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File: 1514671330935.png (116.35 KB, 368x460, 1514669901763.png)

No. 457426

Our recovery queer has struggled more than any of us will ever struggle. She knows hardship.

SO what a #motivation to us all that she's climbed her perilous way out of the abyss and has the amazing life she dreamed of.

She has a wonderful relationship with Berto (second on her list of priorities with the numero uno being FOOD) and rightly so (!) Overnight Aly has turned into a self-proclaimed "good fork"! (with periods!!!)

She can't get enough of those fries, burgers, chicken nuggets, donnies, fraps, fries, burgers, chicken nuggets, faps and it's all documented by her tons of friends (her Ma).

Soon to begin her new work as a nun.

We look forward to RAISING UP with you as you travel at the speed of light to SUCCESS (!)

Last thread: >>>/snow/457011

Insta: www.instagram.com/aly_sjourney

Oh yeah, was cow tipped and sperged over being a stalked public figure (then quickly forgot about it).

No. 457456

File: 1514673850271.jpg (930.64 KB, 1035x1448, Screenshot_20171230-164240.jpg)

The fork strikes again

No. 457464

File: 1514674648305.png (8.95 KB, 246x205, angsty.png)


The tentacle makes me feel very sad and moreso because she uses the octopus emoji. I hope she gets food poisoning (for real this time).

Okay, prediction. Today she's really up, like she's on coke and ecstasy and she's wanting to root on food SO tomorrow she'll start to crash.

How can she sweep aside finding out about lolcow and being ~stalked~ so easily? She doesn't usually do that with attention/haters. Berto's back so she's going to be triggered by him. She has to become a nun. She's suddenly hanging out with "friends". WHAT'S GOING ON? Is there a #GLOBAL full moon?

I really, really hope tonight isn't the night she decides to vom it up because … tentacles.

BTW that emoji with the heart eyes looks like a special needs.

A really bad eating sound ASMR has made me really angry tonight and I'm wishing ill on the world. When I read Aly's WEIGHTED it tipped me over. PLEASE FOR BLOOD OF THE MARTYRS someone tell her it's WEIGHED. And Jesus what's going on with farmers being Aly's bff?

I need to lie in the dark with a cold flannel on my head. Too much BS here.

No. 457563

you sound nuts. i hope you enjoy your cold blanket

No. 457670

Duck theory
>fellow farmer and #edwarrior writing themselves what they desperately need to hear, but to Aly while under the guise of self doubt and shame.
End of duck speculations.

No. 457680

The first time I remember seeing one of "ducks" comments was back when Aly was still posting before/after progress pics. And "duck" said something like, "right up there is happiness". Aly took it to mean, "the pic on the right (skeletal side) is better" but someone pointed out what they really meant. "Duck" has been an asslicker from the start.

I've never seen them write anything funny, over the top, or criticizing. I'm not sure where we got the idea that they are a farmer.

No. 457684

I once asked them if they were a farmer on insta and they told me they were, since the lush days or something. Recently they said they had something planned, aly has left them personal non copy pasta messages but I don't know what their end goal is #duckgate

No. 457804

Dear anon, it's not "overnight" but "by Night (!)"

No. 457877

>the tentacle makes me feel very sad
> I hope she gets food poisoning
Same here! Rooting (!) for the kraken to take revenge on her

No. 457906

Love the new thread pic because with the white background it looks like it's just Aly the good fork floating around

No. 457968

I wrote on here "duck if you're a farmer send myusername a smiley face" and they did. Some paranoid anon thought I made the whole thing up (for what?) but if you believe me, then duck is a farmer

No. 457986

File: 1514739317101.jpeg (54.64 KB, 484x573, 6EACCA38-A007-415D-8B73-C07926…)

Spot the swollen salivary glands. Im actually horrified of how her face turned because she used to look so much more beautiful and slimmer on her face when she was a at the same BMI she is right now, but long before her actual anorexia…
Seems like she BP or eats too much too often

No. 457989

I think it's in part due to high bodyfat% as well. You can have high bf at a low BMI and it makes you look much heavier than you are. I don't doubt her when she used to say her BMI was still underweight despite looking to be already in the healthy range, because I'm in the exact same spot and we have really similar bodies.

She was saying how she was considering exercising again, I think that would be good for her.

No. 458004

I doubt she'll do it though, she was probably just saying it for the precious opinions and I think her face is also bloated from all the salt she has

No. 458028

File: 1514745117148.jpg (139.2 KB, 1004x342, Screenshot_20171231-123039.jpg)

Can we like banish duck

No. 458032


I agree about the salt. If she didn't eat so much salt in processed foods she definitely wouldn't get the water retention she complained about when she had her period (SHE HAD A PERIOD!!!).

She's stupid to not book an appointment with a nutritionist. I'd be worried about her cholesterol and maybe liver and seeing how a WRONG (!) diagnosis of high cholesterol is one of the numerous (!) reasons she became anorexic I can kind of understand she'd want to avoid a test. BUT definitely see a nutritionist.

I wish.
>Get silly

Anyone else staying home alone with snacks, knitting and a film? Why do people put themselves under pressure to pretend to be happy and social on NYE?

Ta! I don't have photoshop and made the pic in seconds in Paint (and it shows!) I hope she mentions being a good fork again though or the pic is redundant.

Going to look at this amazing little black dress she's wearing. Hope the thigh socks aren't an accessory.

No. 458033


No. 458035

We're here for the milk. We don't stuff the cows so we can eat them next Christmas.
We're all anonymous here for a reason, and we shouldn't identify ourselves based on comments left under the cows' posts.
If you follow and message Aly, you are a follower, not a farmer.

No. 458036

File: 1514745805400.jpg (133.92 KB, 906x1612, Screenshot_1.jpg)

the dress

No. 458043

I agree. All the farmer comments are ruining this. I think it’s bordering on interfering with the cow in real life. I don’t think she thrives on the negative attention as stated by the incognito farmers (who think they’re funnier than they really are)

No. 458044

Yeah. Farmers didn't leave comments for Ash (except the ones who came here to WK) and she came to us for ~dramu~ after Jolty or whoever tipped her. If the cows want to interact here I think it's fine, but still not getting orangeandblack and ducks if they really are anons here.

No. 458051

I agree with all of this. This is bordering on Forever Kailyn level of trolling, and the anons doing that always came across to me as somewhat unhinged yet unaware.

No. 458080

honestly always felt this thread is always tethering on the edge of breaking rules about interfering and personal army. There's constant encouragement to comment or outright requests to post stuff. Most of the milk these days originate from farmers' interference.

No. 458104

File: 1514751484883.jpg (46.56 KB, 420x544, Capture.JPG)

See her flinch at his kisses.

No. 458145

Never really cared about NYE. Not alone, but definitely not going out because we're both antisocial.

No. 458151

That face says it all. Drunk or not, she can't stand him.

No. 458153

File: 1514756600443.jpg (8.7 KB, 187x269, by aly.jpg)

We're not even seeing each other tonight, ha. Nah, just want life to be back to normal.

That's definitely not a good humoured fuck off face either which is odd considering she probably wanted a kissy picture with him. Looks like he could have his arms around her waist. He always looks like a corpse when he's supposedly kissing her and she just doesn't want any of it.

So they're out with HIS friends. I wonder when she starts being a nun? Looking forward to it.

No. 458162

I've noticed lately in her stories, the little white arrows on the left and right. Those are on the picture itself, not instagram. Which makes me think she is screenshotting old photos to post on her instagram stories. Does that make sense? Im suspicious

No. 458251

Yup. Farmers need to quit commenting in her posts. It's obnoxious and getting out of hand. Just let her do her crazy thing and discuss on here without commenting on her photos. She only posted 5 photos today…I wonder if she is actually having fun or if she's itching to get back on ig but can't.

No. 458259

I don't think she ever has fun. Is she interested in anything enough to find it fun? No doubt we'll hear about it at midday Italian time. Wonder when her first meltdown will be. I'm predicting three days into her job.

No. 458265

I agree with this in a sense, asskissing farmers like duck are ridiculous. However, the very occaisonal ott comment (not every post) from old fence or c_bish is entertaining and I dont think they're ruining anything, it's funny seeing how far they can push it. But yeah the asskissing ones make zero sense

No. 458682

Happy moo Year!

No. 458772

File: 1514808836990.jpg (42.61 KB, 364x622, Capture.JPG)


Back atchya, anon!

Nice to know Aly thinks being homeless is funny.

Although (next pic →soon) he certainly roughs it. WHERE IS THE BED LINEN.


No. 458773

File: 1514808851393.jpg (34.38 KB, 356x600, making wheat.JPG)

No. 458775


wtf is 'bad for two and said all' even supposed to mean?

No. 458776

the fact that she always tries to remind us that her sexual life is active AF (!) and stuff related, jesus

No. 458777

i think she misspelled bed, and tried to say that they got only one bed and had their "time" together, lol. ew.

No. 458778

>Teehee, we might do the s*x (!)

No. 458812

File: 1514817744322.png (11.19 KB, 296x65, screenshot 2018-01-01 15.40.34…)

She seriously thinks she looks "classy" most of the time?

No. 458816

It's obvious newfags who do this. Constant cowtipping, namefagging (because saying "I'm duck/fence/whatever on insta" is basically namefagging) and most of the comments they leave are cringey as fuck and bordering A-logging. No idea why this thread attracts so many newfags, but it's them who do this. Let's hope that now given the negative feedback in here it's going to stop

I love when she has to remind everyone that she has sex. So special (!)

No. 458821

wow that looks jank, so now its her "mans place" where she said they'd be living together but shes not living there? ok w/e

what are yalls predications for aly? i think she'll stay exactly the same, probably have a breakdown at work because she can't pack a lunch and keep banging on about everybody deserving recovery

No. 458822

ugh I meant predictions

No. 458830

I don't understand… those are two different beds. First one is ikea's fjellse (have that one at home lol) and second one is some sort of sofa-bed.
Also with "finally bad for two and said all" she probably means "finally bed for two and that's all I say wink wink we'll have sex hehe"

No. 458841

File: 1514822539272.jpg (468.94 KB, 1029x1103, Screenshot_20180101-100048.jpg)

You're gonna get nothing duck (!)

No. 458843

that's fucking bleak. no sheets, wtf? two random unmatched pillows and no decor and two mops (?) in the corner? wow that really sets the mood. her obsession with making sure everyone knows about her sex life reminds me of a high school boy. like calm down, you're an adult, no one cares and it's not some remarkable thing to occasionally hook up with your boyfriend who hates you

"looking like a homeless" is a great alyism tho

No. 458844

samefag sorry but duck, what's your endgame? if you think you're going to get super close to her and then either get great secrets or make her feel shitty by revealing that you're a fake you're wrong. we've seen again and again that she doesn't pay attention to who says what and she isn't going to be devastated that some random ass kisser says something mean, so like???

No. 458864

File: 1514825458657.jpg (165.5 KB, 540x635, homeless.jpg)

So is the bed in the first picture Berto's roommate's? And her ~man~ doesn't even have a bed large enough for the both of them (or even his own?) so they have to crash on a shabby AF convertible couch?

This reminds me of the good ole days when Aly would wear sweatpants 8/24 as a fashion statement. Pic related.

No. 458867

lol I was thinking the pants from >>458772 are actually the same ones she wore in that pic where she's wheeling her IV pole during her super serious two day IP stint

No. 458887

werent her hosp ones like simpsons ones?

she always has to draw attention to what she looks like when its not her typical terrible makeup/hair, huge trousers outfit but usually she looks "better" when she doesnt try

shes about to have sex with bert but shes gotta snap a pic first lmao i think she checks her phone behind his head tbh

No. 458940

Sloppy bed, sloppy lover. I'm not surprised she has to get drunk to have sex with him.

Day one of the new year and she's hungry for attention. She hasn't eaten all day so gets some cheesy fries and calls it a binge. Oh no, need #support or will purge.

No. 458968

File: 1514832936405.jpg (171.77 KB, 978x499, Screenshot_20180101-125341.jpg)

What the fuc* is she talking about she always gets cheese fries?

I hope anons will stop giving her motivation(!) from now on

No. 458972

File: 1514833385452.jpg (306.59 KB, 978x978, Screenshot_20180101-130154.jpg)

No. 458975

>Satisfying my body without even thinking

YET posts about how she's afraid she's going to binge on the cheese fries pic.

Damn someone commented. I was hoping for a #breakdown

Oh dear.

No. 458990

That… is unfortunate.

No. 458998

Can we ignore the cowtippers? Don't mention them, don't post caps of their comments.

No. 459006

well there's only 1 so far
haters incoming?

No. 459014

File: 1514836504128.jpeg (101.79 KB, 637x1013, 18CFBF89-296F-434F-B47F-B134CB…)

Kek did anyone notice this? I’m surprised she wasn’t blocked!

No. 459016

Typical. Aly doesn't know how much she spends because it's not her money and she doesn't have to work to earn it.

No. 459019

lol probs did

No. 459025

Why didn't she ignore it like all the other questions she gets asked. Seems like the amount of crap she eats hits a nerve when someone comments about it.

No. 459030

>displays her whole life, even when she has sex with her bf, on instagram
>"None of your business hurr"
Typical attention whore behavior

No. 459035

47, 607 followers. She can't even keep/gain followers when she's public.

No. 459038

File: 1514838910625.jpg (189.95 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180101-213233.jpg)

No. 459039

File: 1514838979058.jpg (169.42 KB, 978x393, Screenshot_20180101-143508.jpg)

No. 459041

File: 1514839191238.jpg (397.2 KB, 720x1111, 20180101_213605.jpg)

>these are the lush fries I want to make myself throw up
>#foodlove #foodheaven


No. 459042

File: 1514839226153.png (1021.32 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5793.PNG)

She's not wrong, she is a pretty shitty person.

No. 459046

Has she ever purged in her life? I'm trying hard not to comment lol its my new years res

No. 459047

I just read that caption and was about to make a sockpuppet but NO. Braylyn said it anyway. She's got a hangover. Nah, she's never made herself vom. She said she used to binge then restrict for a few days. Obviously she's not doing the restriction now and she wants people to think she's still ill so she gets more comments AND LOOK IT WORKS!!!1

No. 459050

JFC anons I see you commenting

No. 459053

File: 1514839792468.jpg (43.37 KB, 333x346, Capture.JPG)

She's right about this.

No. 459054

Now she deleted this

No. 459057


No. 459061


No. 459064

Ugghhh again the misuse of the word cowtipping to mean trolling and numerous Chris-chan references. Who put you on your high horse?

>omg guise I’m fully recovered and a good fork!
>doesn’t get enough comments on photo
>calls normal portion of fries a binge
>threatens to purge unless she gets more comments

Bringing in the new year Aly style!

No. 459066

She made the mistake of deleting her threats too soon, so hardly anyone saw. I guess shes working on a everyone deserving recovery post

I wonder when she starts working? I could ask but she'll just like the goddamn comment

No. 459067


If Ma and Bertie know about the account now (?) she's probably not keeping the post up for long hoping they don't see what she's written.

No. 459089

File: 1514842747202.png (203.88 KB, 279x402, Xub5lvHXap4.movieposter_maxres…)

For the next thread I'd suggest we make a purge themed picture.
Pic very related.

No. 459096

No, there was actually cowtipping. Sorry, it's not funny anymore, and it's weird that you felt the need to nitpick one post when multiple people complained. Just cut it out, Aly can provide laughs by herself without "farmers" interefering

No. 459117

Aly really is the funniest when she gets no attention at all. That's when she posts ~sad face~ pictures in her stories.
Like when we agreed on not commenting for a couple days, that was when >>446594 and >>446597 happened.

I'm guilty of making that mistake myself, my advice to you lovely girls still considering to comment would be: 🍩 waste your time. She knows good comments and bad comments and that's it. Really doesn't notice/care if you mock her as long as there's ❤ and isn't interested in constructive criticism either.

You'll either get deleted and/or give her something to whine about and attract wks -> asspats4asspats.

Or she'll get off on what she perceives as ~support~ and she'll tag you and ask you for moar and moar support via dms.

TL;DR: less attenzione=more fun

No. 459124

Not to derail, but you said CONSTANT cowtipping, which it wasn’t because there was one main incident. The rest was just trolling. Also I’ve seen more than one reference to Chris Chan so I assumed the comments to come from the same anon, judging by the holier-than-thou tone used.

Cowtipping is against the rules but beyond that you can’t control what people do.

That aside, I agree it’s way more fun when Aly gets no comments at all, as all she actually cares about is attention (whether good or bad).

No. 459134

I made one reference to Chris-chan, the rest was coming from other people. Why would it be holier than thou to say that people should back off, since the commenting experiment has led to farmers either going full up Aly's ass or sperging hard in her comments just to screencap it and post it here looking for approval? It's pointless, and we aren't supposed to directly interefere with cows' lives (since Aly's life is heavily influenced by instagram comments).
Now the problem is the word "constant"? Alright, *cowtipping and constant trolling. Better?

No. 459147

File: 1514850251991.jpg (161.01 KB, 1039x437, Screenshot_20180101-174240.jpg)

No. 459149

File: 1514850309363.jpg (302.37 KB, 978x978, Screenshot_20180101-174147.jpg)

No. 459155

File: 1514850605446.png (1.56 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180101-174620.png)

Sorry one more
The "so much changed"…"but most of all dangerous(!)" suddenly popping up is so funny like nothing has changed for her at all

No. 459213

File: 1514855297179.png (468.15 KB, 600x709, not.png)

No. 459214

holy shit thank you

No. 459215

holy fuck (!) that's terrifying

No. 459252

I agree, no comments are best. But also, I think we have built her up for so long with comments, that a sudden drop in comments gets a reaction.

I'd say, if you simply must comment, do so on the food pics. It drives her crazy. LoL

No. 459253


No. 459294

Nightmare fuel. Albeit well done nightmare fuel.

No. 459528

File: 1514893690800.png (1.03 MB, 640x1136, IMG_5795.PNG)

No. 459538

the fact she thinks she's a celeb or something drives me insane. Like she tries to give us advice of what recovery is or stuff, and then break downs. jfc.

No. 459571

theres not constant cowtipping ffs no ones cowtipped until recently, and other than a lurker sara. and i've never seen anyone other than duck claim to be who they are for irrelevant reasons

No. 459573

Next thread pic, 10/10

For fuck's sake drop it already

No. 459579

Lol bc she doesnt have purging issues she jusr entertains the idea…..6 hours after a meal.

No. 459582

File: 1514903874479.jpg (468.63 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180102-153243.jpg)

No. 459589

She looked almost cute in that boomerang tbh. She looks better when the camera is not under her chin. I wish I could do a makeover on her, fix her brows, fix her hair, fix her makeup and teach her how to take decent pictures

No. 459596

File: 1514906253761.jpeg (257.63 KB, 612x624, 5B4D1AA7-EF18-4B89-815F-2BDFCA…)

I noticed dogs responses have become more and more irritated and quickly written. I don’t know why she continues, after this gem, I lost it. 2018 Aly, starting the year off with her histrionic mouldy spoon butter loaf. Her breakdown cycle annoys the foodbaby out of me.

No. 459611

File: 1514909390621.jpg (300.54 KB, 862x832, Screenshot_20180102-100800.jpg)


No. 459612

this has been her shtick for awhile now. close for a day and come back STRONGER THAN EVER (!) Aly, no one believes you..

No. 459618

Right(!) get ready for a series of goodbye posts on Sunday and then cookies on Monday

No. 459621

I have to agree. When she is really #spontaneous she didn't look that awfull, red lipstick doesn't fit her and less without lip liner. The only disaster here are those eyebrows.

No. 459623

We have to save that "I won't daily-post/update anymore" for posterity.

No. 459639

Her mouth teeth are awful and those. fucking. earrings. af.

No. 459722

File: 1514917075006.jpg (346.1 KB, 1026x925, Screenshot_20180102-121519.jpg)

I'd like to think she could stop using instagram but there's no way she can go cold turkey, she'll just keep posting but say it's not an update it's motivation or some shit

No. 459726

File: 1514917328966.jpg (26.22 KB, 232x274, 2.JPG)


Her life is more exciting than a sparkling rainbow. Really?

She always comes back with a purge threat and says she realised she really needs her followers.

Her English has been noticeably a lot more shit the past few days. Has she started using a different online translator?

squeak squeak

No. 459746

She wants to make it sound like her life is really dramatic and exciting but she just goes out to eat and hangs out with bert sometimes…shes starting early on these goodbye posts too lol

No. 459755

This is getting so fucking cringey

Day 1:
>"I am EX anorexic and will close this account to LIVE!! I am free from ED!"

Day 2:
>Black post "NO ONE CARES. Brb purging now never eating again I kill me"

No. 459892

Exactly, just like she believes every picture she posts is soooo different, she thinks that a day not posting about her fathers beats or her banging berto is moving on from instagram

No. 459924

File: 1514931576803.png (1.14 MB, 640x1136, IMG_5802.PNG)


No. 459940

i can never quite place aly's particular off-ness but i think i've figured it out: she seems like she's from country much more un-westernized than italy. between her shitty english, her weird lack of understanding of insta despite being on it 8/24, and her out-of-date fashion and TV/film preferences, she seems like she's from some tiny unconnected country in eastern europe or central asia, like moldova or georgia or sth. milan is a major cosmopolitan city with top-tier fashion, so it seems strange that she struggles so much to fit into the culture of insta or to look current. but it would seem normal if she were from a small city in a former soviet satellite.

#deepthoughts lol sorry she's just so odd. i'm going to start a change.org petition to get rid of her janky peace sign earrings

No. 459944

(((no offense to moldovan/georgian/other soviet bloc farmers tho of course)))

No. 459948

File: 1514932829093.jpg (112.1 KB, 1013x273, Screenshot_20180102-163909.jpg)

lmao yes what a normal thing to message someone

No. 459949

File: 1514932852744.png (Spoiler Image, 174.92 KB, 640x991, IMG_5803.PNG)

Such a change, she's back to posting spoopy pics. Haven't seen this one before, though. At least it isn't the gross bikini pic.

No. 459979

File: 1514934800998.png (1.43 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180102-171213.png)


No. 460048

I THINK she is implying that her presence on instagram is absolutely crucial during this difficult time when the media purports the notion that you have to diet or detox after the holidays, and that her unnecessary #transformationpic was also very much needed to keep ~spreading awareness~.

That's what I got from the post she circled.

No. 460062

This totally happened.

