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File: 1514688479832.png (1.07 MB, 1624x1732, 1513945999442.png)

No. 457669

new thread for ultimate not-like-other-girls FAS-boxxy attention whore shoe0nhead and her gynecomastia bf armored grocery

highlights from the last thread:

>>june shows her true ana chan nature by sperging out over being compared to a normal-looking woman, meanwhile her boyfriend jerks off to thicc camwhores and traps on twitter.

>>her insecurity is proven further as she lies about her measurements to seem more curvy, huge hypocrite about women's bodies vs her C-cupped second trimester bfs.

>>celebrates christmas by making a very original 'dumb feminists lul' video and worshipping grocery's chode

let's see how pathetic she will get in 2018 as she comes closer and closer to 30!


No. 457672

No. 457685

File: 1514689604947.jpg (139.48 KB, 892x522, faketits.jpg)

old ig post from 2012 confirming she's had fake tits even before the age of 21.

No. 457694

No. 457729

BDSM box? Fuck Meat? Jesus Christ grocery.

No. 457737


No. 457745

Sorry but this doesn't confirm anything. It's just some stupid IG comment.

No. 457782

prob got it when she was 18 or 19 like most people do, I have shit vision, is that her plastic surgery shit behind the note?

No. 457797

File: 1514701914169.gif (1.9 MB, 321x322, juneanticipatingskepticsload.g…)

No. 457810

>face of an almost 30 yr old woman who calls other women the same size as her fat and flat while she lifts up her boyfriends 40 pound fupa to suck his yeasty chode

No. 457817

He struggles to read out loud every time.

No. 457819

Nice teeth, I jelly.

No. 457824


>how tf does Simonsen have jewish origin to these people?? Its extremely nordic.

everything has Jewish origins to these people.


"b-but AJ didn't have a learning disorder, he has depression!" Greg droned.
"Hahaha great job owning those Nazi libtard feminists," Ofgreg used her daily allotment of words on before returning to her beloved 24/7 peen worship.
Thirty minutes later, with Greg sound asleep, Ofgreg tweeted about how much she loved Greg, and how she hoped that some day the world would care about mens' feelings.

(sage for """""fan"""""fic)

No. 457838

File: 1514705934289.jpg (468.79 KB, 1451x1164, 1512841260199.jpg)

brilliant anon. although shes a bit more like serena joy no? "trad" but would actually hate living like that for real lol. when the shit hits the fan, shes going to be mad bc she cant attention whore on youtube and gets cucked by her sisterwives. really, the book "right wing women" could be her and laurens autobiography l m a o.

No. 457843

File: 1514706235218.png (Spoiler Image, 845.66 KB, 800x784, 800px-Shoe0nhead_confirmed.png)

I think the person commenting was reacting to these nudes, in which it's very clear her tits are fake. From what I recall, she posted it on an image board awhile back (possibly unichan?)

No. 457844

fake tits, fake hair, fake tan, fake eyelashes, shoops her hips/ass, runs around telling everyone about her sex life and how kinky she is, constantly is desperate for male attention, just another washed up jersey shore tier hoe, only difference is she goes out of her way just to get male attention and shit on women

No. 457847

I think it's really interesting she got fakes to begin with. I know she's insecure but tbh I can't really see her going as far as to get plastic surgery unless her real tits were seriously deformed. I wonder if she felt the procedure was actually necessary, or if it's just normal for the area she was raised in? She talks a lot about being surrounded by "guidettes" in her old vlogs.

No. 457849

>I know she's insecure but tbh I can't really see her going as far as to get plastic surgery
she bashes women for male attention, basically ruins her reputation for male attention, ruins any possible way for her to get a good well-mannered job with the shit she posts on the internet, for male attention, and since she admitted to bullying girls in high school, it's definitely most likely she was insecure as fuck and because she's obsessed with her body, hence shooping and all
keep in mind she would have got them at 18 or 19, like june does she's a different june with every guy that comes in her life, so maybe she just feels better so it seems unlikely of her
>unless her real tits were seriously deformed
I can see that, she had a lot of weight fluctuations which probably fucked up her tits, since in old pictures she was flat chested as fuck, in the nudes she has large nipples, I know they could have stretched out with the implant and all, but even so, if her nipples were that big pre surgery, along with weight fluctuations, she could have had tubular looking breasts maybe, I can see her having something like that

>or if it's just normal for the area she was raised in

she lives in self-centered island, so most likely, hence why she got it so young, and her mom most likely helped her pay since it's normal as fuck there

sage for tinfoil

No. 457851

they look v stretched from the implant. it's normal. i doubt she had messed up looking boobs. she just had very little breast tissue, as is obvious from the naked photo. it's basically an implant JUST surrounded by skin. there's nothing to soften it.

No. 457852

File: 1514707669166.jpg (733.1 KB, 1364x2534, 133415824249.jpg)


No. She didn't post them. June went on vacation to Mexico with her Unichan orbiters and one of them went through her phone and posted her nudes because she rejected him.

No. 457853

that's true for all of her nudes, including the one posted earlier in the thread? I heard this was true for at least some of them.

No. 457856

literally how desperate do you need to be for male attnetion that you go on an international vacation (to a country where foreign women are kidnapped) with a group of creepy strange dudes from the internet? she'd rather risk her life than not get that sweet, sweet fat male attention

No. 457857


It's true for all of the ones except the one by the door, I have no idea if that's actually her or not. But if you google image search it, it goes all the way back to 2008.

No. 457858

her real voice is so unattractive and masculine/gruff but ofc she's trying her best to act like a little girl here. it's such a stupid juxtaposition with her ultra femme uwu sweet girl image and it's very annoying.

and ot but is that porg she's holding official merch? it looks so cheap like carnival plushies

No. 457861

ily dworkinanon

No. 457863

june is all about juxtaposition, judgmental of other women and vain as fuck when she's both flat and chimpfaced, tries to be classy and feminine uwu while wearing bodyline and yesstyle, sees herself as smart and logical yet too stupid to finish film school, presents herself as soooo special and kinky (btw 96% of women in BDSM prefer to be submissive june), and most importantly sees herself as an original and unique 'cool girl' while being yet another right wing scrotum sucking whore with no self-respect.

No. 457864

File: 1514709867658.png (Spoiler Image, 107.04 KB, 1247x247, meh2.png)

2011* my bad

No. 457867


This post makes me wonder how much of June's uwu smol ddlg is really just Grocery influencing her because dating a child is better for his ego. We know that he likes thicc sex workers – but being a misogynist, I doubt he'd actually like dating a woman who was very imposing about her sexuality unless she centered it around only making him cum.

There's a book out there about the sexual fantasies of fascist men that states that they generally discuss their wives very little (as if their wives are ornaments)and tend to represent them in a sexless light in their writings. However, the way fascist men talk about women who are even a smidge to the left of them is absolutely vulgar (they vividly describe wanting to rape them, maim the, etc, essentially asserting themselves over these "disobedient" women).

I DO NOT think that Groceries is a fascist or anything (I don't even think he's smart enough to really have any political convictions beyond going "feminazis!!! sjws!!!" for youtube views)but there's a weird parallel here between how he clearly feels about fat chicks vs how he talks about June. He clearly hates fatties and otherwise "unappealing" women but his twitter likes are filled to the brim with these sopping, pornographic representations of these groups. June flaunts their relationship but the only time that he talks about them online is when he wants to make himself look bigger by "jokingly" putting her down or something.

No. 457895

I like it how certain users on here claim to be feminists and accuse her of being a misogynist and body shamer (which is absolute truth), but at the same time they're writing nasty and misogynist and body-shaming, objectifying AF comments and see no contradiction between their words. lol. Why?

And stop being simplistic and calling everyone disagreeing with anything on here a ''white knight''. I wouldn't be here if I didn't dislike her and wanted to defend her.

No. 457898

Oh yeah and that video… He talks over her, she behaves like a 5 year old cause she's emotionally immature and something went wrong in her childhood or something. She's very clingy and desperate. And no matter how much he mistreats her she stays with him and never calls out his behaviour. It's not something unusual, she just proves feminist point acting this way. I bet she thinks everything that is not pandering and men-pleasing is wrong when woman does that. She doesn't want to ''nag'' and passionately wants to be that ''ideal woman'' red pillers crave.

No. 457905

i mean, who has called themselves a feminist and said nasty misogynistic stuff? i havent seen anyone call themselves a feminist in these threads.

i dont think anything went wrong. she wasn't always like this. her main priority was always being a peen pumper, but when she started really cashing in on the waifu weeb crowd she started getting more childish and ridiculous.

No. 457907

>i mean, who has called themselves a feminist and said nasty misogynistic stuff? i havent seen anyone call themselves a feminist in these threads.
Someone called themselves feminist numerous times. There are at least a couple of feminists active in these threads.

No. 457918

The justification is usually "she is horrible so she deserves it", and sure she is. I don't care about hiw people treat June, but making those kinds of comments just doesn't sit right with me no matter what the context is.

No. 457932

File: 1514731218998.png (224.02 KB, 879x517, tu.png)

The posters who point out her flaws are still feminists. It doesn't mean they want to take away her rights that feminism has afforded her.
For some reason people think feminst is a colloquialism for "one who never gets to say harsh things about other women."

Criticism is still criticism regardless of how you dislike it being delivered. Anons aren't nitpicking her appearance because she's a nice personality who just believes in a non-binding term for gender equality. They're saying it because June is a pandering little asshole who throws other women under the bus and mocks their appearances daily so she can earn brownie points from men who she desperately seeks validation from.

Yes, I agree that sometimes the comments about appearances are excessive on lolcow. However, they're not misplaced here.

No. 457936

File: 1514731951828.jpg (21.12 KB, 500x500, wk.jpg)

Literally what. Provide an example and quote said "anons who claimed to be feminists while writing misogynist comments" or leave.
No, actually just leave, last thread ended up with a huge derailment session, we don't need another derailer so soon.
You seem lost AF (!), little fella.

No. 457955

So assuming Shoe got her implants at 18-19, she claims she had her first kiss at 22. Now not to say that isn't exactly unheard of, I find it hard to believe she hadn't kiss someone until that age especially when her claims of having "no friends" in high school is bs.

No. 457994

There was a girl just like June involved in the community of a 4chan persona. Boxxy stans idealized manic pixie dream girls; with these stans, it more mystical/mental/cute girls. So she pretended to have schizophrenia and host tea parties with her cat drinking from the same cup while dressed as Alice. She made "damaged but cute uwu" vids like this and guys fell for it, even /b/ was sympathetic. She took the idol's nickname, look and general aura, and since the idol didn't interact with the orbiters and was long gone, they projected their blueballs onto this new girl and others like her. She probably felt like a queen worshiped by these losers. She was jealous of the cult that formed for another girl, and pretended to understand the allure when she only wanted her own cult.

Later she prostituted herself to some old (50+) dude part of that comm and went on to camwhore; she never had schizophrenia, it was just for ~aesthetic~

June is like that - faked her personality/look to have a following. She never idolized Boxxy, she pretended to understand their infatuation to steal Boxxy's crazy amount of attention. She can't respect women as they're only competition for male worship. Her cult evolved (libertarian, now misogynist), she changed to pander to them. She convinces herself she believes in it but she's an empty reflection of what her fans want. She wasn't damaged as a child, she'll just say anything to maintain her only claim to fame. She was a bully, and a brand-name-consumerist rich kid; she needs to put others down to feel above them. Since her fanbase rejects "most women" as unfit to their standards, when she alone is accepted she feels like a super special snowflake. Maybe because June has rich parents that still support her, she could focus on attention being her #1 goal instead of prostituting herself to the richest boxxy fan.

I wish more people from Unichan were here, they could provide insight and I'd believe it 100%. One of them claimed she DID whore around with at least one of the guys in the Boxxy community, paralleling what I saw, even if June tries to backpedal. Like Lainey she just rewrites history - now she was always a nerdy friendless bullied virgin, when she was actually more like old Kiki.

No. 458042

>One of them claimed she DID whore around with at least one of the guys in the Boxxy community

This dude? I think they were legitimately dating for awhile. I wouldn't be shocked at all to learn she strung others along while she was part of that community though.

No. 458047

File: 1514746829165.jpg (413.8 KB, 666x1451, GOXRr.jpg)

GmasterRed was an edgy poster in the boxxy sphere, so ofc she wanted his dick. She also gave a love confession to Verye.

No. 458053

She exaggerates her life story to pander to her fans. There's more than enough evidence floating around on youtube people have collected of her over the years that goes against most of the claims you've just listed.

This is purely speculation, but I wouldn't be surprised to learn that her parents and/or extended family members paid for her to have surgery when she was legally old enough for it, simply because she's insecure and asked for it. She comes from an area where plastic surgery is pretty common afaik, and it seems her family is well off enough that it wasn't a big deal for them financially.

No. 458062

File: 1514747732572.jpg (25.54 KB, 578x313, gmasterred.jpg)

Gmastered's twitter

No. 458063

the greatest gift 2018 could give us is these two breaking up and the shit that ensues afterwards

No. 458065

File: 1514747872893.png (5.52 KB, 304x99, why he's still so salty.png)

Why Gmaster is still so salty to this day.

No. 458069

>i talk to dozens of internet guys a day, ones who ADORE me and would do anything for me, and ones that i have seen and were pretty attractive. but i give zero fucks about any of them.

nice to see she is apparently capable of admitting from time to time that she doesn't care about her fans and only exists on the internet to get attention for herself.

tbh, all three of them seem pretty narcissistic and deserve the torment they put each other through.

No. 458073

No. 458077

File: 1514749073616.png (55.1 KB, 227x271, 149852742985.png)

Wow I thought her face was appearing more swollen/round in recent videos because maybe she gained but, no her face really is awkward when shes not caking make up and using a shit camera.

No. 458079

She's just painfully average.

No. 458082

Found this vid someone posted in the thread of June at vidcon. June comes in at the 5:58 mark.

God I hate how rude she is to her fans. He gives her a birthday gift and she doesn't even say thank you? Fucking really?

I've seen this same kind of shit on her askfm, where she is CONSTANTLY complimented for her opinions, looks, etc, and I can't remember a single time she had the decency to express any kind of gratitude towards the person.

Same with her unboxing vid she just did with skeptic. She said thank you like what, once?

Maybe I'm sperging a bit over this, but she seems really fucking ungrateful for everything that she has and seems to think of people as completely disposable and beneath her. No wonder everyone in her former community hates her. Stealing her phone, posting her nudes and other personal stuff is shitty, but I can't say it seems like she didn't have it coming with the way she treats people.

No. 458121

l m a o, you brilliant bbys; Serena J0y maybe?

No. 458141

I understand that he considered himself as a huge loser, but I find it weird that anyone could fall for someone that writes the way she does.
At least he divides his correspondence in paragraphs, capitalises and doesn't intersperse his prose with childish remarks in all caps.

And that thing about guys adoring her all over the internet is just amazingly self absorbed. At least phrase it as something like "there are a lot of people who expressed their interest in me but all I can think of is you" or something.

No. 458174

Well, Greg is proposing to her tonight.

I'm genuinely really surprised, I had thought that he wasn't as committed as she was. I'm sure she's going to be super excited.

No. 458176

how did you find out?

No. 458177

File: 1514759619776.png (444.26 KB, 622x876, 2017-12-31.png)

He posted it on twitter (which ?????????)

No. 458185

Congrats on June whos going to become wife #2 :3 just like in tangled, right?

No. 458187

Is this a joke or is he keeping her away from social media so she won't see it? Seems wrong to invite internet strangers to your engagement, you don't know who will show up and possibly ruin the moment.

No. 458188

File: 1514760650452.jpg (19.48 KB, 550x343, 1502819233261.jpg)

2018 ain't even started yet and it's already a shitshow

No. 458190

What a moron. She already knows if he's expecting their fanbase to keep quiet.

Or it's all a ruse.

No. 458192

I mean their entire relationship is based on their weird fanbase who encourage them to share their weird ddlg shit so I guess its appropriate enough.

No. 458195

i would be so uncomfortable if my boyfriend did a public proposal, but that’s just me

No. 458196

since june loves disney so much, i’m gonna go down there, pull a maleficent and put a hex on their marriage

No. 458197

this has to be a joke. i doubt this will actually happen but rip to her having to service his fat babyman body for however long he decides to keep her until she ages out of his favour and he exchanges her in for a thicc tranny with a juicy scrote.

i know lots of men like greg that feel obligated to propose after a while, so perhaps this is what's going on here. if he intended on marrying her and still treats her so poorly on social media and basically humiliates her by liking tranny pics or camwhore pics, while mostly ignoring her… idk that's even sadder. he must think his behaviour is nice enough/good enough/husbandly already, and it'll only deteriorate from here.

No. 458198

same. i hope it's recorded though bc its bound to be cringy af. like most of everything in their life, it has to be a lame performance, so i'm sure his proposing to her, in principle, is all just performative and she'll be too dumb to see it bc she thinks men that publicly disrespect her are into her

No. 458199

and shes tagged. it must be a joke.

No. 458207

I think you're right, that he probably is keeping her off of twitter.

No. 458211

File: 1514762190275.png (19.88 KB, 479x153, cf44d793e45fc39affa1cdd4d667a3…)


No. 458213

I was just going to say, I thought they didn't like the concept of marriage wtf they've said so on their secondary channel videos too

No. 458215

she has said this but i think it was mostly to please her mra fanbase who already believe women take everything in marriage, but it has been clear lately that she has been ramping up the heat for marriage and talking about having kids with him, etc. either this is prenup city and he's just doing it bc she's getting antsy and he thinks she's going to give him an ultimatum, or idk, but for a man that's supposed to be enamoured enough with her to marry her… his public indifference of her speaks volumes

i highly doubt he'll marry her without a prenup after his first wife, so lol, good going june. she landed a once divorced, creepy, suspicious, misogynistic, lardy winner with a learning disability.

No. 458216

If they get engaged, someone ask her if she had to to sign a prenup.

No. 458221

They have only been dating for like.. a year. They haven't even lived together.

Are they retarded?

No. 458222

>Are they retarded?

june is dumb, she is just going to end up to be another wife of skeptic and on his growing list of ex wifes. Not to mention a lot of the fat neckbeards she likes so much think girls having an ex hubby is a deal breaker

No. 458224

File: 1514763799183.jpeg (18.68 KB, 275x272, 1508971874941.jpeg)

inb4 they've been reading this thread and are now desperate to disprove our observations

No. 458225

Was about to say the same, if she's from long island plastic surgery is normal there, especially among middle aged women living in the north shore. Face lifts and implants are pretty common.

No. 458227

We know groceries reads because he changed his twitter description when we pointed out he didn't mention june in it

No. 458235

Actually they've been dating since 2014 IIRC, but yeah, they need to live together first.

No. 458236

I guess she's marrying for canadian residency lmao

Good luck, june. The process is a lot more rigorous than you think.

No. 458237

alright wasnt he supposed to propose at 6:30? any updates?

No. 458252

No. 458280

File: 1514769449854.png (12.54 KB, 455x111, only in quebec.png)


shout out to the guy posting a link to his "why multiculturalism will never work" video to every reply.

No. 458287

I don't actually think grocery is a big enough cow that he would joke about something this serious. He'd get a lot of flack and risk lose a hell of a lot of fans if he weren't actually planning on going through with marrying June.

No. 458291

Did this happen?

No. 458292

this is a weird turn of events. he had been gradually pulling away from her, wasn't communicating much with her or about her on social media, was actively liking racy photos of other women, all things that suggested they were on the rocks, and now he's suddenly proposing to her?

obviously it's possible there's things going on behind the scenes that we don't know about. like, maybe it's actually a sign of maturity on his end that he's taking the relationship more seriously by being less vocal about it and attention-seeking on twitter. or maybe he hasn't been saying much on twitter because he was busy making wedding arrangements, choosing a ring, etc. but idk…from an outsider's perspective it doesn't seem add up and the proposal feels almost forced.

No. 458294

June hasn't posted on twitter since this morning as far so I think that's what is happening yeah.

No. 458298

that'd be a pretty fucked up and weird joke, even for them. like, what would even motivate them to pull something like that?

i think it's real, and that the reason she hasn't posted is that he's kept her away from all social media so that the proposal could be a surprise.

No. 458300

lol he was liking and rting shit about trannies being superior to women less than 2 weeks ago…

im betting on pressure and maybe even stalking this thread and overcompensation to prove us wrong

No. 458301

PLUS she's part of his brand. she's got like 675k more followers than him. if he wants success/notoriety in the skep community, her average ass is the key.

No. 458302

I mean to be fair the tranny thing is just a dumb meme that's popular in their crowd, it's hard to infer too much from liked tweets.

No. 458305

No. 458306

File: 1514771654338.png (110.93 KB, 456x287, were.PNG)

not when he's liking scantily clad trannies that aren't even his friend? it's one thing if he's liking blaire's pics, but hes liking trannies he doesnt even know…

but i guess it really happened and tbh i feel for her. she tries to shove it feminist faces/any female she doesnt agree w, that they/we can't get laid etc but she's getting such bottom tier dick it's not even funny

No. 458309

No. 458310

not materialistic, but sapphire is sooo so so cheap. it's tiny sapphire and i'll bet you guys he shelled out very few dollars for it.

No. 458312

Holy fuck it actually happened

She's getting married to tranny loving, fat fupa divorcee


No. 458314

File: 1514772047027.png (263.14 KB, 480x362, ring.PNG)

posting pic of her ring so you guys dont have to trek to her twitter.

No. 458316

I'm actually happy for her. I really thought he was just stringing her along.

sage because white knighting or w/e

No. 458318

Eh who cares. It's just a shiny rock. People who complain about wanting 10k engagement rings are retarded

No. 458321

Just waiting for that prenup confirmation.

No. 458322

Same tbh. It's not that likely but I hope that the two of them will become more mature now that they're settling down.

No. 458325

I want to be happy for them too tbh but, I go from thinking they're ok to despising them for the way they handle their social media and talking about their kink so openly while always naively saying "ppl just assumed we were into bdsm! Teehee!".

Maybe they'll be less obnoxious about it online once they start living together. Doubt it tho.

No. 458327

it's not about that. that isn't my point. june and greg are both materialistic and flaunt it. she doesn't as much as she did, but she was a basic designer upper middle class girl, and he flaunts whatever high end crap he has. he's in his thirties and trying to woo a 26 yo that can do way better, whose relationship they promote constantly, online. idk, if i was a guy trying to show off my affection for my fiance, and our relationship was highly public, and i was shown to be materialistic in the past, i'd be getting her something that shows i'm willing to make the financial commitment to her.

