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File: 1440132202667.png (591.22 KB, 1061x699, Untitled.png)

No. 29305

Because we needed one.

Info from previous threads:

No. 29306

Wtf even is that nose

No. 29307

File: 1440132737690.jpg (11.13 KB, 294x171, monkeycan.jpg)

No. 29308

I hope Oliver messages her mom.

No. 29309

i hope he's real and not just a clever troll

No. 29310

Where is my Danganronpa anon bro, we need to keep crying about her fucking up our already destroyed fandom.

No. 29311

If it's a troll, it makes me wonder how they knew about Oliver in the first place. Has she made any previous posts about him?

No. 29312


who's Oliver?


seems like the fandom is bad to begin with

No. 29313

I think if it's a troll, they might've been bullshitting and running along with the whole "oliver" thing since she suddenly brought up the name

No. 29314

I wonder why she hates him so much!

No. 29315

Well whoever he is, I really hope he keeps his promise about contacting her parents and delivers us some lulz.

No. 29316

File: 1440173307425.jpg (196.25 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

"tbh i hate when ppl go by what's stated in canon instead of kissing my ass and worshiping my headcanons"

No. 29317

File: 1440174563831.jpg (43.39 KB, 410x406, image.jpg)

She posted another selfie.

No. 29318

So she's not a troll?

No. 29319

Her hair looks gross…

No. 29320

All her "personalities" act the same. How are they supposed to be different if they act the same!

No. 29321

Her Instagram and stuff looks pretty legit to me but who knows. I don't get why she's posting pics of herself when she knows about the trolls though.

No. 29322

Gonna send an ask right now; any ideas on what should I send?

No. 29323

She looks like she's trying to have KAWAII DESU ANIMU HAIR NYAAAH!!!1!1!

No. 29324

Time to fess up:
I'm Oliver.
Or, better say "Oliver". I saw her mentioning him after another "Oliver" posted an Ask to one of these anti-sjw blog, saw her dispise for him, and ran with it. I basically bullshitted my way through this and apparently hit all the right spots (I sent a lot more messenges than what she published). Things got a bit harder after "Erin A." entered the game (no idea whom of you that was), but I'd like to think I worked that in well enough.
I made that blog when she closed the Anonymous asks and after logging out I realized I used a throw-away mail adress that I forgot to write down anywhere, so I am locked out of that blog by my own dumbness. If anyone knows how to log in w/o the email adress, that'd be cool, i'd love to see if she sent any panicked asks to that account.
Despite sadly not being able to call her school or parents, I am happy she got a very good scare out of this and that there's a fat chance even more people believe she's been doing this all to herself. It's obvious she didn't learn a single thing from this experience and still views herself as precious trans mentally ill uwu

Sorry I didnt get more milk!

No. 29325

File: 1440198614301.png (25.74 KB, 165x115, 856.png)

Holy shit.

No. 29326

File: 1440213730987.png (7.08 KB, 443x99, eardgfv.png)

she totally lurks lolcow.

Man, I really want to find her fb so I can follow through on Oliver's threats myself lol

No. 29327

What's with tumblr kids/mentally ill young people being obsessed with Asuka? There's plenty of other mentally unstable anime characters, but Asuka seems awfully popular with that crowd.

No. 29328

http://rilianelucifendautriche.ga/ She changed her URL to irl-riliane. Now I'm ashamed to be a fan of the Story of Evil.

No. 29329

What anon hate did she send herself?

No. 29330

You should just make a new account.

Unless she's smart enough to find this thread, she'll probably believe it.

No. 29331

File: 1440223182581.png (560.88 KB, 441x640, Untitled.png)

No. 29332

That cat looks terrified

No. 29333

File: 1440223765402.png (54.36 KB, 708x662, reblobs.png)

She gets really offended if you reblog her posts, and has blocked several people for "derailing" them.

No. 29334

wait how did she let you follow her? did she chill out on the "SEND ME AN ASK BEFORE U FOLLOW!!!!!" shit?

No. 29335

She doesn't seem to care. If she took one look at my blog, though, she'd probably block me in an instant.

I may have to send her some asspats to stay on her good side.

No. 29336

>cats tw
>family mention tw
Dear lord. I know it's been asked over and over, but I still don't understand - how do these people function in the real world? You know, where people have things like cats and families? Or are they shut-ins who do nothing but live on Tumblr and have their parents bring them food and change their diapers? I still am trying to convince myself that these people are trolling, because the alternative is so fucking horrifying.

No. 29337

They use tw really casually though. Most Tumblr kids don't get triggered by cats, families and plants in the real kind of sense but somehow they developed this kind of tagging system where every single thing is a potential tw.

No. 29338

It's just…I see this stuff creeping into real life ;_; My little brother tells me about how kids (alleged adults) at his Ivy League school freak out about getting ~triggered~ by shit and need to have safe-space hugboxes where they can go to get de-traumatized from exposure to scary words. Everyone has a victim complex. Teachers are having to evaluate whether they need to add trigger warnings to fucking book lists. It's probably amplified online, but some people are doing it at least to some extent IRL as well, and it's terrifying.

No. 29339


I would understand for teachers to have a TW on textbooks regarding violence, abuse etc just so people can be ready for it. Some people have gone through these things and I imagine they'd need to be ready when reading something regarding these topics. NOT to act out like a baby "waaahh can't read it muh triggers!"

it should be a way for people who went thru shit to learn the coping mechanisms when dealing with such topics IRL.

… But the thought of ducking Ivy League members hugging themselves in a huge giant box sound ridiculous. This particular "coping mechanism" should have been left out in the childhood.

Say whatever you want but when I started spiraling into depression and suicidal thoughts my mother slapped me with some big fucking reality and that's what got me the strength to get off bed and get stuff done, despite my mental health state. She understood what I was going through because so had she but she didn't coodle at my every whim and I'm hella thankful for that. Say what you will but tough love works and that's just what tumblr generation needs.

No. 29340

Hey there! Actually I think someone really needed to contact her parents/school because faking suicide and mental illnesses attempts is a desperate, desperate cry for attention that needs to be tackled.
The fact this bitch doesn't like being called white. Wtf. "I'm white passing" lol no you're white af get over it

No. 29341

Yeah, I guess I understand that you could be ~triggered~ if a book described a situation that was really similar to something traumatizing that you'd been through, but…I don't know. I think it's a good idea to give people a heads-up if a book contains extreme violence, rape, pedophilia, etc. - like movie ratings. But if people are going to come completely unhinged after reading "the classics" that are taught in most literature classes, for example, those people need to get some help instead of expecting the entire world to cater to their feels.

I have PTSD myself, as well as a fuck-ton of other anxiety "issues," including a weird, minor one: a severe and unfounded phobia of slugs. I really, really hate seeing slugs in real life or in movies. I don't enjoy opening up a textbook and seeing a big photo of a slug on one of the pages (this has happened a number of times to me as a biology student). However, I would never expect that the world would start putting "TW SLUGS!!!" on everything to make sure I never had to face that fear. I even had to go out and catch a snail, put it in boiling water, and then dissect it for a Bio 101 class, and it was repulsive, but I learned that WOW slugs with shells don't kill you and they're actually pretty interesting.

The vast majority of people aren't as bothered by slugs (and snails) as I am, just as most people will be fine reading The Metamorphosis, but I'm sure some small percentage of the population will be put off because EEEEWWWW INSECTS. Does that mean it needs a "TW INSECTS!!!" on it? Should students be able to opt out of reading works in the course materials of a class because of "muh triggers"? Literally everything is "problematic" in some way or another to someone or other, and at some point, people have to learn to deal instead of running away or reverting to infantile behaviors. "Tough love" isn't acceptable anymore, though, and at least in the US, we live in such a litigious society that I'd be terrified to be a teacher right now. What if you accidentally ~triggered~ a student into an emotional breakdown because you made them read The Merchant of Venice without giving them a "TW anti-Semitism!!!" alert beforehand (or Romeo and Juliet - "TW suicide!!!")?

No. 29342

File: 1440258233562.png (3.79 KB, 425x75, gp1.PNG)

Oh boy! Let's see what kind of lulziness we can find this time!

No. 29343

File: 1440258267601.png (406.88 KB, 421x1044, gp2.png)


No. 29344

File: 1440258302999.png (89.29 KB, 420x1003, gp3.png)


No. 29345

File: 1440258438337.png (119.39 KB, 459x318, Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 8.44…)

No. 29346

File: 1440258514659.png (20.67 KB, 437x119, Screen Shot 2015-08-22 at 8.47…)


No. 29347

>Hating Makoto
>Hating Miku
Didn't think her taste could get any more shit but she proved me wrong.

No. 29348

File: 1440258759231.png (7.37 KB, 440x97, ss (2015-08-22 at 04.51.21).pn…)

This is what brought her to my attention originally, she really is just a disgusting, greasy weeb.

No. 29349

File: 1440258820440.png (7.67 KB, 427x110, ss (2015-08-22 at 04.53.27).pn…)

No. 29350

> minimal hygiene tw

No. 29351

That's horrible! As someone who is actually trans, I want to bash this bitch's skull in.

No. 29352

What the fuck kind of Newspeak is this?

No. 29353

What. The. Actual. Fuck???

If this individual is not an epic troll, then they need emergency surgery to remove their head from their ass. Stat.

No. 29354

File: 1440259088985.png (7.73 KB, 451x121, ss (2015-08-22 at 04.57.56).pn…)

No. 29355

File: 1440259234909.png (9.09 KB, 451x188, ss (2015-08-22 at 04.59.55).pn…)

She deleted this post from her blog but I found a reblog of it :o)

No. 29356

File: 1440259446941.png (3.56 KB, 425x73, an hero.PNG)

Hoooo boy… I think we should show her pictures of what An Hero is. ;)

No. 29357

File: 1440259460087.png (19.22 KB, 455x286, ss (2015-08-22 at 05.04.09).pn…)

No. 29358

File: 1440259587834.png (30.79 KB, 420x420, triggers.png)


No. 29359

#tws tw

No. 29360

Sometimes I wonder if we should go back to grading spelling in schools.

No. 29361

File: 1440259933901.png (12.67 KB, 436x168, ss (2015-08-22 at 05.12.02).pn…)

No. 29362

File: 1440259979795.png (70.82 KB, 427x691, triggers tw.PNG)


No. 29363

She was one of the people spamming the Hetalia tag a few months ago.

No. 29364

File: 1440260168439.png (8.31 KB, 423x96, ss (2015-08-22 at 05.15.58).pn…)

No. 29365


My mom is taking away my electronics because I got an F in math!!! Unfair
Grounding TW is literally trolling now wtf

This dumbass. I hate this shit.
> don't reblog!!!
Well don't put it on tumblr then asswipe

No. 29366

Tfw that whiny bitch isn't fucking trans to start with

No. 29367

The real world must be very triggering for her. So many untagged triggers

No. 29368

Does she think she's not white?
This bitch is delusional

No. 29369

File: 1440261050581.png (8.11 KB, 436x114, ss (2015-08-22 at 05.30.32).pn…)

Confirmed for filthy casual.

No. 29370

>kin with inkling

But she doesn't even have any character, she's not even in the game (not as a character anyway since you get to design your inkling) so how the fuck can you be kin with that
Not to sound like an ass but I really get the vibe she hasn't played that game either since she seems to be kin with anything that moves

Love how she says that like she isn't white herself.

If her mother knew about any internet activity she participated in she should take away all of her electronics.

