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File: 1500299494906.png (456.73 KB, 500x473, tumblr_n8seryO4fG1rtqan1o1_500…)

No. 354019

you know your jessicas, your momos, and your generally bad cosplayers–this is the place for them!

-jessica isn't milky enough for her own thread, and so she goes here.

-rachniqueen is still doing piss-poor wigs and half-assed 'boudoir'.

-meg is doing (attempting) playboy.

(feel free to have me delete if this isn't a good enough opening post by the way, not sure how to set it up with this subject matter).

No. 354026

Going to keep it vague because I actually like most of SF/RT, but while at a con I overheard some people who have worked with her before talk about Meg and how she was a disaster to work with. They mentioned how she would constantly try to hog the spotlight from other girls and put them down in the process, and I honestly am not surprised. She seems very up her own ass, and I wouldn't be surprised if this was the real reason she left/was fired and they just say the boudoir stuff did it in order to save some face both on the company side and on her own.

Sage because I wasn't able to hear any clear details, and Meg is mostly irrelevant compared to some other milkier cosplayers

No. 354039

Goddamn op can you remake this thread this picture sucks. Put amouranth, rachniqueen ANY new blood cosplayers. You're so goddamn lazy

Like see the old op picture? That shit took like 10 minutes of effort delete this and make a better thread

No. 354040

Be happy I made the thread in the first place or make your own. How do you expect me to make a collage on my phone? I don't want these hags filling up my gallery.

No. 354042

Plus anon, it's past the deadline to delete the post from what I understand.

No. 354044

You can download a collage app, download each picture you want, and then delete them all later

But whatever. Use a PULLtier picture of a washed up cow to discuss new cosplay drama. Your choice

No. 354046

Pal, I don't think the picture really matters that much. I'm sorry if Nigri's face was a bit too much for you, maybe I should have spoilered it.

No. 354066

File: 1500305583291.jpg (103.61 KB, 1200x800, DOPln1X.jpg)

Bunch of Alison Rapp


No. 354117

File: 1500310775078.png (1.65 MB, 942x1180, Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 12.5…)

rachniqueen's make-up always bothers me–it's like she does the same thing for every costume and it STILL looks like shit.

No. 354159

File: 1500318216482.jpg (57.21 KB, 450x587, IMG_0438.JPG)

The makeup is always terrible and the piercings are always the first thing my eyes go to. So terrible. Idk what the piercings are called besides her septum but pic related is what they remind me of.

No. 354166

How about lemon.bell? She doesn't make her own costumes and doesn't give credit to the creators. I hate the trend of cosplay girls being spiderman gwen or whatever that shit is

No. 354187

she wouldn't ever go that far–she thinks tattoos are trashy.

No. 354194

Not only is her makeup/wig a mess. What is going on with those nails? They're all different lengths. Also, Topkek at her middle nail being caked with dorito dust.

I think the top ones are a Monroe/Crawford style piercings. I don't know if I've ever seen anyone who is actually cute pull these off, it's always trailer trash looking girls who seem to have these. Not flattering or cute imho.

Funny as she has some of the trashiest style of piercings with the most basic jewelry in, every. damn. time.

No. 354221

She really doesn't know how to use liquid eyeliner and should try using gel eyeliner. It's so much easier to apply, especially if you have shaky hands.

No. 354270

Gotta beat that dorito mtn dew D.Va meme joke into the ground!! But it was probably unintentional this time, otherwise it would have been crammed into the photo.
That headset is hideous, though.

No. 354273

THAT'S Alison Rapp? She looks totally unrecognizable, like as if she shooped her face until she transformed into a whole different person.

No. 354291

I'm confused by Tenleid's body lately. She seems to vary in size for every pic set.

No. 354298

Oh wow I remember the whole Alison escort thing. That was a fun reveal.

No. 354309

File: 1500335523398.jpg (Spoiler Image, 45.32 KB, 600x906, YB38Uac.jpg)

I wonder if anyone ever paid to fuck her.

I doubt it.

No. 354330

Being from CGLs "golden days" where there was just mass tripfagging, I recently found out that Tenleid and Matt had a really bad break up a year or so ago?

At first I thought she was an okay cosplayer but then she kept doing everything she could to go the camgirl, body flaunting, half naked route and just lost interest. Her also starting to date Matt made her ego puff.

No. 354347

Before the tripfagging she seemed to be a decent upcoming cosplayer in my area. She never got attention at cons due to slight butterface but she wasn't half naked either.

Now that I look at the dates of those cons, I'm shocked that it was like 7 years ago. Unfortunate that she's now begging for patreons and attention everywhere since she did seem skilled back then.

No. 354369

Is tenleid trans? Her voice does not match her appearance.

No. 354380

It is really masculine and reminds me of a lot of f2m's I've heard. They seem really, really flat at 6:08. They clearly pad themselves even under a normal shirt.

No. 354417

File: 1500349642454.png (1.33 MB, 1850x882, Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 11.4…)

rachniqueen could be so pretty if she just took that shit out of her face–the piercings just don't fit her, her face is way too small to look right with them. even in this photo, with her make-up done well, she looks haggard.

No. 354433

File: 1500352103139.png (1.54 MB, 928x1052, Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 12.2…)

What is with these half-assed cosplayers doing patreons? I don't normally mind people using patreon as a money-making gig, but this chick has a toddler and she's posting this online. Not only that, but she essentially forgets about her kid until a new 'cute mother/daughter' cosplay arrives.
Cosplayer is Ayuminini by the way–pretends she's Japanese like most 'uwu gamer girls'.


No. 354441

> makeup well done

She has literally no makeup on except some ugly Claire's color eyeshadow what are you talking about anon

No. 354443

Well-done meaning she isn't caking on foundation and poorly drawing on eyeliner, bud.

No. 354456

I think this girl is cute :c but yeah her cosplay are shite

No. 354458

I mean, most of it is:
-fake hair
-fake eyes
-fake contours
-push-up bras

I guess she's cute if you overlook that and her personality though.

No. 354460

also, what is with the fad of patreon lewds always being taken in obviously unmatching bedrooms or hotel rooms? momo and rachniqueen both do it too.

No. 354480

Almost every new cosplayer I've come across has a patreon now it's crazy. Everyone has that fantasy of making good money from self employment and just by being pretty, taking photos in underwear or costumes. It's easy to start one and easy to start taking more seriously if more people join.
I wonder how much thought into the future a lot of these chicks put into their content. Everywhere I've seen that recruits nude models suggests that you have no obligations that would cause you to regret your released nudes mainly including family or employment.
I know not everyone is close with their immediate family but I can't imagine a lot of these people go totally under the radar making money from being naked/doing basically cam whoring. The sex work you've done will always be online somewhere. I think the paywall of patron gives some people a false sense of control and that they can delete these things whenever they want. I see people posting paid content from cosplayers on Reddit/4chan with their real names alongside their stage names all of the time. There are people who will remember that and what you've done.
Do places of employment really care all that much?
Sorry if this seems like a chimp out but the thought of doing shit like this for the sake of taking monetary advantage of a fad and having it haunt my future is reason enough that I don't do it. I would only do it if I planned on staying in that field of work until retirement age, and that almost never happens with anyone.
Would you lewd or would you not lewd? Do these things matter that much anymore?
>sage for basically blogpost

No. 354488

>Do places of employment really care all that much?

I'm idly curious about that as well. On one hand, there seem to be more and more people who consider discriminating on someone because of stuff like that some form of sexism and some people would no doubt try and sue someone who didn't hire them because they showed their tits. On the other hand, how are you going to even find out you weren't hired because there are terabytes of nudes of you out there? Anyone with half a brain is going to do a background check on a prospective employer, find stuff out and quietly just drop the applicant.

And really, would you blame a company if they didn't want to deal with someone with such a past?

This is a recent enough development, so I don't think it would be easy to come across anyone who has had to do the transition from selling cosplay pics or tit-whoring on Twitch to find a job in an office, but I'd be curious to know if it's even possible. The two offices I've been at both did background checks and they were fairly strict on security so anyone who babbled a lot about stuff, for example, would be an instant write-off. I would imagine that most of the cows like Kelly Jean, Momoo and Margot (if she ever wanted to find a real job, mind) would not be considered for an interview, even.

In the end: people like Nigri are probably rich enough to not need to work in the future. I'm curious about all the copycats who followed the dream and just made enough to have a bit of savings and not enough to retire on. Will they just regret it and be fucked for life?

No. 354538

Sage for no contribution, but most places don't actually care unless you're literally screaming it from the rooftops, using your real name, and linking it to the company. Many companies actually have policies against talking about them online if you work there so if you aren't a dumbass like Moomoo for instance, there wouldn't be much to worry about in the first place.

No. 354550

Apparently she had one poor score on her Maria Mint page so possibly, unless it was somebody doing it for a joke. There was one good one as well but that was probably Jake.

I don't think she did even if somebody approached her since her idea of being a prostitute is insanely idealised.

No. 354610

after nigri's face goes (y'know, more than fillers and lifters can help), she's going to need to get a real-world job. Shit, the only reason Yaya isn't jobless is because she's selling cheaply make cosplay props to idiots who will spends TONS on them.

People who are 'cosplay famous' now, probably won't be for their whole live's.

No. 354625

yaya branched out in to fabrics and patterns as well so she makes cash off of that and from what I can see the cosplay fabrics line just keeps expanding. But even so its only a matter of time before other brands put out cosplay fabrics. Just like with the pokemon GO trainer pattern she made and then just a few months later that other girl made one for the different company. Nothing is unique in cosplay so in order to be employeed by it I would think you have to stay ahead of the curve.

Really the real money in it I would think is for people who do prop builds and stuff, but those guys dont cosplay themselves.

Basing your career off your looks only will never work because age eventually catches up lol

No. 354880

File: 1500413106405.png (288.07 KB, 720x503, Screenshot_2017-07-18-17-22-55…)

Niglet is really scraping the bottom of the barrel here, check out her new instavideo

No. 354882

File: 1500413152640.png (272.15 KB, 720x508, Screenshot_2017-07-18-17-22-53…)

People are already getting bored of her shaking her plastic sacks

No. 354897

She's honestly fighting to stay relevant.

No. 354957

cashing in on the fidget spinners on boobs trend huh? seems desperate.

No. 355000

Time to flag her newest video as mature content. This worked last time. Mature content can't be monetized on youtube and she will recieve a small strike. If she gets enough of these videos flagged, she can lose all money on her youtube channel. Takes only a sec to flag.

No. 355013

I can't imagine this girls making much. Homegirl needs a day job. She looks like a very handsome man.

In case you all want to see their stuff there's a subreddit reddit.com/r/patreongirls that posts all their cringe half-assed sets.

No. 355047


>Do places of employment really care all that much?

Depends what job, industry and what company. The top employers in the world use third party vendors to run intensive background checks on applicants after they are given an offer. They will not bother to hire people with red flags and may be a possible risk to their reputation in the future.

>In the end: people like Nigri are probably rich enough to not need to work in the future. I'm curious about all the copycats who followed the dream and just made enough to have a bit of savings and not enough to retire on. Will they just regret it and be fucked for life?