So what if people want to detox. Eating a lot can make someone feel sluggish. If anyone needs to cleanse their system it's Aly. They'd find #TW #HORRIFICIMAGE year old chicken nuggets if she had colonic irrigation.

No. 460076

Ah thank you for the translation anon

yeah it's like everyone is used to this by now, some people want to use a new year to start a diet cus they want to, other people don't care, its only spoops that always hyper focus on stuff like this because "normal" people dont let dieting or detoxing get out of control

No. 460132

she definitely doesnt seem like she's from a small eastern european town/village. my parents grew up in one and i visit regularly and she'd be extremely odd there, trust me. she tries way too hard and would stand out massively. she rly seems like she's just very histrionic and needs to stand out in any way possible, she'd be like this anywhere. i don't believe she struggles to fit in, i think that she thinks she does fit in, her entire life revolves around gaining attention, hence the clothing, bright ass lipstick, poses, etc.

No. 460370

Waf, this must be the worst pic of her from orange combover era. I doubt it can get any worse than that.

No. 460372

File: 1514959128004.jpg (323.65 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180103-063811.jpg)

No. 460446


i think it's because italy is (according to the friends who live there) is much more closer to near eastern/mediterranean countries rather than west/northern europe in conservativeness, societal norms and attitude towards women.

i live in a near eastern country and most women here are exactly like aly. they ape the things they see on the internet but they don't know why those things are being done or popular because they don't know english. they just do what everyone in their suggestions do. they don't have much of a personality or skills (even if they're "educated") because they're raised to be someone's wife, not a person of their own. they're taken care of by their families until they're married. all they care about in life are their family, their looks, their three female friends, following dumb local tv series and eventually getting married/showing off their husband, children and housekeeping when they're married. it's a very sad and infuriating state of affairs. so aly doesn't surprise or shock me, just makes me very, very ANGER AF (!).

No. 460447


i think it's because italy is (according to the friends who live there) is much more closer to near eastern/mediterranean countries rather than west/northern europe in conservativeness, societal norms and attitude towards women.

i live in a near eastern country and most women here are exactly like aly. they ape the things they see on the internet but they don't know why those things are being done or popular because they don't know english. they just do what everyone in their suggestions do. they don't have much of a personality or skills (even if they're "educated") because they're raised to be someone's wife, not a person of their own. they're taken care of by their families until they're married. all they care about in life are their family, their looks, their three female friends, following dumb local tv series and eventually getting married/showing off their husband, children and housekeeping when they're married. it's a very sad and infuriating state of affairs. so aly doesn't surprise or shock me, just makes me very, very ANGER AF (!).

No. 460458


this is the smuggest face I have ever seen

No. 460469

for me she's very Italian. This 2006 fashion sense and Internet awkwardness, not being very good with English, popculture… She's like a not very bright town girl, even though from Milan lol. It's a mentality, big city doesn't change anything. Obviously those type is not Europe exclusive, you can see those girls in America too. Is she that different from your "white basic bitch" in leggins and uggs, plastering Live Laugh Love all over her house, not knowing what a "meme" is? No, that's the same type
Okay, enough

No. 460486

Italian anon, Aly is the excess, full stop. As you can find the excess in all the other countries of the world.

I don't really think so, she's obsessed with copying Internet/American/English stuff, and doing it badly. It's just a poorly made potpourri of things.

No. 460497

File: 1514981805841.jpg (262.82 KB, 720x1026, 20180103_131401.jpg)

No. 460499

File: 1514982260569.jpg (470.95 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180103-130844.jpg)

>cba to exercise and meet my friend
>#recoverywin #bodypositivity

No. 460503

>don't think will must exercise
how do you fuck up a sentence this badly.

now that she gets her period again, there will be mentions of it every month lol

No. 460508

aly "cardio fitness" doesn't sound at ALL like "burn fat/calories", it sounds like heart/lung fitness…which is good for you…and if you honestly think that any exercise or healthy food is bad then have fun with your t2 diabetes and heart disease, which are two of the leading causes of death in developed countries, while anorexia is not on the list at all (!)

yes it's great that she can eat her fraps and fries but ffs she's a year into weight restoration and she still is so defensive about her ~fat~ and ~society~ that she's putting herself at other risks and also surely exacerbating her obvious anxiety/mood issues by NEVER FUCKING MOVING HER BODY OR EATING A VEGETABLE

No. 460532

She even said she was lazy and didn't want to do any exercise. I think she has just swung from one end of the spectrum (incredibly underweight and probably walking non-stop to burn calories) to the other end (eating McDonald's daily, no exercise). She really needs to figure out a healthy balance, but since her therapists are shit or she lies about seeing one she never will. Also she's too stupid or lazy to do any research on her own about gaining a healthy relationship with nutritious foods.

No. 460556

If she's too lazy to exercise in general or just wasn't in the mood to go to the gym this morning, fine. But it's just ridiculous how she demands approval for that and desperately tries to make it about her ~ED~
If she really was fine with letting her "friend" down and if she really believed there was no point in exercising, why ask for opinions.

Probably afraid to perform really bad at the gym because she is has not exercised for ages and is a smoker. Inb4 #notallsmokers get out of breath easily

No. 460569

It would be somehow understandable if she lived in some bumfuck nowhere small town in the South, but she lives in Milan. A super modern city, the capital of fashion with tons of tourists and events every day.
What you said applies to some (small) places here, but city people, especially in the North, aren't like that at all.
Aly is just… special.

No. 460599

File: 1514995193647.jpg (944.76 KB, 809x1846, Screenshot_20180103-095525.jpg)

Is she ever going to take a new photo?
I'm pretty sure aly thinks the gym and detox/diet is wrong because she can't get out of this black and white thought process that comes with her ed, like I either eat mcdonalds every day and talk about my fat and stay "recovered" or I eat a salad for lunch then go to the gym and become anorexic again

No. 460610

>I choose to go counter current on a social mainly based on pics, 'chic' and aspect

We noticed. Really. Especially the 'chic' part. If you were trying, you would aim at it worse than a stormtrooper trying to shoot.

No. 460627

lol this got deleted cus it had 1 comment

No. 460632

Do you guys feel like Aly could have narcissistic personality disorder? Or is her intense laziness and self-blaming/victimizing herself counter-traits?
She does have alot of the tells, everything is always about her to an extreme extend, even when horrible things happen to other people she only thinks and talks about herself/lack of empathy, complete disregard of the fact things might be her own fault/no selfawareness… she even has that soulless crazy stare.

And yes I do realize not everyone on lolcow needs to have a mental diagnosis, this is just for fun/discussion.

No. 460634

File: 1514997741067.jpg (102.41 KB, 1017x237, Screenshot_20180103-103955.jpg)

How can she possibly think she can stop posting on Monday, she's gonna be all "girls, if I can support just one of you and make you feel not alone, well then I stay(!) This account remains opened(!)"

No. 460639

File: 1514998389144.jpg (150.96 KB, 510x337, histrionic_symtoms.jpg)

She probably doesn't, she's just boring and lonely and has become obsessed with the attention that instagram gives her

No. 460640

Oh shoot I meant to say she fits a lot of the symptoms for a few PDs but it's more influenced by insta and being lonely

No. 460646

Look at HPD traits then come back and say if you still think she has NPD lol

The one cluster b PD she definitely does not seem to have is BPD, I don't understand how people thought that in the past… her emotions are so superficial and fake.

If she doesn't have HPD, (doubt we'll ever know as it's not just a lightly diagnosed personality disorder, she'd actually have to go see a psychiatrist and complain about the symptoms) we can all at least agree that her personality is very histrionic.

No. 460654

File: 1514999768823.jpg (294.67 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180103-131341.jpg)

No. 460656

File: 1514999848637.jpg (458.22 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180103-181447.jpg)

Sorry, meant to post this screenshot

No. 460663

like he shouted it over the fence? lol

No. 460667

File: 1515000734812.jpg (445.19 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180103-182756.jpg)

No. 460669

If that's true, she really needs to grow a thicker skin, men say dumb shit all the time aly you can't regret your whole recovery anytime someone says something mean to you lol

No. 460674

italian anons, is there a word/phrase that she could be deliberately interpreting as meaner than it really is, and then translating poorly? like how in english you can describe a baby/toddler as being "chubby" and it's meant as a good/cute thing? ie is it possible people are actually just saying, "hey you've gotten curvier!" as a compliment or just an observation compared to her skelly days, and she's deliberately self victimizing?

……or is she just making it up entirely lol

No. 460675

ok that pic is gone again lmao

No. 460679

File: 1515001778191.jpg (150.37 KB, 1006x367, Screenshot_20180103-114806.jpg)

No. 460680

Deleted because too little support4support… asslickersquad, where a fuck you at?

No. 460681

YEAH RIGHT. Will she ever STOP lying??!!! The neighbour probably said something along the lines of "You look better". I get that anorexics twist healthy and fat up but she's flat out lying, she could've just said the truth and then say that it made her think they meant fat.

No. 460686

File: 1515002233014.jpg (386.57 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180103-185154.jpg)

she acts like deleting (and reposting) was some common type of dysfunctional coping mechanism.
Like self harm or binge-drinking.
>I was so triggered, I just couldn't help it, ended up deleting and reposting… so sorry, delete n repost-free days: 0

No. 460707

Maybe someone pointed out how she's gained weight (but in the good way, since she's a former skelly). Maybe every time she says that someone called her "fat" they were actually complimenting her for recovering for anorexia. I don't know, I really don't know.

No. 460713

right? it doesn't even make sense like deleting a post cus you're not "strong" enough? what does deleting and reposting a post have to do with that?
reposting things on insta has become her like idk only form of control? it probably is like self harm to her, to delete this post she thinks is amazing and inspirational

No. 460718

haha I went to check it and it's gone again(!)
just post something different maybe? a normal pic of yourself and say you're feeling upset?

No. 460724

It's back with some comments I feel like she would consider 'haters' but she's liked the comments about her needing mental health treatment? maybe in these situations she can see her life most clearly

No. 460737

File: 1515006772125.jpg (240.77 KB, 978x1239, Screenshot_20180103-130651.jpg)

ok so I left her a message about seeing a therapist and this was her reply, I'm only posting this because of how ridiculous she is (!) she herself is saying that she's only acting this way because she's getting her period, everything is just for attention like always. How she can't see that her behavior is fuc*ed up is outstanding really haha

No. 460740

I remember my last period was at the same time as Alys. There's a week to go.

No. 460755


Oh wow haha

No. 460759

>first time in weeks I broke down

No. 460773

File: 1515009249073.jpg (124.36 KB, 1006x285, Screenshot_20180103-135147.jpg)

Now she's changed it to breakdown because of that damn period, no mention of not eating. God, just fuc* off aly, you need your head looking at but just keep asking for support on insta that'll get you thru life fine

No. 460831

File: 1515013516339.jpg (52.87 KB, 389x579, Capture.JPG)

She's realised that thinspo pics get her more comments so she's posted another.

No. 460833

File: 1515013864050.jpg (27.89 KB, 567x172, Screenshot_20180103-150846.jpg)

2 hours lol no one struggles like this bitch ugh cant wait for monday and her excuse for why shes staying on insta

No. 460836

HAHA oh my god you can just see how superficial her emotions are. she was so triggerred and in such pain that she deleted a photo! wow what an act of self destruction!

the first time reposting a pic in weeks? what a liar. she probably got so triggered at that message, she doesnt realize how insane and attention seeky she is. she doesnt need help for her fake ass "breakdowns" and "mood swings" and "purging" she needs help for everything else

No. 460838

Two hours then SHE RAISES UP! Jeez. I had a panic attack at around 9 this morning and still feel like death. So yeah, superficial emotions with Aly. (Sorry for slight personal blog and sorry I didn't upload my #breakdown on insta).

I'm not bulimic but I feel rage when she talks about how she wants to purge. It feels to me like she's giving the wrong idea about mental illnesses when she flips out then suddenly "pulls herself together". Sorry, Aly it doesn't work like that. It's the same as saying she had flu yesterday and now she's in great physical health.

She's lost a lot of followers the past 24 hours. I'd love to hear what non farmers think of her when they follow her not knowing about her then feel they have to unfollow her. I want to experience the WTF for the first time again.

No. 460839

File: 1515015230175.jpg (20.85 KB, 299x132, Capture.JPG)

Noticed that Ashley's friend Jackie's commented on a pic.

No. 460908

She was so much cuter as a spoop and not because of her weight. The second pic in that post is ridiculous because of how long her eyeliner wing is. Can't her friends tell her she looks ridiculous?ď

No. 460910

>>feeling sad before period

top kek, yeah sure that explains your loony behavior over the last year-or so.

No. 460912

Do periods come back and you're back to being regular? I would've thought if you'd missed loads it'd be like when you start getting periods and they're irregular.

No. 460918

yea in my experience they become irregular for awhile when it returns but everyones different. Aly has either been getting it for awhile or is just being dramatic like usual and using her period as an excuse

It also ticked me off that she was saying how she was upset because someone called her fat and said she wasn't going to eat and then changed it to ohh im just sad because of my period, much recovery

No. 460920


>Aly has either been getting it for awhile

I've suspected this.

No. 460954

Because unfortunately as soon as someone is seen as “crazy” on here or “manipulative” they get coined as a shining example of BPD, when they clearly have no real understanding of it. Manipulation requires intent. People with bpd don’t intend to manipulate they’re just impulsively trying to get their needs met the only way they know how. Shit sorry for the side rant. But I agree, like you said aly’s emotions are so clearly shallow and superficial, whereas an actual hallmark of BPD is intense and uncontrollable emotions

No. 460960

File: 1515023838279.gif (1.16 MB, 500x280, breakdown breakdown.gif)

Bitch what, you have a breakdown every single day.
Unless she's lying…

No. 460998

She's weird as fuc* I think she acts everything up all the while she knows what she's going to do

No. 460999

What she does she does because of boredom. No interests so she has to do something and so she found instagram.

No. 461055

If you think her problems are due to boredom you might need a reality check as much as she does

No. 461137

So now she claims the dude was saying "You've changed".
Wow, what an awful comment indeed, Aly.
Apparently he had a "disgusted face".
Bitch, please. You've never experienced fat shaming in your whole miserable life.

She probably claims the entire 3 weeks when she isn't bleeding as being struggling with terrible PMS. Followed by a week of pure hell because she has menstrual munchies.

No. 461163

File: 1515036593147.jpg (485.69 KB, 2048x2048, 6DBEDCC4-2731-4D5D-B38D-9AFC64…)

yeah tf im so confused?

No. 461220

The thing is that she doesn't actually look fat and her neighbor must see her pretty often so why would he say "you got fatter"? We'll never know what he said lol prolly nothing, she prolly just needed something to raise up against…remember those men from her neighborhood who were following her or something? she comes up with all kinds of crap, christ she's irritating

No. 461241

File: 1515040615340.gif (1000.15 KB, 250x200, giphy.gif)

There are a lot of things about her that I don't get, but one of the most confusing is why she seems so unable to smile genuinely anymore. Even when she was really sick her smile was okay because she used her whole face, not just her fucking teeth. It's the first thing I notice and it creeps me out a bit.

Also, for an ex(!) anorexic, I'm shocked that her favourite angle is one that gives her multiple chins. Oh well.

No. 461248

As a spoop she got attention just by being underweight. Now she has to find other ways to get attention.

No. 461255

File: 1515041667196.jpg (100.67 KB, 691x614, 20180104_055149.jpg)

Lol whut

No. 461261

She struggled for 2 hours anon cmon (!)

No. 461456

that user just said "well done" and didn't asslicked, probably that's why she felt the need to mark on the fact that she struggled so bad today.
Two hours are a lot, uh. Two whole fucking hours.

i hope she chokes on a donnie

No. 461493

She’s so far gone, I don’t think anything can help her get back to reality. That girl took her time to leave a nice comment, nothing anywhere remotely near critical. Yet Aly has to respond as if she left a completely different comment. It sounds like she’s replying to someone who is criticizing her for the fucking cupcake

No. 461494

She needs a strong wake up call, like something really serious. I don't know, her mother flipping out, Berto breaking up with her, or some health issues due to her really bad nutrition - which is not really "bad" if it was a one time thing, I don't know, McDonalds sometimes, or a good donut like once a week. Not every day of her life.

No. 461528

She looks like Freelee

No. 461533

File: 1515065484612.jpg (46.51 KB, 287x381, Capture.JPG)

>Berto breaking up with her

She didn't really bother when he left her last time. I don't think she'd care tbh.

Wow, she used to have an identity. Not sure I believe that.

No. 461535

sage m8

No. 461536

YOU focus ALWAYS on your ED. The other people, the ones that actually fucking recovery, tend to stop.

I hate how she talks like she was anorexic since she was 10, and didn't have the chance to develop a personality.

No. 461538

Mine came back pretty much regular, it was late just once of like 2/3 days.

No. 461600

File: 1515077211472.jpg (542.38 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180104-154553.jpg)

Sooo apparently posting multiple pics is her new thing now since she gets more attention that way

No. 461601

File: 1515077217740.png (2.21 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-01-04-07-45-41…)

She looks like she has a mustache. This lip color is so unflattering on her and it's all she ever wears! Aly stahhhp! You live in Milan, get it together!

No. 461602

File: 1515077277459.jpg (Spoiler Image, 421.05 KB, 720x1147, 20180104_154617.jpg)

And I still can't get over how fucking basic her tattoo is

No. 461610

File: 1515078409723.jpg (91.85 KB, 377x293, Screenshot_20180104-090513.jpg)

No. 461613

File: 1515078848593.jpg (71.66 KB, 1006x162, Screenshot_20180104-091203.jpg)

OMFG I can't believe I missed this, it's the return of tanga and glitters lol she's reusing her "I care about other women" post

No. 461617

File: 1515079695957.jpg (399.34 KB, 1011x978, Screenshot_20180104-092650.jpg)

Duck is this it? this is your big plan

No. 461640

File: 1515082986295.jpg (381.68 KB, 720x986, 20180104_172047.jpg)

I just had to think of that traumatizing scene in chihiro spirited away where her parents stuffed their faces and turned into pigs

No. 461645

File: 1515083195257.jpeg (101.88 KB, 750x495, 66B2B962-BE9C-4F21-A4D3-92DCE5…)

Someone commented this on this post, just looked now though and it’s gone so she must have deleted the comments or blocked the girl already

No. 461649

Why is she on some #womenspower kick today? I mean obviously she just wants to talk about how it's ok to eat junk food. Isn't it awful how women are persecuted for eating junk food???

No. 461651

She needs 10 tabs of LSD and an existential crisis lol, berto already left her once and nothing happened. Obviously not wishing this on her but maybe if she was told she only has a year to live or something, her outlook on life would radically change

She needs to wear bright lipstick, it's how she gets some extra attention!

No. 461654

File: 1515083653645.png (1.51 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180104-103306.png)

Yep, pretty much

No. 461656

she looks SO BAD in her posed "glamorous chic" pictures. we all agree her face/styling was better when she was skelly but she looks so much better even now in the "unposed" pictures in her stories. like she looks so much cuter even in >>460656 because she hasn't upped the saturation to 10000%, done a combover, and bitten her tongue + bared her teeth for her trademark triple chin grimace. i think irl she prob looks pretty cute and i don't understand what kind of reverse body dysmorphic glasses she's wearing to think her hideous face-pulling and terrible outfits are somehow an improvement.

if she'd be honest and post normal looking pictures she wouldn't be half as insufferable. like just being straightforward instead of all fake-inspirational word salad, McDonald's pics, and cringey poses would make her ~struggles~ feel somewhat honest and real instead of like manufactured drama.

sorry for pointless snowday psychobabble analysis of a girl who has no self awareness and will never change

No. 461701

File: 1515087430768.jpg (101.18 KB, 978x280, Screenshot_20180104-113421.jpg)

Her new thing is definitely several pics in one. This post is so funny, she didn't know if she wanted to get dinner with ma cus of her 2 hour breakdown yesterday but I guess she's going for it #warrior also hey does anyone else know about these museum things? anyone else love their mum???

No. 461707

i don't think she's ever had a sense of self. looking at her personal account, before the ED she was already attention seeking (in a normal teenage girl way with the #beautiful #blonde tags and bikini shots), she had interests but they were shallow and basic, like watching tv, clubbing, and "traveling" ie going to starbucks in large cities in other european countries. but none of that distinguished her from any of her friends or the average 16-20 y.o. girl.

in her ED she dropped out of uni, lost any sense of direction she did have, and got weirder. in recovery she got WAY weirder and seems to have lost any meaningful contact with her old friends. she never had a passion or a sense of self other than being "the hot blondie babe", but whatever bits of (basic) personality she did have have been consumed by her online ED persona.

(it really is fuc*ing (!) annoying when she tries to sound like this is bc her ED started when she was a child, like no, Aly, you're just boring. even skeletor Ash has more interests and personality than Aly, as embarrassing and grating as they are)

No. 461718

Her OTT attachment to Ma is…not good.

No. 461740

File: 1515090139882.png (190.19 KB, 620x1006, IMG_5816.PNG)

Accidental typo but Aly really does "own" her mother.

No. 461754

so, duck? did aly message you about your super serious car accident? or was she more concerned with her mcchicken

No. 461789

File: 1515092852361.png (1.44 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180104-130615.png)

No. 461794

I wish she'd find #motivation to improve her English.

No. 461880

Drinking game:
take a shot evertime Aly
fails at grammar
posts something in capslock mode
posts about McD
posts a #tb

No. 461888

I kinda want to try this but I don't want alcohol poisoning

No. 461904

we would all die anon lmao

No. 461908


People with BPD are typically extremely manipulative..they do have intense emotions but also usually play mind games and become emotionally abusive.

Sage for ot

No. 461951

Again uploading old pics from her "personal" ig… That sushi from last night was originally uploaded march last year

No. 461956

File: 1515101466107.png (1.6 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180104-152907.png)

dont understand how she differentiates between a normal post and a "blog" post cus she said she loves her mom?

No. 461960

Well spotted, Eagle Eye!

No. 461971

File: 1515102214106.jpg (646.97 KB, 1031x1553, Screenshot_20180104-154141.jpg)

This probably isn't the post you're talking about but I looked at the location tag for the sushi place and this is her fun word salad from last year

No. 461978

File: 1515102517525.jpg (81.61 KB, 923x579, Capture.JPG)

Not the anon who posted the original sushi regurgitation, but this is it from her other account when Denise, Sonia and Martini still bothered with her.

You can tell she took a menu home so she could write what she ate.

Same old shit she writes a year on smfh.

