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File: 1506483650454.jpg (38.34 KB, 1280x720, shoe0hfuck.jpg)

No. 393335

No. 393469

can't wait to witness the mythcon shitshow

No. 393481

She hasn't been active on Twitter in 5 days. Maybe she secretly hoped the whole deplatforming would succeed so she wouldn't have to give a speech.

No. 393488

No. 393537

June: "What's a social justice warrior?"
Mom: "That's what you are."

I feel sorry for her parents. You can tell they really wanted June to be legitimately famous, but all the she is a mouthy Youtube personality on a niche corner of the internet.
>7:34 "How does it feel to parent a failure?"
Kinda sad that they couldn't really name a real accomplishment of hers. Predictably most parents would be naming their kid's degrees, jobs, or special hobbies to prove their kid's success. With June though, all the dad could quip back is 'well who are you,' yikes. I'm surprised she even put that in the video…it's kinda embarrassing.

No. 393590

I don't even feeling like watching this obnoxious ass video. Did her parents answer whether they were feminists or not?

No. 393667

I did not watch the video yet, but i believe you, so how are her fans so dumb to see that?! They're all like milf and dilf, they support us blahblah

No. 393674

God, her mother's story about her first time meeting Greg. It really shows that he is a pretentious fedora tipping sperg idiot.

It starts here: https://youtu.be/2Jy0VlqVXDE?t=3m32s

No. 393702

her only achievements were leeching off pre existing fanbases to impress betafags and be some makeup artist at a sephora stall for a month until she started hiding under the counters to avoid doing fat chicks makeup. embarrassing gurl

No. 393715

LMAO that made me laugh. What a faggot. Be grateful she offered you anything you fat fuck.

No. 393747

Yes they do.
The mom said she considers herself a bit of a feminist, but also said feminists ruined it because they "burned their bras" and now women have to go to work. Something like that. I can't remember if the father answered the question, he just gave a half-assed definition of what he thinks feminism is.

Who knows man.

That part was super cringe. Yeah, way to go, your daughter is dating a huge asshole.

No. 393754

There's no way her parents didn't try to talk her out of dating Greg.

No. 393762

i couldn't watch the whole video. it just felt… awkward

No. 393789

Fuck I feel bad for her mom. First that fat idiot doesn't even properly come to their house, instead he comes directly to the backyard and sits by the table there and acts like a pretentious autist.
Was June like ~awww that's my daddy dom, mommy. Isn't he the best?~

No. 393803

Who fucking acts like that to your partners mom? That ledgit pissed me off, you don't fucking disrespect your partners mother. I would have dumped him on the fucking spot, don't speak to my mother like that.

Most people try to give a good first impression to the parents, not even for ego purposes but because of respect. You have to be polite and respect that they opened their home for you and even served you drinks and food. Absolutly disgusting to act like that. Really shows what kind of person he is if he can't even respect his mothers girlfriend the first time he sees her.

No. 393812

I feel bad for her parents. They don't really seem to know what's going on. Almost like no one cares about the evil SJWs and feminists irl.

No. 393820

The way they dance around some of these questions make me think that they don't even watch her videos or understand what she does, they're just glad that their daughter is getting noticed for something for once in her life.

No. 393824

What a fucking smug fat piece of shit. You can tell the parents hate him.

No. 393892

I wonder if they're disappointed, even a little bit? I mean June is what, 26? Their 26 year old daughter made them sit down on a couch and answer questions for her audience of edgy teenagers who just want to fuck her. Her grown ass boyfriend treats her like a child and still acts like a snarky teenage asshole meeting his girlfriend's parents right before he takes her to prom.

The entire situation is just unbearable to look at.

No. 394031

The fact that he's in his 30's and openly displays the DD/lg shit on social media is disconcerting enough. Then he acts like this towards his girlfriend's parents the first time meeting them?

This was all the confirmation I needed that he's as immature in person as he is online. The fact that June doesn't even find his behavior weird is really depressing, honestly.

No. 394034

File: 1506572263756.jpg (36.23 KB, 599x449, 1478764024593.jpg)

I want to know how her parents feel about her nudes.

No. 394058

Meh. Came here for milk. Disappointed. It's just a bunch of people thinking she's a failed ~trad~? She has never claimed to be trad IIRC. She's openly liberal and sex positive. The milkiest thing here is her gross obsession with her bf but compared to the other people talked about this seems really weak, almost forced.

No. 394075

look at the old thread, she said several times she was trad

No. 394078

File: 1506584773384.png (55.06 KB, 632x301, 1505945699820.png)

she only recently started claiming to be trad when she saw how much attention it got other girls for claiming to be trad, as well as claiming she was some asexual virgin until she met her bf and became a nympho, which her older videos proved false, june is just another pretentious girl pretending to be a ~perfect kinky housewife~ when in reality she's a thot

No. 394125

june's gonna fucking lose it when he decides he's done with her and trades her for a younger, prettier girl with the same amount of self loathing

No. 394127

Maybe not, she seems like a doormat. I could totally see them ending up in an onion situation.

No. 394148

The question is, how is the fat faggot gonna even find someone hot and willing to date him?
June is a lil bit butterface but has a great body but she is definitely out of his league (and I think she's aware of it.)

No. 394276

Her body is eh, theres the breast augmentation, not really my thing, but greasy old white guys dont care and just want a skinny girl with big tits, and delusional daddy doms who claim to hate plastic surgery but secretly prefer it

No. 394347

She never said she was trad outright. I think she's disagreed openly with Lauren Southern's "all women should be trad" videos. People in the last thread inferred that from her nasty ass "serving my daddy" fetish posts

No. 394369

I didn't mind her when she was just making fun of crazy SJW things.
Hell, I wouldn't even mind her if she just said she enjoys being more of a submissive type but still demands respect from her partner.But instead we get

No. 394372



No. 394373


To answer this, the Boxxysphere was a pretty chill place until she burst through the wall screaming about herself like the kool aid man. When Catie returned after years of waiting, with that xmas video, suddenly June was all over her website and the chan she setup for her fans to interact with her. June was so into herself she even weaseled her way into her own wing of the site, pretty sure she ended up a moderator of /j/ or something. Her little internet drama with her buttbuddy of that era

I actually confused the guy I was talking about with the other guy she was obsessed with around that same time. She was head over heels for yet another internet dude who wore a helmet at that time, and he was well known on the Boxxy site. It was sort of a miniature trial period for what she does now. Fewer people knew them, but it was the same song & dance. Flaunt your relationship openly, be generally gross to show everyone that someone is actually into you. This other guy, Rob, who has been referred to a couple times loosely, is an entirely different person who popped up around the same time. The moment she and him found one another it seemed like all of her fans became secondary, and her personality changed completely into this negative, sarcastic know it all. On that day, it seems she changed forever and has never turned back. I was the victim of it a few times actually, I didn't find it funny at all but I can see why she would. She started ambush style attacks on people who couldn't properly fight back, and for some reason that made her laugh.

All in all her record with guys she's met online has been pretty bad, and every last one of them leaves their mark on her in a very telling way… but some more than others. Her personality is really like night and day, before and after she learned how to let her needy, angry, mean bullshit all out.

No. 394632

Fam, I'm 100% positive Sh0e is not trad. That's clearly a joke since it's directed at Lauren. Do you have the tweet she's responding to?

She's openly in a BDSM relationship, is pro-choice, liberal, sex posi and is even anti-marriage. I'm barely a follower of hers and I know these things. I won't be fucked to find sources but I know of one.

In this video
Lauren shows a screencap of Sh0e defending a picture of "sluts" Lauren posted.

Most of these threads are just people disagreeing with her politics or making fan fictions of her future. Honestly boring.

No. 394641

she lied about being an asexual virgin till her twenties. wonder why, maybe to pander to neckbeards as always.

No. 394647


Anon. It's funnier than that. She didn't lie to the new fanbase, she lied to her old one.

She posted a vlog on the shoeoffhead YT some time ago where she talks about how she used to lie in her old videos because the only people who watched them were her underraged friends and she wanted to look cool since she was "the older one". Then her underaged friend's mom talked to June's mom about it and June had to admit to her mother that she was lying about having sex. Then her underaged friends wound up losing their virginities before her. I'm not joking. I'll dig up the video if I can. It's unlisted but I know she posted it to Twitter and I saved it because it was so stupid bizarre.

I don't think she's lying about being a virgin into her 20's. Her hair pulling disorder and the bullying make it easy to believe she was an outcast with no friends until the internet. That's probably why she's so reckless and annoying with her new fame. She most likely lost her virginity to that black guy.

As for being trad- she's not. If she's pretending she is she's not good at it.

No. 394648

File: 1506662974220.png (94.56 KB, 1218x516, TradCon3.png)

Idk anything about that but she is not trad.

No. 394669

File: 1506667136773.jpg (240.39 KB, 753x1471, 1391372879929.jpg)

lol she's starting to remind me of Gail the Snail. I'd buy her being a virgin up until her 20s. Maybe finally losing her virginity made her feel like a cool kid and that eventually turned into her bragging about her gross #sexposi ddlg lifestyle (feet. her fat boyfriend super hot daddy dom uwu)

The asexual stuff is bs though. She looked rough in all of the pictures of her as a teen and we already know her personality is pretty shit. Calling herself ace just seemed like a cover up for no one wanting to fuck her (and maybe her trying to seem innocent and kawaii). The lack of attention is probably what lead to her getting fake tits… Something an "asexual" person definitely wouldn't do.

sage for bitter-sounding armchair psychology

No. 394676

She does not have fake tits. She has neither the income or the attention span to commit to a procedure like that. Her tits are the exact same size, she's gone through many awkward phases, and the end result was often her looking like a frump. It was all a process, including her makeup. Clueless awkward phase after awkward phase, gradually trying to improve. She better thank the big fella upstairs that she got a job doing makeup. Now that she has more income she's definitely trying to impress. She's had some practice, if her notoriety increased and she was snatched up by some cabal in media, she could be gussied up pretty well.

I'm conflicted about saying too much, because I know that she is sick. Considering her circumstances, she is a sweet girl. She really is, but she's sick. The problems you have with her, and you have plenty of reason to have them, but you have to understand you have those problems with her because she is not well. She was not trained for life, her parents tried their best. She was left back, on top of the clinical issues aforementioned here. She says and does things sometimes, and she doesn't see what you and I see. I have compassion for her situation because the way that her mind is set up, the stability of toothpicks, rubber bands, and gum. It really isn't her fault, but in the essence of lolcow, she truly cannot help herself from walking into a wall, and unwittingly digging herself deeper.

I wouldn't wish this magnifying glass inspecting someone like her, but the big disgusting show she insists on putting on with Skep kind of balances her karma. For every needy and trashy post with him, she earns her hatred.

No. 394685

File: 1506671907882.jpg (Spoiler Image, 34.99 KB, 709x314, Job.jpg)


If this leak is real, it brings suspicion over whether she did the augmentation or not. Her nipples are pointed upwards and doesn't seem to align, and her breast tissue doesn't look like it has that natural sag.

No. 394689

>some long island hoe with the refund gap
"she does not have fake tits because she doesn't have the income"
I hope you're kidding, I knew girls who lived in trailers and got plastic surgery

>I'm conflicted about saying too much, because I know that she is sick. Considering her circumstances, she is a sweet girl. She really is, but she's sick. The problems you have with her, and you have plenty of reason to have them, but you have to understand you have those problems with her because she is not well. She was not trained for life, her parents tried their best. She was left back, on top of the clinical issues aforementioned here. She says and does things sometimes, and she doesn't see what you and I see. I have compassion for her situation because the way that her mind is set up, the stability of toothpicks, rubber bands, and gum. It really isn't her fault, but in the essence of lolcow, she truly cannot help herself from walking into a wall, and unwittingly digging herself deeper.

being "sick" and an attention deprived hoe, is still being an attention deprived hoe, just like being mentally ill and addicted to drugs is still being addicted to drugs, while mental illness can only go so far with shit you do, you are responsible for your own actions, coming from someone who is mentally ill, and has been declared mentally unstable

No. 394700


>She posted a vlog on the shoeoffhead YT some time ago where she talks about how she used to lie in her old videos because the only people who watched them were her underraged friends and she wanted to look cool since she was "the older one". Then her underaged friend's mom talked to June's mom about it and June had to admit to her mother that she was lying about having sex. Then her underaged friends wound up losing their virginities before her. I'm not joking. I'll dig up the video if I can. It's unlisted but I know she posted it to Twitter and I saved it because it was so stupid bizarre.

so she got caught talking about sex and had to say she lied about it? that sounds more like she lied about being a virgin if anything

>I don't think she's lying about being a virgin into her 20's. Her hair pulling disorder and the bullying make it easy to believe she was an outcast with no friends until the internet. That's probably why she's so reckless and annoying with her new fame. She most likely lost her virginity to that black guy.

eh, most of the biggest sluts I knew were outcasts with mental disorders, so it's not far off and her being an ~innocent snowflake who got bullied and just wanted to fit in~ wouldn't prove her being a virgin or not

No. 394917

Not really. You're pretty much looking at 2 consistent photos, and her tits are still the same size. Stuff like this discredits a lot of the trashing in here. She has plenty of shortcomings to target, and her tits ain't one of them.

>I hope you're kidding, I knew girls who lived in trailers and got plastic surgery

You knowing poor people who got tit jobs doesn't mean a chick who has the same sized tits in before and after photos got a tit job no questions asked. Her tits look exactly the same, I've been staring at them for years. It's a weak theory especially considering the fact she always had a decent chest and employs push up bras.

She was absolutely a virgin (vaginally) until the black boyfriend. Reason being, a combination of being a complete pussy socially, being embarrassed, and being a loner. She's indecisive and as said already, her mind runs on almost a command prompt of being needy, being attention seeking, and being flawed socially and mentally. She knows she could pull in dick if she wanted, but she didn't have the self esteem to see herself as a sexual being.

She regularly gave blowjobs as a teenager, the extent of which amounts to almost experimentation and she was likely awful at them. She's had boyfriends all her life, but none of them fucked until the one she met online, probably because he had a small fanbase. Gold diggers gonna dig gold.

No. 394922

>Her tits look exactly the same, I've been staring at them for years.
>She was absolutely a virgin (vaginally) until the black boyfriend.
>She knows she could pull in dick if she wanted, but she didn't have the self esteem to see herself as a sexual being.
>She regularly gave blowjobs as a teenager.
>She's had boyfriends all her life, but none of them fucked until the one she met online.

Hope this is June self-posting her sex blog. If not, you are one creepy motherfucker.

No. 394924

>you are one creepy motherfucker.

All that info comes directly from unichan, tell us something we don't know

No. 394926

File: 1506720764703.png (337.54 KB, 587x705, lol ian my dude.png)

>What I wanna know is how the hell they found out what @shoe0nhead is doing during sex.

it's not like she broadcasts it to the world in an attempt to have a personality, Mr. _D.

No. 394952

Anon jesus christ, real tits do not look like that. They're symmetrical, round, hard- and plastic-looking, pointing upwards and squeezed together even without a bra. They are not real.

No. 394964

your point? she could have worn push up bras and stopped once she got them, saying "THE SIZES HAVEN'T CHANGED" isn't enough proof when anyone with a brain would know if those are her nudes, she has had breast implants

assuming those are her nudes. they're clearly implants, so an insecure long island hoe whos tits look like implants isn't far off to assume she had implants, even if you are attracted to her or not

No. 395003


They're not even pointing in the same direction.

No. 395007

File: 1506727393021.jpg (22.73 KB, 580x198, banned.jpg)

Apparently she was banned from Twitter.

No. 395008

why do losers always use if their boob size fluctuations or not to prove someone didn't have breast implants?

see >>>/ot/197930

>junes boobs never changed sizes in the past few years therefore they're real

>____boobs fluctuate therefore they're real

fat transfers fluctuate, we only saw junes tits 2 times, so she her boobs looking bigger with a shirt and bra on, then we saw her tits once and it looks about the same size as it does now, isn't enough proof that they're real

No. 395018

it's really sad how she'll put down other women so that she can make herself look better to her incel fanbase

No. 395021

The mental gymnastics here are astounding. The burden of proof is on you, you are saying that the fact they look exactly the same doesn't have any validity against your unproven claim that they were altered. Meanwhile you haven't shown anything substantial to suggest they've changed whatsoever.

Have you all never seen tits that aren't droopy from being overweight?

No. 395024

dude, anyone with a brain can see those tits are fake, from the refund gap, to them point in different directions and looking hard, I understand how some boob jobs can look real but if you seriously think this is real you're foolish, we only saw her tits 2 times, and they look faker than kardashians ass, you don't know if they changed because you're seeing it from the outside, are you a bot coming to defend your fake ass waifu? if you are that would explain why you don't know how push up bras work, most girls who get boob jobs are already very insecure about their breast, chances are she was wearing push up bras or multiple bras to make her boobs look bigger until she got the plastic surgery, kim k doesn't technically have any proof it's fake, nor does nicki minaj, nor do most celebrities and porn stars, but anyone with a brain can see obvious fake tits

>Have you all never seen tits that aren't droopy from being overweight?

yes, since I've actually seen several girls with perky tits, slim with big tits, etc, you can see all the breasts in the world, have nice tits yourself, and still say those obvious fakes are fake

anywho, I bring the other discussion from OT into this because people use fluctuations to prove they're real and now people are using boobs staying the same size to prove they're real, it just doesn't make any sense, she could have had it earlier on as well as like I said the bra theory

No. 395036

And right on cue there she goes again with her victim narrative, never change june, never change.


No. 395037

IKR? I mean, its not like he doesnt actively promote these things, its the reason she has the fanbase shes does.

No. 395111

>these tits look fake, trust me I can tell from some of the pixels, and from having seen many tits in my life

No. 395112

Show me one pair of (proven) natural breasts that look that perfectly round

No. 395115

>exhibit A: a photo of an entirely different person's boobs
>"i rest my case!"

No. 395116

File: 1506744380679.jpg (17.85 KB, 560x315, botched_406_highlight_b_262519…)

LMFAO guess anyone who says kim ks ass is fake is dumb since it's most likely from a few pixels huh, jesus christ I haven't seen that big of a stretch since yoga class, she got a shitty boob job and you can still tell "with some pixels" just like you can tell most shitty plastic surgery jobs from "a few pixels"

guess this bitch didn't have a boob job since it's only from a few pixels, in fact, medical professionals shouldn't study pictures, since it's just a few pixels right? you can't tell anything from pictures now apparently !

No. 395125

Why does this even have to be this lengthy of an argument? Who even cares if her tits are fake or not? One of you anons seem suspiciously hellbent on reiterating that they are real and getting defensive when people disagree.

Even If they were real, they look fake. That's why everyone thinks they're fake. That's why everyone is going to continue to assume they are fake. Shoe and her orbiters can go ahead and take at as a compliment if they are indeed real. But this discussion is going nowhere.

No. 395126

File: 1506745713760.png (1.32 KB, 400x400, 6LlqCea.png)

also not that anon but they were saying no natural breasts are perfectly round, you're a bit of an airhead, "YOU SAY SHOW A PICTURE OF NATURAL BREASTS THAT ARE PERFECTLY ROUND??? THAT'S AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT PERSON"

I feel bad for any person who ever had to educate you

No. 395135

Sage your titty wank unless you have proof for either side.

No. 395140

You nigs are very sensitive about having your logic questioned on the boob issue, and you're frazzled you have no argument beyond just restating the same thing over and over. Post something better than a photo where the tits look the same years apart.

No. 395158

File: 1506762273940.gif (13.63 KB, 443x318, GYN_breast_exam.gif)

This is how actual breasts looks like outside of porn, kid. Her niples don't align and the whole breast seem ''stapled on'' her torso. No matter how perky someone's breasts are, they still are mostly sacks of fat, there is no way they could stand up like that.

No. 395165

Lol fo shoe no one believes you here

No. 395233

I do believe the wage gap exists in some capacity, but does YouTube do cost of living adjustment? Skeptic is Canadian so their dollar is worth more. Sorry if this is a dumb question.

No. 395235

Based on a quick Google search, no COLA for YouTube. Kind of answered my own question.

No. 395265

File: 1506788234098.jpg (39.17 KB, 640x260, lol.jpg)

No. 395271

File: 1506788355407.jpg (143.94 KB, 1200x900, sh0e.jpg)

No. 395272

File: 1506788365469.jpg (108.17 KB, 1200x900, greg.jpg)

No. 395279

This is petty but his style bothers me so much. He dresses like such a twat

No. 395295

He dresses like how he believes elegant men dress like. Just like neckbeards that wear fedoras and trenchcoats thinking it makes them look sophisticated

No. 395333

She truly is her own worst enemy. If she were a man, she wouldn't be nearly this embarrassing and falling into the same traps. She also would have no appeal.

No. 395368


This poster is for sure either June herself or Greg…

No. 395399

Wrong again. A crack team of investigators you've got here. That's probably why you're focusing on red herring shit about her, rather than pointing out her very clear and obvious flaws which are documented. I'm sorry for wanting REALITY BASED lols, and not shit based on chasing 'net rumors. Use some context clues.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 395409

seriously man just shut the fuck up, mods already told u

No. 395411

he looks like he smelled a rancid fart in this picture

No. 395416

>rather than pointing out her very clear and obvious flaws which are documented

Well if you're aware of them, can't you post them?

No. 395418

File: 1506800926380.png (62.4 KB, 750x431, IMG_3862.PNG)


No. 395420

File: 1506801150065.jpg (249.09 KB, 1080x1111, IMG_3863.JPG)

No. 395421

Lmao, that makes no sense. But as long as the sjws are the bad guys her neckbeard followers are going to eat it up.

No. 395422

File: 1506801388530.jpg (120.16 KB, 1920x1056, mass-effect-andromeda-face.jpg)

looks kinda like female ryder and bam margera had a euphoric baby

No. 395423

File: 1506801551953.jpg (107.06 KB, 1200x675, party.jpg)

No. 395425

she looks so insecure in this picture

No. 395429

Yeah something about this picture combined with this tweet >>395265 makes me feel a bit bad for her. Though I'm not sure why, because she honestly seems perfectly happy with what she's doing and how she sees herself.

No. 395431


is that a party or a funeral

No. 395434

literal insider of a trailer park party

No. 395435

euphoric atheists enlightened by their own intelligence.

No. 395439

She always looks so uncomfortable in candids. Look at how she clings to her bf's arm, it's like she's holding on for dear life

No. 395445

She does her hair and make-up like it's 2007. Also, why is she wearing cat ears? You're 26, June.

No. 395447

File: 1506804449843.jpg (29.3 KB, 560x199, bad.jpg)

No. 395461

Sorry to go all armchair psychologist here, but I sometimes wonder if the way he treats her has anything to do with why she's so physically clingy of him IRL and attention-seeking with him on social media. She's such an anxious person and he strikes me as a narcissistic avoidant type, meaning he might be ignoring her or distancing himself from her regularly on purpose, which would automatically trigger such behavior from her. Combine that with the fact that they're in a LDR and you've got a recipe for disaster.

I know June is attention-seeking in general, but it's very typical for this kind of behavior to get way worse in unhealthy relationships.