I don't know how much Nigri makes but she can't do this forever. Just like the smaller scale camwhores. I also don't see her lifestyle scaling down by choice to make it so that she doesn't need to work in the future. As >>354610 said her body is starting to cost more to upkeep.

In a few years she will be on the verge of finding an alternate source of income. It won't be a regular job, it will be a string of finding more niches to weasel into until neckbeard money completely runs out.

No. 355097

I didn't see their sets anywhere, but yes I don't believe she has an actual job besides cosplaying.

No. 355109

Uh I wasn't referring to her specifically but that's kind of sad she's not on that sub. Even betas have standards I suppose

No. 355111

"In case you all want to see their stuff there's a subreddit reddit.com/r/patreongirls that posts all their cringe half-assed sets"

definitely sounds like you were referring to her, but alright.

No. 355127

No. 355130

If I was teferring to her specifically I would have said her stuff not their stuff

But jesus way to nitpick

No. 355141

Not nitpicking, just making a point.

She's cringy, but she ain't ugly.

No. 355201

It is nitpicking. If you were making a valid point you would literally not have to sage. Please just stay on topic and talk about relevant shit or don't talk at all.

So Amouranth looks really old. I feel as though she is older than she says she is. I mean her content mostly caters to 13 year old boys (see video where she goes on tinder dates in her Tracer cosplay to "troll" them. So I understand why she tries to look super young. Because of this video though a lot of betas think she's a certified bully kek

No. 355247

The usual people waiting on Jessica

It's pretty annoying how she always has to be the center of attention. The other cosplayers were great

No. 355248

Zonbi seems like the only one with talent in this group

No. 355289

File: 1500473546775.png (1.79 MB, 1166x1188, uniporn.png)

stay tuned for the next boudoir shoot. also is there any proof that the girl she does lewds with is 17? i don't want to post her if so and get banned.

No. 355291

lmao imagine how pissed off they must have been to go on a date and she's in full cosplay.

No. 355556

that dab was painful to watch

No. 356333

File: 1500583305516.png (695.74 KB, 524x775, sigh.png)

Have cosplayers totally stopped giving a fuck about covering their shoop tracks?

No. 356338

File: 1500584575284.png (931.26 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-07-20-16-57-42…)

Niglet playing mall santa

No. 356509

File: 1500608682683.jpg (61.36 KB, 720x960, irlcakeface.jpg)

>she ain't ugly
how can you tell under 5 pounds of makeup?
she's just another cake face, the only problem is she's also a shit nigri-tier cosplayer

No. 356512

File: 1500608855612.png (1.73 MB, 944x1186, Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 11.4…)

ugh, in natural light i can see what you mean. it makes her look older. i'm also very confused as to what make-up look rachniqueen is going for with this "goldeen" cosplay. (also is this the girl who she does boudoir with? if so i'll delete the post because i've heard she's underage but i don't know if this is her or not.)

No. 356520

I dont understand that cosplay at all. Her makeup is almost scary, who posts this? She should watch a few tutorials

No. 356522

i think what concerns me is how high-up her eyes appear.

No. 356525

File: 1500609813908.png (1.3 MB, 1166x1168, rachni.png)

that's just her face, even without make-up she looks like someone who got cheap-cheek fillers.

also some side milk for her that probably isn't great:

literally went through middle and high school pretending that her mom was japanese and that her real name was "kinju". would get extremely angry with people if they called her by her actual name.

No. 356528

File: 1500610006790.jpg (134.37 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

normally im not the biggest fan of this style of makeup, but i think it would suit her and help fix her strange eye placement. it's OTT but good for cosplay compared to… that

No. 356533

i agree–something to kind of help make her eyes a little bit bigger. it's a shame, i'm sure she could really be pretty if she tried, but from what i've seen at conventions and in person, she's a total twat when it comes to personality.

No. 356537

I supposed I was expecting a kind personality because she has that kind of strange ugly but sweet look on her face, how do you know her? if only someone would help her, I hate seeing so many girls like this. every internet weeb girl seems to have become a twat at this point

No. 356546

I'm sure it looks as shit irl as anyone else's.
It's the shoop and filtering that's helping it.

No. 356547

I've been to many cons that she's gone to and also have known her personally. I don't want to say much more though because I don't want her having any idea of who this is.

Sadly, it's not like she's 'become' a twat–she was like that at the very beginning when I met her, and she's always had a "holier than thou" attitude. I'd make a thread for her, but besides shit that she does in person, she really doesn't have enough milk to warrant her own thread.

No. 356566

File: 1500612033934.png (212.28 KB, 749x1086, IMG_9966.PNG)

Speaking of, did Tenleid get implants? She's been open about the tricks she uses to fake big boobs but this just seems impossible. Just surprised she wouldn't be transparent about it I guess.

No. 356577

they look like more of an ill-fitting bra situation, but i can't be too sure.

No. 356583

File: 1500612966301.png (151.7 KB, 750x1050, IMG_9967.PNG)

Even with pading and every thing though, I don't think you could fake that.

No. 356613

Looks like some weight gain honestly? Because they squish and don't stick out/sit on her chest like lumps like implants do

No. 356688

Have yall seen this video yet? https://youtu.be/MnsGYD0w2ZU
I'm surprised this came from a well known cosplayer tbh. Girl has some balls.

No. 356758

Shady as fuck!

Isn't momo trying to kiss her ass atm?

No. 356795

This is the best thing I've seen in a while.

No. 356880

"I'm not like those other girls!!! P-please praise me"

No. 357157

File: 1500674069310.jpg (799.55 KB, 2048x1368, 6d2TO0B.jpg)

Turney released a BB8 pack. I would like to see her try and be lazier than these

No. 357174

I don't understand this attitude. You spend all day criticizing these patreon hoes on a private forum but when someone has the balls to do it publicly, you criticize them too?

No. 357176

File: 1500676526832.jpg (32.16 KB, 275x254, IMG_6849.JPG)

No. 357178

This was fantastic. I like how she went for Youtube Beauty Vloggers and your typical male Twitch Streamer.

No. 357190

Just came off as begging for attention.

No. 357263

File: 1500687330096.jpg (54.65 KB, 958x742, FB_IMG_1500687172255.jpg)

From her boudoir Tharja

No. 357266

what the fuck is going on with her face

No. 357267

she couldn't even find a location that wasn't her shitty bedroom? christ she can't pay someone to photoshop her into a proper background. ugh

No. 357326

File: 1500694084600.png (1.78 MB, 1188x1178, Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 11.2…)

and people pay for this shit? she couldn't be bothered to at least clean up a bit?

featured image: B A D W I G

No. 357386

They let her do whatever she wants so they can get exposure from the inevitable kotaku article written about the latest Nigri group.
Nigri could be anywhere in that lineup and still look like she's the center of attention tbh. She always sticks out the most.

No. 357497

File: 1500737182396.png (56.8 KB, 640x391, IMG_3345.PNG)

Lol "I post photos in my underwear online for money but if you call me sexy I'm going to block you"

No. 357509

File: 1500739596137.png (1.38 MB, 930x1172, rachni2.png)

"don't call me sexy!!!"

it's really not hard when you've got the body of a plank. normal people don't find that sexy, neckbeards do.

No. 357532

It's not like she could have made this set much cuter, but she could have made it much higher quality. The room looks so dusty and dirty, her posing is stiff and awkward, and her faces are just.. unfortunate. I wouldn't like her even if she took out the piercings, but it'd be an improvement.

No. 357551

I would be severely disappointed if I pledged to someone's patreon and THIS is the quality I get.

No. 357728

Holy moly she looks like a trap from Thailand

No. 357853

File: 1500775686974.png (867.16 KB, 894x730, Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 10.0…)

I don't play Overwatch, but I'm pretty sure McCree's hair isn't a fading ombre. Don't consider yourself a 'professional cosplayer' if you can't buy a fucking wig.

No. 357854

also note that bad photoshop to soften the face.

No. 357856

I own those same leggings from Amazon lmao

>that dinky airsoft/watergun revolver

No. 357876

Yazy abuses the fuck out of photoshop. Blurry boob edge with disappearing bikini string.

No. 357878

File: 1500777371417.png (215.4 KB, 467x960, 20272221_10211518477891025_552…)

Forgot to attach image.

No. 357885

File: 1500777914701.jpg (2.78 MB, 1080x537, disappearinghips.jpg)

I wonder if Yazy really thinks the way she photoshops her body is believable. Where did the hips and tiny waist go in her Anne when these were posted only a few weeks apart on her Instagram?

No. 357892

File: 1500778404387.jpg (664.96 KB, 487x467, lol.jpg)

Another terribad shoop. Sweet wiggly buildings.

No. 357893

People need to stop posting irrelevant nobodies like her and metal face, all you're doing is making them more know. Stick to the big offenders.

No. 357894

lmao this thread is for people who don't have enough milk for their own threads. if you want momokun or someone "big" then go somewhere else.

No. 358142

The comments on GameSpot's video for this is absolute gold. People actually making valid criticisms and white-knights wrestling and crying for "positivity"

No. 358143

I fucking love Lyz for this.

No. 358166

It saddens me people still think nigri makes her own cosplays

No. 358196

File: 1500820933435.png (852.58 KB, 720x908, Xdxd.png)

Xdxdxd i'm so spunky!

Very disappointed that her panties and tits are not plastered all over this costume. Common Niglet.

No. 358208

Jesus Christ.

No. 358216

no ketchup? no thank you.

No. 358231

>I recently found out that Tenleid and Matt had a really bad break up a year or so ago

What happened? I figured those two idiots were perfect for each other would stay together forever.

No. 358419

He cheated on her a few times and she came out saying he was abusive. We're not Facebook friends anymore so I can't find the post about it. She's dating some YouTube guy now.

No. 358500

Just how much does Jnig tan? Her skin is as dark as that dude's behind her. It's really no wonder her face is looking leathery as of late.

No. 359392

I'm so random and hilarious and I don't care what anyone thinks! Look at me in this silly hotdog costume!
Still wearing paintrolled on makeup and false lashes.

No. 359566

I know them both personally and yes the girl she posts Boudoir stuff with just turned 17

No. 359759

I know them both personally too, sad to see that she hasn't changed in…god, 5 or 6 years. isn't it illegal for her to be posting shit like that online with her if she isn't 18? or no since it's 'patreon'. idk if she actually poses with the girl on patreon or not but i'm not wasting my money to find out.

No. 359895

Yeah, she posts the stuff with Gillian on Patreon. It's disgusting. SHE'S A FUCKING CHILD.

No. 360900

File: 1501082809991.jpg (234.74 KB, 1348x2048, DFnaI_LXkAAMj9h.jpg)

This is a thing that I've been wondering about for a while: I know Tabitha Lyons has tape on her nipples when she does these body paint streams, but isn't it at least a bit uncomfortable to have your dad paint over your boobs as well?

No. 360965

Her dad paints her??

No. 361159

Nah riot Rogers is an incredibly talented seamstress

No. 361167

File: 1501104494922.png (308.89 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170726-222538.png)

Yeah its weird, the bottom comment on her dva paint is weird.
Shes clearly open with her father but ive tuned into her streams while her father is paiting her breasts and shes openly talking about sex and how much she loves it. Just doesnt sit right with me.

