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File: 1448691433553.jpg (90.33 KB, 600x408, raptor.jpg)

No. 65138

Emily Hu aka avnp, averyniceprince, barleytea was a popular artist and internet celebrity for drawing fanart for the webcomic series Homestuck. She has been known to let her underage friend drink and black out during an anime con and documented via twitter.

Very recently outed as a serial cheater to all her romantic partners.


No. 65139

File: 1448691499788.jpg (340.33 KB, 570x461, o.jpg)

Accounts of her cheating from her now ex.

Her previous boyfriend Matt, also claims on his tumblr that she was emotionally abusive(tumblr now deactivated)

No. 65140

God I fucking hate her and her shit art but I've never actually seen any of the drama about the underage drinking thing. Any caps of it?

No. 65141

File: 1448692284829.png (445.91 KB, 590x670, 1430501486664.png)

It's too far in her tweet log now but she posted her friend passed out on the floor and took selfies around her.

Pic related is the same underage friend.

Taken from this thread:

No. 65142

File: 1448692369928.jpg (408.82 KB, 571x402, art.jpg)

6 months ago she announced she was quitting art and becoming a pathologist.

No. 65143

File: 1448692496985.jpg (483.81 KB, 571x478, other.jpg)

She's now attending a community college in South Pasadena(fully paid and supported by her rich parents). Judges the community college for not having an office.

No. 65144

I thought Tracy was over 18.

No. 65145

You need to be 21 to drink, she was only 20 at the time.

No. 65146

File: 1448692990185.jpg (24.02 KB, 600x800, 1427836935698.jpg)

Pic of blacked out friend 1

No. 65147

File: 1448693033059.jpg (29.37 KB, 600x450, 1427837056592.jpg)

Pic of blacked out friend 2

No. 65148

woooooo a pathologist's assistant. 2edgy4me.


No. 65149

File: 1448693836438.png (77.85 KB, 967x761, Untitled.png)

No. 65150

>she was 20
wow it's nothing

No. 65191

If someone ever ask you how a tumblr resume looks, send them this picture.
Ugh, people trying to be witty/funny on their resume made my head hurt.
>Anime Club president on high school
Topest kek

No. 65192

I used to follow her blog.

Why isn't anyone posting about her constant pity parties, selfie-tits, and love of cock-teasing all her followers. She only interacted with mostly BNF (big name fans) and was super shallow-vapid.

Funny enough, she has a relatively ugly nose that she tries hard to make look smaller with glasses.

I also heard she went to Japan to bang a Japanese animator, I'm not sure if that was a part of the cheating though.

Sorry to hear about all the cheating, sucks to be him.

No. 65193

Was her exe-bf she cheated on her 'type'?

No. 65288

I thought Matt told her he was gay and thats why they broke up or something

No. 65575


You have my interest

No. 65601

File: 1448784917711.jpg (4.78 MB, 478x8524, ohshit.jpg)

No. 65603

where are the compromising pics tho

No. 65605

File: 1448787280960.jpeg (100.22 KB, 960x720, image.jpeg)

It's so fucked up she was seeing someone else when this pic was taken. Even more fucked up when you realize she made him pay for EVERYTHING

No. 65616

>doesn't give a fuck about boyfriend's birthday
>goes all out for an anime husbando
jeez…she sounds like an overgrown teenager.

No. 65636

So she basically hand-picked a guy who couldn't say no to her Bullshit because he desperately wanted to stay with her?

She's so immature it hurts.

How does she even pay the bills at home, please don't say parents lol.

She would literally be another shitty needy gold-digging gf at that point. She wasn't raised right if she expects constant gifts and attention. It's 2016 soon and she lives like she's still 5 years old.

It's funny because in the past she made sweeping generalizations of Chinese people saying they were all 'crazy'. But she's looking like the crazy one now lol, flaunting her 'Taiwanese' heritage before.

No. 65660

She used to live in NY but her parents got sick of paying for her expensive rent(she couldn't pay it from artist alley alone)

Since April she moved back with her parents in CA. She's talked about wanting to work at DisneyLand but she has literally never worked a day in her life.

No. 65667

lmao what. That's a photo with friends, what's the big deal?

No. 65676

Her ex is the blonde one in the pic, she was still cheating on him at the time

No. 65683


So I checked age and so she's 26 with no real work experience except some freelancing here and there.

Not to put artists down but from what Ive learned, most artists still do part-time or full-time unrelated jobs to pull them along financially if they don't make enough for rent.

So honestly she's just a rich manchild who's comfortable with manipulating the weak-willed disguising herself as a victim.

If there was more recent drama this would be a great thread.

No. 65694

File: 1448832881204.jpg (515.28 KB, 574x525, kek.jpg)

oh the irony

No. 65700

File: 1448834822480.jpg (1.32 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20151129_140410.jpg)

She ruined her body.

Left is recent. right is 121 weeks ago.

No. 65701

that's not a very good comparison, the cut of that dress completely hides everything below the tits…

No. 65702

File: 1448835893287.jpg (1.21 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20151129_142116.jpg)


Well can't find any good recent pics of her full-body. She doesn't post her infamous tight t-shirt titty pics anymore.

This is all I can find.

Can't tell if frumpy clothes or she got bigger at the stomach but her waist was way tinier back in her prime.

No. 65703


I dont know who this chick is, but why is she giving up so soon? Why not get a job doing storyboards for a company? Her drawings aren't horrible so I don't understand what's keeping her from getting a standard animation job? Is it because she wants to be the star of whatever show she takes part in? Doesn't want to work from the bottom up?

No. 65706

File: 1448836454598.jpg (1.3 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20151129_142940.jpg)


Here's a follow-up with the most recent titty t-shirt (54 weeks ago) on the left with the past prime on the right.

No. 65707

She's always been fat, she just hides it well in her selfies. Something she's been slacking on since she got friends.

No. 65709

File: 1448837247629.jpg (55.75 KB, 500x375, tumblr_neej80z4ZY1u2dtlro1_500…)

A rare pic from her weeaboo days when she claimed to be a fake boii

No. 65710

File: 1448837422252.png (263.77 KB, 1440x1468, Screenshot_2015-11-29-13-49-39…)


Apparently she admits to bring fat-phobic.

I can't find any related drama on her body-image, but emi has always been a loudmouth crybaby about her opinions despite pretending to be sickly sweet in person, she's just 'lolrandomz' weeb trash.

No. 65713

File: 1448838118560.png (750.28 KB, 603x610, 2013eh.png)

this is from 2 years ago

No. 65714

It's so sad that her younger sister is so much smart and thinner. She went to Cornell(Ivy league) while Emi just fucked around with her life wasting her parents time and money.

No. 65717


If she's living with her parents now, and going back to school I sincerely think that's their influence.

That's gonna be another 6 years of dealing with their dishonorable money-sink. 4 year BSCI for biology and then 2 year master program I think.

She's honestly better off just getting blue-collar job and learning how tough real-life is without rich parents.

Or even just trying to be a secretary. If she can somehow get into a court office job as an assistant she can make $25/hr.

No. 65719

She wants to maker her own series and be the main artist but
1. She doesn't like taking orders - Even when she had a comic job she would shit on it publicly.
2. She can't write stories - see 4chords

No. 65720



You mean trendy OOC NYC hipster yaoi?

Oh man was that a train wreck that didn't go very far but the ego-dick derived from it paved the way to a life of pure disappointment and autism.

No. 65722

Okay I knew 'Matt' (her actual name is Maggie) and she's a lying cunt.
She pretends to be trans because she used to frequent /co/ and participated in drawfag threads. One day someone tried to ask her what he gender was and she said 'guess' and they pegged her as a guy so she stuck with it thinking people would like her better for it. When she's not at cons she dresses like your average frumpy girl.

Even if Emily is a piece of shit, Maggie is the same level. If anything she's the emotionally abusive one; at a con, she got drunk, begged me to have sex with her and when I didn't she threatened suicide. I lied to her and told her I had an STD to get out of it. (at the same con we had a convo about her telling people she's a dude and she explicitely told me , while sober, that she had no want to be a dude) Later on I found out she went around and was telling people about it behind my back. I don't have any proof since that was from an even earlier tumblr that she deleted right before she started dating emily.

sorry for the mini-derail but bitch got away with too much shit

No. 65724

File: 1448842655044.png (917.54 KB, 1000x847, yeah.png)


Why did she date this person they look nothing like 4chords Gamzee. Standards?

No. 65733

if it makes you feel any better they had a heroin addiction and is now currently trying to quit it?

No. 65736

Maaaaan I remember this but wtf was it even about? human trolls playing in a band?
As nice as the art is, during it's prime the homestuck fandom really sprouted some psychos

No. 65738


Not really. Gamzee was just in a band. It was about Karkat and Gamzee trying to bang but being tsundere. And also Tavros was a cockblock. They probably would have had a threesome but Emi stopped drawing it before it got to that point. Therefore hyped shit.

No. 66087

According to Spokeo

1119 Pine St
South Pasadena, CA 91030

Denn Hu - Father
Joann Shuai - Mother
Kimberly Hu - Younger Sister

No. 66092


I thought they were rich that's not a very big house, unless the market for houses is super inflated I don't see this being super rich.

No. 66095

According to Zillow their house is worth 1.2 mil

No. 66096

I read through all this bullshit and I don't see the abuse but I guess it's just Tumblr exaggeration as usual.

No. 66103

I agree. It's a typical messy breakup, nothing worth paying attention to. Trust tumblr to start with the ABLISM and EMOTIONAL CHEATING and WAAH WAAH IT'S ABUSE NOT TO CODDLE ME

No. 66106

More like 'overgrown teen who never learned to deal with confrontation' than 'manipulative sociopath'

This whole thread is kind of shit
>oh no she let an underage friend drink/black out
>friend is 20, I can't see why her drinking would be anyones responsibility

>oh no abuse

>turns out it's just triggering tumblr shit

I mean I'm not saying this girl isn't trash but I haven't really seen any worth talking about material

No. 66127

>Not to put artists down
Anon, you're not putting anyone down tbh. Any art hobbyist should know that artist alley and webshop sales won't be enough to support you. There are art hobbyists who have sold enough where they can quit their job to do art full time but that's very rare. Even professional artists have to start at the bottom first and gain some job experience before they begin working for a company or freelancing.

No. 66133

I think OP is the same obsessed /cgl/ anon who won't stop posting about her. This thread popped up the same day that anon posted about her in another thread on /cgl/. Archive posts talk about the same material like the "underage drinking" which turned out to be fucking nothing.

No. 66161

I think the birthday stuff was the weakest claim but the cheating and keeping the friend who knew about the cheating away from the boyfriend are actually kind of manipulative/emotionally abusive.

According to the ex (Finn) she has cheated on other people before?

Might be. Emi DID have a ton of haters in the past even though it's died down a lot now. I'm actually surprised that Finn's post on tumblr didn't get more notes seeing how so many people had it out for Emi in the Homestuck days.

No. 66269

Wait…. is her current tumblr description lying about her age?

No. 66304

Not really? Working as an artist online is really damn easy. At her level she could easily make a living. Her issue is that she buys too much weeb shit. If you take the cost and shipping on all the stuff she's constantly buying she'd be able to live a comfortable life. I'm not as well known as her and I'm making a solid 50k a year as an artist purely through online freelancing.

No. 66305

*really damn easy if you're an actually competent artist

No. 66328

I never understood why so many artists make carbon copies of her creepy art style. I still see people who still sucks her dick to this day and copy her art style to the t. It's creepy.

No. 66344

It looks like she just doesn't care about her tumblr anymore enough to update it. Fandom wise she started dropping off the radar when she started drawing that bike anime.

No. 66409

whats her art look like?

No. 66462


seriously learn to fucking read

No. 66488

File: 1448946303444.jpg (51 KB, 413x550, tumblr_neg7yleCSw1u2dtlro1_500…)

yeah no kidding

No. 66566

This whole messy break-up is ridiculous. I'll never understand how people like Emi or Finn (her ex, whatever his name is) can just give so many personal information about themselves so easily. I've been following Emi's blog on tumblr because I like her art, I think she was still liveblogging p4g at the time. Looking back at all her posts about her firends and her now ex-bf, I'm laughing my ass off.

I'm surprised she doesn't make that much money off her art though. I don't know exactly how working as a freelance work but I always thought she was earning a lot of money by herself since she won't stop posting about her new merchandises or her recent trip tin Japan.

No. 66602

It looks like she does make money but she blows it on stupid shit(i.e. Cosplay and trips vs her rent)

No. 66611

She's irresponsible in every aspect of her life then? And I thought I was bad with budgeting and money in general. I can't believe she's older than me.

No. 67223

I missed all of this back when homestuck was supper popular, thank god, but how was emi like when she was so popular for her homestuck fanarts?

No. 67379

She acted super cutesy. She still does sometimes but honestly she's still super fake, imo. If you look through her old blog and her twitter now you can see the difference.

No. 67391

Yeah with all her friends leaving her it looks like she dumped her asshole elitist attitude and is doing anime cute kawaii shit? It's really sad.

No. 67400

I remember there was some drama a while ago in the cosplay community. Apparently Emi really needed a hotel but they were all sold out so they let her in, but she kicked everyone to the floor so she could use the bed and talked shit about them on Twitter the whole time.

No. 67404

Is the way she types and talks supposed to be cutesy and endearing? It makes her seem like a 12 years old, I have a hard time believing people actually find it cute.

It's stories like that that makes me stick to local cons, jfc.

No. 67438


I found this re: cutesy persona. Anyone know what the racist comment she made was?

No. 67450

Iirc it was her answering an ask about vriska(?) and she made her Chinese because vriska is crazy and so are Chinese people. Emi felt like she could say that because she's Taiwanese.

Taiwanese/Hong Kongers/Mainland Chinese like talking shit about eachother but deep down they're all garbage tbh.

No. 67482

>Taiwanese/Hong Kongers/Mainland Chinese like talking shit about eachother but deep down they're all garbage tbh

I'm Chinese-American and ngl I can't stand
Taiwanese, Hong Kongers, and Mainland Chinese. They're all fucking annoying especially when you want to go shopping during tourism season and none of them have ANY manners.

No. 68381

That not considered a lot of money for a house in Southern California

No. 68476

Are you a real estate agent? Genuinely curious what you're basing this on considering the average price on the socal housing market is 500k

No. 69696

Are you confusing SoCal for the immediate Bay Area (SF, Oakland, Alameda, Berkeley etc)? A lot of SoCal really isn't that bad.

No. 69801

Not that anon but it really depends on what part of SoCal you're in. Big cities like LA and SD are always going to be more expensive. There are also "rich" neighborhoods in the OC and IE that have really expensive real estate. Tbh Pasadena/Glendale areas do have some expensive houses.

No. 72738

I notice she doesn't post many selfies anymore and when she does her eyes look really uneven? I think her fat distribution is getting whack.

No. 72750

Agreed. I live in a smaller city in the LA county, but it's very expensive. The area is all upper middle class and up (except for the few people that were here from when it was still affordable/working middle class, like my family). Even though our house is a regular 2 story home with nothing special we can still get at least a million out of it. We've actually been offered more than that, but we like it here.

No. 72786

I noticed that too but I didn't notice the eye thing. Examples?

No. 72815

OT, reminds me of the good Tumblr days http://archive.is/23IV9

No. 72877

File: 1450236673215.png (539.47 KB, 496x593, Untitled.png)

No. 72878

File: 1450236732684.png (2.4 MB, 1280x1918, fasfa.png)

In other people's pictures her eye looks fucked up vs her selfies

No. 72882

Sometimes the eyelid crease temporarily shifts a bit so eyes can look a bit uneven though I've never seen it this bad before. She should really use some eyelid tape to fix it

No. 72936

Plus apparently she's expected to chaperone her adult friend and stop her from drinking? What.

I read this when he posted it and he sounds like a spoiled baby. From the start he's dismissive of her issues ("I need to check my phone even when she's talking to me face-to-face because MUH ANXIETY! only MY neuroses are allowed!") and arbitrarily expects her to drop $$$ on his birthday because it's what he did for her. I dunno about you but that's not how relationships work, generally. You give because you WANT to, not because you're fishing for an equally big bash in return.

Emi's got her cunty side and all but she's just an artist on the internet who only gets as much attention as is given her. The shit like posting her home address/family names is far more disturbing to me than her titty pics or fanart.

No. 73034

You must be new

No. 73069

she would look way better without it

No. 73090

Do you have a preference for monolids? The majority of people are usually the oposite.

No. 73272

no lol. I can frequent this place and still find it cringey when people bust out the real life info. I am here to talk shit about obnoxious people with droves of white knights and narcissistic personality disorders, not trawl for addresses so I can harass these people. If you're here for the latter and not some form of the former then you probably have your own thread here too.

No. 73284

There's no need to bust out her real life info in the first place because it's not remotely interesting. If she was lying about her status/income, then sure, but she's not.

No. 73289

idgi it's not like anon dug around for her address, Emi had it up on her public resume

No. 73331

Doesn't make it necessary to repost along with family names but u do u boo.

No. 73365

Tim and Susan pls go

No. 73369

Home Number: (626) 864-4312

No. 73994

File: 1450631407553.jpeg (73.37 KB, 480x640, image.jpeg)

The tit pics are back, that camera angle to achieve them though lol

No. 74008

They look so sad in this.

No. 74009

I watched Emi way back in her dA days and I'm surprised she tells people she learned Japanese on her own when she used to brag in her journals about how her parents hired a Japanese tutor for her.

The thing is though her Japanese is still basic even with the professional help. I guess money really can't buy you everything.

No. 74024

I'm 99.9% sure I heard her once say she learned Japanese because she had a boyfriend who was a native speaker?

No. 74047

Maybe that was in her college days? I distinctly remember her bragging about it when she was still in highschool, along with her not needing to worry about college applications because her spot was insured in SVA.

No. 74051

SVA is like one of the easiest art colleges you can get into ..

No. 74081

File: 1450652445104.jpg (389.16 KB, 575x660, psrl.jpg)

Online vs. Real Life

No. 74653

File: 1450867994195.png (52.46 KB, 560x188, BAUbpFX.png)

No. 74741

Please anon don't pretend your selfies aren't exactly the same way, I know mine are.

No. 74773

Isn't that emi's ex boyfriend? I understand that he's salty about being cheated on but wouldn't it be better to try to get over it as soon as possible instead of talking about it over and over again on social media?

No. 74776


Yeah, surely it would be better for him to just focus on getting his life back on track and not to give her the satisfaction of knowing he's still upset about it?

No. 74936

Just from reading the callout upthread it's pretty obvious he's unbalanced lol. I guess he's mad he didn't get the satisfaction of watching her have a public breakdown or something.

No. 75062

I'm just waiting for the day this 25 year old hasbeen walks into a class full of kids fresh from highschool and she won't even be able to do simple math problems.

It's laughable she thinks she can get a bio degree just because "gore and beat up boys turn me on XD"

No. 75225

File: 1451100695553.jpeg (159.05 KB, 768x1024, image.jpeg)

Somebody stop her

No. 75228


She's 26 years old anon. It says on her tumblr.

No. 75231

yuk i have the same sweater now i feel bad.

No. 75245

She's older than I thought that is so, so sad

No. 75259

I used to envy Emi's figure because of her huge chest but her hip/waist ratio is really unfortunate. She barely has any curves and the boobs don't help.

No. 75260

>I'm tsundere as hell and I hate showing affection

This woman is 3 years younger than me. Why does she type like a 15 year old tumblrina?

No. 75318

She types like this on text and Twitter too, which means she goes out of her way and fixes autocorrect so she seems like she doesn't care about proper grammar rules. 2edgy4me

No. 76339

File: 1451445194975.jpeg (144.62 KB, 618x1024, image.jpeg)

I thought her mirror was dirty but she's wearing sequined leggings. That is the tackiest thing I've ever seen anyone wear.

No. 76348

what a horrible outfit. and dem ducklips~

No. 76360

this a joke from that one anime, I think? the character on her shirt has a gag about wearing sequined pants and gets ripped on for looking awful

but I agree she looks awful as shit I hate goddamn duck lips.

No. 76370

Correct her outfit is in reference to Karamatsu from Osamatsu San. I hope she wears this to a con so people can see how terrible she looks in person.

No. 76463

File: 1451506196111.jpeg (37.99 KB, 221x615, image.jpeg)

It miss emi

No. 76501

god she really does have a body/figure like a capital letter P doesn't she

No. 76517

File: 1451525469084.png (280.05 KB, 314x670, o1_500.png)

There are no curves

No. 76519

File: 1451525554784.jpg (140.21 KB, 439x1555, 1280.jpg)

No. 76552

Built a snowhoe with better curves than that.

No. 76961

Isn't she (or used to be) friends with a lot of other Asian-American popular fanartists? I remember it basically being a clique and heard they're all very bitchy, same goes for artists like dairyfree or whatever she's called.

No. 76974

She has a Yaya Han body. Gross

No. 76993

Yeah, the people closest to her are all Asian-American (coyfish, rokudo) from what I've seen.

I'm unsurprised to hear that dairyfree is bitchy though, haha. She used to post on efagz.

