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File: 1515798514375.png (168.24 KB, 750x928, IMG_6211.PNG)

No. 468671

Cameron/Felix is a trainwreck of a cosplayer who is mildly well-known in the US Midwest convention circuit. He is also a fakeboi, a failed amateur pornstar, and a drama king/queen.

His drama within the cosplay/convention community includes:
>Regularly ghosting conventions
>Bitching about not having fun at the conventions he ghosted
>Public, sloppy drunkenness
>PDA and public lewdness
>Has contributed jackshit to conventions and meetups, but is very vocal about how he thinks these events should be run.
>Starting Facebook drama about every Midwest convention
>Wears lewd, nearly shirtless cosplays on the convention floor despite being a fakeboi. When he gets asked to cover up his cleavage, he throws a sjw tardfit about "transphobia"
>Wearing cosplays that he's shot porn in to conventions (if you see him at a con, don't hug him)

Even though he doesn't have many followers (due to hopping to a new account every 6 months) a lot of anons on lolcow and cgl at least recognize him. His online drama includes:
>Posting shirtless pics on FB and IG with his tits badly shooped out, then crying "transphobia" when they get zucc'd
>Taking laughably bad boudoir photos
>Shooting grainy webcam cosplay porn
>Making fetish porn of himself literally pissing on his cosplays.
>After getting called out for the piss porn, he sperged out and claimed that it was photoshopped, or that he just spilled water on himself
>Lewding underage characters

Social Media Links
Personal Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/cameron.dravus
Cosplay Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/caffeinatedcameron/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/caffeinated_cameron/
Amino: https://aminoapps.com/c/cosplay/page/user/caffeinated-cameron/l8UR_f18NW63n7pLB1DNLnKl2NaLN
Personal/Cosplay Tumblr: https://caffeinated-cameron.tumblr.com
Piss Fetish Tumblr: https://liquidgoldcosplay.tumblr.com
Manyvids: https://www.manyvids.com/Profile/1000813542/FelixxxFantasy/#about
Another dumping ground for his piss fetish pics: https://www.omorashi.org/forums/topic/40625-male-cosplay-omorashi-pictures/

No. 468677

File: 1515799059715.jpg (830.41 KB, 1920x2560, IMG_6279.JPG)

Him doing piss porn, getting piss porn posted in a cosplay cringe thread, then denying doing piss porn

No. 468679

File: 1515799073617.jpg (466.51 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_6280.JPG)

No. 468690

File: 1515799936535.png (Spoiler Image, 2.84 MB, 1920x1080, IMG_6282.PNG)

I never saved his videos before he deleted them so thank you anons on /pt/ and /snow/

No. 468693

File: 1515800183791.png (1.01 MB, 750x1089, IMG_6285.PNG)

Him wearing his porn cosplays in public and interacting with other congoers

No. 468695


No. 468705

File: 1515801066531.jpg (Spoiler Image, 277.29 KB, 1364x2128, IMG_6193.JPG)

What he wants us to think his tits look like:

No. 468706

File: 1515801088704.png (Spoiler Image, 434.45 KB, 633x471, IMG_6287.PNG)

The size of his actual tits

No. 468709

File: 1515801209385.png (Spoiler Image, 600.81 KB, 741x480, IMG_6292.PNG)

More cursed images of his Yoosung cosplay:

No. 468710

File: 1515801294737.png (Spoiler Image, 369.26 KB, 621x453, IMG_6293.PNG)

Another anon posted this in /pt/ and pointed out the tampon string

No. 468714

oh god that's enough to put someone off pussy for life. that clitdick. vomit inducing.

No. 468715


No. 468719

File: 1515801890888.png (884.26 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6196.PNG)

Lewding minors. Also what an unnatractive pose, it looks like he's about to fart in the viewers face.

No. 468720

>Using "he" pronouns in the OP
Come on anon.

>anon is shitting me, it's not— GOD NO

As sick and vile bullshit this is (don't unspoiler the images anons I beg of you) this is an awful lot of content you know of a cosplayer that only has 26 likes on FB. Where did you find this nugget?

No. 468723

File: 1515802122269.jpg (303.58 KB, 749x1331, IMG_6183.JPG)

Stolen edit from the fakeboi thread

No. 468727

The only reason he's on my radar is because he's constantly instigating drama with someone I know and respect a lot. I posted him in fakeboi threads here and cringe threads on /cgl/ and other anons recognized him from porn and dropped screenshots.
After finding out that he used to do porn I posted on the request thread in /pt/ and other anons delivered

No. 468728

If shes a fakeboi can you all stop with the ridiculous male pronouns? This is obviously a disgusting fujo. Call her a she ffs.

No. 468729

Why do they look so crusty?

No. 468744

File: 1515803139511.png (60.18 KB, 661x459, IMG_6299.PNG)

No. 468747

File: 1515803301834.png (41.81 KB, 750x350, IMG_6300.PNG)

But how can you have a sale on something that's free?
My guess is she tried selling them but nobody wanted to buy them. Not sure why people wouldn't want to pay for grainy, low-effort webcam videos.

