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File: 1512603924007.jpg (37.98 KB, 350x400, 4684832.jpg)

No. 439383

Discuss people who feign or exaggerate chronic illnesses and medical crises for attention and asspats online. Previous topic focused primarily on Instagram accounts, but posts from blogs and other social media sites are admissible.

Previous thread:  >>>/snow/424172

Recent Cows:
(yes there are A LOT; IG unless otherwise stated)

bendywarrior (tumblr)
chronically_carmel / queerzebra (tumblr)
chloeschronicles_of_illness (insta) / Chloe's Chronicals of Chronic Illness / ChloesVaccineInjuryJourney (facebook)
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What Is A "Spoonie"?

People who identify as 'Spoonies' are referencing 'The Spoon Theory,' written by a woman with lupus to explain the chronic illness experience to a healthy friend who asked her what it really feels like to live with her medical problems.

The Spoonie Community is, in general, a legitimate supportive network for people dealing with chronic illness. In recent years, however, it has become polluted with SJW types and has attracted a new breed of attention-seeking catfish: people who lie about, fake having, and/or exaggerate existing medical problems and crises for no benefit other than to garner attention.

What Is Munchausen By Internet (MBI)?

From Dr. Marc Feldman, an expert in factitious disorders including Munchausen Syndrome, first described Munchausen By Internet in 2000:
>>…the advent of online support groups, combined with access to vast stores of medical information, enabled individuals seeking to gain sympathy by relating a series of harrowing medical or psychological problems that defy comprehension to misuse the groups.[1] Communication forums specializing in medical or psychological recovery were established to give lay users support in navigating often confusing and frustrating medical processes and bureaucracy. Communities often formed on those forums, with the goal of sharing information to help other members. Medical websites also became common, giving lay users access to literature in a way that was accessible to those without specific medical training. As Internet communication grew in popularity, users began to forgo the doctors and hospitals often consulted for medical advice. Frequenting virtual communities that have experience with a medical problem, Feldman notes, is easier than going through the physical pain or illness that would be necessary before visiting a doctor to get the attention sought. By pretending to be gravely ill, Internet users can gain sympathy from a group whose sole reason for existence is support. Health care professionals, with their limited time, greater medical knowledge, and tendency to be more skeptical in their diagnoses, may be less likely to provide that support.

Links to Articles and Info on MBI:
https://www.munchausen.com (Dr. Feldman's website)

No. 439392

File: 1512604311050.jpg (79.85 KB, 960x720, Munchausen by internet.jpg)

Know the signs!

No. 439394

File: 1512604342098.jpg (137.39 KB, 728x546, fb1.jpg)

No. 439397

File: 1512604692432.jpg (777.92 KB, 1440x2121, Screenshot_20171206-175459.jpg)

Her recent reply about her serious sickly selfies.
It's unique that she doesn't even try to appear she's not reading this and then trying to support her story on IG based on what's said here….sad.

No. 439400

File: 1512604826428.jpg (1 MB, 1058x4962, Screenshot_20171206-175632.jpg)

No. 439415

File: 1512605733414.png (1.6 MB, 1536x2048, 22F73E8B-A14E-4C85-8E43-2DE3CC…)

Who’s going to bite the bullet for us and watch her vlog?

No. 439416

File: 1512605803088.png (2.56 MB, 1536x2048, 5BADF4B3-474D-47A3-B952-BBC94B…)

So so “sick”. She’s absolutely loving all this.

No. 439421

File: 1512605929611.jpg (290.11 KB, 1080x1539, Screenshot_20171206-080410_01.…)


No. 439423

File: 1512606000406.jpg (397.69 KB, 1080x1366, Screenshot_20171206-080446_01.…)


No. 439450

File: 1512607927358.png (1.72 MB, 1536x2048, 4A62EFC6-7A5C-4433-8799-B7EC9D…)

Just kidding, she’s not in the hospital any more. But gotta make it look like she is! (This post was before the hospital one)

No. 439453

Can a U.K. Anon please explain what "blue-lighted" and "resus" mean?

No. 439461

Blue lighted means you're taken to hospital in an ambulance with lights and sirens
Resus is short for the resuscitation part of A&E, they take you into it when you require immediate treatment, it's basically like an intensive care part of A&E

No. 439463

Anyone remember when Hypermobileguy faked cancer? Kek!

No. 439464

"I remember none of it" but I'm well enough to take a selfie

No. 439471

File: 1512609534756.png (2.06 MB, 750x1334, 4AC46A04-20C2-411D-85D6-276AA4…)

Bugger it. she was praying for an infection and hospitalization. And how is it her line clogged with VonWillebrand? Bloody fascinating isn’t it?

No. 439482

No. 439483


She claimed having a low grade fever for a couple of days (despite not mentioning it - which we know she would have done if it was true). Probably drank something hot and took her temperature to get the thermometer to read over 100 and allow her to justify going to the ER - forgetting that they would also take her temperature with their own equipment so miraculously it was normal (and she probably felt better because yay medical attention is so much fun). Seemed disappointed they kicked her out so soon and that nothing is wrong with her (besides having a port she doesn't need). At least now she only has one line to try to tamper with.

No. 439484

Amazingly her line wasn’t clogged when the er tried it. And her headache is so awful she can’t take a selfie and post it, oh wait, she can. She certainly doesn’t very happy about not having an infection, whoever said she would try for one was absolutely correct. I just feel sorry for the people who were behind her in triage, since she was there for literally nothing, no fever, line fine. I hope they finally pulled out her picc, since there’s a good possibility she’s trying to fuck with it.

No. 439485

Anyone who’s had experience with line infections knows that you go from no fever to 102+ in less than a day. You don’t have a low-grade fever for days.

No. 439486

I’m glad they finally got rid of the picc, I missed that part. Now she can’t mess with her line until someone accesses it.

No. 439489

They didn’t get rid of it, they “pulled blood off of it” not pulled it, unfortunately

No. 439493

File: 1512612972623.png (226.02 KB, 743x1216, IMG_7894.PNG)

She said they managed to get blood from it and then pulled it which makes me think that they actually pulled the line

No. 439495

Ooo Even better! Take back my words hah

No. 439537

For sure, if you come in saying you think it’s infected, and you’ve got a functional port, they’re going to pull out the line, because they’ll swab it for blood cultures. Even without a port they’ll pull it out. But she didn’t even have a fever, so there was no reason to keep her for observation. Unlike other illnesses, a line infection is impossible to fake. They also didn’t seem to think she needed a line that badly, since they pulled her picc and sent her home with a deaccessed port. (How’s she going to get those iv fluids she desperately needs even though she runs them at way too slow a rate to help pots symptoms if she actually had pots??)

No. 439542

Kek they didn't even keep her overnight while they waited for the tip culture. She is just the obviously not sick.

No. 439545

I'm half tempted to try and bait Autumn into getting caught in a lie/symptom shopping…It'd be so fucking easy.

No. 439546

File: 1512620646510.jpg (636.41 KB, 804x2115, Screenshot_20171206-222052.jpg)

No. 439547

And most hospitals’ policy is to admit you if they even suspect sepsis. ERs are smart, and unlike the doctors that munchies find, can spot bullshit a mile away.

No. 439548

File: 1512620768878.jpg (428.79 KB, 1080x1092, Screenshot_20171206-222011.jpg)

No. 439549

If she was sick her vitals would be messed up too, which they weren’t or we would have seen a picture . Autumn needs to be stopped. I think it’s insane there’s a select few followers of hers that still actually support her bullshit.

