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File: 1501987413903.png (2.09 MB, 2396x1276, goodbyetotallysupercereal.png)

No. 367358

Joy has said she's leaving social media for an indeterminate amount of time. However, any other time she's said she's taking a break it doesn't last more than a few hours. In the last few days she's made multiple "goodbye" livestreams and a video with another stream promised to come…does she really, totally for real mean it this time?

Summary of thread #10 >>359606
•Joy does a YouNow stream where she becomes hysterical over ANA blood test results. She claimed a receptionist from her clinic visit phoned her & told her that her ANA results showed signs of inflammation and that meant one of three things. She either has lupus, sclerosis, or scleroderma. In reality false positives are common for various reasons and they most certainly cannot diagnose any of these illnesses based on a single blood test. YouNow moments of her dramatics and claims >>365516 In the same pity party stream Joy claims she is leaving YT because she doesn’t like who she has become, or the direction her channel is taking, she mentions Rep’s planned video. (THE REAL reason for this BS) Joy wants to know why her? She ate a mainly vegetarian diet and did yoga so why does she have a life shortening illness? After Anons quickly debunk her ANA claims, Joy gets back on another YouNow stream and suddenly throws MS into the mix. She also started to back pedal and claimed she didn’t know what she has and she panicked because she knew someone who died from MS. And is now saying she wasn’t saying she was going to die, she was saying she was scared. Post containing both streams merged >>365725 and younow moments from the second stream >>365758 Joy uploads a video to YT titled “Goodbye” she doubles down on all of her shady diagnosis and testing claims, despite them being widely debunked by this point. She states she is leaving YT to focus on her health, as she feels like a fraud because she isn’t able to give all of herself to her channel. She states she knows people will think she is running from Rep but she really isn’t guise. >>366662 Joy immediately rushes over to YouNow before people even had time to watch her goodbye YT video, on that stream she printed her results, the URL was visible so it was noted which clinic she supposedly visited >>366697 Even though she has claimed she’s taking a break of unknown length from social media she has promised to come back to do the expose’ on the “real” DO5 story “when the time is right.”
•Joy maintains that she isn’t racist because her roommate is Mexican. And claims she only made a racist comment to prove how ridiculous it is that people think she is racist. Continues to refuse to apologise, using free speech as her excuse, while maintaining an echo chamber around herself at all times. Joy claims she has apologised numerous times, playing the “I’m so confused” card, completely ignoring the fact that every apology to date has a caveat. At no point has she apologised for the racist joke, only that people got offended by her racism, I’m sorry if your feelings are hurt, I’m sorry but…
•The Warskis & Friends Ft Jeff Holliday, discuss Joy, the way she has handled criticism, advising a child to rape their bullies and racism in their livestream. >>360151 Jeff Holliday tries to excuse Joy’s disgraceful behavior as a result of her suddenly taking anxiety medication which has impaired her judgement. Yet Joy herself has said numerous times that depression and anxiety aren’t an excuse to be an arsehole. Andy Warski responds to Joy tweet lashing out at him for saying she shouldn’t give medical advice to kids and for telling the 11 yr old to rape her bullies. Joy’s tweet at >>360991 Andy tweet posts >>360998 >>361013
•Joy is a subject of discussion in another Warski & Friends stream post at >>362031 she is called out for promoting body positivity after stating she is 1lb over obese. Her many illness claims and for a strike JLF after Joy issued a privacy complaint against her video.
•Repzion leaves an epic comment on this video calling her a pathological liar, post at >>362030 Rep announces that he is working on a video that will finally reveal who she really is and that it is a subject that nobody has covered before, it goes back to her past long before her YT days and she will not be able to wiggle her way out of the information he has. Due on 20th August 2017. Original tweet >>363174 further information here >>363196 >>363403 >>363405 Joy tries to appeal to him to contact her so they can talk privately about how she has upset him, as she doesn’t know what she has done. >>363203 She then states in livestream that Rep who has ten times more subs than she does, is only making the video for views. She also agrees with Mike that Rep and the Warskis are only going after her now because she is a hot topic.
•Petty Paige held a livestream with Joy and attempted to explain to her why her jokes were racist and that referring to POC as brown is offensive >>360291
•Joy makes a Tweet about Sharika and falsely accuses her of not allowing her son to play with white children. This understandably angers Sharika, first for Joy bringing her son into her mess and secondly, Sharika’s son is biracial, his father is white. >>361254
•Joy monetized the five hour long livestream while discussing and denying criticisms that she is money hungry, she received no superchat money despite fishing for them, only a few small donations. Spergleberries try to say that a glitch is responsible for all of the sub losses. Joy compares herself to a child who has cancer, only she is worse off because at least cancer patients get treatment and help. She goes through Rep’s YT comment as a line by line discussion. Livestream dated July 29th 2017.
•Joy uploads a video defending her comment to the 11 yr old child who needed help due to bullying. Joy used every excuse she ever dragged Onion and DO5 over. Joy also used footage of the child and purposefully left their face unblurred for over a good minute before finally blurring, to strengthen her excuse that the child looked older than 11. Screenshots of Joy slamming the same excuses she now uses herself. >>363085 >>363086
•YouNow moments from her stream on 28th July >>363341
•A YT comment on one of her videos alludes to information from her past that she won’t want coming out involving an Amanda Smith post at >>363800 Predicted Joy would paint Amanda as evil. Amanda had been previously discussed by Phil in earlier threads as a former friend of Joy >>363872 Predictably Joy takes part in a short stream where she claims she will be taking a break due to her health and due to being worried about something. She said there are jealous people from her past who are out to sabotage her success.
•Joy was hemorrhaging subs at a fast pace, the more “damage control” she attempts, the more subs she loses. Her like/dislike rate on her YT videos weigh heavily on the dislike side and the comments are overwhelmingly negative. People who have watched her long-term tell her that some unsubs are due to her changing her content & that when they subbed she was about spreading positivity and helping others, not dark and controversial humor. Joy immediately shoots this down saying it’s their fault for assuming that her channel was about positivity & helping people & trying to decide which direction her channel can go in without her knowledge. Joy is conveniently forgetting that her channel description literally says she is about helping people, sparkle sparkle. >>361038
•Despite steadily losing subs overs over the past two weeks, Joy magically managed to gain 200 new subs, over two days. Questions arise that Joy or one of her spergleberries may be buying subs for her channel >>364222 However, her sub count may have been the result of a glitch as YT were doing a site wide purge of spammy accounts. >>364985
>>364991 but it was noted that her twitter subscribers also took a dive at the same time as her YT sub count, and her Patreon also lost 15 Patrons from the previous month >>365061 >>365113
•Joy removed a few of her earlier illness videos to try to hide her pattern of sympathy seeking behavior, they were made available again after an Anon stated they already had downloaded all of the videos she had removed anyway.
•Joy changes tactics and decides to label all criticism as “rumors” and asking other people to let her know of any rumors they have heard so she can debunk them on her livestream. Ridiculous rumors that have clearly been made up, that are easily debunked are brought up by her spergleberries, which she answers, true criticisms are brought up and she ignores them or feigns confusion. She is obviously trying to make it look like she is facing accusations head on. >>362376 >>362390 >>362599
•Joy posts a meme about her made by an Anon, to twitter & tried compare an innocent meme and what she said about “poo babies” as both being dark humor and wanting to know why we can use dark humor but she can’t, ignoring the fact the meme wasn’t racist in any way, shape or form. And further proof of her lurking. >>360857 >>360884
•Chambers releases a video claiming that Joy hasn’t given Rose any further money following paying for the hotel stay & the $600 donation & Rose doesn’t want anymore money from her. She says Joy is harassing Rose & she wants it to stop, and Joy pushing hard for insider information from Rose & when Rose made it clear she wasn’t giving her any information, Joy turned nasty & accused Rose of fraud, Chambers of jacking up the GoFundMe account and claimed Joy wouldn’t help raise any more money without new information. Joy claims she has paid $1200 and will pay more once a decent total accumulated. Chambers included a text exchange between her and Rose’s sister talking about how harassed Rose felt. >>364601 When Chambers finally released the texts "proving" all this they didn’t actually fit the picture Chambers painted at >>365553
>>365677 However Joy now knows that Rose no longer wants to accept money from her, therefore there is no reason to keep the do5 videos on her channel anymore.
• A Joy spergleberry, Link, has been going around falsely flagging videos for months on behalf of his dear leader, Joy is fully aware that they are doing this but does nothing to stop him >>363805 It was revealed that another one of her biggest spergleberry defenders, actually wasn’t a fan and thinks she is as crazy as Onion. This confirms that not all her “defenders” actually like her & are just there for the drama and are enabling her for their own amusement.

The first ten threads:
#1 >>246848
#2 >>278466
#3 >>285785
#4 >>304769
#5 >>312880
#6 >>322745
#7 >>338199
#8 >>345917
#9 >>351741
#10 >>359606

Social Media:
Joy Sparkle BS main YouTube channel
Spurpinklebow 2nd channel
Joy Sparkle Eff It 3rd channel
Joy Sparkle BS Official Facebook page:

Many of the topics brought up in previous threads are linked for your convenience, >>354796 please take the time to look them over as well as the summaries at the start of each thread. If you don’t want to look foolish/get banned the first time you post it will do you good to read the board rules https://lolcow.farm/rules and usage info https://lolcow.farm/info and to lurk a while just reading before attempting to post so you learn how things work. Please do a keyword search (Ctrl-F) to first check if the topic has been discussed already, we try to avoid rehashing the same things over and over. If you have important factual information to share (aka milk) be sure to back it up with evidence such as links or screenshots. Attempting to pass off unsubstantiated rumors as truth will only get you laughed at and ridiculed. Always leave the Name and Subject fields blank when you post. If you are not contributing new milk/just giving your opinion please ‘sage’ your post. We are very picky about this and can usually spot a noob a mile away because they never sage their dumb comments. To do this put the word sage in the Email field…if you are not sure if your post is milk sage it anyway. Not saging correctly is a bannable offense. If you make a mistake on a post you can delete it within the first 30 min. Do not direct link to Joy’s videos we don’t want to give her extra views, linking to anyone else’s channel (except Onision/Lainey) is fine and encouraged. Try to find a mirrored version of her video to post instead or at least include the name of Joy's video in your post so others can find it later. Do not post about Kati's family or exes or try to contact them. You can talk about them if Kati brings them up but do not refer to them by name. Do not try to use us as your own personal army to go after Kati or anyone else, we are not your attack dogs. Thanks!

No. 367368


You forgot to mention that this thread also acts as a containment board. Try to add that next time so that people are aware of the autism.


No. 367393

Bless you, anon. Excellent summary.

>twiddles thumbs waiting for the next outpouring of milk<

No. 367405

cont. from thread #10 >>367353
>if so, did the 3-4 doctors that diagnosed her with fibro confirm that it was caused from her copper toxicity or no?

No, originally she brought out the "4 doctors diagnosed her" thing as a snarky reply to a YT comment a while back but only the naturopath supposedly diagnosed the copper toxicity thing "saving her life" and Phil said the fibro was something she self-diagnosed after he mentioned it to her as a possibility. She was mainly focused on the copper toxicity as the cause of all her symptoms when she first started her channel and didn't concentrate on the fibro so much until a little later…when she started using the "brain fog" to excuse any little thing. Now she's saying she still has all the same symptoms but now it's something more than fibro and not copper toxicity because it "feels" different. She had been saying she was getting better until all this controversy hit her all at once, now that she can't take the heat she's suddenly so deathly ill she has to get help NOW and leave YT to "focus on her health."

No. 367422


Watermark the screenshot of the receipts you are showing

No. 367425


No idea! Sorry

No. 367438


Sorry, realised/was reminded that my comments clogged up the board with irrelevance to topic, and have deleted the posts you responded to.

Thanks for helping mme out though!

No. 367451

File: 1502007552003.png (123.79 KB, 621x541, blargh.PNG)

I've had this stupid theory for a little while, please feel free to ignore or debunk this if it's too off topic.

I noticed a connection between The Blargh and Joy Sparkle BS channels
- reports on Onision drama
- rainbow colours in channel header
- The Blargh let Joy use their footage
- The Blargh don't show their face or voice (are their identity known?)
- The Blarghs titles started to change and become more like Joys around the time Joy was uploading heaps
- Lately The Blargh hasn't uploaded as much, the very next day after Joy leaves they made 2 videos on Onision.
- The Blargh have never done a solo video on Joy
- The Blargh loved a comment from someone saying Mikenactor should debate Onision.

Joy has mentioned she has multiple channels around the time she created Spurpinkle Bow. I started to wonder if she made The Blargh and if she will upload from there from now on anonymously.

TL;DR Does anyone know who runs The Blargh and can confirm it isn't Joy?

No. 367455


In this upload from The Blargh you can see Joy directly talking to them in her YouNow, so I think that's pretty impossible.


No. 367462

Actually, this would kinda make sense since she repeatedly said she had 3 backup channels, yet we only ever knew of her main channel and 2 backups (Joy Sparkle BS, Spurpinkle Bow, and Joy Sparkle Eff It) ……. I think we briefly mentioned it at one point but most of us thought she just misspoke. Maybe she really did mean she has 3 backup channels.

She can definitely be involved in it closely behind the scenes though, maybe as an admin of the channel or something?

I just clicked on a random video on The Blargh, first video I clicked, and Joy's outro music is playing through the entire clip.
Of course Joy doesn't create her own music and it's likely she stole it from Blargh, or the same place Blargh stole it from, but I really wouldn't be surprised if she was a co-contributor or co-owner of this channel.
>>367451 is right, it's a little too many coincidences in presentation.

No. 367466


Curiouser and curiouser.


Remember, Kati is never really consistent… more 'bandwagonny' than anything.

No. 367468

She has made multiple videos on Eugenia though - and she says how great of "friends" they are (though she says that about everyone, so take that with a grain of salt). Another theory I heard once a loooong way back was that The Blargh is Roommate, which would explain why Blargh has showed up in her livestream chats before…..

The other thing is that The Blargh focuses heavily on things that really only seem to interest Joy and her friends. Dozens of videos on Jaclyn Glenn, Social Repose, Onision, Lainey, and Eugenia. The channel only started September 2016, whereas Joy's channel started in December - certainly not too far apart for Blargh to have been her practice/anonymous channel she started before she was Joy Sparkles.

Not saying it's true or even probable, but there is some connection that isn't public (afaik) and it may be interesting to look into while we have a break from the constant insanity that is her main channel. I would say though that unless we confirm that Blargh is Joy herself, maybe Blargh talk should be confined to the Spergleberries thread, because it's likely one of them or even Roomie rather than Joy herself. Therefore not directly relevant to this thread.

Ok, back to lurking!

No. 367476

What if she has spent years just reading all the threads here. Made the blarg. And then joybs. To collect more snowflakes as her followers, but really just so they are talked about here. Then she disappears, but the blarg lives on. Her crazy can finally recess into the shadows, she has fresh reading material.

No. 367479

OHOHOHO Looks like Mikenactor has made a video defending Joy and ripping on Repzion!

No. 367485

>The Blargh have never done a solo video on Joy

Incorrect. https://youtu.be/5qmW9DKI8N8
Not only that in this video she's talking to The Blargh who's in her chat at 7:17. They also cover a lot of YT's Joy has never shown any interest in, including quite a few makeup artists…Cyr & Dasha, Tati, Jackie Aina, Jeffree Star, Jaclyn Hill, CrankthatFrank, Jeydon Wale, Tana Mongeau, Chris Oflyng, Johnnie Guilbert, Marina Joyce, Dan Howell, etc…
Basically, The Blargh is recording YouNow sessions that surround current YT's drama and are most likely to get them the most views, that's all…there's no conspiracy there. The channel header literally says it "The Latest News on Your Favorite Streamers." The outro music is actually quite common, I believe it's from a royalty-free site, I've seen other YT channels use it too. I don't know what you mean by "their titles started to change and become more like Joys's"…the titles are simple and describe who is in the clip and when, maybe what was discussed…and have pretty much always been like that. Interesting tinfoil…at first, but when you really look at it there isn't much of a case for it & doesn't add up to anything. I very much doubt this is the case.

I think it's time to drop the subject lest we end up being responsible for creating another stupid baseless rumor. There isn't any solid evidence for proving it so unless that can be provided continuing to tinfoil about it is pointless.

Seriously guys, end of discussion.

No. 367497

Mike understands the joke was racist and why people were offended even though Joy continues to insist what she said wasn't racist and won't apologize for it. Then he criticizes Rep for making a video about Joy as a "business decision" but then he says it's ok if it is, he'd respect that…so why accuse him of it in the first place? Just because someone spends a significant amount of time & effort to call someone out doesn't make it a business descision, we do that here but don't gain anything personally as no one knows who we are…there are plenty of valid reasons for voicing criticism besides trying to get views/money.

No. 367500

File: 1502013409238.png (504.94 KB, 874x818, crocodiletears.png)

No. 367501

And even aside from business there is the fact that Joy is faking all these illnesses when his dad has terminal cancer. Mike has made a poor choice in making this video, he may find his audience starts alienating him similar to how Joy's did. I wonder if Rep's evidence in the video proves Mike wrong and Joy to be a scamming, manipulating cow will he continue to support Joy?

No. 367502

>tfw you think you can declare something the end of the discussion on lolcow

No. 367505

Can someone give me some cliff notes on this. I actually want to kill myself when I hear this dude talk.

No. 367507


Agree… am as unsure as you are. It's an interesting suggestion though.

I find it difficult to narrow in on what Kati's field of vision is, and that is what makes it difficult.

Sometimes it appears that she may be 'feeling' her way…?


Agree again… perhaps put it in other thread?

Food for thought, nonetheless.

No. 367508

It's over in the Spergleberries thread, didn't want to talk about him extensively here.
Spoiler: Me me me me me me bawwww me me me Joy me me fuck you Rep me me projection aaaaand destroys his whole video in one sentence.

No. 367509

I've just been going through Blargh's sub list, and it's really suspicious tbf.
They mostly started out subbing to channels that have huge sub counts, like Onion and Eugenia, then starts adding smaller channels that are almost all young, potentially gay men (dunno, and can't be fucked to watch them to find out), but they're all drama/makeup/commentary channels with big names behind most of them.
Then suddenly, Suit Yourself. Blaire White. Joy Sparkle BS. Spurpinkle Bow. Joy Sparkle Eff It. CyTheNerd. Mikenactor. Rob Novak. Jeff Holiday. Benji James. Coppercab. VeganCheetah (only after Joy Sparkle Eff It.) All these people that have personal connections to Joy.

No, it's not proof or even likely that she owns this channel, but I am interested that they seem to know her behind the scenes, maybe even personally. What kind of fucking channel interested in big personalities and streamers and drama youtubers would add people like Cy and Suit Yourself and Benji? They're nobodies and they don't have dramatic content that is juicy for gossip, views, and a larger audience. The only thing they have is that they're connected to Joy.

No. 367513

At this point further discussion about The Blargh should go to the Spergleberry thread since this is not about Joy anymore and is getting off topic.


Discussion about Mike and his video is going on there too.

Link to Spergleberry thread:

No. 367532

So Kati has updated her patreon, as suspected she cant just fuck off. She will be releasing one stream per week and vlogs.

She has also lost a patreon but sadly not the fucking dipshit giving her $100 a month.

No. 367535


Yeah, I wondered about that?

Who is giving her $100 a month?

Why? For what?

Who knows… but it is weird.

No. 367537

He has an insufferably smug attitude that comes across in his speech

No. 367538


Can you track Patreons? Is she giving it to herself?

What was the "personal message"?

Why would you pay for that?

Do you get a new message each month?

No. 367539

Sort of. If you go here you can see her stats:


It doesn't show you who is giving her money though, obviously

No. 367547


"Do you get a new message each month?"

No, but you probably get 2-3 new undiagnosed medical problems…

No. 367593

Not a joy supporter but having just found out rep is selling dirty underwear ive become less enthused by his video. His credibility has taken a nose dive

No. 367599

>Lol that is such a thing over here in the UK especially on Ebay ha but it's usually the ladies pants that make the big bucks…

Yes, in portions of Asian you buy them from vending machines. Americans tend to clutch their pearls quickly, not saying that's wrong.

Edited to add

Perhaps joy could begin a new business venture. If you know what I mean.

Sage for OT and random gross fun fact
Additionally saged for the your morning sickness

No. 367603

>>367596 What was that saying people have been going on about recently?

'Anything that comes before 'but' is horseshit'?

No. 367605


What was that saying people have been going on about recently?

'Anything that comes before 'but' is horseshit'?

Saged for double post (also, I can't delete the misquoted one; it says it's the wrong password).

No. 367609

Can I ask why? Seriously, why would that affect anything he has to say?

No. 367610


because they're poisoning the well.

No. 367613

I still don't know what you mean. It's a business venture that has nothing to do with the Joy situation.

No. 367618


Google "poisoning the well" wiki

You're right. It literally doesn't matter.

No. 367620

If Rep wanted to sell his asshole for dollars, that still wouldn't matter imo, it's irrelevant. What he does on the side is his business, same as all of our sex lives/business lives

No. 367628

No. 367641


she's gonna get her clock cleaned by someone who sells his panties online. lol.

No. 367643

Nothing Rep does is irrelevant if he wants to posit himself as morally superior to Kati. The trouble is he's not immune to drama whoring himself, and this is him bandwagoning for views the same way he did when he was fighting Onision. His subs exploded after that.

No. 367651


Haha, anon, no. Yes, Rep got his first big boost from TAA but if you think he didn't pick subs up from going after Gergles you're forgetting your history.

Why is it so difficult for some anons who track Kati to understand that things aren't all black or all white? Repzion has cow tendencies regardless of what he does with underwear. It's simple truth.

No. 367657


Oh my god, this is where the autism rears its ugly head.

Repzion doesn't need to state I AM MORALLY SUPERIOR. Stop reading everything so literally, christ. He's a smug asshole with skeletons in his closet and he's also guilty of having gone ham on people for the views; just like Kati, just like Greg.

No. 367663


Yeah, right? Repzion is perfect and therefore unassailable.

Come on. The vid will be milky and fun but it's freaking Repzion, not the second coming of Christ. (teehee)

No. 367664


Stop double posting.

No. 367669

How's about you both stfu and stop derailing. Take that shit to the suburbs.

Rep might well be his own cow, but that will be for his own thread, if not, it doesn't matter. This isn't a Rep thread. Nobody cares about him further than the milk he can provide.

Fuck, can't I twiddle my thumbs in peace?

No. 367674

NA but come on! This is why other farmers are making fun of us! Please stop it!

Rep is a plagiarist, for one. This is my concern about the video, he's not the best at fact checking. Though I think farmers here are helping him out? Or that was my understanding?

No. 367676


Haha, yeah, anon. This is why this thread is such a treat. Kati attracts autism by the bucketful. There are more cows posting in this thread than all of lolcow.

No. 367681

Can we all just stick to what the topic is about please?

No. 367682

Can we stop saying shit like autistic and on the spectrum. For fuck sakes.

No. 367683


Wait. We've all been talking about Repzion and this video. So are we to take it that as long as discussion of Repzion is positive, no problem, talk about him all you like and wow, this upcoming video will be the end of Kati.

But when a farmer who posts here on the semi-regular says, hey you know, Repzion isn't exactly pure as the driven snow, "move this to the suburbs"? Are you crazy?

I'm starting to think autism anon is right.

No. 367684


If the shoe fits…

Sage your shit.

No. 367686

O/T I have a question. It may be related to Joy, I'm just looking into something first.

When are taxes due in the USA, is it varies by state, does anyone know when OK is due?

No. 367689


Quick fingers!

Personally I just can't get over this idea some anons have that this video will DESTROY Kati. But it's business as usual for Rep, who never met a superlative he didn't love using.

No. 367691

Because waiting in glee for the video about KATI is actually about Kati and talking about Repzion's fucking underwear is not relevant to the thread at all.

Can we get a mod in here to spank the naughty children please?

No. 367692


Let me get this straight. First, Rep was going to save the day. Now, he's off-limits. Got it.

Very Kati of you.

No. 367693


Take your hate boner for Repzion and make a thread about it. Fuck outta here.

No. 367694


Rep also has history with underage girls buying those panties. He's not the hero we've been waiting for.

No. 367696

Not sure how if goes state to state, but Federal is April 15th for everyone.

No. 367698


On what planet is

>First, Rep was going to save the day. Now, he's off-limits. Got it.

a hate boner?

No. 367702

Are you gonna actually talk about Joy in the Joy thread, or are you gonna keep derailing like the Sperg(leberry) you are? It's painfully obvious you want to discredit Rep befor ethe video even comes out, which is hilarious because literally nobody gives a fuck about him other than anticipating the shitstorm that will follow his video (whether it's accurate or not, the reaction will be milky as all fuck).
I will say one last time and then I will just quietly report all further derailing posts without adding to the autism: If it's not directly related to the Kati video, take your Repzion factoids elsewhere.

No. 367703

Pretty sure all taxes, state and federal, are due at the same time. April 15. Tax places just do them together otherwise you have to pay twice to get them done. Unless she's going to try to do them on her own which would be a fucking stupid move. Hope she's putting some money aside for that…

No. 367706


Okay. Kati sucks, much liar, very Munchausen.

Did I do good? Stop thread copping.

No. 367714


Can we still talk about how Kati might be The Blargh? I'm honestly confused now. Are we limited to discussing only Joy or does everything having to do with anyone who isn't Joy something that has to go to the spergleberry thread?

Is Repzion supposed to go to the Spergleberry thread now?

No. 367718


The autism is coming from inside the thread. Get out while you can.

No. 367719

>Can we stop saying shit like autistic and on the spectrum. For fuck sakes.

Word. How are we supposed to take a stand against someone making racial slurs and rape jokes when we're calling each other autistic as a joke. Not funny.

>When are taxes due in the USA, is it varies by state, does anyone know when OK is due?

Annons were right about April 15th. However since it seems Kati is living off the generosity of others, she probably got a generous return. Thanks Uncle Sam. In terms of county tax, each county does things differently. Some go back last name or location. Her car tags would go by when she registered her car I would imagine. Her Personal Property Tax would go by whatever the county guidelines are. State tax is due at the time of federal tax.

We also have to remember, she could be lying about not having insurance. If she's not, she would be penalized every year she does not have it.

After thought. If she can't afford health insurance, how does she afford car insurance? Is it legal to not have car insurance in Oklahoma? I know some states you don't legally have to have it.

No. 367721

The point was, that even us autists got, but not you because you're definitely not autistic, just painfully stupid:

What you said ("Nothing Rep does is irrelevant if he wants to posit himself as morally superior to Kati.") was an assumption.

What if I told you I can think Keanu Reeves was a shit actor with no fucking affect without thinking I, myself, am a world-class actor or a mediocre actor, even?

Mind blown, I'm sure.

It's too bad these threads have been posted everywhere and are now overrun by reactive monkeys who throw their own poop at everyone.

And I don't even like Mr. Repzion…

No. 367726

File: 1502038733605.png (58.4 KB, 720x300, 20170806_115711.png)

Anyone else find it strange that after the blargh is brought up here, they release this?

Their video is just showing the tweets from rep.

No. 367729


What are you talking about? I don't understand this at all. Sorry just…not sure what you're getting at.

No. 367730

>Her Personal Property Tax would go by whatever the county guidelines are.

She's living in her roommates apartment. They don't pay property tax.

No. 367731

To try and save this thread I'd like to talk about the said upcoming video.

Rep made a poor choice with the date and it's overly excessive advertising. He really should have kept quite until a day or so before it's scheduled release.

Now, thanks to himself, he really should consider pushing the date forward. If not he runs the risk of everyone not caring about the video.

I'm not saying it will reveal anything new, I'm fifty/fifty as to what the content could be.

No. 367733


No, unfortunately that's not how this works. This isn't tumblr. We can say what we want here. Fuck off with your triggered bullshit.

No. 367734


Thank you everyone, no my question isn't sarcastic.

This was why I asked the question,


She has claimed to have been without health insurance since day 1 of her YT channel. How is she getting away with this? Or it's yet another lie, which is why she ignores all offers to pay her insurance directly, on her behalf.

I'm not sure how the health insurance system works but I have seen comments stating they are special deals for low income, she gets more than enough from Patreon alone.

No. 367739

Sometimes it takes a year or two for them to catch up with those things. There's a lot of tax fraud and other issues that delay the process

No. 367740


It's okay nonnie, I understood you. /sighs heavily

No. 367747

My problem with Repzion is that video where he says that he will commit suicide one day, but none of his friends or family will ever know it's coming, because he's going to surprise them with it.

That reminds me of the kind of stunt Joy would pull.

No. 367754


Comparing Kati's panties to Rep's underwear to make Kati look worse?
Please, no.

No. 367757


Nah, he was serious. That's why he deleted it. I just hope he makes a strong case against Kati and doesn't smugface through the entirety.

No. 367761


IMO he left too large a window. This gives people a lot of time to discredit him. His recent tweets have left me feeling underwhelmed simply because he's so snotty about it, the way he always is. The fact that he's saying that he agrees with Greg is just more proof that he goes after drama for views. Back when he was making attack vids about Greg he would never have admitted to that. It's disheartening, to say the least.

No. 367765


Anon, The Blargh is a drama aggregator. They pull from everyone. You know Kati barely understands how2internet, let alone run an aggregate channel.

No. 367768

Please move discussion of Repzion to a dedicated thread.

The massive amount of OT in this thread is why it's still not in /pt/.

No. 367776

Can we please not talk about Kati's underwear for any reason?

No. 367781

Because the very idea makes some of us physically sick?

No. 367795

I come back to this thread and see it has 60+ posts, making me get ready for a glass of fresh milk only to find out its a bunch of derailing cunts and people making small talk? Bitch wtf? Get your asses the fuck OUT of the thread with that shit.

No. 367806

File: 1502045316261.jpg (77.47 KB, 744x450, Untitled.jpg)

Is there a way to autoban all the spergleberries? They do this shit on purpose.

No. 367809


Do you speak English? I'm asking for a moratorium on that kind of thing.

No. 367810


lol yes, they're going to keep house for you.

No one likes Joy. But this thread is pure cancer. Deal with the fact that people are growing more and more aware that YOU are spergs, just as much as any Joystan.

No. 367817

Elana Vitaly is now trying to do the same shit she is doing here (poisoning the well) on Repzion's twitter.

I don't follow Repzion but it seems she is trying to conflate his money issues and the Joy video.


I don't think it's worth screenshotting, really. I'm just posting it to put it in the timeline.

No. 367818


the thought of you wasting your time on that

Sort yourself out, start by cleaning your room.

No. 367850

This should probably go in the thread dedicated to lolcows surrounding joy not here. Elana's already featured there.

No. 367875

Some of you guys have forgotten lolcow is here so we can laugh at cows. I think some of you are taking this too seriously.

Just report posts for now on. No more warnings and sperg derailing. Just goddammit report and keep posting as usual.I literally just wrote a big as post about this at the end of the last thread.

Last time I post something like this, since in itself it's derailing.

No. 368007

Thought I would let who ever runs this page know the link for Joy's facebook no longer works because it got shut down.

No. 368017


This whole thread has been too serious from jump because it's filled with people who touch the shit, tip the cow, and think they're all the online version of Nancy Drew.

Have some fun with this ffs and stop being autistic.

No. 368019

As an autistic on the spectrum I wholeheartedly approve its usage because it's FUCKING FUNNY. fuck yourself. sorry blOG

No. 368039


Why isn't anyone concerned that Kati could see this and use it against him? She does lurk here.

