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File: 1507321293809.jpg (49.62 KB, 585x289, obesity is real.jpg)

No. 399109

Joy is a 30-something year old Youtuber who thinks she has every ailment under the sun, despite never showing any proof of her outrageous claims.
She is obsessed with her threads on lolcow and kiwifarm, as well as dissent and "rumors" in general, and makes endless videos defending herself, without ever addressing the real issues people have with her. When confronted about this, she acts perfectly confused and innocent about why they would hate her.

Recent drama of note:
-She took about a month off of making Youtube videos on account of being so chronically ill she just had to focus on "getting better"
-Mere minutes after coming back to Youtube and despite being "unable to walk" several days earlier, and evidently unable to bathe to this day, she announced that her and her boyfriend Roommate have bought an old, disabled dog. This dog is brandished as a weapon against haters, because how could you hate or criticize someone who adopted a rescue doggy? Flawless plan.
-Recently tried to start fake beef with her fat friend Mikenactor (Obesion). It failed, and they both blamed the takedown of his fail video on other people, even though all evidence points to it being pre-planned and done by Obesion himself.
-She is back at her pre-leave schedule of excreting 5+ videos a day, including recent desperation such as a misinformed video on Las Vegas and trying to get attention by rehashing iDubbbz's Content Cop on Ricegum. Her ratings continue to be in the toilet, and her sub counts bleeds by the day.
-We last left off with her promising to "address the rumors" once and for all.

Previous threads:
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Social Media:
Joy Sparkle BS main YouTube channel
Spurpinklebow 2nd channel
Joy Sparkle Eff It 3rd channel

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No. 399117

Forgot to include this recent addition:
Joy is extremely abusive to a child in the video linked in this post, even though she has claimed since day 1 that she is doing everything "for the kids."
She has quite the track record for being abusive and inappropriate towards minors. I don't hold my breath for this "nasty rumor" to be addressed in her upcoming video and stream.

No. 399120

Also, here's thread 12.5 - the Temp thread while Lolcows underwent some maintenance:


(nearly forgot myself!)

No. 399131

Oh, thank you anon! I totally forgot. That thread has a lot of really great stuff in it, too.

Anyone catch how she refused to say Nick Monroe's name in the Nick Monroe video, but put him in the title anyway? What? And she casually said Chambers of the Heart's real name, real snakey of her.

She's released another video since the Nick Monroe one, now claiming to show the numbers behind her Do5 videos. According to her, this is one of the biggest rumors in her comment section this past week (it isn't).
As expected, she's only ever playing victim and rehashing old shit without actually bringing real receipts. She doesn't show anything in the whole 12 minute video. Makes a 12 minute video promising to show everything in a stream. What was the point?


No. 399197

File: 1507327088918.jpeg (145.78 KB, 656x981, 766C3CEA-E5EF-4992-A370-6020DB…)

When looking at the temp thread I was reminded of her saying her friend (Alex) was fired for being a fan and until now I dismissed it and chalked it up to her ridiculously inflated ego but then I wondered if it might have anything to do with the fact that he’s in her streams (i.e., the one where she tells the 11 y/o to “rape her bullies,”) he laughs at that comment, and before that I think he said to “be whomever the fuck you want,” which doesn’t look too great. I was also wondering if it may have anything to do with the titles and contents of the 2 middle streams in the pic.
Saged for tin foil speculation

No. 399198

Another video is out, this time she made a whole video about information Phillip DeFranco was able to get out in a tweet.
Her laziness and attention-seeking in jumping on any drama train she can find is as bad as it ever was. There is no hope for change from this cow.

No. 399243

Whelp - no stream, tonight. Poor widdle Joy is tuckered out and needs a nappy nap.

No. 399308

File: 1507339631990.png (143.73 KB, 750x1006, IMG_1054.PNG)

I bet she watched 2 seconds of it and closed the video. Please Peter, do not fall for her manipulation.

No. 399310

Ever feel like an hour must have passed by but it's only been 4 minutes? That's how I'm feeling watching her latest video. A minute it.

Hope he doesn't contact her privately and spares himself the manipulation.

No. 399313

File: 1507340135543.png (109.97 KB, 750x763, IMG_1055.PNG)

No. 399314

Well, f me. Maybe we're at least getting some milk.

No. 399315

File: 1507340455597.jpg (148.18 KB, 557x553, OJ3BP0Y.jpg)

so, you tweeted teamyoutube about it because it was a joke between you, joy and your viewers?

not sure why that would be required.

i could understand you contact them /if/ you were trying to make it look like it was flagged and were trying to pin it on someone else, though.

and the "just a joke, bruh" is a way to backpedal from a failed attempt.

that would make sense.

No. 399322


* pin it on someone else in the public eye

obviously, youtube would know you took it down.

No. 399346

File: 1507347342054.jpg (33.51 KB, 291x442, tank.jpg)

She is hemorrhaging subs so badly, savor every second, folks.

No. 399357


Sure she watched her first video of his.. "Feel free too"

No. 399431


'DMS are open'

LOL! Since when?! It's always been 'Contact Cy if you want to DM me!'; now, they're suddenly open?

I like Peter Monn - I sincerely hope he's smart enough to know that she's looking to manipulate him to her side.

No. 399432

She is a fool if she tries to manipulate Monn. He'll see through it in seconds; he's been an addiction counselor for years.

No. 399521

File: 1507392795587.jpg (419.12 KB, 1590x2560, IMG_20171007_120112.jpg)

About the dog adoption, a little reminder of Joy's feelings (and her words) on the matter, months back.
The same concerns she mentioned were recently brought up upon her announcing they'd brought the dog home and many of those commenters were verbally assaulted by her.
( Obviously clipped and collaged )

No. 399529

File: 1507393722950.jpg (294.69 KB, 1161x1634, IMG_20171007_121819.jpg)

Throwing this guy in here too, as it's related to one of her recent streams, when she guested the asshat driving a truck, because bitching on YouNow and fucking around with the camera is far more important than anything else when driving.

Surely joy, having her own terrifying experiences while driving, would know better than to stream with that dickwad?

No. 399544

I'm going to be honest here and say i think she got that dog because of its status. So she can make videos about her rescuing it and when it passes she will make more videos. Where as if she got a puppy or a normal dog it would be years before she could milk it.

Mundane Matt is doing the same with his cat at the moment claiming a 6k vet bill.

No. 399555

I completely agree. It's sick. An animal should never be a prop. Then again, we're talking about a person who uses child abuse as a marketing tool.

I can't say for sure, but I think she said somewhere that it was roommate's idea to get the dog

No. 399556

This this and more this!

No. 399557


Pets are like children (if you give a shit about them, that is); their respective bills can get ridiculously expensive - especially if you don't have insurance.

But, let's not kid ourselves - we know why Joy got this dog, and it has nothing to do with companionship/needing a service pet (honestly - how much help is a traumatized senior dog that's half blind and arthritic going to be to anyone?). It's all about virtue signaling.

'Look how awesome I am, guys! Unlike some people who only want puppies because they're cute; I got a dog most people would turn away because of their advanced age/medical issues. So I'm better than everyone else for that! Yay, me!'

And yet, how many times has she ranted and raved on her Younow streams since getting that dog - a dog she herself acknowledged is scared of loud noises? Hell, from what I understand, when her trucker friend started blasting his semi's horn on stream (which is loud as fuck!) she said the dog loved it!

That bitch's behavior royally disgusts me.

No. 399559


That's a lie and a half. Why would he get a dog when the only other person in the house who could care for it in his absence supposedly can't take care of herself most days?

I'm willing to bet getting a dog was entirely her idea; and she talked Dominique into it.

No. 399569

You're right about the truck horn, I forgot about that. She told him puppers liked it and he did it some more.

If you wouldve told me 3 months ago that she would be an even shittier person today, I wouldn't have believed you. I am having a really hard time understanding how she just keeps on being such a horrible person.

No. 399573

It's not like he's going to come out and defend himself publicly; she could say he approved of anything, or anything was his idea, and he's not going to say shit because he's a beta, spineless, pussy-whipped little bitch. Which coincidentally, is the only kind of person that would put up with her shit and continue to keep her around.
It's not like he's hideous, I don't understand why his standards are so low. He must have something seriously wrong in the head to keep her around, fuck.

No. 399574

>>399544 lol, she's already trying to munchie the shit out of that dog. She wondered in her video if dogs can get Fibromyalgia.
In before she's asking for donations for a whole host of munchie shit for the dog whom we strangly will never see(because it's ok), and she can shout at the 'haters' about invisible illnesses while still loudly proclaiming she(personally) has never asked for donations for herself for anything because she pays for all of her own stuff on her own. Pretty soon she will call the fucking dog a 'charity' and we will be bringing up all the shit she talked at Onionskin for even a convoluted implication that his wife is a 'charity'.
So she basically talked her boyfriend into doing everything regarding taking care of the dog for her. She found a way to keep Dom from ever leaving the house. We will have to take her to task when she asks for money because she very specifically said it's Dom's dog, he got it, he wanted it, he's taking care of it himself, and he is paying for everything for it. If he wants money donated for the dog he personally needs to show his own unobfuscated face and ask with his own words from his very own vocal cords.

No. 399584

Nobody has been posting the YouNow stream mirrors lately, so I thought there weren't that many. There are a whole ton that haven't been talked about here, presumably because nobody has the energy to watch them for milk.
I'm going to try to go through some of them for more bogus health claims and crap like that, but it's averaging about 1.5 hours per day of livestreaming that she's done, and I haven't seen any since mid-August, so this is going to take some serious time.

I miss the old anons who used to give nice highlights of these things so we didn't have to watch them. God bless you anons.

No. 399585

Threadmaker Anon I absolutely adore the picture for this one with the juxtaposition of the photoshopped image of her face that is her channel icon next to a recent image of her actual face/pumpkin head.

No one really seemed to know the details with Alex losing his job and after reading lots of comments it turns out that basically he was loudly defending Kati during the 'Brown people are that color because their skin got infected with shit in the womb from anal sex' debacle and either he was telling co-workers about it or they knew about it and the higher ups eventually heard people talking about it. They were not comfortable with him publicly defending blatantly racist remarks because it was a "joke" and they let him go over it. He worked at Burger King.
So 'trolls who didn't like Kati contacting his work and getting him fired' is yet another on the mountain of lies Kati has told. He got himself fired by using his real face and voice to defend racism and be a dickhead to people on Kati's streams.

No. 399589

>>399585 They're being posted on a YouTube channel called 'Richard Stiles' so that he can attack channels with copyright strikes for her. This guy is a Flat Earther who believes CERN is trying to open a gate sealing a demon and says white knighting is one of his special skills.
There really hasn't been much in them. Just the usual munchie shit.
To save yourself some undiluted hell scroll through the comment to see if people have already highlighted things. Be brave fellow Anon.

No. 399600

File: 1507402257979.jpg (385.72 KB, 1311x2180, IMG_20171007_143208.jpg)

Here's another oldie I've had, it's interesting for the timeline she mentions. Sometimes I think she already has all her shit planned out, this is a great example of that from probably just over 6 months ago.

She goes on as if she is humble regarding her health, that she has guilt about Dom being her personal slave, and that She thinks its gonna be 6 months til she is up and fully operational again, and if not, back to the medical drawing board. Sound familiar??
It should, its something she had recently said in stream. Funny how she coincidentally predicted that around this time, if she wasn't fully operational, the Drs would be starting from scratch again, which is what she said the sliding scale clinic is doing.

No. 399621

File: 1507404334699.png (46.39 KB, 750x397, IMG_1074.PNG)


No. 399622

File: 1507404511643.png (927.69 KB, 1125x729, dass a monstah.PNG)


a closed channel can be recovered. she will be back.

No. 399623

Wowwww ding ding the witch is gone
Stay gone plz

No. 399624

File: 1507404605280.png (122.42 KB, 1082x513, l0lsy.PNG)

afaik she didnt do the analytics stream, right? lmfao…

No. 399626

She thinks her views are so low is because she took a long break. No joy. That's not it at all. People are just bored hearing you talk about yourself and how you're always a victim. Your videos are pure crap. You bring absolutely nothing to YouTube and the fact that you think you should get paid for the shit content you put out is laughable.

No. 399629

Aaannnnd she's crying. To the anon who said she adopted that dog for sympathy is correct because she's now saying people are coming after her dog. She realized her victim card was getting worn out so now she's using her dog as a shield for sympathy. Funny how she never ever shows proof about these people who are threatening and stalking her. Jesus Christ.

No. 399643

File: 1507405999348.jpg (30.04 KB, 752x297, cryingq.jpg)

>Aaannnnd she's crying.

She's not the only one. I'm crying with Joy, too.

No. 399645

File: 1507406309723.jpg (460.33 KB, 1440x2560, IMG_20171007_154351.jpg)

What a joke she is. She's trying her hardest to cry and cry but she is evil and soulless so the tears just won't flow. Even her eyeballs know she is a liar and they aren't having it.

More of the same. "I'm not perfect" but doesn't actually admit her fuckups aside from a bad joke, which she still doesn't take accountability for because she has to add that people can't tell she is joking, she's always been told she has a straight face.

No bitch, your channel problems are 99.99% your fault. You lie about everything. She is being stalked every day, People are going after the dog and roommate's job, um…no. you are a liar.

It's not YouTube's fault, you're blaming everyone but yourself. Of course things haven't changed after your breaks, you won't even acknowledge a small percentage of what a shit person you are, let alone change. Why don't you even give examples of the things you've changed? Because that is also a lie.

Fuck every single YouTuber that defends her or asks her to stay, unsub to all of them. Now is the time they will feel the impact with all the demonetization. Which also isn't her fault, it can't be that she breaks tos before it's finished uploading , with her shit content, harrassement of others and tag stuffing. Nope, never Joy's fault.

Adding a screenie of one more lie, her motto that there's no picking on people, WE DON'T DO THAT HERE, YOU WILL BE BANNED and ARE NOT WELCOME HERE. But guess what, early on is a comment that refers to someone as a meth head, her response? Lol Russia, you're cracking me up, or something of that sort. More lies. Go to hell where you belong you freak

No. 399655

For the record, she is saying she will continue patreon and YouNow, but her channel is deleted and the videos were not saved.

Ya know, for when she is back on again without missing a beat

No. 399656

How the fuck can anyone go after a DOG? What,,are they calling it mean names? Fuck, she's beyond reeedickerlous.

Besudes, she's still got Stupidpinklebow or whatever the hell its called, plus at least one more backup channel. Expect ten raving installmejts a day on there instead, with minute-by-minute updates of her "health situation." Cos some crazy random's munchie ramblings are just faaaascinating…

No. 399662

>Even her eyeballs know she is a liar and they aren't having it.
Probably my favorite line in any of these threads to date.

>her channel is deleted and the videos were not saved.

by her
Which is a load of shit anyway.

I agree with >>399656 , she's just going to go quiet for a few days tops and then start uploading on Spurpinkle Bow and Eff It and hope nobody notices.

No. 399664


….and she'll still be wearing that skank hoodie and needing a bath.

No. 399668

gosh i'm so surprised that when you delete a channel the analytics are gone. lol

No. 399670

Did she really go to this extent to keep from showing those receipts?
This is some next level shit.

No. 399671

She acts as if it just occurred to her that her analytics might be gone with the channel being deleted. Realllyyyyyy convenient. (not sure personally if analytics would disappear with channel deletion)

No. 399675

File: 1507407305051.png (76.31 KB, 750x610, IMG_1215.PNG)

I feel like she only deactivated her channel. She craves validation wants people to beg for her to come back. I think once she's gained enough sympathy points she will make up some excuse about how her channel miraculously came back and 'I'm new to the internet I didn't realize I only deactivated it and not deleted it' deee duh dee bullshit. And her apartment is gross.

No. 399678

Did she just dox her dog? This is real cruelty, the dog doesn't even have the option to hide its face from shame like her dumb boyfriend.