No. 29371

File: 1440261159526.png (9.27 KB, 428x102, ss (2015-08-22 at 05.32.26).pn…)

No. 29372

File: 1440261277254.jpg (48.28 KB, 500x318, tumblr_inline_n4vj0hTDG21s6rzx…)

If it was for tumblr, every school should have this on the classrooms intead of regular desks.

No. 29373

Yeah, stay away from us, you pathetic mongoloid…

No. 29374

Well, in the middle of her meltdown the other day, she admitted that her mom doesn't know shit about her online activity or her personality issues.

No. 29375

>i am literally these characters
I refuse to believe that this is not a troll.

>ur name is kimberly
>u disagree w my headcannons
>if ur an egalitarian

>egalitarian: "of, relating to, or believing in the principle that all people are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities"
>all people being equal and deserving equal rights and opportunities is some sort of a horrible crime against humanity


Nope nope nope nope nope. This is literally saying that people who are ACTUALLY SUFFERING (unlike these transtrenders who think that gender is ~*~part of their aesthetic~*~ and experience no dysphoria whatsoever) should be denied the only real treatment currently have available to alleviate their condition. What follows is that they'd rather have dysphoric trans "truscum" individuals live in misery or kill themselves because, what, they're less worthy than "tucutes" (I want to projectile vomit every time I see that word)? This has to be bait. And I'm falling for it and getting mad. Fuck this assclown. This blog needs a TW: xXxTREME trolling.

Honestly, I fail to understand how these people consider themselves "trans" in the first place - ???

No. 29376

Because in their twisted minds, since thei're "not liek other gurrrls" and would rather being a fucked up animu character, then they must be Trans because duh, that's what trans is all about rite??

No. 29377

What am I staring at there???

No. 29378

That, anon, is a hugbox.

No. 29379

File: 1440262372216.png (16.22 KB, 434x449, ss (2015-08-22 at 05.52.37).pn…)

No. 29380

File: 1440262456815.png (7.71 KB, 435x116, ss (2015-08-22 at 05.54.06).pn…)

No. 29381

The fuck is she mixed with?

No. 29382

No wonder autists are so fucked up, shit looks like a torture device…

No. 29383

how could anyone hate makoto or miku? miku doesn't even has a personality and makoto doesn't seems ~problematic~ or anything like that

No. 29384

It's probably because she's a rabid RinHaru fangirl.

No. 29385

Not that anon, but can I cry with you guys too?

No. 29386

File: 1440263229323.png (4.47 KB, 427x84, gp dr.PNG)

Oh, I have one! None of them are autistic!
-Sincerely, someone who is actually autistic.

No. 29387

File: 1440263461909.png (6.41 KB, 424x113, HAHA, OH WOW.PNG)


No. 29388

Girl looks and is white herself. Stop using your 1/8 poc ethnicity as an excuse, Tumblr kids.

>i am of mixed native and irish descent. i am white-passing, but i dont like being called white or irish so pls dont do that!!

No. 29389

>upper middle class
the fact this little shit is able to live comfortable and probably never had to worry about her parents having enough money to get through the week is making me angry

No. 29390

Same here anon, people with autism already have it hard enough with all the misconceptions and these people are just treating it like it's some fun toy or something.

No. 29391

File: 1440268326534.png (4.21 KB, 432x79, 572576.PNG)

No. 29392

Why the fuck does everyone on tumbkr have their blog in Japanese or Korean

Fucking weeaboos

No. 29393

I don't, and I can actually read moonspeak.

No. 29394

there no way she's sixteen, she looks like she hasn't even hit puberty yet??? like a literal child

also i really want to see the aftermath if someone sent this all to her parents, more than anything

No. 29395

For some reason, Galaxyprincet reminds me of Eric Cartman.

No. 29396


here's an interesting article I read a while back about trigger warnings and their effect on college campuses.

tl;dr (as best as my memory serves bc i read this a little while back): coddling will get everyone nowhere and doesn't prepare college students for the real world, trigger warnings are effecting curriculum in a negative way, people have to learn to overcome things eventually rather than avoiding it

it's a big of a read, but honestly really good imo! sage for OT

No. 29397

No. 29398

>Dysphoric (they tend to give me shit)

No. 29399

what makes me laugh is that none of the genders she identifies as are even legit? like if she said she was FtM it would be less galling to me but nope.

No. 29400

File: 1440279852078.png (9.13 KB, 444x133, FireShot Screen Capture #148 -…)

i love how literally the only reason she knows about fanime is because im super into mocking awful fanime and shes just begging for more to throw at me. im drewdrewstar btw, constant "bully" of her. she says shes blocks people who she doesnt wanna see but since she hasnt blocked me yet… its kinda bullshit lol. guess im goin off on a lil tanget but goddamn i just hate this chick, it all started when i saw a post by her saying "trans men r pretty pvriviliged" and me being a trans man myself, i decided to have some fun

No. 29401

What the fuck is a fanime? The only fanime I know is the con in San Jose.

No. 29402

>>29400 this should show you everything, mind you i believe this is a satirical one but there ARE legitimate ones that are also MUCH MUCH WORSE.

No. 29403

167163 whoopsies wrog number there

this should show you everything, mind you i believe this is a satirical one but there ARE legitimate ones that are also MUCH MUCH WORSE.

No. 29404


Does this answer your question at all?

No. 29405

Thats what they use on kids with downs, right?

No. 29406

Best fucking video that is 100% spot on of tumblr.

No. 29407

Yep, and sometimes with kids with severe autism (the type who tends to freak out randomly)

No. 29408

I was around when Jello uploaded this video. Tumblr fucking imploded in just one hour and tried to "raid" the comment section and report it as Offensive Content to no avail since Jello and his fans beat to the punch all the whiny bitches.

No. 29409

tumblr is fucked up enough that calling someone "white" is seen as a huge insult and everyone wants to avoid it
meanwhile irl thousands of people of other races are bleaching their skin to look more white
but whatever, far be it from me to yank tumblr users out of their fantasy safety bubbles

No. 29410

ok the first post grossed me out but the second had a valid point. some guys have no fucking boundaries

No. 29411

Yeah, but it's tagged as '#cishets tw'.

No. 29412

kek, someone I was antiquated with and talked to regularly unfollowed me because I reblogged a post with the video and said it was funny and spot on

No. 29413

That was a wonderful video, thank you anon. It's all the things you wished you knew sooner before you discovered… everything tumblr.

No. 29414

I don't think anyone knew tumblr was going to become this well whatever tumblr is now.

No. 29415

The amount of likes that video has compared to dislikes restores my faith in humanity.

No. 29416

She lists both trans and nondysphoric trans which makes me think that she believes being dysphoric is more of a privilege than not being dysphoric???

Also that "wow I barely have any privileges"
Good to know what your goal was in all of this.

No. 29417

she's apparently """native american""" yet i'm native myself and legit you do not want to be native american ever because of how shitty life is for a lot of native people.

aside from being white in skin tone she doesnt have any other native american features, mostly the nose and something about eyebrows are noticeably native traits and also high cheekbones which i'm not sure if she has or not.

ngl i'm really goddamn pale myself because i'm severely anemic and i kinda cant help that aside from taking iron supplements and such but even that doesnt help my unfortunate skin color a lot (other members of my family are more typically tanned) but at least i have native features like the nose and cheekbones.

No. 29418

She "cleaned out" her askbox (aka deleting everything that called her out) and has anon asks enabled again. let's have some fun.

No. 29419

How have I not seen these videos before…they're perfect

No. 29420


As if anybody but truscum even want hormones! All the fakebois would be too afraid to lose their ~kawaii uke~ if they grew a jawbone and some body hair.

No. 29421

I'm glad I don't go to school with this freak.

> or any school at all anymore

No. 29422

Fun fact: There is actually a blog that tracks the #do not reblog tag and reblogs those posts.

No. 29423

I still look like that, and I'm going on 30. OTL

I'd like to see her whole face though, because the chin really makes a difference.

No. 29424

The SJ side of tumblr has become this inverted version of reality. It boggles the mind.

No. 29425

File: 1440312705201.png (22.26 KB, 641x203, gross-shows-omg.png)

No. 29426

send her south park OCs or her favorite anime characters in the south park style

No. 29427

you mean characters that are 'literally her' lol

No. 29428

she ignored both my asks about why she doesn't get diagnosed officially
she knowws she's full of shit.

No. 29429

File: 1440317281947.png (5.25 KB, 410x93, anonhatebull.PNG)

So she just confirmed that she has sent anon hate to herself. But it was just two times, and she's never done it since!!!!!! For serious!!! Top kek.

No. 29430

Yeah, this is weird. Aren't the "tucutes" opposed to medical transitioning, or at least not interested in pursuing it?

No. 29431

tucute was made up by idcp/idislikecispeople/transgemder/whatever their username is now. they're a goddamn lolcow themself and i really dont know why the fuck they dont have their own thread.

No. 29432

You would think so, since they're not really trans. Only someone serious about transitioning would even be allowed to go through with it, and these idiots are continuing to make professionals raise the bar as time goes on.

This girl actually reminds me a lot of idcp, so absolutely.

No. 29433

>continuing to make professionals raise the bar as time goes on
I know they try to lie about symptoms to get hormones, but I thought the bars were being lowered for them?

No. 29434

> I'm (self diagnosed) mentally ill so I need this attention
Top kek

No. 29435

> disprivileges: communist

Girl Imma take you on a ride to Cuba and North Korea bebe:)
Honestly so much bs.

No. 29436

Wow I am dumb I know next to nothing about this shit and I thought galaxyprincet was idcp. Galaxyprincet has changed usernames a lot, right? Now I'm getting all confused. WHO IS WHO

No. 29437

>being a commie is a "disprivilege"
Because you totally can't choose or change your political alignments and have no choice in whether or not to broadcast them to the world and, in doing so, possibly be marginalized for them…nahhh, all commies are born with and have to constantly be discriminated against because of the giant hammer and sickle birthmark they sport on their foreheads.

No. 29438

IDCP is the "magigirl" in her twenties who begs for money and describes herself as "tucute".

Galaxyprincet is the sixteen-year-old "galaxiegender" who is kin for 700 different anime characters and changes her URL every two goddamn seconds.

Both of them are cis and both of them are disgusting people.

No. 29439

idcp's blog is actually password-protected rn. makes me wonder what happened..

No. 29440

She also listed "being a minor" a disprivilege. She knows jackshit about real life.

No. 29441

Everyone knows tumblr retards love to play the card "omfg how dare YOU calling me out on my shit, I'm only 17 I don't know better leave me alone you creepy pedo harasser!11!!!"
Someone remembers PinkiePony?? Kind of like that.

No. 29442

she is now trashslut. I think her magigirl blog is still up. Shit got too real; there's a long and entertaining thread on kiwi

No. 29443

File: 1440334501289.png (31.45 KB, 429x535, qq queue.PNG)

I almost want to believe her that most of tumblr is underage retards, but I don't think that would be statistically correct.
In other news: anon asks are off again until she craves that attention again.

No. 29444

She probably heard that her great great great grandmother may have been a "Cherokee princess". You know the type. Either that or she's 1/17534 insert tribe here.

Even if she has some Native ancestry she's completely white passing. No one's going to think she's anything but white. She's probably not enough of anything but white to even count as mixed on a form. But I bet she's the type of person who will check the Native box or at least check Other.


OMG Really? That's hilarious. I don't know why people think that posting on a publicly viewable blog makes everything private. The ones that tell you that no one is allowed to read below the "read more" are unbelievable too. They really just want the attention.

