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File: 1515606510952.png (1.47 MB, 1068x783, 1513464070738.png)

No. 466706

>pastel kawaii (KA-WHY, amirite?) vlogger/blogger but also alt tattoo grrl/alt model
>tryhard fangirl for all things FF and animu (nota bene: has only played FF7 and FF15)
>belligerent toward anyone who dares express love for her husbando Sephiroth
>thinks she's an artist because she went to art school and never did anything with it
>maintains a shop on Depop where she sells crusty old makeup and PR items she's received for free
>allegedly suffers from a minimum of 4 mental disorders which she refuses to seek treatment for
>complains about her student debt while paying for a personal trainer, lip fillers, and going on stupid shopping sprees overseas
>makes cringe kawaii mugs and phone cases featuring her husbandos and DDlg themes

>posted photos/videos of her wearing items she also has for sale on her Depop
>has taken to making skits with her figurines in where she slathers them with ketchup
>proven to be a lurker here by subtly addressing anything she's called out on
>threw a temper tantrum on Twitter because Gallery Nucleus didn't respond to her request to have her "art" shown at their FF exhibit / harassed said gallery via twitter on her own and through her fans / had the nerve to show up at to the gallery for the exhibit and vlog it - was obnoxious and cringe the entire time
>currently in a hair and fashion identity crisis
>subtweets about her alleged best friend Dre ("I like made her, you know?")
>bought her Secret Santa an air horn while she got a pair of Angelic Pretty boots



OLD THREAD: >>>/snow/423395

No. 466725

What went down with loot crate?

No. 466744

I've never heard anything. I don't keep tabs on it either though. I just know that she's twice done sponsorships with Samurai Buyer despite them being a scam.

No. 466790

Lootcrate billed people for things they did not purchase. Without notice they suddenly took up to about $150 dollars from some people who hadnt bought things for a year

No. 466799

>cosplay is for fun! Don't listen to the elistists!!
>nitpicks boots, complains there's no padding inside to protect them even though they're hella long and folded over.
>dress: wanted horsehair braiding, wanted leotard included, said gloves need to be taken in, complained about face bandage and not being able to see (wants to make hers out of nylon), seams too thick
>jammed the zipper by trying to get it on "THE ZIPPER WONT WORK"
>makes weird fake porn noises when she gets stuck

No. 466827

I am shooketh that she didn't say "wat up fam itz ya boi" aaaaaaand as I'm typing that she says "one of the biggest questions ya boi gets asked" smh

Is anyone else suspicious over whether or not CosplaySky actually reached out to her for this review? It's not like she's done anything related to cosplay recently.

I feel like she is being insanely nitpicky with these. She's doing it in such an obnoxious know-it-all manner too like "look how much I know; look how good of a cosplayer I am" - the way she's analysing the sewing and the quality is so cringe since (a) she didn't know what shirring was and (b) she has someone else sew her costumes for her.

Her only legitimate criticism is the gloves. Those are just bad.

Leg day only hurts that badly when you don't exercise regularly.

LOL she's so damn short that the dress isn't short enough on her.

Okay, done live commenting.

No. 466828

P.S. What happened to them starting a Twitch channel together?

No. 466832

Probably will never happen since it was implied Dre is moving soon or something "big will happen"

No. 466866

Take a shot every time she ends her sentence with “right?”

No. 466883

So that Samurai buyer figurine box that turned up very damaged and dented?
Considering the history of samurai buyer (sending people boxes full of rubber ducks, for example) it was 99% mailed off that way. It's even broken in a way that looks unlike mail damage, such as the flap sticking out. Good that the figure is fine but- if that's what they send their sponsored Youtubers it's not looking good for any actual customers.

No. 467035

Dre is probably making more money now than before (when she first moved in with Kelly) that the Pastel Goth video launched her career big-time. She's been getting a lot of gigs with Hot Topic and Foxblood (whatever it's called?) and also working as a model. I wonder if Dre plans to move out and gets her own house to rent? I think it would be cool to see Dre's version of a gothic home make-over.

No. 467064

File: 1515636115371.jpeg (123.1 KB, 750x935, 46EEFAA3-FF6B-43FB-A7E0-F050C9…)


No. 467069

Maybe she's moving in with her BFF, Chris Villain.

No. 467094

I hope Dre does move.

Kelly would lose her shit having to pay rent by herself and bitch and moan about “ya boi is lonely, you know?”

But I’m sure she’ll find a retard replacement like one of the two Lolita chicks in the secret Santa video whose name I forgot.

Also, Can’t wait to see what bullshit excuse Kelly makes for not cosplaying at this years wondercon/anime expo/ALA, or to see a cosplay she didn’t actually make. To be fair, nothing wrong with not making your cosplay, just that Kelly acts like she does.

No. 467113

I will give her credit, the review seemed quite honest and she didn't say it was good just because it was sponsored. She seemed to have an idea of what she was talking about, and was honestly pretty accurate as far as I could tell.

I'm surprised she agreed to review China costumes since she usually get's custom made costumes and would therefore have a pretty good idea of what quality is like and most China costumes do not measure up. The fact that she couldn't even get her head through the neck is pretty indicative of the attention to detail.

No. 467137

Dre keeps getting mad that people ship her and Chris Villain but they do seem like a nice couple, I kinda wish they would just date or bang already.

No. 467156

File: 1515645004143.png (424.12 KB, 750x1334, 428CD394-D4E4-4142-8D2F-8366E9…)

complains about student debt and being poor and having to be frugal

Buys a $600 microwave cuz ~~aesthetic~~

No. 467209


Wow, that is pretty dumb. I don't have anything against Kelly, but that's just a waste of money that could've gone to something else.

No. 467241

idk why she gets mad at her fans, when they couple cosplay all the time and take pictures kissing

No. 467258

yeah im like 98% sure Chris isn't into ladies

No. 467289

I thought he was gay.

No. 467562

This was unbearable

No. 467574

can anyone do a summary to save the rest of us?

No. 467605


I got you fam.
Kelly starts off with Steph being in the video with lots of annoying background noise and with whoever the fuck the black girl with real and green hair is next to her. Steph is so "trendy" with her ninja star fidget spinner.

Then it's ya boi again as she's way too close to her blogging camera and the audio isn't balanced so she's loud as fuck. Reintroduces Envy. Black girl. Says ya boo I shit you not like seven times. Keeps cutting the camera to envy, then Steph, then her while trying to make annoucement so it's just loud obnoxious laughing.

