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File: 1507311128801.png (864.48 KB, 784x904, gtr.png)

No. 399004

Ever experience the worst faint ever at work while carrying a 350-lb box and no one notices? Take a selfie and eat one Oreo to gain back your energy! #recoverywin! Aly needs in your support or else she will not eat her McDonalds and maybe relapse. She will also have a breakdown. They are real and INTENSE. How DARE you not give her comments and attention? She will give you no support back but that's only because she has "SEVERE social anxiety". Oh and f*ck you for suggesting she see a nutritionist, it would only be a huge step back (!) Thanks for giving her a panic attack now and making her threaten to delete her account for the 596th time.

Previous thread:



> Photoshoots with mom on the daily

> HATES her terrible evil boss, can't she see how hard it is for an EX anorexic to work in retail?
> Folding clothes is so stressful, Aly has no time to eat!
> Only eats mcdonalds and donnies, but why is she so weak all the time?
> Under 10 comments? Does no one care? Repost x4
> Under 5 comments? Blackout post
> Under 3 comments? Threaten soduko
> Stays up until 2am to delete non-supportive comments
> Claimed she doesn't care about haters so she went public
> 8 seconds later, haters ruined her day so she went private again
> EX anorexic who sometimes feels like a fake anorexic and skips meals when her supposed abusive father gives her yells (!)
> Aly is a true feminist who wants to be one of the guys. She isn't like the other girls who eat salads (how DARE someone be on a diet around her).

"If Aly falls in a storehouse and no one is around to see it, does anyone care?"

No. 399011

File: 1507311718787.png (258.31 KB, 750x1121, IMG_2488.PNG)

"their jealousy" lol

No. 399012

Oh, m8. Best ever!

No. 399013

Is Berto trailing behind after her or something?

>should I care if I will look dumb or shy if I almost don't know anybody?

That'd be the last reason why you look dumb.


So who's she out with tonight? Same co workers as the paella party? cough her mum cough

No. 399014

Thank you anon :)

No. 399015


It's possible that she's doing an internship at the store and she signed for it through the temp agency. In Italy we get shit internships like this in order to cut on you salary, I did an internship in a "magic" bookshop when I was a student, no kidding (the boss was a total cow but that's another story). The pay goes from 0 to 600 euro a month depending on the region where you work, in Aly's case it could be 500 or 600 euro. Internships can last three or six months. Maybe up to one year but I'm not sure. Source: Italian anon who's been job hunting for years

No. 399018

"Magic" as in occult or as in David Copperfield?

>Italian anon who's been job hunting for years

Sending you strenght.

I want to know more about this menswear brend she pretended to work at and this legal internship thing. She lies too much then forgets what she's said. But we have no pics so didn't happen.

No. 399023

she never worked at the menswear brend, she said she was working from home as a consultant before lol and then just stopped talking about it and the legal office who knows

i predict reposts and haters

why is she saying "should i care if i gain" she cant remember if shes ex anorexic or delicate ed sufferer

No. 399031

Thank you! I'm currently doing another internship but this time it's way better. I hope I can get a contract. The life of Italian young adults…

It was an occult bookshop. I have so many lulzy stories I could write a book.

No. 399035

It's good to get experience though. Internships aren't a thing over here and that's really unfortunate. Just don't take Aly as your role model (!) and you should do just fine. (Occult shops are lulzy in general. I love how serious the people are about it but the pretentious ones piss me off).


No. 399037

she doesn't have time for her boyfriend, but she can go out with co-workers?

No. 399038

He might've tagged along with them.

No. 399040

poor bert lol
is she really with them tho or is this like the time she got paella with her coworkers from the uh you know that place where she worked

No. 399047

Idk, but if she isn't posting that means she probably is with them. If she's feeling insicure she won't start snapping away. If she posts posed shots with a wine glass then she's out with Ma.

8.44pm in Milan. She can't stay out late because…fatigue.

No. 399053

oh ya the day after i passed out id definitely go out late drinking

No. 399074


apologies for derailing, but i'd love to read your experiences in /ot/ under a thread like "shittiest jobs you've had".

No. 399075

File: 1507318954450.png (80.41 KB, 744x1035, IMG_0744.PNG)

What the actual fuck.

No. 399078

oops snap
bitch got 3 comments on last post, no hate whatsoever what is she even talking about

No. 399080

File: 1507319101267.png (1.33 MB, 640x1136, IMG_4675.PNG)

So drunk. Aly's gone wild.

No. 399082

She's added "or the whole account" to the end of that post. Shock horror(!)

No. 399083

File: 1507319238031.png (89.51 KB, 750x1050, IMG_0746.PNG)

She even repostet the black and added "or the whole account" holy fuck this bitch is seriously crazy.

No. 399084

File: 1507319239052.png (1.55 MB, 640x1136, IMG_4678.PNG)

No. 399086

Suicidal af

I swear I travel to milan and slap this fucking idiot bitch in her ugly face.

No. 399088

File: 1507319496614.jpg (273.2 KB, 1040x1487, Screenshot_20171006-145015.jpg)

is this different again? she definitely didnt get any hate cus i was looking at that post right before the black out

No. 399089

A hard time!?! She's fucking out for food! Like she is for almost every meal! Jesus Christ. I had a high grade fever this week, missed important classes, and have been working on an important presentation for a conference, and I wouldn't even call it a hard week! There was a mass shooting not even a week ago, but going out for drinks is hard for Aly. Imagine if she actually had real responsibilities! Even when she got hit by a car she wasn't so touchy!

Sage because off topic raging obv.

No. 399096

File: 1507320255450.jpg (329.21 KB, 997x852, Screenshot_20171006-150256.jpg)

has aly passed out drunk? this is the longest black out in history lol

No. 399101

Nope she just deleted the black post

No. 399103

Next black post goal: Report her account for being suicidal.

No. 399108

she always deletes em tho

No. 399115

Got suicidal. Suddenly. Like you do.

Almost got drunk. Almost fainted. Almost.

No. 399121

i hope she writes a really incoherent post next

No. 399124

She's busy almost self arming.

No. 399130

guys i am so fucking done lol she cannot be a real person oh my god

No. 399137

fuck i wish she would just learn how to disable comments for a post. she always tells people not to post comments on her black posts (because she wants to still have the proof that she is ~popular~ after she deletes the evidence of her breakdown) and it's fucking annoying. it just adds to the blatant begging and the fakeness of whatever trauma she pretends is happening. like GUYS I'M KILL ME AF I NEED SUPPORT BUT COMMENT ON THE LAST POST NOT THIS ONE SO TOMORROW PEOPLE WILL SEE ALL THE COMMENTS AND THINK I"M COOL

for some reason this bothers me so much lol esp since there's an obvious solution in turning off the comments??? like how is she on insta 8/24 and doesn't know how it works?

but i'm prob just JELOSY

No. 399141

i think a lot of people saw that post cus it was up for so long. she really is so embarrassingly pathetic lol i wonder if she'll post again today its like midnight there right?

No. 399148

oh my god that black post why the fuck does she drink then? she's not an addict like just STOP if it triggers you this much. a long time ago i wrote a comment about how im a recovering alcoholic who's been sober for years and her "alcohol problems" are fucking ridiculous and that if getting drunk = suicidal then STOP. But she screenshotted my comment and was like "Stupid haters ruined my day" in her story. i wanna do it again but i dont wanna get blocked

No. 399150

it'll be nearly 11pm there

It bus me that she's private but still uses hashtags every post.

No. 399156

File: 1507323998506.gif (4.42 MB, 280x310, what was that.gif)

>Needed help, people on here got me suicide instead
New favorite Aly quote

felice_ella is having none of her bullshit. New black post incoming

No. 399160

File: 1507324342034.png (849.85 KB, 720x1093, 20171006_231154.png)


No. 399161

I'm glad she's letting us all know she's alive and not gonna let the haters make her delete her account.

No. 399164

OH THANK GOD SHE'S ALIVE!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR LETTING US KNOW, ANON. I WAS SO FUCKING WORRIED THAT I ALMOST FAINTED. Thank god for the Magnum. PLEASE, PLEASE leave your support for our recovery queer. Her life is hard.

No. 399165

lol shes safe? thank god! how about explaining why you were so rude to people for not commenting? oh wait she'll blame haters, ugh i wanna say that there weren't any but she'll just block me

No. 399166

Is coming a long #update #personal where by miracle she doesn't semms drunk anymore… I bet my house

No. 399172

Go to bed aly, jc

No. 399177

I had a shitty day but reading your comment just somehow made me laugh out loud so thank you anon

No. 399183

Even though I doubt it was as shitty as Aly's day (having to see her boyfriend TWICE and being asked out for drinks at a cocktail bar AND work 8/8) I'm replying to your comment addressed to me because I don't want to see you do a REPOST X and black screen and go suicidal.

I bet you didn't get the hate on your ig that Aly also didn't get on hers.

Heh, have a better day tomorrow. Strenght.

No. 399188

Bloody hell, she's writing War & Peace.

No. 399190

File: 1507326560132.jpg (1.24 MB, 810x2945, Screenshot_20171006-164808.jpg)

No. 399192

File: 1507326789133.png (1.75 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171006-165203.png)

oh and this…

No. 399194

File: 1507326886677.png (426.33 KB, 723x528, its okay.png)

And suddenly she feels great.

And it's okay to behave like an emo 14 year old at ALMOST 22.

No. 399195

Sad, sad bastard.

No. 399199

Still zero comments, maybe all #secondfamily are fed up of the blackmail…

No. 399202

shes doing her like guilt followers into "making" me stay thing. i'm sure there are some idiots who will say no aly i love your positivity! but like loads of people saw that black out and knew it was cus she didn't get comments and who is she kidding? shes going nowhere, even with her new life she posts almost exactly the same

No. 399204

I'd love to be watching that face of hers that I long to slap.

No. 399212

WOW i was SO SURE she was going to kill herself! it's a miracle

"life of a girl without a mental illness" top kek

"gained 2kg in one friday" top kek x2
you'd think an EX anorexic would know 2kg of fat in one day = about a 14000 calorie intake

No. 399227

I don't think I've ever seen anybody else legit say "please support me", "please comment", "please agree with me" on social media… I mean alot of people do begging for attention, but then it's always implied or subtext, I've never seen anyone literally outright ask people for comments and likes like this… it's incredibly pathetic somebody is THIS attached to instagram.
How can you write "please support me, I need support, hello support me" and not feel embarrased about yourself? She really is delusional, nobody with a right mind would beg for comments and then immediatly say theyre suicidal 50 times a week. She needs help, if she really has a therapist then what the fuck is that therapist doing exactly?
Sage for stating alot of obvious shit

No. 399228

This diagnosis is the most accurate I can give her: cognitive dissonance.
Or just: IQ of 60.

She got drunk and now she feels like a human again. Wow aly great. Let’s become a drinker, close your account and drink alcohol to feel good and laugh.

No. 399229

Poor Aly, two hours without support in her "sudoku-"i'm a normal girl"-praise me" post. Even dogsandpos isn't commenting.

No. 399230

I really slowly start to feel sorry for her maybe she’s become mentally disturbed because idk I can’t take her seriously anymore, I can’t even laugh about her posts anymore as I believe she’s just become retarded for many health reasons. Maybe something in her brain is damaged but rational thinking is not possible anymore

No. 399234

the way she always says "SOON→" or "BACK←" like her followers are going to set a reminder to go check is so irritating. it's like when IG changed the algorithm and when they did the notifications thing and all the instahoes were like BE SURE TO TURN ON NOTIFS!!!~~ or when youtubers obsessively ask you to like/sub on every fucking vlog. except it's 20x more annoying bc it's aly and it's never even anything interesting.

how is she SO different from who she was 3-4 years ago when she was always clubbing and going out with (actual) friends? so many of these ana girls never had that type of lifestyle pre ED, either bc they got sick much younger than Aly or bc they were the perfectionist high-achiever type. but aly seems to have been a normal outgoing teen with friends and a party life. and now she's 22 at like peak party age and acting like 3 drinks (incl a glass of wine lol) with coworkers she barely knows and getting home by 11 is ~~~so crazy~~~. she KNOWS it's not.

like i don't just see this as ED related, it's like her entire personality changed. like she didn't have "social anxiety" or "OCDs" or whatever before and now she does. unfortunately it's hard to tease out the details bc she's such an unreliable narrator lol.

and she's STILL pretending she's going to delete? wtf girl have you no shame? she just spent the longest most dramatic buildup to a supposed leave and then changed nothing and didn't even blink, does she think anyone will believe this at all?

No. 399247

A few threads ago I wrote a dumb analysis of how Aly could get out of her rut and start being interesting, by doing things like improving her styling and capitalizing on her location to make her account more aspirational as a cool girl in a cool city. This was before she started losing followers by the thousands and posting sudoku stories 5x a day.

At this point I'm not even sure how she can get back on track. I think very few of her followers are active. Most were probably ED accounts from 3 years ago when she was thin, and most people abandon wannarexic accounts quickly. Others are shops/promoters/etc who follow indiscriminately. She never built a genuine following; it was always a revolving door of anas, brends, and farmers. She never interacted with anyone or built a personality.

So now she has all these followers but only a small percentage engage. (When she's on private she only gets like 200 likes even though she has almost 50k followers, and she rarely gets double-digit comments. Those are crazy low numbers.) She's become much less aspirational to every target audience: she's no longer skinny so the ana girls don't care. She no longer puts herself together well or eats pretty food so the #foodblogger community is out. Her constant negativity and drama would annoy recovery and #bodyposi accounts. Plus she never appealed to the feminists even though she thinks she does.

She has literally no appeal as she is. Her styling is at an all-time low, her content is repetitive, she ignores her followers while begging for support, and her emo tween behavior is cringey. It's obvious she lacks self awareness and doesn't understand why she's losing followers.

If she wants half a chance of retaining any following, she needs to go public, fix her appearance and her English, and stop alternating suicide threats and begging.

Sage for pointless marketing bullshit and being bored at work yo

No. 399265

File: 1507335713117.png (259.83 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-10-06-17-19-31…)

Some recent comments for those who can't see. 1/2

No. 399266

File: 1507335735645.png (291.74 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-10-06-17-20-19…)


No. 399276

therapist is an ED therapist she sees like once a month, they can't do shit about her degree of issues cough cluster b cough histrionic cough

Not trying to "diagnose her" but we all must agree she has some traits at least from her internet persona. Even if she doesn't have HPD she has a very strong attention seeking personality

No. 399300

File: 1507338783414.png (886.84 KB, 2220x1112, lol.png)

No. 399324

File: 1507341068429.jpg (5.6 KB, 225x225, images.jpg)


I wasn't going to do internets again til the morning but the shit on the horror channel made me have a look AND I'M GLAD I DID (!)

I love this post into pieces. I'm educationally subnormal with photoshop or w/e and thought they were actual posts (for a few seconds) and I was like WTF hahaha.

Thanks anon for the comments as well. Is she going to pretend she's deliriously happy tomorrow or post blackouts?

And Aly was banned because she was "just another ED person". NOT!

One of the posts above reminded of when Aly was spoopy and used to say she wanted to be a journalist. She said she liked writing. A few days ago she said she writes and she meant ON IG. That made me feel like she really has lost it. She should be writing short articles and sending them to magazines or newspapers if she wants to work in print, or online sites.

But no, the once ambitious journalist-to-be Aly only writes for instagram. It's a shame because English is her second language and sometimes she can write quite well.

Fuck it, it's her life. All that'll save her is a Sudoku attempt.

Sorry for that ramble. Here's a picture of a cute ink stamp.

No. 399365

File: 1507353031378.jpg (556.38 KB, 809x1387, Screenshot_20171007-000748.jpg)

these are the comments on that last post so far. the first one was deleted idk by who

No. 399373

>Girls I've decided to stay. idc what the haters say, they won't stop me (!) this is my diary and I love writing in it

No. 399397

Basically what she told me in a dm, she loves writing. lol.
Please someone tell her her writin is bullshit and people on the internet are making fun of her. Someone show her lolcow please(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 399399

File: 1507366402342.jpg (1.12 MB, 810x2814, Screenshot_20171007-035053.jpg)


aly…i just cant.. you didnt get any haters, you freaked out cus ypu were drunk and no one commented like does she actually think a few comments = hate like why is this girl insane

No. 399401

it wouldnt do any good to show her this thread it would just add to her victim complex and we'd be overun by white knights probably
she needs her account to be taken away i wish she'd leave up her suicidal af posts or something shes getting so ridiculous

No. 399404

no cowtipping.

I'd love to see her account deleted. She'd probably make a new one and despair about her folloer count never being about 500

No. 399410

I made a thread! >>207708

No. 399423

That's the dead Munchies thread.

No. 399425

>I've become stronger and less interested in dumb comments

Lmao SINCE WHEN?! Since you passed out drunk after claiming to be suicide AF because of haters ?? Jesus. Aly you are so so mentally unwell. I've never encountered someone so blatantly ill and in this much denial.

>is the game still worth the candle?

Badly translated idiom?

>my therapist says I'm not OCD/addicted to IG. I stay away from my phone all day during work.

You need a new therapist ASSUMING this is true. Which I find hard to believe. Because, Aly, sweetheart, your page is the very definition of OCD. Anyone with an IQ of 50 could see that.
Also, you do not stay away from your phone during work. You post stories about your scary faints and two bites of chocolate.

How can one person be in so much denial? I seriously blame her mom. I used to feel sorta bad for mama C but now I'm just pissed. Because I have a feeling they are horribly codependent on each other. And I want to slap them both.

No. 399426

omg. sorry. I don't know ho to link to a thread in /ot/. Anyway it's there. I'm so stupid.

No. 399430

>my life is full

…of misery

No. 399434

I don’t wanna imagine what I would do if I was her mom. Probably kill her.

No. 399435

File: 1507379122817.png (193.82 KB, 730x1101, IMG_0759.PNG)

WHY on earth does she repost her fucking breakfast cookies?!

No. 399437

She thinks the sun shines out of Aly's flat booty.

Because she HAS to.

Uh oh she's going to demand our support next post.

No. 399440

File: 1507380037121.png (109.85 KB, 720x646, 20171007_144006.png)


No. 399441

File: 1507380114923.png (199.82 KB, 720x1083, 20171007_144139.png)

No. 399442

File: 1507380126392.png (948.4 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171007-144112.png)

No. 399444

sorry for the incorrect order, I just needed to get the rage about her not naming the correct days off my not-facehugger-chest

No. 399446

oh and what the actual fuck is her food

No. 399448

Thanks for updates.

Shame her breakdown tears didn't wash off that ever increasingly ludicrous - idk even what to call it anymore - swoosh at the side of her eyes.

No. 399450

It's shaped a bit like an aubergine cut in two, but Aly and vegetables HAHAHAHAHA. It'll be some fried crap. I'd feel #guilt for eating whatever that is too. Looks like slop from a dumpster.

No. 399451

File: 1507380931516.png (324.86 KB, 720x753, 20171007_145501.png)

No. 399459


So clever

No. 399460

File: 1507382770999.jpg (32.6 KB, 1080x1080, 2017-10-07_15.24.52.jpg)

No. 399461

File: 1507383712107.jpg (203.7 KB, 718x702, photo_editor_temp.jpg)

No. 399462

File: 1507384132259.jpg (54.24 KB, 736x736, slayin.jpg)

Here's a suggestion from one fried chicken fan to another. Not that she'll take his advice.

No. 399468

shes really losing it lol i bet she black out posts today too

No. 399469

File: 1507385670534.jpg (92.02 KB, 621x576, IMG_20171007_080625.jpg)

Fun lol

No. 399481

haha i really want to tell her to go fuc* herself over this post, its so manipulative. her posts today have been pretty weird, saying she doesnt have an issue with instagram, doesnt care about haters, isnt anorexic anymore as if its a bad thing even tho she calls herself an ex anorexic. i think shes gonna blow

No. 399499

Lately she called herself a fake anorexic lol

No. 399516

File: 1507392140470.png (72.22 KB, 389x228, ocds.png)

No. 399520

her eyeliner is so bad i kill me.

No. 399525

File: 1507393333102.jpg (1.09 MB, 810x2584, Screenshot_20171007-111958.jpg)

>i dont have a problem with ig im able to stay off my phone while at work
>6 posts including a repost of some fuc*ing cookies

No. 399528

Do y'all wanna put money on how many black outs and reposts she posts tonight

No. 399532

lately she's been giving off such a "meanwhile in Russia" vibe lol like her poses, shitty hair and hooker outfits, disregard of setting/occasion, and try-hard "sexiness" is one adidas tracksuit short of motherland goodness

No. 399550

I love this one the most

lol she just fakes all perfect and recovered with her therapist (whom she sees like once every 2 months aka not enough to develop a therapist client relationship) and i'm 99% sure they don't know anything about her insta and if they do she probably said something like "i just write some motivation occaisonally :)"

No. 399608

File: 1507403265139.gif (1.06 MB, 480x243, carefree.gif)

LUSH oily (!) copypasta ?

No. 399642

File: 1507405950407.jpg (794.51 KB, 810x1839, Screenshot_20171007-145056.jpg)

>i had a bad day :( check back post and comment

No. 399648

What's she in a hurry for? Getting dinner with bertie? omg the stress!

No. 399658

So her intake today has literally been cookies, a shake, a donut and fries and she is probably going to start talking about her low pressure and how she restricted… that's why your bloodsugar is f*cked girl, my bloodsugar feels out of whack just thinking about that intake, and pretty sure that's not a restriction worry… and talking about restricting and adding a ? face after it makes you sound like a victim, when you are fully in control of all of this bc either you're lying about your intake and really restricting or you just want attention

sage for rambling bc so annoyed

No. 399672

sage goes in the email field, Jennie D. Newman

No. 399682


No. 399691

Just tick the box and delete it yourself

No. 399695

top kek, you put your full name in the email field like are you kidding me? why couldnt you do a little bit of research before posting for the first time

remember to sage!

No. 399696

Um, the first thing I did was try. Can someone please delete my name from this thread. I cannot believe someone would actually call me out like that when I obviously had never posted before. I am not cool with my name being broadcast here. Please delete it.

