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File: 1492179472946.png (43.08 KB, 258x266, 58aee8b20abe6_.thumb.png.9bcdf…)

No. 291531

Youtuber yumi king, old thread >>221464 has reached its limit

YouTube: https://youtube.com/user/DesignsByYumi
Instagram: http://instagram.com/Yumi_King
Facebook: http://facebook.com/YumiKingCosplay
Okcupid: https://okcupid.com/profile/Yuhan0426?cf=regular

>Makes shitty cosplay videos, cosplays in public and pretends to be an annoying ESL child with autism

>Has admitted to losing weight, as well as showing signs of bulimia and not getting enough calories in a day to look more childish for her splenda daddy
>Pretends to not know english well and has been proven to say some words perfectly fine but in her newer videos she magically doesnt know those words
>even has a splenda daddy, who is showing signs of abuse and is prob only with her for pedophilia fantasies he can act out legally
>is using him for money
>says shes against and wrote an essay about objectifying asian women, but acts like a submissive dumb airhead waifu and makes shitty cleaning and sewing videos but can't even cook
that's just to name a few as well, she also lurks here

No. 291533

File: 1492179886921.jpg (154.44 KB, 750x926, 1482688027434.jpg)

notorious for shoppigng, blames mirror and deletes and blocks people whom call her out

No. 291534

File: 1492180050808.png (72.94 KB, 275x155, 1482735196126.png)

faked modesty by saying parents are traditional so they sleep in separate rooms while doing topless videos, petplay stuff, is outright ddlg without saying ddlg, and the infamous fuck me panties… and I though I was pretentious

No. 291537

File: 1492180295522.png (568.49 KB, 852x472, 1482882524259.png)

Also can't forget the fact she has them bulimia cheeks, even developed a tooth disease then whined because she can't make herself not vomit, flakey aged skin, not getting enough calories, and calls her hips fat (it's her shoulders she would be worried about not her non existent hips) and on the side has her bf always whining about her and telling her to lose weight and she has admitted before that it was to look childish which pretty much confirms the pedophilic roleplay rumors

No. 291559

Oh shit. I actually had the same thing happen to me while getting numbed prior to getting a filling when I was a kid. It hurt like a motherfucker and I couldn't open my mouth all the way without intense pain (all the way to my ear, just like Yumi says) on the side of the crappy injection.

My mom never took me back to that dentist. He'd always been kind of shitty (we'd put up with him cause he was the closest around who took our insurance) but that was the last straw.

Soooo I'd kinda say that this is proof that splenda daddy took Yumi to a really craptastic dentist. Also sage for blogpost.

No. 291560

i think it is more petty that she has swollen gum/tongue for nearly over a month and they only managed to go there after 4 weeks. bitch needs to stop puking soon.

No. 291563

Where's her chin?

No. 291569

sage goes in email field

No. 291575

File: 1492186376645.png (154.46 KB, 473x456, 1486707600932.png)

why the FUCK do her tits look so weird? Their shape is saggy and triangular, and they look like they're mostly areola, does she have tubular breast syndrome? Boobs that small shouldn't even be that saggy, I feel so nauseous it looks like an old chubby guys tits

No. 291579


I actually felt really bad for her during her teeth vids. Poor Yumi.

No. 291581

>and she has admitted before that it was to look childish which pretty much confirms the pedophilic roleplay rumors
i missed this. sauce?

No. 291583

it was on instagram before she deleted her insta, pretty sure there might be screenshots floating around on pull or cgl

No. 291591

I'm guessing an ill fitting bra. Some of those tiny triangular pieces of cloth with no padding or support, they usually make smaller tits look saggy and droopy.

No. 291595

File: 1492190653173.jpg (Spoiler Image, 69.41 KB, 403x151, KSB8gVa.jpg)

anon how are they saggy? I'm pretty sure theyre just wide-set.

Pic for reference

No. 291597

no one on cgl cares about her. check pull.

No. 291598

Bad combination of a poor diet and lack of exercise maybe?

No. 291617

No. 291629

This. We're all female here. We all surely realise how bodies naturally vary so why must we shit on people got having perfectly normal features based purely on luck of the genetic draw.

Obviously it's cool to attack people for awful lol cow personalities, entirely their choice. but this has always seemed shitty to me. Idk

No. 291631

>not embedding the video
PULL is that you?

No. 291635

Not that anon, but I got you fam.
Embedded for convenience sake.

No. 291636

Bless you anon.

No. 291639

I just can't look at splenda daddies face without cringing, it makes it worse knowing he's with Yumi. If i saw them out and about I genuinely think he adopted some chinese baby or somthing, not fucking her

No. 291666

that thumbnail makes me cringe, she's trying so hard.
her nipples look quite low tbh, there's almost no underboob at all

No. 291667

newfag detected

No. 291672

pretty sure it's just PULL. even newfags aren't that dumb.

No. 291675

her tits arent saggy, her areola looks pretty proportionate to me, and she doesn't even look remotely close to having tuberous* breast. stop reaching.

No. 291677

Her tits look normal, small boobs aren't always perky, they can be saggy too anon lol

No. 291679


No. 291681

her tits look like what comes up when I search small saggy tits, her areola looks huge, I knew girls with DDD cups with smaller areloas than her

No. 291683

why do threads always get derailed with these bullshit conversations about body standards

No. 291686

Then feel free to contribute to the nonbullshit conversations instead of feeding into the bullshit ones :^)

No. 291698

File: 1492204464420.png (Spoiler Image, 477.73 KB, 916x916, 987654345667.png)

dont know what kind of areolas you know…

changed the colors a bit so i can actually see the areola.

but i get what the saggy-anon is saying. for boobs that small they look a little droopy.

No. 291737


He sounds feed up and annoyed every time he talks.


No. 291775

Are you fourteen or male?

No. 291795

go back to tumblr

No. 291800

Robot detected.

No. 291808

File: 1492217052599.png (494.45 KB, 680x614, image.png)

me too, dental pain is awful and you could tell she was really hurting. she's actually pretty likable when she's not putting on such an act and is just being normal. also despite her not feeling good and crying i think she looks better than usual in this video. maybe its because those side pieces are brushed back im not sure

No. 291813

>7 Feminine Outfits Make Your Exes Regret Dumped You

No. 291847

File: 1492222322580.jpeg (6.48 KB, 274x184, 0D2858C8-659A-4FDF-ACE3-038F78…)


Yumi is totally big boned. though she may be underweight she isn't at the BMI where she should look so skeletal (as opposed to just petite) imagine being so determined to lose weight you puke your 'international snacks taste tests) but you end up looking grosser than before kek 1/1

No. 291854

File: 1492223382914.jpg (278.23 KB, 2088x1170, IMG_9767.JPG)

i meant that was 1/2 and this is 2/2.
like left is big boned and right isn't. Yumi looks skinny like left from she'll weigh her bone weight and think it's too much. she'll never get a 'low' weight and 2 kg prolly means a lot to her. feel bad for her kinda? she'll never have her goal weight cuz genetics leller, po' thang.

No. 291874

>Retarded, horrible comparison pics that don't even show these women's entire bodies
>"Yumi is totally big boned"

uh, yeah, okay, anachan.

No. 291944

That wasnt Splenda daddy's dentist tho, it was the dentist by her house

No. 291947

Both these girls are skinny/underweight. You're delusional. Seek help

No. 291949

Different anon but the girl on the right does look way smaller despite both being underweight. I think some people can reach higher levels of ana because of height/bones,frame.

No. 291958

your autismo is showing

No. 291993

dad stop. no one cares.

No. 292005

She doesn't wear bras.

No. 292018

her makeup looks less awful in this one

No. 292019

amazing art OP

No. 292020

holy anorexia standards anon. seek help

No. 292030

>compares two people with completely crooked postures half of their bodies hidden behind hair

tbh i dont see shit.
left one might be around 5"7', right one around 5"2', maybe it's that. of course the shoulders and hips are not that wide then.
i think being short does a lot for achieving the "perfect child-like ana"-body.

also i often feel like that women that become anorexic before puberty stay in a pre-puberty-bodytype. theyre usually shorter and their hips are less broad, even after recovery.

No. 292035

I hope this video clears it up for all the people in previous threads who felt sorry for her boyfriend, like he was being forced to put up with her crazy "cosplay in public" and giggly, child-like antics. He clearly loves all of it; the attention they get in public, acting like an exhausted "daddy" who has to answer all her silly questions and being in the YouTube spotlight.

No. 292062

Yeah after watching this video it's obvious he likes her. O well there's someone out there for everyone.

No. 292063

Yumi actually looks cuter with this style of makeup

No. 292148

Still feel sorry for him tbh, it's clear he's not with her for love

No. 292172

Why do you feel sorry for him?he likes this shit. I don't even know why girls from pull like this guy so much kek

No. 292187

tbh I feel more sorry for her because she seems into him but he clearly doesn't feel the same way

No. 292197

Why did I find this weirdly endearing? The "behind the scenes" stuff showed that he does care about her and her shitty videos

No. 292207

Dumb for daring to call out shitty opinions I see time and time again. Newfag. Like this is some hallowed online secret club and you didn't all start off on pull yourselves. Good one. And I'm sure you're all perky titled super models yourselves tho. I'm saddened you all feel this way. It's bad enough the body standards we're expected to have from the media and men without shitting on each other too.

And I'm not some serious body acceptance fatty lover. I've just lived a little and outgrown such teenage bullshit.

No. 292212

They both strike me as autistic. Obviously the boyfriend more then Yumi. But you aren't the only one who finds their relationship endearing. She would gain so much more respect from me if she just admitted to being in a ddlg relationship.

No. 292230

look at that anon, all grown up and still nothing better to do than going on lolcow. good one. had a nice chuckle.

No. 292254

Guilty pleasure, another website to check at night. You're actually almost using the "haha no life bitches" argument favoured by many a cow.

Please. It's just a website.

No. 292288

I agree it's so rare to see him excited, smiling, and joking around with her. Instead of being "behind the scenes" that should be what is normally shown in her videos–her boyfriend actually having a personality.

No. 292306

File: 1492294184126.gif (144.48 KB, 340x340, DCABC9E8-CDD0-417D-A388-BDF337…)

>sure is PULL in here!

No. 292358

>yumi's bf doesn't like her

This seems like wishful thinking from girls who wish they had a bf like yumi does and the fact that people would be jealous of that relationship is disturbing….

No. 292417

File: 1492307956066.png (200.74 KB, 310x420, Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 9.58…)

kind thought she was cute here

No. 292428

only thing that looks okay is her skin and you can tell she had shit loads of filters
>shit bangs
>witch nose
>no upper lip
>saggy cheeks
>inbred jaw
>blank dull eyes

No. 292436

>witch nose


No. 292438

*pet play

i seriously don't see little girl on Corn Farmer she's waaay to retarded and shit for brains an act

No. 292461

why does she insist on wearing tights with swimmies all the time. i don't quite get it

No. 292497

File: 1492324022038.gif (1.87 MB, 273x189, yummy.gif)

No. 292507

File: 1492325873470.gif (953.42 KB, 415x285, sick.gif)

No. 292509

Imagine that on top of you.

Why anyone feels sorry for this creeper I'll never know.

No. 292561

Jesus Christ sometimes i forget how spoopy Johanna was in her nymphet anachan phase

No. 292564

Looks like the snow app managed to hide her moon face.

No. 292565

>signs of abuse
Where? They are both retarded as fuck. I don't see any signs of abuse. And if anything she likes the attention.

No. 292570

The guy is an arsehole and takes any opportunity in the videos to mock, humiliate and put her down. Yum I is a retard and stays with him and he puts up with her because he knows that a colossal loser such as he wont do any better.

No. 292588

The comment section is gold

No. 292596

some anon earlier in the thread mentioned it might be part of their bdsm dd/lg play in sense of public humiliation.
imho he is just a douchy retarded autist.

No. 292621

I have this nagging feeling that you were the one who made this video.

No. 292649

You're seriously nitpicking there.

No. 292652

No. 292657

This feels like a self post.

No. 292658

File: 1492365558047.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.17 MB, 250x230, 560e9c0369fa320953d067e9f71f92…)

okay sure yumi… okay

No. 292659


Her speech and mannerisms weren't quite as grating as usual. Maybe she's bulimic, maybe she's not, but it seemed pretty genuine. If she was more likeable and organized like this I can see her producing less cringey content in the future.

No. 292780

Ughh this video…. Restricting herself for the entire week so she can binge on the weekends? Constantly watching her weight to make sure she doesn't gain a single pound? This pretty much confirms everyone's suspicions about her having an eating disorder. Even if it's not a full blown eating disorder it's clear that she has an unhealthy relationship with food, her weight, and body image.

Also, it's kinda sad that her main motivator for losing weight was so guys would notice her. It's not like she was overweight at her height and at 125-130lbs.

No. 292788

The fact that she forced herself to lose 8lbs just to binge eat on a cruise all week screams ED.

No. 292789

So she doesn't already pick at herself to begin with right? For all we know she probably told her yellow fevered boyfriend to clock her weight. You know, weight goals are important~~~

No. 292826

File: 1492387318244.gif (986.28 KB, 500x281, tumblr_m9xzdiGAVJ1r3ty02o1_500…)

i cant get through the video.

did she actually post any before and after pictures? i mean the thumbnail is obviously not her and clickbait, but did she?

No. 292863

oh? is that why she uses child coustumes, child medicine, child vitamins, child bath products, even admitted on insta that she tries to look childish body wise hence why she makes herself so skinny, as a petplayer, if she is into petplay it is a DAMN shame to the community

No. 292909

Don't know how anyone can put up with her

No. 292918

Why are so many girls on this thread thirsting after him?

No. 292924

File: 1492398816736.gif (1.74 MB, 500x282, 80127171dfa9ac349f192cb7a8f205…)

>as a petplayer

No. 292937

>as a pet player
>she's a shame to the community

Girl, pls go.

No. 292939

He's so fucking gross. He looks like those old white businessmen who go to thailand to fuck children.

No. 292942

PULL invasion.

No. 293283

File: 1492455993463.png (847.11 KB, 1013x477, jb.n.png.e6a5477813f9b381b36e5…)

not sure why she photoshops her pictures to hell to back, it's like she doesn't know when someone watches her videos they'll see her awful dark skin, huge shoulders, and inbred face

No. 293330

She looks nice (for her anyway) like this. If she stops purging and does her makeup like a normal person she could be decently cute imo.

No. 293387

Nope she didnt. Whole vid pretty much consists of her talking about how she diets to 100lbs before she knows she gonna binge eat herself to 108lbs.
>States shes like 5'4, so none of this sounds like a healthy weight to be.
>States that Splenda daddy isnt really restricting her eating but just 'helping' her diet.
>Lowest weight: 95 lbs
>Was bullied for being fat in China, when she was about 125-130lbs

No. 293393

did she delete her instagram?

No. 293402

she's 5'4? I remember in another video she said she was 5'7 and on a profile I forgot which she said she was 5'9
to me she looks 5'5-5'8 but slouches to look short

No. 293404

She may be claiming to be shorter than she is to make her weight seem less unhealthy. She isn't a skeleton but she is pretty thin. Or she claimed to be taller in the past to seem more modelesque?

No. 293413

File: 1492468057840.jpg (132.49 KB, 1200x675, Ctfh9fXVUAAuT-h.jpg)

Probably lying about her height to seem "cuter" considering things she lied about in the past such as her age to make her seem younger or whatever, and the photoshop, the fake voice, etc.

She honestly looks 5'7 or somewhere in the tall region compared to the things around her in the videos such as the stairway railing

No. 293421

File: 1492468308979.jpg (28.18 KB, 324x198, Petites-Amazons-models2.jpg)

she def looks either 5'5 or over

No. 293453

File: 1492470128547.jpg (4.58 MB, 958x947, idek.jpg)

I took this screenshot of one of her videos for two reasons: one, the camera seems to be pretty head-on, therefore there is a lower likelihood of her body being distorted, and two, I haven't seen evidence of her shooping videos. TL;DR: I believe that this image accurately shows her body.

Okay, so the average height of a female human head is 8.6 inches. Yumi's head is probably along those lines; though many anons have criticized her for having puffy cheeks, I really don't see how anyone could claim that she has an unnaturally long face.

With that in mind, each of the green/pink lines in this pic represents 8.6in. Based on this, she would be somewhere around 5'0". Taking her (bad) posture and the fact that she's slightly looking down into consideration, maybe she's 5'2".

In order to be 5'6", the height of her head would have to be in literally the 99th percentile according to http://edge.rit.edu/edge/P13541/public/WorkingDocuments/Camera%20Resolution%20Validation.pdf .

Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but I just don't see how she could possibly be that tall.

No. 293457

I think she's 5'3 or 5'4. I'm 5'7" and Yumi looks a bit shorter.

No. 293467

I don't think yumi would lie and say she's taller because being short goes more with the look and life style she likes…if she was 5'0 she would never stfu about how short she is.

No. 293499

She does use meitu and mirror angles to look taller in photos though. Maybe just to help with looking thinner and all. It seems plausible that with how often she wears tall heels and that whole making yourself taller and thinner in photos video that she does want to be taller.

No. 293503

I'm 5'0 and there is no way possible she is between 5'0-5'3
she looks tall>>293467 is right, she will take any childlike thing she has and never shut up and boast about it, like what she does with her sad pancake tits

No. 293576

She uses those apps to look thinner not taller. If yumi was actually 5'0 she would never stop bragging about how small she is and how hard it is for her to reach things and how her daddy bf needs to get hints off the top shelf for her.

No. 293588

I'm thinking she's close to the height she claimed in her video, like 5'4 or taller, but claimed to be shorter so her weight doesn't seem as unhealthy.

No. 293992

its a fucking forum called "flaws and mistakes" as in we take awful people and make fun of their flaws, if you want body positivity and all that horse shit go to tumblr or some other site

No. 293994

as in special snowflakes

No. 294007

No, honey

No. 294011


fucking newfags

No. 294014

Theres ripping on cunts for being cunts and then there is being a cunt needlessly over shit beyond someone's control and nitpicking over them somehow not possessing supermodel qualities (this is I think especially fucking retarded if said cow isn't claiming to be perfect or anything). But if you think that's fair game then carry on. Cunt

No. 294052

like I said, you're new here, it's a forum where 99.99% of threads will rip on bodies of girls who are cunts, whether it's "out of their control" or not (she can easily control a lot of the things we are ripping on her for) yes you can say we are being cunts, but if you don't like it then leave

No. 294071

>you're new here, it's a forum

No. 294073

not the anon you're talking to, but isn't this, by definition, a forum? jfc who fucking cares. also sage your shitty, pedantic posts

No. 294082

noun: forum; plural noun: forums; plural noun: fora

a place, meeting, or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged.
"it will be a forum for consumers to exchange their views on medical research"
synonyms: meeting, assembly, gathering, rally, conference, seminar, convention, symposium, colloquium, caucus; More

Yeah fucking newfags how they call our forum a forum, what a moron

No. 294084

Different anon, but they are cows for a reason. Anyone posting pictures of themselves on public domains are going to receive negative and positive reactions.

Go crawl back into your safe space and stay off these boards if they are that bad. Otherwise, you're contradicting yourself ~cunt~

No. 294223

What the FUCK are those feet

on another note, I had a dream splenda daddy had a child girlfriend

No. 294928

if I had those tits along with her face and boyfriend I'd blow my brains out

No. 295742

File: 1492760876915.png (1.18 MB, 1334x750, IMG_2161.PNG)

>tfw you are going to review the chemistry

Her latest video is literally her playing with a children's chemistry set. Is she trying to hop on the toy review bandwagon?

No. 295745

it's actually an imageboard. newfag.

No. 295746

her head is so bulbous it looks like if it gets any bigger it'll fly off her head

No. 295825

>her head looks like it'll fly off her head

No. 295990

not sure if this is just another one of her tactics to try to be as much and as close to an actual child as possible or just her doing dumb shit to try to be popular

No. 296048

It's so creepy she tries to be an actual child at her age

No. 296066


Lilypichu vs Yumi King who wins?

No. 296470

theyre both shit

No. 296670

Towards the end of the video she asks for quiz suggestions. Please do the bdsmtest Yuhan :)

No. 296682

>Thai and viet lumped together

of course. weebs.

No. 296710

I feel like they're more puffy than droopy. But that's just my opinion, though.

Some negative, some positive, it's a mixed bag, really. But you can make fun of people without spreading hostility or A-Logging (wishing physical harm on somebody).

No. 296747

Lily wins because of her childlike voice
Yuhan just pretends to be stupid
But yeah they're both pretty shit

No. 296786

When is yumi gonna get surgery?

No. 296791

dont think her autist hubbie can afford that.
also remember, her mouth is still fucked up and infected. dont think they operate then? idk

No. 296795

Not gonna lie, Yumi has inspired me to start taking better care of my teef.

No. 298053

File: 1493044302819.png (798.99 KB, 1440x2392, Capture _2017-04-24-09-28-51.p…)

The comments under her latest video (boyfriend vs girlfriend) are hilarious! Her fans are getting tired of her shit

No. 298054

File: 1493044356697.png (841.71 KB, 1440x2392, Capture _2017-04-24-09-28-09.p…)

Another one

No. 298173

File: 1493065347794.jpg (276.19 KB, 2000x2000, joyandhappiness.jpg)


He is so done.

No. 298207

i'm sure all the guy wanted was a legal asian loli he could ageplay with. now he's stuck doing these god AWFUL VIDEOS

No. 298860

I'm dying to know what his friends and family think of this

No. 298890

pretty sure theyre glad that he doesnt end up as wizard.

No. 298893

So weird video incoming from yumi.. clickbait?

just talking about how she feels pressured and tired, and how she needs a break. And how she is not going to make videos forever.