No. 468748

I’ve been thinking about this comment a lot since it was posted

No. 468750

What is with all the piss???

No. 468751

I think about it a lot too. I wonder if they were actually able to cum.

No. 468774

I like how even though they're a fakeboi you still use he/him, good on you I guess

No. 468802

File: 1515807148748.jpg (429.93 KB, 1638x2128, IMG_6301.JPG)

Jesus Christ the shooping on this one

No. 468814

>implying they/them is less autistic than he/him
lol just use "she"

No. 468849

File: 1515810012667.jpg (Spoiler Image, 220.85 KB, 1274x955, IMG_6209.JPG)

But anon, he's totally a boy. Look at how masculine he is.

No. 468879

I'm not sure if they just thought no one would notice or if they're trying to cash in on that whole boipussy kink. Either way it's revolting.

No. 468882

They defo took or take test if they have a clit that size

Surprised there's not more male pattern body hair though, unless they shave it

No. 468883

Sorry dropped my sage

No. 468887

not true anon. plenty of women not on T have larger clits. it's not super super common, but it happens. as you said, weird that her body hair pattern is still very female despite her having such a large clit, so i suspect she may just have a larger clitoris.

No. 468892

It’s a fakeboi though. My bets are already large but also on T.

No. 468971

This is disgusting and she looks like a fat inbred tumblrina god why did I click on those spoiler pics I can't even.

No. 469001

Is it really likely to /that/ extent, though, naturally? I mean, without a hormonal disorder?

blog-tier but I (shamefully) used to use steroids and have a huge clit as a side effect. Even then, it's no where near as large as hers. I've also seen a lot of transmen's junk via google and that clit is still particularly impressive

(No offense to any farmers who might be reading who are naturally endowed; I may well just be uneducated in… clit-prowess? Lmao)

I guess it doesn't matter too much either way, but like >>468892 said, the odds are stacked against her with fakeboi tier

No. 469109

Wtf why would you use steroids?? Are you a bodybuilder?? I don't think it's that uncommon, no. I don't think hers is even traditional clitoromegaly size. But yeah she's a fake Boi so she could be using but I see most female trans reporting male body hair before anything seems to happen to their clits

No. 469448

This picture bothers me a lot. It looks like she's bathing in blood which just makes me think she's on her period and being disgusting. It's not too much of a reach considering all her other photos especially the tampon string one, but I'm guessing it's the work of a filter or some kind of bath product.
Or at least I hope it is.

As for the clit size I have never seen one that large from a woman not on T. That's purely anecdotal though. She otherwise doesn't look like she's on T, especially because of that horrid sharpie beard.

No. 469476

I'm guessing it's a bath bomb or something similar

No. 469540

File: 1515901290557.png (Spoiler Image, 135.64 KB, 583x692, 1.png)

No. 469541

Why did I open that spoiler. Does this person take Testosterone?

No. 469543

Some spoilers should never be opened.

No. 469547

ok its enormous. it looked a lot smaller in the other pics. jesus fuck thats hideous

No. 469551

File: 1515902277444.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 37.9 KB, 576x432, DFF2FD85-E45D-4FB5-8386-262429…)

The late wrestler Chyna had a similarly sized clit (still from Chyna’s sex vid w/Shawn Waltman). Pretty sure it’s the result of steroid use.

No. 469566

File: 1515903307008.gif (948.07 KB, 200x200, peace out.gif)

google how do i delete someone else's post

No. 469580

It's also WAY hairier than other pics holy shit.

No. 469597

Morbid curiosity how you have forsaken me

No. 469656

File: 1515910888308.jpg (Spoiler Image, 69.18 KB, 640x853, IMG_6388.JPG)

I'm guessing he is on T because he also has stomach hair

No. 469660

Understandable then, everything becomes clearer although it still baffles me to why he doesn't bind, even for cosplaying males.

No. 469673

yeah you aren't considering how far away the camera is in that pic that it still looks so big from the distance

and yeah, I used to be a bodybuilder; but that's neither here nor there

like I said, it's possible she just shaves the body hair or whatever. She does seem to have a bit extra in the pubic area/spreading down her legs (though that's not unheard of for females either, still seems odd she wouldn't be naturally more hairy elsewhere if so)

if there are any vids/recordings of her voice, that'd probably be the biggest give away, as she'd likely be far enough in to effect it with that size

No. 469674

File: 1515912666226.png (137.65 KB, 750x1061, IMG_6389.PNG)

I think he does bind for (non-porn) cosplay. His chest looks flatter here than it looks in his nudes.

No. 469762

Lord what an unfortunate nose
He she looks like one of bailee jaes drawings lmao

No. 469957

i'm too lazy to search through their blog right now but i remember seeing a post about how they're on T and have been for something like over a year.

No. 470014

I feel like these god awful nudes are pretty much proof enough of that one to be fair….