No. 461980

Martina* not Martini lol

No. 461995

File: 1515103486732.png (Spoiler Image, 1.03 MB, 640x1136, IMG_5817.PNG)

second spoopy pic in two days. Ffs aly.

No. 462001

didnt she say she always hid herself when she was underweight, shes posing in all those #tbs shes posting lol and why is she suddenly posting 2-3 pics at once!

No. 462012

File: 1515104899834.jpg (299.16 KB, 720x720, i hide myself.jpg)


She SAYS she covered up when spoopy but we witnessed her skin tight clothes when she was at her spoopiest. It's another way to make herself sound tragic.

I cba to look at all the pics she posts at once but if it's a substitute for ones where she's holding her coat hood then I take the multiple posts.

No. 462039

File: 1515106788340.jpg (92.8 KB, 978x269, Screenshot_20180104-165752.jpg)

You mean yesterday? She also said she was going to starve herself when that neighbor called her fat or w/e lol She's so fake

No. 462048

>some months ago

A couple of days ago when she said she was "bingeing" on cheesy chips

Damn. I keep saying this, but please, please, please I want to do a gofuckme to get her English classes to sort out her verbs.
>the need of purging
>the need TO PURGE


No. 462050

sorry for derailing but what anon was trying to say is that bpds arent usually consciously manipulative or emotionally abusive if they are, they're usually too lost in their own misery, turmoil and self hatred to notice how they hurt others. many bpds are far more self destructive rather than outwardly abusive too. see: "they dont intend to manipulate". npds and aspds usually consciously manipulate

um wtf she literally said she's "trying not to purge" 3 days ago >>459039

No. 462318


THIS is your "women's positivity"? Advising us to CONSTANTLY stuff our faces with shitty mcdonalds trash?

No fucking thanks Aly, keep your ~motivation~ to yourself. I'll get my ~positivity~ from women who actually advise women to make good choices, not ones who tell me to gorge daily on shitty unhealthy processed food that causes diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, gut problems, hardened arteries and obesity.

Encouraging women to treat themselves like goddamn garbage cans is. not. motivational.

No. 462497

This underwear photo is a throwback from last year. I'll try trawling old threads to find out when. No chance her body looks this slim anymore

No. 462504

File: 1515140181477.jpg (113.65 KB, 640x800, 21227308_476235309401493_32538…)

last year, I guess that pic is even older
(it took me too much time to reach this through all her post, I'll try reaching two years ago)

No. 462506

File: 1515140422654.jpg (85.37 KB, 640x640, 21224203_1968302173381692_1093…)

Okay 18 weeks ago. 29th of August for being precise. Eyeballing it, >>461601 belongs to July/August.
I just wonder why she decided to shoot herself in lingerie. If I was Berto, I'd be really fucking annoyed.

No. 462509

File: 1515140869709.jpg (92.82 KB, 640x800, 19052002_1616296631714306_2728…)

Sorry, I think I found it in the end. June 2017.

No. 462510

File: 1515140980523.jpg (127.36 KB, 640x800, 18512454_1516137331770591_3776…)

In May 2017 she figured out how to dress better and forgot it…

No. 462519

File: 1515141627147.jpg (121.06 KB, 640x640, 13741440_1790546474527574_8151…)


I've put way too much effort in this, I'm putting a July 2016 pic here for comparison.

Anyway, I had the immense pleasure (sarcasm) to check all her account during the time… it's shocking. You can see her going insane. Like seriously.

No. 462525

File: 1515142119227.jpeg (151.61 KB, 721x714, 828B4C95-C1A2-44FB-80B0-14CD0C…)

She’s posted shit like this before… I can’t see how it’s much different to her endless bikini pics tbh. She’s histrionic AF, what can you expect.

No. 462526

The fact that she did it multiple times still shocks me.

No. 462535

File: 1515143372037.jpeg (499.64 KB, 1536x1536, 6A543FE0-7D91-4035-AB17-F50546…)

It’s sad, like even 7 months ago I feel like her posing wasn’t quite as tragic as what we see now (such as her current faves, the “manic soulless smile” and the “I’m-having-an-allergic-reaction-so-my-tongue-is swelling” tongue bite)

No. 462537

File: 1515144186210.jpg (48.94 KB, 627x345, stache.jpg)

it's here my lovely girl
4 months ago 🔙

No. 462538

File: 1515144187651.png (675.48 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180105-022148.png)

Soooo busy. She starts working on Monday right?

No. 462541

File: 1515144638371.jpeg (436.83 KB, 1536x1536, F09A4B67-B5F1-4A4C-B4A5-FE9C48…)

Soz for spam but lol

No. 462546

And I scrolled all her profile!!! You both have a good memory or you're smarter than me

No. 462548

Top right though:
>mh where do I put my finger, mouth or nose? Unsure, may I ask for your advice?
She's very (!) busy with bus(y)ing

No. 462550

Or ‘just scratched my ass lol’

No. 462554

I'm about 100% convinced she's got a serious attachment problem concerning ma C. If she'd fully recover she'd have to leave home and build a life herself

No. 462560

Thank you thank you! I got sick of her face, couldnt place what year it even was! Thought 2016 but not 2017 i went slightly crazy trawling older threads.
Where are these pics found? Never seen before!

No. 462564

its from a trip she took to idk where but with her fam

it is definitely weird to see the comparison here lol shes not interesting but anything is better than "standing outside food chain" its so dumb how she thinks she'll just use v similar pics over and over cus shes desperate to post her world salad but then people see an old pic and dont look at the post

No. 462565

On IG or fb i mean?

No. 462579

File: 1515156171685.png (1.52 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2018-01-05-05-41-16…)

I can't sleep so I scrolled way back through her account too. It was around this time last year she really did start to go insane. She started making those ridiculous faces and started posting multiple times per day. I wish she would go back to looking down at her food….it was way less uncomfortable to look at.

No. 462588

File: 1515159241608.jpg (460.08 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180105-142637.jpg)

>my asshole ain't gonna lick itself you know…

No. 462589

File: 1515159287490.jpg (65.69 KB, 362x639, Capture.JPG)


Better give Aly some asspats or she's gonna have a #breakdown

No. 462590

Ahahaha - our minds are in sync

No. 462591

Only 2 comments? Not enough! Recovery queer needs more!

No. 462595

File: 1515159749760.jpg (49.72 KB, 367x573, damn pressure.JPG)

So much pressure making stupid face video clips for instagram.

Second call for attention.

No. 462596

Last call before breakdown(!)

No. 462608

Her eyeliner was certainly better before.

No. 462609

these comparisons really do show how much crazier she's gotten in the last year/six months. if i had to chart her progression of insanity i would say it's been exponential growth since the great leg-plastering of 2016. she keeps getting weirder and weirder at a faster rate. amazing.

my only theory is that she's so self conscious of her body now that she reacts by posing harder (bc she thinks her poses are flattering?????), wearing stranger clothes/lack of clothes (the things she thinks she looks good in), and doing more attention seeking things bc people are no longer paying attention to her for being skelly. she is desperate for validation and for someone to gush over how pretty and still thin (!) she is, but she doesn't get the response she wants, so she keeps ramping it up instead of trying something new (like more candid pictures, not acting like a fucking loon, or posting shit other than mcdonald's and her underchin).

lol this was from the phase where she posted videos every day of her sitting in milan's least scenic areas, staring into the distance and fluffing her ramen hair while holding a donut and then saying some cheesy attempted food pun. hard to believe that that was pretty normal compared to her current shit.

No. 462617

She's 9 followers unfollowing from 47.4k

No. 462643

File: 1515165821785.png (1.42 MB, 640x1136, IMG_5820.PNG)

So much pressure that she.. goes to the same fucking food stand.

No. 462647

Too busy to take new pics. Ooook.

Gotta psyche herself up to do the same #recoverywin she does every day.

No. 462667

File: 1515168808707.jpg (331.88 KB, 978x978, Screenshot_20180105-101113.jpg)

No. 462677

Omg I thought she put Waka Flocka Flame lyrics for a second, I thought the "K" was an "H"

Nothing makes me laugh like these zoomed and cropped pictures of her with her tongue out. Thank you guys.

No. 462717

this is terrifying and also v depressing at the same time

she's dropping faster than ever, isn't she? i'm sure she's freaking out but she's still no closer to understanding why she's losing hundreds of followers every week.

No. 462718

its cus shes not anorexic anymore anon, duh

i think she keeps posting #tbs of her when she was v thin to try and remind people lol

No. 462736

File: 1515176384867.jpg (800.75 KB, 809x1565, Screenshot_20180105-121740.jpg)

>barely strawbs
is she not going to mention she was pretending to be recovering in this pic? and ya she's outta control with the throwbacks

No. 462776

good thing deleting your insta history means it never happened!

it's hilarious how she still gets so pissed when she gets comments saying that pictures of food don't mean she ate it or w/e, when like all she did for a year was post food pics and ALL CAPS (!) and EMOJIS (!) captions about how FREE this LITTLE BLONDIE CHILD (!) was, eating #lush crepe-#bombs and #fishporn

No. 462791

File: 1515182041199.png (1.48 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180105-135239.png)

omfg are you getting zucchini starter and seafood pasta (!)

No. 462881

I’m confused, you found what? What purpose is this picture for? Not being rude I just feel like I’m not understanding the progression here as I thought you were replying to anon about her posting in her underwear/bra? What does this picture or any of the previous few you posted have to do with that

No. 462895

File: 1515188631654.png (1.4 MB, 640x1136, 66EF9404-F515-45D2-85B0-E24E35…)

The salt caked on that plate/fries tho …

No. 462913


I looked up reviews for this place. The first one tells me Aly will love this restaurant - the place is stuck in the 90s style.

>All you can eat

Those places are usually trash.

No. 462914

File: 1515189673368.jpg (25.7 KB, 520x200, Capture.JPG)

SORRY dropped pic AND forgot to sage. I kill me.

No. 463176

Any thoughts on what her excuse for continuing to post come Monday will be? The classic "if I can help just one girl" or will she just post cookies and pretend it was never said. I wonder how many hours this job is though, I guess 9-5? and she probs isn't allowed to be on her phone, I bet she'll last a month at most (just waiting around to be irritated by her)

No. 463249

She said the job hours are 4pm-8pm. Those are the hours she was doing when she supposedly started in December.

As for not being on insta much come Monday, ohhhhhhhhhh, take it with a pinch of salt (you can take some from those fries delved in salt (!)). I was thinking about this and I can see her STILL saying that her routine's all screwed up and she isn't eating enough. That or she's so busy she's burning off too many calories.

I can't guess how long this job's going to last this time. It's not like the hours are as much as in the retail job but she IS lazy and obviously doesn't like working. I'm looking forward to her first week. If she keeps up this fake motivation for more than a week I might have to take a break from her. Way too dull when she's not having a #breakdown.

Wait! Maybe a child she's in charge of calls her fat or asks if she's pregnant. Something like that will make her freak out and she likes to pretend randoms call her fat in the street.

No. 463251

(To add - we're not sure what the job actually is but with the working hours being weird some anons have guessed it's some kind of place to drop kids at after school).

No. 463314

File: 1515221410669.jpg (1.04 MB, 1200x1574, Screenshot_20180105-234720.jpg)

how long has she been tagging people in her posts? I would be really annoyed, like, I'll look at and comment on your posts when I feel like it, you don't have to tag me multiple times everyday…

No. 463363

Very recently. Maybe three weeks? I'd be annoyed that her pic would show up in the pics where I'm supposed to be tagged.

No. 463383

File: 1515236687145.jpg (688.26 KB, 1200x1533, Screenshot_20180106-035844.jpg)

doesn't she order cheesecake every other day at McDonalds? what is she talking about not ordering dessert in ages?

No. 463385

File: 1515237381199.jpg (278.57 KB, 1200x526, Screenshot_20180106-041436.jpg)

me again… what is this? a holiday? like Christmas? with witches? im curious…

No. 463418

It's three kings day. People usually don't work on that day. But uuh gifts and witches? That's new to me


No. 463421

>I'm not catholic but my parents are

but Aly you're becoming a nun (!)

really though this was interesting to me, like clearly she's not all that religious but it feels unusual for her to take a decisive stance like this. like i can easily imagine her not going to mass every week or being a "practicing" catholic bc it's too much work and not all about her, but it seems out of character for her to actively break away from the church, since she seems to have no values of her own.

or maybe i'm just interpreting this like an american since people here will call themselves catholic/baptist/whatever if they grew up in the church even if they only go on xmas and easter. maybe in a heavily catholic country like italy the standards are higher and you'd be considered "not catholic" if you stopped going to mass, not just if you dramatically left the church?

No. 463432

File: 1515249868776.jpg (27.33 KB, 374x163, poetry.JPG)

No. 463436

omg haha is that not aly everyday? i've never known anyone to have an increase in hunger on their period, i mean i guess they could but she probably is just heading for BED tbh

No. 463437

File: 1515250153715.png (1.42 MB, 640x1136, IMG_5822.PNG)

She looks so much better without makeup, but her eyes still look unhinged.

No. 463441

File: 1515250758934.jpg (44.1 KB, 791x199, control cravings and weight ga…)

With me I get the munchies for 3 days before a period, but not cravings and, y'know, self control. I'm not about to stuff my face with sugary shit AND ALL THAT SALT ON HER FRIES when it makes the situation worse. So yeah, binge eating excuses.

Maybe I'm in the minority but I don't think she's pretty at all. Idk, she leaves me cold in every way.

No. 463444

She just deleted the cravings pic

No. 463453

I think aly can look kind of cute, sometimes but like, this will sound weird lol but theres something about her face that makes me uncomfortable like i always imagine the skin on her face to be real cold and elasticy and she also looks real grey idk creepy

its back again now

No. 463454

ikr!? she just exaggerates EVERYTHING. i know people who claim they want a chocolate bar bc theyre on their period but thats it. i have zero increase in appetite too. i honestly know no one with rly bad pms and i doubt she's the rare one who does bc of how much she makes shit up. it's just a fucking period

No. 463456

File: 1515252699960.jpg (214.14 KB, 720x981, 20180106_162715.jpg)

Us women teehee we are like soow crazy when on our periods uwu #bloodzflowingfrommyvagoOogOoO

No. 463473


No. 463480

File: 1515256270204.jpg (465.68 KB, 1009x1093, Screenshot_20180106-102959.jpg)

omg stop

No. 463490

duck is a fucking embarrassment, just like aly

No. 463522

File: 1515260690541.png (535.1 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-01-06-11-43-48…)

No. 463532

not a very nice part of the city. makes me even more sad for her parents as she won't move out and i assume guilts her mom for money to fund her 'food blogger' career.
whats chav in italian?

No. 463533

THIS FUCKING DUMB CUNT literally tags the fucking lorenteggio MCD in her geotags like what does she expect from that? That people assume she lives on another continent?
She is so fucking demented I can't

No. 463548

File: 1515263189606.png (185.57 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5826.PNG)

She's obsessed with her BOOTOMLESS(!) pit of old pics again. God help us all.

No. 463551

It must suck wanting to be an Ana queen again but you can't stop stuffing your gut with French fries and donuts

No. 463554

File: 1515264274849.png (1.02 MB, 640x1136, IMG_5827.PNG)

No. 463583

The three wise men are often referred to as the magi, plural of magus- meaning sorcerer.

No. 463591

It's an holiday called 'la befana' were an old woman on a broom goes around giving good kids candy and bad kids coal.

No. 463593

File: 1515269067161.png (939.54 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180106-130304.png)

No. 463599

Aly basically confirms that she doesn't purge kek. She talked about "purging" like 5 days ago, now she's saying "I havent done it in ages" Fucks sake why does she keep trying to act like she's a bulimic who binge purges. But then claims she's ~recovered and happy~ just pick one ffs

No. 463617

File: 1515271149256.jpg (533.74 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180106-212519.jpg)

No. 463629

I know what you mean, her skin is pallored and corpse-like, most likely because she’s so unhealthy from lack of nutrition. Something about her thin upper lip bothers me, as well as that weird space of skin between her eyes and clown eyebrows.

I think our primal instincts are telling us there is something wrong with this person and to stay away.

No. 463742

File: 1515280051233.png (890.77 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5834.PNG)

God Aly shut up about your food baby and go get a different fucking bra.

No. 463805

I don't even get why she wants to post a food of her bloat. What point is she making? Is she saying it's okay not to have a flat stomach because not many people do have a flat stomach. If anas see that they're going to think that's fat or something. Idk, I fucking hate her at this point tbh.

It's her whole mouth that makes me shudder. Especially the way she purses it and has those mice teeth showing. Weird someone not ugly can be so physically repulsive. So I agree it's
>I think our primal instincts are telling us there is something wrong with this person and to stay away.
even if that comment was half serious.

No. 463822

wonder if shes gonna do a bunch of goodbye posts tomorrow, cant wait for her to freak out about this new job lol

No. 463840


>Will you miss me? Will you forget me?

>I'll occasionally post updates may I?
>I'll be living real life not instagram
>This is the life I dreamed of
>met my boy for a celebration dinner

Two days later:
>I need you
>I can't do this

No. 463876

The way she's arching her back it's like she wants to look bigger I find that super odd

No. 463879

Not at all, if you stand up straight, your stomach pronounces more. So I guess she was trying to look "curvy but skinny xD"

No. 463885

File: 1515292439406.jpg (29.29 KB, 294x133, Capture.JPG)

Why does she delete random comments? I didn't see what this person wrote/writes but Aly deletes their comments. I don't get her.

No. 463887

Err… does her stomach look weird to anyone else? Maybe it's the angle? Just not understanding how it's so lumpy. Not even really trying to be mean, it's like her bellybutton is super concave or something.

No. 463888

Yeah. When she first posted this I was saying it looks like she's pregnant because there's a separate bottom part that sticks out when usually bloating is round.

No. 464003

Looks weird to me, too. Like she tries to suck in but it's not working at the upper and lower area? Not saying she is. Just trying to find answers.
My honest opinions and advices would be to go poop.

No. 464027

File: 1515310513057.jpeg (149.01 KB, 1280x720, 6E1CA1D9-3800-4687-B527-B252B6…)

I think she just has a little lower belly pooch of fat combined with anterior pelvic tilt making it look worse.

No. 464144

File: 1515333250004.png (186.71 KB, 640x922, IMG_5835.PNG)

Only one comment in 2 hours, so REPOST

No. 464145

File: 1515333608815.png (1.01 MB, 640x1136, IMG_5837.PNG)

No. 464153


I hate when dickheads fall for this and give her more comments.

No. 464167

and she even says "throw up" not "purge" when referencing what she hasn't done "in ages." so basically this is her referring to that time she had a hangover and threw up the morning after a night out drinking and eating, and tried to pretend she "purged."

i really wish someone would call her out on pretending to struggle with bulimia, it's annoying af (!)

No. 464172

File: 1515338950190.png (1013.27 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5842.PNG)

So black and white. So edgy.

No. 464175

Why does her belly look like a ripple? Just curious, I've never seen someone with a rippling belly. It's so unnatural, almost looks like a shoop fail

>so much is happening out there
Sure, Aly

No. 464184

File: 1515340797612.png (727.2 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5843.PNG)

Is she saying her family just left her alone today?

No. 464188

My guess: Aly slept in and her family did not wanna wake her up to go on a spontaneous trip. Which would be perfectly OK… I mean she's 22 years old

No. 464191

If there's a pic of aly posing like an idiot then she's with ma but it would be funny if they all made a mad dash to get away from her before she woke up haha

No. 464224

File: 1515345345550.png (965.74 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5844.PNG)

The weird angles continue..

No. 464225

File: 1515345382066.png (481.09 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5845.PNG)

No. 464229

Yes bitch thats what you left to this account. How is she so fucking in denial? this is so pathetic, did being snoopy really destroy all of her brain cells?

I want her to take an IQ test with a psychiatrist

Who wants to bet that it's 80-90?

No. 464232

File: 1515346346466.png (1002.92 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5846.PNG)

No. 464273

>peacefully detach
lol aly we all know you aint goin nowhere..i think she probably will post less but just because she'll be at work but every spare minute she has she'll be on insta

No. 464274

File: 1515349754930.jpg (688.13 KB, 809x2292, Screenshot_20180107-122753.jpg)

HATE (!) and on her last day too

No. 464276

File: 1515349944235.jpg (389.35 KB, 652x827, Screenshot_20180107-112933.jpg)

I think it's funny that even out of the people she tags only 2 make comments regularly.

No. 464295

File: 1515351619505.png (55.55 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5847.PNG)

You guys know how to kill

No. 464297

File: 1515351882642.png (309.22 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5849.PNG)

It's in her story now, too.

No. 464303

Nobody bullied this stupid bitch! She just cannot take some very honest comments about her obviously disordered behaviour. Instead of deleting them and not bringing attention to them she has to flip it around to look like she’s being attacked.
Sage because same shit different day

No. 464305

>tyler the creator tweet

No. 464306

I really want to comment but I refuse to give her the satisfaction of blocking me. She's just so irritating(!) Theres no way shes going to stop posting

No. 464307

File: 1515352383917.jpg (279.95 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180107-200814.jpg)

>maybe I really deserve disappearing
>mh… no, NOT (!) dramatic enough yet
>I kill me because you kill me 🔜

No. 464308

File: 1515352433561.gif (485.83 KB, 500x389, tumblr_mb9asoi7LW1qgcra2o1_500…)

I'm loving this.

No. 464311

File: 1515352622976.png (353.7 KB, 435x710, crazy bitch.png)

No. 464313

File: 1515352679983.jpg (162.69 KB, 553x683, 20180107_191343.jpg)

You big fat meanies

No. 464322

File: 1515353355031.jpg (39.66 KB, 553x683, 1515352679983.jpg)

Jesus anon, post the original. This is Aly's thread. (!)

No. 464348

File: 1515354720149.png (73.42 KB, 750x508, IMG_5121.PNG)

No. 464351

And just like that, those comments are gone.

No. 464360

ugh guys stop she loves this

No. 464366

File: 1515356982849.jpg (148.3 KB, 652x433, Screenshot_20180107-132832.jpg)

Seriously, look how happy she is now

No. 464390

ya im p sure her "i kill me" is completely fake..its all fake

No. 464406


Stop doing this, it's just more attention.

No. 464411

She's posting veiny pictures of her tits now and i have no idea why and i feel ill.

No. 464430

File: 1515362260840.png (147.27 KB, 640x890, IMG_5851.PNG)

Seriously stop it, she's not going to change because she loves herself too fucking much. These comments are only driving her further up her own ass.