No. 298916

eh she prob needs time off for her surgeries

No. 298918

I finally figured it out, to me she sounds like a high pitched Salad Fingers.

No. 298935

i always need to take long breaks when trying to watch her videos, she reminds me of an autistic underweight weeb i used to be friends with and her voice just makes me so uncomfortable

No. 299149


>tinfoil time

She mentioned she would have to change her channel if she got pregnant
She made a trying-to-get-pregnant diet video
She had teeth problems (more common when pregnant)

baby yumi incoming?

No. 299158

I feel like if she was pregnant, we'd never hear the end of it.

No. 299186

I think the opposite, if splenda got her preg he would hate it since she's not loli anymore and he would shame hr into hiding it for as long as possible. Also with the whole "we can't sleep in the same bed till marriage" bullshit she used to try to pull.
Although once the cats out the bag she wouldn't shut up about it, I got the preggo vibe from this vid too not going to lie.

No. 299234

Yeah, I think she got pregnant and is doing damage control before dropping the bomb. Or maybe his splenda daddy told her to stop making videos? Ultimately he looked done than ever.

I hope she is not pregnant because makes me sick thinking what would happen if she has a girl.

No. 299412

Idk, with her weight, I wouldn't be surprised if she was infertile. I have to give her props for saying she would quit making videos if she had a kid, its a surprisingly mature decision. Hopefully if she does become a mother she'll quit the ageplay shit (or just keep it away from her children) and grow up.

No. 299454

>Yeah, I think she got pregnant

b-but they are not even sleeping in the same bed, because they are not married?

h-how would she get pregnant?

tbh, i dont think she is pregnant. Or it was an accident and she doesnt want to abort. Also it wouldnt fit neither her teenage viewers nor her kawaii image.

No. 299468

I honestly think she is feeling her age. Perhaps she has had a little introspection on things and realizes that it is time to focus on the more meaningful things in life besides clothes, makeup and hair. Hell, i had two little ones and a bachelor's degree by the time I was her age. Yumi, it's time to grow up. Maybe she has finally come to this realization.

No. 299678

>>i had two little ones and a bachelor's degree by the time I was her age. Yumi, it's time to grow up.

Your a mother to at least 2 kids and post on lolcow. Let's not get too uppity anon

No. 299693

>how dare a mom have a little fun

No. 299797

> two little ones
Is having babies considered an achievement or growing up because I'm pretty sure "16 and pregnant" is a thing. I don't think having kids is what Yuma needs to grow up. She's just going to parade that baby around like that one annoying "beauty guru" and her hafu baby.

No. 300015

im actually allergic to that stuff. every fucking woman that shat out a brat or more thinks it's a fucking achievement or accomplishment. like all those woman putting "mother of [number of kids]" in any kind of profile. ugh. no, it's freaking not.

and no, yumi should not have a child. she should never have a child respectively.

brb having an anaphylactic shock.

No. 300066


No. 300280

Same anon. Same. Bought tons of floss.

No. 300282

Your measurements are off. If anything she is probably 5"5 or 5"6. She is obviously a average- tall girl.

No. 300283

agreed, having a children is not some achievement tbh

No. 300307

I am sorry I was misunderstood. I wasn't trying to present it as an achievement. I was saying it makes one grow up fast.

Let's get back to Yumi please. Didn't mean to raise a shitstorm. Sorry anons.

No. 300318

>two little ones by her age
Good for you. Why do mothers become insufferable like you, as if it's an achievement? Congrats, you fucked, inseminated, and didn't abort. You're so accomplished.

In Yumi's defense, she doesn't have to stop doing anything. I think she just needs to learn how to make better crafts in her videos and manage her time better. You can still have fun and have hobbies, proud mother of two.

No. 300320

Relax anon. Go to your safe space. Didn't mean to trigger you with my fecundity.

We don't know she's pregnant. And if she was, yes, she could still do hobbies and sew, and do cosplay and whatever weeby stuff she wants. The meaning of this post is lost on me. Ues, no shit, she could continue her silly videos if she had a kid.

No. 300331

The last thing yumi needs is kids

No. 300332

I think it could be an accident. Maybe splenda daddy thought she wasn't fertile enough to get preggo. Also, as we now, her family is very old fashioned so maybe her mother is feeding her or something to be ready for pregnancy.
If she get's married soon it's probably because is pregnant.

No. 300379

I am also sorry for my sperging.
im just tired of people giving me shit for not wanting to have children ("but that the purpose of life for a woman!"), but that's not about yumi or you.

No. 300740

All's well anon. Never feel badly for not wanting kids! Hell, my brother and his wife don't want kids and I'm the only person in our family who doesn't give him shit about it. Lord knows there are enough people in the world. It is good that you know what you want. Stick to your guns and don't let pressure you or make you feel badly about it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with not wanting children.

I will try to sage this by putting sage in the email field but it has never worked in the past for some reason.

No. 300929

Seriously. Her kids would grow up damaged with this autistic childish mom of theirs and the father isn't any better.

No. 301223

I'm more concerned with how hideous the kids would be tbh

No. 301323

why are there suddenly a bunch of forever alone salty feminists getting triggered by the mere mention of having a child??? Lmao

No. 301325

probably had abortions and get triggered when they see a baby now or something

No. 301328

quit talking to yourself

No. 301329

>not wanting kids makes you a feminist

>not wanting kids makes you forever alone

Ok, no. Lots of married and in relationship people don't want kids, but okay. haha . Sage for OT.

Yumi probably isn't able to get pregnant with her obvious ED anyway. And I'm sure her splenda daddy doesn't want that extra hassle and money that comes with children.

No. 301330

At least be sneaky about it

No. 301351

New video! She got a necklace with "babygirl" a "special word" for her.

so I guess it's confirmed ddlg now?

No. 301355

So the other day I read this and I was like naaah. But now it makes too much sense. Why would she bring up pregnant related things at all?
And this is a girl who 1. let her teeth rot because she doesn't even know basic oral hygiene
and 2. her splenda daddy is in charge of her vitamins every morning and she doesn't even know what each of them are
There is no way this girl could keep up with a daily birth control pill or know anything about birth control to begin with. She hasn't gone to a dentist before so I doubt she's ever been to a gyno.

No. 301409

File: 1493534960344.png (51.32 KB, 157x195, Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 11.4…)

>"I got meow engraved on the heart because I want to be like a cat."
>"I like the heart clasp. It's heart shaped!"
>"So this bracelet is like one for cat!"
>"It's real silver so it's good for your health."
>looks up the definition of "babygirl" on urban dictionary to "prove" that it's not ddlg

I think it's more like confirmed for retarded.

No. 301414

>It's real silver so it's good for your health

Yumi is definitely retarded but this particular belief is based in bullshit Chinese medicine, not her individual retardism. Literally even real doctors in China believe that kind of bullshit, it's crazy. They also think drinking and eating cold things is bad for your health, tons of weirdness.

No. 301417

I think it's just a cultural thing. Different cultures have different superstitions. A lot of the main ones are relatively harmless i.e. drinking unmixed hot and cold water. I think that Chinese medicine should be studied rather than entirely dismissed though.

On another note, I think it would be hilarious if yumi got preggors. More milk for me :)

No. 301425

Yeah, we should really study the helpful effects of tiger penis wine, crushed rhino horn, and drinking your own pee. Clearly we're all too quick to dismiss a very wise set of medicinal practices.

No. 301435

To be fair, some of Chinese traditional medicine is just straight up common sense like eating/drinking in excess will make your stomach hurt and you should drink warm tea to "warm up" your tummy. You also have herbal stuff like tiger balm or salonpas strips that work, but it's just herbs and not like ~exotic Chinese voodoo~. The rest of it is questionable at best.

No. 301448

Actually silver is pretty good for health (western medicine confirms this thus colloidal silver bandaids).

No. 301458

You're misinformed anon:
>"Colloidal silver isn't considered safe or effective for any of the health claims manufacturers make. Silver has no known purpose in the body. Nor is it an essential mineral, as some sellers of silver products claim."

sage for weird derail about silver

No. 301851

Fuck. So depressing. 26 years old, still living at home, no friends except for a Splenda daddy twice her age

No. 301854

>The moment of birthday

When she's eating with her parents, is that raw chicken next to Yumi?

No. 301881

Dude looks like the love child of Bill Murray and Dave Coulier.

Yumi really has no friends?

No. 302008

No it's broiled chicken. It's cooked but still in the broth

So she's moved out of her house to live with her boyfriend full time now? And why did he speak to her in Korean at 2:33 ?

No. 302024

i think hes a big koreaboo or something secretly because in one video he was playing kpop from his computer or something (it was him not her) it was blackpink or something so he probably is a huge asian fetishist too

No. 302025


imagine being an asian fetishist after seeing k pop and then settling for corn farmer

No. 302030


Yumi confirmed for friend-less. Tbh with her type of fake personality, do you think you would be able to stand her? I feel like she would be the type to play cringe-dumb 24/7.

" Hey Yuhan, we're going to eat lunch at that new Italian cafe. Want to join? "

" UNGHHHH?? DO EET HAVV SUSHI?!!! I love eating sushi!! …What is 'eat'? "

No. 302074

Plus he's always making Asian food too.

No. 302090

Sheesh. I was expecting her to have some fobby weeaboo friends to hangout with or something, but shit. I guess not. This is giving me flashbacks to when Venus livestreamed her birthday all by herself.

No. 302113

Did she moved out with splenda daddy?

No. 302143

Is it just me, or does her father sound exactly like her boyfriend. Even their speaking mannerism are the same.

No. 302388


>does her father sound exactly like her boyfriend?

Step father, but yeah. They sound IDENTICAL!

No. 302402

Imagine if Splenda daddy is actually Yumis stepfathers friend. And they got hooked up together.

No. 302502

oh that was that her Stepdad talking?!
no fucking way i thought it was her bf wtf

No. 302706

>she's Chinese and speaks Chinese
>he talks to her in Korean

Please explain these race fetishists to me. Is he dumb or what?

No. 302745

Actually she's the one who's a kpop fan, so she influenced him or maybe that's their way of sharing hobbies/having the same interests…?

No. 303008

I'm not surprised that yellow fever losers who have to settle for the likes of Yumi (and her mother) would sound alike. I'd even bet they sort of look alike.

That would be a fantastic video.

No. 303082

At 0:25 she mentions pregnancy AGAIN, for no reason at all.

It is starting to look obvious she's pregnant. From the bday video, they mentioned something about Yumi moving out, and she also said she's going to graduate soon so…

No. 303095

You're very optimistic, anon.

No. 303244

If my life ever looks like this I'm fucking killing myself, holy shit.

No. 304365

>tfw I wish my life was like this but with a cuter bf

No. 304370

her cheap splenda daddy couldnt even bother taking her to a fancy restaurant, okay

No. 304803

this makes me really sad.

I give her three weeks and she is going to post a video about being pregnant.

No. 304910

File: 1493955981953.png (545.23 KB, 935x600, 0yQmm35.png)

Okay, I'm going to bet 2 weeks.

No. 305045

Lmao I think she reactivated ig just to announce she is pregnant or ttc

No. 305049

Honestly I'm surprised splenda daddy is even with her considering she wants kids. You'd think he'd want her to be his loli forever.

No. 305050

Well, tbf we all know he's slipping her up the pill in her daily vitamins.

No. 305063

Yumi and Splenda daddy's child will be /r/hapas

No. 305123

Assuming he met her on okcupid, she was clear she wanted to be a housewife with kids, so I think that's what he wanted too.

No. 305129

>child is going to be half Asian half white
>going to be the child of people who fetish play 24/7, cosplay in public and one of them has an eating disorder

I'd be truly shocked if this kid grows up and is functional lol

No. 305196


>be me, name is Kawaii Hanfu Steve Kevin Splenda

>yes i'm a boy, yes it's my legal name
>every morning my mom dresses me in her '''DIY''' '''lolita''' '''high class fashion'''
>classmates stare as i eat from a cat bowl at recess, i wish my mom would just give me food in containers for human consumption
>go home, dad plays kpop from his laptop
>'sweetie' 'kitten' 'sweetie'
>scared my dad will want to fuck me
>he cooks 'tiny rice', mom ands i eat from cat bowls in identical outfits
>'mom i don't want to be in the vlog tonight'
everynight my mom use a 'difussssse' to make my room smelt nice, then she takes off my make up with dollar store wipes
>go to room, log onto /r/hapas

No. 305199

I mean, hey, maybe it's wishful thinking but crazier shit has happened. Different kind of batshit entirely, but look at Katherine Marion's kid. His mom's an absolute dingbat, but last I heard he's done pretty alright for himself despite his absolutely fucked childhood.
Still, I hope to Christ that she's just pulling everyone's' leg. I wouldn't wish that kind of fate on my worst enemy.

No. 305200

Jesus christ anon, you're an accurate prophet of doom. I sincerely hope Yumi is unable to get pregnant due to her eating disorder. Also… pregnancy is really hard on your teeth since the growing fetus is sucking SO MUCH of your calcium. So in addition to the poor, poor child, it'd be stupid and bad for Yumi to let herself get pregnant.

No. 305207

>Yumi flopping around in baggy clothes instead of her usual thot bikini haul prancing despite it being practically summer

Yep. Pregnant. Good luck not feeling fat Yumi.

No. 305503

File: 1494026495912.png (152.39 KB, 750x1128, IMG_3347.PNG)

possible miscarriage?

No. 305506

Who knows with her vagueposting.

No. 305520

Sheesh, let's hope not. As much as we rag on Yumi, that'd be pretty damn unfortunate.

No. 305523

Ahh I just saw this and was about to post.
Maybe Splenda finally left her?

No. 305524

i really hope not? but with her unhealthy relationship with food, it's quite possible a baby can't properly develop in her uterus. if that's the case, then i def feel sorry for her.

No. 305529

God, I hope not

No. 305532

It's for the better, tbh.

No. 305533

Maybe Splenda died

No. 305536

…why the hell would you guys hope she DIDN'T have a miscarriage? What kind of sicko would want Yumi to be pregnant?

If she has been pregnant this whole time I really do hope she had a miscarriage and if you say otherwise you're honestly a baby/mommy worshipping psycho.

Miscarriages are not always a bad thing, they're just a late period pretty much.

No. 305540

Most decent people don't even bother making pregnancy announcements until after a couple months. I'm not going to sit here and pretend Yumi and Splenda would've made great parents just because the little zygote got dealt a bad hand by winding up in her. Not every miscarriage is a tragedy, and it should happen to more people before they get a chance to fuck someone up for life.

No. 305542

i doubt she's pregnant, she probably just missed periods and thought she was but found out it was cause she's infertile due to the lack of weight.

No. 305545

Whether or not they would've been good parents, it'd still be rather sad. Essentially having your baby die inside of you seems… pretty shit.

That being said, I really doubt that's what it was. If it is anything pregnancy related, it's probably what >>305542 said.

No. 305548

File: 1494030241569.png (1.25 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0182.PNG)

If you're going to be vague and you can't tell anyone what the problem is just don't bring it up lol

No. 305562

She would have raised the next Elliot Rodger

No. 305565


Okay, hear me out. Hate all you want but I would be very sad for her if she miscarried. So she's a weeb with an unconfirmed eating disorder and into ageplay. It doesn't mean it would continue after the birth of a baby. So many people do impossibly stupid and immature things before becoming parents. Soon after they realize how silly it all seems in retrospect and grow up. Not to mention how physically taxing and exhausting being a parent is. Some things are just too much effort after a kid comes along, and they lose their appeal.

In addition, I might add that just two years ago anons were clamoring to support Erika of Spoopy Skeletor Ash-chan fame, a woman who happened to be the mother of two little ones. A woman who, sweet and strong as she was, was battling a raging eating disorder, not to mention posted nude pictures of her emaciated self breastfeeding a three-year-old. She also struggled with multiple self-confessed mental health issues.

I love ya fam,I really do, but the double standard isn't fair. I know it's unpopular to say, but cringey as Yumi is I don't think she would necessarily be a bad mother.

No. 305566

Ew… Why would you post this face

No. 305568

She keeps making an emphasis on food

No. 305569

It's not true for everyone(or most people) that having a kid is a wake up call so to speak. I doubt Yumi or splendaddy are mature enough to have a child, and if either of them actually do have autism or something(he may) then they definitely can't just magically mature, they won't ever mature past where they are. I think that Yumi isn't on the same level as Erika, there's a totally different dimension of delusional that she has going on that won't fade with time. That said, the bit that's sad is her being sad about her miscarriage(if that's what it is) not the fact that she's not having a baby.

In any case I agree with other anons that she is finding out her ED did away with her period.

No. 305578

If having kids was a wake up call there wouldn't be so many shit parents. There are more people in this world who had fucked up childhoods than good ones.

No. 305587

Lol I like how we're all jumping to the conclusion that this something she's attention seeking about would be as big as a miscarriage, because we ourselves wouldn't make such a post (if at all) over such trivial nonsense.
Until she comes out with it, I'm assuming she's just fishing for attention and the issue isn't all that serious.
She's taking advantage of people's concern.

No. 305598

it's more like the OP thought that's what it was and everyone felt relieved that she's not going to give birth to what would probably turn out to be penus 2.0, then it turned into an argument about how babbies magically mature you.

No. 305599

100x this.

like I said in >>305545, it would still be sad, but saying it wouldn't be for the best just isn't true. I have 0 doubt in my mind that they would be shit parents.

No. 305602


I never said it would most definitely mature her, i said it could. Some it does, and some not. Agreed, she could be a shit parent like so many others . All i am saying is not necessarily so. All we are dealing with is hypotheticals anyway.

It's just one anon's opinion.

No. 305673

>sometimes having kids matures people okaaaayyy
>babbies are magical okaaayyyy
>even though more than half the time it fucks up the parents mor and creates another even more fucked up life
>who cares cause babbies u gaiz

fuck off, sage because I hate you

No. 305808

She probably just went to the dentist again tbh.

No. 305838

If you had actually read the post, i never once said any of those things.

Take your mommy and daddy issues to your therapist and quit being so triggered by the mention of parenthood.

No. 305844

>>Tbh with her type of fake personality, do you think you would be able to stand her? I feel like she would be the type to play cringe-dumb 24/7.

I'm sure I'll get a lot of flack for this, but I really like Yumi and would love a friend like her tbh. She seems sweet and playful. With that said, I'm not sure if she's ready for kids yet (at least she'd probably be a sweet mom, and make cute bentos and shit).

No. 305873

What is wrong with you? Geez you edgy cunt.I know abortion is a thing etc, but this has nothing to do with it… But, miscarriages can be horrible. We don't know how far along she was, IF she was pregnant. Whether we want her to have kids or not is irrelevant to the fact that if she had a miscarriage, that is sad and horrible. They can be very painful emotionally and physically. There's no need to rag on things like that.
She makes cringey videos and lives a hilarious relationship which is fun to discuss, but holy fuck it doesn't mean you have to wish the worst for her. You're a horrible human and no fucking wonder we get called a hate site, when we have fucktards hoping peoples kids die.

Grow the fuck up, wishing that someones unborn kid doesn't die isn't mommy worship, it's not being a bitter horrible human being.

No. 306053

Except that letting a kid be born to Yumi King is basically child abuse. Don't focus on the life, focus on the quality of it.

No. 306094

>we don't know how far along she was

Not long enough for it to even show, that's for sure.

No. 306095

You calling her sweet? She's passive aggressive as fuck to other people. I can only imagine trying to have a conversation with her, where you have to tip toe around everything you say out of fear of offending her.

No. 306125

File: 1494108268695.png (238.33 KB, 614x243, 54323456.png)

new video thumbnail

thats a penis.gif

No. 306127

>She probably just went to the dentist again tbh.
most likely

No. 306128

I love when youtubers think that things like this are "huge announcements"….

No. 306134

>huge announcement
>sucking on lobster dick tails as thumbnail

No. 306144

>2nd and 3rd channel
I mean I know why, money.
But what is she going to upload on these channels exactly? Her life is boring and she's not entertaining enough to make her otherwise boring life interesting.

No. 306214

The 2nd channel is just to prove she doesn't have an eating disorder by posting videos of her eating

No. 306217

So far her second channel is proving she deserves to have her teeth fall out. All those damn sweets.

No. 306272


She seems like she would be an exhausting person to have in your life in any capacity.

No. 306441

Lol someone can't take all the negative comments on her new channel and disabled likes and comments.

No. 308356

File: 1494356243005.png (103.5 KB, 391x264, Screen Shot 2017-05-09 at 11.5…)

damn she really needs some serious dental work done.

No. 309706

Her teeth look like a little toddler's baby teeth. All square and peggy.

No. 310045

File: 1494495056487.png (191.11 KB, 480x368, nom.png)

No. 310047

i LOVE you

No. 310049

They look like perfectly normal human teeth. Not everyone is a tooth obsessed American with ugly cookie cutter teeth.

No. 310070

i'm sorry you have bad teeth :(

No. 310119


No. 310184

i dont get the cookie cutter reference

No. 310188

i think they mean that "not everyone is as obsessed as America with the same straight white teeth"

No. 310206


Aw, this made me really sad. Poor Yumi. I think it was a miscarriage and I hope she's OK :(

No. 310211

Where I'm from we call it the "California smile".

No. 310311

its god telling her not to have the pedo splenda daddys kids, with her gold digging age playing non existant bulimic ass

No. 310375

>Do I look like a BADAHZ woman?