No. 29445

OT tw

I know a lot of white-passing Hispanics with colored eyes, pale comexion and light hair (as we should know, they do exist) that surprise me as soon as they start speaking perfect, fluent Spanish. That, I understand, and I will apologize for assuming you were plain white vanilla.
But if you're clearly white but you claim to have black/Asian/Hispanic/etc. somewhere deep in your family tree from generations ago, you're still white. No one cares about your great, great aunt Constace who was 1/16 black on her dad's side. You barely have any black in you.

No. 29446

Shit I can't type

No. 29447

Ahhh, thanks. Clears things up.

Oh, and who was that fakeboi who kept popping up on here a few months ago - something about them sexually harassing people? I want to say Kaden or Caden or something? Where did they go? I have had like 2 hours of sleep in the last 3 days and my memory is like very holey Swiss cheese right now.

Ooookay. What, does she think that minors are discriminated against because there are laws that attempt to protect them from harm (and from doing harm)?? Minors are generally coddled and protected from the not-so-fun realities of the adult world, like having to work earn money to pay yer own goddamn bills. If they break the law, they almost always get treated more leniently than adults. Plus, there's that whole thing where minors magically grow into adults all on their own in the matter of a few short years! Funny how that works.
>day before 18th birthday: MUH DISPRIVILEGE
>day of 18th birthday: look at me rolling around in all of my glorious adult privilege, gaze upon me and be in awe

No. 29448

File: 1440343570014.png (47.69 KB, 556x404, Untitled.png)

I'm not sure if I used the right words or not, but my point is that the genderspecials are making it harder for actual transpeople to transition medically.

Also, pic related is some next level shit. Ah, the constant struggle of attention whores who have to balance between plastering their shit everywhere and not being tainted by normies.

No. 29449

Oh no, not the normies :(((

No. 29450

File: 1440353930791.jpg (256.37 KB, 1280x960, 20140602_133659.jpg)

never figured out why people fight about cis or trans thing…

from the outside looking in, it all resembles barrio warfare but without the bloodshed/guns…

pic related, its me…

No. 29451

Why would you post a picture of yourself on an anonymous message board lol

No. 29452

File: 1440354719576.jpg (241.13 KB, 1280x960, 20141120_150029.jpg)

because, I like to be different. I mean, there is no reason not to other than getting doxxed and all my info is publicly available anyway…

No. 29453

Its weird to see a man commenting on lolcow tbh

Unless you're a demi-asexual plantkin with a little bit of pizzakin and your gender is 6% vagina and the rest is penis?¿ I don't wanna trigger you :((

No. 29454

Are you here to claim your free waifu too?

No. 29455

Asexual = Yes.
Otherkin = No…

im partly here because an old friend of mine was from here and also partly because there was a huge discussion on a board I started going to a day ago about this site which reminded me that this existed…

anyway, i guess you could say that im here to offer comments and such in another point of view. because it is always good to get a second opinion on things.

waifu? sorry, me no habla idioma weeabu. besides, I have someone I like so no, im not here looking for women, there are other websites for crap like that.

No. 29456

kek, I love people posting public shit on social networking sites, especially ones like Tumblr that are BASED AROUND PEOPLE REBLOGGING OTHER PEOPLE'S CONTENT, and then getting upset when others read and/or reblog their shit

#do not read
#do not repost
#but I'm posting this publicly on Tumblr dot com

No. 29457

Attention whore, much?

No. 29458

Dude, as much as I like your sweet DBZ reference, please don't fucking tripfag. Its kind of a mortal sin around here. Moreover, it makes you look like an attention whoring faggot.

Just don'tdo it.

No. 29459

eh, i understand stuff like "dont reblog". sometimes you just need to rant and tumblr is a good place to put it. ive done it twice maybe but i delete it later, or i leave it. sometimes i like to go thru my 'personal' tag to see what problems past me was going through, kek

No. 29460

> I have someone I like
> Asexual

No. 29461

eh, more or less…

Its a mortal sin on half-chan aswell, yet I still do it regardless…

sorry if thats how it makes me look, but I prefer it like this since I have had issues with anons posting as me and ruining conversations I was having…

>assuming that people who dont care about sex dont want companionship

No. 29462

>still going on cuck-chan
>probably an /r9k/ fag

Kill yourself.

No. 29463

File: 1440357634668.png (45.36 KB, 999x523, oldfag.png)

>Assumes alot of shit
Choke on harbl

No. 29464


go away

No. 29465

File: 1440357872995.gif (441.98 KB, 182x134, i cant i just cant.gif)

>implying anon was assuming anything
You freely admitted being a tripfaggot on halfchan bro
Maybe you should hit up 8chan's /cow/, they'd just love you

No. 29466

>assumes being a b-tard makes you any less of a cuck

so just how retarded are you? Legitimate question. Do you have downs?

No. 29467

File: 1440358108404.png (124.36 KB, 657x512, p2LWMBe.png)

nope, just very manipulative and calculating aswell as having no clue what hes doing but just going with it anyway

No. 29468

I am so damn rustled whenever I see dfab list as a privilege. What the actual fuck


How is your political philosophy even relevant to a list of privileges

No. 29469

>I have had issues with anons posting as me and ruining conversations I was having
That's something you just have to fucking accept on an ANONYMOUS board. Get over it.

No. 29470

I can try…

No. 29471

Oh my god, dude.. That's so fucking embarrassing. Plastering your 'official mentalhealth diagnosis so speshul' on an anonymous image board screams that you are a bigger attention whore than most lolcows.

>also lol aspie

No. 29472

Stop shitting up my thread, sperg. Contribute, or gtfo.

No. 29473

can we please stop paying any attention to any tripfags? If you don't speak to them they won't have anything to say.

Please stay on topic or STFU.

No. 29474

File: 1440358501223.jpg (31.91 KB, 550x370, Exactly.jpg)

Exactly… Taste of their own medicine

No. 29475

>very poor judgement
Don't listen to this and consider you could be making a fool of yourself though.
Keep focusing on 'manipulative and calculating' instead because that makes you sound like some criminal mastermind or some shit.

No. 29476

shes privileged as fuck.
seriously she has to be a troll

No. 29477

So you posted in a thread you know nothing about on an image board about people who are obsessed with things you don't know about so that you could post your photo twice? To have better discussions? On an image board for a topic that you dont understand?

No. 29478


You're obviously a newfag so I will have to explain the basics. The people who post here are farmers. We milk the cows for lols.

You should try hanging yourself with a belt again, buddy. Gtfo this fucking thread and go to /b/.

No. 29479

File: 1440359447166.png (39.19 KB, 652x448, Untitled.png)

> Unwarranted self importance.

Pic related pisses me off so much.

No. 29480


eh, its not so much that I dont understand it. I know a few people that are pushig trans (women) and it gets annoying to see the cringe stuff they post on facebook as opposed to how they act in real life…

as for me, I am asexual, I admit that I have no interest in sex whatsoever. no problem with that…
I am just a black knight come to exploit the thread for my amusement. nothing more, nothing less…

I travel all boards… but I do claim /v/ as home as I have a few archived threads there…

also I am a forumer…

No. 29481

Nice quads.

It's clearly not embarrassing for him. If it's embarrassing for you, don't worry, we all have things that we're embarrassed about, but you're anonymous, so we won't judge your other posts based on this.

Don't you get it? He is offering himself up as a cow. So get down and milk him already!

Reminds me of that steel guy from that show where a girl taps her feet and puts acid on a witch.

No. 29482

File: 1440359738700.jpg (97.76 KB, 400x400, 3883747.jpg)

No. 29483

>come to exploit the thread for my amusement
At least we're all having a good time then, jolly good.

No. 29484

You're not interested in sex? Or did you just give up altogether because no one is desperate enough to fuck an attention whore like you?
That's bullshit and you know it, fucking sperg.

No. 29485

This. I bet he's a forever alone incel who will never gain enough self-awareness to stop embarrassing himself.

No. 29486

File: 1440362881033.gif (792.58 KB, 360x203, euphoric.gif)


I get that you find him annoying, but please just ignore this Tharthan 2.0 sperg and he'll probably go away

No. 29487

This thread went a different direction lmfao

No. 29488

Ugh I have or did have someone I was following put that tag under their selfies and would get pissy even if someone liked it like wtf.

No. 29489

man what if someone took one of those autism! headcanons and just made the character super fucking low functioning.

look how quirky and awesome uwu

No. 29490

slept with my best friend. evenually got too awkward to be around eachother and we went our seperate ways… she was always chill tho..

No. 29491

nobody cares
please gtfo

No. 29492

I've heard some stories from guys getting hit on by gays and sometimes it ends in a literal fight because the gay won't take the hint and back off. tbh these things just depend on the person.

No. 29493

I really dislike this "cute" text-speak thing she does

No. 29494

>nobody cares
>yet keeps saying that im some neckbeard virgin.

No. 29495


They're probably not even the same poster

No. 29496

eh, still gets the point across

No. 29497

i assume people at lolcow believe I am a raider from 4-chan. much like the people on /r9k/ believe I am a raider from here or whatever…

such lulz

No. 29498

Kill yourself, please.

No. 29499


No, we don't
We just think you're annoying
Please at least sage your posts if you're going to keep posting this shit

No. 29500

File: 1440365566859.jpg (26.24 KB, 325x323, Tfw you save a reaction image …)

nah, no reason to not bump the topic when I post.

I am laughing pretty hard at the moment…

No. 29501

File: 1440365680700.png (5.87 KB, 570x53, ss4.PNG)

>i assume people at lolcow believe I am a raider from 4-chan

No. 29502

File: 1440365811668.jpeg (114.02 KB, 1252x1252, sad pepe.jpeg)

im still new on /r9k/ tho. first day on that board

No. 29503


The 'reason' is just basic manners, really, but whatever


So /pt/ isn't the only board he shits up?
I thought we had something special

No. 29504

I bet they wouldn't accept it cause that wouldn't be kawaii at all.

No. 29505

omfg stop paying attention to that douche are you retarded and autistic yourselves?

No. 29506

File: 1440366574853.png (78.4 KB, 192x326, yAVjhEl.png)

if you wanna take it a bit farther…

No. 29507



I'm genuinely wondering why he's posting but I suppose he's probably just bored and no matter how I reply he'll just take it as a sign that he's le epin trol master xDDDD so whatever, fuck it

No. 29508

nah I aint a troll. I am just attention whoring myself out of boredom, so your half right

No. 29509

File: 1440366930760.jpg (13.17 KB, 434x121, DP3BO.jpg)

She forgot to add a tw for big shirts. Somebody is going to freak out.

No. 29510


#clothes tw

No. 29511

Someone please send her a message going "yyyuh trIGGrd mE!!!!11 taG yuor shirrtz shuitlord!!1"

No. 29512

Shirts that fit???

No. 29513

>plain white vanilla

No. 29514

File: 1440368492085.png (5.01 KB, 694x59, 18_23.png)

No. 29515

What's wrong with this?

No. 29516


Yeah, it's fucking annoying

but saying something is against the rules probably isn't going to get anyone a ban, it's best to either ignore them or ask in /meta/

they seem to have gone away now anyway, fingers crossed

No. 29517

File: 1440368949822.jpg (8.91 KB, 236x156, 9e1bcd37870f4805cb096e559995fa…)

No. 29518

File: 1440369139636.png (703.43 KB, 362x1600, fem.png)

eh, posting this to revive topic(tripfags pls go)

No. 29519

fuck, i'm like barely half (more like 1/4 or smth) italian and the rest is all native and even i look white as fuck though i'm the anon you replied to with anemia.

most people dont even know i'm native until looking closer at my facial features yet it makes up most of my ethnicity so ffs if she's really any bit native then even i cant see it.