No. 399699

File: 1507408108448.png (5.5 KB, 600x50, anon.png)

sorry newbie, rules are rules

No. 399702

File: 1507408280036.gif (3.17 MB, 360x360, IMG_2576.GIF)

aly's journey

No. 399703

It's more than a "newbie" mistake. It is dangerous to put my name there on a thread making fun of a person. I didn't know not to put my email and I for fucking sure won't post here again. This isn't a joke. This isn't something to laugh about because I am a "newbie".

No. 399706

lol oh my god you put your name in the post to begin with and you can delete your own post? like we cant delete your posts

No. 399707

you're right Jennie, it was dangerous of you to post your personal email address on an anonymous imageboard, I hope you've learned from your mistake. stop posting.

No. 399708

haha can someone make this as a banner?

No. 399709


but why the fuck would you type in your real email address with your full name at all?? like genuinely what was your thought process here?

her hair journey is terrifying

No. 399710

Well, she managed to raise her head

No. 399711

The person who wrote my name could at least delete that. I tried to delete my original post. It hasn't even been 30 minutes and it won't let me. Call me an idiot. I don't care. I thought there was a moderator on here. Is there not? I'm not sure what making fun of me is accomplishing. If someone wrote your name in a post when you obviously made a dumb mistake, I'm sure it would piss you off too.

No. 399714

? I don't live in Alabama so I don't know. I'd imagine hot?

No. 399715

you made that mistake, it says explicitly to read the rules before posting. mods won't help you, you're the one who didn't read the rules.

No. 399717

oh is your instagram jennieisawesomeblog?

No. 399718

You're right, I did. I made a dumb mistake, but for someone to call out my personal name and then people run on that and make fun of me for it has nothing to do with this thread and is just horribly mean. Like what are you guys accomplishing doing that?

No. 399719

File: 1507408792412.png (1.27 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171007-153912.png)

No. 399721

Nope. It's not the jennieisawesomeblog girl. I saw her post today though. Good job keep trying to find me. You literally will never figure out my instagram and why do you even care. Good God.

No. 399723

you just happen to have the same name as her, interesting

No. 399724

haha it is you
seriously tho no one is coming after you just stop posting and it'll be done

No. 399725

first, your name was there. no one tracked you down or anything. people wouldve seen that regardless of if you were "called out". if we didn't call you out, you would never have known your mistake and gone and done that on other image boards and have your name found by far more people. calm down, dont use that email for personal correspondance anymore, unfollow aly/change your IG name, and learn from your massive fuck up.

No. 399726

why does our EX anorexic always feel so greedy after eating? ?

No. 399728

she cant keep track of whether shes ex ana loves food and real life (!) or poor troubled ed sufferer who's tormented by every meal like pick a lane aly

No. 399731

kek I noticed that too, her head was always facing the ground when she was snoopy and now it's tilted up

2 year prediction: Face will be facing the sky

No. 399732

what do you mean? she loves her NO GUILT (!) EVERY TIME FAVORITE SUSHI fish emoji

sometimes i wonder if she even does feel guilty at all, like obvi her food relationship is still fucked up but also she really has no problem eating that much all the time or she would've gone back to restricting since that's what she would love to do. so i feel like she just word vomits about GUILT and whatever as one of her standard 10 histrionic sperg outs of the day
holy shit are you actually in PR and handling this so spasticly

No. 399733

her poor hair

No. 399739

Yes it is. Tip: change your privacy settings on your facebook, you can see everything. We're not out to get you, just hurry up and get your social media sorted out now

No. 399752

I like how you made your face gold with this filter

No. 399755

I really do believe that Berto TRIGGERS her in some way. Her biggest meltdown days always involve being with him.

No. 399756

Let it go already. People are only talking about it because you keep posting about it. No one will care after a couple hours: believe it or not, we're not interested in nobodies

No. 399761

File: 1507410613216.gif (496.21 KB, 500x264, jelosy.gif)

i think she's super afraid of him dumping her (again). he's like the only thing she has going on other than IG and it's really clear she puts a huge value on being "the hot blondie girl" and attracting men. she might even realize she would have a really hard time snaring another dude at this point since she's so antisocial and wackadoo. she's already lost her skinny bod and alot of her followers, without berto she would be (in her own value system) nothing.

No. 399801

File: 1507413741865.jpg (1.2 MB, 810x2929, Screenshot_20171007-165934.jpg)

if anyone was wondering this is the 10th picture from outside mcdonalds incl a video

No. 399808

Is it okay to eat like a man though?

Is that the 10th from the same shoot posted today?

EX anorexic yet post a wall of text of anorexic thoughts. Okay then.

No. 399809

she really needs to get a hobby

No. 399820

shes been mixing it up with 12oz coffee and amsterdam chips lately

i dont even understand that post
>is eating like binging?
>ex anorexic
>i enjoyed eating
>no ed related existence
>someone tell me food is good

No. 399833

Interesting to see the first appearance of the crazy eyes seemed to coincide with the introduction of the noodle hair. This is truly a summary of her descent into madness, and it's terrifying.

No. 399840

File: 1507417434662.png (2.27 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171007-180052.png)

so this goes before ? post
they shared some fries lol much binge
ugh who gets sushi and fries or is that normal

No. 399844

File: 1507417530447.jpg (57.36 KB, 293x361, notedrelated.jpg)

How is this not ED related?? what the hell is she talking about?

She goes on to tell her followers, exactly what to say in the comments for her to read tomorrow…

No. 399846

File: 1507417734870.jpg (35.01 KB, 277x220, tell me exactly this.jpg)

fuck it, here is the rest lol

how is it useful to tell someone exactly what to say? Doesn't that dampen the meaning?

No. 399849

this was already posted further up but yeah shes like tell me food is good, ok but does she think that? what kind of non disordered person needs to hear whether or not food is good jc

No. 399855

>I can't believe someone on a board made for making fun of others would make fun of me!

Thanks for the laughs, Jennie D. Newman.

No. 399866

Ok, this is a lot of fries, but it's for two (one a man who eats more). She thinks a standard for two portion is a binge amount? M8, she should try a British chippy or Indian takeaway. After the starters I'm done.

Makes the omg I ate 3000 calories even though I don't count them seem even more impossible. She doesn't even know what a portion looks like? Wtf did she do pre ED?

No. 399867

Seriously. Shit had me rolling.

This is where a therapist would come in. Why does she insist on asking (I mean, demanding) her "ED family" to say exactly what she want to hear.
Why not tell yourself it's ok? You said earlier you are not mentally ill so you should trust your own judgment. And if you don't…..SEE A FUCKING THERAPIST

No. 399873

I think she doesn't want to pay to see a therapist. If there was an a NHS in Italy I bet she'd go. They'd probably insist she went.

No. 399905

i think she means like non-anorexic existence, as in she feels lost without her ED identity either (a) since she's no longer skinny/visibly ill, or (b) since she's allegedly an EX-anorexic.

i do sort of get what she means if it's the above, and it's more or less what we've been saying for ages here: that she has nothing in her life besides the ED to occupy or define her. i think she's trying to express that loss of identity, but she's just a shit writer with limited english skills.

tho i may be giving her too much credit lol

No. 399920

samefag but how is she even eating here? it looks like she's stabbing the fry/onion ring or whatever it is with a coffee stirrer or a mini chopstick. there are no tines and no curve so it's not a fork, and i thought it was just fries stuck together but i'm p sure she's actually holding some weird utensil. or else it's an optical illusion and i'm losing it.

italian anon pls weigh in on this mysterious implement

No. 399933

i think its just a fork caught sideways in the pic lol

No. 399945

File: 1507427522447.jpg (710.47 KB, 3024x1376, IMG_2579.JPG)

I was reading this book and this reminds me of Aly. Imagine being so miserable that your whole identity is the memory of one whole year of your life when you were snoopy.

No. 399950

What's the book?

I can understand that, particularly with events like trauma, but like you say a few years of anorexia, well… It could've played out so differently if she hadn't had an instagram following.

No. 399960

"The Power of Now", it's a spirituality/self-help book. If Aly read this and actually tried to implement some of the things in here, it would help her a lot but she probably thinks EX anorexic don't need to read self-help books (!)

No. 399968

Nah, she thinks OTHER EX anorexics don't need to read self help books, but not she. She is strong and can do it all on her own.

If she isn't going to see a therapist then the least she could do is try a self help book. It takes a lot of effort to put the advice into practice and I can't see her getting past chapter one.

No. 399978

lol i was thinking that was probably it but i feel like a sideways fork would look curved and it's totally straight! this is how boring aly is, i'm analyzing her plastic cutlery instead of reading her word salad oops

seeing a therapist or reading a self-help book would be a HUGE (!) step back! please do not give your opinion, she did not want your opinion when she asked for your opinion (!)

No. 399987

File: 1507433464676.png (33.15 KB, 750x633, IMG_0159.PNG)

It's probably something like this

No. 400017

I'm not surprised she would eat fries with a fork thing. When I visited italy, I was actually surprised to see everyone eating their pizza with a knife and fork. Blew my mind.
I assume eating with your hands is frowned upon? Unless it's a sandwich?

Sage for being a dirty, hands-on-pizza eating American

No. 400022

omg this looks exactly right! i've never seen baby wooden forks before lol. thank you dear anons on this case for solving it

No. 400057

Chip forks. Standard english fish and chip cutlery

No. 400094

File: 1507454661817.png (208.75 KB, 720x1127, 20171008_112342.png)

No. 400095

File: 1507454675057.png (81.67 KB, 720x470, 20171008_112358.png)

No. 400096

prediction for today:
now that she's not so obviously ~struggling~ today as she did last night, she won't receive as much comments as yesterday, so she's set up for a breakdown

No. 400097

File: 1507454926755.png (812.18 KB, 720x1034, 20171008_112800.png)

and the picture that goes with the text, if somebody still cares (!)

No. 400102

She's looking really old.

No. 400110

That sweater is like the first piece of clothing of her that i actually like. Too bad she combines it with those hideous tights

No. 400132

File: 1507460041485.png (216.91 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4746.PNG)

No. 400133

hah, called it

No. 400134

File: 1507460170950.png (919.84 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171008-125549.png)

No. 400146

At this point, she posts everything twice. She posts something, deletes it and then reposts it 2 minutes later. it's so annoying

No. 400156

File: 1507466638012.jpg (1.57 MB, 810x3451, Screenshot_20171008-074303.jpg)

No. 400157

File: 1507466738031.jpg (567.13 KB, 810x1171, Screenshot_20171008-074420.jpg)

this was her lunch too
some clams lol

No. 400161

File: 1507467184371.png (1.2 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171008-145208.png)

No. 400163

haha oh god shes gonna go crazy on ig if they break up

i thought him moving was the end to all past struggles

No. 400169

File: 1507469663824.jpg (1.04 MB, 810x2518, Screenshot_20171008-083305.jpg)

guys they don't have any wheat so they can't move in together

No. 400181

File: 1507470299011.jpeg (81.94 KB, 640x448, 33AE5822-04BC-4EC2-8C17-7466F3…)

Have a pic of oysters, they’re very small.
This is not even a handful of spaghetti.

No. 400219

File: 1507476748532.png (85.01 KB, 720x476, 20171008_173158.png)


No. 400221

haha aly shut up and go wheat shopping

No. 400242

bitch obviously you fight with your boyfriend when you're that crazy! I'm glad Berto isn't putting up with her shit

No. 400243

sorry samefag but wasn't he living with a roommate….? Is aly just gonna come and leech off them, not pay for rent or anything? Fuck i hope the roommate is like no this cunt cant stay unless she starts paying

No. 400245

File: 1507480596057.jpg (499.89 KB, 810x1288, Screenshot_20171008-113443.jpg)

she says i know ive been a mess and i dont know if i still have a place in the community but i started here and i want to do the same for someone else and uh kisses

No. 400255

File: 1507481531528.png (1.36 MB, 640x1136, IMG_4754.PNG)

Jfc Aly get your gross little legs off the fucking table

No. 400260

That comb over's getting harsh again.

No. 400262

>I was a professional volleyball player

Wtf???? Has she ever mentioned volleyball at all before? Like obviously she wasn't professional and probably means she was serious or on a team or whatever but I have been following her since the very first (!) thread and I don't remember her ever mentioning any sport ever. I actually feel like she used to talk about how she has never been sporty and doesn't enjoy exercise.

No. 400264

Is she playing It in the next movie?

No. 400265

She deleted it

No. 400266

samefag sorry but holy shit the "we don't have wheat" thing is somehow the funniest thing ever to me. what does she mean?

Aly the wheat farmer

No. 400267

Those are not oysters, they're clams.

No. 400270

She mentioned once she played on the school team. So if any of you ever had something printed in a school paper you're a professional author!

No. 400272

File: 1507483593627.png (75.99 KB, 720x343, 20171008_192607.png)

video repost

No. 400273

File: 1507483602795.jpg (181.89 KB, 1014x505, Screenshot_20171008-122544.jpg)

oh the haters have taken to dms now

No. 400274

so now I'm assuming she meant heat but still lol.

She needs to break up with berto, they're codependent af and it's not a healthy relationship. Also I'm bored and would like to see how she would handle a breakup

No. 400275

My guess is she meant water. Maybe fatberto and the roomie don't have the funds to turn on utilities?
In California you usually need a deposit, especially if you have bad or no credit. Maybe they have a similar thing in Milan.

No. 400278

she got 1 comment from dogs btw

No. 400279

so she reposted this twice back to back? love that she has resorted to DM claims now, nice that she actually realised no one believes the hate comments that she pretends are there but no one else ever sees

No. 400281

oh god she just reposted the video for the third time

No. 400287

>i opened my soul

No. 400297

I never understand what she thinks shes going to achieve from reposting, I guess more attention but she forgets how instagram works lol like if you repost it doesn't automatically go to the top of your followers like dashboard. She needs like a tumblr or something lol

No. 400305

i have no fucking clue how the instagram algorithm works (and i don't think anyone does tbh) but i would assume that the more you interact with a person's posts, the more prominently that person's posts shows up in your feed. so most likely her constant deletes and reposts of the same things makes her move farther and farther down her followers' feeds bc they can't possibly see/interact with her posts when she has them up for 10 minutes or less. therefore the more she deletes and reposts, the less likely she is to get comments, long-term.

on the chance that someone has interacted w her enough for her shit to show up at the top of their feed, they would see her ALL the fucking time bc of her many posts and reposts, which would probably annoy people and make them more likely to delete.

i think she would be much better off posting 2 or 3 times a day, actually interesting new material instead of many similar shots and unrelated long ass captions. (not even mentioning the literaly reposts.) ofc this would also be better for her sanity lol but as if she would ever back off. she has the least chill of anyone i've ever seen.

No. 400310

more likely to *unfollow, not to delete lol. it's only aly who threatens deletion 8/24

No. 400334

File: 1507486859681.jpg (1.3 MB, 810x3123, Screenshot_20171008-131848.jpg)

so she took 10 pics, made a video, ate some fries and then TRIED to hurt herself

No. 400336

lol that thing she said about not eating like a man was copied from what a follower said to her

No. 400337

…There aren't school teams in Italy… Especially not volleyball teams…

>I kill me
I love Alyisms

No. 400339

be nice anon, i would kill me too if i didn't have any wheat :((

No. 400404

So has someone taken her batteries out for the night?

I'm going to start an Aly mood diary to see if there's any cycle thing going on. Don't need a diary to notice she's unhinged more often recently.

As for lack of wheat, she should take some clams to the market and see if the miller will trade for wheat.

No. 400411

Aly is so fuc*ing weird like she posted a pic of the fries saying I did sth stupid and I'll tell you soon, then posts this describing it slightly more and the pic is her smiling and posing like who sets up a post talking about their self harm? Where the pic has nothing to do with it? Who does that (!)

No. 400414

"professional volleyball player" aka played some beach vball with bro some weekends

"i tried to hurt me". Um how do you try to hurt/arm yourself and fail??? Did she like hold a dull knife to her harm and calls that "trying to hurt herself"? What a little attention seeking drama queen

No. 400420

kek can you get one of those mood apps where you rate her mood and then post a pic of the graph every week? would be funny to see

No. 400454

File: 1507492687050.jpg (15.27 KB, 978x87, Screenshot_20171008-145523.jpg)

felice out here giving no fuc*s

alys mood changes by the hour it would look ridiculous lol

No. 400477

File: 1507493582887.jpg (35.22 KB, 900x430, moodpanda.JPG)

I'm looking at different ones online and as I thought a lot of them rely on that "rate your mood" thing. How did she feel this time last week…need to check other thread.

If anyone else wants to try this out for Aly, feel free. I might even do it on a text doc so we can see what she was doing to spot TRIGGERS coughBertocough

I'm trying Mood Panda because of the emojis.

No. 400478

REPOST X (Oh mood panda's crap. It goes by DAYS. We need one with MINUTES).

No. 400526

File: 1507495529461.png (195.49 KB, 662x503, aly.png)

No. 400589

File: 1507497918469.jpg (521.14 KB, 810x1251, Screenshot_20171008-162259.jpg)

she went with a friend it was a friend ok not my mum at all


No. 400590

File: 1507497962449.jpg (1.24 MB, 810x3087, Screenshot_20171008-162314.jpg)

this post too girls!
i will always be annoyed by her fake hater bs

No. 400592

File: 1507498004595.png (608.51 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-10-08-16-25-30…)

No. 400594

>the true meaning of the ed community

Do you EVER support other people? comment on their posts? follow them back?

No. 400597

Last night I was drunk and wanted to be nice to someone so I sent Aly a nice dm after she made that "boohoo I binged pls help me" post. Bitch hasn't even read it. I don't know what I expected though, knowing how she is.

No. 400603

Send her some hate she'd like that more

No. 400608

i was lookin at her posts and she took the tried to harm myself bit out of this one

No. 400642

File: 1507504426876.jpg (2.16 MB, 1920x1920, CollageMaker_20171008_18530620…)

The beginning of her video is just soooo fake.
*side glance
*brush muh hair away

No. 400649

Has she ever been a part of the ed recovery ~community ~? Was she ever taken seriously? I don't think so. I check out recovering Ana accounts for nice food. If I was a recovering Ana idk how I'd react to the food she posts. Id want to look at something light yet nourishing to be enticed into eating. Her awful junk food would just make me lose my appetite…and probably want to binge if bulimic.

No. 400655

she uses the hashtag? lol i just hate how she keeps banging on about the edcommunity and how they HAVE to support her (!) am i still part of the community girls? ? i'm still sick in the head promise ? but she never gives support out to anyone else and no one ever calls her on it

i think a lot of people get insulted by how she eats a lot of junk but still stays thin

No. 400663

File: 1507508126397.png (58.77 KB, 240x232, dkfaf.png)

No. 400666

why the fuck does she always do this? pretty much all other IG users, from huge celebs to random personal accounts, just start out saying hi or doing whatever the vid is. nobody does this bullshit "oh what, someone's filming me? i had no idea!" thing.

>probably want to binge if bulimic
lol true. and easy to rationalize a binge too since she's typically blathering on about how it's OK (!) to eat even when full (!) and HUGE amounts (!)

No. 400671

This is fucking amazing wtf how??

No. 400672

I assume she does that cringy hair tossle because she's obsessed with "posing" and since you can't really "pose" in a video, this is her way of doing it. I assume it's a part of her OCD and having to look "perfect". Makes me nauseous honestly.
Also, notice how she became more OCD she stopped going on and on about it? Now it's her anxiety. Even tho her OCD is in it's worst stage yet.

No. 400685

Looks like Spoony's work

No. 400745

You should be sending this to her as fan art XD

No. 400779

Did Jasmine switch over to facebook or did she just stop commenting?

YES! how would Aly react?

No. 400836

We don't have the NHS but we do have a public health service. When I was considerably younger I went to see a therapist and I didn't have to pay for it. The problem is there are long queues and they (rightfully) prioritise severe cases.

I mean, given the amount of times she eats out and the fact that she now has some disposable income, she could definitely afford a couple of sessions a month, if she wanted to.

No. 400837

File: 1507537401686.png (149.86 KB, 750x856, IMG_0777.PNG)


No. 400844

I can only speak from my own experience (even tho I've heard that other anorexics did stuff like that as well), but I used to spend hours on the internet, looking at pictures of (junk)food instead of eating something.
I agree with you on the bulimia thing though. Her chocolate posts actually triggered a chocolate binge for me . I still think most of her followers are anachans

No. 400859

File: 1507544407193.png (215.14 KB, 748x1104, IMG_0782.PNG)

She lets her dying you guys

No. 400861

File: 1507544846760.png (1.94 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0783.PNG)

No. 400862

Does she mean detox? It's the only similar word that comes to mind.

I wonder what will happen if no one comments? Another black post?

No. 400863

File: 1507545403268.png (176.15 KB, 750x1005, IMG_0784.PNG)


I think she means purging? Not sure tho

No. 400866

File: 1507546094722.png (153.65 KB, 750x1074, IMG_0785.PNG)

Well, i couldn't hold it in anymore. I'm blocked. We had a good time aly, so sad.

No. 400881

i love how quick she is to get mad and defensive when anyone tells her she shouldn't restrict, have a breakdown, self arm, or kill me based on comments or haters. she's always responding with things like this, insisting that no it wasn't bc of comments/IG/haters/whatever thing she literally blamed it on in her posts.

you can't have it both ways aly, either you NEED comments to get through the day alive or you don't. you can't attention whore like that and then backtrack any time anyone points out how fucking insane you sound.

No. 400883

Proud of you, anon.

No. 400900

File: 1507554180899.jpg (1.17 MB, 810x2627, Screenshot_20171009-080146.jpg)

No. 400904

"the fucking crazy 24/24 hungry bitch" is the best description of aly i've ever read

No. 400907

File: 1507554968059.jpg (170.86 KB, 1009x531, Screenshot_20171009-081341.jpg)

some more comments

oh its not because of comments shes starving herself because she had an argument with her boyfriend thats much better!