No. 464434

File: 1515362522531.jpeg (147.79 KB, 741x725, 34C10F23-A014-4E08-9192-BD66B3…)

What’s this all about?

No. 464435

File: 1515362564837.png (791.97 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0445.PNG)

I am speechless

Did she take this pic in the vanilla bakery toilet? wtf

No. 464436

WTF? HPD confirmed

No. 464438


are those…veins or fresh stretchmarks?

No. 464456

they look like stretch marks to me. not surprising considering her weight gain. Is this the beginning of Asha level madness?

No. 464457

why do this? and it looks really bad. she looks like a really inverted triangle here. is she happy she has boobs now? what was the purpose of this??

No. 464459

also, if you're going to comment on her posts, at least do it on her food pictures. Or better yet, hold conversations with other commenters that don't have anything to do with her. lol or just dont comment.

No. 464462

She wore those sweatpants in hospital when she was wheeling her drip around.

No. 464507


for someone so completely self-obsessed, i'm surprised she'd take a titty shot in a filthy toilet cubicle

ah who am I kidding, Aly doesn't mind a squat in a toilet (while eating chocolate)

No. 464509


I'm sure that's her bathroom at home. I recognise the skanky towel.

No. 464510

See this >>463742 It's the family bathroom.

No. 464513

you are right, I was out when I posted the pic and didn't look too much into it. Why would she tag Vanilla Bakery tho. I lost track but I hope she's private now, this was the second of two pics so it won't show up immediately but I still think it's kind of stupid

No. 464518

File: 1515368368599.jpg (110.98 KB, 1059x566, Capture.JPG)

She's still public so I checked the Bakery tag but that pic doesn't show up. Maybe insta doesn't count pics when they're a multiple upload?

I know this titty shot isn't outrageous or anything, but it's definitely indicating that Aly's becoming more unhinged. She's recovering for big tits and posts a pic of her lifting them up? #feminist It's not something I do, but I'd even feel weird posting that on a facebook account with close friends only but a public account? It's not the tits, it's how weird her mind is working…unless I'm missing something.

No. 464524

File: 1515368850969.jpg (436.01 KB, 720x890, 20180108_004638.jpg)

It actually shows up for me?

No. 464529


Sorry I meant the one in the set where she's wearing her bra. I thought with that having the bakery tag it'd show up on the bakery geotag thing.

No. 464537

>>so much is happening out there
Sure, Jan.

>>can't use Direct
Sure, Jan.

What "positive period"? Your incessant whining is only ever interrupted by a night's sleep.

This pic is captioned
>>"2️ #sorrynotsorry never had more than a AAAAA bra size but improving"
Sure, Jan. It's not like we've all seen your pre-ED bikini pics with perfectly average tits.

No. 464546

> Your incessant whining is only ever interrupted by a night's sleep.

I've had some truly hideous housemates in my years of sharing a living space but I'd rather live with the worst of those than share with Aly. Can you imagine? If she didn't stick to her late nights (bed before 11am) I'd have to put sleeping pills in her food. Sitting up during the early hours to listen to her complaining and talking about herself non stop. Having to LOOK at her and take pics. I really want her to move in with Berto. It's not going to happen (not until there's more wheat although Summer brings abundant wheat) but even though they've been together properly for 3 years it was long distance. They had fights on holiday. I'd secretly fit a webcam to watch the fireworks (not in a pervy way, not in the bedroom ofc).

No. 464559

File: 1515371427557.png (742.37 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180107-171742.png)

When she says shit like this, about deleting the weirdo and the comments stopped, makes me want to comment lol she acts like she won an argument or something…its driving me nuts

No. 464585

Amazingly accurate. Please be the next thread picture.

No. 464630

or maybe people just want privacy…? fuck these idiots who are like "ur hiding behind a screen!!! coward!!! u wouldnt say that irl!!!" it's called PRIVACY unlike aly who posts where she goes every second of the day and pics of her family and bf? why tf would one want their real name on aly's account and lolcow, im sure many farmers have successul careers n shit. ~we need professional help bc we're calling her out on her manipulative behaviour omg guess we need to go see a therapist now! we are the sick ones! we're all sociopaths!!! thanks recoveringq~ i hate these asskissers who stand up to aly for comments that have zero "hate" in them, just solid advice, and call them haters too. brainwashed by our recovery queer

@_lisaschaefer 's comment. farmers who are mentally ill, are you insulted? no? didnt think so

sorry but these asskissers are worse than aly sometimes

it's the histrionic tendencies in her, anon

No. 464642

When aly really gets to me I just remember that her life is her own punishment…like, could you imagine being her lmao

I really think everyone should stop commenting on her though, she loves this attention and then her followers feel the need to defend her too

no mention of being gone from insta? cookies post at 8am?

No. 464703

File: 1515380184249.jpg (244.13 KB, 1200x588, Screenshot_20180107-195456.jpg)

No. 464850

File: 1515397507726.jpg (163.41 KB, 888x499, 22b0ew.jpg)

good job anon <3

Wouldn't be surprised if you or one of you was that ragefag who tried to make Aly check out the farms several times. Yes, she's a fucking nutcase. But you need to chill. She WON'T change. She's dumb as a rock and of course her asslickers are, otherwise they wouldn't lick her ass, duh. If that triggers you sooo much you can't help but write hate novels over and over again, maybe look for a different cow to follow.
You shouldn't have hard feelings because of a cow.

No. 464852


negative attention = attention. stop commenting. it's dumb and it doesn't do anything other than feed her thirst for drama and force her followers to defend her.

No. 464863

Different anon, it's not directly because of her, it's because she's a dangerous person speaking about things she barely know. The average 13-years-old could try seeking for "inspiration" for recovering from someone like her - or since she's hyperfollowed and preached by real users and lolcow users (wateroffaducksback, I am watching you) it's something pretty much automatic to think that she's actually doing something good.
In addition to that, I think it's common sense to get angry at a 5 years old that is actually legally adult.

No. 464864

*she barely knows, horrible typo

No. 464892

File: 1515400335133.jpg (33.17 KB, 500x350, 22b1se.jpg)

I know, there are legit reasons why one would try to talk common sense into Aly (and her asslickers) by writing comments and/or dms

No. 464924

I know that it doesn't work, but it's just frustrating. Sometimes I get the need of hammering her head for peeking into the void that replaces her brain.

No. 464925

File: 1515406927663.jpg (465.1 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180108-111914.jpg)

Lololo, hamster fell (because I made him lol)

No. 464956

File: 1515410552789.jpg (69.59 KB, 351x361, mars.jpg)


No. 464966


I’m convinced duck is actually some sort of old man sexual predator and the plan is to groom Aly to send nudes etc

No. 464968

File: 1515412981392.jpg (361.73 KB, 3072x1536, ducks and aly.jpg)


Possibly a feeder.


Good question though. If a farmer (if duck can be called that at this point) wants to write gushing comments to Aly then fine, but bashing someone for doing what it does here is not okay. It's not okay to be not okay.

No. 465028

File: 1515425631841.jpg (493.28 KB, 978x1130, Screenshot_20180108-093005.jpg)

Well this is her 2nd post and she said shes updating as soon as she can

No. 465033

they're called ringo THINS. Idiot.

She's starting already with "I have so little time I can't eat", we have the premise.

No. 465039

Is she going to post a picture of herself eating a chocolate bar inside a toilet cabin again?

No. 465040

okay i get it, you guys don't like duck and her vaseline but like please don't cowtip? stop mentioning lolcow you duck_off moron.
I think a Farmhand should look up into this thread and decide if you guys are not taking the tipping to far. Like tempcow got a warning to not scare off Lainey for something sooo much smaller than this. Not gonna report but the situation is getting weird here.

No. 465043

yeah but how can you stop people posting on instagram? we've all been mentioning how people should stop but certain people won't…even fences new account is one of alys favourite supporters the worlds gone mad (!)

No. 465063

File: 1515429989920.jpeg (522.84 KB, 746x998, 183A5339-B0D2-45B6-94BB-B3F8DD…)

Aly deleted ducks post?!

No. 465071

agreed, aly is clearly funnier when no one pays attention to her anyway so idk why you guys are constantly commenting

ig there's nothing really to be done but if you're reading this and are one of the constant commenters then at least…chill?

No. 465093

new fence hasnt commented in weeks .. and those occaisonal comments are ott ridiculous shit that makes people laugh. it's just people like duck that ruin everywhere

Wtf are you talking about, Im one of the people you replied to, Ive havent sent her shit, but many farmers are clearly seriously just bothered about how she can get away with being a manipulative liar who has suggestible young girls bowing down to her. it doesnt seem to just be one person sending her these things, lots of people hate her and are triggered by her bullshit, theres tons of rants like that on lolcow. if you're not affected by anything she does or says, whats the point of being on lolcow. everyone rages at her bullshit. you're not above anyone else lol

No. 465098

seriously, the few days after New Year were farmers managed to stop themselves from commenting were a drama mine. breakdown after breakdown! let's just wait for aly's current asslickers (unfortunately she seems to have found some new ones) to get sick of her and her sure-to-come job drama and see whatever crazy shit she pulls off then.

like, i know the itching feeling to make a throwaway ig account to call her on her bullshit - trust me, I KNOW, but remember, ignoring her is the absolute best way to piss her off.

No. 465135

File: 1515437162242.png (1.88 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180108-124413.png)

guess how the people who follow you feel

No. 465137

agreeeeed x1000

she has new asslickers but they'll lose interest once they realize what a bitch she is, or else she'll end up blocking them bc they say something she takes the wrong way. farmers commenting on her shit is no longer funny, she's too dumb to get sarcasm and she'll never learn from constructive criticism anyway so there's no point.

and duck or anyone else who thinks they're going to pull off some ~master plan~, get over yourselves bc she's never going to give you any ~juicy info~ (as if she's deep enough to have any interesting secrets?) or get hurt if you dump her bc she's literally only in this for the numbers. any and all asskissers are disposable to her, just look how she treats dogs.

No. 465138

I thought new fence was the apples oranges person? or is that a different farmer

No. 465140

Duck made a comment the other day telling Aly they'd been in a car accident and I thought maybe that was a part of their "plan" or whatever, idk if she privately messaged them

No. 465164

File: 1515439281717.png (172.7 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5852.PNG)

She's foof-blogging now. I kill me. Also is it me or has she posted a pic of one of the kids on her story? Their face is covered up but still. Yikes.

No. 465167

> It's human to valorize ourselves and sometimes being a bit vanish to feel prettier and sexy.

I be a bit vanish to feel sexy.

No. 465175

32 minutes. One emoji comment from dogs. REPOST X ?

No. 465206

File: 1515443176878.jpg (75.94 KB, 978x337, Screenshot_20180108-142500.jpg)

honey, you updated 3 times

No. 465257

I think you are mixing up user names. I don't think duck said that

Aly likes to play semantics. When she says "break" she means posts about her "personal life". She doesn't count stories, or food pictures, or motivation topics.

No. 465259

No, it was Duck see >>461617

No. 465263

Why is she saying she's working full time when she told us it was 4pm-8pm? Aww, meeting mummy for McDonald's chicken nuggets at lunch.

No. 465311

looks like she's babysitting a few kids, not at a day care or anything.

And she's already having a breakdown after a day of work, asking followers to compare pictures of her. it's never gonna change

No. 465319

yeah, feel like aly is always gonna be like this

No. 465321

Getting others involved in her body checking. Is that what happens in the #edrecovery ~community~ ? And no Aly, you don't look "emaciated" in that 3rd pic.

No. 465338

File: 1515452431783.png (839.93 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180108-155851.png)

No. 465344

No you may not. If you hate asking it then don't.

She looks awful right now but that's not the weight gain, it's her fucking ill fitting clothes. She looks better in the summer when she's slimmer because her clothes actually fit. All she needs is a size up and drop the chin highs.

Is she going to use this I can't work ever because I lose weight excuse all her life? Like, she can't even be arsed to pick up those toys on the floor she took a pic of without complaining.

No. 465348

File: 1515452930788.jpg (861.54 KB, 1000x1500, pt2018_01_08_16_06_33.jpg)

Here are the pics in the post she's asking about.

No. 465355


No. 465356

Her hair was better when she was emaciated.

No. 465599

File: 1515466177140.png (142.16 KB, 642x673, IMG_4847.PNG)

Comments coming in

No. 465600

File: 1515466196952.png (94.1 KB, 556x676, IMG_4848.PNG)

And a few more

No. 465749

no fence is emilylove

I'm so fucking confused is she saying that she looks emaciated in the third pic? There is no difference?!? What the fuck? How does an anorexic think they look THINNER than they are, i am screaming

No. 465757

yep. I put the photos in the order she posted them. shes saying she looks emaciated in the pic with the shorts. lol

No. 465758

she wants people to tell her how thin she looks.

No. 465815

File: 1515487342439.jpg (62.77 KB, 397x234, advices.jpg)

please never change you lovely anons

No. 465832

File: 1515489828442.jpeg (432.93 KB, 1536x1536, 87DB8A7E-8816-4D31-927C-717B36…)

Ok I know it’s hard to believe this isn’t beyond Aly’s capabilities but I think she has stretched the “emaciated” photo to make herself look thinner. I found 2 very similar photos taken around the same time in the same place, and they look… different. Is it just me or does the middle pic look weird?

No. 465836

File: 1515489997046.png (881.58 KB, 750x1334, 235861B2-64EB-4046-8E12-BB05A3…)

Eat me and Go reposted this bizarre hotdog that Aly posted a little while back. The word salad is laughable. Such a #realfoodbloggger

No. 465837

Well indeed… the rotation is really similar. In the middle one she also has a more flat chest. It's weird.

(i think thr middle one is where she looks better tho)

No. 465838

She’s deleting comments. What a cunt

No. 465842


And I thought she'd be asking may we forgive her. Yes, I don't use the word often, but what a massive cunt she is.

No. 465843

47,499 Lost a lot of followers by night.

No. 465845

File: 1515490641360.jpg (40.46 KB, 346x595, Capture.JPG)

Wow just noticed she's taking sneaked photos of the kids

No. 465846

>forced but worth it

I thought the same thing when I first saw it.

No. 465855

Look at the length and width of the cup she’s holding

No. 465858

>Shame she couldn't fix her damn face

No. 465859

Welp. Bish got blocked. It’s been fun.

No. 465860

You were a fake account. Have you seen her stories? I want to smash her head into a brick wall.

No. 465862

Goes to show there’s literally no point interacting with her, nothing gets through her thick skull. God have mercy on her family.

No. 465864

File: 1515492005207.jpg (91.17 KB, 796x420, feed aly.jpg)


Well tonight thank God it's them instead of you.

No. 465867

File: 1515492333679.png (1.64 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180109-040420.png)

haha (!) who did this

No. 465869


idk but it's fucking great haha

No. 465877

I wanna make one its so surreal lol

No. 465880


I love how she thinks it's creepy. She's got no idea she's a figure of fun and someone's taking the piss.

No. 465901

She's got no idea even if she was cowtipped, it's really like a child, she doesn't get the correlation between events

No. 465904

If she gets caught doing this then I should think she'll be in big trouble.

No. 465917

I'm kinda behind on this lolcow so, since I can't make it up on my own, is there any speculation that she didn't have an eating disorder or that she is exaggerating her symptoms? I really have no clue.

No. 465919

She HAD one, now she's recovered (physically) but in denial.
Mentally she's unstable, exaggerates everything, has no conception of being an adult and it's just an overall mess. HPD is a common hypothesis, someone proposed NPD too.

Sage those kind of posts.

No. 465920

File: 1515503209618.jpg (78.88 KB, 640x800, 26309210_917739648391020_31457…)


No. 465921

As I previously said, sage irrelevant posts.

No. 465928

File: 1515504203211.png (884.74 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5858.PNG)

But Aly, you do deserve nurish, mint faps and wearing tanga and glitters with pizza in your mouth. Isn't that what you say every fucking day?
She's so fake I swear.

No. 465929

i also thought it looked odd. she def doesn't look "emaciated" but just less lumpy than usual and with a more defined waist. i don't think she just stretched it bc it would throw off the proportions of the leg that's resting against the wall, but it really does look odd.

it's possible she just got a flattering angle, bc she clearly took the left and center photos within seconds of each other and she looks much better in the center one (inb4 ana–just less awkward and lumpy i mean).

it's like those things where they show you how "weight loss" before/afters cheat by using lighting and posture.

No. 465934


I'm kinda surprised that in her thread there isn't a general summary as there usually is traditionaly

No. 466018

She liked emilylove's comment Im deceased. But she blocked c_bish? Whaaaat. How has emilylove/fence had such a long run?! It's been months. I think the key is to add heart emojis

I think she takes a million different poses and just choses the ones that make her look the thinnest

Dead. How is it scary? She's public

No. 466077


>How is it scary?

Well, there're two pictures of her face on it. How nightmarish can you get (!)

No. 466144

File: 1515523992518.png (1.66 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180109-125119.png)

oh so she's a babysitter

No. 466147

haha also
>they helped me today
they helped her, the little children…maybe shes not even at work maybe ma put her in daycare

No. 466163

File: 1515525627389.png (1 MB, 640x1136, IMG_5860.PNG)

No. 466190

File: 1515527458314.jpg (183.44 KB, 1013x433, Screenshot_20180109-134849.jpg)

You're not a fuc*ing teacher aly, you're a babysitter and does she really not understand how to count?

No. 466194

Her post get so few likes those last weeks.
She definitely lost a lot of active followers.

No. 466203

No, she's obviously a teacher, nurse, medical practitioner, and a spinal surgeon. /s

#helpforhelp ???? LOL ok aly

No. 466305

File: 1515534616897.jpg (11.86 KB, 283x65, eat shit.JPG)

This MUST be a fake account (even though 2,952 followers and a legit food writer).

No. 466414

File: 1515541612480.jpg (346.27 KB, 978x924, Screenshot_20180109-174406.jpg)

christ aly please shut up

she said she was going to use instagram less because the real world was out there or something but shes just using it the same…

No. 466417

File: 1515541939273.jpg (931.43 KB, 1200x1440, Screenshot_20180109-043801_mr1…)

No. 466440

>tfw i didnt even realize this was edited until i zoomed in

No. 466442

ahhh positively emaciated (!)

No. 466457

I don’t think you know the proper use of inb4… that doesn’t make sense but nice try

No. 466471

File: 1515545122687.jpg (19.83 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (7).jpg)

No. 466509

uhhhh as in "inb4 someone calls me an ana for saying she looks better in the thinner looking photo; i'm not ana and i'm only saying she looks better bc she looks less lumpy and odd and not bc she looks 2 pounds skinnier" …just seemed a little more concise to say "inb4 ana", no? but ok~

omg thank u anon this is beautiful (!)

i fuc*ing hate when she says KICK-ED bc it's stupid and also she can never decide if she's being cute by hyphenating "kicked" or if she means kick-ED like kick-ass or w/e. and "goofy", wtf is her obsession with this word?

No. 466527

File: 1515592986413.png (501.71 KB, 731x533, passive aggressive monkey emoj…)

another day another spoopy pic. gotta love the cognitive dissonance and delusions in this morning's word salad

No. 466551

File: 1515595093686.png (918.89 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5870.PNG)

Our good fork only got one comment this morning so of course, repost. Same shit, different day.

No. 466552

File: 1515595187019.png (135.5 KB, 640x804, IMG_5871.PNG)


She makes me rage.

No. 466633

Was she sucking in her cheeks as well?

No. 466640

Makes me think of people who lavish their job titles on a resume to sound more appealing.
I’m sure she wasn’t a sales associate at her last job, she was a “shoe specialist” and her job required her to “educate the skate hobbyists on how important proper footgear is for their podiatric health.”

No. 466668

that was an accurate use of inb4


where does she get all of this bullshit positivity from? does she read other captions and copy people? how is she so motivated to write this crap while she believes nothing?

No. 466693

>fake seller for mens brend - (???)
>sales assistant - 1 month
>babysitter - ongoing till baby says "fatty"

No. 466760

A month is generous. It was more like 3 weeks. I don’t see her current job lasting much longer. I suspect her getting fired before she quits. Especially with her already taking photos of children and posting it online. That’s immediate grounds for termination in the US. She just can’t help herself. It’s sad.

No. 466780

File: 1515611382688.png (999.04 KB, 720x887, 20180110_120734.png)

How much farther do you guys think she will go with the underwear shoots?

No. 466786

wtf is that the only bra she owns? gagging

No. 466794

File: 1515612761143.jpg (107.04 KB, 978x234, Screenshot_20180110-133058.jpg)

You're posting the same amount, you idiot

No. 466795

I hope she will brag about her thicc thighs and bootay soon

No. 466810

File: 1515613888068.jpg (33.13 KB, 978x155, Screenshot_20180110-134937.jpg)

when youve seen the same post 500 times and you have nothing left to say

No. 466848

File: 1515622810820.png (97.19 KB, 750x921, IMG_5211.PNG)


does aly rly think she's gonna get these kinds of pages taken down

No. 466854

No proof but I don't think this is a recent photo. She hasn't worn pants with a normal waistline for months now and all her "recent" semi naked posts have been several months old. Seems like she doesn't want to post her current body in just lingerie.

No. 466861

File: 1515623441760.jpg (182.28 KB, 978x540, Screenshot_20180110-162704.jpg)

yea p sure i've seen that pic before too

love how aly has no problem making bert sound like hes abusive and uh happy w your identity? ok hun

No. 466870

fucks sake can she stop. why does berto not follow her… wish he saw this shit. she basically calls him sexist

No. 466874

> what do you think about working women
I can't even comment this.
much feminism, such equality

No. 466877

File: 1515624625519.png (288.32 KB, 712x421, Untitled.png)

I was going to post this hours ago but the site was down so it's a bit slow news. I didn't bother checking her stories until this morning and noticed that yesterday she met with a "sister" (I think Sonia's the only one who can be arsed with her now). Then she posted in the evening how unsupportive her friend was. You'd think she'd cling on to her last friend for dear life.

As for that photo, I agree it's an old one because I'm p sure she posted it in the summer and LET'S BE HONEST she does not look like that now.

No. 466910

ok I don't know Berto, but this is a painfully subjective side of the story. Maybe he was simply worried she's out and about during the night, or he said he wished their schedules were in sync so they could spend more time together, but I highly doubt he insisted she shouldn't ~work as a woman~.

Also I hate that her dumb ass keeps asking these stupid-ass questions with such OBVIOUS fucking answers only so everyone will agree with her and she can feel like she spread the Holy Word.