No. 399729

What a pig. I don't feel sorry for Dom's and his life, because he does it to himself but still, I can't imagine being the person that does everything and pays for everything, works all day amd has to come home to a pig in her pen. It has to smell so bad in there with all that filth, and in addition to joy who probably smells like sour milk and Italian hoagies. Just to add to the grossness, the way she is always smelling her fingers ew and her nostrils are always red like she is picking her nose all day and there's probably boogies and fart dents all over the couch. It looks like table salt there, like how much more salt does all her processed food need?

At least straighten up ya filthy animal.

No. 399741

File: 1507409591321.jpg (16.08 KB, 230x495, sleeptight.jpg)

Sleep tight tonight, anons. Can you imagine Roomie's nightmares waking up to this every day? I'd be looking for a noose.

Fuck, anon, I wasn't ready for that much laughter at once.

No. 399742

That is really over the top nasty. I don't like her either but come on.
Saged for sounding like your mother.

No. 399765


The salt isn't for her food. It's St. Joysus fantabulous patented cure for Fibrorheumaticolupusmyalgia Munchifuckwitticus. Guaranteed to work when there is absolutely nothing wrong with you combined with a rabid need for attention and no other discernible talent with which to satiate it.

Her Nobel is in the post. Along with her Pulitzer.

No. 399770

One, two, Joy's coming for you…three, four, better lock your door…

Sorry Mom. For what it's worth, I smell like boiled pierogies in butter and onions + dominoes cheesey bread.

No. 399777

If any youtuber considers defending her after deleting her channel A DAY after saying she's gonna 'prove us all wrong' and show receipts… then she must have some serious dirt on them. I mean we all know Mike will defend her. I can't get over this, it's just so blatant!

This woman makes me sick to my stomach, she's spent the cash she said she would donate, and the only tears she may be shedding are for the money she's throwing down the drain by deleting her channel.

No. 399780


What about her other channels (spurpinklebow and Joy Sparkle Eff it)?

No. 399782

spurpinklebow is still available, not sure about effit

No. 399783

Sorry for samefag but I found it, yes it's still up.

No. 399786

File: 1507412339324.jpeg (55.39 KB, 700x351, 44730FAF-996B-4801-82FF-D825C5…)

I’m absolutely baffled. I just watched one of her streams live for the first time and had I not known I swear I could have been transfixed. She’s brilliant, not on a worldly or academic level, but in a manipulative and dangerous way.

In one of my favorite classes sociopathy and psychopathy were the main topics (psychopathy being a legal not a psych term was always stressed lol,) and she’s as good as some of the interviews with the real crazy cunning convicts. I’m talking Manson level good… the kook-aid was definitely purple today. Sorry for psych-fagging

No. 399788

She's not that brilliant, she can't even push out a genuine tear or hide her batshit insanity for more than 14 seconds.

No. 399798

she's not, you came predisposed to feel like that. the cunning ones you talk about don't contradict themselves every five minutes, and they have control where she has compulsion / impulse. If she was really that good, she'd have 10x the subs and 1/10th the videos.

I've gotten so jaded with this bitch, the channel 'deletion' thing didn't even raise an eyebrow because of course she did that.

No. 399807

Lol. I love her content. It's like watching someone go on a descent into madness. I want to care about shit as much as she cares about onision or daddyofive. It seems like she's on a permanent cocaine high and I'm mighty jealous of that. She has such high energy. I know people in the comments on youtube even have said she has signs of opioid addiction. I wouldn't know because I've never dealt with that. I have always thought that people into opioids act like luna slater- the junkie who puts minimal effort in everything unless she's trying to get h. Maybe there are different levels to that shit, I don't know

I do think she is somewhat cunning in her manipulatiom tactics too. But that's not very hard. Mostly young people watching her vids, easily impressionable. If you pay attention to media and Hollyweird it's pretty easy to pick up on some basic manipulation tactics. The thing she fails hardcore at though is running a consistent narrative.

I'm a bit sad her channel is gone. She was funny. Her intros were straight up comic gold. "KEEMSTAR…ACKNOWLEDGED ME?" Cue royalty-free music. Just hilarious. I don't like younow so whatever.

No. 399822

Five six, better find those analytics
Seven eight she'll be up in younow late

No. 399831

She probably put her channel down to try and slow down the people unsubing.

No. 399834

Well Peter Monn is a psychologist and tbh he has called out her actions and ways of manipulations before, so we are all safe.

No. 399835

Its what it looks like; it looks like it is inactive not deleted it still has a sub count.

No. 399839

To be honest I think this is a move to try and increase her Patreon as a few were dropping their subs. She was at 65 now at 73, low and behold. She is getting $563 a month for doing nothing.

Whats worse this whole narrative she is spinning is complete BS I talk to her biggest detractors daily and none of them have done this. Either way she is fucked at this point.

No. 399843

I know she’s filthy but she couldn’t even throw her mess outside of the view of the cam? I know she wants to look beastly in an attempt to “look sick” but does everything have to be disgusting? How is duck does she think she should be paid? Not only is her content shit, but she goes 2-3 days without showering, doesn’t present well (Idc about makeup but at least brush your damn hair,) and can’t even take 5 minutes to clear the crap off the floor and table… God why aren’t all the sponsors knocking down her door kek.

No. 399847

She did say he didn’t want to talk to her and that’s all she’d say about the subject.

No. 399852

I always thought she was addicted to pain meds. She has all of the symptoms of taking them (like she is on speed and feeling like she is on top of the world, insomnia) and the withdraws (not caring, being a slob, nausea, Diarrhea, joint and muscle pains, always feeling cold/her hoodie, anxiety, runny nose, Abdominal cramping, Low energy, Confusion "brain fog"). With addiction is obviously several mental issues.
I was on some high powered stuff for a long time, I know what its like and what to look for. She has said in several streams that she hasn't taken any of that, which I don't believe in the slightest. If she was in as much pain as she states, she would have tried pain meds.

I plan on seeing a GoFundMe for her dog.

No. 399862


Monn offered to help her, when she asked him to contact her, he asked how he was supposed to do so when her DMs were closed…but 'he' doesn't want to talk to 'her'?

The fucking nerve of that twat.

No. 399887

I'm not going to pretend I'm a huge Peter fan, because I have only watched a handful of his videos, but he comes across as pretty funny, intelligent and seems like a goodhearted guy from what I've seen. So, RUN PETER RUN, don't try to help. Make a vid here and there but don't jump down the rabbit hole. It's a bottomless pit of manipulation or getting berated if you don't buy into her BS. The replies she has been dishing out under comments of her latest videos were cringeworthy for anyone her age.

Also, Kati, WTF? I was really looking forward to potential fail of a stream tonight. ( Kek at the comment about people 'coming at her dog now', bitch please ).

No. 399889

I'm probably an hour late, but apparently she's on Cy's channel, streaming with Mike.

No. 399896

- She got the FBI about a doxxing situation, taking legal action because 'she's done with this shit', didn't give much other details as of yet
- Dissed Warski, Rep
- Called the skeptic community toxic, etc
- Thanked Coppercab for opening her eyes to it

No. 399902

Okay, the doxxing person is Phil. She didn't name names, but she did say this person 'went on lolcow and lied about the majority of things.'

No. 399903


Actually, no. The person who doxxed her was Joy herself. I think it happened during her spat with Onision and she shared the info by accident.

No. 399904

No, I agree - but just in context with >>399896
since she said she's getting the FBI involved.

No. 399906

She's a mess. And she's full of bs. Joy, if these people are really threatening you and the people you care about, then show the proof. Put them on blast and put them in their place.

No. 399909

She is having Cy ban people left and right on CY'S livestream. Are you kidding me?

No. 399915

She's trying to justify calling a 12 year old a bitch. She said it was 'hypothetical' so hypothetically you'd call a 12 year old a bitch and threaten to choke them. Got it Joy. I really think that was a driving factor in deleting her profile. When she first started her channel there was a lot of problematic stuff that she did and said but nobody really paid attention because she was going after Onision. She looked like the hero of YouTube going after the internets biggest bully.. but now that more and more Joy has shown her true crazy people are starting to open their eyes to her. I liked her in the beginning and there was a lot that I overlooked because I thought she truly cared about the children and young girls that Onision had influence over.. but seeing that video that was going around about her gesturing she was going to choke a child and calling them a bitch shocked me.. it shocked me because that was one of her very early videos and no one really realized how awful that was till now. I think that video opened a lot of her fans eyes and she realized that she can't make excuses for everything and decided to just delete/deactivate her entire channel. I don't think that's the only reason but I think it was a big reason.

No. 399921


Are you surprised?

Cy is thoroughly up Joy's nasty cooch; she'll do anything for Joy.

No. 399926

Someone asked who doxxed Joy and Joy responds 'I don't wanna say too much right now.' People are asking her legit questions and she's not answering them. This could be her time to clear the air and rebrand herself. Why am I surprised that she's not taking that opportunity?

No. 399935


Because she isn't doing this to clear the air; she's doing this to have people keep their attention on her.

If she tells the truth/reveals all, she loses her audience, and the narcissistic cunt can't have that happen. She's been doing this since day one.

No. 399949

Hmm…Cy is admitting that Joy deleting her channel was 'impulsive' and that Joy being stubborn is 'an understatement'.

Not proper dissent at all, don't get me wrong, but interesting to see some mild criticism from Spergleberry Numero Uno.

No. 399959

Her channel will be back. Just like her twitter was back before 24 hours had passed.

No. 399964

lol @ all the moral grandstanding when you started making 100 videos on onision.

talk about low hanging drama fruit

No. 399991

I think she just wants Peter Monn to make more videos on her or have her on his channel and stand up for her. I think deleting is just so any sizeable channel will offer sympathy.

No. 399992

She got doxxed again?

Her channels will all be back soon, she can't go without the attention and asspats

No. 399996

I feel bad for her for the things people say that are not true and for contributing to her paranoia by trying to invade her info….but that is the extent of what anyone can even feel bad about. How far will she go to steer her narrative? Honestly it has kind of worked so far…I actually think she will end up doing a tour of collabs when she returns. I also think her ailment is just internalizing what she wishes was different about the world, youtube, her life, others. She makes it personal. She started by making onion's actions personal to her and now youtube as a whole. She won't stop until validated to an impossible level.

No. 399999

she's slippery, I'll give you that. she's goes in circles till she gets what she wants, is that brilliance though?

am I the only one who wrote her off as soon as I heard her speak? I've never found her convincing although I can understand how people who have come straight out of their abusive homes, would.

No. 400000

It's all very fishy, especially not removing all her channels. Cy is always a desperate parrot propped upon Joy's shoulder but her comments during (Joy's) announcement stream were over the top. They're always doing these sneaky traitor stunts where they think they're so funny and creative, though they look like a group of losers that think they've finally made it into the cool crowd.
Anyway, cy was going on about how she had so many plans for the channel and what ever will she do now? How bout live your own life instead of getting shit on by a lowlife scumbag professional scammer. There's no need for all the stream theatrics, go away already. If this is her idea of starting over, it ain't happening. Joy is just a bad person and there's no hope for rehabilitation for someone like her, and I don't mean physically. She was born rotten to the core and is absolutely dangerous. People like her have no place on social media.

Whatever her plan of action is, it won't last long. She is probably already losing her shit that people are using her name for clicks and views which is hilarious. Imagine pretending to be the hero saving the world from onision and be seen as an equally large piece of shit, or I suppose actually worse than him, for acquiring so much hate in just months whereas it took him years.

No. 400003

I still think she would love to be Onision. She said she had watched him for a while which is probably understating that she was a huge fan, started to think she should instead be the one with the platform and that he was misusing it, and here we are. She does so many things he does. Even this.

No. 400009


How much money are we estimating she was supposed to donate, but never did?

No. 400013

That she's "Deleted" her channel over it - Much more than we were expecting

No. 400019

File: 1507437904927.jpg (34.31 KB, 524x180, lol1.jpg)

>she can't go without the attention and asspats
Evidently, as she's already been on two long streams since deleting her channel only a few hours ago.

I wasn't immediately suspicious of her, though I didn't really like her. But it didn't take long before I noticed the crazy back in January. How people have been strung along to this extent, I have to wonder if it's a matter of pride to not want to accept that they were duped, so they keep riding this wave to the sweet end.

I'm loling so hard at this tweet. She thinks he's serious. Jesus, she thinks he's serious.

No. 400029


Thonk Biddle Bat Needle Dick got me like Bonk!

I wonder what she spent all that money on?

No. 400033

It seems he might be though, as she said he has been the only one not to turn his back on her. Well the way she said it, the only one that matters (Sorry Mike, your sub count means nothing to her). I think The Peter video yesterday and the asking for proof was too much for her. It's weird the subcount is still there, you would think since the channel is gone the data would also be gone.

No. 400036

I’ve thought the same thing but her pupils aren’t pinned (well maybe I need to watch more lol FML,) however everything else you said fits… and you’re spot on re: her having tried Meds when she said she’s never touched “that stuff” but she said in one vid (I think the one where she’s talking about how she has a great pokerface and can mask anything, and she could be having the biggest painic attack but her pokerface is so good she can mask it,) that “she’s in so much pain no med will even touch it,” but if she’s never taken “that stuff” how would she know? It’s all part of the innocent sweet little Kati act (I hadn’t watched much until this week and starts to chronicle everything and then she goes and deletes everything!) Another example of this is when she opened up one of her streams saying she looks like a “hot mess” and then proceeded to ask what a hot mess was and then speculated different things. She also asked if semen was a parasite and in her older vids she has one where she’s sitting on the floor talking about how greatful she is and her voice is super high so she sounds all cute and innocent. It’s so crafted yet her stans think she can do no wrong; how can they not see that if she was really that person she would be that way all the time? Not saying that everyone doesn’t have a bad day here and there but if she supposedly so grateful and happy about her life then why do her videos consist of her constantly bitching about anything and everything? I know why- js it doesn’t add up.

No. 400038

If it’s Phil she doxed herself live on his stream and he was even telling her not to give so much info, but of course like anything else, she didn’t listen.

No. 400040

It's funny that you bring up that "Gratitude" video, I was planning to post her "My 2017 Wish" video here again soon to show just how much she's fucked herself over from that pretend compassion she showed back then, constantly contradicted herself and behaved worse than anyone else. Comparing those few old videos from January/early February and any video picked at random from 6 or 7 months later, it's so obvious the contrast and how fake sweet and nice she was being before. Her entire demeanor was different, her posture was different, her voice was different, she took care in her appearance, she moved around a little from time to time. None of which she does today.
I used to think we were watching someone get crazy in real time, but now it's clear she's been like this from the beginning, and the initial "sweetness" and effort was just to draw attention to start with, and once she was happy with her growth she dropped the act and showed her true lazy self.

No. 400041

File: 1507441350564.jpg (33.67 KB, 630x341, Capture.JPG)

She plans to come back because why would she not care about youtubes TOS if she wasn't coming back.

No. 400042

Initially I got sucked in cuz I thought she felt for the kids but it wasn’t long before I saw the real Kati. You’re right “brilliance” was the wrong word but tbh at that time I couldn’t think of the right word and I still don’t know if I can, maybe it’s “cunning” but to an extraordinary extent?

No. 400043

File: 1507441438917.jpg (41.29 KB, 632x407, Capture.JPG)

No. 400044

There's nothing extraordinary about Joy except that she smells so bad that her stench is visible to the naked human eye.

No. 400045

File: 1507441591612.jpg (40.62 KB, 626x351, Capture.JPG)

Yup Mike and Cy don't mean anything to her.

No. 400046

File: 1507441742372.jpg (36.06 KB, 635x399, Capture.JPG)

OMG now she is going to start something with PEter.

No. 400047

Exactly and that’s why I said chronicling her. I started watching old videos that I’d never seen to compare with what we see today and in one video where she’s on a “medical trip” she talks about her stepmother Kathy and how abusive she was (because she had to relate herself to Cody and say that she knows exactly how he feels,) and then she describes that a “Kathy is a 40 something business woman who always thinks they’re right and is the type of person to demand to speak to the manager.” Honestly she had me cracking up because all I could think about with the car dealership video.