No. 361172

File: 1501105261087.gif (156.92 KB, 324x358, tenor.gif)

>ive tuned into her streams while her father is paiting her breasts and shes openly talking about sex and how much she loves it

No. 361212

I can't stand her, pretty sure its her step dad, she gets everything funded by her dad, at the same time she puts him on Judge Rinder for not selling a dragon

No. 361422

File: 1501133455600.jpg (Spoiler Image, 129.43 KB, 675x1200, blehhhhhhh.jpg)

I can't say I really have a good reason for my dislike of Stephanie Michelle other than the fact that I've been seeing her nasty botched tits everywhere lately.
I think she gets fatter every time I see her.

No. 361791

File: 1501190847663.jpg (211.27 KB, 2000x1587, IMG_20170727_172153.jpg)

Came across this mess today. 10k followers on Twitter, sucks up to the patreon girls a lot. She's just a sub par chubby girl who buys cheap eBay costumes. I get so autism triggered by these girls who put fake "censors" on pics

No. 361793

File: 1501190896357.png (769.71 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170727-172036.png)

Her ego is also huge. This is how she responded to a fan (and SHE posted it..?)

No. 361810

File: 1501191707463.png (2.64 MB, 1440x1990, 20170723_105900.png)

Speaking of gross and irrelevant. I almost screamed looking at the… "dress" tied around her arm Her only milk seems to be her delusions that she looks great in the shittiest clothing she heaves herself into, while pandering to the lowest of betas.

No. 361825

>sucks up to the patreon girls

Who are "the patreon girls"? Do you mean every chick on patreon or a specific group?

No. 361832

Who cares? Are you that person she replied to coming here to talk shit? This girl has nothing worth talking anout aside from being a chubby cosplayer.

No. 361922

this is a pretty bad shot and u can literally see thru the dragon ball to see that it is censoring really nothing lmao. besides bad cosplay tho does she actually do milky shit? agree with >>361832 sounds a little like personal vendetta
she's irrelevant

No. 362396

File: 1501269085367.png (160.34 KB, 750x1061, IMG_0505.PNG)

They will use emojis or whatever to "censor" parts of themselves in photos to make it seem more lewd.
There seems to be a mutual agreement that it can be a bit scamy. Amouranth does this all the time. You can literally see the swimsuit straps you fuckin twat what is the point???
I think she has way too much popularity for being a proven shitty person and to repetitively disappoint her patreon subscribers with whatever "lewd" set she's doing. I don't know how those stupid neck beards haven't learned already. For that reason I can't exactly blame her for taking advantage of stupid people.

No. 362433

File: 1501272199601.jpg (28.27 KB, 539x960, yazy.jpg)

why do people pay her for bad photoshop

No. 362439

I hate when these cosplay girls (or any girls who participate in "photoshoots", or post pictures at all tbh) have nasty, dirty nails.

I would make sure my nails were done nicely for each photoshoot, but if not, I'd at least cut and file them and make sure I didn't have remnants of old chipped polish and gross dirt under them. ugh.

No. 362442

yup. either that or it's "Kinky Waifu" herself selfposting and using that obviously fake email exchange as a way to show how ~headstrong and tough~ she is. who else would post her? she's a nobody

No. 362480

She's such a huge scammer and fame whore though. Look at her shameless hashtag abuse on IG

No. 362525

One of my friends shared her Tracer cosplay awhile ago and she found the share and only responded to people calling her pretty, lmao

No. 362546

While I agree, she's only in this group bc of who she's with.

No. 362664

Don't get me started on Amouranth. One of the shittiest people I've ever met. A huge entitled bitch who thinks her masculine ass face is attractive. Not only does she scam on Instagram, she purposely puts her twitch streams in the wrong category to get more hits. She's gotten in trouble for it but always PUBLICLY defends herself saying "Do they know who I am? There lucky to have a famous cosplayer on their site" LOL

No. 362789

She's kind of surviving the same way as Moomoo. A lot of people hate her but she has a strong following of neck beards that will stay loyal no matter what.
She looks a bit old and kind of strung out. I don't get the appeal when you have to deal with all of her other shit.

No. 362965

Her neckbeard fans are even more delusional than Moos or Nigris

No. 363016

File: 1501351474037.jpg (8.01 MB, 6016x4016, DSC_3953.JPG)

>I would like to see her try and be lazier than these


No. 363017

File: 1501351662132.jpg (6.28 MB, 3012x4512, DSC_3833.jpg)

this one is even better.

no cosplay at all. just her butt.

No. 363020

I dont like her but this is a nitpick. She can do regular modeling as well as cosplay.

No. 363022

…that's actually vile.

No. 363082

You can report her, you know

No. 363163

File: 1501371795384.png (618.36 KB, 481x600, meg turney.png)

You would think between the money Meg is making and what Gavin's making, she could afford better wigs and higher quality costumes…

No. 363819

i personally don't feel like even going on to her patreon to report her, and gillian is almost 18 so i highly doubt they'll remove her.

No. 364064

File: 1501522645354.png (605.92 KB, 470x588, shitdva.png)

This image is making me cringe so hard, what the fuck is wrong with her face? The shoop makes it 100x worse as well.

She didn't even make any of this, it was a gift from Lisa Lou Who, kek.

No. 364066

Her expression looks like she sniffed a fart.

No. 364224


sniffing her own fart.

No. 364244

She actually is a junior is highschool who just turned 17 she's not nearly almost 18.

No. 364298

Darshelle has no idea how to be sexy. Her videos on IG are so bad

No. 364497

File: 1501577033027.jpg (622.71 KB, 2048x2048, E6C7A668-B320-42C3-AA25-A8447F…)

Here's a new one for ya. Harley Kat Cosplay. Photo (left two 2017, right is circa 2011).

Twitter: @harleykatcos
iG: @hydrasharleykat
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/harleykatcosplay/

- cosplay ladder climber for followers
- Kisses up to photographers to get as many shots as possible
- Obsessively stalks her own tags and photos on IG.
- Reposts her IG photos over and over again to try and gain new interest

Summary: Gained her followers from riding the coattails of Loki Hates You and crew. She quickly wedged her way into the group in an attempt to gain popularity. The minute she realized Loki Hates You would not date her she moved on to find new avenues to garner popularity. It only took a little over a year, but it helped her gain some momentum. You can also see her obvious attempts at sucking up to other popular cosplayers such as Angi Viper, Amberskies, Abby Darkstar, etc. on her social media accounts.

Because she was no longer riding Loki's popularity train she had to pull out all the stops to garner more interest in her. In comes the sudden revival of Slave Leia which she first debuted in 2011. This was her first cosplay costume from years ago. Albeit she is thin, but as you can see in the before and after photos she has aged tremendously. (She is currently 29 years old, and without photo editing appears to be 40+).

Once and awhile she produces milk when fighting with exes or those with differing opinions.

No. 364748

the costume doesn't seem bad, anon. age-ing isn't something she can control.

No. 364755

File: 1501617311092.jpg (321.84 KB, 750x1204, IMG_0544.JPG)

So apparently this email from convention staff was sent to the cosplay guests recently. These were posted in the Momokun thread but I figured it could be discussed here.
It's pretty telling they have to send this out. A lot of cosplay guests nowadays are just fame hungry thots who want the popularity without actually putting in the work for it. They don't want to have to deal with an audience they hate but have catered to.

No. 364756

File: 1501617343802.jpg (321.84 KB, 750x1197, IMG_0543.JPG)

No. 364757

File: 1501617371636.jpg (277.43 KB, 750x1201, IMG_0542.JPG)

No. 364763

it's a shame because half of the cosplay guests are just half-assing it with costumes they bought online–either that or they're patreon famous like rachniqueen and amouranth.

No. 364767


True, the costume here isn't bad it was a commission from Jamin Fite. However, I will disagree on ageing to an extent. Ageing will happen to everyone, but it is accelerated when you eat poorly, don't take care of your skin, etc. It's shocking to see just a handful year difference between the images. Also, the right skincare routine, diet, makeup, wigs, and hair care would help out a lot here.

Her costumes have gotten better, but her attitude and attention seeking behavior is accelerating. Right now it seems like she is jumping on multiple fandom bandwagons and grasping at straws for followers. Slave Leia was her last stint, it appears the newest one is Game of Thrones.

No. 364773

File: 1501619681998.jpg (52.48 KB, 540x960, 19029188_1573610832673186_4248…)


Also, in her candid photos without professional photoshopping it just seems like she is malnourished? Or sleep deprived? Something is off. Either way, she posts a lot of selfies where she looks haggard. That's why I think a simple self-care routine, including skin care, would do wonders for her.

However when she is photoshopped, she does look much younger.

No. 364777

well i agree with you on the eating right/skincare regime and such to prevent aging. i don't know the girl so i don't know how attention-seeking she might be buuuut i do have to kind of defend the bandwagon thing–sometimes they just enjoy the shows. if she were, say, doing a character from every popular game or movie that comes out that would be bandwagon-hopping. this just seems like she's trying to get big on the shows she enjoys.

sage for blogpost and all, not trying to start an argument.

No. 366870

File: 1501910843301.jpg (65.54 KB, 629x675, IMG_2373.JPG)

>watching her stream out of curiosity
>some cuck donates $5000
I want to kill myself. What is the mentality of these people?
>The same person is talking about donating the same amount tomorrow
Holy fuck. Why?

No. 367314

File: 1501979928661.png (44.59 KB, 750x432, IMG_9591.PNG)

From Harley Kat's FB. She forgot to set it to private though… nabbed it just before she changed it / deleted it. Like why would you even post something like that? Smh

No. 368879

No. 368885

those are… very lazy cosplays.
Could Meh not bother to get a set of D.Va headphones for this?

No. 369087

File: 1502240360607.png (469.65 KB, 649x804, SLfFxIo.png)

if a social media whore does something good and doesn't whore it for internet points, did it really happen?

weird she didn't snap selfies of her donating blood when she brags every single time she just goes for a run, or mention where to donate blood but i guess she couldn't be holier than thou if she helped other people donate

No. 369185

is this a rick cosplay? please tell me that it isnt

No. 370686

File: 1502472205754.jpg (83.09 KB, 1062x552, asd.jpg)

Jessica took her few week break (had been only posting old pics/videos for awhile) and came back looking quite different. Looks like she had something done to her face and possibly lips. You can see in her latest video. Wonder if she finally got something done to her butt too so she doesnt have to photoshop the hell out of it anymore

No. 370693

Niglet looks like she had anither round of botox but all ot does is emphasize how old and haggard she actually is.

No. 370742

It's her body and she does what she wants, I guess, but she did look better before. It looks to me like whoever did her gave her jowls. :/

No. 370782

Here's a thought to Jessica. Seeing how her makeup only gets heavier, why DOESN'T she just embrace drag? Not throwing shade or hating on the queens out there. I honestly think it would suit her to partner with Sugar Pill, etc, and just go that route.