When it comes back to her face there's a blur box over her nose towards her mouth. I don't fucking know. Maybe she had a snot attack part way through. (We're a minute and 30 in)

Side note they all have heavily blood shot eyes. So they might all be super high. Envy explains that she works for an animal rescue place. Great publicity with the fact they're being fools and are probably high for her organization.

More laughing and spinning the camera around and Nina? Joins them. Not actually talking about what the video is about. Kelly jokes about trying to make a "good blog about kittens and Nina ruining it."

Steph says Nina should tell the story of her cat she got for Christmas. Kelly asks Nina if she wants Kelly to tell it. Nina ignores her and then shows the camera on her phone screen the cat. Kelly doesn't put up a nice edited in picture because it's work I guess??

More ya boi talk from Kelly. As she explains Nina's boyfriend got the kitten from Envy's fosters. Kelly makes a nightmare fuel face to the camera as she exolsins that they have a clip of Nina getting the cat for Christmas.

Clip of Nina getting the cat and being sad happy and happy tears. It was actually cute.

Back to Kelly being Kelly. More nightmare fuel faces as we then get led into a video clip of Courtney also getting a surprise kitten.

Envy gets serious half a second talking about what happens to underage kittens in shelters. Then Kelly pipes in and it turns ridicolous and not at all the serious psa that they were trying for.

More ya Boi and encouraging people to foster kittens. Again ya boi from Kelly. Hideous close up of Envy's face so you can see her acne under foundation. Stephanie then chimes in again to say this ridicolous mockery of a psa really "got her in her soul." And they all obnoxiously laugh.

Cut back to Envy and then her psa. Kelly dabs for whatever reason?? Then Kelly and Envy dab "on the friendship." I don't know either. Then they dab multiple times with playing an air horn sound.

Kelly says in a annoying voice, "support your local kitties and Stephanie's Titties."

Brought to you from salty and sick.

No. 467610

File: 1515699264491.png (1.65 MB, 1334x750, IMG_1600.PNG)

Nightmare fuel face btw

No. 467653

>>467605 The blur box over her nose made me suspicious as to whether she was snorting cocaine or not. They were definitely on something.

No. 467661

your summary is perfect. bless

Honestly that video was pure cringe. Such a shame, since the supposed topic would have been something good for once.
That was the least informative, most embarrassing bs psa I've ever seen. (also gagging at that thumbnail)
It was so obvious that Kelly didn't give a fuck about the kittens.
And they were high for sure. Why would you film a video about helping kittens when ur high af?? Wtf is wrong with her and her dumb friends?
Kelly, you're old and trying way too hard. You're not cool. You're not funny. You're embarrassing. You had the opportunity to do something good, but instead turned the message to shit. gj

No. 467668

the blur was to hide an address on a box so shit wouldnt blow up in her face again.

No. 467670

Looks like she tried to blur out the address on the package behind them. She just did a terrible job kek

No. 467674

lol I just went back to the video to take some screenshots of people commenting on how they look high, but she already deleted all of them

No. 467682

Oh yeah there was a comment thread where someone said they looked high in the video and someone else replied pointing out weed is legal now in Cali like 5 minutes ago and it's go now.

No. 467711

kelly 100% purchased toshi from a breeder, right? lol… PSA: adopt dont shop! unless you want a tiny cute genetically engineered baby dog of course

No. 467718


yes she got toshi from a breeder, she was shopping around by a lot of breeders because she HAD to have a pom, not just that but she said she spend a year searching? and im sure if she had that much time and effort for it she could have found a nice one from a shelter but she had to have a puppy

No. 467743


I read something interesting the other day when looking at poms, apparently, the white ones are more expensive and very difficult to breed so that adds to the engineered aspect and the shopping around and looking for so long

No. 467748

I get that but all im saying is with this time money and energy she could have looked for a shelter with a rescue pom, but she HAD to have a white puppy, which just kind of shows how she sees it more as an accessory than a dog, she even dyed the friggin animal pink for months.
There are certain breeds I love but considering the overbreeding, bad breeding, puppy mills, and huge health risk these animals get (pugs are just cruel for instance) I would never get one from a breeder, even if its a good breeder, i dont want to invest in that industry, Id rather go to a shelter and find an animal that fits my lifestyle rather then aesthetic, she locks her dog in a cupboard at night which granted is better than that tiny box thing she has for him but at the same time the cupboard wouldnt have any lights or windows does it even have proper ventilation?
Kelly is a hypocrite for trying to show how "caring" she is about adopting animals while she herself choose to buy an expensive designer dog because it had to fit her "kawaii" house

No. 467750

Wait what? She locks him in a cupboard? Like in her kitchen? Under the stairs Harry Potter style? Why doesn't she use a kennel? Im so confused and disgusted.

No. 467757

wait translation error, its not a cupboard its a hall closet, probably cant afford her dog a proper kennel since she has to buy 600 dollar microwaves… but like i said, it doesnt have windows and probably shit ventilation

No. 467781

I am with you 100%, I meant the comment to show how she is worse than someone who just paid for a dog, she spent so long so she could get her perfect white puppy,she is a disgusting hypocrite to promote this message when she spent so much time and money on her little purebred

No. 467782

its honestly possible the dog is from a puppy mill, as im from the area her dog was shipped from, and its a huge area for puppy mills. not saying that for a fact though, as i do not recall if she provided valid proof of being from a decent breeder.

No. 467822

I don’t know what the demographic for this video is, or maybe I’m just too old.
Fidget spinners and dabbing is like 13-15yos right? So probably not able to volunteer to foster cats.
Maybe college kids? Or 22+ but I don’t think they’re into those memes? I think Kelly is trying to be too many things to stay relevant.

No. 467880

dug this up because i was bored and curious. she found a woman in springfield, mo, who was raising pom puppies. i have a feeling that the pom breeders in LA are expensive and that's part of why it took her so long to find a dog, because she eventually had to go several states away to find a puppy that she could afford. i'm p sure i found her breeder (she has a picture of toshi on her site) and the prices including the shipping cost (around $1000) are about half of what poms cost in LA even without shipping ($2000-$2500).

she says she looked at shelters too and tbh i believe her, if only because pomeranians would never last more than a day in any shelter, esp in LA. and im sure she wanted a puppy too, which really means you HAVE to go to a breeder. not much tea here except to say she's def a hypocrite lmao

No. 467952

I took half a second to google "california pomeranian rescue" and found this. She really doesn't have any excuse for buying a designer dog.


No. 467973

She could have adopted a Pomeranian for less than that microwave she just bought.