No. 77512

Who's dairy free?

Also Emi seems to befriend people who are below her in talent/skill(except Coyfish/Karen). For example she befriended only a couple of people during her homestuck days and she stuck close to a tripfag on cgl that goes by Tim/Soo irl and her art is lol. Complete shit. Yet Emi sticks with her probably because she offers lodging/hotel in norcal

No. 77517

No. 77582

Tim is pretty chill irl and she doesn't seem like the kind of person who would actually like Emi and want to be friends with her, but then again she's also pretty close to other trips on cgl so I wouldn't be surprised if she had some clique going on.

imo her art is kinda cute

No. 77725

That's surprising to hear that Leslie has a elitist clique thing going on but I never had an interest in her life outside of her art so it's not going to effect how much I like her work. A shame though.

No. 77823

File: 1451964643192.png (22.91 KB, 433x82, mqQTRUE.png)

Wait, she's going to work with kids now? What happened to being a pathologist's assistant?

No. 77826

Maybe she realized majoring in biology would require a strenuous amount of studying instead of just getting hornt off of body parts.

I hope she doesn't work with children, no child deserves to be taken care of by a retard.

No. 77828

File: 1451967866522.jpeg (72.55 KB, 750x605, image.jpeg)

Lol Emi has Tim running around after midnight doing errands for her.

Whipped as fuck.

No. 77833

She also has a tattoo of a girl getting eaten by a alligator, with guts showing, right on her arm. And I believe on the other arm there's a topless woman with her ribs/insides showing. Unless she constantly wears sweaters all the time (in California) good luck getting a job with kids.

No. 77835

Is there any known drama on Tim other than that she's Emi's bitch?

Sounds like shit only dumb tumblr bitches would get. Oh wait…

No. 77842


No. 77850

File: 1451977950233.jpg (999.01 KB, 958x1050, image.jpg)

Tim doesn't have any drama that I know of but she constantly posts with a trip on /cgl/ and /co/. She likes to talk like she's a big shot in the tabling community despite sucking at it.
The only thing she and Emi have in common is that they talk about their sexual experiences publicly.

Here's a compilation of her tattoos. It's ironic she has "art is the power" tattooed to her wrist when she's quitting art l o l

No. 77857

her art is cute but she draws the same nose and lips for every person. emi has the same problem with noses and eyes.

No. 77858

The tattoo on her forearm looks great. What is she trying to go for again in her career?

No. 77928

File: 1452013926775.jpeg (58.59 KB, 385x315, image.jpeg)


No. 77931

Eh I guess I'll talk a little bit about my experience with Tim… She's not cow-worthy but she is pretty lulzy.
I first met her in an AA (I'm a shopper, not an artist) but I've seen her at different AAs and at a local lolita meet in July. She seemed pretty nice but then a girl she was talking to said something about wishing that juried AAs would allow more new artists in and Tim got really standoffish. Later on cgl I saw her bitching about how newbs should suck it up and if their art isn't good enough for a portfolio review, then it's not good enough to sell (I kind of agree), but it generally sounded like she was just inflating her ego. Imp her art isn't like "omg so amazing" like Yuumei or someone. It's just very average.

This looks like that tumblr trend of "draw a woman as masculine as possible because she could be nb or trans! you never know!"

No. 77942

File: 1452016628214.png (23.53 KB, 489x244, pic.png)

It's funny you mention that because I just saw her kissing ass in the group. Not blacking out her name since she posts it up freely anyways.

No. 77946

this looks cool

No. 77948

Does she even know what a professional interaction is like? All her stories about her students involve them discussing anime or drawing memes.

Also lulzy Artist Alley people general, anyone?

No. 77984

File: 1452030848845.gif (782.51 KB, 400x225, 1439341538948.gif)

haha I always thought Tim's art wasn't that great, but never said anything because didn't want to start fights on cgl

>lulzy Artist Alley people general
that would be great, but I'm sure if there's enough to talk about

No. 77995

The cgl AA threads are basically just a circlejerk between all the trips. They love sucking each other's dicks. I think Tim's art is pretty bad and her chibis are terrifying.

There's enough AA drama with people like Thumbcramps

No. 78130

Kinda like your attempt to gain anon's approval by trying to talk shit about me? That's some real solid dirt there, anon, man, I dunno how I'm gonna cope with these juicy secrets out in the open.

This is the SacAnime AA fb group. Above anon is talking about Fanime, which was late last year. Two unrelated incidents.

No. 78251

I hope this a troll and isn't actually Tim because that would be really pathetic LOL

No. 78254

Plot twist: Tim started this thread

No. 78255

That… is actually possible? She's close to Emi and Tim has made many attempts to shit talk her friends in AA threads before, I wouldn't put it past her. It would also perfectly explain how Emi's address and family info got out.

No. 78261

Even if Tim did start this thread, I don't see how Emi's family info and address are relevant. Tim does seem like she has the ability to be a total bitch though.

No. 78267

It's Tim. They tweeted about it.

No. 78277

what's her twitter?

No. 78297

Same as all of my other handles.

I'm not going to front about it. I don't care about the nature of this thread and I don't care about what people say about me, but it does bother me that someone I've met and someone I know personally is trying to use the things that I've said to attempt to dig up drama about me. The fact that they mentioned we met at a meet is super telling, and I don't know if they're just not mature enough to realize posting shit about people on lolcow is generally pretty skeevy and can actually have horrible ramifications on people who don't always deserve it or if they actually do disrespect or dislike me. Eventually, I'll stop caring, but I will admit that I'm pretty disappointed. Just thought I would express that here for the person who was trying to post shit.

I'm pretty open about my opinions and don't really have anything to hide, which makes their attempt extra petty, but I suppose it's the motivation that bothers me.

I'll be around to clear up misconceptions that I feel need to be cleared up but like with everything on the farm, you all can believe what you choose to believe. Have fun

No. 78298

File: 1452120279169.png (173.06 KB, 568x1116, kek.png)

curious I checked it out and. lol. this is probably the biggest overreaction ever.

No. 78300

Stop derailing the thread with Tim, all discussions about her should go here now:

No. 78486

i was talking about tim's art when i said cute.

No. 78488

File: 1452163258484.jpg (49.14 KB, 600x450, 1446353300204.jpg)

>i don't care what people say about me
>proceeds to flip shit over innocuous comment

No. 79374

They didn't even say anything that bad.. so you're allowed to be a bitch on imageboards but the second someone says something about you, you flip out? lol ok.

No. 79379

Leave it, anon. Tim won't be coming back.

No. 79411

You know what makes me mad about Emi? She really could have make it big. She had, what, 20,000+ followers on her AVNP blog? I'm sure she's got a similar amount, if not more on her current Tumblr. If she had made a Patreon in her prime, imagine how much she would have gotten. People suck her dick so much. I honestly believe if she was just better at marketing herself, and not being a complete twat on social media, she could've made it somewhat big. Not sakimi-chan big, but still successful enough to support herself.
Oooor, maybe she was making enough but spending it on dumb shit. I can't believe how much useless anime crap she buys, especially at age 26 lmao.

No. 79424

She could have made it big if she stuck to anything and put in more effort. She's also SO wishy washy with her fandoms. Everytime she hits one she's 100% into that (like 2-3 things at a time) but she cycles them out so frequently that it reads as ingenuine which most fans dont like.

She's also obviously not putting her full effort into even her prints. She has really messy lineart and just slaps overlays on them. Even when she does 'shade' something it's the same shitty flat multiply layer or disgustingly messy and unfinished. If she was to ever actually put out something that wasnt her being so lazy then maybe she could actually make it as an artist.

No. 79492

I think it's kind of cute that you guys are lamenting her lack of artistic success. However I've been following her for a long ass time so I remember the blowout from her popularity, especially 4chords. She posted openly about hating it and hating how people harassed her to finish it when she was busy with freelance and then just not interested mostly thanks to Homestuck fans being shitty to her. From the tweets and tumblr posts from back then that I recall every time her stuff would get popular she'd be depressed about it because it inevitably lead to her getting shit on. Remember the hate blog devoted to her? She was basically proto-Zamiii.

No. 79495

I think that attitude of openly hating on her work and fanbase contributed to her own demise. I truly believe she would be in a better place if she had matured and turned her "doodle" blog into a more refined artist blog.

Instead she made a new blog and repeated the same charade over again, but this time without a cash cow(homestuck).

Back in the homestuck days people called her out on her lineart and coloring but Emi retorted saying that everything online is not a representation of her work and that her work for companies were more refined.

Her line work for Boston metaphysical society was extremely sloppy. The cellphone game she worked for had the same issues. Her variant covers done for adventure time and puppy cat were the same quality of her prints(that she doesn't consider professional work).

No. 79883

I can tell you right now she absolutely made enough to get by on art alone but spends it all on trivial brand shit.

She works mostly online, but insisted on moving back to New York (one of the most expensive cities in the country) because of the weird boner she had for the city from her SVA days. You don't need to live in an expensive apartment to do digital work. She doesn't know how to downgrade. She buys A ton of brand name shit (I remember her making a big deal about designer headphones on tumblr a long time ago) and spends a lot of money on weird outings and trips. She makes literal thousands at each con she does, print store and pro work aside. She works pretty hard despite her sloppy, sort of rushed style.

I think she's a flawed human being like the rest of us who just has her head in the clouds. She coasts along because she has huge tits and zero substance so nobody tells her she's wrong. Her work is trite (she draws "meaningful flowers" on it as a shorthand for emotion) but she works hard at it because she thinks that is all anyone expects from her.

No. 79966

I remember she made a big deal on twitter when she misplaced her "$200 cross Tiffany pendant" in her "Louis Vuitton Neverful Damier Azur" bag.

I don't care if people like brand, but the way she flaunted it always bothered me.

No. 80005

File: 1452640331918.jpg (72.79 KB, 500x400, tumblr_lnmmxhZ1kh1qzasudo1_500…)

She also owns brand Lolita dresses, which is $$$ as well. And she used to collect BJDs. Basically, a shitload of expensive hobbies.

No. 80046

File: 1452643777821.jpg (782.73 KB, 1335x715, img.jpg)

>Complains about not making enough money
>Buys $500 doll
>Can't afford to pre-order $80 game


No. 80058

Lol, she was just in Las Vegas too. Has money to travel, gamble, and buy $500 dolls, but $80 is just too much!

No. 80274

Which game does she wants that costs $80? The new Fire Emblem? I can't see any other game being that expensive, although I mostly play on handled consoles so games might be more expensive on the PS4 and Wii U.

I don't know Emi well enough to talk, but I'm guessing she makes enough money with her art to get by, as other anons said. I understand that she has expensive hobbies too, but does she knows that she doesn't have to buy nice and expensive things all the time? I love video games but I manage to get them on sales or already used for cheap, so I can play as much as I want despite being kind of poor. It always surprise me when people go "treat yourself!!" so often that they don't know how to budget or give up on things to get other things. I also don't understand why she would try to become a nurse or something because it seems even worse given that she said she needs to earn more money.

No. 80373

A few of the expensive things she gets people to pay for and then doesn't credit them publicly so people think she has this expensive lifestyle. Lots of people will give her gifts but she only makes a big deal out of it if thanking the person publicly is helpful to her status or brand.

She's dismissive of people, even those close to her, if they aren't helpful to the specific brand she carefully caters. I think that is something her ex she cheated on or whatever was getting at. She caters this image of herself publicly and interacts/praises/celebrates people and even fictional characters if it perpetuates her brand as this like "weeaboo, but cool" shit she has going on.

She might not even know she does this, which might be sadder than doing it on purpose. That is probably why she burns through friendships and relationships.

No. 80405

On tumblr she called her mother and sister ratchet and some of her fans told her not to use "ratchet". Emi proceeded to flip her shit and announced she's being silenced on her own blog.

No. 80409

Ooh, do you have caps?

No. 80419

File: 1452711963892.jpeg (214.8 KB, 750x1143, image.jpeg)

My bad she used "hood rat" instead of ratchet.
She deleted her rant about how she couldn't say what she wanted on her blog shortly after she posted them though.

No. 80469

>fucks up simple thing
>calls mother hood rat

No. 80484

>really bad at lying to people's faces
>cheats on bf

No. 80954

Remember when people used to copy her art style? Do people still do that? I remember her getting a lot of asks like "Omggg ___ is copying ur style!!1!!" but she didn't seem like she cared.

No. 80967

File: 1452828141818.jpg (88.49 KB, 599x782, CYKq2K8U0AAaKvh.jpg)

Yeah they still do but even though she says she doesn't mind she said she hates it on her private twitter.

She also despises when people compare her to mookie000 and claims that the other copied her too much.

No. 80968

Whoa, do you have access to her private twitter?

No. 80973

File: 1452829135315.jpg (318.04 KB, 646x768, image.jpg)

No. 81104

So I'm guessing that means yes, lol. Does she know she's being posted here?

No. 81691

This doesn't make me bat an eyelash and it's incredibly desperate if this is what you consider dirt. Buying one high priced item you really want does not mean you are going to be willing to drop the same amount of money on something else you also want. I bought myself a $250 soundbar this past Black Friday but passed on $10 blu-rays of stuff I was sort of interested in. This is normal?

No. 81697

I don't think she lived in a particularly expensive neighborhood though? She actually lived about a 5 minute walk from me (a friend noticed she kept location on for her tweets, and found out what train line she took after we went home after a homestuck meet and told me- so we went out and found the block/probably the building she lived in lol). I probably have a really bad sense of what's "expensive" in terms of rent, but relative to rent and what you get in Manhattan compared to Queens (where Emi lived), I don't think it was /that/ bad. I looked up properties in our area and on her block/probably what is her building, there are some listings for about 1k-2k for a 1br, 1b that look not like a crazy cramped studio space.

sage because emi still has a shit ton of expensive hobbies, but i just wanted to put in my two cents

No. 81790

>found out what train line she took after we went home after a homestuck meet and told me- so we went out and found the block/probably the building she lived in lol
Well, you're mildly terrifying.

No. 81869

No one said you couldn't treat yourself but if you make it a point on social media that you're low on cash and need money but still spend despite that, people are going to give the stink eye.

No. 81889

Eh, at least what you bought is useful? What's the use in a $500 doll, honestly?

Yikes, stalking much?

No. 81909

You're right in the sense that no video game is that expensive usually, unless they come with a lot of of other nice things if you preorder it.

No. 82090

Well idk, I've also spent $500 on a video game. That doesn't mean I'm not allowed to say "wow I want this other game, but I don't want it at this price" even if the price is less than $500. We all have different spending limits based on how much we want something. Also that price for a BJD is normal, you should look them up. And judging from the looks of it, that BJD is a special, limited edition one… it's not odd to splurge on special or rare items.

Saying something to someone else on your twitter is hardly kicking up a fuss, lol. Stop reaching.

No. 82103

I mean, at least you can play a game… you just, what, look at dolls… IDK, I just can't justify that much money on something you don't do anything with, lol.

No. 82111

Why are you defensive?

No. 82364

yo we're not attacking you anon. It's just she's ALWAYS been complaining about money. She consistently complains about not being able to afford things.

On the other hand though:
She's ALWAYS buying useless weeb shit. Generic cheap plushes and figures that ARENT limited edition as well as buying cosplays and wigs and contacts etc.

No. 82399

How can you spend so much money on a video game? Do you mean that it's an MMORPG that you have to pay once a month or is it that you were willing to buy an expensive console for only one specific game?

To be honest, I'm not super good at budgeting because I tend to spend too much money on my hobbies first, but now reading this thread makes me want to be more careful about not becoming so irresponsible.

No. 82460

I collect bjds to photograph and draw them, I also enjoy customizing them and my mother makes doll clothes! I think they're a fun hobby..

No. 82778

Could also be a mobage like School Idol Festival. I'm sure I've spent at least 300£ on it.

No. 82779

Continuing on this, Emi certainly does spend money on Love Live. Anyone remember the "emergency commissions" she did so she could scout a qipao card or something?

No. 82803

I'm not. I'm pointing out that compiling screenshots that prove she values items differently is stupid and people are insisting it's indicative of some kind of deep-seated value incongruity. It's not, it's totally normal to be willing to drop $$$ on one thing and unwilling to drop $ on another thing even if you want it.

Oh man, she does work for money. Scandalous. Does anyone have any real dirt on this girl or are we all just pathetically pecking at scraps, desperately twisting the smallest thing into shit talk? This is probably the most boring thread on /snow/ right now.

The game was a complete copy of Megaman X3. $500 is actually low, I got a decent deal.

No. 82819

This is not you diary also take your WK elsewhere

No. 83007

So which of Emi's whipped friends are you?

No. 83093

>you guys are being boring idiots
>"waaah you must be her friend this isn't your diary waaaah!"
lmao sorry I have higher standards for shit talk. Can you maybe bump the thread with some real dirt and stop wasting space. this isn't even high school tier gossip? /snow/ is for people who act like special snowflakes, not mediocre anime fanartists that post selfies and have more followers than you.

No. 83187

Seriously, this. I don't know why there's a thread for her or Tim.
Just because Tim ran an errand for Emi doesn't make her "omg lmao so whipped". Not to mention that the errand (>>77828) was because Tim was getting her own prints done and offered to do Emi's at the same time to save them both some time and trouble.
There's no milk so why are you guys trying so hard to make them look bad?

No. 83218

File: 1453242468065.png (520.45 KB, 633x480, image.png)

No. 83313

/cgl/ didn't care about their boring milk so they took it here. Their unflattering selfies aren't real dirt, they aren't shooping themselves or claiming to be hot stuff like other /snow/flakes, they look like average people. OP is embarrassing.

No. 83365

File: 1453269620509.jpeg (155.46 KB, 1024x768, image.jpeg)

I feel like she's given up on herself, her tips are a mess.

Here's the girl who used to shit talk about her friend's nails openly if they were scratched even a little smh

No. 83368

One thing that really gets to me is the fact that she talks so much about romance and marriage and her ~*~perfect Disney wedding~*~ but she's single and a cheater anyways, and one of her best friends is getting married this year. :~)

No. 83388

Karina is such a sweet girl bless her heart. I'm pretty sure she's the one who revealed Emi cheating to her ex so she's a good person in my book.

Sage for off topic.

No. 83389

Fucked up my sage, my bad

No. 83393

>his is probably the most boring thread on /snow/
then leave. who the hell bothers participating in something they find utterly boring? how lame are you? fuck off.

No. 83426

So now the "don't like don't read" comes out, it's just like I'm back in middle school reading fanfic.

I'm getting a feeling that this is just a bunch of former friends of hers being desperate and catty now. I mean seriously… shit talking a manicure?

No. 83481

This is some PULL level shit right here.
I'm pretty sure if you took this thread and the Tim thread there, you'd get a lot more people trying their hardest to shit on them.

No. 83529

Your constant samefag is hilarious

No. 83537

>wah someone disagrees with me! must be samefag!

We're not the same person, anon.

No. 83538

Sorry but the only replies I've made in the past day are >>82803 >>83426 and >>83093
The other recent replies aren't me. It's funny how you can't believe this is a shit thread, I'm sorry other people think this is pathetic. Watch your denial anon, if you're anything like this on your own social media I'm sure you'll end up with a thread here too.

No. 83539

File: 1453320683397.png (163.49 KB, 300x400, ac9294cd4184f7745cafcba.png)

I miss the simpler days when she was a obnoxious yaoi weeb

No. 83544

File: 1453321406123.png (234.56 KB, 467x350, DS115005.png)

She wanted the uke/seme love life so bad she tried to do sexual things in the guise of "cosplay roleplay" which alienated a lot of her friends

No. 83545

>does BL stuff with another girl. Not yuri nao.


No. 83581

Where in the world are you getting these pics from?

No. 83603

File: 1453334417573.png (187.72 KB, 467x350, DS5151051.png)

We used to be in a cosplay group together. I have a bunch of images I can dump here if you want.

I can definitely say that when she got popular with homestuck she changed to be "cooler" and burned a lot of bridges.

No. 83614

File: 1453336619497.png (212.83 KB, 500x374, 1421485491806.png)

and yet you're still here! how pathetic are you?

No. 83617

I'm not the one desperately scrounging at bad manicure photos and old weeb phase shit, anon.

No. 83619

nor am i. nor am i being an asshole shitting up a thread i claim is shit. move on.

No. 83634

mfw the post is sage and you answered immediately, which means you stalk this thread even without someone bumping it to the front page.

mfw >>83537 and >>83538 posted reply at the exact same time.

mfw you are probably as mentally ill as op.


No. 83641

Tell us moooore!

No. 83645

Plot twist: I'm OP

No. 83680

Please do an imagedump and tell us some stories.

Damn, anon. Just move the fuck on if this thread bothers you so much instead of shitting it up with unrelated posts.

Yikes, anon. Why would you stalk someone?

No. 84091

Someone made an innucuous comment about emi's incest fanart and she threw a tantrum on her public twitter(tweets now deleted) but she's still clearly upset about it on her private(can't show caps or I risk revealing myself)

No. 84164

Do you have caps of the tweets on her public twitter?

