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File: 1507509534015.jpg (281.51 KB, 1076x837, himr.jpg)

No. 400674

I think this guy has shown up a few times on /snow/ and /ot/ over the last few months and given recent events in his life, I think he deserves a thread of his own. HIMR/Daniel is 28 year old unemployed serial sexpat with either narcissistic personality disorder or autism (or both) who specializes in hitting and quitting 40 year old Japanese single moms. As of right now he's back in Japan, ostensibly to meet his latest online girlfriend except he immediately dumped her the day they met because he didn't find her attractive enough. They still had sex though. Due to his extremely forward and confessional style HIMR is also a favorite subject of r/hapas which constantly has threads devoted to psychoanalyzing him and his "happy hapa" persona.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_yIF-9jOge6nNA0z-ScrBQ
Twitter: https://twitter.com/rabbitlol666
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rabbitsatemyfamily/
DeviantArt: https://standardoil.deviantart.com/

Suggested videos:

Latest saga:

For people who have been following the r/hapas/EurasianTiger shitshow:

No. 400676

File: 1507509851172.jpg (250.06 KB, 1075x1006, tomo.jpg)

His (now ex-)girlfriend's channel.

She's is a total mess of a person who watched his channel, saw absolutely nothing wrong, and actively wanted to be in a relationship with him. Even now she defends him and says their one day together was the happiest day of her life.

No. 400682

This guy is definitely a narcissist and based on >>400676 is pretty experienced in finding insecure or mentally ill girls to trick and use for channel content. I have watched a few of his videos and the absurdity of it all is almost entertaining. It's like he has devoted his entire life to acting like a quirky, sex-obsessed outcast character in an anime (even has a Welcome to the NHK channel banner).

A lot of comments on his videos are people praising him and stuff, which is tragic, and feeding his narcissism directly.

No. 400798

File: 1507525380503.jpg (191.07 KB, 1330x560, hmm.jpg)

autism or narcissistic rage?

No. 400830

This dude is a sociopathic whack and it sickens me how many fans he's got.

In this video he says he doesn't want to date beautiful girls because they are like a pile of sugar and he is an ant that has to protect the sugar from all other animals and insects.
Then he says he will take shit instead because he won't have to protect it. Mentions an ex gf of his as "someone full of burn scars who attempted suicide by settting themselves on fire and couldn't even do that right."

And everyone in the comments are like "woow bro you are so right btw you look good."

No. 400835


i'm fucking screaming

inb4 she timed their meeting for maximum fertility

daniel's going to be a baby daddy

No. 400838

Polite sage for my very pointless aside, but his haircut makes him look like someone's mom.

No. 400841

File: 1507538413216.jpg (150.25 KB, 720x1218, IMG_20171009_103922.jpg)

No. 400856

lol this guy seems like elliot rodger, except this guy gets laid

No. 400857

Ugly glasses and hair aside, I guess he is moderately attractive so I'd say that is why he'd get laid that often.
He is definetly a sociopath but I don't really see how he hurts that many people - those single moms he ''dated'' had to know what they were getting into.

No. 400858

Maybe these women want to be “the one”. if he stays with them it means they’re everything the other women were not. I think it’s a defense mechanism on his part because he seems like a miserable person and apart from him being mildly attractive, he doesn’t have much to offer.

No. 400860

ah, if only women would stop giving these disgusting little boys their time,effort, love and sex

they'd either go full retarded incel or grow the fuck up and stop acting so entitled

No. 400872

>Gets bored one day
>Mass spams his HelloTalk contacts with pictures of penises
>Is aware he is breaking the rules and risking ban
>Gets banned
>"How dare they silence me, how dare they mute me from making comments, from posting moments. How dare they stop people from being able to see my moments. That's just so rude."

wew this autist.

No. 400874

File: 1507547798636.png (49.77 KB, 348x595, daniel.png)

He pumped and dumped Tomoko on Friday and he already had a new date on Sunday

No. 400875

File: 1507548194695.png (14.67 KB, 540x153, condoms.png)

He went soft with the half asian girl because he used a condom

No. 400959

but he's always rock hard when he might make a baby with a ~40 year old

No. 400965

>$200 frames
>thinking designer frames only cost that much
step it up little boy.

No. 400966

File: 1507564358777.png (673.82 KB, 918x360, catfish.png)

Daniel got catfished by Tomo. She claimed to be 28 but she's actually 41. She used lots of filters to hide her age.