No. 29520


Cheers admin/farmhands

No. 29521


>i'm like barely half (more like 1/4 or smth)

That's a considerable difference, 0.5 vs. 0.25

flawless cherokee princess amiright?

No. 29522

File: 1440386921033.png (51.94 KB, 286x288, 1440192038942.png)

this child can't even go outside without being triggered yet in the same breath she suggests genocide? what is wrong with todays kids

No. 29523

I'm still not fully convinced she isn't a troll

No. 29524

lmao dont be a fuckin smartass, i meant barely half italian not barely half native. and nah man i'm nowhere near being cherokee, try mohawk iroquois/six nations.

one of my parents is full native and the other is completely half native half italian so i'm probably around 1/4-ish italian. just in case you're gonna continue misunderstanding me.

however point should be that galaxyprincet is deffo not native enough to be any sort of relevant to anything ever.

No. 29525

she just probably thinks she looks cute, just like her being a kin with hilda of the pokemon games and the girl char from pokemon x and y. Most "fictionkin" choose their character because it looks cool
what the fuck is "white passing"?

No. 29526

she is probably one of those anime fans who call themselves a mixed asian because kawaii

No. 29527

I'm pretty sure "white-passing" is an older term which means when black people have white features like straight hair and lighter skin. Therefore, they could pass as a white person.

No. 29528

It means to have light to fair skin with 'white' features like a smaller mouth and maybe not a huge nose? i dunno

No. 29529


almost tempted to make a thread about this guy tbh

No. 29530

No. 29531

So, then, what about people who are technically "white" but aren't "white-passing"? My father (the son of two New York Jews) is constantly "read" as being Middle Eastern. If he grew his facial hair out and put a headwrap on, no one would believe he was a white American child of two white Americans. At least for the last handful of generations, his ancestors have all been white Jews (unless you're from /pol/ and then I guess >implying filthy Jews are white). How would SJWs explain what kind of privilege/disprivilege fuckery a situation like that would spawn?

Neither am I. For the sake of my own sanity, I'm really, really trying to convince myself that she can't possibly be for real.

No. 29532


I think he's banned now, so it doesn't really matter if we reply or bring him up

But galaxyprincet is fucking funny and one of the best lolcows we've had in a while imo so we shouldn't derail this thread too much


Going through his twitter, he actually seems pretty funny and cringy

Looks like he went through a breakup or something and he's publically posting chat logs and shit from it

I think it'd be cool if you did, or you could start one on /snow/, maybe?

No. 29533

I'm a white Jew as well and it really irks me when other white Jews try to claim that being Jewish somehow makes them not white. They're obviously just trying to win brownie points with the SJWs/far leftists and it's extremely embarrassing.

No. 29534

whats her new URL?

No. 29535


No. 29536

fucking tumblr Jews.
They think "being Jewish is a race" and have "evidence" to prove it.
We aren't a race, we are a religion. The SEMITES are an ethnoreligious group, but anybody could be Jewish and the idea that jews are a specific unique race, let alone the semites, is so fucking ridiculous.

No. 29537

how do you keep finding it?

No. 29538

if you go to galaxyprincet she has it written there

No. 29539

File: 1440402454486.png (11.6 KB, 429x195, Untitled.png)

glit? sounds like clit tbh

No. 29540

It's apparently a "magical girl pronoun".

No. 29541

if anime were real, tumblr users would all be background characters

No. 29542

lol of course she's kin (oh, I mean "literally is") with Sayaka Maizono. The pathetic, attention-whoring little bitch who pretends to have otherworldly powers. Not exactly a role model

No. 29543

I thought she changed her URL to hide from the trolls.

But then I remembered that she's an attention whore.

No. 29544

all SJWs are

No. 29545


Yeah, I found it weird that she's 'kin' with the shittest, most boring character in the game who gets killed off first so you don't really learn much about her anyway

But she's 'kin' with a lot of characters with little to no personality so I guess it's not THAT weird

No. 29546

OP here.

I finally had to just unfollow this bitch (by some miracle I was not blocked) because her posts and reblogs actually enrage me when I see them on my dash.

If she is a troll, she has done an outstanding job.

I just don't even want to consider the alternative, however.

No. 29547

They don't grade spelling in schools? wtf

No. 29548

File: 1440441736770.png (371.79 KB, 443x581, someone please delete her blog…)

Lord help me, I thought I was bad when I was 16.

Speaking of the Lord though I think she's the one that needs him.

No. 29549

Yeah they do, other anon must go to some shitty urban school or something.

No. 29550

im half chippowa and goddamn this bitch tryinta act like she native american pisses me off. but hey on the brightside my grandpa on my dads side (the native american) is a tribe leader man or something so hey im more of a princess than she'll ever be

No. 29551

File: 1440468795241.gif (9.69 MB, 640x360, stop.gif)

>irl people tw


No. 29552

Do you want a fucking medal?

No. 29553

we dont like attention whores nor special snowflakes here.
please go away

No. 29554


No. 29555


You're some kind of Pocahontas injun princess, but you can't even spell your tribe name right, wat

No. 29556

I'm choking holy shit.

No. 29557


Bitch please, I'm a half Chipotle princess

No. 29558

doesnt that make you a quarter lol

No. 29559


I'm guessing their paternal grandfather and grandmother are both "chippowa" (lmao) which would make her dad full

No. 29560

I was wondering this myself. I'm thinking its a combination of the rebuilds boosting the popularity, as well as the fact that, despite her obvious mental and emotional issues and bitchy attitude, she still had friends, a good life, and goals that she was actively working for. Se wanted to be the best, she wanted to be independent and useful and for the most part (until that one episode where she begins to unravel) she was. So I guess it's like they look up to her or identify with her because of the average tumblr snowflake's completely unfounded superiority complex.

No. 29561


Life is hard on the res, yo. Intergenerational violence and alcoholism and diebeetus and shit, we lucky we can spell our names.

No. 29562

Fuck that's sad.
Every time I hear about kids on reservations being poorly educated and their familes living in squalor, I always wonder "How are the chief and his buddies living?"

No. 29563

native anon here who doesnt live on rez but has a lot of family that does: dont forget that the government (mostly of canada) treats natives like shit and does things like building fucking oil pipes through native land and going "whoops sorry about that we totally forgot about the peace treaty we signed lol"

No. 29564

Someone wrote an Encyclopedia Dramatica article on her!

No. 29565

File: 1440563973180.png (11.13 KB, 430x200, igj.png)

She reblogged this lol.

Just because your professors have a phD doesn't make them some all knowing god. I had a professor with a phD who straight up admitted "I just went to school for this number of years and studied this one subject" like wowwie look at that fancy piece of paper ya got there :))))) so smart!!! amazing!!!!

>professional writer

fanfics with 3 notes doesn't count as "professional"

No. 29566

thing is, academics of that kind usually are not in touch with the real world dynamics. I'd bet that 80% of her professors and teachers and felolow students don't interact a lot with ACTUAL trans people (outside of tumblrs disgusting, toxic community) and can make an actual judgement if it hurts the trans community or not.
English Majors in general are usually always excited about new developments in language, no matter if they're sensible or not, but neo pronouns, at least at this point in time, are neither helpful nor very valid.
I just started therapy (I'm not trans, but for other shit) and talked to my therapist how I like to assign animals to people via the whole spirit animals shit since it kind ahelps me distract myself from being anxious with meeting new people. I told him that I'd like to think my animal would be a manatee, and my therapist suddenly turned very wary and asked me if I need him to refer to me as "Manateeself". I denied and he explained that he just turned down a girl who wanted him to refer to her with "crow" pronouns and got really angry at him when he tried to explain the medical requirements to be considered "Trans" did not match up with her. Rest of the session was really weird because he probably thought I was one of these assholes, so thanks, tumblr.

No. 29567

Wow it really sucks to hear that anon! It's really annoying to hear this shit seep out of the internet. I like to think of this stuff as just an embarrassing phase for these people, like there were the scene kids and rabid yaoi fangirls, but it's so widespread now and even more crazy toxic. The fact that someone will scream and jump down your throat for not acknowledging that they identify with a fucking twix bar is just so… stupid. I really can't stand it.

I posted it before on this thread or the tumblr thread, but I had a trans professor who had just started transitioning, and I remember he stated once how his generation was discovering sexuality, and now our generation was discovering gender and he thought it was a great thing. Now, I never really figured out if he meant that more people are coming out and stuff and being more comfortable with it, or he was talking about tumblr genderspecials. He was such a lovely professor, I really do hope he was speaking of the former :(

No. 29568

File: 1440587688211.png (53.89 KB, 608x580, mhm.PNG)

OP of that post is also really lulsy. Since they don't have one link to their "professional" writing but only AO3, I doubt just about every word from them.
Also, another Cherokee princess.

No. 29569

File: 1440587702259.png (23.92 KB, 361x326, !.PNG)

No. 29570

Well my boyfriend and his friends all have PhDs too and they think neopronouns are, and I quote, "fucking weird" so what now, huh? Can your PhD acquaintances beat up my PhD acquaintances? I don't think so.

That sucks, anon. I'd like to think the more extreme tumblrtardery will die out in a few years when the dumb teenagers who make up most of its population start having to interact with the real world, but it's pretty disturbing to hear about this nonsense affecting people in real life.
Manatees are cool, though.

No. 29571


>my therapist suddenly turned very wary and asked me if I need him to refer to me as "Manateeself"

>a girl who wanted him to refer to her with "crow" pronouns and got really angry at him when he tried to explain the medical requirements to be considered "Trans" did not match up with her.

Sorry, anon, but that is funny. You need to turn that shit into a movie script.

No. 29572

File: 1440610818791.png (560.76 KB, 477x750, wadanohara.png)


>please tag irl nudity, sexual content, christianity, and wadanohara.

what the fuck

No. 29573

Mogeko's characters are weirdly popular with fictionkin blogs.

No. 29574


Wadanohara and the great blue sea seems to be popular as fuck with tumblrinas, I guess because edge and shipping, and a lot of tumblrtards are way into RPGmaker shit for some reason

I guess maybe that has something to do with it? Real talk, his character designs are pretty cool

No. 29575

Tumblr hate it because on wadanohara there is an (off screen) rape scene as a bad ending… Nothing graphic but tumblr flip their shit over it Then there's Mogeko (the creator) who laugh it off when people came to his blog telling him how to do his job.
And then what cemented his reputation as "shitlord of the year" and make him stop using tumblr, was when, on a free drawing day, a fan requested a picture of their otp from the game (which ironically was the victim and her rapist) doing "cute things"….
Mogeko fucking drew the rape scene and send it to them as a joke and tumblr fucking lost it… Like what do you expect, you're shipping a rapist and his victim, even the creator knows that's fucked up.

No. 29576


Ah yeah, I know the bit you're on about
I don't use tumblr much but I bet there was a huge shitstorm over Mogeko Castle, too
I never saw the tumblr stuff but that sounds pretty fucking funny
Based Mogeko

No. 29577

>please pay attention to me

No. 29578


>pls respond

No. 29579

They forced him to delete the doddle (that was already under a Read More and properly tagged) and apologize. He did, since he is Japanese and knows shit about english, the apologize was short and vague and tumblr didn't like that one bit. He stated that he couldn't get why everyone was so worked out over a work of fiction, tumblr flip their shit again and them acused him of using his culture as an excuse for condoning rape and being racist towards koreans (because he dared to celebrate a patriotic holiday and upload a photo of the Japanese flag that day)

No. 29580

File: 1440623358449.png (6.82 KB, 428x142, nicehypocricy.PNG)


No. 29581

forgot to add that it's fun to see her call that post "racism", while as a sjw you could argue that she's appropiating japanese culture and language left and right.