No. 439551

Is she fucking high? She’s comparing her fake concussion to the injury of someone who had to have brain surgery and was in a coma. She’s a bully and a total cunt.

No. 439552

Wow I think she’s officially the worst munchie. Not as far as the munchie part, but as a human being. What a bitch.

No. 439553


Probably because its hard to take someone seriously if the patient drives to the ER claiming they have a fever and non-functioning picc only to discover that they have a normal temperature and a functioning picc (plus a shiny new port that is healing well) - but hey the nurses and doctors were "friendly and super quick".
She keeps it up and her medical records are going to start looking a little suspicious and doctors will start catching on to her little game.

No. 439558

File: 1512621468864.jpg (159.27 KB, 1080x389, Screenshot_20171206-223245.jpg)

Kek. Her "mild traumatic brain injury" that she totally faked symptoms for to get the doctor to diagnose it. She only got worse for the pity.

No. 439560

For someone who is supposed to be recovering from their "mild TBI" (and following concussions you are supposed to take a rest from electronic devices) she sure is able to write a long well-thought-out (but utter bs) response. She is going to milk this concussion for all that she can.

Seems like someone who never takes responsibility for her own actions.
She got the "concussion" because she claims someone distracted her dog and she was too busy to pay attention to the fact that her dog was distracted and missed the alert.
POTS service dogs are suspicious enough based on what the POTS anons on here mention. Not to mention that alert dogs aren't meant to be full substitutes for other methods of monitoring. People with diabetic alert dogs don't just stop monitoring their blood glucose and solely wait for the dog to tell them they are low because guess what dogs are living creatures capable of making mistakes.
She sounds like she purposefully sets up situations in which she can blame others - surprised she doesn't have an ambulance chasing lawyer on speed dial

No. 439572

She filed a report about the “incident “, so I’m sure getting a lawyer has crossed her mind. I still love her horribly photoshopped eye, however, it’s proof of how insane she is.

No. 439580

File: 1512626319099.png (36.59 KB, 800x138, Screenshot_2017-12-06-21-55-37…)


Countdown to lolcow being mention by name in 3…2…1…

The debate is raging right now.


No. 439582

File: 1512626721275.png (1.06 MB, 800x1023, Screenshot_2017-12-06-22-00-12…)

In the comments, when someone asks what he did to distract Max, she replies, "messed with him while I was scanning items in self checkout".

Maybe if you didn't put festive antlers on him drawing more attention to him, people would ignore him more. That's like wearing a party dress inappropriately to work.

No. 439586

File: 1512627638870.png (73.23 KB, 676x883, Screenshot_2017-12-06-22-11-03…)

To clarify, what she wrote in >>439546 is in direct response to what Janaye's husband posted. He concluded with, "Your words have impact on people’s lives" which was directed at the people spewing hate in the comments and not directed at Dominique.

But she made it about her, and by defending herself against a comment that wasn't even directed at her she is further stirring the pot. Girl needs to learn when to stop.

No. 439632

File: 1512637308057.png (310.49 KB, 768x1024, image.png)

This is further back in ServiceDogPaws IG. Maybe she should have taken her own advice when it came to dealing with SDC?

No. 439674


Dom has bawleeted this and all of the other comments from this person and others that were "bullying" her. Of course.

No. 439681

File: 1512650817454.png (678.81 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2017-12-07-04-40-13…)

Did they recently win the lottery or come into an inheritance, or is Youtube money that good for her? New house filled with new furnishings, the Black Friday shopping spree.

More hazards for their kid. A large aquarium in the room of a toddler? She frequently has her back to him while he is climbing on the chairs around her new glass top dining table which has her laptop and other things on it.

And she may want to reconsider giving such a detailed tour of her house when she has angered so many people and so many aggressive haters.


No. 439697

File: 1512656261651.jpg (828.34 KB, 1053x1749, Screenshot_20171207-081426.jpg)

I think it might just be the YouTube money. She got 100,000 subscribers really quickly.

No. 439699

File: 1512656364621.jpg (159 KB, 1080x434, Screenshot_20171207-081858.jpg)

No. 439700

File: 1512656566343.jpg (387.7 KB, 1080x1099, Screenshot_20171207-081537.jpg)

Here she goes again making it all about herself.

No. 439708

A bitch pretending to be nice is still a bitch

No. 439709

I just looked at the number of views she's been getting. I don't get it. Her video's a SO boring. It's always her going shopping, some incident, ten or fifteen minutes of her laying on the floor with nothing happening. No explaining, nothing really happening, just her filming herself at an odd angle while shopping. O, and fake incidents with her dog. I don't understand how so many people would want to watch her. I can get the appeal of people like Jaquie, she tries very hard to come across as some brave and positive 'warrior'. Some people buy into that shit. But Dom is just boring. Her video's are boring and far too long and her personality is equal parts bitch and whiny. I just don't get why people like to watch her. I don't get it at all.

No. 439715

Hello yes I watched the whole vlog her whispy voice is gonna be the death of me
TLDW: she has a neuroendocrine tumor on her pancreas that is cancerous, and could be on other endocrine glands. They're doing an unnamed scan and bloodwork to find them. If there are no other tumors the one on her pancreas will be removed when her pancreatitis is gone and she's not malnourished (impossible since she hasn't run feeds of 40 ml). She says the tumor is slow growing and that surgery should cure her. If there are no other tumors she won't need chemotherapy.

An interesting thing to note is she specified this is not pancreatic cancer, which she neglected to do on her instagram for a while (even going so far as to tag #pancreaticcancer) she was called out for this and the #pancreaticcancer is not on the most recent posts. Still tagged on a lot of week old posts and several of her posts are now the top results when you look at the tag. No wonder she won't edit the comment to not delude her followers.

No. 439801

she "tempted suicide"..kek

No. 439852

And her smug grin. All fake, so fake.

No. 439855

Kek she’s never been malnourished, and she’s been eating since there’s no other way she would have survived, running her tube as low as she does. Also, it’s interesting how everything is unnamed; I had a friend who had cancer and blogged about it, it was a bit excessive, but every scan and test and medication was explicitly stated. And Aubrey’s tags, good lord don’t get me started. “I don’t have pancreatic cancer, but I’m tagging it anyway”.

No. 439972

Apparently @chronicallyp is ending her life..

No. 439973

File: 1512691282920.jpg (681.07 KB, 1076x1469, Screenshot_20171207-175951.jpg)

She's going to turn this in to such an ordeal. I bet she's going to try and sue the person, who knows, maybe even try and sue Walmart! Now that she's gotten a taste of money she will probably just want more.

No. 439995

no no, she just needs time to think now

(probs needed the sweet sweet attention)

No. 440055

File: 1512703569668.png (268.74 KB, 640x1136, 8D54D82A-0A35-4A21-BD85-6C775B…)


No. 440057

File: 1512703627470.png (173.6 KB, 640x1136, 9CE42820-7D61-470A-8E85-C4E792…)

No. 440058

File: 1512703695433.png (164.17 KB, 640x1136, 19D0FEDC-672C-481F-B044-AECDA1…)

No. 440059

File: 1512703756989.jpeg (150.9 KB, 640x1002, E27215DD-A2D8-4A9B-8BD4-781D8B…)

No. 440063

File: 1512704008855.png (572.43 KB, 640x1136, 3196005D-3316-4115-91C7-3D05F0…)

Guess who’s showing off “draining” her tube. And she’s gained weight. So now it’s medically-facilitated purging. (If you need drainage bags your insurance will provide them).