No. 467981

The kitten video is unwatchable, I'm guessing filmed the same day as the secret Santa as we have the same hilarious air horn app and absolutely dull repetition of catchphrases. I get that shared memes can strengthen a shallow friendship but it's pretty painful to watch

No. 468025

File: 1515728760250.png (33.19 KB, 606x396, doggo.PNG)

wow wtf. i'm sure she wanted a puppy and taking in an adult dog was unfathomable. typical.

i vaguely recalled people giving her shit last year about this and found some related tweets where she makes it seem like she really did try. a complete lie?? probably

No. 468238

I could see that happening if she was dead set on only a young white pom, they can't come up that often, I doubt she was looking for just any "fluffy white doggo", got to have the fashionable breed, it does beg the question how hard did she try because breed-specific rescue groups are where you would actually look and not your local shelter

No. 468242

She got toshi to fit her aestethic and nothing more. An older possibly not even white pom wouldn't have worked for her. Her getting a dog was never about finding the right temperament or giving a dog a loving home. She needed a WHITE SMALL Pomeranian. I don't doubt she put a lot of effort in finding him it's the reason why she put a lot of effort in finding him I find disgusting. This wasn't even about finding the right breed as someone already pointed out finding rescue Pomeranian isn't impossible. It had to be a small WHITE puppy. Remember she wanted to paint it pink

No. 468258

from the pomeranian adoption site above - "Every day in Southern California, thousands of Pomeranian dogs are put to sleep in local shelters and abandoned on the streets.". I wonder how many brown older pom's she saw in the shelters and rejected because they wouldn't be her perfect pink toy, you are right, she doesn't love the breed

No. 468262

File: 1515759081372.jpg (17.75 KB, 370x187, Unbenannt.JPG)


No. 468358

Kelly is surprised the two cheap cosplays she probably begged to review and which are probably sewed by some 12 year olds in asia for 20 cents arent up to her standards…. what did you expect? also honey, ur bust is definitely not an extra small

No. 468391

"Square Enix characters are typically very, very skinny and very, very tall, like… proportions that don't make sense." Lmaoo just because ur so short and fat
That cosplay would have looked better on literally anyone else.
I hate how condescending she talks in those videos. Then fucking learn how to sew you useless bimbo

No. 468439

I love that she acts like those proportions don't exist on people. There are many different body types, being tall and skinny is one of them. Also as a cosplayer myself, you adapt those characters to work for you and when you buy online, you have to recognize that as costumes go up in size, they also go up in length. I find as someone who doesn't 'make sense' that when I buy the costumes are either a tent but the right length or fit right but are way too short.

No. 468443

So because Kelly doesn't like FFXIII apparently it means the game tanked? I understand that it just wasn't the best FF to a lot of fans but it was a massive success during it's time - being one of the fastest selling FF game - and high reviews all across the board. Just obviously Kelly's opinion means everyone's opinion

No. 468454

Is it just me, or is there more discrepancy among those who want dogs for pets with regard to what breed? Like dog people seem way more picky. If you want to rescue an animal and provide it a proper home, why does it have to be one specific breed? Just go to the shelter and find an animal that you jive with. I adopted two 3 year old cats (who had been in the shelter since they were born). I had wanted kittens (which the shelter had), and I fell in love with these cats instead. Breed didn't matter, and as I learned - age didn't matter either. I dunno. It just seems so petty to want ONE specific breed. Again - dog is an accessory for her "kawaii" lifestyle.

No. 468462

I had to actually watch it because I wanted to see what was actually said about the fostering and rescue stuff and see how high/ridiculous they were. I don't understand how they thought addressing something legitimately serious in this manner was a good idea. I wanted to comment about it on her video, but I know she's too stupid to see the merit of taking something outside of herself seriously at all. Fuckin' self-centred cunt.

No. 468508

the worst part of the new video was when she looked at the packing slip and said it was "chinese kanji"

No. 468541

Dog breed matters a lot more than it does with cats with regard to temperament. I don't want to start the big ol' breed fight, but certain breeds tend towards certain traits and characteristics. Cats have a lot more variety and spread of traits, you find a lot more exceptions to breed "rules" and moggies are a lot more predictable than mutts. Those 50/50 -poo "breeds" are the worst because you never know which traits it's going to get. Certain people should stay away from certain breeds of dog because they wont make a good match. and regardless of breed or temperament it's always easier to start with a clean slate rather than trying to "unteach" (for lack of a better term) behaviours that have already stuck.

Dogs don't end up in shelters when they come from good backgrounds. They're surrendered/confiscated because the person was fucked up (Hoarding, dog fights etc) which will in turn have fucked up the dog; Or they got a breed without researching it and instilled bad behaviours and now can't handle it so surrendered it; or worst case and the dog is just inherently un-dealable-with i.e. it's incredibly aggressive towards kids and you cannot train this out of it. You basically only ever see perfect dogs because the owner tragically died or had to move away and family couldn't take it.

You can't really fuck up a cat like that, and even if you could they're too small to be seriously dangerous. It's not that much effort to rehab even the most antisocial cats as long as they're not actually feral. It's also much harder to represent the full scope of potentially dealbreaking behaviours that a dog will do at home at a shelter visit than a cat. You can't tell whether the dog is gonna do shit like bark at every noise outside or eat all of your used socks until it's home.

There are a lot of solid reasons why someone would be very picky about their breed of dog, it's not just about aesthetics for everyone. Sorry for longpost.

No. 468548

This is very much true, but I'm pretty sure Kelly cared more about aesthetics than temperament when picking her dog.

No. 468553

I mean I understand that there are a wider range of temperaments with dogs. I just mean that wanting ONE specific breed is a little extreme/petty/selfish/etc… to me. I am also of the opinion that "pet ownership" - and I hate using that terminology - should be about providing a loving home to a being who is otherwise stuck in poor living conditions rather than "OOH LOOK A PUPPY" - which I suspect is not the attitude which with most people approach pets.

Like I'm pretty sure there are more agreeable breeds than just one for each person is what I'm getting at.

And this. I mean she lives in an area where everything is an accessory - children, pets, mental illnesses.