No. 400911

File: 1507555672242.gif (481.15 KB, 320x188, 46ea5530-bb26-0133-a225-0e55e2…)

I can see why Berto left her with all this emotional balckmail YOU'RE MAKING ME UNHAPPY SO I'M GOING TO STAAAAAAARVE SO THERE.

Like her followers, like even one of them, gives a flying fuck whether or not she eats.

Do as you like, Aly. Starve is you want to. It's your problem, not ours.

No. 400927

File: 1507557884557.png (2.08 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171009-080346.png)

She wrote this for you

No. 400932

ah but you is bitch

No. 400935

File: 1507558798857.png (206.12 KB, 838x421, much insane.png)

No. 400941

Aww aly i knew you won't forget me you crazy bitch <3

No. 400946


No. 400952

Someone upload this on insta and tag her lol

No. 400957

See this in context: you see your coworker moping. She isn't that interesting and looks at you funny when you go out eating, but you decide to cheer her up and take her out for an icecream. You're both walking back to work and she stops to photograph the bottom of the cone. Several times.

As people watch, you quietly slip away, noping the fuck out ofthis.

No. 400962

she probably asked her for ice cream thinking she'd already had lunch too. i wonder if this is the same girl she said was on a diet who eats mcdonalds

No. 400973

File: 1507565333739.jpg (345.57 KB, 1400x899, Screenshot_20171009-100413.jpg)

I think its the same girl.

According to Aly, that girl isn't normal for eating ice cream at lunch. Even though Aly eats ice cream, croissants, donuts, chocolate as meals?

Also, Aly ditched her there? Is that what she's saying?

No. 400974

oh i didnt pay enough attention to that post
i really dont think that girls dieting aly lol i think shes just so disordered about food she has no idea whats "normal" anymore

No. 400981

Starve if you want to-ooo
Starve just like a girl
Starve til Dante comes to you
Without faps, without beer

No. 400983

"Lunch on an ice cream cone" is a new favorite alyism.

I'm imagining Aly balancing nuggets, fries, and donnies on a cone, then pouring a milkshake over the top.

Remember when she used to OCD bake?

No. 400987

No, she just messed up the tenses. That sentence most likely should have read "I can't survive as she does, but I didn't have the strength to refuse and leave her there."

I mean, just eat 4 icecreams? Or see if they have something else you can have elsewhere. Or, I don't know, just fucking say it "I didn't have lunch yet, I'll go and grab something a bit more substantial."

No. 400995

File: 1507571031864.jpg (799.78 KB, 1031x1536, Screenshot_20171009-124232.jpg)

it's so sad ??

No. 400996

She is like a sad clown, with her sad makeup, red hair, and crying while eating an ice cream holding a popped balloon.

No. 400997

File: 1507571442399.jpg (1.02 MB, 810x2490, Screenshot_20171009-124821.jpg)

if that anon is keeping track of alys mood shes now happy, maybe

No. 401001

>> noping the fuck out

Kek thanks for the laugh anon, I like this

No. 401008

>I don't even can reach home

No. 401010

so this morning she wanted to restrict because she ate too much yesterday and now because shes hungry shes going to eat..seek…help

No. 401035

Like three days ago she asked everyone for food advice and literally everyone told her to add healthy and well balanced good to her diet of donnies and faps. She ignored it completely and is now shameless enough to ask the same fucking question.

Newsflash, of course you'll be starving and feel like shit if all you do is binge on sugar and then crash two hours later.

No. 401037

Proud of Berto!

kek yeah this irl "is on a diet" and has ice cream for lunch? She probably either already had lunch, just wasnt very hungry that day, or has small snacks through out the day instead of meals, etc. Why the fuck didn't our EX anorexic just stop by another place and grab something (ahem mcdonalds fries) else for lunch too? Isn't she perfectly recovered???

No. 401039

samefag but missed this one, she would've FAINTED if she had ice cream for one lumch? why does she act like she's bmi ~10.3~ still

No. 401065

Anon, she's STILL 1~1.5 kg UNDERWEIGHT with a BMI of 18.5 (!)

No. 401072

File: 1507580838944.jpg (693.91 KB, 1041x1532, Screenshot_20171009-152623.jpg)


No. 401089

When I told my Italian friend about she was unimpressed. Then I told her aly is from Milan and that’s when I got to hear

Milan is one of the richest cities in Europe, alys need for pastry and literal shit she calls food or snack costs a lot. Italians are not rich, they’re poorer middle class, richer than Greeks but still not middle class..we were both concerned about her mental health, maybe she’s a retard but in this case she’s not, she’s just the IQ 3.8 Version of Paris Hilton, spoiled as fuck, that’s why she’s incapable of working and maybe she’s so ashamed that she lies about everything.
I don’t believe her shit, i believe what I see and I can tell from her pictures that she’s a mean, fake and spoiled organic piece of shit

No. 401109

File: 1507584134431.png (202.44 KB, 720x1128, 20171009_232116.png)

No. 401110

File: 1507584144766.png (189.91 KB, 720x1034, 20171009_232151.png)

No. 401113

She's acting once again like nothing happened. And putting and effort in making her followers to think she isn't adicted to social media or afraid of being alone. Nobody believes that shitty shit.

No. 401143

We don't need validation. Would luke your opinion. To tell me I'm right.

No. 401144

Like *

No. 401155

haha and who was that girl aly? whats her ig? is she gonna comment on this post?

yeah she says she turned off her phone when shes been on it at every given opportunity and ya now everythings fine again when this morning she was thinking about starving herself and the other day she was self harming and gonna kill herself because of haters that she herself made up

if not today then tomorrow she'll have another breakdown

No. 401178

>>401109 ah yes, more adventures in “this never happened” land, aka Aly’s head.

Had a follower “found” her at work Aly would probably put up a million and one crazy eyed selfies bragging about how she, she alone, single handedly saved this girl from the brink of anorexia when all professionals had given up on her. Honestly, I hate her.

Sage for rage/non con

No. 401180

she didnt self arm, she just TRIED to hurt herself kek

No. 401186

File: 1507588147403.jpg (471.36 KB, 978x978, Screenshot_20171009-172709.jpg)

I really wish she would get a haircut like when your hair gets all fluffy like that you really need a trim and its so, so orange ew

No. 401201

File: 1507589927084.gif (714.43 KB, 360x360, IMG_2657.GIF)

imagine going to your local mcdonalds with some friends for some fries and seeing this

No. 401213

She dm me saying she loves writing but dear aly you are not made for it your style grammar and spelling is shit

No. 401216

How does she think she can say she saved someone? (I don't believe that happened but obviously aly does) she faked her recovery for the longest time, was p much forced to recover cus she broke her leg and is now keeping herself underweight. She think she's some recovery idol because she writes these long ass word salad posts and because you know, she gained weight like wow so admirable

No. 401227

She's mostly eating at McDonalds and otherwise fast food, it's not like she's going out in a nice restaurant every day. A lot of times she's posting the same meal twice or even more often. I don't even get what you're saying; but kek'ed at organic piece of shit.

Her hair used to be so nice! I wish she'd go back to blonde or just brunette.

No. 401273

it sounds like onision & his "saving people from self harm and depression via blunt honestly" kek

she's just histrionic af and wants attention & for people to think highly of her

No. 401295

File: 1507601679063.png (2.73 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171009-201316.png)

What does this mean? What reveal?

No. 401397

I like how male coworkers is in quote marks
like, what

No. 401408

that she managed to be alone i guess? lmao
which makes me doubt she even knows what a real abandonment syndrome is. because it does not automatically mean not being able to be alone

No. 401409

File: 1507626272239.png (712.51 KB, 720x1039, 20171010_110400.png)

No. 401410

File: 1507626289605.png (921.04 KB, 720x1007, 20171010_110251.png)

No. 401411

File: 1507626308349.png (148.83 KB, 720x827, 20171010_110336.png)

No. 401412

File: 1507626322573.png (141.59 KB, 720x746, 20171010_110320.png)

No. 401413

judging by dogs comment, following aly will make you stupid over time. How long does it take to check one sentence to correct spelling/typing errors

No. 401428

There are, in some highschools. Italian saying this.

No. 401431

File: 1507630414593.png (73.64 KB, 720x338, 20171010_121246.png)

it's not because of the comments guys (!)

No. 401432

Fellow Italian, I misread your post as:

There are, in some schools, Italians saying this: "I kill me".

No. 401433

"free from comparison"
"Better than my male coworkers"

snap out of it bitch

No. 401434

Same person, I'll take it as a personal attack. I kill me, HUGE BREAKDOWN.

No. 401435

File: 1507631219703.png (1.26 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171010-122617.png)

No. 401441

>so lonely cuz muh followers give me abandonment issues. Hoped in your support

No. 401442

File: 1507633423285.png (1.93 MB, 1440x2019, 20171010_065958.png)

She is really trying to let her followers know that they let Aly down!
No support!

Sage for samefagging but, as soon as I posted here, she posted pic related and it's just too ridiculous

No. 401444

How does that idiotic bitch still have fans?! It's beyond me.

No. 401448

She'd probably receive more advices if she could ever be bothered to comment on other peoples posts when they also need advices.

Yeah, incredible she has no idea why everyone's given up sending her a comment.

No. 401449


These two photos are making me rage. Why does she play with her food so much!? Why is her fry away from her face and her package near it in the one?! Why is she putting a French fry on her nose? Aly, STAHP.

Also I cannot stand her incessant whining about comments. She never comments on anyone's posts, but Lord forbid only dogs comments on something.

Anyone wanna make a bingo?

No. 401450

File: 1507636034254.png (900.7 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-10-10-06-44-47…)

No. 401466

File: 1507641384804.jpg (1.18 MB, 810x2629, Screenshot_20171010-081449.jpg)

doesn't she always eat fried food

No. 401468

Wait did Bertie dump her?

This "abandonment syndrome" is irritating me, there is no syndrome I googled it lol and it says there's just a type abused children get, she just means she doesn't like being by herself, why does everything need an aly diagnosis?

No. 401474

I feel like a murderer.

I kill me, too.

No. 401476

I hope he dumped her.

I can just imagine her being all "roberto come back my abandonment syndrome is going to make me kill me! thanks for killing me you dont even care."

No. 401487

she usually gets 2nd breakfast with him so hes awol rn

No. 401497

File: 1507645310673.jpg (368.46 KB, 1245x1339, Screenshot_20171010-081955.jpg)

Comments under brownie pic

No. 401500

>i cant comment on posts because of my social anxiety! thats fueled by my abandonnment syndrome!

No. 401506

She probably means "abandonment issues", but it's not a syndrome. I think she just likes to make it sound like it's a sanctioned mental illness, rather than just feeling of loneliness.

I mean, both her parents are with her, I doubt she experienced the sort of situation that leads to abandonment issues. And even if, it's hardly something to parade around, it means that she's more clingy than the average person and gets more anxious about people's perceived or real rejection.

No. 401515

Sage my post because venting

I’d like to slap her so badly rn

No. 401522

File: 1507651718757.jpg (62.42 KB, 978x183, Screenshot_20171010-110702.jpg)

yeah i think dogs said she was in a car accident so maybe she hit her head

No. 401523

she probably just has a normal fear of abandoment like most of the world and just makes everything super dramatic for the attention. that's what happens when mommy holds your hand and spoon feeds you your entire young adult life, she acts like she's about to die without attention so she can get more attention.

if she had real problems with abandonment she'd be freaking out a lot more now that berto is awol not like "i feel bad this morning bc abandonment syndrome but I am FIGHTER! SURVIVOR! Challenged myself to fried food (!)"

No. 401525

wtf they don't even rhyme?

No. 401529

File: 1507651998759.png (1.36 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171010-111023.png)

ugh did she have a filet o fish for breakfast? how does she not have terrible acid reflux?

No. 401535

They do if you're Scottish.

"Abandonment syndrome" for her is probably when her dad had to work miserable long hours and Ma worked too so they weren't there 7/24 to give her attention. Anyone who had a parent they barely saw because they were working hard to keep a family could say ABANDONMENT ISSUES!!!1 but we're not all crazy, attention seeking twats like Aly.

Hoping for black post!

No. 401536

yep, she's mental

No. 401537

her mom gave her attention 24/7, she coddled her like a 9 y/o. she's just on her own trying to be semi independent for the first time ever and now she's over exaggerating her loneliness & fear of fucking up by called it some bs "abandonment syndrome" to get attention

No. 401539

File: 1507653618323.jpg (11.32 KB, 280x180, support plz.jpg)

Either way she's an attention hoe

No. 401541

Who did she persuade to take a photo then if shes on her own?
Also when you can see the outline of your undies its time for a new bigger "dress"

No. 401543

File: 1507654043468.jpg (260.09 KB, 552x924, Screenshot_20171010-174632.jpg)

>>Guys im still 1 kg underweight!!

No. 401545

That's a #throwback to when she wasn't ~alone~

I'm just grateful she wears knickers. Please god don't let her dress this way all through winter. It would make my ~weather sensitivity~ even worse.

No. 401546

Ikr, and that can't even be written off as her adapting to eating anymore. Nada water retention, nada puffiness…that is full face, girl.

No. 401549

shes def gonna black out later
>where u were guys when i needed u??? i was alone!!! at maccie ds!! alloooonneee

No. 401576

i recovered from an eating disorder (i use the term loosely - you never really recover. it just gets better for a while, for some a long time, sometimes not really) and I didn't end up fat and obsessed with food but this is pretty clearly someone heading in that direction.

what will she do when she's been chubby for so long that her 'recovery' is irrelevant and her eating is no longer worthy of any sort of praise?

this is the limbo we are in right now and she's realizing she can't milk it anymore.

what will she turn to? munchie? drugs? fitness?

No. 401583

File: 1507658892212.png (269.1 KB, 750x1136, IMG_2658.PNG)

"sold as much stuff as yesterday" "did better than my male coworkers" kek she's working in retail not as a sales representative

so professional of her to bash her superiors like this. bitch they don't like you taking extra breaks bc you take one every 10 mins

No. 401585

uhm wtf ana-chan she's not chubby and you can definitely fully recover from a mental illness, eating disorders included

No. 401587

Why does she feel she needs to win "points" at work, especially from a supervisor? I'm sure a lot of jobs must be like that, but in the low end of retail it just makes sense to try to get along with the others as part of a team. She sees everything as a battle. If she was more amiable then she might be allowed an extra break (I wangled cig breaks by being nice). Never particularly liked bosses, but you're not there to be be bffs forever, innit.

I politely disagree that you can recover from ALL mental illness. It it's chemical then no you can't, you can only be stabilised with medication.

As for eating disorders some men and women go through decades of relapses and it eventually kills them, so not everyone can recover from eating disorders.

Every case is different and relies on a lot of complicated factors, but unless there's a bereavement and someone suffers reactive depression, clinical depression is a tough nut to crack and sometimes it's always there.

No. 401588

EDIT X Should add that although it's always there you do learn coping mechanisms to deal with the illness to a degree.

No. 401589

I did not say all mental illnesses, I just said you can definitely recover from a mental illness, and eating disorders are included in this. I never said everyone recovers, I just said recover is possible for EDs. You are completely twisting up my words

No. 401591

>she whispered "you saved me"
that girl's name? Albert Einstein

main reason i don't believe this story (other than that is just obviously fake) is that one time she took a pic with a follower who ran into her on the street somewhere. she documents EVERY interaction with anyone just to prove she has friends, fans, etc–even that random dutch tourist and the stranger girl who went to budapest with them. if there was someone there she would $100% have photographed it

>"The strongest actions for a woman is to love herself, be herself and shine amongst those who never believed she could."
lol what a feminist. i hate bullshit like this, no one would ever say that the strongest action for a man is to ~be himself!~ or w/e. success as a man = be a CEO or president! save lives! change the world! success as a woman = aww love yrself honey don't let ~society~ win

No. 401595

The last paragraph. Yeah, All that fourth wave feminist bullshit is all screwed.

No. 401596

(3rd paragraph not 4th. I can't count. Help please).

No. 401598

>she's not chubby
when you recover from an eating disorder it's all fat. That's just the way it is, realistically. Would you say her body composition is healthy in this picture?>>401466

>you can fully recover from a mental illness

sure, jan

No. 401599

Fuck me YES I DID MEAN 4th WAVE, thought I meant 4th paragraph. O I am so sorry. I am being all Aly atm.

No. 401601

Having no muscle doesn't mean being chubby.. tons of snoopy girls have zero muscle, they aren't "chubby". Aly isn't chubby ffs

No. 401605

She may not be "chubby" but she sure as hell isn't underweight or at the weight where she can blame feeling faint and fragile on being anorexic.

She needs muscle mass, but it's obvious she's gained body fat in the areas where women's fat generally goes. Having a round face is possibly her natural face shape. To look at it it does look like she's filled out in the face with body fat.

Aly's only bothered to gain weight and not work on the stuff that's lead to her illness. She'll never improve because she thinks it's all about eating and won't work on her erratic behaviours.

No. 401607

I totally agree with you, I never said otherwise. working out is definitely a healthy thing to do and would firm up her body from the weight loss/gain. she looks like she's at a perfectly normal weight and I was just addressing that other anon who called her "chubby"

No. 401614

File: 1507662155025.jpg (245.72 KB, 759x880, bingo.jpg)

i kill me

No. 401619

File: 1507662376980.gif (508.41 KB, 500x305, yay.gif)

Starting tomorrow first post?

No. 401622

File: 1507662548005.png (1.65 MB, 1404x1804, Screenshot_20170923-120017.png)

I got bored at work and made this. This is approximately how much she eats if she actually eats everything she posts using myfitnesspal. Wtf are her breakfasts lol? For reference, the recommended max sugar intake for the avg woman is 25 grams.

No. 401625

I like this more than the mood chart I still haven't got round to making (been out today but in all day tomorrow so might start then).

There's a calorie thing here for Oreos
160 cals for 3
I don't eat biscuits, but I think that's average really.

No. 401626

Sorry, read the breakfast q in the wrong tone. Oh, her sugar crapfest is her SECOND (!) BREAKFAST (!)

No. 401629

Heheh yeah I meant I was just shocked at her ridiculous breakfasts

No. 401637

She doesn't get much fluids. Does she still drink black coffee like when she was spoopy? She's never been properly hydrated. That'll make her feel crap as well.

No. 401642

idkkkk i really think she's eating at least 1800-2400 kcals a day. she DID gain 22 kg (!) and the weight she's been stable at for months is very close to her natural weight pre ED. i honestly think this is basically her set point and if she would just eat a more balanced diet and exercise a little more, she'd look awesome and get back the same tone she had before her ED.

if she were restricting much she would definitely be losing, and if she were losing she would definitely be talking about it (see a couple of weeks ago when she claimed to have lost 2 kg on her first week of work even though apparently she then realized it was an anomaly or gained it back, since she's posted the same 1-1.5 kg underweight thing both before and after that day).

my guess is she does legit binge sometimes too and just doesn't post everything. i was looking back at the oldest threads trying to get the timeline right since she always exaggerates how long she's had an ED, and she posted about issues with binges in her first attempt at recovery. she's never purged but has had the restrict/binge cycle many anorexics have.

the proof is in her weight, she's eating enough right now whether she wants us to think it or not. if she weren't, she'd be losing.

No. 401643

I only used the food that she's posted a picture of, she definitely might be eating some more that she doesn't post on IG. I also don't post her liquids, like sometimes she'll have some wine that she didn't take a picture of and so I didn't put that. I was mainly focused on the crazy sugar intake lol

With no exercise & no muscles she probably doesn't burn very much anyways.

No. 401645

What're the chances she'll get diabeetus if she continues to eat sugar 4/27?

No. 401646

I'm interested to see how she will age. She doesn't look old yet, but she definitely looks quite haggard for her age.

No. 401647

Lack of hydration, maybe doesn't use moisturiser, smoker…not sure about genes because no clue how old Ma is. Her dad looks early 60s.

She can look really haggard, but without make up she can look 19.

No. 401653

if anyone cares, here's my research (!) into the timeline of her ED according to the first threads and her long-deleted posts:

-2013: healthy and p normal, at a natural bmi around 18-19. age 18.
-Winter 2014: developed anorexia and got to a bmi of 12
-May/June 2014: tried recovery and had issues with binges. gained weight to a BMI around 15
-Fall 2014: relapsed.
-Late 2014: opened her IG account, BMI around 12 again and pretending to be in recovery.
-Winter/Spring 2015: reached her famous BMI 10.6 (!) and quickly picked up followers, first lolcow thread. "real recovery" where she pretended to be eating a ton but was still losing.
-June 2015: deleted all her old posts and started REAL real recovering bc Ma was threatening hospital
-Summer-Fall 2015: a couple of very brief hospital stays for "bad bloods"
-early 2016: slowly gaining weight
-mid 2016: gets "run over" by a car, real weight gain starts
-winter 2016/2017: basically weight restored
-summer 2017: finally seems to realize she isn't anorexic anymore, becomes increasingly insane, starts black posts and sudoku threats

so approximately 1.5-2 years of anorexia (and fake recovery), which includes 6 months of legit recovery before a relapse. then "real" but very slow recovery for about 6 months, then legit recovery for a little over a year. she was super thin for about 1.5 or 2 years total.

at this point she has been (physically) recovered for longer than she was every (physically) ill.

No. 401661

i really thought she was gonna black out post today cus of her syndrome i guess that fish sandwich saved the day

No. 401692


Yay alybingo is back

No. 401703

File: 1507672025050.jpg (208.52 KB, 609x1199, IMG_2663.JPG)

um does her mom weigh her or something? and kek why is she apologizing for those things? she's so embarassing

No. 401705

File: 1507672245281.png (1.02 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171010-164837.png)

i think she was singing? idk what was going on

No. 401720

Who apologises for a pony tail

No. 401722

generally the more she apologizes for something the more normal/not hideous it is. ie her "crazy nights" are normal social nights for a woman her age, her "ugly hair" or "shit*y makeup" is always 10000x better than her usual look, etc. this is the best her hair has looked in like 2 years lol

No. 401723

samefag but this also makes it look like she's about to be plowed down by the car behind her. starting to understand how she got the plastered leg last year

No. 401728

haha she was walking thru a carpark

No. 401729

Stop pretending you have friends aly. I wonder if she'll see good ol bertie tomorrow

No. 401750

this makes me want to barf

No. 401756

File: 1507679518147.png (44.98 KB, 137x116, aly faces.png)

No. 401763

>Sorry for this 'new Aly'

Oh dear, she thinks that CAREFREEDOM about having a few drinks and eating with a ~coworker~ is a new improved EX anorexic Aly and it's great.