No. 400049

File: 1507442078626.jpg (60.99 KB, 569x637, Capture.JPG)

she didn't want to show her analytics that is why she deleted her channel. but as soon as she found out it is agains't TOS she knows she now has an excuse to come back.

No. 400050

File: 1507442167626.jpg (41.43 KB, 622x343, Capture.JPG)

No. 400055

File: 1507442603186.jpg (36.69 KB, 622x329, Capture.JPG)

she is coming back

No. 400056

I'm curious, if she really did delete her account and she'd have to start over again, if she could actually grow her channel to where it was before she deleted it. Like I wonder if a lot of people would subscribe to her again.

No. 400060

i doubt it because people are sick of her crazy selfish ways.

No. 400061

If she stopped the whole "I'm sick" shit and made 1 video per day about a relevant topic she could be big. The problem is, Kati cannot do that. She has to make everything about her, thats why she is alone.

It's true, she is alone. There is no one there bar Roommate that cares for her, all her "fans" are mental cases and could not put up with her in reality. The truth is she turns everyone against her. She will never be accepted by a large audience, she will never be truly happy with someone. This woman will die alone, no one will remember her when she is gone. She will be one of those "Oh, she is dead? Huh." people. If she ever has children, they will grow to hate her.

Now im getting dark over a simple question but she is in a black space here. If it were anyone else they would have nowhere to go but up, but this is Kati and she keeps sinking lower and lower.

No. 400091

Agreed. It's sad but she is the only one who has the power to change that. But I honestly don't think she ever will. She's so set in her ways and believes that anyone who tries to give her genuine and constructive criticism are haters and after her. She needs to drop her victim complex and truly take in the advice people are trying to give to her. Unfortunately I don't think she will.. how many times has she said she's going to finally take her channel in the direction she's always wanted only to end up doing the exact same scummy things as before.

No. 400122

All this so she didnt have to "prove" how much money she "didnt" make.

No. 400139


If you go into Joy's streams without giving it your full attention (i.e. - you've got her rambling in the background while you busy yourself with other things, like doing chores/working on projects, etc), it's easy to be sucked into her narrative. You know the topic she's referring to, you may even agree with her opinion - but by only half listening, you're not hearing just how insane she is. The moment you actually give your undivided attention to her ramblings - that's when the inconsistencies/insanity starts becoming more obvious - making one wonder how they didn't notice it in the first place.

That's how it was with a number of former Joy fans I've talked to - myself, included.

No. 400145


based on her own statements, at least $800 more is owed.

No. 400147

This is the first time I've dropped by to read the thread in weeks and all I can say is same shit, different day/week/month.

It was worth the long read just to find out she is riddled with herpes, now the mashed potato comments make so much sense. She should probably get checked for syphilis, if it has remained untreated that would make everything else about her make more sense.

I feel sorry for the dog, the poor thing has got enough problems without being lumbered with this crazy twat. I'm not even being snarky when I say that Groomie should keep a close eye on her with that dog, I wouldn't put it past her to hurt the dog for sympathy.

And that's about it, everything else is a repeat.

No. 400149

I first saw her when her videos first popped up in the Onision threads. I listened to her interview those girls. She struck me as manic, flinty, and saying fuck all.

I'm sorry for anyone who got absorbed into listening to her.

No. 400151


She's had one foot firmly planted in the "bag lady w/shopping cart ranting at telephone pole on the corner" future for a long time. I don't see her being able to climb back up onto the YouTube pony the same way as before. If nothing else, a lot of people now have sympathy for Onision in comparison to her. She can't go after FamilyOFive w/out risking actual stalking charges. What else is she going to do? Bitch about the "skeptic community" get in line, take a number. They bitch about each other.

No. 400160

The reality is that most of what is said about her is true. Obviously I can't see every single thing mentioned about her but almost everything I've seen her accused of is accurate.

The things that are not true are usually things she makes up during stream, like people are trying to get roommate fired from his job. Or how she carried on being sarcastic about flying, it was an easy mix up because there's documentation of her saying she astral projects, which is easily confused with astral travel, so it's a minute detail that she runs with. She's often said she is "clearing up the rumors" and the rumors she discusses are just stupid random shit lies that she puts out to push that she is always being villainized, like her saying she owns special spaces and pockets the money.

Off the top of my head, the two things I recall not having any solid proof are the drug accusations and the pedo accusations, which I can easily see why anyone would think them and there's a chance they are true.

So many people feel sorry for her because that is what she wants. She will rarely apologize and when she does, it's half assed. She gets caught contradicting herself, often within minutes. Like saying she hasn't been able to get up and walk then saying she took the dog for a walk, and there's so much of that.

The people to feel sorry for are her family and the embarrassment she has caused

No. 400162

It's a "well at least she isn't suffering anymore" deal. She's so fucked in the head and more toxic than any YouTube drama, or imaginary "hate train" she thinks exists.
More of a hot mess express and she's the conductor. Choo choo!

No. 400166

Her main channel being deleted means people can post YouTube videos using anything from those videos without copyright strikes.
Kati's 2nd channel subscribed to Cy 12 hours ago. I don't find this surprising at all. She's threatened to delete her channel a dozen times. She's deleting the evidence because it didn't occur to her how much there is in her constant video spamming. She took down her Twitter because of the 'Child Onision fan comment response' video. Why wouldn't she take down her main channel? She doesn't realize others have all her videos archived. She's worried about TOS violations because she still has 2 YouTube channels. I think it's funny 1 day after an Anon posted a screenshot of he subcount analytics consistently being negative and getting worse she deleted her channel.
>>399902 Phil never doxxed her. The person who released Kati's full name here is thought to be someone she was being nasty to in an anti-Onision groupchat that she used her real name in. Everything else was publicly available or she released herself because as Phil would say, 'You just couldn't shut up about it.'

No. 400170

I'm so glad that people are waking up 2 her. A "Fan" of hers is saying how she should quit patreon.

Well tonight those morons paying her will find out why she deleted her channel.

No. 400171

Funny you say that, I've had her on in the background and thought to myself, she really did change, and then I sat and glanced through comments and was like Jfc, she's worse than ever.

Just to add, months back when I finally noticed how excessively she talks in circles, I figured it was something she just started but she had been doing it all along. I just wasn't actually listening to it all but rather simply hearing it.

I'm gonna go all skeptic for a moment and say that it reminds me of a light brainwashing, repeatedly saying the same thing over and over. At the same time it's very child like, saying something so many times will add truth.
I also can't help but wonder if the misinformation she puts out is intentional, increasing confusing statements or words to get someone mixed up in their own head. Like her saying she is a hot mess, moments later asking what a hot mess is. Or talking about anal sex and anal rape, to later ask how anal is performed like she has never even thought about it. She does this stuff a lot. Question her on it and you'll get a response like "oh right bc I'm so dumb that I don't deserve to live right ?" Or "I've never done anything to u for u to attack me but fuck me right bc I'm just a piece of shit." Another element of her self destruction.

No. 400175

I immediately thought of her hurting the dog as well. It would be easy for her to say it died of old age.
There's no doubt she isn't an abusive person and full of so much rage and jealousy. She is the kind of person that would become jealous of Dominique giving the dog attention, and later take it out on the dog.

No. 400184

Was there ever any confirmation of why she had an "AdSense debt?"

She would frequently refer to everything being so new and learning how to YouTube but then she said she owed them money, around $200, from her old channels. There was speculation that the debt was her paying to promote her onision videos so they would come up as suggestions related to his uploads.

No. 400191


I really don't get that from her. I can see her neglecting the dog's needs, but actually abusing it? Nah. You're reaching a lot imo

No. 400198


In a YouNow stream, she was off screen cooing at it and it growled at her… she lost all of her "syrup sweetness" and said something that sounded like she definitely would throw stuff at it or hit it. The scary part was how quick she snapped into/out of that "monster voice" and came back to the screen as if nothing had happened.

No. 400200

so the dog growled at her and she growled back … that's it? got anything else?

No. 400204

any video proof? sounds like she behaved normal. i also "play" growl back at my dog

No. 400213

About joy and why I can see her as being abusive to the dog- She has an extremely short fuse and becomes aggressive very quickly, does not take accountability and everything is someone else's fault, is loud and doesn't acknowledge her actions as being scary or inappropriate, paranoid and thinks everyone is out to get her, she's self serving, has very poor judgement and altered perception of reality, impulsive and doesn't think things through, she overreacts.

Not to mention the countless scenarios and events that she has mentioned as taking place in her life with people she is closed to that have immediately raised red flags. Or how she views situations, like the Buzzfeed beta video.

Also, she has countless basic traits of an abuser.

No. 400225

File: 1507477503051.jpg (118.63 KB, 1440x768, IMG_20171008_114242.jpg)

Poor me. Boo-hoo .
More of the same ol lies

No. 400226

File: 1507477642825.jpg (313.47 KB, 1440x2071, IMG_20171008_114637.jpg)

I hope Andy hands her ass to her

No. 400241


I'd say yelling oin front of a dog that is traumatized by loud noises is abusing the dog.

She's knows the dog has special needs; but chooses to ignore them.

No. 400247


It's one thing to playfully growl at your dog and it responds in kind; but if she cooed at it and it growled in response, it's giving Joy a clear warning that it doesn't like her and keep her distance from it.

Swear to God; if Joy ignores that very clear warning, it will bite her.

No. 400372

The threat to get Dom fired wasn't a lie, though. I saw the veiled threat on Twitter. It used the name of the company he works for in a way you may not realize that was they were doing if you didn't know the name of the company.

No. 400373


Is there a link to this to validate the claim?

No. 400375


I'm not gonna post where he works in here.

Believe it or don't. shrug

No. 400376

No. 400378

>>400373 >>400372
while I would agree, some proof would be nice, can we move on from this? It just seems unfair to drag the roommate into Joy shit and if anyone needs to provide proof of that claim, I believe it is on Joy to do so.

No. 400380

So block out the name of company and twitter handle. Otherwise it's a baseless claim. Keep up the deterring joytard

No. 400382


All you would have to do is google the other text in the tweet to find it so no.

No. 400384


Then I choose not to.

It's easy to claim that something was done; but without some proof to verify the claim, you're expecting others to take your word for it - which doesn't work when it comes to Joy's accusations.

Take a screencap of the tweet, block out the company name and post the edited link to prove it happened.

No. 400386


Google what other text? You're being incredibly vague - which isn't helping your case.

No. 400392

Guys, stop. Who cares about roommate and whether or not about something said on twitter. This thread is not about him.

No. 400398


No, it isn't.

But considering Joy is accusing someone of threatening Dom - and someone is here claiming there's a tweet to prove it - some of us would like to see it, as it would confirm Joy's claims.

No. 400403

File: 1507490977432.png (18.6 KB, 634x126, Screenshot (5651).png)

I am not the one who originally commented that the complaint of a threat of Roommate's job was real. However, myself not being a fan of Joy, I also saw the threat - which was made more than once - and was disgusted by it.
here it one example.
There is so excuse for this behavior

No. 400406

If there is a tweet, then the one making the claims should provide proof and evidence, meaning Joy. Otherwise, it should not concern any of us; the tweet changes nothing. If someone here claiming there is a tweet without proof, that comment should be ignored and taken with a grain of salt rather than having the thread derailed by arguing.

No. 400407

Agreed. That’s exactly what Joy says; she’s all about the whole “It happened but to protect X person I’m not going to share anymore about the subject or share any proof of any kind,” and wonders why people don’t believe her, and of course the enormous amount of contradictions in her statements and actions didn’t really help too much either.

No. 400409

File: 1507491298625.png (90.78 KB, 634x623, Screenshot (5652).png)

here is the person explicitly saying it is a threat. They also repeated the same later.
This is disgusting. No excuse

No. 400423

VHS Archive is a boss ass bitch.

No. 400424


In this case, both sides are in the wrong. There's no call for this Moo Moo person to make that threat, but Joy was attacking a business that supplies CBD oils because EXtra Spoon's didn't much care for her/called BS on Joy's illness claims (or something like that).

No. 400429

I'm not a fan of Joy whatsoever, but bullshit on Extra Spoon being a victim. She sat and trolled and trolled on her business account and Joy responded to her trolling.
She got what she gave and then - just like Joy does - claimed victim.

No. 400432


Both sides are in the wrong. Extra Spoons shouldn't have trolled, but Joy shouldn't have responded the way she had (by threatening Spoon's job).

No. 400433

I'm not sure if 'again', I didn't listen to the whole stream yesterday so I don't know which time she meant ( will do so now ). It was just obvious at that point that she was referring to Phil, because who else came ''to lolcow to give interviews and spread lies about her'' in her own words. I'm not saying I believe her at all, though.

No. 400434

Regardless, Roommate has never been involved in any of this bullshit. He didn't do a damn thing. This is no excuse or explanation for dragging his livelihood into it or threatening to.
It's bad, bad behavior. VHS may be one of some people's heroes in this for some, but being so doesn't change the behavior. VHS's behavior can't be pinned as anything else than worse than Joy level of behavior.

No. 400447

This, this, this, and more this! I am definitely not a fan of Joy’s but roommate has nothing to do with this; he never chose to have a YouTube channel, never got involved in any of her situations, he never started nor participated in any drama, and moreover he’s never even shown his face or even his voice. I don’t agree with threats at all but to threaten someone who literally has nothing to do with the situation is a really low blow, like Joy low.

No. 400449

Jesus Christ, learn to sage, you faggots.

Now that we've proven the tweets are real, we can stop calling Joy a liar on that front. I, for one, am disappointed to see that VHS Archive was involved in these threats, as they are someone who provides a lot of backups we use and thus is unfortunately linked heavily to lolcow.
VHS Archive, you're a piece of shit for doing that. No excuse, no sugar coating that fact. That's abhorrent, plain and simple.

Now that we've cleared that up, can you fags stop smearing shit on the walls of this thread and either post something interesting or shut up?

No. 400450

I would definitely not want to be on her bad side.

No. 400474

Here's my thing. Since I knew Roommate's job was threatened and also watched many people assert she lied about the threat- including people who were most likely in knowledge of the threat - I find the dog foster family being called very believable. ( note, when I say people most likely in knowledge, I am not referring to anon's who present as anon's on lolcow, ie those anon's who are presenting as anon's farther up in the thread )

I saw countless tweets where people were saying things needed to be done in reference to the dog. They were all over. ( I don't know if I screen grabbed them like I did the job threat. I can check )

That being said, IMO, since it can be firmly shown that the job threat did happen - while some in knowledge of it ( people present and even tweeting on the tweet thread ), it should now be on them to prove they didn't intrude into the dog situation too. ( HOw one proves a negative, hell if I know. But they bought that position when they acted on the job )

IDK. Like I said, I am no fan of Joy. I have heard many inconsistencies from her and that turned me away from her and away hard. But my eyes have also witnessed flat out untruths from the other side and to the point that highly suggests orchestration.
Think about it
If someone goes so far as to research an not-involved party's ( the party being Roommate's ) job and then takes a leap to threatening the job, them doing the same with the dog is a much smaller step.

No. 400479

This above :
That being said, IMO, since it can be firmly shown that the job threat did happen - while some in knowledge of it ( people present and even tweeting on the tweet thread )…

Should be:
That being said, IMO, since it can be firmly shown that the job threat did happen - while some in knowledge of it were saying Joy was telling a lie ( people present and even tweeting on the tweet thread )…

My bad.

No. 400488


This is how they get you, though. Believe one thing which makes other similar things believable.

Not saying I necessarily disagree with you, I'm just saying this is the sort of thing Joy (and others like her) does and counts on.

One of the other claims is that her mother's house was swatted. Do you believe that just because Dom's job was threatened?

I don't think her mom was swatted. Maybe someone called the police and they showed up at the door. But not proper swatting. Swatting has a very, very different connotation.