No. 395463

File: 1506806270855.png (71.71 KB, 592x348, Screen Shot 2017-09-30 at 4.17…)

June probably cheered right along with them.

(Take these tweets with a grain of salt because I haven't seen video of this yet.)

No. 395470

this happened more than anything on earth has ever happened

No. 395479

shhh, anon, Mass Effect is a SJW product now, they are going to get triggered

Who tf wears that kind of stupid tiara in an ////intellectual people///// event?

No. 395480


This seems to be a portion of it. Doesn't go down exactly as the tweets describe. I still think Sargon's tweet was bad though, don't care what gymnastics he uses to justify it after the fact.

Sage because this has nothing to do with June other than the fact that she was present at the con and I don't know why I brought it up lmao. Apologies.

No. 395481

The ''your voice is important'' bit is extremely similar to something that would come out of a feminist tbh.
Not like anyone on that audience was ever silenced, though.

No. 395497

File: 1506810887649.jpg (24.11 KB, 400x388, sargon IRL.jpg)


>Carl using his "you fucking stupid fucking autistic fucking moron" voice at a public appearance

they charged money to be in the audience for this.

No. 395515

It's hard to understand since in that apparent debate (?) there is no mediator and they talk over each other all the time.
But from what I can understand the coversation goes like:
>Thomas says
>''Everybody that is a part of inviting you, you are saying to the women in the movement you do not give a shit about using rape as threat to ??? somebody''
>audience cheers
>Sargon says:
>''The whole point to it was to demonstrate that I'm saying 'I won't do something' and you would say 'That's a threat' ''
>audience laughs
>Thomas responds:
>''Oh, it's just a coincidence that you said rape?''
>audience laughs and cheers
>After some ranting from Thomas that I can't really figure out Sargon responds:
>''No, it's entirely delibarete. An thing is you don't…''
>Thomas says:
>''To a victim of sexual assault?!''
>''…you don't know anything about the protest (?)''
>''You know you can use her previous trauma as a caudle (?) to ??? her''
>''There is nothing to do with her trauma, and you know what she does. Right? She was parading around saying 'look I think I get all these rape threats and therefore I won't control the incident and the is an MP, right? So it's not like she is powerless.''

I guess talking shit about not going to rape someone to a sexual assault victim it's totes a joke, don't you get it? god these sensible womyn

No. 395541


Here it fucking is. God I hate this motherfucker so much.

I'd love to know exactly what these people were clapping so passionately for.

No. 395557

wtf. what's wrong with the audience?
then again these are people who paid money to listen to Shoe, her boyfriend, and Sargon.

No. 395561

I don't understand, what is Mythcon? Unmediated debates about dumb twitter shit?

No. 395573

The audio is much better in this one, thanks anon.
But, fuck, if I don't get the urge to punch all these scumbags. Do they even get what they were talking about?

No. 395578

File: 1506814757716.png (89.82 KB, 750x450, mythcon.png)

It's an atheist conference for "deep academic dives into science, philosophy and history, to religious debates". Shoe, her boyfriend, and Sargon were invited to speak. June and Greg talked about "Identity Politics, Online Discourse & Echo Chambers".

No. 395582

They probably get it, they just don't care. They're misogynists. 'Anti-feminist' is just code for anti-women for a vast majority of these people at this point. That has become clear. I don't know about anybody else but I'm just about fed up with this emerging culture in which empathy and compassion are seen as negative, weak traits for someone to have. I also feel as though people are becoming more and more hostile toward women just for existing. It's disheartening.

I doubt June will ever comment on this because Sargon is her friend, and also because nobody in her audience would question this. But I would be so, so curious to see what she would say. You would think she could find it in herself to have a little bit of empathy for a sexual assault victim? Even though the victim in question is a woman? Right?

No. 395597

She did mention it on her tweets:

And it's honestly what I expected she would do. She doesn't point out any opinion of her own and parrots what his fanbase already thinks (like always). She doesn't mention anything specific.
It's really funny seeing how Sargon fans are talking about Thomas going back to his echo chamber when that, clearly, was his echo chamber.

No. 395609

Oh yeah I saw those, but thanks anon. I was talking about her specifically addressing Sargon's comment and then the audience cheering. After all, it would be the perfect opportunity to seem like one of the guys. Laughing at a female sexual assault victim's misfortune.

Shoe obviously thinks, and has stated many times, that rape, violence, and sexual assault against men is not a joke. It absolutely is not funny. And I agree wholeheartedly. But she doesn't seem to extend the same feelings towards female victims of the same types of crimes.

No. 395610

I think she doesn't care at all. She has no empathy for other women. All she cares about is attention from men like her idiot boyfriend and her obnoxious followers.

No. 395615

it's all apart of june's persona of the 'good girl'. those icky feminists wouldn't get harassed or raped if they just shut up and acted like a 'good girl', like the wonderful june

No. 395616

File: 1506818729774.jpg (96.21 KB, 615x675, fanart.jpg)

No. 395617

File: 1506818791839.jpg (47.99 KB, 510x510, DK-weKOXoAA1Ijg.jpg)

You're right. They have no problem with women who keep their mouths shut and don't talk about issues that they care about or are affected by. If you laugh along with their misogynistic 'jokes' you'll be just fine. You're one of the good ones.

It's so depressing. I wish I could go back in time to when I was naive and had no idea how much most people hate women and how big of a joke women are to the world. Better days, man.

No. 395619

it's so fucking depressing

No. 395653

I honestly can't tell if this is supposed to be ironic or not.
Things are so shit right now, it's either the butthurt of Tumblr or the sexism of the alt-right. I want out.

No. 395655

No. 395666

She's the same kind of woman who marries the guy she cheated on his ex-wife with and thinks he won't do the same to her. She's so pathetic. She really thinks catering to neckbeards and being 'one of the guys' will gain her any respect.

No. 395691

WOW that was bad. High school book report bad. Hiding your face behind a script while the boyfriend looks just as uncomfortable and lost with his hands in his pockets. These people are the definition of "keyboard warriors." No self esteem, co-dependent, and on top of it they can't even get the job done with one another side by side.

Give up.

No. 395704

File: 1506836818246.png (371.8 KB, 407x505, hoop.PNG)

regarding her curves, i'm pretty sure she shoops regularly. what do you guys think? she does appear to have implants tho

No. 395712

Not to mention the "ums" and awkwardly repeating herself.
I thought she'd memorize her entire script, considering she tweeted about prepping up, instead she just reads straight through it on fucking stage!
She couldn't even be bothered to at least have a general idea of what her script said and then work off of that.
I honestly wouldn't be surprised if her boyfriend wrote the whole damn thing for her.

No. 395720

The whole thing makes me uncomfortable. She's so awkward and insecure. For some reason, I really dislike the way she speaks and how she touches her bangs.

No. 395724

she does, she can't keep it consistant, not sure why though since her fat boyfriend has already seen her 6/10 body

No. 395766

why would she shop her arms?? she is not that fat

it's also so common place it would be better left unsaid, really
I wrote better ones at high school with time limits and pressure

No. 395897

I don't think she does. I'm skeptical of the realness of her breasts, but she has a really nice body otherwise and I think people are reaching because they're jealous, honestly.

No. 395917

She's skinny with fake boobs. Nothing special.

No. 395927

Nah, her body is close to being 10/10 without exercise, and you're all salty as fuck. Even if her tits are fake, they look good. Hell, there's always a chance they aren't fake, since we technically don't have proof.

Seriously, June is annoying as fuck but it's so obvious how jealous you guys are of her looks.(whiteknighting)

No. 395933

She looks so uncomfortable and she's clinging to Skeptic's arm. Must suck to be in a room with a bunch of pseudo-intellectual douchebags who think "the feminists"/SJWs are trying to take their rights away.

No. 395936

She works out. Also, are you really going to pretend that skinny with big boobs is the most desirable body type in 2k17? Lmao, even her own boyfriend calls her chicken legs.

If the pictures are really her that's proof the tits are fake. Where's your proof people are jealous?

No. 395939

File: 1506883895031.jpeg (41.94 KB, 750x671, DCB7DF85-9898-4AE0-B48E-5AF3B0…)

Mehhh her bod is a 7 and her face is a 5-6. These things are subjective remember anon?

No. 395940

She looks fine in the face and her body is nice, implants or not, but don't piss your pants because not everybody thinks she's a 10/10. Her looks aren't her issue anyway.

No. 395954

Nah, I personally think pear shape is the most desirable,which june is nowhere near a pear, I mean I Guess its ~special~ since a lot of Americans and Canadians are fat and seeing another, generic looking skinny girl with fake tits, it isn't uncommon in new york and cali, idgaf if anyone finds her attractive, and the "youre just jealous!!!!" Excuse is outdated and wrong

No. 395983

lmao you can tune into any women's professional volleyball game and literally every single woman on the court will have a better body than her
how the fuck can you have a 10/10 body without exercise anyways? that's a total contradiction.

No. 395985

We're just jealous of Greg's metabolism, so hot, tbh. Thank god we have June to remind us everytime she mentions him.

No. 396029

File: 1506892680874.png (232.75 KB, 400x513, 1504532766247.png)

>pear shape

got a good chuckle out of that one, thanks anon.(still unsaged whiteknighting)

No. 396032

File: 1506893440590.jpg (7.33 KB, 194x259, imagescavpa4rv.jpg)

well an inshape pear, it's not like pear shape being desirable is some crazy, out-there, belief, considering so many men and women consider it ideal and the best body type, it is the most feminine too, wide hips, small waist, narrow shoulders, not all people want girls who are skinny minis with big fake tits

agreed, it's the sad standards nowadays, you can just eat very little and get surgery and magically be hot to most people, it's not just an american thing, it's popular in east asia and russia and new zealand for women just to starve themselves and get implants and be seen as goddesses, I want my women to look like women, I want them to be sustainable ,strong and healthy, for surgery, it's the womans choice but I get turned off when it's poorly done, seeing a girl who looks like she does nothing but sit around all day and eat 800 calories a day and got an obvious boob job just doesn't do it for me

sage for OT

No. 396036

File: 1506894001639.jpg (184.27 KB, 1060x1588, lifebuzz-f57f76c0ebb3308f44b24…)

i agree! i think an athletic pear-shape looks very nice and strong, pic related.
and i think if we're talking about boob jobs, it obviously depends on the skill of the surgeon - just look at dita von teese. but june's bolt-on tits don't inspire any jealousy in me.

No. 396055

File: 1506896675837.png (106.97 KB, 676x673, j00natleintellectualpeoplespar…)

Her face here keeps reminding me of this meme.

No. 396059

I'm starting to think the person who's been derailing about how jelly we are of June's 10/10™ body is the same autist who derailed about how her ~totally real~ her boobs are. Neither of them seem to know how to sage and they have a similar typing style.

Regardless, who gives a shit? Stop taking the bait/derailing. We all know she's average as fuck, there's no need to start arguing about body preferences.

No. 396060

File: 1506897589379.png (114.23 KB, 750x811, IMG_3882.PNG)

No. 396065

lmao, that's too accurate

No. 396066

Oh, yeah, not like women have been suffocating inside corsets for decades to achieve a similar effect.
Oh, wait.

No. 396067

File: 1506898329376.png (817.21 KB, 684x513, le gentleman.png)

That's to achieve an Hourglass shape. Hourglass was the preferred body shape for centuries, I think.

>that jacket and jeans combo

No. 396069

Discussions over which body type is more desirable are not on topic.

No. 396074

This is. So bad. Am I supposed to take him seriously or. .

No. 396079


it's the little cardboard cutout of his youtube persona that lets you know he is a Modern Intellectual™.

No. 396082

The way she puts on that fake high voice reminds me of Yumi King and how she interacts with her splenda daddy.

No. 396083

I love how spry and in shape the cardboard cutout looks in a suit, compared to his real-life blobby "7 rows back at a Packers game" physique directly next to it, for scale.

May be time to update your promotional material, brother man.

No. 396084

why does he dress like a fat ugly 16 yr old boy who thinks he a dom and a vampire but plays league all day and faps to fake tits

No. 396085

File: 1506900432909.png (516.89 KB, 640x554, bf.png)

No. 396087

the obnoxiousness is coming out of these pictures, jesus christ
All he needs to complete it is a copy of Atlas Shrugged to complete the picture kek

No. 396089

Why the fuck did June zoom and single out some normal woman walking for no reason? This is the second time I've seen her do this in a video. The other time was with an overweight woman to mock her while she's minding her own business. This bitch really hates other women.

No. 396090

File: 1506900960114.jpg (149.42 KB, 1024x768, DLCAMVlUQAAUSgi.jpg)

>super cute

No. 396091

June actually look p cute here
Her boyfriend, on the other hand…

No. 396093

That shirt/pants/blazer combo is literally killing me I can't

No. 396094

File: 1506901165517.jpg (172.07 KB, 1200x900, DLCCgoVVYAAZ-ty.jpg)

is this a PSA about angel shots?

No. 396095

Yeah, other than the stupid overused make-up I think she dresses fairly well.
Time stamp it, anon, don't make us suffer through that boring video.
She is really a bitch if she actually did it.

No. 396100

You don't think she shoops when there's proof right in front of your eyes? Are you anatomically retarded?

No. 396101

Here it is, at 4:12. Youtube embed didn't work, pls no ban , mods.


No. 396107

What the fuck was the point of that? Even if June did it because she considered the woman ~too fat and ugly~ for her sensitive eyeballs, she was working out for fucks sake. Leave her be.

It's not a HUGE deal, but I really hate when people film innocent people out in public. It's one of the biggest downsides of social media/current technology imo. I would get so angry if I was out minding my own business and saw someone point their camera or phone at me. Fuck off.

No. 396110

>making fun of a woman who looks fit
>while going out with a guy with moobs

men can be fat but women have to be skelly with huge fake tits or they're ugly bitches.

No. 396115

June is disgusting. Serious case of internalised misogyny. Her bf looks like a bag of shit and that woman looked very good, despite her being disheveled bc she was WORKING OUT like mad unlike those two lazy bag of bones

No. 396117

How tall is she anyways? She always acts like so smol submissive tiny footstool at like 5 foot but I'm 5 foot and she looks waaay taller than me. Unless the Pillsbury Doughboy is just short?

No. 396123

>woman have to be fit while men can be slobs
Just June trying to vindicate her insecure feelings of competition and hostility towards other women while giving the pass to fat guys who will tell her she's pretty for being anti-feminist.

No. 396127

She's probably wearing heels because she looks noticeably shorter than Sargon here >>395420

No. 396129

I don't see it. She still looks tall. And that wig is atrocious

No. 396131

Was the fat one while she was working at some makeup counter? its the only one I can think of currently

No. 396132

The wig is horrible but she looks tiny in that picture imo.

No. 396134

File: 1506905639264.jpg (101.56 KB, 685x685, height.jpg)

This should be without heels.

No. 396136

There's another video of her at a makeup counter where she does this? Please link.

June zooms in on the poor woman around 0:25 and says "lol".

No. 396140

they look like they own a gay sex trafficking ring

No. 396141

For sure. I sincerely hope that June never gets fat one day, because not only will her boyfriend hate her, she will hate herself. And then maybe some shitty stuck up asshole will even post a video or picture of her on twitter for all of their misogynist followers to laugh at.

No. 396143

ikr, I'm 4'11 and she looks a lot taller, even without heels

No. 396153

Yes and I think her bf is supposed to be like 6'3?. This is about the same diff between me and a guy that's like 5'11 here. Idk i get the feeling she's 5'3-5'4

No. 396156

File: 1506907272815.jpg (191.42 KB, 714x1024, DC_f4RYUwAAFR3z.jpg)

No. 396157

File: 1506907276075.jpg (224.04 KB, 687x960, 13336079_10153497589921333_894…)

in an older video she says she's 5'3" but she posted a photo of her driver's license and it said she is 5'2" (not a big deal since it's just an inch off)

i really hate how some of her wigs look in photos. looks way too obvious imo.

No. 396160

Ffs, 5'3 isn't even short. It's not short enough for her to play up and reference how "short" she is, constantly.

No. 396161

she looks like a trap weeb.

No. 396165

Jesus that is simply disgusting. Hey, June, that invalidates most of your points pretty hard. Not that you care what othe womyn care.

No. 396170

5'3 is the average, right?
but she is pandering for the kind of audience who would love a smol cute kinky quirky girl
basically a manic pixie dream girl

No. 396177

I think 5'4 is avg, but 5'3 isn't like "look at me I'm sooo short" short.

No. 396244

It's because she spends so much time around men, IMO. I'm 5'5" but back when my friend group was largely male I felt short as fuck because they were all 5'11" or taller. For a woman she's pretty average height.

No. 396292

File: 1506910374043.gif (1021.38 KB, 224x224, sefsdf.gif)


Not be super /tinfoilhat/ here, but does anyone else get the feeling Armoured probably isn't very nice to June?

In this video she mentions that he has complained "she doesn't close the car door hard enough, or closes the door too hard" on top of her constantly calling herself "stupid" in comparison to him? It just seems like the sort of immature nitpicking that should be avoided by any basic understanding of healthy relationships?

Armoured seems like enough of a dick to put down his emotionally stunted gf! imo!

they're both trash but I hate obese, arrogant men way more than women being just generally dumb

No. 396308

5'3" is an inch shorter than 5'4" which is the average height for American women. She's literally average height. Women over 5 feet who call themselves short are reaching hard.

No. 396385

I hate June but most of her problems come from being extremely insecure, which is kind of relatable (it's almost like she doesn't really understands the opinions she parrots, that is why it's so inconsistent).
While her boyfriend is just a asshole. He talks about skepticism but never do basic shit like actually showing his sources and overreacting and generalizing shit he know nothing about and acting smug. He treats her like I imagine he treats everyone in his life, with an air of slight superiority.
sage for rant

No. 396399

>Armoured seems like enough of a dick to put down his emotionally stunted gf! imo!

Yeah, I have that same theory. Greg KNOWS she's better than him so he has to keep up the facade of being "le sophisticated enlightened man" (he probably believes his own bs at this point, his ego is ridiculously inflated) or else she'll wise up and definitely go "Hey, I'm way better looking than this guy, bye". So he probably puts her down on purpose.

No. 396459

File: 1506914914119.jpg (141.84 KB, 1200x900, DK47--8VwAAfcyJ.jpg)

"i need all cabinets in america to be lowered because i am short."

it looks like she can reach those bowls just fine.

No. 396470

that's so pathetic lol
she is begging for comments

No. 396479

File: 1506918393978.jpg (40.61 KB, 300x300, geriatric hand.jpg)

She should invest in pic related and make like the incapable dotard that she is.

No. 396493

File: 1506921528457.jpg (638.78 KB, 2048x1536, 2fa3421033b9024f1a0e2a2a27d14b…)

Society's rejects on one table.

No. 396498

Anyone know their day jobs? Both seem like waiters to me. Her a diner and him a steakhouse where he seats people. That red jacket is probably part of his uniform.

Fat boys gimmick is he 'debunks' religion? Who knew that was a thing. Anyway, what are his qualifications for such a thing? I don't see him having a degree in theology. He seems like a giant cuck and misogynist who lucked out with a girl who likes being treated like shit because she knows she's a piece of shit for being lazy and a fraud.

Either way, this future train wreck should be amusing. Youtube demonetization, Twitter and Facebook bans etc.

No. 396502

Is that the nostalgia chick? Who's the golem next to her?

No. 396503


from left > right, it's nostalgia chick, hbomberguy, contrapoints, and some dude idk

No. 396504

Folding ideas? Lindsay Ellis? And is that hbomberguy? I'm kinda bumbed out that they'd hang out with June and Skeptic considering how lefty liberal they all are

No. 396508

Clearly years of watching Amazing Atheist, Cult of Dusty and Thunderf00t gave him more wisdom and authority to speak on religion than a theology degree ever could anon.

No. 396509

didn't hbomberguy more or less make a video shitting all over one of Skeptic's videos?

No. 396511

Yes he did, it was linked in the last thread. He also often makes videos tearing Sargon of Akkad apart too.

No. 396513

i believe june still works at a pet store. if not, then she maybe went back to the makeup counter at macy's.
have no idea what greg's job is.

No. 396525

Samefagging but I didn't know who the woman on the far left was and managed to find her twitter:
Looks like a real yenta.

No. 396527

you'd think someone who works at a makeup counter would learn how to do makeup that doesn't look like a 12 yr old emo kid doing makeup for the first time

No. 396531

seriously. she’s been doing the same makeup everyday of her life for like a decade and her eyeliner still looks like shit.

No. 396532

>>Wearing a "triggered" shirt in public
The secondhand embarrassment. .

No. 396533

Really? I assumed they both were able to support themselves on YouTube alone for some reason. They both get a lot of views, but then again I know the monetization situation has changed a lot.

Somehow Greg has an Audi, and although driving a nice car isn't always an indicator of wealth, I assumed he did something pretty lucrative before YouTube.

No. 396549

No. 396551

Have you looked in the mirror? It's hard not to hate such an ugly smug chubby mug.


Also he agreed and answered a comment under his post that said; because you're an attractive white man. But I think he deleted it.

No. 396552

There is the reaponse.
"Because you're an attractive white guy".

WHERE? Where is that goofy looking flabby mantittied motherfucker attractive? Fucking hilarious, he's so fucking delusional. Why would anyone Wanna date this asshole.

No. 396553

No. 396555

So to put it all together. Greg thinks fat black women hate him because he's an hot white guy. Sorry for the messyness of my posting.

No. 396558

It's ok my neckbeard followers. You are the true ~alphas~.

https://twitter.com/shoe0nhead/status/798312683061780480(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 396569

they hate him because he eats all their fried chicken

No. 396612

wish I could hear the conversation they had at this table tbh

No. 396631


hbomberguy. he makes vids on videogames but he's also a huge feminist, so he's not very popular. real quality vids. nostalgia chick goes by lindsay ellis now and does cool vids that she calls movie essays. and the guy at the very right with glasses is called folding ideas, he's friends with the other two, but strictly makes videos on film and editing.

they all actually do tons of research for their videos and interesting analysis. very unlike shoe's low-effort content. super sad that they would hang out with her.

i know that they're probably only hanging out to prove a point but its still super disappointing. they're hanging with a weird fetishist like sho3 and his bf, that's so fucking gross. just the fact that she dresses like this >>396459 on a regular to keep up her weird dom relationship seems so…disgusting…and weird.

No. 396690

1) this is an imageboard, take screenshots.
2) stop samefagging and bumping the thread for every tweet.

No. 396699

Lindsay's new video on transformers was really good. Anyway, yeah, I agree. They could prove the same point by hanging out with people who actually make good points like Logicked, but I'd guess they didn't really invite people like him to that event.

I don't think they care about her sexuality, though.

No. 396736

>You nigs are very sensitive…
>they hate him because he eats all their fried chicken

Some of you guys are really pathetic…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 396737

The only reasonable answer:
Idk why they hate you. I thought fatasses stuck together.

No. 396739

>hbomberguy. he makes vids on videogames but he's also a huge feminist, so he's not very popular.
He has some good videos but apparently he's a pretty horrible person: http://archive.is/b4xhU
He also used to contibute to some of the stuff Mister Metokur did.