No. 29582

I'll pay anyone for doxing this bitch and send all this bullshit to her mom…. Like really.

No. 29583

>is not japanese tho so i cant say for sure

Then why tag it racism? Just..


It's so ironic how people like them will like anime, manga etc. and then at the same time believe that all Japanese people are patriotic racists. There was a brief time in Tumblr history when people would actively say that all Japanese people are racist, and it's still a common belief they have to this day.

No. 29584

is the picture that Mogeko drew for said fan or whatever available online?

No. 29585

shit now I'm upset that I deleted the picture off my computer lol

I'm trying to find it online for you anon, but from what I vaguely remember it was Wadanohara had her hands tied up behind her back, was crying, and still fully clothed while Sal had his hands up her shirt and molesting her chest. I was honestly expecting something a lot more graphic when I first heard of it but I was like "meh" since I haven't played the game/cared for the series.

No. 29586

now she changed the japanese on her blog to english. maybe we can hope she realized how much bullshit she was spewing.

No. 29587

File: 1440631815151.jpg (108.13 KB, 500x622, tumblr_ntka9ybOnD1ued1aeo1_500…)

was it this? (only based on your description)

No. 29588

jesus christ get the fuck out.
This is a thread about some shit on tumblr, not you you fucking attention whore.
no one gives a fuck about you. gtfo you ugly fuck

No. 29589

Two days later you retard.
Now you get out.

No. 29590

It's fucking punny compared to the thread…

No. 29591

hello white knight-san

No. 29592

Is this some limp-wristed attempt at trolling or

No. 29593

are you him or?

No. 29594

File: 1440633814016.png (4.36 KB, 196x166, okay.PNG)


No. 29595

wtf does that mean

No. 29596

Why do tumblrinas write lik e ee e thhisisss???

No. 29597

It signifies that they're having a 'panic attack'.

oo hhh my gdo i m hvaav in g a pnia c atcak……

Funny thing is, it actually takes more time to write shit like that. So of course they're not really having a panic attack, but I'm sure we all knew that already.

No. 29598


did she say tag dms?? I don't get what she's saying.

No. 29599

dhmis = Don't hug me I'm scared?

No. 29600

yes!!! this was it!! thanks anon!

No. 29601

I think it's supposed to mimic how you might type on your phone when you're having a panic attack.

No. 29602

File: 1440643719598.png (5.72 KB, 421x106, lol.PNG)

I'm sure this will work out for her.

No. 29603

>encyclopedia dramatica mention tw

No. 29604

Link-chan struck again, huh?

No. 29605

literally the shittiest of people

No. 29606

I hate the person who has been linking lowcow everywhere.

No. 29607

FOR REAL. Stop fucking intermingling lolcow dot farm and Dumblr, and stop alerting the cows to threads about them. It's obnoxious as fuck and reeks of newfaggotry.

No. 29608

I fucking love you, anon.

No. 29609

I wonder how upset tumblrinas would be if you suggested that their "super mean, controlling, and dismissive" parents actually had mental disorders and that they were being shitty neurotypicals for not understanding or accommodating that.

No. 29610


No. 29611

I'm guessing because of the whole… Mogeko drew a explicit picture of a tied up Wada and Sal after which Mogeko got chased off tumblr

>tfw even the creator can't draw it

>tfw the drawing was a REQUEST (if I remember correctly)

No. 29612

>tfw aspie
>tfw want kids at some point

I hope this fad has died out by then and I never have to see my child blogging about how weird their mom is and that I'm abusive or something.

No. 29613

Kids have been melodramatically whining about how terrible their parents are since forever. The only thing that makes tumblrinas different is that instead of throwing a tantrum about how "My mom hates me! That's why she grounded me for a weekend after I stole from her! She's so abusive! It's not faaaaaaaaaaaair!!!" they throw a tantrum about "My mom hates me! That's why she won't call me by my bun/bun/bunself pronouns or accept all of my self-diagnoses! She's so abusive! It's not faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaair!!!"

The internet isn't going anywhere. There's a 99% chance your kids will say some stupid shit about you at some point, and they'll probably post it on the internet. Welcome to parenthood.

No. 29614

>my npd means i require that attention

Why tumblrinas love having mental disorders #36: You get to blame all of your awfulness on your disorder and claim people are discriminating against you if they expect you to act like a non-terrible human being.

No. 29615

I used to be a whiny kid on the internet surrounded by other whiny kids (sup Gaiaonline) and while complaints about parents being st00pid poopieheads who just didn't understand us were quite common, I'd never seen kids throw the word "abuse" around as much as they do now on tumblr. It's all the same shit in the end but the annoying/scary thing about this is that they're using serious terminology without knowing the ramifications that may have. If my kids where whining about me being unfair I'd just shrug my shoulders, but if they were telling anyone who would listen that I'm actually abusive I'd be really disturbed by this. They don't mean any more by it than the generations of moody teenagers before them, but I worry that the way people will react to these accusations might be different.

Which is why >>29609 sounds interesting. I'd try it if all this nonsense didn't give me such a headache.

No. 29616

i dont use tumblr at all, but i'm a paranoid schizophrenic and if i ever flip my shit i'll occasionally type like that because my hands get really shaky. hell, normal typing is hard for me even when i'm not freaking out and i have to go back and fix a shitton of random typos to even have a decent sentence.

for me, jumbly typing is more severe during an episode of some sort because i'll have racing thoughts that i try to write down quickly so everything gets jumbled together.

i think what they're trying to do is mimic the whole shaky-hand-panic-attack thing, which fyi is extremely annoying to deal with when it's legit so….. i really have no idea why someone would actually want to type like that for fun?

sorry for attention whoring but i just thought i could maybe provide some kind of insight or whatever.

No. 29617

Hmmm… But your writing looks okay to me now.

No. 29618

Haha, yeah, good luck with that.

No. 29619

I sort of get this because lesbians get a lotta shit for liking their friends, whereas for heterosexual friends it's just "normal".

I remember seeing a post that was like "shoutout to Jewish trans girls" like how many labels do you have to push into one post to make yourself feel better? The best part was someone saying "what about Jewish trans boys" and they got pissed.

No. 29620

I'm medicated at the moment and even then it took me a while to type that (and this) out properly because of casual typos. I may be crazy but I can at least try my best to be a decently functioning person, yafeel?

No. 29621

Same, except I have different mental health diagnoses (and some fun physical health problems as well). I'll sometimes have "episodes" where I'll start shaking/twitching really hard and won't be able to stop for hours. Some of the spazzing may be medication-related. I'm not sure. Anyway, I've tried to send text messages during these periods before, and they always look like shit. I fat-finger a bunch of keys. They s ssstti l l donnt l o ook kliekk thh h his s s ththhoo, uu ggghhghh. More like "thwy lppk likee shit bc i hut tje keyd nexr to thr oned im aoming for." I go back and fix my mistakes unless I'm super pissed off and sending an impulsive text message that I shouldn't send in the first place. When I'm on the computer (which, if I'm having one of these episodes, I'm probably not - I'm probably lying on my side in bed wondering if I'm going to die), it's even easier to edit my writing (I have a pretty crappy old phone that isn't the easiest to text and/or edit on). There's really no excuse for writing like a ~triggered Tumblrina~ when you can see and fix your fucking errors so easily before you post that shit. If you're that upset, get off of fucking Tumblr and go try to calm down. The typing thing just seems like a stupid attention-seeking ploy. It's annoying as fuck and trivializes actual mental health issues. They aren't just part of your fucking aesthetic and having a severe panic attack or dissociative episode or whatever isn't cute or cool at ALL.

TL;DR fuck this BS "panicked typing" in the ass

No. 29622

As someone who gets really shaky/numb hands thanks to the medication, if I feel that I can't type anymore or I can't aim to the correct keys, I just get away from the computer until I calm down. Like, really, some of those brats make it so obvious they do it just for attention it hurts my brain.

No. 29623

File: 1440722566659.png (4.56 KB, 430x86, lel have fun.PNG)

Heh, good luck.

No. 29624

No. 29625

omg I truly hope this is just a master troll. either way it's hilarious.

No. 29626

File: 1440725473929.png (5.82 KB, 427x153, wtf im banned.PNG)


No. 29627

This fucking HAS to be a troll. No one can be this stupid, right? RIGHT?

No. 29628

Have you talked to kids these days man.

Like you would think with all the tech they have at their hands they would be way better at some of this shit.

No. 29629

>this is my instagram, please follow it!!

jfc is this person for real

No. 29630

File: 1440735512585.png (9.37 KB, 430x185, galaxyprincet_attention_whore.…)

I'm just gonna leave this here.

No. 29631

"Repetiton tw"??? "Bolded text tw"!!??? I swear, tumblr isnt even real, this has to be the modern world's largest organized prank.

No. 29632

I just searched both of those on Tumblr, and now I'm rolling in the lulz at the blogs it led me to.

No. 29633

File: 1440789539236.png (48.85 KB, 750x470, whuuu.png)

pic related

No. 29634

holy fuck, that almost seems like satire. throw it in the tumblr general thread.

No. 29635

File: 1440812131448.png (83.5 KB, 678x1041, beforefollowing.png)

How can someone be so fragile?

By "panic attack" I bet they mean forcing themselves to breathe hard and type jumbled words for theatrics. The only mental illness I could see this person having is BPD maybe.

No. 29636

Jesus, I'll never get over this, even if it's a troll. It's so insulting to people who actually suffer from debilitating anxiety/panic attacks. When I get them, it's usually provoked by an extremely stressful real-life situation, and they make me feel like I'm going to die (or at least pass out). Saying that merely having a person follow you will make you have a panic attack is fucking stupid. If they really aren't trolling and are THAT fragile, they need to stay the fuck off of the internet. Tumblr is NOT their exclusive "safe space," sry2say.

Also, I'm so beyond sick of autism being a cute/quirky addition to your ~*~aesthetic~*~. Fuck that shit. My father, brother, and I have all been diagnosed as being "on the spectrum" (formerly Assburgers; that's now been included under the wider umbrella of "autism spectrum disorder") and in no way is it cool or desirable. My brother and I seriously struggled in school, my dad seriously struggles in his relationship with my mother, and my mother is a fucking saint for putting up with three autists in one house.

No. 29637

asexual? have you considered wizardchan then?

No. 29638

i saw a post on my dash where people are trying to stop the word "trigger" from being used as much as it does on tumblr. theyre trying to replace it with squick, since most things people tag as a trigger nowadays only gross them out instead of actually sending them into legit panic attacks.

my only concern now is all those ones with self-diagnosed ptsd or whatever will think its dumb BECUZ I GET TRIGGURD ITS NOT ME BEING GROSSED OUT ITS REEAAALLLL

No. 29639

Oh please. The guys on wizardchan would love to stick their dick in pussy but are too afraid to admit it because their "le women are all cruel and icky whores!!" facade is a way to cover up the fact that they can't get any.
They're not asexual in the least especially with the threads I've seen on there.

No. 29640

As someone actually diagnosed with BPD im highly offended lol

No. 29641


That's just the go-to diagnosis for every lolcow for some reason

The only cow I could actually see having BPD is Onision and maybe ghostxperfume Ashley

No. 29642

BPD is way overdiagnosed.