No. 458331

that's part of my point. doesn't shell out the typical amount to show off his affection, doesn't seem to spoil her or support her financially despite being soOoOo 'dom', and he already subscribes to an mra 'women take everything' ideology, and is guaranteed to be pushing a prenup. he cheap.

No. 458333

I really love the ring. However I feel sorry for June. Maybe their relationship is more stable and less disrespectful than they portray on social media…but I honestly doubt that's the case. It's probably worse in private, I suspect. I'm also kind of shocked because I always saw Greg as a sort of MGTOW-lite. Like he would date June but never get married again.

Anyway, good luck June.

No. 458337

That must've triggered her obvious BPD so she crazybitch'd him into validating his committment in public.

No. 458340

she's nowhere near unstable enough to have BPD. she's just attention-seeking, childish and annoying. please stop reaching.

No. 458342

MGTOWs are just clingy cucks with abandonment issues who use the sour grapes coping mechanism. They harbor more corny fantasies about eternal love and peaceful domesticity than tween girls do.

That being said, June most likely nagged him in private because of his recent thirst orbiting of other thots. She's been acting visibly neurotic with all the unfunny REEEEEing lately.

No. 458343

i am so happy for june!!!! her dream of being a doormat waifu finally came true!!!! she could have done better but beggars can’t be choosers!!!!!

No. 458347

they started dating around july/august 2015. it's been just about 2 years but still pretty soon imo. however, she is almost 30 and seems to want that canadian residency pretty bad.

No. 458348

Oml, this is so annoying. The sudden fake positivity for cows that are terrible people. She's not seeing your well wishes and you guys are happy for her that she's going to be legally bound to a 2/10 dyslexic divorcee doughboy that calls skinny girls fat, that brings nothing to the table?

No. 458353

Lol, Ikr.

No. 458366

I mean, he could still be stringing her along. Plenty of people stretch out engagements for years. I remember hearing one story where the couple was engaged for over a decade.

No. 458368

Most people wait years before actually getting married, and I'm sure he's going to push it as far along as he can, and 15% of people break up during engagements and don't end up getting married.

No. 458373

>She's not seeing your well wishes
You mean there's no point in wishing someone well unless they personally see it and give me brownie points for it? Gee thanks so much for enlightening me, June 2.0.

>2/10 dyslexic divorcee doughboy

Pretty sure she's got some kind of learning disability too. ADHD, I think?

>that calls skinny girls fat

They both did that.

>The sudden fake positivity for cows that are terrible people

Oh please. June and Greg are immature retards and not good people by any stretch of the imagination, but even for /snow/ they're pretty tame.

I'm honestly more annoyed at all the underage mouth breeders that worship June as some kind of innovative genius for her "controversial" opinions, as though it isn't actually because she's a moderately attractive female with fake tits who plays dress up 24/7 to give the illusion of being more attractive than she actually is.

No. 458374

File: 1514776683474.gif (5.84 MB, 358x328, glee.gif)

>2/10 dyslexic divorcee doughboy

this is true. lol every time I read /r/relationships there's always some 30+ year old man stringing along his gf of over a decade with a proposal/marriage that will never come.

I really hope they get married though. Watching this bitch shackle up to a fat loser will bring me some schadenfreude.

No. 458378

this post is super autismal, anon. yes, it reads as fake af. and there really is literally no point in saying "i'm happy for her" on a fucking gossip imageboard. adhd isn't considered a learning disability, and until i see a script for ritalin or adderall, i don't buy that she even has adhd. this is the girl who sought to become quirky adhd ridden boxxy 2.0 purely for male attention and hung around self posting pictures of herself for that attention.

>they both did that

i'm sorry, are you excusing a grown 30+ year old man that calls himself a skeptic, calling a skinny girl fat? how is "they both did it" any better? why would anyone be happy for them based on how they treat others? and no, june is terrible. her entire schtick is about bullying girls and women while trying to belittle them for being ugly prudes, so she can seem like a unicorn kink goddess with the ultimate goal of elevating herself, and horrible men. that's always been her MO. always. sorry, she's pretty shit and so is he.

No. 458394

>this post is super autismal
And your underage sperging isn't? You post style is almost more retarded than how June sounded in her love confession to some orbiter earlier in the thread.

>there really is literally no point in saying "i'm happy for her" on a fucking gossip imageboard

That's fair.

>are you excusing a grown 30+ year old man that calls himself a skeptic, calling a skinny girl fat?

Not at all.

>how is "they both did it" any better?

It isn't. They're both equally shitty for saying that. Which is exactly why they deserve each other. Neither party is bad enough to deserve someone who is going to abuse them maliciously, and neither party is good enough to deserve someone who is going to love them, respect them and treat them like royalty. Honestly, the only way the second option would even happen is if somehow, one of them matured exponentially faster than the other. They would naturally outgrow their partner, and want something better.

I'm happy for them because I think even shitty people deserve love and marriage, on the grounds that both of them balance each other out in shittiness.

Seriously, there's no rule anywhere stating that you have to be viciously petty 100% of the time towards the object of speculation in order to enjoy gossip. I'd tell you to grow the up, but that'd probably make me a hypocrite since we're both fighting anonymously on a gossip board on fucking NYE.

No. 458402

>Implying it's fake

Consider the milk these two basket cases are going to produce when they're legally bound to each other. My body is ready.

No. 458403

File: 1514778828527.jpg (4.62 KB, 227x250, 1513462781098.jpg)

My money is on them becoming boring and stale, honestly.

No. 458404

>Seriously, there's no rule anywhere stating that you have to be viciously petty 100% of the time towards the object of speculation in order to enjoy gossip.
everyone pulls this kind of crap irl and it's obviously fake. i'd think you guys could be real enough to drop the obviously fake positivity pretence on an anonymous imageboard.

>I'm happy for them because I think even shitty people deserve love and marriage, on the grounds that both of them balance each other out in shittiness

so you do think they're shitty. so there's no reason to argue that they're not so shitty, as you did. and that's the thing, he's clearly a shitty partner, so again, you're congratulating her on getting engaged to someone that literally has nothing to offer her but vocal misogyny, endless solecisms (while unironically framing himself as an intellectual), and a fatass? how is that wanting her to be happy? it's one thing if you said "i really hope she finds a nice guy that helps balance her out and grow", not to say you're happy that she's going to shack up with someone equally as toxic, and twice as misogynistic. do you just congratulate everyone on their terrible life choices while trying to claim you want them to be happy? the "i'm so mature for hoping bad people are happy! if you don't, you're a stupid baby!!" line of thinking is so predictable and fake, honestly.

nah, he already was married and was looking for a way out with multiple women despite having nothing to offer. he has been overestimating himself the entire time he's been with june. don't expect there not to be milk when he starts feeling suffocated.

No. 458408

Hopefully not. Call me a terrible person, but I'm already looking forward to the ~Divorce Rape~, after which Greg goes full MGTOW and starts making videos about muh hypergamy and shit.

No. 458413

Predicting that A) they'll be poly or B) he'll cheat on her by april.

Part of me wonders if june is going to turn into a fakeboi and greg is going to start making youtube videos rating teenage girls bodies…

No. 458415

He already said he'd love to go poly and she said she'd do it, but she wouldn't date. Either he emotionally and physically removes himself from the relationship shortly into the marriage, or he pushes poly. I'm betting on pushing poly since they're so ¬kinky¬.

No. 458418

>He already said he'd love to go poly
Literally one of the biggest red flags a man can have, absolutely_disgusting.jpg

No. 458429

her opinions fucking suck and she makes them public….therefore she’s criticized for it!!!!!!

No. 458433

June, shouldn't you be out celebrating your engagement?

No. 458435

Greg, shouldn't you be out celebrating your engagement?

No. 458436

I don't think they're bad people

weird, misguided people, perhaps. but not bad.

I can never cheer against weirdos finding love and being happy together.

No. 458440

>pathetic, bitchy and catty women here
Oh june, you need to stop with the projection. You are going to marry a fat manchild who has to pretend you are his daughter to fuck you and even then fantasizes and jerks off to thicc transwomen online, you are in no position to be calling anyone else pathetic kek.

No. 458443

NTAYRT but I don't see how them being trannies would play into anything?

No. 458444

How does that make any sense? Trannies would be the ones vehemently defending her, if anything??

No. 458445

I think they could actually be together for a long time. I don't see June's self worth improving any time soon so if anyone ends this relationship it'll be grocery, which is kind of sad. Five years from now, he'll be 50 pounds heavier, fucking traps and fatties on the side while June will be sitting at home alone, having committed the unforgivable sin of turning 30 and defending him to the end.

No. 458448

Uh, how are they not bad people? Neither of them are even weird? She cosplays as a weird manic pixie dreamgirl while he's just an idiot. Neither are weirdos. Neither are just 'misguided'.

No. 458449

..But two of those posts you quoted are defending june and the one is just seemingly cringe.

No. 458451

This. Why the hell would somebody allege that trannies are against her when she has been white knighting them constantly for weeks and kisses Blaire's ass?

No. 458453

this would be ironic but not surprising if it was june kek

No. 458455

Greg post belly button pls.

No. 458456

Lmao, no they aren't. There are so many MRA conservative trannies, and she's not even an anti-sjw. She's a total 'sjw' that just happens to rag on a caricature of feminists bc she's pathetic and wants male attention.

No. 458458

Why are you complaining greg, we know thats what you are into.

No. 458463

File: 1514782632031.jpg (36.23 KB, 599x449, 1478764024593.jpg)

Boy this thread derailed fast

No. 458464

two twitter accounts I think you should check out and then get back to us


No. 458468

Their misogynistic beliefs are almost exactly the same as mras/mgtows/etc, go find out for yourself. We're not going to derail about tranny bs again.

No. 458469

shoes white knights(and her and greg) do this in every thread kek


No. 458472

oh my god you cheesedicked fanbois cannot be more obviously out of place. please, take your tiny peckers and shit tier facial aesthetics, and go.

No. 458475

I don't know why people reply to them every time, they should be ignored and have their posts deleted like all the other robots.

No. 458476

There is nothing in that anons post that indicates they are upset, why do you keep insisting this in the thread? Honest question.

No. 458477

who the fuck says that anymore

No. 458478

Are you implying that misogynistic attitudes doesn't exist? Or you just enjoy them?

No. 458479

i bet june would let greg take a shit on her, she’s that fucking pathetic

No. 458480

flatfaced 22 year old men that missed the actual 4chan golden years that still are unironically browsing the chans despite the fact that everyone jumped ship years ago, i guess

No. 458483

he's saying they don't exist because women choose to wear lowcut tops and can legally drive and that's as much as he's thought into it. just like racism hasn't existed since desegregation, to them.

No. 458486

sorry i promise i will stop kink shaming in 2018

No. 458488

they're called imageboards, but you don't just browse imageboards like, lolcow, for example. you browse the chans, specifically, way too late.

No. 458489

stop replying to the robot, sheesh

No. 458490

Jesus Lord what is with all these fags in here white knighting for her. Take your shoe boner and go somewhere else if you don't like the gossip

No. 458493

It just makes me laugh because in my experience the same type of dudes who mock the idea of misogyny being prevalent or refuse to believe it exists at all constantly spew misogynistic bullshit themselves…


I mean you know what the definition of misogyny is, correct? Just some examples of what I would consider misogynistic attitudes, that they're all worthless whores who have nothing to offer but a vagina, they're all stupid and incompetent, all women are children who need to be subjugated, exc exc. The attitude that most men have towards women. But I'm sure you will say these things aren't a big deal and it isn't misogynistic because it's either a) true or b) ironic.

No. 458494

File: 1514783532275.jpg (21.76 KB, 500x281, tips.jpg)


No. 458495

it's New Year's Eve, closing in on midnight, already midnight on the east coast, and this thread is on fire and full of angry, lonely people

No. 458496

File: 1514783559954.jpg (16.34 KB, 600x600, e9d.jpg)


No. 458498

File: 1514783642706.jpg (Spoiler Image, 73.19 KB, 640x800, 1494602492900.jpg)

They do this in every thread. The ride never ends.

No. 458506

cry yourself to sleep

No. 458507

Lmao I'm sorry but the vast majority of "men" these days can't even assemble store bought furniture. Most men these days act like man children looking for a mommy they can fuck like a porn star

No. 458510

I mean talk to any man and he will eventually say one of the things I listed, and some will say much worse. A bunch of posts will probably follow this one to prove my point, but then men still get mad when we point out that we know how much they hate us.

No. 458511

File: 1514783938480.jpg (22.89 KB, 400x396, UIcCho9.jpg)


No. 458512

Yes, we are all trannies. Bye now.

No. 458513

if you were a farmer, you'd sage and know this shit is banworthy, but you're not.

No. 458514

Oh yea. You wanna suck my lady dick now?

No. 458517

lmao, they're not even actually emasculated, they're just useless, because they want to be. they think they can compensate for being talentless, useless, male market failures with their posturing and mistreating women.

No. 458518

Mommy. ;_;

No. 458519

So women are weak and useless but at the same time we have the power to emasculate men? Interesting.

No. 458522

File: 1514784143085.jpg (61.61 KB, 625x439, english please.jpg)

Flimsy insults do not work if your grammar is shit and you sound like a triggered 12 year old trying to be an internet tough guy.

Stay in school, kid.

No. 458526

They're biologically inferior, that Y chromosome is nothing but a shitty unfinished X one. You should learn about actual biology instead of a stinkpeice about a dumb tv show made by some autist.

No. 458527

Hey so are you two going to start a poly relationship or what?

No. 458528

please tell me why you're defending june when she's the one who says trannies are real women and just the same as biological females? you have this hangup about us not being real women, but june spends 90% of her time crying about how trannies are real females lmao

No. 458529

I am, but even if I wasn't, your views there are contradictory and I would like to know how you reconcile them.

No. 458530

File: 1514784309736.png (106.34 KB, 246x227, 1502317385131.png)

Cheer up, buttercup. I know mommy hurt you, but it's all over now. I can be your new mommy for just $50 an hour. What do you say to that, pumpkin?

No. 458536

File: 1514784437438.jpg (29.78 KB, 640x480, juneh.jpg)

Ignore robots, and let's stay on topic.

No. 458537

what are your issues with her (that you don't have and are just lying in an attempt to conceal your obvious whiteknighting)?

No. 458538

File: 1514784447347.png (339.61 KB, 429x432, 1506291523469.png)


No. 458540

So you have now used a television show and a play as proof that women are worthless whores. You realize that doesn't really stand up, right?

No. 458541

Would not surprise me if that post is june again.

Bitch got more faces than big ben.

No. 458542

Okay, I'm intrigued. Who are you and why do you have this photo? I've been following June's drama for almost a year and have never seen this.

No. 458543

lmao babbys first philosopher, gj

what's next, are you going to recite ayn rand to me?

No. 458547

It would explain the reason this thread has gone to shit, june is trying to hide these photos so her greg and their minions are trying to get this thread deleted.

No. 458548

File: 1514784700726.jpg (1.89 KB, 109x125, 1505086162063.jpg)

For the love of christ just stop responding to them you utter fucking sperg

No. 458549

L-M-A-O you are so fucking dumb
>ayn rand
>dies broke, on social security and medicare after whining about them for 40+ years
ok, anon. great metric of success you have there.

No. 458550

I feel like there is another photo of her sitting on a couch or something with a guy that looks very similar to this. Do you know who the dude is?

No. 458551

Yeah, seriously. This is ridiculous, why do people still fall for this? Do they not realize they're arguing with a retarded teenage boy?

No. 458552

aren't these from her encyclopedia dramatica page?

No. 458553

I'm not entirely sure what you're implying. I was thinking whoever posted it either is June or knows her personally. Was that what you were getting at, too?

No. 458555

There's a lot more where that came from.

No. 458559

[Need to know more intensifies]

No. 458560

Can you elaborate a bit more? Was he an ex?

No. 458562

To be fair, the sperg who keeps responding is most likely a retarded teenage girl.

No. 458563

everyone in this thread needs to get laid, badly.

No. 458564

Please do tell I feel theres a story behind these pics and now i'm interested.

No. 458565

post them?

No. 458567

kenny was an unichan orbiter that she rejected. he later leaked her nudes for rejecting him. this is thesame calibre of guy she frequently defends, lol.

No. 458568

Pretty sure they're from the Mexico trip she took with her orbiters from Unichan. There's been others posted before, but


are completely new to the thread, so I'm intrigued. Pls post and/or say more, Mexico trip anon.

No. 458569

How did he get her nudes? Why would she send nudes to someone shes not interested in? Shes either dumb or a super thirsty attention whore or likely both.

No. 458570

apparently he stole her phone. the nudes were for her bf at the time, who i think was also part of the boxxy unichan community.

No. 458574

he stole her phone on the trip. it really takes a histrionic personality to get burned that badly by misogynistic orbiters and be clamoring for more like 8 years later.

No. 458575

Please stop replying to the obvious bait. I'm even more ashamed of you than usual.

No. 458576

TY anons. although knowing how thirsty she is she probably let him steal her phone kek. And yet this is the type of guy she defends and is gonna marry? Top kek.

No. 458579

Exactly. And really, the cajones to go back to that community, then pander to a similar one (probably worse tbh) at 26, and then try to prop a functionally illiterate fattychan like Greg up as something to be envious of. Sad, almost.

No. 458580

Some fag has been going around lolcow and crystal cafe trying to bait everyone into talking about trannies. It's fucking annoying

No. 458581

Stop derailing the thread you stupid triggered child. I know you are upset your bald internet waifu is marrying another hairy slob but thats not our fault.

No. 458584

File: 1514785658094.jpg (26.74 KB, 232x296, 1503204094636.jpg)

you're derailing the thread just as much as he is, autismo

No. 458585

This shit is so bizarre. Everything about it. The fact that there was a community centered around boxxy to begin with, how hard June clung to that, the fact that she's been at this internet fame thing for years just changing up her tactics a bit. It's just very strange that she never grew out of this pandering to a certain kind of male internet user, and even more so that she seems to have dropped all of her real life opportunities in order to dedicate her time to doing so.

Although I must say it's pretty ballsy to go to a foreign country with a bunch of dudes you barely know from the internet.

No. 458587

Seems some of her fanboys are riled up by her being taken off the market in a more official manner. Poor babies.
Ignore and report all the spergs.

No. 458588

Honestly I think she's just fucking lazy. She found an outlet that got her lots of delicious attention and a source of income for very little effort, so she's sticking with it.

No. 458592

Anyone wanna make bets until how long it will take for them to declare an open marriage? (But it'll only be open to other women, obviously)

No. 458593


But in all seriousness, I wouldn't go to a foreign country with anyone I barely knew regardless of gender. Just especially not a group of men. It just isn't smart.

No. 458594

Not really, Its because she makes money off of that audience and its an easy audience to cater to.

Nope, I have made 3 posts which are relevant to the topic which is shoe and her daddy bf. Take your own advice triggered derailer. Like I said, contribute or fuck off.

No. 458599

File: 1514786093118.jpg (139.71 KB, 1500x1427, 71kE6BYu3UL._SL1500_.jpg)


>replies with whining from mommy issues incel cuck poster boy

Scrotal Dunning-Kruger, lads.

No. 458601

open to 'fat' women and thicc trannies ofc. i'm betting either:
1. eternal engagement limbo
2. breakup to avoid marriage
3. marriage, but poly relationship after 4 months
or 4. the same kind of entitled withdrawal as his last marriage, so him whoring his flubby ass all over the internet while hiding it from june. except june will put up with it.

No. 458603

Real talk, did shoe whine about this thread in a hugbox discord or something? Or are the beta orbiters salty because she's now completely out of their reach?

Sure smells like septic phimosis in here, kek.

No. 458605

why they'd be salty that they're not going to be able to wash their dairy dicks off with her vaginal fluids, and complain about us not liking her makes no sense though? typically they pull sourgrapes and complain about the girl in question

she mustve cried about it to her cuckboys on her discord

No. 458607

Some anons up thread said she knows about these threads, but also this site is visited by a lot of pol and r9k incels, so I imagine its a little of both.

No. 458610

There was a post about their engagement on /pol/ for some reason. That might be it.

No. 458614

>There was a post about their engagement on /pol/ for some reason.
Most likely june self-posting yet again.

No. 458615

There has definitely been an influx of male whiteknights spamming and derailing the thread. Simply report and move on, replying just makes things worse.

No. 458617

As, so that's why the thread smells like hotdog water. We're in the middle of a major scrot chimpout.

I wonder if these emotionally unstable cucks are going to try to sink her brand for triggering their abandonment issues. 2018 is already looking grand.

No. 458619

Do you think you guys could, idk, delete the posts? the thread is unreadable rn, too much autism

No. 458622

File: 1514788203993.png (7.47 KB, 569x134, 14 ways to rock Daddy Trump's …)


>Disgusting. She's marrying her dad, but congrats.


No. 458624

Who gives a shit about /pol/?

No. 458626

File: 1514788419886.png (13.04 KB, 667x204, 155147906.png)

No. 458628


>claps his balls about June's marriage in a /pol/ thread

>goes to lolcow to REEEE about gossipy women

Incel /pol/yp projection really is like clockwork.

June getting gamergated when? Her male fanbase is ripe with total basket cases.

No. 458634

wait holy shit these filthy scrots are actually salty that grocery is getting action and they aren't

my fucking sides

No. 458637

File: 1514789273964.jpg (125.97 KB, 1200x947, DSbX_lzU8AAG8I1.jpg)

Really kind and inaccurate representation of skeptic.


No. 458639

File: 1514789542790.jpg (970.92 KB, 1920x2800, 1514616907788.jpg)

No. 458642

…and june.

No. 458648

he looks like an italian mafia member lmfao. the 'june' is ridiculous too

another reason why beyond her attacking radfems and capitalising on a caricature of liberal feminism (not that libfems arent ridiculous), she's a huge blockhappy 'sjw'. her fanboys really are stupid.

No. 458650

I mean I don't hate June the same way I don't hate anyone I don't even know irl. I like making fun of her but it's not like I wish misery on her or anything. If it works out good for her. Worst case scenario this turn of events will produce tons of milk to talk about, which is good in my book.

No. 458652

Yeah I don't get why all these fanarts portray June as some over-caffeinated Disney girl looking mess.

I wouldn't guess that to be June in a million years.