Unfortunately she doesn't see the train wreck she really has become.

>does it feel like this 'enjoying'?

What is she, a fucking robot?

She didn't catch anorexia til she was out of school. Didn't she do "normal life" then? Does she have amnesia.

If she sees Berto then she's going to get TRIGGERED.

Might be at the clinic tomorrow for weigh in. She kept that quiet. She'll still be 1.5kg underweight.

Might be some lulz later on, my darlings.

No. 401795

I think she deleted the part on her last post about getting weighed tomorrow. Am I wrong?

No. 401815

Good job, anon! I notice the likes she got on insta line up pretty perfectly with that part of your timeline.

2015- 1000ish likes.
2016- 800-900+ likes, pretty consistent
Beginning of 2017- 400+ likes
Summer 17- 300+/-
October 17- she's barely getting over 100.

Final observation, her family has stopped caring as much as her followers.
They were vey present earlier in her account and have now dwindled away.

No. 401824

no? tomorrows still weight in day

woah she was getting 1000 likes? no wonder it went to her head

No. 401830

oh I'm excited for bingo lol it's her day off and she's getting weighed. lemme predict black out and repost before most of us are even awake. I wonder if bert will come around too, hilarious how him moving was supposed to be a amazing and they've already fallen out

No. 401850

(anon who made the timeline, sorry for my OCDs (!) )

yes she got way more likes then and tons of comments, i think that's one reason she's so fixated on comments now. she used to delete anything negative (and random things too, like people asking what flavor something was), but she would still have 30-40 comments on many of her posts. we used to watch her comments go crazy during nighttime-in-Italy hours with people calling her out, whiteknighting, etc.

it was a different time. tear emoji

also worth noting, looking back through old threads reminded me HOW much she's changed. the first thread people were talking about how great her hair looked, lol. there were also envious comments about her food. she had friends, the restaurants she went to were nice, she would "eat" well-balanced meals, and she was attending uni. her clothes looked fine and her facial expressions were normal. farmers were assuming she was a "rich bitch".

she even did shit like arrange her cookies and tea on pretty placemats. it was super OCD but at least it was pretty, and what she does now is just as OCD but trashy af.

she also didn't post tons of photographs from the same shoot. she posted a lot, but maybe 5x a day (for each meal/snack/…prayer?) as opposed to the 13 she was doing this summer.

it was disturbing to see how much sloppier and crazier she's gotten. if i were an ana-chan and watched her whole transformation condensed to a 3-minute video, i would NEVER recover and not bc of the weight gain.

No. 401871

I know she wrote it, what post is it that mentioned the weigh in? I guess it doesn't matter. LoL

I look forward to bingo tomorrow

No. 401884

File: 1507708723791.png (1.28 MB, 640x1136, IMG_4774.PNG)

…Aly. You don't even need to weigh yourself stfu.

No. 401886

A flat surface normally helps
Dont want to gain that 1-1.5kg accidentally now!

No. 401892

>I weighed myself and found out I'm not 1.5kg underweight anymore, I better stop weighing myself so I can keep clinging to my recovery queen status!

No. 401909

It is really a quick rise to "fame"and even quicker fall. I think if she had really owned her recovery, instead of flopping around with highs and ridiculous lows, she could've maintained her followers.

Wish I knew about the farm in her 'hay' day. Lol

No. 401927

File: 1507726916950.jpg (337.15 KB, 1080x1835, Screenshot_20171011-150020_1.j…)

She just reposted this without saying she is reposting

No. 401934

File: 1507727834676.jpg (1.15 MB, 810x2769, Screenshot_20171011-081348.jpg)

guys should i weight myself i dont care if i weight myself i dont care what my weight is what if i weight myself my weight doesnt stop my recovery im still anorexic no weight can tell me that im not oh also i had a hotdog

No. 401944

She's gonna go to a check up and they will tell her that she's at an adequate weight and she'll have a breakdown and black-post to show everyone how not recovered she is.

Ugh her whole family must hate her. I'm glad ma seems to enable her less and less. They really need to straight up kick her out of the house.

No. 401961

I think she's already reached a healthy weight, she is thin but then she was thin before her ed and tbh even if she's not she keeps going on about that kg but thats only like 2 pounds, do you notice a 2 pound difference on someone?

No. 401966


No. 401986

She actually reposted this 5 times…

No. 401987

File: 1507734601991.jpg (166.72 KB, 1373x1940, Screenshot_20171011-090625.jpg)

Ok, bingo time, we got:
Black out post(pic related from today)
Thigh high socks
Eat me and go
Back post back
Cookie breakfast

No. 401994

What help does she want? Fashion advisor? Hair advice?

No. 401997

File: 1507735127432.jpg (586.84 KB, 1252x1421, IMG_20171011_091720.jpg)

Am I missing anything?

No. 402000

cant believe people are commenting on this post she clearly said on back post guys

No. 402005

she done a (!) and a soon too

No. 402006

wow this bingo card is filling up fast lmfao

i think you missed FUC*ING and a (?!)

No. 402010

File: 1507736015539.jpg (657.66 KB, 810x1232, Screenshot_20171011-103216.jpg)

she was left alone! how could you leave her girls how could you

No. 402015

Aly is destroying my life. I can't participate in Aly Bingo because she hasn't let me follow her. I will delete my account here. THANKS A LOT ALY.

No. 402017

She's done a ? soon

No. 402019

five? that's crazy even by aly standards!

No. 402023

I made this a few days agp that I think you might enjoy ~ >>399702

what a stupid little manipulative waste of space. how does the bitch have people who still give her support? imagine looking up to a girl (and being some v sensitive and v young mentally ill girl commenting on this bitch's profile only to have her be all "No one cares about me I just asked for help and there was no one" Remember lousrecovery and how she was actually devastated over the fact Aly ignored her 24/7?

like bitch stop crying wolf and guilt tripping everyone. This absolute cunt is the reason many people dont take suicide threats and extreme emotions seriously. Just fucking "give up with recovery" already ffs

No. 402024

File: 1507736935465.jpg (1.14 MB, 809x2613, Screenshot_20171011-104555.jpg)

why does she ask for advice about decisions shes already made? like do you think its good to go get my pap done girls? hoping in your replies

No. 402025


No. 402028

File: 1507737365622.jpg (375.66 KB, 1021x888, Screenshot_20171011-105421.jpg)

No. 402029

>gynecologist (!)

>making a mental step forward through HOT DOGS

this is her entire "journey" in a nutshell. for 2.5 years now she's been blathering on about RECOVERY (!) but it's always entirely about food or some superficial platitude that she clearly doesn't even believe (like "i love my cellulitis" or w/e). it's like she learned these two lines, junk food and fake positivity, way back at the beginning and has just been parroting them for years with no attempts to push through to legitimate psychological recovery.

how the fuck is a hot dog a "mental step forward" anyway? she's been scarfing junk food for a year now and has the 22 kg (!) to prove it. tbh eating a well-balanced meal instead of fast-food crap would be a much bigger step, let alone something like, idk, developing a personality

No. 402030

right(!) its like when shes proud of eating fried food and makes a big deal about it when she eats it everyday. ya a balanced meal would be a recovery win for her, she still thinks that junk food = recovered

No. 402031

Is this bitch incapable of just CLOSING HER EYES while getting weighed?

No. 402033

How does she know she's still underweight? Wow a couple of pounds. Harsh.

No. 402034

(a) probably not, have you seen the size of her giant crazy eyes?
(b) of course this isn't actually about recovery, where a normal person would def close their eyes or be weighed backwards, etc. our recoveryqueer desperately wants to know her weight bc she needs to still be 1-1.5 kg underweight so she can tell herself/her followers that she's still sick. but she suspects she isn't anymore and she knows that if she finds out she's now at a "healthy weight" she's going to lose her fucking shit.
so she needs to know she's still underweight but she needs to NOT know if she's no longer underweight. poor aly, what a dilemma

No. 402052

ikr like your weight fluctuates more than that daily
when she actually sees that shes a normal weight itll be like "im so close to being underweight again gosh im scared" or she'll pretend shes happy about it and then have the mother of all meltdowns

No. 402063

She deleted her most recent post so expect a repost because of haters for bingo

No. 402067

File: 1507740409409.png (1.54 MB, 640x1136, IMG_4775.PNG)

I think this is the worst I've ever seen her makeup. What the fuck is she doing with her eyeliner?

No. 402068

Soon it'll join up with her eyebrow for an even greater clown effect.

No. 402071

File: 1507740753201.jpg (1.1 MB, 810x2545, Screenshot_20171011-115120.jpg)

ok aly

No. 402073

hopefully she never gets her period so she can't reproduce

No. 402086

Maybe her period is just fed up with her and doesn't want to go back.

No. 402102

File: 1507743168881.jpg (213.43 KB, 915x581, Skelly Christmas.jpg)

#TB (!) ???

No. 402104

File: 1507743179175.png (1.62 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171011-123208.png)


No. 402107

File: 1507743277454.jpg (534.57 KB, 810x1227, Screenshot_20171011-123358.jpg)

No. 402116

File: 1507743809127.gif (189.69 KB, 250x186, tumblr_n4kkc6kkw41r1f7sio1_250…)

No. 402117

did she delete this? no wait did ig delete this?

No. 402144

Berto's going to look like Pavarotti soon if she keeps feeding him crap on top of his usual daily intake.

No. 402161

File: 1507749490535.jpg (1.15 MB, 810x2793, Screenshot_20171011-141551.jpg)

no one said you were fat
1 girl said maybe dont always eat fast food that was it
and you lose followers cus you treat them like shit

No. 402166

>I know I seem a normal girl

No. 402175

There's a donut emoji for the bingo.

No. 402179

File: 1507752288875.jpg (684.82 KB, 1021x1506, Screenshot_20171011-150319.jpg)

how is there more news!

No. 402180

another one for bingo! lmfao can any anons post an updated card?

No. 402184

She's eating Ma's birthday chocolates? Jesus.

No. 402187

File: 1507753184630.png (1.43 MB, 1252x1421, image.png)

Not sure if I got everything

No. 402190

File: 1507753381197.jpg (1.23 MB, 810x2873, Screenshot_20171011-152141.jpg)

she reposted this

No. 402214

File: 1507755080511.jpg (620.26 KB, 1199x1364, IMG_20171011_144910.jpg)

Dante is the free space right?
I think we have a BINGO!

No. 402215

yay! (claps) it seems that Aly's "rest day"'s are so funny in here.

No. 402217

File: 1507756046435.gif (594.72 KB, 500x280, hearts.gif)

If only spotting Dante had been achieved. If only…

No. 402224

I'd love a bingo card for a work day hint

If I was in a girl band I'd call it "girls on diets" as tribute to our recovery queer.

She kind of implied still underweight and if anyone still cares, but good game of Bingo that was.

No. 402227

File: 1507756915974.jpg (545.28 KB, 1031x1313, Screenshot_20171011-161909.jpg)

i love how this crazy ass person has got aly all wrong like how can these people think shes a good person when she just manipulates people for attention

No. 402233

Proud that she's getting her cervix checked out? That's what females usually do. It's not like she's going to have any problem getting the speculum up there.

I hate all the u. Is she Prince? Makes me thing it's a sock puppet for dogsnpos.

No. 402243

File: 1507758686064.jpg (354.76 KB, 1056x1271, Screenshot_20171011-164820.jpg)

I feel like this might be too easy lol

No. 402263

lol at "gets the day wrong"

No. 402299

Yay! Thanks, anon.

Only dogsnpos comments will be interesting.

Has Aly actually added any farmers since she went private again? I'm still waiting. It kills me not to see it all happen live, but it's saving my phone battery so pros/cons.

No. 402303

I just went to youtube for viewing pleasure and this was suggested to me.
I'm posting it here so that if any lurking ig "friends", Berto or Aly herself is watching this advice will help her:

-unexpected periods (when it comes back although she said it already had, then it hadn't)
-camel toe prevention
-gentle hair waves
-blocking knitwear when it's too tight

No. 402326

File: 1507769588043.png (1.79 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20171011-181346.png)

this didn't get posted yet.

I hate how she acts fine, "I deserve it!" then in tiny font says "help?"

help with what you dumb bitch?!

No. 402328

I hate how she does that coded system thing which tells you what to read and when. Like, fuck off.

She won't improve. She is definitely going downhill. You only have to look at her.

Ty for posting. I miss all the irrelevant posts yet hated them when they were in my feed. Help?

No. 402333

File: 1507771831966.jpg (240.96 KB, 1008x643, Screenshot_20171011-202018.jpg)

what were those posts even about? like she drags things out ridiculously

part 1: shes going to see her therapist
part 2: she hasnt seen him already cus ppl said she looks like shes lost weight (um except she doesnt??) and she was afraid he'd say quit your job

why can't she just fuc*ing work and eat a bit more and get her shit together

and im just reposting this word salad because its just so histrionic hoping in your replies

No. 402335

So basically she asks for advice and for opinions, but it's only she who will decide what to do.

>Am I mad?

Next question …

No. 402377

She wants to be told she's too sick to work because she worked for a day and realized that she doesn't like it when people tell her to do things and don't treat her like she's a fragile princess.

No. 402382

i think she'll stay at her job, i think shes actually does like it, unless the drinks w coworkers are her mum and when she didn't work she was bored and lonely hence 15 posts a day but she just wants to say ohh everyone says im losing weight and looking thinner, which she isnt, so she can look even better when she overcomes it, and like her therapist isnt gonna say oh losing weight from being active at work? best quit(!) to gain that 2 pounds, cus like youre always gonna be on your feet in that kinda job. just eat more if youre losing weight you dumb bitch

No. 402390

File: 1507783597601.jpg (178.21 KB, 1344x451, Screenshot_20171011-224343.jpg)

I hate her so much…yes, you look recovered…and it's not an insult.

No. 402405

it might have been autofill? happened to me once on 4ch but then again I saw it before posting

No. 402419

She's really a two-legged internet-equipped triggered.
I want to punch her for "Do I really look recovered and that's why I keep losing followers".
She should be happy for being recovered, she could even stop eating shitty food for gaining weight quickly which is definitely shit when recovering.
But no, her top priority is her Instagram fame. I hate her "into pieces".

No. 402420

trigger, not triggered.

No. 402423

File: 1507796030339.png (890.58 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171012-101151.png)

No. 402424

File: 1507796048482.png (958.3 KB, 720x942, 20171012_101232.png)

No. 402425

File: 1507796062393.png (205.9 KB, 720x1152, 20171012_101311.png)

No. 402426

File: 1507796073723.png (131.88 KB, 720x695, 20171012_101326.png)

No. 402428

File: 1507796086768.png (648.17 KB, 720x1033, 20171012_101250.png)

No. 402429

Yeah, she accepted my request after she went private, but it took like 1 or 2 weeks

No. 402440

I want her to define ~panic attack ~ Hers sound unlike panic attacks.

If a woman is fine with her dark facial hair that's fine. Just sayin'

No. 402441

File: 1507801534665.png (221.87 KB, 191x296, MarioSMBW.png)

No. 402453

File: 1507805796763.jpeg (173.01 KB, 1354x1528, image.jpeg)

good morning aly

No. 402456

She keeps deleting and reposting her personal updates (3 to 5 times ) and it's driving me crazy (!)

No. 402460


Doesn't everyone duckface smile, take selfies and post to instagram in the midst of a panic attack?

No. 402462

It'll say she was strong and didn't go home at midday.

And have a leisurely second breakfast (!) while it's happening.

No. 402463

File: 1507806972555.png (1.5 MB, 720x1146, 20171012_131508.png)

Clicking on her geotag never fails to amaze me. Jfc

No. 402465

An oreo brownie and chocolate cookies do not make a healthy breakfast! She wants to be sick so bad again. I feel sick seeing her stick her tongue out now in every photo. It looks like she is trying to bite it off…

No. 402476

File: 1507811284835.jpg (297.42 KB, 1080x1352, Screenshot_20171012-142645_1.j…)

She is the new dogsandpos

No. 402485

Can someone ask her if she's aware that tags are useless on a private account?
Just to see if she stops or switches back to public cause audience

No. 402488

Someone did recently. She hasn't changed anything

No. 402489

File: 1507816161021.jpg (543.94 KB, 2896x2896, 20171012_074804.jpg)

Instead of days, she can't tell time now.

No. 402503

File: 1507818832654.jpg (959.75 KB, 810x2429, Screenshot_20171012-093217.jpg)

>comment so i can eat

No. 402521

Sounds like Berto's skint/not willing to indulge in her expensive eating habits if he's taking his own sammiches.

No. 402534

shes going in late again? lol how hard is it to get to work for 13am

i'm pretty sure shes just saying that cus people have said to take in a packed lunch

love how all of her followers now are either idiots or farmers pretending to care lol

No. 402548

Do you think there will come a day when aly real recovers~ or will she just become a munchie or something?

>girls they said i have something called ehlers danlos does anyone else suffer of this? let me know in your opinions

No. 402553

File: 1507827819193.jpg (551.81 KB, 1353x1533, IMG_20171012_110129.jpg)

there's more, if you want to count some on technicalities lol

No. 402556

File: 1507828255078.png (2.45 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171012-110543.png)

Who is she telling to fuck off?? Just all of her followers in general?

No. 402563

she never wears her crazy eyeliner at work. they must've told her during her interview that she couldn't look like a fucking loon. interesting that she never shared that story, makes me doubt even more the bullshit about the brend that was trying to enforce its sexist dress codes.

so many anas do become spoonies, but with aly i somehow can't see it? for one thing she seems really dumb and medically too ignorant to even be aware of a lot of chronic illnesses let alone fake them, she doesn't even seem to have any medical understanding of anorexia. plus her primary pathology really seems to be wanting attention and wanting to feel wanted/sexy/desirable. i bet she'll cling to the ED as long as possible, while also clinging hard to her ~sexuality~ and a series of shitty relationships. she'll be one of those women who's pushing 50 and still wearing clown makeup, out of date hair, and super short skirts to formal events, and flirting shamelessly with the teenage waiter in front of her bored middle aged husband who only keeps her around bc doesn't want to be fucked with divorce paperwork and is having an affair with his secretary anyway

No. 402565

lol You don't think that will be Berto? I could see it being Berto…

No. 402572

File: 1507830767215.jpg (1.13 MB, 810x2601, Screenshot_20171012-125050.jpg)

i really hate "little big wins" you might as well say little wins aly it means the same thing!

No. 402573

File: 1507830859077.jpg (118.49 KB, 792x591, future aly.jpg)

I want to cut her pinkie fingers off with bolt cutters.

I took a ride in my time machine. Here is future Aly, still a hot blondie.

No. 402574

She posted this 3 times as well by the way. Her constant posting-and-deleting-game makes me rage

No. 402603

File: 1507836306339.jpg (1.17 MB, 1044x1674, Screenshot_20171012-142305.jpg)

4 real

No. 402605

>>#throwback toungue chocolate donut emoji

What's she been doing, sounds like she's been licking Bert's asshole or something

No. 402612

we should add tongue to the bingo lol

No. 402643

So today all shes had is a cookie, a oreo brownie that looked like petrified shit and a snickers?

No. 402661

Anon but that Oreo (!) brownie is 310 calories!!!

No. 402664

I could be wrong, but doesn't she eat a magnum like every day?
Because she just posted one and said she had it today, but I felt like I've seen the picture before, so I checked her feed and realized there are hardly any pics of magnums anymore..

No. 402676

File: 1507841596707.png (303.64 KB, 750x1092, IMG_2730.PNG)

Yup, that happened!

No. 402680

if anything shes one of those coworkers who stands behind the till all day looking bored and putting through sales that others had to the grunt work on the floor

No. 402685

File: 1507842476034.jpg (602.48 KB, 1353x1533, IMG_20171012_150246.jpg)

I don't think a bingo will happen today.

No. 402689

I've never worked in retail so can someone who has shed some light on this: do you actually get congratulated for "selling" items?? Do workers actually have a big influence in what customers buy? Cuz when I go into a shop to buy clothes, I buy if I want a shirt, not cuz a worker is being all friendly and asking if they can help me out. I get asked by the cashier if anyone helped me out sure, but they didn't "sell" me anything.. How is she a "top seller", she's not working as a sales representative who gets commission. idgi

No. 402690

ahah 2nd place in the top 3 sellers out of all the shops out of 15 people. what even is that and yeah sure aly, arriving late everyday and hiding in the bathroom and youre one of the best sellers and if all those girls are coming in to see you wouldnt one of them be in the comments

No. 402694

yeah i work in not quite high end retail and we have daily and weekly goals, and pushing and customer service really really makes a difference to sales, all the better if the customer can't tell we're doing it. but in aly's case i'm sure she just rang stuff up on the till more than anyone else tbh. its not hard in shit shops

No. 402695

and that girls name? Albert Einstein

No. 402698

File: 1507843841507.png (316.58 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-10-12-14-29-28…)

Lol fenceology. Will this get her blocked? We will see.

No. 402699

I think they survive cus aly doesn't really read the comments, just scans for hate

No. 402700

Fenceology is good at this. We know they're taking the piss, but that comment would sound real to Aly. I bet Aly only sees the praise and it blinds her to sarcasm.

She had a good-ish day. That means … Eeeeeeeeee … Breakdown tomorrow!!!

No. 402705

fenceology may or may not have been sent DMs of thank yous and appreciation by Aly for some really obviously ridiculous comments.. ahem… lol

Aly always takes them so seriously it's great

No. 402707

Maybe not early, cause ever when she has a good day, the following day nobody cares about her posi-vibes (!) so maybe she won't be able to eat lunch and BY NIGHT she'll breakdown "do I still deserve your support, girls?"