No. 371063

File: 1502512143579.jpg (99.91 KB, 482x789, Image9.jpg)

Jessica's newest cosplay- Negan

No. 371067

She's had a lot of work done on her face lately but she looks pretty. I don't think that will help her feel better about herself, though. :/ I hope someday she finds self-acceptance elsewhere.

No. 371084

there was really no reason for her not to wear a pair of jeans. a leather jacket, gloves and pum pum shorts looks dumb.

No. 371094

She looks so much better when she's less tan and a little more pale

I know she hikes a lot and lives in AZ, so some of it is a natural tan. I don't know how much is unnatural. But some high SPF sunscreen would do her some good because she really does look much younger when she is a bit paler.

No. 371223

I'm surprised that she didn't try to hide her "ass" cause it's flat as fuuuuck gurl (not that it matters but I'm just referring to her ass whoop and her comments saying that she does less cardio and more squats and weights)

No. 371406

File: 1502568292434.png (1.33 MB, 932x1056, Screen Shot 2017-08-12 at 4.03…)

screams w h y ! ! ! ! ! !

No. 371415

No, how about no?? Drag Queens are talented men and I would not want Jnig associated with Shrinkle who is actually very sweet and genuine. no, thank you.

No. 371432

>drag queens are talented men

No. 371454

File: 1502574009168.jpg (24.66 KB, 281x500, DHC00zNXgAA-wmN.thumb.jpg.cc59…)

The BIG Game of Thrones build Jessica was saying she was working on…….lol……

No. 371551

is she doing female Khal Drogo..? Honestly the only character I can sort of see. If you hadn't said she was cosplaying from GoT, I wouldn't have been able to tell.

No. 371573


I love the fake pressure these cosplayers put themselves under

>I need a new costume for this con

>theres no need Jessica we just want you to turn up and talk about what your job is like
>no my fans would be disappointed if I didn't have a costume
>there's really no need, I'm sure your fans will just be happy to meet you
>point me to the nearest Halloween store i am going to buy the cheapest wig and jacket possible and post about how many hours it took to make

No. 371601


I mean she makes $60,000 a month……buy a decent cosplay costume. You can get really good ones for a few hundred dollars

No. 371632

Honestly wouldn't blame her for it. They don't look all that bad. I just wish people were more honest about procedures.

No. 371635

She's so predictable. All of her costumes will show off her tits and belly every time. Designs can't get too different from each other when that's all you do.

No. 371655


she already is claiming she's never gotten anything done ever. All natural. Claims lips plump up with age. lol

No. 371760

If these girls would stop frying their skin in the sun and had a decent face care routine they wouldn't look so old…Nigri is only 27 she really shouldn't have such prominent laugh lines this early in age. So many on this thread like to call her old but even Yaya's skin looks better and she's gotta be pushing 40s.

No. 371799

And that's the exact opposite. Lips thin out as you get older. gj nigiri

No. 371805

Aren't there ANY other cosplayers to talk about by JNigs? She's not doing anything lately…at all.

No. 371970

What we know without a doubt: She's definitely had two nosejobs. She now has had her lips done. She also had gum surgery early on around the time of her first nosejob pre-Lollipop Chainsaw. (Compare her smile in 2009 to 2012.) Second nosejob this past year. And then her boobjob(s) of course.

Likely: I believe she had botox recently as well. When looking at her old pics I also think she had a brow lift pretty early on.

Honestly I think she looks great and would love to know the name of her surgeon(s), esp for the revision rhinoplasty she had this year. I'm a bit jelly because I don't have the $ to improve my appearance like that. I used to think her face was really unattractive but now I think she's a qt.

No. 372035

One of her surgeons that did her tits made a tweet/ad with a pic of her, he practically made her famous with the bags of silicone he popped into her

No. 372041

That was proved false
He admitted he just pulled a random photo from google to use SDCC/cosplay tits as a way to promo himself and that he wasn't actually her surgeon

No. 372879

No matter what she'll always look like a middle aged soccer mom. She can keep on spending her cash on procedures but maybe she needs to spend it on skin care first. Her skin is absolutely awful in person. I don't know how someone who makes at least $60,000 a month can't take care of her skin better

No. 372898

File: 1502836445372.jpg (576 KB, 2048x2048, 8B3B0A3B-077C-4D4A-B993-1DE779…)

Harley Kat posted some of her Margaery photos, but something felt off. It seems as though her wig slipped backwards in some of her shots as the later ones show a rather prominent five head. Similar to a few of her other cosplays. From someone who claims to be a model and makes most of their living off of cosplay, you would think this would be a cosplay 101 thing.

No. 374532

File: 1503028575917.jpg (31.7 KB, 540x960, 20842295_10155557755508834_429…)

Alisachan is a older cosplayer who does nudes and other shit to stay relevant. Saw this today; she's talking about Charlottesville and being with the white supremacists.

No. 374541

Holy shit, what a blast from the past! Alisa was one of the first coshoes to really blow up, she had a very short shelf life though.

No. 374896

>of opening hating whites

well anything to stay relevant right? even more because her cosplays are shit tier

No. 374917

I wouldn´t waste too much time getting annoyed by this girl if I were you. I used to follow her, she had way more followers (maybe 6k), I checked and she is down to 1k. I think people are realizing how hideous she is.

Didn´t know how fame hungry she was though, or egotistical. Now I don´t feel sorry for her unfortunate wigs & face

No. 374947

File: 1503088381817.jpg (51.73 KB, 786x755, FB_IMG_1503088221715.jpg)

Update: since this post she and her hubby were exposed as being affiliates of a white nationalist group. Receipts included a screenshot of them holding hands during the march. Someone else posted a screen of her hubby demeaning another person because he is a special snowflake. All in a span of a day her domain keeper deleted her camming site and she baleeted social media like her facebook

No. 375033

You bring up some good points anon. I think I notice it more than others because of my perspective of watching her grow and soon realizing it was for attention, to prove she was sexy enough to others, and finally tearing others down through word of mouth. She also has some strange vendetta with her exes and bad mouths them to strangers, I saw her stalk one of them once at a con after dissing the guy and his new gf or whoever she was. Why air your dirty laundry to people you don't know that well? People will catch on though and she will disappear. Just an ugly person inside.

Saged and such.

No. 375207

File: 1503124299979.png (26.8 KB, 1352x290, RIP alisajizz.png)

No. 375275


No. 375354

Actually if there´s more milk though you should post it or start a thread. This is a cow farm after all.

No. 375430

File: 1503168388167.jpg (163.28 KB, 864x1080, QxT8rx0.jpg)

Anything on the VERY cringy cosplayer youtuber Angie Griffin???? Constantly showing off her big saggy tits

No. 375489

File: 1503175619812.jpg (100.46 KB, 960x960, 932e042693e26d3a571c7a6ce29253…)

Nigri is going around saying her Khal Drogo is an original design. Here's Kaybears one from months earlier. Almost exactly the same.

No. 375502

Does she ever style her damn wigs or just pulls them out of the bag and does nothing? it looks awful. If no one told me this was supposed to be from GoT, i would have no idea who she was. Terrible.

No. 375506


I don't really see her as a cosplayer.

I do see her as the bait and switch her husband uses to get clicks on his YouTube page

No. 375514

Low key looks like a porno in the thumbnail

No. 375638

Alissachan/Alissakiss/Alissa Norris actually trying to excuse herself and say she didn't know where she was


No. 375715

File: 1503204777948.png (948.46 KB, 1672x776, princesssmeech.png)

is this even cosplay anymore?

No. 375720

Her husband was always a bit of a meathead creeper, so I'm hardly shocked by all of this shit coming out.

No. 375744

File: 1503206575891.jpg (28.42 KB, 472x263, is this derek.jpg)

>dates that Goku guy for 15 years
>suddenly is married to some white nationalist/sword enthusiast and is very concerned about the future of the white race
>isn't pumping out white babies despite being over 30

surely this will all end well.

No. 375783

>straight up blocks him mid-question
hahahahaha holy shit

No. 375784

They're completely different
One is a loin cloth one is pants
One has a bra with randomly placed leather pieces and the other bra has lined up leather pieces
One has a waist piece with pouches and the other is just a random leather waist piece

There's not many ways you can change a canon design while being accurate

Stop making shit up lol

No. 375786

"The word sexy offends me"

No. 375917

What IS Derek up to these days anyway?

No. 375944

File: 1503253186393.jpg (104.85 KB, 650x708, AlisaKhloroform.jpg)


seems like he was last seen pretending to chloroform her in weird fetish videos for Sleeperkid/VelvetsFantasies before he was replaced by the "southern nationalist".

hasn't posted to DA since 2012: https://songokuss3.deviantart.com/

was credited as Alisa's photographer in 2014 though: https://alisakiss.deviantart.com/art/Red-Sonja-4-430434313

No. 376165

Draw on a beard damnit. That's a big part of his appearance. So much tryhard on wanting to look sexy.
If you didn't say I'd have no clue who she was supposed to be. Isn't that the sign of a failed cosplay? It's not like it's obscure…

No. 376318

File: 1503290240871.png (572.56 KB, 592x439, roxxyshoopchan.png)

Just wanted to put these here. PrinceRoxyChan, the bitch who told MooMookun to tape her fat folds up to her skull. Reminds me of that one Precure cosplayer on WorldCosplay who shoops himself alot.

No. 376705

File: 1503346391498.jpg (89.37 KB, 640x960, IMG_0645.JPG)

No. It's fetish shit. Some people will still swear up and down that it's cosplay tho. Those are usually the same people that think anything is cosplay as long as you call it that.
I have no idea how anyone could think this actually looks good.

No. 376719


Hello wrinkles before 30

No. 376947

Lol correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't she all lewds before nudes type shit and now her boring aliexpress/Walmart cosplays aren't getting her enough money so now she sells porn on Snapchat?

No. 377012

Nigri used to go to tanning beds very frequently in the past, so she was prematurely fucked before she even started putting her face out there.

She's also from the desert so she obviously really can't avoid the sun, and from what I vaguely remember wasn't she an ASU party girl? Drinking fucks with aging too.

There's also genetics and diet. The aging comments are so stupid, who gives a fuck if they have lines in their face you clearly don't even like them and are petty enough to nitpick about something so small, just be enjoy their flaws and be petty.

No. 377025

File: 1503394114875.png (549.36 KB, 720x421, arjM1SG.png)

Meg is shilling martin wong's patreon talking about how this terrible photoshop is 'freaking genius'

the dude is a fucking hack

No. 377201

She's another one that lies about being a live in relationship and cock teases fat virgins into buying into her boring patreon photo sets. So many black nerds think complimenting her will get them in with her or her lewd group but she's strictly white guys only

No. 377273

Martin needs a thread of his own one of these days, he's a fame-thirsty goldmine of milk.

No. 377357

she does not make for a good Elizabeth. she's too old, or at least her face is.

No. 377379

You honestly sound like you have a vendetta. How do you know about her relationship status if she doesn't broadcast it andwhat makes you think she only goes for white guys?

No. 377487

No it actually sounds like you're defensive. The guy she lives with teaches poker on a shitty YouTube channel and looks my fathers age.

No. 377505

Pretty sure this is the same person that always brings her up because they have some weird obsession

No. 377507

I've never seen her post about this so you must know her personally. Kay has no drama and certainly isn't uggo or irrelevant.