No. 440066

File: 1512704150674.png (864.15 KB, 640x1136, 40C9DE9E-8101-4C6D-B4CD-31C7B4…)

Is she using used feeding bags, or is she using her bags for purging, whoops, “drainage” instead? And can’t forget that smirk.

No. 440097

" us tubies are fabulous with our feeding tubes"
No "us tubies" are not fabulous with "our tubes" because they are gross, can be really painful, another thing to take care of, annoyingly inconvenient, and lowers self esteem.
Tubies are fabulous if you are a child or a parent with a child who needs one to help them feel better about having to have them.

"Tubies fantastic with our feeding tubes"
What other type of tubes go through your abdomen that are hooked up to a creamy looking liquid? It's like she challanged herself to say tube anything as many times as she could in this caption.

In regards to the drain bags, yes insurance will cover them if a Dr orders them through your enternal feed company that delivers the supplies and feeds.
So if they aren't sending drain bags then her dr didn't RX it.
Using formula bags is just stupid and shows she's absolutly sneaking around with it.
She doesn't need a drain bag, she can open her G port when she needs to vent over the toilet or sink or whatever..its pretty rare for anyone to need a 247 drain. Hell she could go hospital style and vent into a bottle or vomit bag if her complaint is she can't get up and down enough to vent that way.
You can buy these bags online..but the only drain bag there really is is that farrel bag and it allows exactly what it's supposed to for GP patients. And her Dr would RX them if she needed them.
So yes she's using it to purge to loose weight to claim worsening sickness.
Totally surprised they would place a GJ to begin with but with as high as her tube is makes me think her Dr was on top of it because that placement makes purging harder to do and a G port on a GJ isn't the ideal tube for venting so at least she can't purge all the things and they will catch on and eventually make it just a J it'll show in her lab work if she isn't running enough formula to make up for what she purges (which we know she's no where near that) and by comparing her lab work before tube and with tube they will see a change and essentially have proof of what's going on.
I'm surprised she didn't cry about not getting an open surgery to place the tube. Oh well, just make things sound worse so you can feel better about just having an upper GI/larp. to place the tube and don't have an open scar.
She makes me twitch

No. 440099


The thread doesn't need to be filled up with screencaps of other people's opinions of the situation.

No. 440105

File: 1512709997454.jpg (343.3 KB, 1077x1012, Screenshot_20171207-231138.jpg)

No. 440114

No munchie is complete without an army of deluded followers

No. 440124

she's enjoying this way too much. i had cancer last year and i'm fucking sick of these munchie bitches, get a fucking hobby that isn't being ""sick."" how could anyone think that a life that revolves around being sick is mentally healthy in the slightest(learn 2 sage)

No. 440145

there is nothing fucking cute about a feeding tube. It is just a necessary thing that can be a pain in the ass. Why do these munchies never even talk about the downsides of having a feeding tube.

Also if your doctor wants you to use it for venting/draining they will generally give you a larger tube that doesn't clog up as much. Think CH 18 or bigger. But since those tubes aren't as "cute" who would want them

No. 440150


Yeah, it looks like her MS is not flaring despite the clearly photoshopped screenshot of her 'lesions' (looked nothing like MS but hey), she didn't manage to give herself sepsis again to the point of an ICU admission, even her urosepsis is largely sorted out, so she's about to go down the mental health road for a bit. She's asked about self injury earlier, then had an iron transfusion, so I assume we've got our Junior Kelly Ronahan Award Winner, complete with blood.etting and fake MS.

Paige is an unbearable, intolerable ass, as is her clique of mountaineers (Lily Tock et al. - they're all somewhat sick, but the sheer level of over the top milking is just fabulous), and so I wouldn't be surprised if we had the pleasure of her reappearance quite soon. She's actively Munchieing away on Facebook so we have t seen the last of her yet.

Which is great, few other cows are dumb enough to claim a notoriously nonexistent syndrome like 'leaky gut'.

No. 440153

If she actually wanted to stop people interacting with him, she'd get a vest for him that says "I'm working" as opposed to a vest that says fucking "I have ptsd not all illnesses are visible!!". If I saw her dog I'd think it was an emotional support animal or therapy dog. It's certainly not a service dog.

No. 440179

>criteria doesn’t mean a thing
>I’m showing a common basic symptom of many disorders, so I’ll just pick one and that’s how medicine works, folks!

No. 440182

File: 1512722785823.jpg (66.58 KB, 736x607, 05e4ecf0ccf3ab4cbf7d0c5708877b…)


Max looks so sad there and like [pic related]. And Dom is arguably a Grinch.

No. 440189

File: 1512726264159.png (158.23 KB, 681x442, Screenshot_2017-12-08-01-06-43…)


Follow-up to which she has not yet responded. Of course Dom's fans rushed in to defend her.

In one of her recent videos she claims that Max alerted to an oncoming anxiety attack while they were standing in a check-out line. Dom was giving him treats. When she stopped, he pawed at her which she said was the alert. She gave him another treat.

Apparently Dom has super speshul POTS and anxiety which she is unable to feel coming on before it is too late and she's on the floor.

No. 440201

File: 1512727702756.png (512.16 KB, 935x653, Screenshot_2017-12-08-01-56-36…)


She keeps the treats in the blue pouch. While she is talking to someone she gives him a treat. She is holding more in her hand which he fixates on. He pushes the bag with his nose and paws at her upper thigh. She gives him another treat.

"Perfect anxiety alert." kek


No. 440204

Um.. they need a dog to tell them they are anxious?

Ok, OK, anxiety attacks can seemingly come out of nowhere (in fact, they usually do!) but how would a dog be able to react to that before they come? There's no physiological changes they could react to. Not until the attack is happening, that is. And when it is, you kind of cannot miss that.. one of the criteria for having an anxiety attack is "feeling like you're going to die". Not really something you'd need a dog to alert to, is it? And IF a dog would somehow be trained to alert say the partner of it's handler when they are having an anxiety attack.. how would a dog know the difference between raised heart rate from an anxiety attack or from standing up in a person with POTS?

No. 440205

File: 1512728467446.png (480.3 KB, 937x638, Screenshot_2017-12-08-02-10-57…)

After fainting in the store she checks her blood sugar while they are driving. Adjusting the camera takes priority, and in the process she distracts Chase from driving.

Notice that neither of them is wearing their seatbelt which appears to be their habit (see the screencaps from her Black Friday video at the end of the last thread).


No. 440206

Could you give a timestamp or an approximate of it? That video is almost 20 minutes long and I find her VERY hard to watch.

No. 440207


The time at which she checks her blood sugar? It's in the screencap.

No. 440212

Ah, yes. I am stupid. Never mind, my bad.

Images somehow often won't enlarge on my device. So I can't actually read the exact time stamp (probably why I didn't notice it) , but the blue dot gives me an idea of which part of the video to search for it.

No. 440216

File: 1512732145871.png (503.77 KB, 937x633, Screenshot_2017-12-08-03-14-56…)


After the blood sugar test they go to a restaurant where Max alerts while she is in the bathroom. She manages to return to their table before fainting.

Leaving the restaurant they both wear their seatbelts, but Chase spends at least 20 seconds refilling his vape while he is driving (when the video starts he is in the midst of refilling it).