No. 470347

File: 1515982022225.jpg (487.54 KB, 1893x1474, IMG_6404.JPG)

He's somehow getting worse at cosplay. Yeah the cosplay on the left isn't perfect, but it's clear that he actually put effort into it. His new stuff has just gotten so low effort and ratty.

No. 470389

File: 1515984375844.jpg (52.98 KB, 900x900, shiggy.jpg)

>he/him pronouns being used in this thread
smells like selfpost and samefag in here

No. 470473

If he/she is selfposting awful porn then he/she belongs in a mental hospital

No. 470477

>belongs in a mental hospital
Most lolcows do

No. 470487

File: 1515989236128.gif (1.29 MB, 480x348, 0A199C25-7BC7-4DAF-A123-E2C1A8…)

Her face bothers me so much, like so much. And these fucking newds are so disgusting it’d make any clitdick jump back in their body and run for the hills. The sloppiness is overwhelming, it’s like she’s intentionally trying to look like a potatoe slob. I’ll pray for her, but I don’t think there’s much god can do with this.

No. 471124

Is there ACTUAL drama on this bitch, or did this thread just get created for leaking her nudes and shaming her for doing porn? Smells like vendetta.

No. 471185

I find it funny that the Midwest convention circuit has actually never had an issue with Cameron as a person or as a cosplayer until he made a bunch of posts and a meme page criticizing and making fun of a certain Michigan convention. Now all of the sudden I'm seeing him posted on /cgl/ and /snow/ on a daily basis and it absolutely reeks of vendetta.

No. 471188

Yes but the drama is super boring

No. 471212


The "entire midwest cosplay community" doesn't have an issue with him. Hell, not even the entire Michigan cosplay community has an issue with him. It's probably just one group of people.
Basically, one of the bigger Michigan conventions is going to shit, and Cameron has been very vocal with his complaints throughout the entire process, and he eventually resorted to making fun of the con/conchair. He was photoshopping the convention's mascot onto memes, and the convention chair issued him a really crappy cease-and-desist (written by herself not an actual lawyer). Cameron argued that fair use applies, that he's not going to stop and the conchair can get bent, and poked fun at the convention/conchair's financial status again saying that "between the two of them, he's the one that can afford a good lawyer."

That's the entirety of the "drama". Conchair probably baww'd to her whiteknights and someone leaked his nudes with the intention of hurting him. I'm not sure where the claims of ghosting, drunkeness, or lewdness come from. I'm a close personal friend of his and can confirm that none of those are true.
Can also confirm that he's not a fakeboi. He's been on T for 2 years, been living stealth for 1 year, and literally has top surgery this thursday (Thanks for stressing him out RIGHT before surgery, by the way!)

No. 471215

As far as I know, he got really drunk at a con ONCE and that was saturday night at Youmacon, and even then he wasn't obnoxious with people outside of his friend group. And Who the fuck doesn't get drunk at Youmacon.

No. 471250

The rumours of “lewdness” come from all the porn shots in this thread no? Could you even say they’re rumours?
Also to say you’re a close personal friend I’d say ur reply is a little biased. This thread seems cringy rather than milky imo

No. 471682

>leaked nudes
Stop it. You posted them on a public site. These are all public for anyone to see. No lraked any fucking thing. You are a fakeboi who loves to do porn and not even for money.
Dint get mad because pplcalled you out. You even tried to claim you didnt piss your pants for pervs. You do cosplsy porn just admit it.

No. 471735

I personally feel like he needed to be called out for pissing/cumming in his cosplays as a warning to people. Sure he may clean up the costumes but why would I want to go near this person or build any kind of relationship with them? Unsanitary people are a plague.

No. 471831

File: 1516078686420.jpeg (139.54 KB, 687x1177, 9EA560EA-3D73-42D0-A604-71704F…)

No. 471832

File: 1516078709725.jpeg (110.64 KB, 718x1072, CD3A1CE1-A2A0-419A-9489-A47F3C…)

No. 471881

Just because she’s on t and is getting her tots chopped doesn’t mean she’s not a fakeboi. She’s actually posting her pants for attention. All of this is for attention and the internet never forgets

No. 471909

exactly. how old is this girl? look, people are still impulsive and stupid into their 50s. she must be young and she's obviously a gross fujo, so ofc she's going to just take the plunge and do something stupid and impulsive. ppl who post embarrassing porn for literally no financial benefit are stupid and impulsive. just bc T is a major medical step doesn't mean everyone understands that and treats it as one

No. 472212


Why are you posting screencaps rather than downloading the image and reposting?

No. 472677

-tits chopped
-pissing her pants

Sorry typos

No. 472683

agreed. One of my friends in their 20's got into the gay vampire knight shit. She was on T for a full year before she wanted to have babies with her boyfriend and decided she wanted to be a girl again. If people remember that weird half korean fake boy was very dedicated. She was very dedicated until one day she was wearing girly shit because she got a boy friend

I'm referring to this thread >>298852

No. 472723

This. A lot of fakebois don't realize what a huge procedure it is to go through transition, they think testosterone is like makeup and getting mastectomy is like getting a tattoo. So they go in without thinking it through, and regret it.

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