No. 396740

File: 1506973414055.jpg (138.99 KB, 1200x685, mm.jpg)

No. 396745

honestly why should we assume she is saying the truth against the word from his own best friend when she apparently doesn't provide any proof?
I would probably take the same stance as him tbh

No. 396752

He's also friends with a pedophile (Sarah Nyberg), so I have no doubt that he has some skeletons in the closet. It's a shame since his Sherlock video was really well done.

No. 396759

I agree, that person provided no proof. Not witch hunting someone because you want them to is not evil.

No. 396762

No. 396769

wait wtf is this?
is it june singing??

No. 396772

What if they don’t have the evidence or the software to get images you fuck?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 396773

No. 396774

File: 1506978098354.gif (919.39 KB, 275x172, 1506709682571.gif)

>he's also a huge feminist
Then why is he hanging out with those people?

No. 396777

to prove the point that he is level headed and not biased
which seems pointless to me because Greg's fans couldn't give 2 fucks about that, they don't want to actually discuss their opinions

jesus christ
how old was she when she made these? bitch is spouting overused old memes in there like she's eminem or some shit

No. 396779

No. 396784

Ok, June, we get it, you made shitty rap songs when you were younger trying to be funny and act smug now stop selfposting

No. 396793

No software for a screenshot? Are you posting from a literal brick?

No. 396797

I actually saw the two of them at Disneyland on this day. I'm 5'5" and she definitely didn't appear to be very smol.

No. 396798

And why are they hanging out with him? I thought June and Greg despised feminists

No. 396802

Regarding her height, Disney have strict height requirements for each character. Everything I've found says that Mulan's is either a minimum of 5'2" or 5'4" with the max being 5'6" or 5'7"
Considering Shoe's wearing flats in the pic and the Mulan height's, she isn't really that short tbh

No. 396806

Obviously to prove the same point.

No. 396812

How TF do you know that? If that's true I just lost all my respect for him

No. 396815

Ughhhh, I can't stand Nostalgia chick. She's another woman who hates other women and wants to be'one of the guys' just like June does.

No. 396817

Idk what else hbomberguy could've been expected to do in that situation tbh

now THAT is pretty yikes

I don't like her either but mostly because she said she hates The Prince of Egypt because too many children die in it or something?? I dunno what she was expecting from an adaptation of The Book of Exodus lol

No. 396821

Isn't she a feminist?

June doesn't look that short in this pic. Looks like she's wearing heels though.

No. 396869

File: 1506994148241.png (362.51 KB, 702x849, Capture _2017-10-02-21-28-01.p…)

To be fair it seems as though she renouced the "nostalgia chick" persona though. She goes by her real name now a days and comes across as more level headed.

No. 396870

June doesn't "hate women," you psychopath. She just has no problem dragging women she thinks are stupid. Having flawed logic about rape doesn't mean she hates women. You sound like a tumblrina.

No. 396880

Not even the anon you're replying to but lol @ you thinking June gives a shit about any other woman except herself, her momma, and other social media bitches who she can piggyback delicious neckbeard attention from.

She's a judgmental cunt, and if a woman doesn't serve to benefit or donate to her she has no use for them in her life. That's why she's so competitive and judgey about her looks and the looks of other women. That's why she has no problem being so openly anti-feminist because what does she give a rat's ass about feminism if she doesn't feel she's benefitting from it? If she can't relate to it?
And pray tell, what rape arguments did she just blow out of the water with her mad logic skillz? Haven't seen anything spew from her mouth that wasn't fucking garbage pandering to men.

No. 396886

are you blind?
she bashed "fat" women to hell and back and promotes "BODY POSITIVETIEH"
but only for men

No. 396889

>She just has no problem dragging women she thinks are stupid

So…all of them? Because that's how little she thinks of other women who aren't Blair or Lauren Southern.

No. 396894

June, please stop posting here.

No. 396918

File: 1507000715518.jpg (49.8 KB, 800x300, ppd.jpg)

>you psychopath.

Hmm, Shoe reacted to criticism in a similar way before./tinfoil

No. 396921

>you're serving tables and you see this, what do?

No. 396962

KEK you view any woman that you have even a slight amount of competition with with vile contempt. do you remember how you acted with the girls of Unichan? we still do

No. 396970

Honestly, I want more dirt on June during her Unichan days.

No. 397016

No. 397053

She looks nice imo.
Her "boyfren" looks like an obnoxious twat though, the jeans, bowtie and "edgy" red blazer really do me in. He probably thinks he looks so slick, too.

No. 397054

Lindsay definitely doesn't hate women, outside of her persona she's pretty much a moderate feminist. I'm sure some of the "skeptics" would consider her a feminazi all the same.

No. 397159

The short wig suits her better. She should try different bangs though.

No. 397272

BDSM with ShoeOnHead. So cringey.

No. 397428

This pic gives off strong 'uncle you don't leave with the kids' vibes.

No. 397430

So June always wears wigs? Has she mentioned that?

Maybe I'm just an idiot but I couldn't tell at all until I saw people pointing it out. It looks pretty natural to me.

No. 397434

No. 397436

So, June and her boyfriend didn't know about BDSM but they "naturally fell into the roles and the dynamic" and then people in the Youtube comments pointed it out to them? LMAO

Yeah. She has a disorder that causes her to pull out her real hair. http://shoe0nhead.blogspot.co.at/2016/07/

No. 397444


>monagamous and we play with other people

>we're ok with female-female-male

cough Lauren cough

No. 397445

Lmao, I've seen cringey bdsmers who try to present it as if being their "bdsm role" was natural and like coming out the closet, saying shit like "oh its like being a little chooses you" some of these morons even go as far as "coming out of the closet" and telling their family theyre into bdsm, bdsm pride stickers, etc etc, people think bdsm makes them a special snowflake somehow when it's normal, I don't believe for a second june lattentionseeker and her fatass "freshly out of prison for child molestation" looking bf didnt know what ddlg was and their audience of 3 just claimed they were compared to bdsm and now they're magically bdsm, their older posts said otherwise

No. 397448

8:10 June still lives with her parents and her mom cleans her room. When her mom found June's leash and her collar that says "daddy's girl" she said "you have some weird kinks, girl".

Also, her wig and bangs look really strange when she moves around at 18:05

No. 397454

Lauren is too trad for such degeneracy.


June is a cuck.

No. 397456

Between this >>397448
and this >>393674
June's mother must be so fucking chill. I, personally, wouldn't accept it from a daughter.

I think they use it only to reinforce how smart and enlightedned Greg is or some shit.

No. 397476

Tired of every kinkster thinking people give a fuck about their ~adventurous~ fetishes. Congrats you've watched so much porn that ur sexuality is fucked. no one cares and you sound like potential sex offender just casually talking about this shit in public

No. 397482


kek, of course you are.

pathetic oversexed self-important men are always incredibly jazzed to be made to think that women are fighting over their dicks.

and insecure little cucks like june will always be willing to bend over backwards and convince another insecure woman to worship that sad little turtleneck dick because if they don't, those big strong providers will just bypass them and go straight to cheating. fucking lol.

No. 397491

File: 1507072532125.jpg (224.96 KB, 1024x1024, oh no.jpg)

>I'm 13
>my entire life I've thought the exact things you say in your videos

seems legit.

No. 397498


also, a 13yo who's really worried about outdated rape stats. lol

No. 397537

What does "outdated rape stats" even mean? Like they're trying to claim that the rape stats are massively overblown? When that obviously isn't true (because ton of rape goes unreported for various reasons, including shame)? I don't even.

Why are they so butthurt about people getting raped? Why are they focusing on this so much? It's fucked up. You should be supporting these people, not mocking them and claiming that statistics are fake, for christ's sake. You're sickening.

I'm almost thinking AS(s) is grooming June so she wouldn't mind if he rapes her. I wonder if they even use safe words, as you know, they are so "new to bdsm" and all that.

No. 397540

Yeah, the owner of that Youtube channel where June was speaking about her "kinky sex life", Brittany Simon, is a similar case. She used to make quite intelligent and thoughtful videos when she was younger (around 20 - 22 years of age).

Then she lost her virginity, deleted most of her intelligent content and now (almost) everything on her channel is about sex and her "oh so kinky, polyamorous queer BDSM lifestyle". So edgy and original and brave. And of course, she has a Patreon and posts nude photos and videos as a special reward for her pervert fans. Bleh.

No. 397557


GmasterRED has the answers you seek. He was the black boyfriend, her first real boyfriend. There was 1 other guy from around that time, but his name escapes me. She gushed over both of them as much as she does Greg, but doesn't even say their name or mention former boyfriends anymore. Funny, that. Shows you how real that "true love" all is. If people are that interested in her background they should try to remember the ex's names. Gmaster is your best bet, though he may have done an internet-suicide. Apparently he posted some screenshot of June saying she would vote for Donald Trump for president back in 2011.

No. 397595

I could totally see skeptic as a used car salesman. it just suits him.

No. 397602

File: 1507083353189.jpg (83.89 KB, 612x612, 1169207_1377768482465781_36266…)

No. 397606

Why is ContraPoints sitting there? I also thought he/she hates June and Greg.

What's been happening recently with these feminist Youtubers supposedly wanting to make amends with the side that's mostly not worth debating? Is it for views or what?

No. 397607

No. 397609

I guess this is the Evie June "loooooves". She sounds like Greg's type.

No. 397610

her and june talk pretty often. June shows up during her livestreams and comments on her videos (though I actually haven't seen any of this since she announced her transition)

No. 397617

File: 1507084664715.png (762.31 KB, 937x528, IRakTl3.png)

She has to make fun of fat women at all times.

No. 397618

Yeah, I also noticed June's comments in the past (which were mostly positive). Just didn't think these feelings were reciprocated, as ContraPoints made a video which mocked/criticized Armored Skeptic. Plus she listed June (and her boyfriend) as one of the main atheist trolls on Youtube (and not just once). Maybe that's all in the past… But this was all like in 2016, so not sure how these people are changing their opinions so fast.

Also, ContraPoints is like 120% more intelligent and educated than June will ever be, so not sure what they have to say to each other in the first place. Maybe they're casually chatting about "BDSM". :D

Edit: unsaged, as it's kind of relevant to the topic

No. 397623

Something I didn't notice before though - she's saying "I'm interested in a discourse", etc.… So maybe ContraPoints wants to honestly try to create a debate here? But still, why choose June and Greg from all the people? Doesn't make much of a logical sense to me. AS is too arrogant and June is too stupid or brainwashed to have any debate with at current point.

No. 397638

I really hope June ends up fat. she'd fit right in with Spoony and Charms as former bullies who ended up becoming fatties themselve

No. 397639

File: 1507088223621.png (544 KB, 938x608, macaroons.png)


No. 397642

kek and people still want to argue that shoe is nice? That is so malicious and completely uncalled for, that woman isnt doing anything to her.

No. 397643

File: 1507088693407.png (649.89 KB, 900x576, diet.png)

No. 397645

File: 1507088933743.png (19.43 KB, 185x250, free form JUNE.png)


there we are. now you're on the right track, you've found the [bunny] hole. problem is, it seems she's wiped this account to "protect the innocent" too. minor references to others remain, but she knew what she was doing when she selectively deleted her online footprint.

instagram is too recent of a platform to document where it all began. the virus within her that robbed her innocence is still yet to be found. how did this start? how did she let it get so bad? what is it about evil that she finds so appealing?


what broke her spirit?

No. 397646

File: 1507089020021.png (2.46 MB, 1858x1156, hmm.png)

Well, there's this…

No. 397647

File: 1507089067985.png (1.64 MB, 1862x1160, hmmmm.png)

More of her fatshaming.

No. 397649

File: 1507089134849.png (2.37 MB, 1852x1150, edgy.png)

I wonder if this would trigger her #BlueLivesMatters followers.

No. 397652

That's retarded. Why does she have to live in the 50s to do those things? Why can't she do them now if she wants?

No. 397658

weren't a lot of housewives feminists/of supporting of feminists beliefs? sorry june, housewives don't whore themselves and act cringey and call women fat, housewives were also reserved, and conservative, not just politically, so something june isn't

No. 397666

File: 1507092181130.jpg (30.38 KB, 674x411, Shoeonheadanimeavatarhater.jpg)


Hmm then she certainly wouldnt fit in. TBH she changes her schtick so many times its clear she'll say whatever will give her attention that day.

No. 397670

Here's a "daddy" Greg probably wishes to be, but he's too fat for that :-(

Edit: forgot to sage, cuz partially OT

No. 397672

There is someone in this thread that knows way too much.

No. 397675


after this >>397272
everyone knows too much

No. 397708

File: 1507106516965.jpg (75.17 KB, 612x612, shoe0nichaannn.jpg)

No. 397719

what a fucking bitch
she cannot possibly have any female fans, right?
I'd say it's mostly for the audience. Disproving AS and June's arguments is not hard and their fans will watch friendly debates and maybe even give them a chance but the main problem is that their fanbase would accept a stupid oneliner from Greg and believe he countered anything.

No. 397726

Despite her pretentious baby talk but what's the point? No iced tea? No "bread with sewp" I can understand no bread all together but why with soup? And whats wrong with Ice tea if its unsweetened? It would be more healthy than most juices

No. 397732

>stay 96ish
if she means 96 pounds wouldn't that make her underweight for her height

No. 397744

What does this chick have against fat people? I get that some people are disgusted by fat people, but to care this much that you have to be a slimy cunt to a random girl at a festival because she had the audacity to be fat and end up in your picture? Nah.

Was June ever overweight at any point in her life? Because that would make sense to me. I knew a girl in middle-high school who lost a lot of weight before sophomore year and then was a bitch to all overweight people, and I always wondered if they reminded her of how she used to be, and she had hated herself so much that she projected that onto other people. Idk.

No. 397782

what is Blaire even implying here?
that animefags are only conservative? lol
bring that shit to /a/ and you will be called out instantly, outside of some purityfags there I'd say most of them aren't really conservative

No. 397810

>He has some good videos but apparently he's a pretty horrible person: http://archive.is/b4xhU

Really wasn't that bad tbh, he didn't immediately cut off his best friend because his other friend claimed he made a comment towards him. He also claims he has a good reason for not believing him(that he hasn't gone public with).

>He also used to contibute to some of the stuff Mister Metokur did.

Yea they were all part of a group under Haberman(he has also changed his ways and is now an """ess jay dubya"""). iirc they used to troll people from deviant art dot com

No. 397816

Well not really, if she really is 5'1-5'2 which is what she claimed to be which I don't believe, then it's not that bad, its just that instead of naturally being that weight with a good diet she just restricts herself, also remind you she has breast implants which would have added 3-5 lbs. So she would be under 90 without the implants

For her height, many people who were 5 foot to 5'3 said that june was taller than them even when she wasn't wearing heels but who knows

No. 397972

I want more of unichan anon, I got into shoes drama by stalking someone else on unichan and realizing shoe was much more interesting

No. 398045

maybe she just means sweet tea? because she seems to have posted a lot of photos of sweet tea (and starbucks, lol).

No. 398184

Agreed, anon. I feel bad for the underage kids who watch her videos and see these fetishes promoted. A lot of BDSM could be potentially life threatening if one didn't know what they were doing.

No. 398229

What are you looking to find out?

No. 398260

(not that anon but)
I remember when Stamina Rose (ancestor site to lolcow.farm) got deleted, lots of oldfags temporarily migrated to unichan before lolcow.farm was made. One of them was me and what I remember is that June had tons of threads there. Did she samefag those threads (praising herself while posing as unianon) or did she really have that many fans?

No. 398357

What were the "dramatic and ridiculous events" that made her leave the boxxysphere according to the Boxxysphere wiki?

No. 398382

God, Admin-sama don't crucify me, but…

Why was this Boxy girl SO big? What was likeable about her? I saw the video where June imitated her and that was incredibly cringey.

No. 398451

She very well could have, but judging by the level of engagement on her Facebook at the time from very real people, I would wager a guess that the activity was real, and they were just orbiters who found a new girl to cling onto.

They did it with any female who was remotely linked to the site, regularly had drama and flame wars about other girls. It's possible that she was samefagging to put certain things out there that she wanted to get across about herself, but the attention she got from unichan was very real. It started seeping into her real life, which she wouldn't have done by choice at that time.

Today, she has her parents on video doing Q&A's because she has a larger fanbase and her parents are finally aware of what she does online. At the time, they were just worried about her because she was always home and seemed aimless. If your daughter was like her, wouldn't you be worried?

There WAS a major drama about her little friend at the time, Rob, when we caught him posting anonymously about her. He was fueling fires of hatred about her personal life, and egging on unichan about her relationships with other unichan namefags. I don't believe she put him up to it, because it seemed after that happened, he disappeared from her social media entirely. Before that happened, she was posting about him constantly like she does now Greg. In a previous thread this was mentioned, back in the uni days June would lure her own fans in on her social media and he would come in, they would mock her fans together for hours. It was then I realized what type of person she was. It opened my eyes to how dark she could get, it wasn't apparent before. She changed quite a bit. She didn't care about any of these people she met online, she got cheap thrills from attacking them, with him, specifically attacking innocent people. I don't think she was cruel, until she started getting a little older and repeating those bad habits. This may have been at least a part of why she left the boxxysphere. People knew, and her friends found out one of her closest friends was samefagging drama about them all anonymously.

No. 398519

What year did all of this take place?

No. 398526

Had to be somewhere around 2009, 2010.

No. 398535

I can confirm most of this, the guy must have gotten too close to her and saw how she interacted with her internet buddies and started turning on her anonymously feeding info to the chans. I don't know exactly what happened but I know he vanished from her facebook over night.

No. 398560

File: 1507234867979.png (141.06 KB, 592x620, Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 3.19…)

Gettin assblasted that she's being called out on her hatred of other women. I love when people on the internet spend all day spouting their views that clearly show them to be X, and then when someone points out that they are X, they backtrack and get all offended. (See also: Baked Alaska.)

(On the trans thing though: has Shoe ever actually bullied a trans person? I don't think I've ever seen that from her.)

No. 398573

>>398560 I think Riley J Dennis is a total creep but Shoe made remarks how poorly she passed. Shoe at least used to think that if you don't pass, then you aren't trans which is uncalled for imo.

I tend to be critical of trans activist ideology but I don't think not passing should be as emphasized. Not every person has the money or other resources to pass.

No. 398583

she attacked milo stewart but then quickly did a 180, deleted the evidence and put up an "apology" video after milo started taking hormones.

No. 398618

Ok, so I just watched that whole video and didn't see him saying she bullied trans people? Projection much, June?
Be honest, you won't make a answer him because you CAN'T prove him wrong.

No. 398639

These people call Anita Sarkessian a "professional victim" but being called a "professional misogynist" is ridiculous and not worthy of being taken seriously all of sudden?

No. 398654

kek ikr? especially as documented in previous threads june chops, changes and deletes stuff to get the most views and money while pretending to be the victim.


No. 398762

Riley Dennis is a fucking nutjob and it's not surprising that many people didn't buy her trans claim back in 2015-2016 when she was adamantly calling herself "Non-binary trans" which by their idiotic logic (Non-binary), is impossible. And with all the shit Riley spouted and continues to spout, of course people are going to crap on her.

It's the same with Milo Stewart only she's not nearly as bad as Riley. At the most, she's just a misguided child who spent too much time on Tumblr in high school.

But this isn't about them so my bad for going off topic. Shoe has not been outright malicious to trans people other than the wack-jobs (Riley Dennis and Milo Stewart). I haven't seen her go out of her way and attack other trans YouTubers like Gigi Gorgeous.

No. 398772

File: 1507267297713.jpg (46.41 KB, 623x301, itsjustajokedude.jpg)

Ok so i am using pic related to illustrate a point but i imagine this is the reason she gets away with a lot of shit.
Why do people downplay her clearly catty remarks? The comment says she has done a yt convo with contrapoints but that doesnt mean anything-blaire white has done a youtube convo with onision…and we all know how that went down.

For reference this (cropped) screenshot was taken from the comments on this video


No. 398777

does "daddy" skeptic know you're up way past your bedtime, shoe?

No. 398786

She's said that she supports trannies before and that she especially hates radfems because of it. Not hard to believe that the only women she likes are men.

No. 398838

File: 1507287796834.jpg (95.46 KB, 841x852, Capture565.JPG)

That video was well made and shoe couldn't even argument it and instead commented something along the lines of "you overuse sound effects."

Her comment's thread really shows what kind of fanbase she has.

No. 398878

Who is shoe to be critical of someone's editing anyway? Her videos are made on a webcam sitting in her bedroom….so?

No. 398899

>>398762 I know Riley is a whack job, doesn't mean it's ok to go after looks

No. 398940

This makes me physically ill to read. Who the fuck would want to live in a time where women had zero rights?? fuck, june is the worst.

No. 398944

So this bitch hates on fat women doing nothing to her but is dating a landwhale mass of a 'man' ? People like her are the worst.

No. 398976

weird comment to make on lolcow

No. 398980


her personality is so shitty and unlikeable that she goes out of her way to be like "HEY! …AT LEAST I'M NOT FAT!". bitch get it together. also your bf has a shitty personality and he's fat too, get off your high horse.

No. 398982


that's… literally the same handwriting.

like she faked this post just to call an imaginary girl fat. that's so tragic.

No. 398983


Understandable, but I am not a regular poster here.

No. 398994

So familiarize yourself with the rules before opening that hole in your face. In other words, sage your non-contribution.

No. 399000

File: 1507310884807.jpg (72.73 KB, 426x640, C61n9EcWcAE_cPa.jpg)

serious question
is june anorexic?
what's with her hate boner for fat women, like who even looks at graffiti on the bathroom stall that calls everyone beautiful and thinks "hmmm a fat girl wrote that", writes it, takes a picture and posts it on IG? or if it's the second case of she wrote it herself what is trying to prove? only fat girls want people to feel good about their body? who even thinks to find random fat women to make of ? are they not allowed to go out in public according to june?

she's either extremely insecure, or has an ego through the roof

No. 399016


Exactly, well said.

june isnt known for her intellect, even her fanbase have admitted she cant argue for shit.

oh fuck didnt noticed that, man shes desperate kek


No. 399019


Ugh, that outfit makes me want to kick her. All her outfits do. Dress like an adult, not a five year old, June.

No. 399022

It's those dumb cheap looking lolita type shoes she wears all the time with the frilly socks.

No. 399107


My apologies.

I noticed this site pokes fun at looks. My initial comment was pointing out how Steve Shives could have interpreted June's actions as bullying in his video because I remembered stuff she said about Rileys looks.

Not everyone has to agree with that interpretation of bullying obviously and if I post in the future I will avoid talking about my personal opinions without relating it back to the topic.

No. 399287

Lol seriously though, I'm not Shoe. I'm just someone who does enjoy a few of her videos. I was never a big Armoured Skeptic fan, his content never really did anything for me.

Eh I'm not sure what to think about that but all I know is that she hasn't gone out of her way to attack or insult just any trans person out of the blue, it was usually just Riley, Milo, and Kat Blaque, three of the most loudest and obnoxious on "that" side.