No. 310463

File: 1494550762980.jpg (6.6 KB, 228x221, 2017-05-11-18-56-58--139840276…)


You ARE The Edge

No. 310849

File: 1494576878316.png (775.96 KB, 1662x564, Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 09.1…)

dear god she's fugly

No. 311002

the before looks a bit like a mugshot

No. 311021

File: 1494601565298.jpg (133.78 KB, 640x360, Brian d'Arcy James.jpg)

I've been watching 13 Reasons Why and one of the actors felt familiar somehow. Turns out that no, I don't remember him from other tv series or films, he just looks a lot like Splenda.

As opposed to washing her face with dish soap? Drugstore would be huge improvement.

No. 311532

File: 1494631072870.png (1.49 MB, 1680x1050, Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 4.16…)

such is badahz!

No. 311555

Are we so sure that she's not some 13 year old girl's anime OC come to life?

No. 311569

That part was so cringy. I wish she would actually do some research into different styles before just throwing any old thing on that she thinks goes together(that white top does NOT go with the rest of her outfit)

No. 312356

13 yr olds would usually give them at least some boobs and bum though, especially not saggy pancake ones, and wouldn't make her skin awfully aged

No. 312369

yeah "perfectly normal human teeth" shouldnt rot out her mouth and form diseases

No. 312372

Her head is like a basketball.

No. 312796

what is wrong with her chin, why is it so tiny and undeveloped?

No. 312798

shes inbred

No. 312803

I honestly feel like she's lying about her age.

No. 312804

So do I. Like, I feel like she's actually younger than she says? Maybe to cover up all the rumours about her boyfriend.

No. 312830

her dating profiles said she was as young as 21, but knowing the compulsive liar she is and how desperate she will be to seem younger, if anything she would be older than what she claims, which explains her aged skin

No. 312854


She looks exactly like her age, a person in their mid to late 20s…. maybe older? She definitely isn't younger if that's what is being implied here. I guess it is easier for other Asians to point out.

No. 312861

Didn't she say herself that she's in her late 20s. Like 27 or something

No. 312865

I've always thought /r/hapas were a bunch of nutcases no one should take seriously but if their parents are anything like Yumi and Splenda daddy, I can even understand how they turned out like this.

No. 312882

yep, 29 I believe

No. 313020

if she wasnt so damn flat and had a little boys body she would be perfect for onion
both leech off drama, massive hypocrites, onion loves gold diggers, saggy tits,aged skin, feeding them awful diets, and always wants her to be pregnant
they can do aging treatments together lmao

No. 313086

She's too old for Onion.

No. 313361

she can just lie about her age like she always does lmfao

No. 313901

File: 1494918081905.png (1015.86 KB, 1136x640, IMG_6954.PNG)

So youthful…

No. 313904

File: 1494918230455.jpg (36.86 KB, 423x423, IMG_6952.JPG)

No. 313908

File: 1494918539847.png (342.35 KB, 815x460, IMG_6951.PNG)

She edits and filters herself to hell to look younger. Her more candid shots show her age. Not saying she looks extremely okd, but definitely not any younger than mid to late 20s. She needs to take better care of her skin.

No. 313930

>but definitely not any younger than mid to late 20s.

kek, bitch looks at least 38.

No. 313947

If only she kept her bangs like this. The side part works wonders on her face.

No. 314134

I want to see her wear "ig baddie" clothes and makeup. Not her typical fobby sponsored shit

No. 314544

If I had to guess I'd say sick 40 yr old who uses lots of oil on their skin

No. 314552

I would LOVE to give her a make over. Love.

No. 314575

File: 1495021031888.jpg (180.81 KB, 815x460, 20170517-1099119966.jpg)

I think I might have overdone it with the blur, but I tried to make her face shape a bit more normal?

No. 314592

Her nose looks so pinched together
She looks like she had her eyes and nose done previously

No. 314593

File: 1495023987992.gif (232.66 KB, 600x338, Clipboard01.gif)

I also started an attempt. It's always funny when you start shooping cows, because you become aware of how much actually is wrong with their faces.

No. 314594

File: 1495024188720.jpg (23.17 KB, 769x309, 213132.jpg)

now that you say it, she does have a double eye lid without using glue. she definitely at least had her eyes done.

image after using make up remover no visible glue while closing eyes in skincare routine video

No. 314604

This just drives home how much her real face looks like it was photographed with a fish-eye lens.

No. 314663

She really looks like an old Chinese lady here

No. 314676

She's Chinese. There's a high probability her double eyelids are real but even they can't save her ugly face.

No. 314682

wow. I never knew there were asians that just happen to have them. I just researched it. mindblown! kek

No. 314688

Lmao I mean, her eyelids don't look fake to me, maybe they do to you.

No. 314861

mh. i knew asians could have double eyelids, but actually I have no idea how to differ between natural ones and ones obtained through surgery.

No. 314997

If someone asked me to describe her face shape, I'd say balloon

No. 315045

It looks like you let the air out of her face.

No. 315066

photoshop something else in her mouth and you'll see all splenda daddy pays his 12.50 per month for

No. 315187

File: 1495082061255.jpg (9.38 KB, 300x152, parallel-crease-300x152.jpg)

The ones obtained through surgery are parallel, not tapered. Hers are tapered (see how they meet up with the corner of her eye). Parallel is like pic related, that's what's most desired.

No. 315218

Fuck those salivary glands. He many times a day does this woman throw up?

No. 315220

looks like its years, they're saggy as hell

No. 315222

take off her hair and makeup and she looks like some old man you buy and trade equipment from in east asian war games

No. 315475

File: 1495112167408.png (227.12 KB, 750x822, IMG_2759.PNG)

No. 315485

File: 1495113111545.jpg (39.78 KB, 480x314, v51IFzi.jpg)

>what is online? just a virtual life

No. 315508

File: 1495115156973.jpg (13.36 KB, 534x432, XEmo4.jpg)


how can anyone be this illiterate

No. 315525

Anyone else notice how terribly she looks in hanfu? Like, her body type is thin enough she should look better in them.

No. 315531

> I'm not a star or famous or what.
>I'm a human and i live in my life with my family, friends, and true fans
>God bless me. I have such a perfect family, boyfriend, lovely friends, and sooooooooo many fans.
"true fans"….. "sooooooooooo many fans"?
really humble and not egotistical at all yumi…… girl needs to think before typing out half of the shit she's posts on instagram. let a lone the shit videos she posts on youtube. and how did that post escalate to her "cyberbullies" baiting her to commit suicide? my god this woman is delusional and obviously needs to step away from the computer. also here is the newest video where she has a breakdown about her fake hanfus

No. 315543

I don't understand, what "cyberbullies" is she talking about? No one here has mentioned that she should commit suicide or try to destroy her and last I checked, no one on pull made those kinds of comments (but idk i haven't checked their thread in a couple weeks). Have people been spamming her ig with nasty comments or something or is she just overexaggerating a couple troll comments

No. 315555

i'm the anon above and i -just- mentioned the hanfu shit. haha that's great anon! her hanfu look like shit cause she buys the cheapest one off of meow girl or other aliexpress stores. there are nice ones but they are like $80+ the cute modern ones are like $40 but they're probably too expensive for her. most of the ones she has are only like $15. to me, i understand the hate, it's like buying those cheap fake silk kimono. japan does sell them and japanese do wear them but it's as a costume for sex usually or by hostesses. yuhan's hanfu are so cheap looking it's embarrassing. she said she just wants to promote her culture, but then she should do so with nicer clothes.

No. 315567

well since this is after the fact now, may as well make her quaslm valid. hey Yumi, you lurking – kill yourself!

No. 315571

she's probably making this shit up, she's been talking about cyberbullying and suicide for about a week now

No. 315672

I weirdly kinda like Yumi… Am I retarded?

No. 315686

Well, if you need to ask…

No. 315942


Psssst, hey, don't tell anyone, but I kinda like her too. Should I make suicide?

No. 316202

Hewwo ewywon! Todaaaaayy…. myy boyfren an I teach you how to make… something veeeewy EEntresting!!!!!!!! Is suicide!!!!!!!!!!
windows movie maker fadeout

No. 316533

No. 316534

both post selfies before you go, so we can laugh about them when youre dead. ♥

No. 316546


Okay……selfies? If this made sense it might be funny. Good try tho.

No. 316548

they said they looked like yumi.
anon probably meant selfie so we can see how they look like yumi.

No. 316628


Oh, ok, thanks for clearing that up. Kinda weird, but, lel?

No. 316700

No, they said they -like- her, as in are interested in her stuff unironically.

No. 316704


Yes! I kinda like her. Don't know why. That's why I was confused.

No. 316708

I think she has like an aspect of moe, like the 'really pathetic and needs help' kind, not the uguu kind she's trying to portray.

No. 316725


anon this was priceless

No. 317256


No, anon, they said they like her. Reading comprehension here, fuck.

No. 317640

Actually it'd be more like "is suici- I mean, see-wee-sigh? Is that how you pronounce? SEE-WEE-SIGH!"

No. 317683

she reminds me of girls that bitch and cry and play victim when they get caught cheating

No. 317685

I AM sonic the edgehog

No. 317787

im in love with you anon

No. 317925

>clipping wig wefts into her real hair
how dumb do you have to be…

No. 317928

>you can wear whatever you want at university!!!11one!1
>proceeds to shame a girl for wearing shorts

No. 318036


timemark? this is unwatchable

No. 318037


is there any Lolita out there who wants corn farmer in the Lo community?

is there anyone other than pet players who wants Yumi in their community?

No. 318049

starts around 9:28

No. 318066

She didn't really shame her or say anything bad, she just used her as an example.

No. 318623

lolitas have been making fun of her for her awful, cheap "totally rorita!" dresses and her cringy personality since the beginning of her channel.

No. 318670

rather see a girl's ass than yumi's ugly mug on campus tbh

No. 318684

>8.5 minute video about a single makeup brush
gotta get that YT revenue

No. 318772

Anyone else find it wierd that she doesnt but make up in her forehead?

No. 318776


A single makeup brush that costs $1.50 on aliexpress

No. 318780

Is yumi really a cow? She just seems like an awkward teen to me. Where's the milk?

No. 318781

did you even read the thread, she's also like 27

No. 318784

>looking for cows and milk on /snow/
Are you for real?

No. 318798

but she did it in the cringy 'lolitas are pure and everyone else are slutty bitches' way that a lot of girls do.

No. 318817

I feel like yumi is part of the reason why so many itas exist. They search "Lolita" on YouTube, see her ugly DIYs, wigs, and Milanoo tier dresses and think oh- Lolita is so cheap and easy, I can do that!

No. 319293

lmao what teens have awfully aged skin and tits that saggy yet somehow small

No. 319610

she's a cow by low standards, just by how much she caters to us 'haterz' and respond to what we say so passive aggressively, kek-worthy

No. 319832

File: 1495558029012.png (124.84 KB, 750x1034, IMG_3432.PNG)

People like her are the reason why normies see asians and automatically assume that they're all retarded weirdos

No. 319875

why wear something so cheap to school? she's disgraceful.

No. 319879

Unless this was some culture day the fact she decided to dress up like this is the only disgrace, people wear cheap shit to school all the time.

No. 319882

i meant that the hanfu is cheap, looks cheap. it's like a japanese girl wearing a prostitute 'kimono'

No. 319983


i think that's supposed to be a hanbok and it isn't supposed to be literally hiked up on top of her nipples whichever it is.

No. 319986

File: 1495570046153.jpg (125.36 KB, 750x1005, 6d4c5efcb0ee016f24f4988496ee6a…)

afaik this is the type of thing she's going for. only hers are the cheapest options from aliexpress.

No. 319992

File: 1495570576090.jpg (54.82 KB, 600x600, 1089-3193.jpg)

She sure is cheap for someone who's so all about ~taking pride in Chinese culture~ and ~reviving hanfu style~. That's like if a Japanese girl claimed that wearing a Halloween store kimono every day was her attempt at reviving the failing kimono market. The only difference is that people still wear kimono while hanfu is widely regarded as just a costume for dramas and not practical wear at all. It isn't even worn regularly in Chinese culture either (the cheongsam is the national costume for women now).

No. 319999

File: 1495570906013.jpg (77.37 KB, 456x456, 5341089-2[1].jpg)

I wouldn't go as far as that pic, more like pic related.

There's somewhat of a revival in the design of hanfu for regular wear, but not the traditional looking kind. I've only really seen hanfu made for soft sister and stuff like that, the stuff she has is very costumey.

No. 320370


Sometimes I feel like going after Yumi for wearing cheap clothes is a low blow. She probably likes the clothes but can't afford much of the expensive dresses. I am sure she would if it was an option. Make fun of her for other things; going after her for inexpensive clothing seems like a cheapshot.

No. 320428

Bullshit, you can see from her room tour(s) that she hordes cheap shit. She has no taste and just collects tons of crap. She could save up money to buy a few nice things but she won't because she has no class.

No. 320432

what is that? i kinda want it please convince me otherwise.
also she has loaded parents and a rich ass bf, she just have cheap tastes that none of those ppl want to fund

No. 320433

late but
>you can insult me, but do not

Has me cracking up lol

No. 320874

File: 1495659647691.png (59.3 KB, 300x100, yumi.png)

It's basically a pre-made banner at this point. Thanks Yumi.

No. 321198

why does she wear traditional korean wear if she's chinese? it doesn't even relate to kpop

or is she just trying to appeal to the yellow fever uggos again, since the only way she can get fans and low quality men is because she's asian

No. 321204

…that's chinese, hanbok looks totally different. they're just similar because hanbok is Confucian.

No. 322043

I call bullshit, she could easily save up for something nice by not buying her Aliexpress garbage for a few weeks, and put her allowance her Splenda daddy gives her toward something actually high quality. But I guess she'd rather have a horde of cheap shit- some people just don't have good taste

No. 322206

Anon please this looks tacky as fuck

No. 322211

i haven't seen her videos for such a long time, i almost forgot how godawful her voice is

No. 322245

This actually looks really pretty.

Eh, different strokes for different folks.

No. 322690

No. 323360

she calls them hanboks in her videos

No. 323696

shes buying hanboks even anon in >>319983 said she was

not really sure why though, if she's chinese why wear traditional wear from another country? seems to me she's just dragging her being asian around for attention from the yellow fever neckbeards

No. 324169

seems she rather quanity over quality
she rather spend 50 on shitty paper dresses rather than spending 50 on a decent pleasing dress

No. 324189

That's a real piss poor excuse for a hanbok if that's what it's supposed to be… Dear god.

No. 324192

samefag but

I'm not actually upset, but how would she react if a Korean told her they were offended by her calling her shit fashion a "hanbok"

No. 324258

They're hanFU not hanBOK, anons. Hanfu are chinese. The only time shes talked about hanbok is with the shitty cheap one her BF got her for christmas

No. 324946

hanfus have a lot bigger sleeves and have a coat thing around it, plus there's several pieces you put on, and the ribbon is midwaist, not above the nipples, thats def a hanbok

whoever is making these "hanfus" needs a history lesson

No. 324948

see, if it is supposed to be a hanfu, it needs a few more pieces sewn on and bigger sleeves, a lot bigger sleeves

No. 325024

>that part where she goes down the slide
dios mio why

No. 325419

File: 1496169054973.jpg (56.33 KB, 458x312, hanfutypes.jpg)

No. 325449

Low blow! I get it. Sorry, but she goes for quantity > quality. She has a lot of stuff. If she held off buying 3 cheap things, she could have gotten 1 alright thing.

No. 325466

She's a poor farmerface, so she probably thinks she can look richer by owning a ton of cheap shit.

In reality, rich people tend to buy less while picking things that are nicer quality. They'd rather buy a Tory Burch dress than 10 Walmart dresses that fall apart after 2 washes.

No. 325478

and she could save the money to buy decent skincare and makeup, her skin is aging awfully because she buys walmart and aliexpress skin products

No. 325484

innocent child pedo attraction and also: panties.

No. 325659


> 27-year-old College girl slides down slide set up for college students like her at her school's college fair

> Happens to be wearing skirt with very dark tights underneath, nothing to see
> Farmers accuse her doing this just to deliberately attract "pedos" (who we all know are very attracted to 27-year-olds) and flashing non-existent panties.

Christ, sometimes I feel like we should start a thread here about all of YOU.

Sage because fuck you.

No. 325663

I watch her videos for how fucking weird she is and for laughs, it's funny to think that the majority of the women in this thread are actually jealous of her.

No. 325670

no one in this thread is jealous of her what the fuck

No. 325688

The nit picking is a sign of jealousy

No. 325690

I confess: I am jealous of Yumi's natural beauty, cosmetic skill, fine wardrobe, handsome boyfriend and blossoming media career. LOL.

No. 325691

you're probably right that there may be some people here who are jealous, but it's not the majority as you stated. nitpicking is also a sign of pettiness and love of drama. so.

No. 325700

People are probably more jealous of the fact that she lives a life of leisure and women are just naturally petty about everything

No. 325703

>nitpicking is a sign of jealousy

Not everyone is as simple as you. People can nitpick AND not be jealous, believe it or not!

No. 325705

Well if you aren't jealous that makes it even worse because then you're just an awful human being who hates someone for no reason kek

No. 325709

>nitpicking means you're an awful person
>is on lolcow

No. 325710


No. 325718

Dear, Shitpost-chan.
Sage goes in the email field. Just a heads up.

No. 325737

ah yes because everyone holds their camera at the angle just because sliding down the slide is so necessary to put in the video, wow she wore tights that MUST be proof shes innocent huh

she's pretty much the old asian version of euginea cooney of the cosplay/"kawaii desu" community, except eugenias face was actually attractive before she starved herself/vomitted up everything

No. 326610

underrated comment

No. 327271

How can it be underrated if yours is the next comment? Sage yer shit ya dingus.

No. 327361

bitch, fuck you want me to do? sage^2?

No. 327399

I'm not watching her videos, but an anon further up claimed she called it a hanbok.

It's still an extremely shitty excuse for a hanbok.

No. 327441

Obsession with plastic surgery again

No. 327446

File: 1496383488312.png (43.47 KB, 160x186, Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 11.0…)

>the face of a woman who sits around on google images judging people's pre-surgery photos

No. 327580

Anyone here actually like watching yumis videos?everything about her is so strange and I enjoy watching the train wreck. She doesn't even piss me off or make me jealous, I genuinely enjoy watching her videos.

No. 327581

File: 1496409052566.jpg (24.86 KB, 564x317, 92631899ff7b1bbe93e8a39945d563…)

heh lolcow prolly got to her. Just do the surgery if her insecurities are chasing her that much. She could have a drastic transformation along with braces, that is if she invests in good doctors and not be so cheap about it.

No. 327588

not really. her speech impediment and slowed down fake "oh wow! is so nice! so much difference"

No. 327608

I'm late but how is her life one of leisure though? She's busy role playing with daddy, arranging her dog collars and cat bowls, and shopping all day, then working on atrocious videos. I'd take any real world job over having to fuck that man as my "job". Yumi's life is not enviable.

No. 327683

Even without her bf her life is still pretty easy mode because her parents are well off(not many people can afford to own two homes and both have pools). Yumi doesn't really have to work hard and can enjoy the luxury of being sheltered from hard work her entire life. She can live her life sheltered and spending all her money on cheap garbage while most people her age have to work and some even have families to take care of. yumi is 26 and has never had a job so I can see how that'd make some people jelly/butt hurt.

No. 327724

She did a consultation for braces and the dentist/ortho said she was too old.

No. 327725

does she have some facial deformity ?

No. 327727

does she have some facial demormity ?
Do you think she could have fetal alcohol syndrome???

No. 327774

No, she has none of the predominant physical features of FAS, she just has really unfortunate genes.

No. 327871

So is yumi gonna get her surgeries soon then?

No. 327901

File: 1496439038151.jpg (94.42 KB, 550x454, afp20050715p279-f2.jpg)

yeah! that's what I was thinking, lilypikachu or whatever her name is also fetal alcohol syndrome-like as fuck, could she be inbred? she doesn't have some massive deformity, just a mild deformity

No. 327911

holy shit, I see it

No. 327942

I don't understand why people keep calling her ugly, I think she looks a bit like Yeha Leung who is gorgeous.

No. 327943

what's unfortunate is her makeup and bangs, might I add.

No. 327960

File: 1496445128485.jpg (169.62 KB, 1024x608, 23COMME-COMBO8-jumbo.jpg)

ah, is that who she is trying to reenact?
i dont really think yeha leung is especially pretty, nor does yumi look anything like her.

No. 327976

imo I don't think shes hideous/ugly, but i don't find her attractive (as a bisexual) either:
her face shape looks like a plum like shes bloated
she need braces to push her teeth in more

but i think her nose is cute and unique the way the bridge and the tip are the same width
typical weeb eye make up suits her very well

Btw she makes a candid cameo in this cosplayer's vlog from 2014 where shes v friendly and sweet
which was my first impression of her
- at 5:10

No. 327988

>"Yeha Leung who is gorgeous"
You're the anon that keeps saying yumi is cute etc etc? Lol I wonder what you look like or your standards (yumi not ugly and yeeha "gorgeous")
Thanks for the laugh dude

No. 328005

I enjoy watching Yumi's bizarre videos too. I second your sentiments exactly.

No. 328017

File: 1496451886516.jpg (9.77 KB, 275x183, 2017-06-02-19-03-41-.jpg)

Sorry to samefag, but this is such utter nonsense. One of my dearest friends is 40 with braces, and a coworker of mine is 56 with braces. I wonder why Yumi would lie about this.

No. 328022

Maybe they meant that the insurance said she was too old to be covered for braces and would have to pay out of pocket? sage but that's what my insurance is like, past a certain age you aren't covered and are expected to get all dental work before a certain age.

No. 328040

Not if you have a JOB and dental insurance of YOUR OWN. I guess that's the difference. My friend as well as my coworker carry their own dental insurance and are covered for their orthodontics. We all know that Yumi doesn't have a real job and probably not her own insurance.