Shit jumped the shark when all these dummies moved everything to Twitter.

No. 400508

I agree. I hope people can avoid the 'because x is true, y must be too' mentality and I'm not saying >>400474 is guilty of it either. It just happens a lot.
I don't believe they got swatted either. On what grounds, even?

No. 400509

>Shit jumped the shark when all these dummies moved everything to Twitter.

This fucking shit is complete idiocy. Those retards are not representative of lolcow and most of the anons here (at least, I would hope not). I personally have never even left a comment on a single Joy video. I only vent here on these threads and nowhere else, nor do I get into her personal shit or try to contact her spergs. I would hope that many other anons are the same, but obviously I don't know.

The people that went to the point of creating pure hate channels, parody twitter accounts, and whatever else they've been up to in order to fuck with her personally are legitimately insane people. This might be one of the most entertaining and reprehensible lolcows on this site, but fucking hell, she's still just a lolcow. Y'all are being god damn ridiculous.

Stop creating accounts for the sole purpose of harassing her on other public platforms, or disassociate yourself from lolcow completely. We don't want you.
Delete yourselves.

No. 400523

The new people here really need to learn how to sage. Also if you come in here claiming to have some milk, then you better show it. No one cares if all you have is hearsay.

Sorry for sperging

No. 400555

Even if she doesn't "directly" harm the dog, she is definitely expecting it to have medical issues to exploit. She can convince others and even herself that the world needs to come together to help her dog, and she can feel the "love" too. It seems like she is motivated by wanting sympathy and someone else to care at all…she should just go to therapy. She said she had trauma and she needs to handle it at the source (though it's too late to prevent embarrassing herself). If the trauma is made up, that's just disgusting.

No. 400557

Learn to sage already

No. 400571

Regarding the swatting. IDK. I say IDK because there was a gal who admitted sending the police to a residence associated with Joy and if I was relaying that experience to others, I could see myself using the term "swatting". Especially if someone was so out of line that they not only sent the police, but sent the police to my mother's home rather than mine.

Note - I wouldn't be saying using the term to intentionally deceive others in regards to the level of the police response, but rather could picture myself using it as an easy, short way to express that someone escalated their harassment to the point of abusing the 911 system and sending the police to my house.
Also, if such did happen, the last thing I would expect is that my mother have and supply evidence of her experience to assuage a bunch of people on the internet, especially when I suspected that the person(s) demanding such was, most likely, one of the ones demanding evidence.

The only way to know what happened and
!) it was her mother's house
2) if it rose to the literal meaning of swatting
is by digging for her mother's address, taking what you learn, and then searching police logs. That's both way too intrusive and time consuming for me.
Who knows what the truth is. At this point, one can believe much of what is by both the main actor and their distractors IMO

No. 400574

This warrants a kek.

No. 400596


Wow. The apologetics is strong with this one.

I hope you wouldn't be so sloppy as to describe a cut on your neck as a decapitation. Because people may see you as kind of histrionic and not believe what you say anymore.

The claim wasn't only in writing but spoken. Is Kati turning a new leaf from her usual babbling self into a new, improved pithy version?

Literally no one was asking for evidence but it supports your position so I could see why you included it.

Her mother's address is already public knowledge and she just drew attention to it.

While there are bad actors on both dies, it doesn't necessarily mean they are equal. I'm not VHS Archive.

No. 400602

from what i read the gal saw the suicide video on her second channel and thought she would hurt herself. She only gave the address after the cop asked for a place of residence and saw it on lolcow. Now was it a mistake on her part? To help a person who was hurting no but to post it here yes.

No. 400611


Type sage in the email field in order to sage your posts.

Thank You.

No. 400612

I see what you are saying with the apologetic nature in the post. I didn't mean to come across that way. Rather I meant I could see myself using the term and not doing so to intentionally deceive or exaggerate the experience, ie with the thought it'd be an introductory descriptor that I would clarify as I went. ( I am a wordy one ) That being said, I can see Joy intentionally and knowingly using the term for exaggeration purpose with no intent to clarify the usage.

( about the cut on the neck/decapitation deal. A Bluegill evolving into a tarpon is directly correlated to the number of tequila shots on board. Mathematical fact. LOL )

No. 400614

No. 400616


Many people were actually defending themselves. Remember, Joy and Co struck first. They harassed many innocent people, of course some will defend themselves.

I like others haven't commented anywhere about Joy in ages. Seriously thought everyone saw through her. I was surprised to see her thread active again to be honest.

No. 400617

We don't know if it happened at all

No. 400664

Well, we know that the police visit to Kati's apartment was a wellness check brought on by her suicide video.

The police visit to Kati's mother's house could have been that dealership pressing assault charges for all we know. Kati's first description of it was "the police went to my mother's house saying I was a danger to others!" … she didn't mention swatting till much later. The first mention of it was w/in 2 weeks of the dealership incident. That could be enough time for the dealership to find the videos online and decide to use them to press charges.

No. 400667

File: 1507508634056.png (116.03 KB, 552x827, YHTLKMo.png)

As far as I can tell. this is the "threat" against the dog. It wasn't the foster home that was known, it was the name and contact info of the rescue that had placed an ad for the dog. The rescue is a well established organization that has regular business hours and not someone's home.

No. 400668

Could be a wellness check too then, danger to herself or others most likely. Could be the person was worried they didn't have the right address for joy so sent police to her mothers house as well to make sure someone would know to check on her.
IMO that's not a bad thing because if it had been an actual risk that anon would've saved joys life. But it probably wasn't completely in good faith because they posted about it here on lolcow.

No. 400669


No. The local police found Kati's apartment. They're not going to send someone to her parent's house when they'd already talked to her. The visit to the parent's house happened a few days after the wellness check. Kati specifically said "a danger to others" about that visit and never said "a danger to myself" about any of the police visits.

No. 400677

So the tweet above confirms that, yes, people were intrusively looking into the adoption of the dog.

No. 400678


Please sage your posts by putting sage in the email field.

Thank you.

No. 400680


Given the animals special needs (arthritis, cataracts, and traumatized by years of abuse), I sincerely can't blame anyone for getting in touch with the foster family.

A dog like that needs a stable environment with owners who can properly see to that dog's needs. Given that Joy is at home most days, she'll be the dog's primary care giver. We know how unstable she is (we've seen it in her videos/streams - all that frantic/manic yelling can't be doing any good for that poor pup). And. if she's to be believed, there are days where she's so weak, she can't even function.

But she's capable of taking care of a troubled, elderly, sickly dog?

No. 400689


Since the name of the rescue was never tweeted, not sure how they could even find who had fostered the dog. What was found was the ad placed by the rescue, nothing else.

No. 400697

File: 1507512531047.jpg (26.16 KB, 629x217, Capture.JPG)

No. 400701

No. 400702


Translation - Peter didn't want to address it according to her standards (i.e. - believe her side of the story is the only truth and defend her against the 'haters').

No. 400705

File: 1507513261018.jpg (93.7 KB, 1280x720, youre a wizard harry.jpg)

check filename for keks.

No. 400707

Only Joytards find this crap amusing.

I'm doing searches to see if she's worming her way into more streams to talk about herself and I'm just finding all these low-effort, low-quality channels talking smack about her leaving. Obviously it's fine and dandy to talk smack, but it's sad that everyone criticizing her is so fucking low-quality, lazy and inept. If you're going to do an "expose" video, get to the fucking point, pleb. Nobody cares about your life story or you fumbling around with your phone.

I would give my left nutsack for someone to make an interesting or even mildly entertaining video on her. Constantly underwhelmed.

No. 400708

>Nobody cares about your life story or you fumbling around with your phone.

>I'm doing searches to see if she's worming her way into more streams to talk about herself and I'm just finding all these low-effort, low-quality channels talking smack about her leaving. Obviously it's fine and dandy to talk smack, but it's sad that everyone criticizing her is so fucking low-quality, lazy and inept. If you're going to do an "expose" video, get to the fucking point, pleb.

>I would give my left nutsack for someone to make an interesting or even mildly entertaining video on her. Constantly underwhelmed.

>Nobody cares about your life story or you fumbling around with your phone.

i kek't.

No. 400726

You do realize that "sage in the email field" isn't a cute suggestion, it's the board rules? All non-milk posts that refuse to sage will be reported.

No. 400727

File: 1507516688329.jpg (57.01 KB, 647x597, jim.JPG)

Mister Metokur (aka Jim) has been watching the drama and commenting on Twitter. Wonder if he'll do a video?

No. 400728

it was nice when we came back from tempcow. the thread was relatively quiet and sane. now we're back to autism awareness month.
can we move on from all this fucking tinfoil about the dog and the roomie and the cops?

valid complaint, just 6 or 7 threads late.

No. 400732

Honestly I suspect it's partially the Spergs now that she deleted her channel. They think we're responsible for being "haters" and pushing her to the point of quitting, so their pathetic revenge plot is to spam up the threads and derail.

I hope Metokur does do an Internet Insanity on her, those are always thoroughly entertaining.

No. 400735

ignore that idiot and post what you want.


No. 400739

File: 1507517682644.jpg (39.28 KB, 755x235, lies.jpg)

just found this on her Eff It channel. anyone know if it's true that her channel was struck down?

No. 400748

File: 1507518365093.jpg (62.82 KB, 810x502, 2i86Ybl.jpg)

No. 400769

Christ and she has a spurtinkle backup…the bitch will never leave

No. 400771

People are still unsubbing from the channel she took down, lol

If she did get her channel struck down and not removed by choice, that means that again she is in violation of TOS by keeping the other two channels up.

In the stream she did with Cy on deleting her channel, she said it was "a ton of shit":
- she thought she was ready for Youtube again but she wasn't
- she deleted the do5 videos and lost all the views and then regretted it
- she got fully demonetized after trying to use the shooting for attention (poetic justice) and got sad because she couldn't get $$$$ any more - "I'm not happy on the platform, I can't make money on it"
- people don't like her and it hurts her feelings that nobody defends her (translation: big channels don't defend her and she only cares about your love if you're big enough to benefit her)
- Peter Monn made videos about her and for some reason she's using that as another excuse to ragequit
- overall she knows her content is shit and she wants to be better when she comes back someday
- people doxed her address and roomie's job so she panicked
- the final straw was "people finding the dog's foster parents and trying to contact them"

All very interesting timing, imo. The demonetization was obviously a huge factor, as the doxing has been constant since March or April and is nothing new.

She also implied that Cy is on the payroll and "will still have a job" with Joy in some capacity. Plenty of future milk left, by the sound of it.

She also says that the dog cries when roommate leaves her alone with it. Probably because dogs are empathetic creatures and can tell when you're an abusive asshole that is using them as props.

No. 400788

Someone did send the police to Joy’s house for a welfare check because of the stuff she was saying on twitter and younow. Idk who but I do know that’s the reason the cops came to Joy’s. As far as her mom’s house being swatted I don’t believe it- I just don’t.

No. 400795

File: 1507524932846.jpg (110.18 KB, 856x326, ok.jpg)

Stumbled upon the answer on the stream comments on Cy's channel.

No. 400797


Boy, Link Mountaineer sure is a dumb fuck for being an Astrophysicist.

No. 400804

she has the appearance of a disgustingly strung out sleaze bag but she's just a woman pretending to have autoimmune disorders so she can spend 100% of her manic episodes online making videos to "protect the children" while literally telling 12 year olds to go fuck themselves in her own youtube comments section

No. 400814

Omg how much they suck her dick I just don’t get it. “Shes’s wonderful.” You have got to be kidding me. Sage for rage

No. 400817

That ginger kid fag couldnt be any further up her ass. Jesus fucking christ they are pathetic.

No. 400825

Quick OT: I have never seen any person more incompetent at screen capture than this fucking dweeb. His Younow capture from 10-5-2017 is an unwatchable disgrace and he should join Joy in deleting his channel.
Sorry for rant, it's the first video I've seen on his channel and I'm already raging. Un-fucking-believable.

Anyone else have proper captures of these Younows? I don't want to check VHS Archive and support her channel since she's been acting like a nasty dog.

No. 400834

Samefag, but during that stream (10-5-2017) she asks everyone to inflate Mikenactor's views on that stupid Taylor Swift parody song by having a "watch party" where she posts the link and everyone has to click it, and says that she's had it playing on mute in the background and keeps refreshing because she wants him to get as many views as possible.
For someone so afraid to get on the bad side of Youtube's TOS, she sure seems happy to publicly break them. She already deleted streams of her own where she asked people to create multiple sock accounts to sub to her and to refresh her videos so she could hit sub/view count limits to be able to monetize. She's filthy.

No. 400865

This is the shit that YouTube needs to know about.

When this happens it makes the talk of her buying subs more realistic

No. 400880

File: 1507549645837.jpg (232.47 KB, 1432x2263, IMG_20171009_074323.jpg)

When crybullies cry …

No. 400899


Classic Freudian slip there from Joytard-in-Chief.

Too much bullying indeed. Only BY St.Joysus of the Munchies, not TO.

No. 401007

File: 1507572536233.jpg (501.39 KB, 1446x2320, IMG_20171009_135654.jpg)

One of joys responses from her comment section that I never posted…

She offers assistance, "if y'all ever need more money hit me up, I'm good at finding other work and side hustles for myself and others," I wonder if she is referring to pocketing money from donations, since she doesn't have the receipts, booboo. Or if valid, where them hustles at now tho?

Then she's in complete shock over someone being able to buy subs. That was months ago, yet when more recently being accused of buying subs herself, she stated she was unaware that you could buy them, as well as suggested that someone else may have bought them for her channel without her knowledge. I'm not bringing this up because I think she did buy them, just documenting some of the games she plays.

No. 401040

Guess who got a cameo in mister metokur's latest upload about Rick and Morty? Joyous and Cy. He's definitely keeping an eye on her…

No. 401044

That cringe bit from their last stream where they go "pickle Riiiiiiick"?

I hope he's working on a video on her. He might even be more into it now that she left with that kind of suspicious timing.
Other Youtubers on one of those FailureHatesYou streams called her out for being so obviously suspicious.

No. 401095

Whadda ho! Now she's cutting us off from her twitter. What's the dealio?

Did someone finally explain to her that her rep is completely ruined.

Also Joy, you ruined your reputation with your disgusting behavior. You can't blame anyone for this. People genuinely don't like to be gaslighted, lied to, manipulated…who knew?

No. 401105

File: 1507583956508.jpg (23.85 KB, 555x382, Capture.JPG)

it floors me she charges for people to watch these kinds of videos and is she really going to give refunds?

No. 401108

File: 1507584040712.jpg (32.33 KB, 531x349, Capture.JPG)

No. 401111

From my interactions with her she could not counter and on tons of my posts I got large likes.

Its funny how she asks for receipts yet never provides any. A lot of people dog-piled her on that issue and her channel deletion.

Watch her claim hackers did it. The depths she goes is utterly shocking tbh.

No. 401118

my favorite point:

> gets a minor detail wrong and uses it to discredit the whole of what was said


> does research


No. 401128

Joy's twitter has disappeared

No. 401131

No. 401133

Reminds me of LOST.

"Stay down, Jack"

No. 401196

File: 1507588883846.png (291.64 KB, 447x661, Untitled.png)

No. 401205

Whoa seriously?? Damn what am I going to read when I'm taking a dump :(

Also tommy c talked about her on his latest show at 13:30. Here's the link.


No. 401211

File: 1507591342783.png (494.9 KB, 612x870, Ypf9IpH.png)

The team is being disbanded?

No. 401221

This is sadder than when the Beatles disbanded.
At least Cy is still on the payroll.

No. 401223

Can't help but picture this with a version of the 'Unfriended' poster. Her on top screaming ( the resemblance is uncanny ) and the other four below, kek.

No. 401228


Yeah - not buying that horseshit for a second.

No. 401232


same fag

Also - aww…poor Alex. He just made it in, too. Whatever will he do now?

No. 401233

and Alex lost his job over her.