No. 368051

Thanks, I just cut & pasted the links from the last thread…I'd forgotten about that. I'll try to remember for the next thread if I'm still around. However, the way the most recent threads have been going downhill, idk. We used to have a good reputation for being fair and balanced with our criticism and made sure to fact check each other but now? …not so much. It's disheartening to see all the work I put into creating these threads devolve into shit like this.

I had been discussing possible solutions with one of the anons who helped me summarize the last 2 threads and the only thing we came up with is asking if one of the more established anons who follows the rules could apply to be a farmhand to help moderate the thread. The ones we do have don't seem to come around here much. Unfortunately neither of us can do it for various reasons. Seriously, please consider it if you are able to.

I'd suggest to the rest of you not to rise to any bait to derail the thread nor respond to off topic posts, just ignore it or report the post and move on. When a noob comes on acting like an idiot we don't need 10 posts pointing that out, only one anon needs to clearly warn them once and if they don't want to follow the rules after that report them, tough shit if they get banned. We also don't need an excess of comments on how fucked this thread is or what you think it's purpose should be, that is derailing also…just follow the fucking rules and STAY ON TOPIC. Why is this so hard, people?

I know that since Joy is supposedly taking a break and the milk has gone dry for now we're going to get a lot of opinion posts but just keep it on topic, the infighting bullshit needs to stop. Posts about other channels needs to stop, either talk about them in the spergleberry thread >>365161 or in the case of Repzion make a new thread about him since he's big enough to have his own, any further posts like this that do not directly relate to Joy should be ignored/reported as off topic. This thread is about Joy and Joy only, there's a reason the spergleberry thread was created.

If this thread continues in this same vein it has been, I'm out…make your own damn threads. I can't continue to support this behavior. Get your act together and get back on topic. I won't be posting about this again.

No. 368064

I absolutely appreciate your work here and 100% agree with what you've said. I've been around since the beginning and have contributed enough that I'm willing to apply for farmhand. I tapped on transcribing a little while ago when the nonsense got busy and things got cluttered by trolls looking for a fight or pissing match. You've been awesome and hope you stick around but wouldn't blame you in the event you decide to dip out.

No. 368074

I've also been around since the beginning and would be willing to apply to be a farmhand. I don't know if we'd need more than one now that Kati is going dark, or so she says.

I appreciate your hard work. These threads don't fill up terribly fast, so having a concise summary at the beginning of a new thread really helps to refresh my memory as to what had gone on so far.

No. 368096

>>368051 Thanks for all your hard work. I personally believe 90% of the farmers here should not be given any form of power. Many are paranoid angry little people and it would be a disservice to your hard work.

No. 368115


Oh my god, so asspained! Would you like a back pat? Look at it this way, without you, KF would have nothing to poach from. Maybe you should go there and namefag so you can get ratings.

No. 368117


the drama! you have a fat case of USI, this isn't journalism you're doing here. good reputation omg what are you on about

No. 368139

I almost missed the only actual real milk in this thread because of all the bullshit…that Kati has decided to continue to make 1 video per week and vlogs for her Patrons because of course she is. She's not going to give up a steady monthly income and the biggest echo chamber of all….those are the most dedicated of idiots, not only giving asspats but actual cash incentive to stay and please them. They're going to continue to tell her how great she is and build her ego back up…if that's the only contact she has with social media for an extended time then I fear what she will become when she returns to YT.

Being "sick" doesn't excuse her behavior. There are lots of actual chronically ill people who don't behave like maniacs after getting a small amount of internet fame. That's all on her and her personality, it has nothing to do with her supposed illness. She told that one guy with PTSD that he can't use his disorder as an excuse for acting like an asshole yet that's exactly what she's doing now. It's all do what I say not what I do with her.

>Can we still talk about how Kati might be The Blargh?
No, not in this thread, take it to the spergleberry thread…The Blargh is being discussed there. This thread is to discuss Joy and things she's actually done, the purpose of that thread is to discuss any channels that may be tangentially related to Joy but not big enough for their own thread. You can discuss what they do in relation to whoever…Joy or not.

If the person in question is big enough to get their own thread like Repzion, he can get his own thread or if no one wants to bother you can talk about him in the spergleberry thread too unless it gets to be a long involved discussion and starts to take over the thread, at that point a new thread should be started just for him. Does that make sense? (Lol, I cringed at typing that, I heard it in Joy's voice.)

No. 368207


Wow, you are right!

All her links on the youtube videos are gone.

What's with that?

Twitter seems to still be active though.

No. 368214

Joy's pulling one of those "I'm going to kill myself" things psychopaths pull in relationships to get you to pay attention to them and beg them not to and tell them how much they mean to you. The only difference is that "I'm going to kill myself" is "I'm leaving the internet" this time.

No. 368215

Does Repzion seem to be having second thoughts?

I hope not.

Just because she has run doesn't mean she should stop being chased.

No. 368216


Yes… it is so manipulative.

No. 368217

File: 1502107423940.jpg (65.06 KB, 960x720, JSBS demisexual .jpg)

Has this ever been brought up before? I have no memory of it but there has been so much stuff things get buried.

It's not the creamiest of milk, it is just another example of how she will literally be whatever someone wants her to be, including sexuality. So maybe her next victim who she will get to be her butler and pay for everything, doesn't have to be limited to the males.

No. 368218

It looks like he might be. I hope not because I think that could be something that would bring Joy out and cause her to go off the deep end.

No. 368231


If you intend to keep posting in this forum, but have no new information to share, kindly sage your posts (type sage into the email slot to do so).

No. 368232

this was already discussed a few threads ago and acknowledged by Joy on her social media (her followers had to tell her it's down, she didn't notice). She claimed she doesn't know why it got shut down, afaik

No. 368237


Oops, sorry about that. Honest mistake.

Tried to delete but was too late.

No. 368241

No. 368265

See his twitter. Either way, not about Repzion.

Surprised to see how much Joy's actually being quiet.. makes you wonder what she's up to. You know there's no way in hell she's off the internet.

No. 368277


I think some folks need to pay more attention to what they're reading. The video is still in the works; it's just not an expose on Joy that people automatically assumed it was. It's still going to be critical of her, though.

saged for being slightly off topic

No. 368281

Screen shots?

As far as I know he's the one been going around gloating that he's gonna expose her but now it's not an expose video?

No. 368302

>They're going to continue to tell her how great she is and build her ego back up

For sure. It's like how she tries to assure everyone that she's being honest but won't show her proof, instead says that someone close to her knows she is being honest. She'll say things like,
"cy knows, I've shown her my test results"
"there are a few people close to me that I've told everything to, they can back up what I've been saying"
"I was talking to ______ about it, they've been a good friend to me, so there are people I've shown everything to and they know what I've been going through and have seen the proof" and those people have just been taking her word for it and are being played like a fiddle. Now she can do the same with the small group. Manipulate them hardcore, tell them how humbled and thankful she is for them then and cry about having the hardest life in the world. The patrons literally buy what she is selling and will feel special knowing that she could be on her channel with a big audience but she would rather share with them and show love and gratitude to them. When she is done pretending to take a break, her inner circle, aka army, will be bigger and can go on to spread the word of joysus on her channel, defend her against all the people ruthlessly attacking her for no reason, and vouch that she has been telling the truth.

No. 368373

In Kati's 2nd post-'Goodbye Forever' YouNow stream someone asks her why she needed 3 different doctors to diagnose her with Fibromyalgia. Her response, 'That's a good question. . . . . . .I've already answered it in one of my videos though, so it would be a waste of my time and yours to answer it now. I'm not going to waste your time. Guys, I'm not going to answer anything I've answered in a video.' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNyK2M_Gu24

So apparently it's a better use of the questioners time to go comb through 400 videos for the answer that isn't there to begin with, and how does she know she hasn't deleted or privated the supposed video she answered that question in? Statistically there's a 50% chance of that video being unavailable.

She then claims Acetaminnophen doesn't work on her. . .just like Lyrica stopped working in under 2 weeks, and also 'backfired'.

No. 368387

Then he over-hyped the situation with his YT posts. I was really expecting something good. Probably going to be all of the stuff we discussed here. Oh well, we'll see.

No. 368406

It's all good. Joy's just regrouping and trying to find a way to lie her way through all of this and still come out on what she considers to be top. She'll be back soon enough and resume digging her own grave.

No. 368407

"I am too. There has not been a single video covering what my video will cover. I think it's going to shock a lot of ppl with her past."

If people think the video was going to be an expose, it was his own fault. Because that's literally the definition of an expose.

No. 368408


I would tell that person not to waste their time. I already am, I have been working on a timeline for just over a week, which includes going through every video (including the videos she has again removed from her channel).

I still have livestreams to go through, so it will take me some more time but when I am done we will have a complete timeline of all of her claims, including dates and which video or comment it came from.

It is coming people. I'm just updating to let people know, as it is pointless to have any other person going through her rubbish when people already are. I have also followed her claims from day one, so I have information to work off ready. I'm also getting assistance from another Anon.

I will remind people of this much, her first ever claim was that her doctor saved her life, after numerous other doctors told her there was nothing wrong with her outside of anxiety. As we know she named this Doctor as Amanda Chenney, she also stated that she is a naturopath AND a "medical doctor", which we know she isn't.

So her first claim of official diagnosis is already on shaky ground, I don't expect it to stablise anytime soon either.

Anyway, I am putting everything together, I just need a little longer.

No. 368409

This thread is not for Repzion.

No. 368413

File: 1502129594465.png (110.27 KB, 720x1224, 20170807_131034.png)

In the pic shown she references Amanda I'm pretty sure, as she says they shared the same last name, no relation, best friend from hs.

So here's one of her indigo forums that I haven't seen before? Yes I've read all the threads, so think this is new to here. Kati's screen name is MissDevicdoll.
She says she had lived in seattle? I have another screen shot where she says her name, will post after after this.

No. 368415

File: 1502129738593.png (104.94 KB, 598x464, 20170807_131359.png)

Here she says who she is with the same screen name and promoting her website, if you search MissDevicdoll, you'll see where she has spammed this message.

No. 368423

File: 1502131075204.png (1.02 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170807-112922.png)

Don't know if this has been posted yet, but I came across this old account online.

No. 368441


People were redirected to the Repzion thread when people were talking generally about Repzion himself and his past. My comment was about Repzion AS IT RELATES TO THE VIDEO ABOUT KATI. Which is why it is relevant to this thread.

Going forward, I hope making this distinction won't be a problem for anyone as it has been made clear.

No. 368450

File: 1502134882968.png (190.07 KB, 720x724, 20170807_143600.png)

Link for reference:http://firewalkermorgan.xanga.com/2009/08/25/yes-i-am-still-around/

Here's a copy and paste of the pic, this person picked a horrible theme or the plugins just don't work anymore.

"There are many dangers with the medical professions, as Ive said for years, because theya re only trained their their intellects, adn fed through monetary greed and inflated egos. Not all, but this is how they are trained in our society. since they do not efel with their hearts nor open up their intuitions they cannot REALY diagnose a person, they can only think very one dimensionally about symptoms, possible causes… but they dont understand the ROOT causes of all disease (DIS-ease) is emotional and energetic imbalance… add thought pwoer behind that, and at some point youve manifested something in the body. They do not feel with their intuitions nor see energeticallyt what is going on in the body, whats the REAL cause, and they dont feel with their hearts what is REALLY best for this persons over all health.

This summer, I had a health scare come up, doctors almost did me in.. had i lsitened to them and NOT my intuition, it would have been MUCH worse, but ehre I am, mopre confident in myself and my abilities and stronger than ever. Finally getting over what was ailing me, two different infections all at once, hadnt been sick or been to a doctor in 8 years, and suddenly a candida infection, a full body eyast infection, and a bacterial abscess on my neck, inoperable ofcourse lol. to treat both is dangerous, and they dont even TEST for candida in emergeetncy rooms. I had to go to a naturopath to really learn what was wrong with me. It was a huge battle, but I learned a lot.

We have to blend eastern and western medicnies… and I am happy to see the world is opening up to naturopathy and not just relying on the intellects of "doctors" looking to keep making big bucks.

The system is designed to make you old. The food we eat, the chemials in our water and air, the medications we take, the stress in our lives, and the jobs we over work, it takes our life force energy. If we arent working jobs we REALLY love, ti will exhaust the adrenals at some point, weaken the immunbe system, THIS is where we are suseptible to crap and illnesses. We are NOT supposed to age the way our forefathers have on this planet, it is UNNATURAL. And its designed so to make us old, and sick, so yes, we are at the mercy of the ones in power, so that then our children are as well.

Many I know are losing loved ones, getting sick, and several life changing alterations, all is their for the better i know, and will only focus on that… as difficult as it may be sometimes..

im sorryy you lost him and feel a loss. the past two years have been challenging as fuck as ive lost everyting several times, but in the process, gained a huge sense of self and self condifence ive never had, exceeded the tops of my career fields, and bolted through several fears that i only felt i could learn to cope with. life.. is only going to get better…" dated 9-04-2009

No. 368457

She is a piece of work, lemme tell ya. I love how she mentions drama and people talking about sex. She is literally a hypocrite in every single way

No. 368461

>but they dont understand the ROOT causes of all disease (DIS-ease) is emotional and energetic imbalance… add thought pwoer behind that, and at some point youve manifested something in the body.

I should be laughing at this, but this is the kind of mentality that legit scares me. It can get people killed, because they listen to some BS about 'energetic balance', disregard medicine and bam, they're dead.

No. 368463

Agreed, she sounds like someone who believes yoga and organic food will cure cancer

No. 368464

File: 1502136083306.png (70.7 KB, 720x628, 20170807_150027.png)

Yes she is. You can see how she was still the same though. Unnecessary vulgarity, complimenting any and everyone in the forum to get them to do what she wanted. The end of one post was just creepy when she said "hurry up now I wanna play!?" like serial killer vibes…

Repost because that is in the kansas, mo one here:

No. 368465

Don't forget pizza. Pizza is essential.
It's also the kind of mentality that blames the person who is ill - 'if only you were more positive and balanced'. Scary as shit.

No. 368468


Jfc seriously gives me the heebie jeebies. But agree that she's definitely the same, and should not at all be in a position on YT to be helping anyone in any way, she's way too messed up.

>designed so to make us old, and sick
Where TF does she get her information? Because right now it seems as though she mixes up a pack of those word fridge magnets and later spouts off whatever they say as a fact.

No. 368480

Repost, as I found part of this already quoted on thread 5, >>316217 (we are an efficient lot…). Cached version of something "Miss Kati" wrote on 15 March 2006, on Indidos Battling Depression: Inspiration for Forgotten Souls.

http://tinyurl.com/ybpcndud (view source)

"So what can we do if we are an Indigo and we are depressed? And what can we do, as parents of depressed Indigos?

To the parents, I strongly urge you to be incredibly patient with your child. I also ask you to be extremely open to getting them the help they wish to have. I begged and pleaded and screamed at my mother to get me some counselling or some therapy. I also begged her to take me around other Indigos like me (when I was growing up there was no talk of Indigos or message boards or chat rooms to even go to! I didn’t even hear the word Indigo until I was 19! I just thought I was psychic.) Not only did she tell me no, but what she said was so painful, it left scars that I am still in the process of healing.

My mother said, “No. I don’t have the time for this. And I won’t deal with a crazy person in the family. Craziness runs in this family so you better just figure this out on your own and never talk about it to anyone. I don’t have the time to take you anywhere, nor the energy, nor the money to do so, and I’m not going to try.” The rest of my family reacted almost the same way. They also were scared that meeting others like myself would get me into “a cult,” which is so silly because we Indigos know what is good for us and what isn’t! We can feel the vibration of something, and if its not total love, we won’t be attracted to it!"

"So parents - I want you to understand that if you don’t get your child the help they need they will eventually find it anyway. My family’s reactions eventually led to my leaving the country and not speaking to them for almost a year. This could have been avoided if they had been open to getting me the help and healing I so desperately desired."

(original source was https://beta.groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/THEPENDULUMFORUM/conversations/topics/74439 but as I say, I can only get what I can from the cached link, above.)

No. 368483

File: 1502137601398.jpg (21.38 KB, 607x286, nutcase.jpg)

From someone who's been deleting comments for days, Stunning levels of hypocrisy!

No. 368485

> I can quickly astral project myself there and get any insight, information, or healing I desire.

So why doesn't she just "quickly astral project " there and get her fucking healing? Lol see spereglebutts? She doesn't need your money or insurance lmao she can just pop up to heaven and get her healing on.

No. 368491

>>368483 And there it is, her little open to return to her usual bullshit. That is why she always adds a get out clause to her "final" statements, such as "I won't be making anymore Onion videos unless something important happens." I won't talk about this again, unless something changes." Then she uses this as her excuse when questioned. Yet we all know her hypocritical views on free speech, she is pro free speech as long as it works in her favour, yet has no problem deleting comments and flagging videos that don't work in her favour. Everyone knows this, do gtfo with your "this is important" excuse. Give it up Joy, nobody believes you are actually going to do the world a favour and lead a quiet, private life, so stop pretending you are, own it.


>We can feel the vibration of something, and if its not total love, we won’t be attracted to it!"

Translation, if people aren't fawning all over me, I ignore them.

No. 368495


"Craziness runs in this family"

It practically gallops…

No. 368497

File: 1502139167635.png (216.8 KB, 720x1235, 20170807_151449.png)

Just to point out more of her ignorance.

Link for full context I suppose:

No. 368499


This could be shortened into 'Hi. My name's Kati. I'm a delusional narcissist.'
What her mother said was actually very understandable. Don't get me wrong - she needed professional help, but how do you even react to such claims.

No. 368502

>But everytime i bike too long my ass hurts like hell…thats what you get for being a curvy white woman with a black womans ass. I wish I was some other colour than caucasion, screw this casper look!
Someone pinch me, my cringe is on loop.

No. 368503

Joy just posted on youtube

No. 368504

Apparently "I'm gonna be gone for an extended amount of time, maybe permanently" = about a day and a half. Called it.

No. 368505


The video was 100% set up as an expose. Backpedalling asshat. I knew his smug bs was going nowhere.

No. 368506

File: 1502140970418.jpg (491.08 KB, 1266x856, justsaying.jpg)

Quote from the video: 'I've barely put up any videos in the last I think two-ish weeks.'
I mean…Okay.

No. 368507

She has returned. Omfg. Her likes/dislikes bar is already insanely terrible and of course the comments are cancer. (Sorry I can't get my screenshot to attach properly.)

She's ranting about Riley Dennis getting a strike and she is making this to protect free speech. I can't believe she actually posted another video. She justifies putting the it up by bringing up that "get out of jail free" line that she would only make a video if it was something that warranted it. Now she is going to back to focusing on getting better. Plus everyone in YT are fake and fucked her over. It's all over the place.

Best line: we can't just protect the free speech WE like. Oh joy. The lack of self awareness is glorious.

Thanks for the milk Joy I needed some for my coffee.

No. 368509

Is that Joy writing the part about wishing she wasn't white? lol at 'mind is good, but the heart is where its at' yeah your heart literally just pumps blood around, it doesn't produce actual feelings. Intentions, respect and compassion come from your head, not your heart.

I know she didn't mean it in the literal sense but it's such a retarded answer.

No. 368510


I love it when she releases new videos; it's fun to watch her subs tank every time she opens her mouth.


And, for all anyone knows, he could be saying it's not an expose video to get Joy's rabid tard army from flooding his Twitter feed with their excessive braying.

I'm personally still looking forward to what he releases.

No. 368511

To be fair compared to her DO5 days 30 videos in 2 weeks isn't very many for her….but it's still a hell of a lot compared to every other YouTuber, that's an average of 2.1 videos per day.

No. 368513

She hasn't even watched Riley's video. Let that sink in.

It's pretty obvious that the real reason she's posting is so she can bitch about "how fake/hypocritical everyone on YouTube is". Jesus. Fucking. Christ.
Also: Have Kati and Riley ever interacted?

Sage for irrelevance.

No. 368515

I know it's not a lot of her anon, but I still laughed hard at 'barely any', kek.

No. 368516


Wow… It's the paragraph that follows where your image leaves off I find most interesting. A study in brown, so to speak:

>WISH I WERE GAY! I want to be a gay brown male… that is what I aspire to me. instead im working with what i got. God played a nasty joke on me ill tell you what! and he owes me a few hundred dollars at least. AND RAINBOWS! Do you know how many times it rained with the sun out and no rainbow? THAT BITCH HAS GOT TO PAY! He cant tell me not to lie whilst fcking me over. take that hypocrite down.

No. 368518

I checked the 2 weeks prior to that to see if it was actually less than her usual amount and guess what? She made 27 videos in those 2 weeks…so as suspected the last 2 weeks have been business as usual.

No. 368522

Right? "Barely any" my ass.

No. 368535

what bothers me is not even the fact she didn't keep her attention whoring word, it's the fact that she uploaded a type of video that has opinions that could be described as "clapping in a cave", you know? Opinions so self righteously obvious, all she has to do is hear the echoing of her own claps. I kind of hate when people state obvious things everyone would agree with just so they can be "look at how moral I am". I mean shit… get off the elevator and stay on the floor.

No. 368547

File: 1502143993615.png (198.84 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20170807-170944.png)

Yes that is joy writing. Here's the other half of that post from >>348697. And more of her finding that poop is hilarious and that most people thought she was a 15yo and not a 25yo, wonder why? Lol

No. 368549

>>368515 >>368518

Kati likes to rewrite history to suit whatever narrative she's trying to push at the time (even if it can be easily proved otherwise.) She does it because some people still take her at her word due to being too lazy/gullible/brainwashed to check.

No. 368551

If I looked up some YTer with IBS, etc, I would probably know less about their ass. How many ways can Kati find to describe and talk about her pooper?

No. 368557

File: 1502145265920.png (1.28 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_2073.PNG)

What is this person talking about? Apparently Joy sent them a link to something they couldn't join. Did she do another younow stream or is it something to do with her patreon?

No. 368558

>>>"….I hadnt been sick or been to a doctor in 8 years, and suddenly a candida infection, a full body yeast infection, and a bacterial abscess on my neck, inoperable of course"

I've been on the Joy threads forever and somehow never heard her say her neck was a BACTERIAL abscess until now…I've only heard her talk about how she had a life threatening tumor that was so bad it was inoperable, but she was able to miraculously cure it despite all odds, and it almost killed her.

Well no shit it's likely not operable if it's a BACTERIAL abscess (super common, by the way). They don't NEED to be operated on 99% of the time. They happen usually after an infection like a cold. The infection spreads, and pus builds up and you can feel or see the bulge. Very common near the lymph nodes. Bacterial neck abscesses are treated with antibiotics or simple in-office draining. I had one with mono. Her compulsive lying and dramatics never cease to amaze me.

No. 368566

Anyone else kind of annoyed that she's going for the YT Skeptic Community despite being friends with Jeff Holiday and sucking up to Blaire White on one of her live streams? I can't help but wonder if siding with Riley is her way of trying to win back all of the people she pissed off with her "poo baby" joke.

No. 368569

File: 1502146600553.jpg (978.48 KB, 1242x4893, IMG_2082.JPG)

And one of her mods admits they delete comments. 1/2

No. 368570

File: 1502146630854.png (274.33 KB, 1242x1632, IMG_2083.PNG)

And one of her mods admits they delete comments. 2/2

No. 368575

Not even a minute into Joy's new video and already annoyed that she's making it about herself and her ridiculous "I can't control my body gaining weight" bullshit. She HAD to bring up how she doesn't always agree with Riley, but sometimes she does and how Riley made a great video about how losing weight isn't about calories in and calories out.

Here she goes again with her Joylogic that quite literally defies the laws of physics. Doesn't matter if you have the slowest or fastest metabolism on earth. Weight loss comes down to calorie deficits. Period. And she says there are studies that prove this isn't true? I'd love her to show me just one. Because while she may be getting things confused with the fact individual bodies process foods differently, or specific fat accumulation spots due to hormonal fluctuations, there is no question that if you Joy, were in a prison camp and only given a cup or two of rice a day, thus cutting your calories significantly, you would lose weight. Anyone in that situation would. You can ramble on about how your body is different, but it's not. It's VERY basic science, and shocking that you either do not understand this, or are so deluded and insecure with yourself and weight that you go out of your way to make up stories about being the first person ever to defy physics/thermodynamics. Excuses, excuses.

No. 368576

File: 1502147109332.png (143.37 KB, 2048x1536, IMG_2549.PNG)

I'm finding Joy extra annoying in her latest video today. She's all talking about freedom of speech and blah blah blah, yet I've noticed channels that criticize her are being falsely striked or terminated for either copyright claims, hate or bullying. MissBitch2u channel is terminated (she made a few videos of her opinions of Joy and archived a few streams of joy). I tried to reply to a comment then discovered the whole channel was gone. Then she has the nerve to call people "fake" for giving their opinions of her and questioning her motives. Joy, you are such a hypocrite!!

No. 368583

File: 1502147461947.jpg (33.69 KB, 800x207, IMG_20170808_000454.jpg)

Well, here's her chance. The video went back up ca. 13 hours ago, confirmed on Riley J's Twitter. Hope she reaches out to Joy for help though…

No. 368591


I agree with you about weight loss and food.

Even with an underactive thyroid, if someone drastically cuts down their food intake eventy they will shed weight.

And the opposite is true for an overactive thyroid, over eat and it is actually possible to put on weight. Some people have been overweight and found out they have an overactive, not underactive, thyroid.

Of course it's always best to take advice from professionals instead of youtubers.

I too would like to see the studies claiming the opposite. Maybe Joy can provide "receipts" for her claim?

No. 368601

File: 1502149297783.png (22.22 KB, 574x225, 2017-08-08 00_41_13-DarthRepti…)


No. 368603

Like I said, seems over-hyped as fuck. Reassuring that a whole thumbnail is made, though.

No. 368605

As someone who watches him he is doing school full time and has a job outside of youtube. Let Joy destroy herself more as the week goes by

No. 368607

File: 1502150049123.png (124.64 KB, 557x261, download (8).png)

As someone who watches him he is doing school full time and has a job outside of youtube. Let Joy destroy herself more as the week goes by>>368601

I mean he does have a point here. I'm no fan of Rep, but I've seen his videos on mental health, I think he will be making a strong video regarding her sporadic changes with all her health issues.

I'd rather wait compared to seeing a rushed out video.

No. 368610


Spoiler there is no Video.

Jokes aside, instead of pushing the date back, he might as well cancel it.

There's been enough shown, and done by Joy herself, to at least get some people thinking now.

No. 368611

It's not a matter of waiting. It's simply that he made it seem like it's going to be a big deal with his comments. Now it's turned to a critique video. I'm going to be seriously surprised if he manages to say anything that hasn't been discussed into depth here before.

No. 368617

File: 1502150926878.png (46.07 KB, 720x433, 20170807_190348.png)

What even was this site?

>I can't wait to play with all of you!

>happy indigo hunting y'all!

?? Just seriously creeped out after everything else she's done and said.

No. 368618

Please sage and delete repeated posts. Thank you.

The site itself seems to be pretty disturbing and is still active. New indigo genius angel talking miracles every day! Kati's posts are truly cringy.

No. 368621

Critiquing and exposing someone are not mutually exclusive terms. I, personally, find the term "exposed" to garner negative attention from something that could otherwise be a pretty incriminating video. And if he does mention stuff on here, wouldn't bringing that to the public eye help showcase who Joy really is

No. 368624


Most "exposed" videos on YouTube turn out to be damp squibs, with chattering morons pointing at blurry screens displaying petty comments with no meaningful context, engaging in Jesuitical casuistry and other mental gymnastics to make an absurd accusation, and often at ten times length and volume than they need to be.

If Repzion can construct a concise, reasoned, factual and documented critique of her behaviour that normal people can watch instead of an epic five hour bloviating jamboree, even without adding a splash of fresh gold top milk from contented lolcows, that's got to be better than most videos out there.

No. 368627

>>368621 If you don't have new information to share in regards to/associated with Joy, kindly sage your posts by adding sage to the email field.

Thank you.

No. 368633

File: 1502154348043.png (136.83 KB, 720x1083, 20170807_200359.png)

No. 368647

File: 1502155576613.png (119.78 KB, 720x1019, 20170807_201851.png)

And here she "jokes" about "pedofiling"(thats how she spelled it in another post) last sentence at bottom before the break.

No. 368661

In her Tumblr entry she called it an abscess and said she was given antibiotics that she threw a hissy fit over because she thought they would kill her. The Tumblr was written in 2009 right when she had the thing, it sounded like she was writing about it in real time or a few days later maybe. Then we have this >>368450 dated Sept 4, 2009, where she's calling it a bacterial abscess but now it's "inoperable" and "dangerous to treat" but no mention why she thinks it is. So then fast forward to the radio calls in 2013 and 2014 when she switches to calling it an inoperable tumor/paraganglioma that they attempted to operate on but couldn't because "it was a mess" so then she "cured" it with oregano & garlic…and then today when she's said a number of things including that the reason the couldn't operate was due to a bad reaction to the anesthesia but also she sometimes says it's because of where it was it was too close to important structures to safely remove.

She says the ER doesn't routinely test for candida so they didn't find this "full body yeast infection"/"candida infection" (candida is yeast, not sure why she wrote it as two different separate things there…maybe it's just a punctuation mistake?) but her naturopath is the one who diagnosed it. Of course.

First, the "full body candida infection" is largely a fake illness based on pseudoscience and only promoted by by naturopaths/alternative healers

Second, she's trying to use the ER as her main source of medical care but then gets upset and thinks they are incompetent when they don't give her a diagnosis. That's NOT what the ER is for, they aren't set up to provide those types of services…it's for EMERGENCIES! If they suspect something that requires more testing/extended care they will refer you to see your regular doctor or a specialist to get a diagnosis.

From this we see the IUD causes copper toxicity causes fibromyalgia thing was not the first time she was claiming a chronic fake illness as the cause of her symptoms. She says there have been 3 separate times she's had a "mystery illness." There's the chronic full body yeast infection/abscess and the copper toxicity from IUD/Fibro but what's the other one? I've been around since the first thread and maybe my memory is a bit fuzzy because she's said sooo much stuff…has she ever mentioned what the other "mystery illness" was caused by?

No. 368671

Since new Indigo stuff has been uncovered, do you guys remember this from the first thread? http://www.curezone.org/forums/fm.asp?i=107444 Someone named "Jessica" was posting on behalf of Kati stating Kati will be creating/producing a documentary about Indigos and traveling the country.

I'm assuming the doc was obviously never made, but does anyone know if 'Jessica' is a real person, or if it was Kati pretending to be someone else to look legit? Crazy how deep this stuff goes….

No. 368676

>I want to be a gay brown male
>enjoy our funny disgusting human bodily functions! Its soo gross its hilarious…Hello poop
>25 yr old voice teacher
>Hello babydolls, cutie pies, sweet hearts, and muffins!
>I speak fluent white
>so u got lots of pussy? how was the pune back then?
>ive tried ladies but it did nothing for me
>5'2", insecure, potbellied and evil as fuck

Even if there weren't the posts connecting MissDevicDoll to indigoabuse.com/Miss Kati, there's no question whatsoever that this is indeed her. That last one was probably meant as part of her "joke" but…

No. 368681

File: 1502160893159.png (56.64 KB, 973x647, missdevicdoll.png)

No. 368683

File: 1502161643497.png (85.92 KB, 720x660, 20170807_215022.png)

From the link posted here >>368497,
Another post she says she has a friend named "jesse", but says "he". That looks like a PR thing. But it's kati and she lies and inflates anything so..

No. 368686

>My website discusses the abuses and traumas that we indigos face on a a daily basis

The eternal victim Kati, of course she is abused daily just for existing as a special Indigo child
Poor thing.