Lmao this is so sad but I knew it. I guess they thought they had a chance in hell with June before? They need to take a better look at how she treats/judges people lmao. Though why she turns a blind eye to Groceries is beyond me. He does have some "e-fame" but not even as much as she does.

No. 458653

I remember she said she tried meds but quit them, for what its worth

No. 458655

shes the type of gullible idiot insecure womanchild that puas hope to be able to manipulate with their posturing and pretend macho man roleplay. she flaunts about his name being 'fluhrer' and it being hot (literally how fucking stupid does that sound? fluhrer? it sounds like a downsy hitler. it's not hot, june). just like with the previous men she was interested in, she likes edgy weeby losers that think acting 'dom' actually makes them strong men

No. 458656

Me too, would not have guessed that was supposed to be her at all. The only disney character she bears any resemblance to is clopin.

No. 458657

Deleted all the wk bs. Please stay on topic going forward, thanks!

No. 458671

I would go to Mexico if someone paid me and I wasn't expected to have sex with them.

No. 458673


To be fair, not being racist or homophobic isn't an inherently "sjw" stance. You don't have to really care that much about social justice to think that race realism is garbage pseudoscience and that gay people shouldn't be shot for being gay.

No. 458674

i mean, she was expected to have sex with them. that's why she got her nudes leaked. and you're dumb if you'd risk your safety like that for a free vacation with strange men.

No. 458676

no, but to them, it is sjw-like. normal, rational people don't listen to 'anti-sjws', anyways. she's blockhappy though and really has what most of her fanboys would consider 'sjw' views beyond hating on feminism

No. 458677

Sage obviously but I'm kinda pissed because this looks just like my fucking engagement ring. Like it might actually be the same exact one.

Mine was only like $300 so if it is the same one her uggo didn't spend much.

No. 458678

Lol, that would be in line with the way greg seems to spend/treat her.

where'd you get yours, anon?

No. 458680

File: 1514791540175.jpg (70.67 KB, 231x208, IMG_5776.JPG)

>thicc tranny with a juicy scrote
fucking kek anon holy shit

No. 458691

needs more eyeliner and closer set eyes

No. 458692

File: 1514793067487.png (172.8 KB, 960x874, groceryandstick.png)

No. 458697

June fucked up. She could of had a real thicc boy, not some scrawny fuckboi like skepdick

No. 458698

she still has too much hair ;)

No. 458709

No. 458718

File: 1514795502353.jpg (15.5 KB, 236x260, kek.jpg)

fucking kek

now THAT'S a recognizable shoe

No. 458721

>spend NYE w/ bf and miss an awesome whiteknight spergout
FUCK. But back on topic, so was it ever confirmed that any of their fat, cucked fans actually showed up for this?

No. 458725

File: 1514796235532.png (313.1 KB, 1402x730, ring.png)


Is this it?

No. 458729

I think you have it!

No. 458730

I thought they were anti marriage. kek

No. 458745

>angry, single harpies
is that what /pol/ greaseballs think we are? have they not seen our fitness thread and shit? kek

No. 458747

I refuse to believe that generally apathetic lardlord cheaping out on a ring for her doesn't mean anything. When your relationship is that public, you at least try to show that you're willing to make the financial sacrifice for your fiancee. It's one thing if they were broke kids that stressed how they wanted to focus on a downpayment, but he's in his mid 30s and nothing until this proposal has even hinted that he has been serious about her.

No. 458750

isn't greg supposedly rich with his craigslist audi and goodwill emo, poorly put together suits and claiming to have hired june as his secretary like a bunch of little kids pretending to own a business though? and here he is, buying the first ring he found on sale most likely

I'm not the type of person to say men should go broke buying their gf a ring, hell when I get engaged I wouldn't even want an expensive ring myself, it's just odd to me how him and june try to gloss up how he's ~rich and dom and manly~ but it just seems like he wouldn't want anything serious if he just buys whatever's on sale despite the fact he can afford something way better, did he even put thought into it?

we all know they're together for social media reasons as well as june inflating her ~teehee smol and submissive~ ego and greg can inflate his ~hurdur big manly man dom boss~ ego, but come on, they're adults for fucks sake, both around their 30s, you'd think they'd stop playing pretend by now and settle down if their relationship was as serious as they like to inflate

No. 458753

Spot on. Our lives are very different from theirs anyways. We're not the ones telling everyone who listens that we're in a super trad daddy Dom big man sugar daddy relationship. Theyre both supposed to be making decent money, and he flaunts whatever shit he has, buys expensive nerdy crap all the time, supposedly is such a good daddy, and the best he can do to show hes serious about june is dish out $374? Idk id be embarrassed if my fiance was showing himself off on all corners of the internet as being a well to do macho man daddy Dom and even with knowing how much attention our engagement would get, he buys a cheap ring. I'm sorry, just another obvious tipoff that he has very little, emotionally, and financially,invested in her.

No. 458783

File: 1514811644730.png (847.06 KB, 906x818, Untitled.png)

Iconic, also junes natural fridge body unedited

also, doesn't skeptic own several 400+ dollar cameras? kek, he rather splurge on cameras he barely uses than his own engagement ring

No. 458788

>fridge body

I mean… I know she's not the ~curvy pinup model~ she makes herself out to be, but seriously?

No. 458793

It's a little nitpicky, but they're right that it is seriously a huge difference. It's like Dakota. Her features didnt look so painfully average until she shooped them to be spectacular. So without her quoted "34 22 37" shooping, now June's totally average body looks pretty fridgey in comparison, albeit a small fridge.

No. 458796

Honestly I'm not usually a fan of that type of insult (nitpicking/over-exaggerating physical flaws), but I know June looks at this and I'm sure calling her a fridge really gets under her skin since so much of her fragile self esteem is based on her appearance.

No. 458802

File: 1514815468351.png (616.38 KB, 906x818, 2.png)

eh, I'm the last person to think a womans waist needs to be half the size of her hips in order to be curvy, but I'm literally failing to see the curves her, maybe a tiny bit of difference between her waist and hips, but if you outline her silhouette it's pretty boxy, I'm exaggerating a little bit sure, I'm not saying her measurements are like 32-32-32 or anything, but she's definitely not as well ratioed as a normal woman and sure as hell not as ratioed enough to be trying to pass herself off as a pear with anime hips

No. 458805


I hate to seem like I'm defending her, but she could be bloated for all you know. And her posture isn't exactly amazing in this photo. I've seen unedited pictures of her where her figure looked really cute, nothing spectacular, but cute. Inb4 screeched at. I really just think she's normal.

No. 458807

File: 1514817094722.png (806.73 KB, 990x999, sarah.png)

It was really depressing looking at her parents FB. Her sister gets so much praise and not a word to be said about June. I don't understand how she ended up so opposite.

No. 458810

In most photos she still has a similar figure, just straight up and down, even in videos she still has the same up and down figure,she also edits the shit out of a lot of her photos as well so who knows, even Kendall jenner has a better h/w ratio than her

You're allowed to think her figure is cute or whatever. I personally think its okay in a "skinny white girl with big tits" sort of way, some people are into that and that's fine, but to she shes average is a stretch. She looks a loottt less curvy than an average woman, and I mean ratio wise too, You're not going to be "screeched at" we're just saying she isn't curvy, big deal

No. 458818

I can't believe she'd claim to have a 37 hip measurement while also gloat about have 'skinny' legs.

As someone close to her height and weight, she 100% def shoops certain pics to make her waist look retardedly small. If I were to guess her measurements I would say 32(for those fake tits)-25-33.

She still has a decent curve on her unedited pics but her claims are literally measurements of a plastic surgery porn star. Why she do this to herself.

No. 458820

Idk I am 32-25-33 and I have like 0 hips. She does appear to have a nice waist and slight curvature, by no means thicc though.

No. 458828

Needs a longer philtrum on June, but it's a well deserved star post anyway. That Greg stare is 10/10 accurate

No. 458836

Some siblings just end up different. I know a guy who is doing an engineering PhD while his sister is a manager at target who couldn't graduate college. I doubt it's anything parents do.

Meh, personally I would prefer to have a cheaper ring despite my financial situation. But then I remember Greg and Skep are so into ~traditional marriage~ lmao.

No. 458859

File: 1514824907851.png (574.41 KB, 1080x1071, 20180101_083209.png)

I don't think the ring anon posted here is the one he gave her. Ring in pic related is supposedly black diamond, and the band itself doesn't look like white gold either

No. 458861

idk anything about ring prices or how you tell if one is valuable, about how much does this look like it'd be worth?

No. 458870

File: 1514825882596.jpg (162.26 KB, 1200x1115, DSd3JgNWsAAIzja.jpg)


is that rose gold? is it an iphone ring?

No. 458872

Fakest shit I've ever seen. That band is clearly not white gold too lol

No. 458888

idk, she has a kinda wide chest and ribs, if I had to guess it would be 36-24-34, her body is a lot similar to my friends as well

No. 458890

File: 1514826980182.jpg (59.33 KB, 1055x555, june.JPG)

He probably bought it on Jewlr

No. 458891

File: 1514826996961.jpg (107.66 KB, 800x826, IMG_20180101_121559.jpg)

No. 458892

No. 458898

>only getting married because of citizenship
>not even living with each other for a bit

No. 458901

Is there any actual reason why they couldn't try living together first before getting married?

No. 458906

File: 1514828081574.png (15.88 KB, 578x110, twitter.com_Lauren_Southern_wi…)

Cows supporting Cows #positivity #BovineSolidarity

No. 458912

the side diamonds look like those little diamond string things you get from the craft store for 5 dollars a roll, the gold on the diamond looks uneven and dented, like aliexpress tier gold, the 3 main diamonds look okay but the middle one looks plastic

she's gloating about how it's ~customized online~ but rings like those tend to be very cheap and not really special at all, especially if it's a princess ring, when I got my class ring I customized it online and it was a princess ring but it costed a little under 300 dollars..

also, june is almost 30 and calling a picture, a "pichur", why does she type like an annoying attention deprived emo kid?

No. 458913

Only problem I can think of is visa.

But then again, Greg wouldn't be living with June in USA since she lives with her parents, while June can get a visitor visa for Canada.

>A border services officer at the port of entry in Canada will determine how long you can stay in Canada. Most visitors are allowed a six-month stay from the day they entered Canada. If the officer authorizes a stay of less than six months, they will indicate in your passport the date by which you must leave Canada.

So they could live together for 6 months…

No. 458914

are they going to have a shitlord wedding?
>"""best""" man Carl of Swindon
>bridesmaids in green-and-purple including Lauren Southern and Blaire White
>vows that mention 24/7 dick worship
>cutting the cake with a sword
>entire thing is streamed on youtube, with super chats read out during the reception

No. 458916

File: 1514828983824.jpg (222.1 KB, 1045x931, 20180101_094557.jpg)

Apparently she stayed with him for weeks when she visited, though I dunno if that qualifies as actually living together consistently

No. 458919

File: 1514829214745.gif (1.13 MB, 275x199, 1513572592526.gif)

I fucking cackled so hard

No. 458923

It doesn't. To qualify for common law sponsorship you need to live together from 6 months to a year. Each province has their own standard so it isn't the same for all of Canada.

No. 458924

File: 1514829716699.jpg (28.31 KB, 525x202, Capture.JPG)

bahahahah i can't wait to witness the cringe that is alt-right youtuber wedding

>fat skeptic comes in a ill-fitted suit, wearing a cloak

>june is waiting for him in a wedding dress, dog collar around her neck with a leash
>sargon of akkad is their priest
>june's parents wondering where did everything go so wrong.

No. 458925

Samefag, but I also forgot to add that there is a lot of stuff that goes into this and living together is the biggest thing cic looks at. If you've never lived together and you apply, the more difficult it'll be. She has an advantage being American, but they ask for lots of stuff like proof of meeting each other's families, photos, anything at all to show your relationship is genuine, and he has to be able to prove that he can financially support her. Cic is really strict because they don't want people abusing the system to get benefits.

t. Someone who lived it

No. 458934

Lmfao I have tears in my eyes rn what a visual

No. 458941

File: 1514830774121.jpg (15.66 KB, 343x203, Capture.JPG)


Imagine the vows

June (talking with baby voice)
>I, June Laporta, promise to be your submissive little bunny hehe and I promise to do anything and everything for you and stay with you forever. I'll always try my best to protect you from feminism harbies because you are so precious. My life is meaningless without you, daddy dom.

>I, Greg Fluhrer also known as one of the Four Horsemen of skeptical community, promise to dominate you every night and show you your place….That's it.

>June's parents face

No. 458949

Honestly, June's parents are the biggest victims in this whole mess. I am worried they'll post their wedding public and be invaded by their weirdo fans.

No. 458950

>mfw we have negged grocery into giving a shit about June

She needs to invite us all to her wedding. What if he loses weight too?

No. 458982

what could they even say, though? "our other daughter has just produced another low-effort 'funny' video - #105634892 in a series - about the easiest bait she could find. also, she's been on twitter telling everyone how much she loves to play little girl to a fat band-camp reject and talking about giving him a blowjob on stream. We're expecting big things from her in the future."

No. 458988

File: 1514834614546.jpg (56.84 KB, 650x440, aliexpress.jpg)

I'm actually having flashbacks of Yumi and Splenda's wedding.
Will June buy her wedding dress off of Yesstyle or Aliexpress?

No. 459005


I agree. If I was the submissive in a ~24/7 bdsm D/s relationship~ (which i never would be in that type of thing) I would expect to at least have the dom fill his role. Like how come they are 24/7 but apparently not when June buys him a bunch of stuff for his bday and whatnot. Seems like he is a dom only when it's convenient.

Sorry if I am not making much sense

No. 459007

>their engagement ring is still cheaper than a lot of geek shit he buys and never uses

No. 459033

Its not just the bdsm aspect but they are clearly into ddlg and/or pet play. He is not at all fit as a caretaker role. June looks like she takes care of him way more considering she acts like a doormat, does all the cooking, makes the most money etc.

Skeptic reminds me of a typical neckbeard that needs to be reminded to shower and has his gf dress him when they go out. If you look at all pictures of him, his clothes and style was completely different before meeting her.

No. 459073

LMAO how embarassing. She cried for this pity proposal

That looks exactly like it. Even more than the other.

No. 459077

This is so sad to me. If that's the case, he shouldn't have bothered with a ring, with a public proposal. What's the point of being excited and happy about a wedding, if the only reason he proposed is due to extenuating circumstances?

No. 459078


No. 459090

Wow, what an asshole.

No. 459101

Ngl I love rose told, but it looks really stupid with a black stone. And this is all such hilarious karma for her having attacked women she characterized as being so ugly theyre single, etc, etc. The majority of average women could do better than her Jabba the Hubby, and she thinks it's a privilege to marry him amd for him to set up a public proposal… out of convenience. This is truly the lowest effort shit.

No. 459103

File: 1514844037852.jpg (48.09 KB, 541x603, Capture.JPG)

f a t

No. 459118

Oh I am laffin.

Also @ other anons what is up with people in this thread desperatly trying to defend junes looks when shes a complete cunt and nitpicky about other womens looks? I mean its nice you guys are trying to be nice to her but its very ironic in this case.

No. 459121

PULL influx from the Taylor thread coupled with June's fantard army who was obviously linked here. PULL users have this tendency even on their forum to shit up threads by complimenting cows and trying to get people to say at least one nice thing about the cow in question. Its assbackwards behavior they take part in to make it seem as if they're #notall complete cunts.

No. 459148

Seriously. Even if that is the only reason they are getting married, do you really need to say it out in public like that? It just seems harsh.

Though I am curious as to what that guy means by 'I thought you were above that.' Like…June lets him put a leash on her and sits by his feet while he plays COD or whatever the fuck….they really aren't "above" anything. Is he trying to say he thought June was above marrying some dude only to divorce rape him later because AWALT? lmao

No. 459162

They had better hope that cic doesn't find that tweet because if they do their application WILL be denied. Immigration services needs to be convinced that the relationship is genuine and if they do an interview (which is rare for American applicants and typically waived along with the health exam) they do get intrusive with questioning your sex life, what are your plans in Canada, what will you do if we deny you, etc. The officers job is to weed out liars. They're also going to be wanting his tax info and him being previously married doesn't look good.

No. 459169

that's exactly what he's saying. that greg is stupid for getting married, and june is more selfish than he thought because divorce rape and whatever other marriage related womanhating reeeeing

if he was a decent guy he wouldve done a nice, solitary suprise, and just gotten eloped. that she's so stupid that she doesn't see how humiliating it is to make a whole big production about a marriage that is solely based on citizenship is just ultra pathetic.

she can complain about feminists all she wants, but most feminists can wrangle a hotter man and get a decent man that isnt so selfish/stupid to make their engagement public, then admit that it's only for immigration purposes, not only to their swooning fans, but to the public and possibly the cic

No. 459190

I'm sure I heard June talk shit about marriage just being 'a piece of paper' before, and that she and Greg planned to have a 'domestic partnership' of sorts, so it comes off hypocritical to now be engaged and crying in pictures.

No. 459196

LOOOOL, anon, her face. It's so perfect. She looks like a toothy E.T., and I never noticed the striking resemblance until now. She looks just like that. It's perfect.

No. 459198

File: 1514853640026.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.99 MB, 2217x3005, 20180101_193939.jpg)

No. 459199

This is so fucking beautiful.

No. 459201

Thanks fellow anon lol

No. 459206

Yeah, not to mention the fact SHE SHOOPS her damn self to look like she has much more going on in the hip area than she really does. I don't think her body is ugly at face-value (minus bolt-on tits), but her personality is, and she clearly wants to portray her appearance as many things she is not.
So I'm all for people stating hard truths such as "she has a fridge body." The point is she brought comments like that upon herself by pretending to look completely different. If she never did that, the "nitpicking" over her body type would probably be very minimal comparatively.

And that isn't even starting on the whole bit of calling fairly thin/normal framed girls "pudgy" and shit like that. For no reason.

PULLtards need to lurk more before acting so self righteous.
I'm out of the loop on such matters I suppose, but what is divorce rape?

No. 459211

where the woman supposedly takes everything or whatever

No. 459249


his name is Kenny lurk moar

No. 459327

No. 459331

TY for the info anons!

Now THIS is accurate fanart kek please can we make this the next threads OP pic?

No. 459544

That ring is HIDEOUS. Really and truly.

No. 459566

She wrote on her Twitter or Insta about her grandfather fleeing Denmark before the Nazi invasion, this set off the NEETsoc spergs because real WHITE and REDPILLED men cheer on foreign troops occupying your homecountry.

That said a lot of the really obnoxious internet nazis are are fake as fuck, just look at the people who trolled Ben Garrison for years like Bryan Carpen or Joshua Ryne Goldberg.

No. 459567

File: 1514900801515.jpg (339.21 KB, 2048x1448, DSh_d_VXcAAq2yr.jpg)

cringe fan art just keeps being shat out by her fanbase.

No. 459569

>kind of gothy

Honestly I almost feel sad for her, despite claiming otherwise she clearly wants to marry him and have it be this great, special romantic thing but he just sees it as a means to an end.

No. 459570

there is nothing remotely goth with her. she is so god damn cringeworthy

No. 459687

Ugh this crap is no annoying! I don't look at June and think "oh what a cute smol girl" if anything I think she is long , lanky, and derpy looking in the face

No. 459703

Hey, at least it matches all her aliexpress shit, he did know her taste.

No. 459729


New 2018 stylish women girl fashion wedding ring

No. 459740

No. 459742

Yes, I am about her claimed size, and I never see girls my height with such lanky bodies. If you see her sat down with greg doing the movie reviews, you'd guess she was like 5'6. I do think greg might be uncommonly tall and she's capitalising on it with her "i'm so short look how short i am next to him", because she doesn't look as short as me or my friends do, next to average sized men.

No. 459743

she and her dumbass fanbase probably think that the atrocious 2007 eyeliner and her 'girly lolita' shoes and dresses make her look 'gothy'.

It's the same when guys on instagram want a 'hot goth gf' but don't realize that there's more to it than black lipstick and hair.

No. 459804

Yes I too was thinking she might be 5'5 or 5'6 just looking at her

No. 459836

File: 1514924568870.jpg (156.37 KB, 1024x627, 149838102346.jpg)

Since her height is being brought up again, here's a pic of her with Laci and Chris. Laci is 5'2" and Chris is 5'5"

No. 459837

But is she wearing heels? Or the other girl too?

No. 459838

What a 5'5 smol bean lmao so smol and tiny and little guyz [eyeroll]

No. 459840

June isn't wearing heels. I'm not sure if Laci is, though.

No. 459841

i think there's weight to this, i'm above average height but me and my boyfriend have the same sort of height difference as june and groceries because he's a freak of nature

No. 459845

Exactly grocery is a huge giant Neanderthal. June is too long and lanky to be a short tiny little, though she wishes desperately that she was. Thin petite girls don't have the body proportions june has. But hey , June is delusional let her think she's a smol bean if it makes her feel a teensy bit feminine lmao

No. 459846

I'm actually almost pitying her at this point, she cried and is so excited over this engagement…he publicly states he's only marrying her for citizenship. Is this the female equivalent of a "cuck"? These anti feminist women seem to have zero self respect and essentially make themselves slaves to male approval….I mean I guess that's the epitome of being anti feminist so they're not fake at least lmao.

No. 459848

She is the exact definition of a cuck. It's only a matter of time before he coerces her into a poly relationship and forces her to watch him fuck other people, probably trannies at that lmao

No. 459945

>he's only marrying her for citizenship

So is he moving to the US or is she moving to Canada?

No. 459957

Why is every Shoe thread lame and dry as fuck full of recycled gossip from older threads?
>Herp derp implants (no proof)
>Herp derp hair disorder
>Herp derp "maybe they secretly have a bad relationship"
>Herp derp "anti-feminism is cringe" (it is but how many times can we say it?)

Sorry but… come on.(no1curr)

No. 459960

She’s going to Canada.
I don’t get this, and it’s probably because I don’t run in the type of circles that do such things, but are these people 12? They get so much fan art and their content is garbage. June puts the most minimal amount of effort into her work, but I assume her selling point is her ~so randum, rawr XD~ sense of humor.
Agree. I was told it was probably due to a PULL migration. Seems plausible after the bullshit well wishes after their engagement and the retarded posts that presume to know how Grocery feels about their relationship, such as this post >>458292

No. 459962

i mean, they outwardly have a disrespectful relationship = a bad relationship. june is happy to put up with it, but to all of us, we wouldn't and can tell just from the way he treats her that it's a dysfunctional relationship.