No. 466930

I know right?? I was the anon who made that first page with pictures from her feed, not this most recent one, but she blocked me and asked people to report me, but what she doesn't realize is as soon as she blocks me I log out of the account and make a new one. I don't even know the password or email for my throwaways. Report away bitches lol im working on a new one.

No. 466933

File: 1515627559052.jpeg (344.3 KB, 465x648, B0D69F6D-9DA8-44FB-A21A-7CFB03…)

Yeah no way the mirror bra shot is new. She is literally about to bust out of those ridiculous pants now.

No. 466934

yea everyone knows how aly twists things, i mean he might be upset that shes working late each night..idk why…like shes deliberately making "i want you to come home early" look like a demand when he probably said "i wish you finished earlier"…its on him for staying with her though tbh like dump her~

No. 466937

haha I wanna make one too (!) I wonder if they actually bother her or if she likes it on some level

No. 466943

here are my thoughts on that. I think It bothers her immensely. She works hard on her pictures, to focus only on herself, to have only white backgrounds, because she feels like they are really great, really special. Her instagram account is her identity. Its her source of attention. By making copies of her account it takes her "special-ness" away. and it makes her crazy. lol

No. 466947

to add to this, I think the thought of someone else getting attention off of her beautiful and unique photos drives her crazy. That's why it isn't enough to block them, but to also get them shut-down. Its hilarious.

No. 466953

She's probably also scared that a "fake" might say something stupid while using her pictures and people thinking it's actually her, because she is inherently narcissistic and convinced she says incredibly smart things, no matter how much self-hate she claims.

Which is funny, because a "fake" could virtually speak out of a prolapsed anus and it would still sound less dumb than her word salad.

No. 466963

agree. I also dont think shes actually scared. I think shes furious. And is only acting scared for attention.

No. 466976

ok lets all make one(!) well if you want to, I love to piss her off

No. 467098

I think she likes it. Like most snowflakes/cows, a fake account pretending to be them makes them feel more popular/internet famous. I think anons should stop doing things that make her feel good/feed her ego. I bet she loves the hate comments too. She just likes any kind of attention. And she uses the hate comments for even more attention because it gives her an excuse to post an instagram story about it.

Also this is hilarious, how is she even moving in those

No. 467158

File: 1515645328614.png (1.06 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20180110-212617.png)

I think she likes hate comments so she can play victim. but I think it's different with people filling their own accounts with her photos. I think of all things it really gets under her skin. but, who really knows what's happening in her mind.

No. 467177

not only is she bursting out of those pants, she's spilling cream on her shirt…

No. 467178

File: 1515646851534.jpg (1.22 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20180110-215819.jpg)

No. 467183

What's up with that button on her pants? looks like it's about to pop

No. 467244

Looks like the fly won’t go all the way up either. That must be so uncomfortable and probably why all her photos are just her standing and no longer posting sitting photos.

No. 467257

I thought that was bird shit at a glance
Thanks for pointing that out
How did she not clean up before takings pics?

No. 467261

I´d rather have creamy stains on my womanly body than be a zero size! Like the lovely Sophia Loren!
Delved into a fap IT´s OKAY

No. 467286

File: 1515659854603.jpeg (63.6 KB, 750x354, 21A61101-19E2-41DE-B000-1E2C64…)

I think if it’s true the photos are being slightly altered to make her face look fatter… that is simply masterful, brilliant.

No. 467305

Where is this comment?

No. 467329

File: 1515668698086.jpeg (173.87 KB, 750x842, FBACF51D-AB96-4038-9C0E-6BFECC…)

It’s not on Aly’s page, it’s on the hater page’s post (!)

No. 467344

File: 1515670118766.jpeg (176.07 KB, 663x921, E3B1CE46-E836-4150-BFA4-1FE2D6…)

No. 467355

This is what happens when you gain weight through a junk food diet.. you don't know how to eat normally. It must feel really good to eat these things after restricting herself for so long, but she needs to stop eating so much Instagram food.

No. 467409


OT but ilivetomoshhh follows soren too. i think they're online friends? ahh when cows collide.

No. 467414

File: 1515683148436.png (150.7 KB, 640x1005, IMG_5902.PNG)

She's obsessively body-checking but made a post that reads "I'm not body checking but HERES WHY IM BODY CHECKING" 1/2

No. 467415

File: 1515683173009.png (168.05 KB, 640x917, IMG_5903.PNG)


No. 467416

File: 1515683259112.png (192.85 KB, 640x890, IMG_5904.PNG)

No. 467417

File: 1515683275572.png (177.09 KB, 640x887, IMG_5905.PNG)

No. 467422


there are a million thing wrong with this picture and i can't even begin to explain them all.

like, what the fuck is she doing with her eyes closed like that? the double chin, the (now) ill-fitting jeans, the pose. i can't get over it.

No. 467424

What do you guys think is mentally wrong with Aly? Why would someone act this way?? It all just seems really unintelligent.

No. 467441

If she's so in love with her body why is she pretending she still looks like she did 5 months and countless nuggets ago? No need to hide her real body if she's actually so ~proud~ of it

No. 467451

I'm not trying to be ana-chan but… I guess her thighs got a bit wider? or it's just the pose?

No. 467482

>i've zero lower abs

then WORK OUT. she's so unhealthy wtf her body is 98% fries

No. 467488

Same underwear as in the older bra pic. Pretty sure they were taken at the same time and are not showing how her body really looks at the moment.

No. 467514

Not an ana chan either but fuck me looks like someone pasted a little top half on a bigger lower half. Her jeans don't help and the pic being taken from that angle but she looks dreadful.

I think she's on the spectrum tbh.

No. 467553

File: 1515694305146.jpg (111.66 KB, 741x732, muchrecover.JPG)

On the left is a body check from almost a year ago, on the right from today.

I've been wondering whether she has a mild developmental disorder. Her way of processing new information, often a very shallow, child-like reaction to situations, shallow emotions, tantrums, repetitive and restrictive patterns, seems to be oblivious to the fact that other people have emotions and needs, and I see no "depth" to her intellect.

No. 467571

from the side she looks bmi 20 from the front she looks bmi 18? so weird lmao. i wonder what she looks without sucking in

i dont think she likes those accounts bc someone else is getting "her" attention

No. 467573

The today one could even be… you know, there're countless youtube videos about how to pose to look good in a pic, I think she's doing this. Her legs look fuller.

Or it's just that really unflattering pants she likes, and the layers of shirts that make her look like she's about to explode.

No. 467577

File: 1515697857041.gif (57.27 KB, 1000x1000, PeopleAreSaying.gif)

You know how there're mirrors that make you look thinner or fatter? Primark have thin mirrors. I think Aly's bedroom mirror's one that makes her look thinner than reality. She really is starting to look hefty in rl. Hefty as in "well built". The mirror pictures don't even look like the ones from the spa or when she's at the water park thing.

No. 467593

File: 1515698535074.jpg (269.28 KB, 582x947, Screenshot_20180111-122012.jpg)

I find it hilarious her asslicker doesn't even read her captions. Just mindlessly comments.

No. 467609

Tbh I think it's just that her poses make her look worse. Plus of course in today's post, comparing a bad angle in layers at her current weight with a direct angle 15 pounds ago is…telling

No. 467611

the "today" one is definitely from september at the latest. she doesn't look like that anymore.

also irrelevant but she wears her underwear so weirdly low…like that must look stupid from the back and also be rly uncomfortable?

No. 467616

File: 1515699590705.png (470.7 KB, 720x1117, 20180111_193808.png)

This is her bedding from yesterday so unless shes changed her sheets this morning i doubt its a recent photo of her body

No. 467619

She's really into body checking so I wouldn't be surprised if the two undies pics were taken a week or two apart. That'd explain the different bed linen but same weight. She must do a selfie in the mirror pic every week or more and she posted an old one.

No. 467620

File: 1515699722135.png (2.52 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180111-144102.png)


No. 467622

File: 1515699752541.jpeg (160.99 KB, 676x932, 2C79B8FF-6198-42F9-8110-55E942…)

Hehe I made her teeth the same colour as the donnie

No. 467634

Her eye skin is that of an old woman. She shouldn't use shimmer shades. She really is ugly up close.

No. 467638

i SCREAMED. she's SO histrionic oh my god! that eyeliner, that lipstick. she actually has nice glowing skin, if she toned down on the makeup/made it look normal she might get the attention that she wants?

No. 467646

Remember when we talked about how one day her eyeliner wing will reach up to her eyebrow in one of the past threads? Finally, that day has come

No. 467656

her mama looks nice and classy though, peep that beret and how the colours coordinate, cute. can't she tell Aly to chill with that weirdo makeup and give her some wardrobe advice? lol.
Also her eyebrow shape is really unfortunate… she needs plucking. Looking at her face, her features are all ok. If she just changed the makeup, plucked eyebrows and changed her hairstyle (I have a long bob in mind) she could be cute.
But yeah, that won't happen

No. 467669

File: 1515701616490.jpg (155.82 KB, 742x647, IMG_5247.JPG)

I have completed a thorough data analysis and have come up with a 1 year projection

No. 467671

all the pics of her with her mom are like that. her mom looks pulled together and understated and she seems to dress perfectly for her figure. she also just looks comfortable and natural. meanwhile aly is always next to her pulling some manic grin in her terrible makeup and ill-fitting, poorly styled clothes.

last summmer when aly forced mama casati to be in her ~pool party~ ~shoots~ mama was honestly rocking her one piece while aly was contorting herself in her "PRE-ED BIKINI (!)"

imagine having aly as a daughter. wowww

No. 467676

File: 1515701890756.jpg (45.07 KB, 619x433, Capture1.JPG)

Her hair tho

No. 467685

File: 1515702206096.png (1.02 MB, 605x684, Untitled.png)

too conservative. yours is like 6 months tops, this is a year.

No. 467694

Personally, I think her brows are over plucked. She needs to brush them and fill them in with a pencil. Let them grow back lol

No. 467696

Steady on, anon. She hasn't even gotten to grip with drawing a wing yet.

No. 467697

She wasn't even able to get it filled in, it's not even touching her lashes. Like she didn't have time to do it but couldn't leave the house without it?

No. 467700

File: 1515703221361.png (57.5 KB, 940x1128, ALY.png)

No. 467712

File: 1515704434919.jpg (360.74 KB, 669x1111, IMG_20180111_135501.jpg)

She should just connect them, making a loop around her eye

No. 467716

Haha! Idk why this drawing makes me think of some kind of crappy Batman lol

No. 467732

File: 1515705437383.png (2.45 MB, 1080x1342, 1515699722135.png)

She could be really cute if she tried.

No. 467733

What app do you use for edits like this? I been looking for a good one.

No. 467745

not that anon but perfect 365 works well for me

No. 467758

Exactly. She has a tiny button nose, oval face, her lips are fine, her eyeshape is cute. She literally ruins herself with those eyebrows and makeup. I feel the physical urge to do a makeover on her every time I see her.

No. 467763

She needs to change that hair, it'd make a huge difference

No. 467766

File: 1515709403214.png (193.38 KB, 639x914, IMG_5907.PNG)

Ha! Take that, haters! Aly makes tongue at you!

No. 467769

File: 1515709461706.png (57.72 KB, 640x571, IMG_5908.PNG)

No. 467774

File: 1515709723129.png (190.42 KB, 640x909, IMG_5909.PNG)

Here's some advice, Aly. Don't use your geotag and then get so FREAKED OUT when people know which places you've been to!

No. 467815

she knows its from the tags, shes just playing for attention
>omfg there was a hater sleeping on my doorstep last night!

No. 467818

"the haters that have no identity" That projection tho

No. 467848

File: 1515715422530.png (189.42 KB, 750x794, IMG_5252.PNG)


No. 467857

duck is dead to me

No. 467861

I do think the trolling is crossing a line tbh. Some of these comments are just stupid.

No. 467864

yeah. it's not funny and she's enjoying it tbh, it gives her a villain and lets her live out her persecution-complex dreams.

at this point i think duck is just doing it to annoy farmers, there's no other explanation.

anyone else who's only asskissing sarcastically, it's not funny anymore (if it ever was which is debatable tbh) and since she never interacts with commenters it's not like we can get her to answer dumb questions or anything. it's pointless imo

No. 467894

Ditto. No more posting duck screenshots

No. 467900

File: 1515720974031.png (1.55 MB, 1200x1920, Screenshot_20180111-183347.png)

what do you guys think she will do, if anything?

No. 467908

absolutely nothing lol she wont go private cus there goes her likes

No. 467909

I think she actually believes she's scaring the haters off by threatening… undisclosed measures.
Like she said in >>467774 "the security or a good psychiatrist" seems her go-to solution for them.
She also says there she wants to trace cyborgs.
The delusion is real.

No. 467935

then here is the tricky question; do we stop commenting on her posts? give her the satisfaction of "defeating the cyborgs"? or continue the way we have to prove her wrong?

I'm on the line, some comments are just harsh and not funny, some like the "asslicking" type, have become stale and not funny…but, then every so often there are truly unique and funny ones. does it make it worth it? to me, kinda yes.

this cow is unique in that we get to interect with her for the milk, instead of watching from a distance. like an interactive movie lol

No. 467945

I wouldn't have her tongue at me if she was the last lesbian on earth.

HOW DO WE KNOW DUCK IS/WAS A FARMER? I've read sketchy "evidence" about being sent an emoji but no proof. That cunt can't be a farmer. If it is, it is one fucked up cunt.

No. 467948

Same anon as above JUST HAD A THOUGHT and an Aly style question post. If a farmer filtered her pics to make her look thinner and Aly found the account do you think she'd kick off at that or like it because they made her look thinner?

No. 467960

I can post the emoji duck sent me (it shows the timestamp and you can cross reference w the lolcow post) if you wanna see lol I just never thought people cared this much

No. 467971

We don't, just stop mentioning them. They have obviously gone full-on Aly stan.

We've already discussed this over and over. The general consensus was that farmers should stop commenting.

No. 467980

We didn't until they started crawling up her ass so hard.

But ya, I guess it doesn't matter. We just won't mention them anymore.

No. 467982

File: 1515725064980.png (1.04 MB, 699x1242, 1515699722135.png)

No. 467983

Yeah I get the no comment thing, I was speaking hypothetically. Trying to get into her mind but I'll just give up finally. I will never understand her. Not even if I was the Stephen Hawking on psychology.

No. 467984

Hmm..i can't tell if I like her with bangs, or if its nice to see her looking different.

No. 467985

Not feeling the fringe. Could be the angle but I don't think her face shape suits it. Can we try dark brown hair like her natural colour? Her mum's giving me the creeps.

Also if poss can you do something about the crepeyness and puffiness of her eye (above, not below). That part of her always ruins her entire face for me.

No. 467986

(I mean smooth the eye area so it's not as prominent that it's a puffy area)

No. 468016

File: 1515728134258.jpg (816.65 KB, 2048x2048, 1E3269BC-661A-45B7-A2AF-ADA222…)

different anon but here. her eyebrows are hard to work with and idk what hair looks better. i agree with that anon who said they have an urge to give her a makeover

the general consensus was that the frequent asslicking ones & the rude unfunny ones should stop, but nothing much has been said about the infrequent funny ones

No. 468018

It's wierd how duck puts the idea in Aly's head that it's only one person making all these accounts, when they know full well, especially if they are a farmer, it's several people.

No. 468019

I like the lip color and hair color on the right. But not so much the brows

No. 468026

the infrequent funny ones have always been good i think, then people started copying them by being over the top supportive and then they just became plain supportive lol the ones like duck probably ended up liking aly, its not like they're nice yet critical of her

ive tried to do that like explain her insanity to her, say like obvious solutions and she doesnt care bitch wants to live like this so we should just let her. if duck and others wanna comment them who cares theyre just wasting their time

No. 468044


The hair colour in the left I really like. It makes a difference that it's a block colour and not patchy because of home done henna. I think the dark hair she had when she was younger suited her more than blonde and red, but this complements her skin so well. No idea why she tries that comb over look. A harsh parting would look good.

No. 468051

Oh, forgot to give my opinion on the comments. I love when she gets barely any and reposts. I get a kick out of that more than her sperging out, but I suppose everyone here has different opinions on the comments.

I agree it's a waste of time trying to get her to listen to a point of view that'd benefit her said in a non nasty way. She sees it as criticism and hate and she'll always think that. The way she is now IN ALL WAYS I imagine she'll be that way for eternity.

No. 468073

File: 1515731155208.jpg (275.3 KB, 810x1440, res_1515730954141.jpg)

Wild how something as little as eyebrows can make someone look vastly better.

No. 468074

I'm definitely in the camp of anons should not comment, but if people must, they should make their profiles full of these shopped aly pictures where she looks a million times better. Maybe she'll take a look and get a hint. I mean, I doubt it, but you never know. Honestly though, the comments should really stop.

No. 468076

Christ, and sorry guys I meant to sage this since its kind of getting off track, mb.

No. 468090

File: 1515732195529.jpg (284.81 KB, 810x1440, res_1515732100154.jpg)

Why is this so fun to do?! Yes, if she fixes her eyebrows and that horrible makeup she would be pretty.

No. 468093

File: 1515732661379.png (1000.2 KB, 680x1130, Aly_018111202543811.png)

I know right? This is fun!

I think if she wants to wear red lipstick she could go for a darker shade.

No. 468095

ya I agree, old fence always holds a special place in my heart tbh

yeah the brows were hard to make look natural and better bc her current ones are shit

lol we're all getting so off track but i agree it's fun. i wonder when someone will first get pissed off

No. 468096

this one's amazing! She'd look adorable with k-idol style eyebrows.

No. 468099

File: 1515733180770.jpg (137.21 KB, 529x737, IMG_5259.JPG)

Please forgive me for this I just had to lol. I'm gonna stop now hahahah

No. 468106

lol I like how you kept the original eyeliner

I hope no one gets pissed, its fun! and I like to think of the Aly thread as pretty chill.

No. 468114

File: 1515734368698.jpg (265.55 KB, 810x1440, res_1515734286506.jpg)

Some pictures cannot be salvaged. Her lipstick was too bright and her smug expression was too…stupid I guess is the best word.

No. 468116

oh wow. she looks like an even bigger bitch somehow

No. 468131

File: 1515735121375.jpg (296.35 KB, 652x817, Screenshot_20180111-024628_mr1…)

Making her pants really high is fun too

No. 468133

>>468131 I wouldn't have noticed any difference if you hadn't mentioned it tbh

No. 468137

File: 1515735653404.jpg (1.84 MB, 1920x1920, PhotoGrid_1515735477732.jpg)

Okay after this I'm finished. This became slightly addictive.

No. 468155

File: 1515737230556.jpg (686.3 KB, 666x1306, 1515699722135.jpg)

this was really fun and also a lot harder than I thought

No. 468162

File: 1515737663285.gif (1.06 MB, 750x1306, whoops.gif)


(also sorry I've tried to post this more than once, it kept giving me a ? icon)

No. 468163

i really like this one but maybe with lighter lipstick like on here >>468016

LOL! how do you guys do this btw? is it photoshop (that you pay for)?

yeah it's generally quite chill just the occaisonal rude anon comes by every so often. the onion threads are filled with those kinds of anons thats why i like tempcow

No. 468166

oo yeah. good idea. let me see if I can lighten it.

I did this In photoshop!

No. 468167

I use an app called "meitu" it's free and has a lot of features in it that if you get creative you can get some pretty realistic results

No. 468172

File: 1515738249344.jpg (784.65 KB, 750x1306, igmodelaly.jpg)

I couldn't get it just like it, but I like this lighter nude better! good suggestion

No. 468175

lol this meitu creation is a masterpiece.

No. 468179

This one is photoshop. I’ve never tried meitu, but i think I’m gonna download it

No. 468195

File: 1515742012896.jpg (849.03 KB, 2896x2896, 20180112_002452.jpg)

meitu doesn't really have makeup options, but it has a handful of other tools like "warping" tools. I use a combination of apps to edit pics.

I kinda like this ash blonde on her

No. 468198

Pls next thread pic lol

No. 468203

File: 1515742551487.jpeg (182.72 KB, 749x742, C48580FC-B694-465B-965D-E16D1B…)

She has potential

No. 468220

this episode of black mirror is amazing tho

No. 468221

For some reasons, reminds me of Eugenia Cooney.

No. 468223

File: 1515747985633.jpg (365.53 KB, 720x1091, 20180112_095918.jpg)

Does it usually take that long for instagram to delete an account that's been reported for using someone's pictures? This account is still up, did Aly even report it herself or did she ask her lovely girls to report only? Because the latter won't be too effective I think. Maybe Aly report that account so she has sth to talk about

No. 468232

File: 1515750126928.png (416.7 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5911.PNG)

Oh my

No. 468240

i screamed!

No. 468241

can fan art account anon pls post a couple of these aly 2.0 edits, I'm so curious how she would react. I wonder if she would post them on her story or be too embarrassed? or is embarrassment too complex of an emotion for aly

No. 468243

omg I can't, how is she even real

No. 468250

Why didn’t we think of doing fanart before

No. 468265

yessss this, please, lol.
It also would be fun if the account that posted the fanart acts like it's offended because Aly made fun of their artwork that took a lot of dedication (!)

No. 468268

File: 1515760359472.png (337.1 KB, 390x693, santa claus.png)

No. 468284

yeah sure i can make some more lol. if anyone wants to as well just post em on here! then i wont comment on her accoint until we have a bunch

No. 468286

File: 1515766677050.jpg (107.83 KB, 906x1000, Goodforks.jpg)

Contributin' for Art anon

No. 468293

I love it

No. 468294

you imagined those curves tho

No. 468295

Awesome ill make a new account and keep it on the DL until we get enough

No. 468297

nice but those teeth are way too white!

No. 468307

File: 1515768552726.png (215.89 KB, 750x912, IMG_5290.PNG)

Lmao @ fan art page

Srsly tho, these asskissers are like how DARE you be mean to aly & then they do this

I hate reconstructingemily tbh

No. 468322

don't post fanart. just giving an attention seeker more attention.

No. 468325

Of course it is, but it's still fun

No. 468338

I've never seen a better endorsement for someone to change their eyebrows. That alone seems to make her two times more attractive.

No. 468353

it just makes people defend her but god we've messed with her so much it kinda doesnt matter anymore. im still for no farmer comments tho i miss those no comment breakdowns

No. 468355

She's wearing leggings today btw lol all that huge pants talk got to her at least

No. 468398


Thank god. Thank god. It feels as much of a victory to get her out of those chin highs as it did stopping Ash getting people buy her stuff from her wishlist.