No. 368687

How is it that she is still so fucking annoying, I'm sure she has been told how desperate she seems and all the years of being told the proper usage of their.
She had to remind us in her "goodbye" that she was always so fun but clearly she wasn't. She has always been an attention seeking liar. It's like she hasn't changed a single bit over the years. I
I wish it was possible to comment with screenies on YT, I really think that a lot more people would stop buying her BS If they casually saw the truth proof, as they won't feel like a traitor to poor joy by seeking bad things about her.

No. 368690

Right? Having abuse in the title rubs me the wrong way. It's like she is using abuse as a marketing and attention tool. I'm surprised that posting on her site wasn't limited to only her giving sob stories or receiving praise.

No. 368693

The Egocast claims this is the last time he will ever make a video about Joy. He starts talking about Joy at 9:40, 20:40 & 43:10. He goes off on a few tangents but does spend quite a bit of time talking about her. One part of it that made me smile was when he was talking about when Ridgemont confronted Joy…"You gotta really police your language when you're trying to talk to a crazy person. You can't call them crazy people cause that gets them upset."


(deleted & reposted to fix timestamps)

No. 368711

>I can quickly astral project myself there and get any insight, information, or healing I desire.

Um …. then heal yourself, you big dummy. You know, like you said in the I Don't Wanna Die video: "I believe you can heal anything with meditation and being in faith"

So much for that, how can you be sick for years at a time and on death's door for most of that if you can astrally project to heaven whenever you want to heal yourself? Unless you don't want to heal yourself ….

No. 368714

Or unless she's not sick. ~mind blown~

She's just a crazy cow-lady on the internet. Lul

No. 368719

How could you question Joysus??

Has anyone been keeping an eye on her comment section for the new video? Ranting Monkey gave reluctant thanks for the "shoutout" - one which I personally found more virtue-signally than the rest of the video, because as usual, she makes a point to say
"Now before anyone says anything, yes Ranting Monkey has been very critical of me in the past, and of course he has the right, but he also makes some other really good content"
look how benevolent I am, I can give someone permission and approval to criticize me, and even more than that, I'm so big of a person that I can should out their channel too!

The cringe never ends.

No. 368726

i'm reading through all the comments on her last couple of yt vids, and it's glorious. so much venom!

what creeps me out though is the fact that this perpetual poor-me victim is just…. completely okay with the fact that there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of people who hate her.

like, she has no idea what they even look like, but they know way too much about her. i'd be so fucking paranoid knowing that people i might meet in the future already loathe me, and they are a complete stranger to me.

No. 368735

Hell, I thought maybe she'd hold out at least until Rep's video came out, but here she is. Apparently leaving means being gone for 3 days. Everyone called it. She really is addicted to the attention, negative or positive. Sad really.

No. 368736

>>368726 She is oblivious though, there are some nutters out there and knowing that im that hated… I would be scared.

The thing is though, she was made the video because some trans person got a strike but 13 hours before the video was made the strike was removed so Kati didnt have to do anything.

No. 368739

she had to virtue-signal about it

No. 368742


Well, she is Joysus after all. On the third day she rose again, in fulfillment of the skeptics. She was even wearing her burial shroud in her last video, with palms out showing a decided lack of stigmata…

No. 368747

>ive tried ladies but it did nothing for me

Of course! How could I forget, she has said this before hence mashed potatoes! Proof she is lying about being demisexual, as she claimed to be in an earlier YT upload.

There is nothing she won't lie about.

As for saying she cons rich white men for money, that is also very different to something she said in YT. I'm working on making it into a clip, as it shows just how self aware she is when it suits her.

No. 368753

Because I think people may be confused as to the definition of this word:


("Within this spectrum includes terms such as demisexual, semisexual, asexual-ish and sexual-ish.")

No. 368754

You can be straight and be demisexual though. Terms like demisexual and asexual are more like the prefix to the orientation for people who feel that their sexual preferences aren't sexual normative enough that they have to announce it to the world. It's so Tumblr SJW I'm surprised Kati would use it at all.

No. 368772

>>368754 She actually had a tumblr, it is still there but only her Onion blogs about gaslighting remain. She will have been all for it until they didn't like her shit, then she suddenly hates everything they stand for. The same way she forms deep hatred for anything.

No. 368910

File: 1502213788425.png (101.52 KB, 720x628, 20170808_123454.png)

Well in this post she describes what it's like to fuck a "human", so maybe she's into bestiality?LOL

Starts where it says YEAH YEAH YEAH

No. 368911

I think the more disturbing part begins with "Oh pedofiling" sounds like she almost envies them.

No. 368927

>gay brown male
>woulda been good to be brown for sure!
>I speak fluent white

This kinda pokes holes in her claim that her "speaking brown" joke was just a joke….she's been speaking this way and referring to "brown people" as early as 2009. And >>368683 she's referring to "a black woman's ass" so she's not saying "brown" because she thinks "black" sounds racist.

No. 368934

She is so disgusting. Remember how she raged when someone referred to all the DO5 dealings as "drama" or something similar, and she lost her shit and was screaming don't call it that, ITS ABUSE! She didn't correct it much but how does she explain writing something like wanting to be attracted to children.

She is stuck in a time warp of sorts where she doesn't grow as a human and adult and obsesses over drama, sex, ego, poop, race, abuse and illness. Maybe this is what she is referring to when she says that she isn't able to live alone and needs people to take care of her, she isn't mentally capable. Her handler needs to pull the plug in the internet all together though, for her own safety and others, especially children. I know I wouldn't let her near my kids.

Fingers crossed for her to live stream soon to address some of this

No. 368945

Here's how she'll address it "It was in my past and you shouldn't judge me for what I've done…"

The person She was talking to brought it up, the first paragraph. This post >>368910 came before this post >>368647 where she says "[she] can't even try to joke about it", but she already did… when youre typing things, those kinds of phrases dont apply because you already did it. Thought about it, typed it, read it and decided to send it.

Link to site in this post: >>368633

No. 368955

She was just itching for an excuse to come back, her "super important" reason - the nonissue of Riley getting a strike that had already been reversed well before Joy even started recording her video….and of course she made it all about herself and offered Riley her "help" because she's now the expert at getting strikes reversed, all YouTubers need to come to her for help finding the "super secret" YT help email address that's in every account.

Then there was her admission that she hadn't even watched Riley's video. She didn't bother to check if there was something in the video that could have triggered the strike or not…because she doesn't actually care about Riley's problems other than how she can use it to benefit herself. It was a pale shadow of an excuse that gives her a way to "come back" as often as she feels like.. She was so defensive about it too…"I said I'd come back IF something important came up and THIS IS IMPORTANT!" Ok Joy, got it…virtue signaling is very important to you.

No. 368964

Nah, she's just switching her focus and trying to grab a different audience.

No. 368976

Maybe it was her weird convoluted version of a "fuck you" to the skeptic community for calling her out rather than an attempt to pander to the SJW crowd.

No. 368980

I was actually laughing to myself about that earlier. Seems like something she would do.

However, on the SJW note has anybody else found it weird how much she talks about being white in those old Indigo posts?
> screw this casper look!
> I speak fluent white
> my culture takes over other races and slaughters them for the progress of a few rich caucasians that have brained washed us to believe we are superior.

The third is my favorite I have to say.
It's just weird how she sounds like she has pent up white guilt but then she's saying 'brown people are made from poo' like wtf make up your mind lol

No. 368981

Was this around the time she was hanging around with Amanda? Because Nick said she was an sjw. A lot of them have this 'white guilt' mentality. Perhaps some of her rhetoric rubbed off on young Kati.

No. 369026

Phil would be someone to ask regarding that. I can't remember if he said when they parted ways in his last post, that I believe was i thread 10.
edit: he did not specify >>364330

No. 369030


Onision said that she wasnt going to stay away. Lol (as far as I know, no one has uploaded this elsewhere)

No. 369045

>Phil would be someone to ask regarding that. I can't remember if he said when they parted ways in his last post, that I believe was i thread 10.
edit: he did not specify

I think he refers to Amanda as the SJW types in the 3 hr saga on YT. He's reading from a text message, I think, or talking about her and Joy fighting. Sorry no I don't have a time stamp for you. It's not an easy video to comb through, but this is a good video to watch back again after awhile. So much has happened, you'd be surprised what get forgotten.

Like the death of those two little boys, or her taking that trip to visit her ex while seeing that super special fibro Doctor that was supposed to be the all expenses paid answer to her prayers. And correct me if I'm wrong, that would've been the same ex that she claims was the snakes post;no?

No. 369051

Reading through all her posts from the indigo days and forums and she cant even get her dog's name straight. She said in one post it's name is Candy, and in two other posts it's name is Panda. The shitzu who eats shit. Her lack of growth and maturity is amazing. Those posts are from almost a decade ago and they are filled with the same obsession with dumb race/brown jokes, and poop humor. I know sense of humor can show a lot about how intelligent someone is (ie; there's a strong correlation between dark humor and above average intelligence), and just the way she jokes and the type of humor she has makes her seem like such an idiot. I thought it was funny when she said people don't understand her jokes because it's dark humor when really it's the opposite of that and once again shows she has zero understanding…combined with her lack of self awareness….such a mess. The dislike ratio kills me and shows how dwindling her support is. People have seen the light. If I was making videos and getting those ratios combined with the constant comments from people, I'd take a hint, realize I was doing something wrong/offensive and just fucking leave. How is she not embarrassed? How is she not worried about her future? She's not going to be able to continue with Youtube, she can't sink into roommates couch forever..people grow and move on…and she's going to be stuck. Though I'm sure with her degree of narcissism she thinks everything will work out, she's destined for fame and fortune and it's just around the corner.

No. 369060


> I'm sure with her degree of narcissism she thinks everything will work out, she's destined for fame and fortune and it's just around the corner.

You're not wrong. See >>316217 (Joy writing about her angels, from thread 5), salient line below:

Images of a happy-go-lucky, writing, singing, famous Kati filled the water. The water spoke to me and said: You are here to help lead others. You are here to write. You are here to be famous. This is your destiny, you must work towards this everyday and never forget who you are."

No. 369066

Lol she's not even following her angels directions ha! She's supposed to WRITING, not filming. She really just wants to control others, it's scary here >>368681 where she says:

> the ultimate high is knowing I have the power to make a life form that I can control

Also, she's said before she likes playing the sims because she feels like god and enjoys the feeling of controlling everything they do.

Really gross and never thought of ask but, hasn't kati said before that sex was always painful for her because she's "small" down there? In that same screen shot she states the opposite.

No. 369068

Peter Monn did a new video on Joy, basically calling her out for using her illness as a shield against the shitty things she says.

No. 369102

Harvard Chickie, the girl who proposed a Freaky Friday swap with Joy before rapping about her (see >>366344) has a couple solid new videos about her medical claims.

No. 369121

Idk if I can take someone seriously when they're surrounded by a million hello kitty throw pillows :/ maybe it's just me

No. 369144

My first thoughts exactly, but having watched it I'm glad I took a look. She's got genuine health problems of her own, took clinical pre-med courses, certainly seems to know her onions, so I enjoyed her perspective - but, uh, her real cat wears a pink sweater… Can't have everything.

No. 369146

a former joy fan

No. 369175

>>368981 Amanda Smith left several comments on Joy's videos stating she has known her for 20 years. That would mean Amanda has known Kati since angels started talking to her.

No. 369177

>>368910 Am I the only one seeing this? At the top of her post is she implying she goes after rich white men who are pedophiles because she is 5'2"? This is giving me the fucking creeps remembering Phil's post about her pretending to have multiple personalities and her alter being 'little Kati'.
I'm really wondering if the 'little Kati' routine goes even further back if when she was pulling it on her friends and boyfriends she was so practiced at it they played along.
I might throw up thihking about this. She's so disgusting.

Sage for irresponsible speculation

No. 369184

>>368981 >>369175
In this post >>368413 Kati made on the Indigosociety forum is probably referring to Amanda Smith. She says "her best bud in HS" shared her last name but they weren't related so they liked to mess with people about it. She says the Ray William Johnson rap "Sitting on the Toilet" reminds her of this friend because they "did crazy stuff like this."
Link for reference: https://indigosociety.com/topic25782.html

This is further evidence Amanda did know Kati for 20 years like Amanda claims in the YT comments she made here. >>363950

No. 369221


She's obsessed with control and winning, I rewatched her video about her fight with a Kathy and it creeped me out how ecstatic she got over feeling like she won that argument.

The other thing I noticed was she was breaking down the same manipulations she uses. She as when someone makes a polite comment and Joy is straight there with "yes, sure that's because I'm so evil aren't I, I'm the devil" in response to a polite question that makes no mention of anything else.

It's funny how she sees the manipulation, the attempts to guilt when they have nothing else to say, when it is aimed at her but still pulls the same shit herself.

I'm trying to remember the name of another earlier upload I watched, she talks about her sales days and how manipulation works but she would never use it yo scam people, she would only use her skills if the product enriched the life of the buyer somehow.

She then went on a long "I'm so good" fest banging on about they sent sales teams from all over the country to see how her sales were so high, but she was so special they couldn't work it. So she told them it was because she genuinely cared about everyone.

We didn't believe you then wannabe Saint Joy of the mashed potatoes but now we have proof that you were talking bullshit and you got off from ripping off white men.

No. 369222

>>369102 I liked Harvard Chickie's rap and she not only lives with illnesses but she is also highly educated in respect of mental health.

Try not to let the Hello Kitty stuff distract from what she has to say.

No. 369227

I couldn't agree more!

And for those who are quick to jusdge or may be unaware… it is her illness and the accompanying medications that affect her speech.

No. 369242

nah pretty sure its her saying the pedos are 5'2 not her. Didn't realise she was that short?

No. 369252

>>369242 Hey! I'm 5ft 1, I'm not short, I'm funsized.

I'm just watching through the second Kathy Chronicles upload, I had never watched it before and bloody hell! How did she not lose her subs after that maniacal shit! She is absolutely breathless and giddy at the bullshit flying out of her mouth, the constant laughter at her own painfully unfunny jokes is unsettling.

She looks like she is on day release and forgot to take her meds that day.

Her like/dislike ratio was quite high on the dislike, so it doesn't surprise me that she never released another.

Anyway, I'm uploading it to vidme, so if anyone wants to look back on it you can do without adding to her view count. I'll link it when it is done.

No. 369255

File: 1502274104083.png (327.85 KB, 648x572, 2017-08-09 11_19_40-KATHY Chro…)

That video is CRAZY I'm watching it right now and she is completely off her rocker, every frame of the video is a screen capping gold mine

No. 369260

Omg anon, I wasn't ready for this. Please spoiler next time lmao
This old forum is such madness, I'm going to spend the next few hours combing through it for some context to her current insanity. But holy shit it's creepy!

No. 369271


If you are also going back to old things, I recommend the SJW Rant, that one was disgraceful, she went off on that threatening, hideous rant all because someone commented that they didn't like the word ghetto. She had it hidden for a while following the fallout to that one.

I'm also currently uploading that to vidme, I will post a link when it is done.

No. 369282

File: 1502279218455.jpg (32.19 KB, 635x473, in the ghetto.jpg)

Here is the SJW Rant.

Kathy Chronicles, along with a few others are still processing, so you might need to give them an hour to be ready.


No. 369301

No offense intended anon, I am only 5ft myself! Just saying I didn't think Joy was talking about herself being 5'2, I think she was referring to the 'pot-bellied pedos'.

No. 369310

This is on topic I swear, just bear with me…I was just watching the latest episode of The Bible Reloaded (an atheist comedy channel) and one of the guys was telling a story about how the other one was teaching him how to cook because he's unhealthy and most of his meals are fast food/come from a box. So they made a meal consisting of baked chicken and roasted vegetables but it made the one guy really sick…throwing up with diarrhea. At first he thought maybe the chicken wasn't cooked all the way but the other two people who ate it were fine. Then he realized he was only throwing up vegetables and came to the realization that because he hadn't eaten any vegetables in 4 years his body was rejecting it…much like when vegetarians try to eat meat again years later their body isn't used to digesting it so they get sick.

I immediately thought of Miss Kati and her claims that all vegetables make her sick…this may well be the case if she's only subsisting on pizza and chips for long periods. She may be exaggerating what's going on but that may be the root cause for why she thinks she's "sick"…she's just extremely unhealthy due to eating junk food and sitting on her ass all day and needs to slowly adjust to a healthier diet/lifestyle instead of trying to shock her system with it.

sage for somewhat speculation…but definitely some truth in there.

No. 369314

File: 1502282595246.png (1.3 MB, 2001x1125, IMG_2810.PNG)

Bi-polar anon here…maybe I'm projecting but I see so many signs of bi-polar disorder while watching/listening to her videos, especially the older ones. It's all there- the highs and lows. The fast speech, illusions of grandeur. When she streams for hours on end it almost seems like a manic episode where you have all the excess energy and you're riding the high of it. It can make you feel like you can literally save the world if you just work hard enough.

Sage for armchairing and speculation

No. 369319

I'm watching her SJW rant and I 100% agree with you. The mania is coming off her in waves…

No. 369335

>>369301 No offence taken at all Anon, I was just having a laugh at myself, trust me, I've heard far worse, this is lolcow after all. Lol. But yes, she has stated on a few occasions that she is 5ft2.

>>369314 She defintely has bouts of mania but I doubt she has bi-polar, as of yet she has never crashed from the high, not once. She has made the odd video saying she feels depressed but then she goes on livestream minutes later and you can see how manic she still is. I'd bet my house on her having borderline personality disorder and narcissistic personality disorder. The mania you are witnessing comes from her feeling absolutely ecstatic that she is ripping someone to pieces, she is getting off on the power and control she currently feels like she has. Some people refer to it as an abusers high.

The mania can also be attributed to the bpd, but I think she feeds off control and power more than anything else.

Look at how excited she gets over the slightest thing she perceives as a win, you can see it in the posts made yesterday where she is bragging about the word pwned, she has to let others know she owned someone over the tiniest thing. The first Kathy video is another example, she had an argument with a random woman on her facebook and she was so excited telling everyone how she got one over on this woman.

Saged for speculation.

No. 369336

File: 1502285130131.jpg (1.12 MB, 2560x2560, PhotoGrid_1502283812770.jpg)

Fax of hypocrisy and lies:
From her "argument with Kathy" upload, where she shows these responses she had made.

Adding to show her use of "retarded" for when she is angry at others when they dare say it.

The next is her saying that she moved out of the country when bush was elected. In the beginning of the video, she makes that claim but immediately says "it wasn't really for him, but I moved because wanted to." So she flip flops about moving and moved for her man

No. 369341

Agreed. I knew for sure it wasn't just all for attention and there was serious mental illness when, after her Onision debate, she streamed for so many hours that she actually began to lose her voice. After that, she crashed.

No. 369430

File: 1502299114035.jpg (302.63 KB, 1196x1196, IMG_2552.JPG)

No. 369444

File: 1502300745636.jpg (124.59 KB, 2048x409, IMG_2554.JPG)

You think nobody is as important as you joy, lol!

Please Joy, its about time you learn the difference between "their, there, and they're"

It's their turn…
they're over there…

He doesn't want to go there with us.

You're welcome!

No. 369499

So nick Monroe just tweeted that do5 has been charged with neglect of a minor, so her next do5 update is that she already knew that this was going to happen, that she knew, but just couldn't say anything. Right? Eventhough, from the texts with rose, there was no visable evidence that rose said anything about what was going on.

No. 369509

File: 1502307792986.png (212.82 KB, 720x916, 20170809_144129.png)

The quoted tweet is nick Monroe's tweet, wonder what kati and the soliciting lawyer have been working on?

No. 369520

Probably her own version of a "cease and desist" letter like Onion set out kek

No. 369522

Kalvin Chapman is attached to UKIP for those who know the significance of that

No. 369524

Cut/Paste from Kalvins website


I am the secretary of UKIP Manchester and the secretary of UKIP Greater Manchester. I thoroughly enjoy both roles, and have made a lot of friends and had such an exhilarating time over the last 18 months. I was also the secretary of UKIP Stretford & Urmston, which I have now passed on to allow a S&U member to take my place, as I live in Manchester. I am still active in their branch though, and support them 100%.

I am also a commercial litigation solicitor, and live & work in central Manchester. I primarily deal with claims by small and medium sized businesses against banks together all kinds of general commercial litigation (contract disputes, partnership disputes and any dispute of value). It is hugely rewarding work, and I very much enjoy what I do for SME businesses that have been effectively ripped off by the Labour & Conservative Governments, then plundered by banks that are insolvent.

No. 369534

Christ on a bike. The unspeakable in pursuit of the uneatable, as Oscar Wilde had it.

No. 369563


or indeed, unelectable.

No. 369576

meh. Some people experience bi-polar differently, at least from what I've heard. Some people experience really high highs and don't really experience heavy depression. Then again, we only do see what Joy has chose to film and I doubt anyone would want to film themselves suffering from the lows of bi-polar. She has talk about her depression quite a bit…although I am quite interesting what she thinks about her mania. Probably thinks it's normal.

No. 369578

Idk if this is too late but my dad's a surgeon (didn't get a chance to talk until today) so I figured I'd ask him because I knew that neither the nurse nor the receptionist could give that info out via the phone but she then diubled down and said the Dr gave her the results so I asked if a Dr could give those results over the phone and he said "Sure if you don't give a shit about your patients because it's highly unethical."

No. 369582

Chambers has posted a video showing the arrest records in full

No. 369672


Holy shit I hadn't seen this Kathy video before either….she's certifiable. Like legit insane. She rambles incessentantly to herself, laughing at her own jokes, flapping her arms, acting like what she's sharing is "THE MOST AMAZING" thing ever…completely delusional. She can't even slow down enough to get her thoughts out in cohesive sentences. She just keeps interrupting herself and giggling manaically.

Not to mention the entire video is her projecting her hatred of her mother into some manic unfunny skit.

No. 369717

This dude has some serious sass to him, lol

No. 369731

Can't tell if it's more cringey due to her desperation or just straight up embarrassing for her.

She says she doesn't get into it with people online (lolz) yet gets so offended and dare I even say triggered by this stranger on the internet, for their opinion on dark times, complete with shoving fax down her throat.

She believes this person is so wrong but her views on the government, the rich and corrupt, the egotistical Drs, nurses and big pharma aka "medical mafia" and they're all out to get us and we are being poisoned and getting autoimmune disorders and dying. How is it so wrong for us to show her legit information against her iud copper toxicity claims, or most women will have an eating disorder claims, pizza is good diet claims, social anxiety is BS claims etc

No. 369776

File: 1502332259199.png (534.44 KB, 610x624, 2017-08-10 03_30_35-(1) Twitte…)

No. 369778

File: 1502332396475.png (36.56 KB, 624x316, 2017-08-10 03_32_28-DarthRepti…)

Is this about Joy, and if so what is she deleting?

No. 369781

Joy can delete all the videos she wants. I have them all saved.every single one of them too.

No. 369789

Whoever made this video has finally fucking delivered on what I've been hoping for forever. Lies put right next to eachother. Hats off, person.

Don't think it's been posted yet, correct me if I'm wrong.

No. 369877

File: 1502349156576.png (26.63 KB, 586x313, 2017-08-10 08_12_02-DarthRepti…)

No. 369879


Which uploads has she hidden this time? Let me guess, the two Kathy monstrosities and the SJW ghetto rant?

No. 369881

Exactly. Some people only experience manic episodes and while they are having them they experience this grandeur that can come across as BPD and NPD. Almost every video she posts looks like the definition of "What does a Manic Episode look like."

No. 369883

This bitch acting like she got the devil in her. She needs Jesus.

No. 369890

There's no point in arguing about a mental health diagnosis. I think we can all agree there is definitely a problem, however that's for a team of professionals to decide.

Saged for speculation.

No. 369891

Have to admit that I'm surprised Kati hasn't released a video about DO5 & MO5 catching child neglect charges.

No. 369892

She's already wasted her "this is so super important I have to come back" excuse on Riley Dennis. I guess this isn't important enough for her to use the excuse twice?

No. 369896

I'm finally catching up on this girl. The way she broke down the diseases and symptoms at the end was brilliant.

No. 369899

but you didn't sage?

No. 369907

File: 1502355404910.png (730.16 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1326.PNG)

check out who was in Mikes stream

Staged for speculation(read lolcow.farm/info)

No. 369908

The way the Blargh types is So different to Joy. She makes grammar and spelling mistakes in every sentence, whereas the Blargh responds in short, clear, well typed sentences.

No. 369940

Yes exactly, Joy can't type clear concise sentences to save her life and she had this "style" of writing since before 2009.

This "conspiracy" that The Blargh is Joy really needs to be put to bed. The Blargh is a drama aggregator…they follow the drama…and since Mikenactor was the other half of the "poobaby" joke, maybe they were hoping to find something juicy to upload. They probably have to watch a lot of boring livestreams to be able to be on top of it when some good drama surfaces. I'm pretty sure that The Blargh is run by a few people rather than one person…unless that one person just records livestreams 24/7 and has no other life outside of that.

If you must persist in exploring who The Blargh might possibly be that should instead go in the spergleberry thread >>336585 (or start a new thread.) Most of us are 99.9% sure it isn't Joy thus making that discussion off topic for this thread.

No. 369980


at this point, i don't even fucking care about repzion's video anymore. it's been such a lot of drawn out puff and wankery, and its given the spergs plenty of time to try and poison the well.
just release the fucking thing or shut up til it's ready, fuck.

sage for rage

No. 369985


I agree, he fucked up announcing it so far ahead of time, had he researched before doing that he would know her MO, as you've said, she has poisoned the well, like she always does and had a sudden diagnosis after months of saying there was no clinic near her. I honestly don't believe it's going to be anything we haven't already heard.

I've noticed a lot of things that get brought back up on here, old milk from threads ago, that might connect with her latest shenanigans, keeps getting passed off as new information on twitter. And I've seen Rep himself seem shocked at some of this old milk.

Yet he claimed he was going to be talking about something that had never been talked about before, yet how can we be sure when old milk is a surprise to him and others?

I'm not convinced it will be anything new. Maybe if that Amanda was involved and has proof to back up anything she says but again, we have no idea if she has any involvement in anything. Someone just saw a comment she made and ran with it.

I'm not putting my eggs in the Rep basket and I would recommend others don't either. Then if it's milky, great, if not, you're not disappointed.

No. 370014

Someone said it. I like Rep but god damn. It's like the bullshit hype Joy keeps doing with the "super secret" Do5 details she keeps promising to deliver on.

No. 370075

eh rep is too over hyped. Either he has info or he doesnt. People are forgetting about her already.

No. 370289

Joy's live on YouNow

No. 370291

"I've donated the most out of any one person"

No. 370292

Now she's implying Chambers supports a pedophile

No. 370294

a word of warning she is banning people for minuscule things

No. 370296

"I had the information about Do5 before anyone else"

No. 370298

How can people think she's ill when she's talking a mile a minute and completely alert?

No. 370300

File: 1502411626022.png (6.08 KB, 302x64, 2017-08-11 01_33_24-YouNow _ J…)

made me laugh

No. 370308

- more non falsifiable rebuttals to people's claim.

- it will all be clear at some later date

- "i have shown proof to other people"

- strawman after strawman after strawman

same shit, different day

those are spots for joy livestream bingo. lol

No. 370310

File: 1502412175672.png (155.88 KB, 720x822, 20170810_194030.png)

For this pic, if it was a siding scale clinic, and they charged her $800(?) for the tests, she's making decent money, no? Although I have yet to see where she claimed she had to pay for that…

No. 370311

She blocked someone for saying the word 'scam'. That's it, just one word. She has also said she's leaving younow for the past 15 minutes.

No. 370313

She blocked about 6 people on tonight's stream. Something's got her shaking in her nasty little sweat shirt

No. 370316

She claims roommate had to help her walk. That is BS.

No. 370319

I lol'd when she showed her Lyrica medication

No. 370334

Here's tonight's stream

No. 370365


26:12 onwards. Oscar for least self awareness goes to…:

“My block game is strong because I just don't give a fuck anymore again not - you can ask me all the questions you want. I'm gonna be a (garbled) don't need to be around me, you just don't –
(notes comment)
Hey, Lucasor (sp?)! Quote! "On average it takes nearly six years for people with Lupus to be diagnosed from the time they first notice lupus symptoms." Thank You L, How about THAT, Barbie (previous commenter)! How about THAT! Before you be a cunt before you be fucking mean to somebody who is going through a really hard time, maybe actually look up the information, not just because you knew somebody [with lupus], how about THAT?! Try - that I can - try some KINDNESS! Try it, it might make your dark black soul feel a little bit better instead of just wallow it in your fucking misery!
Sometimes like when I speak stuff - like, this it's just like the state of fucking human beings, like it's like we got the Internet and everybody went "What, kindness? Compassion? Like, manners, being polite? Fuck, that it's, an evil free-for-all ,” and I'm just - it's not my world. I'm not about this shit.
Sorry, a lot a lot of times diseases HIV diagnosed - I was mistaken diagnosis - found with bi-polar –
(notes comment)
Thank You Tori! Exactly, exactly, it's not that easy! It's not that easy for everybody else, and I'm not just pissed off for myself, I'm pissed off for all the people who suffer from the kind of shit that I'm going through who don't have the money or trying to get diagnosed or having so many different issues with the medical system and people look at them and say "Fuck you, you're not sick you're just, like, are just, it, you're just that - like, I can't believe we live in a society where we'd rather scream at people who are weak in their worst fucking moments, were physically weakened can't get help they want, to uplift people, like, we in a society, we argue whether or not people, should get to have insurance at all and, why we're like digging our own grave….”

Off for a stiff drink. And to syringe my ears.

No. 370376

Its awesome how when many YT'ers call her out, "it's okay, they're entitled to be critical of me" but when us regular folks call her out, it usually goes more in the "dipshit" direction, or to be as lucky as Barbie and be called "cunt" and have free speech revoked.

I didn't previously see the "rumors" she spoke of, she always addresses the most ridiculous shit and avoids going over the bigger things that are constantly pointed out. Yet she will just keep selling the whole deal that people just can't get over her jokes and tries selling the "this is why I left" act when the only thing she did was pause her uploads, even that she couldnt follow through with. She's always creeping on streams and videos, spends more time talking about leaving, less time actually going anywhere.

Dont forget that she could be making videos about a lot of things with the information she has, that includes some gal that was kidnapped. She doesn't owe rose anything, the DO5 stuff doesn't make much, the purple matress video is her highest earning video. She is done posting any record of donations, because that will show the haterz that ruined it.

There was some truth in what she said, and that being the quote that went something like,
"You're never upset about what everyone thinks you're upset about" after she spoke about her health being so bad, so her fans think that she's upset about her health but the reality is she is just throwing a temper tantrum, probably about D05 and the big jerks in the skeptic community that are so mean to her.

I get that she is irritated but her tone is for the most part terrible, even when speaking to her fans. Of course she will blame it on feeling bad, then go lay down instead of looking for pity, the stream is clearly for no reason other than sob stories and money. I bet she complains to herself about having to deal with her fans when logging into YN for them bars. The other truth is that this is who joy is. The "happy go lucky kati" doesn't exist. At least she is leaving the fake ass high pitch lovebug voice on the cutting room floor where it belongs.

"I don't sit around and watch people I hate" yet watched onion for the past 10 years. Yeah ok, we know you have other accounts and watch every minute, filed under masturbation material.

Funny she didn't mention her PTSD when reviewing her medical claims after being told she has claimed a lot. Then goes out with a bang, saying "we are all being systematically poisoned to death by our food and by our water."