No. 401237


>and Alex lost his job over her


No. 401253


And is probably still blaming the 'haters' for it, too.

No. 401263

File: 1507597717081.jpg (66.86 KB, 427x635, jim2.JPG)

No. 401266

>I left, and you still can't stop talking about me?
Lol, you've been gone 5 minutes, you short bus regular. You haven't even yet been gone for as long as you "left" last time.

>get some evidence

Unfortunately, your detractors have consistently been the ones showing evidence, which you don't bother to acknowledge because you think if you ignore it, it will go away. How has that worked for you?
Not to mention that all of this is hot off the heels of a manufactured drama you did for a "joke" that also included planned fake takedowns of videos for sympathy and further drama.

Honestly, why would anyone believe a word out of your mouth, Joy? Have you ever shown (not by twisted words, but by your actions) that trusting you or your word is a wise decision?

She'll be back with another channel e-begging before Halloween.

No. 401268

A physical cringe at "Srsly guys, I am gone now. U screamed for me to leave, and I left." …stepping back so far that she is still reading everything about her and responding? It's like a abusive partner threatening to block you when you don't fall into line and treat them like a god. She just wants to reset opinions of her and control what is said. She needs a real break because this kind of break does nothing…if she wasn't being manipulative she would actually step away to assess if she wants to continue the channel. This is having the opposite result because it's getting so boring…she really could have had a good channel but her getting any power over any fans after years of wishing for it is clearly too much for her to stay level.

No. 401302

>she just wants to control what is said
Totally right, anon, and is evidenced by her "deleting" her channel, and all those unfortunate thousands and thousands of critical comments and dislikes.
What a shame it is for her, someone so obsessed with her image, that various anons and normies who never even heard of lolcow have been archiving her channels (including her comments) and her twitter for months.
This doesn't just go away because you "deleted" it. Sorry booboo.

No. 401337

She genuinely screwed up a rather amazing feat of crewing 60k subs in less than 6 months but instead of diversifying she stuck to the same old schlock because she is basic and not talented enough.

Her ego got the best of her and her naivety has become her ultimate downfall because she just constantly plays herself. If she was clever she should know about people logging everything she has done.

I think if she had any decency she should take down her Patreon immediately because its frankly illegal.

No. 401347

The perfect embodiment of Joy talking about illness and the reaction that anyone with a brain has when listening to her.

Sage for life imitates art.

No. 401351

>frankly illegal

No. 401352

The only tier that's not illegal atm i believe is the $1 one. All the rest have her offering to do things on youtube and twitter. She has closed those both down… For now.

No. 401355

Omg yes. The lump was my twin. Thank you for this. (I have a diagnosed autoimmune thyroid disease and have extremely spared sympathy for her fumbling about autoimmune diseases like collectibles).

No. 401356

uhm, not sure against patreon tos = illegal.
just took a look at her tiers then, can't see any problems other than the vague 'come hang out with me wherever the eff' if she's still posting, doing private videos, etc, then it's not even against tos.

No. 401358

It is against the TOS, she has to follow you on social media, she deleted her twitter. You get early access to videos and exclusive videos (meant for YouTube not younow.) She deleted her YouTube

No. 401362

She'll be back. I have a feeling her manic swing caused her to private her YouTube and twitter. She's addicted to talking about herself.
Sage for speculation and irrelevancy.

No. 401363

It looks like all Patreon suggests to do if a creator doesn't follow through is cancel your pledge and explain why in an exit survey..It doesn't look like they would have grounds for legal action and she could (would) claim bankruptcy.

No. 401368

Why is she still directing this at Repzion? It seems that he really doesn't talk about her or even really comment on any of the drama lately except for a few Twitter threads, most of which is him replying to her. Has he even commented about her leaving? Does she think that just because he made that video about her that he must be obsessing over her non stop like she does with DO5 and Onision? She thinks he is just digging up more trash and striking all her friends content because that's what she was doing. His video wasn't that good for me because I knew all the info, but it seemed to really rattled her up.

No. 401371

Her view is distorted enough to believe that if he would only extend "kindness" to her like she does with all the small channels she believes she has saved or made "famous," then some kind of "healing" could begin in the youtube world she sees as "toxic." She sets up a huge need for specific ways of interacting (aka giving her total special attention and validating her as brilliant nonstop), and has resorted to pulling away as a last hope for this recognition, hoping to shame Repzion and others into feeling bad for being "cruel" to a saint like her who only wanted to bring kindness and peace. It's her manipulative way of trying to expose him as cruel because she's mad he didn't worship her and she couldn't mystify him (she can only mystify her select few who she won't lose during this. Her plan is to try in another way now to prove she is all-good and deserves extreme success from her gifts).

No. 401374

File: 1507613775188.jpg (297.36 KB, 561x750, RjPbqYd.jpg)

jesus christ.

the inmates are running the asylum.

No. 401376

Okay, same anon here. So I do see the tweets now, I looked and I guess I got bored looking at his Twitter earlier. But, he just responded to a thread that he was tagged in. Considering she literally comments on every post he makes and tweets him all the time after his video demanding apologies, and commenting on things that have nothing to do with her I would expect more from him. He barely gives her the time she wants him too. She says she doesn't want drama, but, if she simply stopped tweeting people first begging for drama she wouldn't get it. She probably had that statement written before he ever commented and waited until he said something even vaguely to her. She plays victim by calling him a bigger YouTuber and then says his channel is dying. He can't be both, Joy.

No. 401385

Basically because she can not support any of her backing conditions. If people over Patreon actually complained in numbers, it would be a completely different monitored service that would actually investigate complaints e.g. Spoony Who leeched 5k a month over 8 months + yet did nothing bar 1 video after 6 months on Red Brown.

No. 401415

I wouldn't pin your hopes on Patreon doing anything. I was an OG anon and I submitted a bulletproof report to Patreon about her. They have very specific tos that they claim they take seriously and it is supposed to include behaviour on any platform Patreon funds support. I even quoted every tos she was in breech of, provided them evidence of every breech and they did nothing. I assume they contacted her because shortly afterwards she had a couple of videos where she finally credited her patrons, which was one of the complaints, however she didn't stick to that for long. Probably just enough to send screenshots "proving" she was doing it. And that was it. Patreon give no fucks.

Kati, I gave up following your bullshit a while ago (Joy fatigue is a serious condition) and I come back to see you are still playing the victim. You've lost everything you valued, everything and you still can't accept that maybe, just fucking maybe, that you are the one with the problem. I have never seen another YTer attract so much negativity unless they were completely deserving of it. Why do you believe you are the exception?!

Step away from the PC, go find a highly qualified (patient) therapist and sort your self out. Stomping your stinky hobbit feet at the world will get you nowhere. Just fuck off already.

Oh and stop making every justified attack on you an attack on every chronically ill person. Stop using the most vulnerable people as your shield, it's fucking pathetic. Stop trying to use your fake illness as an excuse to not criticise you, I have MS but I can still be a wanker occasionally, being ill doesn't give you a pass or make you above reproach. A thundercunt is a thundercunt, whether they are sick or not (you're not).

No. 401427

Kati.. a wise man once said "if everywhere you go smells like shit,check your shoes"
YOU are the problem.
Just you and only you.
Seek help.

No. 401455

I'd say it is still arguable (she has two other youtube channels, the definition of 'social media' is so broad etc) but again, that's ToS, not a crime. It's like saying her tag-stuffing obsession on youtube is illegal lol

No. 401509

With her YouTube and twitter gone this kind of feels like a going away party.

The world is a lot less toxic and chaotic right now.

I hope you find peace Joy.

No. 401514

As the saying goes "It ain't over till the fat lady sings"

No. 401520


Considering this isn't the first time her channel has been taken down or her twitter deactivated, I wouldn't celebrate just yet.

No. 401527

O christ no, please don't let her sing again. I thought her speaking voice was the most irritating, nails-down-a-blackboard noise ever….then I heard her sing. The military could use her voice as a brown weapon.

She must be pissed as hell that the choobs isn't full of vids bemoaning her loss. It's not even made a ripple; far as I can see not one person has even commented on this fearsome loss to journalism (and munchies.) Not even Mikenactor, her chief cuck, has made a "they chased away St. Joysus, waaaaaah" vid. Presumably they're all too busy crying?

Will Mike ever get out of her arse? Will Cy be able to find a reason to keep on living? Will St.Joysus eyebrows finally slide so far apart they fall off her ears? All these and more remain unanswered…

No. 401538

Apparently she's hosting a Patreon stream, started about 30 minutes ago (11 am central)…

No. 401544

she said shes coming back on her patreon stream. after that she said that she didnt know when, then mentioned 2weeks, then said she'd be back when shes better, then said she'd be back when youtube is less toxic, then said she will only cover events that need her help like the daddyofive stuff, then said she might not know if she will ever come back

i think her bipolar disorder is reaching its peak. she must be in a manic episode currently.

No. 401556


…"only cover events that need her help…"
Um….has anyije told her she's not actually the Galactic Emperor? If anyone needs "help" from an illiterate bag-lady who knits her own hoodies out of cats, thinks the voices in her head are legal precedent and that learning is somehow osmotic (all you need do is sludge around on the sofa waiting for smarter people you know to learn something then bingo! Kunti's now expert too!) then they are REALLY in trouble…

Delusions of grandeur much?

Incidentally did she ever address the fact that the children are not in Rose's care, and whether all the chaos she created contributed to that? Altho I can't imagine what the judge thinks he's doing, seeing as St.Joysus had already decided where they should be placed and she knows everything about it cos she once sat next to a social worker on the bus. How DARE he go against her decree?

No. 401562

File: 1507656211419.jpg (367.54 KB, 1440x2021, IMG_20171010_132215.jpg)

She is seriously an incredible piece of shit, far beyond opinion, it's a fact. After all the months of nonsense about not removing the D05 videos, there's still a ton. There's no excuse for them to all not be removed by now. What will her excuse be, that she forgot about having other channels? Or she didn't know she should remove them from other channels ? It was someone else's job?

The "spurpinklebow backup" has way more videos in total than the spurpinkle bow channel and is polluted with her favorite activity of exploitating that family.

No. 401634

File: 1507663492088.jpg (63.41 KB, 551x438, IMG_20171010_142355.jpg)

She's solidifying the echo chamber. 1/2

No. 401635

File: 1507663539109.jpg (59.14 KB, 537x364, IMG_20171010_142406.jpg)

Updated from her patreon

No. 401641

So if she's not making anymore YouTube videos or content she essentially expects people to pay her to 'hangout with them.' (Private twitter and Younow streams) I am curious as to how long people will support her doing that. I'm already shocked that she even has supporters considering how shit quality her YouTube videos already are.

No. 401644

Same. I have no fucking clue why these joytards suck her ass so hard. Other than they're just as degenerate as she is. Let the fucktards throw away their money. She's gonna burn them all in the end anyways.

My question is why is she acting like she doesn't have two (thought at one time she said she had four channels, so maybe three) other channels thay are still available on youtube? Plus her vid.me.

No. 401651

Hanging out with Her Majesty St Joysus is enough reward in itself, is it not? I know if I had money to burn, I'd want to flush it on the off-chance I could have the chance to listen to that screechy, migraine-inducing racket she calls a voice, calling me by name.
I wouldn't at all want to run my name through an acid bath to clean it afterwards.

No. 401681

LMAO, so if you were a fan and still wanted to chat with her, then you are just shit out of luck unless you pay her to be your friend. Wow, the fucking nerve of this narcissistic hag. I bet she charges roommate to sleep in his own bed. She is so mentally sick and she is ok with it. Its like she doesn't want to change anything to better herself mentally or phyiscally, because she keeps doing the same shit and expecting different results. At what point does she stop and ask herself "Maybe its me, maybe I'm the problem" Im sure she all of these same issues when she was managing all of those Fortune 500 companies and in school. I couldnt image just having to sit next to her on an airplane for a couple hours. I hope these idiots bump their head to wake up some of those dead brain cells and realize what she is doing. Oh well, at least it isnt on YouTube where even more people can be brainwashed by her. We will hear about her and all of her Patreons on the news on day, like Jonestown. Drink the kool aid people, drink up!

No. 401689

Took the words right out of my mouth. This is when the cult really becomes a cult

No. 401745

I see she is still using that "I wanted to delete it, but my fans begged me to keep it" line. I wonder when she had this survey to ask her patreons exactly? She will be back as soon as she realizes she doesn't get the attention she craves out of roommate.

No. 401747

exactly. This method (she thinks) will make her haters repentant and keep her fans closer and scared they'll lose her, she never intended to leave. She will never leave. I would fully bet on that. Also, there is an exit survey when you cancel a pledge.

No. 401793

this is about demonetization, isn't it. she's working out how she can continue to make money off her audience. nothings' going to return unless she can monetize it. behold, your goddess.

No. 401802

A really good tester of this would be if she lost the majority of supporters.
If she lost enough patron$, she'd return to Youtube in a second. The truth will reveal itself in time.

No. 401811

True. The way she has gone through people in the last 9 months, it shouldn't be long before people start jumping ship or begin to be ostracized.

Once she's gotten everything she can from them she'll ignore them and turn the rest of the cult on who ever happens to be on the chopping block.

No. 401823

Kati's 2nd channel 'Spurpinkle Bow' subscribed to the VICE channel 7 hours ago, and Cy's channel right after closing her main channel; this after 2 full months with zero activity.

Although she did delete all the Do5 mirror videos she had on there when she deleted all the Do5 videos off her main channel a month ago. Spurpinkle Bow had 1.16 million views on it and after she deleted them it had 76K total channel views so add another 940K views in to the fucking 'receipts' for how much money she owes that family she harassed. She had 12.4 million views on her main channel that dropped to 7.4 million total views after the Do5 video deletions. Out of 13.56 million views 5.94 were Do5 videos that she deleted.

So 43.8% of all her views were from Do5 videos that she deleted, and the other fucked up thing is there are still loads more from when she was spamming out a dozen update videos a day that she privated months ago. I remember those videos getting 20 to 50K views apiece.

So Kati says she will be showing her analytics on the Do5 videos tomorrow, then actually gets off her lazy ass to look at them and total them up, then wouldn't you know it closes her channel and says she deleted it because reasons hoping to do the same shit as every time she 'leaves YouTube', and the latest I've heard is due to being heavily and consistently called out on it she finally deleted it then shut her Twitter down.

AND THE BITCH STILL ISN'T GONE! She still has 2 active YouTube channels. She comes back from the dead more than a slasher movies killer does, and it's always the same fucking plot kek

No. 401840

The seemingly random letters and numbers after the title are the original video id from it's original upload on the JoySparkleBS channel. This incomplete and out of order list may come in handy at some point for to find original upload dates or screenshots from archives (i.e. http://archive.is/Obv3F) or … something.