No. 377560

Oh Kaybeard really uggo in real life but you can't tell with all those filters and thinning tools she uses. Plus she makes her eyes bigger and wears contacts to hide the fact she's basic

No. 377576

Loonie time

No. 377750

Not trying to prolong this since kay isn't milky but personally I also don't think she's pretty because without her HEAVY editing/lenses, she has bad skin and pretty blank eyes, also has a super weird swollen looking jaw. Js her editing will only really fool idiots. (Saged)

No. 377901

File: 1503498359105.png (180.53 KB, 830x1462, cut that dang internet down ri…)

the Alisa Kiss thing is getting spicy as h*ck.


"White Nationalists are not Nazis, you idiots." - her mom

No. 377910

I'd suggest her own thread at this point, but who knows how long the milk will keep flowing from this.

No. 377911

>"White Nationalists are not Nazis, you idiots." - her mom

I have to wonder what they teach in History classes where she lives: National Socialists -> Nazis. All fascist movements had a main element of nationalism and populism, they only change slightly in flavour.

No. 378099

better tell the Zionist Jews that they're actually all Nazis

No. 378267

File: 1503537878842.jpeg (242.17 KB, 719x1279, image.jpeg)

Tenleid's really starting to pack on the pounds,

No. 378269

File: 1503537969026.jpeg (124.72 KB, 750x1334, image.jpeg)

No. 378274

wtf is that on the lower right especially… what

No. 378280

Dayum. That's sad. Honestly she's just another patreon hoe. Now she's fat too.

No. 378354

so who has tea on Lana Rain? I'm curious

No. 378377

File: 1503548452980.jpg (53.36 KB, 1275x382, Capture.JPG)

Agreed. His twitter layout is hilarious. One of my other "cosplay photographer" friends would invite me into editing streams with him and it was very mediocre retouching.

No. 378479

Wow she's really turned into a cow

Finally her looks match her personality

No. 378535

He claims to be a leading expert on cosplay photography but I don't think you can call yourself an expert if you only work with the same handful of people with the same body type and style of cosplay. His hall shots reflect just how poor his quality is. He stalks around cons trying to find the popular cosplayers who will get him likes and tries to be "first" at posting photos from the con to get their traffic. I've met him and as soon as he found out my friends and I weren't 50k likes cosplayers, he shut down and walked away. I've also heard from other friends that once he realized he couldn't get anything from their friendship, he deleted them and would pretend he didn't recognize them irl.

Idk I don't begrudge free photographers taking photos of who they choose to, they're not being hired so it's their preference. But don't claim to be an "expert" in that case.

No. 378547

File: 1503579414511.png (33.66 KB, 660x431, make white babies.png)

No. 378551

File: 1503579720626.jpg (181.22 KB, 699x702, DH9SyOtVoAAVa_X.jpg)

Jonathon seems like a real winner.

No. 378593

File: 1503584149949.jpg (103.96 KB, 1080x1920, 20901468_1455811487817499_5509…)


but look how small her waist is

No. 378599

So? She's still gainin'.

No. 378650

File: 1503589963915.jpeg (41.77 KB, 495x495, DC7D0CE4-8A47-4CC0-9C04-068777…)


he's pretty hot tbh

should be saving the whte race with someone more attractive than piggu

No. 378656

That photo is so obviously and hilariously photoshopped.

No. 378684

the best part is that she claims there's no editing on this picture since she left in her cellulite but that squiggly wall next to her says otherwise

No. 378689

File: 1503594625671.jpg (246.78 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_0507.JPG)

Her body changes with every photo

No. 378706

Holy fuck thats bad

How the fuck did she let herself go like that I thought she was big on bragging about how into fitness she is

No. 378709

No. 378719

i thought this was a pic of charms from like 4 years ago

No. 378723

I can't tell if that's just a horrible fried wig with poor movement or if it's warping into the Photoshop near her waist wtf why do people do this.

No. 378729

Both. Definitely both.

No. 378730

Comparison pic please

No. 378738


I mean she even had really bad shop on her old stuff too - so many blurry pixels near her waist and warped railings/stairs behind her

She's always looked drastically different in person than in her photos - she became known for that on the down low in the cali community for years.
Even her close friends would make fun of her behind her and her bfs back

No. 378758

Well, she was friends with Sheena but they seemed to abandon one another when they couldn't milk one another for popularity points.

No. 378761

she just got fat. She's like twice the size she used to be.

No. 378766

The best part is she claims it's medication that fucked her over but she was getting bigger even before she had a drastic medication change and constantly posts pictures of pasta on her twitter saying "you don't have to eat bad to eat healthy"

>"bread makes you fat?"

No. 378790

Sounds about right - she's been putting out a lot of feelers lately on who to suck up to next since Momokun didn't work out and Jnigs is too busy to feed her ego

No. 378792

Excuse my hypocrisy, but why does she keep being brought up? She kept being brought up in Momos thread over and over and I've seen her be brought up in at least two other threads besides this one and Momos, but supposedly she has no milk (and no I don't think it's fair to assume it's always Luna bringing her up because it doesn't always allude to a vendetta or something negative). Kind of annoying, but whatever.

No. 378799

Funny that you say this bc i notice this too and just a couple hours ago someone made a black weeb thread… But immediately posted a few photos of kaybear asking about info on her. Obvious vendetta thread for an excuse to continue posting her.

No. 378811

File: 1503601776760.jpg (76.58 KB, 417x585, j.jpg)

My friends just posted this on their facebook feed saying they got to meet the cosplay queen. I had to share the photo because it made me laugh so hard. I had to cut them all out since they were surrounding the queen. lol

No. 378963

File: 1503614938415.jpg (262.1 KB, 799x1342, IMG_3202.JPG)

Stolen from another thread

Tenleid who used to photoshop herself (badly) and now god fat so she desperately shops herself even more to try and relive her glory days

No. 378989

Those uneven breasts are very unfortunate.

No. 378998

File: 1503616845064.png (638.3 KB, 720x927, Screenshot_2017-08-24-16-03-12…)

Sure, Jan

No. 379062

what the hell is that wrinkling near her nose? that does not look natural

No. 379066

who dat?

No. 379126

Her new nose is so small

No. 379306

File: 1503644760512.png (260.97 KB, 592x630, Screenshot 2017-08-25 at 12.03…)


>red dress

I wonder if she knows this is Nero and not Artoria

No. 379308

she looks like those girls who shoops thenselves too look asian. disgusting.

No. 379336

horrifying. take it back. please.

No. 379376

More like asians who shoop themselves to look like bdjs because they dont look like that either lmao

No. 380085

I want milk on this girl. I used to follow her ages ago but then I unfollowed when I found out she was hanging out with Moo. Browsing through her IG https://www.instagram.com/princeroxychan/ before unfollowing, I realized how unnervingly unnatural her chin had always appeared to me. I found a video where her chin literally morphs as she moves. It's apparently gone now, though… figures. But notice how all her videos are of her moving VERY slowly and in the same calculated manner. In pics/vids where she can't shoop her chin, she covers it. I don't know what her issue is with wanting her chin more pointy than 99% of anime characters to the point (no pun intended) that it is actually inaccurate cosplay but… maybe she has some sort of BDD about it.
Anyway, here's the closest I could find of some candid video of her. Notice how quickly she covers her chin.

Her chin is much rounder and normal looking in some other photos but I wish I had posted that video where her chin warps its size when I found it, but didn't see her being discussed at the time. Any way to find old/deleted IG videos?

No. 380200

her dorito chin buddy without photoshop

No. 380205

File: 1503765649640.png (363.22 KB, 852x479, Screenshot 2017-08-26 at 9.40.…)

why does she keep on doing this face

No. 380350

she looks like those Asian cosplayers who photoshop the shit out of themselves

No. 380407

that wig makes me wanna cry. also her forehead is so big…

No. 380436

No. 380499

File: 1503796904772.jpg (69.25 KB, 456x750, tumblr_opk900VTdg1sfpjl9o1_500…)


Ugh! I'll probably sound like a horrible person but she's done plenty of harassment videos before and Im over it. Seems like she's constantly getting harassed. Unfortunately, theres assholes in this world and the fact that she got those huge implants…. she's always gonna get unwanted attention from these assholes which I'm not saying she deserves….She doesn't but this shit happens. I also do think she's overally sensitive at times because I've seen in her videos her being upset when I guy yells she's hot. Happens to all women

No. 380509

thought that was penny underbust for a minute

No. 380547

Penny has always bothered me, she says she hates the attention then wears corsets to show how huge her boobs are even more? I dont know, its just annoying that she complains about this attention but wanted to be a cosplayer that the main attention IS her boobs

No. 380580

She got those HUGE crazy looking implants. She's gonna get attention just like anyone with extreme body mods. Her constant "He said 'damn' when I walked by" crying on her youtube, twitter, social media accounts..is frustrating.

No. 380581


…. because it is?

No. 380584

File: 1503805306134.jpg (89.88 KB, 590x594, 48654.jpg)

holy shit i'm dumb. i went with what anon said and i know penny for being almost mariah tier so i didn't think it added up with what i know about her.
also she looks different somehow…

No. 380587

"I'm not that extreme, lots of people look like me"
Your tits are bigger than most people's entire bodies, you couldn't get much more extreme.

No. 380591

….what the fuck?

just…. what the fuck

I mean you can't really say anyone ~deserves~ to be harassed but to get implants that massive uhhh, what were you thinking exactly?

No. 380708

Not deserving, but probably a rare example of someone actually "asking for it".
(not meaning something like sexual assault though)

Why get massive boobs (at all really) and then complain about getting attention for them?

She looks fucking ridiculous and I'm surprised she can stand.

No. 380875

Anyone else thinks that Meg is better off not trying to defend her bigger bust so much because it looks silly when compared to every other comment pointing out how her boobs look bigger then usual

No. 380979

If she has the need to defend it so much against people that don't know her it's probably safe to say she regrets paying to look that ridiculous. Its very hard to find an actual supportive job when you go out of your way to be a distraction.

No. 381181

File: 1503879919438.png (456.88 KB, 720x851, 20170827_202326.png)

These kind of girls tire my brain.
>custom made
>literally purchased China made cloths and glued/stuck it to a cheap bra.
I just…

No. 381183

She was on a plastic surgery show recently wanting to go even bigger. They wouldnt do the surgery since it could possibly kill her

No. 381187

you can buy that exact top on ali-express. Look up "Sailor Moon Lingerie" lol

No. 381284

No she wasn't
That was princess pumpkin or whatever the fuck her name is

Can you at least sage if you don't know what you're talking about

No. 381324

Penny was too on Botched. Look it up!

No. 381325

File: 1503895520437.jpg (19.26 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

No. 381670

File: 1503936194605.jpg (142.58 KB, 1015x1200, DIL0cvKXgAUttEr.jpg)

Tabitha looks like she just remembered she left the gas on at home in every single photo.


No. 381674

all these piggu white girls cosplaying mei just look like momo to me now.