No. 29643

Attention seeking and emotional instability are commonly known traits for both BPD and being a lolcow.

No. 29644

File: 1441034095108.png (12.4 KB, 426x268, ss (2015-08-31 at 05.09.58).pn…)

oh Lynn, I think you used the wrong >

No. 29645


Oh jesus. So learning languages is not okay for white people now?
I'm starting to feel like these people only give shit to people interested in learning languages because they just aren't smart or diligent enough to learn shit themselves so they need an excuse for being uneducated idiots.

No. 29646

Taking the time to learn how to communicate with other nations is obviously the worst thing you could do.

No. 29647


You're probably right. A bunch of tumblrinas say shit about how getting good grades at school means you're a sheep who can only regurgitate things they've been told

Like ok, there are reasons intelligent people might get bad grades, and average people who work hard enough might get great grades, so it doesn't necessarily tell you how intelligent someone is, but saying you're a mindless robot for doing well in school is obviously something people who are pissed off that they did shit at school because they spent all day on tumblr instead of studying would say

No. 29648

do they really say that about school now? If getting good grades really is just regurgitating things you've been told, then what's your excuse for not getting good grades? If all you need to do is put in the bare minimum of work, what the fuck is your excuse for putting in zero effort in school.

No. 29649

File: 1441045401788.gif (805.29 KB, 500x411, I am irrationally angry.gif)

LOL, wow. Yeah, sorry for learning Spanish and spending years of my life volunteering to assist and advocate for the largely Latino immigrant population in my area…I know it would have been much better if this evil, racist white devil just stayed away instead of doing things like helping care for the children of migrant workers and non-English-speaking victims of domestic violence. I admit, I was actually just trying to spread the message of white supremacy and dominance. Sorry for learning Japanese so I could communicate and collaborate more easily with many of the businesspeople in my career field. I've actually just been making fun of their moon runes this whole time. Sorry for even thinking about intermingling with people who aren't nasty-ass crackers like myself. I am a horrible person.

No. 29650

File: 1441050549477.jpg (1.44 MB, 980x4969, this-is-your-brain-on-tumblr.j…)


The sad thing is that they've been saying that for years.

I don't think they mean that it's easy, they just say it's pointless or unfair (i.e. they're too lazy to study and that's their excuse for it)

Pic kinda related, even though it's not strictly tumblr, this is the kind of shit they spout

No. 29651

Holy shit, actually FUCK this. I'm mutuals with a tumblrina I know irl and I run a science tumblr. I posted a picture of a mathematics award I recieved last year on my blog and tumblr-chan started posting shit about how "SCHOOL IS FOR MINDLESS ROBOTS!!!" and comics about trying to make a duck, alligator and monkey climb a tree. It's funny, tumblr-chan said nothing to me about this irl but there was a solid page or two on her blog about how if you do well in school you're somehow privileged and are the scum of the Earth. Tumblr is full of salty, passive-aggressive womenchildren with a perpetual victim complex.

Sage for rant/journal entry.

No. 29652


tl;dr Tubblr is full of fat, desperate, retarded losers.

No. 29653

Congrats on the award! I always admire people good at math because I suck at it.

Tumblr tries to twist everything how they want it to be. Not good at school? Nvm school is unimportant. Awful behaviour? Just slap a mental illness on your profile

No. 29654

File: 1441099694479.png (510.21 KB, 1300x864, guy3yrs0v.png)

>this evil, racist white devil

10/10 post

on a side note, fucking good for you anon.

No. 29655


Yeah, that's the kind of thing I meant, anon. You can bet your sweet ass she was jealous because she's shit at school. Congrats on the award!! That's cool as fuck

I also don't really understand why they think studying is just "regurgitating things teachers tell you" when most exams have problem-solving questions to make sure you actually understand the concept of what you've been taught and aren't just repeating what you've been told.

No. 29656

Last year I had to deal with a girl who blamed all her shortcomings on her "neurodivergence" and the rest of society, dropped out of high school and basically sat at home doing nothing ever since them. At first I was sympathetic to her because yeah, some people just do badly in a class with 30 other kids and have trouble keeping up their grades despite being decently intelligent. But she was also incapable of doing any sort of homework. Or doing online courses. Or doing any kind of assignment whatsoever, even those tailored specifically to people with her combination of disabilities. She claimed to be incapable of doing practically everything but things she liked doing, like listening to music, smoking weed and watching television. Often she would be rude and insult people for no real reason, which she also blamed on her mystery mental illness. She refused to get real therapy or try medication because apparently, society should just learn to accept someone who calls everyone else ugly and stupid while sitting on her ass, watching tv and expecting to be paid for it.
She hated me because I share most of the same disabilities but still managed to get into grad school and not alienate every single person I've ever met. I wouldn't be surprised if she had a tumblr and I'm secretly curious if she used to shit talk me on there.

Congrats on your award, anon. That tumblrina is a twat and you're actually doing things with your life, so good on you.

No. 29657

As a latina, thank you so much for what you've done for us.

No. 29658

File: 1441311800184.png (4.54 KB, 427x118, pee oh sea.PNG)

No. 29659

File: 1441311850850.png (4.82 KB, 429x117, ace.PNG)

No. 29660

The best art about the comment about languages is that the types who say this are also the same people who bitch about English being the default and most over all globally relevant language.

Not to mention, how the fuck does this benefit people from different cultures? They're literally trying to keep cultures separate. As a PoC, this shit seriously disgusts me and awaken my inner SJW.

No. 29661

This isn't exclusive to Tumblrinas at all. This is a very common thing people say to feel better about their own lack of good grades/education, or just generally feel better than others. I can't tell you how many times I've heard people put down those from schools like Oxford, Yale, Cornell, Stanford, etc. saying shit like "Well, Bush went to Yale, so getting into a top-tier school isn't actually much of an accomplishment" or saying it just shows how well you can regurgitate information. It like cool, if it's so easy to get into an elite school and get flawless grades, why don't you do that instead of bitterly bitch at your low paying job that you hate?

No. 29662


Of course it isn't, but it's common as fuck on tumblr

But yeah, tumblr hates anything that might shatter the delusion that they're super special, intelligent, oppressed, misunderstood snowflakes being kept down by a society run by white cis men

No. 29663

Because them being too lazy to put any effort into anything = I must have autism and socc i al aancxiety y can't do muh woirkk school is oppressive to neuroatypicals smash the system UWU

There'll always be people who somehow get perfect grades without effort, however 80% of people have to work for it. I'm the math award anon and I was never "naturally" good at math, I got a tutor and worked my buns off and that's how most people I know succeed as well. Tumblr seems to think that anyone who is successful put no work into their success and got it handed to them on a silver platter because they're neurotypical or white or something. School is SUPPOSED to be a challenge, it's fucking normal to struggle. You don't have a learning disability just because you don't understand a concept the first few times you go over it. You're normal as fuck.

And hell, that applies for almost every single real life scenario I can think of. Just because you're sad one day doesn't mean you're depressed with 8 different personality disorders. Just because you had an awkward conversation with someone once doesn't mean you have a crippling phobia of people and severe social anxiety. Struggling in life is fucking normal and these people need to have their computers confiscated and forced to go outside. I cannot fathom what it'd even be like to have such a thin skin and want the world to cater to your five year old mental age.

No. 29664

When I first entered college, I was so hellbent on getting a 4.0. Like, I worked my ass off and basically lived in the library my first semester. I made friends with some upperclassmen and while many of them were all business, no frills about their academic life, I remember one of them told me "yeah, your GPA doesn't even matter. all jobs care about is your extracurricular!" and it made me really upset because I felt like I was working towards all the wrong things. :(

ofc, now I'm on my second study abroad program with a lovely GPA while she's on a forced LOA (she was supposed to get kicked out but blamed it on 'muh depression!' so they… made her take an LOA?? it's weird idk). She barely went to class bc any day she felt remotely sad she stayed home lol.

I fucking hate this friend because she's literally always romanticizing her depression, won't refill her meds on time so she's always going on/off of them, and expects everyone to bend over backwards for her. She wants her depression/anxiety to be as bad as another friend, yet that other friend actually has her shit together. I feel like she's always been spoiled with attention and tumblr has just given her new ways to milk that attention from everyone and I hate it.

No. 29665

why is she "kin" with a character who committed genocide? or even rin at all, considering she has no personality or traits whatsoever?

i fucking hate these otherkin pieces of shit and want them to stop shitting up my fandoms.

No. 29666

File: 1441660100815.png (6.16 KB, 445x114, ss (2015-09-07 at 11.07.01).pn…)

Lynn has returned! How dare her abusive mom take her away from her computer for bonding time!

#mother mention tw

No. 29667

File: 1441660155178.png (8.71 KB, 437x199, ss (2015-09-07 at 10.54.08).pn…)

Lynn never played the actual game and her best proof is "UMM BUT SHE IS!?!?!"

No. 29668

File: 1441660231991.png (6.55 KB, 447x161, ss (2015-09-07 at 10.54.27).pn…)

apparently hetcharacteroftheday triggered a lot of tumblrinas.

No. 29669

If you need a trigger warning for parents, you shouldn't be on the fucking internet. Rape, gore, EDs, or shit like that are one thing. I can get the importance of having just one site where you can feel safe to browse without seeing anything related to that shit if you've been through it and are still struggling, but the people who need tws for literally everything under the fucking sun like parents and grass are a slap to the faces of people with actual problems other than being whiny entitled special snowflakes.

No. 29670

Oh god

Why did you fucking post that

It is so fucking retarded that I am legitimately triggered

No. 29671

This is triggering me so hard right now.

I'm really tired of "So and so character is trans". Since they aren't played or voiced by trans actors shouldn't that in itself be transphobic by their standards? I don't get the logic at all.

How are parents triggering? Everyone has parents. Good or bad. dead or alive. that's why we are all here. I've seen some ridiculous triggers like eye contact. How does that even work online? If you post a pic of someone with eyes when you look at it that's eye contact. Maybe we're supposed to edit the eyes out?

No. 29672

> Wehh my mom made me go outside and we had no internet service
I can't deal with people like this. I hope she got ~triggered~ by the grass. This just proves she's nothing but a spoiled middle class teenager.

>Maybe we're supposed to edit the eyes out?
That'd be creepy as fuck.

No. 29673

isnt she the one who has grass tagged in her blacklist thing as a trigger or something???

No. 29674

The idea behind it is that a lot of people have really shitty parents and some may be ~triggered~ by seeing mention of any. Which is obviously something you need to get the fuck over unless you're content to literally never go outside or consume any form of media.

My guess is that the kinds of kids who want these tags don't even have bad parents.

No. 29675

No. 29676

Tumblr overreacts about everything. My guess is that their parents don't approve of their special snowflakey bullshit and tell them to stop = EMOTIONAL ABUSE!!

I've seen a post about parents saying things like "Oh look who's finally out of their room" resulting in tumblrinas not wanting to leave their rooms, and there was a big ass paragraph some thinskin added that tried to justify that as being child abuse and belittlement. I get it's annoying but that's not fucking abuse jesus.

No. 29677

What I wouldn't give for these types to be exposed to real abuse jfc. I hope they make friends IRL with a kid that gets beaten daily, then they can see how disgusting their victim complexes are.

No. 29678

I hope they don't. Given the massive sense of entitlement most of tumblr has they'd probably try to be like "Oh well MY parents are horrible too and they abuse me so much too!". It's all a disgusting competition to them.

No. 29679

>no cell service

Man, I wish her mum would drive out to the of the woods and dump her there.