- Onision Blames Youtube For Losing All His Subscribers LOL! dCwPoPAKTXY
- 50k sub TY, Fundraiser, Butts N Benji James #brownnips CjVhYXP2Ydk
- Onision Community STRIKE For Questioning Military Documents! How U Can Help! aOFq6xfr7qk
- Dear Onision, Mikenactor's Drama Will Never Be The Same NcQ1fZ2ZcoE
- Onision Debate NOT OVER! tuVEWHljtMs
- Charlie Chill It's KidBehindACamera & Angry Grandpa's FAULT! u2IWwocNR6A
- DaddyOFive TWO Community Strikes on MY Channel! BUT THEY ARE BACK! imJz0b0kAZc
- Onision Made a COPYRIGHT Claim On Me! tbSYxbTEbRo
- 'My Stalker' Onision Physically Threatened Me, Going To Police hqzIjfZcr94
- Onision SECOND THREAT From My Stalker! fdBzCXPtRQc
- Onision Dear Stalker KUgaCeat PE
- My Youtube Channel Has Been Terminated by DaddyoFive Fans WWLC74kQT84
- Re She Lied To You Pt 4 That's Sexist!!!! 7UU4Lk9lOMs
- 'Dear Stalker' Onision REMOVES Video Threatening to Sue Me! See it HERE! kFZF yvptR8
- Onision Copyright Claim Number FOUR, Blaire White & Others Hit Too! FKwqVo1rsHo
- Laineybot NOT ASSAULTED! Onision Lies Again! GBgldHzxBd8
- Lainey's Sister, Lauren, Crashes My After Debate Onision Stream d hBw3f9RLY
- Watch Lainey LIE & Crap Talk Me After The Onision Debate & Our Convo V61YLPHzHME
- Onision & Lainey Receives Death Threats & Threatens ME over it wuZYMx3FuAU
- Onision Copyright Claims Todays video within SECONDS! Evidence HERE GTFHi3 oOW0
- Security Concerns People Getting Scary With Me & Overstepping Boundaries lX3V0lDK7n4
- KidBehindACamera & Angry Grandpa Charlie Chill Apologizes Horribly! WhUY8xuJRkE
- DaddyOFive Is KidBehindACamera To Blame DAaj6FthPos
- Everything Onision & Whatever Happens 4JUmm8p5o o
- DaddyOFive Fans LOVE Kid's Being Hurt & Threats! jn7FH Gpkqw
- Assaults KidBehindACamera's Girlfriend!! Uploads Porn! Angry Grandpa Charlie Chill Acid! Keemstar Zm
- Onision Debate My Overview & BreakDown 1V24vXXeAmQ
- Onision Threatens ME With POLICE! Says I Threatened LAINEY! LOL! lNI2GTG4BY
- Onision Doxxed Me xXxe8v2DiNo
- Why I Got 'Upset' On Benji Jame's Onision Stream MvAupbiHIKs
- DaddyOFive MommyOFive Breaks Silence! Coming BackTo Youtube! boz3O3Kz4Wg
- Onison Says Tall Women, & Jaclyn Glenn, Are UGLY! & Not In love lol QjmUAEiH3l8
- Onision Starting A Fundraiser For Legal Fee's To SUE ME! LOL! FvZzVn1ayZI
- Onision SEVENTEEN Copyright Claims!!!!! u3IynNKcvL4
- KidBehindACamera Vlog on Charlie Chill Assault Girlfriend, Angry Grandpa, & Acid e3lYudtDsGI
- Pregnant Youtuber Killed La Monalisa Shoots Boyfriend During Stunt kvC 5fIYJsg
- Onision LIED About Suing Me! HAHA! HzP2UUnyNK4
- Onision Social Repose & Jaclyn Glenn Ugly! HORSEFACE! Zw8k97ymsH0
- Onison THIRD THREAT From My Stalker! 5rdhU7iRut0
- Onision RECEIPTS! SolubyD0fn8
- Re Mr Dapperton Exposed LIMITED TIME ONLY VID PL3STo bIeE
- Onision Sarah LiveStream & Corrections icpWdLhV4n0
- Benji James TWERK Stream! Wherever the eff it takes us! Also Looking Drunk CmtFCiSNAeY
- Vid Con Christian Burns KeemStar OWNS Fake Apology for Berating Joesph Hernandez! YX71840x9mA
- 3 family members die in 24 hours wnmlQNDS6 o
- DaddyOFive Mike Martin Violates Protection Order For Kids! 4ZCSk07HDj4
- Magnifying Gratitude Part 2 Damn Tech Issue! 4iVzYku9m0I
- Open to haters and criticism Live Stream! iBbPvELHkY8
- Shay Carl Cheated RHozVwNZJ0o
- MY 2017 WISH L 69etmQKgo
- Three Dead Trolls In A Baggie Episode 1 Part 1 zcdHsAyjV w f135 mp4
- Fellow big youtuber needs our help! 3WK YlKv0tQ
- Pewdiepie, Should Jokes be Crimes sjuCVf75O2k
- Onision How Many Copyright Content ID Claims Now U won't BELIEVE IT! 2 KKPxQC3Gc
- Channel Strike Update What Did Youtube Appeal Determine dupMFCLiFQc
- DaddyOFive Interview with Cody's REAL Mother 7eudecgDnN0
- DaddyOFive Convinces Cody He's Up For Adoption & Laughs Pt 2 0DKDZ5Z3RuY
- LEAVING SOON! & Very Scared ti76RrHdAZA
- DaddoOFive Emma Screams she wants to go home, but its EDITED OUT, pat 3 p6tFcLCJmCg
- DadddyOFive Cody & Emma's Mom, Rose, & Lawyer Interview! Part 3 y4uJPhX6nKo
- DaddyoFive KeemStar Interview Part 3 YsRexCKo2w8
- DaddyOFive Invisible Ink ABUSE prank Part 2 KcNuhiWirL4
- DaddyOFive Good Morning America Interview Lies, Acting, & Fakery Part 2 NdDWhpC7uTY
- DaddyOFive with Cody, breaks tablet Pt 3 NjvOu0lllBc
- DaddyOFive WHY this upsets me so much QfWHv SXngY
- Is DaddyoFive REALLY SORRY! Or is it FAKE M4K8F0bslXs
- DaddyOFive & Keemstar Interview Part 2 mOwUTtFsa0g
- Should I start a Patreon nOJPIodBNmw
- DaddyOFive After Keemstar Interview Excuses Part 2 Dm1FFZcQf8M
- Why Am I Losing Subscribers NuYaZJ8gNH8
- DaddyOFive pushes cody and gives bloody nose, breaks tablet Part 2 gxi1VeeX7Qg
- DadddyOFive Cody & Emma's Mom, Rose, & Lawyer Interview! Part 2 edAr6gPK8Dk
- DaddyOFive Forces Kids to SLAP Emma, because its just a prank! p0Hfs8qMmA
- WHAT is a Spurpinklebow! vbNFBWLBklc
- Getting sick, scared, and traveling in 10 minutes Lets get REAL jfdP4raOAto
- DaddyOFve BLAMEs Philip DeFranco Prt 2 5nwAaPWfdRM
- DaddyOFive CONTINUES mocking son for SELF HARD! j9wC8dbpg9E
- DaddyOFive Emma & Cody's Bio Mom & Lawyer Speak! f4zzNk7Vd0w
- Kid in Hail Storm Doesn't Give an EFF! Viral Video f TU6HaQV78
- Onision Threatens to Sue Me & Keemstar lol Ni1yr53izjQ
- DaddyOFive MAKES Alex SLAP Emma for FUN! Part 3 8U47c cZA0Q
- My Car Broke Down On The Freeway on the way to my BIG doc appointment! 6NQalSPqQkk
- DaddyOFive pushes cody and gives bloody nose, breaks tablet Pt 4 2OlI6UzsEXM

No. 401846

Thanks for documenting this, Anon. You're a good man*, and thorough.

(* As applicable, but I do hate to waste a good Lebowski reference.)

No. 401853

File: 1507697318065.png (127.2 KB, 750x864, IMG_7337.PNG)

I know this is joys thread, but I was googling lolcow bc 2lazy5me and I saw this…. why the fuck is chambers using lolcow and KF to sell her shitty tshirts. This is fucking blasphemy. And all for the supercheap price of $21.99 this heresy can be yours. Gtfo out chambers.

Sage for OT

No. 401864

I swear you people really know how to make my night at times. I will savor this screenshot forever! LOL! Long Live LOLCow!

No. 401890

File: 1507712961088.png (31.31 KB, 624x583, good god no.PNG)

Just having a look through her Patreon reward tiers.

Not going to lie, $50 a month seems like a small price to pay to make sure people stop calling me.

Just when I think her arrogance can't be topped, she goes ahead and tops it again.

Saged for indignant outrage over something likely to be old news.

No. 401896


That shit goes on the spergleberry thread here tps://lolcow.farm/snow/res/336585.html

What does that shit looking shirt have anything to do with this thread? Google must hate you if that's what it returned since it doesn't have anything to to with Joysus in it. This looks like a blatant self post and poster needs to GTFO and stop dumping her trash in here. Dump it in the proper thread where it belongs.

No. 401908

No shit, maybe we can take this voicemail greeting to Shark Tank to promote the only effective way to eliminate 99.9% of telemarketing calls. We'll be making it rain in no time

No. 402055

Just stopping by to see if Joybese has claimed to be one of Harvey Weinstein's victims yet?

No. 402121

Wouldn't surprise me if she was telling the sperglefucks about it and her sooper successful modeling career, or maybe she did marketing for him? Ha!

No. 402140

File: 1507747037462.jpg (1.94 MB, 2560x2560, PhotoGrid_1507746898942.jpg)

Speaking of marketing and modeling, small collage of some random greatest hits :

No. 402159


> upper level marketing management

Hehehehe…. I bet she was Amway or some other equally vapid MLM program. No way she was "upper level" anything in any real company. She has the mouth and manners of a crack whore.

No. 402165

Looks like her twitter is back lol

No. 402185


Jesus, just looked in as you happened to mention it. It's like opening the door on a spastic chainsaw massacre - wild flailing, much yelling, little impact. Holy crap.

No. 402206

Whats her handle is it a new one

No. 402207


You beat me to it. Yes, she meant to say "Multi-Level Marketing Management". Amway, Quixtar, Mary Kay, Primerica, Mobile Guru, Monat, etc.

No. 402210

No. 402211

thx fam :) for some reason on my search was not coming up

No. 402223

Of course she's back on Twitter already! 😂 It's been what, like a whole two days? Fuck sakes…

No. 402252


And, it's gone again.

No. 402316

No. 402319

No. Search for when spurpinkle bow "got terminated" around june/july, fan said they made it for her.

No. 402321

And we have Richard Stiles to thanks for all the uploads now kek.

No. 402372

She's making a private twitter just for her patrons and other asslickers like Cy

No. 402391

That's not surprising really. She's really pulling back into her hole now

No. 402560

He said he's going to send the adsense to her. With the way channels are being demonitized, across the board, she still ain't gonna get shit.

On another note, she's teaching her rabid stans how to play the victim.

No. 402937

Incoming Tinfoil:
Katie closed her channel because one of the following:

Tim conlon hired Kati to do youtube/ marketing videos. (He referenced working together in the future in that voicemail she released).

Roommate finally wished up and kicked her saggy ass out.

No. 402938

Dumb. There's no need for tinfoil when it's so obvious that she did it to hide disappearing money and silence criticism.

No. 402996


I heard rumors that she taken it down because the channel got two strikes and closing the channel down was her way of avoiding a third strike; which would permanently terminate the account.

No. 403020

If dom had kicked her out, that would have just been another thing for her exaggerate about, making up some sob story about gov. conspiracy to keep her down and they lost the apt., just like it's the gov. fault she's sick because they're poisoning the water and food. Or the "big bad bullies on the internet made it so unsafe they had to move, she wont be talking about rm anymore, for his safety." blah blah blah…

And what would Tim conlon's offer have anything to do with dom?

She took her channel down because she got caught and there's too much evidence for her to spin a sappy narrative to the contrary. More fans were getting snapped on by her when asking legit questions. She straight up lied about Peter monn refusing to talk to her and he came out and said he's never refused to talk to anyone and she tried to backtrack and say "oh, he didn't want to talk on the phone."(from cys stream)
Only the degenerate and new ones have stayed. This was to secure her echo chamber of ass kissers and fools who give her money.

No. 403077

File: 1507912961574.jpg (222.97 KB, 938x916, IMG_20171013_123858.jpg)

Agreed. She would absolutely love the opportunity to whine about living out of her and another abusive partner that did her dirty and left her for dead.

Speaking of another person doing her dirty, I wonder how much of her general shit talk is low key shade at dom. Like that time she complained about the other tenants in the building smoking pot and aggravating her breathing problems, that turned out to be him as the culprit. She probably plays mind games with him like that all the time.

No. 403491

Her channel had two strikes??

No. 403555

What started the herpes thing? It just seemed to explode all of a sudden and everyone seems to talk about it like it's a fact.

Does some kind nonny feel like catching me up? Thanks in advance!

No. 403566

File: 1507972204889.png (50.28 KB, 592x529, 2017-10-14 10_09_40-Barry on T…)

From what I understand, one of her old friends revealed that in a message on fb she told them she had herpes. They haven't posted proof so it really is just a rumour. It kinda blew up on twitter.

No. 403578

Peter Monn was on YouNow a few hours ago reading out his Twitter DMs with Joy. He states that Joy's claim that Peter refused to talk with her is untrue. Several of these moments were captured - https://www.younow.com/petermonn

No. 403582

Thank you for posting this - basically Joy said to Peter that she wants to speak on Skype, because that would mean he didn't have proof of lies and bullshit she could spout to him. If it's via DM he has the proof. She does that ALL THE TIME - refuse to go via DMs and wants to skype.

No. 403593

is there no way to record skype calls? She recorded that Chambers phone call, why couldn't Peter Monn record their conversation?

No. 403602


Again, I'm just going by rumors I've heard. I have nothing that can confirm that claim.

No. 403606

It's unlikely he would. Peter doesn't even know how to insert clips into his videos. People are less likely to record calls where it's seen as being sneaky (Joy recorded the Chambers call because she KNOW EXACTLY that calls can be a great way to call people out) whereas anyone is able to just bring up past DMs.

No. 403616

It would be a real shame if someone ever did that to her and caught her out in her lies…….

No. 403694

It would be a cryin shame if someone did. Such an invasion of her privacy!

Best show would be if she'd get on stream with jim.

No. 403796

I like how Peter said that Joy should sometimes be teachable when it comes to constructive criticism. I started watching his videos when he made his first one on Joy and thought he was actually kind to her. If she would have taken some of his advice and even some advice here she could have turned her channel around.. but she doesn't because she thinks she's right and anyone who has anything but ass licking to say to her are deemed 'haters'. She will be her own demise. I'm actually curious as to what she does with her days now that she's not pumping out 10 videos a day and sending out 200 tweets an hour.

No. 403850

I don't know if you were aware of why Joy really left, but TommyC who she spoke about in her last stream with cy(used to host baited podcast with keem and knows scarce and clown) said if she didn't knock her bs off a drama alert would be made on her, scarce would pick it up and every one on YouTube would know about her.

He stated that they had been watching her bs for a while and the threats to rose had tipped it over the edge.

Watch from 11:00 mins

No. 403858


srs bsnss

No. 403866

this guy is so cringy

No. 403867


he should do cartoon voice overs. he wouldn't even need to change his voice.

No. 403881

Uhh, the herpes thing came from Kati's own mouth. Basically she got her IUD because her 'abusive' boyfriend who 'left her for dead, that she desperately wanted to marry and has cryingly told us of the plans she was making to try to keep them financially sound, didn't like wearing condoms.

Phil recently confirmed that she absolutely was having consensual anal sex with, she wondered to Phil how much was normal for a guy to want anal sex and if it meant her 'abusive' boyfriend was gay, so it's not a stretch to think if he was talking her into anal sex regularly that she didn't enjoy he probably talked her into P in the va G sex while not wearing a condom. It's speculated Kati chose the ParaGuard IUD because it's 99% effective at preventing pregnancy up to 5 days later.

As Kati told us: After she got the IUD, for the purpose of having unprotected sex, she saw red bumps all over her crotch around her mashed potatoes that she thought were Herpes. She never got them checked out and after a while they went away, you know. . .just like how Herpes go into remission?; but Kati tells us that because all the red bumps went away that means they aren't Herpes and must ge a side effect of the IUD, and we all know how scholarly Kati's medical opinion is.

Phil was saying, in his response video to Janus Zeal's 'decoration' of war, that Kati heavily suspected her boyfriend was sleeping around but that she herself wasn't being faithful either.

In everything we've ever heard pertaining to Kati's past she would persue sex aggressively, it was one of the few things in life that made her feel worthwhile and happy, and she had an extremely casual carefree attitude towards sex seemingly thinking it was natural to flirt with everyone all the time and had no problem taking it further if she felt like it.