No. 381694

They're cosplaying Momokun

No. 381766

taken backstage at the AVN Awards

No. 381909

They look like old dried up pornstars who are receiving their life time achievement award at the AVN's

No. 382654

File: 1504030108560.png (55.17 KB, 663x819, GEORGE SOROS KILLED MY CAREER.…)

in case anyone was wondering if Alisa-chan/Alisakiss had calmed down yet, George Soros hired Antifa thugs to throw piss balloons at her because The Jew–I mean "you"–fears "words and ideas".

No. 383314

File: 1504122925920.png (41.43 KB, 604x561, soros doubledown.png)

god, she's stupid.

No. 383331

File: 1504124277370.png (13.33 KB, 668x541, DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING.png)

Alisa, are you lurking this thread?

No. 384980

File: 1505145645047.jpg (89.57 KB, 1080x1350, 21457766_1107863046012254_6910…)

No. 385365

the editing on this is so piss poor I can't believe people pay $40+ a month for it. You'd think with all the money she makes a month she'd invest in some photoshop lessons.

No. 385381

Her chin/jaw lmao what the fuck

Holy shit that's bad

Who Photoshops themselves a fatty witch chin

No. 387482

File: 1505543754904.jpg (69.95 KB, 640x960, FB_IMG_1505543609947.jpg)

Meg, Darshelle, and Jessica did this shoot

No. 387487

Yikes, nice way to sexualize 8 year old girls

No. 387489

File: 1505547413889.jpg (80.03 KB, 666x947, IMG_5576.JPG)

Eh I don't see it that way at all
They're not in the canon cutesy little kid dresses
They clearly did a different more grown up version
It's like this art you see floating around everywhere

No. 387491

meg your old ass isn't hot. she needs to quit with these types of cosplays. even jnig looks more youthful.

No. 387492

Wow those designs are ugly as fuck

No. 387493

This is horrible. J nig looks old. Darshelle looks huge. Wigs are trash.

No. 387499

Yeah they're awful lol but for some reason this specific art has gone viral so many times
I was just using it as an example

No. 387516

No. 387575

They look like Gaiaonline avatars.

No. 387619

File: 1505572980917.png (1.24 MB, 1070x712, Screen Shot 2017-09-16 at 10.4…)

wow, why didn't we think about it first? rick and morty definitely need to be sexualized.

No. 387656

I'm not mad, just disappointed. This could have easily not been terrible. The kind of bucks they're all earning could have turned this into a real neat shoot, but they went to raid Claire's instead.

No. 387986

agreed. there are so many ways they could have gone with that to make it so much better. starting with using quality costumes, wigs, etc. ugh

No. 388657

File: 1505707392642.jpg (52.62 KB, 353x660, IMG_1083.JPG)


Her real face

No. 388658

File: 1505707525478.jpg (28.13 KB, 284x392, IMG_1077.JPG)


Princeroxychan doesn't look a damn thing like her pictures:

No. 389264

Every one of these heffers didn't even try. It's so obvious they didn't speak to each other about coordination and pulled what they had out of a closet.

No. 389331

the stockings give Darshelle more of a punk Alice Madness Returns vibe than Bubbles, IMO

No. 389488

File: 1505848649294.png (877.55 KB, 720x1201, Screenshot_2017-09-19-12-13-55…)

Why does she do this

No. 389490

File: 1505848861809.jpg (88.67 KB, 1080x701, IMG_20170919_122015.jpg)

Her chin slid back apparently lol

No. 389491

File: 1505848943845.jpg (87.59 KB, 680x510, IMG_20170919_122155.jpg)

No. 389504

File: 1505850574710.jpg (1 MB, 2048x2048, F5AF64B7-58DA-4833-A09A-666BC4…)

Speaking of bad photoshop, Shinuki is one ofthe worst I've seen. When she isn't milking betas with "nudes" that are just shooped pics of her wearing legit drag queen style breastforms (will post evidence) she's morphing herself into a poorman's Kina Shen. Right is Kina Shen and Left is Shinkui. And in case you were wondering, Shinuki is white.

No. 389505

File: 1505850636380.png (Spoiler Image, 1.6 MB, 1500x1125, IMG_8364.PNG)

Here is one of shinuki's fake titty "nudes" she sells on her porntreon.

No. 389510

File: 1505851329018.jpg (727.99 KB, 1200x1599, IMG_1085.JPG)

When u still think people believe you when you say that your face is naturally shaped like that

No. 389513

File: 1505851435825.jpg (631.44 KB, 2048x2048, 3C302008-CB25-4536-A1BC-5681C9…)

One more pic comparing copycat Shinuki (left) to Kina Shen (right).

No. 389514

File: 1505851560087.jpg (489.69 KB, 2048x2048, 8CC603AE-1926-460A-973A-39068A…)

Both of these photos are of Shinuki. Note the insane fluctuation in boob size.

No. 389517


No. 389521

File: 1505852995749.jpg (33.42 KB, 480x639, IMG_8370.JPG)

People honestly think these rubber tits are real??

No. 389552

I'm assuming the type of audience she caters to hasn't really seen much of real breasts.

No. 389568

Don't people have a fetish for this sort of thing? Using legit fake tits I mean. There's no way anyone with normal intelligence would think those are real. I've seen traps do this.

No. 389583

Reminds me of Mila Mortice and Felice Fawn

No. 389592

To be fair, both are exaggerating Photoshop. Ones just a copy cat but kina shen is just as bad with her proportions and looks nothing like herself in rl.

No. 389593

you'd be surprised at what obvious fakes people believe are real

missalice, most koreans, brazilians, yanet garcia, amber rose, some people even think nicki minaj is real

No. 389594

I actually like her boobs better on the right, but who tf is she think she fooling with that photoshop, her eyes are so warped

No. 389615

File: 1505866090147.png (159.33 KB, 500x267, Picture-2.png)

implants and breastforms are two different animals though. At least you can kiiinddaa pretend with implants.

No. 389645

This is the most blatantly fake shit I've ever seen. How has this not been called out publicly?

No. 389680

File: 1505878507821.jpg (55.73 KB, 678x211, shinuki.jpg)

I never heard of this chick before and it's literally the first thing I see on her FB page…so she's pretty open about it.

No. 389682

Whatever gets the job done I guess lmao

Hell of a lot less commitment and cost than a boob job

No. 389686

ngl i respect her a little for being open about it, where people like momo and nigri deny to their deathbed that they're anything short of natural

No. 389692

i hate how i'm starting to become accustomed to online personalities being deceptive cunts about trivial shit. good on her for not lying about it.

No. 389693

Yeah if she's open and doesn't lie there really isn't an issue? I see it as just another type of prosthetic or padding/contouring imo

No. 389739

File: 1505896524062.jpg (68.82 KB, 634x779, 37EDEED200000578-3774242-image…)

And a lot fewer health problems.

There's an Instagram model, Lil Miquela, which is so obviously a 3D model (attached picture) and people still wonder whether it's a real girl.

There's so much to point out but just look at the fringe: that's the typical gradient look you get on hair when there's a texture over a mesh and her eyes are miles apart. Still, people are so confused as to whether she's real because she's sometimes photoshopped in real settings over real models in a collage of real and 3D.

No. 389917

File: 1505926320061.jpg (107.56 KB, 281x500, IMG_1104.JPG)

Sure, Jan :]

No. 389993

>Lil Miquela

fucking lol how are they falling for this? also miquela just started releasing music, and it reminds me soo much of that one notorious catfish who did something similar

No. 390012

File: 1505933275453.jpg (144.58 KB, 500x1010, saya-3d.jpg)

I have no idea: I first learned about her on a BBC article that was about her and how people couldn't tell whether she was real or not. I was so incredulous that I went to her account to check her comments and there were indeed a load of people either treating her like a real person or people arguing that she was totally real and admits to photoshopping a bit and calling people daft for not seeing how she's totally real.

If anything, I think the modellers who did the girl in the attached picture did a much better job of it, and they're very clear it's a model.

No. 390031

File: 1505936847888.png (1.88 MB, 1598x1166, Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 3.45…)

you can thank molly soda for that, an instagram ~goddess~ (apparently) who would honestly be so much prettier if she didn't act so grimy. if others would like it, i wouldn't mind starting a thread on general fake instagrammers (catfish or otherwise) because this isn't really the thread for it.

No. 390032

>i wouldn't mind starting a thread on general fake instagrammers
i thiiink there might be an instagram general buried in the catalog, but it's probably pretty old so maybe starting a new one might be the better option

No. 390033

i've never started a thread so i may need some other names to toss in there. molly soda and a couple chola-wannabes are the only ones i have.

No. 390038

Don't make a new one, just bump the old one.

No. 390104

People think that's a real person wtf???

No. 390219

Fucked up in the head…that's why. And don't you dare call her sexy you misogynistic dick!

No. 390260

File: 1505968418023.png (146.13 KB, 750x1223, IMG_9115.PNG)

she looks so uncomfortable in every photo

No. 390278

I feel like that's how I look when I try to stand up straight with a strained back

No. 390312

If the old thread is more than a year old, start a new one. Don't need outdated garbage in the way.

No. 390434

Well she shut down her patreon after more people mentioned the fake tits. Sh never said in the image description "i'm wearing prosthetic breasts" and let people make comments like "wow your boobs are so big!"
She obviously wanted people to think they were real and cough up money on her patreon.

No. 390582

She deleted all her social media and changer her ig http://instagram.com/404shin
Instead of Shinkuki. Serves her right for swindling people.

No. 390641


>swindling people

If they're fucking dumb enough to think that's real then that's 100% on them.

That's like getting mad at a cosplayer for not realizing their contacts aren't their real eye color or their wig isn't their real hair.

No. 390659

Please explain how colored contacts are the same as selling nudes that are prosthetic breasts and photoshop to make the fake tits look like they're part of the body? She never said on her patreon that her nudes were fake. Also according to this thread on her, she was using other people's nudes and claiming they were hers http://anon-ib.tv/cosp/res/34719.html

No. 390756

If you sell lingerie pics in a push up bra and contoured is that ~~~swindling~~~ too because dumb men don't realize your boobs aren't actually that big?

It's a costume undergarment/accessory she uses.

No. 390788

Lol at these whiteknights. If that's how she actually felt she wouldnt have abandoned ship ince word got out that she was using absurd amounts of photoshop and stick on tits. People who aren't guilty don't try to hide if they really did nothing wrong

No. 390960

I was the original one that found >>389680 and now it appears that the post was deleted lol so I guessthat's what I get for defending this chick I've never heard of

No. 390982

Come on, anon. It's not about her wearing them, it's that she got outted and couldn't own up to it. It's like I've said before in these threads. All of these slutty "cosplayers" are so insecure they need people praising them 24/7. That's why they do it, for that and money. She could have just said, yea they're fake and lost some patreons, but no, she got so upset her illusion was broken, she deleted everything.

No. 390988

that's funny tbh, she gets outted and straight up flounces instead of admitting to it. that's what she gets for trying to be fap fodder.