I will agree here though. Whenever I see Shoe's comments on other people's videos, she really doesn't say much of any substance so I can agree that she can be catty at times.

Has June ever debated on YouTube? Like any videos? I can't remember seeing one other than when she was playing moderator for Blaire & Contrapoints.

No. 399321

File: 1507340893341.jpg (25.41 KB, 480x360, this is okay tho.jpg)


>These people call Anita Sarkessian a "professional victim" but being called a "professional misogynist" is ridiculous and not worthy of being taken seriously all of sudden?

No. 399362

There's no fucking milk here. This comes off as pure jealousy in some posts and anger about her political beliefs in others.

Dry ass thread.

No. 399378

her hate boner for fat girls isn't milk? her writing "We're all beautiful on the wall" just to call imaginary girl fat isn't milk? her constant contradictory isnt milk? her making fun of any fat girl she sees all while dating a fat egotistical moron isn't milk? her attempting to be a trad housewife yet whores herself and acts like an attention deprived teen isn't milk? quit whiteknighting, there's tons of milk, your fetal alcohol syndrome waifu isn't perfect and not anyone who points out how awful, annoying and hypocritical she is, is a "JEALLLOOUUUSSSS HATTTEERRR YAALLLL JUST FUELED ON JEALOUSY NO OTHER MILK HERE ITS ALL JUST JEALOUSY"

No. 399379

"he literally just animates you have a paranoid personality disorder and I know this because you disagreed with something"

so what happened here? and how can someone be so narrow minded to think that there was no other possible way for anyone to disagree with anything because all he did was animate? this is as retarded as the time that person claimed you can't tell anything from "a few pixels"
the delusion of these people mang, they stretch so much and make huge fools of themselves and claim that the other person who calls out their bullshit was just mad at them animating, making a picture, or whatever excuse it is to act ask if people are mad at them animating, making a picture, talking, etc as if people are not mad about the act points given, the fuck, june should "seek help" herself if this is the conclusion she came to

No. 399381

on drivers licenses you can just give a height and weight though and they believe you
I'm 5'0 and 140 (ik im fat) and told them I was 5'2 and 125 and they just believed me kek
then again I wanna be taller and skinner, june is obsessed with being ~smol~ when she clearly isn't so chances are she exaggerated or lied about her height

No. 399498

Hi June.

No. 399640

File: 1507405813017.jpg (44.21 KB, 640x340, tsa.jpg)

Apparently June doesn't understand that it's inappropriate for a TSA agent on the job to ask a woman going through security for her number. That or she's pandering to her autistic followers.

No. 399730

June, there is a world of difference between you, a mild internet celebrity, and Brie Larson, an Academy Award winning actress. Not only is it creepy that the TSA agent asked her for her number, but also inappropriate, he shouldn't be bothering a celebrity like that. But we get it, June, you are sooooo cute and get soooooo much attention for being so smol and cute and submissive.

No. 399740

Honestly if I'm at work or the man in question is at work, I'm going to be irritated if he tries to hit on me. It's just inappropriate. i had a dude hang out by my cash register and ask me inappropriate questions while a woman he was with was shopping (at a makeup store) and I've never wanted to tell someone to fuck off more in my life.

It's just not the time or the place. I don't understand why men don't seem to be able to grasp that, and why they get so mad when women tell them how they feel about that.

No. 399746

"I don't get it who wouldn't want male attention at all times???"

No. 399781

Also what friendship has ever been formed by a stranger walking up to you and asking for your number? I don't have to give every person on this planet the time of day or my friendship. It is obvious if someone is genuinely trying to know me or not, and just saying hello and asking for my number does not a friendship make.

I doubt Skeptic provides much in the way of romance though, so I'm sure June thinks just being asked for her number is the height of flirtation.

No. 400037

I also find it ironic that shoe is complaining about what she considers a mild annoyance as a reply to a random tweet. Like she goes out of her way to reblog this tweet to moan about it while saying Brie is going out of her way to moan about something. But then shoe isnt well known for her thinking skills.

No. 400063

Sage. But I need to point this out.
>her writing "We're all beautiful on the wall" just to call imaginary girl fat isn't milk?
She did not write that. I've seen that before the pic in this thread. You can just google "I bet a fat girl wrote that" and the image is everywhere.

I follow her and she does not make fun of fat girls afiak. I'm a heavy girl myself. I can't find a single video or tweet of her making fun of fat girls?

No. 400075

Anon, there are multiple videos in this thread where she zooms in on random overweight people (or average weight >>395936) with "comedic" intent. There is also >>397617 and she does it here >>396136

No. 400088

She's giving that dude a huge benefit of the doubt about his motivations for absolutely no reason. But I guess in June-land, some dude asking for your number unprompted in a professional setting is not weird or creepy at all.

No. 400093

File: 1507454535121.jpg (30.23 KB, 505x393, tinyc.JPG)


She always wanted to be famous.
When she finally started getting that attention from Uni and Catie chan, she showed her true colors and she fell from her status.
June killed June.

No. 400099

File: 1507455262122.png (546.83 KB, 475x343, yeahag.png)

"people think i'm pretty and they try to get to know me better"

No. 400114

tbh I think Brie Larson is being melodramatic but that TSA agent was certainly being unprofessional and inappropriate and it's not his place to try and "get to know anyone better" when he's working.

No. 400120

File: 1507457485053.jpg (155.08 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Why do people insist shes really attractive? am i missing something? she reminds me a little of joan rivers.

Also its funny she complains about fat girls when in most of her pics she pulling the "fat girls angle shot"


No. 400126

she looks like suzy from game grumps here. same jacked up maw and awful eyeliner. w o o f

No. 400128

I found her quite pretty in her earlier videos (before she got with Skeptic). She had cute hairstyles and her minimalist makeup really suited her in my opinion.

And really, looks are subjective because I don't find anything special with the classic, stereotypical attractive blonde girl the bees knees (though I am a gay guy lol). i just find different kinds of things pretty.

The only thing that I've noticed with June is that she does her cat-liner way more intense than she used to in 2015 and that's what I find a little off-putting now.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 400135

a white knight pretending to be a fat girl
also "that image is everywhere" and you post one site to prove it
if she so didn't hate fat girls this image wouldn't have even be posted, there is multiple proof of her making fun of fat girls, you just don't want to believe your waifu is a piece of shit like the rest of her fabs

No. 400140

kek ikr? but shoe threads always get white knights desperately trying to pretend to be someone else. I even remember her complaining about them on her twitter. so even their waifu thinks they are pathetic cucks kek.

No. 400283

Looks are subjective. She's definitely not ugly, in pictures like >>395271 she looks really pretty imo, in others just average.

sage for irrelevant.

No. 400290

I agree with some other posters she looks great with minimal makeup. The makeup she usually does is a little outdated/a little much for me personally so when she's wearing it I don't find her attractive.

Plus the shoulder length wig looks amazing on her. For me, June's looks are not the problem. It's everything else lmao.

No. 400292

There is proof in this own thread of her making fun of fat girls. Lurk more.

No. 400462

eh, I found her attractive in her older pics, just something about her face looks fake to me

No. 400576

File: 1507497322875.jpg (75.42 KB, 600x900, bangs.jpg)

Shoulder length hair suits her but she needs better bangs.

And her eyeliner is horrible. I can't believe she used to be a makeup artist.

No. 400660

I mean, she worked at Benefit at a Macy's, not exaaaactly a makeup artist. And have you seen some of the shit that comes out of Sephora's "makeup artists"?

But she did make $15/hr at that job, wonder how much she's making now.

No. 400673

File: 1507509466672.jpg (154.64 KB, 720x960, IMG_5434.JPG)

No. 400675

15 an hour?! I used to work at Ulta and the Benefit girls there didn't make that much. Damn why would she leave that in order to do…whatever she does now? It's not like she has a consistent uploading schedule.

No. 400686

i thought she said she was currently making $15/hr working at a pet store.

No. 400695

prob lied
then again 15/hr is average for someone with no college in long island

No. 400722

No, it's not. Making $9-$10/hr is considered average. $15 is a good amount for a makeup artist at a mall counter.

No. 400738

she said she made 8.50 and quit because it was too hard and didn't want to have to do certain random girl's makeup

No. 400766

File: 1507519759537.png (2.08 MB, 1858x1160, blah.png)

Actually she said $14, my bad… but still. She lied somewhere along the line.

No. 400891

Yeah, those nails are "really nice". Did she just randomly bit pieces of them off, lol?

No. 401486

I wonder how tall shoe really is?I'm guessing she's about 5'5 at 116lbs because her bf is 6'4 and she's smaller than him but she would look like a midget next to him if she were really under 5'3

No. 401499

Did anybody ever take in account that maybe this supreme 7ft 'alpha male' is lying about his height? Next to their fans he looks absolutely average, so i wouldn't take it for legit lol…

No. 401532

Is that her? What's with that yellow skin color?

No. 401551

yeah its her. the lighting is to blame for the yellowish hue, she also used to spray tan which could be a factor

No. 401638

Yeah, if you slim him down about he will only look a tiny bit taller than june, he only looks huge because june wants to keep her low weight and he constantly shoves donuts down his throat

No. 401700

She looks so trashy with that fake tan.

No. 401704

June is introduced at 6:10 as "5'2 with a crazy obsession for bunny rabbits". They don't even use their real names. The whole thing is so awkward.

No. 401727

does she not feel weird being 26 and still acting like this?

No. 401841

She doesn't dress well either. She dresses like a 16 year old weeaboo trying to copy K-Fashion/J-Fashion but only can afford ebay/amazon shit

No. 401868

this is straight bronycon and these are bronies

No. 402317

Why do they have Eye of Horus as their logo? I thought their were anti-religion. Lulz.

No. 402376

I stopped watching after I saw her reading her introduction right off of her paper.
"Hello, friends. I am June, you probably know me as Shoe0nHead"
I'm bad at public speaking too, but at least I can introduce myself without looking down at my notes.

No. 402395

I try to defend her a lot, but that speech was cringe.

No. 402427

File: 1507796082073.jpg (48 KB, 720x480, DLq_Kq6WAAAjgOD.jpg)


AS & June's speech really exemplifies what is wrong with the Skeptic community on the whole.

They have a platform that they have created based on promoting ideals of 'rationality, argumentation, and logic' - but when it comes to the basics of argumentation, rhetoric, and public speaking that 14 year olds at a high school debate club learn, they fail.

There's a reason why Stefan Molyneux lied about being 'the 5th best debater in Canada the first year he tried,' and there's a reason why AS and June probably won't make a public appearance like Mythcon for a long time.

When it comes to the real world, they fail tremendously - the curtain of their shanty stage is pulled up to reveal their numerous shortcomings.

No. 402477

i almost forgot s0upy

No. 402507

>make deviantart
>use it to post selfies

She really does take her internet attention whore career seriously.

No. 402595

It's the "all-seeing eye", and think they know and understand everything, except for the glaring hypocrisy of bashing religion and using a symbol associated with a god of course lol.

No. 402637

This guy made a video with the "highlights" of their speech. It's really tragic.

No. 402645

50 min interview with terrible audio if anyone can bear to watch it.

No. 402647

I made it to superior red blazer man making sure the audience knew he wasn't fucking a woman his own size ("isn't she cute!"), and her introducing herself after trying to look all cutesy eating her fucking script.
Jesus, these people take themselves seriously? HOW?

sage for new here

No. 402651

No. 402653

File: 1507839549428.jpg (78.8 KB, 960x720, beach.jpg)

No. 402654

File: 1507839609844.png (22.64 KB, 170x127, jj.png)

No. 402675

I can't handle this thumbnail. Skeptic looks like someone's greasy uncle ricky

No. 402678

They can't even read off their scripts without fucking up

No. 402709

File: 1507844700989.jpg (48.58 KB, 750x422, 127df7efd4ca32629875900b930685…)

No. 402718

He looks like the creepy uncle that's always around his female nieces and asks them about their sexual life.

No. 402731

i will never get over how ugly this budget boxxy bitch looks.

No. 402735

File: 1507848599753.jpg (190.08 KB, 900x1045, the_many_faces_of_hurrrdurrrr_…)

she looks like an indian girl i used to be friends with in this photo, jfc.

No. 402736

File: 1507848802018.jpg (91.78 KB, 900x824, chanel.jpg)

No. 402759

He reminds me of that one relative that gets sloppy drunk at family functions and doesn't have a job or any plans.


No. 402762

OMG he really does.

No. 402795

Skeptic looks like David Hayter only more red neck and obese and lacks the coolness Hayter has

No. 402905

File: 1507876974120.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.23 MB, 476x352, ihavealotofguyfriends.gif)

No. 402907

File: 1507877142189.gif (Spoiler Image, 751.31 KB, 400x352, just.gif)

No. 402908

File: 1507877163712.gif (Spoiler Image, 192.08 KB, 252x189, another.gif)

No. 402909

File: 1507877199632.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.9 MB, 420x360, whore.gif)

No. 402913

she used to do a lot of cringey blogtv livestreams and all the betas would come out and she'd rap 'one word per anon' style and deliberately wait for something sexual to come up

No. 402916

File: 1507877689620.jpg (52.43 KB, 600x450, 133377512837.jpg)


No. 402932

She really looks like shit without that wig or straw hat.

No. 403013

Such a traditional woman!

No. 403034

File: 1507908265727.jpg (218.95 KB, 1366x768, neckbeard the gathering.jpg)


>those dog or cat collars on the right


No. 403057

Fuck this girl is ugly, but I guess thirsty neckbeards cant be choosers kek.

No. 403073

This makes me think those nudes are fake.

No. 403081

File: 1507913629686.png (3.93 MB, 1952x1352, NormalizeAtheism.png)

No idea why she posted all of these on Twitter.

No. 403084

File: 1507913767091.png (796.58 KB, 800x800, fan.png)

No. 403087

I've been wondering what bugged me so much of his smiling face (other than the greasy uncle vibes, ofc) for a while.
Now I've finally figured it out: it was his teeth. Those tiny, baby teeth on a grown man.

No. 403109

I quite sincerely think that he might be one of the ugliest men I have ever seen

No. 403121

His looks aren't even the least attractive thing about him. It's the fact that a grown man behaves like this. His ex-wife must be glad she got away from that man child.

No. 403152

Is there any milk involving his divorce? Did his wife leave him or vice versa?

No. 403185

not the original anon but considering shoe was getting messages from his wife while they were still married and she had to ask him the questions i would definitely say yes.

No. 403190

Wait getting messages about what?

No. 403202

File: 1507932660891.jpg (129.79 KB, 768x576, kenny.jpg)

They are real, this fat man named Kenny took a vacation to Cancun with June and a few other people from the Boxxysphere and he took a picture of June's phone and also stalked Catie Wayne.

No. 403211

No. 403215

No. 403294

Here's she's talks about "beach whale anime fans" again. I thought she liked Boxxy.

No. 403296

He's looking at her like he's about to eat her

No. 403356

Ok, I've worked at a Macy's and I'm gonna need a pay stub to believe she worked there for only a minute but still managed to lock in ~$14-15/hour.

No. 403375

new video by June and Greg

No. 403408

No. 403416

File: 1507965246606.jpg (42.74 KB, 891x676, j00n.JPG)

No. 403549

0:44 complaining with being in
'black land'
and says black people have
'the reputation'

No. 403636

>when you hate dark skinned people but you're dark skinned yourself

No. 403661


>disgusting normies

they're talking about themselves, right?
also, tapped out at 30 seconds.

No. 403667

Didn't she date a black guy?

No. 403711

File: 1508002751531.jpg (28.11 KB, 400x320, WomenIn5Words.jpg)

No. 403802

>Italians aren't white

No. 403915

File: 1508029369445.jpg (34.83 KB, 240x320, tumblr_oxmrkfyobb1re1lx1o1_250…)


> making shit like that in 2012 and not 2007

holy toledo

No. 403960

I want to know more about this. How do you know this happened?

No. 403985


Is this supposed to be a dig at "TERFs"? If so it was not very clever and just doesn't really make sense.

Also the five year old speak she likes to do irritates me.

No. 403992

File: 1508045212253.jpg (94.13 KB, 590x393, jeff1.jpg)

Looks like he works at fucking Butlin's, the greasy creep.

No. 404011

No. 404068

yes she did and you can see her responding to him in the comments here

No. 404069


IKR. Everything about this chick reminds me of some cringy shit I would have done in 2008, only she's doing it 5 years too late.

No. 404070


her makeup and eyebrows from this time frame honestly triggers me so much

No. 404085


many people in the boxxyshere know all about this. someone from the 'in' group couldnt keep their mouth shut. shoe was temporarily getting harassed by his wife at the time. questions like 'why are you hanging around my husband?' came up and shoe confronted greg about it asking who the woman was. then greg had to tell shoe about how he was married and play it off saying she was just crazy. yet she is still not crazy enough to have their child taken away. i dont think greg batted an eye tbh.

No. 404094

Speaking like a retard "ironically" is all she can do because it keeps her fans thinking she's really smart but just hides it.

That's why she feels so insecure when she's around Greg and his pals (and those guys aren't exactly NASA members) because she knows if someone tries to get more than that out of her, her fake smart facade will crumble.

No. 404098

Spot on.

No. 404102

Wow, could he be even more of a scumbag? Lying about being married and then portraying his wife as being "crazy", of course. What a gaslighting jerk. Also, people like that don't tend to change. So good luck, June.
Btw. I have a suspicion he's abusive to June too, but she didn't realize it yet because of all the bullshit he constantly fills her head with and because she's really insecure. This is probably not going to end well.

No. 404131

Holy shit anon. got any screencaps?

No. 404200

did greg have a child with his ex wife?? what the actual fuck

No. 404229

No. 404315

They have a child?! Okay I definitely want proof of this. Surely someone can dig up pictures from facebook?

No. 404319

I can almost personally guarantee they are not in a healthy relationship. People who feel secure with their partners don't act as clingy and childlike as June does with Greg. Fetish or not, their dynamic is not normal at all.

No. 404381

I've looked on his ex-wife's Facebook and nada, she's got a locked Instagram but there's no mention of a grandchild on either of Greg's parents social media.

When did June and Greg start dating again? Greg's family seemed to be in touch with his ex as recently as June 2014 and it seems like they were together for 7+ years… he seemed like he was pretty normie back then too.

No. 404390

She never once claimed to be trad FFS. Shut the fuck up. June is cringe as fuck but drop the "so0o0o trad" bullshit when she's constantly saying how sexually open and liberal she is. Sage for irrelevant rage.

No. 404435

I actually remember June coming out in a series of response videos when someone called him out and revealed private messages from Greg bragging about how he "negs" women and his own wife, and how he fucks any girl he wants (likely his own fantasy) and June acknowledged all of it as if it were natural and comfortable.

No. 404442

Fat Greg probably decided to read red pill subreddit because he was a failure for a husband.
Now he acts like he is this big and bold alpha male who negs women etc while June gladly feeds into his imaginary persona because she is ~so submissive~

No. 404456

File: 1508143154636.gif (2.06 MB, 544x360, shoe.gif)

No. 404466

Lmfao! Look at his little limp, weak wrist.

This is the grip of a "grown man" who just recently discovered what BDSM is. This dense, vanilla motherfucker didn't even know what that was until he JUST started dating this virgin with no experience.

Dude is in over his head, and once his quick tricks stop fooling her and she outgrows it, he's going to be mighty embarrassed.

The way this relationship ends is, one of the two smartens up and dumps the other until they melt into a pile of suicidal sadness.

No. 404472

File: 1508154356947.jpg (276.55 KB, 809x1093, IMG_20171016_134427.jpg)

Wait, so fat boy is a little bit mentally disabled as well?



No. 404483

So has it been confirmed or not that June and her black boyfriend broke up because he went full retard at a Ferguson riot? Seems this video is relevant but it's been taken down. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKCW59ZXJj8

No. 404487

File: 1508156789921.png (81.93 KB, 1036x490, jony.png)


It was written. GmasterRED has the answers you seek.

No. 404491


This is a really specific vibe to get from him but he reminds me of one of those creepy edgy dudes who post pictures of themselves wearing ill-fitting suits online cus ~dom~ not realising they look more like 13 year old boys headed for a McDonalds part-time job interview

No. 404494

>bragging about how he "negs" women and his own wife

I fucking despise men like that. What the fuck. And June encourages this? I agree with >>404442 he probably started reading marriedredpill to improve his marriage and drove it into the fucking ground like the rest of them. People like that just shouldn't be in relationships. I hope his wife is doing great now.

No. 404496

That guy seems way more level-headed and attractive than fat skeptic.

No. 404499

File: 1508159221577.gif (4.77 MB, 480x360, ecYEAe3.gif)

apparently her ex here is 6'2" (for height reference @ anons that were discussing her height earlier on)

No. 404519

>sperging after a 3 days old post
Woah anon, you might want to calm down.
Also, she did.

No. 404534

>many people in the boxxyshere know all about this
Are there screenshots or anything? I looked for proof of a child and couldn't find anything.

No. 404537

No. 404547

Not that anon but she released a TMI video about her DDLG sex life, the trad stuff was probably just a joke.

No. 404552

File: 1508168356662.jpg (60.2 KB, 520x571, split the bill.jpg)

No. 404553

File: 1508168387924.jpg (39.05 KB, 450x600, bad bangs.jpg)

No. 404554

File: 1508168458895.gif (970.16 KB, 320x240, IMG_4583.GIF)

that gives off vibes like this gif


No. 404560

Ugh, what is that thing they're shooting at supposed to be? Looks like something from Eraserhead.

No. 404686

>got a learning disability
>due to this disability, he was never granted a college degree

kek sure, blame being an uneducated dumbass on the disability he was mysteriously "given". Because it's not like anyone with a learning disability has ever received a college degree or anything.

No. 404759


>that guy's posture


No. 404777

File: 1508192586775.jpg (31.31 KB, 575x265, halloween.jpg)

No. 404809

He isn't. He's got quite a few issues to sort out himself, in addition to the fact that he was one of the original Unichan stalker namefags.

No. 404818

the first time I saw that gif I went into peals of laughter.


No. 404971

Damn, June really knows how to pick 'em

No. 404972

File: 1508223173276.jpg (110.57 KB, 1023x1535, B1DaDp4IcAA5Fmb.jpg)

Anyone who knows her full dating history knows exactly what she is.

Every last guy she's been with or wanted to be with has been a "creative" or "performer" type with an audience.

She's a gold digger, not for money, but for attention.

I can think of 2 of the guys who were solid talent and not horrible people. The most recent ones are definitely her worst, and they get worse as time goes on.

No. 405001

yeah shes not 5'2

No. 405055

It's so weird though, usually when people want to lie about their heights they add inches… And then there's June who lies about being shorter?

No. 405061


Blahblahblah ……..fulfilling neckbeard fantasies….something, something…..perfect, smol, submissive wiffu to toss around and make you feel like a man.

No. 405074

I just cringed so hard shes so thirsty kek

I believe the term is attention whore, and yep, shes certainly is.

what >>405061 said. She really goes out of her way to constantly make out shes this little thing.