No. 328072

kek, her splenda daddy should've saved the money buying her paper lolita dresses and shitty food and used them for braces instead, since insurance won't buy your sugar babys inbred teeth braces

unless yumi is using it as a plan to get more money and not even using it for braces

also why can't she get a teeth guard thing like invisalign? or does she just want braces so she can look more like a small child so splenda can get off?

No. 328355

File: 1496491953235.jpg (15.47 KB, 236x236, 02097f7c3c7d9454b1d969a133d8e8…)

you're probably right anon, there's also a braces trend in japan or china I believe, most japanese teens get them to appear younger, despite them already being young, all of these is giving me pedophilic vibes and disgusts me how people like yumi equivalent being a child with being attractive

No. 328633

I'm 33 and in braces that were able to move my jaws in the correct position. I desperately needed them (TMJ causing severe headaches) and paid for it completely out of pocket as insurance only covers minors. Which is ridiculous because I didn't need them when I was younger and I do now for real medical reasons.

I think she probably just doesn't want braces as an adult or her orthodontist isn't competent enough to know how to fix her overbite without surgery.

But my main point is that the "too old" thing is nonsense. I know people in their 50s and 60s getting treated by my orthodontist. Sage for blog.

No. 329017

File: 1496598390774.png (722.01 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2919.PNG)

she's been lurking again

No. 329018

>No Cyber bullies in good universities
Huh I wonder why no one cyberbullies you irl. Maybe because of the "cyber" part of cyberbullies.

No. 329059

Does she really think people aren't laughing at her behind her back?

No. 329061

yeah, even if people act nice I'm 100% sure that none of them take her seriously…
For them it's probably like having a child around that they're humoring

No. 329099

She looks pregnant in this

No. 329137

Good thing she only fakes bad english huh yumi

No. 329139

the difference is she actually has lips

No. 329266

File: 1496626523707.png (244.07 KB, 1242x1993, IMG_1080.PNG)

No. 329333

when cows collide

No. 329555

>Feeling like someone would actually hunt yumi and hurt her if someone calling her out on her bullshit

Mate this isn't 4chan

No. 331563

how does she look like an ugly child and an old woman at the same time?

No. 331807

>review for a pushup bra
>talked about thinking of getting breast implants
>"my breasts are really small but i really like it and i'm proud of it"

No. 331818

File: 1497001333095.png (198.4 KB, 387x499, Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 10.4…)

i rlly don't like seeing her teeth when she part her lips, its uncomfortable to look at

also shes not afraid to contradict herself b/c cohesive thoughts r not as cute apparently

No. 331839

Lol yumi why not get everything done then? Eyes, nose, jaw, lips, boobs

She really needs to stfu(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 331841

File: 1497011659963.png (163.96 KB, 815x458, IMG_8710.thumb.PNG.4322e70741e…)

bitch be looking like Yzma when she wears her low tops…

No. 331842

File: 1497011682972.png (221.11 KB, 467x500, Yzma_another_Costume.thumb.PNG…)

No. 331998

how are her tits so small yet so saggy? ew(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 332022

she's getting old like lilypichu + her ed doesnt help

No. 333207

I didn't know it would be possible for her lower face to get even rounder. Now I wonder if it's bulimia or actual fillers.

No. 333363

she literally says hanfu in this video. >>315531

hanfu are any historical chinese clothing other than the qipao. hanbok look nothing like that shit she has so stop calling it that.

No. 333369

she shows her graduation certificate but blocks out most of her name and conveniently hides what year she was born

No. 333414

Short, typical straight bang rice farmer hair cut, bad teeth, can't speak English, soft spoken, covers mouth when laughing, underweight with no ass or breasts, dumb. Again the cosplays and costumes she wears just makes everything 10x worse. She is the real life version of racist drawings. People irl probably make fun of her, but not to her face. Or maybe they do, but she is too dense to know it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 333546

the difference is she's pretentious as fuck, I mean the sterotypicalness wasn't enough but why even fake it? it's annoying and cringey

had a headache, she's so bad at faking a personality its cringey

No. 333924

A for Ashtma

No. 334348

In her newest video she made peel of mask and used clue! Dude just… no!

No. 334449

It's not her fake bad English that bothers me.
It's that fucking fake smile. I just want to smack it off of her swollen bulimia face.

No. 334978

File: 1497366808497.png (26.63 KB, 157x141, PULL.png)

Hewwow eweywun! Tuday I gunna tawk abowt why I speak funny!

No. 335167

If she ever gets marry to that old man, i wonder if she will make a video about it. Omg i wonder if he has kids and it would suck so much if they watch that video.

No. 335657

>i wonder if she will make a video about it
Do you even need to ask? Of course she will. I hope she would just to see the shitty tacky wedding dress she'd choose to make a spectacle of herself when Splenda dishes out for a cheap courthouse wedding because he's understandably ashamed of her but can't quit the bargain bin DD/LG play.

No. 335670

I thought she was born April 26, 1991. That's what the documents in the video say, is that incorrect?

No. 335682

either she got horrible genetics or is lying, that would mean she is 26, but she looks so old like in her 30s

No. 335684

well considering she made a long ass video over a makeup brush, she will make a video on anything


No. 335739

She eats her hair three times before tucking it behind her ear.

No. 335744

She says she is moving out of her parents house. Since she is so traditional maybe she is getting married with splenda daddy but she didn't mention him. Splenda daddy is from Atlanta right?

No. 335766

File: 1497501010169.png (23.28 KB, 636x121, ewww.png)

actual adults actually watch this and… enjoy it? wtf.

No. 335851

their relationship makes me so uncomfortable, I feel bad for the kid, their skin is gonna be awful

No. 335867

> horrible genetics
I think that's pretty well established at this point.

No. 335877

>Yumi makes finally a hilarious video, where she presents her hoarding of an Aliexpress warehouse
Not a single word of that mentioned, could all the underage b& please stand up?
>bwoowoo creepy relationship (she's 26-27 and he's 32)

If you recognise yourself from the above list, could you please refrain from shitting up the thread?
Yumi actually does funny shit, like dragging an Aliexpress warehouse across the country. She's more of a marvel of entertainment, not the devil you guys make her out to be.

Wow you're so original, so relevant and so funny. A flat chest, the epitome of COMEDY. Great comparison there, much contribution.

Wow amazing, plastic surgery. Yes, anon-chan. Remind me how does not being pretty equal to cringey again?

sage for posting irrelevant shit

No. 335895

Awfully bothered there, friend.

No. 335991

Splenda daddy is only 32? I find that incredibly hard to believe, he looks much older. Easily in his late 40s, early 50s.

No. 336032

Why are you offended?

No. 336061

The fun police is here

No. 336129

Looks like offended anon knows too much about Splenda kek

literally nobody here knew his age

No. 336146

Again, i strangely like yumi and want to see her happy. She is harmless and weirdly charming, like a duck-billed platypus. I am kinda in agreement with you on the sentiment anon.

No. 336204

their relationship aint creepy cuz of the age gap their relationship is creepy because she tries everything possible to mimic that of a father daughter relationship all while having sexual undertones, TLDR pedo roleplay

did you even read any of the reasons why she's a cow?

No. 336310

File: 1497589857646.png (222.38 KB, 700x300, ring.png)

excuse the shit quality but that looks a bit like a wedding ring, especially with the finger placement

No. 336356

I'm sure r/hapas are having a field day with her.

No. 336359


>Her boyfriend looks like one of those middle aged white guys you see on the news getting arrested for possession of child pornography.

>It's classic losing faith in humanity material but what makes it even worse is just how many Asian fans and followers they have. There seems to be an army of Asian girls and guys defending and supporting them. How can there be so many naive Asian people that support this shit? Fucking bizarre.
>if you watch the "my night routine" in the beginning its like hes her father giving her food to eat and helping her take a bath. i find this so creepy and to think ppl find their relationship cute on their instagram comments…
>I made it 30 seconds into each video…..verrrrry disturbing. Lol and Creepy Chubs McGhee has the audacity to tell her to lose 10lbs.
>omfg!! I saw this last night and was thinking about posting about it here!! Everyone in the comments are defending the girl like, "She's 26, she's an adult she can date whoever!" But they're both just way suuper creepy. In one video she was talking about her weight and said she wanted to be 100lbs and the guy was like "Noo you have to be 99lbs honey" lmfao. The way he talks to her is just so damn weird

Wow /r/hapas almost seems reasonable for once…

No. 336577

You know what - I agree with you and it's annoying and sad to see these nitpickers (especially pulltards) constantly tearing apart everything she does. It's gone from constructive criticism to plain bullying (all those image edits, name calling and being unable to find anything good in anything she does.)
Yumi is harmless, even though she isn't the sharpest tool out there. People need to stop using "b-b-but her boyfriend is so old and thus she is a bad influence" as a straw man to counter attack when people are defending Yumi. Her content isn't the best out there, but most people ratting on Yumi have a lot in common with high school (or even middle school) bullies.

No. 336583

Woop woop, they have a fetish relationship. Are we gonna make snow threads on every single fetish relationship out there? You'll have an awful lot of work with that, but hey go ahead at it. At least list actual reasons on why her particular fetish relationship is the funniest to warrant all this attention.

You'd know he's in his early thirties, had you actually watched Yumis videos you so nitpick- uguu~

Yeah, I'm not saying there's no milk with her. I'm saying that the "milk" here is underage retards nitpicking. As you said, they remind a lot of actual high school bullies. She does actual hilarious shit and is like an exotic animal in a zoo doing weird shit. It's amazing to follow, but in reality, she's not even half as bad as you people here make her seem out to be.

You actually think it's fun to spam "UGLY RICE FARMER GIRL" all day and come up with what plastic surgeries she should get ? I feel bad for you tbh.

No. 336607

Is this personal for you?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 336640

Couldn't be more obvious, Pullfags get super sensitive about this stuff.

No. 336757

It's crazy that yumi has some much milk and cringe but people can only nit pick her looks. No wonder this site has gone to shit.

No. 336827


have any of you even read the thread, it's not that she has a fetish relationship it's that she's an awful influence, has a young audience ,lied several times, is pretentious as fuck, and tries in all power to be as much like a father and small child relationship as possible, and still be sexual

even if it is a fetish, it's a disgusting fetish, and harmful, sure people are making fun of her ugly looks but hey its lolcow if you don't like it feel free to leave

she's pretty much the eugenia cooney of the cosplay community, with added pedophilia and gold digging

No. 336852

File: 1497677490093.gif (3.75 MB, 480x358, giphy.gif)

Age play IS NOT the same as pedophilia. It is a fetish like so many others. She likes to act like a little girl and he likes to be the dom daddy. Big fucking deal. Pedophilia is pedophilia;a sick paraphilia for which one goes to prison. I really, really hate when anons act like they are remotely the same thing. Sure it's cringy but it's their life and their kink. It makes them happy.

And don't go shouting "But the CHILDREN! !!!11!!!" The children will be fine, I promise you. They probs don't even realize it's a thing, and just think she's a feather-brained Chinese woman with a boyfriend who thinks she's cute.

Sheesh you sound like such a self-riteous prude.

Sage for ranting

No. 336867

yeah a fetish which is a loophole for pedophilia
do you have any idea how many cases after cases of pedophilia are involved that stimmed from people getting into ageplay?

it starts of with some childish shit and someone acting like a dad, sure it may not seem like a big deal, but the dom starts getting more and more into the "child body" in the thread, yumi even admitted she stayed thin so she can look more childish like her boyfriend likes, this isn't the first time that happened, several women who had experiences with daddy doms had later found out he fapped to child porn, or loli, some would even go online and talk to children

if its just roleplay, it would be fine (even though they have massive sexual undertones and it makes shit loads of people uncomfortable especially those who had a CSA experience) but it's what's in their mind to want to make them roleplay like this, if they want to roleplay a sexual father daughter relationship do you really think, if given the chance, they would FOR SURE never do it all?
what about people who have teacher student fantasies and a teacher they have a crush on came onto them, do you think that they wouldn't do anything at all

its not about being a prude, its about me hating pedos

No. 336873

Where do you get your sources anon? In what psyche 101 textbook did you read about the "slippery slope" theory of age play turning into pedophilia? You didn't. Because that's not how it works.

Your visceral reaction to their unusual relationship is not "proof" that age play progresses into pedophilia. But you think it's >>icky<<, so it must be true, amirite? Show me the receipts and you will convert me.

Btw i hate pedos too, you idgit.

Sage for no1curr, no contribution.

No. 336876

No one said anything about it, just because there was 200 yr old studies about ageplay somehow, doesn't make everything I said completely false, if thats not how it works then explain the HUGE problem with pedos in the ageplay community, explain why daddy doms just "happen" to a lot of the time be predators, like child like bodies, even encourage their "little" to have them, etc

explain to me how someone would just pull these fantasies out their ass and think its hot, its almost like they had pedophilic fantasies and now want a legal way to act it out, so weird huh

No. 336903

i can't explain to you why people think certain things are hot but you're the one here looking at two people's cringey relationship and then thinking about children, it feels to me that you'er the pedo one

No. 336907

fuck off pedo-chan

neck yourself you filthy degenerate

No. 336908

Found the dd/lg-ist who thinks rping fucking children is totally sane and OK.
The pedos were the people concerned about a very borderline practice all along, not the guys wanting to fuck petite women in onesies!

No. 336912

ew moral fags, hello? there are actually children hurt in having CP made of them, like actual kids being prositutes. that's the problem with paedophilia. not two consensual uggo oldies RP-ING

No. 336913

Different anon here. While I don't think it's sane, it is okay for consenting adults to roleplay as kids fucking each other. It's not my business, and it's not pedophilia. Not sure if you're underage or trolling, but you are indeed wrong.

Btw–you're derailing the thread.

No. 336917

lol k pedo-chan, go play with your boyfriend's shit filled diapers and stop derailing the thread

No. 336983

With all the shit kids see and hear out in the real world yumi would be the least of their problem

No. 337033

Oh wow a pedo who needs to turn their pedophilia on me because i think roleplaying pedophilia is gross never seen that before
Guessing all csa victims are now pedos but the people who wanna recreate their trauma is perfectly fine huh
The point wasn't for you to explain why people find it hot it was a rhetorical question, think about it this way, back to the teacher and student example, do you think someone just woke up one day and said hey i wanna sexually roleplay as a teacher and student? No, they had to have the literal fantasies to want to do that, unless they're mindlessly doing it, so ageplay people had to literally have pedophilic fantasies in order to genuinely want to roleplay like so

No. 337038

Sure its not the biggest of the biggest problems that two old uglies are roleplaying pedophilia but it can be a sign something actually harmful is going on behind closed doors, a lot of these daddy doms are actual pedophiles, hence why a lot of them like "child like bodies" and if they're willing to pubically roleplay it in front of kids, who else knows what they're willing to do

Just pretend to be a child on a ddlg chat site or room and watch the pedo daddies flock all over you
Me and my friends use to like exposing pedophiles, and i have to say, from my experience, the easiest way to catch them was to pretend to be a child to a daddy dom

A lot of dds admitted to molesting children, some even had daughters they admitted to molesting, one even asked to see pictures of a 2 yr olds naked body after i claimed to be a 10 yr old with a 2 yr old sister…
A ddlg artist even got arrested for child porn

The kink is literally a magnet for pedophiles, the people roleplaying it (or at least not in front of kids) arent doing anything that bad. But they are huge possibilities they may be doing something actually bad(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 337094

Quit derailing. If you want to debate whether age play is pedophilia or not, take it to /ot/.

No. 337147

based farmhand

No. 337319

No. 337324

welp, there it is.

No. 337341

Marrying rich white man while being in a DD/lg relationship and just now moved out of her house? Sounds about right for a lot of foreigners tbh.. I hope she doesn't realize too late that perhaps she is merely a fetish to him.

No. 337347

He's an old man with a Korean fetish, she's an aspiring housewife who wants $$$, I don't feel bad for either of them.

I just hope that they don't reproduce, their potential child would become a school shooter

No. 337349

No, probably it's going to come out retarded and the only thing it's going to be able to shoot is drool with anger while it's mother dresses it in a sailor moon cosplay.

No. 337354

I thought it was established that he wasn't rich, considering the sparse house and what he "feeds" her..

No. 337355

Their kid will be elliot rodger reincarnated.

part of me feels sorry for her though. she needed more friends her age. It's obvious she is lonely because only has her parents and her Splenda daddy. Doubt she's truly happy now.

No. 337356

Sage for OT but she wrote a paper about the fetishization of Asian women, she is probably aware but loneliness makes you do crazy things.

No. 337357

She wrote "I love you yumi" in the sand in chinese. That's depressing as fuck.

No. 337362

File: 1497760164183.png (1.47 MB, 1680x1050, Screen Shot 2017-06-17 at 9.27…)

>cared more about her wedding ceremony than college
>Costco ring
>"This ring is very elegant and beautiful"
>"I'm so glad I found the one who is taking care of me."

This shit is like straight out of /r/hapas' worst nightmare.

No. 337368


Yumi in 2022: Hewo eweywun today I brought Hanfu to the pork so he can play!!!

Yumi turns the camera to her son, an angry Asian looking boy with a bowlcut who is murdering a small animal

No. 337396

He's an engineer as discussed in previous threads, but he could only drop $8k on a ring? Average salary for an engineer is 60-80k a year, but he likely makes closer to six figures if he's been in the field for a while or is higher up in his company (since he's been seen working from home, this may be the case). And all he got her was a basic solitaire ring for $8k.

No. 337400

because he doesn't like her. what do you wanna bet that the reason they're getting married is because yumi's next video is going to be her announcing she's pregnant

No. 337407

it's so sad that she's all about looking for a guy to take care of her and this is the best she could do.

No. 337422

8k is fucking expensive?? Here we pay around 500 euros for a ring

No. 337424

in the US it's considered standard for the guy to spend about 3 months salary on a ring.

No. 337426

it's also quite likely that her particular ring cost less than that, she just showed a similar one in the case with a price tag of $8k

No. 337432

I think yumi isn't the dumb QT AZN WAIFU HOUSEWIFE LOLI she portrays herself to be, she has been proven to fake her broken english, it's more than obvious she know's what she's doing

him on the otherhand, he's either a pedo and yumi was as close to a legal child he can fuck or he has a korean fetish like >>337347 said, but cant get actual koreans so he settles for the chinese knock off

No. 337441

Nitpicking the price of her wedding ring for being ~only~ 8k is fucking stupid. If he bought her a ring from Walmart, sure, but four figures is a far cry away from that.

No. 337505

so it looks like she has been engaged to him since December 2015. wow, wonder when they met.
also couldn't stop laughing at the way she ended this vlog by pointing out her hanfu is a copy hanfu. LET IT GO YUMI!

No. 337506

File: 1497794856861.gif (1.93 MB, 500x281, shake my head.gif)

hahahaha that is hilarious, well makes sense with the way she has to always ask for compliments from her boyfriend in the car. she does love herself

No. 337527

I think this is the one he got her based on the design, approximate stone size, and the placement of the prongs. It's $6k.

Also you guys have to consider that he might be an engineer, but he's an engineer in rural Georgia so he's probably making less than $60-80k. Also engineers in my area are allowed to work from home even if they're just above entry level, so he might not even be a higher up.

"Hewwo ewywon! Today…… I have speshul announcement for YOU. I'm….. pegrant! Oh no, wait wait. Pregant?"
(turns to her fiance)
"Is that how you say? No? How you say? Ohhhhh oh oh ok!"
(turns back to camera)
"I'm…….. pragnant!"

No. 337552

Nope, not enough carats. It's a 1.2+ carat. Yumi is pretty tall in reality, not the 5'4 people have said.

It's this or https://m.costco.com/Round-Brilliant-1.30-ct-VS2-Clarity%2c-H-Color-Diamond-Platinum-Solitaire-Ring.product.100347361.html

Either ways, he spent more than enough for a ring. Chinese mainland has a 2-3k rule on the price tag.

No. 337555


If they actually had a healthy or non-fetish or at all genuine seeming relationship, people might argue 'hey, they're in love, maybe their love means more than an outdated tradition of wasting money on an engagement announcement with a ring that's purely for show and not at all useful for either person in the couple'

But because their love is either superficial, fake, materialistic, or based in a weird fetishization of each other, or all of the above, the price of the ring kind of stands out more as something to point out.

No. 337562

It does seem like he might be actually socially awkward and that's why he comes off so weird. I wouldn't be thrown off if a STEM fielder would be awkward. As for her, she thinks she's a leftover woman and just wants to get married. She stated that herself in the video.

Does he have a fetish? Probably, she seems to play along and seems to enjoy it.
I really don't give a fuck about their relationship, it's not what makes me interested in her. There are thousands of couples with their dynamic.

On the otherhand,
https://www.instagram.com/p/BVe8-gagbwN/?taken-by=yumi_king&hl=es This is so fucking creepy, the music is so weird. It's amazing someone actually listens willingly to someone just say "la-la-la-la" over and over again. This is the shit as to why I find her so peculiar, the clothing, the music and the situation. It also seems like she's in a taxi, the taxi driver must have been confused to hell and back on her music request and videoing.

No. 337564

>chinese knockoff of kpop stars
Lmao, well yumi and all the crap splenda buys for her have something in common

No. 337570

I dont get why anyone feels bad for either of them. He gets to fuck his submissive asian legal loli pure housewaifu she gets a green card. No money no honey. They both get what they want out of it and its not like she's calling him daddy in public.

No. 337575

So much this. Personally I plan on spending £300 max on mine . At least I'd be so mad If my boyfriend spent that much on such a pointless thing. Lucky I've found a load of cute botanical/nature inspired jewellery from a local designer that's just so gorgeous and different.. and not costing thousands(blogpost)

No. 337583

I'm not about nitpicking the price of the ring.