No. 468644


not really, I worked in a shelter when i was younger as volunteer and our shelter actually had a lot more aggressive cats then dogs in our place, its true different breeds tend to have certain traits (and the whole thing about cat breeds not having this is nonsense too) and yes you CAN fuck up a cat badly as they are very solitary creatures and not pack animals like dogs, dogs are quicker to act submissive towards humans where as cats see us more on equal footing.
abuse a cat and it will piss off and become aggressive towards anyone trying to touch/pet it.

and the story about dogs only getting dumped at shelters for being aggressive is bull too.

aggressive dogs often wont even get adopted out since they may hurt or bite a human so they put those down.
you also dont take into account that:
-dogs who lost their owners because they died (lots of elderly people keep dogs especially small breeds like poms)
dogs who ran away/ got separated and weren't chipped therefor we cant find their original owners (the biggest reason for the dogs at our shelter)

-people divorced/ break up/ get children and decide they dont want to take care of their dog anymore since they got it together

-people straight up go on holiday and leave their dog by the side of the road cus they cant find anyone who will take care of it

-some idiot didn't neuter/spay their dog and now they have a litter of dogs they cant take care of so they dump them at the shelter (most reasons for our cat population)

-their cute puppy grew up and now it bores them

also hoarders dont outright abuse their dogs usually, the dogs end up looking like shit and matted because the owners dont have the proper means to take care of them but hoarders often dont make them aggressive, just very ill

and again, most shelters wont adopt out a problem dog because they pose a risk to society, sure shelter have shy/scared/hurt dogs who have been abused in the past but especially those dogs need a loving and caring home!

What you told us sounds more like an excuse people use to buy "fresh" designer dogs.

i usually feel people are possibly more picky about their dogs then cats because you are actually going to walk it in public and therefor you want a special kind of dog to walk by your side to impress the population or something.

so yes certain breeds are known for certain traits but that doesn't mean going for a "used" dog isnt an option… in fact most aggression in certain breeds also stems from over breeding, pains they suffer due to health problems IN their breeds, puppies who never got to spend enough time with mother/litter mates because the puppy mill ripped them away too young and so on.

tldr: its about 99% reason aesthetic for most people and they have terrible excuses(derailing)

No. 468669

>played FF13 and didnt finish it. Found characters offputting, story and voice acting lackluster
>likes Lightening design and outfits but not personality
>not to shame 13 fans hurrdurr
>didnt want to do reviews for sponsorship or $$ but to educate baby cosplayers.

>thinks the label is in "chinese kanji"
>suspects shoulder guard was made "inside out" because it has "no shape". says it was made shittily
>needs to revise gloves..not as bad as 2b gloves
>said skirt was not functional. not everyone has same size hips like she does, wishes it was elastic
>says cape is not satin
>mad that turtleneck is heavy thick knit. too large size
>lint and scuffs all over white tunic. mixed button colors
>side bag/garter is functional. said items were made of cheapest fabrics possible
>needed step by step instructions to put costume on
>skips footage to a couple days later, has Envy over and needed guidance on cosplay

No. 468721

She clearly loves the dog and gives it a great home, does it matter that she chose a specific breed? The breed vs rescue argument has already been had thousands of times elsewhere, it doesn't need repeating here. Choose the pet that suits your home, temperament, and activity levels. If that is a breed? So what. The important thing is the animal is well cared for. Which it is. Move on

Btw Kelly if you read these, please no more videos with Envy in them, she is really annoying somehow

No. 468725


the discussion is happening because she made a video about the importance of adopting shelter animals to make herself look better. And again, can we stop pretending she choose toshi's breed for its temperament instead of the fact she wanted to dye it pink?
Kelly bought a designer dog so it would fit her look and that's why she loves it, not because its a breathing living animal that doesn't deserve getting locked up in a dark stuffy hall closet

No. 468733

Yeah I agree

Well, when you also have to consider things like size, coat type and energy levels/walking needs you might end up with a very small pool of breeds to choose from. For some people it's more about trying to be as responsible as you can within your means.

All of what you said is true, I was trying to be as concise as possible, because it's offtopic, as to why someone might be hesitant about adopting a dog from a shelter. Obvs not every person is responsible and I totally agree that for most people it's about aesthetic or cool points - and you're right that those dogs end up in shelters because people get bored of them. But t's not always about wanting to have a perfect designer pet, it can be about accepting your limits and wanting to get a pet you know you're capable of providing a great home for. This all goes way more for first time pet owners who have no personal experience to rely on. I'm not saying every dog in a shelter is super messed up either, just that it's much harder even to start with a dog who's had an unsteady start.

I didn't say cat breeds don't exhibit particular traits, I said you get more exceptions to general "rules" about breeds. imo rehabbing cats is much easier than dealing with boisterous dogs. Like I'd prefer a nasty cat over as big excitable doggo who jumps and pulls. Just my opinion though.

for what it's worth I think most people go into pet ownership irresponsibly and don't think about it hard enough, let alone think about it hard enough that they want this one breed of dog because of solid reasoning. They think of pets as accessories. But some people do - anon was originally saying they didn't get why if someone loved animals the would opt for a specific breed. Just trying to give an insight into why someone might be particular.

Nine times out of ten it's probs just vanity though and it's kind of irrelevant to whether Kelly is hypocritical or not. and just why do something you're always gonna have to hide and lie about.

No. 468755

i HATE how Kelly went off about how she couldnt finish FF13 and how thats never happened.


Also, Envy is NOT a professional cosplayer. She's a porn patreon bimbo like Stephanie and Momo.

Lastly, Kelly says how she's a an XS and how "this is way too big for me".


fuck off with your "body dysmorphia", Kelly. You're an entitled mother fucker who pretends to feel shitty about your body so you can compliments and gifts from people like Lina.

No. 468929

File: 1515853266248.jpg (59.69 KB, 805x677, xs.JPG)

Kelly "I'm a size XS" Eden
Lass, you're bulging out of that XS you're wearing

No. 468944

Twitter video where she tries to explain Sailor Moon.

No. 468961

No. 468963

Sage for irrelevance, but her arms always weirded me out. Sorry to be an ass, but… they're just so fat?? She always photoshops them so much in pictures, which then looks dumb with her tattoos.
Her wrists are fatter than anyone else's in her friend group.
It's not a good look, especially with her already stumpy body and massive fake tits.

No. 468968

It’s just because she’s SO short

No. 468975

File: 1515860874661.png (Spoiler Image, 3.08 MB, 750x1334, AE6BA765-80F6-43AA-88E7-873F46…)

Speaking of her accessory dog, she just posted this nasty video of him licking her tits on Instagram. I almost thought it was her ass at first.

No. 468982

I am short like her. To make arms look fat, we short people have to exercise and tone our arms with dumbbell weights.

No. 468984

Look less* fat, I mean. My bad lol

No. 468985

OMG ew no

No. 469002


Why the ever loving fuck did Kelly think this was a cute pic? Toshi probably shoved his nose between her boobs cus he smells her gross sweat because she doesn't clean properly between her fake tits.