No. 400970

holy shit kek

No. 400985

she doesn't look that different just looks like your average soft skin filter + aggressive angles (esp in her other pictures). honestly i don't know how he didn't see this coming

No. 401077

I really feel bad for that mentally unstable woman

No. 401078

It was obvious from her voice

No. 401278

File: 1507599962658.png (14.3 KB, 298x119, Capture.PNG)

She seems a bit nuts

No. 401282

no suicide forest pls

No. 401320

she seems like a complete brainwashed airhead
why do people want to be brainwashed airheads who's existence is none other to please some ugly ass dude?

also what was he expecting? no one has milky white blemish free skin with a perfect slim smooth v line in real life, well naturally

No. 401323

>>Gets catfished
>>Still fucks her

No. 401325

lol wtf?
why didn't he run from her before even meeting? this is so weird

No. 401326

File: 1507607705747.png (76.08 KB, 587x423, Screen Shot 2017-10-09 at 8.51…)

uhhh found her twitter

>still he is living in my side

confirmed preggo

No. 401386

lol tgere is a video where he says how he won't show pictures of his ex gfs because he respects their privacy

and then he decides to sell them for $3

No. 401501

Not only that, but he fucked her raw and came inside her 3 times.

No. 401617

File: 1507662286914.jpg (46.01 KB, 740x406, IMG_1977.JPG)

No. 401648

This woman is so crazy.
He really got what was coming to him at the end.

No. 401664

OP are you from hapa reddit?

No. 401675

>He really got what was coming to him at the end.
As much as Tomoko actually being pregnant would be the perfect comeuppance for Daniel, I wouldn't wish any kid that kind of fate. What a fucked life.

No. 401677

let him being the david bond of half asian .

No. 401682

Same anon. That's true. I do feel sorry for the kid. He said that she hopes the kid looks just like him. When that happens she wants to name him David Jr and "kiss him a lot". He said that the possibility of her being pregnant is low but women much older than her managed to get pregnant.

No. 401839

Nope. I deep dive into r/hapas like once every 6 months because it's such a ridiculous place but I'm definitely not from there.

No. 402196

new video


No. 402290

time to get an std

No. 402291

another* std

No. 402339

at least hes better than eurasian tiger.He fucking geting laid. most half asian males from hapa reddit come off incel.

No. 402437

Whoa, this makes me feel really sad. She seems really lonely and mentally ill but in a non dangerous way. I feel bad for her..

No. 402466

Me too, she just seems so sad and embarrassed.

No. 402511

Sad definitely but she doesn't seem embarrassed at all. She still talks about him.

No. 402526

File: 1507823746225.png (31.5 KB, 501x341, ow my balls.png)

Daniel thinks he has testicular cancer and that's why the girls he fuck don't get pregnant.

No. 402530

>I think I have cancer guys
>Go see a doctor
This fucking guy.

No. 402566

He's so autistic.
Usually autismo lolcows don't get laid, so it's interesting to follow one that does.

No. 402767

he only had social anxiety that all. He has no moative of on career. He good at illustrating art. He does free lancer on languages interrupter on Japanese online. He dream bang some japanese girl . fuck in the pussy

No. 402799

He doesn't have social anxiety. He just doesn't wanna talk to people, he wanna skip right to sex.
Fuck fuck fuck that's all he thinks about.

No. 402926

so he addiction to sex. Let dude fuck some pussy. Some you ladys act social justice warrior breaking guys balls.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 402982

Did you hurt your balls from reading this board? kek

No. 403035

File: 1507908324416.jpg (53.84 KB, 1078x841, Screenshot_20171013-172250_1.j…)

From his newest video "I have a new girlfriend :)"

No. 403051

I agree to be honest. At least this flake isn't another incel nerd who rants online about how evil all women are and not getting any dates. The best part is that he's Asian and he manages to get laid. aznid and hapas could learn something from him kek.

I actually find him pretty cute. Too bad he's cray cray.

No. 403069

sure he's getting laid and that's why we're all watching, but i don't know if it's really something that should be considered admirable

i don't know if it would be good for incels, etc. to hop on the "pumping and dumping middle aged women with low self esteem" bandwagon though

No. 403089

File: 1507914702016.jpg (32.63 KB, 720x246, IMG_20171013_191048.jpg)

No. 403115

he'll get bored of her in a few weeks

No. 403149

Daniel hes half asian

No. 403151

it just look there too many feminist people complain about him.

No. 403153

He's almost 30 and still lives at home.

No. 403154

It just look there is too hard to read please leave

No. 403157

hes 28
He prefer to live with his parent.Wait you never seen his video before?

No. 403158

you must be hapa girl who complain about him

No. 403159

yeah, i'm with this anon. leave.

No. 403160

you guys got problem with him because he like to fuck lots?

No. 403161

It's degenerate, yes, but what bugs me more is how he talks about these girls so freely online and even shares pictures of them without their knowledge.

No. 403162

I have no problem with him, I find him hilarious and sad.

No. 403163

I don't think he ever share pictures of ex gf nude pictures to people on patreon. He share only pictures of his ex pictures of their face.