They're just tacky, awkward people. And I expect any other milestones to be about the same. It could've been any kind of ring and the video still would've made me cringe just because they're who they are. At least she's getting that green card finally, I feel bad for transplant mail orders who get sent back by their creeper husbands.

No. 337597

Cute and touching video. They fit together, even though teenage edgelord girls can't quite understand it.

No. 337604

yeah, they fit together, that's why he repeatedly insulted her weight, telling her she needs to lose despite her already showing signs of bulimia, takes shit care of her and most people who aren't "teenage edgelord girls" say they aren't a good fit

anyone with eyes knows why they're together, its not about being naive and edgy its the truth

No. 337612

How supremely tacky to show the price tag!

No. 337621

Kek, that actually looks like a moissanite, not like a diamond.
And holy shit that was awkward.

No. 337662

My only concern is he wants Yumi to stay bone thin to look like a child. What will he do when Yumi gets pregnant? What will she do? I hope she eats well during. And I pray that he is only into age play and he isn't a real pedo. This is serious and a danger to future children Yumi may have.

No. 337663

Sorry but there's no way that ring cost 8K. I'd say 3-4K absolute max. And bragging about the price is so unbelievably tacky a childish.

No. 337671

No. 337685

Agreed, it scares the shit out of me seeing guys like him have kids, I have seen way too many "daddy doms" end up being pedos when I worked with child protection, a few even admitted to molesting their daughter

No. 338010

File: 1497904248179.gif (711.75 KB, 245x200, giphy-1.gif)

Oh puh-leese i worked for CPS for over five years and I have never once, not one time had a father ADMIT to molesting his own daughter. File that under "things that never happened". Like other anons have said, age play doesn't equal pedo. >>337396
Making fun of the cost of Yumi's ring makes you more superficial and shallow than Yumi has ever been.

Sage for no contribution

No. 338062

File: 1497911298239.png (781.24 KB, 734x730, Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 18.5…)

I don't feel sorry for her. She is playing a character for views and for that dumb role play. She isn't that dumb actually. In a few weeks she is gonna post a video about being pregnant. I feel sorry for that baby. He is going to end being Elliot, wearing dumb clothes from Alli and being malnourished since any of his parents know about nutrition.

What are you doing here? It's lolcow, we basically laugh at superficial and shallow stuff about superficial and shallow people.

No. 338151

age play doesn't equal pedo but age play is literally child molestation roleplay
just because YOU haven't experienced it doesn't mean others haven't either, where I worked, basically we posed as a child and went into chat rooms, one guys admitted to having sex with his daughters friends, another had admitted to touching his 10 yr old and 5 yr old daughter but claiming it wasn't molestation because "they begged him to"

age play, like teacher student roleplay, unless you do it mindlessly, you have to have the want for you to want to do it, people who teacher student roleplay most likely fantasized about having sex with a teacher or vice versa, and may even want to do it in a real situation, same with age play

No. 338162

File: 1497926817984.png (32.17 KB, 406x455, IMG_3175.PNG)

kawaii elegant lady

No. 338176

is that a fucking dollar stare dog collar?

No. 338194

Thats also her 48 year old boyfriends finger cleaning her teeth

No. 338224

the definition of a chinese knock off

No. 338245

I hope she starts a Kawaii Elegant Mommy blog and becomes Kawaii Elegant Xiaxue.

No. 338255


awful eyebrows!!! why does she force all the ugliest trends onto herself?

No. 338281

File: 1497950971781.png (573.83 KB, 750x1334, IMG_4558.PNG)

I love her rants about how she totally doesn't care about bullies. She don't care you views, guys. ?????

No. 338282


He isn't encouraging her to be thin, she's an actual ana-chan and was one before they met. She used to be "fat", 130lbs or so(lel). She has zero muscle so she was flabby af prolly and just went full anamode instead of getting fit. In the video she makes it obvious she's been an ana-chan since about 19 or so. Splenda is just very pussywhipped/ignorant about nutrition and goes along with it. Splenda isn't the top in their relationship, I'm pretty sure like >>338062
said, she's playing a kawaii character. She's milking a fetish stereotype for Youtube bucks. She has in a way un-demonitizeable channel, to the advertisers eye it's an asian with bad fashion with a shitty english doing aliexpress hauls.

Video related where she talks about her ana-chan habits.
>Related videos "Most Shocking Anorexic Transformations"

This is why I love her, she's started to lately often rant about dem darn haters. I hope she doesn't go the CWC/onision/Raven way of weekly rants about diddly darn trolls sabotaging her Why doesn't she realise that the most effective way to deal with gossip sites and hate, is to ignore them?

No. 338283

If she keeps her channel up, I can see it falling into obscurity. She is already spiraling downwards and grasping at 'content ideas' while obnoxiously grabbing at any 'sponsorship deals' her greedy claws can grab onto.

I would actually love to see her attempt to preserve attention by 'cleaning toilet with my hair havk and feeding my depressed hapa children instant ramen vlog #895' etc.

It would all be evidence building up towards the mental breakdown and homicidal spree her future son/daughter would start if she continues to behave as such an attention-seeking flake.

Yumi needs to stop being in denile, she knows she thrives off of 'bullies' she fucking treats her fans like numbers and statistics. Literally all her videos are useless and or just stab-backs at her 'haters'.

Hey Yumi let's see a video where you pay some people to pretend to be your friends and invite them out to lunch/dinner. Entire bill footed by you! Aren't you always trying to perseve your kawaii rich hanfu nice facade? Than maybe actually film yourself caring for OTHER PEOPLE like even COOKING FOr YOUR MOM instead of recording yourself scraffing down pig liver.

You're 26 and your mom still cooks for you. Not very ancient Chinese traditional housewife material of you. Dumbass. Just admit you're a lazy POS and everyone will forgive your shitty existance lol.

No. 338290


At least Xia Xue is candid about all her plastic surgery and photoshopping. Even though she is boring now, I'd rather watch her content than Yumi's borderline autism.

No. 338293

Meh I really don't think yumi is intentionally hateful or mean. It seems like she's just a desperate weeaboo who settled for the first middle class guy she could get.

No. 338580

there were several videos where splenda encouraged her to lose weight
in one she said she wanted to just be 100 lbs and splenda said all angry "99!!!!"

No. 338581

I dont think she is hateful or mean either, just embarrassing and pretentious, I'd upload a video on YT proving how much the chinese knock off fakes her broken english, but that seems obsessive

No. 338744

No. 338777

Her boyfriend grosses me out so badly.

No. 338783

Imagine how their future children are gonna look

No. 338785

>we have lahbstuh
That's a fucking crayfish and they're usually disgusting at buffets.
>neither of them know what a surimi stick aka 'fake crab' is made of
>"Hurr I guess you can get fat at lunch and fat at dinner for the same price."
Why is that fat fucking uggo prick so snide about weight? I had to stare at his 50 year old double chin and FAS lips the entire video so him making jabs about looks is absurd.

No. 338791

why does splendas body look more female than hers?
If I didnt know any better I'd think she was a tall chinese school boy who wanted to dress like a girl once and brought a wig from the halloween section at walmart

No. 338824


The music at the beginning is unsettling and how he talks to her in general is fucking creepy. It's like watching a child with their parent on a trip out to their local restaurant, except this is not the case here.

No. 338835

File: 1498035756810.png (1.48 MB, 1334x750, IMG_4597.PNG)

The huge gap between her teeth bothers me way more than it should. Girl, get some braces already, especially since you want to start a food/eating channel.

No. 338848

She looks like a bobble head here with her massive cheeks and thin arms.(nitpick and no sage)

No. 338915

toppest of keks


doesn't matter if she gets braces or not, she pukes that much food a day her teeth will wear down like no tomorrow, i think she's better off with veneers.

No. 338933

File: 1498054767554.jpg (67.17 KB, 982x1024, Michael-Scott-Sad-Face-Funny-P…)

ughhhhh she's back to wearing that damn collar

No. 338944

This is unsettling to watch because she's probably going to throw up all the food she ate later on

No. 338949

So just because she makes videos of her eating she should get braces to please you? Ugh, you haters are never happy.
<Yumi's head is too big, girl go get your head shrunk already ugh

No. 338951

great idea. hopefully she can put that on her surgery list.

No. 338952

splenda daddy def. has a thing for korean stuff? he just called the calamari 'ojinggo' which means squid in korean

No. 338962

Probably just saw it on a video and parrots it to sound smart. Nothing is strictly korean about fried calamari anyway. After all, they thought a mud bug was a lobster and had no clue what fake crab comes from. That guy is a dumbass and has to put down his foreign captive bride whenever he sees the opportunity to feel marginally better. He likes his mentor role in teaching her simple, irrelevant shit.

No. 338995

In one of her older videos he bought her a hanbok
Imagine being a lonely 50 year old man who masturbates to kpop music videos and buying Korean clothing and speaking elementary school Korean around your bulimic Chinese mail order bride to satisfy your fetish

No. 339012

This is the truest post I've ever seen on this site

No. 339013

If she gets braces the vomit will be stuck in the braces and stink up her breath, so nothing she isn't use to

No. 339016

He loved chinese knockoffs of korean stuff so much he brought a chinese knock off girlfriend

No. 339102

Oh God noooo

No. 339115

We finally get to see her mother's partner. Could the two of them be father and son? They sound and look too alike.

No. 339119

File: 1498079451750.png (684.69 KB, 1072x613, creep.png)

Yea it's pretty weird

No. 339123

they all look like pedophiles making a chinese middle school boy cross dress

No. 339132

>"Honey we met with somebody and they gave us the name of a company you can get a job at! And it's right here in Seattle!"

>"…I already have a job."

No. 339192

Holy shit this is weird and creepy. Same height even. I could see this as true.

No. 339297

This looks like a thumbnail for a budget porno.

No. 339323

IT'S CALLED A MORTAR BOARD YOU WANNABE FOB OMG this is un-facking-watchable

time??? thx

No. 339342

Lmao are they brothers or some shit and they both had korean pedo fetishes but realized they were too ugly and poor for koreans so they settled for annoying, money hungry chinese knock offs? "Yohan I found website you can meet rich white old creepy husband who doesn't care your face is jacked but you're asian"
"hey [whatever the fuck splendas name is] here's a website you can meet old asian chicks even though they're ugly but they have low standards so its ok""but i like kore-"

No. 339351

File: 1498124058732.png (589.7 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20170621-211701.png)

No. 339367

her face is so flat??? how is this possible?(sage???)

No. 339369

>that grey hair and aged skin(what)

No. 339604

she looks like she just got back from forcing herself to vomit, or is her face naturally that pink?

No. 339612

Does she go to a college for slow people or something? I'm being serious

No. 339615

believe it or not the ESL child with autism is just an act, in her older videos and vlogs with other she seemed more mature, more calm, and didn't have such broken english, now she realizes she can attract weebs, pedos and yellow fevers by squealing and "messing up" words, she now does it a lot more than she use to despite her going to american college for years, living in america for even more years, and is married to english speaker

No. 339617

I thought people were exaggerating but they really do look like relatives who both inherited terrible taste in women.

No. 339618

it's like there was a site for father son and mother daughters for pedo men with yellow fever and gold digging chinese knock offs with shitty taste in fashion

No. 339631

Hasn't she been in the US since birth? The most recent video of being at a chinese buffet and splenda daddy is making her dish, she asks WAT IS DIS?? oh this is CANTALOUPE. like… how the fuck don't you know that? it's a worldly known fruit, you've been in the US for years and you've never seen one??

No. 339689

We've been over the fact that Yumi pretends to be retarded because she thinks it's cute and child-like, though she has been living in the US a while and speaks better English than she lets on.

What I find strange is that this "game" of identifying everyday things seems to be common for them, they've done it in other videos and I just don't get why they do it all the time. I guess it's a type of foreplay for them at this point?

No. 339691

I think it's more of her playing the role of a child. Like when kids ask their mommy "what is this?" When they go out to restaurants etc

No. 339697

imagine being so obsessed with trying to be a child as much as possible that you literally get to the point of pretending not to know what everyday objects are, but her aged skin and awful body tells me its not surprising she didnt know what a cantaloupe was, she's conditioning him to be a damn pedophile

No. 339700

I was really hoping that this act was some grand school project and she was using h8rzzz reactions to her cringey act to collect data for a thesis. Or something. And that when she graduated she would reveal herself in perfect English. Was secretly hoping that she's just a really good troll because I would have applauded her honestly. Still can't believe someone like this exists in real life.

No. 339711

That would've lessened all thr secondhand embarrassment she gives me

No. 339713


Hold onto your butts, this could be a long haul.

Accept the challenge, Yumi. Give the internet 10 years of lolcow-worthy milk with your future child-rearing mommy vlogging adventures.

Child services can't stop you fast enough.

No. 339717

I would hope it was some sort of performance art piece funded by r/hapas to make the world understand their plight.

No. 340052

Maybe she's going to grad school and that will be her master's thesis. And then doctorate? Creating all this cringe in the pursuit of higher education!

No. 340109

It's just me or their relationship looks kinda…off?
They dont communicate.
Their words are just
>"What is thiff?? ^w^"
>"Water, sweetie!"

>"Want to get sushi sweetie?"

>"Yeessss ^w^"

And so on.
They don't have communication.
English is not my main language so maybe I can't explain this the proper way but I prefer to watch couples who have chemistry, inside joeks, can laugh at the other one's jokes etc etc
Splenda to me looks like he's talking to an "Regular Asian GF Bot : DDLG Expansion" :/

No. 340441

I get what you're saying. When I watch Jenna Marbles or Cristine (simplynailogical) interact what their boyfriends I can feel the chemistry and I know there are little inside jokes between them. With Yumi it's like you said: Yumi asks a question and Splenda answers. Perhaps that's the image Yumi wants to portray though. Maybe traditional Chinese housewives don't carry conversations with their husbands and instead just ask/answer commands.

Sage for being an amateur relationship analyst.

No. 340549

If that's how you say, that's sad.
If Yumi wants to play the dumb asian wife, that's sadder.
Plus I don't get why Splenda wants a robot by his side.
Maybe makes him feel better by not having to directly interact with people, just replying? :/

Sage for playing psychologist

No. 340553

To me they look like father and son.
Maybe, Splenda Senior wanted a mail order bride, so when he got Yumi's mom and found out she had a daughter, called his son and said
"Hey Splenda Jr. I got you an asian wife too! Without you leaving the house! How cool is that?"

No. 340628

Yumi's face has literaly zero depth.
If you look her from her profile view, she's just a plank, what the fuck

No. 340639

Have you ever heard Chinese couples talk to each other because you'd need earplugs for that noise and the women talk the most lol. Yumi isn't normal by any standards.

No. 340643

yeah Chinese women are just high pitched chatterboxes. The classic cover your mouth and "HEHEHEHEHEHEH" high pitched screech. Honestly Yumi is one of the rare ones where she seems fade into the background and only speak when shes asking somthing.

(sage for blog but i lived in student accom with A LOT of chinese FOBs, they all loved attention and fought for it)

No. 340644

oh no i wasn't implying that fried calamari had anything specific to do with korea, just that he referred to it as squid in korean, which is what 'ojinggo' is. sorry for the confusion! english isn't my first language.

No. 340749

Maybe because Yumi's mom said

"Yuhan my daa-ling, please, act like lady and man will keep yoo?"

No. 340797

>pretty much every single comment is about how she looks cuter and younger without her bangs

No. 340801

she doesnt even look like the same person without her bangs holy shit
she needs to ditch them

No. 340807

Watch her make some passive aggressive post on instagram about how she thinks bangs suit her better

No. 340838

Or some shit like
"I've been thinking to get rid of my bangs but I'm afraid, what do you think? I like them! (cat emoji)"

No. 340845

for some reason to me, she looks like a white girl trying to look asian?
idk how to describe it, just something about her face looks so… off

No. 340849

No. 340851


splenda looks like he is in so much pain
he also has a more feminine hand than yumi has

No. 340855

>Sponsoring shit even in your effin wedding video
I'm waiting for a cheap ass wedding

They look like father and his special needs daughter, shit's creepy.

No. 340860

splenda prob gonna order a chinese knock off of a korean dress for his chinese knock off of a korean girl bride

No. 340874

>do you want to have the wedding in a barn?
kek bringing your farmer faced aliexpress order bride back to her roots?

No. 340895

I know so many people do it now that it's pointless to say, but I find it so tacky that people are oversharing their wedding plans. Even down to the costs, with randoms online.

Is nothing private anymore? Is there an imperative need for people to know and care about this shit?
Why do people have to sell out so hard for a little pocket change all the time.

No. 340898

Yumi is all about trying to look like a rich person. Remember those tacky hauls with "elegant and rich girl" outfits? I'm not surprised she is sharing how much would cost the wedding and the dress, what surprises me is that splenda daddy himself is doing the same. He usually seems annoyed when Yumi does dumb vlogs with him or when she starts acting like a child in public.

No. 340901

At 1:54 she says "he is a womanist"?
Sage for samefag.

No. 341011

I actually think Yumi is attractive when she has no makeup and her bangs are swept to the side. I'm probably alone in this though, considering that there are so many farmers like >>340628
Who can only rehash the tired diatribe of, "hurr durr, Yumi is an ugly flat faced rice farmer's daughter. So ugly, wtf with her weird teeth? Lol times infinity." C'mon fam, you can do better than to attack her for her facial features,something she cannot help without plastic surgery. It's juvenile and unimaginative.

No. 341016

I agree, seems as if a whole wave of nitpicking try hards flooded this place recently. Like attack someone for the shitty things they've done, not their appearance constantly.

No. 341115

Her side swept bangs emphasizes her messed up skin and her helmet bangs make her look annoying and like a try hard

She looks best with no bangs, still unattractive, but bareable to look at

No. 341269

since PULL has a subforum for Farmer fuckface now, i wonder if she really reads all the threads, it must be exhausting

No. 341512

I think Yumi looks cute in this still if you ignore the other two

No. 341519

shes ugly asf, the standards for asian women is so low.

I'm not surprised though, in America Lucy Lui is beautiful in China she's ugly.

No. 341521

she looks 101 percent asian

No. 341638

you put sage in the email field, anon

No. 342027


I came here 5 days late solely to make this comment. Like, they even have the same body type. Cannot unsee.

I'm weirdly happy for Yumi and Splenda…I guess? In the midst of their awkwardness (or maybe because of it) they're basically made for each other. I can't wait for the "traditional Chinece cewemony!"

No. 342095

File: 1498565394270.png (577.18 KB, 720x892, Screenshot_2017-06-27-08-08-24…)

Yumi in a few years

No. 342096

It's because Americans think they all look alike

No. 342157

Lucy Liu has very western features, though.

No. 342159

The fuck? She looks a lot younger without those bangs and no/less makeup.

No. 342161

I can't believe that you believe this, anon. There's nothing western about her abnormally slanted eyes (even by Asian standards) and high cheekbones.

No. 342191

Come on now, she fits the western standard for beauty much more than the asian one, thats why she is popular in the US. Lucy liu looks mature, has a strong jawline and a grown body. Yumi is literally only appealing to weebs who love the asian beauty standard of looking like an overgrown toddler.

No. 342383

File: 1498599734635.jpg (205.9 KB, 720x892, IMG_4976.JPG)

Here, anon. I tried to make the picture more accurate. Don't forget that Yumi is a kawaii gorgeous and elegant rich girl goddessu who doesn't age or get wrinkles. #nofilter #thisishowIlookinreallife

No. 342409

weebs and pedos who think looking like an overgrown toddler is hot
but when you get a close up of her face and body her skin is quite aged and her tits are saggy

reminds me somewhat of this old asian woman at the gym who use to change butt naked in the gym locker room despite there being changing rooms for that
sage cuz im a nitpicky bitch lmao

No. 342411

agreed, if she wasn't asian and had white people eyes and hair she would get loads of comments talking about how ugly she is

it's like these yellow fevers and weebs will think a woman is beautiful for the sole reason she's asian, nothing to do with facial features or body attractiveness, she doesn't even look well kept after seeing her routine videos or her cleaning ones, hell she can't even cook, it's like she went to r/hapas one day and read a few comments about "ooo skinny azn loli waifu housewife with 'high pitched' voice and broken english" and chose that to be her aesthetic

however I do think lucy liu is attractive in a mature businessy woman way

No. 342431

File: 1498604847317.jpg (79.42 KB, 960x637, 8297be8dfb52494aed25c953084b1e…)

Gaps are cute I hope she doesn't

No. 342440

File: 1498606609667.png (180.41 KB, 429x429, IMG_3289.PNG)

but when combined with her shit makeup, bulimia cheeks, and massive overbite it looks pretty bad

No. 342448



sage for fantarding

No. 343014

Sounds like any racial fetishism
Not about attractive features,how they act, their body, etc
Just be the race thats being fetishized and people will find you attractive

No. 343041

She needs to permanently ditch the aegyo sal and full line her eyes and instead of fake lashes, mascara. A little bit of blush just to give off the natural rosy colour would be nice too.
Plus, a good skincare routine, stop vomiting, ditch her bangs too or at least cutting them perfectly straight.

It's not rocket science but I can't believe she can't see how her current "-care" doesn't suit her at all.

No. 343195

and fix her jaw and teeth and stop being so damn pretentious, especially her voice and mannerisms, buy some clothes, makeup and skin care thats not from aliexpress

she might could be a 7.5/10 then, she doesnt know how to take care of herself at all

No. 343379

Yes, especially the clothes.
Me myself I shop on Aliexpress a lot but I pay attention to the quality (I only buy cotton etc etc) and mix my chinese stuff with my normie stuff (like : t shirt from Aliexpress & very good jeans)

Plus, it's even about how do you present yourself.
It's not cheap until you make it look that way and know how to dress, Yumi's wardrobe is all made of children "princess" carnival dress…

No. 343600

Yumi and Splenda go to Costco

No. 343603

I take it her boyfriend is really rich
"it's only $300 it's not expensive"
"should we get two of them?"

