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File: 1492489990443.jpeg (161.83 KB, 1280x720, image.jpeg)

No. 293745

This is a thread where you can talk about your frustrations with these ~BODEH POSITIVETAY uwu~ "activists" taking over social media to promote obesity under the guise of "making the world a better place".

Everything they do is for attention. They don't understand ANYTHING basic about fitness and healthy weight.

Post your favorite obnoxious attention-seeking special snowflakes or obvious food obsessed fat fucks.

No. 293748

Post your favorites, examples???

No. 293750

yungdaggerchick and her even fatter sjw girlfriend peachterps on instagram oh man i dont even want to screenshot cuz i bet they lurk here and would love the attention

No. 293751

File: 1492490955591.png (132.72 KB, 640x960, image.png)

You can post "body positive "people that lolcow already know, like Jillian (@Pixieelocks) or really fat people like Suzy or Amberlynn, and how they act.

or you could talk about annoying nobodies like pic related whose page is full of obese and overweight people.

or just talk about the HAES/fat acceptance/body positivity "movement in general", like opinions or experiences.

No. 293753

File: 1492491070885.png (1.15 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_2218.PNG)

dat tiny head

No. 293759


shit. that's a legit fridge body

No. 293793

We already have a HAES thread, I think it's in /ot/
Did you even try?

No. 293915

Sorry, I only use snow.

No. 293975


Well, here's an oportunity to get out of your little bubble and discover everything else lolcow has to offer.

All the links to the other sections are located at the top of the page for easy access.

No. 294093

File: 1492546514395.png (3.38 MB, 1255x3994, 3KPZDzs.png)

I always liked this comic.

No. 295509

File: 1492733290320.png (1.11 MB, 1214x850, inspiring.png)

No. 295513

This really doesn't belong here, as she looks pretty attractive in either picture.

No. 295536

Her face and hair are nice but she's got nothing going for her in her after picture. Super unflattering pose, and she's overweight. Pretty girl for sure, but she's definitely not a stunner with a body like that.

No. 295539


>but she's definitely not a stunner with a body like that.


No. 295542

File: 1492735618435.png (1.1 MB, 768x768, vom.png)

You're trolling, right? She's a full-on butter golem in the after picture. Are you a fatty, too?

No. 295547

Are you missing the whole concept of the thread?

No. 295549

go back to fph

No. 295551

I don't browse there; too many Trump cock suckers for my taste, but I digress.

Lose some weight if I triggered you. The girl in the after pic is being praised for looking beautiful and confident, but she's clearly overweight and unhealthy. She was at a normal weight before. I'm glad if she overcame some anxiety regarding food and eating, but it doesn't excuse being a fatty. Which she is.

No. 295553

>Super unflattering pose
Which is just about it, anon.
NOBODY looks good with that sitting, hunched over pose. Even an ana chan would have a tum with that shit.
I'm failing to see how this is HAES tier. Seems more like you're triggered by the commentor saying she's "inspiring" which is something nice people on the book tend to do regardless.

Post some real obeasts and not average people.

No. 295563

Unflattering pose, but doesn't change the fact she's fat

No. 295567

Alright then anon. Carry on with posting your average, hygienic, happy albeit fat non-snowflakes and don't bother with any more actual delusional hams who far more straightforwardly support HAES but also show how perfectly wrong it is.

But why is this even in /snow/ and why aren't you posting in the thread in /ot/…

No. 295572

My favourites are the body positives who have height requirements on the guys they date but get super offended when you ask about their weight. Hypocrites much?

No. 295580

i'm sorry that you're fat

No. 295608

Kinda with this anon. She is overweight but not worthy enough to be in a "body positivity/HAES" thread when there are way more worthy candidates out there. Try harder. Why does this thread even exist? Oh yeah, snow hobbity-hole OP.

No. 295616

if she came from an ED and has the confidence to rock a bikini, and post a picture of her in an unflattering pose I am so happy for her. And she's inspiring other people, too. That's awesome. Why are you shitting on this person? Obesity is unhealthy (although she looks overweight not obese, that's a plus!) but I'm totally okay with women being happy in their own skin and being able to wear whatever clothes they want. As long as they aren't shitting on people who look differently. Although obviously, I'd rather everyone (even ana chans) be at a healthy weight but what can you do?

No. 295658

Are you the same person that rudely responded to me when you said that there was already a threat like this in op? Still mad that I'm not interested in dedicating my whole time to keep up w/ a thousand threads? If you're really that irritated then I could just delete the thread, sweetie. Or you guys could just stop bumping it, because you all aren't really contributing anyway, but I'll delete it.

No. 295661

not the anon you're replying to but you can't delete the thread anyway.

No. 295663

Well, can't I do something if you're gonna be all anal about it? Because if not then just don't bump the thread, it'll become more irrelevant later if nobody replies.

No. 295678

What I really hate is when fat peopke are all like: be yourself, it's ok to be fat, overweight is beautiful, I'm heathy already,I eat what want and you should too.

No just stop. It's potentially wrecking your body and your health

No. 295688

'Don't criticise bodies in a thread for pointing out how bullshit body positivity is!'
Fph is filled with self hating fatties anyway. Sorry you think disgusting bodies are normal or that taxpayers should fork out when these heifers feet start rotting off.

No. 295786

Not same anon. I love the HAES threads. I love stuff about Rosie and her ilk. Just thought that example sucked. Take your tampon out.

No. 295869

Moved to >>>/ot/187680.

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