No. 84177

File: 1453419115873.png (53.3 KB, 581x489, zzzzzzz.png)

Not the one she deleted but the aftermaths

No. 84178

File: 1453419151419.png (87.08 KB, 568x839, xxxxxxxxxxx.png)

The comment that sparked it, which is pretty stupid in the first place

No. 84183

File: 1453419945503.png (34.95 KB, 162x166, 1450751477129.png)


No. 84193

Lmao, I can't believe this adult woman is mad that people are calling her out for shipping yaoi incest of a completely shit anime. Will she ever grow up?

No. 84375

I saw that happening live and never saw a "tantrum", what are you talking about?

No. 84391

i dont like emi as much as the next farmer but this fattymatsu [lmao] girl seems kinda like a cunt too. who cares if she draws gross incest in her ugly ass art style, its just drawings. she can draw whatever the hell she wants. that girl needs to block her and move on. its that simple.

No. 85446

She… she cut her hair to look like an anime character because she didn't want to buy a wig. That's the shit 12 year olds do. Jfc.

No. 85487

File: 1453749306457.jpg (67.83 KB, 600x800, CZh47E6VAAE9Gjk.jpg)

She's going to have a group of friends doing the same thing at ALA.

No. 85707

artistically, i kind of agree. she's free to draw whatever she wants, i really don't care. i think it's weird but what do you expect from a former(?) yaoi weeb. expecting normies not to flinch at incest shipping on social media sites is pretty silly though.

No. 85712


I honestly don't think it looks too bad? Using your real hair for cosplay usually does end up looking like shit… but Osoko is just a regular business woman to the point where Emi using her real hair and looking as normal and plain as possible works in favor of the cosplay.

I'm also partial to bobs and I actually really think this haircut is pretty cute…

No. 85721

File: 1453785874139.jpg (44.91 KB, 500x375, fanime06036.jpg)

The only story I can think of the top of my head is that she was always really affectionate to girls in our group. Everyone thought that was just part of her personality but later on she confessed and forced a friend into a relationship. Said friend didn't want to lose a friend and thought it was a phase, and played into it but when Emi wanted more(kissing, hugging,cuddling, etc) she told her to stop.

Imagedump ahead

No. 85723

File: 1453786001609.jpg (48.93 KB, 467x350, ax06028.jpg)

After she moved to NY she cut all contact with her friends. I think about a year ago she came back on facebook asking us for help to find her cat but honestly if you cut contact for 4+ years and then come back for favors, nobody is going to do respond.

No. 85724

File: 1453786012928.jpg (62.38 KB, 467x350, ax06024.jpg)

No. 85725

File: 1453786020599.jpg (38.73 KB, 450x300, DSC01684.jpg)

No. 85726

File: 1453786028644.jpg (35.91 KB, 450x300, DSC01685.jpg)

No. 85727

File: 1453786035083.jpg (37.04 KB, 450x300, DSC01707.jpg)

No. 85728

File: 1453786043463.jpg (33.06 KB, 450x300, DSC01708.jpg)

No. 85729

File: 1453786052291.jpg (54.31 KB, 467x350, DSC03849.jpg)

No. 85730

File: 1453786065442.jpg (52.39 KB, 467x350, DSC03850.jpg)

No. 85731

File: 1453786072353.jpg (38.58 KB, 350x467, DSC03864.jpg)

No. 85732

File: 1453786080650.jpg (47.79 KB, 467x350, DSC03865.jpg)

No. 85733

File: 1453786092960.jpg (28.36 KB, 467x350, DSC03868.jpg)

No. 85734

File: 1453786099776.jpg (32.32 KB, 400x300, DSC04233.jpg)

No. 85735

File: 1453786108019.jpg (50.37 KB, 300x400, DSC04240.jpg)

No. 85736

File: 1453786115005.jpg (29.58 KB, 400x300, DSC04258.jpg)

No. 85737

File: 1453786130894.jpg (63.49 KB, 800x600, P5300113.jpg)

No. 85738

File: 1453786137304.jpg (112.82 KB, 600x800, P5300111.jpg)

No. 85739

File: 1453786144760.jpg (112.46 KB, 600x800, P5280056.jpg)

No. 85740

File: 1453786149951.jpg (46.8 KB, 800x600, P5280050.jpg)

No. 85741

File: 1453786155503.jpg (45.09 KB, 600x800, P5270017.jpg)

No. 85742

File: 1453786161623.jpg (11.17 KB, 320x240, p_00032.jpg)

No. 85743

File: 1453786171432.jpg (33.52 KB, 500x375, fanime06102.jpg)

No. 85744

File: 1453786181580.jpg (38.75 KB, 500x375, fanime06099.jpg)

No. 85745

File: 1453786187313.jpg (43.79 KB, 500x375, fanime06088.jpg)

No. 85746

File: 1453786194066.jpg (51.59 KB, 500x375, fanime06075.jpg)

No. 85747

File: 1453786200251.jpg (51.77 KB, 500x375, fanime06071.jpg)

No. 85748

File: 1453786207377.jpg (36.61 KB, 375x500, fanime06064.jpg)

No. 85749

File: 1453786213824.jpg (90.46 KB, 500x667, fanime06050.jpg)

No. 85750

File: 1453786226181.jpg (60.21 KB, 500x375, fanime06023.jpg)

No. 85751

File: 1453786231810.jpg (32.21 KB, 400x300, DSC04262.jpg)

No. 85752

File: 1453786241417.jpg (36.27 KB, 400x300, DSC04266.jpg)

No. 85753

File: 1453786246768.jpg (33.51 KB, 400x300, DSC04267.jpg)

No. 85755

File: 1453786252466.jpg (38.23 KB, 400x300, DSC04268.jpg)

No. 85756

File: 1453786258779.jpg (39.19 KB, 400x300, DSC04269.jpg)

No. 85757

File: 1453786272885.jpg (37.92 KB, 400x300, DSC04270.jpg)

No. 85762

Same. That hairstyle is actually super flattering for her face and I think if it's a normal hair style it doesn't really matter if it's your natural hair.

Holy shit. I remember when that happened. She actually told someone I know that all of her old friends were being cruel/mean by not reblogging stuff about her cat. I didn't know she had cut off contact with them though. Why would she expect people she stopped talking to to go out of their way for her? I mean it was a shitty situation for her but if I were in her shoes, I wouldn't have assumed people I haven't talk to in a while would want to help me all of a sudden.

Thanks for the imagedump! I know these are super old and we've all had our cringe phases too so who are we to judge, but it's still entertaining looking at them.

No. 86434

Emi's sister is working in NYC now and she could move in with her only if she didn't hate Emi so much lol

No. 86446

I always thought it was the other way around and it was just Emi hated her sister. Or is it on both sides?

I never sought out her sister's info or anything, and the way Emi painted her just made her sound like a lazy pothead who DJs and goes to a really good school while she herself is hardworking since she was living off of freelancing back then (although the DJing thing may or may not be confused with some other random thing).

No. 86692

File: 1453966141932.png (175.55 KB, 631x2174, kimhu.png)

Both ways.

Her sister does indeed DJ and smoke pot but she's anything but lazy. She's active in extra curricular activities and interned at various places since high school.

If you're curious you can look her up on instagram under her tags #KimHu and her DJ name #DJSaggyTitties

No. 88596

Emi has no friends to leech hotels off of anymore and resorted to rooming with a bunch of strangers at her most recent con

No. 88612

was it at anime la?
I thought I saw her art in there

No. 88652

What did she do to drive everyone away? lol

No. 88742

No. 88762

what a terrible name. i'd be too embarrassed to give myself a shit name like that.

No. 88822

It's hilarious, she barely seems to talk to Tracey and Karina anymore, at least from what I see on Twitter. I don't know about Karen because she doesn't use social media too much, but doesn't she live out in California too?

But Karina and Finn have definitely hung out since Emi left, so I'm guessing Karina took Finn's side.

No. 89574

File: 1454615295465.jpg (67.56 KB, 600x600, CX1jvQIUwAE0S4l.jpg)

Karen lives in socal but she has an actual job/life so besides facebook she's not active on other social media sites.

Karina and Emi are still following each other on social media despite Karina revealing the whole cheating scandal which I find weird.

No. 89578

File: 1454615700890.jpg (87.67 KB, 768x1024, CTWHdPPUAAExrCG.jpg)

Also interesting to note, Emi unfollowed her ex immediately off of insta when they broke up but they are still friends on facebook.

No. 89583

who cares? if they want to continue being friends on FB, then that's up to them. i stayed friends with my ex on FB after we broke up too.

No. 89588

How do you know Karina revealed it?

No. 89776

>quits art
>takes friend's story boarding class
>classes are $700
What happened to community college

No. 91674

File: 1455214301931.jpg (61.39 KB, 590x272, Nes.jpg)

Awkward community college days begin

No. 91701

I unironically think she's quite beautiful.

No. 91787

does anyone know which tablet she uses?
kinda dig her art.

No. 91796

It doesn't matter if you have the same brand of tablet as her, having a tablet won't magically make you a good artist. Get a cheap Wacom Intuos tablet and it'll work just as well as a giant fancy Cintiq.

No. 91801

Word though. I've seen plenty of people draw absolute masterpiece using just sai and a beat up bamboo tablet. The skill isn't in the equipment its all in the person behind it.

No. 91827

actually having a tablet monitor makes things easier if you have bad hand-eye-coordination. i was wondering if she uses a tablet or a tablet monitor

No. 91861

She used to have a monitor one but she didn't like the texture iirc, so I'm assuming she uses a regular one.

No. 91931

SJW shit about whites all over her twitter and tumblr…

No. 92079

used to own cheap monoprice tablet, then a cintiq, then sold it (because no room for it at new place), now use simple intuos - quality of art doesn't change with the tablet you use at all. it 100% has to do with the artist.

No. 93319

File: 1455564225250.jpg (798.95 KB, 1000x1500, tumblr_n5hsfphemf1qjut96o4_128…)

Why do her eyes only look okay in selfies

No. 93325


Fuck. I thought she was pretty cute before but she looks like Connie Nakamura here.

No. 93328

How the fuck does someone have enough to buy burando but can't drop a few to put on some eye liner and mascara

No. 96967

So I stumbled on this. It's so damn embarrassing and cringy. Emi is at 0:04, 6:29, and 7:55. She is so awkward and that wig is hideous, lol.

Also when did her and her ex start dating? He's in this video at 0:33.

No. 96981

File: 1456165471768.jpg (146.63 KB, 1367x2048, 1402040_595639550471451_317045…)


>+ Moe Moe Blessing Phrase: moe moe~ nade nade~ puchi puchi~ kurumi BEEEAMU!

No. 97011

File: 1456170324226.png (52.57 KB, 615x453, annie.png)

They started dating a little after this vine iirc

Her ex's tweet says their anniversary is Sept 20th 2013?

No. 97012

File: 1456170498074.png (1.03 MB, 537x1312, bio.png)

‎+ Maid Name: Kurumi

+ Blood Type: A

+ Favorite Color: baby pink!

+ Favorite Foods: strawberry ice cream!!! sweet butter toast! red velvet cupcakes!

+ Personal Quote: “When the pimp’s in the crib ma, drop it like it’s hot.” -English Romantic poet, John Keats

+ Moe Moe Blessing Phrase: moe moe~ nade nade~ puchi puchi~ kurumi BEEEAMU!

+ Short Biography: Kurumi is a silly girl who aspires to be a comic book artist! She really likes drawing, eating, and sleeping… Sometimes all at once! She has been working for My Cup of Tea since 2009, and loves serving all the masters and mistresses :3! She also really likes American comics and webcomics, and hopes to work for DC one day to draw Batman! She also likes watching television… favorites are historical, criminal, and medical documentaries, Doctor Who, Sherlock, Criminal Minds, My Little Pony, and South Park. She loves theme parks! Especially Disney! Her favorite place in the world is Tokyo Disney Sea. She is a little shy so please treat her kindly ♥

preserving this page for the cringe

No. 97033

Lol, I didn't know she had a Vine. Everything is so cringy.
https://vine.co/v/blWQ1tL95ql She's such a weeaboo, oh my god.

No. 97034

File: 1456176454773.png (2.94 MB, 1646x943, v.png)


that fake high pitched kawaii voice she puts on for fans

No. 97201

This sounds like something a 13 year old would've written during their "omg lolz so rand0m! XD rainbow bacon waffles" phase.

No. 97517

The way she tries to act cutesy by covering her face with her hands… it's so fucking cringy. She's how old in this? 23? Jesus christ.

No. 97562

File: 1456257876507.jpg (336.35 KB, 417x768, tumblr_nk74pjRkal1u2dtlro1_540…)

What is going on with her lower body

No. 97566

omg what unfortunate fat distribution…

No. 97832

She hasn't even started to get her bio degree and is already taking a class to become a storyboard artist.

So much for shelving her artist career.

No. 97866

File: 1456350257277.jpg (144.1 KB, 600x600, anatomy.jpg)

wtf is going on

No. 97871

File: 1456350591004.jpg (91.86 KB, 262x355, tumblr_neg7wzHReJ1u2dtlro1_400…)

push up bra+weird angle+tight clothes?
She's a bit thicker in other photos

No. 97873

She's actually cute as hell, shame she's anti-white

No. 97876

File: 1456350932453.png (269.74 KB, 577x565, emimatsu.png)

No. 97877

She's dated plenty of white boys/girls and bragged about it in the past, you're set to go

No. 97879

I actually think her tat is kind of cute. And she'd definitely be a complete freak in the bedroom. My kind of Asian girl tbh.

No. 97881

she's back on the dating market, so you definitely have a chance. She used to frequent okcupid a lot and now tinder I believe. You might be able to grab a date if you're in the pasadena area.

No. 97970

File: 1456363206461.gif (574.66 KB, 183x200, 1433489792784.gif)

you are THAT thirsty for any asian that you are actually longing for one of the ugliest ones
come on anon, even the ugliest of weebs with the yellow fever can get one with less stick-out teeth

No. 98053

She's clearly not some sort of troglodyte. And it's more that I'm into the idea of an Asian girl with tattoos and a sexually deviant mind.

No. 98064

I think it's shooped, her boobs look like a fucking shelf.

Robot pls go.

No. 98079

I just find her pretty. That and something about her character seems alluring.

No. 98136

File: 1456424612017.jpg (138.65 KB, 768x1024, tumblr_nju1rmpuKe1u2dtlro1_128…)

she is notorious for having huge tits

No. 98141

File: 1456425584496.jpg (52.03 KB, 274x466, tumblr_nin9uzij7V1u2dtlro1_400…)

better pic

No. 98143

>Tfw she will never be into european guys

Feels bad man.

No. 98172

File: 1456430217036.jpg (150.75 KB, 654x820, tumblr_necm2wOBPl1u2dtlro1_128…)

the last 2 guys(trans men) she dated were white and her flings in the middle were also white.

If you aren't fat then you have a good chance.

No. 98176

>trans men

Suddenly I'm not so keen, I knew she was a bit of a tumblrina but that's extreme.

>aren't fat


I satisfy those two criteria at least.

No. 98267

oh god this is so sad
take your fedorah and go pls

No. 98270

just to remind you that you find this…thing… alluring
she kind of is a "troglodyte"
she clearly looks like a monkey (not because she is asian but because she is just ugly)

No. 98352

File: 1456482118659.png (10.21 KB, 577x88, emimatsu.PNG)

I'm always weirded out by how she types on tumblr and on twitter. It's like she's trying too hard to be a weaboo and at the same time she's also trying to look super cool or something. If that's what she's really trying to do then she's failing at it.

No. 98355

I didn't say she was the most beautiful girl who ever lived or anything. There's something appealing about her that's more than the sum of its parts. Especially when you've been dating quite dull girls for the past few years as I have.

For what it's worth she has nice breasts and her tattoos give her a look I like.

This is common. It's a sort of "I watch anime but also enjoy Kanye West" attitude, sprinkled with a healthy dose of irony.

I agree it's not funny.

No. 98381


This is kind of a nitpick. I don't think she's likable but it doesn't bother me. Maybe it's the thing where when you dislike someone everything they do is annoying?

No. 98384

Have fun getting cheated on if you try anon.

No. 98421

File: 1456517797681.jpg (43.26 KB, 500x375, tumblr_neej6a4XJv1u2dtlro1_500…)


I don't know where she got the attitude that she's better than other weebs to the point she publicly shames them on her twitter all the time by taking creep pictures of strangers and posting it.

No. 98423

File: 1456518104181.png (79.15 KB, 560x744, cda.png)

Confirmed she spent $600+ on storyboarding classes(where her 'friend' is the instructor) instead of community college

friend: e1n (that guy who dated one of his students)


No. 98427

I'm prepared to take that risk, not that the opportunity will ever arise.

No. 98428


Not attractive, surprised he managed that.

No. 98429

Shouldn't she have already learned this kind of stuff? She majored in Sequential Art, aka, comics. I get that storyboarding=/=comics, but yeesh…

No. 98430

Wait, is this one of the guys she cheated on Finn with?

No. 98447

No, e1n is a good guy despite associating with emi

emi cheated on people with girls/fakebois

No. 99724

File: 1456891102996.jpg (399.97 KB, 586x736, feat.jpg)

This happened a while back but she hasn't talked about it in a while

No. 99726

File: 1456891134238.jpg (206.88 KB, 602x655, feat 2.jpg)

I suspected it was one of her exs or something

No. 99766

>that guy who dated one of his students
what? i haven't kept up with e1n so i don't know about any of his relationships other than with cartoongirl7/myrollingstar. unless she was his student.

No. 99776

Yeah that's the girl

No. 99786

Seriously? I didn't know he was her teacher. But anyways she's got a new man and has completely disappeared from the internet art world.

No. 99798

Holy shit I know this girl irl. Not too well but wow….never thought the day I'd find an acquaintance on lolcow would ever come.

No. 99922

File: 1456947584825.jpg (110.01 KB, 600x1064, tumblr_nin9u2iJ5e1u2dtlro1_128…)

Any stories you have to share?

No. 100011

File: 1456961633294.jpg (72.78 KB, 600x480, 1456959660068.jpg)

huh, her artstyle reminds me of another artist but I can't put my finger on it

>emi aside this Hanayo is fucking b a s e d

No. 100040

The Pana is a full and she made her own costume. Tbh I think it looks really good.

No. 100064

>A full
A what now

No. 100083

hmm I think it was mookie who (at first, her style is kinda different now) had a very similar art style to emi's

>a full

No. 100084

Ugh, her gut

No. 100104

File: 1456986285321.jpg (595.59 KB, 997x824, classy.jpg)


why do people blog about their toilet duties

No. 100114

>a full
a gull lmao. didn't catch that autocorrect.

She's prob one of those people who think that telling people she needs to go pee is funny.

No. 100136


Sadly no. We have a lot of mutual friends because I went to the crapsack 'fine arts program' that scammed a ton of people out of their money with her but we weren't in the same class. All I can say is that the friends that I do know who are on normal speaking terms with her are really fame hungry but try to act like they don't want the attention. It's pretty annoying.

No. 100137

She's cute. I like Asian girls who are really westernised.

No. 101263

still waiting on those "compromising photos" to surface

No. 101367

Send a message on tumblr to her ex, he said he'd show if people asked.

No. 101433

did he say that on tumblr? damn

No. 101462

I'm more interested in this then the rest of the thread because until now I thought I was the only one who noticed this for the longest time. A lot of them are incredibly bitchy and outright rude to fans who lap it up.

No. 101602

Yeah he stated it in his call out post.

I would ask but I like my main tumblr and don't want to make a sock puppet to message.