No. 343604

Splenda really sounds like Chris Chan but lower

No. 343613

Splenda, it's your house and your money.
Yumi is not your mom, stop fuckin asking her permission for anything.

No. 343618

I can't help but wonder what type of woman Splenda would have as a side piece when he's done with the marriage- like on the down low it would be someone that corncob isn't like someone with curves+intelligent convos+keeps their food down…

No. 343648

Lol they eat like shit. No wonder Splenda looks so overweight and bloated, while Yumi has her bulimia cheeks. Topkekarooni

No. 343651

It would probably be someone like Yumi, if he's a koreaboo then it would probably be a Korean girl.

No. 343657

Probably another fobby asian girl, but younger and tinier. I don't think Yumi has many more years to squeeze out of this baby girl shit she's doing.

No. 343774

Ummm, make fun of them all you want, but Splenda is not overweight anon. Flabby,yes. Overweight, no.


No. 343778

I'm one of those weird people that enjoys grocery shopping but this video was terrible. What's the point? To see what kind of junk they eat?

>that whole two minute clip demonstrating how the table moves up and down


No. 343785

He's a doughball. If a girl here had his double chin and belly we'd be calling her the next Moomoo Charms.
Sage indeed.

No. 343802

You cannot be flabby without being overweight… Wtf

No. 343818

LOL whaaat

You can def be flabby without being overweight

No. 343889

other a kid or someone like >>343618
I'd say some kpop star but he's too uggo
doubt he can get anyone intelligent as well, unless you mean someone who is AT LEAST intelligent enough to not act more dumb than they already are

No. 343895

Yumi isn't ugly, she just needs to change her bangs tbh

No. 343965


ok ana chan

No. 343975


Yumi don't make your ed too obvious

No. 344004

File: 1498835007539.jpg (9.28 KB, 200x200, 1387174-maize.jpg)

reminds me of this

No. 344065

>sees fries
>later, "M-Maybe they like fries?"
>"Yes, sweetie, they like fries. Am I allowed to buy fries?"
This was so uncomfortable.

No. 344078

their entire relationship is uncomfortable

No. 344184

>you may think I'm skinny, but I have a lot of hidden fat
>I have a lot of fat in my cheeks
>I don't know why
>it's natural

No. 344195

idk if sperging but I feel like there was a lot of "baby" hints dropped in this

No. 344198

>not very spensive, you should get this
>should we get two?

kill me

No. 344210


No. 344232

I love how she has no concept of fitness. "I want to lose weight in my stomach and legs." so she's starve more to lose 8 pounds and not try to build lean mass or anything.

No. 344521

300 dollars for a table like that isn't really expensive if you're an office worker tho, it's healthy to stand up while working once in a while

sage for slight OT

No. 344558

God, just imagine what splenda and yumi's kids might look like… They'll lack jaw big time

No. 344570

File: 1498935056985.jpg (137.86 KB, 900x900, IMG_3344.JPG)

Giant forehead + no lips + Splenda's caterpillar eyebrows and huge nose

or something like this

No. 344799

Wtf… this music is so eerie.

No. 344846

It's hilarious cause it looks like you used the bulge tool on her face not the other way around.

No. 344851

So why does Yumi King have an okcupid if she's been with her fiancé so long? Did she ever tell the story as to how they met?

Also yikes at her putting up she wanted 30-38 year old men when she was 22.

No. 344872

Imagine seeing this couple in person lol. How retarded and unaware does a late 20s woman have to be to go outside dressed up like a little kid with her flabby pedo boyfriend in tow who looks twice her age AND think this crap is Youtube-worthy? It's hilarious but she's taking it to the next level.

No. 344897

Cheating and playing dumb to the next splenda daddy, yellow fever or pedo to come around
She also lies about her age

No. 344927

>get a picture of all the luggages

You're suppose to be the educated one, Splenda

No. 344933

she's seriously aged over the course of this year, just look at the pics for OP's summary, she looks like she aged 3 years in one.

No. 345101

Ugh, seeing all her tacky, cheap eBay cosplay tier clothes in one place is as disturbing as the creepy music she put in this video

No. 345105

I'm imagining people walking past these autismos with the tripod while getting their luggage and wondering what the fuck is going on..

No. 345120

im confused, they would be lucky if they were HALF this decent.

or are you implying possible homicidal maniac?

No. 345154

What's more concerning is how much she's eating now that her videos are no longer DIY ones. With the fact that she obsesses over her weight I can't see a long YT future if she's trying to go the mukbang & banggood cheap hauls. That shit gets old real quick.

No. 345181

Splenda Jr is definitely gonna be homicidal maniac.

No. 345346

No. 345395

lets have 5 pure minutes of looking at the toilet light change color

No. 345401

The thumbnail pic is so weird.
Nice toilet Yumi, also buy longer skirts please!

No. 345594

ew you can almost see her roast beef curtains
sage for being a nitpicky bitch

No. 345630

No. 345639

>we need light 4 da toilet spiders

Yeah nah, you just want a toddler tier glow up for your shit receptacle. Hope Yumi enjoys cleaning off the shit flecks from that light when Splenda inevitably takes a splattery dump.

No. 345642

The commentors are the worst part
>English is so hard!
>Well actually her English isn't even that bad
>She's improving

No. 345651

its not wrong to want terrible things to happen to her right? I don't mean like being injured but maybe something devastating like a hurricane to make her appreciate things…

No. 345657

Over 6 years in the US

> "Did I pretend speak bad English?"

No. 345714

she literally has been proven to say words and phrases fine but doesn't know how to say them in her newer videos

my french teacher has the hardest time learning english and said it took her 2 yrs to learn it enough to speak and 5 yrs to speak it fluently and perfect enough

No. 345872

She seriously looks like a decade older than when she made this video and she made this in 2014, so it's only been ~3 years.
It's also pretty jarring to see how much the quality of her makeup has declined.

No. 345888

Is she using a paintbrush as a makeup brush?

No. 345945

File: 1499150476956.jpeg (101.23 KB, 558x744, CDAFD1BE-5862-4C08-8229-EA4AFA…)

She updated her OKC profile with a blurb about not being able to reply to all of her messages due to school, but she also has her YouTube channel linked. Wouldn't people be able to see her engagement videos?

No. 345985

Her okc also says she's seeing someone and that she hasn't been online since Oct 2016 so….

No. 345986

So either openly cheating and playing dumb about it or being legit dumb and posting shit like that to an okc profile? Classy yumi

No. 346012

splenda might like her to keep it?

No. 346014

for what reason? what guy wants his girlfriend/fiance to keep her dating profile updated?

No. 346018

if she fixed her jaw and didn't line her lid like that she would look slightly attractive

she aged like crazy though holy shit, did splenda and his shit diet + aliexpress skin care age her?

No. 346032

there's a fetish for that actually

No. 346061

they could have an open relationship?

No. 346102

File: 1499178763284.png (182.96 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2606.PNG)

she hasn't been on this account in like 10 months and it says she's seeing someone. you guys are reaching.

No. 346146

She said they've been engaged for two years.

No. 346169

…Isn't that part of the relationship? I was under the impression he does it because he enjoys it

No. 346251

yeah cuz people who put engaged on their dating profile NEVER cheat
who even has a dating profile that's active while dating someone
she seems like a typical play dumb cheater

No. 346334

>the account hasn't been used in almost a year

But I mean, ok.

No. 346772

Nobody else heard Splenda spanking yumi in the background while she tries to finish a sentence after his long, drawn-out joke about toilet spiders biting her ass?
She couldn't even get all her words out in between the sound of the slaps. Why even keep something like that in the video?

No. 346782

Some guys actually get a rise thinking that their woman is desirable to other men. Insecure guys, who need that kind of validation.
Though I doubt Yumi hears much praise irl and hence why she keeps the dating profile around for the occasional ego boost.

No. 346796

Wasn't that clapping?

No. 346903

It sounds more like one of them fiddling with some packaging or plastic.

No. 348019

splenda daddy sounds like he's either commit homicide or suicide one of these days

No. 348042

File: 1499463793048.png (39.32 KB, 898x145, lolomggg.png)

>frozen spring rolls
>instant ramen
>storebought pork tenderloin w/ pre-wrapped bacon
Splenda's "fancy eating."

>Splenda chopping that spring onion on a fucking glass plate with his fingers dangerously close to the blade

>too inept to think to buy a cutting board
>non-stick pan is never hot
>takes more than five minutes to cook egg
>wraps the 'omurice' like a fucking burrito instead of placing omelette on top of rice and cutting it open
>Yumi uses a soapdish for the dipping sauce

And then he lies in the video saying he's made omurice before, when he clearly has never made it and Yumi had to intervene for the most basic knowledge like WASHING THE FUCKING RICE before cooking it! Maybe he's ingested so much arsenic from his previously unwashed rice that it turned him into a condescending potato that needs to keep a dumb foreign girl around to feel marginally smarter.

>8:20, Splenda doesn't want to admit he's fat

No. 348047

If they eat like this all the time, I guess now we know why he can afford not one, but two $300 desks.

No. 348056

that noise when the knife scrapes the glass is unbearable. And how fucking dirty is that rice????

No. 348064

>that thumbnail
Wild how there's people who watch these videos and are still oblivious to the fact that they have a flagrant ddlg kink.

No. 348067

I wonder what these two think of actual fancy meals? It would blow their minds.

Then again she wears taobao and eats junk so I guess insta ramen is a move up.

No. 348077

File: 1499467427897.png (457.82 KB, 1000x990, kittyy.png)

its actually a cat bowl.

yumi has given up her identity of an adult woman human being. Her identity revolves around being a submissive pet, so no surprises she chooses to use pet bowls.

No. 348116

1 min in and he's cutting spring onion on a glass plate like a child. NOPE.

No. 348122

I hope Splenda is looking forward to paying child support alimony and giving up his house to yumi and their eventual school shooter tyke whenever she farts out that one, the existing bulimia doubts it

No. 348127

I can't imagine this young woman having a child , it boggles the mind . Think of the possible scenario of her going to regular gyno visits or dealing with adverse allergic reactions during pregnancy. It takes some maturity and strength to deal with that.

No. 348170

maybe /r/hapas was warning us about Yumi and her future crotch fruit all along

No. 348194

What I don't get about anons ITT is that you don't assume Yumi acts like that for camera. You honestly think the way youtubers act in vlogs and their on camera "personas" are factual? Seriously? I'm not saying she's not weird but Yumi speaks two languages somewhat fluently, graduated from university and managed to create a successful online platform. She's not winning any Nobel peace prizes any time soon but she's did a lot more than most people can say so she won't be a total retard at raising a child. Way less capable people have kids that come out ok.

No. 348219

In before Yumi kills her Splenda husband with anti-freeze shortly after getting married to get that sweet sweet bank account and life insurance.

No. 348221

No need for anti freeze when she could easily use her cheap taobao facial products

No. 348235

he talks like a pedophile
why does she go out of her way to always look like a child

No. 348239

> created a moderately successful youtube channel by catering to weeaboos and 10 year olds
> turned down a job in Seattle to marry some old white guy who lives in the rural south
> films herself eating out of a cat bowl to earn money since her channel is losing views

No. 348241

This. Isn't. Milk. You guys are forgetting Yumi is like 30 and her bf isn't really that far in age. Whites just age horribly. If she can live good off some stupid white man then good for her. If Yumi wasn't Asian nobody would give a shit about her. She's just be another cringey weeb

No. 348291

>If Yumi wasn't Asian nobody would give a shit about her.
Doubt it. She would still be cringy as fuck, eating her food out of cat bowls and showing us her "elegant rich girl" toilet lights

No. 348299

You're talking as if yumi is some young innocent woman. She's not stupid. Did you see the way she was barking orders at Jim and demanding him to buy things in that grocery store video?most fob Chinese women act this way when they're luring in a and as soon as that Japanese baby pops out her vagina will be closed for business and she will become as cold as ice towards him.

No. 348314

Cause you know, there's zero threads on white weebs on lolcow.

No. 348335

>pretending yumi isn't a saggy titted old hag

No. 348337

also if she was white she would get more hate because people excuse her behaviors as "ooo in asia women like to stay thin" where as if a white woman did it she would be blasted for bulimia, her fake voice, pretending not to know words despite her living her for over 6 years, some people even say she had been living here when she was a kid, a white girl would come out like a pretentious annoying twat, if a white girl even did HALF the shit yumi did she would be considered a gold digging whore weeb wanting to be a dumb submissive slave waifu

No. 348338

I don't think anyone who is willing to put content like what yumi is doing on the internet should have kids

sage bc im a huge samefag

No. 348370

File: 1499501731160.png (520.35 KB, 931x592, father.png)

No. 348373

She has only 10k subs?

No. 348375

The racism in this thread is so unnecessary and juvenile. C'mon fam, grow up. Also, the quality of posts in ITT has really gone to shit. Do we really need more, "hurr durr, Splenda sounds like a pedo, ahurr hurr", posts? If you're just gonna repeat shit that has been posted a zillion times then GTFO. Damned summerfags.

Sage for being a crotchety cunt.

No. 348387

that's her new food youtube. her first one has 602k subs

No. 348394

I can't tell if this is shitposting or not.
And also, the close button is over in the top right corner. Feel free to use it anytime, friend.

No. 348411

I can tell yumi isn't going to handle aging well at all(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 348413

Of yumi was white she would be in pt instead of snow. The only reason she doesn't get trashed as hard is because she's Asian.

No. 348415

sage because it's kinda unimportant but holy shit lmao there's so much sodium in those ramen packets like even just one has enough to fill up the daily limit for salt and she wants to put in three? if she does that normally or something no wonder her face is so bloated and round

No. 348426

fucking THIS.

No. 348564

Agreed, isn't momokun a huge cow because she shoops, uses cheap shit and is straight up annoying in general? She has all tbe qualities of a cow and more (bulimia, being ugly, shooping, catering to pedos and yellow fevers, using cheap shit, lying to her audience, trying to insert herself in YT drama, etc etc"

No. 348591

This thread focuses a lot on her liverspotted wrinkly boyfriend, but Yumi's been genuinely dumb and cancerous in the past (making a video about how bras cause cancer, saying that she got invited to dance for Shen Yun, doing shitty Love Live cosplay at a 9/11 memorial, lying about being 21)

No. 348593


No. 348597

No. 348629

Oh, Yumi.
I feel like she was a white girl who wanted to be Asian really badly in a past life, and her dream finally came true in this cycle.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 348631

>most fob Chinese women act this way when they're luring in a and as soon as that Japanese baby pops out her vagina
Saging for useless post

No. 348643

She looks like a cheap, racist bobble head you'd find being sold on the street.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 348668

nah, just your average ugly chink

No. 348697

why did she take a selfie with the cow balls?

No. 348772

File: 1499549283688.jpg (12.69 KB, 202x292, vietnamese-bride.jpg)

usually when white/non asian girls wanna be asian they wanna be the asians that look white

unless the girl in yumis past life was a white 50s housewife whos husband went to korea or japan then divorced her to marry his azn slave bride, men who were in then military then went to an east asian country and married a "submissive" asian wife who barely spoke english is like the mid century version of mail order brides today

later then their marriages fell apart when the wife learned to speak english better and they realized that marrying someone just cuz your mates told you their race tends to be submissive is dumb and now they either have awful marriages with the women they married or if they did divorce them they can't get the woman who they actually loved first back(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 348802

>in ITT
Pick one anon.

No. 348877

Lol, they always have k-pop playing in the background. Pretty sure NS Yoon-gi's "Wifey" was on near the end of the video.

No shame in liking a certain kind of music, but of course Splenda is into that ~*azn culture*~

No. 348883

wouldn't doubt it, he's trying to turn yumi into a korean, she's pretty much a chinese knock off of korean girls, which is why he buys her chinese knock of clothes and makeup

No. 349015

Yeah, I just watched it again,and they're definitely playing "Wifey." I distinctly remember another video where they are listening to Akdong Musician's "200" as well. I can't find it at the moment, but I am certain I've seen it.

Again, nothing inherently wrong in liking k-pop, but I've gotta be honest: I've never seen a normal adult man that always* listens to it. You're definitely right about the Korean thing.

No. 349018

he buys her hanboks, korean outifts, korean makeup, etc and wants her to get korean plastic surgeries and makes her korean food

No. 349371

Sage for blogpost
But, if you work in the restaurant business (especially somewhere slightly more pricey (e.g. $20 entrees)) you see a lot of mail order brides.
I had a family come in and the biggest man in the group had a Yumi lookalike as his wife, and when offered dessert, made some joke about already eating her puss so he was full and she did the nauseating Yumi laugh.
Post is: this shit isn't shocking to me and is seen quite often. Just not on YouTube.
I just wanted to give my two cents and wacko story.

No. 349461

The virgin killer!

No. 349468

Do people even care about this trend anymore?
She might as well have said she got an ugly sweater dress, it's not sexy at all.

No. 349475

>those fucked up bangs
What the hell is she doing, it's like every other lock of hair is a different length. Just see a stylist, you cheapskate.

No. 349548

It takes aliexpress months to ship so she probably bought it on trend and received it off trend.

No. 349645

No. 349646

File: 1499646489592.png (41.57 KB, 640x302, IMG_5498.PNG)

Is this Kevin/joe/nick/Yumi's daddy dom?

No. 349647

After posting this I now realize I named off the Jonas Brothers while searching for the most boing white guy names

No. 349822

That was no coincidence, my friend

No. 349834

Man why the hell are so many people getting banned from this thread for dumb shit? I know the mods on lolcow are dumb but its like you can literally do what you're supposed to do on lolcow, gossip, comment on topic opinions, and still get banned, mods need to stop sucking yumis saggy sad ass

No. 349835

Man why the hell are so many people getting banned from this thread for dumb shit? I know the mods on lolcow are dumb but its like you can literally do what you're supposed to do on lolcow, gossip, comment on topic opinions, and still get banned, mods need to stop sucking yumis saggy sad ass

No. 349972

TBH if they don't want yumi getting talked about they should just lock the thread instead of banning people for dumb shit

No. 350044

>If Yumi wasn't Asian nobody would give a shit about her

Doubt, just look at the majority of the cows, some are white and even do less embarrassing shit than Yumi. Lurk more.

No. 350151

File: 1499716295516.png (805.79 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_20170710-220140.png)

No. 350164

0:48 "I brought you lunch, because it's lunch time and I need to feed you" He talks to her the way I talk to my dog….

No. 350169

I feel like I'm watching a racist informercial for cheap Chinese products.

No. 350219

bruh I swear I'm going to start using fucking tor everytime I wanna comment on this thread for how easily and retardedly people get banned

I feel like I can literally say yumis hair looks bad and they'll ban me

No. 350257

Gotta love Splenda Daddy's nose whistling while she was taking off the mask.

No. 350285

File: 1499732258061.gif (950.17 KB, 500x254, newfagsgotmelike.gif)

They were banned for not saging posts with no new info or not saging posts that are off topic i.e not directly related to yumi. If you want to complain, post in meta instead of making more off topic posts in the thread. Stop the whining and newfaggery. read the rules and lurk more.

No. 350298

If they were banning people for not sageing then they should ban more than half the posters in this cuz a shit load of people don't sage while doing nothing but talk shit, seems pretty childish to ban someone just for not sageing

No. 350343

Someone in the comment section said she was cheap and she replied with this

"I decided to response the post because everything you said is completely fake. I know there are people are on your side and fake the facts about me. 1. I did spend $$ on good hanfu(well-known brand) with my money that I own. Sometimes. expensive hanfu does not equal good quality hanfu. 2. How did you know I refuse to spend my own money. You know my bank account or what? I make my own money off youtube and I spend my own money. And a couple share the income for everything else. 3. $300 table is not even for me to use. I don’t need it. I use his old table. $300 is for my fiancé’s office. His back hurts when he sits too long, so I insist to get adjustable table for him. 4. $300 limo. I think it’s very expensive. I did not want it. My fiancé insist to get me because he wants me to have a nice wedding. 5. knock off diys. My early dress diys are inspired by lolita fashion, victorian, rococo. I’ve put “inspired” in the title. And I made popular online items inspired by the pictures that fans sent. They requested me to recreate. so I did. And I have never said it’s (dress or accessories) designed by me if it’s not designed by me. PLEASE DO NOT SLANDER ME !!! Thanks, Yumi"

No. 350347

what video?

No. 350351

It's pretty obvious that we don't ban for every single unsaged post. However, we do ban for low quality and/or off topic posts. Especially if they're unsaged and therefore bumping the thread repeatedly. We also consider a user's post history.

Keep in mind that it's still hellweek.

If anyone wants to discuss this further, you're welcome to do so in the general issues and complaints thread in /meta/.

No. 350363

File: 1499740844249.png (44.7 KB, 736x352, DONOTSLANDERME.png)

This video, expand the first comment chain >>350164

No. 350370

god i read that in cwc's voice

No. 350466

does she think 40 dollars off of aliexpress instead of the usual 5 dollars an outfit is spending good money?

No. 350622

File: 1499786682862.png (568.41 KB, 933x598, yumiinsta.png)

really need to point out how expensive the wedding's going to be

No. 350772

No. 350775

She's Chinese, it's not surprising. Talking about how much things cost and even bragging is normal and expected in Chinese culture.

