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File: 1492538504090.png (254.85 KB, 1242x1348, IMG_0812.PNG)

No. 3290[Reply]

Let's discuss our opinions and experiences with r9k/robots. I think most of my experiences with robots have been 96% negative.
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No. 3834

>Even unemployed heroin addicts (much uglier than me) get to have sex with females.
>All women are whores and I can't afford them. That's why I'm an incel.

But unemployed heroin addicts can?

No. 3835

Try looking at it from a female's point of view? Ok.

"He's a NEET with no money? Wow there is NOTHING he could possibly compensate that with".

If some girl doesn't voluntarily have sex with me in the next few years, I'm going to pull an Elliot Rodgers and go on a rampage killing females. It makes me that angry.

Yeah that's basically why I mentioned that. Drug-users are the 1 exception. Drug-addicted girls will still be with unemployed drug-addicted males.

Ironically, drug-addicted females with their unemployed drug-addict boyfriends are some of the best examples I could give of girls who aren't whores.

No. 3836

Warped view, cannot be helped. Ignore bait

No. 3837

It's not "bait" it's how I really feel.

No. 3838

That board is frustrating to no end. There was a sex doll thread yesterday where the OP bought a sex doll and was like "women are only worth their vagina". So I post telling him and anyone else with these views that it's great they got a sex doll if it means they stay away from women, they're happy, and we're happy.
But then there was this pervasive opinion in the thread that women are terrified (kek) of the sex dolls replacing them. So I was called a;
>white knight
for expressing what I believe is a very logical opinion. But apparently they still think we're desperate for their woman hating dick. I mean, WHY.

File: 1495665798974.png (168.48 KB, 1242x1292, IMG_1044.PNG)

No. 3794[Reply]

So why do sjws/feminists love Islam so much?its a religion that goes against everything they believe in.
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No. 3808

Why didn't you mention arabs?theyre the ones who are mainly Muslim lol

No. 3820

fellow uk anon.
agree with you every step. how do they all get here? i lived with a bunch of somali dudes (group house with individual lets) and honestly they were the most disgusting and rude people on the planet.
re: the muslim women; why do they wear the hijab/try so hard to project themselves as modest then trowel on all that makeup? idgi

No. 3824

>Christianity gets criticized
But why are you pretending like there's never been any backlash to those criticisms?
Many Christians are not peaceful.

Conservatism's "War on Christmas" in the US is definitely a thing. It doesn't even stem so much from a direct attack on Christianity, but by Christians feeling threatened due to the increasing secularism of the holiday (which isn't truly theirs regardless).
And the bombing of reproductive care clinics and assassination of abortion surgeons by Christians because they think a book justifies it.
Or arguing against state and federal laws over birth control coverage because they think their religious values outweigh another's need.

Imagine if one day you woke up and your currency would have a Muslim slogan. Your children would have to go to school and recite an Islamic pledge to Allah hands over their hearts. In your everyday media, there's a subtext about Allah. Muslims would picket and protest your right to a certain healthcare because of their religious values; this is how non-religious people deal with Christianity, everyday.

I don't have a horse in this race, but I don't see how Christianity is targeted more or worse. Especially considering that most people and institutions are sensitive of it.

Second of all–I don't know where this feminists=pro-hijab meme came from–but back in the mid-aughts, I remember feminists thinking Islam was oppressive. Along with the hijab/burka. Because it was generally understood then that most women did not get a fair choice and were actually penalized or killed for violating dress code in their own countries. They still are, to an extent.
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No. 3827

>And the bombing of reproductive care clinics and assassination of abortion surgeons by Christians because they think a book justifies it

Huh? Could that please be explained in more detail?

No. 3830

Some Christian loonies who have brought threats and harm among free clinics and doctors who work at them have often justified their actions based on loose interpretations of the Bible.
ie. Killing is bad so I think abortion is wrong but it's alright to kill an abortion provider or seeker since that somehow prevents abortion except it doesn't.
Nine times out of ten it's motivated by an abrahamic religion.

File: 1493453467355.jpg (438.32 KB, 2048x2048, reach_requirements.jpg)

No. 3409[Reply]

Hey fellow girls, what's your favourite penis size, and what's the general consensus on 5.5 inches?
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No. 3747

File: 1495314805215.png (360.6 KB, 858x725, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…)



No. 3750

I prefer 5 inches and all the way down to 3.5. I am a very small girl so having sex with anything bigger than 5 destroys my cervix. I also can't preform oral sex very well with my tiny mouth. I am not the average women though so this probably isn't helpful to you.