No. 440239


Wow I love the completely purposeful and crisp movements right up until she faints while being completely prone. Because that's totally how whatever disorder she claims works.

Also that dog is 10000% untrained. She is a fucking moron. Thankfully, they're the type of people to end up getting police attention through some dumb shit of their own making; petty drug use, unsafe driving, being a public nuisance. Things like that.

Also, in spite of the profound "faint" in the store, they just keep going with their day? Like fuck, after I've passed out I want to go home and go to bed.

No. 440246

File: 1512743620643.jpg (224.79 KB, 1077x1521, Screenshot_20171208-083239.jpg)

She has a mod for her YouTube now. Kek.

No. 440247

Ew. Like she wasn’t already self-centered enough. Although I’m sure it’s so she doesn’t have to wade through the hate she’s getting to block people.

No. 440249

She’s claiming pots, yet had enough time after knowing she was going to faint to return to her table. In pots you know you’re going to faint (without a damn dog, I might add) just seconds before it happens, and it’s almost always due to sitting or standing up too fast (hence the “p” in pots, for “postural”). She’s totally full of shit, on top of being a total cunt, yet her followers still defend her. Disgusting.

No. 440252

File: 1512744954725.png (168.4 KB, 733x1086, IMG_6883.PNG)

Look at her smug face

No. 440256

She must be sooo happy.

But how could this happen? I mean: I know what she did (or rather: didn't) do, but how can a doctor who KNOWS that she can quite litteraly stomach liquid food without ANY problem talk surgical tubes and pacemakers? If her stomach can process liquids, she can keep the weight on, period. If somehow she can't do that on her own, they can write her a script for liquid meal replacements. But aside from anti emetics and a good PPI, any medical intervention should stop there. If someone in her situations would be very dangerously malnourished, they could give her an NG to help her gain weight. Since she does fine on liquids, it would be even better to have feeds go through her stomach so it doesn't slow down more.

What's the matter with all these doctors?

No. 440257

I’m sure she’s lying about being able to not eat, but using her eating disorder to lose weight, which her doctor probably has no idea about. It’s stupid she’s maybe getting a tube, but at the end of the day, she’ll be the one who has to deal with a painful surgery and the cost of tube feeding. But yeah, medical incompetence is ridiculous with these munchies.

No. 440258


Blue lighted = ambulance journey with lights and sirens

Resus = resuscitation room - highest level of care in the ER, doesn't necessarily mean patient needs to be resuscitated though.

He doesn't say why he was there, but looks like he's sucking on Entonox (nitrous). Also "very poorly" but obviously it's selfie time.

No. 440281

File: 1512748441802.jpeg (225.82 KB, 736x1208, 323B35B0-0A46-4CC3-B37E-BBEF75…)

Let the sepsis begin!

No. 440312

Either that or some sooper speschel mystery form of anemia, a la Kelly. Or she’ll be a munchie who puts stuff in her line to cause an infection (don’t know why you’d ever want to, but munchies have done that). And why do munchies think that the world wants to see their port? Personally I think it’s very irresponsible of the home health company to let her do it herself right away. Many companies never let you access a port yourself, even if you are allowed to administer fluids or medications on your own, and even deaccess it yourself as well.

No. 440322

I can absolutely see autumn pulling that shit. That freak is going to either start fucking around with her port to cause an infection or start blood letting to cause anemia and start “fainting” and “falling” so she can finally get herself a real hospitalization. The only hospitalization she needs is one in a mental institution.

No. 440348


She's so full of shit. She seems to be so much more focussed on her illnesses and everyone looking at her service dog than on looking after her kid.

No. 440349


Who th fuck started the whole “needle in my chest, in my chest” thing? It’s so damn annoying and pathetic for adults.

No. 440350


Isn’t he meant to be an expert? Why can’t he see through her?

No. 440353

Mary Frey. At least when she does it, it's original. It get's more cringeworthy the more I hear others say it. Like copying someone's bad jokes or specific mannerism.

No. 440355


Oh good now she's showing other people with feeding tubes how to "drain" through their tubes. That's not irresponsible at all.

No. 440372


Because he can only see what she presents to him. I am sure that what she tells social media and what she presents to him are two very different stories.
On social media she goes on about her anorexic thoughts. But it seems like the history of anorexia has stopped her doctors at home from taking her "super severe gastroparesis" seriously (aka they saw right through her) so she has learned not to mention it to her current doctor. I would hope that the history of anorexia would be in her medical records but who knows. If it is, she probably makes sure to stress to the doctor that she has been in recovery for over 2 years and that anorexia is not longer part of her life. Her doctor doesn't have access to her social media to see her lies.
Not sure why a doctor would think that telling someone who has been angling for a tube the whole time (or at least reports symptoms that are way more severe than test results suggest) and has a history of anorexia that she will get the tube if she loses more weight - its just encouraging the anorexic behaviors. I wouldn't be surprised if Dani has been attempt to starve herself to lose weight.

Ultimately Dani will lose in the end. Even if she gets a tube it is not going to get her the attention that she wants. She watches and looks up to social media spoonie stars with husbands and tubes galore but her "boyfriend" of 14 years is likely not going to become an attentive and doting husband because she has a tube sticking out. The tube isn't going to make her a more attractive/pleasant individual to be around.

No. 440377

File: 1512759260714.png (389.72 KB, 672x1099, Screenshot_2017-12-08-10-51-35…)

The drama intensifies.

In the comments Dom says:

>I don't care any more about it. But when I saw that message figured people should know just in case since she fakes this a lot. I'm not losing my sleep over it.

No. 440397

i think these munchies know deep down inside that they will never be great…they are average looking, they don't work, they don't have a large circle of friends or family that isn't sick of their shit. they don't go to school, they are nobodies. just average, boring girls.

so this is all they have, and sympathetic attention is better than no attention at all.

No. 440409

why can't autumn clean up that dirty tape residue from where her picc was? does she not bathe? gross.

maybe she can shave her mustache after a bath too

No. 440416

Because despite wanting to be female, autumn still has male habits… aka, not bathing as frequently, not wanting to shave her stash, pits or legs.. she’s nasty. Low voice creeps me the fuck out too

No. 440424


She has deleted this post.

No. 440451


Good! Because that was just shit stirring.

No. 440468

What's Dom's Instagram account? I'm intrigued

No. 440473

It says on the picture

No. 440479

I don't believe Dani.
I think she is pulling what some of the others are lately, just more towards making people stop confronting her about this serious GP issue. She probably thinks now that the "dr" said it everyone has to start praising her bravery instead of exposing truth.
The others doing it recently:
Pass out on purpose cry
"Dr said its a mild concusion (a while later) I think I have a bleed."
"I have a mild concusiom and I'll be fine with some rest. The dr said that concusiom can cause brain bleeding which is why you have to monitor concusion patients."

"I slapped my dr. I stole meds to give myse lf."
English "please give me attention. My Dr gave me bad news and I'm healthy.
I got tired of waiting for my med despite not being priority and without dry heaving or my head in a bucket I need it more than the other patient whose vomiting uncontrollably from chemo." Ugh

"I have pancreatic cancer but they can't do anything yet I'm such a strong warrior."
English I came in with suspected pancreatitis so they did a block to help control the pain from it and amazingly found a tumor.the dr took protocol biopsies and explaines it may not be anything worry about it looked bengin but we will find out and it could be a cancerous tumor, I'm preparing you for either problem but all your vitals and labs are promising.