No. 370384

Honestly, from the stream, it just seems that she is just losing her mind from being unable to do regular 2-3 videos a day. I guess a lot of her energy was put into ranting in front of a camera and without that outlet, she seems more and more unhinged. I'm pretty sure she is waiting for Repzion's video to drop to respond to… while excited like everyone else, I hope he releases it on that date rather than sooner. I am more curious how unhinged she will get during her haitus from youtube.

No. 370386

All this behaviour just shows me how little Joy etc, care for anyone else other than themselves.

Do they all really think they are the only ones going through a hard time?

Sorry to burst your bubble Joy etc, but others are going through worse. Much worse.

The difference? We don't run around crying poor me, we don't tell the world, we just survive.

And yet here you are calling some of those same people names, implying they're better off than yourself, when they aren't. They're worse off.

Practice what you say and have some freaking compassion.

No. 370387

>>370344 "Fibro is an umbrella term for 'we don't know WTF' and point's to auto-immune."
There you have it from the horses own mouth, she has no clue what Fibromyalgia is despite claiming on her last stream a few days ago to have been diagnosed by 3 separate doctors 3 separate times with it.
She's such an extreme narcissist she doesn't even try to remember her lies.
I about died when she randomly said, 'The tumor is gone.'

No. 370389

What this person said at the end, they felt bad beating her while she was down (much like Egocast & Joy Spackle) because Joy said she was leaving YT so this person deleted the rest of their files outlining her lies…this is exactly the emotional response
Joy was looking to cause with her "hiatus" and sob story about her health…while she pulls this on a regular basis, this was just the most extreme manifestation of this to date. Joy can't help but seek attention…this last livestream just proves that. She's almost completely dropped her "joy & sparkles" facade…I think we are seeing more & more of the real Kati now.

No. 370390

In today's stream she specifically skirted around the word 'diagnosis' when she was referring to the fibro

No. 370394

Yeah I think it's really weird the way she will sometimes avoid saying she was definitely diagnosed with fibro claiming she's still going through the process of testing and sometimes she'll say she was definitely diagnosed by 1,3 or 4 different doctors depending on what kind of questions she gets in chat…she's just trying to play to the crowd whatever direction it may take.

No. 370395


>I about died when she randomly said, 'The tumor is gone.'

In a not unrelated vein, remember the ear infection that led to a prescription a few weeks ago? Like a memberberry, I 'member when she next came on YouTube she said it had be diagnosed and a prescription had been made. Last time I had an ear infection, I had to run a two week course of antibiotics - and it took at least a week before I felt better. Now I'm not trying to be unfair, but she seemed to suggest that having taken one or two pills had cured the damned thing, because we didn't hear anything about it again - and what a waste, as she could have played that out over the course of the prescription. (Hey loves, my ear's getting better…) I'm not saying that's a lie, but surely you'd say SOMETHING about your progress? Folks in my office take a day of sick with flu and keep saying 'Getting better, still a bit woozy.' WTF?

No. 370396


Regarding the ear infection: she said she went to a walk in clinic to get it treated. Later she claimed to have also gone to the ER. But then she made that video, a week or two later, about how she went to a walk in clinic that she was surprised to find out was so close.

Just hilarious how she can't keep her own lies straight.

No. 370398

You're a better man than I am, Gunga Din. You can't spell 'ear' without ER. Forgot about that. But what a palaver…

No. 370399

And remember when she "lost her voice?" lolol.

No. 370402


>Dont forget that she could be making videos about a lot of things

I think that's almost what's most sad about her for me. If she gave up on the obssessive drama and the health nonsense, she could be a moderately successful commentator on the day's events. It's not like she doesn't have a following of those who think her opinion is interesting, but by going down this particular avenue she has subverted her own oft stated and intended purpose: to find the joy and sparkles amidst the BS of the world

No. 370403

I hate how she acts like that Lyrica bottle is the be all end all to dispel all allegations. It's not that hard to get, especially if you've been on a decent dose of Gabapentin.

No. 370404

She literally calls everyone who goes against her a pedophile or supporter of pedophiles, she's fucking obsessed with pedophilia, I'm telling you it's not normal.

No. 370406

File: 1502429563918.png (1.23 MB, 2027x1223, SmartSelectImage_2017-08-11-01…)

No. 370412

Right? It doesn't mean anything at all regarding a diagnosis. Doctors will often allow a patient to experiment with certain meds to see if they help a nonspecific complaint like "fatigue" and "generalized pain." Most doctors can be talked into letting you try something particular if you really believe it will help and it's not completely unreasonable for the symptoms you claim to have (unless it's something highly addictive/dangerous like an opiate or benzo…then the doctors start to wonder if that's actually drug seeking behavior in order to get high.) The fact that she has a Lyrica pill does NOT mean her doctor believes she has fibro.

No. 370414

Am I the only one who thought the look in her eyes in this last stream was particularly bat shit insane? They seemed dilated and glassy, and she was looking all over the place (especially when lying) … at this rate she'said going to be drooling on herself by the 18th and catatonic when he actually drops.

Oh, and some of the rumors she mentioned on stream like how someone broke down her money and got it wrong, that I'm almost positive is on a video from BrokeGirlProblems, "a hater" as Joy would say. But she's very Joy-like in terms of video style, so I don't know which one it is.

No. 370415

Her FMS misinformation drives me up the wall.

No. 370416

You can't take lyrica with copper toxicity. It increases the copper to your brain. Lyrica is for any nerve pain, or even arthritis or depression. It's usually handed out to people complaining about pain that doctors can't find so they label them drug seekers. Also, it makes people act almost drunk or high.

No. 370417

It might also be a response to the latest Peter Monn video…he said she earned like 80K a year going by the amount projected on her social blade…which we know is wildly inaccurate.

No. 370419

Everyone go tweet the word "DUH" at joy. She apparently got triggered by that word on her stream and this will be a good bit of fun.

No. 370421

Also, how does she have name brand pills? With no insurance why wouldn't she get generic? They do make generic Lyrica. Either, not her's or the doctor didn't prescribe them and they gave samples to see if it would help with mystery pain.

No. 370425

NYPA, jfc. Sage your shit when you're being a tard. Or even better, delete it.

No. 370427

She said they were samples before. She claimed her super special best-in-the-country fibro specialist gave them to her after one visit and diagnosed her with fibro on that same visit based on some "fibro test" she claims exists. She only took them for a short period of time before claiming they completely stopped working after 2 weeks, just like she predicted they would, because she says that's how long ALL medications work on her. Instead of asking her doctor to increase the dose she ditched him after just the one visit.

No. 370435

The reason why joy is losing her shit today is because a psychologist guested on Martin Louis today to talk about the bs in joy sparkle.

During the stream it was just a fight in the comments.
Many of the specific things she mentioned were in response to the psychologist lady

No. 370436

No. 370441

File: 1502433160760.jpg (38.17 KB, 700x325, 1tx1d5.jpg)

No. 370442

Not the same anon but I found the YouNow link to the entire session where Martin Louis guests the psychologist talking about what she thinks what is going on with Joy. This psychologist seems fairly well informed about Joy's past/present.


(didn't sage bc I'm pretty sure this is milk)

No. 370443

holy fucking shit this is Trump level.

No. 370445

There's no generic in the US yet due to Pfizer's patent on pregabalin. A month's course is about $500 dollars so it's not cheap stuff.

No. 370448

You're not not wrong, but at the risk of being exiled to the Spergleberry thread forever, here's the low down. Chambers has been defending serial Twitter offender Gabe the Pony against year old charges allegedly revived by Mikenactor and repeated by others that he is a paedophile for having 'jokingly' asked a 17 old girl, Jaxx, how to put on a bra when he was being teased for having moobs (for he is apparently a larger gentleman, never seen a picture so can't say) and all hell broke loose. This fits this Onision pattern for that crew - and technically makes him an ephebophile, what with her being 17. Jaxx has even gone on the record saying she thought it was just a bad joke. Chambers defended him with her usual illogical syllogism: Gabe is my friend and told me privately he's no paedo, I'm not friends with paedos, therefore Gabe is no paedo. They've both posted ear-bleedingly bad live streams to exonerate him, and for what it's worth, yeah, it was a dumb joke that backfired. Kinda like the poo baby one, only not racist.

Like the Nostalgia Critic, I've watched it so you didn't have to, and I feel there are parts of my brain that'll never work again.

Sorry for the breach of etiquette, farmhands. Please please PLEASE take any further discussion to the Spergleberry thread, saged for OT, just wanted to give some context. My punishment for going OT has been the decided displeasure of having to listen to these mouth breathers.

No. 370452

This psychologist sounds knowledgeable, she suggested BPD as Joy's main issue. But damn this lady seems to have almost every disease she brings up…Fibromyalgia, Wilson's disease with Keiser Fleischer rings, Shoguns disease, Diabetes. She says she has all those conditions and has to use a cane or a walker to get around but she can still work and see patients…just further cemeting that Joy could work a regular job if she really wanted to. The thing is that Joy has been planning to do YT as a job for several years. She had already bought the camera and lights TWO YEARS prior to creating her channel. I don't understand the pretense of pretending this isn't the case, why she pretends she does YT for noble reasons and not for money. If she was just honest about that she wouldn't get near as much shit over it.

No. 370455

Beat me to it! Got interrupted while typing out basically this exact response.

Anyone know if that email BSdetector@mail.com is still active? I emailed a couple of days ago but no reply yet. I know it was a burner account, but it would be useful.

In case that anon is no longer tending to their account, mine is throwthisshitawayplznow@mail.com and I'm trying to put together a very detailed chronological timeline of the claims that have been made, so if anyone has done sections or would like to help out on that front, please contact ahead. It is also a throwaway account, will probably only use it for a few weeks at most.

No. 370460

No. 370463


I'm still active, just working quietly on the side. The reason I haven't received your email is because I'm an idiot who included an extra C in the word detector.

I'll contact you now, just in case anyone else is interested the stupid email I am stuck with is:-


Note the additional c after the de.

No. 370474

On the stream she says she has only 2 chronic conditions plus asthma, what happened to the IBS?

No. 370480


Very interesting, especially coming from a qualified psychologist who lives with chronic illness and has looked into her history and is familiar with her antics.

I'm surprised she didn't touch on her narcissism as I think that, coupled with bpd plays a big role in why she can't help but drop herself in the shit.

Her histrionic side works against her pathological need to be seen as the best in every aspect. She desperately wants to maintain control of her image, how others see her, etc, which she could achieve much better if it wasn't for the fact that her extreme dramatics trip her up.

If she didn't have this compulsion to overreact, people wouldn't have been so quick to pick up on something being off with her. It was her "near heart attacks" "near strokes" "near collapses" and her constant use of illness that made people start to question her.

No. 370485

Could some kind anon please mirror this to Youtube or Vidme so those of us without Younow can watch it? Many thanks in advance!

No. 370487

there's a younow app you can download on mobile or watch it on pc

No. 370512


I've tried using my tube catcher but it's having none of it when I put the URL in. It keeps instructing me to screen record it but I can't work out how to do that. I watched the link on my mobile without having to sign up to an account.

No. 370530

> she pretends she does YT for noble reasons and not for money

This. It was shocking to hear her on this stream when she was fired up and said something about there being better ways to make money where she doesn't have to deal with everyone's shit. So now does this count as admitting that YT is actually her job ?

No. 370563

The psychologist Beth in Martin's stream was pretty spot on. I'm a registered social worker myself who has worked with many a person diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. While legally I can't diagnose, often times it's still pretty clear that "this is what it looks like". Unfortunately I think Joy has such little insight into her own behaviour, that she'll continue to avoid investigating any potential that she may have mental health diagnosis.

No. 370567

It doesn't make sense that she is in so much pain every single day but won't take anything for it. I don't recall her mention any side effects while briefly taking the lyrica, aside from a few words of concern regarding possible weight gain in the future,which I would like to point out that when ranting about how wrong it is to make remarks on someone's weight, more than once she has referred to medication as being a factor in her and others weight gain, that obviously couldn't happen after she stopped taking it.

What does she have to lose by taking it longer than two weeks, even if it only worked here and there? At some point you'd have to ask yourself what you're willing to tolerate, gaining weight or dealing with unbearable pain, especially at debilitating level. If other medications only work for a short while, there's no reason to not cycle them, take them for two weeks and rotate onto another one. Especially if she already has them on hand, she could finish up the ones that were previously prescribed. I don't recall her giving a reason why none of the basic over the counter pain relievers are effective. I have fibro and arthritis and while I'm rarely pain free, I take a combo of over the counter nsaids and Lyrica that do bring it down from 10/10 and I've been using the same ones for 5 years.

No. 370592

File: 1502464265027.png (1.22 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170811-080936.png)

Maybe it is my eyes but I recall the vitamin bottle pills to be far bigger and not capsules on her first video mentioning Lyrica.

Not to mention that it makes absolutely no point to give someone samples of a drug if she is not going to stay on the medical course of how to take them.

I can't see the distinguishing lines on the pills, then again maybe I am wrong.

No. 370624

File: 1502467260565.png (124.95 KB, 720x598, 20170811_105631.png)

She's not in debilitating pain. There are no facial signs that she has ever been in pain while filming a video or when she's livestreamimg. She claims to be able to mask it really well and no one will ever know she's in that much pain. I know its been brought up before. She has also saod before she doesnt like taking any meds, the antibiotics she was given for her "tumor", she thought would kill her. Also, when I was reading her old indigo society posts, she claims to have been a hippie in a past life and died from a drug overdose and that's why she will never do drugs.(pic related)

>Sorry, a lot a lot of times diseases HIV diagnosed - I was mistaken diagnosis - found with bi-polar –

Is she saying she was misdiagnosed with HIV, but really she is bi-polar? How do those two get mixed up?

No. 370654


They gave me a script for Lyrica when I went to a new pain management doctor in a new city (when I moved) and before I had my MRIs sent over to prove I had a chronic pain condition stemming from prior back surgery & additional discs that needed operating on.

Basically they give it to everyone who walks in and unless there's proof of something specific causing the pain (in my case, wrecked back from car accident) they don't give you more.

it's the like "here have this and feel like this visit was worth money" script. Lyrica pharma reps push it hard too. And it's expensive AF. If Joy was so poor, why wouldn't she go with the non brand name neurontin? I know it's cheaper because I (who has a $500/mo medical plan) didn't even have my Lyrica script covered and I didn't want to pony up $200+ per month to fill it. So they gave me neurontin instead and it was 1/4th the price. So if Joy is so broke and doesn't have health insurance why Lyrica? Probably because it is the only medicine she knows will "prove" her diagnosis.

No. 370655

File: 1502470534280.png (460.24 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170811-095218.png)

Joy Spackle had some good advice for Joy in the comment section of Emphasis' latest video.

Saged for random post

No. 370658


I think I could have misheard or mistyped, such is her oratory style, but without listening again I think she was trying to suggest that HIV (if I heard it right) can be difficult to diagnose with only one test, just as lupus doesn't show up immediately. Not that she thought she had it. Sorry, my fault.

No. 370659

Still, sure she was "misdiagnosed" with bipolar…

No. 370733

HIV tests given to the general public are just for screening, a positive result indicates further testing is needed to get a confirmed diagnosis, false positives occasionally do happen. As for being "misdiagnosed" with bipolar that is just her opinion, she also thinks that multiple doctors have "misdiagnosed" her with anxiety as the cause of her chest pains. She keeps insisting there is some other cause for her symptoms even though they can't ever find anything wrong with her heart. She believes they are wrong because she gets stuck on one issue like having a raised body temp or a slow resting heart rate meaning it has to be something else. That she has a fever and that means her immune system is trying to fight off an illness.

No. 370748

She starts out on YT standing in her videos. Then come the health sob stories, with those comes obvious questions about her being on her feet so much. So she starts sitting during filming and at one point during her roadtrip4fibro she's even shown having a near-collapse accompanied by a high pitch meep, cuz collapsing is cute, right? Add in the lyrica bottle and like anon mentioned, surely proves she is sick.
But the darn haterz won't quit and bring up the same concerns plus new ones and she suddenly finds a Dr and takes a break, or a near-break would be more accurate, and that's supposed to be convincing. Maybe if she wrote it down like that, and as greg doing those things then she could see how stupid it looks.

That post of hers, ew. She is so damn creepy.

I fully agree there is no physical pain. Possible discomfort. Mental pain, yes.
I was a charge nurse on a dementia unit for 10 years and had to rely on facial grimicing or other noted bodily movements and mannerisms to recognize when I needed to give pain medication or provide other assitance for relief as majority of them were unable to verbalize that they were in pain.
There are some people that can mask pain, she isn't one of them. Everyone has seen that she is unable to control herself at this point. She can't even manage to stay the hell off YT or YN after saying she would, that says a lot about her self control, or lack thereof.

No. 370780

I looked for the roadtrip vid….maybe she deleted it? I'd love to see her acting during the near collapse, all while making sure its being filmed.

No. 370843

Remeber the whole Special Spaces drama and she got a call from a lady who helped run it. She was What happened to the so called interview/charity she was going to do. She said she was going to do it the next day but it never happened. When she was asked of it she ignored the question.

No. 370848

File: 1502485706748.jpg (1.83 MB, 2560x2560, PhotoGrid_1502484830732.jpg)


From her "Onision says YouTube FIRED him!" upload where she is in her two story hotel room while on the trip and "so many people sent her the video" so she had to respond to it. She forgot her sd card and literally begins to film the second she is in the door from retrieving it. She is out of breath but all smiles when beginning, then at 3:00 her knees "give out" and even that is super fun, when she gets back up she mentions her knees and says "here comes the sex jokes" (lolz) then continues on. For the life of me I still don't understand if she starts out standing or on her knees, but she has said she is short so it's tough to say.

No. 370849

Given your typical Rx/ bottle comes with a label with the dose and instructions on it as opposed to her vitamin bottle with Lyrica written in black marker by roommate " so she could remember when to take it" (right Kati cuz it never says that on the Rx/ label,) I'm speculating they're samples she put in a vitamin bottle.

Saged for speculation

No. 370850


Which reminds me of a question I meant to ask on here.

Those poor little boys that died in the car accident, she monestised those videos, did she ever show a receipt of the money raised on those videos going to the family?

I haven't been able to find one.

No. 370874

I am just bamboozled with the bullshittery happening on Twitter.

Some user called cloroxkitchen claimed to have information on repzion's foot fetish clients. Joy imediately jumped on it and asked said user to open the dms for discussion.

I think repzion made a huge mistake by dragging this whole video thing for weeks on end. Joy is suddenly muddying the waters by justifying and clarifying every single wrongful claim and besides the meltdown with Beth the psychologist she is just looking the regular Looney.


No. 370882

i like how she's all about free speech but her and her fans are trying to silence repzion.

live by the sword, bitch.

No. 370884

File: 1502492096932.png (13.79 KB, 589x154, 2017-08-11 23_54_05-DarthRepti…)

Someone said this about CloroxKitchen

No. 370888

She just referred to fake accounts as assholes last night, apparently she meant everyone else that isn't in her crew. Stupid brain fog

No. 370889


That is not just someone. The woman behind that username belongs to the beauty community, she is on joys side because she is also sickness extraordinare and actually hired a bunch of hackers on Fiverr a few months back to generate a report to doxx several people from the beauty community.

Talk about birds of a feather.

She was very actively participating on the Beth the psychologist stream to defend joy.

Just a small warning about crazy.

I'll sage the shit out of this.

No. 371040

File: 1502509131793.jpg (24.27 KB, 407x303, 4384398479987.jpg)

Is THIS that "near-collapse" she always goes on about that we witnessed? …………………oh my goodness.
To clarify, yes, she starts out on her knees and then while she's talking, she probably rolled onto an exposed nerve or something, or maybe just has weak kneecaps, so she squeals and falls back to sitting. So yes, she's inexplicably on her knees during this. Maybe she planned a "collapse" in advance but didn't want to do a painful stunt like falling from a standing position, so she started out close to the ground. But considering she just said she had been "running up and down the stairs" she's absolutely full of shit that she's in chronic pain and has no energy.

Pic related.

No. 371105

>>371040 That pic looks like Jack Black and Jim Carrey had a daughter.

No. 371111

Is she admitting to drug use here or am I reading that insane rambling wrong? Has she admitted to this before? I've read through all of the threads and it doesn't ring any bells.

No. 371115

I believe she's saying she remembers her past life where she died of a drug overdose, which is why she doesn't touch drugs. Whereas we all know the real reason is because narcs don't like the loss of control from being medicated, mixed with her irrational fear of Big Pharma poisoning the water and food and medicines… she really is a basket case. But it's entertaining that she used to pretend like her hatred of drugs & medications was because she remember the pain of a past life being addicted to drugs. She's a wonder.

No. 371119

Thank you anon for translating that load of sparkling BS. I've read it a couple different times and couldn't understand it.

No. 371129

File: 1502520822590.png (74.37 KB, 572x725, altri1.png)

She's currently going off on Twitter about the alt right.

As if she ever gave a flying fuck about this kind of stuff before she was accused of being racist.

This isn't even virtue signalling. It's virtue screaming.

No. 371130

File: 1502520862425.png (105.72 KB, 572x812, altri2.png)

No. 371134

>I feel a rant coming

hears the echo of the screeching in the distance

"*I'll come back and speak when I think it's important…
when I think it's important…
when I think it's important …*"

Repost because how 2 format the voices in my head?

No. 371140

I really liked that comment that she used to do cocaine because she was a stage performed. That is just another lie she told. I remember one video or stream, was scratched her nose and then did the whole "I guess I just did coke cuz I just scratched my nose" then she claimed to not know how to do coke if it was snorted, smoked or other. LMAO, if she admits to doing it as a stage performed back then, then I'm pretty sure she knows how to do cocaine. She lies over he dumbest shit.

i'm starting to think she actually believes most of the shit she says, because she lies so much she doesn't know the difference from our reality and and everything she has said/is currently saying. She is really sick in the head.

No. 371142

It's not speculation, that's exactly what Joy claims happened. She said her traveling partner did it (not her roommate, supposedly it's the friend who bankrolled the trip/pulled the strings to have her see that doctor for free.) After visiting the "fibro specialist" Joy showed a big cardboard box on her YN livestream that supposedly contained a shitload of sample packets of Lyrica and another med for her IBS, Bentyl. Then she pulled out a smaller box and showed two different pills which seemed to be what she said they were. (This only means she was able to convince a doctor to give her the samples, it means nothing regarding a diagnosis or even if her complaints are real.) The next time she showed her meds they had been moved to the vitamin bottle with a hand written label. Joy claims "her friend" put them in an extra vitamin bottle she just so happened to have and hand labeled it while Joy was sleeping. She says the friend did this without asking but was just trying to "help."

Yeah, when I watched that I got the impression she had just needed to shift positions because she was uncomfortable from kneeling but then lost balance a little in the process because they had fallen asleep or something. It was nothing like a "collapse" if that is what she's trying to claim now…she was happy and giggling when it happened, she didn't even think it was anything serious at the time. This just goes to show that she will highly exaggerate real but insignificant events that can happen to any healthy person but then changes it into something dramatic and serious to suit whatever narrative she's trying to push later. "Oops, my knees fell asleep from kneeling too long, LOL how silly" becomes "I was so weak I almost collapsed! For real guys sad face"

She once tried to say that our food is full of antibiotics and that really hit a nerve with me so I went off on her in the comments (I looked for it to screenshot but I think it's on one of the deleted videos.) I used to work in the quality control lab of a major food distributor, I informed her that not only are antibiotics in food illegal and enforced by the FDA but that it was my job to make sure there weren't any antibiotics in the meat or milk we received. I personally tested every incoming shipment for antibiotics. If any were found the shipment would be legally required to go straight to the dump and the supplier blacklisted for 6 months but in the 7 years I worked there I never once got a positive result. Farms are extremely careful to prevent this from happening, they DO NOT want to get blacklisted because not only would they lose 6 months of revenue but they would also get heavily fined or even temporarily shut down by the FDA. She never tried to claim antibiotics in food again but instead changed the narrative to some unspecified "poisons" that were somehow ending up in the food supply.

When did anyone say she was alt right??? Is she attempting to identify with the "skeptic" community again by commiserating with something they are regularly accused of?

No, that wasn't what she said…that part was another person's quoted comment that she was replying to. See how it has [quote][/quote] around the comment? That means it's quoted from a different post. The person said they used to do coke when they performed on stage and Kati replied that she doesn't do drugs herself because she remembers her past life as a hippy that died from a drug overdose and as a result is now scared of them in this life.

No. 371143

I guess that solves the mystery of why she claims to have been a professional singer in the past. She meant a past life
I wouldn't call weakly howling into a mic over unoriginal "Irish-style" music, a professional singing career but maybe that's just me. Everything I've heard from Kati in this reality has been abysmally bad. She wouldn't have gotten through the preliminary auditions for American Idol.

No. 371147

She did try to have a professional singing career (she totally had delusions of becoming super famous) but aside from a few Disney performances, side gigs doing backup vocals for a couple nobody albums and being hired by her husband's record label she ended up being a voice teacher…as the saying goes those who cannot do teach

No. 371150


She has consistently brushed off all questions about politics with "I don't believe in either side" and "I don't believe in politics" – There is no way anyone has called her "Alt-RIght" ever.

No. 371154

She is on her knees. Her head is level with the lightswitch directly behind her.
She says "Sorry I'm on my knees, here come the sex jokes, and my knees gave out."
She is kneeling with her bodyweight directly on her knees. For someone who is so incredible at hiding pain and anxiety to have that kind of obvious pain face from kneeling for 2 minutes. . .that kind of pain is like being pinched, very low on a pain scale, she squeals out a high pitched 'OWWW' and sucks her breath in through clenched teeth. She also sucks at remembering her lies.

No. 371158


Brilliant post, thank you for pointing out an example. This is exactly what those of us with chronic pain have been trying to say. There are a few things that could be said about this which cover any number if excuses she has or will use but I will keep them to myself because she will only take them and use at least one of them.

She claims to be able to mask "extreme pain" her words, yet look at this little display. If she was really dealing with extreme pain her tolerance would be a lot higher than one knee going to sleep.

Like it has been stated before it is impossible to completely mask severe pain, most of us have our hot spots and someone with understanding would be able to see that just looking at us, we subconsciously develop ways to move, or sit, etc, to protect that area, to limit the pain. It is a deep instinct and habit forming to the point where even if it alleviates, we still guard that area. I'm currently trying to retrain my shoulder, it was agony so I kept it in a frozen position by my side and it got to the point where the pain improved but I'm still having physiotherapy to be able to lift my arm above my head again, which was caused by my guarding, rather than a physical problem. So even if it is not on our faces, it can be seen somewhere.

No. 371159

Joy's posted a new video about the riots.

No. 371169

Another of her "super important" topics that she just had to come back to cover…by reading someone else's article and telling us that Nazi propaganda is bad and people shouldn't be assholes. She says it's so new she can't even give a perspective…then proceeds to give her perspective. Then she conflates POC and "colored" again saying she refuses to say colored because it sounds racist to her so she's still going to say brown people to describe anyone that has "any amount of brown to their skin." Again says all our food is full of poison that gives people cancer. Then goes off on an anti-racism rant in an attempt to show how not racist she is. She also says she's still on her "break" but has another video coming out with updates because some things have changed. And she chose not to do the DO5 coverage even though it would have made her a lot of money because it wasn't important enough for her to break her hiatus (she's still loudly telling us she's going to stay quiet about it) but this and the false flagging video about Riley totally was important.

No. 371196

Joy's new video, "Nazi rhetoric coming from the alt-right movement?!?! Shocker! I have no real political stances, but why can't we all just hold hands and get along? ALSO BROWN PEOPLE!!!!!"

Jesus fucking Christ, you're not adding a single thing to the conversation and you just sound fucking dumb Joy….

No. 371208

File: 1502542014667.png (37.5 KB, 816x271, 2017-08-12 13_46_16-Unite The …)

This comment on her new video made me laugh

No. 371213

File: 1502542366905.png (1.05 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_20170812-081834.png)

@11:36 she finally gives away what the video is actually about, pretending she isn't racist.

No. 371251

File: 1502551741858.png (1.05 MB, 1040x1044, StillGoneForRealGuys.png)

I was checking out the YouNow Moments from the last livestream (8/10/17), the one that was basically her response to the psychologist talking to Martin Louis, and found some interesting clips I thought I'd share.

Remember how the psychologist REPEATEDLY said she wasn't diagnosing Joy with anything, she was just giving her impressions solely based on all the videos and information she's seen combined with her own experience & knowledge? She also said that she hoped Joy would look at her behavior and realize she needed to get help from a mental health professional in addition to the doctor she's seeing for her physical symptoms. Well, this is Joy's pissy ass response:

"First thing you should know is that you shouldn't be trying to diagnose somebody when A. you're not a doctor and B. you haven't looked at my results. Are you fucking kidding me? Are you really a nurse that just diagnoses people with your fucking mouth without looking at anything? Good job, good job for you, good job Dr. Google. God! Fucking Nurse Yahoo, good job!"

Claims a lot people are sick with stuff because we are all being systematically being poisoned to death by our food & water and all kinds of shit going on because our immune systems & gut biosystems can only take so much.

Someone in chat said she had a lot of illnesses and she responded that whatever is going on with her health is the main thing bothering her but
1. The copper toxicity is no longer an issue, she got her tests back after being tested again a year later
2. The tumor is gone
3. She almost never has issues with asthma and allergies
So now from her understanding she probably only has one thing going on…or maybe more cause she doesn't know…but she wants to know where they see "a lot" of illnesses. She just had the copper toxicity which is not an issue now and the fibromyalgia. That's two, she asks if two a lot? Then she had asthma and allergies when she was younger, which barely bothers her now..so what is that three in her lifetime? She asks if three is a lot? And then she adds that she also had the noncancerous tumor on her neck…(no mention of full body candida infection, her "mystery illness", anxiety, PTSD or any of the other things she's claimed at one point or another)

"Just for awareness, the people who keep trying to say shit and then keep promoting how many videos I'm gonna make…sorry sweetheart you're not worth it, I wouldn't make videos on you. I don't care. I love it! She's probably gonna make hundreds of videos…NO! Are you hurting children?" (She's not going to make videos because it's not worth it but she's only going to bring it up repeatedly every time she streams.)

"Some people are legit mean to be mean. I'd get if I'd done something to warrant it, I would understand it. Because the problem is I'm fucking…I'm very empathic. It's not that I'm so upset what people are going to expose, it's that I'm a human being and this shit hurts my feelings."

Claims she's not subscribed to Onision, she doesn't sit around watching people she hates, she doesn't want to but occasionally people will send her a link out of concern and she may or may not make a video but most of the time she doesn't, she just lets it go and feels she's already said everything she needs to say.

She'd love to be able to look nice when she streams but she isn't in the position to do so because she hasn't had the energy to get off the couch and take a shower, yesterday she had trouble even moving, it was so bad her roommate has had to help her just walk several times

She's said from day one she thinks there's more than fibromyalgia going on because she has symptoms that don't match up. Then she says that fibromyalgia is "the umbrella term for we don't know what the fuck is going on and may indicate or point to autoimmune" which she's been told several times.

"I can't say the word retard and joke about the word retard but people can call the people who like me Joytards and in the same breath be upset about the word retard. That's how that works because logic."

"Second round of testing in the autoimmune family, my ANA is high second time, my titer is 140 which is very high second time what I've been told, and my ANA pattern is speckled. So all of it indicates the Lupus family. Still, more testing is needed. So there's a quick update there."