No. 391191


Yeah okay, I can see where you guys are coming from with that

No. 391460

File: 1506179477489.jpg (640.75 KB, 2048x2048, 3AB70937-8BC2-4ADB-AAB5-104D67…)

A whiteknight (most likely Shinuki herself) is having a breakdown on her anon ib thread lmao http://anon-ib.tv/cosp/res/34719.html

No. 391621

Her piercings from afar make her look like she has aggressive dark upper lip hair. She seriously looks like a boy that just hit puberty. Those eyes and pose are just soulless.

No. 393255

File: 1506475528901.png (Spoiler Image, 864.46 KB, 965x635, yikes.png)

Tenleid makes 4,5k a month on her Patreon and all she does is post horribly shooped snow selfies in shitty amazon costumes on the same bed in her messy apartment, most of which are routinely late being sent out. You'd think with those earnings she'd be able to rent out some studio space; she wouldn't even have to hire a photographer, isn't her boyfriend a Youtuber and presumably good with cameras?

What do you guys think she spends the money on?

No. 393348

She moved in with her new boyfriend and got fat, I doubt she can trust a photographer to let her photoshop away the 30+ lbs she's put on

No. 393356

This >>393348. Even with that shoop you can see the cellulite dimples on her thighs and two roils on her stomach. She's squeezing her arms tightly to the side so they won't show fat sag and to push together her boobs. Shit, I don't even see her clavicles. Looks like she blurred a double chin. The bra straps are digging into her puffy shoulders.

She's well into obese territory and that's a shame. I know back in the tripfag days of cgl she lost a lot of weight.

No. 393387

I remember that as well

Pitty because the more someone gains/loses weight the harder it gets and the more worn out their body looks

I miss when she was hot

No. 393423

sure jan

No. 393424

File: 1506498926331.png (153.69 KB, 216x336, Screenshot 2017-09-27 at 12.55…)

No. 393425

File: 1506498938005.jpg (32.68 KB, 480x480, 18299323_208351419670980_14434…)

No. 393426

File: 1506499004103.jpg (50.83 KB, 480x480, 13259658_1061493567244913_1828…)

No. 393671


I saw a pic of her Cammy cosplay, didn't even recognize her. She looked so good thinner. I know depression played a role in her weight gain but didn't she quit her meds and find Jesus with weed? It seems like she's just been on a steady bulk…

No. 393860

File: 1506554389334.png (716.58 KB, 720x811, 20170927_182532.png)

I find Instagram definition of cosplay funny
>slapped on a wig
>got naked in a cheap motel
Not even the effort of a character related setting. Do neck beards not get tired of paying for the same poorly done softcore shoots in the same motel setting..

No. 394025

File: 1506571520357.jpg (141.88 KB, 700x1166, IMG_8137.JPG)

Not to mention the bad photoshop

No. 394063

I’m scared ????

No. 394092

File: 1506597765850.png (635.91 KB, 720x1280, 20170928_072033.png)

Is.. Is this a joke?! Kek half these girls either even believe their own Photoshop or just really don't care I guess. This obvious mistake tho. How embarrassing

No. 394108

Wow that ass photoshop…
Ok but why doesn't she edit herself to look younger?

No. 394850

File: 1506708406923.png (1.13 MB, 1080x1311, 20170929_054118.png)

I only see 2 cosplays and one rando.

No. 395394

File: 1506799578192.png (513.62 KB, 462x459, yuck.png)

This looks grotesque even by Nigri standards. This isn't even interesting or imaginative in any way and I really don't get why people are still willing to pay her money for this. At this point, I wish she would just drop the "cosplayer" shit and continue on with her crappy modelling, because she will be of no loss to the community whatsoever.

No. 395710

File: 1506838185588.png (972.93 KB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2017-09-30-23-04-22…)

No. 395737

Jesus, you are so picky. She looks pretty damn good here - sure it is mostly down to good editing. But I can see why dudes would pay for this.

No. 395741

Jessica looks like a mid-30s wannabe "Internet model"

No. 395811


Lol, i bet she'll saying she's an irl saber too. It gets so cringey when cosplayers think their nothing but the embodiment of a character. Talk about self absorbed. Sorry but no, you do not look like zelda nor do you look anything like sailor moon. Anne is ESPECIALLY not your atlas TWIN, good lord. Even more hilarious when she tries to convince people she looks better with blonde hair when her actual hair and eye color appears to be brown judging by the previous pictures posted.

No. 395857

Nice attempt to whiteknight. The photoshop only makes it look even worse.

No. 396005

File: 1506889887780.jpg (32.32 KB, 540x703, 22127183_10159444718575088_623…)

Tenleid's shopping is so atrocious she can't even make her eyes level. She must hate to see herself in the mirror everyday.

No. 396042

File: 1506894575721.png (488.35 KB, 580x582, meg.png)

I think Meg is cute but goddammit why are her eyebrows so extremely arched

No. 396043

File: 1506894605862.png (488.6 KB, 580x582, meg2.png)

It would look so much softer like this.

No. 396154

File: 1506907017663.webm (1.06 MB, 1920x1080, September Patreon Preview - Me…)

No. 396159

They look level to me? She's tilting her head to the side

No. 396621

ot i knew i couldn't be the only one hating arched eyebrows so much. i don't get them they always look extra af and not cute. nigri would look so much younger if she ditched hers too

No. 396662


i'm with you, they make everyone look bitchy and judgmental, and not in a cool way.

No. 396988

>she's well into obese territory
I'd say chubby but obese? goddamn anon, chill.

No. 397024

File: 1507029143333.jpg (223.32 KB, 900x1200, Darshelle.jpg)

So I actually think Darshelle looks cute here

No. 397025

File: 1507029171542.jpg (269.77 KB, 901x1200, Darshelle scarecrow.jpg)

No. 397068

File: 1507042721226.png (509.92 KB, 608x683, Screenshot 2017-10-03 at 7.58.…)

>not going to procrastinate
>everything looks bought from alibaba

No. 397253


Yikes! Id just like to take a moment to point out that warped af face of hers. Her shoop just keeps getting worse and worse. Like no, princeroxychan, thats not angling. Your face looks different in every fucking picture you post. The angle excuse has far passed its validity.

No. 397558

File: 1507078566854.png (801.62 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9236.PNG)

oh honey no what are you doing not wearing no-show underwear? why wear underwear at all if it's gonna look like that?

No. 397559

this is the anon that posted this and i can't delete it since it was from my phone. changed my icon on gram though so no worries.

No. 397563

and the control top stockings! horrible.

No. 397564

anon wasn't talking about how she looks…

I think she looks good, too. but the poster you're replying to is clearly talking about the costume. it's boring and wack. it looks like a thotty Halloween costume from Party City. I love those as much as the next girl but I don't throw one on and call myself a cosplayer.

No. 397603

that family and child in a stroller in the background… lol

No. 397663

Where tho

No. 397667

I know this is old but it's so damn weird looking I can't stop laughing

No. 398047

File: 1507154401345.png (453.1 KB, 1233x1437, IMG_9604.PNG)

Why does she shop her non existent tits? She looks like a dude in drag ready to take a cumload. Her brother is more attractive and a better cosplayer.

No. 398052


This is really not helping her case. Trying to prove her chin is that sharp yet the camera goes out of focus frequently (which she excuses)
And when her chin does come into focus, shes perfectly still or moves only a little bit. Girl stahp.

No. 398093


Jessica said in her insta story that these arent cosplays but just fun outfits for the holiday/theme. I dont recall her ever claiming they were 'cosplays' just costumes.

No. 398138

just looks like a push up bra to me anon

No. 398142

Ok loonie.

No. 398216

AKA the only shit she does now. Rarely will she come out with an actual cosplay costume.

Makes $60,000 a month to cosplay yet she came out with 3 actual cosplays this year (and most of the costumes she had other people make)

No. 398553

Yeah ok, if you ever actually looked at her in person you could see its a push up bra.
And her brother is a sweetheart but he is not a better cosplayer at all. He is just getting started. I love him to death but he has a lot of progress to make.

You sound like someone who has a personal vendetta and is making any and all excuse to get at her. Get over it, there is no milk no matter how much you try.

No. 398609

Who is her brother?

No. 398630

it's just loonie don't worry about it

No. 398635


He's under 18 so I'm pretty sure I can't post him.

No. 399045

This. Most people don't care about her lewd stuff, it's the fact she's still trying to market herself as a professional cosplayer when she's hardly even cosplaying at all. Even at the events she has attended in costume, she's bailed about 3 hours in. Having one big build a year is inexcusable when she's rolling in that much money. Being a fan of Nigri honestly must just be one huge disappointment.

No. 399576

That's LITERALLY every patreon girl though

Name one cosplayer who does the full canon outfit for every character she lewds hmm??

No. 399628

File: 1507405158803.png (844.16 KB, 1080x1490, 20171007_153523.png)

I was wondering if she was ever going to jump on this bandwagon

No. 399685

two years too late

No. 399811

IDK what that's suppose to mean, but it still doesn't justify her laziness. How much money other cosplay thots shouldn't effect her efforts…. or the quality of her costumes with 60k
Even more so she's one of the reason patreon cosplay sluts exist soooo

No. 400419

>but mom, everyone else on patreon takes theur clothes off!!

No. 400624

File: 1507501398215.png (1.8 MB, 1182x1192, Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 6.22…)

what the actual fuck is up with her icon?

(she got one btw, still can't find a bra that fucking blends in.)

No. 400704

Looks like she is just making it herself I guess… ugh

No. 400773

Making it herself and yet can't get the straps on the dress right even though it's obvious in the reference pictures.
Also the fuck is with that (lack of) hemming? Looks untidy af. I hope it's just a "WIP" and not the actual 'finished' dress

No. 400889

File: 1507551517987.png (778.27 KB, 720x952, 20171009_081431.png)

I am fucking CRINGING, at what point does lewding just get ridiculous and hilarious to these desperate whores?

No. 400893

is this supposed to be cosplay? she looks like some annoying mom that lives in a trailer who's trying to find a step daddy on some weird dating site

No. 400906

I’m tired of them doing lewd shit from children’s shows and movies.

No. 400923

Nice try but she looks good as the character and actually did a full cosplay. Mavis is an adult who gets married and has a kid so no need to reach.

No. 400980

Obvious vendetta/jealousy post. She actually did an accurate cosplay and wore something sexy under it. She isn't parading around in a con dressed like that or changing the whole costume to be more revealing. People have a fetish for costumes. Are you also going to post all the porn stars in porn parodies too?

No. 400984

So? Kids arent the ones who are going to sub to patreon to buy cosplay fetish material. fucking SJW.

No. 401057

Riiiiight white knight. Because ANYONE who cringes over lewded cosplays done of characters portrayed as younger teens or a young character in general is jealous/vendetta. Nothing to do with how accurate her cosplay is, its cringe as hell. Are you on the right site or a desperate whore yourself? Seems like you only want to squawk "JEALOUS REEEE" when it's convenient for you. Bet you're totally not jealous while posting about your own cows though.

No. 401086

Mavis is an adult stop making up bullshit to act offended. She gets married in the first movie and has a kid. You don't even know anything about the source material yet here you are crying. Typical SJW

No. 401112

Disney princesses get married. Lewd shit of them is still pretty nasty to see.