No. 3754

File: 1495391351418.webm (2.28 MB, 640x640, lily0.webm)

No. 3773

penises should be proportional to body size
no matter what your penis is like, give good head

No. 3826

>penises should be proportional to body size

wtf? you think short men should be double cursed with little dicks?

File: 1486142883876.jpg (39.83 KB, 480x479, ideal husbando.jpg)

No. 2258[Reply]

2, 3, and 5
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No. 3651

2, 3, 5. An attractive personality is important.

No. 3652

It's valuable.

No. 3685

File: 1494892327111.gif (993.32 KB, 236x224, Jags_guy gif.gif)

I don't get the point of this thread since women rarely compromise in real life anyways (they don't have to0>

Also, trade-off of the question is subjective.

Easy to see in this thread since the items not picked are assumed to be average or above average anyways.

Didn't pick tall? She's probably thinking her guy will be 5'10-6'0 aka "no tall"

Didn't pick romantic? Probably cause all they are assuming a certain level of romanticism set by their standards.

No. 3698

5, 2, and 9. I just want to be treated more like a princess.

I've been the breadwinner in every single relationship i've been in so i've never had that whole "Surprise we're going on a date!" experience and i've only been bought roses once. I'm not materialistic or i wouldn't have married my husband but it does make me a little sad he doesn't really do spontaneous romantic things.

No. 3825

Where's the BBC option? It should cost $5. I would pick it.

File: 1482364954053.jpg (27.61 KB, 534x401, BURNTHECOAL.jpg)

No. 671[Reply]

Why is it so taboo? I personally only date white guys and the occasional asian guy (mainly because i find black men physically gross and hispanic men generally are really really disrespectful to me), but why is it so taboo? Why do guys care so much?
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No. 3776


Eh? Not really. Im from the UK and half black/white people and mix is the most common here. Usually though the dad is black and the mum is white. Im mixed too with that combo and parents so… never really had an issue? In the UK its more a religion rather than race like the US.


Thats pretty sick and pathetic. But to be honest I have known girls here in the UK to do that too "I want a mixed race baby because its cute!" or "yay hip hop aesthetic!" which is sad.

Also don't Japanese do the same? Like always wanting half white babies because they think they'll have these designer half white-high end bridge noses- with blue eyes and light hair? When really most end up looking asian anyway. You get the odd one that has light hair but its not that common.

I actually used to date a Japanese man. Im a bit younger in my mid twenties and he was in his mid thirties. He wanted children - I don't yet. But due to me being mixed and looking back I reckon it was his only intention to date me. He kept saying "So would our baby have blue eyes or green eyes?" and my eyes are a lightish brown and his obviously are black/brown. I was trying to explain how genetics work but I think he magically thought because I have white in me we would have kind of magical child. I got rid of him though thankfully because I felt as if he was dating me solely because I was mixed. It was weird.

No. 3777


Ive noticed this too here in the UK. There is a lot of Pakistanis and they're the most common Asian here really apart from the Chinese who just… who are just the most antisocial people ever.

Its annoying. I dont find Pakistani/Indian ect attractive at all and they're the most desperate to find love. But no one wants them.

No. 3780

Most japanese don't really want anything to do with foreigners in general. I think they can see how different white westerners cultures are to their own and don't like it. it's like you said, a fuck experience but not marriage material.

No. 3803


Quite true actually. My Japanese friend even he said to me "I literally want to fuck a white girl because its an experience" thats it.

No. 3823

File: 1495933841822.jpg (305.27 KB, 755x800, 1460478711842.jpg)

Black cocks are best cocks.

File: 1493317176291.jpg (317.63 KB, 648x2090, tranny terrorist.jpg)

No. 3423[Reply]

Transmisogyny mental gymnastics edition
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No. 3544

I'm on board with the whole gender spectrum thing when the notion of gender (the social traits/roles spectrum) is separated from biological sex (chromosomes).

Like if you were a male with feminine interests and a more feminine "sense of self" within rigid social values I'd think the disconnect between how you feel and what you look like could emerge as gender dysphoria, and transitioning might help you with your issues… but then psycho trannies started coming out with genitalia aren't gendered/womanly penises and just completely lost me.

Is it because SRS is still really awful? I 100% understand if a MtF didn't want to undergo bottom surgery because neovaginas look absolutely disgusting and hellish and I can't imagine what that kind of operation would do to anyone psychologically. But I can also see people/society not viewing MtFs as 100% "there" and inherently still men if they still have their dicks, despite passing.

Idk. I suppose it's useless to try to rationalize all of this. It's such a mess now.