No. 29680

Pretty much all normal parental discipline is abuse to tumblrinas

No. 29681

lmao i wonder how they'd feel if they got beat with a bamboo stick like i did.

like, grow the fuck up for once. they're still the minority, and those who DON'T grow out of this mindset/phase are an even smaller minority. the real world is gonna give them such an ass whoopin', it's gonna be hilarious.

No. 29682

I once saw a Tumblrina say that taking away electronics as a punishment is abuse. If you want, I can find the link.

No. 29683

File: 1441751476958.gif (4.98 MB, 320x240, wut.gif)

> mfw

No. 29684

> used less than sign instead of more than sign

I thought it was just sarcasm at first, but then I remembered how retarded she is

No. 29685

The only case taking away electronics would be abuse is if it was to purposefully cut off a child from getting help or communicating simply for the sake of cutting them off(I know from experience), but if they're taking it so you don't be a moron, or as a legitimate punishment then no, it's not abuse.
Sorry, I usually stalk shit but I thought I'd speak up.

No. 29686

(sage for semi off-topic)

Okay so there's been a shit ton of drama surrounding this post.

A couple of people have called out OP's bullshit, but then suddenly white knights appeared out of nowhere and are backpedaling and saying "it was just a joke!" and they're trying to make anybody who responded critically look like idiots.

But if you look at OP's blog and about page, you just know that's all bullshit (otherkin, neopronouns, anti truscum, etc.)

The retardation is actually warping my mind.

No. 29687

lmaoooo you people are sooooo fuckign disgusting, lynn is my bff and you ppl are gross to pick on sol like that
sol cant help it sols mentally ill ok?????? sols going to gte > and < mixed up
honestly < and > i hard anyway so i get why lynndid it
youu people are being so gross

No. 29688

lynn, please don't troll
this is a white cis heteronormative neurotypical safe space

No. 29689

This is embarassing.

No. 29690

I wouldn't call the types on here neurotypical

No. 29691

Tell us why you're typing EXACTLY like her.
And if someone did have that many mental illnesses, their parents would notice, even if they were neglectful or whatever shit she/you claim.
also you're the disgusting one, sweetie~ Coming on here just like every other site to call people disgusting and try to defend your(or your 'friends' if you're gonna continue attempting to play that angle) crappy actions.

No. 29692

according to their blog histories lynn/galaxyprincet and valtyn/histrionicmisa befriended each other when the former joined tumblr

No. 29693

< amd > aren't hard, you and her are just stupid as fuck. shut up

No. 29694

To be honest, Lynn reminds me of what the result would be if Eric Cartman and Tara Gilespie had a kid who became a tucute.

No. 29695

how dare you bring tara gilesbie into this

No. 29696

stfu ur just a pozr prep!!!11!111

No. 29697

> types like a retard
> genderspecial pronouns
> unnecessary question marks ????
> failing at primary school math
> "gross"

I just won at tumblr bingo!

No. 29698

File: 1441934150398.jpg (98.91 KB, 405x699, image.jpg)

This is something she reblogged. I have no words for how horrible that post is.

No. 29699

I'm officially convinced that most of Tumblr is just a network of the most elaborate trolls the internet has to offer. 11/10, I am truly impressed.

No. 29700

File: 1441939200904.png (4.1 KB, 432x90, GalaxyIffy.PNG)

Someone snuck past her defenses, apparently.

No. 29701

How the fuck can you diagnose anyone autism?
Seriously, i can understand depression but autism?

No. 29702

How can you stray so far from canon, just how??

No. 29703

File: 1441991346379.png (11.6 KB, 421x191, kaitlyn.png)

I think she fucked up here.

No. 29704

Congratulations! You win a toaster oven and all your privileges will be automatically checked for two months.

No. 29705

File: 1442009926010.png (9.14 KB, 421x68, tbwfw.png)

This shit makes me so angry.

No. 29706

I wish they did have everything they self diagnosed themselves with so they could feel the crippling weight of how terrible and glorifying it really is crush them and eventually kill them.

No. 29707

unglorifying* oops

No. 29708

File: 1442057873798.jpeg (3.49 KB, 315x101, images.jpeg)

1) Are they shy or otherwise awkward or uncomfortable around people?
2) Are they intelligent or good with computers?
If you answered yes to both (or on some cases even just one because fuck it) of the above, congratulations! You have e-diagnosed a person/character with autism! Here is your complementary armchair and pipe.

No. 29709

What the fuck does tbwfw mean? I tried google and got nothing but links to people on tumblr using it.

No. 29710

I am guessing purely from the screen shot: "that weird brain feel when"

No. 29711

She changed her URL to psychoticrin.

No. 29712

File: 1442114965400.png (27.64 KB, 417x375, whatintheholyfuck.png)

I want this on a shirt. I've never seen someone try this hard in my life.

No. 29713

You can literally go to Zazzle, upload that screenshot, and put it on a shirt.

No. 29714

> by harassing me you are harassing me

no shit.

No. 29715

File: 1442231077997.png (6.25 KB, 454x157, lmao.png)

its not homophobic because i put cis in front of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 29716

can you even have both autism and aspd

No. 29717

File: 1442233978424.png (18.98 KB, 508x181, 08_46.png)

No. 29718

File: 1442235915186.png (Spoiler Image, 1.46 MB, 1008x972, compilation.png)

A compilation of almost all of Lynn's triggers as listed here
(Spoiler because gore and huge image)

No. 29719

You'd think her liking anime would be cultural appropriation or something

No. 29720

There are people on Tumblr who actually think this

No. 29721

they hate u too

No. 29722

how can anyone have so many mental disorders/illnesses? seriously, if anyone really has all those, that person should be in a psychiatric hospital

No. 29723

The only mental disorder she really has is called "being 16".

No. 29724

So she doesn't wash her hands?

No. 29725

No. 29726

Sometimes I wonder if they really had the amount of mental illnesses they had, they would be complaining about how the NTs are holding th4m back by putting them in SPED courses

No. 32881

File: 1442446214093.jpg (70.56 KB, 524x405, image.jpg)

No. 32931

File: 1442462027742.jpg (73.81 KB, 435x715, image.jpg)

Lynn is currently throwing a temper tantrum over Chihiro's gender. What's new?

No. 32936

rofl Chihiro's a boy and nothing is going to change that. I actually like his story in the first game. fuck tumblr

No. 33628

Still sad she they haven't answered my asks yet. I'd love to fight her irl, not gonna lie.

No. 33742

What did you ask her, exactly?

No. 34030

I don't remember sadly

No. 35491

Has anyone doxed this bitch yet? I'm in the mood to notify her parents about her faggotry.

No. 35839

Dude, I'm autistic and she makes me want to lead the parade to the gallows.


No. 35841

Someone go to the Personal Army thread in 8chan's Baph and request it, bitches can dug all kind of contact information for less cringe than this.
Just show them the ed page and the screenshots from when she wanted to off herself and stuff, no need to explain too much.

No. 36252

Shouldn't Tumblr find Chihiro problematic? He's implying that woman=weak.

No. 36267

File: 1443102253737.png (20.2 KB, 522x393, transheadcanons.png)

What the shit. Someone just tell me she's trolling already.

If you're actually autistic then that would give you all the more reason to hate her.

No. 37667

File: 1443563378380.jpg (48.75 KB, 500x667, tumblr_nv95v0lGL71ua4zg7o1_500…)

This "hate" blog (http://genocider-shou.tumblr.com/) appeared in July and they just posted a selfie that looks a alot like Lynn, or maybe I am going crazy too lol?

No. 37695

File: 1443569591984.jpg (311.37 KB, 500x667, csi shit.jpg)

I think you might be onto something…it does resemble her. If it is her then LOL.

No. 37700

looks like her, but it can't be her.
things don't match up.
owner of that blog is 14 and acts nothing like lynn

No. 37713

Because lying about your age and changing your mannerisms is totally impossible.

No. 37730


Maybe I'm just being paranoid, but I'm starting to wonder if we have another PD situation on our hands here.

No. 37775

File: 1443593573962.jpg (74.25 KB, 475x356, a80c373c02a0f5a5315b381d8c74e9…)

No. 37819

Idiot semi-newfag here. What's a PD situation? I'm embarrassed for not knowing, but apparently I've missed out on some dramu.

No. 37834

No. 37846

Ahhhh of course, thanks. I kept thinking "PD" = "police department" and totally forgot about that thread.

No. 38052

genocider-shou seems to be a complete 180 of lynn (FTM, dysphoric, truscum, anti-sjw, etc.) Of course, "he" could just be an alter.

But the question is why?

No. 38060

Maybe she gets sick of trolling all the time and wants to express her true opinions

No. 40422

She changed her URL to @dpd-sayaka.

No. 41048

File: 1444522402167.png (9.16 KB, 427x118, sammyclassic.PNG)

He's still relevant?

No. 41125

Kid overcame his autism a while ago now and he kind of apologized for being a sperg, but what is this bitch doing defending the evil cis male??
I think we found her crush you guys…

No. 41725

File: 1444602510324.png (73.42 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2015-10-11-19-23-51…)

Now she's 1/4 Japanese. It's also in her about.
I wonder how Japanese people feel when white weeaboos saying they have Japanese blood too.

No. 41735

File: 1444602866348.png (6.34 KB, 588x133, troo.png)

No. 41841

Wait, didn't she say something like "Don't say kawaii you racist piece of shit…But I'm not Japanese so IDK"

No. 41870

No. 42752

File: 1444791844213.png (626.77 KB, 990x900, 2015-10-13 23_02_08-Sugoi Ques…)

Aren't those lines from Sugoi Quest For Kokoro?

No. 42762

Anon, what the fuck am I watching

No. 43005

holy fuck

No. 43007

File: 1444846567701.png (9.18 KB, 430x100, attention seeking tw.PNG)

We really don't want to hear about your periods.

No. 43010


hopefully nobody gives her attention and she off's herself

No. 48287

She changed her URL back to galaxyprincet.

No. 48300

I'm still pretty sure this is a troll blog and this only confirms it.

No. 48446

File: 1445655548942.jpg (214.95 KB, 1080x1119, IMG_20151024_045739.jpg)

Anon please

No. 54768

Hey guys, I was the one who made the princetofthegalaxy blog a few months ago when some people copied Lynn's blog's code. However, since I'm deleting the blog, I decided to make an archive of it. https://archive.is/mKy8s

No. 58901

confirmed dedicated troll, holy shit.

No. 60357

Reminds me of Asha

No. 70102

LOL submit this to her

No. 72838

File: 1450229413431.png (69.03 KB, 826x486, holy shit thius galax.png)

sorry to bring this back but the fun never fuckin ends

No. 72974

this has to be satire right… I refuse to believe an actual person would think like this

No. 73048

I had some kids call me out on Dumblr for saying stupid, so no, it's not satire. "Stupid" is apparently an ableist slur. I am an ableist for calling myself "stupid" for forgetting to save the drawing I was working on.

No. 73223

File: 1450311764719.jpeg (98.84 KB, 750x1000, image.jpeg)

She just admitted publicly to pissing all over her hands.

No. 73225

this person just made me so fucking uncomfortable holy shit.
their 'multiple system' page is literally an entire anime roleplay character page that you can find on neopets

No. 73226

Now this actually triggers me. Disgusting.