Her entire 'women put their lives on the line every time they have sex', 'I don't care if I ever have sex again', puritanical attitude towards sex and personal grooming related to others finding you attractive is a recent development since her boyfriend 'left her for dead'. Just go look at her YouNow with 'DustyBalls' where she's posing her face, leading him on the whole time, revelling in his drunken drooling over her looks. That's the real Kati.

Ask yourself: Does Kati seem like the type of person who would have Herpes and not know, spreading it around despit seeing an outbreak and never getting tested?
Also, givin what we know of her history how likely do you think this is on a scale of 'zero' to 'I can't believe this stupid bitch'?

No. 403920

so she was threatened with all the attention she had so desperately been chasing and baiting and that made her freak out and go radio silence? lol nah.

No. 403950

>said if she didn't knock her bs off a drama alert would be made on her, scarce would pick it up and every one on YouTube would know about her.
>every one on YouTube would know about her.

As punishment for fucking up, let me grant you your greatest dream. TommyC just became the MakeAWish Foundation for munchies.

No. 404015

Thats what she wanted from the beginning. Publicity from the big guys. Also didn't Keem help her get a strike removed? So Kati thinks she and he are BFF's.

The best thing to do is just ignore her and she will go away. She does enough to herself to fuck herself up.

No. 404024

Her twitter account has been reactivated again

No. 404025

>TommyC just became the MakeAWish Foundation for munchies.

I don't understand what you mean. Care to explain?

No. 404039

Y'all giving Tommy C about 500% more credit than he should be given. He threatened her a month ago and it went mostly unnoticed.

He's cringy, embarrassing, speaks like an extra from Sesame Street, and only has 31k subs. He's using his affiliation with Keemstar as a weapon, and Kati has already "faced off" with way bigger channels. This isn't at all her MO.

We know why she left. She ran because of the realization that the internet doesn't forget and rarely forgives.

No. 404090

>"We know why she left. She ran because of the realization that the internet doesn't forget and rarely forgives"

Perfectly put and why she and her freak cronies believe poor Kati is just being picked on, harassed and taken out of context. She very rarely apologizes and when she does, its usually for something trivial and/or on a patron stream or random stream or half assed apologies.

There's likely no coming back from some things, like exploitating child abuse, especially when she still uses it as a marketing tool. A normal person would finally get it after 47786367224 video comments, telling her it's shitty.

Not to mention all the lies. Like denying mental illness but later claiming it, then again having it, then not. I'll stop there before going back into the rabbit hole.

So yeah, she's done herself in. Sooner or later those patrons will be tired of paying her to talk about her illnesses, haterz and YT toxicity, and realize their money would be better spent on legitimate charities or even flushed down the toilet. To use one of her own (and gross) quotes, Kati is the turd in the punch bole.

No. 404369

Ah, so that's where she gets it from.

No. 404379

No. 404408

Dear lord, my life has been made. I couldn't be more pleased with the additional related videos

No. 404418

Look it's time we just stop talking about her, she is irreverent. Peters video did nothing new, it shared no new information.
She will never be a beloved YouTuber, her career is dead. Everyone on the platform who is anyone either hates her or doesn't know who she is. Us talking about her doing this or that is only feeding the beast. She is done, she is nobody. The only people to care about her are mental cases.

No more she activated twitter, no more videos on her, no more subscribing to her patreon. Let Joy Sparkle BS die. Kati cant handle the real world so this might be the push she needs to get real proper mental help.

No. 404424

it's been such a long time since ive checked in on joy. glad to see she's still a mess kek

No. 404439

Btw her twitter is up though

No. 404447

btw pls sage.
Anon was saying let's not bother with small stupid details anymore, eg 'she activated her twitter again'
the cow is dead, long live the cow.

No. 404451

Wtf? Her twitter has been back for 24 hours and no activity as far as I can see. Why do I feel like this is the eye of the storm?

No. 404452

Why do people like peter monn so much? I'm seven minutes into his latest joy video and he still hasn't made a point. Seriously this dude babbles more than sparkles.

No. 404460

Long live our giver of milk Joyous!
The time has come to lay the cow to rest,
Out of many threads, this was never the best
We shall lay yee to rest now,
May the angels forever watch over and whisper Sweet nothings to our beloved cow.

No. 404464

Are you sure it's time? She's been a faithful source of calcium for ten months …

No. 404468


I think it's quite telling how none of her supporters have gone running to bray praise/love at her since she reactivated the Twitter account. Not even so much as a 'OMG - you're back!' Goes to show how much they care.

Try queefing into the wind, Joy! I'm sure once they get a whiff of the stench emanating from your unwashed nethers, they'll come a running!

No. 404508

You sound an awful lot like one of her supporters.

Unfortunately, you don't get to call the shots. If you don't support talk of her, it's easier for you to simply not come here.

There hasn't been joy milk lately, but it's way too early on to say it's over, especially when she is dipping in and out of Twitter. I agree she is done, but that won't stop her from doing damage, especially while she continues to have patrons. She won't be getting the mental help she needs while she continues to get paid.

No. 404510

Not yet.
She's using twitter to test the waters. There's content brewing in her head and I can almost feel the vitamin D provide my body with the nutrition it needs.
Her hand is reaching out and almost touching the record button. It's coming

No. 404576

Thank you. I was thinking the exact same thing. Weird how once she reactivated her twitter a comment like that appears on her lolcow thread. I personally don't think she's done. I have a feeling she's seeing how much she can milk out of her patreons and once she can't scam money from them she will come back to YouTube. She's not done. She's far from done.

No. 404610


She's like a villian in a horror movie. You think she's dead but she just keeps coming back.

No. 404612

Agreed. Like every other time before she tested out the waters first. I doubt she’s gained any self awareness but I think she thinks if she just “takes a little more time off” she’ll be able to come back as though nothing happened. Incidentally to the earlier anon who said she’s itching to press that record button? Hell her stanky mashed potatoes are probably getting so cheesed (pun definitely intended) at the mere thought of uploading and waiting for the asspats it probably looks and smells as chunky as 7 day old milk.

No. 404678

there was a younow stream about an hour ago


No. 404679

She was on younow today

I guess she's healthy now or something and she has actual color in her skin. She's been outside a lot with the dog.

She's been teaching the dog to sing. It actually seems like a good situation tbh, a therapy dog in a way.

If she does come back it may be in about 6 months to a year, and it's be a new name new channel, clean slate etc.

She says that she talks on autopilot and didn't realize that when that happened she would try to manipulate people (she didn't use the word but "make up people's minds for them")

She's pretending ain't shit happen, won't discuss it, is downplaying it and ofc she just wishes everyone luck in life.

Also the internet is evil for demanding her show what she said she'd show. I guess someone tried to find and dox her doctor.

Blah blah blah…

No. 404742

She says that she talks on autopilot and didn't realize that when that happened she would try to manipulate people (she didn't use the word but "make up people's minds for them")

How does her audience not realize she knows exactly what to say and per usual is giving them exactly what they want to hear? We all know she’s only saying that to seemingly “admit” some fault, whilst never really assuming responsibility (cuz again autopilot so she wasn’t even thinking so how could she possibly be held responsible?) Joy is guisingly intelligent (according to Joy, the oracle of all things, it’s academic intelllect from the alpha to the omega) and she is manipulative AF. Now that she’s “assumed responsibility” for “making up their minds” she’s displaying “insight” (she’s displaying an immense amount growth for one week kek,) while simultaneously showing how generous and what a martyr she is by giving the “haters” some credit, like she had some eureka moment, while still being able to claim “they’re WAY too harsh” (cuz how dare the net demand proof of X when you’ve claimed X and are seeking $ for X.) Notwithstanding she refuses to discuss anything so you either accept what she’s saying, and if you do you believe she had an epiphany and presumably will be more conscious not to “make up their minds” in the future, and if you don’t you need to gtfo of the echo-chamber cuz “her block game is strong.” She couldn’t have manipulated that situation better if she tried. JFC she never ceases to amaze me… then again my brain doesn’t think like that.

No. 404743

Damn those are some seriously cool floor plans and amenities for this prices holy shite! Damn b she lives obscenely well for one without a job. Wtf is she always bitching about? This is some seriously effed up shite.

No. 404746

Just like she doxed herself on Phil’s stream she was the one who doxed her “Dr” in her “My brain is sick” vid. She said the NPH’s name was Amanda Chaney in Kansas City and recommends anyone who’s ill to go see her. I believe this is one of the vids Richard Stiles uploaded for her.

No. 404775

Call me crazy, but I find it suspicious that whenever there's talk of letting this thread just die, kati has to pop her head out of her stanky hole, that way there can be more discussion about her.

No. 404778

Does anyone know if there’s any truth to the rumor that Kati is an addict? Idk and don’t want to speculate especially about something like that but I was wondering if there was a med or psychfag who may be able to give some insight.

So many people, specifically former addicts, (if anyone knows, they do) have said they’ve seen signs of addiction; people have pointed out she’s perkier when she has X and is in withdrawal and bitchy when she’s out, a few have said they’d noticed her eyes pinned (I haven’t but that’s huge if true,) and it still bothers me how she got that much Lyrica (all the “samples”) from a Dr who’d never seen her, nor had she been diagnosed with something. I’m not saying sample packs aren’t given but they’re sample packs for a reason: to give it a go and if it works prescribe and if not nothing’s lost (there’s just something fishy there cuz she had 3/4 of a vitamin bottle white is a shite ton of pills but I can’t put my finger on it.) However obviously virginal Kati would never touch anything but marijuana and that was only one time in Canada where she swore on stream it was legal and that’s the only reason she did it. Then after much debate, even after Canadians told her it was illegal, she finally conceded and then said that she didn’t like the way it made her feel (remember this is the girl who said she didn’t like the way CBD oil made her feel yet CBD doesn’t have any active cannabanoids.) Unfortunately kek I didn’t see her “Am I An Addict” vid cuz I knew it was just going to be a redundant 20 minutes of her saying “no,” notwithstanding it was pure clickbait, however on every stream where drugs have been mentioned, she’s always sworn up and down that pot’s the only thing she’s ever tried and she “didn’t like the way it made her feel.” As she put it, “I like to be in control and I don’t like anything that would make me feel out of control and do something…”. Yes Kati: we know you dig control but many addicts also think they are in control of their situation too but that’s mere fantasy… sort of like the fairy tale story of a life you’ve lived replete with villains and heroes. Oh and I don’t mean to stereotype but with the kind of music her ex husband Taho made/makes it wouldn’t shock me if he’s experimented (if he did X she did too cuz although she may see herself as a leader, she’s just a follower, nothing more.)

No. 404784

You are not suppose to dox where they live and dox roomates info.

No. 404787

Yea shouldn’t that post be deleted or is there any way it can be? We certainly don’t need to give her any ammunition.

No. 404799

I'm going to have to point out that this apartment complex seems to be a part of section 8. Not only are the apartments obscenely cheap (you get what you pay for,) but the reviews are horrible. https://www.apartmentratings.com/ok/oklahoma-city/brookwood-village_405691266173139/#
It simply goes to show that she associates with dregs of society. Oh, and lets not forget that it proves how much Meal Check, or roommate, if you must, is struggling financially. I could imagine he would have a nicer place if not for carrying her dead weight.

No. 404802


i'm a recovering opiate addict and tbh: no. i've never seen any signs of addiction in her. it's just more anon bullshit.

No. 404804

"Does anyone know if there’s any truth to the rumor that Kati is an addict? Idk and don’t want to speculate especially about something like that but I was wondering if there was a med or psychfag who may be able to give some insight."

As a former addict I'm 95% sure she is. It looks like opaite from my experience. Which are pain meds like Hydrocodone and Oxycodone. Below is a post I made 9 days ago. I'm not sure if you saw this or not.

I always thought she was addicted to pain meds. She has all of the symptoms of taking them (like she is on speed and feeling like she is on top of the world, insomnia) and the withdraws (not caring, being a slob, nausea, Diarrhea, joint and muscle pains, always feeling cold/her hoodie, anxiety, runny nose, Abdominal cramping, Low energy, Confusion "brain fog"). With addiction is obviously several mental issues.
I was on some high powered stuff for a long time, I know what its like and what to look for. She has said in several streams that she hasn't taken any of that, which I don't believe in the slightest. If she was in as much pain as she states, she would have tried pain meds.

If she is, I really hope she gets help. Its hard as hell to come off of. Her way of living looks like it too.

No. 404807

You linked a different apartment complex then what was posted. That’s not Summit Pointe Apartments.

No. 404811

my mistake, the reviews are still piss poor however.

No. 404813

A. Congratulations on getting clean! That’s not easy.
B. Clinically I’ve thought all of those symptoms could be related to addiction but I don’t know enough about it and I’ve never wanted to speculate.
C. She says she’s been in a 10/10 pain, which we all know isn’t true, but if she was in 10/10 she’d be begging for IV dilauded. I’m prefacing the subsequent sentence with a saged apology: before I got sick I swore I’d never do anything but pot but when I was sick enough to be hospitalized (not like these asshats who go when they stub their itsy bitsy toe,) and was in that much pain, I didn’t know what they were giving me at the time, and tbh I was in so much pain I didn’t care nor did I even think about “my rule.” All I cared about was getting rid of the pain and I didn’t care how they did it so her saying she has this enormous amount of pain that just cannot be touched by any medication (which she has stated) is absolute BS. How would she know that no medication would touch her pain if she’s never tried opiates? I’m pulling a GW- “that does not make sense.”
D. Sage for self post, an asspat, and rote rage

No. 404892

Do you think that her account was shutdown by YouTube for strikes and not by her which is why she doesn't plan on coming back as Joy Sparkles Bs but as another name and whole new content? She lies about absolutely everything so I wouldn't put it past her to lie about her account and what really happened with it.

No. 404908


If youtube had shut it down, they would have displayed a shame message when you tried to go to the account or any of it's videos. (e.g. "this account closed because account holder was an asshole" type message). YouTube definitely did not close her account. She did it (either as moving it to hidden or deleting it).

No. 404917

From what many have said it’s privated.

No. 404919

File: 1508214433600.jpg (1.2 MB, 2048x2048, IMG_0623.JPG)

I'm bored and thought I'd make this after seeing her moments from the latest YouNow stream. I'm a petty cunt, I know. But the difference is disturbing.

No. 404933

That’s a serious decline for just nine months, I mean massive!

No. 404961

I'll be crazy right there with you

you're seeing it because you're looking for it. I simply don't buy she's an addict, esp since everything you list is vague as fuck - most of it is common mental illness stuff, and some of it is (IIRC) bullshit that she just flatout made up, eg brain fogs

No. 404978

I really liked how she was so quick to delete her channel to protect her and her friends, but when questioned why she didnt delete her other 2 channels she said she didnt want to lose those analytics also. That doesnt make any sense at all to me. She contradicts herself (image that). If she was so eager to protect everyone she would have deleted everything ASAP all at once. So she deleted her analytics that she didnt know that it would delete, and she didnt delete the other 2 channels because she didnt want to delete the analytics that she thought wouldn't be deleted. What? LOL Does she even realize that she is telling on herself with that statement. And how many times does she say "Does that make any sense?"? Its like she is fishing for a bullshit response to her stans that they want to hear, if that doesn't please then, then she will talk in circles again to get another bullshit reply to then or bring up something completely irrelevant to change the subject. Not that her stans would dare question her or think for themselves. THANK GOD she forgives herself and has completely changed so much in one week! I bet there are a ton of colleges and universities out there that are really upset that they do not have access to her channel anymore because they were using it as a case study for their Psychology Department.

No. 404979

that seems to make sense. Something else is up because now that she can see people would prefer she steps back and gets help over begging to see her return fast, I would have thought she would be back by now. Then again, who knows what is happening among patrons. I have truly zero doubt that she will be back, and it seems like something else (legal) is up.

No. 405004


When trying to access a video on her channel, I get this message.

'This video is no longer available because the uploader has closed their Youtube account'.

So, yeah - no deletion; just closed.

No. 405005


Outside of the hair, I really don't see much of a difference.