No. 468434

File: 1515782440926.jpg (101.94 KB, 978x280, Screenshot_20180112-123759.jpg)

i think she worked about 3 days this week, obvs didnt work the last 2 days cus she was out getting food. shes a part time babysitter obsessed with instagram, well done aly you really showed those haters

No. 468445

File: 1515783180339.png (1.02 MB, 640x1136, IMG_5922.PNG)

Only two comments, of course she's gotta play the "may I post sth PERSONAL(?)"

No. 468447

what counts as a personal update to her? they're all personal
>am i allowed?
no shut up
>dont want to be boring
stop saying the same thing over and over then omfg

No. 468450

it's funny seeing her send her herd of asslickers to defend her. they're obviously all morons and will never change their minds like lousrecovery did. i mean look at them: "How dare u BULLY, you piece of shit fucking loser asshole!! i'm totally taking the high road!!!"

i thought her man was a sexist controlling woman hater :/

No. 468455

She needs some #womenpower to discuss being a woman who works with Berto? What century does she live in. Why is she going out with someone with outdated gender role stereotypes if she's such a #feminist? How would a relationship like that work?

Why is she so upset over that fanart? It wasn't like someone stuck her head on an obese body. Imagine if the kids she babysits for drew a picture of her. She'd beat them with a wire coat hanger.

No. 468456

File: 1515784136629.jpg (18.5 KB, 359x356, 11.JPG)

All the hair/fur on her coat and scarf is making me itch. Please buy a lint roller. They're £1 in Poundworld or whatever the Italian equivalent is.

No. 468466

they always say stuff like the people who "attack" her dont know what it's like to be mentally ill a lot too like how would they know that? my favourite is that people are jealous of her though, yeah haha thats it

i doubt bert even said anything to her she just wants some boring ass drama to post

No. 468468

my favourite is "it's only one person making all the fake accounts"

i think all of lolcow is the same anon guys. it's all me

No. 468470


I am you but you won't remember me writing this. We are all your alters.

No. 468487

YES!!!!! Every time I read someone write about how "they don't know what it's like to have an ED" and how they're jealous of her recovery I scream internally. Soz but if I was an ana (not but mental in other ways) I wouldn't be jealous of Aly's so-called recovery. If I wanted to recover then I'd want to gain weight and also be less fucked up. The more she's gained the more fucked up.

The other one is how we're cowards hiding behind a screen. Yes, because recovering4peanubutter9393931!! with a private account isn't a coward hiding behind a screen also OR there're dumb fucks like Sara who makes it so easy for anyone to doxx in ten minutes. Aly complains about being stalked yet gives a snapshot of where she lives which can be found on google maps near her favourite McDonalds in no time.

They need more nutrition for their brains.

Oh and she'll be all loved up with her ~man~ tonight after scarfing muscles at that cheapo restaurant. Same old, same old…

No. 468488

(mussels not muscles, unless she's they're cannibals idk)

No. 468495

No guys, you forgot. We're all Kiki, remember?

No. 468510

>The other one is how we're cowards hiding behind a screen. Yes, because recovering4peanubutter9393931!! with a private account isn't a coward hiding behind a screen also OR there're dumb fucks like Sara who makes it so easy for anyone to doxx in ten minutes

This one always gets me because the argument is usually
>You wouldn't say it to my face IRL! Such coward!

Actually, I'd personally be more inclined to say it to your face because at least IRL you don't have an army of people watching your every move ready to lynch anyone you point the finger at. Of course people aren't going to use their real accounts to say this shit, only someone with the same amount of followers or more has the social capital to attempt that kind of move without ruining their life potentially forever. Taking measures to prevent the inevitable harassment that comes with criticising someone with a rabid fanbase is not cowardice, it's just common sense.

sorry for rant anons this line of thinking has always infuriated me.

No. 468511

Did mean to sage that also, sorry!

No. 468530

THIS. we're not "cowards" we probably just have reputations, future and potential employers and don't want our full names associated with aly and lolcow…. how is that cowardly that's called understanding PRIVACY fucks sake lol. they should be ashamed that they have so willingly associated their full names and faces with aly… and we're the "losers" who work at mcdonalds lmao OK

i just cringe when i see that shit. like do they really think we're gonna be like "Omg they are right :( we are clearly cowards :( I am so ashamed of being this cowardly I guess I'll just expose myself now"

sorry for the blogpost i think it's relevant but a long time ago once I corrected this girl (very nicely!) with 20k followers on twitter about some information (i was right) and she got so butthurt she quote retweeted my tweet and was like "look at this girl with 300 followers tryna tell me i dont know shit go get this lame bitch". what a narc, she was such a cow. i got like 14 insulting dms one told me to kill myself. ummm i really doubt she'd be able to do that to me irl so yeah i'd be way more inclined to say that shit to her face. same goes with aly

No. 468560

File: 1515793843563.jpg (1.29 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180112_144349.jpg)

I'm sorry if this is getting old. but I wanted to challenge myself to keep everything classically Aly, such as, winged liner, red hair, highly arched brows, red lipstick; but make it look nicer. eh?

No. 468588

File: 1515794809476.jpg (2.01 MB, 1920x1920, PhotoGrid_1515794648840.jpg)

Seriously the smallest changes make her so pretty! She's still crazy though and that doesn't seem to be changing anytime soon.

No. 468631


I'd prefer to have a debate/argument with someone in person. That way you can actually speak without being blocked. I bet Aly's one of those annoying bitches who still goes "TALK TO THE HAND, TALK TO THE HAND". And I bet the reason she was bitching about her friend the other day not being "supportive" was because she didn't give her the ~advises~ she wanted to hear and gave her some home truths about how she's not going to lose weight eating chocolate with a couple of kids for a few hours.

She should definitely go for a darker red and matte lipstick like this on the right. We got her to ditch the monstrous jeans, so what next - the hair or the lipstick? (not promoting commenting on her ig btw). The eyebrows are perfect.

Still don't think she suits light hair.

No. 468692

What app did you use to change the haircolor? Worked really smoothly

No. 468738

File: 1515802875630.jpg (52.73 KB, 1271x1204, FB_IMG_1515800482316.jpg)

Right up Aly's alley.

No. 468743

Perfect365 that someone recommended above! It becomes addictive to change how aly looks haha.

No. 468754

File: 1515803594892.jpg (127.79 KB, 926x557, seafood.JPG)

this is different. You guys think maybe shes changing a litte? First it was the pants, now this food picture?

No. 468763

File: 1515804106460.jpg (1.21 MB, 1200x1804, Screenshot_20180112-173950.jpg)

for posterity

No. 468798

maybe, she needs to use filters tho that pic looks dirty

No. 468895

Her hair is a completely different colour to the donnies and fap pic.. makes me think taken at completely different skinnier times

No. 468902

anyone has clips of her voice? im curious about what she sounds like

No. 468928

No. 469014

File: 1515863369075.png (7.94 MB, 1125x2001, 8FB7C942-313D-4CDC-A29F-959010…)

From her ig today new old pictures of fork and berto

No. 469015

File: 1515863414606.png (5.33 MB, 1125x2001, 762E1650-16A8-43C0-896B-0B35DE…)

No. 469018

File: 1515863480570.png (8.78 MB, 1125x2001, FC582F1A-6ED9-4B49-8E61-E29219…)

No. 469020

File: 1515863540880.png (8.08 MB, 1125x2001, 8AC86C50-DDEF-4AA5-B501-421241…)

No. 469021

File: 1515863562977.png (1.24 MB, 1125x2001, B3366CE4-954D-4801-905B-AA116C…)

No. 469022

File: 1515863583473.jpg (246.96 KB, 679x978, Screenshot_20180113-100207.jpg)

tfw your gf hates being with you and says you won't let her work but you're dumb as shit and won't break up with her

No. 469023

Omg SHUT UP. I seriously doubt he's not allowing her to work he probably just said something like "Can you switch shifts? it's dangerous walking in milan so late"

and how the fuck do they not trust each other after 5 years? if my boy didn't trust me after only 1 year he wouldnt be my boy anymore. 5. years!!!

they are "rushing things" bc they wanna move in together after 5 YEARS loool is that a joke?

No. 469024


> (we took only a break when I decided to hospitalize myself)


No. 469027

holy shit what… SHE decided to hospitalize herself? what's next, she was inpatient for 3 months?! is she flat out lying or has being ana destroyed her brain cells?

No. 469029

I think that by the time she was put on the medical ward for 2 days they'd been broken up for a year.

No. 469032

File: 1515864568181.jpg (92.28 KB, 724x550, Capture.JPG)

Omfg ewwwwww

No. 469033

the way she thinks is so old fashioned lmao oh women like sex?? omfg alert the church elders

No. 469034

File: 1515864835656.jpg (139.61 KB, 453x411, Screenshot_20180113-113204.jpg)

oh honey you really need to stop the fries

No. 469038

>Make peace with your body, shape, curves, in underwear

xx sucks in taking selfie wearing underwear xx

How is this special underwear? Is it because she only ever wears that shabby other one? Couldn't she at least make the set match in colour?

I hope this never escalates into her telling women how #empowering it feels to have sex with the lights on and not being ashamed of your curves.

No. 469041

$10 says she freaks out if berto ever tries to keep the lights on so it's a ritual now for him to turn them off

lol why is she posting so many pics of her body ffs she's lucky she doesnt have an actual career to worry about

No. 469042


she's either sucking in or this is an old pic. her body looks nothing like the pics from the hot springs a couple months ago.

No. 469044

she's getting there, anon.

No. 469046


When she was trying to gain weight it wasn't the healthiest way to do it but now she's in the healthy range she's going to really start getting heavy if she's eating this shit every single day.

TMI but sex in the dark is weird. I'm a bit Barry White and like low mood lighting. Still, I've always imagined Berto being a wham, bam, thank you ma'am kinda man with sex.

Yup, it's odd she's suddenly stripping off. It's body checking really, but if she's wearing ~special~ sexytime undies shouldn't she at least keep it between him and her? The whole of instagram gets a gander before he does!

I notice she's standing at an angle that makes her hips look not as…prominent…as usual. Idk if it's intentional but the way the light's reflecting on her from the wondow makes her appear slimmer too. Is that foot raised thing the latest pulling-the-hood-of-her-coat type pose?

No. 469061

why does she eat fries so often? Is it like an ana-chan snack because it's lighter than say, pizza or burgers?

No. 469068

I wish I could understand what she looks for in a perfect picture. Because it's obviously not her face.

No. 469069

Fries are easier to throw away and less messy in general. Also to purge if she’s taken that route to “recovery” which wouldn’t shock me at all. Given how much she recycles photos it’s also way easier to reupload a generic box of fries than a burger with more detail

No. 469070

> TMI but sex in the dark is weird. I'm a bit Barry White and like low mood lighting.

I always figured everyone liked this sort of thing. sex in the bright light makes me feel like a porn star/uncomfortable and sex in the dark is also uncomfortable. i bet Aly needs it to be like PITCH BLACK. "My boy turned on the night light for sex, I think he saw my stretch marks. Opinions?"

I think everyone figures she eats only junk bc of one or few reasons:

1) she was orthorexic before and now doesnt understand how to eat healthy, thinks eating normally = junk 24/7 bc of a lack of dietician (she said seeing a dietician is a step back)
2) calorie dense foods
3) she wants to prove to everyone around her that she's ~EX anorexic~
4) she just likes junk food and craves it constantly and thinks it's ok to eat that much, see #1

any other ideas?

No. 469073

File: 1515868623903.jpg (68.32 KB, 602x748, check.JPG)

At first her discovering she can upload multiples pictures for one post seemed like a nice enough change to her repetitive instagram feed, but all she does is publish body checks, old skelly pics, and fattyori, and it's even more annoying.

She probably focuses on how her legs look, and that has priority over a bad face.

No. 469074

File: 1515868681021.jpg (44.94 KB, 736x414, the fuck suite.jpg)

Pretty sure that latest fries pic's a recycled one from not long ago.

I reckon she's addicted to msg. I don't think I'm going too tin foil hat to say that's why McD's is so popular. All the msg in the (what passes as) food is addictive.

As for Aly and sex (ugh) I kind of feel she'd love romance. Tacky stuff like rose petals on the four poster bed and that kind of stuff. We've seen Berto's fold away bed without linen so she's not getting that kind of romance. Oh, poor thing.

No. 469075

Also, she clearly took inspiration from that "art project" anon's IG what with her suddenly uploading black and white pics now.

No. 469080

File: 1515869209077.gif (3.74 MB, 347x244, you made Pootin laugh.gif)

No. 469104

yeah its kind of ridiculous how easily she can become obsessed with something like every post is a double pic now

No. 469138

Gosh, she showed her underwear, puaj!

No. 469140

File: 1515873881841.jpg (511.97 KB, 2048x2048, A1AB804F-AF19-47E2-814C-09ED4E…)

LOL confirmed that she sucks in in every other photo. you can just see how her chest looks relaxed in the black and white photo and suddenly she becomes a swimmer in the next. what a mess lol

No. 469148

File: 1515874402466.jpg (48.5 KB, 359x561, Capture.JPG)

They're out at the all you can eat again.

Berto looks white as a ghost. Really ill looking.

Gotta document everything including pre sex all you can eat!

No. 469149

yes that´s why >>463742 looked so weird… what´s the point of ~bravely showing muh food baby~ if you suck in (even if it doesn´t help much)

No. 469153

She looks at least 10 years older than 22.

No. 469210

>ok guys now my mans inside of me can i share an update of how it went after? hope not to bore you #womenspower

No. 469215

i wonder how would she react if someone asked her if they split the bill
or how would berto react if he knew about the underwear selfies
or how does his brother react to the same selfies since he follows her
also, does aly ever drink water? i mean, i would be thirsty AF (!) with all that sodium-loaded foods she eats every day
how come she is so stupid and ignorant about those things?

No. 469228

Ugh I want berto to find out about her underwear pics and how she calls him sexist so bad! I wonder what would make him dump her

No. 469247

why doesn't he follow her idgi

No. 469261

File: 1515881806575.jpg (190.88 KB, 1031x456, Screenshot_20180113-160800.jpg)

I hope this girl starts to get irritated with aly, like how aly always eats junk and doesnt (seem to) gain weight but always talks about "her fat" like that would piss me off if I was hot model girl who literally had to stay thin for my job…I guess aly commented that she was beautiful a couple times so she thinks she's okay

No. 469262

File: 1515881872473.jpg (398.35 KB, 652x834, Screenshot_20180113-151517.jpg)

The fuck? I get it, she's trying to show how she's just a regular person…but, she's not even pinching anything.

No. 469280

I think anon >>469061 was asking why she likes so much fries specifically, out of all junk food.
IMO because fries, like chicken nuggets, are small and "cute" to pose with. You can even use them as a hilarious frystache!!!
On the other hand I imagine if you take 50 shots with a pizza slide or burger on your hand, it's likely you drip all that cheese and sauce on you.
Also what >>469068 said.

No. 469288

File: 1515883589599.jpg (18.29 KB, 272x254, fugfeet.JPG)


NOOOOO,M8! Seriously, Aly, wtf are you doing??? WHY???

I thought she was going to go back to Bertos so he could root on her.

Her feet though.

No. 469291

ugh i know i noticed them earlier, time for a pedi alyz

No. 469295

I think most people get pissed off with her at some point and sounds like this girl's getting to that stage.

Being a model's harder work than anything Aly's ever had to do. It's full time maintenance for them to keep their skin and hair and body in check. I think Aly thinks she's model material when she's so sloppy with her appearance there's no way she'd even get a gig modelling for a homeless charity. What happened to being poster girl btw?

(Unfortunate tattoo)

No. 469299

I just thought - those pics are going to turn up on google image search linked to lolcow. Stacks of her under "alice casati" "aly_realrecover" and "aly_sjourney". How does someone so vanish never google her name?

No. 469331

File: 1515885780276.jpg (540.99 KB, 978x1432, Screenshot_20180113-182010.jpg)

Surf is actually a super cool model. I really, really like their look. But being LGBT and in such a culture based on progressivism, how do they read through Aly's fake feminism?

Also, I've been blocked. No clue why. Rip.

No. 469334

Yeah I was crushing on her when she first appeared. I'm surprised she's not famous tbh because she looks amazing and is pretty versatile. I don't get her liking Aly either. Apart from them both dealing with EDs they're worlds apart.

No. 469335

(not meaning to be rude saying "she" but idk if she's a she or they and doesn't really seem to be into the pronoun thing)

No. 469336

File: 1515886249307.png (2.19 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180113-172855.png)

cmon bert aly changed her underwear for this

No. 469340

probs feels bad for her, she hasnt been following aly for long so she'll probably wise up soon

No. 469341

I thought she was pinching her flab at home?!? That picture's really sad.

No. 469364

Imagine poor Teo seeing this…

Those panties are literally digging in her skin. I bet she bought them when she was spoopy and thinks that going a size up means being "fat"

No. 469367

This photo was probably post coitis. Berto is probably washing the shame from his body and she’s snapping gut gropes for ig.

No. 469372

She was watching #foodporn to get in the mood.

No. 469384

If her idea of the BEST evening ever is crashing on a convertible with grandma sheets, and drinking wine out of water glasses while watching TV on a tiny laptop, then she'll be happy with 3-minute missionary as well.

God can she just find a new IG obsession already, I'm fucking tired of her underwear.
Taking body checking mirror selfies each morning for an hour after getting out of the shower. Much progress, very recovery.

No. 469393

Ugh her face looks so unhealthy. I wonder if her fat distribution will go back to normal. I’ve never seen someone her size with such a fat face.

No. 469394

Shes going to be doing the underwear thing for a long time I think
>everyone deserving of respect even in their underwears, here's my fat rolls, here's my food baby, i love my body what do you think of my body? is it fat? i need some comprehension

No. 469396

The restaurant is called Takumi, and yet she geotagged a random location called Yakumi. Good luck stalking her now, haters!

No. 469406

rolling around in glitter and tangas with pizza in her mouth (!)

i don't get how she posts pictures of herself with such unflattering editing. all she seems to do is turn the saturation up so her hair/lipstick/skin looks even worse. she doesn't seem to care what her expression, hair, makeup, or clothes look like. clearly she THINKS she's creating something awesome since she won't stfu about "pretty poses" and "foodblogger modeling" and her "perfectionism" but i honestly can't figure out wtf she looks for in a photo since the only times she ever looks half decent is in her semi-candids in her stories with the saturation at normal levels and a somewhat human expression. it's not even like she looks thin in her "shoots" (exhibit A: exploding fly on her chin-highs, constant double chin).

does anyone have any theories?

No. 469413

shes fuc*ing crazy anon who knows
i think she values the location and just getting a picture over what she looks like, this is a job to her. i mean could you imagine posting that double chin pic she did today? she even posts pics with her eyes closed(!) as long as she has makeup and an aly outfit on she'll post a pic

No. 469421


I was grateful when summer was over because we'd be spared of bikini shoots. Little did we know she'd switch to undies in her room.

No. 469425

I was going to put forward the theory that it's down to her being batshit and I saw you think the same. I don't get how she doesn't know she looks like a twat.

No. 469426

>shes fuc*ing crazy anon who knows

lol so true. i'm sure it's a waste of my time trying to figure out a method in her madness but i just can't stop (!) bc it's so weirdly addictive to watch her move from one bizarre pose/hairstyle/food arrangement to another, seeming to think that they're "good" in some way when to the layman they look terrible.

i don't have any body image issues and i STILL wouldn't post 90% of the pictures she does, just bc i fucking like to look nice and not like a slightly drunk hooker wearing a small child's clothing from 2006

No. 469432

File: 1515891594709.png (1.09 MB, 1078x432, just fucking eat it.png)

I'm sick of her posting this donut. There was another but it wouldn't fit on the page.

No. 469449

LoL wow, the upper far right pic, she even took the time to switch the coffee and donut. I bet it still takes her forever to eat a meal.

No. 469450

why the fuck does she feel the need to post every outtake instead of choosing the best one (or maaaayybe two) and deleting the rest? i've never seen other #foodbloggers do this shit, dragging out one shoot for 10 posts. has anyone ever asked her about this? how the fuck could she possibly think anyone would want to see 10 pictures that look like a spot-the-difference exercise? photograph a fucking bowl of cereal for once aly, or a cathedral or fucking anything for the love of fuck

No. 469454

She draws a line to the power cord and labels it "man" what if she's not even at her boys house? he's not even in the picture

No. 469458

File: 1515893853073.png (694.47 KB, 1045x288, a.png)

She switches hands in this set as well.

No. 469527

File: 1515900131936.jpg (107.22 KB, 778x779, fatberto.JPG)

for fun, I just wanted to bring this over from tempcow.

No. 469539

She has a cute butt now

No. 469587

She could have a great body if she ate a balanced diet and went to the gym a few days a week. But that requires work and breaking a routine. And to Aly, being healthy is a step towards Ana. So she will be 200lbs in a couple years and still claim BMI 17.6(!)

No. 469727

This was really a look at how big Berto is now lol

No. 469732

File: 1515923396076.png (3.65 MB, 750x1334, 45E00048-492F-4011-AEA6-1F4687…)

That naked photo is creepy

No. 469751

File: 1515925701296.png (1.2 MB, 640x1136, IMG_5928.PNG)

Mmm, chipped coffee mugs. Nothing better right?

No. 469791

>>469751 she used to be so ocd about her pictures, even putting broken cookies back together, and now she doesn't care at all

No. 469801

It's like their stomachs were like-magnet poles in the first pic, and unlike ones in the second.

Am I incorrect in thinking that IG's reporting system doesn't work on a "the more the merrier" basis? As in, the people on the other end go through the reports one by one, and so someone with 47k followers sending them after a single account and thus generating multiple reports would only hinder/prolong their work?

No. 469824

File: 1515941452765.jpg (35.58 KB, 357x235, a.JPG)


A man who also makes you some lunch would be better imo.

No. 469826

jfc how daft can you be? What kind of "help" is she expecting? Go grab lunch. Eat lunch. IG isn't your fucking daycare program.

No. 469842

File: 1515944833377.jpg (61.24 KB, 913x248, delusions.JPG)

>pretty and chic

No. 469867

File: 1515947436593.png (165.25 KB, 640x903, IMG_5929.PNG)

Praise Jesus, berto's finally got wheat!

No. 469875

ah we all knew he'd come thru, that guys a winner

super early too? i thought she hadnt had lunch, i was so upset she hadnt eaten (!)