No. 405901

File: 1508426990679.jpg (36.74 KB, 638x328, hmm.jpg)

No. 406614


that's embarrassing

No. 406615

Some guy's claiming that Shoe and her boyfriend are catfishing people.

No. 406716

What the hell is he talking about?

No. 406798


>Shoe0nhead aka Sue is talkin' about how she's like eating out of dumpsters in Puerto Rico 'cuz Trump abandoned her there

literally what

No. 406810

i used to be in a group skype with her and our mutual close friends. one day on skype she sent us all a picture of Bailey Jay and asked if we would fuck her. This was before Bailey Jay was famous. When some of us said "yes" or "maybe" she started mocking us because "she was a trap/trans" and when one of our friends said no they didnt want to fuck her, she said "good, that would be gross"

No. 406864

good? huh

No. 407046

File: 1508609227962.jpg (53.6 KB, 640x640, ass0h.jpg)

No. 407047

File: 1508609238330.jpg (69.19 KB, 614x614, sh0e.jpg)

No. 407057

No. 407095


did.. anyone else watch this or..
holy shit. what an insult to boxxy with this imitation. it was so cringey and tryhard. i'm cringing too hard..
Boxxy at least acted genuine and quirky even tho it was the whole "so randum XD" act.
also her dropping the n word three times lmao.
sage for no contribution but this was too cringey.. what is that voice

No. 407223

File: 1508628237847.png (406.65 KB, 960x540, lJPePc8.png)

This is what he reminds me of; only difference is that he's actually not trying to be funny…

No. 407229

Are these recent? Something about her face makes her look more aged than she usually does? Maybe she lost weight?

No. 407244

She posted them today. I think she looks really young. They both come off so juvenile.

No. 407253

File: 1508634519182.png (66.66 KB, 300x300, armored fetish.png)


>she looks really young.

No. 407279

File: 1508637217789.jpg (164.64 KB, 1200x900, DMq84BpW0AE_k8Q.jpg)

>heyyyy it's Elliot Rodger here

No. 407357

lol did you make this?

No. 407367

I agree she looks aged, keep in mind shes in her late 20s too, so aging would be natural, her makeup and hair just make her look immature though like some emo teenage girl but her skin is catching up with her

No. 407369

He looks like the biggest tool and douche canoe.

No. 407370

She’s still qt, but she’s in her late twenties so her meme nasolabial fold are starting to show. Pretty soon she’ll start to age out of her “ eternally a pre teen” look

No. 407378

File: 1508644781207.jpg (54.5 KB, 637x499, sad fetish.jpg)


just fatter and greg-er.

No. 407471

What is that filter? Looks like he got hosed down with jizz.

No. 407478

I feel like it's her non-existent upper lip+long philtrum combo that slightly ages her. Her skin is fine, so far. But from what I remember she's ~so into skincare~ but doesn't even wear spf, kek. She's gonna look really aged in a couple of years.

No. 407491


when I look at her, all I see is FAS

No. 407510

This picture makes me feel a very strong second-hand embarrassment.

No. 407511

File: 1508676706374.jpg (23.12 KB, 299x364, Capture.JPG)

He seriously thinks he looks hot?

o i am cringing indeed

No. 407587

Well yeah, girls like her who tend to be delusional about how young they look, try to look as much underage as possible, are obsessed with being yung housewaifus, tend to go batshit crazy when they age, especially if they have a pedo boyfriend on the side whos most likely gonna dump them and look for the next yung loli waifu once they get too old
Yumi king and the wives of onion for example

No. 407834

waiting for when Skeptic dumps June shortly after she becomes pregnant and wants to keep the baby (she said she'll never personally get an abortion, esp with Skeptic babies).

I'll be curious how it'll go then, because June will probably not look as appealing for Greg once it shows.

No. 407844

File: 1508713513954.jpg (152.84 KB, 1132x954, DMq84BoW4AAT5je.jpg)

No. 407871


Looks like one of those Paki bastards on fb that messages open boob

No. 408011

Not here to white knight but AFAIK It's not June who thinks she looks young- it's other people. A few years ago some woman on YouTube actually thought she was underaged and started a rumour that Skeptic groomed her. From there it kind of became a (really annoying) meme. But her trying to look young is debatable. The eyeliner, IMO, is not a factor of "trying to look young" but is probably because she's literally stuck in 2005 and it's the one makeup style she thinks she looks OK in. I'd really love to do her makeup one day. She's not an ugly girl she just does not know how to style herself, IMO. I'm surprised she worked in cosmetics. It does not show.

No. 408134

i dont see that she has aged. tbh she does look young because she has chubby cheeks

No. 408166

God, he looks so fucking punchable. Unlike some other anons I don't think he's that ugly physically, but the way he styles himself makes him look like a disgusting asshole 24/7.

No. 408246

File: 1508779556979.jpg (115.3 KB, 839x1042, DMrCPVOX0AEqFCZ.jpg)

No. 408247

File: 1508779628198.jpg (33.82 KB, 625x362, DMuOmVgUIAA0mmZ.jpg)

No. 408248

File: 1508779654855.jpg (91.42 KB, 590x625, dress.jpg)

No. 408250

No. 408256


Are they going to some sort of autistic far right prom for basement dwellers?

No. 408261

he looks like the villain in a 90’s high school movie, except 10 years older and unable to let go of his youth. (seriously what man wears hoop earrings in 2017)

andddd she looks like a suzy berhow clone with slightly less FAS, complete with the same absolutely godawful eyeliner. how does one suck so much at makeup when you’ve been putting it on the same fucking way for 7 years?

seriously. june’s dress is the kind of tacky you only see at junior prom and skeptic looks like he bought his suit at walmart.

No. 408279

File: 1508784058368.jpg (235.03 KB, 992x911, Screenshot_20171023-133941.jpg)

Why does it look like she only put eyeshadow on her left eye?

No. 408282

Maybe it's the light? But her eyeliner is atrocious too. For a former make-up artist, she's terrible at doing her own make-up.

No. 408283

she probably fucked it up so she just smudged it a bit to correct it lmao.

No. 408289


How deep into the SJW kool-aid do you have to be to consider Shoe0nHead to be "far right"?(learn 2 sage)

No. 408294

Are you saying patchy, badly-trimmed facial hair over a greasy, fat face with even worse hair and beady little eyes covered by obnoxious sunglasses doesn't turn you on, anon?
U must b blind.

He looks like her creepy uncle/touchy father taking her to a not-so-purity ball.

No. 408296

Maybe she isn't far right but a lot of her fans are and she continues to enable them when she speaks out against feminism or BLM and supports Gamergate.

No. 408300



Yep, SJW shitter confirmed.

For a second I thought I was on lolcow, not Tumblr. Guess I was wrong.

No. 408308

File: 1508787801455.jpg (75.16 KB, 1080x1440, lg.jpg)


damn son you are super triggered

No. 408312

how deep into your own bias would one be to think enabling the scum that comes from /pol/ is ok?
and calling someone out for it means one is a SJW?

No. 408359

She's confirmed shapeless. She definitely shoops herself to look curvy. She must not have in this pic bc she thought that $20 discount dress could mask her figure. You can tell very clearly that there are like, no hips under that tacky, Burlington Coat Factory-ass dress by the way her legs line up.

No. 408362

File: 1508792752896.jpg (82.86 KB, 750x1000, bitch lasagna.jpg)

No. 408430

>Confirmed shapeless
>Definitely shoops herself

Do you have any actual evidence, or are you just going off a picture where her waist is covered by skeptic's hand and her dress covers her hips? Because that's not really proof.

No. 408436

Her nudes in the old thread.

What's going on with her legs? I didn't even notice that.

No. 408479

There's proof in this thread, idiot.
See here: >>395704

No. 408484

File: 1508802389969.png (399.54 KB, 339x482, no.png)

are you asking to explain, or are you just wondering why her legs look weird? for her to be curvy, at least with the way she appears in certain pictures she posts on insta, her upper legs would have to be farther apart. she may have normal curve to her hips, but nothing like this pic for instance. it just doesn't work. where the dress ends, the sides of her legs would have to be much wider, or her legs naturally positioned further apart, to have a shape like this

No. 408485

File: 1508802497123.png (318.54 KB, 256x570, hips.png)

these are her real hips.

No. 408487

My apologies. I didn't see that picture going through the thread before.

No. 408490


Weird that she'd go out of her way to fake being shapely considering she wants to look underage so badly.

No. 408492

all of her fans are weebs that want childlike loli anime faces on big titted, curvy bodies. thanks, japan

No. 408494

His suit is way too big.

Her body looks completely different in these two pictures.

No. 408505

FFS I have to agree with other anons now, this thread is full of NOTHING. Besides politics it's baseless "maybe", "probably" and "in the future I bet-" posts.
Only good ones are about how shitty her makeup is.

No. 408506

Yeah I'd rather discuss her cringey videos

No. 408510

File: 1508805225489.png (13.62 KB, 596x91, comment.png)

just an average shoe fanboy

No. 408511

I don't get why she made this. It's not funny and I've never heard anyone talk about the kyriarchy.

No. 408514

File: 1508805553011.png (450.55 KB, 579x651, loomer.png)

No. 408519

File: 1508805757409.jpg (36.17 KB, 650x300, ytcom.jpg)

No. 408521

>37 thumbs up

jesus christ

No. 408593

you mean Indian, Pakistanis mostly use arabic names and Indians will have the hard to pronounce names

No. 408645

Good. At least that has substance to make fun of unlike the "lul Skeptic will dump Shoe" posts. I don't care about this cunt and if that is all you have she's not a cow.

No. 408681

>His suit is way too big.
He knows what path he's on, he knows he needs growing room for a growing boy.

Nobody cares.

>if that's all you have, she's not a cow
That's not up to you.

No. 408700

that anon is that unichan whiteknight

No. 408722

Omg I died laughing irl
He actually does

No. 408759

Sage for nipticking but god, his haircut is atrocious.
It looks like he has a dead weasel on his head.

No. 408927

File: 1508873255931.png (214.04 KB, 430x430, wig.png)

It's a terrible wig but she has better ones. IMO short wigs look so much better and more natural on her.

No. 409103

File: 1508932636894.jpg (202.54 KB, 1200x675, tech support greg.jpg)

No. 409347

File: 1508970675273.jpg (107.88 KB, 593x685, shoe0nhead.jpg)

Who is June?

She is whoever they want her to be.

No. 409353

File: 1508971033342.jpg (67.17 KB, 640x640, 11930962_397653107099500_19486…)

No. 409360

File: 1508971874941.jpeg (29.13 KB, 275x272, D29B4C50-6175-4947-86C9-213131…)

No. 409361

File: 1508971945856.png (262.64 KB, 2550x3300, 4812_001.png)

>She goes by her real name now a days and comes across as more level headed.
I wouldn't be so sure

No. 409366

She looks so much better without all the extra eyeliner in the pic with the blue hair.

No. 409452

File: 1508988150035.jpg (85.41 KB, 666x500, 1508637217789.jpg)

No. 409465

Oh my.

No. 409496

the point of posting this? she shooped this. otherwise there would be no pics of her with straight hips

No. 409497

lol holy shit

No. 409570

No. 409572

File: 1509020039366.jpg (81.27 KB, 649x568, nostalgiajail.jpg)

No. 409573

lol, you whiteknights are so, so dumb. you realise that this doesn't show what's in question: her hips? she keeps shooping HIPs. females can have a smaller waist, but still have no hips. god, you dolts are dumb.

No. 409575

File: 1509021125289.jpg (80.05 KB, 1356x482, caps.jpg)

No. 409577

lmao, no hips. you think this picture set of her hips resembles this: >>408484?

she shoops and you're blind. men are ocular retards.

No. 409579

File: 1509021989248.jpg (37.53 KB, 625x177, sarah-noble-kill-all-men-who-d…)

>you whiteknights
>men are

i thought that caricature was a meme

No. 409581

Can you move this shit to another thread? This one isn't about Lindsay Ellis and her shenanigans.

Playing Devil's Advocate for a second, maybe she didn't shoop that Christmas picture. Maybe she's just standing in a deceptive pose for when she wants to look more curvy. Angles and posture changes like knees bent, lower back curved, thighs apart, toes together, combination changes can make you look drastically different shapes.
Short of physically padding out her clothes with padded undergarments, she's not that good at shooping.

No. 409582

you're clearly a dude. every girl has experienced men and their inability to notice what we notice re: makeup, shooping, plastic surgery, etc. that's why soooo many men think 'natural makeup' = no makeup.

and lol at your pathetic attempt to paint calling someone an 'ocular retard' =/= 'kill all men'

No. 409585

maybe but i don't know why you'd even play devils ad when there's proof in this thread of her shooping her arms and stomach. i dont think even with angles, with the lak of hips she has, its possible for her to manifest those hips in those pics with just angles, and without shooping

it's not difficult to shoop on your smartphone . we know she uses meitu or a similar app bc of the asian filters she has used, and meitu generally looks pretty alright unless you try to go overboard or fuck up your anatomy, or you screw up the background to make it noticeable.

No. 409587

File: 1509023332117.jpg (103.62 KB, 649x638, bootythicc.jpg)

The Christmas tree behind her would be ridiculously hard to shoop, especially when clearly the other pictures that she's shooped badly are so obvious and poorly done. I really don't think she'd be able to shoop the tree without it being completely obvious.
They do make underwear that gives you bigger hips, smaller stomach, a rounder ass. It's not out of the realm of possibility for someone to say maybe she doesn't shoop everything, maybe she's wearing one of those. Pic related, and I did mention it originally. Before photoshop, there were thousands of years of women learning how to be deceptive with their shape.

No. 409590

File: 1509024168801.jpg (100.04 KB, 607x1080, hip.jpg)

i could defo see something like this, but either way, it's between a fake pair of ass pads, or shooping. it's def not natural, like that anon wants to claim. but chek it out, i just did some shooping, and the tree doesn't make it difficult. i spent literally 3 min on meitu to make her fig 'straighter' here, and no one would be the wiser.

No. 409594

File: 1509025101437.jpg (62.58 KB, 640x640, June (14).jpg)

yeah maybe all her waists are shopped

No. 409597

File: 1509025180944.png (497.64 KB, 381x542, c shape.png)

and before anyone says "i can totally tell bc of the squished lights/curved area near her hips", there was ALREADY a squished area of light in a C shape BEFORE my edit. it's pretty likely she shooped. check out the c shape on her left hip, primarily, and the fuzziness on her right hip.

No. 409600

whered you find this one? that looks incredibly, undeniably shooped

No. 409608

File: 1509025491080.jpg (22.99 KB, 640x960, June (157).jpg)

some fans have obsessively archived all her pics shes ever uploaded to insta/twitter/etc, I found the link to the zip.

No. 409645

The more I look at that picture, the more she looks like a weird, posed barbie doll.
I do love that the thread has devolved into just looking at the pixels.

No. 409647

File: 1509030073819.png (313.66 KB, 718x496, 0lXbWFS.png)

she has some curvature though. it's possible that she can fake having thicker hips through an odd stance

here's a screenshot from a vid, you cant photoshop those

No. 409651

File: 1509030249723.png (269.94 KB, 578x578, b3kjLt6.png)

No. 409661

File: 1509031007515.jpg (158.62 KB, 768x1024, skinny-guy-768x10241.jpg)

you can shop vid. visit the kooter thread. but i doubt this was edited. any curvature she has is in her waist, and it's nowhere near as extreme as she shops it to be. straight on, her hips are straight. see here: >>408485 or here >>409608

her hips (and waist) just arent like this: >>409594

she has some curve on her waist from being skinny (even guys have tapered waists if they're skinny), but she does not have this 'w/h ratio goddess' (verbatim) shape that her fanbois say she has due to her shooping

No. 409665

File: 1509031757707.jpg (Spoiler Image, 42.98 KB, 534x800, 1492842837212.jpg)

maybe we can see if the nude was shopped too, i always thought their was something off about the waist area.

She probably has poor self-image, which is why all her vids are low-res and her photos usually seem touched up and sometimes photoshopped.

No. 409667

Maybe, look at the coloring between her midsection and arms, then again her w/h ratio still looks average so who knows

No. 409668

Those tits look so bad. I'd sue.

No. 409676

File: 1509033332673.png (Spoiler Image, 914.2 KB, 768x1024, hippp.png)

possible. this is a little more difficult to tell thanks to the solid background. but for your consideration about her figure, i've taken to layering her photo on this skinny guy's.

his ribcage is expanded due to posing, and even then it's literally like one centimetre larger despite being a guy, while his actual hipbones are further apart than hers

curvy goddess, i think not(learn 2 sage)

No. 409691

That's a significant difference anon, the pose and angle are also not the same. Her proportions are pretty feminine.
>>409665 still seems off though, probably shooped.

No. 409698

That guy has nice tits.

Tbh though, why would she even need to shoop at all? Her body is completely fine without any shooping whatsoever, it's sad if she feels she needs to do that to be pretty. Someone with a self esteem that low needs more help than a fat ugly, abusive "skeptic" neckbeard can give her.

No. 409713

Considering her cunty remarks about other womens appearences its pretty clear she does have self esteem issues and partly explains why she panders to neckbeards so much. Also on the shooping its certainly a kota situation, not sure which pic (if any) are real.

I would not be surprised if skeptic also makes remarks about her appearence, much like how onision does with lainey.


No. 409727

File: 1509041958209.jpg (79.32 KB, 823x410, June (187).jpg)

this one is 100% confirmed though. So I dunno if she shopped the other pic a bit too nuch.

No. 409973

File: 1509065419343.jpg (Spoiler Image, 341.22 KB, 858x823, junenudes.jpg)

No. 410762

She does look young, the problem is that she is obsessed with her looking young and will go crazy when she ages which she is already doing
Look at yumi king for example, yumi king did look young, but now that she looks like an old woman she went crazy with bulimia and trying to look like a literal child
Given, at least june is realistic and tries to look more 16-18ish, yumi king wants to look like a 7 yr old

No. 410935

She looks 25 to me. People have this idea that 25 year olds look elderly because all the 25 year olds are playing teens on tv, so people think that is what a teen looks like. She only could pass as a teen because she dresses and acts like a retarded 16 year old from 2005.

No. 410977

The hell is the top right?

No. 411122

File: 1509231466778.jpg (155.38 KB, 1024x768, DNQlUMtVoAEQXrL.jpg)

No. 411123

File: 1509231490381.jpg (106.86 KB, 1024x631, DNQlRlSUMAAO8aO.jpg)

No. 411230

Again with the angled face shot, she really thinks we haven't cottoned on kek.

No. 411255

File: 1509249016564.jpg (258.06 KB, 1200x900, meetup.jpg)

Compared to other women she's not really that short.

No. 411266

File: 1509253278635.jpg (70.82 KB, 898x1123, 22858148_321803571628325_84197…)

she done did it

No. 411268

The ok hand signal makes me cringe instinctively now. They all look dumb as shit doing it in photos

No. 411280

isn't the ok hand often uses by kekistanis?

No. 411282

lol this just looks like shes rolling her eyes at his douchy duck pout.

But…why are they dressed up now-its not halloween yet? Kinda looks like they are trying to flaunt their basic and lazy costumes?

No. 411284

caption for the picture (on instagram) says they're going to a halloween party

No. 411289

File: 1509258425377.jpg (59.99 KB, 615x362, ro.jpg)

Greg getting roasted in the comments of her latest waste of fucking time video

No. 411303

dae think her eyes have been shooped larger in this?

No. 411304

No it's just a fucking overused ironic meme. Origin: in the Pepe the frog meme, Pepe is making the "ok" hand sign. Retarded newsmedia and southern poverty law faggots started claiming since it was related to Pepe is must be racist and a secret sign of the Alt-right. It's just ironicly used as a joke bc of said reports. And you know the kekistani's are all for adopting ironic fake news shit as actual themes and memes.

So yes technically the alt RIGHT uses that hand sign but only as a joke really, and it wasn't really used previous to the news coverage.

No. 411311

So how is he satan besides those shitty horns? That looks like something he'd wear unironically.

No. 411319

'im so smol'
literally the same size as every girl there lol

No. 411321

No. 411323

>So does he just always hang around in tacky suits?

Good question. Does he get out of bed and dresses up in a walmart suit because he is such an ~alpha male~ everyday?

No. 411350

All the guys there are uggo as fuck
w o o f

No. 411358

And somehow, Greg still manages to stick out among the pack.

No. 411411

File: 1509291739990.jpg (49.38 KB, 589x480, tw.jpg)

No. 411504

Those horns are positioned too low, looks stupid af.

No. 411525


does this bitch actually have a phone case with fanart of her and her bf. and her entire shtick is making fun of "cringe"? holy shit

No. 411527

..is he wearing dipbrow?

No. 411576

10 out of fucking 10 on that weak AF handlebar mustache curl.
They have to live in an echo chamber or have zero self awareness if they don't see how cringey they are/act. You can see it in his face how much he takes to heart that he's a Billy-Badass alpha male daddy.

No. 411609

His face looks strangely feminine in these pictures. Maybe she used a filter?

No. 411672

Well he has eyeliner on his top lid in the first that looks digitally put there. It doesn't make sense for him to have top lid catliner, and it looks super fake

No. 411765

This one looks like FaceApp's Spark/Hot filter

whatever editing she did, this is evidence that on some level June knows her boyfriend is a hog.

No. 411846

>greg came early and now is crying in bed


I find her annoying af but if the art is good, I don't see it as very cringey.

No. 411868

nah. it's lame. and he's no prize, so it's super cringe.

No. 412122

>you can shop vid

Ok, shut the fuck up. Sh0e uses imovie, she barely edits her crap videos. The photoshop thing is holding no weight. She clearly has a small waist and some clothing exaggerates it. It's really not that impossible.

No. 412153

Are we still arguing about whether she does or doesn't photoshop her pictures and videos? You're replying to a four day old post. Move on.

Even though I find it a little odd, I know there are youtubers/e-celebs who use fan art as phone cases and such. It's like using a picture of you and your significant other as wallpaper, right?

No. 412189

File: 1509415328477.png (446.62 KB, 635x666, cleaning.png)

i don't think she shops her hips, her waist seems more likely, and only sometimes


No. 412246

File: 1509423170085.png (40.39 KB, 626x254, Screenshot 2017-05-12 at 8.25.…)

>" they're just a jaded normie that's been in a lot of relationships, rode the 'cock carousel' and thinks treating their bf like a kind is stupid!"
i'm the exact opposite of what's described, lol. just admit it's unhealthy and stop trying to make yourself feel better about it.

phone case, home screen, lock screen, desktop background, a 'shrine', etc.
she's either crazy obsessed or crazy insecure.

No. 412248

Keeping your relationship out of the public eye is "jaded normie slut" behaviour lmao

No. 412249

>>412189 you'd think someone who's "trad" and rping a maid would know to iron their own uniform first

nitpicky af sorry lmao

No. 412253

I literally came here to post the exact same thing kek
A good maid would never show up in a wrinkly uniform. Ew.