She probably just wanted to post a boob picture onto the internet but out of fear of getting labelled a slut or attention whore she threw in her dog. More proof she just used it as an prop rather than a companion

No. 469019

File: 1515863507754.png (3.31 MB, 750x1334, 85C93210-9159-43EF-BD8C-F3FD15…)

He was also biting/pulling on her bra it kinda reminded me of the cool moms dog in mean girls with her implants.

No. 469040

Maybe he’s attracted to the taste of silicon? Either way, that chest acne is . Interesting. Her breasts look like saggy ass cheeks

No. 469179

I think it’s funny how she goes off into a tangent about how it’s ok to buy cosplay on eBay and such because she did it for her very first cosplay, as if she doesn’t still. She tries to make it sound like she used to buy costumes when she first started and it’s like she’s trying to give off the impression she makes them herself now. She doesn’t make anything herself. She literally has a seamstress and is given costumes for crappy sponsored reviews like this one or for jobs at cons she applied for.

Another problem I have is her excuses for not liking F13. How was in any way was it taking another direction? The concept of the storyline is pretty similar to most FF games. Group of underdogs band together and take on political injustice and save the world. The only “teen angst” even remotely present in the game is Hope but the whole point of his character is to show him grow from being a whiny scared kid into a young man who faces his problems head on. That game did beyond well financially hence the reason it had two sequels. The only issue with the game is how linear it is until end game. The voice acting was fine, with maybe Vanille being an exception; she was irritating at times in battle because she made porn starry noises. But overall her voice was fine. There wasn’t anything that made FF13 any different from previous installments aside from the battle system so I really don’t understand the harsh criticism coming from her. If she loves the series “so much” there’s no reason she shouldn’t have been able to at least finish this game and somewhat enjoy it. She needs to stop projecting herself as this diehard fan who loves ALL THINGS Final Fantasy when she clearly has played only two out of like 20+ games from the series.

No. 469212

I didn't even watch the video for the Lightning cosplay, but I'm not shocked by her criticism of XIII. She's a diehard FFVII fangirl - if I know anything about FFVIIfags they hate anything that isn't VII. It doesn't have her husbando in it, so it's useless.

No. 469251

Honestly if you watched her prior Cosplaysky review you’ve already seen half of this one because the big ol cosplay speech she gives in it is indentical to the other one, almost word for word. She’s so fucking lazy.

No. 469371

This is kind of old, but what happened with them being friends with Traci Hines and Penny underbust and SuperMaryface?

Stephanie and Vivka were close with art and I know Mary got pregnant and stuff, but you’d think they’d still be friends.

Traci would give Kelly and the gang her stupid mermaid merch and I remember a video of Traci and Kota being buddies too for fairy bullshit.

As for Penny, I don’t fucking know. I wish her thread on here was more active since Penny is just a fatter sjw version of Stephanie and Kelly.

No. 469464


Wow.. she really needs to go back to her pastel hair, take those bags out and stop disfiguring her lips. She used to look pretty but now she looks cheap and washed up..

No. 469654

File: 1515910712764.jpg (88.96 KB, 600x897, IMG_2795.JPG)

I apologize if I'm wrong or if this was posted in a different thread, but is this Kelly? I was look at a few of those "I was just in this really pretty pose and omg my camera went off" pictures and thought it looked like her. It wouldn't surprise me either, she seems pretty fake and self absorbed to do this kind of thing.

No. 469675

lmao "accident"

No. 469811


she photoshoped that so hard, her face is not that shape and her arms dont look that thin

No. 469886

yeah. oven on her arm.

No. 469941

File: 1515954235749.png (197.23 KB, 1079x1052, 20180114_102303.png)

No. 469988

Pretty sure Shane Dawson did a video on this exact same 'thought provoking' question a few weeks ago.

No. 470061

why do people like memes? idk bitch, to laugh

No. 470234

Dre tweeted about doing a huge lookbook/haul video like an hour ago and coincidentally Kelly asks about what clothing companies she should work with 30 minutes later. (Someone replied Walmart lol)Might be reaching a lil, but she's really running out of ideas now…

No. 470244

No. 470251

File: 1515973370633.png (209.15 KB, 700x263, Untitled-1.png.c7f8472bf3dff09…)

I can't believe how disrespectful they were. They even used that airhorn sound while other guests were next to them.
Someone posted this screenshot on PULL. Comment got deleted ofc. I wonder how many people are actually fed up with her bs by now.

No. 470274

Who is the brolita?

No. 470276

looks like miles jai

No. 470318


it's definitely miles jai, she's done other video collabs with him.

No. 470324

It looks like they were the only ones in that room besides the first minute or two of the video. Agreed tho Kelly is always so loud and obnoxious in public. I wonder if she acts that way all the time or thinks it’s funny for when the cameras are on.

No. 470332

File: 1515980122522.png (6.6 MB, 1242x2208, E5C6FA7C-285F-4F85-A12A-1DFB76…)

Funny bc she consistently complains about the color

No. 470357

comment is gone.

No. 470359

people who use splat are fucking morons.

No. 470360

she looks so old here, like some middle age mom.

No. 470362


No. 470376

sad how this person was walking on eggshells so as not to offend Kelly yet she still got offended and deleted the comment. she's got the mentality of a toddler. lol

No. 470385

Someone screaming “OH!” In a high pitched voice hardly constitutes as cat-calling… they probably just some immature guy who was like “wow look at these characters walking by with brightly colored hair and gaudy outfits let me be obnoxious and make a loud noise at them”. And it’s blatantly obvious by the look on her face she loves that someone is paying attention to them.

No. 470480

Did you guys see what she just posted on her story??? Who is that?

No. 470481

Could you not have taken a screenshot a posted it?

No. 470495

File: 1515989481746.png (2.45 MB, 750x1334, ECDF4449-4837-4FD7-A042-18F868…)

some guy with long hair doing yo-yo tricks?

No. 470500

Assumed he was someone cuz it’s not like Kelly would hang with someone who isn’t famous

No. 470518

How the fuck is this bland look a "sailor moon" makeup tutorial? wtf

No. 470527

Is that definitely a guy?

No. 470530

Yeah he talks during the video

No. 470553


Looks like a stray mall goth that Dre might have picked up at one of her Hot Topic "gigs"

No. 470569

i think his name is alex lee. his insta bio says that he's the guitarist in a band called holy grail. nothing too special

No. 470572

shit forgot to sage sorry

No. 470573

Lmao Kelly looks so fucking old, fat, and puffy in that splat box.

No. 470634

I think its a nice photo. Doesn't look old or puffy. But it is photoshopped so heavily it barely looks like her

No. 470637

I think this is what she really looks like in photoshoots without her heavy ps.