No. 469884

File: 1515949068487.png (1.2 MB, 640x1136, IMG_5931.PNG)

whyyyy does she do this with her face? The brows are crazy, the mousey teeth, it's not good

No. 469885

Why on Earth is aly writing like her boyfriend is abusing her?
I'd be so pissed if I was her boyfriend and saw all this crap

No. 469915

shes in her underwear again too

No. 469921

File: 1515952807937.jpg (97.95 KB, 523x450, parentsroom.jpg)

My guess would be, the room she does her underwear-shoots in is her parents´. Or her grandparents´. The lamb and picture are so old-fashioned and not her style. Her room is probably ugly too, but in a different way

No. 469923

i noticed her bedroom has a pic collage of her and ma so i guess this is her parents bedroom

No. 469935

>taking "sexy" photos on your parents' bed
whew lad

No. 469944

Yea but Aly lacks any sort of personality or interests. So I wouldn’t be surprised if this was her room.
I’m surprised more people haven’t called her out on the obvious body checking and half naked photos. As if her posts weren’t annoying enough, now she figured out she can upload multiple photos and her account has gotten worse.

I’m surprised she hasn’t been losing as many followers as she did a couple months ago.

No. 469947

My sleep deprived brain apparently is lacking on vocabulary. “Not surprised” is apparently all I can come up with. I kill me.

No. 469974

probably because she has so little followers left, like at least 30k of her followers must be dead accounts or spam

No. 470097

File: 1515964911442.png (27.5 KB, 320x320, IMG_5333.PNG)

No. 470113

File: 1515966400485.jpeg (99.73 KB, 1242x397, 12C33F40-848D-4391-8307-B91CD0…)

No. 470162

just delete this or she'll go on another body shamimg rampage >>470097
ok is aly just fuc*ing with all of us

No. 470165

ok i can't spell or post correctly i kill me

No. 470178

also with the Holy Mother in the photo for added sexy vibes

honestly she's like one hashtag away from fake-underage amateur camming. parents' room + slightly teenager-ish underwear + awkward pose + dirty thigh-highs + religious icon = sorry berto

No. 470184

why do so many young women with personality disorders and leftover ED hangups have this exact face? why do all of them have the same awful lucille-ball-but-in-2002 eyebrows? why don't any of them realize they look crazy af?

it's honestly a really specific look. and they all are obsessed with their current/former EDs but their real problems are raging Cluster B shit. one of the girls on the Thin documentary had the look, plus that thane_of_windhelm girl and many other internet ana chans

soz for samefag, hit post too soon

No. 470188

File: 1515970096208.jpg (24.66 KB, 279x371, alice casati.JPG)


Wooly socks, lol. This is getting beyond a joke.

I think this really is her parents room. I noticed a red diary/planner on the table in a previous pic. It's not like Aly has to keep track of appointments. The way she's spoken about Catholicism I doubt she'd have a Madonna and child painting over her bed. We've seen some kind of football poster on her wall.

Do you mean Shelley from Thin? She looks like her tbh. Her skin is hella dry here.

No. 470197

lots of recovering anorexics have this face i agree lol idk… i can't imagine being something other than histrionic and posting this picture to my 47k followers

i wish her ~abusive~ father would walk in on her one day lol

No. 470228

this looks like crazy eyes from orange is the new black…..

No. 470264

is Shelley the one who was a twin? if so, yes! the same weird eyebrows and dazed mouse-tooth smile. i'm sure it's confirmation bias but there are several other online anas i've seen with the same look, including bella/thane and some other nobodies i won't link bc they're not milky.

but it's such a certain face. somebody do a doctorate in cluster b face morphology plx and thx

No. 470269

File: 1515975652101.jpg (22.25 KB, 300x386, thin.jpg)

Not the anon that lined faces, but this is Shelly. I remember watching it and her wonky eyebrow was irritating. Can't put my finger on what it is that makes these people all look kinda alike. I looked at what Shelly looks like now and she's changed her brows. They're thicker. Idk about her life because I don't follow her but she's married with 4 kids (apparently) and works as a nurse. She was sicker for longer than Aly and got it together (there was her substance abuse issues too). I bet we won't be saying how far Aly's come in ten years time. I bet her eyebrows are still wonky.

(I hope Brittany from Thin washed her since the docu).

No. 470270

(linked* not lined)

No. 470271

File: 1515975781518.jpg (72.81 KB, 500x528, cmtguillory-voices_040311_0.jp…)

Oh wait. From another photo I see her brows are still D- but they're improving…slowly.

No. 470285

Maybe it's just the combination of
>prolonged unhealthily low bodyfat making the same facial characteristics/lines
>not being able to leave eyebrows alone due to ocd/perfectionism/discontent with appearance
>crazy eyes for obvious reasons

other than that who knows, but i would think that this look is more of an unintentional result of the same neurotic tendencies, rather than an intentional ideal look shared by all these people

No. 470287

File: 1515977254561.png (451.3 KB, 720x539, bpdtho.png)

yess that's her! and see pic related for another

yeah i don't think it's that they're all trying to look the same way but some of the things aren't just ED results (like shitty skin), they're choices (like shitty eyebrows) and my procrastinating ass wants to know why so many of this brand of crazy girls make this brand of crazy styling choices

No. 470291

Over tweezing fucks up eyebrows for life. I used to pull all mine out for years and years after growing them back there're still patchy places. Aly's obviously over plucked and she never got the hang of shaping. I'd like to see her develop an interest in cosmetics though and discover other eye liner techniques and how to do brows. She thinks she looks pretty and classy though so I suppose that's what counts.

She's one of the countless anas who go out of their way to wear low cut tops and short sleeves. Aly had a skull face at a low weight whereas this one's got a pretty normal looking face weight wise. She must hate that.

No. 470353

File: 1515982282166.png (107.96 KB, 245x368, wtf.png)

No. 470361

File: 1515982858407.jpg (389.77 KB, 720x1108, 20180115_030540.jpg)

Lul what happened here?

No. 470371

File: 1515983230431.jpg (174.04 KB, 460x1356, Screenshot_20180114-192421.jpg)

It's a little strange right? A bunch of people speaking various languages, tagging eachother over kinder chocolate.. its fishy

No. 470373


I was going to mention that too but forgot. It's weird. It's like when Ash was mentioned on a Chinese blog and she was "persecuted" by all these Chinese comments. Hmm.

No. 470375

Did she go buy 100 followers?

No. 470378

I'm suspecting she's buying comments. Some of the people are sketchy and a make up artist from Liverpool commented?? Her account's mostly her make up creations?? Someone else is asking her to comment on their last pic.

No. 470379

File: 1515983828137.jpg (13.69 KB, 386x90, Capture.JPG)

And a jump in followers, yeah.

No. 470388

holy fuck anon, this made me literally lol. thank you. also petition for this to be the next thread image

lol i saw this post like 2 hours ago when it had 16 or so comments all from random brazilians and i just assumed some popular BR IGer had @'d people…but now there's french and spanish and like turkish or something? something's definitely up. i wondered if she followed one of those "free likes/comments" accounts but it somehow only applied to that post, like she somehow was able to get that one "boosted" to the bot accounts or somethig? idk, even in her skinny days she never got close to that many likes.

No. 470391

If she has she'll be pissed off all the comments are about a Kinder surprise chocolate and they're not telling her how beautiful she is. HA.

No. 470411

Right? Haha! it's perfect that it happened on a food post.

No. 470413

File: 1515985837889.jpg (38.17 KB, 550x197, Screenshot_20180114-200919.jpg)

LoL really? It just keeps going..

No. 470415

haha yea
those comments are kinda weird like asking where the chocolate is from when its obvious? but they could just be idiots i dont think aly would buy comments or anything, she doesnt understand stuff like that. i was thinking before that i hope she gets more "normal" followers cus they wont be as nice as her recovery fam

No. 470425

Maybe she was hacked?

No. 470579

File: 1515996860502.jpg (11.51 KB, 301x66, Capture.JPG)

This was her last comment so she's been doing something to get comments and followers?

No. 470596

I love that this happened on a food post. It probably pissed her off. I see her morning posts already. “I feel a failure. More likes on my food and non on my super awesome totally inspirational posts with body checks and McDonald’s fries. Thinking I should quit. Opinions? “

No. 470598

Over 4,000 likes now on kinder chocolate…

No. 470608

Could it be that she just somehow got on the explore page? I’ve seen this happen to a friend of mine, she got thousands of likes on just one photo and that was the end of it.

No. 470612

File: 1516003583860.png (385.43 KB, 640x1136, FBA34041-2185-4DFC-8246-CD196F…)


No. 470613

File: 1516003613403.png (498.49 KB, 640x1136, BF18397E-1DFB-414D-A515-CA5761…)


No. 470617

File: 1516003802274.jpeg (255.63 KB, 750x1120, 95EE453D-22F5-4D5C-B9A1-8B3B60…)

What happened to all the comments?

No. 470618

File: 1516003822146.png (1.41 MB, 640x1136, 39B40C01-9C12-47D3-8AB8-0D23CF…)

Who made Aly cry? I kill me (!)

No. 470624

She probably disabled them.

Half sister? Wouldn’t it be her grandma too? Not her sisters G’ma?

She’s never gone a whole day without posting. Don’t know why she says shit like that.

No. 470627

She's crying because her friend's grandma died. Erm…okay.

(More likely crying because the truth about her life hurt).

PS She really does look like Shelly here.

No. 470628

She calls her friend Sonia her "sister".

No. 470630

So she’s torn up about her friend gma who she probably barely even knew?

Anything to get attention.

No. 470636

Just waiting for her inevitable "life is short girls, eat all the donnies and faps, live life counting orgasms not calories" post

No. 470638

"What a fuck haters can go shut their mouth off (!)"

No. 470661

She didn't seem this upset when her uncle died. I recall her posting a photo of the sky, then throwing a fit that evening.

No. 470663

Also…This was a boomerang. She actually layed down, wrapped in a blanket, opened Instagram, scrolled over to boomerang, contorted her face, watched it and edited it probably 20x, posted….the effort. LoL this bitch kills me

No. 470666


I'll never be convinced that anyone's actually genuinely depressed or despairing over something if they upload a sad face picture of it on ig. It's the last thing you'd think of doing if your mind's in darker places/

I notice she's up and about a lot earlier these days. She didn't usually get out of bed until 10am Italian time and now it's before 8am.

No. 470669

I don't really get how Berto doesn't get mad for Aly always being on her phone. If my SO and I want to have a nice night together, we rarely stay on our phones - we even rarely take pics of where we go because you know… being present.
Also, I swear to fucking god, I'm no #patriarchyfriendly nor #feminist, but if my bf would find me posting my (semi)nudes on Instagram, he would definitely break up with me and I think it would be something right. Otherwise stated, a relationship is monogamous/non inclusive. I would get mad too if he posted underwear pics on some social.

No. 470670

In italy it's 10:30am, so it's pretty standard for her habits.

No. 470671

I meant to sage, I'm sorry

No. 470675


Same here. I'm no prude but I definitely believe that some things you should only share with the sig other if you're in a relationship. If she was single then fine (even though it looks desperate), but … just no. Like with the "special underwear". Not so special when you're showing the world.

No. 470690

For me, at least, if you're monogamous you don't go around showing off your underwear to a huge audience.
It's a private thing - I don't know if you get my point. There are things that should remain in the privacy of a couple, if you "break" this privacy… you're not really in a couple.
I wonder why Berto >>469021 doesn't trust her. Who would dare to question the trust a person showing off, lying, and overreacting? Bad Berto, bad Berto.

No. 470691


**dare to question the trust you should put on a person

No. 470698

File: 1516012988044.jpg (57.34 KB, 376x562, Capture.JPG)

Aly's not posting.

Ohhhh go on then. Just one.

No. 470700

For me it isn't about showing your undies to the world. Plenty of people have great relationships yet post "sexy" pics for their followers. It's about a man who gets upset about his woman working late, but is ok with his woman showing off the goods to thousands? Theres something off about that.

But, as we know Aly is a drama queen, and Berto probably wasn't upset at all about her working late. And maybe it genuinely doesn't bother him if she posts "sexy" photos. That would make more sense to me.

No. 470701

Is she saying her grandmother was an asshole?
Who is the asshole?

No. 470705

One of these are the asshole.

No. 470710

if she actually gave a fuck you´d think maybe the death of that lady would put things in perspective

No. 470713

Instead, in front of a death, she thinks about her haterz (!) in the net

No. 470749

File: 1516019660777.jpg (48.3 KB, 392x303, priorities.JPG)

She's definitely got her priorities straight.

also kek @ nanny.
so nun = nanny,
nanny = granny.

No. 470760

Seems like she turned off the commenting function for this post

No. 470778

Proof that it annoyed her that she got all these likes and comments on her kinder photo lol.

No. 470793

at least she learned how to do it, lol. let's see if she still remembers how next time she does a blackout post. speaking of, it's been at least a week since she's done one. she's had a ton of ass-kissers lately plus all the "hater accounts", it seems she thrives off the hate bc she can victimize herself. it's when no one comments/makes accounts at all that she freaks out.

No. 470821

A normal human would get off the internet for awhile if they were really upset/hurt/scared by internet haters or a sad event happening in their life. Not aly though, she just keeps posting away. Everything really is about her.

No. 470870

File: 1516033714646.png (1.2 MB, 640x1136, IMG_5944.PNG)


No. 470872

File: 1516033738256.jpg (98.84 KB, 587x715, lush.JPG)

Who the fuck eats their burger like this, and why would you post a picture of it.
It looks like she had picked it up from the sidewalk, and pigeons had already had a go at it.

No. 470875

ana chans eat like this lmao

No. 470878

Is she going to eat every layer separately or is she just eating the top bun?

No. 470883

Yeah that was my guess, showing off her soOpEr wEiRd eAtInG hAbiTz
pLz 🍩 bE fOoLeD bY hEaLtHy wEiGht

Goofy weird way to eat a burger lol

No. 470900

I'm sorry for your loss, Aly. Omfg hogging her friend's grief for herself. I'd say unbelievable but it isn't.

Her follower count's jumped by almost 100. Hmmmm.

No. 470901

File: 1516036418384.png (38.08 KB, 750x155, IMG_5362.PNG)

reason #82938482 for anorexia

No. 470937

this annoys me way more now than it did back in the day when she was skinny. back then it made some TINY amount of sense bc she obvi wasn't eating most of the ~lush~ things she posted so like…at least she had a reason to have to fake the "bite marks". but now she definitely eats so what the FUCK is the point. just take a bite if you somehow think an "already-biten" burger is aesthetic somehow.

it's like that shit she does with the off-brand m&m pic she reuses every few weeks where the candy coating is picked off. NO ONE takes a tiny bite of a single m&m and it just looks gross, like it's been in the bottom of a vending machine for five years.

No. 470953

I thought she won't post today…

No. 470956


Might get a blackout tonight. She hasn't had enough comments.

>can anyone understand my emotions?

Hahahahahahahahaha - gl with that.

No. 470957

File: 1516040514791.jpg (59.77 KB, 350x545, Capture.JPG)

dropped pic

No. 470987

my god she really is making her friend's grandmother's death all about her. i can't stand people who do that. bitch, you barely even talk to sonia anymore, and you're sitting here trying to get insta love for HER loss? maybe put your phone down and support her instead of begging for comments and making it all about how ~oh no the funeral conflicts with my ED checkup even though i've been weight restored for months~

she really does have an endless list of "reasons" for her ED, which makes it clear she never did meaningful talk therapy to talk about real underlying causes. she's blamed

-getting heavier than a BMI of 19 (which is weird bc who other than anorexics actually sits around calculating their bmi and worrying if it's over 19?)
-high cholesterol??? this one's maybe the weirdest but she also mentions it the most consistently
-her father's beats
-being always the "hot blondie babe" or something
-her last grandmother dying
-i think she blamed it on her uncle's first bout with cancer at some point
-something about the "pressure" to be like "size zero" blah blah
-stressed about uni/the future?
-being "orthorexic" and obsessing about healthy foods
-once she did actually say it was for attention lolz

in reality it seems like it probably started as an OCD/OCPD thing (she really does/did seem to struggle with some OCD type behaviors even though she's been too dumb to explain them–like her old photos a few years ago were super obsessive and she does seem to have some anxiety issues) and then she realized she could get tons of attention for it and also not have to worry about adult responsibilities and just sit on her phone all day

No. 471010

I think out of all of these the high cholesterol one is the most true. I think basically what she's trying to say is that she went to the doctor and was told she had high cholesterol and needed to get her diet in check, and then that spiralled into actual disordered eating. In turn I think the orthorexia thing is also partially true at least.

She def has other issues though. Obviously.

No. 471025

File: 1516043860902.jpg (Spoiler Image, 496.54 KB, 567x800, it's raining fries.jpg)

so, we still doing fanart lovely girls?

No. 471026

File: 1516043899769.jpg (Spoiler Image, 417.81 KB, 547x700, recovery saint.jpg)

No. 471028

File: 1516044124463.jpg (22.8 KB, 361x121, takingthefunoutoffunerals.JPG)

I don't believe for one second that she was as close with this allegedly dead person as she's saying. Whenever one of my friends or family experiences a loss, there's always a story accompanying the announcement, something like "she was like a mother to me, she taught me how to ride a bike, and I remember when we were little we used to do weekly trips to the toy store" or what have you.
Yet, with Aly and her uncle/countless grandmothers, there's nothing.

Also, pic related. How convenient (!)


No. 471030

File: 1516044259718.png (827.28 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180115-122237.png)

I came here to post this, and here you all are with the fan art lol

No. 471033

You must be new. At least read up a bit on a cow before posting on their thread. Everyone knows aly only has a brother and her “sister” is just her friend Sonia that is hardly even still in the picture

No. 471038

>>471033 not the anon your replying to, but chill out, this was cleared up already many hours ago >>470628

No. 471041


Fuck. I was going to do fan art in Paint with my mouse and say it was from a 6 year old. I'll do it anyway. It'll be better than that shite.

No. 471043

Oh and I bet she didn't rant about how they made her look like a monster tranny. I bet she suggested they draw her too.

No. 471046

What a vicious hater/persecutor. Is this really what I have become, girls and guys?

Can't post caps rn, but she also posted an IG story of herself and a kid's leg on a couch. We were all already suspecting it, but private babysitting job confirmed.

No. 471048

I see they wrote their names, but not Alys

No. 471049

File: 1516044939140.jpg (47.03 KB, 359x586, Capture.JPG)

Thanks, anon.

This is creepy.

I bet the kid can't wait for her to leave either.

No. 471063

Poor baby, working with children at an house. I'd really want her to do a regular ob, where you spend 8/9 hours in a office, plus 1/2 hours to reach the place, with bosses, actual responsibilities, deadlines and jackass coworkers.

No. 471064

tf can you even imagine your babysitter outright sobbing and posting selfies for hours? what a nightmare lmao

No. 471065

*regular job

No. 471074

File: 1516046103626.jpg (31.91 KB, 508x290, alyminati.JPG)

She's totes taking the kids to McDonalds for her "lunch breaks".

No one can expect a person to survive such a strenuous full-time job of leisurely sitting on a couch for a couple hours.

No. 471075

I wonder if she forces the kids to take pics of her eating her fast food like a bird

No. 471077

I get this type of spam comments whenever I make my account public and I don't even hashtag my shit. I don't think she's figured out how to buy followers yet. Plus she craves those "quality" comments and not the likes as much imho.

No. 471093

Ofc, that's why we're always looking up at her double chin from a worm's-eye view. It's all starting to make sense.

No. 471103

File: 1516047517985.png (357.21 KB, 517x272, Untitled.png)

She should've stuck to natural make up. Even her eyebrows aren't bad here. Would you even think this was the same person?

No. 471111

Hardly new. I started following Aly threads almost a year ago? But I’m glad you’re an Aly expert who knows her whole chain of family and friends. You must be her best lovely girl.

No. 471114

File: 1516048161261.png (835.81 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180115-132710.png)

See, this is why I always say, if your going to comment, at least only do it on her food posts

No. 471147

I'm collecting all the art on "@[insert aly's full name]art" if anyone wants to see it

(no I won't comment on Aly's profile and give her attention lol)

No. 471254

File: 1516054499054.jpg (185.02 KB, 760x662, confused.jpg)

No. 471258

but do you get 50 new comments and 4000 likes all of a sudden? shes been public for a while she obviously used a free like app or bought them. im just blown away at how dumb she is… she pooled all the likes on one photo. yeah it's so not obvious when 1 picture has 4000 likes and the others have 100

No. 471266

nah I wouldn´t think this was Aly and I still don´t know if I can believe it… brows are SO important.

No. 471292

File: 1516056530444.jpg (15.08 KB, 372x50, when.JPG)

Now all of a sudden the funeral will be on Tuesday instead of Wednesday.
How is it possible to arrange for services so fast, assuming her friend's gran died presumably last night or the day before?

Rejoice, farmers: Finally another Day Hospital Control (!) 🏥💪

No. 471293

File: 1516056546948.jpeg (166.27 KB, 750x356, EF0F972E-1A5C-407F-8294-1824C0…)

Confirmed Aly is butt mad about the 5k likes on her chocolate photo.

Also, she clumped her mom into her physical abuses.

No. 471297

How come Aly isn't really fat? Look at what she's eating - cake, fried food and drinking faps with whipped cream EVERY SINGLE DAY. I swear I've gained 100 lbs just looking at the shit she comes out of these cafes with.

She must be going halves with Ma. Really if she's eating all this it's a fact she'd be really big by now.

No. 471298


Sorry, emotional* abuses.

What happened to not posting all day because your friends Gma died?

No. 471300

I was wondering why the funeral was so fast. Maybe she's a Muslim? I've always been to funerals where the deceased has been dead for at least a week and a half.

No. 471312

>how come Aly isn't really fat?

1. she's like 22
2. she's naturally slim, everyone in her family is
3. she was spoopy 2 years ago and still pretty skinny 18 months ago. she'd gained 22 kg (!) as of last fall and has definitely gained more since then. takes awhile to get fully fat if you start out a skeleton with a bmi of 10.6 (!)
4. she doesn't eat normal meals, she just eats shit. if she has cookies for bfast (200 kcals), nuggets (300), a frap (600ish), a donnie (200), chocolate (200), and maybe a normal dinner like pasta (400) + wine (200) that's not necessarily a ton of calories. she doesn't really seem to eat huge portions and despite what she says it seems like she basically only has one healthyish meal a day, at dinner, so she can graze on shit all day and still not end up eating 5000 kcals.
5. it feels like she eats more often than she does bc she takes like 5-10 pictures of every mcdonalds visit and then posts each one separately, sometimes over several days. so in one day she might post 3 different mcdonalds meals but they're from 3 different days.
6. just keep waiting! she's already bigger than she was pre-ed and admits she's at her highest weight ever not to mention that her body comp is terrible. if she keeps eating like this and refusing to exercise, even her good genes won't keep her from getting chub.