No. 412274

holy hell, you sad sack of shit. i never said she shoped vid. i explicitly said it's possible to shoop vid, but that i didn't think she does. and yes, she shoops her hips and waist. this >>409594
obviously exaggerated body shape doesn't even match the majority of the other pictures, you absolute autist.

No. 412318

Yeah. It’s totally normal to act like a functional retard over a guy you broke up a marriage over and can’t be bothered to treat his future in-laws with respect. (As seen in the video.)

What a stupid cunt. She’s just as infantile as the SJWs she makes fun of.

No. 412332

>her fans
lol come on, anon, it was probably her
I'm pretty "obsessed" with my bf too but I don't degrade myself to show it the way June does. Nice strawman she created, though.

No. 412334

that is so weird, it's like an incel wrote that.

No. 412339

that is some bizarre strawmanning. why does she think it's either "degrade myself on social media to show off how much I love my boyfriend" or "shamefully hide your relationship from the public eye" with no middle ground? why does she use terms like "cock carousel" as though she was some pure virginal princess before she met Greg when we all know she wasn't? what a weirdo lmao.

No. 412345

File: 1509442896785.jpg (90.52 KB, 640x640, 19436677_447881208919929_80278…)

I guess she "redpilled" herself to appeal to fat skeptic and her neckbeard fanbase.

>I worship my bf's penis!

>Stupid whores riding the cock carousel
>I know what love is!

She just tries to sound like a perfect "redpill woman" for that neckbeard attention.


No. 412351

Most adults in functional relationship are satisfied with the actual relationship and don't feel the need to scream "LOOK GUYS I LOVE MY BF SO MUCH WE HAVE THE SEX" every day, but alright June.

No. 412380


my 1st thought upon reading this abortion of a reply was her ex bf who said something like "she just had a lot of issues to work through" lol

No. 412381

can we just stop talking about whether or not she photoshops her pics i literally don't give a shit

No. 412400

File: 1509459386450.jpg (160.34 KB, 876x691, Untitled.jpg)

So shoe has been mass-retweeting tweets by "Terfbot", a twitter bot made by a "communist muslim transwoman".


No. 412402

That is some prime edgelord shit, her fans must be creaming themselves.

No. 412426

So this guy who is anti-feminism but insists hes not anti-women told me to follows her youtube and twitter for "great commentry and arguments on anti-feminism"-how can anyone take her seriously ffs kek.

No. 412427

It's one of her old characters she brings into vids sometimes

No. 412430

Seeing a woman using 'cock carousel' unironically makes me cringe.

No. 412451

She's such an autist. Excellent cringe material

No. 412469

File: 1509467774192.jpg (300.14 KB, 1000x562, uwu daddies cummies etcetera.j…)


>jaded normie

>the cock carousel

>tee hee I'm not like those other thots

No. 412473

For real like I've never been in a relationship or had sex with anybody/rode the ~*cock carousel*~ and I STILL think their relationship is bizarre and Shoe frequently seems like she's over compensating for something.

I am a jaded normie tho, so maybe that's why.

No. 412510

I'd really love to know exactly what Shoe's problem with other women is? I just went to her twitter for the first time in months and a lot of her tweets are just ways to subtly shit on women, yet she never calls out men for anything. The replies on her tweets are all "if she breathe she a thot" and shit about The Wall, hating women, all women are evil whores, exc.

I'm not saying women don't deserve to be called out for certain things, I'm just saying she'll jump at any opportunity to drag women for the tiniest infraction, but is completely silent on male on female violence, rape (unless it's a false accusation!), or misogyny in her fanbase.

Since I know you probably read here, I will just a few things. You will one day "hit the wall" too, June. We all will. I wouldn't wish this on anyone and hesitate to even say this, but one day you might be sexually assaulted or raped or find yourself in a position where you JUST want help and support and don't know who to turn to. I never want that to happen to you. But if it did, I sincerely hope that you don't get the treatment you give other women. I hope you aren't made fun of, harassed for seeking help, or have your character attacked mercilessly until you just have to hide yourself away. Because I can tell you from experience, it doesn't feel good. And the attitudes you perpetuate about women certainly don't help.

Maybe try to have more compassion for other women, most of them aren't any more or less evil than most men are.

No. 412566

>most of them aren't any more or less evil than most men are
Uh, no. Most of us definitely are less evil than most men. That's a fact.

No. 412569

And unless the average american male is 2 metres, he is also definatly lying about his height!

Maybe slight ot but i think it fits here: today a saw a video about a mentally ill woman jumping into a lion cage and a good bunch of the comments is some neckbeards saying that all women are dumb and that you need to keep control on them…makes one feel that they're probably more of these jerks around than one thinks

No. 412574

that sounds like reverse robot talk

No. 412579

…Okay? That doesn't make it any less true.

No. 412584

That’s so fucking depressing. Especially if the woman was harmed or died…the first thing they think to comment is that women are dumb and women’s rights were a mistake?

I hate being a fucking woman because of this shit. It’s nonstop.

No. 412694


>You will one day "hit the wall" too, June. We all will.

nobody can halt the march of time. the worst thing for june is that she relies solely on her appearance, fuckability, and edgy opinions as social currency.

we all age. and we all hit thirty, then thirty-five, then forty, and it shows.

women over 35 become invisible in society, unless they're being laughed at or lumped in with all the other useless dried up middle aged women. lol, society doesn't listen to middle aged women, or give a fuck about their opinions.

g'luck, june.

No. 412780

What does she mean by "treat your bf like a king"? Is that done by "worshipping his peen"? Cause that's not love, that's lust/infatuation.
I mean, for all the rave reviews this inexperienced, angelic virgin gives to skeptics chode, I have yet to see one thing where you could definitively say "wow, June really takes care of her ~king~(vomit)".
Granted I rarely look into her SMS and I do mostly get it filtered through lolcow, but the only thing remotely close to such a thing would be the stupid meme they did for woman's day where she had a pathetic excuse for a sandwich on a plate for him. Idk, maybe having sex with an obese ogre is enough charity and effort for June.

No. 412810

meh, it's same on both sides, there are bitter angry virgin neckbeards saying women are too stupid to do anything and they need all their rights taken away.

Then you go to other places and hear girls talking about how all men just pump and dump and how they all should be castrated.

Two sides of the same coin

No. 412817

This is so ridiculously untrue. If you ever find a genuinely misandric community, their main issue with men is how much men hate women. If you find a genuinely misogynistic community, their main issue with women is that they're subhuman sex objects who don't meet their standards for a partner.

No. 412820

>If you ever find a genuinely misandric community, their main issue with men is how much men hate women.

yeah and that they are users and abusers and should be shot

No. 412826

In my experience it isn't only bitter angry virgin neckbeards saying that kind of shit. I mean I REALLY wish it was only them because then you could spot them easily, but in truth even some men who you would think are normal and well adjusted secretly think that, even if in passing.

Literally my grown, successful father thinks all women are stupid and the 19th should be repealed. And he's pretty open about it to me, his daughter. Fucking sucks.

No. 412862

Yeah, I wish. Like >>412826 said, there are men who have families or female partners and still say this shit online. There is no coin. Just because there are two sides doesn't mean they're equivalent in any way, saying "I hate men" is usually hyperbolic/voicing exasperation about all of the trash men that harass women online and offline.

No. 412927

>What does she mean by "treat your bf like a king"?

She acts like a child around him, so I guess that's what she means. barf

No. 412933

File: 1509545026537.gif (17.08 MB, 844x376, Im-a-pure-waifu-who-dont-need-…)

Oh and at 1:47 , she starts giving the summary of what happened and he shuts her up and starts talking over her, in her own video, on her own channel :^)

~tradishunal goalz~

No. 412952

File: 1509546654067.png (527.78 KB, 1080x858, a deluded broad-shouldered you…)

damn her shoulders are wider than blaires

No. 412957

I'm sorry, but where do you see groups of women screaming that all men should be castrated? I have yet to see such comments under any Youtube video, for example.

No. 412958

(and no, one lone comment from some weirdo doesn't count; in contrast, you see groups of neckbeards raging under some Youtube videos like a unified hive mind).

No. 412961

hashtag #killallmen? But yeah I know that doesn't count they don't really meaan it. :P(learn 2 sage)

No. 412963

Yeah, I thought that hashtag was meant sarcastically, not really as a "hate" hashtag. Even though I think it's kind of stupid to use it, as it only gives ammunition to the women-haters.

No. 412972

No. 412975

from her livestream yesterday

No. 412981

File: 1509550225221.jpg (27.7 KB, 215x212, HAPPY HALLOWEEN GREG.jpg)


>fuck the homeless guy


No. 413011

File: 1509553190436.png (263.09 KB, 647x391, gregs spare tire and headlight…)

"Marry" the child to save it from the other two options.
Fuck the homeless dude.
Kill the puppy, because it's just an animal.

>"Killing the kid is its best fate."

Nah Greg, you antisocial dumbshit. Besides, he's dating and fucking a womanchild already and he has no qualms about it.

Also June seemed very excited to blurt that she thinks bestiality is legal in Canada. A shame her persona of ~supreme secular reason~ never thought to consider what memes she heard were all just misrepresented clickbait repeated ad infinitum.
I want them to livestream more so they can keep exposing themselves as edgy ignoramuses.

June has the most shit taste in men's clothes. She made Greg look like he needs to be rolled to the juicing room.

No. 413013

File: 1509553575326.jpg (28.74 KB, 450x450, c43.jpg)

>rolled to the juicing room.
holy shit anon lol

No. 413046

File: 1509555815132.jpg (Spoiler Image, 39.92 KB, 500x343, better.jpg)

No. 413250

File: 1509583710490.jpg (33.17 KB, 388x492, Hillary-Witch.jpg)

>actually citing snopes

No. 413253

There's no factual inaccuracy with the information. Did you just want an excuse to post your witch costume Hilary?

No. 413261

>>men: granting women rights was a mistake. Reverse this injustice laid upon us.
>>women: I'm more than a sex object/object in general and its horrible being treated like we're supposed to be glory-holes for any man that we intrigue.

Yeah, not the same my dude.
You know men can spin the idea that the hashtag is a joke and turn around and say that they're not serious as well.

No. 413465

Why does he always wear suit jackets from garage sales??????

No. 413870

all of this but without taking the responsibility of red pill backlash
>hurr I'm actually sooper liberal u dumb feminazis

No. 413886

Lol that sign is so stupid. Almost all of the feminists I know IRL have boyfriends and good sex lives. Sounds like some projecting there from the mgtow community.
Damn, it breaks my heart that shitty people make women feel this way. Stay strong, girl! They're fucking losers who are afraid of their obvious short comings.

No. 413996

Thanks anon….I wish I could take your advice and have your attitude but I simply can’t be strong. It’s worn me down so much and I don’t see the point anymore. It feels like misogyny gets worse and more widespread by the day, and it’s just funny to most people. I wish I could just disappear and not have to deal with it.

No. 414043

>misogyny gets worse by the day
>women have all the legal rights of men
>a women ran for the president of america
>weinstein just got his ass blown out

yeah you're right, not long now before women are back in harems and in chains.

No. 414053

>a women ran for president and you guys get the basic rights that men do, there fore misogyny is no longer an issue
Are you retarded, my guy?

No. 414057

It's certainly not getting worse by the day, you fucking drama queens. Back on topic, please.
June's hair sucks, or something.

No. 414062

Her "hair" is a wig :^)

No. 414074

Misogyny isn't just expressed through the political and economic spheres. Socially it seems like shit has been hitting the fan these last few years with all of these anti-women movements gaining prevalence in society. The fight against sexual harrassment and assault is nowhere near finished, not by a long shot.
Maybe you should stop trying to invalidate women's experiences as if you know better than them about their own fucking life, you lousy wretch. Your egotism is showing.

No. 414172

Misogyny is absolutely still a serious issue in 2017. There are still countries where women's genitals are mutilated, where they are legally treated as second class citizens, where they can be killed for going against the wishes of the family patriarch. Institutionalized misogyny is alive and well in certain parts of the world.

Oh wait you guys are talking about cat calling and whatnot. Hmm.

No. 414184

File: 1509717174323.jpg (40.68 KB, 444x318, nice.jpg)

No. 414186


is dat u, June

No. 414252

I wasn't talking about catcalling in >>413996. I was talking about widespread societal ideas about women such as >>412569 that CAN lead to worse things if enough people hold those ideas, which they are beginning to. It IS spreading. It isn't just neckbeards on the internet anymore. I was in no way trying to invalidate the human rights violations that women experience in other parts of the world. But I just won't bring it up again if it's going to be mocked. Sorry for mentioning it.

Thank you anon, this is all I meant.

No. 414475

Ignore it, I think majority of people here agree with you. That person is just trying to be edgy or something. Just because violence and injustice towards women is more prevalent in certain parts of the world doesn't mean the western society's perfect. They love to derail like that when someone complains about something, have seen it a million times before. It's similar as when they say to someone who's depressed "You know, people in Africa have it worse". Typical asshole move.

No. 414652

not her typing style
she'd also probably screenshot and post on her twitter to respond if it was actually her.

No. 414840

File: 1509777767461.jpg (31.25 KB, 600x450, thatsthejoke.jpg)


no duh, genius. I was implying that kind of shallow immature understanding of misogyny was reminiscent of something June would say

No. 415049

Stop derailing the thread about misogyny and feminism.

No. 416379

File: 1510003539137.jpg (42.96 KB, 640x362, socialrepose.jpg)

June weighs in on Jaclyn Glenn's boyfriend cheating. Kind of ironic considering what happened with Armoured Skeptic and his wife.

No. 416384

Sure June, insult the woman and not the man that was actually in the relationship. Not that the woman isn't responsible as well, but it seems June's issue is mostly with her.

Gee I wonder why that could be.

Also, has it been confirmed that Skeptic cheated on his wife with June, or just that he left his wife for June? Either way would be scummy, but there is a bit of a difference imo.

No. 416398

I don't think he cheated on his wife with June. I'm not sure they even met in person before the divorce.

No. 416399

I'm not mad at her for this tweet, we know that the girl was in a relationship of 1,5 years and was cheating as well. So they're both on the same level, really.

No. 416454

File: 1510007319741.png (152.04 KB, 562x611, 20171106_141236.png)

No. 416455

but still, she knew richie through JG but didn't know the other girl, so ripping into the other girl and not richie is weird. and the thot crusty hole thing sounds really petty

No. 416463

File: 1510007488899.jpg (413.8 KB, 666x1451, GOXRr.jpg)

I think I've seen this posted yet. Some dirt from her unichan/boxxy days.

No. 416951

File: 1510051989507.jpg (105.6 KB, 600x600, 3607873.jpg)

Rob destroyed her soul and helped her learn to hate herself, with propaganda and hate. I subbed to Shoe very early on and I loved her early videos. Since 2012 I can't even stand watching her for more than a second. She's a shell of her former self and everything she does is a weak & hollow attempt at earning the acceptance of a vague entity that cannot exist.

She had a loving relationship with her father, a supportive mother, and she was a kind little girl, before she became a pawn for sick mind games. Never trust someone you meet online, no you don't know them or what they're capable of, and no you never ever will.

Sleep with dogs, get fleas. Zero sympathy.

No. 416983

It's obvious she is condemning Richie and the thot. I usually hate June but agree with her dragging. He deserves it. He's a fucking asshole and he had a lot of people fooled.

No. 416985

I liked June's old stuff, too. I think it is so easy for her to hate other girls bc she was a "slut" and "outcast" in her teens. It's really too bad what these half assed ideologies have created or encouraged in so many people. She seems like a generally confused/lost person, though. 95% of the time she's a bitter backhanded cunt, but there's 5% of the time where I find her to be okay.

No. 417370

But I thought in this very thread it was stated that she made up the lies about her sex life, but they ended up not being true when she was confronted by her mom. Or was there no actual screenshot evidence of this confession (unless it was in a video)?

No. 418525

another anon speculated that she could have made that up to save face with her parents. but I haven't seen evidence of either claim. her old posts and a lot of her videos kind of scream thot that craves attention though tbf.

No. 418549

Ye, she encourages a lot of women to get attention by being misogynistic and "one of the boys". The worst part is that they are doing more and more videos but they are all the same content.
Honestly I'm sick of "rational" mofos like June and Skeptic pandering like they are some kind of experts, I mean, has even june ended college?

Sightly ot video but this girls Sarah Press is one of the most recents june's wannabes.

No. 418696

they don't need your college bs, dummy. they went to Youtube University™

No. 421495

she dropped out of college.

No. 421593

I don't know the guys age but this is the warning old ladies gave. never follow an older man. never follow some guy that needs you. these guys get damaged or lost girls and mold them to be slutty or cynical. living their fantasy's thorough them.

No. 422857

File: 1510593328247.jpg (73.97 KB, 720x540, as2010.jpg)

Her boyfriend just posted this, lmao

No. 422859

File: 1510593437406.jpg (69.58 KB, 1024x774, DOP1fbsUMAA11w6.jpg)

No. 422863

File: 1510593677217.jpg (74.93 KB, 640x435, hbomb.jpg)

HBomberguy calls her out for taking a white supremacist's twitter poll seriously and thinking it's proof that everyone hates white people. June doesn't get that the problem isn't just that the guy's a white supremacist.

No. 422888

>this is a non-issue
Nah June, this proves that you have zero credibility and you can't be trusted to even click on a profile link to make sure the person you're quoting isn't a piece of shit. It's supremely at odds with her and Skeptic trying to present themselves as logical, rational atheist debaters who are privy to social issues.

No. 422899

>I saw a tweet, did zero critical thinking and ended up looking like a dumbass, how dare you come for me!
But she's all about those facts, eh?

No. 422903

I enjoy how she just expects her followers to presume that when she fucks up, to not hold her accountable because, like, IT WAS JUST A SLIGHT OVERSIGHT GIES! Never mind that she was giving fuel to the ~white genocide~ outrage types, or that she'd be just as harsh and unforgiving to her opponents. Can you imagine her response if someone she hated got caught fucking up that badly? Ruthless.

No. 423026

>I may be willfully ignorant but you're a jerk for calling me out on it!

No. 423326

File: 1510625149641.jpg (66.94 KB, 640x500, fancy.jpg)

No. 423375

i wonder why she doesn't tone down the eyeliner, just a little bit

No. 423386

>Hey guys lets get all our stalkers in here for a photoshoot!

That's literally what it looks like, love the creepy girl on the far left.

No. 423552

File: 1510654945506.png (119.03 KB, 217x230, 1453738877794.png)


Can someone explain more about this era… some of her oldest archived videos are full of her quoting some other guy. Was she abused by someone or something? What do you mean she was fed propaganda? Are these guys still around?

No. 423618

because it’s her ~signature look~ aka still riding whatever’s left of that ancient boxxy lookalike fame. she definitely looks way better with a simple wing.

No. 423901

File: 1510688640554.png (117.81 KB, 961x568, shoeonhead feefees3.png)


June is in reality a self mutilating psycho who wears a wig..

so far she has blocked me on twatter for calling her out on it aaaannnd she has reported my post about her self destructive mental illness and hypocrisy and gotten my account locked


No. 423912

dude she has no hair styles they are wigs .. she rips out her hair cause shes a self mutilating defect

No. 423914

dude that isnt her real hair .. she rips out her own hair in autistic sperg rages
shes a self mutilating psycho that wears a wig

No. 423916

Was June's trich supposed to be a secret? I mean, it's pretty obvious she wears wigs.

I'm not going to make fun of her for pulling, that sucks for her. But that entire post is just her being incredibly angry that some random gawker tier dunce wrote an article about her hair and calling her ugly. Just ignore it June, it's not that deep.

No. 423931

>Was June's trich supposed to be a secret? I mean, it's pretty obvious she wears wigs.

well she thought it was cause she got my account blocked and banned on my first twitter account for calling her out on it when she went on a sperg rage on me for talking about the bearing copyright issue (way back when) … (i asked a simple question if bearing had changed any of the bear cartoon from total drama if pointed out if he did its fair use and she went autistic ham on me so i said "look for a bitch that rips out their hair i dont know why you coming at me like this" she then blocked me and then Greg got in on the action by trying to say "how dare you bring up her issues" cause i called her "Ms. Shives" in reference to Steve Shives blcoking everyone on earth)

more recently she tried to post a "good times good memories" picture of someone calling out her hypocrisy and she went and i made the joke (on my second twitter account) that if they "really wanted to trigger her bring up her self mutilation of ripping out her hair that seems to work"

she then reported that post as abuse (typical hypocrite behavior) and got my account locked and twitter wouldnt unlock it until i deleted the tweet .. i tried appealing it but they wouldnt let me click the captcha "i am not a robot" thing and kept saying internal error

so yea…

to her it is supposed to be a secret..

but i still want to know ..

when Greg fucks her .. does she take off the wig? or does she keep it on with double sided sticky tape…

this question has eaten at my soul for many moons now …

No. 423940

She seems very keen on attacking other women on their looks/style so I don't feel sorry for her.

No. 423943

Idk. June is a selfish asshole who mocks other womens' problems and experiences, but I still have an issue with stooping to her level and making fun of her for a disorder she can't control and which likely caused her a lot of pain in life. Even though I know deep down she is the first person who would do that to other people.

(Not trying to police the people who brought it up, this is lolcow after all. This is just my opinion.)

No. 423946

File: 1510691271427.png (213.07 KB, 529x320, ad hom.png)

No. 423957

Red Pill Black is a moron, but she's way more attractive than June lol, she should shut up. Also can June insult women for anything other than their looks? I know I just did it but it's lolcow so w/e.

No. 423973

Hi Jenny

No. 423980

I mean June thinks women are only worth their looks and what they can offer men, so it's not surprising that's the insult she goes for. Though every once in a while it would be nice if she could change it up and throw in "hysterical" or something about women being low-IQ incubators like her audience and the rest of her friends do. Just because mocking other women for being five pounds overweight or trying to open up about their rape must get boring after a while, you would think.

No. 424006

God fucking damn it June. I actually hate Redpillblack more than June and the other edgelord skeptic channels because her views are way more hateful and extreme but, she is completely right how these anti sjw channels act like they are in high school and just attack people on their looks. Like have you seen your bf June, he's hideous, you have no right to judge anyone's looks when your getting fucked by that.

No. 424062

Lol June and you look like a chipmunk with way too close together eyes and a chimpanzee philtrum, you're not really one to talk

No. 424079

i think shes been open about having trich especially on her ask.fm…….. also she probably uses wig glue to keep the wig on.

i have trich 2……

No. 424088

Would it have hurt your fingers too much to type out the word "too?"

I'm sure she has made fun of someone in the past for having a physical deformity/ailment, like her trich. She can't make compelling arguments, so what's the point of using her brain when she can just throw out insults about a person's appearance to defend herself?

No. 424089

File: 1510701884004.gif (986.11 KB, 500x220, brand new.gif)

No. 424341

Nah, she means she has the sequel to trich. On Blueray.