"I approached them in a stream…and Cy is like she left what do you want, and they said well we didn't want her to leave. Are you kidding me? All I've heard is go kill yourself, get the fuck off Facebook, not Facebook…get the fuck off YouTube so I did and you're still bitching. Like you are still…what more is there to bitch about? What?" "Sorry I was a fucking weird new ager, I'm still a weirdo but those were my fucking personal beliefs and a lot of them are different now. Sorry"

Says she doesn't owe Rose $3200 because she didn't make that much on the videos, many of the videos were age restricted, many she didn't get 50 cents on the dollar, many weren't ad friendly or ad approved. Period.

"Birth control can make some people sick, not everybody. That's why I've said it's not that I think birth control is completely evil but I think people should be told the side effects going into it, many of us aren't told the side effects." "That's it. I'm an asshole for wanting people to know the side effects up front, for encouraging doctors to give the side effects. I'm an asshole for saying hey research the hell out of whatever you get into. I'm a prick apparently. Like that's, that's me giving medical information to people and facts."

"But good try. There's more research coming out about that, there's conflicting research with it but more and more women are getting copper toxicity from these if not other things because if you put a foreign object in the body the body can reject it and bad things can happen. Look at breast implant sickness."

"You know what? Actually, let's do this Barbie. Because you're being a cunt you can be blocked. How about that? DUHH! Like I'm just done, you want to be a cunt you do not have to be here! Have fun! DUHH!"

No. 371257

So WHY has she always said she's got IBS?

No. 371261

Our brave defender of free speech, Joy,apparently deleted this most humorous and apt comment. What a shame

No. 371266

Wow, she really did! what a fucking hypocrite

No. 371284

>>371266 well she shot herself in the foot again but I'm sure he is the lad who has been pulling her about her free speech hypocrisy. She asked him for an example of a harmless comment that has been removed, which he couldn't do because who saves every individual YT comment made by others. That shut the criticism down, now he has an example to show twitter.

His comment was funny, it was non threatening, it was a funny, apt comparison, it contained no private info. The only reason it was removed was because it wasn't worshipping Joy, or asking her a question without being littered with compliments and apologies.

Kim Jong Joy the little despot dictator persists to protect her echo chamber. Heaven forbid her little morons see anything that would make them doubt her.

Joy and her pet mods should start a band and call themselves,
Kim Jong Joy & The Propogandisers.

No. 371292

File: 1502556777922.png (54.69 KB, 720x433, 20170812_115003.png)

She deletes this beautifully witty comment >>371208 and leave this for all to see. Free speech and all tho. ..

No. 371325

Now that she is really going in hard about being so sick and saying she at times needs help to even get off the couch, she should get prepared for more questions. You'd think she would realize that she has been successfully digging her self deeper and deeper into her own BS. She has said that she needs help to shower before and at times walk but I believe this is new that she is basically one step away from being bed bound.

There's a lot of physiological changes in someone bed bound, including visible signs. I hope she is paging Dr Google to assist her with research before she goes any deeper.

Poor roommate will never get away. If she truly is in such a terrible state, it's really unfair to put this shit on him. She can say all she wants that he insists, but imagine the guilt trips she lays into him. Calling him to leave work when she needs a hug after finding out she needs further testing and having him take sick days to take her places, bathing/grooming and assisting with ambulation, it's a full time job and awful of her to take advantage of h in addition to the financial aspect. It's time to set up home health and there's no excuse not to. She is no longer able to take care of herself so for both of their own safety, it's time.

No. 371327

Wait hold on in her last younow she said that she wasn't making money on youtube and was bitching that people were daring to say that she gasp made decent money. But it works as a full time job and can pay for her medical bills? I'm pretty sure you need way more than the pennies she said she made from youtube to pay your medical bills with no insurance.

No. 371330

Well her hiatus didn't last that long. She just uploaded a new video saying she's back and will be making more onion videos. My guess is she's broke.

No. 371334

Is she really saying that the "break" was good for her? Um… if you include your younow tantrum you were gone for what…a day? Most people need more than a day break to decompress from their 9-5 job….much less from the apparent trauma that youtube caused for her.

No. 371337

She said it was a sliding scale clinic and she was being charged hundreds of dollars for the testing rather than thousands so she has to make enough to cover the hundreds of dollars she is being charged, they only charge you what they think you can afford.

No. 371345

somebody take her channels down…..please!

No. 371348

File: 1502562056178.jpg (75.12 KB, 620x237, hope.jpg)

I need this to be real.

No. 371352

what the fuck is this shit? this place is for milking the cows, not killing them.

No. 371369

Correspondence with someone who hired taho and kati to remove a family curse or for guidance? Gives more insight into how kati and the indigo perceive life, as if they have it worse than everyone else, that people outside their "movement" are trying to oppress them and eliminate them.
Link for reference:

The part that caught my attention was this:
>To those of you who have NOT had an easy life and who have NOT had the laws of cause and affect or the laws of averages work in your favor. For those of you, like myself, who constantly experienced “Anti Synchronicity” instead of being in “The Flow” …who have had the laws of averages defied in favor of extreme amounts of bad luck, pain, and senseless suffering in spite of trying to maintain a positive attitude. For those of you who have even been ridiculed from well meaning “New Agers” for your physical, financial, energetic and psychic destitution.

Even though she says she doesn't believe in these things anymore, they phrase things like crystal ball psychics, where it's so vague and open ended, anyone can believe what they want and it could turn our to be true. I can see how impressionable minds can fall for this bullshit.

Other articles on the site are just riddled with conspiracy theories and cult like behaviour.

Link to site:

No. 371373

That would be cool but shes in Oklahoma. So…wont do much good.

No. 371375

Here's what it's called in case you were wondering:


The Skeptic Dictionary is kind of awesome but, fair warning, you could lose an entire day there.

No. 371381

File: 1502564820434.jpg (43.21 KB, 624x186, Capture.JPG)

3 New videos. Really she sure got over her health problems fast.

No. 371382

who said anything about killing people? jeez you are assuming things

No. 371383

File: 1502565187243.jpg (16.45 KB, 600x600, qPCRuGq.jpg)

No. 371384

Fibro whaat? Pshh LupUs? Eh MS? Sheit, that's for pussies, chronic illness shouldn't stop you from doing the impossible!!!

No. 371387

Don't forgot the miraculously healed IBS anon, an incurable disease that has suddenly disssapeared according to Joy

No. 371388

are you new here, just have shitty reading comprehension, or both? (just kidding, it's obviously both)

No. 371394

I know I can always count on joy to lie in the first 3 minutes of her video.

"I have a family member that watches big brother."

I thought she doesn't have any family, roommate and her subs are her family. Or is this another example of her telepathic ways? She flies through time and space to her biological family, not to visit or talk even, simply to peep what is on the TV and go on her merry way, back to being a hero.

No. 371396


maaajor tinfoil, but what if she worked as a rep at one point and got the meds from there? (in other words…maybe she didn't even get them from a doctor?) i think she did marketing as a job at one point…wouldn't a pharma rep position have similar requirements? idk, i'm sure it's not even a thing, but your post made me think about that

No. 371397


If she got anything from her "marketing job" it would be ding dongs at best.

No. 371427

File: 1502571346869.jpg (264.13 KB, 1678x752, resume.jpg)

She had her resume online, even though a good part of it is probably exaggerated or made up you can bet she would have included working as a pharma rep. She can't claim that she left it off because she thought working there was unethical or something, she has a marketing job listed for Marlboro. Besides, most pharma sales rep jobs require at least a bachelor's degree or even a master's and she doesn't have either. She dropped out after one year, she's simply not qualified to be a drug rep.

Interestingly, when I went to verify the link to her resume I noticed she had updated it since I last took a screenshot in April (pic included.) She removed all but one of the jobs, market manager for State Farm from 2015 on. Also, she has two alternate names for herself listed - Katie Michelle Smith and Katy M Smith.

(you have to verify you are not a robot before it lets you see the actual resume)

No. 371437

Okay someone please help me out with this vbbv one. She needs help showering and getting to and from the bathroom but she's able to sit up and make vids and stream for hours? As a previous anon said she's "one step away from being bedridden" so how the hell is she back?

Sage for not contributing and confusion

No. 371440


I agree, "Anon", her lies are so obvious it amazes me she has any support left.

No. 371445

Well she did have that pizza and potato, which are amazing on the motility, so it makes sense.

Sage for sarcasm

No. 371460

Joy saying that you aren't going to respond to MrRepzion doesn't really work if you're mirroring a video about him and making an intro about him and tweeting about him.

No. 371465

She's fixing to go live.

No. 371467

To prove all the haterz wrong she should disable super chat and still do her five hour shit and she must be as exuberant as she always is when the money is flowing. Then I'll believe She doesn't care about the $$$

No. 371471

This should be a train wreck. Grab your snacks, ladies and gents.

No. 371474

How on earth can she say she's "back?"

She never went away!

No. 371478

She'll go away long enough for her followers to beg her to come back, then she will but only because that makes it possible for her to pull the same shit again when she starts feeling like she needs a distraction or needs some attention.

No. 371479

She's live on youtube

No. 371480

brown isn't racist, it's just boorish and highlights your lack of class.

No. 371481

Is it really necessary for her to be so crude all of the time? Can't even say she's going to the bathroom. It's gotta be "I'm gonna go piss"

No. 371486

The chat is making me ill. All praise and trying to do discredit rep because he sell pics of his feet. Because kati didn't sell a service of talking to angels right? And gave people advice about decisions they need to make in their life?

No. 371488

Joy is "back" because she wanted to make a fluff drama video about Trisha Paytas but it wasn't "important enough" to justify temporarily breaking her hiatus so she has to officially "come back" instead. She also needs to make the YT money, no surprise there. Her tests are going to cost a lot but please people no gofundme's because she wants to pay her own way but in the same breath promotes her Patreon instead because it's obvious that she does want/need the money. She "missed" everybody after being "gone" for less than a week eye roll. She also promised DO5 updates but somehow she's still going to be quiet about it. She's still totally sick and needs help just walking but she's also got a lot of new videos planned. She's just full of contradictions in her "I'm back" video.

No. 371497

She probably "came back" when she realized that no one cares enough to donate to her patreon.

saged for speculation

No. 371499

File: 1502580655231.png (52.25 KB, 204x168, katifuckingreallybitch.png)

omg how the fuck does someone post this as their first coming back video in what world

No. 371503

That's funny she would try to discredit Repzion for his feet pictures, when she is the one who made a gofundme for a stupid fax machine. Didn't she also do something where she wanted people to donate and she would give them a picture of her holding a dildo and sign it? Something like that…can't remember exactly.

No. 371504

That was a "joke" Patreon level. She eventually removed it because it wasn't clear it was a joke…nobody signed up for it tho.

No. 371506


so many of her thumbnails are so bad. like she should be embarrassed bad.

also regarding the stream…

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win"

right now we're at laugh. when her puffery is deflated, we'll get to fight. then the inevitable meltdown. she just got back and we're halfway there already.

it's funny how she thinks she can discredit repzion. like, bitch, who is you? keep trying though. it's not like there's anything else you can actually do. oh wait, that's why you're doing it. desperation. sniff, sniff it stinks. :)

No. 371508

People are hella pissed off about the trans conversation going on right now.

No. 371511

I love the fact she doesn't bother to create thumbnails for most of her videos. The facial expressions on them are priceless. I don't care too much what people think about me, but damn I have a little care to try to put out a decent image. I want to thank her for that, they always give me a good laugh.

No. 371513

Joy: "Is sperm alive?"
…. this stream is such a dumpster fire.

No. 371521

Stop typing anything into the name or email fields. Look at how your posts appear vs. everyone else's. You don't need to state that you are saging every time. Read https://lolcow.farm/info before you post again.

No. 371549

Legit question: Did she ever say if she went to public school or home school? Or does her brain just not absorb and retain information? How can a thirty fucking three year old be this fucking ignorant while sober? She makes me question my sanity I swear…

No. 371550

This video does a pretty good job of taking her claims from her early videos and putting them next to opposite claims she made later showcasing how much she lies.

No. 371649


I own a business and hire and fire people all the time. If a resume, like the first one, came across my desk, it would go straight into the trash. She's had way too many jobs in such short time, which tells me she has a problem with commitment and loyalty. It also tells me she's extremely confused and has no direction in life.

No. 371651

it's interesting to watch her 'teary moments' in compilation. her tears are so obviously performed; she snaps out of them and into fury so quickly.

No. 371670

MrRepzion made a video shit talking Mikenactor. In it he talks bad about Joy and discusses his video he is making on her a little.

No. 371671

oh good, more bullshit and hype from rep. that's real helpful.

No. 371684

File: 1502606200103.png (48.02 KB, 613x372, RCXjOUm.png)

She's have a twitter meltdown

No. 371685

She's on YouNow "responding" to MrRepzion

No. 371686

Not yet responded? Isn't that exactly what this tweet is? For someone who supposedly doesn't care about the video she has spent an awful lot of time trying to convince everyone that she doesn't care about the video and won't waste her time on responding to him. What kind of response does she think she's not giving to a video that hasn't even come out yet? She's saying all she can about it…repeatedly.

And she's responding yet again, totally not worth her time huh.

No. 371687

File: 1502607096423.png (104.1 KB, 576x736, saucQa3.png)

No. 371689

I just want MisterMetokur to do a video about Joy in his "Internet Insanity" series. She fits the bill perfectly.

No. 371690


She's desperate for him to "come at [her] in private" … hehehehe… she has no idea what bomb he might drop.

No. 371693

File: 1502608112384.jpg (118.61 KB, 487x600, joy.jpg)

so is this a "meltdown" yet or is this her not giving him any attention? Sorry I'm kind of confused.

No. 371696

File: 1502608696868.png (40 KB, 624x342, 44nbaVO.png)

No. 371697

A few YouNow Moments:

Says she's a hot topic to hate and when people put her name in the title it gets views, but the problem is for people who dislike her is that she just doesn't care and she finds it sad. (She's totally Jake Paul level famous now guys, people put her name in the title just to get the views…and she's dedicating an entire livestream to try to convince people she doesn't care…if she actually didn't care she wouldn't keep bringing it up at every opportunity.)

Says MrRepzion is a turncoat jumping on a bandwagon because they were on friendly terms, previously talked on the phone for an hour, worked together on certain things and "supported each other".

She says it's gross & she doesn't understand how he can defend false flagging any videos just because they did it to him (totally ignoring that he explained he had three legitimate copyright claims against the videos, which were his own content stolen & reuploaded, he just chose to use the privacy complaint system instead because he wanted to see how broken it was.)

Rep is gross & creepy now for posting in her comment section and going through a good friend of hers to get to her (ignoring that Mikenactor contacted Rep first.)

Asking Rep what she did to him personally to warrant this attack, was she ever less than supportive? She says no.

No. 371698

Tonight's stream. She went nuts about Repzion.

Missed the first 2 minutes, sadly.

No. 371702

File: 1502610298481.png (119.48 KB, 621x931, viNWO8y.png)

No. 371707

If she doesn't have anything to hide why is she so damn worried about Rep making his video? She's so fucking defensive, saying she doesn't have a criminal past, doesn't get drunk, only smoked marijuana once where it was legal 10 years ago, had some "weird new age beliefs" in her 20s, and can prove she had some lab tests done at a clinic that must mean there's absolutely nothing else he could possibly take issue with? So because he gave her some advice in a phone call he's not allowed to criticize her? Why does she need him to come to her in private? Did she go to Onision first in private before criticizing him?

No. 371708


This is some Onision level stuff she is pulling.

Why didn't she contact Onision first instead of making 100 plus video's on him?

Why did she jump on a bandwagon and put out hate video's? Why did she put his name in titles that had nothing to do with him?

Can't help but think she's wrongly thinking bad publicity is good publicity.

It's called bad for a reason, and can actually destroy careers not help them.

No. 371709

So how long before her fibromslupusalgia flares up again and she decides that she REALLY can't stay on youtube anymore? For REAL this time!

No. 371710

Just re-watched the repzion vid and he never says anything about coming to him in private. Where did Joysus get that one?

She's an attention whore, she's not going anywhere. There's no where that she can get this much attention this easily.

No. 371711

Yeah I had wondered about that too. Where did she get that idea? She spends an inordinate amount of time harping about him asking people to come to him in private but because he didn't do that for her that makes him a hypocrite. And this is why she says she has such a huge problem with him making this video…but people always have a right to criticize and she supports them making videos about her….just not if they were on "friendly terms" at one point? She's all over the place with her reasons.

No. 371712


The word private is used twice in his video. The first is when he talks about privacy claims and that you delete the "private" information. The second is Mikenactor using it talking about Mikenactor's private friendship with Kati.

He does not ever ask someone to come at him in private. She must be fucking desperate!

No. 371713

I could be wrong but I think that she's referring to Repzion saying that Mikenactor could have just asked him about all of the stuff that he dug up about his past claims instead of taking the conspiracy and running with it. That's the closest thing I heard anyway.

No. 371714


At that point, he said the Mikenactor should have linked the entire livestream. He never even suggested that Mikenactor should have contacted him. He complained about stuff being taken out of context w/out a link.

No. 371715

File: 1502613197340.png (96.39 KB, 626x785, JwOGiRG.png)

The OniSHEon is shining through :D

No. 371716

Posts a video called "I'm back", bitch you didn't even go anywhere.
As for feeling so exhausted that your room-mates had to help you up from the floor, here is some sound advice Kati.
1) Stop staying on younow all night, that is where all your energy is going you fucking twit.
2) Lose some fucking weight, actually start moving around.
3) GTFO the internet

No. 371717


How much you want to bet "roommate had to help me up" was actually "my feet fell asleep while I was online shit posting and obsessively reading everything people had posted about me!"

No. 371718

At around 3:20ish he says:
"If you took the time to do a little research about me or even asked me about this I could have clarified for you"
I think it's possible that this is the straw that she's grasping at.

No. 371726


Given that he could be asked in a tweet … that's some pretty weak sauce and a very flimsy straw.

No. 371733

I find myself increasingly disgusted and annoyed that any time she is compared to Onision for any reason, she responds with "LOL I'm not like Onision, I don't rate kids for their bodies, I'm not attracted to minors, so there!"
Waterproof argument there, Kati. Almost as good an argument as saying "I'm not a mammal because I'm not an opossum, so I CAN'T be a mammal!"

The idiocy really is astounding in this one.

No. 371740

Exactly. Mike was already in a Twitter discussion with Rep, he could have just tweeted it at him but Mike was looking for "dirt" to use in his video so that is what he saw. He didn't bother to check that Rep had already told the whole story and clarified what happened. He had legitimate copyright claims against that person, had he filed those the result would have been the same, just because he decided to use privacy complaints instead to test the system that was used against him does not suddenly make him an abhorrent false flagger, it's just not the same. It was poor research on Mike's part.

Telling Mike that he should have researched better or at least asked him what happened is NOT the same thing as demanding Mike ask him in private. That just isn't what Rep said, Joy is just hearing what she wants to again to paint a certain picture…doesn't seem to matter if it's based on a lie/twisting of his words, she did the same thing with Onision and the "debate me or I'll sue" narrative when that isn't what he said either.

Yep, the hypocrisy and lack of self-awareness there really is astounding. She's a public figure and Rep can make a video commenting on her very public behavior if he wants…it's literally the same thing she built her channel on with Onision. She didn't go to him in private for clarification first either…but Rep somehow is required to? Why because he was nice to her at one point and gave her some channel advice? Even if they were friends (and being nice/helpful to someone =/= friendship) he isn't allowed to make a video then? He specifically said he is actually friends with Trisha Paytas but has still made critical videos about her.

No. 371751


Well she's going off of rumours only, one sided drama videos, and messages taken out of context. No actual proof.

Plus the rumours from people suggest she has been equally mean to people and lied. So yes, she technically has, if the rumours are correct.

No. 371759

So what did Onision personally do to Joy to warrant her making videos about him? Just because it's her opinion that she hasn't done anything to warrant a critical video doesn't mean Repzion agrees. She has no idea what he's putting in the video, how can she say his perspective is wrong or unwarranted?

No. 371766

File: 1502625977161.jpg (345.41 KB, 895x1958, IMG_20170813_080015.jpg)

Joy sees all comments as a gift even if they are negative. Why so salty then? It's rude for her to continue to delete all the gifts she is being given.

(Spliced together @ comments on my channel)

No. 371767

File: 1502626058412.png (13.43 KB, 536x277, 2017-08-13 13_06_54-Joy Sparkl…)

This whole 'leaving' debacle was really good for her patreon

No. 371775

Wasn't it mentioned in Phil's super long vid that "going private" is one of her ploys? It's like one of her favorite manipulation tactics to gain the upper hand and smooth things over or something. I can't remember the exact words that were used.

No. 371779

Think you're right re: Phil's vid. Reminds me of various colleagues who want to talk by email until things don't go their way, then ring up to 'discuss the issues' and then forward the email chain CC'ing your boss to say you've agreed what they wanted over the phone - and suddenly there's no written evidence of the decision. Joy's taken it further: if you publish private written or recorded evidence, you're a backstabber and a traitor and you've heavily edited everything to remove context - "context" inevitably being, "I am always right, I can get away with anything."

No. 371790

> come at me like an adult
> skunk=fart squirrel

No. 371794

Wow they really miss the point.
1st. Repzion was responding to mike's attack on him. Not using mike to "get to@ her.
2nd he explained the false flag thing pretty good in the video.
3rd. He is not making money on this and blaming his demonitization on how he treats you. What the heck are you talking about?

She has so lost it. It doesn't even matter what repzion has on her. In fact I think he should wait longer for his video because the longer he waits the more paranoid she gets and she probably will reveal stuff even we don't know to try and get ahead of it

No. 371801

File: 1502635070377.png (59.87 KB, 603x865, 2017-08-13 15_36_54-YøυяHυмвłe…)

Gabe the Pony has put a copyright strike on Joy's video about him and it's been taken down!

No. 371803

File: 1502635274738.png (56.88 KB, 648x158, 2017-08-13 15_40_43-Subscripti…)

here we go again…

No. 371811

I'd just like to point out that Repzion hasn't even released any video yet. Nor has he said anything concrete. I think the worst thing he has said about her so far is that she's crazy.

Yeah it's a pre emptive strike but right now it's much ado about nothing.

No. 371833


Hilarious! It's like the Quaker Oat box… Joy cites Mikenactor citing Gabe citing Mikenactor citing Anime… Maybe I'll set up a YouTube channel making commentary on Joy's deleted video just to add one more layer to the Matrix…

No. 371845

This is off topic as it does not directly relate to Joy anymore. It belongs in the spergleberry thread, Mikenactor vs Repzion has been brought up there. >>371795 >>371834

Exactly, they have no idea what is going to be in Repzion's video other than him saying he would include his take on the 1 hr phone call. I don't understand why the big fuss over it, people have made critical videos about her before…is it the imagined subject matter or the 500K subs that's really bothering them? Cause it's more likely that only 1/10 of his subs would actually see the video. If she truly has nothing to hide the way she claims, why get so upset over it?

No. 371879

Dose she not know about the copyright strike yet? Because she's tweeting about doing a YouTube livestream in an hour.

No. 371884

File: 1502645643772.png (832.54 KB, 1426x1568, SmartSelectImage_2017-08-13-13…)

Sage for petty but which brow is Onion's droopy one again?

Anyone ever see that movie The Fly? Kek. How long before a layer of acne forms and she starts oozing grease?

No. 371890

File: 1502646424387.png (10.44 KB, 550x102, 2017-08-13 18_46_07-Skunk=Fart…)


Oh god anon I won't be able to unsee this

No. 371898

> stokes the flames
> "I'm a victim"

over and over and over and over

No. 371910

So she said she won't be responding to Rep's video, but here she is making a stream devoted to discussing him before the video is even out? I predict a 20+ video series on Repzion before the month is over

No. 371912

And every video will start with "Now I'm not going to make a ton of videos about him because I'm not going to give him this attention, but…"

No. 371917

she's live on youtube (joy sparkle bs) and screen sharing/going to go through repzion's video live.

No. 371920

watching livestream… she is working SUPER HARD to poison the well before he drops that video on her. You have to wonder wtf is in her background because she is REALLY hamming on "you can't respect anything he says" deal.

No. 371923

Yep, this is exactly what she was taking as "come to me in private"

No. 371925

I would first like to thank the anon for correcting me; I reread the rules (TBH i only skimmed the rules so my apologies.)

Can she ever say anything without mentioning her "illness" and the pandering and love bombing is astounding. I cannot believe people actually buy this and moreover give her a lot of money!

Sage for not contributing and astonishment

No. 371928

OMG, Joy is trying to twist Rep's video so hard it's really hilarious to watch. I find it madding that she is constantly repeating herself to make sure that you believe the things she repeats. If she had real points and gripes with the video, I doubt she would have to constantly repeat the thing we should believe in. It's always something simple, like the livestream "see, Repzion is someone for flagging" where as she completely ignored the context of the situation. Who cares if it was a troll, who cares if Repzion just wanted to test the waters, etc, this is clear evidence. Oh well, her response to the whole situation is pretty comical.

No. 371930

That would be glorious! Please do!

Sage for non-contribution and rote excitement

No. 371936

File: 1502653846144.jpg (37.2 KB, 552x290, hubrisometer.jpg)

T-minus 95 and counting…

Not even Ferris Bueller was more exciting about seeing the miles coming off…

(Deleted & Reposted for gratuitous 80s reference.)

No. 371941

This Meli chick has the patience of a saint.

No. 371944

She changed her story about the rape, now she's saying she repeatedly said no and didn't ever give consent…that isn't anything like the story she told the first time. Someone in chat confronted her saying she said she consented before and she said no she never said that.

No. 371945

That is what I thought too! I know she said she gave consent several different times and she realized that is was rape because he manipulated her because of the nerve needs in his penis. I know she said it, I hope that isnt one of the videos that she has deleted. Man I cannot stand her!

No. 371947

It was in a YouNow stream. Unfortunately I don't know if anyone managed to record that part, the anon who usually records her YN streams missed the first 20 min when she was talking about it but what she said was documented here in the threads in real time.

No. 371951

OMG… now MrRepzion is jealous of her. The delusion is strong.

No. 371952

This is the second time she's brought up pedophilia in relation to this video drop. The first time, she gave an account of why they didn't prosecute the pedophile on her IndigoAbuse forum (YouNow stream last night)… she's just brought it up again. ????

No. 371953


For the amount of times she brings up pedophilia, I have two theories:

1) she has some sort of pedo past that she's desperately trying to hide (guilty conscious)
2) she was the victim of a pedophile and / or has a family member guilty of pedophila

No one brings up that topic as often without some sort of conscious or subconscious attachment to it. No one else even thinks of the topic enough to consistently drop it into non-contextual arguments the way she does.

This would also explain why she's so obsessed with "kid" related topics i.e. DO5, Onision, etc. Her obsession with children, even if it's to save them, belies some ugly truth of her past she's scrambling to hide.

No. 371959

>>371953 She mentioned on the indigo forum about pretending to be young as she's so short to extort money from older pedo men

Saged for repeating previously posted info

No. 371961


I think it goes deeper than that. I mean, to even be willing to do something like that, you'd really have to have some sort of previous mental damage. I, for one, couldn't even begin to think about doing that. Gives me the creeps. So I think her willingness to do so tells you that that wasn't the first time she was in a situation where a young woman was exploited by an older man. Read into that what you will about her past.

Also - same for shit / poop and anal sex content. To bring it up as much as she does, I would also bet money that she either anally abused or was abused as a child. I know she says her ex anally raped her but I bet it goes way deeper than that. Topic is always front of mind for a reason.

No. 371963


Okay… that would be a good basis for blackmailing someone… make them think they'd had sex with an underage girl, then blackmail them long afterwards. Even, once she was found out as being of age, she'd still have the "you thought you were having sex with a child!"

Also, remember her comments about being "small down there" … she just seems so creepy.

No. 371973

Anyone else have new respect for the abuse that that Apple space bar takes? She has a habit of slapping the shit out of it when she shows videos and you can hear that she's slapping the shit out of it.

No. 371994


Quite possibly. It's a tactic used by many wannabe manipulators, why go public and risk the truth being exposed?

Well, if she has nothing to hide as claimed by herself, she'd be more than happy to. But she prefers to talk in private so…

No. 371998

I love Peter MOnn

No. 372002

This is a good catch by Spurgleberry Farm from her N Word video.

No. 372021

File: 1502668243685.png (36.95 KB, 1571x599, Untitled.png)

Interesting spike after hours of decline.

No. 372033

File: 1502669671307.jpg (347.93 KB, 1773x1773, PicsArt_08-14-01.11.56.jpg)

I don't use social blade often but usually it shows less of a gap between subscribers for me. And it's dropping fast either way, in the last few minutes I've seen her loose quite a few.

No. 372056

File: 1502673579137.jpg (129.68 KB, 1296x631, Capture.JPG)

Her Grade went down from a B to a B-

No. 372065

I always tell people to remember these 2 words in regards to Ms Smith: 'little Kati'. That was the name for her alter when she faked having multiple personalities. She was so practiced at doing this she felt comfortable pulling it on her friends and boyfriend, Phil reported having a 1 hour phone call with 'little Kati'.
What was she doing when she was getting all this practice in her 'little Kati' persona?
Sage for Spergleberry Farms remembers

No. 372069

Watching the most recent Onision video (Onion blocked a kid)… that diva light is set so wrong.. it's high lighting her double chin to the max. Either it's in a different location or she's pounding on the weight… maybe stress eating or something. :D

No. 372072


Wow. Really?

Not that it surprises me, I've seen too many wannabes use that tactic too.

It's more than just "Unwell" ex fans who see through her bs, plenty of people have been affected by people who believe they are the world's best manipulators see it too. Of course no one can be the best, we're all human and make errors. Something Joy does nearly daily.

No. 372097

She's live on younow

No. 372102

So we can now add Anorexia to the list of illnesses

No. 372104


No. 372106

File: 1502681853904.png (306.07 KB, 720x913, 20170813_223345.png)

She really doesn't know how the intenet works does she? Like if you post a pic? It's there forever, fourever. Wondering how the pics showed up that are in the tweet pictured?
Because you put them there kati! At some point in time, you posted them, someone downloaded them, maybe shared them othwr places? Thats what the internet does.(>ლ) Hello.

I believe eating disorders are on the list already.

No. 372107

>>372104 She's just made it clear on the younow stream she was anorexic

No. 372108

Any kind anons recording for us who are unable to watch the clusterfuck that is Kati right now?

No. 372109

She's planting the seed that those pictures have something to do with Repzion when those pics were posted in like thread 3. They were found on the photographer's facebook.

Be our bitch just like your her's and let her know for us, k, cy?

No. 372111

Haha when?
Poor Kati, she is riddled with diseases.

No. 372112


The exact post with the exact pics.

No. 372117

For those of us not watching, what is she saying/implying about those pics exactly? They are seemingly lacking in any milk on the surface. Standard cringy facebook-esque pics

No. 372120

She already got off, the stream got kicked to some blushing_baby chick who seems a bit of an airhead, but did express she dislikes Joy so there's that. I hope someone recorded it as I missed 3/4 of it.

No. 372121


Right. Sorry.

She said she didn't know where the photos came from. That they haven't been posted online and therefore had to come from someone who knew her.

I change my initial theory about Repzion and have now decided she has changed tack and gone from attacking Rep to attacking Amanda.

No. 372127

File: 1502684562804.png (63.93 KB, 603x600, DJ1sgOG.png)

Looks like the "creepy" "scary" "maybe stalker" got her pics from…. <drum roll> … lolcow.