No. 101701

File: 1457310921812.jpg (71.17 KB, 720x431, 166262_559476408239_6091504_n.…)

Emi and that guy who founded Fakku

No. 101702

File: 1457310933282.jpg (72.51 KB, 720x431, 166829_559476024009_6521646_n.…)

No. 101703

File: 1457311011615.jpg (430.66 KB, 2048x1225, 134996_559008426079_2646964_o.…)

No. 101795

File: 1457338235062.png (907.94 KB, 824x617, BOs_gbECcAAY_NF.png)

this tmi meme
i’m really bored on this bus but i know if i ask for questions i’m just gonna get all of them so let me.. one-up you guys and just post the answers HEH
1. do you masturbate - who doesn’t
2. what’s something you do only when you’re alone - get out of the shower and tumblr naked until i feel self conscious enough to put on clothes
3. what would you do if you had no fear- mack on anyone i was ever attracted to ‘w’
4. what’s something you overindulge in - the internet…………….
5. do you believe in the supernatural - yes u___u ghosties are one of my biggest fears haha.
6. what’s a stereotype you agree with?- ummmm. asians are good at math…?? i’m not though, so uh…..
7. what annoys you the most on fb? - dumb people who post loveydovey messages on their significant other of the week’s wall get an internet room gosh
8. what’s your strangest kink? - i’m pretty vanilla i think. i’m a little M tho…
9. what’s something you’re nostalgic about? - basically everything… i associate songs/fandoms with the period of time in which i experienced them. gurren lagann was my high school graduation year, ragnarok online was that one summer, patrick stump’s EP was my SVA graduation album, etc
10. post a screenshot of your desktop- ah this is embarrasing ok

11. on a scale of one to ten rate your appearance - 5 haha
12. do you get jealous easily? yes, very. it’s probably my biggest fault
13. what’s an accepted fact that you have a hard time believing? - i what
14. what’s your favorite part of foreplay - i have an oral fixation do with that what you will
15. what’s something you’d never admit to irl - i have a tough time talking about sexy stuff irl lol u///u i’m mega shy
16. showers or baths? - baths with lush bath bombs and bath melts please….
17. commando- sexy or sickening? - sexy!!!
18. have you ever secretly planned for marriage or children with your partner? - um yes but only bcus i think anyone you date you have to have some vision of the future with….. u///u or i’m just a stupid romantic
19. how big are your boobs - 34dd
20. define your sexuality - bisexual
21. what’s the farthest you’ve gone to impress the opposite sex? - p.much just style myself completely to their liking haha, hair, clothes, etc
22. in what way are you like your mom? dad? - uh oh man. i really. don’t know about this one. i think my personality is a little like my mom’s. my dad’s a workaholic so i def didn’t inherit that lol
23. in an average day, what do you eat? - uhmm. i live a pretty miserable bachelor life when i’m by myself haha so it’s usually… i skip breakfast, make something shitty like microwave food/cereal for lunch, and then try to make something nice like fried rice/salmon/stir fry veggies for dinner
24. what’s the weirdest date you’ve ever been on? - kiki and i went on a soho/st marks oddity store/tea/karaoke date it was p.much the best
25. which reality star would you take to dinner? - gordon ramsay HEH……

No. 101800

File: 1457339428668.png (137.69 KB, 768x1024, BOs_gbECcAAY_NF.png)

No. 101801

File: 1457339465534.png (57.25 KB, 600x800, BOs_gbECcAAY_NF.png)

No. 101831

this is the emi that used to be fun and dumb on the internet before an inflated homestuck fandom ruined her desire/ability to joke around and be candid without fucking posturing that she's somehow better than OTHER people who indulge in the same shit

No. 104078

So basically a carefree weeb?

No. 104086

You'll prob have a hard time since you two don't even live on the same continent brah.

No. 104110

a carefree weeb with incredible tits

No. 104113

Is she pregnant or something? She looks so fat but.. weirdly proportioned.

No. 104132

r9k gtfo

it's just because her tits make her look like she's about to topple over

No. 104490

She was complaining on her private about how she's sick of people copying her style again. She deleted it immediately after, again.

You'd think a 26 year old woman who has gotten a degree in the arts wouldn't feel insecure about her style and people copying it but here we are.

No. 104494

I don't see whats so bad about complaining about this. But didn't she sad in one of her blogs that she didn't mind it if people were "inspired" by her art style? I'm sure she did a long time ago, she should be sincere instead of pretending to be ok with it.

No. 104527

There's a BIG difference between being inspired by someone's style and straight up copying it

No. 104783

Wow what a cutie he is

No. 104828

What I meant by "inspired" is that some artists on tumblr have the exact same style as her and claim that they're not copying her but they're just inspired by her. I've seen that first with a fanart of Jolyne Kujo with emily's style, I thought she posted it on a new blog but it was someone else entirely, who claimed she was one of emily's fan and only inspired by her style. I found it really weird at the time but I didn't know it happened before, if it bothers emily so much she should tell them. Her style is pretty unique for a weeb too, so it's pretty obvious when somebody is inspired and somebody is copying.

No. 104832

man, it's kind of sad that she's 26 and acts like a high school girl. maybe if her parents had made her get a real job, she would have matured a bit.
what's up with her being super into things made for high schoolers? like the persona series. she's going to be 30 soon.

No. 104837

I wish I was wasn't so attracted to this girl.

I've dated Asian girls, but never one like this. There's something really attractive about her.

No. 104853

Isn't Persona rated M is the US? The only megaten game that's rated 16 in Europe is Persona 4 Golden, which is strange because is super tame compared to the other games of the series which are all rated 12. So at least for Persona I can understand why an adult would play these games. In general I don't see what's wrong with her liking things marketed towards teenagers. But from what I've read on this thread she seems immature in general, and the way she acts in social media like twitter and tumblr makes seem like a teenager trying too hard to be mature and cool.

No. 104865

it's the fact that her only hobby is consuming media for teenagers and drawing and using the internet. she doesn't seem to have any other hobbies that other adults have, like bike riding or anything like that.

her choice of hobby means that the majority of people she comes into contact with are going to be a lot younger than she is. she has no reason to mature and behave her age.

No. 104889

Yeah, I noticed that last time when she went to Japan she almost only tweeted things about her favorite games and series' merchandises and maid cafés, it looked like she had fun but it was really cringey.

No. 105052

To be fair to her, she's a decent artist and she's a lot more creative than I am. Think about how many people in the world have "hobbies" that basically amount to luxuriating in front of a computer doing fuck all. She's not great, but she's a step above that.

Also her breasts are a thing of beauty.

No. 105216

File: 1457936558732.jpg (212.57 KB, 1024x1365, CddH_kPUkAASId_.jpg)


No. 107791

File: 1458506672218.jpg (97.5 KB, 768x1024, Cd827TyUYAEHgsR.jpg)

She's so embarrassing.

No. 107822

Enjoy your cuck AIDS.

No. 107837

File: 1458512093565.jpg (96.66 KB, 1024x768, CajnrC4UkAASRIS.jpg)

I love how she's already latched onto another friend group(remember her "bara hell"?)

I give her 1-2 years before she ditches these new people too.

No. 107842

File: 1458512825831.jpg (151.97 KB, 768x1024, B5RNZOZIIAE9Zxi.jpg)

nice toilet

No. 107844

So…this cow doesn't actually do anything for an actual living, right?

No. 107872

She's living with her parents now and gets money from weebs at cons

No. 107889

i wish i had rich parents ?

No. 107897

Nah. She's never worked a day in her life, besides freelance comic stuff that she constantly complained about.

No. 108891

>Persona rated M
>Thinking that games rated M don't get played by teenagers

No. 108896

File: 1458602766335.jpg (128.29 KB, 669x590, tumblr_necm0yqgNc1u2dtlro1_128…)

Her side profile is so awful…

No. 108899

File: 1458603377884.jpeg (81.34 KB, 940x541, image.jpeg)

Idk about you but most people tend to have toilets in their bathrooms and sometimes they appear in the background of bathroom selfies. It's not like she could've picked up her toilet and shoved it out the door to get a selfie without it.

Damn she legit looks like a Neanderthal. Pic (literally) related.

No. 108900

i wonder if that anon from upthread still wants to bang neanderthal emily

bathroom selfies are just not classy to start with. visible toilets make it worse lol

No. 108922

File: 1458612912215.jpg (52.22 KB, 1024x764, BmMamjEIUAACJ1P.jpg)

You can see how big her buck teeth are in this one(she's the Rei cosplayer)

No. 108954

Anon would you care to explain what the fuck is a "classy" selfie? That seems like an oxymoron.

No. 112298

File: 1459269395750.jpg (320.61 KB, 501x649, tumblr_neclzrTjXw1u2dtlro1_540…)

No. 112299

File: 1459269441461.jpg (489.77 KB, 500x666, tumblr_neclzrTjXw1u2dtlro1_640…)

She graduated looking like a flaming mess, if I were her parents I'd be so ashamed.

No. 112326

one that doesn't have a toilet in the background

No. 112447

she looks fine other than her shoes. you're reaching too damn hard anon.

No. 112457

>greasy bangs, fried hair
>graduation robe open
>feet not planted on the floor
>phone in hand with anime charms

No. 112469

Graduation seems like a formal and very important event so I doubt it's the only photo she has of herself during graduation.

No. 112471

Considering she posted this on her blog, she must've felt that it was the best one and was proud of it.

No. 114650

File: 1459726159338.jpeg (63.33 KB, 750x501, image.jpeg)

So a cartoon helped her get through being outed for cheating on her boyfriend?

No. 114654

This looks like a casual photo of her and her parents taken post-ceremony when everyone's just mingling and congratulating each other. She probably likes it because she's with her family instead of alone and totally dressed up on stage.
I don't like Emi either but nitpicking her a picture of her and her parents post-ceremony is reaching.

No. 114726

File: 1459734443641.gif (3.55 MB, 525x375, 1458845042641.gif)

give me a break. i love oso too but get a grip.

No. 114729

Everyone I know who likes Osomatsu-San is an immature lonely fujoshit. But okay.

No. 114735

Same, tumblr "LOVES,,,!!!!!!!" it, and I hate tumblr. I don't understand what all the hype is about, and Emily is just being kinda dramatic. I can understand if it made her feel a bit better about being outed but it just seems unnecessary and silly to tell us that.

No. 114742

No. 114743

I hate that vague little bit at the end what the fuck

No. 114745

ew. she has shit taste in boyfriends

No. 114746

File: 1459741533105.jpg (523.94 KB, 425x674, cap.jpg)

capping it for archives sake

those interested in the original post can find it here

No. 114747

File: 1459742018101.jpg (121.02 KB, 612x612, tumblr_m5p1fx02mt1qipjd4o1_128…)

Let's not forget her precious trans coke snorting ex boyfriend matt

No. 114748

File: 1459742404187.jpg (93.16 KB, 612x612, asdf.jpg)

No. 114752

File: 1459742787556.jpg (65.7 KB, 500x400, tumblr_m39ejhE94x1ruhjpfo1_500…)

Vintage tit pic

No. 114753

No. 114757

>Tumblrinas getting in a hissy fit over her edgy anime drawings

Unless you think she and every other fujoshi out there is a pedo predator for drawing characters that act more like and resemble adults than teenagers

No. 114759

I just want to read what they wrote

No. 114766

The original call-out is posted here >>65601

No. 114775

I meant the post linked here >>114753
but thank you though

No. 114779

>actual irl pedos use loli/shota to groom children so you're promoting pedos!!
irl pedos use candy to groom kids, are you fatasses going to boycott hershey and stop eating it?

>if you draw underage characters you're promoting child rape!!

So I guess all the bdsm people are going to go out and whip everyone they see in public?

I won't comment on the morality or ethics or whatever of drawing underage stuff, and yeah Emi is a turd in general, but the "arguments" on that page are just poorly reasoned pedo panic.

No. 114852

ugh I hate this shit

SO what you're saying is anyone who writes gore is a murderer?

I'm especially triggered since I was accused of the same thing even though that shit was basically hidden away and they would have had to have gone through specific incest searches to find it. These people dont care if it's emi they just want to crucify anyone so they can get extra points on their top bitch SJW card

Also let's be real these people are the same ones that drool over actors and internet famous people several times their age and tweet shit at them like 'omg i want u daddy' and half of what they read are shitty shoujo manga where the highschooler protag wants to fuck her teacher.

No. 114932

File: 1459793544004.jpg (97.5 KB, 768x1024, B9N3FgyIEAAYCI4.jpg)

I love this pic

No. 114938

File: 1459794364817.png (655.79 KB, 932x593, s.png)

That time she made him cosplay that anime character she wanted to bang

No. 114948

Making your boytoy dress up as animu? How sad can it get?

and yet this cow gets 10x the ass that I do. weebs are such thirsty bitches

No. 114960

I don't see anything wrong with that
weeby? yes
but tbh I would do the same if my bf wasn't so hideous

No. 116020

File: 1459962936512.jpg (85.5 KB, 1000x647, CfVjZNSUMAAfjJd.jpg)

Her sjw-fat pandering has reached a new level

No. 116031

I am saddened every time I remember she's actually a decent artist.

No. 121806

File: 1461017772143.png (565.13 KB, 504x825, Untitled.png)

She changed her about page. It used to say "pursuing biology to become a pathologist's assistant" and now it's "taking story boarding classes"

She gave up before she even started, what a stupid cunt.

No. 121842

>26 years old
>"los nyangeles"

Jesus fuck

No. 121881


Wow, not gonna lie, I'm pretty impressed. She's pretty good at art, one of the best in this site.

No. 122191

File: 1461123997908.jpeg (197.28 KB, 768x1024, image.jpeg)

She said she feels fat now and is trying to lose weight by skipping meals instead working out

So lazy

No. 122241

she's 26 and still living with her parents?

No. 122244

It makes so much sense to me that Emi is a cheater. She loves NTR, lol.

Yup. She was living by herself in NYC (with her parents paying her rent) but she moved back to California about a year ago.

No. 122310

File: 1461163725464.jpeg (129.01 KB, 750x843, image.jpeg)

A thrilling tetralogy

No. 122313

>Wehhhh I miss her
>Oh I think she cant see this so I'm gonna talk shit about her
>passive aggression to the max
>Man people are so gross moving on with their life over a month after a breakup

No. 122315

same fagging to add: the only people worse than emi are her exes it seems

No. 122316

I have an apartment, but I stay with my mom half the week as she lives closer to my university. I do pay rent in both places, so I hope she at least pays them something.

No. 122338

I don't think she pays them anything. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they were paying for her storyboarding classes too.

No. 122380

This isn't all that uncommon. Especially with dating crazy people - the ups and downs are just so powerful and intense that you actually miss it. It becomes part of the rhythm of your life, and makes your life seem more interesting - even if everything else is completely dull.

No. 122414

File: 1461187953005.png (570.83 KB, 533x560, insta.png)

Nice to know Emi is part of the ratchet drawn on thick eyebrow insta crew

No. 122506

File: 1461215579461.jpg (92.08 KB, 600x359, 219016139.jpg)

Emi and that one BNF LoL artist

No. 122508

File: 1461215600498.jpg (272.64 KB, 600x1003, 220038649.jpg)

No. 124243

She looks like a Chinese auntie in this picture…

No. 125128

File: 1461775723271.jpg (84.16 KB, 768x1024, ChAOhpiU4AAuXUB.jpg)

Her tits are like a shelf

No. 125129

File: 1461775994947.png (386.23 KB, 519x356, iyami.png)


I thought she looked like someone in this one video and then it hits me

No. 126155

File: 1461981629198.png (78.54 KB, 617x653, Untitled.png)

She's covering up her 'art is the weapon' tattoo LOL

No. 126170

How long until she covers up her Batman one? Or her MCR one?

No. 126171

File: 1461986382133.jpg (48.17 KB, 350x529, 2mid8.jpg)

Whoops, dropped pic.

No. 126184

File: 1461990650261.jpg (52.85 KB, 500x281, tumblr_lxt9afWR4p1qzz1zu.jpg)

I kind of hope she keeps them, it's tacky af and suits her a lot.

Found this gem while digging.

>Anonymous: So how many tattoos do you have now total? Also how long do you spend thinking about them before you get them, in general?

I just have the three! To be perfectly honest they weren’t tattoos that I spent years thinking about… but each of them has a story behind them:

- The Killjoy spider- it’s not really a MCR tattoo, it’s more of the artist behind the design– Becky Cloonan. She’s everything I strive to be professionally! Her artwork, personality, comics, etc… if I can accomplish even ¼th of what she’s done by her age, I’ll be so so happy :(

- Batman symbol - kinda self-explanatory? I’m a huge fan and I reaaally hope I can draw a Batman comic sometime in my life :)

- “art is the weapon” - it is! It’s on my drawing hand too, so I can always remember that what I’m producing makes an effect on viewer, if that makes any sense? Ever since I started drawing the one thing that I’ve always wanted to be able to do was to move someone to tears; to be able to elicit that strong an emotion from somebody from a piece of art, illustrative or comics, is a goal I want to accomplish one day!

I want to get the Batsymbol developed into a quarter sleeve eventually, maybe filled up with art by artists I admire :)

No. 126316

where was this picture from ive never seen it. and do you have more

No. 126332

No. 126339

File: 1462036885956.jpg (99.99 KB, 396x198, wtf.jpg)

What in the actual fuck went wrong

No. 126483


She used to photoshop her nose smaller. And maybe her face gained some lbs. She looks heavier now.

No. 127320

I'll be honest, at first I thought this thread was pretty interesting, since I felt like there was some good hidden drama within the norcal or whatever art community.

But at this point, you guys are just nitpicking the most random shit. If she wants to sound like a weeb at 26 then let her, I'd rather end up that way myself then drop all my anime related hobbies just because I got older.

No. 127732


She looks cute in both images… what's the problem?

No. 127735

It looks like two different people

No. 127815

When did she make her porn blog private?


All I remember being on it was her fanart, though. It was just a shitton of gay Homestuck and also stuff from The Lorax…

And if my memory isn't failing me, I'm pretty sure she drew Jack Frost and the Easter Bunny from Rise of the Guardians banging. K.

No. 127932

I think it was right after she talked about having an internet stalker trying to slander her.

It was probably one of her exes now that more info was leaked.

No. 127936


wait what happened??

No. 127949

File: 1462472304214.png (68.35 KB, 569x576, Untitled.png)

She posted alarming tweets about it a year ago but hasn't mentioned it since


No. 128941

File: 1462823649168.png (196.23 KB, 226x438, Untitled.png)

Knowing Emi and her obsessive behavior about her crushes, she's probably going to date this girl, Gloria, soon.

Calling it now.

No. 128947

>going insofar as to send stuff to my mother's physical address
>going insofar

learn2english, Emi

No. 128949

Based on the weebs I've known, I get the impression that Emi is a 2edgy4u bisexual and doesn't actually like women

No. 128974

Emi only dates fakebois.

No. 129053

File: 1462857624443.jpg (167.79 KB, 713x733, image.jpg)

Emi's best friend got married and she wasn't invited, damn.

Good job on her friend though.

No. 129129

I'm guessing she took Finn's side because I've seen lots of pictures of them hanging out. Good for her.

No. 129310

what do you expect a horde of petty bitches to do

No. 129335

File: 1462934284963.jpg (35.78 KB, 375x500, tumblr_neg7q0G4aQ1u2dtlro3_400…)

I wish Emi would post more selfies again, I miss seeing how much of a try hard she is.

No. 129344

I find her gloriously trashy, from the tacky weeb fashion, to sponging off her parents/fans, to her flabby ass, to cheating on her thirsty SOs.

No. 129668

File: 1463021210598.png (2.5 MB, 2732x2048, image.png)

No. 129674

File: 1463023346735.png (391.06 KB, 576x430, hsXAwm8.png)

This is such a horribly unflattering picture… did she really think this was okay to post online? Jfc.

I love it. Tbh I like Finn and I'm glad most people seem to have taken his side.

I bet Emi is pissed considering she always went on about getting married and having her ~Disney Wedding~ and yet she's still single and faaar away from marriage at 26.

Everyone around her seems to be doing well and she's… watching children's shows and taking a Kermit plushie out in public and taking pictures of it, apparently?

No. 129677

It's a trend in Japan to do that. Tbh I used to do that when I wanted to show off where I went but didn't want to identify myself on social media. That was years ago before I even turned 18 though.

No. 129681

remember this is the same weeb that threw a birthday party for an animu character and posted photos of it, while completely blowing off her real "boyfriend's" birthday

No. 129699

Why'd she pick such an ugly Kermit? It looks like it's shitting itself in the pic on the left

No. 129703

we should make a thread for him

No. 130701

who how what

No. 130905

File: 1463355156395.jpg (143.96 KB, 1024x768, Cd769YMUEAA44tW.jpg)

The girl on the far left.

Emi has a habit of getting into things that her crushes are into. Gloria likes power rangers thus Emi is now into power rangers too.

No. 130906

File: 1463355176527.jpg (166.6 KB, 1024x768, Cd8F-QOUkAAsQXM.jpg)

Gloria again on the far right

No. 130907

File: 1463355714817.jpg (124.52 KB, 757x1010, Brw2Zg_CYAA5qGi.jpg)

I noticed after watching Emi for a couple of years she'll namedrop her crushes a lot but as soon as she gets bored she never brings them up again.

One of them was this user in her tags:

She didn't draw homestuck for years but she suddenly drew a lot of arasol because this blake person liked it.

No. 130908

File: 1463356032114.jpg (86.6 KB, 506x547, ss.jpg)

There was a period where this guy 'kevin' was in the picture too. She called him senpai a lot and then suddenly just stopped talking about him.


No. 130966

i've never seen this girl on the internet before how did she even meet her

No. 130979

I keep thinking, is that a pot plant in the background?

No. 130983

Gloria? She's bffs with this artist Chien and Emi's predatory lesbian ass has been getting closer to Chien to get to Gloria.

No. 133669

File: 1464050638443.jpg (118.41 KB, 720x1280, CiiW78fWkAIt1yA.jpg)

Does she keep making duck lips to distract people from noticing her face is getting fatter?

No. 134046

File: 1464171720708.jpeg (86.67 KB, 480x640, image.jpeg)

Her eyeliner wing is so fucked how is she 26 years old

No. 134223

does she live in the uk? I think she might be my bfs cheating bitch ex

No. 134234

No, she lives in California and used to live in New York City.

No. 134626

File: 1464314290518.png (65.67 KB, 760x808, ss (2016-05-26 at 05.56.16).pn…)

She posted her flight info on twitter… she knows people can mess with it now right…

This girl is stupid.