No. 402714

If that happened then I would personally give fenceology a free donnie and fap if we ever met.

No. 402715

File: 1507845200848.jpg (410.4 KB, 2048x2048, DF20B0C7-8CB8-46CE-9DEB-BBAC93…)

No. 402723

I'm in love with you ❤

No. 402726

you're doing god's work! but also, this makes me think aly has a few generic thank-you messages like this that she copy pastes to people who wrote out long supportive comments. what she wrote here actually isn't specific to the comment at all, it's about the community instead and could apply to practically anything.

makes me want to create a fake account to test this theory lol. any other farmers receive this exact same message from aly, or other stock-messages like this?

No. 402727

Nope, but I could try
Didn't dare to comment since she already blocked 4 accounts of mine

No. 402739

If she ever lets me follow her I'm going to be an ass kisser, so I'll try it. It makes me feel ill to think I'll have to pay Aly compliments even though I don't even mean them.

No. 402744

yeah ive been giving her slightly nice comments but theyre kinda passive aggressive lol i just hate her so much idk if i can do it haha

No. 402756

This is okay but

Just my opinion but I don't like when farmers leave totally nice messages. She spergs out and reposts when she gets none at all. It's funnier to me when she gets none. It's like instagram comments and likes are her lifeblood.

No. 402777

fenceology type comments are a lot more funnier than no comments imo

No. 402788

Aly can't always be spergin out or it'll lose it's worth. I agree about comments like fence's. It's like an in-joke that only we know about. I love the thought of a dozen or so farmers smirking when they read a comment because we know it's one of us.

No. 402791

I agree w this 100% if she never got comments she'd eventually delete for real #teamfence

No. 402803


I get what you're saying. However, we all know that she always want MORE and is never thankful or happy with what she does have. Soon farmers comments will be just as unimportant to her as dogs is…

No. 402808

File: 1507859982866.png (50.53 KB, 480x854, Screenshot_2017-10-12-20-57-29…)

Ehile ago i commented one of her pics and she DM' me with exactly the same message! I hate her, is the worst (!)

No. 402809

yeah, fuck her for saying something nice to you, how dare she

like what

No. 402811

I think anon doesn't like how her messages are all copypasta. Not personalised in any way.

No. 402812

No frickin way!!! I'm the one who got the other one. What is her thought process here? "I dont care about anyone enough to send a message so I'll just send everyone this generic copy and paste! They'll never find out and I'll continue getting asspats! Haha!!"

to be fair we're already unimportant, she ignores everyone (or as now proven sends everyone some copypasta)

No. 402813

read everything above, dont just mindlessly reply… she copied and pasted that message to people

No. 402817

She says some (herself probably) sent hate saying she shouldn't act like a star but sending a generic comment like that's like an actor sending photocopied autographs to fans. She's fucked enough to think that getting a few words from her is going to make someone love her more.

No. 402820

haha yeah she obviously doesn't care about her followers so ofc she'd send some stock reply out oh but switch out a monkey for a heart or w/e

i always wonder did her and jasmin elizabeth fall out? like that crazy bitch also used to comment and now shes gone also aly still follows lous recovery so i think she hasnt even noticed that girl left her cus she treated her like trash

it really irriates me how little aly cares for the people that follow her

No. 402823

Same anon. I don't believe she's fooling her followers that beyond, one thing is guilt tripping and other is copy/paste and let's call it "social anxiety" that's the reason shes now alone (w/only ma and fatberto). Even when she was skelly she had friends and saw her "sister" more often. Now is she with herself. She NEEDS to relapse, for her wellbeing cause she can't handle recovery with her mind kms far from her body.
Don't know if in this rage attack i'd use my english correctly… agh!

No. 402826

File: 1507861207622.gif (1.07 MB, 245x300, Zombie-fingers.gif)

To Aly followers are just fingers for her to abuse when she has another bad day. Their dumb comments (!)

That Jasmine girl isn't even on Aly's friend list on fb. It's easy to spot her friends from ig because they're all spoopy.

No. 402827

I hope when she relapses they dig around her mind more and discover she's got all those other issues going on. (Don't worry about English. I make more typo errors than non native English speakers make mistakes here).

No. 402829

Actually I follow jasmin elizabeth and she's a nice person, not that crazy. But she's all fucked up, not in a bad way I mean, ED is tricking her bad and I guess that's the reason she followed Aly like a role model or sort of… If Aly dumped or ignored Jasmin, she don't deserve anything but becoming obese, diabetic and lonely for the rest of her life (but with donnies).

No. 402832

i dont think a relapse would necessarily correct her thinking like if she spooped out again she would probably be there for a long time like at a normal weight she has a better chance at a real recovery but i think alys issues are with the reason why she developed an ed in the beginning you know, which i think is some kind of personality disorder

No. 402833

maybe i'll follow her and ask, its not that important rly i just remember her talking about her in stories saying like "getting a coffee with my friend" (online obvs) and jasmin asking if she could call her and now nothin

No. 402834

Yep, so I think I must correct that, maybe not relapse but a break or stteping back a little, cause her mind is trashed but she's almost on healthy weight and THAT is what's making her crazy AF (!)

No. 402836

Btw guys, she's exactly now 48.2k followers…
You know what that means?
Break down tomorrow and accepting some of your requests

No. 402837

is tomorrow her rest day?

No. 402841

If she has a PD (ahem histrionic ahem) recovery is gonna be much much much harder for her to even attain, practically impossible with the mindset she has now.

But i strongly believe if she is to ever even have a slight chance of true recovery from all her problems, she neeeeds to hit a very low rock bottom. Maybe not even ED related, maybe she needs something like a severe existential crisis. Not wishing this upon her but she I really think she needs to experience something very traumatic to want to change

No. 402849

> she needs to experience something very traumatic to want to change

But…but she has traumas all the time. Don't belittle her being told off at work or almost getting drunk and almost drunk posting on ig!

Idk. Hopefully THIS will happen >>402836 and I get to stay updated. Wish me luck, my darling girls.

No. 402862

File: 1507866524188.jpg (17.78 KB, 275x263, 1492040413914.jpg)

No. 402876

File: 1507868747204.gif (427.52 KB, 250x300, niiiiiiiice.gif)

No. 402900

Her face has definitely slimmed down some. It really bloated up for a while. It's still round but more obvious proof she's recovered. Even tho she for some reason doesn't want to believe that herself.

No. 402914


Is 51k the highest number she has ever reached?

No. 402917

I'm pretty sure she thinks "recovery means "fat"
I do have a bit of sympathy for this girl, but not in the sense that I wish to satisfy her need for attention

No. 402928

There's a psychological mechanism that makes people seek a reward more the more unpredictably and/or seldomly the reward is bestowed. Someone made an experiment with pigeons where they were given some automated treat box that would dispense rewards and the one that didn't give a reward exactly every time it was pressed by them but was more unpredictable in delivering actually had a low rate of extinction of the behaviour (pressing the button).

>(D) Variable Ratio Reinforcement

>Behavior is reinforced after an unpredictable number of times. For examples gambling or fishing.
>(E) Variable Interval Reinforcement
>Providing one correct response has been made, reinforcement is given after an unpredictable amount of time has passed, e.g., on average every 5 minutes. An example is a self-employed person being paid at unpredictable times.

>Response rate is FAST

>Extinction rate is SLOW

Never giving her comments would lead to her extinguishing her account after a set amount of time (where she'd taught that her behaviour doesn't lead to the result that she wants), giving her comments every time without fail would weirdly achieve that sooner than fenceology's behaviour as well.

Ironically, if fenceology gives her comments every now and then but not always, they are behaving in the way that is likely to guarantee the longest life for Aly's account and thus for a more protracted moronic behaviour on her part for you to witness. If Aly receives a variable amount of comments, not every time she asks for them, she's much more likely to stay addicted to asking for them.

No. 402931

I'll only comment if she's already got some comments. And probably mostly under her food posts, I know she hates getting more attention for those than for her personal posts

No. 402957

But Aly isn't a pigeon.

No. 402977

Yeah, she's much dumber

No. 402979

File: 1507901616401.png (321.09 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-10-13-06-32-40…)

Skip your damn lunch and get to work!

No. 402980

Also the sugar and energy drinks are a great choice if you don't want to faint. This girl knows nothing of nutrition.

No. 402981

has she never worked before?
>has anyone had to skip lunch cus theyre busy?
uh yeah, also love how the pic for this post is her at the pool totally has to do w the post

No. 402994

File: 1507903581555.png (1.8 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171013-090415.png)

anyone fancy a breakdown today?

No. 402999

her lunch break is practically a Hollywood production with outfit changes and pics, and probably screeching at her mother.

No. 403002

Okay, I know she's a recovering ana and needs to not fall into old patterns BUT in the real world, especially when at work, it's NORMAL to have to skip lunch or scarf something inadequate in a few minutes. This bitch thinks she deserves to be wrapped in cotton wool for the rest of her life.

Ooooo, yes please.

No. 403012

That shit looks poisonous

No. 403016

wooo she liked the comment!

meh, don't sympathize for her. She's so immersed in her own ego, she guilt trips people for attention and threatens to kill herself due to "no comments", doesn't help anyone, she makes people who care about her feel like shit, remember how she made her uncle's death all about her? Sympathize for her family and loved ones, not for her.

This isn't just some poor girl suffering from an ED. I'm sure she actually thinks extremely highly of herself, and that all her body image issues are based on her worrying about what people think of her. EDs are VERY commonly co-occuring with histrionic trails, since those who love attention are obsessed with their appearance. It sucks that she was born with that brain, but people have recovered from issues as severe as this, Aly blames everything, including her abusive behavior (ie. if she acted like she does on IG with her boy, she's 100% abusive) on her eating disorder. She needs to put in a lot of extra work to change, but she's putting in zero, and that's on her.

No. 403022

ikr and shes so needlessly dramatic about it idk anyone who makes a fuss like her "I only get 30 minutes for lunch!!" some people only get that

sometimes I think is she saying this for attention (yes) or is she just this dense (also yes) because they must have told her its "sales day" before today, so a normal person who wanted to recover would think ok I'll have to eat a bigger breakfast and bring a protein shake or something but alys like oh noes should I just skip lunch altogether??? commemt so I can be able to eat, shes not even trying

No. 403036

So boring in these days. She's getting all the comments she wants so probably there won't be a breakdown

No. 403037

Um no offense but it literally takes like 2 minutes to buy something to eat and scarf it down when you're in a rush. Bitch probably just has no time to take 90 pictures of her lunch so may as well not eat it

No. 403043

Just bring some cold rice in a box at work and eat it between things. It's not like you can't just eat in instalments if you're particularly busy. Or if she can buy one of those premade sandwiches you find in supermarkets, I found I can eat one in a few seconds, 'cause I'm apparently an alien.

No. 403044

she could but she doesnt want to
let her starve if she wants

No. 403046

File: 1507909462754.jpg (6.42 KB, 270x45, really.jpg)

wow, she really thinks Aly cares.

No. 403048

But if she skips lunch she's going to have the WORST faint EVER #2 (!) Show some empathy for those who suffer of terrible faints after decreasing their daily intake by a couple hundred calories every once in a blue moon.

No. 403054

i think she reached 52k early last spring and then started dropping from there, but i could be wrong. it was never higher than 50k. she also didn't start losing followers significantly until this summer (i want to say late june or july), which was right around the time she started regularly posting black outs and being super negative and then deleting the evidence and going back to the posi-vibes. also around when she started begging for comments. then it's all just been a negative feedback loop since then

No. 403066

File: 1507911860631.jpg (115.72 KB, 888x578, Screenshot_20171013-112118.jpg)

heres a graph from social blade with some fun correlation

No. 403067

lol i don't even think she wants to skip lunch tbh. she knows she can eat more quickly and she clearly doesn't mind taking unapproved breaks. she just mines any possible opportunity to victimize herself and beg for support.

No. 403068

samefag sorry but what the fuck is actually wrong with dogsandpos? not even trying to be a bitch but she seems like she has developmental delays or something. she's like 25 and besides ass kissing aly for months with no response, her own posts are weird af and her thinking/reasoning feels really off, and not just in a "lost in translation" way.

No. 403071

i hate when dogs writes "it" as "iT" why capitalise the t? i read a post of hers saying she was in a bad car wreck and had seizures so maybe it fuc*ed with her head that or shes just an idiot who thinks food rhymes with good

No. 403083

this is great!!!!

Follower count is following a nice negative parabola, she should be at ZERO followers in Jan 2019

Her following count hasnt budged since she basically restored her weight. if she was really recovering you'd think she'd follow more people for inspiration, but nope. ~~she's her own inspiration~~ and what happened in sept 2016, why did she suddenly start follow 50 people then unfollow them all again?

Top kek at the daily image uploads. she deleted so many posts constantly when she was slowly starting to gain and then when she started getting really insane feb/march 2017, she deleted a bunch of photos (probably too ashamed of how "fat" she's gotten that she doesn't want people to see her snoopy pics) and it seems to be increasing at 200 posts a month…. tf I don't even take 200 pictures on my phone in 6 months let alone even consider posting 200.

No. 403097

File: 1507916186794.jpg (542.86 KB, 810x1174, Screenshot_20171013-123455.jpg)

lemme guess she was the best seller even better than The Men and her boss said shes amazing and she ate all her snacks cus she deserves recovery

No. 403099

File: 1507916234196.png (89.22 KB, 750x676, IMG_2760.PNG)

please tell me that vegan is a farmer

and kek fenceology. #teamfence

No. 403102

File: 1507916609114.jpg (1.16 MB, 810x2686, Screenshot_20171013-124228.jpg)

she needs opinions on something she already did

No. 403105


Wtf the fact that her boss gave her an hour break seems a great lie. She says she had an ice cream during the break so why the story is from like 15 mins ago? (She has finished worked) and knowing her she would have used this hour for making new stories/post and all the story she tells in general sounds pretty unbelievable.

No. 403106

She told her boss she's still underweight. Lol.

No. 403107

>i DESERVE an hour break because im 2 pounds UNDERWEIGHT
yeah i dont believe she gave her a longer break like they already had a half hour? is that not long enough to walk to eat me and go its 5 minutes away??? and saying that her coworker would say lets skip lunch sounds fake too, why would they not want lunch? oh let me guess its the diet girl who eats chicken nuggets

No. 403111

remember when she made a big deal about her coworker eating ice cream for lunch? But now we're supposed to pat Aly on the back for eating ice cream for lunch?

No. 403112


I guess she had a normal day at work so she made up everything so she could to tell a story and ask for comments, also she went to buy an icecream and made a story to "prove" she had that (fake) break. She is always able to get more pathetic every single day

No. 403113

File: 1507918235512.png (2.46 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171013-120810.png)

What she passed through? Getting an hour for lunch? Oh no, poor thing…

No. 403114

Forgot to say she went buying the icecream once out of work 20 mins ago

No. 403116

is she trying to look sad while eating her ice cream? lol

No. 403118

lmao i think so
>oh my god guys i did it! i managed to get an hours break ? and get 400 calories worth of ice cream

it doesnt even make sense like she says she needed an hours break to go get an ice cream when shes also says she ate a sandwich she brought from home, so why would she even need an ice cream! like of all the things you could eat

No. 403119

Is she stupid? Stories on ig are real time not past events. 30 mins is standard lunch break, princess not-so-spoopy casati obviously not cut out for the real world

No. 403120

At 22 tens of thousands of young people have had to fight homelessness, deal with debt, eviction, and other social injustices. Aly behaves like she's single handedly eradicated global genocides by (she says) getting a longer break at work. Yes, I'm shaking my fuck*ing head.

No. 403124


She messed up the days again wow

No. 403125

1) This is so fucking pathetic, she told her boss she's underweight and needs a longer break because of that? I wish i was her boss so I could be like "You look fine to me, go back to work". She needs to seem soooo fraile and dainty.

2) Bet none of this even happened. She probably misunderstood from the start about her hours (like didn't she say she gets a 1 hour break when she started?) and today as like "Do I get 1 hour or 30 mins of lunch" and boss was like "1 hour" and Aly was like "RECOVERY WIN!! so proud of me ?!"

3) kek I CALLED IT: she almost fainted

4) How do you NOT HAVE TIME (like 1 minute holy shit) to eat a sandwhich? Who cares if the store is busy, switch your swift and go on your mandatory break you moron, then put it in your fucking mouth and CHEW

No. 403143

No. 403177

File: 1507929427678.jpg (1.16 MB, 810x2597, Screenshot_20171013-161516.jpg)

why is she trying to ssy that her coworkers dont eat? if one really did say lets skip lunch it was probably because they were so busy but i even doubt

No. 403179

ugh i meant to say i even doubt that

No. 403181

you're telling me she watches all of her coworkers 24/7 just to see if they're eating or not? wtffff lol. and she's "weak" for asking for a lunch break, how stupid can she be? she's like a 12 y/o, she's so utterly clueless about the real world, in she unaware that the entire world gets a lunch break?

No. 403184

File: 1507930039257.png (1.89 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171013-162554.png)


No. 403187

this is really starting to bug me…every fucking day…help with what?! WITH WHHHAAAT??

This doesn't make sense…"Im scared but happy"…that should be the end.

No. 403188

what i dont get is that she already had a half hour, she just asked for an extra half hour so she could go get an ice cream BUT none of that really happened cus she got the ice cream after work lol so her big recovery win didnt even happen

No. 403201

Scared of what? Did I miss something?

No. 403204

actually she had an hour from the start, one of her first posts about her job mentioned an hour break (90% sure)

No. 403205

i meant today she had a half hour cus it was "sales day", usually its an hour ya

No. 403209

Probably why she left work early for ice cream

No. 403279

Well, I dunno about Italy, but in Canada employers are legally obligated to allow 1 hour total of break time for every 8 hours worked. I assume the US has something similar and that's what the commenter is referring to.

No. 403289

Apparently only 10 mins for every 6 hours? srsly? did I read that right? Also Aly works more than 40 hours a week so she's working overtime?


No. 403291

samefag but here it says max hours is 48 and Aly works more than that if she's doing 10 or 11 a day for 5 days?


No. 403361

She only works 8 hours, 12 hour days include getting train in and back,her lunch hour, any jobs shes out and about for

No. 403376

she does not work more than 8 hour days.

yes, 10 min for 6 hour shift. Longer than 8 hours they have to give you a lunch. that's how it was for me at 7eleven in the US.
that's one 10min break every 2 hours, then you go home.

Forgive me for personal crap. When I was an assembly worker, it was 15 min break, every 2 hours, with only a 30 min lunch. AND we had a target assembly quota we had to meet, and if we didn't reach it, we had to give an explanation, even if it was bullshit. 12.5 hour shifts Thur-Sunday. Fuck Aly.

No. 403377

In UK its 30 mins every 6 hours for adults, more for minors but employers dont have to give it in a solid block although most do

No. 403378

yES!!!! Accepted my friend request! Back in the game

No. 403379

what is that, like 30 min after 3 hours?

No. 403381

File: 1507962149790.png (151.11 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171014-072112.png)

No. 403382

Lucky for you guys under 18yrs…
so you work 4.5 hours, then 30 min break…then just 1hr? lol

No. 403385

samefag…..Aly is over 20 yrs old btw, I know it's hard to believe…

No. 403388

And she makes out shes entitled to more, but 30 mins is more than enough for food and drink. Especially if you dont spend an hour posing for chip pics and buying donnies. Shes going insane

No. 403393

she is awake now btw…she just liked one of my comments.

No. 403399

Have you noticed she increased her followers to 48,4k? Like how?!

No. 403459

By accepting follower requests. She accepted mine too yay now i just have to be strong and not comment on her bullshit posts again

No. 403481

She's public once again lol, I knew she couldn't resist

No. 403552


20 minutes every 6 hours in the UK, or that's how it was for me.

No. 403558

File: 1507971042472.jpg (1.18 MB, 809x2978, Screenshot_20171014-044838.jpg)

RIP job 2017-2017

No. 403563

It lasted longer than I thought. I seriously thought she would quit after a few days.

No. 403564

oh my fucking god we definitely did call it but christ aly

No. 403567

I just realized she went public again, but I don´t know exactly since when. Maybe she´s lost too many followers?

No. 403591

Ok. Working is 'useless' and 'mistreating yourself'. It must be nice to live in a world where work is not a priority.

No. 403612

File: 1507986256329.png (68.47 KB, 286x749, 2017-10-14 15.01.54.png)

Aly is not going to like those haters´comments.

No. 403615

File: 1507986497530.png (23.95 KB, 279x204, 2017-10-14 14.58.15.png)

But she asked an EXTRA DESERVED (!) and NEEDED break! Aly won´t let anyone mistreat her at work!

And why is she suddenly the only girl at this place? All the time she was talking about all the other girls being on diets. Have they all fainted for good from postponing lunch for half an hour?

No. 403619

File: 1507987008590.png (1.09 MB, 640x1136, IMG_4830.PNG)

Recovery, not even once.

No. 403620

What are the chances that after she quits her job, she'll blame it on Pa Casati? After all, that's what our beloved bodypositive feminist recovery queer loves to do.

No. 403621

File: 1507987404389.png (1.09 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-10-14-06-20-13…)

No aly. This is not a good decision. Her body must be screaming for nutrients at this point. Of course we know it already, but here is further evidence she asks for advice she will never listen to. I miss old aly…at least she never tried to bite her tongue off in every other photo…

No. 403626

File: 1507989042295.jpg (1.03 MB, 810x2429, Screenshot_20171014-084656.jpg)

so shes lost like 10 pounds?? lol just eat more you dumb bitch i think shes irritated a lot of her followers with this

No. 403629

Aly's never going to eat "healthy" food because to her it equals orthorexia, or at least an eating disorder. That's why she ? care for peoples advice when it comes to eating, oh and why she can't see a dietitian (probably because it has the word diet in it) It's such a disordered way to eat, only eating specific things and staying away from like vegetables? lol she's going to be messed up for a long time

No. 403631

File: 1507990884527.png (11.58 KB, 293x97, Bildschirmfoto 2017-10-14 um 1…)

Apparently Aly´s followers are no longer willing to put up with her bullshit.