>no proof

there's plenty of proof if those are her nudes. the one nude that isn't in the doorway already has fake tits. the one in the doorway 100000000000000% has faketits.

and none of us are autistic enough say "herpderp" on lolcow in 2018, so get the fuck back to unichan with your parmesan coated cock.

No. 459966

>"Herp derp"

Be less obvious June.

No. 459967

i never realised chris was so short. that explains a lot. she definitely is not 5'2. how embarrassing though that she doesn't feel enough shame to not lie about this. like, all of these efamous people that have met her irl can obviously tell she's not 5'2. that's so embarrassing.

No. 459968

Hey June when are you and grocery going to bring a superior tranny woman into your relationship?

No. 459973

To be fair, I'm pretty sure I saw June say that even though she didn't care about legal marriage she'd want a whole big traditional wedding anyway even if it was just going through the motions. Which sounds dumb but so is June.

No. 459975

this is the cuckiest, most shallow behaviour i've ever heard of. "i want a whole big waste of money sham wedding for my sham marriage but marriage isn't important to me you guys uwu women suck and are materialistic gold diggers :3"

No. 459978

Marriage is obviously very important to her and she secretly wants the big fairytale wedding lmao

No. 459981

Jesus christ. I hope she's lying about her uwu smol weight too, because being under 100 lbs at 5'5/5'6 is pretty fucking bad.

No. 459982

File: 1514934866369.jpg (55.02 KB, 468x466, kk.jpg)

I'm somewhat willing to believe she's not lying about her height because all those Japanese/Korean fashion dresses she buys seem to actually flatter her body type. I hear this style ends up being too short even on girls of average height.

Kind of seems like Laci only looks shorter than her here because she's leaning forward tbh.

No. 459983

All you have to do is buy larger sizes like to fit them if you're tall. You saw the size comparison picture shea clearly 5'5

No. 459984

>You saw the size comparison picture shea clearly 5'5

I clearly explained why I think that picture doesn't prove shit. Learn to read.

No. 459985

lmao didn't she say she was 93 lbs?

this is very shooped waist wise, js.

if lacy stood up straight, she still wouldnt be as tall as chris, which is as tall as june is, or shorter. if june had her head straight up and not leaning to the side, she'd be taller than chris.

No. 459986

June stop trying to convince us you're a smol little woman lmao

No. 459987

>She's going to Canada

I swear I remember them saying they wanted to live in California in a video.

Plus, I can just see Groceries using her to get in the states and leaving her lol.

No. 459990

that'd be delicious. so many trannies out in california too.

No. 459991

I thought about pointing that out before posting. However, I feel that if Laci wasn't leaning forward, June would still appear to be taller than her.

No. 459992

Not wanting to defend her here but, there is a pic of her license and it states she is 5'2.

No. 459993

I don't think Laci is leaning forward enough that they'd still be the same height if she stould up straight, and June is clearly about the same height as Chris

No. 459994

June is that you lmao

No. 459995

Proof pls

No. 459997

Anyone can lie about their height on those, my ex would write he was 6' and he clearly wasn't. Sage

No. 459999

File: 1514935354422.png (8.31 KB, 625x253, wew.png)

That sounds healthy.

No. 460000

it doesn't matter. you can write whatever you want on it. they don't check. my dad claims he's 5'10 when he's 5'7. as long as you're not a foot taller than what you write, they don't notice.

No. 460001

This, unless you go like a whole foot taller/shorter no one is gonna protest your height, they don't measure you or anything.

No. 460002

I don't follow this thread too much, but I hope this girl eventually outgrows her cringey behavior.

No. 460004

she won't she's still memespouting obsessively and greentexting everywhere like a 17 year old boy when the chans aren't even cool, and they're especially not now.

No. 460005

June's height doesn't really matter, it's just ridiculous if she lies about it. I'm more interested in the sham wedding tbh, I wonder how long it'll take for the cracks to really show. There's already several red flags and they've been long distance for the majority of the time…

No. 460006

She is posting on twitter rn.

No. 460007

Sage for OT but I see a lot of people call June "almost 30" in this thread. If we're just making fun of June since she's obviously worried about aging and hitting "the wall", that's fine, but if people actually think 26 is almost 30 that confuses me a bit. It's like calling a 16 year old almost 20.

No. 460010

I think it is just exaggerating to make fun of her as she's so scared of ageing, she also acts like a 16-year-old. I'm in my early 20's but wouldn't behave like her, it's creepy.

No. 460011

I'm the same age as June and personally consider it almost 30 tbh

No. 460012

File: 1514935784928.png (464.51 KB, 604x640, shoedrama.png)

From her recent pics she looks less ana tbh. She looks 105 at least. Considering she doesn't work out or eat well, she will progressively gain weight as she gets older and probably hate herself.

No. 460014

Anyone can lie about their height, the dmv isnt going to fight you on the issue, we've already established this June.

No. 460016

>probably hate herself
She clearly already does.

No. 460017

i agree.

No. 460019

Why do all these tards keep coming in here trying to defend her? Take that shit to PULL

No. 460021

Not 100% sure about June, but Greg definitely lurks here. I was the one who posted the screenshot of his twitter bio in the last thread that suddenly didn't mention her, and within about a day he'd changed it back.

No. 460022

Agreed, yeah some of the shit here said is petty but it is /snow/ so that's expected. Also, with June there isn't that much milk tbh as she's essentially a neet who barely leaves the house or talks to people irl, all we can do is gossip and speculate. I'd say her getting engaged will provide endless milk when they move in together though.

No. 460024

I'm not defending her as much as insisting that we find something a little more substantial to talk about and not have the focus of the thread be a giant spergfest of speculation from people who just don't like her.

I want more dirt from her unichan days, cringey BDSM screenshots, evidence of Greg being non-committal, etc.

No. 460027

She is not a NEET. TBH, it's annoying that she leeches off of NEET culture and loser culture when she isn't one. She's not a cute hikki agoraphobic scared girl. She's an internet attention whore high school bully who makes a great living, honestly, for doing literally no work. She doesn't get to be part of the losergirl self-hatred club.

No. 460028

NEET just means no employment, education or training. I guess youtube technically counts as employment though.

No. 460029

She was employed at a makeup counter before she got famous on youtube. I think even during her early days of being famous on youtube, she was still working there.

No. 460030

she's employed though. she's making money and can support herself.

No. 460031

This is a gossip site get over yourself and go somewhere else if it bothers you so much

No. 460034

Yeah, this is all exactly why it's very fishy to me that he proposed to her so suddenly. I don't want to tinfoil either, but the fact that Greg changed his twitter bio so quickly after being called out for removing his mention of June in the last thread, and the fact that he's apparently deleted all his camgirl likes, really leads me to believe at least one of them lurks this thread, and that it had some influence over the engagement decision.

I do think it's possible that June either saw the thread and called him out on everything, or Greg saw the thread and got nervous that people were on to him, because he wants to keep her around even if he's not fully committed to her.

No. 460036

See what is this disney looking shit

And is that a fucking lightsaber?
Maybe he thinks black eyeliner and occasionally wearing regular black clothing means goth. Fucking stupid.
Yeah basically this.

This comment is cringe.
The implants/trich discussion arise because newfags to the thread are super obvious when they don't lurk, which seems to be their MO
But she's not like other girls!!!!
The years really do seem to speed up (and become less important) with age. Between 16 and 20 there are numerous milestones. Not so much between 26 and 30. 30 isn't middleaged or whatever though (which I've seen some anons claiming in various threads).
I hope so since this is likely to deliver the best milk.

No. 460037

right? and literally there is NOTHING but all kinds of relationship shit, even from right after he liked the camwhore pics. it's pretty much all "u and june are so kyoot together!! :3", liking her posts (when he hadn't done that before), etc, etc. he barely used to like her posts. now he's liking them ALL, and liking everyone's comments about how wonderful she is and how cute they are. it definitely seems fake and put on and so sudden.

No. 460039

Oml I didnt even notice the lightsaber. It really bothers me that it's clearly very curved, too.

No. 460040

Maybe it’s because they’re together and doesn’t have the need to look at other girls when he has his fuck meat next to him for the holidays.
I swear, some of you need to cut that tin foil, armchair analysis of every stupid little thing.

No. 460044

Kek why so defensive?

Also, even if you're right, it doesn't explain why he took down any and all mention of her in his twitter bio.

No. 460045

except he liked and was liking the camwhore pictures when they were also together, before he was called out. it's really not even that tinfoily.

No. 460046

he was actively liking pics from camgirls when he was at her house earlier in december.

No. 460047

Lmao okay June. So when are y'all bringing the trannies into the relationship?

No. 460051

You already know why she's so defensive lmao

No. 460056

Why do people keep claiming PULL members are the ones in here defending her? I just looked at her thread on PULL and it hasn't been active since last summer.

No. 460057

June went full rage sperg here.

No. 460058

PULL is to lolcow as reddit is to 4chan.

No. 460059

>mfw I thought PULL meant /pol/(No.)

No. 460060

Because if you want to defend these cows and give them praise then you're in the wrong place and should go to PULL where that sort of behaviour thrives that's why

No. 460063

Okayyy!! I can just imagine her furiously typing away at her keyboard to finish that comment. Literally sounds like grocery's first wife defending their sad relationship lmao

No. 460082

Have her parents mentioned anything about her engagement?

No. 460084


hooooly fuck that is MASSIVELY transparent and embarrassing

No. 460094

Not really, if youre 5'5 or under it should look just fine

She can't be THAT far off though, since her license said 5'2 and they don't really check height unless its obvious youre lying, she's clearly not taller than 5'6 or 5'7 but shes not 5'2 either, I'd say 5'3 or 5'4, possibly 5'5

No. 460103

the difference between 5'2 and 5'3 isn't that drastic. she's at least 5'4. at least.

No. 460111

just wanted to clear something up, since i believe this pic is from a youtuber party in LA during vidcon. June was wearing very tall heels this night iirc which is why she and Chris look the same height in this photo.
she is at least as tall as Laci, if not slightly taller. in the end it doesn't even matter but since we're still on height, there you go.

No. 460121

File: 1514942782327.png (955.45 KB, 755x563, nodd.PNG)

no she wasn't. this is from the same night. chris, greg, and june are all wearing the same outfit, and they were posted together in a photoset from that day. she was wearing flats. the flattest of flats.

No. 460123

and she's bending both her knees here, so she looks shorter than she actually is, but she definitely is wearing flats. they're really ugly too but whatever.

No. 460134


lol busted

I wonder why that anon was so convinced she was wearing "very tall heels".
Is that really you, June?

No. 460141

Chris is slouching a bit so I'm guessing she's 5'4"-5'5" kek.

Why do girls like June always want to be smol beans uwu, you're not a child. Plus Greg is huge (including in width) so it's not like she doesn't look significantly smaller than him.

No. 460146

it's really annoying too bc it kind of sucks being so short. people treat you like a child at work, it's difficult to have faith in yourself if you're in a professional environment as a small woman. plus it's difficult finding pants that fit, dresses that fit well, etc. i'd much rather be her height. june and greg really are just like taylor and greg. june lies about her height just like her, i'm sure we'll hear from june about her size 4 feet next.

No. 460151

She's also slouching/has bad posture in her torso

No. 460152

Exactly not to mention you carry weight terribly. 5 extra pounds makes a huge difference on a 5'2 frame vs a 5'5 frame. It's easy to get chunky when you're short

No. 460176

>lied about her height
>lied about her measurements
>lied about her weight
>lied about being trad, pretty much bullshits all her personalities
>(likely) lied about her working out and eating habits

surprised she hasn't even lied about her race or age yet (not that she can anyway since everyone already knows her age), not that anyone would lie about being italian unless they're catering to dudes who get hard over italian women, at least all yumi lies about is her age, voice and height

No. 460179

then i was mistaken. my bad.

no, this is not June. it's why i put "iirc." just going by what i remembered seeing.

No. 460200

it bothers me when she does talk about being italian, just saying. she acts like it's normal and authentically italian that italians have like 5 ziti and lasagna dishes with a turkey on christmas like her weird family does. no one does that. it's typically seafood and no one makes like fifteen ziti dishes like she bragged about.

and her cooking is terrible. she plays up that she can cook bc she's italian but she doesn't know how to make ANYTHING that she has posted bragging about. it has all looked awful and not done right. i wouldn't brag if i were her. all of her cooking has been the quintessential, no seasoning, 'white people' shit. you'd think she was from the midwest the way she cooks. she absolutely fails at being trad. i think she said she was scared of baking as well? she'll be a terrible homemaker, just saying. she'll especially fail in pleasing that neverending food pit and his fatass.

No. 460211

For real though. I cackled at the sight of her noodles and broccoli in butter she proudly served up to porky boy lmao. And the real Italians I know would never eat a turkey and ziti for Christmas, they're eating seafood dishes and cow brains. June doesn't even look Italian but i digress..

No. 460220

She uses dry ass boxed pasta in her cooking too.
You would think since she memes so hard about being Italian she would know how to make homemade pasta.

No. 460222

I think she looks italian facial wise, she has no curves though but keeps her hair like an annoying emo 12 yr old in 2009

No. 460252

Weren't a lot of housewives in the 50s obsessed with jello and miracle whip? And a lot of mormon housewives use a ton of jello too. Doesn't mean you are a good cook if your are traditional. Just saying.

I think June is too lazy to be a good traditional wife though.

Do Italians really eat cow brains for Christmas? That sounds yummy. (I love offal so I'm not kidding)

A lot of Italian Americans don't know the first thing about real Italina cooking though.

Wait? Why is Laci in a pic with June? Is it because of Laci's boyfriend? It's so ironic Laci was a raging SJW who tried to personally correct me at one point.

No. 460289

>It's so ironic Laci was a raging SJW who tried to personally correct me at one point.

No. 460304

>keeps her hair like an annoying emo 12 yr old in 2009
Not sure what this has to do with her ethnicity but anyway, she has trich and just wears wigs all the time. Many different wigs.
It's her eyeliner that makes her look like she's stuck in the past.
Idk if you've kept up on what Laci's been doing but she started saying she was going to have "conversations" with anti-SJW types. She never did, just started making moderate common sense videos and fucking Chris. So now she has new anti-SJW friends and has their fanbase too. Her content isn't controversial like at all now, but the company she apparently keeps sure is.

No. 460312

File: 1514955567713.png (736.24 KB, 661x457, ere.PNG)

no, but i know plenty of 'trad' women that are pretty decent cooks. and jello, aspic, miracle whip, all of those things were popular for parties, but this was really more of a 60s-70s party thing. people characterize it as being 50s because they're all "vintage", but it really was more of a 60s-70s thing.

and no modern day housewife aspires to fish aspic with miracle whip 'frosting' nowadays, and men most DEFINITELY aren't expecting that. i know men expect a housewife that will bake well, cook well, etc. my grandmothers were housewives and cooked and baked like chefs, tbh. no 1973 bananas and ham hollandaise there.

it's true. and it was horrendous. one piece of broccoli and she put maybe a teaspoon of garlic in that oil, too. and tell me this ziti doesn't look piss poor, anon. looks dry, cheese to sauce ratio is very off, herbs are cut too large and not mixed throughout, etc. i'm not marrying a woman, and even i expected my fiance cook better than this. i'd be so disappointed if i were marrying a "trad" italian american woman who has these cooking skills and is afraid of baking.

she looks pretty italian, but not like a pretty italian. her face is weird and unrefined/tacky. ultimately, she looks fassy.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 460317

>Not sure what this has to do with her ethnicity but anyway
usually different hairstyles can make someone look like a completely different ethnicity depending on the hair, I'm italian with super curly hair and when I straighten it I look arab or asian

No. 460321

to be fair, she called out a lot of the trannies on their bullshit. good for her. i think it's good that she's evolving. i just hope she doesn't become a "shitlord" like june.

No. 460322

But she's fucking a slimy scumbag like Chris so I'm not so sure.

No. 460327

what's she slimy on? i don't know much about her, i just know she called out the tranny lunacy and i think is starting to see how much libfems worship dick and how useless they are as feminists, which is cool.

No. 460328

I was calling Chris slimy, not her.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 460343

Yeah, she just has the one rabbit.

No. 460345

i had no idea. i think she only has the one male, ollie. that's so sad. i never see her talking about or showing another one, so i think it's the only one. she makes her whole life about how she's a cute bun bun loving girl uwu so you'd really think she'd give a shit about her rabbit, but i guess not.

No. 460348

File: 1514957135263.jpg (37.57 KB, 579x317, poor poor bunny.jpg)

Ok so I have a question so will sage

Understandably farmers talk about how lolcows looks after their pets and I was wondering, does she really have only 1 rabbit? Because thats pretty cruel, rabbits are social creatures and need another rabbit companion otherwise they can get depression.

I mean I know this girl is pretty ignorant about most things but I would hope she would at least know that about rabbits. However given some of the pictures posted here of that tiny cage she keeps this rabbit in perhaps i'm being too hopeful.

I feel for this bunny :(

No. 460349

She likes to act like she's an expert on rabbit care too.

No. 460351

Thanks for the replies, sorry I deleted and reposted because I made a few mistakes. Also yeah does not shock me she has this bunny for image purposes.

Now this makes me angry, what a stupid bitch.

No. 460362

Just wanted to add its a huge deal, over here now pet shops enquire when you buy rabbits whether you already have one and if you do not they will not sell single ones because they need a companion.

I used to work for an adoption charity which specialised in rabbits and learnt a lot about them and its heart breaking how much it affects their personality. People often brought in lone rabbits because they were either agressive or miserable or both and its little wonder when they are kept alone.

People seem to know about guinea pigs at least needing to be in pairs but rabbits are exactly the same and in fact it pisses me off this stupid bitch acts like an expert on rabbits when shes doing this. I had only seen a few of the videos with the rabbit and suspected as much but thought I would check because there are other things that can affect their temperament but that is the main one.

Apologies for this long angry reply but stuff like this pisses me off especially as she has a large audience and they will undoubtly soak up her ignorance which will possibly lead to more rabbits being ditched at shelters because people got shitty advice from a stupid cunt who uses a living creature as a fucking accessory for her fake image.

No. 460390

I think she wasn't necessarily a raging SJW, per se. But she made a lot of feminist and sex positivity videos which I found annoying and dumb. I wrote something on my medium-sized blog saying something about the asexual "community" and she tried to correct me. I just was personally not a fan of her kind of feminism then.

It's been a few years so I can't remember if she ever attacked anyone or no, but it's weird how she (apparently) did a 180 after she started dating a new guy. That is just not a sign of a good person to me, especially with how vocal she was before.

No, I haven't been keeping up with her. I just know about her videos from a few years ago. It's good to see that she seems to have changed for the better, but if she is really hanging out with people like June and Skep that is really fucky to me.

Oh well this thread isn't about Laci so I'll stop here.

No. 460391

>>Kek why so defensive?
What is remotely defensive about that? Some of us use strong language. Grow a pair.
>>except he liked and was liking the camwhore pictures when they were also together
That’s fair, but it’s just not as glaringly obvious as say when Kiki does shit in response to the current discussions in her thread. It becomes a tin foiling slippery slope and overtakes the whole thread because anons are too autistic to wait for real milk.

No. 460401

Shut up and stop derailing. Wtf does Kiki have to do with this thread? Nothing. If you don't like the gossip, what the hell are you doing here?

No. 460402

June you're posting to Twitter right now , and obviously also in this thread.

No. 460408

Are you mad that your future hubby gets off to superior tranny women? Lmao . How long did you have to nag him before he unliked all those pics

No. 460423

File: 1514964601862.png (143.98 KB, 1200x900, n4f545e3b62db8.png)

from 2013

No. 460427

Where did you find this lol

No. 460437

oh the contradictions, wonder what personality she will pretend to have when thiccboi leaves her for a trap

No. 460460

not surprising 'self image' was never important to her, kek.

also didn't she claim to be irish/italian instead of french/italian?

No. 460461

Shit that is super cringe to be making in your 20s. My sex life would have been zero too if i wasted my adult life making a pic like that.

No. 460481

FWIW my license says i'm 5'6 when i'm 5'9. I got my learner's permit when i was 15 and i just used the height i was then. not sure when june got her license but she could have grown a few inches since she got her permit/license.

No. 460512

I wonder why June is so childish for her age, it's fucking weird how she behaves. She acts like a 15/16 year old emo girl living in 2006, the shit she's doing isn't even current.

No. 460591

She must be another one of those Americans who pretend to be "le 1/10 scandinavian" etc.
You were born, raised and currently living in America, your parents too, therefore you're American. End of the question.

No. 460601

She used to think she was french, she took a DNA test that returned with Irish/Italian results.

No. 460876

Think about it, anon. She's always lived with her parents, never went away to school, never finished school, never worked for more than minimum wage, etc. Her youtube popularity wasn't based on effort, more so on timing, having "controversial" opinions for a woman, and being conventionally attractive. In fact, the only genuine effort she seems to put into anything is her looks. She's hasn't accomplished even the minimum amount that's normal for someone her age, so it kind of makes sense that she's immature and emotionally underdeveloped.

No. 460877

I would believe June made this, but there's not actually any proof in the image? Where did you find this and how do you know that she made it?

No. 460888

File: 1515019749838.jpg (88.95 KB, 800x568, IMG_20180103_174839.jpg)

>listed sexuality straight

That reminds me, can we talk about how full of shit she is about being bi? Having "woman crushes" doesn't make you bi and notice she says she'd only be sexual with someone she 'loves', doesn't that go against Grocery's threesome/poly fantasy?

Once again, she is lying to please others. For her neckbeards she states she's never had a sexuality until finding someone and for her asshole bf to cater to only his sexual needs which she mistakes as being part of their bdsm dynamic.

No. 460893

lmfao that response

>i'm totes bisexual, but i've never been in love with a woman and have no actual desire to date one, but i'd totally hook up with one for the sake of experimentation, just like pretty much every other basic bitch straight girl on the planet

No. 461078

That's being kind. She says she wouldn't be romantic with a woman, and wouldn't be sexual with one either because she'd only be sexual with someone she loves. Supposedly.
She's obviously not bi (as we all know) but this might give enough of a loophole for Groceries to look for a unicorn for them. Lord knows June won't.

No. 461144

File: 1515035122962.jpg (39.1 KB, 582x488, number won hubby materall.JPG)

nitpicking, I know, but hear me out

>what's on the GIRLFRIENDS computer while she cooks

didn't he just propose to her? When people propose to someone, they usually jump at any opportunity to remind everyone they're engaged.

