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No. 2626

What do you think of this woman and "TERF"s (as they are called by social justice warriors) in general? I find myself aligning with them more than any other ideological group or philosophy. Any opnions? Do you think she's actually bigoted or mean, if yes, do you think "TERF"s in general are mean or just her?

No. 2637

I mean she makes some good points, at least from the videos I've seen from her.

No. 2639

I ashamedly admit that I love gloating about and having my opinions validated but it doesn't feel very validating having a person who's completely inept at presenting and delivering their arguments do it. She's not eloquent, intellectually stimulating or entertaining. The least you could do then is at least act like you're passionate and sincere about whatever it is you're taking about, but her videos always seem like she put the absolute minimum effort into them and she is bored to death by her own self.

No. 2640

yes I thought so too. Not absolutely terrible, but really basic. Although about sincerity - I didn't feel that her monotone, boring and obnoxious tone of voice (+ the million jump cuts but those are probably just inexperience)implies anything about her passion to the topic, that is more of a superficial interpretation of her videos I'd say. I think acting to be passionate is kind of a contradiction

No. 2649

i love magdalen. i've been branded a terf more times than i can remember, despite not being a self proclaimed feminist, let alone radfem. radfems need to take over the left.

No. 2796


so im a "terf" or have been branded as such, and tbh im glad magdalen makes these videos so that hopefully some young women come across them and think of new ways to look at lgbt discourse. and she herself is gay and gender nonconforming so it's even more poignant that even within a community there is an infinite amount of experiences and opinions.

No. 2970

/r/GenderCritical is a great subreddit for anyone wanting to understand more about TERF viewpoints.

Also why the hell is this in /sty/?

No. 2973

Probably because there's heaps of threads this could be in already and they always result in shitposting and bait.

No. 2979

>/r/GenderCritical is a great subreddit
Are you serious? They do the same retarded shit as SJWs and trannies. Two sides of the same coin.

No. 2982

Lol how are they the same? Do trannies critique themselves now?

No. 2998

>invents unnecessary and retarded jargons in an attempt to add legitimacy to what they say
>worships shitty youtubers
>makes the same logical fallacies as tumblr SJWs
>waah I literally nearly had a mental breakdown today because of what this tranny said!
I'm sorry you bias is getting in the way for you to see things clearly.

No. 3271

It really isn't though, I'm a radical feminist but /r/gendercritical really turns it up 500%, it gives actual gender critical feminists a bad name.

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