No. 134640

Ugh, I just checked her Twitter… she's bringing that stupid Kermit with her and taking pictures of it. Does she not feel embarrassed that other people can probably see her do that?

No. 134648

considering she talks the way she types, she doesnt have any concept of shame

link related

No. 134685

File: 1464323852314.jpg (74.87 KB, 605x801, ss (2016-05-26 at 09.36.30).jp…)

No. 134982

I was at fanime today and stopped by her table, it was pretty slow at the time and it looked like her table partner stepped out. I don't think she thought anyone was looking but I saw her reach over to her table mate's pouch bag(I know Artists keep their money in these anime bags) and took a huge wad out. Emi wasn't making a sale to make change so I'm pretty sure she just took money from someone's table???

No. 135000

Who was her table partner? Someone should let whoever it was know.

No. 135021

I didn't get her info but it was the highly rendered GoT art

No. 135129

Isn't she tabling beside iamacoyfish again?

No. 135138

I looked up that username and it matches the style of art I saw

No. 135144

Holy shit, she stole from Karen?

No. 135702

Fanime anon here, update on the situation: I stopped by the table again and noticed it's actually three different artists spread between two tables. Emi might've taken money from that third artist as well.

No. 135703

http://shattered-earth.tumblr.com/ Is this the third artist? She's friends with Emi and their table numbers are #1111 and #1112 so I'm assuming she was right next to Emi and Karen.

No. 135750

I don't think this is the person, the artist drew osomatsu and persona(mainly kanji and naoto from persona 4). It was a very different style from Emi's and iamacoyfish

No. 135886


I found a map with all the tables… it seems like it went her, Karen, then another person, this girl: http://kokotensho.com/ but I'm not seeing any Persona stuff.

No. 135887

she was probably just making change. AA artists sell for each other and handle one anothers money all the time.

No. 135900

Yeah I understand that, but when you make change you put money back don't you? She didn't even look through the pouch, she just grabbed some and put it in her own bag.

No. 135923

File: 1464671922586.png (27.43 KB, 581x207, image.png)

Tim being Emi's bitch again

No. 137921

File: 1465269433743.jpg (199.24 KB, 900x1200, CkTYbJNUkAAIpqq.jpg)

The tit pics are BACK

No. 138060

File: 1465322134224.jpg (74.37 KB, 314x260, CkHc26zVAAE-StI2.jpg)

Emi always red lines art she thinks is shitty but she should take a look at herself, her head is an egg

No. 138061

File: 1465322146971.jpg (143.9 KB, 900x1200, CkHc26zVAAE-StI.jpg)

original for reference

No. 138067

Or Tim could just be, you know, a friend to Emi and let her stay over and drove her to the con since Tim went too.

No. 138085

It would be nice for Emi to return the favor to Tim because, you know, they're friends, but Emi has never extended her home or rides to Tim when Tim is in SoCal.

But, you know, you could be right.

No. 138096

>Emi has never extended her home or rides to Tim when Tim is in SoCal.
How do you know this as well as Tim probably has that shit preemptively sorted out. I dont like to stay in friends' places if I dont have to. If you wanna hate someone sure but you have plenty of proof of legit shitty things she's done so why make up more?

No. 138117

This. Plus iirc Emi lives in Pasadena which is farther away from LA (like a 30-60 minute drive depending on how bad the traffic is) so it would make sense for Tim to stay near the con center. Parking in LA is hellish as well.
On the other hand, Tim lives 20 minutes from SJCC where there's low traffic Fanime weekend and parking isn't hard to find/isn't too expensive.

No. 138132

Anytime Emi's invited someone over she makes them drive anyways(remember Finn and Karina) which is pretty stupid considering the drivers aren't insured for her or her parent's cars

No. 138133

File: 1465339045569.jpg (362.93 KB, 1092x1200, CkXk_qOVAAAzetN.jpg)

its ya gurl and she's looking pret rough

>dat neck zit

>flakey ass lips

No. 138207

File: 1465365325311.png (107.45 KB, 1442x524, Untitled.png)

That necklace keeps showing up in her pictures and it reminded me about that time she was crying about losing her '''TIFFANY''' burando necklace and couldn't buy another.

I don't know why she's buying burando when she can't afford to live away from her parents, what are her priorities?

No. 138694

lol smh people acting like it's weird and suspicious when two people who have been best friends for 10+ yrs that are travelling and tabling together to borrow money from each other

but no you guys want to believe that she's a dastardly mustache-twirling manipulative sociopath

like seriously there's so much vendetta here that sounds like people reaching for straws or making shit up

No. 138815

Are you aware of what website you're posting on.

This thread attracts so many white knights it's astounding.

No. 138850

File: 1465586903413.jpeg (106.16 KB, 988x750, image.jpeg)

>I've always been introverted, I didn't have friends in highschool

Rewrites her past to look for sympathetic online

No. 138858

>she's a dastardly mustache-twirling manipulative sociopath

She pretty much is. Maybe not for the tabling thing in particular, but as upthread shows she's a genuinely Awful Person.

No. 138872

I still want to know what she did for Finn to call her a thief… if she stole money then honestly, I'm not surprised if she did steal money from a tablemate at a convention. With the way she is with money it wouldn't shock me.

No. 138918

have you ever read that dudes shit its probably something like she stole his heart.

its remarkable that this thread has gotten so old and off point but nobody has found those nudes yet. the only reason i come here.

No. 138919

you really wanna see this taiwanese potato's grody nudes?

No. 138970

man i looked up to this person for a while for her art that included my husbando and her friend who was mentioned earlier (bittesehr) as well ;_; sucks learning she's the kind of person who cheats but oh well

No. 138978

Could you elaborate, I'm rereading your post and can't understand

No. 139054

Someone could always make a tumblr and ask her ex about it since he did say he'd release them to those that asked.

No. 139080

I'm not a fan of Emily but if he really said that, that's low. Giving away private photos to whoever asks?

No. 139091

The post is right here for you to read.


It's not explicitly stated but it could be inferred.

No. 139160

File: 1465700153528.jpg (72.89 KB, 600x800, tumblr_nep7c3c9dZ1u2dtlro1_128…)

>tfw you cheat on your boyfriend and call it abuse when he outs you

No. 139297

File: 1465759214804.jpg (340.43 KB, 1800x1350, CkxflGwUoAEP_8I.jpg)

She's getting fat mom arms and a double chin. God someone help this poor unfortunate soul.

No. 139306

File: 1465762397299.png (284.87 KB, 392x336, Untitled.png)

this is her most recent pic of her tattoo and its not as pigmented like it used to be(on the right)

Usually tattoos lose pigmentation due to gaining weight because the fat stretches out the skin

No. 139355


Sorry but are you fucking stupid? All tattoos fade no matter what

No. 139357

No. 139366

You're retarded

No. 139384

All tattoos will fade, but gaining weight does warp them.

No. 139426

that tattoo is fucking garbage, whoever did that line work should be taken out to pasture and shot. what a shitty excuse for a text piece, but I guess it's exactly where it belongs

No. 139427

This thread started out fine and then devolved into a petty mess.


not a fan of her or her art

No. 139432

every single thread in /snow/ or /pt/ has some level of pettiness

what is your point

No. 139693

File: 1465878702794.jpg (58.19 KB, 600x450, P8270230.jpg)

No. 139694

File: 1465878716558.jpg (56.54 KB, 450x600, P8270231.jpg)

No. 139695

File: 1465878723064.jpg (40.75 KB, 450x600, P8270232.jpg)

No. 139696

File: 1465878740259.jpg (76.24 KB, 600x450, P8260228.jpg)

No. 139794

What's the point of these? If you're trying to be like "omg look at all the manga books she has what a spoiled brat!", books don't cost that much, fam.

No. 139833

It's pics of the animator's house she fucked in Japan, he's sitting next to her in the Disney picture

No. 139836

Uh ok but why is his room relevant? Like I get why he is but pics of his room aren't necessary…

No. 139847

She took pics of it to show off, it was relevant

No. 141077

One of Emi's close friend just found out their s/o was cheating on them and she comforted her.

A cheater with no remorse for cheating on her ex trying to comfort someone who has been cheated on.

No. 147179

File: 1466657099769.jpg (109.08 KB, 500x750, tumblr_ndjgym65EE1twvm53o1_500…)

Can any artist point out why this cover looks weird

No. 147185

i think its the right butt cheek

No. 147189

The entire perspective is off.

No. 147198

The face is the only noticeably shaded part of the entire picture

No. 147236

The perspectives of the couch arm, the book, her hair, her right hand, shoulder and butt cheek are all off. That, and Puppycat still being cartoony while Bee is rendered more realistically just looks weird.

No. 147240

File: 1466669691920.gif (310.61 KB, 320x240, image.gif)

No. 147241

File: 1466669828974.png (511.36 KB, 516x760, eh.png)

fixed slightly in paint. The couch is still all kinds of fucked, but over all, less awful. The couch looks like the back part is leaning waaay back.

No. 147253

This looks loads better, bee looks like she's at least on the couch instead of floating on it

Her art really reflects her 4 years of art school

No. 147292

I legit love that tank though. I wonde where I can get it.

Dat perspective. Is this official art? Really? REALLY?

No. 147314

Every time I see this I am just amazed at how sloppy and awful this looks.

No. 147374

File: 1466702020808.jpg (254.11 KB, 800x411, emz.jpg)

Emi in her prime was 125 pounds at 5'3"

Her tits are 34D

No. 147377

File: 1466702355886.jpg (112.22 KB, 500x383, em.jpg)

Also found this, Emi was a lot more open back then

No. 147431

Unpopular opinion but I used to love her art a lot, mistakes aside; but damn recently (since she got into osomatsu) it's gone so down hill! I liked the slight messiness of her stuff but now it looks so off, not that semi realistic style anymore but really cartoony and awkward WHAT HAPPENED?

No. 147433

File: 1466713577833.jpg (270.01 KB, 595x1064, uh.jpg)

No I agree, despite her attitude her art was really good, but now it's questionable

I think its a mix of her trying to change her style to appease her storyboard teacher and a midlife insecurity crisis about her body(pic related)

No. 147444

Ugh people like Emi who say they can't lose weight because they OMG LOOOOOVE FOOD don't really love food, they just overeat. If they really loved food they would care more about not putting so much crap into their bodies

No. 147449

File: 1466716027664.jpg (1.29 MB, 1600x847, ss (2016-06-23 at 01.00.19).jp…)

She has some kind of ED thats for sure

She used to only eat a 5 pack of nuggets+coke zero a day in her prime

She tried to lose weight recently by cutting meals and eating only bananas but then she relapses and binges on shit like this

No. 147521

> has a lolcow thread
> people nitpick everything she posts
> personal details are posted and picked apart

Gee, I fucking wonder why

No. 147532

She's a public figure, she's going to get nitpicked regardless. Whether it be her family, the art community, or her own friends

honestly it never stopped her before when she got constant anon hate on her own blog

No. 147549

File: 1466740969079.jpg (162.53 KB, 700x945, tumblr_locdknJahQ1qzasudo1_128…)

Compared to her old homestuck days this seems pretty lackluster skill wise.

No. 147583

File: 1466749227737.png (68.58 KB, 512x820, justadoodleblogbro.png)


>Re: I don’t put a lot of effort in my art- Tumblr is a doodle blog. I don’t upload my serious paid works here cus they are under a non-disclosure agreement.

( http://superautomatic.net/post/14714116782/ )

But everything she posts on that blog is just a doodle

No. 147584

File: 1466749416620.jpg (418.28 KB, 660x1008, 2016-04-07-Boston-Metaphysical…)

The coloring isn't hers, but her inks are complete garbage

She got a legit comic job and she couldn't even take that seriously

No. 147640

What's with that face in the second panel? Wtf. What is going on.

No. 147654

She complained about the legit comic job all the time too. Whined about having to draw old men and trees. Guess she thought she could get away with drawing bishie boys her whole life, lol.

No. 147688

File: 1466789675089.jpg (103.2 KB, 556x720, 198706_172075986198701_223163_…)

She put more effort into backgrounds with her shitty homestuck au than a contraced project

No. 147701

File: 1466793208736.jpg (34.02 KB, 521x288, image.jpg)

I dont know anything about this girl or the drama around her but once a year this fucking image pops up on my tumblr Dashboard and cant stop laughing, what the fuck she was thinking while writing that shitty dialogue.

No. 147709

File: 1466794470561.png (321.29 KB, 500x425, tumblr_mkp7uhAhD01s9m1sho1_500…)

Don't forget this gem

No. 147761

File: 1466807236836.jpg (581.14 KB, 508x646, item.jpg)

a girl who wouldnt give into you pressuring her into doing intimate things = emotionally abusive

lol ok emi

No. 147783

No. 148136

File: 1466907503943.jpg (98.64 KB, 1024x768, CKya-BwWgAA0VXO.jpg)

No. 148822

man thats depressing how much she regressed

No. 148912

She was getting paid $80-100 for each page too

No. 149036

File: 1467147785822.jpg (138 KB, 700x750, CmBqGyUWYAAOS62.jpg)

>Black Kamina

Gotta get those SJW tumblr points

No. 149037

kamina is slightly darker than the rest and she's just bad at coloring. emi is mega racist.

No. 149038

File: 1467148409819.jpg (215.39 KB, 1280x720, Yoko_and_Kamina.jpg)

>Character is a bit tanner than others
>Make them brown

Thanks tumblr

No. 149087

File: 1467161604780.jpg (166.79 KB, 800x654, thou_shalt_not_touch_by_021.jp…)

I know she's technically better now but I really prefer her older anime art. Her early Homestuck days were my favorite style of hers, but these days it's just… eh.

No. 149089

This is more aesthetically pleasing.

Her coloring is terrible though, even back then. How did she go to art school and draw for years without knowing how to color right?

No. 149193

She should've been happy with the fact that she even got the job. Aren't art/comic jobs supposedly hard to come by? Boo fucking hoo, you can't draw what you want but at least you get to draw for a living.

No. 149252

Emi has so far dream 149 pages for her comic job,
149 x $100 per page = $14,900(excluding taxes)

I hope that Boston metaphysical author gets some of their money back for the atrocious work

No. 149253



No. 150846

File: 1467693914406.jpg (477.72 KB, 2048x1536, CmNi4G0UcAA29YN.jpg)

Her place is huge but it looks like they're packrats with rando shit in their foyer

No. 150873

why do you care about what emi's house looks like

No. 151016

File: 1467744291282.jpg (141.76 KB, 960x1280, B7HV-IvCEAAqKIW.jpg)

No. 151019

File: 1467744608646.png (874.88 KB, 593x590, minsorlrdd.png)

No. 151020

File: 1467744726296.jpg (524.64 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_n8048tpc6c1ruhjpfo1_128…)

No. 151021

File: 1467744742986.jpg (459.92 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_n8xrxzOHHD1ruhjpfo1_128…)

No. 151063

File: 1467753227009.jpg (203.64 KB, 1024x901, CmoJ0Q-VUAE11OI.jpg)

Her transformation is a scary one

No. 151209

How many hours a day do you spend digging up pictures of Emi, saving them, and resposting them?

No. 151225

I don't follow this thread but holy shit could they not iron their skirts or something

No. 151267

File: 1467772553782.jpg (191.25 KB, 600x256, wholefoods.jpg)

Not only ratchet, but racist

No. 151271

File: 1467772734376.png (474.67 KB, 1000x415, Untitled.png)

The wrinkles are in such a weird place too

No. 151777

>being this spicy about literal color choices

Do you seriously think that she made that small of a choice for the sake of pandering?

No. 151781

she's a tumblr artist so there's a 99.9% chance she made that choice to pander to sjws by making kamina more pee oh see

No. 151782

It looks like a cheapo skirt from china she just took out of the packaging sleeve, shoved in her bag to take, and put on without ironing. The line in the middle is the fold marks.

No. 151843

File: 1467821308703.png (770.69 KB, 700x1082, image.png)

You're right, she made Marie brown because it fits her character in game.

No. 151846

File: 1467821866145.jpeg (57.05 KB, 388x470, image.jpeg)

That pig tailed girl is supposedly the most pale character in this series but low and behold she's darkest one.

You could say it's a beach themed drawing so she got a tan or something but seeing emis track record it's more likely she's trying to diversify these girls to appease the ~~~poc~~~

No. 151851

I really don't get the massive anger people have when artists make characters look darker, it's their fucking shit, if you don't like it don't buy it. Like people on deviantart go out of their way to make darker characters light as hell and people defend them all the time.

No. 151862

The general consensus in the bad art thread is that people only get angry when artists try to say that their realisation of the character is canon e.g. The blonde twink from AoT is literally an asexual transsexual with vitiligo etc and challenging them is abuse

No. 151880

it's more like "they're a sell out" than "i'm mad at them"

>Like people on deviantart go out of their way to make darker characters light as hell and people defend them all the time.

people usually get put on a witch hunt for doing that

No. 151888

It has been months since I've read this thread, and I've always wanted to ask something: why does emi always puts everything about her online in public? Isn't she worried that people might stalk her or anything with all the info they get about her? She's an artist, she doesn't really need to show everything about herself in great details to her fans, let alone everyone else on twitter and tumblr. Can you imagine her jobhunting and potential employers googling her name?

She's barely on tumblr nowadays right? I wonder if she started getting sick of tumblr bullshit because I've seen her complain about made up genders on twitter a long time ago. I feel like she's one of the few artists who doesn't make characters darker than they are in canon just because of SJW points, I think she likes dark skinned fictional characters a lot just because she thinks they look good. Not trying to defend her, especially because she could be way better and all her artworks now look like she put less and less effort in them, but I've seen way worse.

No. 151910

File: 1467835509564.jpg (88.95 KB, 630x968, AT03.jpg)

People have stalked her before. Someone sent something to her mother iirc. She contacted the police about.

Yet she still posts everything about her life online. Guess it's just too hard to not be an attention whore. And yeah, I wonder if her luck with not getting industry jobs (besides the fact that her work is sloppy) is because when you Google her, her thread here is on the front page of results… and if you go to images you get some rather unprofessional pictures too. Some of her "professional" work pops up too, such as this comic book cover she did for Adventure Time. If I was looking for someone to do a cover for me and this was what I saw… I would definitely hire someone else.

No. 151912

What's wrong with this picture? I quite like it.

No. 151913

File: 1467836113401.png (742.02 KB, 899x538, comic.png)

As a comic book cover, it's kind of boring and simplistic. Here it is among the others, and here's the full list of them: http://www.kaboom-studios.com/series/title?series_id=769&name=Adventure%20Time

Hers sticks out like a sore thumb.

No. 151923

File: 1467837734623.png (36.49 KB, 198x200, Untitled.png)

is this an error or artistic choice?

the cup is filled but it's not spilling

No. 151924

File: 1467837855123.jpg (294.21 KB, 1000x667, no_1_assistant_by_021-d4j10r6.…)


I hate that all of her professional work looks so boring and rushed when she has the potential to create interesting illustrations. She probably would get more opportunities if she pushed herself more and didn't wait until the last minute to complete everything.

I don't mind her sketchy lineart too much, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. It wouldn't hurt to clean things up though.

No. 151927

This is the biggest nitpick I've ever seen

No. 151936

File: 1467841372267.jpg (133.51 KB, 1200x1821, STL010709.jpg)

Professional Comic Artist

No. 151969


It isn't filled, thou, it's just a high contrast shadow.

No. 151978

Seeing this reminded me of when people called her out on the anatomy here and she, a very professional artist, responded with :http://superautomatic.net/post/15046157462/re-this-picture-before-you-go-around-flinging

No. 151980

Oh god, that leg…

No. 152088

File: 1467877031798.png (533.55 KB, 511x923, Untitled.png)

That response was cringe worthy, I know she was 21(22?) at the time she replied to that but she should have known better.

No. 152090

File: 1467877839452.jpg (59.5 KB, 500x375, tumblr_lz5l3jVvnA1qzz1zu.jpg)

rip emi's body

No. 152145

Here's a basic guide on how to fuck an emi:

1. Find out her flavor of the month anime boyfriend
2. Create an RP twitter of said character
Past examples of twitters she's romantically engaged with:

3. RP with her
4. ???
5. Obtain a basic bitch

No. 152178

I actually think this fanart is cute, however the torso does look like it's floating.

No. 152179

Yeah, the solid green backdrops ruins it.

No. 152199

File: 1467927893072.jpg (196.1 KB, 1200x1013, CmybS3HUsAA4HJx.jpg)

she just posted this pic with her address on it and she wonders why she gets stalkers

bitch stupid

No. 153207

File: 1468118583673.png (137.17 KB, 460x409, drea.png)

I was looking at the skype convo in here
and tried plugging in names that emi dropped a lot and this one name "drea" fit perfectly

No. 153212

File: 1468118916273.jpg (1.31 MB, 1176x1574, dre.jpg)

combing through the tweets it seems like emi and this drea person talked a lot and nsfw rp'd which makes me think she's the girl emi cheated on her ex with

No. 153213

File: 1468118949242.jpg (329.88 KB, 577x593, drea.jpg)

the tweets seem innocuous but it's the best guess I've got

No. 153235


I think you're onto something here… who is Drea though? I remember most of her friend group but not this girl.