No. 403643

This went when she becomes public. She Dropped to 48.2k and the only solution was turn public, since yesterday morning magically she turns from 48.2 to 48.4
But she'd just open the Pandora box

No. 403662

but the gain in follows was from accepting requests

No. 403664

File: 1507995018975.jpg (264.86 KB, 1016x618, Screenshot_20171014-102856.jpg)

possibly someone farming the land but still

No. 403670

I don't know why she thinks a couple of pounds underweight (something a medical person made up) is a big deal and it means illness. Plenty of people are underweight. Not through illness, not through EDs, just because. They're not all fainting to the floor every day because they don't get a rest and a snack. Ffs, what a useless, pathetic workshy excuse of a person.

Yay for going public though. Get those sock puppets ready.

No. 403671

Question for anyone who went through treatment for anorexia: do the professionals that treat patients at any point tell you what sort of stuff you should eat? Like: make a meal of this many proteins, carbohydrates, fats; prefer poultry and fish, eat lots of vegetables? I understand that if you had been trying to lose weight to the point of being unhealthy people would be wary of relapse, but surely a meal with 100g of salmon, vegetables, carbohydrates and a healthy drink has to be preferable to the sugarfest she keeps eating.

No. 403675


Yes, you get a dietician usually to help you plan and balance meals. I don't know what it's like in Italy.

No. 403676

Normally only as part of IP treatment unless you specifically ask for dietetic input as an Op

No. 403708

File: 1508002546545.png (1.37 MB, 1061x1574, 20171014_123509.png)

No. 403726

Ever since I've started following her, I see her face on the screen of my phone even without meaning to. She's always the first to pop up in instastories, always with that half-sad half-smug face, always begging for comments. I can't make it anymore.
That's it, I kill me.

No. 403734

Yes 100%. Even in outpatient i had a meal plan where i had guidelines about what i should be eating (this was a while ago so can't remember exactly what they were but it was basically just making sure you get every food group at every meal)

No. 403737


Something "safer for her health"??? What the fuck bitch, you're one pound underweight and you can't scan an article of clothing and hand someone a reciept? what a spoiled cunt I hate her. People work in much more stressful jobs and go through a lot more shit than Aly's mild dizziness due to eating 200g of sugar a day

No. 403739

lolll i love how she can't keep her story consistent. within this week she has (1) freaked out about a theoretical weigh-in, bc she "thought she gained tons" but her mom "thought she maintained, (2) given the same damn 1-1.5 kg underweight sob story, suggesting she has maintained (again, like she has for months now), and (3) decided she has lost enough for a dress to be loose on her, which would mean losing at least 5kg to even notice a difference (and lol @ her wearing anything "loose"…)

which is it?

but of course she's weight restored to her set point, almost exactly where she was pre ED but just with much shittier body comp and makeup/accessories/hair

No. 403740

samefag sorry, posted too soon. i kill me

now that she's public i went through her posts from when she's been private. her likes are super low (rarely breaking 250). but also she has consistently gotten like 200-250 on food pictures compared to about 150 on selfies.

i'm curious if it's because a lot of food bloggers follow her, bc farmers like her food posts only, bc her selfies are porrly composed and repetitive, or bc her long histrionic captions on selfies are annoying af. i used to think she got more on food pics bc of the tags, but that didn't apply when she was private, soooo?

No. 403741

File: 1508006239031.gif (87.04 KB, 400x255, princess alice.gif)

Spoiled cunt? Excuuuuuse meee, she's instagram royalty. A classy princess! She shouldn't have to work.

Anyone reading anything into her lack of #transformationtuesday #transformationrandom POSTS?

I'm a bit underweight (not ana, just happen to be) but I'm perfectly healthy (only get colds in winter) and I've done the most strenuous, labour intensive jobs and never felt ill at work. Even when some shit I've had to haul around was perhaps too heavy really I still did it. And I'm only 5ft tall. SO fuck off Aly, you lazy bitch. There's fuck all wrong with you. Do some damn work. The world does not owe you anything and you're not a fucking superstar princess.

(imagine me doing that head wobble thing with index finger pointing upwards)

No. 403745

File: 1508007020205.jpg (28.98 KB, 278x222, almost.JPG)

Cry me a fucking river, Aly

No. 403757

Fainting/collapsing seems to be her new obsession. How in the world does all this make sense?

When she was a walking skeleton with a BMI of 10.something, she wasn't afraid of dropping dead any moment although she was in serious danger of dying from sudden heart or multiple organ failure.

But now that she´s basically at a normal weight (I don´t care for all her whining how she´s still 2 pounds underweight) she "almost faints" all the time because she can´t stuff her face with donnies and hotdogs 24/7 anymore?

The only explanation I have for this behavior is that her brain has mostly ceased working because of all the sugar she consumes.

No. 403758

File: 1508008913337.png (271.05 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171014-212011.png)

Oh I can answer this one!
She breaks down and cries.
But(!) Still gets DONNIES AND FAPS!
Our glorious recovery queer.

No. 403759

How many weeks has she had the job? It's not surprising that it would take her some time to adjust, if she's spent the past few years posing for photos and eating shit, she can't expect to be able to perform as well as everyone else right away. Leaving the job would be a bad choice.
She doesn't seem to have any particular interest or skill, being independent could help her mature as a person and maybe find herself for real and realise that there are real problems outside of IG comments and praise.

No. 403760

Its been about 3 weeks? maybe 4?

No. 403761

Nah, she's just lazy and misses having 7/24 all to herself.

No. 403762

> realise that there are real problems outside of IG

One things that ruffles my jimmies is how she's even self centred at work. She doesn't care the others get half an hour break and (she says) fights so SHE can get longer and stuff them. Idk, maybe I'm too much of a commie but she should be asking for fair treatment for all the staff if it really is unfair (which it won't be). I'd have some respect for her if she did that, but it's Aly innit.

No. 403782

Idk you but i sympathize a lot, you’re like my grandmother, she was 37-40 kilos (5’8”) when she had been working in the wheat/corn fields, milking the cows, taking care of her younger sisters and packing the donkey with heavy material, walking kilometers, cooking and making cheese/ yoghurt.
She managed to do this all at that low BMI, she had to eat like a horse to maintain her weight. She was a real worker, people back then knew nothing about BMI, intake and outtake, all that stupid western shit. They didn’t panic after not having 1 doughnut
Or frappe (aly doesn’t drink real frappe at all), they rather panicked if the donkey or cow got sick. My grandma did shit for years, never whined about anything.

This is the story she told me, because I suffer from anxiety and it made me think. She’s right, we’re spoiled - but aly is the most spoiled being I’ve ever seen. It’s ok to have anxieties, it’s common if you’re depressed but she’s from Milan, she’s just spoiled. Can’t survive without an Oreo cookie - look, she even snacks INSIDE THE TOILET LIKE WTF?

No. 403801

My grandma was a tiny little woman and had six kids for starters and worked like an ox! Maybe it's a genetic thing where a person can be tiny but robust, but yeah, I think too many of the younger generations think they're going to drop dead if they don't wipe every surface with an antibacterial cloth every 2 seconds. Imagine how they'd cope if there was food rationing! Oh god, imagine how ALY would cope!!!

You can be healthy at a lower weight for sure. I survive without 2nd breakfast of sugar, lunch of sugar and snacks of sugar and I've never almost fainted. Lol that Aly's stepped that up to almost collapsed, hahaha.

Aly can just quit a job so she isn't bothering to try to work at it. Might be laziness plus maybe she doesn't want to save up and get a place with trigger object Berto?

No. 403806

File: 1508014668107.jpg (246.45 KB, 1008x610, Screenshot_20171014-155634.jpg)

she only got 2 comments on the last post and this was 1 of em

No. 403820

Hm no can’t be genetics because after my grandma found a job at a factory she slowly started to gain weight. Now she’s a bit overweight but yeah, that’s basically what excercise and stress does to your body, it eats all the energy before your body can eat it.
Also all Field workers at that time in Southern Europe were that shockingly skinny, both men and women!
No one ever needed 5 meals a day and snacks. They probably had breakfast and then big lunch in the afternoon

No. 403829

File: 1508017077052.png (376.81 KB, 309x527, um.png)

Why has she put their ages on this? He looks older than 23.

No. 403833

She probably thinks they look both very young and fresh when in reality they look like raisins with eyebrows

No. 403834

I wondered this to. Someone should ask her lol

No. 403837

She had a burger and fries. For a change.

No. 403838

File: 1508019561586.jpg (732.2 KB, 1038x1509, Screenshot_20171014-171732.jpg)

because anon theyre just a NORMAL 21 and 23 year old getting burgers and living life (!)

No. 403840

File: 1508019709253.jpg (52.22 KB, 349x583, normality recovery win.JPG)

and took multiple pictures of the burger like the other couple probably didn't! So JELOS.

No. 403842

Oh wait, where's the lettuce and cheese on this one?

No. 403843

File: 1508019870234.png (239.41 KB, 309x527, 1508017077052.png)


No. 403844

File: 1508019888241.gif (2.66 MB, 1080x1920, I see you.gif)

Noticed this guy looking right at us.

No. 403845

What a difference a good eyebrow makes.

No. 403847

His friend on the phone's looking at lolcow. He's telling the one looking at us all about the mad hoe posing with a fry.

No. 403851

I can imagine her saying
“Haha look ma man imma ex anorexic i hate healthy and skinny so lemme put this lettuce and tomato away haha #edsoldier #saynotosalaf”

No. 403852

I think that's called Navajo Hamburger
which is basically bun + burger + cheddar cheese and fries
pretty sure they ate half of it and berto had the fries
So im guessing this one >>403838
isn't hers.
According to the site, they use a 150g burger in all of their burgers. So that would be around 650-700 cals per entire thing… without the fries
about 300-350 per half or less
+ the snacks? she had (!) = 250 aprox and the "lunch" that was like 5 potatoes = 220 aprox
she had less than 1000 for sure.

No. 403855

File: 1508021328551.gif (459.11 KB, 239x200, alys insta.gif)

Wow, now I'm back in Aly land on ig I'm surprised at the lack of comments. I didn't know it really was such a desert over there.

No. 403856

i bet she continued to cut it up remember its one of her ana behaviors

No. 403857

Also, did aly went to Café Monet like a week ago? Apparently they tagged her in a picture.

No. 403859

I would've liked it if she'd put one half on top of the other at an angle like she does with cookies or chocolate.

No. 403862

File: 1508021651390.jpg (1018.76 KB, 810x2368, Screenshot_20171014-175302.jpg)

idk about that but check out this #tb

No. 403868

File: 1508022432416.jpg (947.13 KB, 809x2157, Screenshot_20171014-180311.jpg)

was this a real recovery or a fake recovery?

she had more likes with less followers too, she must have lost like 80% of her active followers

No. 403870

what does this have to do with everything

No. 403872

Her fluffy dog hair do was around the time she destroyed her leg in that horrific accident. Could be fake recovery/real recovery by a matter of weeks.


If she brough those back it'd be easier to get through her comments.

No. 403873

someone asked if she'd been to that cafe recently but this was one of the last posts there

No. 403875

OH GOD and it's reminded me of when she used eyeshadow all wrong and put the shade colour where highlighter should be. Awww, nostalgia.

No. 403877

File: 1508023271660.png (434.93 KB, 532x556, 138283.png)

Yeah, they tagged her on a facebook post… apparently she had that meal that day? i dont know

No. 403878

oh, guess she was getting almost drunk

No. 403884

Omg she actually looks gorgeous here, (except for the trashy ass hair still) anon you are talented

No. 403993

File: 1508045239272.jpg (12.26 KB, 455x55, c.JPG)

So. Now Aly's public and two of my sock puppet accounts are on her follower's list, guess who started following both (ie wants me to follow back then she unfollows)

I suppose this happened to all the new farmer followers?

No. 404002

yeah same thing happened to me today too lol

No. 404006

File: 1508047260158.png (56.06 KB, 278x595, 2017-10-15 07.57.30.png)

No "lovely girls" in sight to kiss her ass…

No. 404049

File: 1508061601399.png (254.02 KB, 750x1092, IMG_0177.PNG)

No. 404050

File: 1508061622328.png (217.3 KB, 750x1077, IMG_0178.PNG)

No. 404051

File: 1508061832387.png (86.54 KB, 745x505, IMG_0179.PNG)

This person's saying what we're all thinking.

And what an absolute load of bullshit that she "didn't realise" she was on public, she freaked out her follow count got too low and she wanted more attention.

There is so much in the content of this post that makes me furious but you can read it for yourselves. I hate her.

No. 404052

I love this post and I’m sure aly will read and delete it.
It doesn’t matter if aly deletes and blocks users - she at least reads it and knows that 99% of her followers are either farmers or follow her because her stupidity entertain them.

No. 404054

Yes I left a similar post (I study chemistry, and graduated on nutritional science ) , even dmd her and the last thing she told me was “ok if I’m top noisy I won’t bother you anymore” SHE DIDNT USE AN EMOJI!!! I thought wow she’s a different personality.
It’s after she sent us all this chain mail “for thanking us for advices and the comments and shit, and I told her I dislike what she does, I clearly know this was no personal message and that I’m not a fan - she blocked me after that.
She likes being surrounded by fools and be a role model and sure there are actual fags who believe her all this stupidity.

No. 404057

File: 1508063177775.jpg (44.06 KB, 361x575, HORRIFIC.JPG)

OMG such awful work wounds. I almost fainted.

No. 404058

File: 1508063202458.png (15.51 KB, 335x351, alice_casati.png)

bitch deleted the whole post and reposted with this. i predict incoming breakdown bc even her REAL FOLLOWERS are done with her shit.

No. 404059

File: 1508063232252.png (823.3 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171015-122620.png)

No. 404061

Shit and fuck repost because she only wants people to support her quitting her job. What a lowlife.

No. 404062

You're heartless, anon. Can't you see her horrendous gash?!?

No. 404071

So pathetic. Wow.
~busy with real life~
You wish aly. You wish.

No. 404076

File: 1508069933710.png (152.66 KB, 720x826, 20171015_141751.png)

No. 404077

File: 1508069947871.png (146.59 KB, 720x843, 20171015_141807.png)

No. 404078

File: 1508069962980.png (143.17 KB, 720x908, 20171015_141822.png)

No. 404079

File: 1508070065731.png (181.34 KB, 720x997, 20171015_142012.png)

No. 404080

File: 1508070082213.png (120.5 KB, 720x626, 20171015_142048.png)

No. 404081

hahaha she is pissed. i hope all her followers are done with her and only dogs comments.

No. 404082

Eww. I can honestly say that it's never come to my mind that anyone would eat a double plate of pasta while hiding in the toilet. God, what an image. WHAT A F*CK.

No. 404086

File: 1508071055882.jpg (53.31 KB, 300x400, fatigue for women.jpg)

>I'm working with MEN only who can stand the fatigue


No. 404110

File: 1508075755399.jpg (684.45 KB, 1039x1493, Screenshot_20171015-085446.jpg)

um no, no they're not

No. 404112

File: 1508076249010.jpg (1.21 MB, 809x2932, Screenshot_20171015-090249.jpg)

this is like the 3rd repost or something

No. 404119

Sorry aly I didn't realise you were working in the fuc*ing mines!

No. 404136

After Dante… here he comes, Matteo, our next lord and savior.

Yes, she quickly followed me too. Unfollowed after a couple of hours though, kek.

No. 404137

Her overuse of "fuc*ing" and "af" annoys me infinitely. 14 year olds talk like that because they think it´s cool, but Aly is a grown woman and it´s getting ridiculous.

No. 404141

File: 1508081603200.png (2.47 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171015-103201.png)

this must be the protein and minerals shes talkin about

No. 404150

File: 1508082716069.png (1.89 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171015-105014.png)

she looks so happy..

No. 404156

File: 1508083477543.png (104.97 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4844.PNG)


No. 404160

File: 1508083937299.png (1.07 MB, 640x1136, IMG_4845.PNG)

No. 404162

Don't comment here..coment on my McDonald shoot…also don't dm. I just want you to comment. And in the comment I want you to tell me there's no such thing as healthy food. But you have to say it exactly like this, or I kill me. You got it? Ok post it 3min from now. I'll wait.


No. 404163

haha im screaming
is she 13???
>cant use direct

No. 404176

File: 1508086064236.jpg (497.41 KB, 1018x1208, Screenshot_20171015-114634.jpg)

there are 2 types of people

No. 404183

Its STILL up??!!

No. 404187

yes! shes probably having to have sex with bert or shes killed herself
next post
>guys, im safe

No. 404194

lol where's the bingo game when you need it?

>I did it! I could eat

>I could come home
>i'm running away, the only woman in the train station at night
>meet with my boy

No. 404197

File: 1508089081133.jpg (707.37 KB, 1047x1574, Screenshot_20171015-123658.jpg)

nope nothin happened

No. 404198

File: 1508089200738.jpg (1.04 MB, 810x2402, Screenshot_20171015-123902.jpg)

No. 404201

I was just posting this lol.

so, shes going to start using comments more. We will see how that goes.

Also, I don't get how she is unable to juggle the time to work and eat, but she can always manage her instagram account?

No. 404208

Holy shit she has become performance art. How is she even real at this point

No. 404209

What does using comments have to do with beating social anxiety? she has like the opposite of social anxiety, can go out wearing skin tight dresses and pose for pictures but cant say thanks in a comment section

No. 404222

File: 1508094029690.png (80.85 KB, 750x445, IMG_2767.PNG)

It's ok Aly, fenceology to the rescue!!??

No. 404226

Dante will never be replaced in our hearts.

No. 404230

She desperately needs to thicken those eyebrows. damn. And that guy looks like Adam tots or whatever from Buzzfeed.

No. 404234

A surprise when she didn't close it ahahahahaha.

No. 404247

File: 1508099234339.png (128.01 KB, 750x788, IMG_2768.PNG)

i am dead

No. 404252

File: 1508099672979.gif (438.46 KB, 500x264, grkOO.gif)

No. 404270

wow whats funny is she replied to that one but not that other girl who keeps commenting on all her posts

No. 404273

File: 1508101807553.jpg (813.21 KB, 1431x1847, Screenshot_20171015-150747.jpg)

Should be fun to see her communicating. She might start getting more followers too

No. 404276

it wont last

No. 404280

File: 1508102646597.jpg (1.18 MB, 810x2822, Screenshot_20171015-162158.jpg)

oh shutup you fake ass bitch

the haters were just people giving their advice like you always ask

will i relapse because i have to have a job? ?

No. 404281

File: 1508102677994.jpg (96.04 KB, 429x640, ALYS VISION OF HEL.jpg)

Pre packed sushi. I wonder if she's actually ever eaten fresh produce. She'd almost faint if she saw a real live dragon fruit or a yam. I bet she even thinks that that's what a fish looks like in the sea (if she knows fish live in the sea).

No. 404282

>turn suicidal

I know what hurts more than any of that. Dropping something heavy on your toes.

No. 404294

why is everything sooo difficult? like just go to work, eat a food, shut the hell up
someone commented saying shes always unprepared for work like eating wise and its true like all she needs to do is bring in food from home and eat it but she has to make 10 posts about getting a desperate ice cream shes so draining ugh

No. 404296

She's a drama thing. She makes everything a big deal. She also likes to think she suffers more than anyone else. She's like a masochist. She knows a packed lunch would make things easier, but she doesn't want it easier because then there'd be no drama and she likes the inconvenience. That's how it seems to me.

No. 404300

right like its not rocket science
she just has to suffer

No. 404303

I wonder if Roberto is getting sick of her shit. I'd give a lot to know what their huge fights are about. I honestly thought he dumped her last week, but no joy. Anyway, he's pretty cute (despite her apparently giving him half her meals which is making him a little chunky); it wouldn't be hard for him to do a lot better than Aly.

No. 404307

probably argued about their wheat shortage

No. 404308

We don't even know if he has a personality. He might be a massive nob and Aly's the only thing he can get.

He'd look better without the facial hair like on his earlier ig pics. He looks like a terrorist now.

No. 404309

they're both basic

No. 404311

And she'd look better for facial hair removal

No. 404326

Love how she desperately has to act like she gives a fuck about any of her followers now that she answer their comments, of course she does so so they will be more likely to comment in a kind way next time.. I guess this won't even last because actually she is so unnatural

No. 404334

KEK she's talking about fenceology

No. 404339

yeah like if she cared about them she'd maybe follow them? comment on their posts?
>oh honey oh sweetheart i love you! ?? your comment saying i was amazing meant the world to me
it bugs me how these girls dont see how manipulative she is and the people who do just get blocked so this saga goes round and round

No. 404360

File: 1508113926621.png (1.8 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171015-193023.png)

I hate this bitch

No. 404361

kek thank you for reminding me of Aly's plight, living in a house with no wheat

She's more desperate than she's ever been to keep her followers and get more likes and comments. Her numbers are lower than they've been in ages and I think she doesn't have any idea why. It's crazy to me that someone could be that un-self-aware. Like does she actually not understand how off-putting her begging and mood swings are, or does she know it but just can't help herself?

Her mind is a fucking mystery.

No. 404363

>your comments are triggering af
is she trolling? this is incredible

No. 404364

im p sure she thinks shes losing followers cus no one is interested in her now that "she looks recovered" she doesnt understand that most people with half a brain cell think shes an over the top attention seeker

No. 404367

It's after 2am in Italy… What do you think she's been doing before posting this? Monitoring comments? Thinking up a plan to quit her job?

No. 404376

probably monitoring for haters

No. 404400

File: 1508121837363.jpg (62.93 KB, 550x413, wheat.jpg)

Well I'm going to be staying quiet for a while being a "new follower" x 2. I don't trust myself quite yet and I really mean it when I write that I'm not making any more profiles when she blocks these ones.

The thing I miss now about her being private is watching social blade. Looking at her stats filled me with glee.

No. 404438

She's rude as fuck, idk if it's because of her bad English so it comes off like that, but if anything it'll make her lose followers.

No. 404443

When she writes I NEEDED HELP AND NOT ONE COMMENT THANK YOU VERY MUCH, that's not bad English it's flat out rude bitch.