Dani "repeated GES and then pacer and j tube if I lose weight. Maybe NJ while we wait for insurance approval for pacer and feeds"
Despite constant nausea and vomiting the Dr didn't fix my meds to fit to my situation. I told him I'm tired of struggling with eating and would like a feeding tube for help, no matter my labs are fine, my weight stable, my motility clinic testing is good except for a mild delay. If unwilling to do that I need a pacer.

If she can't drink it's in her head and tube feeds won't make that any easier yes a NJ goes into the intestines but so does the liquid she drinks orally and with a mild delay like hers if she gets some side effects she has meds to prevent and keep comfortable. The pacer is iffy and generally not used on patients with an eating disorder and even when some people actually need the pacer insurance is moody about it for good reason. It doesn't help everyone.
If she manages to get this pacer when they redo the GES to check up on the motility with pacer they will have to adjust settings and trial and error the stuff but once her GES improves and no longer has a mild delay with the aide of the pacer, it's all oral management from there..she will find another illness at that point and be able to munch up having a special pacer.
I see POTS in her future.

So the appt. Didn't go the way she hoped. She wanted to be admitted for surgery then and there (no how it works) at least she always packs bags because you know that one hospitalization she had a few years ago over night and had to argue to the Drs to let her stay. They knew it was more ED than anything because they refused to let her leave without eating, then she got mad and wanted home asap.
But totally need that bag..
Her lab work is fine, even a single dip isn't enough for tubes and insurance isn't paying for shit they don't need

No. 440480


well done, anon!

No. 440504

The person posting on the servicedogcolt account clarified that those are old pictures because they haven't been into see her yet, they're only letting a few immediate family members in.

No. 440558

This dirty-ass eunuch jesus fuck

No. 440562

autumn’s droopy eyelid drives me nuts for some reason…it makes her wounded puppy look more enhanced. maybe she can tell people she’s had a stroke too.

No. 440593

I had a 24g in my hand today that left a bigger bruise than Autumn’s port rolls eyes

No. 440597

It’s her pretending-to-be-in-pain-but-really just-smug-because-she-got-what-she-wanted face. She’s absolutely loving showing off her new toy. But yeah, it totally looks like she’s got a droopy eye, although it also looks the eye of someone who’s a terrible actor trying to seem serious

No. 440622

File: 1512781845447.jpeg (102.02 KB, 750x445, F06E31F9-62E2-492F-8428-E7A699…)

Found this on Dani’s Facebook. We all knew she was angling for a tube but straight out asking for it? Wow.

No. 440624

Dear lord yes why didn't she take the opportunity of having an unaccessed port and no more PICC to take the worlds longest shower and scrub the living hell out of the PICC dressing gunk on her arm?!

I guess because then there's no more physical evidence that the PICC was there? Ew.

No. 440627

So now the question is if her doctor actually said yes, or if she’s just making that part up. I would hope that a doctor wouldn’t put a j tube in someone with barely GP, who hasn’t even been on a motility medication, but we’ve seen way too many doctors do that exact thing.

No. 440628

Because it would have used SO much energy she may have passed out, you know how exhausted autumn gets from doing nothing eye roll

No. 440633

Everything from SDC was deleted?

No. 440635

Or, she's full of shit and lying and is going to end up self tubing with her amazon supplies and only running her scandishakes and water through gravity and swap her story to woe is me he's just sticking with the nj which she has inserted herself.

No. 440638

File: 1512786521774.jpg (484.84 KB, 1080x1603, Screenshot_20171208-202542.jpg)

No. 440640

Servicedogpaws got ahold of someone that knows servicedogcolt personally and found out that she wasn't in the hospital. Now all of the suicide posts are gone from servicedogcolt.

No. 440641


who could have guessed that someone who fakes or over dramatizes her illnesses would fake a suicide attempt!

No. 440643

You are likely right - or she heard what she wanted to hear.
She said she goes back in January and if she keeps losing weight they will then talk about a gastric pacemaker/j-tube.
I can see her going to see the doctor and asking about a tube and the doctor saying she isn't at that point yet and explaining that to get to that point she would have to have lost more weight. And before going to a j-tube they would trial a NJ tube. The doctor probably told her she wasn't at the point of needing a tube yet but in her mind she heard that she will get the tube if she loses more weight (not great for someone with a hx of anorexia). He didn't say the next visit she would get one but rather that if things got worse they would talk about it in the future (aka they didn't need to talk about it right now because she isn't near that point)

No. 440654


So, how long before someone tips them off about her fake suicide attempt and her face gets dragged through the dirt?

And before people start with "Oh no, she has a traumatic brain injury that made her fake her suicide"

If she's fucking coherent enough to be posting updates on her "critical condition" she's coherent enough to know what she's doing is fucked up and should not be done.

I honestly believe she deserves all the backlash she gets for this one.

No. 440669

So both servicedogwhatevers are lying scumbags? Who would’ve thought that two people who created their entire lives around being sick (both real and very much not real) would be anything less than truthful. Both deserve to be dragged through the mud. Crazy attention whores.

No. 440683

File: 1512792729563.jpeg (221.24 KB, 750x1161, DA1B8AED-8A7D-4828-805C-F53A91…)

She only had her port accessed so she could travel with it. And not use it. And just get it infected. Autumn you really are something special .

No. 440713

Just to show off. How autumn. Disgusting.

No. 440714

Also, isn’t New York really cold right now? So she’s specifically wearing a shirt that’s totally inappropriate for the weather, just to show off her port. Not to mention that the whole point of having a port is that you can have it deaccessed when you’re not using it, and not have a line that’s still open and has to be covered. Absolutely ridiculous.

No. 440721

There are port dressings that are much more inconspicuous as well. Autumn is all about being a huge attention whore; she doesn’t want a port to use it, she only wants it for people to look at and for her to claim what a special spoonie snowflake princess she is. Although I agree she’d be pretty happy getting an infection.

No. 440723

File: 1512796966621.png (50.97 KB, 800x194, Screenshot_2017-12-08-21-08-03…)

From the comments on

This person created her Youtube account on Feb 28, 2017.

There are a few comments on Janaye's most recent video about her faking her suicide attempt.

Janaye has made her Instagram private and has blocked many people who had considered themselves close friends. See the comments on Dom's post

No. 440729


Janaye Kearns lives in Colorado Springs. In a cursory search the only people I could find named Lynn Voss who live in CS are both in their 70s.


Tami is a real life close friend. She was interviewed in this article

No. 440733


To clarify, Lynn appears to be the same person who posted the two photos from the hospital and a photo of Colt on Janaye's Instagram account, stating that she had Janaye's phone and access to her house and that she was taking care of Colt.

The first photo she posted was of a cross and rosary on a bible to announce that Janaye was in hospital after attempting suicide. This was a day or two after Janaye had posted two images alluding to suicide.

No. 440739

Correct. You know she’s not traveling with liters of saline.. so the port has no need to be accessed. The whole point of a port is the ability to deaccessed when not in use, but of course, here’s Autumn , one of the top Drama Munchies who insisted on a port as a FIRST resort for her fake POTS, have it accessed for the first time to take it to dirty ass New York. And you know there isn’t an alcohol cap on the hub of the tube… that crazy bitch is begging for an infection and hospitalization just so she can put a notch on her belt an be a “real” spoonie. Pathetic . And yes, it’s fridged in NY and on those planes, so why you’d have a V-neck too on with your jacket open is beyond me. Oh wait, it’s to show off… useless

No. 440773

File: 1512803976853.png (397.23 KB, 680x1059, Screenshot_2017-12-08-23-07-10…)


But why would she use Photoshop when there are apps to fake posts and messages easily?