No. 405011

That is so sad….how she first says "It's GONE, DELETED!!1!1" and then says "oooo I don't nuuu about youtewb rules hehe I think it's deleted!" ….so funny how when criticizing others, she is a social media maven pioneer who has been involved in all industries since 2002, but when it's something she could be accountable for: "I'm so new to the online internet whole world hehe!"

No. 405022

And, twitter is privated again.

No. 405039

Utterly shocking that nobody has relayed the recent and incredibly important update (I almost skipped saging) that JOY HAS BOUGHT NEW SWEATPANTS AND SWEATSHIRT. Seriously, thank gawd she has clean clothing again. No wonder she is so pleasant in that stream.

Of course she also had to mention how she's been so sick this week.

No. 405164

> Its like she is fishing for a bullshit response to her stans that they want to hear,

That's exactly what she's doing. Best was when she said she couldn't answer jaclyn's question because she "didn't know what she wanted to hear" kati doesn't know how to be honest. It's all about what she can say to be liked, and logical people won't ever like the bitch.

No. 405347

There was probably something in her twitter that she needed access to, like a private conversation or an old tweet, and once she got it she deactivated again. She will be back on there and active within a week, looking for asspats and attention for being such a good girl and fucking off for a while.

Did anyone capture the younow stream and mirror it on youtube?

No. 405395

She's live on Younow and her twitter is back but who she follows and who follows her is hidden on her twitter. I think she needs to go through her twitter to livestream which is why she keeps activating and deactivating it.

No. 405396

That weirdo Richard Stiles has her Younow up on his YouTube.

No. 405402

it's your fault i'm not giving you the info you're asking for because you don't really want it.

….people buy this shit?

No. 405404

Yep. And she said she doesn't owe anyone her analytics and she was choosing to show it. She's a damn monster. You USED those poor children's abuse for views. You didn't give a rats ass about them or their mother and it's evident on how you behaved like a spoiled brat. You made a court case and situation that had ZERO to do with you, all about you. You acted like you were the victim in all this when those children's lives were turned upside down.. and you exploited it to line your pockets. You're disgusting Joy.

No. 405410

File: 1508313881963.png (120.15 KB, 750x1082, IMG_2272.PNG)

Kati definitely doesn't read or listen to anything her fans say. This girl said she's taking her mom to chemo early so she has to get some sleep.. Joy responds 'okay have fun girl!' Because, ya know, chemo is such a great time.

No. 405430

Right on. Her dipshits that fluff her ego encourage her to keep things private because it's "nobody's business." I'd normally agree with that but she isn't a normal situation and she constantly contradicts herself, doing more harm than any "conspiracy theories and rumors" could. Even still, many people would question a situation where someone outright declines profiting off of abuse, repeatedly, then claims abuse videos will be monetized for charitable donations, then backs out of that as well. Then there's all the wild health claims. She's made quite a mess for herself and has no shame when getting caught with her hand in the cookie jar.

If her fans prefer denial and want to ignore what's right in front of their faces, that's their choice, but what's wrong is wrong and they shouldn't interfere with the truth and holding her accountable.

No. 405445

YN stream blurbs (via her moments) for anyone unable to watch. In short, more of the same BS and delusions she's been giving :

She knows she needs a thick skin to deal with the lies but isn't quite there yet

People will bring things up and say "remember you did this" and the lack of forgiveness is frustrating

She's in a place where she says to herself she forgives people that hurt her and forgives herself, over and over

Her channel being 75% demonetized discouraged her but the biggest reason she deleted it was the harrassement. There's horrible people that want her gone and to hurt her and the people around her, for a channel that can't go anywhere til it's fixed(monetization?) it's not worth the harrassement or roommate's job

There's non-stop lies and people could easily reach out and ask for the evidence

She personally did not take in donations, all of what she took in was ad revenue

Content creators just want to create more drama to drag her

Response to suggestion of creating an analytics chart to post on Twitter and not respond: people will say it's doctored, she has to think in internet, and as damned either way

Response to someone saying that nobody deserves so much hate, even if they ask for it:
She doesn't want to be a whiner and compare herself to others, but others have done far worse and all is forgotten and moved on but not with her, she has theories as to why

Response to YT being dog-eat-dog / drama gets views:
She made the right decision by leaving YT,
She loves it but content creators have made it so toxic.

Mentions smaller YouTuber and her dms being open, they didn't write her because they didn't want to know the truth. They want views, attention and subs

No. 405449

>but others have done far worse and all is forgotten and moved on but not with her, she has theories as to why
Anyone putting money on those theories being something along the lines of "everyone who hates me is involved with pedophiles"?

No. 405456

Good call, that's something she would say for sure.

No. 405472

Whether her analytics are anyone's business is moot at this point since SHE SAID she would show them and claims to have shown them twice to her patrons.

No. 405787

I was talking to a guy i know last night who claims that after so many years of anal sex, his partner now has to wear diapers.

If kati had as much anal with her ex as she claims, it might explain the chronic diarrhoea.

Sage for being a petty prick.

No. 405789

Your friend is a liar, there is no evidence that anal sex causes bowel incontinence. If prolonged anal sex occurs than a prolapse might happen but because it doesn't affect the actual sphincter there is no chance of bowel incontinence. This goes to show you know very little about the human body or intercourse.

Go away you child

No. 405797

Looks as though anon might have … struck a nerve?

Hit a little close to home?

No. 405802

I practice anal sex with my partners. What he said is incorrect. Anal sex is safe if done properly.

Lets change the subject, all the 12 year olds are getting boners.

No. 405811

>safe if done properly
They were talking about Joy.

I'd love to change the subject, but unfortunately I'm not going to give the bitch money in order to see what she's up to with her sad little party of patrons, so until she comes out of her nasty little diarrhea closet, we'll have to amuse ourselves.

No. 405827

Has anyone been checking out theblargh lately? Iirc, another anon a thread or two back had their tinfoil hat and was talking about possible connections between the blargh and Kati.

Bit of a reach, but since there's no new Kati milk I had a look at their account. Out of the last sixteen uploaded videos, twelve have something to do with Onion. Their activity has dipped again as well (did that happen last time Kati ran away from home with only a handkerchief full of patreons? I wasn't paying attention).

Consider this a tumbleweed for this milkless desert.

No. 405834

I think that was officially killed weeks ago, even though it was a fun little tinfoil to don for a while.
The Blargh is definitely not Kati, but they are friends and they may or may not have some IRL connection (but it's more likely they just hit it off online because they're both addicted to drama). I was personally more fond of the conspiracy theory that The Blargh was roomie. That was a fun one.

It's a bit sad, even her spergs aren't tweeting about her anymore. Did they all abandon ship, or have they sworn an oath of secrecy? Stay tuned for the next manic episode.

No. 405839

Aw man, I was fond of it being Roomie as well. I think we all give them too much credit; I doubt any of them actually have the capacity to do half of it.

At least the 'fan' twitter is still going strong. How is there even a fan account in existence? Kati isnt Batman. What has she done to even get a fan to make a 'fan account'?

No. 405899

File: 1508426949085.png (116.38 KB, 553x715, Do5 E.png)

What she's telling her patrons she earned from her Do5 vids.

No. 405913

And again, the "calculation" was done after she deleted those videos with millions of views. Because, as we all now know (well, those who have a youtube channel and have deleted their own video(s) or have the most basic and rudimentary understanding of how databases work already knew), when you delete something like a channel or a video, you no longer have access to the analytics.

to reiterate, the most relevant videos which probably garnered the most revenue because they were the most viewed were deleted BEFORE she did the pateron stream showing her earnings and she no longer had access to the analytics from those videos once she deleted them.

in other words, she is being deliberately dishonest and misleading her patrons and fans regarding her earnings from the daddy of 5 videos.

No. 405949

Exactly and I love her excuse re: memory problems and “forgetting Spurpinkle Bow.” The hilarity is that if she actually had any of the issues she’s claimed (i.e., memory fog or “what it’s like living with memory problems,” etc.,) she’d know from experience that people with chronic illness, including people with memory problems, need to learn to make adjustments in their lives depending on what they’re dealing with in order to continue living their lives (i.e., if she actually had fibro she wouldn’t be able to sit comfortably in one position without making any adjustments (and certainly wouldn’t be able to jump around like a maniacal witch) and if she really has been dealing with such severe memory problems for as long as she says (remember her friend did have to write when to take her Lyrica so she wouldn’t forget cuz it’s not like they have pill reminder apps or anything,) she’d have made some adjustments like using a day planner app or JFC post-its at the very least. But Joy wouldn’t know cuz she hasn’t actually experienced the illnesses and symptoms she’s described. Moreover I find her excuse spurious at best because she forgot one of her channels? One that has vids entitled “What the hell is a Spurpinkle Bow?” Really Joy? Even when you also have another channel called “SpurpinkleBow Backup” and that’s the one you forgot? So you remembered “Joy Sparkle Eff It” but forgot the one with two channels essentially having the same name. Sure Joy.

No. 405974

this is doing my head in. Obvious problems with it aside, I don't recall her ever apologizing for anything before let alone admitting fault.

No. 406021

she probably got Dom his job by pretending to be a reference which led him back to school and that's why he tolerates this shit. also, he's probably rarely home if he's working and going to school. she claims to pay utilities (and if they are in an apartment, sometimes (commonly, water) is included in the price of rent.) so she's paying for her usages.

also, he didn't buy you clothes because he's a good guy, he bought them because he doesn't want you wearing his shit, dumbass.

No. 406111

It’s a feigned apology just like she “forgives” everyone who’s harmed her. She’s trying to appear humble and for her echo chamber it works, they believe this BS.

No. 406127

>>405802 Uhh, you might want to read up on that. Recent studies indicate a correlation between receiving anal sex regularly and a weakening of the sphincter muscle over time causing issues with fecal incontinence.

As Phil recently stated Kati was engaging in consensual anal sex with Daniel so regularly that she was asking Phil how often was normal for a guy to want anal sex and wondered if how frequently he wanted it meant that Daniel is gay (No, Kati. If you're a guy who's only sexually attracted to other men it means you're gay).

It's gross but very possible that some of the issues she has where she describes needing to eat cheese every single day and avoiding vegetables are due to issues with incontinence stemming from a chronically weakened sphincter muscle. It's possible that some of her issues with 'chronic diarrhea' are simply because her sphincter muscle can't maintain closure during routine bowel functioning.

From how careless and ill informed Kati always is and what little we know of Daniel, and Kati's recent rebranding of it as 'anal rape', it doesn't sound at all like they were paying much attention to her safety during their anal exploits.

No. 406154

>>405949 'Spurpinklebow backup' isn't her channel. It was made by one of her fans after Do5 fans got Spurpinkle Bow taken down with mass flagging. After Spurpinkle Bow went back up this fan had been so distraught at the idea those videos could have been gone they asked Kati if they could make a back up channel for it and mirror all the videos from Kati's Spurpinkle Bow channel.
They didn't keep up on it though and it's just one spurt of uploading whatever they could 3 months ago. Doesn't look like they maintain it. They only responded to 2 of the maybe a dozen comments on the whole channel, 1 to say they aren't Joy and the other asking if someone can tell Kati the channel exists.

No. 406192

She is such a dumbass. Those patrons are gullible and don't need proof shown to them, they don't acknowledge anything aside from what joy says. She could literally grab one of her takeout receipts and show it on stream and say it's her bank statement with donation deductions and they would believe it, even though it says pizza hut on it.

It's the rest of us that need convincing and she just had an opportunity to show she isn't a rotten slag anymore, by telling the truth.
She has been reminded repeatedly about all her antics so the "I forgot" doesn't work.

My brain fog is brutal, to the point where I've forgotten where I was driving, but I sure as hell don't forget about owing someone money.

There is some good here and I will give her credit for it, she continues to make herself look like a scam artist and greedy piggy

No. 406217

one study with questionable methodology.
we're talking about someone who claimed to cure a tumor or whatever it was with some herbs usually used as pizza toppings. also, it's joy. she lies about everything all the time.

No. 406275


Oh, she's apologizes; but it's always an apology that is followed by a 'but…',

Every time she gives this form of apology, within seconds, she's either accusing people of being easily offended/taking her out of context/unable to take a joke (i.e. - her 'haters') or deflecting attention to someone else who she perceives as doing far worse than she has (i.e. - Onision) in order to make it seem like people are exaggerating about her own fuck ups or are unfairly targeting her while turning a blind eye to others.

No. 406321

She should also have calculated in more of the videos tbh, so many of them included D05 in the title and miss marketing pro intentionally used that child abuse case for gain, even the ones with her nonsense bickering with Chambers, nick and based should truly be counted in as well. She could have made the same videos without all the DO5 mentions and majority would know exactly what she was talking about if she just used their names specifically.

I wouldn't think the same for all youtubers that covered do5 but this situation is very different from most and even if others didn't have good intentions, it wasn't anywhere near what joy has done in her gross exploitation. For someone who claims to be abused and had a life very similar to cody's, she sure forgets about that pretty quickly when she uses the hell those kids had to live as her pay pig and a way to gain sympathy from her personal drama with others.

No. 406334

File: 1508508293313.jpg (32.99 KB, 595x210, who did this.jpg)

I miss her comment sections. Going through old screenshots is so funny.

No. 406478

I follow two cows, Onion and Joy. However when Joy got so insane I just sort of stopped attempting to keep up (the threads moved so fast) so I didn't check in on it all until like two days ago… And wow. In the month or so that I stopped keeping up with the drama she gained SO MUCH WEIGHT and clearly clung for dear life to that old excuse of "having to eat pizza" bc of her illness. I have Crohns and that bs pissed me off more than ANYTHING because it was just so factually untrue.

Anyways, since I'm not a newfag and since Joy deleted her channel (and I think Twitter?) I feel it's reasonable to request this:
The threads are way too long to sift through, could any anon provide a couple paragraph summary of the most important Joy drama over the past month or so? Like the stuff over roommates job, if they are dating, what Joy thinks/has said about her insane weight gain, why she deleted her channel?

I would REALLY appreciate a short comprehensive summary from someone who has kept up with it all. And inb4 "Lurk moar," if no one feels like it, that's fine but there's no harm in me asking.

No. 406740


well, she didn't admit fault. she blamed her ""memory problems"". she didn't take on any responsibility for it at all

No. 406805

it's kind of what >>406275 said. she'll apologise but it's like sorry for caring! or maybe I got something wrong but if I did it's (x)'s fault. I don't see either of those as apologies in any form, really.
when money has previously come up, she hasn't admitted any fault, in her maths or otherwise, she just kept insisting it was all good. now that she is safe from the general public, she admits some measure of fault. Sure, it's excused by the brain fog, but it's more than she ever said when she had to face her critics.
I take it as part of her campaign of martyrdom; now that she doesn't have to face anyone but her echo chamber, she can paint with bolder strokes and further inoculate her spergs against ideas of wrongdoing.

No. 406811


and nonapologies. sorry but is not an apology. and infamous example is the poo babies joke. first the non apology, then she rewrote the history to say the context was it was a response to the haters (she counts on her fantards not to go back and check. because if they did, they'd learn it most certainly was not the context at all. it stemmed from a conversation with roommate about "brown gingers" not about "haters")

the whole rewriting stuff is exactly what onision does, by the way. and she does the same exact thing of repeating it over and over so it seems true because you'd heard it before.

but i just don't understand why they call her onisheon! :D

No. 407427

A summary? You’re cute.

No. 407434

I intend to do a summary for that anon when I get around to it, someone used to do really great summaries every now and again and it was really useful. Usually they're way more comprehensive than the new thread summaries.

No. 407438

Thanks anon! Am that anon and appreciate it greatly! :D Glad you weren't a dick about it lol
Will be around to read it whenever you get the chance!

No. 407705


I'm the anon who seconds the anon who thanked the anon who said they'd write something up when asking an anonymous to provide a summary for other anons.

No. 407715

I'm the anon who agreed with the anon that seconded the anon who thanked the anon who said they'd write something up for the anon

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