No. 3580

File: 1494387889239.jpg (63.91 KB, 750x422, andraya2.jpg)

>6ft+ tall and muscular trans"""girl""" is allowed to compete in high school track
>Naturally destroys the competition
>Not even on hormones or T-blockers


Has the whole world gone crazy? Fucker didn't even bother to shave his mustache

No. 3591

Is it now transphobic to understand sexual dimorphism and why transgirls (no matter how "legit") really don't have a place in women's sports competitions?

No. 3596

They unironically think that way. There was so much trans reeeing during the Olympics some months ago.

No. 3811

The real question is how they ended up this way. What causes them to be like this? Childhood Conditioning? Trends? I'm curious on your thoughts.

File: 1470669498084.jpg (104.61 KB, 460x609, malefem1_3062978c.jpg)

No. 1858[Reply]

Can we have a thread for these people?

>Loud as fuck, usually speaking over women

>Believe they have the power to decide what's sexist and hurtful because they're ~allies~
>Using feminism as a stepping stone to garner female attention and/or exposure for themselves
>50% of the time are actually Nice Guys™ in disguise
>Complete lack of self-awareness
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No. 2386

"this is my stronk feminist character but dw she's still traditionally feminine so ok for me to fap to"??

No. 3767


its depressing because this guy could actually be reasonably attractive if he didn't go out of his way to look like such a faggot.

Seriously nail polish on a man !? ugh

No. 3779

Well known guy in my city claims to be a feminist and i met him on the street and he accused me of "following him" and that it would be "flattering" if I was. I was groped earlier that day so I stopped to question his attitude (normally would have walked away but I was upset and wanted answers) and he acted so mind blown I didn't kiss his ass/didn't know who he was at the time. He gave me no answers and walked away with balled up fists lmao. I think I was walking behind him for two blocks.

Real cool A+ guy who posts about mental health and other ironic topics.

No. 3789

*if I were

Stupid fucking whore

No. 3800

lmao no that's grammatically sound, tf is wrong with you

File: 1495306512851.jpg (116.42 KB, 1080x542, romphim-male-romper-1494904181…)

No. 3745[Reply]

It happened. We are rapidly going downhill.
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No. 3772

File: 1495554007743.jpg (127.38 KB, 860x1318, _100022862.jpg)

Like this, but looser, and with more space for his genitalia.

No. 3781

File: 1495598263596.jpg (89.47 KB, 800x1185, toy_story_3_movie_poster_ken.j…)

>thinking this looks good

No. 3792

File: 1495649926743.jpg (373.16 KB, 570x779, k_lpxMHmQ112kJzH.jpg)

Reminds me of an old timey swimsuit.

No. 3793

I dig it. But I'm into men in drag so.

No. 3798

File: 1495587559979.jpg (45.86 KB, 499x330, Feed the whores.jpg)

No. 3782[Reply]

Women, especially hypergamous women, are genetically predisposed to welcome invaders and the destruction of their tribe/nation, by nature, their instincts always tell them to gravitate toward the more agressive male because subconciously they are genetically programmed to seek the greatest opportunity to accumulate resources and physical protection, and the agressive male is processed in their minds as the signal for this. If anything, yesterdays incident will make British women, and Western women even more actively seek out immigrants in an attempt to assimilate them. At a subconcious level, they will be submissive to the agressive, violent muslim male that seeks to destroy their society and will have utter contempt and disgust for the white male for "opressing them with patriarchy" but being unable to protect the tribe/nation. Its a cycle in every nation, no matter what technology or culture changes occur, women are just genetically disposed to submitting to invaders, and to be contemptful toward non-violent or defeated men. Theres a reason why Chad always win, a reason why the top-tier women always shack up with the highest-ranking officers of the invaders, and a reason why the queens of defeated civilizations become concubines of the conquerors
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No. 3784

Think about it every day LMAO

No. 3785

Topkek is this a copypasta

No. 3786

Is this something h3h3 said?

No. 3787

Can you not use my husbando for this?

No. 3788

its ok dude just put em in the TV

File: 1495248481308.jpeg (8.36 KB, 246x278, burger.jpeg)

No. 3757[Reply]

hello, are there any bernadette-cows?

No. 3758

Spede perkele

No. 3759

File: 1495300746831.jpg (28.5 KB, 629x629, spede hot.jpg)

lolcow is much better for serious discussion than casey
t. ex-bernadette

No. 3760

Why is this here? We have an /int/ board now, you know, go post there.

No. 3761

Does having played Unteralterbach make me a Bernadette?

No. 3778

Isn't krautchan's /int/ mostly english posts?

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