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File: 1490132236810.png (131.07 KB, 406x614, akari.png)

No. 2645[Reply]

I want a wife, I want laws in place that will severely punish her if she cheats, and I want to assure that she doesn't get custody of my children or a single cent of my money if she wants a divorce.

This is all I want, nothing else.

I'm a NEET because my only motivation to work would be if I could achieve this, but it doesn't matter how much money I made or how good I looked, I can't have it, at least not in the US. I have no reason to contribute to society.

I'm not alone in this, countless other men won't get married or have children for similar reasons, countless other men are just dropping out of society because of it. Marriage and birthrates are plummeting for whites in western countries, and divorce rates are skyrocketing. The family structure has been completely destroyed, we're reaching maximum degeneracy.

I hope you enjoy the the end of western civilization because you want women to have rights to act like whores.
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No. 2988

>Look at the "men you're ashamed to say you would fuck" thread. There's lots of people on there people wouldn't consider typically attractive.
I know girls don't actually care as much about looks as most people think, I said that.

Compared to how much they care about money, they don't care at all about looks or personality.

If girls cared about looks more than money then I would have a gf.

> Alter your personality and maybe you'll get the pure, virginal girl you want.

Haha no, only money will do that.

>But this is a ridiculous idea that doesn't at all say what's best for the actual children. They're not property, they're people that need to be looked after properly and given appropriate care. Your idea is just as bad if not worse than the current situation.
None of this is an argument, there's nothing wrong with deciding custody of children pre-marriage, we shouldn't have to do that but that's what things have come to.

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No. 2989

>None of this is an argument,

You can't just use "nuh uh doesn't count" as your counter. Deciding years before the divorce who gets the children doesn't take into account what's best for the kids in the moment, just what you personally want, it's selfish and shitty of you.

>You can't even say "I keep all my money/assets" in a prenup

You can say what you want, but in a marriage, you really don't have individual assets, you share them with your partner.

What you want is a marriage with no actual commitment on your behalf.

No. 2990

Haha, I wish I can be a mom,Anon but I'm infertile. So your detection is wrong

However I do understand what you mean by not wanting to have your children be forcefully taken from you but most laws go toward in favour of the mom. So if your children end up being given to your ex spouse, child support is something that you can give to help even though,like I've stated before, it may not be used for them but at least it shows that you care and will show that you are responsible.

But I see, sorry I was just curious if you were part of the movement.

Not everyone only cares about money,Anon. I will admit though that money is an important factor in one's life because it provides security but it's not something that everyone will consider when going for a person that they like or if they have a big cock or amazing body or etc. Perhaps your mindset of "all women only want money" is making it impossible for you to get a girlfriend because you constantly put yourself down just because you don't have a ton of money. Something like that shows in your personality, conversations and gestures and people pick up on that insecurity and may not like that.

With all due respect, I'm sure you're a handsome and sweet fellow but your insecurity with money is so great, it's no wonder you don't have a girlfriend. Maybe you're the one who cares more about the presence money…?

Saged cause my English is shit sorry

No. 2996

No. 2997


Sorry, my computer glitched out. but >>2990 is right.
You are overestimating either your looks or personality (i'm guessing it's personality.)

Nobody is obligated to date you. Why do you think you deserve a gf if you are a miserable person? The universe doesn't give a shit about your >tfw no gf, and society shouldn't either.

File: 1491867691122.jpg (116.79 KB, 2048x1582, aa milne.jpg)

No. 2977[Reply]

why Pooh , why ?

No. 2978


No. 2985

this is more disgusting than smegma

File: 1491157892468.gif (83.15 KB, 302x400, 783840456_2025879.gif)

No. 2951[Reply]


No. 2975

thats the dude from the History Chanel

No. 2976

>>2975 nah , that's the king of england or sumtin

File: 1490845715195.png (208.87 KB, 399x401, comfy.png)

No. 2803[Reply]

>When you're raping some whore and you tell her that they'll never find the body(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)
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No. 2947

I won't die without raping and killing women first as revenge.