No. 350784

File: 1499807196951.png (67.59 KB, 640x378, IMG_5512.PNG)

"Little Yumi"

No. 350806

They all look cheaply and awfully made and are unflattering on her, im all for cheap crap but if you do order aliexpress tier clothes why not alternate or embellish it to look better? It makes her look saggy and shapeless

No. 350831

File: 1499812860661.png (1.71 MB, 2048x1536, IMG_4420.PNG)


Jfc, 99% of her clothes look cheap as shit. I have never seen anyone in this much denial.

No. 350923

"Little Yumi" brought me flashbacks to "Little Marco" from the 2016 US election lol.

No. 350969

File: 1499838232984.png (195.41 KB, 750x1104, IMG_3530.PNG)

> makes shit videos about cheap clothing
> cries about being cyber bullied and picked on when called out

No. 350979

pretty convinced that this thread is now just full of people who hate chinese people and want to shit on yumi for being chinese and cheap

No. 350983

Yeah its cuz she's chinese totally not because she encourages bulima, sexualizes kids, has a splenda daddy, and just has a horrible persona all together, ignore the fact that if she wasn't chinese she would get 3 times as much hate, ignore the fact other asian women hate her like crazy, but it's cuz she is Chinese

No. 351001

you're kidding… right? you're acting like this place is some town full of old white people who can't seem to escape the 1960s

most people here couldn't give less of a shit if she was chinese, the only time people ever even mention she's chinese is when her or her splenda daddy sexualize the shit out of asians and/or want her to be korean, even going as far as to buy some cheap ass hanbok despite her not even being korean or it having nothing to do with kpop which she claims to be so into

other cows get blasted all the damn time when they buy cheap ass shit off sites like aliexpress or some other knock off site, hell, mickey got blasted for buying a 70 dollar knock off lolita dress that was originally 150 dollars or some shit like that
some people are just cows alone for doing one or two things she does
lilychu is known for voice faking and pretending to be an azn loli despite her awful aging saying otherwise + purposely trying to appeal to yellow fevers and pedos
there's an entire section/general dedicated to people who are ana or mia
binkie princess is known for pretending to be a child in a sexual/romantic space to appeal to pedophiles
a lot of cam whores or other flakes are blasted when they have sugar daddies, the difference is the camwhores have sugar daddies of quality, not one that buys her aliexpress shit for pedo roleplay and feeds her awful diets
some people are cows or flakes alone for shooping and buying cheap shit, who even are you fooling? as the other anon said, she gets away with so much shit because she is chinese, if she was white she sure as hell wouldn't be here she would be in /pt/ and everyone would hate her guts and not excuse her shit actions because "muh racism"

No. 351006

it's not the clothes that make her look saggy and shapeless

No. 351035

I disagree with the specifics of this statement, but i will say that this thread is now overrun with unimaginative broken-record parrot types. It has become an echo chamber for bored anons repeating the same tired refrains ad-nauseum.


No. 351155

Part 2 of "Fiance Cooks Me a Fancy&Yummy Meal"…
For those of us who thought that it couldn't get any worse

The entire thing feels like a hostage video, though I'm not entirely sure which one of the two is the hostage

No. 351182


All of Yumi's content is the same recycled shit, unlike most cows who only upload once or twice a week on youtube. She shits out mediocre content and sperg sprees that all happen to be the same on the daily.

No. 351225

Imagining her and Splenda daddy having sex creeps me out a bit

No. 351228

Exactly. That only reason yumi gets away with it is because people think it's natural for Asians to have eating disorders and that her acting like a huge weeaboo is her culture. If she were white she would be bashed/stalked so much worse and would be in pt.

No. 351345

I think anon meant the comments itt. I agree, her shit is just the same like 3 video ideas recycled over and over again. When it's not an aliexpress "modeling" video, it's a "doing ___ with my fiance!" video or a vlog of her going to some cheap place. To be fair to anon, they're right. Like half of his thread is ot or just the same comments over and over again about Yumi and splenda's ddlg relationship.

No. 351351

I recognized her from a thread on r/japancirclejerk a while back. maybe people from there send her messages or comment suicide bait? the thread about her got pretty popular

No. 351369

Do you have a link? The only posts I've found on reddit about her are from /r/hapas and they're all just like "oh god not I hope they never have babies." There isn't any suicide bait.

No. 351390

Oh shit. I think I remembered it wrong and it was hapas. I found one thread about her on jcj with like 2 comments. Should've checked before posting.
Saged for sowwy

No. 351395

wait do people like her or hate her
I remember when I noticed how she got popular among yellow fevers her weebness, acting dumb, "connection with azn heritage", etc etc, increased through the roof, who else gets a feeling she probably self posted before on 4chan or reddit and the comments filled with crap about how "ooo its so kawaii when she doesn't know what things are" and that's why she does it?

No. 351402

I found this in the old thread, the person who posted this is from italy though, usually italian men find asian women unattractive especially the ones who act like an autistic child so idk it might have been a proxy as well

as said before, she really isn't as dumb as she presents herself to be, we all know she knows damn well what she is doing

No. 351414

We are the hostages.

I also don't understand this video. She eats like a pig but unlike those fetish-type eating videos it's almost all sped up. I guess it's supposed to showcase their dd/lg fetish like all their shit but this one seems especially pointless. I really wonder how strong his fetish is to be able to tolerate her acting like an idiot all the goddamn time, like she said the ramen was spicy like 100 times.

No. 351442

she can't shrink her head but if she got her weight up she'd look more proportional than she does with a malnourished 90 lb body and adult skull

No. 351448

reminds of when lilychu use to brag about eating like shit then complained she gained weight

it's like they wanna be one of those ~kawaii desu petite azns who eat a lot and are still stick thin~ until they realize that it doesn't work on women who are almost 30, the whole "skinny girl with big appetite" is trending among neckbeards, so now girls do it thinking it's cute but cry when they gain weight

No. 351580

HAHAHAHAHAHHA holy shit that was hilarious
go back to PULL

No. 351585

I wouldn't doubt it if it was a self post or splenda posted it, when I scrolled down the thread I noticed they have pictures of her that weren't ever in any of her videos and that aren't even googleable, or on any social media of hers
the proxy claim.. possibly, unless they went to italy for vacation and posted this and we don't know about it, when I went around the mediterranean, aka jealously belt, the men seemed to love curvy women, curly/wavy hair and pale skin, but hey yellow fevers and weebs are all around the world nowadays

why the fuck so many pedos in that thread though wtf

No. 351635

am I the only one who noticed her thumbnails?
besides the shooping, she takes an image, like in this situation, take a clothing companies image of pants and try to make it look like it was hers?
she did the same with the victorian overcoat roccoco whatever it is, I actually have the simplicity pattern

No. 351636

File: 1499915944702.jpg (90.17 KB, 1024x576, 17_creative_accessories_fashio…)

forgot to drop this photo

No. 351642

I don't know why you advocate for her to not give a shit about her teeth when she wants to do a food channel, yet proves she spends extra income on frivolities.
It's like saying someone obese who wants to run a health channel shouldn't lose weight.

No. 351752

That's not Yumi in most of those pics. What are you talking about?

No. 351834

This is such bullshit. The Chinese "name" spelled that way just means corn. The name spelling should be 由美, which is the same as the most common Japanese spelling. It's really clear how hard she's trying to push her "name" as legit that she automatically uses a bizarre Chinese spelling and ignores the fact that the Chinese and Japanese spellings overlap.

No. 351901

I bet he has a bimbo fetish or something and enjoys Yumi embarrassing herself in public

No. 352005

splenda is a pedo like most of the yellow fevers in >>351402 and yumi enjoys getting attention from being a "Qt azn loli cxxxx"
she doesn't even care what type of asian she is, she just feasts on anything asian whether it relates to her heritage or not, and has probably self posted on 4chin or reddit as a yellow fever thread

she doesn't really seem as dumb as she presents herself honestly, she knows what she is doing

No. 352010

nah, the italian dude said yumi was 2/10 and annoying
p sure he was just making fun of asian fetishists who will get some mail order bride or whatever for the sole reason she's asian, not if she is actually attractive

No. 352207

new vid. idk…the dress looks pretty nice and apparently it's very expensive too, but something about it seems…very cheap, like those inexpensive quinceanera rentals.

No. 352209

She spent over 260 dollars on that..
and ofc she bought it from a shady online shop

No. 352210

omg I didn't know Uumi was going to be on my big fat american gypsy wedding

No. 352215

File: 1500008831191.png (19.23 KB, 153x157, ee.thumb.png.012601ecc3b1d1af4…)

Splenda sounds SO done with her antics at the end

No. 352218

由美 is spelled 'youmei'
if she wants to be called corn, so be it

No. 352219


Oh. No.

The design is making me irrationally angry. The flowers on the front of the bodice are tacky af. The bottom looks great to me, but does not match with ANYTHING. And the placement of those ruffles…

Honestly it looks like she's wearing a long skirt and train beneath a short ruffly party dress. And I am not amused

sage for tipsy, incoherent nitpicking

No. 352221

The embroidery in the bottom looks good but holy fuck this dress looks so tacky on the top and what the fuck is that intro music…dear god

He sounds exactly like an annoyed father, their relationship is so cringy

No. 352227

File: 1500011452601.jpg (85.95 KB, 818x728, 0d01c2bb89f1da4351aa4b8a01bb3c…)

Lolol! Makes me think of Lydia Deetz' wedding dress in Beetlejuice!

No. 352237

anything above 40 bucks on aliexpress is 'spensive

No. 352272

she could have at least muted the sushi convo at the end…

No. 352284

File: 1500021116371.png (38.33 KB, 130x148, Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 1.22…)

>when your wedding dress looks over a thousand dollars

Pretty much all of the embellishments on her dress can be bought on Taobao. I've gotten cuts of the lace at the hem for under $3 (USD)/yd and the flowers on the bodice cost $0.05-0.10 depending on where you get them.
The whole thing is made of cheap polyester, and considering that the manufacturer is able to buy things wholesale, the production of the gown couldn't have cost more than $40-50.

No. 352285

File: 1500021188807.png (63.15 KB, 807x145, Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 1.32…)

No. 352294

>cheap red color
>cheap embellishments
>tacky floral bodice
Something about that combination screams cheap Chinese bride.

No. 352301

File: 1500024102810.png (807.81 KB, 1080x1552, wot_yumi_wants.png.38781fccaa0…)

this is right though
but they're got themselves in this
yumi wanted money and a white sugar daddy so she got to put up with him being an asshole oldfart
splenda wanted some asian import bride schoolgirl so yumi was the closest legal option, so he gotta put up with her childish antics, pretentiousness, and dumbness

as >>348772 said, it's dumb to marry someone because of what you think they're gonna be like because of their race

No. 352366

Wedding dress was given by tidebuy, however I was not get paid in any way to make this video."

wearing a sponsored taobao dress at your wedding like the elegant rich lady you are

No. 352367

sage for sperging
but FUCKING HELL. He couldnt even lace up her dress and pull it tight because his autism wouldn't allow him to "crease the ribbons".
Telling her it needs to be taken in 2-3 inches while he's holding the exact thing that is ment to prevent it fitting loose. Splenda got me all kinds of triggered.

No. 352385

I thought it was a tradition for the bride to not to show herself in her wedding dress to the groom before the ceremony. Sure, it's just a tradition and not a law but why wouldn't she try that tacky gypsy dress out with her friends or family?

No. 352388

Are they having like a Chinese-ish wedding? (that would explain the red) I don't think that there's a superstition about dresses in Chinese weddings.

No. 352394

i love how she says she wasn't "paid", bitch they paid you in the item.

No. 352403

Italian here
Yes, for us, asian girls are ugly and "all the same" (not speaking for me but for the general idea), annoying and only gold diggers.
We have the "mediterranean" beauty standards and we look down to everyone who has asian/black/arab partners (and it's not common at all, aside the memes, Italy is not mixed. It's rare to find interracial couples)
Usually, if someone has a non-white partner, they get looked down, because :

Black girlfriend : you're ugly and she wants your money and visa (linked to the brazilian women who often here marry old guys and old guys can only get them by paying)
Asian girlfriend : you're a childfucker (linked to sex tourism, since italians go to Thailand only to fuck teenagers)
Arab girlfriend : you're poor as fuck and only hang out with poor people.

So yea, the dude's right.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 352449

It's nice to know that no matter where you go in the world, white people are all racist twats :)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 352452

summerbait is the worst bait.

enjoy your ban.

No. 352453

Not wanting to fuck a race = racist

No. 352460

It's nice to know that their entire wedding will be funded by the free sponsored items they received on aliexpress

No. 352461

very presumptuous culture.

No. 352540

Yumi said this is gonna be one of her dresses. I wonder how many there will be. She's definitely going to wear a qipao because most Chinese women change into a traditional dress during the dinner part of the wedding ceremony and she's an immigrant so she's probably going to uphold that tradition. She said in a video that she will wear a white wedding dress, too. If taobao sends her more dresses, is she going to wear them, too? how is she going to change into so many different outfits in one day? not to mention she has to change her hairpieces, too.

No. 352552

well the dude was just making fun of people who get mail order brides, he even called her a 2/10

mediterraneans have high ass standards, especially for their body, italian men who don't have yellow fever would find her some shapeless old fart, sage for OT

No. 352556

She's going to wear twin tails with all her outfits of course!

No. 352559

File: 1500061559295.png (343.83 KB, 858x429, cakes_horizontal_fancycakes-vp…)

her wedding cake is gonna be some 3 dollar frozen cake with a walmart tier wedding topper

or just do what richie did and buy those little debbie fancy cakes and serve them on cat bowls, then vomit it up later

No. 352564

No. 352573

File: 1500063164702.jpg (208.72 KB, 800x800, 11390951_7.jpg)

this is what it was supposed to look like
guess we learned our lesson to not buy off shady online sites

No. 352591

To me the idea of spending ungodly amounts of money on a wedding is ridiculous in the first place. I think this trend of spending upwards of $50000 on one day is pretentious and apalling. Give me a cheap and fun bbq on the heach with family and friends. I'll just wear a cute sun dress, thank you very much. I'll spend the rest of my hard earned cash on something fun or useful, like the honeymoon perhaps? No going into debt either, nuhuh. Poking fun at the idea of a cheap wedding is kinda dumb, imho.

Sage for no contribution

No. 352594

I guess with a cage, corset, and a bit of photoshop it could get close. Other than that, it's a complete bait-n-switch compared to what she got.

No. 352624

no one is saying to spend shit loads of money on a wedding, if a homemade box mix cake, sundress, and cheap bbq is what you want then go ahead, make yourself happy

but the thing is they don't even love each other, there's no love in this relationship at all

No. 352670

i bet it's a shotgun wedding.

No. 352706

or her visa expired

No. 352743

I think it's traditional for Chinese weddings for the bride to wear three different dresses, starting with a red Chinese dress and including a western style white one (I don't know about the third?). I don't think it would be too hard, just keep a simple hair style and it'll go with all of them and making changing hair pieces easily. It makes sense that Yumi do that so she can show off all her ugly, tacky clothing, like an irl version of one of her terrible outfit videos.

In a way I find it charming that so far all the wedding stuff so so "her", everything looking cheap and tasteless. It'll make a great video and secretly I would have been a bit disappointed if she had had a nice, tasteful wedding.

No. 352747

I think the 3rd one is something a bit more casual/something that you can actually walk around and greet people in. People get their photos taken when the bride is in her Quai Po, and then switch to something more comfortable for games etc. I'm pretty sure anyway, haven't been to a wedding in ages.

Sage for OT.

No. 352748

but anon her clothes are rich and elegant

No. 352752

由美 is pronounced 'yumi' in Japanese. That's what that anon meant by having a linguistically fluid name.
由美 is a very elegant name, so maybe Yumi has a point of choosing that name. weird name(玉米 aka corn), but elegant.

No. 352756

but isn't it pronounced differently in chinese? there's some other cute names in chinese that sound japanese too right?

No. 352802

I don't know why people keep claiming 由美 is pronounced Yumi in Chinese, it's actually pronounced "youmei", very different

No. 352816

let's just get this over with.
玉米 is pronounced 'yumi' in Chinese and 'korn' in Japanese (basically 'corn' but with a k-ish sound).
由美 is pronounced 'youmei' in Chinese and 'yumi' in Japanese.
There you go. :)

No. 352819


don't be so condescending. No one here's trying to show off.

No. 352820


No. 352826

I've been here since the beginning, and nope, it's just you getting all defensive over small things. lol
seriously, are you Yumi? Your style of speech is fluent enough for me to say you're a Chinese who is very in touch with Chinese's modern culture. And you're getting very defensive when literally like only 2 people here pronounced the name wrong.

No. 352829


No. 352830

开玩笑的,亲。别那么容易发脾气,会长皱纹的 :) 不跟你闹了。我中文不好。

No. 352833

you should really sage when your points contribute nothing to the thread

No. 352834

I'm pretty new to this. how do i do that? :)

No. 352837

I thought you have been here since the beginning?
type 'sage' in the email field 不用谢

No. 352840

I read the whole thing on the train today when i searched yumi king out of curiosity. interesting stuff here.

No. 352851

>all the comments that are like "remember when she wasn't in it for the money?"

No. 352867

She said she's not actually going to wear that dress at her wedding, too lazy to timestamp.

No. 352902

Man he legit listed out a bunch of racist reasons and said asian girls are ugly and all look the same

Sage for responding to dumb bullshit

No. 352946

are you retarded? 玉米 translates to the word corn(like the food) in Chinese but is pronouncd yuu mi in Chinese, in Japanese it has no real meaning (jade rice) and is pronounced tamayone. 玉米 is not a real Chinese name. Her name is Yu Han and uses the 玉(yu) but the only Chinese word that sounds like yumi that uses the character in her real name is 玉米 which translates out to the word corn, and isn't a name. sage for stupidity.

No. 352974

seeing kawaii amino gave me cancer

No. 353017

I didn't say that
I say that the GENERAL IDEA of Italy about asian girls is that. Not for me. I pretty well know that not all asian look the same.
Maybe I shoulnd't have said "dude is right" but I didn't mean to tell "Oh yea he's right they all look the same fuck asian people", I meant that he was right about being a regular italian, because that's the general idea.
I spoke about stereotypes, not for myself, that's the stereotypes that are here, not for me as a person, trying to explain a little the situation of the interracial couple in italy.
Jesus christ.

No. 353102

Learn to sage your OT shit please (sage goes to the email field btw)
You summerfag are really annoying.

No. 353122

I wonder if she chose "Yumi" because she used to be a weeb but then later decided it wasn't for weeb reasons and needed the characters to show the correct pronunciation in Chinese.

I don't even know why she needs to anyway if her real name is Yu Han

No. 353148

That was such a weird video

No. 353211

>Straight bangs make her head shrink and rounder
>side bangs make her head super long

Also, she should wait for her bangs to grow if she wants to wear them on the side imho (looks kinda better) but I bet she did that only to feed us h8trzz again.
Yumi, instead of listening to every single thing and being influenced by everything, use common sense and self care, gdi

No. 353213

That's obviously why. She fucked up tho haha.

No. 353236

She literally changed everything that was discussed here about her looks. She stopped her obvious shoop on instagram where her whole face melded into a blur, she stopped tilting her head downwards so much, she started doing skincare, she started wearing her bangs to the side, she responded to comments about her not wearing a bra with all of her dumb bra videos, etc.

No. 353239

No. 353243

Really depressing that a grown up woman thinks that her followers are her "friends"

No. 353250

she ain't as dumb as she presents herself, while it's smart to present herself in a better way, the best thing she needs to do is stop with the asian and children fetishization and having an unhealthy relationship

frankly I couldn't give a shit if she picks up the cheapest face wash she found at walmart and used body lotion for face cream, and how she styles her bangs idgaf, its the way she presents her relationship to her young viewers, it's toxic

No. 353254

I at least like that she says there's just critics out there and not "haters", but this whole video feels excessive.

No. 353262

She seems to keep mentioning her "haters". In social media and YouTube. Is this her trying to play the pity card? It's just annoying now

No. 353275

am i the only one who actually liked the video? It's kinda heartfelt in a way. then again I'm an emotional person lol

No. 353278

I guess it could be because Yu Han's a bit too plain jane for a youtube username. Yumi sounds cuter, and she said in a video that corn's her favorite food.

No. 353282

since when the hell does 玉米 have 'yuu' in its pronouncation? and corn, for your information, is pronounced 'corn' in Japanese. I'm only beginner in Japanese class but at least I know that much. Learn your Chinese and Japanese before you pretend to be a know-it-all.

No. 353323

>a beginner in Japanese trying to assert their knowledge
fucking cringe, when will the weeaboos go home

No. 353419

File: 1500190746827.gif (825.29 KB, 500x206, Alyssa-edwards-bitch-sit-your-…)

lmfao beginner in Japanese telling someone not to pretend to be a know it all… Google translate exists, and you can double check their information. Corn is an English word that Japanese people have adopted like toilet. Corn does not have a Chinese or Japanese origin at all. Like anon mentioned "玉" means jade, and I can confirm in Cantonese it's "juk6/6*1" or yuk.

No. 353423

anon, corn is more commonly called とうもろこし in Japanese
come back once you pass N5

No. 353712

Not a linguistics thread. Please stop derailing now.

No. 353820

The whole thing feels like a pity grab.

No. 353925

File: 1500274436767.jpg (309.58 KB, 1990x960, eathair.jpg)

Those pieces of hair need to GO. Useless and retarded 26 year old

No. 353926

>do you like my eyebrow?
>they actually look really good this time.


No. 353927

does she never wash her hair or does she use cheap ass fake hair?

No. 353936

Side bangs work fine if you tuck them behind your ear when you eat or whatever, but she purposely keeps them in front because she thinks they slim her face.
Ironically, her face looks longer and thinner with her hair pulled back like in the thumbnail of >>353926

No. 353940

I'd say she keeps them just because those strands look anime-like. They just don't work in real life and get in her face.