No. 470674

Looks a little like Kat Von D here. If Kelly hadn't said so, I don't think I'd have recognized it as her.

No. 470714

>no bleach needed

No. 470729

Something about Kelly's face is off-putting. I suppose it's like it's neither cute and rounded nor angular and defined. Maybe it's just age but her chin also looks too long and face too wide in every picture. She does look like a mom trying to be hip here.

No. 470823

she has 'drag queen face'

No. 470838

Correct me if I’m wrong, but Chibiusa was never referred to as “Dark Lady”. She was Black Lady in the original, and Wicked Lady in the dub. Maybe I’m nitpicking but isn’t she supposed to be this diehard sailor moon fan? Apparently she’s a huge Aranea fan but in her figure unboxing spells it Arenea in the title of the video… idk, if someone claims to be this know-it-all superfan like she does this are newbie mistakes.

No. 470887

Googling "chibiusa dark lady" I see a bunch of results, so I think you are nitpicking. It is probably a dub/localization thing, because black in Japanese has the connotation of being dark. That's why we have Goku Black, even though he isn't much blacker than regular Goku.

No. 470895

TBH her new makeup tutorial looks like somebody beat her face

No. 470978

File: 1516041681333.jpeg (70.7 KB, 500x666, 454BEDE0-3479-4492-A6EE-F59A42…)

>I took this photo of myself by accident

This is exactly like that one meme
The camera turned on by itself, I am not a model

No. 471109

kek that actually looks like kelly if you add a few more years…

No. 471161

So I was right about it being her. I just stumbled upon it on an article making fun of people who do this stuff, but I couldn't tell if it was her or not because of what I now know is photoshop.

No. 471217

it's funny how she keeps dwelling on how she use to look… like fuck give it up already….

No. 471227

Just post your pic and go Kelly, you are standing in front of a photo background. It's not "accidental" if you press the shutter too early.

No. 471467

Is Dre losing weight lately? She keeps looking better and better while Kelly gets more and more ratchet.
Maybe we have a new supreme.

No. 471605

>mispelling names of things she's a super fan of
I normally hate the "fake geek girl" trope, but that's exactly Kelly. I think she's like some normie trying to appeal to niche lolita, "kawaii", cosplay/anime, and gamer crowds because there's simply too much competition in broader Youtube. She's not really pretty enough or interesting enough without her ~nerd hobbies~ as her crutch. She's also absolutely lacking in talent, so she can't even get far in niche art circles, like how Gallery Nucleus wanted nothing to do with her. It's going to be a sad day when her looks start to fade and she realizes there's nothing there, which is already happening.

No. 471637

Holy shit, she is getting the pink all over her cheeks, bright pink everywhere. Why does she think this looks good.

No. 471675

Yeah I don't like that trope either but this is exactly what I first thought when I first learned about her.
She's just a try hard trying to force her way into ~nerdy~ things to seem more interesting or something.

No. 472122

The outcome looked literally nothing like the picture she had posted for the thumbnail…. and she used shitty limecrime products she just recently got(?) I doubt any of that was used in the original look considering limecrime didn't have highlights etc until recently… I might be nitpicking but like dude it's such an easy look to re-do…
like maybe had she actually tried to use something actually comparable to past makeup and had the same end result as pictured I would of been down because she wasn't so "ITS YA BOIIII" cue airhorn and that I appreciate, but the look as a whole was a mess and looked nothing like how she use to look, even the lip colour was waaaaaaay off. like she's an "artist" who "went to art school and graduated" and "worked for m.a.c and anastasia beverly hills" but somehow can't pull off an old, very simple makeup look without trashing it up… or idk, actually be original and do something new???
I really don't understand, she has so much makeup and wigs and clothes, she could put real time into a look and video but just doesn't because she's lazy…. it's so fucking sad everyone warships her blindly

No. 472321

They are so cringy I feel like puking

No. 472386

will any of you kind souls bless us with a summary?

No. 472388


Couldn't make it through

No. 472430

She addressed it in one of her IG posts a while back. A lot of people have been commenting on it and asking her what she's doing. She claims she's done nothing differently but stay hydrated. Literally drinking water all day.

No. 472437

She couldn't recreate it because an actual makeup artist, not her, did her makeup for the shoot.

No. 472446

Taking one for the team.


Kelly and Steph in car. Making air horns and "ya bois-ing" all over the place. Talking about going to Anime Impulse. Talking about how Kelly has done it for three years and this is Steph's first year.

Explains what Anime Impulse is.

Cut to traffic. Talk about LA sucking because of the traffic. Blah blah

Dabbing and talking about trying to park, etc…pretending they're narrating their lives. More parking complaining. Really boring and unnecessary.

Talks about her butt sticking to the car seat cause shorts. Being really dramatic about leaving the car and finding where to go even though Kelly's been there 3 years.

Freaking out over some Noctis fanart.

Still going on about Ya Bois.

Run into Vivka and Envy and airhorning and screaming obnoxiously. Envy's shirt is busting open with her tits.

Stops at some booth where her 'friend' KeneticCosplay talking about some app they created to try on cosplays. Idfk.

Obnoxiously talking to another booth and their jackets. Girl gives Kelly her business card, Kelly shows the card to the camera and gives it back to the girl instead of keeping it. Rude.

Kelly has broken away from everyone. Finds some lolita stuff. Runs back into Envy. Freaking out over some stupid kawaii booth headbands. Girl heading the booth tells Kelly she's being creepy (gg). Kelly laughs it off and keeps screaming.

Cut to them singing the Sponge Bob theme.
Steph eating Nerds. Go on a huge tangent with Steph over Pejoy vs. Pocky.

Kelly is talking about 2018 being the year of the ita bag. Trying to act like she knows so much about ita bags like she was the frontrunner for them in the U.S. or something.

All sitting on the floor pretending to be animals. Saying they're "part of the petting zoo" what even?
Going on and on about the animals they want to be. Why do they think this in entertaining?

More walking through the con.

Cut to outside. Talking to some girls eating "D cakes" that look like huge black cocks. Now they're on the hung to get their own.

Kelly proclaims about buying crap from some company she's allegedly going to work with them.

Loudly asking Steph if she's thirsty for the D. Airhorning still.

Finally find the dick donuts. Kelly films them skewering it with the stick. Films Steph being lewd with the donut cause it's a huge dick. Insert lots of sophomoric dick stuff.

Steph finally bites into it. Talks about how good it tastes. Awkward pornographic footage of Steph continuing to eat the donut. Everyone else tastes it. Kelly tries it and tries to make a joke about having bad dick in the past.