No. 2949

>says he's going to rape and kill women
>can't even muster the courage to talk to them
Ok buddy

No. 2950

File: 1491138432345.jpeg (52.48 KB, 297x397, image.jpeg)


Let's be honest here, you're no Elliot Rogers, kid.

No. 2952

File: 1491174714101.jpg (3.55 KB, 200x200, lowqualitybait.jpg)


I'm gonna print this and have it made into a needlepoint to put above my fireplace. I'd stopped checking this garbage fire but I'm so proud of your insult skillz that I'm glad I came back.




see image

No. 2957

File: 1491241047285.gif (523.66 KB, 640x360, justlikebart.gif)

Just like Bart!

File: 1487579520957.png (803.91 KB, 1698x1131, snek court.png)

No. 2437[Reply]

snek court lol
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No. 2458


No. 2459


No. 2460

I laughed out loud.

No. 2893


No. 2896

File: 1490972267660.png (35.38 KB, 730x290, telling a joke on v.png)

for what purpose?

File: 1490361133886.jpg (20.99 KB, 302x265, 2.jpg)

No. 2668[Reply]

will any of you be my girlfriend please, I-I desire female companionship…

p-please don't ignore me

File: 1483114528098.jpg (128.96 KB, 701x576, gold balls.jpg)

No. 920[Reply]

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No. 2514


Why is everyone else dodging the question? This kind of question isn't easy enough to merit ironic responses.

No. 2534


No. 2589

If this is some Monty Hall bullshit I'm going to lose my fuckin gourd. I can't wrap my head around it.

No. 2590

its 50%
theres a given that your first ball is golden, thus the box with just silver balls doesnt exist since you're guaranteed one golden

so you only have 2 boxes and then its just 50/50

No. 2641

No. 2636[Reply]

Take this Brother may it serve you well

File: 1488043817367.jpg (63.73 KB, 448x612, average ''woman''.jpg)

No. 2487[Reply]

Daily reminder that lolcow is full trans freaks who think they're women just because they wear stereotypically ''female'' clothing.
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No. 2588

This a a town mayor in Texas. Watch him debate.

No. 2612

then what are you doing here tranny trash? nobody likes your kind here so get the fuck out. you're the only disgusting one, I had a trans man boyfriend once and yeah he was a fucking atention whore and pretty much was cheating on me with guys. I told myself as a girl that I was never gonna date another fucking tranny ever again, besides they arent real men and they are dickless

No. 2621

transgender men are worst than the trans females, they always want attention and once they go on T they become these gay whores. I hate trans men with a passion they are so obnoxious and not even gay men like them, my two gay best friends are always shit talking how tranny guys try to hit on them at clubs and they have to kindly reject them because a dry "i'm not interested" will detonate a bomb and saying "you're being ignorant" "you discriminate me because I am trans" "not all men have dicks" blah blah blah, don't get me started on the tumblr kind.

man that sucks, but serves you right for dating a tranny.

No. 2631


This is exactly why this thread ended up in >>sty

No. 2635

kill yourself faggot :^)

File: 1489454023245.jpg (6.03 KB, 226x249, 1487561427199.jpg)

No. 2591[Reply]

Est-ce que vous ĂȘtes vraiment touts des filles?

J'ai un penis.

Est-ce qu'on peut des amis?
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No. 2607

Are you cute? I'm sure someone here would like a qt french petit ami

No. 2610

all I understood was penis

No. 2627

my french is rusty but
are all of you really girls
I have a penis
could we be friends

No. 2633

File: 1489773907073.jpg (20.01 KB, 189x230, 1490397856.jpg)

the french are crusty, sound funny, and smell weird. wheres my qt scandinavian viking dreamboat with long, golden locks?
>tfw no boyfriend or manslave
kill me, lassies

No. 2634

File: 1489775193011.png (1.51 MB, 1920x1080, ape-escape-22.png)


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