No. 440883


Well obviously it's so she can go to one of New York's finest hospitals for her totally necessary saline treatment while she's there.

No. 440951


Although it will depend on why she is in NY.
Autumn is good at being super sick when it is convenient for her. If there is something fun/something she really wants to do she is miraculously able to make it through (despite the fact that she typically claims that the simplest of chores causes her to collapse. She will probably make a post in which she claims she is having a good time but all out of spoons just to keep up the sick charade. The port sticking out (and eww airplanes are so gross - you would definitely want to cover it up) will probably be enough to make her feel special while enjoying the things she wants to do (although I don't think her immediate family buys the super sick act).

No. 441101

File: 1512853837387.jpg (1.15 MB, 1080x3077, Screenshot_20171209-135854.jpg)

Shes Definetly reading this page.(aa if thats not her normal. I think she does it so she can pick up on new behaviors and desires)
Simply put Dani, we know you want to ask for a
tube. You have been symptom stalking and trying to get people to tell you how to magically get sick and needs tubes on Facebook support groups but plays a different tune on IG..her fb and her many IGs do not correlate.
Hate to crunch your dream here but the only tube you'll get is a painful and gross NJ tube that you will grow to hate (wait..not a normal person so probably thrilled 247 with it..stupid me)
And that's only if she actually looses weight and her GES results don't change or worsen.
There are many steps being skipped here so I still back the person that said she is just totally faking it or the Dr had mentioned other steps down the road depending on minimal treatment first. (The whole thing takes a while usual)
Proper diets? nope
Therapy quoted 10 enures a day? nope
The motility med she is currently on?
nope. Probably never touched them.
Life style change? nope
Take advice from others who have GP and have been dealing with it longer? nope
Intestinal rehab? No
List goes on.
It's like a Dani version of pancreatic cancer girl

No. 441108


But Dani, if you take Reglan like you're supposed to you could end up being one of those lucky few who develop dystonia from it and could keep your precious disability money while not wasting a surgeon's time!

No. 441115

Reglan is pretty benign as far as medication goes, so there’s no way someone should be given a tube before trying that. Also, does she not realize that she has test results that show she’s perfectly capable of eating or at least drinking liquids? Good lord she’s dumb. She should’ve stuck with the eating disorder route, at least she actually has that. Otherwise she’s just a munchie attention whore trying to pretend she’s sick, and wasting people’s time.

No. 441120

What do you mean “wants” to ask for a tube? I’m sure she already asked, and was told “no”, because there’s no physical reason she needs one. What’s hilarious is that she could have gotten one if she didn’t eat for long enough back when she was anorexic, but she couldn’t keep herself from eating kek. So now she’s doing whatever she can to manipulate her way into one.

No. 441170

The screenshots are not fake. Just so everyone knows. I'm the one who talked to talked to tami, I'm the one who knew that janaye was lying
I have the originals but no edI ting tools..

No. 441173

I'll show you once I edit out names. Btw I love lolcow. My face munchies exposer

No. 441175

Favorite* new to this. Don't send me to pasture yet. Lol

No. 441176


servicedogpaws, is that you?

No. 441180

Oh come on. Give me some credit. You think she has enough brain cells to get any information on janaye?..

No. 441182

Anyways let me edit out tami last name. I just downloaded an app

No. 441191

File: 1512864222253.jpg (183.44 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-12-08-19-38-54…)

No. 441194

File: 1512864282836.jpg (223.4 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-12-08-19-42-10…)

No. 441197

File: 1512864326353.jpg (246.21 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-12-08-19-43-13…)

No. 441198

File: 1512864360077.jpg (191.5 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-12-08-19-48-47…)

No. 441200

File: 1512864399497.jpg (217.8 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-12-08-19-52-58…)

No. 441201

File: 1512864427450.jpg (214.99 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-12-08-19-57-06…)

No. 441203

I actually cared about didn't think SDC was as low as SDP. I thought she was decent. I was genuinely worried about her. But I knew something was up. So yeah I'm a sneaky bitch but something wasn't adding up.

No. 441204

Fuck I missed an edit.

No. 441206

Unless she faked it just to get back at SDP. Still doesn’t excuse it, but I can understand it better that way, since I’d want to get back at SDP too.

No. 441209


Hello and welcome to lolcow.

We already know Tami's full name and know that she is a real life friend of Janaye.

What is your opinion of the screencap posted in >>440723?

No. 441213

That screen cap was from 2 days ago and mI be was from yesterday. Honestly. I think some shit is up that's what. I do believe janaye has legit issues I also believe she craves attention from them. Her friend straight up told me they've been snapchatting for days a day AFTER that picture came out. I saw that one before I talked to tami. I

No. 441214

Sorry *mine

No. 441215

That person btw is supposedly a guy name "jacci" who alot of us believe is actually her. Due to the fact, he took odd pictures of old medical equipment which you all saw, said he couldn't see her. The thing is. If tami is so close, why was she blocked from her instagram? She even showed me she was blocked.

No. 441218

Eventually tami took five minutes to get back to me and blocked me. So she obviously talked to janaye or someone. It doesn't take a genius to figure this shit out

No. 441221

Sorry that screen cap was probably three days ago now

No. 441228

File: 1512867725085.png (1.32 MB, 640x1136, IMG_1838.PNG)

Wow, Breakspeare really are at the forefront of cutting edge medicine!

No. 441251

File: 1512869175643.jpeg (178.66 KB, 915x1294, 60A260F5-5D5C-4B97-A03F-27B725…)

I’m pretty sure there’s absolutely no science behind that….
Fungi do have antibacterial properties, but only specific ones, and they definitely don’t treat viruses.

(From an actual medical research paper)

No. 441255


Who is Lynn Voss, the person who commented on Janaye's Youtube video saying that Colt was staying with her?

No. 441274

No clue. But she knows before immediately family. And there's nothing mentioned on janayes face book page either which is really odd

No. 441277

Aren’t these the same pictures service dog paws posted on Instagram?

No. 441278

servicedogpaws posted like 2 of those screenshots, not all of them

No. 441279

The lynn voss chick doesn't even know about the screenshots. She's also not even on janayes friends list. Anyone find that odd,

No. 441280

Not the same. I have all of them.

No. 441283

I would have proof that I was the one who sent them to janaye asking her what the hell is going on but my account was banned

No. 441284

So you gave them to service dog paws then?

No. 441285

Want to know something funny?. As soon as I posted something about lynn voss not being on her friends list. Janaye blocked me. So that's all the lol.cow I'll be doing. I'm not going to say for sure one way or another. I presented you guys with what I found. I really hope she's ok. That's all I'll say

No. 441287

Basically what I'm saying is someone from her profile is watching this site

No. 441300

Kek stop putting your email

No. 441306

So you’re either friends with servicedogpaws, or you are her, or you’re another munchie who’s enjoying creating drama.

No. 441327

File: 1512875887564.jpeg (123.3 KB, 749x1266, 7C832711-92FE-4668-B8DD-2D89C4…)

So Autumn posted that picture of her on a plane and her port accessed. Apparently she’s infusing? She commented saying she was doing so and then deleted it so it looks like this girl is talking to herself. Autumn got a fancy backpack and everything!