Yet here Grocery is calling June his "girlfriend" when he just fucking asked her to be his wife like two or three days ago

God that makes his proposal seem like such an empty gesture.

Also, can we talk about the fact Grocery is snooping through June's computer while she's cooking for his ass? Kek, to pride himself as being alpha as fuck, it's pretty hilarious to see him openly admitting to snooping through his fiances computer while she is cooking for him like he's a child.

No. 461148


searching through her computer is pretty insecure for such an alpha like himself to do, don't you think?

No. 461156

Lmao so how long do you think this "engagement" is going to last?

No. 461209


I seemed to be the only person who thought Greg would be done enough to put a ring on it, but in my opinion, there is no way it will last more than a year or so, until June grows a fucking brain or until some girl hotter than June throws standards out the window and wants to be with him. I think they'll have a wedding though. The only reason Greg proposed was because literally everyone in his damn family got married last year. He seems like the type of insecure person who feels the need to put a ring on literally anyone willing because no one else would settle for his lard ass at this point. But I have no doubt he will dump June if someone like the THICC trannies and camwhores he follows would show him interest. Thing is, they have hot as fuck body builder boyfriends and wouldn't even think of someone like Greg for a second. June is just about the best Greg can get. And it's not like he has any dumb fangirls to fuck like onision, Greg's fans are fellow neckbeard m'atheists, like himself.

No. 461247

File: 1515041155908.gif (1.87 MB, 400x300, 1347535173286.gif)

Late to the party but WOW what a fucking mean thing to say lol! One minute he's all 'going to propose to my beautiful princess i customized the ring and everything' and she cried (although it just looked like dramatically smeared mascara to me) and one little MRA fuckboy scoffs and he goes 180 'nah marriage is stupid I only did it for convenience to get to my fuck toy' like that shit is fucking mean, if I were her that would have broken my heart and I'd shove that ring into his fucking eye

Karma is a bitch June, good luck!

No. 461343

the thing is, they don't have to get married for her to live there. he could just sponsor her on a partner visa. so…either he's just bluffing to his mra fuckboys to save face (sad lol), they're both genuinely retarded, or this is just a ploy to stop June from sniveling over his thicc tranny obsession until he can replace her.

I'm assuming it's the first one, since his success depends on his dipshit fans not deserting him for BETRAYING MUH BELIEFS, but that's fucking sad. god forbid you have an actual loving relationship with your partner without losing you job lel.

No. 461351

I think he's trying to just save face, even liking the traps seemed like pandering to me, just another thing for his weird mra fans to wack off to. You'd think any straight guy would be like 'nah that's fucking gay as hell' what an insecure loser.

Of course he couldn't be a fucking MAN, you know, and not let a fuckboys opinion get in the way of his fiances happiness, tell him to go suck a dick. Greg is going to put everything before June, and if they do get married, I bet you anything he's going to brag about having this like perfect submissive slave wife and totally dehumanize her, it's going to be some disturbing shit.

No. 461357

You know, they say you lose em the same way you get em

June is probably going to get married to Greg for a while and then he's going to divorce her for a younger hotter 'model' like he did with his ex. To be like 30 something years old, Greg sure does have the behavior of fuck boi college students with the whole "trading up" thing.

And I HIGHLY doubt June will wake up and realize it until he slaps divorce papers in her face and tells her about his 20yo camwhore girlfriend in a few years (hell, even months tbh)

No. 461364

See the only issue I have with that idea is that I think him getting with June was like lightning in a bottle. Like she's not gorgeous but she is pretty damn far out of his league, for a fat old man he got really lucky and should be grateful. I can totally see him cheating on her, but I think he'll just keep getting fatter and grosser, and I don't think he'll be able to leave her for a hotter, younger girl, like how would that even be possible lol?

If he leaves her for someone less attractive than she is that'll probably kill her though. She seems so self-conscious and if she lets herself go even a little in the marriage all that MRA stuff and insecurity will come crashing down on her and she'll blame herself. Pretty sad. Best case scenario the idea of seriously committing herself to this slob might make her wake the hell up and get away from all this, make something of herself. But who knows?

No. 461372


I see where you're coming from but I don't think so.

While his fan base is primarily gross sad men like himself, I guarantee as he grows in popularity and as being "SKEPTIC" and "RIGHT WING" becomes more mainstream among young people (it is, especially among high school wannabe edgelord kids) there is bound to be one girl who is mildly attractive and into all that weird DDLG shit willing to fuck him.

I know a lot of young women into DDLG and a good portion of them are decently attractive but have the lowest standards possible. I think the whole "little" thing goes hand in hand with extreme insecurity.

With his popularity, some 19-24yo wannabe edgelord girl who has a nicer ass than June is bound to pop up and stroke his ego until he drops June… Bonus points if she's a tranny.

No. 461374

The idea of any young person, tranny or no, actually wanting this smug, fat prick is so fucking sad, Jesus. Her parents seem pretty laid back but it would break my heart to see my little girl setting herself up for that crushing heartbreak, I know it only makes it worse but I'd be trying sooo hard to talk her out of it.

No. 461432


I checked both her parents facebook. I don't see anything, but they totally could've and just put it on "friends-only" viewing. Her dad's facebook is on public for the most part and he's posted nothing about it. I wonder if they find it too embarrassing that they are consciously refusing to post about it to their friends and family.

Also, I find it kinda sad that her mom and dad post so damn much about Sarah but rarely ever post about June. In a way, I think they think June's "career" and "relationship" is an embarrassment. I can't blame them. They haven't posted photos or posts about June in months…and of the few photos both of them have shared that June is in, Sarah is in them too, so that's probably why they shared them. If I'm not wrong, June is the older sister, she had a head start WAY before her sister, but here June is, like 26 and living in her parents house, a college drop out, newly engaged to an embarrassing excuse for a man who treats her like shit, while her sister is 2-3 years younger, graduated college, employed and traveling Europe, talented photographer, and overall not an embarrassment.

It's not even lowkey anymore, it's obvious June's parents think she's an embarrassment.

June should really take note of her sister's life and try to fix her own, because at this rate, in five years, June is going to be that miserable divorcee cat lady that she likes to point a finger and laugh it right now.

No. 461460

It's commonly known that none of them are actually into traps to the point of preferring them over women. It's just that women aren't available to them in the first place, so these incels talk themselves into believing that they found something "better" and less threatening. A sad beta coping mechanism.

No. 461465

that's not true. after so long of not having women, they really do seem to prefer trannies over women.

and obviously greg can get both trannies and women, it's not like he's an incel. and why would he like pictures of them if he wasnt actually interested? i mean, it's one thing to rt, but we're probably the only people going thru his likes, really.

ALL of these market failure men possess male sexual entitlement. why do you think he was cheating on the first wife? even she was still too good for him. why do you think he barely tossed any attention, likes, or public approval her way before this sham marriage? he has a history of being entitled and unaware of the fact that he's a fat, intellectually disabled 2/10 with a shit personality. i've seen countless uggo men cheat on out of their league girlfriends and wives. it doesn't matter how lucky they got. they always think they can do better, somehow, or that they'd prefer to have many than just one, even if they're less attractive.

they don't, but these are incredibly stupid people. LOTS of people are under the impression that just getting married will grant you all kinds of benefits when it comes to immigration, when you don't have to resort to marriage for similar benefits, or the benefits of marriage don't kick in immediately like they think. we already know greg and june NEVER research shit and get crap wrong all the time. they're very stupid people and i would peg them for the types that would assume marriage would get her over asap.

No. 461496

You don't "prefer" Toyota over Bentley when you're making 35k a year, anon. Beggars can't be choosers. They're free to pretend otherwise, however.

I know you just have a rage boner towards trannies, but you do know very little about beta males and/or how their jailhouse gay relationships actually play out (hint: it's quite a source of milk).

No. 461500

i really dont think so, anon. after reading on /lgbt/ and /r9k/, plenty of them have come out and admitted they never used to be into it but prefer traps now. ppl make posts about on /lgbt/ all the time about it, almost concerned. why express concern over it if they didn't really prefer it? maybe you're right that it's just pretending, but futa is a big thing anyways, so it's not like it'd be weird. i think their preferences are a lot more pliable than you think, especially when these guys are growing up being exposed to futa and traps and all this stuff right as their sexual appetite is developing. not to mention the fact that they really dislike women, so.

No. 461504

I’m inclined to agree with you. They’re degenerates in every sense of the word and it pervades their entire being.

No. 461510

can we get off the topic of traps and onto the topic of June? Because frankly, no one cares about traps…though beta cucks obsession with them is kinda gross and creepy

No. 461537

Not that this doesn't sound plausible but it's also totally possible that they just don't post about her in order to avoid being flooded by her fan army on their PERSONAL Facebooks, anon.

No. 461540

You women really don't understand men. It's kinda cute.(bye)

No. 461542

No. 461545


That is totally plausible. But to me it sounds so odd to not mention your daughters engagement, or wish her a happy birthday, or anything at all, especially when you plaster your facebook with her sisters photos and achievements and posts about how proud you are of her. I think if they were worried about being flooded by June's fans, they wouldn't have their facebooks set to primarily public.

No. 461550

I wouldn't mention my daughters engagement either if she was getting engaged to annoying fatboi who admitted it was just for citizenship as well as their entire relationship revolving around """bdsm""" aka him putting her on a leash while he farts cheetos and having her suck his dick sometimes on streams, not to mention her massive insecurities he has a lot to do with to the point where she blatantly lies and shoops a lot just to seem ~smol but curvy~ when she's a lanky old stick

June just seems like an embarrassment and I don't blame them for wanting to distance themselves from her, doesn't june still live with them and have the neanderthal visit every now and then? I can only imagine their annoyance having their almost 30 yr old delusional male attention seeking daughter still live with them, she seems like a pain to live with as well as when skep visits to

No. 461557


She does still leave with them. But from what Greg is implying, they're going to move in together soon? so maybe she wont for long.

And yes, Greg visited/stayed with her in her parents home a lot. I can only imagine how fucking awful it must have been for her parents.

No. 461623

HAHAHA, Groceries is top notch autistic.

I don't think they think about her fanbase, if that was the case they would have everything private.

Anyways, I don't think they would ever get married. I mean, Groceries is known for caring a fuck about June, he isn't going to spend money to bring her ass to Canada and June doesn't make much money to eventually migrate unless her poor parents give her some money so she can finally stop leeching them but I don't think that they would that.
Also, they getting married without real experience living together lol.

No. 461878

File: 1515097354744.jpg (18.06 KB, 522x132, Capture.JPG)


>June doesn't make enough money to eventually migrate

No? She is apparently counting moving to Canada as a business expense that her fans will pay for through donations so that they can have more consistent uploading.

She's such a fucking joke, kek.

I bet she will move to Canada though, once she reaches her 2000/3000 dollars a "bideo" goals. What else is she spending the money on? In the last 4 fucking years, her videos have been the same quality. She hasn't improved slightly in the time she has gained literally $2000-$4000 dollars a month from patreon.

I have no fucking idea where her money goes tbh, but she definitely has the money to move to Canada, I just don't see her as the type of person who could manage bills and responsibility, but I see her being a naive idiot and moving to Canada, and being overwhelmed by not having her parents pay for her.

Honestly, I don't even think she will rent her own apartment/house if she moves to Canada and would opt to living with Greg where he currently lives.

I guess this brings up a better question…where the FUCK is her money going? She hasn't improved video quality. She hasn't quit her job or anything because she never had one. She doesn't pay bills. She doesn't really go anywhere for her videos past the occasional neckbeard convention. She likely doesn't pay an editor or anything but her videos look like their made in movie maker. All the "SETS" and "EQUIPMENT" she references in her "things your donations help me buy" column are cheap shit like lighting (that couldn't have cost her more than $200) and a laptop which couldn't have costed her $1000. She could have got both of those things and more in the span of making ONE video and collecting her patreon donations. So where the fuck is all her money going?

No. 461909

>So where the fuck is all her money going?
I think it's pretty obvious that's how she funds her wardrobe of overpriced yesstyle crap and extra leashes for grocery to put on her.

No. 461916

I know everyone is different, and everyone ~leaves the nest~ at different times, but seriously…if I made as much money as June and I was STILL living with my parents, the first fucking thing I would do is move out. Why would you willingly choose to live with your parents at 26? Unless either she or one of her parents has some kind of undisclosed health problem that needs special care and attention. It's not like she's going to school and trying to save money in the meantime, or saving up for a car or some big expense. It appears that she makes serious bank, yet she willingly lives in her high school bedroom?

I'd really like to know why.

No. 461917

I imagine June believes she'll be living with grocery soon and thinks it's useless to bother getting her own place. That and she probably doesn't want to ever be responsible for anything herself.

No. 461944

I make 2k a month and even I am able to visit my boyfriend and he even lives farer than june and greg do, maybe if she stopped blowing money on makeup, clothes, wigs, and plastic surgery she wouldn't ~struggle~ to visit her fat daddy

No. 461977


You can buy all the shitty wigs/clothes/makeup/etc in the world, but it's probably not going to spend 2000-4000 dollars a month. Maybe she's just dumb as fuck and spends thousands on cheap fashion that she never wears… but some part of me is assuming she is saving for the future or something…but the other half of me doesn't think she's remotely smart enough for that. Then again, she could totally be giving her money to Greg too.

Also, past fake tits, I don't think she has much plastic surgery. She obviously is still as ugly as ever. No minor changes have been made to her appearance.

No. 461986

When the shit went down with socialrepose and jaclynglen i didnt even know june was a part of that circle until she made a yt comment calling him a lolcow. I thought she was so put together and confident hahahaha what the hell, was not expecting her to be one. People like june make me question my reality and feel like a fool for believing in their outer appearance. I have to say though it takes a load off to find out shes actually a mess and her life isnt at all something to covet. I thought i was trash for biting my nails but hearing someone who pretends to be the it girl is actually bald and wears a wig because she rips out her hair really adds perspective. And she lives to please some fat space occupier? If every woman treated men the way she treats that piece of pitiful garbage then all the women would be chained up to fat slug men and i guess she doesnt realize that. Or maybe she does and the internal conflict is there but now it can be redirected by the marriage proposal. I dont know what the hell she wants in life but you have to truly wallow in self hatred to turn off and be a puppet like that to a disgusting slob. Shes pretending theres no "oh my god what the fuck am i doing here with this asshole" moment but there are. Theyre everywhere when you lower yourself to that level for another person. She probably dissociates from a lot of it. I think ever since it was put into her head that girls get boyfriends shes obsessed with finding a guy to focus on. It sounds so simple but when a woman focuses her attention on catching any guy and building from there then she gets to completely dissociate from and ignore her own dark, dreary self, full of festering weaknesses that continue to go unchecked. You cant stop ripping your hair out or being a neet if you just keep looking for guys to micromanage. She picked this guy because she really believes she cant do better. And to reconcile that she sings his praises and tries to make the lie a reality. And someone with a "look out for number 1" mentality isnt going to get into a relationship when they dont even know how not to rip their hair out of their scalp. Throwing a wig overtop is a pretty apt metaphor for her life choices. That skeptic douche is just another wig.

No. 461999


you type sage in the email field my guy. Fix that.

No. 462008

>Also, past fake tits, I don't think she has much plastic surgery.

didn't anons mention a nosejob or jaw shaving and shit?

>Then again, she could totally be giving her money to Greg too.

I wouldn't doubt this, she's a female version of a cuck, she's prob giving him a bunch of money to "make up" for the fact "gold diggers and divorce rape" exists or some wage gap type of shit

No. 462020

A possible nose job was mentioned but was fairly debunked when pictures of her with the same turned up Cindy Lou Hoo nose were posted.

No. 462026

>fairly debunked when pictures of her with the same turned up Cindy Lou Hoo nose were posted.

lol what? how does that debunk it?

No. 462055

File: 1515107942313.png (451.22 KB, 606x649, fdsfsdfds.png)


No. 462059


OT but I feel like I've seen rings like June's in catalogs my grandma shop in. The ring looks so fucking cheap kek. I don't care about engagement rings being expensive. Hell, I don't even think it's necessary. But it's really funny that he boasts about being so trad and how he treats June like a princess and then buys her this cheap ass costume jewelry looking ring from the jewelry counter at Wal-Mart.

Also that girls needs some hand lotion

No. 462060

so customized

No. 462062


he customized it by typing "cheap engagement ring" into google and setting the search filter to "price: low to high"

No. 462066

No. 462072

Why do people insist on shitting up threads with these novel type posts.

No. 462080


kek. Also, her ring looks nothing like an engagement ring at all. Like, I thought engagement rings were supposed to be diamond in the center…

Wow, that ring alone made skep-douche a joke to trad guys everywhere.

No. 462236

Sage for no contribution but Diamonds being a need in engagement rings was a massive marketing ploy to make them seem rare even though they are common as shit.

No. 462341

File: 1515122914262.jpg (86.07 KB, 1021x653, kek.JPG)

I just saw this and GOD they're fucking cringey

Also lol to skep-douche for using June's enormous head to cover up his fat boi stomach in this photo.

No. 462353

Not even trying to reach but why does he look legitimately disappointed in the face

No. 462358

because june sold herself off as a perfect sub waifu skeptic trad MRA anti fem kawaii goth gf with big hips a tiny waist and perfect tits when irl she's just annoying, can't cook, can't clean, is a stick with bolt ons, and is just thirsty for male attention, it's catfishing in a way

No. 462361


June didn't start that kawaii trad waifu shit until after they were together. Obviously it was something she was doing to please him. He knew what he was getting into before hand. He just saw a hot girl who would fuck him and try and mold her into his perfect gf….and that's what he did. And ofc she was okay with that because loud anti-feminists women have little to any self respect to begin with. He's working with what he gots okay

No. 462593

Yes. And when he sees that he can't "trad-up" more June and that she isn't useful as a maid/housewife he will dump her skinny ass back to the states.

No. 463024

If any drawfags are feeling charitable, >>461986 put this idea into my head of Grocery as Jabba the Hutt and June on a leash wearing a slave leia costume, looking up at him with awe.

No. 463347

LOL guys she just deleted tweets she made 3 hours ago complaining about this joke made by Dave Chappelle about trans being an issue cause white men want to do that shit. Some said it was only a joke therefore it's not what he thinks and she said it was a political statement not a pure joke. Remember how she and her fans said she was immune to criticism because her videos are just a bunch of jokes and she's a ''comedian''? What a hypocritte. I'm pretty sure she reads this page as well.
So she deleted it because she realized many of her subscribers disapprove it so it can stay on her way of becoming a youtube celebrity. She also hates radfems and this only makes their argument about trans people more valid. Also this video was posted in her twitter thread and it's a radfem channel. Maybe that's also why she deleted it. I remember her deleting ''terf'' twitter thread because someone posted her cringey old videos where she's being obsessed with boxxy.
She's such a pathetic coward.

No. 463372

Saw the tweet. Thought it was fucking ridiculous. In fact, I follow her, and I basically live on twitter. She posts dumb ass shit all the time and deletes it. Going to start screenshotting them.

Personally, my favorite tweets she almost always deletes are where she kisses the ass of "SJW" people's selfies and shit on twitter (the only reason she does that is to make them think she's their friend, so she can use them when she needs them) and then swiftly deletes the reply because all of her awful fans swarm in to insult the "SJW". Kek. She doesn't to it a lot anymore, but she used to do it so much.

No. 463374

yes please do, and post them anon. i dont do twitter and i'd love to see all her dumbassery, and i'm sure loads of other anons would

No. 463425

June would probably even like that

No. 463433

File: 1515249870339.jpg (73.98 KB, 800x623, IMG_20180106_093152.jpg)

Here is one pic of it.

Holy she's starting to sound like the people she claims to be against. So what if it is a statement? Almost every fucken comedian makes some political/social statement in their act. Don't cry about it on twitter and get angry when people don't agree.

She is turning into a triggered tumblr blog poster. The fact that she deleted them to save face makes it better.

No. 463439

June honestly thinks she's smart enough to know what's going on in Dave Chapelle's head? If this were true, her sense of humor would be so much better.

No. 463459

iirc, someone made a drawing/edit similar to that on twitter. june said something like "ok but this is actually how it is?? / i'm into this lol!!"

No. 463461

File: 1515254310613.png (399.7 KB, 591x490, shoe00.png)


I gotchu fam.

No. 463475

Is June too oblivious to understand that the insult here is she thinks she's dating a chad when he's actually an lazy obese manchild?

They think every insult to their relationship is about their bdsm when reality no one gives a shit about their sex lives and thats what makes them so cringey.

No. 463487

Top kek, Dave Chapelle ain't shit, but he actually made a point, and yes it's a political statement as well, but that's how comedy is too. The only thing to be offended by is his wording, isn't that what she complains about those tumblr snowflakes doing?

And just to go full SJW myself for a sec, yes Dave has done some seriously transphobic bits before, he's said gross shit about women, he says problematic shit all the time, but the fact that she always complains about outrage culture and snowflakes and evil feminists while going off against TERFS and whatever people say that offends her - are you an SJW or not, June? You can't have it both ways.

No. 463489

Sorry i learned how to sage correctly im a stupid noob who doesnt know how to computer very well.
Anyway dave chappelle would just laugh at her existence. Hey dave this catfish on the internet who rips out her own hair on her head and caters to a fat piece of uselessness is mad at your trans joke. She also lives with her parents and makes youtube videos making fun of social justice warriors. Oh but she paid for her tits and went on a trip alone with a bunch of strangers on the internet. Reevaluate THAT, DAVE!!!!! all because she wants to be in good graces with blaire whites audience im assuming.

No. 463573

June's been white knighting for Ranting Feminist because one of her tweets ended up on a Hot Leftist Takes account, she took it personally saying to leave RF alone.
June's been doing the same for ContraPoints, who recently started getting more outspoken with her "blame everything that's bad on capitalism, also every gamer is a right winger".

No. 463766

File: 1515281541652.jpg (29.67 KB, 178x300, shew shoe.jpg)

Going to sage because I dont know if this counts as milk but shoe in the past few days has been mentioned a lot on pol and is now even getting her own threads on pol because she freaked out about a livestream between sargon of akkad and richard spencer. If anons want me to post more I can but want to check first because not sure if this counts.