No. 401208

How about making a seperate thread to complain about and discuss sexy cosplay? This is for people with some drama worth talking about

No. 401229

File: 1507593774758.jpg (328.94 KB, 2048x1365, DLTuOMCUEAARUYF.jpg)

This.. is not a super-flattering shot of Meg. It makes her look kind of chunky. Why would she willingly post this?

No. 401267

reeks of Nigri Worbla boob armor

No. 401284

I think calling her chunky is a bit of a reach. It seems like you can't actually find anything to complain about.
It pretty much looks like its supposed to. I'm making the same character, different version, and there is only so different breast plates can look.

No. 401289

File: 1507601205696.jpg (200.48 KB, 1242x2208, f2um1axiz3qz.jpg)

Morticia cosplay, lmao

No. 401290

>god forbid someone post a realistic photo
And if she didn't look chunky, you'd say it's edited and unrealistic. Chill.

No. 401309

Sylvanas' armor actually looks like that in-game as do many other female characters. Nigri didn't invent boob armor like that, she's nowhere near creative enough.

No. 401542


i don't understand why she didn't make herself paler. morticia's whole thing is being pale

No. 401594

Apparently made by Nigri and Ryan, so we can just say Ryan then.

No. 401640

Why have such a jarring ugly strap in the middle of the thigh, when it could be easily hidden under the armor? At least not make it out of nylon straps and a plastic buckle if its visible.

No. 401655

Because on some designs Sylvanas actually has those straps there.

No. 401693

File: 1507670958664.jpg (184.32 KB, 887x593, Image3.jpg)

Have you guys been seeing the numerous reddit posts thats been going on the past 3 months? These users (always a girl's name) constantly talks about how beautiful Jessica is but talks trash to other cosplayers. I've collected over 1000 posts and over 100 of these accounts. Looks like this is what Jessica does in her free time.

No. 401696

Damn, this is pathetic.

No. 401701

…what the fuck? hahaha this is some kaka-level shit.

No. 401781

That may just be a bot that she paid for to help promote on other cosplayer's pages. Why does she have to add the bit of degrading someone in the process of promoting herself tho?

No. 402014

What a shame. She's just a fat patreon hoe now.
If you pay girls while they're being mediocre, expect that to never change or to get worse. Tenleid is the crown example of this. She's basically MoMokun without the drama.

No. 402016

She's walking clickbait.
She's also apparently a huge asshole, but nerds will still pay pretty girls to feel like they're friends with them despite personality and shit quality content.

No. 402065

File: 1507739960475.png (367.95 KB, 529x464, boob armor.png)

fuck you I was right

No. 402084

File: 1507741853309.png (1.77 MB, 1168x854, Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 1.09…)

gonna double post this one but–

really? she looks like a blow-up doll with that expression.

No. 402085

File: 1507741911164.png (2.3 MB, 1860x1178, Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 1.10…)

and also "please don't use the word sexy thanks"

but you're still going to sell lewds and do sexual cosplays?

No. 402089

>please don't use the word sexy thanks. just because you can see down my vagina it doesn't mean that you can comment on it.

No. 402113


She also deleted two videos on YouTube where you can visually tell her chin is super round. She's starting to get rid of evidence as she starts making her chin more pointy. But she cant get rid of other peoples videos of her. She's doing a really sloppy job of hiding her actual chin but her fan base is a bunch of morons so they probably won't ever call her out on it. Also? I messaged her and asked her if she did any photo editing. Just photo editing, and she blocked me :/

No. 402131

Oh shit is that Gypsy Blancharde

No. 402133

File: 1507746513915.jpg (19.75 KB, 400x300, steve.jpg)

good one anon

No. 402158

File: 1507749098445.png (58.8 KB, 265x265, ehhhhhhh.png)

she always looks so dead in the eyes.

No. 402264

Why is the hair color wrong…..

No. 402271

more like "ratchet queen" amirite?

No. 402277

I remember Sylvanas had black hair in one of the crappy manga adaptations of Warcraft, but honestly she probably just didn't look good with the shade of blonde Sylv's hair actually is in-game

No. 402286

File: 1507763462539.png (1.11 MB, 1188x890, Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 7.10…)

you aren't wrong.

check out that dirty fucking tub, too.

No. 402295

does tharja normally have that line down her stomach?

No. 402296

File: 1507764629937.png (2.13 MB, 1180x1182, Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 7.29…)

oop, forgot pic

No. 402300

Straps are still wrong, and still no hemming on them either. And the ruffles on the straps aren't even the same length at the back? Was she hoping to hide that mess with the wig or something?

No. 402351

This person's face scares the shit out of me. She looks so… off? Idk why.

No. 402379

she looks like a sex doll (albeit not an expensive one)

No. 402432

File: 1507796840171.png (159.59 KB, 435x261, download.png)

she reminds me of gypsy rose

No. 402487

It's how made. It's the miccostumes Tharja. The front flap is attached to it.

No. 402568

File: 1507830529717.png (1.01 MB, 1176x860, Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 1.48…)

that doesn't excuse the fact that she looks like she has golden floss going up her ass crack (then again every costume of hers has something riding up her ass…)

No. 402752

File: 1507852604818.png (227.78 KB, 750x1226, IMG_8819.PNG)

She had a huge melt down on patreon. Notice how her typing and grammar is the same as the white knights.

No. 402753

File: 1507852624811.png (272.87 KB, 750x1254, IMG_8820.PNG)

No. 402754

File: 1507852640627.png (258.56 KB, 750x1240, IMG_8821.PNG)

No. 402755

File: 1507852657964.png (148.62 KB, 746x1254, IMG_8822.PNG)

No. 402854


so overdramatic, what did she expect when she took those photos? for ppl to hide them ? lol

No. 402894

Lmao she sounds like such a baby and a brat, I love how she’s blaming her “fans” for her dumbass lewd/nude pics, she’s the one who decided to take fake tit pics no one pressured her into it, she knew what she was doing by going on patreon and selling nsfw pics
Like honestly what did she really expect??
Can patreon really out people who leak stuff??? Cause usually when that happens to other cosplayers they just randomly start blocking their patrons coughnigricough

No. 402895

No, Patreon does not have some magical way of knowing who leaked photos. That's bs

No. 402896

Uh but it does give you all of that person's info. So if they're dumb enough to leave it up on whatever site they leaked it to then you can connect the dots easily.

No. 403229

File: 1507936928472.png (1.09 MB, 720x1206, Screenshot_2017-10-13-16-14-44…)

Gabby's horrible witch top (Dragon Crown)

No. 403232

File: 1507937016948.png (928.01 KB, 720x1184, Screenshot_2017-10-13-16-14-18…)

No. 403261


ew why do these patreon girls insist on wearing too small, ill fitting stuff? Your boobs don't look good at all

No. 403309

…wtf… They're like tubes and being squished in the middle?

No. 403403

File: 1507964847536.jpg (408.75 KB, 1780x1188, Lazy.jpg)

I like to do photo-manipulations as a hobby but the sheer laziness of this Triggered me. Sage for being bored and having nothing worthwhile to contribute.

No. 403770

File: 1508010297227.png (2.19 MB, 1626x1184, Screen Shot 2017-10-14 at 3.43…)

wow, big surprise that rachni is trying to hop onto kayybears nearly nonexistent fame. (kayybear almost makes rachni look cute)

No. 403774

It's Saturday Luna, go outside

No. 403776

no, not luna, just someone who greatly dislikes rachniqueen.

No. 404145

File: 1508082003925.png (39.23 KB, 160x134, Capture _2017-10-15-10-33-18-1…)

I'm sorry but this chick needs better photoshopping skills. Princeroxychan looks so different in this one of her fans thought she was xbrinni. I don't think ive seen anyone edit a nose that poorly.

No. 404219

She looks like a whovian lol what’s with her sudden extreme shoops lately??? I still can’t get over her ugly shoop for Ann thinking it was good and calling Ann her twin

No. 404225

Well, here's the thing. In real life, without all that Photoshop, she looks, at most, like Nadia suluman (octomom). She doesn't look anything like the actual characters she portrays, she simply Photoshop herself to look more like them. Thats got to be her worst Photoshop yet. She might as well delete the picture because it looks nothing like her. Her real nose is longer and definitely more projected and bumpy.

No. 404770

File: 1508192202998.png (1.19 MB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2017-10-16-14-55-53…)

Roxy didn't have time to suck in her cheeks

No. 404791

Pfffft ahhhhh I love seeing these!!!
Where'd your perfect gangnum unnie chin go roxychan?
What happened to your lil whovian nose, roxychan?

Lawl. I bet her fans can only tell its her by Her older, less horrifically edited pictures and that's all. "Tad unique chin" my shiny metal ass, she has a fuckin plain as hell face.

No. 404861

…is this her own shoop?
You would have to be mentally insane to think anyone would believe this is real

No. 405035


Yeah, its her edit. If I'm not mistaken, she did similar editing to her jojos bizarre adventure character (tiny whovian nose and all). What her fans hopefully understand is she never really looks like the character she's displaying. More like photoshopping herself to look more like them. Even though you can tell its the meitu app she uses to edit with because most of it looks very noticeable and god awful. Unless she's really just that bad with the Photoshop program. But I'm pretty sure when they meet her irl she gets bombarded with "you look totally different from your pictures!"

No. 405037

Actually saw on mariahs instagram video of both of them that even moo moo said she had alot of editing apps.

No. 405180

That wig is horrible for Miyo.

No. 405683

File: 1508371341163.jpg (41.24 KB, 540x960, ew.jpg)

I can't believe this is fucking real?

No. 405929

jessica's gotta reclaim her crown for being the ~qUiRk qUeEN~ XD
Doesn't she get bored of pretending to be a retard?

No. 405937

I remain completely unsurprised about this. She's a fucking slob.

No. 406113

File: 1508460418760.png (1009.75 KB, 720x1170, Screenshot_2017-10-19-17-41-18…)

Antares is asking questions for a video

No. 406790

I still remember the time Jessica said she liked to have Ryan sit on her face so she could swallow his farts.

No. 406834

File: 1508575071873.png (1.16 MB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2017-10-21-01-08-43…)

I like how Gabby is samefagging ideas from Mariah as this is the same bikini and pool

No. 407653


>makes terribly sewn cosplays for Moomoo and now thinks she is some big shot

I love that people who associate with Moo think that they can use her ~fame~ to gain more followers. Antares is just a nobody and her sewing skills are not worth paying for.

No. 407655

File: 1508694268530.jpg (236.9 KB, 650x1030, Capture _2017-10-22-12-39-46_m…)

Anon who posted said pictures here. Looks like roxychan found her pull thread ;D. Thing is? I pulled those pictures directly from a family member of hers. Those pictures of the "blonde" girl are definitely her. She doesn't have "hazel" eyes naturally like she's trying to fool people with now. Its kind of funny that she's just now showing her supposed real eyes. I'm mutual friends with two of her family members friends. Thats her.

No. 407668

File: 1508696085904.jpg (429.61 KB, 1600x1200, pt2017_10_22_13_12_50.jpg)

Bruh no that's definitely you. You can even see it through your shit editing. Same lips same nose same overall faceshape. Just not edited. Boy, she's hardcore becoming a snowflake now.

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