No. 441329

File: 1512875994519.png (94.9 KB, 800x475, Screenshot_2017-12-09-19-11-16…)

I am the anon who posted >>440723.

Updated screencap taken just now.

Lynn Voss claimed to have been taking care of Colt, as did the person who posted the hospital pics to Janaye's Instagram.

Within hours of my posting that people were talking about her suicide attempt in comments on Janaye's most recent Youtube video she deleted all of them. A few of the comments were directing people to look at Dom's Instagram posts for evidence that Janaye had faked her suicide attempt.

However, she did not delete the comment posted by Lynn Voss which makes me think that she is not reading here.

No. 441330

File: 1512876033295.jpeg (202.03 KB, 750x1235, F0A18FA1-C5C4-4B3F-B8F1-1C9911…)

Her new backpack!

No. 441332

So she couldn’t wait on her “necessary” once a week infusion, and “had” to do it on the airplane? Fucking unbelievable.

No. 441333

You still sent them to SDP, cunt extraordinaire. So do you just enjoy creating drama, or do you have a stake in all this?

No. 441335

It’s not a medical backpack though. So if she was infusing on the plane, she put it in a different bag. Did they giver her an iv pump? Somehow they give those out like candy to munchies, but it’s not easy for someone who could actually benefit from it to get one. Typical.

No. 441336


I am >>441329 and I am not >>441278.

No. 441338

I can't stand SDP but SDC telling everyone it was dominiques fault that she attempted suicide. Or should I say "having her family notify others" no, I have illnesses. I don't talk about them. I don't like any of them. I thought she was faking from the beginning and did my own research. No matter who I don't like, you don't blame someone for an attempted suicide. She deserves the all the backlash shit she gets. As for "munchie". Nope. No service dog. Legitimate issues. No IG account glorifying my medical career. I have a picture of one surgery. Definitely no youtube videos. So your assessment of me is wrong. Janaye has burned several people I know. I didn't hold a grudge but I also know that things were not adding up.

No. 441340



Please note that I use correct punctuation, and that I know how to post, ie. I do not namefag nor emailfag.

No. 441342

No stake whatsoever.

No. 441349

She has to show off her new toy to her family to show them she’s really sooper sick and they were all wrong about her. Autumn makes me sick.

No. 441350

SDP told people to send SDC hate, that’s pretty fucked up now matter what. Quit wking her, and we don’t give a flying fuck about your personal life. You sound like a spoonie, trying to manipulate people. GTFO

No. 441352

It’s against the general rules to be on here and interfering with cows. Which you obvious didn’t read, because you can’t even sage your posts.

No. 441356


I don't think she was infusing on the plane - the picture with the backpack on is taken in a home. The commenter questioned the fact that Autumn was apparently able to bring the saline on the plane.
She already had a backpack that she made for one of the first times she had saline at home via IV - the infusion was only supposed to last 2 hours and seeing as she spends a lot of time at home doing nothing, you think she would be able to handle a 2-hr infusion. But of course it doesn't count unless everyone knows so she made a crazy backpack with caribeaners on the straps to hold the iv tubing and went out. And pretty much started infusions over days not hours right after that.

Interestingly - the port is not exposed during the engagement party her family threw her and her fiancee - the family hasn't taken well to her over dramatic medical drama (they bugged her about the wheelchair) so its probably not in her best interest to show it off them. While the fiancee probably puts up with the medical drama to some extent I am betting that if Autumn wants to keep the relationship going she can't ruin all their fun/special times with silly medical drama.

No. 441358

Kek so she had to show off all her medical stuff as much as possible before she was with her family, just to get a big enough dose of asspats to hold her over

No. 441364


She can probably get away with some of it with her family - like casually exposing her port and infusing around the house. If she had to go to the ER to get saline, I doubt that would go over well. She certainly can't hijack a special occasion that is supposed to be about her and her fiancee and make it all about her and her medical drama. (Of note - she has claimed she can't wear compression garments because she overheats yet on the plan she is wearing a beanie and inside the house she is wearing a very thick scarf - yes its cold in NY but from the pictures that isn't a house where they would be skimping on the heat. The fact is she never even considered compression garments - if she did we know she would have shown them off).

It also looks like a lot of the medical drama started after she started college. She used the medical drama to say that she wanted to stay in school but couldn't because she was too sick. I am guessing that she was struggling at college (either with grades and/or just fitting in) and needed an excuse to get out. Her engagement party would be about an accomplishment and its probably preferable to keep the attention on wedding plans and whatnot instead of bringing attention to medical drama and the fact that she dropped out of school and doesn't have a job.

No. 441372

File: 1512880511807.png (1.1 MB, 1536x2048, 066FA3C9-16A2-4088-9C7F-C337D4…)

Didn’t we predict she would be public again? She just couldn’t go without that sweet, sweet attention.

No. 441374

File: 1512880571384.png (253.06 KB, 1536x2048, 982AAEB3-39B4-4C70-9C09-C3CA7D…)

No mention of her somatic symptoms

No. 441376

File: 1512880649914.png (1.28 MB, 1536x2048, 9581545B-86C3-4C23-B55E-ED83D3…)

Also back to begging for her precious NG tubes

No. 441377

File: 1512880728173.png (247.61 KB, 1536x2048, CA34BE6B-C26D-45C4-B11F-88239F…)

No. 441378

File: 1512880747171.png (257.82 KB, 1536x2048, EBA5E4FF-DD1B-44E9-AB35-884DF7…)

No. 441379

File: 1512880787241.png (243.22 KB, 1536x2048, AC1D98B2-D13C-4E4A-8318-E310C0…)

You just keep telling yourself all that

No. 441380

File: 1512881032088.png (1.09 MB, 1536x2048, C27B71E4-1707-4137-9A14-6332B7…)

Classic Nicole. Too bad, it looked for a while like she was going to stop munching

No. 441396

File: 1512884002268.jpg (631.35 KB, 801x1443, Screenshot_20171209-205543.jpg)

Damn, must be nice to be paid and not actually do anything.

No. 441402

she should spend less time bragging about gift counts and more time vacuuming that disgusting carpet.

No. 441403


So tacky. By which I mean the boastfulness, not the wrapping paper.

As recently as September she said that she did not have health insurance which is why she had never been properly assessed for her syncope and other symptoms. This video was filmed in their previous house.

Is she really raking in enough Youtube bucks to finance their new lifestyle?

No. 441412

She must be getting a shitton of cash, having a chronic illness (even a fake or over exaggerated one) is crazy expensive even with good insurance. But I guess it’s easy to sell yourself on the internet if you don’t have a soul.

No. 441426


I haven't watched all of her videos to find out if there is another source of their new found wealth or if she now has insurance. Maybe Chase got a new job with benefits?

No. 441439

anyone check out punnysamosa?

No. 441487

Sage for no contribution but munchies are the worst kinds of people. I follow this thread sometimes but not too often because I know a munchie in real life which is enough on its own lol the person i know claimed first she had pots , now it's veds…she gets a nice check every month for her "disability" along with a nice powered wheelchair that she doesn't need. And it's no coincidence the person I know breifly went to medical school before she all of a sudden has these mysterious health problems, if you ask me she only went in the first place to learn some medical jargon so she could sound more convincing + the financial aid. Her and her husband are always looking for a way to scam the system so they can afford their cushy lifestyle. I could go on but nobody cares lol you all know how terrible these people are. I wish I had gotten some screenshots of her shenanigans before she went m.i.a online

No. 441497


I don't understand how no one's picked up on her bullshit. I mean, any doctors. She's a blaring red siren of factitious disorder.