No. 153271

File: 1468133858859.png (612.83 KB, 580x842, emi.png)

It looks like Drea was one of the twitter rp accounts that Emi took a liking to.

From emi's otp timeline from 2014-2016 it looks like Drea rp'd Ishimaru from Dangan Ronpa, maybe Midousuji from Yowamushi Pedal(?), and then Teshima from Yowamushi Pedal. I suspect something from Youkai Watch as well since Emi was obsessed with it.

Taking a look at their following/followers list, they no longer have each other on their twitters but they talked a lot.

It may be just me but their tweets read like teenagers shittily flirting.

pic related implies they met in person, and looking at the cons for that time/year it was ALA

No. 153273

File: 1468134060696.png (65.51 KB, 583x572, Untitled.png)

Might also just be really good friends? idk

No. 153277

File: 1468135018485.png (107.66 KB, 604x854, redhairedkid.png)

I was digging a bit more and adding onto this post, it looks like Drea also rp'd the red haired kid from yowamushi pedal

This would really fall into place with emi's drawing timeline where she drew nothing but teshima pairings and other specific yowamushi pedal characters during 2014

No. 153411

File: 1468177076509.jpg (64.49 KB, 585x586, emily hu.jpg)


how can any grown 26 year old get a job when they post shit like this

No. 153544

File: 1468212164965.jpg (114.96 KB, 601x876, Untitled.jpg)

Emi is currently enrolled in $500+ art classes and she couldn't even pay attention.

She also manipulated Karen to take the classes with her and it was so stressful on Karen that she quit her legit art job.

No. 153961

Jesus christ, really? Can she not do anything by herself?

What is she even doing right now? Just taking these classes (which seem part-time) and just… doing homework? She could at least get a part-time job or something… or take commissions?

No. 154018

Emi's leech existence makes me feel better about my own crappy min wage job.

No. 154038

File: 1468277383047.jpg (1.97 MB, 1032x1566, BOOMBOX_Lumberjanes_011_B_Vari…)

Her main mode of income right now are her parents and cons. She gets some freelance from boom studios comics but those pay $150 at most(She's only done about 4? to date).

Flounder mouth on the far left kid #SVAGraduate #4YearsOfArtSchool

No. 154045

Why would you ask this shit on a public Twitter lol

No. 154052

File: 1468281119140.png (240.63 KB, 505x510, emily hu.png)

Her father seems so supportive and caring, it sucks his daughter is such a spoiled cunt

No. 154070

File: 1468285957601.png (758.34 KB, 485x750, tumblr_moz3a3Z8JR1ruhjpfo1_500…)

Comparing that to this, which was drawn three years ago… yeah she's regressing. And she can't draw any dynamic scenes whatsoever.

No. 154309

File: 1468347515477.jpg (226.15 KB, 655x367, homegirllookinruff.jpg)

Emily Gains Hu

No. 154315

i mean, im no fuckin catch myself but christ

No. 154394

100% no depth in this picture everyone looks big af

No. 154431

File: 1468362127446.jpg (68.52 KB, 439x562, 21da5b3a88b930a9b31bf6ec78690c…)

It's like when kids try to perspective by adding another line onto the picture

No. 154622

File: 1468374756516.png (18.85 KB, 512x324, ddddddddddd.png)

When you name your cat after your fake trans 'boyfriend' who didnt even like you

No. 154761

File: 1468391962177.jpg (519.93 KB, 1934x1500, hokusai.jpg)

Seems like she was going for ukiyo-e style. Ukiyo-e does have more perspective than that but it gets closer.

No. 154816

i know for a fact that matt was constantly trying to cheat on her with a few different male friends.

No. 155029

I would feel bad for Emi but she deserves it. She only gets into relationships for the honeymoon phase; ie drama shit like wearing matching clothes, couples cosplay, and sniffing her s/o's clothes like in anime. I doubt she's capable of actual love.

Matt's updated links:

No. 155034

File: 1468436846769.jpg (378.56 KB, 585x610, lol.jpg)

Adding onto this I was looking around and wow l o l Matt is not over Emi, it's been like 5 years, oneitis much

No. 155038

File: 1468437183283.png (96.07 KB, 576x697, abusive emi.png)

Wow if what Matt tweets is true,
Emi further confirmed:
-Physically abusive(slapping her s/o)


No. 155056

Hooooly shit. I know she's garbage but physical abuse was kind of unexpected. Then again, she always reminded me of that one video of the Chinese girl making her boyfriend kneel in front of her and slapping him in public.

She is crazy. I hope that Gloria girl or whoever she's trying to get with now stays away from Emi.

No. 155067

File: 1468439092956.jpg (275.82 KB, 579x833, boymay.jpg)

it fits in with her "bloody beat up boys, femdom uwu" kink

No. 155105

why do these adult children air their animu drama out on Twitter?

I know we're on lolcow but ffs emi and her posse are such trainwrecks

No. 155133

File: 1468445048100.jpg (758.45 KB, 960x1280, 1467744291282.jpg)

Pretty sure girl on the left is the one Emi was cheating with and having animu phone sex

No. 155137

No. 155306

The definition of potato nose

No. 155308

Wait I was reading over the dates some more and this gets fucking weird

Emi and Matt broke up in September 26-30, 2013

Emi and Finn got together September 30th 2013
(According to >>65601)

This means that during that weekend, immediately after Matt broke up with Emi she rebounded onto Finn.

No. 155318

Emi definitely is the type of person who hates to be single but always has a back-up plan in case her current relationship fails.

No. 155352

This whole situation is so comical.

Emi constantly talks about how women should dominate and beat men to fight against the patriarchy or whatever bullshit, but Matt was a "FtM" so technically she was beating a woman.


No. 155556

from what i understand, matt broke up with emi because matt wanted to bone other people (specifically men) and emi was kind of a bad girlfriend and boring lay.

he told emi he was exclusively into men and then immediately started dating another woman. (though to be fair they are pretty androgynous)

No. 155630

Would that person be Twitter user pavaal

No. 155675

File: 1468526737110.jpg (129.93 KB, 235x452, tumblr_njhc8nY2AE1u2dtlro1_400…)

>boring lay

spill more deets

No. 155679

prob wanted to rp animu crap all the time

No. 155743

File: 1468544694733.png (14.68 KB, 583x94, ss (2016-07-13 at 07.07.29).pn…)

a 22 year old woman telling her significant other this

No. 155759

Honestly though her art being terrible even after four years at SVA isn't surprising SVA is a shit art school

No. 155996

the consensus seems to be that she is uninteresting and uncreative. boring fallback on bland and boring positions. had a grasp of the basics but never wanted to put any effort into it. didn't want to try new things but never was very good at the things she did do.

i guess i could be talking about her art here too.

No. 156029

File: 1468632710761.jpeg (47.1 KB, 623x570, image.jpeg)

No. 157890

Why was emi shated back in her homestuck days? i followed her back then but not very closely, so im still confused about it

No. 157891


I meant so hated fml>>157890

No. 157904

Isn't it a scammy for-profit school anyway?

No. 157907

File: 1469134203807.jpg (311.76 KB, 1116x293, nkbhjbs.jpg)

I tried googling it and this comment came up.

The main comments on tumblr focuses on:
-her immature attitude - especially concerning her responses to anon hate and critques
-her constant camwhoring
-the lack of quality in her art+the attention she recieved

No. 157909

File: 1469134567492.jpg (448.68 KB, 800x500, snake.jpg)

She also got snake bites because one of the Onceler rp characters had them.

She loves to self insert.

No. 157912

File: 1469134757534.jpg (317.63 KB, 507x366, triggerwarningdeathkek.jpg)

Also found this while looking and it's clear this girl has been spoiled since she was born and hasn't gone through any hardships

>someone I don't know died and it affected me a bit idk heres a post about my 'feefees'

No. 157914

File: 1469135141172.jpg (344.26 KB, 601x949, lotsofsnakes.jpg)

Adding onto this, it's interesting that the person who made this comment is:

This ichi person is currently one of Emi's bffs/ass lickers.
See pic attached and: >>147433

I guess hating someone doesn't stop people from befriending Emi for e-fame.

No. 157925

"Reasons why I could never get into the homestuck fanbase.
HIGHLY UNPOPULAR OPINIONS, but I really needed to vent this shit man.

I would assume every fan base has popular artists that everyone ass-kisses to some degree, but it wasn’t until I found the fan base over here on tumblr, that I realized just how fucking many ass kissers there were for, imo, more or less undeserving members.

Not that I’m just going to OUTRIGHT rag on these dudes, but jeeze. I found averyniceprince and octopimp very early just as everyone else did who tried to participate in the home stuck shenanigans, and they had seemed like pretty cool people who did some pretty quality shit. Of course, quality is subjective when I look back at everything now.

I don’t know if it’s JUST me, but posting negative anon’s with “witty” remarks or .gifs is really fucking childish. Like, you’re looking for people to go out of their way to message you shit like that. This goes for both of them, but more dumb kawaii bullshit when emi responds to things. Not to mention the massive USI both have garnered over the months, what with their tight-knit cliques and posting chat logs with dumb fucking jokes all over their pages like “Oh look guys! I have friends that I talk to, and you can’t be one of them!” Same could be said for any popular artist though.

Though, when it comes down to it, Emi bothers me more than anyone. She has serious potential as an artist, but I always see her posting same-face shit with animu eyes and never pushed further than a scribbly ass sketch with some desaturated colors thrown on. Not to mention every female character she draws manages to look rather whorish, with the exact same body type. Though that is her own personal taste in style, it’s very boring after a while from how repetitive everything is. Nothing is original, the only this that changes are the characters and the clothes/poses she puts them in.

I really don’t understand why she gets as much attention as she does, like…there are SERIOUSLY better artists out there who put their heart into the fanart they spit out, who actually finish pieces and have some degree of stylistic change between the facial features of different characters.

I’m not going to poke too far at 4chords, but all it really is, imo, was a ploy for mass fandom attention. Yaois and pretty boys with the most popular trolls, that’s like, instant fame right there.

Those two aside, the fan base has so many great artists, and I’d hate to say those two alone ruined the fan base for me, but that many people who think they are the best things since sliced bread, really sort of infuriates me.

btw, I really couldn’t care less if you have a problem with my opinions, or try to tell me HOW GREAT person x is."

No. 158009

I went to HS with her and was friends with all her friends. We were fb friends, but I never got to really know her since we didn't have any common interests. I just remember was very shy. She did not talk like how she does now, she had a really low voice and she always dressed in dark colors with pants and sweaters, nothing girly.

No. 158025

File: 1469148861580.jpg (20.81 KB, 375x500, tumblr_neej7eIx351u2dtlro1_400…)

That's probably because she was a fake boi

do you have any stories to share?

No. 158081

At what point did she stop being a fakeboi?

No. 158126


Hahahaha that is fucking great. I wonder if Emi knows.

No. 158136

I get it now, i mean i like her art but after like 4 years at art school she ahould be better i guess, Also as with what other anons have said, her art has really regressed, like i think its worse now then befor she was at art school wtf

No. 158138

Is sva really that bad?? I kind of really really want to go there… Im from london but ive always dreamed of living in ny and alot of artists i like went there is it worth it as an international student??

No. 158157

Sheridan, RISD, and calarts are more notable schools but prepare to pay a shitload

Most good artists only go for two years and get picked up my large companies

No. 158158

*by large companies

No. 158175

Thats the thing anon, art schools are so fucking expensive especially as an international student its a big risk to take if i get in somewhere, fly all the way over and only learn fuck all. St martins is my main backup bc its close to me, but sva is my dream i guess although i know its inferior to other schools idk im pretty intrested in RISD tho aswell

No. 158179

Why are you so interested in SVA specifically? Just to live in NY?

No. 158181

Its mix of that, the fact that their cartooning program sounds way more interesting then any over here, some of my favourite artists went there etc

No. 158184

If you really want to get anywhere at art, fuck art schools in general.

Move to LA, and enroll in singular classes here:

You will spend less and learn more.

No. 158188

File: 1469210541233.jpg (143.19 KB, 448x592, tumblr_neejvmjhHR1u2dtlro1_500…)

She stopped right after highschool because she realized that her huge tits were a powerful tool and that she could sleep her way to the top(see:gainax guy she went to Japan to fuck)

in the end, 8 years later it didn't get her anywhere

No. 158655

wow, if you had the opportunity to go to CSM i would definitely choose it over SVA. SVA is not a for-profit school but it definitely is the lowest of the low, they don't have a campus and rent rooms from other buildings or companies to house classes in.

it depends on what kind of art you're interested of course, if you definitely want to design wrappers for baby food you might consider SVA. if you want to get your art in art basel in 3 years you should go to CSM, RISD, or SAIC. also you could check out the new school or cooper union in ny, these are considered to be more respectable art schools than SVA and are in some respects cheaper (so i hear)
polite sage

No. 158711

File: 1469341617917.jpeg (93.58 KB, 750x528, image.jpeg)

When myspace angles can't hide your double chin so you have to get a selfie stick to achieve the look, damn

No. 158724

How is this racist? Are you retarded?

No. 158736

She said "white people" so it's racist

No. 159023

It baffles me that she was given another chance at art but she's allocating all her time and to attention to PokeGo. I acknowledge that people should have a leisurely thing to do outside of school but how can you defend staying out late to catch Pokemon while turning in assignments 30 minutes before the deadline is due.

No. 159080

She has and has always had really fucked up priorities.

No. 159166

File: 1469471555899.jpg (88.13 KB, 600x856, Cg1sR00UkAA5F-5.jpg)

"White" isnt a derogatory term though. dont reach so much cmon

No. 159180

File: 1469472888098.jpg (90.42 KB, 167x320, tumblr_nl7qnz6XBC1u2dtlro1_250…)

I think it was a long observation of behavior from her posts/tweets that she generally dislike white people because it's the "in" thing to do on tumblr

No. 159263

Betting emi will draw that valor chick domming mystic by stepping on him

No. 159364

File: 1469493462171.jpg (68.21 KB, 800x554, CoLK9oVVUAAx3BU.jpg)

Well, there's already this.
Sidenote, I find some of the art she's been posting (the ones that are apparently her homework) to be really… embarrassing. I wonder what her teacher thinks.

No. 159422

File: 1469508383766.jpg (132 KB, 944x768, gsagaga.jpg)

With this type of attitude she has while doing them, it's no wonder why they're so "quality"

According to her teacher her stuff is "Not Good"

No. 159615

File: 1469551902631.jpg (113.61 KB, 500x375, tumblr_neek0vhhUx1u2dtlro2_500…)

I noticed that ever since she was a teen Emi has used her bangs to cover up her left eye. Her left eye is a little fucked but to keep the same bang style till now shows how much it bothers her.

No. 160513

File: 1469608373122.png (41.46 KB, 584x295, ss (2016-07-27 at 01.31.21).pn…)

This grown ass woman is turning 27 soon

No. 161853

File: 1469902016725.jpeg (428.61 KB, 2048x1536, image.jpeg)

It's official… She's become one of those people who look nothing like the selfies she posts online

No. 161857

File: 1469902362597.jpeg (176.63 KB, 640x1136, image.jpeg)

Losing chin definition

No. 161858

File: 1469902422835.jpeg (184.54 KB, 640x1136, image.jpeg)

Or gaining a double one

No. 161867

Pokemon GO is really sad. I see so many people just clogging the streets for hours. I live in NYC and columbus circle is filled with these autists now. Tourists aren't even that annoying compared to them.

No. 161922

How is she going to brag about tiffany jewelry and LV bags and then wear $1.50 Daiso sunglasses

Basic af

No. 161936

What is with this trend of her and her friends making stupid poses in every picture? Is it supposed to be "ironic"? She looks like a fucking moron.

No. 161997

It's part of this generations "squad" culture so they throw up gang signs to show how not old and young they are.

No. 162165

i'm sorry you never got to fuck her, james roach, but making an entire thread about it is a bit much

No. 162166

actually these tweets were about ashley swaby aka starexorcist

No. 162167

Eh, at least it gets people to go outside and move their legs. The salt will pass.

No. 162169


Whoa, wait, what? I used to casually know her… she was really nice. She seems to have let her efame get to her head a bit, but damn I wouldn't expect that. Deets?

No. 162173


Who's that?

No. 162174

Ashley Swaby was a "room mate" of ours (more like squatter.) She'd beat the crap out of Matt if he didn't do what she told her to, she stole, she never paid rent, etc.

No. 162175

He worked on music for Homestuck. He was one of the BNFs (Big Name Fans) along with Emi. They all had a big circlejerk together. He seemed to like Emi a lot, sent her presents IIRC.

No. 162176

he wrote her a concerto and hired an orchestra to play it for her (a little creepy tbh especially since she made it incredibly clear she wasn't into him) and then there was emibound which was also weird

He then tried to convince Matt that he wanted to bang him and, as this thread clearly shows, Matt is a very unstable person, so he dumped Emi and of course, James was full of shit and didn't really want anything to do with him.

No. 162184

tumblr is currently fucking up user's blog theme so here's a list of who emi follows.

hilarious to note:
-she follows her own blogs (chulips,kisscrisis)
-all her ex-friends aren't here (Karina, 'bara hell', soselfimportant/James Roach)
-Lot's of disney/marriage blogs

She goes through people fast lol


No. 162186

Okay but why would he mention he learned Chinese and go on about being slapped and how "it was the best relationship"

No. 162189

File: 1470026606192.jpg (296.25 KB, 514x520, image.jpg)

A guy infatuated with Emi so much he bought her a $70 shitty hoody.

You can read up on emi stringing him along here:

No. 162191

different girlfriend woops

a number of women have slapped matt (probably for good reason)

what con was this? i may have some stories too

No. 162192

my bad, it was his other ex, who also used to hit him.

No. 162287

Do you have any other deets about Ashley? She used to be tight with emi too during the homestuck days

No. 162300

When she lived with us, she would leave spoiled food in her closets, brought fleas into the house, and spread rumors amongst the other tenanta to get them to fight. She was incredibly homophobic

No. 162314

I thought she lived in hawaii though? What year did she come to America

No. 162379

She's originally from the bahamas, went to school in Georgia and failed out. Idk where she is now, but hopefully I never see her again

No. 162384

File: 1470081652145.png (862.12 KB, 963x824, image.png)

This cami person is most likely emi's current fling


No. 162437

File: 1470101763658.png (97.63 KB, 582x698, image.png)

Well what do you know I found receipts to back up this claim. Looks like a lot of BNF are sociopaths

No. 162438

File: 1470101911076.png (67.48 KB, 582x489, image.png)

Emi's ex nuked all their tweets just now but I grabbed these caps about Ashley Swaby/starexorcist before they were baleeted

No. 162439

File: 1470101967325.png (123.44 KB, 576x878, image.png)

Starting to feel a little bad for emi's ex, he's a magnet for shitty people LOL

No. 162440

File: 1470102809216.jpg (74.75 KB, 573x460, ss 8.1.16.jpg)

This grown ass woman has to stop self inserting herself into art, she's getting as bad as sonicrocksmysocks

No. 162451

lol who is this?

No. 162452

File: 1470107878314.png (75.66 KB, 585x525, o hai matt.png)

matt how are you going to defend emi still when she fucked your ass up and fucked up her next boy toy and his friends(your friend pavaal is/was close friends to them too are they not?)

Feel free to post in this thread though if you have any stories that paint emi in a 'good light', we're open to hear since we've only got one side of the story

No. 162453

i just think its lame you guys are calling her fat and shit.. i dunno be original.

No. 162454

The comments about her body can't be helped since this is a petty board, but the other stuff seems pretty legitimate.

There's a clear history of her manipulating others. For example:
>she grooms her friends by buying stuff for them.

She sent you packages filled with your favorite things and even made sure to pop your cigs right? This was so she could justify slapping you and treating you like shit.

And look and behold, history repeats itself. She buys Karina cosplay, jewelry, pays for her dinner. Emi then proceeds to shit on Karina and everything she loves. Karina never meant anything to Emi though because as soon as Emi couldn't find use for her, she made Finn hate Karina and vice versa.

Honestly we outsiders can never know what happened between you and emi unless you tell us, maybe we're just misunderstanding everything. Please enlighten us.

No. 162455

ah fuck it i read that cheating massive text
she sucks
i did NOT cheat on her though, unless you count a sweaty man making sexual advances toward me on the phone and me telling him to knock it off

No. 162457

yeah she bought me tons of shit, she was constantly trying to get me to dress better so she bought me tons of clothes and food and shit

this is eye-opening because she also spent a lot of time telling me i was a bad person for feeling anything lol

but i wanted to pretend i was over it and that it wasn't horrible, i guess

No. 162459

most of my stories are unbelievably stupid like "flunked a class for you due to attendance" "well, wasn't that stupid!" "hey you never gave me any time to work on my internship, the real reason i am here in LA" "that's not my responsibility but i do need you to drive me eveywhere because I live in la and don't drive???" or the ever popular "hey im coming to visit you, buy 36 of those 45 hours will be spent with my lorax friends."

honestly the reason i keep thinking about this is that the entire time we were together she set it up like i was an irredeemable shithead

No. 162461

Honestly you aren't to blame for it to end the way it did. Emi doesn't have the maturity or social capacity to have a healthy relationship.