No. 353975

she expressed that she is very insecure about her forehead and prefers to wear thouse ugly ass bangs to hide it.

It's also to look like a child because no sane adult person would wear bangs like that

No. 354005

She used a knock-off weave from Taobao

No. 354130

you can clearly tell it's to look as much like a child as possible
from far away with her bangs and childish outfits, she looks like a literal child, especially in OPs pic in the old thread, if it wasn't for her aged skin and she kept her tits covered I'd think she was some tall 9 yr old

No. 354484

No. 354489

File: 1500364014520.png (240.57 KB, 385x431, Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 12.4…)

Elegant Gorgeous Sexy Rich Girl Model | Not Mail Order Bride!!!

No. 354491

>on floor
>that fly
>putting the plates on dress
>eating a watermelon slice after touching shoe
Ugh, so gross.

No. 354555

whose fetish is this?

No. 354574

File: 1500391259053.png (288.95 KB, 486x432, Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 12.4…)

her daddy's probably.

her face legit looks like those really terrible animu wannabe shoops.

No. 354665

no need to cut out weird sounds like 1:22 or 1:42 -> literally porn gagging sounds. this whole yummy king channel gives me more creepy pedo fetish vibes than her main channel

No. 354689


>greasy hair

>no chin
>tacky, cheap-looking dress


No. 354746

This video looked so creepy and bizarre I actually had to watch it. What is going on in her head that makes her think this is good content???
When Splenda went "Don't choke…" JFC

No. 354752

it feels like i'm watching some weird cult shit, or some creepy TLC show like msa or something. it's really really uncomfortable.

No. 354780

seriously. i feel like i need to take a shower after watching that

No. 354914

Yumi's new fetish videos are so strange and make so little sense. It's like she decided to combine a bunch of fetishes into one video (dd/lg, retarded childish Asian girl, eating…and fancy dress?) and then do all of it badly. And I'd normally criticize her eating like a moron and dripping all over her dress but it wasn't worth saving anyway, so no harm no foul.

No. 354932

Is this Splenda's family?

No. 354973

It looks like they're at catering place. Some caterers let you try the food in advance so you can decide what to get for your event, especially if it's for a wedding.

No. 355310

dude I wish KFC would cater my wedding. that food does not look very good…

No. 355443

I for one can't wait for her wedding. Hope there's a shitty sushi buffet for her guests too.

No. 355446

The food looks gross

No. 355536

of course it is, everything about them is cheap.
is anyone else really creeped out by them censoring his face all the time? it gives me weird hentai vibes where the girls get molested by random arms and shit.

No. 355540

that thumbnail on the side of her with soft serve or w/e legit looks like porn.

No. 355641

I always love the videos where they're around normal people, the contrast is incredible and I so wish I could know what these people are thinking, with Yumi acting like a retarded child wearing her fetish collar and all.

And yeah that food looks awful. That being said I get the feeling they're going around sampling food just to make more videos so I kind of feel bad for these businesses.

No. 355867

how is this real

No. 355868

she looks like a child without makeup and an old woman with it.

No. 355877

She looks better without the makeup and bangs. Sure, nothing can fix her unfortunate jawline short of surgery, but uncovering her forehead balances out her round face and draws attention to her eyes and away from her jawline/mouth area.

Seriously, she makes all the wrong style choices. Her obsession with looking young or like a child has warped her perception of what actually makes her look young or cute.

No. 355883

I have so many questions.
why does she look old with her makeup
why the fuck is she using a paintbrush, like a real paintbrush. i have that stupid pgt shadow and it has fairly okay applicators.
why is she thinning her bangs? just get them cut thinner, you can do that. what's the point of thinning out her hair just to hide half her bangs for her shitty hime cut.

her makeup looks so cheap and her sponge is dirty as fuck.

No. 355884

I like her no makeup/no bangs look for the reasons you said, but tbh if I saw that with splenda outside I would probably call the police.

No. 355969

she looks like the product of someone putting old people skin on a retarded child, then with makeup she flat out looks old

No. 356013

I think it's the heavy eyeliner for her

she'd look best with Korean style makeup
so focusing on nice skin, filled in brows, and a natural eye/lip

No. 356078

whats the point of spending 50k on her wedding when she could spend 10k on jaw surgery and 40k for a wedding where she will actually look good.

No. 356136

who knows. she couldn't even name which friends she was inviting, not one person. (obviously because she doesn't have any) will she even have a maid of honor or bridesmaids?

No. 356207

Focus on her weeby videos and whatever else, but the plastic surgery thing is really petty. C'mon we all have physical flaws. Lay off of that shit.

Sage for eye-rolling

No. 356252

she's already talked about it in her videos. anon is pointing out how badly she allocates money, that's the real issue. you don't sound up to date with the thread in the slightest.

No. 356255

lurk moar
(didn't embed because it's an old video)

No. 356287

I know it's been talked about. I have been following this thread from day one. I still feel that her talking about it and us recommending it are two distinct things. All i am saying is that to say that she should get chin surgery to "look good for her wedding" and in doing so spend 10000 less on it is petty at best.


No. 356319

if you think -that- is over the line i really don't get how you've dealt with being here since day 1. i know it's her ~wedding~ and all, but anon is right, if she really wants to fix her face she should prioritize it instead of spending 50k on a fantasy wedding with a 6 person wedding party. surely, she'd want her wedding photos to have her new face.

No. 356349

I can't possibly believe she's spending 50k on a wedding, I think she is just saying that. She can't be inviting that many people and they do everything as cheap as possible simply because neither has any taste or awareness of anything.

And there's no point in her fixing her ugly mug now, she already hooked her meal ticket.

No. 356381

I think shes lying. You can see in those videos that Splenda doesnt have this kind of money. They just love to call cheap food and dresses 'fancy'. Also I think their wedding will be pretty small because Yumi probably wont have many guests aside from her family as she doesnt have friends. And I doubt Splenda's family will rush to his and his fucktoy's Chinese wedding.

No. 356476

PULL reminded me that her student/fiancé visa is about to run out, that's why they're putting this shit wedding together. I wonder if she's gonna fail the interview and get deported lol

No. 356483

She looks younger in the before compared to the after. And I have a feeling after the wedding we'll start hearing about plans for a baby.

No. 356499

File: 1500605649538.png (151.43 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20170720-195053.png)

I'm pretty sure she has a green card from her stepdad already. The dean's list has her listed from Bellevue, not China. (info also from lurking PULL)
She's marrying Splenda because she is desperate and lonely.

No. 356505

Yumi said she came here when she was 20 so she was too old to get a green card from her stepdad

No. 356543

No. 356644

they live somewhere near Douglasville Georgia

No. 356667

why does he talk into her head rather at the camera, and rolls his eyes. Doesn't he realise how that comes off in film??? He should have stood there and said nothing.

It pisses me off that they have no design sensibility at all. Like seriously. At least look on pinterest or something. I read an article about the 15 (idr which number) things that people waste their money on for their wedding. I feel like they are going to do all of them. Added bonus of them shopping at Walmart.

Ooo also. I'd like to add that I think they're having a mostly Western Wedding. Chinese weddings are usually at a jau lau/Chinese restaurant, (not sure whether the chicken came before the egg) but it is important for a Chinese wedding to have certain foods in a certain order. The whole meal is usually set up, so looking for food is not necessary.

More info here if anyone is interested: https://www.thespruce.com/chinese-wedding-foods-and-customs-4064597

No. 356686

No design sensibility because they are cheap and Splenda is autistic as fuck. He gets upset when Yumi picks out anything with silver details (because she already picked out plates with gold) and he wants to make sure the patterns match…

Also I love how Yumi called him out for spending $100 on fireworks. Autism confirmed.

No. 356706

I thought they were having Chinese wedding as she was looking for red dress.

Imo it's normal to pick decorations matching a color palette they have chosen. Having all kinds of metal colors could look tacky.

No. 356723

It's been said a million times, but they're so creepy. Why does he speak into her head like that? He's like a handler with his little idol girl or something. He just always talks down at her as well, and I honestly think she doesn't have a firm enough grasp on English to catch the little nuances and inflection like that.

No. 356738

She must be in total denial of how creepy their relationship is… I wonder if she'll snap out of it one day

No. 356745

>why does he talk into her head rather at the camera, and rolls his eyes. Doesn't he realise how that comes off in film??? He should have stood there and said nothing.
Clearly he doesn't care or else he wouldn't constantly sigh or sound exasperated or talk to her like she's retarded or call her fat.

I get the feeling they are doing a mixed wedding, both Chinese and American, which is actually reasonable enough.

No. 356771

I think we tend to forget that she's nearing 30. Imo it's only creepy because she dresses and talks like a fucking child. I also don't think she'll ever get that her splenda daddy does not behave like a normal American / foreign / Western guy due to cultural differences or her own naivety. Put them together and they just come across as weird and creepy as fuck.

No. 356784

Wait… anon, are you actually retarded? Weddings typically have a color palette that everything– plates, centerpieces, bridal party dresses, etc.– matches. Splenda is actually right to be irritated that things don't match, because it will look tacky as fuck. Also, fireworks are insanely expensive, and it's normal to spend about that much on them in the U.S. Source: worked at a fireworks stand for a weekend. If you have the money, fuck it.

Anyway, I genuinely have no idea what is happening with this wedding. I'm horrified, amused, and confused at the same time. I can't wait to see the footage she'll inevitably post. What a train wreck.

No. 356788

>going out in that overly tacky cheap lace satin polyester costume
oh my not even halloween costumes look so trash

No. 356840

File: 1500649621627.gif (995.07 KB, 500x271, 1331536580240.gif)

This is unsettling as fuck. It's like a father talking to his child about their upcoming wedding day.

Also did this bitch really wear that shit while they were shopping. I hope some worker lowkey called the FBI on those two.

No. 356867

she's a legal child slave bride from korea with somehow aged skin and he's part of yumis nasty pedophilic fantasy as well as her money source

No. 356873

>from korea

No. 356879

File: 1500654441492.png (123.94 KB, 640x837, IMG_6642.PNG)

"YouTube celebrity"

No. 356952


I feel like this will be one of those lowkey american weddings which happen in poorly decorated gymnasiums with cheap folding chairs and ugly ceiling lighting.

No. 357182

Ik, she's from china, I'm saying it in his perspective since she and him both want her to be korean

No. 357344

No. 357360

>suck in your stomach
>it speeds up digestion
Must've missed that day of biochemistry

>do it for AT LEAST 6 hours a day

>I don't do it all the time because it makes me tired
>only do it for emergencies
She's approaching bro-science levels

If she would just add some cardio or light exercises she probably wouldn't have that 5 mm of fat she's so concerned about.

No. 357369

Tip 11. Throw up your food and have your sugar daddy constantly berate you about your weight.

No. 357374

ugh, when I was in high school I use to bike a lot and did the plastic wrap meme around my stomach and arms

surprisingly, it was the smallest my waist had ever been and the slimmest I ever been despite me eating like complete shit and spending most my time sitting on my ass and playing vidya
sage for OT

No. 357377

nice ot blog post. no one cares about how ~slim~ you were.

No. 357382

Near the end where Splenda was complaining about how expensive a yard of fabric was. Then he said he could buy food off the dollar menu with that much…FFS why are these two so cheap? $3.97 for a yard isn't expensive

No. 357478

File: 1500734163494.png (239.93 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170722-172615.png)

No. 357479

File: 1500734183672.png (196.81 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170722-172658.png)

No. 357480


I feel like he thought he was just telling a shitty "dad joke" and it wasn't funny.

No. 357481

> dont wear loose clothes
> they make you think you are skinny.

No. 357517

File: 1500741552411.png (187.47 KB, 678x1198, IMG_3645.PNG)

that's not even a Chinese saying…

No. 357526

its an Adelle Davis quote, who was not Chinese.
Maybe direct translation as opposed to "In a Chinese saying…"?

No. 357589

Seems like he was being factitious, but then again, he probably is thinking deep down "Ugh, I gotta buy more cheap shit to keep my chinkaboo happy, I could use a burger rn." The dollar menu is awful specific, lol.

No. 357678

there's nothing to misinterpet, she's lying. she's just bawwing and trying to justify it with her ~culture~ that's why she said 'look it up' like that.

No. 357717

No wonder her dumbass fans always excuse her.

It's true that Yumi would get a lot more hate for being a shooping anorexic weeb if she weren't Asian

No. 357799

No. 357803

There's one scene when she held up a pair of SM looking socks and said "these will go perfect with my bondage dress" I almost choked on my ramen. Turns out I misheard and she actually said 'bandage dress'.
Seriously, though. those socks look really kinky.

No. 357805

i don't know if she'd get -more- per-say but she'd get hate from different people.

No. 357808

it doesn't matter if it's cheap if you can only use it once…

No. 357843

but how else will she emphasize how ~azn~ she is to the yellow fevers

I honestly feel like the reason she says crap like this is because it's her way of saying "ooo I'm such an asian loli just look how asian I am" hence the hanboks and hanfus and crap, being in touch with your culture is good, but to the point where she uses shit from other asian cultures and says things that aren't chinese, are chinese? yeah that's pathetic

No. 357847

yeah, her diy 'modern hanbok' and her diy kimono videos are cringe and she'd be bullied off the internet with death threats if she were white, but her idiot fans don't realize that groups of asians are generally more offended if other groups of asians claim their shit than any outside race.

No. 358026

File: 1500789010487.png (55.68 KB, 619x743, IMG_3845.PNG)

Oof. She couldn't find a better shot of her in this outfit? Maybe because it isn't photoshopped but her age has really been starting to show lately.

Replied to you both since you posted the same video and sage for judging on appearance once again.

No. 358043

watched the grocery shopping video and they seem to refer to babies a lot (then again yumi did this before getting engaged) but at the end of the video pads can be seen in the cart so i don't think she's preggers YET

sage for OT

No. 358051

File: 1500797202962.png (52.44 KB, 238x177, Screenshot 2017-07-23 01.06.01…)

Splenda daddy's turkey neck is so distracting

No. 358069

Gross, how old is this guy? I'd estimate mid forties to early fifties?

There was one anon that seemed determined to convince us that he was only in his mid thirties, but there's no way.

No. 358340

He has to be at least in his mid 40's. I wonder if he's divorced or if he just finally found his perfect mail order bride.

No. 358476

I wonder what his job thinks of his new "wife" and all his online shenanigans. Yuck he's so gross. But IMO he's in his 30s-40s. White people age awfully.

No. 358486

>white people age awfully
Can we not with this again? He's clearly not in his 30s, regardless of being white. White people typically do not look 45-55 when they are only 35, just because they are happen to be white. Anyone who does has either lived a life of abusing hard drugs/alcohol, and/or too much sun which can damage the skin. I doubt any of these apply to Splenda.

No. 358499

>he's clearly not in his 30s
This. We need to drop the notion that men won't fib about their age and only women do. He's definitely 40s, and dropped his age to 30 for the sake of his image on the public channels so as to look less like a pathetic old man with an obvious mail order.

No. 358539

Her thighs are so flabby, why doesn't she just work out instead of starving

No. 358552

I can't wait for the wedding videos so we can see his family and coworkers react. They're probably like "Yeah, that's Kevin. He's always been masturbating to anime characters…"

No. 358561

File: 1500841119631.jpg (119.34 KB, 750x1088, IMG_3650.JPG)

But where is Splenda's turkey neck? At least he has a huge nose and some moobs

No. 358596

HA that looks like some dress up game 12 yr olds play

yumi wishes she looked anything like that, the only thing accurate is the hair and eye color, hell the skin color aint even accurate, yumi is darker than that

yumi doesn't look like an anime character

No. 358626

File: 1500847428491.png (766.36 KB, 1919x2500, what.png)

I fixed it

No. 358628

Omf. This is amazing.

No. 358639

I want this to be a banner somehow. Haha. Too accurate.

No. 358652

This is too perfect.

No. 358717

now this is what i call entertainment

No. 358731

now that's what i call cringe

No. 358733

that rice is so gonna get bugs. i bet they don't even have a rice bin, why buy that much? that brand looks so cheap and gross.

No. 358739

He's like an irritated dad who just got off a long day of work and he has to take his daughter with him to pick up groceries and she's asking for every junk food she sees

No. 358754

Oh god almost went there this weekend….

So embarrassing knowing Yumi and Splenda frequent these places.

No. 358775

>all those shots of him wonkily saying the item names in Korean
Does this confirm Splenda is a Koreaboo?

For being a 40 year old Koreaboo, Splenda is awfully sheltered when it comes to food.
How did he not know what dragonfruit, lychee, or durian was? Why does he think the peppers are inedible for looking like "atomic radiation" when the discoloration is just due to ripening unevenly?
A leek is a "gigantic scallion/onion"? Because it's not easier for Splenda to just say leek.
Apparently he also considers sunflower seeds junk food? But the ramen they bought is wayy more eligible to be considered junk.
Then he incorrectly tells Yumi she's wrong about the "pickled tofu" and saying how it's actually fermented and that there's some yuge difference. When actually pickling is just fermentation using vinegar instead of lactic acid.

Ugh sorry for the ranting, it just drives me crazy how that haggard turd talks with such an air of intellectualism when he doesn't know shit. He's just pissed about being there knowing he won't get his steak and taters from the Costco.

OT but the Thai rice brands really aren't bad. I was laughing more at Splenda thinking he was being frugal by trying to buy the 'less expensive' rice bag which also had less rice, while Yumi gently corrected him that per pound the bigger bag was still cheaper. Plus rice lasts forever, he has no excuse to not buy the bigger bag since that's what he'll be eating with her all the time now lel.

He's an idiot.

>Pt. 2 for anyone interested

No. 358790

>rice lasts forever
not really, cheap rice can have rice weevil eggs in it which will hatch over time. it also will taste stale after a while.

No. 358791

The haul:
>bag o rice
>a bitter melon, leek, and one dragonfruit
>bubble tea mixes
>nuts and seeds
>frozen buns, frozen buns, frozen buns
>ice cream, ice cream, mochi ice cream

TL;DR they eat like shit, saved you thirty minutes.

No. 358792

Literally never had this problem. Maybe it's because I store my rice correctly and wash it, unlike what these two will do.

No. 358794

exactly what i mean. my cheap friend stored his in the open bag so they got bugs and it was fucked. he also buys the shittiest cheapest one.

No. 358813

File: 1500869244243.png (1.44 MB, 1488x868, Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 05.0…)

Yumi's spreading lies. It isn't Lychee, it's longan/dragon eye fruit. I like how they both don't mention how durian smells like shit.

>nice sticky rice

Jasmine rice ain't sticky. Why are they both as stupid as each other. She corrects him about money, but not the difference between the rice, even worse is that he thinks that he knows more than her.

Why didn't she just cut out the whole pronunciation thing. It's so awkward and unnecessary.

He's so white that he fucking triggers me. She's moving in with you, of course she's going to buy food that she's used to. Does he expect her to eat microwaved quinoa for the rest of her life? White Asian fetishists piss me the fuck off. They think they know every fucking thing about East Asian culture just because they watch anime and a k-pop.

>This isn't real wasabi, it says horse radish

I AM SO FUCKING TRIGGERED. She chose the good one. The one he chose is watered down PISS.

You can tell she's missing having food that she likes, and is coming out of her shell now that she's trapped/trapping him. Also he talks into her head in public too. It's so rude. ergh

No. 358819

Not that anyone cares, but durian also tastes like shit, to most people anyway. If it gives you an idea, it is Andrew Zimmern's most hated food.
I think Splenda's waddle is most exaggerated in this pic mainly due to the fact that it is pressed against her noggin sideways.

Sage no1curr

No. 358826

holy fucking shit i can not deal with how much she repeats the same shit over and over like an autistic child.

No. 358827

This is so accurate that they look like they belong on King of the Hill. Please make this the OP for the next thread.

No. 358865

He thinks chestnuts and sunflower seeds are junk food hooollllyyy shit

No. 358910

He has yellow fever and probably dated a Korean girl before hence knowing some Korean vocabulary, that's my best guess

No. 358987

you're one of those people who doesn't know what you're talking about but you act like you do and embarrass yourself.

No. 358989

nah, he's a koreaboo, learning to read korean takes like a week, he listens to kpop, he obviously never date a korean girl but wanted to and instead has this chinese bootleg version.

No. 359041

i think he's joking. she probably talks about her weight constantly so it most likely annoys her. In one video i remeber she asked him if he liked her makeup and he said "yeah i can see your tear bags and double eyelid, is that what you like to hear?"
clearly it's all she talks about.

No. 359090

he's a twat. he shouldn't be so burnt out on her before they're even married.

No. 359110

File: 1500915249806.png (77.73 KB, 276x171, Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 7.14…)

I thought this moment was kinda cute
splenda daddy having a little fun

No. 359128

It's almost cute honestly. I kind of feel bad for him tbh, but what could he have expected? He's kind of a jerk sometimes, but he's an old man, she's super neurotic and still a child mentally from living at home so long. I doubt she'll get a chance to grow up if she's going from being at home to being newly-weds, because he's obviously not going to teach her. Their relationship just seems so blasé already.

No. 359223

File: 1500919931532.png (76.77 KB, 923x425, yumi.png)

No. 359229

tf knows if that's true. old white men only listen to kpop for 1 reason.

No. 359239

I doubt it. Either way he's an old koreaboo with yellow fever. His waifu can't cook or clean so he's forced to feed her frozen orange chicken and instant ramen while kpop plays in the background. He keeps on mentioning that he loves green tea ice cream and blurts out shitty Korean whenever he gets the chance.

He also demanded that they get a cake topper with a white man and asian woman

No. 359247

So are her fans going to wait until she's a spoopy skeleton to say something or are people already calling her out on her ED?