No. 372131

That was such a bizarre stream- she essentially came on just to show pics of her from the Casey Anthony days and say while that girl may have been hot on the outside she was also scared, anorexic, had no self worth, thought she was only good for sex. She compared it to how she looks now and wants to make it very clear that while the girl on the outside may look different now, THIS gal is "happy, self confident, loves herself…..etc". It went on and on. It was a weirdly calculated stream and I'm trying to figure out what the motivation was behind it, there's obviously a calculated reason. My favorite reply in chat was a girl who said "Joy, you are such an inspiration and independent woman!" INDEPENDENT!!! LOL!!!!

No. 372139

File: 1502686278828.png (381.54 KB, 601x597, peoplepleaser.png)

Some YouNow Moments 8/13/17:

"Issues so big they need something to knock them into change and I think that is what happened to me. Which is in my opinion why I think that I on some level, this is going to get new agey but this is jut how I feel, that I attracted an illness into my life. Now that is not for everybody else, everybody's illnesses are different. I'm not saying I believe that for everybody else if you're sick there's a bad reason. No not at all. I'm saying that's what I believe for me. That's what I believe, so there you go."

"I'm so fucking grateful for getting sick. I hate it, but I'm grateful. Let me tell you why. This young woman was terrified to put herself on YouTube because she thought she wasn't thin enough at 105 pounds."

Showing her modeling pics of herself at 28 (pic attached) "This young women was scared that if I was 100 lbs no one cared about what I had to say. This young woman as much as she hated sex thought the only thing I have to offer people is sex appeal. This young woman was terrified of many things…This young woman did not know how to stand up for herself. And as much as that was a very happy time in my life I was not a strong person. Yet. I was not there. I was a people pleaser, it's something I still work on."

Thinks the pics came from somebody who knew her personally or talked to somebody who knew her and that's kinda scary for her.

Still talking about the pics "Somebody sent these to me, and if you want to see them you can go see them on Twitter, I'm not removing them. Can you see that? It's a little blurry. It's such a weird pose too, that's like a glass thing. They're like POSE! I didn't know what the fuck I was doing. This was my second time, and when I say modeling I didn't fucking get paid for anything, it was my second time modeling."

"I am more than a body that will give you a boner. I'm not just here as a plaything for anybody."

No. 372149


>a weirdly calculated stream

It gives her another victim narrative that'll appeal to younger fans experiencing similar things at the very least, but if she suspects Rep's video will target questionable people or decisions in her past, she's laying down a preemptive defence: how dare you pick on that young, scared anorexic girl with no self worth? Sage for speculation, but it just strikes me this forthcoming Repzion video is like a piñata for her, and she'll just keep swinging at it blindfolded until it's out.

No. 372155

File: 1502689471066.png (35.27 KB, 664x261, q4GQEfT.png)


She's definitely trying to wrap herself up in her illness and fatness as a defense against ??? She's pulled the "how dare you make fun of a sick person!" several times over. She might also be testing her dog whistle and get a thrill that so many people 'tune in' with no notice like they're at her beck and call.

The weirdest thing is the woman tweeted at her about her looks, as in her scowling face… and she took that to make a run at being fat? How many times has she "oh woe is me!" over people saying stuff about her weight, now she says that they don't???

I'm beginning to wonder if there wasn't something to the idea of her playing like an underage girl for rich old guys.

(OH, and 5'1" and 100 pounds is normal weight… not anorexic)

No. 372159

>>372106 Wait she was hot? Any more pics before she turned into… Joy?

No. 372160

Go look in the first few threads, most of her younger pics are in threads 1 - 3 I think.

No. 372162


She could have possibly been an "escort" or part of an escort service for older, rich guys.

Sage for speculation

No. 372166

I feel horrible, mental illness took her from a very attractive young lady and turned her into the horrible soulless lying disgusting creature she is today.
Imagine what her life could have been like if she didnt Britney it.

No. 372184

I wouldn't blame it on a mental illness. She probably has one, but she does a lot of shit knowing it's wrong and to be spiteful.

No. 372190

That was only 5 years ago, she said she was 28 in those pics. She's stopped taking care of herself, she sits on the couch all day in front of her computer eating junk food so she's gained weight but if you look at her writings from as early as 2009 she's always been into histrionics…from what we can tell from what she's said about her mother, she has been trying to get Kati some mental help for many years. From what Phil, who has known her for 10 years, has said she's always been a melodramatic & manipulative attention whore.

No. 372191

I kinda thought that reading her Yahoo parts of 2006, >>368633 (conning white men for money) but then there was that livestream about her bankruptcy lawyer allegedly (note the word, Mr Bankruptcy Lawyer!) suggesting a similar arrangement ( see thread 8, >>349761), to which she replied "honey, I don't suck or fuck dicks for money." Hmmm.

No. 372193

File: 1502700318534.png (28.05 KB, 373x117, PSD0OBE.png)


No. 372229

I wish she would stop referring to her "modeling" days, they are clearly just glamour shots that anyone can go buy. Look at the poses, they are terrible and are like a broken doll. There's only like 2 or 3 different looks and that's it, and that includes the ones posted back a few threads. If she were doing modeling, there would certainly be a portfolio somewhere or at the very least more than 2/3 wardrobe changes. They were all shot in one day and were probably promo for her music or just a pick me up, or on her case probably to lie and say she is a model so she could really show those other girls who thought they were hot shit on those indigo boards. Or a "looking at what you're missing now" for an ex. At most she could refer to them as "the day little Kati was a model."

No. 372230

>"I am more than a body that will give you a boner."
Nobody is getting a boner. Nobody.

> "I'm not just here as a plaything."

Takes pictures that look like she is shackled to a wall

No. 372240


I try not to judge people on looks personally, genetics can play a big role, as can diet to change a person's face.

But one of the biggest factors does appear to be people's out look on life. Being constantly negative, unhappy, frowning etc, really seems to affect the face.

We have probably all seen it happen to someone, the change from happy to miserable really affects a person inside and out.

There is a happy medium, I do think some people put too much focus in their outward appearance, and even more focus on others, forgetting themselves as a person.

No. 372242

So, in her stream about Repzion, she says that he is all over Twitter, slandering her. Yet in her debate against Onision, Jeff told Onision it was pretty much impossible to prove slander online. Joy got all excited as she agreed with Jeff.

She has attacked Onision for far more than what she said was the real problem she had with him. It's beyond overkill.

This ONE video from Repzion has her paranoid because she has no clue what he will bring up. She is well aware of what's already been brought up here on lolcow, and she pretty much laughs it off as us being haters, grasping at straws, speaking only nonsense. Yet this one video has her completely shook.

No. 372256


While it could just be fear of the unknown I noticed how she has recently gone out of her way several times to say her criminal record has already been posted and it shows she isn't a criminal. Also how everything about her is already out on lolcow, all anyone needs to do it google it. I've been around since the first thread and while we have noted a bankruptcy I can't remember anyone doing an actual criminal background check on her…we've only pretty much posted what can be found by googling.

No. 372264

God, she made such a HUGE deal about these pics suddenly appearing and how freaked out she was about it, doesn't know where they came from. People in chat kept saying they've been online forever, even mentioning lolcow but she ignored it. She damn well knows that they've been out for months since she reads here religiously, but it wouldn't fit her narrative that someone from her past just put them up now. I agree that this is all set up in case the rumors are true that Repzion is getting info from an old friend of hers, so she's planting the seeds of creepy betrayal. During a lot of the stream she had her computer's screen visible, and one of her tabs was vid.me (the most popular site that users here reupload her videos…so I'm sure that's why she was on there). Another tab was a YouTube video titled "Joy Sparkle BS:…" (the end was cut off, but I bet it was one of the hate videos). Also in her downloads tab at the bottom you can see she had downloaded two videos from lolcow. I'm weird, but I always find it interesting to see what people have on their browser when they show their screen during steams.

No. 372265

Here to drop a milk bomb.

Joy Sparkles confirming she doesn't know anything about "butt sex" she's never done "butt stuff" she doesn't know how it would be enjoyable for anyone, she doesn't understand the mechanics of butt sex.

Mike has to spoonfeed this cow the mechanics of how anal sex works, which is really weird considering this bitch has since claimed to have had anal sex, which she consented to, then changed it to anal rape. All of which she claims happened years before this conversation took place.

Falsely accusing a man of rape is the shittiest thing you have ever done, you could ruin an innocent man's life and you wouldn't talk and excuse yourself out of this.

Don't bullshit and try to say you just weren't ready to talk about, it is clear how oblivious you are, you aren't that good of an actress you lying simpleton.

You know your exes names are out, you know you have unhinged fans who will happily dox people if they think anyone has hurt their dear leader, yet you still make this public claim.

And here is the entire conversation (Mike how could you continue to believe this person knowing you had this conversation with her? Look how easily she can lie).

This is a link to vidme, not Mike's channel, as no doubt that upload will disappear pdq after this post.

It has just uploaded so it may take a while to process before it plays.

Most of the stream is anal sex talk, so I haven't given timelines.

If it is still encoding try again in a few minutes and try again.


No. 372267

Sorry, I tried to delete my post but fr some reason it hasn't gone despite being within the 30 min deadline?

I'm cutting the video down, as I didn't realise there was a 30 minute limit on vidme. In the meantime, go watch it on mike's channel, it's gay buttsex part 2.

No. 372273

holy shit anon you're my hero

No. 372274

The full YouNow stream from Aug 13 midnight - Aug 14


No. 372276

milk starts at 4:44 on that video the official name is GAY BUTT SECKS with JOYSPARKLEBS [LIVE SHOW] Part 2

No. 372277

I'm watching her first four hour stream from yesterday analyzing Mike/Mr. Repzion and am listening to the end where her guest Meli is talking about the diseases she has (feel bad for her, this girl has gone through hell and back starting as a child). Joy, as usual, tries to act like she's interested in what the person has to say but then brings it back to her and per usual, has the same exact issues they do.

Meli: I have some of the diseases…I've gained weight…some days my stomach will go down, other days I look like I'm pregnant.
Joy: That's what happens to ME!
Joy: Chronic inflammation mixed with the other things have made it so my body rapidly gains weight and there is nothing I can do. When I change my diet and eat clean, I gain weight and have stomach issues so I have to eat heavier foods which make me maintain and gain weight…and I still have the stomach issues"
(If she has stomach issues with both, why not go with the healthier option?)

Meli talks about her son's health issues.

Joy: If you don't mind answering, with your son did he have stomach issues? My stomach….it's a constant stomach bug.
Meli: Yeah, he's always had stomach issues…it's always been hurting, or bloated, or
Joy: Yeah that's MY thing! Thank you…I'm going to bring that up, because if it helps me I'm going to owe you a bunch of favors and whatever the fuck you want because that will improve my life…thank you for that (oh my god the chronic ass kissing is out of control as always)
Meli: No…I'm good (and then she talks about how she's been trying to reach out to Joy for a long time about information that might help with her health but basically was getting ignored)

Joy asks what tests she had so she can ask her doctor to perform those as well (Isn't the whole point of going to a doctor and explaining your symptoms so you can get a professional opinion and analysis so they can recommend the best tests and method of treatments for what you're going through specifically? Joy's just gonna go on there with a list and say "here, do these! Someone on stream had these!". She says she's going to take notes and ask her doctor so she can get them too and asks Meli the test names so she can write them down.

Meli: ….an endoscopy and colonoscopy…
Joy: Isn't that where they put a camera up your butt?
Meli: Yep.
Joy: Ok, I'm just going to write "Butt Camera".

Yeah doc, can I get one endoscopy and a side of Butt Cam?

No. 372281


At that point (the colonoscopy) I wondered if Meli was trolling Joy. That would be the ultimate troll, getting Joy marked as a hypochondriac by getting her to DEMAND a colonoscopy.

No. 372282

Just once I want to hear somebody call Joy out on her constant BS.

re: the colonoscopy

"Isn't that where they put a camera up your butt?"

"No, Joy. That's not what it is at all. That is just a new energy drink. You should try it."

She's 33.

No. 372284

Yep she outright says she's never done "butt stuff" and is completely clueless about the mechanics. I knew she was lying about the anal rape and relying on the fact that it's highly looked down upon to question a rape victim's story in order to get away with it. Her changing story alone was enough to cast a lot of doubt. After a lot of people commented that it's not rape when you consent to it she changed her story from "He lied to me about his penis not being sensitive enough so I consented to anal to please him" to "I was crying and repeatedly saying no but he forced me, I didn't run away because there were consequences for that." She made sure to tell a story that was designed to make the people asking questions to feel bad for doubting her but this video clip makes it very clear that entire anal rape story is a complete fabrication.

No. 372287

>>372277 She says she's going to take notes and ask her doctor so she can get them too and asks Meli the test names so she can write them down.

I think it's more along the lines of - the next time Joy gives her fans a health update - she can list these tests that Meli gave her as tests the doctors actually put her through.

Joy isn't getting suggestions; she's fishing for information she can use to keep up her health crisis facade.

If, by chance, she does a later stream saying that a doctor gave her a colonoscopy/endoscopy; I want someone to ask her what kind prep work they put her through prior to the procedure. It would be a sure fire way to tell if she's lying or not (anyone who's had those procedures knows what the prep work entails; and it ain't fun).

No. 372289


Sorry Anons, here is a working link, I had to trim the video down to fit the 30 minute upload limit.

No. 372293


Same fag.

Other questions to ask her (because I'm pretty sure you can find the prep work online) would be what it felt like during the procedure - because it's rather hard to describe accurately unless you've been through it.

No. 372294

>>372273 >>372284

No problem. I have been going through old younow moments for a different reason but I remembered seeing that last week. When I saw it last week it was listed as 4 months ago, yet today it was listed as 5 months ago, so that narrowed down the stream date to between 7th-13th March 2017, which made it a lot easier to find the full thing. Thankfully Mike had a copy on his channel because the Younow moment by itself didn't give a lot of context, so it could have been argued. I'd like to see how she argues herself out of this one. She clearly has no clue about anal.

I think she will try to say she just wasn't ready to talk about this at the time but anyone with sense can see she is being genuine, that is not an act, she is clueless.

Making a false rape accusation is literally the shittiest thing she has ever done and I hope this shuts up some of the people defending her.

Some people think I'm overreacting when I say she is dangerous but this is a prime example of why she is.

Saged for rage.

No. 372302

Initially she said she didn't like it but she really liked the guy so she did it to make him happy. That's consensual sex with regret but that does not = rape. Can't this bitch keep a damn story straight?


No. 372303

She knows it wasn't rape. She just wants another reason to be able to say she's a victim and get support for that. She'll play on it and use it when people go against her I'll bet.

No. 372310

Yes, and from YT comments on various channels several people knew exactly which ex she was accusing and even had his first name. From what Phil described on a post here that guy was an asshole but that doesn't justify falsely accusing him of a crime he didn't commit. You know how rabid her defenders are, I've been legit worried about them engaging in some sort of vengeful action against him if they were to learn his full identity.

>>372302 >>372303
From the clip it looks like none of that even happened to begin with…she wasn't raped nor did she ever have consensual anal sex with anyone. She said she had never done "butt stuff."

(deleted and reposted to remove reply, original post was deleted)

No. 372318

In the "modeling" world (i.e., for those who want to model but can't or those who are legit trying to build a portfolio, etc.,) there's something called TFP (time for prints) where you shoot for a day and do different looks and poses; the "model" gives the photographer his/her time in exchange for free digis online. I'm guessing it was either that or for her music.

Sage for speculation.

No. 372341

From Dictionary dot com - She was never paid (from her own mouth) so doesn't fit the definition of a model,

a person whose profession is posing for artists or photographers.

a person employed to wear clothing or pose with a product for purposes of display and advertising.

No. 372344

Joy is on younow

No. 372348

she's putting on a girly innocent voice, I wonder how long that will last

No. 372352

The name of the photographer is clearly visible in the original pics so I googled him

From his Facebook page:

Weddings, Seniors Portraits, Portraits, Erotic, Fashion, Fetish, Fitness, Glamour, Lingerie, Parts Modeling, Runway, Sports, Swimwear

Personal Information
I'm honest and fun to work with photographer and would like to expand my portfolio. No experience needed, just looking for open minded people. Beauty comes in all colors, shapes, and sizes, I am very open minded when it comes to models I am easy to work with and listen to ideas that models might have. The last few years, i have been working mostly with models. I have been fortunate enough to know many great models who have helped me get to where i am. Whether you are just starting out or have been on the circuit a while. I'm always looking for new models and people to work with. So if you're interested in working with me drop me a line. I will require a signed model release

He also has a not-so-professional looking website that is hosted by Weebly, a free website provider.

No. 372353


> So, in her stream about Repzion, she says that he is all over Twitter, slandering her.

Which is pretty funny considering she's the one who accused him of committing a crime.

Is she is referring to the whole suicide insurance thing. But if she is, he's still alive so ???? Is there something else? Am I missing something? I'm asking in all seriousness because I don't follow Repzion.


> criminal record has already been posted and it shows she isn't a criminal. … I can't remember anyone doing an actual background check on her…we've only pretty much posted what can be found by googling.

You're right. Her criminal record has never been posted nor has a background check.


> Joy isn't getting suggestions; she's fishing for information she can use to keep up her health crisis facade.

No. 372354

"Enlighten me about what fibro is"
Uhhhh that's an issue for another day, I'm sooo tired
Can't expect her to answer that on the spot. She has to google it first kek

No. 372356


I went on PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records) not so long ago to have a look. All that comes up is the 2013 bankruptcy. You can see her list of creditors, the usual Chapter 7 declarations, nothing terribly interesting and I just felt it'd be tantamount to doxxing to post - I mean, it's in the public domain, but it's still pretty skim milk. I suppose the only thing of interest is the name of the lawyer she accused of trying to pimp her out, but I'm sure she'd be rasising Cain if that got out.

No. 372359

Oh god someone suggested she has the symptoms of mercury poisoning. Here comes a video in a week or so "what my doctors though was copper poisoning was actually mercury poisoning!"

No. 372360



I don't this would show everything.

"People hate joy because it's popular to hate joy"

Ok, but why is it popular to hate joy? lol

No. 372361


Exactly, I know which ex she is accusing too. I hope he finds out and takes legal action against her.

No. 372362

Just because no Criminal Record showing on American record sites, We know she has lived abroad,

Saged for speculation

No. 372365


Don't forget we know she has at least two aliases she has used in the past. All linked with her current name and family member names on those people finder type sites. I'm pretty sure those aliases weren't searched, I can remember people being mindful to make sure to not include kati with a e on the end.

Post made about it yesterday. >>371427

No. 372371

Even redacted, it just doesn't add anything - like gloating over Onision's IRS woes. We're not the Smoking Gun, after all.

No. 372380

WTF… she's talking a million miles a minute. She seems totally rattled. I missed the beginning, did something happen? She seems openly, hugely nervous.

No. 372381

This whole stream pretty much became about her illnesses. She's trying to change the subject it seems by reading other comments but pretty much every comment is about her illnesses. Especially her copper toxicity and why she keeps Blaming it if it's gone

No. 372383

Anyone recording? This should be useful for future reference for those who can't watch live

No. 372387

Asked how do you talk so fast… her response boredom. ???

No. 372391

I'm watching her YouNow. Does anyone remember her saying in a livestream months ago that she took out her IUD herself? I could have sworn she told a story about her and roommate taking it out. The reason I ask is because she's discussing how much it cost her to get it removed by a doctor, but I swear a long time ago she said she and roomate pulled the string out because she was so sick.

No. 372392

She's claiming she's heard repzion fat shamed her over the fibro.

Asked about her nose, she DID NOT joke about cocaine and is giving excuse why it's always itchy related to singing.

She has totally dropped all the hubris and is trying to wrap the spergleberries back in.

No. 372396


No, she only said they thought about him taking it out or he kind of tried but gave up and she had to go to the doctor and FORCE the doctor to take it out because doctors don't want to take those things out because you know… that big conspiracy against women to get them all sick from their IUDs.

(seriously, she never claimed roommate took it out)

No. 372398

She's making a big deal about her weight ??? no one gives a shit about her weight. This is like day 2 of "look at fatty me" … no one cares. The issue is her lying and acting two faced.

No. 372408

She did say in a video or live stream that she, herself, attempted to remove it at home, and that roommate helped by looking things up online.

No. 372414

No. 372416

She has said two different things and cannot keep her story straight - - - like everything. She went into graphic detail but tried to make it comical about roomslave and her attempting to remove it. This was in a stream late spring. He was looking things up on the net and helping her. But recently it changed to a professional removed it.

No. 372419


Opps I just posted something similar above, but yes I was in that stream. I still kind of liked her back then and thought her description was so gross, like why are you sharing how you and your roomie removed an IUD in a bedroom. It was one of the things that turned me off to her. So which is it did you take it out or did a doctor, Joy? B/c I'm going to try to find the stream now where you tell the story. Hopefully its still up.

No. 372421

I have to go back to work but can someone whos on younow ask her about this? Why she said before that her and her roomate took it out the iud (make sure to tell her theres video proof of her telling the story) but now she says planned parenthood did and she has brainfog so she cant remember it being taken out.

No. 372428

That was her "Why I Got "Upset" On Benji Jame's Onision Stream" video, 09:23 in the original, 09:25 in this copy. Watch from 9 minutes onwards to get the story of how roommate took her into the clinic to have it removed after their attempts (roommate's research) failed - not that she hasn't heard stories of others removing them successfully on their own, but doesn't recommend it.

No. 372429


Are you guys reading? Asking dumb questions that are obviously false is only going to make you look like dickheads who can't do your research before coming at her.
She never said they ACTUALLY removed the IUD, she said her and roomie tried to remove it and failed, so they went to Planned Parenthood and had to pay to get it taken out. She even made sure to say it was a pain to pay to take it out, but advised people to do that rather than try it at home because they could hurt themselves.

Stop making us look like twats, read the threads and find out if it's already been answered.

>>372396 This anon told you this a while ago and you STILL went on to keep talking shit.

No. 372431

Damn it anon, you beat me to it! Great find.

No. 372434

Itchy nose from singing? The fuck?? She very recently stated on a YT stream that she hasn't been able to sing in quite some time due to her being so sick. Then the attention seeker with the red towel(Alex?) fluffed her anus while agreeing how physically taxing singing is

No. 372452


Did she say specifically when she stopped singing? Because, I distinctly remember attending one of her streams back about February of this year, and she sang for her audience - as a gift from her to them.

No. 372464

Her excuse for being shit at singing was that she's out of practice.
Obviously it's mostly because she's just shit at singing, since even on her professional recordings she sounds like complete shite.

No. 372468

That's not what she said…her explanation of her itchy nose was a LOT more convoluted and weird. She says that while part of it is her anxiety coming out she also thinks it's because when she speaks she does it from the same place she sings…what she called her "singing mask" so when she speaks it vibrates just the very tip of her nose…which causes it to itch.

No. 372483

Her voice vibrates through her nose, which is what makes it so shitty and nasally, so for once this actually makes sense. But by using this excuse, she's only proving that she sings from the face, which is literally the worst thing you can do as a singer, and anyone who sang professionally, or god forbid charges to teach singing should know that. Would have been less embarrassing for her to pretend she is doing coke. She's just lost any pretend credibility she had for charging people actual money for "singing lessons" on Patreon.

No. 372488

File: 1502739869471.png (23.06 KB, 439x225, Untitled.png)

No. 372490


Congrats on finally reaching (and passing) 60k, Joy! LOL!

No. 372498

Her freaking out about his video just tells me there is something out there that hasn't been posted yet that she is scared shitless of someone finding

No. 372511

Wow! WT fuck? So she went from the reality which was most likely her boyfriend didn't want to wear a CONDOM because he couldn't feel sex with one and she got an IUD so he could, to he wanted anal sex because he couldn't feel condomless sex with her vagina and needed to have sex with her butthole because it was tighter than her vagina except he was lying about it so she decided now it was rape, to he flat out held her down and viciously anally raped her.
3 months ago she's never had anal sex, can't even imagine what it feels like or why anyone would do it, and would never do it, and has no idea about anything involved in it.
That's fucking Twighlight Zone levels of insanity. It's like beyond being a pathological liar she's an obsessive-compulsive liar where if she hasn't made up a big enough lie recently she's compelled to invent one to distract from all her other lies. Is that just regular pathological lying where you only feel comfortable if you're living inside of a big fresh lie so you don't start worrying about all the others?

No. 372548

File: 1502744569839.jpg (145.81 KB, 691x995, PSX_20170814_160145.jpg)

Lol she actually took this tweet seriously.


No. 372565

File: 1502746347254.png (435.6 KB, 720x1025, 20170814_162526.png)

Im fucking dying! Just fucking lol! Maybe she has a reading comprehension problem?

No. 372583

She definitely said she hasn't been able to sing because she is sick and it was on a YT stream, I believe it was the 7/23 racist evidence stream, unless she deleted other streams from that week.

No. 372603

File: 1502749967067.jpg (53.65 KB, 615x618, Capture.JPG)

Repzion tweeted this and you can see the Joy video he is working on.

No. 372605

File: 1502750250150.jpg (55.03 KB, 583x421, Capture.JPG)

No. 372608

Oh dear seems Joy's plan has backfired

No. 372612


The insurance fraud accusation is probably actionable defamation. The claim isn't in good faith because OBVIOUSLY he's still alive and it was clearly done with malice.

IANAL, though.

No. 372614


What did she actually say about him and insurance fraud? and where?

No. 372618

Except for the fact that he spells out a plan to do what they are saying there isn't much he can do besides try to make her look worse. It's just a dig to get to him I'm sure.

No. 372623

She's gonna make hundreds of responses to his video where she essentially yells the same regurgitated sentences and waves her hands about. I'd put money on it.

No. 372624


In this thread.


There's no difference between saying I'm going to punch you in the face and actually punching in your face. So hold still while we test that.

Actually, maybe I should hold still so the cops can come arrest me for assault.

No. 372625

As far as I know she didn't say that…the Russians must have done it kid said it. I remember when all of that drama happened years ago.. the best they can do is make fun of him for being an edgy 19 year old and making an edgy video. That whole "respect it" video was only up for a day or two originally but he got TONS of shit for it when it happened (and he deserved it…the video was stupid and he was a total drama queen). Still…the fact that MrRepzion is also a total joke doesn't negate the shit that he has on her and it doesn't make her any less afraid of the video he's going to make. The best it will do is increase the likely hood that she will indeed make several videos about him in response using that as ammo.

No. 372629

File: 1502753002655.png (55.52 KB, 590x403, WTFS6EL.png)

No. 372632

well shit I guess I was wrong and she did say it. Oh, Joy.

No. 372634

More info on repzion' vid. Pedo ring?


No. 372638

Can I just say I fucking doubt she ever had anorexia. But 100lbs at 5'1 is my current weight, bmi 18.8 so in the lower end of normal, not a super healthy weight but not underweight either. Closer to being underweight than healthy though. Not at all under the impression that she did have an eating disorder, but just to clarify that even at a short height 100 is still the lower end of a normal weight.

No. 372662

File: 1502816172266.png (37.52 KB, 558x333, 2017-08-15 17_55_24-ObCOwqrwbB…)

In 21 hours!

No. 372671

Just stopping by because I noticed Joy is back to saying she stopped taking lyrica after two weeks because it didn't work. On a live stream dated 21st July, she was answering questions about her health and someone stated that lyrica needs 4-6 weeks to work. Joy obviously saw this comment because she upgraded her lyrica run to 5 weeks, smack bang in the middle of the 4-6 weeks as stated in the comments.

She talks about the Lyrica not working a few times but doesn't specify how long. Then at 1:25:37 a comment appears saying it takes 6-8 weeks, Joy is reading the comments at that exact time. At 1:26:41 she says "yeh Phil, it stopped working for me about five weeks in."

So what is it two weeks or five weeks? It changes depending on who she is talking to.

No. 372675

File: 1502816943331.jpg (146.1 KB, 756x1024, IMG_2096.JPG)

That seems like a lot of pills for a sample.

No. 372676


Eh. People will swear up and down that they haven't been raped or abused until they're ready to deal with the trauma of being raped or abused. Joy is an asshole but I don't see this as proof of anything one way or the other.

T. social worker

No. 372677

File: 1502817005621.jpg (143.46 KB, 768x1024, IMG_2097.JPG)

Samefag. Here's just the picture of the pills and vitamin bottle from her tweet.

No. 372681

File: 1502817271384.jpg (921.61 KB, 1000x1009, joysparklebs.jpg)

Looks like she's back on Onision again. Fun…

No. 372687

I count 54 Tablets, "Full box" is 56, Has she finally got some from the Dr and taken the first 2?
Saged for obvious reasons

No. 372720

did someone get the livestream from last night? it was a doozy. lots of doublespeak and backtracking. please, please tell me someone did.

No. 372730

>>372687 She is still claiming they are a sample, at least she was yesterday, we know how quickly her claims can change.

No. 372732

>>372720 Is that the one with Vegan Cheetah? If so that is on Emphasis on BS' channel.

No. 372736


no, there was another late night stream. talking about illnesses, "trying to understand critics perspective" (spoiler alert: she conveniently had a real hard time understanding what anyone meant by anything), etc.

No. 372741

In the Vegan Cheetah stream, she says about her ex: "I walked away feeling like it was a lie because you don't abandon someone who's having health issues." I guess if Roommate were to kick her out or move she'd say the same shit about him.

No. 372742

VHS archive grabbed it. Younow stream from last night (8.14/15.17)

No. 372743

She's live on YouNow

No. 372744


Thank you. This is a must-watch, imo.

No. 372745

lol this stream is a trip. Is she saying that now she's been undiagnosed with fibro?

No. 372747

She seems really nervous and is stuttering like crazy and talking in circles.

No. 372749

Looks like Repzion is delaying his vid… apparently his father is unwell… I don't think any of us should hold out hope for this much hyped video.

No. 372750

What's funny is someone tweeted the pressure point chart to her last night and now she's mentioning that that's how she was tested.

No. 372753

File: 1502822746017.png (87.47 KB, 720x445, 20170815_134250.png)

Maybe she thinks he's releasing it earlier because of this tweet?

No. 372755

This is feeling like "I'm running out of BS - Please Email me some new ideas"
Doctor wanted to prescribe something that'd help - but she doesn't want to try it - to me that's a REAL waste of money "You aren't diagnosing what I want you to - Try again"
It must all be true - roommate will verify it, But he's at work right now
How deep is this rabbit hole?!

No. 372756

Can't record but I am making notes

No. 372757

So the appointment was a let down but she is refusing to take the advice of her doctor and take cymbalta? I get being concerned about side effects but if she's this desperate you'd thinks he would at least try it.

No. 372760

"bouts of anemia". is that a new one?

No. 372765


She refuses to even try a medication that the doctor - a fucking trained professional - wants her to try because he - being a medical professional - thinks it may help ease her supposed debilitating pain.

I seriously can't think of anyone who suffers as much as she claims she does who would refuse any kind of potential relief that is offered to them. Other than the money issue, does she have any valid reason why she wouldn't even consider giving the medication a chance? How is she going to know if it'll work or not if she doesn't even try it?

Why aren't her idiot sheeple asking these fucking questions?!

Sage for rage

No. 372766

The stream is pathetic. She keeps asking everyone to send her stuff they think she may have so she can give it to her Dr. That is the worst thing she can do and not how it works. It's only going to add onto the list of symptoms and illnesses that she already thinks she has and will just make things more difficult at her appointment when she goes in there with a pile of papers full of info from strangers on the internet. Can you even imagine presenting that garbage? In a way it's good for her to do and self sabotage when the Dr really sees her as batshit crazy with her fingers crossed to have something wrong. Let the Drs do their job, that's what they go to med school for.

Funny how when someone says something she doesn't want to hear, she gets defensive and says to not diagnose her, yet she wants everyone else to send her info on what they think is wrong. I hope her mailbox fills up with mental disorders as suggestions

No. 372770

I tried it and it made me feel worse - but that's the point, I tried it. When you're really feeling bad and want a solution you're not going to decline.