No. 424374

File: 1510733004445.jpg (70.71 KB, 640x670, bf.jpg)

No. 424382

hahaha holy fuck. you just keep stroking his ego june. men definitely need cuckqueens like you to save them from the meanie feminists. he doesn't need you to suck his chode and save him away from the ghost of valerie solanas jfc. also she types like a wanna be meme thot but pretends to be a submissive traditionalist. good girls don't shitpost on 4chan, june

No. 424383

this quote from gone girl is especially relevant lmao.
“Men always say that as the defining compliment, don’t they? She’s a cool girl. Being the Cool Girl means I am a hot, brilliant, funny woman who adores football, poker, dirty jokes, and burping, who plays video games, drinks cheap beer, loves threesomes and anal sex, and jams hot dogs and hamburgers into her mouth like she’s hosting the world’s biggest culinary gang bang while somehow maintaining a size 2, because Cool Girls are above all hot. Hot and understanding. Cool Girls never get angry; they only smile in a chagrined, loving manner and let their men do whatever they want. Go ahead, shit on me, I don’t mind, I’m the Cool Girl.

Men actually think this girl exists. Maybe they’re fooled because so many women are willing to pretend to be this girl. For a long time Cool Girl offended me. I used to see men – friends, coworkers, strangers – giddy over these awful pretender women, and I’d want to sit these men down and calmly say: You are not dating a woman, you are dating a woman who has watched too many movies written by socially awkward men who’d like to believe that this kind of woman exists and might kiss them. I’d want to grab the poor guy by his lapels or messenger bag and say: The bitch doesn’t really love chili dogs that much – no one loves chili dogs that much!
And the Cool Girls are even more pathetic: They’re not even pretending to be the woman they want to be, they’re pretending to be the woman a man wants them to be."

No. 424425

>I’d want to grab the poor guy by his lapels or messenger bag and say: The bitch doesn’t really love chili dogs that much – no one loves chili dogs that much!
it's mostly true but it really seems like a 'cool girl' inception with this line.

No. 424485

>i dont think boyfriends get enough praise

Mayhaps the reason why you never hear women praise their men is because you have no female friends, June…

No. 424607

You would never never never see a man, much less Skeptic, make a post about this about their girlfriend. His Redpill-lite audience would tear it apart.

The dating world is shitty and I'm sure it's all women's fault, right June? Men are precious little angels who never do anything wrong.

No. 424740

It's really obvious that June has no idea how life works outside of the internet.

No. 424767

>nobody treats their boyfriend better than I do xD
>I’m literally obsessed and make hairdolls of him with my ripped out hair
>i have no personality or opinion sub goals y’all

No. 424799

Very true, and the only factual point needed to dismiss this try-hard human blowup doll.

No. 424958

File: 1510793635226.png (413.63 KB, 582x641, Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 6.48…)

June is now mocking women for being upset that an app that 'removes makeup' will now be used by men to make fun of women who try to meet beauty standards. There's already a subreddit dedicated to making fun of the before and after differences.

Our whole lives we're told that our looks are the most important thing we have to offer. And then when we invest in our looks and try as hard as we can to be beautiful and look up to par, we get shamed for it. So what is it that men and people like June want exactly? They'll mock you if you're ugly, but also ridicule you if you do everything you can to be beautiful. The fuck are women supposed to do then? Just accept that they aren't good enough?

No. 424971

Are they going to make an app that shows what our legs would really look like if we didn’t shave them? Oh no because we have to keep doing that. We have to have hairless legs and look a 16 year old princess without makeup but then still wear the makeup to emphasise what a girly girl we are.

Wtf is going to happen to June as she ages? Even if she’s an attractive older woman, shit will change for her and everything her self worth is dependent on will dwindle. It’s a great time in life if you don’t stay addicted to male attention and being the supporting role to a male protagonist, but I find it hard to imagine her learning all that too gracefully.

It’s going to be messy, I think.

No. 425020

>Just accept that they aren't good enough?

Bingo. You got it. That's exactly what those kinds of people want. They don't want anyone to win.. well, nobody except the super top creme of the crop to win, anyway.

No. 425080

File: 1510797416458.png (70.75 KB, 237x205, Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 7.52…)

>chimpanzee philtrum
yes that's what was off about her face. i knew something was off but couldn't place my finger on it.

just looking at her content is depressing. she's how old now? and still sperging over extreme politics online. she had a meltdown over girls having a meltdown over the app that "shows how girls look without makeup on". basically getting unreasonably upset over others getting unreasonably upset. she focuses on such retarded bullshit that's why she seems like such an awkward dumbass with nothing of substance to say in real life, because she's killing her remaining braincells having tweet threads while fixating on the absolute most inane shit. anything to prove to her betamale following that she's not like the other girls though. it's all in a days work for her. that's her image and somehow she's okay with that. sad!

No. 425081

The app doesn't work on photos with too much colour filtering, so as you can see her stupid wings and everything are still there. If it did its thing properly there's no way she'd be posting the picture.

No. 425086

File: 1510797681833.jpg (105.02 KB, 954x964, DOpq3NfX4AAOVd4.jpg)

she posted a picture of herself without makeup but some of her face is cropped out and she's angling it in such a way it's almost like she's trying to milk any kind of distortion to make it look as good as possible. so now what is this even supposed to prove?

No. 425139

Lol exactly

It was noted up thread how she uses the "fat girl angle shot" because the few pictures that have her at eye level show how warped her face actually is. She should really stop bashing others looks given how she really looks.
>inb4 salty white knights invade thread again.

No. 425145

Is there going to be an app that'll remove that fucking towel so we can see her 'natural' bald ass head? Of fucking course not, because we can't have men sniggering at something June is insecure about.

No. 425150

Thats a good point-does june bash women as a distraction/safeguard for her being bashed on?

I remember seeing a thread about her on pol where OP was praising her but quickly turned to shit when someo one bought up she wore a wig and that shes bald. Wish I had screen capped it, made me believe what another poster said about her starting her own threads on pol for attention.

No. 425179

Maybe that's part of it, but I feel like the main reason why June bashes women is because her audience hates women and it gives her more cool points when she joins in and hates women with them. They love a good misogynist circlejerk, and consider June "one of the good ones."

No. 425230

Oh come on, we've had this article and her trich come up several times. A lot of this thread is filled with rehashed milk.

No. 425233

File: 1510810258017.png (464.42 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171115-211558.png)

June just made a series of tweets shitting on MGTOWs and the responses come off sounding a bit like "WOW I had no idea that men who hate women ACTUALLY hate women."

On a side note: how people can go on burying themselves in the internet while being completely oblivious to this shit - I have no idea.

No. 425242

File: 1510811031379.png (4.21 MB, 1504x975, no.png)

No. 425255



No. 425259

he did a better portrait of the bunny than he did of June

No. 425263

File: 1510813030170.png (185.06 KB, 629x353, 1-11.png)

Its funny how Ian miles Cheong was a creepy weirdo who would proudly bomb threat video game conventions and made weird as fuck out there conspiracy theories but June and all of them like him now cause he is "redpilled" despite doing the same autistic shit he did back when he was an sjw.
They are such hypocrites in that regard that they are fine if it's someone from their side.

No. 425275

that smile.

The picture looks good…until you enlarge it.

No. 425276

the teeth and the feet are really killing me.

also, is that a bowl of ground beef or poop? it looks like a png he threw in at the last second lol why do people pay for such mediocre art?

No. 425278

Yeah, he kind of but didnt completely capture her creepy face kek.

No. 425284

I've seen worse. On another thread related to shoe there was a youtuber called rage after storm who had her videos deleted and got fired because someone called kraut and tea didnt like her video on race so called up her work of place and got her fired. They like to say this sort of shit is only what sjw's do but anti-sjw/anti-fems can be brutal to each other. If they ever decide to turn on shoe well…not sure how bad it could get.

saged for OT

No. 426141

how did he manage to fuck up her face so bad?

sjw and anti- are literally the same shit in different colours. either side will take anyone as long as they think they've 'converted' because again, who cares about the issues involved when you can one up 'those other people'.

sage for rage and no contrib.

No. 426792

TBH I don't really know where this belief that Shoe hates women came from. Yeah ITT there are a few screen caps of her being a cunt but she mocks men just as much if not more (examples off the top of my head: RooshV, Davis Aurini, Paul Joseph Watson, Steven Shives, No Bullshit, Kevin Logan) and has made a video defending women from this female incel saying fucked up things like women don't smile because they are scared of getting wrinkles and women don't get depressed. She also makes fun of the MGTOW movement a lot.
Don't get me wrong, I disagree with a huge portion of the things she says but I don't think it's fair to paint her as some woman hater.

Sage for really old boring thread and white knighting.

No. 426840

File: 1510973464502.png (50.64 KB, 482x548, shoe will only talk to those s…)

Shoe will only have those "open discussions" with those she can handl-like.

No. 427010

No. 427176

June's new video: 8 and a half minutes about how some people on Twitter responded to the app that "removes" makeup. So many things to talk about and she chooses to spend her time talking about this.

One minute in, June admits she looks like Leafy.

No. 427221

she does not mock the appearances of these men. get a clue.

No. 427223

and she's ruthless with women. if she mocks men for their appearance, it's light jabbing.

No. 427229

Tons of feminist bloggers and what have you are up in arms about this. I don't think this app is a big deal but feminists have made it one for some reason.

No. 427236

File: 1511030156217.png (132.13 KB, 328x335, it went easy on you june.png)

>fragile femininity
June will never stop wearing a wig and makeup in front of a cam, however, because the truth is that she's just as insecure about looking feminine enough to her fatneck male audience.

She shows a "makeupless" picture that's perfectly angled and obviously run through a filter, and then shows us the ~ironic~ result of when she ran her pic through the app and even then discredits how uglier it makes her look for erasing her eyelid crease. And that's just, unrealistic man. As if that's not a legitimate reason to hate the app alone.

She's a hypocritical browbeat who only knows how to make herself feel marginally attractive by putting down other women.

No. 427240

To be fair, all this blabbering about "women getting triggered by MakeApp" and I'm yet to see any. All I can see is edgelords triggered by alleged "women getting triggered by MakeApp".


>Literally nobody on my timeline is talking about this
Same. Can't see it anywhere.

No. 427245

Here's a sample article


Just google makeapp and misogyny, you will find plenty of articles

She wears a wig?

And if the app is so unrealistic why not just ignore it because it's silly?

That's true but so are most women here lol

No. 427248

Surely no one can be this dense. She made fun of mgtow once, but then shut up when she got blowback from her audience.
Everyone makes fun of davis aurini, even other neckbeards and mra's because he is such a fucking idiot. Almost all her stuff is anti-women, which is how she makes her bread and butter.

Its really funny how on her vids even her own fans say her "intellect" is not her strong point kek.

Indeed, glad i'm not the only one who has noticed.


Ex-fucking-zactly. The only time I heard about this was one post on /pol/ . The fact she has made an 8+minute video on this shows how, as desperate she is to milk it.

saged for opinion

No. 427249


Here's a better picture to explain what I'm talking about

No. 427250

If you didn't link it I would've never seen it… While people complaining about "MakeApp complainers" are all over the place.

No. 427251

>on lolcow

Given the amount of robots and some of the stuff/terms used on here I hightly doubt women are the majority on this board. Also I have not said women on here say shitty things about rape victims the way shoe has.

No. 427253

>She wears a wig?
Found the newfag whiteknight.
You couldn't even do a ctrl+f to see the numerous times it's been mentioned and the link here >>397436 for proof.

>If the app is so unrealistic why not just ignore it because it's silly?

Seems to me that most women are ignoring it save for people on Twatter. But June needs a straw-women to bitch about feminism, even though she herself doesn't like the app.

No. 427254

Same. Also I dont even get why people would be saying its misogynistic, the app makes most people look like zombies kek.

saged for ot

No. 427255

In 2015, women were certainly the majority here.

No. 427258

>In 2015
Is it still 2015? No. So your point is…?

No. 427261

Kek ikr? The fucking irony. As anon posted upthread shes trying to deflect and moan about others moaning about this because she seems nervous of people using the app on her.

No. 427262

>>And if the app is so unrealistic why not just ignore it because it's silly?

Dense much?
If June thinks this app has any value beyond making women look purposefully uglier, then why is she so stuck on mentioning how it got rid of her eyelids? She's accusing other women about being fragile over looks but she's doing the same thing.

No. 427268

File: 1511033082612.jpg (702.35 KB, 1400x2399, jEtS7e7.jpg)

Different people have different circles. That doesn't prove anything. Bustle, Elle, and Marie Claire are all pretty big magazines, aren't they?

I've been casually following up her thread for a couple of weeks. I'm just not going to see every single post kek. I was just surprised because wearing a wig normally isn't a normal thing to do.

This board has ALWAYS been about nitpicking. You think guys do that? Fuck no, because they don't know the first thing about makeup or fashion. Also look at PULL. You think it's majority guys there? You're delusional.

I haven't watched the video, and I wasn't talking about it. I was talking about women complaining about the app in articles like pic related. And also in response to the anon who said the app was hateable.

No. 427273

>Roasties hate it!

Begone and stop whiteknighting your anti-feminist waifu.

No. 427282

File: 1511034119441.jpg (50.53 KB, 640x640, 1423643836554.jpg)

i don't get why men are so angry about women wearing make-up though
either you can get mad at evil sjw women dyeing their hair blue and getting fat and making themselves ugly, or you can get mad about women making themselves prettier with makeup, but you can't be mad about both

unless you want to say that everyone who isn't 100% naturally beautiful is worthless, but the guys celebrating this app aren't 10/10 chads, so it's a bit hypocritical to criticize other people

ofc they'll just ignore this and say stuff like "roasties btfo!!!! kek" without any critical thinking

kind of sad how june's so quick to position herself as the cool girl who isn't bothered by anything though, god forbid she looks like a lame silly woman in front of her followers

No. 427283

I didn't make the image lol. Stop being butthurt. I was just linking to it because apparently NO ONE was complaining about this app.

Oh and you might as well say "Begone thot" lol

June is a dumb bitch. I do hope she gets dumped by her bf and then her fanbase would trash her. That would be the day. Sweet irony.

No. 427285

Why does it matter what virgins on the internet think? Just ignore them and move on with your life. Instead of complaining how an app is akin to rape or something.

I've pretty much stopped wearing makeup on a daily basis. Sure, men and women find me ugly now but what can you do?

I just think it's dumb how people like to claim they are wearing makeup for "themselves" lol

No. 427286

i'm not saying it's rape or anything. i wear makeup to make myself look nicer to other people, for the same reason i would wear nice dress pants and a blouse instead of sweatpants and a hoodie to a job interview. people treat you nicer when you look nicer, that's just how it goes, so why not take advantage of it?

i just find it silly how all of a sudden they're acting like women are immoral for "tricking" men by wearing makeup.

although, i do agree i have to roll my eyes whenever someone says they're wearing makeup for themselves. and they always say they're wearing heels for themselves, too. it's so ridiculous. just like you'd be wearing a tight corset to make yourself happy if you were living in the victorian era, right? let's stop pretending like we wear makeup for any other reason than to look nicer for other people.

No. 427293

I thought it was against the rules to not be a woman on here.

Now you sound like June. Literally no one said it was like rape. The psychology behind it is just perplexing - it’s marketed to the “this is why I have trust issues” crowd where covering flaws with makeup is dishonesty but ugliness is not ok either. Obviously the sane thing to do is ignore them in real life but it’s puzzling nonetheless.

No. 427296

Idk feminists are complaining about things being "like rape" all the time. So I have a hard time keeping track of what's rapey and not rapey all the time. Soz.

No. 427309

>Thinks men are not on lolcow because apparently they don't nitpick
I see someone has never left their house
>Men don't know about makeup or fashion
The fashion and beauty world is run by men. A lot of make up artists and stylists for women are men. Like really, for someone who knows so little about reality you have some nerve calling others delusional kek.

No, its not. Making out your opinion is somehow more valid because you are not a woman is whats frowned upon here.

saged for ot

No. 427313

Your point? Someone complained about that app, big deal. But still, the numbers of the ones complaining about the small circle of people who actually complained of the app are way bigger.
Also, learn to sage.

No. 427314

Actually i've only ever heard the opposite, a lot of times things are likened to rape, the ones I have heard says stop throwing that term around is feminists-like for example when johnny depp and kirsten stewart said being in the public eye/the paparazzi is like "being raped"

No. 427316

I have also noticed this.


No. 427317

Men nitpick but they nitpick in a way different way than how people nitpick on here or PULL.

Men rule the fashion/makeup world, I guess, but most of that is gay men. So yeah by going on places like datalongue, I can see gay men making similar comments to the ones here.

For example, one of the threads I read the most and is very active is the Jill thread. You think any straight men would be interested in talking about her the way she is discussed here? Hell no.

I have no idea where you're getting the idea that there are so many men here. Maybe in threads that are political like this one.

Do you have numbers about people complaining about the app vs complainers? It seems about equal to me. Well, the complainers are completely retarded so it makes sense to make fun of them. lmao

We've seen different things I guess. All that proves is a bunch of different people complain about rape.

No. 427318

>Men nitpick but they nitpick in a way different way than how people nitpick on here or PULL
Hahahaha, no. You can go on 4chan in male dominated boards and see the exact kind of nitpicking you would see here from a sperg-chan. Difference is, here nitpicking gets you banned and is generally frowned upon by both staff and normal farmers.
Can we stop derailing now?

No. 427326

>But most of that is gay men

Gay men are still men tho. Like, your comments sound like you only consider straight men to be men.

>I have no idea where you're getting the idea that there are so many men here

Well given your comments so far i'm not sure why you feel you have such a grasp on what goes on here. A lot of threads that were in manure were from men and also on ot. Had many robots here. Most of the time they out themselves. This site is not as obsecure as you think.

>Men nitpick but they nitpick in a way different way

Like >>427318 says a trip to 4chan proves otherwise.

>Men are only interested in political threads

Again, you seem to be resorting to stereotypes as opposed to reality.

Also saged and apologies, I do not wish to derail the thread so will stop now.

No. 427327

I've never met a man who repeatedly brings up a woman's "philtrum"

No. 427331

File: 1511038395703.jpg (115.72 KB, 1019x1200, DO7EHUbUMAE9oTW.jpg)

No. 427335

thats drawing is too cute to be shoe
also those hands are enormous jfc

No. 427344

>Gay men are still men tho. Like, your comments sound like you only consider straight men to be men.
Yeah but gay men are a very small minority of men, especially if you consider the ones who nitpick the way we do. You really think the discussion on this board is being driven by flaming queens? You've totally missed my point.

>Well given your comments so far i'm not sure why you feel you have such a grasp on what goes on here. A lot of threads that were in manure were from men and also on ot. Had many robots here. Most of the time they out themselves. This site is not as obsecure as you think.

I only use this site to read about cows I'm interested in. I'm not sure why you would think I would be obsessing over threads in manure. If you have can cite threads that are being driven by men outside of this one I would love to see it. But you have no proof, just random accusations of men being here. And it's not whether this site is obscure or not, I think most of the topics covered here simply have no interest to men online.

>Like >>427318 says a trip to 4chan proves otherwise.

When women's appearances are bought up there it's not even remotely close to the same way they're discussed here.

>Again, you seem to be resorting to stereotypes as opposed to reality.

You have to resort to stereotypes too because there's no proof about the sorts of things. You really think there are guys here driving discussion about Pixielocks, Suzie, Charms, Kiki and Kaka, etc?

Nitpicking here doesn't get you banned. This board is driven by nitpicking people's appearances. You really are delusional.

Lol this is exactly the kind of nitpicking I was talking about.

I don't get why people who are feminist would feel the need to rag on someone's appearance.

No. 427348

I've personally never picked on June's appearance, her behaviour yes, but not her looks.

No. 427365

File: 1511041025406.png (204.61 KB, 394x337, 1501122.png)

>When women's appearances are bought up there it's not even remotely close to the same way they're discussed here
I did, and I'm sure most people have. It's laughable that you believe that men don't nitpick. I've seen men saying things like "manjaw" at actresses with a perfectly fine looking jaw, "fat" to average bmi girls, "FAS looking" to girls with thin lips, and I could go on. Your point is invalid.

>Nitpicking here doesn't get you banned. This board is driven by nitpicking people's appearances. You really are delusional.

If there's someone who's delusional here, it really is you. You're clearly a newfag, you just learned how to sage, what do you even know about this place? You literally see people banned for nitpicking here everyday. If you were a farmer, you would know that.

>I don't get why people who are feminist would feel the need to rag on someone's appearance

Who told you that those people were feminists?

How funny is it that everytime someone brings up things that make Shoe insecure (her trich, now her no-makeup face) a newfag pops up and derails the thread…

No. 427370

Look I’m not going to complain about the app because what’s done is done and it exists. It’s not a huge deal. But I personally think June and people like June are purposefully misunderstanding why people are irritated by this. We all know exactly what this app will be used for. Yes I know that it was developed for a different purpose, but let’s be honest about it. We know the type of man who will use it. it will be used to shame women for being ugly without makeup, while also shaming them for wearing makeup in the first place.

The app will be used by cruel men for the purpose of humiliating women and making them feel bad about themselves. 99% of the time. That’s why people are sad/mad/grossed out by it.

Personally it makes me sad because it seems like women can’t win. If you’re ugly, you wear makeup to try to be prettier. But wait you can’t do that, that’s two faced and false advertising. But you can’t just continue on being ugly either because then you’re worthless! I’m sure shoe would make fun of me for being ~fragile~ but sorry, I grew up in a society where beauty is the most important trait a woman can possess. And now men are dragging women for trying as hard as they can to acquire it?

I think June is missing the point on purpose, just so she can make fun of insecure women and “feminists.”

No. 427372

I said men nitpick in a different way than women do.

Women also say that normal-looking women have manjaws and are fat. Your point?

I've been here since staminarose shut down and this board opened up. Like, since 2014? I've probably been here longer than you.

>Who told you that those people were feminists?

There could be overlap between feminists and people posting here and on this website?

Ok, Shoe's no-makeup face and trich are ugly. Happy?

Why would a normal looking face be humiliating to women?

Oh no, someone is ~shaming~ men. That's the problem with people these days. Just laugh at these ugly virgins and move on.

No. 427374

It would be humiliating to some people because they are insecure about their face, which is why they wear makeup. Look at the makeapp subreddit. It’s for men to laugh at women for being ugly or wearing makeup.

And I never shamed men for anything, so I don’t know what you mean. I was trying to offer the perspective of the people who have a problem with the app.

No. 427384

You sound like a triggered robot anon. You also don't back up you own accusations and keep derailing the thread. Either make it relevant to the topic or shhh.

Again I do think the hype of this app has been made more by people like shoe because it gives them a reason to make videos/make a mountain out of a molehill. She's trying to make milk where there is none.

No. 427390

>I think June is missing the point on purpose, just so she can make fun of insecure women and “feminists.”

She does this a lot, its how she makes her paper. Also, given the stuff revealed here it seems to be a cloak for her own insecurities.

>We know the type of man who will use it. it will be used to shame women for being ugly without makeup, while also shaming them for wearing makeup in the first place.

I guess the comeback will be at least women try and make an effort. In all seriousness from experience the men who are the ugliest have the highest standards for women, and I would just say dish it out to them like they would to you. There is a reason most men like this are incels.