No. 463786

Kek shes so stupid and desperate to be seen as "submissive to dady uwu" that she doesnt realise she's inadvertently admitted greg is jabba the hutt kek

No. 463882

I saw her tweet and then those posts as well….but honestly, was it really a 'meltdown'? I only saw her tweet once about it and seemed pretty tame so maybe I'm missing something.

But it brings me to another point that I've been seeing a lot of people make. The "skeptic" community is serious incestuous with the /pol/, alt-right, white identitarian communities whether they like it or not. I'm not saying June or Skeptic are alt-right, but I guarantee a sizeable portion of their audience is. Just like Sargon, I have a feeling that they are going to have to choose what side of their audience they alienate: the alt-right side or the side that just subscribed for rekt feminist videos.

No. 463896

I could be wrong but I think she is right that people are not paying attention. Farmers are still not catching on - I think she does mean that him being Jabba the Hutt is fine/good. In some views of masculinity which maybe includes hers, a powerful man should not care about what anyone especially women think about how their body looks. If you're the feared top gangster like Jabba or Al Capone and you can have slave girls brought - being fat just emphasises how you don't NEED them to like you.
It's a split, woman's value her appearance, men's physical strength and power to take it. The idea of a man prettying himself up to try to be valuable for a woman would be absurd/pitiful within that system so visualising him as a slob with food spilled on him etc. is not 'owning' June for hypocrisy/delusion at all. That's how they want it to be like. It emphasises how much he 'owns' her - that he can be disgusting and she's still at his feet. That's the point.

No. 463901

File: 1515296040817.jpg (2.25 MB, 3648x2736, Slave_Leia_Shoot,_Celebration_…)

>If you're the feared top gangster like Jabba or Al Capone and you can have slave girls brought
>that he can be disgusting and she's still at his feet

>implying groceries is feared or a top dog when his gf is literally more successful than him and she is a dumbass who dropped out of film college to make videos whining about low hanging fruit


No. 463905

No, the point is still going past you. It doesn't imply he is powerful in the wider/real world. His power is only over her, but that's what's sexy to them so that's what they indulge in, incorporating the idea he doesn't need to be attractive

No. 463907

>If you're the feared top gangster like Jabba or Al Capone and you can have slave girls brought
>that he can be disgusting and she's still at his feet"

that's literally what you said tho, and they're not very dominant and she has to baby him a lot 'it's okawy liwwle skeptic youre my big manly man man dnt listen to haters"

No. 463920

I was meaning to establish the fat boss archetype, and then say that he is HER fat boss,
whether they have a fully consistent realisation of that dynamic or not.

No. 463921

Basically June thinks it's hot that skeptic is a disgusting slob who doesn't take care of himself or give a shit about her because this is hot and manly and she hates herself.

No. 463947

File: 1515302264321.png (123.26 KB, 603x264, 1490123156513.png)

Its not that deep, fam. Most farmers know Wig0nhead's delusions about her "daddy". Her saying people are "not paying attention" is not because people don't understand her POV, its that people are not falling for her BS she pushes about "daddy" all the time which is A) all women want him and B) all men want to be him. No one is "paying attention" because they are busy laughing at how desperate she wants everyone else to envy her and her life.

No. 463949

>average girl dressed like a tryhard doting on a guy who looks like he gives no shits about her
>insanely jealous of any woman who seems remotely attractive
A rare moment of self reflection? If the guy was fatter and uglier it'd be perfect.

No. 463953

>If the guy was fatter and uglier it'd be perfect.
MTE, but also in a way its revealing how delusional she is about gregg's attractiveness.

No. 463976

>I'm insecure of and hostile towards any woman prettier than me who doesn't even show interest in my man
>it me
Lol, yes it is. You brainlet, June.

No. 463998

File: 1515307624800.png (191.19 KB, 690x1725, 50facts.png)

How is it not obvious?

No. 464000

I mean the year is pretty indicative, but June is pretty dime a dozen as far as girls who attentionwhore on chans go. Could theoretically be someone equally pathetic.

No. 464002

>I rarely ever wear makeup

No. 464006

If you really must know, it's from her old Formspring. It's not hard to find.

No. 464007

>i take 2 showers a day. if im sick i'll take around 5…
she better be exaggerating, i'm sobbing for her skin. that whole post is pure cringe.

No. 464012

File: 1515308901341.jpg (29.42 KB, 300x300, avatar.jpg)

that's why she has to lotion up her entire body obviously

No. 464022

omg thats so embarrassing. so she was at least 18 and acted like this. this is just shameful.

No. 464052


holy shit, she writes like I did when I was a 12yo scene kid. She is the most cringe worthy person on the planet.

>i have add/adhd, i was going to take meds for it but my parents were like "nah fuck it, you're not in school who cares"

why the fuck would her parents not have her take her ADD/ADHD meds because she's not in school? If you have ADD/ADHD to a point where you should be taking meds, you SHOULD be taking them. Holy fuck.

No. 464053

They had probably already given up on her by that point.

No. 464056

i dont buy it, anon. half that post she was praising catie. ofc she wants to seem more boxxy-esque with a diagnosis of adhd.

No. 464057

She still talks about the ADHD shit to this day, not that it makes any difference whether it's true or not.

No. 464058

she doesnt seem to have it to me. she doesn't seem very adhdish.

No. 464059


(sorry for the one deleted response, read your post wrong and thought you meant something else)

The sad part is that's probably true. In a way, I think the reason why she dropped out of college is because she had ADHD (along with the normal depression most college students have) and it was going untreated and because she didn't know she had it.
And since she quite literally couldn't focus or pay enough attention to be able to make the proper grades to get through college, she dropped out.
I'm assuming since she said "I'm not in school anymore" she found out she had ADHD after she dropped out. Either way, if she does have ADHD and is not on meds, she is not doing herself any good
that could also be a possibility

No. 464060

I could believe she was diagnosed with it though, especially if it was while she was still a teen. Since some psychs are a bit overeager to give an ADHD diagnosis out and June's parents might have been shopping for a doctor to put a label on their problem child.

No. 464062

I don't know about that. If they were shopping for a label to put on their problem child, I don't think they'd be like "nah, we're not going to put you on the medication"

You're right about the overeager ADHD diagnosis thing though.

No. 464063

Pretty sure on her askfm June says she doesn't take meds because she "likes" being ADHD and it's part of her personality.

No. 464065

they really are. psychs diagnose for everythign. i have an adhd and bipolar diagnosis despite definitely not having them. i'm just hesitant to believe anything she says given how hard she panders.

No. 464067

I'm sure ADHD is a cute personality quirk until you're actually a functioning adult who has to work and/or go to school. Then ADHD is a hellish curse.

Ugh, she reminds me of those Tumblr girls who think mental disorders are personality quirks and not crippling condition that can ruin your life if not treated.

No. 464069

File: 1515317498332.jpg (19.34 KB, 487x201, hmmmm.JPG)

I wonder how many years it's going to take her to look back at her saying yes to Greg's proposal and be like "WHY?"

No. 464071

By the time you're 26 you shouldn't be a point where you're that embarrassed about things you did just a year ago. That's not a sign of being mature June, it's a sign that you're an idiot that talks out of your ass without thinking.

No. 464082

File: 1515319298543.jpg (17.65 KB, 487x181, uwu so trad of him.JPG)

Apparently Greg asked June's dad about if he could marry June before he proposed and he was happy about it.

Kek. I can imagine June's parents being like "THANK FUCK, we can get her embarrassing freeloading ass off our hands. And you're moving her to Canada? God bless you"

Sure June, they were so ~happy~ about it that they have yet to mention it at all on their facebooks, the same facebooks that they post ten-page essays about how proud they are of your sister on.

No. 464114

While that's common, it's not the same for everyone with it.
Some claim to even benefit from it and I guess it partially depends on what you're doing.
In her line of "work" it's not necessarily much of a problem.

No. 464115

>tfw you're not actually a white supremacist trad wife and it's getting harder to pretend you are
>tfw your alt right fanbase is catching on
Poor Juniekins.

Does she not realize how pathetic that comic is though?

No. 464118


the funny thing about the comic is that the blonde didn't even look at the guy. Much like any attractive self-respecting woman would to Greg. Lol

No. 464121

The fact that she's friends with Contra, a hard left SJW trans woman who opposes capitalism honestly says everything you need to know about how genuine her "anti SJW" persona really is kek.

No. 464134

so much lying, I felt like I could read the exact same thing on same basic cali bitch from 2009s myspace page


No. 464135


She's only friends with people like Contra so she can set up "debates" where one of her wannabe intellectual right-winger friends get drunk and hurls insults at the "SJW" while she "mods" by laughing her ass off, because lol debate.

That's why after the Contra vs. Blaire debate got huge, she started looking for more SJWs who were stupid enough to sit in a stream for three hours and get screamed at. That's why she's befriending people like Marinashutup and Milo Stewart and all the rest. That's why she went from calling herself centre-right to "a liberal leftist who's just anti-sjw"

Also someone before said she's centrist at most, but those are her words. June calls herself "Just leftist" now. What happened to "radical centrist uwu"?

No. 464147

Yeah, I guess I should have written "friends" instead. I also think she's neither left nor right, she's just a centrist with no self-respect who pretends to be whatever she thinks will get her peer approval. Now she's the token "anti-sjw liberal", the same way Blaire is the "trans woman who's totally down with the right".

No. 464156

Just like she used to be
~edgy gamergate-r video game nerd ONE-OF-THE-BOYS tomboy~
and now she's
~smol cute ddlg submissive trad waifu~

No. 464260

the fact that Shoe keeps relabeling herself is hilarious. It's essentially better to not even label yourself in the first place, or not care anymore, to avoid all that.
I also find Blaire's gimmick funny, too because she used to be a left wing feminist.
No doubt people's views change with age, but they're obsessed with getting internet approval.

No. 464450


So she wants to worship harvey weinstein too??? lets face it hes ugly as shit and so is her armored fatboy. shes like jennifer lawrence and meryl streep the way they worshipped that slug and then when the laundry gets aired out everyone involved is ruined. is that the point we're supposed to get? its moronic. is princess june gonna strangle jabba the grocery with her wig?

No. 464466

contra is the biggest lolcow honestly. he's a mess and a pretentious dick. he's EVERYTHING she should be mocking, but she won't bc he's a tranny, and she's basically a sjw herself and a troon stan. her brand is such bullshit. she's just as much of an sjw, except that she enjoys shitting on women more than the average sjw does. literally her following is JUST misogynists.

bc most centrists aren't tranny stans. she's adopting 'leftist' (LOL) bc most centrists (well, online, are men that are ok with trannies but won't pretend they have 'female brains' and go as far as june wants), so now she's a "leftist" bc the left is completely gagged by trannies and is just as misogynistic as the right. except that beyond batshit trans bullshit, she's not a leftist, or even a liberal, at all. how contra and hmbomberguy even talk to her is beyond me. greg mocks socialists constantly and she'll mock and shit on socialism (like she knows, or he knows anything about it) when she's with him, but i guess contra and hmbomber dont have that much dignity considering they'll sell socialists out just to be able to rag on radfems with capitalist anti-feminists

No. 464486

i get a feel that june is attracted to troons

that's how she thinks she is "bisexual"

sage for tinfoil

No. 464499

i could see her MAYBE liking the many twinkhons that follow her. i doubt she'd like any that actually looked like women.

but i dont even think it's as sexual as that. i think she just really hates women, as evidenced by her pre-internet bullying of innocent girls, calling them fat, flat, and ugly, for no reason, etc, and the transtanning and calling actual feminists ugly and being backed by 'feminists' and leftists is the perfect segue and opportunity from mean high school girl and not like other girls internet attention whore, to having her nasty criticisms now taken as civil rights activism and boosted by 'feminist leftists' who see nothing wrong with her misogyny bc they're all huge misogynists masquerading as feminists

No. 464531

File: 1515369354401.png (22.25 KB, 661x120, 1406050061516.png)

While June was always indeed an attention whore, it's sad she sold herself to being nothing more than a face for neckbeard edgelords. The fact that even her "fiancé" prob would never have cared for her if she went in the direction she wanted to do things instead of pandering to specific groups is telling they wont last long.

No. 464554

File: 1515371262863.png (210.39 KB, 527x280, ereee.PNG)

i think shit like this is her trying to push pregnant tbh. she did the same thing with marriage. oh it's just a silly joke when it isn't. i know it's a silly meme, but i'm 100% sure she'd be up for making a trapbaby

No. 464561

File: 1515371455816.png (16.66 KB, 530x137, okoi.PNG)

so she's claiming to have been working up until last year? uhhh

No. 464575

>i've been working since i was 16 years old
"after graduating and finally getting my braces off after 4 long years, i got my first job working at carvel" - her 'draw my life' video

No. 464576

Did you not see the older threads when she worked at a department store makeup counter, anon?

No. 464591


she hasn't been working there recently afaik. she definitely wasn't working there until last year.

No. 464615

that's called being delusional

No. 464621

Didn't she quit or get fired from that job in an embarrassingly short amount of time? A shame she didn't pick up on any useful makeup techniques.

No. 464656

No, Carvel was the one she was fired from because her coworkers put vodka in her water bottle and claimed she showed up to work drunk.

No. 464677

That sounds like a bullshit story.

Pretty sure she was working at the makeup place until grocery talked her into monetizing her youtube.

No. 464681

but seriously, everything about this chick is fucking pathetic. she’s nearly thirty years old and she acts like a fucking 12 years old, the way slaves over that fat fuck loser of a fiancé, how she throws any female under the bus for male attention. she also strikes me as someone who hasn’t read a book since high school. this bitch is dumb as shit and should not be allowed to be influential to children

No. 464684

june also has absolutely NO mind of her own, what so ever. she constantly changing her views to who ever is in the vicinity. she bashes feminists when she’s with the fat monster, bashes ‘terfs’ when she’s chatting with contra et al

No. 464719

File: 1515381880580.jpg (26.1 KB, 1024x683, thisdoesntreallymakesensebutok…)


lemme be tinfoil hat-y here but

It doesn't seem like a coincidence that she adopted calling herself "just leftist" around the same time actual sjw-type leftists started adopting the "fishhook theory" aka "everyone who isn't on the left is basically on the far right"

But while this theory is easily arguable, she's not going to argue it. Because she's not remotely smart enough to and because she doesn't want to upset her new tranny sjw friends because she needs their friendship for later

No. 464741

Doesn't hoe make a lot more money than skepdick? She has twice as many subscribers and patrons. Incredibly ironic that she's the breadwinner, I guess if anyone's going to get "divorce raped" it'll be her. I don't think he would've proposed otherwise.

No. 464797

File: 1515390643724.gif (41.23 KB, 660x216, 00024ce889aed6ad56b567963cabaa…)

I came here to say something about the engagement, but I scrolled through the old thread first. This post in particular made my stomach drop a little bit.


I have trouble believing she's okay with this, and if she is, she really shouldn't be. Maybe she's a legitimate cuckquean? But I also remember her tweeting this comic once (see image)… It was a while ago, I don't have a screenshot.

Obviously it's a natural urge for a man to look at women, but the extent that he acts on it is a reflection of how much he respects the one he's with. Publishing that he's looking at these women for everyone to see (including them, he probably hopes) WHILE he's with his girlfriend that he hardly sees doesn't look so good. I doubt it feels nice either.

June seems to lack so much confidence in her own ability to reason that I wouldn't be surprised if he's convinced her that she needs to be okay with it. Or that she trusts him so much that it has caused some sort of cognitive dissonance where she's the one convincing herself that he's acting like a good partner. He /NEEDS/ to windowshop for other women because otherwise she wouldn't be able to reap all the benefits that come with being the property of a REAL man.

Anyway… I'm surprised they're going through with an engagement. I thought that they were both against marriage, but the mascara smears say otherwise! I hope it works out since everything else about this situation just makes me feel sad?

No. 464805

nvm shoulda read this thread

No. 464811

Wtf this guy sucks. I just feel so sad for her, legitimately.

No. 464823

File: 1515393005003.png (639.22 KB, 1716x819, Skepticlikes.png)

5 days into the engagement and he's already liking more twitter hoe pics

No. 464825

Linebacker body. What an attainable bae.


No. 464830

reminder that this literal trash bag full of braised beef called a skinny but slightly untoned girl "a fatty"

No. 464834

And this marriage is gonna be sad and gross. Sad that june defends and is proud of being publicly cucked like this

No. 464835


I wonder what June feels like knowing that while she's laying in the floor with a leash on like a bitch, skep-douche is liking thicc milf camwhores bikini selfies.

No. 464837

Its interesting bc she likes to flaumt that shes super jealous and possessive (that comic), but I guess it would be off brand to be publicly jealous of camwhores since all her followers love porn and camwhores. Though maybe shes one of those cuckqueans that defends porn militantly while their husbands are imagining fucking every other girl on earth

No. 464840


Also, it's very likely that Greg has convinced her that caring about him liking/following camwhores is very un-little of her and if she wants to be a proper sub, she should let him do what he wants.

See, this is the problem with power dynamics in BDSM, if there are age differences or even just maturity differences, it makes it very easy for the "dom" to just use the "sub" because it's part of the ~kink~ when in reality, it's just them taking advantage of a delusional young person who thinks being treated like shit is what is supposed to happen. BDSM has a lot to do with being on the same page with your partner…and Greg and june are not on the same page.

No. 464842

i really want to see her without her wig. where can i pay someone to snatch her wig at next con(read the rules)

No. 464846


Please don't do this. That's way too far. Also, her wig is probably clipped/sewn on and you could end up injuring her and getting in serious shit. Even without injury it's still battery.

No. 464847


Yeah. That's taking it a bit far don't you think guys?

Besides, why try to publicly embarrass her by snatching her wig when she's already publicly embarrassing herself on the daily by being "married" to Greg?

No. 464849


Neither of those things would be funny… I get ripping into Greg, but I feel bad for June.

Like other people have said it's sort of a pathetic situations when you look at the whole picture, and reality isn't going to be kind to her. Talking about it is one thing. Not sure why we should actively make it worse?

No. 464851


I don't think we have to even try making it actively worse. June is doing that for us.

No. 464865

File: 1515398389995.png (14.84 KB, 1311x167, reeeeee.png)

Bawleeted a-logging for context.

No. 464867

File: 1515398500293.png (Spoiler Image, 2.65 MB, 2207x2207, skepticlikes2.png)


Some more of Gregs twitter cucking.

No. 464875


Ya know, I was like "Well, I mean, they're camwhores, but atleast their in clothes, even if it's underwear" Nope. Of course he likes naked camwhores photos.

June has to see this. Even if she doesn't see him liking it in real time, she has to see "ArmouredSkeptic liked this" on her TL. and if she'd the jealous type she says she isn, this is fucking eating away at her and making her even more insecure. This is very likely why she lashes out at women so much. All that jealously she keeps pinned up inside her erupts when she finds any woman she can disagree with on anything. It's so sad.

No. 464902

imagine marrying a man who gets off to shadman and likes porn of girls who are prettier than u on his public twitter account. sad!

No. 464903


not only shadman art, but incest shadman art. What a fucking wierdo loser.

I mean, June is sorta a loser too but ffs, she's better than Greg by all means. I'm baffled by how they're still together. June, get a fuckin gripppp

No. 464906

File: 1515404729789.jpg (58.22 KB, 1007x589, lmao.JPG)

OT but

if you ever for a second get to thinking that maybe Greg isn't an egotistical douchey unlikable loser, do remember…he likes his own tweet.

No. 464912

yes, but bdsm, unless the woman is dominant, is always abusive for women. there's no healthy female sub shit. it's all horrible and exploitative. this strain of it is terrible, and there is no good strain of bdsm where women are subs. it takes major advantage of subjugation that females face in every facet of our lives, so it's impossible to be done in a 'healthy' way, js.

ew. so she either isn't possessive or is so cucked that she'd defend this. it's really gross though. all of it, and this is so embarrassing. like, to me, it'd be bad enough if he did this on a private account that no one could see, but this is his TOTALLY PUBLIC social media for his online character. so trashy. she has no backbone or her priorities are fucked. confirmed that the marriage is just for optics, tho.

No. 464922


bdsm in general is kinda fucked. I mean, being abused is still being abused, even if you like it. That goes for male and female subs. Also, most doms are super shitty people in general.

>ew. so she either isn't possessive or is so cucked that she'd defend this.

I think she is possessive or a jealous-type. I don't see a reason to lie about that. It's not like her audience is female and she says it to be relatable. I think Greg knows she's a jealous type and that's probably why he does what he does. That's why he cucks her at any opportunity he sees. Because he knows he can toy with her emotions.

This goes back into my theory that doms are just shitty power-hungry people in general. Having power over people almost always leads to people abusing that power and hurting people in the process. But if hurting is ~part of the kink~ then where is the line drawn? At this point, June has probably internalized the abuse because it's ~kinky~.

God help this girl. She's fucking dumb. I could give her a pass if she was younger and inexperienced in relationships and life, but she's 26 years old.

No. 464929

it totally is but i felt saying that too was an even harder sell. eroticising abuse should never be ok. there's something wrong w ppl that eroticise abuse. it definitely shouldnt be normalised.

>This goes back into my theory that doms are just shitty power-hungry people in general. Having power over people almost always leads to people abusing that power and hurting people in the process. But if hurting is ~part of the kink~ then where is the line drawn? At this point, June has probably internalized the abuse because it's ~kinky~.

absolutely. but i do think her male followers like for women to be kind of possessive and virginal, almost. like, cutesy and possessive, but at the same time, totally ok with 'lewd' shit. that's why her fans try to defend her obvious lies about her being a virgin into her twenties. i think she's probably at least a little possessive, but then again, i see otherwise possessive women who completely tune out porn and all that kind of shit and defend it to the death. to me, that's not really very possessive tbh. i know my partner would be upset if i was cumming to the thought of fucking all kinds of dudes, and understandably so. why women defend or ignore men doing the same is beyond my understanding. we all know if lena the plug was in front of lord fartwad and showing interest, he'd drop june and her stick stems like a hot potato.

>God help this girl. She's fucking dumb. I could give her a pass if she was younger and inexperienced in relationships and life, but she's 26 years old.

just kills me that she fights this hard to be publicly cucked and humiliated by a trailer-wide dimwit of a man with a walloping spare tire for a stomach and a bowl of jelly for a brain

No. 464932

that's a really weird and flawed take on bdsm.

if there's one thing we know about her, it's that June is jealous of pretty much all women.

No. 464934


>we all know if lena the plug was in front of lord fartwad and showing interest, he'd drop june and her stick stems like a hot potato.