You may have done some skeevy things but Emi was way worse. She has always been fucked up and rest assured you didn't contribute to her being a manipulative maniac. Sorry you had to deal with it for however long it did.

No. 162463

earlier up i was reading about how she would shit on a person's interest loudly and to their face and basically she did that with me but with personality traits. how much do i owe ya, doc

No. 162464

File: 1470110808932.png (722.02 KB, 508x779, image.png)

>i do need you to drive me eveywhere because I live in la and don't drive

She's still making people drive her around, last year it was Finn and Karina.

This year its Karen and now this cami person @powercami5000

This cycle is never ending

No. 162465

tbh it's not that bad… i know a 26 year old who draws herself making out with, being carried by, etc. her favorite characters.
at least emi just wants to be a pokemon trainer.

No. 162466

File: 1470111479107.png (115.1 KB, 504x687, wep.png)

Well no… we have this.

Emi goes by Mimi sometimes(pet name from her mom and she's picked it up recently)

No. 162467

File: 1470111686094.png (388.24 KB, 600x780, tumblr_n2nwa3r9n51ruhjpfo1_128…)

And then there was that time she was publicly rping with a henry twitter


No. 162470

Her porn art is better than the stuff she actually gets paid for…

No. 162471

It's pretty good, not gonna lie. She should sell her BL shit and make actual money.

No. 162472

It's too bad her kisscrisis/porn art account is locked now. There were a lot self insert illusts there(especially The Lorax ones)

No. 162477

listen to pav, they can fill you in on all the shit that went down

No. 162487

The password is on her blog from ages ago anon its meowmeowmeow

No. 162488

File: 1470120129219.png (Spoiler Image, 444.37 KB, 800x594, tumblr_mbc6o1NWEw1r2b6o1o1_128…)


No. 162489

File: 1470120175941.png (662.96 KB, 750x525, tumblr_madqaoIwja1r2b6o1o1_128…)

This one is less obvious that she based it off of herself

No. 162490

File: 1470120216354.jpg (90.71 KB, 500x625, tumblr_lufs5qwhV51r2b6o1o1_500…)

This one is extremely obvious she drew 'herself'

her caption: a lady

No. 162492

Wow this just oozes passion /s

No. 162501

If you still have txts, skype chat logs, or anything where emi's abuse was recorded, could you please post it?

the best way to prevent emi from hurting others is to expose her

No. 162569

it was mostly face to face stuff

a lot of it boiled down to "i hate passive men who get really emotional" and i am a very passive man, and pre-t i used to cry a lot

No. 162571

also i really want to know who this is because i do not remember any of this shit, so im pretty sure youre making it up. besides the fact that i try to avoid having sex like the plague

No. 162590

Matt how did you find this thread

No. 162607

File: 1470164603682.jpg (121.11 KB, 576x557, image.jpg)

Throwback to that time emi cooked and bought a cake for an anime character's birthay and did nothing for her boyfriend on his bday

No. 162608

I got drunk and thought googling shit was a good idea (I was wrong)

I feel very bad about all of this and I'm not gonna replay further

No. 162630

File: 1470169537928.jpg (307.55 KB, 579x798, image.jpg)

26 years old
playing pokemon at midnight - on a weekday
unemployed - never worked a day in her life
lives with her parents - not paying rent

No. 162641

an aside, but that unagi bowl looks good af

No. 162648

File: 1470171494114.jpg (598.29 KB, 2400x1600, image16.jpg)

eel is pretty hard for anyone to fuck up

No. 162650

Don't get why you all look down on her lifestyle. She can just get married to some traditional Chinese (?) guy when her parents can't support her anymore and be a jobless housewife.

No. 162690

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I feel as though traditional Chinese men wouldn't like a woman who has that many tattoos. And her weight is a factor too.

No. 162695

she isn't particularly pretty or bright either, also being pure is a thing she no longer has

No. 162701

um yo can you not? this is stupid

No. 162702

Found the slut.

No. 162703

shes a person

No. 162704

anon pls, don't call emi a "this"

despite being a walking pile of trash she is still human, she/her pronouns if you will

No. 162705

File: 1470190797829.jpg (172.63 KB, 812x1024, CIx5cf6UAAEe9p_.jpg)

face of a person in the process of cheating on their s/o for a year

No. 162706

she isn't a pile of trash. she's a human being? like she has some bad breakups and now all yall vultures coming to eat the shit

No. 162708

Okay mattgie we get it, you still love emi

chill it with the white knighting, getting as bad as james.

No. 162713

because theres only 1 person who cares

No. 162714

holy shit this white knight (white knights?) is fucking hilarious

No. 162715

What happened to her tits?

No. 162721

Whatever happened to her becoming a medical pathologist assistant or whatever?

No. 162723

There's no way this dumb bitch, who's been spoiled and carried all her life, could possibly sit down and study BIOLOGY of all things.

She hit rock bottom but she still had the audacity to call a community college shabby

No. 162724

File: 1470198581350.jpg (72.06 KB, 600x800, CM5FKW0WwAAK0NV.jpg)

They deteoriated, like her art

No. 162726

File: 1470199162598.jpg (78.1 KB, 1024x576, CBJqClhU8AEyCnz.jpg)

here we see emi following in the steps of our queen, the infamous im poopin pose

No. 162730

She should just give up. No way can she touch the glory of our queen!

No. 162741

Yeah, she's a human being. A really shitty one. There's a difference between "bad breakups" and her cheating and being manipulative, emotionally abusive scum.

No. 162752

Why does her arm look off

No. 163132

candelas face bothers me more than anything, what kind of expression is that??

No. 163141

File: 1470345996557.jpg (337.82 KB, 1024x1365, CjqRuCjUgAA96M3.jpg)

During fanime emi had a third artist selling at her table, the print on the top right is Tim's isn't it?

Did tim and emi break fanime and state tax rules?

No. 163283

The Osomatsu-san print, right? Yeah, that's Tim's. The Assvengers print at the very bottom is hers as well.

No. 163295

yes to both questions. tim didn't get a fanime table (right after bragging about how easy it is to get one on /cgl/ too lolololol) so she probs paid emi to put a couple of her prints up at her table.

No. 163317

emi stayed at tims house so it's no wonder she let her share the table

No. 164213

File: 1470691507816.jpg (70.55 KB, 800x557, CpT9QA9UIAEpmO5.jpg)

She lacks creativity so much the only way to make her characters stand out is to diversify them

No. 164214

>did she break fanime and state tax rules

Just passing by but holy fuck this cow must be dried up if this is the shit you're discussing lmao

No. 164215

From what I've read in the /cgl/ threads, artists can make more than 100k a year from tabling so I guess it's a pretty competitive thing

No. 164238

File: 1470698154552.png (49.77 KB, 582x177, surejan.png)

Would a 15 year old boy reaaaally think she looks like she's a teenager? She's covered in tattoos and just… looks late 20's to me. She still has to tweet about it though, gotta make sure everyone knows about how young she looks!

No. 164250

File: 1470701475623.jpg (278.8 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_myo5hmPtUJ1ruhjpfo1_128…)

She dresses like a teenager and asian people tend to look younger than they are so it's a bit believable.

But you're right, either way it really isn't something worth to brag or even tweet about.

No. 164265

looks like she just smelled some shit

No. 164276

i just found out who tim is and i heard from someone in her comm that she showed up to a dress-specific lolita meet in an outfit that didn't wasn't that dress.

i need that shirt

No. 164280

>dress-specific lolita meet

How does that even work?

No. 164379

I guess they mean a meet were everyone wears the same print?

No. 164388

Kind of ironic since she's into femdom isn't she?

No. 164398

File: 1470771305958.jpg (197.39 KB, 480x459, tumblr_nl7qqnEYxu1u2dtlro1_500…)

I was looking up psychopaths/sociopaths and this list came up:

>Regularly breaks or flouts the law

-Steals money from her friends at Artist Alley
-Makes people sign up for tables just in case she doesn't get in(Evades taxes through this method)

>Constantly lies and deceives others

-Cheated and lied to her ex over a long period of time
-Lied to friends to pit them against each other
-Belittles her friends/lovers via gas lighting

>Is impulsive and doesn’t plan ahead

-Constantly finishing her contracted work at the last minute
-Fucks dudes to get ahead (Fakku, Gainax, etc)

>Can be prone to fighting and aggressiveness

-Phsyically abuses romantic partners (slapping, hitting)

>Has little regard for the safety of others

-Let her friend blackout and took pictures & tweeted about it instead of helping
-Forces others to get their hands dirty

>Irresponsible, can’t meet financial obligations

-Buys a ton of stupid anime shit
-Moved back home because she was unable to pay rent in NY

>Doesn’t feel remorse or guilt

-Hasn't apologized to any of her friends
-Did not acknowledge any wrong doing - instead turns the blame on someone else

No. 164417

File: 1470775088646.png (17.4 KB, 577x123, image.png)

Does anyone understand what she tweeted? It's like gibberish

No. 164422

She wanted a charizard or a bulbasaur (pkmn go, as usual) she got lost and she found her way back home thanks to her phone, I'm not even sure.

No. 164487

i think it's less she's a sociopath and more that she's spoiled and immature. sorry just tired of the term sociopath being thrown around

No. 164505

Sociopaths are usually from wealthy families though?

I think it's appropriate in this case

No. 164963

just an anecdote on the job thing- one time she was describing how she used to harass her friend who worked in retail during her friend's shifts, i told her that was kinda a sucky thing to do and asked if she ever had a job and then she got real mad at me lol

No. 165359

File: 1471103225006.jpeg (769.71 KB, 1536x2048, image.jpeg)

Has anyone been keeping tabs on Finn lately? Has he lost his mind with this tattoo? That's a straight up yakuza tattoo if I'm not mistaken.

No. 165370


….. It's a tradition Japanese dragon tattoo. Thousands of people get them.

No. 165389

Hellooo armchair psychologist

No. 165393

I don't think it's real. That's a Hanzo cosplay.

No. 165395

it's a casual Hanzo cosplay i think

No. 165419

How could you not know what overwatch is.

Gitgud pleb

No. 165444

God, fuck James. He honestly deserves his own thread.

No. 165487

Unless people start leaking more stuff like caps of his scumminess there can't really be anything done

No. 165581


Karina is actually on there. himeshiba is her blog, but it appears to be inactive for about a year now. I don't doubt that they are not friends anymore, especially since Emi didn't go to her wedding, but yeah.

No. 165705

From Karina's old vines emi would yell insults at her so much

So glad she's out of that

No. 165745

lol hi star here someone told me I was brought up and so I'm here I guess. idk what Matt told you but I never touched him. I never stole anything (quite the opposite since he said it would have been fine to store stuff in the attic until I tried to contact him later and never got a single reply? I dont think I can still find the messages but I even sent texts back in 2011).

I'll admit to owing rent but then again when I temporarily took the bigger room when one of tenants moved I was never told the rent was going up? if he ever wants to message me and work shit out I will gladly cause I dont believe in holding grudges and letting shit like this float in the air.
As I've said I'd tried multiple times to message him in the past but I never got any replies so idk where that whole 'oh I should call ashley out on XYZ'. I'm not perfect and I dont think that people need to/should like me at all but if Matt cares so much about getting the money back I'm pretty easy to contact I feel?

No. 165747

Jesus Christ, how many of you are gonna show up in this thread? Tim, Matt, now you… Not to mention Emi's old friends. I wonder if Finn/Karina/Tracy have ever commented in here. Or Miss Emi herself.

No. 165748

yo I'm not gonna let rumors of me physically abusing and stealing from people fly around? I'm basically gonna bounce and hope that Matt gets back to me on this cause I dont want people thinking I'm like that?

No. 165749

Yeah, I get that, I'm just wondering how many people in Emi's circle/the former Homestuck BNF circlejerk are lurking here.

No. 165778

that does not look like a fake tattoo though, lol. it's real.

No. 165845

Can you address the eating disorder accusations too?

Or give us info on Matts and Emis relationship

No. 165854

i'm pretty sure a lot of posters in this thread are in Emi's circle and need a place to bitch about her without being caught.

No. 165860

I dont know anything about any ED and Matt and Emi only got together after I moved out (I do feel bad since I'm the one that introduced them I think? I dont wish bad relationships on anyone). I have no idea how I supposedly convinced matt to 'starve himself' though since I'm p chubz myself and always have been?. Matt was already p thin when I met him too so I really have no idea;;; Sorry I cant give you more info on either of those things.

No. 165904

you're so full of shit, ashley. but if you want to give me the $2,000 you owe me then be my guest

No. 165934

If you can post text or chat logs we can easily distinguish who's lying or not

No. 165956

File: 1471294164485.png (33.26 KB, 257x264, proof.png)

this was another one of our roommates at the time

No. 165970

but you literally have not tried to contact me in any way shape or form in these 4 years either. i haven't had you blocked anywhere, i have a phone, etc. you have not tried to talk to me so don't lie about that too.

anyway, suck a dick dumbshits

No. 165971

I deleted my other reply because I decided it's better not to engage you as such. If you want your money email me your paypal I will gladly pay you back but I realized it's fruitless to try and argue against accusations from 4-5 years ago cause then where does it end? I dont want to argue with you Matt. I'm sorry for anything I did to you or any way I offended you and I hope that at some point you can move past the negativity I brought into your life.

No. 166055

Did anyone capture the reply before it was deleted? Slowpoke here

No. 166173

File: 1471356978127.png (29.57 KB, 210x260, proof2.png)

another testimonial

oh, and its a pretty common tactic for an abuser to try to seem rational and minimize what they've done. sorry i don't have more physical evidence for the other shit, but most of it occurred in the real world where you can't screencap things

sorry about going off on a tangent in your very dignified thread

No. 166181

File: 1471359711532.png (52.45 KB, 361x483, 1f181646be8586b4d71e7c555a7e65…)

Matt seriously? Who the heck is heather?

We had two roommates (not including while your brother and his girlfriend was there). I contacted your dad via Facebook and I'll be paying back the rent I owe to him since that's who I actually owe so cest la vie.

btw two can play the testimonial game

No. 166185

Straight up asking your friend to give examples of "Bad Behavior" seems really fuckin' leading. Either way who seriously gives a shit about your 4 yr old beef?

No. 166189

Isn't that just her player character from the game?

No. 166206

you are a liar and a thief and an abuser

you tried to turn me against my family

I don't care anymore.goodbye

No. 166214

Yeah and she uses it to role play sexy times with. Role playing is okay but she crossed it over into real life where she met the rper in person and turned it into an actual relationship

No. 166215

Oh I didn't know, I just thought it was a bit random to count it as self inserting.

No. 166223

I think for any other person making OC's for games like fire emblem it's normal, but Emi takes it into a creepy realm

No. 166225

I'm glad that the rent situation has been resolved but unfortunately the ED and other abuse accusations still stand. I don't know why someone would throw those out if they weren't true.

I think the only way you could disprove it Ashley is if you were show that Matt had a history of lying.

No. 166226

Yeah I agree, I remember following her back when she'd RP with that Ishimaru RP account. It looked innocent and fun at first but then you realize it was going pretty far.

No. 166897

File: 1471631219763.jpg (145.13 KB, 511x480, tumblr_necmxuZCnK1u2dtlro1_540…)

No. 166947

Phew, yeah, that was super awkward. Her face in general just looks really weird when she talks - like an animatronic or something. Also she blinks a looooot.

No. 167176

I used to enjoy reading her blog, idc about her personal drama or whatever i just like reading about peoples lives because im nosy, but now she never updates only drops by to post low quality doodles i kind of miss how it was before

No. 167316

Same, there was something charming about an ugly girl like her acting like she was hot shit daily

No. 167412

Same for me. I started following her when she was really into Persona 3 and 4 so she was also talking about the games themselves. She seemed like a fun girl to me, idk why actually. I guess it's because people barely talk about themselves on my dashboard and mostly reblog impersonal things. At first I thought she stopped posting about herself because she started being more careful about her private life but her twitter is was worse.

Yeah, she was posting a lot about her friends who were in the same fandoms ashere in a "hey everyone look at how popular and funny I am, wish you were part of my friend group huh?" way. Is that what being a big name fan does to people?

No. 167435

File: 1471809319478.jpg (305.54 KB, 768x1024, tumblr_nr36anYnau1ruhjpfo1_128…)

tfw we won't be getting cringey gems like this anymore

No. 167437

File: 1471809813325.png (17.57 KB, 422x214, image.png)

>i’ve been in art school for four years.

she knows whats she doing guys she was in school for four years

No. 168017

File: 1472027090837.jpeg (109.52 KB, 750x771, image.jpeg)

Literal human garbage

She's keeping up with her 'tsundere' image even now

No. 169018

File: 1472350561336.jpg (234.27 KB, 568x416, image.jpg)

Leave it up to emi to choose the most weakest fucks to date and manipulate

No. 171428

She's been constantly posting on Twitter about how far she is on style savvy within the 1 week it's been out it seems like all she does is play children's games and watch anime now isn't she supposed to have a job?

No. 172998

File: 1473569924099.png (1.58 MB, 806x816, Untitled.png)

Her first selfie in a long time.

>Emi how are you going to do your brows?

>Fuck em up

No. 173002

File: 1473570997961.jpg (38.32 KB, 635x475, 970197_10200605018382094_16361…)

Same outfit, more decent looking

No. 178217

File: 1475250043151.png (147.34 KB, 800x506, image.png)

this thread is dying and i thought someone would of posted this but i guess noone has yet. Shes starting to post about beauty stuff? And tweeting about korean cosmetics and music recently.

No. 178302

Yeah that and she's obsessing over 707 from mysticmessenger, I can’t find the pictures of her gross 'cat' nails

No. 178401

File: 1475304154701.jpg (1.18 MB, 1693x2047, IMG_1137.JPG)

Yeah it seems like she jumped into a whole new persona.

Also damn she is slipping with her body, at least she's aware she isn't pretty now. The other day she yelled at her friend publicly for posting an unflattering picture of her in the bg

No. 178403

File: 1475304277493.jpg (56.43 KB, 700x494, IMG_1138.JPG)

at least she's drawing herself accurately fat and ugly instead of cute and kawaii I guess

No. 178404

File: 1475304414047.jpg (627.62 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_1139.JPG)

Gremlin looking creature

No. 178430

i guess shes transforming into a koreaboo now then

No. 178435

File: 1475316938556.jpeg (530.71 KB, 2047x1436, image.jpeg)

her style changed alot recently in a bad way but since shes been playing mm her stuff looks more like it did a few years ago

No. 179258

File: 1475631077217.png (432.18 KB, 723x497, image.png)

>making the palest character in game, dark skinned

shit emi what are you doing

No. 179263

>drawing all the attractive, thin characters as fat potatoy gargoyles

Typical Tumblr art…

No. 179273

WHY when it would make more since to make yoosung the dark skinned character

No. 179287

Isn't it racist to make light characters dark skinned for ~*~*~aesthetic~*~*~

No. 179392

I think she does this because she was in the homestuck fandom and fanartists would try to diversify the cast by randomly making them whichever skintone they wanted. But these characters are already Korean as far as I know, so what's the point of doing this?

No. 180295

She said on twitter or tumblr that she was really into the "dark-skinned pretty boy with white hair" trope, but since she made him look ugly I guess it's just her not being good at drawing cute guys more than diversity.

No. 183403

File: 1476587746499.jpg (240.64 KB, 1200x900, Cuw9f-FVIAAXjA1.jpg)

it's almost been a year since she's been outed for cheating

No. 183773

Was it ever revealed who it was she cheated with? I hope Finn is doing okay, he seems like an okay guy.

No. 183796

I think it was kind of confirmed up thread that it was this "drea" person

Karina was most likely the person who told finn about the cheating since they don't talk anymore. She's also friends with drea so it matches up

No. 186653

File: 1477103895601.jpg (139.46 KB, 937x1200, CvRByMdUIAAedHj.jpg)

Not insecure about her nose at all

No. 186655

File: 1477104022659.jpg (109.11 KB, 1199x800, CvRByMaUMAAr0ET.jpg)

Confident woman

No. 187604

File: 1477344288541.png (167.34 KB, 1136x640, IMG_1037.PNG)

Her old tumblr is down, I guess she was paying for the domain name and it expired? Weird seeing as tumblr lets you change domains for free but, unless it's Tumblr being weird

No. 187639

I'm thinking maybe it was her ex who helped maintained it? Emi doesn't seem smart enough to do computer stuff like this

No. 189409

File: 1477610224571.jpeg (895.38 KB, 2560x1920, image.jpeg)

she made sevens chin a triangle?