Lots of obnoxious loling about Steph's pic with the donut.

Ends with Envy yelling cheat day.

A really useless vlog.

No. 472450

samefag here

Hunt* not hung (super Freudian slip)

No. 472506

Bless you, this sounds fucking awful, do they just have zero regard for other people

No. 472528

So I like how she has shown the business cards of stores she knows/wants to buy from and ignored the other half of the artists in the alley.

No. 472549

So I haven't been paying too much attention to kelly but the last few vids have them ¨airhorning¨, wtf is up with that, why does she do it.I don't get it

No. 472641

It was a hard go, but I did my best.

They are the type of people that I do my best to actively avoid. Always talking extra loudly because they want their "quirkiness" to be on display at all times. No one fucking cares.

No. 472653

The air horn noises and ‘it’s ya bois’ is annoying. Getting so old. What really gets me though, is when she says; “Look at that cute chibi dick (the art for the food truck). Makes me not hate men as much”. She could’ve been joking, but doubt it. Kelly always go on about women should be respected. But her and her friends were making jokes about dick food and taking lewd pictures. Now if this was turned around…. Food shaped like boobs and guys making jokes or taking lewd pictures with it, they’d be pissed.

No. 472980

Not so shocking at this point. That's the same shit teenage girls do to get attention because their self esteem is so low they have to over project to everyone else how funny and quirky and silly they are, when they're just rude and annoying to everyone.

Very telling of their maturity level.

No. 473195

GOD the screaming? She screams SO much in this video. Like the earsplittingly high pitched weeaboo “reee” that was in fashion with 14 year olds in 2009.
Kelly. You are almost thirty. That kind of shrill obnoxious noises are pleasant for NO one.

No. 473349

Nice thumbnail of Steph giving head to a donut. Kelly knows a lot of her fan base consists of actual children. This is just trashy. Was this really crucial to put in the vlog? Actually, was this vlog even necessary at all? It’s just bad all around.

No. 473395

File: 1516200585865.png (200.61 KB, 750x1334, 8E2FC810-5C4A-4609-8DF8-81FBB8…)

*what clothing companies should I relentlessly harass into sending me free shit so I can make a shitty review video to nitpick the items they were kind enough to send me for free even though I’m the one who reached out to them in the first place?

No. 473424

To be honest, I prefer when someone nitpicks in a review, especially when it's sponsored. I prefer honest reviews over ass kissing reviews any day of the week - why else would I watch a review video?

That said, I don't really trust Kelly's opinion and would prefer she just skip review videos all together because we all know she is only doing them to double dip on her profits by getting money for the review and money from selling the items on her Depop.

No. 473454

I think everyone prefers an honest review. The point is that SHE badgers them for the free shit she nitpicks. It makes it less palatable.

No. 473766

Yeah it's weird to think that Kelly probably has a lot of underaged teen fans because of her weeb kawaii pastel pink aesthetics that appeal to young teenagers. It makes me uncomfortable that she knowingly hangs out with porn stars and cos-thots and promotes their social media links that aren't PG-friendly for underaged people. I'm no prude but if I had a lot of underaged fans I would try to be aware of it and be careful with using my platform. At least this other kawaii pink vlogger like Albinwonderland seems very PG-rated. I would be furious if I was a parent and saw my kid watching Kelly's videos and seeing her hanging out with all those thots.

No. 474027

Honestly her lips look so gross in all her makeup videos when she gets close to the camera and opens her mouth to apply her lipstick. Its unflattering and small lips look better on her than her puffy fake ones she has.

No. 474201

Whoa, that other girl in the video looks like Stephanie, or trying to be Steph. The same blue, haircut, and style. I think Kelly was showing love to the vendors. I like the Asian family that is looking at them at 15:46….their look, haha.

No. 474260

Not to white knight Kelly but I fucking can't stand this shit. If your child is watching someone inappropriate, that's on you as a parent to make sure they don't watch that. Kelly has never tried to really seem PG, just because she's into sailor moon and shit doesn't mean she's pandering to kids. I could more understand this complaint with someone like Pixielocks, not her.

No. 474375

They just absolutely hit the nail on the head.
>kelly: ~ugh~ why is cat-calling still a thing? why are they not ~WOKE~
>man thing in back: it's yo burando~~
lmao. Kelly is like the definition of "How do you do fellow kids". She's always desperately trying to pander to kawaii/lolita and nerdy anime/gamer crowds.

Really hope she stops pretending she's a lolita, both in how she dresses and especially how she acts in teahouses. I legitimately wondered if Kelly was like mentally off with how she acted in this video, but then I remembered she's just a narcissist and attention whore.

No. 474484

Understandable but whether she intentionally panders to kids or not, she should be aware that her fan base mostly consists of younger people, considering they send her fan mail regularly. And how sure are we she isn’t pandering to that demographic? The constant dabbing, airhorns, and obnoxious tween behavior say otherwise. Regardless, Kelly isn’t a Stephanie Michelle or a Jessica Nigri, she hardly ever posts over the top sexual content like that so yeah titling her vlog Dick Donuts with the thumbnail being of Steph licking it like she’s giving head and imitating fellacio in the vlog itself is extremely adult. It belongs on Steph’s channel, where she clearly states her page is 18+. I’m not disagreeing with you, but I think Kelly needs to be more aware of her bread and butter.

No. 474486

Kelly ABSOLUTELY has responsibility on what goes on her channel and how it affects her viewers. Sorry, no, once you are 'famous' your life is no longer your own, you do NOT get to pander (and YES she does pander, she knows the majority of her viewers are kids, she no longer gets to hide behind I NEVER SAID I WAS A KID CHANNEL) to teens and young kids but then posts a video of grown ass women giving fellatio to a dessert dick. I used to be a big fan but now I'm seeing a broken, dysfunctional, severely low esteemed woman who used to create and contribute but is now… what the hell is she doing? She doesn't contribute anything, she's hanging out with skanks and porn stars, acting like a fucking 12 year old on crack, and is absolutely self absorbed, obnoxious and deaf and dumb to all legitimate criticism on why her behavior isn't acceptable. I'm really disappointed. I knew there was something that niggled me about her from the beginning but now I'm seeing it fullstop. She's a lost, confused fucked up individual and I can't see this channel lasting for much longer, especially if she keeps courting the adult sex business. Talk about fake feminism - talking about lifting women up when you participate in a culture that routinely shits all over women, uses them and spits them out like garbage. She got a fucking boob job because she lives in LA and is one step away from doing porn work. What a great thing for eleven year olds to look up to. Be like Kelly! Grown up and get a boob job so you too can be part of an industry that treats women like disposable cum rags. awesome. Fuck youtube stars.