If literally any remotely thicc girl showed interest in his lard ass, he'd drop June. Thing is, June may be the only woman on the planet with so little self-respect that'd she'd fuck him. I wonder if he's convinced her that he's the best she could ever get. I worked with girls (and even guys) in domestic abuse situations before, they all were convinced they should stay because they couldn't do better, even if it was extremely obvious that they could. June reminds me of them SO much.

>just kills me that she fights this hard to be publicly cucked and humiliated by a trailer-wide dimwit of a man with a walloping spare tire for a stomach and a bowl of jelly for a brain

This actually made me laugh out loud. Flawless comparison, Anon.


if there's one thing we know about her, it's that June is jealous of pretty much all women.

I think that's why the MRA movement seemed so cozy for her. They hate women. She hates women. The only difference is that she hates women because she's can't be them and they hate women because they can't be WITH them.

No. 464937

Honestly, I don't see that much of a difference between liking it publically or just privately. It's the same shit. I mean the first one is more humiliating, of course. But lots of dudes do it privately and I think everyone knows that. Their girlfriends know it too, they just put up with it. Almost of all the men are porn users and/or camwhore admiers. It's just automatically implied within couples and society that they are. I don't condone it, don't get me wrong. It's just what it is. The only difference is that he's publically objectifies women. But you know he's an anti-feminist and it makes sense while he's so proud about it. Nothing surprising.

Also she follows and reposts one of these camwhores (the blonde one). Not her nudes, of course.

No. 464943


It's not that it makes a difference whether he does it publicly or privately. It's not like he's a normal guy. He is humiliating June, someone who has a huge following, by doing it on his public account. He could have some common decency and atleast act like she's not so spineless that she is letting him get off to incest hentai and milf camwhores while she lays in the floor on a leash.

No. 464944

the difference is that i'd say most men dont humiliate their wives enough to do it publicly. both private and public are contemptible tbqh but it IS considerably better to not embarrass your partner with that shit, especially if your gf/wife/whatever is famous. he has even less respect for her than the average male, and the bar is already very low

it isn't. bdsm is harmful to women. like, 96% of women in bdsm relationships are submissive. women aren't able to freely choose submission the way men can because they're shoehorned by society into submission and subservience from day 1. it can't be a free choice for females the way it is for men.

No. 464950

you could say that BDSM is more harmful for women. But I think in general, it's harmful to anyone who is a sub. Also, it's important to remember the majority of subs are people who have power in their everyday lives already. And lots of doms are people who are mostly submissive in their day to day lives. That's why there are a shit ton of dominatrix's. Because women are, as you said, sort of shoehorned into submission.

The odd thing about June is that she seems to be a submissive and passive person all around. Even dating back to that 50 Facts about me where she says she forgives and forgets too easily. June obviously isn't like a powerful CEO who likes to whipped around in his spare time. She's a passive person who likes to please people, especially those who pay her attention. She has always been and will always be an attention whore. Being an attention whore is embedded in peoples personalities from day one.

No. 465009


Nevermind the fact June is retarded to be ok with him liking this shit because 'muh 24/7 bdsm, skeptic is a god who deserves many women' shit. What the fuck is up with him thinking to like this shit on his brand name. He's quoted he wanted to make a business with the 'armoured' name (cringe) and yet he's letting public people see his late night camgirl/twitterporn fab history session.

I'm conflicted if it's him wanting to look "alpha" (lol) or if he's a literally that dumb.

No. 465021

What a degenerate

I usually roll my eyes at the whole "My man better not be liking other girls' pics!!" bs, but this is a lot.

No. 465025

BDSM isn't just about consentually being someone's doormat, I'd be hard-pressed to say that June and Greg are in a BDSM relationship at all. June isn't a "sub", she's just submissive in general in hopes of getting approval.

No. 465065

And all this time june spent making fun of girls with average sized tits for having "no tits"pudgy stomachs and thicc thighs, meanwhile her fiance is fapping to all the things june made fun of the girl for

No. 465087


Liking other girls selfies and posts are one thing, but liking and following multiple camwhores (all of which you don't know or have an excuse to follow) is a lot. Especially when your girlfriend who you barely get to see is under the same roof as you for the time being.

June is sitting there in front of Greg and will do anything for his approval, not to mention they boast about how TRAD they are, so I'm assuming June would be down to fuck him any time specifically so she can please him, yet he chooses to fap to SHADMAN and camwhores.

In a way I'm like "Poor June, he is obviously treating her like trash" but at the same time, she's letting him…so I don't know what to say. I learned to stop fucking with guys who treat me like trash a LONG time ago, June needs to open her eyes. She's almost 30.

No. 465106

File: 1515435214069.jpg (22.3 KB, 350x233, cigar-lounge-zürich.jpg)

not to mention how often he does it, even some bad bfs I know wouldn't stoop as low as liking millions of chubby camwhore pics all the while he's visiting his girlfriend with extreme insecurity issues that he's about to marry for fucks sake, and not to mention other people can see him doing this shit, he has no respect for her at all
even the stereotypical husband looking at dirty magazines while his wife is at the grocery store has the decency and respect to hide his dirty magazines, this guy is straight up liking pics from a fucking loli and incest artist, who drew keemstars daughter sucking a dick, while he's visiting his gf, not only that he does it in a place where everyone can see what pics he is liking

I swear, and this same guy has the audacity to call himself a gentleman meanwhile even hoodrats and white trash men have more respect for their wives/gfs/fiances and just women in general than him

>June needs to open her eyes. She's almost 30.

I stopped feeling bad for june the second she ran around gloating about how bdsm they are and justifies gregs shitty actions by saying "he's a god", she acts like a little fucking kid playing pretend and yet she's almost 30 and just now got engaged to a greasy idiot with no respect for her or himself

No. 465126

Didn't he say that he likes to make his women feel shitty about themselves because "muh 24/7 bdsm"? Does anyone else remember this? It's not even BDSM, it's just being an abuser

No. 465142


I've never met June and Greg irl, but apparently their weird dynamic makes people uncomfortable and kinda sus. Do remember that relationship guru said her friends thought Greg was abusing June, just from how they acted around eachother in public, but her and Greg laughed it off as ~part of the kink~. Greg is just a shitty power-hungry egotistical douche who found a girl dumb enough to believe him treating her like shit is hot and kinky. And humans have a natural instinct to sense odd behavior, and if people thought Greg lowkey acted abusive toward June, they are probably right to some extent. Or hell, maybe Greg tries to act abusive to June in public to remind everyone how ~powerful and alpha~ he is.

No. 465158

Agreed, these two are not actually BDSM, it's stupid to consider them as "models" of BDSM. She's just a doormat to dick and he's all about inflating his ego. This whole ethics of BDSM conversation is misplaced.
Ew about the Keemstar's daughter thing. Does Shad have his own thread?

No. 465169

No clue, but I cringe at anyone who tries to debate "loli isn't pedophilia" when it's more than obvious it is

No. 465196

File: 1515442638843.png (661.29 KB, 1701x1098, cometobed.png)


On one of the hoe pics he liked, the replies were a bunch of his followers yelling "better hope June doesn't see this!" so it's not like he doesn't realize people can see.

No. 465200

so disrespectful and he just does not give any shits. i really dislike her, but she could do so much better. there is no positive to being with this loser.

No. 465207

File: 1515443219701.jpg (16.72 KB, 362x147, thismademefeelunholy.JPG)

I think you're right about the BDSM thing. And aslo, Shad is fucking disgusting and not okay. Too bad enough of the internet loves his art that you probably couldn't find a big enough audience to discuss how much of a disgusting piece of shit degenerate he is.

and speaking of loli, doesn't Greg have a tendency to call how June dresses as "loli"? It just makes me feel so weird when someone compares how their girlfriend dresses to anime child porn as if that makes it hot. ugh

Also, why is he constantly dressing June up like a little girl when he's liking thicc milf (or just mature looking/dressing) camwhores on twitter? I get some people like variety, but there is a pattern with the girls he likes on twitter and it's the opposite of June.

(pic is of comment from before they were dating I think)

No. 465228

>Also, why is he constantly dressing June up like a little girl when he's liking thicc milf (or just mature looking/dressing) camwhores on twitter? I get some people like variety, but there is a pattern with the girls he likes on twitter and it's the opposite of June.

All the womens pics he's liking are pretty fake too, but not surprising since june has implants, at least he's not boasting about how he likes natural women then turning around and jerking it to fake hoes

I feel like he WANTS june to feel like shit about herself, he doesn't ever bother complimenting her or liking any of her pics, calling women who are a similar size to her fat, he's giving rando cam whores more attention and affection than he's giving to june by just making her sit on a leash and suck his dick every now and then and calling it bdsm, what's even worse is the immense amount of effort june puts into her looks and she gets nothing out of it, all she gets is him liking cam whores on twitter

It's giving me a sense of secondhand embarrassment as well, she goes out of her way to be attractive, spends tons of money to do so, gives up the slightest bit of dignity she has so she can justify him liking fake hoes and loli on twitter, tells everyone about how the lazy fat greaseball is a "god", sits on a leash while he farts cheetos and sucks his yeasty chode, and for what? an aliexpress tier engagement ring and getting called beautiful and being proposed to, just to have grease 2.0 take it back on twitter and say marriage is low and he only did it for citizenship?

No. 465235

Something's really fishy. If you try to search Armored Skeptic on Twitter one of the first suggestions is Armored Skeptic ddlg. When you go to that suggestion, nothing shows. I mean, you wouldn't see a suggestion for this if nobody talked about it, but it seems a lot of people actually are. I'm thinking maybe on locked accounts, or Groceries is doing something at Twitter to hide any results. DDLG can be searched so the word isn't censored.

No. 465238

Nah, I think he just likes both. He liked quite a few other skinny/little camwhores on twitter.

No. 465275

So…when is the threesome happening?
I wanna see June's "cool girl" persona crumble when fat skeptic leashes her in the other corner of the room while he fucks the other girl in front of her.

No. 465284

I don't think that will break her yet tbh, I think if skeptic starts talking about how hot girl number 2 is, spending more time with her than june, making almost every convo with june about how perfect girl number 2 is, how she's hotter than june, posting more on twitter about said girl than he is with june, etc
neither of them are nowhere near as mature enough to have a stable poly relationship, given most people who do give into the poly trend aren't mature enough for it either

also, I use to be like june and fall for the whole "be a cool gf and let your bf fuck other women" type stuff, it wasn't the actual him fucking her that got to me, it was the fact it felt like he cared about the other girl and would tell me about how better her ass and tits were than mine and would pay more attention to her etc that broke me

No. 465378

It was so hard to read that. Why does she write like a 13 year old on myspace??
Anyway, she says she takes 2-5 showers a day? That sounds really unhealthy.

No. 465379

File: 1515454567940.jpg (Spoiler Image, 54.6 KB, 506x520, thicc transwoman.jpg)

Lucky for june there are some thicc transwomen who want threesomes with the both of them.

june is lucky, she always gets the lookers!(use spoilers)

No. 465382

pls spoiler
I would to if skeptics coat of grease, yeast, dead skin and fupa was constantly all over me
If she's trying to pretend she cares a lot about hygiene and she ~clean~ then she should start by chopping off grease2.0

No. 465386

I fucking hate Shadman, his vile art and his fanbase. Isn't Violet from the incredibles like 14? seriously sick shit. Greg is disgusting. and June must hate herself to marry that fat sack of shit.

No. 465393

omfg, I just ate dinner. Spoiler this.

I'll give them 6 months before Groceries wants to have an open relationship with a tranny.

No. 465761

i really dislike june. but i hope if she sees this, that she realise that she can do better than Greg. He is disgusting, humiliating her and so much more. just generally uglier than her. Also, she is soon 30, not a kid. go and find someone that actually is husband material, and grow up yourself. your loli shit is pathetic, cringy and disgusting. if not, i think she actually deserve everything that is coming for her

No. 465805

Pretty sure this is old. Her typing style isn't like that anymore, although she still doesn't use caps.

No. 465885


Yeah, this is old, but she still kind of types like this and it annoys the shit out of me. Not forgiving her for it being old tho. She was like 20+ when she wrote this and it sounds like a retarded child wrote it.

Also she still types like this to be cute. Like when she spelled "picture" "pichur" >>458859
And a billion other examples. If you follow her on twitter, you know she types like a 13yo girl. She very likely does it know so she can look quirky and cute…and like a little girl. eehh

No. 465896

"Bideo" etc, etc. Like, keep it to your private conversations, this shit is so tryhard. reminds me of nyanners or whatever and her fake pandering Loli voice

No. 466044


Okay, but imagine June at 30. Her youtube channel is dead because she refuses to improve her content. Greg leaves her for some thicc tranny camwhore or leaves her to be alone so he can fap to said camwhores. She had to move back in with her parents. And she still dresses like and acts like a 14yo girl because it's all that she has learned to do to get approval from people. She desperately seeks out another neckbeard but they don't want her old ass. She either 1.) becomes the bitter misandrist she loves to make fun of or 2.) she spends the rest of her life being like "uwu i mey bee thurrtty bt imm a lolliii gurll ;3; spenk meh daddii"

No. 466186

i wonder if june will eventually drop the ‘smol innocent waifu makin bideos~*~~’ act or if it will be like a ‘whatever happened to baby jane?’ sort of thing and she’ll be 50 doing the same shit as she now

No. 466199

I would bet money that her and septic will eventually split, either due to him disrespecting her by drooling over other women or he'll cheat. Then I think she'll drop the kawaii uguu loyal waifu thing and take a Jaclyn glenn esque route of just being annoying, conceited, stuck up and thinking she's above everyone rather than acting cutesy

No. 466365

She will become a feminist when he ditches her lmfao

No. 466396

Everyone said that about Lainey too, but she's still a doormat. Granted she's younger and a mom, but still.

No. 466418

>a mom
Those are two big factors anon, not mention lainey and him started talking when she was very young, she most likely lost her virginity, first kiss, he was Her first real relationship, etc, she doesn't know what life without onion is like and its the only life she has come to known and deluded herself so far into this mess that she will never be who she was before once she eventually cuts the tiny thread their relationship is hanging by for the last few years not to mention the kids beside it

With june, she has no kids, most likely ever wont, only finally decided to get married, unlike lainey shes financially stable enough to leave and go on her own if she could even though she chooses to stay at her parents and buy makeup and clothes instead of being an adult, she didn't lose anything to skeptic besides her self awareness and dignity, genuineness and just morals and general, she's extremely attached to him or at least pretends to be, she can easily leave him, and he can easily leave her, and since greg loves to put the relationship on rocks to the point where june has to give up her self respect just to barely hold that shit together, who knows when there will be a breaking point or will they just end up like lainey and greg and just wallow along their pretentiousness, misery and midlife crises just for the abuse- I mean dom in the relationship to bring younger cuter women in and call it poly

No. 466607

Yeah, while I think Skep-douche and onion boy are pretty comparable to eachother, June and Lainey aren't at all.

Lainey was an idiot teenager who married someone she looked up to at a point in her life when she had no experience as an adult.

June had been in and out of college and relationships and had a job. She had decent experience as an adult.

When you see Lainey being treated like a doormat, you have sympathy for her because she hasn't know anything else.

But for June, it's pure stupidity. She has likely convinced herself Greg is the best she will ever get.

No. 467396

File: 1515680129975.jpg (26.53 KB, 584x235, Capture.JPG)

But June, isn't your life exactly like 50 Shades of Grey except your Christian Grey is fat, ugly and poor?

No. 467398

File: 1515680321976.jpg (56.85 KB, 630x655, Capture.JPG)

No. 467431

I have a hard time believing a guy like grocery stays faithful between those months of not seeing her.

No. 467492

I really hope she becomes misandrist feminist and ends hating groceries. Just imagine the tea she would split about him, his autistic antics, their delusional ddlg sex life.

sage for tinfoiling and dreaming.

No. 467701

why does she need to go back at all? hint: she doesn't. she has no responsibilities back in ny, and she can stay for 6 months without a visa. fatfuck wants her gone so he can freely fap to literally anyone but june

No. 467753

Haha, right? She could stay for 6 months, especially now since they are fiancées.

No. 467806


this doesn't even make sense. She doesn't have anything in NY worth going back for. I'm sure her family don't want her back. Besides, aren't they getting married now? Can't he let her stay in Canada with him? Afterall, they're getting married and living together soon according to June.

So, maybe, just maybe, (ok, it's pretty fucking obvious) that the "proposal" was an empty gesture to get her thinking he actually wants anything more from her than to fuck her every once in a while. I can't imagine them ever getting married.

No. 467813

who's driving her to new york ? it would be even funnier if it was greg

also they're ready for marriage but not apparently ready to move in? what shit logic is this?

No. 467826


I mean, he drove down to NY to see her, and drove her up to Canada, it's very likely that he drove her back.

Maybe June's family wanted to see them or something since they are engaged now. But at the same time, they apparently knew they were getting engaged when Greg was down for Christmas so I doubt that.

Also, Greg nor June are mentally mature enough to live together anyway. And if it wasn't evident from his first marriage, Greg nor June are mature enough to be married either.

Their proposal seems like something they either did for attention, or was something Greg did because June was getting annoyed with him fapping to hentai and camwhores, and he didn't want to lose the only one on the planet willing to fuck his lard ass

No. 467976


Neither, but you have to think, who the fuck else besides June would want him?

No. 468013

I'm honestly starting to think the proposal was just so June would stop being so rabidly insecure while Greg continues to fuck about like a manchild. Now that she has a ring on her finger to be smug about, she'll chill out and enable him longer.

No. 468187

File: 1515741151074.jpg (117.98 KB, 1158x1200, DDL4FZKXcAAIVdR.jpg)

No. 468191

i dont get this, why would someone public ally brag about their fap material? what is he trying to accomplish?

No. 468192


Ofc June and Greg would adore this image.

It makes Greg out to look like the muscle-y alpha he tries so hard to tell us he is and makes June out to look like the slim-thicc ~smol~ fangirl she photoshops herself to be.

No. 468194


is that june or a dehydrated Snooki

No. 468234

she's basically a libfem already.

No. 468235

Her responsibility for the life of her rabbit is one reason to come back.

No. 468254


I'm sure her parents know how to give her bunny food and hay and change it's bottle every day or two. And if that's the reason why she's coming back, wouldn't it makes sense to come, pick up her bunny and go back to Canada? I just don't see why they're engaged and Greg doesn't even want June to live with him yet. Lol. I have no reason to believe June chose to go back home. She never shut up about being with him in the first place. If she could stay up under him 24/7 she would.

I think Greg got annoyed with her and dumped her ass back in NY.

No. 468288

Kek me too it would be hilarious!

No. 468291

Given how she really doesnt give a shit about her rabbit and just uses him for image purposes I doubt that reason crossed her mind.

No. 468309

File: 1515768645033.jpg (50.35 KB, 379x286, CFjU41M.jpg)


Anyone who gave a shit about their rabbit wouldn't put it in that small of a cage. Even to sleep in at night. Her rabbit is an adult. It should have a 6x2 cage plus floor time. If she doesn't have the room for a cage that big, she shouldn't have a rabbit. I know I wanted to rescue a rabbit so badly, but I couldn't give it proper housing at the time, so I didn't until I moved.

Also in some online rabbit owner news letter, June talked about how she "rescued" Ollie from a farm that was breeding rabbits and keeping them in bad conditions (if keeping them in a 2x1 pet commercial cage is what June considers okay, I can only imagine what conditions those rabbits were in) but then she says she chose the cutest one and paid for it. That's not rescuing June, that's supporting animal cruelty. IF the conditions were that bad, why didn't you just leave?

No. 468311

Also if she gave a shit about her rabbit he would not be on his own. Rabbits are social animals just like guinea pigs and can get depression if kept alone.


As stated before its clear she only has the rabbit for her "smol internet little uwu" image, like it annoys me this cunt does this to a living animal and she gets away with it. Ollie deserves so much better.

No. 468319


I was going to mention this, BUT some bunnies (like one of my guinea pigs) just don't like being around other bunnies and it causes problems if they are around others of their kind. But my guinea pig was abused before I got her, and June got Ollie so young I doubt he had any trauma that's cause him to be asocial since he was so young.

Ollie to June is like Tinkerbell to Paris Hilton. Nothing more than a fashion accessory. But at least Paris Hilton's dogs aren't shoved in tiny spaces for hours at a time (other than her purse)

No. 468413

and at least paris hilton didn't have chihuahua sheets, plushies, shirts, etc and talk about chihuahuas 90% of the time to make herself seem twee uwu, while being an irresponsible owner

No. 468435


Paris also never walked around calling herself a chihuahua expert all the while doing the TWO main things any owner should know not to do.

Literally, if you read any blog post or article for new rabbit owners, it will tell you 1.) they NEED a cage mate unless they have trauma that has made them asocial. And 2.) they need large open space (like outdoor time and floor time) but also a cage that is atleast 6'x2'

No. 468526

I think she sort of cares about the rabbit but she's just retarded. She wants something between a toy and a baby when what she has is a living animal and she doesn't accommodate for that at all.

No. 468663

The subtext of this is that June enjoys being pees on, so idk this dynamic with grocery could really work

No. 468675

File: 1515798855881.gif (742.61 KB, 251x256, gmagik.gif)

Pretty sure it was a joke along the lines of how the rabbit "chose" her. The same way people will visit shelters and say any cat or dog that jumped at them "chose" them. I don't like the bitch either but your comment was cringier than what she wrote.

No. 468726

File: 1515802308774.jpg (45.72 KB, 578x340, mk.jpg)

Why does she keep referring to him as her boyfriend instead of fiance? He keeps calling her his girlfriend tool…

No. 468731

Because its obviously not serious and on some level she knows shes worthless to him. God, is he ugly

No. 468734

They already stated that they don't think marriage is necessary/a big deal and are only doing it due to a border being between them. It isn't milk.

No. 468739

Lol, anon, you really believe june doesnt think its a big deal? Shes only responding in kind bc greg keeps calling her his girlfriend. She cried and said shed want a big lavish wedding even if the wedding was out of convenience. Shes only downplaying it for her mra fanbase and bc she'd seem even more desperate if she said fiance 24/7 when hes yet to call her his

No. 468757

It was a joke lolwut

No. 468759

She’s prob downplaying it for him too. If he is earnestly against marriage.