Really, she must be hell irl. It's amazing she has the few friends she's got.

No. 404502

File: 1508160324163.jpg (555.9 KB, 810x1204, Screenshot_20171016-082254.jpg)

another healthy breakfast

No. 404503

File: 1508160353879.jpg (1001.24 KB, 809x2118, Screenshot_20171016-082402.jpg)

and something about idk recovery

No. 404509

I've never seen a retail store that has a separate men's and women's department. These 'cuts' or bruises that she was showing off happen, I don't know why anyone should feel sorry for her.

I also don't understand why she expects the shoe shop to be different than her current job. They also have a warehouse where you need to work in…

Can someone explain to me why she's an intern there, anyway? And why the shoe shop is looking for an apprentice? I've never heard about these positions in retail as a sales person…

No. 404511

i think an italian anon said they have internships in sales assistant positions there, like just temp ones

shes just talking about quiting for attention

>SCREAMED for my break

No. 404512

i find it kind of funny the restaurant seems to be called "eat me and go" and its almost like its speaking directly to aly.
>stop taking 900 photos, eat me and go already

No. 404516

There are, the C&A's in my country are that big so men's in another flat. So do other big stores. Btw idk why folding men shirts is more dangerous than folding women's.
Such a feminist.
Btw, did someone believe her shit that instagram turn her public?
Btw 2, the first comment she did were to "haters", suddenly she wanted to respond to all the comments, to me this was hypocrital, i think it won't last long because #socialanxiety
That shit of "i don't post everything i eat" is bullshit too, cause she's claiming She's dying (!) And that she can only managed to have her ridiculous fashion and exclusive candies. She's saying it! She's only believed by those "lovely girls" but it's obvious that they didn't read her captions with enough attention.

No. 404524

oh ya she wont continue to reply to comments, i think it might have ended as soon as it started. it seems really unnatural to see her replying to comments like it was just weird

No. 404556

File: 1508168546959.jpg (262.09 KB, 985x643, Screenshot_20171016-104115.jpg)

heres whats left of alys fanbase

No. 404598

File: 1508173451810.jpg (621.11 KB, 2048x2048, 772A8F32-23F3-414A-94A9-254AEE…)

I'm crying

No. 404614

So she automatically assumes she'll get that job and uh who carries around their Curriculum Vitae

No. 404615

File: 1508175777340.jpg (168.46 KB, 1080x1080, 2017-10-16_19.35.40.jpg)

Lol she answers everyone but dogsandpos which of course is a zero to Aly

No. 404616

File: 1508175865680.jpg (599.19 KB, 810x1173, Screenshot_20171016-124210.jpg)

get ready she NEEDS OPINIONS
>should i quitting my job in hopes to get this new better job?? oh gosh i dont know girls its pretty scaring but i have to choose me i have to choose my self and my recovery

No. 404619

File: 1508176046876.jpg (1.15 MB, 810x2682, Screenshot_20171016-124616.jpg)

i thought she was the best seller?

No. 404623

why doesn't her boss just fire this bitch… she's an INTERN and she's always making this much of a fuss. like bitch maybe you wouldnt be "working like a man" in retail if you hadn't dropped out of uni. she brought this upon herself, she has no intentions of going back to school. stop fucking complaining you spoiled brat, not everyone's gonna spoon feed you like your mom did

No. 404626

>passion fruit
those are figs gdi

No. 404627

she had probably assumed she would get that catering job and law internship that she was always mentioning (like a month ago) until she wasn't. she doesn't seem to be aware what a zero she is to a potential employer (no experience, no education, no foreign languages, terrible personality and clown appearance).

No. 404628

"basically doing what men only do". Such a feminist. Jesus Christ, Aly, you´re not working in a stone pit!

No. 404630

i didnt realise only men sold trainers

No. 404646


It's stupid, she's looking for any excuse. On one hand I get the issue in EDs that you recover physically before mentally, but it's hard to feel sympathy for her. She's obviously resentful she isn't physically sick anymore and she's expected to do more than take pictures with food.

No. 404653

her mental problems don't even revolve around her ED tho, she just thinks they do. she thinks every single issue she has is directly related to anorexia. she obviously has a lot more problems and desperately needs more intensive therapy but her ego is too big to ever accept this fact

No. 404665

Lol Aly doesn't know fruits!

No. 404673

>Try cleaning services
Lmao, Aly would never do that. She's a princess, after all.

No. 404688

Only 124 likes on that last pic she posted 2 hours ago.

No. 404696

thats a lot for her

No. 404702

lmao she just blocked me! i said what would you be doing at that job and id wait to get it before leaving the job you have now. i didnt even get to insult her what a waste

No. 404706

File: 1508185938011.png (155.99 KB, 750x1098, IMG_0850.PNG)

Literally no one yelled at you stupid bitch

No. 404707

I saw that comment, wonder what was going through her brain when she decided that was 'hate'

No. 404711

she liked it and then blocked me
i got thrown under the bus guys lol

No. 404725

File: 1508188332860.png (1.45 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0852.PNG)

Aly you should kill you.

No. 404752

lol shes talkin about my comment cus i said you should get an office job cus theyre less busy or whatever
god this bitch, someone tell her i killed myself cus shes my hero and this was the last straw

No. 404755

Everytime I look in this thread im absolutely stunned at how much of a delusional cunt she is.. "nobody cares about me, I should kill me, everyone hates me, everyone wants me to die and call me names… but if somebody finds the love in their hearts to kiss my ass alittle more, they could do that.. i mean only if they dont want me to you know, die. so if you dont, you want me to die?"
How can ANYONE seriously buy into this much emotional blackmail!!!

Sage for ranting

No. 404763

Jack fisher's mom should make a comeback soon

No. 404764

The way she overreacts/makes up stories about people yelling it makes me more on the side of Pa Casati when she says he "beats" her.

How is she getting all these opportunities for work? Her CV must be half a page of A4. Interests - "tv series".

No. 404766

well she just handed in her cv, which probably didnt even happen cus like does she carry that with her? remember when eat me and go wanted to hire her to invent milkshakes? lol

No. 404798

File: 1508194375573.jpg (143.36 KB, 738x1598, IMG_2772.JPG)

bet it looks like this

No. 404835


and i didn't realise that shoeboxes were so fucking heavy and so sharp that they cut you
seriously wonder how this bitch would go working in a kitchen. she'd fucking die lol

No. 404847

I've noticed almost all her things with her father seem to take place at mealtimes. I don't think that is a coincidence. I think she must pick and nibble at her food, and probably makes him furious. Some people (my own dad for one) get very bent out of whack if it seems as if you are disrespecting food they have worked one way or another to put on the table. It also probably doesn't help that she literally eats junk food all day, and then comes home and probably isn't hungry for a lovely Italian meal with real vegetables and nutrition.

No. 404876

i always imagine her coming into the kitchen and announcing "im NOT eating dinner" and so he gets annoyed with her. shes an awful brat i feel bad for her family. i dont condone hitting your kids but i can imagine being so frustrated by her that you'd give her a slap, ugh can you imagine how good that would feel lol

No. 404970

ikr, and every time I do start feeling a bit sorry for her I remember this shit. Like, at least she could try to be subtle about it.
I wonder if she pulls the same shit to her parents and if that's why her father is so annoyed with her.

Did you really take your time to write all this? lol It's probably better than her real one.

No. 404983

Self blog but i worked on my feet until 37 weeks pregnant 10 hours a day with 30 mins lunch so I'm pretty certain healthy weight aly can do a very normal shift without dying/ fainting/ slashing her wrists on the cardboard

No. 404984

File: 1508231144172.png (257.19 KB, 720x1208, 20171017_100536.png)

No. 405009

I don't know what she meant, but in Italian you say "grana/grano" (as wheat) figuratively when you talk about money.

No. 405012

I think she meant "heat"

No. 405013

File: 1508237506746.png (1.26 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0855.PNG)

That face. That. Fucking. Face.

No. 405015

File: 1508237554842.png (2.05 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0854.PNG)

All aboard the breakdown train!

No. 405017

I've never seen anyone look so smug at being a loser. I'd be so ashamed of quitting a job within a month I'd be keeping a low profile.

Basing a job decision on how much snacking she can do JFC.

No. 405018

For how she wastes money on junk food, it can even be about cash honestly.
I'm italian, and I've been to Milan quite a lot of times. I have an idea of how much she's spending on fancy food and I can assure you it isn't less than 20€/day on good days.
That would make a consinstent 600€ per month, keeping it low.
If Berto and her are thinking about moving out together, it's a lot.
Like seriously.

No. 405028

She constantly talks about people calling her greedy and lazy but I don't think anyone ever has. Like most of her shit this is clearly her own thoughts and like…Aly maybe you should work on why you think this about yourself

Also she doesn't seem to get that most people her age are in much better shape than she is. She never exercises and she eats like shit. Of course she has no stamina compared to a normal 22 year old. It has fuck all to do with her weight or the fact that she was sort spoopy for ten minutes two years ago.

No. 405029

In the context of the original post it was clear she meant heat. she said something like "we're not able to move into the new place because we still don't have electricity and wheat", obviously meaning they hadn't set up utilities yet. But the accidental wheat mention was a lovely alyism

No. 405057

I'm confused by this bc Berto is obviously living in Milan. Where is he living if there's no heat or utilities?

No. 405060

kek it took me like 3 mins

Im confused about this bc I thought berto was moving with his roommate? does Aly just wanna leech off them and not pay rent? i cant see her paying rent

No. 405064

That's honestly what I thought. She was going to live with him and his roommate. I think she's making up this wheat story to cover up why she's not living there yet.

No. 405088

yeah same
like how long does it take to sort out utilities anyway, bert and his friend are probably living together already and shes just saying this because she was never going to live with them for real anyway, like she was just gonna sleepover some days or w/e

No. 405093

I hope if she ever does stay over there for more than a few days a month his roommate gets pissed off and says Aly has to pay some rent. She's such a spoiled brat she probably cant even imagine paying money to live somewhere and would have a breakdown on instagram and say that "no one likes her and wants to be around her"

No. 405100

the roommate asks aly what she wants for dinner and she has a breakdown

No. 405108

I'm so tempted to tell Aly I've written to her place of work telling them what they're doing is illegal. I haven't and I won't, but she's obviously lying so would she freak out?

No. 405113

yeah idk if she'd really believe you tho. i'd love if we could find a way to fuc* things up for her but i always remind myself her life is her own punishment lol

No. 405116

she believed someone when they were "calling the cops" on her "abusive dad"

No. 405134

thats true
you'd get blocked tho

No. 405141

do it!!! Encourage her other followers to do the same! Say if it doesn't help you all should reach out to media because such treatment is ILLEGAL and Aly's suffering HAS TO STOP.

No. 405142

If she has a blackout post tonight I'll do it!

No. 405149

File: 1508264399608.jpg (61.87 KB, 351x597, cashmachine.JPG)

Berto's stuffing his wallet into his back pocket. It's getting emptier faster every day with a greedy, lazy girlfriend.

No. 405152

lol does she ever have a good day?

No. 405156

File: 1508265544551.jpg (10.13 KB, 200x200, berto.jpg)

It gets good for her when someone else picks up the tab at 12oz Coffee Joint.

No. 405158

What whit the new post? The last post comments' are about everybody telling her to leave, or to bear with ir or leave. Now she's saying that finally is accustoming and that she didn't faint today… I thought she was working 9 hours non stop but she's having her 1 hour break at 12pm, so now I really don't understand what she's complaining at.

Out of topic but, ok the 12 oz guy is freakin' handsome but is a bit unsanitary to have that beard at a food store.

No. 405160

can yall post it im blocked

No. 405161

File: 1508266535530.png (170.1 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4854.PNG)


No. 405162

File: 1508266565643.png (178.14 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4855.PNG)


No. 405167

so basically "i went to work and ate lunch"

No. 405170

yep, is awfull, her lovely gurls maybe are like: what a waste of worries…

No. 405171

Like the good old days
Eats a shit load before 'weight in' so she doesnt get found out for dropping weight. Only problem in this time she wants their permission to quit so…

No. 405187

Ok wtf do you guys remember when she was “officially discharged completely from the ed clinic and never has to get weighed again”? did she lie lol?

No. 405189

File: 1508271144716.gif (352 B, 227x227, BREAKDOWN.gif)

Two hours and not one comment.

No. 405190

> did she lie lol

Did her fingers hit the keyboard? If yes, take it as a lie.

No. 405201

File: 1508274203237.jpeg (145.22 KB, 1245x1972, image.jpeg)

Help (!)

No. 405206

yo anon your avatar's in the corner, dunno if you care or not

No. 405207

profile pic is what i meant, blah

No. 405209

Don't care, feel free to admire my cat lol

No. 405210

every fucking time is right
anon time to save her from her terrible job?

No. 405212

I think she mentioned her gynocologist would be weighting her

No. 405216

File: 1508275931401.jpg (114.99 KB, 423x460, Screenshot_20171017-152812.jpg)

eew wtf Aly..

No. 405217

Her facial expressions remind me of shows when they're trying to teach an alien or a sociopath or something how to recognize and mimic human emotions by using flashcards, and the person tries but can't get it right

Like what even is this expression? I know she's going for ~joyful blondie child~ or w/e but she looks like she's in pain

No. 405223

She didn't censor the "fuking/fuced", this time shit must be real

No. 405233

her followers are at 48.3 again
people must follow and then get the hell out of there

No. 405237


they remind me of the pre-recovery amanda bynes selfies

No. 405258

File: 1508282101001.jpeg (423.42 KB, 1251x1898, image.jpeg)

Please leave comments praising my strength and recovery wins

No. 405260

i hope shes gained like 6 pounds
its not even like her gyno would make a big deal about her weight is it? like they just weigh you in the hall thats hardly the point of the exam
she'll say shes lost weight either way and ask for opinions on her job again but end up keeping it and not change her diet or anything

No. 405271

File: 1508283563454.gif (1.93 MB, 316x262, Aly is a robot.gif)

No. 405279

Is anything ever enough? I've known cats and dogs smarter than Aly(!) You're not suddenly going to recieve the Perfect Comment that will solve your loneliness and emptiness you dumb bitch. How is she this dense?

No. 405416

"This is not a picnic" ???

No. 405420

It's Aly-ism for "it's no picnic".

No. 405423

File: 1508318746182.png (147.88 KB, 750x1097, IMG_0860.PNG)

They are called Schoko-Bons not SHOKO you illiterate bitch

No. 405424

File: 1508319558263.png (44.51 KB, 743x166, IMG_0861.PNG)

Apparently she died in 2014

No. 405428

I wish she'd stfu about donut holes.

No. 405435

File: 1508323795564.png (223.17 KB, 720x1110, 20171018_124914.png)

No. 405436

So dogsandpositivity (who commented "i believe in you" before Aly reposted) is no one in Aly's eyes. But she will keep commenting and licking Aly's butthole. What an idiot.

No. 405440

It's been half an hour and no one commented on her dramatic repost so far. Uh oh. Will she kill her?

No. 405443

File: 1508327000831.png (122.05 KB, 347x288, 20171018_134250.png)

1 hour
No comments

No. 405447

How can she even expect people to comment when she posts about 8 times every single day?? People should start copypasting their answers just like she does her uploads anyway

No. 405458

File: 1508331790565.jpg (198.87 KB, 1080x1076, Screenshot_20171018-150049_1.j…)

I laughed hard at this >I RECEIVED

No. 405461

File: 1508332432425.png (166.04 KB, 749x727, IMG_0863.PNG)

Aly liked this comment.

No. 405462


lmao she liked the comment im gone.

No. 405469


She did die in 2014.

Her mother has since kept up her account, slowly but surely going insane.
First she used old pics of spoopy Aly (#realrecovery!), but to be more believable in her _sjourney she finally ordered a Real Doll to dress up and pose for extensive photoshoots in front of McDonalds with, hence the shitty hair, awful makeup, and outdated """fashion""".

Dante saw the spectacle with his own eyes while sitting in a restaurant, quickly looking down utterly disturbed.
The pure insanity witnessed will forever haunt him.

No. 405471

Do you think Aly's IQ is lower or higher than 80?

No. 405481

File: 1508337373558.png (38.09 KB, 449x791, 2017-10-17 10.19.28.png)

No. 405482

Ive literally been copypasting sentences from Aly's own posts into her comments for a couple weeks. She's "liked" every single one. Idk if she noticed or if she just loves her own words.

No. 405483

It's hilarious. Keep it up.

No. 405487

File: 1508338983411.png (1.69 MB, 750x1334, IMG_8267.PNG)

Good god. I'm gunna kill me so I don't have to see these stupid attention seeking stories anymore.

No. 405489

Someone should report this as self harm, if IG has anything like that.

Not because I believe her, but she ought to learn that crying wolf has consequences.

No. 405490

File: 1508339401351.png (169.03 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4862.PNG)

Fuck off I kill me

No. 405491

even this is a copy pasta. is she upset because americans are asleep? oh lemme guess its NOT that its cus she maintained as shes just desperate to gain weight

ya you can report them

No. 405492

her in 5 years:
>i broke down i kill me

No. 405493

File: 1508339592606.png (2.06 MB, 750x1334, IMG_8269.PNG)

Must be hard being a normal weight eh Aly.

No. 405495

everything she says is so disordered she hasnt worked on her mental health at all

No. 405496

File: 1508339851489.gif (581.06 KB, 432x768, Thanks haters.gif)

She also posted a video in stories saying the same shit about "being pulled down" and "thanks for that" and "now I have to meet my boy" lol

No. 405498

so really shes saying thanks for not commenting. she hates bert lol

No. 405499

"I have to meet my boy now, I hope he will have me since nobody wants to"

I hope Bert wasn't already having a bad day because here comes Aly. It must be exhausting to waste time on crying and emotions over Instagram, instead of enjoying your free time with each other. I wonder if he knows what joke he is.

No. 405500

shes living her life backwards like wouldnt it be better to have a bf than um comments from your instagram followers?

No. 405503

can someone who doesnt mind getting blocked say that they called the italian police and gave them her full name bc she was threatening suicide. would serve her right lol

berto must be as fucked up as her, or at least extremely desperate and undesirable. Im sure he knows how draining and selfish aly is, but still stays w her bc he's pathetic. aly does nothing for him, she clearly doesnt care about him or love him, this guy is a moron

No. 405506

I was blocked twice, so…
That were the haters? bahaha only were adressing the same words of aly "I'm not a good anorexic -enimor- (!)"

No. 405508

I reported her post and also the i kill me pic from stories. Got a note from IG that her post isn't against the rules. Fuck this i wanna see her stupid ass deleted

No. 405512

I got the same reply from ig.

No. 405549

File: 1508349595892.jpg (27.42 KB, 219x514, man alive.JPG)

Holy shit though. Those socks with the big bow on them. What is she thinking?? Isn't the bow supposed to go at the back? She's full on hooker.

No. 405551

File: 1508351265606.jpg (49.01 KB, 325x583, b.JPG)

i'm predicting almost drunk

No. 405554

for real…
also, why isn't there a bow on the other one?

No. 405557

i hope people are getting sick of her crying about how they dont support her..uhh who do you support aly? when was the last time you commented on someones post. the last time i asked her that i got blocked btw lol

No. 405564

File: 1508354498936.jpg (30.9 KB, 308x275, JustONCE.jpg)

a loooong time ago, when lousrecovery was still commenting everyday. Aly did comment on her page, ONCE. Was this posted already? I cant remember so I censored everyone elses name.

No. 405566

oh my god haha its so weird to see

No. 405572

This is so weird, it's like when you were a kid and saw your teachers somewhere outside of school and your brain couldn't comprehend it lol

>I'm not anymore capable at it
This is prob the truest thing she ever said. Real reason she's flipping shit 8/24 is bc she wishes she could be skinny fragile ana girl again for attention and zero responsibility, but she can't restrict anymore and she's addicted to sugary shit. She just comes up with other reasons for her breakdowns bc even she realizes this is not an ok time to admit in the #edfamily lol

No. 405574

Thing to admit not time, mobile sorry

No. 405586

I knowwww! I fainted down the stairs.

No. 405592

File: 1508358028714.png (448.31 KB, 815x485, freeealy.png)

It´s been quite a while, but I took a screenshot, because I could not believe it.

Here another comment of Aly. So LUSH!

No. 405594

File: 1508358298899.png (15.87 KB, 335x377, alice_Casati.png)

No is commenting? Time for a breakdown (!).

No. 405597

File: 1508358859351.png (149.91 KB, 739x834, IMG_0867.PNG)

Why are these idiots still falling for her bullshit?! It's enraging af

No. 405600

Don't fucking drink it then.

Where did these FORTIMEL magically appear from?

No. 405603

File: 1508359332741.png (6.62 KB, 289x147, alice_casati_update.png)

she edited the intro for more drama

No. 405608

File: 1508359913351.jpg (6.16 KB, 244x206, donna fears.jpg)

No. 405609

Aly wants Ana points so badly she's pretending she's on ENsures.

No. 405619

Whenever she puts an "oh darling" or "oh my dear" in her captions I kill me. So FUC*ING annoying

No. 405621

She's talking about how her boy suggested she bring Ensure to work with her. But she can't bring herself to buy any.

No. 405622

I encouraged her to get the Ensure, but she deleted because I said her boy is smart.

No. 405633

what did i do wrong? maybe saying you get no support when you do and uh why does she need ensures? shes like 2 pounds underweight lol just eat a protein bar

gedanken or whatever their name is, is like retarded they always comment nice things after aly has insulted people for not commenting. i dont get why they cant see what shes doing

i cant see alys posts, is she getting less comments?

No. 405640

30 mins, 23 likes, 0 comments.

She won't be posting tomorrow. She doesn't deserve help.

