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File: 1492523939869.png (127.43 KB, 946x1469, IMG_0015.PNG)

No. 3288

Since a lot of farmers imply that people can't have fun, wear kawaii clothes or be attractive over the age of 22 what are your plans for when you start aging?suicide?or do you think you will just naturally mature out of your current hobbies and transform into a soccer mom?

No. 3289

>transform into a soccer mom

Ew. Who wants to grow up and be a normie?

oh thats right, robots do. lol.

No. 3291

With the way farmers act they seem to feel life is over at 24, so what is there left to do besides become a house wife?

No. 3292

>so what is there left to do besides become a house wife?

Get a job and be a productive member of society while continuing the hobbies you love and saving for retirement.

I know that must come as a shock to you degenerate NEETs, but its possible.

No. 3320

File: 1492575723820.jpg (115.66 KB, 720x891, Screenshot_2017-04-14-21-49-39…)

>thinking all farmers are below a certain age

top kek

No. 3321

I'm going to be an eccentric old lady that gives off witch vibes. My sister has promised that if I die before her, there will be creepy stories passed down to the younger ones about me. It will be awesome.

No. 3326

File: 1492622422033.jpg (110.5 KB, 570x571, IMG_3331.JPG)

live for the kawaii,
Die for the kawaii my nigga

(Also stop being baited by the 16yr old ana's who sperg here, this isnt PULL. Theres alotta bitches who live for the mahou shoujo at like 30+ lmfao)

No. 3327

lol it's cute that you think most farmers are below 22. That's minority, from what I observed.

No. 3352

I'm going for the good ol' alcoholic/smoker's death. Hopefully I'll be out of here by 40, 35 would be ideal. I don't really give a fuck about being 'kawaii' and attractive or having fun. Not like I ever have.

No. 3356

most farmers aren't attractive to begin with, lol. go look at the eyes thread in /g/.

No. 3357

I'm a guy and I've jacked off to some of those pictures.

It's ok if you think that's disgusting I don't care, I imagine them staring at me in disgust anyway.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 3360

File: 1493161092151.jpeg (34.68 KB, 600x375, 1485737557588.jpeg)

>implying most farmers aren't fat and ugly like their robot counterparts

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