No. 468762

no clue, at least venus and her bf explain why she calls manaki boyfriend because they did it for citizenship and she feels too young for marriage

they have no excuse though, they're both old in internet years, her fiance is a divorcee who's a fat pile of shit looking at thicc cam whores, I wouldn't even doubt if he did it while they were in the same room, I know I know "hur dur I'm june I LOVE being a doormat to greasy groceries' but it makes her look extremely bad with all the "I'M SO PROTECTIVE OF MY BF" posts but can't even make him not spend most of his days gawking at thicc camwhores

No. 468997

>calls average sized woman fat
>likes pics of lexxynichelle

I also find it ironic that june makes fun of an average sized girl for being pudgy and having "no tits" all the while her boyfriend is liking flat chested camwhores and chubs

No. 469063


It's her "women are bad men can do no wrong" mentality on top of her total insecurity.

She hates them and hurls insults at them because she knows they're hotter than her and get more attention from Greg than she does, and they don't even try to get his attention.

Not to mention June would NEVER blame a man, especially Greg for their bad behavior. It's the misogyny (ugh I hate the word) of the MRA ~skeptic~ side. Like feminism is blaming men for the cause of all problems, MRAs do the same with women. June literally thinks men can do no wrong (mostly because she needs their attention) and because of that, when Greg treats her like shit all it does is build her insecurity and hatred toward women he likes. Because they're the problem. Not Greg. Greg can never be the problem.

No. 469729

File: 1515922310991.jpg (122.8 KB, 1079x627, _20180114_103032.JPG)

Deleted tweet

No. 469731

I actually agree with her on people jumping the witch hunt of false accusations, she probably deleted it because her MRA followers didn't support the whole "ALL WOMEN LIE ABOUT RAPE" thing, sucks she needs to dumb herself down and keep quiet about valuable beliefs while spreading toxic ones to appeal to men

No. 469817

Why does June feel she has to voice an opinion on it at all?
To stir controversy and get attention?

She's got bigger problems in her own relationship to worry about >>464865.

No. 469833

Fresh cringe from June and grocery

No. 469979

File: 1515957162091.png (210.44 KB, 326x346, 5h030nh34d.png)

the video quality is so bad and the seem so bored/uninterested, i couldn't watch it for more than a minute.
i also usually find june to be good-looking. but in this video she looks the opposite. i think it's the heavy eyeliner and lipstick but idk.

No. 469983

That wig/style is super unflattering on her face too.

No. 470058

>Destined to be a trophy wife
>"well, in a couple years you will be"
Top fucking kek, so he doesn't even mean to marry her for a few more years? I thought it was so she could move to Canada?

No. 470068

But if she's the breadwinner, doesn't that mean he'll be the bitch?

No. 470091

I will laugh my ass off when he insists on a poly marriage with a transwoman and june becomes super jealous.

I wonder tho if they are doing this for their image? As other anons said up thread and you mentioned if this isnt gonna happen soon, why? There doesnt seem to be anything stopping her living with him (apart from the only reason being he actually doesn't want her to)

No. 470158

Same. I don't want to sound like an ana-chan but it looks like she gaining or aging awkwardly in the face. Either way she looks rough.

No. 470248

>I will laugh my ass off when he insists on a poly marriage with a transwoman and june becomes super jealous.

You're reaching.

No. 470327

Her mom had to have drank during her pregnancies, both her and her sister look super off.

No. 470597

pics/deets on her sister?

No. 470725

What is this shit? Is her idea of a shot a teaspoon? lmao

No. 470779

>makes obvious easy commentary over shitty videos that every one and their mom have seen back in 2015-2016
>realizes she isn't being new or original so adds her taking 'shots' despite hating alcohol

This is so lazy.

No. 470786

How do people find her funny? Like, her shtick was kinda funny in 2015ish but now it's just dead and recycled and you can tell she doesn't care for being interesting and original.
How do people watch her videos? Ugh.

Also, I'm noticing (just from photos from her meet and greets and her twitter replies) that she has a lot of young female fans and that is bothering me. Like, I don't think ~everyone needs feminism huhh~, but ffs, her retarded way of thinking doesn't need to be passed on to anyone. Anybody have ny idea as to why any teen girls would even be interested in her content? Beats me.

No. 470795

Budding "not like the other girls" girls latching on to a rolemodel.

No. 470796

Im more offended that its 2018 and she still uses a camera with 2007 webcam quality. Update your shit.

No. 470800

but it's part of here ~aesthetic~ uwu. That's actually her excuse for not spending money on a decent camera. Also, a decent camera would probably show how she's aging and looks nothing like the 14yo girl she tries to hard to be,

No. 470806

I use to somewhat like her back in 2015 and I was 19 going through an edgy stage and would post on /pol/ and had no real life experiences as far as feminism went besides the cancer side of it that the internet would only share.

Girls find her appealing because she states obvious shit regarding shitty people who happen to use feminism as a tool to be shitty. And back in 2015 it felt as if you were either all for feminism or against instead of looking at others as individuals. So you had a bunch a girl who simply related to not wanting to be called feminist based on what the internet was sharing.

There also just girls who want to appeal to neckbeard because they didnt get enough attention growing up. Either way June is shitty for not making videos on MRAs to show these girls the other side.

Saging for shitty long blog post

No. 470824

>will laugh my ass off when he insists on a poly marriage with a transwoman and june becomes super jealous.
Anon, I really don't think that will happen.

The girls who like her are just insecure teens that are ~not liek those other girls xD~ or ~one of the boyz :3~, and try to be part of what they think is some sort of counter culture.

No. 470833


I NEVER want to promote MRA neckbeard culture to young girls. Like, it promotes such shitty behavior and ideas. It's so lowkey casually misogynist and terrible. I doubt June would even care about MRA neckbeard bs if it wasn't for her wanting to gain the approval of gross guys, but I REALLY don't want young girls thinking that is okay. Like, I don't care if they're feminists or not, but being part of groups that so casually blame women for everything and put women down so often that it becomes normal.

I know for a small period of time I casually associated with that group of people, every girl who even barely associated with that group would be constantly harassed and bullied by guys for not paying them attention. It was disgusting how normal their shitty treatment of women is. They love to talk about male guilt and feminists making men feel bad for being men, but they make the women in their community feel like utter shit for being women.

And the fact June is like "join our shitty community, were all noice not leik duh evalll feminists" when in reality, feminists communities treat people more decently than anti-sjw communities ever have.

sage for long blog post idk

No. 470856

people said the same about greg and lainey and hey look where they are now

No. 470871

Yup and just to add on, channels like June never go out of their way to point out that there are hard working modern feminist activists that are good people who focus on serious matters that include male rights as well because they choose not to experience real people who do actual good in day to day society.

They only care about what people decide to tweet at them and what their collective of fans wants to hear instead of actually developing a healthy perspective to lead by. Partly because thats the only people who will throw money at them. It's just so shitty how whenever there is something negative regarding MRAs she immediately gets defensive and does the "not all" speech just like the groups she hates.

No. 471407

june uploaded the most basic bitch "anti-feminist" video where she laughs at popular dumb sjw videos, without any criticism whatsoever.

No. 471422

Dude, this was already posted. >>470725

Can you fucking newfags actually read the thread before posting? For the last two June threads it's been newfags posting shit that was already posted in earlier threads about June.

No. 471532

It’s literally because she looks really bad in HD. Her face is sorta bean shaped and she has small eyes.

She uploaded a trailer for her “new season” I guess at the beginning of last year some time? It was in HD and she suggested there would be more HD vids to come. But it was deleted within months. I remember being shocked because of how bad she looked in that vid since I always found her really cute and pretty before.

Not sure how to explain it. It was as if her face was made of half-risen dough.

No. 471568

years ago I use to watch mgtow videos for curious reasons, they make me feel terrible for being female.

No. 471595

No one cares. This isn't your blog.

No. 471631

I care.
Watching shoe0nhead's videos, reading her twitter and sometimes reading these threads makes me feel really terrible for being female too.

No. 471650

No one cares how you feel.
Sage your insecurities and woman up.

No. 471663

No. The poster who expressed her concerns as well does at least ;)
Don't be one of the reasons for problem and then tell people to overcome this problem on their own.

No. 471677

I see, this is a misunderstanding.
You're looking for some activist blog.
You stumbled upon a gossip chan.


No. 471686

Sage your fucken shit jesus christ these newfags have been extra bad lately.

Also no cares.

No. 471688

Nah, discussing shoe0nhead was what I was looking for so I'm not mistaken. Doesn't change stuff I said though ;)
No, we care for each other and there's a lot of women like us here ;)
You people are easily annoyed though. Experiencing some issues, perhaps?(you didn't need to write 3 unsaged posts about this)

No. 471706

File: 1516073306062.png (234.31 KB, 1242x1477, IMG_2293.PNG)

She's actually quite chubby as well. Idk why she keeps up with the lie that she's 5'1 and under 120…anyone with eyes can see that isn't true kek

No. 471732

I'm 5'2", weigh 105 lbs and I'm a bit thinner than her, but not by a ton, so I'd say she's around 110 (115 at max) if she's 5'1". But I wouldn't really call her chubby, more like average. Certainly not as thin and uwu smol as she peddles herself to be though. She probably barely exercises and that's why she looks skinnyfat.

No. 471753

lol she tries to peddle herself as a pear but this bodytype is so unfortunate. she cant ever get a little chubby. she'll end up looking like a linebacker. she's not even chubby rn and she looks terrible.

No. 471770

Her body isn’t bad. Her face might look better in person or something but it definitely doesn’t look like her Instagram pics. Whatever, though, everyone uses filters. It’s just lame since she’s trying to pedal the ~not like other girls~ schtick alongside a physically unattainable ideal.

Like if you’re going to oppose feminism while puppeting yourself as an MRA wet-dream WHILE ALSO being aware of your impressionable young female audience- which btw her response to discovering she has female fans has always been kinda gross/disturbing in and of itself but that’s a diff convo- then you’re doing more harm than good for the people you claim to be liberating.

No. 471775

She is probably a little brain-dead though.

“When I says to groceries, ‘what does this mean to you?’” points to costume jewelry “He says, ‘ur mai buddy.’ Heheh.”

His whole stunt marriage for the Canadian border patrol explanation followed by, “This cheap ring is because you’re my pal.” How does it not come crashing on you that you’re making the same mistake as the wife before.

No. 471838

>Idk why she keeps up with the lie that she's 5'1 and under 120
she's insisting she's under 100 actually with a 23 inch waist
I don't think she's chubby though, just delusional and too in denial to buy a bra with a bigger waistband and a bigger shirt so her shoulder fat doesn't spill out

my guess is that she's getting insecure about skeptic liking thicc ladys pics, and now she is trying to gain weight but doesn't realize she isn't the wide hiped pear she wants to be so badly and is gaining the weight in her shoulders, arms, back, and waist

for her height, she's short, but she clearly isn't 5'2 ir 5'1

No. 471897

>my guess is that she's getting insecure about skeptic liking thicc ladys pics, and now she is trying to gain weight but doesn't realize she isn't the wide hiped pear she wants to be so badly and is gaining the weight in her shoulders, arms, back, and waist

Yeah I wouldn't be surprised if she acted using the same flawed logic you and posters like you do. Maybe that's the way it is. At the same time it could be just your projections cause you're so hung up on it. So many posts about her being unbeliveably jealous of ''thicc pear'' body types and so much effort put into describing this stuff… Could be both, real thing and your projection though. Most likely both.

No. 471905

oh my god, get off your high horse. what flawed logic we're using? she literally posted her supposed measurements that would make her a pear, when she's clearly not a pear and doesn't have those measurements, lol. we wouldn't say she's jealous of pears if she didn't post bogus measurements trying to claim she's a pear.

No. 471910

what projections? you're on a site that obsesses about people lying for attention wtf do you expect?

No. 471965

I think you mean hourglass figure

No. 471967

nah, she claimed to have a 32 inch chest, despite her chest being wide and her having boob implants

No. 472188

Wearing a slightly too small bra doesn't mean you're chubby, she really isn't. I don't think her body is unfortunate, it's just not what she claims it is, which is stupid.

No. 472296

Guys, has anyboddy seen/saved her tweet where she posted some link and said she was against capitalism? That's pretty fun how quickly she changes her ''political position'' because of being so ignorant.

No. 472707

Idk how June does it. The fact that he likes Loli and traps would be a deal breaker. How the heck are they going to have kids knowing he sexualizes children?

No. 472717

It's not even the bra. Look at her big ass arms and shoulders. She's not even that much shorter than Greg, she's 5'5 and clearly is over 120z Of course people are going to think she looks fat when they see her body and she's claiming to be 93 lbs.

No. 472737

File: 1516147187682.png (265.81 KB, 1223x1751, IMG_2301.PNG)

HEs always liking pictures of women who are the exact opposite of June.

No. 472757

The pessimist effect, same with lexxynichelle to, like how she gloated about how pear shaped she was and how she was soooo unpropotional with a "big fucking ass" we see her body and she's shaped like a linebacker and she has no ass, and it's not she has no ass she's actually averaged sized in the ass region, its just she claimed to have this big ole butt so a big butt is what you expect to see, since she doesnt have one it will appear smaller

For june she claimed to be this qt smol pear with curves, photoshoping and lying about measurements, we see her irl and shes shaped like a skinnier version of lexxynichelle with smaller legs and hips and tan skin

No. 472790


>big ass arms and shoulders

Ok, ana-chan.

No. 472803

Ngl they are huge for the rest of her body. She isnt proportional at all. She makes fun of fat women but plenty are better proportioned than her. Shes not even overweight and her proportions are terrible

No. 472824

June has the type of body that if she isn't on the low end of underweight she just looks really unfortunate. She doesn't distribute fat well at all.

No. 472835

yes, exactly. idk how this binch can have no hair, terrible fat distribution, and a fassy face and still attack innocent women for their appearances ruthlessly and publicly, the way she does. she definitely does not have a 23 inch waist tho

No. 472905

OT but is 'binch' a mesh of 'bitch' and 'cunt' or are people self censoring as if they're children because if its the latter I'm experiencing secondhand embarrassment.

No. 472933

I'M CRINGING I'M CRINGING ejslfkjflskejflsekjf

No. 472960

It was just a question, anon.

No. 473341

Wtf is your problem? Are you one of those trashy fucks who screams and laughs at everything that isn't even vaguely funny?

No. 473357

why do people want to be pear-shaped now? it’s not fun being flat chested and not being able to find pants that fit you properlu

No. 473378

pear shaped doesn't mean flat chested, it just means narrow chest and shoulders and wide hips, people want to be it because it's the most feminine, you can have big boobs and still be pear shaped, you can have a normal sized butt and still be pear shaped, you can have a big butt and flat chest and not be pear shaped, it's about bone structure, not ass and boob size

No. 473439

File: 1516205447322.gif (892.13 KB, 300x300, 6779760809.gif)

what? i thought all of these pear, apple, banana shapes were about how fat distributes itself on your body. if it goes to your ass and thighs, and you have a small waist and no boobs, then you're a pear-shape. if your fat goes to your ass and boobs, and you have a small waist, you're an hourglass. if it goes to your boobs, waist, and upper body, then you're an apple.
it's not about if you have a wide or small hips or whatever. if you have wide hips but all your fat goes to your waist, then you're not a pear-shape.
hourglass is the most "feminine" imo. i have a pear shape and i don't like how disproportionate it looks. so i don't understand why there's youtubers gloating about how pear-shaped they are.
sage for being blatantly off-topic

No. 473448

File: 1516206166567.jpg (49.9 KB, 640x920, 1497594595171.jpg)

Kinda, it's more about wideness, fat has some to do with it, like if you're flat with a big butt but you have giant linebacker shoulders and a wide chest you're not pear shaped
> if you have wide hips but all your fat goes to your waist, then you're not a pear-shape.
yeah because it makes your waist wider, you can be an apple but also have your butt stick out like crazy as long as if you have a wide waist, narrow hips and narrow shoulders

> i have a pear shape and i don't like how disproportionate it looks. so i don't understand why there's youtubers gloating about how pear-shaped they are.

it's what's considered attractive, no one cares about "disproportion" that they claim to have but they actually don't, the only time the so-called disproportion actually matters is for giant oversized boobs or shoulders, not "oh no I have supposed anime hips and a tiny waist woe is me", then again most girls who claim to be pear-shaped actually aren't, like when lexxynichelle ranted about "teehee im soooo pearshaped and unproportionate I have a hard time fitting in pants" turns out the only thing disproportionate was her giant arms, shoulders and tiny tits. The only people I've ever seen that are truly disproportionate are IG models who overdid it with plastic surgery, celebrities, or lymphedema/other health conditions like the 6 foot butt girl

No. 473500

Is that some kind of tricky joke I don't understand or she really meant it and that's another proof that she doesn't care and is totally ignorant about politics? You know, that very topic that her videos with millions of views are focused on.


No. 473524

File: 1516212725538.jpg (246.14 KB, 1068x1073, Screenshot_20180117-100925.jpg)

I do think it is supposed to be a joke, anon.

No. 473550

Modern guys like tight asses. That's literally what all the pear shape obsession comes from except girls like shoe don't work out and have to rely on their fat distribution(and photoshop) and pretend like they have nice butts and fatman titty boys like skeptic like to gloat about how hawt their gf's butt is but, apparently not enough to stop him from jacking it to cam girls who are way above both of them in looks lol.

No. 473557

File: 1516214909469.png (190.46 KB, 2199x1102, IMG_2321.PNG)

Both of them have gained quite a lot of weight in the past year. Even skeptic wasn't as fat a year ago as he is joe. Shoe still had her line back shoulders but she still was quite thin.

No. 473562

I never really noticed how big her shoulders are until you pointed it out tbh, like jeez why the hell are they so high up? not even the kardashians shoulders are that high

No. 473566

File: 1516215254940.png (135.62 KB, 1242x912, IMG_2322.PNG)

Her shoulders are really weird. It looked ok when she was thin but now that she's average weight she just looks really fat. The sad part is no one would have noticed her weight Gain, real height and shoulders if she wouldn't have gone around pretending to be some tiny elf like Loli when we all have eyes to see that's not the case kek

No. 473579

true, plus it's hard to feel bad for her when she was the one going out her way to shit on average womens bodies

No. 473595

Could her shoulders be the result from having fake tits? A lot of women who get shitty boob jobs end up with shoulders looking wider than normal.

No. 473601

File: 1516217237096.png (606.86 KB, 582x904, Untitled.png)

"32 inch chest 23 inch waist and 37 inch hips and I'm 96 pounds and 5'2!"

sure jan

No. 473625

Ouch. What an unfortunate body type…

No. 473784

File: 1516227914999.jpeg (26.18 KB, 500x374, D50B1CB6-6235-478D-ADEB-69D58A…)

Fat? Lmao ok seek help ana-chan

No. 473875

I don't think June's body physique is that bad. I just don't like that she acts "smol" and sees other women fat. Not cool of her. Also does anyone have proof about her tits being fake? I believe their fake either way, bc there's no way her tits are real from looking at those nudes.

No. 473910

>Also does anyone have proof about her tits being fake?
No legit proof, although anyone who isn't a moron or blind could see she had implants, there are some photos of her being flat before growing magic perky big tits though but people will just claim she grew

there's this site
that looks an awful lot like june and the patient was 20 so it would make sense since she was above 20 since her implant pics surfaced, if she had a belly ring around that time then it would be an instant give away, but I doubt there would be any cold hard proof unless the plastic surgeons for some reason show the patients face in the before and afters, if she was on a plastic surgery list, if she is a dumbass and accidentally gives out proof, if she was on myfreeimplants or some other funding site for it, etc

No. 473934

the breasts and nipples look a bit different, but it's not too far off. however, the patient has a back tattoo, which june most likely doesn't have.
it'd be interesting if any kind of concrete proof could be found, but i doubt any can/will for the reasons you listed.

No. 473947

nah that's not her body, but she definitely has implants. that girl's implants are better tbh

No. 473967

June did have a belly button piercing fwiw

No. 474006

File: 1516241136562.jpg (65.5 KB, 600x600, dril0nhead.jpg)


of course.

No. 474214

Did she photoshop on the choker

No. 474480

File: 1516291802414.png (1.19 MB, 1162x948, lol.png)

saw this on twitter

No. 474549

File: 1516297512883.gif (413.19 KB, 500x271, 1493875481872.gif)

It's so spot on

No. 474737

File: 1516306484141.jpeg (130.71 KB, 1024x1024, DT2Oy5AXUAEfr9N.jpeg)

I cringe every time their fans draw groceries normal looking and skinny because you know that how he sees himself.

No. 474825

File: 1516314127180.jpg (102.49 KB, 1280x960, aqafdg.jpg)

No. 474836

File: 1516314733891.jpeg (314.71 KB, 640x1006, B9ACE53F-64AA-40FA-8054-50CACC…)

>future baby daddy

No. 474841

>she is more successful than him on yt
>"he's my manager"
lmfao, how longer are they going to play pretend and june has to baby him?
"it's okawy skeptic ur my big strong manly man u control everything u r god you can be a lazy piece of shit all you want"

No. 475056

Girl bye….he's not having kids with your ass but if some strike of luck they do have kids imagine if they end up having daughters. Greg will probably molest them are worst and are best they will turn then into self hating man worshippers.

No. 475084


I can't believe she's older than me, she sounds 14. I'm sure her excuse is "it's my style :3" but jesus christ you'll never be taken seriously outside of drop outs and teenage boys.

No. 475089

Yeah, she really needs to act like her age. It's not cute. One thing that irks me is the way she spells things to seem cute and quirky. for example "bideo" or "boyfren". Yikes. And have you seen who she follows on Instagram. One account that stood out to me, but I'm not surprised by it is this ddlg account with girls taking picture of hugging their stuffed animal with a pacifier in their mouth.

No. 475090

It's not even the fact that she's not acting her age. It's just June acts so brass, loud and Bitchy that it's really hard to see her as cute and submissive. It's kinda hard to take someone seriously as a cute submissive waifu when she's cursing/screaming like a drunk dude in a bar and memeing like a fat neckbeard on 4chan and with that deep raspy voice of hers

No. 475102

Eh. Bitchy or smol waifu, doesn't matter. They're both terrible.

No. 475129

The worst thing June does is retweet parody accounts to rage at as if they were serious. I wish she'd do the minimum of research before she starts making money off being mad at things.

No. 475170

File: 1516335349708.png (52.22 KB, 594x284, two for the price of one.png)

/tv/ is having a June 'n' Groceries thread.

another sample post:
>what do you like about her exactly? her long philtrum?

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