No. 405649

lmao even better: drink a litre of water. instantly from bmi 18.4 anorexic underweight frail girl to bmi 18.5 strong normal healthy woman

No. 405667

Lol exactly. Like that rant this morning about losing 2 kg and then gaining 1 kg and then maintaining and she was trying to turn it into a big drama when uhhhh that's normal fluctuation and you're weight restored

No. 405673

File: 1508369265937.jpg (148.67 KB, 1200x1600, carrot with a penis.jpg)

I'm going to sound all duuuuuuuur, but does the weight of the food you're eating affect your weight on the scale? Just asking because I ate a fuckton of raw carrots at the weekend (along with what I normally eat) and I gained 2lbs that night. Now it's back to normal.

Carrots are heavy, so ?

Aly should eat them.

Back to Aly, I noticed something about her today. A new thing I noticed. She really bigs it up when she goes for a job saying they love her and how she'll be great for the job. She launches into a scenario where she actually has the job and how she'd think.


…she isn't embarrassed when she doesn't get it.

Personally I keep quiet until I know the outcome's good, but it's like she switches herself into idgaf about that job mode when she was raving about it 2 seconds ago.

No. 405676

its cus she always has to come out on top
and ya cus its in your body? lol aly will weigh like idk 110 pounds in the morning, take a shit and be 108 and she thinks that's weight loss. ive never known an ex spoop to be so lacking in this basic knowledge

No. 405679


Anorexics should eat carrots instead of waterloading then. Not calorific and healthier.

I'm going to experiment. I don't think you'd gain as much if the carrots are steamed. They're not as heavy then.

It's weird to me that Aly wasn't on mpa. At her spoopiest she would've had a lot of attention. The wannarexics would've idolised her and she could've pretended she was ~in recovery~ like on ig. Although she doesn't do forums because SOCIAL ANXIOUS.

I like weighing myself after peeing. Playing with weight is fun if you don't have an ED (and small things amuse your mind).

No. 405680

thats like asking "if youre 100lbs and if you are holding a 2lb weight would the scale say 102lbs?"

No. 405685

water has zero calories anon

No. 405696

you are saying you gained 2 lbs in one night of carrots? Or you gained 2 lbs the next day?

because if it was the next day, it was probably water weight, or poop.

if it was the day of, then you really ate 2 lbs of carrots? Just raw carrots?

No. 405698

I weighed 2lbs heavier on the same day. A few hours later. I ate my normal food, but I had a load of carrots that needed to be used and I couldn't be arsed to get the juicer out so I ate them. It was okay. I like veg.

I have as much knowledge about food as Aly but I'm allowed to be retarded there because've never been spoopy.

No. 405700

idk that was a pretty retarded question

No. 405705

I did say so. I'd just never noticed it before. Like I've eaten things and haven't weighed more and then these carrots…

No. 405721

ok well thanks for sharing

No. 405733

Just chiming in on the carrot topic, I once ate an entire bag of baby carrots in like 2 hours while working on a term paper and mindlessly eating, the next day I thought I was going to die. So Aly could get some pity mileage out of a carrot binge too

Back on topic: yes it's truly amazing how little she knows about food and weight even from an ana perspective (not medical). Seems to me like it's for the same reason her English has gotten worse after years online: bc she doesn't ever interact with anyone (and thus improve her English or her knowledge of ana tips), she just posts and waits for the support~ to roll in.

No. 405744

that wasn't really "no knowledge about food" that was like "no knowledge of middle school math and science" tho …

ugh i remember once she freaked out about "losing 1kg" and i was like "thats just a fluctuation" and she literally made a post refering to me saying "NO, haters, it is NOT a fluctuation. I ate LESS this week."

No. 405751

haha i remember that
like she said that she doesnt experience water weight or anything

i would guess that shes at a 18.5 bmi now and this 2kg loss, 0.9kg gained etc. is just that

i wonder how this whole aly saga will end, will she get past 18.5? will she ever eat a non potato vegetable? a murder suicide with poor old bertie?? will the bitch ever go public so i can see her posts?

No. 405755

haha she goes public like once a month for 30 seconds. just follow her w 10 different fake accounts (she prob wont accept or decline) so when she does go public for a second, you're in

No. 405759

File: 1508381256041.jpg (378.49 KB, 2048x2048, 73E9008F-DB30-401E-8AC8-5FC883…)

2 months ago -> now -> 2 month prediction

No. 405764

I for real thought the last picture was legit at first. That's how crazy Alys eyeliner is. lol

No. 405776


she was on MPA. She posted about her IG 'recovery journey' back when she was fake recovering, said she was deleting her MPA account and asked people to follow.

No. 405777

seriously!?? What was her MPA name? How did I not know this?

No. 405779

I can't remember..it was maybe two years ago? I looked at her profile, assumed she was in actual recovery, and I think that's how I found these threads

No. 405781


(Replied to the wrong post)

No. 405810

File: 1508395812218.png (39.64 KB, 750x239, IMG_0868.PNG)

You're a farmer, right?
I really want to comment something like "you mean harder than deciding between oreos or SHOKO bons for breakfast?"

No. 405813

File: 1508397699078.jpg (59.37 KB, 500x502, mpafag.jpg)

Can y´all PLEASE fuck off with your stories about eating carrots and losing weight by pooping? Thanks.

No. 405835

File: 1508404824585.png (224.45 KB, 750x1092, IMG_0870.PNG)

Yeah. As if Aly would ever laugh about herself.

No. 405836

File: 1508404851052.png (201.95 KB, 750x1068, IMG_0871.PNG)

Part 2

No. 405837

File: 1508404875242.png (225.83 KB, 750x998, IMG_0872.PNG)

Part 3

No. 405841

File: 1508406762089.png (100.07 KB, 724x589, IMG_0873.PNG)

I love you, fenceology

No. 405844

Sometimes I wonder if Aly understands sarcasm…

No. 405852

She's gone from 7/24 to 8/24 and now 9/24! Holy shit this girl is a parody of herself.

Is this just a typo or does she not get what 24/7 means and reason that if 7/24 is a lot, 8 or 9/24 must be EVEN MORE EXTREME, like when people talk about giving 110%?

No. 405853

I am deceased.

No. 405863

You dont have to wonder, she clearly doesn't at all.. at least not in english, I can only pray she is better in italian

No. 405887

didnt she call herself a fake anorexic? lol and this decision isnt even hard yes increase if youre in recovery and not gaining and god just shut the fuc* up about ensures

No. 405932

File: 1508430520123.jpg (302.52 KB, 1304x746, Screenshot_20171019-102252.jpg)

Yesturday she commented that an ensure is 300 calories. So, according to this she's eating 1500 a day…no one could gain on that

No. 405933

people gave her ideas for meals that could increase her cals but shes resorting to ensures? like a dietician is a step back but an ensure isnt? why cant she stop being an idiot and just eat more? shes totally trying to get ana points

No. 405934


She doesn't know how to exist without needing to gain. Without that, she has to do stuff like work and survive in the world, and she's terrified.

No. 405939

File: 1508432707361.gif (63.98 KB, 690x780, body-mass-index-chart.gif)

so how much does aly weigh, just curious
105 pounds?

No. 405941

File: 1508432898516.jpg (22.32 KB, 340x317, 1434395344352.jpg)

Anon, are you crazy? Ensures saved our recovery queers (!) Life.

No. 405944

File: 1508433076881.gif (16.76 MB, 1327x1332, 1439678684564.gif)

Don't forget Fortimel.

No. 405947

this pic makes me feel nauseous

No. 405973

File: 1508437525546.png (30.47 KB, 304x451, mmk.png)

She's claiming to have a BMI of 17.5 now.

No. 405976

hasnt it been that for months? i lose track

No. 405979

No it's been allegedly 1-1.5 kg under 18.5 since like… April? Idek, but like 2 pounds "underweight" is exactly what it's been for ages and she's maintaining. I think she's legit just lying/exaggerating to 17.5 right now bc she wants to sound skinny and needy but you know if she were actually 17.5 she would make 10000 posts about being officially anorexic again since that's the (old) diagnostic cutoff lol

No. 405986

The one that in the infamous Dante fanfiction she used to spill into bushes and pots

No. 405989

>simple I need some support
and She doesn't know if its human to be hungry after work?

Yeah, I thought she was an ex ana
Someone should tell her that being underweight for extended periods of time, even if its minor, is damaging to your health also shes rotting her womb out

No. 405993

File: 1508441933520.png (148.32 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4881.PNG)


No. 405996

is lolaventstagram a fenceology or dogsandpos type? i can't tell

No. 405998

No. 406003

HA! I like this

No. 406023

This is beautiful, thank you! Also forget MBE, let's go straight for the Nobel Peace prize and also appoint her as a United Nations ambassador like all the celebrities are

No. 406024

The yesterday pics (black socks with the bow) aren't #tb she'd use the same denim jacket, so… she doesn't seems to have lost weight, in theory she's claiming she went down a total of 3 kilos and restore .9, that doesn't brings 18.5 (almost (!)) to 17.5, more weight in bmi doesn't changes to much the value in grams but the values seems to be exponential, so in one kilo the difference is barely noticeable (BMI)
ie. height:x, weight: 49.5 bmi: 17.54
height: x (same), weight:: 50.5 bmi: 17.89
if aly had lost 2.1 kilos that means her bmi dropped more hay 18.5-17.5, ie2:
height: x (same), weight 46.6 (2.9 kilos less), bmi: 16.51
Conclussion: LIAR (!)

No. 406025

Same anon, i made a mistake calcullating last bmi with 2.9 kilos less, not 2.1. The result is similar bmi: 16.79
The height i use for reference was 168cm cause i don't know how much is Aly.
In simply words, if she haad lost 2.1 kilos, she's so far from 17.5/18.5 bmi.

No. 406035

To me she looks like she's gained more around her stomach and hips. Not by a great amount, but she's definitely filled out a bit there. No way has she lost weight.

Why isn't anyone calling her out on her 17.5 thing. It's ridiculous.

No. 406036

File: 1508448612369.png (3.3 MB, 2048x1536, image.png)

So which sushi did she actually have?

No. 406037

Was about to ask the same…

No. 406038


Unless she has the ability to regurgitate food whole, she didn't eat the one on the right. That's her pre packed sushi she's used before.

No. 406059

i really hate when she says shes binged cus its like not even correct spoop thinking you know lol like a binge is idk 4000 cals+ not just a big meal you share with someone?

No. 406063

definitely fenceology type

why the fuck are her binges regular meals

No. 406064

She's literally started to sound like a wannarexic that tried to make their normal eating sound like an ed by any means necessary–so a normal or indulgent meal becomes "omg I binged", a lighter meal becomes "omg restricted so much", an odd schedule becomes "fasted for 5 hours", getting normally dizzy from standing up too fast becomes "fainted".

This was all standard pro ana shit literally years ago lol great that she's unknowingly jumped on the bandwagon a decade late

No. 406091

File: 1508458014194.jpg (344.17 KB, 2048x2048, C3C0A495-75E2-4C63-A109-9084C9…)

all hail based fenceology

No. 406103


two dim sims, an eggroll, and three pieces of sushi. wow, much binge. what a pig!

No. 406115

woah shes probably gonna gain 500 grams from that

i thought she wanted to gain anyway, so whys she thinking of it as a binge, wasnt she gonna drink 900 cals of ensure or w/e

No. 406123

File: 1508461321321.jpg (33.63 KB, 474x541, ana pose.JPG)

She's obviously been eating well and way over what she HAD been eating for a year or so since she began her real realrecovery when her leg was destroyed. So why is some sushi a binge? It's like she's eating way less if she isn't packing on the pounds much recently.

Yeah, she deffo wants to be an ana again, but she's finding it difficult to get into the mind set.

Daar Fenceology. My BMI is 18.4998andahalf. I know your pain. Ensure fortimel's definitely needed. Best drank out of an old plastic Starbucks cup. Maybe try a Quest bar.

I'm just sitting here in black and white thinking about #anorexiarecovery.

No. 406146

If Aly doesn't catch the fence shit of "18.4999" it's because she's really the retardest person in the world. lmao!

No. 406161

You know what though? I don't think she will.
She'll probably nod her head with understanding about Fence's dilemma at being 0.0001 close to BMI 19.

(Don't pull me up on bad maths if I've got that wrong. I don't do ~numbers~ ie maths retarded).

No. 406163

(Yeah I got numbers wrong, but you get me).

No. 406190

Where do you get your math kek

No. 406196

File: 1508472016291.png (2.59 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171019-215531.png)

Help for help? Someone take her up on that

No. 406246

Aly liked both those comments. She really is beyond stupid.

No. 406251

Help for help is probably the most embarrassing thing she ever wrote, I am getting second hand shame for her

No. 406262

File: 1508489522689.jpg (35.21 KB, 428x255, jelos.JPG)

Yeah but she had an out of the body experience! She has the ability to leave her body and possess a stranger!

Deffo jelos of her full days and breakfast with Berto. Especially because he pays for it. Really enviable life. Expecially the job which she hates because it arms her.

No. 406263

Jealous is a big word, but she's definitely lucky compared to other people, in some ways.
The problem is that she's such a moron, I'd rather live with my problems than let my brain crumble like that in exchange for a comfortable life.

No. 406277

>working in retail
>good job

she really has no ambition. pathetic.

No. 406279

This is basically her very first experience with the adult world and work, she just have no idea of what there's outside her ego.

No. 406281

Oh honey…no.
The delusion is real. The only envious thing about her is that she got money tho.

Ikr, but I'm not sure if it's because of her broken English so it comes off like that, but could she really be THAT sheltered? I mean she did use to go out, party and all that, she should be aware of at least a little bit what the real world is like.
Or maybe I'm really getting my hopes way too high on her intelligence, even after all these years.

No. 406293

SO MANY people told her she should take food from home to work so she can have a proper lunch and snacks in the mornings and afternoons. She shits on all the advices, cries about having only an ensure and then asks for more support. I can't put in words how much i hate this stupid braindead bitch.

No. 406294

File: 1508497320086.png (73.62 KB, 740x244, IMG_0883.PNG)

Sorry forgot pic

No. 406297

remember when it was suggested she should post about her illnesses. she ran out of things to post about after some plush disney toys and a twee bracelet. she has no life outside this constant obsessing.

No. 406313

*something other than her illnesses

No. 406317

right like why is she resorting to ensures? and only 1 of em too! lol she said she was making packed lunches but it was probably just chocolates. she just does whatever she wants but asks for advice solely to receive comments

No. 406318

Because the super severe anorexia cases get ensures inpatient, so by having ensures she is signaling to herself and everyone around here she is still sick. Because her eating disorder is the entirety of her personality and she doesn’t want to lose it or the online attention it brings

No. 406320

it's comical tbh

No. 406326

shes at 48.2 now is that a new low? (number wise ofc)

No. 406336

She knows what being a teenager is like, and she's still stuck there. She looks like she can't understand she's an actual grown up and that she is indeed physically recovered. She left behind her mental recovery, and she should just pull up her socks and do some work on herself - but being a whiny 12years old is easier though.

No. 406345

I don't think she actually reads comments tbh. She only throws a quick look just to see if you're supporting her or ~yelling at her~, press like on the comment and go. I mean, she literally uses copypasta messages to thank the people who support her on a daily basis, so…

No. 406356

yeah i agree. what does she really want when she asks for support if shes not really reading and understanding the comments correctly? sheer volume? i guess she wants people to say they're worried about her

No. 406391

I think she's obsessed with numbers and being popular on the internet. More positive comments and likes=food for her ego.

No. 406395

File: 1508515914731.jpg (413.85 KB, 1060x1201, Screenshot_20171020-100019.jpg)

LOL don't get blocked, it's too funny! I know Aly isn't bright, but she's caught me being sarcastic before, and it didn't take much to block me after I tried smoothing it over. But then again, I wasn't as good at it

No. 406414


She wants the perfect attention and support, which doesn't exist. She can't do it for herself and she's stuck in a self-pitying 'everyone hates me, my dad's mean to me, no comments'. She doesn't actually want to recover because that means responsibility and no attention and actual effort.

No. 406420

German-speaker detected

No. 406426

File: 1508521282042.png (637.59 KB, 752x858, backpost.png)


No. 406428

Nope, Italian

Lol, good one

No. 406429

File: 1508521673683.jpg (638.74 KB, 807x1713, Screenshot_20171020-134524.jpg)

I love our feminist (!)

No. 406436

LOL WHAT!!! what did I just read what the fuck???? someone please tell this bitch off rn who doesnt care about getting blocked. What a spoiled brat

No. 406437

Same, i don't find words
raging growl

No. 406439

These comments are legit the most entertaining thing to happen on her account in like a year. I cant wait to see how far you can push it before she finally notices the sarcasm lol

I think she wants the attention and the appearance of popularity bc it's all she has in her life, and also bc she IS legit freaking out about everything (can't lose weight, still has same anxious and disordered thoughts, fights with boy, hates work, has no direction in life) and Instagram is her escape. She obsesses about it too avoid thinking about her real problems and worries.

She really has an old fashioned view of gender roles lol. Any Italian anons, is this common for a young woman in a large city? Seems so odd for someone her age in a major city but idk if that's a cultural thing or what…

No. 406444

yeah ok quit then and shutup about it

god shes just lifting like shoe boxes

No. 406445

Her mother is the strong one, the breadwinner with a good job, her dad the one with no job mental health problems etc etc its strange she is so stereotypical about roles

No. 406467

File: 1508527115280.png (1.13 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20171020-131731.png)

No. 406476

Look guys! I still have thigh gap even with my foot together (!)

No. 406477


Finally a good outfit even if the hair and makeup are still off point

No. 406481

File: 1508529610611.png (470.49 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20171020-205932.png)

What the hell is wrong with her boob???

No. 406482

is she bending her knees to make the gap?

No. 406487


looks like she is

No. 406494

she's come a long way from spoopy

No. 406500

>is this common for a young woman in a large city
Well… yes and no. Being very old fashioned is common in small towns, especially in the South, but it's also possible that some city people might think like that. It usually comes from the family

She's still underweight, but at least she doesn't look spoopy anymore. This is a typical slimming pose though… And it's weird, for someone so obsessed with "gaining". Let's hope she doesn't fall in the trap again

No. 406504

only physically. sage your posts

No. 406522

I'm older than her and find her views on gender a bit weird. The city I come from is also in the North but not as big as Milan, and I don't know many women (or men among my friends at least) like her.

No. 406525

What's weirder is the fact she's posted numerous rants about how women can do anything a man can do then she doesn't think it's hypocritical to come out with the men are better at this job thing.

She doesn't look underweight to me. She just looks slim.

Got to say, she still can't do clothes.

No. 406528

she's not underweight by much, if any, these days

No. 406541

File: 1508537891657.png (399.62 KB, 516x431, wheat.png)

omg check out the baby pictures behind her! our "little blondie child" looked much better as a dark brunette. her hair peaked at age 4

No. 406542

she liked this post

No. 406544

she had brown hair a couple years ago. I posted a pic somewhere in this thread

No. 406592

>>"before it's too late for my health"
oh shut the fuc*k up Aly YOU ARE NOT GOING TO DROP DEAD ANY MINUTE jfc

No. 406609

File: 1508544589836.jpg (49.97 KB, 354x586, binge.JPG)

I imagine the crap she eats is a danger to her health but she's deaf to anyone who says that.

Also, who else predicted we'd have a binge post again. Hands up. All of you then.

No. 406630

wtf is she doing? she really doesnt care if she upsets anyone also why is she eating pasta in a bag

No. 406634

It looks like a large dog bowl with a bag of spag in it. It looks really unappetising. Think I would've stamped that cig out on it because it looks like slop.

No. 406644

File: 1508547936871.jpg (101.3 KB, 408x408, Charlie-Day-Is-Interested-In-Y…)

oh you know what i think they bake it or steam it like this but it reminded me of always sunny

it pisses me off that she keeps calling normal meals a binge but says that its normal to have chicken nuggets as a snack

No. 406649

File: 1508548729774.jpg (12.78 KB, 225x225, ziploc.jpg)


She's supposed to be a recovery queer yet she's telling her ED followers that a bit of spaghetti and a few prawns is too much.

I've never eaten sloppy food out of a Ziploc bag but suddenly I want to try it.

No. 406693

honestly I'm just thrilled to see something with actual nutritional content lol. p sure I've developed vitamin deficiencies just from observing her all sugar diet. even bagged spaghetti is cause for rejoicing

No. 406707

idk she always eats white pasta with seafood

No. 406903

File: 1508593533483.png (1.34 MB, 1080x1140, 20171021_084413.png)

Someone must have told her, her bows go in the back.

No. 406908

Every so often when I come to lolcow I see a pic of Aly in the exact same pose in exactly the same clothes with exactly the same food. For months and months on end.

She's living Groundhog Day. It's creepy.

No. 406912

Well, she switched up her outfits to these dumb stockings at least, and she seems to have acquired a few pairs of them so she is at least showing us different styles. I wonder what she'll do in a month or so, or if she'll keep walking around and posing with her ass hanging out of her micromini and her thigh-highs.

TL;DR: this particular outfit style is quite tragic, and I wish she would move on. She lives in fricking MILANO, and this is what she comes up with.

No. 406916

Either she rarely changes her clothes, or she reposts old pics day after day (it looks like both).
I've seen at least 400 pictures of her at McDonald's in the same poses, with the same fucking fry in her hand.

No. 406935

god she looks even worse to me somehow, like long socks with trainers and slut dress with white jacket? why cant she just do tights with a dress and boots or something

No. 406937

the bow on her other leg is still at the front. #OCDs

No. 406995

exactly. like her style has always been shit, but lately they've made less and less sense. a few years ago she dressed boring and basic but inoffensive, then once she started gaining weight her style just hit the fucking floor. right now she combines the weirdest shit. like those long socks would look much better paired with heels and a dressier outfit, and when she pairs that flannel plaid shirt with random shit it always makes me want to self arm.

she seems to only wear 3 pairs of shoes, the black low-top chucks, these gray high-top chucks, and some basic black trainers. which is fine and those would make sense with normal clothes, but the way she always pairs them with the thigh-highs and ill-fitting t-shirt dreses is just wtf.

i said it earlier in this thread but she gives off a very russian vibe sometimes, the weird combo of gym clothes, hooker clothes, and an overall cheap appearance while simultaneously trying to look dressy.

No. 407009

I've seen it in a good