No. 441507

Sometimes I wonder if doctors eventually cave to these spoonies if they have insurance and keep being a pest about their made up problems

No. 441513


Well this sounds 100% psychological. Shame she kept avoiding therapy.

No. 441515


My superpower is taking my medication and going to therapy and not using resources designed for actually sick people kek

Also it's fairly telling that she's been put on Olanzapine.

No. 441524

File: 1512907026371.jpg (413.51 KB, 1536x2048, FullSizeRender 16.jpg)

So, HypermobileGuy's emergency trip to hospital? Dislocated hip, apparently. But of course not so bad he couldn't take a selfie while sucking down on Entonox. Also no munchie is complete these days without POSSIBLE SEPSIS.

No. 441525

1) why the hell would you need to be stabilised for a dislocated hip ffs
2)where did the sepsis come from, from the dislocated hip? i'm so done.

No. 441533


As per the infographic posted up there somewhere, munchies now seem to think that every instance of vomiting is now a sign of sepsis, despite the fact that sepsis has multiple other symptoms.

No. 441536


If Lynn is such close friends with Janaye and is taking care of Colt, why would she ask Sky to email her?

No. 441540

File: 1512911769365.jpg (813.94 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171210-131233.jpg)

I'm curious to know what the event is

No. 441553

So by her wording here, usually she's… fake person sick?

No. 441565

Yea, as in usually she’s faking but now she’s really sick LOL

No. 441591

File: 1512924643871.jpeg (244.46 KB, 749x1107, 0C797867-6C5B-4AC9-AA31-71BA6E…)

Autumn got a shoutout/ repost from TheZebraNetwork.. Autumn doesn’t even REMOTELY have EDS, and is probably barely hypermobile, and already milking followers from EDS pages. AUTUMN you ate a horrible human being you need help.

No. 441696

Gonna sperg for a moment here. My mom had mouth cancer back in 1998 and had her first PEG put in. She hated it. I helped her with her feeds, those gross smelling bags of Nutricia and constant flushing of the tube. She eventually had a button put in and I helped change those. It was unpleasant for the both of us, painful for her as well. She had NG tubes too, and I didn't envy her.

Up until she died in 2013, she lived on countless meds and was constantly under review for her diet and nutrition. All she wanted was to be able to eat and live normally. I'm sure if she knew idiots like the ones in this thread existed, she'd blow a fuse.

Apologies for the blog, I just can't help but think of her when I'm reading these threads.

No. 441726

File: 1512941048269.jpg (187.02 KB, 1080x1804, 25270920_1850110651685461_1441…)

I wouldn't worry too much about the service dog munchies, the community is very self-policing. Both SDP and SDC have been shitlisted for their behavior. When a handler is shitlisted like this for drama or unethical/illegal handling they get removed from most of the major online communities so they can't continue asking advice to fake their SDs or conditions.

No. 441729

So sick that she can’t post on IG…oh wait.

No. 441730

Kek they’re both getting called out on their shit. Good.

No. 441735

File: 1512941853827.png (76.5 KB, 986x280, Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 3.36…)

There is, of course, quite a lot of milk in SD pages for both Dom and Janaye. I'll post as much as I can before my eyes roll out of my head for idiocy and munchiedom

No. 441737

File: 1512941903430.png (55.72 KB, 952x154, Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 3.38…)

No. 441739

File: 1512942082722.jpg (143.3 KB, 720x858, 20708261_1541239482604905_8867…)

responding to backlash after putting her dog in danger by putting weight on it in a brace position with no professional help

No. 441740

File: 1512942103787.png (156.96 KB, 884x620, Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 3.40…)

response from page admin

No. 441746

File: 1512942324392.png (334.69 KB, 980x1030, Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 3.44…)

she seems to encounter a lot of incidents that need reporting….

No. 441748

File: 1512942488119.png (303.66 KB, 882x1112, Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 3.47…)

seems to be common among munchies for families to call them drama queens… wonder why

No. 441757


Probably because these munchies make everything about them at the expense of everyone else around them. They rarely ever seem to thank anyone for their help or apologize for the inconvenience they cause.
Autumns family gave her grief about the wheelchair - probably because she went out and bought a wheelchair and then either expected other people to push her around or complained about how hard it was to be in the wheelchair.
I am assuming the person referenced in this post in Dom. I don't know much about her but she seems like she goes out of her way to cause and/or find drama. Her mom probably doesn't mind the dog as much as the fact that it seems like Dom freaks out and causes a scene if someone even just glances at her dog. If they used to shoot weddings together its understandable to want to know if they will be able to do the job without the dog (as a professional you would probably want to disclose that you would be bringing a SD with you). Her husbands family probably doesn't feel comfortable questioning her. And it is more likely that her family is tired of the drama that she causes unnecessarily about the dog (especially since she is likely a sick when its convenient for me type of gal so they see her be perfectly fine when she wants) and not so much about the dog itself.

In general, people with true disabilities or illnesses try to decrease the inconvenience they cause to others or at least acknowledge the impact their illness/disability has on others. They usually try to be independent when possible and are pleasant/nice to someone when they need help. Munchies feel like they are entitled to all the attention and help they want and forget about the impact it has on everyone else around them.

No. 441758

(service dog anon) All of the above posts are about Dom. At least Janaye is smart enough to keep her symptom searching and harassing of people with real disabilities to private chats, which I currently don't feel like blocking all the names of. Another day.

No. 441770


That's ok anon. I'm sorry your mom went through that and you did too. These people who get toobz and stuff seemingly for fun are being so disrespectful to those who depend on them by showing them off like they're toys.

No. 441771


IIRC Jaquie was called out like this and banned from SD groups!

No. 441773


No doctor would recommend a wheelchair as a first line treatment for POTS. Nope.

No. 441780

File: 1512947200082.png (844.11 KB, 854x1136, Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 5.05…)

kek yes she's constantly called out for unnecessary equipment and straight up animal abuse. being a "spoonie" isn't a good reason to neglect your dog's nutrition requirements

No. 441783


To be fair on her mother, the "attitude towards people about your dog" is a big issue with Dominique. She sees every single look (even innocent ones) as a challenge or someone "distracting" the dog. It's almost like she doesn't believe she needs the dog herself and she's taking it out on the public.

No. 441785


It almost makes me wish I was in the SD community to see the sass, but even if I did have a service dog I think I'd avoid this hot mess.

No. 441794

Mess is an on point description. Munchies are drawn like magnets to bringing their dogs in public AND covering them in patches about how disabled their handler is.

No. 441795

Janaye symptom searched? Do you know this for a fact? She's an interesting character (fellow service dog anon) and has done some really shady stuff in the past. I've removed myself from the facebook groups but my curiosity is skyrocketing after this faked critical condition/suicide attempt.

No. 441797

But if you spend any time staring at those patches you get verbally assaulted and yelled at for "distracting" the dog!

No. 441799

When you don't face any adversity you have to create your own I guess

No. 441807

As part of her shitlisting there is a dropbox of screenshots of her chats with people, I believe there was symptom searching or at least "comparison" in the over 200 photos there

No. 441822

Pretty please share some milk in the Jacquie thread?!


No. 441870

No. 441877

Not a fan of The Doctors but the comments section is filled with triggered zebra milk

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