No. 474497


I agree with both sides of this. I think that parents today have gotten so lazy that they don't really pay attention to or care what their children are consuming as far as media goes. And then one day their daughter comes home declaring she's moving to LA to get a tit job and start sucking cock for money and they wonder how it came to this.

But at the same time it's definitely important for someone who is any sort of famous to be aware of who their audience is. This is in part why people like Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift are hated - they had huge fanbases of very young girls, and then suddenly just switched to trashy or adult themes. Obviously they were famous from a young age, so they're going to want to grow up their content as they also grew up, but it leaves their fans wondering wtf or following along because that's what their idol is doing.

No. 474503

Yeah, okay I can agree with parents being lazy with what their kid is consuming. It just really pisses me off that she has a HUGE under age fan base and she's got things like 'whore' hung up in her bedroom and is heading down the path of being a porn star. I actually thought she WAS a porn start when I first starting watching, and got confused about what her channel was. If she wants to be an 'adult' channel then fucking be one, do NOT skate both worlds and act like you don't know what's going on when people get angry their kid wants a boob job and dresses like a stripper

No. 474743

Have you guys seen her latest post on insta? Urging her followers to nag a photographer for more photoshoots with her disproportional funbags lol

sage cause I can’t post a photo rn

No. 474766

and now I have mutual friends with Kelly. Time to kill self.

No. 474804

File: 1516312576015.jpg (701.18 KB, 1080x1714, Screenshot_20180118-164834.jpg)

And top it all off, her moronic fans are commenting on his most recent photo telling him to shoot with her.

This most recent photo btw has a caption discussing his past battle with cancer.

No. 474806

File: 1516312624982.jpg (185.37 KB, 1080x999, Screenshot_20180118-164805.jpg)

No. 474829

I've never heard of Brian Ziff, but that's a nice B/W photo. Have he and Kelly worked together before? What shoot was it?

No. 474873

This is so embarrassing, for both Kelly and those delusional fans for doing her bidding. This isn’t professional at all.

No. 474880

She clearly still hasn't learned her lesson past what happened with Gallery Nucleus. She's such a rude, self-important little cunt.

No. 474935

I hope he tells her to fuck off

No. 474967

If your child is so heavily influenced by someone like Kelly, then you probably failed or are failing as a parent. I understand she is somewhat "famous" and should carry herself with a bit more tact than she does but she's also a grown woman and isn't babysitting her underage fans. That's on the parent. Again I'm not understanding how she's ever come off as anything less than PG-13, unless you want to use the logic that having pink hair and going to Disneyland a few times means you have to be kid friendly. How is it any different than young girls looking up to Kylie Jenner or the Kardashians or whatever?
I think Kelly is a trashy bimbo and honestly a huge fucking cunt and I'd much rather defend someone else on this, but I doubt she ever asked to have a lot of underage fans. I just don't think she has that sort of responsibility to her underage viewers or their parents.

This is so embarrassing. Especially considering what the post is about. So tacky.

No. 474970

god, how pathetic. If she really WAS a somebody she wouldn't need to beg, let alone make her fans beg for her. I can't decide who's more sickening, her or her loser fans. They must think 'facilitating' collaborations for her give them some kind of connection to her.

I used to like Kelly ages ago when I found her tumblr, I liked how extra she was with her interior decorating (not my style, but I love super done up homes). I never watched her youtube so I didn't know how annoying she was but my first red flag was her hanging with Doe Deere.

No. 475127

I hate defending Kelly in any way, but I don't really think it's reasonable to say she has a responsibility to post kid friendly content just because she has a lot of underage fans when she's not branding herself as a kid's channel in any way. Her vlog has always been PG13-R and she's always hung out with porn stars, as well as posting racy photos herself. Ffs she even has "whore" above her vanity. Honestly, anon, you sound like one of those soccer moms freaking out about how shows like South Park and Rick and Morty need to tone it down because they're somehow responsible to the kids who watch them when they're not even the target demographic and clearly meant for adults. Plus, why be so judgey over the fact she's friends with porn stars? I agree that the porn industry is awful, but how does being so harsh and judgemental toward the women who work in it give you any moral high ground?

No. 475137


Won't somebody think of the children?
Agreed with the linked post.
Some children watch this Youtuber with their moms. Kids aren't completely naïve, and there's nothing in her videos that would upset a kid. The dicc donut video is middle school humor in itself. Adult mature women don't think penis' are so hilarious, but a kid does.

No. 475140

>people complaining about Kelly's content being unsuitable for children while it is not marketed for children

>meanwhile people like this are making "sex ed for kids ages 3-7" on Youtube

No. 475188

then I guess you wouldn't mind it if your child(ren) become porn stars, cos-thots or sex workers someday. By all means, it's fine that you're cool with it. Saged for meaningless BS.

No. 475190

Not sure what your point is? Sex ed for children isn't the same thing as some random youtuber hanging out with porn stars and promoting their social media links.

No. 475191

The only thing is she DOES try and get family friendly brands and an audience! She gets super bitchy when brands turn her down and do not want to associate with her adult image. Sanrio has no obligation to associate with some tattoo'd whore and they dropped her and Kelly is still childishly salty over it. She's @'d Disney before accusing them of stealing her look as if they'd fucking respond to her, too. I'm not "but think of the children" either, but she clearly has no clue if she wants to be a tame, kawaii sweet lolita who buys AP, promotes Sanrio and loves Disney and Sailor Moon or some washed up suicide girl with silicone tits.

No. 475204

Not that anon, but no I wouldn't care as long as they were healthy, well adjusted adults who made that decision after careful consideration of the condsquences.

That said, kelly and co are not healthy, well-adjusted adults. They're desperate sellouts who didn't want to get real jobs so they resorted to showing tits online and pandering to shitty scammer companies for promotion.

No. 475213

Dropped my sage.

It's also pretty telling that only about 3 of Kelly's friends have real jobs and the rest are patreon cosplay whores.

No. 475232

Agreed. I'm that anon who was all like "THINK OF THE KIDS!!" (although I don't have kids). It's cool if Kelly hangs out with cos-thots but if she wants a steady successful career that goes beyond youtube, she needs to carefully re-think her association. A lot of famous people have dropped their past acquaintances to move on and be seen in new circles in order to have a new better image. That's just how branding works. Sanrio didn't want a rep spokesperson associated with XXX rated models, because Sanrio sells to children and it just doesn't look good for their image, period.

Saged. Let's get back to discussing Kelly.

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