No. 189411

no anon thats her style!11!!!11

No. 189418

Of all the things to be insecure about, she chooses her nose which isn't even that bad lol

No. 189433

I'm surprised she hasn't jumped on yuri on ice yet

No. 189873

she won't cus she's a cool kid and cool kids don't like what's popular

remember when she said haikyuu was shit and yowaped had better art? L O L

No. 190830

File: 1477891371633.jpg (471.29 KB, 1616x2048, IMG_1541.JPG)

I think miss emi is having nose disphoria or something, she shooped it to be Michael Jackson-esque

No. 190857


No. 191134

File: 1477958145387.jpg (715.74 KB, 1814x2047, IMG_1544.JPG)


No. 191280

Wait don't hotdog costumes cover your legs a little, it looks kinda small

No. 191592

File: 1478025855563.jpg (146.05 KB, 686x1200, CwIfyDKVIAA2-JC.jpg)

It looks like it was meant for a child, not sure why she wore it commando though

No. 194322

File: 1478402458775.jpg (435.18 KB, 1431x2048, IMG_1658.JPG)

Getting old and crusty

No. 203623

File: 1480028070020.png (70.44 KB, 504x818, Untitled.png)

The great year of 2016 and still she won't acknowledge how she manipulated and used her friends/ex

okay miss emi

No. 203932

I feel bad for her dad. At least Emi isn't Leah Albright-tier.

No. 207879

File: 1480749212276.jpg (224.25 KB, 900x1200, Cyu9FB5UQAE9Uva.jpg)

the only way she can look decent is with powerful filters now

No. 207966

Whenever Tim is at the same con as Emi and her cronies, it's hilarious how Tim kisses ass and runs around trying to act cool around her. I've witnessed it multiple times, just observing other artists in artist alley. At Yaoi-Con, Tim was barely at her table, she mostly spent time hanging around Emi. They're all pretty loud and obnoxious, as if they're the hottest shit in the room.

No. 208017

Didn't emi ditch the last day of that con to play around? Did she force Tim to join too?

No. 209002

I don't know about that. Tim probably went out of her way to spend time with the "cool artists" either way.

No. 209406

File: 1481009417006.jpg (186.91 KB, 1200x1055, Cy87RW9VQAExHMn.jpg)

age is not being kind to her

No. 221542

File: 1482700213861.jpg (97.87 KB, 433x478, d.jpg)

if anybody wants to see a big titted person sadly dance in front of her parents click here

No. 221552

More like constantly shoveling crappy food down her gob is not being kind to her

No. 221568

>rich family
>actually has talent
>chooses to spend her days living out animu fantasies and leeching off everyone unfortunate enough to cross paths with her

Fuck you Emi, your parents deserve better.

No. 221620

File: 1482712791629.png (71.89 KB, 595x569, 1.png)

Wow what a surprise can you believe you have to study long and hard to become something silly like a pathologist assistant or something

>emi logic

No. 221631

Is anyone here studying to be or working as a pathologist assistant? Seems like decent pay and intelligent work (the latter which disqualifies Emi)

sage for OT

No. 222838

http://artbyemi.blogspot.co.uk/2016/08/blog-post.html?m=1 Her new portfolio site for her storyboard work. Unpopular opinion but I enjoy emi'd stuff (or at least used to) so its good to see her trying to be more professional? Im surprised she still has superautomatic listed as her site on her bussiness card, as said previously itt, she dosent seem to own that url anymore

No. 222914

File: 1482898645554.png (77.04 KB, 1600x900, 01.png)

> (626)864-4312
Did she really post her phone number online

First her address and now this? She really is a giant idiot isn't she

No. 222917

File: 1482899117009.png (571.47 KB, 1600x900, 14.png)

Reuploaded her entire portfolio just incase she deletes it:

There are so fucking bad

No. 222993

Isn't that the point though? So that potential clients would easily contact her after looking at her portfolio?

No. 223000

This looks like it belongs in a bootleg version of MGS. Her art plateau'd hard.

No. 223087

Wow, she actually got worse somehow. That lineart is atrocious.

No. 223147

An email will suffice, especially for art since the projects are detail intensive. It's also stupid of her because she got doxxed last year because she posted her address on the internet.

No. 223152

Didnt she post a drawing on a peice of paper that had her mothers phone number on it a while back?

No. 223477

looks like she got a job(prob with dreamworks)

goes to show no matter how terrible of a person you are, if you have a rich daddy and suck dick/flash tits, you can get what you want

No. 223582

>forcing potential employers to click and view each image separately
ain't nobody got time for that shit

late af but i can see it happening. tim always tries too hard to be the cool kid on the block.

No. 223641

How do you know it is dreamworks??

No. 223646

Imagine drawing so much weird ass onceler and animated movie porn shit and then able to work in the same industry tho

I really wonder what will her employers think if they find out.

No. 223655

They have to do a background check on her first, its quite likely they will find this thread. I dont know if it is dreamworks, but if it is they will also find all her lorax porn too

No. 223710

The Lorax was actually Sony, IIRC. But still. Emi has drawn enough weird porn and said enough disgusting things in public on her Twitter and Tumblr that she should be completely unhireable.

No. 223712

File: 1483026871492.png (Spoiler Image, 156.95 KB, 500x600, tumblr_mkk0wqBDLE1r2b6o1o1_500…)

Sage for doubleposting, but DreamWorks, if you're actually hiring Emi, take a look at this furry porn she drew of your movie!

No. 223739

I mean, Rebecca sugar used to draw EEnE porn but now she has her own show

No. 223750

She was prob better than Emi at separating her porn and real identities

No. 223756

lol when you look at her deviantart (which is under her real name) the first thing you see is "ride dick like a pro"

No. 223762

File: 1483036488765.png (55.65 KB, 750x496, IMG_2261.PNG)

The classes she takes has a direct connection to DWs so it's just speculation

Anyways it looks like she's going to be a storyboard revisionist

No. 223769

Yeah, Emi's internet history is a mess. I seriously can't believe a studio hired her. I always assumed her lack of success in general was because of her entirely unprofessional online persona, but I guess that doesn't matter in this industry, huh?

No. 223773

is it through e1n/ben juwono? that's the only common connection between the two that i can think of.

No. 223775

Horrible internet presence + laziness. Her paid work is shoddy…she puts more effort into her self-insert porn than work that people pay her to do. So basically it's a lose/lose situation for anyone who hires her.

No. 223786

Yeah e1n partly owns the school iirc

Also emi and him are BEST FRIENDS

No. 223787

File: 1483040090486.png (164.2 KB, 303x518, Untitled.png)

Oh wow she just updated her twitter profile

> thoughts and opinions are my own and not the views of my employer ?

No. 223799

are they actually best friends or is it just emi glomming onto someone she thinks she can use/fuck

No. 223802

I think back in the day when the dA community was small and closenit they were good friends, nowadays she's probably only keeping him there as a person she can use.

No. 223818

Yikes. If I was Emi, I would have left the character pages out and start off with the storyboards and comic pages from the end. The artwork in the beginning isn't very strong or polished and I don't think opening with gore is a good idea. The portfolio is poorly composed too. It looks like she threw it together at the last minute just like everything else she does.


I seriously doubt that Dreamworks cares that she drew porn in the past. And I doubt the animation industry cares either. Drew Green, Michelle Czajkowski, and Raven Molisee are doing fine and Rebecca Sugar even has her own show. As long as you're able to do your job efficiently, you can draw all the porn you want.

Slightly OT, but DW hired Bonka-chan as a freelance storyboard artist because a director found her NSFW art blog (btw, the links below are to Bonka's NSFW blog).


Whether Emi will be able to keep her job…I don't know. If she is at DW, they aren't doing too well financially right now. They might keep her around for a project or two and let her go, unless she's good enough to stay.

No. 223830

File: 1483047484290.jpg (192.39 KB, 1280x952, tumblr_oit5suwHu41tz0ud5o1_128…)

What the fuck is this

I hate how the world works sometimes

No. 223831

Confirmation that she lurks?

No. 223833

No. 223837

I would say if she lurked she would've taken down compromising her shit but alas it's emi we're talking about and she's proven time and time again she's not the brightest bulb in the bunch

No. 223850

Most companies make their employees state that on thier social media

No. 223852

ew, what the fuck…

No. 223859

I'm going to boycott the shit out of whatever company it is

No. 223949

someone gets a job with this kind of bullshittery?? I couldn't even finish scrolling past 1 page of her blog ugh

No. 224125

She won't last

No. 224439

>Dean Deblois openly having a weight gain fetish

lol I will never be able to watch any of his films the same way again

No. 224478

Animation companies don't care about what you've done/what your past is/whatever… like Rebecca Sugar and Chris Savino are showrunners, despite drawing yaoi and incest porn respectively. As long as you can do the job, they don't care

No. 224592

Just wait for emi to whine and bitch about how terrible her job is on her twitter

she's such a social media ho she can't resist being tactless

No. 227191

shes prob going to work on the spiderman cartoons

No. 227829

This thread is really weak, I dont get why youre all getting worked up about a nerd who cheats a little, or why you think any studio employer would give a shit about her lovers embarrassing breakdowns. I dont get why anyone HERE does.
Nah, as a storyboarding artist or in any animation production job, ESPECIALLY character design, you have to do speedy flats on small canvases and very often, the tools/settings onboard have with little to no pen pressure; basically if someone gives you a list of random vague details of what they need on a ref sheet, they want roughs in an hour, and they reject or tweak or approve real designs from that. She knows what has to be looked at in the industry.

No. 227835

emi is into killing stalking now, and to be honest when i first read it she immediately came to my mind bc of the art and uwu beat up boys asthestic

it wasnt a good story either lol

No. 227864

oh wow opinions that differ than your own, much cool, such hipster, would you perhaps want a trophy or a medal for your amazing insight?

No. 227865

It's garbage and so is she, so predictable

No. 227869

Are you that "friend" who's dick she sucked to get into the studio?

No. 227887

Jesus how could you even type that nearly incoherent sentence without feeling embarrassed. I was genuinely stating that I don't see where the "big funny lols" are when the funniest part of this whole thread were those losers who purposefully immortalized their breakdown on the internet, when all Emi does is be a generic weeaboo who sleeps sleeps around and draws anime shit pretty decently. Nothing really interesting or funny about her.

No. 227960

She's a child who still lives with her parents at age 27, has just NOW gotten her first real job, spends all her money on shitty anime merchandise, outwardly talks shit about the fandoms her friends love to make them feel bad, presents herself online with the maturity of a 13 year old, outwardly talks about her fetishes on a public platform, makes characters randomly different skin tones for the Tumblr Points™, manipulates and sleeps with men in order to further her career or have them buy stuff (seems like she has her own harem of beta orbiters), publicly bitches about her only art job she had for a few years and how much she hates it, takes a stuffed animal out in public to take pictures of it, an adult that is completely obsessed with Disney, etc, etc.

And honestly, she is not that great of an artist. I have never seen anything great from her. Everything is just a character floating in space surrounded by ~*~meaningful flowers~*~ with the exact same color palette as the rest of her art and incredibly shitty linework.

So yeah, she's just a mediocre 27 year old weeaboo who has made it through life so far on her parent's dime and by manipulating everyone around her. The amount of people that know her who have come to defend her in this thread is hilarious.

No. 228028

File: 1483645026544.gif (132.97 KB, 311x366, RV7IcG4.gif)

pic related it's you
Hold that L up high

No. 230688

confirmed she's working on marvel's spiderman


bye marvel it was nice knowing you

No. 230692

File: 1484035946683.jpg (579.6 KB, 504x925, nyan.jpg)

she did it 'everynyan'

No. 230694

File: 1484036096940.jpg (512.23 KB, 888x696, upd8.jpg)

she lit took no time to wait to brag about it everywhere, even revamping her whole blog look and udating her bio/faq

No. 230741

I thought she abandoned tumblr. When I still had my account some months ago she barely updated it. By the way, I think it has been a while since she posted anything on instagram, I wonder why she feels like it's so useful to have so many accounts on so many websites (though it doesn't just apply to her).

No. 230757

She literally got in because they were desperate for artists. o i am laffin

No. 230820

I guess it's because her forearm is too long and thin, compared to her upper arm.

Ugh so many cows are into killing stalking now. I mean, it's interesting, I guess? Kinda drags on the idea and the story hasn't really progressed since chapter 2 or 3 lol. The art style's kinda nice?
But I guess this shows how predictable and alike these cows are.

I'm actually interested how she'll do on her new job. Or how she landed it, for that matter (her portfolio was a mess lmao).
Sage for not contributing.

No. 230873

She abandoned her insta after the breakup with Finn

She had it locked for a while too because she was afraid her mom would see the racy pics

No. 230918

File: 1484078978656.png (161.21 KB, 800x443, totes in love guys.png)

I read it out of curiosity since people I follow complained about the fandom (rightfully so) and I totally agree. To no surprise Emi is in love with Sangwoo.

No. 230945


Lol everyone is in love with Sangwoo

The story is so fucked, its interesting but jesus

No. 230955

I think KS itself isn't bad, the fans of it are what ruin it

No. 232727

File: 1484354889321.png (821.28 KB, 590x592, Untitled.png)

She has a new instagram

Could it be Emi is actually being smart and disassociating with her old trashy persona?

No. 232730

File: 1484355116255.jpg (90.25 KB, 640x480, CrzZxe-VYAAEzTr.jpg)

Good to see Emi used and threw another person though, what sap in 2017 will she use next?

No. 232799

She can try and be cutesy for now, but her trashy self will always come out of hiding.

No. 234841

>idk how to use insta

…is trying to act like she didn't have an instagram account before? She didnt havent anything bad on it that really needs hiding afaik, just food and her cats. I mean theres all the infamous titty pics, but i doubt her employers would go that far through her insta, plus they are all on tumblr which she linked to

No. 234843

That background makes looking through her blog so dull, her old bg was cringy seeing as I guess she's trying to be professional now, but at least it was colorful, why not just make a new account if she's trying to separate herself from her old stuff?

No. 234860

cus she wants to brag about it to her followers, honestly emi has always been fucking stupid

the smartest thing she did was make a private account @mimidousuji

No. 237505

Emi used go on and on about her dream of working for dc (even has the batman logo tattooed on herself, iirc she going to get a batman themed sleeve at one point?) saying she didnt really like marvel and now since shes working for marvel shes always retweeting marvel shit (especially spiderman stuff) as if shes a big fan, it comes off so odd. I wonder if she'll get that tattoo removed

No. 237558

Fake person continues to be fake. She's always been like this. She always acts like she was ~always into whatever it is she likes now, and she always over-invests herself into it, and it's really obnoxious. I remember when she first got into Youkai Watch she was so superior and high and mighty talking about it and then it became popular and she acted all better than the rest of people who like it because she ALWAYS LIKED IT!

She does this with like… everything.

No. 239014

Want to know something funny?

Her employers at marvel asked her what character she'd like for her cubicle nameplate but she didn't know/like any of them so she just picked the most decent looking boy. Fucking disgusting.

No. 239015

The only reason she got into Youkai Watch in the first place was to get close to her online crush, Drea(who she eventually cheated on her ex with)

No. 241960

anyone see her at ALA this weekend?

No. 241972

Saw her at her booth talking to someone in an overly nice high voice
it was weird seeing her irl

No. 242571

What is your opinion on emi's taste in love live girls? Somehow I always feel disturbed at the way she openly bashes hanayo or ruby…. not to mention it felt she is really elist even though she has casual scum tastes

No. 242639

Yeah, she is weird irl. I remember seeing her at A-kon a couple years ago at her booth and she seemed really standoffish. Didn't say hi to anyone and just generally didn't care about what was going on around her since she kept her head down the entire time.

No. 242642

Yup, I bought a print from her at a con four years ago and she was so unfriendly.

No. 242644

No wonder she can't make IRL normal friends.

No. 242648

She thinks her opinion is better than others so if she dislikes something even a little bit, she feels the need to bash it heavily (hence her previous friends and ex feeling uncomfortable when she made fun of Haikyuu)

It kind of seems like that's her only way to be"funny"

Anyways emi has shit tastes, she still thinks yowapeda has better art/story than haikyuu

No. 242652

She also likes to think she's a cute tsundere when she's actually just an asshole.

No. 242655

She's 28 now, she acts rude because she's "shy" and "tsundere", does she have autism or something

No. 242662

Wouldn't know. She's definitely extremely immature, that's for sure.

No. 242679

Not to mention the way she shit on Finn for liking high fantasy and then gets into Game of Thrones and acts like she always liked it. It's pathetic. The way she bullies her "friends" for the things they like is rude as fuck. She has shit taste herself anyways so I don't know why she feels so elitist.

No. 242701

I remember her shitting all over Free! as it was airing because of the art style and then some minutes later praise yowapeda's art style (from the manga specifically), it was really cringe worthy. Although for Free! it may have been because it was really popular so she may have disliked the fact that it was popular as well. She's pretty much a weird mix of a hipster and a weeb.

No. 243527

Is this why she likes Maki

No. 243622

File: 1486059124474.jpg (136.62 KB, 773x1200, C3osYgpVUAEdX7j.jpg)

She's been working at Marvel for a week and already she's trying to get "discounts" for it? Emi chill tf out


No. 243628

>watching Markiplier play RE7

Why is she name dropping?

Also, most employee discounts don't start until two or three weeks in.

No. 243631

What are homemade instant noodles? Does she mean the cheap .80 ones? Kek

No. 243634

I think there's a period after 'Home.' It might read as Home. Made instant noddles..

But yeah, she probably has top ramen garbage.

No. 243705

Wow, her whole hourly comics thing… she seems so needy with her coworkers.

No. 243706

File: 1486072799291.jpg (104.57 KB, 825x1024, C3n7t4AUMAAl8Nx.jpg)

She name drops a lot, especially Wynton.

Who wants to start bets on who she'll start fucking in the office first

No. 243713

File: 1486074129879.jpg (190.93 KB, 960x1280, C3YG1oAUoAE3RFB.jpg)

No wonder Emi got a job at Marvel. Ben(e1n), one of her friends, works for Disney and she took classes at his art school, so of course he would hook her up.

Does she have no shame that everything she has was given to her on a silver platter?

Also lol look at her repping spiderman merch despite not giving a shit about the Marvel series until recently

No. 245811

File: 1486355231336.jpg (457.4 KB, 2048x1566, IMG_2730.JPG)

I miss camwhore emi but I understand why she doesn't post anymore cus her eyes are nonexistent

No. 273350

File: 1489977263896.jpg (155.2 KB, 901x1200, C7UHp1JVAAAGuan.jpg)

She hasn't posted a selfie in forever, I forgot how potato her nose looked

No. 273353

File: 1489977334876.jpg (188.56 KB, 900x1200, C7U4Ky-VwAAo27f.jpg)

Leave it to emi to immediately buy an annual pass when she gets money instead of paying back her parents for the tuition she wasted for artschool or something

No. 312579

File: 1494761312745.png (133.97 KB, 640x865, IMG_5494.PNG)

Sorry for reviving this pretty dead thread, but it looks shes been lurking? A lot of people here were saying how her art has gone downhill and that she should regress back to her old style. If not, at least shes aware that her art is shitty now

No. 312640

How can someone's art worsen like this?

No. 312791

Her old art looks similar to Mookie's old art just without all the neon color vomit

No. 312801

File: 1494789491124.png (164.45 KB, 540x585, tumblr_opxh0fqI8Y1ruhjpfo2_540…)

There was 'drama' back then about how mookie stole emi's art style, but they were also somewhat friends? I don't really remember it much tbh

Emi's art was never absolutely amazing or anything but I did like it, considering she was what, like 21-23 when she first became popular I always thought her style could have evolved over time and turned into something interesting, but instead she stagnated for a few years and now has gone to utter shit. If she 'wishes she could regress' why doesn't she just try drawing like that again?

No. 312821

blech, how could she butcher my boys like this? ken looks so downsy

No. 312827

Her art was great back then because she had groups of people online and irl constantly kissing her ass. She had a loving boyfriend and friends who pampered her but now she's single and friendless.

No. 312828

It was circling around the AA circuit during the homestuck days that emi fucking hated mookie because people would come to her table and be like "omg its mookie!!! i love your art!!!", I can confirm this because the person who spread this was a really close friend to emi at the time

No. 312860

I'm sure a lot of Asians tend to have an egg shape head. It's something that sets aside from Eastern Asians and westerners

No. 312888

File: 1494798614314.png (1.08 MB, 1024x768, hmm.png)

>emi fucking hated mookie because people would come to her table and be like "omg its mookie!!! i love your art!!!"

Yikes, that's awful.
To be fair if that happened to me I'd probably be salty too, nothing worse than being mistaken for another artist because your art is no longer "unique" to yourself. Still,their artstyles and even the coloring/textures in some cases are pretty similar (except for the eyelashes)plus they both were in
the same fandoms at the time so I'm not suprised that people would get their artists and styles confused.Hell, I almost confused them a couple of times looking for their art.
I wouldn't be surprised if one copied the other's artstyle in an attempt to garner more popularity, copying another's style is really common especially in this community but some take it too far(I've seen quite a bit of mookie clones,even one that also does AA and tries to buddy up with popular cosplayers) but who really copied who?

>AA drama is something else man

No. 312890

Ew, Chihiro looks like she has bad indigestion. wtf. this looks so bad.