No. 471319

>good genes
>chin high jeans

No. 471321

>eats shit
>looks like shit

No. 471346

fuck me lmao, I'm crying. Thank you for this wtf

this should probably be the new thread pic for the rest of eternity holy shit

No. 471348

She looks like Jamie Oliver >>470353

No. 471349

File: 1516059553535.jpg (12.04 KB, 270x63, lol.JPG)

One of her main lovely girls sounds pissed off with her here.

No. 471387

yeah once i counted up all the calories of everything she posts and it's normally between 800 and 1500. so maybe she does have dinner or a snack that she doesnt post something putting her up to around 2000 which has her maintaining

No. 471940

i see what you did there

No. 471946

she only works 4 hours! and how many days? barely even part time. jesus i knew she'd start this shit. she wants to try doing a 12 hour shift in a factory or hospital 5-6 days a week, then she'd have something to actually complain about

No. 472078

File: 1516086006170.jpg (35.11 KB, 418x134, scary.jpg)

nah anon, you obviously didn´t read Aly´s latest motivational personal posts carefully. She´s mentioned that lately she is working even eight hours, at least occasionally. So (!).

also, who of you scary assholes wrote this comment, Aly already has a funeral to attend today and is too fragile to handle any more cruelty from cyborg weirdo persecuterz!

this is beautiful <3

No. 472137

OMG she annoys the ever loving shit out of me when she writes about 'breaking the rulez' and ~not posing perfectly yewguise!*~ BUT obviously she is posing as always. Does she legit think we don't see how painfully posed she is in every fucking picture? I cannot think of a SINGLE "carefree Aly" picture that is genuinely casual. This is one of my biggest pet peeves about her. It's one thing to be nauseatingly fake but to expect us to believe her delusions too? Nah bish.

No. 472210

File: 1516107046292.jpg (98.1 KB, 806x589, Capture.JPG)

Seems like she hasn't been to any funeral. She's been scarfing muffins and doing body checks.

No. 472225

File: 1516109594861.png (1.19 MB, 640x1136, IMG_5949.PNG)

Aly fuuuucckkk offfff

No. 472228

Even when she stands like this it's all posed. Is she sticking her arse out?

No. 472317

File: 1516119942788.png (189.77 KB, 640x990, IMG_5954.PNG)

Yes Aly, you're a healthy weight, deal with it

No. 472329

File: 1516120839574.jpg (57 KB, 456x593, what again.JPG)


Boots are horrible.

I'm sick of the body checks.

Physically she's recovered, mentally she's a fucking mess.

(Fast forward two years she's back at the weight clinic being treated for obesity → soon )

No. 472332

File: 1516121355602.jpg (261.85 KB, 652x652, Screenshot_20180116-094541.jpg)

This is the muffin that made her so full?

she waited until the day of a funeral to do a new photoshoot and buy new shoes?

No. 472335

Looks like she's not "working" today.

No. 472342

File: 1516121915263.png (938.22 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5956.PNG)

So desperate.

No. 472343

>3+ accounts repost her underwear selfies
>keeps posting multiple underwear selfies a day
I can't.

No. 472352


Does she want everyone to write a sodding essay? God. Even when you answer questions for market research you get a free box of washing powder or something.

I don't like anything, Aly and clinics BLAH ~wide eye emoji~

One day an employer (I know this takes some imagination) will google Alice Casati and find tons of pics of her posing in front of a mirror in her parents room wearing her bra and drawers. How does she not think these things through?

No. 472358

Fake Facebook account for sending them to her whole friend list since there's already an audience - it shouldn't be a big issue for her

No. 472387

Weird to think that actually.
To think of someone finding a crazy "private teacher" who is addicted to Instagram and posing half nude.
I doubt there hasn't been one potential employer to stumble upon this place, it's all that comes up online

No. 472428

In Italy there's almost no check on the google results, also things like reddit are completely unknown. The only ones that actually check the online presence (aside from FB or Twitter if public) are the American companies that open some branches there.

No. 472507

uhm what? i thought she didnt need ed services like 3 months ago!?

she obviously is too stupid to think that through but she's definitely never gonna get a decent job, she'll obviously be working part time where teenagers work in the summer her entire life like fast food or retail. the highest up the ladder i can see her climbing is maybe a receptionist for some tiny ass company lmfao

No. 472628

File: 1516140548075.png (535.27 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5957.PNG)

Sure Jan

No. 472660

It is constructive criticriticism because they said they don't think she is recovered yet, meaning (in her mind) they agree is still the delicate "recovery queer" she thinks she is

No. 472690

I almost want to copy and paste rachdoolz comment on Alys next few underwear shoots, just to see if she takes it differently coming from someone else.

No. 472742

this is how she wants this to go
- like the shoes? >i love them Aly!
- the text? >omg you're sooo inspirational and my role model Aly!
- clinics? >but you're still at a dangerous af(!) bmi, i'm scared for you

i want someone to say they don't like the shoes, just to see how the narcissist in her reacts

No. 472761


When anons have commented that her chin highs are awful she's taken it as she looks awful (fat) in them and not that they're just a disgusting, unflattering style.

If you say her boots aren't nice she'll probably say you're saying that because they make her legs look fat.

Those boots are awful though. Everything she wears looks so market bought. (Not being a snob because I buy a lot of what I wear 2nd hand, I mean market bought as in cheap fabrics and horrible style).

No. 472768

File: 1516149012368.png (311.2 KB, 1267x1366, IMG_4862.PNG)

Well said from an actual account.

No. 472774

I notice the hot androgynous model's asked her not to tag people because the pics might be a trigger. Idk why she bothers with Aly.

No. 472782

And tbh I read the ebrownie comment and thought it was a farmer. Of course she'll be labelled a hater.

(I don't like desserts, but that woman's dark chocolate mint trifle is speaking to me. She's a real food blogger, I see. She posts pics of sugary crap mostly, but at least she makes it herself. Soooo Aly's really going to see her as a food pic rival therefore hater).

No. 473026

This is so artistic. I love it anon.

No. 473302

I call these days "I need to stop it with this shit diet-days"

No. 473306

File: 1516186054837.jpg (66.3 KB, 657x238, 20180117_114019.jpg)

>>473302 dropped pic sigh

No. 473329

File: 1516189914352.png (551.18 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5962.PNG)

No. 473333


I feel so under pressure most days I want to kill me. Pressure so bad. That pressure to not post undies selfies on instagram. Life is tough.

No. 473337

so much pressure gotta write it in red so my followers know I'm srs

No. 473351

File: 1516193657104.jpg (211.02 KB, 720x701, 20180117_134917.jpg)

Aly will explain herself better from now on.
First of all: good morning. She considers 1:45 pm morning time. Also, she does not consider her bodychecking pics to be bodychecking. It's all a matter of perspective and you need to change yours

No. 473377

File: 1516197830723.jpg (13.3 KB, 600x352, 1.jpg)

she just doesn't get it does she
fucks sake aly, take all the damn underwear pics you like, but why post that shit to 40k people?
you're putting yourself under this "pressure" cause you think you're a goddamn celebrity/model and the globe needs to be seeing this bullshit

>> letting our belly breathing

wut? her damn trousers are too small so she can't sit down in them without being in agony. crazy bint! those chin highs rolled down pics are hilarious
makes my snatch hurt thinking about em

No. 473382

that doesnt even seem like a farmer. she keeps humiliating ppl to the world and then dares to cry about cyberbullies. and her IQ 70 asskissers like reconstructingemily eat it all up

No. 473383

File: 1516199009342.png (929.7 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5963.PNG)

Nobody caaaares

No. 473401

best part of this is how she indirectly admitted she does NOT have a healthy relationship with posting all her stupid undie shots. if she really was just doing it to ~celebrate~ her body or whatever the fuck, not doing it for a week (or even a day ffs) would be no prob but if it's that much ~freakin pressure~ she's actually addicted to it.

that's healthy

No. 473404

File: 1516202519927.png (69.91 KB, 214x261, 1511370810030.png)

Am I the only one who feels lowkey disgust whenever Aly talks about her tummy like this? "My tummy is swollen, belly full of food, food baby" just stop, it's revolting

No. 473411

same. her latest "tummy days" phrase makes me ill. i think she's trying to be ~brave~ and ~#bopo~ but it really just shows how much loathing she has for her body.

No. 473415

also sage for samefag but her bloated stomach mirror pics piss me off bc yeah she's bloated but also she's trying hard to look as bloated as possible, the same as she tries hard to look as thin as possible in her other pictures. it's like she's seen other people do the "how i look on insta vs real life!!" comparisons and get asspats for it, so she's trying to do it in her weird socially clueless way, the same as how she'll say shit is "unposed" when she's still posing hard. she wants to get bravery points for showing "end of the day bloated aly" but she still won't reveal her unposed, natural self, so she sticks her stomach out and arches her back while still carefully posing so as not to show the areas she's less comfortable with (hips and butt).

No. 473441

Sure, Jan. It's like those people who put "I do not promote eating disorders" on their purposely triggering profile.
It's not true if I don't say it is!

No. 473446

Omg ikr!! I was gonna write about this too. It's easy to post bloated pictures because she can just be like "Look at how brave I am to post this picture without sucking in!" to get asspats and then 2 hours later post a picture sucking in like "but this is actually my normal body, no bloat!"

I actually think her normal everyday tummy looks similar to her bloated pics, just that she really sucks in in pictures. I had the same problem back when I wasn't working out and skinny-fat, had a massively proportionate tummy 24/7. She definitely has that type of body shape

No. 473507


>I do anyways deserve feeding me

God she makes me cringe

No. 473577

File: 1516215997574.jpg (15.61 KB, 288x76, Capture.JPG)

Of all the comments I don't remember her followers "attacking" her for wearing too much make up. They've said they like the natural look but to Aly that's an attack.

She's been "attacked" for eating crap. The (non-farmer) people who do that are concerned about her eating crap.

She's "attacked" for posting undies pics when (non-farmers) have said it's not a good idea because it's ed behaviour and, you know, perverts.

She's so fucking arrogant I'd have no time at all for her if I didn't enjoy watching this shit show so much.

To the anon above (mouse is being a twat so can't link) FOOD BABY really pisses me off as well. Any of these stupid euphemisms really ruffle mine. You're going to shit those chicken nuggets out, not give birth to baby chicken nuggets. Stop being a dick.

No. 473580

Oh, and sure Jan you don't care of critic people.

No. 473583

File: 1516216063719.jpeg (77.81 KB, 428x588, 89CD6DF2-6031-4BEA-9F77-37C960…)

No. 473586



No. 473587

File: 1516216260269.gif (993.7 KB, 500x240, aaaaaaaaaaaaarghhh etc.gif)

No. 473588

This actually happened. No words!

No. 473589

the wing liner looks shopped on.

No. 473591

File: 1516216409417.png (948.62 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5966.PNG)

Mad is right.

No. 473592

double post, but to clarify i know it's not. it just. what >>473588 said.

No. 473593


She's 22. This is like a 14 year old dancing around their bedroom using a hairbrush as a microphone. Christ on a bastard bike.

No. 473622

As are most people’s in the winter… what about this picture even suggests her skin is dry though? Not a WK but this is just irrelevant and annoying

No. 473640

File: 1516220628346.jpeg (26.25 KB, 450x450, use this lazy.jpeg)

>As are most people’s in the winter

Mine isn't because moisturiser exists. Why so triggered?

No. 473672

how is she 22 ffs

i'm going to go lotion my face immediately

No. 473673

i see our recovery queer has discovered slimming myspace angles. what's next, photoshop?

No. 473677


Drink water and use sun screen high protection factor in summer!!!

Haha, aww I miss myspace. I used to love fancying up my page. I'd love her to discover PS, but I think she's still trying to get her pretty little head around Corel Draw. In 2025 she might be at 2017.

No. 473719

File: 1516224747518.jpg (374.93 KB, 652x884, Screenshot_20180117-142841.jpg)

So she's hanging out all around the house taking pant-less selfies?
>>473377 lol

No. 473742

Ok what if we all started reporting Aly for harassment/bullying every time she calls out a comment disagreeing with her to her 40k followers on stories.

I just did it - for both her account in general and in stories filed a report for each snap where she calls out someone by name (there are currently 3). You have to remember the name of the person she’s calling out to add to the report on the next screen.

Instagram PROBABLY won’t do anything but imagine if she got pinged for cyberbullying, it would make my day.

Saged and also I’m a regular but sorry if anyone already suggested this and I missed it.

No. 473756

She found herself a hobby!

I'd do this. I used to report every one of her skele pics. I can't do this though because I've got a crap Windows phone that doesn't even have a proper ig app. I don't think it's possible to report posts like that on a laptop. I'd kill to have her account deleted.

No. 473761

Notice she's disabled comments on her food pics?

No. 473768


holy shit. she reached her eyebrows. i can't believe this day actually came.

No. 473773

The second I saw that I SCREAMED. What the fuck is wrong with her!? How histrionic can you be!?!!

I'd do this. Pisses me off when she calls people out and then people tell her to stop and she deletes their comment. what an actual bitch. she's clearly purposely hurting people, i'm sure she knows that her moronic asslickers will defend her and attack the "hater"

once I got a DM from struggling_for_peanutbutter after commenting "A dietician is not a step back" and she told me I'm retarded and that Aly can say whatever she wants to say

No. 473777


It’s like she thinks closing comments on food pics will get her more on her personals. She’s getting more desperate. Everyone keep not commenting. I feel like we’ve surely gotta get the meltdown to end all meltdowns.

She will never realise that no one comments cos her shit is boring and insane and everyone’s sick of her, and she’s bullied those who do comment so aggressively that even the fawners are scared to comment.

No. 473778


Goddamit forgot 2 sage

No. 473779


Omg do you think Aly told this person to DM you? Or maybe slyly suggested or encouraged it? Like maybe she is DMing her stans to alert them to “hater” comments, amazing.

No. 473789


>How histrionic can you be!?!!

She's an exhibitionist. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if she starts camming!


No. 473792

Soz, mouse fucked up and it posted before I finished

The stories asking people to look at her "text" is cringe. The desperation is turned up to 11.

No. 473802

File: 1516228482080.jpg (596.09 KB, 1000x1209, 20180117_153346.jpg)

I just noticed this too. Haha! It's so people are forced to comment on her body instead.

No. 473804

File: 1516228605004.jpg (480.73 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180117-231710.jpg)


No. 473808

File: 1516229130438.jpg (79.59 KB, 573x402, 20180117_234203.jpg)

>because of you I recovered
Yeah sure you fucking airhead.

No. 473822

That's a sketchy account with very few pics innit? Do the eating disordered recover because of a role model? One person? It's something I've never heard of before.

No. 473824

I want to comment on her undies pic and say something about the food on the last picture lol

No. 473825


DOOOO EEEEEEEEEET! You will be my IDOL (!)

No. 473827

adding - if you do it I'll use my sock puppet to agree with what you say about the food

No. 473853


it probably has something to do with the hundreds of comments she got on that one food pic kek

No. 473856

She's hoping for the comment spam again so she wants them to see her in her undies and woolly thigh high socks (mm sexy)and comment on the hot redhead (even though she says she hated being known as the hottie blonde girl. Yeah riiiiiiiight.

No. 473857


Aly doing this made me realize she is totally nuts

No. 473861


And she gets even more nuts when you don't think it's possible. I only put up with her dull phases because something special happens where she reveals being even more crackers.

No. 473925

She's going to SPERG when she sees those comments aren't about how amazing she is but the crepes are.

No. 473926

File: 1516235642677.png (61.67 KB, 594x486, crepey.png)

lol idk if it was you guys or someone else but there's now a whole convo about crepes on her latest inspirational~ picture

normally i'm not a huge fan of farmers commenting but this is p funny since she so obviously hates the food comments. wonder what she'll do

No. 473929

>gramma used to milk the cows

I loled.

No. 473931

Oh and she HATES WITH A PASSION when two followers get friendly with each other in comments.

No. 473932

KEK keep going! The more comments about food the more mad she'll be

No. 473939

It's because she saw that account where are all her photoshopped pics, maybe she take it as an offence.

No. 473952

I love u guys

No. 473974

She pissed me off blocking comments on food. It's so attention seeking. >>473926

Tomorrow's forcast: i kill me

No. 473982


If she ends of loving what we've done today because "comments are comments!" I'll be SO MAD. SO. MAD. Haha.

No. 473983


ends *up

No. 474017

Hmmm surfsup (the model) seems to have stopped commenting since Aly has made a couple of veiled, passive-aggressive digs at Surf's very pleasant suggestion that Aly stop tagging people in her undie pics as it could be triggering. Aly has referenced it at least two times that I've spotted. I hope Surfsup is finally done with her.

No. 474028

I think it’s funny to comment on her old food post, too. I’m doing this

No. 474057

I wonder…but Aly is still tagging her, and everyone else.

You guys ever read Alys comments on surfs instagram?

No. 474168

Ha I wouldn't be surprised!

jesus this is like onision and his "you cured my self harm" teenage followers

Yeah aly probably only comments on her stuff bc she has tons of followers and aly thinks she can redirect some people towards her lmao!

No. 474209

File: 1516254561009.jpg (212.38 KB, 1000x762, gold.jpg)

No. 474220

These selfies max out my cringe-o-meter.
This new era may be the best one yet

Though I still sometimes wonder if she's trolling, especially with the latest wing thing. Also "selfing"? It can't be real!

No. 474251

I thought the same about Aly trolling us with the eyeliner thing, but I’m also certain she’s not smart enough for that.

No. 474268

File: 1516259234806.jpeg (95.25 KB, 608x608, 48A5056A-DBE5-4A63-A6DE-E57344…)

Surf is losing the will lol

No. 474269

File: 1516259301514.jpeg (150.9 KB, 713x714, 36338CBF-F6A1-4C56-8EBB-1E980A…)

God I wish I could see Aly’s reaction to these.

No. 474305

I was curious and went through Alys tags. Dogsandpos often gets tagged multiple times per day. Surf gets one at least once every day. Every. Day!! I would hate that so much!

No. 474325

File: 1516265248077.png (1.38 MB, 1843x1083, Screenshot_6.png)

I can't find her SELFING on her account, but I noticed there are a lot of people commenting on her diet, and they don't really look like cows.

Also, i hate when she writes "strawbs" for "strawberries", she sounds so dumb.

No. 474339

She’s gone thru and liked most of them, possibly she liked the attention since there’s more comments than usual.

Or, she might just passive aggressively complain about it in stories.

No. 474342

You have to swipe for them

No. 474380

File: 1516273869095.jpg (198.38 KB, 720x518, 20180118_120859.jpg)

>maybe farmer

No. 474381

File: 1516274031240.jpg (457.74 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180118-121322.jpg)

No. 474382

You waste more time saying this than actually just typing yes or no lol

No. 474385

File: 1516274749108.png (158.35 KB, 640x1136, IMG_5969.PNG)

Yes Aly, don't throw the baby out of the bath water.

No. 474388

Why she can't even do a proper copy-paste of common sayings?

I would be honestly happy if she did a whole day of eating, I want to believe she doesn't eat all this crap everyday. She's far too slim for eating like this, and it's been months. She should also have a lot of health complication for the diet she seems to have.

No. 474395

I regret talking about the crepes last night. Now im getting tagged in her ig posts

No. 474396

Lol i'm blocked for talking about seafood pasta

No. 474397


So lucky, now im getting dms.

Seems like she is gonna brush it off and pretend it didnt bother her

No. 474401

File: 1516278853854.png (164.94 KB, 1080x876, 20180118_063331.png)

This is what i got this morning

No. 474406

You'd be surprised for how long the human body can keep up with shit food and drinks
I guarantee if this is all she's eating, then in a few more months everyone will see her posting about her chubby gut and complaining of exhaustion

No. 474412

I'm surprised even just hearing about this - I don't really understand how can she be so unaware of the consequences of this behavior on her health, considering she was firstly orthorexic, then anorexic. She should have so many nutrional informations and facts to be able to figure out what a balanced diet looks like, with occasional splurges too.

i'm so jelly 👻 (!) it must be so LUSH 🤞 to receive DMS 📲 from the STRAWBS QUEEN 🍓👑

No. 474433

File: 1516287812208.jpg (38.37 KB, 555x469, dontthrowthebaby.jpg)


>>Why she can't even do a proper copy-paste of common sayings?

What is the proper saying? Cause I laughed like hell at whatever Aly is trying to say

No. 474446

It’s “don’t throw the baby out with the bath water”. She wasn’t too far off, but still

No. 474491

File: 1516293212563.png (267.11 KB, 1312x999, bathwater.png)

1000 hours in MS Paint

No. 474496

my fucking sides

No. 474498

This needs to be on the art account!

No. 474499

I fucking cried. Thank you anon

No. 474505


the trousers…damn it topkek

No. 474506


laughed so hard that I forgot to sage. Beg you pardon

No. 474544

Why Aly tagged someone and blocked someone else about the same thing?

No. 474564

Will post on the art account now!

No. 474571

File: 1516298808745.png (1.16 MB, 713x1012, 20180118_180539.png)

Milan the fashion capital of the world. And then this grandma.

No. 474583

I could be totally wrong on this …but when I visited Italy some years ago I noticed their foods weren’t jam packed with shit ingredients like American food. Even their soda tasted different (better). It’s possible she’s not huge because Italy has standards on what they put in their food? Shit even the McDonald’s she goes to has stuff that I don’t think the US even has ?(wouldn’t know, haven’t eaten McD’s since I was like 10). It’s totally possible that even the McDonald’s has better ingredients than US mcDonalds.

Maybe an ital anon can confirm or deny.

No. 474613

This photo really highlights how yellow her teeth are. I wish her "sister" would tell aly how bad her makeup is.

No. 474644

WTF's UP WITH SONIA? Why is she looking like a retired kindergarten teacher? I thought those spex frames were discontinued in 1978.

Hahaha, taking Aly to an organic cafe. LOL. Aly might be allergic to some of the non-ingredients.

Does she say FOODIES because she thinks it's the plural of food or does she think it's cute?

No. 474647