No. 74078

File: 1450650498155.png (10.9 KB, 349x71, Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 8.52…)

Next time she tries calling herself Japanese I wanna send this to her or her followers.
This is more annoying than the shit Ahripop pulls because she's exploiting real asian people and trying to act like some kind of martyr. I want her sjw friends to realize how racist and homophobic she actually is and turn on her

No. 74083

the fact that it isn't satire is the scariest thing. you can go on the blogs of the people she reblogs stuff from and they're just as fucking bad. i seriously can't wait for real life to slap her in the face so that she can hopefully stop being so pathetic and "triggered"

No. 74101

I'd say that I can't wait for her to grow up, but sadly I don't think someone with this calibre of autism is capable of it. I'm 28 and I've seen what these people are like when they're my age. It's really not much different from how they are as teenagers, in fact some of them get worse from the lack of social stimulation and peer pressure that they got through school.

No. 74311

File: 1450740731675.png (47.93 KB, 776x229, Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 3.45…)

God she's loony

No. 74312

File: 1450740760134.png (98.08 KB, 774x540, Screen Shot 2015-12-21 at 3.44…)

No. 74341

What a maniac. Apparently if you don't support calling people shit like "plant/plantself" then you deserve to die. WTF?

No. 74343

This can't be a real post.

No. 74344

Wow. fuck you. i don't even understand how that makes sense, but I guess if you aren't trans or less than 1% of the population, you're just shit.

No. 74363

>that entire post
>the fact 12 people seriously thought this was a real, honest, horrible act against her

Hugboxes are a fucking trip

No. 75255

File: 1451110048546.jpeg (28.79 KB, 750x315, image.jpeg)

What an ungrateful little cunt.

No. 75467

Boo fucking hoo

No. 75574

The thumbail on OP made me think the thread was about firebends, and it turns out that this girl has the same shitty opinions and attitude as firebends, it's like their kind is just a bunch of clones or something.

Oh my god so oppressed you guys!!1! How can children be so spoiled? Everytime people on tumblr complains about being poor and/or oppressed, 2 posts later they talk about things only a privileged and/or rich person (or someone with a job, which is almost never the case) can do or own. At least try to make your stories consistent, damn.

No. 75622

she… she's kidding, right?

No. 75791

I found this person through lynn, they're mutuals

this one is triggered by club penguin.
I can't tell what's real and what's fake

No. 75806

Not a troll
Trust me, I used to run around in sjw circles

No. 75820

File: 1451343365122.png (7.18 KB, 271x162, 91af43394a87fb773c0fc6ee6655f3…)

I figured it wasn't but then.. Club penguin

it seems like all these people just.. follow each other, reblog each others posts, and they all act the same. It's so creepy. the trolls and the nontrolls.. it's all the same

No. 75822

This person thinks that experiencing different emotions like anger or appreciation of nature means they must have "alters" that are "fronting" in their brain… They could at least admit that they are caught up in a virtual roleplay.

No. 75828

File: 1451343966171.jpg (208.87 KB, 682x600, laughing.jpg)

Not to mention this kid has an "alter" that they say has anorexia. So because once every couple weeks they lose their appetite they say that they have anorexia, but just on those days!

No. 75832

dont forget, one of them has bullimia!

No. 76397

My friend who's real deep into the sjw community was talking about how someone used the R slur, I'm not allowed to talk about retarding bread dough anymore

No. 76409

I have a friend deep into sjw and when we met I was too and she criticized me for it and now she's deeper in than I am (otherkin and is kin with only fictional characters)

No. 76683

File: 1451571535918.png (70.55 KB, 517x578, HMMMMM.PNG)

Ah yes, I was just about to post about her! To be honest, I looked at her blog and Lynn's blog (tbh I may now be blind because their blogs are so unreadable)

I found this little tidbit when reading her about page. And then I realised…

No. 76684

File: 1451571789724.png (45.28 KB, 669x395, hnmmmmm.PNG)

… That Lynn was also very identical!

Coincidence? Maybe. But knowing her it may just be another blog run by Lynn. Looking at her blog, she only just started 5 days ago. (Lynn started this year, 12th March)

Honestly I find it offensive when they say they are part Japanese because those who are part Japanese get discriminated a lot.

No. 76701

I'm starting to think it's a dedicated troll ever since she started lying about her ethnicities. It's quite obvious since she posted this gem >>29580 earlier and only mentioned being Native American and Irish.

Or maybe this SJW kid is really just dumb as fuck.

No. 76711

Everyone wants to be Japanese, though. When I was 16, I tried to convince everyone that I was 1/26th Jap even though I'm white af.

No. 77002

No. 77016

i believe you mean ONE HALF.

No. 77029

File: 1451743119469.jpeg (103.76 KB, 608x693, image.jpeg)

I can't even comprehend the stupidity of this…

No. 77042

>tfw i had my tumblrina phase not that long ago and actually understand what is being said here

No. 77167

Could you translate for me, Anon? Because I have no idea what that says.

No. 77190

Isn't it… cissexist or something to say sakura is a transgirl because shes big and muscular? That's kinda like saying someone born a girl can't possibly be strong and I thought it was wrong to think that. Tumblr being hypocritical is nothing new though.

No. 77191

File: 1451778315950.png (21.25 KB, 444x421, 95436.png)

Whoops, I just noticed the picture was different from the post she just reblogged (I was going by that)
Looks like she added some more.
Also, why do all these blogs have really tiny fonts? How dare they not consider those with bad eyesight?

No. 77194

what the fuck is even a dulcigirl? i just looked it up and nothing coemes up. if it's gotten to the point where they can pick any words they like without even having a definition then i'm yaoigender lol

No. 77241


Basically, it's an excuse for cis girls to call themselves trans.

No. 77270

this seriously sounds the spanish word 'dulce' which means sweet. This fucking gender is literally about being girly, but as an aesthetic. I cannot fucking believe.

No. 77326

File: 1451840925916.jpeg (73.1 KB, 1226x421, image.jpeg)

Lynn fails to realise that everyone shows some "autistic traits", even if they're allistic.

No. 80054

File: 1452645755517.png (4.79 KB, 427x121, DING DONG THE BITCH IS DEAD.pn…)


No. 87871

No. 88108

Nope, I have a mutual friend with them and can confirm that it isn't Lynn

No. 88210

Nope, just another person with a similar theme, same exact aversion to the name Nicole and a love for reblogging things from galaxyprincet…

No. 99129

File: 1456740906278.jpeg (19.53 KB, 750x283, image.jpeg)


No. 99282

so close…

No. 128078

No. 128079

File: 1462496994835.png (134.26 KB, 1034x479, Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 9.08…)


No. 128121

File: 1462516013168.png (31.72 KB, 542x230, Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 8.20…)

muh oppression

No. 128125

this is her current one http://riliane.god.jp/
if she doesn't want people to find it she should use different tags… found it by searching galaxias.mp3

No. 128163

Now she's also Chinese in addition to Japanese, lol.

I always thought they were being truthful about their ethnicity for more oppression points, especially the white-passing ones, but who knows how many other "SJW" Tumblr kids are actually lying about it.

No. 130060

File: 1463107535968.png (21.5 KB, 420x88, Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 6.45…)


No. 130843

File: 1463335730354.png (71.43 KB, 643x647, a shitty situation.PNG)

I have no words.

No. 130875

I'd believe she was an elaborate troll at this point.

No. 130914


Or she's taking the Amanda Baggs route and trying to prove that she's "totes autistic".

No. 130961

I imagine the fight as she throwing slaps at random one landing on the kid then the kid beating her to the ground.

No. 130993

I still think she's a troll. It's not really the shitting in your pants while you blog and not changing them but the whole package. She knows what she's doing.

No. 130995

You're probably right.

The "don't rb" thing is so odd too. Reblogging other people's posts is literally what Tumblr was made for in the first place, isn't it?

No. 130998

I agree. I'm still convinced this must be a shitty troll. I've seen other similar teenage special snowflake blogs but none of them sound as fake as this one.

>don't rb
No, this is really a thing on Tumblr for whatever reason.

No. 131007

there are people with entire bios/pages dedicated to 'don't follow me if's, so 'don't reblog' doesn't seem to be that weird anymore with that in mind.

No. 135113

File: 1464449212608.png (32 KB, 429x406, kimberly lost a friend today.p…)

Kimberly lost a friend today. If you go back to the beginning of galaxyprincet, even though histronicmisa was never a very active blog it's interesting how influential the latter was on the former. Holly basically introduced her to tumblr sjw fuckwittedness.

Also I only notice this because I'm autist-kun but does anyone else think it's really interesting how two girls born ~2000 both have names strongly associated with Gen X? 'Kimberly' peaked in 1967, 'Holly' in 1977.

No. 135123

File: 1464449857133.png (6.99 KB, 775x116, holly lolcow.png)

Holly also came to the defence of her friend at one point (and was accused of being Kimberly herself due to their extreme similarity)

No. 135124

File: 1464450042321.png (14.54 KB, 451x288, dulciboy.png)

Holly was also the one who invented 'dulcigender', again discussed earlier in the thread. She also invented 'dramatur', which failed to take off.

No. 135130

I think historinicmisa was a troll too. She was only 13/14 and ran away from her home (it was a trailer park iirc) and went across like two state lines to see one of her lil internet friends, then her sister posted on tumblrinaction asking for help finding her. Then histornicmisa made a bunch of posts about how much she hated her sister for that and it was a big shitshow.

What a mess.

No. 135132


Holly thought 200k a year was a middle-class income, I'm guessing she didn't grow up in a trailer park.

No. 135139

>I do blame Tumblr, or more specifically the ‘tucute’ and ‘social justice warrior’ cultures here, for her suicide. She was hurting, and it gave her an outlet that egged that on and convinced her to hurt more. It taught her she was nothing but labels when I spent her life trying to convince her she was so much more.


No. 135149

According to the memorial site Holly ran away to be with her girlfriend who was at most 10/11 at the time? So either a predatory teenager or an elaborate troll, I'd prefer if it was the latter.

No. 135151

File: 1464456448429.png (11.48 KB, 443x215, rory carmen.png)

Her girlfriend never used Tumblr much but is 11 from her birthdate. It was a bit controversial when it first happened.

No. 135156

File: 1464457099783.png (8.16 KB, 428x102, obese.png)

Even worse than her friend killing herself, Kimberly is being forced on a diet. She's 5'5" and 190 pounds, or a BMI of 31.6, but believes she isn't fat. In her defence, half of Tumblr probably thinks she still has thin privilege.

No. 135188

Either she's baiting or her mum asked her to spend less time on her computer and more time outside in the real world.

No. 138441

File: 1465442459682.jpeg (30.96 KB, 750x312, image.jpeg)

She fails to recognise the irony. Also, she changed her URL to borderlinehiyoko.

No. 139658

File: 1465867384147.png (37.92 KB, 426x896, CxAfBie.png)

>lolcow.farm mention tw

No. 139745

File: 1465897704969.png (13.33 KB, 921x75, kimberp.png)

Kimberly is a troll. Pic related, it's her IP address – she claims to live on the opposite coast.

No. 139749

Obviously. I can't believe this thread has been up for almost a year and nobody realized that. A bad troll at that.

No. 139869

Kimberly is probably her """"""""abusive"""""""" mum's name as stated in >>139658. But that could be a lie.

No. 139872

Clever, clever. I applaud thee, o mighty troll.

No. 141251

Her friend nnikans came out as a troll. https://archive.is/MjmJP

No. 141814

No. 144485

She's done that how many times, now? (Spoiler alert: It failed.)

No. 144490

This thread is now banned. Anyone who tries to recreate it, asks me to re-allow it, or mentions the thread subject(s) in other threads will be permanently banned.

You may make a few final remarks or arrange an off-site location in >>>/manure/1924. That thread will be locked on June 22.

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