells like delusions of grandeur to me…
regardless of the fact that OP was playing at the festival, wouldn't it be strange that they were at the same hotel? Chad would most likely book a rich/high-end location to stay at (unless OP is suggesting chad stalked him to his hotel in which case, who tf would have that type of autism) and the staff would probably have gotten involved if there was a fight in the hallway that resulted in someone getting cut

No. 319541

this also contradicts his former statements about how women don't find hknujtetesting because he'd never traveled out of the country or anything like that

No. 319630

Someone actually found the original pic of one of his "proof" pics of women flipping out on him…and the actual comments are all in Spanish.



So now, h8celibate says he is going to kill himself https://www.reddit.com/r/Incels/comments/6cso3y/i_only_have_one_option_left_now_and_thats_suicide/

No. 319634



No. 319645

Lol thanks. I'm assuming that the Portuguese comments are just regular stuff, right?

No. 319648

1) Towards forever for forever (?)
2) the best <3 <3
3)I didn't know that she was filming
4)it's video

For what I understand, I speak spanish, not portugese.

No. 319678

It also completely makes no sense, because as fucking if a literal international musician wouldn't be able to get laid in high school.

Playing guitar shittily is plenty for heaps of kids, let alone playing festivals over seas (though I really doubt a festival would book a 16-17 year old).

I don't understand the motivation behind making up such extravagant bullshit stories honestly, especially here. Like, it's not like he's playing himself as some browbeaten victim with no hope, he's saying he was a successful musician, while also trying to be a victim to some random dipshit from school?

Even his suicide post is such obvious shit, he's clearly going to just make a new account and keep going.

No-one fucking kills themselves by sealing up their whole house and leaving the stove running, we don't live in the 30's, and it would take hours and fucking hours, likely days for you to die, even if you 100% sealed every part of ventilation in your house.

h8celibate is absolute cancer, even as far as that board goes.

No. 319770

File: 1495552388662.jpg (23.01 KB, 225x225, 1494630292091.jpg)

This was so obviously fake from the start. What a moron. And incels believed him too because they have no idea how another human being actually talks, all they have are their fantasies and this incel played to them.

No. 319883

>As i write this, it's been 10 minutes since I left all 4 of my stove's gas and oven gas running with all windows and doors completely sealed. I have removed my CO alarms batteries and am awaiting my calling. The smell is visible now but I am hoping I will pass in my sleep.

i'm fucking crying, who is dumb enough to think THIS would kill them

No. 319887

He also mentioned that he lives in a small apartment. If he isn't trolling, a neighbor will smell the gas. His plan is awful. I mean…I live in an apartment building, and sometimes I can smell people cooking in the hallway.

No. 319891

File: 1495563060964.png (77.23 KB, 1060x626, 20170523_130912.png)

hes gonna have a bad headache lol but dw if this doesnt work hes gonna jump out of his 5th floor apartment window

No. 319904


dudes a troll. He makes shit posts in /r/incels and then runs to /r/drama for ass pats. Then like a little beta bitch, he deletes his comment from any other sub, besides /r/incels.

No. 320490

File: 1495618942207.png (29.38 KB, 572x161, 2017-05-24 05.28.41.png)

A troll has stepped up to take credit for the h8celibate posts!



>i birthed u/h8celibate to cause a shitshow on this sub, which it did.

i am a normie. your friend u/h8celibacy is out there living good

>This whole sub got trolled inside out HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHABA

No. 321070

Don't think that this troll is him at all, just some retard cashing in on the controversy, but there's really no way he killed himself either.

I've not really heard of any gas pipes for ovens that have carbon monoxide running through them anyway, he'd have to run some sort of open fire in a completely sealed area for days at least to die from that.

What a pathetic attempt to fake a suicide.

No. 321125

Christ, what a damn shame. He's actually really cute.

No. 322209

File: 1495818295113.png (891.9 KB, 1610x642, CISpfsA.png)

posted by ryo, lol

No. 322474

r/incels looks harmless next to r/theredpill which actually makes me feel sad to read.

At least the incels are just venting online and usually not affecting women in the real world. r/theredpill assholes are out there manipulating women, playing games with their emotions, breaking off relationships with women that love them because someone told them 'AWALT', spreading biased misinformation and encouraging others to do the same.

No. 322803

As an incel, why does that make you mad at men instead of at women? It's not up to men to decide what women are attracted to. What do you think about r/niceguys?

No. 322805

Because treating women that way is awful? You realize that people in general are attracted to those who treat them with respect, right?

No. 322810

They are? Doesn't the subject of this argument prove exactly the opposite?

No. 322811

don't bother fam, it's not worth it.

>manipulating women, playing games with their emotions, spreading biased misinformation and encouraging others to do the same

>lol y u mad tho

No. 322817

I didn't say "y u mad tho". It makes me mad too - just not at men.

No. 322826

Care to explain the logic, incelanon? It's really hard to follow with my feeble woman brain.

No. 322828

File: 1495892252761.png (4.22 KB, 200x200, 3521A0C2-56D2-42C9-A00C-9613C1…)

No. 322841

And that's why you're an incel

No. 322854

I don't think you're feeble-minded. I think the women enabling red pill men by dating and sleeping with them are. Do you disagree?

Do you think everyone who dislikes women for being attracted to such men is incel?

No. 322863

>I think the women enabling red pill men by dating and sleeping with them are.

My ex turned out to be a red piller. Though when I started dating him I would never guess. He was a bit of a gym rat, and I could tell he had some insecurities but he was really nice to me at first and we bonded over similar interests. Though as time passed he started bit by bit doing abusive things RPers do and at first would leave me confused (and it would affect my self-esteem).
Later I started fighting him about it and he would always make it seem like it was my fault.
I should have dumped him earlier, but I always had an image of him being actually good and nice like he was at beginning and that always fucked with my mind (not to mention him always acting like he is the victim in all of it and then me feeling guilty). I finally dumped him after I started getting panic attacks at night and realized I cant do it anymore. Now I can smell dipshits like him from miles away.

You talk about as if every woman is attracted to a "bad guy". Not saying there aren't women who chase after men who treat them like shit, but there are also men who chase women who treat them like shit. But I think majority of examples are more like mine, guy/girl- emotional abuser - is nice and sweet like at first, but starts fucking you up bit by bit. Some get out of it, but some stay because they get fucked up psychologically by the abuse.

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