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File: 1493421146514.gif (3.76 MB, 480x270, whylive.gif)

No. 3391[Reply]

>tfw the nicest guy
>tfw polite
>tfw girls don't realize i'm a gentleman
What am I doing wrong?
this is the /b/ of lolcow, right?
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No. 3406

Most of the guys who use "nice" as an adjective to explain their selves are the most whiny, ugly shitlords I have ever met.

No. 3407

So you admit you don't want a nice guy? Great. Then why am I wearing brand-name shirts? Why am I practicing my kickflips and dyeing my hair? Why did I quit WoW? I should torture you to death.

No. 3408

kill yourself

No. 3465

Fucking hell if this aint the truth. Also i think its funny they are the same guys who call women whores, sluts and bitches and then wonder why women dont want to be anywhere near them.

No. 3670


File: 1482024440651.png (249.02 KB, 1400x680, 01 - Pretty Princess Points 1.…)

No. 452[Reply]

Pretty Princess Points
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No. 2789

what is the pink thing supposed to be? a razor? an epilator? an intense pulsed light device?

No. 2894

Are you talking about the pink thing on the desk? Its a vape.

No. 3263

I love this! The artwork is fantastic, and must have been drawn by a female lol It's very relatable and I'd be stoked if I went in a friend's room and it looked like this (except the urine bottle).

No. 3304

It was drawn by someone in ot not too long ago. Some of the items are requests from anons.

No. 3450

These are great but make me want to visit and cleanup your rooms.

File: 1490565921140.png (11.49 KB, 400x340, i-love-you-luna-130943053125.p…)

No. 2762[Reply]

why is everything backwards?
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No. 2788


What are you trying to communicate, Anon?
Are you 15?

No. 2790


they were saying that op is probably on farmcow.lol ya fucking morons

No. 2801

No shit, Sherlock

No. 2962


No. 3416

lolcow.farm redicrects to farmcow.lol though.

No. 3384[Reply]


No. 3385

click on it for the spongebob livestream ok?

File: 1492523939869.png (127.43 KB, 946x1469, IMG_0015.PNG)

No. 3288[Reply]

Since a lot of farmers imply that people can't have fun, wear kawaii clothes or be attractive over the age of 22 what are your plans for when you start aging?suicide?or do you think you will just naturally mature out of your current hobbies and transform into a soccer mom?
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No. 3327

lol it's cute that you think most farmers are below 22. That's minority, from what I observed.

No. 3352

I'm going for the good ol' alcoholic/smoker's death. Hopefully I'll be out of here by 40, 35 would be ideal. I don't really give a fuck about being 'kawaii' and attractive or having fun. Not like I ever have.

No. 3356

most farmers aren't attractive to begin with, lol. go look at the eyes thread in /g/.

No. 3357

I'm a guy and I've jacked off to some of those pictures.

It's ok if you think that's disgusting I don't care, I imagine them staring at me in disgust anyway.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 3360

File: 1493161092151.jpeg (34.68 KB, 600x375, 1485737557588.jpeg)

>implying most farmers aren't fat and ugly like their robot counterparts

File: 1492606648531.jpg (473.8 KB, 1200x1200, 0lB1LF4.jpg)

No. 3322[Reply]

Spring reading material thread?

No. 3332

thats not a nice book for spring reading.

No. 3351


File: 1492562671393.png (243.13 KB, 477x768, 1418156614001.png)

No. 3306[Reply]

Helo will u be my gf?
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No. 3313

File: 1492563096584.png (40.37 KB, 309x433, 1417829294001.png)

Where are the traps? I have some nice homes for you in poland with shower XDDD

No. 3314

eyy where the boipuccis at?

No. 3315

We are all sexy Stacies and we already have bfs. Bye bye.

No. 3316

File: 1492563530198.jpg (18.56 KB, 274x200, 63567.jpg)

You are ugly transsexual faggots and should kill yourself(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 3317

no. some russian guy from krautchan told me i am pretty. ave a listen


File: 1492435381921.png (3.33 KB, 220x220, 220px-Mars_symbol.svg.png)

No. 3273[Reply]

Hi there. My gf/irlwaifu/Queen says I should stick to 4chan because this place can get very hostile to men like 4chan can be ridic hosile to women. So hello lolcow I am a male with a penis here is my presence objected to?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)
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No. 3281

All the time on 4chan and you don't even know how to lurk?

No. 3282


for real


do you really think that the opposite would have had a better reception? like if a girl waltzed onto any board on 4chan and posted "hi my boyfriend says i shouldn't come here because it's really hostile towards females. so hello i am a female with a vagina is my presence objected to?"
do you really think that would go over any differently?

No. 3284

Dicks or gtfo

No. 3286

File: 1492520678336.png (33.07 KB, 800x500, IMG_2535.PNG)

Hang yourself with that flaccid string you call a cock plz & thnx

No. 3287

You're making yourself look like a fool, male specimen. I hate guys like you that come here and say "oh my girlfriend.." this and that.

File: 1492278596003.png (454.82 KB, 700x500, 1490063808087.png)

No. 3270[Reply]

I just stumbled across this chan on google images, where did it come from? Anything to do with 888chan or that one with a CWC /cow/ archive that vanished a couple of years ago? How come so many of you allude to being biological females? That's not normal.
Sorry if this info is available elsewhere but I'm mobile browsing so half datablind.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 3272

I don't understand why this was moved and I was banned?

(Not intentionally ban evading, that was a public mobile network).

No. 2626[Reply]

What do you think of this woman and "TERF"s (as they are called by social justice warriors) in general? I find myself aligning with them more than any other ideological group or philosophy. Any opnions? Do you think she's actually bigoted or mean, if yes, do you think "TERF"s in general are mean or just her?
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No. 2973

Probably because there's heaps of threads this could be in already and they always result in shitposting and bait.

No. 2979

>/r/GenderCritical is a great subreddit
Are you serious? They do the same retarded shit as SJWs and trannies. Two sides of the same coin.

No. 2982

Lol how are they the same? Do trannies critique themselves now?

No. 2998

>invents unnecessary and retarded jargons in an attempt to add legitimacy to what they say
>worships shitty youtubers
>makes the same logical fallacies as tumblr SJWs
>waah I literally nearly had a mental breakdown today because of what this tranny said!
I'm sorry you bias is getting in the way for you to see things clearly.

No. 3271

It really isn't though, I'm a radical feminist but /r/gendercritical really turns it up 500%, it gives actual gender critical feminists a bad name.

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