No. 372773

File: 1502824592152.jpeg (175.02 KB, 640x1093, image.jpeg)

Wow. Well I am so glad Kati cleared up that mess about the free clinic/sliding scale thing and why she has racked up such a bill with having virtually "no income" at a sliding scale clinic. But I'm glad she's getting care, even if it's possibly taking it away from people truly needing free services in the area.

Since it took her so long to find this place that's a couple miles from her house, I thought I'd help her out, and let her know, in terms of coming back to YT to cover her medical bills, Variety Care does payment plans, as does most medical facilities. Yay!!! You can go back to your break now!!! Huzzah!! And before you give a reason as to why you're ineligible, try talking to their financial aid department, they're very helpful, or looking at a medical loan, as your joytards suggested, or even allowing the many people who have offered to pay for your insurance to do so. That way you can give the real reason you came back to YouTube and stop hiding behind your illness. It's gonna be a sad day when you find out you're really sick and no one believes you.

I attached the link to the FAQ of Variety Care where the financial planning question is answered. It gives a lot of interesting info , including about half way down under "how soon can I be seen" regarding new patients and how they can generally be seen within 1-2 weeks of calling for an appointment. But I'm sure this was just a special circumstances and all, her being very sick. Or maybe roommate new someone that worked there. Oh damn. That would mean she would've known about the clinic being there all along. Hmmm well….the clinic doesn't take walk in's and….I already told them about the middle of the night/first thing in the morning story. How am I gonna spin this?

So? Kati? How are you gonna spin it?


No. 372774

File: 1502824802741.png (1.67 MB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_20170815-151454.png)

She starts off the new DO5 upload by saying she thinks she has a little more insight than the other channels but how can anyone take her seriously when she is wearing that ?

No. 372777

Okay, sorry if some of this is hard to understand, I had to type insanely fast to keep up with her. Also apologize for the length.

First appointment with Rheumatologist
Everything is negative, ANA still high.

Doctor says: Your body is fighting you or fighting something, no sign of infection.

When she asks do you think I have fibro: "Yes, but you are a puzzle"

"Typically Fibro is contant, you have flare ups"
"In your case you have flare ups that are extreme then you're ok. It isn't indicative of fibro, doesnt mean its not fibro. Gonna treat for fibro and go after the things other doctors missed instead of retesting."

Doctor said her illness "can stem from depression" so he prescribes Cymbalta which she says she wants to hold off on and research first.

She says Roommate told her that the Doctor said part of the brain that deals with depression deals with fibro.

Can't do much more for fibro because they don't know much about it, just have to try different medications.

"Fibro isnt as extreme as what you're experiencing"

Wasn't having a flare up today, the doctor tells her "The problem is since you're not in a flare up tests could show differently"
She says she'd rather feel like shit on the day she has to get tested "I feel great today"

Doctor says: "You may have the onset symptoms of autoimmune but it may not be fully formed so we can't see it."

No celiac, tested for it.

She says she collapses every time she's pushed herself to go outside.

At risk for hypothyroidism, at 3.31 on the chart.

Low carb diet was "horrible" for her stomach.

Chronic fatigue syndrome is an umbrella term.

"I haven't gotten high from hemp oil but if I haven't taken in a long time it can feel funny."

Says she was almost a vegetarian for several years after saying she was a vegetarian, nearly vegan when she got sick.

She might be on the anemic side, runs in her family, she has bouts with it.

The only foods that stay in her system are heavy carbs.

She says the ONLY thing she has been diagnosed with is PTSD.

Her next game plan is to ask for colonoscopy, endoscopy, to check thyroid, work with infectious disease.

She claims she lost 3 pounds in a day just from not being sick, 5 or 6 pounds on lyrica in a week.

She says "When I eat healthy, I gain weight because it goes right through me."

She says "For 3 years was able to work until collapsing started. Mad at myself I pushed through it so long it caused collapses"

"Coming across arrogant when attacked is a defense mechanism." and apparently members of her family do it too.

No. 372791

>"Typically Fibro is contant, you have flare ups"

I caught her saying this and it is actually backwards. Either she is lying or her Dr is wrong

No. 372792

File: 1502826009644.png (330.63 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_2098.PNG)

She's absolutely not buying subs. From 59k to that in A few minutes. LOL

No. 372793

File: 1502826119730.jpg (294.96 KB, 1024x1536, IMG_2101.JPG)


No. 372794

>Chronic fatigue syndrome is an umbrella term.
Um, wat? For what?

>Low carb diet was "horrible" for her stomach.

A balanced diet would probably work…idk tho, I'm no doctor! Lol

No. 372795

you'd have to be insane to think she isn't buying subs at this point.

No. 372799

I love how in her recent younow stream, when people start asking lots of questions, she acts like she's about to cry, or she's soooo emotional. She also started off saying she was tired and "foggy"… I guess to try and cover her ass from the bullshit she was about to spout

No. 372800

lol in her newest video she says she's a child advocacy channel.

No. 372802

Yeah, she tells an 11-year-old to rape her bullies but she's totally a child advocacy channel.

No. 372803


I want to bang my head against the wall. She doesn't like the diagnosis. She was hoping for something big that can be put on paper with actual test results to back it up so she can say "SEE! I TOLD YOU I WAS SICK BUT NOOOOOOO!". And all her fans in chat telling her not to take what her doctor prescribed to her because "I've had a bad experience with it", yet in the same breath bashing anyone who says Joy needs to get a job or get out of the house because "Everyone has different symptoms and illnesses" are ignorant as hell. An antidepressant is generally the first thing they try people on with fibro and go from there. But she's refusing to take it? That right there is pretty telling that this is all BS because if you are as sick as claims is to the degree you cannot walk outside by yourself because you might collapse, why wouldn't you try anything that could potentially help. Her fans fucking suck. She sucks. She's losing viewers because of her stupid, racist comments but also because she's so damn negative and people are sick of her not helping herself, and she continues on a self destructive path, throwing medical money out the window and pouting.


Wow, almost 20K subs, all within 10 minutes of each other on a random Tuesday afternoon. I hope people report this to YouTube. People have lost accounts and monetization because of buying subs (it goes against adsense policy.

No. 372804


Youtube is rarely accurate with sub counts and views..it's not updated in real time…there is always a delay from a couple hours to a day. SocialBlade is minute by minute accurate.

No. 372807

I'd love to see one of the AntiKati channels make a compilation of all her "Thank you, but you don't have to do that. Save your money" YouNow line. She says it at least 5 times in every stream.

No. 372809

Is she pulling a play from the Trump rulebook and trying to overwhelm? Is this a tactic to get Rep to delay his video even more?

Sage for tinfoiling

No. 372815

She also said she has the microwave feeling again in her chest. Lolz

Reason #24968 she is full of shit: cymbalta.
Like mentioned before, she has nothing to lose by taking it. She's been doing all this research for how long, surely she has read about cymbalta as part of fibro treatment. Her next appointment is 6 weeks away, why would she need all that time to do more research? Why not get the prescription and research it after the appointment so she can at least have it rather than wait all that time until the next visit. If her research leads her to believe it's not worth trying then no biggie, but she can get it filled if she 8s willing to try it. Someone truly desperate to get better would have done that.

No. 372816

I still struggle with any of this being true. I still don't believe she's sick. I believe she is a hypochondriac. She said she had been diagnosed with Fibro and then turns around and say she's only been diagnosed with PTSD.

No. 372818

File: 1502827985646.png (456.89 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_2103.PNG)

And she's playing the dumb card.

No. 372820


We went through this already.


In the stream, she said the same thing in the same context. The only MENTAL ILLNESS she has ever been diagnosed with was PTSD. She went on to talk about anxiety which, she says, she has never been diagnosed with.

I'm getting really tired or correcting your misinformation so can you please stop?

No. 372821

She just tweeted TeamYouTube:
I am concerned someone is buying subs on my channel, pls let me know what to do. Not sure what to do with this

No. 372822

File: 1502828520185.png (283.45 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_2104.PNG)

No. 372824

Now it seems like she's trying to pass it off on a glitch. Not a very good liar.

No. 372825

She's live on youtube

No. 372827

She knows damn well no one else is buying subs for her. I mean how much would 20,000 subs cost?? Either she bought them or it's some glitchy YT thing.

No. 372829

everyone's throwing around accusations, haters, repzion, daddy of 5 fans but not onision.

No. 372831

Why the fuck is Cythatnerd acting so frantic in the stream? Jesus christ…

No. 372832

remember, don't say anything that might help her. shhhhhh

No. 372833


Yeah, I'm sure she has so much mroe insight than the other channels. Oh, but don't ask her for details - because she can't share those 'til the time is right.

She can take her insight and shove it right up her ass.

No. 372834

That pisses me off so bad. Bet anything she has nothing to share.

No. 372835

20k cost around $25-50

No. 372837

I'm kinda laughing here at how she's doing the 'I'm so anxious, omg real life' and Kati's just ignoring it and keeps talking about YT, kek.

No. 372838

Wow. Ok. I didn't know they were that cheap. Well, her fans aren't exactly mentally swift,so maybe one of them actually thought they were helping their queen save face by buying subs.

No. 372839

Why is she lying and saying she passed 100K subs? Her subscriber count of all 3 channels combined is 99,341. She lies about everything. It's fucking pathological.

No. 372852

Because she is so desperate to have something to do with her life and modding livestreams for a maniac somehow fills that void. She becomes more dramatic every day and is a literal echo chamber for joy. Sad.

I bet Joy disappearing to answer her door at the beginning of the stream was to grab 5 pizzas to help manage her diarrhea from copper toxicity that she still somehow has even tho she no longer has the copper

No. 372859

File: 1502832363027.jpg (160.51 KB, 1440x1091, IMG_20170815_172434.jpg)

Joy says social blade tweeted that it's a glitch

No. 372860


so, she either is glued into her social blade page or this lolcow thread. it didn't even take 30 min for her to be on youtube asking if anyone bought those subs for her.

No. 372866

I'd bet money on it being this page. She says she doesn't read lolcow but she always addresses things mentioned here and responds to posts

No. 372870

File: 1502833307905.jpg (7.2 KB, 155x275, Joy.jpg)

Joy - "Cy, do you think I should buy subs?"

Cy - "Yeah, just don't make it obvious.

No. 372871

I was hoping we could find out more about that…so far what we've discussed here about it has been pretty vague.

She said she "just so happened" to be looking at her social blade….riiight She also said she found out bc her friend tweeted at her congrats for 100K. So which is it?

No. 372880

I was trying to find other channels this was happening to but couldn't. So I used the people replying to the Socialblade tweet about it and found some:


Then there was one guy in there who said it happened to him but it really didn't. Ostensibly to get attention.

But that was really it.

Not really coming to any conclusions, the whole thing is weird.

No. 372884

Going back to the cymbalta stuff… (sorry, I'm late and missed that stream, really hoping someone recorded it!)

She's not in the pain she claims. When I finally went to the doctor, I'd have swung dead cats in bags over my head if the doctor said it would help. (Or at least tried to convince my sister to do it for me, cuz.. pain and all…)

The biggest issue I faced in getting diagnosed was the malingering issue.

If she keeps being "non-compliant" she's going to get marked as a malingerer and blown off by the people she's supposedly seeing. And, honestly… she doesn't even know what pain is if she's willing to blow off even trying a medication.

No. 372885


Wouldn't it be funny if the "glitch" was at the place where they all bought the subs from… instead of trickling the newly purchased subs in slow.. the place dumped them all at once?

Otherwise, why isn't PewdiePie celebrating his 20 million new subs?

No. 372899


You raise a good point there. Many doctors will effectively "Write off" patients who refuse to listen to advice, or try suggested medications. They also don't appreciate a patient with zero knowledge, other than Dr Internet Search Results, telling them they are wrong.

The best way for her to get help is to "Work" with her doctor, and actually listen to the advice and suggestions they have. There are steps for a reason. They can't always assume the worst, and use a harsh treatment when it could be something simple.

Joy has litterally ignored this, and many more things, and wonders why some question her "Ill health."

No. 372905

Is she asking for a Federal charge because it's illegal to have a controlled substance in anything other than the bottle by whom it was written or in the sample pack with instructions.

Sage for stupidity?

No. 372906

It's funny that's she'd never mentioned hair testing until she was called out in that vid and now she's having her "2nd hair sample test." What the effin f?

Sage for shock

No. 372909

Delete and repost with the word SAGE IN THE EMAIL FIELD


No. 372924

Kati your Dr will not perform an endoscopy or a colonoscopy unless there is there is concern, real concern.
When you go to a Dr with a shopping list of diseases and tests it also raises alarm bells and they will refuse to treat you.

No. 372941

I think she wants to get that play button so bad she is willing to buy it.

No. 372955

I agree. Even if today was a legitimate glitch, I still believe she's bought them in the past.

No. 372957


Her GP might give her the colonoscopy because she older, but it will probably as a minimum give the office a very good giggle and her file marked for possible hypochondria.

The endoscopy is harder. You don't get one of those just because your older. They need a reason to order tests and "cuz patient wants one" isn't likely on their list of options.

No. 372961

File: 1502842633415.png (318.05 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_2105.PNG)

It pains me to say it. But it looks like it was a glitch and she had nothing to do with it.

No. 372965

One thing that does bother me is that if she's buying subs at all, she might in the future claim it's just a glitch when someone points out something that doesn't add up. I can see her passing it off like "Oh, the numbers are screwy a lot on there because of glitches"

There's not much evidence she is buying subs but I believe with this it'll be harder to prove she is in the future if that is indeed the case.

No. 372968

Just add anorexics and people with genuine EDs to the list of people that she has appropriated the very real struggles of simply for sympathy and her own gain.
Soon she'll have offended every single person on the planet, and maybe then she'll finally go away, job well done.

Seriously, at this point the list of people she hasn't insulted must be shorter than the list of people she has insulted?

But why would she say it's a glitch and then also celebrate hitting 100k? Doesn't make any sense.

No. 372969

Half of the shit Joy says never makes any sense.

No. 372970

I've searched through threads and don't know if I'm missing it, but has Joy's claims that she applied for medicaid (twice in a row!) months ago but was told she was denied because both times the state had a massive medicaid funding cut been investigated? When she said this on livestream when asked two days ago I found it questionable and looked into it. Funding information and any budget cuts are all public record.

In short, there was a lot of concern in the spring because her state was looking into a possible medicaid budget cut. Note the word possible. A lot of big groups, including The American Academy of Pediatrics fought against it, because even a small budget cut would tremendously effect patient care, accessibility, and put hundreds of thousands of vulnerable patients at risk. Their research showed that 12 hospitals would likely close if a budget cut was approved, and 4/5 hospitals would no longer deliver babies. Also, if her state approved the proposed medicaid budget cut, they would risk losing federal funding, which pays 60% of her state's medicaid.

The state ended up being able to decrease spending through a bunch of other ways and put those funds into medicaid so funding did not have to be cut. Through the state's official medicaid website itself there is a section for press releases and here it even announces that there will be no funding cuts. I did some more research and based on the timeline of when she said applied, there was absolutely nothing going on with budget cuts. So I'm not sure how that makes any sense unless there is something I am missing.

No. 372972

I might be wrong but no, I don't think it was thoroughly investigated. Might be worth looking into though.

No. 372973

File: 1502843536682.jpg (74.01 KB, 1150x266, Capture.JPG)

No. 372987

File: 1502844846615.png (333.84 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_2106.PNG)

It's back up on social blade. They need to get their shit together.

No. 372995

I think it's funny that thinking it was a conspiracy to sabotage her channel wasn't stupid but to think she bought subs was stupid. A simple (albeit incorrect) answer was stupid meanwhile a more (relatively) complex conspiracy theory wasn't stupid. Um. K.

Kinda felt bad for Cy. She was all anxious and kept talking about why and Joy didn't really acknowledge it. When Joy was asking how much buying the subs would have cost if buying x amount of subs cost y (I don't remember the numbers), I expected her to hop to and do the math for Joy. I was kind of proud of her when she didn't. I get the feeling that Cy and Joy's friendship is mostly one way. Cy is her moderator, reads lolcow for her, people message Cy when they want to stream with Joy and whatever else. I hope she is, at least, getting paid. It may not be difficult, but you're doing tasks for other people that they can't or don't want to do and it consumes time you could be using elsewhere. Sounds like a job to me.

Here's a twitter thread where they talk about other people who were (Yes, they were. I checked) by the glitch. (Not screenshotting because it's not worth it.) https://twitter.com/ayyitsjulie/status/897566096492036096

No. 373001

Cy is not being paid. Joy's stated that on a couple of streams now. Wonder how long it'll be before that friendship crumbles

No. 373016

cy needs joy the way joy needs youtube / younow. don't hold your breath.

No. 373018


> Cy is not being paid. Joy's stated that on a couple of streams now.

That's unfortunate.

Joy would not be able to manage livestreaming (on YouTube) and moderating the chat. No matter how sick you are, you should appreciate the fact that you need someone and AT THE VERY LEAST act like you wouldn't want to lose them.

> Wonder how long it'll be before that friendship crumbles

She seems pretty true blue which is why Joy can openly treat Cy like her own personal assistant (Just remembered, she has Cy take notes for her in livestreams if there is something Joy wants to look up later, too.)

Have you ever had a friendship like that? I never have. I don't think I've even ever had anyone TRY (I think anyone who knew me would know better than to try, though.) It's so strange.

No. 373021

i just checked it and it's still at 77k so the glitch is still there or she's buying subs

No. 373027

It's a bit sad really. Cy does all of this shit for Joy and is permanently lodged up Joy's asshole but Joy rarely refers to her as anything other than one of her moderators. You would think that after all of that Joy would call her a friend more often.

No. 373031

It's possible that Joy is paying Cy and they are keeping it on the down low, in order to avoid anymore controversy or questions regarding her income. Since she is saying she needs lots of money for her medical tests, people would wonder why she can afford to pay Cy.

No. 373045


Her state (neither MO or OK) have not expanded medicaid under the ACA, as a result, she is under the "old system." In the US, able bodied adults are not and never were eligible for medicaid. Only children under the CHIP type programs. If she is not able bodied and got accepted under disability (only for disabled people), then she would have been eligible. In states that expanded, able bodied adults became eligible based on income level and the Federal government footed the bill starting at 100% the first year and decreasing over a 10yr period.

So,it doesn't matter how many times or if she ever applied at all. She lives in a state that doesn't allow medicare for able bodied adults at all and she's not qualified as disabled.

No. 373056

Maybe Joy thinks being a moderator for JoySparkleBS is a position of distinction and thinks she is bragging for Cy. lolol.

idc what Joy calls Cy. Joy can call Cy the Queen of England for all I care.

If Cy isn't getting anything other than friendship for all she does for Joy, Cy isn't being treated right.


If you're right, they should say so publicly because it kinda looks like Joy might be taking advantage of Cy. I think that's worse than people questioning her.

No. 373061

In all of her streams, Joy always directs attention to herself no matter how many people are in the stream, even if she has to make a fool of herself to do so. She never lets too much time pass without it going back to her… if she can't conjure a conversation topic to bring it back to her, she will act out, like she did when she disappeared from Benji's stream. Seeing how she acts publicly, it's not hard to imagine that she must be the same in private, although I suspect it's probably much worse. If they have much of a friendship, it's going to be all one-sided. I guarantee you Cy probably spends most of the time listening to how bad Joy has it and how no one understands what it's like to have so many people watching her (she even asked Ridgemont if she had ever been in her shoes with 80k people watching her, which I took as her bragging more than trying to get someone to see her perspective). I'd pity Cy if she were not condoning such vile behavior.

No. 373089

She can't get federally funded Medicaid because she's able bodied but she can get SoonerCare which is Oklahoma's insurance for low-income/disabled/has kids etc… This has been suggested to her by multiple people (one person even said they were of the same demograhic as her - single able-bodied 35 yr old woman with no kids and had it)…which is how I found out about it. Joy did 100% confirm she lives in OK in a livestream a few days ago so there's no reason she can't get it….not sure why the sliding scale clinic didn't mention it to her, most clinics of that type will suggest options if you come in with no insurance, especially if it looks like you'll need lots of expensive testing down the road…unless she's making more than she claims and doesn't meet the financial requirements (less than $2111/mo for one person but they suggest to apply anyway even if you make a little over)

Information on SoonerCare

No. 373112

File: 1502853275754.jpg (377.74 KB, 1440x1050, IMG_20170815_231139.jpg)

This followed some of the nonsense she wrote in the indigo days. Mention of her website "where she gives online counseling…"

Seems kind of dangerous for her to be counseling anyone.

No. 373119

File: 1502853946991.jpg (717.72 KB, 1440x2241, IMG_20170815_231548.jpg)

"Anything one puts in their body should be completely natural, unprocessed and without chemicals."

Also dangerous of her to say, especially as it would deter someone from taking medication that isn't natural or chemical free. It's also not something to advise someone that may have an eating disorder, especially someone with an ED themselves.

"I began getting sick after eating anything that isn't organic."
Uhh pizza dowhatnow? She is so full of it and plays dumb.
This also shows that she can write like a normal person when she wants to.

No. 373124

What exactly are you looking for as proof? Shw said in an early video that she tried to fill the papers but was confused by them. People in the comments were offering to help her in any way they could. She's claiming she doesn't have enough money for insurence when she gets over $400 a month from her patreon alone.

Nothing kati says makes sense. She lies about everything.

I think the only group of people she hasn't insulted or offended would be single moms?

No. 373126

they just do them both in one session = "gastroscopy".

No. 373139

I don't think she is old enough.

No. 373152

File: 1502862579603.png (90.55 KB, 612x667, D8G9Xza.png)

what a dick!

No. 373153


she's an outright bully! I've been watching this shit show unfold. Is it me or is her craziness really starting to transform her now? I do feel bad for Gabe.

No. 373154


Well… we could all throw into a GoFundMe for something to shove up her arse. I'll pitch in for a rusty chain saw (only if it's still working)

No. 373155

You'll have to dig Mikenactor out of her ass first.

No. 373156

I started messaging Gabe the other day for shits and giggles, and it took about 10 minutes of conversation for him to ask me how to put on a bra, the very thing that was accused of him when all those pedo accusations were going round. And it was in a sexual way, and apparently he wanted to know so he could wear one himself. He also sent me a pic of his moobs funnily enough. Don't feel sorry for him.

No. 373157


Wow… there's an undeniable je ne sais quoi to the fan base that she attracts.

No. 373166

File: 1502866195221.png (89.55 KB, 640x634, IMG_7506.PNG)



Just want to point out that in the clip of her talking about what she owes the mother of the DO5 children, she looks up to the right.

Now, provided that her camera/uploading is not flipping or inverting her image then she is showing a classic sign of lying…or more precisely, accessing constructed visual memory.

She accesses this constructed memory when she says the videos did not earn money, were age restricted, and didn't have ads.

Just sagein'

No. 373173

>She looks upward and to the right!!!
>This scientific pamphlet says she is lieing you guise!!!
Sorry to break it to you but that's highly pseudo-layman-psychology and has not been proven. If it was that easy to spot a lier by simply noticing where the eyes go, the world would be a more simple place.

No. 373174


That whole eye thing was debunked by FBI, cia, interrogators, psychologists, etc, years ago.

Some people use different areas of the brain, especially when there is definitely some misfiring involved.

No. 373176

File: 1502869039488.png (532.11 KB, 720x849, 20170816_022901.png)

Didn't she have to travel out of state for her super speshul d0c appt?

Lyrica is a schedule v drug, she's stating she didn't have a prescription (no other documentaion?), not in its original packaging… if she did drive out of state and back again with the lyrica, Oklahoma has some strict policies about prescription drugs.

Link to Oklahoma's schedule drug laws:

No. 373180

Being in the UK I've never heard of a doctor giving out samples, surely they wouldn't be able to hand out lyrica like candy? There's actually a really big problem with lyrica abuse over here.

No. 373182


Is Lyrica what we call Tramadol?

And am I being harsh when I say this >>373176 is straw clutching? She has done and said far worse, she is committing fraud by obtaining donations by deception,
no proof of her own claimed donations, (don't think I've forgotten, Kati, Katie, Katy, whichever one it is this week). This just seems to be something where if the authorities did anything it would be to tell her to be careful next time. They've got bigger fish to fry than popping pills in a vitamin bottle.

Or am I missing something?

No. 373184

No tramadol is not Lyrica

No. 373186

I was reading on some fibro forums and it seems to be pretty common place that doctors will give samples.

No. 373187

File: 1502871697290.jpg (14.4 KB, 183x275, download (1).jpg)

>without chemicals

No. 373190

So did she buy the subs or what? Its still saying over 70k. Its very suss

No. 373191


It's a glitch. I don't think she is responsible for what is currently going on.

No. 373192

>where she gives online counseling and channeling

So not only was she counseling people but she was claiming that she had channeled it from angels…omg that is SO much worse. If someone truly believed her advice had a divine origin they would give it a lot more significance than if they thought it was coming just from her. We know from Phil that Kati would use her personal angels to manipulate people into doing what she wanted saying that her "angels" told her they should do it…and she was doing this right up until she started her channel. It wasn't a long ago thing she believed in her "new agey" days when she was a silly 20 yr old the way she claims. A few days ago when she was asked if she still believes in angels she said "I've had experiences but I don't have any evidence. Are they real? I don't know, I'd like to think they are…just like I'd like to think there are aliens. Cause that's just cool."

>Exercising releases all the physical discomforts this puts on your body while sweating helps eliminate any toxins or negative energies that may be blocking this new energy from coming in

Of course. She is saying that exercise and sweating gets rid of unspecified "toxins" and "negative energies" and facilitates some sort of unidentified new "energy" to flow freely through the body. Exercise is great and definitely necessary to stay healthy but it's not a big mystery how that process works. If she believes this wouldn't she think that since she's been almost totally sedentary for months she should now be absolutely swimming in toxins and negative energy? If so then why so "scared" of physical activity? I know she says she's afraid of "collapse" but it's not like she needs to jog 10 miles everyday, there are exercises tailored to low ability.

>Anything one puts in their body should be completely natural unprocessed and without chemicals

>getting very sick after eating anything that was not completely organic

She seems to have a chemical phobia. She's going to have a hell of a time trying to find anything she can put in her body that is "without chemicals"…all food, herbs, everything in existence is literally made of chemicals. Saying something is "chemical free" is basically just marketing nonsense aimed at the ignorant…as is "organic." There is no difference nutritionally between organic & non-organic produce nor is organic food "pesticide free", they just use natural pesticides rather than synthetic and natural pesticides can be just as toxic or sometimes even more toxic than a synthetic alternative. Some may argue organic tastes better but that seems to be largely based on expectation and perceived value partly because it costs more. When blind taste tests were done people couldn't reliably differentiate between organic vs not. I very much doubt her claims that she got immediately ill after switching from organic to non-organic food. Wasn't she suffering through all sorts of symptoms like diarrhea and fatigue that she attributed to "the ascension" itself? How would she know what was due to "the ascension" vs what she was eating vs some other cause?

>I think the only group of people she hasn't insulted or offended would be single moms?

Maybe not single moms (mainly because she hasn't really said much about them) but her breastfeeding rant was offensive towards new moms/motherhood and there are multiple instances of her being misogynistic towards women in general.

No. 373197


I agree this is not the worst thing she could do, but her audience is young. A kid caught on campus with meds not in their original container is going to be in trouble. Possession of any prescription drug (ANY) without a prescription is illegal. So, if you're questioned about a prescription drug and can't produce proof of the prescription, it's up to the officer's mood if you get a trip to the jail while they wait for someone to bring in your original container. MANY states make it a crime to not keep them in the original container. (Now, once they're inside your house they don't care unless there's a search warrant).

NOW… add in possession of a scheduled drug in quantities like she's shown in the video, that is enough to be taken to the jail on suspicion of drug trafficking because it is the quantity of drugs that you're possessing that move you from mere "possession" to "with intent to traffic" and, if you get in a cop's face with "so, what about those pill boxes, you going to tell me that they're not legal?" attitude, you'll likely get charged and have to take your attitude to a judge to deal with.

No. 373207

You're gonna need caps if you go saying milky stuff like that; otherwise you're just gonna sound like a Sperg trying to corroborate Joy's story. If you have proof, post it. We don't go off rumours here.

No. 373208

She does give a proof of donations about half the time so she can point to them when someone asks for it but there are some that she never showed proof for. Like she showed proof of the $100 donation to Special Spaces, she showed proof (after much stalling) of the $450 made from the Onision debate charity stream + the $150 her roommate added to Donors Choice, she showed lots of proof for the $600 donation to Rose and was thanked by Rose for paying 10 days towards her hotel HOWEVER she never showed how much she actually made from all the DO5 videos (she flip flopped between saying she's giving Rose ALL the money to only HALF the money) so who knows how much she actually owed Rose, there was also that one charity stream she did on YouNow where she showed what she made (I think it was only $35) and she showed "trying" to made the donation but it didn't go thru then nothing about it after that, she never showed the receipt of an actual donation. If she kept any of that money (no matter how much) that she raised specifically for a charity then that is fraud. There was also the ad money from the videos about her nephews dying that she said she would donate…I know a lot of people donated on their own at her behest but I'm not clear if she actually donated any money herself, she went between saying she couldn't donate because her family hated her to saying she was donating the money from the ads and had talked to their older brother. I don't know if she gave an amount earned or any receipt for it nor did any donation in Kati or Joy's name show up on the gofundme. When she was bragging about how much money she had raised for charity total it was something like $17,000 because she was including the entire amount of the burial gofundme and Rose's gofundme even though she had nothing to do with a good portion of both.

(I'm pretty sure that's mostly correct but some small parts of that might be slightly off. It was a while ago and I'm just going by what I can remember…anyone want to correct me or verify if I have it right?)

No. 373220

File: 1502878124981.png (43.64 KB, 670x701, 2017-08-16 11_07_48-(1) Twitte…)

No. 373221

File: 1502878146844.png (24.74 KB, 669x421, 2017-08-16 11_07_18-(1) Twitte…)

No. 373222

File: 1502878172678.png (37.56 KB, 666x599, 2017-08-16 11_06_36-Twitter.pn…)

No. 373227

File: 1502878860111.png (193.37 KB, 666x571, 2017-08-16 11_20_21-Twitter.pn…)

Would like to add (samefag) that I've done a lot of research on this dude and it seems he's a complete social pariah, tagging bigger youtubers in everything to get their attention, crying on livestreams and DMing people constantly that want nothing to do with him.

No. 373228

I've noticed how she often funnels the money from charity donations through herself (like the tips from a YN or YT stream or the ad revenue from videos) so that there is no accounting of how much was made…she could easily make a donation and have a receipt to prove it but still keep a portion for herself. No one would know unless they recorded the entire stream and counted up the donations themselves to match against the final donation amount…with the ads, there's no way to tell unless she releases a screencap…which she's never done even though people have asked. Once she promises money being raised goes to charity she has to specify beforehand if she's keeping any portion for herself otherwise that is fraud.

Because other YouTubers are aware that funneling donations through yourself looks shady af many of them use a third party to collect donations like gofundme so anyone can easily see the total amount raised and show the receipt when the donation is made so there is absolute transparency and the people donating don't just have to trust that all their money is going where promised.

I'm not saying she's done anything illegal for sure but the way she handles charity money is extremely sloppy and that just invites questions….but she still pretends to not understand why people think she's scamming.

saged for heavy speculation

No. 373230


Okay Joy, I'll make it really easy to understand and explain my issue with this.

You repeatedly (More than once) say you're channel isn't for bullying, that YOU don't bully.