No. 403165

Are you him? No one cares whether or not you think his behavior is excusable. We think he's hilarious, because he's an autist who fucks cougars and then smears himself all over the internet while doing it. If he didn't make YouTube videos about his shit show of a sex life he wouldn't have a thread about him.

No. 403166

It's one of Daniels fanboys. Most likely came here from the discord.

No. 403167

Go back to school and learn English.

No. 403193


She actually bought Daniel's apperal. She seems off her rocker

No. 403206

File: 1507933655914.png (503.17 KB, 1094x707, himr.png)

Uploaded about an hour ago, lol. Talking about how people are ripping into him in his recent video comments.

No. 403228

really curious about her unfiltered appearance now

No. 403230

>inb4 sage goes in the email field
in my defense i am posting from my phone

No. 403246

sage goes in the email field

No. 403258

the irony of your comment

No. 403461

File: 1507966149729.png (123.05 KB, 749x1098, IMG_1987.PNG)

holy shit

someone found her facebook and tomoko is MARRIED and has a daughter

No. 403497

also she's 46 according to that facebook account

No. 403518

The plot thickens.
This shits fucking crazy lol. I'm not even sure how to fell anymore.

No. 403522

feel* oops

No. 403779

you got a link?

No. 403827

imagine if your mom fell in love with a hapa incel….

No. 403969

File: 1508041252874.png (14.99 KB, 773x123, jkhkj.PNG)

I don't have the link but In Daniel's livestream yesterday Tomoko claimed she deleted her Facebook.

No. 404215

I don't think this comes as a surprise. He seems to have a vibe that attracts older moms.

Hardly an incel. Give him some credit lol.

No. 405007

Victor/Gimmeabreakman/Gimmeaflakeman (who is honestly kind of a cow in his own right) made a video about Daniel.

No. 405330

omg this dude. i found him on /r/japancirclejerk a few days ago and he is batshit insane. total narcissistic sociopath.

No. 405372

File: 1508301343609.jpg (25.74 KB, 529x234, omg.jpg)

Tomoko is fucking crazy

No. 405377

Where is that screenshot from, discord? /non-discord user

I just wish the claims she's already married with a child were substantiated, hard to believe word of mouth from such an unhinged person.

No. 405390

haha damn

No. 405528


its an hour long, do you have a tl;dr?

ill watch a bit, but im not sitting through an hour.
honestly, daniel is everything people have mentioned here. super narcissistic. I have put his videos on in the background while i do stuff just to hear what randomness he has to say. he's really odd and as a westerner to me he looks like an 11th grader.
i wonder if anything bad is going to happen? but id be lying if i didnt say he's one of my new cows i want to follow.
sage for no contribution

No. 405537

Tomo is as cringy as he is, they are made for each other.

No. 405545

She sure is milking the situation. It's all about validation and compliments for her now.

No. 405645

he's mentioned posting videos on pornhub, does anyone have his pornhub profile?

No. 405681

yeah, his username is just himr if i remember correctly. don't think he's posted anything interesting tho

No. 405794

tomo was forbidding him from posting on pornhub but idk what the deal is now

he's getting plenty of attention currently so there's no reason for him to do it right now but youtube just gave him a community strike and he can't stream anymore so anything could happen

No. 405847

Can't find it, someone link that shit

No. 405849

He even tried being a parent to his gf's kid, pretty fucked up knowing he just dumps them

poor kid

No. 405864

No. 406078

oh god this vid is gold, especially the ending. also, tomo left a very bitter comment.

No. 406132

File: 1508462193351.png (6.16 KB, 264x71, Capture.PNG)

holy fuck lol

No. 406142

File: 1508463449364.png (760.33 KB, 800x498, by_any_chance_by_kaneoyasachik…)

Just reading this whole thread now, kinda disappointed that he apparently deleted the "Why I let a Japanese guy give me a blowjob" video from the OP cap. I really would have liked to hear the story/rationale, kek. If anyone here saw it before he tried to erase it from history, fill a sister in

No. 406239

yeah tomo was not his first rodeo lmao

No. 406256

huh? it's still up

No. 406273

No. 406306

did he really spend 20 minutes ranting about ath-a-leets foot and "ring rash"

No. 410706

Is this fake? He just got a new girlfriend a week ago and he's already cheated on her.

No. 410971

File: 1509214818193.png (32.65 KB, 769x365, raw.png)

He got catfished again and yet he still fucked the fat catfish girl.

And of course he didn't use a condom.

No. 412357

Creep-streaming his roommates and apparently he is "gay" now.

No. 444873

What a fucking narcissistic scum bag loser. He is almost as bad as Tenda Spencer.(learn 2 sage)

No. 457835

HIMR recap episode. The new thing is he's finally posting pictures of all of his exes.

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