No. 427393

File: 1511042916486.gif (1.82 MB, 357x296, clap.gif)

No. 427410

Ok so I said I wasnt going to derail but fucking hell talk about a buttmad response
>If you have can cite threads that are being driven by men outside of this one I would love to see it. But you have no proof

In my previous response I said the threads were moved to manure which is no more. You are clearly dense, a newfag or both. Also I never said that these threads proved all threads are driven by men but just proof that not every poster on this site is female.

>just random accusations of men being here

You admitted you don't read the threads on the boards I spoke of but then somehow think you can speak about what goes on the whole site? Congrats on shutting down your own argument. Why are you so upset at the notion this site is not 100% female farmers?

>When women's appearances are bought up there it's not even remotely close to the same way they're discussed here.

Again you haven't said how. And ironically you are being a hypocrite.

>You have to resort to stereotypes too because there's no proof about the sorts of things.

Fucking kek. How have I "resorted to stereotypes?" From this answer it seems you don't even know what the term stereotypes mean kek.

>You really think there are guys here driving discussion about Pixielocks, Suzie, Charms, Kiki and Kaka, etc?

Fucking hell this strawmanning. They are not the only cows here. Plenty of men hate onision who is one of the bigger cows here. No site on the net, even 4chan, is 100% one sex. There is always a mix. And I'm not an expert on these peoples fanbases so its a possibility. Again all you have is your belief on how things are and get super mad when told otherwise. I fear there is nothing we can do to get rid of the saltiness, so all I can do is wish you goodday.

No. 427445

This is the thing, the standard has gone from “don’t be plain or ugly” to “be pretty 100% of the time”. If shoe is really so skeptical of MGTOW and incels, she should be questioning why they’re all about biological determinism for women but feel entitled to a meritocracy for themselves. But that would alienate her audience.

No. 427494

So whiteknight aside, is anyone willing to get the app and run a few of June's pics through it? Somehow the screen >>427236 doesn't seem to be as bad as I heard this app gets. I've heard rumors that the app draws on dark circles and zits. Feel like June doctored it to make it not as bad kek.

No. 427569

Lolcow is female dominated, end of discussion.

No. 427570

yeah instead they go on about canthal tilts and cranium size and shit.

No. 427573

>makeapp subreddit
holy shit that subreddit is hilarious, some of them seem to think that the app is literally magic and can tell exactly where the subject has actually applied makeup rather than making educated guesses based on an algorithm.

she probably didn't doctor it, it just doesn't work as well if you use a low quality filtered pic like she did.

No. 427642

File: 1511087114342.jpg (78.9 KB, 1200x600, ^737C27E8C3739D730F96F1F77D48A…)

No. 427645

File: 1511087234925.jpg (73.35 KB, 1200x600, ^BAB3EF39E93E7419393D70732CCA1…)

it doent put on zits but either way, june is ugly tbh

No. 427654

File: 1511092242453.jpg (125.98 KB, 1200x600, MakeApp-5606294.jpg)

No. 427679

File: 1511098576479.jpg (23.98 KB, 506x279, 7648563448253.jpg)

>No answers, just salty and states what wasn't being disputed.
Maybe don't start stupid arguments then and keep your autism in check for future posts, newfag.

Thank You for these anon, its really not surprising
how different these are compared to shoes version of her apparently using the app.
If you want you can run this one too, she seems to have a lot on here.

No. 427715

Stop fighting over dumb shit.

No. 427717

File: 1511103268331.jpg (22.84 KB, 275x152, 1511098576479.jpg)

dont have access to the app so used a pc
here you go

No. 427718

LMFAO this is heavenly

No. 427719

Her eyes look even closer without eyeliner. She may be related to Prince Charles

No. 427721

File: 1511103831418.jpg (63.55 KB, 1200x600, ^2CA62F2F13B85D0AB1145486D367F…)

ok, i ran it thru for you. gotdamn is she FASsy. she has NO room to talk shit about other females

No. 427723

tbh shoe just looks identical to her sister

No. 427724

she has a sister?

No. 427727

y-yikes. yumi king has had a car accident. Long ass philtrum, flat face, eyes at different heights and bald. This chick needs to be in a care home not on the world's stage>>427717

No. 427729

Sorry but the app is made to make women look bad. It's not real.

No. 427732

No. 427734


No. 427735

Not women, people wearing makeup.
It mostly erases your eyelashes and eyebrows, it doesn't understand black-haired people exist.
The makeapp is shite.
>she has NO room to talk shit about other females
That picture is not her non-makeup face, it's just a shitty app.

No. 427739

yeah her and shoe are identical

No. 427741

her eyebrows werent in the photo. i ran monica bellucci through and it didnt erase her eyelashes and eyebrows. it still leaves on some liner, usually. it's dumb and probably the idea of idiot men but shoe would probably look pretty similar to that w/o makeup

No. 427755

so what?
theres vids still online of her without her classic wings and she still looks like the pics posted by makeapp

No. 427830

I don't think women are upset by this app because men will see them without make-up, as the app doesn't even accurately represent women without make-up. I think women are upset by it because men will use it harass and berate women, also can men let us just enjoy something? When I get a new eyeshadow palette I'm not thinking about how hard I'll get some guy's dick with my colourful eyelids.

saged for make-up sperging.

No. 427849

File: 1511118886584.jpg (62.37 KB, 803x680, shedontwearfoundationyall.JPG)


She ain't lookin that much different bro

No. 427874

Did she get a nosejob?

No. 427966

Can we please not do this again

No. 427972

She looks really different in >>427849 than her most recent makeup tutorial video, just wondering what it is. She could have had a subtle nosejob.

No. 427975

yep, and boob implants

No. 427978

the fact that she even gets white supremacists retweeted on her shitty timeline says enough
what a dumb ass
lol literally her response every time she gets called out on twitter. also usually sends rabid fuckboys to defend her honor.
so fucking true
>deep down she is the first person who would do that to other people
Exactly. I wouldn't do it to her myself but I don't pity her either.
>basically getting unreasonably upset over others getting unreasonably upset
literally the entire anti-sjw community
hahaha mte

No. 427983

that fat tip tho… unless she hit her nose shortly b4 recording, i say nose job

No. 427994

File: 1511134687245.jpg (357.79 KB, 1200x600, MakeApp-6541287.jpg)


No. 427998

File: 1511135113175.jpg (57.8 KB, 1200x600, MakeApp-6541287.jpg)

lemme fix them corners real quick

No. 428009

I'm fucking dying holy shit lmao

No. 428233

lmfao I love this bc if she had just shut the fuck up about the app (that barely anyone is even complaining about anyway) no one would have even cared to make these edits
way to streisand effect yourself June

No. 428380

File: 1511173677220.jpg (41.71 KB, 600x450, DPD64z9UEAAlqYC.jpg)

No. 428383

File: 1511173768002.jpg (86.1 KB, 640x600, internationalmensday.jpg)

No. 428416

Thank you kindly anons, and I agree, she shouldnt be talking shit about other peoples looks. Someone mentioned that in a lot of her videos pics she cuts off the top of her head on purpose, what do you think?

Surprised to hear that as people got defensive and insisted she did not have a nose job. I guess they were her white knights.

Top. fucking. kek. thanks anon!

I'm starting to wonder who the insecure one is here. (I'm guessing its both, actually)

No. 428437

File: 1511185692546.png (74.19 KB, 626x479, 7545483526826454.png)

Since when has shoe been creative? Unless she means creative in blowing things out of proportion for drama, milk and views. I guess thats "creative".

>Just because we are at it for a while doesn't mean its boring

Lol the defensiveness in this, just kek.

No. 428472

This is so cringe.

These people say they wished they lived in the 50s but guys like Skeptic wouldn't fucking last. Shoe always making him look like a giant baby with these validation posts. Its not normal. If he was the masculine dominate man he claims to be, he wouldn't need or have her post pussy shit like this. They just think tall and fat = super masculine kek. Shoe you will never know what dating an actual masculine man is like. Stay mad.

No. 428500


>i do have other topics planned like race & mgtow

just what the world needed.

No. 428504

doesn't she support MGTOW to which basically call all women gold-diggers if they need money to do shit? if she lived in the 50s she wouldn't last a day, also attention whoring was looked down upon in the 50s, incels/mgtow are just lazy fucks who want to play the oppression card and women who support mgtow are just attention-seeking attention deprived hoes who want to be treated special but acting as if men are poor little oppressed babies

No. 428509

I think she supports MRAs rather than MGTOW but still…

No. 428513

kek of course she does, mra's are worse.

No. 428581

MRA's are obsessed with whining about how their "masculinity" is being put down by society/feminist. It's ironic because call me crazy but, just because you're a man doesn't make you masculine and 99% of these men act like huge emotional babies who need women to coddle them and tell them that they are manly. Of course, they are all neckbeards who stay inside 24/7, don't work out and don't provide for a family or community. And yet they call themselves conservatives and say they want to live in the 50s. They have no idea what real life is like.

No. 428586

Who is Jenny?

No. 428589

I thought MRA was men who have kids but aren't allowed to see them because the divorce court favor toward women

No. 428601

Jenny McDermott

That's a myth. They also talk a lot about "financial abortions". It's almost like they don't have the child's best interest in mind.

No. 428608

For June's sake, I hope she never gets around to making videos about MGTOWs. They fucking HATE when women comment on MGTOW. Even if the woman says positive things, they will say she's being manipulative and trying to prove she's not like other women.

It won't be well received by her audience imo.

No. 428609

File: 1511207447202.png (545.67 KB, 597x591, that is clearly a twelve year …)


>that time she insisted June was underage when she started dating Greg

No. 428611

i don't understand this drama
you need to give more details

No. 428618

I'm not sure what masculinity Skeptic has. He runs a youtube channel where he argues with people and misconstrues facts. He…collects swords? He wears ill fitting suits? The only difference between him and he SJWs he makes fun of are the things he says. Same with June, she dresses and acts like most weebs her age do, the only difference being that she thinks shes special because she loves her boyfriend.

This is all going to be so embarrassing for her when they inevitably break up in several years and she has to delete all these posts of her kissing his ass.

No. 428621

>Even if the woman says positive things, they will say she's being manipulative and trying to prove she's not like other women.
They'd be right, though. I think the only woman who'd actually say positive things about MGTOW or MRA shit in general is either A) a tranny or B) an attention whore trying to prove how #notlikeothergirls she is (i.e. june)

No. 428639

Lol, it looks like she had a flat chest here, she must have had her boobjob at 18.

No. 428652

Skeptic isn't masculine at all and June has stated she thinks muscular guys are gross. She either has shit taste or is trying to lie to herself to cater to her demographic: fat neck beards. And none of these MRA/MGTOW fatties want to acknowledged the first step to true masculinity is being strong and fit/active.

I am trying to imagine fatty Skeptic playing a sport or fighting someone kek.

No. 428670

the only reason why they bring up kids getting granted to the mom is because they want to try hard to seem as if they're the oppressed gender and there is never a day that goes by, when talking about anything, men will claim feminists get offended, constantly bring up if roles were reversed, etc etc

they're big babies honestly. and a new wave of feminists, the difference is feminists ran on exaggerated reality and men run on delusion hence why they constantly search for something to stretch in order to prove their "men are poor wittle oppressed babies who are being abused by big bad women and everything favors women" standpoint

No. 428700

They'll scream about how women are more often granted custody while also proclaiming that women are only literally only suited for childcare and nothing else and shouldn't work outside the home.

So. Tough shit. They perpetuate the stereotype that is a cause of what they hate.

No. 428713

>She either has shit taste
You might be onto something…

No. 428856

shhh anon
let her do it

No. 428860

I want Mama June to get a taste of men screeching at her and feeling a little lump of betrayal.
After all, Mama June p r o t e c c Skeptic so well and has his best masculine interests at heart! How could mgtow men not see she is their savior?! She's not like the other girls!!

No. 428868

Ot but I got confused cause I thought you meant honey boo boos mom lmao

No. 428871

Because anon, working out is what men do when they're forced by evil womyn who just want to take more from their wallet and cheat on them while theyre at the gym thanks to matriarchy!!!!#boycottgyms #fuckthematrachy #killallwomen #notallmen #mgtow #incelism

No. 428875

It's kinda what I was going for lol.
She pretends to be so ~motherly~ to Skeptic, when in reality he supports her ass and so do her parents. Like without her channel she'd be working minimum wage somewhere just for a little spending money. She's not motherly, responsible, or domesticated in the least.
I'm just waiting for the Twitter picture of a plate of tendies and ketchup with a caption that reads "#WIFEMATERIAL I KNOW HOW TO TAKE CARD OF MUH MAN."
She's just like Lauren Southern telling how women should be living and behaving and practicing none of what they preach.

No. 428909

She overcompensates SOMETHING with her constant adoration of Skeptic, he ain't that special. Like maybe he's a sugar daddy.

No. 428912

easy. attention, couples who shove their relationship in everyones face on social media tend to have shitty relationships irl, she's probably just milking it for the "oooo skeptic is so lucky id totally bust your implants fucking you june!!!! i want a girlfriend like you!!!" or the classic "there needs to be more girls like you"

No. 429112

lmao its sad. she really wants to be wifed up by that lardass but he doesnt want her longterm. he barely looks like he tolerates her tbh. seems to only keep her around for the egoboost

No. 429119

Armoured Splenda

No. 429170

Kek. His expression looks like he’s given up on life.

No. 429892

He always looks like he is auditioning for the role of the creepy uncle

No. 429969

File: 1511361084752.jpg (47.41 KB, 598x593, (shivers in the opposite of an…)


>that's her fetish

everything is horrible.

No. 429970

File: 1511361551436.jpg (35.6 KB, 580x372, no shit.jpg)

"hey twitter i call my boyfriend daddy. aren't i so unique? i'm not like those other girls tee hee give me patreons"

No. 430026

Her fetish is ugly fat adult baby who thinks he's a dominate daddy and Shoe treats him like she's his mommy. What a great dynamic.

No. 430039

"Its okawy bawby skewpitc youre my big strowng 2dom4u manly man man dnt listen to the internet theyre all just feminists sexist against men"

No. 430044

Greg already made a video about mgtows (barely) making fun of them and then they made a video together making fun of a couple of mgtow responders that went batshit. It was pretty entertaining to watch.

No. 430060

Oh god this is hilarious and disturbing because that's exactly how she is towards him.

The best part is, from this >>397272 it's clear Skeptic becomes an extremely triggered autistic baby if you call him anything that goes against his wannabe daddy dominate persona. Its pathetic that he actually thinks he fits the bill while looking the way he does. Anytime he wear suits or anything 'expensive' looking, it just looks like mommy June dressed him up like an adult manchild

No. 430065

File: 1511372102665.png (274.17 KB, 474x566, o.png)

>greg reaction faces
I like finding them on my own.

No. 430092

File: 1511374201168.jpg (36.57 KB, 350x495, armoured glitter.jpg)


and sticking them on pictures of Gary Glitter? that's a terrible idea that no one should ever, ever, ever do.

No. 430641

hahaha, omg

No. 430642

File: 1511438725747.jpg (95.46 KB, 596x483, bropill.jpg)

Why is she retweeting a racist meme from a red piller?

No. 430760

Yeah if you look at divorce statistics most divorced men are fine with giving the mom primary custody without a fight.. so much for le strong paternal figure

No. 430845

What is this meme about? I don't even.

No. 431069

apple fired the black woman for her ideas on diversity. she said that anyone can be diverse, even white men. and apple did not like that.
I assume that apple has now employed a white woman.
so i assume its supposed to be about the irony of the situation

No. 431218

File: 1511536107682.jpg (40.33 KB, 583x628, every year we stray further fr…)

"It's not pedo if the child is physically over 18" - Greg, probably

No. 431250

File: 1511539769170.gif (420.46 KB, 340x348, 1456791960382.gif)

hahaha my sides. thank you

No. 431253

Big CEO's seem to think they are the authority on what we want.

No. 431261

What a visionary! Lol, this is honestly embarrassing. Because you know she didn't do anything else on Thanksgiving besides color and eat someone else's cooking. Prime waifu material, Armoured Splenda.

No. 431272

File: 1511542255089.jpg (92.97 KB, 1080x1080, 23735200_769346293250533_45607…)

Why is she wearing cat ears? Why is her bunny at the dinner table? Does she know she's an adult?

The baby talk is so embarrassing.

No. 431283

Lol, and she had the nerve to make that Kiki-chan weeaboo character to make fun of a young weeaboo girl she hated in HS and now she ends up doing the same immature shit except as like a 26 year old adult now. Nyaaa~!

No. 431351

Doesn't June have some old video where she talks about how she and her friends bullied some girl in high school and how she "totally feels bad about it now!"?

No. 431373

No. 431378

45 seconds in she makes fun of the girl. I don't know which video came first.

No. 431396

How did June end up with seemingly severe issues when as far as I can tell she has loving and supportive parents?

No. 431409

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is one of the most common causes of mental retardation.

No. 431417

that honestly makes me scared
I don't want to pour my heart and hard work into my children and have then end up like that

No. 431437

The fuck is up with the differing last names, I've never found a concrete answer about this. Is La Porta her real name but she changed it to Lapine to be cute bunny loving girl uwu?

No. 431449

"she was very hyper, very annoying, very nerdy, and wore cat ears"
june now: im so hyper! ~n.n~ wears cat ears to a thanksgiving dinner

'la porta' is her real name.
i think she uses 'lapine' for the reason you said, as well as to hide her name for the same reason other people online do.

No. 431456

She used to get attention by potraying herself as a cool goffic down to earth "one of the guys" slutty type, but she found acting like a hyper little girl to be far more lucrative so she switched. Neither persona is real, she just slaps on the identity that gives her the most attention. Expect a major shift when her age starts catching up to her.

No. 431493

whatever men decide they like next
first it's the popular girls that are chill but bitches
then its the gamer girls who don't hang out with other women because women are catty tehee
next was the "tradtishional womyn" stage
now they apparently want women to act like little girls now
hopefully the next stage june decides to be isn't obnoxious or that pretentious, the little girl act is her most embarrassing one yet

No. 431498

Imo just because her parents seem loving doesn't mean she got enough attention. All of the shit she does reeks of someone who got bullied and wasn't paid attention to as a child/teen.

No. 431564

She has some old video where she says she was jealous of younger sibling getting attention as a kid and got badly bullied in middle school, afterwards becoming a desperate tryhard who bullied others herself. So probably accurate.

No. 431617

i mean arent you one too lol, since you are on this board

No. 431625

yeah but at least we don't record it and post it online with our faces attached for millions of people to see

No. 431628

Did June get a boob job and then get them removed? In more recent pics her tits look way smaller than in older pics or those nudes, even in tight clothing. Is she trying to bind them down to be more cutesy?

No. 431714

File: 1511626519685.jpg (124.7 KB, 497x883, stud.jpg)

No. 431718

I'm sorry but where did she say that her real last name is La Porta? I've only read anons saying it, must've missed something

You replied to a month old post without even saging just to say this?

No. 431724

OMG, this again. Does he have to be reminded that he's "SOOOO SPECIAL" like every 3 days?

No. 431738

File: 1511629317034.jpg (19.08 KB, 200x303, IMG_3260.JPG)

>future baby daddy

Seriously, does anyone see them getting married and having kids in the future? I feel like they'll date for a few more years but then he'll marry the first girl he dates after June.

No. 431768

lol, no.

No. 431785

For a split second I thought it said "stupid".
which would probably be more fitting

No. 431806

Serious question - what the fuck do y'all expect from some bitch who's literally named after a camwhore chatroom meme?

No. 431810

No. 431844

Maybe, but I definitely don't see them as mature enough to last as a couple for the rest of their lives. If they do marry and have kids, divorce will probably be imminent. I figure one of them eventually grows up a bit while the other stays stagnantly retarded, and leaves the relationship for the sake of their own sanity.

No. 431847


>wearing a belt with suspenders

is he an idiot or doing it "ironically" like the Kanye shades and cigar while also being an idiot

No. 431896

>implying June will accept to lose her figure to pop out some kids
The only thing that obsesses Shoe more than her Armored Splenda is her body. No way she's going to put her precious ~petite kawaii desu~ body in jeopardy by getting pregnant, gaining weight and giving birth.

Married maybe, kids absolutely not.

No. 431898

File: 1511647542212.jpg (82.74 KB, 620x620, why.jpg)

lmao, he's literally wearing a belt and suspenders. he's an idiot. i'm not even sure the cigar is completely ironic.

No. 431906

It might just be a meme but June constantly goes on about wanting to be impregnated and every time she does Skeptic just sort of laughs and deflects it and it's pretty clear he's not that into the idea.

No. 431916

File: 1511649318633.jpg (116.66 KB, 600x1080, 203981091893411274308518195642…)

I don't think he's doing it ironically. He's always wearing a belt and suspenders with his awful suits.

No. 431926

It's really embarrassing to see girls just in a long term relationship openly declare that their boyfriend is going to be their husband/baby daddy or whatever online. Talk about how much you love your boyfriend on your instagram, fine, but nothing is definite until you're down that isle. And even then there is no guarantee they are going to have kids. It's just another embarrassing thing for her to look back on when they're broken up.

No. 431936

How the fuck is that racist? The black woman being fired is what was racist, and this meme is mocking that fact.

This page is overflowing with fat women who are disconnected from reality.

No. 431942

hi june

No. 431948

Can you imagine this without clothes? He looks pear shaped, with a Hank Hill butt.


No. 431952

These types of girls are always the crazy bitches they accuse other women of being. Funny that.

No. 431954

File: 1511652560659.jpg (18.05 KB, 300x300, carl of alaska.jpg)


>Greg: quiere ser "Of Akkad" y su mama no lo deja

No. 431958

Sage for ot but does anyone else think skeptic isn't that bad looking? He's overweight, dresses like a retard and has that creepy-uncle look going but he doesn't really offend me to look at, he's not hideous or anything. I'm not attracted to men so maybe I just can't judge properly but a lot of posts here are talking about him like he's the ugliest man alive and it confused me.

No. 431967

Ehh, I think that she likes the idea of impregnation rather than an actual impregnation. On the other hand, as you said, Splenda might even go as far as slip her birth control pills in her food to make sure he's 100% not knocking her up.

He's not ugly, but he does have a creepy, greasy loser aura that many farmers find unappealing

No. 431968

it's probably because June makes him out to be the hottest guy ever and that makes what he looks like in reality pretty hilarious.

No. 431969

I don't think he's ugly either, but he looks like a douchebag and that coupled with his dress sense and personality makes him pretty gross.

No. 431970

>Splenda might even go as far as slip her birth control pills in her food to make sure he's 100% not knocking her up.
They've both made actual jokes about this numerous times.

No. 431973

File: 1511654955461.png (265.98 KB, 480x341, ramos_large.png)

I wonder what's under his beard.

No. 431977

A double chin, for one.

No. 432536

File: 1511756281150.jpeg (421.72 KB, 1294x2048, image.jpeg)

Maybe it's the lighting but I feel like he face tuned this. The nose looks too smooth to me.

No. 432543


No. 432566

yeah and he ended up with eyeliner haha

No. 432567

did he steal junes dollar tree crusty eyeliner again?

No. 432568

So how much of this do you think is true?