So, why are you okay with Gabe being bullied? Why are you, someone who runs to Younow after every "Attack" (Geneuine and often polite questions and criticisms) telling Gabe to "Learn to deal with it."?

YouTube has already proven their verdicts (Decisions) mean very little with the high amounts of U-turns (Undoing their final decision)

So, why aren't you showing Gabe some compassion? What happened to the "Activist" (You, a person who claims to stand against these things) so happy to see people, who have said they're also unwell, being publicly humiliated? And by yourself no less.

Give me a good answer as to why ANY form of bullying is okay, especially from yourself. You, who regularly shouts the opposite.

(I already know the answer, I just want to see yours)

No. 373231

Because Gabe asked a 15 year old girl to be his girlfriend and for her to show him how to put a bra on?

No. 373233


That doesn't warrant bullying. That warrants the authorities being contacted.

No. 373234

OK so he's a creep and Joy's story is collaborated…unless you can relate further discussion about Gabe directly to Joy then posts about him and his creepy behavior should go in the spergleberry thread instead. This thread is only about Joy so if you bring up anyone in her circle whatever it is has to involve her directly or it's off topic. This is why the spergleberry thread was created: <<336585

No. 373235

holy shit, i am cringing so hard. 10/10 autism

No. 373240

I bet one of her fans sent it to her.

No. 373243

File: 1502882143886.jpg (8.27 KB, 225x225, images (1).jpg)

>we don't go off rumours here

No. 373248

>>373243 You should really look through all of the threads and find the many posts where people are told to provide proof or gtfo. Or the countless posts where something is taken out of context and is quickly shut down by other Anons.

Opinions don't need proof and are marked speculation but if you are spilling milk you provide evidence otherwise it's considered bullshit.

You just have to scroll up here to see someone being repeatedly told to stop taking things out of context. You've just seen someone ask for proof of a statement they made about Gabe.

Point me in the direction of anything over 11 threads that was a rumour not wasn't shut down.

No. 373254

so what happens when I scroll up and see the shit about her buying subscribers, even after it became clear it was a glitch. or how the discussion of 'the blargh' or w/e dragged on. or anything about amanda smith or rep's video.
don't move the goalposts with this 'shut down' business. people in these threads have had a hard-on since thread one for literally anything that makes joy look bad. that's why there's roughly two threads of milk and 9 of shit.

No. 373255

If you've seen all that then you've seen multiple anons trying to shut down those conversations and people being banned

No. 373258

Speculation and tinfoiling that something might be happening is totally different than automatically assuming something is factual without any evidence. Learn the difference. When someone comes here asserting something we always ask for some sort of proof. Sometimes people don't read everything before posting so they try to continue discussing something that has already been disproven….when they do we set them straight again. We can't help that this thread seems to attract what seems like an inordinate amount of idiots with no reading comprehension *~ahem~* but when that happens they get corrected/told to gtfo.

No. 373307

File: 1502894629314.png (408.83 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1353.PNG)

I have very little hope for repzions video. Considering he is asking people in the comments section of YouTube for info and leads.

No. 373319

This is all very sick. Her response to anyone critical is often "I used to have out of the ordinary beliefs" or something of the sort. While that may be true, it is another thing that nobody can prove, but unfortunately for her, she wrote so much crazy shit all over the place that can show what a dirty deceiving person she is. It's far beyond "beliefs" as she would encourage others to follow it, give suggestions that are technically medical advice, even made it her job. "Helping" others is far beyond just having beliefs.

Some of her current critics may be from her past or have been taken advantage or harmed by her years ago but choose to not reveal that after seeing what a maniac she is online and wouldn't want 30 videos from her on attack.

On some of the old indigo boards there's mention of sharing in depth information about the brain that was posted by "someone under Kati and her ex" while promoting filming of their documentary. My initial thought was of joy a few months back when she spoke of how she studied the brain.

I recall her bashing freelee, who is also an ass, a few months back in a response to one of her videos where she discussed her breast implants. Joy said it's her choice to have sacks of poison put into her chest but she should have gone into all the possible complications and side effects of having them. I personally disagree that it's her responsibility to educate YT on the negatives of implants but if we go by Joy's logic, then joy should also be required to go further in depth about her choices and health matters. She should be sharing all the possible risks related to what she says and does. At the very least, go on the record about risks involving not following Dr orders or suggestions, not going to follow up visits or going to the Dr at all. And absolutely admit she was wrong for all the nonsense she shared over the years on various outlets, which should be easy as she no longer believes in a lot of it.

No. 373323

She's fixing to go live on YouNow to discuss the good news in her test results.

No. 373341

File: 1502898817494.png (1.18 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_2108.PNG)

And she claims to not read the threads. Then why did she use your screenshot.

No. 373345

She wants him to go to her so she can use her special brand of manipulation tactics to try and change his opinion

No. 373349

people "send things" to her lol
I guess we are to believe that her minions are constantly on here refreshing waiting to send her things…
which now that I think about Joy minions I wouldn't be surprised.

No. 373355

I do find it hilarious (in a sad way) that she would give Freely so much grief about getting breast implants; but come to Jacylnn Glenn's defense after Onision shit talked her about the same thing.

Just another example of Joy's blatant hypocrisy.

No. 373356


I seriously hope Joy didn't say "Sacks of poison." Isn't she even the slightest bit aware that some people have breast implants for reconstruction purposes? Obviously not.

No. 373360

shes live

No. 373363

idk these results look like much ado about nothing.

No. 373369

Nope. Or that saline implants (filled with salt water) are a thing.

No, in her world all implants are silicone gel ticking time bombs just waiting to rupture at the slightest breeze resulting in hideous deformities and slowly poisoning people into developing autoimmune disease, cancer and AIDS all at the same time…because it's all a big conspiracy big pharma perpetrated to make people sick so they make money from selling pills that of course have their own side effects but they pay doctors to lie to you so no one knows the full extent of the harm they cause because money again.

No. 373372

So, she was literally only .02 over the normal range of something? Wtf? You would think this would make more people question her.

No. 373377


And the other was 16 of 20 and she kept repeating it was in the high end. On it's face, no, not really. And it depends on what the mean would be with all factors considered (age, sex, etc.) People may assume that 0 is the starting point when it may not necessarily be.

No. 373380


Perfectly put.

Nothing is perfect, but I don't think it's healthy for Joy, or anyone, to live their lives constantly surrounded by conspiracys.

From my personal experience doctors, specialists, and modern medicine have saved the lives of people. To question their intentions is to undermine everything they have done to help people.

Plus Joy is not only looking hypocritical, but as many have stated, could potentially influence younger viewers to ignore real health concerns, and perhaps even stop taking vital medication.

No. 373384

>No shade

Fuck off, Kati.

No. 373386

Well tbh Freely proclaims herself to be vegan and to be living an all natural lifestyle so I too see a bit of hypocrisy with her implants but to each their own.

No. 373390

File: 1502903455912.png (655.86 KB, 2560x1440, Screenshot_20170816-122729.png)

CC on Joy's video

No. 373420

File: 1502907445860.jpg (192.56 KB, 1643x898, IMG_2583.JPG)

Kati, stop telling people what they have a "right" to do. Who do you think you are going around acting like you have the ability to give people permission? Rep knows very well he has a right to criticize, so stop stating the obvious. You're so repetitive!

Secondly, the audacity of you to wish Repzions father well is sickening. You are so fake!

No. 373431

This story time from April is awful. I'm at the old shit music and still waiting for it to get funny or at least amusing. Oh wait, the joke is that when you were 5 and your parents said they are getting a divorce, you then went and told everyone that you're getting a divorce? Hardy har har. What a knee slapper.

Critical red zone cringe level and she looks straight up nuts.

No. 373434

She's giving her permission more for the sperglefucks rather than him. So they can see how open to critisms she is.

No. 373435


What the fuck? She needs to stop talking about his dad.

Just the other day she was ranting and raving about Repzion. Now she's treating about praying for his dad?

Bitch STFU

No. 373446

File: 1502909414765.jpg (39.1 KB, 527x271, Untitled.jpg)

Glitch corrected, normal order is restored. The earth exhales.

No. 373449

File: 1502909513971.png (69.41 KB, 720x430, 20170816_134822.png)

This tweet has absolutely nothing to do with him making a video about her. She's just showing her sincere concern for his father. And the "?'s" thing must be because kati is am expert in everything, so she knows what reps going through and can give advice about it. Ya know. Not about the video. at. all. /s

No. 373455


"If you have any ?s just ask" isn't about the video…?

No. 373463

/s = Sarcasm.
Her speregleberries are saying that she's just "wishing reps dad well, so what the problem?"

No. 373465


Especially since this is completely out of the blue for her to say such a thing. Repzion announced his father's ailment a good month ago; what stopped her from saying anything back then?

No. 373472

Phew… sorry, mistook you for a Spergleberry for a minute there…

No. 373473

File: 1502912396576.png (111.81 KB, 656x419, Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 1.35…)

check out her sources for her latest antifa video. The victim's name is Sam Wormer. If you search that in the news section of google NOTHING about the stabbing comes up and if you search this you get a grand total of 2 stories about it…both from very reliable sources.

I'm not saying this story is 100% made up…but I am saying that maybe do a bit of research instead of hoping to be the first one to post about the story.

No. 373474

Repzion lost his religion a while ago - His Father also lost his religion after his first stroke,

Praying for him is Kati going out of her way to be offensive,

Saged for being more Rep than Joy

No. 373477

well, now we know where her biases lie.

No. 373478

Here's the link she put in the video descritption. Says connection refused when I click.


No. 373488

Kati has the truly amazing talent of being a vindictive bitch while offering prayers of condolence to a cancer patient.

No. 373494

the link works for me but this source is basically 1/2 a step above those tabloids in impulse aisles that claim bigfoot is back. I'm really embarrassed for her. One of her minions should probably tell her…. not even brietbart will touch this story because it reeks of bullshit.

No. 373497

This is Joy's recent stream courtesy of Emphasis on BS who puts in amazing work. please support them :)

No. 373498


No, they should let it ride. Shhh.

No. 373503

If I use the archived link it works and if I use the Google cache it does also. It has been mentioned in her comments that it's a crap source.

No. 373505


She really is a gift. All we have to do is give her enough rope and she does the rest.

To err is human, to really fuck it up you need to be JoySparkleBS.

No. 373509

File: 1502918534586.png (31.1 KB, 644x213, wzHpAC1.png)

Just leaving this here for Kati.

No. 373542

L o fucking L

Well, looks like she is never going to not be sick. (But we already knew that.) No chance in hell that we could be fortunate enough for her to leave YT so the stress will never go away for her or us.

And somehow she has the most complicated GI tract that never heals. Literally every single suggestion she gets, she has tried, according to her. If she is cured, it will be something so stupid, just like her somehow missing the local clinic she goes to now. Ironically when I looked up the freelee video, that obviously was just her having a go at freelee because according to joy, she didn't take into consideration that some people can't control their weight with just diet and exercise, it pissed joy off enough that she called her a bitch for it (with a big lovebug smile) and anyway, joy said that she "got a lead on what could be causing her diarrhea" and it was because she gets her vitamins online and ordered and there was an error that caused her to accidentally be taking a double dose of vitamins, which combined with her thyroid pill, her zinc went up over 200 (She was using 83% zinc) and she had been doing a nonstop detox and had no idea. Oops.

No. 373546


Honestly, it's probably all the pizza + her body dealing with packing on 70 pounds in a year's time. Her skeleton and tendons need to upsize for her new weight that's carried with every single step. If she didn't build muscles to stabilize, they're working all the harder to carry (and keep stable) all that new 'baggage' in her trunk.

No. 373547


Apologies, had to reupload.

Joy Sparkle BS YouNow stream 8/16/17 discussing test results from a rheumatologist.

No. 373583

And another YouNow stream today. Supposedly in about 30 minutes. For someone so sick she sure can pump out videos and livestreams.

No. 373596

she's definitely a munchie.

No. 373612

She's live on YouNow.

No. 373615

"yeah so I'm a youtuber and lolcow doesn't think I have fibro. What should I do?"
Weirdest doctor to patient conversation ever.

No. 373619


No. 373620

File: 1502927569250.png (18.69 KB, 690x95, hx9Nm1o.png)

First result when I googled something. The universe knows!

No. 373623

File: 1502927683238.jpg (277.48 KB, 592x593, 3faf58c489cf295593691a0c744f2b…)

She's saying something about parasites from her stool sample and this is all i can think about lol
Pic related

No. 373624

fucking what? I hope someone recorded the stream. looks like I missed a real winner

No. 373625

she said she might have gotten parasites from raw fish because something about a stool sample I wasn't paying that close of attention but then someone brought up worms and she was just like
"No I don't have worms….but actually…wait…roommate…wait maybe I DO have worms"
then joked about how there would be a rumor now that she has worms.
I would like to say for the record though…she seems open to the possibility of worms.

No. 373626

OMG… IUD put in arm? what, chest? boobs? (asking roommate). I'm rolling.

No. 373628

she seems REALLY manic

No. 373631


She's had two stool tests. One was negative. Both were for parasites. Doctor said 'parasites' only according to roommate and she remembers 'parasites and worms' Worms are parasites, so the whole point is moot except that the next time roommate takes her in for grooming, he should probably have the shop worm and do a flea dip as well.

No. 373633

oh yikes if she's not really sick that neurontin & prednisone (gabapentin) is really going to fuck her shit up.

No. 373635

Just because blood work said no copper, doesn't mean there's no copper… what

No. 373637


She's only just gotten them and is manic over having scored prescriptions…

Wait till they kick in… she'll be streaming 24/7 then in 5 days she's going to feel like shit.

No. 373639

idk…neurontin turns you into a zombie if you take it and don't need it…of course it depends heavily on dosage and I doubt the doctor prescribed her a large dosage but it can be bad.

No. 373642


pred makes me have more energy and gabapentin makes me cuddly/talkative… for the first 4 days… then gab makes me spaced out and pred feels like having a cement blanket over my body.

No. 373644

I had a massive allergic reaction to Neurontin… when it's bad, it's BAD

No. 373645

that… that's not a diagnosis. everything in that list is self-reported.

No. 373646


Yeah… those are the codes used to justify the testing requested so that insurance pays for them. Like, I suspect may be a dog… testing for canine DNA. If I were diagnosed with everything used to test… I'd be a medical miracle.

No. 373649

File: 1502929241482.png (103 KB, 720x664, 20170816_191835.png)

Gabbapentin is also used for mood disorders, anxiety disorders and depression.

No. 373652

What do you want to bet they all stop working in 2 weeks?

No. 373655


I'll take 1 week. She'll get hooked on the 'high' feeling and anything less will be 'unbearable suffering, you just don't know gois! my body is spashul and stuff works diffent!'

No. 373657

She is completely unhinged!

No. 373658

Interesting you say that because gabapentin actually does get less effective fast as you develop a tolerance to it very quickly, I've abused it before

No. 373663

you can get pretty high off that stuff..

No. 373667

yeah…it's not pleasant though…although I guess that's a matter of opinion. Maybe Joy will enjoy being zombified.

No. 373669


showing phone in livestream, message from Mommy comes in

(I typed for earlier when I meant from. Oops.)

No. 373670

I really liked it, not as good as morphine but still gives you a cozy feeling

No. 373676

Jesus was an alien implant? At what point are men in white coats going to break her door down and take her to the funny farm?

No. 373677

If she was smart, she would take what MrRepzion is doing and sell that nasty ass hoodie to one of her mindless fans. Im sure they would pay good money to get that nasty ass thing.

I'm sure there will be a video of her crying and blaming the haters that her channel can't be monetized any longer. It seems Youtube is starting to enforce their new policy and this week many channels are getting most, if not all, of their videos unmonetized. With her "content" and I say content loosely, I'm sure YouTube will deem it controversial enough to not make money on.

I'm not sure if this has been mentioned here yet or not, but with all of her focus on children, it really seems like she is over compensating for something. Like she has a really bad guilty conscience, I wonder if she gave a kid up for adoption or something like that.

No. 373683

File: 1502931599416.jpg (187.19 KB, 474x594, JoyScreenshot1.jpg)

These are the things she showed on her phone. I enlarged it and sharpened it. I hope you guys can read it. It was the best quality she provided. Not doing 2 different screenshots because I don't want to clog up the thread, but if people want it I will.

No. 373684

Heres (part?) of younow

No. 373703

File: 1502933317617.jpg (126.07 KB, 617x588, 88msnyy.jpg)

No. 373710

Cymbalta helps with fibro pain. Cymbalta, Savella, and Lyrica are the big three. Cymbalta messes with brain chemicals. Savella messes with brain chemicals. Lyrica messes with brain chemicals. Gabapentin messes with brain chemicals. Come on.

Also, 25mcg of levo isn't even a therapeutic dose…

No. 373716


I will NEVER accept that she has fibromyalgia. Whether it's on paper or not.

She has never, not once, described her alleged fibro pain. And I'm tired of people saying that fibro is so drastically different for Kati that it makes sense that she's able to livestream energetically for hours & shoot videos day and night.

No. 373726

Actually she tried to describe it in a livestream the other day…she said it's mainly in her head & neck but then also said it feels like she's getting "microwave energy" in her chest, not hot but electricity..then gave up bc she said it was hard to describe. The "diagnostic" codes she showed are for billing…they are her self-reported concerns that the doctor is using to justify labs and treatment…it's not an official diagnosis even if she claims that.

No. 373734


Ah yeah, I remember the head and neck thing. That just frustrated me even more. I wish it were that simple. Hell, if Fibro were only in the head and neck then anyone who uses a computer must have Fibro.

Microwave..energy…in..her chest? Jesus.

Yeah that's what I thought. She claims her doctor counts that as a diagnosis. I certainly don't. For any bill to be processed, regardless if the patient has insurance, the codes are for determining cost. I can't tell you how many times my doctor has had to choose the closest possible option for billing - but couldn't or was unable to chose precisely what they were treating me for.

She doesn't have fibro. And this polymyalgia rheumatica is definitely different from fibro.

No. 373767

Just speculation but she might have told the doctor she was already diagnosed with fibro and that's how it got on there as part of the treatment protocol/diagnostic codes…quite a few doctors will take a patient's word (at first) if they can't get previous medical records transferred. Aside from that yes, diagnostic codes are not a diagnosis…they are how billing keeps track of what the patient comes in complaining of…if she came in saying she has fibromyalgia then billing has to note that…doesn't mean the doctor agrees or diagnosed her with it but they might still treat her for it anyway just to see if it helps…especially if it's something that can be used to treat a lot of different things like gabapentin. The medicines they gave her are to see if they alleviate her self-reported symptoms, that's all. The doctor has to go by what the patient describes is happening. (We all know how prone she is to exaggeration and borrowing other's symptoms.)

And the polymyalgia rheumatica was mainly just her speculating, she said her grandma has it & it runs in the family, they have similar symptoms (according to Kati) so it would only stand to reason for her to have it too.

She also said that she is getting treatment for it for 6 weeks and if it works that would serve as a diagnosis…that seems like a really strange and potentially dangerous method of diagnosis to me but I don't know anything about that condition. I'll have to look into it.

No. 373772

This makes me lol for reasons I won't state here because it would clue her in too much, but the proof is right there in the picture that these are not official diagnoses. The fact that she is trying to pass them off as such, and that her fans will actually eat this up … lort, my sides. They ache.

This is the funniest thing she's posted in weeks.

No. 373786

I'm also going to back this up, in my job I enter medical data via icd 10 coding. Coding moved from ice 9 the past few years which was nowhere near as specific as 10. Every test, exam, order, prescription needs a diagnosis with it, standard protocol across the board, with or without insurance, every diagnosis is assigned a code.

She could have literally walked in there and told the Dr she had 10 different diagnosis, and they would all be entered into her medical diagnosis file, regardless if they confirmed the diagnosis. New diagnoses will be added as well. There's also the option for the current Dr to change a diagnosis from "active" and add something else.

To sum it up, it's part of her chart, but certainly not proof of a diagnosis.

Just to add, she just started being a patient in the office and has already told them about being on YT and reporting back with info, shes not a patient most Drs want to have. They could easily go along with what she says for fear of online retaliation or exploitation or basic fear of lawsuits. There's plenty of Drs that give a patient what they want (within reason) to get them off their backs

No. 373791

File: 1502937950757.png (189.96 KB, 720x966, 20170816_214512.png)

Now she's dying from prednisone.

No. 373793

Just waiting for Kati to get three days into prednisone and decide that the risk of gaining weight is not worth it and stop them cold turkey.

No. 373797


With how manic she was earlier, a panic attack would sort of fit her amped up disposition. Guess she's just going to have to die now. :-(

No. 373799

Polymyalgia rheumatica is usually found in people age 50+, with an ESR of 40+ mm/hr (hers is 16 mm/hr) but yes it can be determined if a patient has it if treatment resolves the problem in 3 days to 3 weeks:

Rapid resolution of symptoms with low-dose glucocorticoids. Symptoms are generally 50 to 70 percent better within three days in patients with PMR started on prednisone at a dose of 10 to 20 mg/day, and almost all patients respond completely within three weeks of beginning treatment. The lack of response to initial therapy strongly suggests an alternative diagnosis. Symptomatic improvement with low-dose glucocorticoid treatment can also be seen in patients with rheumatoid disease, psoriatic arthritis, and other inflammatory arthritides.


No. 373801

I am getting such a flashback to the post about her taking antibiotics and acting like a fucking moron

No. 373802


Yep. She's likely crashing.

It was only a matter of time before she would report that one or more of the meds she was given aren't working. Didn't think it would be this fast but this moron cycles at the speed of light.

No. 373804

What a damn drama queen and attention seeker. Most people would have to have an arm damn near falling off to even consider going to the ER.
it pisses me off when people use the ER as a doctor's visit. Karma is going to bit her in the ass and one day she is actually going to suffer from some of these serious illnesses. I have never meant someone that pisses me off as much as she does.

No. 373807

Wonder how long it'll be before she's streaming and crying and saying "I thought this was gonna help" etc for attention

No. 373810


Honestly… she's been dropping a helluva lota patreon comments + a lot of "it's costing $x" comments… she might be just genning up the ol' patreon bucks.

No. 373812

She;s panicking about all those ~chemicals~ being put into her body, probably thinks she will develop a new disease because of them

No. 373816

Prednisone is the treatment that is supposed to determine if she has polymyalgia rheumatica if it resolves her symptoms in a few weeks.

>doc said to call if wheezing
>Now wheezing
Power of suggestion maybe?

No. 373821

With kati? Thought of garnering more sympathy and money to her patreon, maybe? I don't see a reason why she would state how much an ER visit cost unless pandering.

No. 373851

No. 373853

You know that she's going to say the meds worked so therefore the diagnosis will be #Confirmed

Sage for speculation

No. 373858

Yeah, she's already counting her chickens…getting all excited over how she's going to feel better because she's been diagnosed and be able to go outside for nature walks with her headphones and make better content on YT. https://www.younow.com/Claritey/28048454/35775257/569e7e12/m

No. 373859

Ok. So let me get this straight… She suffers from muscle pain…?
Could it possibly have something to do with her sitting on the floor 20 hours a day?
And as for her chronic diarrhoea, that is easily rectified. Stop eating fatty foods.
Notice a trend here Kati? It's all self inflicted, it can all be solved rather easily. That and you're a munchie/scamming bitch.

No. 373864

The "rumors" are ridiculous ya'll (this is her attempt at making fun of her haters and their ridiculous rumors.)

"terminal brain cancer and apparently she used to live on the street and get into knife fights all the time but somehow she also made a lot of money and traveled the world and lived in France but then she was homeless getting in knife fights, fucking liar never had terminal cancer …you are right I never had terminal cancer, the rumors ya'll, the rumors"

No. 373866

Im her stream she says, "My sed rate came back high, it should be at 0 to 20, mine was at 16"

16 is less than 20. 16 is greater than 0.
Joy. It's not high, it's normal.

Of course now she is having a problem with her steroids. Why wouldn't she? She tells everyone to give her medical info, she already has herself convinced of side effects. If she would finally admit to herself that she has an anxiety disorder and treat it appropriatly then she would know that the steroids are winding her up even more.

No. 373868

I've taken Prednisone a few times and never, each time I've taken it, felt the effects on the first day, let alone 3.5 hours later. It would be about day three until I felt any difference in my mood and feel.

No. 373870

You guys don't know by now that Joy is special and everything affects her differently than the rest of the population?

No. 373871

Joy Spackle put out another parody video today. It's a parody of Joy's Kathy video. Dude is hilarious and can act.

Saged for comedy

No. 373872

I wish I could watch this guy but the constant echoing is grating.

No. 373874

I hope she tells the Drs about her microwave symptoms. It's awesome that she had all this serious health stuff happening today and saw Drs but still somehow decided lurking here is priority.
Road to recovery : health < lolcow

I typically feel a difference in an hour, even with the low dose of 10 mg. I gain weight like a mofo from it as well and when I started spinal injections, I gained 10 pounds with each injection over a period of a few months, that took a year to lose. She is in for a ride

No. 373886


Honestly, I always just assumed they were self-posts and couldn't stand the echo. But they're actually hilarious, he has her mannerisms down perfectly.

No. 373897

You mean she might find out that there are consequences to pretending you have multiple serious medical issues and they aren't all a walk in the park sympathy-bringers like she thought?

I think she'll milk the terrible side effects for a week or two and then swear off them, because as with everything else, they just make her worse. They can't help with symptoms she doesn't have, so they'll be just putting her through hell for nothing. She'll tire of this game very quickly.

No. 373913


Exactly. The reason she can never continue her treatment is because she's not sick! No one would go thru the side effects of these drugs if they weren't truly suffering & desperate for relief. It's no walk in the park to take these meds. But it's better than being bedridden & unable to walk or live any sort of meaningful life.

I'm gearing up for my next round of epidurals myself and was in tears today just sitting in traffic getting to work. All side effects and risks of permanent disability are worth it. I can't continue living with this pain. When you're desperate you put up with a lot. But it's pretty clear she can be picky about side effects because there's no actual pain or real problem to solve.

Infuriates me.

No. 373922

The full "diagnosis" stream. JSBS YouNow 8/16/17 - second stream of the day.

No. 373928

Bless you for using this picture.

Saged for not adding anything but love for Kili/Aidan Turner.

No. 373932


I think the echo is deliberate making fun of Joy's audio quality.

No. 373952

>>373886 He is genuinely funny, I thought he wasn't going to be making anymore after a stream I watched with him and egocast. I guess he realised her little act was a manipulation ploy for sympathy, glad he's back.

>>373932 I thought the echo was an intentional piss take too.

No. 373968

Her ANA is fucking 80… that is the lowest possible positive (80, 160, 320 etc). I knew it.
>Low-intensity ANAs are present in up to 40% of healthy individuals

No. 373974

>her grandma has it & it runs in the family, they have similar symptoms (according to Kati) so it would only stand to reason for her to have it too.

>Most people who develop polymyalgia rheumatica are older than 65.

To blog for a moment, my aunt and mum are on the histrionic side and tend to "acquire" any illness someone around them has.

No. 373975

I cannot believe she is bragging on Twitter about this "New chance" nonsense. That is mocking people really going through health issues that really are life or death.


No. 373977

They also usually have an ESR of 40 mm/hr or higher…hers is 16, normal is 1-20…she kept harping that this result was on "the higher end of the range"…it's still well within normal range though. This condition is usually found in the elderly…the average age of diagnosis is 70!

No. 373978

File: 1502960904685.png (58.97 KB, 634x340, newchance.png)

Yep, and it's obnoxious too. Apparently, the prednisone stopped killing her and she's perfectly fine now.
She supposedly has a "diagnosis" already but still needs more testing and has only been taking her meds for one day but she's positive they are going to fix everything…maybe because she needs an excuse to stop being "sick"…she's probably tired of that game and wants it to stop.

No. 373985


Thank you for adding proof.

I think you've hit the point there. She wants an ilnness, (Even though she's well) that appears under control for now so she can keep her story straight. And have it get worse or change when needed.

I know people who are seriously ill and they don't complain this much! They would actually have a right to though.

No. 373993

So not only is Joy actively reading here, but she's also using some criticisms here to make herself look better.

Take the now listening to doctors. She's now fully agreeing with the results, when she normally loves to play doctor herself.

She's also used another piece of advice here about reminding people she's not a counsellor etc.

She didn't think of these herself, she read most of them here and copied to try and cover her tracks.

Joy knows full well most avid fans haven't even looked here, so they're not aware.

No. 374022

>so happy to be alive and get a new chance
As if she were on her death bed yesterday. She genuinely makes me sick. TBH, I'm genuinely surprised they took her seriously because none of her tests so far show any huge/notable abnormalities. I remember some liver test I had ( possibly GGT in English? ) where the normal ranges were from 0, 1 something to 4. Mine had to show 17 for everyone to genuinely freak out. I'm sure Kati would have a heart attack if she got a result like that.

No. 374023

Joy reminds me of an ex I once had. Constantly seeking out new diagnoses to use as an excuse for her lazy lifestyle. She also had a habit of reading up on every side-effect of the medication the doctor would prescribe and then apply it to herself… in this case, Joy's wheezing a few hours after her first dose of prednisone. This behaviour is toxic and so indicative of mental health issues… why don't we see those on her 'proof' of diagnoses list?

No. 374027

Right? Didn't she say this doctor diagnosed her with depression? Why isn't that on her "diagnosis" list? Oh right because those were diagnostic billing codes that mean fuck all….they are simply a list of the complaints she came in with…if she had come in saying she thought she was pregnant that would have been on there too even if she had a negative result.

According to her she had 2 ANA tests one was 1:40 the other was 1:80.

No. 374029

that's not an ANA scale I'm used to then

No. 374036

Exactly. Where's her diagnosis of PTSD? For her to pass off that billing sheet as a genuine list of conditions is sly.

No. 374037

Anyone with basic-ass medical knowledge or even googlefu, and a 2nd grade reading comprehension level would be able to tell you that is not a list of actual diagnoses. She is literally banking on her fan base being braindead, and unfortunately, they deliver.

No. 374038

One thing I still can't figure out - and I've been here since thread 1 - is: is she willingly bullshitting us knowing there's nothing much wrong with her? Is she that far gone that she believes she has all of these conditions?
She also strikes me as someone who would do just about anything to not be further diagnosed with mental illness, she'd rather have anything physical. Yes, she mentioned PTSD, but I'm sure that was for pity points ( abuse, her mom lurking lolcow cause we're her people, yo ) and depression but that was to explain how her copper toxicity and fibro are affecting her. Do you think she would believe a doctor if they now told her the only thing that's wrong with her is a mood/personality disorder, etc and suggested psych treatment?
It's frustrating. Most of us who are sick would do anything do be healthy - she'd do anything to prove she's seriously sick.

No. 374039

If she can prove she's sick she never has to face or admit to her anxiety.

No. 374040

>Most of us who are sick would do anything do be healthy - she'd do anything to prove she's seriously sick.
And that's what's funny; she doesn't even want to be seriously sick, she just wants to prove she is for asspats and sympathy bux.
Is she ever going to take back the awful things she's said about her mother and family, especially after her mother clearly contacted her live on stream (and has on multiple occasions iirc)? If I was her relative, there's no way I wouldn't have found her online presence yet, and I'd be doing everything I could to get the word out in my defense. The gall she has to talk about her mother that way, blows my mind.

No. 374045

With her talk of accidentally hurting people before, the way she collects medical tests, diagnoses, side effects of medicines, and claiming to be all about the children, I can't help but wonder…

Munchausen by proxy.

It's not only about children though, it can be afflicted on anyone.

Saged for serious tinfoiling.